Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, July 24, 1840, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated July 24, 1840 Page 1
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mm NOT TUB GLORY OF C JB S A H OUT TUB WELFARE OF ROMB. BY M. B. STACY. BURLINGTON, VERMONT, FRIDAY, JULY 24, 1840. VOL.XIV....X0. 7. SHERMAN'S W'OIIM I.O.ENCSES iirelhu grcate-t discovery over made, for dispelling Ihe va rious kind, of worm: Unit o licip-olitly mid di-lre.s-finely nnnny both ehildroii mid adults. I hey are an infallible re iicdy, ami -n plea-ant to the that cliildroit will take ihem n readily a a common pop permint los-emro. Many dbcae nri-o from worm-, without in 1 ci'iiet .upei'tod. Sometimes u very trouble nome coigh, pains m the joint or limbs, Heeling nt the no.-1' , tVc nre occasioned ly worm., and can le family cured by llii c-tiitsl rateil medicine. The follow ing s'j-riptom.s in lica'e the presence of worm-, viz : headache, icrtigo, torpor, disturbed dream-, sleep broken o.l liy fright and screaming, convulioii, fo vt'rishne,lhir.t, pallid line, I ad ta-te in the month, oirenive hreaih, cough, dilncult breathing, itching nl the no-e, p:tin- in the olllatl, nausea, vpicamMi iictr, voraeitv, lean lies, tendinis, itching at the Hints towards ttiglit, and at lenglh, detection and Mm and inuou. One i a do-e for a elnld two year old two for one (our year old hree liir eight year-, and live for n adult, and should I c repealed every niorainjr, or vcrv other morning until relieved, '.T-F S. d nt Hie ' T-il " 1 'fir- ' V ,mimXVliiait XI va'uaho ige'ahle Modi 3 ilie innl popular ipinult cvei kilo iv 11 in A mini lea Vegetable Pulmonary Jlaliam Is ( lie most inhuhle re limit now 111 uo ful cntii-h.', colds, asthma or phthisic, eini.iiiupiiuii, w lumping rcniti mid piilimiiuii y h(T clinns of evert, kind, (la sn'e is steadily incicHf nig, 11 ml t lie prupt icon me coimhiuiIv ii'Ceiviiii) die ino-l fawnabte nreouni nf lis ciTecl". 'I lie following new ccrlificalcti aic nfl'i-icd fur pulil P. exiiniiii.iliuii, An iNTKBKsriNo Cast?. Extract ofa Inner frnm .Mr l! S Clay, li iny-Km, Ulster cu., N. Y. to I he prnprielnis, " Yunis of ilie 9di insl. win duly lee.M A 1 fin 11 kahte'cuic! was efh-cied liy t lie Vcgtlittilc I t t niuiwry'.lin in the winter mid -pi ini! of 1835. The person, Mr. Mnndt, had been sick n toni! time vviili tin' cunsuinpiiiiii. Ills plij-iolatH had given linn up He was icilurrd sn Intv ax In be unable in help him-elf, and was mising 11 laigp ipiainllv of lilnnt! when he cuinniciifiil using iIih liabain, whiiti has effected 11 coinpleiu cure, and he id nmv as hale and hem ly as evei hp win, Mr. Moodv halt lemuird fioin ihla Imtn, Inn he h n prrnilrcd ine 11 iiinie ilelailed accoiini of Ilia cape, ttlurli I will fmuanl 'Mi. U. a ULAi. KiniiKinn, N, Y. June 25. 1838. Exiiaet nfii teller finm Or J.irnti ,Mers. The Vcueialilit I'lilinmiaiv llaUain lia lieen mid 111 tliif riiiiult lor Iwci eaif, unil llie ine.lieine linn gained 1111 liiii'iiiniiiini relelii ily, lor 11 .rateely 111 one iiiflanee filled ofliatoij Ilie deficit ((feel. I am liv an iiieaii 'in fitnr of the many nn-tinni, 11101.1 ol uhiili me i in o-nioiH upon 11 rieilulmm inililie, 0111 It I wliirn I now liy line In he cffrci mi I, I riiiiiiul help lull eivemy I'pinli itiini tlieteio, A ronuler fell pirinri.lioii dan een "ilTeicd hero liy a tr.ivctlinjj Aeeni, nf t'ntnsiiii k, Y. audtheiei nniiihcr nnlr.le endeil heie if liongly fiupccied to he fpiirinif. Jacoh Myers, M. D. Miflllnnion, Juniata co. I'tnn. Mn 3. 1S37 1'ioin tr. .Siiinuel Mouell, In 1 lie I'mpi leims nl ihe rar ibh: I'uhiiniiiiT) It.ilfiim. I 11111 fiiiiflied lluit Hie n clali'e I'nliiinn.i.ry Italiiim if 11 vnhiahle nicdeciile 1 lew heeii ined 111 iIih nlare with r.ompleie fiict'efn in all nlwlin or eniupl iinl ol the Iiiiii, aiteiided wiih 11 eteie entili, lo?s nl imec. ami Ilie taifiiit; ol iiiiirn blood, which hud pret ifpified inaiiy iipiiintnl iiCfi'i ipiion?. Alii'i iifinz die llnNain one ueiK, Hie ,iaiiein V Miien reiuiiU'il siuil lie unt aiile In ppcxK anni My. I'll id rai-e oreunrd fume lime pinee, und Ihe man !b now engaged nnl only in aeiitc Inn lahnriou biifinefj. Krfpeeilully, &e. S. MoHlUl.t. I''nr i-ale, whnlepaln und rplail, by J. JJ J. II I'KCK & Co., Hnrliiiglnn, Vl. TltOY At itllCUKJAN MX DAY 1,1 Nl). cine Mumi nnrivalleii for lhefollowins mniplaml-, viz : Pypcpia, or Imli-ge-tion,di'-ej.edl,ier, liiliondu-or.!er-, l)ropy, Asth ma, Cov.ivene.s, Worms and lo- of Appetile.'and by clcau-in the ,-toinaeh and bowels, cure- pain- in the side, -lomaeli an I l.rea-l, colds and cotjIh (J' I oiijt Etandins, lloar-ene-., shorine-i of breath, Nervon complaint., e!e., wh ell are frequently the e lert of ill tarn. Viir i'everand .sw, it a mo-t valuable pre veutntive as we'l a a stnereitrn remedy. It- virtne nrpa any thm heielofnre known in' lemovins Si. Vitus' Dani'e, two boiile- have leen known 10 cure this alllictintfdi-ease, after having IiuIIIihI every exer tion lorfonr year-, it ha- a mo-t powerful inlhieiuo mriinovmi: nervon-comrilaints. Ill- plca-ant lola'.r nd-oensy 111 its opera'tun, that it may I e admin isieie.! to the infant with -afe'y. The above Alclieme i- very hishly re-ommeni'el 'I y many cienlilio cenileinen, and a lar.'e n milvr of'Iahe-, who have proved the Tirtne- of the Melii'ine bypcr-onal ns"and that ofiheir families. A bill ofeertififa'e-aeconipanie- eaeh I olile, with directions, li mav I e ha I whole-nle or riJ'ml of S. Britain, H.ure, and J. C. I',, Ka t vVilliams town, Vt, sole propneti r-. Prepared from the ririum al recipe ; for -a'e I y II. i'rcirt , Monlpclier, and J.& J, II.; &. Co, 11 irbnir on, and in the princi pal town- in ihe -tale; all directions signed in the hand v.Titing of the proprietor-. jel'J 8ii 1: 101 a. v.-. ('ou(.ii i,(ii:x;i:s. ARE the safe-t, mo-t sure and e Venial remedy for Conch.., C0I1I-, Coii-nniption-, whooping Coii!:h, Athmat Tieli'ne- of the Iuips or chest, 6;c. vVc. The proprie'or ha-never known an in-iance where they did srive perfect rati-faeiion. Several 'lion analioxe- have leen soldwiihm the la-t three month reMorins 10 health, pcr-ons in ulmo-l every state of consumption, mid iho e lal ormc under the mo-t di tressin;: cold an 1 cousin. Thev do not chc.:k and tlrv no the co'i'.'h.leit render it ea-v, promo'e expec toration, allay the tieklniz or irriialinn, mid remove the nroxnna'e or excinns cau e. Thev are made (rom a combination of the mo-t valuable expeetorAnt. orcoiifrh medicines, nnd are undoul iediy .-npciior to everv thins in use for tho-e complaint-, llundrcil UDon hondrcd of cerlifica'e- liave I ecu otlcrod of their wonderful virtue-, from those who have leen Hue from an untimely sravc, and re-lored 10 peifcci health bv using iheni. Uo-i:. Une lozeiiL-e 1- a. tit (or an a'lult,aud may 1 e repeated from ilnce to t times a dav, I Inldrcn, ornlit ear years ut one: lour vear- a quarter, unci so 111 pin- CHIP by OldTrnv Tow float Line, (.Vcnties Slip. 1-3 1810. AUKNTS M.t.r.s I.conauh Cnocxr.n, 100, llrnudsl. iN'ew York j Moore iVSliuip- son, mver st. iroyj win, 11. .vtooie, 71! limy st. At lanyi SidneV Allen, Koche-ler j (Ieorf,'e Uav'is & Co. Hn.luloi I'lnlip Allen,' llmlnlo: (Jeo. A. Kiencli, Dim kirk', N. Y. (icor,!e T. Uamiivv Co. Ilarcelonn j 0. M. Hceil, Krie, I'a.i McNnir iV Co. Cleavelund, O.j M. II. Hoss A: Co. l'ortstnoiiih, O.; 11. .. cc N. 1 1. Cate-, lllnek ltivcr, O.j Jenkins- & Tracy, Huron, p.; Ilarber Si Harney, S.'indiikv City, O.; C'he-ler vV. Slrinchain, Detroit, Mich.) It. V.Titn, Toledo, O.; (). H. Hazard, Mnntnee Cilv, O.; Wheeler ite f'orler, St. Jo-cplw j J. (5. Slei'ulit. Jlichieait City, I ml.; Dawson V llo-iner, Millwnukie, V.j C. M. Ifccd, Chicago, III. je..3m Mark paekaucs-, "T. iV M. Line." II'OUIt. Troy, Ohio mi I, coiisiunlly . receivinif by J. it J. II. I' & Co. WINDSOU It I Kl, MM, for -ale nt the vnricty More. I'ANCIUOltN U HKINSMAIf). GUtlXDslTOXKS, by T June?. J.tfe.l.H. I'KCICtfcCo. OU'DIilt.- une 'J. -100 keg, by J. & J. II. tfc Co. l'()inVAHl)IN(i, IHK). 1 1 1 1', siili-crilcrs will continue their bn-iness ns ForwnriUni; und Com mission Merchants and Custom II o 11 s c Asclits, ut the J'orl of Saint John's. Lower Canada. They Jo not o.ler their service "free qfaiu charge" to tho'-e person inlcre-led in trade with the Unite I Slate-, but will endeavor to make their attention to the interest of their employers worthy a reasonable recompeme. Having good Whanc (at which the Lake Ciiam n.aim STr.AMtiOATs will land) ami excellent together with the convenience ol'a connecting Itail Track with the CtiAMrLAiN nml f-'r, I - nt'S'i't: Kail-Koap over llie-e wharve-, ihc.y ii.u.u ,l,eui. eies that, Willi lificcn vcais experience '111 this hinucli of l)ilinps, they wifl I e enabled to do much to laeililnle and eucoiirge' Ira le I etweon the I'liiicd Smies nml the Lower Province. JASON C. l'lKltCK sN: SON. St. Johns, L. C, March, 1810. Cm 1TAI IIAI1I.K IXrORJIATION. 77ie In imi".n I'egf table Pills aie a tciiiiui mm for slifpicp in llf etny vaiieiy nf fin in, lit c.iu.-c lliey ihu lonlib clcaiife ilie e'oiuaill and IjiitveU, induce 11 pin per dii h Hiii' b) Ibe liiiiji, skin und kidnev, iindsli' inulate 1 he blond In piinfv iltelf. In oilier wnnU ilu v tipen all Hie 11alt11.1l tlianH, and leave N A I Ull F. Ihe Grand Physician) iipo to itnte tltfeafc limn Hip liuily. The iiboie uullelp, or iliiiiii', hip ihe common pwprp ul Hie limit', lloot'Eli wliirn all mniiiiii ami cut- , 11 1 I liuinoif (ihe caii.e nl ilijp.lje) nre eariieil off; and ,1 Umi 1 He v me all kepi upeii, ami itift-li.irai' Ircciv l-,i lr iillniled porlinin of iinpiirily, the body will con. ,nur in health : bin when fiuui eating inipiopt r Innil, bicaihiiia iinpuie air, suildeii Iran-ilions I111111 heal In olt . oter PxlinuMinn ur nnv oilier cpu-e, the bowel lieenme cohiivp, ihe poim ol the r kin liefoinp closetl, ihekiiluPta fail 1 1 peifurin ihen luiietion pinpeilt. 1 lie impurities which fluuild be dunned limn 1 lie body by iliPfP nuileiJ, vv ill he leiained, and continue to lie.. t'limulale unlit ihe linl) beeouien literally loaded tiiili II Hie (iiamit-U ol our imiMilv rivets s Hon Ul become blot ked up, would mil ilie arcuimilateil w.uers fiail netv millet, or the cntinlry tiecouiR inundaie'l ? Jtiai so vtiih ihe liuina i body ; il'llte iiaiuinl drain? be come closed, llicflan inl ami corrupt hitmoif will find tern m Ilie v in Kin luiiny ol Hipeape sin li it r etei , Small I'nx, .Meanlc-i, Ithcumal imii, (miiii, AiopleNy, &c. or Death will cud our sitflei iiiJf Therefore, when sit kiiPi" al the slnuiarli, p tins ill 'he biilkum tile, qiiitk pulto, uiiinuig fkui, 01 any o.lier u.ip:. -hiii avmptouie, uiuicaln Ili.H one or inine 01 inn 114. tur.ilui in are nut ilitrhtiiijiui! fieely, und Hip eoiifli union i 1.1 'int to coiuineiiee 11 Mii'iiule loi ill" rc-iorn iir fliea'ia, na time pImiiM be Iiki 111 Miliiiinu'eio'i! hr -k dn.ei of Hie Iml I'ai"iiiite Unuian H peluble Pilli ) Uy so dniiiL', all ihe Imicniiii-ihe let. ill... ipplintn to oilier, mil 1 Ue boil iiuiuoi (iIih cause of cvciy mil malum or pnu vip Fnffei) will bp leinuved ill so -V and ii.iinial a oiaulier, llial the ly will In- iPsioicil a if b-a cli.ii in. Ilie iitiote 1'ill'f mav be taken til A Lt. limes and under A I.I. en nuii-lances, Willi pel feci pifeiy. I lipy mil all com plainit and all much, and aie lu Mm linui ni coii-ii unon lianl : rnii'i quen' ly hip can ncntr iryii' t rr - iiiiihI delica'p. Like our, lliey an' ibse-lililc; ilieieforp lliey enlei into I In- ciieidalioii I unpail an eueigy in ihe blood, ttnit h Pii.ililep il Hi fl wnb bee loin qtiiie in Hie psiieinniep aim cnu-erpienny ivrp ihe poicp nfil'p kui ri on. I hey hip nun anil peileri purifii'ip ol I be lilnod : lr CHilrH they rliatti all cuiinpi I11111101-1 fom thai life Kiting fliml I'hey iinpait hiipiiuiIi and Vigot In the whale system, iinil their el fei-iarpaiway beneficial : because lliey onl,' reinuir th isi- liuuiorf wlliili hip npposeil lu heabh. I'hey aid ami impiove iliupsiimt, umi sound sleep fnllowf llieu 11. p; bpeaitsn ihcy cleanse (he soinini li ami IiiiivpId nl luif slimy lliiiiiiiurs vvhicli nnl nnly init.iie aiulexeitr ihe neiviiu- pyfteni. bat panjlyj.e and w eaken Hie (li HPsiivp ore 'tis. In t-llnri lliey' p'nP-P-P. all lliey e,rind pinperiies thai ran be cbiuup'd lui any medieiiip ; nml what his Pi V leuiaikahlc, il if unci ly tnipnf.ib'p in n.p ihein ivilhnlll belli fit. .Mine ill in Itvelie. ilnaifaml peifiins can be icfeintl In, who have been cuicil ol eniniilaniis iippai cully ol 'In- mosi ilan-jcion. h ncr. olely by ilie u-e nl me Jnaian vetiauie ruin OFKICK. and seiinal Depol fm Hip Sale t-T 'be aliotc Pillf in the New Knal .11.I SlalCf, 193 I'HKMUM ritKI'VI'i nc-ir couil fleet, lioflnn, where ilipv ran lie li ul at wholesale or leiinl Atten'f bate been up puiuird fur ilie sale ul the Pills in altnnpi cvety liiivn m New I'liiland. All leneif rela' ve in the pill iiih.i li-addies-eil ihu. :"iV E Office N A. Culltge of Health, I9B Tieniont Sinei. Hum .Maps. It n-lin-mm. A. HntssMAtD. WotKl-tock, Haskell A: Palmer S. Shafl-bury, .lona Houghton William--ville, Charles W. Joy llennmirton, J. C. Ha welle Middlebury, Geo. Il I-'i-h ltutlaud, Win. I'ny Dover lltram Baldwin Hratllel oro', Dirge, liroel.ell & (;0 Wa'erford, H. C ittmg tV Co. Newbury, Prentis Kni;hl lle hel, Samuel Aii-tin jr. Spring field, Geo. Wa-hburn Proctor & Kohni-011 Lon donderry, Smith & Glazier Hridgewnter, Tliu. So nhgale Ches'er, Phinea O Sarsenl Wintl-or, S. W. Ilnblard I Pooliney Ilickok it Mear Common. Sam. tel Kvert Wilminslon, A. 11. Child lSiriwe. All crt Coimv Pot Mill Jeremiah Wilton I S'. Jnlinburv Luther .lewett We-lon John Vtlder Wa'erbiirv Per-on Lyon Monlpclier w iitinm Clar'.e Ludlow bdin Diinlur and Co Heading Wood Al Merrill Hartford .1 P. Strong cc Co. Norwich il.ixter tV. Newlon Harnaid J. II. ibtn forih Hoche-tci Charli'. Dodtl Cttvendi5li A. Gil sou miilSon Uuillore Philip Martin Ilnlifax J. C. S'one cc Co We-tinin-ler Aaiou Hiiclicoek- WcaihcrlfiHil liaity llartlett I lartlaiul Cotton Ai I'ramble falrlax. iiampion Mivcgrovc. INQIIJIti -ASK I HOSH WHO KNOW. I'lin.p only wlinlkuuw bv It ml ru iiiiinediale obfer valiou, ran fuim any idea of dip 1 ficcis, nflltp peifcci ipbef, nf ihe iilimiiti 1 Imi in-like cuicf rlfeeied in case 'if the 1'lt.KS, KlIKUMATISM, all SWKLL1NOS, ami all external 'AI3, no milter huii sevpic, bv die of Hays' Li lent. Kinil une wlm ban used II that will ml I. mil il nlmvp all Hiiltj; cter men, mm jun win nun whal c.aniuil be liiuiul. SC-JI lir l,,t" ifncfnl puflT'i- lii human beuijjs who mat be iifiliccd, I ben J"1' '" 'k t'K nl lltiire wliu Kitiivv iisk me linn, r.i Uomclin, U. S Juiluttfnr iliat ibflrirl, iPfiibui; iicai Aubinii, ak MatiIIKvv J. MVK.IU, Ivm. Aniens, N. Y ( nk Gen. l)ur K G H i: y.s, late ol .i.huniuii 'ily, c nil nf iheiip ("eulli-men Kiiuw ul cases iiiicnmpier. tbie liv all other icmed es or blivsicians , ihoii"h liicr! fur main veaif. llial have been cuicil by ihe use uf ilie seiiiiine Jlatft Liniment. 'I'll ituaniU ol'oihei peipmif kuutv fcimilar lines. Wo appeal in their tense nf jtu tire-ihon human feelingH. iCPIl i Inn 11 limy )" uwo In yniir mfferinij I'ellnw-beuiaf In lei this (teal reniedt be kuntvii, Speak of il ihen lo nil Jour fi leads I his will iiiurli pain wheiP lite er aie nnl read, 01' where leadei'i hip ine-nluliiup, bei-ausc su many uoiililc'f arliclei are lultrribcil lor llm same piiipoM'. To bajers we paj , if nil who have u?rd II tin not pay 11 is lieyuuil nil piftirp, then do nnl lake II. I'Iip piopiieuii will not allow this ar licit; to bp paid foi unless it cures, when nil Ibe ilirerilom nin fully follow, ed. Will liny one mfiVi ins refuse now lu iry il 7 If he lines, he ot'uht p, be pititil mine lar his oliitiiinry lliau his piiffeiiiii!. 50". Ilavs would never i-uiisi 111 in nffer lit' 111 licit', wcip h nnl rnmpplled by his pensenf mural ul lebziuus ilnlv In tlo all In Ins power lor 1 lie victims of dislicn and misery. I'or ihu purpose lie vvnu M sunner devote a (oiiiiup. lb in seetne 11 nir any tvnillilfss ailiclc. HZFLOOK OUT.-Some .wimbers have coiunei feileil lies iiincle, ami put il up with various iluvires. Do not he impnicil upon. One iliii'i; only will pro'ecl jun il Is ilie name of Comttock ff Co ; thai name 111111 be nlwajs on lite vvrapper, 111 yon me 1 heuied. Da not foiifel il, Take litis tliipc linn with yuu, anil test liy that, or never buy ; for it i Impossible fur any other 10 bn H un or ginuinu. nvi.. .ivjii it 11 I.AKK fJc.OltGi: l'ACKKT 1810. rtS'Jtfc rilHK newSle.iitt Packet, AT - CALDWKLL, -lMr-' L. C. Larabrk, Malcr, - ?G3&k?i will commence running regularly everv day (except Sundat) both way through the Lake, on '1 L'KSDAY, the '2d day of Juiie next. Leavimr Caldwell lorTicoiulcroga, every niorn ing, and retiiritim; to Cildwell tlie same day. Lake Geori'e Pa-eiiL'crs will I e landed from, and taken on board the Lake Champlaiii Steam Packet, near the old Fort Ticondcroga, from the Mansion Ilou-e of J1, I-. l'l-.hL. lq.. now a Public Hou-e. Thi-1 can Itfule-lal li-litncnt has been greatly improved since lat hummer, by erection nf a Large Addition, con laming a -paciou Dining Iooni,nnd Assembly Hnom Are, and ha iccenlly pas-cdiuto the hand tif Mr. IL C. LOW. a exntlcinaii I'avorablv known bv the trav elling Public liy taking the Lakij Gr.oiion Koute, Traveller will not oiilveinoy the linet scenery of our Country, but lo-eno time on the Northern Tour, a they take the same Chaniptaiii Sleain Uoat at Tieon derogn, which they would have taken nt Whitehall, nail lliey gone way. .May 27, IS 10. 2m. Fffl WIMIUtV SASH Just received 15, 20 and 217 by a ca-emeut ol ash, a first rale article tit 31 and 31 cents per light ; nl o all kinds ainlize-, turni-heil S to order. Ticonderojra black lead, ;i lir-l rate article, tor sale very low, to-rclhcr with n crcat vanciv ol oilier ant cle as cheap a can be lontid ut any other etal li-li me nt in the place. Gi:o. f'r.TK nso.s'. TLA KSM1TU. The siib-crder having rc Jl ccnllv moved from Albany, untl cotnincnceil the i o. n-iniili bn-incs-. in ull il form, in the new shop Mmli.mi sii.i-i. near Knllett cc Iirad.'ev's Store. would le-peclfnllyiuviio ibe iuhabilanls of If'irlmgtou and viciuiiv to tri've httii a call, a he 1. fully prepared m. In oil Uiiiil. it vv-iirl; in his line, on the shorie-t 110- lite, lest manner, und mo-t favorable term-. Ho ha for many year pa-t given his particular allcnttt 11 to ilie liorsi' -iiueing iaiiuc--, uu i .unii) m " t...,ii.,i.. IV1.111 tin- Inn.' exuerience which he ha had, und the penuial iiiloimatiou he ha ik-rived both I10111 lliein-y anil practice, no icci lunv i tMiii.iciu m it-..,.min..ii,bi'.-' biin.clfto Ihe nubile. He will le pre pared at nil time. to give hi per-onal ailetilion to all kmtls ol work 111 lit- line ticli a ironins "argon aiul Slcitrh-, Shipwork, iVc. All kind-ol edge lool made 111 the 1 e-t manlier and mo-t approved style. Ib ru-l that I y givmir bii-inc hi- iindtvi.letl a'lenlioii, and the low price.- at which he will I u enabled lo t ir uisli work, to receive a share of the public naironnse JOlIN SOltAGLN. Ilitrliutrion, April 10, 1S10. LOCJ CAHIN AN KCDOTKS and illu lialetl inci dent- in the lite of Gen. Wh. H. lUnnl on-, for ale at the Hook More jmie 10 I. A. HltAMA.N SIUHS, Hiding whips mid Cane, nt the Variety Siore. June II. I'AS'nnonN & HiiINsmaip. ?AItH'I3MS SHOES, a f.ill n.-orimcnt just 1 ree'd and for snle by II. W. CATLIN & Co. WOOI, TWINE for ale at HOWAItD'S. in23 riti;r.s and mkdkjinls. M ree'd bv June 19. A larce snnnlv lust I. it J.H.PKCKttt'o. POTASH KLTTLLS constaiulv on hand by June 10 J. it J, If. I'KCK it Ci J crown by ASH. Hediord, Saranae nml Clinton .1. & J. 11. PKCKitCo. SA l,H RAT US. 40 en-ks, bv June 10. J. it 'J. P KCK it Co. COXCItr.SS WATKK, .pi-t receiviil u fresh npptv ofConirre water, iiiid for nle Iv May 26. GI'.O. PLT'I'.'USON. BOXXKTS. Tuscan and Kngltli straw Honncts of the late-t fn-liion-. iitst reivived and for sale cheaply P. DOOLITTLK. KWPAI.NTSHOI'.-.-iPAIiLDINGhMILL- i- have openetl a new Paint Stlol1 on Cliurcli-st v 1 door, jitlh of II. Lane's Store, wheru thev w.l do all kind of HOUSK, SHIP, SIGN ami CAItltlAGI PAINTING, in thtile.-t poihle iinitiner an I 011 lerin to suit tno-i! who may favour them with their patron as?e. JO" I'aiul, Oil, nrtii-.Ii and Putty, eon-ianlh on hand niitl for sale. It.G. SPATLDING. Hurlnmton, April 0, 1310. C. II. MILLS. 1 IjjRANKI.IN IIOWSH, AT TIIK M IN Lit A I ' SPItlNGS, IN H1GHGATI-:, VT.-Thu subscri her having fiirnihed nnd line I up, for Ihe reception ol company, the above eslnbli-httient, re-pcctfully solicit the patronage of his friend., nml the public genera'ly. The celebrity this spring ha ntlattiul, the beauty ol it location being situate I in a plci-nnt and healthful jueuon of the country loseihcr with the exeition ol Ihe sitbscril or to pve .alifielion to all, it is hoped will make it a desirable situation for those who wih lo avail them-elves of the benefits of the modieinal water, and a relaxation from the ordinary cares t,l business. & y. WOOD. Ilialcnle, Jiine3, 1810. Ifiw PUIILISCTOX CJO.MIl l''At:T()ItY. A J.t large and general assortment i f Combs of sl'Pr. itmn QtfAt.iTr now on hind and constantly manufac turing at theabovee..ablilimenl, and for sale 10 the trade at low prices. Merchant und others vvihing pi get n good article forreiailins will find it to their ad vantage to call ami exiiiuitie for thctn-elves. June 10, 1810 VILAS, I.OOMIS and Co. COItX HHOOMSit PAiLSlOOdoz. corn brooms oOdoz. patent Pints, nine 1:1. .1. iV J. 11. I'fck v l. p. 50 HOSTON N. K. HUM. Ilhds. Gardiner Urewers, bv June 19. J. it J.H. PECK it Co. BAitXKS' new Gerigraphv, on the Classification system; a u-ryu-eftd work for schoiiN, jut ree'd and for sale at the HookMore .iclO D A IiltA.MAN MO UK NK BOOKS were lat evening ie ccived at Ihe Hook Store and now for sale very cheap by May 27. D. A. Hit A MAN. TV H W GOODS, cheaper than ever. II. W. Cat 1" lin c Co. are now receiving a new assortment of Drv Good, lo which they invite the attention of pur cha-cr-. Jtine-1, 1840. NEW GOODS. Sidney Harlow has received a general assortment of cood nt his old store on Pearl ttcct, which will be sold cheap enough. N. It. Wool received for gooil. Hiulinglon May 23. G IASS. Dinlinston, Vermont, and Kex, Cylin der Gla-, made at tin: Clininplain Glas works, and very much improved in qtialiiy compared with !ale brand-, for sale by J. it J.'H. PKCK it Ci Co. the VEUDENA CKEA M for shavi'iiir, clarified Hos m, Warrtn's be-t Needle. Silver Thimbles and lot of new Goods, openim- nt the Variety Store. May29. PANGIIOUN & HltlNSMAIP. T OST. The person who found a WATCH CASH XU yesterday ut Willistnn, will please leave it with tli 0 owner ami receive his reward. Burlington, July 10. DAVID RUSSELL. BRISTOL IIOAHD, Drawins tiaper and Pen cils. Hrilliaut nil llttid, blue fluid, japan ink", and Indie und gentlemen' steel pen-, int nvcivi-d from New York, nud lor sale bv S. HUNTINGTON. College st. June 25, 1310. CASH PAID FOR WOOL. The ubriber will pay calt, on delivery, for good clean fleece wool, delivered nl the old store occupied ly II. Hyde tS: Co. nr.r.h west ccrucr of Co'legeGrceii.' Hiirliugton, June 10. HAHKY IIHADLKY. AYtHINIi LADY of good family and ol'a lib eral education an I ho ha a thorough theoreti cal and practical knowledge of Ihe French and languages, wislie to iimi a place eilucr 111 n latnily or in a community, as h French teacher. Application, (if by letter post paid,) to l.edireeled lo Mr. Moll. Pro- leor of Mu-ic, Hurlinglon, t. June l. PAXGUOIIN ife llUINSMAID.oflhe Variety si ore, aie ollertnga gieat variety of Watche-, Clock. Jewelry, Peit'imery, Musical Instrument, Curl, Car.!, Picture, Sua p-,Hatr Oil,ltazor-, Knives, Scior. Cane-, Slocks. Cap-, drawing maleria's. wil low Waggon-. Chair- an. I ( radio-. Cnlor. Pencil Tea and (lolleu Pots ami Frits ; silver wnte, plali nre, Lamp W'leks and Gat', Collar anil lloom., ctispciuier-, 1 aworu nun r.ioi-, 1 ncrmoitieier-,)iniion erv, Inks, Court Plater; Doll, Hag, pocket Hook and n great variety of liincy urn'ole to supply the wants and minister to the gratification of the notional mid all who call nt tin; Variety store ; we are in "Ap ple Pie" order ready to iiuv'er orders or return calls al the variety !0ic," Panriious it Iiui.s'-.M.iin. rYIHAN fi. COI.H hn.e received their -A extensive nsor.bienl of Spring ami summer iOODS, embracing a beautiful unely of good fur adtes "milliner dros-o j rich Ialgli-h untl scotch Omg lattis, India ni'i-lin n ttpcriornrlk-le for while dres-e! lacouct cambric, 11 great us-ortniciit of Inrrel umi he'kerel Cam! rtc, prin'ed huvit, iiinurnitig do, prill ed cambric und French Mii-lni. An o.ienio ;lsorl- nent of American Calicoes cheaper than ever. A few I'.ngll.h and I-rent h do. SILKS. A small n-orlliient of Ifieh .ill;-, inclndiii' .lack, blue black, colored und stripe I. Ilatnlnna ll'il'l Pongee, t riiiisou, while ilu do. II, M; Italian C'raval", Geiillcinen'.i.'ol'dandl la"k kid GlfiVe-. rlocolM. black and white silk glove,do. Herliti, Lilo Thread, Linen and cotton glove. A gooj a.-oriineut of Hosiery, very cheap, imbrolla'.s nml Pitra-ob. I Inn Hoots and Mioe-", bailies kid lie.-ntii .-bp-. DOMKSl'lU GOODS. Mcrrtinat'l; eoiioii-, Davis- ville do fi-l. (.otton .Sliceling, Slurliug, Ticking, eolM Cambric' nrn, Thread, nti I K'uitltug Collon. S:i- 'crline LnigClolhsaml I leach collon. York Mixtures lripc., Drills' ki: Irish Linen, Shining and Sheeting. Diaper and Cruh. TAlLOIt'S TKIMMINGS. Including .i-wing Silk, I wi-t, 1, I a .tiling, canva-s, sleeve-liuiug, brown linen, H11M011, Hindiug, lit: VLSTING. While lig'd .Mcr-ail--, Valentin, figured Satin, &c. Gauze, und rich chtilly fancy ll'ilk!-. A great vanelv of oilier DltY GOODS which eomtiri-c a very extcn-ive ti-sniimcnl. nud are o'icted nt ti-toni-h- ing low piice.. Ladii'.nnd Gcnilcnicn are invited to call and examine quaiitic- nud price-. June -I. Thomas Dennett's Estate. STATIC OF F.ll.MO.Yr, ) rpiIKImnornblethe DtsTlttcT op Ciiittf.ndem, ss. i M Prcbale (' o 11 r t I'or Ihe Dt-lrict of Chittenden, To nil per-oiis coucern cd in the F.-tiile of Thomas lleiiiictl, lateof llollim in saidihlrictilccea.el, liltF.LTING. WHKHFAS, Nelly Palmer, late Nelly llennelt, ad-mitii.-tralrix of the etate of aiddeiea'ed proposes to renderan account of her adiiiitiistr.ition,nnd present her account against said u.tnte for examination and allow ance at u sc.s-ioii ef the Court of Probate, to be bolilen at the l-.'agle Hall, in Willi-tou op ihe third Monday of August next, thereloic, you am heteby notified to appear before ,aul court at the time and place afore said, and hew cause, if any you have, why the acco'int afore-aid should not 1 o allowed, (liven under my hand at Hurlington, thi 7lh tiny of July, A. D. .IV.!!!.' V vt. v t,S(J. KeglMcr. 100 chesl.s 5 dolly 20 bags Jicppcr, 20 rlo Pimento, GltOCEI'.IES. ung Hyson 1 ca, tisl in, do. 40 do Co. lie CO boxes Pipes 100 do I'.arSoaji 200 do Hat ins 50 keg. do 10 do Pur.? ginger 1U0 Mat. Cr.-ia St. Croix Hum, Holland Gin, SigueMe llramlv, Hal timore Gin, American, Chauipaigne. lirown ami Pale Sherry, Madeira nn'l Sicily Madeira, Mar seill Madeira iiiid Malaga Wim-, by June 7. J. it J. IL' PKCK & Co. 100 NOTICE. Came into thecnclo-'ire ef he nberi leron the IS: li mt. n UED COW, a'lont eight yeiir old. The owner i ren'ie-tetl tojiavfor adver limg ami lake her away, JOSEPH COOK. Hurlington June ,23, IS 10. 30 TOIIACCO. nine Tobaccn, 10 boxe Caiventli-b do (HI package-sheep do 200J II s.. Leaf do. tlo. I v J. & .1. II. PECK it Co. 1 nnn spukm oh-. XJJJ gallon winter Sperm Oil. 2000 do. laOO do June 7. fall refined do, do. tlo. J. Si J. II. PECK Co. 4X OILS. J bl l-. American Linscctl Oil, 10 Tierce fall -perm 5 tlo winter tlo 33 bbls. refined do do do In J' II. it Co. DYK STUFFS. bbls. Cam Wood . do Los Wood Si. Domingo tlo Log Wool Caupeachy tlo En-tie do Nicaragua do Alum do Hliie Vitriol 30 do Madder 50 carboy. Oil Vitriol Muriatic Aci.f, Aqua Font', Nilri.' Acid, Carnimn, Har Wood, Peach Wood, Qner Citron Hark, Sjiani-h Flotant and Indigo, Lac Dye, Nutl Gall-, press Papers Jacks, Tenter Hooks, Cream Tartar anil Agal June 10. by .1. it J. II. PECK & Co. 200 250 250 200 10 2 30 Sheeting, Shirting, Print , sSic. ba'e.s -1-1 brown -hectme, 5 do 3 do shirting, 10 do Tic' iug, 3 cii-es -1 I bleach Shieling, 10 1o American Prim-, for .-ale by June 10 I LAS, LOOM IS and Co. CIONGS OF THE PEOPLE. Log Calm Sou! Hotik I eing a eollet lioii of llarrt-on and Tylor Melrslies eml.elli-licil with a neatly engraven rorlrail ofGcn. Win. H. IIarri-011, and a v.ew if O.'d Fori Meig-, torsa e at tlie Hook More. D. A. I) HAMAS Hurl ngton, Suite 20, IS 10. NEW i:.'Gff.AM) C05KJII iSYUUP, 77lf reputation of u-Wr fait wiih lirromi titablihcl at tin most 'aft awl tjiraciout remedy eier tlixmvcrid for i.Fi.t;i:N'.A,,t:uH.iis, Avrii.tiA wiiooimng coi'iai, si'itti,g or

Df.OOD, AND AM. AIT'IXTIONS of thi: i.rsGS. 5000 re TIN WAKE. en quart Pan, 1500 six tlo tlo 2500 pail as-orted size together with a large and general a-orlinent of all kind of wait', now on hand und lor sale bv June 10. ii.a, Uoomi n i 0. 1 flY li TIN PLATE, Ac. 1UU 1'OxesTin plate, 1 X. 20 do I X sri'ture do 1110 bundle Iron wire, assorted no'., together with a general a-sorl incut of Sheet Iron, Copper, Itiv- its, cle, lor stile by June 10 VILAS, LUOMLS ft Cm rHi pieparations that will min llm " ' "-fil 'o any txlrm. Can moiP lliau ihe'ef-'i'1" wanted-11 lei 0 Ihe ions by a Its" of names nf lespecia. I'iruy.unpqiMlleil In inn olherailtcle. Look in these !h'n-buy lliis aiiirte. Slay and prcei v vour I. .11 oy in u-e, or if b.,t, restoic. il. Ladies, uliend l" I" ' huuilrrui in f.i.biun.ible life aie u'ug it ai ihe mil) article testily fn lor tie: loilei. Lutii! hair is Wiy l" 10 fall Ullt. Lu lius. ninibn Ittlni nf ('lltllllllli.l III IHUC to l ive voiuteive tint ihstjracu nl batdaers hy neglect ef vour nelsons, lit. ,li.. n. inmalisis Infill- inie ihe beaniies r.f n.utire, w nil which a bniuiiiful Creator hitl (iiiIiih eil jnn ; 11, (. ibe i,,lui,lor il will do il. CAU I ION TO HE HEM EMHEItKD. Srwal moil flijiraut aiieiupis have been undo In fnwntei fed Ihe lute H-ilin nl Cultitnhia. Suuih oflhr iniposlers linw untie so lar as in rmuiteifoil iho iplfii Hid wiappers, and the Falls of Ni.iiu, and every ex lern'l inaikrxcepi lite name nf Comsioik, which lhe J,,ie not forge. Tn moid impus'ii'mii ihoif fern, nl wal look I'm' ihe name nf Caiumini k U Cu, nr It. 0. ....,. 1, L nml never but' llm article unless il has 1 1 1 1 . .. - Ki, 1,1 uliiilesaln ami ti mil. niilv al No. Kleti'hif ni"'. N. Y. and by PAfonoRN nud, gold by Cawlock 4 Co. ? Fiichcr ureal, N. Yiuk. Bi'),l!iiiluiion, vt. j-1 u ftrfdlcOsY-M' bj I'afoboh & Bbjmmaiu. PHEPAIIKD ON'I.Y nY TIIK SOI.F: I'UOl'RIETOI DANIEL GOnn-Min, No. 8 Gold St. NKW-YOIIK. In prescnlln; this iLtful retnrily to the public, the Pifl. prii-tor Is aiillinrlzetl by a Physician, Iroin vv bom the Uecipt was coiitlilentially obtained, to elate, thrit ha bus used k blinsi-ir. mid In Ids cxiensirn nritrtire In l'llliiiounry atltte- lions, wllb as'.inilsliitig eiTeei. Tim happy combination of vt'seluulp substances, 01 vviucn 11 is einireiy coiuposea. are peculiarly nJunal to tliseascj of ilie Lungs, Liver, and Stoiniicli. This medicine Imi been ued very extensively, nml ihf propiielor bss not known a tingle instance In which lt har tailed in givlns relief in diseases for which It Is recommend; with hlri'dum nl the i.iincs, mi. I where all other rinuiUer liad failed, lliu most tb tided and ll.iiu-rni success net attended lu use. Cominon colds, which are t'enerully lh' efftct of obstructed perspiration, will yield lulls lullunnC! lu a lew boors; vvlirn u-cil 111 lotlima, Hoarseness, wueei hi-, nml nbtirtm-as of hierilh. Il elves iunnedlitte li liil", inn ctiriui.' tratnpiil rerl and sleep. In vvlioopiiig coiujh it is without a livnl. Itoperates Willi immu expectoration, and be given to imam wim perieci saieiv. The iieniilue New England Cough Svrup will be cn foiped'lii a bill of ilueitiiitis, i-rielo.eil In nn engraved vv nipper, bearniR on it tlicslipiatuie of the proprietor in Ills own hand wrillns. The tu uln will bo sealed and mumped nn tin: link ' New Ruglaml t'liuith .S)rup' A few ofilieiiianyceriiliciilesln favor ol thhSjruji which are hi pnscs. mil nl'l'ie. 1'ioprictiir, .ituaddid for llm of those who may In: troubled with similar complaints. Mrttit. MoJIat, I'lutunnri- Co. Cenllrmui Afler bavini; tiled, by ihe recommendation of my friends, iduiost every medicine for n ciniijh, without the lcut relief, I had ricourse to your New Knl.nid Cellini Syrnii, nml am elialileil to say, vvitn iiiucii tlianklul. ucss, h liasrurid nn-ofonriif 1I10 inurioluiinaie couglis I ever knew, and shall fit I it to be udiiiyiti leconimend it tn every one whom I llud lu need uf so valuable u medi cine. Voiirsicsiiccifully, llotton, Xor. 20,, JOHN P. STEVENS. 1 have the snilsliirtlim end pleasure of informine. ynu that the bottle of New Ensliind (,'oiteli SyrJp, which 1 pro cured or you 011 nut nail 01 April, lias eniueiy reiiovru me from ft very sc ere C0113I1 v blcli had alllifled me for n shott lime past. After using u variety of medioine, mid findlns nn perinanein relief, I was Induced by the ndvlcri of my filvrnls, to try vour Syrup. The result I have already stated, it succeeded 'beyond my expectation : ami I elicerlully recouiiiicud it una vt-ty valuable medicine for all those vvhu may be alllirtcd with similar complaints. Yours respectfully, 01IAIU.ES UUGGLE9. JlosMir, Mui I, ISX). It ttlves me Rreiil pleasure tn lie able to add my tculmony In favor of your Nrw Eiilanil L'ouijli Sjiup, two bottles of vvhlcli having entirely ctiitd my cuunh, which was so severe that my physic! 111 advised nietn spend the cumins winter iua wniibirn climate, but the fortunate use of Iho Syrup will preciu.10 tnc necessity Yours, Inc. Il. K.l.,lr t. mi. 'i I.- wniild add. that he U constantly receiving numerous testimonial of the- value and elbcacy of this remedy. Tin- above article Is sold wholesale In JVeir Voik, liy the Propiielor and all the druggists. "I70ItEI(i.V I HON AND STEEL. EnglMi Iron i. from lj to G inches; Husia old sable Iron; tlo new do do; Sweetie tlo; Hoop tlo from i to inch ; ttrazier' Itrsts ; Spring, cast, german, sweue mm l.'iigli-h I lister sb-el ; Cart and wagon boxe-, tiui-lictl cro I ars, 1 y June 19. J. tfc J. II. PECK & Co. MAYO it WAIT have returned from New York wiih their supply .f.-prmg und summer Good-, laid in at the pre.-eiil unusual low nte- which they are iiiepared to sell aschcapnscan le had in theeoiinlry, iiuycr. nre reneeifullv solieilcl to cull and receive Ihe proof, al ihe tore recently occupied by L-ilhrop & mi win corner 01 1 biircli nml t;oiicne-ts viay "its BtJOTS & KIIOEM. The snliscrtlcr ha now on baud a general assortment of 1100 iy and SHOES, of the 11101 fashionable style, anil thorough worKmumliip, w tie 1 lie oilers very low lor t,Mi, E. J. FAY, N. H. All kind of measure work done al ihort no tice. Hiirlingion, Chitrch-stMay 2S, 18-10. f11iOTIIIEKS, TAKE NOTICE. The ubcril cr W at the V 11100-ki Iron l otmilrv, lias. 011 iiann ami for sale, a new TE.VZELING GIGl made for narrow Cloth, a first rate machine, of ihe late-t improvement, which will be sold cheap for ea-h, or exchanged for Cloih. JI-XSE GAY. Wiuoo-ki Village, June 11, 1810. t'l'iHK TO IjET. at Wiuooki Village, the store recently net upied by Lathrop and Potwin will 1 e let and n'o;c-ion given Hliineilialely, aniily lo the subscriber- corii'T Chureli and ( nllcge si. Hur lington or to Gideon La'brop. MAlO&WAll. Hurlington, May Co, 1-10. AT l.OVEIiY 1 . Co., lnveji's! ree'd from New York, ami are now nlenng forale at still lur tber ri'.lueud iiriee-. lor icvlv CASH a more 1 ompleii oviiriiiient of fancv and oilier Got in adapted lo the eaon and the lime than ever I clout among wlin-n arc many new ani'dc never efcie ollerel in thi- mar- Also, a new supply (t l'lawnre, LriH-ucry ami I.ooking-(ila-e Abo, i-ngli-li (urratit, Pr Drv Orocerie-. Mat-, lluu and other Carpeliti'.', Oil Cloth for Tabic, Floors, and Lining-, etc. More next week. Jimi'in ISAAC .MARTIN'S ESTATE. "VaTE ,Me subscriber I cing ttpptnuted by the Hon. V Probate Court or tin.' Di-lrict of 'Grand l!o, eoiimii.-ioncr to receive, examine and and iidpist all claims and tlemaiiil-ol all pcf-ons, agiui-t tlie e-late nfl-aai' Manm lulu of Smith Hero in fatd district, lcccasyil, rcprcpiite.l insolvent, and nlo all claims nud dcuiiiinl exlul iled in o.ll-ct thereto t and month from the 21 day of June A. D. 1810, U'iutr nllowisl by -nnl Court lor that purpo-e, we tlo then-line hereby give notice that we will attend to thpltisiiioMil our appointment al tlie dwelling hou-t of Levi Martin in sai I South Hero, on the lir-l Mon days ol'Octol ernnilNoveml er next, from ten o'clock A.'M. until four o'clock P. M. on oat h ol'aidd.!V. Date I at South Hero. I iiii-20 It, A. I). IS 10. JV.S. HECTOR ADA MS, ) r, . Wil . J :. 'HELPS, S Ct"" '" (;coiu;i: s. iiaie's ei'ati:. STATE OF VERMONT, I flHE Hon. the Pro DtsTlitcT ok cillTTl.Mir.N ss. i Ji I-Hiecouun within and for the District of Chittenden : Tu the creditor and other c.mceriid 111 tin' t-tale of George S. Hale, le 1 f w cstlonl. in snul Jh-trtci, ilecca-cd, dnKETtsr. w ill-.l(F;Ar-,.lobn .llale. a'ltinui-traior ol tlie e- lale of aid decea-td, hath' ttpplieittion to tin co in, 10 cxten.i tne tune iiminM tor making pHyment 01 the debt 01 -am tiecca.fsi, twelve mount Iroin tlie 2Clh tlav of June in-t., und tin1 22.1 day of June iii-t, l-eing as-ig..ed for a hearing in the iiremi-e-, at the Oilice of the Register of tin- court, and il having been ordered not tee thereof I e given, I v publishing tin decree thrue week siicccie!y in the Free Pre a pruned at Ilurlmgtoii, I efuie the time fixed pear I el'nre aid court al the tune and place aforc-aul tiieu nml mere, 10 inake objection it any you liave, n ihe said time of payment Icing further 'extended a afnre-anl. Uiven under my hand at H-irlington tin It h day of June A. D. ISS'j. Wm. WESI'ON, Reg'r. 7VTEVV CiOODS, now openinc j an additional 1 a-orimi;nt of varum kind- t.f gorsl.-. nmoii ihein are M.-zolinto Hni-ho, Satin Head Head Hautl-, .sar-apanlla i.orcuge-, Accurilct ii botik. extiacl llergamot, I ritol bt.ard,grccti Spcciac c-,l'aior. new silver pool el ('( inb-, Eagle licit Pla'e-, etc. AEsO, a goon u-orluicnt id irimme.l anil plain lui" Mtin boiid nziue.iAek : 1I1111 -uiiiini'i' Stock, lig'.l r.nd plain some wiih lilWs very line and light for warm weath er; we have al-o very narrow Stock-, Miitnblu for boy or mint Alo, long iocks I'or tlto-e who have largeNeiVs, in a word tiiirac.rtmcnl of Slock, Col lar- and lio-oiiis 1 very complele. For lurtiicr par licniar pica-e can aitne ancty .-tore. June II. pASrihoiis ti lints. maid. T 0 THE l'l'llblC. Inollcrino this Edition of .iblte, III. addition: G1 HOCEItl ES. The siib-cril er has a fiill upp v T nftirinerie-, inclndtng cogniac Hrnndy, conunoii tlo. Ilollnnd and Halliiuoie (nn, M. (, mix mid low priced Rum, Port, Madeira, Chanipaigne,, Malaga anil other Wine-, Mola-'C., Teas, Co't-c, Chocolate, loaf, lump and I rown S igar-, Riff, Pepper, Ciiinnmim. Nutmegs. Mlspice and othci spice, Cignr. Tolncco, Mackerel, COPFISII, I e.-t kind for S3 per 100 lo-. AIVI mo-i tuner arniic 111 1111; itrwniv 100-, Also,DRY GOODS, all of which will le-old 11s cheap iinv ruber nlace. The Lnpior will 1 c warrauli"! of the let qualityintended principally for .supplying Tavern-Keeperrs, who will find it for their iuleret lo call ami examine liicin. i..vv ".ui.o.n. U'irlingtoii, June 10, ISIO.lf IWKtt' SCHOOL 11 ATLAS WITH OITL1NE. MAPS, by 100 I jJ';VI,!3,,XC! UTENSILS; 50 tlo Hay Forks, 15 tlo Manure Forkir, 50 do I Iocs 00 do scythe Snathes 75 do ca-t and German steel Scythes, cradle Seville-, Sickle, Ploughs, and Plough cn-tings by Ibirlingtoii, June 10. .1. & J. II. Pr.CK ifc Co. CKOtiitAPIIY AND Artie t-.. Mitciii'i 1.. Tliu nut hor ot t he above works has I ecu iirole-ionnllv devoltsl to the n-'ence of Gco'y and Ihe publishing of Maps, during many year nti.l Ins Conner prOdaction-', especially hi- Map ot the W orld fur Acailemii'f, I ear ample le-liinonoiiv of ln nbuti datit resource-, upon which he has so lift-rally diawn, in nroduc nc t he above school worn. 1 lie tt'iiowmi extract of the Geo'v and Atla, is Iron, a joint rc;oni mendation of ilie 'iVacher-111 the city of New York t'Thi.n- im-ritsnre nniiicrou llm ileiuiitioii rcntarii ublv ldaiu and eonci-c. 1 he e.xerei-e- are coiiiin nml iniporiant, mid Ihetlc-criptive i lunimous nml correct 1 lit! 11 vi-ions 01 nit- Aim lliau i-uiiiiut-iii, tit .3 i-,m- nte. am i e-erd ts as t bey n-al vext-t at the present lime. And the gross iniinieiiicnts generally found in se.iool geographic are eorre -leti. 1 be typograpiu- il execution Is nn couimniiiy neat nnu uiimei, niuciti nt ntbis i a mm el ol l ie kind, and actually teem wnb inlormatioii." The outline Maps are peculiarly aleu ate to pxerci-elhe student in In simlv, audio fill up at hi leisure. For stile by C. GOODRICH. JOSEPH IlHADLEi: llitSlOH, rhilaJtlpMa, llallhnore, l, ll..rwl,:,w li U'nnl. iMllVlllirtl N'oves. fct Urewers. Stevens iltllisllln: by fiasc. Thompson, J. k J. W. Smith, C. W. Cnrnenter, and A, Eiillerimi, jr. by It. II. l.'oleuiun k Co., Whltaker k Hanoi, ami (;. it ,N, I'oppirlu, jr. Cincinnati, Ohio, by (lluscno ti Hiirrlion, und Alfeii,k Co l'tllsouri;ri, reim., uiueq t-riitiuiunaKcr si 1,0 AVic (h linns, by Nathan J nr v le. Ullmny, N. l, !' Siinds k Shaw. Monlnal, h. C, by (Jet". IJ; "t. Halifax, N. S., by H C. I'riedham. And sold wholesale hy the ilrui-firU and tpollncirUt (encrally throitghuut the I'niiod Suits 8000 bush. solnrSalt 3000 1500 1000 1000 100 250 do stcntn tlo tin line tlo tlo Turks Island do bbls-. line tlo tlo dairy do tlo coarse 110 200 t-ncks dairy tloby J. Sc. J. II. PECIC ife Co. 1 i nnn paints oils; IUjUUvJ h. dry whim Uad J00 casks ground do do 15 bl. Is, Venetian Ucl 10 ea-ks Erencli yo'low 50 bbls. American Lin-ivd Oil, or dn ssmriu Turiicntino Copfll Vm-lii-h, Gold E'af, Snnd paper, Rmali, llr'i-he-, Glue, Gum Copal, hy J. tV. J. II. Pr.cK tV. ( o. Of Wl Nulls, nrails Ameiuau iron. UUU kei; Nail from 31 to CO I 250 do Oratls If om 0.1 wxn Horse ihott Iron S.'roll ami Ifame do all lzen Hand Iron from li to -lj inch Rountl do tlo to IJ tlo Siniareilo 5-0 to 3 do J, & J. II. Pr.CK tfc Co., Juno 19. Agents for Kecsevillc. Manufacturing Co Ul fif; t'AHIX mttl IIAItl) CIDEII. J-i few log cabin llo-oni Pins, with the barrel ol Hard Cider "mlglity bunny" nnn "Ilie siring never pulled in" just tiiiHicd untl for snle nl iho variet)' M....OU P.umirvnsi ti I II, MSM A I (it May 28 VI OT1CE. Hroko into tliu lnclosuro of tho nub nprilior nn thn lirirpnlh'nf JimR. two mates. OHO whito, thn other bay. Tho owner i requested, to prove property, pay charges and laKo tnem away. . ' Wotrdrilj JunO, 1010. TRUM.VN O. UUTTON. Ct EAltL HOWAItll, of the I heap to. ili store nrriitsl home frtmi New York la-t evening bv I ho .splendid steamer Whiielmll, D. Lyon (.'apt. nml brought with mm 1111 mi'iitionai supply 01 noon wiiicu wiili bis two former nurclia'c ot tins sea-on ninkcs tlie assortment altogeihcrono of the most tlcsiral lo to select from of ri'ny thai he ha heretofore had for the 1st ei'Tliteen vear-, tin 1 1 m inc. imnra mu -mh..-, Publi-hcrs invite attention to the followin mid improvement:-). The (!eiigriiiliv lias been circfullv rrvictl and f)i 1., ;L :n '. .1 1 1,,.,, 1 1 1,', 1, hi;. r;,. mil i- pcrftctiy adaptultu all ltd patta to tho new' .naps. Tlie entire text ot tin; liouk ln, at tnueii cxpcne, I'-cn thrown into uniform nrie type whicli uo fn onl'uleiit will be regaiikil as a very tb cidtil iinpro ,cinent. The tfli f- nnpindeil to tho IJuol; wem matle up with care, and contain much valuable information in a roiulrnstil form. The names and Klipih of tliu principal Cau iNand Rail Roads tlinis mil ami in pro gross) nre given, unit tnc pnee cnnneitnt ; nio a complete list ot tliu ( oiicgo nnn .Medical schools, 1 iicoiogtcai .sfmuiartes aim iiengwiis no- iiommationa of iho Lmtcil tatcs the rcigiun deigns of Eiltode. t:c. An t ntne new Atln? nccompanic.-i tlie IbmU, cm tainiiiL' eiahlitn vcrv .superior Mmw, ntostly ilruw expressly fur liiii work from original surveys ami lh most ail lentic pdiucc, nutl emurnet niiiuen vaiunni inforinntion not to be found 111 nnv wimlar work Our own country has rcecnetl Hprcinl attention. The Rail Roaili-, Canal-, navigation otuivcrs ami rccint hatiges. arcal circfullv inarlu-'!, nud nntiv coiiiitic- aro shown which do not nppi-nr in any other Alia Anton.' the ttfculiaritic of tin work may he tilcntioii c 1 the plan of showing thr poiiiilatum of Sial Countirsm rountl nitnibcrs on the face of lite Mop. The navigation ot Rivers tor Slini.t, SlramlioalM, Sluiipt, H shown bv placing tit tho head of na vkrntion the appropriate character for each. The Map and Chart of the World combined (on an entire new plan, showing at one ie-.v the Natural ami Political DiviaioiH of llm Globe, the Extent, Popula tion, Religion, 1-orin ot (iovernnieut and itnte o Civilinion of each Country,! ha allia-tid much rl lention, anil ii considcrtil n (treat iinprovciiiPtit upon anv tiling hrrclofnru ntlentptril in tlicfotin of a Chart ns here a nre. shown nt a single el.ttico, mm tne re- lalioiiH tliev Hiistnm In each oilier. Vc would also solicit nllention to the remarkable iliMiuctncis and easn with which every name on tlm .Map may be rem! ns well as tn the vcrv superior stvle nml evocution tho work 111 other respects. The Quc-tions at ihe i'Iopo of tho HouU nre import-nut, and will bo found very convenient tor n i.cnorni ifview. Sl'ALOINfi v STOItUS. ll.irtfnnl Citnnertical, For snle bv SAMFEL IIFNTINOTON. Ilttr lingtiin, Vt, ami by tin' Princial Hoo'.isellcrs in the biineii nintcs. Hiirlingion, July 3d, IP 10. rich, fashionable, fancy and staple articles m every ilepattment of the Dry Good line, such a Hroadcloth, Casiinere-, Vesiings, Moti-elme tie luines, Chally, Sdk, HoinlaSitie Calicoe-, Linen-, Mii-luis, Lnco, nibbmw. fanl rniderie,-. Ilo.ierv Glove, Fans I'm- PAPKH.-O. GOODRICH has just re. eivcd from ihe iirniiifictiiicrs in Mus.iehusftis. a full supply of It 11011 hand-nntlt'. roynl, uicihtim, Dcmv, cip, li-tier, folio-post and billet paper, of various qinl iticp, as wove, t-tititi, lnid, gilt, Sic. iVc. for t-aleat man iifacturcn piicea. Juno HD. IN CIIANCLItY. HHvnv Matoi1;, TtstoTiiv FcLt.r.TT 1 CtitTTr.sDr.Nt v. Coi'NTT SU- SA.Mtir.t. It. Hitow.v, JottM Pt'CK, rnr.MK CounT John II. PiXK.tAt.slu P PKCtt,Sr.Tii Jniiuary lerm, Ht-ithf, nml CassIinP. Ilicm.s'. J A. D. IS 10. AT the pt-c-ent Term of tin court held nt I'urimgJ ton, wi'hln mid for the eouitiy of Chittenden, oil lhe'1'liiir-dav next piivceding Ihe (ir-l Tt.e-d.iy of Jnn ttarv, 1810, 'Henry Mayo nud 'I'linnlby Fo'lett, both of s'aid Hirlitigir n', lilt,-. I ihoir bill of complaint agam-it s.iuuiel R. Ilruwii, of Rome, inthestme of N, York' nnd John Peck, John II. Peck, Caiii P. Peck, Soth liiliop and Ui-siu 1'. mown, aii rit aiti iinriiugiou, selling lortll, thai, Otl or tinoul Ilie null nay 01 January, IS"!, the -aid or.ilors, nt the retUet of said Drown, ignc.l a nolo with said lirown mid one fia torn aie- n-, a siirclie., given to the President, wiroetorcfc .niiiniiv ot the Haul: nf Hiirlingion. fur lheutiiof lificcn hutidicJ dollar-, which nolo was re.-eived nml liooniroil Iv'smdbanl ol liurllngiott ; tnai 011 1110 nine lifih ila'v of Januarv. 1S32. Ibe smd orators nk-o signed Willi ilie -aid lirown nini Sievcn, as Mirelie- it lliereque-t of Mini lirown, three notes to uyuia i-.t-lridgeiiuil John M. Eltlnlge fur 000 each payable f.iiectivelv 1,11 the lir-t day of Jnu.iary. in the years IS33, 1331 und lf-35 J that 'the sni.l Hiuwu, to seour- aud indemnify stud ointor- niiun-t atd nolo-, anil Is- foie pavineut of any noios wil made, to wit, on Ihe 22'l tiny of May l?32, executed 10 -aid Orator rloit I ol that tlate 111 tn.e p rm 01 law, conveying in 1,1 1, mini- n trie- nt bind on which the said lirown then lived, situate in -aid I! trlitutoiij lying near Mild ly llrook, containing, bv olimalion, nt out one lum inal at on which th'-re was a saw mill, formerly owne I by fCel.-ev Gilmore, and a dwelling house, in which the said lirown then lived, Intending thereby to convey nil iho laud to said orator which the said Drown then owned In Iluiliugloti ; that nlicrwirds, n ihe same 231 tl.iv of May, Is.).', Ibe said oratotn tiviitt-il tns-iiil lirown an agreement under -eal, eov- ciianlirti that they would e.xe 'ule to the -aid Drown a litit claim deed of cerium iieini-e tlcsi ril Ml lu a hum from l.vdia Eldndge and Jnliu al. F.ldriHge to am ora- r-, th'etl the Itlth dty of .immarv 1SJ2, 1 eing a iraci known a the Lldrulgo lann, ituate in sUnJ H.irlnigton, anil that -aid oralor would tiio convey to said lirown, bv deed of quit claim, the premi-os Je scrtlel in said deel from said Hrown to fatd orator, if the smd Hrown shtntld well and truly pay the said iinic given to anl t.vdut f.'tlrnige nn.i Jonn .11. r.i n m! honld rtl.o nnv lo said or.ilors a note tor one li.iiidred dollar, daled'tlie fame 22 I day of May, 1S32, and al.-o pay all rales or taxes which then werti or might llicie.Micr be a-e-el on stud preuipe-, and should omit to cut any limber or wood on -aid l-.ldndgo lot. excciit bvthceoii-ent of.-md or.ilors, and then the avail thereof were to I c appropriated 111 payment of Mid note or nolo, whether 11 ie or not, umi 111 er wards, on ot about the 15 h day of Su-itemler 1S32, Ihe said lirown ami -nnl orator agreeu imii 111c sum Iced o executed bv said Drown to -aid orator -iionia land a security lur the payment ol ull Mini- then were or might ilicrealtcr become tine irt.m saw nrown to -ttid orator. fur all money and good that should I cor had I een fui ni-he.l by -aid orator- to said Hrown; that said orators wcie compelled to, anddid pay to the snid Ljdi.i nnd John M. the said thice note- executed by thg.-aid Hrown nnd SicYen mid -aid orator-, when tl'iey -cverally lecained.ic; and that -aid oralor were also compelled to, and did pay ihe said Hole, cxeculrj nforcsnid, to bank ot Hiirlingion 111 three in stalment of five bundled dollar. each, and the inter est thereon, the lui of which iu-tal'ucnls wapaid on thc31l ot Iicrciul cr, lfcj-j lust pieviou- to me tain of January 1 t-.3S, ihe said orator-, with the consent ot -aid Drown, .-old the land deeded by the snul l.ytlm nnd John 10 said orator hi imdrv parcel., and that on the ISlh of January 1S33 the 'aid Hrown and .aul orator ettletl their account and all matter. concern ing the payment made by aid orators 11 iiluiesaid. nut all other matter. iciwecii incut nun tipnti sm ii .eiilemcnl a lalniu e wa found due from sat I Drowr to .nnl orator-, of I.GS.'i 3!). Icing part and parcel ct the amount paid by -aid oralor- to -aid I aid; of Hur liuglon, mid to -aid Lydta and John M. for -aid Drown j lh it the -aid Hrown and said orator-, nlterwur.l-, cm tho rn and year la! alore-aid, made an indenture nt that da'e, sivrncd and sealed bv them, -citing turlh thtj agn cinenl-, -nlcof I-.ldruht-land, and sctilcnieiit aloio aitl, and that said Dion 11 in -aid mdenlure envennnt tsl to pay said orator said nm of SLOSa.'iO in terest in sixty nay iroin ine uae 01 s.iiu uitieuiurc that ft was tiirther -it tin I It m -ai I 1ndcni111eih.1t said oralor then held three noc, tl.nel April 30, 1333, signed '.y E. & T. Mill-, for ?'200 ea-li, made payable 10 orator- or order in two, tlnee nn. I lour years Iroin their tlatcre-pi'ctively, wt h uiteie-t, 11 n l al6 four other note tlaltsl the 27tfi day ol, l37, sipncl by Cliaunci'V Gotslrich, tor 2.i ea-'h. payable to aid orator- or Older, in the -unimfT-of IS37, 133s, l-3!), ami 1810, ro-pvmc y w lh intcre-', all ofw Inch aid note of -,ttd E. A. T! .Mill and said Goodrich, were taken for a portion of said pruini-e-, deeded by naitl John and Lvdt.i 10 -.'.ul ora'or-. and by -aid ora tor- to -aid E it'T; Mill and -aid Goodrich ; dial satd Hrown did, in -aid inJcntute, rclca-e and lorever df- har'c said orator from all claim 1 y -aid lirown and hi aicu- upon -aid oralor, tor the conveyance nf the whole or anv part of. -aid priim-e -0 dce-lced by ml John and Ly.lia to Rtd oramr a afore-aid j that sant orafr. on their pari, did 111 .-aid indenture covenant, that if ihe -m l lin wu or I."- a-ign -hould well nnd truly pay to md orator the -inn um 01 Jl,fi?3 39, witli mteret tln'ieuu, within -ixty days from the date m" r-td indenture, then said orator would onvev to -nnl lirown or hi- n-ign-, ly deed ot quit latin,' all then title and in!crc-t in the anl laiul o 'ceded l.v anl Drown to said orators 011 the 22 I tlav of M.iv,' 1S32, a aforesaid, ami wo-dd as-ign ami Iran-ler to sattl Hrown, by their endorsement, without recourse, sain iioic- u-iaiii-t s.i.u t . i- .. .mii-, .net said Goodrich, or oihcrwi-e account to -aid Drown therefor. Proriihi', that if sn'd orators for the pnr-po-e ol rendering -aid deed fiom -aid Drown to them available, -lioiild 1 1; obliged to pay any incuinbrance xi-ltng tipru the premises thcrcl v conveyed, al tlie la'e tl said deed, then the said Drown should pay -aidori'ors the nmoint I v them paid and iincrcsi, I el'ore fatd or.ttnr-should ie. I o 111 1 to q 111 caim, a-t ;' nve stated, the land si. conveyed 1 y 'ai l Drown to aid ora'or-; tint a I -uni of .?l,'b'-o 30 had not nn paid, but lh.11 aid orator had colic -lei twj ef the no e given by .-aid h. & I . Mill, tor 200 em h, to aid raiiior. and alo two id Ibe noic given I y mid Goiuln h to said ori'or for f?.l 25 each, wh.cli sum n e iMeoteil were to I e cC'Incteil Irom atd sum ct l,C'3j 'l'J ; that at.l Hrown afterward-, 1 n or ii'.out the .evenilt day of April, le.)-, bv dcul of wan inly, conveyed to Joel Hi-hop wPh other lands n'.out lif'y i". acre ol the land o ilct-lml 1 y au nrown 10 sai.t orator.-j that -nnl Joe', on ihts .-'amo icvcn h day of Am il, IS')?, morig.tccd the -ame tifiy-iv m-rc t f and wih other land to atd Drown, to eivr" the payment of four note- 01 hand ot tha da'c b r r'J22ca h, pay able I y said Dishop to -m l Hrown in one, two, ihreti and four years li-oin tine, re-pe. lively ; t Jin' i n the 12ii day of June, I S3?, the -nnl Hrown asittied ami to John Pec'., L bn H. Peck nnd Cassins P. Peel', nil hi-, the -aid Hrown's in'ore-l in said Piort gag"d prcmi-i's and that the -aid John, J- hn II. and (s.11is V, ehtiiuoil to hold the -ante; 'hat n tho 23 I tkiv t f Noveml cr, 1?3?, the -aid Samuel R. Pr 'wn -old mid conveved to C,--i-s P Hrown, 1 deed ot vv i-raniv, the remainder of the land so ei.nvevcil I y -aid S.itiiuel R, to said orator, and that said C'auisp. Drown, "it the same 2J I dnj of Noveml er, IS3S, niori' ga3ts tl..'-.tme land o ct nvcyed by i-aid Samuel R. to to siiid('asiti i'. Hr'.n, to -aid Sam el It, to teci ro thetnyincnt of tour nole- of lliattl.l'e, time fur SliO each, tin I mleie-t, payable I y -aid C.i'iu P. Hrown tnsuiil Samuel 1!. re-pec'ivi'l'v, on ihe 1-1 tlav (fJan uarv m the year- IS 10, ISll'iiud IS 12 ihe other for ?250an,l intere-t, onvablo on the tir-l tlav of January 1313, rtn.l lint scii (i-n is P. Hn.wn i-lnuii an 111- erel in sai l land ; on me -.'jni nay 01 .nine, 33, the said Jtvl Hi-hop mil an I if nvevod to e,h Di Imp, nil the laud eouveyel bv -im' Samuel R. to raid Joel, and ih-11 smd Seth chni'ie 1 10 have an mleret ut said bind, and praying ihisto irl lode 'ice that the raid Sniiucl R. John, .bdin IL, Ca-rni P. Peek, .-eih Hish- tipiinl Ca-i't P. Drown tonccietM to pay ine i-ai- tine or-nor-a- ai rcsain nun um ej i n brellas, P.ira-olb,tc, wilti n full .supply of Florence untl Sir.iw Honncls. and Millenary Good, also, ( nr- petings, Mailing, Paper Hanging, Shoe. nnn uai n-jethci- with all the nenvv ile.-criplions of 1 omestie and other goixl, snc'i .1 fiieenngs, 1 urn, nuriap- Wool Twine, etc; The Crockery, Looking Obi, and China Gallery is al-o repleiiisli.-ilj the Cutlery, Hard ware anil llO'i-et inn Hint- iiep.iriiuiui is 111 m with the oilier stoeksinlitud, iho variety of laucy nr- lo, MP li ns Toys Je velry, fsiiiibs, I url-, i.onitv- lionnrv, etc. eie., vviucn nil. one ntinure 1 uvi 01 i m case in lenlli on hi counter. t inniiinernbie. 1 uc Domti mid picture gitllcry is beautifully arranged for the iliplny of Goods under a strong light, nnd then the 'urge Kipplv of superior family (roccrie bn-tsl upon htiSta'I'of J.ifOi Roi'hotter ctiy Mill Flour, nukes- his lirn.i.l llnttuar clicaii ca.b store, one ol'the inosl fasci- nnliitg desirable nii'l eonvenienl store fo le fiinilidiod froin with ull nnd every kind of urticles that may le wished lur, or iookim t lor ntTiiitcnicui and gralilicn lion, or with n ileire to convey tlm most pleasing iu lelllgeiiot) to friend, of the phteo wherj every article lliey may desire for tho belterine of Hiipo.iiiee.s, ndtlinp to comfort, or supplying nis-e.-sary wiinitf, may I e had and all done in so few words, nt by only saying for whatever and whenever you with to buy cnnpforcnh fo 10 HOWARD'S. Hurlinsion, Vt .June, U, IStO. . rpiIE D0O!v STORE ol llm sitb.-eri! cr is now fully X reileni'liis wi'h a -arge colleci ion of HOOKS nn'l STATION FRY, uvcn'lv te!e-'e. in the Ne.v York nnrket, pains ha 1 ecu taken in the a--orlnient wiih rclereiuc to Hooks adapted 10 rnblaih chools, Tliu newe-t pnblicilions h ire Uen 'Clec'eil fir ill's obieci, an I l.ibrane can now le lirui-h-'d willi any ainounl nt thoN. Y. prices D A. DiiA-ais. If T. VEItN'ON Itl'VVDElt. Pnlvgl.-tl DilUs 1TE ol ib lercnt ixes nud, foci ct tut ie an I To mucin nnd n geneinl a-soitmenl ol siationu rytusl receiieu troiiu.orii nnn lor hii College st, .ie:25. reet'l'lllVI'll V.I-V ItMOIlt ARAMSAV Ii.1V O ritvivtsli by iho recent nriiviib, n large ami well a.-oriol slock ol writing paper., ami th-'d' ett.-nt nr ..... . ......... .i r,'.....- -smiloncrv. AU0. jii excel lent eollec'lion of ENGRA VINGS V''l.ill:,k';Vt'.!" or';': rfla'o publication. .Montreal, fat. Paul May '23. fi.v riltlE'l li'PF.'CANOF. TEX T HOOK". Just received, J. a large supply of Tippiva 11 00. Text Hmik, inticle p'1 fn'ts tllii-frmiug Gen. Harrison's history, character, services and opinions. It is warmly rtscomnifii lui tothe friends of Gen. ll.irri.on through out the. U .Staff--, for tal at f oi' ttoff JnncM. P. A HRAM.VN short day to I e nppom'e.l I y this eo-trt, nil I 111 ilelnult thcrc l, that the -ni l Simittl R, John, John IL, las u, t P.,..!.- Seib III. bun. and C nnu P. Hrt Avn, and all pcr-on claiming uu Vrthciii may le forever lore eln'e I from ull equitv of rcdemptu tl or claim in and In s-tul i.renii c sotlctste l I v sindSami el R. to mdoia tiir a nl'iii'sit'1, and every pari thereof, and of nil elnitil upon said ora'or- to re-deed the same, nnd for fir her relief according to equity nnd good conscience. And nonce ol said bill ol complain! baviuv I ecu ,? ly KTVC-I 'ip 11 Jolm Peel. 1 John II. Peck, ( asins P. IV.-k, Se:h Ill-Imp and Cussiu P. 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