Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, July 17, 1840, Page 4

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated July 17, 1840 Page 4
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FRIDAY MORNINGS, JULY 17, 1610 DISTRICT CONVENTION. Wo loam from Cainliriilgo that tho the Whig Convention on Wednesday tinnniinoiis-ly nomi nated tho Hon. AUGUSTUS YOUNCJ, of Troy, as a candidate for Congrcfs from this district. Tho preferences of the Com tuition, reeni to have centered mainly upon Meesr?. Young and Brijrgs. After a full comparison of notes and weighing all tho circumstance?, tho Com mittco reported to tho Convention the name of Mr. Yoi'nc whereupon Mr. Urigga magnani mously came forward and withdrew all claims or pretension?, and in a brief but oloipicut speech, replete with patriotic ardor, besought every friend of his to go heart and t-oul for tho nomination. The effect was electric, and when tho question was put to tho Convention, every voice responded a cordial itflirinativo. Tho nomination is a good one, and the result is every way calculated to inspire tho whigs of the dis trict with the fairest hopes. Wo can safely pledge tho nomination from four to five hundred majority in Chittenden County. Hon. Wm. 1'. Unices was unaiiimosly nom; nated as Elector of President for this district. The convention was unusually huge, and its deliberations throughout, were characterized by tho utmost unanimity and good fooling, lion. Ezra Mccch presided, assisted by five vice pres idents. Hut we shall give tlio proceedings en tire, together with the address and resolutions, in our no.xt. Don't fail to read Air. Or.i.n's, Speech, in our columns to day. If the people arc willing to have their money squandered in this way, so be .it. But let them, by all means, examine into these matters, and sec hnw the thing is done. We can't say, but there may be some whigs even, at Washington, who approve of these ex penditures ; but all we asl; is that the people of Vermont should say for themsches whether they do. " DISCERN YE NOT THE SIGNS OF THE TIMES ? Our exchange papers arc filled with renun ciations of Van Hurcnism, and wo might fill our fcheet from week to week with tiie columns of names and pages of reasons of those who have abandoned Mr. Van Huron, and arc daily joining tho cause of Harrison and reform. But this we have not deemed it expedient to do. Wo .have given our readers merely enough to indi cate the progress of the storm ; and this, backed up and fortified as it has been by tho uniform result of almost every election that lias taken place since Harrison's nomination, seems to have carried conviction to all candid and rellcct ing minds, that Mr. Van Duron was fast losing tho little hold he had upon the affections of the people. Hut tho loco focos have a very summa ry way of disposing of arguments they cannot answer. They deny the facts, and refuse to hear proof. Even tho evidence of their own senses is discredited, and while thousands and thou sands in different parts of the country have re nounced their allegiance to Van Rurenisni, and state after state has wheeled from tho ranks of Van Huron into tho Harrison line, still we are met by a broad denial, and challenged to pro duce the evidence of a corresponding change at home. "Tell us not," Kay they, "of changes in Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Pennsylvania, nor of results in Connecticut, Rhode Island and Vir ginia ; but point us to facts at home name a solitary instance t!..- i-is.).. , r . m ui..,...-:.i. tancc we defy you !" Wo understand tho Kourco and the object of this defiance. Patience, my masters: you are, beyond all pcradvcntiue, destined to chew the bitter cud of disappoint ment, and you will learn, full soon, that by vainly endeavoring to shut your eyes to the unchange able progress of ccnts, you have altered no thing, and deceived nobody so much as your selves. And when the grand result is porclaim ed through the ballot boy, it will nfctonish the world that any set of men could be so misled by their prejudices and passions. Hut docs any man seriously doubt the existence of many and important changes, in our own state, our own county, our own neighborhood .' Lot him exer cise a little patience, and ho shall be satisfied. And in the meantime, we invite his special at tention to the following communication which lias been voluntarily furnished us from tho town of Golchcstcr. TO TIIE PUBLIC. We the undersigned, inhabitants of tho town of Colchester, and heretofore supporters of Mar tin Van Buren, in oidcr to set the public right as to a report which the friends of Van Huron arc industriously circulating, viz: that tli'-re have been no changes from Van Huron to Har rison in this town, take this mothod of inform ing our fellow citizens that we can no longer bo regarded as friends to tho administration. The following reasons wo deem sufficient to satisfy our former political friends for tho course wo have adopted : We do not believe a national debt a national blessing. We do not believe the price of labor in this free country should bo reduced to the standard picscribed by despots in foreign coun tries. Wo do not believe in an exclusive mo tallic currency, or a standing army as a safe protection in a republican government ; but on the contrary, that they will endanger tho liberties of our country. Wo do not behove in a sub treasury, or in placing the sword and purto in the hands of tho executive, nor that officers of the government should receive all the gold and eilver, and tho people paper. Wo do believe Wm. II. IIariiison- to be an honest, enlightened statesman having, in the various stations which he has filled, proved him self the true imtriot, tho accomplished nml sue cecsful General that ho is the advocate of a protective larij)', and in favor of mnuneratuc wa ges to all descriptions of labor, and a true friend and protector cf the poor. G. W. IIORTON, WM. W. WAKDWELL, J. S. M UN. SON, KLIAS LORD, MARK NORItlS. asel Harris, stei1iien gale, CIIANCEV WIJEELEI!, ENOCH BURIJANK, JAMES A. PARSONS, WM. IJAKINS, REUBEN WHICIIER, Jr. II EM AN WASHBURN. PETER A LARD. CoiciiESir.r.,- July M, 1 10. Wo nro personally acquainted with most of these individuals,- and can bear honorable testimo. ny as to their standing among their follow citizens. Tho list embraces one professional man, four mechanics, and nino fanners. No ono of them covets office or emolument ; and all earn an honest living by thoir daily toil, But they havo been and felt tho blighting influences of nial administration. Thoy have traced effects hack to their causes, and when convinced, as every reflecting man must be, that these causes have their origin in the ruinous and destructive measures of the administration, with the patri otic firmness which becomes enlightened free men, they havo abandoned party, for country given up men for measures. This is indeed but the obvious duty of overy good citizen ; but so much are we the creatures of habit and asso ciation, that it requires no little nerve for a man to break loose from parly trammels', and aban don men whom he has been taught to revere. 1 loncc it is that the abuses of government aro generally borne to the very extreme point of endurance, and nn administration not (in frequently enabled to sustain itself long after a largo majority of the people heartily wish the country rid of it. In tins view of the subject it is, we sa;, that those men who come thus man fully forward in their country's cause are entitled to the rspccial thanks of the community. All the above individuals havo heretofore been staunch supporters of the administration, and all but two (who wore not then entitled to vote,) voted tho Van Buren ticket at the last election. In addition to this list, we havo tho names of nearly as many more in the same town, who will go shoulder to shoulder with these men to the ballot box, but who, from prudential motives, do not think it expedient to come before tho public. And this is but a fair indication of what is going on in almost every town in tho state, and thro' out the Union. "Discern ye not tho signs of the times !" P. S. It may not bo uninteresting to Mr. Winslow to know that tho second namo on the above list is that of the "villainous wry-necked lifer" alluded to in the Sentinel a few days since. VOICE FROM WASHINGTON COUNTY. The last Muntpelier Watchman brings us the following significant indication of tho "sober second thoughts" of the people of Northfield. in that county. These individuals too, we learn from the Watchman, are, with one exception, tillers of the soil men of good character and standing who seek neither office nor spoils, but only a good government, honestly administered. TO Til 13 PURLIO. Wo the undersigned have heretofore been support ers of the adiiiiuiistrution of Mr. Vnu Hnrcn, under the impression that the principles which bo professed were in accordance witli the democracy of JeH'orson and Madison; but after n c ireful examination of the measures of the present ndmitnstsition, and compar ing them with the. sentiments they funnel ly professed to hold, wo have become convinced that they widely dill'ur liotn what wa eons'idoied democracy in lS'2-3 We d.j therefore, hereby announce our determination to abandon the administration; and finding that II hi. . llirrison, has been nominated for t lie Presidency, we will give liiiu and the. principles n laid down liy the Wlns, our most ardent support, believing that by this course, we shall carry out the piinciples of true democracy, and do justico to one who has ever served ins coumrv wen. Isaac Kiii'iimn. Ichnbod Hatch, John Plastrtgr, Oracc F.mcrson, Win. Pntkor, David Coleman, lltrlin. Tally Tyler, Simon l.ggloston, I.yinnn Houghton, Sniinii I W. ooilburv, Clint le-- I". Make. Washington Morse, A-aln I Dlakc, Itul'iis Woodl.uiy jr. Asahol Dlake jr. Htifus Wrodbin'y, John Uncoil jr. Ceorgo .Stanton! John Leonard, P' Carpenter, W.lliam Noyos. Northfield, July !, P.ICI. The above all reside in NOItTIIITF.LD except one. HE NOT DECEIVED. Tho locofocos arc becoming desperate. Within the past few days they have been indus triously circulating in this and other town in this county, a report that Gen. Leavenworth, Jede diah Hoynton and several other.; in the town of Ilinesburgh, had abandoned Harrison and joined tho administration. This is wholly and totally false, without the slightest shadow of foundation, whatever. Gen. Leavenworth has been out of tho state for six weeks, but bis lut- iuis snow titat lus political sentiments have un dergone no chan"0. Mr. Hornton was vice pies, dent of tho whig convention at Willi.ston on Thursday, and also at Cambridge on Wednesday, and ho is not aware of having undergone any change in bis political views, except a slight in crease in his zeal for Harrison. So far from losing any ground in Ilinesburgh, the changes are numerous and decided in our favor. When the locofocos get such accessions to their ranks as the mon'in question, we admit thoy will havo occasion for exultation ; but lot us assure them that that is an event thev are not destined to realize. We bog pardon of tho gentlemen, for thus introducing their names before the public ; out the untiring efforts of the locofocos to give currency to their infamous deception seemed to render it ncccssarv. ORLEANS COUNTY CONVENTION. Wo have before us an account of a west "atherimr of the pontile at Irashtindi. on tho Ith, to nominate a candidate for the senate from that county. 1 1 is Honor, David M. Camp, pre sided, assisted by a vice president from each town, and L. G. Richmond and J. II. Prentiss officiated as Secretaries. Tho mcetiix' was ably addressed by the President, Augustus Young, Esq.OrlaudoStevens, Esq. of Si. Albans and James Boll, Esq. of Walden. "It is impos sible, savs the account before us. "to rnnvcr , adequate idea of tho enthusiasm which prevailed ami any report ot the nrocccdmrrs of tho innntimr would bo superfluous excont for tho benefit of ourlricnus abroad, for our friends in the countv were nearly all present. In proportion to the number of votes cast in this District, it was do. cidedly the greatest meeting yet hold in New J'-mglaiKJ, I lie banners homo bv the ililFornnl delegations wore numerous, and apt. A steady and determined spirit of icsMancc to the des- trtictivo measures of the administration was manifested, and it will be hoard in tones of tliuimcrin September, at tho jiolls." Jacob Dates, Lsm. of Derby, a man of much worth, and deservedly nonular wlmrn I.n i known, was nut in nomination for Sniininr. (if his election, thoso who have tho best means of information, speak with the utmost confidence. Orleans County will mvo a triumnhant mnioritv for Old Tip. CONGRESSIONAL NOMINATIONS. 1st District. Tho Whigs hold a great con vontion at Stratum on the 7th, and renominated the Don. 11,1am! Hall. The loco focos have nominated Hon. Daniel Kellogg. Si. A whig convention i called for tho .'idth instant. !. Hon. Horace Everett is again nominated, and Will bo reelected by about majority! Wo pity the deluded man who consents fo bo the loco foco candidate. 1. 'Tim whig convention was hold at Cam. bridge on Wednesday, and nominated with -'reat unanimity, li,m. Augustus The as soinhlago was very large, and from tlu wn ,, good fooling manifested on tho occasion, as woll as the indications tronerallv throni-honi n, .u.. trict, wo havo no hesitation in saying tho Old i'oiirtli will g:vo u good account of herself ijoptciuber. Ii. Mr. Fletcher is again n caudidato in this dibtrict, and is opposed by tho Hon. John Mat. locks, who received tho whig nomination Mr. Upham withdrawing his namo from tb.o canvass. This will bo a warm contest, nml tho result may perhaps bo doubtful ; though our friends speak encouragingly of tho prospect- "POESIE" The simultaneous appearance of two original poems in tho Sentinel, has caused considerable discussion tho past week, as to the comparative merits of two productions. For smoothness of of versification, the Ode seems to have the pre ference, while for originality and vigor the Inr bor's advertisement rather boars the palm. But for the endorsement of tho Sentinel, some would even doubt that the Ode was actually "written by N. H. Hmrwcll, for the occasion," so strongly does it resoluble a hymn usually sung at Sunday school celebrations. It has boon suggested, however and such is doubtless the truo expla nation thatthc breakwater agent wrote it ori ginally for tho Sunday School collection, nnd is therefore at liberty to revamp it, and call It original again. But Lonoy should not bo dis couraged. By the lime his pioeo has been re written and published in the juvenile hymn book a few timer, it will a whit behind its illus trious eompcor. The locofoco celebration at this place on tho fourth, seems to have had for its object throe things : to give their leader an opportunity to speak ''that piece" again to enable llaswell to display his oratorical and pootic talont and to toast Mr. Van Ness. In this latter particu lar, Dr. Richard.-on appeared to lead the van, and began by comparing the cx-.M blister to the U. S. Bank; Mr. Bishop called him n "worthy citizen," Mr. Burr an " able atalcsman Nahum Pock, thought it neceessary to say hit his Excellency was not forgotten by all his friends, and impiously compared his return from Spain to that of Moses from the Mount Wyl lys Lyman toasted the orator of the day, as thr.t singular individual who is "m-ist appreciated where best known" and Walter Freeman could not take his parting glass without again remind, ing his friends, that, late as it was, ho still re membered "tho orator of tho day C. P. Van Ness." Three or four columns arc tilled with similar stupid and disgusting personality and mauworship. Thoio wore, however, one or two very good sentiments, which, standing in in the connection they do, are deservinng of especial note. l!y Seidell Tatco. The Mechanics of Chittenden County. Hard bands, warm hearts 'and sound heads; thev meet and part on a level may liberty and equality be llic'r motto. Py Seidell I'atre jr. May the sun never rise in America, on the palace of a Tyrant, or set upon theusurped liberties of the hum ble tenants of log cabins. The slang of tho Plattslnirgh Republican about the Burlington Tippecanoe Club is alike false and contemptible. The Burlington dele gation was received at the wharf by the citizens of Pittsburgh, and by them conducted through tho village; and the idea of tlieir doing or design ing any thing to disturb the locofocos, is too ab sorb to talk about. Tho truth is, doubtless, that the presence of live or six hundred Green Moun tain Boys in the village was too powerful an at traction for locofoco oratory to resist, and wo arc credibly informed that there was a terrible cattering from the administration camp. I Ins is what the Republican is mad about. But Stone ought to have more regard for decency, than to wantonly assail a body of men whom nn knows to be above reproach and that too, for so very contemptible a reason. CHITTENDEN COUNTY CONVENTION. The Whigs of Chittenden County assem bled at the Eagle Hall in Williston, on the Uth instant, agreeable to notice, and organized by appointing John Peck president pro torn., and r.v, a i. n..a w,.?AS Lyman secretaries. On motion, a committoo of im.j iroiu t.'iteli town was appointed to nominate officers of the convention, and the meeting adjourned to meet at half past one o'clock at tho brick meeting house. At half past one the convention again assem bled, and the committee appointed for the purpose, reported the following nomination for ollicers : John Van Sicklex, jr. president ; W.m. Woof, of Wcstford. Ilr.MA" Bahstow, of Shclburn, Jedemah BoiwroN, of Ilinesburgh, and Levi Sanueicon of Milton, vice prosiilcnt-s ; Gronon Avr.ns of Milton, Ei.ias Lyman of Burlington, and Luther P. Bi.odgettoI' Huntington, secre taries. Which report was accepted, and tho nominations adopted. On motion, a committee of three from each town, nominated by the delegates from the towns respectively, was appointed to report a nomina tion for Sjonalors. Voted, that a committee of five bo raised to report resolutions and o'.har proper business for the consideration of tho ireeting. Messrs. G. P- Maumi, W.m. P. Humus Heman Allen, CiiAEi.E-j Adams and L. M. IIagaii were ap pointed. Whereupon the convention took a re cess of half an hour. Convention again met according to adjourn incut, when the committee appointed for that purpose, icportod the names of JOSEPH MARSH of Hincsburgh, and TI1ADDEUS R. FLETCHER, of lWes, as candidates for Senators, which report was accepted and tho nomination unanimously adop. ted. Mr. Maemi, chairman of the committee on resolutions reported the following: flesoletd, That nil history shows that great nvobt tioiH, lo bu useful or glorious, must havo in view tho iinpiovcnient of llio eond.lion of the people, and that in this respect, the present revolution of public opinion 13 well founded. It Ins its origin in the people, is fos tered and encouraged by them, mid is for their exclu sive benefit. With such an origin and for such a cause, it has the Lord on its side, and who shall stand against I'eWrtd, That the cause in which llio whit;.) ar engaged Ins its foundation in tha principles of the revo lution, the attempt of llio people to free themselves from tho iwupcd power of tliosn wlu sought to uile over them, and wn pleilgo ourselves to carry out the doc trine by driving out the new raeeof usurpers and blood suckers. H'solrc'l, titat it is the duly of Congress to provide for tho people :i currency sufficient in amount for tho business of the country, and of a form adapted to convenient and unlimited circulation i llesvlral, also that it is the duty of Congress to sc euro domestic industry apainst foreign competition by n proteclivo i irill', and lint tho remedy of a sub-treasury, which n is prolended will accomplish these- ob jects, is a mockery of tlio wantsof the people, worthy only of tho political quacks who havo prescribed it. llcsalttdi That tho County Committee he requested to make arrangements for holding cninculion'sal such limes and places in llio. county, as may bo thought by tlieni advisable for the purpose of exciting and ' main tnining a healiby political action among the people. Which were adopted us tho sense of the mooting. On motion, resolved, that the thankfl of tho meeting he presented to tho owners of this house for its use on 'the present Occasion. liesolml, That tho thanks of this meeting bo presented lo tho Hon. Join'i Van Sicklen, jr., for the ablo manner in which ho has presided over this convention! Moved and voted, that wo now adjourn, to meet at Cambridge, (district convention) on tho loth instant. JOHN VAN SICKLEN. Jr., President. W.m. Wood, ) Heman Bahstow, I vice JedeoIaii Bovnton, f Presidents. Levi SanoeiisO.v, J GEonoE Antes, i Euas Lyman, Secretaries. LVTHEB P. UlOlMLTT, ) ine presidential term an economical adminis tration a sniinii ctii i ency -a tiiolccllrc tarHI' low salaries and full prices for labor, nut! tbc pro lucts oftalior. WILLIAMHEN II Y II AUIUSON. ron v l c r. r n c s i n r; n t. JOHN TSLEK, Of Virginia. " In all ages and nil countries, it has been observed, that the cultivators of tho soil arc those who aro least willing lo part with their rights, nnd submit themselves tu the will of a master.--W.m. II. ILmiiuson. " The people iflhc Unlttd Stairs May they ever remember, flint, In preserve their liberties, they must do their own voting and their own fighting. IlAniusoN, "Tun m.rwi.sos or tiiovsands op vomcn and CIIILDRIIN, ItKKClT.D rilOMTIIIi FCAU'INO KNll'B onllll nuTiii.i:sj s.wAcir. or tub wiLiinn.snss, and rnoM tut. ftim. Monr. sAVAor. iMiocron, nr.sT on HARRISON and ins UAM.ANT AtiMV.1' .Simon Snyder's Message to the Pennsylvania Ltgithilure,I)cetmbcr 10i, 1813. ron ELKCTone, HON. SAMUKL 0. CRAI-TS, HON. K.RA MtfttCH. At large. FOR GOVHIINOK, SILAS IT. JENISON. ron Liner, covr.nxoit, D A V 1 D M . C A M P . ron TimAscnnn, HENRY F. JANES. ron sns-ATor.9 ron ciiittcnoen countv. ni.i:Mir, tiiaoii:i :s k. FM:Tt!iif:it. FOR C0XGR1:SS, HON. AUGUSTUS YOUNG. HARHISOMAX CLI.'R. A Club was organized in Witmoki village last .Sat' nrdav eveninc, bv the name of" The U'inooski liar- risoniun Club." ' The following is a lilofit.s officers: L.Ibpsc ISav, President: W.m. 15. Miwon, Oanif.i. .Stkahns, .Ir. ice l'lesidentsj Geo. W. Homov, Recoiding Sccielitrv; V. II. I'bnniman, Hhrshal ; Kdwin Adrian, V. II. Prnniman, Wm. Ii. Me.sto.N, rrutirnuni i.onmutice. Wiaooski, July 1.-, 1910. M i? it fi d In t'us towa on the b'lh in"L by the Rev. Mr lirown, Mr. Ransom Colberth to Miss Julia M. ISlood, both ol tins town. fi 3 In this town, on the 10l!i hist., C. W. CiiAUtEn aged years. "In this town, on the 12lh iusl. Sarah Ann-, infant daughter of O. C. Dt'ere, aged 1" months. In Milton, on the 5t'i July, .7no 15., son of Alfred and Harriet Itl'ik", aged 21 months. HAIUMSOX CO.VCKltT. MR. MOt.T will (;ivc a Vocal and instrumental Concert, under tho patronage and with the assistance of the Htirlin u ton Tippecanoe Club, on Wednesday, 2id July, in the Court House. Ildlh explaining the particular will be distribute! in smsoii. HOltSU HAY KAKI2S. by J.& J. H. PECIC, &. CO. WANT HI), a lad 15 or 10 years of ae, to do chores about a house. One of j;ood moral eharaeicrand Meady habits, will be directed to a rood titmtion.on application at this ollice. July 15. DR. H. A. C.AUVIN, lately returned from France, respectfully oilers his seiviccs to tho American public. Office opposite Mr. Russell's Hotel, in tho house lately oncniiied by br;i?l P. Richardson, in I'carl-bi. Ilurliiujlnn July 10, llQ. tni.jyl7 EC llrs- ''a'hes col'd. aiw4 htirck French Slips, OKJ CO do do. Gaiter Hoots, 20 do Misses col'd Slips, DO do Gent's Pumps, 2 cnios Men's seal Roots. Ibirlinston, July 11. II. C. STIMSON. rPIIF. .Selectmen of Murlmylon hereby jriu notice i. tint they will attend nt the town house on Friday the 3Ut day of July, 1H 10, lo act upon all appeals from the assessments of the listers, in conformity with the law of thii state. HKMW ALI.KV, ) NOULK I.OVF.LY, Si ltd men. HURRUr. i.a.i:, i nurlhu'ton, .Inly 10, 1H50. MsMt-1'llil.ll. SILK", WOOI.U.N AND CO'ITO.N DYFIi uif.TiN ibe uihal ilaiif of Ii irlius'iiii mid ibe neiald orimr town-, lb. ii he lias ta' en a piemi u in V,ver-l. one door so ith ol D. 11avi'S:ore an 1 will eomincuir ily.u and lini-hii'j in the let manner, die following l-ooL: (Iron 'cloth,-, ('ii--imcic-, new Mcnuoe-, Ladic-. m! and Mcr'no Dres-e , Shawl , Ho iciy, ilk and eouon Velvet, (!enileuieli' c .al-, cloal.. and Vo-t,. iljo an I liin-hed ne.iHy it al lo new, wilho n rippinsr. 'lirna I-c'o'.h-', mM;, wuolleii rrco" on coo l , dyed in ibe ino-t periiianeol co'or-, if wan e I for iner dian's an I man i I'.tcl.irer', on rea-ouol lu term . Al-o worftcil, .sl.ein eouon, nn UKcin i-ilk ilycl in iheino t pleu ltd color-, lie ba ein;ilnyc.l a ce!e' ra either an 1 eob'r ma' cr,'s Moi.ont. Mr. .M.ilony n employe I a - iperin'i ii-ltni in -ome of he laric-t dvius e-ia' li-h-nieul-, in Oie.u Urilain an I America. The pilliemiy depen I on havi'ic' their or.ler- execule.l in tho I e-'i manner and wi h all pos-p lo de.-n.itch. '2m II irliiiuio", J-ily 15.-110. STATE OF VFli.MONT, I rlil!-: lion, the prol ale Put. or CuiTTCNiirA-, .-a. ) court for ilindi-tnet of Chiiien len, lo ali per en enn"eriitl in ibe e.-ia:u of Joua'lian Gille', lire of C har'oiie, in said .li-lricl, do eea e l, mee insr. Wherea-, Heman Ho turd, execulor of l he la-t will an I le lainenl of aid.le -ea-c I, propo.-e. loienilerao aco'int ofliir.diiiiui-lr.Uioii, and pre-ent h h a ceo tut a ain -t e-inu for exainiu.,liou and al lowance, nl a re-Mon of ilsi- court of prol a e lo 1 e hidd en a. the Rcji-tcr'.. o lice in II irlimjton, on the ecnnJ Wcd.K'-ilay of Anpiis' iicm i llierefore, yi u are hereby notified lo' I cfore rnnl eo irl, ai ihu liuiu un'l place afore-ai'l. audi how caa.-e, if imyvoi h.nv, why ibeae.Muiu afore-nid -lion I not leallowcl. Givcii iiulcr my hau l a' I) irliiislon, (hi- lib d.iv ofJ ilv, A, D. 1910. ivla W.M. WISI ON, l!eai-Vr. James .llartln's Ktatc. STATU OF VFILMO.NT, a T a p.robaie court, I'lsT. or Gin n r.Nnr.v, .. ) JX hidden nt II irltna too, wiiliin an I lor die di-lrici al ore ail, on ilu: 12 h day of J ily, A. D. 1510. an ius.r uncut nurncirt jiiir lo I e'lbe la-l'will anil tciament of Jainc Mnrtin, la e of Jenclio, in MU'Mlslnci, tidva-c I, was pre-en'e.l to llie cciiirl here fur pro'niie. l y llitiiiiali .Miulin the t-.i;iutri., therein ii.uik-J, ' is or ileiol by miii! csriri, that jmbliJ uouco le Riven lo all person, coiuerne l lliereip, lo appear before Mlid court, nin e-inii thereof lo be hol.leu at (he Ifc.'i's terV o.lice in II irlinston, on the second Wclnedav of Atitftil, A. D. 1810, and ruiite.slllie prol itleo(aid will, and it is further onlertfJ ihti ilu order I e piiblibeil three weuki-Miccoively in llio liiirlington Free Pre-.-, a newwper r'u'ed at IJ itlHilon, in ibis Ma e, the In-t of winch rball I u previous lo ihu day ni;;iiud, a-nfore-asl lor lieau'n?. Given mi U-r my hand nl (he licgi-ierN otiice, n rjJuiay ol J uv, A. i. laiu, J) " W.M. WJS'lON, Re-i-ler. A Rich Mousr Nkt. Three years n-jo, Mr. John (J. Marshall, then doini; an aciivu business tn this ci ty, had his money drawer repeatedly robbed ; and lliouL'h every expedient was resorted to, to delect the reyne", tho ell'ort was fruitless. He, naturally enouyh, had hard thoughts of his Clerks, his servants, and ev en of somo of those who visited lus bouse. Finding Ihnt tho money continued td disappear iiotrilhstand inj; his vigfihiuco, lie chaiigcd bis i.lace of deposite, nnd the robbery ceased. I.tst week, somo Carpen ters, wcro engaged in rc-filting this Store foi nnolhcr tenant, nml suddirily camo acros a Mouc's nest lined with bank'noies, Twenty-five dollars wein se cured, wholly iminjiitcd, whilst sovcral bauds full of fiajjiiienls, reinaiiieil, so mutilated, ns to answer no other puiposo linn loconvincaMr, Mm shall, that nil his former suspicions were Rioundless. llalcigli (,Y. C.) Kcyisler. Ta preset nr. Fence J'osls fyc. It is of toil tin- ciiso wlioro limu is used for plnsturiii" nnd oilier purposes, tint siftings nml roftiso nro ilirown nway as useless. But il is bet ter economy to put it around fence nml euto posts, ns it will jjmuly prevent tlicm from decay, Loaohcd nshns aro very good for the sanio puiposo. If slacked 'lime or nshns were sprinkled ovor llio woodoii pitve nionls in our cities when first put down, it would render them much more ddrabla

than when sand or gravel alone is usod. Genesee Farmer, SriINfi t,KS. 100 M. Pine Shingle by July 10. J.&J. II. li:OK &. Co. filANtllASKy SCALKS. bv" July jO. J. '&, J. II. PKCK &, Co. WOOL reecived In cx'-lmnae lor IJroadcloih and other Ooodj nl my Store nl Winool.f village July 10, 1810. SIDNKV HA 11 LOW, Bt,NiNHT'l'a...Jiivt received ome new shape. Floiouco IJra.d Hplll and eo'ore 1 Straw Hoiuiell which will I o .old very low for en b. July 0, 13 10. N. LOVKLY At Co. CUU.I KUK OUKKN. The nb-eriler will HI ' al U'lclion on Saturday the lllh lni. -J oVIoo'i, P. M., nl David Reel'., ollice, tlieOm.son College Urrcn.,tho -Trail. on nineaere ofliind Ivim; buck ol the colleen 'niiidinp.. A. FOOTK, A sent of P. V. H'lrliimlnn.J ily 0, 18 la POOTS, tmoKSit LEATHER. Tins subscriber 1.) Iiaviuij taken llio sloio formerly occupied by Messrs. HUhon Whipple, is now opeium? a ircnenil nssortnicntof lloots, Shoes nnd Leather, which have nil been bought for cash nnd will bo sold for the same nt the lowest prices, and us thenrticles are loo numer ous lo mention in an advertisement, iililmiigli Mr Sta cy has enlarged his paper, 1 would simply invito all lo call and examine the goods and prices before purchas ing elsewhere. l!urliiiton, July 1, 1S10. 1IF.NUY C. STIMSO.V, by V,. J. Stimon, Aeent. TO Till'. IMIItl.tC. B OSTON mil TROY IRON COMPANY. The niiblic nro hereby nolilie I. thai the busine-is ol ea-thiK in overy branch and variety, i done lo order, on thci-horic l notice, ntTroy, Vi. 'I bceompany have much enlarged their fo m.lry, nnd nro now prepared lo do nil Ifliids of work ilonu ill nny fo imlry in tie: eO'iu!rV Mill-frrarinif, Pot Ah Kettle, .Stove, Plo'i'li-, Ax'elrec-, it"., on hand, or f.iriulie I to order. All who wi-b lo coiilrael fur .-love pln'u , or to pur-eh.i-ea larseiputl'ity (il'hol'ow-wnre, for tho pnrpo-o of ro'iiiliii'.', will IcftmtMit'dnt whole ale price. -and nil who in iv favor ns with their enlk or ( r Icr, will I e dealt I y n' III orally ns at any eslalili-linient in the country. Order- sbcVild I e. a l.ire-ml lo L. It. Crew man, S ipermleiidaii', or A. Yoair.', Airen, Troy, Vl. It) secure an early reply, and prompt attention. Trov, Vt., June IS 10. jys'J w 11,1, YOU UK SlIAVUD nt Loticy'.s new lTCi-inir Kooni. 1. I.onev Ibe 'inucriiriiel, would Now inform die lie kin I, That having left cli neh Mreet, In Howard's Hotel can lefo.iud. He will not l.oal his bar1 cr skill, As llu's the p il lie b s have known, I! it I eus to ask llicir euloin Mi I, For diligence be yields lo none. When he lhal would unto hi face An 1 hea I have 'er'inq jiMicu done, Pray don'l mi-lakelho proper place, Ilul'eall upon Icr.M bo.s'r.T. P. S. Co'licscarefdly eleaucl lo order. Perfum ery of all kind, con-ianlly on hand and for a!c. lliirlinslon, July 10, 1310. STATU OF VLRMONT, ) rilHK prol n'e eoun DnTiilcTor CiiiTTr.snr.M, S3, i X fur the Di-triel ol'Clnl emleii, To all to whom the-e pre cut. balleome. GRFKTINO. KRA MOLT, Rtiarliau of C aro'ine K. Newell and Nalbaniel M. Newell, infants, bavin? reprc-eiiied to Ibis co irt that his Mini ward- are -emel in their own riirht in fee as tenants in common ol two iimlividel I birds of one undivided lif h of lib v acre of land lyiim in Charlotte in the eo inty of Cliilieu lcn I cunr Ibe same laud conveye I by lieninmin Simon Is to llielate Nalluniel Newell, au.'l is u part of he lands -et o I' u Ibe widow Polly Newell a, a narl of her .lower in the e late of die mid 'el Newell, decea ed, vvhich lif y acre of laud is ii' j..vl to (be -aid widow'.-liahl ofi'iower therein, nnd tliA! a -ale. of the interest oflu-.-iiid wards in -a.J land would eon 1 ico to their I e-t in- tcie-t, pr.iyin? -ai.l court to a illionzu an I empower bun to M'll Ibe interu-l ol Ins Mini wanl m -ai.l lan I. ft is ordered dial the -ai.l application le heard I el'on Tid court at the Iiegi-ter'.. odiee in H irlin.'lon on the third day of Aii'.'u-l, 1310. and lhal notice ihereuf le civen l y pul li-hiii',' tin-order,eoutain iiiu llie-nliaii' e ol sain petition, uiree wce-s 'ie e--ive y in inc. nee Prcs-a new-pa ler prime I nl liurliinrtoii in thi.-co'imy of Cliillen Jen, the la-t cf wduch p'-a i m. to Le pre vio i.s to tl.eday as-isno.l for hearing'. Given nn ler my hand at sa'id IJ.irluii'ori. lln- -econ 1 day of July A.' I). 1810. WM. WraTON, R.'.ji-ler. Thomas ISctinclt.) Instate. STATU OF, ) HPIIF. honorable du DijTi'.icT or Cut TTC.viir.s', ss. I b Pri 1 ate Court for the Di-triel of Chittenden. To all ter on- coin em ed in lliel'.-tate of Thomas Ileunult, I.Henf llolion in taid di-t net decea el, GRFITING. WMFRKAS. Nelly Palmer, late Nelly llenne't, nil iniin-tratrix of die esla'e of laiddea-a e.l proposes to render an account of her adiniiiiMr ttion,and prchcnt her account uiraiust m. e-tateior examuiiiiion ano allow ance at a ics-ion ef the Court of Pro' a'c lo I e liolden at die Fa'de Mad. in Willi-ton on the thud .Mon l.u of AnuM iiext, therefore, yon are heieby nntifie l to appear I elore ni I court al tlie lime ami place aiore ail. nml fhow s-a'.se. if any you have, why the account afore aid jliouM not 1 e utloweit. tllven unJer invhaiid ut U'irliiis'.un, tin- 7'h .lay of July, A. D 1310. jy.10." W.M. WKVl'ON Rci-ter. riM) TIIR PUIllilC. In offorins this IMition of .L Smith's GeoL-rnphy and Atlas to the public, the Publishers invite attention to ibe following additions and improvements. The Geography has been carefully revised and i larcd, is illustialed by about thirty additional Cuts, and is perfectly udnpte'din all its parts to the new Maim. The enlire text of the book bar., (at much expens.l been thrown into uniform lari;c type which we feel confident will be regarded as a very decided impro vement. The tables appended to tho Rook were undo up with enre, and contain much valuable information in a cmulened form. The n;i rues and Irnj'lh of the piiucipal Canals and Rail Rj iiIs (finifhed and in' pro-urcs-s) are wen, and tho places connected ; also a complete list of the Colleges, Law and Medical Schools, Theological Scum iries and Religious do nominations of the United .States, the reLpiiug Scv ercimis of Furodc, &c. An entire new Atlas accompanies the 1' iok, con tniniujx eighteen very supeiior Maps, mostly drawn expressly for this work from original surveys and the most auihentii; sources, nnd etnbraces nuicii valuable information not lo be found in unv s'uuihr work. Our own country has received special attention. The Rail Roads, Canal-, navaatiou of Rivers and recent changes, nrmll envfully marked, and tinny counties arc shown which do not appear in any other Atlas. Aiuont; the peculiarines of this work may be mention ed die plan of showfn die population of States and Countries in round numbers on the face of the. Maps. The navigation of Rivers for Ships, Steamboats, Sloops, eve., is shown by placing at tho bead of na vigation the appropriate characters for each. The .Map anil Chart of tho World combined (on an enlire new plan, bhowiuc, at one view the Natural and Political Divisions of the Globe, the I'.xtcnt, Popula tion, Religion, Form of Government nnd Stafo of Civilization of each Country,) has attr.vted much at tention, nnd is considered a great improvement upon any thing heretofore attempted in dm form of a Chart nshere all arc shown nta single glance, and the re lations 1'iey sustain to each other. Wc would also solicit attention lo the remarkable distinctness and ease with w hich every mine onlho Mnp may bo read, ns well ns to tho very superior stvlo nnd execution of tho work in other respects. The Questions nt tho close of the Rook are important, nnd will be found xcry convenient for a General Review. SPALDING STORKS. llirtford Connecticut. For 8-.le by SAMIJKL HUNTINGTON, Uur lingion, Vt. and by the Princial Rockncllera in the United States. llurlington, July 3d, 1610. IJVIM:IJ. C. GOODRICH bns just received from llioimnuf icturcrs in Massachusetts, n full supply of linen hai(d-imde, royal, mcduiin, Demv, cap, letter, folio-post and billet paper, of various qual jtiefc, as wove, satin, laid, gilt, &c. Ac. for sale at man ufactures prices. June 30. ' AI.HHATUS. ' June ID. 10 ca-U, Iv J. & 'J. PECK &. (In. ISAAC JIAKTIN'lS "ITrF. die Mibscribers leiug nppouuol by the Hon. V Prol ato Coiirl tor tin' Di-lriel of limn I l-le. roinuii.Moiicr- to reicive. examine nnd rind udpt ali I'laiiiis nnd dcmaiulsof nil per-oiif, ae,ainM the e-iaie ofl-aae Marun lute of So ith Hero in Mlid ih.-lr:ci, dccii el, rcprcscutel insolvent, and nUo all elaimn nml .Iciuands exhi1 i'ol in o.tct thereto ; and ns months from the 21 day day of June A. P. 1310, I cine allowed by said Coin for I hat purpo-e, we do ibereforo herd y Kivo notice wo will ntlend to die I !i.siiies. of our appointment at the duelling hou-o of Levi .Marm in i I S.nth Hero, on the lirM .Mon days ol'Octol eraiidNovem' er next, Ironi ten o'clock A.'.M until fo ir o'cJoek P.M. oneuh oI'Miiddays. Domini South Hero J uieCO h, A. I) 1810. Ji's- I''.y' ,W S'l Com'rs. W.M. F, PIIKI.PS, STHAYKD, from tho subseiiber on die 15th ins!, n red row, rather low in flesh, with one horn saw ed oil", Whoever will return her shall bo suitably rewarded. M. L. RF.NNMT. llurliiiglon, Juno "J, is iu, CJTATIWXHHY.--AU.MUUH & HA .MSA 1 have O icceiMil, I v die icecut rirrivab', a large and well n-sor'ed slock bl wriiuttr jiupei-, and die di 'erenl nr tides oliilnin nnd Fancy S'utioiiery. AUO, an excel. Il'iil colhs-iiou of F.NOR'A VINGSnnd ilhisira'tl works, fin e U'lblieation. .Monirea'.St. I'aul t. 23. li'v TOHYJ T( I 1ST, ut Winooski Village, die store recently occupiel l y Lathrnp and Potwin will I e let and givni imintiliately, nnply 10 the Mib-cril er corner Church and ( ol'ese m.. Dor. luigton or to Gideon La'hrop, MAYO U WAIT, Durllimion, May 20, 1810. NOTICI3. AN per-ous indebt. 10 die lt llrni of Lnthrop, Potwin nnd Wnit or 10 Miiyo Bint Wnit nt llicir stars nl winnoskl Village are htrfcl'V no tilie,lto niake pavnienl IQiM nturblorm Burllin lon, corner and Collego 0an) WUT IV CIIANCEHY. IIrnrt Mavo & Tr Moniy Follett 1 CniTTEMur.M v, . CoONTr So Samiicl II. Dnoivw, John Pi:ck, inr..Mr. CounT, JoiimH. Pi:ck,Ca sluPPi:cK,Stni JiunmryTerm, Uiiiior, and CamiusP. Ilnoiv.s.-. J A. D. 1310. AT die pre-eut Term of this court held at Hurling ton, within nn I for die county of Chittenden, on llio Th ir-day ne.xl precceding the lir.-tTtic-dav of Jan nary, 1810, Ifeury M.iyo and Tiinothv Follelt, both or Mini II irlington, llltil their bill of eo'uipliiuil ugnln.-l Sami.el It, Drown, of Rome, in lliu luu of N, i'ork, nml John Peck, John M. Peck, Cn..slu. P. IVjk, Se h Ui-hoti nnd P. lirown. all of nid II irliiictou. setiiny t'ordi, that, on or about the lif h day of January, ioji,unj mii i onuor.s, in inc rouei oi sum urowii, Mgiied a note with mid Drown and ouu Sa .ord Se ven-, as Mire ie-, triven lo the Pre-iilen1, Dneoior.sit t'oniiany ol the Hunk of It irlington, Ii r Ibe stun of lificeu h uidiej dollar-, whi. h iioewas lu eivel nnd di-eoiiiifd I y MiiJ bunk of HuriniL'tun j that on diu Mime lil'ih day t f January, I8.W, die hii.I orator., nl-o Mgneil wilh the Mini Drown inni Siuveii', ii, Miietie , ui ihorcipitM of said Drown, I lire! note-, lo I.ydin LI drake and John M. Lldrt lije for !f!jO(l each pava'ilu re pcemciy on mo nr.t uav oi .lan iary, in me vears 1813, 13.11 mil 18Jjj-lhal 'theaid Drown, to eaire ami iiiJeuunfy Mini t nitor- luain-l .aid note-, anil I--i'uio navmeul of any offiul notes was made, lo wi'. on i ho 'li I .lay of May I3.W, e.xecntivl to lll I ora'ors n uee.i oi tint ia,e m it ,o lurm ol law, conveying to -aid oia ors a tr.ic of laud on which tbc said llroun Iheu lived, -ituate in -aid I) iilmluu, lync.' near .M ul dy Ilrook,,contiiiiim?, by e liiiiiilion, u! ii it one h in drixl acre ( ou which llicro wn- u mhv mill, formerly owi.el I y Ivel ey (jilniorc, nnd a dwelling bo i e, lii wduch die -aid Drown then luc.l, in. ending llicrel y lo convey ull die laud lo sud uraair.s wild h the mu'I Drown i hen owned m llurliiiglon ', lhal uferward-, on llio Mime 231 day of May, Yiil, the -aid ouuor.s executed to.-aid Drown an ngitoincut under teal, coy eiiauihig thai lheywonlJe.xe t.ite to the -aid Drown a ill I'laiui ileeil ol cerium piemi es de ril ed in a dee'J Irom Lydia l.ldi'idge and John .M. ICI.Iriilgo lo aid ora tors, da ctl die lif h day of Jan.iniy 133J, I oinsr a tract ol'hiud known as die Mdridge farm, .-ituate in nni D.irliiigltui, ami ?aid ora'ors would n!o convey to MiiJ Drown, l y deed of .'iil elaim, die premi-us de eill ed tu nid ileed from -aid Drown lo Mini orator-, if die Miid Drown ?h dd well nuJ Inly pay the mho given lo .-aid Lydia V. dridge an I John M, Ll dndge, and -ho lid al-n pay to -aid orators u note I r one h uidieil dollars, da'.e.l die .miiiic 'ii I day of .May, 1332, and uIm pay ull ra'es or taxes which .hen were or might ibereaf er le a-e-icd on iiud prenn-e-, and .should omit loeol any umber or wood on -at I Kldruke lo', except I y iheeon eul of Mini ora or., and then th" avails thereof weie to I u uppropria ed lu payineat ol said note or note-, wheiher d ,e or not J . al'cr wards, on or ii'ioui the 13 h day of Se.iletu er 183J, lit.; Mild Drown mi I ,aid or.itcrj atrricl that die misI deed so exoj iteJ ly Mud Drown to aid orator .htrild stand m M-i'itrily f'jr.I.e paymeni of ad muii. that then weie ortnuhtthcreal'i.r lecouie due from ald Drown lo .-aid orators for all moneys and goods thit tin til l I cor had I ecu firm bed by tHid orators to said Drown; I hat .-nil orator- were eou'ipellel to, auddid pay to die ald Lydia and John M. the ni I three no e. execulel by the -aid Drown ami S evens nn I. -aid orator-, when they severally lecamedue; and .-aid orator, were also compelled lo, and dU pay the -aid note, executed as afore.nid, to Mini lank ot 'II irliugum lu three in stuliiieiits of live h imbed dollar- ea di, and die niler eii (hereon, die last of which in laluieiits wa-pJi.l on lhe.31st of recemlr, 1S32 hat previo is to tlio IS h of January 1333, die mu.I ora'or., wi h the con-en! of -aid lirown, old the lanJ deeded I y the Mild Lydia and John to Mini orator ni -tin lry parcels, nn I tha on the 13 h of Jan ,ary 1S.J3 die .-aid Drown an I .-aid orators .settle I their icvouuts mi I all matter-concerning- die payments ina.le by -aid orators a . aforesaid, and all otfiei inacers I etween them mil upon saidi etlleiiicnl a I alau -e ia- foun I due from .-ai I Drown to -aid orator-, of .51,03 3i), leingparl an I parcel oi the aiuo iiil paid I y -in.l oia or- to said I auk of f) ir hiig'on, and to?aid l.yJia and John M. for aid Drown ; that the -aid Drown and n id orator-, al'erwnr.l., on die .lay and yearla t al'oic anl, nude an indenture ol tha da c, M'gneJ anl by them, setting for h the agreement-, saleof lildrnlge'lan I, an I si:ttlo neat nl'nre Mii l, an I that ..aid Drown in -aid m leninre covenant el lo pay sud orators -aid sum ol SI, 033 33 w th in-teie-1 in sixty days from die date of -a.. I indenture ; that it vn I'irtlier .-et forth m sail inJcn'ure that sai l ov.vors then held three no c, da ed April 30, 1 ;,:3, iguu I 1 y F. el T. Mid-, for (J203 ea Ii, made p.ijal lu to said orator- or order in two, thr.-e an I fimr year-l.-oiu their date re peci'vely, wi.h in ere-t, and al-o tier other no,.:, da il the 2"'ii day ot J me, 1817, sliced by Chvincey Goodrich, for 31 23 ea h. p ia' If to .-aid ora:or'or order, in the Miinmers of 1837,13)3, 1831), an I 13 10, re.pective y wah intere.t, ad of which .-aid im'c'4 of -aid K. it T. .Md-anl .-ail Goo Inch, were taken for a tioruoa of .-aid preuu-e-, dieted I y -aid Jv'ui an l Lydia to said or.i.or-, an I by .-aid ora tors to .aid K. &' I'. Mills and .-aid Goodrich ; hat -am Drown did, in said in Ictrure, relet e an I forever di charge said orators from all claim ty anl Drown and hi-us.igns upon -aid orators, for ilu conveyance of llie wiioieor any part otaiil pieou m so dee.tee.1 I y -aid Jidmaiil Lydia to said orator- n- af.ire anl ; that sani orj'or-, on 'heir part, did in .-aid inJcnime covenant, thu il" the .-aid Rr wu or hi- n-.-if ns should well an l truly pay to ai. oru-or.s llio sin.l ,11m ot l,f)';.i .13, witn l.iterc-t tlvieon, wi Inn sixty day finiii die dale of s ml indenture, then said ora'ors' wo i'ld convey lo saiJ Drown or his a ign.-, by deed of nun claim, all tlieir title and interc-t m (he said land so iieete.lliy lirown to .-mil orators mi die 22 I day of May, " 1332, as nfore-anl, .m i would ai-kn and Iran-lci-to -anl Drown, I y their cndor emenl, witho it leco.irse, said notes agaln-l 'ad K, & T, JIil an I said Gooilri' h, r otheiwi e a vount lo said Drown iliciefor. Prodded, that if .aid orators fur the p ir-po-e ol rendering aid deed from -aid Drown to them avail.!1 Ic, shcu' I le ol ltBvl to pay any iiK-unbraticc exi.-llng ujiort neprenii.C" (hereby conveycl, at the date il sud die I, then llu Mii.l Drown .-'h i Id j.ay said or.i'o.-s the amoint lyib-m paid anl in'e.ct, befoie (aid ora'or-f ho dd to bo iiid to i it i-'auii, a above stitied, die Inn I so cinvcje I I y -aid Brown to sail ora or-; hat tat.l sum it i 105 3'J ha I in t I ecu paid, but tbrtt -nil orator, ha I colle-tel two if the no es jfivci I y -aid 1". it T. Mill-, for 200 ea h, to ai l ora or , an lV.I-o two of the no e. given I y sai l Goodrn h lo said orivor- for .iSI 25 e.u Ii, whii h sums -jieo'lecel wtre lo I e. 'el ice I fronisail um ol Sl,0?3 30 : "li-it I Drown af erward-, ( n or n'io t the loveiiih day of April, 1833, by deed of warimry, conveyed lo J. el Di boji wi'b o'her Ian Is, nlo.ilify six acre- of die land so deeded I y .-aid lirown to -.u'l orator-; th it -aid Joe , on the -?ine -even h d.u of April, 1833, muitg.iL'o.l '.he -10110 liby-ix 11 -re- ot land wi h odur Ian I to -aid Dr nvn, 10 -ec ire h-j payment of fo ir note, of baud of tha' da e f r ';222eaiib pay able l y said bishop to -aid Drown 111 one, two, three and fu'jr jears from da'e, re-pectuely ; hat on the 2 h diy'of June, 18)3, die -aid Drov'vii a signed and 'ran feile I to Ji I111 Pec! , John II. Pe d; ami Ca--iiis P. Pe:,., all In , the aid Drown'- in erf t in -aid mort gaged, and that ihe aid, John II. an I C.i i is p claimed to Imld Ibe lame; baton the 23ld.(y of Nuveiul er, 1538, the said Samuel R. Drown sold aiid conveyed to Ca-t is 1', Drown, I y deed .1 warranty, die r'-main !er of the laud so miftcycl by md S.uii ell! to said ora'or, nirl thai Mini ('as'-iu-l''. Drown, 011 the same 23 1 day of Novenil er, lsM.3, mnri g.iaed the -atne laml so eou'veyod by raid .Samuel R. In to s.i id C:ts. j . ;. lirown, to 'aid Sim el R. in -ec re iheptyiiTeni of four nn:e of, throe fur S!30 each, nn intcre-t, payable I y -aid Ca 1 is 1'. lirown lo said Sani el It. 10. pe lively, on 'ho 1-t day of Jan uary in ihu year- 1510, 13H'an 1 1812 lie "oiher for 8250 nn 1 in'ere-t, n.ivaMc on the lir-t day of Jan ary 1813, an I th u nnl 0.ii is P. Drown claim, an in' 'rest 111 nnd land; 'hat on Ibe 23 h day of J uie, 183'J, tho s.ii.l Jucl Dt-hop -old i.ud convened to s-etli Di hop, nil the hind eonyeyed by -aidr-ani o R. n, sRal Joel, and ihat Mini Seth cl'i'.iine.l to have an urcre.l in aid land, an Ipraj 'lil-co irt lode rce i,ti die .aid rj.iiiuicl li. John, John II., Cc-uis I'. lVck. Sclh Di-h op an I ( a-sius 1', Llrowu I it decree I to pav die I al- 1111 u d 'c sn.d orator, a. uluresaiJ and intere-l by -oui. short day to I e appoin el by ilu- co r', in I 111 I'cl'a tit ilieieot, tlie -anatiuiel It., Joint, Julio II., (as sins P. Pe.-K, Se h Ill-Imp, mid C;-iu. I'. Ilroi- n, uud all per-ons claiming iiii.I. 1 theiii may le Im ever fore elo el from all ej uiy of re leinptii n'orclauu in and 10 aid preini-e. m. ilyt!e I I y si'id Smi el R. 'n .1:1 1 orator.-as afoiesanl, and every pan there. Cud of ull claim iiion said ora or 1.1 fe-diixl die same, and fur fir her relief neeor.lini: td e lity nn I good eou-cieive. ,iiu ihu ice 01 sani cm in complaint Having' ten icgauv erved open Mild John Peck, Juhn II. Pee!;, Cn-I is P. Peek, Seth Di bop undCa-sius P, Drown, and ihey bavin'.' neleete I to appear and an-wcr the Mtine, the -anl bill as aruiitsl them is taken a- eonlcs-e-1, Mini it ajipearing ihat the -n d Samuel R Drown reside. out ol iliestn'u an I dial beba. not per-onal notice ot llio pendency ii ,aid bill l is ordered dial said tviiimcl t(, I e untitled Ibercol, I y pu' li bing this or der, eoii'uuiingjtho substance of 'nid bill, three wee' s successive'' 111 the Free Pre-s, a new-paper prurodiil aid Darlington, the la.-1 of which pullioiitions thill leal lea.t tweiitv days orcein .s in ilit! cniiiini,,,.... hiciu of tho term 'of die co.iit ol cii.111 cry next to be ... 1. 1r.111g1.11j wriun ami lor uie enuniv 01 1 nit lea Jen, on the la-t Tue-day fnve one ol August, A. D. I310,on the lir.-l day ofw Inch last mentioned lerin of Mini co irt, the said Siuiuel It. is IihivI v ie.uiuxl to and make nusvvcr 10 rtid I dl ot com, dam'. Given under my hand 111 open court ilr- 10 Ii day of January, .v i. ioju. jtgj vr.n. .uill,K, Clerk .i..s..i...ii.,nw.,r,is ami i- s!(.. -j l.iTUioiiieier-.Siivion cry. lnk,(ourl Plasterj Doll- Dagr-, pwl.ei Donl.. mill tl gll .lt VliriCIC (if I n,,... r.i,.n. in sllllllly lb. want- nn I iniinecr to llio (tuiiulcatlnn of the iiou'onul and nil w ho cull nt llio Vnne'v stme we are 111 "An tile PioM onler ready to iin-w'er orders ir return calls at the variety store, Pakouobn w. Dnlv MAin THO DOOK' STORK of ub-crfl er now filly reiileni.lirtl Willi rt lurjro eolleclion of DOQK'3 nnd STATION FRY, rctnlly .Hc-mM in ihu New York mi.fl.ei. IMriiciilrir p.iius hu. I frn taken in lhes. -orliiKTiit villi reference 10 Hooky inlnptc! to raid nth chnnU, The newv-i pnlilicatious have I ecu skived for liiiu object, and Ltbrare rnu now le furui ho.1 with any Tnount nt ilu. N Y frees, P A HnMAN. pAXtJHOHX iv; IllllNSMAIO.ofibe Vanety i. sloie. are ollcruig a varieiy of Wau he , lockf. Jewelry, Perfiinery, .M-isical In-lr mifiii,, I ul-.Carls.Pieiures.SoapslnirOil-.Rayur .Knive hoi-sor-, Canes, Si.H-ks, Cnii-. drawing uiireria'-, wd- mv Waggon-, ( h.urs and ('m Ho-, Cn u,r-, Pencils. lea and Co.lce Pots nnd Prn.j silicr war-, plan Ware, l.anm WiC. and (il, rvu.... ,. 1 1'...1 .. .. ' t o CAiHN,n4iAnDbinRtt. a ... 'I," 181 'rfofirnnf., Willi the Lurrel of M Uder "inlgluy handy" and "thu tiring llcvtf Ilnrd pulled fn' 'Vt ni "fUKa UI,U ",r tai-' at urn vnnoty iny 23. Panooohm U Hni.s's.MAiD. siore. into tho intlcsurc of tho sub ficriber on the fifteenth of June, two mnrei 011.1 white, thco.hcr bay. Tlip owner is utesu" "iomom property, pay charges nnd inltc thtni nway. 1 Ucstlord.JiinoiO, 1810. TRUMAN C. DUTTON tT. VKHSoiTltKAIIKn, .lygb'TnillT, ,."' ui"'-,ri,'t "xe- and liiiVuig-, PocU-t iliblki, ami l e- anten's and n general a..ounient of Mnituia ry in- livened from N. York nnd f..r -a'e I y College st, 123 if 1 1 UN "I LN GTON. I iWH',1' ,TI,C KIW w''"f'mda WAT(HCASli J J yesterday utUilhston, will pknse r..avo it with tbc owner and rcctvehia row.nd, llurlington, July 10, DAVID HL'SSF.I.L MWWS CLASS. lti;lirr:rVra;r7iti',Ho7i y ' J. & J. II. PFCK&rli (iKOIKiP. S. IIAi;i',' 'HSTA-rP"! STA'IK OF Vl.KMO.vr, r f 1 -l K U J,. ,tT Pro nuriilcT 'tircillTTisiir.Kss. t J ln'ecoti..rl wi leu and for the Di.tilct of Clnlleiiden I To the crt litor, nn I o hcrs r.uiceind In tl.n ...nn,. r r:..... ... a 11.,.. lii'.M I Wesilbid. 111 sat I Pi inn. .km ..1 '1 Wlll-.UKAS, John W. Ha'e, 11I1111111 Ira-orii lie c-,.' ale ofstiid i'e en e l, lia'h ina V npphcanoti lolhn of the debts ol mid decea r I, twelve ttion-h: Irom ih-j 1 u.ij . 1 j ni.. iii-i,, nun ineau 1 nay 01 .1 an) ln-i, !l" i- t1 '"fa hearing 111 the 'nrcmi e-, at thu 0 li.i . ... ,, , ,,,, .ii,.,,, ni, ,. navinr nn eredlbil mn ice thereof! e eiven, ly pilli hnu thu Ti e lluee weeks si.cce.ssivcle in if.,. Fn Pro.. iiewpa.icr pnn'el at I) iiliuirton, I elore ibeiune lixe-J ir Hearing ; llierefore, you nro litre' y notillc 1 up. el r li'fo.L' mi l i., n ,11 ,t... ...,,f ..! .-. ... .i , , , ' ' it. 1, 1. ti,,i, j ,1, 1, -1: .... li c u.u, then an I there, lo ma' eobeotnin if any yo i have, to r..... .11 iayiiieiii i ems I 'r'lier cx'eiideJ an re nnl. t.ivcn under tin band at D rlmgion 1I1U i'liivif.1 no u !, la-);;, v,. WFS1 ON, R.-g'r. . ,. .tV 1-'".,,K l"' -',"e.e,e.l I he r ul .-MnnJ . iHi "i .,1111.1; uu 1 Miimncr l.OODs, ( bcauiifd vancy cf goods for adie. s aiu.ier drcs-e-; rich lavjli h anl -ooteh Oing ham., In ha 1111 lin a xipt-ncr n rii du for w hi'edre .-e-i J iconul cam'.ne, u grc-.l u..i,r;merit of I nrred and .wv- 1 1-, pr 11 ei i.awn, mourning do. prm- I ciin1 nc and I- reach M.i.lin. An exicn-he as-ort-ent orAuiericnn CnlKxe-cheaper lliau e(er. A few II zh h nn I French do. SI LKS. A -mall a-ortnient of Rid, .ilk, inr-lndmg an'.-. I lite lilnc. . cn nr.. I ..M it.l.. . i,....? ,, ' ,, . ... . 1, inuana iru u I ona-ee, I run on, white sdk do. 'k I am Cravat-, Renlletiici'. coM and I. a 1. . 1 ci,.,.. .1, k .1 ,...' dwln'c .ll!.- l.!niv.,t, ll.l... I : i.'rr. '. ,ft K . ... , .1.11111, i.i-iu 1 mca i, L,inen ami cotton . goisl n-.or'menl of Ho icrv. very elicap. tmlielln's and P. Tl,.., t!,,,.;: l lSbiK!., Ladies ,i, Tie. nm -1,,,., DOM te-riC 1 GOODS. Merrimack cotton., Davi- Medou-t. Colli, n Si,..i, ii. uv. 1 ' ,,. Cambric.- Urn, T bread, 1 Ktniiinir Cotton. S t eerline L ng( o'h.and I lea -heotion. York Mixtures btripes, Drill- & ;. Irt-h Linen, Slurting and Shectui '-. taper an 1 ur.i-li. 0 TA I LOU'S TlllMUtvna 1 T ..: . 'Ci 1 n ii ' "" ' "'Ul'.- -CWing BUI.. Twist, hreal, Pa I Iiiil', eanva-s, s leeve-liuni;, brown VKSTINC;. ' White ii'g'd Mcr-ail-, Valen'ia, fbured batin, Ri da izc, nnd rich chaMy f.iiicv IIMi if . A areal vanety ofodicr DRY COOliS wluMi compn e a very e.ven-ive a-sor'inen-, and are o ered al astoni h- 'r, , "sT-.oi 1 ueu'icinen are mvi,il to all an I examine q 'a,rie and price--. June 1. QUOCKltllW.-The sub-criler has a f M1,,py VJ ''ft.;" u ""I "''ns cocma Dran ly, eonmlon . ,, " 11 urn, .-;. v.n.ix nna low triccl Run Ir., . a Vira, Cln,,,am., Musca', Malaga mil other W,e , Mola-.,.', 'iva., Co Ve ;," - I""1,'.' ' " 0 '-ar-, Id c, I'epper. ( innamon.NiKinejs l..,i.-,..nn.lo'ber-i.ic.. Ci-ars! ToU.-o, Mae: erol, COI FISH I e-,'",,! I for' S3" Al.o,DK OOOD-s, all of which will I c - old ascheap a-a. any ohirt.lae. I he Li. 1. r- will lewarranted of the et Tiali-yu'cii le I principally for stmnlvin 1 3 vern.Kit'.wrr.. w m ,...i i,,i .. e .. '.' . , , ....w r uc:'r 'n-ere-t to ea I and e.x inline ihem. ISVAC WitJXTtl D rliiuton. J utc 10, 3Q. )(. 1 flO , OltOCKHIES. LJKJ elics's j-o niL- Hyson 'l ea, 75 lo Iiv-on-kin, do. 2 i lugs rciper, 20 do Pimento, 10 il, Co ie 5 ) bexci Pipe 101 do l!nr Soap 200 do R.u-tni 5U Logs do 10 do Pur.'pincer 100 .Ma's Ca-ia " St. Croix Hum, Holland (Jin, f, .ncttc Drindv. Dal- and Pale Slicrry, M-i leira aa'l' S.cily ' Madwra, Mar- ' 3 ' & J-'lL' PFCK ,'iCn. 100,,, ,sv,: "'I'urK lJf M.. Cam Wood 200 do Log WucxISi. Dominjo 2i0 do Log V.'uodCanpcaehv 2.-j0 do Fistic 200 do Nicaragua 10 do A bun V, do Dl-e Vitric! 30 do .Madder 50 car! ov Oil Vunol .''Jt.'"'.'-'";,'-1 r:K'J' :i'th "' ""mn, Par Wood, Peach Worsl, Qw Ci,ri Dar'.-, Sp.-ni-1! Flolant and Denial Indigo, l.r.e Dye, Nun (la'l., pr,,.., P.Ticr , J ic'.vs, Ten'er Hoot,-, Cream Tartar an i Wl Ju.'elO- lyJ.iJ. If. l'i CKiX. C,l iVfP.W t;()()l)s, now .voting ; ,u, a IJukmuTi 1 as-or'incut ol variois kind. . f iihh!-, anion -ihem uie .Mczotni'O Di-itbc, Satin Dead Head Dan 's3, Sir-aparilla Lozenge-, A'-on'ouii look-, extract of Der.'a in t, l rt-tol I oar.l.ereei S.-ciac e-jCa-tor-, new silver poo ei Cnin'i., I'a.'lc Hell I'la'e , if. ALSO a g.iol a.sor'incni U' 'riinuied end plain line sinn'miil bom' az neS'o !,. ; dun scmiuer S oii-.f tiy'.tand plain somewi'li hws very nice an llit-li' f'r warm weath er; we havo al o very narrow S oc'.-i, -uia '0 for i oy. 1.,- men. Also, long stocks f r tho e who havo Vn-oNecis, m a worl o iras ' rmon' of Sine' -, Col. lar-ami Dosonls i. very e. in lee. For f..r.l;Lr particular-. 'i!im.c call at die Vn iciy -'ore. June 11. pAxc.hrn.'. St Dni.v--.MtD. Q RAISI, HOAYAHI), of die Cheap ca-hstrrc, O. arrive) home li in Now r. la t evcrtm ly th" spl.Mdid .'earner Win ehall, P. L-or. t'apt.'aml rousrht wuh Inni an it ldmoiial siipnl,. (,f fiooj. which with his 1 wo former t trcba e. of liu-,ea-cti inal ei die assortment a!t' ge herone ot'die most de- rt'le to elect from 1 f any ihat I-. ha. hcr.-i fi re ha I fur tlw la-l crzlrccu vear , an I i- of the fullowiusr kind-, v,- : rich, f.i-looml le, fancv an I -'nplo articles ln every .lepattmiut ofthe Pty Ooodlnie, such n Br. a !,.(,.,: Cis-i-ncrc, Ve-tui-g-, Mou-cline i'e lame-, Ch.iUvs! Sill,-.,' nine-, t ilicco , Linen-, Mu. lin-, La ', Ri'l on-, .'im! Mikia--, Ibiierv Clove, Fan I 11 -I rellas, P.,ra oll-,e-c., wi h a f dl -epplv tf 1, it. and h raw Donnr s, and Mi'lcn iry Gimu'I-, ul-o, Car-petuig-, Mu'iin.'s, l'.ricr Hang n:, Shoe- rerl Han (oge l-er with nil the beivy i'e cnpiiou. of dr .if,, anl o If-r gou I-, .nob a- Slucing-, Van:, 1! irln'-,' Wool Twine, e'e. 'l lio Ciocl t ry, Loo' ma G'a- and China Cid'cry is al-o ro.'cii'sl.ei; iheCu lery, Hard warean I IIo i.-el rm hingdepurliiicni c in .T'cordanm wnh then her -took, on hand, iv uri'o'y cf i'kw" ar-lic'o-, sti. li us To-, Jewelry, C nib-, 0. rl , Confe. Iionary, e c. etc , win h lids uno h m Ire I fie of hem ea ein leu. h on In. eo inters is inn 'literal Ir. Thn Dome and pictuie gal'vry is 1 1.1 ml 'Ily f r the ilisdny of Goods nn 'ir a -irung bgfr, nnd th;u ilia large supply of superior family liimvrie. la e.1 uprn die Sial'of Life, Ko-ho terciiy Mill Flo-.r, ma' es hia Crnii I D.tsiar . licaoca h store, one ofthe mo 1 fa.-ei-na'iug desirable and eonveiiii ni -tore- to I c f rut hci from wi h all an I every kind f nr icles id-it wny wi-be.1 i' r, or , I ut fur am i-ement ami gia'it- n lion, or with a do ire to convey the nm-t pleving ai lelligence lo freu !, of die plait! whtro every nru'cle they may desire I'm the I eileruig of nppeauce' , a 10 comfort, or supplying ne-.-e. siny wmiis, mav I p hi 1 ami n.'l done in o few wm,., a.' I y (,nv. tHyi.ig f r win lever and w henever yi wi h lolniy eiiciii foroa h go to HOWAUD'A Diirliiig.on, Vt , J'uie 11, lS-lf), OA Slicctiltg, Sillltlnr-, IMInpT, Ac. OkJ I ale. 1-1 I r-'wu h.-eina, do i do Miirlini;, 10 do 'he' ins, H en e- d t I lem h Phoning, 10 do Aiiienemi Pr,ni-, for alelv J'"' ID VILAS, LOO.MIS and Co. CONGH OF 111), PIOPLI-.-Log Cabin Song J Pool eing a collection ( I llarri-on and Tvlor Me lobe, em! elli. hel wilh a neatly eugrayel Porirau of Gen, Wm. I! Ilarrt on, nnd a' v.evv of Od Fort Mei., for Mile ni the Duok store. , I- A. I RAMAN. Iliirl.figton, Sine CO, 1310. AT lAlYHLY & Co., havej st iii-'lfr. iT.NcTT-J-i' 1 or , and are now o ormg fur sale at soil fur. Iher re hnvd price-, lor ready CA'-il a more comple a-sor:nicnt of fancy nnd ivlicr Cm n., nd.ipte.l 10 tlio a-on and the ttnie'. than ever I cfore among whi b are many new articles never I efme oifertil in this iimr ket. Also, a new supply of Gins. ware, Crrxiery ami I.ookmg-Gl.isn's Also, i ngli h Cmrnno, Prune' Dry Ons et- e-, Mats, Itus.ia ninl o'her Cnr t-'inp, C il Cloib, Floors, rlnil Lining-, elc. More nixt wee''. J'llielO Wlv Ibe sM''-eril era bin ing I ecu nppointe.l by t'i bonoiaUe ibe pro' me court for die di-irit of Chitii'ifh-n. eominlsMont-ry to reeivc, cvninir.c uid n IJu.t lh elaim- und demand, of nil persons ngtuiKC iheo-iit 0 ol Josu.ii Spfnilding, r. of Willi-ton iiv sn'd disirie', i.e.-ea.ivl reprc-rn'isl in.olvent, and aim all rlnimnn dciniiids chil rnl in o T-n iiertO and ix inoiiibs fiom the tiny of die iKito hereof ilemjr nl lowel lynnl court tor pmpo-r, vve therefor iiiiui y hivc liuiicu 111.11 wo win hi icon 10 mo IHI-l,-,esl of 01 r appoiiiiment, nl die dwelling o( David l!.an l'n. in Willi. ton, in snid Di.lricl, on die 2 1 .Mondni of Ptieinler ne.xl at 10 oVIncl, A. M. Da ixl ih. 15th lv uf A. D. ISI0 je-35 ' HI I'UFN I OCK'WOOP, Co- ,ni, JOHN"PkIIT ' s,i: '