Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, September 4, 1840, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated September 4, 1840 Page 2
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' 1 n !mm .tWT 3? SVV fi uc iiiTsIilciitlaUci in ixn economical nilmliils htittoii sound euriciirv n piotccllin; Infill low tularin -ami full prices for labor, nml tliu piotlucls nl labor r o n r i! k h 1 li r. k t. WILLIAM HENRY HAMtlSON. V O It V I C K 1' )l : S I n X T. JOHN yvinn;, Of Virginia. " In nil na.cs nmt nil coimti ', it has been observed, hoi the cultivators of lb" se,l are ihnFO who arc lei-t willing to (mil whli lluir rbdiH.niiJsubuiit theiuselve'i o Uio will of n master. --Wji. II. llAriiuso.v. " The pcuptc if Ihc I'nital Sluice May thuy ever raiuoiiihu. thaltopicseivo thcirlibctlics, lliey must ilo their own voting; and lluir own fighting. II.uiwhon. "Tun r.Mts or Tiiuihasm or womb Asn MIILDIIBS', llLflUKUrnOMUIB FCUl'llHI XNtrX 01' TUB IfUTIII.r.bJ .AVUIH C FTHH Wll.l'EK.Xr u, AXU 1 HOM 1IIK mtill :iorr p vvai..: WMtim, iikst ox IIAWUSON and mi oau.ami A1I.W." - -Simnn Snyder's Mcwjc to the 1'tnmyhunia J.ciirlaturt,! lircmbcr 0th, Hill. roc. rxia-roii-1, HON. SAMUKL 0. CHAFTfl, , HON. F.Zll.V MLT.C'il. j ht (IL't. WILLIAM Iir.NRY, 2d disi. JOHN CONANT, Sddist. AliN Kit 1!. W. TT.N'NKV, 4th dist. WILLI M P. 1IH1U03, th.iut. ur.KD, l'i Cineinat.'i (lazc.'te. A SI'KKCH OK OP.N. HARRISON, t'omodnys'i wo n ibeed the Ci-Miration Urinvillouni1 mentioned thai fieri il :i i ripon n liirL-uoxl tliu crowd. Wo now cut fiom th Katun Register Mr Hcll'ii cddrnt to ilio General, nml tin Uonerdl'siipwrh fit tho pvopU) thoy nro loo jiood In bir-ss-ieil over. Aftir tho uioctt,i:r. :vii organized, H. Bell K1. rorc mid h"itroduo"d Gen. Harriiion, and addre."od him na follows : GnsiiaAL llAaumos : Havim: been cnmmi"kined liy a I.irj'ts and aspnstablo portion of my fellow-citizens m Dark ounty to teniicr unto yo'i upon thi.ioccmon Ibdr hosp'thty mij ijitoil w i.'hcs, in their name and tftMil 1 welcomo yon to " Old Furl Greenville." The dtiuns of Oarl:, liko thorn of tha We-"! encrally iiro a ti ncronap -,o;le. Need I aifiire yvn, then, that licv wall wuh :;ldncH the rptnmof lluir ancient and well-belovod fr'end ! .Vee-I 1 de.'hre to yon on ilit oecri' ...n thit the valuable fl'rvicefl whieb yon have re 1 le t n it only th nn hut hut your country al j voi'r v.hul-! country - are nol yet, no, nri.1 never will Ij" fer roujn I Wir, snio nrnonj u.i hvo wit ucHffd aehwvt niontii mo-"t of us hive rond your h;i"ry and n'l hr.vo Uarr.rii thaph-'mx n!e of y iur Ki?li r n n-- and vs roaird yn.i, therefore more than anv other man, our henefictT. And honcc t uflbnl.i u.i tlie highest pb-sjuro to rcot you here to day. 'I'r,-enty-POon yfir havfl noiv chpvvl ?'.nce thi nu"picini period we are l!ni day m-.t t.i citnnierno rate. Tweniy-t-oven' aa., how ditlVrfVit, how naliko to what itnowH. ivaa thi r-!ji'in of rouniry. And now how changed tho s.-.'n" ! l.lltl", indeed, at hi time renvihu to rumtn 1 y.ninnd vour eornradr- of other days of your pat dt-ed'l Tfay, f"w even of thoco eo'mrad'H tiurvr.M to mt ?nd nhaV.o hnndi with their old ncrptnintan'-o on the th" theatre of thrir far mer nctin. Ala! tho ttrcattr part nro Rone! A few, n preciaiH lew of them yet lived icaltored, an tho fallen leaver of rho ford, over tha contisruous plain. Ilcto ii a little renin mt of them cathoted around you. They are enme to h:d you perchance a fail f irctrrll! The, winter of Tim J hai frozen th'ir loc'm to whit noc?. They have almost paid the debt of Nature! Then (i ro the men whom erst van led to victory. They hauled with yon in our infancy, and restored peac'o to our frontier.'. When daiuer ilireatf ned, they ficw to Iho "tandard of th' ir country. V'ith you that sonntry'c foei they braicl! with you they foucht with you ihiivJ-'utP rinl- - nnil withjou thoy trtumphtiJ. Yt, and wifh you thoy will trr.imph njain 1 Tliey were faithful to you in youth, and they will prove con iMnnt in aye. A nation cri'i unto you to become in (Hiverer; tho People echo tho cry Gei. Harrion will obov I A.:aiu I bid you wcleomo thrice welcome to TonrDld Treaty Ground! Sir. nellh ivirKcIo), Gen. Harrmn howl to tho the rannre jat vlthotiaand and aflcr a m im-nt' sur vey of th1 mrnen'o auditory, ho ndtlri.'od tho thron;; to iho following eil'eet : " rr-LLOw turn's ' : It i with no phqht cmoii'm that I undertime tonildie.J1 you on thineca i';nn. Nor am I a hl'Ie rmbarranaed for words where w"h to cxpn'i my devp emu: of your kiu inna tow aid? mr. MiamicbM by th" fnen lliiv" and rnaima Rimit" of your irreciim;. 1 ni'Hi ree ive a dnT"cnl in wire, in'" nip Muicth'iiT more or or L"!J than whit 1 am, than what an v man, whih, can he, before 1 cea"i to mnernlw r and npiircc'Mto the toifivon ld" Rrai i nml tho hind denionrftntion cf npent far mr if i Inw-niiuni I'cie pre'nt. .My hf.irt yield.' np to v i iho lionrue of iM ilivpcit gratitude, tliouh mv to"n:.-ne 'sej it not. I'Viw-riti'i-n.-'. von are nil nwarn of tho poaitinn thai 1 oeeupy h"l ire lh- Ainericin Peoplobrinj a f-in-Mn''' of a p irtion of ihrin fur the V r "Money of thornile'. It will d mbllr be ?i.H by foma thai I am bh fir the purpo.v. of I'ler l;cnrt ri'ist for my 8e!flhat 1 have come to pohoU vour voleij but be hsveme, :'. nt!rui( n, thmi nut the c.Te, I am pre a'nt on th,-1 nccniion but an ir.'.ited rnrst of tl'.e eili Ten" of DarV. It is my iM.ho-are o;i nnandn.neero desire that ihehepiowmrnt of oluee jliould ha thr free net of th" I'oopl"; and I have no wnh to bias their jnilKment unjustly in iny favor. But. notwit'iMan dm my wish aiiddeiermina'lion not to engage a" a pnlm eian in tha ri ndins canva for olacori to adniiniler tho Ounnial (!overnni"nt, althoui'i 1 would havo pre ferred to rom tin with my family in tho peaco a'jil qui et of our loa eahin at the fiend, rather than become qncnjji' 1 in political or o'her rlipjmicp na the mlvocntr. of my ovll reei'i'iiic oi ror.jnei, yei, irom inc. con tinued torrent of calnmnv lint lint hai been pour.- l npon me. fiom the. sland"n abi'S'f nndoMoqny v.h'ch havn hn promulgated and cirenlatej to my di"cre ilt. denned to nsper.'O find blficktn my charaeier, nnd fiom the villa. r.oui an I PiUo charge" urKedficunst ma by tho peiwioni'd prc-i of th'.t. thi'-tra-tion, my aMendinca at thi ctl'-briiiriii uppcared n Inve mi nia la n a-t of nerofii.iy, ft bi,.j, hieh I w..a compelled to take fur self-d.-f. nee. Chiefly for pnrpo'i-1 ave I coma come anvir.i: yon, and ti nniinr yoii w '1 all pTeeivo tl e propriety of th'.K come. it ccom rnperP.nau' to add any fm ther reinone for itn doriion. cars ny, fellow citizenr, when I left thif ot for e.npht Iknciv, for tho laptliina I hid little ulc-n tf tho njiprfins chinee v hu h v. otilri be wronpht in Hm srpi'nrni'e'' duripfi t!ie lime whirh hi" fiinervi'itcd. he( r i!! H rr ""t to smii 1 here and brhnlo meb a r-rne a'. iv.ih. It ren n.! e nniicwhat the ttxcniil'sre nf "f)ld I'Ml M.'i.:.-!" 1 in now 07 yean of aRe. 1 have thct fui e lu i d to behold much of the gloiy uf my country I hae pivn the palmy dsyB nf ihiw llo jui'M e; and f'Tee iKv haie J wunrifed many of the linlliant evi ni wiiieh bnvi' elni.i tori." I thc'croninc iTcntnes of ihu Icvrly V Kl ; bin thin m ry day end iic inch ut;- m nk an 'epoch in my own hiMniy, the like of which 1 have Kldoni rviieiieeed. It is now 20 venrn mire 1 wa at Tort C'io(nilli!--theii mr- jouridpil by ri 'luise furi i-t dail; nnd drinr. Al thai peiind th'eio wroi i-enn-c a I.uj: Cabin lulwirn f ll wlivnle and Cmi iiiniilii- all In twicn wii" mi'- en tire, iinbuiken wddeiiutH. JIuw wondeifiilly and how ijiecdily hnf the 'iutsiioilsliuu'il their ttate ly tops to the mdii'liy fciul uii'rpiiff of Wrueiu pion'ri", uf if t-'imt- iiiH(Mc jiower had eliTiviil them horn tbetarth! Ami now in thrir H'nd what do we lichdldT liioiil, nillivated fiild-, tlowiry Rniden, nnd happy homes, Dihehtful pieiurc- nraiifi im; dhnnpe! Proud rellr,linn ! that thin liantitmu of thintfi i' the r "lilt of the handiwork of western l'i- pic of Ami ncnn frwuin n. J'llow-e:"7.' n.. you b'MMiriiliiubtedly tun it ornn. tirws Ktatid in a ixitmii rl of l wiiiiiiiem th-it that I am ft very decrepit old man, obliged to hobble, nhoiit on ciutchc? j ihal J wvih ciiyid up, nml that 1 enul 1 not fpeak loud fiini;h lo he hi-ird more Ihuri four or llvefivt rl.i-tiint. in coiieiu nee of which luM, tnwr'ni'ine I tun htiiiintiHl willi the couiioiuui of " (iincil Mum. lull now p'-wive, Ikiwcvit, tlml these hfirioBiito 1 dm'. Hut theici'i f.iini'1.illu i mure H t'i ",s niutleiB cttiii .' tl n;aii)i loe, vhieli I t'lmll tiilio ihi: I'berty to pmye iintme. Von knuw it him been mill by Home, that llmvo no principle i that I iJmo not avow any pr'ni' idc i nnd tlml I miii kijit under the i umWtinre of u 'v.iinmilt'i-." All thin lufnlne. The clinrinof my hrim in the k-. jihig of u eoiiuiiiiiie in llic only one linn m to merit n 11101111111' coniiid cratioti, and thai bail 1 loindii aio iis nrijriu. A lew inoiitlm pant hIiiiohI it ry thai hiiH conic 1,1 iht' J'ohi f ilirefi nl wiiH'ii i n' 'u mv I. urm hi! 1 uurtt l,B iroiiiil ine H (!''" ' " o'oiiiii r ui i. 11 nil of which 1 imve.ipciie' m, I , , ,. I. ,. thein havu pi.ived uIhimiv. h-i I 1 1,1 u I ' 1, . j, , (Miin'fcilly to tn.uit an 1 iv an 1 f 1 Inv-rr w'i um iii"'l Ui ihu llniiii'H. J' 'ii 'i. r I I, b i lff , ,( -mi-iiy vrittii, f"r tbe piiriiiiie(,f tlieiiini; in- fir . i'1'iii !ii' bi'eii iinifnimh' reih"d to, i.ther by jr vii 1 1 hi ' ' by --i 1 11 mi ii linnmidi r iny i.u ttn .rjtw nnd uli' il'.- iiiv.n.' i'i 'in 1 Hniip nn ,11; i(. n v ,i in . 1 1 11 J id , nn I, 1, I r, N'ow, with ri'iiatdto Ihu tiol.'iual cotidiliuti of our common country, 1 lnif! Ibeio i-: n iiupiopiiuty 111 my .uklri ui'' you upon nuiijecin cuiievriiiti;: tnu iu bhu Wi'd. What liie.un llui "muni coiiimotioli" nulling tbu pi'oplo of ibis mciit ii itiuir) What tirulho inliiieiiiiiii. ( 1 mi a 111 1 d uiiii mug iiiolu m; many th iiifiiiuil.i, nay, milholiH of tho Aimiienii Peoplo into i- 'i.ncil Ij the'iiiupowj ofiluvisin nioiiuion fur their tmilual iein I ? Vlnrefoiu ilo they ury uloud, 11 a with onu luii.v, Ktiirmt Keiorin 1 Uriuniil (Jur count-; i.. 111 ;icr i J lie public moialH aru torrtiitel. How IniKil biuniloliel "'l'o Ihe victors IilKjiik the tpoiH," 11 ly your rulele. What aio Ihu eoiHiiipiciici.s Ab'k Ihi'iiuiidiLil tuiblie li l'aullein thioiii'lioiit tho land Ask tho liii'elinits of tvituptum, who aro irolliritii; j.mver una iujco ti imouii to procuio inicm 4hk tliHMibw.lizcil tin-si-) what rovcriH its oneriilioiH, nnd it will open iIh iion jaws, and uinwer joil in a voice loud ciiuuhIi lo fIihI;o tho tiyramidi -.Mosuv I Alouuv I 1 spi.Mk not at random - facts bcarniu tc.itimonv. I no ptiiiciplo in boldly, nivullnH put in prnelico, liy iiii-n In hiuh llari.s. thai falsehood in iiiHiifiablo in ordnr to aceumt In-li their puipncM. Why thm laxity 111 1I10 tnorali ol out riilern and ot'llii'ir folt'oweiii I Did they inlientuetiravity from their nntvhtorKl 1 low does it come that such h.el.1enj.i. of irulh nnd jiiHticn in unniiu.'Miti 01 1 ue ny ionie unit vuiuiiit amonr if I liy, suiiieof Iho caiifin v Inch product' thene oviIh I havu alre idy intiimitiil. There uro otherii. IiiIciho parly Hptrit dtiitroyspaliioli.ini. A cehhrntcil Grociaiicoin inalider onc mid. and naid t rut v "Whero viiluuin beat lewalded, lluro will irllio lined prevail." It is cvi ii ho -a wiao and true aayin, l!ut how lins tho luaciiceoi your Hjveriini ml 01 late accordml witn ilii! nnxiin '! It ijiroyurhnil with tho advocate) of monar chy in ihu Old World that ICpubliiw aro uniati ful. limy do.'-, jour 1 tp Tienco for the but few yitit idvo tin1 hu to this priyo.-Mli n 1 Nay, Itllow citi.eiip, 1 feat that ihi 1 Govirniiiiiit iillonl-t tniiiiv ox;tniiti.M which ten 1 bat too Htinujd to vnify the provelb. Aluom; other 111 niinco.' oiu.s ln.uuloHt ingratitude, to onuonly will 1 1 cur, 1 an an Ihu removal fiom officii without rtUH or provocation, kivu a ihll' rtiico of iii'inion Willi the fieJidont, of Gen. .Solom.ul V,m Iin,ii.liMr, of N. York. Ho wa-i a noble frund of our i m tin; "winter of our discontent." 1 U'C.iinoac irnhitm with him when, lilts myself, ho waj a youii! oilnwr in Gtni.ral Waynu'.i ariny. I found him nn nireublo, comi'aii'oti. a well n bravo and mainainmnii.i uoldier. Ilo aistid in tiijlitini; lliu naiMH 01 ui" country j aye, lor your tieiioiit, my ooun tryui'jn, hi'blood haa boon iiouroil out tinon tho soil of Ohm. The bullet 3 of your enemies) hivo pierced hU doily wiuio lu'iiiine in liol'.n o or your hreriiliit. Atitl not unlv on tli'j "Iaint 01 Ohiohun ho Htood bnlween ibinserand Iih coiintry.butiii other phicea hkowi.o. In tho pati'jn itnry bastle of, ho riccivod six woiiiitU'fioi.1 1113 country's foes. Will, whnl ia hu to ward) Alter basin," epent tho flower of h.a voulh and tlie vurir 0! li;a lustily prime1 in llio service of im coun try ai a h dihor, ho waj calkvl by Iho Amandin noonle to t-erv 0 them 111 a civil capacity. He. obeyed iho call v.iih thanktlncvH of heart. Hut ho Una been irncllv driven out nf Iho tH'rvico by tho Administration, mid wny 1 l.oert?',, itiiow-ci'tcnn, 110 m. tho friend ol the coiupanim ofhii youth j b"euii.vj hu would not f rsi'" a fiU 'W-jiDldr : btcauoe he wa.i my incor- nnt hi" fiii nd 1 inl heeau.-"o the emoliHiientrt cf hii o;fice were -.vnuUvi to rtwaid tho parliwn si rvicc-i of a Jtipportnr ol my political competitor. "Ah, thtro s tio rub !" Sut you, my friends, I om confident, will not loo,? permit such vrrons " thu men who "rightful Kollow-citiMtiii. von know that mv onnonent3 call nia a FcJiraliot. Hut I deny the charge : I am not 1 never w ia. t (vieraluta are in favor of conccntratui: power in iho hatidi of tho Kxecutive, Democrat aro in lavor 01 tuo reiennou ol power uy tliu reopio. 1 am, onl over have been, a dimucratic ropuhheaiu. Jlv lormur practice ?ill hear tnu out 111 wlrit I .-y When I was Gorernor of Indiana Territory, 1 w: vojte l with d.-pf)tif rower, anil had I chown to ex- crcm it, 1 miirhl hvo "ovirned that plooIo with n rid of irnii. Hut 'ici'ii: .1 child of thu Revolution, and bicl t it J priueiplK, I believed in thu ri,'hlrind tho utiuuy ol trie peopla to irovtrn thJius-Un 5 and they wero always pirmtlttil to enpv ttial It.111 priviluzo 1 li .1 1 'lis novi'irto tiroraruo, udiourn. auJduiiolve if I.e-ri-ktur" : to !jr ol! :nw Cimuti-. and eslablmh txrilii ofju iticj; to appoint Uieiitn and other officers Qui nsvvr did I mtorivHO mv nrerotrative 10 defeat cho jolw:!,lS"n,ui I their ch.uce : where th.'y to have thdr county cir.i, in rc 1 1'lcateo ttunn ; tney maJo their own laws and I ratified them. I never vctociln bill in my life Hut I have bxu denounced as a bnk man. Woll,let it so. I am :o hr a bank man 11s I b'jhevo ovcry ra tional republican oucht to be, and no further. The Constitution of the C'uit-d a In tea ui'iV.esit iho duty of tho Governmi.nt 10 provide wo ya and moana for tho ci.llectl'jn and dii'iurement of tho public revenue. If tho Peop!u deem il nccevmry to the proper discharge of tho ftm"ii 1111 of th. ir Governm"iit to crcato a Na tional Ilauk, properly frunrdul nnd regulated, 7sliall ho the la a mr.n, if cloct il President, to w 1 up my au thority aamrt tlu! of theso milhotu of Anieriran free men. Il ij no; iful to h'tvo a lorijer mnnoy circulation in a land of liberty tlnn in nn emniro of despoiiim. Destroy the poor man'ti credit, and yju destroy ihia capital. Tiio peasant who toil- incessantly to mam lain his famishing houechold, in tho hard munoy coun tries of liiirop, rarely, if ever, becomes the nohle lord who pastures hia "docks upon a thousand lulls" Theronri) ncmawrily, dithcilti' a connoctod with every form and oystom of srovtrnmcnts hut it should he the. aim of ilia sl.itenm in to form tho boot institution with in h'spovar lo mike, for iho rood of his country. i'elhw-citi.rena, I cannot forbear to invito your t- tenti'in to the concerns of vour Govcrnrnent. in tho welfanof which nil cooJ citizens ftl a dwp intcrost. I wntn you to watch your rubirs, nciiember "Kter vijrhi'iM u tho price of liberty." When 1 look around npjn thodin:;crs which seem to he suspended a.i by a hair over this People, I tremble fjr tha sitity oftt-or rerublir. In anovil h 'ur haa thoChief Mnuis- tra't of iliii transformed into a mnnurrh and a rit-pil at plcamrc! To show that this n tho ra'c, ItKi?dbut ri fer you lo tho philosophical and p-ofanu 1 historian. G bbon, who mvs, "Tho obvious ilefmitiou of nioiiiichy scms to lo that of n stale in which a jinppt p iriou', by '.vhnt.sjovor inmo hoiimv bo di.itmyinnhi'i. cntrustid wuh iho execution of iho I uvp, tin' iiriinLremetit of iho re.-cnuo, and tho com mand of llir army." Is not "ifnrtin Van Huren 111 trt'sKd nith tlie.,.' functions .' .Mo't n-3'ireiljy huis. C.ill him hv what'evor naui" or title you chonie Plesiib nt, 5'.uri'!,ve, Che f ilaiiistrato, ronnl. fCm, St.idtholder -it douf not niter tho nature of hi- power; thai reunina the same, uncluiiifxl; nnd tho President lln'reforo poi'iMwi all iho functions neccsry to constitute a in ni'ireh. You hive often heurd the "iwneyed inlhie.ocn of iho eounliy'' denonncod, vhL'n it yet remained in llin hand ) of the puopb', as d.uue rom to public liberty. I lain you, thm. fi 1 apprcht nsion, no fear of n nu r.eyeil iniliu nee, of half the naticn, rou conlralrd m tho hanils of n siiiido individual, nl iho curio timn poeocwintr two other of the run-1! potent povvois that hrlitig to our Gnvininiont ? Tho rreat Julius C 1 sar the compi- rin? Jclri.a has said : "Givu mos)lli-n, audi will net mom y ; invo mo moticv, and I will sjt-t suldir rs." The pu'dio purse i- alrrndy confided to the hands of iho Pru. lout ; a re-pcetnblo nnnv 1" nh'o under his eonttol, and it ii in eontemnla- tu n by the Adiniiu ilration to add In (ho present nuli tn y force of tho L'nitul ftiatre, nn army of 'J()0,f1(J0 mr.n. Am, lican fici'mn, pinn-oatul rclblot. ildht ito hffire yen net. Millers of tin highest moment d"p nil upon yiur action, and await 5 our lLci.m. There may I e no ambitious C.i- ar nmon 11s who will daro to me ilie ample menus now combined in the hniuls of the Pii'.'i lent, foi ll.e Hiibicrhion of our bberliia bin '.lie rcip'ioi'i to ambilionii mi n ea iucliued are ro Ww thai they bin fortify the rule l.nuk rirouud you, til low cii:. n 1. Arc yon i-irl w iih wiir .un.jr,' or have von r uriiiuleu'd it n nnoibrr 1 Tho "nmtuies upon tlie witeh-to-.rr offrufl nn"- hino lliey bcVn line lo lluir trusis, or hnvo tin v slept ? I warn you, my countrymen, npsinst iho daticr of nej-lecitnir out duly. Power i? always Moa!iut: fiom the many to the frw. Pewaro how ym intrust your rights 10 the kri'pitienf any ruun." The me ncvi r sorciirens when proiKUid by your own shield, mid defended hy youi hlvcs wuh jour own wiepoii". Gen. Hain -on udvoiii.l to ihc interfrrenco nf th rdliri rs nf Govirnneiit with ehriions, and pointed out n hu iapiii ty in n cluir manner. "IfOunlhc, in Ci'nehi.'ion upon thm piibjici,) I i-hould bo m f,,r. lunate ns 1.1 be el.eiol PicMdcnt. I would du. in 11 my driy to pr 1r.1. r,s fur a'. the pi;n tier nf Go virnin'oi oilieci, in mjr their'oHicial inlliicnre and r. tronaer for flieiionuiiiii' pnrpopes ; but at tin mine tune ofl'i 1 1 idioulrl be nllowi d lln- IVn ! of tin tbelive fianehln-'lit i(ifrt liberie In nie fur nml agaiiiiu Hli'U'isotvi r lin y pleawd, without the fear of in .11 Puccini. ,1 ur 1 1 uiovnl hum olllci 011 'iccouut of im .1- poi i.eai pu li reiitts. ' jii roin-iiii ,.,n r. Ilow-eiiirnn, mihilue nii innfiw rrmvkH in ii f-i nl to my nhl ff How soldi, is. A small nnmli rof ihi in are hue by my -itle. Thuy flood by 1111 mbalth, firm mid iuvincble, in by conn day. olnll of lliem me icmimnlb of llieltovoluliori nol iherf With whom I Mil Mil under tho loilbuu WniMin Where, in-bi'ihren, nre our roniinnions in dnhper ......1. ... 1,1 ... in, 1 1 .11111. i 1 1 in ri y 01 iiieui nil' ttiMn their final 11 pone mfthe cdm nnd pi.'iee of Dnith I ' I,"t them (.Ircp on, nbap 011, in tin- frmve 10 wiiu ii uuitirinl have homo therm And ble.i be the Hinvi h who arr (oiic, And the friends who survive bul lo mourn tin rn !" I he old Hiildu rs, one by one, nro dwiiullinu uwny --(.'hduiL' nn it were down Iho uvir of Time uno die haven of 11 Imiu -soiicht rest. Put n fi-vv of tucul (veil nowntn leiinimirii! 10 Mrrow 111 Klnilni" for the 1 L'lntiludn of their enni, irv Whi n 1 1 . 1 i- 1. n,. dinuul how htinwalilc nn ue, ihuim wmiiorhweie expo li'lllU l ieniH' vec to iliiiiiiernml ilisuin in ilm ,u, MiiiiuHwuuipH and inoriiHse uf iho Wi t.t, by .'iiardmK 111111 ni ieiiiiiiiK miniu m, .uiiliy nl lln ill iKcmiie plemlil Meting to the miliaria, of the inarshed and the UlMulullI It V of the elilllllll'l lltlli rH li luni.,.1 1,1 tin ir iioiism wilhihs. use uu'eiideieil in lluir synteiiia, jiul In hmn rloi ll lime, mid in ihans wnsle nunv will, inn. humpiiiiii i wdiile u yrt Miuiller puriimi hiill reiniiiii nmom: us, ihoui'h (;eii 1 ally t-hullirrd 111 eoiiHtnutioii mid fufhluin hui ill. Why in it, lrllow-uitiycuv. ihal iiieseiildHuldiersol'tiUi. Wiiviic'h tinny hnvo never 11 j 1 hi u repuid lor thur nil vices or been allow ed pensions lr,.i y ai G'lvitnmciit ! The 1111I1011 is much milchied lo li. 1.1 Mid pullet.' reu.1111 1 that liie iU lit should be pmd, unit 1 (null! mvir du in pi lire, mid ful no nine of unmr-i' ,1 I wire u pi rinii tin ir lanne to puts 1111 iii.iitid nn, I w i1! iiit mai. u'fMiiullorl if ivpoituliity cf r I io bm. tin ui snl. -(ail. I i 1 myi ii neier hn-boo m rely ' l a.m 1. 1 1 Miii Vlrr.'ti 1' ' t' I i' f ba' ' nn vub ihc 1 1 1 f linotjl overv t'tiliio. which Isdenoiniimted such, that man could be guilty of, My eharaut'.r, which I had fondly hoped lo preserve unmllied mi a uoun and ex- ampiu lor my luiiiuy. lias uceu miicii ii.'ituiC'.ii nuu belied within 11 few inoilths past) ulid for lliia rca.oit, I Imvo someliineH ie(jriilled that your preilileclion had mado 1110 n candidatu for ollieo but, lieverthtlefs, I claim no sympathy of iho Public 011 this acorc. I only demo you to examine my past conduct, to rend tho lusloiy of your country, and uncertain my political course heiotof ru alid tno tninciiilea 011 which 1 have ocr neti'd, ami if voii find tlmt my doctrines iircun- Hiutm aiiiitmwortiiy 01 your nuppori, it is your sacrcii duly to viject them. I usk not your sympathy or fa vor. 1 want liut common justice. Let 111c Unveil lair Hid, nnd whatever may bo your verdict, 1 shall hoa tinned, tiivunttnalc inattcrofaiilv and holiettly. com paiu ihoilootrinej) and prncticcoof mv ndverwiiieH with mine, ami then tiecnto na yon miaii llnnk rn;iii nml proper. naido your piejiidicci nml predilectiona. nml volo only from principle. Il 11 your duly lo do ho Hi'cii not iho cuisuioi knavinti politicians wuore- iroHch you wilh Iho liamo of "turn coal, iVc. 1 1 ia not opprobrious to turn from n party to your coun try. 0 Hbould despise the odium Mint-lit lo hu liua ped upon us by dusigniiif; men. from their Hcllieh mo- lues, na limy ilenpiso truin mm lioneiiy. Hoping that tiiuriuiit may prtMiii nml maKo our country prosperous, I will only add tliu wish that you may loiif; enjoy tlH bl('3ainu.",i maintain its free insti unions, nnd feioico in tho imlcpcndeuco of happy freemen. THE GATHERING AT MILTON. If it woro not 0110 of tliu common fua tiiriM of tho prusunt political contost, to int:ot in largu nuniliurs, wo iniylit stiy mucli of tl 10 gnllwriiiy; at Cliuckei'titiry Gruuii, on Kat urtlay, 1(10 29l nil. Tim Whigs of Old Cliil toiulun woio thcio in largo nntiiliurs, roctoil not a foylVom Grand Islo tind Franklin countic.SA proco.ssiun was al ready foruiod wlion wo airivod, oscortod by a band of music, with Hugs and ban nuts un furled, acattorod throtigli tho wholo lino. Having marched around tho Groon, it pro coodod lo an opon Hold, just oast of tho vil lajjo, whero ti platform was raised for tho spuakors. Tho aascuiblago was addressed hv Messrs. Whitmoro of Milton, Marsh, Adams and Allen of llinlington, Htovons of Albans, OaJliislia ol derico, and Jlnlu of Chelsti. Andao groat was tho interest of the attdiciKX1, tlmt most ol thorn listened, vtundiug ull the while under a hot sun, for about five hours. The audienco was partly composed of a lanjo number of ladies, who, seated in front of the orators, much interested in tho spuochea delivered. I here could have boon no doubt but their sympathy was en listed in the glorious causo of 'Harrison and Reform.' Tha presentation of a beautiful ly wrought bauuor to Uio Tippecanoe Club with a patriotic address is a sure proof that tliu wings ol Milton aro encouraged by tho sympatliy and smiles of tuo tair. I ho ban nor was of silk, with a beautiful llower wrought in oach cornor, and. on the lower odgo, near the centre, was a group ol How ers with these siiriiilicant inscrtptious on one side, " wn okaunot rovniiTV hot dis d.MiV t'l.Avnuv " 5 aud on tho other, "tim: Liiir.irrv w:: hnjoy i oih;i:t not rr.s cost. Uudor so favorable auspices, wo doubt not. tlin bukh in nvrirv trim l-ntmlili- engaged, will bo triumphant; and that V ermont, on wnoso soil an armeu enemy never slept one night unless as prisoners, will show herselt worthy ot the proud title, " UN conqukkud" ! UNCONUUimilD HY UXUCUTIVI INfLL'ENCU AND IIXl'.CDTlVi: COItllUl'TlON. St. Album Mc.snciH'cr. l'Vom tho ILab iirfi ltmister, August 21. VICTORY ! V ICTORY ! ! VICTORY ! I Oh ! such a day, Ro foui;ht, so followed and go fiuily won, Camo not tdl uow to dignify tho times. Wo hnvo received complete returns of our late Lloction, so fur as the Legislature is couccrned, and lack only tho voto of Clio wan and Tyrrell, to ascertain our exact ma jority for Governor. It will bo scon that out of 170 Members, tho Whigs have car ried 101 1 being a clear majority of US on joint ballot. Of this majority, there woro 4 in the Senato, and 34 in tho House suffi ciently decided in each branch to carry out those measures connected with the great interests of tho countrA. Our present ma jority for Governor, it will appear from tho 1 able, is near 8,000 anil tho counties to hoar from, being both Whig to tho core, will swell it up to about b.oOOi It this is not lotng the thing gouteellv, then wo arc no judge of such matters. We regard this triumph as inoro nnpor- ant in its consetnionces, as doing more to wards llu; od'ective prostration of this odious Administration, than any event which has occurred since Gen. Harrison's nomination, 1 es, ndiaua, Kentucky, Khodu Inland, Con necticut, irgiim and Aluhama, Imvo all dono well; hut wv.u. and ii.oiiiofsi.v as all have done the OLD NORTH STATE has eclipsed thoui all all am,. Wo know that sonic ol our friends abroad entertained doubts about this state, but wo think her po- ition is now so "clcarlv defined, that no one will again doubt her claim to precedonco in the front rank of Whig States. And our people aro a steady people consistent, cau tious and linn slow to mako up their opin ions, hut whononco formed, always fearless in tho avowal of thorn. OurStuto, it will ho recollected, was among tho last to come into tho Union, hut when has she ever fal tered in her allegiance to it? One won! more. don. Harrison is stronger in North Carolina, than ever our own highly trifled Monuni:.u. Instead of his, or anv other Wine candidato carrving OM) TIP, tho Hero lias carried them, by the resistless force of his own popularity. Alark tins prediction! Uur majority in tho Full, will be considerably creator for president, than it is now. ONE HUNDRED GUNS then, rcc any, pr SSUli Til CA UUIjIXA ! ! ! FNE TOAST FROM A L.4DY. At 11 Barbecue, near Collins' Ferry in Campbell, tho following splendid toast wns sent by n lady of Halifax, whom wo war rant lo bo worthy to havo been the mother of Mrasidas : JJy a Ludv of Halifax. Tho Young Men ol'Cnnipbell; In tho cause of Harrison, "bring back your shield or bo brought upon it. IJ v tho wav, in various parts of the cottiip try the ladies nro bcgining to attend tho pub lic discussions which are every whero oc curring. Wo hope the prnctico will become general. Their piesenco is calculated to "keep the peaco, and somewhat tamo down the angry vehemonco of thu contest; nnd moro and bettor than that, to implant Whig principles, thu love of Liberty and Consti tution, hatred of tyranny and a detestation of man-worship, in iho bosoms of Uio infant guneratioii. Tho ladies 1110 wondorpilly unanimous in their devotion lo tho Whig causo I Kvon many of our wannest Demo cratic frionds aro blessed with Whig wives 1 1'rono as they aro to admiro Tabourets, and Gold Spoons, and Wilton Carpets, and F.u glish Coaches, and well dressed men, nnd unci; aud Dundy us Mr. Huron is, yet the ladiuj seem to have taken u fancy to tho cut of Old Tippecanoe's jib. PENSIONS. Tho follnwing aio tho provisions relntivo lo doii'iiod pensioners by : IM. That in ciiKo any mule pensioner shall die, leaxing children, hut no wddow, tho "mount of pcnsiii) duo to such pensioner at tho time of his doalh shall be paid to thu executor or administrator on tho estate of such pensioner, for the solo and exclusive benefit oT tliu children, to bo by linn distri buted among them in equal shares, and the same shall not hu considered as a part of tho assets of said ostato, nor liable to bo applied to the payment of tho debts of said estate in any case whatever. till. That in caso any pensioner who is a widow shall die, leaving children, thu amount of pension duo at tho time of her death shall bo paid to tuo executor or administrator lor the benefit of her chiUlrun, tts directed in tho lorogoing section. ;jd. Tlmt in caso of iho death ol any pensioner, wiiotlior male or leinaie, leav ing children, tho amount of pension may ho paid to any one, or each of them, as thoy may prefer, without thu intervention of an dmimstration. V 11 1 D A Y 31 OK N IN fJ, SEPTmilint 1, 110 10.000 XLY THE PRA.lilHS THE MOUNTAINS ARE ON mE ! " Now let iho Kettle to tho trumpi.t rprtik, Tho Trumpet to tho ennoneer without, The cannon to thu Heavoiis f 1 The Whigu of Vcrniotit have achieved the most glorious victory that Ii.ih yet been won by tho dauntless! baud of lrcctoon who arc battling for their coiuiUy. Wo have heaten Kentucky all hollow ! we havo not onl v surpassed our o u exK3ctations but those of every body else. We have tnvept tlie board high and dry. He have curried our irhuie Congressional Iklaftilim ! the 7'ory voto in the .Senate will range from one lo three! In tlie House it will not rise above forty ! ! Jeniiion'u majority for Governor will exceed TEX T1IOC.SAXJ) VOTEii ! ! ! Young's majority in this Congressional District will run above l'JOO 1 1 Mattocks beats Hotelier in the fith district by a handsome majority, while Everett, Hall, aud Slado, aro returned by a Voto largely augmented. Such is the verdict of tho People of tliu gallant and invincible state of Vermont. Who will deny her claim to head the lino of states which have arrayed themselves in opposition to the mioilsnicii ! Denv it who will, she proudly and fearlessly assorts it. Iih inter irrts comjucred. While all around her woro treacherous and false, thu alone maintain ed her integrity. Who docs not love and honor tho gallant little Stato ! Mr. Silas Wright jr. lately uaid in a atump fpoech in New-York, that his correspondents in Vermont had assur ed him that (Jovernor Jcuison would certainly be ik-featcJ 1 Ciuerv. Who are his correspondents! 7'he following returns shew that they slightly orrcd in their estimates. OLD CHITTENDEN l'OUEVER ! Tito Whigs of Chittenden have covered them cclvcs all over with glory. Their majority in the county for Governor and Congrcrs will o. cood pis hundred! Tho whig Senators arc olectcd by about tho same majority ! Lahtycar wo were represented in the senate by otio Whi aud one Tory. Thcro are fifteen towns in the County. The Whiga havo elected their repre sentatives in eleven and tho Tories in four.- liaxtor's majority for town representative in thi town is 01), ami Youn'.a over Smith 107 ! liaxtor's majority last year wanour, and Smith'H two year3 ago, over Allen one! bo much for tho labors of Cornelius Peter Van Ncf aud his abuse of Uknkiut, IIaukio.v. The Whiga in thin vicinity aro under cry great obligations to him. Young'd majority in this Congressional District over Smith can nol fall short of ONI THOUSAND ! And if other parts of the state hao done as well as wo uf Old CuiTTr.Nur.x Jennison'.a majority for Governor will exceed TEN THOUSAND VOTES ! DV'Toll Chap man he mussl crow ! " The following arc tho roluriis so far as ro ceived. FOURTH CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT, Our highest hopeu are more than realized Attgtiftus Young, the whig candidate is elected by an overwhelming majority, atid John Smith can no lunirer doubt as to the fact whether ho iiii'ifcnic.sent.a his eoiit-tituonts or not. .Mr Smiths majority in lSo"S wan o'-er seven htm drcd, and ho is now defeated by a majority of more than 1000! Mr. Smith, wo understand, has paid that when satWiod that ho misrepresented the majority of hia district, ho would rcniini. Has ho any doubts on tho subject now ! What will he do Wc shall see. JOHN SMITH AT HOME. St. Albans, in 1",;K gavo Smith a majority of 51 ; tdio has now given a majority of 4 again him! Swanlon, which in ISIS gave him 100 majority, has now given 1 1 iijainst him ! And it iii pretty much eo throughout the county, and tho district. Dillingham did notrefoiio a majority of the votes in his own town, Watcrbury, while Uov Jenteon is pustaincd by 17S majority in Shore ham. , "GIVE .MR ANOTHER MONTH." When Mr V. Ness returned from his election coring tour at tho south part of the ttatc, Im as surod tho people in a public address, that there were groat gains to Van Ibuenism in all paitsof tho Bt.ite that Mr. Dillingham election was almost certain, and that "if ho had a month more time, tho state would bo revolutionized beyond a doubt!" This declaration wo heard linn make. Iow .Mr. an rcss mil this at Hit: expense of either hiu tagacity or his honesty Which horn of the dileina will he take. Ho wolcotno to either. One month more, forsooth Why, blofs your ronl, Mr. Van Ness, if you had had another month there would not havo been enough of Van llurcuiMu left for reed ! As it you 1 avc Irst them one, and perhaps two mem hers of Congress, almost their entire party in the leirislatttre, mven the wIul's an inerrnsr of ton thoutand, or i-o, in Iho popular voto ! Hut thoro is now two months tiino from thin to tho pruBlilonlial election, mid if .Mr Vim Noes will improve it ns ho ban tho l;ut throe or four, tho majority for Old Tip ill he tivoi'y thousiiiul, "OlU'nT.NDKIS' COUNTY 31UST HUUEDK1.31 i:i)."-S,mii. Chittenden County is redeemed. Last yoar the l)cofoco.i elected 0110 Senator and uioin bors; and tho averauo whig majority on the ulato ticket was unlv about fifty votes. This yoar tho whigs havo carried tho tonalo, congross, ami atato ticket, by an avorago majority of more than SIX HUNDRED ! mid elected ELEVEN of the fifteen members I This is what wo call )olitical redemption. 1 E rij 1 11 1 v -1 '1 M. " N' loctwod in thin count" h-.s .fine w: x increased majority, while the four towns in which he has not adilrcs.'-cd the peoplo have bavoly saved themselves I What does this moan I

The Whigs should make arragemcnts to havo him slump tho rest of the county. Johnson Sept.,:), 18 10. Orleans county limi donu nobly. The whig majority will bo about 400. Young must hu elected, by a largo majority. From 17 towns in Caledonia county Mattocks runs ahead !220 votes. The whig Senators in tho fame towns hao 00 majority, and are proba bly elected. Vi:ttor.NNr.s, Sept. 2nd. Friend Stacy : I tond you a statement of tho votes for Governor and Congtcsn, which I have been able collect. The oto shows a largo in crease for the wings, as compared with last year and .should the remainder of the county roll up the whig votes as well as tho towns given below we shall have increased our vote about KKK) ! ! ! Slado runs, as you will sec, considerably ahead of his ticket, and his majority is as likely to exceed 1000, as to fall below. Rutland Sept 2, 1840. I havo just time lo say that wo havo re ceived full tutttrns from this county. Our presentation stands 22 whigs to 4 locos. ast year 8 locos. Two of tho 4 aro elect ed by one majority each, tho other two by five and eight majority. Wo havo gained ugely on the popular vole. Our majority the county will ho moro than two thousand. In this town wo havo u gain of 144 on tho majority of last year. If other counties have done as well, wo havo carried thu state hy 8000. Monti-UUCP. Sept. 2 1810 Thu whig gain in this county, thus far, is 385, which reduces tho loco majority to less than three hundred. In Orange, our gain is thus far over five hundred, and the whig Senators aro elected, Eleven whig and six loco members. Last year tho whigs had hut two members in Or mgo County. Mattocks is undoubtedly elected in the 5th District. There is 100 whitr train in llardwick. I'ltANUoN', Sept. 1, 1310. Brandon caught napping 1110. ZrtldlO Wide Au-aLu .'" Mv Dear Sin Polls just closed. I.ocofoco 111 lonliitg 171 here, because,"' on its bar!;, as 'ahnadiro said. The result has astonished us as much as it has the faithful themselves. Avcrayo Whitr majority 1"j Jackson stay.t al home to tho time of It! I maj Made a majority Id Jennisou's majority KHi Uoshon, Whig majority 00 Whiting " " " 40 The above are all the returns I can Fend vou uow. 11 locofocoistu don t llat out in the Aloun du State Mis time, then there is no' virtue in the Rdlot box ! Cod bless Old Tip. and his Committee of tho whole ! OT.Vot a loco elected in Windsor County Whig ! 1000. Majority, a few thousand. CIIITTKN DP.N COUNTY Whig. Alarsh. I'lolchcr. SENATORS. I.oco. lJiirgcss Flmjir, Ooltoii, 10 19 Qi Cfl liurlinnton, 3'j( 395 237 237 Charlotte, 195 193 23 23 Colchester, 129 120 133 135 Ksscx, 110 110 185 153 llincsbtirgh 222 Iii 70 7G lluntinaton, 132 132 73 73 Jeiieo, 20d 207 121 119 Mansfield, Milton, G3 maj. 03 maj. Richmond, 102 102 121 121 .Shelhum, 121 121 59 59 St. (Icorije, 20inaj. 20 maj, Underbill, 99 93 lf.l Ifil VYcstthril, 131 173 11010-i Willisnm, 172 172 12"JK9 2199 2192 1350 1310 CIIITTKNDUN CO. VOTI'.S FOR GOVERNOR Jen. Dill. 02 302 23 133 ISO 70 73 123 121 CO 101 lit 129 maj. in 1S-10. Whiij I I.. F. 13 maj. in 1S39 WIlW I Ij. i' lolton 19 iiirlingtoii 390 01 91 29 1G7 f3 0 32 50 Si 110 03 53 7 63 15 03 37 22 31 00 31 23 23 01 03 03 21 12 13 7S3 162 319 291 182 291 C01 55 Charlotte 193 Colchester 129 socx 133 JIinoibtirr 222 llimtiimlonPJl Jericho 200 Milton Richmond 102 Sliulliitni 120 St. Cieorgo Underbill 100 Worn font 179 Willisiuii 171 Whig majority CIIITTRNOKN COUNTY. YoMi'. Smith, maj. W. I.. liolton, 19 02 d3 lhirlinstou, 393 23G 107 Charlotte, 190 27 109 Colclusler, 120 135 0 lUsex, 135 ISO 51 Huiebburgh, 210 77 139 lluiiliiirfton, 127 09 53 Jcrico, 207 113 92 Millon, Go Richmond, 102 121 22 Shilljitrno, 121 50 02 St. George, 20 Underbill, 97 153 01 Wosiuird, 181 103 73 Williston, 1GU 117 13 831 ISO 180 Whig majority, 013 From our Hulk-tin of Wednsdav. Franklin County entire 11 towns ; Reprcsen tattvee, thirteen big aud ww 7'urv ! A Whi gain of three from last year. Cod bless old Franklin ! Washington county (1 whig Rep--. H Whig gain anil il Tories only elected ho far ! Orange and Windsor (1 towns hoard from, all Whig and five Wlrg gain ! Rutland and Addi. son dO towns heard fiom, thirty-nine whig reps, and only 0110 Tory ! ! The Whig majority in this (dlli) Congressional Dintiiut will bo from 1000 to 1D00 ! 1 I Old Fed. John Smith, my Jo John, do .ui iei7' that ! Wo believe tho old 5th will also be rcilooniod. Of this wo are sanguine. Joiiismfs majority for Oovornor will range frotn EICIIT to TWELVE THOU SAXDI!! The (!nen Mountain I ranch of Old Tiji's committee Jiaiu rcjmrUd, Will the Whig committee of the whole, on tho ulato of tho Union accept Iho roport I Uj" Every town in Windsor County in repre sented by a Whig ! ! ll'7'Tho Whigs of Vormont in tho election last Tuesday iolated Iho oighth article in tho amendments of th cnnstiiuiiou 01 tho United S' 'i w hleli 1 rnvido 'ht".. , , :,l tr.inuji IU.PRIWKNTATIVl.K. MiijoriiiM for (lov'r. Whit' I.oeo. WA'llftOTON co. Newell Kinsman! 01 Harro !i r tut J. I . Davis 21 Calais A. Pearenl Dnxbitry l!l't JII, Humiii'l Turner Im Riehaidoht II. llolhsierl Holdeii Piiinaiu II. i Paylicsl li. Kmgslcyt I. . Ilcunetl II. Ilnneroftl Isiinh Shaw .lours Hiram Allen I F. liCotinrd WINIiKOtl CO. O. Campbell alarsiiiiciii 1 29 133 iVddlrSrX Mniitniti'T Alorelovvn, Monroe Norihllild Plilllllleld lloxbiirv Wail-lii Id Wnterburv Worcester, Andovcr I0D 10 UI 7!) 2Q3 01 23Q 170 230 101 90 V 130 1D7 21 277 23 270 101 311 130 ISO 170 55 101 202 00 30 51 120 1Q 110 202 37 17S 35 59 19 liaruard Ilelhel i). i.iuy ISriduowclcr .1. Raymond nveiiuisli, Chester (1. M. Lro John Pot ter II. Cutis, A. Lovelimd, Lrvi Slack O. Paul 11. Ruck 'I'. liaruus T. II. Sallbrd, F. Holloa II. Closson J. Alorjinn S, Prentiss T. II. Wnke field, C. Coolidac, O. P. Chiuullcr ADlilPOK CO. II. I'm ns II. Sniilh P. S. Warner U. Matthews I!, b'eiris Kuapp Wait W. W. Popq Sntnuil Swift 11. l'.astiunii L. I). Wurucr Hartford llariland Ludlow Norwich Plymouth I'onilri.t RolllllUL' It'iehi sler Roynlloii wnaron Sirinilli Id StockbriiJiic, Welhersfuld Wi "ion Windsor Woodstock Addison I'i idport r.nMol Cornwall Ferrisbiirgh fioslu 11 f irnuviltu Leicester Lincoln Middbbury Moiikton Now If uvea Orvvdl Pnntoit Salisbury Sliorclnm Starkthoro WriTi'iinea J. Tnppnn M. Weeks K. llitscom P. L. ICniizht W. b I'aiker I). liclilou Walihnni ovbridt'o S. Slovvet Whiiing A. Wulkcr OIlANCIi: to, P.radfurd A. Preston, liriiintree, C. Ilrackctt, Urookfald A. Cleveland, Chelsea L. I!. Yilasl Corinth I). Diurbornt I nirleo A. II. (iilmoro New bury A. li. W. Tenney Orani;o C. Carpenter Randolph Win. Ilibhard Strnfiord Win. Sanboint Thtlford M. .1. Walker r Tnpiham .1. F. (ieorget Tiinbridi;o Joseph Foster Vershiro R. lilanchnrdt Washington John Colby Wilbamstw 11, Enoch llowo WlSIUlAM co. Rrarlleboro E Wills Dioiiniai.-ion S I'ri'iicli (iiiilford fW Ibillock I.andordeny Win. Newton PiilneV .lohn Smith Riiekiimham S L Hillings Vellum" C Wiiihhiirn Wtstminstcr John .McNeil 91 55 120 119 80 10 17 21 153 131 ft I 13 11 BO 31 r.UTLA.S-tl co. Kim.' N .1 Spraguo Hiifbi-u .1 A I layes C Leonard Reed Rcnson Rrandon Castleton Clareudeu Cliiltendeii nimby I'nilllllVell Sheldon Hiibbardlon Rnmiv Im Rounds Mriuleii (iihsont Middletown Paul Mt llolley .Ms. Tabor Orwell Pawlel Pitl-rord Pitl-Iield Ptultncv lirvant P.uil'am I Younij 203 Wilcox S II Sinioiuh Gl Kix llrainau (iTHodces 313 Ruilani Shrewsbury lluekmn-tor I Smlbiirv J. IC. Ilydu S Wallin-jforil Fox , M Wells " Lewis West Haven , 41 CIIITTI'.SllKS co. 0O3 P.nltou Josi'iih Smitiil liuihniftou, Cailns Raxter t li.iiluite, Aaron L. Ilench f 'okhesler, John Lvon I'.i.-lv. naniel Liillefieldt II "k -burh, Jidediah lloynlou HinniiiHlon, Aleauder Ferguson J neho, Audrcvy Winner .Mi in, Daniel II. Onion R.'hiuond, R.111-0111 .loiieal ."li. Ibiirn, Klln'iiin W. Spear St. Hi owe, S. L hani Fnderhill, IV ! F.Uutchinst W. -il',nd, Art. mas Allen Vt'ilhstoii, ALet Landou o.tvsn irli: co. Orand I-Jo Lewis I.ndd 03 Souih Huo lleclor Adams 19 OULIIAN'S CO. Albany S S lluvoy t llarum H l!atcr 21 llruvvnin:ton F. White 01 PJin. Coin Coventry li C Clcyehtud 107 Cook 2! J fi (.'handler 170 W Leonard 1 Pane Cinfisbnry Derby Ulovcr flreeinboro Holland Iraburgh .lav Lowell Newport Siileiu Troy F. I human u IHAllui -17 TROharllou t 20 no choice A '111 Mooro .1 Lyon D. II. Haird 13 N. II. Downs 3 FRANKLIN COUNTY. Westficld HerU-hirc, I'.iiiisbuigli I'anf.ix, I'letelnT, Franklin, (!oorjin, I lijjfliyaic, Hamilton, 105 53 20 101 23 K'uley, Hubbard, Alva Sabiu, Mielilon, Draper St. Albans, Newton, 21 Swuutoil, Foster, 33 LAMOILLE COUNTY. Cambridge, Nathan Smilie,t F.lniore, (i. W. Hnily, i Johnson, J. H. Downer,! Morristown Jnhu Fnrrin I Siowo N liiibinsoii t Waiervdlo .Moses Fisk 39 Wulcutt P Crano 72 ll.ooofoeoi. .lenium's majority, That hranch of (Jen, Harrison's Commit tee of the whole, which is located in Ver mont, bog leave to report, in purl, one of the most splendid victories ever achieved even in "EVER FAITHFUL VER MONT." Heluw aro tho return, as far as received; from which it will bo seen that tho Whigs havo mado a clean sweep so fur. Tho prospect is fair, that every Congres sional district will hu Whig; the Whig stale ticket will bo elected by a largely increased majority; and in the legislaiuro wo havo iisod uj) tho locos beyond our highest oxjicc talions. Watchman, ST. ALI5ANS REDEEMED. It is with no ordinary pleasure that wo havo lo announce iho political redemption of St. Albans, tho strong-hold ol Locolocoisiu in Franklin county. Last year a loco foeo was elected hy a. ma jority of forty-seven, nml the year preceding by u much larger majority. Rut uow, notwithstanding the en emy havo made every possiLlo oll'ort, even to kidnaping one, at 'loast, of our men and leaving him in Canada, wo havo met them nml thoy nro ours. A good and true whig has boon elected hy a m.ilorily of TWEN TY-FOUR ! makig our gain sincti last yoar SEVKNTY-ONE ! No changes! ohl iiictoiugcr ThoFliKLMEN OF YRItMONT, to ml D'ili!ii..iii .i'id I urnohus r. an None, slump " 1' . y d . 1 1' .mi i.u Water, bin fourth co(iRF,si-'ioNAi. district1 t FRANKLIN' COUNTY. Smith, mrij. Y. 11 30 111 151 D9 nokfrsRcIiI, Herkfhire, Kiiihiirgli, I'airfax, h'niflleld, Hotelier, Frnnklin, O.'orijirt, JIii;hi;ato, Moniffomery, Riehfird, Sheldon, St. Albnnn, w 193 01 139 li 21 m 301 103 flwnnton, 1ST L.UtOILLL Ctt Rclridcrc, Cambridge, Eden, ilydepeik, Jolnmon, Mansfield, Morrislowu, 'Stcrlinot, Wntervilltf, Wolcotr, Crnftshtiry, Albany, lmburgh, Coventry, Jay, Lowill, Newport, Troy, . 39 il 1. 76 'i5 81 52 13 109 tr :? 19 39 2 ortLEAr,. 10a im 131 10 Westficld, GRAND TSLTiCO, Alburglt, Ornnd islo, 83 M Isle La Mutt, North Hero, South Hero, 00 20 Wiiij maj. in Chit. Co. Young's presr-nt mnj. i wiiiMMaHMMiBWanKnN 19 013 .1,'i!)( A PLEDGE REDE CM Rll. When Mr. Young was nominated for Con- gjes. wo pledged him from three to four hun- Ired majority inf liittendon County. Wo havo given him six bundr, 7 n fur'';-.'iru. OUR ELECTION. Wo subjoin all the returns wo havo boon ablo to collect. All tlie follow imr towns have returned Winy, Repicse'itntives except two, one of which is in Rutland County, so that wo shall Imvo but one Loco Keprisunti tivo in Old Addison, and he so lean a man that he will hardly make a grease spot in tho Legislature. r rom present indication should Governor Jenison ain in the State na he has trained in Old Adison his majority cannot fall fur below '' 'I'lioiimntl. Mr. Slado will be returned by from 8500 to -1000. Runt il No. "i.-Vcrgcncs Ycnnonler From tlie Wii i isioi U Mercury. WINDSOR COUNTY. "Always True, awl Faithful. Such was tho-motto of iho Runner borne by the Whigs of Windsor County at the State Conven tion in .rune and such she proves heiself at the Statu election in September. Tho returns show the soundness an 1 integrity of Windsor County. E ERY TOWN IS REJ'RKSENTEI) JJY A WHIG. Lonk at the vole of Woods! ick, win re Kx-Gov Van Ni si a.-surul his friend was a Van Huron gain of 200. 'PhoWhiyrs are only 152 ahead of last year's majo rity, whlk tho Loios have tu'runcU c(jr.!.-io7.v, 19 votes less than they ca.-t la&t year ! Net Whi gain 171. "'Wott8hould poll a tremendous majority." Last 'Mire.'' Sim how she has done it ! ! 21 Whig mnjoiiiy, whero ihtro was 25 tho othof wav Inst year. ' I'omfiet Vou MUST" Lnt "Aor.."' Yeaand you HAVE I'iven 99 whig majority, where you:avcC2'tb.n other wuv last year. And what Ins Ibirnard done ? A uronahold of tho Locos, bound to them beyond doubt IiW viarcninjj n Loco nuijority of 13. Tliis year lias kivc'ii 10 Why majority. ''On llABNAnn! on !'' nnd on, tlio h, "with a ven geance." Wo have heard from nil tho towns in the Count v. They aro all out Whig this your, with Mich a pain as yoii soo in iho list. Wo have also heard from 3 towns, in Oiamre Co., Randolph a Loco entrenchment, whuo Van Nr?, Harher, Dilluejinui, Enstiuan, Oranr, and ilie rest of tho tri'.ic, have battled lo the last nnd to ih" ibalh, isuia Whijf fof reprisentnlive by 11 iiiiijuihy of''). It waa Loco last year. Hiaiutree and Tuiihritlgo aro also Why Liko last your. Piini.Brr.-v, Sept. , IS 10. Mk. Stacv Will you oblige us by publishing tho following Resolutions. llesnlred, V'hat tho thank of the Tippecanoe Club of Lbclbuni bo tendered to the I Ion. C. P. Van Nest, for on Satur day of last week. lle.i'dnd, T)i d ;,a invitation be ofiercd to said C. P. Van Ncs---, to deliver auo'hrr address in this town of like character with tho lat-t ; as hi liivt addrei-s b h-.d a very happy influence ou the caiiio of Harrison and'Rolorm. 1IE.MAN UARSTOW, 1'ra'l. Wv. P. Rrssi:r.r., ),.,. .1. A. (JoLLAaioKn. ) O. II. !)!. 'The frosts of November will bring down that Jlag!'' slid Mr. Van Ness the other day, pointing fo tho stripes and Wars that iloated above tho Log Cabin. On i's being- announced on Tuesday, that tho whig1 candidate in llur lington was elected by a majority of N'm-.TT-;;ike, n splendid now (lag made its appearance at mast-head, and Iloated as gaily to tlie breczo au though no such prediction had ecr been made; nnd an hundred voices at tho f-auie mo niont exclaimed, "wo see no si 'm of it.ost 1 " Proinp'od hy the occaiion, a gcnutloinan look out his pencil and composed upon the spot thu louowmg patriotic and dpint-stirmg song; which ill less than one hour was sung in full chorus in every coi u, r 01 the town. Whis who im fir ciiiinl laws, Wh'js w no mi , inf fin. Join's cause, Whigs who woieh'p : her shrine, Huu.i for .'.'! The 'men of s; e Is' U .e ,' mu iheir lct, Hui then th' i".i I 1: -I boblh'd Have lieivid tin ir arm the MOW! to brmst 1 Tluy'ii O. K. U9 1 What th )' a dark and dreary hour Did o'ir i.i.r eoimiry'a priuoijjLs kwcr, 'Two when our rultin clatchca fur power, In Freedom' lovely nam Hutlo! 'tw passing swifi oway, And soon u brichi and plorloua day,' Resploudent with tho rigln O K., Shall blazon for ih il fame. Hurra! hurra! for our dear stale, Tho' .ouuil iu size, in oulhe's great 1 She ikvu liow'il the knee to fate. Nor lued oiw iiwgie line. Then spread your banner to tho breeze, '' .Vei-ivHui-'i M tlietr.Mtit ran'lfrc,:'' They'll spread the new o ir Imul tu.;, ' Of O. K. Wl PRESENTATION or a FLAtl to thk .Mir, TON TIPl'ECANOFi CLUB RVTlIfl LA DIES OF MILTON. On Suturd.'y morning, 'J'id insl., ngrecublo Ij jirovious iinannoniPitts, tho Club iihsemblcd a' the Cabin of V. & J. Adams, WoM. Milton. A proceion va- funuod, w Rich escorted by music, inarched i.ruuud tho tiroot), foruiing u hellnw s-.piarp in front of the House of D. 11, Onion, Esq. when tho M.nshal introduced Mr. 1. A. Ilur- V't 1ci 1 I "" cmemiiti" e1' I ,!,, ...iboiiiii ed. M - i EU'ciiA IVait mbehiliKi the lair don iM i .1 'iiled '!. H.ii... 1 it. ! ' '