Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, August 28, 1840, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated August 28, 1840 Page 3
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THE STAFF IS IN YOUIl OWN HANDS." Wc bog tlio particular attention of every rca- J tier to tlio follawing allidavit. I lore is an oflkcr of tho govcrnmcilUravcrsing the county under pretenco of taltnnjtfio census, but in reality for for the purpose oPproaching politic?, urging tho manufacturers to carry out the Sub-treasury plan by cutting down the prices of labor and the raw -material. " Tlio Staff is in your own hands, why dont you usoitl" says Mr. Lowry, "you are doing wrong!" In paying a remunerating price to the farmer and tho laborer ! Bring things down to the hard money standard, and then you the manufacturers will make something ! But how will it do with the farmer and the labor or ? Let the people themselves answer. About tlio middle of July last tho Marshal of this Blate called at a small woollen fnctory in Milton, which we nro carrying on, in order to obtain some statistics in relation to it. After we had answered his questions ho remarked that wo must be making money ns provisions and labour were cheaper than formerly, to which wo replied that wo gave about tho same prices fur those articles as hud been given the year be fore, lie thereupon said wo were doing wrongs you have the stall'iti your own hands and why dont you use it 1 One of us remarked that wc did not wish to eo this sub-Treasury bill no into operation, if tho effect of it was to reduce wages as low asm England. It., il.nn oniil il i trim llint tlm effect of that bill Will botorediieethopricooflabor, but it will also reduce tho price of every thing else in the same ratio, and money currency. Whereupon wo informed him wo (Jia not own llio lacmry or iiiuuiiiuc;)-, oui uuii v mm always been and wero still laboring men, and depen dent on wnges for our living and the support of our families. Wo asked him if that Kill would reduce tlio prico of Coll'ec and Tea and articles of foreign manu facture? to which hu replied go to the merchants for information, but do not lay it to tlio government. Milton, Vt., Aug. 25, 1S10.- RORERT LYON. STATU OF VERMONT, ) Milton, 25th Aug. A. D. district or ciiiTTExnEX, ts. 5 IS 10. Tlion personally appeared Zimri A. Pearl and Robert Lyon, whoso names arc nbovo subscribed and made solemn oath that the foregoing affidavit contains tho whole trutli and nothing but the truth. Before me, PHELPS SMITH, Justice Peace. ' Go to tho merchants for information, but Uon't lay it to tho government." How perfectly In character. After the practical common sense of a plain honest man had detected him in his sopnistry, the Marshal must then turn about and abuse him ! " Dont lay it to the government," Bays he. O no ; lay nothing to the government! If there is anything wrong, "ask tlio merchants" or the whigs ; they are the ratals that do all the mischief! Thus it is, while the administration presses are denying-the only legitimate doctrine of the eub-trcasury Scheme, the employed missiona ries of the government are traversing the coun try, urging the manufacturers to carry it out in practice. " The stall' is in your own hands, says the Marshal, "and youaro to blame if you don't use il !" This is practical unadulterated Van IJiircnism. Could not the farmers afford to pay Mr. Lowry an extra salary lor his efforts in thcirbohalf. Let them take this subject into .consideration at the ballot box on Tuesday. The staff will then be in THE III hands. N. 15. This same Mr. Lowry is one of the very sincere friends of domestic industry, who passed a strong tariff resolution at Williston on tho 17th June, and then expunged it from the jrublbhcd proceedings ! OFFICE-HOLDERS IN VERMONT. We present to our readers, this week, a cor rect list of the officers under pay in ourJState. Can wc wonder that this army should fight so vigorously against tho whigs, or that, all at once, they should be so patriotic and express so fre quently their love for the ' dear people 1 Let the ubjoined list be attentively read and remember ed and let all bear in mind that love for the "dear people," and "great patriotism," when translated, oftentimes mean love of money and love of self. JtList or Officers, deputy Count-Ton.", INSPEC TORS AND OTHERS OK TIIF. DlSTMCT Or VeHMONT. Archibald W. Hvde. Durlineton. - - S 1090.8 1 It. HullcnbecU, do. IM,W Danford Mott, Windmill Point, - - 500,00 Amasa L. Holcomb, Isle Lainott, - - 120,00 Zoroaster Fisk, Alburg, .... 500,00 N. L. Wliittemoro, Swanton, - - - 3G0.OO Robert L. Paddock, Highgate, - - - 30,00 John L. Deavilt, Franklin. - - 300,00 Albert G. Tarleton, St. Albans, - - 3(30,00 John Lewis, Uorksliire, .... 210,00 Frederick F. Fuller, Troy, - - 3(50,00 Chns. Mahoney, Deiby, - " - - - 300,00 R, G. Hopkinson, do. 500,00 Win. Rich, Canaan, .... 210,00 G. W. Hill. Lowell, 500,00 Geo. W. Kimball, Knrton, - - - 1C0.00 John Hcekwith, Sutton, - 300,00 Harry Richardson. Montpelier, - - 3(50,00 Thereon Howard, Danville, - - 360,00 Richard Powers, L. Champlain, - - 3C0,00 that Holmes committed it was as clear as a noon-days sun (and the murderer had lied to Vermont. Ho was demanded of Gov, Jenison for trial. Gov. J. referred tho order to Van Huron, as President of the 17. S., and ho leplied, that ho could do nothing, it belonged to Gov. .1. to act in tho case. Gov. J. asked tho opinion of Judgo Story, Chancellor Kent, and Judge Prentiss, and they agreed that it was the duly of Gov. J. to surrender Holmes for trial. Ho did it. The otder to deliver him up was stayed, and tho ques tion was orougiu oeioro too supremo court ot Ver mont. Judges Collamcr, Royeo, Williams nnd Red field, agreed that Gov. Jenison had done right. Now tho Van Huron papers would not have Gov. J. elected for this act. What would bo the result of permitting cold blooded murderers from Canada or any other na tion to llco to our State, and pass unnoticed for their crime ? Wo should bo overrun by murderers, and robbers, and thieves. Has not Vermont the right of protection from such characters? Miistsho boa ge neral reservoir of all tho murderers in adjoining coun tries, nnd they suffered to go at largo? So say the Van llurcn papers. Let our freo citizens look at thi. It ought to excito nil of us to rally for tho independent and honest Gov. Jenison. Who would ho safe if tlio doctrino of tho lo cofocos should bo carrilcd out ? Caledonian. ESSEX MEETING. Tho meeting at Essex, on Saturday, was a loud one. More than twenty-fivo hundred persons were present, who listened with breathless attention for nioro than three hours to tho tich and pcrsuasivo eloquence of Mr. Sladc. During thu lime, a shower canin up j but no man left tlio ground. At length tho paltering of the rain upon .the umbrellas was such as to drown tho voice of the speaker, and ho was obliged to sus pend. Whereupon tho whole audience Struck up a Harrison song, and moro singing, wo vendue to say, was never perpetrated in the same time. "What is such a rain ns this," said one old fanner, who had sold his wool for 23 cents per lb. and who had stood tho wholo tunc uncovered, with ono umbrella drip ping into tho back of his neck, and another into his bosom " I say, say," said he, " what is such a rain compared to thertijrnof Van Huron?" Shortly the cloud passed away, tho sun shown out brighter than over, and the bow of promise spnn'd tho arcc from west to cast. Mr. Slado then proceeded with his address, and was listened to with eager and increasing interest, till tho shads of evening finaly closed in upon him. Tho people are aroused to lite importance of tho crisis. Let tho office-holders tremble. ELECTIONS TO TAKE PLACE. Vermont votes on tho 1st, Maine on tho 1-Ith of September, nnd Georgia on the 5th of Octo ber, formombcrs of Congress and Stato Legis lature. Maryland on the 7th and South Caroli na on tho l'Jtli of October for member of tho Legislature. Pennsylvania and Ohio on tho UUli October for Congressmen and State offi cers during tho first wcok in November, on tho same days of thu Presidential olcction. New York on tho 2nd, !Jd, and 4th ; New Jersey on tho 3d and 4th ; Mississippi, Michigan and Ark ansas on the on thc2l; Massachusetts on tho 8th and Delaware on tho 10th. The Prcsedcntial election takes placo in Rhode Island on the 18th, and in North Carolina and Tennessee on the 10th of November. In the '1th district the locos have nominated another of Mr. Van Ness' aristocrats, viz s John Smith. Was Joan smith am to uov. Chittenden, about tho tune tho Governor said the troops should not go to Pitts burgh? Wo have seen it so slated; and inmiitcforin formation as to tlio truth of tlio statement. H aci- 711(111. John Smith was not aid to Gov. Chitten den, but aid to the militia General whom Gov. Chittenden sent to Pluttsburgli to order tho militia back. The General, it will bo recollected was mounted behind a dragoon und taken into camp, hut the aids, we believe, escaped. Martin Chittenden and John Smith, however, now, as then, belong to the same political party, and doubtless sympa thize with one another as to thefr 'sufferings on that interesting occasion. Ilcman Lowrv. Marshal. .... 500,00 N. it. Haswell, Kreak-watcr Agent, - - 2000,00 It. iyi-iio', "') tvuv,vi The Pensioned Prent. Burlington Sentinel, .... 500,00 Montpelier Patriot, 500,00 Bennington Gazette, .... 500,00 250 Postmasters, averaging 8200 each, - 50000,00 By reference to the above, tho freemen of Ver mont will perceive what an army of office hold crs, and what an amount of money they have an nually to encounter at the polls. These indi viduals, as a general rule, hold their offices on the single condition of their known opposition to the voico of the people in this state, and consid cr themselves under imperative obligation to use their money and their official influence in all the elections. And what a tremendous influence they must exert, scattered as they arc all over the State, yet acting in perfect concert, and sup plied with ample means from the national treas ury. Most of these men have held their offices for years, while not a few have grown rich out of tho spoils, and now turn up their noses in most sovereign contempt for log cabins. Moreover, they are all unanimously in favor of sub-treasu ry prices; and for tho obvious reason, that when tho price of beef, pork, grain, butter, cheese, wool, wood, and the products of labor generally. arc reduced one half in price, the value of their ttilarics will be doubled. Read Lowry's scnti tncnts, as sot forth in the Milton affidavit, and see hmo these offico-holdors' would bring the Sub-treasury humbug home upon the producer, m TJio staffis in your own hands," says the Mar Bhal cut down the prices, of provisions and la bor, and then you can mako money ! Look to it, farmers, mechanics, and laborers, Do you do cire to curse the country with such a policy ? If bo, go to the polls and votofor the locofoco ticket ns these officeholders toll you 1 But beforo'you como to this conclusion, reflect upon what Mr, Jefferson says in refcrenco to such advisers, "Wo are an inquiring people, nnd if tho people nro in themselves, tn thorxerciso of their own imbllis- fed judgements they will generally do right or, jf Iliey comum imawmij uiiu mm, iiicy viu iinu it 1110 next. i"i m i"ti ui pyenpnuniH mm inning" rnixn lnnxft nmoil" them, pedunr? rimers nnd tihiccs. V,.l ;,,n in, irs 111 ten llirv will cr. wrniifr. nml when tUry onen get wrongit will bo thointercst of such men Ir. I-,., Ihi en (lint id 1IIIIV kttll their ntllrfa mill places. I havo alwnys thought it wrong 'thnt nu n nolUlllC pilllllO Stations niniiim inn i im inn iniinillir ciec im,ci r, r tl,nu nrn undoubtedly interested, nnd n course interested judges j and for this reason I guvo mrlv rmt'irn in en..!, nilieers lis were under inv oonlrol tlmi nn ii,i,.rr,,r will, nonular i-lcclions further than their votes would bo sufficient cause for removal from ofhee." HOLMES'S fJASE-GOV. JENISON. Tho Mnnlriclicr Pntriot. nnd other Van llurcn pa Ps are nttemnting so prejudiro tho publics against Gov. Jenison becauso ho answered tho order of tho finvnmnr nf Canada lo deliver over tho murderer. Holmes, lo be tried for hiscriuio by tho authority of k n1ir where tic committed tho oficnoo. Tho mur dcr w! of tho mott oulrageous kind the evidenco Vermont votes next. She speaks on a tho 1st of oepicinucr. ynr. tiik uiif.f.n mountain jjoys bcady to iiepoiit? Albany Daily Advertiser. Do you hear that, boys? "Aye, aye; the Green Mountain branch of Old Tip's com mittee is ready lo report." Look out for an earthquake. THU NORTHERN MAN WITH SOUTH ERN FEELINGS. The following appeal to the sympathies of southern blavc-holdcr.J, wc copy from a late number of tho Richmond Enquirer. "Can her tlio South slave holders bo guilty of tlio grossest ingratitude towards Martin Van liureti ? 'What (says one of her most intelligent sons) be the moral cfll-et of this abandonment by the South of their best and firmest friend ? It must and will disgust the Northern Democracy, and the consequences cannot but bo deleterious to her truest interests.' Who has stood by the South during tho recent contest ? Who haspledgt'd himself to veto any bill which may touch tho subject of slavery? .Martin Van Huron, trumpet tongucd, upon tho Iiou90-tnpa." Kntjuircr. WHY. Van Ness is abusing Gen. Harrison because be signed a law in Indiana, thirty years ago, authorizing magistrates to sell tho services of criminals, to pay their fine and costs. A similar law has been upon tho statute book of Vermont from 1793 down to tho pres ent vear. In the mean time Mr V. N. has been a member of the legislature, Judge, Governor, &c &c. Why ha ho never bethought himself to cry about our law? Why arc his sympathies all at once aroused in behalf of Mfcrrs and murderers in Indinna. Tho rote of Indiana shows pretty conclusively what tho people think about Gen. Harrison in that State, and the votes in this state are equally conclusive ns to what the peo ple think of Mr. Van Ness. But why has he slept thirty years over this AWFUL law in Vermont? FKHRMEX OF THU STATH OK V12REONT, HEAR VK! On tho first of September ensuing you aro to exer cise the noble privilege, and incclimablo right, of cast ing your votes for your public- servants. Upon you is thrown the Wc'ghty responsibility of selecting men to make and execute the laws for the wholsomo regula tion .mil uuveillllici 1 lu -1I1U IICOIHC. Ill ( O I1L' HO Kf..ui'..ui5r,ii, 'inatyouureKKEK.uli., and not SLAVICS. UEMKMBKIL That vou arc entrusted with inn lib. eriies of your fathers purchased with their treasure nun moon. UKMUMKRK. That m tho select on of men for office, tho good old Jpltyrsonian principle jsi to bo nd heared to ; " Is in: honcst, eAr.vni.E, asd Vaitiuti. to the Constitution? ", That, at tho present dav. tho ne6- plnnro contending for their rights against an army of office holders; thoono wilh tho power nnd patronage 1 me general government on tncir sale, nuu the otli- arnien wun iiiiiu mm n goon cause. UHMHMKKK. That Mai tin Van llurcn fini said that, "tlio pennlo nrn apt to expect too much of the government," "and partieulnilv so in times of gener al cniuarras&iiicni ami uisires.v IlEMKMK t. That Martin Van Huren hna nver. awed Congress and thrust upon the people tho obnox ious subtreasury scheme after having been thrico re jected by them. Ki;.i;.Miu;it, , 'mat tins samo Jlariin Van llu rcn was a Federalist duriiiL' the Inst war. nnd intrim'i. cd with the federal party to displneo James Madion nnd elect Do Witt Clinton Pi osident of the United stales. UHMRMHKR. That ho is n favor of n stmidim. army of 200,000 men which, at his control nnd beck, would forever prevent freemen from electing a Presi dent of this Union. KF.MF.MKF.M, That thoannual expense of our cov- eminent under his administration exceeds that of J. Q. Annuis by moro than 13 millions ol dollars. KKMKMHKK, That it is tho device of men con nected wilh his administration, to bringdown the poor man, tho tiller of tho soil, to tho condition of tho de graded operators of Europe, and blacks of Cuba, KKMLMIiElt, That ho is opposed to a protective tariu, too very mo niooa ot tlio jNortn, anu tlio ins- irucuon oi which wouiu tnvoivo uiu wool growers in ruin. UEMEMHER. That, hv the coalition cnlcred into between, him (Mr. Van Karen,) and J. C. Calhoun, ho has virtually abandoned tho interests of tho North, to seeuro llinvuio ol slaveholders al tlio houtli. HEMLMllIvlt, That tho Gbbe, Ins orenn, snne- lions llio slavery proposition, of DIRECT TAXA TION nnutnonuoiisiimentoi tiioTAiUKF HOW GOES THE FIGHT I A brief glance at tho several Stalo elections which have been held smco the nomination of (Jen. Hanson, and all of which havo been contested moro or less on the Presidential issue, will enable us to answer this question m tlio most saiisiactory manner. ir.w IlAMrsiium wiia the first State to vote after the cam paign commenced. Of the result there wo presume no one entertained a doubt, and the greatly diminished voto, which was then cast proved plainly enough that there was no eontcst, and that both parties wero hus banding tueir energies and resources lor the iNoveniucr election. ' Co.nmbcticct followed (but not in tho fobslcns of New Hampshire. Connecticut was confidently claim oil by .both parties. At Washington Mr. Perry Smith and !'innatur" Niles nroiniscdthu Stato to Mr. Vnn Kuren. Tlio Whigs were equally confident thather vole was safofor Gen. Ilarrisnn. In April tho Stato election was held nnd most vigorously contested, lo cal consideration bciny pretty much swallowed up in uio greater anu more important questions under uis cussion throughout tho Union. The result was t most glorious triumph for the Whigs. Connecticut contlibutcd a majority of nearly FIVE THOUSAND for the cause and candidates of Itcform. Rhode Island camo next. Rhodo Island which in 1830 was chained to tho car of Mr. Van Huron, now broke from this ignoble bondage nnd joined tho ranks of Freedom. This gallant httlo State, after a des porato struggle, proclaimed her preference for tho nero oi Tippecanoe uy jai-TiciiliiUiNUUiiD ma loritv. r;re tho snouts oi triumph lrom regenerated llhode island nan cued upon too breeze, strains ol victory camencaliiiiraloticfromthedistaut South. Virginia, the mother ot rrcsidents, has registered her vote m favor of her own sons, Harrison and Tyler. In tho Old Dominion tlio struggles of tho Federal Adminis tration to retain their ascendency wero more desperate and determined than in any other quarter of the Union. To lose Virginia would bo to loe tho wholo South and the appearance of a falling oil' there would it wa9 plainly felt, affect most seriously Mr. Van Hu ron's strength in tho adjoining States. No effort, therefore, was spared to carry the Old Dominion but efforts to perpetuate tho present Administration wero lost upon (his patriotic State. She spumed tho yoke of Van Kurenism. And her example was not lost upon her sister States in tho South. Louisiana, which voted next, responded to die cheers of the Whigs of Virginia, Here, too, in 183G, Mr. Vnn llurcn had received a successful support, but now defeat awaited hint. A short but severe conflict resulted in the unquestionable) triumph of tho Whigs by an aggregate mojority of TWENTV-ONE HUN DRED. It was now tho turn of .the West, the freo and gall ant West, to speak her sentiments of tlio Farmer or North Hnsn. The voico of Kentucky nnd Indiana camo mingling together across tho Alleghnnics with victory in every note. In each of these great and "rowinir States the friends of Hairison nnd Reform lind swept the field by majorities nbsoluteiy over whelming. Tho Loco-Focos who had been "crow ing" lustily in advance over both, were abruptly si lenced oy the unexpected and unweicomo returns. Illinois and Missoum followed, and as in 1336, ffave thejr votes to the Van Kuren ticket. Missouri, like INuw Hampshire, is indisputably Loco-1-oco; but of 'Illinois wo bono better, and in November tho W'higs of tho "Sucker'1 State will "go' in" in earnest for'a victory. Next camo Alabama a strong hold of tho Fede ral Administration, which wo scarcely dreamed, of nssailiiig. Vet even in Alabama tlio samo benign influences which have been at work elsewhere havo wrought a gltmoiis change. Tlio Whig gain in Ala bahia is more astounding to Loco-Focoism than any thing that tho campaign lias yet produced. It passes their comprehension that in one single year, the Whigs should have been able to reduce their majority in the Legislature of forty' seven down to fere or. fifteen. Such another "hoist" in November, will clfcctually upset Loco-Focoism even in Alabama. Noam' Carolina, which voted last, is, perhaps, en titled to tho credit of having done tho best. The Whiff victory there is not onlv most brilliant and do- icisivc, but it has proved n complete extinguisher to thy Iloeo-Foe'o hones. In all their nrcsidcntiai calculation's theyi havo counted upon North Carolina as perfectly certain for Van Kuren, nnd now Old Rip Van Winkle has suddculy waked up and surprised herself nnd overy body elso with a Whig - majority of from SEV- KN tu I'.lliliT 'tltuus.iU! Hero then is a recapitulation of tho result, and the gam and losses since 1836. thus far: - 1836. 1-160. W. V. K. W. V.K. tho elections of tho'Legislaturo having already taken place. Those 'added to the U0 will give them 'J7 a majority- of the body. They may fairly calculate on gaining 1 in Georgia, 1 In Michigan, liu Nuft? Jersey, nnd 1 inTonncsseo so as to give them a sweeping majority, with which old Tipwill begin his administration. The whig states, Ohio, Connecticut, New- York, and Louisiana, will still bo represented in part by Feds the advocates of tho right of in struction holding on in contempt of the popular will. AND STILL THEY COME. Wo are happy to unnouiico that General JOHN P. VAN NESS, of Washington City, the elder brother ol C. 1 Van Ness, and for many years Chairman of the Jackson Central Committee at Washington, has conic out openly against thu present administration, and avowed his intention of supporting tho election of Gun H.uuuson. llo is out in the National Intelligencer, with a very nhlo article, in winch iio handles somo of the ad ministration leaders without mittens. He is a man of fino talents, irreproachable clmrac tor, and will deservedly exert a grcnt moral influoncc. Such men uro fust quitting the administration, and tho day is not distant when Mr. Van Buicn will he left alone in his glory, with a inero braco of office-holders and expectants to do him lovcrencc. OR AND ISLU COUNTY CONVENTION. Agreeable to previous notice, tho Whigs of Grand Islo County, mot at the Court House in N.orth Hero, on thoaoth inst., to tlio number of moio than one hundred for tho purpose of nom inating a candidate for Senator, nnd made choice of tho lion. Calvin l-Yrrctinn, President, II. W. Vnn, and Lewis Ladd, Esq. Vico I'rcsi- dentp, and Win, L. Sowlcs Secretary. Rcsohcd unanimously, that tho lloii. Samuel Adatno bo presented to tho freemen of tho county, as tho Whig caudidato for Scitalor tho year ensuing. Ucsotvcd, That the proceedings ot tlio nieet injr bo sinned by tho President and Secretary nnd published in the IJurlinglon Freo . Press as soon as may be. CALVIJN I-'LISTCllUK, l'res't. Wm, L. Sowi.r.s, Sec. August 21, 18J0. COUNTY MUUTINO AT MILTON. Thero is to bo another gathering of thu people at Milton, TO-MOIUIOW. at Ten o'clock, A. M. It is exnected that there will bo a lari'u attendance from Franklin and Crimd-Islo counties, ns well as from the several towns m Chiltcnden County. TIT A SLIGHT DIFFERENCE. Tho Hon. Timothy Follett stated al thu last meeting of the Tippoeanoo Club, that ho saw a Van Kuren member of Congress at Now Voik, who informed him that Gen. Howard, tho Van Kuren candidate for Gov crnor of Indiana, told him, when ho left Washington, that he was perfectly confident of obtaining ten thous and majority in the Into election in that state. So sure was Gen. H., said Mr. F. of being elected that he even went so far as to consult his brother member in regard to a subject which ho thought of introducing into his message I W ell, said Mr. Follett, tho Gen eral was about right in icgard to tho majority. Tho only respect, in which the result differed from his an ticipations, was, that tho ten thousand majority hap pened to bo against hint instead of being in his favor, nWg7i difference to be sure, but ono about which the Whigs are not disposed to grumble. MISSISSIPPI. The following is an extract of a letter, pub lished in tho Richmond Whig of the 21st inst. "Two months ago, I hardly had a hope of this State, but I now believe that she will he found side by side with Viiginia in November. Thero havo been somo very important defections from the ranks of tho spoilers lately Ex-Governor Runnels beiiiL' anion-' the number. His position and iiillucnce in this Statu resembles very strongly that of Mr. Rivesin Virginia." ALAKAMA, ILLINOIS AND MISSOURI. No additional intelligence was received yesterday from tho elections in these States. The two last, wo arc willing Van shall have if he can get them. Rich- monu if nig. LATER AND MORE GLORIOUS I Tho Whig majority in joint ballot in tho North Carolina Legislature is 38 ! and the Whig majority for Governor in tho same stato is EIGHT THOUSJ AND AND FIVE HUNDRED Ml So says tho Raleigh Register of tho 21st lust., which paper has full returns. NOTICE. THE FRIENDS OF HARRISON AND REFORM, of tho rouiitiss of Essex and Clin ton, will hold a Mas3 Contention at llio villagu of lvccsevillo, on the 11th of September next tho Anni versary of tho victory on Lako Champlain nnd nt Pittsburgh durigg tho lato war. Our friends in War ren, Washington, and Franklin counties arc invited to attend. It is expected that tho Convention will bo honored with a sprinklim; of Green Mountain Roys licsli Horn llio contest m tlieirown state, and no au-drt-sscd by somo of tho moat distinguished speakers iu tho United States. Tlio order of the arrnngotnents on tho occasion will bo announced in a futuro notice. Kuesoville, August -I, 1810, Jonathan C.lllct's Kst.ttc. I STATE OF VERMONT. To all Persons con- n..n . . c ......i ". ii .i.,nf Jonathan Gillet, lato of clrarl'ottr, deceased. iiciiuui nosioru, c-cccuior oi uioiasi win mm iu.-i;i-incut of Jonathan tlillet, Into of. Charlotte, in said dis- trict deceased, having Tiled in siu-1 court Ins petition, in writing, sotlinu forth that tlio unioimt of debts, allowed by tho commissioners, against said estate are 57) (hit the Vnlue of tho personal estato unsold docs not exceed 812 00 that thoiimotiiil of money in said ex ecutor's hands, after paying the expenses ofadminis nation already occurred, is 81 16 01 nml that it will be necessary to sen real estato lor mo payment oi so much of tho iltlitq ns thu ncrsonal estate is insuflkiclit to pay, ami the lurtlior expenses oi nel ministration, anu prnyiugsaid couit to grant him license to sell so much of tho real estate of said deceased as may bo necessary for tho purposes aforesaid. Whereupon tho court nforu- iuu uoiii oruer ihui h:uu peuuoii no uuaru oeioro auiu court at a session thereof to bo held nt thu Register's ofllcuin Kurliligtoii.on ihei-ccoiid Wednesday of Sep tember next, nnd that notice thereof be given lo all persons interested by publication of thisordcr, contain ing the substance of said petition, three weeks succcs-siu-ly it; tho Freo Pros-, a newspaper printed in Kur lingtou in the County of Chittenden, the last of which publications to bo previous to the said second Wednes day of September, 1910. Given under my hand ut llurlingtoii, this 12th day of Augimt, lfi-IO. Wm. WESTON, Register. wt.'jtl ii"toiimJmminitiminiii.uimbmimm LOST. The person who found a WATCH CAS ft yesterday nt Williston, will please Icato it with tho owner and receive his rewardi Hurlington, July 10. PAVH) RUSSELL. WVnrlct.v"Stort-,".Iu'y Ttr.'i I: nro to, uivmg it lieah upp!y orUooJ, among lliem i uto black und britiani.i CniOr., steel and ei'lt Watch Key?, violin and viohneello string-, t'luto , Fife-, Cylet-, Pencil lead. Feather Fun, Saim Heed-, white Mlin ltead ll.tmN, Lou L'ubm lloiom Pins anJ McJ.iIj, Poor Jinn's Pl.i.t-r, mid many other irood-. PAMJKORN & III(I.NS.MAfl). XJU boxes, Tin plate, J X, X 20 do I X i'litarudo 100 bundles Iron wire, nnorlcd no,, together with u jrencral tlorllnciil of SIki:i Iron, Copper, Riv il, etc, for Mile by Jnne- 10 VIl.AH, .OQMfj fa Co. NOTICE. All peron in-l.-bu-J lo tlm Into firm ofLnllirop, Poiwin and Wnit or to .Mayo an J Wait ul their store at winooI.I Villacr-,nru hereby no tified lo mal;e payment lono at our S'ou-in llurlm ton, corner Church and College slreo'i MAYOnii'l WAIT Richard Keesc, Caleb I). Barton, Joseph P. Reynolds, John M. Mieombcr, Sidney ford, Jitilinian Ilolden, Thomas 8. Ilarvty, Thos. A. Tomlinson, (Jlicer I). I'enbouy, llarton T. Thomus, Horace Muttlictcs, iS'iles Bushncll, Jacob D. Kingslaitd, Committee if Arrangtmtnti. NOTICE. Rev. Wm. Miller will commence lccturiiig on the 2d coming of Christ in the Kriek Church, on noM Sabbath, 30ih Aug. Kurlington Aug. 29, 1B10. TO PENSIONERS. All legal claims for Pen sion now due, and llio semi-annual instalment puyablu on tho 4th of September next, will bo paid at the Parmer's if. Mechanic's Banh in this place on presenting proper papers to the Cashier of said Hank. H. LOWRV, Agent for paying Pensions. Kurlington, August 2G, 1310. MAYNARl) &. NOVrV line WhcV- Writing I which has siood tel fur inure thirty years. LAMP WICKS efc GLASSES. Glasses for the Krittauia, tho Brass and tho Astral Lamps of dif fer out sizes; Wicks of all sizes, also the tlat wicks for Rust s 1'atent Lamps, Variety. nlore-, Aug. 21. PANGKORN &. KRINSMAID. New Hampshire. Connecticut Rhode Island Virginia Louisiana Kentucky Indiana Illinois Alabama Missouri North Carolina 4 ......23 .. 5 Vi"!.'-."." .. 9.... 5 ...... 7 4 ......15 1... ....23... .... 15... ....13... .... 9... 21 73 79 t In a word, wo have now carried 7 out of 1 1 State, of which in 1831) we had but 2: and we have SEV- KNTV-NINE electoral votes now where in 1S3G wo had-bilt TwnNTV-royn! If these bo not promising indications o'f.tho ulti'mato and overwhelming triumph of the Hue, ,iVlugs m November, we know not what UNITED STATES SENATE Since the successful war waged upon this body, by the Federal Executive, it has been little elsd "than tho pliant and subservient tool of Power. The sovereignty tho States, it has disregarded,! and tho rights of.jt.ho People it has tramplod under foot, whenever tho pldasurc or atnbition of tho President was to bo promoted The recent olcctions, however, give hope of an early and salutary revolution in its political com position. The parlies stand there at present", as follows Maine, . , Now Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhodo hland, Connecticut, Vermont, New VOrk, Now Jorscy, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana,, Mississippi, Ohio, Indiana, , Illinois," ( Kentucky, Tennessee, Missouri, Arknmas, Michigan, Whig. 1 0 o 2 1 1 1 0 2 o 0 0 1 0 1- 0 2 0 2 n 0 0 0 20 Van Kuren 1 2 0 0 ! 0 1 I o 0 0 1 2 1 o ? 2 1 2 0 o 0 2 31 REMEMKER, That the legitimate clfect of tho measures of Martin Vnn Huren a administration has been to lessen the valuo of tho products of tho soil 50 per cent j thereby compelling the farmer who was owingsiuu to part wun vwv worm oi property ton rmidatotho debt. KEMEMKElt. That Martin Van Kuren is en- dcav'oring to concentrate into his hands the powers of the tmrso anil sword, and with these fearful means of power to defeut tho designs ol froeinon in tho clioicu oi tncir own rulers. RE.Ml tbat llio Van Kuren party in tins stato are opposed to corporations nnd iho credit sys tern, and notwithstanding thoy declaim most loudly n"ainst bank?, becauso llio privalo property of tho stockholders is not noiucn, yci uicir cniioumiu tor Governor, Paul Dillingham, voted in tho Legislature against it resolution providing for this vi:av secuiu. REMEMKER, That it is your ituty m act ns freemen, nnd to net lor tlm lienetit ot llio wuoio come try ami not lor tlio onieo Homers. Ke-.MKMUKie. Tiint.uv vnur sunnnr unc t no van Kuren stato ticket, you sanction the ruinous policy of Martin Van Kurcn'i administration, which has struck a death blow to tho dearest interests of every true vermonier. REMEMKER. That Vermont "exnecls over man In do his duty," nnd civo bis verdict aiminst Mar' tin Vnn Kuren nnd his ruinous policy, and in favor of tho Patriot and Hero of North Menu. People Press, iGnVan Ness thinks thero nro loo many banks in Vermont. The locos lasi year generally voted for iwo new oanhs aim two rccnarieis. iv, 1 Vacancy, Of these tho'terms of tho following expiro on the lth of March, 1811: Mr. Krown, of-North Carolina, 'Calhoun, of South Carolina, Clayton, of Delaware, Crittenden, of Kentucky, Davis, of Massachusetts, Fulton, of Arkansas, Hubbard, of New Hampshire, King, of Alabama, Knight, of Rhode Island, Lumpkin, of Georgia, NichohiH, nf Louisiana, Norwrll, of Michigan, lloann, of Virginia Robinson, nf Illinois, Rupijics, of Maine, Wnllier, of Mississippi, Wnll, of Now Jersey, Anderson, ot Tcnnesseo. j Elected to fill tha vacancy occasioned by the resignation of Hugh Lawsnn White. 13 Van Iliironites, 0 Whigs. Thosd with tho vacancy in Virginia, audi the vncancy in North Carolina) occasioned by tho resignation of Mr Strange, mako 21 vacancies to bo nuppliod. Tho rd-oloctlon of tho Whigs whoso terms nxpirci id pretty corfain. In addition to these, the Whigs are certain nf tho 2 in Virginia, tho 2 in North Carolina, and tho 1 in Louisiana TTAURISON GOODS. Wo invito ntleiitlon to our XI assortment of thesp Goods, amongst them nro Gold Miniature Log Cabins for Lockets, gold log cabin Watcli Kevs. Gold, uilt and "nlatcd Loa Cabin Pins. Log Cabin Medals, lino finished-, Tippecanoe Shaving ."soap, Tippecanoe (Janes, bung hooks, Text Hooks, Almanacks, the Crisis, liov's life of Harrison, a new kind of Log Cabin Letter Paper, and various other uoous in tins line at mo variety oioic. Aug. 27. PANGKORN &, KRINSMAID. From the N. V. Herald. MAJOR EATON AND THE PRESIDENT. For several weeks past, the whig press has abound ed in minors of a misunderstanding between Major Eaton, our lato minister to Spain, and Mr. Van Kuren. Some of the papers have slated that the difficulty has resultdd in an open rupture, nnd others have contend ed themselves with hints nnd inuemloa. The usual givings out" of the party press, we pass without no tice, but, there is probably some littlo foundation for this story,, Our Pans correspondent, in a letter which has been nearly two months on the passage, writes as follows : Your minister from Snain. Mr. Eaton, nnd fnmlk- left hero a few days since, for London, intending to embark in the Rritish Queen. They have been stying iiere somo nine, :mu i i.unie irom llio .uajor s account that he has been harshly used. He says that the first and only intimation ho received, wasa letter from tho Secretary of tho Treasury, which was, as near asl can recollect, as follows : Washington, Oct. 2Glh, 1S39. Tho Hon. John II. Evros--- Sin I am instructed bv the President to inform you, by your frequent and urgent applications to this iicpuiuneui, tne rrcsKicnt lias consented to your re' turning home, anil that your official ennncitv na mi nistcrfi oni tlio United Slates will cease from llio first of. May next. All llio papers nud vouchers in your oiuce-, vou win mace in me cnargo oi your secretary, who will act till be hears from tins denarlment. I .mi further instructed to inform vou that this deieirtment has instructed their bankers in London to closo vour account. Vour accounts with this department you win iiiuivu .uiu luiwuru ui soon as oruciicuuie. This letter was received at Madrid in December. Tlio Major says that it is a d d lie that ho never requested to return homo and the only time that ho ever made application was shortlyuftcr uis arrival, iintl tuaivvas on nccounioi tne uistui nances, lie then re quested lenvofor a short time to trncl in Italv. Tho Messrs. Kotliscliilds informed him that his accounts were closed. Mr. Kalon in renlv was verv severe. When he came here ho made mjiiio heavy purchases, such ns a splendid silver set a rich set of curtains with carpets to match, nnd other articles in tho same style, ninouuting to near .-jjOOO. Ho took his draft, endors ul by General Cass, to tho Messrs. Rotlipcliilds to get mo nceuiiu. jener .ur. u. mid loonc.i at llio paper, ho said to the Major, '-If you will destroy that, and give mo one with your own name, it will be satisfac tory," and hu gave him the money for it. They say Mr. R. did tho filing in a very hnudsomo manner. Vou will boR8tonishcd lo hear how Mrs. E. goes on and rails agairst little Malty, and says when she gets iiomo suo win irave tnruim i t in west, where s ho ins a great number of influential friends, and expose his ftANES. We invito attention to our new assort j incut of Canes, ridini nnd wulkinc sticks, now opening nt tho Variety Store; we have large and small, crooieeu and straight, low and nigh priced. ,Ug. -Zl. I'A.MUSUIUN CC IlKliN U.M.U1) BUI. I. Tho public are informed that a first rate Hull mav bo found at mv Ham on North street lor me term oi ono year irom date. CALk.lI K1UIAKUSU.V Kurlington, Sept. 1, IS 10. MACKEREL, on consignment, in half barrels just received und for aalo by J. & J. H. PECK &. Co. rpIIH celebrated Iodine Spring Water from Sarato A. galor sale by the bottle, dozen, or box, Aug. 27. THF.O. A. PECK & Co. FRESH Hivu Syrup, an excellent article for Cold Coughs. Croup, cic. by Auv'.27. THF.O. A. PECK & Co. OVRUP Sarsanarilia. a valuable medicine for Imnu Oriticsof the Klood, Cutaneous diseases, nnd Dcbil ity j just prcpnred oy Tlll-U. A. rl-CK &, Co. "TVTUSKETS. Those who wish to iiiirchaso Musk 1VX cts can see a sample at tho Vuiiety Store nnd can leave an order for one or more if prico and quality Biiit. Thoso who wish them for Muster should call immediately, as wo havo nono for salo and shall get no more than wo havo orders for. The sample, is not for sale, iuilitary (.oods. loose wishing words, runnes, Uhappeux, (Japs, hashes, or any other Jlin tary doods, should icavu their orders immediate) v. Variety Store, Aug. 21, 1310, PANGKORN & KRINSMAID. POLITICAL FITS. Wo havo heard of political fits of all dcserinlions. but never befuro of one precisely hko that which re cently seized a Loco-foco of South Hampton, in this oiau-, iiu i inioi ie.ii oui iue,iiiiuru tu us i.isi session for a change of name. The following is the Act, ns piiiiiisucii m uiu lasi i-nuiui ; Beit enacted by the Senate and rouse of Reprts'cn tnlives in Ocneral Court convened. That Harrison ruts, ol houtli Hampton, may take tlio In cood time Mr. Andrew Jackson Fills will. doubt, favor tho world wilh a likely progeny of Vnn Kuren Fitts, Kenton Lilts, nud other Loco foco Fitts. Wo hone tho voung Fittscs will never bo friahteiied into fits ns thoso which recently sel Amos's babies blubbering nt tho prospect Of Old Tip s election. I-ills "nascilur lion Jll. uaremnnl liable. Gen. Ilirnm G. Runnels, lato Govcrnot of Missis sippi, and the main pillar of Democracy in that State, has renounced Van Kuren Loco-Focoism, and declared himself inlavorot uen. Harrison. WHICH IS THE POOR MAN'S FRIEND. 5tj Tho following is no fiction. Wo givo it not without authority. Watchman. Mr. Editor : I noticed in consul Jnrvis' address nt Windsor, on allusion to Van Karen's riches, and nmong other things mentioned that he understood that V. K. owned a valuable tract of land which ho believed was n'enr Oswego. Now tho fact is, that some years ago a man who was othcrwiso poor had a clnim on n tract of land Ivinrr nartlv within tho villaeo ofOswcco nnd engaged V. K. to proseeuto his claim, ns attorney. V. K. did so, and obtained 500 acres of land, and the man not being nhlo to pay his fees, V. K. generously offered lo Inkotho land, which the man gave tin to him. After V. K. was fairlv in possession bo valued tho land at 500,000 dollars. This of course, was "n fair imsincBs transaction. une who knows. NEW GOODS. Wo aro pleased to inform our customers and fiiends that we have iust returned from Now.Vork with a fine assoitmtut of New Goods in tlio various departments of our trade; no pains nave necu sparc.i m selecting ciood aruoies, anu such as will meet the approbation ol persons ol taste. Wi have (beside very many oilier ihni-'s which must re main unenumeralcil,) Watches. Gold and Silver, price and quality lo suit customerB ; Pins, some beau tutu Lumens, taucv l-namol eo. nnd stone I'm?, limns various patterns of ncy Rings best quality ofUoldj snein-.arn uascs, imam nnu plain, very prclty one English Pencils, very heavy nnd beauliful lini'-hce Fancy Koxes, very nrettv for nresunts. several kinds, Canes, many very handsonio and somo veiy strong, Slocks, A. No. 1. various Patterns. Shell, anil lvorv Combs, something line in this lino. Shell, Kufililo Horn,, lyory nnd oilier tiowdressmg Combs ; Krushes, very nice nun new patterns, ucst quapiy. rrcston Sails m beautiful bottles various patterns; Perfumery, English, Fiench and American. Guitars, Drum's and other Musical Instruments; Hearts, Crosses ami jet c-rnamcnis tor the ieck, uoidui and ( oral liracelcts. dolil Icck Chnins same length of Gold Reeds: Silver. Kullcr and Fruit Knives t lvorv nml Shell, fancy Koxes -, Rosoius, Suspenders and Collars lino Kinds; nasties, some very nico ones. Cards, nil ui imu oii.tiiiv. , u l.iu tumeciv mvu 11 irenera outline of tlio new goods now being opened and nr ranged nt mo variety store, out would wm st we ex press thanks to our numerous friends mid customers for tho liberality with which they have seconded our efforts to make our assortment what it is: iust men tion mat our assortment was never moro complete, we nave not only uio usual variety, nut unvo added many new and handsome niticlcs, to which wo are makiii" additions nlmost every veek. Pleaso. enquire for i iiHui.wauiiii us very ninny ui our ni ueies are not sight. Ttt'ineulberlho Variety Store. Aug. 21. PANGKORN &. KRINSMAID Later rnoM Mr.xico. The Doric, nt Now Orleans, brines dates from Mexico lothc27lli Jul v. Thane. counts of tho canturo of Ihocnnilalhv Urrea. nro flillv confirmed, nnd both parties wero still trcblim? without nny tlecided ndvanlago having been obtnincd on eitlier slno. All communication between Mexico nnd other parts of iho country was interrupted. A. Y, Amer JT6 11 ffl cH At Matagorda, Texas, m Juno last, Mr. Jorta. A Wilkins, lalo of Hurling on, aged n years. TRACTS FOR THE PEOPLE. A char! represent X ing Ihn c.xjieiidiliircs of the Goveinnicnt from 1700 lo IS 10, just received nnd for salo nt the Rook Jinre, u, a. HUAMA.n Kurlington, Aug. 25, 1810. d. E E S E F EAT II ER S.-500 lbs. Geese Feath V crs of a superior quality For Sale bv August 20, idlP, VILAS LOOMIS & Co, TMIRl.lNGTON HIGH SCHOOL. Tho fall term .1 J in this institution, will commenro on Thursday Sept. 3d. Tho principal will tako chargo of a low pu pils as ooanierK in uis luiuuy. Allg. VJ, IblU. JUS. II. JVA.-5 l iUAlN, l)HUC: F.STAIIMSIIMEXT. sign of tho MORTAR ono door east of.. J. II. Peek if- Co. The subscribers have opened Apothecary Store, anil intend to conllno themselves strictly tn that business. 1 hey now oiler to tho publii a L'cncrn assortment ol L'cniiiuo .uedceincs. me iiduii olTnow Chemicals, and tho standard Patent .Medicines; constant attendance, will ho given, and particular at teniion paid to prcsenpiions. Hurlington, Aug. 20. TllLU. A. riiUK eV. Co. AC.SI1 SIF.IVri.VO will bo holden in the town of Westford, on tho ground occupied for this purpose last year, to e-onimeneo on Monday tho inn i n-otrfieni. nextanicioso on no i-iidavnrsat. iiruay louo wing, aug to. j. .11. jiali., J'reacicr. ENGLISH Cilrranls, Fnmilv Groceries, Salmon, smoakod Herring, for salo by N. Lovelv &, Co, STATE OF VERMONT, ) To all persons interested District or CiiiTTLNncN, J in tho eslato of Sarah Footo and Mary Foote, infants. Gnr.CTisa. 17LAN.SON II. WHEELER, of Charlotte, m said JLJ district, guardian of Sarah FooloandMary Foote, infants, under tho ago of eighteen years, who reside at Potsdam in the Stato of New York, having mailo application to said court for license tv sell twu undi vided eighths of ono undivided fifth of fifty acres of land, lying in Cbnrlottuiiforcsaul, being the samo land conveved bv Keniamin Siinonds to thu lutn Nathaniel Newell, deceased, and is part ol'leo lands set oil" to tho widow Polly Newejl, as a part of her dower in the estato of tlio said Nathaniel Newel, deceased, which 1 i 1 1 V ceres nlland issulitect to t los-iul widow s nuht of dower tliotein, of which two undivided eighths of ono undivided lilth of said land tlio sa.d wards are seized in their own niirht in fee as tenants in common. representing to said court that a sale of the said ward's interest m ham lanu wuuiu uo conuucivu to tneir uesi interest bv hawnir tho nroceeds thereof nut at interest. w hereupon the court atorcsaid doth order that the said application bo heard before said court nt n session thereol to bo hele at the Register s olueo in Huilingtoii in san district, on ho second Wei nesduv ol Septem ber, l-lO. and that notice thereof bo mvcu to nil Per- sons inlercslo I, by publication of this order three weens successively tn llio Free Tress, a nawspaptr primed at Kurlington in the county nf Chittenden, thu i-i-u oi which piioiiC'iuuiiH to do previous 10 uiu seeouii Wednesday of September. 1 fi 10. Given under un hand tit said Kurlington. this lflih dav of August, A. D. IS1U. WM. VNLSTU.N. Kcuistce. Mr. vtsnxov hkaukh, vow.m iiibic of di.Ie-rent sixes nnd bim'ing-', l'oel,et llil.lo-, nnd To'.iltiients uii'l a general usuirlinenl of .itatluuu ryiuM reeeive-l fioiiiN. York and for nle',y i oncire st. .v.ij. .-. nu- i ut I u.. T OC CAH1V anil IIAHI) Climn7'A J-i lew log eabin Ko-om Pins, with ll.i-1 arret ot Hard Cider "nnVhlv handy" and "ibe tn'u n-jver pulled in" .1 1 1 t CniMied und for Mile nt ihe Variety store-. Mity23. pANCnoii.-r k KuInsmaid. MORE NEW ROOKS, JiM rewived nt the Uook Store, A Ne.v llouie. Who 'II follow. Vouii ljulici ('otnpaiu'on. Countess Ida. Huyward's Nuw Einjhitid Gasetei-r. Mitt-hell's (Jeograpfiiedl Reader, a sy-iem nt Ui-osraphy, t-oinpri-in-B' a l'u?e-ription ol the World Willi llm gran-l division', di-iimed fljr lu st ructions in sehools and families. Wonder.') of ll.o Heavens. f). A. Hit MAN. A YOUNG LADY ofgoixl litniily and ofa lib eral eduealion and who has a thorough theoreti cal and practical knowloJgo of the Frcneh add Elirllsh languages, wishes lo lind a place eilhcr in a Windy or hi it coimniimiy, as n Ficneh le-ae-her. Applii ilicui, Of by letter post paid,) lo I odirecled to Mr. Molu Pro leior of Mnie, lliirluigton, Vt. ' Juai-1. rpiIE UObk STORE of the Mib-enlor is now full .L repli-ni-bi-d wilh a larjie colleeiion of IIOOKi? ami STATIONERY, rccenlly .-'elceled in the New York mar!et. Parlictilur pains has been taken in lhea soi Uncut Willi refc-ieueu to Kooks adapted lo .--abbath febools. The newest publications have I ce-n telceicii fortius object, and Libraries can now le fitrtlMied with any amount at tht-N. V. pnee-s, I) A. ISrAmax KATHtMl. Sole Leather, n superior article for nlo bv J. it J. 11. PECK ii Co. Kurlington, Aus-imI 13,1810. i-ived and for sale by C. GOODRICH. TKAYKH."Froin Ihe Mib.scril .- about three - unee, from thu larrn latelv owned bv Mr. Kurrill, u nil yeailiui', und a gi-ey line back spring CALF. Whoever will return niide.tlvesor give in fur. alien where (hey may bo found, slutll lu haiid-oiiiely reeompenvL-l- ja.uls ,io A i blietijurii rmnt, Attsr. u, ism. 171 Oil SALi:,--73 Aere of Laud Lyin-,' on the Wmotfeki Avenue, euu mile north of ibis village. Tills land is well watered, free from slonu-., has wood uilieiciit for n luiiulv Mipplv. borders on tliel-iue, and s every way mi elisible lot. For further particulars apply to the siibcriler. iiickok cc latlik llurlingtoii, .vug. u, ioio. TTIOIt SAI.E.Coninion boar-l-, nlatd;, lining JL boards, elup hoarus and lloor I oams, al me low- ,tpriee,by IIICKOK it CATLIN. nurliniiion, Aug. vi, ioio. MAYO & WAIT have relumed ft uiu Now Yorlc with their supply cf .'pring nud summer Good", laid in at the pre cut unusual low riles which they aru nepared to sell at-itt-ap us can lo had in the country, mvers nre rOMie-ctfullv o!nnled to call and reettivn I lie proof, nt ihe- -tore i-t.vcnlly occupied by Lnhrrtp ( I'otwin eorne-roi Liuireii and Loiicue-sis Jiavv'j. KW PAIM' SIIOl'.-.SPAULDINO&MlLId have opened a new Paint Siior on Church-st. two eloors so-illi ( f II. Lsnu's Stoic, where ihev will o a k nils ofllOLSK, si 1 11, SIGN and CARUIAGti PAINTING, in the I e-l pnsiiblf manner and on terms hi thoe who may lavour tiiein wun tneir patron- at;,;. scj-rauus, u,t, armsn and t'uiiv, eoniauiiy on hand and fur -ale. It. O. SPAULIMNO. Burlnistoii,April 0, 1310. C.K.MILLS. It GHOCEttlCS. The subscriber ha a fill -,upp y ofGio -c-rie--, ini-liidinvr cosiiiat- Krandv, coiritnoii lo. Ilol.'aud and Dalliniore Gin, b!. Croix tti low )iiee.l Ruin, Porl, .Madeira, (..liampaiane, MuVat, Malu-.'a and Wint--. Mola-e. Teas, Co;!e-e. Chocolate, loaf, lini nml brown S.nrars, Rice-, Pepper, uiuiiamon, iutnieir, iispie-eanu otner pte-e, ngars. ol i-.e-co, .Mttekerel, l.TJUt- imi, ljet kind lor 5-. per 100 lb-. AnJ iiio-t oilier aniele-s in Ihe srocery line. Also DRY (iOOlW. all of which will 1 e -old cheap a at aitv other place. The- Liquors will be warrantal of Ihe eM qunlily intended prineipr.lly for supplying Tivern-Kceporrs, who will lind it for thi-ir intere.-t to ea'l and exainme them. ISAAC WARNER. Kurlmston, June 10, Milton Lincoln's Ustale. STATE OF VERMONT, rilllE honorable the District ok Ciiittcndcs, si. S M Prebnte Court I'nr il. Di.iriei of Cliillenilen. Tuull ncr.-.on- concern ed in the Kslaie of Milton Lincoln, late of Milton, in aiuilMrlci eioeta-uu, ui"-""-"' WHEREAS. Nalhau Lincoln ir.. executor of the la-iwill an-1 te.-tanient of -aid deeca-el, propO--e-ti) render an acoouutol In- niliiuiiisir.ition, an-i pie-sent m iceoiiiit n-'aiusi mid e-lnlo lor examination and allow niei! :ii a sex-iion of thu Court ofProlmlc. to I e holden il the Iie-'i-lei-'s oil-ce. in Uurlinsrlbu, on ibe tccond Wednesday of Seplemler next, therefore, you nre hereby notilit-d to unpear 1 efore said court, al die time mill ill-are afore-aid. and shew cause, if any you have, win- the account aioro-nni siiouid not i.e ni lowttl. Given under my hand at Burlington, this 12lh lay of August, A. D. 131U. ,ug. 13. .i. tai i'., negisicr. Milton IjIiicoIii'k Instate. STATE OF VL'K.MONT. 1 mill-: lion, the Pro nisriitcT oi till r rr.Nur.n ss. I halo court wiiiini and for the Di-tnet of Chittenden : To the creditor ind eiiher- eoneerml m the e-5uio of Jldion Lincoln, laieof Milton, in -aid Di-irtei. de-eca-cJ, Grlutino WHl-'REAS. Nathan Lincoln ir. executor of the last will nnd te-laiuent cf snid deeea.-ed, hath inndo intilieatioii to tliisc-ourt. lo -jxlend the time litnite-d for ma . ULr invinciii oi l iu ueois nnu ii-uiii-ibs oisum ui- et-a-cil. twelve nionlh- from the ES:h day of Augu-t IS II). nml Iho i! w e iiu-dav ol ben cm cr next l.eine is-nr. tvl lor a heannc in ihe nremt-e-i. at the u.tiecol thu Register ol lln- court, nii-J it having 1 ivu on-enxl thai nrilieu llteit-of lo given, by publishing ibis d ercc lliiee week- "iieee-Mvely in the Free Pie-s newspaper printed ai Kiirlinston, I efore the lime lixed fyr hearing J ihereloro you me- lur.-hv noiilu-.l lo up pear I eiuio .-aiu i-uuri in llio iiuiu uuu pmui; .tiuii'-aiu then nml there-, lo make o! union if any von haw to the said lime of payment Icing further rx'cmled a- afure..aid. Given under nii band at Burlington lUi; ISth day of August. A. D. 1810. Aug. 13. !. vi--tti., uei 1IX Hlidrf. New Orleans Sugar, on eons, O An-. 0. for salo by N. LOVELY en men t. it Co TlltLES.-A very large- a-oriment of nil mzcs o lin es, ami nn -c-, noin ou eu. to sis cac; Ju-t reu'danJ for talc at the Uook Store. I). A. HKA.n.WN. LJTORIi TO M3T, at I .liT. at Wnuo.-ki Villain-, the ton- recently oecuiucd bv l.alhrop and Polw by lei and no. o ion trivial imine-liati-lv, aim! to the siibsenler eorner Church and ( ollcu -I-. Kur lingtou or toCiideon Ln'hrop. MAiO&WAlP. Kurlington, .May 20, IS 10. GliASS. Kiiiliugton, Veriuonl, and l-:--t-x-, Cylm dor (ila-.-. in.i !e- at I ho t'linini.knn tila work and very much nnprowd in quality i-omjian-J wilh lite .ate brand.-., for .-ale by J.& J.'ll. PECK it Co. W"RAI'PING PAPKIt. lOO Ream, Wiappmg f Paper, anil a large tppply t.fwriiintr, 1 o'h Cap and Loiter, lor ale by D. A. HRAMAN. T OC CAHIN ANECDOTES an I illu-lra-el iuci j dent., in tho hie of lien. , 11. JIariu-os, I i-nle at the-Koolc store junt-19 D. A. IJRA.MAN '"PHIS may certify that mv wile. Ally Bunker, has X eloped irom in v tied and ooarn wiiuout any prov oeation and I loruui any pert-ou inruormK or iiumui, Heron my account. .uiuo iiu.uiivn. Staiksboro', July Wth, 1$10. T riNESKl.'RGlI ACADEMY. The next term ef J"X ibis institution will commence on Mommy, An -U. under tho dircclioti of the piesent iniiicipal, .Mr, Kcnson. To thoseHcntiainted wilh llio advantages of tllisinsliiution rcconiincnuiiiious nre necuicss. August 1,.1SJ0. THOS. W. GIKK, Secretary. PVr.OTl'iniKS.TAKENOTR'KTIio.-ub-eril J at the Winoo-ki Iron Foundry, ha- (n han'. and -... . I I-I.'I7I.- IVO fllC' n,,,l c- .... Cloih. a' first rale niaeln'iie, of tho latest imiiroeiiie-nl. Vvhu-li will Lobold cheap lor cn-b, or exehangivl for Cloth. JI-ijSE GAY. Winoo-ki Village, June 11, ISI0. niiuis i-tf urn nibcriln-r ha- now JJ on hand a general a-.-orlinent of KOO'I'S nnd MiiJi-,ni iiiemn-i la-hinnaiiie Myte, nnu uinrougl; woriiinaiiiiiip, wiueli lie oncra very low lor t .tsti, K.J. FAY. N. H. All kimls of measure work done jtl short no tut-. Hurlinglon, Chureh-st May 28, le 10. LOVELY it HURLKUT nre now receiving and of feriim forsnlo a splendid nnd do.-irablnns.snrtmeni of ffllicv nnd stanlc Drv Gondia. nnd nlbrru cmirri i tlio preseni season, and this market ainonpst w i eh aro fore-ion. and domestic Kroade.lntbu rlncumori and Satlinctts i Vulenlia, and oilu-r Vesiings i Silks and Pongees of every variety j Thrcnd, Laces, Inser- noiip, iv u. iw, fiui-wno net nnu oilier Laces; tielt worked Collars, Silk, Veils, Shawls, linen Haiidk'fs, I Jtwns, Linens, zephyr worsted a splendid assortment, Moreens, and Flannels, Irn veiling Rackets, heed Rags, rich, fig'd nnd plain Moiisclaino, Houso Pnpor, new and elegaiit patterns, all very cheap nf course, ot tho cheap cash store, east side of Church-itrtrt. Kurlington, August '10, idlO. STRAY HORSI-.s. Sirnixl from I he subscriber, cm ornl'O-it llie lOih of July, ono black ImrfQ wilh .onto w h'ili! about llicnevk,caiued by weir of rp. Isr, mid Inmo Willi a sptVm behind. Also, ono bay hore, one hind h-R large, abcui 13 yi-ar old. Kurli'mlon. Aug. 1811). J, PO'n'ER. TOlIlllil.VGTON COMll VACTOUYl JD Inrse and ucneral assortment of Combs ofhtirr. nion QUAi.tTV now on hand and constantly maniifac luring at ihoalovccftahlMinient, and for t-ale to the trado at low prices, Slerchanii-and others wiNhmg t gel a gorl iirlielo lor retailing will lind it to their ad vantage to rail and e-xainiile lor tliem-clves, June 10, iStO VILAS, LOOMIS nnd Ob, nAlll'KTINfiS. Tito subscribers havo on hnnd J nfull njsnrtment of Ingrain and Conftnnn wool C nrpcimg, Venetisn nnd Cotton do. Rull Matimg Oil Cloths, etc. which will bo sold fur Cash nt New orK prices. k, LOVELY it CO, July 30, 1810. Bb( ICS K IT H. -The -ubsenLer having n; ceutly moved 1 from Albany, nnd commenced thu Hlack-mith bii.-iiicjs. m all it.- forms, in the new -hoi on Madi'on street, near Follett & Kradlev's Store, would le-peelfully invite the inhabitants of Ifui-lington and vii-nilty to give nuu a can, as nu is ituiy preparuu lo do all kinds ot work in his line, on the .no:ir-t no tice, I est manner, and ino-t favorable twins. He ha for many years pat given his parte-ular attention to ihe Horn- -hoeing- bii-ine-ss, and Farriery in, all its branches. From the Ion? experience which ho ha had, aud ihe general information be has ek-rived both from theory nnd practice, I.e fee!-, fully confiderU in ro-i-oinmending him.-clfto the public. He will Im pre- mreil nt all tunes 10 give ui.- por.-onai aucniir-n to an kind of work in his" line -tich as Ironins V,Ts.cgon anil SU-isrlis, Shipwork, &c. All kindi ol clgi tocU made m il.e best manner and most approval t;. Ho tru.ts that by givimr bii-ine hi- undiviVed Athntion, nnd the low prices nt which ho will be enabled to fur nish work", to receive a snare oi tne puiuie. patronage. ' tnli v ci irn ;l-v Burlintrton. April 10. 1810. . .lames Martin's Instate. STATE OF VERMONT, ) AT a probar? court, Dist. or I uiTTCNDCs, !;-'. ( holden at iiurlms tou, within nud for the dirtriet utore-ai.l, on tnu 12:li day of July, A. D. IS 10, an instrument nurporiing to be'lbe last will and te-lainent of Jamc- MfcrtHV, late of Jericho, in ald di-trict, deceaMt, was pre-ente-il to Ibe e-ctirl here lor probate, l.y llannnii Gianni trio I-'.veeuirix. llierem nameif. ft is or- deie.1 by -anf tourt, that publio nctiee hs'ciwii to nil persons eonecrne-.i iiicrout, 10 appear it.ioh; -am court, al a e--ion llu-reit lo le liolden nt ire ltegis- teiVollie-o in Hurlington, on the wi-n.i eune-oay ot Augu-t, A. I), is 10, au-lcoir.c.-tlheprul.a'eoi said win, and it i-further ordered that this crder he pubUhuit thici- weeks M.cco-ively in die Karlinzton tree Piev, a newspaper prin'e.l nt' Burlington, in tin.-sl.i'e, thu la-l of which -hall I c- previo is to ihe d.iy a-si;ned, ai aforo-nid tor licarimr. Given uiv'it inv hand at the. Register's cilice, this I2;h day cf J-ly, A. I. 1510. jy 17 v .11. vv I u., ueiicr. - BIJHLIXGTO.V FEMALE SEMINAR Tho Iall term of the Seminary commcnce3',.0tii Sept. Conditions in- Ahmittascr. Koarder3 per annum. SUO, or$i0 per term, half pavahl in advfin-e. Thin sum entitles the pupil to board, lodgm, room- rent, lire, lights, etc., and to tuition in any or all branrfEs included in the extensive course of English studies pm sucdin llio Seminary and Latin. Etta charges aro made for Music, including pr.irtie- SIX ocal SI for music pupil-, 2 lor others." Drawing $; French S'J. Pupils not received for a shorter period than ono quar ter, tiniest specified on entrance. Deviation from this mle is made Hi case of sickness. Application to ho made lo ihe Principal, M. C. GREEN. Jhirlington, AujS.JfKk Nl.OVr.IiV it Co., have j-i-t ree'd from New York, and are- now o'li-rui-r for site at Mill fur ther lodiieod prieot, for rea-ly CASH a moie eoinplele a oiinient i f l'aiii-y and oilier Coops adapted to tin! Maon and the time Iban ever I efore amonc which are many new articles never before olfvrcJ in tin- mar ket. Also, a new supply t f (11a ware, Crockery an b Looking-Ola-'C- Ab-o," l"nd..h Currant-, Pruiu- Dry Groceries, Mats, Ru m And other Carpelm?, CR Cloih forTublo, Floors, and Linings, cle. More nist week. . Junt'13 STATE OF VERMONT, 1 rSlilE lion, the prolia-e l)l-r. ok, t". i -R- court for the di-trict of Chiticinlen, loall percn concerned m ibe estato of Jonathan Gillet, late cf Charlotte, in said di-triei, de ceased, grevin'. Wlierea, lltman llo-ford, exevutor of the la-i will and te-tameiil of.-aid deeeanl, nropo-os lo render an nei-ount nfhi-iulniiiii-tratiun, and prc-eiit lus aceouat ngaui-t .-aid e-tate for t-sainiiUlion and al lowauee,at a M-fSiouoftht ecmit ofprol ate lu I e hold en at the Keiri-terN otlu e in Kurlinstnn, on the si-tmut We-dne-day of Augnsi next ; tberelon-, yru aro beii-by nolifiol lu appear In-fore said c-ouri, at tho time and place- aforesaid, and howr.m.-f, it nny vou have, why ll:eaevo:iiiK!ifore-aid should not bo "allowed. G ven under my hand hi Burlington, this I lib clay of Jul v, A. 1). i 3 10. jyl3" ' N M. WiisTON, 74"lTill fNATlt ICA.nTirbiiving, clarified RoT in, Wnrnn's I cot Noodle.-. Silve.rJTInmbls and; lots of new doods, oiienina at llm Variety Store.- tt May23. PANUHORN & KRINSMAID. v. STATION UltY..Mt.MOrit f RA.MS.Yl hayr. O rcveive-l, by the recent nrnval, a large and well adored steel; ol writin? paper-, nud the di lcrent ar ticles ol plain and Fancy Stationery. AlfO, an excel lent collection of ENliRA VINOS and illu-lralod works, rfla'e publication. Montreal, St. Paul m. May 23. Giv ITl)SOirTtII-,ljT:?T for mleirn ihu vnnoiy More. PANtJUOItN ti KUINSMAID. S VITUS, Ri ling whip nnd Cam-, at thu Variety Store. June II. 1'ANT.nonM ii KaiN-MAin. IAWIJfjlH SHOUS, a full as-orlinent .lu-lt rtv'.l nnd for fnlo by H. W. CATI.IN &Co. TtfKW (l(l(II)S, S'i-hu-y Harlow has recx-ivixla 11 general assortment ot good nt his old Moro on Pearl Mrct-t. which will be sold cheap enough, ti. II, Wool received for goods, Kinlingioii Slay 28. IOllKltiN IRON AND STEEL. English Imu 1 from li lofl inches RiiR-i.-t old table Iron; do n'ew'dodoj SvcvdM do; Hooji do fruni J to I inch! (trailer's Kols Satiu', eajt, cCitnan, swt-Jci. und English bllMer Heel Carl and wagon boxtv, finished cro by June 10. J. & J. 11. PECK & Co. NOTICE. This certifies that I havo given my son, Joseph Hoe, his time, nnd shnll not bo rcsponsi bio for any contracts made by him, nor claim nny of S..uau-. DOMINIC & ROE. , ColehcBier. Attctut 5, 1610- mark. TR. II. A. GAUVIN, lately rrlurnod from Frnnee, XJ respectfully oU'ers his services to' tho American public. Oilico opposiio Air. Kusscu s iioiei, m tne house lately occupied by Israel P. Rtehnrdson, Esq. in Pcnrl st. Kurlington, July 10, 1810. Im.jyH rglllETIPPECAN'OE TEXT POOIC-JuM rcecive.1, JL a largu supply of Tippecanoe Tt-.xi Bool', made up o( diK-iimentsau'd fact.- illu-lraling Ge-n Hnrristiii's bitofyif;b(iriieifr, scrVicesand opinions It inwam-'y reeotmntiidisl toilio friend.-of Gen. Harrison throufih out tho I'. Slate?, for talc at the book More, Juuc20. D, A. KRAMAN. PAI'UH. C GOODRICH has iust rectivod from tho iiianufactiirtirs in Massachusetts, a: fnU supply of linen hand-mndo. royal, meduim, Demv, cap, letter, folio-post and billet paper, of varum qual iiies, as wove, satin, hud, gilt, &e. &c. for salo at man ufactures prices. Juno 30. BIllSTOli HOARD, Drawing jiaper. nnd Pencil-. Krilliant red Ihiid. blue fiuid, jnpan :nV, nnd ladies nud ceiilleinen's steel pen, m-t re.i-iveil fron Ni'i? York, nnd lor sale 1 y S. HUNTINGTON. . Ccllrjicst. J'-iie g.i. IBiO. .STKTE OF VERMONT. TnnHK hon, Ihe probntev 1it. or CiiU'i r-Nor.N ss, ) J. court for thedistriot of Chilteiiden, To nil persons eoikrrntxf in ihe fststi of Amo- llu'kok In'eof Cnarlottr, in sitid di-lriel e!e ccasixl, enacting. Wliert-a, Nt-lson HicKok admistra lor of the t la'o of snid ilriil, propo-cs lo lendtr nu appniint of liiOtlmlniMrntion, and Jus ae eoitut aenuist said t-.lalofor ox ttninntion and nllow. ana- at a s-on of tho Cot.rt of Probate, to H KohK en nt the Register oUlce in Burlington nu. ifcp. tf-ool Wixlensday of September tieVj Theitfore, you nr hereby neilil'iol lo sjper l floie snid eourlat ihennie nnd pl.ti c- alort' aid, and show c-au-e, if any you hac, why Ihe act-ouni thould not l-i- allowcl. Giveii nndp, inv hand at Nrirhncfon thi first dav of AucuM, A. D 1610 auc 5 W'M ESTO.N Register.

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