Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, July 17, 1840, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated July 17, 1840 Page 2
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liirrofnt neA curit!-.' bAmkins etc. tX-c. with at! Jbundaucoof thfi?lvrsria..Vtrdmiaiii. or stravvberrv. mibiirt v. &c&iV '.In'MO', Mir, tho President's car fill, in all its MWMMBBilltiil beauties, its tieis, hrubs, vuieu, pltriitsTnihvWriitid esculents, iJ in per ft kwoitiir with "'tho siitnntiioiis and maitnificeilt ataco. i may n.Ki mat wo uavo itven iniorntco, ny n odlcial renort coiiitnunicflted Id OonaiOM in De cember last, that duritw the nast s:asou. "the tiiihhc rottiuti at the Uapilol and Pacibnsr s -l issiofr avo bicn faithfullv nttciided to bv tho FUHI. IO GAttnXlJIl A VII Till. ttlVDS I'Vllt'lt ttlit. 1 lie trta hare bun tUtfaUv prnntd nnd trnuud ; many ehoica otnaiiniinl trees and shrnb-i have boon planted , nii: t'ieplah,, and gravel wdLshavc been kept in kupkbIim onnr.R. Thorcpoil might also have stato I, with perfect truth, that men hint horn JiircJ by tlio aovernsioiit, and pai Hint of the putilic Trendry, to pick up tklfulthg "wirci, nnd pluck up vy me ruuis me xuniiiium piim miiiv;.nui iiimex ocetosjlla, or, nscotding to vulgar "lingo,"-5 h'urdoe and ehejp sorol. As tho President' garden is enclosed by a liifili stone wall, and as the) guicsaru f'fiii'rnlly scfiircd with locks, very low porson.-i, I have been informal, vi-it it, OICCUl hi Htlocial iniil.ili-m. in- in riiiiinnni with tie President or sonic number of his household. 1 h.s exclusion, however, does not extend lo Mc'iibers of Cougres, some of whom, (md more opoeiully sucn, as are tiu'oiiles,) every alternate sonsiu, dial is, during every long session, frceprmly iifku a stridi through the g irden mid a lj le nt mound. Tin- pres ent scission ij my fjurlli at Washington, ami I have been m tho gu.luii twirai hut on both occasion, wo (another incinlu r was hi mv coiinunv) were com pelled, on leaching the ttx-Mi'm end of ilio garden, lo cismiucr over nits stone wall, muling tuo gates locked. in regard to the progressive improvement of tin grounds and garden of tip President, various sugges lions have retViillv h-eii ntuli mid ii.arlirnl-irli In- it dividuals wIio.ju tastes and nice di-eiiniinuiinii (in matters of htxiirv and r fiiiomonl'i hav. tir 11 uremic improved by n visit to the tiinyinliccnt gardens at thn Palace of or-ailli'H, and to Home of tho rich and suuiptitiits pails and garden' belonging to tin Clown of England. It is supposed by thssu persons that the President's grounds would present a moro complete nnd finisliol appearance by eroding Parian nun hie balustrades on cither s.deof tho main gravel walks, by budding some twenty or tlurtv miiiMtiiro temples '", 1' viiiiuna ,ii regular intervals ntonir anil niljiccnt to tnj oji'it hem outer wall ; by eoiisiiucting five or six in uikm i:irus aim louuinins ic pour tiicir silver water through tin mouths of 'hngo liver gods and svi horses, with doubto the number of jots d'eiii to III the atmomhero with spray and vapor. To these im provemont-i might well be. added two or three hun dred pieces of the first class of Italian staluniv s ih fir nutans., n. Saturn, Jupiter, Juno, Mercury, Diarn, ?kcptuni!4, .'F'nhis. Apollo, Venus d, Mcd'teis, ths loved and Cimoo;, tho Naiades and Drvade i, Jolly HacchiiH and th Racohantos, Vulcan and his Cyclops Herculc, 'mi, Phitus, Midas, and the Dingon that guarded the Ooldcn Apples in tho garden of the Ilet- pcrines. Thero is only ona other ornament which nny with Great propriety be pioeured, inasmuch an it would prve to illustrate and p Tpetualo in a suitable form t!i2 truth of a veiy important liBtorioil event, ami that ornament should lie n.ium.o rohnal lonestrian if Amtreic J.iclwm irit'i the litttt Kimlrrhwk muz'' cian mounted on be'tind him. This statue 1 wo'uld have coiT-pieuously pho :d pnoii the stone bahtiade which crowns bo p-ihco. Ilrfore the adinitiisiiation of J. a. Adams, thoappropriitionsfor impioiini the 1 residents grounds hid been very trilli in. DuriiiK ins torm, two considerable sum, wero voted hi Con rress for that purpose. The first of th-e rrat'its was io- e t I" s "f "10 'wl 01 ,lu' ' 'th ''eliruary 18. . for Icrchncr, railine nnd impi-m-in? the Presi dent s square. Tim scimihI nnm u-.w i!.-',, il.r,,,!.,,,) ckht lutnilied and sixly-live dollars bv the act of the z-d Hi', I32', ior timshin the fences, Kra hiatina nuu uiijjiuviim uie P.UIIUK mo mu. l'mr t die ilis bitrsjiiient of the appropriations, tho around." present ed a rude, uneven, and shapeless appeainncc; not a few of the pristine study knolls and small hollows t till remained. The fencins to) wwi quite imperfect ; but, by the exereis.3 of a commendable lennomv in tjieei-penditurjof tho sums ju-i m-nlioncd, ami bv the applieaiion of the mouev in the mot beneficial inannor to a:e.)mpli!i the obj, contemplated bv the laws, tbe arouinUofthe President wero !roinh"t into fine condition, the fene.-s wero put into excelb nt order, to - "hish" hills weie made p'ain, and tho 'deep' valleys wore made s'nootli, and the cmiro cround-. bv tho dole nf AFr Adams Pn side nty, wore' a stile Roil finish fuileac.vptable to the taste 'and judgmCnt of our plain, rcnu di:an farmiTH. Hut a new order or things was sonn deslined tol take place. Vou, sir, and I, and a lar-e majority at t ie Amerirrnn lv-ml nl.nt tUn ..t .- i I. been spei ln!r, were mc.mtioiislv led to believe that Mr. Adams waj a l.ivis-h spen Jllirift, and that his ad ministration was not only wasteful fxtravaeanthui that n was rapidly v Tiuiijj the verv confiius of mon archy, m the mar-nilicent decoiatio'ns of the Presiden tial palaw, and by the studied intioduelion of court ceremonials. Vou -toublless well remember the vol uminous reports and tho ind-gnant denunciations on tliefjuitlul thenics of extravagance mid arristoeracv th it were apienl before ihe countrv bv the renowned champions ot economy in both I finises of Coivms flurina the nuver-to-bo-fori;)tten winter of l27-'8. You, sir, cannot fail, tjo,.to recollect the luci.hiiou fiomiltcs which wero then aihlressud lo all pious nnd devout Christians, in relation to the purchase by Picsi dent Adams of a billiaid table, billiard balls, cues ami chessmen. All tin s solemn horiation. were but the harbingers of the memorable era of inform then about overtiikiinr the Administration in its supposed headlom; dop-irture from the pure pro cpn of ihe fru f;al, simple, ib'inoeratic days of the fathers of the Hi puohc. TkcprnnincJioiikKf retrenchment wasribout ""I'Tr fn""''"1 t0 '"f n" "" s'!"l'r,.'uo,ls evpen.liture day prunes th- aauiidant bianehcs f.-om the trees in the i palace garden. The hickory broom was also to be introduced in order tiseiub nwav the filthy cob webs of aristo-racy then bclieivd to'be in the procs of woaung within the icry precincts of the palace it Eclr. Di3 Augean stable was lik-wi'o to be cleansed by therefoniwis a nibhtv woikand which in dav of yore renuir.-d thnlaboisof Ilrreuhs and no mar vel for history infirms us that three thousand oxen had been c.nifi.ied i i its stalls many year". Wclli tho reformers attained to tha full enjovm-nt of tha powers of the Government in .March, 'P !) end here, Mr. Chairniaiii, I almost feci inclined to rcsurno my chair a few moments until wc may all contempt itu m s.lent admiration tha bttattco results ol that most iniique system of rcfoi motion which had tha ornnifie words "Rivrur.NuiMKvr and Itc roaM ' inscribed on its llamifiiiy- banner. A refor mation that has fa tlifullv pcrs-vercd in ciicour.i'.im' rctrcnchmc-it ' until it has leduced the annual cvprn' diturcs of the CJoveruiiicnl fioni the en orinouslv produralam unt of thirteen millions down to the t ri lling sum of thirty nuw million dollars. A rcfornn i'on which !nss) exercised tho witty faculties of it, . nen Is that they have riven birth taii-eful (but hither to occult) arithmetical rule, bv which iheyarorni-bl-.-il todemnnstrate, in a manner entirely satWactorv to themselves this t,rp j.-iii.m , that fewer uniN ars contained m tin number :!0 than in tlm iiumlxr 13; Anil the foregoing result is leached with greater rnatheinatiealprnniioii than th; sm'iomore, by the md of 'thc black board," can wudo through the pin tractoit series ol'iatioeinationin tho "Pons Asnorutn." Ever since th s singular dot trine of "liaronch racnt and lleforni," ag,ce.ably to tho in-w tirilhinctical rule, has been the order oftho dav, and the stern prin ciples of a iii )M ngi 1 eonomy in every branch of the public service havo been ligorously enforced-accor-cir.g to the new rule. Cut, sir, tha subject of "icform" is of a character tpogrliye to betreatol in tins wav. It would appear that it hfifi npvi-r or e ired lo rclornurs, tint Inviti" comonto power throrr;') the ''luie an I cry" of ex" travagance, it was their highest dutv, in condtictiii-' tha ajfurs of the fS.ivi'-ninent, to 'qiare th'ir iiracl tiecs m accordatico with the do.-trines tin y ha I so boisterously advoca'cd. On the contrary, tliev seem to have forgotten till that had cicr been promised on the siiboct of Uctreuchiucnt and Iteform, for, in al most every department of the Administration, the ex penditures havo been increased two, and in some of them four fold. This has hci n theca'-e m uu emiiicnt fljgrea m regard to the expenses for the iniproiemcnt oftho President's grounds; vou will bo de.-isdl ui bear in mm 1 (hat in the year '1927 tho mm of $",!(i-j hid benn approjiiiatod for fitiisliingtho fence, graduat inqaml improving the public Rrounds and that they nad thus been placed in good condition immediately pt.or to ihn advent of tho Keirenehnpiit AdtninUtra tion. JNoiv, n geutlennn without experience in the practices of these reformers, would bo disposed to be hovo that they had not tho boldness or tho ruidacitv to demand money to perfect a work which hadalreadv boen (ini'.lioil in a plain, Mibalanlial manner. Hold Mr. I rvo, until you havefiri.t obtained n maliiciilation in the doctrine. or "Ketruichmeiit mid Itcforni" as understood by the puxent Adiiimisirntirm. In the mean tuna bo good enough to turn to books of United States statutes for tuo last eleven years, nnd you will thero discover n it less than ten several nets of Ton (jress, appropriating largo sums of money to improve the President's groundr, &r. I will now prcfcent the committee with n list of those laws : Ail nf'M .Umlt, 1P23. For work to be donu on nrnbout the Pru- . '" "i,iii; umi.i' iniiiuiiieiii ai in milcnt liuuse and cnclicurcs, Aetrfi-tMinh.mi. Tor alterations mm repairs of the Presi dent's house. -. For painting tho Prebident's lioui-o inside and out For planting trees and inirirnving jroundH including gardener's H.alary, , , Art, fid March, mi For alterations and repairs of ihj Presi- di ill s house, For planting trees and improving grounds including tho gardener's sidaiy, -For pedestals, wa'.l-coping, railing. nnA foot-way, For constructing reservo'rs and fmintaiiiH at President's house and public offices, and enclosing and planting fountain square, . . . Act ofMh June, mi For alterations and repairn at tho Presi dent's house, tlooring the terraces, nnd crrccttng stables, For pardoner's Hilary, and for laborers employed upon the grounds and winks t thoPri'sidcnt'ahouwsind for planting, 500 00 2, 13'i 00 J.000 00 500 00 1.CC0 00 10,000 00 G,723 00 (S.G70 00 2,950 00 For paving fool-ways nl Hie north front of the President's hous, und inaking a travel cnrrutgcWay, . Act ij id March, mt. For nltcrations nuu repaitP of tho Presi ilent'n house, and for (-ardencr'a salary. 13,714 00 nuu ior Keeping uio grounits tiliil walks in order, Including tho cost of trcca and shrubs, 1,200 00 ArtnfUhJahj, 1830. - 4.irr tiiterations and repairs of thu Presi rirnt's house, for uardener's s.ibire. mm, 1 r,ir l,,.,.ii,,. ili.i t.r..n,..l -...I if... :. order, including tho cost of trees and sum s, Fur constructing itivnrf watt nnd fcticoht twa'cn the Hxecutivo buildings nnd tho Presidcnts.huuse. Act ifid M.trih, 19117. I'or alterations and n pairs of tho Presi dent s house, and for superintendence of the grounds For constructing a dwaif wall and fence from the southwest corner oftho Presi dent's house , . AclnfGH, April, 1639. b or alterations and tcpairs oftho Presi dent's hotte, and for Mipcrintcnduice of the grounds , , 'lc ofllh July, l&R I or laborers, and horse and cm t and driver employed at the President's square - ., . A't 'fid M.,rch, I or Alterations and repairs of the Presi dents house, and fm nitiire. and for su pcrmtciulencu oftho grounds l or completing the special repairs liento fore iiropoed in the Piesidctit's house, including it deficiency in a former appro priation - . - . J . 3,100 00 1,103 E0 7,300 03 1,300 00 5,913 00 2,013 00 3,tG3 00 1.511 22 S3?,722 53 . Hero we have, sir, the enormous amount of 533,722 i3, sq 'hindered by these glorious retrenching reformers in erecting stables, building dwarf walls and coping, constructing fountains, paving footways, I'lunting, ir.iu"pl!intiiig, pruning, and dicssing lior'"o ehcMnnts, lindens, iNorway snruco, and balm of Oilcad , hauling and depositing rich soil for top-drissing -dower beds and borders, tinining nnd irrigating lioney-sncklos, Irmndet creepers, piimro-es, lady slippers, and dande Ii ins, (,'iillii tiling sweet-scented grass, and preparing beautiful bouquets for the palace saloons. Tho Presi dent s grounds contain about twenty acres. Our pcudo nf irmers luivo, therefore, c.pctidcd on what thev tire pleaded lo call "impnnrcmentit," an aveiiigo 01 -a ,17.i 10 pcracie,or83,0!J3 G3 per annimi.slnco the newly invented niilhmetioal ruloof lelrcnchmcnt and reform Ins been put into successful operation. Ami yet they have theefiVonlery to demand an additional .appropriation nf.$,G(i5 by tho bill now under consid eration, Some of thu impiovcineiiisor iiltcralions introduced by iho reformers are of a character truly novel. You will mmemiier that by the net of tho 2 )th of Febu ary, 1S25, the sum of -S'l 000 was ap propriated for "tn-ctlin -."grading, A-c. the Presiilent's square, and tint thu Administration of that day took nrasmes to carry into effect tho intention ol Con "ress. bv diiiLriii" down tlm knolN. nnd bv fillln.rnn thc lullowH, and in ibis manner Itretlini' or making plnin and Hat the siirfueo of the gronnd. Hut after all, lr. ( Iian nian, "variety i the veiy .-imcc of life," and so thought our reformers. The sin vcy ofsinnnth lawns and gentle sloping meads covered wilh rich coats of white nnd led cl iver nnd luxuriant orebnul gras", inadu n.o delightful impression on their eyes. X , s r; in ro meadows tips too common to gratify the lefined taste of an exquisite with "sweet sr'uly whis kers," lie must have undulations, "beau M mounds ami outer contrivances," to ravish lus cxallcil and cherished soul. 1 Fence the reformers lnvo construc ted a number of clever sized hills, every pair of which it is said, was designed to resemble and assume the the form of av Amazon's ho.-om, with a miintme knell or hillock on its apex, to denote the n pic. Thousands of the People's dollars have been thrown nwav on these silly fancies, which are better adapted to pleaso the sickly and vicious taste of nalacedandics than to gratify thu simple cyo of plain republican fieunin. Wasmiscto.v, Juno 1 1, l3fl. Ma'orNoland, lioiightof Wm. Jluist. March 22d and 2.-1lh: To -1 dozen of lar"o Dailv Rosi;s, al-il 50 each .Tune Tt In To 2 Vkhvu.vas, 75 cts. each; 1 Pktl'kia, 75 cts. 72 00 82 25 June 15, 1339. Rcc'd payment in full. -71 25 WM. I1F.TST Hndoi-std. "Alterations nnd repairs of the Picsi 4''-'"l's I'l,l'-"i &'. S71 2.)- Win. liuist's '"imi-KEKav, .luno l.",, IS.!'.), .No. V n,,,!al.,. r .,r ...,l.i:.. i..,:i.i:,... receipt for Commissioner of public buildin To P. Casey, I)r. To 2 1 loads of .m i.sTr.n, deliven d at the PnnsitiEs r's j.Minr..s. floOO .May 7, 133!). Certified by John Ouslcy. May 11, 1530, Kec'd payment, F CASl-.V." llimwrttdA "Alteintinns nnd rcn.-iirs nl' tbePrr si. dent's House, t!5. 1. Casey's receipt for manure. May 1 1, 1330. Ko. 22." "Commissioner of Public Unildings. To sundry persons on account of .mam-be. To Wm. Fitgerald, -19 loads, at 37J cents $19 37$ i nomas uraoy, ii.HoaUs, at ito. i tr Jiinu's F.c-c, 2 loads, at do 73 Win: Itrown, -l ! loads; at do 10 12 Michael Oooluy, brooms ! at 50 cts. 2 OU $72 StT 1 certify the above account to bo correct. JAMKS MAlllCU." Indorsed. "Alterations and repairs of tho l'rcsi lent's 1 louse. &e $72S7. .Sundries for compost, July 1, 13 59. No. G." Here, you will observe Mr. Chairman, Congress made an nppioprialiou for "icpairs" of the President''' !(, and the money has been applied to purchase fiutnnrt to feltih.o Ins notatoo and cabbage beds. Conuress made an annropriat on for nintrintcndcnce ol the grounds, and thu money has been expended, not in (iroveiiiii' mo giounus, oui in uic puruuusu oi iarge daily roses, verbenas and petunias. .Self-respect foi bids me to denounce, in suitable terms, them putty acts of incaiiiii ss and palpable breaches ol olheial utv. lie assuied. howi ver, that the officer who is not faithful over small things will not bo faithful over greater things. And now, .Mr. Chairman, having tn km a promenade through the President's garden and grounds, let us enter the palace, and survey its spa cious drawing rooms, its glitteiing and ilawlmg sa loons, with all their magnificent and sumptuous array of gold und silver, crimson and ni tinge, blu and vio let, seaens of Ionic coin nus, marble mantle, with Italian bla-l; anil gol.l t'onts, gilt eagle comiei's nen cut glass anil gill clian 1. 1 ers, Mispeniieil ny n -aiiutiii fireeianchains, gilt-hnad caiidkabras, I-rench bioive L'ilt lamps, with crystal globes, bronzed and gilt Fretrh bracket b'diH, gilt trained mirrors of piodigi- oussi.e, large Italian slab mantle glasses, French gilt bron.t' nnnllc tune-picees, mahogany gilt-iuoiintid md ios'wdj'I iiiaiio fertes, gilt-iuonnteil luireaus, su perb mahonnny wardrodes, mahogany gilt bronze mounteil secretaries, damask, i-atiii, nnd double silk curtains, withgildul eagle, stars, mid ornamental ray-, ry., Wilton and imperial llrussels and Saxon carpets, gdt and satin settees, solas, lirrgeras, duans tali.uirct-. unit I icncli coinlortaiilcs, ciegam inaiioga ny gilt eaule-mounted I'reneh bednteads, gill plateaus, gaudy artificial lloweis, rich blue and gold bonbon-, tambours, co.npolii'rs, in cream vases, splendid French China vases, olive boats, octagon, bowls, sil- ver tureens, boats nnd baskets or very rich work, golden goliltts, tabb spoons, kuiies and forks, &C. .Sir. 1 shall detiin vou no longer with this enumera tion of rich wares, lor I am sure vournalienco would ho severely tried were I lo name even iho tenth pint of the curious, the magnificent, and the cnstlv in tides of luxiirv. of nride. and of show gathered into the palaeoby the various caterers who have been engage I m that most important branch of thu pv'tlic sen ice. But 1 cannot forbear, Air, Chairman, to nail you a descrintioii of the great banriueting hall, commonly called tho "Ihst Room" taken from the Ignited .States T.-legraph, (the Court Journal of tin dav,) December, J. 1 Ills room nan necn iiiriusnco, ior inu wm tune about that period by thn predecessor o! tlio pres ent incumbent. Ft is SO feet long, liy w wide anil 22 t high, ii'id is fnrrn.died with handsomo stuco con- rice. Aow let us hear the description: 'The inner is of a tine lemon color, with a rich cloth harden four new mantles have also been placed in the room, of b ack mal i c, with Italian black.anxl cold fronts; en ii liiepiaco his a handsome grate fixed; mere wa r.-, however, in tuo nouso neioro new iiiouzeu md McU fenders, and sets of lirass tiro irons, .anil diimnev hooks have bi en added: each mantle is fur- iiislud wilh a mirror, the plates of which measure 100 by 53 inches, fiauied in a very beautiful style; and a pair of rich ten light lamps, bronzed nnd gilt, with n rowot driquaiouud the fountain, and n pair of Ficnch China viim's richly gilt and painted, wilh glass shades und llowers. Thero are thrco very splendid gilt ehanili liers, i ach for eighteen candles, ihe stylo of which is entire ly new; thu color ol the glass and cut ting perhaps ercad nny thitn; nf the l.inil trrr uen. A small bron.ed nnd gill work, corresponding with the inanti 1 lamns. thn niches; nnd reei-sses of which are xuppli. d with eight French bronzed and gill Inackel lights, each for liice andles. Thecarpcts, which con tain irar 500 vanls, is of fine llrussels, of fawn, bine, and yellow, with a ud border. Utidereaeh chandelier is placed n round talileol lieautilul worKinniisirp, Willi Italian lilack nnd gold slabs, on Iho ceiitru tanie is placed a beautiful thin light lump, supported by female, ligiiri s t on th'iend tables are gilt nlial lamps. Ivaeh pier is filled wilh a beautiful pier table, tidily bronzed and gilt corresponding with the round table's, each la bin having n lamp nnd pair of French China vases wilh flowers nnd shades agreeing wilh thnso on the mantels. , The curtains nrn of blue mid yellow moreen, with a c,rtdc,d eagle, repre sciite'd as holding up the drancrv. which extends over the niers. On tho cor- nie'o is n lino of zitdtd stars, and ewer tho semicircle of the door, besides Uiri'cgildtd nndurnamtnttd rays, are 2 1 'ultdid jinr.t, 'emblematic of tho States, and cor responding wilh thoo on thoenrnice. Thn stars hare a rem ftne effect. Tho sof is and chairs tiro covered with 'blue damask satin. All the furniture corn's ponds in coleir and style'." . Tho Court Journal nwards great merit for Iho tasto displayed in tho selection nnd ilisposition of ilio various nrt'cles, which, observes tho Telegraph, "it is under Hood, has received Ihe entire approbation of the J'rcs' Wii.rt Afte r hearing this description, who can deny that this room, intended for tho comfort of our Demo craties Chief Magistrate, indorned wilh regal splendor for above nny of tho grand baloons at Uuckinghuni Palace, Carlton House, or Windsor Casllol I ink you, sir, whether in furnishing tho Cast ltooin with all itsgilded eagles, gilded stars, gilded rays, golden slabs, gorgeous drapery, and dazzling foreign orna ments, a duo regard has been paid "to tho simplicity mill Inirittf fiTfUlr ilialiliidmta In ll,., titaln iliiostonlatious. anil rcnublicun character of oiir'neonle! who are represented m-it 7 Un Ihe contrary, eloes not all this glittering elisplnyeif costly finery, this blinding our eves with llieblaatinf rovnliim:niifrciin. mmrox- imato too closely tha pride, pomp, and giandeur of umsi- .tjvcriiiiicnes in which liars nuu garicrs mm shining coronets confer not only thoineansof luxurious enjoyment, but of "civil superiority 1" 1 bannot but mniino nuu wimiier ni ino great milliner ot lamps, cnndles, and bracket lights, elcemiil neeessarv to illu mine a single room in tho President's palace. Let us soot 1 "pair of rich ten light" mantel lamps, 'i"rery splendid gilt" chandclicip, inch for emhteen -eiandles, 9 " French bronzed nnd gilt bracket lights each for five, candles," 1 " beautiful thin light lamp, supported by fe male figures," 2 "gilt astral lamps, on iho end tables," 3 "lamps on pier tables," 180 Here, Mr. Chairman, our Democratic President shines wilh thu over powering lustre of one hundred and eighty lights. Hud vou tlio ovc. of the fabled Ar gus, ho would blind them all. It really appears as if uu nuu iiiiciioeii noi ouiy in uciuzu ino vision oi ins democratic friends, but to rim!, by the (.H'utccnt beams of his pnlncik tho "glorious king of dav" himelf. llrilliant nnd princ ly, however, as thn Kast Itooni nail necn titled up liy thu lalu I'resident, it was ilestm ed to have its colois'brightcned. and its nnwers of nl traction increased, by the exquisite taste of its present occupant for in an nffelal report made in' December i.isi, iiiu loiiowang iniporiaiii ami graiuyiiij; iiiiormu tion is commtitiicated to Congress : "Tho I'.asl Itooni in the President's mansion hai been greatly improved, by bring newly painted and papered irnvi ei rievi, tltnsle, heaulilul paper. Tlm former paper was a " fine lemon color" "with a rich cloth bonier," but Mr. Van llurcii had doubtless been apprized, either by one of his sons, who at thu tuiit! was on most laminar intercourse, with, if not a resident nt tho Court eif St. James, or perhaps, by a num. mi mat ci.miiiiiiiiic.iuDu mrougii inn i.oru mgii Chambeilain of her .Miiiestv's Household, that wall paper oftho "lemon color" had, during the progress of tuo last year, ue. uno uiilasliionnble nnd had not lor months been generally admitted as suitable for thu parlors of tho first grade of noblemen, much i'-.s nir inu luyai uiioqiieiiinc saioous. iicnce, .nr. Van Huron, ns every person of lank and fashion, and more especially as over gentleman bom was, by the rigid laws of fashionablu life, bound to elo. issued bis royal mandate on ihe first day of July, in tlio year of unr i.uru inu in nis.aiin cigui iiiinurcu nuu unriy-niue, that tho "paper eif the lemon color, with a rich cloth border," should bo forthwith taken off tho broad walls ot tlioe.astein room, mid that, "a rich, chaste. and beautiful papa" should bo mbstutitcd in its stead. That the first clause of this roval ordinance was faithfully executed, will distinctly appear from ino following vniicner. " Preside nt's House, to FFcnry Snowden, Dr. "To taking nfl'the piper of tho'F.ast Ifoom, as per agreement wilh C. F. Wood, sixteen dollars, 81(3 00 "July 1, 1939. Kerciyed payment ()f Win. Noland, '-sq- nr. i it .uwi)i;., ins y, mark. Witness, J. II. Hooker. "Certified bv Charles F. Wood." hiulorsed. "Completing special repairs of the net-idem s House, Ac. .slb. Henry Snowdcn's re ceipt for work on the I'.ast Hoom of tho President's House, July 1, 18.1!). J'. I." An o.Tici.iI voucher now in my hands will also show that siMty pieces of paper, at S3 each, making 300, were pinchase.l from .S. P. Franklin on the 2llth An- gust, 13.19, I'or the Kist Room, and that tho further sum of J0 was paid to that gentlemen for hanging thu same. And thus, sir, it is iuado manifest that not less than thrco hundred and forty-six dollars of the money of your constituents and of mv constituents navo ijci n I'xprndod diinng last snmtni-r for the grati fication of a womanish bin costly whim, in substitu ting "a rich, chaste, and hvau'if'il" siVrer paper, with gulden boreler, for the unl'.Hunnablo "li'iuon color, wilh a rich cloth horde'. ' Hum i suitahie recom pense fur this proiligale w-sU of i'. public funds, tho "hardyilemocrac.y" of tlioion itr Ii.ivubecn nincially advised that "tho F.ast Room i i! l'n s'iIpiii'm innn. sion has been greatly improved, 1 hey must therefore in: l oiiieiit. Mr. Chairman, thero is i notable historical inci dent as-tocioated with tliii I2:it l'.oom, to which I may with propriety recur whilst wo are within the room itself, and before wc pass through the missive japaned eloors into the magnificent I'.lliptical Saloon, where I next propose to conduct you. That historical event refers to th - celebrated " Heist liottm Letter" addrcs s. d to thy K hlor of the " llichmond IJmptirer," and elated at Washington, January 1, 1327. Here is the letter:, " This being the day on which the President's Houe is thrown open to all visitors, I went, among others, to pay my respects to him, or, rather, I shouid fiirly confess, I went to sco the Kast Room, for tho fm lushing nf which wc had voted t wenty-livo thousand dollars at tho last session of Congress. 1 was anxious to see; how that amount nf furniture could be stowed nwiiy in a n'mnlo room, and my curiosity was fully snt isfi"d. It was truly a gorgeous sight to behold, but had too much tho look" of regal magnificence to bn perfectly agreeable to my old republican feelings." To establish tho falsity of ibis celebrated letter, I will refer yem to eMraets'froin two distingiiisheel pub lic journals, one of them tho "official organ" of (Sen. Jackson's Administration, and the other at that period in full communion wilh "the party:" " It is well known that through Mr. Adam's oris cralic pride, this elegant room (i. e. the Last loom) in th" Pres'elent's Ilouse wis left v.ntimsiieo. I'. .. 'I'dojrapli, Af. I, lt-":9. Tlio New Vork Courier and Knejuiicrof November states as follows; "The coalition papers tell us that the Kast Room is going tohe furui.-hed. This at the best, is bad author ley; but ifit be tin", woaro happy to hear it. The maimer in which Mr. Cliy's President kept the, I'.ast Room was d.-respectful to the ollico of I'resident of the United States. Instead of its looking neat, ami i'Ii'.iii, and tidy, and being decently furnished, as the mansion of tlio President of a great republic ought to be, it was full of e'ohwebs, afewold chaiis, lumbering benches, In oken glass, and looked exactly like one of the apartments ui Windsor Castle, Holyrood Pal ace, or the' tower of Loiulon.ihosu appendages to kings and niouaichs. The head of a rrpitblioought to give an example of iho ihrifiinets and virtuous liabitsof the pcopb who put him there. Kvmiv i-lain Hcpt'nu cav, when visiting Washington, will now find a chair to s.t elnwii upon in the 'Kast Room.' Thev wont be kept standing upon their legs, tis they do before kings an I emnerors, nnd as nractiscd bv Mr. Clav's Pres.. dent, till they are so tired as scarcely to know wheth er they hive any legs to stand upon. Unless Cen. Jackson put good, .sound substantial furniture into the 'i.ast kooiii," tho relorm is not e-oinplcte in that quar tcr,and the people wont forgive him for neglecting it." What a strange commentary do tho gorgeous and dazzling garnishments of the '"Kast Room" ullin el in re-gard to tho remarks of the "Courier ami Enquirer," which have been read bv the Clcik. "Kvcrv plain republican," forsooth, "when visiting Washing ton, win now nuu a cnair to sit down upon in the 'Kast Uo.lin."1 A v. sir. pverv nlain will now find a betof chairs in thatsplcndiei nnd roynl sa loon, which look the toiind sum of six ui'.spiiEn di-L' labs of the PKOPI.K'.S C.V.SII to pay for. Is not mat silting iiown ' Willi a vengeance I Air Clav's President, (Mr. Apams thiough aristocratic nridi'." kept tho Kast Room "full of cobwebs, afewold chairs luinbeiiiig benches, ami broken glass." On the other hand Miillin Van llll i ll ?),',. i';. rcimlilienn. hard. ban. ded-democrnlicloco foco Martin Van Huron has it now garnished with gold framed mirrors "as big ns bam doors," to behold his plain republican self in. What need liue'.am if mirrots nave taken twenty-four hundreil dollars of tho Peonlu's Cash to nav for Iheiii I Is not such democracy n buile-sqim un common sense nnd common decency 1 Hut, Mr. Chairman, lam notelom with tho "ecle'brnted Kast kooiii letter." I he letter was not only false, but was, iininediately nfter its publication, known throughout tho whole country to havo been n sheer fnhricatioii "from bi'gjiininglo end." For the sake or the nil thor's reputation, it then foro bcenmo necessary that his iiainu should bo wihheld from the People. Tho editor of thu Richmond Knquirer, instead of expos ing tho baso coiner of falsehood, maintained tho deep silencoof tho grave in regard to tho writer of the let ter uuriugu periouoi nimosi lour montlis ; tiiitt it wns not until afti'r repented goatlings that ho became- res live and soro, and bi'gan to manifest n proper elisposi tisn to clear his own skirls of the forgery. I lo accordingly announced in tho Richmond F.n iiuircr of 27tll April, 1827. in renlv loan article in snnin other newspaper em tho subject of the letter, that "the - ,i;:i iniiii in w uicii me wrucr rciers respecting uio "Fast Room was forwaided tons, ns it purports, by "emu of the most intelligent and distinguished niciii "hers of Congress." This "most intelligent and dis tinguished member Congri's" tunnel init io bo Thom as Haiit IIks'io.v, whohiibseiiiiciitlvbeenmehtili moro ilistiiigiushid as the author of tho "(laid Humbug." I said that his"Kist Rom letti'i" was falsu tlirnugh out, nud that it was inado up of tho wholu piece of cloth : for it nppeais, tit the very limn (1st January, 1327) that letter was written, elescribing iho fiiruitiiro of tlm Knt Room ns gorgeous In n eharreo of "regal mnBnitU,i,m;i,1" tho room liiul no furniliire, exce pting a few old chairs' lumbering benches, broken glass," nud elivers fialernitii's of cobwe lis. Sir, 1 go for these old reminiscence's, nnd I hold that, when "ono of the most inlilligent nud elistingiiished members of Con gress" will de'liberiitily sit down in his chair arid fab ricate for publication n iri(ful lie, iur the purpose of deceiving thu I'eopli', b.ouglr e vt i to bn kept in fresh ri'incmhrnui:p. His title should bo hrnndi'd deeply mi his fori'head as ever was the 1"' r V on felon's cheek, Sir Thomas H. HOiton begot I hit t falsi'lioejel it was proved upon liim; nnd thou1i other matters on nt count of youthful indiscretion may be forgiven nnd forgollcn, ibis bnso cninngo ho brought lo his own door, nnd it will bo remembered by tho People of tho United .Slates. Having paid our respects to thn "Kast Room," let us, Mr. Chnirinnn, take a view of what is, tho Jircreiil day eallrd the 'llhio Kllipticnl Saloon,0 though in for mer times it was known as the "Green Circular Par lor." This apartment is nuily oiul in form, nnd is forty feet lpng by thirty wielc. In its beautiful shape, rich ! icncli lurtnture, showy drapery, costly gilded ornaments, nnd gcnornl arrangements, the "Hluc UI liptieal Saloon" has frequently been pronounced, hi the judgment of the best connoisseurs, tho choicest mum ui ii u I'.uuui.-. j.i is ocucveu eo nave ocon pre pared and furnished very much of or the stylo of tho most brilliant d.-aiViiig-roonis at the Tmlforios, lountaibleau, Ncuilly, and St. Cloud. To give you, sir, a proper idea of tho " regal iiiagnificnco" of this saloem at tins day, I will first cnumernte somo of tho articles with which it hnd been furnished before Mr. Vnn Huron became its occupant, and shall then show that ho ovpendedin "improving" the furniture nf that room, durum tho first ten months of his presidency, the sum of Sl,eo 55 of the People's cash. Sir, not of Ins own. The "liluo Uilliptical Saloon," among other furniture- hnd tho following, 1 superb French gilt mantel time-piece, represent ing Mmeivn leaning on her buckler, on the faeo of which the clock is placed the wholn standing on a bronze pcdcstil, adorned un thrro sides with military trophies in bas-relief. The entire work is bronzed, elegantly carved, nnd richly gilded. 2 largo gilt framed mirrors. A splendid gilt cagln cornices. 1 largo glass and KiU chandelier of 30 lights, orna mented with female figuresaiid n bust of Diana. The branches being embellished with tho head of Minerva. 1 pair elegant bronze nnd henw gilt mantel bran ches garnnhi.l with ivy Icavci and female figures carrying trumpets. I bronza and gilt candelabra, supported by n figure standing on a round pedestal and bearing n palni-tiee, with flvo lights. 1 pair of bronzo nnd gilt andirons, with eagbs in an tique colors. 1 set of splendid Porcelain vnses, decorated with thu rich landscape of Pnssey, embracing the maiif-ion of Dr. Franklin, when ho resided in France. 1 bust of Washington. 1 gilt consult table, wilh marble ton. 3 sets of double silk window curtains. 21 elegant gilt and satin chairs. elo do s.'ttees for recesses, 2 do do sofas and pillows. 2 elo do firescreens. 1 largo elliptical French carnet. This carpet was very clceint, and cost 9,059 francs. It Was of the most hrillinnl nnd thiZ'hiiL' col irs ! had a splendidly cmbroieijrcei Wtirk in the centre, re presenting a Raid Kaglc, "Iirgo as lifo," with n scroll inhisbo.ak, with "Kplnribe-iunum." nnd with the usual accompaniment of arrows in his talons t whilo tliollig of America, ersiblnzmed by stars and stripci waven over us iitnii. 1 said, sirJI would show that Mr. Vnn Riircn had expended S1.S03 55. within ten months after ho bad goneinlopossession, in making improvements in tho "liluo Kllipticnl Saloon " I prove this expenditure by an original voucher, which 1 hold in mv band. da. ted December 12, 1S37, entitling the bill and receipt of jiessrs. ration an.t ejo., mew vork, lor nntcnals tar nished to improve the Presiilent's house. The; entire bill, ns receipt.!!. isifl,'Jlfi 18; of that amrmnt -SI.EOj oi was lor articles, eve, ior tins room, uz "3 windows," (curtuiiiii) ... Satin Iklialallioii, .... Silk cord, Plain satin, fialloon, ...... Silk Tassels, Oiinp, - - -Repairing and covering U chairs, -do elo 2 sofas, S1.307 50 170 37 21 G5 - 33 12 7 1 50 12 00 r.l (15 - 21 00 - 21 00 do do A tabourets, - 8 00 do do do do 2 creens, 6 footstools 1 sets pillows, Music stool, - 1 OJ - 0 10 00 1 50 J?l,t05 Mr. do vou relish the notion ofiot ing away the bard cash oi your constituents, of your tanners, iiiccuaoies, auei poor laoorcrs, ior sun las sals, galloon, gimp and satin Medallion, to beautify aim auorn uio ijiue luiupucni saloon j "suppose sir. nfter vou shall have returned to tho rharminn prairies of Illinois, some plain, honest republican "Sucker" should inquire what use a real genuine, harel handed, loeo-foco democrat like Mr. Van llurcn enn havo for silk covere-el pillows, footstools, and tabou rets in thu "Hluc Kllipticnl Saloon:" how would you reply to the honest Sucker's interrogatory? Would not vou acknowledge yourself fairly, slimmed ? tint suppose ho would ask what sort of animals theso tibjurets, or tabby-eats are? I will endeavor lo tell him, for I hive lately giicti some littla attention to this curious depaitinent of natural history. The tab ouret is an article of furniture, which, in Kurone or Asia, is omy to no met wuu in mo ticnest saloons ol nionarchs. It is a convex seat, without arms or back nnd in form bearing a close rc einblaucc to a Turkish standard, ot the moon in her first nuarter: is coinno- seel of gilt wood, cushioned and stuffed with very line. mac nuisc n;ur, coveicti wuu crimson eiailiasK, figured satin, and garnished with silk lai e, gold friinju tassels, tidis, and stars. It is surtiorted bv an X. Kvcn before the days of the Crusades, the honors of ino lanourei were ueiu in t ic nig test esteem. Tins honor consisted m the distinguish d pnv legu of silitiif upon a tabouret in thn roval nreson :e. Kv Ion r am well established court ceremonial law in many' mon archies, no indiiidual in the kingdom is entitled to en joy this high distinction, on grand galy days, savo a nueiiet's oi ino uiooei royal, in continuation ol what I havo stated in regard to the importance nscr.bed to the 'honors of the labuurcL.' I will road a .i.nlrnc ortwo from Governor Cass, our di-tingiii-hed mini " Icr tit St. Cloud. Tho boot, is entitled "France-, m Mug, ejurt, and (ovcrnuicnr. 1 read lrom pas PI. London edition: "Under the; ancient regime, tho right to havo both folding-doois thrown open, or to sit upon a talourct, which is n cushioned stool, was ono of the greatest Honors a sunjeet coma aspiro to, and cvitc.1 more soi. sitiou than nnuy n political event alll-ctiag the pros ncrifunf the kini'dum. On particular dues tlm k'im dined ill public, when the principal personages of the court and the kmgdiim were seen standing at his chair bedding plates aim towels under their arms and m their hands," ivc. Mr. Chairman, I hesitate not to sav thai, if ion in quire minutely into tho history and uses oftho tabou ret, you cannot fail lo discover that it has ever been regareh'd as among the indispensable regalia of a mon arch, and is hy many considered nlmist as essential to kingly paraphernalia as the royal jewels, the sc ptre, the eliaiiem. or I've n the crown itself. The four t.a.a. oureis in thu 1 III 10 Klliptical Saloon" of the Pics -dent's pelaco wero procured from Fiance, anil eo-t 937 francs 8 centimes. Here, sir, is the bill trans mitted to this country with the tabourets: "Detail d'un 7 ubouret e n A'." I.e hois doro 1 I'toflb a elessin 2 Rordurctrois polices 2 do 19 1'gncs 5 Pieces smfait 1 Toile d'Kinboiirruro at 35 00 nt G CO nt 3 00 nt 2 50 73 7 lbs. Crm noir d'Kchantillion, 2 20 8 Toilei douce , nt 1 60 li Curdunnct en soic at 75 lj Fesaie 1 lignes nt 1 00 Frauges en soie , at 15 00 Fncon ct incnucs fonrniturcs 1 tobourcts en X Now, sir, I should like to hear tho honest opinion not inilv of thu nlain republican "Suckeis." but also of the "Hoosiers," evf tlio Wolverines," and of the iniCKeycs,' nuoui iiieseiauuy-cuts. , iienieiiic) units, "llii'iii nmmriln r.-illn-r dangerous critters" to bo kept snugly sealcil, within the "Hluc Klliptical Saloon J" IVOIIl llicy OPJCCl agaiUSl .ur. uiinuruuii.t) my uy their e ash for the purpose of dressing up t'leso tab- hy-cais in new daniasit fiik hocks i inu i wouiu also i cry much de,rc to learn the views of lluso plain, republican "Sucke rs" in regard to tlitec new window cm tains, bought bv our ileiuocrntic President for the "llluei Klliptical Saloon." Vou will see, Ly 'Hie Dill, " mat jl,10i SU oi ino riopies casu was paid for these thli'e curtains making just M35 S3 apiece. 1 am elisposeel to believe that tlio plain repuu- lican "nucKerb win mini-, std.) -iis a iiiucioo uiiicii inoneiy lo be laid out for "fixing" ono window curtain. Why, sir, that t-tun woulel build three or four "Log Cabins." and finish ibi ui oil completely, with pun cheon floors, clap-board-, tools, cubs, ribs cave-be'ar-crs, buttiivy-poles, we:Bbt-iolei', tnd rnlge-poIis, nnd IllClllOllig Till IlllUl.'lliy t-Hlllllva llliu un1 imiuuiu, tinvi would also leave a few dollars besides to tre at tho talks whocainu to the "raisin" with as much hard-cider as they can stow away iiiultr tho be)ts of their h.ifoy woolsey hunting-hhirts. Hut, sir, what will those plain, republican ".suck ers" say when I suggest that Mr. Vnn Huron, doubt less, in thcopinion oftho 'importers of Flench silks, innelo money, or, to speak with more propriety, haveel cash to the People bv thopurchnse of these three win dow cumins nt $1,397 BO 1 for tho curiums which now hang nt the seven windows of the "Kast Room" required exucllySJ,67li 15 of the People's money or Iho moderate sum of 8553 02 for caVli curtain. , Do 1 startle jour "old republican feelings 1" Mr. Chairman it ri'joices my hcutt to behold that honest frown of disapprobation resting on your brow at the recital of thisproiligal and lavish wabte of tho money eif your constituents. As 1 like always lo be armed with tho proof of cvoiy important fact which I desire to bring licforo tho country, 1 will present you, sir, tho bill of items for tho curtains in tho Kast Room. The y were purchased from the firm eif L. VcrouandCo., in Phil adelphia. Hero is the bill I Suits of Curtains for Cast Hoom. 21ft ynrds long bilk fringe. ... 1 1 " heavy cord silk fringe, 11 " ceitton, 210 " rinbroidercd cnglo muslin, 130 " satin border, .... 100 " ' yellow silk, .... 131 " liluo siik, lf7 " whilo silk, .... .Mr. Nolcn's bill for gill rays, A, I.i'jambcr's bill nf ornaments, Pulling up the curtains, .... 8110 -10 121 00 Hi 72 352 f-0 I!I2 00 (107 00 377 52 5l(i 71 70 00 255 75 275 3(3 3,195 R5 319 50 30 00 53,875 35 Profit 10 per centum, Kxpenscsuf Upholsicicrs in Washington Cost of KaiJ Room curtains, 1 havo no iloubt that the more rich and fashionable portion of Mr. Van Huron's friends will nrgo in his defence that thn curtains purchased for tho "liluo Kl lipticnl Saloon" ire very chc-op i (hut they arc compo sed of the richest materials, nndnr in perfect harmo ny with nil tho georgeous nrrnngeineiiis m this magni ficent ealoonAV herein the curtains which were theiont tho rotirciiieni of Octt. Jackson were merely crimson elininsk double s.lks, that had been bought from Mr. 1 o dreniillefjr the trilling sum of fuur hundted nnJ filly elollars, and wero uouleeiiled by fashionable gen. t o nun nnd ladies salllciciitly splendid to suit the-other drapery oftho saloon, Whether this defence will bo considered ns good for 51,307 GO of thu People's cash, I Icavo tho People tllcmiclvcs to determine. At tins, annual levee, notwithstanding its pomp nud pageantry, no expense whatever Is incurred by tho president personally. No fruits, cake, wine, colli o, hard cider or other refreshment's aro tendered to his gnosis. Indeed, it would tnil.talu against nil the rules or court eliqu tie. now established at the palace, to permit 'vulgar oiling and drinking' on this grand gala day. riio only entertainment thero served up consists in prorontid bows, stalely promemdes, formal civili ties, ardent expressions ol admiration for thn pagennt pissing beforo your eyes, wilh nnxicus inquiries nboiit tho weatherall these good things go to make up what Iho fashionable people there assembled cnll "iho 'list of reason and the How of soul." This ndmirn Me courso levies no unwilling contribution upon the private funds of the president, nnd, in that respect, s purrs wat i liisccotioinieal notions to a T. Tho Ma mie Hind, however, is nlways ordered from tho navy yarel, and stationed in tho spacious front hail, from wlif iico they swell the rich saloons of tho palace, with "Had to the Chief," "Wha'll be king but Char lie, and other hundred airs which ravish with delight tho curs of warriors who bale never smelt powder. '!10 poople-'s ca-h and not his own, pays for all the sjrvices ol t to marine bind, its employment tit tho palaep do s not cnnfl.ct with tho peculiar' views of the president, in regard to thoobvioui difference between pun i ntul pn'yato economy. Air. Chairman, n plain, sober minded republican can have' no love for the splendors of a monarch's court, much loss can he admire the apish mimtcrv of rovai ceremonies displayed with Heimlich ostentation nt iho li! 'L,Vl'n" Ihe president. A plnin republican be holds nothing in nil those vnin formalities which fairly and truly represents tho haul v and simple character of the American people. Ilriiish noblemen would doubtless look with gratification nt Ihe gorgeous pa geant of foreign nmbhssadors, with their attaches be elecked in all thcirdazzlingbiitgrolrsnuenalionalconrt eustoiuos. Lordlv aristocrats woulel take great de baht m surveying thebriglit array of star-) nnd ribands, !wels and badges of honor, gold buttons and epau lettes, that on those occasions cause the rich silonns of thn president's palace lo shino with redoubled brightness. They, too, would no doubt much adiuite the long line of black nnd gilded coaches, which fill the wade carriage ways Icaeling from tho ionic portico or tlm palace to tho right nnd b ft huge iron por'nls which face the great avenue. Hut, sir, these gildi-d carriages, richly caparisoned hotsos, randy hammer cloths, footmen in gold and crimson liveries, all tho dazo of equippago, and nil the trappings of royalty, navo no olfactions for the ev s of plain repnblifjnn freemen. They know full well, that all this finery was purchased of tho coichnnker, the painter, tin enrver, the. gilder, the harnessmakcr and the tailor ; nnd that the lit tin souled mortal who thus rages lo outshine nil others in externals who would ninnop-i. hze not only the luxu-ies ern palace, but all notice, all respect, nnd nil consideration would nlo desir wear a glittering coronet, nnd tn "lord it" nv species Oar plain republican citizens are looiutoll. 1 'i1 i Wlt'' nl'I,rf,l'ation nt a roval pageant that offends them with its glare; nnd thev possess too much of ihe spirit of '7(3 not to despise tho l.ttle aris tocrat, who seems to think that tho cut re itniiv.rso was made for him, and such ns he, to take their pis. ns"s ' a"J W'10' 'iy ,li9 '"lI)cr'0119 loo!t hisolcntly " Have poor men souls 7 and are their bodies then Of the same llesii an I blond as gentlemen'?'1 At t'leso annual st He l vecs, the great doors of the 'Kast Itoom, " Hluc Kllipticnl Saloon," "Creen Drawing Room" and "Vcllow Drawing Room," arc thrown open at 12 o'clock precisely, to the anxious feet of gaily apparelled noblemen, honorable men, gentlemen and ladies, of all the nations and kingdoms of the caith, many of whom appear ambitiously in tent upon securing an call , lecognition from the head of the mansion. The president, al the same instant ?,, n'pp-B?lmes his station about four feet within the Hluc Klliptical Saloon, and facing the door which looks out upon the spacious front hall, but is separated from it as before romarkcel, by a screen of ionic columns. Ho is supported on the right and left by the Marshal of tho distnet of Columbia, and by one of the high officers of the government. The marine band bavin" h"on assigned their position at tin east cud of the hall, with all their fine instruments in full tune, at tho same incriiicai moment si.-wo up one ol our mot admired national tins, and forthwith a currrent of life fl ws in ot the outer door of tho palace, and glides with tho smoothness of music through the hall, by tho ionic screen into the royal presence. Here each and I'vcrv ind is received with a gentle shako of the hand, and is greeted with that "smile etertnl" which plays over the soft features of Martin Van Huron save when ue cans to mum nowconloundedly ' Old Tip ' chiscil, caught and licked Proctor anil Tocumsch. Immediately alter the intrnilnrlinn nr i-pr-nimh;,,,, the current sets tow.arels the Kast Room, and thus this stream of living men and women continues to How for about the space of three hours the " Democratic Presid.Mit" being the only oib around which all this pomp, pride and parade revolve. To him all these lessor planets turn, ns the sun flower turns m iU,i Sun, in I feil iheircolois brightcna! when a ray nf favor eir ei "eoyeil siiiil,:" lulls upon them. Hut amid this gor- mui.s page in i wouiu au, .Mr. iJInirman, where, are the sympathies that be-it in unison with the honest pulsations or the tenants of log eibins ! What is thero in all this glare of rubies and diamonds, nnd gaudy court costumes, that can recall tn ibn nnml f . ,.t,. serin- the unequal lot oftho poor daily laborer, whose task is never finished until the sun retnes behind the western lulls '? Can a single thought for the doubles and toils and care sof honest poverty abide one mo ment m an assembly like Ib-s an assembly which the ponuiar climate would chill mo icy stillness? The gales from the log cabins would ce me oier it like the chilling blasts from the fiozen regions of the poles, where the genial beams of bolar influence cannot pen etrate. During the administration of .1. Cl. Adams, I had frequently heard this gentleman much ccnsuied for iheintroduction or Court ceremonials into the palace; but, fiom full inquiry and investigat.on I am satisfied that those charges were founded meiror. The very first royal or court orelinaneo in relation to the proper ceremonies to be obsoricd nt thu presiilent's levees which F have been able to discover was proclaimed during the next year after General Jackson had suc ceedtd to the presidency. It was in the form eif ,m "oieler" issued by the marshal of the district or Co lumbia. I will send it to the clerk's table and have it read, fiir the benefit and admiration of till pure, harel handle, loco foeo democrats : "Tub Piiesioknt's DiiAiviso-nooM. -Wishing lo preserve order and nlllnd every coitvenince in mv power to the fellow-citizens cf'tho president of tho United Stales who may wish to visit tho dinwiug rooms or levees, I elccui it proper to promulgnto tlio following lcgulalions to be observed on lliete occa sions : "Police officers will bo stationed nt the gates nnd front doors oftho executive mansion, to preserve or der and enforce the following regulations : "1. All carriages will enter by the eastern nnd de part by the western gate. "2. None will be sutll red to remain in the yard : when called for, they will enter 'ho eastern gitc, ami if, on their arrival at thefiont door, their timers nnd employer are not rendy to elepart, they will iiumeeli ately drive nut of thn yarel, nnd remain out until again called for bv tho police olhcrrs. "3, No boys will be admitted unless specially intro duced by llu ir patents. TPA'Cll RINCC.OI.D, .uarsiiai oi uio uistnct oi ejoiuiubia. "January 21, !8i0." This order. 1 presume sir. is the norm nf all ihn court formalities that now obtain nt the pnlacc. Hut theie court cc'i'inun es are offensive to the taste nnd f.lin-s of plain republicans they answer no g od enilj and I 'trust the day is not far distant when tho president of the United States will discover that lo obtain anil retain tho icsptci n: American peeqdo it will be nc cessaiy toeli'servoit; and especially, tint to secure their respect, it will not bo nece suary to practice the airs and adopt tho forms which prevail at tho Hritish court. Let us return. Mr. Chairman, to tho Incus in nuo. or rather locus cri minus the place where this crime against the simplicity of republican minima s, has been eommitti'd ibn Ciri-en and Yellow Drawing Rooms, 1 have loo wide n field beforo ino to consume much of tho tune of this coiiimilleo in atlr'innling to describe the gorgeous splendors of the window curtains and other drapery) the dazzling magnificence of the largo gilded mirrors, mantel glasses, I'lininK liers, cait lth bras, French Hracket lights, and mantel orimncnts, tlm smooth and beauliful Ilalian slab centre tabb s, 1 1 rich and luxuriant damask satin coven el e'hair', ' geres, sofas, French comfortables, Turkish oltomnn.i and divans, and brilliant imperial carpets, and oilier shining garnishments with which these supoih draw ing rooms arc adorncel. It mav be sufficient to say that tholustruiind elegance of their interior would no doubt dazzle, if they did not blind, llu eye's of Sbinmi, iiiiiigaiiu .uiiiir, inucouuriiieii iocoioco rulers ol Tam many Hall. Tho Creen and Yellow Drawing Rooms have boon greatly beaiitifiiel and improvrei since thu retirement of Cien. Jackson. I find among the vouch ors of tlio treasury department, a bill of C, Alexander, for materials, tVn. for the pii's.tlom's house, from tho lltlt ofMarth, 1837,till the lllthof May. 1837, 51,0371 part of this amount, viz: $155, was for tho (ireoii elrawing room. Tlio latter sum, among oilier charges includes one item of 30 pieces of silver paper, $"0, and ono other item for 90 yards of green silk, SIM. Hut, sir, without stopping to inquire how vastly that silver paper and gii'cn silk must havo improved tin greeu drawing room, I will pioceed tn read two either bills for more substantial but not less ornamen tal improvements. "The U. States to P. Yalderein, for president's housn. 1 Divan and Cushion, $100 "Rcc'd payment of T. 1 Smith, Sept. 30, 1R37. "P. YAI.DKRON." (Voucher No. 37. i " The president's house to A, l.i'jimbcr, Dr, 0 French Comfortables, mndoof extra materi als, and extra covets, 1 boxes tit 2 50, Ifi0 10 Recoiled payment in full, 170 A. KKJAMIIKR. Voucher Nr. embraced inah-iract No. I, of pay ment made by T- L. Smith, ngent for purchasing fur- nitnro for president's houscfiom Apnl 15 1837, to May 10, lbJS, ' In the ninth century, tho immortal Alfred sat on n thrco I ggtd stool und "swayed Ins sccptra o'er tho Knglith realm i" hut Mr. Van llurcn In ilni our day, is not cemt jut nidi a seat of such homely construc tion. I lo must hive Turkish divans, and Fiench comfoi tables. 'I housands of the copies dollars havo been expended for I) It and damask satin covereel setecs, (fill and damask s.ilin covered sofas, Gill and daliiask salui covered bergeres, (lilt and iluniisk satin covered fautciiils, Kill nnd damask satin covered chairs, (lilt nnd damask satin coiered ottomans, t Silt ami damask salui covered tabouttls, (Jilt and tlim.'isk satin covered tniisie! stools, Clilt and ilamisk satin covered foot stools, Cilt and ilumak satin covered pillows. Still Mr. Vnn llurcn was not content! he longcel fot the Turkish divuh, and the I'leneh comfortable. A good loco foco democrat, inetlnnks might hue been pretty well sali-dietl with n crmi'tin damask sofa, and a pillow of sjfl down, encased in a silk cover. Ami a bulky alderman it is said, nfter enj lying his turtle soup, can snore n way his six hours, nt perfect peace with i.ll mankind, by placing his corporation within the gene rous diiujnsions of ii bergoro. Ilul neither tin crim son damask sofa and soft down, covered piliow, nor the spacious horgcrc, would content Air. Van llu rcn. What was to bo done ' Tho ottoman ha ti i back whervm ihohard handed di mocrnt, wearied with the cure of state, can lean, and tho tabouret is part nnd parcel of tho court regalia, and may be soiled by to i freepient use. The iiuisii stool nnd the; foot stool, nlbeit covered with damask satin, arc loo low for a favorable disposal of the extremities. What could bn done sir, in this dire emergency, hut to pay downrt.'iOof thepeeipl 's cash that the presi dent may enjoy the luxuries of the Tm Irish ibvnn nnd the French eoinf n lal lo, "mailt of extra materials?" And as llics'fine.articlcs were doubtless bought "dog cheap," and especially ns every dog has bis day, no good loco foco can ungenerously withhold from his liard-hande.l democratic friend iho elelialits of n "lounge" on a "coMi'onTAiux." Rut I opine, Mr. Chairman, that although many of iluti honest loco focos would bo pleased to sco Amkmcan eo.MrotiTA nt,r.sint edifi'l into th" pal tce, they will hardly ad mit iho propriety or the true representative"- or the hird-handed democracy sending tho e ns!, of tin. People acrosa iho wide Atlantic Tor tho pnrehaseof "Fnr.Mcii comfortables," nt a time too, when thous ands ot .am F.n i can caliinet makers and upholsterers, who aro qniio ns Hrreitiotts and quite ns handy, in their respective crafts, ns the artisans of Paris and Lyons, arc nut of employment, for the want of a market for th"ir beautiful fabrics. 1 will not detain you longer in the green nnd yellow drawing rooms than just to direct your eve in letiring from tlio latler, first to the eleiant ina naiy gilt mounted piano forto. and then to thcicn-v I'd hromc mantle, representing llnnn bil the cele brated Citrlhagiiiiin (ieneral, al the battle .)''('onn:i. There are rioothcr apartments on the first ibor or the palaco excepting the "cocn - lcit.k, on n isuit.t isc boom," and the family dining ' ', with sundry store moms and rt.ATi: nnd imw ' -e between th m. 1 shall c ill ymr attention. Mr. i '-rnfin, to tho "CocnT HANQCUTiNei Room, but not unt.! wu .hall first step to the left of tho great elitcrancv hall, that we may nsacitd tha grand staircase covered with a rich lirussels carpet, in order to take a vol y curso ry view of the interior arrangements on the second story of the pahec. Th" apartnnnt on this story which has been most admired is deniminat d the 'Ladies Circular Parlor," corresponding in form lus tre, nnd elegance, with the "Hint; I'.lliptical .Saloon" on the first story. This Imuilifiil "parlor" wis (it t e.el up in handsome style by Mr. Adams, nnd was oc cupied by Presiilent's family, during his term of ofhee, as their company receiving room. Soon after Sir. Van Huron came hit) power, the "Frillies' Civcu lar l'arlor," as well as every othe r apartment in ihe palaco was ordained to acc?pt n splendid outfit at the hands of tin gilder, tho painter, the carver, (he up holster, nnd the importer nf gold arid silver p iper, royal Wilton an I imperil Saxon carp ts, gilt rays, star', fringe, task's, 'unity Kcmblc zrcen glass cups fancy toilet sets, nnd other lovely f.ireian ornaments. I discover by a vouchor now in my hand, that Mr. Van llurcn, on the 12th day of D 'c'einber. 137. nan 81 Oil of thePcnple's cash for ihr embellishment nf tne"l,adi;s Circular t'arlor. Tins sum of 1,011 is one of tlio charges n th- (laige bill 81,310,0) of Messrs. Patten A- Oo, Krw York, and to which I before refi rreal. I will at thin favorable time nresint some other charges, included in tins bill of -Messrs Patten it Co. What do you think, Sir. Chairman, ol ui'i i, no. i nig s)cim ns ot lo- rero d 'time racy ij ' r 'resident's Ciamber. Making curtains and or.:.iii:.s-rs, $57, '0 Siut T.issEf, 19,00 'or President's Parlor. Sat'n Medallion, fi,C0 Sathi, 30,(12 Calloon, 3, 10 Coid, P,v Silk Tassels, 12, '0 Rosettes, 2.00 Cimp, l'.'jfQ Por jadics' !oom. flaking curtains and ounaments, 51,00 T.issnt.'s, 1,00 CllIMPON TAI'Pr.T.l, 121,00 I'or ted loom 4Y. 1. Mnlcimt enrl.aius and oun.vmcviu, 57JjO SlLIC T.18SKI..S, 13,00 Por loom .Yd. I. Making curtains nnd oii.vamcnts, 35,"0 Silk Tasi els, ltl,00 'or loom .Yo. G Jinking curtains and ons.xMBNis, 37,75 .SlLItT.lfSKLi-, 11,00 Por loom .Vn 3. Making curtains und or.NAME.NTs-, 53,25 Tassels, lAOO Por Hell PiiIIj. Sills Curd, 50,01 Tassels, - .12,00 ReisniTiis, fj,C0 1 am disposed to believe, Mr. Chairman, that the present occupant of the palace is not a "r nl geiuiinu" looofoco, He can't have the "right stripe." You nny depend upon it som -thing must benut of gear. Why, sir, hr loves la-si Is, g. settrs, and girl.sli finery almost ns much ns n real "Hank Whig" love-) "bird cider." liy the act of the 3.1 of March, 1637, Congii's appropriated twenty thousand dollars "fir furniture of t ip Presiticnt's House," I qintn the language of the law, "for 'rca MTi'nn' of the President's House." Mow, I find the entire I ill eif M. ssrs. P.itten it Co. in"lu'ed i'i tho "nbstiact of paviueiits made by Thomas L. Smith, agent for purclnsuig furniture for the lVesident's Housr, from, ljth April, Hi", to Iilth Mav, 1W I would, thcrojoro, respeclf illy whether ' s:Ik ta-sc!s .ni.l ros.'ttvs " are cnn-itlercd household fui ni tiire, in the U ntunaleilemocrutic meaning nf the word! I risk, sir, whether "silk tassels nud rosutes'' can be democratically inventonod as nai t nnd mrcel of i he household furniture of n hard hind' d locofoco .' Arc "silk tassels and rosetts" herea.t' rio ho written down deem. J, and taken in the same category with frying pans, oaken chests, chaH'-bags niid 'cronl tubs ) As well might tin Honest eiii7eti nt 1 ulpchacken valley, who earn shtshisR by 10 looking glass with a siring of bluojiy, y How hammer, winttaker. and mocking bird eggs,' call those speckled eg'TshoiiM'bn!d furniliire and formally bequeath them, when ho is about to take leave of plantations md spcckle'd eggs, tv hs u j( written or nuncupative. Sir, this would be too bad for a Christian i-iumtry. Hut this is not nil, f,)r in the s uno "Abstract" of payment nude by T. I.. Smith, the following bill w al-o included : "Washington. Apoit21. 1P37. "The Tinted States Covcrmiunt rur Pre.-idcnt's House, To Avot. F. Cammcvkk, Dr. -lj.! llroaihvnv, Mew-York. "For COLD LF.AF, (ill.DlNCi .iIATLRIAI.S, " labor, and expenses to the President's House. 62.000 00 "August 25, received payment in full of T, L. Smith, Whu t. i'. i;.i.-i,u;i Do VOU sunnos" Sir. Chnirinnn. ihnt a nlnm. no. sophisticnlcd loco foco enn stand this Will he ngreu that Martin Yan llurcn aeied fairly by paying out mo noy which had bi'en approptiatcel by law lor "furniture fur thePieriilent'H lltiusi,"' in buying COLD LI-'AF and OILDIMC .MATlilUALS.nndafterwinls ' whtji tnng tho Devil round the stump" by.ilhnx GOLD LKAF nndCILDIMC m iteriils houieU"'i' 'rniturt1. o, sir, he will not. The rt'iiumo loco foco is too honest for that. Sonic few of them may, f rhnps, be peisuaded to admit that "Silk 'IV'sels ind R is, tus" aiopaitnnd parcel of an orthodox fliedeb' ..f eirmo cratie household furiiitiue, but I niti ' it lhenpphca lion of roil hot, racks, j-ililit-t-. bowstrings. chains, and molten lead, canned induce one . 'il'-au lo neknowloifge that C.OI.D I.F.AF and (ilLDIXC I M ATKRIALS mav ho legitimately iuerted in ihe tn .u sehnliil'. Hut the "end is not yet," I havo btroro inc. Mr. I Chairman, iho original lull (iluly rce'einti'd.) arc. H. et J. F. White, for "FltKXCIF ISF.DSTF.ADS, " ".ilarlili lop washslands, "liiii'iig loom ( imimoile with 'Slalinrv .5Iatblo too.' 'Diismiil Huieans.' nnd oilier utiholsicry, bought Aug. 10, l?"i7, for the sum of$l,5!)!),.'0 of the People's cash. These nriicles may be deuommatril "household fiiiinnue" m the proper and true iiiidnisiaiiiliug of the terms. Hut, sir, I pro- icsi iigains-i evneninng inn money ot mv constituents for ileu-nut FRIWCII Hl'.DS'l'I'ADS. Must the AMF.IUCW ink, and hickory, nnd cherry, nnd walnut, and maple, that aduiils nf "smoothest stain," stand neglected in the forhsts, for the oilt rosr.woon sandal, chonv, box, and liiahnganv of I'll VMCI-'.uud the far oil' "Is'es nf Iho sen !" Sbnll the, 's money bo shipped "ucrot-s die ocean" bv the ivoi.j, ' enn seriant to support I int.(i J1KCH CS, whilst OI'R OWN "CF.WINfi WOUKMI'.N" nl most peiish fiir lack of bread 1 Shall that "bre'.id bee withhold from the mouth of hi in st labor" nt lionie, but lavished upon the schji ets of kings nbioad ? Why was Tt! r Yan Hurcn so nimous lo possess an elegant I'RI'.NCH Hl'.DSTI' D 1 Docs hoilosiioto have Ihe i r, j -,, PimUW ItlOD" nlso' Resides the "I .mill's'" Circular Parlor," thero are twelve eniinno- I ious'iiparlllicnls oil HIP sceonti sinrv en me ,aiin-e ono of which is occupied by the President nsan 'otllce.' The term "office, " however, has boon proscribed by iho "Coenr Cmcirs" as a vulgar noun, nnd bonro ilio "office" room is designated nt tlm pahec bv the bi"bor sounding nnd tinkling name of "Till' PRI-'Sl-DT.NT'S AUDIKNCK CIIA5Ilir.R."-lInrd bv tho "President's Audience Chamber," u tho "ANTIC ROOM," into which nil visitors nrc conducted by a richly attired English palace tenant to wait until the dcriiocrniic Preside nt sbnll signify his plca6ro tinl ...... ,;. ,j iiiiiuuuccu eo - too picscnce." I l,-v htaid n ennthman coinplnni that tho "Atito-Room" bad not been provided with a largo mirror, by thm ,t of which fashionable ladies might properly adjust their "bonnets and cutis " nnd bclorc which, I presume, sprucj court,ers who visit the palace could "prnctisj in making up tbc,r f;iC0 (l)r tl0 tny.'' In relation t,j Vlfl e,',"'"'',, 1 -'diuot forbear (o call your attention rri -1!i1l'l"1I"ii to a short passage io tho 57lh tiimiber of th' iith box, f,,,,, , yiition, oftho ivritliiigs of he distinguish' d Archbishop liiasinus. Hrisgiving dircctioiis to a young man how lo conduct himself at 'Court.1 " "As you tiro now going to livo at Courl," (saya Lrnsnins,) "I edvise yn j t10 r;,t piacc, ,lt,VL.r t0 rcposu the smallest confidence in any man there who I r -less himself your friend, though ho may smile upon you, nnd einbrnco yon, and proumii you ny, nnd confirm Ins promise with nn oath. Relieve no man here) a Mine re friend to you t nnd do you tnkc core io be o sinceii' fiiend to no mm. Movcrthcless, vou .mi-m- rnKTENi. to 1.01T. a i.r. vou sEi., nnd show the ut most suavity or manners and attentions to every in dividual. I Ik se attentions cost you not a farthing ; here fore, you may be as laush of them nsyou pleae. I ay your salutations with the softest snuka on your caiintouanen, shnko hands wilh the appearance of most ardent cordiality, bow and give wav to all, rdand tao m hind, address cvoiy body by their titles or honor, praise without bounds, and promise most liberally, i,.','! n"1'1 lnvc y"".vcry morning, bcrore you po to I-iv nt 1:, HIVT' MVw,t"'tf1"l' yor face for" lbs inyn 'l'h'ohn:i L'lr,',',l '1,,m"' 'I"" " my ho rea to nssn.nn any part in the farce, and that no g hiupscof your real thoughts nnd fcelin 'smay apt car on must study yon, geslures carefnllylit on., tha in the noting ..rib. day your countenance, person, a id conversation may nil correspond, ,!' as3ist 'c."h quornde vln up yollr charat:tPr "1 the Court mas- "These nre the elements or the courtier's philosophy, in learning which, no man can be nn nut scholar nn! IfHlio nrst ofnllehvests himsflr of nil inJoof ' "ha ml and, lemng his natiirnlfnco at home, puts on a vizor and wears it constantly, loo. In thu nrxt place pr-i scent oftho various c.abuls and parties or thn Court but be not ma hurry to attach yonrscirio any or them till you have duly uvonnoitered. When you havo round out who is the ICing's favorite, vou have vou r cur. t mind to l;ee p on the safe s;,l0 of t3 vesai 1'. Ir the King s favorite ben dowright fool, vou must not scruple to flatter him, so longas he is in favor with the god of your idolatry. "The go 1 !iims"!f, to be sure, will require the main ?mlV!.M-!Ji-.vJ'1.1;. M ","n as n l,nl'l,en 10 ''cm I HI. PRKbl.Nf I., yon must eilnbit a face ornppa. rontly hon:st el- light, .n ,r you wero transported with the privilege ot being s0 near the ROYAL PERSON U hen once you have observed what he likes and dis likes, your business is done." Insinus proceed" to counsel his Court pupil "to nav more ceiurt to L.TMir,.S than, that n mav Teas Ttinin iiuAitrs, a.vo nnt.s-o tiic.m oven to ins sidk." The Archbishop, sir, was deeply read in the book or Courts, of human nature, nnd the world, nnd drew Ins picture "fiom the l,fe." And I appeal to tho hon orable gentlemen who represent the "Palmetto State" on this floor, to say whether the present incumbent of the palace is not the verv character which F-'rnsmus ironically conns Is lus student to become. Let thoso gentlciiiLii repertise the paragraphs 'which hnie just been read, and then let them burnish up their remini scences of Oen. Jackson's administration, and they cannot fad to recall to mind the name of his distiii guishcel "Court favorite," whose will was omnipotent, even to the dissolution of n cabinet And they will also doubtless remember the smooth, nimble courtier, who, "Instead or mounting batberi steeds To fright the souls or fearful adversaries," capered in the palace saloons ; and, after ho had his eyr, roused the vengeance of'thc god of his (pretend ed) idolatry ' against the thou Yiee President of tho United States, nud then hied away "to carry party considerations, to ingo pittv merits, nnd to solicit paity the foot or the Hritish throne;" and who has since that pei, od, paid "more court to ene mies than fn., nnd thus turned their beans and linoi'GuT tiic.m oven to his eidk." , I haicnlso In art! some persons nffirm, in regard to "ante-'oom," that it had not n sufficient number of chairs to acro.iimotlato the visiters there at times kept hi waiting. Iain satisfied, however, that the Presi dent cannot be aware of the fact, or he would have or dered for this mom a dozen or two silk damasks or bainnoocnncsfrom the other apartment, of the palace, from wlunce their removal would hardly have been recognized." Democratic Presilcnts, Air. Chairman, sometimes gel tired ol their furniture. Homo change, rcilinrs, has taken place m the fashion, anil then, J'ni thivith, it b iconics, "old and d fayetl" furniture, und they send it ot! to aiiciirm and s,.ll u for a whistle. At leaf t sit ddlerent sal-s of 'oH," or unfashionable furniture have been hold .v.thin hc '. . ' .een years, liz : oth December, 1?3'J, grosn proceeds "th elo elo do 21d do do do Nt May, 1F3 1, deA 10th March, 183"., d5 23d Movember, 1S37, elo Commissions and other expenses, $030 03 -5331 23 53 55 2t0 50 1! 0 00 1,07; 71 S5,9f'(l 02 310 52 , M'ctt proccds of sales, -S5,6;0 -10 After nil, sir, it may be k-llcr occasionally to dis pose of tho palace, otherwise its rich saloon's would soon res: mble ntiac.ctii n-er's room nt Ilishopsgatc, to whi'h noble men, mipoverUhcd bv their liccs, older tlio f lrnduie of thJr castles, for the purposes or "mis nig the wind." 1 shall not detnin the committee, Mr. Chairman, by going ou r the- s.anie "eternal round" of cUgant and cosily rum. tun with which the npaitmcni em these oniul utory nf the palace abound. I must not, how eicr. om.t to name the ostrich egg mantel ninnnu nit on silver stands, and the superb" imperial and roval Yidton, Hrus-s. Is nnd Saxon cm pits ; sonic or which, 'tis said, are deep enough lorn good locofoco demo crat io bury his ftit m, a.- he walks over them. Let me refer you, iir, to thiec or four of the carj et bills : -Vew-Yokk, July 3, 37. 'riio Prrrid'-ntrf the Uniteel Statis, hy T. I Smith, bounht of Josiph Lowe, IMPORT l'.R OF UN- CLISH Cnrpets, Oil Cloths, &c. 333 Hioadway, corner of Anthonv-stroot, O-i yards lirussels body, a l".i. 23J 'Io elo boreler a 1?, 0!) e!. do l,(i v, n Is, 2.1 do do border, n 13, 3 Imperial Rugs, Indies' loom 2 chambers, a $25, S2C0 t0 52 S3 222 75 51 75 CO (orrcctas regards quantities. Septcinlor 19, . ' i't'r151 ''icccivcu payment, "JOSKPFI LOWK." ".Uirlin Yan Huron, President U. S. bought of W. W. Clu ster ov c. mi Mroadway 1S37, Juno 20, 17 vatds Saxony carpet ms, a j I, $(332 1 u.g lo match, 33 July 31, 2 tugs, a 25, f0 6767 liy remnants, say F yard, returned, 4 20th Sept. 1S37. Correct F-d. Bi'm-n, Received payment of T. L. Smith. w. w. chi:sti:r & Co." I linen nten l.f,n M- rl.-: -.1 rr. . ; - --... v, .in. . n.iii innn, u.iiei uui- cial vouchers, duly receipted, ror the rollow ing car peting, purchased for the I'lis.dent's palace since tha Reformers came mlo power : Pram Lttn's Ccron if- Co. 515 yards 1MPHHIAL WILTON, 51,515 00 03 do I AL SAXONS, 214 50 2lil elo 4-1 wide for stairs, 105 00 Rliio-cloih fordo, fl p 107 do trusi.tls enrpet and border, 21-1 f0 1 health rug to match, 25 00 19"' vauls llru.-eh carpet and border, 1,053 23 4 Imperial rugs, (if 00 O.l cloth, 1,201400 S?,499fii Hero. sir. we have tho sum of S'.lOO OS orthe Pen. ple's cash paid by the " letrenching lifornurs" for FORI'ION carpets and oil cloths to"ndorn the palace. Mow let me lifer you 10 the 2d section of the act of Congress, passed the 22d of May, 1S20. It is thes? words : "That all furniture purchased for the use ef f.i I'rrsidrnl's i.u( in be, as far us practicable, of AMi:ncA. on noMilsvc ma.xupac tpiip.:' Was it not "practicable" to obtain AMKRICAN or DOMl'.STIC carpeting "for the use ot the President's House;" No gentleman dure nfliim that. why did Mr. Ynn llurcn violate the law, in purehns.nj FORKKiN enrpets ! Are there no carpels made m iho I'mteil Stales of texture firm enough, nnd of col ors sufficiently guild v. to plent-o llic eve nf a democratic President J Are A.MP.ltlCAN win'vcis, nnd elyrrt, and nianufneliircrs, loo dull und loo ttepiel to lnnke s elciTiit Ripiiblienn carcl' Is Amciican weed too coirse or too tine too long or te" i-hort, sir, that AMKRICAN ineohanies catiimt form n ratpci out of it I'ontoe I enoutli for the fee 1 of Martin nii l imn to sod ! Why doe s ho prefer ROVAL am. IMPKKIAI. WILTONS to the) fabnos A" countrymen ? llns he no Aiiioriinn pair.otim to call to lus nut, and 111 Kllielll .llllOrieeill IM.I IIIUIH.-IU.III llll lllllll IIIMIU to their skill I Cnn he not nuprocialo the feelings nf honest pride, that would swell with delight the henrt of every true born son of Americn, nt I ('holding I ho floois nud the walls in ihe saloons of nn American Pre sulcnl fiiriiihi'i wilh plnin, substantial, American inaniif.iciiircs .' Is this ihe policy that Mr. Ynn Hureii proposes bv w Inch we niotoproieot domestic-industry fiom fonfan tampclilion I Will he adopt llieninpgo mode' of conferring benetils on .Imc recoil artisans bv iriin'porlmg their money to reward the artisans df Hncland, Fiance, Helcium, nnd .Je.ueiiiy? Whnt will the Americnn wool-grower uny loliisplnn ? How will iho American weaver ichsh that I locorroot and to punish ihisnuttngo ngninst American okill and American industry, I rely with full confidence on the friends nnd patrons ef .iNiereViiti manufacture arid mechanics

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