Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, July 24, 1840, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated July 24, 1840 Page 3
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rison'a docs not identify a man with tlio eauso of his country, will iho Sentinel ukase to inform u- by what process Martin Chittenden became identified with the republican party. Hut what tdiall be paid of the infamous endea vor of the Kx-l'rcsidcnt himself n soldier to pluck from a soldier's brow the laurels with which a grateful country had entwined it J of his attempting, by a stroke of the pen, to strike that honored veteran from the rolls of fame, as his wont was to strike olliccr?, at his pleasure, from the rolls of the army. Thank heaven ! that record is one which neither he nor a servile Senate has power to desecrate. Gen. Harrison's fame was won in the field of battle, amid blood and carnage, under the eye of thousands who awarded and who shared it was the reward sof toils and danger, of hardships and exposure. Clouds of witnesses, the brave, the patriotic, the 'venerable Wayne, and Shelby, and l'crry, and Miller, and a host of other?, testify that he lion 'orably earned it. Legislatures have been for ward to admit this claim; and Congress lias 'nolemly and deliberately ratified it. It has been heralded far and wide by the press j stamped on 'enduring medals; recorded in history ; and on nhrincd in the bosoms of a grateful people. It is now parcel of the heritage of glory of this great nation. The dictum of no man man can detract aught from its permanency, nor the breath of envy, nor the rancor even of partizan hostility, ully its brightness. '"STRIKE MV NAME FROM THE NOT TINGHAM LIST." We are sorry to trouble our political oppo nents ; but they will perceive from the follow ing, the necessity of re-arranging their appoint ments a little, and the reasons given by Mr. Knapp for declining the service assigned him, arc so exceedingly cogent that the spoilsmen 'can do no less than excuse him. If there be a man intnc republican town of Huntington, who 'reallv believes that placing the American far mer and mechanic on a par with the pauper of Europe will " cover the nation with blessings, he should be selected for the appointment which an intelligent honest man declines. Tolht VanHuren Committee for the Town qf Hun tington. Gentlemen : I am informed that you have placed rny name upon your committee of vigilance in tlio 'mwn of Himtini'ton. 1 must. uentlctncti. decline act ing upon that Committee ns I am opposed to the pol-1 icy of the present Administration. I am opposed to the system of the party now in power, of rewarding partizansiwith ollico who have no other merit to re commend them than their devotion to the party. 1 am opposed to the present system of "Retrenchment and Reform," as it seems to be but an other term for souan dcring the public revenue, nmltlins well nigh reduced our government to bankruptcy. 1 nm opposed to the Administration on account of its war upon the cur Tmcy of the nation, its secret hostility to the maim lacruring interest of the country. I am opposed to the Sub-Treasury, as I understand it, believing it will have a tendency to lessen the price of labor, increase F.xecutivc patronnage, swell the expenses of the na tion, and prostrate at the foot of the Government all the energies of the people. - I am in ftcor of the election of Wm. II. IlAnm0N to the Presidency, because I believe him honest and capable, and shall lend my feeble endeavors to effect hat object'. 1 am Gentlemen, Yours Respectfully, l'ETER KNAPP. We would suggest to the loco focos that they appoint double shotted committees throughout, as wo arc well persuaded that not more than one half will serve. IIY THEIR FRUITS YE SHALL KNOW THEM. Wo invite the particular attention of those loco tocos who havo of late been so much alarm ed for the cause of temperance, to the follow ing bill of items of furniture for the palace : Baltimore. Sent. 2. 1837. Major T. L. Smith, on account of the President's House, nought ot r. raimcr iv uo. 2 sets fine steel tongs and shovel, 823 00 10 steel pokers at 81 1Q 00 1 pair tongs and shovel supporters....'.... JO 00 1 irUaiJOll STAND, '-'5 00 1 sot waiters, 17 50 Received pavmcnt for T. Palmer &, Co , . &90 50 J. SCIIULE." Is it indeed wonderful that a genteel man like Mr. Van Buron, who treads upon " imperial Wilton and Saxon carpets," and sports his bottle of champaign upon a .$20 "liquor stand;" pur chased at the people's expense, should turn up his nose at the republican simplicity of a plain backwoodsman, who, having shared with his countrymen the toils and dangers of the camp, is now sharing with titent the quiet enjoyments of a log cabin on the banks of the Ohio, and who is so far behind tlie times as to esteem an American beverage good enough for an Ameri can cilizon J It is not. Mr. Van Huron and his thirty thousand office holders doubtless feel all the contempt they express for Gen. Harrison and his rural life. But what say the people what say the farmers of Vermont; who are sel tlieir wool for 23 cents, about paying TWEN TY FIVE DOLLARS for a " liquor stand" for Mr. Van Buren; and SEVENTEEN IJOL LARS for a bit of painted tin, on which to jvtss hi6old Madeira round! And what say those brawlers about temperance those tempted loco focos who have had to brace up their morality against the demoralizing influences of "hard cider!" Is there any morality in plundering the people to pay for " liquor stands" to adorn the President's palace, and, .it the same time, charging Gen. Harrison who is one of the most abstemious and temperate men living with cor rupting the morals of the people Let honest men answer. SIMEON HOOKER AGAIN. As we predicted, Haswcll has been manufac luring affidavits ; and they arc just as much to point, and just as honest, as his declartion to tho audience onthodth, "thatMr. Hooker was there to answer for himself as to the truth of vihlt had been stated" leaving it to bo inferred that he assented to it, because ho did not rise in place nnd contradict it when, in trutli the old m'an was almost as deaf as the door post, and com prehended nothing of the disgraceful imposition they were practising upon him. A simple slate mcnt of tho facts in this case is all that is requisite to set the matter right before the public, and hold up the acton to contempt. A few days beforo tho Stato Convention, Mr. Josi.yn of Essex, being in town, and learning that it was tho design of the commit tee to get all tho old soldiers in this county together on that occasion, informed them of Mr. Hooker said ho lived neighbor to him, nnd would hear an invitation if they wished iU On his return, ho called on the old gen tlemanj informed of his errand, and kindly offered to sen tha't ho had a suiublo convoy nncc. Tho invitation was nt onco accepted, nnd Mr. II. appeared gratified tf itli tho idea. Tho wholo subject of the convention, its character, ccc. was talked up at tho timo, and in tho course of tlio conversation, Mr. Joslyn remarked that bo did not know wlmtbor tho political character of tho meeting correspon ded wiht tho old gontlem-nn's views or not. To which Mrs. Woodruff tlio lady of tho family in which Mr. Hooker resides, and his grand daughter, wo believe replied, that sho did not know much nhout it, but " she bu lievetl they culled him a federal." This was strictly true, and shows how the old gentle nmn was regarded by those who knew hint host. All whigs called "federal" by loco fbcos. In tho mean time, tho Commiltco had prepared n circular, a copy of which was ad dressed to Mr. Hooker, and delivered by Mr. LvsANDun Wcstford, who, nt tho request of the family opened it and rend it to tho old gentleman. Hero tho subject of the Convention, the preparations, &c. was again talked up'. This was tho day belore tho convention, and Mr. Woodruff was then about starting with tho old soldier, himself, as it was not convenient for Mr. Joslyn to at tondtoit. lie brotigbtbim toDurlington. Mr Hooker staid over night at tho house of his son-in-law, S-rr.riiuN Johnson, of this town, mid was brought to the convention on tlio fol lowing day by his relatives. Now, reader, wo want you to mark, that Mr. Joslyn, Mr. Woodruff, and Mr. Johnson' arc Ai.i. fhiiinds or tiii: imikskt administration. They are all intelligent men the two latter warm par tisans, and of course fully aware of the char acter of tho meeting. If Mr. Hooker was deceived, who deceived him? If Mr. Jos lyn, or Mr. Allen, or tho circular decoived him, why did not his children set him right? Would Hart Woodruff or Stephen Johnson connive at, or even allow an imposition of this kind upon their venerable old father ? And yet, if there is any imposition about it, they must have been accessary to it ! Tho thing is too absurd to talk about. NO man believes one word of it. One word as to Mr. Hooker's politics. He belonged to the old federal party opposed Jackson's election, and voted against his ad ministration up to 1831 since which time he has been incapable of attending the polls, and has, wo believe cast but a single vote in the mean time. These are the facts and circumstances which Van Ness and Haswcll have attempted to distort for party purpose?. On the 27th, Mr. Ilaswell called iiiwii Mr. Hooker, GAVE HIM SOME MONEY, and after much labor, got the old man to admit that he really supposed the log cabin convention was an administration meeting! This remark it seems a number of individuals were employed to hear and certify to, and this the Sentinel publishes to the world as evidence that Mr. 1 looker was imposed upon by the ichigs, Only look at the morality of this transaction, Here tho party to a cont rovcrscy draws up an affidavit setting fortli the facts he wants to prove ; goes to a mere child, with money in his hand, gets him to admit something ; then calls in the passers by to sign his blank affidavit, putting a construction on what such a witness, under such circumstances might Fay ; and then this same party, putting on the robes of office, officiates as magistrate, and talks about the credibility of tlie men he lias employed to hear what he had previ ously written out. How long would such a transaction stand in a court of Justice ! Just long cnugh to have the facts stated ; and the party to it would find himself indicted by the next grand jury, if tho case was presented. What must be the condi tion of a party whose leaders resort to such base means 1 THAT PIECE. The circumstance that Mr. Van Ness's Wood stock Speech has been published in but few of the locofoco papers of the State; has excited some surprise. Hut tins omission; we presume, is by arrangement, as Mr. Vail Ness has thus far only repeated that production; wherever he has addressed the people'. To publish it, there fore; in the newspapers generally, would be only to forestall and embarrass the gentleman in his labor of love, lie could hardly make up a face to repeat a speech that his audience had already seen in every newspaper in the stated There was something, however, very singular in the fact that such a man should bo driven to such a strait. lie must either be short of stock, or else the production in question must be eo perfect in itself fls not to admit of improvement or variation We adopted the latter conclusion and yet we could not understand why a master spirit like Mr. Van Ness, should have but one set of ideas, and one set of words to express thetn ! But whoever will take tho trouble to examine an extract from the Globe which will be found in an article from a Kentucky paper in our columns to-day, will at once" perceive tho explanation The "piece" in question, is in truth Amos Ken dal's, and Mr. Van Ness is probably repeating it on contract. Soon after Kendall tooli command of the allied forces, he issued an order,' directing a simultaneous "charge" upon tho wholo whig line pointing out the weapons and the mode of attack. This order, it will be observed, has been strictly obeyed by I Ir. Van Ness, as his epceclt is nothing more than an amplification of the points suggested bv Kendall. It is even said that a circular Was addressed to' the leaders throughout tho country, giving the outline of what was considered a judicious mode of attack ing Gen. Harrison ; and, tho striking similarity in all the locofoco speeches we havd seen, and the fact that they are uniformly rc'apeated from time to time as occasion offers, goes far to confirm this opinion. In this view of tho subject, Mr Van Ness's should bo regarded charitably. lie could doubtless make a better speech if left to himself; but ho is under contract to rehearse "that speech" which he will do in every coun ty in the Mate. And when the election' is over, he will got his pay, for Amos says that thoso who assist him in this struggle shall not be for gotten. i Till-: CONCKItT. The Harrison Concert at tho Court House, on Wednesday evening, was a brilliant affair, and passed off much to the satisfaction of all parties. The houso Was literally thronged aisles, passaged and door-ways and by 0110 ol tho largest and most respectable audiences ever assembled on a similar occasion. The asscm blagc of ladies was unusually large, and the ani mated interest with which tliiy listened to the patriotic nnd spirit f-tirring exercises" of tho occa sion, boro no cnuivical testimony to tho truth of (low Snvder's remark, "that tho blessings of "thousand of women nnd rhildron rescued "from tho scalping knifo of tho ruthless savage " of tho wilderness, and tho still more savago "Proctor, rest cm Haiikison and his gallant " army." Mr. Molt even exceeded himself on this occasion. Tlio pieces were scicctcu wun good taste, excollontly got up nnd arranged, and tho execution told for itself in tlio cheering ro ception it mot from tho asFomblago. R01110 of the jScccs, enmposod by Mr. M-. possess surpas. sing uieiit, and will, wo aro persuaded, havo a popular run. Mr. Molt wan aided on this occa sion by tho Tippccenoo Band, whose grateful assistance ho duly appreciates, but whoso known modesty would bo shocked, woro wo to repeat what wo overheard at our right ! All was ex cellentevery thing wont off well and tho marked attention of the audience, was aliko complimentary to tho performers, and at tho same timo indicative of tho deep seated, warm hearted affection of the people for tho " Gallant old soldier of Tippecanoe." ACCIDENT. A young man named Gcdrgo I.yon, from Charlotte, a hand on board the Winooski, was drowned at tho Wharf on Monday Evening. It would seem that ho attempted to pass through tho window of the lamp room to the promenade deck, when tho railing by which he hold gave way, and ho was precipitated into tho water. The waves running high at tho time, it was found impossible to recover the body till life was extinct. ELECTIONS. State elections take place in Kentucky, Indi ana, Illinois, Missouri and Alabama, on tho 3d of August in Tennessee on the Gth, and N. Carolina some time in the month of August. CONGRESS. The administration has been compelled to ask for another five million issue of treasury notes, which will undoubtedly bo granted. The bill from tho house to rcchartcr the banks in the district of Columbia, has been rejected in tho Senate. The contested election between In gersoll and Naylor, has been decided in favor of the latter ; and the N. Jersey case in favor of the sitting members. Wo copy the following from the correspondence of tho Express : The House of Representatives has just adjourned in a statu of great excitement. This morning, Mr. Campbell made n report from the majority of the Committee on Eleetious, in the New Jersey election case, accompanied by a resolution setting forth that tho claimants now in possession of tho seats, are en titled to the same. A report was also received from the minority, controverting many of the facts as set forth in the report of tho majority, and referring to tho evidence. The evidence comprises n volume of COO dagos. On motion of Mr. Proffit, both reports were read, but not a word oftht ttidence. This evening, by tho aid of ihoprevious uticstion, without an oppor tunity of examining n word of the evidence, the reso lution of a majority of the committee was forced through tlie House, and adopted, by n vote of Yeas 101, Nays 22 the great body of the Whk's refusing to violate their consciences by voting at all in a case, when they had not heard tho evidence. You must make your own comments. LOUISIANA IS OURS ! Another of the twenty-six States has abandon ed Martin Van llnren, and declared for Harri son. Louisiana, which in 181)6 gave her electo ral vote to the Kindcrhook Jockey, ha now sig nified, in terms too plain to bo misunderstood, her intention to take part in 1810 in the good work of elevating the Hero of Tippecanoe to tho Presi dential chair. Louisiana, "following in the foot steps" of Connecticut, llhodo Island and Virgin ia, has cut loose from Loco Focoism and come out for "Harrison and ll"furm." Wo have not yet full details of tho vote in this State, but the general complexion of the intelligence is all that could bo desired. In the first Congression al District, which in 183G gtfre Mr, Van Buren nine majority, the Whigs now have between osr. AND TWO THOUSAND MAJOMTV ! Ill tllC Second Congressional District where Mr. V. B. received 719 majority, the Loco Focos have barely saved their candidate for Congress by the meagre ma- jorityof 10! Tho third Congressional District is not yet definitely heard from. In 1806 this District gave the Whig ticket 132 majority, and, however the contest may result between Mr. Winn and Mr. Moore (the two candidates for Congress,) it is not doubted that the Whi, trength in that District has increased handsome ly. We have then in tho 1st and 3d Districts a majority of near two thousand against thirteen Loco Foco majority in the 2d District. This glorious result removes all dotlbt about the clcc toral vote of Louisiana. It will bo given beyond question to Old Tippecanoe by thousands'. No'r will the example be lost upon the neighboring Southcrri. States. With Virginia and Louisi ana for Harrison it is hardly probable that any of the intermediate states, save; pcrcnance,- nullifying South Carolina! will hold out agajnst the popular feeling in favor of the Reform Can lulatesand Vause. All hail then Louisiana! Albany Daily Advertiser. From the O. Bulletin, July 10. LOUISIANA ELECTION. The results of the election in this city have surprised the most extravagant expectations. A maiontv of GOO votes was yesterday the highest limit of our hopes. lint there-action exceeds nil calculation, instead 01 GOO an estimate- supposed to be extravagant the official returns for the citv oflSew Orleans shows a majority ot 1 1 1'J on (tic congressional, ana 1174 on tho Legislative Ticket. The loiccst Whig candidate on the Legislative Ticket received a majority of 10G4 over the highest on the Democratic Ticket. When it is recollected that the Whig majority in 1833 was 17 ), it will bo at ouco seen that our train is enormous. The results have astound ed both Whi"s and Democrats. After this we can say, without tear of contradiction. Louisiana is tafe J0- UlUlICUi. ., From the Dec, July 11. The din of strife and of battle are over, nnd wc can cabnlv and deliberately look at tho result, and esti mate the condition of the two opposing parties. With regard to New Orleans, it may ho safeiy said, that both friends and foes arc astounded nt tho. c'rodiiiiotis vote thrown for the Whig ticket. The most sanguine votaries ot tjie cause scarcely anticipated more than GOO mnio'ritv. The federal Loco-Focos were hard v williii" to concede 200. It was a fairly fought .battle from beginning to end. Tire enemy in their mortifi cation and chagrin may seek for excuses, but none win uo availing. t , Peace and harmony prevailed throughout the con testnot the slightest obstacles were interposed to prevent every muiviuuai iruiii wuirt-u unu umrauieiieu exercise of the right of suffrage. To Jho credit and honor of both parties bo it said, that animated as, was the cntiro canvass through a protracted period of tbrco days, not a single disturbance arose, notatigiu nor a fracas, nor even an altercation occurred. , The Senate will, in all probability, stand the samo as Jast year, viz .- 9 whigs, B locofocos. In tlie House, tho whigs have nlready elected 19 moinbcrs, iz: 7 in Orleans, 1 in Jefferson, 1 in St. John. -2 in Si. Jauics, 2 in St. Landry, 1 in rapidc, 1 in West Baton' ftflugc, 2 in East Baton Rouge, 1 in St. Tninmany. an 1 m Pointe Councc. Tho follow ing are considered certain ! In Assumption 1, Terre bonne 1, Lafourclto-lntcrbr 3, St. Mary 1, St. Mar tin 1. Avoyeiio I. Tina w,ouki givo us 'ii memocrs 01 (he house, or a majority. of fivo on joint ballot. Tho whigs, however,, aro likely to elect both member from Assumption, 1 from I.nfayette, J, perhaps 2t from Natchitoches nnd.Cnddo, J from Clnihorne, 1 from tho district compoMU 01 uoncoruin, Wndison nnd Carroll. Under all circumstances wc consider the le gislature safe, , ( From tho Now Orleans Picayumc, July 11. FcRTiiEn Elkctwn Rr.TcnNS. By looking over the returns published below it will b seen that Ocn. Dawson, the Locofoco candidate, ha been elected member of Congress from tho Second District, beat inn his opponent. Judeo Moriran, I'd votes. Partial rclnrns have been received from tho Third District, hut from what wo can learn there is r.vcry probability that tho Locofoco candidate, ,Mr. Winn, win ne elected. omc nnio win empso nctoreiun re turns will be received. ONH DAY LATER Returns havo been rocoivod from fivo addi tional townships in tho fld district, which shew a great gain, and leavo littlo or no doubt of the success of tho whig candidate for Congress, Hon. Jamkr R. Paisotx, collector of tho port of Charleston, S. ('., for the lst twenty years, died in that cityontnn uiiimsi. 110 wan one oj tlie most respectable c;Uil9 01 v'nariojttfii It ... - The friends of Harrison and Reform, nro requested to meet with tlio Tippccanou Club on Monday even ing next, nt tho Court Room, for the purpose of uniting with tho Club in nominating a candidnto to represent the town of Hurlington, in the Legislature of Vermont, at the ensuing session. Wm. WESTON, GEO. K. PLATT, D. S. RUSSELL, Secretaries of Club, NOTICE The Society for Religious Inquiry of the University of Vermont, will hold its anniversary on the 4th of Aug. next, at the Hrick Church. At which time, nn address is expected from Rev. Mr. James of Albany N. Y. Exercises will commence nt half past two o'clock P. AL. W. II. M AIIS II, Cor. Secretary. Burlingtoli, July 22, 1310. Tlio examination in tho Burlington High School will commenco on Monday, July 27 ill, and continue until Wednesday, P. M. Exhibition Friday evenintr, com mencing at 7 o'clock. All who are interested in the school are invited to attend. JOS. U. EASTMAN, Principal. FAIR. The Ladies of the Protestant Episcopal Church, will hold a Fair at the Court House, Ibirlington, on Wednesday, August 5th, commencing nt 9 o'clock, A. M., and rluse at sunset. Tickets to be bad at the door to be redeemed by articles for sale. M a ff ir e d in tins town, on the lltli mst., by tlie Ucv" Ucorco O. Ingersoll. Or. II. A. Gacvin, to Miss Lucia Jl Mills, dauuhter Samuel Mills. Esq. OONCEKT. GRAND CONCERT OF INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC, by the Boston Brass Danp. The de tachment of the Boston Brass Band, under the direc tion of Mr. M. Mann, now a resident of Middlcbury, Vt., who are on a tour from Boston, to attend the commencements at Hurlington nnd Middlcbury, most respectfully beg leave to inform the citizens of this town and its vicinity that thev propose giving a con cert at the Brick Church in Hurlington 011 Wednes day evening Amuist 5tli. 1810. For further particu lars see Dills. Tickets 23 ets. to he had at tho Ameri. can, Howard's, and Braman's Book Store. Doois open at 7 1-2, Performance nt 8 0 clock. Variety Store. July 2.5. WE are receiving a fresh .-apply of Good", among them are black and hrillania Uator.. steel and ilt Watch Key-, violin ami violincello Mriiis. Flute. Fife-, Eylets Pencil lead". Feather Fans, Satin Beed, white satin Head Hand.-, Log Cahin Uo.-om Pini and Medals, Poor Man's Pla-ter, ami many other cood, PANUHOUN & HKLNS.MAII). BIJIIiES. of Hihle-. A very large assortment of all tizei ano nrii'es irom 00 ets. to sio cacti Ju-l reu'd and for sale at the Book Store. I). A. BRAMAN. WRAPPING PAPER. IOO Reams Wrapping Paper, and a large npiily nf writimr, both Caii and Letter, tor ale by I). A. BRAMAN. MORE NEW BOOKS, Ju-t rcceivee at the Book Store, A New Home. Who 'II follow. Young I jidif--. Cuinnant'un. Countn-i Ida. Havward'a New Kii"lnnd tiazateor. Milehell'i (Jeographieal Reader, a sy-lem ot d'eography, eompri.-ing n Description oi the World with the grand division', ile-igned for in structions in schools and families. Wonders of the Heaven. D. A. BRAMAN TVTEW SHEET IRON, COPP1LK & TIN WAKE 11 KSTAUMSIIMKNT. 1 he, late ol the linn of Starr & Ho-tiek, having p in-bated and re move! 10 tho Store lately occupied by Strong & Co., cusi -me HI Iliu VAlliri xiuu-c cxjiuui , iuiu unur nuriw ui the Log Culmi, 1 now jcady to uo all uiutis 01 worn that the tiublic wi-h in hi line of hu-t-ue , such as covering roof with tin, making and pulling up eave Iroush-and .-p ints. All kind- of 1 in, sheet Iron nnd Copper Ware will be kept on hand, and for .-ale al as low prices as can 1 e found in the Slate. Sheet Zinc, Conner Pninn-. I.ead Pine, and all other articles in the line 01 our nu-ine-s m-ih uu iiauu, iur i-uv.imiu-.s ui price and neatne-s of execution, my work will not Lc excelled by nny in the. -tale. If you wish lurauy thing 111 me aLOve line, Lciure yuu iruu i c sore nun iau iiponl. II. II. BOSTWICK. u.irinigton, July, TrEU'I3Y' Patent Snrlna-Tootli Ilorscllakc J The Wire Tooth Horse-Rake, which has been used with so much satisfaction during the last two haying seasons in the counties of Rutland, Addison and Bennington, Vt. and Washington. N. Y. will be Kept for sale the present season oy & l i(u.Lacv. uo, lltirlinctnn. Tlieso rakes are ailantcu to ail meauows; thov arc easily tended, and do tno work faster and better than any other Horso Rake in use. It is found by experience, that the expense of raking liny with the Spring Tooth Horse-ltake is only about one quarter as much as the common method of raking wun nanu-rancs, uesiues securing iiieimy in iram ui dcr. Some farmers who have hrco meadows, csti mate tho use of one rake last hav season at forty to fifty dollars. DAVID DEWEY, Patentee. July 1, 1310. TUST IIUCEIVBI) at the Variety Store, n few J dozen Harrison Melodie-i, of the Bo-toa improved edition, being a collection of patriotic songs dedicated to the Hero 01 Tippecanoe, ai-o, a 101 otiarri son Almacks for 1811. Thee 1 e-ide the u-ual table and calculation of a common Almanack, contain an excellcnr Biography of lien. Harrison, it u injcr snersed with "numerous original enzravins. i'histrat ing the leading incidents of his history. But fays one "A drop of hard cider will anwer my turn" as."it'. getting in fa-hion up here." Fortunately our variety can n'lbrd him one, for hero i a book entitled "a drop of hart! cider, embodying lira soul Ofnll the North-Bend Melodie, whig songs &c.," niiblished by Elton, New York. There came also wun inc tong ouyiif, va rieiy of Log Cabin Bo-om Pin?, some Very pretty cameo nnd cold one. Quantity of log Cabin Medals, and a variety of other good-, among which was some gold paper,, pun ooxc wun puns mm iuwu.-i. kicul insir-Jiucnt", slilletoes, milk of rose-, nnd several kiiuls ol lancy soaps ana permmcry. 1 im vurjy 1 constantly increasing at Pancboivn tfc HnlssMAiD ... I)u lulit Dean's Hifatc. . STATE nl." VERMONT. imilEHojt. the Pro msTntCT of ciiittenijen ss. j Jt I ntecouiirt within nml fnr ilii District of Chittenden : To the creditors and others coucernd in the estate of Pivight Dean, lale ol HiirJincton. in said District, doceaseil, iinF.tTiNo VVIIKIIKAS. II. W. It. Dean, executor of tho Cs lale of snid deceased, hath made, application to I In - court, to extend the for making payment of iho, debts anil legneies o( said depea-cd, twelve months from .the I3tli day ol Augu-t, iaiu, nninnczn M.milni. nf Anmi.t next beinc us-iu;.cd for n hearing in the premises, nt theOlhVq of thc,Regi-te of (hi court, and it having been ori'ered that notice thereof be given, by piibliMiing tins iieerec inree wct-hs ur ,, il,.. I'r,H Press n nuwsiuiner printed a Hurlington, ! enne ihelline nxeil lor Hearing j uierciorc you are htreby notified to appear before snid court at tlie time ami puico niorefnin. men aim uu-ri, i" ,. objection if any you have, lo the said lime of pny ment lieing further, extended as aforesaid. Given under my hand nt Burlington this 22d day of July i .r... v r.; nri.-i.ri--iv n,r'. A, V. IB IV. "Hi " "-"I " " W m-ii-nflnl nnd iimviiiallcd w'ORM TEA. B fovcrcigii remeily for Worm. Slrange and incrcjli- blo nro the eilect, oi ine-u iieiv-iuiiiu t,iiin, , it persons, nnd it is thought none are free from them, par ticularly females and children. Mnny per-nns go through (I di-lrtsing courru of mcdicino without n benefit, when they mlslit le relieved by using the Worm Ten. This invaluable medicine hns U-en teste bvtho experiemv of more than-ten years ti.-e, and adininislereJ lo more than IC.OOOpersons of varloiH aso. and not oaq soliiafvcoiiiplaml I on Iho contrary humlreds have celled, and unsolicited, giVen Iheir de cided preference to ii. after Irying the ihilwnt rrmclcs sent forth lo the pubic, and pronounced Dr. M. Hitch cnL" Worm Ten the mo,t safe, clli'ctnal. and con venient remedy that can lu oblnineil: for in no ono of llie Ihoii-aiuH oi inianct-s wurro u n- i t nfiswihln tn the tirinled directions lias It ever failed. N.B. Ask for Dr. M. Hiteheock's WobmTi-.a, asthero arc many noslrums abroad lor the ile-lriieiionoi worms For tale whole-alo and retail by A. HITCHCOCK iV CO., sole proprietor!', 117 Genccc street, Ulica, nnd by their agents throughout the Union. In Burlington, by J. &. J, H. Peck & Co. In Vergenncs, by J. H. Bowman. In Milton, by Buinct & Sawyer, In , Georgia, by Lorenzo Jauoe. au20. BALSOM OF LIVERWORT for Consumption, Dvpepja, Asthma, and nil di.-uases of I he Lung and Liver. These di-ea-e proceed to a great extent, creating much dislrcs and somefatnllly. All the eenn he remedied by the mm! of Dr. Taylor's Dil.oin of Liverwort. Thl. medicine is purely Vegitable, and fioin its peculiar action upon (lie Liver i n'way found n radical remedy for ilio-o diica c.. For Females and men in a very weals Mate, no meJicine can I o so grateful u restoration, a ft not only slienglhcn, but purifier and gives n healthy action to the whole sys tern. Contnlly lor sntohy N. LOVELY it Co, who have inst received a fresh supply of seasonable Goods from New York, nil vcrvchcup fur cash. Burlington, July 30, 1SI0. mHK LION OF THE OA Y. NO CUKE NO J- PAY ! The Genuine old Dutch or tier man Vcgcsnblo Illl. Hiahlv recommended by Ooct. Vnlenllu'u Moil, M. 1). of N. Y., and others. These, are iliu order ! Any ouo that doe not find re lief from these pills the price is refunded back, thc-c are the positive order of llie Proprietor to agents and other,. In o'lering thex pills to the public, 1 appeal to their intelligence. If these pilli arc not what they reeuiuuieiiiled, you are in duty bound out of respect them to the world at an imposition, iiuinliug mid quackery. The public limy be assured Ihey uro purely vegetable, they are composts! of nine inirredint, part of tliu inedieiuu it only found in Asia nnil in the val ley of Germany. For convenience tbe.o extracts are made into pills and will bo found n sure euro or re- nci lor mi piniuus coiiipiiums, ycuow ami Pillions fever, fever and nirue. lU'iinlico, scarlet rash, hil mm cholio di..pcpia. itc. It it ni.l intended that this medicine l a cure lor an imca-os to wiucii tlie liiininu system it liable. Ten thousand nsclos cdorts have leen made to draw from tlio region ol unknown fancy tome lonir-spiin theory of magic arl, which woufd cuie each and every disease. (!ood medicine it nol i omul in tlio lire or wliir.wnni. Health uml happinoi hnng niton i hancu wind- lime it the herald of irnlli. P'lio past at leal it secure) they have already rabtsl a monument oi meir greainos.s which win uciy tlie orrojingiooth oi nine, uneenn i.ouenninu williout wraitner and directions on each box on which inv name is written nt length. Sold wholesale and retail by the subscriber at Glen's Full. I v A. II. t O. Sand 79, and 100 Fulton si. and It. M. 'Meigs, 333 South Muiket st. Albany, liauiu &. llawlcv. sill Hivcr M. 1 roy, ueneral Agents tor tlie Male 01 .ew ork. ' ii.'Din'i'ii nnii-'fiv For sale bv Win. Ithodct an.1 E. I!. Green. Hieh- niond; Morton & Clark, and I), cc I). .S. Lathrop, Willi'Mon ) Ilagar vV Conistoek, Shell urn J II. Slanlon, !K. Iltirlbut. We-tVord': J. II. llarnes. Charlottei It! Moody nttd Ouo. Peterson, Hurlinslon : and bv E. ItltlG'GS, HurliiiRton, Agent for (.'hillundeii Co., where Sub-Agenli can Lc supplied at wholesale prices. MPORT TO MOTH HNS AXn YOUNG J. KI3MAIjKS.--D0CTS. HKV.NOI.n3 lfcPAHMKt.Kl'H celebrated PILLS, or 1IKALTII RliSTO RATI V K for complainta peculiarity incident to the Female Sex. This article is now brought beforo the public, under sanction of tho strongest testimony, from those who have alike used it, nnd also witnessed its uncmialh d powers, in the removal of Female obstructions of the most aggravated ana desperate character, llicse testimonials arc not brought from tho ignorant nnd illiterate but from Physicians and other Scientific Persons, who have tested its great virtues, and now recommend it in their practice and lend to it the sanc tion of their names. It is not intended as many medi cines generally are for nil the varieties of disease, which it is the lot to suffer under. But it is intended, simply for one class of complaints, and those only re lating to one sex. These being of rather n delicate na ture, tliero would 00 more tlinnan ordidary degree 01 diffidence in coming with this article before the public were it not the fact that thousands are continually passing from the stage of action, ictiins to disease, which una ineuieiuu nas never iancu 10 prevent or cure. Such has been the provision of Nature, that icarly all the complaints of Females, are connected in some degree, with the habits allied to their sex. And manv can bear witness, where n mcrn cold at a par ticular stage, has produced checks, that the hand of Science and skill, never has been able to dispel or alleviate. At first, tho irregularity and suppression of the natural habits produces no very ularming symp tnmq. nnd is treated finnemllv with nrrdpet. And proper attention is proerastiaated until the hollow eye, sallow complexion and great bodily debility indicate that cither rapid consumption, or some other fatal disease has fastened its resistless grasp on the sufferer winch soon terminates existence, by a lingering Put certain death. For complaints inevitably productive of such results this invaluable medicine is now brought before tho public. It invariably removes obstructions and regulates a too profuse menstruratum, and cures by its unequalled qualities,, all tho variety of derange ment connected with the Female habit. The eminent and distinguished Doct. J. Morrison, who has prac tised medicine at Uncida, IN . 1 ork, with tho most sig nal succss for "20 years, says "It is tho best medicine now in use. In cases of retention, or supression of the Men9cs, 1 think it will sustain tlio sppelatton 01 a snecific. I have tried it in the worst cases with most admirable success, and 1 wish for the good of suHcring Females, that all physicians would introduce 11 in their practice, ns I have tound it answers lieyona my most sanguine expectations." In itsellcct it isTcind may 00 talien without the least inconvenience, as 11 is not cathartic, but tonic and aperient. For ample par titulars resuectint? its efficiency, certificates of Pvsi- cians who havo witnessed its effects, nnd of others, who have been most signally benefited and restored by its virtue reference is now offered to the pam phlets accompanying the medicine, and to the more particular evidences, m the nanus 01 me suoscnucr, Sole Agent for the rvcw l-,imanu Mates. EDWARD BRINLF.V, Wholesale Ilenler in DniL'. Medicine. Paints nnd Dyo Stuffs, No. 3 & 4 south side old Fanciul Hall. LOTION, LOTI OX. DIt. EVANS BEAITI KVIN'G LOTION Highly esteemed for curins all Eruptions Coir-cues-, Redness and Pimples on the Face Neck or hand-, and e.H'i-lually cleauin; the complexion, and removing all di-ea-os 01 ine skin- iSotlnng contributes so nilicn 10 our general succc-s in lile, as an engaging lirst appearance. 1 In- Lotion '.admired a inti-t fragrant, mild. dfe wa-h and prrcat- ly e-teemed for Its virtues iu, scfieniiu?, and purnying ine si.111 01 an criip-.iHii-', -u injurious iu ic mnlw lirciiitv. nnd re-torinir it 10 a high de-jreo ol pie niv. A beautiful eomnlexion i.- the pride of all who What is so allKjiiigto'n 1 eautiful who-e face nn-si.-s 11. nnu ine envy ui inu-c win, ,nw ur n 1 m wi u. nninr.. 1ms disnlave.l her nower. a- to hnJ hercomrlen on d -co oured wi III di-cu-nns niiiinii-, wnicu nmr t,..r lmlm 1 A L-ooil an' is the lest recom mendation J and a-the Ueanlifving Lotion purifies the kin, and remove all Pimple., liloiche-, Tan, Sunburn and Itedne-, and produce a beautiful hue, it i the only cosmetic a lady siiouiu u-e at uer umci. ucuiivmcn will nlliLn hnd.thi. a de luhtfu remedy, to remove nil ttoiisline...FinjnIe. Rimrwcrm. Soots. Rednes, Soreness of tho face and no-c, and every kind of erup tion on.the surface ol the li-jiuan Pouy. 11 is pariicu Inrly recommended togeullemea to le used after J-ha-ving, nf it will prevent the otherwise certain e lent nl all common soap, in turning the 1 card premature v grey. For sale Whole-ole and retail bv A. HITCH COCK Si Co., No. 1 17 (Jcne-ce street; Uttca.. In Bur lington, by J. & J. II. Peck lc Co. In Vcrgennes, by J. II, Bowman. In Miltnn, by Burnett & Sawyer. In Georgia, by Lorenzo J?nc. iug20 LOST. On or about tho 11th in-l. between ihc house of the siib-criler an I iho linpli-t meeting house in Hinesbnrgh.villa'.-e, a red Morocco Pocket Book, containing a or.cdollar I ante note and the fol lowing do-cil c.l note of hand i One for S30 00, dated March 1S3U, pavinblulo Lvmad IVei-bcr, signed Milton G. Ho-twick. "One fur SI 10 00, dated July 1833, payable to Lyman Uoechcr, mil signed by B. & H. & Jedediah Boynton. One conditional note (or 8125 00 dated October or Novcmlcr 1 830, pavnble to Elmer Beeeher, signed by An-lin Ueeuher. One for 93i 75 dated Dec. 1839, payable to Elmer Beeeher, sisne.l by Wm, B. Viele. One for 67 CO and our far 85, both dated March 1810, payable to Ly.nan Bcechcr. All persons nre c-autiom-d'against .luiying said notes and the signers against paying them lo I"5 aubscrils-r or his order. JA'MAN BLLC1IKR. Ilinesburgb, July 17, IS10. MAOXKCTIC ODONTICA. THE TECTH! THE TEETH II Tub Incomcauabld Tooth Pnr.rAavTiON. The fact is proved, and the most in credulous ad doubting are fully convinced, as we have il,....,.!.!..,,,,,. from ihe sal of 20.000 boxci of theOJon- tica, within the jiast year, that the Ftopim dreams of llie ateliymisi are rc.niii-o, min n rcniu.i, uin vn for preserving ihoio imporiant nnd mefiil nppendaires of llie human sj-item, by Ih.e uru of ihc Mngnetio-0.lon-lica, which by ilsc'ltractiv--, nnd urcngthening quale ii.iv.. nil rv'iraneoiis substances from the teeth nnd prctcrves ihem in Iheir natural brilliancy, and the gums m soundness nnu wunji ui- experience, llmt when used, the tcclh will never dr -cay, lut remain till .tlio latest nge of man, with their natural wear.' When they nro ilccayvl, il progress will be arrested, and Iholccth preserved nnd prevented nml iifo.erved from nehing nil Ibis has Iron done in n multitude of inslnncci nnd more in tl.ou-nnds of cases, nervous toothache, (ihat climax of painl has nt oiKi) U-en e.lcctuallv enroll bv popular dentrifrico in America.. And in conclusion, whcie, or who is the young lady or genllcinan, aye, ine inuiyiunai mat values a beautiful tci of teeth, sour'd gum nnd a sweet brr.nli more than fifiv rcnls.llial will le longer de Ii- lute of n ho of Dr. M. HilchuiK-k's M.T.'nelic Odonlica. For sn'e whdeMilc, md retail, by A. HITCHCOCK it Co., No. 117 Geno-ee n. Unci, N. Y., an I by Iheir ng"iits inronqnont im- I'nueu nia-c-, m uuiunijion, by J. &J. IL Peek & Co. In Vergenncs by J. II, Bowman. In Milton, by Burnett it Sawyer In Georgia, by Lorenzo' Jnncs. nitg20 m-NUn? only twcuty-flvo ccntg. Dr. M. 3 Hitchcock's newly invented Snuff, Ikobesi nrti clo ever discovered by scientific men', in F.uropo or America, for tho cure and absobito iciicf of Catarrh, Dir.iiiiess of tho Head, Weak Eyes, Nervous Head aches,, Fallen Sieknes, Fits, mid Infanta troubled with Snuffles, partial shocks of Pajsv, A-e. For sale, wholesalo nnd retail, by A. HITCHCOCK fc Co., solo Proprietor, No. 117 Gcncseo t, llticn. nnd by thoir ngcnls thioughout the Union. In Hurlington, J. i'U. Peek & Co. In Vergennes, by J. It n0"'" in Milton, by Burnett fc iStwyer. In Geormii, by Lo .renzo Janb. DvvlglC Dean's Hitatc . STATE OF VERMONT, ) milH honorable the Ojjtiuct of CinrTENiir.N, si. JB Prelate Con r I for the Oistricl of Chittenden,, To all per on. ujiieeni' .cd in ihuKttntc of Owlghl Dean, lam of llur If netoti, in said di.l net d.-cea ed, OKEK'1 1NU. WIIKUEAS, II. W. U. Dean, administratrix oflhe cslalc of sniddoce.tscd proposes to render nn account of hit ndiiiinistMtion, nu j present hit account agaimt said oslntu for examination and nilowaiKC at a trssfon ef tho Court of Probate lo beholden nt the the Hegi ter. iillice, in Uurlimtlon, on the tcvoml WeJne-day of August next, .therefore, you are lieieby notified lo appear beforu raid court nl the time and place afore said, and shew cause, if any ytri have, why the account rl fore-ant should not be allowed. Given under invhandnt Hurlington, thit 22 1 da v of July, A. O. 13 W. jy.lU. WM. WEbTON Hogister. LOOK AT TI1IH. HAVK YCU A tUUUH t 70,(MM) Dtp. of consumption every year in tliuPfiilcd Stale, and million- tu.ler feom irouble-ouie cough atidcjld, that can ha cunt I by Dr M. Iliu h cook'n. Vegetable Virgin Cream C01 gli Drops, n safe medical prescription, ciiiitaing 110 poisonpus drug-, and mod in nn o,xteuivu prrtctiiiu for several year. will mol po-itivcly nllbrd relief, nnd save yo-i from that awful diseace, pulmonary coniiimrioii, which usually sweecps iniothe grave h-innred efhe young, the old, thu fair, the lovely und the gay. Have, yo i n cough 1 lie nersuadcj to purchn-o a bolllu ot the Cough Urop to-day I To-morrow may I e too bite. Havo you a coumi! nr. ifitcecou'ri cgclulilu irgnt uo'ign Crops js the only reiirl-dv vo:i should lal..! lo cure you. For this plnig rea-otu That iu no oneof the ihau.-and cases where it has Leen uyed has it (ailed lo relieve Price 73 cents per bottle. For -nle, wliulc-alo nnd Re lail, by A. Hl'lCHCOCK & CO. ,Nu. Il7 Cene ec -t., Ulicn, N. V. Ami by their ligcnl throughout Ihc Fulled Stales. In Burlington, by J. & J. II, Peek & Co. In Vergcnnos, by J. H, Bowman. In Milton, by Burnet L. Sawyer. In Georgia, by Lorenzo Janes. Ct ON SUMPTION I No person can havo nn ado I (iiiato idea of the astonishing relief which Dr. Rclfo's Asthmatic or Consumptive Pills give, in Con sumption, Cough, Cold, Asthma, difficulty of breath ing, Wheezing, tightness of tho Chest, I'niu in thu side, spitting of blood, &c. A fair trial only, is necessary to convince persons suH'erinq from theso complaints mat mis is one 01 the most valuable medicines yet dis covered and this is the testimony of relieved patients. Casks. A gentleman, of this neighborhood, recently observed to the proprietor, that he believed tlieso pills bad kept him olive fur tlie last two years. Many others civo similar testimony. A letter states "the Asihmatic Pills give such astonishing relief in cases of t-ougn, uommoii Colds, etc. as no 0110 can behove, unless they make tho triah" Important testimony. "There has been, (writes an urgent) an unusual call this winter for Refe's Asthmatic Pills. Applicants pronounce them a valuable medicine", and say they cannot lind a substitute." Ayoiutg Lady Was three years nlllielcd with a violent cough; pain in tho side, spitting of blood, nnd disturbed rest at niphl and was restored to perfect health bv takin-r twn boxes. A case of Asthma Of thirty years slnnding, was cured by theo Pills. A Gentleman Who had been for years allliclcd with a violent cough, difficulty of iirtnimng, etc. was cured uy these mvauinlilo fills. An Agent writes "Your ltclfe's Asthmatic Pills' gain credit daily." A Physician writes. After all other medicines havo failed to give relief in consump tion cases, I have found the 'Rclfo's Asthmatic Pills' most excellent !' Extract "Several persons alllicttd mm mug cumpiaims, in various stages 01 me aisea"e, after tryingevery thing else, have used these Pills with the most happy success." A Remarkable Cns;. A lady who was given over ns past recovery, and her death daily expected, was raised from what was ex pected would be her death bed, nnd from the borders of the grave, by these Pills nnd declared In r wish that she could proclaim to the worth of this invalua ble medicine. Such arc tho valuable properties of these Pills in Coughs, Colds, Asthma. Difficulties of Rrcnthim;, Ilonrsenes, Vwicczuig Spitting of Blood and comphints of the Lung generally, .that numerous persons relieve from these complaints, pronounce this tho best medicine they ever met with. Common colds removed in a few hours. Pi ice SI for whole boxes of 30 Pills, and 50 cents for half Boxes of 12 Pills. k2 Prepared by T. KIDDER, solo proprietor anil successor to Dr. Conway nnd may be had at his counting room, 99 Court-st. up stairs, near Concert Hall, Boston, and also of J. & J. II. PECK, & CO. Burlington, Vermont, None genuine, uriless signed T. .KtnnrR on the outside printed wrapper. Large discount to dealers. HAIK ! IIAIT ! 1 H.l I.D NUSH. Impor tant Dlsrover.v -the f.iiat Mystery fotind out at last. DR. STERRY'S HAIR REGENE- KA 1 oil. Ur. btcrry, alter much attention to the important subject of preserving tho hair, has, after many experiments chemical and physical been able to discover and 'ticlo which is now ottered with the greatest confidence for the toilet as the best thingever discovered, for, for its softening and penetrating quality to produce a good head of hair to prevent' it from falling off when baldness is apprehended to restore it when baldncas nas taken place, and to preveni it from turning gray. It ii is more nourishing than po matum, antique oil, or Cologne water. It is a beauti ful article for ladies curls it makes the hair oft and lively, and produces uncommon brillianejr. Thous ands hare tested its superior virtues nnd excellence, and in every instance it stands unrivalled. It is nn infallible cure in all affections of the in on the head as dandruff &c. Ac. Every family should be sup plied with a bottle of this oil, that by its application to tho head nnd hair of children, the beautiful and or namental appendage of a fine head of haic, hich na ture has supplied us may ho preserved. From the nnmerou certificates and recommendations received of its salutary inlluencc, tho Doctor feels firmly per suaded ho has succeeded in producing an article which will meet the deired wishes and approbation of the dublie. For sale wholesale and retail by A. HITCH COCK &. Co. 1 17 Genesee st. Utira, N. V. In Bur lington, by J. & J. II. PECK & Co. In Vergenncs, by J. H. Bowman. In Milton, by Burnet L. Saw yer. In GcorSia, by Loremo Janes. aug20 IYMAN & COLli have received their usual i exteu-ivc a orimont of Spring and summer GOODS, emt racing a btauiitld variety of goods for ladies siimiiicr dre-es ,- rich Enjli-h and scotch G,ug-ham-, India inu-lin a -uperior article for white dre.-jc-; Jaconet c-amhric, a assortment of tarred ami chei-Kerel Cambric, irinted Ijiwii, mournini; do, prin ted cambric and French Mii-lin. An exten-he as-ort-ineat of American Calicoes cheeper than ever. A few Ensli-h and French do. , SILKS. A small assortment of Rich silk. inchnlins black, blue blaek,colore.l and Mripl. Bandana HM'lV Pongee, Cfiin-nn, white silk do. lli'k Italian Cravat-, Geiitleiuen's col'd and black kid Glove,-, do eol'd, black and white silk glove.-, do. Berlin, Lisle Thread, Linen and cotton glove-. A good a orinient of Hosiery, very cheap. Umbrella's and Para-ols, Thin Boots ami Shoe-, Ladie- kid Tie.- ano slip. , DOMESTIC GOODS. Merrimack coilon, Davi- ville do 5-4. 'Cotton Sheeting, Shirting, Ticking, col'd Cambrics- Yarn, Thread, and Kmttjng Cotton. S i perline bleavhcoiton. York Mixture Stripes, Drill- fcc, Irish Linen, Shirting and Sheeting. manor mm v r.-n. , TAILOR'S THIMMINOS. .Includint; cvin Silk. Twist, I hreac', I'ail.limr, cinivr.-s, sleeve-lining, brown linen. Ilullons. lllnilim.. nc. Ytil lNG. vyiute tig.M Jlcrsail. alenlia, ftcured Satin, fce. Gauze, nnd rich ehnlly fancy H'dk'f. reat varicij- ci oincr imi tiuuus which comprise i very cxien ve a-sonmem. nnu nre o iciru ai b-ioiumi inz low mice. Ladies nnd. Gentlemen nre invued to call and examine qualities end price. June rpo TIIU I'UUIilC. In offering this Edition of JL Smith s urography and Atlas to the public, the Publishers invite attention to the following additions and improvements. .. . The Geognphy ha been carefully revised and u larfed, is illustralid by about thirty additional Cuts, and is perfectly adapted in all us parts to the new Maps. Tho entire text of tho book has, (at much expense,) heen thrown into uniform tamo t'tve which we feel confident will bo regarded as a my decided impro vement, . - i Tho tnWcs nppendid fo the Book wcrp made up with care, and contnin much valuable information in n rondemed form. The names nnd Icnglli of the principal Canals and Rail Roads (finished and iu pro gress) nre given, nnd tho places connected i also a comptclo list of tho Colleges, Law. nnd .Medical Scnooisl i nooiogicai ocmnnries aim neugious do nominations of tho United iS'tntcs. the reigning gov creiens of Kurode. &c. . , ,An entire now Atlas nceompnnics tho Book, con taining eighteen very superior Maps, mostly drawn nvni-esslvVor this wntk mini nrimilrtl nr-i-vs nn,l ll.o most authentic soutces, nnd embraces niticli valuablo lnformntion not to bo round m any similar work. Oiirowaccuntry has received r-nccial attention. Tho Rail Roads, Canal, navigation of Rivera and recent changes, nronUcarcfin.y maikcd, and many counties nro suown wmtn 110 not n ipenr m nny outer Atlas Amnnc iho peculiarities of this wolk mav be mention cil the plan of rho'wing tlie p(iiulation of States and Countries in roima numuers on the tnro of tho .Maps. Tho naviifntion of Rivers for Shins. Sleambonis Sloops, itc, is fehawn by placing nt tho head of na vicniton the appropriate charnctcrs for enrh'i ..Tho Man and Clinrt of tho World combined on n rnlire new plan, showing nt one view lhoNaturannd Tolitical Divisions of tlie Globe, tho Extent. Popula tion, Region, Fotm of Government and Stnio of LiviU.aiion orcacu laiuntty,) fiaa attratel much at tention, nml is considered n great improvcnicni upon any thing lierctofnro attempted m the form of n Chart n hero nil nro shown at a smglq glance, nnd tho ro tations they suslnm to each other. Wc would also solicit nitention to the remarkable distinctness and ease with which every nnmn onihn Man mav bo rend, na well ns to tlio very superior stylo nnd execution of tno wont in oilier rcspcci. ine iueriiii ni u Ch)C of the Book arc important, nnd will lo fomid very convemcntfor ''storrs. Iinrtford Cnnnrrticiit, For sale by S.iMWF.I. HUNTINGTON, Bur lington, Vt. nnd by tho Prineial Booksellers m the United Slates. Burlington, July 31, 18-10. MV. VKRXO.V KKADKK, Polv'gloll Bibl. of dill'eK-nt sixes and biinCings, Pocket rtihhv and Tesinmenu nnd n grneral nsnrlmrnt of stationa ry int re'eived from N York npd for nlo by Colle-jett. jV.33. S, HUNTINGTON. Li OST, 011 WyJuuvlny ln!,npair oft-old m aim cd S. cv-laelv. A vJ,.,rl ,Lv,r I will I.- Ihrm, or jf found. STRONUS, 5t CO. June VI. JkJ L ll.e subscriber, having leen ftppouitod by iht honorable thu prol ate court for.lhe iH.tnul of C nlienilun, i-oinmi..aioiicrs lo rrcchc. examine Mid adjust the claims. and demand of all perons nanin-1 llioe-ln'u of Jo.ifth. Spuuldmsr, jr. lato of Willslou hi -ni l district, deicaicd, repreiitcd in-olVen.'', and nlsy all claims and demand, exlnl i:ed m olLet Iherjto t and ix month from thu ,tay cr ,),u date ,urUol- teillg gl. owed iby mid court fur that pufpo-c, we therefor hcrelygivu notice that Wu wiil attend to the lniina of our appointment, at the dwelling ol David Miani hfi. 111 Willl-lon, in snid I)i-iricl, on thuiJ) Mon.faf of Decemler next at lOiVlock, A. M. Date! thli 15th day of June, A, I). ?) jc:a5 i f. iih.N LOOK-WOOD, ) JOHN WltKillT, ' sioner. lirVOLKS. 100 M. Pine Shingle bv 3 JidylO. J. iV J. II. PECK & Co. FAlltf)A'N'K'S SCALlCSThy July 10. J. d J. 11. PECK (5i Co. WOOL received iu exchange. Iur Ilroadcloih and other ("foods ut my Store nt Wmoo.U villaga July 10, 1810. .SIDNEY IIAHLQW. BN.M-:TTS'.Ju.t receiel sonic new shapot FloruiiceBM.d Split and eo'orel Straw Uunueita which will 1 0 sold very low for cah. July 0, I All). N. LOVELY ii Co. C10LLK-: (3 II KEN. The 1 subscril-er wil I "sl ' ut auction on Saturday Ibe 1 1 th inst. 4 o'clock', P. M., at David Reciy oilicc, llieOra-son College Green, Also, Ihc arasson nine acres' of land lying back ol thu college building-. A. I'OOTE, Agent of U. V, ll-irllngmn, July 0, 1810. . BOOIS, SHOES t LEATHER. Thu subscribe JiaviiiL' taken tho store formerly occupied by .Messrs. Jlishon f- Whipple, is now otF.ning a general assortment of Boots, Shoes and Leather, which hav$ all been bought for cash and v. ill bu sold for the sama at the lowest prices, nnd ns.tho'nrliclts nro too numcr; ousto mention in nn ndvoriieinent. nithough Mr Sta cy has enlarged his paper, I would oimply invite all to call anil examine tho goods and prices before purchas ing elsewhere. Hurlington, July 1', 1910. IIF,NR; C. STJMSO.V, by K, J. Stimsovt, Aytnf. TO TIIK tMMU.IC'. BOSTON and, TltOY IRON COMPANY.-Tho public nie hereby notified, that the business ol casting in every branch nnd rrit'tv, is done lo order, on theshor-e-t police1, at Troy, Vt. Thecompany havo much enlargod tlieir fo in-lry, and nro now prcparel to do all kinds of work done al nny foundry -in tint counlry. Mill-gearing, Pot A-!v Kettle., Stoic. Plough, Axletree, itc., on hand, or furnished to order. All who. wi-h to contract for stove-plate, or to pur. chase a large tpinntily of hollow-wate, for the purpojo of retailing, will le furnished r.l wholesale prices and -ill who may favor us with their calls or t rJer., willf.o dealt by a- liberally as at, any establishment in th country. Orders should lc r.ddre-.-ciLlo E. R, Cros mun, Siiiicrintendanl. or A. Young, Aftit, Troy, Vt, to secure an early reply, and prompt attention. Troy, Vt., June 1840. jy:9 "117-Il.Ii YOUttESHAVlSn at Loaey't a) V Dre-ingRorMn. I. Lnnev the tinder-ignfd, woidd Now inform the public-kind, Tliat bavins left church street, . Ip Howard' Hotel can Le found. He will not boa-t his Larl cr skill, As this the, Miblic leug have knowo, jluf I cjjs jo r.k their cmtom sti.l, F or dilhgcnce he yields lo none. When he that would unto his faca And head have ster'ing ju'lice done, Pray don't mi-tal.e,the proper place, -. Bul'i-all upon Ickm Lomet. ,,. i , P. S. Clothes carefully cleaned to order. Ferfum erv of all kind. constantlv-on hand and for sale. Burlington, July 10, 13KX . STATE OF VERMONT. I milE nrobaie conn District of CiHTTRNDr.K, m. I JL for the District of Chittenden, To all persons to whom lln--e prefect hall come, .' . UKl-.r.'l .U , EZRA HOLT, guardian of Caroline K. Newell end Nathaniel M. Newell, Infants, having represented to ibis court that hi-ssaid ward- are seized in their iOwn riirht in fee as icnanls in common ol two undivided third of one undivided tifih oftifly acre of land lyiui same laud cnnvrvcJ by Benjamin Sunond. to. thelata Nathjtuel Newell, and is a part of tlie lands set oT to the widow Polly Newell a- a jiart Of her dpwtr in tho tale of the -aid Nathaniel Newell, dccca-cd, which liliv acre of land is-uljcct to tho snid widow's rurht of dower therein, and thai n 'ale of the interest ofhia -aid wards in said land would conduce 40 their le-t in-tcre-t, praying said court to authorice and empower nim loseiunc inierssi oi nissaiu, wsrus m sam lanu. It is ordered that the said application he heard before aid court ci w Kegisier's oltice in uurunglon on tlm bird day of A-JSu-t, IS 10. and that notice theieof l given by publishing ihu order,coniaming I he substance of said petition, three weeks surve.tve!y in the Fre Press a newspaper printed at Burhniton in the county of Chittenden, the Inst cf which publications io be pre vious to the day as-iencd for bearing. Given under my hand at said Darlington, this second iby of July ft. u. I3tu. .u. iir.Tiu.i, ncgi-ier. STRAYED, from the subscriber on tho 15th inst. a red cow. rntheflow in flesh, with one horn saw ed off. Whoever will return bar shall. ho suitably rewarded. 31. L. BENNETT. Buthngton, June 29, IS 10. jVTOTICE. All persons indebted to the lale firm l of Lalbrop, Potwiu and Wail or to Mayo and Wail al their store nt v.'inoo-l.i Villace. arehercl.v no tified lo make payment ton. al our Store iu Burling- ioii, corner i-uurcii anu i-ouogc -irecis ma i uand Al l. HOliSE HAY riAIvCS"! by J.ifc J. II. PE PECK, it CO. IIT'AJITED, a lad 15 or 16 vcars of age, to do V chores about n bouse. Ono of- trood moral character and elcndy habits, will be directed to a cood siiuatiohi on application at this office. July 15. DR. II. A G.VUVIN, lately returned from Franco, respoctfuHv offers his services to tho American mblic. Office .opposite Mr. Russell's Hotel, in tho .otisa lately oc:unied by Israel P. Richardson, F.sq. n Pcarl-st. Burlingtor., July 10, loMO. Im.jyl7 K( Pf- Ladies col'd. and black French Slips, yu 20 do do. Gaiter Beets, m noctures corn sups, 50 do Gent's Pumps. 2 eases Men's ecal Bool. - ' - i Burlington, July 11. H. C. STIMSON. THE Selectmen of Burlington hereby give notic that they will nf tend nt the town houso on Fridar thc3Utdnv of July. HlO. to net uikiii all anneals from the nssessmenis of the listers, in conformity with tuo law 01 this state. HEMAN ALLEN, ) NOBLE LOVELY, Selectman. BURREL LANE, ) Burlington, Jnly 10, 1310. lluvllncloii Dve House. UT , SARSF1EM), SILK, WOOLLEN AND ill COTTON DYER ri-necifiillv inferms itti inhabitants c f B.irlinplun and the neighboring towns, that he has taken n premises m Watcr-st. one door south of 1). Davis Store and will commence dying nnd nni-rnmr in the oe-t manner, the louowine goods: llrpnilclolh. Casjimcrcs, new Mcrinoes, Iadies siu and Merino Dresse.-, Shaw', Ho-icry, silk and coiton elm, licnilcmen' coat, cloaks and e'ls UytM anJ liuifhcil nearly coual to new, without ripping, 'Broad cloths, sjli;, woollen cr coiion goods, dyed in iha.most permanent colors, u wrnrcj nr mcrciinnis nnu inanus faeiurcrsj on iiacrablo lerm. Also worsted, tkein cotton, nnd skein sdk dytslin themo,t splendid colors. fie una riiipinyc-i n cciri rdii-.i u ,-r uini cihit mascr, Cortint.lcs Mot o:,"T. Mr. Molony was rmployevl at superintendent in some of i lie largest dvimr establish; mentr, in Great Britain nn I America. 1 he public may, depend on hav ing their order- executed jn tho le.j and Willi all pos-il-Ie despatch. 2m Ilnrlineion, July 15, 1310. . STATE OF VERMONT, 1 rpilE hon. the prol ato Dist. or CniTTtSDEM, js. 1 .l court for the district of Chittenden, lo all per ens concerned in the cstau of Jonathan Gillel, la'v of Charlotte, in' said district, de ceased, greeting. Whereas, (Ionian Ho-fonl, executor oflhe l-.ii will and telameit ofwudiWeasejl, propoiea lo render an account of fun dmun'srationt. and prccnt hisaccoun) naiiist snid estate for cxaminminn nml al lowance, al n so-slon nf tlie court of probate lol e hold en at the Itegi-lct's nlhci' m Ilnrlineion, on the second. Wfdnesilay of Auenn next ; therefore, you are hereby notified lo'apptnr before snid court, at the lime nnd place aforesaid, nnd show enn-c, if any vou have, why, Ibe account aforesaid should not I endowed. Given, under my hand al B.irlinstoti, tin Ulh day nfJulv, A, H. 1310. iy!5 , WM. WESTON, licgi.tir. t .Innica Iartlu'a Estate. , , STATU OF VERMONT, ) aT a prt ""- M"r' Pist. of Cihttendf.m, s. ( il holilcn at Bnrlinsw ton. rJilhin nnd fombr dilriet aforu-aid, on the (2ih djy of July, A. D. 1310, an insirnmeni purporting to bejihe Insl will nnd tc.-tniiii-nl of Jiimo.,Marin, Inte of Jericho, in said district, ilmMiis', wns, pru-t-nted to i ,o rourt here for probate, by Uanuah Martin I ha Executrix, therein named, 'TiiF.ncronE il is .cr- dere.1 by snid court, that public notice 1 given lo nil persons eoncernel therein, lo appear lefore said court,nla session thereof to I v hoMeo at iho Regit tcrVoilice in II irhngton, on the second Wedne-day p( Anpust, A. D. 1&J0, and contest the prol at.o(taid willj and il i farther onleiwd I lint this order lc piiblihI. three weeks successively in the HurJinglon Fret- Pri, a newspaper primed at Burlington, in this slate, lha last of which shal l e previous 10 tlie day nssignul, as .ifore.-nid for hearing1.' Gu-en under my hand al lha Register's olllee, ihis. f2'hdnv of July, A. D. 18 10. jyI7 WM. WESTON, Register. . STATIONEHV. ARMOLR ftltA-MSAf have, rciwivcxl, I')' llie rtveut nrrivalr, a Inrpe and welt assorted stock ol writing papers, and iho did'erem hi ncles of plain and Fancy Stationery. A LSO, an txt eU lent collection ol' ENGRAVINGS nml ilhisiraed orks cfln erjutlicatK'H. ilcairvaf.E.. Faul st. May fj.,1-

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