Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, June 19, 1840, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated June 19, 1840 Page 2
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www imu Hut Mr. Harris mid lii " InlUionlial family nml connoxioiti1' wore not to bo turned en tirely adrift. Tho "stem" Administration having resolved to turn linn out, were will- I ing to make amends lor their unwonted se verity liy putting liis friend in. Mr. Harris, on laying down tlio responsibilities ol ollice, I addressed a latter to tlio President of tho U. States, of which wo subjoin the conclusion: "la conclusion, 1 w ill titUo tlio liberty ui tecum to y-Hi fur appointment ns mv successor, Col. Joidcu It. liovd, of Attala county. You aro probably cii'innitftl wilii lin public diameter, ns liu lin- ucen for fviral winters n m nniiticnt member of our btnto . , for s-wcrai tviiitcrsii prnnr.ticni incnweroi our ouno Omc presidential trnn -an ccmionilrnl artt 11 n - j;,,,,,,, ,,mj ms throughout an a .hut sup-iratltm-n sound furrciipy n lirolccUi n? l.u m ftfr uf ..1)llr ..iminjimntion, mid mi unyielding nd- low i.alarles -and full prices toi .aim, 'vuc;it(, ()f (, j,,.;,,,,;,,,, ofdcnioorncy. This rcqucul is nn.l the products ol laboi . mmI(, in )i:lar m ,,.irtf ,m )ny nw account. As In-Unit unrin nnrmnnil fri.-ml. hn will tvilli'ltdv nf- V o n I- li r, s i n n X T. r..r.i mo"nverv Tncilitv in his nower to trncoont nnd ox- iTii i i I n 1IWVDV TMUHlWlY plain nay emits which may hate occurred wliilo the VILlilAM JlJiiMtl llAllllliVJ. uflieo was under mv charge. 1 Incapability, to man- -lin- i!in nllli-n I think itnniii'xlliiniilild s anil it is onlv at 1-on vi ci. rnr. 8 ' iny simwstion that he nniK'ntcd to iiiv placing hts JOSIH I ViiUU) ui u'i;i"" leljre you, nnu tviu niott pionnniy maiec noiiti- plication tin o tyii any oinor medium, in conclusion, it li.iln--n observed, li.-rinit nielo express to vniiiisbtirnnccsofmv high con- itors of tho soil are those who a.c least s.elcrnil.m ana esiecm. uespcci.uuy, voms, rMS I will scarcely bo credited' that thi, "re " In all uijcs and nil eounlric! that tho cultivators willing to part to the will of a The wit of the (' Sum-May they ever remember, that, to preserve their liberties, they imt-t tin their own toting and their own tightm;:. H.tnntsoN. "TllS BI.CMIS09 OP TIIOffANM Of WO.MKK AXP VIllURLS, nCSLfCt) IT.O.M T1IK'I.sei KNIIT. OPTIIIl I.VTIILELS SAVAOB OC TIIK Wll.DBll.NEsr, ASP mOM TUB TU1. MJUU bAVAUC I'llOCTOII, I1IWT ON 1 lAUHltjON II .C.n.rf'tf li-ITf AN'O HIS 0 M.LANT AuMt. .; m .,,,. I, M,. 1 I ennnt.-: ..I'ncl.-lV tt....,,.1r.,ln r-rrrLlnhirc. Utcclilbir IUi1, ISM. unit... i. "-"- II)!' " OCClirreu Willie UIO Ollicu was uihut his i'roin ilie.Mhanv Daily Aiiveiuser. cliartre," were "traced out and explained" , ..... ..m.. ,J,M,,,Jr ..,.,.',.- inMuilons toliis Micceessor, and m less than one year obtain sympiiliv au;l .r,rhrf-3 "'! ''V'jV'l"'"' from Ihc tlatc of Ms appointment, INIr. Uoyd , , . ?2 w l to k vulc the victim ,:f i:oniuiendatioii was immediately acted upon and Mr. lloyd duly installed in tho olVicc of Receiver at tho roiiucst of his " warm per sonal lnenii" iir. Harris, uy 1110 nuiiiiins- tration which "stern V sets its face" atTainst these "plunderers of tho public!" Tho is sue will bo readily anticipated. Tha " cr- had so far profited by tbeso instruction s to "plunder tlio pulilic" to tho anio'int of r ll TV-FIVE T110USANP DOLLARS! Hero again " tho administration which early MJta its face nainst tliese evils and their authors" interposed with its usual 'linn and integrity,' and despatched one V.M (.i.utr..soi!t: on a missionary lour among these " plunderers of the public." Early in Juno 1S'27, (about ten months after Mr. B's ap poinimeiit) G'arescho arrives at Cohimbiis examines into tho condition of Mr. Royd Sub-Tieasuiy, and makes the following most extraordinary report to Mr. Levi Woodbury 'Tim account of tlio receiver, which I have mad infni in von Unit, as a means of uifoiem' :i tlnct out and trans-. nit herewith, presents against him a compliance Willi tbe rci'iilations of the Dcparimeni, iiaiameol ;.m.iIi.i liis own account inaUcs i in respect to ihis duly,' 1 Minll not hc.-inte to icpovt S.V2,'I7-J 7;! j it is alo annexed, UU asels, of wliich tin. i-ri.ii! fir tlio aclinn of the I'm cutive, tliould tlie also s-eml von the lift, iimuiint tu Sli 1,3 l'J I'f, ralin ucyicet lie continued. 1 tun, Ac. the land at i' Ti onlv. hut niiht probably reali.e H. J!. TANEY, double ihc auiinint. The man stems really penitent j V'. P. lt.niis. l'so,., S'.o'ij iift'ie Tnnriry. and 1 tun inclined to think, in common with his tr ii,f Public Mvneij, Columbus, MUs. fneniN, that he is h m- st, and hasbfen led atvnv from Mr. Harris, suspecting perhaps that thU - W Tl KMK Administration miglit " set its face" one way move in so limited a circle as it does with us at home. i ,i i , f . Another rcccircr mutt! probubh t'u!luic in the foi.lstcpi mid row another, paid no sort ol attention to oflhe (ro V()tl noU ,,;;rt. hc prd i 1 tho Secretary's missive. This produced rer-oinuiciid hisHin-reta:iic. in prLfcii neotoaii nher , . r ti ur ii i :ii)i.)mtm"iit ; Jur he Am ns liuiidi Jtittnvic, ami will mimm:. iuiiui nun. .mi . uuumu , mu tuiiii- ni ii.vjio.u to i-ieeuiaic any more. . .. II,.,...- IV XMIl' ll in in "''" ;". ?7..--t,,- Kks-i, ti...'-Aiinm Early in M' ch lt?33, V. V. Harris, Re ceiver of JMhlic Jloney at Columbus, Miss., was foipd to be considerably in arrears to the Genital Government. Hereupon Mr. Levi Woodbury, then and now Secretary of the Treasury, and a member of tlio Administra tion wliich "sternly sets its face against these ovils and their authors," addressed the l'ol 1 jwiug letter to Mr. Harris : Tr.r..t'-i-r.v Dr.rAtiTMr.XT, ) March r, 1 '.i'.. J Sir The D-partni'tit lnvins; leceitvd no iinntlily wl.irQ JlMVvilnr lh.- tl-.llKni-illlllS of fjur ollico ftoin tue moiitli of Uctoinr, last, i nave niouniii proper iu terpart almost of tlio one above quoted, da ted Feb. C, 18-jj. Still Mr. Harris with held his returns ; and on the 2Gth June Mr. Woodbury again wrote as follows : TitBAi-n- Department, ) June y.), i9;r. j Sir Hat in j; in a eoniiminication ti.idref-sod to you on the 17tb ot' March lac-t. and on iercrut prior uvea niuns ured upon you Ihu indisjienj-ablo necwity of a Ftnct altention tonialiin' your monthly return and limlin that no returns have been rcceiteil, froni you f.iUnlirwi 1 tint " nhnulrrrr n lir uiihlir mill nincD that of the month of Xovembci- la.-t . it bccimcs I'lellOOtl, tlKll )llinac)CIS OJ lilt pilUllC ami my unpleasant duty to say to you, thai if those m ar- "of public institutions obtain syvqiathy and be constrained to report your ti'e-jlec t for the'aJuoii of "forgiveness, while the Administration ishich the Kxeemite. J-j,,,,.,. Scc,y 7W "sternly sets its face against these evils and W. P. HAnnis, Jiacivcr. ' "their authors, is sought to be made the This epistle proving as inofioctunl as hs"rictiin of its firmness and intcriti, predecessors, Mr. IIanis,was duly "reported Hero lor the present we rest. Jitit ere we leave tho subject let us ask any man, be his principles or politics what they may, if the facts connected with the successive de fidcalions of Harris and Royd do not convict Amos Kendall of the most iinbliishiu'i ef frontery, iu publishing " to the whole world over ins proper si('irature, llie tieiinerate my mind lias ban drnwu, In relation to tho policy of the nilininisttalioti, impoio upon mo a duty Tiom which I hate no disposition to shiink a duty which 1 will endeavor to perform in that Mill it of candor, conciliation, and manly finnlincss, w filch 1 trust will cverd.stiiieuifli my intercourse with my fellow citi .eiu unoii every Important question that may tirisofor their decision. I cannot, sir, participate in tho deliberations of your convention t nor by any act of mine, however feeble or unimportant they may be, longer contribute to strengthen n outgo which thu settled conviction of my judgment, (he irresistible testimony of events tench tun is at war with the best Interests ol ny countrywith tho stability mid permanence of Us most cherished institutions. A causa wliich is in open hostility to nil IIiopo cauhivd pimeiplcs ot democracy by tvlucii it prcfesses to bo governed I ono which, in thu tendency oi us measures, is iraiinni wnu liicaieumun- ikiuki " tic very cxistclico or the republic nud which seeks, li) tho elevation of a chief mainstr? to whoso nets aro condemned liv ino allium unanimous voice oi uiu Ancriean people, could that voice be heard in its own luiJisyuisicd lanjiua'P of disapprobation, us it is heard m .lie coiiliiliiig inlercourso oi me, iree irom uiu nn ctigiiilliieiicoor pally prejudice ami party tyrrany, to lubvort the verv nriiieiiiles upon which our yovern- Hint is Lnre.l. . . . . Int. in inaliinijthiscoiiiiiiunieation, Air. Minimum, sltill not trcs!iias3 upon the patienco of your eon- veiilon, nor taiuicr willi fcehnys ihllerent from my own by a recurrence to the reasons that have brotmht cjiiMciion to my iniml, any fariher than to justify llie eourf I have taken. I twll only leler in itiiiiruiiKo ns brief, nml in ti-rm-i ns conciliator V. as I am ciinablo of cinpliyins. to ono or two ol ino moro prominent oi the nunilokt errors and abuses to which my attention lins Icen directed, anil to winch iiuicli ol tlio present diMrifs of the country, nnd .of thudaui'crs with which it is orcatemd, are itiuiuestionably to healtnbiitul., ()1 these, tho most strutiuj? aim uisasirous iu ns t llecji upon the prosperity and welfare of the people 1110 Host dangerous 111 lis icimcney hi men ihh.-i.j-nml t-iiiii!iii.s i iiiiiliiiibtcillv ihc nlaiiniiiL' usuriin tiotuol tlio latoand present administrations, in their cll'irs to imito the moneyed with the executive power oi tie mit eminent. To riditco ino cnciuaiiiiK ioe- . Mnr ..i'ilinr-mmirv In a standard in inilciv lie (iw the Mints of industry and enterpti'-o. 'lo unsettle, and L'catlv to diminish, the lived value of properly, whipTlmu'liniiiirlitiiiivcrtv nnd suH'criun unon thou sands )f the most worthy and valuable of our fellow o irniM uiu Bin-rad rum a id t esoianoil iiiroui'iioui the lauL To depress the ureal mass of the laboring nml iir.-lnniivcchmscs of tho conuiumitv. hv rcduciiiL' the jiru-is of labor tindhuhftry, to ihcstandard cf tho most it railed portions, anil llln worst povrrtied na tions uf the old world i anil llnallvi to t-iko fiom tho poor linn thnt poweifnl and salutary incentive to ac tionthat mconmarnblv beneficent stimulus to an honest, tipriuht, nud industrious course of life, which a wholesome nnd well regulated credit system is to ailnuralily calculated to impart. AKI to thi. the still more recent and nruinlluiL' u vclonmcnt of n design unon the liberties ol the iicoiile in the late recommendation of one of the Nationa Council, for rau'inir. eoiiuiiuuL'. and di-eiiiliiunii an if- feelivearniy oflOOU.000 men a band of mercenary soldiers to be at nil limes at the beck oflhe tiarlvin power; and it no longer hates any room to doubt 1 1 in i 1 1 in iciuieiiev oi i ic am i i isirai on m to ncioein- ate its nowcr. at whatever sacrifice of nonular nuhts ami popular principles it may demand. I inumt ii ime, lor tueyare numerous and staitlimr, but tliese, 1 trust, wenf there none oth ers, will he deemed siulicient to lustily the course l have takin. Ono other consideration, however, I will mention, as having induced me, more especially :il this tit tic, to seek an opportunity lo lay my tiews before llie political paity of which vonr Convention is composed. My name has been freely used by a million of that nartv. in connexion with'its candidacy lor re-prcscuintitc from thisdisliicl to the next State ituro. In the coming election, so important ternn commnnder to the seat now occupied by Mr. Vim llurcn which will, 1 trust, nml hope, and believe-, totnto the President out or ollice nnd tho coun try into n glorious He-form t and 1 who nm tho son of n Soulier, feel to join in Iho universal shout for Old Tippecanoe. Hut It may hereafter, if not now, he charged upon me, of hating joined thofcdcral party 1 Ifso tltcto will not bo the least shade of I ruth iu the chariic VA Hi MM IIHNUY HARRISON IS NO KKDHRA LIST, NOR MVIiR WAS. Ho H n man of eonsttm mnto ability t n finished scholar, and a plain Repu blican Ohio I-'arincr who, nftcr having served his country in the battle field iirtdcr Waynk, and subse quently us n most successful nud popular (Jencrnl nnd also Tor many years as Governor, Congressinan r Alininli-r to soiiin l-'iirciini Court, retired to culti vate Iho sou hul a graieiiu people, not torgeiiiiioi ins leoiiiau iairiouam nun noncsiy, niu uuuui ..n the Old Democrat, nnd war worn Soldier lo the Pres idential Chair and in easling my hiuublo influence and siitlrngo in invor oi lien. llAimtsoN, i ociicyo i shall do right, nnd rendera service duo so distinguish ed n patriot ana wiien I trace Ins tvnoio uiooi useitu nroa nml lind him i-niovinir llin ronridenec and sup port of such lucnosJRtTnnso.v, Mamso.s- nnd Mos non of Johnson, SiiEtnv nud Hx.snv Clay, 1 havo every conlidenee lo lielievo that by voting lor nun i t in inltor serve t in in crest ol t 10 eounirv aim more eliectually aid iu perpetuating tlio Kreo Demo crntic Republican principles, the basis of our Ameri can iiismuiioii!". Ami tu rn let ninniinln f tin Innirilnirn nf llint Rcnilbll rnn. r.aiiLMlon Cheevrs. nf Hnii?li Carolina, delivered ill Congress in 1811, itldcfenco or the War with (treat ltritain, Tor the purpose of putting forever to sileneo thnso who denounce llie "Hero of tho West; as n "coward." and as havim; "no military fame. Mr, Chrevcs n!d : "Wo boast the destruction of Proctor s Army. Proctor has suH'ered tho severest censure, in the or ders of the Commandcr-in-Chicr, that lancnage can express. Till'. VICTORY OK II RR1S0N" WAS stit;i Ats tviiuii v h ;ii i io ROMAN (iKNKRAI, IN Till'. 11KST DAYS OK l'MI-'. RI'.PUIII.IC, TIIK HONORS OK A Till tJMPH. Hoputnnend to tho war in Upper Canada." Such is the language or the Patriot or South Carolina. Langdoa Cheeves, vlto, with Henry Clay, stood anioini the foremost nnd firmrst of the Democratic Republican parly in support or the Wnr. an n cloud or witnesses as inavba produced, endorsing the mi if.. 1 :..;i i;r..! r -.... iv.. n if ,n. mtos- who, that is in favor of a rrforni in the Cov crnmeiit, nnd opposed to Iho bargain nnd sate at the llnllimotn Convention will refuse to give him their tmbought sufi'rage at the npproachingclcction. Your fellotv cil'ien, SAMUEL N C.NATT. Dr.TROiT, M"av 30, ISiO. THIS DIKl'KRUNCE. Read the following and then ponder onthnbrnsu'ing of the federal locofoeos "fli-netnl IIahihson has resided for ft lone time in tlio neighborhood or Cincinnati that city gavo a llnrriton majority or 1,700. Mr. Van Hcnr.N resided a long tune inawany that city gives COO majority ngainst him." Wnsfiitiwton citv too. thoiiLdi "beneath tho shadow or the tluone," gave a majority against Vnn Riiren- ism, nild ticcieil a siermig tieiuocruui; ri-piiMiicnn Mayor in spite or nil tho cllbrls or the suttlites or power. . WHERE W1M. THE MARTINS 001 The incorrigible wng or the Picnyune, with other choice spirits, ntc dinner Intel y on board or tho steam er General Prntte. After giving mi account or the dinner, Pic concludes thus! Somo very good things were said by the gentlemen around the table) amongst which was the following from it verv intimate friend or ours, whoso modesty wo Tear to offend, or wc should give his name. The remark was made bv ono party, that "birds or a feather flock together.1' "Yes," said another, "but no one can tell where tho innrlinsgo." . , , "I can tell you," said our friend, "wliero one martin will go." "Wlierol" was tho enquiry. "To Kinderhook," was the reply. PRENTICEIANA. Tho loco Tocos have at last erased to count the seccders rroin their party. . They now find it much shorter work lo count t hat is left. Neighbor A. do you know whether Mr. Van Iliiren has to pay rent Tor tho "White Hoiisol" I suppose he docs, ns tho people, I understand, intend to send iu their "Hill" next spiing. Tim l.neo Tocos seem to have the same opinion of old Tippecanoe, that the people have ot Air. Van llu rcn. The locos say, that old Tip declines replying to their questions, and wo know that the people have made up their minds that Mr. Van llurcn iruiir em siccr at all. A Hoosier being asked the other day what major ity would be given in his Slate to tlio hero of North Rend, replied about seventeen acres. What is the prospect in Kentucky, Prentice? u ill ,-ou beat the I.oeos there I Mo. 7 iihm. Ili-nl llinm 1 Wbv. bless vour soul, the only ilan- jrer is that tve shall beat them so badly ns to render ourselves name ion criiiiuuu prosucuiwu iui ussaun nud battery? 'twice. An Incident. Tho cll'ect of Tippccaioo songs was government banks, and counterfeit democracy. "1 thank thee, Jew, for teaching mo that word." Wo cannot better closo this paragraph, than In tho beautiful languago of tho Evening Jour nal. " Wo thank tho enemy for giving us tho i.od cAniN as a whig emblem. It in a most fitting illustration of our principles'. It carries the mind back to a period of republican simplicity, when our rulers wcro faithful and honcet. Fortunately our country is not so old iu years, nor our people so enervated by luxury, as to forget their I.og Cabin origin. Wc all know that Patriotism re sides among our yeomanry. Tho watch-firrJs of Liberty arc guarded and fed by tho dwellers in liOg Cabins. We nrc proud, therefore, of the opportunity of supporting a I)g Cabin candid- ate (or President. Wc joyfully accept the Ijg Cabin as our coat of arms." for delinquency to tlio Administration "which sternly sets its face" against such evil-doers. The result is thus announced to the Iteceiver: Tnc.tscnv DEiuiiTJinNT, ) August 5 PIICXJKKSS OF TIIK STORM. Wc chronicled the other day srventy-four renunci ations of Van l'urenisni in Ohio, Illinois, and Virginia. To-d-iy we reeoul twenty-nine more. They aro only .pecimens of what are going on throughout the length Sir Agreeably to the intimation ititen you in my and breadth of the laud. In Alleehanv countv. Mil.. letter of tae 2Ulh June, it h;u beoniio my disagreeable lho aru ,r,,r iw, 0fl- r.flL.r ,ia. following man- duty to icport your continued neglect to the Pie-Mtlcnt; ,v ' '" . who has instructed me lo s-ay to you that if the month ly returns required irom you ny 1110 regulations oi nu Treasury, tvhich are in nfrcars nre not received at the 7'o lUlitnr nf the Cumberland Civilian : Air. Chath ! on will please inform the conductors Department nil or bf fare the lO.'i of (Mober next, you ol tho AlUghaiuan that tlu.y lme put my name on w 11 then be dismissed from office. I am. .Vc. Hi" laiien eouinuiue ot tiguanco wiiliout lum, LEVI WOODIiURY, .Vcc'v Wens. W. A. IlAr.r.if, J-'sq, Jlueirer. Kven tlion, after the facts in the case were audi iried. I am now an avowed fiiea-1 of (tea. llai-ri'-iin and no longer a supporter of llie Van I!ur.-n nd-iiiiii'-trntiou. I Iai-.iiicon .S-i-.tnTSiiAN. r, die undcrnened. fuiduiL' our names on the well understood at Washington, thi "stern" Van liureii l omiuitico of Vigilance for iho di.-trict, .... . .,, . ,. . , , think it due to the cause of truth to stal"-, that, tliiuk- Adiiiinistration nolihed Air. Harris that be ,,r om-lit to boa chamro. wo now i-o fur Harri son ami leiorm would heallowed to continue his "pickings nnd stealings ' lor two months longer at any rate, and for an indefinite period besides if ho could make up his returns in tolerable season. As the threat seemed to bo serious Mr. Harris went to work in another di rection to keep himself in ollice. A friend, the lion. Mr. Claiborne, late member of Congressfrom Mississippi, writes an earn- H. S. Shafier. J. Ranee lur, Christian Statler, Henry Mitchell, Thomas I.uddv, Edm.' Middlctotvn, W. S. Whin ik'er, John Riant. That staunch republican county in Vir ginia, 'Old Flu,1 furnishes a sign equally sig nificant : I'tCVANA Co. April 1, 110. To llu I'Uitorsof the J'irhinnntt I! Vn'y: (irntlcmen In the l'.unuiier of the 1 lib of March, we find oi, r n.imcs published as members of tho Vim Li iu its re-suits upon the welfare of the counti v, 1 desire to go into tlie contest with "upuro heart, and with clean hands'' to stand lot tit nn-hackled either by personal inlcrcst or by party obligations. And as I could not, if e lected, di-chargo my duty to my coun try, to my conscience nnd to my Cod, without doing violence to thu confidence tint would thus have been re-poscd iu m?, 1 embrace this opportunity to make known mv position. In ibus'sovcring mvsi-lf from tho deliberations of your body, and fiom political identity with the indi viduals of whom it is composed, I have found that it has reonirnl tin ordinary ellbrt of the ttill no com mon strength of pin pose to withdraw Troni the support of those long tried nnd faithful friends, whos? chums to tho honor-able and responsible trust of Representative in our National Councils, will be brought forward for its d c'sion. Rut as tlio motived which have goyi rued me are, "Not that 1 loved Ciesar les, but Rome more," I trust that I shall bo acquitted oT any personal hos tility in mv feolitti'S towards those aentlemen. Mv iiiiU-ilesin- mv niiisi feivetit and daily asniiation to my'Maker is, to see thi" ureal Cover'nineiit, of this hitherto propemus and happy people, wrested irom t he hands o the spoilsmhs rccned irom ino eras p oT thos Vandal", who have laid the axe at the root of thesaeredtrecol liberty and see it committed to tlio guidance of others, more capable, more honest, more devotee! to their .country's good, mm these scnti incuts, Mr. Chairman, 1 have lite honor to be, Your very humble servant, AXUHBW PALMER. While the loco focos rejoice over their one convert, IIauisi.sonism counts its new allies not by tens or hundreds, but by thousands. It is not the defection of one Mr. Wicui.inx that is to counterbalance the vast daily acces sions to tlio banners of ll.uiuisox and Ri on.M. Tlio most recent distinguished ac cessions to our ranks is that of S. N. G.vatt Esq. of Michigan, who has been long iden tified with the Jackson and Van IJuron party in that State, but has now left the Govern ment for tin: People. From tho able letter of Mr. G.vatt, in which lie communicates liis intention to one of tlio administration committees of the city of Detroit, we make the following extract : TWO JACKSON EDITORS OUT EOll ;,;,i"v. i,,m-., m r.nnsinhiirrdi in a striniiur manner If VUMICinV t The Whigs or that beautiful villaco had obtained n jidiiiuoun i room for tlio purpose of practising their wngs, dircct- Thc "Denver Citv Chronicle," published lyopposiictheslioporashocmakcr who was a strong . . , i "i 1 ur t i Van llurcn man. A few nights tuice they met for at Rochester, i'a.( by J. . lltrr., Jr. tho Tirst time and began losing. Tin sheieinnkcr has pulled down its Van Dure n Flag and ft-g'te rilll lip Uie uriglll uaillicr Ol iiaiiuison. nnei reached UieolUcrs.uoot tne street, nowtver, iiieiuu- RnroitM. The change is thus n.inouncJ & JT "tiWtil OUR I'LAO! liutiiin . lie next, oven nseended the slairs nnd cn- Tliis week wc have tho gratification of lavin-' ho- tered the room, nnd appeared to be listening to the foul our leaders the sanies oTOcn. Wll.UA.M HEN- patriotic songs, which the wings were peiusmg, ttun ur- n inniunv ....t innv m-t i.'i .. .1... u ,,rnii ininreai. At lust in lecautn ileetilv alleeteu : ;i.'c'.f Candidates tor i-resiilcnt and Vice rrcsident ot (ears ro ten nowii iu. ciii-uita s ...,, - m ilm IT.,!l-.l Mtnlpq inll.rnniiinr ir,i-.-i f.ii. 7,iii VO1C0 cllllUctl With ClllOtloU, lie CXcUltneil IIV nnd Kit-hard M. Johnson, who have dcparled this Heavens! I can stand it no longer. Down withN an t:r. :.. il... nr,l,,i,,t,a ..f n,r i,.,nrr Tlmi -n In v.. Iliiren Hurra for o 1 1 TiiMicctilioc I ' It is nceilless lieen a warm and nriiett suppoucr oi i.en. jncuson ior is iu mm, iii.ii ....- m...-; n, ,7 ..... ...... nnd Van llurcn, wc will not deny yet, it ttas done of thu warmest Wlims m his village. Uellehil l-Ictcli-upon an honest fouviefon, thnt their policy of gov- or of Snltoiin say, "loti; mo lho wilting of, the hal- K 1 L) A V M O 11 N I it Ij, J !"!TWWrJW-roIH rnnieiit, was right tint policy of government has idled to tiroduceTthat icace. hannine-ss. ami nrosoe- ritvtoour L'rowitiL' rcitiblie. that we ouaht to have received at lier iiamis, h aio sen evident. fso much for M J. V. White, Junior. Having dischargee his duty, the younger Editor proceeds to "define tho position" of his Father in tho fulowing paragraph: " Wc have received tic Island 2d numbers of a new ORIGIN OF "LOG CABIN AND HARD paper cittiiieei uio - i-Herman, cuihu ny mnn H. White, senr., at Chardon, Ohio. Wo rejoice to LIHI'jK. have it ui our power to show another change in favor TIC ioco f0C03 llcvcr nKlJ0 a nrc'itcr mistako of the Hero ot the Thimes. Iho " rccmun lins til , . . ... ., ,- 7 its mast-head tho Hag of Cicn. Ihrrison and John than when they attempted to excite the rultcuk 'J'ller, in Hying coloi. It will bo recollected Hint of the country against ucncral Harrison on ac our lather l.asoeen ar editor lor inany tears, niw tins f . . ,. j crror lotight many a name tor jucksoii aim to " , c . , ,. . , lltirrn. vet no lias nrw la ;ctl a sia ill 1111011 uie w.111 unu nun uiou tuaiia 111 ..iiuiuoi ..1101.11U11, am. imsmou tTt'hc omcc try 10 oxcile prejudices of the poorer cla-scs ngniiisi j 1 1 in, ny nusuiy uuciiirniir iiiue lie: is jiu-s CONFESSION OV A CONVERT. sesscd of ureal wealth. The loa cabin has sud The following is capital. We copy it from the Lou- j ,..1.. eliaiitred into a palace ! the hard cider with 1st 1110 journal. manifestoes. est letter to the President, irom which the 1 l"rc,x commitlco of correspondence, appointee! for c 11 plus count v by the late Van Run 11 convention, held m lollOWIIIg arc extracts : the dty oi' Richmond. This, appointment was made Colv.miu-., September 13, lR3."i, Hear Sir Many ui' the curly and constant frimth of the administration in this s-lnle have heniel irM inucJi re,i;rct and sorrow, ihal the receiver of public money at this place is to " consider himself diinissed unless his returns arc made before the the first of Oc tober." I'oiudexter employed a vile, unprincipled ag.-nt (Gibson Wooldriilge) to take lesliuiony til this ollice-, under a resolution of the Senate; and 'he endeavored to implicate (Sen. Harris nnd (ico. W. Martin in sonic transactions of verv minor importance. Ifl had been c.tnniinod, I could hate explained the whole mailer to uie entire exoneration ol lien. Jlarri: nt dunu true democrats; nnd ill without our tiutlioiity, nnd 110 doubt without know leeltre of our noliiiciil tiews. It ti true we Into b.-cn supporters of Al irtitiJVitii lliirui; but he hatitur, in our opinion, dcparled irom t!io-"'.!e!iet soman iirinciiilcsoficiiublienniMn on which tc tliml, the fed. ml poverlinient oiwlit lobe ndniinis Icied, tte have lint hi siltiled to abandon him, when to adhere 10 him longer would acquire n surrender of tho principles we Hate always elicnsliid. Allien Allegree, Aaron Hhdsoe, Riubeu (iearge, Thomas C. l'ayne, Waller Key. A copy of tho above has been sent to the is family and connections arc extremity Influential, editor of the Richmond Enquirer more than dallnj them arc co-operating irith us in Ihc ur- fiv ,.,..c ...,,1 , ...jii , ....i.i' 1. j, , .,,,,1 :, wusstruzylachhhKe are now mal.imr. Theynre " "'' S ,,ml 110 1101 Inll,llsl' 11 alul 11 ,10 democrats; and lho bank. inillilViiu- imt! While i I'nt-tlii.r rni-nr.1,.,1 t,i 1,n ..-ill l,.n- tlx. pirtics would shout "victory" ut any blow aimed nt . , , . , them. justice lo do it yet. I he last Times con- tei nu- ii"'y in tho midst of an clclionrrrms eam- paian. Hot-, ltunnels, K. Walkir, Maj. I!, W., nnd myself, constituto llie democraiie Vnn llurcn licKct. llwillien closo contest. With high respect, 1 icniniu vour txceilcnev's meet ob't set't. .U)JI 'l U. CEAIIlOllNE. To I!ib Excellency, lho President of the U, States, The assurance that Mr, Harris and Ids fam ily wero "extremely inlluential" zealously tains tlio following, under date of Antrim, .May 18. State Journal. Having turn in ihc Star an article taken from iho Oht'i Hint, sman, 111 which il is mated that "iheichas lecn tint ona change m political matters, in tins neigh borhood, tlllll to lleliiiiernl." nml lint wishing thai 0111 fuenilsnt a distance Miould be gulled by sii'b n "true statement of uiattcis," we hereby 11 Jy that wo have heretofore supported Mr. Van " co-operatint:" with Mr. Claiborne in tho 'hinn. but cannot be ituhtced to do hi again. . n.wi:.. l!,i',...l , , , Wilhaui Kirk, John llurnsworth iuMiiiig ,iiuv.ii zuujjyii-, tt ,lb IIUl tVIIIIOUl its effect. Tho administration which 'stern- luoinas l-'itmey, William 11.11, William Ramsay, .1. JI liiekmaii I,, .ni. iitCii-n' ,,, ,1 .11 in- ui. ilium-in, m me .voiiiiiguaui usi. inni ,j smj .1 uiusu -piuiiiiurur.s 01 "urn 1 oceiiiie. l.eti Alelli me. tho public,' relaxed somewhat iu its severity, !iarhehip my old eanoo nud paildlcd over lo 1 he followingletter speaks for itself. Tho editor ol tlio Cincinnati Gazette says, that personal ncuaintaiico with the writer enables him to speak of him as a merchant of the nnd sont Mr. Harris tho following reprieve; TmiAseitv Diipaiitmemt, ) October l',. HT. Sir Trusliii" to tho nssinances given in your let ter oT the I-llh ultimo, and to those nj'your Jricndt, made in your be'iatf, lho I'ri s.dcnt 'has co'nsenteil, npuii 11 iu iiii-.a now neiuru mm, 10 coniinuo you in r....i - . ... 1 . 1 . . . ninco until tlio lUtli or November proxMno; 11151 rt-slectaliilily, and ol great integrity and i,'s your nioiiiiny reiurns tire nil leiidere d nud satis. Ill nonce. Mr I'nlmor li-wl l.,.n i.l,rtol factory eV deuce Hat lliottboln of lho i.ublie nionev . T"' 1 llll-r "'" l"-(' OlOCteU with which you nro chargenblo nre deposited, you "elegato to the Van Duron convoiition to imn 'nnd'tilta 71 nn &c ' " ,0n,U,,Uu uw" of C011Kress. 1111(1 11 lc1 uer to mo state legislature. The party do LEVI WOODIRJRV, Sc'y Tiais. W. I'. IlAnms, Esq. Jteccirir. This, it will bo observed, was an "exten sion for ono month, nnd was followed from time to timo by other and similar favors un til some lime in tho summer of 18(lfi, when Harris was finally dismissed, having "plun dered the public" to the tune of ONE HUN DRED AND NINE THOUSAND ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTV-EIOUT DOLLARS! Mr. Van llurcn, in 1W, was elected unon the pop ularitvof (Sen. Jackson and Col. Johnson. In 1810 he wil find hiinsclt thrown unon us own resources sustained only hy lho army otoliice-hoHIersuiuler the United States (Sovernment, and they will srivo him an incfil'ieut vote ; for of all thq American Presidents, he is the l.-.-wt ilistui'.'iusheil for any generous or noble ueeo 01 uesm-.ei.-i.ieo :iitmiii.sih. 1 hate aiwavo been a devoted iriend to mv country 1 was born a democrat, and educated lo hate tyranny ami oppression, under whatever L'tiise or form. The blood of 111 y nucestoiH was frcelv spilled in the icvolu lion at Sn water and nt( ami cn : anil mv nalriot l a liter nobly laid down his life in defence of his country duiini' lho la.,twnr. under IlAnRios'. Then it can not be sai.1 of me by those who may nssail in?, thnt I tun a federalist. No; 1 lovo tho principles of demo cracy those u'cneroiis, noble sentiments that open wide the door ol" the heart, nud extends tho hand of generous protection to all classes ol our lcllow-eiti- zonsj inai.ui-'uaai 111c ennuis inai ttoinu 01110 now 11 111 lL'iiiraiu-eof his riLdils, nuv himian beui'' llint wel- otno llie holiest and we ihsnosed foreimicr to our land, nnd syinpatnie Willi llie oppressed every where.

I have been entitled lo tho elective franchio Tor 10 yens, nnd have nlwnys voted in favor of Jackson nnd van llurcn out 01 late, tacts nave como 10 my iianu too intimalelv e-oniieeliUL' Mr. Van I'urcn Willi 1 1 old Federal pirlvin lull uud 'VI, that tvas onposcd lulliewnr, anil 1 111111 nearly amid 10 unu sucu men usJohnll. I'rentis, who made him.-elf notorious iu rejoicing at the defeat of our arm, and olhrr gentle men ot tin- same school ma vast number, ami 1 am resulted to ennose his le-cle-etioii. Air. Van llurcn . as somo lit tears of aero at the commencement 01 mo mst war 11c was 111 1110 11111 tiior of manhood 10 lived nt nil iiilerostiiiir tune nnd 1 nsn m an bitueriiy, 111 w ua. iiiiuiii iiiiiiiiu 1 11:11 win did .Mr. Van llurcn distinguish himself Was ho nt Lundy's Lane-, or at Orleans was he on tho Niagarn I- roil icror it ic noise noe was 10 at case, e a 111 v iiiirsuini' the law, uroiitiu the tented field with Har- risin imdJohnson at the tilnnonsand ever ineinnralile battle oflhe Thames 1 ISo alihoti'di npo m juile ment and 31 years of nee, wo find him undecided his choice of candidates for lho Presidency iu 1S11 whether to ico for Madison, tho war candidate, for re election, or Clinton, the neaco nartv candidate- hut avowinu his nrifeicnccH for Mr. Clinton, and ho finally supported Mr. Clinton. Tho field oT battle drew lum not Tumi the arms of prirnto gratification home, or in lho .Scnato chamber. Ho was hattinn between two minions. His ambition was dille'ient fiom Wnshim.'tim, Jackson, Johnson Ov tho Hero oT Tippecanoe, Win. Henry Harrison. And nil lho honor nud glory thai attachesilse-lT to his name is that growing out ofltis union lo tho Hcpiiblican patty nTler tho election of Mr. Mndison in 1 8vj 1, when Mr. Van llurcn opposed (Sen. Jackson for tho I'leside ncy, ns heretofore he did Mr. Madison. Hero again, ho hal ted, till Air. Adams neejected to appoint bun Minister lo St. James, when ho rettii tied, through policy, nud nilvocitt.d (Sen. Jackson's claims lo the l'rcsiilenev. Ho is decidedly n superior manager nnd i man of nn,. i .iiriiiiriiiiiury inn. 11111 w ncr.i is uiu inomimeiii of his RcniuH were iho demoiiBirtilions in se-ienco or lads of a nation, and any one may make their laws.' I roy In p. surd as tlicso contradictions arc, yet wo aro told, Mr. Van Ness labored hard in his speech at Williston to give tliein form and substance. " Ti what base uses do wo como at last 1" Gen. Harrison, wo admit, never thought much about retreating when he had onco taken hit position j and wo have not the least suspicion that the old follow has any idea of backing out now. .So wo advise his enemies to profit by tho lights of history, and prepare to follow Proctor. " If the torics aro to bo believed, (says a cotom porary) Gen. Harrison exhibited great want of generalship and military skill in all his battlea. According to their ideas of the manner in which troops should bo arrayed, he ought to have bcoii beaten at Tippecanoe, Tort Meigs and tho Thames. All this may be very trite ; for tho Bake of the argument wo will grant that he ought to have been beaten ; but how comes it, let ua inquire, that be was not beaten ! When tho little Corsican at the head of the French armiea rushed down like an avalanche from the Alp into the plain of Imbardy gained tliCi battle of Lodi and Marengo shut up old Warmer in Mantua and sent tho Arch Duke Charlci ilying across tho Tyrol tho veteran war coun cil at Vienna, declared that ho hail folight alto gether contrary to rule ; and that for the very best of reasons he ought to have been defeated; Now we arc by no means anxious to claim fof Harrison the military talents of a Napoloan ; but hero is, to say the least, a remarkable coin deuce, as the abnanack-makcrs have it. Whtiri Napoloan boat the Austrians in detail, and plan-' ted bis eagles on tho battlements of Vienna, tho French nation never asked him how ho did it; They wcro satisfied with the fact, and that wad glory enough for them. Just so witli the Amer ican nullum They loam from the history of their country that Harrison's victory "would have secured to a lloinan general the honors of a triumph in the best days of the republic," and they ask no more questions. Thoy have no idea of lowering the character of their own ofli ccr.J, and exalting that of the British, for tho sake of gratifying the malice of a puny and contemptible faction. "A STERN FACE." Amos Kendal, in his address to tho public says that " the administration set its face sternly against the plunderers of tho public money." This unblushing declaration, tho Albany Daily Advertiser meets and answers by a publication of the official documents in tho case of Harris. Wc were about to hunt up these documents for tho purpose of illustrating another case. But the article in question is so much to the point, wc copy it entire, and invite the reader's special attention. Wc doubt whether the history of the political world, taken from beginning to end, presents another case of govornuicntcorniption, so open, so palpable, eo Jhtgrnnl, so shameless, as this case of Wm. P. Harris. This man was appointed a receiver of public moneys in .Mis sissippi, and as his situation gave him the best possible means of speculating in public land.-', lie Immediately began to npply the funds in his hands to that object. Tlio government knew that ho was plundering the public money, and yet he was continued in office. Occasionally, to be sure, he was cautioned not to steal any more, una requested to pay over; but, forsooth, " bis friends were inlluential, all supporters of the administration" an "important election was pending," and the opposition would regard the dismissal of a public defaulter as a " victory ;" LOCO FOCO .MEETING AT WILLISTON. and for these reasons, ho was still allowed to 1 , , , , , nl.tndnr thn mtblie. mount- morn than a vnnr nftnr TllC loCO foCOS licld a CoUnty Convention at be was known to be a defaulter, and then allow- Williston on Wednesday. Bukoess of Milton, ed to resign, and nominate his successor. Boyd, and Fj.aog of Richmond, were put in nomina- ,, 1 tion fortbe Senate Mr llaswell declining a re held it a few months, 1 . ,r ,T . , , . ,. , nomination. Van Ness was present, and spoko who succeeded to the office, 1 nn, slnln f, -o lhu.;,,l ,l,,ll,,,-: I 'Pl, ,. w.v. j.j.j j. .x. b. ,,..,.. ! ri,,, ,ni ,,!(-, f Uiu o-r.,1. eminent sent on an ajrent to investigate the 1 0 , ', . ,, , , . , . ".. ,, incut was, to prove mat, wnon rip vantvniKio matter, who reported the facts substantially as woke from his hundred year's nap, every thing ,.. !.. ..,. .1 1. 1 .... 1.: . . ... ,, ,. e 1 1 .1 . 1, 1 1 remained just as it tvas when be went to sleep, with the disgraceful recommendation that Ilovd , ,r T, , . .. , ? . , , , ' Those who oppose Mr Van Buren, he insists, be continued in office ! fortho snwular reason , , , ',. , . . .. ... r 11 j- ft are federalists, and those who support him, uem- ,and that, inasmuch as he already had bis , , , ,.', , ., ,, , , , , , , . ... , . , . eluded, Martm Chittenden! the old federal il I. bn hail no tnmntntion to s:toal morn ! ... .... Let all seccders come out with their which the old hero was said to be content, has Whigs, but had originated from tendency of the doctrine that in this land of lib in' inndu crtv, a man may, without permission from gov- r r ATnt- 10th. lq.m. niiriiuuiousij t,iiai.av.-u .me, . ..i.e. ... Gentlemen : I went on Saturday to the log cabin canting hypocrites who started the cry, iu den raising as true a Van llurcnite as ever onueei a ens- sion of Gcll. Harrison's humble condition, with werogoiiigto make of themselves to humbug igno- long-drawn, sanctimonious faces, are now preach- rance n,r about the immorality ol buining log cabins, .leXif maun? &nr$!& dSy and a,c amazingly alarmed at the demoralizing not "ot un by the Whins, but had originated scous nun jecis 11. u ..II- I,, .lerlsmn flf nil his country, for being loo poor to live 111 a puiaco aim eminent, drniK a glass 01 cuier wnu 111s uinucr : drink wine, 1 kit a little stumped. . ,,, ,hosn lin rnmpmi,ore,i nro the same in- 1- .:.,! ... I ,i r iln. ninr.l imivrtv merit mil- " " ' tempt? If he who handled millions of public ilividuals, who, out yesterday, were meraiiv inp money, had been less honest, might tie not nave "cen 10tatj()ns 0f whiskey from trenches du thinks 1, I am poorer ihan tho Cieneral j wonder it arounil niCKory poies : Diiiouruiijuei 111 ....uuuiy 1 am an oiiject 01 contcnipi 10 my r cii nroiucr nemo- to jj, 110w, tvas simply to relresli tlie IJntnott'1 thiriks'l auaiu, 1 camo hero to hunt femU, recollection of our readers as to the origin of and may bo I'm making one oT myself, and I'll (put the term, and to again explain why the people of unu m iiuiii-j. . ..,,-. ,.ii,.: ,,,1 ,i, tn Pni,: When I i'ot home. I loolc a loole nt the hUencss ol una i.auu.i ,uu nue "i ....... ... Vim llurcn, ii didn't seem to lookas well as it used and administering broken doses, harder than hard l!':,i cider, to this administration. milked ihroii" ibis whiskers at me. mst as a .-hallow Tho sticcruiLr allusion to a " I02 cabin and naru fop always does at a shoemaker, hoi turned linn cithr, orh'inatcd with the Baltimore Bepubli going with tlie log cabin dwelling eider elrinke'is. to can, and was for a few weeks copied by the loco battle against tiioso paiar-e-uwei iiigeuampaign-drin - foco papers generally. The Washington cor humble banner of tho log cabin, the nation is to be respondent of that paper, after alluding to Gen tescued from the dominion ol the spoilers. Harrison's condition 111 life, Ins age, his "pover Shoemaker and Colibl.V, Jelle'rson 'street, ty." d the " menial" service he submitted to, Jletwecn lhird unu i-ourtli streets, ncrfonnniL' the elutics ot County ( lcrli, eve nil, he had no temptation to steal more arcscbe's letter. Boyd was, and is, for wc know, continued in office to the pres ent time, and the extent of his defalcation will never be known, while the present administra tion has power to conceal it. A late number of the Louisville Journal gives the following as the finale of the Harris afi'air : The lands of Wm. I'. Harris. ofMississinni. a definl- ter to tho amount of 400,000, wero lately levied upon. They wero estimated at .VJG.OOO, and sold for $300, a loss of S35.7000. A loco foco friend became the pur chaser, and of course the lands went back instantly into Harris' possession. The pretended sal was 'a mere luana-uvio of the administration to enable the dcfultcr to compromise his debt of SC0.0&0 for S300. Thus it will bo seen that after allowing Har ris to plunder the public treasury, and resign in full possession of all he spoils, his broad lands, purchased with the stolen money, after going through the farce of a public nln. ng-n! to bis benefit, and bo will now be enabled to revel like a prince in tho pnjoynicnt of his vast pos- essions ! This is the way the nation has been bankrupted. To make up for such defalcations as this, the government is now issuing treasury notes, and borrowing money to defray its current expenses. ill the people submit to this ! Is uch a state of things to be endured ! VIRGINIA Wc have now before us a complete list of the popular vote at the late election in Virgin ia, accompanied by the Presidential vote of BIKi, from wliich it appears that the whig not gain sincolS.'lG, is ten thousand four hundred and thirty-nine ; and that we have now majorities in fourteen out of the twenty-one congressional districts. We give the following comparative table, by congrcssisnal districts, with the name of the present representatives. The returns ii letail would occupy a whole column of figures Wc will preserve them however for future ref erence. 1336. NOT TO BE HAD! Col J. W. Bnowx, a prominent, and until recently an efficient supporter of Mr. Van Buitu.N, has boldly taken grouml lor Il.utiti sox , Nit nr.roiiM. His better, reptuliating tlie Destructive measures of tho Federal Government, recently appeared in the De troit Daily Advertiser. Lol. Bnow.N was Land Keceivcr 111 Mich igan for several years and is now one of the ing editorial paragraph in the same paper: wound up an article with the following flourish " Give him a barrel of ii.r.n ctur.i:, and settle a "pension of two thousand a year upon him, and "my word for it, be will sit the remainder of his days in his loo cabin, by the side of "sea-coal "fire, and study moral philosophy." This was so exceedingly happy an idea, that tho editor of the Republican had to repeat it in another column. Accordingly we find the follow U. S. Marshals. Tho fact that ho has just been appointed a Visitor to West Point, is cvidonco of his high standing. But lie pre- lers tho path ol duty and patriotism to the advantages and allurements of office, as will he seen by the following extract of a speech ho made to the lues ot 1 ecuinseli :- "A rnoi'osrrioN. It was proposed, somo time since, that Gen. Harrison bhould bo presented with a barrel of li.vr.u cinr.n, on condition of his retiring from the licld as a candidate for the Presidency About the same time, the Washington corrcs pondentof the Evening Post made the important ... . ,.:... 1' 'J..;,i.,l :. 1 ;..i.i." 1, discovery that Gen. Harrison was a "poor man hle, and I received a flattering letter from iho .Secrc- and gave vent to liis republicanism in the follow tary of War. It is n trip id till others I should like to ,..!,, . ,..i, ii,.. 1 1,,,,,... ,i,ia '.,,.. ..v..n ,,! ii.nv win ,.v '"tr strain . pcet'me to pay welt for the honor, by a warm and "Gen. Harrison's poverty has awaked tho hearty support of in Jurc,iyViib:Trcusuiyandall. .. gynipatby of the ladies of this District, and As 1 cannot take nil this bitter with a little sweet, 1 ' 1 ' . . ji-ivo declined the honor, and hope to meet you nt I' ort ittips." Col. BudwN is a native of Jefferson coun tv. and ;i nephew of tho late Mai. Con. J.- con Buow.v, one of lho most distinguished officers ot tlio last War. ternimod to bring; him out for the leiiisluturo but like nn honest man, convinced of the ru inous cours-o.ol'liis party, hu could no longer go willi them. Tho letter is addressed to the convention, nnd well defines his position. I.cttir lo the Chnirninn nf the denioernlie convention of the thiid i-oiigri'ssionnl district of tho state' of Ohio, lo bo holilcn nt .St. Mary's on lho 25th or tho picfcnt mouth, May, 1W0 t Sir t The position my nanifi occupies ns one oT the If legation Horn 1111s county, to rrprrsrni us ncmocrn your cvintntion, nnd the ccnvlu'ione to which in Kovermnenl entitling Mr, Vnn llurcn to urcnter distinction thnil os-iniuui of tho first plllco in ibo pitt ot tlio American rcopio 1 ins ntmuiiou nml tiioiu- llueucn 01 ins station, loueiuer tvitn llie immeuso wealth ho has ncciunulnlcd by nubl'io favor, mnv seat nun so nisi 111 ins prcseui euiur 111. 11 110 may e-onuiiim m ll lor nuollier term mil 1 neiieye lliero is n sjiiru abroad in the land--which has been kindled by nil- triotism nnd is fanned by trcuernl fctiin-rinir llint nt tho polls wm, nu iiniKf ibTADLt:. Il is thodcvotediiebs oTn pntriotie people, gronning ninidsl their gricT, Tor lho return of better days nnd good old times, Ilis tho inspirntinn of nnliire, liuutriing thioiigh thousands dissatisfaction nnddistrusl toward thonilministrntioii. Il is the Inst throe oT enterprise) I'nrping Tor life. It is mo noise 01 tho intiiiuiKie wuiunrir Imnnrrsl nnd III' ehout of the f oldior for the clcvMitn. of hia old and t c- " they arc now at work gett ing up a subscription " to supply tho ' war worn hero' with a suit of "clothes. If you have any old shoes, old boots, "old hats, or old stocking!1, send them on, and "thev will bo forwarded to the 'hero of North " Bend.' " Tho Boston Post undertook to prove that Gen. II. was a " tinker," and travelled about the conn try mending tea pots; whilst another zealous Van Buren paper expressed great alarm, lest " one iu tho commonest walks ot life, should be clcv ted to tho Presidency. ".Shall it bo said that the man oT knowledge tho statesman, and true republican ( nn Hun 11) is throw; Till'. OUKAV. Likeness oT Heaven, agent of power I Man is thy victim shipwrecks thy dower 1 Spices mid jew 1 Is from valley and sea, Armies nud banners are buiicd iu tlice. Vh:il nn, thn neliea nf Mexico's mines. To tlio wealth that far down iu the deep water shines 1 'I'll.. ,r.,n,l iu.,i..u ill. il ent er till, eillllllierinij tt'CSt . . ., ... , ' i-.i... 1 . 1 . 1 i-. ..... :.. .1 ...-ll IX, u.ri l lioil lllllg St lliemio ileatll Wltuniicuvcoi iny . usiuo un uiiu 111 uiu uiiiiuuiihi uuvn u. , vu,- I'rom the hill lops that view n wreck makiticllio shore, ' ..,,.. when ii.., briiioiif the niarincrshi iksntthoroar, l or a few days, tliese, and a score or two When, like lambs in the tempest or mews in tho blast, Hjmiiar contemptuous paragraphs went tho cir U er thy iidgo liroKcn tul.ows uie cauta.s i, cuit )f th(j ,J1fl ,u iQ mem U(u tieoiilo got hold of it. Thoir prido was aroused nt thiH nalnablo attumiit to ridieulo Oon. Ilarri boii'h liiimblo protoiisiouH, IiIh retired life, his simple habits. Ilia friends resonled it. Thoy marked this languago of contempt tor rural life for farmer's drink, for log cabins, and adopted "hard cider," and "log cabin," for mottos their banners, under which they are ready Indit tho battle against corruption in high places, and expel the men from power who aro squau dering tho public money and ruining tho conn try. Tho issue is now made log cabins and hard cider, against gold spoons, French finery How humbling to ono with n heart nnd n soul, 'I'ii look on thy greatness nnd list to its roll T.1 iliinl. liiitv that heiirl in cold nslicfl shnll be'. When tlio voice of eternity rises Irom Yes 1 tt hero nre llie chics nf ThebeB nnd Tyro 7 Swept from tho ualions like sparks from the tiro j Tho glory of Athens, the splendor of Home, Dissolved forever like dew on thy foam. Hut thou nrt nhnighty, eternal, sublime . t'ntteakened unttastid, twin brother or time ! I'lccts, tempests, nor tuitions thy glory can bow, As the stars llrst beheld dice, still changeless nrt thou! Hut when tho proud surges no longer 'ball roll. And tho (imminent s length is drawn back like a scroll, Then, then shnll tho spirit Ihal sighs by thro pott . He more mighty, moTO uhnng-dejs, nwie lasting than thou. iovcrnor, who didn't go to Pittsburgh, rose and moved a vote of thanks to Mr. Van Ness, for his able and eloquent exposition of democracy. as wc understand if," wliich motion was sec onded (we presume,) by N. B. llaswell, anoth- distingiiished war federalist who was pres ent, and passed unanimously. Thus has Gov. Ness realized what be predicted thirteen years ago, viz: "that he should be seconded in hid (llbrts by the most distinguished, disinterested FEDERALISTS iu the Union." Surely Mr. Van Ness' democracy must now be bevond tho reach of contingency, backed up, as it is, by certificate from Martin Chittenden. 1. Hanks, '. Hons, 3. lleirne, 1. Coles, 5. Crais, fi. Dronmoole' 7. Cinrlnud, 8. Hoggin, Hill. 10. Hollcmnn, Hopkins, Hunter. 13. Johnson, 11. Jones, 5. I.ucas, Id. McCarty, .LKivcs, 16. .Samuels, 19. Steenrod, 0. Taliaferro, il. Wise, Wliitr, 678 1221 1733 1302 1(110 , 033 lOu'O 1271 901) 1013 400 071 1353 021 130J Kil I 023 973 1551 827 1133 Tory, lai;s 8.53 1301 1733 2331 1011 1903 1.519 129 CC9 2373 9C0 17G2 1105 1,500 793 !Ki3 2-00 2110 6S3 325 1310. Whig, 1 12G 1315 2333 1510 2tH7 1003 100 177(3 11 13 2002 1131 1135 2131 719 23G7 1779 699 Hid 2559 1259 1730 Tort-, 173ii 550 1597 1219 21S5 1350 1212 10.12 1333 1333 2703 1114 2270 837 2072 810 12,13 2209 2553 1131 135 Total. 23.102 31,131 Mr Vnn Huron's majority iu 1S30, Harrison sin isw, 31,102 3I.G93 7732 2707 10,139 Nett IlAnr.isoN a a IK, Just after the election, before tho rcttin were all in, the Globe promised a table of fig ures that should demonstrate the certainty of loco foco majority in Virginia ; but it has never, we believe, found timo to make it out. And the Sentinel, if we recollect right, has never conde scended to inform its readers any thing about the popular vote iu that State. If there is loco foco majority m Virginia, wc should like to see the figures that make it out. But such not the fact. The stato is, beyond all doubt lost to tho administration, and tho late whi, majority of twcntyseien humlird, will be large increased in November. In reference to this point, the Richmond Whig, roferrring to north western Virginia, says : " We are justified by tho wholo current of information from this re gion, in assuring our whig friends throughout tho State, that it will givo an unprecedent Whig vote nt the fall election. Let the whi in every other section of the state do as well and tho Old Dominion goes for Harrison and re form by 10,000 majority." NO KKTIIKAT. Tho locofoeos aro getting into a terrible pa sion with Gen. Harrison, because, as thoy say ho never inado provision for a retreat, and if ho had been defeated in any of hishattloi', could n have retreated, no how ! Tho Indians, it is said. solectcd his battlo ground, and yet ho alway thrashed them ! ho lacked military science, yet never lost n battlo ! was a coward 1 and yet was tho only General to whom a British army sur mnderod durimr tho last war. Strange and a! All general rules have their exceptions. Up this time however, all the changes, since. Jlarrwon's nomination, have been in our favor. ;iel we have felt no little uneasiness, lest there. was something wrong;, as we did not bcliero the order of nature was to be reversed on this occasion. Hut wc arc reliovcd. The o.rceo. tion is found. The administration has been able to hire two or three individuals, through out tlio length and breadth of this land, to join the sinking cause of locofocoism. Among tliese, is a Mr Wicklifi'o of Kentucky, of whom the Louisville Journal gives the following ac count. WicklitTo, it is said is to have an ap pointment at Washington. to Tin: knemv. In the c.xchancc pa pers, that we received 011 Saturday morning, wc found filenames 01 Ti seeceiers irom tile loco toco ranKs, and by way of a small sprinkling of variety, otic scccdcr from the I17ii'tr ranks. Tho scccdcr from the Whigs is none other than Hubert A'. Wicklife (not the younpr .nr. .ticiiuue ttnom wc nouccil on i-noayj prcuy well known, wherever known at all, bv the graphi- ally descriptive soubriquet or "Greasy Uob." Mr. Wicklille "ives in the Lc.ini:ton Gazette, a co lumn of what ho calls his reasons for going over to lho loco toco party, tt e can slate his iiuc reasons witiun initich narrower snacc. The e-hief of them is, mor tified vanity. Whilst he bclongcel to the Whig party he was perpetually trayim: to get to Congress. Last summer, in opposition to the wishes of nil the Whigs, he tin ust hiniM'lf forward and ran for Congress in op- loMtion to tue party candidate, the lion, uicliarel Iawcs. Ho was beaten, distanced, disgraced : ho receited 110 Whig support nt nil, though the locofoeos generally went for hint. This lesult turned him sour aeramst tne t iul'., but ho did not nt once avow ms abandonment of them, for he indulged n hone of bcincr able to coax them into his support at some subsequent lime. A few months afiei wards n rumor was preva lent in tho district that 3Ir. Hawes was about tore sign, and the Whins began 10 cast about for a succes sor. Then, hidce-d, poor Wicklifle's expectations blazed anew, but thepublic sentiment of the party pas sed by linn as ir there had been no such person in existence, i ins was enough the cup of Ins vinegar and gall was full ; and he" but wailed Tor an eippor lunity of pouring it out upon the Whig party. Such an oppoi tunny, he thinks, has arrived, and ho has avail ed himself of it. The Whigs have; had thecood luck to lose a troublesome-and mortified oflice-seeker, and tlie loco Toeos to find one. We nre tcry glad to sen such politicians drop oil' from our ranks at this parti cular time. If there nro any more, let them make all haste to go. They nre not fit to shnre in the honors of lho great nnd glorious victory which the soldiers of the Constitution nre about to achieve over tho army of the Spoilers LAMOILLE WHIG. Wc omitted last week to notice this excel lent whig paper, published at Johnson, tho first and second Nos. of wliich nrc before us. Its mechanical appearance is good, and tho editorials nro extremely well written. Wo congratulate the whigs of Lanioill,the district, and the stato, on tills new accession to our catiso; while wo bespeak for neighbor Poland a liberal support. oun CABIN. Winslow need give himself no uneasiness about tlio log cabin. While wo were pen ning tilts paragraph, tho unterrificd democra cy of tho land nro pouring into town with tho meteriiils, nnd before wc issue another sheet, this humble emblem of tho people's emtio will grace the market place, and its walls bo vocal willi elomicnco and song. When the government denounces tlie dwellers in log houses nnd huniblo cottages, it is timo for tho people to rally around them. Thoy will do it. Tho reputation of log cabin dwellers will bo vindicated, and this administration will curso tho day that it over gavo vent to so gross nn ebullition of spleen against the peo ple's c.indidate against tlie people them selves. John Smith slated in Congress, a fow days since, that ho should not bo ro-elcctcd, but that his place would supplied by n whig. very sonsibja remark,

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