Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, June 26, 1840, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated June 26, 1840 Page 1
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NOT TUB GIiORY OF O S A S BUT TUB WELFARE OF HOME. BY II. B. STACY. BURLINGTON, VERMONT, FRIDAY, JUNE 20, 1840. VOL. XIV....N0. 3. CHOWJf l-IiAI-S. lWlfmd, sjarnnnc nnd Clinton crown by J & J. 11. l'KCK & Co. SALUKATUS. 10 cuv, hv Juno 19. J.t "J. l'KCK & Co. OTASII KhTl'LtM contanly on linittl ly June 1!) J. it J.H. l'KCK & Co. GM1NDSTON13S, by June 7. J. it J. II. l'KCK i. Co. POtVDKIt.-lOO kegs ly June 111. J. it .1. II. it Co. '17 LO UK. Troy, Olilo nul Miehiaan, constantly ,V icceivititf ly J. it J. JI. l'ixu it Co. WIXDSOU niVFillS, i,r sale nt the variety store. I'ANOHCRX & UUINSMAli). PUHS, Killing whips and I'mies, nt the Variety oioro. .nine 11. I'ANnntnN Sc IUiinsmaiI). I?A10VEIilS SlIOUS. a full a..orimcul pist . reo'd ami for vale hv H. W. OATbIN & Co. WOOL TWINE for snlo at I10WAM3. in2S BONX IITS. Tit-can ami IJnuli.i. -iraw UoiincTs of the latest fashions, just received ami for sale clieapby 1 l)OQbnT,.F. CIOXGHESS 1VATI3H, Jtlst received a fresh ' supply ofCoiiirress water, and for 'ale h May 20. " C.KO. l'l.TK.SOX. CORN UUOOMS& 1'AlL.S lUUdoz. corn brooms 50iloz. patent Pail-, June 19. J. it J. II. Peck V Co. 50 uosTON n. n. nu.ii. Hhds. Gardiner brewer-, by June 19. J. it J.H. l'KCK A Co. BAH IVES' new Geography, on the Cldslicalton tytcrn ; a verv useful work for schools, jist ree'd and for salon! Ihc floohsioru jel9 1) A IIIIAMAN MOKE NEW KOOKS were la.-t ever ing re ceived at the Hook Store and now for ?alo very cheaply May 27. I). A. HltAMAN. NEW GOODS, cheaper than ever. II. W. Cat lin & Co. are now receiving a new assortment of Dry Goods, to which they invite the attention of pur chasers June -1, iS 10. CASH PAID FOR WOOL. The sulscrilcr will pay cash, on delivery, for good clean lleece wool, delivered at the old More occupied ly II. Hyde & Co. north wc-t c rncr of College Green. Hiirlinjtioii, .Iiinu 10. HAltllY IMAbl.F.Y. 5000 TIN WAKE. Ten quart Pan-, 4500 six do do 2500 pails assorted sizes, together with a large nnd general assortment of all kinds of waie, now on hand and for sale ly June 10. Vila, I.oomis & Co. 100 TIN 11 .ATE. &c. loxe Tin nlatc. i X. 20 do I X square do 100 bundles Iron wire, assorted no., together with a general assortment of .'licet Iron, Copper, lliv-its-, etc, for sale ly Juno 10 VILAS, I.OOMIS St Co. 30 Sheeting, Shirting, Prints, &c. bales 4-1 brown hcctinu. 5 do I do shirting, 10 do Ticking, 3 cases 4-1 bleach Sheering, 10 do American Print-, for sale hv June 10 VILAS, bOOMIS and Co. BUKMNGTON CO.UH FACTORY. A largo and general assortment of Combs of sUTK mon quality now on hand and constantly manufac turing at the above establishment, and for "sale to the Irnde at low prices. Merchant and others wishing to .get a good article for retailing; will find it to their ad Mintipe to rail and examine for them. elves. June 10, IS 10 VILAS, LOOMIS and Co. 1W KT- r A1NX 3lioi--31UI.IINO & MILLS XI have opened a new Paint Siiof 011 Church-st. two doors south of" II. Lane's Store, where they will do all kinds of HOL'SK, SHIP, SIGX and CAKKlAGK PA1XTIXG, in the U-.-t possible manner and on terms to suit tho-e who may favour them with their patron age. iCPPaiut.s, Oil, Vanish and Puliv, coii-tautly on hand and for sale. I!. G. SJ'AI'LUIXG. Uiirlmgtoii, April 9, 1810. C. 13. MILLS. ly STRAY HOUSE llroke nun the inclosiire ol the subscriber on the lillh of this month, 11 young hor.-e, dark 1 ay or I rown, hardly middling size, one white hind foot", a long switch ta'd, with some while un his no-e, shod forward. The hone appears to have U'en worked lately. The owner is to call, prove properly, pay charges and take him away. Shelburn, June 10. XA'IIIAXIKI. GA'GK. A YOUNG LADY of good family und of a lib eral education and who has a thorough theoreti cal and practical knowledge of the French mid English languages, wishes to find a place either in alaiiiily or in a community, a 11 French teacher. Applications, (if by letter postpaid,) to be directed lo .Mr. Molt. P10 feisor of Miim'c, It irlinirton, Vt. June -1. CTOHK TO IiUT, at Winooski Village, the O store recently occupied by Lathrop and Pot win will Ihj let and possession given immediately, apply to the subscrilier.s comer Church and College -is. Itiir lington or to Gideon Lathrop. MAYO & WAIT. Burlington, May 20, 1840. OTATIONKUY. ARMOUR & RAMSA V have O received, by the recent arrivals, a large anil well assorted stock of writing papers, and the dnii'rent ar ticles ol plain anil fancy feint toncry. ALSU, an excel lent collection of EXGRA V1NGS and illustrated works, t-fla'o publication. Montreal, St. Paul st. May 23. Cw TOOT & SllOliS. The siibscril er has now SJ on hand a general assortment of HOOTS and snut.-s, 01 tliemost lasluonaijie sivic, ami tliorou; vorkmanship, which ho oilers very low for ('ASH. E.J. FAY, N. H. All kinds of measure work done at short 110 tice. Hnrliiigion, Church-tt May 23, 1310. CLOTH! liHS, TAKE XOTICE.-Thc subscriber at the Winoo-ki Iron Foundry, has 011 hand and for sale, a new TF.ASCKLIXG GIGyinade for narrow Cloth, n first rate machine, of the latc-t improvement, which will be sold cheap lor ca-h, or exchanged for Cloth. JESSE GAY. Winooski Village, June 11, IS 10. NEW GOODS, now opening ; an additional Assortment ol various kinds ol gmsl-, among them are Mezotinto Brushes, Satin Bend Head Baud-, Sarsaparilla bozeiige-. AccorJcou books, extract of Bcrganiot, brislol board,gicen Spci-ac e-, Castor-, new salver pocket Combs, lOagle Bolt Plates, etc. AbSO, a good assortment of trimmed and plain line Satin and lumibnisino Stocks j lliin siiinnier Slocks, llgM and plain BOine wilh bftws very nice und light for warm weath er; we have also very narrow Slocks, suilnhlc foi boys or men. Also, long stocks for tho-u who have large Nccits, in a word our assortment of Stocks, Col lars and Bosoms is very complete. For further particular-please call at tliu Variety Stoic. June 1 1. i'ANdnonN Si BniN-MAin. IIOCEIUES. The subscrilcr has a full supply m uroccnes, tnciiiuing cogniae iirauuy, conunon do. Holland nud Dallimoie Gin. Si. Croix nnd low oriceil Rum, Port, Madeira, C'hainpaigiu, Museal, Malaga and other Wine.-, Molasses, Teas, Codec, Chocolate, loaf, lump and brown Sugars, Ru e, Pepper, Cinnamon, Nutmegs, Allspice mid other spice-, Cigars, Toliicco, Mackerel, CODFISH, let kind for S3 tier 9 "'.V,.,')1!'.'' 0,1"-'r articles in the grocery line. Also, DM GOODS, all of which will 1 e sold us cheap ns nt any other place. The Liquor, will be wurraiiliil of the lest nuality intended riiwiiuillv fiir Mii.iduim. Taveril-Keeperrs, who will jmd it for their micie-t to cull anil examine tliein. ISAAC WARNER. Burlington, June 10, 1810. tf FItANKLIN HOUSE, AT THE MIXFRAb SPRIXGS. IN HIGIIGATF. VT.-TI,., ., Iier having furnished uud titled tip, for the icceptiou of coiupuii), uic mivceiiiiiii5iiiiicni, resiecinuiy solicili the patroimgo of his friend", and the public generally The celebrity this spring has uttnimil, the beauty of Its locattfn Icing situaleil in a pleasant and healthful pcction II' tho country together with the exertions of the subsTribcr to give satisfaction to all, it is hoped win a oesiruijicsiiuaiiou ior niose riio wisli to avail thein-clvcs of tliu leiicfits of the medicinal wnters-, and a relaxation liom the oniinary cuius of business. S. W. WOOD. Highgate, June 3, 1810. 8w NEW GOOD--. fl EORGE A. COXXKR, h-s ju-t returned fiom Jl Zew yoiK with 11 lic.-ii supply 01 viroi cne.-. Among which .nay bo fovnd old lied young Hyson, llysonskin and Bohca Tiias ; bonf, I1111111 uud brown Sue ins. Wine, Brandy, limn, Gin, Molase.-, Flour hy tho barrel, hclf barrel or by tho pound, ('odfi.h, Mackerel and Herring. Codec, Purmi, Spice, Cloves, Nutmegr Ginger, Salcruius, Rue Cavt-iuh'sh, dug nod pager Tocacco, Bar and shaving Soap, lamp Oil. &c. cVc. Atso a good assorlincnt of Dry Goods, itjch as Calioocs, cotton cloth-, 1 rl Ticking and many other articles loo tiiimrroiis to liiviltiuu. Uurlingion, May 2'J, 1810. LAKE G KOltftE PACKET. 18IO. . fcSsSSS fflUK ncwSlcaiu Paekcl, Ab-K WM. CALDWKLL, JsSSLa- L. C. LAHAIIF.E, Master, Jsxj!af!f.: .y r - Wi conimcnco running regularly every day (except Sundavs) both ways through the Lake, 011 Tl'KSDAY, the 2d day of June next. Leaving Caldwell lorTicondcroga, cicry morn ing, and returning to Caldwell the same day. Lake George Passengers will belauded from, and taken on hoard the Lnl.e Chainplain Steam Packets, near the old port Ticonderogn, from the Mansion Home of VM. F. PKLL Esq.. now a Public Hoiit. This beau fill establishment hat been greatly improved since last Slimmer, by erection of a Largo Addition, con taining u spacious Dining l.ooni.nnd AscniblyJIooms &e, anil has recently passed into the hands of Mr. H. C. LOW, a gentleman favorably known by tho trav elling Public Hy taking the Lakc Uboiuif. Koute, Travellers will not only enjoy the linet scenery of our Country, but lo-o no time on tho Northern Tour, as they take the same Chainplain Steam lloat at Ticon derogn, which they would linvo taken nt Whitehall, had they gone that way. May 27, 1810. gm. TIIOY & JlflCIlIGAN SIX DAY MNE. SHIP ly Old Troy Tow lloat Line, Cocntics Slip. 1810. AGKXTS Am.ek, Lkonaiuj CnockF.n, 10G, llroad pi. New York ; Moore & Stiuiy son, Kiver st. Troy, Win, H. Moore, 72 Quay si. Al Innvi Sidney Allen, Rouhe-ter; George Davis it Co. llii.l'alo; Philip Allen, llnllalo: Geo. A. French, Dun kirk, X. Y. George '1 . Camp tx. Co. liarcclona i C. M. Reed, Erie, Pa.: McXair & Co. Clcavcland, O.; M. It. Ross it Co. Portsmouth, O.J H. X. &: X. U. Gates, lllnck River, O.i Jenkins it Tracy, Huron, O.; Hurler & Ilarncy, Samliiskv City, O.i Chester & Slringhain, Detroit, .Midi.; 1. w. 'l itns, Toledo, v.; u. B. iiazaru Manmco City. O.: Wheeler & Porter, St. Jojcphs : J. R. Sleight. Michigan City, Ind.i Dawson & Hosiner, 1UIJ wa " V ""- ru Si'O'Wmtli. thefolowinir coiinilaints. viji : Dv-ocvsin. or l,li. Mark packages, "T. & M. bine." FOKWAUDING, Ac. 18 IO. IHI'i Miljscnlers will continue their business as Forwarding and Coni missiiou Merchants) and Custom House Agents, nt the Port of Saint Johns, bower Canada. They do not oiler their services "free of any charge" to tho-e persons interested in trade with the United States, but will endeavor to make their attention to tliu interest of their employers worthy a reasonable reeom pence. Having good Wharves (at which the bAKE CiiaM-r-LAtN Sthamiioats will land) and excellent Storage, together with the convenience of 11 connecting Rail Track Willi the Ciiami'Lain and St, bAwiir.Nct: RilL-Road over the-e wharves, they flatter thcm-clvc-that, with lificen years experience 'in this branch of huiiness, they will le enabled to do much to iaciliiale mil ciu'onrge trade Lctwcon the United Slates and the Loner Province. JASOX C. PIERCE & SOX. ft. Johns, L. C, March, IS 10. Cm LYMAN & COLE have received their usual extensive assortment of Spring and summer GOODS, embracing a beautiful variety of goods for hid'e- summer dresses j rich English and scotch Ging hams, India muslin a superior article for white dresses: Jaconet cambric, a great assortment of barred and checkered Cambric, printed Lawn, mourning do. prin ted cambric and French Mii-hu. An extensive assort ment ofAmcricau Calicoes cheaper than ever. A few Kimlish and French do. SILKS. A small assortment of Rich silks, including Mack, blue hhiek, colored nnd striped, ilaudana H'd'fs Pongee, Crimson, white silk do. lll'k Italian Cravat', Gentlemen' col'd and black kid Gloves, docol'd, black and while silk glove.-, do. Berlin, Li-le Thread, Linen and cotton gloves. A good assortment of llo.icry, very cheap. Uml rella's and Parasols. Thin Boots DOMESTIC GOODS. Merrimack cottons, Davis- ville do 5-4. Cotton Sheeting, Shirting, Ticking, col'd Cambrics' Yam, Thread, and Knitting Cotton. Su perfine bf tig Cloths and bleach cotton. York Mixtures Stripes, DrilN &e. Irish Linen, Shirting and Sheeting. Diaper ami Lrasn. TAILOR'S TRIMMINGS. Including sewing Silk. Twi-t, Thread, Padding, canvass, sleeve-lining, brown linen. Buttons, Binding, &c. VESTING-. White lig'd Mer-ails, Valentin, figured Satin, &c. Gauze, and rich chally fancy ll'dk'fs. A gicat variety 01 oilier mix uuuds which coinpri e a very extensive assortment, and arc oliereil at a-toni-h-ing low 1 lieu--. Ladies and Gentlemen are invited to call and examine ipialitios and prices. June 4. NEW E IVC Li AND COUGH SYRUP, The reputation of vihirh luu r.ow becomi istublishcd at the most safe and ffllcaciou rcmuly ever discovered for iNri.ui:xxA,c(tr.Ds1c'oirGiis,ASTiiiiA. iyiiooim.; couvn, swttinc of ULUOD, AND ALL AFFECTIONS OF Till: LL'IVGS. PUr.PAHKn ONLY I1V THK SOLK 1'UOPIIIKTOI DANIEL GODOAUI), No. 8 Golu St. ' NEW-YORK. In presenting this useful remedy in the public, the Pro prietor U aiuluil.edljy a l'liysician, from vvlioin the Uecipc was cmifiiU-niiiilly obtained, 10 sun, that bo has used U himself, uud In Iim extensive, urncuro In l'ulinonarv uffec lions, vvitli ustnulKliiug elTrrt. The happy coinbhialionof vegt'iauic suuaianees, 01 wiiicu 11 is ciiurciy coui))oseu, aic peculiarly adapted to diseases ul'tlic Lungs, Liver, and Stomach. This medicine ling been used very extensively, nnd the proprutor bus noi known a single lntnnri! hi which It has billed hi giving ridkf iu disease fur which it Is recommend- su: even in ca.ies nnproaciiing in cnnsiimpiion, nitcnutsu wilh blecdlnj at the bunss, unit wluue all oilier reniedler bad failed, tliu lnnsl decided nml Itiitieriug eucress hair attcruU-il its uce. Common rolils, which are generally the effect of obstructed wrsi'lratlnn. will yield tolls Inlluencp in a lew nours; vvuen uscu in asiuma, nnarsencc'', wncc: nz. anU shortness ol urealli, I e via inmeil ale re el. oro curing tranquil rest and deep. In whooping cough it f without a rival. It operate will) gentle expectoration, and may uc given in imams vviiu pcum saieiy. empej In u bill of ilirectinns, enclosed In nil engraved vrmppir, bearing on Ii ibel;uiiiure or Hie i'ionluoi in lil ovvnliunil writing. The brtllu will bo sealed and stamped 011 the cork ' New Knglaml Cuu;li ,Srup. A few of ibe many ceitlficilea lu favor ofthli Syrup which are iu possession ol'llic l'rnprietor, nicudded forlbu perusal 1 lie eeiunno new lnLM.inu L.nllL'11 Nvrnn will tin pn in loose 110 may ue irmioieu wan similar couipiainil. Mriare. Moll'ut. J'liimmtri- Co. Uuitlemen After having tried, by the rerommendation of mv friends, nlinost every medicine fur a enueli. without the least relief, I had recourse tn your New England vnugn o) run, aim 11111 i nanieu m s.iy, wun mucn 1111111KI111 Hess, dint has cured ineof uneoftlie nio-t obstinate cuulMii t ever knew, anil shall feel It to tie a duty to recommend 11 10 every one vviiom 1 nun inueetioieo vaiuaoie a meat cine. Yours respectfully, Jlonfon. Xoe. 20. 1H3.V. JOHN P. STEVENS. I have the saihfticilnn and pleasure of informing ynu thin the boiile of New England Cough Syrup, which I pro cund of you on this Md of April has entirely relieved me from 11 very severe cough which had afflicted me for a short time past. Afier using a variety of inedieine, uud finding nn permanent relief, I was Induced by the ndvice of mv fi iendi, to iry your Syi up. Tim result I have already Btateil ; it succeeded beyond my expectation j and I cheerfully recommend It una very valuable iiiidicinc fur ulllhoso who may be ntllictcd wilh similar cumplaliiis. Yours rcspicifully, CHAHLES ItUGGLES. Ilostnn, Mwj i, ISM. Il gives me great pleasure tn be nble to add my testimony In favor or your New Kuglaud Cough Syiup, two botilcs of which having entirely cured my cough, which was so severe that my pbjslcbin udvhcd nieto spend the coming winter iu a southern climate, but the fortunate use ol the Syrup will preclude tint necesEity, Vnars, tic. JOSEPH DUADLEE. ltoston, Stiitembir I. 1911. '1 be Proprietor would add, that he U constantly receiving numerous testimonial of the valuo uud clhcacy uf this remedy. 1 no unnve article is soiu vviioiesaio 111 AVir JW.-, by the Proprietor und all 1I10 druggists. IIJSIOII iiy neiisiiuw k vtaiii, njuynaru m Nnves, ti llrewers, Slovens kCuildiig. by baac Thompson, J. Ik J. W. Smith, ,CW-Curnemer, and A, Fullerion, Jr. "fia1;,. air':',:.1"!?1" Vhitadelphla, llallimoie, Cincinnati, Ohio, by GhiNCoe. d llnrrtson, und Alfen k Co I'ittsbuiqh, I'enii., by James Sclioonnialicr h Co AVin Oiltunti, Iiy Nathan Jarvls. iWiaiuj, N. 1 ., by Sands fiSliavv. Montnal, I.. C, by dep. Jlcnt. Halifax, N. S., by II V. I'riedhatn. SI. Johns, N, II., by W. O. Sinllh. And suld wholesale by the druggists and opolhecarles generally tliroughout the United Stutei U Y OG CAIII.V anil IIAItl) CIDKIt." A few log cabin Bo-om Pins, with the barrel of llnrd Cider "mighty handy" and "the string never piiueu in ' .nisi iinuucu "iiu ior taic ni 1110 variety lore, May 23. Pancboh.n . I'filNSMAtD. mo TlIEltAIiD-IIEADED.V OT1IEUS JL Duca uiiy know u neighbor or a friend uho has been Until, and whoso head is now rmeird whh finu b.iii One whole collar was coicicd whh tliu diuiT, (hough bniflicd every hour which has now van. ithcil ciithely t Or one uhoc hairs at rally ue were luming (( ry , who now has not u grr) hair? Ohildicu whoso hcuds were cotcicd whh scuif, whoso hair would not glow, thai are now growing the fullejl clops of lutir I Some case? must he known to inosl pcrroui. Aik litem iheraiup, mid jou will hn loll that llireo lliini!" hate hern done hy I lie use ofihe Halm of Co lumbia. Of 20 years (jmwih is 1I1I.1 nriicli, lis demand incicjfius iiniiiMlly some hiiinhed per cent. thuugh when discovered not uppojeil hy ainiliin" lor the same purpose, now ussailrd hy aluiojl numberless niusliroon Irtish pieparatloiK that will ruin lliu li iir If uti! to mi) extent. Can more than llicse f.ici' he wanted icfcr 10 die recoinineiiilaiions hy n lii oriiainc. of icsppcin. iillily, uiieiU,dled hy any ollipf article, book to these things buy lliis urliclc. Stay and prccnc jour h iir hy in mc, or if h.ild icslorc li, bailies, attend 10 this huiidieds in'isliloiiahlo hfu are using it as the only niticle unity 'it for llm toilet. Long hair is ny apl to f.iltoiv' budio, iiso t lie Dnlm of Coluinliia in lime to savo otirsehjcs I lie disgrace ol haldncrs hynrglcet of your irreons. It l jour duly, as niiiinlisis topic serve tin he.uuics of nature, wiih which 11 houiiiiful Cicalor ins endowed oii ; use the ll.ilin,fnr !l will do it. CVUTION TO HE RKMK.MIiKI'EI). Scvcnl most fligrant nlieinpls have been nude to counter ft I the Hue llahnf Columbia. Some ofllie hnposlcr have gone su as lo rmmlci felt 1 lie spleiv did wiapirrs, mid I he Fulls ofXiagaia, niul eveiy ex MM k except 1 lie name uf Cumsiork, which they daic uuil'oigc. To avoid iinpo.'iilins llicicfure, al vv.ijs loo; for 1 lie name of Coinstock U Co. or b. S. Coinstocl, and never buy the article unless ii lias dial name upoi il Sold wholesale and rrlnil, only 11 1 No. 2 Flcidcr sticcl, X. V. und hy Panudoiik ami UniKSMitD, liiiiliiiglon, Vt. ji.l AT AIT RE'S GRAND RI'.STOlfATlVK. 'Him il valutlle Vcgetuhlo Medicine land.-, unrivalled gcstion.dfcascil biver, bilious disorder-. Dronsv. Asth ma, Costicncss, Worms and loss of Appetite, and by cleansing he stomach and bowels, cures pains m the side, slouuch nnd breast, colds and coughs of long standing, loarselii'-s, shortness of bicalli, Xcrvoiis complaint!, etc., which are ficijucntly the oiled of dis ease. F01 Fever nnd Ague, it is a most valuable pre ventative is well as a sovereign reined). Its virtues surpass aiy thing heretofore known in' removing St. Vitus' Daiue, two bottles have been known to euro tin's afllictiigdi'sease, nfier having ballled every exer tion lorfoir years. It has a mo-t powerful influence in removitg nervous complaints. It is pleasant 10 take and so ens; in its operation, that it may I e administered to the infi'it with safety. The nbove 'Medicine is very highly retominended "hv many scientific gentlemen, and a large numlcr ol'Iaihc-, who have proved the virtues of he Medicine by personal use nnd that of their families. A bill ofccrtificate accompanies each bottle, with directions. It may be had wholesale or retail of S. Britain, liarre, nnd 'J. C. Fnrnain, Fast Willianis lown, Vt. swle proprietors. Prepared from the origin al recipe; for sale by E. H. Prentiss, Montpelicr, and J. & J. H. Pr.CK & Co, Burlington, and in the princi pal towns in the state; all directions signed 111 the hand writing of the proprietors. jel!) SHERMAN'S COUGH LOZENGES. A HE the safosl, mo-t sure and edeolital renieily for Couahs, Cold-, Consumptions, whoopins; Couh, Asthma, Ti-rlitne-, of the bun its or chet, iVc. iS:c. The proprietor has never known nn instance wlieic they did not trive erfect satisfaction. 1-soveral thoiis and boxe.s have bicn sold within the last thiee months rctoriiiR to health, pcrons in almost every stage of consumption, ami those laboring under the most di.s trcssiiif: cold and oughs. They do not check and dry up the eouuli,!!!!! render it easy, promote expec toration, allay t lit ticklinc' or irritation, uud remove the proximate or exciting cause. They are made Irom nVomhinatnn of the most valuable expectorant, w,' s...!. iufwtme, anJ uixi iit,...iibtcsliy suin-rior to every thins hi use for tho-e complaints. Hundreds upon li'iiulicils orccrlliicalcs intvo I ecu oflcred 0 their wouoeriiii viriucs, irom inose wnn i.uv i.uii .-mcii from an unlimcly grave, and re-torcd to perfect health by uinir them. Do-e. One lozence is a dose for an adult, uud may be repeated friuu thrcu to si times a day, as required. Children, eight jears yinrs old, half of one: four year-u quarter, and so in pro portion, very -man cnuurcnor imam win lakettiem best dissolved' in a little water. Should they act as an emetic, or produce nauca, the do-e must be Jos.-cned to what the stomacli will Lear. Halt ol one will gen erally 1 e siitlieicnt to lake 1 elbre breakfast, as the stomach is then more ca-ily sickened. Xo ill ell'ccls can arise from an over do-e, as it will cause the sto macli to reject II ; and although not 11 pleasant sensa tion, will bo found lo give relief. Where there i much pain in the breast or side, one of Sherman's Pour Man's Plasters should I e applied over tliu nan. nnd worn till relieved. If attended with costivencs ,11 few cathartic or laxative bozeiige.-, or any mild ca thartic medicine, should be ii'ed as occasion require-. J'.x-Sheri.l rari.ins was cured in twoilays, 01 a most stressing cough. Mr Burton of Providence. Mr Sha- ler of Boston, Mr Hiver-, Mr, Combs, Mr Wallace, Judge J'eter, -virs Coleman, .11 rs. i(iciianl-on and min imis ot others ot this city, leave called to express tbeir miiri-e and commendation of the speedy iclicf and urcsc'lccled hv the-e truly wonderful Cough bozcu- es. Doctors smith, v andeubiirgh, Conistock, liar is, Bi ighain, and several others ot our ino-t dislin-ui-licd iihv.-iciaiis, have 11-ed these bozenges, iu their practice, wilh invariable sticce-s. The medical faculty uniformity approve of them, us the bet cough mcdi- cuiu.111 ii-c. Mr. ivcnuaii irom Vermont, vi.-iteii tin- city last fall, intending lo go South, in hope of mitiga ting a severe cougli uud pulmonary allection, that lie had been troubled Willi tor several mouths. Jte nail tried a- he sutipo-ed, every popular remedy, without out any rebel. He was induced by a friend, to pur-cha-c a box id SIIEHMAX'ri COElJII b()ZKXC.IS, wlucli to his siirjin-e .litonled him great relief 111 a lew hour-, and in a luw hour.-, and in ihiee week.- restored him to perfect health, so that he returned home to ln' family icjoicing. Mrs. Jenkins of this city sullered from 11 scveie ca-e of consumption for nearly two years she was given up by her friends as pa-t recov ery, and was expected daily to biealhc her la-t, for which she was uappuy prcpare.i, anil nail uispo-cu ot all her worldly edicts ; she tried Sherman's Cougli Lozenges, witli a view ol soolliing her dying moments 10 tier stir iri-e, as vveu as iter iitcnu-, sue icti great ly relieved after the first do-c, and conliniicd to grow uciicrii.iiiy, until anout annul two inonin-, wnen sue was able to walk to visit her neighbors. She 14 now well, and a living witno-s that Sherman's Cough loz enges will euro consumption. Hold nt the Variety Store, by PAXGBOHX & BHIXSMAID, Jewellers, iiuinngton, v t. DISEASES OF THE ElNGS.-Decidedly tho must rciueili evei know 11 lu America. Vegetable Pulmonary llaham is the must vuliiablo reined) now inu.cfvi cough, colds, asthma or pluhiric, coiiMiuiptiou, whooping cough and pulmonary ufftciious ufevery kind, lis sale is elraddy iucieusitig. and the pioprieton arc roiuianily leceiviug ilie 111'tr t favmahlu accnuiit ol its effects. '1 he fnllovvin new ccrtificalts aic ollercc lor puolic exiiiiiiiulion. An Inikuestino Cask. Extract ofa letter from Mr C S Uluy, KingMon, Ulster Co., N. Y, lo 1I10 piuprielnri, " outs ol Hie U1I1 nisi, was ituly icu'd A inn.irkiblc cure was eflected Iiy tho Veg.iialile I'ul inun.ity Bilatn iu lliu winter nnd spring of 1S3j. The l.ei.on, Air, Atoudv, had been sick a lung limn wiih die cuasuimtion. His physicians had given him tin. He was rtduct'd so low as 10 he 11 liable lu help him-eif, was raising a large tiu.inliiy uf blood when he commence! using lliu Balsam, vvhiih has effected a complete lore, and he is now as h.ilc and hcarl) as evei ue wis. Air, iVIuoil) lias lemuvtil liom tins limn, but lie In 1 prcinhcd me a unite tlcl J 1 It'll iircotiul uf his case, vvlnui I w ill lui waul vmi, V, b. ULAV. Kingsioa. N. Y. June 23. 1S3S. Extract ofa lellei fi Dr. Jarrdi (livers. The Vegetable I'ulinoii.ii v Balsam has been sold in this comity for Ivvu, and this tnc Ileum has gained uncommon celebrity, fur il raicely iu one instance i.iiieu ui lining me desiieil tllect. I am Iiy no means 111 1 nor of dm many nnsiiuins, most ol which aic on posilloni 1 pun 11 credulous public, bin lb. it hiinvv iiy tue to ta t llcC', 1 r.iniiix nciii but give inv approh iliou iheieio, A runnier fe it prepaiiiiiun has oeeurilleicd lirru Iiy a travelling Agent, ol l.umsluik, N. Y. uud thelitis another uriicle vended luie is strongly suspected lu horpmiuus. JACOIl iVIVKHS. V. I) Miflllngtoii, Juniata co. Penii. May 3, 1837. I'liim wr. nuintiii aloriu I. to t uc I'iopi leinii ot the Vclmi table Pulmniiarv llaUain. I am satisfied llui tbo Vo sct.iuio I'u inniiiitrv II. ill. nil la a in n.i o e inin ec He Il has been used in litis place with cunipleiu success in an oosiiii.iib cuinpluiut ol lue lung', alien led wun 11 seveio cuuib. ton uf voice, mid tho raiiim? of iiiueli blood, wbith had previously resisted man) uppruved 'iiiidiis. Alier using 1110 mi ""J wrtu, nn palient's olee leturnril and he was able lo speak audi. bly. This cute ocrurred iotne limn since, and the 111.111 it uuvv engaged noi only Inactive bin latmriuu bus iocs. Iti'fiiectfullv. &e. H. MoHHKt.L. For sale, wholesale and until, hy J, & J, II I L, 1,1V, U bll UUIIIUlOU, V. O greatest discovery ever made, for dispelling the va nous Minis 01 worms 11. 11 su iieipicnuy nnu uisircss singly nnnoy both chiliicn und udiilts. They are an infallible remedy, nnd k plcasnnt to the taste that children will take thelit is readily n n common pep permint lozenge. Many dieaes nri-o from worm-, without its being suspcaed. Sometimes 11 very trouble, some cough, pains in lie joints or limbs, bleeding nt tho nose, iVc. are occasoncd by worms, nnd can be easily cured by lliiscch'initcd medicine. The follow ing symptoms indicate the picsenee of worm--, viz: headache, vertigo, torpir, di-ttuled dicam, sleep broken oil' hv fright mi I sercaliiing. convulsion, fc- vcrisiiness, thirst, pallid hue, bad tasfo 111 tho mouth, ollctisive tircniii, congr, uiiiicuii lueatliing, itciiing at the nose, pains in the stomach, nausea, niiicaini-li- ncss, voracity, leanness, teneiiiu, ilehiug at the anus towards night, mid nt length, dejections und films unci mucus. One is u do-e fir a child two years old two for 0110 (our years old llrco for eight years, nnd five for 1111 adult, und should l; repeated every morning, or uvery oilier morning ii"oi imuieu. noau ineioiioiv inp letters : Now York, M'arch 6, 18.1!). Dcr.'"Clor, noordng to your nvpicst w have u-cd your worm lofcnse in several eases of worms, nud 'found ihcni uniformly 'iicccssful. We have 110 diiliculty 111 getting children lo take them, as they are perf.clly pleasant. We shall ii-o them in our practice wlcuever occasion oilers, believing them 10 be the 1 e l vermifuge medicine in use. We have also used your soda lozenges very ex tensively, nnd find them liflly to answer the purposes you rccoiumciiii iiieni lor. e arc vours very respect fully, V. Wi:eks, M. D. IV. olIAOOOCK, .l. I'. (!. R. Giuxn, M. 1). Nr.w Yohk. Feb. 1830. Br. Sherman. Dear sir- one of my daughters, aged seventeen year.-, was troubled for about eighteen months wilh a hacking cough, broken and disturbed (deep, to. She was fast wasting away, nil nougii she tie ipute nearly, trcveial physicians ni'iended her wit lout nny benefit. Fiom reading the directions uocorinaiiving vour worm loz enge, describing the synipti 111. of worms, I thought lie nnglit ho tuns iroullcil, aim accoalingly procurcl i box wdu'ch, to my siiriiiise.ciited her in one week. I'hey area 1110-1 excellent medicine, and I Icheve my laughter owes her life 10 them. ours, &c. Janh Ilc.Mi'ttncis, o Mercerst. tfTP Sold at the Variety store hv PAXGUORN & llRIXSMAlD,7eiy(c, -, Burlington, Vt. IMiUIRKASlC THOSE WHO KNt.'V. Thiire only who tnuvv hy It 1:1 1 ni iininedi.iie uhsci viition, rati foiin any 'dc.i ofthe eflrcts. of ilie tici feci lehef, of the aluiosi cures rffecicd in cases flllU PlI.ES, ItllLl'MATlSM, all SVVKLLINGS, 1111(1 II external pAls, 10 imtier hovvseveie. bv ihc use of llavs' Liniment. Find one who has used il that vv ill nut I. uid il iihiive all ilings ever used, and )on will lind vv ii.K cumin oe louul. Cj-'l or the relii lol stiller ing human beings vvhuua) be ulllicicd, I beg 5011 lo u;k nek of those uho tunvv usk 1 lie Hon, Alfhku Conklin, U. S. JudiH for ihat dislrict, leading near A ubiit 11 , ask Matthew J. Mveus, Efn. Alliens, N. Y ; ask Gcu. Duty Ghkkn, hue of Washington city, each of lliese gciiibincii know of cases uuconiMc.-- iibie hy all oilier remedt's or physicians, tliungh Hied fniriiMiiy vears, that havt been cured hy die utu of the genuine Jlay'a Liniment. Tli lusamls ofoiher peieons know similar cures. W appeal 10 their sense of jus. lice ihcir liuin.iu feeling!. JCP'll is hut a duty jon owe 10 )our sufferitig fellow-beings lo let Ihisgical rcineilv be known, ispeak uf it then lo all )our fi leads 1 ins win save mucn p.iui wiieie Hie nevvspjpers aie vit read, or where ledeis 111 e iiicieihilous. because su many vvuiihless articles ure advenhed for the same purpose, lu bu)ers we say, if all who have used 11 do nnl say it is brjond all prflise, then do not lake il. The proprietor will nut allow this ailicle to ho paid foi unless 1 1 cuics, when all ilie directions are fully follow ed. Will any one MilTi-rimr irfuse now to try il ? Ifhc iocs, ue ougnt lu nn r H it it more lur Ins obiliuacy lliaii is sobering, ilf-.vir. llavs would never consent lo fl'er this ailicle, vvciehe noi coinnelled hv his Ecnaeof iidM.l ol religious duly iu du .til in tux power fur the iciims of dislicss and inist-v. Fur ihis ournose he would suoner devolo a forton v iImii ?cruip dollar for ..uniilcss iinlcte. jtCJ'-AOOA' OUT. Sntne svvindleis have counterfeited lliis aritcle, and put il up wun vurious uevices. uo nut lie imposed upi 11. One thing only will protect )ou it is the name of Comstock 4 Co.; that name must be iiIuuvr on ilin wrapper, or jou ore tlieaied. Do uot forget it. Take ihis dure lion with ou, and lest by, or never buy ; fur it is impossible lur an) other lo be Hue or genuine. SOLOMON HAYS. Sold hy Covtstock 4 Co. 2 Fleichei stieoi, N. York. el lor sale UiJ.i by rANOBoiiK Sc Uiii.nsmaiu. V ALU A RLE INI'OU.-tlATION.-'Yie In dian Vegetable 1'ills are a ceilain cine for lisease in ilseveiv variety of foi in, because Ihev lliu- loughl) cleanse the sioinach and hovveb, induce a piu per discharge hv llni lungs, skin and kidney, and sti mulate tin.- blood 10 pm ify itself, lu other wonls lin y open all lite mutual drams, uml leave NATUiiK the Grand Physician) nee 10 drive disease hum die bod). The above oalleis, or dtaiiH, ale 1 tic common sewers uf the hodv, thiuugli which all uioihidand cor- iilil hutuois (the cause ol disease) ate can ted oil : anil so lung as they aic all kepi open, and di-chaigc IV eel) ineir aiiultcil portions id imperil), Hie body will con. tiiuie in heabli : htu when fiom eating improper fuud, btr. idling initiuie air, sinulen tran-iitoas (rum heat lu cold, over exhaustion or any oilier rptirc, the bun els become costive, the pores ul die skin become closed, or ilie khlne8 fail to peifurtn llieii ftiiituions prupeily. the impurities winch should be tlrained I10111 Ilie bud) hy iheru outlets, vv ill be retained, and continue lu at;- umulale unlit the bud) becoiut'i liteially mailed with ts.ise. I r lie channels uf our michlv riveis shuuld become blocked up, would uot the acci.mululcd waters find new outlets, or the emiutrv become inundated Just so with ihc luunaibody; if the mutual drains be- coine-etoscil, the slugiiaul ami coiiopl iuuunis will find vent in the unions foi ins of disease such as Fever, Miull l ux, measles, Klietim.ilisiii, doiil. Apoplexy. &c. or Death will ettJ our sufleriugs. Theiefoi'e, when sickness at 1 lie stiuuach, puns 111 the hack mid le, rputk puUe, binning skin, or any oilier ituplea- saut sympiuiiis, indtcala thai one or muie or ilie na. I111.1l diains ate mil disrli.iigmg lieely, and the coiisti lutiun is about 10 commence a snuggle lui the restora tion uf health, no lime should he lost in administering a feA brisk dosei of ihu Indian Piugitiive (Indian Ve clublc Pills.) Hy so doing, all lliu Iuiiciiuih ul the budy will be icslotett 10 older, rnd Ilie lunl huiiiois (ilie cause of every iiitl.iM.ilion or p.iiu we mffci) will be leinuvrd in su easy anil uncial a manner, the body will he irstuieil as if by a charm. The above Pills may he taken at A LI. limes nud under Al.L, cir cumstances, with pel feci B.ifeiy, They suil all com plaints and all ages, and me 10 the luiin in cnnsliiuiiuu is lood : coniitpienily 1 lie can nencr mjuic even the must I.ikn our food, they aiu diuPelihle: thetefore lliey Ciller inlu the ciirulaliun and itnpail an energy 10 the blood, which ti.ditesil to fbnv with ficu duui ipiite to the exlrruiines and coiiscipieutly 10 keep tlie iinres ultliu sKn ocu. Ibeyarn 11 uc and perb ci punliers of the hluod : In i-.ui.e ihey drain all cniiupi liuniurs 11 0111 lilu giving tlaiil. I buy imparl siiengili anil vigoi lo tlie vvlialu system, nnd llieir el b't'ts are always benrlicial : lienause Ihey only lemuve ihnee humors which aic uppoied 10 health. I'hey aid mil imtnuve digeetinu, ami sound steep luiluvvs llieir Use; because they cleanse the stomach and bowels nl tlios" slimy Humours vvincti not oulv nml exciie the neivous system, hut iiaialvzu and weaken 1 lie it geslive organs, lu shun ihey possess all ihey guud piopcilies mat can oe claimed lor any tiled ii'ine ; and his veiy 1 ini.irK.ili!, it is uttcily impusiib'u in Use ihcni vyithout liciicfit . .Morn than tvvelve ihnus.ind persons can bo lefcrud In, wliu bate been ruled id complaints apparently of the nin-i d.iiigeiuus cli.11 ncier, solely hy the use ol the Indian Vegetable Pills Ortr'tCK, and general Depot fur ihu sale ef ihe above Pills in ihu New Engbind Stales, IDS THEM ON I' SI'RFF.T, near rutin stirel, Bosluu, wheic ihey can bu had ill wholesale or letail. Agents liave beeu up pointed fur the sale ul lliu Pills in alums! uvety low 11 in New-England. All Idlers relative in thu pills must he addressed 1111111: " jV li Office N A, College of Health, IDS Tieinmii Siieut, Busiou, Mass. Iliirlniglon. A. BiiINSviAln. Woodstock, iluskrll iV Palmer S.'tbiiry. Jonn Houghton Williain sville, Charles W. Joy lteniiingioii, J. C. lia-wcllc Middlebury, Geo. II Fi-h Hiiihind, Win. Fay Dover Hiram Baldwin llralllo'ioro', Btrgc, Brocket! iV Co Wjitcrl'ord, II. Cutting iV Co. Xevvbtiry, rreuiiss rvuigiii uo'iiei, Miniiei .Mi-iiujr. spring lield, Geo, Washburn Proctor & Robinson Lon donderry. Smith iv Glazier lltidgcwuicr, Tho Soulhgnle Chester. Pluncas O Sargent Windsor. S. W. Hubbard R Poiilincy Hiekol; A Mcars Coiiiuions, Samuel Everts Wilmington, A. B. Childs Siowe, AIUrl Comps Post MillJcreiniah Wdion St. Johiisbtiry bother Jevvctt Wctou John Wilder Wuterhiirv Persons byous Montpelicr William Clarke btullow John Duiibnr nnd Co. Reuding Woixl Ai Myrrdl Hnrllord J P, Strong -V Co Norwich Baxter -v Xevvlonllarl,ardJ. II. Dan. lortli Itocltestcr Uluulcs Hold Cavendish A. Git son andSon Guilforo Philip Martin Halifax J. C, Slono ic Co. Westminster Anroii Hitchcock Weiilhcrlficld Haily Bartleti Haitland Cotloll A l',u,i,ir.i,c.v ' ii.,,n Pranible Fail fax. lkiurdon bovrgtove. : unite k s. iiAiiivs r.sTATH. STATE OF VEUMUXT, ( rilllF. lion, the Pro ntsTincT op cittTrt'.siii'.v sa. 1 A 1 utecotiurt tithm nnd for tho District of Chittenden! 'I' thu crdilors nnd olhers iMiiecrnd 111 the csttito of (ieorgc S. Hale, hue of Wcslfuiil. in said District, dcee.ued, Gitr.irlKU. WIIKHFAS, John W. Utile, administrator of lit es tatu of said dceea-ed, hath made upphealion tMlui court, lo extend the I into limited for making pnjiienl of tliu debts ol snid deeca-cd, twelve Itionlhs frol the iifllh day of June in-t., uud Ihe22d day of June list., being u' lor n hearing iu the tircmi-u, t the Otliee ofthe Hegister of this court, und it bavin J ecu ordcreil that nonce thereof I e given, by p(iblishli ibis decree ihico weeks successively in the Fice Piss 11 newspaper printed nt Burlington, bcfuic tluMiinilixed for heiiruig ; therefore, vmi ure hiicby notilieil ap pear I cfniu said court n't the time uud place tifunsnid. then and theie, to maku objection if any you line, to tliu said time ofpnyinent being further o.-ucnid as albre.-aid. Given itiidcr my hand at Burlniglot this lib day of June A. D. 183!). W.m. WKTOX, lhtt'r. WII.IJA.M II. MIXJEIt'S t..-'VA; .STATIC OF Vi:il.Ml).'l. ) rTVlEh.o ..MciU Distiiict or CtiiTTf.NDliMcSs. ( M Prelate Court for ihu District of Chitlenden, Toall ier-on concern ed in the Cstale of W.M. B. MIXFHIalc of Milton in -aid district duvii.c.l, (iKKKTlNG. WHKHEAS, lielccca Miner, Executrix ofthe last will nnd le-ttuncnt of said deceased proposes to ren der tin account of his iidiiiiiii-lr.'lioiij and present his account ngninst stud estate fix examination and allow n nee nt u session cf thu Contt of Prol ate lo I e holden at the Hcgisicr'soiliee in Burlington on the second Wedne-day of July next, therefore, you nre heicby no titled to appear I cl'oro said court at the time nnd place ulbiosaid, nnd shew cause, if any yon have, why the account iiline-aid should not l e allowed. Given tinder my hand at Biiilington, this 281I1 day of May, A. D. IS 10. jc. 10. WM. WESTON Hcgislcr. WlMilAM II. MIXRH'S KSTATE. STATE OF VFH.MONT, fill IF. lion, the probate Distiiict of Ciiittcndkm. -- court wilhin anoior the di-triet of Chittenden, To the creditors nml others concerned in the e-late of W.M. B. MIM-.K, late ol Milton, 111 snid district deceased. Whereas Kcl eeeu Miner, executrix of tiie last will and testament of said dceea-ed, hath made application to this court lo extend the lime Innilcd lor making payment 01 ileitis nun lega cies of said dceea-ed twelve months from the first day ol July, 1810, and the-eeond Wednesday of July next being ussigned for a hearing iu the premise-, at the ollice of the Hegister ol this court, and it having been ordered ihat notice thereof I c given, by publishing this Icercc thiee week- successively in tlie Free Press, n nw "-paper printed nt Burlington, before thu time lixcd for iii-vrmg, therefore you are hereby notified to ap pear 1 cf. re .-aid court at the tunc- and place aforesaid, then ami t. eru to make objection, if nny you have, fo l ie said tiuiV of pavinctit leing further extended as afore-uid. Gi en under my hand at Burlington, this aStluIay of May, . U. 1810. je.10 " WM. WESTON, Register. PETE It 31 1 .NT K LEU'S ESTATE. STATE OF VEUMCXT, ) A T a probate court, Dutuict ot GiiAND Ist.K, ss. j 1. holden at the pi ol.ale otliee in Xorllt Hero, i.. snid district, on the day of .May, A. D. 18 10 present, the lion. Joel Allen, Judge an "instrument, purporting to be the last wili und testament of Peter Minehler, hit" ol Grand Ule, in -aid district, deceased, being prc'cntcd 10 said court here, by David Corbin, the executor thcic'i nanicil, for orobatc. il is ordetcd by -aid court thnl all person- concerned therein 1 e notilieil to appear at a se-sioti ol said court to be holden at the dwelling house of JcJi- diali P. bodd, 111 North Hero, in said district, on the first day of July, A. D. 1810, nnd show cau-c, if any they may have, against the probale ol said will; fori M'liicti purpu-e 11 is iiiiniiT orucrcu inai u copy ui inc. record 01 tuts order lie piiijii-ncil three wcebs sticccs sively in the Burlington Free Pros", printed at Burling' ton i'u the county of Chittenden, as soon as may be A true cony ol record. Attest, je.0: AUGUSTUS KNIGHT, Register. Amos UlcKoU's Iist.".ic. rr10 the honorable the probate oou-t for thedislricl Jl rf Cliiiii'iiiti'ii. finnes the subscriber. Nid-nn Hiekok, admini-trator ofthe e-tali! d Amos Htekok, laic ot'Cliarlottc.decc.iscil. and retire oils that theiicr-i soiiat estate of said ilecea-eil will ttu be sltllicicut to pay the debts nud charges of iidmiiiiitcring the estate, anil iiereny application 10 saiuconu, i.u i-im lo sell so hiueh ol lliu real estate a- liny 10 neco-nry to pay ihc sum ofa.lO dollnr-. NEUOX IliCKOIC. llurlmglou, June 12, 1841). STATE OF VEHMOXT, i At a pnbate court hold- Distuict or Cm rTHNDttf, ) en at llirliugtou, in said di-triet on the liili day of June, A. D.IS-10, il is orJereil Utat an account be taKen ol the ileus unit ul-o lite proceeds of the pur-onnl e-tatu of slid deeca-ed, nnd thai tlie beirs and all person-concerned 11: -at 1 estate l.u notilied lo appiar I elore said court 011 ne autn nay of June, uist. at tlu Register's otliee, in Burlington, aforesaid, to give bond for the payment u debts, and bow cau-e why such license i-loro-ntd, slum not 1.0 'ranted, uud that such notice lo given In" publishing ihe above implication and thi-order thiee weeks sne- ively, tis .soon as may be, 111 tlie liurlingloii nee 1 newspaper inntcd at lliirliugtdi, in said ilis- Inet. uiveu tinder mv Jer my li.ind tbo day and year tirt atiovc wrilten. jln W.M. WESTON, Register. .loliti Weed's Estate. STATE Oh' VJ:i:.MOXT, L T n probate oiitrt, DisT. or LiiiTTCNiir.M, . . ) J. 3k. tioiueti til onriina ton, within and fur the di-triet aforesaid, ou lie 12:h day ol June, A. I), lb IU, an instrument purpormg 10 bo'lhe last will and testament of John Weed, late of Hincsbtirgh in stud district, deeca-e 1, was pre-eltcd to the court here for probate, byAii-on Weed: tlercfore it is ordered by said court, that public notice I t given to all per-oiis' concerned therein, to appear I elire said court, ut u session theieol to be hoi ten at tlie aegis- ler sollice iu llurlmglou, on the second . eduexiay 01 Inly. A. I). 1810. ami contest the orol ate o( sail will. and it is further ordered that this order be ptiili-hed llireo weeks successively in the Burlington reel a, u newspaper printed at' Burlington, iu ibis stae, the last of which -hall Iv previous lo the day iissjgicd, as a foi ccn id for heanip,'. Given under my hand at the Register's, ollice, this I2lhd.iv of J , A. D. 1M0. jclj W.M. WESTON, Rcgsicr. BLACKS UlTM.The siibs.eril.or havng re cctilly moved from Albany, and the Blacksmith biisiues-, iu all il- forms, in tho nev shop on Madison stieel, near Follell iV Bradley'i Store, would ic-pcetfully invite the inhabitants of Builiugliui and vicinity to give him a call, as he is fully pvpared lodoall kindsot work in Ids line, on the short-! no tice, le-t manner, and mo-t favoi.ible term-. He has fur many year- past given his particular alteimon In the Horse shoeing huiues, and Farriery in all its branches. From the long experience which ho has had, and the general mloriiialion hu has denied both Irom theory ami practice, no leeis luny comment in u eoinmeiiibug liiiiisfifin the public. He will le pre pared at all times logive Ids personal attention toall kinds of work in his line nt h as Ironing Wairgoiis und Sleighs, Slopwork, sVe. All kinds of edge tools made inihe I et manner ami mo-l approved style. He trusts that by giving business his undivided attention, and the low prices at which ho will be enabled to fur nish work, loiccciveu share of the public, paironace. JOllNSORAGKN. Burlington, April 10, 1810. QIIEKMAX'S l'OOll .MAX'S VLASTEU. kj The ho-t stiengllicning plaster ill thu world, and a sovereign remedy f r pain or weakness in tho lack, loin-,, brea-t, neck, limb-, joints rheuinali-iu, hiinbiign, iVc.iVe. One million a year win not supply They icpineii little warming lcfuic ap plication, warrauieii superior in mi unn-i -, ! one uiiarlcr lite 11-11111 price, iii.ii.iiik mi ' i"- -. but the cheapest plaster in lliu world, it a.ionis u-nci in a lew hours, and makes a-toiii-hmg con s. In liver complaint mid dyspepsia, it should le worn over Ihc region ol'lhu liver or stomach, and it w.ll a.tord steal .....1 1 r r,.li, r. In coimh-.coli -. '.1-lllllUt. llltll- ,al niinie.sioii of the chest or stomiieh, they will sooth, and gieally leuclit the patient. Persons ol sedentary habit-, or tho-e obliged lu stall I much, will ici eive ncei.ieii support irom mir ,,f.t, i-.ili-. si,...ii.nbi-iiinj piasters. Physicians, gcu- crallv recoinmend litem, in preference 10 all others,! c- catiso they stick or adhere 1 elter unu a oru gic.nci ...,i,..i- 1 m ttii.i'i. r sun 111 ihev tut) stimulant, tonic, und anodyne. They urn composed ufcntndy iHHerent iilgliiheiitslVoniuny oilier; and known Irom the ex- 1 erienci! of millions, who have ipivi Ihcni, ti- vuu 11 1... 1 .....I,,,,.,, . rnll ibo cr ebralcd and dlstin gl-he.1 clergy uud physicians, in letl.o mo-l ti-cful and highly inodicatcd ida -tcr, ever invented or o ciiil ."..1:1!.. s; t .wrsiin. nivcca hs 111 tho ware hou.u to eiprcss their siirpri-e nud ihauks nl the One man who Mid been so ntllieicd with heiimatisin U".L 1 1 ..1 1.. ,lr..s- binisulf vv Ihout nssistamv ., .,.,... nils cure- I ICsC lllllsllTS ll.ivu vnvs vv-asciablcd after wearing one, only one night to jte j pa ouiiinlheinoruing.l.ut on his u. d call ' 1 ,r. ... ,...ib ,.i-iwlienm hiff wilh joy uud his tongue ,.,,,11-in- forth tho kIiu1ui)i of hi- heart, at the sudden : r",g"nal relief he had reecvisl from this I e.-l of all lemcilHs. Ask for Dr. Sherinan's Poor Man's Pla-ter. It js so called, K-oaii-e the price ohvi es 11 in the power ofa to piircbate, icing oniy isi cis. 0.111 mi 11-10 rtety More hy PA.NGBORN & B INS.MAID. ' Jewtlleif! Builingion, t, CIIAMI'LAIN AND MT. liAWIt ENCE It AIL-nOAl). 3t. Jiiiijfit to iMoNTiir.Ab. The Hah, HoAt) Co.MfAMl having crecicl extcnivo Wii.uivr.s at St. Johns, and suitable Spohei thereon, being now nearly completed, the committee of man ngement, 111 order to o.ler every encouragement tn the iiuporlnnl trade at'icil tat I eween the Fill till State nnd bovver Cititadna, have e-tnbllshed tin, following regulation, viz! Firtthj. That nil height pnsing to, or from Like Chniiiplaiu, per Railroad line. and addres.-ed lluilioild ll'haif. St. .Inltns. will be allowed temporary Wharfage and Storage, I'm of any cnarue ior ine same, secondly, hut by lem porary Wharfage and Storage, thu Trade will dis tinctly understand is meant, llietimo necessary lor en Icring and passing the Goods through the ' Cu-loiii House at St. Johns, (of which, thu Company shall 1 e the judge.) To fuciliiate which, the per-on lu ofthe Co.'s wharf there will bo pcrmitliil, upon bl own responsibility, to make the iieies-itry Custom Hoti-e entries, if rupiited nt the miiiil. time iIiom vv Wo piefei, it, will I e lit III erty to tr.iii-iiel IbCir o 11 Ciistoin House btt-iucss, or cinploy wl 1 they think proper to do so. TiiiUhl That the delivetv of nil licigbl for Montreal will lu made upon the' SVhaif inert, in which nine and place, uml previous to tbo delivery of such freight, the importer or Consignee luii-l substantiate nil losses, damages, or error.-, what soever s fading which, the comtianv will oil 110 ill- count hold themselves rc.-oonsible lor the sinnc i und, lilt Irtcgbl wlucli the l.ompany may I e compelled to icmove Irom the Whai fputodt'orc for safe keeping ow ing to the nli-ceiice or want ol duo dilligetu e ou the pari ot such Owner or Consignee, in causing the sit me to l e removed ; will I o charged with the cartage nnd storngoof siieh Gouls, at the uiHntnnrv rate-, uud, Fourthly, That all height ino-t be paid for 011 de livery. By oilier of the eomniince of iiianngonteni. w.i'. u.Mi?.i) , com r. Hail Hoao OmcF., ) iVonrra,Afarciij, 1310. ) Gem: it a l a ency. sa i nt johns. LOWE It C A N A 1 A. The itndersigne.l having been placed in charge of the Railroad WHARVES ami STORE--, at Si. j0ir,.f U-gsto o.lci his services to the public, (upon his own responsibil ity,) a- u General Agent for the trnuacliou of all hii-t-ncss, in any way, connected Willi the American Carry ing Trade. Ills charges will be as follows : On all transactions upon which it may I e neccssto make ml vaiiecs for Custom Iku-e Due-', 1 uck Freights, or oth er charges, 2J per cent commission. A Custom Hoti-e Ijrokerage will ul-o be charged, of 2-. fi 1., upon every Entry of Good, inward or outward. The low rule of the-e charge makes it imnerativeiv nei esttrv that all Advances, Commission, &c. &., be aid jili Rah. ItoAO WitAiif, St. Johm, Ahri d, 1S10. j n.lf:3ni Q EAltL UOWAlt 1), of the Cheap cash store, arrived iioiue irom .sew 1 orlc la-t evening by the spleudid steamer Whitehall, D. Lyon Capt. anil brought with him nu addiitotial supply of Goods which with his two former purchases of this season make file assortment altogether one of tho mo-t desirable to select Irom of any that he has hcrciofuie had for the last eighteen year-, and is ofthe following kinds, viz i ncii, ia-uionni'ie, taiiey unit sinpte articles iu every depaitment ofthe Dry Gooil line, such as Broadcloth-'. ('ns-iincrc, Vesting-, Moii.-cline de laiiic-, Challys, Silks, Uoml azttie-, C.ilieoc-, Linens, Miislhi-, baee-, Ribbons. Embroideries. Hosiery Glove-. Fans. Um brellas, Para-olls, etc., wilh a full supply of Florence and Straw Bonnets, and Millenary Good-, itUo, Car- , .Mattings, Taper Hangings, Shoes and Hat ,,gether with all the heavy descriptions of domestic nud Oilier NEW SCHOOL C. A IMIY AND ATbAS WITH OITblXK MAPS, by S. Ai'r.iis tus Mitchell. The author ot the nl-ovo works has I cen professionally devo'cd to the science of Geo'y nnd the piibli-hing of Map-, during many year.- an'd In former productions, especially his Map ol ihu World for Academies, I car uinple t'c-tunonouv of hi- abun dant resources, upon which he has so Idirally dinwn, in producing the above -ehool works. The following cxlrait of tho Geo'y and Atlas, is fiom a joint uvoni inendatiou of the Teacher.- in the city uf New York. "Their merits are utiiiicrou- lite deiiniiiotis remark ably plain undconci-e. '1 he exercises nre copioit- und important, and ihe descriptive is luminous mid correct. The divisions of the American continent, nie repre sented and ilc-cribed as Ihey leally exi-t at thu present time. And the gro-s misstatements generally lound in school geographies me corici-tcd. The typographi cal execution is nn commonly neat and distiiict, indeed the atlas is a model of the kind, nud actually teems wilh information," Tlie outline .Maps aro peculiarly calctilaied to exercise the student in his study, and to fill up al his leisure. For vulu by C. GOODRICH. DOGT. MAI.SII Abh'S Aromatic, Catarrh and Headachu SM'FF. Tin-Suull is superior to any thing yet known, for lomuving ihat Iroul le-oine dis' ctsc, the Catarrh, and al-o a cold m the head, and the headache. It opens and purge- out all oh-ti notions, strengthens the glaud-,and give- a healthy action lo ihe parts allccted. It is pi rfccllv lice from any ihingdclc-teriou- in its composition lias a plca-ant flavor, and its immediate c.!ec, aflcrlcing u-eil, is ahgiccablc. Price 50 iciils per bottle. Doei. .Mar-hall's Vejetnhle Indian Black PbAbTi:!!. 'I hi- I'lu-ler i- unrivalled for curing scrofulous swelling-, Scurvy Sure-, bamc Back, and l're-h Wounds ; pain- in ihc -ide-, Hips nud bimlis; and seldom I'.uls tn give relief iu local Hhcimalifiii-. If applied lu the sidep't will cure many of the common biver Complaint-; and is ei ial, if not superior, to any thing in ti.c for corns on the feci ; the virtue- of tin's Pla-ter have Uvn wilnes-isl by ihoiisatids of individuals in tliu 1'niicil Slate-, who'havetcstel its cllie.icy. Sold by the pro- prieiot , i ua. i niw cu, -'i iiiun ni i y, i. join I'.i'astus Slieldcti's I'.statc. STATE OF MHtMONT, i ritlli: hon. thcprobule Disr. or CiinTi'.siiUM, ss. ) JL court tor tlie district of Chtitciiden, to till persons concerned in the est ite of .ralus Sheldon, late 01 hiieliiuiii in satu ui-iriil, ue- ccasel, grccltug. W hcrcit-, bin- Slicldou, admuiis- tratrix ol lliee-ialo 01 said oeeca-eu, proposes to ren der 1111 aeco'iut of lieradmmistration, and prc-cnt her ueeoimt agani-t said etate for exaiuuialion uud allow ance, nt a session ol tho court ol prol ale lu I e holden at the Hegl-ler's otliee m Burlington, 011 the second Wednesday of July next; thetefore, yen tue heiel y notilieil tn'appcar leforo said cnuil, at tho lime nnd place aforesaid, and show can-c, il nny you have, vv hy the account aforesaid should not I e allowed. Given under my hand at Burlington, t In - r-.Hi day ot .lime, A. D. 1510. jclj W.M. WESTON, Register. PANCHOlt.V ite llIllXS.'ilAID.oftho uriety stoic, are illciingu great variety of Wnlche-, Clocks, Jewelry, Pcil'nincry, Musical liisiriuncuts, Cut , Caul-, Pteiurcs, Soaps,! lair Oj.,Hui!or, Kuivc-, Scissors, Cane-, Stocks, Cap-, drawing materia'-, wil low Waggon-, Chairs and ( radio-, I'u-tor-, Pencil-, Tea uud I'ollie Pots nnd Irus; silver ware, plated Watc, Lamp Wicks und Glasses, Collars und Bosom, Su-pcuilcr.-.Svvonlsand l',stols,Tlicriiiomelcr.s,Siatiou cry. Inks, Court Pla-ter; Doll-, Bags, pocket Books and a great variety of fancy urnclcs tn supply tin want- an I minister to the gratification of the notional and nil who call al the Variety stoic; we aieui "Ap ple Piu" order ready to ini-vvcr nrder- or rcliirn calls at the variety store, PanoiioiiN it Biiin MAID. N LOVELY ti Co.. have Jii-t rivMfioui New York, and are now o.lcrmu foiah-it still lur thcr reiluciil pru-es, for ready CASII-a moio complete a.soitmcul of Cmcy and other Goons udaptcil to the ,ea-ou nud the time, than ever I cforc among whn li 1110 many new articles never before tillered in this mar ket. Also, a new supply of Gla-svvaic, Crockery and bookiiig-Ghwci Also, Engli. h Currants, Prunes. Drv Groceries-. .Mats. Rti-sia and other Curiiclitig , Oil Oloth fur Table.-. Floors, and billings, etc. Moiu next .III IK' 111 MAYO iV; WAIT have teturiml Irom New York with their supply of spring mid bummer Good.-, laid in at the present unusual low rites vvhiih they aie prepaiml la sell a.chenp as can bo had nt the couulry, buyers arc re-prctf illy solicited to call and receive ihe proof, al the store rtxently occupied hy bathrop & Potwin telnet cf Ch'Jtvh and Coliene-itu May &. goon-, sue. I.. ,,A-UMittmmmm From the X'ortlt American, 1'llOSCim'TION OP TUB PRESS. Tho objects of this paper in its origin were, nml still are, to ,'ulvocate tlie cause of "Cnnnilinn Freedom, ami Canadian Indepen dence ," to support the cause of liberal prin ciple?, of human freedom, and of free govern, incuts in opposition to jMritis-lt tyranny, British toryiem. mnl monarchy, and against arbitrary authority, in all its forms, whether exercised by those wearing the Jacolnn bound, or the Iron Crown ; whether under tlie name of democracy, aristocracy, or monarchy. Huch were the ge neral ('ejects of tlie ;Yori .A wiener. h, asset forth in our )' ispcetus ; and wlien wc commenced piibVIi.ii!.', wp did not nay, w c could not be. lip ' -s a "iiiirle poritoi. would bo found, in authority, in this great and glorious Republic, tiiis "Land of the free, nnd homo of tho bra-re," this boasted refuge of the oppressed, hostile to these objects and these principles, or hostile to t lie free circulation of a newspaper advocating such doctrine.-. Hut wo arc at length compel. led to believe, for we hae tho proof before us, that there are such persons men high in au thority in this Republic. Wo published last year, several articles tend ing to prove the interference of this government tliiough the Post Ma'stcr General, with the freo circulation of the .Vorfft American ; and the pri vate letters of several post masters were refer red to in proof of tho charge This charge ha been denied by many of tlie leading friends of the President in this vicinity. And although wo could not doubt the truth of the charge, in view of all tlie circumstance.-; then within our know ledge, yet, we were disposed to believe that such interference arose from the misrepresen tation ofthe liritish authorities as to the object nnd character of the Xorth American. It has been said, however, that these misrepresenta tions were made by certain enemies of tho Ad ministration, in this vicinity. Re this as it may, it appcaif, from the document now before us, that the yurlh American was in the hands of tho Post Master (iencral at the time of our pros cription ; and consequently, the government must have been fully and correctly informed of its general caracter. The document to which wo refer, in proof of what we here assert, is tlie letter of the Assis tant Post Master General to Victor Adams, Post-Master of South Hero, Grand Isle County, Vt. It reads thus : Post-Office Department, ) Appointment Ollice, 16th June, lea'J. Sin, The !)th number of a newspaper enti tled "Xorlh American," purporting to be publish ed at owanton, vt., by 11. .1. Thomas, anil " edited by Canadians and Americans," has been transmitted to thi' Jlepsr'r.icn!. In a list of agents for this paper your name appears as 0110 'iietu ; and as the main olytctsuf Ihe a;cr art uch as main it improper for ami herson. huliline an office tiiukrihis (Joicrnment to act as an Audit Ior iu dissemination, cither at home or abroad, I urn directed by the Post Master General to en quire whether your name has been inserted in the list of agents with v our knowledge and con sent. Please to favor 1110 with an immediate inswer. Very respectfully, Vour obedt. servant. ROit. JOHNSTON, Dep. Ass. P. M. G. Victor Adams, Post Master, South Hero, s Grand Isle Co., Vt. ) The reader ii requested to notice very particularly that pun of the letter in Italics. The conclusion is irresistible that, if tho Xorlh Amrricanhai bcenthe advocate of Rritislt tyranny, Rritislt toryism nnd British monarchy, it would have been tolerated ; anil Post-Mastcra and all other jvrs-ous- holding ojjice under this gmxrunient would have been allowed to act at agmts for its- dissemination, both at home and -umoAD. In order to dissipate all doubt on this subject, we would inform the reader that wo have tho original letter in our possession, which may ba seen at any time It is perhaps, not unworthy of remark, that Mr. Adams has been removed from ollice, anil we have reason to fear that it was because tho government suspected him of having niado known to us, at the time, the substance of this letter. For the honor of tlie Nation wc should rejoice to have this matter satisfactorily ex plained. On the -lth of March, 1?:10, John M. Clayton of Delaware, otic of the noblest sons of that noble state, thus expressed himself in the Uni ted States Senate, in his celebrated speech on Mr. Foot's Resolution: "Take another case, and inform us why tho rallant Harrison, the hero of Fort Mei's, tho victor at Tippocanoo and tho Thames a vete ran in council, n well as in thu Hold distin guished for his virtues tn all the relations of tho citizen, the soldier, and the statesman ; why, I ask, was he proscribed a- unlit to represent" Ins country abroad, and withdrawn from Colombia, to make room for Tlios P. Moore.' He had scarcely arrived at llogota tlie ink was still fresh on the Executive record which informed the President that it was the advice of the Se nate that lie should represent us there, when the order for Ins removal was announced. This could not have been done for any ollicial mis conduct. There had been no time to inqttiro into that. NVas his fidelity distrusted, then 1 Or how did the public good require his dismissal! Think von it w.ll toll well in tho annals of his. torv, that ho w ho had so often periled life and limb, in the vigor of niatihool, to secure tho blessings of liberty tu others, was punished for the exersisc of the olcrttve franchise in his old Hire ! Sir, it was an act, disguise it as ve may, which, bv holding out the idea that he had Ink the coiilulenco ol his countiy, might tend to bring down his grey hairs with sorrow to tho "rave. Rut tho glory he acquired by the cam panni 011 tho Wabash, and by those earned vie lories for which ho received tho wannest ac-knowledgeiiieul-s of merit from tho Legislaturo of bcntticky, and the full measure of a natiou'a thanks in the resolutions of Congress, can never bo effaced and any effort to degrade their honored object will recoil on those who mako it, until other moil, in better days, shall properly csti inato his worth, and again cheer his declining years with proofs of his country's confidence and gratitude." The prophecy of tho eloquent Senator is spc.n to bo fulfilled, and thoeo Hio then listened to the appeal, which like Lochiols wnrning, an. nouiiccd a day of summons and retribution, miy now fcol forth past, tho' Ihey may justly treui. ble for Ihe future

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