Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, June 5, 1840, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated June 5, 1840 Page 3
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' HonN a Veteiiam. "1 am a veteran in llio eaiise of democracy. I vn born so and luvo lived mi." I Mr. Uruiwy's cpceeh nt tlie V. IJiireiieunvetUion. Ontliis liint 0110 of our exchange pa- ! pcrs lolls an anocdoto which is nittclt to .umieratcdnlwctliero lire nmnv lush.-, IH Pt. A I10ISV JjOKO r olo lutein nilleant of lhe.nclves, hut of importance in the oir rej l,i,nsulf i Tcillissee, lis tl cailtli aggregate, M-oking a market nl tlio Lnt, mm m - return for which imported eommoditie-i will he dato for SOI110 potty oflice, and wllllo ad oTLKSS I dressing tho people, and spanking largely THE MAKKK1S' UorfAto Market, May 2(1. Tlio pi-eat western Maple', wheat, Hour and pork, continue to pour 111 iiur harbor, and it is with dillioiiliy that Millieient f pace can ho found to store it until eanul boat" can Ko hail to carry it forward. In addition to tli('su tnoneoniitry.nndlinally liniii.Utinllmtln.Iebtefl.! ('I ;, , jj- njj ,u oncc i,0 paused, raised lies which has so lung l.eeu standing anui-st the ' 1111 interior. In the general market we haw no op-. himself oil It is toes, Mid bawled out, " I cralion ol import to notice. Flour is Mill reced- f , ... ,iw.,. inir. nnd some sales liavoLeen made ut S3 75. A I am U democrat. 1 SttCked dcillOU.icy fAtta'A&'a . 'Von, my mother's breast." An old soldier 1)o.-tox MnnKKT, May 27 Tho traductions in who stood near hint, and who knew all no,t article miow toiiio re.luel.on Iron, previous! . . , ri,91llllll,ll , muck us 1 your loston price., urain market without animation. Hour uuuui un, umuwi, iM1iUiiuw r. steady demand for consumption ; prices for thotl'dlt, "It is well VOtl did not suck wutherii S I 75, nnd Ocmeo SS it 5 121, cash. I 0 ' , ? There is n complete slut in the I'Mi market. A daddy, I'OK Hf. WAS A 1 OHY." 1 i'ure of New Haddock .-old to-day at 621 05 per quintal llnUe 70 af7ii and I.nliranor, M iieimit-, 1 33 per do do Grand Hank to arrive, SI 50 per quintal. Mobile n cargo Cuba 20e, 3 per cent oil; and one lot nt 20V, 0 mos. cr. IlntoiiTO.v Mahket, May 25. At market 200 Ileef Cattle, 10 pair Working Oxen, ISCowsauil Cnlvc, 120 Sheep, nnd 051) Swine, l'ntcr.s lleef Cattle The price obtained lat week for a like quality were not obtained. We quote a few extraat7'50i first quality 7 fi 7 25; ,-eeoiid qual ity 0,50 S7; third quality 0 & 0,50. Working Oxen No s-nlo noticed. Cows and Culvc; 25, 23, 32, 35, nnd -12. Sheep Lots were is old nt S2, 2 37 and 2,12. Swine Lots to peddle nt 5 for Sf'dOT, nnd 0 for Harrow.; small l'igi 7; large 3Iogs4i 5j. At retail, from 5 to 7c -15 hcau liful Cattle remain unsold. Boston V. Ado. Citxm.F.iTo.v Markct. Mav 23. Kiee Wo liave also nn improvement to notice in this article since our last. In tho early part of the week there xvas some demand for mo-t qualities of liicc; 11111I in consequence of the light slock on sale, nit ad vance was obtained, but a Hill farlhcr advance Leiiijr nsked, purcha-crs have penerally retired, and the market yesterday was yery hcavv at the following quotations viz j inferior to fair 21 '2$; goodlo primefl 3; choice 3 lo3. Thosales urc-50 tierce. at 2 D-1G; 03 nl 3J ; 120 at 2 1 1-1G; 23!) at 2J 5 llGatl 13-10 ; 85 at 2J s 110 at 3 ; 05 at 3j i nnd -10 tierce- 3 3-1G per 100. Hough Itiee We have heard of no transactions in tlii-s article since our Inst. AixxANDr.t v Market, May 20. Flour Wc (oiuinue to quote ; 10 wngon price S 1,371. We were not advi-c l 1 f any sales from stoic, yester day, presume 4,50 & 4,50 would be a fair quotation. FnEDERiCKsimnfiii Market, Mav 25. riour Mountain fc'4 -10 to S I 50 ; Lowland S-l 25 to 4 30. Haltimore Market, May 27. Flour In llow nrdstieet llour Ilieieis 110 change in either price or demand. Sale- oi good brand- conlinue lo Lo made from slores at '1,03. The receipt prices conlinue at 8-1,50 lo S 1,50. Sales of several hun dred barrel-City Mills at $4,75. Sales of Susque hanna I'hnr to-day at S102J. Oram The le--eipt- of Wheat contiui.e very light. We quote fair to very ood Maryland rei'ls 11 1 00 ( !)5 cents a small sale at the latter rale tin- 11101 mm,'. Hales ol Corn to-day at -13 ci-. fur while, and -10 6 -17 ct-. forjL low. Maryland Kye is quoted lioinmally at -15 a -13 ct-. Sales of Maryland Oats, j e-terd.iy and to-day, nt 25 ceuls. Flour wa -clling at Cincinnati, on the 10th inst. at -3,1!) & S3,21 per bancl. TIIK SEASON, CROPS, &e. VmniNlA. The Lynehbini; Virginian ha tho following on the stale of the eiop- in that city : deal coniiilaint- are ma le, in everv section of the country that we have heard Iroin, of the di Atlas. NATCIIKZ. The Natchez papers contain somo further par ticulars' respeoting the Into calainiiy in thai city. Summary of low of lives ol wounded, lo-s and damitfio of property, Ve. ha-tily exli acted from the mat of roporis sent in by siih-commii-lee-, iiliv.-ician-, seMon.--, nnd others Killed, 3 whites j '-1 blacks: woiimled, .17 whiles. In this number are included tlio-o only who-e bodies were r,.f.m-i.ri..l. Tin! number lo-t hv ilrowninc. and such as mav be vet buried under the va-t heaps of rubbi-h nnd building materials cannot la ascer tained, nnd it is thought best to furni-h noihins 011 eoniecinre. Loss on building--, SI,023,SG0; damace logooi)-. S-15,500. The miniber of lives lost on the river by the foundering of steamboat, wa probably much greater than the number lo-l in the city. 'Liberal siib-criplioii- have been mndennd forwarded from New Orleans, Vicksburg1, nnd other places. lb. ANOTHER TALE OF IIORROK. Wo copy the following from the New Orleans Times. The fate of the doomed cilies of old seems to await that distant part of our country, for its succession of sins. Fatal Rr.N'cos'Tnn. Two gctulcrncn, on the 17lh nil., both stranicr.x m the uct, nail some di-pute about the occupation of the back seat 111 a coach, which runs I elwceu Peru and Chicago. Kuclulrcw a pistol at the same instant each fired nnd both fell to rise no more, lor tho contents of the loaded pi-to!s had the eiiectthey wcie intended toluuo; the eonlent- of one entering the body ju-t below tho hearl, tho-eofthe other pas-ing through the head of the opponent. The driver, in basic, stayed the onward progrc-.s of his foaming steed-, to "ascertain the cau-e of the u'ports of pistol-, 11 ml, 011 imclo-ing the coah door.-, what a horrible scenedidhi- eye- Lehold! Two men, who but a few hours before left the hotel at Peru in social mirth and glee,now weltering in their blood! Thev were the only nas-eiiger.-, and both died be fore "any aid 1 e called, the distance from any houke being some miles. The names of the unfortunate individuals are suiino.-o-ed to be, from paper found about them, 1!. L. Winn, who had in his pos-essiou about S900, and Jo-. 1). iirown, who hail S-laU mostly 111 northern tumi Bai.timoui:, May 2G. The General Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church have this day made five new an nual conferences, to wit : Providence, Mrucme ravages oflhelly. Many wheat ho!.-, it R j Norlj Ohio, Memphis, Kock Rive -aid, are partially ilestrove I a lew entirely. .., ,, , , ' ,. The lolacco plant-, al-o, "have leen cry liiuch 1 CXtlS. 1 hat body liaVC 1I0W thirty injure 1, and a scarcity is upprcncuie.). I be cut three annual conferences, under the go liufi ncral,uperintendanceofsiXIJiShoi,,who overrated the iuruad- of the-e in-ect Aitila-, ibe are now all present. I he senior JJisliop 1 ro.jKH-i f il. sri-nu'iiiE crop i- gloomy enough." (Uoboi ts) liaa a vonorulilo nicniiinec Mis-issiri't. Kx'iact of a letter received in ookhir, with his long flowing white hair, Z like on old patriarch. Hishop ot,le is very scarce; times tremendously oppressive. .very lueulc ; and, 1 believe, has not ptc- MiniicAK. In nil nans of the Suite, the wheat sided (lurinr the Conference. Indued he f.eld-never looked so well and promising 111 Mi- js compelled most of the tilllC to recline t-higan a-now. 1 be cold wet weather has had u 1 .. i,. , ,, , ,. . , ,,"o-tfavoiablee;!ect upon then.. It i- siumo-cd a sola. Bishops Iledding, Andrew, ihcreis one fourth more wheat in the ground this Waugll atKl JUOITIS, are 111 gOOll health year Ihau Inst. All Michigan want-, to become fni... h.mi.w.s. ()f,llf. KnUr-nnnr'.v lms Im- ihe wealllue-l state in tho Tiiion, 111 proportion to, . . . 1 . J nomilanon. i-a sound eiiiieney. so ihat labor come so arduous that it has been rccom- und produce can receive their liur reward. j mended to appoint two additional Bishops. Ohio. We learn from ihe jcui-nai-ihat m this , '1'lns 1 presume will be done. Jit that Sll.iT.KS oucwill betaken from the North ince wa-expccled. The lly ha- made its ap- and another from the South or West. pearaucein someplace.-, coMiniittiug gicat rava- jy opinion is that the Rev. Dr. UailL'S -(.., and, in many 111-taiice.., irnl ydu-lioymg Ihe ' .. ... . . , ( Cram. s?on.o licld- aie phmghed .. Coin ilmt is ol your city will be selected as the prelate Mp, is in many places yellow und unhealthy ; but iron) the iSol'tll. jiianv farmer.- are now planting, with hue weather 1 to encourage the lirpe ol a good cioj former tiro received by his devoted fol-1 lowers with as much submission as tho letter. At theso mcetingsdelinqiientsaro tried, and all tho temporal as 10ll as tho spiri tual allairs ol the church are attended to. During tho three days occupied by this conference, upwards of eighty individuals wero baptized. These conferences are held m a grove, and present very much tho appearance of a Methodist Camp Meeting, with their tents, &.c, &o. The 'Prophet' held forth at different times during the con ference, and in all his discourses gave the ".Saints" instructions in politics, as well as in the doctrine of his religious creed. It is well known that since the "Prophet's" visit to Washington, the whole church has turned a complete so merset to tho Administration. Smith says Van IJuron will lose 0110 hundred thousand votes by thocotirso he lias pursued towards him and his asso ciates. 1 have no doubt myself, but they hold the balance of power in Illinois. In one of the "Prophet's" spiritual dis courses which I have alluded to, he said when he was in Washington, notice was given that a learned nnd eloquent Priest from New York City had arrived, and would preach at 11 certain time and place named. At the time appointed ho at tended, and found a crowded house, but obtained a very conspicuous scat. Ho soon discovered Mr. Van Huron, occu pying a far more conspicuous one. llo said tho preacher made a long and labored argument to prove thatknowledge was not essential to piety. The Pre sident, ho said, listened with great atten tion and wept excessively ; he elevated his head, so that every person in tho house could see the tears roll down his cheeks, lie said, it was just as easy for the President to weep as to smile 1 On this occasion he wept to make the people believe that he was very pious, but he believed he was the greatest hypocrite in the land. Ho said Van Bttren was no more a De mocrat in principle than (hero ho turned to his elders who were seated on the stand und inquired what ho should say : the answer was, "Your Dog.") Yes, said he, my dog is a better democrat. IIo said he believed m being honest in politics as well as inrcigHm! ! lie would now leave the President, and would neither curse him nor bless him, but would just as soon curso him as bless him ! ! lie would blow tho ram s horn around Jericho until their riiihts as American citizens were res pected. We find the followim: interesting notico the New York American, in which it appears in the form of a communication "bir Moses Mentofioro, ex-sheriu ol London, has returned from Eeypt, after establishing a bank with a capital of one million of dollars and obtaining lrom the government and rulers of Egypt, their onsent and privilege lo rebuild the fsvna- goguoand School at Jerusalem, towards Inch he contributed twentv-livo thott- tnd dollars, and ten thousand dollars for support of the School. Ilts stay at Jcnt- .ilem was only ior a lew days on account of the plague. Sir Moses has an uncle in the United States, the author ol the Com mercial Dictionary, Commercial and No torial Precedents and other works of utility on Law and Commerce." A "ffOUNG IADY 4"kF good family nml ol u lihenil educa V-r lion nnu wiio hns 0 thorough tliei rnticnl nnd practical luiowlmlge of the French & Hnglmli Innminjcs, wishes lo find a place either m n fain lly or in a cotntnu niiy, as a French teacher. Applications, (if bv letter, postpaid) to bo directed to Mr. 'Moll, Professor of Music. IJiirlinclon VuJuiir' 4. 1040. I WW 5 NEW GOODS. ClIKAPliU THAN UV1JR. HV. CATL1N &Co. are now ro- caiving n new assortment of DRY GOODS, to which they invite the nttcti twin nf hurrlm!"' 3w . 1P.40. T Pl'VYSVI VAVM T.rfMCI ATlMttV Til llln "?d7h u resolution , then very promising appearance of the wheat j introduced naming the 2nd of June as the ,-rop--. Since that, a mo-t woeful change ha-. I ecu t jmc r0. adjournment sine die. It is sup abundant "yield, it is now evident, will not .return ' posed that the Legislature will adjourn in IhCi-ceU tint was sown upon lliem. 1 lie riy na- allOUt it lortlllgllt. i0 action was 11UU Oil .rl. .rtt-linn. " . . - the appropriation bill. In tho House a bill taxinu stock and made tremendous havoc in nil our neighborhood.' Kew-Yorker. Valuable birom'ATioN or Cattli: exchange brokers had its final reading and Sur.LT. Wo yesterday inspected the , It impinges upon those gentlemen at the valuable collection ol cattle and sheep rate ol i-UO per annum 111 Philadelphia brought out in tho packet ship Philadel- $100 in Pittsburgh, and $50 elsewhere iibia, Captain Morgan, lrom London. : in the htatc. Mr. hnowden s ndniend Thev consist of the following. nicnt of the tax bill, proposing to repeal A cow called Gray, 5 years old, costs the resumption bill of the last session, was 120 guineas. brought under the hammer ol 1I10 pre A calf, Sir George, 6 weeks old, 40 do. vious question and there demolished 47 A cow, Lumpy, 8 cars old, 100 do. to 42. Mr. Snowden's bank regulator Ditto, Maria, 3 years old, 105 do A calf, Matilda, 9 weeks old, 20 do. Ditto, Maior, 11 weeks old, 50 do. A heifer, Spot, 2 years old, 100 do. Ditto, Astor Beauty, 2 years old, 80 do 'Ditto, Nancy, 2 years old, GO do. 'Ditto, Victor, 1 year old, SO do. Ditto, r lora, 1 year old, 00 do. Ditto, Cherry, 1 year old, f0 do. Three rams, 75 guineas ; 10 ewes, 75 do; 1 do, 10 do; 1 do, 20 do; insuran ce, freight and passage, 10 do. Total, 1518 guineas, or bidl 5G. Wo havo never seen so fine a solcction of stock landed on our shores. The cows are prodigious in size, and their forms denoto great strength and power. They are all from Herefordshire, and aro the very best breed that England can produce. The sheen aro of extraordinary size, being tbo Cotswold cross with tho Bakcwell .Lincolnshire, and tho very best animals of tho kind wo have over seen. They arc imported by Mr. Win. Henry Soiithain nf JnlVhrsnn county, in this state, who vent expressly to England to select them, fnr liinmell'. and Mr. Erastits Corning of Albany. Tho introduction of valuable stock liko this is of immenso importance n mir n.rricultiiral and fanning intorest, f,,r whirl? Mr. S. deserves tho thanks of ,,i,liv Thev havo been brought out in fmo condition by Captain Morgan, and without any accident. N, Y. Eijiress. was then taken up, and four sections, pro bibiting the banks from holding any sloe!- but those of tho State and of the United States forbidding the issue of post-notes and requiring each bank to take the notes of other chartered, spocic-payin banks in payment of debts, wero agreed to. Tho filth section makes stockholder liable individually, in proportion to their amount of stock ; as a substituto for this tho rovemic bill reported on 1 ucsday from tho committee of ways and means was offered, but before any question was taken the House adjourned. Tho chance ol any tax-bill being passed by both houses is considered rath er small. iV. Y. Com. Ado. THE MORMONS. This people, whoso persecutions Missouri wero a disgrace lo that State and to the American character, aro now sett led m Illinois and tho Iowa Territory A letter in tho Journal of Commerce ofi yesterday gives this account of them. On tho Gth April their semi-annual conference commenced, when tho saints far and near camo together, and were gratified in beholding their leader and "Prophet" and in receiving from his own lips public censure, abuse, and curses, ns well as instruction and blessings. The HAVE received 1 liclr usual extensive assortment of Spring nnd Summer GOODS, embracing a beautiful variety of goods for ladies ttunmcr urucsc-j; rich cuglisli and Scotch GinglmiiH, India mus I in n superior article for white dressed ; Jaconet Cambric, a great assortment of barred and chccltorcd 'aniline, printed Lawn, mourning do. printed Cambric and rrnicli Muslin. An extensive assortment of American Calicoes- cheaper thon ever. A few Lnijli9l and French do, SILKS. A snail assortment ol Ilich Silks, iticlu din' Illoclf, blue black.color'd nnd ttriocd Uandatm Il'dk'fs, Pongee, Crimson, white bilk do. Black Italian Cravnts. Gen tlemen'.? cul'd and black kid Gloves, do. col'd, black and white silk gloves, do Ber lin, Lislo Thread, Linen and cotton.gloves A good assortment of Hosiery very cheap. Umbrella's and Parasols'. Thin Boota and Shoes, Lidie? kid Tics and slips Domestic (SooTis. Merrimack cottons, Dnvisville do 5-4. Cotton Slicoling, Shirting, Ticking, col'd Cambrics. Yarn, Thread, and Knitting Cotton. Superfine Long Cloths and bleach cotton. lork Mixtures, Stripes, Dulls, &.c. Irish Linen Shirting and Sheeting. Diaper and Graph, TAILOR'S TRIMMINGS. Including Sewing Silk, Twist, Thread, Padding, canvass, Sleeve-lining, Brown linen, Buttons, Binding, &c. &c. VESTING. White fig'd Mcreails, Valcntia, flg'd Satin, &e. Gauze, and rich chally foucy llauilkernhiefti. A great variety of other DRY GOODS which comprise a very ex- tensivo assortment, and arc'oll'ercd at as. lonishing low prices. Ladies and Gen tleinen aro invited to call and examine qualities and prices. Burliiiffton, Juno 4, 11340. HE subscriber hasiuw on hand a gen eral asfoilmcut ol BOOTS & SHOES. Of the most fashionablorlyh. and thorough workmanship, which Lo ofieM vnry low for CASH. L FAY. N. B. All kinds of neasuto work done at short notice. Burlington, Church-st. ? Mav . 1B40. HAVE returned ffim New York with Ihoir supply offspring and summer Goods, laid 111 at thepre.cnt unusual low rates which they aropreparcd to tell as cheap as can be had'in the country, buy ers 0 ro respect fully gilictcd to call and re ceive the prnnl, at tfce etoro roccntly oc cupicd by Lathrop & i'otwin corner Church and College streets lilir linrrlntl, Mnv !f. Braids, &c. for tho Light In fantry Caps, have crmo. pA.Gr-uiiN & BntNe.MAin. NOTICE. THEREBY five notico that 1 hac giv. en tny son, Tjjgeiie Binsonett his tune and liberty to Initio and transact bushiest) for himself, and hold myself not accounta bly for any contracts he may hereafter make, and will not claim any of hi comings, his Stephen X Bissonett. mark. llincsburgh, Moy It, 1(140. AlteM, II. i.ovEr.Y. NOTICE All persons hav- lug unsettled accounU with the eubcriber, will please call and settle thesame without delay, at his shop on cherry street, three doors west of (ho now creeling church, which shop is now kept opo for the ex press purpose ol sottlui? up his old matters Vm. 1. Seymour. Burlington, May 27, 1840. FANS. Palm Leaf, Paper and F.eathcr Pans, for pairs at the Variety Store. PANGDOKN& PRINSM AID. WOOL TVV1ISE. Mav 2ft. for snle nt Howards. FLOU& Rochester City Mill FLOUR, oi lupcrior quality and in pnelPil f"' nle nl fOKVJ U IIS. CoN.vr.cTicrr Giuls. Among the ap plications for divorce, during the present session of the Legislature, is one in which the husband is the petitioner. Among the reasons set forth why the petition should be granted, the chairman ol the commit tee stated on the floor, that "it was that the wife had kicked him out of bed, and had stoned him 111 the street, that she was a sort of Amazon, and rather strong er than her husband, and that she had once severely chastised him because he insisted upon having a cat sleep in the bed." Stramre to sa v, these reasons wero considered insufficient by the committee. But in the name of till that is sweet in matrimony, what would the committee avot It the wilo s nails were sharper than the cai's claws, was ho not right in liking puss to his bosom in preference Mercy on us ! To be kicked out of bed ind stoned m the street bv one's wife md she (TJrt Connecticut nirl! N' Y. Com. Advertiser. Windsor Rillcs lor sale at the Variety Store. pAtscnonN &. Biunsmaiij. Farvvcll's Shoes. A fu assortment iust ree'd and for salo by May 2y. n. w. & (Jo. "Loz Cabin fc Hard Cider:' IX ri:w log cabin Bosom Pins, with the Ra barrel of Hard Cider mighty handy' aud "the string novcr pulled in" just fin ished and lor sain nl tlio Varielv hioro. PANGBORN & BltlNSM AID. Mav 211. 11M0. CHEAP GOODS. AT MAYO & WAIT'S. PRINTED LAWN,Jacconot&, Mm. lit), for summer dresses, at very low prices. Also very beautiful Chaly and Mousehno do lame, plain and tngurau Silks, Scotch Ginghams, Summer Shawl and Handkerchiefs, filet Gloves and Mitts, embroidered Muslin, Collars and bands, form a part of their variety, all of which aro offered ot uncommonly low prices for r- dy pay, nt the atoro recently occupied pj Lalr.rop and Potwin. Corner Church fc College- Sts. i Burlington, May 26. Verbena Cream for Shaving, Clarified Ro-in, VVarrn's best Needles, S ber Thimbles and lots of new Goods, opening nt the Varioly Store. Mny 29. Panoihirn &. ItnrNSMAin. STATE OF VERMONT, ) JJISTIUC I Ol CHITTENDEN ( The Hon. the Probate Court within and for the District of Chittenden ; To the creditors and others concerned n fi es lufe of George S. JIate, late of Watford jn said District, dectased HEREAS John W. Halo, odminis trator of the estate of said deceased, hath made application to this court, to nx lend tho time limited for making pavinetn of tho debts of said deceased, tweUc months from the 26th day of June mat., and the t wenly-sccnnd day of June inst., Uulnj; assigned ior a Injuring In Um premises, at the Office of the Register ol this Court.and it having been otderrd that notice thereof bo given, by publishing this drcree three weeks successively in the Ercc Prces a newspaper printed at Bur lington, before the lime fixed forbearing. Tiiehkkoiie, You are hereby notified "0 appear before said court utllu limo and place aforesaid, then there, to make objec tion if any you have, lo the said time of payment being further extended us afore said. j Given undnr my hand al Burlington this 'illi day of Juno A. 1). 1040. W.m WESTON, Rpgistcr. it m w & b :id su HAS jubl returned lrom Now York . with a fresh biipplv of Ciocenes Among which may bo found old and young llyfon, hysoiiakin and liohea Teas; Loal, lump and brown Sugars. Wine, Brandy, Rum, Gin, Molasses, Flour by iho barrel, half barrel or by tho pound, Codfish, Mack1 crcl and Herring, Coffee, Pi;riT.ii, tintce, LIovcs, ISutincfls. Gumcr, Snleralus.Rice, cavcnditli, plujf aud paper Toiiacro, Bar and shaving Soap", lamp Oil, &:. &c. ALhU, a "ood assortment ot Drv liooils auch as Calicoes, cotton clotli bed Tick ing and many other articles 100 numerous to mention. Burlington, May 29. 1!M0. DIISSOOTTIOH. THE firm ol Follelt &. Biadleys. was dissolved on iho lull) tilt, by mutual consent. All persons indebted ore request ed to make immediate payment, one of the late firm will bo al all timo present at the counting room to settle and adjust outstan ding claims. T. POLLETT. II. BRADLEY. JOHN BRADLEY. Burlington. May 12. 1 .140. NOTICE The business of tho lale firm of Polled &. Brudleys, in its vs. nous Imnniioa will )n continued bv Hi" utidr-s'njncd in ihe name nnd uniler thu firm of FpLLETT l BRADLEY. A con- liiiunce of the iatroiiugc of the numerous friepds of our late linn is respectfully eul i cited. T. Poli.ett. John Bkadlev. Burlinglon, May 12, 1040. REMOVAL. PATRICK C ALLAN, TAILOR, hav. ing removed from the falls, to iftt head of Pearl street, College Green, bogs leave lo inform his friends andlcustoraera, and thu inhabitants of Burlington generally that ho is now prepared to execute orders, in lha Tailoring the most lasb. iouablo style and cu the cheapest terms. He can also clean and repair Clothing la the best manner and withoui injuring iho Cloth. Spring and summer fashions on. hand. Cutting dono as usual for others to make. Pearl Street, north side, ) Burlington, May 20, 1040. The Now York Times says: Wo learn with sincere regret that the lion. ritANcis GnA.i;u. who arrived in this city on Wednesday, from Washington on his way home to Canandaigua, is so ener vated lrom luotracted sickness, that he win not, probably, bo enabled to resume ins seai m congress during tlio present session. A meeting uf the, Whigs of Burling ton, will be held at Howard's Log Cabin THIS EVENING, al 7 o'clock: lly request of the Committee of Ar rangements. CEO. K. PLATT, Clerk of Committee, M A U K I 13 I)J In Williston. on il... i.t !mt.. hv Itev. Simeon I'nrnielee, ltuv. Ouvii.i.r, Ooui.11 Wuciar.n, of 1 linrlotlf, to Wiss Auhclia Waiiia feANi'onu, 01 llieioriner plnc-c. At Itiehmonil on il,.. o-ril, 5Invbv Ainot C. Coop er K.-(. Sir. William V. HisKins'of Uiehinond to Miss riielu Maria J05I111, of the nunc iilacc. 1) I 13 1) . In Orand Llo on the 12ih nil. Mr Jnmcs flrown t.sij. aciii Ti years. I'rmtew m 1110 10 llllOstltl iVc. KOIIS HE7T BOOKS was last oveniiiL' received nl the lluok Stors and now for sain very cheap by D. A BRAMAN. 1 Burlington, May 27, 1040. New and Fashionable Goods FOR G EXTL EJl EJf'S CLOTH LXG . 7 E Evans has just returned lrom N. -i 1 nrk with 11 uonernl Bssnrlment, of BROADCLOTHS, CASSIMERES, and V LS VlJS GS, of alino-it every color and description. Also, TRIJU.VLVGS. lie wtl (uniuli materials, and maku to order, garments of every description and style. cheaper liian can otherwiso Uo obtained in this section of tho country. No mis lake. Gentlemen wishing to purchase clothing will do well to call end examine bclorc purchasing elsewhere b hop lust door South ot b. h. Howards store, church Street. Biirliiininn. Muv 24. 1840 A i.r. persons indebted to thu Into urm xSL of Lathrop, Potwin &, Wait or to Rlovo 6i Wait at their store 01 winoosui Village nro hereby notified 10 'nako pay meni to us at our Store in Burlington corner Church and College Sfcete. Mayj g: wait mav 17, 1040. STORE TO LET. AT WinoOfKi Village, tie bturu recont. ly occupied by Lalhr.ip and I'otwin will be let and possession given immedi ately, apply to ho mu.cnbcrs comur Church and College St. Unrlincion or to Gideon Lathrop. MA1O61 WAIT. May 26. JUST received u Irc6h supply ot (Jon cross water, and for salo by Mav 29. GliO. PETERSON. DISSOLUTION. mHEfirm ofH. Hyde & Co., is this J- day dissolved by mutual consent. I lie undersigned II. Ilvde, will remain ot the Store, us agent for tho late firm, to dispose of the slock of goods on hand, to settle and adjust the claims duo to and from concern, and generally to wind up its nf- luirs. All persons indebted, will plcaso to lane notice thai immediate settlement and pavmcnt is expected. 11. HYDE. HARRY BRADLEY. JOHN BRADLEY. Burlington, Mny 12. lnio. Selling off at Cost, and below. THE stuck of GOODS, consisting ofa full and general nfsortmcnt, hcloncmtr to the Into linn of H. Hyde &. Co. is offered for fa to nt their iMnrn. hend of Pearl. street. .Merchants St TA VE RX-KEEPERS,uio invited to un II, under tho assurance that belter bargains tiny nnw bu obtained, than has heretofore been otlcred in thn btntc. II. HYDE, Agent for the lata firm of 11. Hydo & Co. STATIONERY. HAVE received, by tho recent urnvals, a largo and well assorted fctock of writing 1'APKUS, and tho difiorput nrtiolos of plain und FANCY STATIONERY. 4 Ancxcftlleut collection of ENGRAV INGS and illustrated works, of lato pub lication. Montreal, St, Paul-st., May 23. BONNETS. prpUSCAN and English straw Ilonncts of tho latest fuslnons, just received and for sale very client) hy 1'.' DOOL1TTLE. milE firm of A. & D. Pitkin is this day JL dissolved bv niutunl consent. Dud ley Pitkin is authorised 10 scttlo with nil who may havo unsettled oc'ls and receive - ..... , . ..I A C. 1 payment lor ill ueuis uue iu sum ui, u. Pitkin. It ff, moat earnestly desired thai ihL PuMie mid friendly notico will bo suf ficient to effect immediaiuly not only n fcetllci.ient but nho payment Horn an who maybe indebted to them. ' AEPRED PITKIN. DUDLEY PITKIN. iM 11 ti... nnilorsiL'iied will conlinue to cimnlv ilniie with meat who may bo dis posed to lavnur him with their custom, ho would say that ho is not unmiiidlul of the liberal tatronage, which ho hos roccived, and is confident that he shall bo oblo lo meot llw expectation of all those who may .-ivn lum a cull. 1. PITKIN. Cash will b paid for Sheep 1MH ot limed fe as usual. D. V. TO RENT. A HOUSE a Pew Rods South of he Bridge at tho Falls on the new Road. Also a small and convenient Storo winch can be rented separately or together witti the house. Inquire of C. BENNS. Pearl St. May 21st 18-10. Summer wear and domostip GOODS at about the Broadcloth prices. (see oihor advertisement at fllay 1 4, HOW AliUS. NEW GOODS, kueneral ussortm;iit ot now and very cheap dry itooiii, groceries &C. 1ut received and lor salo by PHILO DOOLITTLE, May 14. 1C40. NEW GOODS. rllE subicriber is now receiving from New York a general assortment of DRY GOODS, GROCERIES, CROCKERY. CLASS and HARD TFARB. U. LANE' Burlington, May 21, 1840. Sw. mm MAVING uld out my stock and ren. ted my shop on Catliu's lane, to Mr John .To huso ii, I lake this method lo thank tho public for ihe patronage I have roceiv cd and would solicit tho patronage of my friends and tho public to my successor, whom I havo no doubt will eparo no poioa to give satisfaction. 1). K. PANGBORN. josrr johhsgh CABINET MAKER, nt tho new shop lately occupied by Mr. Pangborn, respectfully solicits tho patronaga oftbs public which he will do his best lo merit DIXON & SONS plain Bridania Tea Pols, Rodders nnd Wostenholmes Knives, Lamp Glasses for Astral and Brass Hioro Lamps, Wicks for all kinds of LamDS Guitar siring and Books. Violin and Vi olincello do. Tho assortment and variety ever varying nnd ever now, liko the Pictures seen in Dr. Brcwsters' Kaleido scope is well worthy tho examination of tho curious, or of thoso whose idoas and wants novcr turn from the plain beaten Unitarian Road if life. Wo cater for tho public and bchevinj? that tho public think os we do that "Varioly is tho spico of hfo that gives it all its flavor." Wo havo goi pretty well spiced up nnd ye who wish a sprinkling please walk into tho Variety Sioro. PANGBORN &. BRINSMAID. Joshua lsham's Estate. WE tho subscribers having been op pointed by iho Imn. tho probata court for Ihe district of Chittenden, com. misiioncrs to receive, examino, and adjust ihe claims and demunds of all persons agninat the estato of Joshua Lham, lato of Shelbiirn, in said district, deceased, ra presented insolvent, a.Uo all claims nnd domands exhibited in off-el thereto; and six months from tho day of tho data hereof being allowed by said court for that pur pose, we do therefore- hereby give- nolle that wo will ol lend in tho business of our appointment, at the dwelling of the widow Martha Isham. in Shelburn, in said district, on the first Mondays of August and Noj vcmber next at 10 o'clock A. M. on each of said days. Daieil this lfiili dav of Mnv, A. D. 1840. LUTHER M IIAGAR, ) r.. HENRY 8. MORSE, 9mm' LYMAN HALL, ywiww.

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