Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, August 14, 1840, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated August 14, 1840 Page 3
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u, tliattho Hon. John Smith "has always been "a rank federalist, a roviler of Jefl'erson and "Madison, n strcnuotia opposcr of tlio last war, " a man who deemed it unbecoming a moral nnd " religious people to rejoice at our victories." Anil yot, Btrango to tell, ho is now a democratic candidate I Dut let us go a little further back nnd boo what the Sentinel thought of Mr. Smith in 1630, na a politician and a man of talents. The editor of the Sentinel was then at Montpclicr, a per eoiial observer of what was passing : " The anti-masons have been in secret scs "sion, and nominated his twaddlership, John "Smith, as candidate for speaker." Again, the editor says : " Notwithstanding a decided majority of tho " union men were returned to the legislature tho "present year, tho ballotings for speaker have " resulted in the election of John Smith of St. " Albans, a gentleman " uhose political creed is " as parly colored as Joseph's coal. Sentinel, Oct 18, 1833. And still again. "Many members of tho legislature contend " tho course pursued by Mr. Smith is injudicious "in many particulars that he lacks energy, " forethought and sound judgment. 1 must ad " mit that ho lacks the information requisite to "the station ho occupies having several times " been corrected by the house, in his decisions " upon questions of order. Sentinel. And this man, this " twaddler" whose political creed is "as party colored as Joseph's coat," who, after years of experience, lacked tho " in formation requisite to preside over tho Vermont legislature," the Sentinel now asks us to elect to Congress. The question naturally arises, how docs this happen 1 How has tho "revilcr of Jefferson" managed to supplant such men as Van Ness 1 And by virtue of what magic docs he now claim the " entire confidence of tho democratic party 1" The wonder is but increased when wo look at Mr. Van Ness, as described in this same demo- cratic address of 183 1. Aftonlrawing the above picture of Mr. Smith, the address proceeds to characterize Mr. Van Ness. With a full view of mo importance of tho coming congressional election, nnd for the purpose of uniting the old Republican party wo have this day put in nomination the Hon. Cornelius 1'. Van Ness a man that has ever been found upon the side of the people, nnd held in the highest estimation, by the democratic freemen of Vermont. Gov. Van Ness is familiarly known to tho most of you fellow citizensand his moral and political diameter to nil. Ho came into this stato in early life, and "grew with its growth, and ptrcngthened with its strength. From his youth tip. he has been noted, for his ardent attachment to, anil ntrong inllcxiblc support of Jcflcrsoiiian principles. He acted a prominent part in the memorable struggles of '93 and 1812, and his nanio is associated with nil the triumphs of democracy, For moral integrity and worth ho is beyond reproach. For grasp and capacity of mind for high anil convincing tlui'iicc for close scrutinizing insight into the springs of human action, and for un intimate acquaintance with the publit; i.fl'airs and the. wants and interests of tin- country and for untiring industry and zeal in her behalf. Gov. Van Ness stands unrivalled in the .State. And yet, so entirely is the loco foco party in this district circumvented by the toils of ancient federalism, that even such a man gets run down in a nomination for congress, by his federal rival, John Smith. The above endorsement was made for Mr. Nan Ness when absent. In tho mean time he has returned home has canvassed the district, made a speech in almost every town and village, has literally bled and died in the cause of democracy ; and yet he finds himself turned ndrift, to perforin the office of political tcazer to such a competitor ! O, democracy ! But, as if premonished of the " ulterior bias" of his party, the writer of the address proceeded to beseech them not to forget what was due to propriety " When wo look around and see the two sen "ators and all tho members of Congress from " this stale, (with the single exception of Mr. "Slade,) of the federal party ; is there a demo " crat in the district who will for any minor con- " sidurations, pass over Gov. Van Ness and vote "for cither of the other candidates We can "hardly believe it." Yet there were many such. It was so natu ral for such "democrrts" as Chittenden, Haight, Haswell, Catlin, &c. to fall into the arms of fed cralism, that they did not wish to rcist ; and, rallying all their duped followers, in the abused name of democracy, they made a desperate push for the restoration of thoir ancient faith, and huceecded, two years ago, in electing a "roviler of Jcfi'cron." Meanwhile, Mr. Van Ness re turns, and claims to bo remembered ; but a now generation have grown up that know not Joseph and he doubtless realizes by this time how cfii ciently he is "seconded in his efforts by tho most distinguished and disinterested federalists throughout the Union." SLIPPERY ELM. A responsible individual, who was present at the administration Convention at Williston on the 17th June, has furnished us with the follow ing copy of a resolution adopted on that occa sion, but which has ncrcr been published. He reports it from recollection, but thinks lie has given very near the identical phraseology, as he paid particular attention to it, at the time. 'Resolved thnt wehavcthosironctstnsBiiranco that the present administration are in favor of n protective tariff, finni the fact that .Mr. Van Iturcn's voto stnnds recorded in favor of it in cvtrv instance while u inem- her of tho .Senate, and from tho mora root nt course of Mi. I'uchnnan and nndollur distinguished friends of uiuiiijiiiiiusiraioii 111 opposmun 10 uie compromise nci oi oi jir. uiay." Why was this resolution omitted in the pub lished proceedings of tho Sentinel 1 Who ex punged it J and by what authority Were the office holders ashamed to father it 7 Or was the Sentinel afraid to have it appear in print that TIr. Van Huron was claimed as a tariff man at tho north Was there ever a greater insult offered to the intelligence of community ! Here these office holders collect tho people together, and by a solemn resolution, declare their confi ilcncc in Mr. Van Huron's friendship for the tariff; then turn about and falsify the whole proceeding 1'Y expunging tho record ! Could thcro bo any other motivo in this, than to hum bug and deccivo the people 1 Head tho language of Mr. Van Huron, Mr. Calhoun, the Globe and tho Sentinel, on tho sub ject of the tariff, in another column, and tho matter is at once explained. HON. WILLIAM JAItVIS. Tho Sentinel of last wcok has dug up an old slander against this distinguished individual and publibhcd it for tho purpose of diverting miblicr.attention from the wcli-meritcd chastise- inoiii he has L'ivcn Mr. Van Ness. This libel on Mr. J. was promptly met at the time, and ef. fcctually put down ; and now since the Sentinel has ceon lit to rcvivo tho charge, wo can do no loss than republish tho refutation as it appeared firifrinallv in the columns of this paper. Tho icHtlmnnv of such men as Griswold, 1'latl, Now ell and Urownoll, wilUtand with tho people of tins county aaii)Bt a host of such fdnndererii ai ibo Sontinol and Patriot. Mr. Jnrvia in imn of tho most iinrijiht inon in this or any other com inunity. I lo is a republican of the old M-hool was appoint! to ollico by Jefferson, and in his public and privaWj 1 har-utcr btandu unimpoaclicti Jlli early l!lliuu;ij ill win mnuu oi iiium-ui' lustry, and has undoubtedly done moro to pro- mote tho substantial interests of the farmer and mechanic, than any other man in the state. A republican by birth, education and habit, ho needs no certificate of character, whero lie is familiarly known. But, lest those at a distance should bo misled in referenco to it, wo choose again to pet this matter right. Mr. Jnrvia never uttered tho ecntimont attri- btitcd to him. So far from it, ho was, on tho oc casion alluded to, contending for tho largest privilege for tho poor man. Ho was insisting upon the right of universal suffrage, and, as a reason, urged that although tho rich contributed the most money, yet tho poor contributed their toil and their blood in their country's cause, and this, ho contended, was, lo say the least, a full equivalent; and therefore tho poor man was en titled to an equal participation in tho privileges and benefits of a republican government. This is the remark that has been most shamefully tor tured to contain the odious doctrino that " the rich man's money was a fair oflsct to the poor man's blood." But we refer the reader to the documents. tho timcbolng, but was afterwards called up, and by dint of log-rolling nnd out door inlluonco Mr. Van Ness succeeded in getting It through. These are tho simple- facts, nnd they demonstrate, what we havo never doubted, that this patriotic missionary is in fact opposed to all monopolies, in which ho is not himself concerned. radical measures already mysteriously, threatened by Carrol (Carroll ton) L. 321, F. 1C8.. A Whig elect .! . . ..:. "'.."vwnw ....vwiiiiiii I lu it Illlilfi'lsini.irC. Gallatin, (Warsaw) L. 252, V. 125. lioollc. d'ctersbnrfl I.. r.V if. r. III rtimrd tO SOIIIdlir tlmo rxnnllna u-n mb.l.l I'uiiitumin, oui wouo not (icciu it necessary. iiesolred. That wo liledeo to tliu slain nnd In tin. Union, a honrtv rcsiionse to truo principles from tho county of Chittenden, for she is " wearied with much Euiienng," THE GREAT GATHERING AT UNDER- 11ILL. Wo understand tho convention which met at Underbill last Tuesday was one of the most respectable, both in character and numbers, that has ever assembled within tho limits of Old Chittenden County. Tho number is variously estimated by those who were on the ground, at from fifteen ltUNDiinn to two thousand. As thcro was no building in town sufficiently capacious to accommodate the multitude, they were obliged to resort, so tho great temple of nature, and accordingly met in the open air. And although the weather was somewhat rainy, tho enthusiastic assembly, standing in solid col umns, listened, as we are informed, to tho spirit stirring addresses which were delivered on tho occasion, with an attention which was interrup ted only by those popular demonstrations of ap proval which afford the best assurance that the speakers reach the hearts of the audience. But one feeling animated the great assembly a determination to conquer at the approaching contest. Sustained as they were by a well grounded faith in tho purity of their principles, the great band of freemen wcro encouraged to labor with unabated ardor, by an nnshaken con fidence in the triumph of their cause. We understand that Messrs. Marsh, Briggs and Hale, wcro very happy also, in their ef forts on the occasion. Mr. Marsh, in particu lar, won golden opinions from all who were present. His speech was characterized by great clearness of style and vigor of language ; and we hope that front the success which attended him, he will bo encouraged to address his fellow citizens more frequently than he has formerly done. At such a crisis as this, it is the duty of all true patriots to devote their talents to their country. Mr. Br.iGos is always at home before a popular assembly, and he was never perhaps, more happy than on this occosion. Mr. Hale, though quite a junior in tho political field, ac quitted himself with great honor. He is a young man of fine talents, a good speaker, a close logical rcasoncr; and the estimation in which his remarks were held on this occasion, may be in ferred from the fact, that, before leaving the ground, ho was invited to address the clubs in six different towns in this county. After the speaking was over the convention adjourned to meet at Essex on the 23d instant, at which time Mr. Slade of Middlcbtiry is to ad dress the people. Let the Pcoplo make their arrangements to attend on tiio occasion. OGLE AND LINCOLN. Qucrc. Will our veracious neighbor of tho Free Press copy this speech of Mr. Lincoln a 7 Sentinel. Certainly, wo will, if the Sentinel will publish the speech or Air. Uglc to winch Air. U's is a reply. Tho Sentinel will not, of course, object to conceding the same justice it claims at our hands. What say ! Will you do it ! All wo ask is, that every- voter in the United States should examine the "official documents," cmbod icd in Mr. Ogle's speech. They can then give Mr. Lincoln's opinion, and Mr. Winslow's opin ion, all the weight they are entitled to, and yet judge for themselves as to the propriety of the expenditures in question. Neither Mr. Lincoln's apologies nor the Sentinel's denunciations can do away with the fact that eighty-eight thousand dollars of the people's money has been expended by Van Huron for "Artificial roses for the Prcsi dent's table," green finger cups, cut wine cool ers, silk curtains, fringes, tassels, cords, gold leaf, &c. &c. You cannot argue the seal from such a bond as this ; and all wc ask is that the people should have an opportunity to examine for themselves. Wc therefore cheerfully ac. quiesco in tho prsposition of tho Sentinel, on the simple condition that Winslow shall let his readers have the documents. And these docu incuts bo it remembered, are authenticated by the administration members of the committee to which Mr. Ode belonged. Dare the Sentinel meet us on its own ground, and " do as it would be done by" ! Aye, or no I "WHEN BEAR EATS BEAR," &c. It has been for somo time reported that Isaac Hill was desirous of returning to tho U. States Senate, and finding some obstacles in tho way, was about to establish a new paper at Concord, in opposition to tho Patriot. This it seeing is even so, notwithstanding Mr. Hill's recent ap pointment ns receiver at Boston ; and tho last Patriot informs us that tho now paper will make its appearance in a fow daya. In referenco to this event the last Patriot says : When Mr. Hill's paper shall make its appearance, duty to oursclf and to those who look to us for protec tion and support, will conipcll us to present a faithful and candid history of tho transactions out of which havo grown this unhappy controversy, and which is made tho pretext and justification of a movement which strikes tho democracy of tho Stato with aston ishment and regret. In doing which wc entertain the most perfect confidence, that wa shall be able to show conclusively, , that so far from having dono Mr. Hill the slinhtest injustice, tho whole dilfcultv lias arisen from n desire on his part to appropriate to himself the tho fruits of our industry our unceasing toil for years without giving or offering in return, the most rcnioto or imaginable consideration. When wc shall have done this, wo hopo wo shall have no further occa sion to revert to tlio subject in any manner whatever. This rupturo will doubtless lead to some in teresting disclosures, and wc have a sort of pre monition that Mr. Hill will come oil' second best. Wo always knew that ho was " the very dev. for money," as Louis, the barber, used to say of O'Callaghan ; but then tho idea of such an imp ho is levying black mail upon a poor printer, ill hardly go down with honest men. Wc will wait, however, and hoar both sides. It is further said that Mr. Hill was sorely dis- appointed in not being appointed Postmaster General, and that tho offico of Receiver was ithcr reluctantly given to him to keep him quiet. If this be so, it may be that this movement has more in it than meets tho eye. If New Hamp shire should slip through Van Huron's fingers after all, it would bo rather a dry joke. A Poena. At a meeting of Whigs at tho log cabin this town last week, a gentleman from Hurlinirton t. burner called imon to make a sriccch commenced bv saying that ho was a federalist of tho old school, and that he was not ashamed to own it; that ho was an ndvocate of log cabins, and had tho honor of select ing tho spot for tho erection of one at Burlington. Ana wticro gentlemen, isaia ncj ao you suppose it as? Tho most proper of all other places the iden tical svot on vhich the cfHau of Thomas Jefferson tras hung vhipt and burnt during his adminittration." Saratoga sentinel. The above is doubtless a sheer fabrication; for surely no sano man could bo guily of the egregious folly of publicly stating so gross a falshooil. It is not true that any individual had tho location of tho log cabin. Tlio Whigs arc in tho habit of consulting the views of the pcoplo in matters of this kind, and that was particularly tho caso in this in stance. Nor is it true that our log cabin elands any where near tho spot alluded to. On the other hand, tho loco foco flag-staff occupies tho "identical spot on which tho ef figy of Thomas Jefferson was hung and liipt during his administration" ! and what is more, the person who took a leading part in erecting this flag-staff, is, if common report peak true, one of the individuals concerned in the hanging and whipping above ulludcd Under these circumstances wc tako it upon us to say, that no wing "gentleman from Burlington Vt," ever made tho speed above quoted. THE PAINS AND PENALTIES. The excuse which has been given by tlio administration papers within tho last two years, for the great number of defalcations of government officers, is that it was all tho fault of tho Whigs, who refused to vote for the Sub-treasury bill, which provided severe penalties for such defalcations. Althougl tho Whigs did not havo n majority in either house, the administration never could bring its own party up to the sticking point, until tho coalition was made with Calhoun. Dy disfranchising New Jersey tho bill lias been forced through. But wherearethe penalties? Will tlio reader bo astonished to hear that theso havo been put in a saparato bill, which has not passed? It is so. Read the follow ing: "One of the most important bills before Congress was one which has been lost, and which was some times mistaken for the Sub Treasury Hill. It was clirtsteneU liy tlio wings "a Hill to keep tlio Keepers," After tho resolutions wcro read, nt tho call of (Thompson's majority over Helm is in nil cases about tho nconlo. Mr Hrinv Hale and f 1 Mai,,, , 0 ns "l" 01 "clicr over French perhaps n uio pcopic, air. nr.Nn male aim u. i . m aksh, ,ttlo larger. Every where tlio Whig gain s astound- fiSq. ol JJurlington, and HON. Wit, P. Ilrnoas, of Tho Stato is ours by a majority absolutely tro Richmond, entertained tho convention with snir- mn,,rOIM,,,ta -ni f , , .... ., ited nnd eloquent addresses. When the spoak- preceding returns except when otherwise stated era had concluded It was moved and seconded 'y of 11,0 votts sivc" 0,1 1,10 r'rst d,v of tllc that tho convention bo adjourned to meet again Old Campbell, comprising tho present counties of in Essex, at 12 o'clock on Saturday the 2&1 inst., pnll'I''jc11 V,,-Ccnt,'."0i U 1 K'vo 1 Van 'Iurcn njori- t , ,. ... ,, . tyol noout Lnj in 1830 it was 557. lloono county ror tho pttrposo of listening to an address from 1st day gives a Whin majoJity of 275. They will give the Hon. William Slade of Middlcbury and at- T 'J.'" overwhelming vote. Cincinnati ltcpub. tending to such other business as may be deemed NORTH CAltOE,IN necessary to sccuro tho triumphant success of Wo havo returns by this morning's mail, from nino tho Whig ticket at the approaching contest in J0"'"'08- .WPJ?LV" ",0 rcsu,t be-low, with the vote for Old Chittenden" which motion passed by th0 Whig candidate, mid ."Wight 'tho administration. uiiiiuimuua vuic. I "","'sl icmn,u mmwy Mini irnui-n. m ia.3, THIIMAN f!AT Iisilf A 1,:i,i ?V! "n considered a test onu. In 1830 Dudley's ma 1KUA1AJN UAIjUMIIA, I'rcsirfcJi. jority in tlw stato over Siiright was 4013. VAN NESS vs. MONOPOLIES. The Sentinel undertakes to apologize for Mr. Van Ness's attempt lo monopolize the navigation of Lake Cliainplain, on tho ground that Now lork had given a biniilar grant to soino of her citizens. Grant it. What then ! Docs tho fact that ono set of individuals have filched from the public tho half of a valuable privilege, make it right that another should filch the other half also ! or would such an operation secure to the great mass of tho pcoplo any peculiar advantages? According to this doctrine, because somebody steals one half of the park foncc, Winslow would go and plunder the other half, for tho mere pur pose of restoring equality This might, to bo sure, bo an equal "division of spoils," but tho public could hardly bo convinced that their rights had not been grossly infringed upon. But tho idea that it was necessary to grant an exclushe nrivi lego to Mr. Van Ness in order to checkmate the New Yorkers, is all humbug. The legislature might just as well, in an act of one section, hav excluded tho New Yorkers from our waters, and left tho navigation of tho Lake, so far as our stato was concerned, open to the equal enjoyment oj ait her cimens. This, in our way of thinkini would havo smacked somewhat more o( equality, But thcro is another foaturo to this transac tion. The petition for this grant was originally presented in lite name oi a. w. JJaruum and ! 1). Woodbridgc, and in this shape, it was woll understood nt Moutpolicr at tho lime, that Mr. Van Ness was opposed lo it. In tho moan timo, however, ho got his name incorporated into tho bill as ono of tho monopolists, and then ho camo out the strenuous adiocatc of the measure ! Tho bill wan opposed at tho time, by the leading iiiumborRof tho democratic party, and if wo aro correctly informed tho Speaker left tho chair on one occasion, nnd made n strong argument against both tho constitutionality and jtibtico of the measure. The bill was laid upon tho tablo for Pitt Warren Kdgi'comhc Oranvillo Nush Franklin Washington IVanfort Halifax 1000 TiGOj 3730 4711 LEGISLATURE. IS 10. W. I F. ... 3 - 3.. - 3.. 1 -.. 2.. - 3.. 3 .. 3 .. 4 ... 1S33. W. L. . 3 Bishop Soule's OriNioN of Gen. ILvnnisox. Wc give tho following communication, says tho Gloucester (Mass.) Telegraph, a conspicu ous place, and trust that it will not he without its effects in silencing at least one of tho many wicked slanders of the enemy. Wo ask our readers (many of whom have a personal acquain tance with the Bishop, and know him a as pattern of true Christianity,) to look at the following statement of facts : Bishop Soulc, D. D. ono of tho most pure and distinguished Methodists in tho U. States, was asked in the presence of Rev. Leonard B. Grif finrr. ("who linrntnfnrn has Imon a Kiinnnrlnr nf Martin Van Buro.rt-" What I. thn i.ublic and ,!,'"1!.,,".W.!,Wb,?!. ?." rof three nicmbcrsin Hal- ' i i ui;ix nnu private character of William II. Harrison I" The Bishop replied, "I CONSIDER GEN. HARRISON'S CHARACTER WITHOUT ono in Grnnvillu county ILLINOIS, Cook Co. Whiff Sheriff nnd norlion of Wbi.r lii'lt. ct elected. I.nt election Loco foco. TiiiTrArii rr.. i.-.. ; :..j.;. . ri It- , "b .....jw... . v..... w ui iVUJivil. Jiu una iccl mj licigliuui , X miic 1 L.OCO-IOCO. been an inmate of his familti, ami I consider his ALABAMA, ).....- .. i. 1 a - it:..;-. . ..I, I From thn N. V. American mu.w u,i uiit ij uk uzm iwuiutjur miiusiera wi U(( I m j , e -,V i , C-A , . . .-..w..... .....v. " ,.. . ....... w........ The Bishop is well known for his groat pru dence, and in the samo conversation, when ask ed how ho thoucht Gen. Harrison would admin. istcr our Government, replied "I believe tho 8uc;cu mniitiicir ticket in ,,, nnd wo nearoi affairs of this nation would be as well adminis- Thi,i() 'nixon IL Lmh dii)trictj aI1(1 u laok8 as)if tcreu by try uen. Harrison as by 1'rcsiuont Van that largo gentleman migiit bolelt at home. uurcuuruMjr u. ... irunua. ir'-rKfJ. f!W,l J,ll,l V TO MfJlV." rn J. Lyman, W. Haumon, M. A. Wili.ap.d, Secretaries. Pitt Warren Kdgccombo... Granville Nash Franklin Washington.. iicautort Halifax W. ,.525.. 89.. .111.. .873.. . 73.. .333.. .379.. .810.. ..C22.. 1810. fi. F. . 510.. . 703.. .121)3.. . 7G0.. . 782.. . G3fi.. . 0(3.. . 303.. ,. 410., 1830. W. L. F, ..493... .. 92.. .. 71.. ..977.. ..102.. ..303.. ..377.. ...755.. ..503.. 511 . 073 .1191 . 391 . 079 . 501 . 31 . 230 . 403 17 11 13 15 bus, (Ga.,) which is on the Chatahoochie, that sep arates that State from Alabama, gives us this good news: ';Tho elections took placo in Alabama on Monday, 3d inst. have only partial returns. Tho Whig CHEERING NEWS FROM THE WEST. VOICE FROM THE LOG CABINS INDIANA. 1810. 1939. Floyd Dearborn Franklin Clark Fayette , Wayne Union Rush , Randolph Delaware Marion Henry Scott Jcllerson Jennings , ltinlcv Switzerland 170 Steuben Lagrange St. Joseph Laporto Porter Kosciusko Klkhart Noble Marshall Decatur Shelby Bartholomew.... Hrown Johnson W. L. F. W. L. F. . 83maj. 037 9:i0 . 109.... 11155 1S29 . 100.... 609 1010 , ....50 833 1392 . 330maj. 570 593 1550.... 1G3S 932 . 111.... 3?9 521 . 300.... 1170 1173 . 373.... 512 394 . 832.... 331 3"G . 310.... 915 1192 . S05.... 813 C29 191 335 413 . 529.... 12S0 1330 . 317.... 501 5GG . 33G.... 753 033 . 170.... 730 905 . 00.... 113 71 , 100.... 233 210 , 330.... 534 475 . 141.... 693 563 . 19.... 123 210 . 49.... 219 312 . .... 02 410 557 . .... 44 121 232 . .... 50.... 117 103 . 437.... .... S53 931 . ....150.... 097 1005 . ....275.... 573 533 . ....22(T.... 5S 275 .. ....300.... 511 937 7933 1151 19193 21527 1151 19183 The Democrats of Milton will meet at A. Coffin' on Saturday, August 15, at 4, o'clock P. SI. A jiuncj tual atteniloncc is requested. autnci. Is not the Sentinel a little premature ! As wo understand it, the " Coffin" gathering of tho loco foco party will tako placo on the 4th of March next. CHITTENDEN CO. WHIG CONVENTION. Tho friends of Harrison and reform are notified that a county convention, will bo In hint I-.s'-ex Mcctinir Houe, on SATURDAY, the 2M, intant, at 10 I o'clock. A.M., for the purpose of di-cusint; the fireat political questions that ntonow aijilaliiit; tho country, and adoplimr measures the better toseeuro tho success of the electoral, senatorial and congrtSMonal whig tickets in this county. 1 V IVl-STOV 1 ANDREW WARNER, W.m. It. PEASE, I County DANIEL II. ONION, f Committee. GEO. A. ALLEN, I GEO. K. PLATT. August 13, 1940. GLASS. DtirliiiKton, Vermont, and Kvcx, Cylin der t!lav. nmdi! nt ilio L'bnliii.bilii (llns works. and very much improved in quality compared with the tu Jjfonos, lor sale by J.&, J. II. I'KCK ft. I'o. itItAPl'INU pAPnil 1 io"7ttin WrniiniiiL' T T Paper, nnd a large tppply of wfitlnsr, 1 otli Cap andU-ttir, lor alo by 1). A. lilt AM AN. T ) CAIIIN ANKCDOTfS and illuitratod incl JU dentj in tho lilt; of Gen. Wh. It. 1 1 Aim now. for nlu at the Hook storo june 19 II. A. HKA.MaN 1M1IS may certify that my wife. Ally Hunker, has . cloned from inv bed anil board withoiitnnv tiniv- peation and 1 forbid any person hnriMrrini; or trusting heron my account. AMOS BUNKER. Starksboro', July 29th, 1310. HINESItUROHAfMDEMY.-Sfccncxt term of this institution will commence on Monday, Aiii. 21, under tho direction of the present principal, Mr. Ijetison. To thoseacquaintcd wilh the advantages of iiiiaiiiauiiiuuii rixon. iiieiiiiaiions aro neeuiess. ,ui;ust 4, 1810. TIIOS. W. OII1I5, Secretary. p LOTH I I3HH, TAKE NOriOK-Thusiib-criber "- at the Wiiioo.kj Iron Foundry, has on hand and for .-ale, a new TEAZEI.ING (ill!, intuits for narrow ('loth, a lirt rait; machine, of the Into-i improvement, which will bo sold cheap lor eaih, or exchanged for Clpili. JKSSE u.vY. vt iuooki illacc, Juno 11, 1840. BOOTH & Tho Milerihor hai now on hand ll m-ncrnl it(.nrtiiunl r,f IKHrl'.-i nml SHOES, of iheino-t f.i.hionablo style, and thorough uiKnmiiiiii, wineii no oner cry low mr UAnii. N. II. All kinds of ineasnrp work ilnni" nl slmrl nn. lit-c. Itiirliiigton, Chnrch-st May 28, 1810. BURLINGTON COMH FACTORY. A laritonnd treucral aorlinent of Combs of.urr.- ulon ufAl.iTt now on hand iiud constantly manufac turing nt tho above c.tubli.hmont, and fur Mile to the tradu ut low pruvi. Merchants nml others wi-hinir t Ket a i?ood nrliVlu forrciuiliii'' will find it to their ad vantage toeall nnd examine for them-elve. June 10, 1810 VILAS, LOO.MIS and Co. CAIIIMJTINGSThc subscribers haveon baud a full assortment of Iimrnm and Common wont Carpeting, Venetian and Cotton do. Rush Matting Oil Cloths, .So. which will be sold for Cash at New i on; prices. i. LU Jil.Y ei UU. July 30, 1810. NOTICE. This certifirs that I havo pi en my son .loM'pli Hoc, his time, and shall not bo refiionsi. b o for any contracts made by him, nor claim any of ins earnings after this date. his DOMINIC X ROE. Colchester, August 5, 1910. mark. DR. II. A. OAUVIN, lately relumed from Franco, respectfully offers his services to tho American public. Office opposite Mr. Russell's Hotel, in tho iiuiimj ...nay ticcumeii oy Israel 1 llicitaruson, l.sq. in Pcarl-st. Burlington, July 10, 1810. Im.jyl7 riHIETIPPKCANOE TEXT HOOK. Just received, a larjiu supply of Tippecanoe Text Hook, mailt: up oi iioriiineiHMimi tacts illiMratmij Uen. Harri.-on's history, character, services nnd opinion'.. It is warmly recommended to tho friend officii. Harrison through out the l Slates, for tale at tho book store. June 20. I). A. IIRAMAN. Variety Htorc. Julv 2.7. WE arc receiving a fresh Mipply of Good, amons llicin are black nnd briltania Caiiors, steel and eitt Wntch Key, violin nnd viohnccllo Mrioij-, Kittle-, r.'.f..o H....,.;l t.,.l., L. .!... L' o-.:.: II I in.-, . itaui, i uuinvi i nm, oaiiii iicni.. white. satin Head Hand-, Log Cabin llo-oui Pint and .mcujis, roor Man s rin-it-r-, nnd manv oilier eoou, PANtillOHN & llItl.NSMAU. TJAI'Kn.-C. GOODRICH has just received JL from the manufacturers in Massachusetts, a full supply of linen hniid-made, royal, lueduim, Demy, cap, letter, lolio-post aim mint paper, ol various qual ities, as wove, satin, laid, gilt, &c. &c. for sale at man tifactures prices. June' 30. IWKW GOOIW. Sidney Harlow lias received a i. i general a ortinent ol i;oo.l nt In- old store on Pearl In el, winch will be sold cheap eiumab. N. II, Wool received for goods. Itiirlington May 23. BimiJNCSTON FEMALE SEMINARY. Th fall term of the .S'cminMH', .,,!, ,.,.:, icii. ,.n"ITI2-M or Adhto:.- Hoarders per annum S140, or SiO per term, hn f payable in advance. This, sum entitles tho pupil i0 board, lodging, room rent, fire, lights, itc, and to tuition in any or all branches included m tlieextcnsivocourfo of English studies pur sued in tho .Seminary nnd Latin. Extra t barges aro iiiiucior jiiu-uc, including prnctiru 913. vot nlSLfur music pupils, 2 for others. Drawing 93) French 63. Pupils not received for a shorter period than ono quar ter, unless specified on entrance. Deviation from tbh rnlo is made in case of viclttu,. Annlirniimi in l. inndo to tho Principal, M. C. GREEN. iiuriington, Aug. t, 1B10. NIiO VUIjY & Co., have just reo'.l from New 1 ork. nnd are now ollerinir for.inlo at Mill fur ther reduced iirico... lor rcndvCASHn mi.n. ,,m,.l assortment of fancy and oilier (loooi mlaptul to Mm svaon and tlio limes than ever before among whit h aro many new articles never before ollercd in tliU mar ket. Also, a new supply il laware, I nx.'kery mid LookiiiK-dlavses Aim, English Currant', Prune Dry Groceries, Mats, Russia and tuber Ctirpelinir, Oil Cloth for Tables, Floors, and Linings, etc. More next week. JiiiielO STIITK ,OK VERMONT. ) rpilE boo, thu probato IJI-T. or I iilTTr.Nnr.N si. ( J. court Inr theditiricl of Chittenden. To nil persons concerned in the oMalo of Amos llickok late of Caarlotlc. in said tlislriettle- ceaed, grvelinsr. VVhcrea-, Nfl-on HicKtik adiuMra- tor ol the istalu ol Mini tlece.veil, propo-es to lentlur au account of administration, nml pre imi Ins ac count ugaiiist said estate fur c.xnmimitiou nnd allow ance ut n eion of the Court of Probate, to I e hold en nt the Register otlico in Hurlinirton on lite econd Vwlen(l.iy or beptcmbcr next lliercioic, yon aro hereby unfilled to nppear before aid coiutal ibotimo and puce nforcaul, and how cau.-e, if any you have, wbv the account should not buullowod. Given under my hand at Hurlinirton this tirst dayof Augiut, A. D. BOOTS, SHOES & LEATHER. Tho subscriber havinrr taken tho store formerly occupied by Messrs. Ilmhim if- UVnVufe. is now imeniiii' a L'eiienU assortment of Hoots, Shoes and Leather, which havo all been bought for cash nnd will bo sold for tho samu nt tho lowest prices, and as the'articles aro too numer ous to mention in an advertisement, although Mr Sta cy has enlarged his paper, I would simply invito all to can nun examine utu goous uin. priies oeiorepurciia-i- inir eisew iitTi'. Iiuriington, July 1, 1810. HENRY C. STIMSON, by E. J. .Stimson', Assent. Fir,.ki,iS"iioi;sn, a'i 'nn; .miSTTiTal SPRlNtiS, IN HIlillOATE, VT. The subscri ber having furnished and lilted up, for the reception of company, the above establishment, respectfully solicits the patronau'i: of his friend-, and the public i:cnera!ly. The celebrity this spring ha nttnuied, the beauty of it-, localiou U-ing situated in a plea-nnt and healthful -ection of the country toqether wilh the exertions of the MibscriU'r to give satisfaction to all, it u hoped will make it a dosirnblu. situation for thou: who wi.h lo n viii I them-clvc of the benefit) of the medicinal waters, and a relaxation from the ordinary cares of business. S. W. WOOD. Illtrhirale, June 3, 1310. Sw NIZW GOODS, now iieiiintt; uu additional assortment ol various kind of, nmong tlielu are .Mezotiuto iJrtislies, Mini Head Head Hands. Sar.nparilla Lozenges. Acuorilcon books, extract ol Hcriraiuot, brislol board,grcen Spoclne e,l'alor, no mIvlt poelct Comlis, Eagle Hell Plates, etc. ALSO, a. cood aMrtincnl of trimmed and plain lino Satin nml hombar.ine Stock ; thin summer Slocks, fig'd and plain some wilh very nice nml light for warm weath er; we have also very narrow Stocks, suitable for boyt or men. AUo, long stocks for tho-e who havo larire Need", in a word our assortment of Stocks, Col lars ami llosoms i, very complete. For further par ticulars please call at the Variety Store. June II. Past.iioiin & flntH.-MiiD. 1 GRAND ISLE COUNTY WHIG CONVENTION The Whias of Grand Islo Conntv will hold a con vention nt tho Court House in Noilh Hero, on Thurs day the 20th of August inst. for the purpose of select ing n Whig Candidate for Senator lo represent tho County in the ."state ."senate. Let the n lugs attend in their strength, and tho people, as usual this year, with the whias, come themselves. Aug. 11. Ry order of tho County Committee. Wilis maj .0337 L. F. maj. .2311 L. F. maj. in 1939..2311 Whig gain 9131 In Switzerland, nil Wills. In 1339 it cave 1 The above counties (Swh7erland excepted) gave en me coun the townships nro reported 70 L. F. majority. Harrison 1719 majoiit) in 1330 s in 1S37, who Whig majority in the Stale was25,7 12, tho same lies gave only 202 Whig majority. nURtilNC.TOX LIGHT INFANTRY. Tlio members of ilie Hur'inpion l.iirht Infantry are requested to meet nt J. II. Whitcouib's on Saturday tlio xzuiiim., ui i o cioei., .u. ior me purpose oi a com pany drill nml tor procuring :i stand ol colours and mu sical iiiirtiincnt, nnd the appointment of musicians. liy order ol the i aplatn, S. E. CORNING, O. Scrgent. M Ii T L Q 'I On Monday evoninn last, by the Rev. John K. Con verse. Mr. Hkst.v V. i.atmv lo .vliss .MAtiv t;. The counties of Dearborn. Franklin nnd S wilier- Mavo. hot h of this vt a'o. land sent six i.ocoioco ineiulicrs to the Legislature last year ; but this election they are all Whig. l no vyiugs navo carried every county in Indiana on Ihe river from hero to Louisville. Last year every county went against us. Hamsonisin sweeping over il.,.ini.,.U. .i,..n.,l. I Y ,..: ny tnc roots. Aim later ana more morions irom Jnaiana 17ORKIGN IRON AND STEEL. Knulish Iron 1 from 1 loC inches; Rus-ij old ..alio Iron; do new do tlo; Svveede, do; Hoop do from J to inch ; Hrazier'.s Ruls ; Sprimr, cast, german, swedes and English blister steel ; I art nnd wnirnn boxes, finished cro bar, by June 19. J. it J. II. PECK & Co. P ANCHORS ife HRINSMAID.ol tbe Variety More, are ollerun.' a great variety of Wutehe., Clocks. Jewelry, Perfumery. Musical Instruments, Curls, Cards, Piclure,Soap,Httir Oils,Razor-, Knives, Scissors, Cane-, Stocks, Caps, drawing materia', wil low Wasruniis, Chairs and (.radio., Castor, Pencils. Tea and Coilce Pot and Fnis: silver wine, plnled Ware. Lmm Wick and Gl.tsc, Collars and Husom. Suspenders, Swords ami Pitols,Thermoineter.s,Sintiou- cry. luUs, coiut riasier; noils, nags, pocket isoohs ami a ieai variety 01 i.tucv nriieics 10 suppiv uni ants nnd minister to the 'ratilica!iou ol the notional ind all who call at the Variety store j we uro in "Ap- Pw" order ready to answer orders or return calls it the variety store, Pant.hoiin it IiuiNjM.vii). 100 TIN 1MATE, &c. boxe Tin nlate, 4 X. W do I A square tlo 100 bundles Iron wire, assorted nos., togeibcr wilh a irenernl n-orimenl of Sheet Iron, Copper, Rir iti, etc, for sale by June 10 VILAS, LOO.MIS & Co. NOTICU. All persons indebted to the Into firm of Latin op, Potwin nnd Wait or to Mayo nnd Wait at their store at winoosU Villnue, ore hereby no tified to iital.o payment to n- ut our Store in Iiuriing ton, comer Church and College streets MAVO and WAIT. MT. VKUNON READER, Polvelolt Hible t f diilerent sixes and buHing-, Pooket Hible nnd Te-innients nnd a general aoiuuent of .stationa ry ju-l rec-eivetl fromN. Vork nntl for aleby College st. je:25. S. HUNTINGTON. ATEW SIIEKT IRON, COPPl'.R iV'Il.N WARE IN KsTAHLISIIMENT. The ttibtcriU-r. late of the firm of Siarrit Uo.stv ick, having purchased ami re moved totho Sioie lately ivcipied by Strongs it Co., east side of the Court Hou-e S.piaro,'one door north of Ihe Log Cabin, is now ready 10 tlo all Kiwi ol worK that the public wi-h in his line of huinc, such a covering rooti wall tin, making and ptilting up eavo troughs ami .spont. All kinds of Tin, sheet Iron and uopper are will le uepi on iiauo, antuor saie ai as low prices ns. eat. iuiuiiih. tit utu itiiie. oneei .im. Copper Pumps, Leatl Pipe, and nil other article in thu line of our btisiiie.-s kept on hand. Kur clieapneis of price and neatue-s tif execution, my work will not to excelled by any 111 the state. If you wish Ibrnny lliina in the u hove line, before you trale l; sure and ealt upon II. II. HOsTWICK. unriincion, Jiuy, la-iu. UT OH CAIIIN anil II Alt I) CIDER." A XJ few log cabin lloom Pius, will, the barrel 01 Hard Outer "mighty linndy" anil "Hie string never pulled in" inst lini-lied nnd for sale nt the variety store. Mav2S. Panrhoiin ft IIiiissmaid. M Bio 31 In Jericho, on the 2d inst. Miss Emilv Lownv. eld est daughter of Oliver I.ovvry Eq., agctl'i yeai. ORE NEW HOOKS, .lust received at the Hixik Siore, A New Home. v ho 'II lollovv. ioting Ladies Companion. 'ounte Id.i. Haywnrd' New Eu land tiazeleer. Mitchell's (Icograol'itcal Reader. ysiem ol (ieogratiby, ctinipriing a Description ot the Wotld with the grand divisions, designed for in trneiiou-m -clioou ami l.uniiies. vtoiuit'r 01 the Heavens. D. A. IIRAMAN IE A V IIOR3IS. Stra.-ed from tluubscril cr, on -nl.r..,f ll... IO.I, I..1.- ,,.,ll, "The Spirit of Old Wayno" of August 4th contains SOme while abo-it the nock, ca'ti-iil bv wear of 'the col- ar, nntl lame with .1 spavin Is-'lnud. Ai.o, one nay ltorM-, one hiinl leg large, nbout 15 vear-- old. Hnrlinston, Aug. 1310. J. POTTER. L EAT II EH. Solo U-ither, 11 superior article (or sale bv J. it J. II. PECK it Co. Ilurlmgion, August 13, IS 10. nml as such it was known throush the United States, 1 ho Madisoman, in commenting upon the loss of this Hill, s.'ivs that in tho wreck of business, nublic or nri- vate, which has been left, behind, the bill for tho moro eilcetuai security ot tlio puiiiic money, ny providing nenal enactments ncuinst defaultinn Sub-treasurers, was iosi, 1 ins incasuro was nrougni up in 1110 Senate, by Mr. Wright, soon after tho Subtrcas urv bill nassed. was urged as indispensable to the snfctij of the public money 1 it passed tho Senate, but was never once iiieniiuiieu 111 1110 iiousc 01 ucprcscu lativcs," WHIG CONVENTION AT UNDERIIILI Agreeably to tho call of the county committtco the freemen of Chittenden County assembled in convention at Underhill, on Tuesday the 11th inst. and were organised by appointing the fol lowing officers : TltUMAN GALUSIIAof Jcrico, President. J. II. Tower of Underhill, ) r. j,rr,. J.W. Kmekv of Essex, J. Lyman of Jcrico, 1 r. Haumon, of Sliclburn, Secretaries, M. A. WiLbAito of Essex, ) Geo. I. Marsh of Burlington,") Jacud Makck of Hnrlington, I Committee Joseph Marsh of Hincsburgh, to prepare Geo. IltiwK of Jcrico, I business, W. S. Hawkins of Underbill, J Aftor which tho convention, on motion, ad journed till one o'clock, P. M, At one o'clock, in accordance with tho rcsohu tion of adjournment, the freemen again assem bled, when tho following resolutions, prepared by the coinmittco appointed for that purjwso wcro road to tho convention by Mr. Stansbury of Richmond. Ittsolted, That Lousiana has dono her duty, nnd Vermont cannot pay her far oil" sister a better compli ment than to "follow in her footsteps." Ihmtrcd. That thonassano of the odious pub-trensu- ry bill by tho party now in power, notwithstanding its repeated rejection by Congress, and "in spitoof tho lamentations of tho people," on the ground that thi scheme, whilo it diminishes thn wanes of labor aiiL'- incuts tho opulence, of 1 ho wealthy, evinces that they tiavcnn eye on uieir salaries, which increase in vniue "AVNARD it NOVS' line lilaok Writing Ink, which ha to-M tc-i lor more thirty years. A cask jtit revived and for sale by 1 1 Aug. 15 IU. liuumut. 11. M thn followinuLdorious ndtlitions to thu election new Union county has now chosen two whiirs to the Legislature, instead of ono whig and one loco; and u nion nnu i-aiaycue navo chosen mis year a iiig oenator. RANDOLPH WIDE AWAKE! Wc havo received but partial returns from Randolpl and so far as learned HiuLar's mnioritv is 373. Delaware, wilh three townships unheard from has given nigger 11 majority 01 in. Marion, has irivcn liiL'L'cra maioritvof !20, Hancock has given, the Whig ticket a largo nirtjo ritv. iiRxn v t the ninrjPsT it mil vet 11 I Ct' HENRV county has irivcn Hi'.'cer and tho Whig weelc since, from the (arm lately owned by Mr, TicketnmajorityoflilC.HTHUNDREDandFIVE!!! Durriii, a red yearliiii.'. and a grey hue bade spring Three times three for Henry 1! 1 CAl.r . v. noever win return en mi eatvi or ctvu tniur. These are tho reported majorities, but are believed malion where they may 1 e found, shall Iv handsomely to oc correct. rccoiiitieiiM-i TI10N. V. Signal of last evening says : Unless Shclbnrii Point, Aug. 13, IS 10 ..iinrnl Unu-nrif hn ..nllfil n Elroiieer vnln in flio . North, (where he lives and has much local strength) TjIOR 8AI.F.--73 A'-n: of Land Lying on the he is beaten by 10,000 majority. V Winooki Avenue, one milt! north of this village. ni. . r.... . . r . t.,,i. t This lamlis well watered, free from stone., ha wood porte, Porter, Koscuisko and Elkhart were received nt suilicienl for a lumily supply, border on lite Ua l.e, nnd tho Evening 1 Journal yesterday afternoon from the i every vvay nn ehtiible lot. I-orlurlhor particulars West. These counties aroin tho N. W. section of tho apply to tho "''""Ivr-. Hiikok it i atlix. State, and in the district lately represented in Congress hv Howard, the Locufoco candidate for Governor. This was fcitpposed to bo Howard's strong-holdi the returns, however, mdicaloi a iltllereni staieot auairs. It is estimated that the district will give n Whig ma jority of ri to leOO, nntl that a Whig i;onarcssman III. r. uranej lias uccn eiccicu 10 supply iiowarns vacancy. ill course 11 is an uay wiiu tne wnoic niaiicr. mil ger is elected Governor bv a tremendous majority j ei is i 1. iu ......... ., ......... ,:.....JU.... , j- li-trctolClntteiitleii, I ti all pc-on eonct-rn- but what that majority w. I bo 11 is impossible to est - . , ,. O-Ml,o Lincoln, late of Mihon, in mate. There aro Kl conntirs In tho Slate: from J I VaU,! ,trictdecea.ed, OREl.TINH. only havo wo rcmvcdrctiir WHKKKAfS xM)'vM Lincoln jr., exeeuior of thu jonty of nearly SL EN 1IIOU.SAND. a.t will and le.siainent nl said ileteasiM, propo-e. to rTi:irrirsi' . -i..-. -1...:..: ..1 1,1. in nronnrtion us tho wanes of labor diminish, nnd I they nro determined to build up in thu heart of our Re public un aristocracy of ollico holders upon the ruins nun miseries 01 uiupeopio. Hcsnlccd. That n nrotrc.tivo Tariff is essential to sun lain American industry against tho pauper labor and solid capitalists of Europe. Kcsolveil. Thnt wo arc tired of exoculivflcxnerimcnts. and tho people aro determined to try ono experiment of tiieir.iwu proposing next ioveniier. Ilcsalccd, That the examplo has been srt ns by our rn.rr.innd it shall ho carried out that law which tikes from t in laborer of ibo north, a iust cnmiiensntion fur his industry, the people will draw a black lino about aj 1110 uauoi nox. Iiesolred, That we ronsider thn election nf W.m II, Harrison asahsoiiitcly necessary toprrscrvn tho pit- nty of our contstitjoii, nnu to save us irom the tulra rliiigmn, Au--'. 12, IS 10. ITIOK BALK. Common board-, plaid;, limn; ' boards, clap board and Hour hoard, nl Ihe low cm price, by HICKOK it CATLIN. Iliirliiiutoii, Aug. vi, ioio. Milton Lincoln's I'.slate STATE OK VERMONT. 1 r1!IEhonorab!etlm DlsTiUCT of ClilTTr.Non.v, s. j m Prf bale Court for the Di-trict ofChUtendcii, 'I mill pc-on i;onct-rn- l'irsl day. Louisville , Jrffcrson,..t , Mason llrarkcn Gallatin, Greenup , Campbell Carroll, (2d day,) KENTUCKY Letcher, (W.) 1170 ..... 818 ,....1123 331 213 maj. 213....... .... 20 maj.. 17 U 231G render nn aceoiinlof hi ndllliililr.Hiou. and nn'scnt III WrM.rh. t.. V mint :ii?ninsi :nd chile tiir exiiininatiou and allow fince at a session ol thouonrt ol rrobaie. to iieiioiocn at the Register's ollico, 111 Iiuriington, on tliu second WViliit-Mlav ol Senlemls-r next, therefore, you are hereby notil'tctl to appear U-foreaiil court nl the time nntl place nforosnid, ami shew cause, if any you have, why the account aioreaid hioiiiu 1101 nn at I lowed, tiiven umler my hand nt iiuriington, thi 12th day of AuguM, A. . IBW. ,llg. 13. VIM. WIU.1, Ht-iSIJIlT, ..GO', ..500 ..30!) .. 60 30 .'.'191 183 W men nn Votn for rnmnarisiin all Vet. nnd shall not until wo get tho full voto of tho counties. Tho oiccuon conunucs ior inrco uays wo uiueve. From tho Louisville Journal Aug. 5. Milton Lincoln's Instate. ffTATE OE VERMONT. 1 nillK Hon. the Pro ntsmtcT orciilTTr.Nnr.vm. I -- bate court wunin nml (or 1I10 District of Chittenden I To tho creditor. and other concernd in the ctate of Milton Lincoln, late of Milton, in said District, tltvcauM, iiar.r.TiNO WHEREAS, Nathan Lincoln ir. executor of Ihe last will and testament 01 said deceased, iiaiii mane "iv n leein uinuFnnti itnica more live snout nc over ..... ..... ...... .. ... t .1 llrr.,.i,r I ccnsrii, iweive 1111111111 .ruin iihj um tmj .nmn!-i I. 707, I LeLUslaturc, llourbon, Letcher fi.1t, French 270. Madison, Letcher 711, French 210. i-larko, Letcher 007, French 200. moot ,,1810,11 he 2d Wednesday of fepien.U-r next K-imr Louisvillo city, 1st and 2d days, Whig 1601, L. Is lvt ,;lr heannii in ihe nrciiute... at the Oiliceof ; .. . , . 1 Iho Reg ter ol tin eourl, and it navtns ntvn on-eioi fl .;"l1VlcllV'ltin,'rfr .V' thereof bo given, by publishing Hu do-i-rcnch 280. Curie, Curd and Clay ahead lor tho .lt.c hri.0 wt,L..s (,l(vcs.sively in tho l-'tce Press n newspaper printed nt Hiulington, pcloie tlie tinie nxetl ior Hearing tnere.ore you inn itireny iiniiuei. to up near k-foio said courl itl tho timo nnd place uforoaid then nml there, If) mal.o obuvtion il any yon have. A VOlJNti LADY ofeoinl family ami ol'a lib' JY. ediicatir.11 and who ha n thorough tbecreti- nl and nr.u-ln-al l.nowlivlie of the I- tench and I'.nclish angunires, wishes to find a place either in a family or ina comminiiiy, as a trench teacher. Application-, (if liy letter post paid,) to 1 directed to Mr. Molt. Pro- fessdr nf Music, llurliiiL'lon, Vt, .luned, THU HOOK STORE of the snli.eriler is now fully .JL ieilenilied Willi a Inrge colleeiiou ol HOUKh and sTATIO.M .11 K rceenlly ..electitl in tne -evv i orU market. Particular nains ha 1 ecu taken in then oiinient wilh relerence to Hook. adanted to sabbath ehotils. The newest publications have I ten selected for this obteet, and Libraries can now ! furnished Willi any amount at tno.s. i. inees, i 1. iks..sia "lAYt i-i. WAIT have reltn nod Irom New ork 1A wilh their supply of spring and summer Good, laid in at the pre-ent unusual low rates which they nre uepared to sell aclieap as can ij nau in lite country, iiivers are rv-ucctfullv soheileil 10 call and receive lite proof, nt the lore recently tx-eupieil by Lathrop & I'otvvm corner 01 ciiurennnu uoiiene-is may au. KW l,AINTSII01,...-PAl'l.l)IN(;&Mll.l.s 11 have opened a new PaIST Shop on Church-st nvr dunr. j.oiitli of II. Lane'. Store, where thev will do all kind of HOUSE, SHIP, SIGN and CARRIAGE PALM ING, in the lot possible manner and on term to suit tlui.e who may favour I hum with their patron :a. JCj"r.iiut, Oil, arnisli and l ultv, eoutniitly 1 hand and for sale. R. G. SI'.U'LDING. Hiirhnston, April 9, 1310. C. 11. MILIA ly n ROCERIUS The tubserilvr has a full sum, v VJT ofGrtKcrtes, including cog nine Urn tidy, common do. Holland and Hallimore Gin. St. Croix ami low priced Rum, Port, Madeua, Lhaniiaini-, Mtiea MalaL'a and other Wines, Molai's. Tea. Coifee C'hocolale, loaf, lump and brown S,iLTar, Rit e, Pepper, Ciiinamoii. NtttniCL's. Wlspiee and other i,ptcc. Ciirars. Tobacco, Mackerel, CODFISH, lot kind for t?3 Jer IJO lit. AIM most uuier itiweie in uie itroecry line, Alo DRV GOODS, nil of which will beoM nsehe.ip asnt any other place. The Liquor will be vrarrantetl of the I e.t una itv intended pi iiieniallv for Miimlvin Tavern-Kiepcrr-', who will hud it for their intetv-i to call and examine them. ISAAC WARNER. Hiirhnctoii, June 10, 1810.11 T I, A I KS.MITII.Tbe subscriber havinir re J3 eentlv moved from Albany, and commenced tin IHacksinith btisinccs, 111 all it form, in the new sho nn Madison street, near Follctt & Ilrailley's Store would rcspecifully invite tho inhabitants of Iftirluigtun nntl vicinity to give him a call, u he is fully prepared lo ik) all miiu. 01 work 111 11m um, im un- siiuriei no tiee. be.i manner, aiul mot favorable term. He ha for many year put given hi particular attention to tin? liorse sitoeiug i'iimih--, uu urrtery in nil 11 l.ranchc. From the lomr experiencu which he ha hail, ami lite genwral inlormation he ha tlcriv til both from theory and practice, I10 livl lullv coiindent m re enmnientlinir hiuiH-lflo ho public. Ho will Ni ore pared at nil times to give his personal atteniion to all kinds of work in hn line uca a ironing Majgon nnd Sleh'hs. SlllllWOrk. Ac. All kinds o e.k'e lool matlu in the, 1M nianiier and mot approved style. He trusts that ny giving ouiness nn unuiviueii nuenlion and the low price' nt which ho will lu enabled m fur nish work, 10 receive a ehareoftlie Public patrnnaRC, JUIl.-s .-UllAlit-.., Iiuriington, April 10, 1610. DEWEY'S Patent Hprlns-Tooth Hoi KcRakc. The Wire Tooth Horse-Rake, which has been used with so much satisfaction during the last two hayinsr season? 111 tlio coutT.ies of Rutland, Addison ami Hcnninyton, Vt. and Washington, N. V. will bo kept for sale the pre.-ont season by' STRONGS i-t Co. Itiirlington. These rakes arc adapted to all meadows; thev are easily tended, and do '.no work faster and better than any other Horso Rake in use. It w lound Iiv experience, mat tne expense 01 rnKing nay with Ih'n Spring Tooth Horscllako U only about on quarter r. much ns the common nielli, d of raking with hattd-rakc, besides securing the liny in better or der. Soinr farmers who have large meadows, esti mate the useof one rake lat hav season nt forty to fifty dollars. DAVID DEWEY", Patentee. July 1, 110. TO Til 12 PlIIMC. In ollering tin Edition of JL Smith's Geography and Alia to the public, the Publishers invito attention to the following additions and improvements. The Geography ha3 boon carefully revised nnd en larked, is illust rated by about thirty additional Cuts, aiidis perfectly nd.ipti'din all its parts to the new Ainps. The entire text of the book has, (at much expense.') been thrown into uniform large type which we feel confident will bo regarded as a very decided impro vement. Tho tables appended to the Hook were tnado up with care, and contain much valunbto information inncoii(cnftform. The names and length of tho principal Canals and Rail Road Ihmsheil and 111 pro gress) are given, and the places connected ; also a complete list 01 tne uoucges, aim .nemcni Schools, Theological Seminaries and Ri humus tlo nomiualions of tho United States, the reigning Sov ereigns of Eurodc, &c. An entire new Atlas aceoinpauics ino i.ook, cou tniniii!? ciirhtcen very superior Mnp, mostly ilrawn expressly for this wotk from original surveys and tho niot authentic sources, aim einiiraccs imicii vniuaiuo information not to bo found in any similar work. Our own country has received special attention. Tho Rail Roads, Canal, navigation of Rivers and recent changes, are all carefully marked, and many counties are shown which do no't appear in any other Alia. Auioni: the peculiarities of this work may be mention ed the plan of showing tho population of States anil Countries in round numbers on the faco of (lit Maps. Thn navigation of River for Ships', Steamboats, Sloops, ivc., is sliown iiv piacmg ni uie ncau 01 na- mrt of the World combined (on an vnntioii tho appropriate cliurnetei The Map and CI entire new plan, showing nt one v ievv the Natural nntl Political Divisions of the Globe, the Extent, Popula tion. Religion, Form of Government ami State of Civilisation of each Country,) ha nttratil much tit tendon, nnd is considered n great improvement upon any thiim heretofore attempted in the form of a Chart as here all aro shown at a singlo glance, and tho re lations they sustain to each other. Wo would nbi solicit attention to the remarkable distinctness nntl ease with which every name on the Map may be rend as well as to tho very superior stvlo and executi-m of the work in other respects, 'l'ho Ouestions nt the close of tho Hook aro important, ami will b found very convenient for a General Review. SPALDING & RTORRS. ll.irlfortt Cmnrftiait. For ?al bv SAMUEL HUNTINGTON, liur lincton, Vt. and bv tho Princinl Ihiokskllcrs in tho United States. Iiuriington, July 3d, 1S10. . ...inv, ... .v.ii, ..ui, . mien .w. , . . then nnd there, 10 mako ohitviion u any you have, JI01 Ignmcry, French's own county, Lctthcr IIP, t0 llu! Mil lin,0 0r,,Uymcm fieini: furlhcr exiciuWd nl 1-rencii .1 J.. afore mid. Given under my baud at Iiuriington tin I . 11 1, (T liarit.lmri:H ami I Owingsville. precinta 12 ,0,11 .lay of Augiu-t, A. D. IB 10. o clock first tlayj Lcteher 327, FnnchJjl. Aug. 13. W.m. WESTON. Ilcu'r. II, ,.,:,.,.. 1 .1,1,.. r.nq i.....i. itn 17 ' Hartison. Letcher R02. I.'rrnel, fits. Jessamine, 5 o'clock, Letcher 130. French 2G0. Franklin, Letcher n majority of'.li. Wootlford, (Virpaillcsonly) L. 325, F. 110. Shclbv. (12 o'clock, ''ddav L. l!7i). F. 199. Havtlen, L. 707, F. d23. Two Wlugn elected to tho House of Representatives and a lug to the !v I.BlVi 1 I lluls. Now Orleans .Suar, nn consignment, J O Aug. 0. for sale by N. LOVELY' it Co. Binil'.S.-A very largo assortment of all kizcs of Hiblc., and pri'Tn from 60 els. to $15 each, JuM rivM and for sale at the Pook Store. l. A. IIRAMAN. .lames .Martin's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, 1 A T a probate en.irf, Dist. oi-CiiiTTF.s-nr.N', s. j 1. holden at Iliirlinii- tou, within ami for Ihe district aforesaid, on ihe lit It day of .Inly, A. D. Is 10, an instrument purporiiiv: lo Ui Ibo lat will nnd lesiameut of .lames Mariin, late of Jericho, in said district, deceased, was presented to the t-iiiri here for probate, by Hannah Mnrlui the FAi-eiitrix, therein named, Tiiiiir.Kour. it is or derod by taid court, that public uoiico lo given to nil persons concerned llicrein, in appear U-furu mid court, at a session thereof lo be holden nl the Regis. Ier' oilico in Hnrlinston, on the second Wcdne-dny of Atfti't, A. D. IS0, uiul contest llioproiKite.-Uaid will, nnd it is I'm I her ordered hat th- order l-e publiflicil Ihico wcckbMiccesMvely in iho Iiuriington Free Prev., a newspaper prniusl at Iiuriington, in till Mftlo, the ai of w Inch shall be previous to the day assigned, n. nfoiesiiid lor hcavins. 'nven under my hand at the llcginci'soiucr, this I?lh dav of July, A. D. 1640. jyU W.M. WES't'ON, Register. IY.1IAN .V. COI.K Imve nvcivl the.r nimt -i extensivo nsoriment of Spring and summer GOODS, embracing a U-nutilul variely of goo.1 for ladies Rummer ; rich Knclish and scotch Ginc lianif, India muslin n superior article for whiletlresit, ; Jaconet cambric, n irreat n.orlinent of barrel nml checkered Cambric, printed Lawn, niourniiik.' do. pnn tisl cambn'o nml French Muslin. An exlcusive as.ort mcnt ofAmcrican t'alieoes cheaper than ever. A few Enelish and French do. SILKS. A small assortment of Rich ilks, iiv-ludin? black, blue black, colored ami striptsl. llaiuliina H'd'I's I'oiicce, Crimson, while silk tlo. Hl'k Ilalinn (Vavits, Gentlemen's colM anil black kid Gloves, do col'd, bind ami while silk glove-, do. Herlin, Lislo Thread, Linen aiul collon glow. A goo. I nsortineiit of Hosiery, very cheap. Umbrella's nnd Parasols. Thi.i Hooih nmlSliis's, Lube kid'l'ics aiv sl.jn. DOMESTIC GOODS. Merrunael; cotton', Dav't ville do 5-1. "otn sbeeimg, Shnlincr, Tick inir, col'd ('ambries' Y'am, Thie.-nl, nu.l Kiiilting Cuttoti, Su peilino Li nj Cloths ami I lea hcotion. Vork MiMitres Rlripes, Drill kc. Irish 1.: lieu, Shirliug and SJicimir. Diaper nnd Cnith. TAILOR'S' TRIMMINGS, finluding sewinj Silk, Twist, Tliredd, Pn Idinir, ennvass, sleove-liiung, brown linen, llutloiis, llindmg, ln VRST'ING. Whitolis'd MiTsrtits-, Y'tifenltn. liLinml Satin, 4p'. Gatue. antl rich cbnlly fonev II" ('-, A en-iit vnricty of oilier DRY' GOODS which .oi vir -t u very extensive nsjoritiicnl, and nre .vCcred at us i v. inn low pilct', Liulie tt n I Gi u em.-n U't' ivt a'l nndcMtui ne q w "V ' r 1

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