Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, August 7, 1840, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated August 7, 1840 Page 3
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tonlcst. Tito Locofocos put forth their utmost strength hating the advantago of a popular candidate, and all tho bcticiits which the manufacture of votes and efficient electioneering could give. Hut tho will of the people was too strong for them, and a signal defeat has rebuked their efforts. Tho majorities of Winn were in the parish of Claihorne 1-12, Cuddo8. Tho three parishes of Union, Caldwell and Ouachita gnvo Winn n majority of 173, rnakiiiif an npiircgatc majority for him in the five parishes of three hundred nd twenty-three. A deduction of this amount from the previous majorities of Moore brings him out 53 ahead. The result, however, must not ho taken as n criteri on of tho election in tho fall. Many Whigs, influenced by local interests and personal prejudices, toted for Winn. In the same district Harrison's ninjoiity may bo estimated at seven hundred. In the parish of Clai borne, Friend, Locofoco, was eleeted to tho lower house by a majority of 51. The parishes of Natchito ches and Caddo also tend two Locofocos to the house, Edwards and Morse. H.tLTi.Moars, Aug. 2. Tho Southern mail arrived last evening, bringing New Orleans papers of the '23th. I send you papers. There was another arrival from tho Red River, con firming tho election of Moore (Whig) in the 3d district but making it doubtful, in the absence of official re turns, whether his majority did not go up to D3, IMPORTANT F.LKCTIO.VS. Elections to which tho eyes of both political parties rc most anxiously directed, take place in six of the Stales in tho Union this week. In Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri and Alabama, they commenced yesterday in Noi ill Carolina they commenced last week, and arc completed on the 13lh. In Indiana and Alabama they arc completed in onn day , In ICentucky, Missouri and Illinois, they continue three days. Tho Whig were beaten at the last elections in am. those States but Kentucky. In the language of the Loco Foco Almanac, "Indiana, Illinois and North Carolina were changed from Opposition to adminis tration States." Missouri pave an Administration majority at tho last election of 03 16, and Alabama nn Administration major" y of "'J. Wc go election?, therefore, it. h but one Stale in our bands. If we triumph, as we anticipate, in Indiana, North Carolina and Illinois, thu electoral votes of these States will be given to Gen. Hariisan. In Indiana, thecontcstisfor Governor and members of the Legislature. Last year tho Locofocos had an aggregate majority in the state, on the Congress vol", of 1293, and they succeeded in choosing fire of the seven members of Congress, and a majority in both branches of the Legislature. If the Whigs succeed at the present election, it will bo a splendid triumph. Judge llijrgcr is their candidate for Governor T. A. Howard the candidate of tho Loco Focos. In Illinois and Alabama only members of the Legis lature are chosen. We have some hope of Illinois, but we can say but little about Alabama. In North Carolina wa were beaten last year. Tho Loco Focos had a majority of 2011 in the Stale, and elected eight of thethiiteenmeinborsof Congress. Tho election is now for Governor and members of the Le gislature. Our friends promise us victory. A Whig Governor is said to be certain the Legislature more doubtful. In Missouri a Governor, two members of Congress, and tho State Legislature, are chosen. The Loco Foeos carried the State at tho last election by G33C Totes. The Whigs will try, but not much can be ex pected. Kentucky is safe enough. Of these States tho Whigs have claimed Indiana, Kentucky and Illinois as certain for Gen. Harrison. A few days will bring us the returns. Altai. MEETING AT HUNTINGTON Agreeable to previous notice, a large num. bcr of the Whigs of Chittenden County assem bled at Huntington on the 30th July. The convention was organized by the appointment of Ezra Mcech president, Amos 13. Cooper and Trunnn Roberts!, vice pi-pfidputs, and Alexan der Ferguson, G. K. Plait and Cyrus Johns, fck'cretaries. On motion, the following gentlemen were ap pointed a committee to draft resolutions : Messrs Selah Ambler, Charles Adams-, V. P. Briggs, A. V. Ilolley, and G. H. Shaw. The committee on resolution! reported, the following, which, were unanimously adopted. Rtiolved, Tint tho country has been misgoverned, our business paralyzed, our rights disrogaided and trampled upon, and the point at which forbearance ceases to be a virtue, has arrived, and that the people have adopted the appiopiiate mode of red i ess by a resort to the ballot box. llesolred, That the people are heartily sick of tin numerous experiments of t he prcsmt corrupt minimis, tration, and that thsy are determined to try one ex periment fjr ihemsdves in tho clecti-m of honest men for our public servants. Tlcsotctd, That the cllbrts of tho leading politicians of the administration to identify the great Whig party with tho ultra Federal School of '93 and tho claim for themselves of all the Republicanism and Democracy of tho country, are as false as they are unjust, and, for impudence and afl'rontcry, can be equalled only by that fiend of darknsss, win cast out devils in th name of the Author of Christianity. Iltsolved, That the first duty of the Government is the protection of American industry, that this duty has been neglected by tho administration i Therefore, We, the people, say to these our servants, '-Ve have been unfaithful and can bo no longer stewards." llesotved, That thu laboring men of Vermont re quire meal for their fua.i, and arucnlitlcJ toil by their ' honest industry. Wo s:orn and despise those, who, for tho purpose of carrying a party measure, would re duce tho laboring classes to live on vegetables alone, bj they say the people of Franco and Germany do. Iiesohtd, That we should regard, with pride nnd plearurc, those, who have hallhe moral courage to leave tho ranks of the apministration and come over to tho rescue. It speaks well for Iho country that men are willing to leave the tanks of a party, when satisfied that they have been in error, and wo rejoice that there arc thousands such. We have but one country and one interest'. Let the cry of all bo the good of our country. liesolced, That this convention most cordially con rur in tho nominations made by the late County nnd District Conventions, in ibis County and District, and without regarding local considerations or personal preferences, wc will yield those nominations our un divided support. On motion, the following resolutions wore adopted and ordered to bo published. Resulted, That tho thanks of this Convention be given to the owners of this house for their Liberality in opening it for the uso of ibis contention llesolred, That the thanks of litis Convention be gjven to the Hon. Kara Meech and other ofTicois of this Convention, for the able manner in which they have presided oyer our deliberations, llesolred, That this Convention be adjourned to meet at A. Rostwick's, in Jericho, on tho 11th of Au gust, at 10 o'clock, A, M. 10 ill A MJilif'U, Prcsidmt. AMOS 11. rOOI'I'.K, TRUMAN RORERTS, Alf.x'p. Fr.noi-bO.N-, ) Cyrus Johns. i ) Vice J Pra'ts. .SENTIMENTS. The following excellent toasts, prepared by our friend Jolins, wero drank with groat npplauso at the recent Huntington festival: Wm. . ff irrtinn May ho ho like the stono in Nebuchadne7.7iir'k dream,' (lint tsns cutout without b inds, to break down ihogivnl image of loco focoism, nnd till tho country wiih the blessings of a wise ad miunttatiun. The tauscnf llavrhon and ltcfnrm-T)C emiso of libeity and iho pcop!o-Mtiy it go on coniiuering nnd toconnuer, until Ihegoverniueiii nud our couuirv be purged from coniijition. ' time;' i-irnsry Jlny it never bo robbed or if just to suit tlio views of luco foco uristocrncy. 'Vie S'ubfrtaiurim7ieNieLik( .lonnh'ii tmnr.l il.... sprung np in n night, may it wither nnd dio heforo iho rays oi n iiiirriu huh. Thcprrsvtt Ailministrntion- -'"Whom llioeoils uill loucRiroy, iiirjr nti-i iiumo man. lurruyal President Mny ho Inko his gold spoons (V-uWcr dishes lo cat bean porridgo with, at Kinder wiUrtrt of Gen Ilarrieon- Yc Generation of vipers I behold ye gnaw a filol Ucware of edee tools. fe The Hero of Tippecanoe Ilia fncmics may find that he can tip-n-uanoe over with them nguinst a (Slube full of lies. The American flap May its eagle hover victori ously m or the cause of Harrison and tho constitution, and its stars light the Hero to tho capitol, while its stripes are laid onto the backs of his lying foes. UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT. The annua! commencement of the Universi ty was celebrated at the brick Church on Wednesday. The day wan fine the audience, though not to largo as on some former occasions, was highly respectable, both in character and numbers and the exercises interesting through out. The following was the order: 1. Ml'SttK. 2. Prayer, by the President. 3. Inlluence of Christianity on Poetry, Ida Montiv, Jn., Oijbnl, A. . 1. The want, of respect nmong Literary Men for their pursuits, Thomas Rice, Ilurlintfton. 5. Natural Science, grounded on Supernatural Truth, Joseph C. Fowled, llcrnardston, Mast. C. Unity of Character, 11e.nja.min F.Mowcn, Mon treal, L. C. Mt-eicic. 7. Tho Relation of Fictitious Writings to Truth, ltr.N-j.tMiN J. Tennev, Carlisle, Ohio. 8. Relation of Genius to the progress of Society, Jons H. Hates, Colchester. 9. Dependence of the Modem on the Ancient Mind, Daniel S. McMastkrs, A'oriVi Hero. MVSK'K. 10. Philosophy j in lbs highest sense, practical, Daniel C. Hol-ohton, IJurlinqton. 11. Tho Scholar's regard for tho Genius of Past Ages, Jvmes R. Spalding, Almtpelier. 12. Tho Relation of Liberty to Law and Civil Gov ernment, IlKNnv Hale, Chelsea. Mt'SICK. AFTKRNOON. MUSICK. 1. Dilfusinn of Knowledge, not the security of civil l.l.nrl.. W.. It. .!...!. I.J V 1- mi'ii.j, ..u. iiiiiuh, iwirAicricm, ... J. 2. The Growth of Nations, progressive, Dudley C. Denikon, lloyalton. 3. Independence necessary to an Original Literature, John S. D. Taylor, Shelburn. .mi-sick. I. Poetry; the grounds and limitations of its Uni versality, Henry J. Raymond, Lima, A'. V. 5. Necessity of seeking an absolute as distinauished from a conditional end, in Sciencoand in Morals. Jo.iepii II. Myers, candidate for the degree of Master of Artt MCSICIC. fi. Degrees Conferred. 7. Pravkr. 8. M chick. 9. Henediction. It was not our good fortuno to bo a listener on this occasion, but those who were, speak in high terms of tho performance. It could hardly be otherwise, for this class embraces some of the finest talent the Univejsity has ever sent forth ; and wc can assure the reader that no young man of very ordinary capacity, tvithou' the application of great industry, can conveniently reach the honors of this institution. The following is the order of the Junior Ex hibition, which took place on Tuesday afternoon and eveniug. 4PTEI1N00N. 1. The moral dignity of the Scholar, Douglass Smith. 2. The writings of Cervantes, Wm. T. Baron. 3. The decline of Roman power, Daniel It. Rock- LF.V. 4. Comparative merit of ancient and modern His tory, Kdoar Mr.Eeii. 5. Influence of intellectucd cultivation on Religion, RliiotT. Far a, G. 1 i.fMiistitutionsof Lycurgusj their influence on tttc 1 noterof milt munis, Warren H. Marsh. 7. Knglaru' during tlio middle ages, Moses S. PniTi-ti '.;.i, 8. H slorioalai. J fictitious writings compared, Sam-i-m. C L. Ceaus. 9. '1 no songs of (turns, Frederick IZ. Woodbridge. 10. Proiiict'ious, or the Theft of Fire i a Poem, Geo. L. Lyman. evening. 1. Tlio true basis of government found in tho hearts of the people, Ciiaples C. 1'aiikeb. 2. Tho neees-ityof a moral Literature in the forma tion of national character, Wm. W. I'eck. 3. Connection of music with national character, John N. Raiter. 4. The labor of the man of science productive la bor, IlEsnv S. HnEWKTEn. G. Tho general cultivation of the mind favorable to origitnl Thought, CiinisTot-nER M. Davey. G. Moral character of the writings of Horace, David Rl.tCK. 7. Iiitluenco of a belu f of the siipernntural upon tho character of the middle ages, Wm. L. Ksowleo. 9. Ancient and modtrn criticism compared, Fred erick T. Hai.l. COUNTY MEETING. It will ho seen by the notice in another column that there is to be a yatherinj,' of the people at Jericho on Tuesday. It is desirable that there should he a full attendance and, judging from the past, there can bo little doubt on this point Mr. Si.ade :s expected to bo present and address the mcetine;, which, of itself would he a suflt cicnt attraction to secure a large audience, but the people are sensibly awake to the importance of the crisis, and never have wc known pitch a willingne.s on the part of fanners to leave their work and attond to politics. "Are you going to tho meeting V said one farmer to another, tho other day. "Certainly, I am," was the reply "for I have always made it a point, through life, to attend to the most important husineus first i and I verily believe that it i& of more conse quence to the farming interest generally to get rtd of this mildew administration, than all the influence of soil, season, and our individual efforts for live years lo come. Yes, sir, I'm going, and tdiall carry as many of my neighbors as can ride in a hay-rack." TIPPECANOE CLUB. Tho last meeting was very interesting. Wm. Upliam, Esq. of Montpclier, addressed the Club in an eloquent and able manner. At the no.t meeting of tho Club, on Monday next, the Hon, Win. Siade, of Middlcbury, is expected to deliver an address. Wo bespeak a full attendance as wo may expect an intellectual treat from so ablu a political orator as Mr. S. Shocking Two men were shot in Slntistead, L. C. on Wednesday last, while engaged in hunting wolves. It seems that orders had been given not to discharge a gun at any thing but bears or wolves in tho ring, and as a doer was discovered, they opened tho ring to let him out. As ho passed ten guns were fired at bun. When thu smoke had disappeared, one man was found dead, and another gasping his lust. Lamoille Whig. MinnLEni-nv, Aug. 1. Tho cotton factory in this village suspend operations last week, on account of a turnout on tho part of tlioso employed. Wo unders tand they do not striko for hi'iher wages, but for cash instead of cotlen cloth, in which ihcv have for some lime past been nvd. No reconciliation has ret taken place, nnu ino lauorcrs n n prcpnrmg iu iook lor cm iilovmenl clsi.wlierc. "Wn c.illivosa," my ibov so say their employers and so wo all say, People's J'rtst. 3D) fi O il In Colchester on tho 31st nit. Jon:i Monta, a revo. lutionnry soldier, ngd n-irono hundred years. Mr. Monta was bom in France, and cainnto this country as a volunteer under L-ifiyette. Ho served till, the closn of tlio ttar, nud thin Ii"looh himself to ngticul tnral tiursinlH, which he fdlnwed to thu rloiu of his lifo. Ilo wai omphiilirally a man of tho iron mould, capable of enduring llie umucsi ii'iruniiips, uimiiiiuw not wlnt it wan vt bo sick', I lo never lost a meal from indisposition, and twolvo hours befoieliis d-'alh, ah; a hcnrly supper asusuai. mn u nun- u in iuih.i.i inriilnlied -i-k'Ii iiulso htood still and lbs frpirtl do- .,.,-ir.,l tvii'inni n mu'Ii or a irroin. "'.. .. ..,' .. .1 1?.. -llul ..Il Mnilr Wtlltll, I'av. lale editor and proprietor ofti Rutland Heiuld, aged 59 years. PHIS may certify thai nn i Ally PunUr, ha I i lopcd from my bid .mil h .. I without any i . oi ur, .u ..i .! I forbid any person barbormt or irusiuig heiuuu.f. nl. AMOS UL'NKEll. Stnikslio ,J t SioiK. 110. HINKSIIUUOU A' VDEMV. The next term of lhi msiiiution t 11 rimmienco on Monday, Aug. 21, under - dirccln.. of Iho nrcnenl rmiieiiiii!. Mr. Ileiison. To thus ne.ipinintisl with ihe ndvHnlngcaof iiiiiiisiioiiniii r ''imiueiiuniions nroneeiilehfl. August I, I H10. THOS, W. (HUH, Secretary. 1 K Hhds. New (7rlcnns Siiunr, on consignment, 1 O Auij. Ii. for ealoiiyN. LOVELV &Co. it""" ADJOURNMENT. The Whig District Committees, for the town of lhtrlington, arc reminded that their meeting stands adjourned to Monday evening next, at 0 o'clock, at Iho cominitteo Room in Strong'H building. A punctual attendance is requested, as it is desirable to dispose of the business in season to attend tho Tippecanoe Club moot ',' CH1TTF.NDEN CO. WHIG CONVENTION. The friends of Harrison and reform are notified that a county convention, will bo held nt Ilostwicks, in Jprico. on TIJF.SDAV, tho 11th Aug. inst. nt 10 o clock. A. M.t for the purpose of discussing the great political questions that are now agitutind the country, and adopting measures the better to secure the success of the electoral, senatorial and congressional whig tickets in this count v. Wm. WESTON, ) ANDRF.W WARNER, Wm. R. I'EASE, CWi nnvirtf. it ovmv - .- County DGN1KL II. ONION, Committee. UI.W. I. ill,,I',.. GF.O. K. PLATT, ESSEX. Tho Whigs of tho town of Essex are requested to meet at the Inn of 11. F. Warner in Essex, on the 11th inst. at 5 o'clock P.M. to select u candidate for town representative. Hy order of tho town Committee. Es ox, August 5, 1910. BUHMNCSTOV FEMALE SEMINARV. Tho fall term of the Seminary commences 10th Sept. Conditions or Admittance, Hoarders per annum 3110, or 4(70 per term, half payable in advance. This sum entitles the puiul to board, lodging, room rent, (ire, lights, etc., and to tuition in any or all branches included in theextensivc course of English studies pur sued in tin; .Seminary nnd Latin. F.xtia charges are made for Music, including practice $13. Vocal SI for music pupils, i for others. Drawing $j; French it. Pupils not received for a shorter period than one quar ter, unless specified on entrance. Deviation from this rule is niado in case of sickness. Application to be tnndo to tho Principal, M. C. GREEN. Rurlington, Aug. G, 1340. "VfOTICF.. This certifies that I have given my son, 1 Joseph Hoe, his lime, and shall not be responsi ble for any contracts made by him, nor claim any if his Camillas aflcr this date. his DOMINIC X ROE. Colchester, August 5, IS 10. mark. DR. II. A. GAUVIN, lately returned from France respectfully oA'crs bis services to tho Amcricai ranee. American public. Otliec opposite Mr. Russell's hotel, in tho house lately occupied by Israel P. Richardson, Esq, in Pearl-st. Uuilington, July 10, 1810. lui.jy 17 STHTE OF VERMONT. ) rpili: lion, tho pr0' ate Dit. or Chittenden . j JL eo in for thu district of Cliiilen To all pcr-oii" concorno I in the t-ln-e of Amo IIu-!;o'; la'e of Cunrlo'.ic, in .-aid di irietde ctU'cl, jtwiUiit. Wherci-, Nel.-on Hi''Kol; aJiiii.tia tnr of t lie e ta'o of .-nM iltvvu-el, propo cs to rcniler an account of hi- ailminiliuiiiui, and pre oil his ue i U'i! s,ain-t aid csiti'u for examination ind allotv-,:ut- ii a m- siou of tin- Co in of a'e. tn I e hold- on nt the Rcjri-lcr tillicu in Hirlinuton on the jcoond t eden-dat" (it Seoteinler neV: 1 lierefore. von mc berel'V notified to appear 1 efore raid en irl at ihe ime nnd pla'-e afore ai l, an I .-bow catt-c, if nnv yo-i have, whv the RiK'O int .-liquid not lonllowcl. Given iinilcr my hand nt II irlinilon tin- firM ilav of Anirun, A. L. d,n ct YVl WlArrnv I,.. DivigUt Dean's ttslatc. STATE OF VI R.MONT, 'JHE honorable the Disniicr or Chittenden, si. i 1 I'ri-I ale Court fur the I)i-lrici of ('hiltemleii, To all per on- concern ed in llit-K-tnie of Dwight Dean, late of'H.irlinnion, iu MiildiMricldci-a el, GRE1T1NG. WHEREAS, H. W. R. Dean, ndniini-lrnlor of the elate of saiddcea-e,l propo-c to render an account of hi- nihnini-'r ition, and prc.-cnt hi- account a-jiiinst -aid e-laio for fxaiiiiuau'ou nnd allowance at a t-s ion ef the Court of l'ru"a'e lo I e lioldeti at the ihe lteu'i. , "ll:ce, in 11 irbn'.'ton, on the second We.lnu-ilav of AtiuuM next, therefore, you are heiely noliliel to appear It-lorn i-au court at llie nine anil pia-i aioru niil, ami shew eu ', if any you have, why the account afore ai I -houM not 1 e allowed. Given under my hand al II irlingloti, tin- 221 day of July, A. I'. 1810. iv.-20. WM. WESTON Ro-'i-ter. Dtvight Dean's Ksfate. STATE OF VI-KMONT, 1 f J1E Hon. the Pro nisTiucT ok nil rTnsnr.x s-i. ( m la'e court wiihm anil for the Di-iricl of Cliuicnden : To the i-re.liioi--anl o her- cnici-ni l in the'uof I) vigh1 IVau. la'e of H irluiirton. in -ai I Di-tric, decea el, GuektIno WHEREAS, II. W. R. Dean, exec .tor of the e -late tf .-ail dfi-i i-d, liii'h made application until court, to ex'en I I lit- time limited fi-rma'-ing paynient of tin; ilt-' t mi l li-era-ies of taid t'eeca cil, twelve inoii h- Iroui tin? 13 h day of A'lS'iM, IS10, and iit"2 I Motid ty of Aug i-l ni-" I fin-.' uiir fl fur a lu-irins in llie nremi e , at iheO.lif of tin- Reji-ter of tin i-i urt, iiu-l il hat-iii!: I ceo ordered that notice therft.f I e sriven. I v n il i him; lhii!tvrie ihreo week ceivc!y in' llie Free Pre. n new-pa ier prin'el nt II nlin-rlon, I floif ilietinif lixe.l lor lifarmu ; llieretor you are hirel-v no'.ilie 1 to appear I efore -aid court at Ihe time an I place afore-aid, then nn 1 there, lo ma' e objection i( any yo i have, to the ail lime of pay ment I t-ina f'irlher e'eniled a- afore aid. Given under my hand at H rlington tin 221 day ofJily A. 1). 1SI0. jy. 22 Wm. VVESION; Ilcg'r. ' .lames Martin's Estate. STATE OF VI-.RMONT, ) T a prula'e co ir", Put. OFCiilrTi'.N'lii'..M, s-. j 1Y. holdcu nt II irlinu lon. wi'hin an I for 'lie di-tnet afore. aid. on ihe 1 2 h day of J dy, A. I'. 1S10, an ins'r tint-ut iinrporiimr to 1 e the In -I will and testament of J.itliu Martin, la'e of Jericho, iu mid district, licra e I, was pre en'ed to llie co in licre lor prol.a'e, lit- Hannah Aliirlin the r.xc.-utrix. llicrein name I, 1 it i or dero.1 ly nud fourl, 'hat n it lie nonce le sit en to all per-on- fou-ernel llicrein, to atuiiMr I t-foro .aid court, at a se-ion thereof to 1 1-hoi .'en nt I he lleiri ler'' 0,1'ice in It rlumton, on llie second Wedne-d.iy ol .u2iit, A. ii. lb 10, an if on el llie pro! ate ol miii wii and it i further op'eril tha" ihi ordi-r I pul li-he three wce'is -ne e -i ve'y in ihe lbirliin;ton Free Pre-- a newspaper r'n'fd nl iturliii'-'ton, in Ibis Ma-c, the last of which shall I e pre vio-.s to the day a n'gne-l, a-nfon- nid fur hcnrinL'. Given nmr my hand nl the Ucgi-ter's ollice, tin'. 12 h day of J dy, A. I. 1910. iyl7 WM. WKS-fONMb-.-i-ter. .lames C I'lcire's L-Ntatr WE tin- Mih-cril i-r- linvim; Ufa np'.nuire 1 1 y the honoral'le the pro! ate court for the di-iricl ol Chilien leu, coinmi-siouer lo roco've, i-xaniine at a liu-t the claim, nnd ilemnud of all per.-ou- asaiii Ihet-.ta'e of Jame. C. I'liri', late of Huntington, iu aul ili-trict, ctecca-fii, rfpre i'ii.e I m-otvfii', mi I nl all tl.iiiii-iiud deinaad.e.ilnhi'fd in oUet therito; nnd -ix mouths from the day of the date hereof I emu al lowed hy 'aid court for that purpo-f, we therefore here' y cite notice that we wiil ntieud 10 llie bn-ine' of ii-r apiioiiitment, at the dwelling of Jonithnn II Uike, in Ituntiiuion. in mikI lli-irict, on the 2-1 I ue May. ol u.-ti her anil January next at luocloetf, A M., on eaeli of taid day-. Pate I this 8lh day of July KM ERA TA VLOR, C Comm'rs, jy:3t SILAS JOHNS, STATE OF VERMONT, ) fTlilK liou. the pro! a' Dmt. or Ciiitti-.n-dfa-, s. I .1 couri for tin tlir-tric- nr t'hiitcn leu, tonll per cn concernel in theeta'i' Joiiathau Gi let. la'e of C har'o'le. in nud ib-lriel. A fi-c I, irrce ing. Whcrc.i , Ucmin Ho for I, exiyilor ol i lie la -I will uu l tc l.iincnl ol tinlite fu-o I. nropo-f loreiidi-riin iii;eoiinlofhia lmuillration, nnl pri'-i-nl li s ticcoi.nt nirnm-t -a'd o tn'o lor exauunii ion .indul lowniicc, nl a f t.ion ol'lhf i-uiirt of pro! n'f to I e hold n al Ihe KcL'i lerV o-Iict- in It irlm rlou, on ihe -c.-on tVf hie .(lay of Auirus- next ! llurffore. von are here' noliiiol lo appear li-foru t-a'n ro irl, at llu- nine nn' iila' f afori-sai-l. an I showenu-f. if anv vn.i have, whv ibf iu.v(i.iiii nfuri- aid sho dd not I u nllowi-l. Given ini'ler my him In' II irhugloii, tips I Hi day of. I ilv, A. I). 1310. jyl.1 WM. Wl-STON, ltciri'l'fr. Diil'lltiglou I)o Mouse. MSAItM'IEI.i), t-IU', WUOLLCN AND t I'OITON DVl.R if.pc.-ifilly infurms iho iidia'itiini ofltirlma'oii nud ihe nciahborinu town , th.!' ho has la'.fii n preini es in Wa'cr-sl. one door o i Ii n I), Davi-'S'oro mil will i-oiiunencf dyin-j mid tin i him; in the le l manner, ihe following irou.1: Droa li-lo h-, I n-H'mere-, new .Merinne., Ladio- silk nnd Merino Drisui , Shawl-, llo-iery, ill.- nnd eottou Velvet, Geirh-ineii'i. coat", cloak an I Vd. dyi-d and i'i.1 '.I nenr'y fo. al lo new, wilho it ripping, Hroii-1- h.-, -.1 , woollen ori-onon itckmL, ilyel iu the iim-t " .itieiii (s-lor , if wautf I f iriucr hiiii! and inanu- u.' jrer, on re n-iinol Iu ti-riu-, Abo wor-n-l, skein cotion, and si-cm nlk dyisl in iheino I r plendid color., lie In-eniploje I n fo'e' riiui Idyer mi l color m i' f r, ('( ns'CI ius Moi.ony. Mr. Molnny tin employeil a si perin ndiiit in ritwo of'hc Inrjri-t dying e.ta li-h-n i-ni.. in Gif Itriiam mi l Ameri -a. The pul lie ni.iv ill-pen I on hat ui',' their order uxivuiul in ihe lf -1 manner and wuh all le i!e-p ilih. am Hurluurto , J dy 15, 13 III. BlUItlW.A very Inrge u(rluient i-f a 1 sizos of llibles, and from 50ct. to S15 each, Jut ree'd and ft'r jle at the Hook Siore. P. A, PRAMAc BOSTON and TROV IRON CO.MPANY.-Tlio public nre hereby nollde.1, that (he luisinc of ca-titig in every branch nnd variety. Is done lo order, on llic'hortct not (ft, itlTroy, Vt. Thceotnpany have much enlarged their foundry, nnd nre now prepared to do nil kinds of work done at any foundry in tin 'ountry. Mill. gearing, Pot A.-h Ifeilles, Stove, Plough', Axletree, it -., on h mil, or furnulie l lo order. All who wi.-li to contract fur Move-pla'c-i, or to pur elm e a largo quantity of hollow-ware, for the purpo-e of retailing, will I o furni-lieil at whole.-alc prices nnd all who may favor us with their calls or trier-, will lo dealt lyn Morally ns ninny cMahlMuiiciii in the coillllrv. Order- should I c n ldrc-i-d lo E. II. Cro man, S iperinlend.ini, or A. Young, Airen", Troy, Vt. to Mvuro nn carlv reply, nnd prompt intention. Troy, Vt., June 1810. jy:0 NI4W CiOODH, now opening i an uddiliouul iis.-orimi'iit ol various i,f goo.., mining "hem nre Mezotinlo llribhe-, Satin Head Hnnd-, Sar np irilla Lozenges. Atronlcon I oolc, t'Mract ol llcrsiiniot, bn'slol I oatil.grivn Spiftnc c,('n-tnr-. new silver Cniiib, Fnile licit Pluto--, elc. ALSO, n good as-ornnrnt of iriiunii'd and plain line Satin and 1 om" nz neS ot-ks J thin miimiiut fstm-lo, (iaM nnd plain .some with bf.wn very nice nnd light fur warm weath er; wo have ill o very narrow Stocks, suital le for boy- o nien. Al.-o, lung .-locks fur tlio.i; who li.ivo large Ne.',!, in a word onr'n-orlinenl of pioc"-, Col lnr. and I)o-oin i very i-oinpleic. For further par tlc.ilnrs ilene call at thu Variety .Smrc. J inell. I'ani.eoiin ft Hiiin-maid. P AN i: lllmN nillNSMA 1 1), of the" vZlTy i 1 , mi.ii viineiy in atene., ( lock-'. Jewelry, I'crf tinorv. M In-tr niient-, Curl-, ('iird.,lVuro-,.S(.iip.,lluir Oil-,ltnzor-, ICnivc, Si'i-.'or , Cane-, Stork.--, ('nil-, drawing nia'eriu'-, wil low Wnsjsroii , ( hairs nnd ( ra lle, l'n-tor, Pencils. Ti-a mill I'd rcl'ot.- ami t'rus; ilvcr tvnie, plalisl Ware, Lump Wick-, nnd GIum-i-., Collar- nnd Ilo-oni", S'l-pcniler-, Sword-nnd Pi-tul-,'1 liorinoiiie!'r,S:ii'l'ii' cry. Inl, Court Pla-terj Roll-, Una-, pueket Hooks and n great variety of fancy arnclcs to supply tin-want- tin I inini.:er to tlio gratification of the notional -Hid all who call nt t lit: Variety 'lore j we nre in "An iO Pie" order ready to tin n'er order- or return calls it the var.ciy -ion-, Pasoroiin & l.'itl.v maid. j. Muii-, nit- inn-ring ii gii-.u variciy oi tvate he mntMNGTOV COMII I'ACTOItY. A l.t large and general a .-orttnent of Combs otVt'rr. nioR qtiAMTY now on li ucl ami cou-tan!ly mau..f,iL tnring nt thea" ovec in! Ii. hinen', and for Mi'e to the tra leu- low prices. Mrr -limits and others wi-h'ng t get a good nrlMo for reiailing will find it to their ad vantage toe.ill and examine fur ihcin ehes. J nif 10, ISIO VILAS, I.OOMIS and Co. CtARI'UTIVCJS. 'The subscribers havo on baud ' n full assorunent of Ingrain and Common wool Carpeting, Venetinn and Cotton do. Rush Mnttius; Oil Cloths, &e. which will be sold for Cash at Nui' York prices. N. LOVELY & CO. July HO, 1310. NI.OVELV & Co., have just recM from New York, anil nre now u It-ring Ibr.-ale at still fur her re luced price-, lor ready CASH a more eoniplt-e tsorimellt of fancy nnd other Goons adapttil to the ea-on nnd the time'- than ever 1 efore among whi- h nru many new articles never I 'fure olicre.l in this mar nut. AWn, a new simply of Glas-warc, Crockery and l.oo!,ing-Gla-e Alo, L'ngli h Currant', Prunci l)ry Groi'cr.'f, Mats, Rus-ia and other Carpeting, Oil Cloth for Table-, I'ioors, and Linings, etc. Morencxi woe'.-. ' Jmu'l!) rilllETIl'l'L-CANOK TEXT HOOK'. Just receive.!, M. a large supply of Tippecanoe Text Hon',', made u,i of document itu'd fut illii-lrating Gen. Harri-on' lii-tory, characti-r, set vices and opinions. It i warmly recomuicniksl to the friend of (.'en. Harii.-on through the V. State-, for -ale at thu I io' store. J mi-20. 1). A. UltAMAN. CIA) TlllliltS, TAKE NOriCEThesiih-cril er at the Vmoo-l(i Iron Foundry, has on hiiml and for Miff, n newTEAZKLING GIG', made for narrow Cloth, a rate machine, of the latc-t improvemeni, which will I e sold cheap for cu-h, or ex'-hnuvul for tio-n. jl'.-rSh. UAi. Winnoski Village, June 11, IS10. QT.VTIONF.HY. ARMOUR & RAMSAk' have reccivi-.l. I.y the recent arriviib-. a larsre and n-ll or e! flock of writing nauer-. anil llie ili t-ient r- iicle of plain and Fancy Suiiioncry. Al0, an excel- ;uil colli-i'iioii ol I'.MiKAt INGSniiil illu-tra isl work-, fla epul heation. Montrfal.St. Paul M.May 23. Ow PIMCIl. C. GOODRICH has just received from the manuf'ielure'.s in Mass-idius-jUs. n full supply of linen haiid-mn royal, medium, Demy, cap, letter, folio-post nnd billet paper, of various qual ities, as wove, satin, bill, g it. &e. &c. for sale at man ufactures prices. June M. TV IT.V GOODS. S.dncy Harlow In- received a 1 a-'oriiucnt of uoods at hi old store on Pearl lieei, which will be sold cheap eunuch. N. II. Wool receive I for good. Hurliuuton Muy 23. TMU'RICSX IRON AND -STIil-.L. Enuli-h Iron X fruiu IS to C inebi-M I!us-ia old ,-ul le Iron : do new d.i dr; Swecde- d ; Hoop do from J lo inch; Dr.iZ'Cr .- Kotb ; S-prnur, cast, gfrmaii, tio!t' iin-1 Knirli h Mister Mn-I ; ('art nii-l wairun loxe-, fuii'shed ero I ars, I y June 19. J. & J. II. I'ECK & Co. lion i niiiiKna i no siiu.fritfr ha- now U on li.iml a .'i-iifral :is-urtiucnt of UOOTS and IIOK-s, ol'tlie ino-t fa-hionahle slvle. and thnruui-h wor!.iiiau.-hii, which he oilers tery low fur CASH. ' J.. J. I-AV. N. II. All Kin-Is of measure worl: dune ai short no tice. Hiirlinsion, t huieh-sl Mnv 23, 1310. TVTAYt) WAIT 1VX with their supply i .lie retcrned fnun New Vorl uiuilvot -iiriii--' nii-l summer lnils, ,tiil iu ai the lire-em on i-tial low rite- which they nre prepaied to. -ell a-cheap a can I e had in llie cou'u'ry, buyers are re pec-'f ,lly -nlieited to call and receive the proof, at the siore recenlly inv uued I v lithro-i & l otwin I'uriu-rol i li"r-'liaiul I utiflie 1 .tlay 2B. IV l-.VV IMI .TMIDI''l'Al'LlllNG&MII.US it have opcni-1 a new Paint Suor on Church-sl iivo iluor. south of II. Lane'- Sline. where llii-v w.ll lo all kin I- of HOUSE. SHIP, SIGN an I CARRIAGE I'AI.n 1 liNij, in the le-l no il k-inanner an l on itrm- lo suit iho i- who may favour them wi'h their patron age. ju"r.uul-, Uil, tarni.Mi anu ruliv, con tantly on ham! and for ,.i'e. R.G. SP.VI'LIMNG. Il'irlumlou, April 9, 1810. C. II. MILLS fy Fit Mi LIN IIOIKI-:, A'l THE MINERAL SPRINGS, IN illC.llfi.VTK, VT. Th.! ul rcri- ler liavili-j liirui-lii'-i ami hue I up, lor llie rc -i-plion ol company, i lie n' oiet-.tat W-him-iit, reiiewfullv solicit- the pairona-.-e of hi friend-, au I llie pul lie gcner-i'ly, The cole' ritv this nrinir ha- atiainol, the len-ity cil it location' t'1112 sittia-e l in a p'e.i-ai.l ami lu-altlil il section of the country tose hcr with the exertion ol he spli-i-ril er to trite nti-f.icion to all, it i hoped fill m il e il a de-iraUe -it-ui'ioii for lhnii who wi h lo avail them ehes of the lenchl ol the wa'i-rs, nn I a relaxation from ihu ordinary carc l.ii.iiie.. S. W.WOOD. lliL'lisate, June 3, IS 10. fcw OltOCIMtlKS. Tliemb-frilerl-a-. it fill simp y VJ ofGro i-rii--, in -Imliinr cosniac Itrandy. common Iu. Ilouiiml aii-l Uailiuiore Inn, b'. I rmx nnd low nricel Rim, Port, .Ma-leira, Clianipaisne, Muscat Mn Intra and nllu-r Wine , Mola-M-. Tea-, Co.Itv ( hiK-ola-f, h af, lump and I rown SiL'ar-, Rur, Pepper, I'liinaiiion, Nuimeirs. All-nice and other Mu'ce . t'urar rotccco, .Mac! i-rt-I, ! Ui l-lfiii. I e-t kind lor 93 per IHU III-. An I mo I oilier nr'icic in llu- grm-ery line, Alo DRV GOODS, nil of which will l e-old as cheap i v any oilu r place. Tin- Lup-ors will I e warranted ui tiie e -t n laliiy uitcniie-i principally lor -uppivin Tavern-ltivpfrrs, who will lind it for the ir in'i-rf-i I all anilfxaui'tieiliem. imau vt ak.m.k, Ibirlmstoii, June 10, ISIO.lf Tl'. KS.UlTM..Tlie suhserder havmrr re Jl cen'ly moved from All nnv, and commenced llu lilaclliiilli liiiMiii'S-, iu an us lorius, in nic new mio on Madi.-oii n-et. near Fulle'l iV llr.ullev'. Store would rc-piv'.fiilly invite the inhabitants of ll-irlinston and vicinity lo give him a call, n he is fully prepared to do all kindol work m Ids line, on the.shorlf-l no lice. If.t manner, and nio-l favorable term--. He has for many yenr pa-t iriven hi. particular attention lo Ihe Horse shoeing bu-inu-, nnd Farriery in all its limnetic. From the Ions experienco which he has ha.l, an I the general informaliou he ha ileriu-l lioth Irom llieory ail-l prae-icc, m-- iuci iuhv i-oiiii-icm in if ciiiiiiiKui Iin-- him.elfio ihe pul lie. Ho will It- pre. pared ai nil liincs logiye hi peronal attfnP'on loall i.inin oi worn mm- nm- ; , "l,llla "n-Hn nn l Sh-i-'li. Sliiuwork. 6u: All kind- ol i-lire tool ma le in iho I u I manner and moi approve 1 style. Ho iru-ts ihnl I y giving iiu-iuc-s in nuuiviitiM attention IIIIU lie low price, in wiiii-n m- ni i ui-u.i -if i in i ir nish work, lorreeivoa share of llie p il-lie uitron'me Ilurlinrrinn, Annl 10, 1810. ' f VJIAV A: COI.H h-i.'f rcif iviil lhf:'r iimii I i ev en ice nortmcnt of Siiriir' nn I suniini GOODS, fin' r.i 'in-' a leau'ifd yaru-ly of iron Is for la lie- s iniiner urcs-f -, ru n r iiau-n nu-i -i-iurii nu j bani'. In ha inu'lin a iiiiicrior nrti 'le fur wliiv dri'f.- J.ieoiu-l fain! ric. ii sffil n-orinien' of I urre-1 an i-lie it'ri' I i 'ami r-c, pi urn 1 1. awn, mourn -mr uu. prui lt-1 c'iiii' r.i' an I Freil"h M i-lin. An ex'en lie aver ment ol'Auifrifiin Culi'-uc-chi-apcr than ever. A few luurli h nn I rtii"li do. SILK'S. A .mall a .mrtmcnt of Rich silks, inel nlin I lack, l-luii I ln.-!-,folorf.lmidhiripfl. Il.iudana Il'd'f I'lin-.'cf, i nm-nn, wiittf hi no, n -k iiauan ' ravai' Gfil'lciueii'. col'il.iml 1 lauk l,f I Cn'ovc, ihieol',1, . u nn I while silk ulove-.ilo. Ilerlin. Li-loTlireu I. Line and cotton glove. A good a.Mir'uietil of Hosiery very cheap. I'm' rclla'- uml Piira-ol.-, I bin Hon; and Shoe , u lie.-i-ni iie.nni. slip-, DOMESTIC GOOD'S. Merrima-k cottons Davii vil'f do ,')!. i otfui Mu-eiinir, hhir'nnr, I iel mir, eol Cain' rie.' turn, llirc.iil, mil Knitting Comm. offline Li nsCloih.niid Mea d e-'tlon. Vork Mixtme S'l i, , Drill' & Irish, Sinning and Shivliug ilia u-r an 1 1 rasii. TAILORS TRIMMING-. Inclulins rrwin? Sill, TtvM, Threw ', Pad bug, ft .i--,ln!to-liiiiiig, brown linen, n-i on , nn mi'.', tt . VlisTING. White tig' i Mr Valenll.i. finlirc Satin, ft-. Gauze, nnd i h i Inl'y fancy fl' IV r . ureal tiirielv ( f olhcr DR (i(M7l'S which coinnri r vrirv fxlt'iuivo anor'nicn', an I aie ot'rre.l at a-inm h uu low in lees. Ladieaad (irntlemcn sniinvitcl call aniexainin' qua'niw nnd prtw, Jtirje ., WRAPPING PAPfdl.-lOO Reams Wrapping Paper, and a Urgejppply of writing, loih Cap nnd letter, lor ala by I). A. UltAMAN. GlhASH. Uiirlington, Vermont, nud Eex, Cylm i i!er, niudu nt the Chninplain Glass works, and very inueh itniirote-l in qiiali't- compared with the lulu brand-, lor sale by J. &, J.'H. 'f;(; & Co. QTItAYtil) from the stibscihnr, itboiit tho 1 1th -J.tnstnnt, a largo nil cow about ten years old, with white belly and flanks, end of her horns sawod ofK and a bunch on one gunbrel joint. Whoever will give information whore she imy ha found, or return her to the subscriber, shall In libornlly rewarded. . SAMUEL WHIPPLE. llurlington, July 23, lf)IO. W Variety Slorc, .lit y 2.1. L arc re -ei'ving n fresh u iply ol'GooW, among ibi-iii are bla'-k an I I rittunia Cu.siors, stci-l and i'i'l Wnli'li Keys, violin and violtneclhi string-, Fl i'i- , Fifes, Ey'i-t-. IV-m-u lea.N, Ft-a lu-r l-'iin, Satin Heed ., whi't-.-nt'ii Ilea I Dan I , Log Ciibm lio.oiu I'm. nnd Metals, Poor Man's Pin-ir-r , and many other good-, PANGIIOIIN it IIIIINSMAII). TMOUE NEW IJOOtv-J. Jii-i r.-cive I at the Mr, If I Store, A New Home. Who 'il fillow. Young La lie . Companion. Couute-s ,a Huywnr l's New I.nglaiul liiize ici-. .Mitchell's Geographical Ri-.nlor, a system ot Geography, compri ing a Dfeription of the World with lh: gran I division-, dcigne I for in- slruetioiH in M'hools anJ f.imilit". Wonders of thu Heavens. I). A. UKAMAN. AYOIIM! LA II Y ol goiKl laiuily ami olu lih oral eliicaiii.n and who lit a thorough 'heore'i imIhiiJ prictical l.nowlelge of the French mil English language.-, wi-hes to I'm I a pln' e cither in u f iniily or inn community, as n French tea"her. Application-, Hf by letter post paid,) to I edirected to Mr. .Moll. Pro-fe-so'r of Mu-ic, Hurlingtou, V. ,1 inc-l. rpilH HOOii's'KUfE ofihe -uhscrilcr i now filly X rf nlf n isfn-. I wi'h a inrge collection of IKKJKS anil STA'IIO.NKRY, nrenlly ,u!t-t.-d in llie New York niarke!. Particular pains ha- I ecu in' en in ihea .'Ortnicut wi'h relereuce to Hooks adapted to sal bath chooN. Thu neweit p il lieaiions liave I en sclivted for tin's o'ivt, an I Libraries i-nii now It- f rat bed with any amount nt the N. Y. prices, I) A. IIjiAmaX pOOTS, The subseribtr I ) having taken tho stole formerly occupied by Messrs. Jlishnp f Whipple, is now opening a general assDrlnietil of lloots, Shoes and Leaiii-r, tvhicli have all been bought for cpsh anil will be sold for tho same at tlio lowest prices, and as the'articles nru too numer ous to mention in an advertisement, although Mr Sta cy has enlarged his paper, I would siinply invito all to call nnd examine the goods and prices before purchas im: elsevhire. l!uri;.igton,July 1, 1910 HENRY C. STIMSON, by E. J. Stimson, .U-enJ. 1T7"E 'be s-ih-crihers 1 eiug nppoinie I I v the Hon. l'rol ate Cmrt for the li-trict of G eonini-.ioniT to ic-vivc, examine ami and a-lpi-t all flaiiiin an I c'ru.atuKofall per-ons, against the o.tate (.fl-aae Mar. in U-u of South Ht-ro in sai-1 di-triet, do 'cs-el, reprf-'iiti-J insolvent, and also all claims and demand- ixhilheJ in otl'st-t iheieto) and 'ix inou'hs from tin- 21 i!sy day of Juuu A. D. 18 10, llioil'iis iron, nv oiiy uiiv in jnuu .1. i'. 1 eitig allowed I y sa-'d Co-irt for that ptirpoii', ' thiTff ru hcre!v gi e no-.iie that we will att we do attend to ihe ' u-incs'-1 f o T a - in'ovnt nt the dwelling hnn-e of Levi Martin in -aiJ S.)..lh Hero, on the fir-t Mon days of Oclol er and N'ovi-in' f r next, from ten oVIoeic A.'M until fo iro'.'lucl, P. M. on eich of.a. 1 Da'edal South Hero .1 -iifCO'li, A. I). 1510. jy:9. HECTOR A DAMS, ) r,im,r, WM. K PHELPS, 5 Cum r'-AT1-W SHEET IRON, COPPP.R cc TIN WARE 1 ETAHI.ISIIMENT. Thesub-criltr, late ol'lhe firm of S;arrit Hott ie'f, lnviivx p irelived and re moved to the Store lately oooupii-l I.y Strum:.- & Co.. east siito ol llie uu irt llo.i-e ! pian, one door t the Lo-' Cabin, i no-.y ready lo do all hind- ol work that the p tl.lie wi- h iu his lino of l.uine. , tich a. coverine roof, tviib tin, ma'-in and puttius.' up eive ucli-au l -pouts. .t Kin-is ol I in. slieel Iron hii-.i Miner Ware will I e V t-pl on hand, and for -ale al a low nricc as can I e found mihcS'a'e. Sheet '.inc. upper I'nnip-, U.-a I ripe, nil I all oilier article-in Inc line of our l)iiine lept on haul. For ehciipiuK ol price and ue.Vnuss of execution, inv worl; will not 1 1- excelled I.y any m the slate. If you w ,h lor anything iu the aLove Ime, before you Ir.i e l-e -iri aii 1 ea'l ipuil il, il, iiu;iniu,n liurlineion, .1 ity, lsiu. DUVVKY'S Patent Spvliiu-Toolh llmsellabc. Thu Wire Tooth Homa-llakc, which Ins used witli so much satisfaction durinir the last two haviiiL' seasons iu thu counties of Rutland. Addison and l!enti!iii!ton, Vt. and Washington, N. V. will ho l;ept Tor sale thu present season 'iy ntu.NiiS .v. uo. lturliiictoii. Theso rake are adapted to all meadows', tliev are casilv tended, and do the work fasler und bettor ttiiiu any other Horso Rake in use. It is found by experience, that thu expeiio of raking hay ivitu tlio spring room itorso-uiKo is oniv anuuione lnnrter ns much us ilia common tiiuth'd of inkinir .villi hr.nd-rakes, hesidei securing thuhay in better or- ler. ."soino tanners i no nivn largo meauows, t-su- i-iato tho U33 of one rake last hay M-as-m nt lortv fifty dollars. DAVID DEWEV, Patentee. July I, 1310. Tt'ST Iti:CKlVi:i) at ihe Vnr-ftv S ore, a few luzcu H.irii-on Mi-iodic, of the IJu.n.ii nn irovei ivliliou, I e hr; a cotleotion of patrmtt,: onss del'i.itud to the Hero of Tippecanoe. Al o, a lot of Harri son Alma'-K's lur la II. Hie f I e-cic lot- uuai is le- nnd calculation- ot a common Almanac!., i-oiram an X'-i-llent lliosrranht of lien. llarriMm. It i- mter- niTM'd with uuiiiero I- enravin-'s, i'hi-' 1 1 tr llie liM-luur ineiuent ot tu m-iory. n it ay- one "A drtci of hard cider will an-wer luv lurn" a- L'ettim: in f.i hiotl nn heie." Fcrluii.i'fly our variety in a lord him one, for here i a honk cn'illcl ".i dmp liar I eiilcr, ;ml.ilyin- llie -o il o! a'l the iNonn-iieiv elo ho-, wliiff .-onn- ec ojl-li bed I.y Elmn, Ncv rk. There came nl-o wph 'ho -oivx look-, n fa- -y of 1.0- Ca -in Uo-oin I'm', -ome very pn-'iy ameo an I iroM one . J uiii'i'v oi in.; i a'-in .nc-iai-, ;ind a varie'y of other irood-, nuiuni: which wa- some L'old tiaiier, puil'l ue. with iniif and powder. Mu sical iii!ruiueiiN, -tilleiofs, mill; of roc , an I -evcral iu t ol l.iney -oaps an I i-t-ri iinery. I in- varu-iy on-l-intly increa intra' Paso-iciis vt'SMtin' , 1 TAG X KCT I C ) I )t) XTICA.- -TIIETLITil 1VX I'llK 'I l.l'.TH ' ! 'I iik l.stuMi-ADiai.o Tooth I'.i'.i-.iuvTiow. fhctui-t i- prove", anl 'he ino-t in reluloii- ad do ihtine nre f III' convince-1, a- we hue the evidence Irom the .-ale ol -JO.OOO oxe-ol llie I Hon tica, within lh- pa l year, flint 'he I .oiiiwi Urca-u- he .ilciyini-l nr.: rcaitz I, .tnu a remeiy ui-i-overe ur ore i-rvine iho-c iniiioruni and M-efil'i ol'lhc h -v.-'eni, I v the u-e of the Maunetie U Ion ncn. which l.v il allr.e'tiv.-. and slrt-iiirtlii-ii'il.' un.ili tn-, remnve.sall ex-raneo-i- iiiitnncf irom ine tei-ii nid preserve- litem in their natural l.rilliancy, ami llu Mill- in -oun inf-s nun i camv. u 1- a'ccraiiuti iron. xncrience. tlial wlie.i n-e-l, the tec h will never de ay. but icnmin 'ill the la'e-t n-re of man, wi'h their in iiml ut-ar. When thee are de nroen will I f urn' te-t, and 'he tech pre-ervislundpreM-nifd in.l nre fi vel Irom a-lune all Uu- lias lecn dono in . inu u u le o in-laiice. : an.l more in liini-nuu a e-, ncrvoii- too'haehe, (llint cluimx of pain) In- a' nice I ecu e ecitnlli e iri-1 l-y popular denirifri' i: in America. And in conclusion, where, or who i the young or ceutleinan, aye, the individual that alue- a I eautilul set ol teeih, suun I sum-anil a -wcel ire.iih more Hum liltt-ff nt. that will le loucer ite li ne ol a box ol Dr. M. IIile i-ock's.tlB'.Mii-ieUlimti.'-a 'or mi c whole-nle nnd ictnil, 1 v A. IHT( 1ICOUIC it Co., No. It" Gene ee n. Ft tea, N. V.,nnl by their aire nt- thro i-'lm it Ihe I uilc I Mae-. In liiirlmirton, hvJ. &.L H. Peek A-Co. In Vcrnennes liy J. II luwnini. in .ah ton. if liurncu iv sawyer, iu Georgia, by Lorenzo Janes. aug rno Tllli l'UIJI.IC. Inotrer ncihislliiion X Smith's (ioography and Atlas to the public, the ruiiiisticrs intuu ntiention to 1110 loiiowing niuiitwn nnd imnrovcuients. Tho Giuaiaplly has been cnrcfutly revised nnd en larccil. i.s ilhist rnlcd bv about thirtu additional Cms iinu is pciiecuy iiunpieu m an us pariH 10 1110 new .tinia. I hu text of tho book has, (at much expense. been thrown into uniform larcu type which wo ft el confident will boicgirded nsavcry decided liupro ciiu-ni. Tho tables nppended to tho Rook were mndo up with care, and contain much valuable information in a conden cf nm The names nnd lenidb of tho prineipnl Cnuais n n! Rn.l R nds (ilntshed nnd in pro gn as), nu 1 t'n phcea cimiiected ; nisi n complete 1 t ol 1 -i C i'i ges, Law and M-'iH'-kI nelii.ils 1 'le-'! igi'm ne-iimancs aim iic;ii;:ous tin nomiimtiii'is of the t'n tc.l .S'talcs, tho rcL'iiin!' Sov ereigns ol Eiirode .V". An i.ulire new A"v a-'cunp.nncs t!ie llooi:, cm- latum': ci''lecn vc v siijienur .M ips, ni iMly dr.nvn etp'fssiy tor tins wuia ;ru"i on,' ni stirvys ami mn most auili'iilic hTUC"', nnd imhransiiiiKh vulunliti infornniioit n-it to lie found in anv simihr wo-k. Our ow.'i cmm'.ry has received spce-. il alteul.oii, This Rnd Roauc, Canal-, luivirnliou ol Mveis nnd recent jhatii'is. ai e nil careful v lunikcil, and ninny comii'ie nre sh-iwn tvlur'i do no I m imy other Ail-'t -. Alining l"iu peciuiannes 01 ims wok. may no meuiioii f l thu plan of showing the pipnhibn of States and Countries in round numbers on tb face of the Ma;is, Tho navuntion of Rivers for Slrpp, Steamboats, Sloops, i.-,, is s!i nvn bv placing at tlio head ot na vigation '111! niipniUlilllU Ililiiieu iP UU C U II Thu Map nuil Chut of tho World combined (on an enure 'nw plan, h' lowing nl on tiew lh iMitutal and I'llitii-il Diiisions of Iho Globe, tho Hitcnt. Ponula tion, Rihgio'i, I'orin of Goycrnincnt nnl Slnto of Civilicali'ia of .-v.'li uritryO his attraiil much 11 1 totition, nud is considered a prcil iiiprovi-ui"nt upon nnv ihitinhereiororenttcnptiil id the form of admit aslp-ro nil nrpsiiown al a smile glance, nnd the re lali-ins I'luv sustnin to each other. Wc would a' o ,rnt f,.r'h n 1I10 put le, nu I pruiio tncisl Dr. M. Much solicit nllfiltion to the remarkable disl'.nettiei'.s nnd I niekV V-'i'rni Ten the mo-i infe, e fcnml, and eon- enso wiin it nieti i-t'cry mum otiih-i .nap ninv be rum ' veiueni rem's'v inu can n in inuu-1 , i"i m -as well a to thn very superior stylo and rxeeution of! llie thou-nnd.' of m-ianccs ibeif 11 ha I en iii-nl fhn work in other respects, Tim Question at the eloso of the Ilo tk are tmpo-l ini, and will be funnel very contenientfor a Genernl Review. SPALDING A- STORKS. f ir.Tuvf (.iinnririv, For nle bv fiVm'EI. IH'NTIVGTON, llnr li'tnloii, Vf. and by by tho Priucwl ivjouwtlcr tn union ninics llurlinmn, July 31, 1810, riiiir: lion of tin: cdre no m- 1'AY lTliu Cciitilnc old Hutch or flcr man Vogclnblo l'llls. --Highly ri-'omniciidc-l ly Duel. Valentine Mo t, ,M, I), of N. Y., ami others. Thc.-i- nre "he or Vr t Any one tint doe- not find re lief from Ihe.-e p lis tho pri e is iff n led I net.-, tho o are the po-illve orders of die Proprie'or lo m-'ent- an I others. In o'.friiigtlie c pills to the pnl be, I tippenl lo their iiili-lligfiiie. If lluve pill, nre not what llu-y rtvoniinen led, yo-i nre in d ity I oiiu I tut of ro-ped to ami conim mity to it- cet ihcin, and pnMi h litem lo the world as nn iiupo-iiion, hunilmg ami q m-kery. Tliep d lie limy I e ns-nrt-.l they are purely viMi-lal If, they nre fompo'u.l of nine ingie-lint-, part ol thu lucdieiiie is unlv fo Hid in A i.iunlin the vnl-ley-of GeriiMiiy. For convciiicnet- the e fx'racts are lu.iJe into pill-, met will I o fonml u Miierurit or re lief for nil billioUs complaint-, yellow and I il.iou-fever-, fever an I mn-, m in lice, -.curie' ru It, I ilhu i eliulie di'peo-ia. & : It is not fti lf.l 1 1 in ' lid- ttie.liciuoi. a euie lor nil ill ea-iN to which Ihe h niuiu -turn i laWc. I-ii llr u nud me c-s i- oil havo eon ni'ido to dr.lwlVoni I ho region - ol ,m' nnwn fancy onii.- long pun theory of uin.tie an, win di would cue i.-.ieh an.l ettw din-a e. Good medicine i- not foiiiilin the the or whir win I,, h and ha-ipine- ii ing upon cuatii-e win i line is tnu ncra'u in tr uu. Tho pa-t tit Ici t is -o.' .ri-j ban- a'rea ly rai sl i monument of their src,itni-- tl hu h wit defy Ihe t-orrobng ooth of iiii.t-." None i nn I t-Gen due wi ho it lix on wlu-h mv nauif i writH'u til leng'h. S- ld tilio'f-a'f ami retail I f the ul cn' er at Glen'- Fall.. I y A. II. iV I). 'J, and 100 F itluii . mil It. M. Miig , Sou Ii atl.el st. All any. Ha iin c: lluwh-y, 2IU Sucr .-t. my, Generul Agent- for .lie t'i'e of Ni-w l or''. .Mt.iittirr tiKii-i i;-. ror.-nlo by Win. Rholes and I'. II. Green. Rich mond) Alorli'n & Clark, mil i. it 1). S. L-uhrop, Williston , llugnr c. Conistock, Slid' urn j II. S:n iron, ll-'i-x s Geo. II. Uaku-, and Allen Ihrncy, Jirichoj J. u. n.irliiut, vo-'lunl; .1. II. Itarin.", l. har!Mtie; Ii. Moouy nnd Geo. I'eter-on, Hurling'i n ; mid ly E. IIUKi'GS, Il.trlitiif ton, A gem for Ihit-eiuleu llo., tt lieru ,ii.-Ageni.s can it- siipput-.i at wii)iesa;u pnci-s. Till I'Oiri'AVT Tt) tlDTJU-.l!-, ,i .OIfVf" J. l-'iLLVlil''.S. -Docts. Rkyn i.os &'tKi-i-.t'.s cilehraUd PILLS, or HEALTH RESTORATU E for complaints ieciili.irdy lii'tident l-i thu Female Sex. ims article is now nrouglit lieloiu the public, under sanction of liio stroiuest lostiminy, from those who have alike used it. und also witnessed ils iinciiualhd powers, in tho removal of Female obstructions of thu most aggravated nnd dispeiate character. These testimonials nru not brought fioni the imiorant nud illiterate but from PhtMieiaus and other Scientific rsops, who have tjst-.-il Us rritat viitiies, and now rccummuid it m their piaetice and h nd hut the sanc tion of their nanus. It is not intended ns many medi cines generally nto for all thu varieties of disease, which it is lliulot to siidcr under, lint it is int. udul, simply for onu class of complaints, and th is" only re lating' to one sex. Thesi being of rather a delicate na ture, there, would tio more lhm an ordinary degree of diirideiiec iu cuming with this article before tho public were it nut tie; fact that thou-mud-i aro continually pas ling from thu stage of action, victims to disease, which inn medicine lias neitr tailed to prevent or cure. MulIi has been the provision of Nature, tl i ut nearly nil the complaints oi Females ate conducted in some dogrco, with the habits allied to their s.-.w And mauv can bear witness, tihcte a niero cold at a nar- iwular staae, litis produced cheeks, that the hand ot 'Sciencoand Skill, never has bicn nblo lo dispel or uMuvi'itc. At first, the irreuulnrity ami supprc.sion of tuc natural iiniiita produces no tery alarming hynip loins, and is treated ironetallv with nrulcct. And pn per attention is procrasii-ntcil until the hollow rye. s'lltow complexion and bodily deh.hty indicate, tint either rat-id consumption, or some other fnttl diseiso lias fitslened its resistless inp on the sufllrer wit'.'li s on tvrminites existence, liy a liti'.'eiing out certsin iL-ath. For comphiints iiievitubly productive of such results this invaluable medicine is now bruuaht hr fore the public. It intariably removes obstructions and regulates n loo prutusa iiii-iistrurat.oii, and cures hy its uncijunJIid qualities, all tho variety of demure mcnt counccK d with the Female habit. Tliyeiiiuunt md di.tmi.'Ui.slied Duet. J. rd-irrisjn. who Ins prac tised medicine at Oneida, X. York, with the most sig nal slices for '.'0 years, says "It is the best medicine now in use. m cases ol retention, or supression ol tlio .uensos, i think it will sustain the appclalion ol a specinc. 1 have tried It in Ihe worst cases with mot iilminlile snoces, and I tih for the L'oo.l ol ?utu-rmu eitnles, that all phvs.ei-ius would introduce it in their practice, as I hate found it nnstvris beyond inv most s'limuiiiu expectations." In its etlbcl it is 'kind may bo taken without the bast inconvenience, as it ij not cathartic, hut tome nnd aperient. For ample nar ticuhrs respectitis ils eflieiency. ceitificates of l'ysi- cianswho Invu wiincsscd its rliects, and of otht-is, ttho have been most sianallv bem-fiU'd and re-torcd iv its tirtttes reference is now olL-rcd to tho nam pti'cts accompanying the medicine, nnd lo the more particular evidences, in ihe hands ol tho subscriber, fjole Agent for iho .New l-.mhuul Mstes. EDWARD BRIXLEV, Wholesale Dealer in Drill's, Medicines, Pa-iti nnd Uye btult.1, .No. J ec t south side old l uueuil llidl ""lONiSUMPTIOX ,' No ticrson cm have an ado- J ouato idea of the astoiuslun;' relief which Dr, Ucifu a Asthmatic or Consumptive Pills site, in Con- imution, Cou"h, Colds, Asthma, dil.irultv ot breath- mit, Wheeins, tightness of tlio ('liest, Pain in the sale, nut, nir oi blood, ite. .V isir tual only is neee-satv .1 ciintiiiec persoiH HiitlL-iiii" from the-.-coniplhnils Hist tun is one 0! llie most tamable midicmrs yet dis covered anil this is thu testimony of nlieted untie tits. Casxs. A Meiitlem in, of thu 111 iL'hboi hood, recently )berved to the prunrktur, that ho believed these pills had kept In 1 11 alive for llie last two veais. M.inv others nit e similar testimony. A It tier states "the .tsiiimalie nils I'lvesucii !ttomsiimg ten 1 111 case 01 Cough, Common Colds, as 110 one can bidieic, unless they make the tual." Important t -Mmioiiv, " 1 Here iris ueen, ( writes an urseni) an uiinsuni cnu ibis winter fur Ri ifo's Aihiiatie Pills. Aiiplicants pr.-inoim-o itieiii a vniuaiuc nr-di-'ine, an.l snv met eaiinot lindasiib-titiitc. A voiuur l.adv Was thn yi-ii allhcted wuh a violent eouph, paui in liie stile, spittinu of blood, and dsluibcil rest nt iiudit and ttas ii-stornl to peili ct lieallh bv taking lii bov s. A cat? of Asthma Of thirty years -tatidinc, wa e iired bv llii e P.IK A Geotli man Who bad hivn for v urs ntlbetcd with a tin! -ut euiuh. difllcultv of breathing, iVe. was cured by these intnhrblc Pdis. All Agent wuh ? "Vour Relfe s Asthmatic Pills,' gam ciedtt" A PhvM Tin w t. s. After nil oilier luediiiii' s have f-iihd to civc rthtf in consump- tiun cuscs, I have l.iuiid the 'Itilfos Astllninti'- Pills must evellent !' Ettra-t -"Scvo-al pcsuiis ailbi-tcd with hmgco-iipl.'iiiils, in tnrious stages f the d rnse. alter trying every t'liugi Isr-, Inv u-mI these Pill ith tno most nappy succi-s. .t iiemntKaiiio i.ns". ,t Inly who wis 'gi en over as past recovery, and her death daily expi etcil, wasraisid from what was ex- eel'-d would ho her di ut'i n. d, nr.d l'oin tue noniers of the g'nvc. by these Pills and declnnd her v.i-li tint she could proclaim to the worth of tips invalua ble mulieiiio. Such nrn the tulttable pnipe'li.s of thene Pills in Couglp, C'dds, Astlnna. Dilliculties of ItreathinL', Hoars lies, Wheezing Spittm? of Hlood and cotnpinims of the Lim? generally, tbit numrrmts pi rsms relievo from llioso cntiiplnints, pronounce this tho best medicine ihey ever met iv ith. Common colds removed in n few hours. PiircSl for whole boxes of 30 PilN, nnd 50 cents fir half Itoxes of l'i PilN. k'. Prepared by T. KIDDER, solo piopriutor and successor lo Dr. Conway nnd may bo had at his counting room, fO Court-st. up Mnir. near Concert Hall, Ho-lon, nnd nl-o of J. &- J. II. PECK, itc CO. lturlinsrtou, Vermont, Xono genuine, unless signed T. Kitmrn on the outside ptinton wrapper. Lnrfc ili'rount todealeis. LOTI'N. LUTIOV. I It. EVANS- IIEAI'I I FVIN'G LOTION. Ilubly e-iis-uif I fur eurmr all l'rupiions Coar-fni's-, licdiicss anl Pitnides ru the I'afi-N'e.-k or Innb, and f 'fctually clcnuiiig "le coni'ilf xion, an.l removing all di-ea-o of the t-l-iit'- Nothing contribute m much to ntir icncnil ync f- in lib-, a nn engaging tir-l a ipeiran e. Tlii Lotion i-.'iiliiiiiil n nio-i fragrant, mild, safe wah and great ly e-teenied for it- virluc- in fleaii-ing, -of filing, au I ptirifvmglhc skin rf nil eruption-, so Injurious 10 fo inalf I fault', and i'--toring it tn a high degree r.i p 1- rity. A I caulif il cr.lnpli-.Mini is the pri.lo of nil ttho nosse-s 11, alio nif envy 01 1110 i- no 11 ro ui-jirn im ui ii, What i- son 'eetmgto'u leautilid who-e fan natun- lndi.-lat'f I her power, a-to find hcrcomrlcx- ton discoloured with di-gu-lin' pimple.-, which mar her i lmHu I A good iti.cnr ' n -e ' me 1 e-t reconi- men laiion : an I a- die Itcauurvnisr I .out n peril. e- the sir. nt, nu I icuiot f . a'! Pinip'r', HI"' -m-, I an, s ni! rn hii I I'i- fun-, nn l pro'ticc-a N an if 1 1, c, 11 1- ihe 1 nly fCi'iui-ti.' a la-!y iboiil ! use at her toi.c. lirn'ieiueii will ill! nl-o lin t 'hi- n iV'htf I rcuie"y, to ic'iii'vc a I Runeli'iiH-, 1 iniptf , li.ii-.i ' lull, Mot, Ke'iie-, Surciif-s of lliofii 0 and no f, irt I every I- in I of er ; Hi nun ihi'MUl'a r oflbe btnnun holy. It 1. pam-it-Inrlt re -omiiicn V I toren li-nicii to If ii-cl afer .'ha ving, a it Will preteiu Ihe o'he rwi ecer-aine f I ol all ci ininou oa 1. iu liiimug the icarl pien-iii-rc v gr.-v. For 'ale Whu'e-oh- uu I n-.t.l I y A. HITCH' Ci)( K fi I V., N -. 1 17 (ii-iH-iv sirii", l''ica. In Itur lingiii'i, by J. iV. J. II. Peck it Co, In Vcrgonues, by .1,11, It.iwm.ii. LiMi'.tuu, by lliiriilt iV Sauy.-r. In Geoigls, by L nenjo Janes. hul-'-'O IV'LUs, WtiJtlf.-'.-Dn. M. IIitc ? f 11 iinriwil'ed nn l riif-i lallitl WORM Tl A, 11 nivcrcg'i icmcty brtt fini-. Grange mil iii-reli-Ilo are llie e ivl ol ihe i ilfc-.n1 .11 e-niuii few person , nn I p is tbougbt iicne are fire from thorn, pur- I ilnilv nn-1 i-lnl.lrfn M.,..i r on -'U thro-iRh n di'iies'iug co -r e ( f irt-dicine wi houl a , 1 i-uctd, w vhon they inii-hi le rciietel 'y u-nig llie Wi r n Tea. This intii u p 'f mc Ii mc ha I ecu te tf I by 1 bo Cx.ifrtonep of nmre 'Inn ten rur. "f, mil ndnnuis'i reil lo more ihm Itl.tltld pcr-ou- of inriuts a.rc , an I not one soldnrv complain' : on '(.f-'irrniy bun Ui I. h ive ralti-d, and im obeue I, ir ven iheir de ei !.vl i.ri-fi-....iu ii in f. sficr trving die di erent nni.- u- n ni In in ihu nriiiifdihrf -ii- n ha- il ever l.ii'ed. H. H. Ak for Pr. M. lire li O''1 ' w ( r.n 'I r. t, a- Unit nroinnni- 1111 ill road I .p 1 !m' i'- r 1 -iff w- rm Purnik- whi !e u'e and re'u I 1 y A. lli'l'Cilt l- K A ( (,., 1 o!i' pr. ,r.c.ors,U7e.,,; .0 X .u ,m ..lo'ctiri rie'cr. 117 lie.if 10 'in1, iiu.i, ii'P .pe'rnn..' I,r r',. it llie I nmu In Hurlm(on, .1 J II Perk & Co In Vuronp-s, by J H - ' ly nif by . W.r&Sl"' T ()(! CAIJLN ANECLO-fl S and ,1m .rated inci , .' V.1 Wm. II. HA t,.v f..r me in ine duo s-oio June 'j I), A, Uif.V.MA.V XJ 7 ().(()) MH Of r VVSL-MI-TlfiV . ... Ihel'uitf IS u-e , mi liu Ikon - mi er feotn inul li-omu co li- an leolds, tha' inu In nirii I I y Dr. M. II, rh foe'.V t e-re u' Iu Virg n ('reniii Co -e'li Drop., n ,nfu ineil-enl prescription, coutuuig mi poisonous ilr g ,unl ii e.l in uu ex en lve ptn-iej f-ir M-virul tear.- will moa po-ilivelv n ord ie:Kf, mid -live yon from that nwfil disfiicf, pnlinoiiiirvi-ou.i.iiip-ion, iwjudy sweefp- iuiriihi. grave h ninn-d-(-r,,u youinr, ilieo't', the filr, llie lovely ni-d t!,t. vny, ,lu, vo , n ,., , 0- day ! o-ioorroti may le o , l,i ,-. Ifnvo vni a 1- U.'hl Ilr. Here -o!-'- t-jr-f a' If Vi,iiC.m i i. (Voti' i- llu-only reii.cly tuu lumM in ... it. lu y,;,, or uu-iiiiiii.' rea on. niai ill lloOiit-i liu 'ba-i-nnd a-e- where ii ha- I f it ii I ha- u imli-d o, ,,.i.,v, Pri- o 75- eu'- in-r I ot'le. F. r ale, nle It- nic and Ho tail, I y A. Ill 'If lit (j"K ' 0. N. 1 17 aZ, si., t'n -a, N. V. And I y iheir uiri-tr-1 1, , , ft,, mi ih-j t'' St 1 1-. In I'.ui liriai 011, l y J. & J. H. lWk c Co. In Vergciilies, by J. H. Potvintm, Li Mdtuu, bv Unmet L. S iwyei. In Gjoniia. by Lorcpzo Jui.r s, siiEioiAA's ct.Ufiii i.tii: i: Neil:.. ARE Ihe 'life 1, mo-t .-me an I e tv , il remedy fi.r t'oucli ,d l.l-.Ci ns imii'iiin-. wliM iuiij ( ., -i,. Athin,i, Tiirh nc . of the Lout's orclie i, i. . 'I he liri.prit- or has I nowu tin 111 -au 1: they did not irivf perli:ct -iri lifjiion, Seveml h 1 nil 1 1 oe 11 in- 1 1 cu .old uu Inu ine i.i-t ituct m 11 Iu re-loriue In hfii' h, tii-i 011s m alliu t 1 u-ry ,t.i.-e 1 eonumpti-ui, nml ihu e ial (-1 ins mii'i r -l.e lie- t ui--tro-Mir.' i-old nn I ci null . 'I hey do nut clink nnl Irt" up ihe fi ish. but ifit'er it i-a-y, proino-u rv ,c - loriition, iill.iy the ti.'' Iiiil" or irn a i- u, anl tin) proxuna-e or t-x-'i ing ran e. They are li.alu horn a com' million ol iho moi vnlun' le expei u ra 1!, orcoutfh 11 fdicini.--, aul itre 1111 !o 1! 'itl.y sii'-'or to every thing 111 nn- fur thu e complaint-. II ui 'reJ upon hundreds of ci r'ili--a-e- hnie 1 1 en oficicl of ihe r womlcrful virtue-, from tlcau ttlmhato I etn 'rnu.1 I10111 nil iin.iine'y iriate, mil re to pole, t heal.h I y ti-iinr llicm. l.'u. 1:. One h.zcue- 1 a do.i fur an a'lult, au I n.ay I e if -e;i'i- l Ir-.m thu-o tu us l.tuus n dav. 11. n-i itiu I. C lu,Vri"i. oialu n-ars t t-nr ed I, half of i-iic: I'.- r year-a ipiar ei', and -o 111 pr lurliou, t i-ry -ina'l 1 h hlrcn or nd.iiit will ta'.e il.i-i.i e-t di soltf l iu a litlle w.rer. .Sn Id ihey a--t anu t-inetie, or prod 'eo na '-i n, ihe do o or l 1 "c le eneJ to it the -loina 11 win 1 ear. ila'l 1 1 nut- wi . gen erally I e .siil'icienl to in' e I el'oro Irea'f.i t, ti tho stomach i liicn more ei ily ems'. N'u ill u!b"U can iiri-f fruin au overdo e, a 1 it will ca -m- the ml- iii.u-Ii lo ie,ivt i" i uu lithh i .-uh ml a p'l-i aid ien,a tiou, will I ij f 1111 1 to Kite rcl tf. Where iheru u muih tiniti in the I na t i-r side, one f .sheruuin'.s 1 our'- Pia-H-r- -Icj I I I e a ..ilieil tut-r thu part, :ind worn till lelieve I. ll'.Vien !e I wi h eoMivenu- . 11 few eadianie or l.ix i ive Li zcn-n-., or any in, 1. 1 t-tliarti.- ine.hcine, lu 11. 1 I e 11 i-ln oc.-a loii reu ura. Sild at ihe nru-y Store, Iv I'ANUbUllN Ji URINS.MAID, Jettede'r., U-.i luiir.on, Vt. SIIEltMA'ls H'Oini I.OUNGES arett. irru.ue-l di-coteryever in.i.If. furdia: e bn.' i!ie v.i- rio i kind-of worm ' luat so lVci colly und th in-.-s- .-iniriy annoy 1 0111 enu iien un.i a lull . 1 ln-y are an inl'id'il le re'iuvly, and -o p'e.i tmt to the la te children will la e th-m a n a lily a - a mini 11 pe.i- pfrniiut K.Ziii'.'f. .may ill ca e. ari-e fruin worm--, without in I env.' suspect-. I. Soinc'in-f a very in-ul le- nine eoiiirh, inui in llie joiiii or Inu! , I lee fin" a; the no- e, (ic. are u.'c.i-iuned ly worm-, and can la e.i nye re 1 I y llu -ct-le' ta'e I ine hcuif. 'I lit f II-liv ing symptoms, in item- lue pre-eiu-e ol worm , vn: bead.i -be, veri.i'", turpi r, di tur't-d dicam-, Mit-p I ro'.i-n oil" I y fn-hl au I, ooiivul-ion-, fe-veri-huiss, thir.t, pallid li ,e, I a I la-tu m the inoidh, o 'fn-ive bre-uli, en n'h, d tPicilt I reathni'-', itclun? ntlho iiO'f, paui m the stomach, na S'-n,-i etun lines-, vura -ity, lenii ue-s, 'ene.inu-, 1 c'.i.m: T 'he anus toward- nt-rid, an I at Icnztlt, de e.-'u 11- and lilm- anl imicu'. One i- n do-e fir 11 flu' I ttio year. 1 1 ! 'wo for one lour year, old lute fur i-i -dii u-ar.-, und tits fur au a lull, and .hti ild I e riyc.i el every iik rum?, or avert' oilier Murium! uuld ri-ln-Vf.'. irrp --'-Id at the h.ic'v :ore I y PANGr.OUN ii liRINSMAll), Je mile., Ii .r'ui.'tun, Vt. AT ATUH1VS GRAND RE IORAT1VE. 'lhi vu'ualle'le M Mi-ucme tan mir'vnl.'ui for the ful low. lie i-i.i!iil,i'ui-, v : Py-pe-i-.a, ur Indi-ge-tinu,dtc.i e 1, l.ihuu-di i r "ei-, I'rnp y, A-lh- ma, Uo-tivciie-s, tt nn and io- 1 1 Anpei-if. and I y cleau-ing the sloina- h an.l 1 owe!.-, cure- paui 111 tho side, toin.ii h and I reat, cold- and cuuih of long standing, Il'i-ir-t-ne-, -hor ne of lic.i'h, Nervuui complaint, etc., wh e!i arefre.pir-n'ly the e i"-t of di ea.e. For Feternnd Ag- e, i' i.a 1110 .1 vj'u i" 'e do tvuiativo a-weil a- a -on-reign ii-mc ly. It v-rr 04 -urpa-- liny thing lieretid'uri' I nuwii in" removing S.. Vitus' Daiicf, 'wo l-r-t-'c- h.ive I ten known to e ira tins'iigih-ease, nf or having I a tile 1 every exer tion torfuur jfur-. It In-.1 mo-t powerful ii'-lb oucn iu it-inoviiig i'ifrvo'ici'inpla ut-. li i-.!ea-a'il 11 tal e rilid -m-Hsy in 1' opt ra'ion, ilia! it may I i-a lin nistcied 10 ihe infant wi.h nleiy. " be n' uiu'.Mu In 1 i 1 1 n-ry h'ghly rf.'ninnicn 'cl 'l v in my e.i.ii'u geii'lejien, and Inre ti'Un' t-r of la-he-,' who line urote I the virtue, of ine Mi?hi"ne 1 y per-011.1l 1 van I thai of heir f.iimlie-. A bill i-f'-i-rnli'f 1 acci m unie, ca h I c 'tle, with dirc-tum. It liny I e h 1 1 whu'e-au; r r re-ad tf S. Hriiaiu, Pane, uu I J. C. i-'un iui, l a t tV,' ,nn. town, Vt. sn!e propr.e'i r . Pre inrc.l I'rum tin- 1 j n al re'-ipi-; fnr-ii't- I y 1!. II. Pieii i..-, Mi n'-iel er, mil J. A J. H. Pr.CK A, Cu, I! .r uig - 11, and in -l.e prm-i-pal town- in the -'ale; all dire.-tiuii ti.'inJ in Ihe lianlwri'tng of'i r. icltf Siir.RMAN'-ss rooit ?iA?.""r jlvt:r. 'I he 1 1- t .-liengibcniiig i-l.i u-r mbe-.v- r I, .11 1 n -overt-tgn re mi-ly f r pa-n 1 r wea .iu-- 111 the I a ', loui-, -lf, Ire it, ne ' , bin'-,'s, rlieinm i-in, I uu' ago, c-'. . On-m 'Ii-mi a p-jr -v!! n - iply llie l.-lii lu-l. 'I hey re -lie a Imle'w inning . e.c re au pile rum. Wu-iaii iM -iper- r to ,i'l ir lu-r-, a , I fur one 1 tar'cr the - ml -ir- v, mn .in." in" unu .he c t. Put Uu- elii-a-ie-l t.'a-'i-r 111 'lie wur' 1. 11 a or 1 ri t-i in a few hoir-, nn.l m 1' t--n-n ni-lrng e in s. In' ver inplaui- iuildj-e,i ia. r - hr ibl If worn over M10 g'un of -he li.'er or -iuina.-h, au I r wll a I c" 'it and il -oni-iiing re'a f. Ill cu cdi ,cul I , a-ihica, i'i- y of ' rei'liing, o;i-ire--ion ut -he cue t or -t 'uia- h, they ill i-n-iii- "is-clv -ou'lt, an I sica If I1-1.1 '! u patien'. Peron-rf i''-n ar, h 1' it-, or 'ho e 1 ugu-l to -tan I m 11 h, ill ic -e vf dfi 'e I .-minor-, b' mi mm ofil.f eir ly. 'ii ng'lienuig o'a-'i r . Plu'i-.i grii fr.illi rei-uninifii I ihiu.i. iu jire fri-uce 'u all " '' -.-t-cnu-i- ll-i-y -tic or alhe'f'c cr uula ur!g"-rr 1 el iff. In their norm n ihey are .lim dan , t. 11 , uml nn'slyue, 'I hey are - ouipu-e I i feii'lre'v 1'. erent ingH-henls fron any o hers nu t kn-iv.-n from 'ii'C iierifii f of imlliunsjiiliu I, inv i clihciu, a- tte'l ni the iuiiii-1 te ii'i'.onv, 1 fall llie ct-'u' I anl -'i-i'ii. g he I i-lery nu-i phv-icKiii-, to 'f the nu- t ef 1 and h'srhlv im-di-'atf I pi i-'i r, c ver inveu'i-l ur o ere 1 in the pil' 'ic. Sctcrnl pcisuii have cilU-d a- ihe wam hoi-c to i-xpre-s iheir r.u'i e anl thin' s a" 'ha n'mo-t m ra'ilo" i" nn Oie-c p'a-'cr- hnt'f e c c ". Uneman who a I I ecu -0 a '-i el wuh he .en 1 in, aole uu I'll- lo dre- li-m ill" wi hu't .1- 1 "in e, wa'fna' le I af er win-ng i nc, 0 i'v one u-.,-!ii i g'-t up nloiiu i-i llie, p d on In li'tl.i- nul I at o ir u'liie wuh eye-I caniiiig w 1 h im an I In ' 1. pouring fortli 'hi"i!a hie--of hi-hear', al lie 11 ten and signal re'ief l.e h.i I n-'f tf' fn-m tl.i!e-i .f h reliie I'C". Ak f'-r Dr. Sherman'. Poor Man'- V a 'er. It i so i-alh-1, I tva-i-e the '-ri 't- p'a e- 1' tn -l.e i wur ofnll to purcli i e. I em r only I Jt "-. S-M a' I vj- r.'o'y store I y PA.NGIiORN .V PIIIN'-M ft). , II rln Vf. lVi:w cull'll. (;;-.o(;. vl'iiv 1.1 ATLAS WITH OtTl.lM: MAPS I y S. 'tf.'-s Ti's MiTCttri 1.. 'I'lie autlu r o' ibc n'otcw - - . it I ifii pr .fl uiiiat'v devote I " 1 1 10 'c en e of I- i-il llu puMi-lung of Map-, d ruig mi-iy yenr 1 I ! furiuer production , e pi- -i.i"'t h'- Map of '!" V I for Aeai!enik-s, I car nm-i'e le uniunony 1 1' I - a' in danl rfi -rces, ii uui tvhi' h hi ha so b t r 1 'v dn vp, in producing thea" ove " boul wi-r'... The f ' i ng f'r icl ofihe Gi 'y nn I V'a-, 1 fnun n if nt r" -' -nu nl.ition of llie Tea li.r- in 'tie ci'V iif Neiy ' r' . "Hr'ir ini-rit-nn-n .nieruu -- be dt-iiniiion icim a! 'v plain audconei-f. 'I hefu'nu'f- urefuu - .- 11 r I ineiurlnui, and 'b-idci-r'ti'ivc 1- l-umnvi- I . The divisions of llu- A men. -an coiiiiik-iii, a;o ic f fil'f I sn 1 ile.-cn' fd as they ieully exi- ai H:c 1 ,-c M lime. And tin' gro mi.-ia'cnicnts genci-r y f. h-i I in sc.iuol gei.rnphii .- are corre tt-1. TI.e ivpojr. Mi oil execution is nn rotnuinn'y neat nnd di-tui'", in ii c-l thf a'las . a moid of ihe I md, an I neiun'lv ici.ns wuh infrrmvion." The oit!in Maps aie pi "il ' Y I'ab'nln'e I ui e ier -i e 'he -'ii Vnt ia h ''it '''. " M'1 till up at In- le, nire. F. r a'e v C. GOOI li t I'. o"r,ARIi MOVVaTu), f ibf t lieapfih -i , O. iunif.l home fri in New V r- lu-l filling ' the s'.'i-udid tuiner l-i el-nl", D. Lyon -i, '. I I roi'ght wuh lu'ii an a Mi -una' s ip'-lv t;o ' I t ' U wi'h lis U'u li nn--r pi r h" 1 f iin-n-.i 1 n 1 a -, ihe-i.sorliiiCiii h!u .flier one ufilu- n'"-l ' a - ' sfhs-t Ircm 1 f any ll.t' be I" " I eix-l'-l-'-e ha I ' r ' . la-l ,-ii-ii fi n tear'-, and 1 rl lln- Mh' mg !"' ' . v 7. : neb, f.i hiunnMe, f-mcy nnd sic;!e arlK-lf - .l.-paitini-it ofi'.i Pryi-iis'l.i'c, -eh tt- Pr- a I,., C.i nmu.-. V.-iiir--, Mm cl'iif i'f liimi' , t 1 , . II, ,.,lnio . C.l lis f . I. UU tl-. Mll.'bns, lav 1 iidliV, t.m: r.-f f- e-, II- u-ry G'. tf , F.-u , I I ii-l'fl-, P.ira oil, eic, wi h n I 'I! ' P!" Y " " rc"'n n1 Srnw i.iiuiftf, nii-l iMii'eu.iry noun-, nio. 1 r peiitic-, Ma: m-rt, P.ipi-r Iboii' lig-, Slu n 1 L lojcihcr wi'h all the l-iaiy -'i-enp-iou- I ' mc anl odicr good-, m"''i tl- Slice uig-, tare, li r'a Vt'm-I 'IV .'if, ff. 'I l-e 'ro.-' eiy, lam', ns ( 1'. . an I Chun Gillii-y isaboie li-iii-hiMi ibe Cu'icij,'itf 1 .niishingdc, iir'men: I- 11, n.- 'ur ne n Willi llieo'licr --m-I;s op ban I, 'lu i if- e y 1 f fancy if, ttcc, nidi n To, Jfitrlry, C-ml-s, C- r!-, Cun'i -lioiiary, e-c. elf , hu h llll. nt- Ii -r lre l fi e' of ' v i-.Tfin It n'fi i n hi eoiir.-i-r is itinunieral Ic. 'I t Dome and pi'-i rov'jlUrv is lei it.'f .l!y arinn-f 1 f r the display of 1 luo I- en u-r a n mr lu-'lii, an I id 11 i' c larv-f mpplt of'."tu-r r Ih'n If Gru'-i r.o. 1 11 I U tbeSin of (,.1'e, Jio-he-ter titv M.ll F'onr, 11 e hi. Gmnd P.irtar fliiapca I" '0"'c, nn- ufilu- rr.o-t l isci na iiigile.irn' Ic nnl i-i.nvfii.cni fiun. tole fun1 l.t-J from t.u'li nil mt I fvi-ry I. in I cf nr nlfs thnt mat- I o wisl'Cd fi I', or ,i oWl Ut fur iiiii'oi incut and gra n.- 1 iiuii,( r will a ."file 10 '.mvi y tl moi p'ra-m? 11. ic l.'fii -f if frcn : ,f he ce '.vhrro e-cry n" -In . -bci , lay 'dcsir.' . r uo , c: w n, ;. a pi ,,, e . K "i" ""! ' ' " ' ; 1 n. I 10 c (i...f.;r", or np, lv-n.' nf j . ry w ,.rs, may , mvl u'l .Ne," W '" f';. " 'HOWARDS lW'n,V,,,uoU liCx

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