Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, September 4, 1840, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated September 4, 1840 Page 1
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NOT TUB GLORY OF 0 , S A H, BUT TUB WELFARE OF ROME. BY II. B. STACY. BURRING TON, VERMONT, F HI I) AY, SEPTEMBER 4, 1840. VOL. XIY....N0. 13. PAPER. C. GOODRICH ha? iust received from the manufacturers iti Massachusetts, a full supply of linen hand-nindc. roytil, incduini, Demy, cap, letter, folio-post nnd billet paper, of arious qual ities, aa wove, satin, laid, silt, ite. ite. for sale at man ufactures prices. June 30. BRISTOIj HOARD, Drawing paper and Pen cil". Brilliant reil fluid, blue fluid, japan ink, and ladies and gentlemen's steel pens, ju-t received from New York, nnd or sale by S. HUNTINGTON. Collese st. Juno 25, 1S10. ST DTK OK VERMONT. HI I IK 1,0, t,o proline Dts-r. or CniTTENt)i:s m. J X court for tbe diMrict of Chiltendeii, To nil persons concerned in the cslnlc of Amos Hickolc Inn: of Caarlotte, in satd district ele venses.!, greeting. Whcrca, Nelson UickoI; ndmitra tor of the estalc of aid ileoca-ed, proposes to render an account of his administration, and present his ac count against said estate for cxniniualion nnd allow ance Ht a session of the Court of Probate, tn l.e hold on at the Register office in Burlington on the second 'Wedensday of Seplcinlcr next; Therefore, yon are hereby notified to appear before said court at ihelinie and place aforesaid, and show came, if any you have, why the necount should not I e allowed. Given under my hand at Burlington this first day of August, A. D. 1810. our 5 WI. W'ESTON Register. FRANK LIN HOUSE, AT THE MINIMAL SPRINGS. IN HIGIIGATE. VT. The subscri ber having furnished and lined up, for the reception of cunipuuy, unr .iuivi:i;si,iuisiiiiieii, rcsps-ci.uuy ciuicu the patronage of his friend, and l ie iiublic generally The celebrity this spring has attained, the beamy of in location beiug situated in n pleasant and healthful ec!ion of the country together with the exertions of ine sousem-err iu pivu sui.siactioii m ttu, ii i- uupvu will make it a desirable situation fur those who wish to avail themselves of the lenofits of the medicinal waters, and a relaxation from the ordinary cares of rjuincs. s. n. vtuuu. Higligatc, June 3, IS 10. Sy NEW GOODS, now opening ; an additional assortment oi various kinds of goods, among them nie Mezotnilo Brushes, Satin Bead Head Bands, Sarsaparilla Lozenges, Accordeou books, extract of Hergamol, bristol board,green Spec-mo c-, Castors, new sdlvcr pocket Comb-, Eagle licit Plate--, etc. ALSO, n Kood assortment of trimmed and plain line S.ttin and bombazine Slocks j thin summer Slock--, ligM and pin in ome with bsw.s very nice and light for warm weath er; we have also very narrow Stocks, suitable for Loys or men. Also, Ion;; slocks for tlio-e who have largeNeerfs, in a word our assortment of Stock, Col lars and IJosonis is very complete. For further par ticulars please call at the Variety Store. June II. Pan'oiious- & BiilN-M.ttD. PANGHORJf & HUIXSMAID.ofthi) Variety store, are ollcring a great variety of Watches", Clocks, Jewelry, Poifimory, .Musical Instruments, Curl-, Cards, Pictures, Soaps,Hair Oil-, Razor-, Knives, Scissors, Canes, Slocks, Cap-, drawing materia', wil low Waggon-, Chair.- nnd C radio-, Ca-tor-, Pencils Tea anil Codec Pots ami Urns; silver wan-, plated Ware, Lamp Wicks and Glasses, Collars and Bo-onis, Suspenders, SwonL and P:sti.,Thcrmoniclcrs,Slntion--ry, Inks, Court Plaster; Doll-, li.igs, pocket Honks and n great variety of fancy uniclus to supply the wants and minister tn the gratification of the uoiional and all who call at the Vnr.ety store ; we are in "Ap ple Pie" order ready to an-wer orders or return calls nt the variety store," l'ANfinonN it Ruin-maid. NKW SHEKT IRON, COPPI'.K & TIN WARE ESTAULISIIMENT. The siib-cril er, late of the firm of Starr & lJosm ic!;, having p ircliased and re moved to the Slore lately occupied hy Strongs & Co., vast side of the Court Hou-e S'Uiire,"one door north of t hi' Log Cabin, is now readv to do all kinds ol work that the public wish in his fine of business-, meli as covering roofs with tin, making anil pulling up cave troughs and spout-. All kinds of Tin, sheet Iron and Copper Ware will be kept on hand, and for sale at ns low prices ns can bcfniud in the State. Sheet Zinc, Copper Pumps, Lead Pipe, and all other articles in the line of our business kept on hand. For cheapness of price nnd neatness of execution, my work will not Le xcellcd by any in the. -pile. If yoii wi.-h for any thing in the above line, before von tr'a 'e 1 e sure and cull iiion ' II. II. UOSTWICK. fiiirlington, July, IS 10. DEWEY'S Patent I Spring-Tooth IIiirscRakc. The Wire Tooth Horse-Rake, which has been .....A t ,,,l, .sli.rlmn .Innnn ll.o tnut Ivvn hav'ui!? seasons m the counties of Rutland, Addison and Itcnninqto'.i, Vt. and Washington, X. Y. will be l . ...i ' r.i. i... Tiinvi'CA i--.. liurlington. These rakes arc adapted to ail meadows; tliev are easily tended, and do the work faster and better than any other Horse Rake in use. It is found bv experience, that the expense of raking hay with tbe Spiing Tooth IIorse-Rnke is onlv about one quarter as much as the common mull- d of raking with hand-rakes, besides securing thelinyiu better or der. Some fanners v. ho have large meadows, esti mate the use of one rake, last hay season at forty to fifty dollars. uaviu jji-h ivl , l'atcntce. July 1, IB 10. riM) THE PUni.IC. Iu offeiing this Edition of X Smith s Oeography and Atlas to the public, the Publishers invite attention to the following additions and improvements. The Geography has been carefully revised nnd m larirtd. is illustrated bv about thirty additional Cuts and is perfectly adapted in nil its parts to the new Mans. The entire text of the book lias, (at much expense. been thrown into uniform large type which we feel confident will ue regarded as a very decided impro vement. The tables appended to the Rook were made ut uilh care, and contain much valuable information in a condensed form. The names nnd length of the principal Uanaisanu Kail Koads imisiitd and in pro gress) nre given, and the places connected : also a complete list of the Colleges, Law and Medical Schools. Theological Seminaries and Religious do nominations of the United States, the reigning Sov ereigns of I-.urouc, &c. An entire new Atlas accompanies the Book, con tsitimrr rirhleen verv superior Mans, niosllv drawn expressly for this work from original surveys and the most authentic sources, and embraces much valuable information not to tic lound in anv fimilar work Our own country has received special attention. The Hail Roads, Canals, navigation of Rivers and recent changes, arc all carefully marked, and many counties arc sliown wnicu no nui nnpear in any oiner Alias. Anion" the peculiarities of this work mav be mention. ed the plan of showing the population of States and Countries m round unmoors on ine i.irc oi uie.unps. The navigation of Rivers for Ships, Steamboats, Sloops, &.c, is shown by placing at thu head of na igntion the appropriate characters for each. The .Map and Chart of the World combined (on an Mire new plan, showing at one view the Natural nnd Political Divisions of the Globe, the Extent, Popula tion, Religion, Form of Government and State of Civilization of each Country,) has attracted much at tention, and is considered u great improvement upon anv thine heretofore attempted in the fo.rn of a Chart nslicro all nro shown at n single glance, and the re lations they sustain fo each other. Wo would abo solicit attention to the remarkable distinctness and ease with which every name on the Map may be read ns well as to the very superior style and execution of the work in other respects. Tho Questions nt the cJojc of the Book nre important, and will be found vtrv convenient for a General Review. ' SPALDING STQJtRS. Hn rt ford Connertiait. For sale by SAMUEL HUNTINGTON, liur lington, Vt. and by the Princial Booksellers in the United States. liurlington, July 3d, 1610. W YMA.N &. COM3 have received their usual M-t extensive assortment of Spring and summer fJOODS, embracing n beautiful variety of goods for ladies summer drcs-os ; rich English and scntth Ging hams, India muslin a superior article for while drosses : Jaconet cambric, a great iissiriment of barred ami checkered CamPric, printed i-awn, mourning no. prin ted cambric and Fiencli Mnlm. An cxtcnive assort ment ofAmerican Calicoes cheaper than ever, A finv Kngli-h mm r renew no, ml white silk glove-, do, Berlin, Li-lu Thread, Linen nnd cotton gloves, A good assortment of Hoiery, very cheap. Umbrolbi's nnd Parasols, Thin L. ls ami Shoo-, Ladies l. nl I ins am slips, nriMEAITC GOODS, Mirrimack eotlnn. Dav ville tlo S-I. Cotton tieelipg, Shirting, Ticking, col'd Cambrics- Yarn, Thread, an I Knitting Cotton. Su-renin- Ltng(;lotb,-und bleach cotton, York Mixtures Stripe, Drill &' ""h Em-'ii, Shirting and Sheeting. II..'..... .....I Criikll. TAU.UK'S i mm.n'.'i's'i n-""'"'o .fi i'iiiis "ii Twil,ThreaJ, Padding, cnuvass, bleeve-liuing, brown linen, Bullous, Binding, Su.'. VKWriNG. VVhitplig'd Mer-nils, alcntia. figured !atin he Gauze, nnd rich chally funcr JPdk'f-. A a .L.'.f:.:.!.. nfntLr DRY GOODS which comnr sii h .rv extensive assortment, and nro otfe red at astonish-1 ine lowpiices, Ladifhand (Jentlemrn qre invitJ to wll .nd exammo qualtnoj and prices. June . TTANKCTIC ODONTICA.--THE TEETH I 1VJL THE TEETH ll-Tiir. lsco.MrAUitii.u Tooth Pnr.fjttiTTioN. The fact Is proved, nnd the most in credulous ad doubting are fully convinced, as we have the evidence from the sale of 20.000 boxes of thcOdoti tica, within the pat year, that the Utopion dreams of the nlchyinil are realized, and a remedy discovered for tire-crving those important anil useful appendage of the human system, by the use of the Magnetic Odon lien, winch by its attractive, nnd strengthening quali-tic-, removes nil extraneous substances from the teeth nud preserves them in their natural brilliancy, nnd the gutns in soundness and beauty. It is ascertained front experience, that when Used, the teeth will never de cay, but remain till the latest age of man, with their natural wear. When llicy nre decayed, its progress will l.e arrested, and the teeth preserved nnd prevented and preserved from aching nil this has I ecu done in a multitude of instances: and more in thousands of eases, nervous toothache, (that climax of pain) has at once lieen e.Icctually cured by popular dentrifrice in America. And in conclusion, where, or who is the young lady or gentleman, aye, the individual that values a beautiful set of teeth, sound gums and a sweet breath more than fifty cents, that will be longer desti tute ofa box of Dr. M. Hitchcock's Magnetic Odontica. For sa'e wliole-ale and retail, by A. HITCHCOCK & Co., No. 117 Genesee st. Uiica, N. Y., and by their agents-throughout the United State. In Burlington, by J. it J. II. Peck & Co. In Vcrgcnnes by J. It, Bowman. In Milton, by Uurnctt & Sawyer. In Georgia, by Lorenzo Janes. aug2 LOTION, I.OTION. --OIL K VANS' DEAUTI KY1NG LOT10N.-Highly esteemed for curing all Eruptions Coarseness, Hcduess and Pimple, on the Face Neck or hands, and e.Icctually cleaning the complexion, and removing nil diseases of the sknr Nothing contributes so much to our general success iu lile, ns an engaging first appearance. This Lotion is admired n most fragrant, mild, safe wa-h and great ly esteemed fonts virtues m cleansing, softening, nnd purifying the skin of all eruptions, so injurious to fe male I canty, and re-toring it to a high degree of pu rity. A beautiful complexion is tbe pride of nil who possess it, and the envy of those who nre deprived of it. What is o nllboting to n beautiful female,in whose face nature has displayed her power, as to find her complex ion discoloured with disgusting pimples, which mar herchaiins! A good appearance is the best recom mendation ; nnd as the Beautifying. Lotion purifies the skin, and removes all Pimple. 'Dlotchc, Tan, Sunburn ami Hodnoss, and produces a beautiful hue, it is the only cosmetic a ladv should u-o at her toilet. Gentlemen will all also find this a delightful remedy, to remove all Roughness., Pimple-, Ringworm-, Spots, Redness, Soreness of the face and noe, and every kind of erup tion on the surface of the human body. ' It is particu larly rccoiuincnucu to gentlemen to l.e nseii nncr, -paving, as it will prevent the otherwise certain e left of ill common sonp. in turning t lie Heard premalnrc'v L'rev. For sale WhoIenle and relail bv A. IITCTI' COf'K it Co., No. 117Gcnc-ee street, Utica. In Bur lington, by J. & J. II. Peck & Co. In Vcrgcnnes, by J. II, liowman. InMiltnn, by Durnctt oc Sawyer. In Georgia, by Lorenzo Janes. au'gCO WnMUIS WORMS.Un. M. Hitchcock's t T unrivalled and itu died WORM TEA, a overeign for Wmiii.. Strange and incredi ble are the elects of the e detc-lalile ermm ; few, and it is thought none are free from them, par ticularly females and children. Many per-ons go through a ilisre-sing eour-c of niediome without a I cnclit, when they might be relieved by using the Worm Tea. This, invaluable medicine has 1 ecu tested hy the experience of more than leu years ue, and uinimisterin lo more man lo.uim persons oi various ,,.Im.. i .,, . L.. iiunifreds have called, and unsolicited, given their ile- eided preference to it. nlier trying the dillercnt articles sent forlh to the pubic, and pronounced Dr. M. Hitch cock's Worm Tea the mo.i safe, ellcctual, and con venient remedy that can lie oiitauicd : lor m no one oi the thousands of instances where it has ecu used agreeable to the printed directions has n ever tailed. .. A sis- lor nr. m. iiiieiicocu's ohm ika, as mere are many nostrums abroad for thedc-lruetionol'worm For sale wholesale and retail by A. HITCHCOCK &. CO., sole proprietors, 117 Gencee street, Uticii, and by their agents iliroughonltlie Union. In liurlington, by J. & J. II. Peek & Co. In Vergeunes, by J. II. liowninn. In Jli ton. bv Unmet .V Sawyer, in Georgia, by Lorenzo Janes. aug'20 VALUABLE INFORMATION. The In dian Vczftablc Villi nie h cerinin cure fin lise.ic in ilii everv v.irielvuf furm, b''c.iiie llicy iho louglilv cle.niiiR I lie eioiii.ich ind lnicl, induce a pro per ilinruitije uv I lie iniiy, kiii ann Kinney, nnu an mutate the bliiod 10 nuiifv ilfdf. In oilier word iln oppn all lie natural drain, and leaie rATUItr. thl Urand I'nyticmn) nee lo dint discire limn I lie budv. The aliine oitileis, or drain, nre llic cumuion sewers nf llic tmih, througli nhich all inoibiil and cor- rupt liiuniiis (ilii! ru-n ill difeau) aie earned oil; and long as llicy are .til Kepi open, anil ilurliarge Iceci) I !) r .illollcd iinriiun. of iuinu ii, llic buily will con. liuue uiliralih: Inn lieu Troni etnig mipiopei loud, Lre.itliing iinpiirc air, sudden Iran-ilion from licit lo cold, oier exIi.iiKiinn or anv oilier rpu-e, llie bowel heroine costive, i tie porn ul t lie kin bei-inne cloed, or iliekidnein Mil to peilurm iliru liiiicniins prnprrl. i lie inipiirilieii wliieli idiniiid lie drained lioin llie o-iii) bv ihete ouilci. will lie reiaiiied, and continue lo nr. ciiiiiuUle until I lie bod) tit-cmiim lilernlly loaded Willi ili.M-e. I r lit channel nl our in'tniy r ivci n siinuid lipcome blocked up, wonld urn I lie ncci.inii'aied w.uen find new mil lei, or llie cmiutrv lieciiinc iniindaied 7 Jiiri ro with llie Imiiimi tiodv ; if ike. ii.uuial dr.iin be cniiie cloeil, llie nlrtgunnl iiml rnirupl liiiinms winiiiiil leul iu the laiinus foinis of ilifea-e such ni 1'eier, Sm.ill Pox. .Me.isle. Klieiun uiin, Goui. Apoplexy &c. or Deaih will end our ii(Teriii;. Theiefore, when sirkne'K al the sliniiarh, p.nns iu the bark hiiiI side, oiiii k pulse, Inirniiig skill, or any oilier iiniile.i '.oil vini)ioiii. indicaie thai one or mine of llie na. lural ilrainr are not dirli.iri;inj; fieely, mid i lie rimsti union in nlioiit lo cniiiini uce si siingale (or llie reiora linn oflie.illli, no lime tii(i 1J be lost in adinini'irring a fe v hri-U dunei of the Indian Puientiie (Indian Vt etlublt Villi Bv so donis. all llie luncnon of ihe Imdy will lie ii jloreil in order, mil llie funl luunors (llie eaii'p of every infl.un.itioii or pain we mffer) will be reunited in in e.i-y and manner, ihal llic body will be rcsloted if by charm. The uboie I'll In may be inken i ALL limes and under ALL cir ciiinmanr.eii. with perfcei s.ifeiy. Tliey mil all com paiim nnd all ae, and are to llie limn hi enn-liiiiiinii a fi.od : coiutipienily the can ntntr injure even llie iii'iM delicale. Like oar fond, lliey me diseidible; ihercfure they enter imn I lie circulation and imparl an energy in ine oioou, winrii eiitues u iu now wuu nee doin rjuile lo the pxttcniiliea and ciinsrquenily lo kee the iioref ofilie skin open. They are Hue ami net fen nuriuera nf the bluod ; lucaiue lliey dram all cniiupi humor from thai life g'mng fluid. 1'hcy iinpurl lreni!lli and Vigor lo Hie whale syrirm, nnd their rl feels are always beneficial : ber.aure they onl y reunite llinse humor, which arc oppoceil lo health. I'hey aid and improve d'gcpiinn, and suiinil itleep fitlliiws ihrir line: lii-cjiii-e they cleaime the sioinnch and liowrls of llie nervous--vstf in. bm pmalvie and weaken the dis gcjlivf organ". In shori 1 hr- pusse-s all they good properties that can be claimed for any medicine : and what hi very remarkable, il i ulicrly iinpoMib'e in Use llicin u-ilhniii Lent fit. More than twelve llinn-and pertons can be referifd lo, who lime been cured of comiilanilii apparently ol the moil iiangeiotia, solely by the me ol llie Indian Visitable Villi Orrice, and general Depot for the sale efilieaborr I'ilU in ihu ew England Staler, IUH I It K l tJiX I STREET, near court siteet, Booon, where they can be had at wholesale or retail. Agents nave been ap pointed fur the rale of the Pilliin almost every town in New.Eimlund. All Idlers relative In the pills mul beaddresed ihu: " iV. E. OJJict N. A. College of Health, 198 I renin. il Hlreel, llosion. .ilair, Burlington, A. IIrinsmaid. Woodstock, ll.ukell rainier brian-Pury, Jonn llougiitnnn illiam kville. Charles W. Jov Benuinglon. J. C. Haswclli Middlebury, Geo. H FiOi RutlBiid, Wm. Fay Dover Hiram Baldwin Brattlcboro', Dirge, Brookclt iNi Co Watcrford, IL Cutting Co, Newbury Prentiss Knight Bethel, Samuel AiMln jr. -Springfield. Geo. Wiishbiini-siPioctor It IlobinsonLon doiiderry, Smith it Glazier Bridgewatcr, Thus. Soiilhgaie Chester, Plimons O Sargent Windsor, S. W. Iluhbaid E. Potiltney Hickok & Mcar Commons, Samuel Everts Wiliuinglon, A, II. Childs Siowc, All crt Compi Post Mill Jt rciniah Wilton St. Johnsbiirj Luther JuneltWestoii John Wilder Wiitcrbtiry Per-ons Lyon- Montpebcr Wiimun Clarke Ludlow John Dunbar and Co. Reading Wo ul t Metrill Ilartlord I P. Strong iV Co Norwich Baxter cV Newton Barnard J. B. Dan. forth Rochester Charles Dodd Cavendish ,. (;,. sou nudSon Guitlorc Philip Martin Halifax J. V Stonu cc Co. Westminster-Aaron Hitchcock Weatherlfield-Baily llarllcit Hartlnud Cotton it Prainblc Fairfax. Hampton Lovcgrnvo. 1 i iif I'AINTS At OILS, lU,UUU lbs. dry white Und 00 casks ground do do 15 bbls, Venetian Rod 10 casks French yellow 50 bbls, American Linseed Oil, S5 do. Spirits Turpentine Coital Varnt-h, Gold Uaf, Sand paper, Smalts, I'm. no, (JIijo, GumCtuml, by J. it J,H, Petint Co, LOOK AT THIS. HAVE YCU A COUGH 1 TO,000 titK op csNSUMPTtov every year in the United .State-, and millions iU.ler I com troublesome coughs and colds, that can la cur ml by Dr. M. Hindi cock's Vegetable Virgin Cream Cough Drops, a snfe medical prescription, contains no poisonous drugs, and used in an extensive practice for several years will most positively allbrd relief, and save you from that awful diseace, pulmonary consumption, which usually sweeeps Into ihe grave hundreds ef the young, the old, the fair, the lovely and the gay. lime you a cough 7 Be persuaded to purcha.-o a bottle ol the Cough Drops to-day! To-morrow may be loo laic. Have you a cought Dr. Hiteccok's Vegetable Virgin Cream Cough Crops is the only remedy you should lake fo cure you. For this plnig reason. That in no oneol'thu thniisand cases where il has been ucd has it failed lo relievo Price "scents per bottle. I-or snle, nhole-nle and Re tail, by A. HITCHCOCK it CO. No. 117 Gene-co si., uuc.i, i. vim ny uieir ugcnis iiirougiioui I lie United Stales. In Burlington, bv J. & J. II. Peck & Co. In Vcrgcnnes, by J. H. Bowman. In Milton, by Burnet L. Sawyer. In Georgia, by Lorenzo Janes. DOCT. iMAItSIIAI,IAS Aromatic, Cnlarrh and Headache SNl'FF. Tin's Stunl'i's. superior lo nnv thing yet known, for removing that troublesome dis ease, the Catarrh, and also a cold in Ihe head, and llie iicauaclic. it opens and purges out all obstructions. trengthens the glauds.and gives a hvalthv action to the parts allccicd. It is pt rfectly free from any thing dele terious, in its composition fins a pleasant flavor, and iiuiiimiiuiL-cicc, iiucr ueinjj u-eii, is aogrecauic Price 50 cents per bottle. Docl. Marshall's Vegetable Indian Black PLASTER. This Plaster is unrivalled for curing scrofulous swel lings, Scurvy Sores, Lame Back, and I re-h Wounds ; pains in the side, Hips and Limbs; and seldom fails to give relief in local Rheumatisms, If applied to the will cure many of the common Liver Complaints: and is eipinl, if not superior, lo any tiling iu u-e for corns on the feet ; the virtues of this Plater have been witnessed hy thousands of individuals in the I'niled States, who' have le-ted its clficacy. Sold by the pro prietor; i-iia. iiowen, .iiiiiiiiciuiry, t. jeiu ISEASKS di''HlTi;iJNGS...Decidcdly the most popular remedy err known in America egetable Vulmonuru JJaham is the iiukI valuable remedy now in use fui coughr,cold, nlhnin or pluliUic, consumption, whooping cough and pulmonary fpcliour levcrv kiuil. Its rule is sic.idily increasing, and the proprieiors arc constantly ipceiviug lie neisi fivniabtc account of ils cfferlr. 'I lie following new certificates aie offered fur pubbc examination, An Isteuesiino Cask. Extract ofa letter from Mr C S Clay, King.lnn, Ulrier Co., N. Y, lo tho proprieiors. " 1 ours ol llie Uih iusl. was duly lee d. i remarkable cure was effected by t lie VegaiaMe Pnl. msnary IS.iIj.iiii in llic w inter nnd pi ing of 1S35. The .eisnn, Mr. nlouili, had been rick a long nine with Im eniiHitmpiiiiii. His nlivsieiani had turn him up lie was reduced ro low as lo be unable in lielo liiiu-elf. I was raiiug a huge on.inlitv of blom! when he commenced using llie B.iUam, which ha effected a complete cure, and he i now as hale and hearlv as ver he was. Mr. iMoodi lias removed fiom llils town. but he his premised ine ii mine detailed account of his are, which I will fui ward vtni. C. S CLAY. Kimixioii, N. Y. June 25. 1S33. Exir.iri of n letter fiom Dr. Jacob Mvera. The Vegetable Pulmonary Balsam lias been sold in Ibis count for Ivvn years, and llie medicine has gained an uncommon celebrity, for it teaicely in one instance l.iilril ol bavin; the dcsirci) filed. I am by no means in f i or of the many nosiiiiuis, most ol which arc im position upon a credulous public, bin thai which I knnvv by use lo be effectual, I cannot help but giveniv approbition thereto. A counterfeit preparation has been offered here by Klravelling Agent, of Comsimk, i. l. nnd there i annilicr arne.le vended here is trongly susjicctcd to be spurious. JACOC ill Y H R S , .11. It. Mifilingloti, Juniata co. Penn. May 3, 1837. Fiom Dr. Samuel Morrcll, lo the Pioprielnis of ihe Vege table ruhnonary Balsam. I am satisfied ihal the Ve getable Piilmou.i-rv Balj.-im is a valuah'e mcdeciiic Ii ha been ured in llitr pi. ice vvilh compleie rticccrs in an ob.'iio.iie eoniplaiul of Ihe lungs, aiiemled with a revere cough, loss of mice, and the raising of imieli blond, which bad previously reiried many approved prescription. A her using ihe Balsam one week, Ihe palicnt's voice rcuuned and lie was able in rpc ik audi bly. This care nrrurred some lime since, and the man is now engaged not only in active lint laborious business. Kerpectlully, Sic. b. MORIIKI.L. Ii is now more than six vears since I was brought very low bj an Hffeciinn oflhe lungs, and niv complaint was declared to be incurable by a council of tin or- phy sicians. I was i lien ie-loied to as goo I health a I bad enjoyed for many vearr, by using the Vegetable Pub It hiii. Since my iccovery 1 have icroin- ineiuLKlie Balsam in a great many cares of lung IP', and so far as I can lentn. its use in- variamynieeii Inlioneii uy nuicli iieurlil, anil in manv iurlancis il t-ffccicd cuies whith weie wholly uncx pceied. Samuel EvtnETr, llosion. alarm 15. 1S37. For sate, wholesale and lelail, by J, N J. II PECK & Co., Biirliugli.n, Vt. Tivojuiitr asic Tiiosii who ICNOv. JL hoe only wlioiKnow by tnal oi itnmeili.iie otiser VHtinn, ran form any idea oflhe rfleeir, of ihe peil'eci relief, of the ahnon cures t lierled in care ofihe Pii.fs, Rheumatism, all Swellings, and all external Pai.ns, no mailer liowrcveie, by the use of Mays Linmirni. I- ind one vv hrt has ured will not laud it above all things ever ured, and uui will find what c.i mint be found, fttJ I or llie relief ol suffer ing human being who mat be afllieied, I beg you lo a-k ak of thore who know ask ihe Hon. Al.riiKU Cos klin, U, S. Judge for thai diririei, lending neat Aiihiiin ; nsk aiATTHKw J. MYKRJ, b(. Alliens N. Y ; a-k Gen. Dvrr GnF.ES, late of Washington city, each of ihere eeuilemen know nfearer unrniiiinpr. able by all oilier remeibes ur phyririans, llinngh tried formany vear. ihal have been cured by ihe ore oflhe genuine Hay'i I.inhntnt. 'I'll uiraml. of oilier peironr know similar ruics. W e appeal in their reuse of iu lire llieir htunaii feelings. ,UJ II is but a duty von owe to vnur nitlering lennw-siieings to let Unsgieai remedy be known, Apeak ol it I lien to all vnur Irieail This will save much iiain wheie the newspapers ate it'll read, or where readers are incredulous, hecaticsn man) worthies articles are mltcriheil fur the rame purpoe. I o tuijers we ray, if all who have ured il do not say it is liejond all piaire, iheu do not Hike il I lie pronricioi- will not allow ibis article lo lie inn I for unless it i-iiic, when nil llie directions me fully follow. cd. Will any one suffering lefure now lo try il ? 1 f lie does, lie might to be pined more nr lur nbsiiuney ilian bis suffering. ICP'lr. Hats would never conn nl to offtr lliis article, weiehc not compelled by his seiucof moral nl religious duly lo do all in lus potter lorihe victims of dirnerr and mirrv. For this purpose he would sooner devote a fortune, linn serure a dollar for any wurlhless anicle. JlZF'LOOK OUT.-Some swindlers hate rounterfeiicd lliis nrlicle, and put il up wiih various devices. Do not be imposed upon. One thing only will proierl you il is the name of C'urnjforJt $ Co.; thai name marl be alwats on the wrapper, or you ore cheated. Do uui forget il. Take thlsdiirr lion wiih you, and lest hy ihal, or never buy ; for it is impossible fur ant oilier lo be true or genuine,. SOLOMON HAYS. Sold by Comilnek ft Co. 2 Fletcher siieot, N. York, el fursaleOA'AT by Pangrorn U BRINSMAID. rpo TIIEKAI.D.IIEADED.V OTIIEHS A Dues any know a neighbor or a friend ttbo lias been Bald, and whose is now rotered tviih fine hair? One whoso coat cullirtv,s rotered with dan druff, llinugli brii-lied every linur which has now van. islied entirely 1 Oi one whose hairs al early age weie turning grey, who now has not grpj hair 7 Ghildren whose heads were coieml tvilli sriuf, vvhnie h.iir would not grotv, are now growing the fullerl ciops of hair I Some easts mini be knuun to must pe'.foni, A-k tlirin ihe rause, and jot. will be told iImi llicsr ll.ings have hern done by tho use of ihe flalm of Co lumbia, Of 20 years growth is ibis article, iis dem mil increasing aiiuu,illy some hundred per rent, ihniigh when disco v. red mil opposed by anv iliing fur iho s.uue purpose, uotv assailed by i.liuol iiiunbei les nitiidirmui trash will llu; h iir if used lo nil) ckIciii. muio than iliese f.icis be wanted irler lo llie lecniiiiuruilalions by a lirt ufn.iniet of icsprria. bilit), uneipi.illed by any oilier article. Look lo ihrte ill nigs Imy this amide. Slay and pre-et to jour h .i. b) i.s tne, or tf b ild restore it. Ladies, attend tu this bundled" in f.irl.iou.iblu bfu aie using il as llie onl) ailir.le ic.illt fil fur llie toiled. Lung hair is vciy npi io fill out. Ladies, me the It aim nf Columbia in I line In save jourse'ves the ibsjiacc (il balib.e-s by ntglecl of your pe.cuiis. Ills tour tluly, as inmalisis in pie rrte the be.iuile of n.ilnre, wilt, which a biiiiuiifiil Cientor lus ciidiitved jnu j u.ethe li..l.n,fur It will do il, CAUTION '0 UK REMEMBERED. i.iu.t fl.igr.ini niie.npis li.tvn hern matin In cniinteifcil the iruu Bnlm 0f L'olumliln. Souin oflhe uniioslers Ii.ivp gohn so lar as in ronoier fuil the tplrn. did wiapprrs, and iho Falls of Niagara, and ciny ex leruil ni.iikeitcepi i thu mime of Uumsiock, wlilnh ihey djrr not forge, Tu avoid iniposilinns ilierrfum, al ways look fur the name of Coinilork & Co, or L, S. CouiMoek, and never biit ilia article unlets il has ihal name upon it Sold wlioleiiile and rrtnil, nnly m Nu. 2 Floirher iiteci, N. V. and by l'AM5B0itrt and Uivjhaip IJuilinjmn, V. j-J SHERMAN'S LOZK.NfJKs. A RF. It. ihesnre!, most sure and e:lectunl remedy for Conch. Colds. Consumptions, whoomiiir Cntnrh. Asthma, Tightlie-s of ihoLmigs or chest. &c. iVe. dry up the cough, but render it easy, promote expec toration, nllny the tickling or irritation, and remove the proximate or exciting caue. They nre made from n'combimition of the most valuable expectorant, or cough medicines, and me undoubtedly mutator to every thing in use for those eompliimtjJBlMilrods upon hundreds of certificates have been oltVucir wonderful virtue, from those who have cOTTuvcd from nn untimely grave, and restored lo perfect health by using llicin. Dok. One lozenge Is a duc for an adult, and may be repealed from three lo six turns n day, a required. Children, eight jears years old, half of one: four year a quarter, nnd so in pro- pui nun. i ury siiiuii uiiiiuruu ur inianis win nine ineiii ic.t disjolved ill a little water. Should thev net as nn emetic, or produce nausea, the do-e must be lessoned to what the stomach will (car. Half of one will gen erally be sufficient to take before breakfast, ns the stomach is then more easily siokeneil. No ill effects can arise from mi overdose, as it will cause the sto mach to reject it ; and although not a pleasant sensa tion, will be found to give relief. Wheie there is much pain in the breast or side, one ol Sherman's Poor Man's Plasters should be nnnlied over Iho part. and worn till relieved. Ifattended with eostiveness, a few cathartic or laxative Lozenges, or nnv mild ca thartic medicine, should le ued as occasion require. Sold at the Variety Store, by PAN U BURN cV BRINSMAID, Jewellers, Burlington, Vt. OHERMAX'.S WORM liO'.KNGES nrethe yj greatest discovery ever mnde, lor dispelling the v.i rioiis' kinds of worms that so frequently and distress singly annoy potn ciiiuiren nnu iiuoit. I ney nre an infallible remedy, nnd so pleasant to llie taste that children will take them as readily ai a common pep permint lozenge. Many diseases nri-e from worin, without its being suspected, bonielimes a very trouble Rome cough, pains tu the joints or limbs, bleeding a the nose, &o. arc occasioned by worms, and can be easily cured by this celebrated medicine. The follow- nig syiiipioius niui'j.iii.- uiu piv.--um-i: ui worm-, vi; headache, vertigo, torpor, th'stnrleil dream-, sleep broken oil' by fright and screaming, convulsion-, fe- verishness, thirst, pallid hue, bad taste in the mouth, olleiisive breath, cough, diineult breathing, itchim at the iio-e, pains in the stomach, nausea, squeainilr lies-, voraeiiy, leanness, tendinis, itching at the unit towards night, and at length, de;eetinns and films nnd iiiiicu-. One is a do-e for a child two years old two for one four vo.Us old hreo lor eight years, and live for an adult, and should I repealed every morning, or avcry other morning until relieved. ilTP Sold at the Variety store by PA NG BORN & BRINSMAID, Jewcllcri, Burlington, Vt. NATURE'S GRAND RESTORATIVE. Thi valnahle Vegetable Medicine stands unrivalled for the following complaints viz ' Dy-pepsia, or Indi- est ion, diseased Liver, bil toils dtMir ler-. Dropsy, Asth ma, Costivcne-s, Worms nnd lo-s of Appelilc.'and by cleansing the stomach and bowels-, cures pains in the side, stomach nnd breast, colds and coughs of long standing. Hoarseness, sliorlne-s of breath. Nervou.- complaints, etc., which nre frequently the ellcct of'di- u.isu. i ui i-vit t-raiio Aue, ii is .i iiiusi vaiuaine pri.- vcntnlive ns well as a sovereign remedy. Its virtues urpass any thing heretofore known in removing St. Vitus' Dance, two bottles have Icon known to cure tln'sallliclingdi.-ease, after having ba filed every exer tion for four years. It ha n most powerful influence in removing nervous complaints. It is pleasant lo take and so easy in its. operation, that it may I oadininistoiod to the infant with safely. The nbovo'Medicine is verv highly recommended by many scientific gentlemen, and a large niiinl er of Indies, who have proved the virtue of the Medicine by personal use and that of their families. A bill ofcortili'oales aecoiiipanicseach bottle, with directions. It may le had whole-alo or retail of S. Ilriinin, llarre, nnd J. C. Fnrnam, Ea-t SVilliams tnwn, Vt. sole proprietors. Prepared from the origin ¬ al recipe; for sale by E. II. Prentiss, Montpelier.lind J. & J. II. Peck it Co, Burlington, and m the princi pal towns in the slate; all directions signctl iu the hand writing of the proprietors. jolt) S HERMAN'S IOOU MAN'S PliASTEIt. The best strengthening plaster m the world, and a sovereign remedy fi r nam or weakness iu the back. loin--, sine, ureast, neetc, limbs, joints, rlieumalisin, lumbago, &e. itc. One million a year will not supply thedctnaiid. They reumrea little warming before ap plication. Wnrranlod superior to all other-, and for one quarter ihu u-nal price, making not only the I e-l, but tho cheapest plaster in the world. It n'ibrJs relief in a few hour-, and makes asloiii-hiug cures. In liver complaint and dy-pep-ia, it should I e worn over the region of ihu liver or stomach, nud i! will ailbrd great nud a-toni-hing relief. In coughs, colds, asthma, diili vnlty of breathing, oppression of the chest or stomach, they will iiiiine.hatcly sooth, and greatly I cnclit lite patient. Persons of sedentary habits, or'iho-e obliguJ lo stand much, will receive decided .support from one oflhce truly, strengthening plaster. Physicians gen erally recommend them, in preference to nil others,! e-can-e they stick or adhere letter and allbrd greater relief. In their operation they are stimulant, tonic, and anodyne. They are composed of entirely di.lcrvnt ingredients from any other ; and known from the ex perience of milhonsj who have u-e 1 them, ns well as the united testimony, of all the celebrated and di-tin-gl-hcd clergy and physicians, lo le the mn-t it-vful and highly medicated piaster, ever invented or ollcred lo the pub'ic. Several persons have called at the ware house lo express their stirpri-e nnd thanks at the almost miraculous cures these pla-ters have e:!ecte.l. One man who had been so alliiensl wiih heumati-m, as to he unable to dress himself without assistance, was enabled after wearing one, only one night lo pet up nlonti in the morning, put on his clothes and call at our olfice with eyes 1 earning wiih joy mid his tongue pouring forth llie glndne-s of his heart", al the sudden and signal relief he had received from this. I e-t of all rcnicdie-. Ak for Dr. Sherman's Poor Man's I'la-ler. It is so called, I ecau-e the price places il in llie pow er ol all to purclia-v, I emg only rJJ el-, no'd at llie va rietystore by PANGBORN it BRINSMAID, Jewellers, liiirliugton, t. TVEW SCHOOL OEOfJKAIMIY AND 11 ATLAS WITH OITLINK MAPS, by S. Auous TPS MiTCllil.l.. The author ot the above works has been professionally devoted to the seiene-e of Geo'y nnd the publishing of Map-, during many year- and his former production, especially his .Map of the World for Academies. I ear ample ietiinnnonv of his abun dant resources, upon which ho has .so liberally drawn, in priKiucius trie npove senciui work's. I lie lollowiug extract oflhe Geo y ami Atlas, is from a joint recoup mrndjtion of the Teachers in the city of 'New York "'I heir merits arc numerous the definitions remark. ably plain iindconcite. The exercises nre copious and important, tutu the uo-criptive is luuunnus and correct The divisions of the American continent, nre rupro seated and described as lliey really exil at the present lime. And tho e;ross misstatements generally found in sdiool geographies are corrected. The typographi cal execution is un commonly nual and distinct, indeed llu: atlas is u model of tint kind, and actually Iccm- with infornialion," Tho outline Maps arc iiecnliarly calciihuedto exerci-utho stiideul in his study, audio till up at his leisure. For sale by C. GOODRICH. UOSTON and TROY IRON COMPANY, The Jt- public nro hereby notified, ihnt the hiisiucs ol e-nstiiig in every I ranch and variety, is .lone to order, on thushorte-t notice, at Troy, Vt, '1 he company have much enlarged their foundry, and nre now prepared lo do all kinds of work done nt any foundry in the country, aiiu-gearing, rot asii rvcuies, oiove-, Houghs, Axletrce, eve, on hand, or furnished to order, All who wi-h to contract for stove-plate-, or to pur chase a largo rpiantily of hollow-ware, for the purpose in rt'i.uuug, will 1 1 l u rij l -m u l vviiwie-.iir pi iiuss.uiju all who mav favor ii with their calls or c r ler-. will I e dealt by ns III orally lis ut any establishment in Ihe country. Orders should be addressed to L. Ii. Cio man, Super. niendant. op , Young, Ascnl, Troy, Vt, to secure nu euriy icpiv, auu prompt niieiiuon. Troy, Vt.,.lmie 1810. jy:0 lliirllugloll )ve llmisc. f SAItsrilll.O, SILK, WOOLLEN AND ill . CO'ITON DYLR re-pooifully informs the iulial , ants of B irlins'ou and llic neighboring twu, thai ho has taken u preini-cs in Wuler-st. one door soulh of D. Davis Storu and will commence dying nud finishing iu tho lest manner, the following goods; Broadcloth.. Ciissjuierc-, new Merinops, Ludies silk and Merino Drcssp-, Shawls, Hosiery, sill; nnd cotton Velvet, GentlemciiV coals, cloaks mid Vo-ts dyed nnd finished nearly C'P"I I" new, without riipiucr. Broad cloths, silk, woollen or cotton Rood-, dyed fn the most permanent oolors, if wanted for iiierehuuts. nnd manu facturers, on ii'ilsonoblo leriu. Also worsted, skein cotton, nnl leiii silk dyed in the ino-l splendid colors. Ho has employed n celebrated dyer and color maker, (.'ons'r.l ltis .Mm.oNV. Mr. Molouy was as supcriiiu nde iit In some of llie largest dying establish ments, iu Great Britain and Ainericn, 1 he public may lepend on having llieir ordei s exe-utl in llie I est i mmnur nnd with all po.sihlsj He. natch, 2m 1 Hur'inston, July 15, tHii THOV & MICHIGAN SIX DAY I. IMC. SHIP by Old Troy Tow Boat I 1810. AGENTS Ai.t.rv V tine Coenlies Slit f, l.r.t.NAtin CnocKKn, 100, Broad st. New York ; Moore iV Sump son, River si. Troy; Wm. II. Mnoie, 72 Quay st. Al bany ; Sidney Allen, Rochcler; George I'nv'i it Co. iiutlalo; rinlip Allen, llnlialu; lien. A. I-iciich. Dun kirk, N. Y. George T. Camp iV Co, llarcelonn ; C. M, Detroit, Mich.; R. W.Tinis, Toledo, O.; G.S. Hazard, Mutinice City, O.; Wheeler tWfr:cr, St. Jo-cphsJ J. . Sleight, Michigan City, fflff; Daw-oil & Hu-mer, Millwankic, W.j C. M. Reed, Chicago, III. je.l.3m i-aici: packet is 10. iS H rf IHE new Steam Packet, -K L WM. CALDWELL L. C. L.vnAur.n, Master, 23iSr Will flilnlllenc. rniinin.; regularly every day (except Snndnts) hotli wnys thiongh the Lake, on 'I I'LSDAY, the '2d day of .lime next. Leaving Caldwell lorTiecuiilerogn, everv morn ing, nnd returning lo Caldwell the same day". Lake George Puteiigers will 1 e landed from, and fa I, en on bonriUhe Lake Cliainplain Steam Pockets, near the old Fort Ticondemga, from the Mansion Homo ol WM. F. PELL Iwi.. now a Public Hon. e. This 1 nn. Ilfulestahlishineiit has 1 een greatly improved since iasi summer, oyereciuii oi a l-argo Addition, con taining a spacious Dming Room,anil As-emi ly Ifoom sfce. and has recently passL., niiii ihu hands ni'.Mr. II C. LOW, a gentleman favorably known by the trav elling Public- By taking the Laui: Gr.onrn; Routi:, Travellers will niit onlyenjoy the finest scenery of our Country, but lose no tiinc on the Northern Tour, ns they take the same Champlnm Steam Boat at Tieon deroga, which they would have taken ul Whitehall, nun nicy nunc imu way. amy Xr, le III. am, FOIMVAltDIXC, vUe. isjio, 'III1-: sitbscrilers u-,11 ,.,,,, ,. A bu-incss a liorwnrdlng and Com- s mission .ucrciinius ami Jllslom nonsu amnis, ill llie l oriOls-AlNT Johns. Lower Cntiuda. They do not o'ler their service- "free of any charr" to tho-e per-ons interested in trade with the Unite I Stale, but will endeavor to make their attention tu the interest of their employers worthy a rca-ouaUc recompciuc. Having good Wharves (at which Iho Lakh Cham plain Stiiamiioats will land) and excellent', together with the convenience ol a connecting Rail Track with the Ciiamplaik and St. Lawupnci: Rail-Road over tho-i; wharve-. ihcv lljiier ibein-elves that, wiih years expencnce'iii this branch ol biisinc, they will I e enal led to do much to l.icilnaie and encoiirge' Undo between the l'ni!isl Slate- and the Lower Province. JASON ('. PILltCE cc SON. St. Johns,!,. C, Manh, 1--10. Cm WINDOW SASH Just received 15.20 and 217 by Dvu-vments o, a first late article at 31 and cents per light ; nl o all kinds anils. v-, funn-hol lo order. Tieondvrogn black lead, a lir-t rate article, for sale very low, together with a great variety of other arti cles us cheap as can be lound at any oilier establish ment in llie place. Gko. Pr.TKllso.V, IMPORTANT TO MOTllEltS . YOUXVi I''E.MA1jES. Docts. Rkvni'Ips itP.iiMf:iB's celebrated PILLS, or HEALTH RESTORATIVE for complaints pcculiarily incident to the Female Sex. This article is now brought bcfoio tho public, under sanction of the slrongcat testimony, from those w ho have alike used it, nnd also witnessed its unequalled (lowers, in ihu removal of Female obftruc lions of the most aggravated and desperate character. These testimonials are not brought from the ignorant and illiterate but from Physicians ami oilier Scientific Persons, who have tcstul its great virtues, and now recommend ii in men practice nnu u nn io u ine sanc tion of their names'. It is not intended as many medi cines generally are for nil the varieties of ilise-ise, winch il is the lot to Buffer under. But it is intended, simply for one class ofcnmplniiits, and llpnc only re latitiL' to one sex. These being of rather n delicate na ture, there would be more than an ordidary degree of uiiuiiciicu in coming wuu ims uriicie neiorc mo putuie were it not the fact that thousands mo continually oassinrt from the slnm? ofnetion. victims tn disease. which this mcdicino has never failed to prevent or cure. Mien lias oecii tne provision oi fsaturc, tnnt ,,oirl,- .,11 ll... ,.,,n,.-;,,.c l.'.nmlr.o ., r 1 ,,, sonie'degree, with tlio habits allied to their sex. And many can bear witness, where niiiciocold al a par - licular stage, ha produced checks', that the baud of Science and Skill, never has been able to dispel or nlleviati'. Al first, the irregularity and suppression of llie natural hiilnts produceii no very alarming symp toms, and is Heated gcneiidlv with ncglce't. And proper attention i procrnitiaateil until the hollow eye, sallow complexion and great bodily debility indicate t lint cither rapid consumption, or some other disease has fastened ils rcbistlcss grasp on the sufferer wmcli soon terminates existence, by a lingering but certain dcalh. For complaints inevitably productive of such results lliis invaluable inedicinois now brought ociorc mo puuiic. n iiivariaoiy rcuiovcH oosiriicuons nnd icgulale-s a too jirofusc meiisiriiiation, and cures by its unequalled qualities, all the variety of deinngc nicnt connected with the Female hnhil. 'The eminent nud distinguished Doet. . I. Morrison, who has prac tised medicine nt Oneida, N. York, with the most sig nal siicess for VIO years, says "It is the best medicine now in use. Incases of retention, or suprcssion of the .Menses, i iiuiik it will sustain 1 1 to nppelaiion oi a specific. I have tried it in the worsi cases with most admirable success, and I wish for tlic- good of fullering I'cninlcs, that all physicians would introduce it in llieir practice, jir I Imvr found it answers beyond my most sanguine expectations," In itst.fl'cct it is 'kind may be taken without the least inconvenience, ns it is not'catliartie, but tonic nud aperient. For ample par ticulars respecting its efficiency, eerlilicntrs of Pysi eians who have witnessed its cil'ects, and of others, who hnvc been most signally benefited and restored bv its virtues reference is now oH'ercd to the pam phlets accompanying tho medicine, and to the more particular cvidi'iicr, in the hands of the subsciibcr, sole Agent lor the .sew i,niiami Males. EDWARD BRLXLEY, Wholesale Dealer in Drugs, Medicine", Paints nnd Dye Studs, .No, 2 it -1 botith side old l .ineuil Mall. OOXSEmI'TToxIVo person can lia.o an nde KJ nuato idea of tho astonishing relief which Dr. Rtlfc s Aslhiualic or Consumptive Pills give, in Con siniiplion, L'ough, Colds, Asihnn. dilliciillv of breath ing, Whcemg, tiglilncss of tho Chest, Pant m tho side, sjiit tiiif; of blood, iVc. A fair trial only is necessary to convince persons sutlering from llicso complaints that this is ono oflhe most vuluahlo medicines yet dis covered nnd una is mo tcsinnony ot relicvcit patients, Cases. A cclitlcniail, of this neiglihorhood, rce'enllv observed to tho propiictor, that ho believed these pills and Kept mm ante lor inu in-i two ytars. .tinny others give similar tcstiniunv. A letter states "the Asihinalic Pills t;ivosiiih astonishini; relief in cases ot Cough, Common Colds, ite. as no one can believe, unless they make tho trinl." Important testimony. "Thcro 1ms been, (writes nn iirccnt) an unitsiiiil call this winter for Hqfe's Asthmatic Pills. Applicants pronounce mum a vaiuaiiio medicine, aim sny they cannot find a substitute." A younu Lady Was three years atlliclcd with a violent eougji, pain in tho side, spitting; of blood, and disturbed rest nt night nwl was restored lo perfect heallh by lakinc two boxes. A cast) of Astlmri Of thirty yearn standiiif, was curud bv llicso Pills. A Ounlleimitl Who hud bien fur years nlllicted vvilh a violent rough, dilllciiltvof ureal lung, ive. was enrcii nv invaiiiriPin puis, An Afjeut writes--"Your Itclfc's Aslliiii'.tiu Pills,' Sain credit daily," A 1'liysici'itl writes. After nil other medicines have failed lo mvc i flu f in consump tion east s, I have found llic 'Relic's Asthmatic Pills' most excellent !' Extract "Scvcrnl pcisons nlllicted with linn, complaint, in various shucs of the discuse, nl'ter trymgev tv lliingcUe, have used llu sc Pills with the most happy' siiccc's," A Reniaikiilde Cine - A f-nlv who was mtcu over ns past reeoviry, nnd her dentil d.ide i vn.'Clctl. was r.uid from what was e- pnclcel would be her dcalh bed, nud from the borders of the grave, by these Pills and declared her wish ihnt she could proclaim to the worth of this iiivnlua- bio medicine. Such nro the valuable properties of theso Pills in CouitliH, Colds, Asthma. Dilllculiies nf lliea.lllllg, miaim-lll-a, -.ll.iv.inj; .-rii, im.miii anil I'ompbiiutsof thu Lung guuei ally, tlmt nuineroiis persons relievo ironi mcsn compiaiiiis, iiroiiounce tin thu I est medicine lliey ever met with. Common cold removed in n few hours. Price 1 for whole boxes of 30 Pills, and 50 cents for half Boxes of 12 Pills. k2 i Prepared liv T. KIDDER, solo proprietor nnd siire'ossor to Dr. Cnnwny and may lit had nt his counting room, yj i;oiiri-t, up untrs. near Concert Hall, Boston, mid also of J, it J, 11, PECK", it CO. Rurline'ton. Vermont. Nono (jepiunc, unless sicned T. Kidpch on the oiiis'ulcptintcn wrapper Largu discount todalrs, C1ASH VA1U I'OU UOOL.-Thosuh trilei will pay c.ish, on delivery, for good clean fleece wool, delivered at the old store occupied by H. Hyde & Co. nor.Ii wcsteirner of College Green. Burlington, June 10. HARRY BRADLEY. Tj AltN'ES' new Gcographt. on the Classification IJ sy.tcui ; a vervn-cful work for schools, ju-t ree'd , and fur saloit the Bookstore jeI3 D A BRAMAN . Min. veil ...,.; . i . .'i n I L ere last evening le- ,.l T. al xi n'iuk fcl0,c: ""; n'iw !ir, ls!'r' cheap by May 27. P. A. BRAMAN. I? J. I S.".Iut received sotric new shapes I ',"rV'l"'u "riul l'"1 nnd colored Straw llonuetts which will I e sold very low for ca-h. July 0, IS 10. N. LOVELY A: Co. N nu lla & (fOOOS. cheaper Ihan ever. II. W. Cut- It'll : Co. lire now receiving- n new nssnrlment of Dry Good, to which they invite the attention of pur-cbo-crs. Jimcl, 1810. STRAYED, from the subscriber on flic l'dl'i'TiisT. n red cow, rather low in flesh, with one horn saw ed oil". Whoever will return her shall be suitably rewarded. M. L. BENNETT. Burlington, June 29, 1S10. OltlXDSTOXES, by .bine 7. J. .1. II. PECK it Co. po"I)IH!.-100 kegs l.y 1 JdjiL'Jtl. J. & J. II. I'r.cK it Co. VOOL TWINIi for sale at HOWARD'S. ni23 DlUJf.S AND MEDICINE ree'd l y June o. J. ?. A large supply pist & J. H. PECK & Co. PO TASH KETTLES eotispimlv tin hand by dime I!) .1. kt .1. !. RKCK & Co. iAMo. Ri-dford, Saranae and Clinton J. iV. J. II. PECK it Co, V. crown I y Ii. It AT IIS. 10 cask-., by J. it 'J. PECK it Co. .Tune IX f U)N OR ESS WATER, just received u - soppiy ul L-ongie-s water, and lor .nlo I y 1Mny20: f?KO. Pl.TEllSON Wl OO L rtcencJ in exchange for Broadcloth and T other G iods at my Slore nl Winooski village July 10, IS 10. SIDNEY BARLOW. "OOXXETS. Tuscan and English straw Bonnet L.' of iho la'e-i la liiou-, just icceivisl nnd for -nie cheap I y P. DOOLITTI.E. rtOHN IJIl6o.M--oi PAILS. -100 doz. corn bioonis J 50 dnz. patciil Pad.. J ne Rl. J. e J. H. Pitcic it Co. 50 ItO.sTO.N N. V RUM. ffhds. Garhncr Brewers, bv -bine 19. J. it .1 II. PECK it Co. HOUSE HAY HAKES, by J.& J. II. PECK, it CO. SUI.MiLI.S. 100 M. Pine Shingles July io. J. it j ii. peck: & Co. 17 A 1 11 BA N K'S S UA LES," fy " ' ''"'' ' & " et Co. II.OL'R. Troy, Ohio nnd Michigan, constantly X. receiving by J. vt J. II. Pr.cic it Co. 30 ,,gs p TOIJACCO. Iilug Tul aeco. 10 I i'.c.s Ciivcndih do 00 packages sheep do 000 lbs. Leaf do. do. by J. it .1. II. PECK it Co. 1000 SPERM OIL. gallons winter Sperm Oil. 2000 do. fall do. do, l.'iOO do refined do. 7. .1. it J. II. PECK Co. .It!. 45 OILS. bbl-. American Linseed Oil. 10 Tierces tall sperm do 5 do winter do do 35 bbs. rclincd do do J. it .! If. Pr.CK it Co. Pl "I"; I-:'d'-'"'ol'il, nnd black French Slips, tJ "Odo do. Gaiier Boots, 20 do .Misses col'd Slips-, 50 do Gent's Pumps, 2 cases Men's seal Boots. Rurlington, July 1 1. II. C. STIMSOX. 5000 TIN WARE. Ten quart Pan-. r.00 sk ,o ,lo JjOO pails ns.orlcd size'-, together with a large and general !i-or;incni of all kinds" of waic, now on ban I and for. sab; by June 0., Looviis & Co. Sf)00 1 V bii-h. sa ir. solar Salt 30X1 do steam do looo 1000 looo 100 'JSO do tine do do Turks Island do bbl.-. lino do do dairy do do e'oar-o do 00 -acks dairy do by J. it J. II. PECK it Co. QrVifi Nf". H.'ads & American Iron, &JJJ kegs Nails from 31 lo 00,1 2."0 do Brad, from Ga to20a Hor-e -hoe Iron S roll and Hnnm do all sfes Band Iron lniu to A inch Hound do do I to 1 do Sipiaredo j 0 to 3 do J. it J. II. Pr.CK it Co., June 10. Agents for h'eesev.l.'o Manufa 'turing Co 100 1 I(,'lA,,:,IIVt; UTUXSII.S. 50 do Hay Forks, 15 do Manure Forks, 50 do Hoe. 110 do scythe Snathes 75 do ca.l and German sieel Scythes, cradle sevilie-, Sickles, Ploughs, and Plough castings by llurlingiuii, June 10. J. it J. IL Pi ck it Co. 30 hireling, Slilrtiite, Prints, mc. 1 ales ... hr.'Wii sheeting, 5 tlo 3 do shirting, 10 do Tio'.ing, 3 cn-os J 1 I leach Sheeting, 10 do American Prints, for -le ' y J mc 10 VILAS LOOMIS and Co. CJOMiS OF THE ITOPLi:.-t.o Calm Sum 3 Bonk ' emg n colic -lion of Harrison and Tylor MeliKlie- eilil elli heil Willi a ue illy engravtsl Portrait ol lien, vt m. ii. iiiiirt-on, mm a view ol f ort Meigs, for sale at llic Book store. D. A. BRA MAN. Burl.ngti n, S.iiioSG, IP 10. 100..,, CRocifiui:? hes's young Hyson Ten. .t tin nysonsMn, (ki, 20 I ngs popper, 20 do Pimento, 10 do Co'Ii-e 50 liu.M's Pipes 100 do BarSoap 200 do liai-in. 50 kegs do 10 tin Pure ginger 100 Mnts Cassia Si. Croix H-iiii, Holland Gin, Sigiiette Brandy, lal- Uinote Inn, American Brandy, I liainpaigne. Biown and Pain Sherry, Madeira and Sicily Madeira, .Mar sedls Madeira iind Malaga Wines, by June 7. J. it J. H. PECK it Co. 1 nn uvu sTuri's, lJf bl,. Cam Wmsl 200 do Log Word Si. Domingo 250 do Log Wood Caiipeaeliy 250 do Fii-lio 2011 do Nicaragua 10 do Al iu o-, do Blue nn. I .",0 do Madder 50 car! ov Oil Wriol MiiruilP' Amd, Am m For'i--, Niirn' Acid, Carciniti, Bar Wood, I'e-i h Wii.l, Qner Cur , Burl , S:imi I'loianl nud Bengal Indigo, Luc Dye, Nun Gall-, press Paper-, Jacks, Tenter Hooks, Cream Tun nr nnd A en I June 10. ly J. tV .1. II. PLCK it Co. Wllili VOIT MIJ SIIAVI) nt Loney' Dressing Room, ' I. Loney the undersigned, would Now inform the pu! lie kind, Tint having left church street, Iu Howard's Hotel can I r found, lie will not boast his bnrlcr skill, As this the public Icng have known, Bui I eg. to nsk 1 1 ii'ir custom sti.l, For dilligcncii ho ) ields to none. When In- that would unto his face And head have .sterling junietnloini, Pray don't mistake Iho proper plaev, But call upon l( i.m I.o.npv. P. S. C'lollicscaiifnllyclcaiiisl to ordi Perfum cry ol all kinds consinnilv on hand andlVr talo. jiiiriint?" iii J'cy u1, ism. 0 EAKIi HOWARD, of ihe Cheap cash tcre, O arrived home from New Ycrk lnt evening l.y the splendid steamer Whitehall, D. Lvou Ca,it. and 1 roiightwi.h him an additional supply of Goods which with his two firmer purcha e of this sen-cn tnnkoi tliuassorimuut ultogelheroiuj oftln; iiio. tlcsira' le to select from t,f any that he has herelofuiu had for ihu lal eighteen car-, mid Is of the following kind, v z I rich, fa-hiona'l Ic, fancy and smple articles m every oepariinctii oi ine wry uoodiine, such as urna icioln. I Cas.nncre, Vesting., Moiiselinc de Inino, Cl.a'ly.., i l'oml azine-, C.ilieoc, Linen., Mii-hii, Lace .Ribbon. Lml roi.lerie. Hosiery Glove, Fnm, t in- brcllns, Parnsolls, etc., With u full simply ofliorenco and Siraw Bonnets, and Millenary Good, also, ( ar pcting, Matting, Paper Hangings, Slu e and Hats logcuier Willi nil the heavy descriptions ol diiine-tia nnd other goods, snc'i us Shccling. iarn. U'lrlans' Wool Twine, e'e The Croc! cry, Looking G,n-s and China Gallery is abo ieplenihu it the Cutlery, Hard ware nnd House furnishing dcparlinctit s in nceordnnra with the other stocks on h ind, the variety of fancy nr licle, such as Toy, Jewelry, Combs, Ourl--, Confec tionary, etc. etc., which litis one hundred leel rl show ea-e iu tenth on hi counters is innumerable. Thu Dome and picture gallery is 1 eivitifuily arranged f r the display of Good under a stri ng light, and then tlm large supply hi superior lamiiy iirocenes .a-od uiion IhuSla i'of Life, Rochester city Mill Flmir, make his Ginnd Bazaar cheat, cash store, cm; oflhe most fasci nating desirable nivl convenient store tole furiii.htvl from wiih all and every kind of articles that may Lo wished for, or looked at for amo-ement and gratifica tion, or Willi a desire tu convey thu most pleasing in telligence to friend-, of the place where every article they may desire for the I catering of appcanee-. uddmg to comfort, or supplying necessary want, may 1 1: hnd .,,! An a...... ;,.".,. ....... i 'i.. i.'. r. whatever nnd whenuvur you wish to buy cheap' forcash, go to HOWARD'S. Burlington, Vt., .1'iine n, IS 10. TUST RECEIVE!-) ai the ariety Store, n few J doen Harrison Melodic, of the Boston unproved edition, being a collection of patriotic songs dedicated to tho Iluro of Tippecanoe. Abo, n lot of Harri son Abnack.s for 1311. '1 he.-v I c-idc. the usual (alios and calculations of a common Almanack, contain an excellent Biography of Gen. Harrison. It is inter- pcrseM wuu numerous original engravings, I'histrnt- lilgllie lending incidents ol lus history. Uui lav. nnu "A drop of hard cider will answer niv liirn" as "it's citing in lasluon up beie-." i-urMnate v our vnrieiv can allbrd him one, for here i a book eninleJ "a drop oi nam :iucr, umijixiymg me -o,u oi nil llie.uilli-uenu .MOioeuc-.wiiig -oiigs pui iilie.l by lillon, .New Veuk. Thi-ruvnme alo with ihesong looks, a va r.cty of Log Ca' in Uo-om Pin-, some very prei'y eainoo and gold r ue. Q mnliiy of lug Cabin Medal, nnd a vane-y of other gi iL, among which soma gold paper, pull'l e.o- villi p i! and powder. Mil sical pi-lruiiient-, stillcli e-, mil . ifro-e-, mil everal km Is of fancy -r.aps and i eif nieiy. 'I he var-e y ia coiisiautly iiu-rei mg at P.vsr.n. p.N.t Hmnm.v n' . poOTS, SHOES it LEVTIIE'.!. The si,i s-r'bor J i having taken the stoic formerly occupied ly .Messrs. i'.sioj ij- Whipple, is now opening i general as-ortnicnt of Boots, Shoes nnd Leather, which hao all been bought for cash and will ho sold for the samu at the lowcf prices, and as tlienrticlrs are too numer ous to mention in an adverti-emem, although Mr Sta cy has enlarged his paper, I would simply invite all to call and examine the goods and prices before purchas ing elsewhere'. Burlington, July 1, 1310. IIEXRV C. STIMSOX, hy E. J. Stimso.v, Assent. .lames C. Pierce's listafe. "V7"E the sttbscril crs having I ecu nppotntud by tho honorable the pro! ale court for the district of Chittenden, eommiioners to receive, examine and adjust the claims and demands of all per-ou against Ihocstaie ol" James C. Pur e-, late of Huntington, in said district, decea-ed, repre-ented in-olvent, and also all claims and ileinand-e.shibitcd in o.l'-et thereto; and six i.i .mils from the day of iho date hereof I ems al lowed by -aid court for that purpo-e, we therefore herd y give nonce that we will attend to the business ofo'T appointment, tit the dwclltti" of II. Dike, in lluniingn ii m -aid Di-iru-t, on the 21 Tues days of October nnd January next at 10 o'clock, A. M., on each of said days, ja'o ,i. gm 0f Julv. A. D. 1S10. JA.MlS AMBLER, ) " I.'MERA TA Yl.Olf, ( Comm'rs. J VJ3II SILAS JOHNS, BALsu.M OF LIVERWORT lot Consumption", Dy-.ej)sia, Asihma, and all di-ea e oflhe Lmiirs and Liver. These d.-ca-cs prevail to a great extent, creating muchdistrc and sonic fatality. A 'I tbe..- le reinclie.1 by the u-c of Dr. Taylor's Dat-om of Liverwort. This mtihiinc is puridy" Vcgita' le, and from il- peculiar action upon the Liver is a" ways found a radical remedy fur ihe-u di-ca-cs. For Females and men inu tciy weak slate, no medicine can be so grateful a restorative, a- it not only sticnglhcn, but purifies and give.s a healthy action 'io ihe s's. tern, ton-iaiitly lor -alcl y N. LOVELY it Co. who have pist i-f -eivcil a fie-h of seasonable Good.i from New Yuri , till very cheap' fur cash. Burlmgten, July 30, H-10. SNL'FI-' llitclu-o cle ever disc. only twcntv-live cents. Dr. M. e'ock's ncwlv invented Snulf tke best nm. cle ever diseoveied bv scientific men, in Europe or America, for the cure and absolute relief of Catarrh, Di..incss nf the Head, Wink Evc, Xervous Head aches,, I'nllcn Mci.ncss, Fits, niul Infants troubled with Simllh s, pan al shocks of Palsy, c. For sale, wholesale and retail, by A. I IITCIIC'OC'IC it Co., solo l', No. 11. Genes -e st. b tica. nnd by their n-ients tliroiiL'hout llie I'nioii. In liurlington, J. & .1. II, Peek it Co. In Versailles, by J. II. Bowman, in Milton, by Burnett & Sawyer. In Georgia, by Lo reuzo Janes. A fit ! IIAIT ! I H.VI.D.V lS. linpor tnnt Disciivcrv -flic Orcnt .tl s(er found out nl last. DR. tsTERRY'S HAIR RLGLXE R VTOR. Dr. Sterry, after lunch to tuo imporianl subject of preserving the hair, has, aft, r many experiments chemical and physical bien id lo to discover nnd nrtielu which is nowollercd with tun confidence for the toilet as the best tliingcver drscov, red, t lr, for its softening and penetrating epiahty to produce a good lead of hair to prevent it from falling oil' v, hen baldness is apprehended to r'Stoto it when baldness uas taken place, and to pre cm n from tnrninggray. It u is more nourishing thin po m itiiin, ntitiipte oil, or Col igne water. It is a I 't'uti fill article for lulu s curls it makes the hair soft and livt ly, ami produces uncommon brilliancy. Thous ands have tested its sup, r,or virtues nnd cxei'leticc, and iu eviry uisiancc n sinnds unnvallid. It is an infallible cure in all ntli-eiioiis ol ihe si. in on the head n dnndriilf. iVe. itc. Every family .should be sup plitd with n bottle of this oil, that by its application In the bead and hair of children, the beautiful an I or namental appendage ofa fine head of linic, which na ture has supplied us may be picscrved. From tho numerous certificate and recoininendalions received of its salutary inlliicncc, tho Doctor feels firmly per siiadcd he has siiece'cdcd in producing an article which will uifcl the desired wishes and approbation of tho dnblic. For sale wholesale and retail by A. HITCH. COCK it Co. 117 Genesee st. Utica, X.'Y. In Bur liugton, bv J. it J. H. PI'.CK it Co. In Vcrgiiinc, by J. 11. Bownian. In Milton, by Unmet L. Saw yer. In Georgia, by Lorenzo . Lines. nngO fBMIE LION OF THE DA Y. NO CFRF NO .1 PAY! The (.ciiiilnc obi Dutrh ur Oil man 'cgcfiible I'll!-.--Highly recommended by Do.-t. Vnleninic -Moo, M. D. of N. Y., ami i 'hers. The-e are llie order-1 Any one that dees pot tuvl re 'lel'fioin thc-e p.lls the pnie is icfmdod luck, thee u if the positive ord rs i f ihe Proprietor to agents an 1 others. In i. 'cringllice pills to ihe public, 1 appeal lo their intelligence. If ihoc pilN me not wh.u ihcy rivommended, ynu arc in duty I ootid cut of re. pec t to yourself nnd ccaiiiuunily to ic cct ihcui. nnd publish llicin to the world ns rin impo-uion, humbug and a,'ackciy, Thopul-lie may I eiiis.urisl lliey nre pi rely vcceal le-, they are com m'-ixl of nine ingrcdints, part ol the nusbe tie is on'vfoind m A-ia anil ui the al ley i f Germany. Fur ei nvcnienei the-e rx'ract.s are ma lepip. pills and will Ic found a sure cure or te lle!' fur nil lillioiis ci'inphiuit-, velluw andliKiuiis fever-, lever an I as , jaundice, -i-nrlet rn h, I dtp us eliolie dispcp-ia. ite, Jt i- not pre ended tint dps medicine I- a cue for all di-easc- n which the p n nn .y.icm is lial le. Ten lip u-nn ' -elc-. e li rls havo I ecu made lo draw Irom llu-ri- ..i ol uiiknutvn f.Mi y oino long-. pun theory of mil nr', whn h , cue each iiml every oi-ea e. li, i .l nieilii-me , fii'itidiu lite tire or whir wind. Hi a' I, uu I Im linuir upon i-li.iu -c win I uno is il e ln-i I " ," i The past al lea-t i.teiitirri lliey ha en km v ri l a nn u -nii-iii ol llieir gica'iic-s v , , v, , ,., .. ,i,, I'oi i'oling tooth i f lime, N uno can I eGci. une w i I.o it a wrapper mid dutviipiis on each I ox i n wl,. h my namcis wrilien n! length. S, vt lulcsn'c and ritnil by iho.ubseiilcrir Glen's Falls, v A. B. it D. 5',,n, 79, and 00 Fulton st. audit. M.'Mcig-, 3fiS South Miul.ct st. A 1 1 m ne. llaum A- Hnwlev. 21!) Stiver si. Tioy, Geutiul AkciHs for llic si ne f Sew York. .Hr.lIlCI 11 liKII M For sale by Wm, Rholes and E. B, tirrcn, Rich, mondj Morion it Clark, and D. it D. S. Lathrop, Willislon Ilium- Coinstock, Shell urn ; H.Stnn'un, Essex t Goo. B. Oakc-, and Allert Barney, Jcriclpn I II Murll.nt Wesllurd! .1 II. Ilnrnes. Charlotte i If Moo v and Geo IVicrsoii, Burliiiprbn i and ly IDRIGliS, Builington, A eni ri-r i Mllcinten Cn.,wlieic Sil' -Ar'iltt fun ' e p, 'tV V w i tt.r f

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