Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, June 26, 1840, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated June 26, 1840 Page 3
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i rice In pursuit of Vandovendur. AT, V. Commercial 4drtrtittr. Tut Inventor or PiuN-rista. At tho last nnnlvcr mty of tho Newspaper Press Hcnovolcnt Association of London, Mr. Lender, M. P. in alluding to tlio ml vantages which result rrum thort of printing, re ferred to tlio subscription now going forward on tlio Continent nnd in l'.tiglatid, fur a nionutncnt to tlio memory of John Uiittcinburg. tho inventor of print ing, to bo erected at Strasbtirgh, in 1R 10. Thcinoiiii inent consists of a hroiro statute of Gutteniburg, with o printing press before him, from which he isnboui to draw a proof, nnd of four bas-reliefs representing the benefits of printing in iho four quarters of tho, world. It is designed and modelled by M. David and is now asting at Park At the head of the Auxiliary Com mittee, at Paris, nrethc names of Arago, Haron An thahn, Didot, and twenty or thirty others, or the tho highest eminence in literature and tho arts. An Auxiliary Committer- is in progress of formation m London. lioston Times. VARIOUS SIGNIFICATIONS OK "POOH." "Pooh!" said Lady Delmour, turning away her licad. Now, that pooli is a very, signiheant word. On tho lips of a man of business, it denotes contempt for romancot on thulips of n politician, it rebukes a theory. With that monosyllabic a philosopher innsacres n fallacy i by those fourlctters a rich man L-cts rid of a beggar. Hut in the rosy month of n wo man, the harshness vanihcs, the disdain becomes en couragement. 11 Pooh 1" says the lady when you tell her she is handsome but e ho smiles when she ays it. With tho same reply sho receives your pro testation of love, and blushes as she receives. W ith men it is the sternest, with woman the softest excla mation in tho language. Ilultecr's Oodolphia. Agriculture in Connecticut. Wo learn that during tlio late session of tho Legislature; of Connecticut, on net was passed, which provides thatrvcry county Ag ricultural Society, now incorporated, or inai may uo Ini'iiriiiirnlnil. wliirli shall raise (is a tax from Its own members, or by contribution, a sum not less than 8100, shall bo entitled to reeeie annually from the Treasurer oi mo stale, a sum cquai to sum m., mu iint in i.vrcril S2f)n in nn v onn year. Kvcrv Secretary which shall receive such allowance shall oiler annual ly, by way or premium, tlio whole nnioimt received from the State, and nn equal niiinimt raised by tho So ciety from its members. A'. Y. lUpress. Pbettv Scvr.iin. Not long since a l'cdcvnl Vano cratin Indiana stepped up In a soldier who had fought liy the side of Gen. Harrison at Kort ."Moms and the Thames, nnd accosted him thus t "My fnend, lam really sorry that you continue to support old Granny Harrison. " Don't feel bad about it, my good sir, (said the veteran in reply,) 1 am always willing to be classed among tho supporters of those who dcf.'tidcd their country. The only dilVerencc between us is, 1 was fighting for my country in 1312, and yoiwns making money, by smuggling provisions to the llrit ith at the same time." That was a clincher the Vanitc made tracks as fast as possible. A DnEADFCL WCTWI! or VICI! AND ITS HFULTS. The Baltimore Sun furnishes a shocking picture of r recent caso of crime and consequences in that city. A woman of respectable connexions fill from her pu rity some years since, and became an outcast. She followed through the different grades of vice, from cuilt and shame to infamy nnd despairs from gilded luxury to squallid poverty, nniil at length sho was compelled to herd with tho most miserable of thodis ooltile blacks in the suburbs. She had lung been dis carded by her friends, but a sister hearing of her des titute state sent a benevolent gentleman to seek Jicr, nnd to endeavor to reclaim her to ibe path of virtue. Ho found her inn frame house in Pitt sired ncnrllart ford run, in the midst of a motley assemblage of Mack nnd whites, of the mot depraved character, and sur rounded by filth and tlicsqualidticss or poverty. The gentleman left her snnio relief, and on Friday last he eent two others of the saiiiekind disposition to see her. -When they entered the house a scene presented itself nlnnit too horrid for description. Tlio blacks and other inmates or thchoiise were rioting in beastly intoxication, and in ono or the rooms the body or the wretch who was imre pure, pious and lovely, was found lying on the lloor a bloated corpse, surrounded by tilth and yet more horrible, the rats had devoured nearly one side or her cheek. The demons who held their orgies in the hovel, yelled their curses at the gentlemen Tor asking them to remove tho corpse to a more filling place, and they were compelled to hasten from a scene which almost chilled the blood with hor ror, and winch nothing but nn imperative sense of du tv would ever have romncllod them to look upon. Notice was given to the proper authorities, and tho corpse was interred me same evening. It. M. Juhnson. Soma friends of the administra tion of Grcensburg (Pcnn) have written to Colonel Johnson, desiring certain information in regard to General llAmuso.. Among oilier thing'?, they ask if the Colonel cvermadeuse of the expression, imputed to him by the Whig newspapers, and or which wo liavcseen no denial, that "he (Uencral Harrison) was oftener in battle than any other general officer, and never sustained a defeat? To this communication, the Colonel replies, that in fits present "delicate situation ' it would nui ijioiiu for him to enlerinto any correspondence touching the jnrrili or demerits of the candidates for the Presiden cy. He refers his correspondents to the liistory of -the times for a reply to their queries. From Klokipa. Cuir. Mason Killed. The news from Florida continues to be of a most disastrous character. In the St. Augustine New of the 12th ult. 1 copy the following: "We learn that Col. Riley's command, operating nn the Withlacoochec, a few days since supprised nn Indian camp, two waruiors of which were killed, one man nnd woman nnd child made prisoners. The In dian was placed under the charge of a sentinel, who, falling asleep, nllowed his escape. Pursuit was im mediately made by Capt. J. 11. Mason, of the Florida Volunteers, who, being in advance or his men, was accidentally killed by the firing upon the escaping Indian." . Vermont to Tin: Rnscvn. The Vergencs Vermon- ter says, there never yas surh n spiril as at present nmong uie uicurriipiiuiu m Mountains. lioston Post. Glad to hear it, Major. The Vcrmonlcr is a sound Whigpaper, and considered good authority in parts. Alb. Daily Adr.. Parties in Omo. A gentleman or tho I.oeo-Foco Bcliool. dining at a largo Hotel in Cleveland n few days Miice, accosted an old lady who sat opposite to him as follows. How do parly politics stand in this mate, Madam ! ''Oh ! I donl't know much about it no how, but there don't appear to be only two parlies in this state as fur as I know. What are they Mini um 1 (Let me see) one they call, the Tippecanoe par ty, and the other, Harrison ucinocrats, i uuicvc. A UnpfnLicAv Familv. Tho Detroit Ad vertiser savs, there is a gentleman now in that city who, witliliis FOURTW2N HKOTHKRS, will vote r. urr;. Th Imvn VW'V. SISTF.ItS livinL'. whose political views are in accordance with their own! Tins may oe. caucu an extensive oi un uuriuuiuuu family. We understand that tho Rev. N. S. S. Reman, of Troy, has been ollered the Presidency of Jliudletiury College, Vermont. Tlio Globo is waging a furious war against ngainst " hard-ciilcr." It begins a long and tlitinclcrincr articlu in tins wise : "Tho friends or morality and religion (Blair nnd Kcndnll. of course.) are filled with alarm at beholding n great party make intemperance a rallying cry in a contest lor the 1'resnleney." From tho Albany Cultivator. s atit ktiTe" in meat. ci.tM.uiti V Tuijmjk : In tlio 12th number of tho lust volume of tho Culti vator, there appeared a communication on the use of saltpetre in cunnjr meat ; and tlio following reason was assigned for abandon ing its use, viz: "It ought to bo known that saltpetre absorbed by the meat, is nitric acid, or aqua Jorlisa deadly poison, wnereny our salt meat becomes unpalatable and per nicious." A sufficient answer to which is found in tlio fiict, that ono of the constituents of common salt is muriatic acid, as deadly a noison as tlio nitric acid of tho saltpetre And wo might with as much propriety say, that tho salt absorbed by the meat is muriatic icid. as to say that tho saltpctro is nitric acid or aqua fortis: therefore, the objection ap plies with as mucn iorco aim irutu to tlio tiso of iho ono as the other. Saltpctro is the product of a chemical union between nitric acid and potassa, (potash) mid salt is the product of a like union between muriatic acid and soda and in these, as in nil other cases of chemical combination, tlio substances combining not only lose their pro porties, but tho substances produced gene inllv dosscss properties entirely different frequently tho very opposite of those of either oi their constituents, r rom which 11 iuiiuw.s that a porfectly innocent compound may bo produced by tlio combination of two noxious substances or a noxious compound by tho combination of two innocent substances: and it U very improper and well caculuted to mislead, to desk'nato a compound substance by tho namo of either of its constituents, in ihn rnmmnnicntioii referred to, in which nitiir nrbl nnd KnlllMltlO ItrO SOVCntl tillK'S used as if limy were but different names for fw stimo thnra Soma pcrsoiu think n small quantity of Bultpotrovory beneficial to their meat otltors think it useless: tho former need not bo frightened from its tiso by tho fear of being poisoned witli aqua fortis, nor the latter de terred from trying it. J. ,. Mciirif fiodl On tho 22d mst. at (ieorgia Vl. by tho ttcx O. W. Henslow, Noblo Lovely of this town to Mrs. Aurclia P. Hill. In Troy, Ohio, Dr. Win, C. M. LcFcvro to Misa Martha Jevctt,daughter ofDr.L. JcwcttofSt. Johns-bury. STHAYK1) from tho prcmNcs of I lie subscriber 35 old SIIKKP and 18 LAM US, with cropped nnd slit right ear. and left slightly cropped on iho upper rhh'i 0110 black one nmong tho nnmlier. Whoever will give information nt thi oflicoorat tho residence or the subscriber, where mid Sheep may Lo found shall beliLcrallyrcwnrded. , THUAIAN K01JKUTS. Unrlinglon, June2f, 1810. SONGS OF Tilt: PF.OPLK.-Log Cabin Song Hook being n collection of Harrison and Tylor Melodic piiilelli-heil with a neatly engraved Portrait of (Jen, Win. II. llarri'on, and a view of Old Fort Meig, for sale nt the Hook More. , D. A. DRAMAN. Hurl.nglon, Sune2C, 1810. ritUKTIPPKCANOK TEXT llOOK.-Just received, J- a largu supply of Tippecanoe Text Hook, made 1111 of doeiiliientsniid facts illn-lratinir Gen. H:irrinn' history, elmraetcr, services and opinions Ji is wortnly reeoinniendeil to the friends of Ren. Harrison through out tho 1 1. State.-, lor solo at Iho Look store. June 20 1). A. DRAMAN, B WINDowr rash- U TT Just received lii, 20 nnd s 17 by 0 cascmeuts of sash, a first rate article nt 3J and 3 cents per light; nlo nil kinds nndsize, furnished to order. Tieouderogn black lend, n lirst rate nrlicle, for nub very low, loiremer Willi cles ns cheap as can bo iouiul at any oilier estaUMe incut in tin: place. Gi:o. PnTKnsos;. TJKISTOIi IJOAKD. Dr.awiiiD- tinnnr m,,l !,.,, jO oils Hrilliant redilind. blue (luid, japnn hit,-, nnd muics and genlleinen'.s steel pcn, just received from 1 "., "no ior saio ny . Jiurs l I.U TVS. College st. Juno 25, 1810. 1 OC; CABIN AiNKCDOTKS mid illiiMrnted iuci XJ dents m Iho hie or Gen. W.m. If. lUnntso.v, f,ir sale at the Hook store jnno 13 1). a. HRA.MAN 1000,IKM,xtiUTE1 50 do Hay Forks, 15 do Manure Forks. 50 do Hoes ' 00 do scythe Snalhcs do east nnd Cfmnn f.,1 c,..i,n. ....11. Se;lhe, Sickle, Ploughs, nlid Ploiich t'-aMincs by' Hiirlingion, June lo' J.iV.1. H. l'r.CK &Co. 1 fill VK STUFFS, 1 UU 1,1,1$. Cam Wood 200 do Log Wood Si. Domingo 250 do Log Wood Cnupeacby 250 do Fustiu 200 do Nicaragua 10 do Alum 25 do Mine Vitriol 30 do Madder 50 carbovs Oil Vilrinl Mnriatie. Acid, Anna Fortis, Nitric Ar-id, Carcuma, liar Wood, Peach ood, Qncr Citron Hark, SnnnMi Holaut and Hengal Indigo, Lao Dye, NuttGaIN, press Paper-, Jacks, Tenter Hooks, Cream Tartar and Airal Juuo 10. by J. it J. If. PF.CK it Co. 100 GKOCRKIUS. clicks yoiinc Hyson Tea. 10 no iiy.soiisKin, uo. 20 bags pepper, 20 do Pimento, 10 do Collets SO boxes Pipes 100 do liar Soap 200 do Raisins CO kegs do 40 do Pure ginger 400 Mats Cassia St. Croix Rum, Holland Gin, Sisnclto Brandy, H,l liniore Gin, American Hrnndy, Cliampaignc. Itrown aim raiu snerry, .uaucira and Sicily Madeira, .Mar seills Madeira and Malaga Wines, by June 7. J. & J. H. PF.CK & Co. OOnn Nails, mms & American Iron. CJJJ kegs NiiiN from 3d to C0J 250 do JJrads from Ga to20 Horse shoe Iron Scroll and Hame do all sizei Hand Iron from 10 4 inch Square do 5-0 to 3 do J. it J. II. Pr.CK &. Co., June 10. Agents for Keesevillo Maniifictiiriin; C(j MT. VUKXOX KIADIMt, Polyslott Itihles of diilereut sixes and bin'iiz, Pocket Hible.s and testament and a general assortment orstaliona ry.Ut received from N. York and for sale by college st. jc:2j. S. 11U.M I.MiTO.N. TV I2V COODS. Sidney Harlow ha received a 1 1 ueneral assortment of eood' at his old sloro on 'earl street, which will be sold chean cnoiich. N. IJ. Wool received for goods. Uiirlington May 28. 30keSs TOBACCO. phi" Tobacco, 40 boxo Cavendi-h do 00 naekaL'e sheep do 2000JI s. U-af do. do. by J. it J. H. PF.CK tV Co. 1000, sii:km OIL. allons winter Snerm Oil. 2000 1500 June 7. do. fall do. do. do refined do. J. it J. II. PECK Co. 250 liOi'illai'il's milt'& Tobacco. jars Macaboy Sntilf 5 bbl. scotch do calf Hladdcra fl do do do Ox do 30 do Chewing Tobacco 30 do Smoking do June 1!). by J. it J. II. PECK it Co,, Agents, 1 n non faints & oils. 1U,UUU ,. dry white Lead IUO raK. sjroiiiuiuo uo 15 W,. Venetian Red 10 caskb Krcneh yellow 50 bbls. American Linseed Oil, 25 do Smrits Turpentine Conal Varnish. Gold Leal, Sand paper. Smalts, lir.isie--, uiue, uiim copal, uy J. tv, J. n. 1'kck iv to, 8000 SALT. bush, solar Salt 3000 do sleam do 1500 do lino do 1000 do Turks Island do 1000 bbls. fine do 100 do dairy do 250 do coarse do 200 sacks dairy do by J. &.J. H. PF.CK & Co, riniiRinv 1 RON AND STEEL. KnslWt Iron X from li toC inches ; Russia old sable Iron; do ii.m. ,ln dm Stcfi-les do: Hoop do from Ho i inch : lir.izier'.s R(mIs J Siriii(-', east, gcrman. swedes and Engli-h blister Meel ; Cart and wngon boxes, inihed ero bar, by Juno 10. J. tt J. H. PECK it Co. AX OILS. ttJ bbl. American Linseed Oil, 10 Tierces fall sperm do Winter "u 35 bbls. reilued do do J. ct J. H. ( Co. T IIJUKATIOX J This eertilies that I have given XJ my son, Uzra Fargo, his tunc dur.ns his mi nonly : and ieliiuiiiilied all claim tn hi earning'. Himtiuctoii, Vi. Junel. 1810. JAHEX FARGO. G1LASS. Uiirlington, Veruionl, mid Ksex, Cylin r dcr tiln.s. mndu nt ibe Chnnii.lnin Glass worki and very much improved in quality compared with thu into brniid-, for sale by J. it J. H PECK & Co. "VrrcillXEXA CRF.AM for shaving, clarified Re V 111, Warrin's I est Needles, Silver Thimbles and lots or new Goods, open ins nt tho ariely Slore. May 20. PANGHORN & IIKINSMAID, TvHUOS AND MEDICINES. A Inrgo supply just XJ ree'dby Juno 10. J. it J. II. PECK Co, TIIF. HOOK STORE orilio siibseriler i now fully leplenislied wilh n largo collection of HOOKS nnd SPA I lU.M'.UV, recently selected in the INew 1 orl, market. Particular pains has been taken in the as sortment willi refeieneo 10 Hooks adapted to sabbath schools. Thu nuwet publications have been selected for this object, mill Libraries can now be fiiruUlied wilh any amount at llie.N. . prices, D. A. HrAman, DTI1AV .MAKE. Came inlninv enclosure about O the lirst of Jiuiu iust, n small sorrel Mure, wilh a while stripe in her face mid one while foot, mid shod ..II .n,..l PIIIVI-'Asi ATWA'1-I.'I. Hurliiigton, June I81I1, 1810. NOTICi:. All persons indebted to lliolate firm of Lailirop, Poiwm and Wait or to Mnyo mid Wait nt Iheir slore nt winooski Village, are hereby no lilied In 111al.11 payment tons nl our Slorejin Hurliiig ton, corner Church and Collegu streets MAVOnnd WAIT. IKANKLIN IIOUSi:, AT THE MINERAL ' SPRINGS, IN HIGIIOATE, VT.-TI10 mhsen ber having furnislted and lilted up, for tho reception of company, the above establishment, respectfully solicits (I,., i.inrimii.'i, (if Ins friend., nnd I In! llllblio generll'lv. The celebriiy ibis spring has atlametl, tho Icantv of its locution 1 umg sitiiateil in a plcasnnl and heallhful section or Iho country together with iho exertions of me suiiscrii er in pivc piunim nun in mi, u is iu.jii willmakoit n desirnblnsituaiion for thoko who wish to avail thcm-elve of (hp boncfiis of iho medicinal wniers, nnd a relaxation from tho erdmnry ctires of business. B. W. WOOD. Hiijntc, JiyieS, 1810. 9w Ill CIIANCFHY, Hwtm MAto & TtMonir Foluett Chittenden vs. l County So- SAMttr.t II. HnotvM, Jotin, VrnnMB CounT, JoimH.Pf:cK,CAsstt)sP Pr.CK, Setm I January Term, nisiior, unu tjAssius r. imown. I a, ik itiiu. AT the present Term of this court held nt Hurling ton, within and for the county of Chittenden, on and John Peck, John H. Peek, Cnsslus P. Peck, Seth HMiop and Cniiis J, Hrown, nil of cnid Hurliiigton, setting forth, that, on or nbotittliolif hday of January, 1832, Iho said orator, nt the request of Mini Hrown, signed n note with siild Hrown and one S.illbrd Ste vens, as sureties, given to the President, Directors it Company ol the Hank of Darlington, for thu sum or lifieen hunnred dollars, which note was received and discounted by said bank or Hiirhngloii ; thnt on thu rainc fifth day of Jnuunry, 1832. the siild orntors nlso signed with thu snid Hrown nnd Stevens, ns sureties, nt the request ofsaid Hrown, three notes to Lydia El dridge and John M. Eldridgu for 1900 each payable respectively on Iho first day of January, in the years 1833, 1831 and 1835 j that the said Hrown, to secure and Indemnify said orators against snid note, nnd be fore payment of any of said notes wax made, to wit, on tho 22dday of May 1832, executed to said orators a deed or that date- in duo form of law, conveying to snid oralors 0 tract of land on which 1I10 said'Hrown then lived, situnte m said Darlington, lying near Mud dy Hrook, contalnimr, by estimation, about one hun dred acres, on which there was a saw mill, formerly ownc.l by Kelsov Gilmore, alio a dwelling homo, in which tlio said Hrown then lived, intending thereby lo convey all the land lo snid orators which the said Hrown then owned in Durlinglon ; thnt ufierwnrds, on ihc snnio 231 day of May, 1832, tho said orators executed to said Drown an agreement under seal, cov enanting that they would execute to the nid Hrown n quit claim deed of eerlnili premises tle.seril.od in n deed from Lydia Eldridge and John M. Kldndeo to said ora tor, dated the hfth day of Jan uiry JS32, being a tract of land known as the Eldridge urm, situate in said Durlinglon, and that said oiamr would nito c'ouvey to snid Drown, by deed of quit claim, the premises do eriled 111 snid deed fro-n snid Drown to snid oralorV iTlhe mid Hrown should well nnd truly pay the sniil notes given 10 snid i.yclin J'.ldrnlge and John .M. J.l ilrulpe, and slionld nlo pay to snid orntors a nolo lor onu iiiiiidrril dollars, daled the snmo 22d day or May, 1S32, andalso pay all rates or taxes which then were or might thereafter be nscsed on said premise', and should omt to cut any timber or wood on said Eldridge lot, except by tho concnt of snid orators, and then the avails theicof were to be appropriated in payment ot said note tr note, whether due or not j that after wards, on or nbont the l.Vh day of Septeiuler 1832, the snid D own nnd said orators agreed that thu said deed so cxtciited by said Drown to said orators should stand as sc.'iiritv forihe payment of nil sums that then were or inijht thereafter become due from said Drown to snid oruors for all moneys and goods ihat should be or had b'en furnished by said orators to said Drown j thnt said onlors were compelled to, and did pay to the said Lydia mil John M. the said three notes executed by the'saidllrown and Stevens and said orators, when they severally became due; and that said orators were also competed to, and did pay ihc said note, exec uted ns nfore-nid to said bank of 'Unrlinglon in three in stalments o" live hundred dollars each, nnd I ho inter est thereon, the last of which instalments was paid on lli3lst of 1'ecemler, 1832 that previous 10 the IStli of January 1S39, the said orators, with the consent of snid Drovn, sold the land deeded by the said Lydia and John tosaid orators in sundry parcels, and that on the 18th of January lS38,lho snid Drown and said orator sottbd their accounts and all matters concern ing the payiients made by snid orators as aforesaid, and all olhtr matters between them nnd upon sue,li settlement a balance was found due from said Hrown to said ornt(rs, of tfl,C35 30, being part and parcel or the amount mid by snid orntors to said bank or Unr linglon, and to said Lydia and John M. for snid Drown; that the said Drown and said orators, afterwards, on the day and year Inst afoie-aid, made an indenture of that daie, sig'uoH and sealed by them, selling forth the agreements sale of Eldridgo'lantkmid settlement nfore said, and tbit said Drown in snid indenture covenant ed to pay said orators said sum of (,085 39 with in terest in'sixiy days from the date of said indenture ; that it was further set forth in said indenture that said orator then held three nolo-, dated April 30, 1835, signed by E. it T. Mills, for $200 each, made payable to said orators or order in two, three and four years lroiu their il.itc respectively, with inleret, and al.-o four other nolo dated the 27th day ol June, 1S37, signed by Chainicey Goodrich, for ??S1 25 each, pa able K said orators or order, in the summer of 1837, 1733, 1S39, and IS 10, respectively wilh interest, all ofwbicli said notes of said E. it T. Mill and said Goodrich, were taken for a portion of said premise--, deeded by said John and Lydu to said oralor, and by said ora tors to said E. itT. Mills, and said Goodrich ; that said Drown did, in said indenture, release and forever dis charge said orators from all claim by said Drown and hi assigns upon snid orators, for the conveyance of the whole or nny part of said premises so deeileed by said John and Lydia lo said orators as afore.-aid ; that said orators," on their part, did in said indenture covenant, that if the said Drown or his asign$ should wull truly pu to ttiiJ orator.-, tho siiul iim of vl,(rtj.s9, with intcret thereon, within sixty day from ilieilaicui r.,J OhIuiiiiiiu, ilicn .u'd tuaiors won'M convey lo said Drown or hi nssipns, i,y ji .r M.,,i claim, all their title and interest in the said land so deeded by said Hrown to said oralors on the 22d day of May, 1832, as aforesaid, and would assign anil transfer lo said Hrown, by their endorsement, without recourse, said notes ngainst said K & T. Mill-, and said Goodrich, or otherwise account lo said Hrown therefor. Provided, that if snid orators for tlio pur pose of rendering said deed from said lirown 10 iliem available, should Ic obliged 10 pay any incumbrance existing upon the premises thereby conveyed, nt the dale ol said deed, men tlio snid lirown sliould pay aid orators tie amount by them paid nnd interest, 1 eforo said orators should 1 c bound In quit claim, a above stated, 'he land so conveyol by said Hrown to snid orator; that said sum of 8 1, '(135 39 had not 1 ecu paid, but that snid oralors bad collected two of the notes giver, ny aiu t iv. r. .uin-, lor 'JUU each, to said orators, and also two 01 mc notes given hy said Goodrich to said orator for i?81 25 each, which sums so collected vere to he deducted from said sum of $1,055 39 ; 1 mt aid Drown afterwards, 011 or about the seventh day of April, 1S3S, by deed or warranty, conveyed to Joel Hihop wilh oilier hinds, about fifty six acres 01 the lanu so deeded liy said Hrown to said orators; that said Joel, on thu saino seventh day or April, SJS incriL'aged me same lilivsix acie 01 land with oilier land to said Hrown, lo secure the payment 01 lour noie 01 iiaiiu 01 mat dale lor Sgsaeacli, pay able by said Hishop to said Drown in one. two. llirl" aim lour years iruin oaie, respectively: mat on me 12lh day of June, 1838, the said Drown assigned and ir.uisferrcd 13 John Peck, John II. Peek and Caiu P. Peek, all bi, the aid Drown' interest in said mort gaged prcim-i's, and that the said John, John II. and Cassias P. (laiined to hold the same; that on the 23 1 day or .November, S38. the said Sainiie It. Hrown sold and coiveyed Jo CnssiiH P. Ilruwn, by deed of warranty, lie remainder 01 uie land so convoyed liy said S.niiiielR. to said oralor, and that said Cas"uisp' Drown, on the same 231 day of November. 1S3S. mort gaged the same land so conveyed by said Samuel R. to to said Cassia p. Hrown, to said Sam :el li. to secure the payment of four notes of that dale, three for $150 eaeu, and uieri'si, payaue i.y said Caui l Hrown' to said Samuel 1(. respectively, on the 1st day ol Jan uary in the years 1S-10, IS II nnd 18 12! the oilier for $250 nnd blerest, payable, on tho !ir-l day of January 1813, and mat said Cassias 1, Drown claim an in terest 111 said land; that on the 25th day of June 1839, the snid Joel Dihop sold nnd conveyed to Selh Hishop, nil Jie laud eonyeyed by said Samuel R. 10 said .ioei, aim mat sain reui claimed 10 jiavo an interest 111 said hind, and praying this court lo do'Tic thnt the said Samuel R. John, John II., Cn-iu P. Peek, Selh Hish op and Cabins P. Hrown bo decreed lo nay ibe bal ance due sriil orator as afoieaid and intcre-t by sonic snort nay 10 le appointed ny this court, and 111 (lel.iult theicof, 'that the said Samuel R.. John. John 11.. ('as. sin v, few, Seih Hishop, and Ctssius 1'. Ilruwn, and all person claiming under Ihcm may lo forever fore closed from all canity ( f redemption or claim 111 and lo Sinn premises soiiceiieu ly said Samuel J. o said ora tors ns aforesaid, and every pari thereof, and of all claim upon said oralors to re-deed thu same, and for luriuer reiiti according 10 equity and good conscience rtini iiuiu uui saw nut 01 complaint Having I ceulcgull1 served upon said John Peck, John H. Peek, Cus.ius 1' reel,, ae 111 1. 1011 and C'ns 11s l limn.,, ,,,l ,1..,.. having ' neglected to appear nnd nnwcr Ihesnnie, 1I10 ....... m,, i..wiim uieiu j im.eii a eoiiiessfti, nili it appearing iliat ibe said Samuel R. Hrown reside out of lhelate and that helms not had ner.niml nnii..., ol thu pcii.leuey of said bill It is ordered that said oaiiiuei h. le nolilied theieol, hy puWishing tin or dcr, eonlaiiiing the siib.tnnce of said bill, three week SllCcessiVelv ill Ihc Free Press, n iimvinniwi. i.rim.kl ;, said Hiirlinitton, tho last of which pulilicalions shall t '" iweiny navh previous 10 mo commence' ill url" 01 '"L' 01 f'liani'ery next to li holdcn at H irliiigton within and for the county of Chit tClldcil, (111 the hist Tlll-.i!uv sr,,-., .1,1,. nl' a,.,.,,., 1 D. IS II). on the tirst ilav of winch Insi in...w.iw.,l !..'. of said court, ihc said 'Samuel R. is hciehy required to appear nnd maUi nnswer lo said bill ot complaint. Given imiler my hand in open court this IfJlhday of January, A. )). 1810. j:25 W.M. NOIII.E, Clerk. W v. the subscribers bavuiLr I ecu mnuuiiiisl !, ii, honorable jhe prol ate court for the district of twiuieiKicii, coiiiim.sioiicrs to receive, cxaniinu nnd iii.jiisi ,iiU ' 1 1 ii s nun (leiuaiiiis 01 un persons nsnins Ihet-stato of Josinh Spanlding, jr. Into of Williston it said district, deceased, represented insolvent, nnd also nil claims and demands exhibited in oif-ci iberelo) mid sia iiioiiiii ir-mi uie imy 01 uie uaio licreol ileilig nl ow(S ny said conn lor that luirpo.e, wo theicfor hereby give noiico that wu wiil ntiend in ilm lisi.,.-s tin- ilu-,.lin,r nl I , l 1.1,..,., Esq. 111 illi-ton, m said District, on the 2d Monday of December next at 10 o'clock, A. M, Dated this 15th day or June. A. D. 1810. jei25 HEI1HEN LOCICWOOI), ) Coinmis- inuv wmuii-p . ; IrOTH;K CillllOllllO lllUCncloslir,, i,r ll.n nl,.i.ri J.1 ber on tlio I81I1 mst. a RED COW, about eight ycurs 11111. i no owner, is requested toiuiyfor udier iimiik ii iiiKo ner nway, JUSta'll CUUIv. Hurliiigton, Juno 23, 18 10. OMT, on Wednesday Inst, npnir of cold mount I cd Spectacles. A generous reward will bo given for them. 11 lounu. bll.umi.i, 61 cu, June 11 NEW GOOD. GEOnOti A. CONNKR, lis. ju, returned from New York with n freh suiiplv of Groceries. Among which .tinv bo fovud otd ned vomitr Hvson Mysonskln and HoheaTEAS) Lonf, Inmii nnd brown Suruns. Wine, Hrnndy, Rum, Gin, Molasses, Flour by thu bnriel. Iielf barrel or bv thu pound, Codlish, Mackerel nnd Herring. Coffee, Pen-En, Spleo, Clove, Nutmeg' Ginger, Snlcrntiis, Rice. Cavendih, plug and pager Toi-acco, Har and shaving Soap, lamp Oil, iVc. itc. Also a good usortmeut or Dry Goods, such as Caliooes, cotton clolli, bed Ticking and many oilier nrlicles loo numerous to mention. Hurliiigton. Mny 20, 1810. On Hhccllns, Shirting, Vrluli, &c, 0J bates d-1 brown sheeting, 5 do J do shirting, 10 do Ticking, 3 enscs -l-l bleach Sheeting, 10 do American Pn'nt, forsaleby June 10 VILAS, LO0MI9 nnd Co. FAV PAINT SIIOl'.-.SPAULDINO&MILLS 11 have opened n new Paint Snor on Chtireh-st. two doors soulh of II. Lane's Store, where they will do all kinds ofHOUSK, SHIP, SIGN nnd CARRIAGE PAINTING, in Ibe Lest possible manner and on terms to suit those who may finour tlicm wilh their patron age. tCPPalnls, Oil, Anrnish nnd Putty, coulnntly on hnnd nnd for sale. 11. G. SPAULDINO. Hurliiigton, April 0, 1810. C. H. MILLS. ly TIIAY IIORSIJ.-llroko into the inclosiire of the subscrll er on the lilth or this month, n young hortc, dark bay or brown,, hardly middling size, one while hind foot, n long svilch tnd, with some white on Id's noc,sliol forwnrt. The horse appears tohavc been worked lately. The owner is reqnosied to call, prove piopcrty, pay charges and take him nway. Sliclhiirn, June 10. NATHANIEL OA'OK. AYOUNfJ LADY of go.xl family and ofa lib eral education and who has a thorough theoreti cal and practical knowledge of tlicFrei -hand English languages, wishes to find a place either fn afe-nily or 111 n 11 rnwn muini, a un.iiiuii (if hy Idler post paid,) to be directed to Mr. M loll. Pro- lessor of Music, Rnrlin Situ, Vl. June A. O TO It 12 TO IiI3T,,at Winooski Village, the O sloro recently occupied by Lailirop and Polwin will be let anil possession given immediately, npply to me suhseriliei corner uuurcli unu v-ouege i. niir. Imgion or to Gideon Lailirop, MAYO & WAIT. Uiirlington, .May 2U, lam. QTATIONI2HY. ARMOUR & It A. MSA V have O receixed, by tho recent nirivals, a large nnd well ortcd sioek ol writing papers, and the dillercnt ar ticles ol plant and Fancy Slaiionery. ALSO, an cxcel- I II ' .! ffvnl)i t-l Vise. ..'.I :n ..,,,' 1 . ...,... rin'epnblicaliou. Montreal, St. Paul st. May 23. Oty BOOTS Si SHOES. Thu siibscrihcr has now on hand a general assortment of HOOTS and SHOES, of the iiiot faliionable style, and thorough workmanship, which heolIeMcry low for CASII. N. H. All kinds of measure work done nt short no tice. Durlinglon, Churcli-st. May 28, 1810. ATrcW GOODS, now opening ; nn additional x 1 as?i ortment of vnrieiis kinds of good-, anion them are Mczottnto Hrnslies. Satin I Send Head Hand. Sarsnparilla Lozenges, Ajeordeen books, extract ol castors, new tc. ALSO, a ood assortment of trimmed and nlaiu line Satin ami bombazine Stocks j thin summer Slock, fis'd and plain ome with hows very nice ami light ior warm weatn- we have alo very narrow noci;-, sintalile lor ,ovs or men. ANo, long stocks for those who have large Necits, in a word our assortment of Stocks, Col lars and Hosoms is very complete. For further par ticular please call atlhe Variety Slore. June 1 1. I'AN-ononx ec imlMstiiin. CJ.,OTllli:itS, TAKH NOTICE. The subscriber nt the Winool,i Iron Foundry, has on hand and ir sale, a new TEAEI.ING GIG. made for narrow Cloth, a lirst rale machine, of the latest improvement, which will be sold cheap lor cash, or exchanged for Cloth. JESSE GAY. Winooski Village, June 11, IS 10. LYJIAN A; CObli lave rcceivud their usual extensive a-orunent of Spring nnd summer iOODS, embracing a beau il'ul varietr of goods for ladies Hummer drese ; richl'nglish and scotch Ging ham, India muslin u superior article for white dresc; Jaconet cambric, a great aortmcnl of barred and checkered Cambric, printed uiwn, mourning do. prin ted cambric and French Mii-hn. An extensive assort ment orAmencnn Caliccc. cheaper than ever. A few uiisii .inn r reiicu uo. SILKS. A small assortment of Rich silks, including black, blue black, colored auJ striped. Handana II'dT Pongee. Crimson, wlnn si .-1 n. Itl'L- lm inn ( Vtvnis. 'entlemen's col'd and black I id Gloves, docol'd. black and while silk gloves, do. Hcrlin, Lisle Thread, Linen nnd colton gloves. A "0C1 assnninenl or Hosiery. very cheap, bml rella's anl Parasols, Thin Hoots Id Mine, Lames I icsnri. slips, DOMESTIC GOODS'. Merrimack rotlons. nayis- villo do 5-4. Cotton Sheet inr, Shirting, Ticking, col'd Cambricv Vnrn, Thread, nn-l Kniltiog Cotton. Su- pernne i.cngs.lollisand Pleach eotlon. Yorlt .Mixtures htnpes, Drills &c. Irish Linen, Shirting and Sheeting, Dinner nnd Crush. ' 'l''s! TltlMMlNGSJ. Includinfr tewing Silk, Twist, Th read, Padding, canvass, sleeve-lining, brown linen, liulions, Ilinding, &e. VKST1NG. While lig'd Merails, Valentin, figured featin, i:e. uauze, and rich dully fancy H-ilkT-. A great variely ol other lilXJDb which eompri-e ! very extensive assortment, andareoilereil at asiom'sh nig low piices. Ladicsand Gentlemen are invited to call and examine qualities and prices. June 4 ATATUHU'S GRAND HIvViOltATUE. This J valuable Vegetable Medicine stand unrlvallei for thefollowing complaints, v.z: Dyspepsia, or Indi gcsiion, dieaed Liver, bilious disorder. Dropsy. Atli 111,1, Coslivene-s, Worm and lo- of Appelile. and bv cleansing the stomach and bowels, cure pain in the side, stomach and breast, cold and cough ol' long standing. Hoarseness, shortness ol hrcalli. Ncrvou complaints, etc., which arefieqncnlly Iho ellcct ol'di. cist, t ti ewTuiin italic, 11 is a niusi vaioaoie pre ventative as well as a sovereign remedy. It virtue urp.-iss any thing heretofore Known in removing Si. Vitus' Dance, two bottles have I ecu known lo cure this afilictmg disease, atlcr having ba tiled every exer l ion lor four years. It ha a iuot powerful influence in removing nervous eouiplnints. It is pleasant lo lake and soeasy in it operation, that it may I ('administered to tin; infant wilh safely. The above 'Medicine i very highly recommended by many eientilic gentlemen, and n large minder of ladies, who have proved the virtues of the Medicine by personal use and Ihat of their families. A bill nfccrlilfculcs accompanies each bottle. with direction-. It may le had wholesale or retail or Hnlain, Harre, and J. C. Furnam, La-l Williams town, Vl. solo proprietor. Prepared from the oris in nl recipe ; for sale by E. II, Prenti, Monlpelier, nnd I. it J. II. Pi:ck it Co, Hurlingtoii, and 111 the priuci- pal town in lliu state; all directions signed in the handwriting of ibe proprietor-. jelO SHERMAN'S COUGH I.OZHNGF.S. A ItK the salt-st, mot sure and e ltvlual remedy for Coughs, Ciild, Cnnumnlions, whooping Cough, Asthma. Tightness of the Lungs or chest, (S:c. iVc. The proprietor has never known nn inlnnce where they tint not give perleet sniisiaciion. r-overai thous and boxo have been sold within the lat tiiiceinonlb reslorinc 10 health, persons 111 almost every stage of consumption, and llio-c laboring under the most dis. trcssincr com ami i-ougn. 1 ney 110 not oncci. nun Iry up tho cough, but render it easy, promote expec toration, ullay the tickling or irritation, unu remove the proximate or exciting cau-e. They aru madi Irom n'combination of the mo-l ya'uable expectorant. or cough medicine;, and nic uiidoiiblcdiy iiipenor lo every thing in use for those complaints. Hundred upon hundred ofcertilicatc have I ecu otlcreil of iheir wonderful virtue-, from tliose who have been saved from an untimely grave, nnd re-tored to perleet liealih bv using Iliem. t'o.i:. ( ino lozcngo is a uii lor an a, lull, nud may be. repeated from three lo six times a day, 11 required. Children, eight year. year old, ball" or one: four years a quarter, and so in pro portion. Very small children or infants will take tlicm est dissolved in a Utile water. Should they net 11 an cinelie. or produce naii-ea, the do-o must I o les-cned 10 what 1 he stomae 1 win tear, unu 01 one win gen erallv bo siiilieicnt to tal.o I eforo I reukfust, as the stom'at-h is then more easily sickened. No ill eliecls can arise from an overdo-e, as it will cause the sto mach to reject il i nnd although 1101 a pleasant sensn lion, will lie found to gic relief. Where llicro i much pain in the brcat or side, one of Sherman's t (ior .Man's Plasters should reapplied over lliu pari and worn till relieved. 11 intended with cosiiveui-ss, 1 few cathartic or laxative Lozenges, or any mild ca tliarlio medicine, should ho used as occasion require E-z.Sher11rP11rl.i11s wns cured in twodavs, ofa nil). disiiessiii!' eoii-'b. Mr Hurton of Providence, Mr Sha ler of Hosion, Mr River-, Mr, Combs, Mr Wallace Jnd"c Peiers. .Mrs Coleman. Mrs. Richardson and bun drcd ofothers ol this city, have called 10 express their surprise mid commendation of llio speedy relief nud cure-, clleeletl Py these Irulv wonderliil uougn wzen pes. Doelori Smilh, Vaiillenbiirgh, Couisioek, Har lis. Hi-iL-liniii. nnd x'Veral others ol Our most distill giiislied physicians, liavu ii'til theo Lozenges, in iheir prill-tire, with invariable success. The medical faculty iinuoriiiiiy npiirovi! 01 llicin, as me l ('l cougii lutiu ciuo in ii-c. Mr Kendall from Vcrmolil, visited tin citv Insl fall, iniendim; 10 uo Soulh. in hope ofmitiga liny- it seven! i-nnrrli and inillnniinri' alleclioil. t lint lie had I t en troubled with for several months. He had tried ns he supposed, every popular remedy, without out any lelicl. IIo was ludueed bv 11 friend, in pur chase a box of SHERMAN'S COl'GIl LOENGES which 10 his surprise nilbrdul him gii-nt relief in a few hours, anil in 11 luw hours, and in ilirco weeks u-sioied him loperli-ct health, solhat bo returned homo to hi family rejoicing. Mrs. Jenkins of this eiiy sullcrcd from 11 severe ca'c of consumption fur nearly two ...:ir sintu.ns ,nv..ii nn hy her friends imt reeov- t-ry, mid wns expeele.! daily to brealho her last, for Willi' U M il lllll III)' i'i. I ,.-., .. ...... ... ill h.v worldlvulleeisi sho tried Sherman's Cough L(tti-ngu, wilh n view of soothing her dying moments To tier surprise, as wen ns nt-ririenns, mo rai kii-.h-ly relieved ulier the first dose, nnd coiitmueil lo grow bellerdnily, until about beiut two month, when she wiisablo lo walk to visit her neighbors. Sho is now well, nud a living witness ihat Sherman's Cough loz ruses will euro consumption. Sold at tho Variety Wore, hy PAMiJUK.N UKIIN.MAI1', ettcllej-, V N LOVELY c Co., lmvajust ree'd from New York, nnd aro now oilcringforule at (till-further reduced pried, lor ready CASH a more complete assortment of fancy nnd oilier Oocns adapted to tho season nnd Iho times thnn ever before nmong which nromany new articles never before oN-red In thN mar ket. Also, a new supply of Glassware, Crockery mid Looklng-Glnsses Also, English Cirrants, Prunes. Dry Groceries, Mats, Russia mid otlur Carpeting, Oil Clolh for Tables, Floors, and Linings, etc. More next week. June !! ;r.oiu;i: s. half's ijstati- STATE OF VERMONT, ) rilHE Hon. the Pro ntnntcT orcutTTKNtmwss. 1 X Intecoiiurtwiihin and for the District of Chillendeit ! To the creditors and others conccrnd fn the estalo of Gcorgo S. Hale, latecfWi-sifjid. in said District, deceased, WHEREAS, John W. Hale, administrator oflle cs late or snid deceased, hath made application H) tins court, to extend tho lime limited for making pnmient orthe debts of raid deceased, twelve months Iron the 20th day or Jnno inst., and iiio22d day or June inl., being nsslgcd for a bearing in the premises, it (he Oillce of Iho Register of this court, mid it liavinr been ordered that notice thereof be given, by pnblishiig this decree three weeks successively in the Free Piess n newspaper printed at Hurlingtoii, before ihelimi llxcd for hearing 1 therefore, you me litreby notilied o np pcar before said court at the time nnd place iifon-nid. then and Ihere, lo make objection if any you luue. to the said lime ofpnyinont being further cxlciued u aforesaid. Given under my hand nt Hurllngioi ilu's lilt day td .nine A. l). 183!. w.m. Vi:siKl., ihf r. STATE OF VERMONT, DtsmtcT or ('iiittiinih', j r1IIF,honorabeilie , ( Jl Prcbnlo C in rt for thu District of Chittenden, To nil persons eon-crn cd in tiiei.stniu 01 w.m. jj. iMI.m.k lale 01 iMllttn in saiddilric, GRIvKTI.ML WIIEUEAS, Rebecca Miner, Executrix of tin last will and lelainciit of said deceased propose to ren der 1111 account or his ndmiiiilr.ttiou- nnd prt-sen his account against said (i-late for examination and alow anee at a session ef the Court or Probato to I e lolden nl the Register's oilieo in Hurlingtoii on lliu ss:ond Wednesday of July next, therefore, you are hcrely no tified lo appear lcfnro said court ol llietiinc nndplace aforesaid, and shew caue, if any you have, whf the nceoiuit aforesaid sliould not be allowed. Given 'tndcr my hand nt Hurlingtoii, ihl 2Slh dnv of May, A. D. IS" 10. je.10 W.M. WESTON Register. STATE OF VERMONT, DiiTiucT or rnHEIIoii.theproliiili X court within and for the di'sirict of Chittenden. To the crcdilors and others concerned in the e-tnlc of WM. H. MINER, late or Milton, in said district deceased, whereas Rebecca Miner, executrix of the last will mid testament (if snid deceased, hath made application lo this court to extend the time limited for payment of debt and lega cies of said deceased twclte months from the first day of July, 1810, nnd the second of July nex't being assigned for a hearing in the premises, Vu the ollice of the Register of this court, nnd it having been ordered that notice thereof I e given, by publishing this decree three weeks successively in the Free Press, a newspaper printed ut Hurliiigton, before the time fixed for hearing, therefore you are hereby notified to ap pear leforrsaid court n't the time and plate aforesaid, then andilieru to make objection, if any you have, fo the said time of payment Icing further extended a aforesaid. Given under my hand at Hurlingtoii, this 23th day of May, A. D. 1810. je.10 ' WM. WESTON, Register. STATE OF VERMONT, 1 A T a proUtceourl, Dutkict op Gkand hi.r.. n. ) J JL hoidrn at the probate ollice in North Hero, in said district, nn the 221 day of May, A.D. 1810 present, the Hon. Joel Allen. Judge an instrument, purporting to i.e the lt will and testament of Peter Minckler, lale ol Grand s, in said uisinct, deceased, i cing presented to said court here, by David Corbin, the" executor therein named, for probale, it is ordered by said court thnt all person concerned therein I e notified to appear at a session of .am court to I'Clioiden at the dwelling house or Jedi P. Lodd. in North Hero, in said district, on the first day of July. A. D. 1810. and show cause, if any they may have", against the probate of said will: for which purpose it is further ordered that a copy of the record 01 mis oruer re p-ini-ned tnree weens succes sively in the Hurliiiglon Free Pic, printed at Hurling toii in the county of Chittenden, as soon as may It t lrue copy 01 record. .Mies, jc.y: ALtiUsl Lft iv. .Mill it, Register. Amos lllckok's Kstntc. 1 TO the honorable the probale court for thedistrict of Chittenden, comes the subscril er, Nelson Iliokok. adniinistralor of the Mate of Amos Ilickok. late of Cliarlolle.ilccea-cil, and reiire-ints that the Per sonal estate 01 said decea-ed will not I e siiilieicnt to pay the debts and charges ot administering the estate, anil hereby makes application to said court, for license to sell so much ol Iho real eslale n may oe noceary to pay the sum ot a.,u dollars. im-.l(j. muiYUn.. Unrlinglon, June W, 181U. STATE OF VERMONT, 1 At a probate court hold- I'lsTiiicT of L, 1 en at liurtinglon, in said disirict on the 12th day of June, A. D. 1810, it i ordered that an account I e taken ot Ihe delits and also me proceeds of the personal mmc of said deceased, and that the heirs and all peron concerned in said estate be notified to appear before said court on the 20lh day of June, inst. at Iho llegMer'n odlce, in Unrlinglon, aforesaid, to give bond for the payment rf drills, and granted, nnd that such notice he giu-n hy puhlihm the above application and thi order tlree weeks uc cessively, as soon ns may be, in the ,'Jiirliiigtoit Free ri e-s, a newspaper printed at liurliiuton, in said dis trict. Given under my hand theilat nnd year first above John Weed's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, I iT a probate court, I'lsT. OK I IIITTr.N'DI'.V, Ss. ) J.M. JloliL'll at ISltrl I nc ton. within and for the district aforesaid, on the l-2lh lay ol June, A. I. IblU, an instriinient purporting to he the last will aad testament of John Weed, late of Iliiiesburgh in said district, deceased, wa presented to lliu court here tor prohate, hyAnou weow: Uierclore it i ordeml hy said court, tliai public notice lei given to all person concerned therein, to appear Ix-fore said court, at a session thereof to he holdcn nl the Re ler'-ollice in Hurliiigton, on the second Wednesday ol July, A. D. 1S-10, and contest the probale of said will, and it is further ordered that tin- order be published three weeks successively in the Hmlingtrn rrce Iii-ss, a newspaper primed nt Hiirlingion, in this state, the last of which shall be previous to ihe day iisncd, a nforeeaid for hearing. Given under my land at the Register's ollice, tin 12thd.iy of June, A.D. 1810. je.15 W.M. WESTON, Regiler, TLA'KS.W1TI!. The sidiscriber having J3 cently moved from Albany, and comineiu-ed the li ac nn i iiisincss. in nil Us uiriu. n me new suo on Madison street, near lollett oc llradlcy's More would rcpeclfullv invite the inhabitants ol Darlington and vicinity lo give him a call, a ho is fully prepared in iln .-ill l.iiidsol work iii his line, on the rnorte-t no tice, I e-t manner, ami most favorable term-, fie ha for many year past given hi particular allenton to the Horso shoeing business, and Farriery in all its branches. I rom the long experienco which lo has had. and the general information ho lias dcrivid both from theory and practice, he feel fully confident m re commending hiiiisclflo iho public. He will le pre pared at all time (ogive In personal attention lo nil Luid or work in hi line such a Ironing Wiipgons and Sleigh, Shipwork, &e. All kind ol edge tool ado in Iho bc-t manner and most approved tylft lie truts that by giving business hi undivided att.'iition, and the low prices at which lie will bo enabled to fur- s i work, loreceivea snaruoi uie puuiic pain-iMue. ' JOIINSORAUEN. Hurliiigton, April 10, 1810. SHUHMAX'S WOU.M l.ii.n?.t.nw oretnc irn-nii-st discovery ever made, fordispelbnglhe va rious kinds of worms Ihat so frequently and distress- singly annoy both children and annus. I hey nre an inl.ill.blo remedy, and so pleasant to iho laste that children will taf;o them as readily ns a common pep permint lozenge. Many disease, arise from worm, without its being su-pected. Sometimes a very Irouble. some cough, pains m llie.iomn or iiinus, i.ietnuig in lliu nose, iVc. are occasioned by worm, mid cm le easily eiir'vl by lliiscelebratcd medicine. Tho follow ing symptom, indicate the pre ence if worm-, viz: headache, verligo, torpcr, disturbed dicauis, shvp broken oil' by fright and screaming, ronvnlion, le vcrislincss, lliirt, pallid hue, bud iiftf m the iiioulli, olli-iisivo breath, cough, dillicult bieilhing, ildiing atlhe no-e, pains in the stomach, nausea, siiicnmih ncs, voracity, leanness, tencviuii, itch ng at the anus toward nighl, and at lenglh, deieetion and lilni nnd mucus. One is a do-c for a child Iwo je.irs old two for one four year old three lor eight year--, and live for nn nduli, and should I c n-reatwU-very iiuirning.or avery other inoriiiug until relieved. Read thefolloiv- '"jv'evvYorkInrrh S, IS30. Pear Doctor, according to your request wo have ii'i-d your worm los-enge m several ca'cs of worm, mid found ihcm iiiiil'ormly fiiccessfiil. We have no diilienlly in getting children to lake them, a they nre perfectly pleasant, W e 'hall ii-c them in o-ir praetico whenever occasion olcrs, lelicving Ihcm to le lliu best vermifuge- medicine m ihc. Wu have also mod your sod.i otnges very ex tensively, nnd find Ihcm f illy to nnswer lliu purposes vou recommend them for. We nre yours very re spect hilly. b Ns.r"s'1,n; n ' VV , SlIAtlDOCK, M, D. O, ItT tiiii:i;s, M. D. Nr.w Venit, I'eh. 1830. Dr. Sherin.iu, Dear sir one or my daiiglilers, uge.1 seventeen years, was troubled for nhoul eighteen months will) a hacking cough, broken nnd ililurl cd sleep, Asc. She was last ...... ,.,..,. khi'iiliHiuilelicarlv. N'Veial physicMiis iiltendctl her without any benefit. I rom leading llicdirecimns uceoiupaiiying your worm loz-eii"i-, di'.crilung ilii'sympionisof vsorni', 1 Ihouglit she might lit thu. irouhtiil, nnd nccoplingly procured ii box which, H my surprise, cured her in one week. They area iiinicxceiieiu iiitineinc, mui i nram daughter owes her lifolo Ihcm. ours, e. Jani: IIumi iiiU'.ts, 8 Mercer st. ICy Solil nt tho Variety sloro by PANUHOKN & IlltlNS.MAll), Jewellers, 'Unrlinglon, Vl. TUHIjlNr.T).V COllll FAtTOHV. A iJ largo and general nssoriment ol Combs nfsuri: ii I on nUAl.iTr now on hand nud constantly mamd'ac Hiring nt Ihcnbovei'siablislimeiit, and for sale to iho trade nt low prices. Merchants and oihers wishing lo gel n good uriiciQ nrrciaiimg will luid it to their nd vantage toraU, nnd cnimne for ll m elves. Juno 10, IS0 VILA?, l.OOMIS and (6, r.rastnn Slicldeii'i Kstntc. BTATE OF VERMONT, j rpiIE hon. tho probato i'ist. or cniTTENim.S, ss. 1 Ji court for the dl-triei of Chittenden, to nlf pertn eonccrued in lhoeslnt or l.'rastus Sheldon. Into of Shellmrn in said district, de ceased, prut-Hug. Wheren, Lois Sheldon, r.dmlnl Irutrix of (lie etnto or snid deT-cnod, proiio-t-s to ren der mi account ol' Iter administration, nnd pro-cut her neconnt ngnint snid e.tnto for examination and allow ance, nt n scjsion of thu c mrt of prolnttolo bo holdcn nt iho Register's ollice in Hiirlingion, on the second Wednesday or July next therefore, you nre hereby notilied to nppenr I eforo said court, lit the limo nnd plnceafori-Miid, nnd show entic, ii nny you have, why llicnceouiit ufiire-nid should not I e allowed. Given under my hand at Hiirlingion, thi I2thd.iy of June, A. II mm I..,;; Vt Wl.-sj.ivts tl....:.,.. ... uiu, jvi.i if .11, 11 i.iiifii,iai-iii. SUA HI, HOWARD, of the Cheap cah store, arrived home from New York Inst evening bv the splendid steamer Whitehall, D. Lyon dipt, nnd brought with him nn additional supply of Goods which with his two former purchases or this season makes tlica--sortuieiit altogether one ofihc most desirable to select Irom or nny Hint ho has heretofore had for the last eighteen jcnr, and is of the following kinds, viz! rich, fashionii'lple. f.inev nnd .simile, nrlicles in every dcpailincnl f tliu Dry Good line, such ns llrondelolhs, Ciis-iineres, Vesting, Mouseline de liiinc, Chnllys, Mih-, ijoiiii nzint-s, i:,ilicoes, lanens, .Muslins,'s, Kiniioiis, i.miiroiderius. Hosiery Glove., t uns, cm- ircllns, Pnrusolls. etc.. wilh n full sutmlv or Florence nnd Siraw Hon net', nnd Millenary Good, nlo, Car- peliugs, .Mailings, Paper llnngingf, Shoes nn-l Hats together with nil lliu heavy deserinlions of dome-tie and other gool, such its Sliec'iiigs, Ynrn, Hurlnps' w ool l wine, c!c. I he Crockery, Looking Gin ami China Giillery isnbo replenisliiitl j the Cutlery, llnrd ware and nou.ef,iriiiliiiigdepnrlniciit is in nccordance Willi the titlu-r stocks on hand, lliu variety of fancy ar ticles, such ns Toys, Jewelry, Cninh, Curl", Coulee tionury, etc. etc., which fills one hundred feet (Tshow ea'C in Icnlh on his counters Is innumerable. The Dome and Picture gallery is I eauiifnllv arranged for the display of Goods under a strong ligfil, nud then the inrgo supply oi superior l.inniy lirocent-s based upon thuSlnTnf Life, Itochuti-r city Mill Flour, makes ln Grand Hazaar chcapcash store, one of ihe mol f.iei naling desirable and convenient store, to I o furnished from with all and every kind or article's that may le wished for, or looked at for amii'emetit and graliiiea- tint), or Willi a desire to convey the most pleasing in telligence to fncnd. of tho plncc where every article they may desue for the belle ring of nppeanees, adding to comfort, or .supplying necessary wnnt, may be had nnd nil done in so few word, as' by only saying for whatever and w henever you wish to buy clie.ip'forea-h go to HOWARD'S. Hiirlingion, Vt., June 11, IS 10. ClIIA.lilMiAIN AM) ST. liAWIt l-JN'CIl J ItAIL-ltOAl). jT. Johns to Montiikai.. e Rah. Road Cn.MrANV having erected extensive WiiAnvcs at St. Johns, nnd suitable Sror.cj thereon. being now nearly completed, thu committee of man ngcnient, in order to oiler every encouragement to the important trade nt prt-seni carried on I ewceu ihe t 'ni ted Slnles nnd Lower, have established the lollowuig rcgula'ion, viz ! J irilly. I hal nil Ircighl ussirg lo, or Irom Lake Clintnplafn, per Railroad me. and addressed Jlailioatl ll'harf. St. Johns, will I.e allowed leniporarv Wharfagu nnd Slornge. free or anyeharffc for the same. Secondly. Thai bv tem porary Wharfage and Storage, the Trade will dis tinctly unurrsiaiid is meant, thetiinc necessnry ror en tering and thr Goods through the Custom noose at ni. Johns, (ol which, the Compnny shall he the judge.) To facilitate which, the person in charge orthc Co.'s wharf there will be permitted, upon his own reponibllity, to make the necessary Custom House entries, if required at the same time those who prefer, it, will I e nt bU-rty to transact their own Custom House business, or employ whom they think proper to do so. Thirdly. That the delivery of all freight for Montreal will be made upon the' Wharf there, at which time and place, and previous to the delivery oi men ireignt, me importer or consignee must si'il slantiatenll losses, damages, or errors, what soever j failing which, the company will on no ac count hold thciii'clve responsible "for the same : and. all frieght which the Company may I.e compelled to remove from the Wlinr.tnto Slore for snfo keeping ow ing to the abscence or want of due dilligcnce on the part ot such Owner or Consignee, in causing (he same to 1 e removcil ; will I e charged wilh Ihe cartage and storage of such Goods, at the customary rates, and, Fourthly, That all freight most he paid for on de livery. iy order oi the committee ot management. W.D. LINDSAY, Com'r. Rah. Rihd Orricn, ) Montreal, Marchjj, 1810. 1 . GE.MIIIA L AGKNCY, SAINT JOHNS, LOWER C A N A I) A.The mider-igncd having been placed in charge of the Railroad WHARVES and STORES, at St. Johns, begs to oiler his services to the public, (upon hi own responsibil ity,) as a General Agent for llie transaction of all busi ness, in any way, connected with the American Carry ing Trade. His charge will be as follows : On all transactions upon which it may le noesslo make ad vances for Cutom HoUfe.Dues', Pack Freights, or oili er charges, 21 per cent commission. "A Custom House Hrokerage will also be charged, or 2 6 k, upon every Entry of Good, inward or outward. The low rale of the.-'e charge makes it imperatively necessary that all Advances, Commission, eke &e., I paid on the delivery of the Goods. Wi. COOTE. Ham. 1U.,) -WiiAltr, I St. Johns, Ahr 4,1810. J R.17:3m SHEIt MAX'S POOH MAX'S PLASTER. Thu best strenglhciiingiilnslerinthe world, nnd a sovereign rcmeily for pain or weakness in the l ack, loins, side, breast, neck, limbs, joints, rheumatism, lumbago, ive. iVc. One million a year will not supply the demand. They rcipnren little warming 1 cfore ap plication. Warranted superior lo all other-', and for one quarter the u-ual price, making not only the be-l, but the ( iieape-t plaster in the world. It nll'ords relief in a few hours, nud make astnnihing cures. In liver complaint and dyspepsia, ii should I e worn over the region of ihe liver or -Icmach, and it will allurd great and a'.tonisliing relief. In cough-, colds, athma,dilli euity of breathing, oppression of the chest or stomach, they will immediately sooth, and greatly I cm-lit the patient. Person ol sedentary habits, or iho-e obliged to stain) much, will receive decided support from one ofthe.e truly, strengthening plasters-. Physician gen erally recommend ihcm, in preference lo all oihers,l e caii'c they slick or adhere letter and all'ord greater relief. In their operation they nre stimulant, tonic, and anodyne. They are composed of entirely dii'erent ingredients from any other i and known from the ex penenceof millions,' who have ii-ed ihcm, ns well ns ihe united testimony, of all the celebrated and ds(in gisheil clergy nud physicians, to I e the mo-t iisffiil and highly medicated piaster, ever invented or o'lered tothupub'ic. Several persons baweallcd at the ware homo to express iheir surprise and ihanks at the nlmo-t mirai-ulo i cure thee plasters have eilected. One man who'iad teen so all'ueied wilh 1 heumatim, as to bo unable to dress himself without assistance, was enal led after wearing one, only one night lo get up nlonu in the mormiig, pul on In clothe and call at our otlieo with eve Learning Willi joy aim in tongue pouring forlh the gl.ulne- ol hi heart, at tho sudden nnd signal relief ho had received from lhile. of all remedies. Ak for Dr. Sherman's Poor Man'. Plaster. It is so called, became the price place il in the power ol all to purchase, l ems only r.'l ct. n-d nt tho va riety store by PANGHORN ec HRINS.MAID, jeweller, Hiirlingion, v i. 1VHW SCHOOL fM'.OtJltAIMlY AND 11 ATLAS WITH Ol'Tl.lNU.MAPS, by S. Ai-oi-s tus MlTciti.'l.l.. The author tit the above work has I ecu professionally ilevoted lo the science of lieo'y and ihe publishing ol'Mnps, during many year- and his former productions, especially his Map ot the World or Aeai eniies. car a nine e-n nnnunv o n s aiiun- daul resources, upon which lieha o lifcri'ly drawn, in prod'icing iheal ovo school works. i ne loiiowing e.xiract of (lie tieo'v and Atla, Is from a joint reeoin mendaiion of the Teachers in the city of New York. "Their ineril nre numerous ihe deilniu'on remark ably plain and concise, ' hee.crcises nre copious and important, and ihede-criptive is luminous and correct. 'I bo divisions of ihe American comment, are repro- iited nud ilescril ed as Ihcy really exi-i nt the present tune, And the gros missiatcmrnts generally found in school geographies arccorre -ted, I he typographi cal execution i un commonly neat nnd distinct, indeed the idlas i a model of the kind, nnd actually ict-m wilh information." The aniline Maps arc peculiarly calculated to exercise tho student in his smdv, and to (ill up al bis leisure, r or sale by I . (iOOPRICH TTVOCT. .MAHSHALli'S Arom uie, Catarrh an XJ llead.u-he S.M I I-. I hi .nu'l i superior to any tlumr vet known, lor lenioving lluil Ironl'lesome ilis- ra-c, Iho Catarih, and al-o a cold in the I cad, and the lieu laehc. II open and purge out ail ppsiiiii-iiou, strengthens the glandvandgiv os n heilihy action lo the iiiiiis'nliH'Ksl. It is lurfectlv lice from any thing dele- tenon in il composition Ins a pleasant flavor, nnd its immediate e. cel. l cing tisfi, i nugriTii' ic. Price SO cents per bottle. I)( i. Marsha I's Vcgc'iil-V Indian Hlack Pl.ASTKII 'Ibis Plaster is iinrivalled for curing scrof ileus swel lings, Scurvy Sores, l.aniu Hack, and I- rc-h ounds ; nniiis in ihe sides. Ilins and Limbs; and seldom fails to give relief in local Rhe-imatisius. If applied lo the iile,it will cure many ot tnc common i.ivrr v ompininis; and is eipial, il not superior, in any Hung in use ior corns on the feel : the v if lues of I his Plaster have I een witnessed by thousand, of individuals in the I'nited Slates, who havelcstel il rilicaey. Sold by the pro prietor ; lias, liowcn, .viiddicnury, i. jeiy PAXillOltX ti llltlNH.MAin.ofilK' Vnriely stoic, are rlU-img a great vaiioly of Watches Clocks, Jewelry, Perfumery, Musical Instruments, Curb. Card, Piciuies, Soaps,! la-r OibJtnzors. Knives. S.-iss(ir-, Canes, Sieck, Caiis. drawing materia', wil low Waggon', Chair and t ra.lle., Cn.iors, Pencil. Tea and I'o'ice Pot and I'm; silver ware, plated Ware, Lamp Wicks and (ilnses, Collars nud llo-oui-, Siispendirs, Swords nnd Pisos,Tlu-iiiioiiit-ters,Siaiion-cry, Inl.t, t'ourl Plaster; Dolls, Hag,, pocket Hooks mill n great variety of fancy arucle in supply lhu wants an 1 minister lo Ibe grnlificition of Ihe iioiinual and nil who mil at tho Variety store j wu are in "Ap ple Pio" order ready to nn.wer order' or ii'dirn culls nt the-variety stoic, Panououn it Hiiin-'MAID. 1TA YO i WAIT have returned from New York 1Y.L wilh their supply of soring and summer liomls, bud in nl Ibepre-t-iiimiusunl lutv rale. which ihey nre prepnn-il msell ascheap as can le had in the country, liiiyers aro rcpei'lfiilly solieitetl to cull and receive Ihe proof, at ihe store iceenlly (venpied by '-athrS & Poiwm ccrutt crChunh an-l olue-sti May to. Gt HOCIJIurcsI-The lubsCTilor hat a full iupplf orOrOCtrlOS. fnchuh'llf. ernrnlotl Ilrnmli. rnlnmi.n do. Holland nnd HalKmore Ola, St. Croix and low ;ha 'gs. Pol tied. Mackerel. CODFISH. In.i tL r,..i" "iw.v sltMi?T ?nrr 1,1 KriKcry lino, Also. DRV GOODS, nil ofu ,leh will l .....i.t ...I...... as nt nny other plaw. The Lhpiors will bcwnrratiti.1 orthe le-l fpinhly intended principally for supptyiiiK Iavern-hccperrs, who will find it for their mtett-st to call nnd exnminc ihcm. ISAAC WARNER. Hurliiigton, June 10, 1810. if 50 IIOSTON N. K. IIUM. Hhds. Gardiner Hrewnrs. I,u '"no 10. J. FEt'tC&Co. BAIIN'US' new Geography, on ihe Classification kVslelll ! n verv llsl-rn wn-L. r. ... ..... t l and for sale nt theflooksinro jt-ly D A HRAMAN jOHK NKW HOOKS wcrela.l evening r- cheap by Mny 27. j...-. ixiteii ni iiiu iiiiok oioro ami now lor sale very 1). A. lilt A MAN. CI ASH PAID Foil WOOL.-The subscril er ' will pay cash, on delivery, for L'nml t-lenn iw.. wool, delivered ut the old store occupied by H. Hyd tc Co. norlh west ci rncr or College Green. llmlington, .lunu 1(1. HARRY HltADI.EY. OKJyJvJ Ten niinrt Pans. 1",00 six do do 2500 pails assorted sizes, to-rothcr wiibalnrc nnd general assortment of nil kinds of waie, now on iiaiiu nnu hy June ID. n.A, l.oo.Mi li t.o. IvU boxes Tin plate, J A', 20 do I X so i in re do 100 bundles Iron wire, nssorled nns.. loirelhnr. wilh n general nssoriment ol Sheet Iron, Copper, Rivs lt, etc, lor nle by June 10 VILAS, I.OO.MIS & Co. CHOW.V CLASS. Reilford, Saranae and Cliutotv crovvn by J. it .1. H. PF.CK &: Co. SAi.rnc June 19. HATUS. -10 casks, by J. co J. PECK ct Co. IJOTASIl KLTTLESconsinnlly on hand by , June 10 .1. oV. .1. If. PECK &. Co. GtltlXDSTONES, by r J,,nc7. J.&J.H.PECK&Ca -100 kegs 1 &. J. H. Pcck & Co. ITTiOUIL Troy, Ohio and Michigan, constantly . receiving by J. & J. H. Pr.tK & Co. WIXDSOR nil-'IjP.H, for snlent the variet store. PANGHORN k HRINS.MAID. SI'IJHS, Riding whips nnd Canes, at ihe Variety Store. June 11. l'ANfinrir.v & 17A!MVLI SHOES, n full assortment juit. JO ree'd nnd for sale bv If. W. CATI.IN & Co. WOOI TWINE fur tale at HOWARD'S. rn23 BONXKTS. Tuscan and English straw Honnef of the latesi fashions, just received and fur sal cheap by P. DOOLITTLK. CONCItESi-t WATER, iit received a freak, supply, and for nle by May 20. GEO. PETERSON. COUX HROOMS it I'AILS.-IOO dor. corn broorrv 50 doz. patent Pails, 1 June 10. J. it J. H. Peck 4c Co, rpo tub I!.li).iii:ai)i:i)v otih-:r X Does any know a neighbor or a friend whn Ink been Bald, nnd whnec head is nniv entered whh fl hair? One whose ront colUr vvai entered wilh da ilrnfT, llioiigh hrii'hed eery hour v Inch hs now ta ished entirely ! Or one uhoje hairs at earlj n wer lurnlng crey, ho nowhn nol a Rrr5 luir? Childr vvlioe head were rnicied nilli triirf, whnsi hill would not grow, ihit nre now (trowing the fallen cio of hair I Seme c.ics must be known in moil pemon. Ak litem ihe raue, and jou will be told thnt ih'i tiling have oeen done by the use ntiha Jialm oj uo lumbia. Of 20 vears crnvvlh i ihi.s article, iie demand incrcmiiis nnnually rome bundled per cat. ihough. when tliarovercd not nppoed hy anihinj for the iam purpose, now n j.i i led by nlino'l niimlicrle-s musliroom ir.nh ptcpraiinn thai will ruin Hie ii.ur il used m any extent. Can more ilian ihe-e I.ici" oe warned riler lo ihe recommendations hy a II si ofnames of rejpenn. biliiy, uneipi.illed by nny oilier article. Look lo lhi lliuigs nuy inn nrncie. aiay anu prercMC f our nir by ii use, or if bald restore it. I.adicr, attend to Ihit hmidredi in fashionable life are using it as ihe. onlj artirle really ill for the toilet. Long hair ii ery ipl lo fall out. Lndiee, use the Ralm nf Columbia in tim lo iato yourse'res the disgrace ol baldneis by negle of your persons. It is your dmy, as moralists lo rrr'te tha beamies of nnuire, wilh which bouniifnl Creator has endowed von ; use ihe Halm, for il will do lt CAUTION TO HE REMEMBERED. Severnl most flagrant niietnpis hte been mid tf ennmerfcil ilia true Calm or Columbia. Some ef ih impnsiere hitvr gone to lar us lo roumerfeit the ipltts. did wrappers, and the Falls ofNiagHm, nnd tteiy ti lernal maik except the nnm orCoinsloek, which l lit f dare not forge. To avoid impoitiins thertfsre, il vvays look for the name ofComslock & Co. or L. tl. Comslock, and never buy the article unless il has ihat name upon it Sold wholesale and retail, only al No, 2 I'letrher siren, N. Y. and by I'ancbork nni HRINSMAin, Riirlingtnn, Vl. jl INcn;ini:.-AsK thosi: who know. Thnje only w Ik f know by nial or imniditie obser vation, can funn anjulea of llie rflecls, of fhe perfect rclieT. nf llin almost eluruislike cures elTccled in cns of ihc Piles, Rheumatism, all Swellings, nnd all external l, no nutter how severe, by ih ns of II.ivr' Liniment. Kind one who has used il'lhsl "ill not laud il above all things ever ued, nnd yon will find whai cuit'fil be fniind. JitJ-l or the relief i.l ufTr. ing human beings uli ) may be nfllicied, I beg jnu In ask n.k of ihn-e who know iisk llie Hon, Al.rEO (70NKLIM, U. S. Jiidgn fir ibslriel, residing near Aiihiun; nsk Mattiiiw J. .Myeks, I'i. Aiheoi, N. Y ; :isk (Jen. Dvrr Ghees, laic of Washington, rily, each of thesp gentle men know tif rases iineninier. able by all odicr remedies nr plu-sirians, though irieil fir mam tears, dial have hrcn cured hy the use of ill genuine Jtay's Liniment. Th msands of o-her persooi know similar cures, We appeal to iheii sense or jm lire their human feelings. JCPIl is bid a duty yoi owe lo jour siifTi-rins fellotv-lieings in let this great rrmedi be known. Speak of i I ihcn to all your Trieadi. This will pave much pain where die newspapers are) nol read, or where leaders are incredulous, beraiiiess many wonh'c nrlicles are nHveriised for die sum purpose. To bujers we say, if all who have used il dt nol say ii i bfjnnd nil praise, ilien do not lake. it. I he proprietor w ill not allow this article in lm psid for unless il ruirs, tvheii nil ihe dircriinns are fully follow rd. Will anv one Hiifferin; refuse now lo try il ? lfh dors, lie oujlit lo bo pitied mote Inr his obsiinnry than his niffn ing. JdPMr. I1a would never ronsrnl In nfTer this ariir'e, ere he not compelled by Ids sen.eof moral ol relijious ilniv to do nil in lis power lur'ha viriims of dilrrss nnd mi'crv. I-'or this purpose lis) vvnii'd sooner ileio'e a forlune. than enniie a dollar fr nnv wurihless ailirle. VZj"l'OOK OCT. Soma swindlers have cniiiucffeiieil lies nriirle, and rut it no w itli various devices. Do not be imposed tiprn. On iliing nnlv will protert von il is the name of Cumitoth tf Co j lliiil name must he nlivavs on llie vvrnpper, o you me rhcaied. Da nol fugel il. Tke ihl ibrei. iinu wiih you, and lcl hy thai, nr never buy ; for it if Impossible fur anv oilier lo be true or genuine. SOLOMON HAYS. Sold by Comelork 4' Co ? plelrher sireel, N Ynrfcs el fir sale OA'.Y bv Pasobops & Hrinsmaio. DISI0ASE9 OV TIIK LI'NfJS... Dr-eidedlf ihe ino't popular remedy ever knoitn in Vegetable Pulmonary Iialtam is die most tahnbl reiiu dy now in use for rui'sbs, robin, nsihmn nr phlhiii, roiisiimpiioii. whooping rongli and piilinoniiry ufTriinsn nfevery kind, lis sale is sieaddy increasing, and lH prnpne-ors are roinlaallv irreivinj the niosl f.inrbt ncronni of its effrrt'. 'Ihe fullowing new ecriifientf nic od'ered fur publ c. cvindn.ilion. ix Interfstino Ca S f.. Exirarl oT n letter frm Mr 0 S Clay, Kmu'lon, Ulsier eo,, IM. Y. lo lh9 prupfielors. ' "Yours uf ihe Odi io'l, was duly leeM. A ri'in.irknhle rure as cffccied by ihp Vegatatile Pnl. menary jtabam in ihe winter and piins oflS33. 'Ihn lerson, Mr. Mondi, had been eirk n long lirnn wub iho ruiisuoipiimi. Ih pliysiciaiis hud given bun in. lie was rriliieeil so low s lo be nimble lo help liimttlf, and was raiiing a l.irje iii.inlilT nf Moot! when hn rninnienrrd using ihe H.vUain, wliirli lim ed'eled sr compile rare, and he is now as lute and hearty ever he mis, Mr. Moody has remot'd fioin this hiisv but he In' premised ine ii more detailed ncemini nf ki ease, which I will foiward ton. C. S CI.AYi Kiii;mnn, N, Y. June 23, ISO'S, Kxtr.irt of a teller from Or Jarnh Myers Te Vrslhle piihnnnarr UInin h besn sold in ih county for Iwo years, nd lh nielicine Ims gained itiienminoii rrlchriiy, for it seairely in one insi failed of haviuj the desiied elTeei. I nrn b no ine in fivnr ef the many nostrums, most ol which re un. posiilons upon rredidoiis I'uhbe, bill llml wliirli I know- by use to be rlTiC'ual. I help bin nil mt ai pinliiiinn lliereio. A ronnleif.'ii ptcparaiii.a list been nfl'i ied hero bv a li.iu-llinz Aem. or Ccinsinek, (j yt al,, tlieif is' another oniric tended licit- llul it ,..'n'l.. .uanei-ied 10 be SI III iiill. b ' Jacob Mrrns. M. O. Mifllii'Rtnn, Juniata ro Penn. May !), 1S.17 l-'inm Dr. Sainut'l Moftell, Ki llie I'liipiicioi nf the Veen, liihlc Piilnioiiai) Halsan). I am saiitfied ilui ihe Ve. jriable Piilinnnasry lliiliim is n v.iluali mrderiiMi. 1 1 Imp been used in this place with rnnipleip siiree.s I nn nh.liii oe rouiplaiiil nl the linn', niieiuted wnh n reteie couulii loss id tiiii-p. itml lhu raisin; nf iniml hliind, vt hub had pievuuislv icined many upprnvpit iirt-si-ripiiuiis, A ber ii'int! ihe Italsain our mill, I lift Mtih n'' voice rciuinvd nnd h wu sbb- ir spttk wY. lily. Tins ra.o ori'iirird rome lira sisre-, mid lU man is now enitnjed not only in unite bin lalmnnos bnsine.. nesrei-lfully, &e. S. Mohrfli.. I-'or sale, tv hiib'sale nrl retail, b) J. tt f. ( IT.lK h Ce llutlri'an, Vt, nriceu iiuin, ron, flinUeira, ChalniiaJgnu, Muscat. Malaga nnd other Wines, M0i,.s., Teas, Oo'lee, Uiocolatc, loar, lump nnd brown Sugars, Rice, Peppar, Ciiinamoii, Nutmegs. All. pice nnd r,ii'..,i,...: f !,Vn...

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