Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, 10 Temmuz 1840, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated 10 Temmuz 1840 Page 3
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igaaBjnBTitTm SIMEON HOOKER. Tho locofocoa havo boon jilaymf n wicked Imposition upon this venerable old man. Tlioy kept him over from tlio i!.")tli to tlie 4th, for tho purpose of making him, by bin presence niul bin silence for lie is too deaf to hoar any ordinary conversation give countenance to one of tho silliest tricks imaginable. When Mr. Van Ness had arrived at a suitable spot in his discourse, ho paused, and said, " Oentloincn, you have hoard something about an old man, Mr. Hooker you will now listen to Mr. I laswcll." Where upon the Ureakwatcr agent mounted the step.'-, wung his fists, and began one of bis gmndilu qucnt orations, about matters and things in gen eral ; but a breakwater stick, or something else, got into his throat, and he run aground. Ho however flounced and frothed, and repeated his ingle idea so often, that his friends became alarmed and reminded him that hc'Was " coin ing out at tho same hole ho went in at "when he wisely took up the Free Press and read, very badly, by tho way, our remarks relative to Mr. Hooker. "Now, gentlemen," said he, begin ning to brandish his lists again, " Mr. Hooker is hero to speak for himself he has been deceiv ed and imposed upon he it a democrat voted for Van Huron, and will again and Mir yes, Sir, I have got the affidavit!? to prove it!" Well, sure enough, there sat Mr. Hooker, but as mute and unconscious of what was saying or doing as the bench ho sal upon. He said noth ing, know nothing of the trick, and was finally led from the house, without, we presume, know ing why or wherefore ! And thus ended this - broad farce ; nothing hut the merest rtago effect. Great business, surely, for such mem as C. I. Van Ness and N. 15. llaswoll, thus to impose upon and abuse an honest old soldier ! Men who could be guilty of such an act of perfidy would not hesitate to mnnvfacturc affidavits! uited to the emergency. Our statement in re gard to Mr. Hooker, was strictly true in all its particulars, and wc defy the whole crew to gain say one word of it. And as to the idea of tho old man's being imposed upon, it is UNQUALI FIEDLY FALSE ! He had a full knowledge of the character of tho State Convention, as wc arc able to rr.ovr, and unices wc arc misin formed, was opposed in his determination to at tend, by the individual who has him in charge, who, being an ultra locol'oco, would have been very likely to have undeceived hint, had be been laboring under a misapprehension. We re peat, this will turn out to bo one of the vilest transactions ever perpetrated by men claiming to be respectable. Much men, eh, undertake by inuendo and stage trickery, to fasten the im putation of falsehood upon us, while themselves practising the most flagrant deception. My masters, you mistake your man, as you shall surely find before you got through with this business. ACCIDENT. A sad accident occurred to tho wife of Mr. Abner Potter of Colchester, on the -ltli. Mr. P. had just started for home with his family, when, at the corner of Church and College streets, he came in contact with a number of men on horseback, rid'iig furiously in an oppo site direction. His horse ran back, crampt the waggon, and upset it. In the fall Mrs. Potter received eo severe a fracture of the ancle, as to render amputation necessary, which was suc cessfully performed by Dr. Hatch. We are re joiced to learn, however, tint she iva-, not other wise seriously injured, and is now doing well. Wc are indebted to the committee of invita tion, for permission to publish the following let ter from one of the old soldiers who dined at the Log Cabin on the U.VJi. Mr. Hall is one of the most intelligent old men among u, is a deacon of the church, and universally respected and beloved. " Milton, June 23, IS 10. Messrs. O. K. 1'i.vrrnnd Vilm.:i Weston Gent. Through yon, 1 would ruturn my thanks to the gentlemen committee of Puiliugton, for ihe:r Kind invitation to thu old soldi 'is of the revolution, tn par ticipate with you in t tic business 01' the day on tho 2)th inst. I must say, jritlonicn, 1 was takc-i bv surprise. When I saw thu l.-ire cincoiirsu of people, their regu larity and pood order, and heirj thuexci II nt addi'tr pck delivered, I felt myclf tidily pa d for attending. 15ut when I was called upon to paitake of your neb repast in the I05 cabin with a number of my old follow poldiersof the icioliitioii, my heart was full to over flowing i and I must say that it was one of the hap piest days of my life. I feel happy,' gentle, neti, lint the same spirit lint Actuated the fathers in lh: resolution, has descended on their children, and may they hrnid it down to the latest posterity. Jly best wishes an; with you; ami my flayer is that a llein; may attend your labois until you brin; some relief to our distressed rmntrv. ALPillX.S HALL." "OLD ADDISON" AT T.KGI-..".T.S. Wo miedit well excuse ourselves from giving a de tailed account of the meetnv'iit Vcrgenn"s on the ith, upon the plea that the people wero all there and saw for themselves. .Such an nsse-inhhcu was never be fore seen within the bonh'is of Old Addison j and if tho Locos should again commnm tint t hn bigs "in suit the people" by their rtjoiein;;0, they nuisl nlludo to me lacnes, tanil inoy, oy tun way, aro all wings!) for the men and boy- who did not 10,11 in this celebr tion, ale hardly enough to ho spoken of in tho plural number! Wo'sdiill attempt m sketch of tho various processions that met tog-thcr from tho several towns the 0110 in which we went numbered three hundred, nnd the folds of the stars and sirincs, and every road revenue leading to the patriotic httl fit v, was ilironrj cd in n similar way. All mingled together in tho principal procession as fast as tlvy entered the city tho six horsa team and 1I10 four horse coach, the pleasure waggon and the lumber waggon, the eliaiso and tho horso-cart, all helped to make up the. line of csirriarjcs and horsemen near TWO MILLS in length. There was no priority of rank or place every one toik his station as one of Car. prople, wilh as good a ti tle to the front as thn rear wherever room could be. found to stand, it was occupied bv the first discoverer FIVK THOUSAND is the lowest estimate wo have heard of tho number present. Ycrgeniies never bc f ire saw so much reason to reiet being a small city: did her guests ever before lcafzc how richly she do 8'rveil to bo a large one. My her hospitality, polite, n-ssand liberality, she a soul worthy an em pire, r.vexy house was thrown open, and every table was tree; ana it any one nip-d 01 g 'timg a dinner lio.n the f it r.f thn hnd.'frcoof cost, it was becnuso c ncr- lected to apply tor a ts-iiei. invitations were ns pinnty ns wings, nnu sourg'nt as to remind us 01 1110 Innd where roast piis ran aln it the streets with knives nnd forks 011 their backs, squealing to bo rati n. If wo had been rtdh d upon for a soiiiiment, wo should havo given, The piirnvcitij irit't a riant hrtirt ! Tho meeting was organized by ibr Appointment of f'npi. J. Sherman as president, who ma-ln a f;w appropri ate remarks on takin? tho chair; and on the report of tho Commute of Re-jolntions, the assembly was wns addressed by M- ssrs llriugs of Riehimnd. Mr ViN3 of.AInriah, N. V., Vonti-rnnd Hell of Middlc bury, Strong of Rutland ami Grundy Tho remarks of tho several speakers we ro short and to the point, and weio listened to with nn attention, nnd cheered wilh nn enthusiasm morn romplimrntary than any thing wo could my. Mit!dltburij I'topU's J'rtst. ATROCIOUS ATTEMPT AT POISONING. Tho Pittsburg Chronicle states that a most diaboli cal attempt was mado to poison thn pasm nc' rs, between liOnnd 'O in number, of tho strainer New V-L. nn l,nr ,ri, from f'mciti inli tn Pilr-tlmr,,!, I, appears that a warm dwi"Stm on the subject of Abolition wns (artied on during ihed ij-, nniongst iho pnsscngrrs, a large part of whom wrre anti-abolition tnen. i nn siewani 111 i:w imihi, nnni! innvi 11, cm plovtHl n black man to bako the bread for supper s im- U,;il.l,.l., -f,-,,, !l ,1... cm, o rr, violently sick, with vomiting, Ac. The black man win linmrdiately oxnininrd, who ii'-knowlrdired liiHgnilli hisgnilli nnd that no micnoen to havo poisoned nil the pusseii. pcrs. Ho was then coiillned In the steward's room, but in thoconfiifjon of iho moment h" jumped out of the window, and it wns unknown whether ho was drowntd or bad rrarhrd Ihn hhorc. There wero two kinds of bread on the table, nnd it waseoon ascnrlained ibal thoso who had not caicn thcjrom bread e-scaprd., I.vrry nllevnlion posnibln WBsnlfordrd to tho sullrrers, many of whom it was feared fnr n few ilnvs would not recover i none how rvrr, have died. Amongst tho suff rris wns Iho Rev. Jnmrs !', Clarke, Pastor of the Unitarian rhureh nl Louivillc, who lay onn or two days sirk at Pittsburg, from thoolTocts of the poion, but has einco resumed 111 j'ntrnr-y coNcmnss. Washing-tost, July 1, 18-10. Mr. Hanks of Virginia asked permission to intro duce a resolution fixing on tho day for the adjourn tncntof Congress. Objections being made, ho moved to supcml tho rules for tho purpose. Permission was granted by a voto of MO to '10. This resolution fixed upon tho 20th, but was subsequently changed to the 21st. in conscqucnco of Information that the com initlco of elections would not be able to report before the 20lli, Tho resolution as amended, was adopted without a count. Mr. Adams asked leave to report, from a select committee on a memorial of tho American Pliilnpliicnl .Society, requesting thoaidof Government in earning on a series of geological observations. Permission was not granted. The annual report of tho Treasury Department, relativo to Navigation and Commerce, was laid be fore the House, nnd ten thousand copies ordered to be piiutcd. At the request of Win, Cost .lolinson tho House look tip the Senate bill extending the charters of tho banks of tho'District of Columbia. MfttJohnson spoke at length in support of tho bill and went on to show the ruin and desolation that must ensuo in caso the bill was defeated. Mr. Adams made a shoit but very cll'ectivo speech in suppoitof the bill. l'ttrikin then let olfa vehement volley of epithets against bank officers nnd owners, lie said they were all a set of Sbylocks und swindlers j and a good deal more to the same (.fleet. Mr. Vanderpoel spoko against tho bill, and said Congress could not consistently vote in favor of a bill to lecbarter banks, after having passed tho Sub Treasury the day before. Mr. l'riggsof Mass. made a powerful and effective speo 'li in support of tho bill, nnd in answer to the ti rade of Pctnkin and Vnndcrpocl. jWr. Cooper moved tbnl borenfter the banks shnll not issue any bills less than 510 ; and from the 1st of January none less than SCO ; and, after a certain date, 110110 less than S.jO. Messrs. Thompson and Holmes of South Carolina, spoke in support of the bill. After a protracted debate, in which Messrs Under wood, Wtllcr, Jenifer, Steinrod, Saltonstall nnd Habersham participated Cave Johnson of Tcnn. moved to lay the bill on the table. The motion was lost by a votcoffi to lOi. Tho amendments were then put separately, and, except $10 restriction, were deflated. In tho Senate, Mr. Adams's bill to ensure the more faithful execution of the laws lclating to the collection of the revenues, was taken up. Messrs Huntingdon, the new Senator from Connecticut, Phelps of Vt., Grundy, Wright and Davis spoke in support of the bill, and Messrs Strange, Calhoun and Preston against it. Wabiiinoton, July 2, 1810. In tho House, Mr. Hell offered a resolution to res cind tho resolution passed by the House relative to the Winnebago Indians. After some discussion the resolution was laid on the table. The morning hour was consumed in considering the miscellaneous business on the Speaker's table. After which the bill to rcchartcr the hanks of tho District of Columbia was taken up, and a number of amendments crippling tho banks, nnd tendering their lccluirler ineffective, were moved nnd adopted by the Loco I'ocos, by party votes. The unfortunate District bein.'j made the crucible for tho mad experiments of tho rampant I.oco I-oco majority which now reigns supremo in the House. The Tory members, who rave and foam at the mouth like so many mnd dog, at tho mere word bank, but who dare not oppress and trample upon them at home as they areopprcssingtbc banks of the Distiiet, are tiampling upon those who arc at their mercy, and who aru utteily unable to af fect their oppressois. The unfortunate inhabitants of the District arc refused the privileges and rights ol American citizens their petitions to bo rcwoicd to their native States are denied them, and without the power of protecting themselves, nie subjected to the merciless experiments of an unprincipled majority. The bill was defeated by a vote of CO to AO. Mr. Johnson then moved to suspend the rules for the purpose of introdueingabill for the continuation of tho chat ters of thobanks of tho District until the fourth of .March next. Permission was refused by a party vote. From tho Matlionian. J UK iW-saoe or tiik .St-u-TnKAH'nv The Deed is no.-.u! The Sub-Ticasurv bill was on Tues day pass:.! by the Federal I.oco Focosof the House of Representatives. The vote shows that had the me. libers elected to tlm present llousu nil voted on this leiuhmrnn.l distinguishing measure af Martin Van Huron's Administration, 11 would have been rejected, as it has been heretofore, over and over again, by the lcpreseniaMcs of the people, and by tho people themselves. Tho whole forco that could be mustered by the Sub- Treasury party was present excepting one member only, .nr. Howard, 01 Indiana. they numbered one hundred anil twenty four. If Mr. Howard had been present, they would have been one bundled and tweu tv live strong. One hundred and seven members re corded their votes against tho bill. Wo wanted the voles of .Messrs. Lawrence, Granger, Anderson, Williams of Kentucky, till of w hom aro kept from their seats by sickness. Messrs. Corwm and Storrs resigned Mr Hrown deceas 'd and Mr Wisu 'absent eight votes. These would have swelled tho republican forcn to one linn dredand fifteen : and if New Jciscy had been rcprc i-uuted bv those who should represent her, the number ot tlio bill s opponents would nave amounted to uL) ; and the Federal Loco force would have been icduced tn 120. Mr. 1'is'ier, of North Carolina, had ho been present, would have voted against the bill, as did Mr. ( asey, .Mr. Nick, hiu! Mr t ampbrll, ol South ;aro lim. This would have made 121 opposed to the ad ministration's leading measure! There is doubt as to the side on which die Sneaker's vote would have been cast j but if, in this caso ho had voted in tho affir mative, he would onlv havo undo a tie and tiio bill would have been lot in suite of him. If the real wishes of tho people, as unequivocally shown in recent eleciions, nnd been respccltd, there would havo bccnnneei-ivo maioiitv nnainst the bi . The New Jersey pretenders knew that they were voting directly against the will of the people of that Stale, as unequivocally expressed in Ociobcr last. Mr Robinson, of Delaware, knows tint his trallant little stale is hostile to tho Sub-Treasury. Mr Caary, of .uiL-iim 111, ini'jws inai nt! iiiisrepre-enis uicscuiuncni and di terminations of his constiluents. w hen ho coo into tho support of this monstrous scheme of Federal I.oco l-'oco despotism. Messrs. Holleman. Crnier. Coles, Lucas, nud Steenrod were also aware when may voted, in solid column, for the bill, that their con fititucnts repudiated it and its authors in April. . TIIK SUH-TRI'.ASintV HILL has passed, and wo have now n light to expect, if iho Administration aro to bo believed, a teturn of better limes. For tho last two years tlu ir cry has b"en, " Give us tho Sub Treasury nnd all will bo well," Their wishes am nov, grabbed. The residi remains to bo seen. Were not in -.-election ol Gen. Harrison, in the autumn, morally cei lam. wc might look noon tho tiassauo of this as 11 mr-ssuru fraught with destruction to our renubli ran form of Government. For ns wits well observed by .Mr. t iishingofMas3.liiisnn"acttocii!iblolhcpub '. Ilinnev to tin drawn from ibr, Trencrv willinut nn. I prontiations by liw." It is in the words of the ven crnhio filer u. Livingston, the consummation of lb land marriage of tho Penan and .Swnnn," Fata coniinerc, manufactures, and agriculture fatal lo our hbuli's. In a word, fatal to every thing worthy 01 preservation, nnd beneficial onlv to the array of Of. fici-HoId'-rs, nnd the wretched beings that crowd in their trains. VV-oy W hig JepoR I.'rsitrn or Viimimia. This distinmiished gciilleiinn has long been known as nn ardent fliond id Air. C M.110CN, nnd it was anticipated from his a pro va 1 of the Sub-Trcasurv, thn t ho would have f vored ihe re-election of Mr. Van HrnnN. Wo are gratified 10 learn that this anticipation bus been disnn- jiointcd. On ihr'.'Oth tilt., ho appeared by invitation before the Tippecnnoof'lnb of Norfolk borough, and iicciiircci 111s iinxioiiB desire lor tho (lection ol lien llAnmsON. lie said he belom-rd to llin Stntn Ifitihii schools nnd then proceeded to cnnviiss Mr. Vim llu rcn's pretensions. Tracing him from his first nnpear liucoon the political sIiiqc. to the present dav. he do- dared that " ho was unablo to make anything more of linn tii'in the mousing, miriiniiugpohiieian, unworthy , f public ronfidrtuv, nnd using nil iho powers anil icsnurc ' of ibis great Republic lo promote tho ends of his party." On Gen, Haiiiiisov, (savs the Aurii.- Ifcrald,) he pionounrcd iho most eloquent cidopiinn wo evet heard. I Ic commenced with him. loo. nt his entrance into public life, nt thoagoof 10, when ho rn- trrcil iho army ns md to lien. Wavnb, nnd pictured i i."'"M, "i imiiiii! fcrviei Summing up llu- incidents of his public life, and the noble tinits of his eharncier as n mnn. Judgo I'ibiihh cinphalirally ilee'.iicd, that lie never miew the nidi udunlwho, in all respects npprnximaled so near to Washimito-j ns Wm, H. Haiiiiison. Tho Judgn was bonorel with tlireo rbrrrs w hen bo concluded. And now said the Judge, rising ngain, " Nino cheers fnrOM Tin I" l'bn rr snnnsn was loud rnotinh (says 1 Jh" llrralil) to hao waited ujt Amos nnd Ins children if they had bevn sleeping within half a milo of the CI1HII1. Tun Cnors. Our ctrbangc papers rrprcscnt the crops throughout tha country, wilh a fow rxfrptions, ns very flourUhlng. In a fow insisnccs the Chink Hug and Fly have dono somo injury to the Wheat but on the wholo tho farmer has hltlo to complain of hut the poor reward received for bis labor nnd tollm an evil which bo must attribute to the unskilful tin kering with tho currency which has been for years carried on by this ignorant and prolligate administra tion. Hut tho farmer niay take comfort to himself. His troubles are drawing 10 a closo and in n low months ho will see a man at the head of alVairs, who being himself a laboring man nnd a fanner, knows bow to feel for and simpalhise wilh tho laboring classes of the community. 1'ttcrsburgh (Fit.) Jnttlliicnccr. A Man Dt-.sTnovnnn nv Hoas. Tho Richmond Star records thu death of an old gcnlloiuaiifPiiImy rn, Va., under the following singular circumstances 1 Hu gavo orders to a negro bund to take food Tor his bogs nnd go into ihovoodsnnd feed them. The man went, hut returned in much alarm, saying that the bogs appeared to bo so fierce and act so strangely lliat ho wns afraid to go near them. The old gentleman thinking that the fears of the negro were foolish said bo would feed them himself, and started oil' for that purpose. Heing gone for a long lime persons went to look alter him m tho woods, nnd found him lyiiigdind wilh Iho flush entirely eaten from one arm, thigh and part of the face. Casualtv in Nr.w Jcnsr.v. At Perth Amboy. on Saturday, while a Mr. Hloomficld was engaged in loading a cannon which tho citizens were tiring in honor of the day, the loading exploded prematurely, blowingolf Mr. H.'shand, and so shattering tho lower part of bis arm that be was obliged to submit loan amputation of tlio wholo limb. A . V. Sun At Cutter's dock near Woodbridgc, N. J., while two citizens named John Manning nnd Mr. Alvord, wero ramming down the charge of nn old revolution ary cannon, t which ihcy were firing, tho charge ex ploded, blowing Iho ramrod far away, and badly in juriug tho hand of one and tho face of Iho other. Mr. Manning, wc aro informed, lost both eyes by tho ac cident. Two Hoys Kilixp. A lad, the son of Mr Thomas Hlashnd, npothccary,nt South Huston, was found in a dying statu 011 tho South Hridgc, opposito to Whee ler's grain store, about 1-2 past 10, Saturday tiifdit ho was recognized and canicd home, when; he died ten or fifteen minutes afterwards. It is supposed he mituhavn born ovoirun by some vehicle, or that he fell from one. Another lad by the name of Hcmans, was thrown out from tho cart, in which ho was reluming from the fireworks, about thu saiuo hour, and bis bead sinking the cuib-stone, his skull was fractured. Ho survived the accident but a few hours. Scrrosr.ri Mcnnr.n The body of a man supposed bo a Shaker, who bad been collecting for garden seeds, was found in tho water near the shore of Lake George, in Holton a few days since. A ball hud been shot though Ins head, and a pistol supposed to belong to hint was found near by. We do not learn that any circumstance has led to fix.suspicion upon any one as perpetrator of the deed. tVf- tho house, where he stop ped over night a few days previous, hr was seen to count over his money, which was in bills, to a consi derable, amount j nnd vthm found there was but a small wallet about him. Sandy Hill Herald. MvsTKiitocs SQCATTEns. Wu learn that the town of Amesbnry, has received an accession to its popula tion, in thushnpo of wmio thirty or forty neijrois. They have taken up their residence in tlio" woods of that town, aim subsist oy nnuing levies 011 the pro visions of the fanners, etc. during the night. How or when they arrived there-, or where they camerom. more than Hie goodly inhabitants ol that town can livine. They are taking measures, we are informed, to unravel the mystery, or at least to put a period to their depredations.' Uoston l'ost. Snoe-KiNO Accinr.NT. Yesterday afternoon at 5 'clock, a little chil I about two years of age, fell from iho third story window of tho house, No. -1? Main street, and was so dreadfully injured as to survive on ly a few hours. Mrs. Driggs, the mother of the hud. was 111 the room with it at the time of the ncei- lcnt. The window is very near the tloor, and the uniier sash only was down : tho child sti.eppcd upon the window ledge, and in its efiiuls to look into the Heel, over balanced itself nnd fell. On examining the head, it was found to be drcadfiillv fractured F.vcrv ellbrt to prolong the life of the litllo sufferer an end to its sufferings. Hrooklyn Daily Xcxcs. IT IS AN ASTON1SI1INO pact ! ! ! That ought'to bo printed in letters of gold, in the house of every man in the laud ; and it is this : That there were but two public ilelanlters among the whole of the Foiled Stales' Government olliccrs under the administration of John Q. Adams. And tho whole amount of defalcations, after the strictest scrutiny and investigation, by tho Jackson party, did not ex ceed Sf.VEN 1 IICL-SAND EOI.I.AtlS. . Miixk HoTcmeiss, who has hen employed for somo time in keeping a niiie-pm alley inOwego, New York, and who ''immortalized" hiniself by endeavor ing to impose upon General Hairison, by "writing him a icuer, which ine uencrai inn 1101 nonce, dui which was answered by a Cincinnati Committee, has been ted Register ot the Land Otlice, at Kas;;akia, Illinois. M vNHLAL'oitTcn. On Sunday last a colored man by the name of Sanrha Te-nbiouck was thrown from tbodoek at tho Ontskill Point into tho river, by anmii appears to havo been douo without malice on lliepait of Rowr, nnd as n consequence resulting from Sab bath breaking and intemperance. Catsl.ill iIcss- in c-cr. A report has iust been made to congress, bv Mr. Woodbury, secretary of the treasury, shows tlio ex traordinary lact mat irom January 1 to July 1, oniya little over six millions of dollars have been received into the public treasury. If no more is received for thu next six months, where is the money to rome Irom to enable the administration to expend thirty 1111 ions a year 1 1 et theso mm would reduce the arid nnd civo 1111 the nubhe lands for a mere trillo to 1110 sinica ill which wiev lie. xiiai is 10 s;no us iruiu direct taxes to support tlio l- edcral government : From the Kccsvillo Herald. DISASTROUS FIR I? AND LOSS OF L1FF.. 77ie heart of the VUliV'cif Vlintnmillc burn cd up. Five stores and two dwelling houses cm umeu ami one unfortunate woman pcnsiicd in the flames I ! ! About :i o'clock, on Sunday morning last, the store of Messrs Aim S Catker was discovered to bo on fire. The Haines s.pread with tiich rapidity, that two voung men, clerks, who were sleeping 111 the store. j.aicly escaped with their lives. The fire raged with moll fury, that all effort to stop it proud useless. It soon reached tho adjoining stores of Messrs. Hathcr way, iicner aim v-iiiioro, nnd m a lew minutes, me whole block was 111 llam.'s. It now extended across the street to the store of Messrs. Diirand iN; Williams. und the dwelling bouse of F. G, Fish botbof which were burned. The fire was arrested bv the Mom store of R. Haily, thereof of which was burned off and otherwise mucii injured. .Mrs. Lawrence, widow 01 ( Lawrence, tho unfortunate woman thai perish ed, was sleeping in 0110 of the 1001ns over Hhu it Par iter s store, occupied as a tailors shop and dwelling house. Somo portion of her body was afterwards found in the cellar nearly burned to a coal. Tho loss is estimated from SIj.OOO to 20,000.The property of sonic was in wholo or partially insured, others lost tnciraii. I I S T IS I C T C OX V K ' T IOX. The Whigs of tho Fourth Congressional District arc reniiestnl to mcetat Cambridge lioiou'di, in theeoun ty of Lamoille, on Wednesday, tho l.",th of July next at 10 o'clock. A. ?!., for tlienurposo of selenitic: a can. didalofor member of Congress, and also, an elector of President and vice President of tho United Stales, for this District. .m. Wr.sTON, Chittenden Co John S. F0bTr.1t, Franklin " Samcki. Ada:is, Grand Isle " John II. Phrntisk, Oilcans " Wji. P. Sawyer, I.amoilo " District Committee. a ir E "il At tho Methodist Chanel, on Sunday evemntr Inst by Rev. Merritt Hates, Mr. James Gheoo to Miss m'SAN it. i-oui-.s, bom 01 mis town, In Jefferson, Jefierson ro. Wisconsin, Capt. Gerara urniio in haraii 1.. daughter ol the lion. Jesso Rob rrls, of thn same place. B 11 dl In .Shclhiirn, on tho SOth ult., .Airs. Mary Com stock, aged fill years. In Ilmesburgb, on tho 22lult., Mr Joseph Far rand, a revolutionary pensioner, nged 81 years. In Hinesbiirgh, on the 1-llb nit., Mr. John Wr.i.t.nn need E0 years, one of the first settlers of that town. Through n long and useful life, ho sustained nn un biciiiishcd reputation, and died rcgieitul liynlargi circii) 01 k iiiuvcs nnd inenus. ISAAC MARTIN'S IJSTATU. T ''' l'"' " I cuig nppomtcl by the linn I'roi nie uourt lor Iho m-lrict 01 (irand l.-lc claims nnd ilcnmnil-olall pe-n-oiis, iignuist iho e-into 01 ifiiac .nnnin lato 01 so itn nero 111 said diMrict dceca-cd. rcprcsruie I insolvent, ti rid nl-o all claim und demands i-hd ilod in oiln-l thcu-toj and six nmuth- from the 21 clay day of June A, D. 1810, 1 ring alloweil I y tnid Court for that purpo-c, wo do Iheicfi ro heirl y givo notn o thnt wo will annul 10 1 Ik I usincs-ol our nnnoiiilinriu at l ie de in. 1011 of Levi Martin in sal I .South Hero. 011 tho fir-t .Mon days ofOciol cr iindNoveml er next, from ten o'cloel; A. ai. Hiiiii tour o'ciocu f. ni. 011 each ol middays. jj.o. IILCIOR A DA .MS, , W.M. F, PIILI.I'S. Com QTllAYKI). front tho subtcribrr on tho K.ili'in a red cow. rather low in llesh. will, mm l,nrn cdoir. Whoever will retuin her shall bo suitably "VKIiH-. M. L. HFNNI'VIT. X ,tii iiio;iuo, anno l,, I Mill, T OST. The pnson w ho found n WATCH OAS! .1 J yesterday at vv Huston, will jdcase leavo it with tno owner nnn re ccivo 111a reward, Ilurlington, July 10. DAVID RUSSF.LL riROIV?; GUVSS. Retford, SaninnounclClmtPn v-' crovnty J t j. it, 1 t.vK & Co. StllNCLI-S. 100 M. PineSliiiiirloby July 10. J. elt J. H." PKOK &. Co. 1 A I It HANK'S SCALES, by July 10. J. & J. II. PKOK &, Co. WOOL received in exelmiifie lor llroadclolh and oilier Ooodi nt my Store nt Wluooild village July 10, 1810. SIDNKV HARI.OW. BONNHTTS. Iut receive.! mhiic now slupe Florence Urn.d Spill and colored Slraw Rounds which will I u told very low for cah. July t, 18 10. N. LOVKLY & Co. COLLIXii: GUKLN. The siibfcril.or will sell nl auction on Saturday thellih inM.-l o'clock, P. Mi, at David Heed's oilier, thoUra! 011 College Green., the uras on niiieaerc (f Innd lying back ol the college ,.uildina. A. POOTK, Agent orU. V. Ilutliiiglon, July 0, 1810. poOTS, SIIOKS & LFATHBR. Tho subscribor X) having taken tho store formerly occupied by Messrs. Hwwn ! Whittle, isnow opening a general nssittmeut of Hoots, Shoes and Leather, which havo all been bought for cash and will bo sold for tho same at tho lowest prices, and as iho'arliclcs aro too nuincr. 011s to mention in an advertisement, although Mr Sta cy hascnlargod his paper, I would simply invite all to call and examine the goods and prices before purchas ing elsewhere. Ilurlington, July 1, 1310. IIP.NRY C. STIMSON, by F. J. Stimson, As;ent. " TO TIIK IMHMC. BOSTON and TltOV IRON COMPANY.-Thc public nro hereby notilie.l, thai ihe business ol caMlns in every branch iind variety, is done lo order, on ihoshorte.t notice', 11 1 Troy, Vt. M be company have much enlarged their fo.mdry, and nro now prepared lo do nil kinds of work done at any fo-mdry in lbs country. Milbgcurinf, Pot Ah Keith;..., Stove, Plough-1, Axletieo, &'., on hand, or furnished lo order. All who wMi toe-onlr.ict for slove-plato', or to pur rhac a largo quantity f-f ludlow-ware, for tho purpoc of retailing, will l o furni-lu'd at wholesale pricu and nil wlioin.iy favor us with their calls or criers, will le dealt by a Id orally as at any cstabli-biucnt in the country. Order. should l o addre.sod 10 K. R. Cros inan, Superinlcndaiit, or A. Yonnir, Asrcni, Troy, Vt. to secure nn curly reply, and prompt attention. Troy, Vt., Juno 1810. jytO WU,!, YOU IIRSHAVIU) at Loncy' new Dro'.-ingHoom. I. Lopcy the undersigned, would Nownnlorin the kind, That having left church street, In Howard's Hotel can le found. lie will not boast U barter skill, As this the public Irng havo known, Hut I cgs to ask their custom slid, For diligence he yields to none. When He that would unto bis face An I head havo slerllng justice done, Pray don't mistake the proper place, Hnfcall upon Ickm Lo.nt.t. P. R. Clothes earuf,illy cleaned to order. Perfum ery of all l;ind e-on-tantly on hand und for sale. Ilurlington, July 10, 1510. STATU Ol-' VERMONT, DlSTMCTOr ClItTTHNPCN. 9S. ; riTHK probate e-oarl 1 JL for the District oft- hitlcnden, lo all perao.ii (o whom then piccnts shall conic, GHKCTLNO. KZUA HOLT, guardian of Caroline L Newell and Nathaniel M. Newell, infanis, having represented to ns coiiillhat Ins sud w.mli are .-cue I 111 their own ght in fee as tenant- in common ol two undivided third of one undivided (ifih offidy ncre of land lyiuq in Charlotte in the cotuty of Chittenden Icing the -aine land coiivcvc.l by isenjanun himonds to the late Nathaniel Newell, nnd is a part of the lands set ol' 10 the widow Polly Newell a a part of her dower in the laie 01 uic niu iaaiiiii:e-i iewcii, oueca-cu, which y acres of land is ul ject to tho said widow s right 'lower therein, an J that a sain of the iii'err.t eifln.- lid wards in said bind would conduce to their I et 111- re.-t, praying aid court to authorize and empower him to sell thu interest of his said wards in said land. It is orcVi'ud thai the -aid application bo heard lefoic. sid court it! llu: Rogi-ie-r s oilices in D.irlinston on the third 1l.1v ofAnirn-t, 1310, and that notice thereof l.e iven l.y publi-lnng llii-ordcr,coniaining ine-iib-inuce I -aid pelilion. three weeks successively in the t ree Pre a new.-papcr printed at Huiliiigton in the county I Chitlendcn. ihe la-t cf which publications to be pro- ioa-totbedav n igned for bearing. Given under my baud at said Hj.lingiOM, tin- jecoul d.iy of July Thomas HcnucltN I '.state. STATU 01" VKRMO.Vr. i rrMIKhonoraUetlie Distmct of Chittenden, ss. t - Prcbatu Court for the l)i-trie! of Chillcndcn, To all per-oix concern I in the I-.-tate of Thomas Dennett, late-ol Holton 111 aildi-lrictdccca-ed. (JRI'.l-7fLNU. will-.KLAS, .Nelly rainier, laic Nolly Dennett, ad- mini-lratrix of the e-.-tale tf saiddcee-a-es.! propo-es to rendcran ace-ouut e,f !ier ndirrhiistr.ition,nnd present her iccoiinl airaiust Mini e-lalo lor CMinniialion and allow ance at a M's-ioii eflbeLoiirt of Probate 10 be lioldcii U the ICaglu Hall. ic. Willi-tton 011 the third Monday of Angii-l next, therefore', yon aro hereby notiliisl to ippcar l-ciore said court at the time and place aiore aid, anil shew cause, it any you have, why the account alorc-aul -honld not be allowed, invcn unm on- hfiml ut ll,,rl,.,.-, .1.;- 9,1. ,inv t,f j..f a. I lo-io. Jy-iu. vt Ai. 1 u:s nc-'i-n-r. M THE PUIII.IC. In offering this Fdition of . fjinitns (.cographv and Atlas to the nub he. the Publishers invito attention to tho following additions and improvements. 1 110 tocography lias been carefully revised and en larged, is illustrated bv about thirlu additional Cuts. and is periecliy adapted in all its parts to the new .uaps. Tho entire text of tho book has, (at much cxucns- been thrown into uniform lama tmc which we feel comment will be regarded as a very decided impro vement. Tho tablet annended to tlio Hook were mado un with care, and contain much valuable information in a condensed form. The names and length of tho principal Canals and Rail Roads (finished and in pro gress) arc given, and tho places connected ; also a romplclo list ol the (colleges, Law nnd .Medical Schools, Theological Seminaries nnd Religious do nominations of tho Lnitcd States, tho reigning Sov ereigns ol l-.urode, occ. An entire new Atlas accompanies the Rook, con tninin'' eialiteen vcrv superior Slims, mosliv drawn expressly for this work from original surveys and iho most antneniii: Hources, and embraces iniicn vaiuauie information not to ha found in any similar work. Our own country has received special attention. The Rail Roads, Canal-, navigation of Rivers and recent changes, aroall carefully marKed, and many counties arc shown which do not appear in any other Atlas. Among tho peculiarities of tins work may be mention ed the plan of showing the population of States and 1 alanines m round numbers on tnr nice 01 tne .wnps. I he navigation of Rivers lor Mnps, Steamboats, Sloops, ecc. is shown bv placing nt tho head 01 na vitiation Ihe appropriate characters for each. 'Tho Map and Chart of tho World combined (on an cnliro new plan, showing nt ono view iho Natural and Political Divisions of tho Globr, the Fxtent, Popula tion, Religion, Form of Government and State of t m utation ofeacti Country,) has attracted much at tendon, and is considered a great improvement upon any thins heretofore attempted in the form of a Chart as here a 1 are shown at a sins c mnncc. anil mc re lations they sustain to each other. Wo would also solicit attention to tho rcniarkablo distinctness nud enso wilh which every name on Iho Map may be read ns well as to tho very superior stvlo and execution of tho work in other respects. Tho (tueslions nt thn close of the Rook are important, and will be found very convenient lor a trencrai iteviow, SPALDING tu STORRS. ILtrlfortl Cunnreticut. For sale by SAMUEL HUNTINGTON, Hur lington, Vt. and by tho Princial Hooksellcrs in the United States. Hiirhngtnn, July 3d, 1310. rilO TUT. ItAM)-lIHAIKI .V OTIIEItS I) ics an, know .1 neighbor or a ffirml who nu ll 1 Ilald, mid whose, lie id is noivrotpird wuli fine hail 7 One wlcise roal roll ir was rnieicd vv-nh dan- InifT. 1I111112I1 buirlipil i-verv hour which lias nuw van i.lit-il pntiielv ! Or one vilm,e hair al piirlv nge werp Hindus bipv, who now his nol a i;ip) luii 7 Children uhn hpad wcie rovpred vviih fcuif, whom li.iii would not emir, ihn re a'1"' Erowing ihe fullest nops nf luiir ! -uinp c.un mul be known 10 most ppisnin. Ak iIipiii iIip caup, mid i Oil will bn told 1I1.1I Mipsp iluni' hate Iippii done by iho use "film Halm of Co. lumbia. Of 20 )P.usRrntvih u ibis anicls, lis dpinaml iiieicasins nnniially fonin liunilind per reni. in-usu wIipii disi-oti red noi oppofPil by anvihinj lor ihe lame piiiinfp, now availed by iiluinsl niunlier Ics niushronn 1r11.l1 nipoariiiioiH ill. il will ruin llie hair if uspil lo lint cxiful. Can inoip than nice 1 iris nn wanicit rcier 10 1 li i5 rprominenilalions liy 11 bsi ofnamps or ipspeeiii. bilii), uiipipialled by any odier article. Lnuk lo itifse llunj! bit) Hits mucin, may nnu picst-i tn tnnr 1111 by hs n.p, or if bald resinie il, Ladies, nllcnd 10 lids hundred in I'ndiionahln bfu are usins il hi thn only miide teallv fn (or llin inilel. I.nni; hair is iciy apt to fall ont. ' Ladies, use llio 11 ilm of Cohinibiii 111 lime to save vniiise'ics the d'fjracp ol liaklnp.s by negterl nf your pt-ieons. ll is tnnr duly, ns moialisis 10 pre-fi-itcihe beaiiiips nf nature, wilh which n bminiiful Crcalm lias r-eilownl nu ; iup llie Italm.for ll will do il, CAIJI ION I'll HE ItEUI'.MIll'.Kr.l). iSpii-ihI lun-l fl laranl iiiiruiHs h it n bri-u iniilc In riiuicpi fen the line Italin of Ciiluiiihia. tSoum ol dip impoili'is have johe hi far ns in cuiimei feil (be rplrn. dui wi.iiiprs, mid ihn IVdls nf Nnigiini, nnd pteiy e ipih iI mail: except llie name nf Cninsinrk, which lln-v date n o foigP. To niuiil linpnsiliiins llirii-fnrP, nl wns look for ihe name of Comilock & Co. nr L, S. Ciinninrk, nnd never buy thn arlicle unli-n il bus dial namp upon il r-okl wholesale and it lnil, only 111 IV 0. 2 I'lelrlipr snrct, N. Y. und by I'ANanoim nnd llniNSMAin, Ituilingiim, Yl, jl P AIM-: It. C. GOODUICII has iust received from tlio manufacturer in Mamuchusotls. a full (apply of linen linnd-nndc. royal, mixluim, Demv, cap, leltrr, folio-post ami billot paper, nf various ipinl. lties, ns wove, eatin, hid, (pit, etc, tic. for sale at mail' ufacturcs prices. Juno '.id. CSAIittllATUH, 10 casks, by j. f, j, peeir Jt Co s? J June 1'J. I,V CIIANCKItY. HsMIlT MATO & TtMOTUT FoLLETT 1 ClttTTr.NDr.N !?AMt)p.i, R, UnoivN, John Peck, r-nt-.Mi: Cocut, John II. Pt:ci,CAsll)s P Pi:cK,Sr.Tll January Term, Hilltop, nnd CaiuiP. IJroivn. J A. 1). 1810. A I tho prccnl Term of this court held nt Hurling !0"' within nnd for ihe e-ouniy of Cliillendcn, on Ihe Ihar-dny next proceeding ihe first Ti.e-dav of Jan uary, 1310. Henry Mnvn iiml 'I'iim.ihe' l',,!i',.ii. boil, n'1' Ilurlington, lileif ihcir hill of coinplnlnl again.i feainiie- It, Drown, of Rome, in ihe rtniu ol N. Vork, and John Peck, John II. Peck, Ch.sIuh P. Peck, Se'h Ill-hop nnd P. Hrown, all i-f ni.l Rirlington, selling lonh, lliat, on or abo il tlio lif h day ofj.iniiarv, 1S32, thu said orator, at thu rcque-t nl stud Htowit, mbhuu a noio wiiii mm lirown and one Ha lord S.c ven, ns Minnie-", given lo Ihe President, Directors et Loiiijinny ot tlio Hank of llnrllnirion, fur lliiisnintif Id em hiindic.1 dollnr.. which ,,n-i?w,w rn -. I .,,,,1 di-eoiintod by said bank of Hurliiigion j that on ihu iimu nun nay oi jnnnnry, ibjj. ihe said orators uljo igned Willi Iho Mild Hrown nnd Sim-un. iw surciuw. nt Ihe reqtie-l of MiiJJlrown, llirco notes to Lydia IJ- in mini nun joim ni. ciornigu lor cuuu eacli payable le.pectivrly on tin; lirsl if.iy of January, in the vcur.s 1833, 1831 and J833;-thnt lliusaid Hrown, lo n-iairo and indemnify said uralors ngninst said note-", rtnd b.i- tore payment of any of said hole was made, to wit, on the H. day of May 1332, executed to said orators n deed of that dale in duo form of law, conveying to said orators a tract of bind on which tlio said Hrown then lived, situate in said Darlington, lying near Mud dy Drool;, coiiiaiinnc. bv e.tlmaiioii. uhinit ,.ne hun dred acres, on which there was, a saw mill, formerly uwiiiii i'Y ivci-i-y uiiuiore, nnu n uweuing no-.le, 111 which the said Hrown Ihen livod, iiiiendnig ibercby uj convey un mo uinu to sni.i orators which iho said lirown then owned in Ilurlington s licit iilicrwnr.l-. on Iho sftinu 231 day of May. 1832. tho said orators exeviite-d toyatd Hrown an agreement under seal, e-ov-eiianlitu that I hey would uxecnto to thu said Drown u (pin ennui occii ui ccrinin prcuiisus oe- in n iiceu Irom Lydia Lldndgu und John M, Kldridgo to -aid oia-tor.-, diite-d thehlihday of January 1832, Lang a tract im lunii itiiuwu us a i-.ioriui- iaroi, siiiMie in snio Hurlfngton, and that -aid orators would al.-o coini-y to Mini Drown, by deed ol'nuit clniin, the premi-es de-.-cril.e-J in said dt-u.1 from said Hrown to said orator-, if the MiU Hrown should well and truly pay the said notc given lo said Lydiu K.dnde mid John M, t!l drnlge, and should al.-o pay to said orator n note K.r one li.indrod dollars, ib led the same ''J I day cf May, nnu ui-u puy mi r.ucs ur inxi'i which uicn were or iiiighl tliereufier to acnl on -aid prenn-c-, und thould omit to cut any timber or wood on -aid Kldridce lot, except by ihucon.ent of said oralor, and then Ihu avails thereof were lo I e appropriated in pnynicnt of t.nd noie or note., whclhor or not; that nfier wards, on cr about tho 5'h day of epiem.' er 1S3J, the said Hrown and said orator agreed that the said need so cxecaii-d by -aid urown to said oralors should ttiind as securily for ihe payment of nil slim- that then were or might IbrroaliiT become dueHrimi ai I Hrown lo said orators fur all money.- and good- that .-hi ul I l.e or hail I ecu fiirni-hed by said orator- to -aid Drown; that said orators were compelled to, nnd did pay to thu said Lydia and John M, iho -aid three note, executed by the said Drown and Sieyens nn 1 -aid orator-, when Ibey severally lecamcduo; nnd that .-aid oraton were also compelled to, and did pay ihu .-nid note, executed ;n more-aid, 10 .-aid bank ol ii.irlinglon in three in stalments of five hundred dollar each, and the inter est thereon, the hist of which in-talinenls wa-p-.ul on ol Dcceiillci-, 1S32 ihat previous to the ISdt of January 1S33, tho said orator., with the eonciii of said Drown, -old the land deeded by the -aid Lyiiia nnd John to said orators mi sundry parcels, and that on the 1 Sill of January 1933 iho said Drown tin-1 -aid orators selliu.i tneir aecouuls and all matter-concerning- the payments made by -aid orators a- nfori-yaul, and all other matter between them and upon such settlement a l alaiuc wa found due from said Hrown to -aid orator.-, of S1,G35 33, being-part and parcel ol the amoiinl paid by -aid oralor to said l ank of linirlon, and to -aid Lydia and John M. Ibr -aid Drown : that the -aid Hrown and said orator-, afterward-, on the nay an.i ye.iria-t aioic-aiu, mane an iiuieiiiuro ot tint daii1, siifiied and sealed by them, selling forth the- agreement-, -aluol I'.uindsclaiM, nnd settlement aloie- said, and that said Drown in -aid iiulen'iirc covenaut- ol to pay said orators -aid -urn of S51,ii?3 39 with in- lere-l in sixty day Irom the dato ol sai-l indenture ; that it wa- l.irthcr sit forth in -aid inJnitiirc that -aid orator then held three note., dated April HO, signol Ly K. & T. Mill-, for 8200 each, made paynl Ic 10 Mini ornior or oruer in iwo, uiri-o utut lour ve-ar- from thcirdatcrcpeclively, with intcru-l, and al.-o four other note daied tlie 27lb day ol June, 1S37, signed by Clmnucey Goodrich, for t:31 03 each, p.i.-ablc to -aid orator or order, in ine -iimnicr.- oi 15:17, laits, 1831), and 1310, respectively with interest, all of which .-aid note of said 11. & T. Mill-and saiJ Goodrich, were taken for a portion of .-ant promise-, deeded ly -aw jiiHii nn'i i.vou 111 -an orator-, nnu nv -a d ur.i- lor to said K. &T. Mills and .-aid Goodrich ; that -aid lirown did, in .-aid indenture, rclca-e aii-l lorevcr Un charge -aid orator- from all claim bv said Drown and hi- assigns upon said orator, lor the conveyance of thu whole or any part of said premise! so deeJee-1 by said John and Lydia to said orator a afoic aid ; that .-aid orator.-, on Ihcir pari, did in -aid indenture covenant, lint if thu said lirown or hin ign should welt and truly pay to -aid orator. thu .-aid -urn of 5?!,G3j39, with mtcicst thereon, within sixty day IVi.m iliMil.iiniil'cui.1 i,t..iiii,r. t:n saidtrator- wni-'i convey 10 said mown or hi a igu, by ilcml ol nun claim, all their title and interest 111 the said buvl -o i!e-e-de-Jby said Drown to said orators on the 2;M day ofMny, 1830, as afore-aid, nnd would nsiL'ii and Iran.-lcr to said Drown, !v thuir endor-eiiieni, without reronrsi', -aid notes again-t said K. &. '1'. Mill., and .-aid Goodrich, "r othefu i-o uccouiit to -aid Drown therefor. Provided, that if -aid orators fur ihe pur pose of rendering said deed from -aid Urown to ihem available, -honld le obbiriil 10 pay any incumbrance ixisiinij upon ine premises uiorcuv eonveye-i, nt tlie o.uo 1 1 saw need, men tno Mini lirown sho dd pay saiu oraior.- 1110 amoiini oy incin paid and mteieji beiorc snui orators should I c bo-ind to nnu chum, a above stated, the land so convcyel by -nd Drown to sain uiniors, mai saui .-mil ui ?,isju nail not lii-en paid, but that .-aid orator- h id collected two of the note given by -aid L. it T. Mill-, for 200 ca--h, to -inn ora-ur-, aim ai-o iwo 01 1 lie no-e given by sai. Goodrich lo said orator- for Sol 23 each, which' -tun so e-o'.le-clcd were 10 let!eJuc:el from said sum 0 S1,G55 30 ; that said Drown afterward-, on or about tne sove-nih nay 01 April, isjs, by deed ot warranty, conveyed to Joel Iti-hop with oilier lands, about fifiy six acre-of the land so deeded by -aid Drown to said orator-; that -aid Joe', on 1 lie same seventh day of April,, mortgaged the same hlty-ix aero 01 land wilh other land to -aid Drown, lo n-i-tiro ihu payment of four note, of hand date fcr 42C3 ouch, pay able by said Dishop to said Drown in one1, two, three and four years from date, rc-pcctivi-ly : that 011 the 1 still day of June, 1333, the -aid Drown a--ir;ue-tl nnd tran-leirtM 10 John I'eelf. John 11. reck and Ui 111 I1. Peck, all hi-, ihe -aid Drown'- in'cre-t in -aid mort sawl iireiui-e-. and that ihe -nid John. John II. an Ca-siii.- P. claimed to hold the same; that on the 23J day of Novcml er, 1S3S, the said Samuel H, Drown sold and conveyed to C-.t ins P. Drown, by deed of warraniy, ino rcinaimicr 01 nie laud .-0 conveyed by said Samuel 1, lo said oratory, and lliat said Cas'-iu-ly, Drown, on the same 23 J day of November. 1333. mort gaged tho saim; land -o conveyed by -aid Samuel It. to to said Cniiis P. Drown, lo -aid turn el H. 10 -eciire tho payment of four note, of that dale, three for -SlaO each, nud inlere-t, payable liy .-aid l a-siu- 1'. lirowi lo said Samuel K. le-ptvlivcly, on llie 1-t day of Jan unry 111 the year-" IS 10, IS I fund ISli '.lie other fn S250aud interest, iiayuhle on llie lir.-t day of January isu, ana tuai -am 1 a 111a 1. urown claim- an 111 lcie-i in snid land; lliat 011 the 23th day of Jhiv 1S30. llie said Joel Dihop sold and convcvtsl to !?eth Di-liop, all the land conycyed by saidSaniuel IL 10 said joci, nun 1 11:11 sum i-oui ciaimoi 10 nave nn Hiicrest in -aid land, and praynn; Hit-court to ile.'rce that the -at. Samuel II, John, John II., Cns-in- P. Peck, St-th Di-h on an I Cas-iu- P. Drown bodoi'icel lo pay the bal a nee due said oralor-a afmcfaid and iutere-l by -omc short day 10 Is- appointed by Ibis court, and 111 dela-ilt thereof, 'that the -aid Samuel It,, John, John II.. Cas- sins P. Peck, Scth Ilishop, and Cn iu- P. Drown, and all per-on-claimiuc under tliem may l o lorevcr fore closed frcm all eiiuitv of rciVinpliou or claim in mid 10 'aid prcini-e- sodm'ed I y suid N-tinncI 1!. to satdnra tors as ulbrcsnid, and every part thereof, ami of all claim upon said orators to re-dced Ibe same, and for further lebef accordm? lo eoiiilv and jjood conscience. And nntico ol said bill ot couiplainl havuurboen loyally served upon said John fevu, John II. feci,-, ins-pis r, Peek, fsedi Di-hop nnd Casstu- P. Drown, nn I llice having iit'xlesitcl to appear and answer Ihe lame, the nud bill a- against ilicm is taken a- conles'ivl. and it appearing that the -aid Srmiur! II. Drown re-idc out of ihe state and that helms not had nt-r-ontl notn i ol iho pendency of -aid bill ll n ordered that raid -tamiici it. 1 c noiiiieil llicrcol, by pui li-hitis hl or der, e-oniiiiiiingj'hc -Mblanco or said bill, llircc weel nicccsfivolv 111 iho Kiee I'rcss. a ncwsliatier nrintod: said Darlington, tho la-t of which publications, shall n at ca-i twenty oavs nrcvio-is n mo commence- nicni of the term of the conn ol chancery nc.l lo hn lioldcii at Ilurlington witlim nnd for the e-ouniy ot Chit tcuden, on llie last Tuedov save 0110 of Aniru-t. A 1. 1310, on the first day of which la-i incntionisl H rm of t n id court, the said Samuel It, i licrehy icptircd to appear and make answer 10 said bill ot complaint Given under my baud in open court this 10 li day o Januaiy, A. l. la 10. j:- W.M, .NOULK, Clerk, ANCUOIIV & l'.HINS.MAID.oftbc Varif Ware, Lamp Wicks and Glac.. Collar nnd Do-om Suspenders, Sword-nnd Pistoh,Thermomoler-,Siaiion cry, Inks, l-'onrt Plaster; Dolls, ll.igs, pocket Hook and a great variety of fancy nrticlcs to supply (tin wiiiii- nnu iiiiiuiMcr 111 1110 graiiucniioil 01 tun noiionai nnd nil who call at the finely sloio j wo arc 111 "A pie P10" order ready to answer order- or return en ni iiifvnriciy norc, rANOitonN it KHFNrM.MP rpim IIOOIC S-roitK of the sub-en! cr is now fully X rciilcill-ho wilh a larfm-oll ,rn,ir,L-a ". Sl'AT ON -It Y, recently s.-le-,cd i he AVw Vor market. Particular pains Ins ! tvn luke-n .,. ihra K'11 w'wciiw t?, UooW, adaptcl to ,ab!aih fchoolK. Tho iiewc.-t pnbliMiions have tfn ,e! - ... mnmi, nnu woraric nin new lie furnishe.1 1. stoic, are oiici-ing a gicat variety c Watcht .uicn-, .luwt-iry, rciiuiicrv, .mii-icii instruments Linls, Card-, Pictures, Son ps.lUirOil-tazor-, Knivc Scissors, Cane-, .Stocks, Caps, drawing niatcria's, wil low Waggon-, Chairs ami Cradle, Ca-ior-, Pencil, Tea and i.'otli-o Pots and I'rns: nl-cr wme. olaio .nv inn im .. H v ''"n nCWrt l? r,WUV'SUHt,K ItllMsCS, for solo at the variety with art) amount t th.N Y.pncfs, P.AnnAM.iK. ,tl,ro. fAN'OUOHN i; DHI.NijMA.'D. INaitini'.-Asif Tiiosn who know. I'lirue onl) ivbi.fkiinw by lilnl n iinni'-diiiip ob'rr. v.iiinn, rim fuiin xnt fulfil oT 1 lie 1 Peels, nflbr peilccl relief, iif the tilunn1 rli.11111 tiki" ciiii-s 1 ffi-cted In rar of tlio I'IM J, Itlli.U.MA ris.M, nil Swki.I.INOS, mill nil rHK'iniil I'AINS, no in iltcr how frne, In- iIip tin1 of lines' nl. I md our win, Im I'.ed II dial uill mil laud ll 11b. hi- nil ibiiia hit ii.i-iI, and J 011 uill find tthal canniil be fiiiind, JCJ"! or llir inbefol niff.'r. big liliin 111 being will, ma) bo iiflbcird, I b )ini lo n-k 11-k of iIiiim! win, know ink llie lion, AI.I'Iikii (.'oMtl.tS, U. 8 Ju-lgnfur that di-lricl, ir'iihnit near Aiibuin, tk Matiiiku' J, .Myr.ut, l'.-o. Ailn-ns. N. V J u.. Gen, Durr Gmkks, lain of W,i. Illusion cily, ch-Ii of llu-.p gfiil(-intn know ofr.ii-s imrmicncr. able by nil oilier lemi-d i s fir idivtiriaus, lliouuh Hied inanv rais, 1t1.1t bavobien riin-d bv tbn ujeiifllie gcnii'iiif. ltay' f,iniincnt. Th iixaud. (ifiiilii-r pr-isnus kinuv fiinilni line. Wr 11p11e.1l in ihcir m-iisc of In ihcir biiinini fi'lliiiL'. ICTP'll is but 11 dun Mm or In piiir suffi'i Hu; lellinv-lii-bn In let Ibis great reined v be known. t:ir,ik of it thru 10 nil 011r fi ii-ad I bis will huh h p 1111 ulieii' Ihn nciwpai nm mc 11 rend, or wherr icide-is nie ine (ilu'ous, bicaiiesi) hi) worililcs imielr me mi rn Isnl fur iho snni'j piifpTr. I u 'jiieci. ue "ay, il nil who liil M do not say it l b-uinil nil iiii-p, ih,n tin not hike 11 I be pifiptieioi n ill mil nllnw tins aiilcle 10 be p ud fm ess It ruie', ulii-n nil ihn iIiipciihih ine fully rullnw. Will am nne suff-M lib! ii-fusc now In rs ill Ifbe dons, lie (111I11 to lie piliid ni'iic I r hi (ibsiiiinry 1I11111 lot Miffei ina. flt3aMr. Ilais wnuld ii'-u-i con-i ni bi tiffiT this nilirlr, hci i- be mil rotiipcllril by ln i-rii.enf mural nl ipIukhis tlm 10 do nil in Irs pohi-i lurilie irilmi of di.iirM nnd niinrv. I'or llns tint noro be would tiniiie-r dctoU- 11 fuiiiinr., ill 111 ernip 11 dollar fm any woiiIiIps nilicle, 'Zil-OOK UUT.-fnmc inillpis b hp piiiiinei fcited llu, mid CHI 11 up iih viirinu del ices. On mil be iinimed utitii. Oiip iliing null will protect jnu it Is ihe ue of Cntnifoi A- ,y to', Dial name mu'l bcnlnins on Hip wriinpir, or )nu imp dipa-ed. Do not fni(el it. Tiike iblsdiu-c-linn wuli in,, nnd ip'i by ihn, or nevpr buy J for it t Inipostlble for mi) oilier lu be liu- ni gi nuipp. SOLO HON HAYS. Sold by Comntork Co 2 l-'ltficlii-i "Impi, N Ymk. I lor sal,- UiI. Y bv I'A s o noil s & tin l.s s M A 1 0. DIHKASKS OF TDK MINGS.-Dscide.ll) llit ino.l iinpnlar leiinil) i-vi-r I.ikihii 111 Am'-iira I tettablt l'ulmomiru Ituham U Hip mnil iniiiable I) now in 11. e lui coiiiilu.cnl.l, 11-1I111.11 or iililbi'ie, cniKiiinpiinn, wlionping rough nnd piilniiinary uff rlions K'll kind. Its f.l'e is sicndily innPiisiuz, nnd Hip prnpi luinr nrr i'oihiiiui Iv irreiv in the iipkI favniHblc nrcniini of in effeei. 'I lie fulloivlns new cerlilicntts .110 nff.'icil fur iubl c esiiiiiiii.iiion. Ah Is-TKiiRSTiso Cask Extract of .1 Intlpr fmm r t! .S Clay, Kina.tmi, Ulsiir Co., N. Y, to llie prupiH-toM. ' t nun nl llie Dili injl, wn iliilytpc il. ptn iiIimIi'd cine wa efie-cied lis dip Vpi.iiutilt! Pol. muihii) In din wiuipr nnd spi iug nl 18113. TliP puiiii, air. iilondy, bud been so k n lnm tunc wuli rnnsuinniinii. II is put ieiiin. lint! cm-n loin up. He ni leiiiin-d 10 Intv as lo be unable In IipIii liim.elf, tas ruHin a l.ucu iplanlilv "f b'nud wIipii lie Dinuipncei! ii'inu thtt liiilssin, wliirli I1.1 pb-cipil 11 coinpleln euro, mid Iip i now ns hale and lienrly n he mi. Sir. Momlv has trmnpil fioni this ion n. bill lie lits prctlii.pd ine n mine dclailt-d nrcniini of his ensr, w bull I w ill I'm ward inn. C. 5 CLAY. Kiii'nni, N. Y. J line! 23. 1S33. Extract ofn loiter fioin Dr. Jacob M)Pts. Tbs 'CPIabli! Piiliniinnry Hnl'iim lias lieen sold In tins on 11 1 y for tun pais, mid the medicine has -.linnl nil uiiciiinmnii rele-iiriiy, for it .cmeely In nne instance nod nl hilling tlie desired Hb'c.i. I nnili nn fniir i'f ilin in-uiv nnjirnins, innt ol uliich are im- lin'iliiMi. upon 11 rrpiliilnus ptihlii', bin dial which I now by use tn hp. tlk-o'ti ll, I ramiol help bill aie mi prnbiiinn ilo-ieto. A rounie-i fi-it irptrirtinn bis been iiflVie.l Iipio by a Iraielhn ' Agent, of Cnnistnck, Y. mill tlie-ie is nnmlipr nriiclc vended hcio that is strongly inspected to Lcrpurmut. Jacob .tirens. at. u. Mifll'uietnn, Juniata co. Peiin. alni 3, 1857 I'mni Dr. .-jainuel .Morrell, In the Pnipriplms of tlip 'p"e IiiUIp Piiliiioiini) lialsim. I am swisfii-d lliat die Yc CPintilc I'lilni'in ri v lialjiin is i valiiali'e nirdeeiiie ha lipi-ii used in llns place u-illi coinpleip siicefiss in mi iiti'iiniiiR coiiiplunt of 1 lie lnnis nllcn fe-d wilh a etpre cntiali, lo ul loicn. nml ihn r.iiainz nl iniie-li loud, uliirii had apvi,iiilv re-. i led man) approved piesci iplioii'. A lii'WiMiii; 1 lie lial tin onn ueik, dip ttu-ni s voice roiiiniPd mid he was able 10 sppnk audi. ly. I'liis can orrmrrd some time sinre, nnd ibe man is now t-ngagpil not only in tirtitn but hthnriou Ini-iHPSt. Itesppi'ihiHv, Uc. S. !H on It K t.L. I'or fnlc, uliolcsaln mid retail, by J, J. II M'.CK It Co., Dnrlinjlim, Vi. VAI.UAIll.ti INFOK.nATlON.-Tif In dian Vt'Jtttiblc 1'itlt are .1 cerlnin cure lor i! in its t-terv varit'lvof form, liicaiise iltey tho ronghlt cleans'! the sieiimu li and bnw-ls, indiire a pro- di-i hsige bv lim lulu's, km anil Kidnev. anil sti- midate the blood 10 punfv itself. In nihrr w-nrds 1 1 1 e y pen nil ilm nniurnl drnins, mid leavp K AT t" R r. I the Grand Pltytician) ireo to drive disease fioin tie ly. I lie ithore outlets, nr dimn, ure llin e-umninn eweri of tlie tiodv, ilnoujh wliich nil niotbidnnd rnr- nun liun.. (..lie - .i'.-....- m..i-.i rr, ,t lona as iljey me all Kept open, 11111I il tscl in rg r lifel) ir ;i Hulled iionioiu of iiiuniriiv , t fie bndv will con. iinue in beiilib : but wlirn from patina improper food. reaihini iiiuiurc nil, sudden trnni-itions from heat In pold, oter exhaustion or ant other ppu.p, thn bowels become mslue. Hie pon-s ol ihe skin bprnine closed, or ihbkidnets fail perform iIiph funciions pioppri,, Hir impuriiies w bii-li shoiilil l.c drnined fioin Hie. bodv by 1 tieso nut let', tt ill be retained, mid ronlinne to nc ni'iiiilale iimil the bod) bei-.rnnes lilt-inlly loaded with isase. II Hie i n.inn'-U ol our niigliiv rivpr slionld bi-rome blm ki-d up, would nol llie aiei imi'nieil u. der ail new iiiilli-ls, 01 llie eniintiy hrrnniP. inuiulate'l 11. 1 so w ii It the liuiiia-i body : il'lhe naininl drains hp- nine clo-pd, the stugnanl and no rnpl I11111101 s w ill find nut in H10 tnnoiis fonns 0 ilispn.e nei its I'd t-n Small 'n, .Mpaslf, Itliiiiiiiiilism, Gout, ApoplpXy, Uc. or Dpalb will end our suffer in,:s. TliPiefoio. 1 sirknp's at llin slnmarh, ptins in die bark nnd (pin k pii'e, bin not; skin, or any 0 bpr unplen. syiiipioui', iiidii-iiip 1 1 1 :i I one or inure of tin- n. liiams ate n it di.-rh ti gin fit-ely, und Hie t-unsti- lul ion is nh'iiil in cnniniPiirp n snuggle fin ill" rP'Inrn lion of health, no limn should b- lost in ndmiiiis'Prns t fe.v brisk doM-i of llie Indian Piugniite Indian I e gctablc Pills ) Hy so dam", nil ihn liinciinm nf die body w ill be lesloirn 10 order, ind Ihe I011I biimnrs (ilm cnii'e uf every ion or pun we fuffpr) will be it moieil 111 su en-y mid 11 .t 1 11 1 ;i I ninniier, dim ihe body will bo ic-loied as if by ,1 clirin. The nbote fills may be inNunni AM. times nnd under AM. in. cnm-iancef, with peiln'i safety, I lipy tuu al! com plain's and all uses, midmein dip linn! 111 nuntiiniiiiii aid: coiwuinently t lie can ntnrr ihjKic pvpii Hie most dibrstp. l.tKe our lood, ihcy me diSP-Hbl' Hiprpfnip ihey eiilei nun Hip ciri ulali'un nnd mipaii nr ueigV to Hie hlnml, wnirn (n ibics H 10 tl iw Willi lire loni indie lo iIip pslicmilies nnd rnn'rouenily in kecii Hip tmrps nl me snui n cn, I lipy me linn and p--i li'i-t fieis of Hip blnoil -. b'-caiiii! ilipy dram all run mil iiuiiiois fium lliat life 'i mg fluid, ilipy iiniiui sireuKlh nnd Visr( lo Hip whale system, nnd Hieir'tf feels am always beneficial : bpeau.n lliey Only removp Hinse biimnrs who h nrp o)iosed 10 lipaldi. Ilipy mid nii.'irotp diiiertinn, and sound sleep follows 1 use: because Ilipy ilpaii'i- iIir siomnrh and IiowpIsoI bos" slimy humours tvlnrli nol only iiritate nnd cxeiie Hip neiimis svsii m, but painly.'.e and weattri) Hit- CPstitp nrs; ins. Inslioii lliey prsse.s all Hiey jjond pinppiiips lint can be planned fur 11 nv medicine : and lial his veiy ri nmrKHhle, H is uii ly inipnrih e in use ihem w iihfliii bpiu lit, aiore 1I1111 Iwptvn Himisand tu-rsons can be rrfenid In, who have been cured nf remplaiuis iirparenHv of the mo.t ilancfinn eliarnr.ier solely by llie use ol Ho- yntfioii i cseiauie i'li.t Oki'ICK, nnd Depot lor llie -aln efiheiibovp Pills in ihe Nrw Kncland Slatps. IBS THEMON I S I'llKIVr, npar roiirl s ippi, I'nston, w bpfe diet rsn be hid at wholpsalp nr relnil. Acems havp. linen np pointid far llin sale of llin Pilli in nhnosi etpiy town in ftiuw l.nii and. AH p"ers rei.o ve to 1 lie puts inii'i b ilm. :"A' 12 Office iV A. College cf Health, Wis I reimmt SUi-w, Hnlon. .vi,,( D irlnr.'ton, ,, Dnts'SMArn. W 00 Stock, I In 1 ell iV Palmer Slnli-I'iirv, Jc-na Ilo-ighion illi.nn s villi', Chailes W. Joy Honn'iig'on, J. C. IIa-wc!lp Mid I'l-Vry, Geo. 11 I i,li-!'il!atld, Will. 1 ny Dover Hiram Daldwin Prattle1 oro', Ibrgc, l!rocl.en tv Co Walcif ird, IL 1 lining tv t 0. .Newbury I'rcntiss Knight Divhcl, Sann cl Aii-ttn ir. Sprmi .!..!.! (Ino lVn.1,1.,1 .1- Il.,l,,.n 1 diiii'tarv, Smith iV. Giazicr llridgewa'cr, Tlio- Soiithralc CliPS'cr. Pluncas O Sarsen' WituUor. S. W. II dil ard 1-. Poitlmcy Iltckok tV Mcin Commons, Sann-el Kvert- Wilming'on, A. D. 1'hdds towe. Albert Coni'i'Po-t Mili Jeremiah Wdtcn St. Jiihnsbiirv--l.iitlicrJctctt Weston .1 dm Wilder W n'cr bury Persons I.von J cntoc her Yl i bam ("lnr'c l.ullow John Dim'ar and Co. Itea ling Wood iV. Merrill llarll"rdJ P. Strong .V Co. .Norwich llaxtcr A.' .Newton Darnarc J. D. Dan forth Itochcler Charle- I 'odd Chvendisdi ,, (id son nirlSon Guilforc Philip MarlmHahl'ii J. C. Siono Co. Wrimin-ler -Anron Hitchcock Wcathcrlficld Daily Ihirilett Uartland Cotton iV Pramblc Pairfnx. Ilamptcn Lovcgrove. T OCS CAUI.V and IIAHI) CIDI'.lt." A AJ few log cabin llo-i m Pin-, wuli thelarrcl of Hard Li'tcr "tipgtity handy" and "tlio string never pulled m" just finished and tor sale at tlio variety store May 28.'oiirits; & Diunsmaip. NOTICK, Ilroko into the inrlopurc of the pub. !crihi-r on the futtonih of June, two maies, one white, llioothcrbay. The owner tsremioftrd loprovn property, pay clitiige.s and itikr tin m away. 'cstford, June 20, !rt!0. TRVMAN C. IlirTfON. MT. Vl'.HNDN lliunnii, Polvgloit Ddlcs ol diucrciit sixes, nud binding-', iVkct lld-lcs and Tcstnmcnls nud u general assortment of siationa ryauit iccctved from N. York and for sale by Colleges!. jc'23. S. IIPNTLN'GTON. POYDI-.H. 100 kef June HI. &.1 II. Pr.CKtVCo. Il.OUIL Tr. y, Ohio and Michigan, oonsnmtly 1 ri-d'ivmg ly J. A J. 11. Ptc.t & Co. LL" if , ItJI IIMI n Ll.l.l.llit- I. Atmn IIcA-oli's I '.state. TIIO iho hotiorable llie proba-e court forthodi r t-t .1. of Chillcndcn, comes ihe subscrdcr, Nc 1 Iltckok, a lininl-tmor of ihe e-iuto of Amo. Htcko". liilcofCliurlotte'.deccn.e-l. iindrcw. ,.itu ilmi.r. sotiul e.tnio of said tlen-n.,! will not le -ullii lunt lo pay iicuoms nndciinrpes 01 nilinmi-terinir thee ln"i and hcri.-bv maues nun heation in :,! ,.r.,i r,.rii, r.nJT. lo se-l! so nurh of Iho real e-tnic as may mi necesHii'y to i,iiy iho .tun of 2S0 dollars. MiLSQN IIICKWC. Ilarhngion, J.1110 12, 1810. " ' STATU OP YLKMONT, At a prol ate court hold Dmtuict or CiltTTf.NttrM, I t-n at !!iirllnmoti,iu ni l di.tnct on the 12'hdny of June, A. D. 1810, il isorVed that an acco iiit lela'.en of the debts nnd nl-o ihn, proceed! of the per-onal ctalo i,f snid doeea-od, nn I that llie Imirs nnd nil per-on. e-oticcrncd In -al I t-lnl 1 1! iiotiliel to appear I e-forn said co-irt r n ll.c 23 h day of June, in-t. at llu Itegi-ter's otlice, in Duilinfe'lMi, ntoro-nid, lo give 1 ond for the payment of debts, and -how e-au-o why such lir-en-n uforcnid, -hall not iu griiniel, nnd that such notice lu giicn I v pul li luii- then' ove application and llns order lhri.e" wee'.s nc- (cs-ne-iy, a- soon ns may I v, Ui the D irliniriou l ies Pre-, a ni-.t'simpcrprihlisl at II irlmt'ton. 111 said ths- trfet, Given under my hand Ihe day nnd Venr lir-t above wnlten. Gj YM. Wl S'l ON. Hi-iri ter. QHl'.ltMAS'is 1VOHM ui'.I'NOHS arc tho O greatc-tib-covi-ry ever made, forelisii-lling ihe va rious kinds of worms ihnt so lie picnMy und dpirc-s-simrly annoy both e hildieii nod ndolt-. 'I hoy are rut itif.ilfil.lo re ne-dv. nnd so olea-anl lo llu, ih.m tl.n children will latu ihem as rea lily a- a common pep- pcrmini to::enge. many oic,i-i' nri.u Irom wurms, without its 1 chit sil'pecte'd. Sometimes n very Iroti' In. -omu coiiL'h, pnin- 111 the .joints or litnl s, Heeding at the no-r, 1V1-, nro oceii-iouud ly worm-, nnd can Iu ca-ily c irel by Ihnci.-lel.ra-.e'd mc liciiic. The f ,i;.iw 1 111? symptom Indicate the pro-cue 1; of worni, viz : ln-.tdachc, icrtign, lorper, di.tiirlod dream., sleep I roken o.f by fright ami -cri'amine;, conviil-ton, fu-vcrishne-, tfnr-1, pallid Ice, I ad ta-te in the mouth, n'leiMVi! I.rcaih, co-igh, daficiilt 1 rcathin?, itclitng at the no-e-, pams in tlio stomach, iiai'S-a, sipica-iu-h-iie-8, voracity, Icatine-s, leiii-tiiiu.-, Ilchiiig at llie an 3 lownrds iiii'fu, nnd nt length, elcjeclioii- and lllm-i and 1111 icii'. One 1- a doc fir a child two years ol 1 'wo for one fo ir years old hres" fur eight year, and fivn for nu n I ill, nn J should I e repealed every murnnisr, e r uvery other morning until relievo!. Itead the follow ing Inters : iNeiT Ytrl.'.Mnn h S, IS39. Dear Doctor, accordin? tn your rcpir-l we have iipJ yemr worm lorcnvei 111 several c-n-e- of worms, mid "found them uniformly siicce-s.fid. We have no diilicul-.y in getting children to take them, as they lire perfectly plea-ant. We .halt ii-c tlii-ni in o ir practice whenever oeca-irn o !er-, Lclievma them lo I c the let vennd igo inelhine m ti-p. We have also u-o I your -0J3 loyenges very in-teii-ivcly, and tin 1 them filly to answer Ihe puri.ti-1-4 vou reeoiinr.eud ihoui fur. We are yours very rcspcol fully, Y. Wm-.K-, M". I). NV. Sit.tnriocK, M. P. O. K. Gur.E.v, M. I-'. Nut Ytr.K, Feb. 1S39. Dr. Sherman, Dear sir one of my daughters apel scronteen year., wa troubled for itloiit eighteen miniths with a ha?kmg cough, 1 roken and th-turl ed sleep, cVc. She was fast wa-ting away, nhhiiiigh -lie ate ipiite hearty. Seveial phy-icians intended' her without any benefit. Prom reading the direction- necnnipnnying' your worm lozenge-, describing the symptom- of worms, I thought she might lc thu troubled, and accordingly prururcl a box wliich, to my surprise, cured her in ono week. 'Ihcy area most excellent inoJieinc, and I lei. eve my daughter owe. her life to them. Your-, oV Jast. Ilt-Mriinr.ts, S Mercer l"Cp Sold at the Vnr.e-lv -tore bv PANUDOKN Jc I3UI.NS.MAII), Jt iel)e,, 'Hurlinglon, Vt. QJIHIt.iIA.'S P()t)!i olAr." I'LASTEK. The liH-t -Irt-nirtlieniug pla-lcr oi ihe world, and a sovereign remeily I' r paiti cr iu llie I ack, loins, side, brca'-t, nc.-k, limb-, ji'ints, rbc ii.ia'isin, liimlagn,,-. One millinii a year will not upply tbeduiiiaud. They re pure n little wanning l.ei'ne aji plication. V.'arranlesl snpe-rcr lo all other-, and for one ituarter the u-ual prc-e', making not only the I e-t, but the elieapc-t pla-b-r in the world. It a ' rebel in a few hour-, and make, n-iiiin-hing can s. Iu liver complaint and dy..ep-in, il should le worn over llii rtxiou of ihn liver cr -tcin.-u-h, and il will a-lord arcnt audii-tonislung relict". In co-igh-.eol N, a-'lmiajdiili-culty of bre-alh'nir, opprc ion of the c be-t i r -tomarh, Ihey will immediately -ooih, and greatly lenclit tlio patient, i'or-on- nt -i-jentary batiit-, or llio-o ot liu-ud to -titiid Uliich, will receive decided support from emu of these truly, strengthening pla-tcr-. Physicians gen erall rei-oiriineud them, in preference to ittl oihers,te- au-e they -ti'",j or a llicre letter and a or I srrcatrr rebel, Iu their operant 11 lliey are -tun .lain, tonic, nnd anodyne. They arc i-uuipccd of entirely di lerent mgrlients irom any other; and Known trinii the ex penenceof millions, who have ipoI ihem, as well the unite I tt-timoiiv, c f all ibe celebrated and di-tm-gi-lusl clergy nnd phy-ician-, to lelhe mo-t u-efd and highly medicated pl.i-icr, ever invented or otlertsl to the pub'ic. several person- uavee-aued at ui wars lio-ise lo evpre their -nrpri-e and ihaui.s at tha alino-t inirK'-nloiis cures tbc-p pla-ter- have cilccto). One mnn who nd l.cen -o alliic ted with henniati-m. as to Is: unable to drcs. him.clf without ai-tance, waicnaliled after wciirmg one, only one night to get up alom, in Ihe morning, put on hi'- clothe- nnd call at our cilice with eye- iienming wu n joy ami ins tonTiio pouring tonu tne glndiie-s ot In- Heart, nt the slid ton and -muni relief he had received from this let of nil reinedie-. Ak for Dr. Sherman's Poor Man'- Pla-ter. It is so called, b-caiie tlie price places il in the power of oil to piireha-p, I cing only 12; et-. So'd nt the va r.etystcreby PA.NGDOKN tS: DItlNSMAll). Jewellers, lii.r.ington, v t. "J ATUHIJ'H GRAND P.I-STOKATI VP. Thk li valuaMc Yegeta! le Medicine stand- unrivalled for ihe f dow ing conipla nt-, v.z: Dy-pcp-ia, or Indi- ge-lion.ii H'l-cl l.ive'r, biio'i.ih-(.r ler-, Drop-y, A-th- ms, , Worm- and lo of Appetite, an 1 by cleansing tho -tomachand bowels, cure- pain- m iho ide, -toiiiio h an.l I re-a-t, cold- and co igh- of long standing, Iloar-cr.e , -hoi-:ne-s of 1 rcatb, .NVrvou com plnmt-, etc., wh-cli are freijiicntly the e lect ol di.-- ase. r..r i evcranu .tg-ic, ii i-a mo-i pro- ventattve a-well as n -otc reign remedy. It- vtrliiei urpn-- any tlitni: hcren f ro Known in rente vmg Si, Yitu-' Piince, two bottle- have 1 cen known to cur tin'- afili-tingdi-iM-c, uftcr having lallled every exer tion forf'.ur year-. It ha-a most powerful mil le-nre, m ir.'iicvmg ncrvon- ci inplmni-. It i-l'lc.t.-ant ic lake and-ociisy in u-operation, that il may I e adminis-.ere-l to the infant with -n!cty. Tin above Medicine i- very highly recommended 'bv many scientific gentlemen, und a large mini! cr ofladie-," who have proved tho virtue- of tlio Medicine by personal useand that of their families, bill (,fccr!ificatc-acoiiinpanieench 1 ot Ic, with direction-. It may I e had whole-ate or read cf S. Dnlain, Dane, and J. C. 1'arnam, L.i-t Wdbains- lown, t. sole proprietor-, frcpatcu irom the origin- recipe: lor -ah- by r.. II. rrenlj--, .Mcntpt-lier, nnd J.oV J. II. Pixi; tt l o, Diirhnirton, nnd in the p-inci- pal lowu- in tlie -late; an dircuioiis signed in iho handwriting of the proprietor-'. jt-19'.s cough i.ozilvge.s. A HP ihe safest, most sure ,tnd e.ViHia! rcmtsly f-r Couch-, ('( Ids, Con-iinipiion-, whooping Cough, -ihma, Iightne-- oi the laing-or t ho.t, tc, tVc I'lie proprietor has never known an in-intu-e wheia they did not give pcrle-ct nli-la'-non. bevcral ihons nnd boxe. have I ten -old within the lal ibrtvtni mh rctnrinc to health, per-ens in nlbio-t every ta.e cf ei-ii-Hiiip'iein, it ud tho-elalt rmgiini'cr tho nui-t di re--itig cold nnd ccugo-. i ney no noi cncci, n- u Ire in, the cough. In it render it ea-y, nrcmotu expec toration, allay iho th'kling or irrit a'.i-n, and rcmnv llie pro.xuna't! or exciting cau-c. 'Ihcy arc innda from a'c.imbmition of the mo-t vitlim'-le e.xpccioran', or eouifh mtsheitics,nnd ate hii-IomI icilty superior to every thing in use I" r tho-e complaint-, llum'icdi upon' hundred- ofcr rtilica'c- have I tt n ofercd of tlicr wonderful virlce-, from tbo-c who have 1 ecu saved from nu untimely grave, nnd re-tured lo prfeot lipalth by using them. Di r.. One Iccnge i- a de3 ft. r nn ndiilt,aud may 1-c repeated from three lo fix tunes a day, n required. Chd.'ron, eight vcar yes.rj old, Iialfcf one: fu'ir vpnria quaner, nnd so in pro. portion. Yery -innl! chddicii or ini'am will take ihem ' e- dissolved' in a li'lle wa'er. Should lliey a"t as an rinr'ic, or prndu-.v tmu'ca, the do"! tinistte lo-cnc-l to what t lit- Moinach wi'i tenr. Hull" cf rne wd' gen crn'lv I c -ndicienl to take l ef.ire l-rcakfa.-t, as ib, stoma -h i-then more ca-iiy sic!,c:i(id. No ill e"K"s can arise from an ovt r dive, ns it wiil cause the sto mach to rctft il i and although not a plca-nnt sen-a-lion, will "le found to give relief. Where Ihcre is much pp.ui in the 1 ron-t or side, one of Sherman' Poor Man's Pla-tcr- -ho-tlil 1 c appln-1 ever ti p part, an 1 wr rn till iclicvcl. If attended with co-tu-encs-, a few eaihnr'io or laxa'ive Loronge-, cr any mud ea tharlic piedii inc, slu u'd I c n'cl ns occn-ion rcq cres Kx-Shrri I Parkin a- ccrcl in tvrodays, ofn mo-t distrcins couch. Mr D.trlon rf Providence, Mr Sin ler of Di-s'on, Mr Purer-, Mr, Combs, Mr YWIa e, Judfc Petcr, Mr- Ci Icnian, fr. I!u-!i.ird-on and bin dftxl. of other- of this cny, have calle-l lorxpics. their nrprire and eoipmcni'ntioii of the -reedy relief and cures e lected I v tlic-c tr dv wondurf il Cough Lo'cn. cc. Doctors Smi'h. Ynivlcnb'irgh, ' oin-tot k, Har ris, ririglnm, and several other- nt our mut ditm-gni-hi-il physician', have ibcdihc-e t.cctices, m ihcir priieti,r, lltiMntslica lacully iinif.iimilv approve ofthem, a, the lc-1 coi.h inch cine in u-e. Mr. Kendall frcm critical, vi-ite.1 tint CUV la-t I'hM, inicii line to co Sooth, in I-ope of mc ting a severe consb and pulmonary atloetton, that .ho had 1 ecu iroul led with for icvcral lnonlli. Ho had trie I as K .unpo'es.'. every, pfpi'lar rcnuvly, without n, i nn v relief. Hn w induced ly n friPii'k o imr cl vc a Ut f SULIiMAN'S fOl'tlll LCWI M.IS, whi. h lo ln Mirprise a lordcl him great rebel in a tew hnnr, and in ft law hour., and in three weeks rdicri.l him to perfect hcallh, so thai lie ictuin-.M home, to his I'ainily K'toicjiig. Mrs. Jenkins of this cily julleied Irom .nn-erei'aie of cons"mpii"n for nearly two years -be m as given up 1 y her fi tends ns p.vt recov ery, nnd wn rxpectisl v l I icA ho her last, for winch fhe was happily prepare!, and had dipocd of all her worldly e Us-ih ; sho iritvl Hhcrman's CtugU l.czciiRp', willt a viPtv of sooihing her dying moments To her .-urpri-c, as well as herfrend-, ihe Jell ervat lyrclicwlaflprthi first doc, and conlin-cl to grow l eitrrdaily, until m-ont a' o n two mouths, 'thru cha was nl lc to walk to visit her noah' t r-; She now well, ic.d a livina vnne-s .hat Slu rman Cough lea. rn-o.will rim- ooiniiinptinn. S' 1 1 '''" nrteiy K !' ' PA'nOBOHN lH URINbMAlU, Jsv.-ollcr.., Uurhngion, V. G mvnsTO.VES, ly J J unt) 7 j.& Pr:c!f.Cc(

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