Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, June 12, 1840, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated June 12, 1840 Page 3
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to thorn than miy oilier President since the foun dation of our government Ilia administration, so far from being regulated by the economy recommended by him in his late mcssago lias been extravagantly expensive and profligate. The only attempts of his friends in Congress to practice the economy thus recom mended have been the following : First, an effort to repeal the pension laws, thereby depriving the war worn veterans of the revolution and their aged widows of the stipend given them by the government ns a small com pensation for their losses and Buffering whilst struggling for the liberty which we have so long enjoyed. Secondly tho passage of the odious Hti1t .eatu iry bill in tho Senate, a mcasuro advocated ami niKininod bv administration senators upon the ground that its passage would reduce tho price of labor to the standard ol hard money gocnmiums. Nnnttemnt has been made to reduce tho pay vt office holders, nor to reduce their number, but on the contrary the party in power have acted W. W. Skaton, junior editor of the National Intelligencer has been elected Mayor of Wash ington by a majority of Ufl-i votes. Here, then, is another rebuke to our "beloved chief magis trate," and from his own neighbors. Not ull tho influence exerted by tho heads of Depart ments through their clerks and subordinates could prevent an active Whig editor from being elected to the first oflicc in tho metropolis of the country CASTING OUT DEVILS. At a great whig meeting in New York city last week, (and by the way they have meetings there almost every night, having nothing else to do,) a Mr Kellogg from Ohio, made an amus ing speech. Mr. Stapp of Indiana and Ralph of Illinois also addressed tho meeting. Tlioy said that in the west there was not n shade of doubt that Harrison would carry all before him. Mr. Kellogg, after alluding to the story of tho big Kcntuckian whoso horse ran away with him at the battle of tho Thames, and took him di rcctlv through tho ranks of tho enemy "Just upon the principle that public ollice is but an in- s0) sajj Ir. Kellogg, "it will be with llatrison vention whereby the holder may be enabled to tlCy cnt si0p him : the battle is between the live by the earnings of the people, and that the office holders and the people, and tho great cry und of covcrnmcut is to create and distribute -.QM Tip is roming ! They will give way oflicc. on all sides, and absquatulate to foreign parts To reform the abuses of such an admiiustra- s0lnc (0 England and others to France, and lion and bring the government back to democrat- Harrison's first week will bo employed in cast. ic principles, we associate ourselves together. oul Jccils." i.. , i! .!. .l. 1...!.... f V, llninrl : r : ::, r : u fa wmos i to your posts il, . i vtmv nu Tiistnrv is identi- O'Culltigliati and Van Ness, wc learn, arc VOPUIjAH indications. Tlio papers in Ohio teem with such signs us tho following : From tho Cirelevillo Iternld. Wo the undersigned, (heretofore supporters of Mnr tin Vnn Huron,) believing that the policy pursued by the present Administration is Mibsersivo of thu best imprests nf tlio fimiier. tho mechanic; nnd llm Inbornm man, and hcitcflciai only to tho olllcc-lioldcrs, take 11119 llicinnu oi lmorumig our iciiow-ciii.uus uuii ni can vote for no man for President of tho U. .States who will advocate the leading measures proposed by the present Chief Magistrate, nnd tho party who net with him measures, tho practical operation of which (in our opinion) brought tho present distress upon tho tlio unmtrys and further, wo can support no man or sol.ofiucn, who, when embarrassment & commercial distress has been broimhl uiion tho people bv tho (Icn- crnl Government, tell them that the people expect too much from the (iorernmcntthc Government must tithe carcuf itself, anil the people take caro of them nctvesl fn short, wo hnvo resolved to support old Tip, and let Mr. Van iJurciur'A'et-fireor musty. Wm, I, yon, Win, McFarland, Jn in Dnv. Win, Wallace, Kbcnczcr Tilton, John Shannon, Ocorgc llinklo. Deer Creek tp. May 20, 1810. The following resignation of tho Vun Hu ron committee of vigilance for Union town ship, Ohio ; wc copy from the Baltimore Chronicle: Wc can no longer support a parly whoso golden pol icy to mnko llio" rich richer, and tho poor poorer," and whose professions for tho dear people have been so lone; and loud, hut whose practice pioves tons that they Ibvo tho "loaves and fishes," more than the peo plo's rights. For these and similar reasons, wo can not support Jiarini un jjiircu lur mo rrcsiueiicy in tlio lall ol 1S1U. WILL1AN JAMIiS, DOKSHN FINCH, JOHN POLLOCK, middlkton H.mmsoN, JAMKS M'FADOKN, THOMAS PIU'K, JOHN HONIKANT, I'.Ll MAKI.OW, JAMHS SinVHF.IjL, DAVID, WM. liltAM HA 1,1.. DAVID MI'.ltCLR. The same number of tho Chronicle also miliums a imilur retaliation, simied bv six nicmlicis of the Van Huron Committee of VSidaneo for iho town of Colcrain, Ohio. And also tho renunciation of forty seven Germans in u small town in Ohio. lion. Francis Baylies, of Taunton, Mass., who was appointed Charge to Buenos Ayres, ficd with the history of the country, as a states- travelling the circuit of the state. The for mal! he has discharged every public uuty iicvoi- mcr says mat no snail sec to n, mat every vinir unonihim with crcnt ability, integrity and catholic votes for Mr. Van Btiren ! Tho lat- lionor. As an officer during tho late war, the lt!1. ims g0t ,;s Woodstock speech printed in victories achieved by linn on our western iron- pnm,,,c,t) fllKi ,s circulating it in every nook tier proclaim his bravery and military skill. a,,d corner of tlio State. lie attended the fought more battles than any other ucnenu, ana c convention at iMiddlcbury on Ttics never teas defeated" Asa private citizen, he is " ncier ua ny t u!inii;,.. ,,r hU l,1,y started post haste across the niouii- dislmgiiishod for the republican Bimplicit ol ins . ,t ....L,, i,,,,v.innPo nf hU hcirr thn vio-or tain, to attend a similar meeting at Montpc- nf his intellect and the liberality and power of Her, yesterday or tho clay before. In this his mind. Of such a man tho question Is he way lie is to traverse the state, and harangue by uen. Jackson, lias come out ngninst Alar capable Is ho honest? maybe asked, and the the people, stump fashion. Wc allude to tin Van liitrcn, and has accepted an invita whole country will answer, He is. those facts, not because wo have any fears Don to address a Whig meeting at 1 aiinlon To promote his election and reform the abuses f .. .. ..cslli. but sininlv to remind our whirr fTThc Morrrantown Va. Ilemiblican. of the present profligate administration, wc adopt f . d tiir0Hil0Ut ,1,0 state 0fti,Q character has hauled down the namo of Van Btiren .... mi nvicitiii;.in ll.n ft illmfitur nrtinlns nf nu. ' ....... . " v of the enemy that they have got to meet. It Irom the head ol its paper, and put up the sui'ituiuu. , ,, ....... . ... I rr..-.l. i, i ri,i. 11 i.i! .. n'ntfii'k! in tecivu n'inv lias neon well reniaiKcit, mat tne only imiig "i ltui in wuuu. xnu h.uiiuuhl.iii is u rTirrr 1 HMiU nnUtinn rdeill br called llu WlllgS HtlVC 10 ICar, IS, IliaiOVCr-COllllUeilCC I"""""1-"1 l'"!'1-' ""u Iunsiiu muiunsui ... .1... it C! I .1 rm . and known bv tho namo of the Thnccanve Club m the result will bo allowed to take the place -. uy utituui ny. i nu .iiiiiomicomeiii ofthctownofBurlinrton. of that active and ever vigilant exertion came nuc a imuiucr ciap ou tne ollicialsquadi AtiTTr'T.T! 1. Tim riliinet nf thiK ("!liih is the nro. Kfliirli nlniu. fnn crnim ciipwco Wn rnml "SlO.VS or Tlin TlMES." The Troians had a inni- Of the daily changes, 111 our favor, which material was furnished by Hand-I.ako Whigs. The are going forward all over the co,.ntry,-of . l3S SV Wvi'X v I! uiu iiiiiuuusu giiiiH.-iings oi me people, oi me ueariiiau jour. overwhelming enthusiasm of tho great West, nnd some of us think the battle won ore it has fairly commenced. Could the people as discoinflttcd fourdegged treasurers aforesaid on the lookout for plunder and hearing tho barking of u dog approaching, taku to their heels and "are oil." An old inarohardhy sends up n Harrison hurrah, and ven ture two or threo horse-laughs by way of inviting the ycllow-breech'd musician to proceed "Oorioo ludil-inlt-lioliliiik. hnltlink. Old Tin s foinillir in cheer nn cheer up sky clear orioo-Old Tiji threo cheers lie ii sweip -em out cicnn-ciean yes no will mow 'cm sky high Vun-atid-Amos, HcntoiMoo sky high mercy on 'cm cheer cheer Old Tip-o-hi-o-clear tho coast swcet'sweetl" and off ho goes, chailllling his llurrison song, with Hying colors. Pr.N.vsvt-VANiA r.Entsi.Aiuitr:. Wo imntion in our last tho passage of thu tax bill hi tho Houso of llqiro sentalives, on Monday, hy n vote of 4" to II. The bill taxes all real and personal estate now milyTt to county rates anil levies, one mill on ti dollar of tho value thereof all bonds and mortgages nnd monies at interest, public loans and stocks, cveept those is sued by tho Htnlc. tho stocks of all institutions or companies incorporated by other states, held or own ed by individuals in Pennsylvania, one half mill on every dollar of the value thereof, for each one per. cent, tier milium dividend or profit thereon. tJoon household furniture one half per cent, on tlio excess over thrio hundred dollars in valuation. Fniolu incuts of ofl'ico one per cent, on the value lluicof, Watches kept for use worth more than 20 dollars from fifty cents up to one dollar fifty cents, in pro. portion to their rjuality. Tho committee on vice re ported on a petition from Mr McKinstry, for the abo lition of rdigious tests in courts of law. and of all laws rciiuirinu tho observance of iho Sabbath. The rinort was nblc of course adverse to tho nrtiliim III the Senate the uppropiiation hill was discussed in committee. A'. V. Com. Adr. F.MtonATtoN. The canal boat Patriot, of the West ern Transportation Co., passed through Syracuse on Thursday, with one bundled and eighty four passen gers, nil on tncir way io uieinr wesi. iiiey were but 5'2 days from Prague, Germany. SoundinC? is Tim Atlantic. Tho Philadelphia Norlh American says that Cap!. Ho.-i?, the Artie Nav igator, who is now engaged on an Antartio expedi tion, obtained sounding in tho middle of tho Atlantic with a line of 'J.",00 fathoms, or about thieo miles in length. This is the greatest depth by far over reach ed by a sounding line. Tho old Sugar House in f.iberty street is in tho pro gress oi demolition, iicing tne last rem: ol a prison uscii ny mo liriusu uurim' me revolutionary war. There are some who vet five to tell the talc of Imr rors nnd suH'crings of those gallant sprits in that I'm voat, who took tin nrnis for American lihcitv. Wn should remember tlio men, their sulllruii's, and tho cause. i . war. Making a n.isr.. A citizen of Cin-innntti. recent. lv a stroii'' supporter of tho Admiimlriition. writes. us. that havuii' stnunrled in vain m tkso V. I!, limps to raise tM, nu tunica m the other day and icjcc to motion of the election of Wm. II. Harrison for Prnsidrnt,and John Tyler for Vice President, of the United States, at the ensuing Presidential election. ArvricLE 3. The Club shall continue its or ganization and action, until the final determina tion of the next Presidential election. The 1 Spy in Washington' has lost none of his ori inal pungency. He frequently preaches a long ser mon in a short paragraph. Here is one equal to any dish of tea or collie in tho land : AnTim r- A Am. iwininn rneiilimr III tlm (mm SClllblo Ut tllO Dolls. UllbiaSScd I)V .HIV niismtl ,,..'. , , '. 7 , , .. ,1 ii . . ., " A friend was conversing with a loro foco member of Burlington, who may be introduced by any resontations, uniiillucnccu by any interested nr Con-ress from a loco foco state. Said the "entle- niembcr, may become a member of the Club by efforts of the men in power, General Ilarri- man to'the loco foco member' how do you think the .irminrr Wn nrfir-lna nf smi:,t!nn. llmrnl.v- I.. l 1-1 I 1 .. I peoploof your Stale I10W niel Do V0U flinposo they pledging himself to use his individual exertions, by all lawful and honorable means, reasonably in his favor, to promote the object of the Club. Anxicix !. The officers of the Club shall boa CLOTHIKHH. TAKK NOTIOR-Tlic.siiberiler nt tlio Wlnon-1,1 Iron Fouiutry, hni on hand and for sale, u now TKA'F.l.INll (!IOj iiiiule for narrow Clotli,u lir.-t ratu machine, of t ho iiilet improvement) which will Lo told cheap lor cali, or exehauued for Cloth. JESrfU (JAY. WhmoU'jnngc,JuneJH, IS 10. NliW GOODS, now opening an additional nortinenl of vnrioin MmU il good-, among lliciii arc Mozotnilo lfnislies, Satin Head Head Hands, Lozengo-. Aeeonleoii ljook, uxlract of llergaiiict, hristol lio.ird,greeii Spo lac u,Cuslor-, new -ilver poel,et Comb, Ka?lo Hell l'latei, etc. ALSO, n good nsorttucitt of trimmed and plain lino S.ilin and iioiiii.aziiicsioeus j tlilu suiiilner HloeU, lig'il ami plain some with hews very nico und light fur warm weath er! wo hnvo (tho very narrow StOel;s, suitable for hoys o men. Abo, long .'locks for llio-o who havo lnrgoN(Vi, fn u word our iKsortinonl of Kltxl,, Col lars and Ho.-oiih l very complete. For further par ticulars plc.itc call uttliu Variety Siore. June 1 b I'ANononN ftHiilN-MAin. GllOCKIttHS. The wb-crifer li.'H u full 7upply of (Jroeerio., including coguiao Ilrandy, nuiioii do. Holland and U.iltlmoro tun. St. Croix nnd low priced Hum, Port, .Mudeiiu, Cliatlipalifiio, .MiiM'at, Nlalagn niul other Wine-, Molas.c, Teas, Co leo, t liocolale, loaf, lump and brown S.igars, Hue, Pepper, Cinnanioii, Nutmegs, ll-iiiee nnd other piei!-, Cigar, Tol.neeo, Mnel.erel, CODFISH. I.e-t kind for 83 Jier 100 lb--. And mo-t oilier arliele in tlio grocery hue. Abo, DltV (5001)3, nil of which Will I u sold as cheap t at any ollur jdaee. Tho l.npiors will I e warranted of I lie le-t (iiialiiv intciulivl priiieinallv for viinnlvfiitr 'IVvern-Ifee)nrrs, who will lull it for their iiilere-l to :.ill ami examine lliem. ISA AO WAll.M.n. lliirlington, June 10, ISIO. tf FKAMCMN IIOIJSK, AT 'I UK M IN Kit At. SPKIMSS. IN IlltiHOATK, VT. Tlio sub-eii- er hnvnnr furnished and titled up, for the reception of company, I lie uliovo o-tnwiflitneiu, re-peeiiiiny solicits the patronage oi ms irienii-, mm uio pm.iie genern iy. I he eelehrily tun prlllg lias attained, tne I entity oi its locution being situated in ti ple.uaiit mid lie.ilt'liful .-eetioii of the country together with tho exertion of the Mih-crilicr to give snli-fiielioii to all, it is hoped will liinl.oil ii de-irablo-itiiation lor lho.o rho wish to avail Ibeiu-elves of the l.cneliti of ibe tnulieinal wn'er, tuul u relaxation from the ordinnry enre-i of jiiines. s. . ttuuu. lligligale, June 3, 1810. Sw Q KAHl, 0 arr field, the hundred thousand office-holders, .. .!.l. .1 f 1. 1 .1 1 . II President andS Vice Presidents, a Secretary and l,w?" ll'm ,lIlu ua'"s, unu an two assistant Secretaries, a ironeral coininittco witllin lllc circlc of tieir influence, are in consisting of 7 members, a Corrcsjiondin Com- the Held, and tlic people have tins immense mittcc consisting of 3 members, a Committee of power to overcome before they can stand an Vigilance consisting of not more than five mem- even chance in the contest. When we ro llers in each School District in the town, and a Treasurer. Article G. The Club shall meet rcgularlarly on Monday of each week at sundown ; the first meeting shall bo held cm the first Monday of son would be elected, almost by acclamation are yet democratic 1' The honorable member paused Hut .nrli U not tln r-ico ilip u-linl imwpr n moment, niul tnen replied : ' 1 suppose mv people inn sucn is not tin. case , tuc uiiolo powei aru m p iat of a trnveiier i '.' icara f. lru and patronage of the government is in the stopped at an inn to breakfast, and having drank one L-uj, tn niuii uayieii lino, inc scrvaiu asicii u lie would liavo tea or colleo ( The traveller replied 'if what you gave mo before was tea, I want coffee; but if it was eollee, 1 want tea. I leant rhange! Extract of a letter from a respectable gentleman, a menu of the Administration, in Warren county Vir guua, to a merchant in Hnltimorc. "Hec'd this morniiir. bill of poods. Slav 21. Wheat member tho means that h-ivo been resorted crops 1,1 "" sccTn """"""'V "esuoycd iy ny- ar mLinuLr uio nicaiis inai liavo uucu iwuiu.u nicra weaims -doomv faces Harrison stoelc m. to, by this admiiiifitmtion in i(s successful proving lady in this neighborhood, had three fine .-ilmnc ihr. rinlifa nf tlio r.nnlr. SOUS, a lCW days S1I1CC, ailU naillCU tllOIlt William wnen we recall inc icnacity wan which it A CASI. . rolXT.Wi5 sometime no nubli-hed nn June. A. D.1810,fortheorganiZatiotiofthe Club cling to office as it would cling to.lifb itself J and election of Officers. wllun we renioiuber too the unprincipled and wns sojourning with the General. Tho ltev. gcntle- Ar.TicLE 7. The President, Vice President unscrupulous character of the men whose '"""'1, and Treasurer of the Club shall bo chosen (on counsels prevail at Washington, we confess incnt is true. llaUimore Pal. nomination) on the first .Monday of every month, that we tremble, lest sonic unheard of, some Wn saw the first statement of the. liberality of fieri. hy a majority ol the members present, provided unimngineu villainy sliall uc practised to memi,er that twelve vcars airo we published a similar the President bold his office for otic term tmhj, and sn;vtcli from the people their rights. We t'.!:a'!,,";lU lcl;"'vo 10 t'iuicial Jackson, and wo did not fchall not nominate his SUCCCSSar. l.mioctiv hnllovn. that such moil as Kendall, nlmnc .,f mintln-r : lint as llm nnerdni,. i? iron of akticle o. inc 1-resiueiii snau nave power io v;if, i i;ii y v,s nA O'Call'irrlrin wi'l ' ' uuuig no moie ior nun man we ... ., ,.i,.,ii ,., ,.!,,. ti.r. .!:.,.. . ) ' ' ' D wouiu no ior oiuers. c. ,5. uaz. ', " ,. ' ' . . . ' .. I be prevented by nothing but the certainty of Rules, usually practised in u-ell regulated do- l V " , . "'V'"' JVouCmov .-Vo area doomed pco,dc. liberativc bodies : be .-.hall see that this Consti- pctration ol any tiling Wlucii will Kec' tliem- nestruriion seems to threaten us on every side. tntionbe preserved inviolate, and from bis de- selves in power. It is no liglit thing to contend Sift cission and veto an appeal may be taken to the with such men, armed with such power; it not stopped, the savage will again roam at large, mas- Club for final decision. quires all the watchfulness, and all the ex- J-TJKM the Article 9. The Secretary and assistant Sccro- crtions of iho Whigs from this day till the shrill war whoop of the savage, and the dismal hoot- tariesshall,q)yrnofallappoint,ne,i..soof- dQCtlon. A fuarful rcsponsibilily docs in. Sah fice and votes of the Club, and a summary ac- ., . ,i, nnlc r il,;e n,i citals as tho following awaken those who are interest- count of their proceedings, which Records thall ...... , , . ed, respectively, some ton prompt dneharge of those not be expunged. 1 . , ,, senseof llio dangers which surround tliein. uticle 10. The Treasurer shall collect the oror vwl"1 ul lH-':,u"t" 0n Wednesday, 20th iust, w hile a lieutenant nnd fundi, of i!.u Club, fic STATU I'OSA IJNTtOJ.. Tim nilviwnti'8 ol' reireiitliiiient and reform in th' National tlovernmcnt, all who tire now opposed to those nolilical principles and measures which this Stnle-ALOsi: has refused to sanction m shoit, the inilfiicndeiit nnd incorruptable FrLcmcn aie renuc mil m iuppi iii nnnienlionnt Hiirlinstnn. oiiTIIUHS DAY. the '.Tith DAY OF JU-N'K M'.XT, nt 9 oYlocl bv their Delegates, or by tiikmsf.lvf.?, to noinmate ricKcls lor stale umccrs aim rresini.1111111 j.ieunus, and to concert measures lor a decided victory am final triumph ovir the most faithless and nnbecit administration that ever cursed and disirraced a fice people. HAKKY lillAIJI.I'.Y; MH.TOX UKOW.X, JOHN HFX'K", 1 State K. 1'. WVI.TOX, jr. f Com. K. 1. JF.UF.T'P, May, 1810. V. F. MKHKII.L. WOOL TWINK for salu at IlOWAHD'ri. C1ASlf t'AIU VOil WOOL.-Tlicu'wriber ' will pay cih, on deliver)', for good clean lleece wool, delivered at the old itoro oeeupie.1 by H. Hyde iS: Co. nor h wu-t c rner of College Orece. Hiirllngtoii.jbirHjJO. nAl?!!V 1,,Al)LliVi STKAY IIOKSlf.-lTroLc into thu liiclo-nre ol the stibteiil er on the lilih of thi month, 11 young hattv, dark lay or brown, hardly middling size, one while hind fool, n long switch mil, Willi some white on hit iio-c, cliod forward. Tho hor-n appears lo h.ive l.eeu workeil lately. I ho owner is reipio-ieii 10 can, prove properly, pay charge and tnl.e lulu uwav. Slielbiirn, June 10. NA'I IIAMKI, OA'(JK. IOST, on Wodne-day la-t, a pair of gold mount i od Siieciaelev A generou reward will hotrivell for Ihein, if fo Hid. SsTHONOS, & CO. J me 12. VOUNC I.AUY of good family and of a lib eral ediieution und who bn 11 llioroiigb theoictl e.ilnnd pr.ictienl kiiowledRO of the French ami Kngli-h laiignasres, wisbo to fin I 11 place either in n family or ina eonniiiiuiiy, it a French lenchur. Apjibratinn, (if by lelter post paid,) to bo directed to Mr. Moll. Pro fenor of .Muic, Hnrliiiglon, Vl. June.j. TV rivTfHKm.S.elnMoer than ever. II. W. Cut- 11 1 1 r U Co. are now receiving a new a-soi tmeut of Dry (ioodf, lo wlileli lliey nuitu the attention 01 June ;1, 1310. MOItK NHV IJOOKS were hit evening ic eeivexl at the Hook Store an I now for sale very cheap by May 27. HHA.MAN. OTOKI4 TO liliT, tit WiuooKi Villaue, lb.; O stoie recently occupied I y l.atlirop and I'otwin will lu let and i)o.-cinti iriveu inunedialelv, apply to the Mih-crd ers corner Church and I olleire t. Ilnr- lingtoii or totiidcon l.alhrop. MA) O it All. Hurliiiglon, May 2G, 1910. saw i:iJi.Atvi coiuii si y Thr riputntim of ivhiiJi hui nmn btcnmt ttihlirhtil m lli mutt tafeawl (JTicacHui remedy ever il'w.01 crid fir fN'f.Ui:.VA,t'OMN,l'OI'ms,ASTIlMA WIIOOl'I.X; COt'UII, M'ITTI or III.OUU, AND am, Arrucxjox.H J 5r-w U)X(;it:SS WATKH, him receive. J Mipply of Congress water, und for -n'e I v May 20. CIX). fieih iri'l-'ltHON. CJ'J'ATIO.V UK Y. U receiv IIOWAHII, of the Cheap cash store, arnu'.l homo from New York la-t eveinmr lv lie splendid Mcuncr V. luiebiill, D. I.yon ('apt. and rough! with him nn additional supply of Co dn which with Iih two former iiiireba'O ot this sea-on nial.e the asortment nlti getlier 0110 t flhe most desirable to select Irom nt any lie ha- heretolure had lor Hie jit eighteen year.-, ami i 01 the loiiowing mini-', viz : ieli. labionalile. limey nnd -lunto niliele- 111 every lepattinent of the Dry Good line, such as Hrundelolh-, Cns-'iiiiere, Vestnu.'-, Mo'i.-eliue do lame-, Challys, Silk-, Uoml nzine-, (..ibi'oe, l.uien-, Mii-lin, l.ace-, Itildion-', l.'nd iroideiie, llo-iery Clove-, ran-, 1 111 brella, I'ara-oll-, etc., wit Ii n fill -tipply of Florence and Straw llonnets, nnd Millenary dood--, nl-o, ('ar-petin-, Matltng", Paper llnncings, Shoo mid Hut together with nil the heavy de-eripliotK of doinedie nncl oilier goon-, siie'i us cneeiings, i arn, ininnp-, Wool Twine, etc. The Crockery, Looking Glaniui China Callcry is nl-o rci!enishud; ibe Cutlery, Ilaril ware and 1 louse furiiMiintrdepiii Uncut is 111 accordance 1 tho other -took eu hand, the variety ot lancv ar ticle-, such at Toy-, Jewelry, Comb-, Curl-, Confec tionary, etc. etc,, which lill-one hundred feci of) how ea-e 111 lentil on in- counter'. i inniiiiiciaoie. 1 nu Dome and picture gallery is I eaiilifully arranged for the di-plny of Good- under a strong light, and then the large supply of superior family (iroecrie- ba-ed upon loSlnd'ol Lite, Hoehe-ler city .Mill Hour, make- hw Grand Hazaar elieap cash store, one of the mo-t fi-ei- nating desirable and convenient "tore- to be furui-lieil from wilh all and every kind of article that may be wished for, or looked at for ainii-eineiil and grntiiica tion.or Willi a de-ire lo convey the mo-t plea-iug in telligence to friend-, of the place where every article they imiydesiie for the bettering of nppcincc-, adiling to comfort, or supplying neee-s.iry want-, may be ha I nnil , lone iii -o few word-, a.- bv onlv saving whatever an 1 whenever you wi-h to buy clicap'tbrca- h go to llUWAKH'.S lluilinglon, vt. ,.111110 II, 11111. AHMOIJIt & HA MSA ' have ivetl, bv the recent arrivals, a large and well ii"orled stock ol writing paper", and the diili'i-onl ar ticle ol plum and Fniu'V Stationery. ALSO, an excel lent collection ofKNGUAVlNGSand illustrated works, ( fla'o pul licalion. Montreal, St. Paul s). May 33. Ow to teliiitl their nilSUSCU two nidi were passing between .uicanopy, and a place of the members, in such kind as the deranged power, the effect upon our rights and our lib- i,'y n ,,ar'ty 0f Indians; the lieutenant nnd one man crtics cannot be lorctold. The Whigs CrtH wounmn, ami one man kiuicu. 1110 same evening, 'I'wfl.iiruY.ilP.nnil Dost Ofricn llrnffa n vcontodl ..1t r3, llnm.nn t.,.1 .1.. -7. ' . . " .;T.' '. nA ' ' .1 ... .' "1 .,."'!?' 1 ' . , i, , ....... . . v.. . ...i"..., uuiikiui A.i.wiouii, uui lliuv 1111131 WUI h. HCOlll W 1 11 13 Or M IIICII, UlSUOVCri'll U UC 111 1110 WOOCIS nnd pay out the same only by vote of the Club or for it. Without rely ing upon what they have Xifby aboutlo fiireciionoi me uenerai iomiiiiticc : anuaioacu .....c 1 ,.!.- ri....,r.i.. r.. l n i.i.,.i i,.i ii,.,;rt,nn..n. ....,. i.;iu,i ,. the spot, and -1 men missing. On Friday, news reach ed Newmansville, that three men were killed between l'o-ts No, 1 1 and 12. On Thursday, a scout discover ed the trail of about 100 Indians in the Wolf Ham mock, six miles south of iVewniansville. News also reached us by fien. Clinch, that Fort Crum, or the settlement where Fort Crmii w as oiigin ally located, was attacked, and all in the settlement killed, This latter intelligence, was brought hy ex press to Hlack Creek, on Saturday, the 23d iust. and is no doubt correct. We have n feaiful reaord of ot least 20 lives as vic tims to the utterly defenceless stale in which Florida now is aim nas ncen sinco inc discnarge oi tno voiim i.l.iiv ..mitililltirmi I tlVOS IITO ttlloWOU - tate of the currency of the country affords, Sub. direction of the General Coininittco ; andatoach dono tlicy luust look stcadily fonvau t0 niomi, ...vuiiug re mur .mati. ouiu u ulu wot t,iero g Q crai vvommiiice, aim pay over inc uuiancc, n any remain in his hands, to his successor. Auticli; 11. It shall be the duty of the flen cral Committee to nominate ofheers, to provide a cTWniTTKI3 MUETINC-. I TVTKW SCItOOI. CKOtJItAIMIY AND 11 ATLAS WITH OFT1.1M:. MAI'S, by S. Auou rt;s MnxliLi.i.. The author ot the above works lias 1 een professionally devoted to the science ol Gco'y and the publishing ofMap-, during many years and his former productions, especially hi- Map of the World fur Academics. I car ample fe-linionony of hi- abun dant resources, upon which he has so III ( rally drawn, in producing tne :u ove tiiooi wori.-. i ne ioiiowiirr extract of the Gco'y and Atlas, is from ajoint recom mcncl.ition of the Teachers in theeiiy of .New Vork "Their merils are iiumerou- the deiinilioiis remark ably plain anileouci-e. 1 he exercises are copious and imtior'.ant, and thede-criptive i- luminous ami correct. The divisions of Ibe American continent, me repre- -i-nii'i and i eerll ed as they really exi-t at the present time. And the gross misstatements generally found in school geographies are corre led. The typographi cal execution is un commonly neat and distinct, indeed ill,, ntlns i n model of the kind, and actually teem 'wilh in formation." l lie outline .Maps are pe.'iuiai'iy calculated to exercise (he student in his study, audio fill up at his leisure. ! or sale by J. A VOICE FROM MARYLAND. The Baltimore Patriot publishes the following placeof meeting, and to prepare and lay before lct'cr' with llls endorsement: "I" giving ft the Club all business, for their consideration and action, at each regular meeting, and to fill all va cancies occuriug in the committees of vigilance. Auticle 12. It shall be the duty of the cor responding committee to obtain and communi cate to tho Club such facts and information as in " place as a sign of the times, wo ma y men " tion, that the writer, Dr. John W. Dorscy, is "one of tho ablest and most respectable phy sicians of Frederick County ; one who has en "ioved as lanro a nractice in bis nrofnssion as leers. Kxnerimenting in this matter is preposterous, " -mv iilivsieiin in M'irvl-iiiil mil u-lm lmo mn Nothing but the most decided energetic action and that J 1 - ' .v... ,mr(,mlMmi, iiiitinuei . will keen the nflo their judgment will best promote the object of Uerei1 pcmccH to Jus country under the la- cheek, or afTord our sufieiing citizens any protection. ,,l(f.r,, 1 J "mentcd Decatur, as a surgeon in the U. S. 'n.enirnc UiOvlul). v 'i been killed between St. Augusinio nnd Picolatn, were AllTlCI.K 1H. It shall bo tho duty of tho Com- "avy- nIr. J. P. Miller, recently from Hriinswiek, C.a,, and ., . : ., I.iDimTY Tows. Mil.. May 13. 1810. lr. Daniel C. ose. formerly of the same place. Mr. mittec of Vigilance to prepare and report to tho r .:,,;,:' r,L Vv, ;,' - li.i . ' Yose was not killed but was found tho next dav in the General Committee acorrect list of legal voters As iho friends of Mr. Yan Huren in this election woods, a short distance from Where they weie shot, .i;. ... l.... , . . ., district lmvn nlacfil niv iiiinin inion tlwir t'liiniiiliieii having broken a blooil vc'sel in iilleiniititig to escape. in iiiuir rohpcciHO uiMr.cts, uesig.iating Uiose t0 ,,,,,,,,1,1,,, Van Ilurcii Convention, which is tons- m a state of insensiblity, Mr. Miller was killed on tho who are in favor of and those who arc opposed to semblein Fndoiickon Monday, the Fth of Juno next, spot, Ho wasainunof many good qualities ; n nse- ihpobieetK of thn Chili and from timo tn thnn tn 1 f'el it incuntbent uion me to adopt this mode of pu- ful and worthy citizen, a kind father and n devoted UieoujttiHO the UJiih, ami irom time to tune to i,it.iy minomicinir, that 1 ant no longer a supportrcof husband, an industrious nndhard working man. Ho 1" nn-iiiiii-iaiiiun eiinii reijuiiu tnopieseiil iNalional Adinmistiation, It is true that I nas icn a wuoaiiu several ciiiioren, wnu a iiiiiiierous in committee lncctiiP's to be holdcn in tboir ros. wns amongst the original friends of (ien. Jackson, circle of friends lo mourn his untimely nnd inhuman ih.luiu iLL,iii.m.u uy iiiuuisun cs , successive terms : that eonfnhnrr m l ie fnir promises Provided the district coiniuittoos sliall moot ns of the nresent incuinb( nt. I travo him mv zealous sun. .,ftnn is onto in each of tho months nf limn lul,. l'ort at the ejection of 183b, and havo since, until a oltcn as onc in cacn oi inc montfis ouiim;, July rt,cclll ,H.rioJ) nctl.,ii concert with his political friends and Soiitcmbcr, and once in each week in the in reference to hoih .State and General Government months of August and October. Auticle Id. These articles (except the 1st t!d, ydanddth) maybe amended, altered or re- pealed, atany regular meeting of the Club: Provi THU HOll-A-UNK AGAIX. The ClaremonttN. HA Kaglo has thus chronicled tho arrival of the first of these coinie singers. His Inst vear's bulletin of the 6ame event will be renicin- but I can act with them no longer. hired by man v: The measures and policy of Mr. Vim Huren havo "Oorio-lnodybink, hobliuk, hoblink, cheer, cheer, been so disastrous lo tho general prosperity of the toodilec, here I am again sky clear up and go, w hich country, llint with all the preferences of early asso- is the tree, spring hero itch-i-sky been on a spree eiauoiis mm pariy iiuacitineiiis Hearing upon me, wmsKcc mi uero us. uona tooiiyi mi; uooiiiik cannot longer render to him mv support. I believe ink siieeviniiiiice." I...1 tl.M iinticn tlinrnnf bo irivnn. nt tlm ninnti,,., 1 1 lit tho interests of tho nconlo of llio United States Hidln! If ibeni is'nt our old friend Robert Lincoln. ii-MiurM u umiiSu wi iiiiiib, nun nn unu ill uiti jicujiic,, ailgllllllgoil II1U vi'i v iipinu lieu iiiiiii niiim nu 1 shnll exert myself, so far as my lmiiililu abilities will saluted us last year. Welcome old fellow ! Wearing avail, toeiieei inai cntinge. nun m turning irom mo the same muck swallow mil, tnosaino yiuow vest aim

support of Mr. Van Huren to thnt of Gen. Win. Henrv airv breeches! Hv'r ladv. but he's n spruce little gen iinrrison oi wmo, i no ii wim no rciiicinui spun, llemnu, and irom tus gauiiy epaiueiis inusi no cuici Willi tho distinguished claims of Harrison 1 hnvo funi nmsli'ian of ibe wniL'cd recimeiit. Their, howoistle.s m vn laminar. netiier we iook upon ins services in ngnin- "Oori lonilyl uilt, boiuinii" tllear, near the battle fie hi. or in the councils of the nation, or us from the honorable niembei!) Ho no sooner ulighls n minister to u loreign Court tlieio is perhaps no living t t:i r hall a do?en cuts, with luces iih tongas linn ol n uc.t preceding, in writing. On motion, tho following officers were duly olected : Lyman Ciiinmiiigs, President ; 11. C. Iioiriis, S. E. I low&rd, Vico Presidents ; Win. Weston, Secretary; (Jourgo Jv. Piatt, John K ITT El: A meeting of the General Commillce, of arrange ments in view of the coming State Convcntioi , of the Whigs, will bo held at Howards this cveni'ig, at 7 o'clock. GEO. K. PI.ATT, Oerh. HUHMNOTON I,IOIlT INKAN'I'HV. The inenilursof tho Hiirlington Light liifnnl'ry, are requested lo meet ut J, II. Whitcoiiibs, tomorrow evening, at 7 o'clock. GEOKCK S. IIAI.IVS ESTATE. ST ATK OF VKH.MO.N'P, ) rpiUO Hon. the Pro- DIsTllICT Of CIIITTCNDKN-Sf. ! JL 1 il'e COIIlUt Wl'llllll and for the District of Chittenden : To the creditor, and others conccrnd in the estate of George S. Hale, late iif Wctfbrd. in said District, decea-ed, GiiF.r.Tiso. WHKHF.AS, John W. Hale, administrator of the es. tate of .-aid decoa-ed, hath made applicalion to tin court, to extend the time limited for making payment of the, debts of said deceased, twelve nionilis from thu 'JCth day of June ni-t., and theiidday of June nisi., I eing ai.-igt.ed for a bearing in the premi-e-, at ibe Ollice of the Hi'si-ter of this court, and it having 1 ecu ordered l hat nonce thereof be given, by publishing this decree three week- sn'cessive'y in the Free Pre-s a new-paper printed nt Hiirlington, I efuie the time tixod fur hearing; therefore, you aie htrchy notified to ap pear bcfoic said conn a't the tune and place afoie-aid. then and there, to make ol icction if any you ba-e, to the said time of payment being further extended as aforesaid. Given under my hand at Hiirlington this 1th dayof June A. I. 183t). Wm. WKSTON, Iti'g'r. vTllilA.M II. MINEH'S ESTATE. STATL OF VI.H.MO.NT, ! fiMl K honorable the Distiuct of CtitTTr.siiK.v, ss. ( J I'ri I ate C o ii r t for the Di-trict of Chittenden, To all per-oiis concern ed ill the H-talo of W.M. H. MLNKHIale of .Millon m said district deeea-e.l, GHFrflNU. WHF.HF.AS, Kebecea Miner, Kiecuirix of the last will and testament of ,-nid derci-i"! propo-e. to len der nu account of hi- udiniiu-lr iliou, and present hi aceount against said e-taiefor examination and allow ance at a ses-ion ef tho Court of Probate to I e holdcn at the ltcgister's H irlingtou ou the -eeond Wcdne-ilay of July next, therefore, yon lire heiel y 110 1 1 llctl to appear I efure -aid eourl ai (be time and' afore-aul, and .-bmv e.iu.-e, if any you h.uc, why Ibe account afon-aul -bonld not 1 e n'llbwed. Given under mv baud at Hurliiiglon, ibis -JSih day of May, A. D. 1810. je.10. l'MU. Uegistcr. 1 BONNETS. Tuscan and Fnglish straw bonnet ) of the late I fa liiou-, just rceived an 1 fir ah heap l y I . uuui.i I I i.i . TOOTS fc SHOES. The -ub-cril er h.i. now J ou hand a general aoiinient of HOO'I'S mi l IIOIX of the most f.i-hion ible lvle. and tbornugli wi rkiimiithip, winch ho o.lers very low for CAIL, N. H. All kiii ls r f ineaser.' work done nl shoit no o. Hnrliiiglon, Cliurch-st May 23, 1310. YMA.N V COI.E ha.-e received their usual exicmkt! ii.srrimeut of Soring und summer 11)01 W, end racing a beautiful variety of goo Is fur ladies summer dre.-o-; rich Lngli-hand scotch Ging hams, Indin niii.-lin a superior artrlc fur while dresses ; Jaconet cambric, n greil assortment of I arre 1 and l.eekered ( am' nc, prni'cd Lawn, niouruing do. prm- ted cambric and French Mu-hii. An extensive assort ment ofAmcrican Cnliecci cheaper than ever. A few l.ngli-b ami l icneli do. ll.KS. A small a-soriment of Hieli -ilk, including Mack, blue blael., colored and stripe I. Rimlanri H'd'f. L run-on, wmtu sin. un. un.- iiaiian v, Genlleineii's eoi'il and black kid Glove, doeol'd, black mil while -ilk glove-, do. licrlin, Li-le I bread, Linen ind cotton glove-. A good assortment of IIoiery, very elieap. I mt rcllu's unu rarasou. i mil uuois iid."-liocs, Ladies kid 1 ic- si ni slip-. DOMl.S 1L GOO US .MerriniaeU cottons. Unv ille do (button Electing, Shirting, 1 ickiug, eol'd CamlTics. i urn, I liread, an I mulling Lotion. perlii.e L( ug Cloths and bleach cotton. ork .Mixture Sinpi's, Drills fc,-. Irish Linen, .Slortilig and .jliectiiig. Diaper 'tin 1 1 r.i-li. T I I.OK'ri TKI.M.Ml.MiS. Iiicluiling sewing ftiiu, Twist, Thread, Padding, cauva-s, sleeve-liuing, hi own linen, Hiilloii-, Hiiidmg, VIS 1 UNO. While lig'il .Mer-ails, aienua, ngureu s-.itl,.. hi: G.-i.ive. niul rich ebnllv f.mev Il'dk'f-. A great variety of other DRY GOODS which eomprisr a very eten-ivu assorlinenl, and are oMcred at astoni-n-ing'low piice-. Laihe-aul Gentlemen aie invited lo call and ex.iinuie ipia!iue and prices. June d. SHE KM A.VS COIIG II LOZ ILNO KS. 4 HF the safe-l, mo-t s'ire and e leeiual remwly for 1. Couch-, Cold-, Coii-umptioiis, whooping Cough, Asthma, Tightno-s of the Lungs or ebe.t, o-e. !te. The propiicior has never known an instance where tliev did not give poriect saii-iaeiion. ceveru uioiis aud boxes have I ceil sold within the la-t tlueo monlh ro'toring to beahh, per-ons in almost every stage of eiiusiiniiiion, and tho' e lal i-ring inuler tho mo-t dis tressing cold and cough-. They" do not check and dry up the cough, but render it easy, promote expec toration, allay the tickling or irritation, and remove iho proximate or exciting eau-e. Tney are made liom ajeonibination of the mo-t valiiable'expet'lorani, or cough medicines, and aie undoubtedly superior to every thing in use for those complaints. Hundreds upon hundreds of certificates have 1 ecu otlered of the.r wonderful virtue-, from those who have been sae.l liuni rtii iintimclv Binve, anl lu-lored to nurtcci health by using lliem. Dor.. One lozenge is a fur an s.lall, and msy be rfpeatiil Irom three lo tinier a dav, as reipineti. ciuiuien, cignt etir year- old, nan ul one: lour year-a ipiarier, aim -o in pro portion. Very -mall children or infant- will take them I est dissolved in a little water. Mio.ild they act as an emetic, or produce nau-ea, thedo-e must be les-ened lo what the stomach will I ear. Hall ot one will gen erallv I o siiilieicnt to take I efure 1 re.d.f.i-t, as the loinaeh i then more ea-ily sieLcncl. .No ill elect an ari-e from an overdo-e, a- it will ca-iso the sto. luaehtoreiivt u ; and although no! a o!ea-ant -en-a Hun, will be found to give relief. Where there i- nine t nam in Hie hreast ur side, one ot Dliermau Poor Mali'- Piasters -bonld I c applied over the pari, PRl PAIU'l) O.VI.V HV TIIK SOI.K IMIOI'UIKTOI , DAMCL (JtiODAHl), iNo. 3 Oou fit. NFW.VOlUv. In prcrnllng thM li-i-ful ri'iin-'ly in tlic palillo, ihn Piou prliitiir U nutlinrlritby n I'liyi-iilnii, fnun nlnnn ,t ItrclM win run fii!.- nll.i 1 1 V nblHin-it, lo rl,itc, Hint lin li.m iin.l'ti himself, mill In Ids rxirli'lvi: procure In l'nhiieiiiiiy ullav. Iions, Willi nitiiiil-.lihig tfTnt. Tim happy rnniliiuatlun ef vcgctnlile pulntniicru, of wlileli It In entirely cninpinisl, ire pcciill.irly inluj'tcd tn disfancs ofilnj Lung, LUur, mill Simimcli. Thii nirillcliif h.n Iwn ux-il ery cximdvcly, run) th.1 prnpti'tur tins nut kiin n r shieli" histniitn luwliirli i hart r.illcil In ijlvinjj rehi'f in illse.i v .i (r which It In recommend. ;il even In cime-t iiepronclilng in ciui'iiiiipliiui, aiiMitol with lili'iilliur nt the Luiiim, niul where nil uihcr lerneJImi hid fiiih'il. thn tiU'st drclilril niul flnttcrlnf sutciss hnrt jilemli-il Iw uc. Cotiimnii cnldj, whirh .ire generally tlvi efTrf t nf (ibsirtictril perrlrnllnn. will yield toll) inltuonoa In n few lioiir t when ineil in nfilunn, linarpefiesn, whet., hi)!, and shortness of hieiuh, It gitra liiimeUUlu relief, pro I'lirln? lr(iiiiull re-l and uleep. In whooiliig ennsh It I. without ft rival. It nperaiei nnh veiitlu uxpectouilou, ami umv he given to lid.inii wilh perlert nnfeiy. fjie ij.'nuina New Uotipli Syrup will bo on f ininl III a hill of illrcciiiiiin, ihcIiiikmI hi nn cntiraie.l rnpper, benring on 11 lli'isliiimltire of llie propri'lor 111 IiIj 'iwii hniiil vsrltinp. The In ule mil he sculeil uutl elampeJ nn the cork 1 New Hnehiml Clinch Syrup.' A fuw ofihe inanyrertifieuien In fa at nftliN Syrup nliluli .irn In iiosie?flou ol the Proprietor, alcaihled for the pcrusaj of those who niny tie IroubU J wnh mmllar ccuiplalnw. tlrntrn. Muffnt. I'linnmTA- Co. Gfiitti men Afler having tried, hy the rcenminemt.Vtlon, r,f my frieml'. rilnioHl every meiliclne lor a rougli, wllhoot 1 hi leu-t rebel, I had rccnuric 10 your New KfiRlnnd ijoimh Syrup, ami am enahltil tn nay. wiili thankful lies", thai ll hai 1110 of oneof tlio InoiUihsiltiatccouh I ever knew, ami "hall Tel II M bn a duly to recmiiMcml II to eiry urns wh"ir I foul In nenl of no valuable 11 uiciil cine. I illlMru.Ctrutlv, llafton, .V,.20, 1M.-,. JOHN !. STF.VE.VM. I have thn sati.-fiirllon am! pleasure of Informlrij von the buttle of New Kuclaml U0113I1 Syr ip, wliieh I pru. cured of yon on Ihe !i3d of April him entirely relwve.1 in from a very sei-cic coul'Ii which had alMlcteil me for a Bhort time past. Afler u-lng u variety of ini-ihuiiie, and findlne no permanent relief, 1 wm induced by the lulviro of niy h lends, tinryynnr Syrup. The result 1 have already aied( ll sureecdeil beyond my expectation! nnd I ehrtrfulW rrconiniciid it ai a very valuable medicine fur allihoso vrtiU may be aftlicled wilh n 1111 1 1 or uoninlatiiln. Voiim respectfully, C11AUI.CS IlUOGLES. lloiton, Mil! I' 's;!5' It glvci" me great plcanure to be able tn add my tc-ilmoajr In Ctvor of your New F.ncland Cnut'li Syiup, two boltlK of which hainp entirely cured my cough, which waa tn "pvern that my physician aiHisul men, epend the coming winter in a southern climate, but the fortunate, uso of Ih Syrup will lir elude the ucccsbiiy, Voun, t-c. JOSEPH MIADLEE. Hasten, Sfitemlirr I..1SSI. 'I he Proprietor woub add, that tie I- enntantly receiving niinieroua Icsliluulihib of tho valuu and tl'.ica:? of U.H n niedy. i' The above atlUm Is nM wholesale In Xnc Yolk, W by the Proprietor and all the drui;clsU. ilsiun, by IIenliaw k Ward, Maynard V Novea, & Ilrewers, Sieveni StL'uihlm;. Pliitatlelpliia, by I.aac Thompson, J. it J. W Smith, C. W. Carptriler, and A. Fullrrton, Jr. Baltimore, by R. II. Coleman fc Co., Whitaker ic Jlartol, and G. U N. Poppleln, Jr. Cinn'miati, Oliia, by Gla-coe & Harrison, and A C Pittshiirli, i'ei.i., by James Schoomnakcr it Cu A't h Ifrlcioit, bv N.vlian Jarvis. illuny. A'. 1'., by Sand- St Shaw. Mn'ioW, t. C, by (.eo. Pent. lluli far, t.j I . i neiinani. SI Johns, ,. , by vv . u. sunlit. And sold wholesale bv the druvstrta and anilieeHna generally iiirougdioutthe LTnitcd Slates M si if J' n C On Wednesday eveiuncr, at .St. Paid'n Church, hy thuHiyht Rev. Ilishop Ilopkins, Cornelius Ilnlsey Kip ol'PlattsbiirHh, to Laura, daughter of the late Geo. Wadswoith J'sn,., In Oxford ('oiinecticut, nn tlio 21th May hy the Hev. S, Toplill', .Mr. Ivdward Sutton of St. (icormi Vermont, to Miss Lucretin Amelia lyoungesl daughter of William jNlniris ICsrp tJl'l'IIS, JtiduiK whips Store. June 1 1. und Canes, nt tho Variety I'ANailOKS' & HlllNsMAlp, T IliI'Mt.VTIOXl This ccrlitics that I hint-iveu lu my son, I' l'"iiri;o, his nine di r 111; his mi nority j and reliiKpiishedall claim to lit-tMriiinir--. UiiutinslPii, Vt. June I, 181(1. JAI1K. I''AI(llO, 5000 TIX IV 111 ll. Ten nuarl Pan-. 1,'juu six 00 110 5!50O pails assorted sizC't, together wilh a large and ceueial as-orliiient of all kinds of waie, now 011 hand and fur sale by June 10., Loomis & Co. 100 ,0 TIN' IMATil, t;c. oxc I in Plate, A. "AI do 1 A suuaicdo 100 bundles iron wire, tis-orled nos, together with a general a-orinieiit of Sheet Iron, Copper, Itiv it', elf, for sale by June 10 VILAS, LOOMIS & Co. 30 Shcclliis", Shlit lnjc. Prints, tiir. bales 1-1 brown shceliu,', ! no j no sinning, 10 do Ticking, 3 ca-e 1 1 blench Slice ins:, 10 do American Print-, fur nlc by June 10 VILAS, LOOMIS and Co. BI'ltMNCTOV COM II I'WCTOIIV. A ir.iy, Afcb't. SecrClariCrt ; UCO. A niion, l lino- uum unuo umicu niaics wnQiucriitisninrKn aclinrge enliinet liiuiHttr, lii't resigueii, ereni wnu Mcaiiny 1 mon (iai.i rr now 011 thy Folleti, Carlo, Uaxtor, Jainos I. Cm lor, , ,v0 i"nir EolVde 1 !rJ!r!mm.?.V.f.,iHil !!!!.. !.'..llLci J .7, i "r, t bu ihii r! c-'e.,i,,n, !.'.' Harry Brailloy.V.liaH Lyman, Timothy I' Stroll";, Krmt public Herviecn, and it would ho on uselesB for doo," thuy bhiili baeU'inlo iho bushes, brush up their licnoral uomimttoo ; Ilonry II. Stacy, Ceo. J J . 1 ' ' IV. 5 V " " .1 " , t . " "r . I . i, , . 1 . . . ' Tm, . . ZV, 1. ',. Shaw, James 11. 1'latt, corresponding committoo. loatlempt to disparage lliem in Iho estinmtiou of thn yer dout cot'no it thin tinio-Ho-so-ehee-ehieriiy-ipiieki jiulilie, 'I no 1:11110 01 our turoes 111111 Biaiesmeu i 1110 miicK ycr blown hKy-luili 1110 nwny sweet, hwcci, ii" "i 1110 11 line jciiuciiiciii 11 nn'1 .nil 11 'K .. 1, wmltH nt liini. nn.l nwnv I nt t'bnltera ttL'iiin--"."So volt receive lliat reward at llio dout link-boblink. hoblink nuu nwnv Old Tip's United KlatcH which he- coming in! fky clear and awriy yer co threo cheers and great public hcrvieefi, cheerH, cheerH Old Tip eider, hear sky rlcar east tlicir IrillotB in .NO- tnniiurce. ;ner sunury snnrii, niiriipi, rroes-griiiiifu ish of your, nndpnnppishejncuhtionfi, whicli canheonlv ectoinu- -. V. DUUrjliV. PIC lllltt plUfMirecunt yii-uiniiiiy-ii'ii-iin'. urn !U"TAltv.-At a incotiuK of iho 8th W. " " 1 w' u' ' ' "K3 uicnvoi j . l0,j at l(,iloni OI, tllQ (n 1 . . (. Unrrisnn will IVou.a Ji of Hiclmiond, wau oloctcd 1st JwntlH of thoprop.lo of iho foono O ' c r rnpir., ..,1 n I , ? diMinKUised merit 1 ir,r 1 1 vM 1' ' ' ""i - wui. vviieii uiey nro eniieu upon 10 aiiet v 11.1.1a. . Willlslon. Mnior. ccmbcr next, is the sincere w and ind a.-t ullv in.iiiuf.u luinig at tliealovee-tabhsliiiient, ami fur sulo to tho trade nl low prices, juercliaut and olliers wi-lung to get n goml urticlo forreinilma wi.l liud it lo their ad vantage toeull and exiiuunn tor tiein-elves. June U), 1810 VILAS, LOOMIS and Co IV KWl,Al.NTSlIOI,...S.n.l).N(&.MlUJj luive opeiieu a new Taint Suor on Chureh-st two tloorn south of 11, Lane's f ioiv. where ihcv wil do all kinds of 1IOUSK, SIIII', SU5N and CAKlUAliK l'AIJ I IJNli, in Iho UM possiiiioiaanuer and on terms to suit iho-e who may favour thum with their patron ape. tCjP'l'Hmis, (ill, Varnish and 1'iitiy, eonsinnlly on uniiu nun ior snie. n, u, L'l.uirM-.. lliirluigton, April 0, 1810. C H, .MILLS. ly Wll. 1,1AM II. MIXKIfS USTATH. STATU Ol'' VLHMO.NT, ! TiMlK Hon. the pro' ale Distiuct ok l iin i i'.niif.n. ) JL tonrt williui and lor thu district of Chittenden, To the creditors and others concerned ui the eiate of WM. Ik M IN Lli, bile of .Milton, in nnd di-lrict deccjise.1. Whereas lie' ecea .Miner, executrix of the la-wlll and te-tamcnt of -aid decea-ed, hath made application to tin- court to e.slend the tune limned for making payinenl of del ts and lega cies of said decea eil iwclw mouths from the lir.-l day ot July, IS 10, and the .-eeond We Ine-ilay of July next I eing assigned for a hearing in the premi-c-, 'at the ollice of ibe Hctri'ster i' tlu court, and it luiMiig been ordered that notieo thereof leiivcn, by publishing this decieu llnee weeks suecesive'y 111 tlie Free l'res-, a new-paper prinled at lluilington, before the tune li.sed for hearing, therefore you am beichy notified to ap pear I efoie said court at the time and plate afore-anl, ihen audlheru to make objection, if any yon have, lo the mid tune of payment Icing further iwtem'ul n aforesaid. Oiven under my hand at Hnrliiiglon, tin JSilulay Lt'May.A. D. 1910. je.10 W.M. WFTON, liegister. and worn nil relieved. II attended Willi costivene lew catharlie or laxative Lozenge-, or any mild ei tharlie me.hcine, -hiKild I e n-e I a occrt-io'n reouire l.t-Slieriil i'arl.ins was cured in two days, of n most hslre nig cough. .Mr Hurlon of Providence, .Mr Sha- ler ot Huston, .Mr Kiver-, .Mr, s-oinii-, .Ir Wallac Judge I'eler-, .Mr- (olemaii, Mr-. Uicliard-on and hun- Ired. oioiher.-ot this env, have called lo express their urpree nnd eoininendation of tho -iiciily relief and cures e 'ecied by tne-e truly woivieriul t ougii . pes. Doctor- Smith, andeuburgh, Conistuek, Hur ris, lli'igham, nnd o'hers 'id our m,j-t di-iin-gin-lied pliy-ician-, h.ue n-e I ibe-e Lozenges, in ihoir prai'tKi-, with iuv.iria'iles'ieee-s. The medical f.ienliv iiiuliirmily approve of ihein, as the le-t cough incdi emeiuihe. Mr. Kendull from Vermont, vi-ited tin i'IIV la-t fall, intending to go South, in hope of mitiga ting a-everocougn and p'llnioii.irv aileenon, lliat lie h.ul I een troubled wilh for several month-. He h.ul tried as he -.iippo-nl, every piipular remedy, wilhout oul any relief. He wn induced bv a fnen'd, to pur ch i-e a box ol SHKlt.MAN'S COVOH LOCKXtllS. whu h 10 In- snrpri-c adorde I him relief 111 a few hour-, an I 111 a fuw ho ir-, and in three weeks re.-toivl him to perfect heallli, m) that he rclurii'.'d home to In family lejoicing. Mrs. Jenkins of this eily s rlereil from a -evere ca e of consumption for nearly two years she giteit up by her friends s p.i.t recov ery, and was expected daily to breathe her la-t, for winch she was happily prepared, nn.l had dispo-t-l of all her worldly e lects -he tried Shci'inan's Ci ugh LoKcnge-, with a view of soothing her dying moments To her surprise, as well .is herlriend-, -he (elt great ly lelieved after the lir-t do-e, and coiitm ieil lo grow fetter daily, until about abn'i1 livn nioii'h-, when he wasitblelo walk lo visit her neighbor-. She is now well, and a living witne-s that Sherman's Cough loz enges will cure consumption. Sold al the Variety Stoic, by I'AXOHOlt.N & IIULNS.MAID, Jeweller.-, Itiirlinglou, Vl. 11AM1M.,.VIX AM) ST. IjAWKUXCH J KAII.-KOAI). St. JjIIVi to Movtheal. l'he Hail Uoau C'omi'asv having erected extensiw WtiAitVEi at St. John-, and siii able sroans thoreoti, lemg r.ow near'y eonipleitjd, the comniilire of man agement, in order to oiler every eueouraceineni to th important trade at piu-ent carried on 1 eween die l'ni led Slates and Lower ('.mad ia, have e-inbli-lieil thn loiiowing regulation, viz '. firstly. 1 hat all freight passing to, or Irom Lake (-'haniplain, per I'ailroaJ line, and nddre-sed Uaihoad H'hatf, St. Johnt, will lc allowed temporary Wharfage and Storage, free of any charge for the -nine. Secondly That by tm porary Wharfage ami Storage, the Trde will div nnetly understand is meant, thetune neces-ury foren t rit.jj .'.ul pa., ii. ;,c ecu.!- llirj.igh tlx Cis'.-'i House nt St. Johns, (of which, the Company shall b theiu lge.) To f.u'i'uale which, the per.-on in ehargo cf tlio Co.'swha'f here willle permit ed, upon hit own re-poiisibiiy, to make the necessary Custom Hon-e entries, if require' at the same lime thosn who prefer, 11, will I e al li! erty lo trin-aet their O'vn Custom House bii'ine , or employ whom they think proper to do so. Tliiully. That the delivery of all Height for Montreal will le made upon the Wharf there, al which time and place, and previous to lh delivery of such freight, the importer or Consignex inu-t snl s'. innate all lo es, damage-", or errors, what soever; filling which, ihe company will oil no ac count hold them-elve- icspon-ible lor the slime ; and, nil fneghi which the Com.iany may bo compellel to remote from Ihe W li,irf,into Sl'ore for safe keeping ow ing 10 the ah-t'enee or want of due dilhgenee on tho part ot -neb Owner or Ctiisignee, 111 e.-t'isintt the am to be removed-, will le charged with the cartage an 1 storage of such Hood-, at the customary ra'c, and, Fourthlii, That all freight most 1 e paid for on de livery. Uy order of the committee if m.inage'nnn'. W. U. LIXDSAV, Com 1. II'Hii Ou ter, I Monti eat, Ami ri -J5, ISIO. I GK V. HA I. AfiliNCY, S INT JOIIVS. LOVt'lJH (.' A N A I) A.-Tiie under in.-t hav ng ' een ul ier I m h":.i of the Railroad WIlAIiVKS and.Sli.dfi:S,atS!. J ihji'. 1 eg-to ol'c hi--ervues to the pu uio, (upon hi- own re-pour ' -ily,)asal!eneral Agent tor the tran-nctiou OfalMnisi-ne-s, in any way, connc . ted with the American Carry ing Trade'. His charges will lens follow-: On nil tran-actions upon which it may la neysslo ma'.on I taneca for (Jus'oni Ileu-e Due-', I act; Freights, cr oth er charge-, 2J per cent commission. A Custom Ho'i-e llrokerage will al-ol e rdiarged, of '2 .fi I., upon every Kntrv ol' tinod., inward or ontwar'l. The lu rate of the-'e charge m.i'.e-11 im wa'itely nce.sary that all Advance-, Comiuisiioii, .Sic. occ.,'l e paid 011 the deliverv of tne Oootli. Wm. COOTL. Hui. fiovn Witvr.r, J St. Johni, slhrH 1, IS 10. n.l7:3'n VK'l'KK MinrKLUR'S KS'l'AT H, STAT'K OH Vl.ltMCX'l', 1 A T it probate court, Distiuct or Or.ANli 1st t:, ss. i 7 m. hoiilen at the pro! ale ollice in Xonh Hero, ia saiddistncl, on iho 'Jg I day of May, A. D. IS 10 pre-ein, the Hon. Joel Allen, Jui'lge '.lu'inslruineiii, purporting to I e the lat will and It'siaineul of Peter Mineklcr, l.iie of Oraiul Isle, 111 -aid district, deceased, I eing nre.'enleil to said court heie, by David Corl'in, Ihe eecuor therein named, for prolate, it is ordcicd by -aid court thnl all ieroiis eonccrneil theiein 1 enotilie.l to appear at a s,.-sion of -aid court 10 I e holdcn at the due ling bouse ol Jedi di.ih P. Lodd, in Xorlh Hero, in stml di-tricl, on the lir-lilayot July, A. !' lolU, and show eau-c, il nny they may have", against the probalu ol said will j for which urpo-e ll is further ordered lhai a copy ol ihe record oflhis order be pohli-hed three weeks sueces sivcly in the Iturlmgton I'ree Pre--, prni'cd at II. irling tou in the eonuly of Chitienden, as toon as may le, A true copy ot record. Aile-t, jf.'Ji ArODSTPS KXK;inliegi-l(U " iTaIcIS ( LOUGH I A ' IC K T IS 10. iFi.js riHI'lncwSleniii Packet. ATX Nv-M- I'ALDWHLL, IFVirgfJ' L. C, Laiiaiiit, Mitsier, J-g-a,, yzZr-irt will columella running rt'gulaily every tiny (except Sundai) lolh way.s Ihioiigluhe Lake, on '11 l-SDAV, ihe tidilay of June uct. Leaving C.ildivell forTiciiiiileri'gu,eery morn 111, and returning to C.tldwi'M the siime day. Lake (hoiye Pas cngeis willle landed from, on board the Lako Clumplam Sieaiii Packet-, near the old Hon Ticondcroga, from iho .Man-ion Hoiim! nf WM. H. PI'I.L f'-'l" a Public IIoiim. This lean till o-lal llshmenl has It-en gieally iiiiiirou-l unco last Summer, by election of a Lingo Addition, con lit iti ill'" a stuicioiis Dining ltoom,aiid Asseml ly Hoonis and hat recently passed mm the bauds of Mr. II. C, l'.OW, a gentleman favorably known by tho trav oiling Public lly taking tho Lakh (ii.oiuii-. IIoptk, 'I'lat-eller will not onlyenjoy iho line.t scenery of o-ir Country, but lo-e no time on thu Northern 'J'our, as they takt.' ihe same Chumiiluiu Sleiiiu Heal al Ticon tlrioRn, which Ihev would have tal cn at Wlulchall, had they sine lhai way. My i'i, 8ty, 3m. IMilllltl ASIC 'I IIOSH WHO KNOW. I'liiire mil, nliokiiow lit mil 01 iinuiedi.ite nli-er . 1IK10, can f 0 1 ill nny idea of he . Ilecin, ul'llic pfifeci ri I cf, ofihe nliiiiiii rh.11 111. like cntcs 1 ffecied in ciin'' bf ihe I'ii.ks, 11 It i.u M atis M, all Swh.i isn.s, Hnd nil mn mil I', no iiMtit-r now setae. In iho of II. u' Liiiimcnt. Pin I line uhu lu imi il 11 ili.n mil hind il abute nil ihuijii eiei tired, and jon ill liod vs 1 1 it c.iniiot be fouiiil. ff3l "i ihe icliefol suffei. Ing htiiiHit beings who mat be "Plii'icd, I beg jnu in ii-K rt,k nf lloi.e vtliu kuiiw n.k ihe Hon, Al.l'llKl) CoMlls,U.S Jndgffur lli.ii ili.n tp 1 , 11 .ulnig iie,M A11I tun , nsk MatiiH" J., l'..(i. Ail N. V j n-k (!t-n. Durr (inKKN, hio nl .i.hniJion cut, cull uf dice gi-ulleineii know ol'i'.i-in iiucnoicici'. nbie by ,ill oilier ri-uieiboi or hymi is, ihongh uicil I'll 111. un ten, lli. 11 hate bt-en cm eil In, lb" u..e nf ihe geiiu'uie 1 lay's Liniment. 'I'll -ii-.iikU ufoiliei peiimn know cm it. We ,ipii'..l 10 ihen .cii.e of ju. liie-theii Iccliuus fjll ii- but a idiij mmi owe 10 0111 snlhriiig ft'lluw-bema" to let this t-i' leniedt be known, Spt'.ik nf 11 llit'11 lo .ill jour fi leads, This will note unu Ii pain wln-ie ihn neusp.i ci ,ne ii'il lead, or where icideis air mr ri iIu'ooh, licence so 111, my uunhlf uilicle' mi- ndiiribed fur die same purpo-e. To liiijri. c .i), if all ttho h.ue lined il do nol .iy it H lii-jnud nil pr.ti-e, ihen do not take 11, I he piopi ieinr it ill nol alliiw ariicle 10 be ptul fn un Ic.- 11 tin es, In 11 nil 1 lie iliiceiious uie full) fullutt. al. Will hui one fiiflenni; nfone 11 tv tn tit 11 f,. docs, he niiiilu In I n piliid uioie lr hif obinmcy ili.m hu inlfei log, flP'llr. tl.tts unuld neicr tou-i ill In ofli r lhi nilicle, tieie hi- mil ciiuiielled In Ins i'n,eof nu,r..l ,i.,i,,,,. ,1.. .11 : : . ...1. . itnii'd miiiici ileto'e .1 In, nmn, lino ti'rvir .1 .l,i fr nny imiiiIi'ck in licit, jljp l.OOtC OUT.-Some uMiulifif iiuueifi'iled ih h .uncle, nnd put h up ttilh t. Iliou. ileticie. Do nol be impii.cil upi 1,, t)in lliiei! milj n ill piuifi ( jnu 11 ,t 1 lu 0, mn' of Cauulork .V to ; H1.1l none inurt be .tlu )nu mo rlic.Ufil. lion ttidi Jen, mid luipotiiiblc foi un) hold Ii) ( omttark .V Co ? Pl.u lier sirrel, N Vmk jrllor Mlc l).J4V ' A. Ml nilUS ic llllS9M All). IfOmVAItniNO. sr. IS-10. TIIL' er- will ccuilmi'i their viA bn-iiiess n l-'urtvardlug and I'mii- liils-dou .Meii-lianls anl Custom lloiist- Aienls, al the Port ot Saint Joii-.s. Lower Can.i la. They do not o Icr their service, "freeof'inychifpe" to tho'e per-nns iiitt're-led in Ira.le with the PuUi-l Stales, but will endeavor lo make their internum to the interest of their employers worth) a reasons! . re.oinpencc. Having goo I Wharte- (jt which the Lakr Ciivm I'I.ais' STHt.MiioA is will land) an I excellent Smr.iue. ogeiher wuh il.t- eon veniein e of a connecting Kail Trick wuh the Cuami'Lai. and Sr. LtwnnsrE HAiL-lbun over the-e ll.iller them-elvi. thai, wilh i fleen year- experience 111 llm brail''h of liiisines., tin y will I e enabled to du much to laeilmini and eneouri;e' trade I etwenn the I'nittsl States and thu Lower Province. .1 0N C PIKKCH sV SON. Si. Julius L. O., Mirclw S0. 6n WAIT hate returned from New VorS their siinnly of -prmg nnd summer Hood-, aid 111 at the pre-eui iiiiusual low rites which they nrn lun-ll asi haio a can I e had 111 the eouirrv, buyer- are re-peetf ri "y mlieited 10 call and rttvivn the proof, nl the siore r'oi ently oeeiip ed by Lnlhn'p & Polwui corner' I" Ch in h and Coliclie-sts May 20. WIVDSOK ISIl-'l.l'S, for -ale at ihe varuiy sl(e. I'VXtiHOIiX&llltlXS.MAlD. lltlllS 11 fill a-orlincnt iut and f. r -ale kv II. W. CATLIX & lu. 1?AltV IM.I .L re-', r ( few log cabin Ilu-oin Pius, wuh ihe barrel tif Hard Cider "mighty hand)" and "llio siring never pulled m" just linf-hcd and for sale at ihe var.e.y -tore. May2S. Pasgii' ns & IIiiivsmaiii. VliltmrXA fit HA .11 Vur shaving, elaiiheditoZ III, Warrm'.s I e-t Needle-. Si'ver Tliimbles and lots of new Good.-, opening nl the aibvv Siore. Mav29. Pl!tOUN &P1MXSMAID. TllOV Jc .HICIHUAX SIX DAV U.Nll. CJ1HP bvOMTrov Tow Hon Line. Cpcnucs Slip. IS 10. A15I;.N'D- Ai.i.un Wiirm.Eii, Lkpnaui iiium be .tlii.ijs nn ihr wi.ipprr, 01 1 CnorKnn, 11X5, Hroadst. .New Vork i Moore Sinr.p. Do 1101 f,n(;ei it. T.,ke ilun ducr- on, Kiver st. 'I'ruyj Win. H, Miwre, Ii IJnay st. Al le-i Ii) ihn, r ncier buy j for il i bauyi Sidmy Allen, I!oeho.eri Uetirijt Piivis oi Co, oiliti lu be line 01 Kuui'iie, 1 I'll uio; Philip Allen, 11 illah) t tit-o, A. Hieiieh, Dun SOl.tJilON lltVS. ! kirk, N. V. fit't rjit !'. CamntN' Co. Ilarceloim : C. M. neoi, i-.r.e, lit.: m uir tv-fo. CleavolnnJ, O.j M. It. Koss tV Co. J'ortsinoul'i, 0.; H, N. tV N. H. Oate.-, N'ofiVil'rr'V1 !'er'0,,s i'tW ,0,,h,,v,'uo ,ir"! ' i? '''" l' IvVo, (fflre Mark jmikayi-s, "T, C M.'Lim,"