Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, August 21, 1840, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated August 21, 1840 Page 3
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CfS THE AUGUST ELECTIONS. THE PEOPLE Till UMPIIANT, AND THE SPOILS l-AKTY PUT TO THE ROUTE! Wo publish tlio iiunicrous returns from Kentucky, Indiana and Alabama of tlio most decisive complexion. Tim Administration of Martin Van Huron is down beyond the Jiopo of recovery. Wo are assured that tho voice of these Stales is the, voice of tho whole West, and that as loud as is now tho roar of tlio young Lien of the West, his roar in November will be far more terrific. The moral cfibct of these splendid'i results must be immense throughout tho Union. Scarcely a State is now left the Administration, and it is by no means impossible that at the full election, not one will be found in its traces. Wd do not suggest this as our calculation , but state it as tho conjecture of many shrewd ob servers. A singular fact is ascertained by these elections, that the Whigs namely out run all their own calculations ! They were extremely diffident of tho result in Louisiana. They thought it not impossible that Howard would bo elected in Indiana, owing to his personal popularity, and the confident tone of the Locos, led them to distrust even the preliminary result in Kentucky! On the other hand, the Administration Prcssos un scrupulously claimed (for effect) Indiana, Louisiana, North Carolina and Alabama to be their own. The modesty of the Whigs and the bragging of tho Locos will receive each, its appropriate reward ! Hclsliazznr's warning to this corrupt, mischievous, mad and infatuated Administration, is now writ ten legibly upon the wall. Down it will go, to the joy of this People, and even of thou sands whom party attachments and the pride of a mistaken sclfti of consistency, keep lin ked to its fortunes to the serious regret only nf the office-holders who arc riotiii1'. and of )X!'!" ,na'or'.''' the odke-scckers who hope to riot, in the "Spoils" of a misruled People." No mortal power can save it, and the benevolence of all heavenly powers will enlist them in be half of a people struggling to throw ofl" the yoke of rulers who have ground them into dust and ashes : In time to come, the poli ticals who have sustained this odious Spoils Dynasty, and sought to rivet the letters upon a free people, will be held in such estimation as Patriots now hold Hartford Convention traitors. Their affectation and cant of De mocracy, their humbugs, their foul-mouthed ubuse and atrocious slanders, their support of misrule and corruption, will recoil in re tributivo justice on their heads. From Kentucky 'u have enough to show a Wlii; imiurily hardly loss than FIFTEEN THOUSAND, and a Legislature overw iiciuimgiy vwiif;. Hcrtie Indiana is now nearly complete, snow-ins a nam-1 Caimleii son majority larger by thorn-amis' than tho triumphant I (;ravcii ' vote tho gallant Hoosicr Stale gnvom lSJO. I Currituck, In .Missouri, St. I.oius county has given a Whig ma-1 fjuhunbus, JOniy "I llHilIUS Ul CW, .IIIU uiu uiuiu t.cLjiif iativc tiekit. In North Carolina, the returns still chow a not sain in the Legislature over that of 1833, when we had a largo majority on joint ballot, and a gain in the popular Vote over the gubernatorial cleelion of 1S30, when ihe lug majority wa rising ot -1UVU. Tho revolution of will prove the severest Mow tint the administration Ins yet sustained. Mr. Calhoun's ascendancy in this state has been seconi only to the supremacy he has maintained in .South Carom s-a. If his iulliienee should have failed to sae it forMr Van I' will be an awful omen for the I'oalition. In vain will it have bci n, in a moment of ill-starred ambition, that Air. C.u.iioc.n- and tho "cht valrous ' I'ic kkns allied themselves with the most "prolligate and eonupt wretches that ever crawled intonower." If Ai..iiam lias elected a Winu Lcgis laiure, we shall be pcp-nadcd (hat Air. Van Hi-iien v ill not eai ry a Mucin Southern State, wan the exeep tjoii ol Soutll Uuiohna. KENTUCKY. The result in Kentucky is brilliant beyond all paral lul. The Louisillc .loiirnal expresses tho opinion that there will not be 13 Loco Focosui the next Legis laturc. The illumination in Louisviile, "iho procession und the whole scene on tho night of the 5tli, is di perilled as having been one of the most electric thin? of tho kind ever remembered in the West. The Jour tint sivs: "It is no wonder that the workirui men of New Alhanv and Louisville met and congratulated each other on their deliverance from tyrany. It was no thousands of freemen assembled at the Lor Cabin on Wednesday evening to seal anew their lleVOUOIl 10 OUT IjliJIIimn uiibuiiiuuii ru iuii uiuiiiivu upon by the rulers at Washington. It is no wonder that seeing tho bright star of Freedom glitter in the horizon, and knowing that its beams would soon illume the whole country, they proclaimed their joy to each other and to the world. It was well for them to rejoice their joy was not so much for themselves as for their country. It was well for them to shout like a completing army, for their shouts were, not those of narrow selfishness, but of a broad, libeial and expanded patriotism. It was well that they r-hould express their high emotions by blazing hon lircs, streaming flags, and roaring cannon, for they exulted not at any triumph of faction, but at tho cer tainty of tho deliverance of tho Republic from a fear ful tyranny that for the last twelve years has pressed upon it with a weight like that of death." Wo transfer to our columns an animated and judi cious article from tho Madison (la.) Kanticr "Indi ana Hrccl" which wecoinincnd to those who are uaiehinf the sins of tho limes, to ascertain the prop cmofMipi Ciuwovcr to iho cause of Harrison and (tttibrmj INDIANA ERECT. We have the extreme gratification of announcing to tmr friends far and near, that our young Giant of the IVest has done nil and more than her most sanguine friends had anticipated, in her great contest with the trained cohort of Martin Vim llurrn, which came ofl on yesterday, 'lite great ball of lleform has passed rivcrus like a mighty toronado, carrying terror and (lumay into tho ranks of lhoe w ho have had the te merity to attempt to impede its onward march. The creat, the mighty Howard, who was by the prowess of his single arm to scatter iho people, and to deliver hi over c.iptives to ihe htlle Musician, Ins hege lord, himself now lies low 'and none so poor to do him Tu; returns received from the few counties, which wo irive lo-day, may be considered a ftnr index of the .r .tin sjmii. For this has been conceded to i.ftvc linen tho most boneless District iu the .State. Wcdo not think that we are of a snngninc tempera ment. I'm the indomitable perseverance manifested tiy the people at the polls on this oceosion, satisfied us that wo had no formed an adequate conception of tho (Iccnfeeliilfi dint prcvadesnll ilasscsof ihoeoniuuinily. Grn. Harrison's majority in Indiana in 1830 was 6603 ni..'....inriiv of Higgcr, our Harrison Democratic candidate for Governor, may bobt.t down wifely at 10 000 Wo believe it will ho larger -and that tho n-iirint himself, whom our lluoalcis (Uriah t lo '.' L.Ln .r; 1 .i.A'vnto of Indiana bv near 15.000. The maiorilies, as given in tho counties from which " i. " " vrnr,l fir Ho inaioritiesat the 1'rcs- idcnuiil flection 'in l6"Jfi- and up wiv to our friends nilVnafl. tl at f om Iho rcccicc.J, mid, the spirit abroad amongst us, they may ' ,i " iiwjonty 10.00- 11 liouWIio awtiiifily 1 o-rni Federalists or f!rilili Whiirs -call tttem what von picnic they aro the hard listed t.og Cabin boys of our forest who have thus rebuked tho base unprin ciuvu mtiiiucicio ui iiiuiii.iu wiiu nus iwiiuii unguicr and purer in nco estimation of nil good men from every investigation that has proceeded from tho puny mi win no iiiioiiiiiieu in rue rceoieenoii oi n grate ii fl nation to whctii he has a second time proven n deliver. THREE CHEERS FOR THE WHIO STATU. The. Younp, Want of the West 111 KENTUCKY. Tlie return as fur as received, corrected by the latest accounts, show tho following result t I'ar Governor. i.r.Tcnr.n, I wing) Fnn.scn, (li. F.) 33,131 18,GS0 but, by a reduced majority. lialtimorc Patriot of Satuiuny. Tho following isfrom tho St. Louis New Era of tho 6th inst. Tun F.LrcTiov. Trlumnh of Ihe ll'ifc. Our election closed yesterday. Such'of tho returns as havo been received aro published below. Wu feel warrant ed in saying, fiom thc complexion of tho statement, inni wu unve Hiisiaiucu our majoruy oi two years suico and might havo increased it, Tho candidates for Uovcrnor ami fjongrcssmrn will probnhly leave this county with FIGHT HUNDRED MAJOHITV. Wu now feel assured of being nblo lo give Old Tippecanoe nt tho November election, ot least twelve hundred ma jority. Tho whigs have no right to make nny calcu lations of success at this election. The Van Huron mnioritv for Cinifrress in S'i. wasG.Q3J: in the Le gislature 'ZO. Wing mnjority, Senators elected, Representatives elected. Tho Louisville Journal onlie 10th mst. says, "Wo cannot nt nrescnt estimate the Wlni? mninritv. Ilt-nre. forth Loeofocoism in Kentucky is lint h worm in iho pathway ol the great wheel ol lti INDIANA Returns as far as received, show the following re- For Governor, 1810.' r (Whig) majorities, lIowABii'ti (Tory) majorities, II, I'll W. 8. V. 11. 1. W. 5(i, V. 11. (i. 11,119 'lijj Net Whig 10,101 In 1830 tlicIlAnntsoM majorities in the same coun lies, were 1 1.805. and the Van llemis '2.0 IV In this State, Han.seoan (L. F.) resigned the place .of Land Receiver to run for Congress iu HowAnn's District, against LANK.IWhirf aiul wasnmst slfrnnllv defeated. Howabii resigned his scat in Congress to run ngamsi iiinr.r.n tor tnc uuiiernatorial t;liair and is told by a majority orovcr 10,000 that tho I'coplchnv no further occasion for his services. The Louisville Journal gives the following results for mciuuersottno state Legislature ol l.vm anaj -show ing very nearly a clean sweep for the Whigs. Whig. v.n. Senators elected, I I 1 Representatives elected. G'J lfi The whole House last vcar stood Whips S3 Van ixircu u.. ATiARAItlA. Wc have tho following linrticul.irs. Tho election was for the members of the Legislature who will have to elect a U. S. Senator, in the placu of Mr. King, (I. F.) 1840. 1839. W. L. F. W. L. F Mobile, 4 0 'I 'I llaldwm, 10 11 Montgomery, 2 0 2 0 Lowndes, 2 0 11 Autauga, 11 0 2 Coosa, 0 1 0 1 llutler, 2 0 11 Macon, 10 10 Russell, 10 10 Cooke. 10 0 1 Perry, SO 2 1 Greene, 3 0 3 0 Pickens, 3 0 0 3 Dallas, 2 0 2 0 Shelby, 2 0 11 Marengo, 3 0 11 Tuscalloosa, 4 0 3 1 Harbour, 3 0 0 2 Talapoosa, 10 10 Chambers, 2 0 0 2 Lawrence, 0 3 12 Hibb, 2 0 0 2 22 Counties, 41 5 22 21 5 22 3G Loco Foco tunj. WIul' train. 1!) members, Tho renuiinimr 23 counties last vear elected 12 Whigs and -12 Van Huren men. If they do as well for the W lugs this year, the House will stand, nigs oj. , II. ! making a W Ing majority ol ti. Shs-ate. The Senate consists of 33 members one third elected this vcar. This body will now stand nccordiii! lo the Montnomcrv Advertiser. (V. H. ia per,) wing l l van isurcn l'J ns lollows : (.mo miijjstiiiiiu iu ouimiurs.i NORTH CAROLINA. vote ron covEnNon. IS 10. Morehead. W. ylirccombc. Ill Pitt, C'5 ranklin, 333 Granville, 673 warren, bd Nash, 73 Washington, 379 llcaufort, BIG Halifax, G32 Wayne, Johnston, Martin, North'mpt'ii,rl3 .it 521 G71 0017 Majorities, Saunders. V. H. 1293 510 GJG 7G0 705 782 !W 3G3 416 tnaj. 512 39 300 519 91 GI3 300 233 8297 G017 2230 1836. Dudley, Spaight W. 71 433 303 977 92 102 397 735 5G5 001 33G 425 2G3 70 210 5G13 V. H, 1191 518 5G1 391 G73 G39 31 33G 4G5 53G 303 2G3 239 199 19 GG9 419 133 7923 5G13 22S0 NORTH CAROLINA AND AI.AHAMA. Extract of a letter to tho editor of tho New York Times, dated "WAelllNOTOM, IN. C, Aug. in. "The boat is iust in from Raleiuh. Judgo Onion and Jno. McLean left that place yesterday morning, and report that Saunders, the 'Federal Loco-Foco candidate, retired lo Raleigh, his place of resilience, from bis electioneering (our, and gave out that ho had been beaten bv 4000. These gentlemen say that he has been whinncd by 5 to 7000, and that our ma jority on joint ballot is 32, and litllu or no chance lo reducoit. HURRAH FOR THE OLD NORTH STATE!!! I "The recreant Fisher lias been outrageously bea ten ill his oirn district. One county, Davidson, has mndc a change of 1100 against him I "A if rr ms received in Kate iifti v itir. uai cer on .Sntiird.iv mornim.'. saviitL' that we had a majority on joint ballot in tho Alabama Legislature. Glory enough!" KENTUCKY ELECTION. The Louisville Journal of tho 11 th contains returns which show n majority of 17,T.:i votns for the Whig candidate for Governor. Tho Legislature, ns far ns henrd from, will stand thus s Senators fleeted w. rl v. it. i Representatives elected. ..W. 57 V. H. 7 There nre 90 counties in Kentucky, which unve n majority of 3.GG2for Harrison ticket iu 183G, in u po pular vote of 09,712. INDIANA. In G9 Counties, the Spirit of '70, printed nt Indiana polis, says Digger's (W.) majority is I t,7JfO. lonntlmn G Mel's Uitalc. STATU OF VERMONT, ) To nil persons con Distiuci or CuiTTr.HnBN. us. J ecrncdiu lliecstatoof Jonathan Gillot, late of Charlotte, deceased. ucmau iiosiord,cxccmoroi uioiast will and testa ment of Jonathan Oillel. lalo of Charlotte, in said dis trict, deceased, having filed in said court his putilion, in writing, selling forth that thuaiuomitof debts, allowed by tho commissioners, ngninst said estate nro $293 57 that tho value of tho personal eslnlu unsold does not exceed S12 00 s that thonmonnt of money in said ex ecutor's hands, nfter paying tho expenses of minimis trillion already occutred, is SI 1G 02 nn J that it will be necessary to sell teal e9tato for the payment of so much of tho debts as the personal estatois insufficient to pay, and Iho further expenses of administration, nnd praying said coin t to grant him license to sell so much of tho real eslalcof said deceased ns may bo necessary for tho purposes aforesaid. Whereupon the court afore said doth order that said petition bo heard before said court at a session inercoi 10 no neui nt the llegislcr s ofllcoiu llurlington.on the second Wednesday of Sep- tcniDcr next, nuu inni nonce lneicot no given to nil ncrsons interested bv publication of this tinier, nonl.iiii. ing the substance of said petition, thiee weeks succes sively in tho Free Press, a newspaper printed in llnr liniriiiii in iho County of Cllitleiiden. thnlnsi nf wbii-b publications lobe previous to the said second Wednes day of September, 1910. Given under my hand tit liurimgion, mis 14IU uuy in .mmisi. imuj, W.m. WESTON, Register W inui.y more, iu y t L nrc receiving a fiesb supply ol UotxN, ninonp tin-ill nre blne.k mid britlunin Cators. steel and irill Wnteh keys, violin and violmeello string., Flute.., Fires, Eyletc, J Pencil leads. Feather Funs, Satin lleod, white satin Head IliunN, Log Cubm lloom Pun ami Mcd.lls, Poor Man's I'lii.ier, mid innny other goods, r.UMIIIOKN & HHINSMAID. IJAlMiH.-C. GOODRICH has just received from tho manufacturers iu Massachusetts, a fid supply of linen hatid-mnde, royal, medium, Demy, cap, letter, folio-post nnd billet paper, of various qual ities, as wove, satin, laid, gilt, &c. &c. for sale at man ufactures prices. Juno 30. So run so coon. Since Ihe nomination of Gen. Harrison tho following states havoheld their flections, and as in every instance the issue has been made upon the Presidential question, the results may reasonably be taken as indicative of tho votes of these states m STATE OK VKKMONT, ) To nil persons interested Diituict or CiitTTENDl'.x, ) in the cstalo of Sarah 1 ...... .....I -M..V.. I.'..,.,,. l.,rnlo ri l-liilli-(iiiu .nut j ...... niiiiii,. .llli;UTINU. ILANSON H. WHEELER of Charlotte, iu said J district, guardian of Sarah FoolcandMary Foole, itiiiiffi3, iiiniui uiu m;u n i-iktiiiucii yc.irs. who rcsiof: nl Potsdam in tho State of New ork, having niadi: amiheation to said court for license ly sell two iiudi vu Cd ciuhths of one undivided fifth of Gfiv acres o land, lying in Charlotte afores.iid, being the same land conveyed bv Hcniamiii Simoilds to the Into Nathaniel ixcwcii, deceased, nun isi:iri oiieoianus set on lo mo widow Polly Newell, ns a natt of her dower in the estate of the said Nathaniel Newel, deceased, which lit t v ceres ot ami issuiieet to Ihosnu wu low's rut it of dower thoJein, of which two undivided eighths of one undivided tilth nt said land the saul wards are seicil m their own night in fee ns tenants in common. rcitrescntimrto said court that a s.ileof the said wnrd'f interest in said land would bo conducive to their best interest bv having tho proceeds thereof nut at interest. w ucrciiiinn tho court nlorcsanl doth order that the Baid application be heard In foresaid court at a session thereof to bp hcle nt the Register's ollico in Hiuliiigton in saui oisirici, on inn second eiinesony oi oc iiiciii her. 1810. and that noticu thereof be triveti to a 11 tier sons inlerestel, by publication of this order three weeks successively In iho Free Press, a nawspaper nrmted at liurhiigton in the county ol Uhittenuen, the i.isi in which puiiiienuoiis in or previous to iiiu second Wednesday of .September, lfi 10. Given under my hand at said uurnngton. this mm nay ol August, A. U IblU. Vt.M. W I .STO.N, feqislfc. November : New Hampshire Uonnecliciit Rhode Island Virginia Louisiana Kentucky Indiana Illinois 183G. W. V. I). 5 24 52 1810. w. v.n. Gl 12 Wc bate little doubt that Illinois, tho' now against us in the legislature, will give her vote in November to Harrison, llut whatever bo the result there, we see that the Whigs have already carried six states, where, in 1830, they had but 2 ; and havo secured 01 electo ral votes, where, in 183G. they had but 21. TIicbo arc premonitories of the result in November, tho force of which even the warmest van Murcn man must ac knowledge. Alb. Dalbj Adt. "MYSTERIOUS" VERV. The late Globe contains an extract from the Indiana Hnosicr, announcing "unlooked for und unwelcome news toils distant friends," and concluding thus "Vhtrtte a mwleruin tliisvhich no one can explain." There arc none so blind as those who wont nee. Altai. 1 K A THE It Solo I'atlier, n superior article for sale bv .1. &. J. II. PECK & Co. Iliirliiictnu, AugiM 13, 1810. TiTAYNARI) & NOYS' fine HlaeV- Writing Ink 1TJL winch has siooil let for more thirty years, cask jut rceeiveJ and lor sale by 14 Aug. 1310. C. GOODRICH. ClTItAYKI).--Kroiii tho siibveriler about three O weeks f ince, Iroiu the farm lately owned by Mr, Hurritl, n red yearling, anil u grey line back spring uau . nocver win mum mho chivci or rivi" iiimr. inaiion wheretbey may l.o found, shall Is- ImiKUomely rueoilip:ilsvfi i..wj .tiui.ii Slielbiirii Point, Aug. 13, 1810. FOR SAI.K, 7.1 Acres of Land Lying on tl Winoo-Ui Avcnnc. one mile north of lhi villnir This lanil is well watereil, free from stones, has wood sutlicient for n family supply, borders on thol-ukc, nnd is every way an eligible Kit. For further particulars iipply to the snlwril cr-'. iiickok cc laths lliirlingtoii, Aug. 12, IS 10. T7TOK SALF.. ('oiiininu boards, plaiil.-, lining JL boariN, clap boards und lloor ImanN, at tin- low . . I.. I T IJ .L"tf 1L- .C. t'l'l'l IV I'M IiriCC, f niutiviv w .li..i.. Iliirlingtoii, Aug. 12, 1810. GENERAL ORDERS FROM HEAD QUARTERS A croaking Democrat is worse than a British Whig. Hoston Post. "Do for Heaven's sake stir up the Democracy. Sou Chapman tell him not to do as he did heretofore. Ilevscil tocreale an unnecessary alarm by puttini; a hail face nn our prospects. TELL HIM HE MUST" CROW. "rVSnaro no pains. Write instanter. GEO. PATTERSON. P. M. Greenfield, (Indiana.) TENNESSEB. Wo have been erroneously anticipating elec tion news from Tcnncssco. The elections: for iStato otliccrn are held in that State biennially. The present State officers were elected in 18!)!), and the next election for the panic will conse quently take place in 1811. Of course, wc nhall have no Whig victories to record from Ten nessee, until the Presidential election in Novem ber. Troy Whig. Milton Lincoln's; Kstntc. STATE OF VERMONT, i rpiIEhoiiorabto the District or CuiTTr.sur.N, ss. J M Pre hate C o u r I for tlio Di-lricl of Chittenden, Tonll pcr-ou- concern cd in the I.Matc ol JIillou Lincoln, late ol Milton, k!ii,l,liv.ri.-l flceca-cil. GREETING WHEREAS, Nathan Lincoln jr., executor of tho lal will ami testament ol aul deicveu, propose- n lender nn nccountoI'liK adiilinistMtion. and present hi account against said e-tali: liir eMiiiiination and allow since at n session of the. Court of Probate, to beholden at the Reui-tci's oilice. in lliuliiiston, on the second Wednesday of Sepleml-er next, therefore, you me hereby notilieil to appear beforosaid court at llietime mul lilacc albre.-ai l. and shew cause, if any you have, why the account afore aid should not be al lowed. Given under my baud at lliirlingtou, this 12th day ol AnguM, A. U. 1SIU. Aug. 13. W.I. WESTON, Resistor, The "iiins of each patty are, bv these returns, ex aetly balanced in thcabovo 18 counties, on tho vote for Governor i our majority for Dudley, in 183G, in the state was ,uu. We have however gained, in the above counties, on the vote for President in 1S3G, 3G3. The Globe says Hyde county has given a decreased majority for -Morehead. (In lS3G,Dudley 130 Spaight us.) I.CCIELATl'nr.. 1S10 JT We learn the life of George W. Sumner, Esq. Postuiristcr nnd Judge of Probate, of Charlesiown, N. H. is despaired of, from the consequence of a very serious fracture on the frontal bone, occasioned by the kick ol a horse. isctloir rails da:. Wc learn that Air.. Su.M.vr.n died on the loinst Edgecombe, Pitt, Franklin, Nash, Warren, Granville, Washington, lleauforl, Hvde, Halifax, Northampton, Martin, Camden, Wayne, Hcrtie, Currituck, Craven, Green, j Lenoir, Columbus, Johnston, Mnjority, W. L. F, 3 3 2 J 183G . W. L. F. 3 23 Majority, 3 CHITTENDEN CO. WHIG CONVENTION. Tho friends of Harrison and reform are notified that a county convention, will bo held nt Essex Meeting House, on SATURDAY, the 22d, instant, at 10 o'clock, A. M., for the purpose of discussing the great no ideal tuicstions that me now agitating Ihu country. and adopting measures the better toscciiro tlio success ot i tie electoral, senatorial ana congressional win: ucKcia in ini." Kuiniiy. II'.. IVL'CTnV ANDREW WARNER W.m. It. PHASE, DANIEL II. ONION, GEO. A.ALLEN, GEO. K. PLATT, August 13, 1810. 1 I Co tin li L.oimnillce. UUltlflNGTOV LIGHT IXl'AXTKY. Tim incmbcrs of the lliirlingtou Liirht Inlaiitry are rcqiieMcd to meet at J. II. WhiteombVon Saliinlay the uiur., at t o clock-, r, m. lor ine purpose oi a eoiii panv drill and for procuring a stand of colours mid mu sical mill mucin-, and the aiipoiiiimeut ol mustci.iiis. l!y order ol ihe Captain, S. E. CORMNG, O. Scrzcnt. Whig gain, ( I members,) 8 Tho nbovo includes members elected to both Hon scs. The Whig majority in 1838 was 4 ii) the Senate and 11) in the House ot commons, i no ncnaic con bists of B0 members : Houso 130. Tlio Whi"s lost a Senator in Craven bv 18 votes. Another in Green and Lenoir by 10 or 12. Colonel Ethcridge, the V. II. Senator in Camden and Curri tuck, nccordiug to tho Norfolk Herald, is ilectcd by a majority of three votes. ILLINOIS. Our returns nrc as yet too incomplete to allow nny opinion relative to tho popular vote in this State, or a certain one us to the Legislature. Tho following are all the returns wc have received of members of the I.ei'isl.iliiri : 1H1U. W. L. F, 1 Clark, Cook, Edgar, Mndison, Morgan, croia, Sangamon, Tnzcwell, Vermillion. Kano nnd La Salle, Cojcs, Fnyclle, St. Clair, McLane, Cliampnigno, fi, inind', that to tho last iho office holders claimed ih Si tc for Howard, and that every nmntntivcr which he ingenuity of interest could, has . hn " could noU' loud niougli. , Amos could not make he ricoplr bclieAC-lua faho charges, which have been l"' . 1 j ilw.iiw iml nf ini nilrnitt. '' Ihe re lcnwelv3 have conic to the rtscuc L. F. 1 3 In Charlotte, on tliB'JOlh inst.. bv the Rev. R. W. Goodman, .Air. Stephen L. Hcrrick of this town, to niiss.uiiry i. niiiinmsoi tr.e lormcr place, 3D fi b (31 In Huntington, on the 12th inst., Jr.ittm. Johns Estj. in the 83th year of his age. Mr. Johns's was the first family that moved into town. IIo moved his family from Manchester. Vt in the surinc of 178U. made a pilch on Huntington River, erected the first log cabin, presided iu the first town meeting, was the first man lint represented tho town, and the first chosen Justico of the peace. Mr. J. had a family, con- sisimgof a wife and G children, and he is the first of tho family that death has called to the tomb. -nURLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL.-Thnfalltrrm XJ ill this institution, will comiuenco on Thursday Sept, 3d. Tho principal will take charge of a few pit pus as uoaroers in ins luiimy. Aug. 19, IS 10. JOS. 11. EASTMAN. NU1V Dlttft: KSTAH.LIS11MKNT.--At tlio sign of tho MORTAR ono door east of .. if. . . fees it Lo. I ho siitiscriners navo opened an Apothecary Store, And intend to confine themselves itriclln lo that business. TheV now oiler lo tho public a general assortment of genuine Medecineo, including all new Ulinnucals,aiul tho standard 1'alrnt .Medicines constunt attendance, wm no given, and particular nt tcniiou pain to prescriptions. jiuriington, Aug. w. th kg. A. rKCK. a-, uo Total. From the Isiijlalo Commercial Atlttrtutr. Extract from a letter dated, Detroit, Aug. 13, 1810. tWm-a bns iust arrived from tho West, nnd the nroh. ability is wo have lost the Illinois legislature- by some 0 or 10 on joint ballot. . fiM.r'i.iT.nn Democrat L. FAoftlio 10th instant ..i.! i...t!..liwii,.l ivi-elvn of ihi! new Senators i if cinimsiu iiiiivi. - .,, i.,i. r so tho Locos will have t wcnty-nnu in ...... . tho Legislalurooutot Iho wnoio u( uy m L. F. 37, Whigs 30. The Democrat add", "and tho counties to ho beard front cannot take n majority in Iho Housnfrom us. Tliey stood last year U iiemocraisoi rtu-liif.f. Ami nrn nvnrclril to iln better this VCar.' Tho Legislature of 1833 (the last elected) was thus nailed L. F. W. Senate, 20 20 Hourc, 47 41 G7 l' MISSOURI. t.'rr.iT, tliio srrminls which hsvr. leached us llusmor nuiR, wc infer that Ihnl.oco Focos have been aide lo maintain mcir abccimancy in inn uvnii,iiivit iair, NV.W tSt)OI). Sidney Harlow lias received a general assortment of good-) nl his old store on Pearl strcclf. which will be sold cheap cuouuh. N, II. Wool received for goods. Hiirlington May 28. T?oniilGN IRON AND STEEL. EmrlMi In X from I) to G inches) Russia old snblo Irons do new do do; Sweedes do) I loop do fioiu I lo 1 inch: Itrazier's Roils j Spring, cn-l, geriiiau, sueile und Eugli-h blislcr steel Carl mid wairou l uxe', Ihiished crobars, by Juno 19. J. & J. II. PECK & Co. OTRAYElt, from tho Mibscribcf on tho lSlh hwf J a reil co'.. railn-r biw In llrsh. with nun Iwirrt Haw ed oil'. Whoever will rclurn her r ia l bo suitably rewarded M. In HENNliT'T. nurlingtoit,Jtifio23, 1840. CAs'll 1'AIlTi'OH VOOL,Thf.-ubfcriler will pay cash, on delivery, for gotxl cleuu fleece wool, (lelivered lit tlio old store by 1L Hyde (V Co. norih wet ii rncr of CollegcOfecn. Hurlingion, Juno 10. HARRY KRADLEY. BAIlXMiS new Cieogtnphv, on iho (.'lasilientioii system; ii vervti-eful work for school", jii't ree'd nndfiuiiliMit lliellooli.tore jel!) D A IIRA.MAN MOIIK NEW HOOKS wnelaM erannV'te reived tit Iho Hook Sloru and now for Mile very cheap by May27. D. A.JIRAMAN. ' BONlNHTTS.-Iiil reeeived sonic new shape Florence llra.d Split undeolori.'l Straw lloiiuetls which will le -old very low forcuh. July 0, IS 10. N. LOVELY iV Co. 100 TIN PI.ATU, Ac. boxet Tin iilule. X. zo oo i sipiiiruiiu 100 bunllo't Iron wire, aborted nn.. to'eiher with n general n-sorllncnt of Sheet Iron, Copper, Riv it, etc, for sale by .lime 10 VILAS, I.OO.MIS ft Co. TV V.W COOD.-S.ehcuDer Ibaiieyer. II. W. Cat L" liu ft Co. are now leceivnig n new uorlnieiit ol Dry Good", to which llicy unite tho attention of pur- i-cr.-. .nine i, isiu. OS'I'. ThePerson wbofound a WATtMI CASI J yesterday at Williton. will please leave it with the owner inni receive ms reward. lliirlingtou, July 10. DAVID RUSSELL NOTICr!. All persons indebted lo llic lalu liriii of Lulhrop, Poiwin mid Wait or to .Mayo and mill at llieir store al winoo-M illiisc, me liciel y no tified to mal.e payment tons al ourSlore iu Hurling lon, corner Church und College slrceis iMAt Ulllid VVAI I. TJ1U lailii New 'orl;, and lor nln by folleue t. .lime -J), IS II), M'L VUHXOX HIIADI'.H. Polyglot! of diilerent sixes and binding-, liible and Te.iiinieiit- and n general ns-orliucnl ol'slaliona' ryiu-t received froiiiN, York nnd for sale'iy Collcvrest. je:2S. S. Ilt'NTI.NGTON. T OG CAMIX and HAltl) CIDMIt." JL few loir cabin llo-oin Pin. with the barrel til Hard Cider "mighty handy" and "the siring never pulled in" just lini-heil mid tor -iilc nl the variety lore. Mayas. I'ANfiUoitN ft Hkinsmaiii. Tlf ORE NEW HOOKS, Jut received nt the Hook 11JL More, A .Sew Home. Who 'II follow, joung lidiei Coiiinaiiion. Couiiless Ida. Hiivwanl's New England Guzeleer. Milchcll's Geograpfiienl Reader, a sy-tem ol Geography, comprising n Description of the World with Iho grand divisions, deigned for in- tructioiis in schools and families. Wonders of the Hcaven. 1). A. IIRA.MAN I'HTE OF VERMONT. ) HMIE lion. Iho probate urvr. di' i iitrTr.N'nr.N ss. t x court lor ihodi-iriet of Chittenden. To nil neroni concerned in the i-la!i of Amos Ilicf.o!; la'c of Cnnrlolle, in nul di-lriet tlo- cea-eil. greeting. v hcreas kelson 1 1 icKok iidnn.lra tor of the e-lale of .-aid decerned, propo-cs to render an account ol ln ailiiimi-lralion, und his sic count nsam-l stud ivlatc for o.viininalion and allow unee id u so-siou of the Court of Prol ine, to I e hold en nt the Hoi'Kler oilice in llurlni'toti on the second Wiilcn-day of Septcnd cr next; Tliercfuie, you ure hereby notilied to nppcur I cl'me niid coiiitnl the ime and place aforesiud, and show caii-o, if any you hae, wiiy iho iiccuiiiif. siiiiiiiu mil i u uiiuwcu. iicn mi "--i iny'h.ind at Hurlinelon lhi lirst d.ijMif August, A. D. IOIU. uiib O' tt.u. miu.i m;yi.i-i. AYOUNt; LADY ol goo-l lhmily and ofn lib eral eduenlicn mid who ha a thorough thfiireti- aland practical knowledge of the French nnd English languages, wishes lo find a place either iu a family or iua community, as a French teacher. Application-), (if by letter post paid,) to be directed to .Mr. Moll. Pro- or oi .utin, iiiimiigiiHi, t .iiinc'i. HIIH HOOK STORE ofthe snbcril cr is now fully 1. teiileuMied with a large collection of HOOKS and M A I iu.mskv, rcccnliy selected In the New i ori; maruet. rarlicuiar iiaiu-, nai I ecu taucu in lhca- orUiient Willi reference lo Hooks adapted to sabbath school. The newe-t publication have I wen selected fortius object, nu I Libraries can now 1 e (urni-liod with nny amount itl the N. i . prices, I) A HkAmam MAYO tit WAIT have returned from New Yorl, with their supply of spring mid summer Goods laid in at the pre-ent unusual low rale- which they aro prepared tosch asencap as can t e nan in ine country, buyers are re-pcclfullv sohuited to call and receive the proof, at the store recently occupied by Lithrop ft Potwiu corner of Church and Cohclie-sts May 2(5. Kff FAI.Vr SIIOI'. -jPAl'LDINt! ft .1II.U 1 1 have opened u new Paint Shop on Church-t Iti'o ilfiors south nl' II. Lane's Slore. where thev will do all Winds ol llOUSr;, Slur, SIliN and (JAKKlAUr l'AIN I INtt, ill the I e-l pos.-ihle maimer and on term to suit tbo-e wdio may favour them with their patron age. iCIPPuiul, till, arnish and Puny, con-lantly on hand and lor sale. l(. u. M'Al'i.ui.M Hurhugtoii, April 0, 1 S 10. C. II. MILLS. ly r ItOCl'.l! IKS Tho stib-cril cr Inn a full sunn v VjT of Groceries, inehnliiig cogniac llrandy, eoniiiioii do. Hollanil nip! H.illimore Gin, St. Croix nnd low iinced Rum, Port, Miideua, Chainpaignc, Muscat Slal.ig.i and other Wine-, Molasse-. Tea--. Codec Chocolale, loaf, lump and brown Sigar-, Rice, Pepper i in ii.iiiioii, .Miiinogs, Allspice ami inner .pice-, vicars Tobnivo. MaeKerel, CODFISH, I e-t kind for S3 lie 100 II)--. And most oilier articles iu the grocery line Also DRY GOODS, all of which will le-old .is cheat, as at any other place. The Liquors will be warranted of the le.t miahtv intended principally for siipplyiiig Tavern-Kcepnrr", w ho will hnd it for llieir inlerel to call andeNaiiiiiielhcin. ISAAC WARNER. Hiirlington, June 10, 1310.11 Milton l.lncoln's Instate. STATE OK VERMONT, I mHE Hon. the Pro nisTiucT of cutTTi;N-m:s ss. 1 M. lmte court within and for the District of Chittenden: lo the creditor and others eoncerud in the estate of Milton Lincoln, aloof -Millon, m said District, deceased, (uiectINO WHEREAS. Nathan Lincoln ir. executor of tin last will and testament of .-aid deceased, hath made application to thiv court, to extend the lime limited for mailing payment ot the iicMs aim legacies oiaiu ue-cea-fil, twelve nioiilhs from Ihe 13lh day of August, 13 IO, ailUlUC SU 111 .-l'1111-llll.l'l HVAl iivill. ns-igr.ed lor a hearing iu die preiui-cs, at the Oilice of the Register of ibis court, and it having 1 ecu ordered that notice thereof be given, by publishing llu's de cree three weeks successively in the Fice Pre-s a newspaper printed at Il.irhngton, before llic time lixoil fur hearing; theieforc you are hiiehy notilied to ap pear I el'oie said court sit the time and place aforesaid. then nnd there, to make objection if any you have, in ine saiu liiiie ui jiitviiiciti iieuiy innni i .,uiuui us afore-iiid. Given under my baud at Hiuliiigton this lath day of August. A. 1'. IIU. Aug. 13. W.m. WI-SKiN, Itcg'r. ThAt KS.M1TM. The miIimtiI er havinir ic JL ci-ntly moved from Albany, and commenced the IMilCUSIIUIII OUSII1CS-, 111 .III lis limn-, ,,, ,,; sm,j nn ifaili.on s!ifet. near Follett & Hradlcv's Slore would respivtfullv invite the inhabitants of lliirlingtou and vicinity to give him a call, as he is fully prepared to do all Kinds oi won. in ins iiiu, uu me suoricsi nu lice, best manner, nnd imM favorable lerm-. lie ha for many years pa-t given hU particular attention lo the Horse shoeing lui-iness, mul farriery in all its branchf-. From the long experience which he has had, and the genuial inlormajion he ha dericd both irom llicoi y nuu (iiaciivv, ivvis iuiiv i-iinii iviii in rv eoiiimendiug hiiiiselflo iho public, lie will le pre parol at all times to give his personal attention to all kinds ol work in his' line iich as ironing v argon and Sleighs. Slopwork. All kinds ol edge tool made iu the bet manner and most approved l vie. He tru-ts that by giving business his undivided attention and the low price-ui wuieu no w-iii locnanieu io iur uish work-, iiiieceivea snare oi ine pi e pairnini JOII.NSORAGEN Hiirlington, April 10, 1310. 1 K Hhds. New Orlcan X tj Aug. 0. Sugar, on consignment. for sale by N. LOVELY C Co. orinicnt of nil sizes of Hible-. and nri.-es fioiu 50 ct-. to 61 j each, Just ree'd and for sule at the lloolc Slore. I. A. lll(A.UA.. TrlHlii:S. A very large as STtlHU TO liKT, at WmoosM Village, the slore recently occupied by Lathrop nuJ Potwiu will be lei mid possession given immediately, imply lo the subscriU'r.s corner Church and ollege si-. Hiir lington or to Gideon Lathrop. MA'i O ft ATI. lliirlingtou, -May G, la ID. GLASS Hurlingion, Vermont, and Kex, Cylin der Gla-s, made at the Chanipl.iin Glass work-, and vervmiieli inijiroveJ iu quality coiniianil with the late brand, for sale by J.&J.'H. PECK ifc Co. YVltAiTIMI I OO llc.iuis Winiipuig T Paper, and a largesppply of writing, both Cup and U'tler, lor sale by 1). A. URUIAN. LOG CAHIN "ANECDOTES and ilhi.-lr.itiil inci deutj m the lile of Geu. Wm. II. Haiim-on, lor snleat the Hook store jnne y D. A. IIRA.MAN rpillS may certify lliat mv wife, Ally, has X eloped from my bed and board without any prov ocation and I forbid any person harboring or trusting heron my account. AMOS HUNKER. Slarksboro', July 23th, 1SI0. .lames .Martin's Instate STATE OF VKKMONT, ) U I a prolate court DlsT. orCillTTr.NDr.N, ss. j JM. holden at lltiibn: Ion, within and for the district ulurc.-uid, on the 12 dav of July, A. D. 1310, an instrument purporting lo le'ibe hist'will and tcsl.iiiient of .lames Martin, la'o of Jericho, iu said li-l t n-t, deceased, wa pre-enled lo the court here lor probate, by Hannah Marlui tl t'.xccutrix, therein uaiucd, i iii:ni:ionr. it is i ilfii"! bv said court, lliat public nonce le gi lo all persons concerned therein, to appear I elbre said court, at a ses.jon thereof lo I e holden nt the l'cgi tcr .- olhce in Hurlingion, on the second vi ediiesd.iy Aiigii.-t. A. D. IS 10. and contest the probate ol said w ami it is further ordered that this order I e published llirci! weeks successively m the liiirlingtim tree Itv a newspaper printed lit Hiirlington, iu ibis stale, tl; l.i-t of which shall I e previous to the day assigned, n afore.-aid lor hearing. Given under my baud at the Register's oilice, tin, 12h .lay of July, A. I. 18 10. jy!7 W.M. WESTON, llegislcr, T)IIHI.INC.TOX FEMALE SEMINARY-The XJ fall lerm of the Seminary commences Kith Sept Conditions: or Aioiittasci:." Hoarders peraumim 31 10, or 870 per lerm, half payable in advance. Tlii siiinentillcs llic pupil to boaril, lodging, room rent fire, lights, etc., and lo luilion iu any or all branch included in ihe extensive course of English studies pur sued m Iho beiumary and l.ntin. l-.vlra charges arc made for Music, includim.' practice Sl'.i. Vocal SI foi music pupils, for others. Drawing?); French t3. Pupils not received for a shorter peilod ttian one quar ter, unless specified nu entrance. Deviation funu this rule is made in cao of sickness. Application lo bo made to tho rrmcipal, M. U. liKI-.l-.N. Hiirlington, Aug. o, laiu. iltlSTOli ItOAItl), Drawing paper mid Pe: eil-. Ilnllianl H'd Ihud, blue lluid, jnpnn Ink, ui ie and genllcnicii's Heel pen-, pi-l recciMvl fro and Irom HI'NTINGTON 171 HANK LIN IIOUSi:, AT THE S! JL' SPRINGS. IN HIGHGATE, VT. Tl. er having liirni-heil and litto I up. for Ihe ri onipauy, the above establishment, re-peel fill! patronage oi his incim-, ii ml the puiiiic 1 celebrity Ihu -uring has ntlauusl, the its location I eiug situausl in a plcaurt and section of the country together with the exertions ol ihe subscriber to give satisfaction to all, it is lmprJ will make, it a dcsirablcsitualion for those who wish to nvail them elvei ol the lenefits of the inelieiual walers, mid a relaxation from the ordinary cares ol t .. J. . c tl' -Vflilll Ilighgale, June 3, 1810. 8w i ol fHcit- IViiiful NI'.W GOODS, now opening ; an additional assortment of various kinds of go(l, among them are Me.oliuto llriishe, Satin Head Head Hand-, S.u-aparilla Lozenges, Aeeonleon books, extract ol licrgumot, t.ristoi pi,ird,grccn ."spectae e-,(..utor., new silver poclcl Combs. Eagle Holt Plate-, etc. ALSO, a good assortment of trimmed iiuil plain lino Satin ami hoiiil.azuicMoeks ; thin summer Stocks, hg'd and plain some with bows very nice and light for warm weath er; we nave ut-o very narrow mocks, suitaiiie ioi boys or nicu. Al-o, long slocks for tho-e who have arge.ei'K-, in a word oiiritssorlinent ol hloeus, uoi- ar.-and llosonis is cry coiuiilcte. cor turthcr par ticulars please call lit iho Vnncty Slore. June 11. t'ANuiionN HtitN-MAiD. BOSTON ar.l TltoY IRON COMf'ANY.-Tho public me hcrnl.y notirii.fl, ihat llw biisinoss of u i nu in .;ery nraueii mm variety, I, done to onler, iu Ihoshoriott irotice, nt 1 roy, Vt. Tlieeoiiiimny have mu ll enlarged their fonndr.. nurt nn, i.,6 to do all kind, of work done nt any o fy in tho eounlry. Mill-gearing, Pot Ash 'Kettles, Stove, Plough', Aslctice-, (Sc. -., op hand, urfiirmrliul to order. in win. tti-n in i ijiiiruci iur , or lo pur-dia'(:aliilgeiiiiiimitvtillii,lli,tu.i,-i,ri. r,,r il, , .. of retailing, will I o furnlsheil al whole-ale prices nnd all who may bu or ii, with theiri-uIN or trJcr", will I dealt by s Id era ly us many establi-hliieut lu Ihe eounlry. Order- should I e nd.!rueJ lo E. R. Cro-'.- man, ."superiniennaiit. or A. Young, Alien', Troy, I lo secure mi early reply, m prompt atlenlion. Troy, I., June is; 10. iy.(j Muilliigfon Dve House. " MSAItSI'ir.l.l), SILK, WOOLLEN AND COITON DVER-ie.peeifiilly liiforins thu inhabitiinls of Hiirlington and n ticul,! urni town., ihat bo has taken it ptemi.-es in W,iier-sl. one door south ol D. D.m.s'Siuro uud will eoiniiieiice dying mul lini-hiiig m ihu I e-t manlier, tin; billowing i'n'l-: llroadi liiih-, Ciissiinere-, new Mcrim-e-, Lmht-i silk mil Merino Dics-c, Shawl-, Ifo-iery, .ill, anil eoutui Velvet, Gentlciiien's com.-, cloaks and iMs d)nl mul finished nearly cipial lo new, without ripping, lire ad clolh, -ilk, woollen oreollou gooib, ilje.1 fu Iheino-t pormaneul color-, for merchants und manic liiclurcr-, on rcu-onoblo lerhc. Al-ti wor-hsl, skein cullon, iindskeiii silk dyed m llicino-t -plcudid colors. Ilu has employed u celebrated dyer itud color m.(, CoiiNr.l.lU" Moi.onv. Mr. Molony was ciriployejl m in some of llic lurg'cst dying establish-incut-, lu Gicul llritam and America. 'I lie public may depend on having their orders executed in lliu li'it iu. inner uud with nil possible de-palch. ijiu HiirlinglO'i, July 15, 1310. H"AIlt 1" HAIT ! :lJAIil)Ni:s.'-.--!iiipor-f.'int Dlseovet v the Great Alvstcl V fmitul out nt Inst DR. STEKRY'S HAl'll REGENE RATOR. Dr. Stcrry, nfter much atteiilicm lo tho important subject of preserving thu hair, bus, nfter many experiments chemical nnd physical been nblo to ducover and article which is now olfered Willi thu greatest confidence for the toilet as the best thing erer discovi red, lor, fonts softening and penetration duality to produce a good head of hair to prevent it froth filling oil' when baldness is apprehended to restoto it when baldness lias lakcu place, and lo pruvelil It from turning gray. It ii is moro iiouiisluni' ihun po matum, nutiinic oil, or (.ologuo water. It h a beauti ful article for ladies curls it makes the hair soft and Iim ly. and produces uncommon brilliancy. Thous ands have tcled its superior virtues and excellence, and in every instance it stands unnvallcd. It is nn infallible cure in all nllcclkms of the skin on tho head us iliindruli; A c. iSie. Every family should be sup plied with a bottle of this oil, that by its implication io mo noau and itair oi children, the Ik autilul and or namctilal appendage of a fine heuil of hide, which na ture has supplied ua may bo presmcd. From thu numerous certificates and recommendations received of its salutary iulliienee, the Doctor feels firmly per suaded he has succeeded in producing an nrticlo Which will mtel llic desired wishes and approbation of thu diibhe. For sale wholesalo and retail by A. HtTClI- uui t iv i,o. lit (teiicscest. mcti, .n. . in utir liimton, by.l.cs J. II. PECK & Co. In Vergenncs, by J. II. Howinan. In Millon, by lhirnet L. Saw yer, in, oy i.oreiuo janes. nug.'U TDAXGUOUN & IHlINr-MAII), ofthe Variety Jl store, are ollering a great variety of Walche-, Clocks, Jewelry, Perfumery, .Musical Instruments, Un i s, Lurd-, ricture-.Soaps,liairUil.-,I(aaor, Knives, Scissor-, Cane., Slocks, Can-, drawing matcria's, wil low Waggon-, Chair- nlul (. rddle.-, Ca-tor-, Pencils, lea and (.ollcc l'ol and Lrns: silver waie, pintu Ware, Lamp Wicks and Glasse-, Collar.-and Hosoni-, suspender-, ftwonts a nu I ctoi, i iieriuoineier.-,niaiion-cry. Ink-, Court Pla-icr: Doll-, Hag.-, pocket Hooks aim a greai varieiy oi uincy iirncics io supply uiu wauls and minister to Ihe gialilicatioii ol the notional uu! all who call al the iiricly stoic : we are in "Ap pie Pio" order ready to mcwer orders or return call it the variety More, i'anouoiin ec iiuin-maii). AT EW SHEET IRON, COPPER & TIN WARI 1 ESTAHLISII.MENT. The subscriber, late ofthe hrm of Starr iV HostM ick, having purchased and re moved lollic Store lately dccupic I by Sirongs ife Co., east side ol the toiirt llou-e .s.piare, one door north ol Ihe Log Cabin, is now icadv to do all kuiil- ol worl. that the public wih iu his fine of bii-ine , such a- cmcriug roof, wiih tin, making and putting pp cave troughs. and spools. All i.iihIs ot l in, sheet Iron mm Copper Ware will le kept on hand, ami lor -ale nt as low prices as can I e Ib.ind iu ihe State. Sheet Zinc, Cupper Pump-, Lcii.1 Pipe, and ull other articles in the tine oi our 0111111-.? i.c 11 uu u.uiu. rur cnciipuuss in price and neatness of execution, my work will not le excelled by any iu Iho state. If you wish for any thing in uiu above line, Lciuru uu ini o 00 sun; ami can upon H. II. HOSTWICK", Hurlingion, .nny, .u. rriHE LION OF THE DAY. NO CL'RE NO J PAY ! The Gcmiiiie old Dutch or Ger man Vegetable l'ilN. Highly recommended by Doct. Valenline .Molt, M, I), of N. Y and other.-. These are the order- ! Any one that does not find 10- hef from the.-e pilK the price is icfundcd lack, thu o nre the po-itive orders of ihe Proprietor to agents and others. Ill o'leringthe-e pills 10 the public, 1 nppeul to their intelligence. If these pills are not what they recommended, you tire iu duty bound out of respect lo yourself and comiiiiiuily to reject them, and pnbli-h them to the world n- rin imposition, humbug nnd quackery. The public may 1 eas.uie.1 llicy are purely vegetable, they arc eoinpo'-ed of 111110 intrreihnts, part ol ihe medicine l only found in Asia and in lliu val ley of Germany. For convenience ihe-o extracts arc ma le into pill- and will I u found a sine cure or re lief Iur nil billiuus complaint-, jellow and bllliou.s fever-, fex-er nnd ngi.-c, ja iudicc, -carlel ra-h, bilhoin ehulie ih-peji-i.i. t.e. It 1- not pretended ihat this medicine i- a emu fur nil di-cases 10 which the human system i liable. Ten lie ii-mul icelcs c.Iorts havo I ecu innde to draw from the regions ol unknown fancy some long-spun theory of magic an, which would cine each ami every dcea-e. Gootl uivihcini Is not found in the lire or whirlwind, Health and happiness hang upon chance wind time is ihe herald of truth. The past at least i secure j they have already raced it monument of their greatness' which wi l defy the corroding tout h of tune. Nunc can 1 oGcnuimi without n wrapper und directions on each box oil which my inline is written at length. Sold wholesale and retail by the siibscrilcrnt Glen's rail.-, ly A. I). & D. Sand 71), and 100 Fulton st. and II. M. '.Meigs, 353 South Ma.ikot st, Albany. Hjum iV, lhtwlev, 2ia Siver st. Tiny, General Agents for the .-tad.' of New York. MKRHITT GRIFFIN. For sale by Wm. RhoJes and E. H. Green, Rich mond; Moitiin it Clark, nnd I), it I). S. Lathrop, Willi'ston ; Hagiu iS Conistock, Shell urn i II. Stanton, E-scx ; Geo. 11. Oake-, p.nd All en Harney, Jericho j J. R. Hnrlbiil, Westibrd j J. II. Il.triios, Cliarlottej It. Moody mid Geo. Peler-on, IJiirlinglcn ; and ly L'. HRUillS, Hiirlington, Agent for C'hiltcnilcn Co., wbete Sub-Agents can l.o supplied ul wholesale prices. TtlSlVllV'S IMtciitSpiliig-Tootll Iloisel'.akc. XJ Tho Wire Tooth Horse-Rake, which has been used with so much satisfaction during the last two haying seasons in the counties of Rutland, Addison anil Hentiingtoii, Vt. and Washington, N. Y. will be kept for sale the present season by ."5 l ltUNLtS it Co. Huriuigton. 1 lieso raUcs- arc tiilatded to all meadows; Ihcv are easily tended, and do tho work faster and better than any other Horse Rake in use. It is found by experience, that the cxpcii-e of raking hay with thu Spring Tooth Hoisc-Rnko is only nlniiit one quarter as much as ine common menu a ol raking with hand-rakes, besides securing thehavin belter or der. Some farmers ho have large meadows, esti mate the use ol one rake last hay season at lortv to lift v dollars. DAVID DEWEY, Patentee. Jul v I, IS 10. TJINESIIURGII ACADEMY.- Jl The next term of tlii-. itiaiitntimi will commence on Monday, Aug. t inifli-r ilir. direction of iho present principal, Mr. Henson. To those acquainted with the advantages of tins institution recommendations are needless. August 1, 1810. THOS. W. GIHH, Secretary. CI.OTIIir.ltS, TAKE NOTICE The stibscrder at the Wmooski Iron Foundry, lias on baud and for sale, 11 newTEA'.ELIN'G GlGj made for narrow Cloth, a first rale inachinc, of the latest improvement, which will be sold cheap lor c.i-h, or echangi' l for Cloth. JESSE GAY. Wiuooiki Village, June 11, IStO. BOOTS it SIIOI'.S. Tho siibscrilK-r bav now on baud n geneial a-soiiim-iii of HOOTS and SHOES, ofthe most fashionable slyle, and llmrnugh workm.inshtp, which heo:!crs very low for CASH. 1 E. J. FAY. N. H. All kinds of measure work done .11 short no tice. Hiuliiigton, Cliuielcst May 23, 1610. IJimiilXC.TON COM It Jk largo 1 A CAMP MI3HTIXC. will ho hoden in tho town of Weptford, on tho ground occupied for this purpose last year, to commence nn Monday llic 1 Ith day of Sept. next andcloso on tho Friday or Sat urday following. Aug 19. II. M. HALL, Pnaclur. I ENGLISH Currants, Family Groceries, Salmon, J Bmoalted Herring, for sale by N. LovkLv it Co. LOVELY &. HURL1HJT rlroilow receiviitfi and of feriug for sale nHplcmlidanddesirnhloiiH.iortinent of funcy and staple Dry Goods, and others Hiiited to 1110 present season, mm this mantm -aiiionpHi which aro foreign, nnd domcslic UroadclotliM, (Jass'micrcn nnd Suttuicitsi Valentin, nnd oilier Vestiitgsi Silks and Pongees of avaxy variety i Thread, LaccB, lnser- nous, ivc. ivc.j oins-wiro net and other i.ncesj ricn worKru c-ouars, miik, Veils, .Shawls, linen Handk'fs, Lawns, Linens, zephyr worsltnl a sptfiulid nssorlmcnl, Moreens, nnd Flannels, travelling Ilnskots. hcii 1 llnms. rich. Ilfi'd and plain Mousclaino. llouso 1'nnnr. new nndcirgani pnneriis, uu vciy ciu:;ii 01 uourHc, ni inu cheap rash store, eastsidcof Church-sticct. nurhnglon, August CO, 1810. 1'ACTOHY. A mid ..cnoi-.'il fissiiriiiicni of Combs ol'surr.- lilon 0.UAI.1TT now on hand aiui constantly mauufac lining al the above establishment, and for tale to the trade at low priccn. .Merchants and others wishing I get 11 good article Ibrieiailmg will find it to llieir ad vantage to call and examine for themselves. Jiuiu 10, 1810 VILAS, liOO-MIS and Co. CAR1MTIN(;S. Thosubreribcraliaveonhdiid a full assoriinein of Ingrain and Common wool Cnmetiii!?. Vciloliin nndCntinn do. Rush Mattinis Oil Cloths, &t"i which will be sold for Cash t Nuw -...i... m 1 nvi.-i.v . nn I Ull. llli in. t. -is . . w. July 30, 1BI0. STRAY HORSES, Slrat'fl from ihe subsciibrr,on oralsiut the IO1I1 of July, one black horse with some wKuo about lfi neck, caused by wear of tlio 1 ol bir, nnd lmc with a spiviri Irn! Als., one bay hone, ono hind Iir l.irac, abcut liycarf old. UmluiSten, Aug 1519. j. roimt. NOTICE. This rerlilli'H that I have given my son, Joseph Roe. his time, and shall not bo response hie for nny coutrneiB made by hint, nor claim any of 1113 earning liner imauaic. nis DOMINIC y ROE. Colchester, August f, IStO, mark. Dli. It. A. G.UJVJN, lately returned from Frnpce, respectfully oilers his wrvices lo tho Aniericun ,..1.1:.. ,,:,. ........ tl Mr ll..c,.,IC0 11,. 1.1 ,- ll, con, l'.i. Im.jyl7 public. Ollico opposiloMr, RiikhcU'r Ho'1 houso lately occupied by Israel .P. lticliuid 111 i'eari-et, ituriinginn, Jiiiy 10, ioiu. rilHKTIPPECA N'OE TEXT HOOK. Jiml recciviil. J. a large supply of 'I'lnpeeanoo Text Hook, made up 01 iioeiiincnlsan.l lueis iiiusiiaiiiu ncn iiarrccn history, character, servncs.iad opinions. It c warmly rfcomnicnilil loiho fricuils of Gen Harn. on Ihro igh but th I', fJtittts, ot tub' ill llic hook M'irr . ' June 16. P. A. HHAMAN NIiOVKIjY Co., havejiist ree'd from New York, and are now o.lcring l'nr sale at still fur ther reduced price-, lor ready CASH a more complete assortment 01 limey and other lioons adapted to the jea'on and the time's than ever U'fore among which nre many new articles never before olleiod in this mar ket. Also, a new supply of Glassware, Crockery and Looking-iilasses Also, laigicti i,iirrunl-, mines Drv Groceries. Mats. Russia and other Carpeting. Oil Cloth for Table-, Floors, and Lining., etc. More next wee'-. .uinojy . . .liinics C; IMercc's ICstatc. WE ihe subscril ers having 1 ecu appointed by the honorable the phibafe court for the district ol Chittcndvii, eommi-sioiici-.s 10 remix 1, examine and adjict the claims and demands of nil persons against Ihee-ta'e of Jaiue-C, Pu r r, late nf Huntington, in aid ilctrict, deceased, represented lll.olvent, and al.-o all i-l.linl s :i 1 nl ilcin.iinl-e.ihibiied in obct iher.'lo; ami six months Irom the day td the date hurcuf Icing al lowed by said 101 ut for that purpo c, we llieicfore hereby give uolico that we will alleii'l In the hicines of our appoinlinenl, at the dwelling ol Jonathan II. Dike, 111 lluutliisioili m Mini Dclricl, on the 2 I Tues days of O 'tuber and January next at HI o'clock, A. M.', on each ol -aid day-. Dated this Sth dav of July, A. D. ISIO. .UMES AMPLER, 1 EM ERA TAYLOR, Cowm'rs. jy:3l SILAS JOHN'S, ryo TIIH 1MIIJ1.IC. IiiollcrincihisEfhtionof X Smith a Geography nnd Alias lo the public, the Publishcis invite attention to the following additions ami improvements. The Gcogiaphy has been carefully revised and en turned, is ilhctiiitfil by about thirty additional Cuts, and ispcifectly adapted iu all its pans 10 the new Maps. The entire test of the bonk has, (at much expense,) been thrown into uniform large type which wo feel confident will be regarded nsnveiy decided impro vement. Thutahhs appended to the Hook were made up with care, nnd contain much valuable information in a roiidcnscd form. The names and length of the principal Canals and Rail Roads (finished nnd in pro grcs) nre given, ami too places connected ; also a comphlo list of the Colleges, Law and Medical Sellouts, r hit) OL'ical Semtii'tries uud Rc igloos i b nouiiunliotis of tile 1,'niled 6'tales. tho reigning Sov- crtigusot I'.iuodc, ic. An entire new Atlas accompanies the Hook, con mining eighteen verysupciior Majis, mosily drawn expressly lor llic won. 110111 ouguiai surveys runt ill most aulheiilie sources, and einbraccs much vnluab information not to be found in any similar work. Our own couiilfv has received special attention. The Rail Road?, Canals, navigation nf Rivers and recent changes, nro ull carefully marked, nnd iiinnv counties are shown w hich do nut appear in nny oilier Alias. Among the peculiarities! of tins work may be mention ed the. plan nl .showing me population 01 .Mates and Countries in round numbers on Ihe fare oftheMnps. The navigation of Rivers for Ships, .Steamboat:.. Sloops, ite., is shown by placing nt the Lend or na vigation the appropriate characters for each, The Map and Chai I of ihe World combined (on nn entire new plan, snowing ni one view ine .tiiturui nm P0lilic.1l Divisions of the Globe, the Extent, Popula tioti, Ililigion. Form of Gdvc riuiliiit and Slate of ( mluation ol each uoiiiitry,) mis nitr.viid much at tention, nnd is considered a great improvement upon nnv thing heretofore attempted in iho form of a Chart as here all nre shown nt a single clanee, nnd tho re lations they sustain to each other. Wo would ubo soiicii alien ion 10 111c iiiii.iiimoui- iiisuiiciiiiss nuu case wiih which every name ntiilio Map may be read ns will as to Ihe. ery superior MVIO and evecutton o ihn woik iii other rcspeels. The tliieslious nt tin of ihe Hook aro important, uud will bo found very coinemciit lor n iicucrni ifevicw. SPALDING & STORRS. II irtfonl Connecticut, For sale bv SAMIT.L HFNTLNGTO.N. llnr lingion, Vl. and by Ihe Prineial Hookselleis jn ihe I'tnted .Stales. Hurlingion, July 3d, 110. STATE OF VERMONT, I rilllE hon. the probale. Dist. or CiiiTTr.NHKN, n, 1 .1- coutt for the ilctrict of Chitlendcn, to all persons concerned in the etaw of Jonathan Gillcl, bile of Cliurlntte, in said ib'striel, de ceased, greeting. Where.t-, Hn-lord, cxecnlor ofthe last will and tesiamertt ofsnidileiratnl, iiropoe. lo render .111 nccounl of his administration, nnd prceni liis account agaiict raid e-tale for e.lmin.ition and nl lownnco, al a se-sion of Iho court ol'prol ale lo 1 e hold en at (he Register's oilier- in Hurlingion, 011 iho second Wltlne-day of Angnft nexi -, ihCrffuri', you uie hereby notified to nppeitr li'fore said court, nt the lime nnd place afnicsuid, nml showe.iuic, il any yon have, why Ihuaceount should net be allowed. Given under my handal Darlington, tins 1 1 1 1 day of July, A. D. ISIO. jy5 W.M. WESTON, Regiswr. BOOTS, SlfOES it LEATHER. Tho subscriber having tnken tho r-toro formerly occupied by Messrs. Ilithon if. Whipple, isiiow opening a general assoilmentof Hodls. Shoes nnd I.e.ilher. which litive nil been bought for cash and will bo sold for the same nt tho lowcul price, nnd an-tlio JtlielrH nro loo iiumrr nns In mriilinii in nn ndvri list'inniil. nltlinnnh Mt tjlA cy has enlarged Iim paper, 1 would bimnlv invite all In 1 all and cxiiuuni Hie goons and prices hciorepuunas 1 ni elsewhere . DurllrJyion, July j, ly(Ti HENRY C. RTIMSON, by E. J SriMfo.v, As. t f VM AN -t Ct)L': have received their iimiiiI M.J cvteii.ive assorimeiil of Spring summer COOPS, embracing a Icailliful variety of gnoU for ladic- siimuier dresses ; rien i iicicn nnu scoiru mng him-. India inns 111 a superior article lor while dresses Jaconet cambric, a great ns-oritneni of I rtrred nm ebi-i'ker(sl Cnml ric, priiiieil l-i'wn, mourning do. prin leu L'rll in: It nil r renin .uuiiii. .in i-aicusivc lissuri mem ofAnirriciiii Calicoes ehenper lliau ever. A few EiiL'li h and French do. SILKS, A small assortment of Rich silkf, Ini-ludinff black, blue black, culorol and slfipcil. Ha minim lid !., .,,f. CiiMisiiii. u-Iiiih silk ilu. II. 'I.- Ciavals, Gentlemen'- cdl'dnnd black kid Gloves doeolM, black n...l ..I. He silk ,-t. .re. ..I.,. Il.tlin I! Tlirc.lll. LillCII nildcollen gloM's. A sued iis.oitiiicnl of .Hosiery, vcri- cbeno. rinlrclln's nnd Pninol. Ihui Hoots .....I -tl.,,.. ' 1 -.1, I.I Tir.Mi slips. liiiMll-sriC (it KIPS. Mfrrim.ieW cotton. Davi- ville do fl-1. Counn.SIircting, Shilling, 'IVkimr, col'i uerlin'e 'LfnsGIOllisiind l lcaciicotlon, Voik Mixluies Stripi , Dfillyftf, lush Linen, Shining ami Shcciin Difiiicr and Criclii TAlbOII'S TRIMMINGS. Incli.dinu- sewmg Silk Twist, Thread, Padding, e.nivnss, slitve-liuing, blown linen, iiiuiniif., oiniiihg, Nc. VLSrl'ING. While hg'd , Vaicr.'ia. fisuic Silin, sr. ii.iue. and rich chaIy Ii r. 'r li d' 'is. great ct nibT D-"v (i'VD,t whu u lompri 1 nv ixcntvo n'K'itmeni, and are It red nt nstoni h in; 1 w t't 0- 1 a tii nnd iienneiucn arc nvnui r-iilmnUx ilil IK j .ii. c 11 ' pr'CCSi J 1 ,1 1 by O itAlUi HO WARD, of llic Cheap i-ash stoi O. armed home from New York lai evening I the splendid steamer Whitehall, I. Lyon Capt. nnd broughtwilh him nn additional tnjiuly of tiotnL wluih with' his two I'urincr purclia-e 01 ibis -itison makc the a-sorliiiCnt nhcgctlierone ofiho most desirable to elect Irom cf any thai he has heretofore bad for iho ist eighteen viar--, anil i- if the follow ing kind-, a : rich, fashionable, fancy ami staple articles in eveiy icpaitti'cut ol Ihe fry uood line, such as liriiwcioih-, I'lis-uneres, Vesting-, Mou;ehne ilu laine-, Challys, Silks, Dcnihnsine-, Crtlicne-, Linen -, .Miclins, Lmv, Iiilil uic, iMiii'iMiiterie--, Hosiery Idove-, I an, l 111 Lrellas, I'ara-olls, elc, well a lull supply ( ri'lorenfo and Strawillonnels, and Millenary Goml-, also, Carpeting.-, Mniuugs, l'iijicr Hangings, Sliol- mul Hats iner wrn an ine tiejvy iieseriiiiuu" u. howc-iiu oilier goo I-, siu 'i ns "Sheeiings, 'arn, Huilaic' U-....I ! . ..... 'I I... I V....I I ,st ,rt I 111... nn.l China Gallery is also replenished; iho Cmlty, Hanl w.tieundllou'cf iruisliiii'-r department isinttei-ordanec with the other stocks onhauil, the varieiy of fsney nr- liclo., such ns Toy., Jew elry, 1. mi s, ( uH-, Confee lii'iiary, etc. etc., which fills' one h imbed fii t if sh iw ease 111 Icinh on hi- counters c immmcrr.i'ie. 1110 Dome and picture gallery is I dutifully arrangeil fir the display oft ioihI- under a strung light, and lb -n thu large supply of superior family Groceries bated upon IbcSta I ol Life, Rochester city .Mill 1 lour, makes hi Grand Iktz.iar cheap e.i-h slnie, one of ihe most fascc inning desirable ami convenient store- 10 lo funu-hol from wiih all and every kind of nrliclcs thai may I o wched fur, or looked lit for amii'cmenl and graliiiea tion, or wiih a desire to convey ihe mo.-t plea-ing in telligence It) Ir.end-, ol llic place wiirrs- eveiy nriicie they may desire fur the I cllcr.11.' ( I" appcain-e-, milling to conii'iVt,or supplying 11c -esiry wants, may le had nnd n'l dene in -n lew word-, as' 1 v only siiyin, fi-r w hatcvernnd whenever you wi-h to buy cheap Iur ca. Ii u lo HOWARD'S Hurliilgluil, t., Jnmtlll, 1" IU. T 1!T Rl'.CSlVIH) al ihi-Vnr.ety, a lew .1 dozen Ilarn-on Mcimbe--, of the Ho.-ioll 'iiiproe l edition, I cing a collection ofpairmiic sonar- ilc.licali I to ihe Hero of Tippecanoe. .U 0, ah'tofllarr son Alma "ks for IS 1 1. The e 1 cnlos the icual tables mid calculation-( f a common Ahuanaik, ct.ii am un excellent Ibugraphy of Gen. Harrison. Ii c inter spersed wiih numerous original engravings, I'lustrdt inglbc leading in -idcnts of he hciury. llusay- imu "A droji of bar 1 cider will .tii-vycr my turn' as "it's getting 111 fu-hion up bcie." Fortunately o ir arlcly an a lord linn one, lor here c a 1 out, eninlcd "a dr ui ol'h ml eiJer, eniliodying ihe -mil 1 -I it 1 1 the s "Hh-Hen I Melohes, w h'g sung.-i'c ' ," pul li-hed by LU m, Now Yutk. Thcie ca'ue ai-u wiiU tl'.e song louk-, ; vu- ely ol Log Cat in Ho-uin l int, -ome very pre"y amco and gold one-. L' utiitiH of lo Cabin Medals", nml a variety of other cool-, runcMg which was.oiiie gold paper, pull boe. wil'i pulls and powder. JU. sical nisiruineni--. siillciucs, mill, nf to.--, and sevinl kind-of fine;-uaps nnd pcrl'inierVl The vara 'y h con-tanlly lacrea-inrnt Panc.ui us' ft: Huixsmaui'-, V' lCltr.nNA CRK'UI for nivin-r,cl.ir7tn-sl IttT in, Wnrnu's I e-t Ncc-l'.e-. Silver Thimbles ,i,,. lots of new liooJs, r.iieiiing at the Variety Store. Mriy ''). PANGIO!l. &J1I(L.-MaID.'lo'N KRY.i-.UtMoFR & R MS.U' "lavu O icivivi l, by 1 In- rc cut arrivals, a large an! welt a-or''-d ! (I widtng pn,icrs, nnd ihe ih 'cic.l ar ticles nf p'a n ii'i'1 1'tvicy S:-iti..iiciy. Al--ci, nu Mul lein ccllcclion ( I'.NGR'.W INGSniul illiclra'cil Horki., ( fla'e p.iblicitiuii,, Si. Paul st. .May rS. f,w W1XDSOII HIFhKS. fur sale nt bit"va7i-ty sltue. PAN'tillORN S: HRINS-MAID. SI IJ It, Hiding-wlnp mul Cam'-, at ilienneiy Slote. June II. Pam.iiohs 1 Hr.issuiu. 17 AW 11. lf SHOIW", a i'.TirastiTri'lm-iTl in r 1 nv'il and for salo by II. W. CATI.IN & Co. SNIU'K only ttvonty-live crnls. Dr. M. Ililcheock's newly mvcnrwi Snulli ike bed tun elc ocr discovered by scicntitic met, in Europe or America, for the cure and nhsolulc relief of Catarrh, D"i7.7incss of the Head, Weak Eyes, Nervous Head nehes,, l'alle'i Sicknivs, Fits, mid Infants troubled with Snutllcs. partial shocks of, ii c. For sinlr, wholcsalentid retail, by A. HITCHCOCK it Co., Me Pioprieloi. No. UTGeiRsce st, I'ttea, and by thr r agcnls throughout the I'niun, lu riinfmut ii J. J. 11. Pal. Co. In ujiitne. bj J.H Vifnuiinn. in Millon, by Huuuit iv Sawjer, In Oeorg n, by Lo reii7.o Jnitcs, Bai-so.m 7iFiTfi .TfwCdTu--i'iu 1 'innMMTiu"i7, I'v-pcjcn, Astlmm, in lull dcea-es of irn l.ungt nnd Liver. TheS0 dccicus prevail lonpicni rx'eni, ci eating much distress nml some I'.iiHbty. Ah 1 lie ei an l-b teniehOil by the mc of Dr Taloi' Hai-oniff Liverwort. This medicine is pniely Vegitulle, nml fruiii u pi--nl nraciion ujion thr Liver c a waysfoiunl n i.idicnl runclj fur lld'-e illicit . ."or IVinaies ,ind men in 11 very wf.ik st.i'c, no medicim ciUTlt s, Si io fui u rc-tuifliivc. as 11 1111 (,nty nrcn bin. 1 4' pnrilii'sanJgive n 'n I' l y 11 1. n 10 i'ic wl- le vs. ii in t on taiil'v l r ale I v I .f J I I Y A 1 1 whr bnv ei I re 1 nvl.i fu b supply , si a f a in li lr( "ii New cr' , a' vi r 1 In a I , 11 I P r iu ' 1 'W 30. I 10

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