Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, 10 Temmuz 1840, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated 10 Temmuz 1840 Page 1
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NOT TUB GLORY OF G JD S A R DOT THE WELFARE OF ROMS. BY H. B. STACY. BURLINGTON, VERMONT, FRIDAY, JULY 10, 1840. VOL. XlV....No. 5. TROY At JMiClllUAN SIX DAY LIMli. SHIP liyOMTrnv Tow Itont 1.1110, Conines Slip. 1810. ACIIVlV WiloT.t.r.ti, l.r.oNAtiD CnocKcn, tUli, HroaclM. Now Vorl. J Monro .V Slinip fun, River t. Trovs Win. II. Moore, 7-J lluuy st. Al lianvi Sidney Allen, ltocliL-Ur ; (ieorgu Duvi- t-V. Co. Umlnlo) 1'lulip Allen, Hullulo : (loo. A. l-'icncli, Dun kirk, N. V. (ietrai! T. (.'ainptV Co. Ilarcolona j C. M. Heul, Krie, l'a.i MeNatr -V Co. Clcavelaiid, O.J M. 1). Ros -V Co. Portsmouth, (.; II. N. ec N. H. Calo-, Hind.- finer. (5.! Ji-nl.iiis iV Tr.iev. Huron. O.i llnrliei & Harncv, SmikIiisI.-v Chv, 0.! I'lio-ler oi Sirinnlinin, Detroit, Midi.) It. W. Titus, Toledo, O.; 0. S. Hazard, llnnnii-i! I'Atv. O Winder Ac I'or'or. Si. Josenlls : J. O. Sli-ifilit. Micliijian Cnv, Intl.; Dawson A: Hnincr, -MillwauUc, W.i C. .M.Keeil, t'hientro, 111. jc.l.ain Mark package, "T. A:" i.'diiu uinivf: .tp. 1 hi 11. Till. sl-cril IT Will 1 UIIIIIIIIP llicir linsino-s n VorMariliiii; and toin- s. MciTliams mill tjusioiii Thev do mil o ,erllieir cm'eo-. "freer anyiltarpe to those per.-nii tntcre-leil m Irado Willi the rnilcil Siate, 1 nit will endeavor to inal.o their attention 10 the intero-l of tlieir employers worthy n lea-onaljle rccnnipence. Havinz good Whane (at winch the Ui;r. Cham I'LAtN' Hti'.amiioats will land) nml excellent Ptor.iae, tivolher with the convenience ol'a coniicclnitf Hail Track with llie ('it Mi I..U.V and Ht, I.AWiii:Nt n Kail-Road over tlic-e wliai ve-, they Hatter tlieiu-elve-that, with experience in thw lir.ineh or businc--, Ihev wifl I e cnaUod to do much to facilitate niulciicoiirire trade l.etweon the Untied Stale mid the Lower lVovmco. JASO.N C. PIUKC1. A: SO.V St. John-, 1.. C, March, IS 10. Cm Eaici: (JcoictJii: iac;icht. ihio. t-si-w rilUKnewS'iMin l', -g t W.M. OUnVI-XL, Jrittt.i3T2r'rrr! will coinmence running regularly every d.iv (e-cccpt Simla..) I.oth way. tlirou-'li'lhe Lake, on 'I I )A , ihe 2d day of June next. Lcavina C.itdwoll lorTicoudorosa, every inorn jnp, and letiirnina toC.ildwell tl:o fame day. (icore l'.is.otizer- will I e landed from, and taken on board the ('luniplain S,eam Packet, near the old Kurt Tieonderojra, from ihe Alan-ion IIou-i: of VM, K. IMil.l, I'.-q.. now n Pnlilie Ho ce. Tin 1 eau ful elal li-huicnt ha leen pic.itly improved since last Summer, livcrci-ihn if a LarEC Addition, eon tauiintf a -pa -io.i- I'niing lfooiii,and A-enihly Room !ce, ami h.i le. en'lv paved in'u the hand of Mr. II. C LOW, a seutleiiuii f.ivor.ihiv known ky the trav elling Put In" l)v taking the I.aki; (r.onrii; Rot'ir., Traveller-will not oiilvcnjoy ihe liiie-t scenery of oui Counlrv, h it lu-ono nine on the Nor'h'-ru Tour, a thev la'.e the -nine Cliainplain S.'eain lioal nt Tieon deroaa, which ihev wo ild have la' en at Whitehall, had ihov aoinMliAtuay. May 2", IS II). Sim. IYMAN A: COI.i: have received their usual i extenivo norinient of Spring and summer ROODS, einhraeinjr a beautiful variety of good? for ladio siiinnier drcs.e. j rich EnglMi ami M'otch Gin? ham, India innlin a Miperior article for white ilre.c ! Jaconet eamhrie, a great n?orimenl of larred and checkered Cainkne, printed Iiwn, mourning do. prin led eamlirie and Trench Miihn. An exlenive asort ment ofAmcnean Cnlieoe.i cheaper tlian cer. A few l'inalih and French do. SILKS. A Mnall aorttncnt of Hieh ?illi, inelndina hlack, blue black, colored ami Mriped. Ilamlana H'd'f Ponjree, Criin-on, while silk do. Hl'k.Italian Cravat.-, Ocnllctnen' col'd and black kid (3lovc., do eol'd, black and white fill; glove?, do. IJerlin, LWe Thread, Linen and cotton glove. A good nortmcnt of IIoicry, very cheap. Umlirclln's and Pnraols. Thin Hoots and Shoos Ladies kid Tic am, lip. DOMtSTIO GOODS. Merrimack cotton-, Davis ville do 5-J. Cotton Sheeting, Shining, Ticking, col'd Cambrics1 Ynm, Thread, and Kniuing Cotton. Su perfine L( ng Cloth and bleach ootlon. York Mixtures Stripes, Drill &i Irish Linen, Shirting and Sheeting. Diaper and Oah. TAlLOIfS TKIMMIAUM. Including fewing Silk, Twil, Thread, Padding, eanvas, sleeve-lining, lirown lineiij Hutton, Hinding, &o. VI'STLNG. While lig'd Mernik, Valentin, figured Satin, &c. Gauze, anil rich challv fancy Il'dk'f. A area! variely of oilier DUY GOODS which comprie a very exlenivu asorinicnl, and are o'Icred nt astonih ina low pi ice.-. Ladiennd Gentlemen are invited to call mid examine qualilic mid prices. June 4. GHOCKIUKS.-Tlio subvcnl or has a full supply ol Groccnc, including cogniae Ornndv, common do. Holland and JJaltimorc Gin, St. Croix and low priced Hum, Port, Madeira, Champaigne, Muscat, Malaga nml other Wines, Mol.-ives, Tea-, Codec, ( hocolate, loaf, lump and brown Sugars, Hlce. Pepper, Cmminim, Xi,l,...ri. A II. !.... .....I ...I... A .'....' Tol ncco, Mackerel, CODFISH. 1 el kind for S3" per iuu up, iiiu iiiii-i uiucr iiniciu- in uic crm'crv line, Also, DUY GOODS, nM of which will"! esold iibeheap of I lie I u-t quality mlcnded principally for supplying Tavern-Kecporrs, who will find it for Their inlere-l to call and exainmc lliem. ISAAC WARN EH. Iiurlmalon, June 10, IS40. tf CiIIA.1MMVIV A XI) ST. liAAVIt HXCH KAIl.-UOA!).---. Jiliv to .Mo.sii;i:aL. The lt.Ml. Id'Ai) I ' mpasv liavma ere -tol exten-ie WimiM-.s at .Ii hn-, and M'-able Sror.r.s ihcrcon, leing now nci'.r'y ciuiv'e'o), the coiiiinillee of inan nscineni, in or le'rto o 'cr every eucoaiaacniciii to the important Ha 'e ai pic cm earned on I eu-ccn 'he X ni ted S a'e-and Lower Can.idaa, have e-lalll-lied the following tea ilu iun, z : Firtthj That all Ireiaht iiasina lo, or Imm l.t'e 'ham il'iin. per Kailrond line, and nddie-e 1 'oif ond fl7i, 67. Johnx, will l c allowed temporary Wharl'.iae an I Storaae, fr(e of nnyehar.'e fur ihe same. Sicondly That I y fem fioi'fliu Wliaifaw and Stor.iae, the Tr.v'u will ill tinclly iiii'ter-lan Ii meant, tlielime iie"cnry for en tering an J pa-m.r the Good thro'iah the'Cnlom llo.i c al Si. John, (of which, the Coiimauv shall 1 the iiidae.) To fai-i'na'e which, ihe ner-on in charac of the Co.'-'.v'larl tin-re will lo nerinliml, upmi own re-pcn-iblliiy, to make the ncceary Custom Home oniric-, i icuurc! at tlic -lime lune tlio- who prefer, it, will le at lilerlv lo tr n-act their O'vn Cutom IIoue bii-ine , or employ whom I hey think nroucr lo do-o. Tiinlh. That "the delivcrv ol all freight fur MoiiIiimI will le made upon the Wharf there, al which time ami place, aim previo'i 10 uie delivery of such freiaht, ihe importer or Con-iancc in.i-t -ill s'an'ia'e all los-e-, damaae-, oreiror.-, what soever; fiiiling which, the eoinpany will on no ne co'inl hold the-n-clve ie-ion-ible lor the (amc: and, all fneglit u hu h ihe Company may 1 e compelled to remove from Ihe liarl,intos:orelor'alel.eeinngow nig to theali-ccnce or want of due dilliaenco on the part ol Mich Owner or CciiMauie, in cau-ma the -amc lo be renimel: will I e charged with the carlngi MoraffiM-f such Good-, at the ciitoinarv rale-, and, Fourthly, Thai all freiaht mo-t I e paid for on de livery. Jiy onicr ol inu commutee ol manaaemenl W.D. Ll.N DSAV, ComV, Rail Road Omen, i Montrtul, Mm vh -33, IS 10. ) Gkm: is a l a( ; i:n vx, sa i nt Johns, LOW Kit O A N A 1) A.Thc nnder-igned liavui: been place 1 in charac of the Hailioud WHA11VLS and STORKS, nt Si. John-, I eg to o:!ei hi m-tvicc lothe public, (upon hi own re-ponsibil llv.) a a (iciicial Agcnl lor the tran-aclion of all bui nes, in any way, eonmvlc.l with the. American Carry ing Trade. Ill charae will I e a follows : On all Iran-action-, upon which II may 1 e uo-cs to make ad tame for Cuioni llcu-u Due-', 1 ack Freight?, or oth er charac-, 25 per cent comnii ion. A Cutom Hoii-e Mrokeraai will aho 1 e charged, k, upon everv t-ntry ol Oooil-, inward or onlwanl. 1 he rale ol tin- e charge mai;c- it inmeramely nee ary mat an .uivance-, (. oininiion, xc. civ., I u paid ( the dehverv ofllieGood-. V. COOTK. Rail Komi Whahi-, ) 67. Jnhni, Ahi il 1, 1810. ( a.l7:3m BLACKSMITH... The s.iberikcr liavma re cently moved from Albany, and commenced the lllack-inilh biisiiics-, in nil il forms, in the new shop on .Madison Mrcel, near Foiled A; Uradlev's Store, would rcpcclfnlly invile the inhabitanls of Hurlinglon and viomiiy to give him a call, as he is fully prepared loiloall kind ol work in his line, on ihe shorle-t no- lice, let manner, and mo-t favorable term--. He ha for many year pat given hn particular attention to the Horse shoeing hu-mcs, and Farriery in all its bianche. I-roni Ihe long experience which he ha had, nml Ihe general information he ha dcrieil both from theory and practice, he feel fullv confident in re commending him-elf to the public. Ho will le pre pared at all nines to give hi personal attention to all kind- of work in hi' line nt h n Ironing Wapgon mid Sleigh-, Slopwork, Ace. All kind ol edge tool made m the ke-l manner and mot approvol -lyle. He tru-l ihat by giving bii-me- hi undivideil aitenlion, and the low price at which he will he enabled lo fur nish work, lo receive a share of the public palrouaae. joiin soragen: Hiirlinatnn, April 10, IS 10. NEW SCHOOL CKOKitAlMIY AND ATLAS WITH OI'TLI.NKMAPS. bv S. Acucs- Miiciii:!.!.. The anlhor ol the above work ha I ecu profeionallv devoted to the -cience of Geo y and the publl-hnig olMa)-, during many yer.- anil hi luiiner proiiuelion-, e-pccialiy in .nap oi 1 lie oriu for Aeadeiuie, lcar ample te-timonony of hi ahim- lant reo tree, uiion which he has so III crallv drawn, in urodtienia ihe above school works. The followma eMrai t of the Gco'v ami Alia, l from a joint recom mendation of ihe Teacher in the eilv of rew l ork. Their merits are niinierou- Ihe deliniiioii rciuark- ibl v plain and conci-e. 'I he e.ercie are copious and important, and thede-criptive is liiiniiioiis and correal. 1 lie divisions ol the American continent, are repre- cnted and de-cril ed as they really exi-t at the present I line. And the gro-.s iiiiiatcinenl.s aencrallv found (ii -(Mool aeoaraiih.s's are cone ted. The ivncirranhi- cal cveeutioii'is un commonly neat and diMiticl, indeed ihe a'las is n model of the kind, and actually icenis with information." The outline Maps are peculiarly calculated to exercise the Miidcnl in hi Mildv, audio III! up at lu-leisure. I-or sale by V. GOODRICH. GHINDSTONES, by Jnnu7. J.&J.H.PKCK&Co. POWUEH. 100 keg by June 19. J. & J. If. IV.CK &. Co. I?1j)UH. Troy, Ohio and Michigan, constantly receiving by J. it J. II. Pixk & Co. WINDSOR HII'TjHH, for sale nt Ihe variety store. PANGIIORN & 1IRINSMAII). Sl'UHS, Riding whips Store. June II. and Cane, at the Variely 1'ANnnonN & lluisMAin. FAinVEIiL'S SHOEH, a full nMirlinent just rccM nml for sale bv II. W. CATLIN & Co. WOOL TWINE for sale nt HOWARD'S. tii2S DKUGS AND MKDICINES. A laree supplv just ree'd by June 19. J. & J. II. PF.CK &'Co. CHOU'N GLASS. Redford, Snranac nml Clinton crown bv J. & J. II. PF.Ch' & Co. 1JOI AMI KLTTLUa cou-inntlv on hiindbv - June 19 J. & J. If. PKCK & Co. CONGItESS 1VATER, jut received ti fresh supply ol Congress water, and for sale 1 v Mav2G. GFO. PKTF.RSON. BONNETS. Tuscan and Knalih straw Ilonnrts of ihe latesi fashion-, just received and for fale cheap by I. DOOLITTLK. CORN DRUUMSciPAlLSlOOdoz. corn broom 50doz. palcul Puils, June I!). J. it J. H. P F.CK Co. 50 JiOhTOiN IV. 1-:. ItlLU. Hhds. Gardiner Hrcwcr. bv June 19. J. &, J H. P ECK it Co. BAUNES' new Geograph, on the Cla-ilicalion system J n verv ii'cful work for school-, jul ree'd and for -alcat the Bookstore jclO D A I1RAMAN MORE NEW ROOKS wore IfiM evening re ceived at Ihe Book Store and now for sale verv cheap by May 27. D. A. BHAMAN. I- OG CABIN ANF.CDOTKS and illustrated inci J dents in the life of Gen. Wm. If, IlAnni-oNj fir ale at the Book store june 19 1). A. URAMAN TV E W GOODS, cheaner than ever. II. W. Cat 1 lin U. Co. are now receiving a new assortment of Dry Goods, to which they invite the attention of txir ehii-or-. Jnnc-1, IS 10. TV 111V GOODS. Sidney Barlow ha. received a 1 1 general assortment of good' nt his old store on Pearl street, which will be sold cheap enough. N. B. Wool received for goods. Burlington May 28. LIIIEKA'I H I--1 In ecrlilie that 1 have given my son, E.ra lareo, hi time his mi nority; and relinquished all claim to hisoarning-. Hunliiiaion, Vt. June 1, 1810. .TAIIF.7. FARGO. LASS. Uurlinalou. Voniionl. and J;ex. Cvlm VJ der Clas-, made at the Cliainplain Glas work-, and very much improved in quality compared with the iiile iirand-, lor sale by J. it J. ti. rtojii iv i.o. TTERIiENA CREAM for shavina. clarilicd Ros V in, Wnrrin's 1 e-t Needle-. Silver Thimbles and lol of new Goods, opening at the V.iriolv Store. .Mn v 29. PANGIIORN & BRlNSMAID. BURLINGTON COMI1 FACTORY. A large nml general nsorimcnt of Comln ofstirr. nion quality now on hand ami constantly manufac turing at Ihe nbovcctabli-hmenl, and for sale lo ihe Irade nt low prices. Merchants and others wi-hing lo get n good nrlicle for remiling will find it to their ad vantage to call and examine ior inem-civo. June 10, 1810 VILAS, LOOM IS nnd.Co. IV HW l'AIVrSIIOl'.-SP.UJLDINO&MILLS 1 1 have opened a new Paint Shop on Church-st. in.n .Imira Minih of 11. Lane's Store, where ihev will do all kind ofHOIISK, SHIP, SIGN and OARRlAOF. PAINTING, in Ihe 1 et po"iiiie manner ami on term lo suil llioe who mav favour them wiih their patron age. ICPPaint, Oil, Varnish and Puny, constantly on hand and for sale. K. G. SPAULDING. Uiirhnglon, April 9, 1810. C 11. MILLS. 1y FJtAMll-IN IIOCSK, A'l THK MINKRAL SPRINGS, IN HIGIIGATF, VT.The subscri ber having furnished and lined up, for the reception of company, ihe above elabhshinenl, rcpcelfully solicits ihe natronase of his frieml-, and the public aencrallv. The cclebrilv till- spring ha attained, the beauty of il location Icing situated in aplca-ant and hcali'hful section of the counlrv together with the exertion of Ihe subscriber to gic sallsfaclion lo nil, it is hoped will make it a deirable.ilualion for those who wish lo avail theni.-clve of ihe benefits of ihe medicinal waters, and n relaxation from the ordinary cares of bi.sine.;.. S. W. WOOD. Hishaate, June 3, t8 10. Sw ViriNDOW SASH Ti Just received 13.20 nml 217 by 9ea-emcnts of sash, a first rale article ai s and 31 cents per light ; al-o all kind a ml size.', lurutsneo lo order. Tieonderoga black load, a lir-t rate article, for sale very low, logciner wnn a arcat variciv of other arti- le as cheap as can be found at any other etai nn ment in ihe place. Geo. I'KTEnso.v. rilllK'l ll'l'l-.CANOE TLXT BOOK. Just received. JL a large supply of Tippecanoe Text Book, made up of document and facts illii-lrating Gen. Harrion' history, character, service ami opinions, ll i warmly recommended to the friends of Gea. Harri-on througl; out the U. Slate-, for talc al ihe book store. June 2G. D. A. BRAMAN. r-'.i'.-isltm Shcldun's Estate. STATK OF VliRMONT, 1 TT1HK lion, the probate Dist. or' ss. i X court for the district of Chittenden, toall per.-rns cor.ccrned inihecslatie of l-.rastusSiifidon, late ol siiellmin in sain uisirici, uc ceaseil, greeting. Whereas, Lois Sheldon, adminis tratrix of the eMato of said decta-cd, proposes to ren der an account of her administration, ami present her account again-t said clale for examination and allow ance, al a session of the court ti' nrobaielo l.e holden al the Register's ollice in Ilurlnigton, on the second Wednesday of July next ; therefore, you are hereby notified to appear I cfore said .-ourl, al the lime and place aforesaid, and show cau:c, il any vim liavewliy inenccoiini aiorc-am suo uu nci i.c iimrani. uii-n under my hand at Burlmgion, ih I2lh day of June, A. D. IS 10. jcl5 WM. WKSTON, Regiirr. nvowcilly is to bo known as "llto successor" and disciplo of that distinguished personage, (ho oxcculivo has been sustained by a duel led majority in both houses of Ooncressi It is true, that the Inchest deliberative coun cil of the nation was for a lime upbraided as "factious," because it revolted at the doc trines and language of the notorious Presi dential Protest, but that body long since wiped oil the reproach by expunging Ironi its journals the obnoxious record of its indepen dence, and whenever a strict party measure has been since proposed and urged by the executive, its friends have lacked neither the power nor the will to carry it through. It is then plain that tho responsibility ol all im proper and defective legislation by Congress, lor Hie last three Presidential terms, belongs to the administration, and with all its conse quences they are justly chargeable. Let us now enquire in what measure the benefits proposed to be secured by the Union of the States, and the dele-nation of a portion of their sovereign rights to a federal govern ment, nave uoon realized I ruin tho year 1821) lo tho present dav. Have we cmoved a condition of perfect union and domestic tran quility, has the administration of justice by tho lawful tribunals been sustained and en forced, has duo provision been made for tho common defence, has tih: chnciial wi:i.r.vnr. nr.CN advancco and i'itoMOTi:i), and finally has aught been done by this or the late ad ministration, to maintain roil ouRsr.i.vr.s on to sr.cuur. to ouu r-osTnum tup BLESS INGS OF LIBERTY? These arc ques tions, fellow citizens, which the boldest par tizan of the present executive dares not an swer in the affirmative, and the voice of thun der in which millions of freemen arc now repeating them has penetrated the inmost recesses of the While House, and made to quake upon his throne the supple intriguer, who crept into that gorgeous palace, when the Man of Iron strode out. tin LOST, on Wcdneilny In!, a pair of gold mount ed Speciaelei. A gencious reward will I c civen Ihcm, or if found. STRO.NUy, & CO. June 12. BHISTOIi HOARD, Drawing paper and Pen cils, lirilliam red fluid, Hue fluid, japan :ul.', and ladies and gentlemen' steel pen-, int received from New York, and for a!e hv S. HUNTINGTON. Colleae si. June 25, IS 10. PAN'CJIJOKX imiXSMAID,ofihe Variety store, are ollenug n variety of Walche-', Clocks, Jewelry, I'ei fiimerv, Mnical Instrument, Curl-, Card, Picture, Soaps,llair Od,Razor, Kuivc-, Scissor, Cane-, Slocks, Cap-, drawing materia', wil low U'ri.'.rni,. Cli-nV. fin, I Crn.ll... ', I II. Tea and t.V.lce Pots and Urns: iler ware, olatetl Waio. I.anii) nicks and d asse-. Collars nml Ho.oin. iispcndci-., Sword mid P;stol-,Tlierniomelcrs.Sinlion ry. Ink, Court Plater; Doll--, Il.ig-, pocket Hooks nun a fireai vaneiy oi iancy arncie to supply tlie want and minister to the gratification of the notional and all who call at the Varielv store ; we are in "Ap ple Pie" order icady to an-wer order- or return calls at the variety siorc,' Pangbohn & HkIn.-maII). C1 ASH PAID FOR WOOL The snh-erilcr will pay cash, on delivery, for good clean fleece wool, delivered al ihe old store occupied hy II. Hyde it Co. nur.h we-l ci rner of College Oreon. Iliirlinglon, June 10. HARRY BRADLEY. NOTICK. (,'nineinlo the enclosure of ihe suhscri ler on Ihe lSlh mt. a RED COW, ahont eight year old. The owner is requested to pav for ndver- li-ing ami lane tier away, v.vjuiv. liurlingtoii June ,'23, 1S10. CKOUG13 H. IIAIjF.'S estati:. STATK OK VERMONT, IT1H1-: Hon. the Pro- DtjTiiicT of cuiTTr.xnr.s" ss. 1 I ate couiirt wiiluii mdforlhe District of Chitiemleu : To the creditor and other eoncernd m the c-ta'.e of George S. Hale, Lite of Westford. in said Di-lrtcl, deccaed, Guf.KTISG. WHI:REAS. John W, Hale, ii'liniiiistrator ol" the e- late of said ileeea-ed, halh made application to tin court, lo extend ihe tunc limited for making payment of the dehls of said decea-cd, twelve month from ihe 2G'h day of June ini., und tlic22dday of June in-t., oeuig ior a Hearing in Hie nrciniu, m uic Odice of Ihe Regisior of llu court, and it having I eon ordered that nonce thereof le given, hy publishing this lecrce three weeks succcssivclv m Ihe I- rce Pres a newspaper printed at Uurlingtun, l.efore ihclime iixed for hearing i therefore, you are litrehy notified to ap pear 1 cfore said court a'l the time and place afore-aid. then and there, to make objection if any you have, to the said lime of payment Icing finhvr extended as afore-aid. Given under my hand al Uurlingion trils -lilt day of June A. P. 1833. Wm. WESTON, Rog'r, O received, hy the recent arrivals, a large and well ns.orte.1 toeic ol writing paper, ami uie uuiitl-ui ur ticle of plain and Pancv Stalioiierv. ALSO, an excel lent collection of ENGRAVINGS and illustrated works, efhve publication. Montreal, Si. Paul t. May 23- Ow STORK TO IjET, at Winool.i Village, the storu rceontlv oecumed bv Lathron and Potwin Willie let and p'os-c.-sion given immediately, apply to llie suliscriiors comer murcli nnu oiu-se !. i.ur lington or to Gideon Lathrop. MAYO & WAIT. Itnrlinglon, May 2G, 1810. 100 DYE STUFFS. bbls. Cam Wood 200 do Log Wood Si. Domingo 2jU do Log ood Cnupcachy 250 do Kii.-tiu 200 do Nicaragua 10 do Alum 25 do llhic Vitriol 30 do Madder 50 carboys Oil Vitriol Muriatic Acid", Amia Korli's, Nilrie Acid, Careuma, liar. Wood, Peach Wood, Quer Citron Dark, Spanish I'lotant and Bengal Imhgo, Lac Dye, Nun Gall, pre Paper-, Jacks, Tenter Hooks, Cream Tarlnr and Agal June 10. by J. .t J. II. PECK & Co. 100 V KAltlj UOWAltl), ol Ihe Cheap cash : 0 arrive) home from New York la-t evi-iini the splendid steamer Whitehall, I). I.von Capi. and brought with him an additional supplv (if Goods which with lui two former purchases r,f ilu n-aon make the assortment allogetlicr one ofthe most desirable lo select Irom ofany that he ha hcretofoii! had for the lat eishloen ear-, und i ofthe following kind-, viz : rich, fashionable, faiK'V and staple article in everv depaitinenl of the Dry Good lino, such as Broadcloth-, C-jssimi.Tc., Vesting, Mou-eliiie do lame, Chally., Kilk, Bonil aznie-, t'.ilicoe--, Linen-, .Mtilm, Laces, Itihhiins. End roiderie-. Il(iierv Glove Fiiu-. I'm. i.rellas, I'arasoll-, etc., wnh a full simply of Florence and S:raw Bonnet-, and Millenary Good, al-o, Car peting., Matting., Paper Hangings, Shoes and lints togclhcr with all the hcavv de-cription of domestic and oilier gooil-, such us Sheetings, Varn, Burlaps' Wool Twine, etc. The CroeU-rv, Looking Glass and Chum Gallcrv isaho rcilcnisl.J; llie Cutlcrv. 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",0 "","4 l"'i ever I cfore-among which are many new ariiclea never before olleml in this mar- Kei. rtiso, imcwiiinii vnrni... r- i ...i LookiiiB-(lla8scs-.AI.o, F.ngli-l, Currants, Prunes, Dry ( 'roeeriei., Mats, Russia and oiher Carpeiing, Oil jcl'J TO THE PE0PLE0F VERMONT, FYi.t.nw CiTizn.vs : Tho purposes for which the )coplo of the several stales of this Republic united in tho establishment of the V eileral uonsiiiuuun, mu uuwuwu uj i..-. prcamblo of that instrument to ho " to form i n mnrn nerfect Union, establish justice, ' insure domestic tranquilitii provide for the common defence, promote the general teei ' fare, nnd securo tho blessings of liberty ' to themselves and their posterity." In the judgment tit tho sages ol mat clay, these general objects were not attainable by the separate and independent action of tho pcoplo or legislatures ofthe individual states, and they wero thereforo wisely committed to tho charge of a central representative . in iidiirli iu dun rnlntivo share guvui IIIIIUIII, ........ ..- - - - of power and influence was secured to each independent sovereignty oi me coiuuuura-. in rnnsiiiuiiuii uuuieia u iuh wu ....... l.i.rflslatiiro all tho powers supposed to bo required for tho attainment of tho objects set tbrtll 111 tllO pruamoiu, uiiu linmw n mn uiuj of tho executive to suggest to Congress all In.-lslntion needful for that purpose Whenever thereforo theso objocts fail to bo attained, in such good mcasuro as tho im perfection of human institutions nllows, it is a lair ami naiurai presiiiupuuu wmisucn i.ui uro is to bo imputed to erroneous or defec tive legislation by Congress, JJUnilg IllOSV Ol HI" UUIIIIIII3IIIUIUII Ul VJUII Cloth lor Tables Floori,nd Lining., etc. Ttorc nexi Juck50" ana tlirougn tno wuoio oi iiwi oi wws. June 19 tlio juiiciiouary wuoso iiiguesi jirme ii Hut let us look more particularly at the separate clauses of llie preamble. "To form a more perfect union, and to insure domestic tranquility." Is it not notorious, that our whole country has been shaken, rent, divided, by the impla cable rancour of part1 dissension, that elec tions in the principal cities in the union have been absolutely controlled by violence, lawful voters driven back from the polls, and illegal suUragcs forcibly thrust into the ballot boxes? Have not men been taught that they owe allegiance not to their country, but to their parly, and lias not this doctrine produced its natural Iruits in the general disregard ol the obligation ofthe freeman's oath, in the con version of the sessions of Congress from a theatre of honest discussion and crave delib oration into an arena of factious discord and brawling violence, and linnllv in the utter ex elusion ufu .sovereign slate from licr place in the councils of the nation? Has not the mutual alienation of the North and the South been promoted, encouraged, and fanned into a flame that, until better counsels found place among the people, had well nigh severed the political bands which hold us together? "To establish justice." An able and independent judiciary is not only the source, but the only certain bulwark of impartial justice. There must in the nature ol things exist in every well organized government some common tribunal, empow ered to determine, in the last resort, all ques tions of conflicting authority and jurisdiction, and to pronounce upon the interpretation nnd construction of tlic laws of the laud, buch authority the constitution confers upon tho courts ofthe United States, and tho judges of these tribunals are made independent of tho executive, in order that their decisions may not be biassed by fear or favour of tlic oflicers whose duty it is to administer the law which the court expounds. The cabinet of Gem Jackson first broached the monstrous doctrine that every department of tho Government was supreme, independent and irresponsible in itself, and that it was the duty of executive oflicers to execute the constitution and laws, "as they understand them," without being bound by the construction sanctioned by tho constitutional expounders of the law; In ac cordance with their principle, solemn decis ions of the Supremo Court of tho United States, in matters of life and liberty, have been disregarded and ils mandates openly set at defiance, nor has this dangerous and disorganizing doctrine been renounced or disowned in word of deed uy the present nii ministratiom "To provide for tho common defence." This clause embraces not only the pro tection of the people of the Union and its territory Irom foreign invasion, nut the main tnanece of such fleets and armies as are re quired in time of peace, the construction and provisioning ol detensivc worl.s, the prepara tion of arms and munitions of war, and the armiuz and organization ol the militia Almoin.!) tho kindness ot 1'rovidencc, and tho pacific inclinations of the christian world, rather than tho wisdom of our rulers, have hitherto preserved us from open hostilities with tho nations ot buropc, yet tho adminis tration has found abundant opportunity to show that tho operations ol tlio ueneral Government, in all our relations with lor- eign powers have been conducted upon tho same unwise, self-seeking, nnd unprincipled vstem, which characterises the domestic pul- icy of tho present Executivo Wo have lone been, and perhaps still nro, on the verge of a war with the most formid able of European powers, upon nquostion of minor" importance, except as a matter ol principle, a question where wo nro clearly and indisputably in the right, und the whole difficulty of wliieh grows out of a virtual concession of tho point in disputo by Gen. Jackson's cabinet What has tho present Executive dotm to rotriovo this deplorable error of hU predecessor ? Huvo wo any good reason to bolievo that tho question is nearer a favorable settlement than il was in 1829 Again, let us look at tho war with tho Flor ida Indians. Tho wholo disposable milita ry force of tho nation is employed for many successive years, atnn expense which threat ens to equal that of tho late war with Great Hrita'm, in dislodging n few hundred naked savages irom their swamps, as yet with ab solutely no success, except a potty advau tago gained over an Indian chief by trenchery of an American officer! The army has been denioralized,by making appointments and promolioiisdepeiid, not up on professional ability and fidelity, but upon political subserviency and eflicieitcv, and tin. administration is now recommending the crea tion of nSTANIHNO AH. MY Ol' 1 WO IlLiS- DRED THOUSAND .'MEN, under the pretence of organizing tho militia. "To promoto the general welfare." This is perhaps the most comprehensive clause ill the preamble which we are consid ering, nnd it is hy virtue of a similar expres sion in the article of the constitution which defines the authority of Congress, that that body claims and exercises its largest powers. The practical exposition of this clause ap pears to have been that Congress, when not otherwise restricted by the fundamental law ofthe land, may legislate on all subjects, in which the whole people have a common inter est. With tho exception of comparatively unimportant difficulties with the Indian tribes, we have einoyed a period of about twenty five vcars ot profound peace. 1 he harvests have in general been exuberant, foreign cap ital has flowed in abundantly for permnncnt investment, the public revenue of the nation has in general greatly exceeded the wants of the government, and the people have been orderly and industrious'. With these ele ments, it should seem not a difficult problem so to govern a free people as to render them prosperous and happy. What then have the present and bite administration done to 'pro mote the welfare' of a people, which ten years since was the freest and tho most pros perous upon the face of the globe t To what cause but the acts and neglects of our government can we ascribe the notorious facts, that tho national Treasury, which lately overflowed, is now bankrupt; that every branch of industry is prostrated ; that the price ol every article ot American growth or produce, and even of labour itself, is reduced to rates ruinous alike to the labourer, the riculttirist and the manufacturer; that the pecuniary credit of the union, and of the states, is at the lowest possible ebb; that wo are wholly without tin adequate circulating medium, and that a spirit of mutual forbear ance alone has hitherto saved both creditor and debtor from common ruin ? It is idle to ascribe the universal prostration of the ener gies of a youthful peopleto tbetrifling, partial, ministration, nnd the man who was not nshain-' ed to avow himself to bo the head, not of his people, but of his parly, will speedily find that party to bo but a lean minority. Wo have thus, fellow citizens, in accor dance with the spirit of the limes, gone back to first principles. . We have briefly inquired into the purposes nnd duties ofthe federal government, nnd touched upon some ofthe points in which for more than ten years, it lias been grossly iiial-adiiiiuistorcd. Having pointed out the evil, we are now to suggest the remedy, and in this the voice of the pub lic has long since anticipated' us. The ser vants of the people had indeed become their masters, but the rightful sovereigns are about to rcsiitiio that authority, which comes to them from a source higher than all written law, find lo delcgato the reins of government to abler and more trustworthy hands. We do not think it necessary to dwell upon the character and services ofthe distinguish ed citizen, who is destined to lead the freemen of the union to triumph over domestic fac tion, as in oilier days he led the armies of Ilia country to triumph over her foes. v We worship no wvh, we bow to no faction, we acknowledge allegiance to no narrow party. The Union, the Constitution words that once stirred men's blood like the voice of the trumpet are our watchwords, and wo arc determined that the sacred principles of rational freedom, which in better day s wero our just pride shall henceforth cease to be what inisgovernment has well uigli mado them li li t an empty boast. The man of our choice is a citizen of tried and primitive; patriotism, of unshaken independence, of approved ability and experience, of unim peachable integrity, and though in a green old age, of vigorous and unclouded intellect. How superior, fellow citizens, are these qual ifications to those of the smooth partizan, who professes no enlightened regard for tho law and constitution, who is guided by no lode-star of political principle, who declares that ho can raise his eyes no higher, and take in no larger field of vision, than to enable him to discern and follow "the footsteps of his predecessor." If it be asked what advantages we expect from a change in the ic n, we re ply, that we confidently expect, first and fore most, the restoration of pu'dic confult ncc, the main spring and indispensable condition of-succcss in all industrial enterprise, and the and inadequate caususbv winch tho subsidized C0I)jC(.lielU resuscitation ofthe palsied cnor messes and iiartizans ol the present dvnastv i ,.,., . .r.. if, l .,,.) I ncv w.m,1i attempt to explain it. The people know the I cxpL,ct a ,-L.vival of manufactures, increased causes, and the authors, and they will redress themselves by the speedy removal of both. "To secure the blessings of liberty, to our selves and our posterity." We come now to the chief grievance of which the American people have to complain. I'lic other evils to which we have alluded are endurable, because thev are in their nature temporary, but when the foundations on which rest all our free institutions are sapped, when the constitution itself is shaken, when the utter perversion and misapplication of all the powers conferred upon the federal gov ernment lead men to nuostion the utility of a cntral power, and to calculate the value ol . ... ,i . . , the union, it is time to recur to ursi principles, and to iiKiuire whether it is yet too late to repair what it may otherwise soon lie out ot activity in agriculture anil the renewed culti vation of all the useful arts; we expect re trenchment and economy in the use of tho public funds; wa expect a diminution of the patronage of the executive, and a reduction ofthe number of pestilent officials, who are now consuming the land, and living in luxury on the earnings of ihe people ; wo expect to see the principle, that to tho political victor belong of right the spoils of office, discarded and reprobated ; we expect a system of col lecting, keeping, and disbursing the public revenue, whereby thu purse shall be divorced from the sword, and the national treasury shall he beyond the immediate control of tho c.wutivo and its hirelings; we expect a dis tribution, or other equitable appropriation for tho benefit ofthe States, of the proceeds of our power to rebuild. We use no idle words, ; the public land?: and in fine wo expect a when we say that the downward progress and i return to lite principles upon the cov tendency of our system of government has , eminent was administered, w Iiile those who for the fast ten vcars filled the friends of r; tional liberty with dismay, and that many of the wisest observers among us do now look forward wilh more of fear than of hope. The prodigious increase of the power and patronage ot the lederal government) the daring usurpations of the executive and of Congress, the reel' less and profligate expen diture ofthe public monejs, the shameless adoption and avowal ot the principle that public ofheo is the appropriate reward lor party services, the regular and constant em ployment of tlie entire power and resources ofthe government in maintaining tlic ascen dancy of a party, and, as in the late case of New Jersey, the abandonment ot lornis ol proceeding to which obvious necessity nnd long Use hud given the force of law, those in deed, when considered as the fruits of but ten years of misrule by a government elected by the people, are cunugii touxcuo tut! jcaiousy, and roiisu the vigilance, ofthe most confident and sanguine admirer of republican institu tions. Hut the past ton years have been yeats of feverish excitement, and thu pcoplo are now awaking as from a distempered dream. The whole nation had been infected with a recklessness and impatience of spirit, which finally found vent in a career of reckless speculation; and the propensity to indulge in these adventurous schemes was in ist unfor tunately countenanced by the policy of the government in iclatimi to the public domain, and tho currency. Vast tracts of land were thrown into tho market, and made f ubject to entry nt government prices; settlers were induced to occupy iheso as well us iiiisurvey ed lands by tlio promise of pre-emption laws emigration to tho moie inaccessible and remote territories was encouraged by the expectation that rail roadsanalsind artificial harbours would be constructed throughout the mighty west nt the national expense, and tor all these enterprises the means were abundantly supplied by tho mushroom hanks, which it was tlio policy ol tho dominant par ty to substitute for the Hank of the United Statesi Overtrading with Europe was pro moted by connivance at frauds on tho reve niio laws so extensive as to be of themselves sutliclont lo ruin nil tho manufactures ofthe nation Hut these delusions have passed away with tho administration which ushered them in, and tho approaching crisis will show our rulers that there it a point, beyond which tho people can neither bo driven nor led. I ho imposing personal character nnd distin guished military services of (Jen. Jackson covered anil atoned for a uiullitudo of polit ical errors, hut his successor can avail hiin solfof no such mantle for tho disguise of his own failures. A man of the commonest grade of talent, tho originator of no conspic uous measure of public policy, possessed ol no shining qualities, nnd who can bo charac towed only as being charactcrles--!;" ' n l content to bo judged by the resull of his ad- framed the constitution were alive lo watch overiti Wo know that wo have much to strugglo against. An unscrupulous executive, with overgrown patronage, bneked-by a devoted parly, and controlling tho w hole resources of the nation, is no contemptible opponent. The administration have on foot a numerous array Office-holders, and oflice-seekers, subsidized printers, post masters, census-takers, collectors, inspectors, and all the under lings ofthe custom-house, contractors for pub lic works, agents, sub-agents, and superin tendents a motley crew, whose name is Legion. All these', and tlieir retainers, are to be met, vanquished, discomfited. Wo have the best reasons for the cheering confi dence that our sister states v. ill well and am ply ledeem the pledges, which every day "" "" r.'iirtm-s- nt'tli. Union,

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