Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, June 19, 1840, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated June 19, 1840 Page 1
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NOT TUB GLORY OP CJESARj BUT TUB WELFARE O F ROME. BYH. B. STAGY. JJU11LINGT0N, VERMONT, FRIDAY, JUNE 10, 1840. Yo"l. XIV....N0. a. " SVUHS, Hiding whips nnd Cnne, nt llio Variety Siore. June II. I'axoiioiiv tt Hmnimaii). LIIIEHATIOX ! TliisiiTliliLM that I have given my son, E.rn I'nrco, hi limu ilnr'nir his l tt i nority ; and rehuipii.lied nil claim to hl-cnniing-'. Hnnlimrton, Vt. June 1, 1810. JAM:'. KAROO. 5000 re TIV WAItK. Ton niinrt I'lius l.wu mx no no 2500 pailincrleil ize, together wilh a large nnd general ttoriinenl of all hinds (if write, now on hand and for nlo by June 10. Vila, I.oomh & Co. 1 HO IMiATU, Ac. 1 JJ boxcsTin plan-, J X, 20 do I X square do 100 bundle- Iron wire, nsorled no., loci-tlior with a general assortment of Sheet Iron, Copper, Itiv ilt, eto, for sale by June 10 VII.AS, I.UO.M1S ft Co. SJ( Sheeting, Shlrtlnc, Vrlnts, Ac. 0J bales .1-1 brown sheeting, 5 do do shirting, 10 do Ticking, 3 eae -l-l bleach Shecliug, 10 do American Print-, lor Mile bv June 10 VILAS, LOOM IS and Co. BUUIilNGTOX COM II I'WCTOItY. A large mid general assortment of Combs ofjtirr. liton quality now on band mid eon-lanlly mannfae ttiring nl tlicabovcc-tabli-hmenl, and for .-ale to the trade at low prices. Merchants and others wishing to get a good article forremiling will liud it to their ad vantage toeall and examine for tlicm-edve-. June 10, IS 10 VILAS, I.OO.MIS. and Co. KWI,AlTSHOr.--Sl,AI'LUINO&MILI.S have opened a new Paint Snot1 on Church t. two doors onlli of II. I.ano' Siore, where Ihev will do all Kind of HOPSK, SHIP, SKi.N and CAUI!lA(ii: I'AIXTINC, in the lot possible manner and on term to suit Iho-e who mav favour them Willi their patron age. ScyPainl,, Oil, arnisli and i'nltv, constantly nn hand and for .-ale. K. O. SI'ArLDIXG. Burlington, April 9, IS 10. C. II. MILLS. ly WOOIi TWIN 13 for ni23 ale at llOWAUD'-. CASH PAID FOR WHOIi.-Thcnib.eril or will pay cash, on delivery, fur good clean lleeco wool, delivered at the old Mori) occupied by II. Hyde & Co. nenh we.t ecriier of College Oreer. Ilnrlinsion, .lime 10. IlAlfltV IlltADLKV. STRAY IIOKSH. llmKo into the inclo-me of the subscriber on the lillh of ibis month, a young hor.-e, dark bay or brown, hardly middling- size, one white hind foot', n long wileh tail, with some while on hi note, shod forward. The hor.-eappears to have been worked lately. The owner is rcii:cted to call, prove property, pay Shclbiirn, .lime 10. chart . and lal.e him nwnv. natiianii'i. c.uii:. LOST, on Wedne.-day htl, a pair of gold mount ed Spectacle.-. A ucucrou reward will I e given fir them, if found. STUO.NUS, & CO. June 12. A YOUNG liADY of good family and ofa lib eral education and who U:- a thorough thooieti caland praclical knowledge of the French and I'ugh-h languages, wishes to lind a place either in a family or in a eommuniiv, a a r rcncii icacner. Application (if bv letter pom pa:d,l to 1 e directed lo Mr. Mr. Molt. Pit lessor oi .uu-ic, Duriiii'ioii, i. June-l. TVEW GOOI).-3.clieaper than ever. II. W. Cat-1 11 liu & Co. are now receiving a new assortment of Dry Goods, to which thev invite the attention of pur chasers. ' June -1, 1810. MOHR NK BOOKS were last evening le ecived at the Hook Store and now for sale ery cheap by Mav 27. 1). A. 111! A. MAX. STOKE TO IiI3T, at Wiuooski Vjlkize, the storu recently oecuiied by Laihrop ami Polwin will be lei and pbs-es-ion given iuiine.liatcly, apply to the sub-cril er eornrr Church and (,olleirc Iinglon or to Gideon Lathrop. MA YU fc All. lliirlinglon, May 2fi, IS 10. COXGHKSS WAT11II. jn-t receives! a fiesli siitiply oi'Congre-s w'ter, and for sale by Ma y 20. GKO. PI-.TFHSOX. STATIOVEIIY. AltMOnt &I!AMSA' have received, by the recent arrival-, a large and well ris-orlcd stock id writing paper-, and Ihe dnleient ar ticles of plain and Fancy Siaimnury. ALSO, an excel lent collection ofKNGKAVIXGSniidillustraied work-, publication. Moiilical, St. Paul si. Mav 23. Gw BOXN'ETS. Tuscan and Kngli-li lionncls of ihe lalesi fahiou-, ju-t icccivcd and for -ale clieap by P. DOOLl'lTLK. T300TS & SIIOHS. The. sub-cril cr ha now JJ on band a general a- sorlinent of liOOTS and KIIOFiS, of the mo-t fa-hion:ible slyle, and thorough workiuaiithip, which he oller very low fur CASH. K.J. FAY. N I). All kinds of meaMiro work done at s10ri no tice, lliirlinglon, Church-st May 23, 1810. CliOTHIEHS, TAK13 .NOTICFThesiibscril er nt theWinoo-ki Iron l'oiindrv, has on hand and for sale-, a new TJ'.AZLLIMi GIG, made for narrow Cloth, a llrst rate machine, of the iate.-l improvement, wiiic'lr will Le solil elicap lor ea-li, or esclinngel loi Cloth. JUSSK GAY. Winooski Village, Juno 11, IS 10. NEW GOODS, now opening ; an additional assortment of various kinds of good-, among them nie Mezolllilo Urushe-. S.ilin Dead Head Hand-. Sarsaparilla Lozenge-, Accorduon boik-, exiract of iierguinot, nrisioi i,oanl,gieen : e 'tae e-,Ua-toi-, new f ilver pocl.el Comb-, F.agle Dell Plale--, ele. AliO, a ifood assortment ol Irinuiiud and plain line Salin and bombazineStocks ; thin summer Slocks, ligM and plain .some wilh haws ery nice nnd light for warm weath er; we have al-o very narrow Stocks, sm'lable for boys or men. A No, long stocks for tho-o who hae InrgelNeci;., in a word ournssorinient of Stocks, Col lars and Ilosoms is very complete. For further par trcular please call at the Variety Store'. June 1 1. Pan'oiiohs- & I!niN'.MAin. "1KOCEUIE??. The sub.-criler ha, a full siiiiolv VJ of Grocerie-, including cogniae Draudy, eoininoii do. Holland and Dalliinore Gin. St. Croix sunl low nriced Hum. Port. Madeira. ClianmaiL'iu'. .Mnscai. Malaga and other Wine-, Mola-.-e--, Tea-, Co:!ce, Chocolate, loaf, lump and brown S igar.-, ltice-, Pepper, Cmnainon, Nutmegs, All-pice and oilier spice-, Cigar-, Tolacco, Mackerel, CODFI.-I I, le-t kind for S3 jier 100 lb-. And ino-l olher articles in the grocery line. Also, DRY GOODS, all of which will I esold as cheap lis at any other place. The Liquors will be warranted oi uie test cpialily inienciiM pnncipally lor supplyiii; Tavern-Kcepcrrs, who will find it for t'heir mlere-l t call and examine them. ISAAC! WAH.NKH. Hurlmgton, June 10, 1810. tl TjiKANKIjIN IIOIJSI3, AT THK M IN LI! A I. - M 'JCl.i UM, l?i llltilU.A l j;, VT. Thu Mib-e Ler having furnished and lilted up, for llie receniion r.l company, the above establishment, rcspecifully soliciis the patronage of his friend-, and the iiubbc oencm'lv. The celebrity tin spring ha attained, Ihe I eaniv of its location I eing situated in a nlea-ai.t and beali'lifnl Miction of the eounlry together with llie exertion of uie Mioscriiicr to give saii-laclion to all, it is bopnl will make it a desirable situation fur thou who wish to avail tlieinelves of the Lent lit of the medicinal waters, urn! a relaxation from the ordinary cares of H.1-11U.-S-. ,-s, w llighgale, JuiieS, 1810. gw NI3W C.OOI). GEOHGl-: A. CO.NNFII, h.-s ju-t returned ew oik wilh a fie-h supply of Grocerie-, Among wlneli .nay Lo rovud old ncd young Hyson, HyM)iiskirr and llohca Tkas : Loaf, lump and brown Senilis. VN tne, llrandy, Hum, Gin,, Flour by the barrel, helf barrel or by tlm pound, l'odli-h, Mackerel and Herring, Collie, PnriT.n, Spice, Cline-, .Nutmegs, Ginger, Saleralu-, liicc, Ciivrndish, plug and pager Tocauo, liar and shaving Soap, lamp iin, ext. ix.-. nLsei a guixi ii-noriiiicni oi uiy ucchis, snich as Cnliooes, eollon eloih.., bed Ticking and innny uuie-r urueius 1110 iiiiiiie'ri'lis 10 lUCUIlOU Dnrliiigloii. May 29, 18 10. TIIOY & MICHIGAN SIX DAY LINK HIP by Old Trov Trw Doal Line, Cocniic!. Slip. IS 111. ACKNTsi Iimv V .. l.ri.Miiii, C'ROCKr.n. tnr. ItrnniUl. Virl . ' A- Slum,. f" K,v,Vf H.Troy; Win. H. Mooie, 72 (i'luy si. AN ',U'Y h"'"7. Allen, UwluMcri George I'nvN eV Co. llil laloi Philip Allen. Ilnllaloj Geo. A. Fiench, Dun kirk. N. Y. jiecrgo '', Camp A Co. Ibu reloua ; C. M. i xV'i! I. ,'Nol, t;o. Cleavelnnd, 0.( M. 11. Hoss & Lo. Portsmouth, O.1, II, S. &i N. II (Jaic lllack Hiver, O.j Jenkins &'Wy, lluron.O,, Hurler & llarnev, Saudusk vCity, o.i (llc-ier it'siri. glial n, Delroit, Mich.l H. W.'Irtus I'.Mo, O.r O.S. llrlzanl Maumeo Cny, O.j Wheeler x Porter, Si. Josephs t J . Sleight, Miehigau City, Ind.i Dawson & HnCincr. Millwnukie, W. C. M. Ktvd, Cliicngo. 111. j;. i 3 n ' Mark pacUuges, "T, A: M. Line," J 0 I'iAltli 1IOWAIU), of the Cheap cash More, 0 arrived hoinu from .New York lal evening by lliu splendid .Meamer Wlniehall, I). Lyon Cap!.' anil 1 roughtwilh him mi additional mpplv of (Joodi which with his two former pitreharos ol tln'i .onson makes the assortment allogellieroiio oftho inot desirable to select from of any that he has beieloforc hail for the la-t eighteen year, and is of ho following klnd, viz i rich, la-liionaiiie, innov anil staple article in every uid Siraw lloniifl--. and Millenare Good", ab-o. Car- peling-, Mallmes, Paper Hangings, Slioe and lints together with all the heavy de-criptions of dome-tie ami oilier good, mic'i as 'Sliceliirj-s, Yam, llnrlap-. Wool Twine, ele. The (Vockerv, Lookma Gla-snnii China Oallcry is al-o replenished the Cutlery, Hard ware and Homo furnishing depaitincnt is in accordance with (lie other stocks on hand, the variety of fancy nr-licle--, Mich as Toy, Jewelry, Comb-, Curl-', Coiifec tiomiry, ele. ele., which lills one Imndred fivt of show eae in lenlh on his eonnlers Is innmneralile. The Dome and piclmo gallery is I eanlifnllv niransed for the di-play of Goods under n slrong ligfil, nnd llisn the lar-'e snpplv of superior lalnily Groceries bit'ed upon Ihefln-Vof Life, llocliu-tcp city Mill Klonr, makes hl Grnnil Jl.uanr clieapeah store, one oflhe mo-t fasci nating desirable and convenient -tores to be furiii-heil from with all and every kind of articles that may be wished for, or looked nl for ninmoinciit and graliiica tion,or with a ilciie to convey the inol plea-ing in tcllisenee to friends, of ibe place wbtro every nriicle I hey may desire for the I ellei mtr of nppeance-, adding to comforl, or siipplving nece-sary wants, mav I e ha I and n'l done in so few word-, as bv oulv saving fur whatever and whenever von wi-h to)iivc1icnp"furea-h co to IIOWAIIL'A llurliugloii, V.,Jnne 11, 1S10. FVMAN & COM3 have received their u-ual J extensive assortment of Spring nnd summer COODS, embracing a beautiful variety of gool- for ladies summer dros-cs j rich l-high'-h and scotch Gingham-, India iiiiisl in n -uperior article for while dre-se-; Jaconet cambi ic, a great assortment of I aired and iheckered Caml no, primed Lawn, mourning do. prin ted cam! rie nnd French Mii-lm. An exlen-ivc as-ort-laent ofAmcrlcan Culicooj cheaper ihau ever. A few KiiL'lish nnd Fiench do. SILKS. A small a-ortment of liich sill;-- inchnlimr Hack, blue black, colored and striped. Handana H'd'f. I'onirce, Crim-on, while sill; do. Ib'k Italian Cravnl, ijeullemen's eol'd and I lack kid Glove, do eol'd, black and while sill; glove-, do. Hcrlili, Lisle Thread, Linen and eollon glove-. A good ns-orlinenl of Ilo-iery, rerv cheap. I'm! reiki's nod Thin lioots cud Shoe-. Ladies kid Tie-am slin-. DOM1STIC GOODS. Merrimack eollon, D.iv ville do 5-1. Couon Sliccliiv-', SlnrlinL'l'ickiiiir Cainbricv Yarn, Tlnend, an I Kniiiina CotloiiH perlii.e Lcm: Cloth-and bleach coll York M stripe, Drill-&c. lush Linen, Shiilinrr and She- Diaper anil ( rash. TAILOIt'S TIflM.MLNGS. Ineliidin" sewin-r Sil I'wi-t, Th read, P.iddinrr, canvass, slcovo-lininj, brown linen, iiiillou-, lliiidinrr, &c. VFSTI.NG. While ligM Mcr-ails, Valentin, liure-1 Satin, &c. Gauze, and lich elnillv fimcv Il'dk'l'-. A great vairely of other 1)1! V GOODS which compii-e a very exlen-ivu nssorlme'iit, nnd ae o.lered at a-tonib- imj'low III let!-. Ladies unit Ci'iilliMiifii mi; in ' call and examine qualities and prices. June -1. -irr,.;W SCIIOOI (JHOCilAlMIY AM) 11 ATLAS W 1TII OITLINKMAPS. bv S. Auort.- tus Mitciikm.. The author tit the above work has ceil profe ionallv devoted to the seiene-e of Gco'v ami lire iul li-luug of Maps, during many jcar anil hi- lormer proiiuelion-, especially In-.Map ol Hie Worm for Academies, lear ample t'e-liinoiionv (.f his abun dant rc'soiiicos, upon which he has so liiiraMv drawn, in producina llie above -cbool works. The liillowiug exliiut of the Geo'v and Alia, ifVoin a joint recom mendation of the Teacher- in the city of lN'ew York. "Their ineril- are iiuiuerou the deiiiiilions remark- iblv plain and couei-e. I'he exercise are copious nnd ""('"iia I .l. .1 si v. i. I is .-i,,,) corre'Ct. 1 lie ilivisions ol (lie American eontuienl, are icnie- enled and ilc-cril ed as thev le-allv exi-i nt il... lime'. Andtbegros iuiliitcnie'nia gi'nerallv found hool geoKraphie-are cone -led. The tvpograplu- eal execution is un coinnionlv neat and disiiiict, indeed the alias i- a model of ihe kind, and actually icein- wnli mlorm.ilion." I ho outline .Maps are pevuliaiiv alenhue'd 10 exerci-e llie sludcut in hi tud, an I to till up at his leisure. For sale by C. GOODKICH. June 12. 7Vi? rt putation vf iWitri Um nw Ittcomt etnblhhcd as the moH safe nnd ij)lruciuut remedy cur tlimnctcdfor IM'M i:.V.A,COI,S,t!n;tills,AS'j'll.nA, vij,:oi'!.; t (i'ici, siiT'ji.i or HI.mJ, AM) .M.I. AVVI'MTIOXS OF 'I'Ull J,l "iS, I'ttr.i'Aitr.n only by tiik solk imsopuiktoi DAiMEL OODDAltl), No. S Gold St. NKW-YOHK. In prcjciulns lids useful romeityin the public, llio IV pilctiir U nuilimiztilby n l'lij'.-li'luli, fiiim wlinm llie Ueclji wild ronnitciitlallv obtaineil. to ft:ilL. thru lie h.i.-i ne,! I himself, -uul hi Ills extend o prnctiru In l'tiliiiouaiy url'cc lion, with astiiiiiihlug effect, Tlio hapjiy comblnailon c veijilable subttaue'es, of which It la enlirely roinpiii-et' ale. peculiarly adapted to diseasca oftho Lungs, Liver, ar Suiin.ich. 'lliu medicine lias been u-ed vrry extensively, and th propiietor ha nol known a single jnstatire In which It hu failed In filing i fllcf in diseases for which it is recommend ;di i veil in e-aea approaching m consumption, niiuni'o. ith bleedin? ar llie l.iinir, anil where all other rcmedls had failed, iho most ilicidcil nnil Haltering sticccs lib ultendi'dits liu'. Common colds, which are (.'"iierally tr. etlict of obstructed perspinulon, will yield to its mlliien'. In a lev. hours ; when used in unhma, hoarseness, whe iiry, and slinimesK of hienih, il gives imniediatu relief, iu curiiig irauiiiil re-t mid sleep. In whooping cough it is without a rival. It operates with e'ciule expecior.itlou, and rn.iv bu given to Inl.iiiln wilh perfic'l srfely, I'he Keuuino New Ihijlaud t'ouirh itv ruii will bo en rfnped In a bill of ihiectioiis, inclosed In tin engraied wrapper, bearin;; on it the signature of the propiietor in his own hand writing, Tlio Ik itlo will be. sealed and siampeil en (in; eui i ,,rn r.iiiiiiiu e.11111 i oj a lew in inu uia aio in iosi!c.s8inii llie iiuinyd'rilllcaios in Mturoftlila Syrup which caaimi nl'lliu I'ropririnr, nl ailit.-il fur tin- perusal of those who may he troubled wilh similar coinil,iinta pit 111. piujjm, i-iumwi i- eo. Cattlemen Afn-r having tried, by tlio recommendation of in y friends, almost eury medicine lor a cough, without the li-a-l relief, I bad recoiiro to )iinr New ltiiglnud Coiieh Syrun, nnd am enabled to say, with much thankful. ot ss, lh,it it hasciued ineol'oneof the niotoljslln.ile coughs I ever knew, and shall fill it to be aduiyto recommend it to every one whom I Ibid In lire l o so valuable u uiede cine. Yours re-iiectl'ully, Jltaton, Xue. 20, 163.".. JOHN P. STT.VF.NS. I havu the ratlsrucllon nnd pleanuie of informing you lliat the bottle of New Kuglaud Cough Syr.ip, which I pro. cured of you on tlm litid of April, has entirely relieved me In on a veiy ec1 ero rough whieh had ullllcied uie for n shou lhneiast, Afier using u variety of nudir-ine, nod llniling no permuiieiil lellrf, I was liiifnoid by Ibe advice of my fi lend., lorry ) our S) i up. Tlioiesult I ha vc all eady stated it succeeded bejood my cxprctailou ; and I cheerfully recommend iiasa veiy valuable medicine for all those who may bo nlllicted wilh similar complaint'. Yuma nvpicrl'iilly, CHAHLKS ItUGQLIIS. ltostnn, May I, 1S3.5. II (lives me great pleasure to bo nble to add my testimony In f.uor of jour New Knglaiid Cough Stup, nvo bottles of which having i nihely cuieil my lough, which whs so severe that my pliyslebili ndviseil me lo spend llio cumin;; winter In a miiiiluru rliinnli1, but Iho fuiliiuaio ueu oflhe Syrup will piecliulu iho necessity. Yours, I.C. JOSEPH DUADLUn. Jlostou, Seiittmhir I, 1831, '1 he Propiietor would add, that he Is conplaritly receiving numerous icxllnioiiials of the valuo and ellicacy of Ihls remedy. The above article is sold wholesale In .ttc till,, Ihiluil, l'tllatUIAiti, by ihe Piopiletor and all llio ilrugcUta. bv Menshaw U Ward, Mavnard 8t Nov os, 8- Prowers, Stev ens i-Cushing. by Imae Thompson, J, J. V, Hniiih, C, W. t'arpeiiler, nod A, rullenoii, jr. llV II. II. CiliniiM, I'.. UMillfL -Jr f. ISaltimore, Cinehmati ll.iriol, nnd (i, u N, Pojipleiii, jr. 7, Ohio, bytilascoo U Iliuiisiui, nnd Allcn,. Co h, I'tiin., by James .Srliooumaket' S. Cu I'itUlmisli Sue Urtians by Nalhan Jarvls illbaiti, A'. 1'., Huiittttit, c, by .Sainl.i S-Shaw, liy (Jen. Hem, llV II U. 1'rlHilbnm. Halt far, A'. ., St. J0: uiiis, A', 71., by W. O. Smith. And sold wholesale bv iho druggists and nnolhecarlet generally throughout Iho Uultcil Slates MAYO fi WAIT have letiirned fiom New York wilh their Mipplyof soring mid summer Good., laid in at tho present unusual low rale which they are prepared to sell ascheap as can 1 e had in the eonnlry, buyer nru respectfully solicited to call and receive thu proof, at the sloru recently occupied by Lnlhrop St Potwin corner of Church and Coltelie-sts May SC. WINDHOH HIFM.H, for sriluni the variety More, J'ANOIIOUN & HHINSMAID. iiepaumcni oi inu ury viooti line, micii as liroaiicioui-, ((i.s.imere, 'eslings, Momcline de liiine-, Cliallys, Silk, Uonil azinc, Calicoes, , Linen', Muslins, Lace-, Kibbon-, Kmbroiderie-, Hosiery ("love1-, Kint, Um brellas. I'ara-olls. etc.. with n full sinink' of l-'lon-iue CHA.MIMiAlX AM) ST. IiAWHI3NCl3 HAIIi-HOAI). 'St.I Johns to Montiiiiai.. Thu Hail KoaI) Comi-anv having erected extensive Viiaiii:s at Si. John-, and siiilablu Spotiiis thereon, 1 eing now nearly eomiileled, the eoininiuee of man aL'einenl, m order lo o.ler every eneoiiragemeul lb ihc imporlant trade at pto'cnt carried on luwecnlho Uni ted Smtes and Lower Caiuulaa, have e-lnblilied tlie following regulalion, viz t Fintly. That all freight pas-ing lo, or from Luke. Chninplain, per liailroad line, and ruldresed llailioml ll'hurf, St. Jolmi, will 1 e allowed temporary Wlmrfigo and Slorage, free of nnyeharse for ihe same. Secondly. That by cm porary Wharfage an I Storage, the Trade will dis tinctly understand is meant, Ihe time nece-ary f'oren lering and pa-mg the (Joods through Ihe Cutoiii llo'i-e nt St. Jolni, (of which, the Company shall bo lheiudtre.) To facililulu which, ihe per-ou m eharse of the CoJf wha f ihere will be pcrmitlcd, upon hi own ro-pTmibllity, to make the nece-sary Custom House entries, if required at the Mime time lhoe who prelcr, it, Will i e at III erly lo transact their own Custom House bn-ine.-., or employ whom they think proper lo doso. Tlilully. That the delivery of all freight for Montreal will le made upon the Wharf there, at which lime nnd place, and previous lo the delivery of such freislrt, the importer or Consignee inu-t -ul slaiilia'eall,dainiige-, or error.-, what soever! failing which, the eompanv will on no ac count bold then-elves ic-pon-ible lor Ihe snme; and, all frieght whici I he Company may 1 e compelled to reuunefrom 1 1 - Whui'f,inloSl'oro for safe keeping ow ing to the ab-ciiue or want of due dilligence on the part of such Ovncror Con-igiiee, in causing the -nine lo I e removed j will I e charged wilh ihe cartage nnd sloratre of such Good, at the customary rate-, and, Fourthly, Tint all freight mo-t ho paid for on de livery, lly onler of the eoniniiliee of management.' W.I). LINDSAY, ComV. ICaTI. I!oa) OrrttT., ) Montreal, March ', IS 10. 1 GK F. I A li A (JH NOV, SAINT JOHNS, LOWIilt O A N A I) A. The nndcr-ii'iiod bavins been plae.-l in charge of the llailroud WlIAKVKScndfeTOItlvS.ntSl. John., I eg to o'lei his sei vices Iclhe public, (upon hi- own responsibil ity,) nn General Agent for the tran-nelion of all bui-ni'-s, in any way, connected wilh the American Carry ing Trade. His charges will 1 e as follow.- : On all transaction upon which it innylo necossu, make ad vances for Custom Heu-e Due-, 1 nek Fieigbl-, or oili er charge--, 2j per cent commission. A Cii-tom IIo'i-e Urol, era ge will al-o 1 e charged, of 2-. 0 1., upon every Kntry of Good, inward or outward. The low rate of the echarge make, it inioerativeH' no -e-sarv nrstrircT ok rntTTi'.MriK.v s. J M. batecouurt within and lor the Di tnct ol t Inllende'il t 'I o the ci editor, and other eoiicernd in llie estate of George S. Hale1, laleofWesifiird. in said Di-irtni, deve.i-ed, Gm:r.i in'c. WIIMilCAS, John W.IIn'e, ndinini-lralor oflhe es tate of said dei e.i-ed, lia'h made applicalion lo tin court, to extend the time limiled for making payment oftho debt- of said deera-ed, twelve tumuli from Ihc 2Glh day of June ins., nnd lhe22J day of June m-i., I eing a' ig..ed for a bearing in the premi-e, nt the Oilice of the He-gi-ler ol'ihi- court, nnd it having I e'en on'cied noiieethcieof I e given, by publishing this device three weeks successively in lliu Fice Pies- a newspaper primed at ll'irlingtoii, 1 efore the time lixe.l for healing; therefore1, you rue hirebv nolifii',1 to ap pear 1 clbri1 .aid conn u'l the lime and place a fore-aid, then nnd theie, lo make objection ilany you havi1, to Ihe said lime of payment being further 'extended a-afore-aid. Given u'nder my baud nt lliirlinglon this lth day of June A. D. 1S3D. Wm. WFSTO.N, Ite-g'r. WILLIAM II. MIXEICS ESTATE. STATU OF Llt.MO.NT, ) rpiIF honorable the Distiiilt or Ciu rTr.Ni)i;s,.ss. i M Prrl ate C o n r t for the District of Cliiilenden, To all pcr-on. concern- el I " uO'v.m. li. MINJ.'Itl.u.. of .Milion in .-aidilisiuct decca-ed, GIU3KTING. WIIKIIKAS, IioLeeca Miner, Kxecutrix of ihe la.i will and te-tament of saiddeiea-ed propo-e- to ren ter an account of hi aihuini-tr.ilion, nnd pic.-cnt bi acconnl against said e-tale for examination and allow ance at a session ef the Court of Prol ate to I u holden at the HcgiMerV ollice in lliirlinglon on the seeonil Wednesday of July next, llicrefoie1, you are hereby no tified to appear 1 efore said court at iheliine and place nfore-aid, and shew cause, if any you have, why the account afore-aid should not 1 e ullou'cd, Giecn under mv hand ul liuilinglon, tin. 23th dav of Mav, A. I). 1S10. jc.10. W.M. WESTON Kegi-ter. M'U.I.IAM II. MIXUirS HSTATI3. STATIC Ob' VM1MOST, rfflHKlIon. the prol ale DiiTlilt T or CiiiTTr.Kt)r.N'. J A court within and for the district oft luiteuden, To llie creditor and other eoneeviied ill the e-late of W .M. It., late of Milton, in said district deceased. W'heieas Itol ece-a Miner, executrix of the last will and te.-lament of said deceived, haih made aiuilicalion to tin- court to extent the lime limiled for making payment of del t-uud lega cies of said de.'ca-ed twelve months from the lirtd.iv ol July, Is 10, and tlie-ecoud W e lue-day ol July next e-ui ,isi-;ih-ii nir a iicaiiug m uie preiin-e-, in uie odice of the I!egi-ler of llu court, and it having 1 ecu ordered that notice ihereof I egiven, by pnbli-hinglbi-decice thiee week siiccc's-ive'v m tlie Tree Pie., n new-paper printed at liuilinjtou, I efore llie time fixed fur hearing, llicrefoie you are heieby noiified lo ap pear I efore said court lit the time anil phn e nfore-aid, then andlheru lo make objection, if any you have, fo tne sanl time ot payment I eing lurtlier exteuiie I n afore-aid, (iicii under mv baud nt liuilinglon, tin' 23th ikiv of May, A. I). IP 111. je.10 W'.M. WT.STO.V, Ucgi-ler. PUT Kit MINCKMOK'S KSTATU. STATU OK VKKMC.N'P. ) A T a nrol ate court. histi'.ict or iitiAM) l-i.i:, bs, ) J.3l. Iiohleii at the prol ale ollice in -Nor h Hero, i.i saiddistricl, on llie day of May, A.D. IS 10 pre-ent, the Hon. Joel Allen, Judge au'iuslruiiicnt, purporting to be the last will and testament of Peter Miuckler, late ol Grand Nle, in sain iii.tricr, iiecca.eii, i eing lire-ciileM to sum court here, by David Corbm, the executor therein named, for probate1, it i ordered bv said court that all por.on concerned therein I ouotilied lo appear at a so-sion of .-am conn to leuoiiieu ai mo ilwclling house ot .ieui diah P, Lo Id, in .North Hero, in stud di-lricl, on ihe lir-ld.iv of Julv, A, D. 1R 10. and show caii-e. if nnv they may have, against ihe prol ate ol said will; for vviiicii pnrpo-e it i i. inner ordcre'tl mat a copy oi un record of I his order 1 e publi-hed tin ee weeks succes sively in the Ibiilinglon b'ree Pre , prin'ed nt llurliug loii in llie county of Chitlcndeii, a iioon in may be, A true copy ol record. Alle-t, jo.!: ACGlbTI'S KNIGHT, Iicgi-ter. BUM KSMlTII.-.The Mibsenber having n ccntlv moved from All any. mid conilliciiced II lllai'ksuuth business, in nil il-liuiii-, in llie new -hop on Mtidioii slrcel, near l-'olleil eV ilradley' Stoic, would rcspeelfully iuviie the inhabitants id' lliirlinglon and vicinhy to give him a call, a ho is fully prepared lodoall kiniNoi work in his line, on the slimiest no tice, lest manner, an I ino-i favorable term-. He lu for many year past given his purli 'nlar ntlcutioii lo llie Horse' shoeing biisine-.-, nnd J-'arrieiy in all i's. I Miiche., l-'roni the long experience winch he ha. had, ami ihe general iiilormaliou ho has ilt-mnl l.oih from theory and practice, ho feel, fully eonlidcnt in ie commending hiui-clfto the public. He will le pre iiaretl at all times to give hi personal allculion to all kind, of work in his line such a Ironing Waugon and .Sleigh?, Shipwork, etc. All kind ol edge tools made in iho be-t ni.iiiner and mo-t approved style, lie trusts that by giving business hi undivided intention, and the low price nt which hu will I e enabled to fur nish work, loieceivoa share oflhe pnl lie palronnge. JOHN SOKAGKN. lliirlinglon, April 10, 1810. l-'OHWAltDIXO. At. 18IO lill-; siib-criler will continue their bii-lui's u l''mvarillllg and Com mission .Merchants uud Custom House Agents, at the Port of Saint John's, Lower t annua They ,lo not oiler their services "free of any charge" In tho-o persons nilere-led in Irado with tho United Slales, but will endeavor In urake llieir ullenlion lo the interest of Iheir employer. world)' a reasonable ree-ornpenie. Having good Wharves (at which Ihe Lyur. Cuvm I'l.AI.S' Siiia.miioats will land) ami excellent Storage, logi iher wilh lire convenience of it coiuirelmg Had Irack with ihe ii in I Sr. Lawiii:n-ci lUiL-HoAliover the-e whiirve-, llicy ll:iilertheiiiselve thai, wilh lillcen yeaiM experience in tin branch of business-, they will be enabled lo do much lo lacilitnlo and eucuuruu trade I etyye'ou the United Suite, and the Lower Province. JASON C. PIKHCK iV SON St. Johns, L. C., March, 1810. Cm VnitllllNA Cltl'UM for shaving, clariliedltos. in, Warriii's be,t Neetlles. Silver Thimbles nnd lot of now Goods, opening ul Iho V.tiiely Siore. Mny'JU. PANOIIOHN & UUINSMAID. 17AHWI-:MAS HIIOIJH, n full nsniriment jus . ree'd and for ialo by II. W. CAT1.IN ti Co. m mmmm m H mtm m i r nil. noil. 1 ue I'm- SHEHMAN'H IOOU MAN'S PliASTKH. The lest strengthening pla-ler in the world, ami a sovereign remedv fi r liniil or wenkmu In tlm l,.w.l.-. loin, side, breast, neck, limh, joinfs, rheumathm, lumbago, iVe.ive. One million a year will not supply theileinand. They rcipnion Utile warming before nji- piiuiiiuu. iiiiiiiucii siip-iiiir hi an oiners, nun tor one inmrler the uual nrice. makintr not mile i In- bn.i. but ihe cheapest plaster in the world. It nllords relief ma lew hour, mm maues niunlhing cures. In liver coniplainl nnd dyspepsia, ii should I o. worn over the region of llie liver or stomach, nnd it will allure great and nslonishing relief. In eough,eold-, nthma,diili cully of breathing, oppression of the ehet or stomach, nicy win iinuieiuaiciy -win, nun gieauy Ixuelit tlio patient. Person ol sedentary babiis, or llioo obligud lo slnnd inucli, will lec eiie decideil simuorl from one of the, u truly, Mientrtlivniiig pla-ler-. Physicians gen erally recommend them, in prefereicu lo all olhcrs,l c-eau-o llicy sljek or adhere leiier and allbrd greater relief, In their operation they me stiinnlant. tonic, and anodyne. They are composed of entirely' tiillerent ingredient from any oilier; and known from the cx lierieiieuof millions, who have luol Ibcin. a well a the iiuile.l lestiiuony, of all the eelbraled and distin-gi-hed clergy nnd physicians, lulu the mo-t n-efnl and highly luedienled plaler, ever invenled or ollered lotlie piib'e. SeVeial peisons have called at the ware house to e-xiiross their siiriiri-e and thanks nl the nlmo-t miraculous cmes thee pla-lers have ejected. One man who I ad Iwn so alliieicd wilh iln nmali-in, as lo 1 e iiual le lo dress him-clf v.'illioul nssi-tance, waeenabled nficr wearing one', only one night to gel up alone in llie inoiniii'.'.Dul on hi- clothes nnd eal at our ollice wilh eye l.eauiiug wilhjoy and his tongue pouring forth iho ghvlno- of hi bean, at the sudden and fteunl relief he had received from thi-le-t of all reincJie. A-k for Dr. Shermaifs Poor Man's Pla-ler. It i so called, h"ciin-e the price places il in lliu power of all to piiichaje', I eing onlv 12 j el-. So'd nt the va riety store Py r.UMilSUK.'. eV lllil.S.l.ll, .lecller, lliirlinglon, I. HfCfco lohok pacici:t isio. r 1 1 1 1 n new hlea m 1 'aekel, I WW. CALDW'KLL r-r C' I'AnAUEtt, Mn.ler, r-r-' 1 "Sz-TS will eiliiliience rnnniug regularly every day (except Sunlavs) loth wnv Ihroiigh the Lake, on '1 ITHDA Y, lie 2d dav of June next. Leaving Caldwell forTiconi'eroga, every morn ing, and returning lo Caldwell tlu same d.iv. Lake George Pas-engcrs will 1 e Inudei' from, and taken on I oanhhe Lake Chainplain SlcuM Packet-, near the old Tort Tieonilevoga, from lb: Mansion Hou-e of v .M. I'. I'l Jjli li,.iiov a l'iiljieHoii-e. Tin I eau fd e-lal lishineut ha I ecu cieatly inmroved since last Summer, by erection of n ..argc Addition, con taining a spacious Dining l!ooin,and Assembly Ilooui eVe, and has recently pas-edmo the hand of Mr. II. C. LOW', a gentleman favorably known by the trav elling Public1 lSv taking the Li;r. GnoiiriK Houti;, Traveller. will nol oulvenjov lie liue-t siencrv of our Counlrv, but lo-e no tune on tin Northern lour, n ihev lake ihe same ('hnmnlani -steam Iloat at Ticon- dcroga, which they would liave inkeii at W'hilchall, nail tncy gone mat way. .via-y, 1S1U. 'Jin. SI I Kit MAN'S COUGH IiOZUNOHS. AHHlhesafe-l, mo-l sine am elevliial remedy for Cough-, Cold-, Conumpliii-, whooping Cough, stbtna. Tighlue- of Ihe Lung- or chest, iSic. vV'e. The proprietor lias never hiiowr. nu in-lance where llievnni nol give perieet saii-i.icuou. several ilioiis- I boxes li.ivo I ecu solilwulini he lat llin-e mouili. rolormg lo hcallli, persons m all lo.-l.everv stage ol eon-uinpiiou, and tho-elal uring under llie mo-f th ire-sing cold and cough-. They do not check and dry up the cough, bin render it ear, proinole expee- toraiion, allay (lie tieuiing or u Million, anil remove the proximal'; or exciting cau-e. Thev are made Irom a'coiiibtnation of the mo-t valuable expecioranl, or cough medicine-, and are undoublcdlv superior to every tiling in use for llio-e complaint-, llundred upon hundred ofcerlilleale- have I ceil ollered ol iheir wonderful virtue-, from those who have been saved Irom an untimely grave, and re-lorecl to perieet health by using them. Do-r.. One lozenge i a close for an ndull, and may be repealed from three to six times a day, a required. Children, eight jcar year old, half of one: four vcnr-n quarter, and so m" pro portion. Verv -mall c'l.ldi' or infant-, will lal.etheni I e-t dl-solvccl" in n lillh) water. Should ihev act as an emetic1, or produce nan-en, llie tlo-e must I e les-ened io wirat llie stomacii win rear, unit ol one will gen erally I e siillieicnt to take I efore breakfast, a the -loinacb I then more e.iilysiel,eueil. No ill elleels can ari-e from an overdo-e-, a it will can.0 the sto mach io reject it ; and although not a pli-a-ant sen-a-tion, will be fi uiid to give relief. Where ibere i miieli pain in the brca-t or side, one of Sherman' Poor Man' Plaster should lenpplied over ihe pari, and worn till relieved. Ifatteuded with co-tivene , n few caiharlie or laxative Lozenge-, or nny mild ca thartic medicine, should le u-ed a- occasion require-. I-'x-Shen.l Parkins was cured in two days, of a mo-t dislie-sing cough. Mr lbirlon of Providence, Mr Sha ler of Doston, Mr 1'ivcr--, Mr, Comb., Mr Wallace, Judge Peier.-, Mr- Colcmau; Mr. Hiehard.on and hun dicd of other ol tin ei)j, liave called lo express their -urpri-e and commendation of (he peiily lelief and cures e lecte.l by tbe-e truly wonderful Cough Lozen ses. Doclnr- Sniilb, Vanilcubiirgh, Com-toek, Har ris, lirighani, nnd several other- ol our must distin guished physicians, have u-ed the-e Lozenges, in their practii r, with invariable sirce-s. The medical f.ieuliy uuifornidv approve of ihem, a llio I et cough medi eine in u-e. Mr. Kendall from Vermont, vi-ned tin city la.t fall, iulending lo go Smith, in hope of mitiga ting a severe cough and pulmonary1 a'ieetion, that he had I ecu troubled wilh for several month. Ho had I rie 1 as he sujipo-ed, every popular remedy, without out any relief, lie wa induced bv a friend, to pur-cha-eaboxof SIHULMAN'S COt'GH LOXKNlilS, which lo hi .-urpri-e a'lbrdc-d him great relief in a few-hour-, and in a law hour-, and in lliree week restored him to perfect health, he relumed home to hi family icjoiciiig. Mrs. Jenkins of tins eitysiillered from n -everu ea-e of consumption for nearly two years he was given up by her friends us past recovery-, nnd was expected daily'-to brealhe her la.t, for which she was happily prepare 1, and had dispo-ed of all ner woriiiive:ecli she ine.i Riierrnair. Lough Lozenge-, with a view of soothing her ily-ing moment To her siirpri-e, a well a herlricnd-, she fell great ly relieve 1 afier the llrst do-e, and continue 1 lo grow lelterdaily, until about about two mouth-, when she wa- able lo walk to vi-it her neighbors. She is now well, and a living wilne th u Sherman's, Cough U z eugoi will cine consumption. Sold at llie Variety Siore, by PAN'GIIOHN il IJItt.NS.MAlD, Jeweller.-', Darlingl'im, Vt. D1SKASHS OF TIIK I.IJNOS...!).e.;dedl) llio moM popular reiin-ily evei known in Auierie-.i. 'egclublt Pulmonary 11 ahum U ihe iiiom valuable leuu ily now in u$c fm cun;h,rol !, a-iluiiii or phihiiic, i-on.Miinplii)-., whnopbig cuiili and pulmonary all'.eiiou ufeyery kind, lid sale is sie.hlil) inriearing, nnd (he piiiprielor.s uie eonsianlly iceeiviii die niu.l f.ivui.iblp arcoiuii of iis itTeein. 'Ihe filluwui" new ceililicaun aic ofl'eiedfnr pnbbc cxiuniaalioii, Ari Intkukstino Cask. Kxiraclnfu Inner fiom Mr C S Clay, Kingman, Uliier riii, N. Y, lo I lie proprielni , "Your nf ihe Did insi, tins duly lee. 'd. A iPiu.iikuhlc cuic was elfecied hy ihu Vpg.iintile I'ul. iiiun.iiy 1! .i I -.i in in ihe wiuier uud spi inj; of 1SJ5. The lemon, (lr. .Moodv, had been sit k n long liinn "lib iho t'niifuuiiliun, II is phjfii'ians fiien dim up Up was irdured f Invv a lo be unable to help him-clf, and raising n largo quantity of bloot! when he i-oiiiinencid using I In; Ibibiiu, whieh has eifecieil a complete rurc, and da in now as hale and lie.irly as ever hp tins. .Mr. Moody ha innoveil fiom this imin, bin lie h m pinn'ted inn ii uioiu ilclaih-d account of hid carp, whieh I will foi ward ion, C, S. CLAY. K ui"sion. N. Y. June 23. 1833, Emmci ofa lellei- fimn Dr. J.irnlr Myers, The Vi getnljlii Ptiliuoiiiuy lliilsaui has been sold in ihi. couiuy for lun years, and Ihc medicine has Rained uu iiiienuuuiiii mleluii), fur it trarcely in mm inUure failed iil'hayiiii! llie desiied t lTi-ci. 1 am by no means in fivor of ihe many nosiiums, ninsl ol whiilt are im tiositiuiH upon a credulous public, but thai whieh I know by iuii to bu i lfeeui ll, I r.innol help lull give ni) M pi oli 1 1 inn ilu'ieiu. A rniuiierfeil irepaiHlion his been ofi'eipil hern by a irayclliiiic Aiienl, of Comsloi k, N, Y. and ihem in aiiuihrr article tended here ihai is trongly nKpeeit'd lu bcrpuiious Jacoii Mvkrs, M. D, Miflliiiginn, Jnnbila rn. I'enu. May tl, 1837. l-'iuiu Dr. Saiuuel Muriell, lu lh Pinpi ieiuis of ihu Veup ladle 1'iiliuon.iry II.iImih, I inn nalisfied thai llie Vc tiei.ibli) Puluioniifiy llaliun is a valuable tncderinp. Ii h m been iifi-d in ilnn pl.irn wild rompleie surcrss In an nlHiin.un t-oinpliiui nf ilia luns, auen led wild n Bi'U'ie couh, bus of voii-o, and llio railing of imieh blood, which bail pievioiislv resisied many approved picsri iplion., Allt r uiiuj; ilia ll.ils.ini one vveeK, llie paileni's voire reiiirned and he was able in rpe ik audi bly, This rnso oreiirifd aouie limn shire, and ll.c man is now rng,ijed nol only in naive but laborious uiiiinesn, llf.pri-lluliy, He. . alouKKl.t., bur mile, wholesale and rel.iil, by J, & J, II, I'liUlv u Un., lliirlinglon, Vl. HT OfS CAIIIN mill 1IAH1) C'IDKIt." 1-J few log cabin Ilosom Puis, with lliu barrel of iiiiru i.iuer "migiuy nuniiy" ruul "llie siring never pullnl in" .put! nnd for mlo nl Ihe variety sivn .lii) -.;, I ANOUCIlN t.'KI.NIMAIP QIIKHMAX'iS WOltM t,(),I3XflKS nrelltt O giealest ili-eovery ever made, for dispelling the virion- kinds of worm that so frequently nnd eh'slres. singly iiiinny both ehildien ami adull. They are in infallible remedy, and so plea-ant lo the latu lUl children will lake ihciu as readily n a eoinmon pep permint lozenge. Many di-ea-e urNo from worn., wilhoutils being su. peeled. Sometimes a verytroulle soine cough, pains in the joints or limbs, bleeding ul the no-e, eie. uie oeeaioneil bv worm, nnd eanle easily cured by thlseclobrnlcd ruediciiie. The follov iug symptoiii: indicate Ihe presence of worm-, viz headache, vertigo, torpor, di.turbetl dream--, sh;p broken oil' bv fright nnd screaming, convulsion, j erihne, thirst, pallid line, bnd taste in the liionh, olleii-ive brcalh, cough, dilliciilt breathing, itchig at ihe no-e, pains in the stomach, nauscn, -ipieami-i-lie.s-, voracity, leanness, lene.iiin., ilehing nl the nm loward.s iiigii,andnt length, tleieclions and films md mucus. One N a ilo-e for a child two year old tro for one four years old :hrco for eight year-, turd lie for mi ndull, nnd should I e repealed every inomingor avery olher morning until relieved. Head ihcfoUw ing letters: New York, March 8, 1830. Dear Doclor, neeorJng' to your request we have1 u-ed your worm ioenc in several ca.-e. ofwornw, rind 'found tliem uniimly ruece.s.fnl. W'e have no ilillienlly in gelling .-luldr-n io uu,e iiie-iii, u uiey iiru pi-rieciiy picasani. e snail u-e llieni in our practice wheue'tei occasion o icrj, lelieving llieni lo be the I e.-t vermifuge medicine in Use'., W'e haveaNo u-ed your soda lozenges erye.-leii-iveiy, and lind them I'illv to auwer the pur-o-e-vou reeommend them for. We a re vourr-verviespect-fully, Y. W'r.cK-, M'. I). W. Shaddock, M. D. G. If. Gm:t:v, M. D. N'kw YonK, I-'eb. 1330. Dr. Sherman, Dear sir one of mv daughter-, aged seventeen year--, wn troubled for nl cut eighteen mouths with a hacking cough, I roken nnd di-tnrl cd sleej), c-e. .She was fast wasting away, nlihough shonioquile hearty. Scvcial physician-al'lendesl her without nny I enelit. l-'roin leading llio direction accompanying your worm loz enges, ile-crjbing llie symptom, of worm-, I thought she might 1 1! lliu troubled, nnd accordingly procure! a box which, lo my surprise1, cired her in oneweek. They area most excellent medicine, nnd I lelicve my tlanghler owe her lifelo Ihem. Yours, eVc. Jant. llu.MMir.f.i.s, 8 Mercer!. ,CP Sold at Ihe Variety siore bv PANGIIOJ1N eV I)HINS.MAH),yeijcc-, "llu.lmgion, Vt. IN-imitr.-Asic tiiosk who know. I'ho.'e only who know by dial of uuinediatd nb-n valioii, ran fin in nny idea of iho efl'e'Cls, nf ihe pei IVei iclu f, of llie iihnosi rhaini.hke nnes f-ITei'.li'd in c,i?cs uf llie I'lI.ES, KlIKU.MATISM, all SWKLL1NOS, illld nil cxii-rnnl I', no iiMlle-r liuvv tcvi-ic, by ihc u of ll.ivs' Liiiiiuenl. Kind one who has lined if ih.n iv nol bind il above nil things vrr iireil, and you will lind canoiil Le1 found. 5Cj I or llie ichcfuf Hid ing liitin.ii beings who in.i) be nfllicicd, I beg uui In n-k i.i of ihnfe vvlin. kmivv ask llm I Inn, Al.rKKti CoNKMN, U. fj Judge for dislrirl, lesiduii; ne.n A n Inn ii , ;isk Matthew J. Mvkiij, V.-n, Athens, i, Y ; nk Gen. Durr (i'rkkn. I.iIp of W.i.hiiisiou rilj, e.irh of ihe.'e geiuleiuen know nl'o.i.-i-s uni-oiupioi. libit; In all oilier lemcd cs or, llionoh uiei! formally veil', have been cm oil by ihe uje of die geiiiiine Haifa Liniment. Th ni-nniU of oilier poisons know siinil.ii cmes, Wc id iheir feino of jnn. lire llieir leclinas. U-"I is but a i!ui von owe. lo jour fiiflei ni felluvvboiuus in let tbi lii'p.ii i fined) be knnvvn. Sieak nf il I hen lu all join fue.ids 'I his will save much ivheie ihe iienv;p.iici.s air not read, or where icideis are incredulous, bee,iu.-e m iii.hi yyoithU'iii) nilii-les me iidve-rii-ed for lliu faun puipo?!'. To bujem ue say, if all whu have uned it dn. not fay it is bejoiul all piii-c, then tin not lake it I'he pinpi intor will mil allow ihi.s nriicle io bp paid fn iinlesri il rniei, when all I lie diieciioiu ruefully follow ed. Will anj one siifTerinj refuse imw lo iry it ? If he doe?, he ought In be point nunc (m hit obiiiiuarv ili.ii hit snfli ing. JCj"lr. ll.iy would never cunsem in offer I hid nriicle, wpir he nol loinpellcd by Ins sense of moral ol ihIiiiihi iliilv to ilu all in liisorr lor he viciunsol etr.'ii t'Ks ami nuserv. l or tins purpote In woii'd sooner devn'p a folium1, lino snroie a ilulbii foi ail) uuillilcM lutiile. iCj AOOe OUT - Mom, u millers have rounlei leileil Ill's aiui'.le, .oi l put II o wilh various tlev ii-in. Do mil bu imposed tipen, Oio lliii'g mil) will proice.l j on il is ihe inline uf Cunsroi ; 4 Cu ; llial name nin.-l lie nliv.ivs on Hie wrapper you ore clie.neil. l)u nol fnget it. Take ihinduee- linn vviib )ou, and lesi by ihal, or never buy ; for il i impoi-ible foi any olher tu bu Imp nr gimiinp. SOLOUON I1AV8. Sold by Covutock Co 2 Flelrher sueei, ,. Ymk jel for sale OA'A 1" bv I'a no iioii . & Dm ss maid. irAl.HAHI.i: INI'OK.llATlON.-7if Ii t dt an Vczttablc J'ills me a een.iin euro I'm Ilise.isii in its evei y v.u ipij of loi in, hec.iu-e lliey iho- looghl) cleanse ihe foiuai li ami Iron ids, induce a pin pei disiharge by llie IniigH. skin and kidnci, ami Mi mill, He ihe blood in innifv itstdf. In olher woids !- open all ihe natural ibains, nnd leave NATU It K ( the Grand Physician) nee m diup dispasj dour ihe body. The uliove oiuleis, m di ,iin, aie die i-nininuu seweis of I he body , iluoogh which all moihid and cor rupl huinm.s (ihc caii-n nl disease) aie carried off ; and no long us ihey nip all lie pi open, anil ili.-rh.iige lieulv llieir nlloiieil ponmii.s o iinpiirny, llie lioili will con nolle in healih : bu when fi our e.uinj impiopts' food, Inc. oiling iinpuie air, suddeu linn-iiioiH duui licit m cold, over exhaustion nr an) other epo-e, the bowel, beenmp rosliyc, ihe poms of llie skin In come closed nr ibckidiieys fail t i peifonn ibeii funeiions pmpeily. llio unpin men vvlurli sin it'll Ire clraineil dnm llie doily by ihee mil lets, vv ill be iciu incil, and ctmliiuK lo at' ruuiulaie until ihc bod) beeiunen liieially loailel will dis.ifo. I f i lie ch innels of our ini"liiv rivem thou bernino blocketl up, would mil llie at ci inulnied Winers find new tiulleln, oi the riiunliy lieroine imuiilaled ' Jusl so wild Ihe human body ; 1 1 1 lie n.iiuial ilr.nns I come closed, lhcetngn.ini ami eoniipl luuuoi.s vv ill find vent in the various Im ins ol tlircn-e sui-h ns l eiei Sin ill Pox, Measles, Hheuin itisui, Cool, Apoplexy &c, cr Death will cud our (tifh'r inits. Tleiefoie when sir.kne.'S al ihe sliun.icli, ti.iinn ur llie bark nnd sale, ipiu K pulsp, liuiiiiiig skill, or any oilier unplen sanl Hyiupiom.s, uitiieate linn one or more ol llie na. ill uui? aie nol tlisi longing In-ely, ruul uie eoiisli union is nboiii in couitnence a ctmggle foi ih" re.-ior.i lion ofhe.ilih, no limn should be lust in aduiini."i-ri"; i fe v brisk ilo-ei nl lliu Indi.ui PuiLMiite Indian I e cctubtc Pills ) lly so doing, all ihu liinciioiis of ihe body will bu lesioitil in order, md (he foul luunors (Ihe e.inse oleveiy lull iinilion or pun wecnfler) will licieiuoieil in so ea-y ami mutual a manner, thai tlu1 body will bo ii'Moied a if hr a cli.inu. The above Pills may be taken ai A I.I. limes ami under A I.I. cuuiM.ineei', wills pcifeei nifeiy, Tlipy suit all com plaints and all atren, and are lo ihe liinn in i-onsti tiiinn an Inoil : roiKfipieuily llie ran nrrifi1 nyide even tlie inonl delicate, Liku our food, they uie digestible; iheipfoio ihey cuiei into the ciirukiiuin mid 1111,1.11 ( nil rneigy in tne moon, wnu 11 en, 1 hies 11 10 II v u nil Ii 1 tliuil riuile 10 the exll I'inilies und coiirttieiily 10 ki the pores cifdie fkm o en. Theyiueiiuc andpeilici piuifii'is of the blood : Inrainu ihey 1 ,1 in 11 1 1 rniiupt liomois la inn Ihal hie eiviiu flnub Ihey tun nlienjilh and vlgoi In the whale, sy-slein, ruul llieir' if ii-i-is areiuwiiyn neiu ni'.i.ii : iier.iusc uiey only leinnti ili.ito luimors vv It ii Ii aie opposed to healih, 1'hey nil! and imtiruve iligrslinii. and sound .It-op follows iheir use: bee.iiisR ihey cleanse Ihi! niuiiiarh and bowels of iliosi slimy Iiiiuiuiik wlneli nut only iriliain amlixeuc the no viius syntem, bul p.nnlvn' nnd weaken the geslive oig ius. In shun ihey iionsesn all ihey eom iiopciles ihal ran be claimed for any medicine ; ami 11.11 Ins veiy leinarK.uiie, 11 is iiueiiy impof.ilie lu tne ihem iviihnul benefil, .Mine thin Twelve thousand poisons ran bn lefeiird In, who have been riued of complaints nppaicnlly nf the most sehiinr'rr, solely by ihe use ol llie Indian Vtgetuble Pills Omcti, nnd general Depol Tor llio s 1I11 t f ihe iibow Pills in ihu New nuiil.uid Stales, 103 I'Ul'.MO.M' S I'IU'IM', near enuri eiiect, 1'usion, where ihey ran be had 111 wholesale er lel.iil. Agents havn been up lioiiiled fir the sale uf ihu I'ills in nlinnsl cteiy luwn in New, P.i gland. All leilern rel.uive in ihe pills limn bi.iidihes.ed ihu. : " Ar, K Office X -1. College of Health, 108 Tieinmil Sinel, llosiou. Mass. lliirlinglon. A. IIiiIN-smaII), Woo Nlock. Haskell A; Palmer S. Sli.tlNbury, Joint Houghton William bVille, Charles W. Joy llenuingion, J. V. Ha-we!le MitUlobury, Geo. 11 ! ili Kulluinl, Win. l uv Dover Hiram llaklvvin ltrallleboro', Itirge, llrockell vV Co Wjiierford, II, Culling & Co. Newbury, iTcuuss rviugtu ueitici, ,-s.unuei .uiiti jr. spring licld, Geo, Wtisliluru Proclor v"s Itobnison Lon- donileiry, Sunlit iV Glazier llndgewnier, Thus. Siiuibgaie Chester, Phltiens O Sargent Wind-or, S. W. Hubbard K. Poullnev Ilickok iV Mear- Coinmoiis, Saiuuel Kverls Wilniingloii, A. II. Child Nnwe, Alien 1 omp- t'osi ,-viiii Jeremiah ilicn Si. iry Luther Jewell We-ion John Wilder W'nterhiiry Per-ons l.yonf Monlpelier William Clarke Ludlow John Dimbnr ri ml Co. Heading Wood vV Merrill llarlfonl J P. Strong & Co. Norivieli llaxler Newlon Harnnrd J. II. Dan. forth Hoehesler Charles Diuld Cr.venihsh A. Gil son nndSon Guilfore1 Philip Martin Hnlil'.txJ. C. Sionu it Co. We.ttniiislcr Anron Hilchcool yvcuneriiieiii-naiiy liarlleli llartluinl Coiton iV rrami'W tnirliis. Hampton Loyrgroye. From thu Mndionian. hNTEItKSTJXG LBTTKK. Wc take jiloaHiiro in laying- before our nil nicroiiH roatlurs tho following letter ndilrcpsoil to tis by Col. U.Minnwoon, a ilistiiifrnislictl rep resentative in Congrcssi from the State of Ken tucky. It includes n letter from Col. Ci.aiik, who selected the battle ground of Tippecanoe, and of course disproves the assertions of Mr. Crary and others that Gen. Harrison pursued tho advice of a hostile Indian in reference to the selection of tho encampment. Col. Under wood details some interesting particulars also of Dudley's defeat, of which he was an eye wit ness, and, in conclusion, describes in graphic terms the dillktilties Gen. Harrison had toon counter in his military operations in iho North west. The testimony of old soldiers, who can now upon their bodies the evidence ol the con flict in Unjir glorious t-cars, is worth all the as sertions, speeches and arguments of ti whole ar my of federal loco foco "lire-side warrior.-'," yvho would, if possible, destroy Gen. Harrison, per haps from a motive of spmpathy with the Jiril- li and Indians whom ho so severely scourged and drove out of tho country. Col. Unilorvvood states tho very interesting and important fact, that (ten. Ilarrwm is ths only commander in our service to whom n British army surrendered lurwi! the . tcrtr. Wasiiinoton, 25th Mav, 19-10. Mr. Thomas Allen, Ktlilor, i-c. Sir. : Many vears ao Col. Mastin G. Clarh. now of Indiana, in conversation with me, said 111 substance that ho discovered the ground on which Gen. Harrison encamped Ins armv 011 the cvcninir before the battle of Tippecanoe. and by his report, was instrumental in causing that particular iriruind to bo selected for the oucaiiipinont. When Mr. Crary slated in the I louse of Ilcprosentatives, that tlio ground had :ciiii selected at tlio suggestion ol an Indian, 1 wrote to Col. Clark on the subject, and receiv ed Ins answer 111 the following word : .Salem. Ia.. March 12 2d. 1 10. .Sin : In nimver to y our innumi ol tin- 1 ttli ol t e-lmary, on tlio Milijoctol tltc gioiuul Gen. liar rion eiieanipeit Ins armv on, tire nielil before the battle of Tippecanoe, which ground, you inform me, lias iiccii statu! nv Air. urnrv, was tcieetnl at the uggc.-tioti of air Indian, 1 nrrr much at a losi how that geiitb'inau could haanl so ltouiiiIIcs an as sertion. Tho L'roimd where Gen. Harrison cnc.nim. ed, and where the battle was fmight, was du-covered Iry my-clt, m a lew- moments after, by Gen. Taylor, wliuu'i 1 met on leaving thu uround, returning to the armv in order to lcnort: w lien I met Taylor. I in formed him there was no neco-.ity of his L'oing any mitlier 111 srarclt ol an encampment, , n: I hail dis covered and left one of the most eligible I had seen n the whole march, audi wi.hcd to seethe army licniincd on it hi fore dark : it was then about sunet : I wished Taylor lo return with 1110: he said bo would go 011 the ground the. better to join lire in my report, w hich he fully did. The yro i d will ever lie a stand ing monument of the wisdom of its selection, inde pendent of lire-side warriors or political jugglers. With much respect and esteem, Tlie Hon. J. H. U.s-iu:r.voor. M. G. CLAUK. Thus you preccive that Gen. Harrison was not entrapped ami induced to take a position for his army, nt tlm iii.-ttuino .f lii cnomios. 1 have known Loi. Clark lor many year.. He is a man of unblemished truth and "honor, and as brave as his distinguished relative, Gen. Geo. Rogers Clark. 1 lived in Lexington, K v., at the time, and a year or two after the battle of Tippecanoe. I was present and witnessed the reception which the people of that town (now city) gave Gen eral Harrison, when ho visited that nlaro after the battle. He was met and escorted through tho strect-i of the town by tlio military and citi zens ; and every manifestation of resnpct am! admiration given, which a grateful people could bestow upon a triumphant General. 'I'bo.-o people were llio friends and neighbors of Col. losi-tili 11. Daviess, and many were devotedly attached to him. If tho life of that great man yyas sacrificed by the pusillanimous or improper conduct of Gen. Harrison, is it not astonishing that his friends and neighbors would receive the dastardly murderer with the honors ofa triumph! Political and electioneering tumitude must in deed possess the minds and hearts of men, if sticn a sicry, not ncanl ot at tho tune, should receive any countenance twenty years after the lacts 1 nave stated! I was a Lieutenant in Dudley's regiment, which was defeated and mostly cultured 1111 tlm 5th of .May, lai'J, on tlie left 'bank of tho Man- nice river, opposite rori Aleigs. Ttrat disaster resulted Irom a failure on tlio part of Col. Dud ley to obey orders which were given. I sneal of llio orders, from wh it 1 have since learnt, as 1 ilnl not lioar thein delivered. They wore in substance that the regiment should" land ttnon tlio loft bank of tho river, attack ami take the enemy s battery, spiko tho cannon, break tlie carriages of tho cannon, retreat to our boats, cross ihe river, and fight our way into the fort. 0 landed attache 1 and carried the battery without Iho least dilliculty. Jlut, then, in.teail oi returning to our boats, wo commenced 1 charge and pursuit of a low straggling Indian who retreated back from the river and kept up a retreating lire upon us as wc advanced. Two companies, to wit: (.'apt. Henry's and Cant. Archd. .Morrison's wore left in charge of the captureii battery, whilst Ihe rest pursued tho In dians in tlio woods. Their numbers were con tinually iucreaHSil by reinforcements from thoir camp (about two miles below) and elsewhere. We followed thorn about two miles. At length wo weie ordered to fall back and keep up ale treating lire upon the enemy. Tho order was observed for soino distance. The soldiers of the diiferont companies, however, become mingled confusion took place -tho ollicers lost all coin mam! and a rout ensued. Wo retreated to the battery, but on getting there instead of finding the friends we had lelt, they were gone and tlio battery again in possession ol' the enemv. It appeared that tho llritish, in considerable force had attacked and driven tlio companies of 1 lent v and A. Morrison, and then remained upon the ground, expecting our return from tho woods. To this lorce ot the enemy, thus unexpected ly thrown in our rear, ami with which our men camo into collision without order and without ollicers, wo surrendered. Captains Henry and A. Morrison, and 11101 of their mot), reached tlio boats, crossed tho river, and got to tlie fort. Tlio residue of tho regiment was killed or captured. Tlie liuhl ollicers wore all on foot. It yyns, therefore, impossible to pass with speed from company to ceiupany and give orders, Co!. Dud ley was'a corpulent' man. Ho and Captains J. C. Morrison, Lewis, Clark and Irwin, four of tho six heads of coiiuianies which pursued the lu. dians in tho yyoods, list thoir lives. I was the Lieutenant in Captain .1: C, .Morrison's compmv. 1 was badly wounded. Our Kusign had been left behind sick. More than a third of the coin pany were killed and wounded. Hero was a company without a commissioned ollicer capable of sen ico vv hen it reached the battery, othor companies) wore in a similar condition, ruder such circumstances a surrender yvas unavoida ble. Resides, thoso who llrst reached tho batto ry, being few in number, incapable of making resistance, and running right up to th6 Hritish soldiers, whom thoy expected-to joiii.f friends, throw down their arms as thoy we're" ordorcd, and thus tet an example to those who followed, I have thus briefly stated the fact, r,iin,i;,. Iho defeat of Col. Dudley, hciiur nn ne-n -,(., .. of most of them, and having loarnt what I did not see from my folloyy-soldiers just after thev oc curred. I tin this Injustice to my old General, whoso iniliPiry life is undergoing tho scrutiny of public examination and criticism, so that my tes timony may receive such consideration as it may deserve, in loading to a correct conclusion. Allow me, in conclusion, to make a few re marks in regard to the dilliculties which Gen. Harrison had to encounter, in conductim' his military operation!! in the Nortlnvcst. Q'hey wore iiuicii greater, in my opinion, than thoso which nny other of tho General.: had to contend against during the last war. From Pique, 'di miles above Dayton, to tho nnuth of tho Mau- incc,iucu: o uown Lake lino to near the mouth of tho Huron river, and east of the sources of the Aiaumee, asiar as the hoarl waters of the Mus kingum river, tlio country was a witlnrno.B 'Pi.r. enemy had command oftho Lake durin-r lrjiy, and up to n short tun- previous to I'crrv's moin- ornl.lo Vir'.-TV 111 fVi. It WBS COIISClllleitllv im possible to obta.-.i supplier by water from Clove hind, l-lrie or llufl'alo, to siisUiin Tort Aleirr :n,,i tlio other Posts in its vicinity. por tl,c MIm) reason troops for their e'.efenco rould not bo transported by water. The country, and that part of it CipCciallv, yvhich was denominated the ltlacV Svvainf, was litt'e else than quagmires and marshes. It was almost impossible to get along with baggair0 gons or carriages of any kind. The flour anf". other articles fur tlie use of the army (c.ieopt beef driven on foot) vvcro generally transported on pad; h-jrse.--. The volunteers from Kentucky and Ohio, in tho spring of l;:i, hail to wado through mud and water in passing lothe frontier often building brush heaps to sleep on at night, for want of dry r uud on which to pitch t'loir ton;.-. The talcn'ed Tccum.-eh and his hosts of savage warriors were aided by llritish regulars and militia. Tims uniting tlio military implements of civili.ed man to the lurking, cunning and oea-nlc.-s activity of in furiated say ages. Those things should be con sidered. Those who fail to rellect upon them, cannot properly appreciate tlie value (ion. Har rison's services, in tlm successful defence of Fort Meighs, in tlie expulsion of the enemy from our territory and in the ptir-'iiit and capture of (Jen. I'roctor's at my upon the Thunus. General Har rison i the only Commander in our service to to whom a JJritish army surrendered during the last war. 1 at one t'tne thought I would follow the ex ample of others and seek an opportunity to men t.on the.o facts on the llcorof the House of Rep resentatives ; but I have concluded that tho hot ter course is to address you and request the in sertion of this letter in the M idisonian. Very respectfully, vours, .1. R." C.VDC It WOOD. BRITISH WHIGS WHO ARE THEV. Wo noticed a week or two since that tho Federal organs in the pay of the Administration liad recently devised a new name for tho Demo cratic opponents of the Executive misrule 1 hey now choose to term them untish higs. If hv that appellation thev intend to impress upon the people the fact that so far as opposition to Executive power to mal-govcrnmcnt, aliuso ot the righ's of the majority, and tyranny and op pression in oil its lorni aro concerned, tnero is a marked similarity betyveen the lugs of this country and tho Whig patriots and reformers of l.ugland, then so be it wc have not a wordot complaint to ma!; lint if, on tho olher JnnJ, it is pretended that tho Whim's ot this country entertain any fuvor for tho monarchical gavnrmuont of Great Britain ft.r her overgrow aristocracy, and her oppres sive upon her people then, never was there a m ire wicked and malicious slander. Tho.? wh 'in the Federal organs thus denomin ate ll-iti-h Whigs, number in their ranks tho nation'. de'on lcrs in tho contests waged tg.iinst British wrodjs 10 days gone by. Who arc thev ! M .jor General WILLIAM HEXRY II A R IlLStiX, tho 111111 who "never lost a battle," t'n the litany hard contests with onr foreign foes tho mill who led Ihe American arms to victory and to gl iry at Tippccain-e, Fort Meigs, and tho Th' tins, over the c unbilled forces of Britain's legions and her savage allies who retirievod tlie national honor and rgoined an extensive terriiory from foreign doi'iunou the man who has emphatically filled tin measure of his coun try's glory is priii"d bv the syc-iphantic slaves ol the palace, a Bri!;sli Wh;g I! Maj.-r General WLVFJELl") SCOTT tho hero of (.'li ;ipc'.va tlie gallant defender of his country on many a well-fonght field alike tho pride and biat "of tho whole nation a worthy son of the Old Dotri uon, and as pure, lionesi, and upright a patriot as ever breathed on Free dom's soil yes! ho tho hiavo chivajrou) Scott ! ; denounced as a llritish Wing !! Major General EDMFiN I) 1'. GALNES tho hero of Fort Erie the old tried and faithful soldier Ins country's long watchful guardian from tlie sa ago incursion on iter western fron tur lie, too, isdenounceo a Briti-h Whig!! General PETER B. 1'OUTER the leader of too gallant New York volunteers in tlio last war a Democrat oftho old scluol an ardent t'tipporior of Madison the man who lias dour; his country right right "good service" in the lioitl and 'tho cabinet he, toj, is termed a llritish Wing!! lion. lil-LVRY CLAY tho life and soul of tho wur pcrly l?l win so ebuuonec aroun.I tlio nation to a jiist senso of its wiongs, and breathed life and vigor anew into tho .inns uf her defenders, without whi-.-o poAverfttl aid the admitus-i ration of Mr, Mad.i'oit murt have been prostrated before the terrible attacks of its fed eral assailants h", the pure patriot, tho en lightenod si-ttenrin and gifted orator Ken tucky's in.-' Iv favored suit he, too, is called a Bnti'-h Wing!! General ERASTUS ROOT tho old '-Dola-yvaro Chief" long tho Aj .xofthe Democracy of tho State ; alike in her own and the National Legislature who neyer breathed other than tlio breath of a patriot he, tee, is called a Briti-h Weig!! Hut we must pauso : to continue a list of tho brave, tlm pure, tho 1 ones', the upright and pa triotic, upon whom tho vn.N of Federal malevo lence are poured out, would bo an endless task. Ho who is chosen as an object ol its raving denunciations is sure to bo numbered among tho trulv great oftho ladd wot thy alike oftho countenance and conlidetice of the champions of freedom. With such patrio's as Ilarrhun, Srott, (7'n'ni., Porter, Clot, and AW, wo aro proud of Inittg denounced w HriJlsh H'irgs. It is an evidence that they and theh- associates in political faith all over the' I'nion, nro truly Amekican Patriots. Aecordintr to tho Viekuburg .Sentinel, two of tho banks oftluil place, coniiiiericeU paying specie on llieir 6.) notes 011 the lat inn'sitil. A Hat-boatman, it is said, was lecounoileriiitf "ti onu of tho slieets, and seeing 1111 itiiuau-il imeriv.irio between the Vickhurs 11 ml the Loreraanf, he cliciiiivd llio canter, nnd in fiinuid that ihey vv ere paing specie, he soon wnlkwl 111, nnd lo'ikmi; louiid tit what ho consulcreU as little nhort of oin of l'nnct! Uohcnloe'H miracles, ho step, pediip to llie pnyini; inller, who was shelling out tha rhino, and whisdercd lo him thus r "Do you .UuirU your b-itik will hold out lill I inn down tc my boafrvnd filing tip n live dollar bill! "'f,' says tho teller, broking savage, at ihc hoosicr, "liniil you 0 t -and back a gnin !

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