Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, August 14, 1840, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated August 14, 1840 Page 1
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NOT THE GLORY O T CJBSAR, BUT TUB WBLFARB OF HOME. BY H. B. STAOV. MRLINGTON, VEltMONT, FRIDAY, AUGUST 14,1840. VOL. XIV....N0. 10. WI3W KKttliANI COIUH SYjttUl, 27i rijiutation of which hn now ttconu established as tilt most fafe and efficacious temedi tier discovered for WIIOOI'INU cocgii, simttinu ov MI.OOIJ, AND AM. AITEUTIONS or tiii: nwt.s. I'RKPARKD ONLY HY T1IK SOI.K PHOPKIKTOI DANIEL OOPDAUn, No. 8 Gold St. ' NEW-YORK. In presenting tills useful remedy to the public , llio Try. prictor la nwlurl?.ed by a Plialclnn, from 11 I10111 tfio Hcclpo wna confidentially obtained, to male, that Ito has used It himself, and In his extensile tirtictleo In Pulmonary RlTce. tions, with astonishing effect. Tho happy couibinntlonol icrcihoic suusianccn, 01 wntcn u H entirely composed, are peculiarly adapted to diseases uf the Lungs, Liver, and Stomach. This medicine has been Used very extensively, and tho proprietor has not known a single instance In which It has failed In giving roller In discuses fur which It Is recommend ed) even In cases appionchlng to consumption, attended uilh bleeding at the Lungs, and wlicie all other remedies had failed, the most decided and llattcrlng success has attended Its use. Common colds, which are generally the effect of obstructed perspiration, will )ield toils iiilluenee In a few hours ; when ucd in ntthtna, hoarseness, wheez ing, and shortness of breath, it gives Immediate relief, pro. curing tranquil rest and sleep. In tthnoplur; rough it is without a rival. It opeialcs with gentle expectoration, and may bo given to Infants with perfect safety. J he genuine New Ihigland Cough Syrup will be en eioped In a bill of directions, inclosed In an engraved wrapper, bearing on It the signature of the proprietor In his own hand writing. The bcttlc will be 6ealed and stamped cm the cork ' New England Cough Syrup.' A few ofthc many certificates in favor ofthls Syrup which ore In possession ol the Proprietor, ulc added for the perusal of those who may be troubled with similar complaints. Messrs. Moffat, I'lummtr i- Co. Gentlemen After hating tried, by the recommendation of my friends, almost cii'iy medicine fur a cough, without the least relief, I had recourse to your New England Cough Syrup, and am enabled to say, with much thankful, ness, that It lias cured me of one ofthe most obstinate coughs 1 ever knew, and shall feel It to be udutyto recommend it to every one whom I find in need of so valuable a medi cine. Yours rcspecifullv, Iloston, Xoc. 20, 1S33. JfJll.V P. STEVENS. I have the satisfaction nnd pleasure of Informing you that the bottle of New Engliind Cough S; 1 .ip, which I pro cured of) mi mi theliid of Apnl, has rntircly relievul mo troui a very aevcre cough whit li had olllicted me for a sboit time past. After using a variety of medicine, and finding no permanent relief, I was Induced by the advice, of lny Irlends, to try your Syi up. The result I have ah cady stated, it succeeded bejond my mperlatlun; and I cheerfully recommend ltnsn very valuable medicine for all those who luav be allltcted Willi similar complaint". Yours respectfully, CIIAULES KUGGLES. Huston, Ma; 1, lsJ3. It gucs me great plcasuru to be able to add my testimony in favor of your New England Cough Syrup, two bottle's of which having entirely cured my cough, which was so eeveiethat my physician advised tneto spend the coming winter iua southern climate, but the foituuate use of the Syrup will pieclude the necessity. Yours, fcc. JOSEPH EUAJ1LEE Hostan, Frpttmbcr I, 1ST. 'I he Proprietor would add, that he I constantly receiving numerous testimonials ol the value and eliicacy of this remedy. The above article Is sold wholesale In A'eic Yoik, liy tlie Propiictor and all the druignts. by Henshaw &. Ward, .Mayiund & Philadelphia, by If aac Thompson, J. Si .1. V, Smith, C. V. Carpenter, and A. Fullerton, jr. Valtimore, bv It. II. Coleman Si Cu., Whilaker at JJ.irtol, and O. is N. Poppl-dti, jr. Cincinnati', Ohio, by filaseoe i. Ilaiiisou, and A lieu, Si Co l'illshurqh, Venn., by James Sclioouuuker d Co Knr O. lrans. by Nathan Janh. tlliaifj, X. 1'., by Sands i. Sliaw. thmtitat, I.. C, by Ceo. Dent. Halifax, A'. S by II C. I'riedham. tit. Johns, .V. Jl., by U (). Smith. And sold wholesale hv the druggists and apothecailei cnerally throughout the United States 7i.UAHLH IMM)K.lIATI()N.-77if In dian VtS'tnble Pills nie certain ruie lui disease in iliowiv v.inennf foiiu, Ih-imii-i- llicy tho tfiughl) rlp.iiige the s'Uiuaeli and IjoiveU, intluce a pro. pci di-n ll iw lij llio huu-, Uni iind kuluc), nnd Mi mill. ito the litond In pin ifv ilKi'll. In niliei vviniN ilnv open all I lt 11.1111r.1l rfi in-, unci leave naiuri; the tlrand Physician) mu 10 time tlurnsi; Iroiu the IjoiIv. The itliuve outlets, or chains o i lit common sewers of the lmd, lhriuih which .ill uiuiliiil and tin rtipl honi'im (die rau-c ol disease) me ran ird nlf ; anil ro long as ihey nie all t.epi open, and diri'liaitic freed) llvdr alloiietl portinns uriinpiii in, the Inuly will run. tunic in he.ilih : bu w li'Mi fioni eannj' iiiipiopt'i loutl, lireaihiut; inipuic air, Fiidden liaii-inoiH lioin licit m cold, met exhaustion or anj uilier rpu-e1, the IiovvcIh lirrnme roslive, die iioir ol llie rin lieruuic eloti d, or tlie kiilnC)S fail t" perform iheii fuuriimis pinpeilt. the impurities Hindi slioulil Ira diaintil lioin tlie limit t)j iln-fC mil lets ti ill he retained, mid continue lo an cumulate until lire bod) hemmies liteinll) loaded uilli disase. Ifilie channel of our m 'ftltn i ncis fliuuld become blockitl up, unnld not llio aim inu'aii'd wale find new mulcts, or lite country become iiiiiinl.ucl Juslfo with the humai hntty ; ifihe n.iiin nl diaiiis be come closed, ihc slagnanl and corrupt Inimois will fin vent in the t hi ions foiins ofilea-o snrli us Tevei, Small I'nx, .Measles, lkhenin.ilim, (Join, Apoplexy, He, or Dcatti will (Mi l our sulli'iiii's I lieieh when sickness ai t tie stniniich, pain in dip bad; hik! ride, ipne k pulse, Inn mng rkiu, 01 an) o her uuph'.i symptunis, indicant thai one or nimu of the na. lural drains are not di barging fieely, "ml the ennsli. lution is about to t'uiunience a snuggle lor tin1 reHoru lion of health, no Hum should be lost in udininisiprinu n lev brisk dosei id I lie Indian ruignmo (Indian I e attubh Pillt.) By so duinu, all i lie luiirnoin .if the body will be irslnrril 10 ortlcr, mil the foul humors (the ratise of every in fi tin it ion or pain ue cutTer) will bcrrinoied in ro e.i-y and na'ural a manner, that llio bodv will be rrslotid u if hv a eharin. The abuve I'llls may be taken at AM. limes and under AM. eil cuiii'lances, with peifert sifeiv, Thev mil all com nuimsiiiid all ages, nnd ill em die hum in riitislituiiiin as food : roneirpienily ilie eau ntner injure even the most rlehruti!, Lihe our looil, iliev sue iligerlililc iheicfoie ihey enter into iho circnl.ilion anil I an energy in Hie liumii, w mi 11 enables n to llnw vv nil li ec dom iin ii c in I lie extremities unit cuiuriMieullv lo k the pnirs of llie fkin open. 'I'liey aie iruc anil pel feci punfieis of the blood : because ihey drain all rntrupl humors lioin Hiat lite giving llniii. I ney initial alrrnglb and rigor lo lite whale system, and their T feels are always beneficial ; lier,ino Ihey only remtiti1 those litiuiors uliu h arc npnoreii lo liealili. I hey and imnruie digrsiinn, and sound sleep follows ilieir use: beraute iliey rleauie tlie stmnarh and bowels uf tboai slimy humour which not only iiiitaic undcviie the neivons ysteni, nut p.naiyzs annweahen iim.mii ceslive organs. In shun Iliev poses nil lln-v eon can be claimed for any in'jilieine : and vvhnl his veiy leinark.ible, il is uiieuiy imio,ili use them vviihnui benefit, .More than twelve tliom tirrrons ran be refeind In, who have been ruied n( comnliiiiilsappaienilyiif die mn,i danneimis cliararter snlelv bv I lie use ol die Indian Vegetable Pillt .OFFICE, nnd general Depoi for lln; Salu ef iheaboie Tills in tho New England Klaies. 103 'I'KEMO.M (STREET, near conn sti eel, Bustnn, where lliey ran be bad al wholesale or relail. rtgentB have been ii nnioied fur I he rule ol Hie rills m almosl overv town New. Ki. eland. All loners rilatho lo ilie pills musl be aildiessed thus : " N. K. Office JV. A, College ,of Health, 193 rremiult Blitcl, Huston. Jlass. IliirlinrrlOll. A. JInlNSMAIII. OOd.tOCl., Illlsl, A Palmer S. .Shafishiiry. Joint Houglilon tt'illmm vville, Charles W, Jnv Henmiimon, J. C. IIasvellc ..vjiudleliiiry, veo. ii i imi imiiiin.i, ivin, ruy f)over Hiram Baldwin Urrttllcboru , Hirge, Hrnekell iV. Co Walerforil, H. ('nllins iv Co. .Newbury frniiis. KniL'hillelliel. Samuel AiiHin jr. Snriiii; Held. (ieo. Wasbhurn I'lOOlor & Iti.bitisoii l.on ,lnJ..,n. KimiiI, A- ;i.iifrllrid''ewttter. llio .Sonlhtra'teClipsler. I'biiiens O .SarL'Oul Wind-or, S. W. Hubbard K. I'iiiiliney lliel;ok iV JIeai- l!nnimnn. Solnn.d K.-,.rl.Vdniin"l01l. A. II. Child Stowe, Albert Comp. l'ot Mill Jireiniali Wi ion til, Jolmsbnry I-utber Jewell-We-ton Jtilin Wilder Waierbury I'erons, J.yoiu Montpelier illiain Clarlte Ludlow John Dutihnr and Co. Heading Wl A' Mi.rrillllnrtforil J I'. Stron" iV IvO, Norwich Buster & Newton Barnard J. B. Dan lorlliKoehester Charles Utuld vJavennisn n. y .lis7mf;iiiliViri I'hilin Mitrlin Hulilax J. Sinn.i it Co. Vu,tiniistei -Aitron ililebeocl; ... ., ,r .1 I II. l,l!r,ml C'llttnil vveainrrtlirid uuy h.iiii-u J'rnmble Fairfax. Hninplon Lovegrove. tt nnn paints & oils lUiUUVJ lbs., dry wlnto Lead J00 rasltufrroiintldo do 15 bbb. vrrtfimn m" 10 ettki Trench yellow bbls. AmeiM'illl 1-mM'e l CM, ;5 doSniriH 'I'nrpeiitine VFI'III .l l T OOK AT TIIIS.--1IAVE YCU A COUGH l XJ 7 ),)()() tun of consumption every year 111 tlio Fulled Slnto-, nnd millions tuiler foom troublesome coughi nndcoliN, thai can hit curud In' Dr. M. Hitch cock's Vegetable Virgin Cream Cough Drop, it safe iiicuicui prescription, counting no poisonous Urugs, ttlitl nuil 111 an extensive praclieu for several yearn will mot pa-i'lively iilliml relief, nnd save you from llint awful elisoace, pulmonary eoiiMimpn'on, wln'cli Usually sweceps into the grave liunurcds e'lho young, the old, llio lair, tlic lovely nnd the gay. Have yon n cough? He persuaded 10 purchase a lottlo ol llio'Cotigh Drops o-iiay I lo-inorrow may l.e too lule. Have you n oul'Ii? Dr. IliteecokV Vegetable Virgin Cream Cough Crops j the only reineilv von should take 10 ouie you. For thisplaig reason. That 111 110 emu of the thaiisiind ases where it ha leen metl liai It railed lo relieve 'rite 75eeul per Louie. For Mile, vt'litlenle mid liu atl, liy A. HITCHCOCK A: CO. No. 117 Genesee I,. Utfcn. N. Y. And hv their ugonts throughout the Uniled Slates. In Buitii'igtun, liy .1. it J. If. t'eck it Co. In Vprgeiincs, by J. H. Bowman. In Milton, unmet 1,. sawyer. 111 ueorgia, by Lorenzo .lanes. D1 OCT. .llAKHHAlilS Arointtie, Cntnnb and Headache SNUFK. 'I'bis Hiitill'i simerior to nnv ling yet known, for removini; that troublesome dis use, the Calanh, and alo n eohl in tlie Lead, and the leadaebe. It opens mid purges out nil obMmction, .trengllieitx the pl,iiid,nml Hive's a healthy action to the ntrts alleeted. 1 1 is nerfeetlv bee from nnv thin" dele terious in its composition lias a pleasant Mayor, nnd s, iinini'iiiaiee.ieci, niter Leing ti-cM, ! uhgrceablc. riceSO cents, tier bottle. Don. .Marshall's Veeeiabtc Indian Black l'USTFIt. This Piaster is unrivalled for eitrint; .scrofulous swel lings, .scurvy t5ore. Lame nark, ami r re-It Woutui-; pants in the side-, Hiprtnd l.itnhs; and seldom fails to give relief in local Klieuinati-iiis. If applied to the will cure many of ibeconimoii Liver (loiiin aint: ind i eniial. if not s'tinerior, to any thing in ti-u for corns on the feel ; the virtues of this Plaster have I con iliiOM'il by thousands ol UHllviiluali ill the Milled .Slale-, wlio liavolested its etlic.tey. Sold by the pro- prietor ; Cha-. Bovven, Midd.'ebiiry, Vt. jc0 DTsHASLrS"bl'' THE LUN(.S.--l)er.idedl) ilie innsl popular reuu'dj ever known in America czrctublc Pulmonary liatsam is the most valuable reined) now in use for coughs, colds, iisihma or phthisic, coii'iimpiioii. v lioopin rough and pulmonary nlTtc.tions ofevei) kind, lis sale is sle.idily increasing, and lite proprietors are ronslitnily iccciviui; the must lavoiahle ireount ol ne c Itecis. Ilie follow ins new certificates am offered for public examinalinn. An Cask. Exirae.i nf.i Inner from Mr I,' S Clay, KiniHimi, Ulsier cu., N. Y, In the opiielnrs. " Vours of llio !)di inst. wa duly tec'il temiikahle cure waseffecied by ihe Vcgiintilc I ul. munary B.iNain in lln; w iitier nnd spi in uf 1S3S. 'I lie ersou, air. Aloodv, hail been sick a long lime with onsuuiniion. His phvsii'iaix had cnen liini no lie was iciinci'il so low as lo he unable to help him-eif, was I a 1 -1 12 ;i large oiiantitv ol lilom; when he commenced using I lit'.ini, whnli has effected a otnplete cm e, nod he is now as hale nnd beany us vei lie was. Mr. ivioodi lias irinovi d fnun ibis low n. but he b is pirinifcd ine h uiuie detailed arcouni of his ao, winch 1 iv ill hn ivaid vou. U. b Cl.Al. Kingsion, N, V. June 23. 183S. Exliaci of a lellei fioin Dr. Jacob Miens. The egelable I'olinonal y Bal.'ain has been sold in this count) for two veais, and die inc. Heine has gained mi liurouimoii cclcbiltv, fur it caicely in huh in.-lance lied of hav uij the desncd ilkxi. I atu U no means fivor of the many iio.-iium.i, most ol vvhieli aie iin- posilioiH upon a credulous public, bin dial which I know by nr in be effeciual, I (annul lielp bin giv nn ippiuli ilion thereio. A counierleil picparalinn has iren olleicd here liy nliavclling Agent, ofLomsioik, . ami them is anmlitr article vended hcie lhat is iron;;!)' suspected to be spin inns. Jacob aivrns, il. u. .Mifllinglon, ro. I'eun. .Mav 3, 1S.T7 Fnun Dr. .Samuel Morrell, to the 1'iopi ieims uf die Veae able riilinnunri Balsam. 1 am satisfied Ihatlbevc- velable I'liliiioo.i'rv Balsim is a valuab'e incdecine has been used in ibis plate vv i 1 1 1 compleie succe.-s in in nlutin. no coinplainl of I tie hint!'', atlemleil Willi n line cough, loss ul voice, anil the ratriug ol union 1, which had previouslv icisted man) uppioved iplioiis. After using die lialsnn one week, die nun s voice reiurneil ami he w as able in speak mull ;'. I'Iih rase nrruned some lime since, and il.e in is now eugaited tint only in unite bin I. dun ions business. Iternecifullv , &c. 8. M oil It ELI, It is now more than six tears since t was In might tri) but li) nn alltciioo ol limning, anil mi coinpiaiiit is (leclaicil lo be iiicin alilo li) a council ul mice put. sicihiis. I was ibcn ic'lnieet In as goo I liealili a' I nail enjn)ed for many tears, lit tifini ilie Vegeiable I'ul ninii.uv Balsam. .Since lny iccoter) I liavi: lerom mended the Balsam in a gical man) c.ims of 'nog roiiiphiiuis, and so far as 1 can learn, its ei'e his in- iiiabh been followed ov much lieuihi, .inn in maul inslaucis il lias effected cures which ueie wliolh unex pected. SAMUr.L KVGHETr, llos on, March a, For sale, tthnles.ile and relail, b) J, 3J J. II L"CK S Co., Burlingion, Vl. IN QUI It I' ASK THOSE WHO KNOW. I'lio-e only wbotknnw In lualnr imniedi.iie obser- alion. ran form any idea of the ( of die pel led lelief. of ihe nhnosi cuies (Teelcd in cases f die Piles, Hhkumatism, nil Sw kli.incs, mid II external Pains, nu mailer hoic scieie, lit ihe ofllajs' Liniment, Find one ithn has usrd il will not laud il nbnte all things eter used, and )ou will find tthai caiiunt be Inuuil. LJ"I or Ilie relii'lnl suiter. Ing human beings vih-i nia) be nfflicied, I beg )ou In a-k a-k uf llmre ttlm know ntk ihe Hon, AM' lit: I J u.MiLlN, U. S. Judge fir lli.H district, icsidinu neai Aiibnin, ask iMatthkw J. .MvBltS, b(l. Alliens, N. V ; a-k Ceil. 1)1) ft1 GllKKN, lale of V.ishinlnn ciiv. each of these ceuileineii knnw ul cases uncononer. ihle o) all iither lemcil-es or iiysicians, tnouiju n ico f ir mailt teais, dial have been ruied by ihe iisenflhe "eiuiine Hay' Linimtnl, 'I'll msamU of oilier prisons know similar cuies. We appeal In their sense of jus liie iheir huniaii feelinjs. JCyil I but a rliil) jnn owe to jour sufierti'g lellnw-lii-ing lo let tins emcdt lie known. bpeaK ol II then lo all lour n leads I'hie will sate much pain wbeic die newspaicis an il lead, or tvl.cre leaders aie incredulous, nceau?eso anv wurilile-B at tides are adieriised for ihe same purpote. To bti)ers tin say, if all who bate used il do nol say it is iiPjotui an prAe, iiien no noi iukb ii. I he piripi leior will mil allow mis ai ncic to ue pain lor nlcss it cuies, w lien nil lint nncclions aie liuiy louotv ed, Will anv nue suffi-i ing ii-fnsp now lo Iry il .' Ifh does, he ciuglil in be piliul uinic f-n his obsiiuaev ufl'i-iiti!'. itTP'Mr. Hat unnld neier ronsi ni in olfer I It ailiele, weiehe mil nnnpelloil by his f en.e of moral ol leluious dnlv lo du all in Ins power lor i lip irtiins of disliiss and misery. For ibis purpore he ivoii'd sooner devoie a Ioiiiiop, lit in scenic a iloll.ii lor anv nun i ess ainclc. i rt.uuji. uu I . nome swiiidleis hatn coiimei feiled lies arlicle, and pal il up wuh unions deuces. Du nol be impostd upcii. C)m ihieg nnly wilt pruietl jnn il Is I he u.iine of ComsfoeA cy Co ; mat name musl be :iiwii)h on ine vtriipper, ui vnu nic cheated. Do uui foigti il. Take ihi ilucc lion wiib ton, and le.l In ih il, or never lui) ; for il is nnpoibiole lor any other lo lu line in geiuiine. SOLOMON IIAVS Sold by Camtlack Co. 2 Fleiclier sinni, N. Vnrk cl rorsiileOA'AJ In Pa.soiioun ii liiti.sSM aid. riO THE ItAI.UolIEAOI.UiV OTHEltS .1. Does nu; know a neighbor en a fiicnd who has been Bald, and whose bead is novvcoteicd wild fine hair One whose cullai cotricd null il in di 0 IT, though brushed etert hour which has now van isbed eiiiiiel) I Or one whotc hairs til early use itcie turning Ricy, who now has not a Rtcj h.iii ? Clnldicn whose heads wcie cnvi'icd wuh senil, ithosu hair would not grow, thai arc now srnwing ilie fullest ctops of hair 1 Some cucee iiutsi lie knntin lo mosi person i. Ak ibetn llicratue, and )ou will ue told lhat llie.t iiungs li ivc iirrn none by the nso ui ino jiutm oj lo lumllia. Of 20)carsginwili is ibis arlicle, iis deiii ini incicasiii" ti ii nii.t II v (nine hiiiubcd per cent. ihougl when discovi ml mil nppocd by ;i Drilling for I lie same purpoio, now assailed by nhnosi uiunbeilerw inutlirooii irarh picpaiaiious lhat will nun Ilie h.iii n iitiil lo ail) exient. Can innre lluitc f.icls be w.inird M'lci In ihe recommendations by a lid ofaames of icsnrcia. bilii), lineiualled liy any oilier article. Look lu lliirc things buy Hits article, rainy ami presertu jour h hi by us life, or H Haul restore u. iaiiies, iitieml to lb huudieils in fashinnnblo bfi) ai n Using it as ihe on imie.lii reallv fil for the loill. Long hair is veiy mil lo fall out, ' Ladies, me the B ibn of Columbia in time lo sate totirreitci the ihsjiacc nl iiaiune.s oy negieci f,.r i,.inu. li li tour dnlv. as inninlisls lo, mi mic lb" beauiies of nature, it iih which a bniiiiiiful Ciealoi basciulnweiljnii J use Ihe Bahn,lor it wiliuo It CAUTION TO 11 R HEM KMBKKlD. innal ll.irfraul lllieillllls llllO bt'l'll 111 I J tl counterfeit I lie lute Balm of Cohunlila. Hoinei of ihe iiuposler bavegotifl so as lo rounlerlclt ine npirii did wrappers, and ihe Falld of NiAguiu, ami eveiy ex mark excent the name nf Coinslock , tthlcll ihei .lirr nni for-e. To avoid Imnwitinna thercfuro, ub u'lia InoL for ihon.imsi of Comtlock & Co, or L, G Coinslock, and nrvcr buy lln ai l unlrts il has ih.ii nanir upon it tjniil onu n inn, umy mu rioi,i,,s .Herl. i. V. and bv 1'AMVSOnM ,11 SHE KHAN'S COUfJH LOENOES. suro and elleetiial relnedv for Coiisiiliipliotif, whooping Cough, of the LutiL's or chcvl. &c.&.t;. The proprieior lias never known un instance where they did not give perfect satisfaction. Several lliou bate been sold within tho lnt tlireuluoiitli renoring to heallb, persons in ulinost every stage of eoiiMiinpliou, and tho e laboring under Ihe most dis tressing cold and coughs. They do not cheek and dry imtliueo'igli, but tcnJer it cusy, promote expec toration, allay the tickling or iiiitnlion, and remove ilie proximate or exciting eau-e. They tiro made dom aconibiiinlioii of the most valuable expectorant, or cougb medicines, and are undoubtedly superior to every thing in use for those complaints. Hundreds upon handled, ofccrliiicales have I icn ofleicd of their wonderful virtues, from those who have been saved from an untimely grave, and rostoicd to perfeel liealili by using ihem. Dost:. One lozenge h a dose for an udull,and may l e icpcaled from ilneo to six times n day, as rivpu'ied. Children, eight )ear.s years old, half of one: four year a ipiarier, and so in pro porliou. Veiy small children or infants will laketheui Lest di.vsohi'd in a little wa'er. Should they net ns an emetic, or prodiav nnibea. ihedo-e iniistL'c, les-encd to wliai ihe siomacb will Lear. Half of one will gen erally I e sufficient to take lefore as the stomach is then more easily sickened. No ill elects can ari-i; from an overdose, a it will cause the sto niaeb lo icje.'t ilj and allhougb not n pleasant son-ti lion, will le found to give relief. Where there i.s much pain in the breast or side, one of .Sherman's Boor .Man's I'la-lcr should be applied over the part, and worn till relieved. If attended with eostivenc', n few catharlie or laxaiivc I.ozi'iige-, or any mild ca thartio meJicine, should I e u-ed as occasion rcipure-. Sold at the Variety Store, by l'ANGBOUN & BlUNsJMAlD, Jewellers, Burlington, Vt. SIIIiH.lAN-!?i VVOIOI l.OZEXGHS urethe greatest dicovery ever made, for dispelling the va rious kinds of worms (bat so fri'iptcntly and di-tress-singly annoy both children and adults. They aie an infallible, ro'itedy, and so pleasant to tho litste that children will take them as readily a u common pep permint lozenge. Many di-eases nri-o from worm, without its being suspected. Sometimes a very trouble-s-ome cough, pains m the joints or limbs, bleeding at the ie, eve. are occasioned by worm-, nnd can be easily cured by Ibis celebrated medicine. The follow ing symptom indicate the presence of worm-, viz : headache, vertigo, torpor, disturbed tlream, sleep broken oil' by fright tin I scieaininp, convulsions, fe-vcris-ine?s, thirst, pallid lute, bad taste in the mouth, olli'iisivo breath, eo.igh, dtllicnlt bicatliing, itebinir at the nose, pains in the stoinach, naiisca, sij'icaini-h-nes, voracity, Icaiiue-s, tenc.niu-, iiching at tlie anus toivaids niglii, and at length, de,eetioiis rind filni.s and iniicn--. One ij a do-e for a child two years old two lor one lour year.- old hieu fin-eight years, and live fur an adult, ninl should I e repealed every Morning, or livery I'ther morning until leliovcd. !i" Sold at the Variety siore by PA.NGIIOHN it Bltl.NS.MAlD, e ucltcs, Darlington, Vt. TVTATCItli'S (iltAND HI'.ST0l!ATl VK. T x v.i'uable Vegetable .Medicine stand unrivalled lor llielollownig coiiit.m'nts, viz! Dyspepsia, or mot !ioii,ih'se.i-eJ Liver, biliotisdi-orJer-, Dron-v, Ash- a, Cosjonc-s, Worms nnd los of Appelile. tuid bv leaii-ing the slomaeh and bowel.-, cures pains in the le, stomach una luoust, eukls anil cough ol lorn landing, Hoarseness sboilne.-s of breath, Nervou ontplaitils, cie., v. hieh are fiu'ineittly the e led of ills ate. Fur Fever and Ague, it iu must valuable pie- ventnlive a well a a soveioign leincdv. Its virtues uriia-s any thing heretofoiu known in icinoving St, Vitus.' Dance, two bottles have 1 e'en known lo cure ihi ailhcHngdi-casc, alter having l.alllcd every exer tion lor four vein-. It has u most powerful iullncnce removing nervous complaints. It is pleasant lotal.e in. I socasy in its operaliun, that it may I endminisiered lo llio infant with safety. The above'.Medicine is very hiahlv leeomuiendeJ by liiauy scieiitilie Gentlemen, anil a large itunil er of ladie-, who have moved the irtue- of the.Miiilicnie by pi rsonal it- unci that ol their unities. A lull olecriilicatcs accompanies each conic, it 1 1 directions. It may lo had whole.-ale or retail of Britain. Baric, mid .1. C. raruam, l.a-t Williams town, Vl. sole proprietor-. Prepared from the origin al recipe; for sale ly K. H. Pretitis-, Moulpelior, and I. it J. II. J'ix'K it Co, Biirlingte.ii, anil i'l the prinei- il towns in tlie stale: nil directions signed in Un hand writing of the proprietors, jell) OIinitMAN' POOR MAX'S IMjAaTEK O The be-t strenglheuiug plaster 111 llio wot Id, and a sovereign remedy fi r nam or weakness in the I aek, loin-, side, brea'st, neck, limbs, joint-, rheumatism, iinluigo, etc. ivc. Uneinillinn a year will not stiptily leinaiid. They renuire a little wanning before ap- lieaiion. Warrauiiil simerior to all others, nnd for one quarter the usual price, making not only the I est, nit lite cheapest plaster in the world. It u'lopl reliel 11 a tew Hour.-, nnd oia'.;cs ustoiiisiung etuis. 111 liver oniplniut and dy-p'-p-ia, ii liunlii Le worn over the egion 01 tin.- nvcr or stomach, and 11 win aitoni great tnilustiinisiuug rebel, lu co ighs,colil-, asthma,ililh- 11IIV 01 bre-athintr, oppre-siciu ol the elie-t or stotnacli they will inimedialely sooth, and greatly benefit the patient. Persons o seilcntarv habits, or tho-u obbgod to stand much, will leeoive decided support Irom one I Ihe e truly, strengthening plaster-. riiyMcian geiv ralli recommend litem, in preference to iill others,! e aii-c ihey stick or a mere letter and a'lord greater relief, lu their operation ihey are stimulant, tonic, and anodyne. They are composed of entirely ililferent mgie bents irom tiny oilier j ami known irom tneex penenceof millions,' who have tisi'd them, as well as the united te-timony, of all the celebrated and distill .'i-heil clergy ami physician", to 1 1- Ilie mo-t u-etiii ind highly medicated plaster, ever invented or oll'eiod lo the ptib'ic. Several persons have called at the ware hon-e to express their surprise and thanks nt the IniOst miraculous cures these nlasicrs have e:!ceted. One man who ad leen so ailiteted with hciiinaiim, to be unable to dress hinise I without asitanrc, wascnabled after wearing one, only one night lo get up uioiki in tne 11101 ning, put 011 ills clonics ami can at our ollieo wilh eye's I earning wiib joy and his tongue pouring forth the gladness of bis heart', ailho sudden and signal relief he bad received from thrtle-l o all lemcdics, A-k for Dr. Sherman's Poor Man's Plaster. Il is so called, beeutise Iho price places II in llio power ofall to piueliasc, I eina only 2J i:t. So'd nl llio va riety stuie by PANGIIORN it Bltl.NS.MAID. .ievvc;ier, iiurlitigtott, v t. TVTI'-'V SCHOOL GKOtJRAl'HY AND H ATLAS WITH OITLINI-. MAI'S, by S. Annus- us .Mire iiri.i.. I h" aullior ot the nwve works has ecu priili' iimallv devoted to the science of Gco'v and the iiublislimg of .Mails, during many year.- and his former production-, especially hi Map ol the World for Academics, lcar am.ilo to-timouony of his nbun- I, nit resources, upon wincii ho lias so III erauv Uriwn, in iiroiiicms the at eive scnooi wor:. 1 lie iiutowing extract of ihe Gco'v and Alia-', Is from 11 joint reeoin- nu n union the leacher in the citv of New 1 ork. "'1 h 'ir merits aie nuinerou the derinitioits remark- al ly plain and conci-e. 'I he cxcrvi-u. are copious and importnnt, linn tiieue-criptivc is iiiuiiiioiis aiuicurreci The divisions of the American continent, are repro' M'tiled and doscril cxl as thev n;ally exit al Ihe present lime, And the gross misstatements, generally found in scnooi geographies are corre-led. I ho lypograp execuliou is nu commonly neat and distincl, nidtvd Ihe atlas is 11 model nt the l.iud, and actually tci'iii with information." Tito outlinu Maps are peculiarly alculalcd to exercise Iho student in his study, and to fill up ul bi Icisuio. For stilo by V. GOODRICH. SEA II I. HOWARD, of the Cheap cash store, arrived homo from New York la.-t evening bv the splendid steamer Whitehall, 1). Lyon dpt. and I'longm wiiii him nu auiiiuunai supply ot locms which with lui two lornicr nur.'lia e ti tins makes, the assortment altogether one ofthu iiiom desirable to select from id'tuiy that he has herctofoio bad for the lust eighteen yew, and is of the following kind-, viz i rich, fashionable, fancy and staple articles in every dcpaitmciit of the Dry Good line, such as Broadcloths, Ciissjnieru, Wslings, Mii'isclinu do laino-, Challys, Silks, Bombazine-, Calicoes, Lmcn-, Muslins, Lares, Ribbons, Embroideries:, Hosiery Glove', Fan', Um brellas, I'arasolls, eic, wuh a full simply of Florence and Sir.iw Donnels, and Millenary (mods, also, Car peting, Mattings, Paper Hangings, Shoes and Hats together with all tlto heavy descriptions of domestic and oilier goo-i-, sue'i as niicciiugs, tarn, iniiiaps' W ool I wine, etc. 'Hie uroel.ery, uiouing ijinssami China Gallery is ubo replciiishud the Cutlery, Hani wa re uiidl louse birnisningiiepurimi'ni lain ncenniiiniu wilh tho other stoeks on hand, tho variety of fancy nr- lieios, sui'h us Toys, Jewelry, uoiiibs, uuris oniee tioiuiry, clc. etc., which fills one hundred feet of show case in lenili on bis counters is innumerable. The Dome and picture gallery is 1 caiitifnily arinnged for thu display of Goods under a strong light, nnd then the hug" supply of superior family Groceries based upon iheiSlntl'of Life, Rochester city Mill Flour, makes hi Grand Bazaar cheap cash store, one of the mot fasci nating desirable anu e-onventctu More to bo furnished from Willi all Hit') every Mini oi nrneie tnat may ic withed for, or looked at for amusement nnd gralihea- lion, or with a iionre tn convey tne mosi pteasing in telligenco to friend-, ofthe place where overy arlicle they inaydrtire tor the bettering of appea-trt-s, adding to comfort, or Hipplvinff meesiary wants, nay be had anei ,i'l done in so A.w words, us by only Mying for whntf ver and whrnevcr you we li li liny clicip lor cash go to H0 ARD, Burlington, t June U, 1F10, Mil. Kill AN'.S i;ou AIIK the salest, most sun Couch, Colds, Consult Asthma, Tightne-s of the 1 II AIT 1 1 HAtinXESS. Imiwr- llHCOvcr.V the Cirent nivsterv liitind LJl taut DlHcovcr.V- out nl last. DU. STKRRY'S HAIR UICGKNK- RATOR. Dr. Stcrry, aftcr much attention to the important subject of preserving tlto hair, litis, after many experiments chemical and physical been able to discover anil urticlo vvhich is itowolTereel with the grcatoat e iinfidcnco for the toilet ns the, best tiling over discovered, for, for its softening and pvnetrnting quality lo nroducon gootl head of hair to prevent it from falling oil' when baldness is npprehended to restore it when baldness nas taken place, and to prevent it front turning gray. It ii is more nourishing than po matum, antique) oil, or Cologne water. It is n beauti ful article for ladies curls it" makes the hair soft and lively, and produces uncommon brilliancy. Thous ands have tested its superior virtues and excellence, and in every instance it stands unrivalled. It is an infallible cure in all nfleclions of the on the head ns datidrull, etc. etc. hvery family should bo sup plied with n hot tic of this oil, that by its nnplicnlinu lo the head anil hair of childicn, the beautiful and or namental appendage of a fine head of hnic, which na ture has supplied us may be preserved. Krum tho numerous ccrtilicutcs and rccommeiidntions received of its salutary iiilltienco, the Doctor feels fnnily tier- tmacicu lie lias succeeded in producing nn article winch will meet the desinil wislieH ami approbation of the elublic. For sale wholesale and retail by A. HITCH COCK it Co. 11" Oencseost. tJticn, N, V. lit Bur lington, by .1. & J. II. PI'.f'K it Co. In ergennes, by "J, H. Bowman, lit Milton, by Burnet L. Saw yer. In Ueonua, liy Lorenzo Janes. nugzu mi ik lion of Tin: day. no cukf no -1- PAY! The Genuine old Dutch or Ocr- nian Vegetable I'llls. Highly rccoiiintended by Docl. Valcnline itioil, .M. v. ol is. and others. These! are the orders ! Any onu that doe.- not find re lief from these pills the price is icftmded back, the-e are the positive orders of the Proprieior lo agents and ethers. In odering the-e pills to the public, 1 appeal lo their intelligence. If these pills are not vvbut they recommended, you are in duly bound out of respect to yourself nnd community to reject ihein. nnd pnbli-h them to the world n nn imposition, humbug- and qnaekery. The public may 1 e assured they are purely vegetable, they arc composed of nine ingredints, part of the medicine is only found in Asia and lit the val ley, of Germany. For convenience these extracts are made into pills and will be found a sure cure or re lief for all billious complaints, yellow and billions fevers, fever and ague, jaundice, scarlet rash, billions cbolic eb'spcp.ia. &e. It ii not pretended that this nic.iicine is a cure tor an iiu-eascs to wincii ine iiiiiiinii system i liable. Ten thou-nnd useless e.lbrts have I i-i-n ninili! lo drnvc I'roni ihe regions ol tinknovvn fancv somu long-spun theory of magie url, which woufd cuie each and every dsca-e. Cood medicine is not found in the file or whir wind. Health and happiness hang upon chance wind- time is the herald ot truth. Tho mist nt least is secure! thev havi- nlrcadv raised ti monument of their gie.ilness which will defy the corroding tool b of time. None can I e Genuine without a wrapper unit direction on eaeii box on wntcn my iianii! is writlcn at lenglh. Sold wholesale and retail bv the subscriber nt Glen's. Fall-, ly A. I), it D. Sand 7!), and 100 Fulton si. mid K. M. Meigs, 333 South Ma.rl.el si. A Imiiv. B.niin & Haw ev .'21!) Slier si. Troy, General Agents fur the stale of New York. For sale bv Win. Rhodes and E. B. Green, Rich mond i Morton it Clark, nnd D. it D. S. Lathreip, Willistoii i Hagar it Couistoek. Shell urn ; 11. Stanton, Kssex ; Geo. B." Oakes, and Allen Barney, .knclio; J. R. Htirlbiit, Westford j .1. II. Barnes, Charlotte; If. MoikIv and Geo. Pelersini, Burlington : and bv K. I1UIGGS, Burlington, Agent for Chittenden Co., wbeie bub-Agent can I e supplied at wholesale prices. TJI l'OHTAXT TO MOTHURS & YOUNG JL I'H.llAIil. -UOCTK. KKV.VOLliS vtl'An.MEtXt 's celebrated PILLS, or HEALTH RESTORATIVE for complaints peculiarily incident to the Fctnalu Sex. This article is now brought before the public, under sanction of the strongest testimony, from those who have alike uul it. and also witnessed its uiieuiiallid powers, in the removal of Female obstructions of the most aggravated nnd desperate character. These testimonials are not brought from the ignorant and illiterate but Irom l'liystcians and other bcicntilic Persons, who have tcstctl its great virtues, nnd now recommend it m their practice and lend toil the sanc tion of their names. It is not intended as many medi cines generally arc for all the varieties of disease, which it is the lot to Miller under. But it is intended, simply for one class ol complaints, and those only re latimto one sex. These being of rather a delicate tin turc, there would be more than an ordidary degree of ilillulence in coming with this nrticlo bctore the public were it not the tact that thousands are continually which this medicine lias never failed to prevent or cure. Such has been the provision of Nature, that nearly all the complaints ot Females, are connected in someilegtiT witti tlto nanus allied to tlieir sex. Ann nianv can bear witness, where a mere' cold at a par tieular stage, has produced checks, that the band of Science ami Skill, never litis been ablo to dispel or alleviate. At first, the irregularity and suppression of tlio natural nanus products 110 veiy manning symp toms, and is ticated geneiallv with neglect. And nroner attention is nrocrastiaated until the hollow eve, sallow complexion nnd great bodily debility indicate that either rapid consumption, or some oilier fatal disease has fastened its resistless grasp on the sufferer which soon terminates existence, by n lingering but certain death. For complaints inev itably productive of such results this invaluable medicine is now brought before the public. It invariably removes obstructions anil regulates n too proltise incnstruration, anil cure! nv us uiieiiita en uualilies. a t llio variety 01 derange ment connected with the Female habit. The eminent und ilistincinshed Doct. J. Mornaon. who has nrnc tiscd medicine at Oneida. N. Yoik. with the most sig. nal succss for '-0 years, says "It is the best medicine now 111 use. incases ol icleiition, or suprcssion 01 the .Menses, 1 think it will sustain the nppelaticin ot a specific. I have tried it in the worst cases with most ndimraulo success and I wish for the good of sullermg Females, that all physicians would introduce it in their practice, as I have, found it nnswcis beyond my most sanguine expectations." In its effect it is 'kind may bo taken without thu least inconvenience, ns it is not cathartic, but tonic und nncricni. or amino par ticulars respecting its efficiency, certificates of Pysi einnswho Iiavo witnessed its clfects, nnd of others who have been most signally benefited and restored hv its virtues reference is now ofiercd lo the nam phlets accompanying the medicine, and to the more particular evidence?, 111 the nanus 01 the subscriber. Sole Agent for the New Einlnnd Slates. EDWARD BRINI.EY, Wholesale Dealer in Drug?, Medicines, Paints and Uyo btutls, No. 3 it 1 south side old bancuil Mali 10.N'SUMPTIQN I No person can have, tin nde J eniato idea of tho astonishing relief which Dr, Rejfu s Asthmatic or Consumptive Pills give, ill Con pumnliou, Cough, Colds, Asthma, dilficiilty of breath ing. iVhec.iiiL'. tightness ofthc Chest, Pain in Iho side spitting of blood, itc. A fair trial only is necessary 10 convince persons Muioriiig irom ineso coiupiJiiiii that this is one ofthc most valuable medicines vet cits covered and this is the testimony of relieved nttticnts, C.vbns. A gentleman, of this neighborhood, recently observed lo the proprietor, that he believed theso pills had kept him nlivo for tho last two years. Many others give similar testimony. A letter states -"the Asthmatic Pills givn such asioni'rhiug relief in cases of Cough, Common Colds, itc. as no one can believe, unless they make the tiiul,'1 Important testimony. "There has been, (writes an urgent) an pnusunl call this winter for Reno's Asthmatic Pills. Applicants prt'iotmco them a valuable medicine, and bay they cannot Hud a substitute." A young Lady Wns three years alllicted with n violent cough, pain in tho side, spitting of blood, and disturbed rest at nigltt ftnei was restored to perfect health by taking two boxes. A enso of Asthma Of thirty years standing, was cured by theso Pills. A Gontleman Who had been for years alllicted with a violent cough, elifllculty of breathing, itc. was cured by these invaluable Bills. An Agent writes "Your Relfe'b Asthmatic. Pills,' gain crcelit daily." A Physician writes. After all other medicines have failed to give relief in consump tion eases. I bavn found llio 'Rclfo's Asthmatic Pills' most excellent 1' Extinct "Several persons alllicted wilh liiurr enninl.iiiita. in vnrious stiirrrs of tho disease. after trying ovcry thing elsn, havo used theso Pills with tho most hnppy success." A Remutknblo Case. A lady who was given over as past recovery, and her death dutlv ovnectcd. was raised from what was ex- peeled would bo her death bed, and from tho borders ot tno grave, uy ineso fins ami ueciarca tier wisii that she could proclaim to tho worth of this invalua ble medicine. Such uro tho valuable nronortics of theso Pills in Coughs, Colds, Asthma. Uifllcultiebof urcntiung. itoareencs, wheeling spitting ot moon and complaintbof tho Lung generally, that numerous persona reliovc from these complaints, nronounco this tho best medicine they ever met with, Common colds removed in a few hours, PricoSl for whole boxes of JO Pills, and 30 cents for half Boxes of I'aPills, k: I.I PrnnnrKil l,u 'I' Wmill.'ll vr.tx nrnnrietnr and i bmxeSHOr ,0 rjr, Conway and may hn had at his I counung room, 09 Court it tip s'surs ner Concert ' nung room, 09 Court It up s-sw ntv Concert 11, Bobion, and aUoof J it J II rECK, . Butlington,, Cnnr genuine unless Mgnrd T Kinncr. nn the Ilnll. CO Nnnr oufiele piintcn wjappcr Large di''ouiit todtalcrs TTAIIU TROY .V MICHIGAN SIX DAY LINE. SHIP by Old Troy Tow Boat Line, Cocnties Slip. 1810. AOKN'PS Alli:m WiiniVn. I.imuh CriocKKn, 106, Broad st. New York j Moore it Stiuip son, River st. Troy; Win, H. Moore, 72 Quay t. AI l unyi Sidney Allen, Rochester j George Davi 61" Co. iiuiiaio; riiinp Allen. linllaio: Geo. A. Ficnch, Dun kirk. N. Y. George T, Cainii i. Co. Barcelona j C. M. Reed, Fric, Pa.: MeNair iV Co. Cleaveland, O.J M. B. Ross it Co. Portsmouth. O.s il. N. K: N. H. Cniiu. Black River, O.j Jenkins t Tracy, Huron, O.j .(larber it Barney, Sandusky City, O.s Chester fi Stringlmm, Detroit, Mich. R. W. Titus, Toledo, O.j G.S. Hazard, luaiunce v.iiv, u.j tiieier c t'orlcr, Ht, Josephs J. O. Sleight, Michigan Citv, Ind. Dawson it Hiisiner, .'illiu HIIMC, l.j y, lll.liceil, VyJIICUgO, III. Mark packages, "T. & M. Line.'' ji.-.1.3m I,AIi: GhOHGi: l'AOKKT 1840. t& riHI'. new Si ea in Pa eke! , W.I. CALDWl'LL, L. C. Laiuukk, Master, Will commence rnnnititr regularly every clay (except Sundats) both ways through the Lake, on 'I UKSDAY, the ad day of June next. Leaving Caldwell forTieonderoga, every morn ing, anil returning lo Caldwell the; same day. Lake George Passengers will I e lauded from, and taken on board ihe Lake Champlaiu Sieam Packets, near the old Fort Ticonderoga, from ihe Mansion Hou-e ol WM. F. PFLL Esri.. now a Public House. This I lias leen greatly improved since last Summer, by erection of a Large Addition, con taining a spa 'ions Dming Room,and Aseinblyltoonis te, and has recently paiedin;o the hands of Mr. II. C. LOW, a gentleman favorably known by the trav elling Public1 By taking the Lakf. Gr.onr.K Houie, 1 ravencrs win not omyenjoy ine ime-t scenery ol our Country, but lose no lime 011 the Northern Tour, ns they take the tame Chamnlain S:cam Boat nt Tienn- dcroga, which they would iiavo taken at Wltiiehall, uuu inuy guuc inai way. .nay ItSlU. xtn. l-'OK WARDING, &c 18 1 O. stibscriliTs will continue' Iheir bti-incst as l'oftvardlng and'Com nilnslon Merchants and Custom House Agents, nt the Port oi"Saint Johns, Lower Canada. They do not o'ler their services "fret oranye-hnrgt" those persons interested in trade wuh ibn Cuiu-l Slates, but will endeavor to make their attention to thu interest of their employers worthy a reasonable r.vijiiiiuuec. Having good Whams (at winch the Lakh Cham- AlV Sl-rtMnil.T U-lll binrlt ,wl ...... ,11 U, together with the I'onvenience of a connecliug Rail iraeK witit tne v. n vmi'L.vim nntl St. I..vwiu:scr. Raii.-Roaii over the-e vi harve-, llicv flatter themselves thai, wilh hlieen ycais experience in this branch ol business, ihey will I e ennl led to do much to lacilitale and encourge" trade Ictwi'un lite I'liited .Siaje and the Lower rrovmcc. JASOiN C. PILltCE it SON. M. Johns, I., u., .Manh, 1310. Cm WINDOW SASH Jusl recciveJ 15,20 and 217 bv 9 casements id sash, a tiist rale article at k and 3J cents per light; alo ; an i.miis niiusize.-, n,rni;neu to order. I icondcroga blacl, lead, a lir-t rale arlicle, for sale verv low. together with ira a great variety of oilier artl- eies us cneap as can t,e loumi at any oilier usial lisli ment in ine place. uto. rcTr.ttsoN, 'OOSTON and TROY IRON COMPANY. The M-9 nublic are hereby nolilied. that the businesi ea-ting in every branch and variety, i- done lo order, on tltesiiorie-i notice, an roy, v t. i ne company nave much enlarged their foundry, and are now piepared lo do all Kind- ot w'orK clime at any foundry in tn country. .Hill-gearing, I'm .h Kcltlcs, binve- Ploughs, Axlctrcus, etc., on hand, or furnished to order, All wno wisii to contract mr siove-iuate-, or lo pur eha-e a huge uiitni'itv of hollow-wnrc. for the nuroo-i of relailing, will I e furnished nl whole-ale prices and all who mav favor us wilh their calls or order, will 1 1 dealt by as' liberally as at any establishment in the country, uruers sliouid bo aiiutcsel lo v.. it. cross, man, Stiperiniendanl, or A. Young, Agent, Troy, Vl. to seeuieun curly reply, aim prompt attention. troy, v t., June isiu. jy:a OTORE TO EE'!', at W'inooski Village, the store recently occupied by Lathrop and Potwin will be let and possession given iminiMialcly, apply to tne subserirer comer v. liuivn ami i oiiect: sts. iiur luiglon or to Gideon Lathrop. MAYO & WAIT. linrlington, .liny -Jij, Is 10. VERHIOXA CREAM for: in, Warrm's 1 e-t Ncoille-. shaving, clarified Ros- Silver Tlumblea at lots of new Goods, opening al the anety Stoie. .tiaygy. j'a.m.iii no uki.miaiii. cjaXUI'T only twenty-live, cents. Dr. M s3 Hilchcock's newly invented SnulK ike best arti cle ever discovered by scientific men, in Europe or America, lor tlto cure anil absolute re lict ot t;aturrn. Dizziness of the Head, Weak Eves, Nervous Hend aches,, Fallen Sickness, Fil, aiul Infants trouhlei ...:.u s'.,in.w ci,n,.i..nniiJ ,i. t.-.,. ...i.. wholesale ami retail, by A. HlTCHCOCK it Co'sold Proprietor, iNo. 117 ucnesco st. L lica. ninl ny their ngents throughout tne union, in linrlington, j. cv .1. II, Peck it Co. In Vcrgcnnes, bv .1.11. Bowman in Milton, by Burnett it Sawyer. In Georgia, by Lo rnnzo Janes. TJ.U-SOM OF LlVKRWORT-fot Consiunption JL Dyspepia, Asthma, ami all dt-ea-cs ofiheL and Liver. 'I heso iheate pievail to a great extent creating much distress nnd some duality. All thu e can 1 1! remedied bv the use of Dr. Taylor's Bal-om of Liverwort. This medicine i pnruly Vcgitahle and from iis nccnlinrniiion iinon tho Liter I-a'wavs foiin a radical remedy for ilie-e For Fem.ile and men in a very vvcau siatc, no ine'iicine euu ic to crralefnl a restorative, as it not only strengthens but purifies nnd gives a healthy action 10 ihe whole sys tem. Constantly lor aleby N. LOVELY it Co. vvho nave lll roecivci a ircsii wra ny i'l r.l-uiiaure viuuoi from New York, all very cheap for cash. Biirlm-on, July 30, IS 10, T OTION. LOTION. l)lf. EVANS' BEALTI JLi FY ING LOTION Highly esteemed for curing all Eruptions Coaricncss, Hednoss ami Pimples o the Face Neck or hand, and e 'c Hu.illv cleaning ll complexion, and removing all di-ea-cs ofthc firm1 Nothing contributes so much in our general sucec ui lite, as an engaging tir-t appearance. This Lotion isiidmire.l a most fragrant, mild, safe wash and great ly e-tccined fonts virtue in cleansing, softening, am purilying ihu sh'in ol all eruptions, so injurious lo ic male tcauty, and restoring it to a high degree, ol tin rity. A leatitiful complexion is the pride of all who nosse-s it, and the envy of llio ewhu are deprived ofil. What is to a lccling lo'a I eautifnl femalv,in whose face nature hasilisplayoi bcrpow'r,asto find her complex ion discoloured with disgusting pimples, which inur her chainis I A good appear meu is ine l e.t recom mendation : and as the Beautifying Lotion purifies the skin. and. removes all Pimples, Blotches, Tan, Sunburn and Rednoss. and nrodtices a I eautifnl hue, it is ihe only cosmetic a lady should ue at her toilet. Gentlemen will all ulso hud this a uuiigntlul lenicdy, to remove u l Ifouahness. riiiinle.s. Uingwum, s,,otSl ueiiaes Soreness of the face nnd nose, and every kind tifeni lion on tbesuriace oi tnr. numan ootiy. it is pnrucu Inrlu r.vommendeil lo gentlemen to le med nfior!ha vmg, at it will prevent the otherwise certain e Tcct of all common soap, in lui uiug uiu prcuiaiurr i t-rvv. For Mile Wholcole and retail by A. HITCH COCK it Co.. No. 1 17 Genesee street. I'uea. In Bur lington, by J. it J. II. Peck it Co. In Vcrpenncs, by J. II, Bowman. In Milton, by Burnett it Sawyer. In Georgia, by Lorenzo Janes. aug'20 WORMS. WORMS, -Dr. M. Hikiicock unr.valleil and unemialled WORM TEA. snvercicn for Worms, Strange and fncredi hie are the elects of these detestable vermin i few nersons. and ii is thought none are free from them, par ticularly femalei and children. Many persons go Ihronth a ilisire.sing course oi meiucmi- wiinoui a benolit, when they might lc relieve.) by using the Worm Tea. This invaluable medicine has been tested by the experience of more than ten years use, and administered to more than 10,000 persons of various ago', nnd not ono solitary complaint t on tho contrary hundred havu called, and unsolicited, given then de cided prolVrenco to it. utter tryinc ine tnuerent urlicle; eni forth to tho nublc, and pronounced Dr, M, Hitch cock's Worm Tea the most safe, ed'ectual, and eon veniunt remedy that can I obtained ; for in no one of ihe thousand of instances where it has been used agreeable to thu printed direction has it ever failed. N.D. Ask for Dr. M. Hiiehcock'b WoiimTea, as there are many nostrums abroad lor thoitetruciionoi worm; r or sale wnoiesaie nnn mail uy a. iinuni-uon lrlM!eprT.fchA,,h.i ? V TiTn 1 Wvnnt hv f A bvJ 4 J 1l1,I,'cH,t,Cohv ,,?rVf p,nnM ft nwman'b.. CJ' '.'l l3lnt, 4 ,M "aui CO.. sole proprietors, 117 nenesee siren, wie v,v-.,--, - - -- -y FAKtVELIS SHOES, a fill assortment just roe'd and for sale by H. W. CATLIN & Co. JiJlUfHH, Riding whips and Cane-, at ihe Variety Si ore. J tine II. PANononw tcBnisMAiD. HOItSi: HAY HAKES, by - ;Ut J. It. PKCK. & CO. C lli GI,KSi. 100 M. Pine Shingle, by 5 July 10. J. it J. H." PECK & Co. FAlHBA.N'fPs SCALES,!?" July 10. J. & J. H. PECK & Co. lliOUH. Troy, Ohm and Mfchitwii, constantly L receiving by J. & J. H.'PtCK & Co. WINDSOR nil-TEH, for fnlent thn variety store. PANfiHOliV fc ItlltN'stMAIIl GIUXHSTOXKS, Ly Junc7. J. &.J.H. PECK t Co. -100 kegs by X & J. II. Pkck it Cu. WOOL TWINE for In2s3 ulu at HOWARD'S. DHUGS AND MEDICINES. A large supply put ree'd by June 19. J. & .1. H. PECK it Co. 30 PASII KETTLISS eoiitaiilly on band by ID .1. it .f. H. PECK ct Co. ri ltOWX C! IjA!W. HedfonI, Saratiac and Clinton crown by J, & J. II. PECK it Co. SAI.EItATlLS. 40 casks, bv June 19. J. & 'J. prcr K &. Co. COXGRESS WATER, jut receive.1 a fiesh supply ofCongrcs water, and for sale by "ay so. dl'.U. I'Kl'KHSON'. WOOL received in exebange for Broadcloth and other Goods al my Store nt Wmooski village July 10, 1810. SIDNEY BARLOW. BOXXETS. Tii-can and Engli-h straw llonueP, of the latcsi failuoiis. iust leeeiviil and fur mlu cheap by P. DOOLI'ITLE. CORN BROOMS ct PAILS. 100 doz. corn brooms SOdoz. patent Pails, "me I'd. .1. A- J. II. PrcK V Co. 50 HOSTON N. K. RUM. Hhds. Gardiner Brewers. l,v Jmie 13- J. ct J II. PECK tt Co, T)AKX ES' new nn .. fl,.,n,..,;.. O svtciu : a very uefnl work for sr hf.r.l-. mo ',! arm iur saie at ine noou.-torc juia I) A UKAMAN "jtf O II K N K HOOKS were last evening re ITX reived at Ihr; Book Store nnd now fur -M.. inn- cheap by .May 27. D. A. BRA MAN. ' BONNETTS.-.Ju-t receiviil some new shapes Florence Snlit and colore I Sir.iw Itnoneii. which will I it sol, verv low forca-h. July 9, 1310. N . LOVELY it Co. TV FAV GOODS, cheaper than ever. H. W. Cat 1 1 lui & Co. are now receiving1 a new !i,snriiiieni of iM-y uooil-, to which they invite the atlention of pur- iui-ers. Jnne.l. IB n. TOST. Thcpers'in whofoiind a WATCH CASH J yesterday nt Williston, will please leave it with thn owner anil receive his reward. Uurlinglon, July 10. DAVID RUSSELL. B 1STO I, HOARD, Drawing paper and Pen cil'. Brillianl re-l lluid, blue lltiid, mpnn ink, and ladies and gentlemen's steel pen, in-t riveived from New York, and for sale I y S. HUNTINGTON. c ollege si. June 25, 1SI0. QTRA ED, from the subsniber on tho 13th inst. J n red cow, rather low in tlcsb, with one horn saw ed oil. Whoever will return her shall be suitably rewarded. m. l. BENNI VI'T. Burlington, Juno 20, ISIO. CASH PAID FOR VOOL.The subserilcr will pay cash, on delivere. fur emvl el.. il,..... wool, at ihe old store occupied by II. Hvde it Co. neirili west ee ruer of College Green.' uurlinglon, June 10. HARRY BRADLEY. 30 TOIIACCO. keg plug Tobacco. 10 boes Cavendish do CU packages sheen do 2000 lbs. 1-eafdo. do. by J. ic J. II. PECK" & Co. 1000 SPKHM on,. gallons winter Siierm Oil. 2000 do. fall do. do. l."00 do lelined do. Tune 7. J. it J. II. PECK Co. 45 OI I.S. bbls. American Linseed Oil. 10 Tierces fall sperm do ,"i do winter do do 35 bbh-rcliued do do J.cV J" II. Pt ck it Co. Kf prs. Ladies col'el. und bl.u k French Klip'sT 'JJ 20 do do. f Suiter Boots. 20 do .Misses col'd Slips, 50 do Gent's Pumps, '.' cases Men's seal Boots. Burlington, Julv 1 1. II. C. STIMSO.V. UJJyJ 'leu quart Pan., d.ri00 s.N elo do 2500 pails assorted sizi", tngeiher wiib n bii r-.- and general asseriiiient of nil kinds, of waie, now on nauii anu lor'ate ov .nun; 1U. t n,i, i.oomi- & Un. 8000 SALT. bush, solar Salt do sieam do do (ine do do Turks Island do bbls. line do do dairy do 3000 1500 inoo 1000 100 250 lo coar.-e do 200 sack, dairy do by J. it J. II. PECK' vt Co. 2000 Nails, Minds A; Auierlcnn Iron, Nad, from 3 l lo Gill 250 elo Brads from G.v lo''().i Hor-e -hoc Iron Peroll and Halne do all flea Band Iruntroni 1 to -1 inch Iioiiu.l do do 1 to H ln SipiaredoS G In 3 do J. it J. H. Pr.rir ,t Co., June 10. Agents for KVeseVille MauMlh ' Co ioo,,o,,!:m,nouti:xs;i ."O do Hay Fork", 15 e'o Manure Foil ., AO do 1 1 co fill do scyilieS'iinthtfs 75 do eitt and German slid rs yibes, rraJlc Scvlhe, Sieklc, Ploughs, and Plough castinr.s by Uurlinglon, J. me VJ. J. It. I eck a. t:o, OA Sliectlng, Slilrtlng. IriuTs7is!7, 0J I o!cj -l-l 1 rown sheeting, 5 do i do thilliils,-, 10 do Ticking, 3 ra-cs 1-1 blc.vh Shertm,", 10 do American Print, for sule bv June 10 VILAS, LOO.MIS and Co. SONGS OF THE PEOPLF.-Log Cabin Hone Book Icing a collection of Harrison and MVhir Melodies emlellished with a neatly engraved Poriraii ofGen. Wm ll. Harrison, and a view of O.'d Fort .vleigs, tor sale attnv noon store. D. A. BRA MAN'. Burl.nston, Sune 20, 1S I0. 100 GROCER 1 1. chests young Hv ton Ten. 7.i no uysonsKin, ov. 20 bags pepper, 20 do Pimento, 10 do Cod'eo SO boxe Pipes 100 do Bar Soap 200 do Raisins 50 kegs do AO do Pure ginger .100 Mats Cassia Pt. Croix Rum, Holland Gin, S'gnelte Bramlv, Bab limnre Gin, American Brandy, Champnicne. Brown and Palu h'rry, Madeira and Sicily Madeira, 1 Sicily Madeira, Mar setus .vuiieira nml .uulaga Wine, by es, bv June 7. J. ct J. It. PECK rt Co. 100 DYE (STUFFS. bbls. Cam Wood 'ififl do Loir Wood Si, Domingo 250 do Log Wool Canpiaehy 250 do Fustic 500 do Nicaragua 40 do Alum 25 do Blue Viltinl 30 do Madder 50 carboys Oil Vitriol Muriatic Acid, Aeiua Fortif, Nunc Acid, Carcuma, Bit Wood! Peach Wocd, Quer Citron Bark, Spannh Flotuni and Bengal Jnd.-rLse TS-e, N'utifrallr, rreit Partri, l-'k Itntci H k't. Cnmn Tarur and Afi' June 12. b(' A J H.rt.K 4 O, Willi YOU 1E SHAVED at Lormy'i now Dressing Room. I. Loncv the; unJersigned, would Now inform the public kind, That having left elitirch street, In Howard's Hotel can Le found. He will not boast hi barler skill, As this the public Irng have known, But 1 egs to nk their custom still, l ordilligcnce he yields to none. When he lhat would unto his face And head have sterling justice done, Piny don't mistake Ihu proper place, But call upon Ici:m Lo.vey. P. S. Cloihes carefully cleaned to order. Perfum ery of nil kiud constantly on hand and for st'e. linrlington, amy iu, isiu. OTATIONKRY. ARMOL'R & RA.MSA Iiavo O received, by the recent arrival., a large and well a-sorled stock id writing nabcr. and the "di.Ieien! ur- ticlei of plain and Fancy Stationery. ALSO, an eicei lent collection ofENGRA V1NG3 and fllutrated works, efln'e! pubbcalion. Montreal, St. Paul st. May 23. Ov IJiv lghl Dean's Eslate. STATE OF VERMONT, ) mHE honorable tU Dhthict of CuiTTi.NDE.v, S3, i Jl Prcbate C on r t for iho District of Chittenden, To all per-on concern' ed m tho Elate of Dwight Demi, late of Burlingion, in saiddi.tnoi decca-e l, GREETING. WHEREAS. II. W. R. Dean, administrator of tlm estale of saiddccrncd proposes to render an account onus mimmistrition, und present his account agamut snid e-iale for exanunalioii and allowance at a session ef the Court of Probate to beholden at the the Regis ters (Mlii'e, in B.iiliugton, on thu second Wedne-day of August next, therefore, you are hereby notified m appear leiure snm court ui llio tunc nml jiiace aloro said, and shew cause, if any you have, why tlm aceo uil afore aid should not le rillowed. Given under my hand nt Burlington, t lit 22d day of July, A. I.'. IS 10. iv.20. WM. WESTON Register. Dwight Dean's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, ) m HE Hon. the Pro dutmct oi' ciiittevdo; si. 1 bate court within and for the District of Chittenden ! To the creditor and o'.hers coiicerndin the estate of Dwight Dean, late ol B.irlincton. in said District, decea-ed, WHEREAS, H. W. R. Dean, executor of the u late of said decea ed, hath made application to thn com l, to extend the time limited fur making payment of the debts and legacies of said decea'cd, twelve months Irom the 13 h day of August, 1310, and the2d Monday of August next iJeiug asig..ed for a hearing in the promise, at the Oiiice of the Register of this ei.url, and it having Leen ordered that notice theroof be given, by publishing this decree three weeks suc cessively iu the Free Prc-s a newspaper printed at Burlingion, before the time fixed forbearing; therefore you are hereby nolilied to appear before said court hi the time and place aforesaid, then and there, to maku objection if any vou have, to the suid time of pny ment Icing fiirtlier extended its aforesaid. Given under my hand at Burlington this 22d day of July A. D. 1310. jy.22 " W.m. WESTON", ffeg'r. lames Martin's Instate. STATE OF VERMONT, T a probate court, DiiT. oi'dtiTTEsnEN', ss. ) JrlL bolden at linrling ton, within and lor Ilie dilnct afore-aid, on the lath clay of July, A. D. ISIO, an instrument purporting to i the list win ami testament ot James -uarnn, lale or Jericho, in said district, deceased, was pre-entel to ihe court here tor probate, by Hannah .Martin the Executrix, therein named, 'TiinncronE it is or dered by said court, that public notice Ic given to all persons conierncd therein, to appear lcfure said court, al a ses-ion thereof lo le holden at the Regis ter'soihce m linrlington, on the second Wednesday ot August, A. D. 13 10, and contest the probate of said will, and it is further orileraJ lhat this order be published three week successively iu the Burlington Free Press, a newspaper prinlcn at linrlington, in this state, tlie last of which shall l.e previous to the day assigneJ, a. afore-nid fur hearing. Given under my band at the Register'., office, this I2lh day of July, A. D. 1810. jy 1 7 WM. WESTON, Register. lames C. l'lcrcc's Estate. WE the siibscril er having been appointed by the honorable the probate court for the district of Chittenden, commissioner to receive, examine and adjut the claims and demands of all pcroiis against thccstHte of Jame- C. Pierce, lale of Huntington, iu said district, deceased, repre-ented insolvent, and also all claims and demand exhibited in o.Pset thereto; and six mouths from the day of the date hureof being al lowed by -aid court for that purpose, we therefore hereby give notice that we wnl attend to the biisinesg of our" appointment, at the dwelling of Jonathan B. Dike, in Huntington, in said District, on the 2J Tues days of October and January next at 10 o'clock, A. M.", on each of said days. Dated ihi 8th day of July, A. D. lrjlO. JAMES AMBLER, j E.MEIiA TAYLOR, Coinm'rs. J:3I SILAS JOHN'S i STATE OF VERMONT, I rpiIK lion, the probalu Dist. of l"nivrK.s'i)t:v, ss. ) -I- court for the district of Chittenden, load person concerned in the estatv of Jonathan Gdlel, lale of Cliarlotle, in said district, de ceased, greeting. Wlierea-, flenuu Hosford, executor of the last will and te-tameni ofsaiddecea-cil, propo-isj to render an account of his administration, and pre. cut Ins ticeoiinl against said e-ia'c for examination and al lowance, al a se-sinn ofthc court of probate to be hold en ai the Register's office in Burlington, on the second Wednesday of August next ; therefore, you are hereby notified to appear lefore said court, at the time and place aforesaid, and sh'iwcatisc, if any you have, why the account aforesaid sho dd not I e allowed. Given under mi haudal Burlington, this Uih day of July, A. D. Id 10.' .iy!3 W.M. WESTON, Registir. Dui-litisioti Dvc House. MSAIISI'IELD, SI LIC, WOOLLEN AND CO'ITON DYER respectfully informs the inhabitants i !' Burlington and the neighboring; town-, thai be has taken a premises in Watcr-st. one door south ul D. Davis' Store and will commence dying and finishing m the lot manner, ihe following goods: Broadeloih-, Casimcrp, new Merinocs, Ladies sili and Merino Dresses, Shawl., Ho-iery, silk and cotton Velvet, Gentlemen's coals, cloaks arid Ve.ts dyed and finished nearly eq"al to new, without ripping. 'Broad cloths, sill;, woollen or cotlon good-, dyed in the most permanent color.-, if w.uiiel for mercha'nts and manu-lactuier-, on reajoivdle icrins, A No worsted, skein cotton, and skein ik dyed in the most splendid eolor. He has employed a celebrated dyer and color uuker, CcnsTLlcs Molont. Mr. Mi.'ouy whs employe I as stiperinti n l nt in ome of helarge t dying eia' lih ment, in Great Bn'a n and America, The pnl lie may depend cm having their trder- excentisl in the 'i.t m.inuei an t wuh all po-sp :c ue-patch. s i; B irb'iigio i, July 15, 1310. MAGNKCTIC ODONTICA. Uir Tri lHl THE Tl.LTIl ! ! The Incumtabapld TouTn Phi:rAttvriP.v. The ftet i proved, and the meet in credulous ad doubting arc fnly convinced, a we have the evidence from the sale of 20.000 bo.e- of the Odon lira, wuhin the pa-t year, lhat the I'mpiun urcams of the alchymi! are. tcibacil, and a remedy discovered for preserving those important and useful nppcndig.os of ihe human svvem, by thn u-e of the Magnetic Odon. tiea, which by its altrai live, und strengthening quali ties, reinovcs'.ill extraneous substances from the teeth and preserve. them in their natural brilliancy, and ihe. gum in soundness and I caiily. ll i accriained from experience, when u-cd, the tce:h will neve; d cay, but tem.un till tho latest age of nun, wuh thmr iui ma 1 wear. When they are decayed, its progress will be arresleil, nnd the teeth preerviil and prevented and pre-erved from Kching nil this ha leen done in a in. itttiud.) of instances: and more in thousand of caes, nervous toothache, (thai climax of pain), has nt once leen e tectuall) eured ly popular deniriirice in America. And in conclusion, where, or who it tk young lady cr gentleman, aye, tbe individual that values a beautiful set of teeth, sound gums and a sweet breath more than fiflvecnisthat will If longer eVsti Mleofa box ef Dr, Al. Huchcivk'sMncnctioOdontica, I'orsa'c wholesale and letnil, by A. HITCHCOCK iV. Co., No. H7Genesci! i. L'lic.i, N. Y and by then agents throughout the United Sihics. In Buihnglon, by J, it J. H. Peck it Co. In Vergcnnee by J, II, Bowman. In .Milton, by Burnett & Sawyer. In Georgia, by Lorenzo Janes, augZ JUST HECEIVED at the Variety Siore, a fevo dozen Harn-rn Melodie-, of the Boston improved edition, being a collection of patriotic songs dedicated to the Hero of Tippecanoe. Abo, a lot of Harri son Almacks for IP 11. The-o le-ides the usual tables and calculations cf a ernimnu A'manack, contain an excellent Biography of Gen, Harrison. Jt is inter sper'd with numerous original engravings, I'lustral ing iho le-ading incidents of his history, But lays one "A elrop of hard ruler will nnswer my turn" as "it' getting in faluon up here." Fortunately our variety can a'lord him one, for hero is a book cniiiled "a drop of hard cider, embodying Ihu toul ofall the Nonh-Bend Melodic, whig songs itc," nnblhhed by Elton, New York. There c ame also wuh the son? books, a va riety of Log Cabin Bo-om Puis, some very pretty cameo and gold one-. Quantity of log Cabin Mefdajs, and a variety of other pools', among which was torn gold paper, puff boxes with pulfsand powder, .Mu M'H m "o int, rtjlle'cer, st'lk cf rose.., r.d k e;l kinds of un 'v "4s and rt'!"ri'''tv The vni y cciutani'v mi icdMn-ti rA.scti jvn& Pr.t.xruiip'.

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