Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, June 19, 1840, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated June 19, 1840 Page 3
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T 'f i"i I ii mi i hi mini 1 1 in j a m CARD. Our brethren of the l'ress, who may attend Die Convention on the S.V.h, arc respectfully no tified that tho string to our cabin will not bo pulled In on that occasion, and as many of thcin na can inalto It in their way to call upon us, will be furnished with a plate at our table, and nuch faro as tho farm produces. Wo have a pare bed or two, two imposing bioiics, and a foft pino floor; and our friends can "jeff" for the choice. Our house in connected with tho office, near tho " log cabin." Tnc State Cokvextion. Oar lliirliiigton friends iiru unking til orou.diprcpnrutions fnrneeoiiiinodatiiif; the Whigs of tho ritulo on the Arrangements have been made with tho steamboat to rarry for half price, and every whin house is to lie a hotel for tho occasion. It' this will not accommodate nil, friend 5tacy pays "There's tho park, has got a jjoo.1 fence nrouud it, there's a glorious sky above it, and if the 'ales are kept shut, a (,'ood wliiji necil not catch cold, Old Tip has had, many a worse iiiijht'fclodmiiii than that." Never mind, wings of llurlimiton wo don t stand for Biieh luxuries ns n park to sleep in. Only xectoitthatrt ait tloors is not more than full, nnd we of Old .ddison will take nn acre or two of Hint, with agings of hard cider, and think ourselves well oil'. Let them look oat for doien thh 'rat. I.odipiir; for one thousand, will be me lensi iiumucr in uc lllttlld Middlcbiiry People's Press. Wo can usstiro friend Muxliani, that " two ucrc lots" arc getting to be rather scarce. But 'then if " nil out tloors" should happen to bo full, wo can get enough of York State sut off to us to accommodate Old Addison. So fjine on. On the 25th inst.tho Vermont StateConvcntion will assemble ot Hurliiiijtnii to nominate a ticket for .State Olliccrs and Presidential Electors. We would inquire of Mr. Stacy if ho thinks there will ho room for a few of our Reesevillc friends. Kccscvillc Hrpubllcan. Certainly. Come by nil means. If there isn't room, we'll endeavor to ma ko it. Uy tho way! supposing our Kocsvillo friends bring a five acre lot with them ! We will' reciprocate tho favor some time. 53r There will lie many thousands of persons at the Win-: .Stale Convention, nnd some lug ciiliili". .So said Mr. Van ZS'css tho oilier dav ; anil we think he is right in this. The Whigs of Northlield have a fine log cabin pi cpnrcd, nnd plenty of poik, beans, and Indian bread engaged. Montpclicr U'utchman. FRANKLIN COUNTV. Tlic wiiigs in this county are wide awake. A meeting was held in Sheldon on the 112th, to make arrangements for the State Convention, at which ofliccts were appointed, and the following arrangements agreed upon : 1. That the elclccatcs nass'mz through, nnd ft out Sheldon, to meet at Draper's, on Wednesday, the 21th inst., at 1'2 o'clock, A. M., at which tiinoa pio- ccssion win Dclormed, ana leave ol St. Allmns. 2. That delegates passing through, nnd from St. Albans, will meet at D. Lyman's, on (he 2llh inst., ivt 2 o'clock, 1'. 31,, nt which time a procession will be formed and leave for .Millon, where they will ic main until thu nr.t morning, 3. That the delegates from fieorgia will either join 'the procession on Wednesday as it parses tluougli town, or Thursday morning nt Milton nt 0 o'clock, at which time the procession will leave for Wiuoo&ki Tillage. 1. The delegates from I'akcrsficld, I-'lclehcr, Fair fax, and other towns travelling the Pastern route will concentrate nt Mcrril'a in Colcht.-tcr, at 7 o'clock, A. M., on the 25th inst., and arrive at Wi.nooski village, nt half past S o'clock. 5. The delegates by the boat, who will have arrived nt Uurlington on lhe'2llh inst.. will join the land dele gation at Winooski ullage at half past eight o'clock, on the morning of the 25th, at which place tho dele gates of the county will form a procession. fi. Kach town will furnish its own banner. 7. The badge to be worn, by which the delegates of the county will be designated, is a green hemlock eprig, fixed standing in ft out of the hat. MORE BRITISH INFLUENCE. Victor Adams has been removed from office for the crime of acting as agent for the North American, a patriot paper published nt Swanton. Friends of freedom read the following, and blush for your country ! Post-Office Department, Appointment Office, IStli June, 1830. Sib, The Dili number of a newspaper entitled " Xorth- American," pmporting to bo published at Bwanton, Vt., by II. J. Thomas, and "edited by Canadians and Americans," has been tiansmittcd to "thin Department. In a list of agents for this paper your name appears as one of them ; nnd as the main objects of the paver are such as make it improper , for uny person holding an qfllce under this (iorernment to act as an Agent for its (lisieminalion, cither at home or abroad, I am directed by the Post 3Iasler General to enquire whether your name has been insert ed in the list of agents with your knowledge and con cnL Pkasc to favor me with an immediate answer. Very Respectfully, N. our obedt. servant, ROl!. JOHNSTON, Den. Ass. P. 31. . icior Adams, i-.q. Tost 3Inster, South Hero, Grand Isle Co. Vt, In reference to this transaction, the St Albans Messenger well remarks: "Hero is a pretty picture for ajrinnd of liberty to gaze upon ! Mark the words in the letter in italics. The Van Burcn Cabinet officer acknowlcd ges that a copy of the North American had been received ; hence, tho 'objects'1 of the papcrwerc known, and what arc they ? 'Ca nadian Freedom and Independence.1 Notit ing winch concerned tho Government of the United States- Tho paper was and lias ever been, neutral, respecting tho politics of the States. Then, why this proscription 1 Why should tho Administration attempt to sup press a paper devoted to Freedom and Inde pendence 1 Has the request been made by the British Government 1 Possibly. At any rate, the 'objects of the paper arc such' that nn officer 'under this government1 cannot act 'for its dissimulation, cither at home or AnnoAD1 ! 'at home,' because it will learn the people to abhor a monarchial govern mcnl; 'abroad,1 because it will tend to destroy a monarchial government! 0, shame, where is thy blush ? Fteeinen of Vermont, who have been taught by the fathers of tho Revolution to cherUh linil iriianl your Ulj ties, do you not see in all this an enemy to u.MVF.RSAi. ntnnuoM ? The thirteen thousand PostMastcrs, scattered throghout the United states, may all bo agents for tho Gi.oni: and other tory prints, hut if one acts as agent for a paper devoted to liberty he must be proscribed ! 1 ruly; as tho American obsor, ves, 'the conclusion is irresistible that, if the norm American bad been tho advocate of liritish tyranny, British toryism and British monarchy, it would have been tolerated ; anil I'ost-Aiusicrs and all other persons holdin office under this government would huvo been allowed to act as agents for its dissemination bOtll AT UOMi: AND AllItOAD." GRKAT OATIIER1NG IX -riA-vreui.,.. Tho Whig Convention nt Clnrksvilh-.'Tcnn!,' on v ,, y i uiiiii two. Alum drrdbnnncrH gleamed in llie sun. One born cnsmnn.i til from I ho buik of nn eagle the words of llm mom, , "'f KuiuoMii journal "in war Harrison defended the log minus i in pence tho loir cabins will .i,.r.,i llnrri'oji." Prominent imiong llm lings was ouo .. ..nun... wun mac rrn pe nan: unci; ground, wilha monument siirmonicd by nn urn iiiscription-"Jn memory ofHuuh l. White." PeiircciLV AccidentalA young genlleninii of rt-pcrlnblo nppearunco nee ilciiinll v si.Y.. 7 '. V... . " yplctidid china store in Chr-itnm Mrr-ei ili!ln,i. i. .;- nrcBKinoonopr the largo pi,,,,, ,,asa . " lain- 1.u . . ". . t" urn lilnti pinto liu ' " iwenty noiinrs. nn nrrsntnl ...Y. " "oimr bill nnd received us chftnur. .Ui,..-. .," wrTcounit1rn,,c.liy ,i!,ll5S,J,m W Proved f to w a countCTfnt ! f-.N. 1 . .Vu. PH1L0PENA. 3In. Stacv ! In your paper of last week, I notlco a communication beaded "Philopene," signed "D.," in which tho derivation nnd meaning of that word was attempted to be given. Ilcfore giving the lurauin", be says, "If I am wrong in my conjecture, I'll thank any ono to set me to rights." 1 do not pretend that I can, absolutely, set him "to rights " (for there is no word which hns passed ns current coin in society, that has caused mo so much doubt with relation to its true import,) nevertheless, since this is a free country, nnd yours a I'rco Press, I wish to give you my views upon it. I hac several objections to "D.'s" explanation of tho word, a few of which I will stntc ns briefly ns pos sible, lie says it is compounded of Mlus, a lover. nml ;fjic, almost i meaning "1 nltnoM love'yon." If IV will lake tho tionbie to examine, be will find that philos is Greek, and pene Latin ) and, further more, that (hero is no such word in Laiin as philos, nor fucli an one in Greek as;fiic. Now 1 should consid er him, who should bring together simple word fiom different languages to form English words, an etymo logist, who, to say tho least, did not intend to have his language understood. Again, that does not sum to be the meaning which is attached to the word generally, for it is used in n more familiar sense. This is no argument, however, against the derivation, except so far ns the meaning is attached to it which llio original inventor designed should he. "D.," apparently with interested feelings, exhoits those who honor a person with one of tho twin meats of a nut shell, to be particular whom they honor j but, on the contrary, if the word is lobe taken in that sense, I would ndviso those honored in this way, (if nn honor it be) lobe particular by whom ihcy puller themselves to be thus honored j for if any one should say to me, "1 almost love you," 1 should consider it as implying that something was observable in my conduct as the reason why 1 was not quite loved, which, in turn, would react, nnd serve toerentc hntre d or disgust. I should wish to be honored in this wny by those only for whom I had Iitllo or no regard. 1 ennnot conceive why n person, to whom nnolhcr says " I almost love von," (in the sense in which "D." uses it,) should bo obliged to pay for it. If he docs, ho should pay something that will be an equivalent, at least i and who will say that 'kisses' are an equivalent for love! So much for that : now for my etymological deri vation of the word. The etyma of it, are two Creek words, ihilcs friendly, and point a line, or payment of any thing. Philosis used bolh as a noun, signify ing "a lover," or "a friend," and as nn adjective, sig nifying 'friendly," or "agreeable." Poinc, synony mous with the Lalin patna, nnd of course, spelled in English, pena, primarily signifies, n punishment j nnd, by an cajy deduction, a fine, as a means of punish ment j not ncecssaiily, however, connected with crime ; nnd was used by the ancients, in familiar and social plays, in the same manner as is fiequcnt among us in social parlies to adjudge penalties upon each other. It was used in this tense, I think, by Ovid. Now 1 imagine that the word was originated in some stub way as this: someone, or more, wished to receive presents from respected, not to say, loved, persons, as memorials of them j or they wished when. they met, to have something to refresh their minds with some pleasing recollections or associations con nected their last interview ; nnd hence thev ngreed that the ono who neglected to refer to it, should involve a penalty, and pay "a fiiendly fine." This is the only rational ground upon which I can account for lis deuvalion ; nnd to inv mind it is satis factory. If it satisfy others, I shall have gained the object in view ; if not, it can at least harm no one. JJurlingtuii, Juno 5, IS 10. X. E. E. Wheat Cnor. The alarm raised about the fly we think may as well subside ; there will undoubtedly be a very heavy crop thro1- out the country, and if it may be injured in omo parts of tho country, the West will more than make up the deficiency. Look nt one Prairie. On Door prairie alone there are itf.OOOacres sown with wheat, 1S00 of which belong to one person. Buffalo Republican. 1 lie Richmond Compiler snvs : "A gen tleman who has travelled from some distance above Lynchburg on the river, to Richmond. taking tint south snili! i-nuto, rcpr-ocpnts tile crop of wheat as very good. The lowland crops were extremely line, while, in portions of those of the uplands, the bug and fly had done some damage, but ho thinks quite par tial ; with that exception the high land wheat lie represents as good." Correspondence of the Courier it Enquirer. .Washington, lltliJune, H10, A 'ontlcnian arrived hero this afternoon fY,..,, i.-i,, rida, bringing an account of another diastcr to a de tachment of our troops. It is prob.ihle von will receive the information, and perhaps more in detail, before this letter reaches you, but left you should not, Jly informant stales that somewhere east of the Suwanco an American officer fell upon an Indian trail, nnd c ion v alter i lsenvern ir.. In n 1, mock. That bn bad sivti- imp.. .m.l..r l.i. .... I That upon approaching the fires, he found himself, iii fiiu.ii mi ...-mi-, hiiirouiuaii. I he Indians tired noon and In rd. dimmr il, J.;, mUli which immediately commenced, eleven men inn nuuimwg wcvuieiy seven more, ll 13 said the ominanu II'' oincer o he i e nn iinrnt wna nn,n, llio slain. c The gentleman who arrived here further reports that at the dill'ercnt posts in Florida the vhilejla us uyiiiir, uui lor wnni nir nose, or vvi l w hat o h jeet 111 view, ho was not nblo to nseerlnin. If il.i rumor he true, it is highly piobublo that it has some connection with tho propo-ed negotiation through i ui uiui oi-iiiuiuii: ciucis rcbuimg in -viahama, such as Micanopic, Abrani, and others. These liulim. i,n. tialors are to act in concert, it is said, with Capt.iins Armstrong and Paige, or ono of them, to nsi prmii, wneiner a peace cannot no madu with the fjeminoles in Florida f and, if it can, on what terms? Captains Armstrong and Paige left this city some davs since for the West FlNALK OP THE OllE&ON EireniTinv Tim Rl Louis liulletiii saysa letter has been received from Cant. Km n ham. the leatlcrof tln n.nnv -lin ,m.i.l irom Ttora lor Uregon, about a year back, which gives a disheartening account. Ho Mni. . tlmt in nil reports tliu country has been overrated, and intends lo u.'iuui iioiiiu ill jiuy or yVllgllSt, The same paper slates that tlio Winncbagoes still persist in their determination not to remove from their present location, being nfrnid of the .Sne and I' ox tribe, who tiro their clcndlvi'iirmW nml .l.n roam in me sane region with that assigned the Winn undoes. Desperate and sanguinary conflict is certain to tak Place when thev nice I. nnb tbnv il....- n .... u die by the hand of tho white man, in iheir old swaiup- inu Itluilllil nn lu l.c Mllrtl Ijv ihn Mim. nn.l uovernor uodgo had given them to the first elny of June to consider the matter, nnd should they not leave nv that tune, bo won i I u n m... t.n. .1... lneantinie, however he vvns busy fonniii" volunteer companies in the adjacent setlciutiit, wlTo were to i.-i.. iiniiisLnesiii readiness lo iiinreh lor llio Indian encampment, should thev still nn.alui in rn...n;..i.... after the ullmti'd timo expires. It is suiipoMil thru tho nnnenrnnco eif meb n Inr.... r.,r.. ,;..ii ; : date tho Indians, nml they will movo oir without any elilliculty. I he Millers apprehend no serious conse quences. From the Oswego Commercial Herald IJl.in0l.lCAI. Atimw t 11...... c Iiiieat IIiiitain AnimsT or Lett and me wrcai iiriiam was lying al the wharf in thii village on .Saturdav. ri'envin.r ,v,w,re i gage for Levvislon, n trunk vvns tuke ii on board bv i earinnn nimieit near t ie ne cs' eab n. Snm, ,i,,.r tho trunk vvns moved ion nniliin.. i. .' son whovvnsiioiiccdl.yn lady on board, and vcrv soon exploded, vvilh n report hkn tlmt nr non, blowing the trunk in ntnma .1, ,,.;.,,. iw.. :.. nil elircctioiiH, so thnt it coinuiunicated to the wood umuiiiu. i.....ui,iinuu uecij. .linen glass was bro Ken in the boat and other injury tlone. One runtlp iniin onlv hanpcncel to be in an iw.uli;,,?, ho i scaped with a severe bum in llie face and somo other ; slight injuries., The fragments of tho trunk show i iii i u loiiuiiiicii iijiiu or siono. ve ssel ol .some kind wiiu n c oiiijHisiiiou oi wiiiio io.iu, impeiiiine, vitro), i;.in rii..n.ii, yno.ii, ix. U0 tunc o t0 IM mom. Lktt. tlietremited iiiiirdftrrrnr'n..i iti.. who it is sai.J boasts of having blown up Prock'tOIo niimeut, and for the apprehension of whom, be neve anuiii .-siu.uuu rewnrii has bee n ollered within tho last two vcars bv the Authorities of Unorr r,,.,.,.i vvns seen walking iiion tho dork nt no grcnt diHtnucij from tho boat. IIo vvns soon nfler arri'Sled in front of tho U. .S. Hotel by rilnstnblo Kcid, to whoso promptness nnd cnenrv on 1 1 in iicriminn innrli rrx.lii is duo. Lett was nrined witli four pistols and nhnvvio nun.-, mm iiiniio a iicspcrnic nut iiuayaiimg tiort uso them and rsennn. Thn mrmnn imi.ii:.inlu '""Owpcwn -limHpyfd nndpnid nun for carrying ifio trunk on board. Riirh wai the) iiiuiSuaion among our ntiwnt, that Lect was forthwith tendered to the captain of tho liritish boat Uildcrslccvc then In port, bound to Kings ton, on condition that he should be surrendered to the Canadian authorities. Very properly no doubt, the Captain declined the proposition, and I.r.tT was well secured in jau. From tho description uiven bv tho Imlv referred to above, of the person who removed tho trunk from vvhero the earinnn left it, suspicions settled upon a man by thei iiamo of Dafoc, supposed to bo nn ac complice of Lr.TT. Tho citizens in conjunction with lliovillagoailliioriiics toolt mensuies lortuo arrest oi Dafoe. and nt a special mcctinu of tho Hoard of Trus tees called on tho occasion, a resolution passed nlitho rizing tho oiler of a reward of 8230 for his apprehension. During the evcnuiL', iinloo was discovered and arres ted at the Centre House in this village-, nnd coinmitcd to iail. Tho prisoners will be bronchi before tho Po lice inaj'islrates for examination to Uny, and the facts liselosedby thu investigation, which it is believed will implicate others in this infernal plot for tho wanton nnd wicked destruction of htlinai life, wo intend to lay before tho public, ns natural fruits of thnt modern frontier nalriolisiu, e;ncournged by prolligatc demago gues nml tho toleration of lawless mobs. Lett and Dafoo are Canadian RefugiTS, who wo understand have been lounging about Ibis village for some ilays. MosTlIonninLr. six rnnsoNs MonPKiir.p. Amoro horrible piece of intelligence) than that which follows, wc believe we have never laid before our readers ccrtninlv a more horrid outrago was never committed in our country, such a wholesale slniighler of hit man heiiiL's "such an inhuman and blood v transac tion must appal every one sicken tho heart of the most obdurnle. No sympathy enn bo felt for tho per petrator or perpetrators, for no otlence could prompt to such an act. It must have been eilliT tho fiend ish workings of a heart black ns the "Prince of Dark ness" himself, or of the most damnable enpinc of crime and misery, alcohol. We me lndetueii 10 mo poiucncss oi .iir iiucr lor the particulars of the transaction, who received them in n letter from a gentleman in Huntington j they are set forth as follows: "A horitd scene was enacted in II ill Volley in tins mint v. mi Satiirdnv 1'veiuni' last. The wife of Air Drown nnd fives of uis children were murdered. The wife and one son were found in the house tho wife's throat cut from ear to ear, and tho son shot through tlio body; at some distance from the house was found two other children, one of Ihem shot and thoolh- killed Willi n club or somo other msirumelit; mid nnolhcr direction in the wood, the two others were found, one shot and llio other was killed vvilh a club. yr Itrown bus been nnesled, also, M'Conaby, his son- in-law, and Al Conaby h hiolhcr. lirown denies, says lie was from home, and on his return found the door his house fastened! whilst standing there ho vvns hot nt and narrowly missed j another gun was ehs diarciel, which grazed his cheek nnd pri'forntrd the lower part of his ear and passed through his hat. This I hear, is the story. The M'Conaby's. it is said, toils contradictory stories.. To-day these three men are undergoing an examination before a justice in Shirleyspurgh, and witnesses arc being examined. The bodies were nil himcel vestcrday niter an iiifiuest hadbsen held. HAIydiysburh Hcgistcr. Conviction anp sr.vr.nn sr.NTF.Ncn ron Pnnju nv. On Tuesday Inst, Martin T. Draper, one of the firm of Draper & DavN, Worcester, was put on trial for perjury, having sworn, in a proscenium brought by him against Samuel A. Way, of this city, whom lie charges! vvilh having obtained 5000 dollars from him, in the consummation of a conspiracy to cheat the lioslon creditors oi Draper iv uavis, nun uiai mis money, after one or two demands had been settled, vvns to bo divided between Draper, Davis, nnd Way. fin Miindav niuht. the case vvns committed to the jury, vviio ngreed upon n verdict of guilty in less than half an hour, nnd sealed it up. Yesterday morning, nt iuarter niter live, uus vcnuei was rcnucmi in :'OUrl,niul uraper was seuieiieeei to uve oays soiiuirv , mil tire vcara hard labor in the .Stale Prison. His narti'irr. James Davis, was a witness against him, anil iliselosed all the schemes of the firm to cheat their creditors, anil falsely implicate Air. vvay, ns a con- irnnch of tiie prosecution got up against Mr. Way. by those who pretended to believe Dinner's statements. Poit. .Sportsmen. Listen! On Monday afternoon a re port came to the village that a Hear had been seen lo cross the river road about a mile be low, and betake himself to the wood.'d highlands on the Xuith. The news Hew liku wild-lire anxictv wason tin-toes and after taking the pre paratory steps, such as procuring arms and anumilion. adapting flints, etc., some half a tiozen of our sharp-shooters "went in pursuit. After iroceeduig a mile and a hall, or thereabout", ns good uek would have it, old Ilruin was discovered attack- d overpowered slain , being so very accominn- lalingas to give each one n chance to shout, nnd yiel linir unl v at tlio last fire1. The victors returned vvilh their spoils, nfler two or three hours, which swung oil' handsomely at sm. lMinout ll mg. A (In cat PKnroiiM.VNcr. A Boston horse i vear old gelding belonging to Mr. R. Demon travel led 103 milts between sunrise nnd suns.-t, on Thurs day Inst, over n hilly road, before n carnage winch with the rider, vvciiihrd '170 lbs an achievement for n purse of S00. Mr. D. started fiom Murdock's Hotel Walthntn and hack (1G miles) in ouo hour Xi in., took breakfast nnd then eirove to .inhcrst, t,.. Jl.) ,.,! l.ool. iai v i.. ..II loa ...Una, nrrivlug nt the Hotel at 1 1 m. before 7 P. M., amidst the cheers of somo 1 or 500 people, having 33 miniitcB to spare. The stops on the road occupied over 3 hours. The horse was not the least distresscn, nnd nppearcd capa ble ol pcriurnung lnue.n more nan ue ueen pushed. He lint not been trained fur the performance, the road was rough, and the thermometer stood at 91 in the shade. AN UNBIASSED OPINION. The following, from the New Orleans Sun. a neutral paper, tells llie whole story. We have for some time been of opinion that tho current in favor of Gen. Harrison was too deep and strong to bo increased or retarded by any of thu ordinary appliances. "People want a change, and all the wriluu's of our editorial Whigs cannot advance it, nnd the ablest es says irom llie l.oco loco editors cannot prevent it. The edict has ifone forth, Win. Henry Harrison will be our nc.t President, 'whether for good or for evil,' lime can nione disclose. "fioon Uve! Mr. Van IIciien." An honest, wor th v farmer, a few weeks since, from the neighborhood of Washinglon, so a suitlemnn froni that city informs us, uaMii' niicMrc 10 see ine -non, .nr. v an liurcn, eallcel upon him just before ho left the city, "Oond inornin..', sir," said he. ns llie President approached, "this is the rresideiit, is it. "V nl, Air. Van liurcn," he conlinntd, "I have just fold my Hour, nt $-1,00 n onrrci. 1 uou i Know uiai 1 snail ue 111 llie city again until after 1ic.1t SUanh. I have conn- to-dav to see you and say tpwid bye, because they tell 1110 that you will leave the While House in llio .Sprimi, before 1 shall have time to visit Washington." Mr. Van liu rcn was chnruined nud turned tho tunic of conversa tion witli 11 Inunh, but it was out of the wrong side of his mouth. This little incident javo peat zest to a circle of disinterested spectators, who happened to bo 111 waning 111 llie .vuuienccnoom. jyoy .llail. Tun D.vui; Sinn or M.vtiumo.s v. Latclv. a slave in the West Indies who hud been married to onother slave by one of thu missionaries, at tho end of three weeks brouht his wife back to the clergyman, and desired him lo take her back again. The clergyman asked, what vvns the matter with her. '-Why, massa, sue 110 goon, 1 ne hook says, she oney me. She no wash mv-clollies. lonssa. nor do what I irani Imr l.. do." The minister: "Hut the book says, you were to iiu.e uer lor nciier or lor worse. ' 1 es massa hut she nil worse, nnd no better. She bad too much worse, and no good at all." A Chinese widow hemo found rnnnlnrr tbnlnmli of uer oeccusei mis iiini . nun ic in., ns ce i t in rnnsn ..r so singular a niodo of showing hergrcif accounted for 11 by saying, that ho Itad made her promise not to marry again while theinorinr of the-tomb of the deceased was damp, nnd Hint ns it dried but very Bllu ureal iiarm 111 niuinj 1110 opcrn "Ah. Eliza!'1 Raid n nurilnn t. n .a.'.,... lady, who hail had just been making her hnir into 1 ing' lets. "Ah. Elin ! had Cod inti-odid vm.r ln,l;s 1,. I,,. culled, ho would have curled them for you." When 1 was nn inliint," relumed the damsel, "ho did; hut now I am grown up, be thinks I nm uble lo do it my. 3D) 11 dl fin ii, m.i. ..11:... t....- .... Jniiies .Morison, Esq., (ho cclehrntcel Hypeist, nnd in- ln.,l, V.o,,, ,1 '"'"H,iiircnuvo mcihciues hear ing Ins name. He hnd residul in Einnc. some time r ,i. 1 . V; .V',, ' "'"hlenilmg 111 l'nns a branch Lniriil,,! 1' C"lll"l!0f ,h'al11' i' London, which Alevntlih-r i ' ng incut ol two of his sons Ale.aniler and John Morison, lCsnirn. Ilu was n L n .Iv . , 1 1,0 ''as so many yenis so,iifcy,, and so successfully ndvncntcd, nud helms eft a huge fo, ,lu. .lu r(wfiri uf his n. vve i. v ?-. 1 mnmiiin !ll iT'1 i,,d,,""rr ,,ml f "l'i"o nnd 1 Wl11 1,0 honored nnd revered by Ilu. present I rn n e-c b n j1'0 'J r rn 1 1(1 " "i ?t only of (lrnt llritnin and i rune e, but of every civilized nation on ihe earth. It is our pninful duty to nniioimeo thnt the Hon. Kn? I1"0W;VL a reprchciitniivc in Congress from the h.irntog-i nnd Scheiieciady Disiricl, died ibis np.rii nig ut Ins residence in llnllstoii. Air. Drown passed ."! 1 "s c"' 10 llis honiti on .Mondav last, having iiiniiHiiiiginii n week ngo on Saturday, and has sum-red lunch from indisposition for several months. TNIV,?'?!;.!'""'.1! P'T'Oiis iudebieil in ihu hue firm iV l, i n r 1 0,w, n"J "'"'1 r ftlly i.fie in nn nV0"5 will00i Villnsc, me heiul.y no. died lo mal e i payment inn, m ourSiore'in Hurl ns ion, coiner Church ivJ Colkge Hri ns . . NAVO srid SVAIT STATU CONVENTION. Tim ndvocntrs of rctrcncliluciit nml reform in the Xntionni Government, nil who nre now oppos.-d to those political principles and measures which this State Ai.oNr. has refused to sanction in i-hort, the inilepcndetit and ineorruptablo brecnicn nre ri'iiucs ted to meet in Conventional lliirlmglon, oiiTIUMS DAY, the !i.")tb DAY OF JUM'l MiXT, tit !l o'clock by I heir Delegates, or by TUKMsnwcs, to noiniiiato 'Pickets for .State Olliccrs and Presidential Electors, nnd to concert measures ror a decidetl victory nnd finnl triiiinhli over the inot faithless and imlirritu iiiliuiiiistratioll that rver curseil and disgraced a free people. IIAItRV HIIADLICV, 1 111 11. I .i imuin. JOHN PF.CIC, .Stntn i r. i jr, E. P. JFAVETT, Mav. 1810. F. F. MEltUILL. Com. Order of Arrangcmrnts for the State Willi? Cmvcntlon at Jinriinsion, on inttrsuay, llie U.',Ui of June, IHIO. 1 Tb,. r!niiiiiiillei! of reception will bcin session nt the Lob Cabin, from Wednesday noon until Thursday at 10 o'clock, A. M. 2. The Marshals will bo in attendance from Wednes day noon until Thursday, 10 o'clock, A. M. to conduct me ucicgaies arriving iu n.u vu.i.i.mii vji utitpuuii. A. I'rptinrntnrv to the formation of the procession on the'i'illi, a deputy marshal will conduct the several county ele legations to me street oesiguaRii lor such diliMrniion. where a banner with the name of the ceiunty will be placed, and where tho several county delegations will nvvnit the moving of the procession, and fall in as diiected by iho marshals. .1 Tin. imine-ssion will format lOo'clock. Thursdav morning, on Main slrcct, and move in the following order, under the direction of Col. II. Thomas, Mar shall ol the day : , AIUSIC. The State Committee. Executive Committee, and Committees of Arrange ment and Jlrccptioii. Invited ftticsts. Delegation from Pennington county, with Marshal nnd banners. Windham. Itlltlaiid. Windsor. Addison. Orange. Chittenden. Washington. Caledonia. Franklin. Grand Islo. Lamoille. Orleans. Essex. Tbn procession will move mi Main street, to the UP- l-cr slreel on Collem! fe'ouait lhr.ll to Pearl street, and down Pearl street to the brick Church, vvhero the Convention will otgnui7e, nnd proceed to business. J. I. PIIJIKKOI, 'i- Executive Si' : IMlXiZi .f Committee. a. A. ALLEN", ' CHANGE OF MEASURES. The Republicans of Colchester who ate in favor of a change in thepiesent administration nre; rcijitcstid to assemble nt Win. Ii. Million's WinoofUi House, on the Sjtb inst., ut eiVi' o'clock, A. M., to form in pro cession to attend the State Convention. J. CAY, for 7'uini Committee. Loo Caiun K.usiNfi. The Log Cabin will be raised tomorrow, at 12 o'clock. Tlio Tippecanoe Club, meets on Monday evening. The following is a good hit at the silly practice so prevalent in this country, of giving to now towns and villages, tho names which have for many centuries hem applied to distinguished places in Europe or Asia, instead of the more euphonious and appro priate terms which may bo found among tho Vhorigincs. It is an extract from the "Haunted Merchant," a good story in the Knickerbocker. "It was almost night when the steamboat left the dock, and as soon as it grew dark, our travellers went on tho proniinade deck to look at llie stars, and to enmv the novelty of being alloat in the night. While they were leaning over the railing, making their remarks on every thing that struck thorn ns being curious, a stranger approached them with a segar in his mouth, and after his lis tening to their conversation a few moments, he ventured to address them. "Charming evening, gentlemen," said the stranger. "Yes, sir, it is very lovely," replied Jere miah ; "I was just remarking to my young friend here, that the solemn grandeur of the scone was very impressive. "Upon my soul," said the stranscr, "I was just thinking that very thing myself; what a a liquid appearance the water has ! "Very," replied Jeremiah ; "it is a pleas ant thing to travel where there is such a con stant succession of new and surprising scenes, tlmt one has hardly time to dwell upon his own bad feelings." "Yes," replied the slrangcr, "but I have got sick of it, and I am now going home to settle down quietly on my own farm, where I can cat my own eggs and drink my own cider." "Ah ! thero is pleasure in tlmt too," said Jeremiah. "Pray have you travelled much." "Not much," said the stranger; "I have been as fur as Rome, and once 1 was as fur from hum as Hatavia. 1 have got a sister married in Vienna, which I go to see once a year, and once in a great while I go to see my uncle, in Pcekin." You must have been a very groat travel ler," said Jeremiah. "I don't call that nothing," said tiie stran ger ; "I mean to go to Niagara next fall." "How long since you were in Batavia," asked Jeremiah. "Only hist spring," replied tho stranger. "Our' house has somo correspondents in Hatavia," said Jeremiah, "wo received a largo consignment from them last week. I suppose you know tho firm of Gutstiver and Gruutwitchell?" "No. I can't sav I did," said tho stranger. "I thought 1 knowd all the merchants in thai place, too. Have tbey ueen long iu uusi ncss 1" "Ob. it is a vcrv old house," replied Jerc mini) ; "our firm have been in correspondence with them for many years. And pray what is tho quality of tho colleo there i" said Jere miah. , "Tim worst stufi' I ever swallowed in my lil'n- nnllim.r like US iiood as you get at tho Eiile. in Piihuvra. 1 would as soon drink ihu water nut of llio Grand Cunawl," replied tho stranger, witli somo warmth. "Your account does not agreo with mv impressions at nil," said Jeremiah; "I iho't tho coffee wus verv fine. "All humbug!" said tho stranger; "it is not worth that !" "Palmyra must he a very interesting spot," said Jeremiah. "So-so said tho stsaugcr; "tho fact is, it ' . 1 1 1 r 1- 11 1 1. lip too silihleilly. V oiks said 'twas iiirkblmr nlnrn. mill sn 'lti-.i' but was built n vcrv Hourishim: pi 'twas all flourish ; and liow its going down Mil Tic! n,,l. ll nourish - anJ liow its point' down iiourisii , auu uuvv its gouif, uotn IOUgIi. . "Perhaps its rite wn? too sudden," replied lr .r -.... P Jeremiah "hut it was ulways a mutter of wonder to me how such u city ever sprung up tit till in such n place." "It is no wonder nt till of nuy' said the stranger; "it was done bv speculators." "Net unlikely," replied Jeremiah: "hu man nature hits doubtless been thu siuno in all ages ; and 1 suppose lliero were specula tors oven among tlio rnlmyrenes." Tlio stranger now perceived that his segar had gone out while ho had been talking to our travellers, and ho left them to get a lighl. TOGCAI1IN ANECDOTES mil illiKirnle.1 inci-J-i ileul.i m the I ilu of Gen. Wm. II. IIaiiiii.iim. lor nlo nt ihelbd. sjure .jtiiu.- 19 D. A. lilt AM AN BAH V US' new l.ieoar.iphv, on the CliiiliiMllon SVStelll ! a VerV ll.l'fill work- for iii.l r..,.'.l iindtiiralent the-llook-loru i'l'J I) A IIUA.MAN POWIM3H. June ID. J. it .1. H. Peck it Co. II.OlMt. Troy, Ohio and Miehig.m, eoiiMiintly reeeiviinr by J. &. J. II. Pi:ck &. Co. pOHN DIlOOMSetPAlLSlOOdoz. corn broom, COiloz. patent Pails, '" .i. iV .1. ll. rr.CK tV. l. K( , , BOSTON N. T. HUM. -J Illids. (JarJincr Ilrewura. bv 1119. J. & J. 'II. PKCIC &, Co, SAI.UHATUS. -10 ea.k.-, I v .binu 10. .1. .'J I. it '.I. PECK it Co. POTASH KETTLES eoiiManllv nn hand by June 1!) .1. it. I. If. PECK & Co. G1HINDSTONKS, ly r j.iih-7. J.itJ.H. PKCKot Co. GJ IASS. l'u limrlon, Wrmoiil, mi l Iwi'x, Cylin ' i!er Glass, lundo at the Champluiii Gln work.-, and very much ilnjiroved in ipialilv eomjiaird wilh the late brandy, for fnlehv J. it J.'ll. PECK . Co. CHOWN (S crown by i.VSSi HeiKord, Saran.v; and ClintMi J. it J. II. PECK it Co. . TTOHUKiN IKON AND STEEL English Iron X from 1 toC iuche.j limoia old snblc Irou; i!o new do do; Svvctilw ik j JIoi,;i do fiom i to J in h ; lunger lUh ; Kjiniiff, ni, gennaii, nvudc nni r.nglbli blister slcel ; Cnrt nml wngon bn.xe-v, linisbel crolarsly June 19. J. it .1. II. PECK it Co. 45 OILS. I bl--. American Linseeil Oil. 10 Tierces fall sperm do 5 do vviircr elo elo 3.-, bbl... refine.! do elo J. it J. II. Prck it Co. rpil n ltOOKSTOUE of the Mib.eril er is now flv . Iv!."," !'.'.' wil1' n lnr' "'lltvlion e.f POOKS nhi blA IIONI KN, recently ,i;!t"led in the New York inarl.el. Particular pauw has I ecu laen in the as toitinenl with reference to Hooks mlaptisl u, snbl.ii'h schools. Thu nevve.. publications have I eu selee'ed for ibis object, and Libraries can now le biriii.liel Willi any amount at iheN. Y. priee, 1). A. IhiAvuv NJ;" t-o., Iiave'.iist ree'.l from New 1 orl;, and nre now o:!erimr for sale at Mill fur ther reduced prices, fe r rctdv CAlls ninro i-om de'e asorlineiit of fancy and oilier (iooin nd.ip'.ol lo the iC.non and the time, than ever I efnre anioni? vvln li are many new arlieles never I . fore o.iere I in this mar- ire many new arlieles never I . fore o.iere I in this mar lie!. Also, u new sppply of Olasvarc, CroeI.erv an 1 I.(iokmg-Ul!We-f Abo, Engli-h Cnrraii'.., Prune-, I'ry Orwrrie-, Jliils, ltuvsia and oilier Carpelinr, Oil Ucth for I u!.le, ! loors, and Liiu'ns., ct.'. .".lore nexi wee!. . ' June 19 I Cloth for ..-'.in ii., i ois an i-riisj silver wan-, pla'ed "arc, Lamp icl.s and (.Insse., Collar-and llo-oiii., siitpi'iider,Hv rd and,'l herinonicicr. ,-a:r.ii cry. Ink?, Court Pi.t-ler; DolN, IJ.,g., poe-la-l liooks aim a gri-.u varieiv o .inev or in v,.,..,l.. .1. w.i us ami min-.-i-r 10 lln- srapl 011 oi 1 n. noiirmnl .-1 11,1 .-, II M'l.n ....11 ... .1,.. v... , . ins. "...hi i-iijiu, u : uru 111 , pie I'm" order readv to an. hit nnl.-i-s i.r r, .!,,,,, tore : we are 111 nl the vaneiy siore-, PANficciiN & Hiiis--maid. 30 TOIIACCO. plug Tol ncco. 10 bo.e Cnvendisli do (10 paul.nge-. slice)) do 2003 11 s. Leaf do. do. l.- J. & J. II. PECK .t Co. 1000 siM-: it. ii mi7. gallon-, vviulcr H .enn Oil. 2000 do. fall do. do. IjCO do refined uV. Jao 7. J. oc .1. H. I'EcrC Co. S)rC I-orlllarilS Snuff s-fc Tobacco, ivuv jars Macabov rfnuil' 5 bbl. scotch docalfliladdcri 5 do do elo 0 elo 30 do Chewing Tol aceo i0 do Suio'.uig do bine in. l.v.l.foJ.H. I'ECK & Cn Axe 1 i nnn i'ai.nts a oils IUjUUI lb. dry whiiu l-eal 100 casks trrouiiddo do 1 j LLI-. N'e.-noliaii He I 10 e-ak French ye low 50 bl.l-. Amerie-aii I.infecl Oil, 2.". do shunts Tnrpeii'me Copal Vnr.iMi. Gold Leaf. .Sand naner. Sinn'! lira-he-, Cue, Gum Copal, bv .1. it J. II. I'r.i c & Co! 8000 SALT. bii.-h. folar Salt SODO do slcam do 1500 101)0 1000 100 2;0 200 do line do elo Turks Island elo bbls. line-do elo dairy do do c-ear-e do nr-ks dairy do by .1. & .1. II. ITCIC it Co Onnfl XalN, Urait-i it American Iron. UUU key- .Nail- from 31 lo (101 2.10 do Ilradt fie-lll C.i lo-JU.t ' Horse hri! Iron S-roll and Hume do all sies Hand Iron from 11 10 l inch Kouud do do i 10 U do .n. are do ;1 G to 3 do J. it J. H. IV.CK &. Co., June 19. Al-ciii- for h'ccsi villi- Manul'.ictiirius Co 100,o,,J.!M,s5 UTESS" 50 do Hay Forks-, 1.1 do .Manure I-'orl:, 50 elo Hie. r.O elo M-yilieSnalhes 7.1 do ea-l and German steel Peylhc', cradl. Seville-, Sickle-, IMoiih-, and l'lniiu'h catina. I y lii rliiuton, June 10. J. it J. H. 1't.CK it Co. 100 1)Y I stui'Is. . Cam Wood I, OB Wood .Si. Domingo Los WoodCanpeaehy Kii-liu Nicar.v;ua Alum Hhie Vitriol 200 do 250 do 2.10 do 200 do 10 do 21 do 30 do .Madder 50 cartoy.s uu ) lino M...i..i... i..i.f. i.i i.i I oriH. .Nunc Acid. Carcuma n..Vnni I'.-m-li Wood. Uuer Curon liarl.-, bpaiiMi I-'lolant nud llcim-al liuhqo, ue, .miii nan-, prc-s l'.mer.. Jacks, Tenter Hooks, Cream Inrlnr mi l Asal J ,n.. l0 by J. it J. H. I'LCK it Co. 1 -w-1 citoci:iui:s. 1UU chests voiuiir Hyson Tea, 73 do lly.:in.l.iu, do. 20 1 nun pepper, 20 do I'unento, 10 ilu Coleo 50 boxes Pipe 100 do liar Soap 200 do K.iisins 50 ko's do .10 do Pure frinzer .inn Mni Cn.sia c. 1- 1). ,1,1. Ifiill.iii.l nin. Sil'iipIIi- Drandv. lial liinore Gin, Ahiericau Hrnudy, Cbnnipaine. nnd Pii'11 tilicrry, ai.xieira an 1 r-iciiy .naueirn, .iar te .Madeira nu.l -Mulaia vv ine--, i.y Je 7. ' -t J. ll! PLCIv it Co. lOCT. MAHSIIAIilS Aromatic, Catarrh an xJ Ilea lue ho S.M l-r. I his nu 1 1- superior In nnv i-i.i l.niiwn. for leiiioviii-i llul iroiil le.oine ill's ea-e, the Catarrh, and al-o a t old 111 the bead, nud the headache. II opcni an i purse- o-ii an onuiu-uoiis, HiciiRlliens ihe jil.ui l.-,and cive- n bt-allhy acliou to ihe purls n livleil. It perlccliv tree irom nny iiiinsiie;e i.-riiin. in it- rnnii)0..i(ion has a ih-asanl ll.tvor. an Us, inunojirt'f f.Ibi-, nl'ier beins u.'-cd, is Rbfrccable. Price 50 eenis per bollle'. Doet. Marliall' Vcsfinb'o Indian Illack PLASTHIt. 'Ilu- Plaster is unrivalled lor i-iiriii scroluliu swe llm;s, Scurvy Sore-, Lame Uai-u, nud i-io-n v 1. in-i- j . in ii. i.!,... Hip-1111 1 Liiiili.--, niidu-ldom falls to trivi! relief iu local Ithe inia'i-in-. If applied In llie si.l... n will euro iniiiiv of the common i.iveri ompiainl mid is euual. if not sinieriur. to nuy thins in u-e for i-nnw mi tint feci -. ihe viiliit-soflhi- PI I'lcr havo I cen WIIUl'.M'il I V III. '11. HI'.-- S Siile-s, wlu,i'.havote.el its ediency. Si prieiort Cha. llowcn, Midd'i-burv, 1. wilncsi'il I V Ihoiisancls pi nuiiviu mis m 1111 1 iiiil-i ola rv llie pro ji-ij l'.iaiite.s XlitllciiV l-:t;ttc STATK UP, ( rjAIIl; lion. ihoprol.V i.isit. nt- i'ii. rri- viii-v. s. 1 .1 e-ourl for ihe ilisiin of Cliiiieiidcn. lonll per en- i-oncerued 111 llio csin of I'raslus Sheldon, hue of Slielbiirn III sai l dl-lricl, dc i-ean-d. trieoiiiiit., Lou Sheldon, nlminU .....nv ,.i- of nudi e-ea ol. proposes loren dcr nn n-eoiint id' hern liniiii-iraium, and pre-eni her , umv, at u'c Monuf tho court of prpl u'e to lo ludde 1 .11 l ie Hcsi-iei'.s o bee in IbirluiKlon, on the n-cor , (vJXe" lay of July next ', Iheri'foii-, you are herd si m nnni-ni-I laid I'Oiirl. at tho timo ai .... n...,i,,.l .nitl ..-lull- lor l'aill ilrtlllill .11111 lltiow- place afores.uil. nniUliovv,eiiuc,il have, wlij j !ilt.scs.f.iirit foio,ciil ho.ild not ,l allowed Oiveii ...,,'kf nn- I.Siirl nt II irlinainn. ilu l?lhdav of June, A. , p. 1310. ;e5 wm. L-5iu.-v(heyittr. JJANCnOHN i JMUXS.MAID.oflho Variel .L s'.oie. are clleriiitfa great v.irieiv of Watt-he , Clocks, Je.-.-e-lry, Peiliimerv, Mti-i.-.,'! Islr neii, CnrN.tarJ., Picture-, Soaps,! lair Oi.,i:.ize.r. Knive-Sci-Mir., Caiie.,Si)i-l;v, Cat)-, elrawing inatt-ria'., wil low yiauiroii-. Chairs nnd ('ml!i... t'n.m.. i... OTHAY .It A UK. C'ninu into my onclotiirtn' out O llio first til'. I me mil. a small torrcl Mnre. nub n while .stripe in her face ami one white foot, mni shod all round. P.'IINEAS Ijiirlinslon, Juar ISui, 1810. .taint Weed's Mitulc. STATE OF M'HMONT, ) U'V a prol n'o coiri, Put. orCuiTTr.Nnr.K, s. ) jfl. holi'cii nt llurluia lon, wPhin nml fi r llie diflrici aloresall, on llio l!2 Ii ay en June, .. u, mil, nn mV.t iniciit tiurporling to fllii'hi.t will nail tc.uiineiit (,f John mrd, la'o of iitKS'iiitftii in Mini diilrii't, cccea.o I, was pie i'iile l to in eonrl here for prol.ale, by An mi Weol ; iberefure Is (.r.lcio.l bv tan! eonrl. that nubliu no: ! I.e irlvcn to all pcrMiin fonceriied Iberein, to appear I eforu i.anl o inn, ut it so.sfou tbe.vof to I e holden nt ibe Iteiris 'erVeWiei! in Ittiilimrion, e.n thesfond Wedne-day of July, A. I. 1310, and eiinlcst li e prolate of said will, and it i further ordered (hat ibis e.rlerle; pu! IMied Ihrce weelisfiiccoively in ihe llurlinirtoil Free Pro's. newspaper r illed at Hurling on, in tlii.s sure, llie s of vthleli ball I.e. nri'vious 10 llio il.iv ni''ni! I. ns forceaid for l.earinff. (ilven under inv nl the Itegi-ter's nlliev, thi, 12 hdnv i,f J n1e, 'A. I). IS 10. .HMO vvi'ilUA, Amim lllchok'.i I'Ntiili-. ' rglO ihe honoritble the probn o uo irl for tlicli-'ricl J- i.f Cln'llen leu, eo i the mbseril it, Nebon lti'-kok, iiJinmittraior of the iijtn'i! ol Amo.s Hic!,o!,-, l.iaMifLba'rliitle.diK'iM-iil.aiidieoro nils lliat llie per sonal ota'o e f said decct-el will not I o Millicient lo pay the debt" nud eiiarsui cf a lininiteT!iig t lie .-tit, and beieby application lo sal I courl forbeeiise to Mil so much of ibu real usiti'r n mav 1 1' iie'-n.Miry to imv Ibo sum t f 2.-.0 dollars. NELSON IIICKOK. Il.irni'ilou, 12, IS 10. STATE OK VEII.MO.NT, At n proba'o court bold- strict or i-iiiTTi'.Nt)r..v, ) en at imrimirton, in said't Oil the I':h ihiv lif.lnnM. A. I). 1 3 ID. il i- nr.W..I tliat an ueeo'int lelul.en of the i!e!.i nnd al o the proeeods of thu er oual e.lulu of said dceea el, and that Ibo bcir.s and nil persons concerne I in sai I e-lalu e uoiii.e.i in appear I elore mnli'o.irl e n llio 20 Ii imv if .linn'. Iii.l. in il. . i:,.. .;.i,, i: , n ,., afore ai l, to give l ord for the payment of debts,' ami mm- in. i-u v nv siicu ueen e aioio.m.i, Mian not le allied, tiiiJ thai such nolieo I u giieu bypulli bin? nl ovo and IhisorJer lluce weeks nts !svclv. as soon as nine I v. in llm llnrliiiirinii En-n Piess, n iiewsnaper Priiiled al llutlimrion. in Mini ili,- irict. Civen mi ler my haul llied.iv and hrtt ,1 ii.- ilMI ivivlriv nr.... il ovo written. rillA.IIlM.AIN A.VO ST. I,AWHI'.VCI'. W ItAIL-r.OAl). -3T. Joiinm TO AIoNTar.AL. I'liu Kaii. HoaI) Co.MfAKV havint: creciel exleiishi V.'M.iinr.s at S). Jidins. and suitable Si'otiEs tberei.ii. Icing now nearlv coiid.'imo the ciiiiiinitlco of man- iiremenl, in order to o !cr every cneoiiraiienictii lo the impor'ant trade al pre-cnl carried em 1 owrcn "be I'ni- nil Siale-.. nnd Lower ('iinadaa, have I'-liihlbhoJ llie ollownig leg'iia.iou, viz i 7 ii ftly I hat nil Iruuht las-imr lo, or Iroin l.a!,i; 'lia n.iliin, per ine, and nd.lrus.c.1 llailoatl 1'haf, HI. Johns, will allowed temporary vv ,arl iui. an I k lorazi'. In e of uny eharsc fur llie tame. Hctundly Thai by lem- po'ruiy Wharfage and Slomge, the Trade will dis- tinclly niidersland is meant, thulium nc-o nry for en lly iiinierslaiid is meant, llio tune iicconry lorrn i!.' and pas-nig the Goods lliroigh the Ciisitiiu ;e at Si. Johns, (of wlu'.di, the Company shall I e u ljrc.) To laei'iin'o wliicli, llie person in chanro u-riiiL anu pas-nig tnc uoocis iiiro igh the custom llou the iu of tlio Co. s wbarl ihere will I e permit til. upon hi own ro.pou il llily, to uia'ie the nec-eMiry Custom House enlrie., if reeniire.! al the -rune lime lhio ho prefer, i!. will le nt lilerlv to their ovn Custom Home hu.iuo.s, or employ whom tbey think proper 10 no so. j in aiy. i nat llie eicliverv oi an will le male upon llie' Wharf there, nt winch time and nlii'-e. and previo is to ihu eliverv of sii'-h fii-i-'hl. llie inmorier or Comiancc iu 1st sal blann'a-e all lossuilamiiiies. oreiror.-. what soever i failing which, the company will on no ui-- ii'ini niiiu iiie-iii.,eive rcponsiine lorine mmr ami, I fr.c-lit winch llie Coumanv mav In compelled lo remove from Ibo Whnrf,in:o Sforc for safe ki-epiug eiw ing to il.ea'i-ci.-nce or viaiit of due dilli-jcnee on the par! ot such O.vucr or Cuisinuce, in cn-isina the lanie to 1 e removed ; will I e cbarSed witli the cartage and sinrngi'ii siii-h iioesls, at tiit customary rate-, nn ', rnui-fAfi, That all freight most I unaiil fur on eic liverv. Hv order of llie eoiiiiui leu of management. W.I). l.l.NUsAV, CWr. Ham. Horn Otrtcr.. e Montreal, Mm rh 'J., bS 10. ) Gi: r u a i. a(.:ncy.sai t jniivs, I.OWKIl C A N A DA. Tho under ignel liavini I ecu plan.' I in of llie llailroud WHAIiVKS an IbTOHKS, utSi. .lolm-, U-?. to o 'e, hi- servii e-s to llie pnblie-, (upon his own re-pnusibil-ilv,)as a Ceneral Aeut for the Iran a -non of all bu.-i-ncs., iu any way, eonuis-ied Willi the American Carry- lrale. ills charges vv ill 1 1- as follows : On all transaction upon which it mav 1 1- nee-ess to inal.end- vaii'-u-s for Liis-oiii Ifi ii.,. Dues, I acl. 1-1 eights, or oth er charges, 2 per cent commission. A Custom Ifo-ise IjroKera-.'e will nl-o I o cliariroJ, of 2-.C I., upon every J'ntry of (oel, inward or onward. The low rate ofllie-'ee-hargemal.esil inmeralively ne-esary thai all Advance, Coinini ,41011, vVe. iVe.,'l e paid on the delivery ol'ilu-Ceiols. Y.'ji. COOTU. li.vti. Ivoad vv u.vnr, St. Johns, Aliril A, It 10. ( a.l7:3m QIII'.It.'.lA.V'S WOIt.M I.O.KNC.US arcthe J prcale-t ill -eiivery ever made, for dispell mjr the va rious i.unis 01 worms i.'.at o lii'T-eiillv and distn- uiisiv iiniiov i.e,iu i-iiii.iieu an 1 aiiiuis. i ncy are an nlallil.te n- .i.-.'v, ni. l su to the lasp- children will ta' e ihcin a- rcadilv as n comintn pc,)- pcrminl le zen-ze. Many ili-ca-us arise from v.-orm, without Us I e.n? siispi-eti-,1. hoinelimes a verv trouble some co-ish, pam- 111 the" lomls or limb-, bleedin; 1st llie no. e-, .Vc. are occasioned I.y worms, and e-an le aily e ired by tliiscelei.ra'iM meJieini-. 1 lie loiiow ill s'vniptom.s' inJn.-ate the ireciu-o of worms', viz :- bc.i l.u-he, vertiirei, lorjur, di-tur! ed dieains, bleep irokcnoi nv incut mm -eienniin-j-, einviii-ion, le-icrislnii-.-. tfiir-l. pallid hue-, bn I ta-te 111 the moilh. o;e--i-ive laealli. e-iiirh, d.ilu-nlt Ireaihini, ite-amir at the no.-i-, pains in the toiua.-!i, ua sea, sep t-ami lines-, vuiaeity, leanness, tcnenuu-, itcbius :u ihe nnus lowards 1111:111, ami 111 leiiiu, eie.octnjiis and mills and 111 ten . One is a do-e tor a child two year- old two fur one lo ir vear- old brio lor eialit, and liv for an a l..ll, an 1 shoukl I e re-pi-a'e 1 every innrnin;.-, cr averv oilier iiicr.imu until rciicvoJ. ilea I ll.-.'lollow Ictle-r. : iNow Vi r', March S, IS3D. IVar Doctor, accor.lin to vour rciuesl vvu have- used vour worm lozcnues m several ca es 01 worm., nn 1 loun 1 laeni uiuiormiv .-es. ful. e have 110 ih.lieultv 111 sotting e-liildren to tal e thcin, a- llu-y are perfectly pleasant. Wo shall u-e tin-in 111 o-ir pracir o wiieaeiei o-a-nm o ers, I e.'ievuis lliein 10 I u 1110 1 e 1 vermii tiri- me li.-ine 111 use. V. e have also u-i- l your soda lozs-uccs very ex- tens 1 ve.'i". anil mni them l.illv to an-wer 1 he nur.-ose veni rc.-oiiimen I them Itr. W e .tie vour- verv rctptvl- my, v . vvi-.i-.k-, .vi. i W. Shaddock, M. I, C. If. Urirx::. M. I). Nuw, IV,: JS30. Dr. Shcrmi'ii, Dear sir- one ot inv iinufrhtcr , ajru-i sevcnticii ye-ar, vvu Iroublc-1 for about eiuh-.een uiou.hs vviih'u biu-kui cough, I roken and di-turl ed sleep, oVe. Shu was fast wa.tinir awav, iililicusrh -heaien litchcariv. Sevcial puysieiaiis n'lemiin per witnoiit any 1 eneiil. l ioiu rcadinz thedireeu'i n- ai-conmanviiiz- vour worm lux- cii;j-o-, I'uicribin? the yinptonis of worm-, 1 tho ichi lie iniRlit 1 e llm- iroul led, and tuvordinsly procure. a 1 ox which, 10 mv iirprin-,c'iiol her in one vvcv. I hey area uio-u-x ellciil ineJiciiie, and I I t-heve mv laudator owe., her life; to Ihem, o ir., -V-. J.vni: Hi-.Mi-imr.vs. S Men-orsi ItCP Sold at the Van'elv store bv PA.NUUOILN & IIlsl.NS.MAID, Jc ntlltr, ll.irlinrli'li, V. Q P.AIM, IIOU'AIil), of ihe Cheap c,is, store-, VD, arriw.-l homo froin iNcw Vi-rk last e-vciiin-' Iv llio spleiidid -ii-.iuiei- Whitehall, D. Lvon Cinl. anil 'rough! vvilh him an additional eif Coo ! which wiiu uis two loruier iiircu.ises 1.1 1111- ,i-a-eu ma e Ihe a soruiicnt alli-iri'therone ofihe most desiraUe to select from el nnv that lie lias heretofore had lor llie last cish'ccn year-, and is ol ihe lollowinir kinds, viz rieii, 1.1.111011111 ic, i.incv nun siapie nrlicie- 111 everv ilcpiiUiiiciit ol Ihe Dry tiood line, Mich as Dr. a l.-loth Cassimcriv. Vc-iiiiL'. Mouse-line elo laiiic. Challv Silk', Uonil az lie., C.ihci,e.s, Lmeii', Miislms, Laix- Hibl on. Pm! ri.iJerio.o, Hosjcrv liloves, Pan--, I'm- Ir.-'lns. Pun oils. en-., will, n l'..ll -:,n.,!i- .'ln and S raw and .Nlitkuinry tiooil, nUo, Cnr-pi'tiui;-, MaPin-.'.--, i'.ipcr llaniu.'s, Sin e. and llal- losreiner with all llie heavy eioscriplioiis e eiome-tic aim o ner -40011 , sue-i as r-iae m-, vr-ru, nor aps. wool I wine, cic. ih'Ji ioei.crv, Li'o'.uij; li.'a snin China liallcry isabo ri'p!cnisln.l the Cutlery, Hard wa re and I lo i.-e f.u tii-liia department is ill ncV-ord.inri w.lh ibeolber -locks e 11 hail I, llie var.'ely of fancy ar licK-s. su h as 'To,-., Jewelry. Coinbs. Curl . Cciiftv lioimrv. ele. etc , which (ills' one hundred fee) 1 f show case in Icirh on his co-mier- i- uui ineral.le. The D.111111 an 1 luciure nailery i I ea ilif dlv arranged fi the display oftioo.l. under a strons Imh', nin.l th-.-n the Inruo Mippli ofsiiperior family Cm. -cries lai-dnpon 1 iiu oln I i1 i.ili", Kociiesii-r ci'y .11111 l loir, niaues hi Oiaul bazaar cheap ea h store, r ue ot liie most fa ii-i'.iny dc-ira! le an I con u'liienir .tore 1.1 lo farm lied from vvi'hiill niili-vciy km 1 i.l arlieles that may It- wisuc'i lor, or ieen;e 1 ut u r aiii'iM'niciii nii'i pranui-a lion, or Willi n iV-iiv in convey Hie most piiM-ms; 111 icl.'r.'i'iice to friend-, i ftbe place wher-' every nrucl Ihcy niny ilesire for llie 1 e tcrinir of appe-iiiu-t's, a Idin to eoml'oi-i, or siipplvin-.' uc-C'Sary vinnts, may bo hit I iin 1 all tlone in so f.-w went', as" I v oulv tnyini: for wli.ili'vernn I whciii-vi-r von wi h tulmv clien.i forin h pojo HOW Alii.'.--. Ilurlitnr'on, Vt , Juno 11, IS 10. Ni:v Milium. (!uti(;,'iiv and ATLAS WI TH Ol'TLIN'KMAPS, by S. At-ri--1 Us MlTcili'l.l.. 'The n illinr ot tho ill ou work- has I ecu prole. .iuii.V v i'i votisj .i the science of lie. y .1111 tin' 11 il ll hint; (if Mans. , irm-r nianv veir -au'l lu firmer prod iciii.n, e.pis-m'ly h. Map il ihe World Mr .vi-a iemi.-, 1 ear nniiit iu uiuunoiiv 1 1 in- aimu dant l'i-o irce, 11,1011 vvlii-li lich.l to bit ra'lvdrr.wn, 111 pnxl icina the nl vo school vvi r'.is, 'I bo fiillowm ex nut of ihe Ci'o'v mid Alia-, l-hom a 'oint re'oni ineiid.ilioii 1.1 1 ho Teachers 111 ihe civ of -New i orl, "Their iiu'ru- me iiiimereui ho diiuihioiis remark nblv plain an leonci-i'. '1 huexen'ise.s iireee.i.ious nn liiijiortaiil, and ihe'dccripnvu is biiniuoiis nud cerrivi I ho divisions 01 the American continent, nre icprc u'niLil nn.l do i-nl n.l n ibt-v ii-.illv txi-t nt llie nrwcii tune. And the irro-s inissia'ciucntii u-cncrally ti ua I in tchool KCiviaph.e.s n.'o corio -ledi, Tho lypoi;raplii ral cxecitiou i 1111 com. in. 11 1 v mv.t nn.l distinct, iudce I tho a'las in it nlostel of ihe kind, an I actually it-cms w'illl inlormtlion." Tho online Map are peculiarly calciikuclto -xcrcn-ihe Jlult-at in hit flu Iv, and lb (III 17 n' if.- le.'rore. For mle by C. OWDVICH. NATtJItI!i GUANI) IlliSTOHATlVK. TbA v.t'unblc Veeiablo MoJieuio lailJi uuHrnlli'l for ihufollowhi! oompl.t ni,, viz : Dy.j.gijsln, or IhU s;o tio t.du easel l.ivi-r, bilioiiidi.trJeri, Urdp.y, A-th-ma, (Vsiivi-ntis, Worni.s and lon of Appelilt: nnd If eli-ntislns tho tomm h ttnd bowels, ciire.1 pairit In llirf slile, Moniach nn I I read, eolds and coiifrln of loa slniidms, no:ir.'t-ne... shoitne!i bf 1 rcalh, Ncfreiiu comphlinls.e'i-., wh en nrefrciiienlly the elect Lf 0i i-iue-. le.r I-over nnd Apie-, it isamost ValuaUb .'rh-vi-nlaiive 111 well n h Mneii-icu remcily, Its: virtndi irpa-s- any tiling heieloforo known in removing Si I Vitus' Daiici-, two 1 olllc. have I ecu known lb curl lliisnlllie-limjeliteaK', ufier havin? balllcd every ok-v lion lor four years, ll has a most powerful hilhiito'xj In removiiur nerveiuseiiinliiinl. It is nlca-anttottiku andsni-nsy In ilsi...-ra'ioii,ilmt il inavl cadmiiiiibriI to the w fib safely. Thu abovu'Medieine is verv hieldy ic-ominendel bv many scientilio trenllL-inen, mil a htrge niiin! er oflal.u-, who have proved llm virlucol Iho .Medicine; by pi.r.sonal use and Unit ofihtu families. A l.i.'l ofi-eriiliL-aii-nccompauioa-aeh btilllu. v. lib elireclienis. It may 1 1; bail whole alu or re'nd i.l S. llritnin, Parrc, nnd J. C. l-'arnnin, Past VVillioiiw town, Vt. sole proprietor. Prepared from ,u ori"in a' re -ipi;; forsnle I y IX 11. Preil is, .Montpvlier; nud J. it J. II. Pkck it Co, Ibirlilitfem, and iu the prinoi pal liiwns in llio sln'e) all elire.;ilon tignul in llm lia-i I wri'ing eif lln- pro.irn-l- r. jL.t r in tvr iTu i ix l i ) - ilka dkd .v. otii k ns .1. I) e.. 1.11 kii'iw 11 iipIIiImi ura fiiml H,u luj be-e-ii Until, mid ivlmic he id is nnv roii-itd wiih flail hair? One w bust- rn.u imncd uidi dn 1I111IT, llingli lini'li'-d i-vrn Hour wliul, li.i. no-. .nl. udie.l riiliii-l I Oi tine ulnc li.ilr al i-ilrlj i.-jf tveib lui'.iln srey, uliu imiv his nui 11 ijipj Imii 7 Cliililrm hIio.k lii-.iiN iieii! i-iiicii'd nidi rrtn f, vvli-.&e li.ilr would 111.1 grott, ill 11 urn .iu cm wing lln; lullci ciop iifl.aii ! bniue c,i-e uiu.i be kiu.uii 10 mom perroni. A-k lln ni die e.iii'c-, nml jon ii ill he 10LI 1l1.1t iIimh tiling. Ii ne b'l-ii ili.i.e Ii) llie use of 1I19 Jlulm of Co lumbia, 1)1 20 vi-.ii jjniwdi ii il.i. nriitli, in ilpmnHH i.icic uins 11111111.1II, nunc liiiniheil per cinl. llioHli ulieu diiuoii led mil nppi).cd by iiiiiihlnj Ur lbs ini- pm pure, no iv iixilul by 11I1111..1 iinnibi-i Icm inii'ldouK ir.i.h p cp.iraiii.ii. llm mil ruin ilu- Ii lir if tif pit lb nn) i-xleni. C.111 in-lip 1I1 01 iliei.-p In; w.imed rblrr Iu ihe reroiiiui'-ii I. ilium I.y 11 list uf in.nir-rf of icpmM. bilil), unrqii.illi-il b, iinj tjilii-i iilliclc. Lin k lo lllOU lluiijji bu, llii uructp. Slaj and itcei c jtnir In ir I.y ns ii'c, or if biM lenimc ll, Lnlii-s, ntlcnil 10 tlilt bull lied' 111 I'.i.liiniul.lo bfu 111 c using it 1I1 die out; ailicle ii'.lllj lil f..r I lie luil-l. I.nii h.iir Ig cij R)l In fill 011I. La-'ici, up ibo Ii i'ni i.f (.'(riiinbin in tiuis In iiHCHi bi-s lln- d ciii.iru nl t nrleol iifyinii pi-is.ilK, l i. jinn ilill , n. in,,i jlijif io rrs rtrllii" bi-.iiiiie i.T ii..inr . id, x ti it-tt 11 bnuiliifnl Cicalot b.n i-iiiiiciI j-ii l il.i. ilu- 5.ilni,fr ll will do il. CAUTION IO lit: IH'.UKMUP.IIKI). Scvonil iiiiui ll iitriiu iuifiii)tM Lei-u nrtdo to riiiui i-i feu llie inn- ll.i'in ul Culmiib'M. fsoiiie oTika iinpiislii s h in-u'iIih -a ir us in -i .11 0 1 cr ft-i 1 il.c fplcu. did iiiiippi is, and ill. 1 Piil'ii nf ,' .15,11:1, ppi) (-. 111.11 k i-acepi iIicimiiii- eif Co iniuck, lilch ihiij date nm I'us'c. 'To iiiipi.'i i m ibei i-r-ire, al ien ? Ini.k lor llie 11:1111c uf Cumnock ii Co. fir 1., 3, Coiii-lo k, and never bur th rlicle tin '- il liiin ihat n line upo.i 11 c.i'.l uiiuips.i c and, only ai No. I I-letclie-r mci'i, iV. 1. auu by i i.-eonoiiK auj lir.lNSM.vir, liiiilinjifiii, Vi jl gcoikw: si. HAi.irs khtath. STA'Ti: OK VI.K.MO.NT, 1 flMIK lion, the Pro- DtiTntCT or L-UlTTRS'tjr.N' si, I 1 I ntecoiiurt within and for the IJisirict i.f Chittenden : 'To the creditor nnd others e- jiicernd in llie estnte of Ceorjfc S. Hale, am 01 wcsiimii. m sun uisirici, eie.-eavei, onnnTlNO. v ill-lil-A., John vv.uaie, ndimuistrator ot llie e. ta'e it said de.-ea ml, hata made aiipbcatioo to this eo trt, 10 e.N'en.t ihu time limited for makinsr payment ol llieuei-t.s 01 sni.i I'eeca-cl, twi-lve moiulls from tl.u 2(i h day of June in.!., nnd the 22 I elay of Juno insl, leiniriissis e.-d for n bearing in llie ', nt thu Od'ce of the Itcsisier of this court, nnl it ha vim; Icon or.'e-red that no'icutliereol I c given, l y ptil li-hin-? Uiai lecn-e Hire.; v-ee.;s siu-cessive y in llie I rce Vta a le-.vpnner prin'e.1 nl Iicirhnirloii, I efore the time tixe-l for hearing; therefore, you are lierel.v notilied 10 ap pear Lcl'ori- sal I court nl tl.u time n'uf p'.tee aforesaid, llieu and there, to nn' oohii-c.ion if any you have, to the said lime of payment Uiiis further 'extended r. nfore-aid. Uiven under my ban 1 at P. irlinston 1I1U Uli elav r l J ine A. u. vvm. vvi.iei., Kcc'r. I lil. I AM IJ. MIXElt'S USTATU. STATJ: OK VLK.MO.NT, ) rilHI-Ihonorableiho Pijtiuct 1 r CiiiTTr.NDi:.v, ss. 1 Jl Prcl ate Co 11 r 1 for ibo Hisiriei of ( liitienden, Toall penous concern ed iu the Estate of WM. 11. .MlNKltlate cf .Miltcn itt niddisirictd.-c-ea-ed, CRKCTLNO. WHLUKAS, He1 ccca Miner, Kxcc-.ilrix of the lart will and tftr.mcnt of .sniddeiea-e-.l proposes to ren- el-.-r ail a-.-'.-o-ml tl his a-lmim'sir.ition, and present hi account aiam.t said e-taielor examination and allow ance al a session cf 1110 Lo-irt of Prol ate to I e bolden t the Rosistrr's ollicc in 11 irliiiztou on ihe necond We.liied.u r.f Julv next, therefore, von are hereby no tified to appear before said court nl ihe time aad plar alorciaul, and shew cause, 11 nny you nave, wny ma account nlon-.aid simuld not I allowed, iiivcn unuar my band al liurlinL-.on, tin- 23:li ds v of May, A. V. isiu. 11 .... ni.2i...i it'isi-T. 1VII.I.IAM It. MlXnil'S F.s-iTATE. STATK OK, ) milKllun.thc pro! nt4 DuTr.tcT i-r 1 ntrTr.SDES. 1 -- court T. uhin and for the disiricl of Chittenden, To ihe creditors nn J other i-.-rnl iu 1 be usialc i f WM. B. MIEK. late of Miltcn, in se.i 1 district de-easel. Whereas Hoi ectr Miner, executrix of the last villi and testament of taid decea-ej, ha h iii.lU: application to this court to extend I lie lime I nil no I lor pavmenl ol del'l.-nnd les- of said ele cased ivvelie moii'hs from the first dar ol J ily, 1510, nn.l the -ccoa 1 WeJiie-day of July next I (iiis'assisni1 1 for a iien-inj in llie premise-, nl iho e eil llie Uei'istcr oi ihiscourl, nnd it liavinir lean ordi-re l lhat no'.i.e ibeieof le jrivcn, I.y pid li..hinst tin rce three wci-ks siicees-ivo v 111 ihe rree I'rejs, a newspaper prin'el a' l).,iliii-Jton, I elore tin- lime hxejl for betrui, ih.-albro von are herein- notified to ap pear I efore' .-aid eo-irl at the tune and pla e aforeraid. then ami iliers- to make objection, il'ilny you have, fo Ihe said tune ol n.tvmcal leim: lurtlicr cxtciK'osl a nfire ail. Ciieiniii !ei- mv hand at Ib.iilmuton, thai 25 hekiy tf Msv,.-i. D. 1S10. je.10 W.M. WJ-j-jl O.N, Kcii-ter. PKTI-ilt .11 1 ("KIjE U'S CSTATI-:. SI ATK OP F.lfMC.NT, T a pro' r.tccoiirt, District or Crand hi.r.. ss. i J V liolden nl tho pro! ale o;lin- in Ni r b Hero, 1.1 -ni.lrii-tric!, on the 22 I lay ot May, A. I'. IS 10; resent, the IK 11. Joel Allcni ,! -i'I-'c an iusT'-im-ii!. m r.itirtni to Ic the last will and -i-smtnenl cf Peter Muu-kler, Lit-; ol Grand Isle, ia aid ilistn.-t, ile.-1-a-Od, I e-iu pre en'eJ to said court here, by I'.ivid Corl in, llio exec nor iberein named, for pit. I n'c. il i urJorel I v said court thai all pcr.oni ci iKTrue.l ihe.e-in I oiiotiiied :o ap- at a se sinn of in leoirl in I e ho'iu.-u nt the lUvelhnu' honso 01 Jtui diah P. I.o-l.l, in N.orih Hero, 111 5ai.l district, e.n tho fir! day of July, A. D. 0, and -lu.vv caiuc; if any ihcy mav have', against llie prolate of said will; for which p'u-pe.sL- 11 is firlhcr ordered thai a copy of thd ii-i-onl of ibis or.'er 1 e publi-bed t Ii roe weeks ueci.s M'vely 111 llie li.u liniitntt I'rce Pre--, prin'Osl al D irliiu toti in the eo-inly of Ci.iticiuii-n, a. t.0011 as may Lew A tr e copv ol rec rl. Allei, jc.y: ' AUH'STl'S ICMGIIT, P.ei'jtcr. T!3 I. V KS HIT' '.'The Ml.sciiler havms res .HJ ci-at'y move 1 from All nnv, and eoinnicniu-.l tho Iliat-ksiniili business-, 111 all its f,mn, in the new shop oil M.i.bsou s-ri c-, r.f ir fullest iV lira Hey V Store, vvo-ilJ respe.-if.illv mvi'.o the inhal i-aiii". i f Il.iiiuitori an 1 v 1 -nit v to sr've linn a call, as In i. filly preparol 10 do all kind-el; in his line, on iheshcrtct no li, c, I e t manlier, and most le lerni. He h for nianv ve.irs pa-l ?ivcn hi- par i-.ilar attention to Ihe shoems hu-iiif-s nnd f.trr.try in all it Irani he-. I'roiii the loau' e. erieive wlncli, he ha had, nud llie e.ein.-ial mfirmaiit.n bo ha- derivi-d boilt from thcorv and pia Mice, he lltrl- fully cu-ilidcnl in re coimiicndii'ii him elf to the public. He will lu pre pare I al all times 10 give his pe.".-unal attention lonll kind- of vi oik in hi- line iieli a Iroiunsr v.arFOn and .Sleiuhs, Slnpwork, -Vv. All kinds id el!.-e tools) nn le 111 ihe 1 ef manner an 1 nto-l approved 'lyle. lie) irtisls that bv mi in;.' buine.-s his iiiidividesl anenlil'n, and ihe low pri.-es nt win h he will I f enal led to fir nish vvcrk, to revive a share of the piil'ii.' pairiiiiiiciv I).irlin?ten, April 10, 1SI0. OHHIt.M VX'.tsi I'UOIt .MAN'S IMiATIilt 0 The li'-t ircn-".henin'.'pl.istcrinihe world, nnd a -r.vereiu'ii renii-lv f. r pam of weakness 111 llie lack, loin., 7,!o, Irea'.t, nc-k, I'M!-, joints, rheiinatifm, 1 tin' a-", iVe. -. One million a vear will not supply the .l. ina'id. 'Thev rciuro a little warminij Lefore n-p!u-a'ion. V.-.trra'n il siipcicr lo all, mid for line e, inner the i.s. al pri-e, m.ikmir not only c-t, but Ihe cheapest pla'cr ui llie world. It a lords re-l'i-f in a f'w he..,r-,uudun'-es t'.sln..!iin?cnr.8. In bver complaint nil I .!y-',via, 11 should I e vyom over thd re 'ion eifilie liver 1 r .I'.nmch, nud it will a 'ur.l prcjt mulasiom'h,, rebef. In couphscedd., i-ullv nf I ii-aili'iiir, oppic'shjn ol Ihe che-t cr stonincb, ll;ev will iinmeha cly sooih, and ereaily 1 encfit ihd at cii! Per ens of .e Icirary habits, or ll.o-e ol hpe-l e.stanlni-ch.w-ll rccve.ks-iJcd support from ono ,t-,he,i, ,r,ly, utivihcnihs pla.h r. J'hW i- , IK rccoiiiiuen 1 ll-.em, 111 piclcrcnce to all others,! , ,i-y sink or n Ilu re letter and a ord grcair-r relief. In their orcra-ioii ihcy are sliimi lam. icmcj nud nncHlyne. "Thev arc'cl of ciilnely di ureal " I'o-nnn'vo'her! na 1 kmnvn from llie cx' -7 i-n -i- -f ...illKiusJwho.haye u.e.l ihem. as Wll a he . 1, ,:cl lesi.iuonv, of all ibo cclebiaied and ditin; t j h'-Vl clcrirv an I phylWaiw, 10 e llie meet met.: nn I mi-bcolcl piaster, ever mvcnied or o.wl .0 Iho iili';'ic. Several person, have called a llio ward 10 cxpre.s iheir nirpri.e and thanks at tho nlitio.t in rai-dois ernes tin-si' plasters, have elivlcl. One man who all ecu 10 aluVuil vvilh hciimativm, us Kile una' Iu lo dri'M himsdf withoit nssisirtinv, wa- eual led after vwarii'i one, only one nielli to set up alonum iho niornuiir, put on bn. clothes and call al our ollico wi.h eves lsMiniiv.: with loy and his tonu-m po run: fonh llio Rladuoss of hi- heart, at thu sudden an I usual relief ho had nveiviO from this lu-t of nil re ucJics-. Ak for Dr. Sljerniau'i Poor .ManV Plader. It 1- to called, iR'cau e ihs price places ii in the power ofaM 10 purchase, lvuli onlv I2j etc. So'dalthci rleiy HctV I )' PANGUOUN A: HHlNRMAID, Jewellers, Uiirlington, Vi, TI H I-:il AT I OX ! Wis cvrufte thai I have 5,3 J uiyson, V,i.a Farso. hit liuw dur n h' mi ncvitv; anl rflinqiii'lif l all Hilm lo huearninsr-. Jl m insnon, Vh June. I, J0. 3,b7. T,$$,

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