Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, July 17, 1840, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated July 17, 1840 Page 1
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mm NOT TUB GLORY OF 0 2, S A R OUT T II D W B L T A H O -J- R O M E. BY II. H. STACY. BURLINGTON, VERMONT, FRIDAY, JULY 17, 1840. VOL. XIV....No. 0. r,w i:ftur,A:vi covan svrup, 77l reputation nf which Am moid become e'liblishcd i Iht moil safe and tffieatiriu remedy tier tliwovcndfor iNtxi;i:.v,A,,cor;ii.N,.yrii;HA, uiittoi'iM; :ot';if, si'itti.mj or llf.OUU, AM AM. AI'IUC'l'IONS I'llKPARF.D ONt.V !Y TUK S0LK I'U0?U IKTOl.- DANIEL GODDAM), No. 8 Gold St. Nb.W-YOIlK. In prcscnlhi? llili useful reinr-ily tn the puMIc, tlm Pro. prlctur Is .iutlinrl;icd by a l'lij-'lrlan, I'rot.i whom ilio l!cclW wits Coiifldriitliilly obtalui il, to sun-, lluit ho lion tu-il It iilm-clf, nnil in Ids rMcuslve i.rnrnre In Pulmonary affec tion, uiili Hsloniiliin g cfl'scl. Tim happy coinbliiiitlon of TCjctablo iib'taiiccs, of which It Is rntirrljr conipoFCil, are prculMrly adapted to diseases uf tlie Lung, Liver, end Stoninch. 'l'hli nifdlclne has been ustd very extcnslvrly. ami ths rjroiir.itor Inn not kritvwi a sliiElf ln.tniico In which It ha Jjilcdln filing relief in diseased fur which it Is recommend J; even In rases approaching to coinum-ilion, mtcri'lid with bleedinc at the Lung", and where all other remedies hail failed, the niot d( tided and ll.Hteriiii; micccm has ttemleil II use. Common rultlsj, wldcli arc generally ths effect of obstructed perspiration, will yb-lil toils Influence In n few hours ; when used In -itliin.i, hoarseness, wliei In?, and shortness of bieoth, It gives Immediate relief, pro curing lratiiuil rest and sleep. In whooping cuu"li it Is without u rival. It operates with gentle expectoration, and oiav bo given to Infants with perfect safely, i flic genuine New Kngland Cough bvrup will be en oped In a bill of directions, enclosed in an engrned wrapper, bearing on it the signature of the proprietor In his otn hand wrltinc. The bcttlii will be sealed and utamned en the cm k ' New England Cntigh Syrup.' A few ofthc manyecitliicates in f.iorof this Syrup which re In possession ol'the Proprietor, aicaddcd furthe pcrusjl ofthoso who may be troubled with "imilar complaints. Messrs. Moffat, I'tinnmrrS,- Co. Gentlemen Afkr haling tried, by the recommendation of my fi lends, nlnost cveiy medicine for a cough, without the least relief, I hail tccoursc to your New I'ngland Cough Syrup, and am enabled tn say. with much thankful, neis, that il lias cured mnnfoneofthe niu't obstinate coughs I ever knew, and shall feel it t" bo a duty to recommend It to every one whom I And in need of to valuable a mcdi tine. Vonrs rcupcctfullv, Motion, Xcr. 20, lSli. JtillN P. STEVENS., I have the "-t!isl.iriiiin nnd pleasure of informing you that the bottle of New England Cough S)r.ip, which I pro cured of you on the 23d of April, has entirely relieved mo from very severe cough which had afflicted rue for a short time pnst. After ulng a vaiiety of tncdiojie, and, finding on permanent relief, I was Induced by the uilvico of my filcnd, lo try your Syrup. The result I have already Btatcd, It succeeded bejoud my cspmatlon i and I cheerfully recommend it n-a very valuable medicine fur all those who may be afflicted with similar complaints. Youh respectfully, CHAKLES KUGGLES. Jioshn, Mil; 1, lS'i.l.' II gives me great pleasure to be able to add my testimony In favor uf your New England Cough Syrup, two bottles of which having entirely cured in cough, which was so severe that my physician ndvlstd me to spend the coming winter inn soutlirrn ihmat", but tlio fortunate use of the Syrup will preclude the necessity. Yours, i-c. JOSEPH BUADLEE r.oiton, September 1, 133 1. The Pioprietnr would add, iliatlie li constantly rcccliing niimeroui testimonials of the value and el'iccry uf this remedy. Tim nhoTC ankle is sold wholesale hi A'eic 11. by th Propi liter ami all the driifelsts. by Men-liaw U Wind, jMnyiiard It Novel, k Urt-wi-r, ilevens kCuslilng. by Isaac Thompson, J. St J. W. Smith, C. V. Carpenter, and A. I'ullcrion, jr. by It. H.Colrniin & Co., Whitaker U lliSton, rSila-UlpMa, Sal timet , Jiartoi, aim li. .s. .v I'opplein, jr. Cfneirnnti, O.Ms, by Glascw Sillanhon, and Allen, & Co i'itttlmrfh, Venn., by Juiii-.s Si lioonmaker Si Co Air Oileans, by Natliun Jarvts. tlbiwy, X. V., by Sands ScShaw. Hontunl, I.. C, by (Jco. Unit. IWVrir, ,V .., by II C. IWdhnm. "t. J,nt. .V. St., by V. t. Simih. And sold wholesale bv the drugging and ipothecirtei tenerally tlirougliovt the United Slates SHEHMAN'S YO3I I.OXUXGES arelhej tjrt'ile-t dictivery ever niade, I'or dispelling' I lie va-1 rioits kinds ol" worms that kj fn'inently and distress- finsly nnnny both children and adult;-. They are an infallible iv', and o plea-ant to the taste thai children wilt taC.e them as readily as a common pep lieriiimt Itizensc Many dt-fa-e nrt-e from worm-, wilhont its 1 ein;r stijpee'eJ. .Somelimp a very mine co'ish, pains m thejomis or liiiib, blvedmij at iho no; e, ifci-. tire occa-ioiicd ly worms, and can le easily c:irel by thi-ce'e!'inleJ ine licinc. The follow ing s"ym,tonm indica'e the ircscncc t f worm-, viz : .headache, vertigo, torptr, di-lmle.l dream-, sleep I rokeii o i' t v friilil an I .'cieainiiitr, convulsion, fe verishness, thir-l, pallid hue, bad lasie in the mouth, ollensive lirealh, t-oifh, dnriciilt 1 rtvilliinir, itching atthe no.-e, pains in the stomach; nausea, (q'teami.-h-nes, voracity, leanness, tette.mii, iteliuii; at the anus towards ni-ghi, nnd at length, dejections and films and nv.ieu'. One is n do-e for a child two years old two for one four years old lireu Jbr oiirlit year?, and live for an nduli, and should I e rcj ea'edevcry 11101-11111?, or a very other morning until relieve!. Head the follow in?: le'.lers : 'New York, March 8, 153D. Dear Doctor, aenrdins to your ropiest we have u.-ed your worm loenges in several case of worm, and 'found them uniformly titccessful. We liave no dii'.icully in pelting children to take litem, a they tiro perfectly plcasum. We shall lire them in o tr practice whenever occa-ion o'tcrs, believing Ihom 10 I e tlie I c t vermifuge medicine in ufC.v Vo u-el your soda loxciiges veryex (ciuively, and lin t them I'illv to answer the purpo-es vou rcoommend them fur. "e Rre vo irs vcrv 1 e.peet fully, V. Vi;r.Ks, Ml I). W. f!AI)r)UtK, M. P. O. I!. Cunt:, M. D. rr.w ver.K, i-cl'. lasa. it. Mterman, ucar sir one t f inv clatighlcrs aeol ovenioen year-', wa troubled for about oishteen months with'a haekin: coiifh, broken anil di-tnrl el sleuji, A:e. b'lie was f,nt wasting away,alihuu2h sheaieipiiiuhcarty. fr'cveial phvsieians atlcndiil her wilhont any I enefil. From readme thodireeiioiis aeconipnnvin? vour worm loz .ense-, de-eribms the symptom, of worm-, I tho'itrhi she nn'pht l! ihm tronhieil, nnd aeeordingly ptoctned a box which, to my MirpriH', enro l her in one week. 1 hey re a mo-t excellent medicine, and I lelicve iny daughter owe- her life lo them. Your.-, Jam;, 8 Mercer!, !CP" Sold at the Vanttv store I v 1'A.NGIIOHN & HniN.SMAH),y fers, IJurlmsum, Vi. C? II EH. MAN'S I'OOK MAX'H PIjASTEII. O The best strengthening pla.-ier 111 ibe world, and a sovereign remedy 0 r pain or weakness in Ihe luck, loin, side, brea'-l, neck, limb, joint?, rlieunmtinn, liimlago, cce-ive. Uiiemilliou a yrar will not supply lliedemaiid. Tliev reomron litlle vcarmin I eloiu nn- plication. Warranted superior lo nil other', nnd for ona quarter ihe usual price, making not only iho I o-t, but Ihe cheape.-t plaster in the worhk It a"brd relief in a few hour, and makes atiuii-hmir curt ?. In liver complaint and dyspep-ia, it -lio.ild lo worn over llio rcsion nf the liver or stomach, an I it will a'tord great nnd astonishing relief. In co'tghviiliU, astluna, ilnli cnlty of lireaihmr, oppression ol'thochest or stoiimoh, thry will inline lialely sooth, and creally lenclit t he patient. I'eron ol sdleniary habits, or llio e obligud to stand much, will receive decided support from one of iho.o truly, slrenzlheiiing piaster. I'hysician" gen erally recommen l litem, in preference to all others,! c-cau-e Ihey stick or adhere I oner nnil a'l'ord trreater relief, lu their operation they ate stimulant, tonic, and anodyne. They are composed ofeulirely dilercnt ingredients from any otheri nnd known from the ex perience of millions, who have mc I them, as well as the unite I to-timony, of nil the celebrated luid di-tin gnhod clergy and physicians, to leihc mo t neful and highly niolicatvl plater, ever invented or o't'ered tolhopuh'ie. Several jieraoiis lnvocallel at ihe ware hni'O lo express their surpri-o nnd llianks nt the nlmo-l miraculoi euro ihe-e platers have olcciod. One man who ' a l been so aH'ucel wilh htvimiiiisin, nstole nnal hi to dress hiiusilf without ttssistaiue, wasenal'lCJl alter wearing one, oniy one nigiit to gut tm aloniiin the moiniiv;, put on hi elothes ami call i,i nominee wilh eves beamiivj wilh. iny and his, tongue pouring fcrlh the gliidnu-s of his heart, al iho sudden and figilld iclief lie hid received from this let ol all romn.lle. Ask for Dr. Sherman's. I'oor Mait'x l'lnster. It is to called, becau-c the price places il 111 ll.o power r.fall to iiitrchate, I eing onlv 12 ct. So'd ni iho va riivrtore by PANUIIOHN it HIIINS.MAII), Jeweller., IliirlinKlon, V. Fit AM. UN IIOUKi:, A'l TI1K MINIMAL snirlNfis!. IN' ilIUIKJATb:. VT.Th" subscri ber having fumi-he l and litio.l up, for the ri";l'tion f ' eompany.lliealiovoc-iaiu -iiuic s the paironago of hU friend, and 1I10 public genera ly. Tlie cclubiiiv this spring has attained, Iho I canty 0 ... ionnn 'i,n!iv siinatulinii nlea-iini and lictliliful teotioii of iho coiinlryiogiuhcr with the ovrrlions o the ttibscriler to give miisficilon to all, it m hoped will make it 11 dosirablosiiiiniioii lor thoso vrho wisit ;i .1. ,..... 1.. a ni'ihn I on, His of thn mcshcinal n rplaxalion from ihe f rdinary care of busme,.. S. M'.WOOD. Highga'p, Jen3, 1810. 6w I J Iho iniisi rpiinili ever known in AineiitM Vegetable Pulmonary llutsam is tlio must vitlu.ilito I cunt I mnv In ii. u fiii tuuglu, nilils, nstlin.ii or pluliisif, roiiiiiiiiiiiin. whnopiiiR ciiuli uml ptilinnniiry hITiCIIoiis nl ever) Kind. Its sale is sle.uhly liinicasniR, mol t lie proprietor me coii'IhiiiIv ircriting the iimo-I f.ivniulilc iirciniiil of its tffecli'. 'I lio follnwin,; new ccrlilic.ili'8 me o (Ti t ci I for puhl r. cxiiiuiii.iiiou. An iNTKHEsriNa Cask. Kxirnci nf a Inner frnm Mr I! 8 Cluy, Kinsion, Ulster cu., N, V, lo llio proprietors. "Yours of ihn Dili insl. wns duty ircM, A rpin.irlinlilo euro tvna vflt-cipil liy ihe Vfcatiililo I'ul. inuiiaiy Hal-am in llio winier nntl spring of I833. 'I ho .nrnii, Mr. Mooilv, ber-n nrk n long lime Willi tin! riinsuniplion, His phj-ioiaii" given him tip. He wiis tCiliiiTil eo low 119 lo I'ounaljlo lo help linnrlf, uml was rui-ini: n logo ipi.iutiiy nf lilnut! when lie cnmimnci tl using I lie ll.ilsnm, v.liirti lus r Dec I oil n cmnpleiR eurp, nnil lie is now as lute uml lic.irly ns ever he o, ,Mr, Mooilj tins leinovccl fioni litis town, lull he li is prciii'f oil ine n nioie iletiiitiil nccouni nf bin ruse, w lucli I will foi wanl ion. C8 CLAY. Kmi-. oii, N. V. June 23. IS38. Exnaci nfn lei Icr finm Dr. Jitroli Mjrrs. The Vigoi.ililu I'liluioniiiy Unlsaiii tins lieen rolil in lhi cniinu far Iwovenr;, nnil I he medic! no Ii.h gnineil mi itnetnniimii rclelirilj, for it se.ucely in one insliincn fiilett ol linviiis Ihe (lesiicit (fleet. I iini4iy no means in fivur of ilio many nnsiiums, moil ol which mc i i n positions upon n erpilulous pnlilii', Iml vvhicli I know liy ujo In bo efiecuiiil, I r.iniml help Iml gin- m upprot) ilinn thereto, A counterfeit prepiimiinn Ine lieen nffrieil lierc liy nlr.ncllinj Acnt, of ('ntnstoik, N. Y. uml llicie is iinoihcr nrlielc veiiJt'd licie is slrnngly Btupce'cil lu tcrpuiiiius. Jcon .Mvr.ns, M. D. MifrtliiRlon, Juniala co. I'enii. Mny 3, 1837. Kioni Dr. 8:nniicl iMorrcll, to tlie I'nipt ietoi a ol' ihe Vein tiihle I'liliiionnry lliilsnm, I urn saiiffied ilmt tin; Vn tielnlitn l'iiltnmi.iry lialjiui is u v.ilu.ili'e mnilepiiic Il has hci'ii used in tins plant with cnitiplcic sucress in an comiilnnl ol I lie lungs, intended wnlt n sPvcie cntigh, loss nf voice, ninl llio raisin' nf innrli lilond, wIiilIi had previously uvi'ie.l in iny iipprued piescripliiins. A Iter using the li.ilsiui onn ueik, ihe p uieiii's voire reitunnl nnd lie was tilde lo rpesk niiili. lily. This ense ocruried some lime sinre, and the in in is now engaged not only in active Iml Inliotioiis Uiisiucsj. Iti'speei fully, fie. S. .MoiuiKl.t, I'or snle, vih' unit rclnil, by J. 1 J. 11 IT.I'K fi Co., Burlington, Vt. V.VI UAULi: I.ri)K.11ATI()N.-77if In dian X'igt.lable Villi mc it ceil am rmc lor diseu-i! 111 ilseviry v.uieiynf loini, breausc the) iho looghlv cle.inpit die s'oiii.iili and liuwels, indiiee pio per disi h use b llio lun;s, skin nnd k'dnc , nnd sli. itiul.ito ihe liliiod opuiify itself. In oihir iVonls liny iipeu all dr .tin', and lealu MA1UIIK the (Irand I'hyician) me lu dun! tbepasu fiom ihe buily. Tlie above onilcis, or ibiiuis, mn the cominon -c ern uf the liodv , ihiouh 'shii h nil 11101 bid and rur nipl hoinois (1I10 ran-1! ol di.'pnsi ) hip eairied off; uml so long ns I hey aic all kept open, noil di-ih.irge luel) ilu-ir alloited pori ion. nf iioput !ty, tlie body will con. liiiue in lieahh : bin when fiom e.uiug iiupropei Inod, btiMihing impiue uir, sudden liauiiions liutn heal lo cold, ovei cNliaustioii or nnv oilier etiiisp, dm bowels heroine eosiivp, die pores ol the skin heeninc ctosnl, or ihekiiliiP)8 fail tt peifnin I lien loupiioiis piopeily. lie inipiii Hies wlueh slioii'il be ili.nnnl I111111 Iho limly lie ilierR mil lets, w ill he ictained, uml coniiniic lo lie.. riiiuul.ile until tlm bod) becomes liteiully loaded witli ibs isc. If 'in- channels nf our lilighiy reel slioukl 1 1-en in e bloiked up, would mil die iii'ei.iuu'aied w.uei I new null' ts, or tin eouiiliv beeoinu ill unit 1 1 ! I .1 11.11 so uiih iho liuina i lioilc ; il'ilie 0,11 uui I drains lip- cniiie closed, ihe sliiguanl tend eoirupt liuuiois will find lent 111 the vol ions lonns bit ihrea-e melt ns rpier, II 1'nx, Measles, Klieidnsiisin, Omit, Apoiilesv, &p. or Death will cu I ofcr sud'ei ings. Theieforc, when ncunest al the sininivh, puns 111 die naik hiiiI side, r 1 1 1 1 1 k pulto, bui ning slin, 01 an) odicr undea s.nil syinpioius, iodic. un ihtii one or mine of the 11.1. Una! drains mc not ilisi li itgiug lieely, 11 ml the I'oii-n liiliun is nhoiit to ciiuiinenr.ela sliugnle lor 1 lit rerloru. riioiillli. mi I'inn .iM.ofci I- I. .-I u,l.nioi')-ri,i, 1 fe v liri-k doses of ihe Indian I'uianiiip (Indian 't eluble Pillt.) Hv so doing, all the Inuetioo ol 1 lie ody will be icsloird 10 unter, 111. 1 1 lie fmd huinois (1I11) eiiiise of cveiy iutlitnatiou or pain we fuifei) will lie reiiiovril 111 so ea.v anil nauual .1 inanucr, tn bodv will tin ipsliiiid a if by 11 tliaim. The tiliove t ill.- may lc token nt .LI. limes nnd tinder At.t. cir piinist.incps, wuli ppilrci safety. I hey sun all com vluiivs .mil all in'cs, and tire In the human eousli 11111111 haul : coiih ipieuily ihe can lienor iiywe pvi ii hip iiiusl delicate. Like our (ood, tliey mc digpsiiblp ; tlieict'oie they filler into the eiieidalion nnd iinpaii tin riieigy 10 the blood, unit li eu.di'cs it 10 flow wuli fli p, doin (piilc in tlie PMiemilits mid i-oiifiipienity 10 kep Hie iiurrs ol Hie sKin oppii, I Hey 111 p 11 lie ainlpetlet l pin iheis of the liliiod ; In eau.e limy dram all eoinipl liumors fiom that life giving fluid. I hoy imp ill slieii'tlh and Vi2n lo llie while syMcm, nnil then il ft cm are .ilnuys : because ihey out leinovp lliosc humors 'which aie opposed 10 health. I'lipy aid nd imiuoie iligesiinu, tiiul sotinil sleep loliows their use: lieeaiisB iliey cleanse ine sloinarn .11111 noweisol 1 nos" si 1111 V Humours wu 11:11 not 0111 v 11 1 ii.iir nun 1 irne he iipivous sysifi'i, Iml painlvze and weaken the d KPetivr urg'ins. In slum tliey possess nil iliey gnoil tuni.enies ilul can be chinned for nuv medicine : and u I1.1t his very remaikable, it is uiicily iniposidi'c in ine 1 licnv wiilinut Iniif in . .Mure 111 111 IwpIic ihoiisaud lieisoiis can lie refpiiid In, who have been tuned of oino aims apniiieiillv ol Hit- nmi ilaiiCious inanirter solelv liv lliu use id dm Indian Vegetable Villa UFTICE. anil general ui nni lor ine ,s.iui el me iinove I'. lis iu iho New r.nttl.iiid tilaies, 193 TKEMOM ri I'ltr.lVr, near euurl siieei, 1'osiou, v here iliey ran be li nl al wholesale or ietai. Aden's nave been 111 lioiuteil fir 1 lit sale id I lie l'illiu iilmosl vety lowu in Aeiv l.i gl.inil. Ail lei'eis relaiivH In Hie pills 1110 ho mldies-pil ihu:"iV IC (Wire iV A. Collts of Health, 193 Tieniiint tjmei, llosiou. Mass. U irlington, A. IIhissmaid. Woo-lstoelr, Haskell iv J'.ilincr S. blialisliury, .lona llotiglitoit William sville, I'hatlcsW. Jov Itcnnnigton, J. t'. Ha-wellc Middlehnry, Ceo. Il Fi-li Kulland, Win. Fay Dover lliram HatiUvin liratiieboro', Hirge, Itrool.eii ifc Co Wa'eiford, II, Cutting it Co. Newbury, I'rentis Ifitigh' lle'he!, Samuel Austin jr. Spriug licld. Ceo. Waht urn I'rocior vt Koluiison Lon donderry, .Smith & Glazier- lliidgewater. The... So.uhraie Chester, Piuneas O Sargeir Windsor, S. W. Until ardF. I'oultnev Hickok ('omnions Sameel Fverti Wilmiuglon, A. II. Childs Siowe, Allerl Coinp-- Po.-t Mill Ji remind Wilton St. Juhiisb' ry Lolhcr Jewett Wo-ion John Wilder Wa'cr' orv Persons Lyon Monlpelier William ("lar' e Lullow J dm Diinlar and Co. Heading Wood t Merrill Hartford J Slrong vV Co, Norwich Daxler vV. Newlon Uarnard J. II. Dan. forth U iche-ter Charles Dmld Chvemh-ih A. (Iil pon andSon liuilfore Philip Martin Halifax J. C, S10110 ii (-0 Westminster Aaron llnilicock We.11herif1.ld Baily Il.irileitIIartland Cotton it I'ramblc Fairfax. Hampton Loveurove. I.VtiUlItl ASK 'IllOSt-. WHO KNOW. I'lio-e onlv wlu.fkiiow bv lii.l nr unnlediaie oliser. v.ilinu, p.iu folio nny idea of the (flecls, of ilie peilecl relief, nfllifl aliimsi ehai nubke nucs i lTicied in cases of 1I10 Tins, Ittll.UMATISH, all S'.VKl.l isos, and ill ex'irual Pas, no 111 iller how seveie, liv ilin use of ll.i)' l.iuinieiit. Find one win) lias used 111I1.11 will not laud it above all ihius ever used, and )ou wilt Ibid wliil cannot be lound. iTJ"i or inn leiuioi unier- in' hum 111 lieinss wlioinav be nfllic ed, Ibegji 1 ink i-k of lluiti) wlin kmiw iirk ilia llou, Al.rin.U CtiMCM.N, U. fj Judgiifiir dislrict, lesiding iK.'ai Aiibuin , ink MatUIBw 3. MVKHS, K-(l, Alliens, N. Y : ink (Jen. IIUFi' CiliKK.S, lalo of Washington cu 1-. eath of iIipsh oeinteini 11 know ofeasea iiiieouiiuei'. .title li) all oilier teineires or pnysicians, 1110011 men fir man) eais, ill il have been ciiied liy llie use of ihe ueiiuhip Haij'ii Liniment. 'I'll uisands ofodter prisons know similar noes. Wo aiuieal 10 llieir tensn ol ins, lire ilieir liiiiuan feelinjs. (Q't'll is hot a duty jnn own lu jour snffi ring lellow. beings lo let llilsgieal reuieilv be known, Speak of il then to all )our fi leads I'liis will saio innrli pain wlleie lint newspipms aic. mil read, or where leadeis aie ineitiliiloos, lieeaiisoso iii.iiiv uoilh'e-s ni tides aic mtv ci il-i-il for llio same puipo-c. To biijcrs we ray, if all uliu d.ivo used il do not say 11 Is bcjoml all pr.n.e, then do mil inkei it, I lin piopiieior will no! allow litis .uncle in be p ud for unless 11 eiucs, wlieu all ihe iluee.iions mu hilly lollovv eil. Willuny 11110 suffering refute now 10 If) il 7 Ifhe does, he ciulit In bo iiiliid mole nr his obtlinarY than his nilfei ina. !C-''lr. ILu would never riinsi ill lu offer lllis at liele, wein tin not compelled l,y hit feme of moral id religious iliny 10 un all 111 ins power lorihe viet ins of 1 isiiiss anil iniserv. l ur una purpose I leno'd siuuier devote .1 foiliniP. lb in serum 11 dollar for m. bless llTP-LOOJC OUT.-Sumo swindleis h ive- eounicifeiled lies .uncle, and put II up ...iili ,i,,;.,ns ileilees. Do not ho iinrii. One iliies onlv will nto'ert von il Is ihe niiiiin of C'omifot'A- A- Co i lhal n.uun mint bo alw,i) on ilin ttrnpper, or .i 11,11 1 hn.nei I. Do lint foiuet it. lat'.n lllls llllfi' lion wnh )ou, nnd ipsl by ihu, or never buy j for it l inpossible lor any oilier to ne line or griunm-. ' ' SOLOMON AYS. Sold bv Comtlofk & Co. ? Flfieher siiem, N. York j el for talc OXIA'by r anopobmt urmaii' NATtmtvy aiJANi) ukstouati k. Thi vatnnMu Vr-golnlilu Medicine standi nnrivnlled Ibr 1 1 to followfntr foinpluitils, viv!! Dyspfiisl.i, or Indi KUlion,difc;i.ed l.ivcr, liitioiisditirJi'r, llrop'y, A-lli-inn, Coslivonc-?, Wornis) nnd lo of Appeliit1. and hy Llcniisiiif; llio KiDitiiU'li and liowels, piiiu.s pniiiH in iho Miic, Monincn and iironbi, coiil'S nun cousin hi limp: stniidint.'. lltmrM-nef. liirtnu ol I real h. NcrvtiiN I'oniplnitit'jt'li'., wlrcli nru IVoTnenlly lite u.llrt (il'di- ran, for foveranii Ague, il ln hum vuiu.tiiiu pie vcnlnlivo as vvvll in a sovcreiirn remedy. Iln v!riim MiriA' nny tiling neruioinru known in removing Viltt.s' Dnnfo. two liollles havu Icon known lo cure lliisafflicliiigdi'wue, after liavint; bullied every exer tion lor lour year.i. it na u inojt ptnveriui luiiiience in removing; nervous eonmlainls It i'm nlfay.tnt lotake and so easy in it operalion, lliat it may I enituiinistered 'ii the mi. ml Willi saioiy. I lie above .vieiiicine is very lniilily ropominciided by many scieitlilic geiilletnen, nnd pi large ntiinl er ol ladie-, who have proved the virlnesof thoMalicinuhy pcminal nsp and that of their faimlicx A bill ofcerlilioalesnfeonipanieseteh hollle, witti ilireotioos. Il niav le had wiioIe.-nlu or retail of S. Hriinin, Darre, and 'J-C. Kariiam, Kal Williams town, Vt. sole proprietor. Prepared ft mn t lie origin'. al recipe; for .-ale by K H- I'retili'sf, Moitlpelicr, and J. & J. II. I'txrc it Co, Uiirlineion, nnd in the prinei- iai iovn iu ine slalc an uirecliom ngneu in llio iandvriliii2 of the proprietors. jell) SMEIMIAN'.-i COUfJII I.OZKNGES. AHK the stifesl, most sure and eleeinal remedy for Coiiali", Cold., Consumption!', whooping Cough, Asthma, Tiglitne-s of ihe Lungs or chest, cVe. vVe. they did not give porleet niis(aeuon. Several 1I1011 and boxes have U-en sold withm ihe last ihreo mould re.toriuc to lieallh. persons in almost cverv Mace of eoiistitiipiioti, and ihoe lal ormg under the mint dis irossing cold and coughs. They do not check nnd dry up tlio cough, but lender 11 easy, promote expec (oration, allay tlio licuimg or irritation, nul remove tlio proximale or exciting cau-c. Tliey arc made Iroin a combination of tlie most valuable cxpeeloranl, or cough ir.edieniL., and nre nndoiiblcdiy superior lo every thing in use for lho-o complaints-. Hundreds upon hundred, ufcertilicates have I ecu oflercd of their wonderful virtues, from those who have been saved from an untimely grave, and rc-torcd to perfect health by using' them. Dosp.. One lozenge ts a 1I0..0 for nn adult, and may l.e repeated from tinea to six time adav, ns required. Children, eight jcars year? old, half of one: four ycarsa quarter, niid'sn in pro portion. Very small 'children or infants will take them best diisolved' in a litlle water. Should they act as nn enielic, or produce namea, the do-u must l.o U.-emil to what the slomacii will Lear. Hull' of one will g,sii erallv 1 0 sitilioient to tabt: before 1 re.ikfast, as the toniach is then more easily sickened. No ill sj.lects can ari-e from an ovcrdo-e, as il will ca-t;e the sto mach lo reject it ; and although not a pleasant scn-n-tion, will le found to give relief. Where ihcro is much pain 111 the breast or suio, one 01 Sherman' Poor Man's Plasters should lenpnliod over the pari, and wotn till relieved. Ifalteitded wild costi'vencs-, n few caihartio or laxative Lozenges, or any mild ca thanio medicine, should le u.-el iu occasion require.. l-.x bheriil I'arUuis was curoil 111 two days, 01 a most Itstre-siut' coiil'Ii. Mr Uurton of Providence. Mr Slia- ler of liosion, Mr ILvers, Mr, Comlw, Mr Wallace. Judfxo Pe'.er.-, Mrs Ci,lenian, Mrs. Itichard-on and hun dred, of others ol this city, have called to express their turpii'O aim i-uiiiinciiuuuoii 01 llio s iceny reuei nun cures c I'ectcd by the-c truly wonderful Cough Lozen ge.. Duett rs Smilh, Vaiuloiiburgh, Comstoo'.;, Har ris, Ilrighniii, and several olhers ol our in-st distin guished physicians, have Used the-e Lozentref, in their praeti-, with m variable siicce-.s. Tlie medical faculty iinifornnlv apiirovo oflliein, as iho lest cough medi cine 111 inc. .Mr. lveiuiall Irom Vermont, visited tin. c-itv la-t fad, intendinv' to ko South, in hone ol'iiiitisa- tiutl a revere cough anil pulmonary allectioii, that he liaJ I cen tiotil le.l Willi lor tevctul months', lie luul tried as he supposed, evcrv popular reiuedv, without ..... i.i' it.. i.'.ii. ...... 1 1 e.;.,..-.i . cha-u a bos of SHKUMAN'fJ COUGH l.OZENGHS, which to his surjiri'se ailbrJed him great relief in a few hour, and iu a tuw hours, and iu three weeks restored him to perfect health, so that he returned homo to his Idinilv reioiein-r. Mr. Jenkins of this cilv sullensl Irom a severe case of eonfuiiiipiion for nearly two years he was given up by her friend a-pni rt-oov-crv, and was expecli'dil.iilv to I re.tlhe her Ir.!, for which she was happily prepared, and had ihspo-cd ol all licr woriuiy eliects ; sbo incu sncrman-, ougti Lnxenso, witu n view of soothing her dving moment lo her surprise, s- well as berlricnd-, she l-.'lt great IV relieved alter the Mist ilo-e.aml coutmiieil to crow 1 etlcriiativ, until anout uonui two moiiiu, wnen M10 wa al le to walk to vi-il her neighbor-, fc'ho is now well, and a livins wilnessthat Sherman's Cousli lic enses will cure (-011-111111111011. Hold nt the Varictv Store, by PANCUOltN ci UltlNSMAlD, Jeweller-, iiurlnigloii, t r o T 1 1 1 : 15 a h i )- u 1 : a i v. iV or 1 1 1: it s .L an; know a neiilibor or a fiirn l who has ln-i'ii Until, nnd wliiiso head is now eovcicd w'uh fine t One uIiosh eo it collar was ro. tied .villi dan dinff, ihoiiali lirti-litd every hour which has now van ished culiiel) ! Or one whose li.iiis al eaily te vveie iniiiiii" "ley, who now his not u ore) hail 7 Cliiliheii wIiosr heads wcie coveied with sen if, whose hail would not grow, tl:.if jic now growing lite fullest riops of hair I Js'ouie cases must be known 10 most iicisom. A.k llietii ilierausp, and jcu will be lotd lhal lliese iliing- have bepii done liy the use of the Balm of Co lumbia. Of20 vc.irj"iuwtli is this article, ils deitiaiu iue.i easinj tit 1 it u .illy some hiiudied per cent, liomsli n lien disi on red nut opposed by nnlliiuj for the saiue purpote, now ussailrd bv iihiiost noinliei less niiisliionn 1 r .1 1 1 will ruin the liatr it used U) mi) e;;lriii. Can innie ih 111 ilie,-e I'aci.s lie w.uueil infer 10 the reenuiinendatioHs liy 11 list of names of icspecia liiliiv, unequalled liy any oilier ariiclc. Look to these iliinjs buy this uriiele. Slav and prerei vo vour hail b) us ine, or if b 1I1I lestnie It, Ladies, tiliend lo this Iiuiidieils 111 I nhioiuli'o life aic tisuii; II lis llio 011I) arliele leallv lit lor the loilel. Loin hair is veiv apt lo fall out. La-lies, use t he li.ilin of ('oluuilii.i in lime 10 save vouise'ves llie ibsarare of baldne'S hy neglect ol your petrous. Ills vour duly, ns nioinltsts lo pie serve nn no. nines 01 nature, won wineii a iintiuiilul Cieatoi has endow cd vou ; use the li.ilin,fnr il will do II. CAUTION I'd 111-: Itl'.tlKMDKKKD. Revet nl most (laiirnui alicmpiH have been in.uln to ro-jiiieifei! iht: line lbilui of Colombia, Sinus of llie iiupnslcrs liavegotie ro tar as tn eounleifeil 1 lie splen In! urai'ers, ami Ihe rails ol iMaoma, uml every ex leiuil in.nk cxeepi the naitin of Coittslock, ulilch iliey I ue nil lui tc. lu ii v, ii nl 1111:10. iiiiiiis ineielure, al wub look lur ihe name of Comsiock & Co. or L, S Com. lurk, and never buy ilin article unless it lias lhal 11 ime unoo it soli wholesale ami retail, onlv al INo rieiilier siieei, i. . uml by 1'ancborn and linis.s.uAtn, lliu liiiginn, Yi. j"l "TiOt.'T. MAKSIIAllAS Arr.iiMlie, Catarrh and 1J IIc.i.lache.'sNI'FF, I litshnud Is superior to any thing yet known, furiemoving that irouble-ome dis-ca-e, iho Cninrih, and ulso a cold in llio Lead, and Iho headache. Il opens and purges nut all obstruction., stiengllieus tlie glanil,and give- a hfalllty action to llie parts a:iccie-.i. 11 1 p riecny live irom any umiguoiQ tcrious 111 jN composition na n le.ianl flavor, and ils iinmislinieellec', after I ciug used, is abgiceabte. rnce HO ccnls per I ollle. Doci. Marshall's Vceciable Indian Ulat-k PLASTLIt. I his Plaster is unrivalled for t-iirine; scrofulf u swel ling, Scurvy Sore. Lame Pack, nnd Fre.-h Wound. j pain m ine siiie., nip ami Minns; mi l teiiiom tails to give relief in liKal Ulieoiuali-m'. If mudiod to the sj-!e,it will euru many of ihocoiumon Liver Complaints; nnd is equal, if not superior, to any tiling in u-e for corns 011 1 do reel', Ihe virtues of litis Plaster hnvulecn wilno.scd by thousand of individuals m tho Wniled Kline, who h.uuieiol ils cllicacy, Hold by ihe pro- pneior ; una, tioweii, .iiuiiiiciiury, 1. jelO NKW SGIIOOI. GKOGMAIMIY AND ATLAS WITH OI-'I'LINKMAPA bv S. Acciis tus MiTCtn:i.i.. Tho nuthor ot tho al ov works has I cen profe.siouallv devoted to the science of Gco'y and tho pitbli-hing of Map-, during many yean and his former production-, o.peeially his Map of tho World for Academic, bear ample I'c-iitnonony of his nbun- ii.uil resource.-, upon wluc.i lie lias so liberally ittawu, in prfKliieins llio above school vork. The (iillowinir exnaci of 1 lie Geo'v nnd Atla, is from a joint rccom iiientUu'on of tho Teachers in the cilv of New York. "Their mcrils aie numerous -tho definitions remark ably plain aiidcoiieie. 'I ho exercises arc copious and iinnoriniii, and il'.odc-criiilivc is luminous nnd correct. Tho divisions of iho American continent, nro repro- scnio.i ami oe-crii en as incy reaiiycxi-l nt Iho present time. And iho gross misstatements generally lound 111 soiiool geographies arc corrected. Tho typographi cal execution is un coinmoulv neat ttnd di-tinci. imlonl tho itthis is a mmlel of lliu kind, nnd neiunliy teems wnn iiiiormaiion," ino otiiiiua mans arc nccuiiariv ealenl.itcil tu c.xcretsu iho student in his study, audio nil up at His leisuic. l or snlu hy U. tiOUDlilLJI. 2000 Nulls, Heads it American Iron. cs -Nails from 31 to COI 250 do lirad. froin O-t tn20a Horn) shoo Iron .Scroll and llainu do all sizes Hand Iron Irom 11 to 4 J inrh (found do do 1 in 1 1 iln r-qtmroon oo m j un j. iv.i. u, rrtrr iV, uo.. June 10. Aceute i ,te tir ftfttcvtlie MBnuineturins Co,' l'KOY & MICHIGAN .SIX DAY LINK. SHIP by OM Trnv Tm? Iloal Lim,Cocntics Slip. IS 10. AtllCNTS, Lr.os'Ano CnocKnn, 10(5, llro.ul si. New orl; j Mooro & Sn'iitp son, lliver si. Troyj Win. If. Moore, 72 Quny si. Al I any; Sidney Allen, I!ochelcrj Ceorge Davis &. Co. Ilnllaloj Philip Allen, llmliilo! tJco. A. l-'iench, Dun kirk. N. Y. Georao T. Camp &. Co. Ilnrcelonn : C. M. Ilccii, line, Pa.: MeNnir vV Co. Cleavebind, 0. M. II. ltos. 6i Co. Tonsillolith. 0.: II. N. .S: N. H. G.iie. lllaek Ittver, O.I Jenkins iV I racy, Huron, O.i ttarl & Darnev, S.tndiiskv 1 ily, 0. Chester fit Slrinahnm, IJelroit, .Mich.j It. w . lilii, loleilo, u.j U.S. Hazard, Miiiiiuce Cilv, O.; Wheeler k Porier, Si, Jinephs j J. O. Sleight, Michigan Cilv, Inil.j Dawson & Hosiner, Millwaiikie, W.j C. M. Ilee.1, Chicago, III. je.l.3m marl, paeunge, .11.," l-'OlMVAHDl Ui, Ae. 18 IO. I III-, siili-cni crs .vill eonttnee their liii-iness ns I'ni'tTardlisg and Coni missloti JMcrcltat.ts mid U us 1 0111 Hoiihc Agunts, it the ngrt ol Saint Joiim. Lower Cnnnda. I hcv .lo not o.ler llieir serv e "fret ofany elinr. lo Iho e person interested in !ra!o wtlfT thn UnilCil Slate, but will endeavor to mike llieir uliention to tlio interest of llieir employers wortliy a reasonable reeonipeiiee. Having good Wharves (at which tl Lake Cham ri.Ai.t THAMiiOATS win innu1 itiui cxcoiteiii Moracc, logclher wilh the convenience ol a cotiiiectins Hail I rack Willi the Ciiami'I.aI.V nnd hf. Lawih-.n-cp. KAil.-lloAnover llioewliaivc, tlievl .Uteri heiiitc ve that, wilh (iflcen vcais experience in this branch of liiisine-, they will l-e ennbleil 10 do much lo lacililaio nnd enco irpo Irade Leiwcoti t he T'tiitett Pta'e nnd the Lower Province. JASO.N C. PILltCl: ii SON SI. John, I.. C, .March, IS 10. Cm hAKt-GtOKGH PAliK I'.T. 1810. ', 1 ': m-'W Svatn Packet. C JRix- WA1, t'ALUWULL, ii-.yy?r; .i-rt-rry i u. i.An.incr, .Masier, TS-ftCFr-ra i.nn -i coinlnenci mini uir regnlatly every day (eoept Sundavs) b.olh wuy tliroitgh the Lake, 011 'I t.'IiSDAY, iho '2d day of Jt.tie nest, i-cnving i..iiiiwcii lor 1 icomterogn, every inorn inir, and reluming to Caldwell the tame tlav. Lake Geort'C will I e landed from, and taken 011 board the Lake Cluiniolain Steam Packel. near the old Furl Ticondeioga, fiom the Mansion House of W.M. I'. 1J1-.I.L. I'.sii.. now a Public IIout. Thislcan tifulesial lishmctil lias 1 ecu gieatly imnroveil since last Summer, by erection of a Large Addition, con taining a spic-ions Dining ltonm,and Assembly liooin iVc, nnd has receiillv pa"sedin!o the hands of Mr. II. C. LOW, a gentleman favorably known by the trav elling Public liy inking the Lakr Gr.oncir. Home, Traveller will not only enjoy the line-l scenery of our Counlrv, b:il lo-e no time on ihe Northern Tour, as they lnio; the same Clinmnlain S'eani Doatnt Ticon dcroea, which they would have taken nl Whitehall, nan tliey gone unit way. .nay J7, IS1U. am. CHAMPIiAlV A XI) ST. IAIVUUXCE KAIIi-UOAI). St. Joiin-s to .Mivtheal. lUlb Hoad Compant havintr erectel exlciisive WiiAiivns nt St. John, utul suitable Sfmtr.s lliereoti, lent-.' now nearly com, iiele.i, 1110 committee ol inaii tmeuieul, 111 order to oiler every eiicoiii ageii-.ciii to the iuiportant trade at pie-cnt carried on I e-.vcen the Uni ted Stales nnd Lower Canadaa, have e-talli-hed tin following regulation, viz : In tly. I liat all Irci-.'hl passing to, or Irom Lake t liainpl iiti, per Kailroad line, and addreved Jlailiaad ll'htnf, SI. John, will l.eaiioweil tcmporaiv harlago and Slorac, free of any chariio lor the same. Secondly That bv tim paranj Minrfase and .Storage, ihu Trade will dis tinctly understand 1, meant, tlietimu necessary fur en lering and pausing Iho Goil tliro-.itrh the Custom Ilou-e ill fst. Joiiiis. (ol which, thu Coiiinniic shall 1 1 thejudge.) To liuilitale wh.'ch, tlie person in cliar-n of the Cn.' wharf there will le perintttcil, upon hi own re-poiisinuity, to make the necessary Ccstom ilou-e ..-nines, u re'p.uro.! at tho same tun; iho-e wlio prefer, it, will l.e at lil erly lo Iraii-act their own Cii-tom House btisine-s, or employ whom tbev think proper tn do so. l'hiidlv That the delivery of nil freight tor .Montreal will le iiia-lo upon the Wliaif then, nt winch time and place, and previous to the sen very ui men ireimit, ine importer or Cnnsmneu niii-t stil slanli.ite all lo.-.-e-, ilaniaL'e-. orei ror. u-hat- oevcr; failing which, tlie comnanv will nn no ac count hold them. elves ienoiisj,lo ior Ihe snmn ! nnd. an iricgni wmcii too Uompatiy may le compelled to o.'""" 11. -in ihu " 11.11 1, unu oioie ior saio Keeping ow ing to tlietib-eciice or want of due dilligenee on tin pun in sucii v-wiicr or consignee, incaii-ing the same to I e removed; will l.e charged wild the cartage and storage ol such Good., at the ctislomary rale.-, and, rouriniy, 1 nai an ireigiti most tepaiil lor on de livery. iy oruer 01 11,0 eomintttce ol management, W.D. LINDSAV, Com'r. Rail Hoad Omen, Montrea I, Maich i SQ. ( GUI R A h AG ICNCY. SAINT JOHNS, I.OWRU C A N A V A.-Thu mider-igned having leeit placed in charge of the Railroad V.IIAKVr.'iaildbTOUKRntSt. Johns- 1 c-'s tn nl'c. hi services lo tho public, (upon his own responsibil ity,; as a ueuerai .Agent tor tlio transaction ol all Im.-i ne-s, in anyway, couuecled wilh the American Carry nig Irade. Ill charge will 1 e as follow- : On all tran-actions upon which it may le neoc.ssio make ad vances for Custom !Icue Duo, 1 aek Freight-, or oth er charge, 2i per cent commission. A Custom Horns Ijrol.erage will also ! charged, of 2-.CI., upon every Kntry of Good, inward or outward. 'I he low rale of the-u ch iri-i in iUs it iiomrotii-i.!i. nrv.s!, that all Advances, Commission, ccc. .V.., le paid on ine oeiiverv 01 1 ne 1,0ml. W.M. COOTK. Uaii. Hoad WitAnr, ) St. Johns, Ahri -, 1SI0. j n.inr.m riNI)OW SASH Just received 15. 20 and 217 by Oca-ements of sasit, a urst rate article at aj and :ij cents per light ; also ail Kinds ami size, 1 urn 1 In-; to order. Ticondcroga Id.ict. lead, a lir-t rate article, for sale very low, together with 11 great v.11 ic v ol ol iernrn cie.s cs cneap as car. be lotuni at any oilier elal I1.-I1 mem 111 1110 piace. iir.o, ri:Tr.itso,v. TMiAt KK.HITM. 'Hie siibscrdcr hrtvin. at- cently moved from Albany, and commenced ihe liiacKsiuitn iiiisiiicf-. 111 all its lorm.. 111 the new shot on Madison sti-ei. near Foiled it Oraill.-v' Store would respeullnlly invilc the inhabilanls of Hurline-ton and vicinity to give dim a call, as Ive is fully prepared toiionii iciniisot worn in 111s line, on tne shorlo-t no. lice, I e-t manner, nnd mol favoral le itrm., Ilo ha for many years past given his particular nllention 10 Ihe Horse shoeing !usines, uml P.-irnciy in nil its i.raiicne-. rrom iho long expcrietu.-u which ho lta had, and tho general inlormclion he has deriicd both Irom theory and practice, ho leels fully conlident m re comnien-luig hiniselfio tho public. Ho will le lire paicd ut all times to give his personal lUieulioti to all Minis 01 won; in ms line men us ironing vv.tyg and Sleigh.-, Shipwork, iti. All kinds ol edge ti made in the 1 o-t manner and niot ftnnrovod slvlc. II trusts that by giving business Ids undivided nllention nnd the low prices at which he will 1 0 enabled 111 fur nish work, to receive a share of the public pan-ounce JOHN SOItAGKN. llurlington, April 10, 13l0. BIJKIJXGTON COSIH I'ACTOKY. A largo and general assorimctit of Combs ofsitrr. nteit uUALiTf now on hand nnd oon-lanily mam fac luring at tl'.eal ovee-lal'lishnienl, and for sa!o to the Iradt; at low prices. .Merchants and olh?rs wishing lo get a good arnclo forieiniling will find it to their ad vunlago in call and cxainino for lhemclve.. JinuMO, 1810 VI LAP, LOOMIS nnd Co. PAI.NTSIIOP.SPAULDING&MILUS I-t have opencil ti new Paint Sunt' on Clturcli-sl. Iwo doors soulli of II. Lane's riioie, where Ihey wi do all kinds of HOL'riK, SHIP, SION and CAltUlAG ill PAIN ll.Mi, in iho Ic.-t possible manner and on Icini; lo suit ihoo who may favour them with their pairon age. CT'Painls-, Oil, arnud nnd Puny, con-mnily on liaud nnd for sale. II. O. SPAULDING. llurlington, April 0, IbW. V. II, MILlis. ly rAHi;Tli'Pl-.OANOK TKXT HOOK. Just ns-civi-ii, X n largo supply of Tippecanoe Text Hook, made up of documents und filets illuslraiing Gen. Hiirrison's In-iory, cdaraeter, sorvkv and opinions, It is warmly recsjinuiendisl to iho friends of Gen. 1 lair i on tdroiigh out llie It, State., fur inlo at ihe l ook store. Juno 20. I), A. IIIIAMAN. A YOUNG hA I) V of good family and ofn lib eral eiliicnlion nnd who da a thorough theoreti cal and nraciicnl hnowlodgo of ihe French nnd English languages, wiidos in liud n place either in a faintly or in a community, as n i ivncri leacher. lir hy letter pnt pmu,) to redirected to Mr. Molt. Pro fejtor of .Music, Uutlington, t. June 1. IT'ItOUU. Troy, Ohio nnd, eon.ianlly receiving by J. Sc. J. II. Pkck &. Co. WINDSOU ltll hliS, for snlunt ihe variety More. PANGllOHN&IJUIN.SMAID. 1 - NES, by vjr June 7. J.itJ.II. I'KCIv'itCo. rjOWDHIt,-100 kegs by r' I June ID. J. it J, II. I' vt Co. 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BAIUVEsS' new Geo-.raphv, on the Clajsilication system; a vcrvineful work I'or school-, just ree'd and fur sale nt llie Hooksloru jelo D A Ull.VMAN 1fOHB NEW BOOKS were last evening re ITi ccived at llie Hook Siore and now for side very cheap by May) f). A. til! A MAN T C CAUIN ANl-X;l!OTI-..S and illiisiratod inr-i- Ji dents in the lite of Gen. Wm. If. Ilinnt-o.s', for 1110 ai me nook-store June VJ I). A. HIi.V.ilA.N NKW fiOOUS, cheaper than ever. II. W. Cat lin Sc Co. nre now receiving a new assort incut o Dry Goods, to which thev invito the allcjiiion nf nor ehaers. June I. IS 10. Ir-31V GOODS. .Sidney iiarlow has reioivod a J- general assortment of goods at his old store on 'carl slrcef, which w bo s.old cheap enough. IN. I). Wool received for good llurlington .May 23. T III EUATIOX :--'l his ccrtilies that I have gi - my sou, u.ii.1 .ri;o, ins time Hi r tig his lui- norily; anil rcliiupiished all claim to bin irninir . tiuniinL'inn, v I. June I, lriio. JAIil-., I AI'GO. Gt IsASS. 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Came into lhecnelo.-,ure of the subscri ber on Iho 13th in!, a IU'.D COW. nl.out oi-ht V car old. Tho owner U requcstisl tonav for adver tising and ipke her away, JOStl'H COOK. llurlingtcn June ,23, 1810. QT.VTIOXEUY-AHMOUU St KA.MSA ' have KJ received, by the recent arrival, a large and well as-orie l stock ol writing paper, and I In; diliercnt ar ticles ol plain and F.ntev .Stationery. ALSO, an excel lent collection of KN 015 A VINOS and ilhistra-e.l work. cfla'e piibliealion. .Montreal, I Si. Paul si. May 2.1. Cw OTOUE TO l,ET, at Winoo-ki Village, ihe storo recently ociiinie-l bv Ltnlirnn and l'otvcin will I e let nnd nci'scssion givi-.i imme liatclv. nnnli llie iiiibseril er3 corner Church and Lnlle-'e -t.. !:ir. linglon or lo Gideon Lalhron. MA VO & WAIT. Ilurlingion, May 20, 16 10. "jVfOTICE. All persons iuilobiod in the laio linn i l of Lath.op, Porwin and Wait or to Mayo and ait at their stoic nt wiuooski illage, are beiel y no t lied to male payment toil nl our Store in Ilgrling- lon, corner cnurcli uml Uoilege sireo's .MAYO and WAIT. 30 TOUACCiX keg iilug Tol acco. 10 1 oxt's Cavendi-li do 60 paekag-. sheen iki 2000 II s. Leafdo. do. I v J. & J. II. PKCK A Co. 1000 S1M5HM OIL. gillons v.-inlcr Oil. shjuu eo. tail uo. ilo. 1500 do retlned do. June". J. ii .1. II. PFCJC.Co. 45 OILS. blili. American Linseed Oil. 10 Tierce-fall sperm do 5 do winler do do 33 Wis. refined do do J.& J H. Pr.CK it Co. 5000 Ten quart Pan, loOO fix do do 2500 pails assorted size, together wilh a large and genernl assortment of all kinds of wate, now on mini! nun lorsaio i.y .nine in. ii.a-, Loomis li Co 100 TIN 1M.ATE, &c; bo-.e Tin pUte, 1 X. u on i .v snuaru no 100 bundles Iron wire, ft..nrlcd no., iag;:h with a general nssorlinent ol Sheet Iron, Copper, Hu ns, ele, Mr sale hy June 10 VII.AS, LOOMlcS & Ct f7 OK UK! N II50N AiD STF.KL. KnglMi Iron innu ij tun meiicsj liussia old sal.lolrctii d new do do; Sweeties do; Hoop do from to 1 inch urnaier's Kcsis ; .-spring, els', german, .swede and i'.ngii-ii iilistcr slcel i i art ami w.ignn ire, lini.he erolars, ly June 19. J. ci. J. II. PKCK it Co. 1VTAVO ft WAIT have returned mm N.-ivVnrL- llX wild their sunnlv of snrin-r nnl nnnlnn-s llnrulc laid in al theprcenl unusual low riles which they are prepared, to sell as cheap ds can 1 c luul in the couu'rv, buyers arc repeolfully tolieitcl to call and receive llio prool, at the store recently occupied 1 y Lalhrop ; Pot win corner of Church and 'Colielic-st May 20. BOOTS st SIIO Ef. Tho subscriber has now -nn!1. n Sfwra as.sortnient of HOOT.S and t)H01., ol lite most fi-hionablo sivle, and thorough workman, hip, which ho oilers very low for CASH. N. II. All kinds of measure wot k done n't tho'rWo lice. Ilurlingion, Church! May 25, ISdO. rOTIIIKBfl, TAKF N0TICKThesnbscriler V nt ll,tfU,,".K' 'r." """'Iryi has on hand and forsale.anewlLAI-.LINti GIG. mado for nnrrow Cloih.a hrst ratg machine, of the latest improvement, wined will L sold cheap for ca-d or cxehinge.1 for Cloth. JKSSK GAY. Winociki Village, June U, SI0. 100do,,5I2!M,N(; ' fO do Hay Fork-, 15 do Manure Fortes, 50 do Hoes CD do feyil.cSimihes '3 do east nnd German steel Scythes, cradle .N'Vihes, Sickles, Plough', and Plough eastings ),.. Hutlingipii, June tfl. J. ,t J. n, nf K & (, 8000 salt; bush, tola r fa It do steam do do lino do do Turk hland da I.Ms, fine do do dairy do 3000 1 100 juoo 1000 100 250 no coarse no 200 sacks dairy do by J, fc J, II. TECrCitCo. in nnh -mints oils li,.. dry whito Ix-a l )0d casks ground do do la bbls. teiietinn Hil 10 ca-ks Kiencd ye low SO hhk Amorieau Lintced Oil, 54 do Siiirils Turperiiino Coiial Vnrniih, Gold Leaf, Sand paper, Small!", Dr itht, G'u, Gum Copal, by J.ifc J. II. Peck it Co. PALACE FUUNITUJIE. RE.MAI.K.S OP Mil. CH.I.T-:, OF I'KN'N- fiYlsVAN I.A, ON TIIK CIVIF. AND 1)1 I'LOMATIO AlU'llOi'RIATION Hil.r.. Housr. of Itci'ursr.NTATtvnis, April M, 1810. The Ilotiso bcitiir incomiiiittoo of tho whole Vn tho bill inakino; appropriations for the civil and uijiiuiiiiiiic c.iciis;cs oi mo govcrniiicnt lor the year to hi, Air rjr-ie ol Poniisylvania, lnoved-to amend the hill liy striking out the following clauie : " For alterations and repairs of the ' 'resident's house and furniture, for purchasiii": trOL'P. shrubs-. .Hill pnmrinsl. nnd fin uiir-nrln. 'tcntlunco of tho grounils, three thousand six 'hundred and sixty five dollars." Mr. O''lo said : Mr. Chairman. I consider this is a very important item in the hill not as to the amount, but as to the principles) involved in it. I doubt much the policy of this iroverniiiont in granting tho chief magistrate emoluments or revenues of any kind, over and nbovo thn fixed salary paid to that olhcer out of tho treasury of till Uliltml Sliitrxi Alll,r,nl, ..l- ,,, r mor presidents wore in the enjoyment of some of these adventitious revenues, 1 am well aware that none of them retired from oiFtcc with an over-abundant fortune : for, sir, no former chief imgistrato ever acted upon tho principle notori ously adopted by tho present incumbent, of spending the mouoy of the people wilh a lavish hand, and at tho saiuc time, saving bis own with sordid parsimony. The president, without in eluding many valuable incidental emoluments, whereof I will speak before I conclude, receives inoro than quadruple the sum naid to tho bend of cither of tlio departments, while the current private disbursements ol tho incumbent of that high station arc certainly not greater than the expenditures of otie of his secretaries. Is there a gentleman on this lloor who does not believe that tho praont chief marristrato 'lavs tin' vearlv from 31f) to 80,000, and all 'hard money' at iii.u ; Hut, Mr. chairman. I obicct to this .mnrnnrin tiou on higher grounds. I resist the principle o which it is denmnded, as nnti-dcniocratic, as running counter, in it.- tcmlcncy, to tho plain, simple and frugal notions of 'our republican .w-.,.. .ihu i jjui it luyuu, isir, nnu to ine irec citizens of this country, whoso servant the pres ident iV, to say whether, in addition to the laryc sum of one hundred thousand dollar?, which he is entitled to receive I'or a single term of four ycarf, they are disposed to maintain for his pri vote accommodation, a Royal llstahlisomcnt at tho cost of the nation.' Will they longeV feci inclined to support their chief servant in a pa jcn, as splendid as that of tho Cajsars, and as richly adorned as the proudest Asiatic mansion! Have the people chosen that eervant to super intend tlio great and diversified interests of the nation ; or.will thev consent that h.3 time shall occupied in the vanities, luxuries and ideas ure3 of life ! do they demand that his talents and all the energies of his mind shall be devo ted lo the proper discharge of the duties of his stewardship,-'or wftl they agree that ho shall hnso into'tho same sloth and.effieniinacv which uisiuiguioiuiio mveners in otlicr palaces ! Have tho ali'airsof tho people boon so advantageously managed, that tho servant csneciallv ntinointoll iu i.iku cnargo oi iiictn may, without detriment to tlio commonwealth, sink into levity of man ner?, arm auanuon tlie care ot tho public service, to cat, unit': anil uc merry .'" Although I have a peculiar " disenchantment" lo discuss on tins lloor, topics which have an ap poarancc of involviti'- personal rathor than no. litical considerations, still I am constrained by a sense of duty to oiler some remarks in relation to tho incidental revenues the annual profits and expenditures of tho president of the United states the niagmlicent splendor of his palace, and tho pompous ceremonials that "hold swav" at his republican court, and which are by many well meaning people imagined to bo equally in dispcnsiblc to 'preserve the dignity' of a demo cratic cmci magistrate as ol the despot on a th rone. I teel inclined, however, to examine those subjects with all decency and respqet for the high ortiec now filled by Martin Van Huron, ami t trust with a proper disposition not to speak evil of tho ruler of my people. Hut, sir, I am not ignorant that in pursuing tho course which I have marked out, it will become necessary to tread upon grounds, that iu forniei ages of tho world were deemed, and in all despotic govern ments! of the present time are still considered, 'too delicate and sacred to be profaned' bv the tongue ol a plain citizen cr subject. Who docs not remember that tho trood Queen Elizabeth iicHuuieu nut, to enjoin upon nor parliaments thai it was improper to deal, to judge, or to.mcddle with her majesty's prero-rativo roval ! And his. ory fully informs us that all such impertinent intermcddlcrs were disposed of in the most sum mary manner. I well know, therefore, that 1 shall awaken and arom-e into action the base and malignant passions of tho lierco Corbcruscs which guard the portals, and the well fed nlaco- men and oliico holders; the fawning sycophants alid otl'xr abottors of high prerogative) tint en viron the person of the roval incumbent of the Pi'cs.dontial palace, with tfio vain hope that thev can parry tho well-directed arrows of republican arclwrs'." Growl, and snarl, and snap as these guardian Executive curs may, I shall never theless indulgo myself on the topics indicated with a pretty liberal range of remark. I will not, assuredly, be restrained from the fullest cxercit-c of the freedom of speech by tlio lieen tious courso of the accredited organ" of Martin Van .iinon. I refer to the "Globe" a news paper which receives its pabulum; not ''from the crumbs which fall from the rich man's table," tint Irom enormous largesso-i and prolitable con tracts, voted forks sustenance from the treasury of tho l'coplc a paper that holds its existence ny tlio s-olo tenure ol .Martin an Huron's sov ereiiriiifood nleasurc, and which nromtnrlcsdnilv through its broad pages', not the thoughts and motives of tho miserable scaveiu-cr whose name it ostensibly wears', but tho wishes and desi"iis of his despotic m ister a paper, r, that is pub. lished 'UV AUTIIOIUTV..' What heno.-: man has read, without feelinirs of huriiinir indi nation; in the recent lucubrationa of this 'ollicial organ," tho foul, not to say beastly; assaults against tlm character ami patriotism of tho ven erable and heroic defender of tho viulatcd honor and invaded rights oi his country I Who hai not been tired with anger at beholding in Martin Van Jtiircn s organ tho tals-o and niaglignant representations of the hero of Tippecanoe as "a Minorannuatcd old woman" a "pitiable do tard" a "granny" a ''red petticoat general" as tho "hero of forty defeats" as delivering "inaugural addresses to pigs and poultry" as "shut up in an iron cage, and compelled to wear an iron niak, and drink hard cidtfr!" "No other person (says tho Globtj ot April lfl, ItUO) is permitted to c'omo noar him but an old servant waitor, who brings his meals, and performs Tl I K NKCE.SS..HV JR'TIES OF 'Pin-! CAfiK. N'otio of Ihe (iomc.tic animals nro allowed to come near iho rage j and a favorito dog, WHO llAiN AWAY WITH HIM IN ALL HIS UAITLhS, having boon obsorved to bark very fiicnillcantly, alter an interview with his master, was forthwith knocked in tho hoad, and thrown into tho Ohio." I ask you, Mr. Chairman, whether Martin Van Huron manifests a "decent rcriect" for the opinions nnd intelligence of tho American l'coplo, whon ho villilio. through tho agency of his official organ, on old soldier, who, to reicue "thousands of women and children from tlm scalping knifo of the ruthless savage," freely isbandonedMll the endearments of homo andam ily,ondurortho icy and piercing blas'.s of north western "winters-, wading the deep and cold waler.-i and black swamps of Micliigan and Upper Canada, sustaining1, at times., an .almost famished nature upon "raw beef, witHbut salt," and often rjcrilling life on the field of JJattlo ) Poor simplo minded oltl veteran, he was, no doubt, foolish enough to bejieve that, having given tho best energies of body ami mind iu youth, manhood, and mature ago, to serve and defend the honor, tho rights, th properly, and the lives of lib fcL low citizens, ho would, at least, in common cour tesy, bo entitled to their respect1, if not to their love nnd gratitude. lie doubtless supposed thatj at all events, his feelings would have been .-spared tho brutal assaults of the ollicial organ of an individual, who, in those soul-trying timet, v.'ai acting in unison with the "peace party," in oppo sition the virtuous. fames Madison--that good democratic Ptcsident who, in a special tnossaga to Congress:, had patriotically recommended an appeal to the valor of tho nation as the only proper court"; to maintain tho honor of its flag. If cruel treatment like this is doomed a suitablu reward for the soldier's toils and dangers, where, hereafter, let ine inquire, shall ho find incentive! to cheer and fiio his hoart in the hour of danger and on tho "field of battle!" Kir, I know tho generous feelings of your bosom revolt at tlio thought; that you arc ready to exclaim, forbid it, justice, forbid it, gratitude ; and that you ant prepared to exhort the noble minded youth of the country to resent the insult, and sustain tho hard-earned fame and laurels of tho bravo and successful commander of tho Amciican armies a commander who, according to tlio testimony of Col. Uichard M Johnson, " was oftener ill action than any ether general, and vxver sustain cd a dy'eat." And seeing that gallant and vic torious general maligned anil libelled day by day in the "ollicial organ" of Martin Van Buren as a "red petticoat hero" and "superannuated dotard," I lecl impelled by a strong sense of duty to cast nsuto every (sentiment ol mere delicacy, and to " cry aloud and spare not" tho abettor, tho encouragor, anil the responsible accessary of those base libels. I shall therefore claim tho right to discus3 tho political principles-, tho pub lic conduct ana vchavior ol -Uartirt Van Huron, witli that perfect freedom which should charac terize the independent representative of a plain; honest anu iiravc constituency W hero I Un cover meanness, I will expose it to tho contomut an.l loathing of honorable men; where I encotin- ter audacity. 1 shall maul its brazen head, and level it in tho dust; and where I delect corrup tion, I shall run my spear into hs putrescent breast.-, up to the very hut. g,et mo now, Mr. Chairman, turn vour atten tion to the amendment under consideration. It proposes to strike out of the bill tho sum of 8.).- tJtioJntcndod for alterations and repairs of tlw t'resiiou; s house, ana lor tho purchase ot lurni ture, tretjs, shrub?, and compost, and for super intendence of the President's (round.-?. The, "iite'lof tho Presidential palace is perhaps not, loss conspicuous than the King's house in mx'ijr of the royal capitals of Europe. It is situa U the intersection of four spacious avenues, which radiate from this point as centre. The "palaco pile is one hundred and seventy loet front, ar.2 eighty-six deep, and-standT about tlio centre of a pint ot ground containing twenty acres, th' wholc whereof is surrounded by firmly built stone walls and lanceolatcd iron railinir, with imposing portal abutments and wall-bared iron gates. Tho main entrance front faces north, upon Lafayette c-quarc, and tlie garden front to south cpons to an extontivc view of the river rotomac. As tho palaco is very accurately de scribed by Mr Elliot; in his "Picture of Wash ington," I will read a portion of that descrintmn: "It is built of freestone, with Iodic mias. ter-, comprehending two lofty stories of roonW, crowned wilh a stone balu.s'trade. Tlio north front is with a lofty portico, of four Ionic columns in front; and projecting with thre' columns. Tlio outer intercolumniatioii is for carriages to drive into, and place comnanv und-v shelter ; the middle space is the entrance fur those visitors who come !n loot : the steps from both lead to a broad platform in frcnt of tho door of entrance The garden front is varied by having a rusticated basement story under the Ionic ordonuancc, and by a. semicircular project ing colonnade of six columns, with two llights of steps leading from the grounds to the level of the principal ciory " Previous to its (lestructicn by tho British army on the 24th August, ?l l, there had been ex, ponded in building the palaco the sum of threo hundred and thirty-three thousand two hundred and seven dollars"; and sii'cc that period the further sum of threo hundred and one thousand four hundred r.nd nincty-six dollars and twenty. ive cent.-, in rebuilding tho interior, ami in erect ing the two splendid porticoes ; making together the largo amount of -JfiO 1,703 laid but on thn mince structure alone, to say nothing about tho very liberal sums that have been expended from time to tim4 on tho furniture, on alteralinns and repain, on tho garden, ground.', stone walls, iron foncinp, and for tho "stalls" lor the Royal stabled steed. It may be proper, further to Mate, that all the disbursement for iron fencing, lr stabling, and for the superb porticoes and splen did Ionic pilasters-, at the inrth and tenth fronts of tho palace, have been incurred since the Ad ministration of Jehu Quincy Adams went out of power -thn porticoes alone costing the sum of 3'-. 1,709 '-.'-j, Groat improvements have been undo within a few veers pi-sr, in the PJUltJI DENT'S GAUD EX. It is situatod, as before remarked, on tlw south ride ci the palace; nrd -a . believed to correspond in its general arrange liients tho utylo and f's-luon of tho most celebrated royal g.udons in England. It has a choice collection of both native plants and oxo. ic?, many r-f the la! tor having been gath rod from almost every chine. Ornamental treei and beautiful shrubs have been "soloctcd with great care" from the most celebrated spec men?, and are n.-w growing luxuriantly. Tho orau gory, though not at yet on a vprv extensive scale is fast improving. 'Rich and charming shruhcry and partcrpos 'greet the cyo" in every direction. Norshould I omit to ine'ntion that, iu addition to tho numerous families of tho tulip, tho lily, the pink, the rorc, anil many thousand other sweet llowors and shrubs, whl: h all the lover of bonofieiont Nature admire, tho garden con. tains some exceeding'' raro botanical anil mcdi. final specimen, : and, for tho "benefit of tho in. linn," I will give both the "polite" and tho "vnl. gar" names of a few of them : Gcrartlia Flava, Falsa Fox Glove. Solidago Laneoolatn, Golden Mail. Oroutiinn Aqiiaticiiin, Golden Club. Circtea Canadensis, EnchantcNight'di&do Dracoccphaluin Virgin' Dragon's Head. ami m, .Saururiis CcmuiiF, Lir.ard's Tail, Prenanthes Borpentaria Lion's G00U Ophioglosutn Vulgatum Addor's Tongue MimulunAlatus, Monkey Flower, Clematis Odoratn, Virgin's Dower, Viola Primnlifolia, Heart's-Ease. Impatiens Maculata, Touch-me-not. Jiut, sir besides those ram, and no doubt very valuable plants, &ci thoro aro some other vano. tics that are cultivated protty extensively iu tha President's garden, which address thcmolvc for admiration more immediately to tho pilat than to tho eye of tho boholtler such as finn Nnshanocli poutoc-. honest drumhead ami jrh

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