Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, September 4, 1840, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated September 4, 1840 Page 3
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cause that lias failed the Daujjhlorsof ibo (Ircoti Atotintaim-, from llioir lioincs this morning. Wo have scon the dark clouds of liitin galliorinj over our country, and wo have watched ymt, or you wont forlb, armed with moral courapo and sound prinrijilcs, to oppose a corrupt ndininisln tion, whoso weapon.! are lrilcry and inlrigite, and bravely and manfully have you thus far done it. Hut we wore fearful, lost your bonrla would fail in the coining contest, and we have come foith to cheer your on your way. This ISaiinor, which wo tender to your acceptance, wo have wrought for you. 7'licrc in no innjric in the web of it, neither do our needles powers the charm of a Fairy'.) Wand, and wo thought not toda.-.'.lo you with a display of gorgeous colours. Hut when you are tired with over watching, and ninking from weariness and toil, let this bo an emblem of our heart fell sympathy in our Conn- try's cause. We charge you as you value your freedom ha watchful, and be wary. Ucmantm; if our RrjiuhJle falls, it falls to riwc no more. To which jAIr. Hunietl replied. I.adie.-j: In beball of this Club, 1 receive and accept this beautiful and Splendid JJaunor which you have so taste fully decorated wilh your own fair hands, and lender you our sincere and heartfelt thanks for tins expression of your attachment to the ("Mo rions cause in which we are engaged. It is true that clouds ul'rttlu havo Oveisprcad Ame rica's fair land, and that our Republic, by a sicrios of acts on the part of the General Uov crnnicnt (loo numerous to mention hero) lias been buried from an unparallol'il height of pros perity and happiness, to the very verge of Hankrupt cy and ruin. We havo atsocialcd to gether under the name inscribed upon this Hau lier for the express purpose of discussing the measures which have brought this dishorn upon us, and to seek, in the use of all hmorullc nu on by disseminating knowledge, and by the force of argument baid iiju iruih, to preserve and hind to pcftcrity the elective franchise wo this day enjoy. And thus lend a helping hand in hurling a baud of ltecUas OJkc mWu-.v from a Would bo Throne, and in restoring this great Nation toils ion tor propn-ity and happiness by placing in the ( 'hair of Slate a son of one of that uobio and illustrious band of Patriots whose names are ailWcdto the Winter of our Liberties, who in timolol' peril and danger, led our Ar mies on to ciiinpie.-t and gloy whose voice leu been heard and re peeled in the councils of the Nation, in short, William Henry Harrison, the farmer of North Hend, whose head has grown grey, in the service of his country such is our object. And should we not bo encouraircd to ro on, in the glorious ea.isc in which we havo en li-l-til, by the glad tidings wafted to us upon every brec.e, from the shores of the Pacific, to the borders of the Atlantic .' We answer yes. Already the note of preparation is sounding among t ho green hills of Vermont, and the sen timent is echoing from Mountain and valley, that the (.'m in MoinUit'.ii Male is still faithful to the lon.-lilir.;.)', thai she never bowed the knee to Dual, and she wcrcr will. The inscription also, upon this Banner, reminds us that the co-t of our social, ciil, and religious liberties, be queathed us by our Forefathers, is enshrined in the hearts of tbe Mothers and .Daughters of Ver in uit. and -.hull nor souu forgot it.' No: Hut having it engraved on our hearts by the toils of our Forefathers anil walled upon this Hanuor by a breeze from the; blu rci of Heaven ; we will go on trusting in the virtue and juatiec of our cause, and the ble.-binj:sof a kind providence, aided by your prayers, and cheered on by your riendly smiles and good wishes to victory and glory After Mr. Burnett had concluded, the Club returned to their quarters w hen the following resolution was presented, and adopted uuani rnoimly. liesnlrrd, That the proceedings of the Club this morning, together with the address of Miss Piatt, and tbe reply of Mr Harnett, be pub lirhed in tbe Burlington Free Press and Frank lin Messenger. .Milton Tippecanoe Club. 1Tho 1 loot ly wo enjoy, forgot not its coi't. uot, St. John and Kistigouch; and these rivers utilttciicoon iliehvtsof others, lie vvnausiuVtiinual ,i , , . ,, . ii,in,inMimiiiM stippmtcr nl every ni'tiliuioii whose iiillu-.-iieo hu be that have their source in the same general range ,'ul lAcmng , ,Uo W)lM, Tli0 vUmvU Mllll ,.,. and fall into the St. Lawrence are 'ho St. Fran- civ to which he htloncctl were peculiarly ib ur, ami cnis, Chatidierc, llchcinine, St. Thomas, St. Nicholas, Oucle, ICamouraska, l)u Loup, Voile. Trois Pistoles, Picmoiisky and Metis. In the course of their romarkiiit will be seen thatthev their interest were, so lileiitilicd With hm habit of llio'l and scli-cof dm v. that he could not rest and scullion Miller, His domestic anil social litiinn wore silt n in peculiarly endeared him to lil extensive eirelo of fatu ilv coliiioi ti'inq I Imviiinnlliiyoil m nil lln ir iiiVi and siiirow-jt and his hinmv miuuur of ncoiniiiiiou'alinir icknowledgo all these facts, but cay that tho I lnin-I(" o all their of body nud mind, oiiuiiiun nrv in ciM.iiiijij (jiuiintin uumuni "lu ruin nroliier, liv llioiti'oii''cM tics. 'i nert arc out lew highest peaks! of tho hills, and say that these 'iiiiiluswlio, Iiy n similnr i-iuvblonec-, Husinni n yrcater lands are not sullicicnlly high to constitute thu f;,,.t'10 mo., . vva.dciiriwdof his rJasoin 1th hi'fliliuds intended by the treaty. 1 would lucid ini.-iv.iW v. re marked with rcM'tii-ainm to thu then nk if the conditions of the treaty rccii.iru Viriiin'l i:::':' nnhV- any higher lands than nullicicrit to cause the Olnist unl li-siiditooumi m wetu thenuly l'.'.im latiou w .tor to , un each way 1 which to my knowledge ; MWw it noes in strong currants, and there are no high upon the breast of I.1 Saviour "ami breath leu life out lands in either direction to impede the courbu Ihc,1j'-' 'nteiuuiersal bhiwiiii ,',,'u ..I. I l ..' ............ . .., .... ....... .v.. oi uie'.-u soverui rivort. As to the assertion of F. cV.M. that the true ridge of highlands intended by the treaty extends southerly of tho heads of the Si. .lohn and Lis- took to .Mars hill, orromo where between that. mil the mouth of the Lislook, and thence cross ing the river St. John, takes the range of the Tobi(Uu Mountains and toiiniuates near the bay t'haleitr. 1 would observe, that a hare view of a map truly delineating the waters Would show this to bo impossible. Besides tho trigonometrical survey which I made atMars hill at two stations, and again repeated in part at Parks place and at Crcen Kivcr Mountain, the result of which has not been nor cannot be dis puted, KtiHicicntly shows that the statement cf F. and M. has no foundation in fact. I might notice many other weak places in their report, but as the whole of it exhibits at least as much weakness as wickedness, and to a man of science and experience would refute itsolf. must pronounce the fraud and deception at tempted by F. and M. to bo the most weak and imbecile ever attempted and that instead of reconciling the parlies will bring contempt on the authors by both governments. ,Kll. JOHNSON. Burlington, Vt. August 'Jo', 1 10. T7"L'llio .tib.-,oi-doi-3 bavins I ecu iimm- I Hon, the Piolnio Ooii.-t for the Di I but cirisivo laiiyu.i;o., how iiiik.1i ho was respected and beloved. And now, frieud and brother, peacefully slumber lu voiir low bed of earth until lime has iiu aid, And then beloved friends," found of your number, Shall stand m one cut'le, shout tliimki nnd n--cotitl. tiled 1 v the. met ol tendon, euiiimi. loners to nvuw, cmiiiiiiiu nnd :iIiik! all eln,iu. iiivlcleinnii.l. i I all liersoli.Mt :iiiih? the cliuc. iir.laine .Martin, Into of .Icneltc in "aid dilri"l, du vea.ol, ri',rcciitivl insolvent, mid ali'O nil cIhiiih mid ilolliaildi ( -ilohili'd 111 oll'-et tbeielo ; nnd MX Iih.iiiIm I'roiu tliu ilny ol'ihcituto lierci.f, Ininr nllowud by mul Court for iliat purpo wo do tliuiel'mo tfive hotieo tlial WO Will nuend to tho lirdiieci ( f our lippoiiuineilt at thu ilwciliinr cf widow Iliuiiali Martin in Jonulin in said (bsit ict, on thu 2Uih day oi'Poiitwinlcr mid on the l!bb day ol Polauirv nevtat 10 oVIoet;, A. M., on Melt Ot alll'l UIIVs. JMUVI. lllljl '22,1 U.l' 01 .Uirilt, A. 0. Iti 10. 01.1 KU I.OWUUY, ?pt.5. AAKO.N, txwaHWfinim. vw3tjfrrvfm9xm Lvjjmiavm ttmwu iymuxt Dl liV'sj luttiit Sprlni;-Tiotli llmscltal.c. The Wire Toulh Hoise Kiike, which ban been me I w i 1 1 1 t.i iiuieli sail- faition during the bifl two huyini' sv'i'oiH ill the ci'iinths of Huilaii.l. Addituli mid ltelUntli.-1'Jii, N't, mid Wnslliiniloil, . V. will bo kept for sale'iliu pn'sunl soason Iiy MTKONUS t Cu. lluiluiiJtoii. 'I'liev ralo'Saie ulu kd to all men lows', thoy mucnVly leiided, rind do the w irU f.ister and heller 1li.Ui liny oilier I to: no in tine. It I found by experieiiui, that tbe ovpenso of mUii;; bay with tho .Sjuiiii' Tooili 1 Iulso-Knl.o s only about miu itaiter na tunc i an t lie coiniunii tnulln i ol rakuu' with liaiul-rnlion. Iil aides seeurillir thidinvin bi ttui' Ol dir. Sjuie funnels who havj law mandws, cjIi- luiitu lliu ii30oroiio uii?i' last imv b. nwoti iil loi ty lo filly dollars. DAVID DHWUV, l'liknlw. Jul) 1, 1110. h'tinl-; UK ) MMIK lion, the piol :tie HiT.or (.'in r rcxni'N "-i. I cu irt (or tli-j dcli-K't of Clutli.'il'loii, 'l'o nil pi'MOlli eoneei ikI in ihe 0l.lte of Aniu.i Hiekok biteol' Cuarloite, m mj JMri. t dn couood, irieelinu;. Wlicii'n, NcImmi ltieKoli uiliuUlra- lor of lliu i-.tiiti' of aid iIo'-i'ikcI, tiroiio'!) to icinlur an iiceouulof liU niliiiiniiti ilion, mid bisae ci unit acniiiot mid Cutnio fur oMiiinnation and illow- diieo nt a si'.-iioii of tho Couil ol I'rohiite, to lJ boul cii nl the ltoitiiter oilieo in Hiiilinntou nn ilm wooii 1 WiileiiMlay ol SjptL'inl er lu-'Mj a liercloiv, you me lieioliv notilicil lo appear i.eioie sain eouiiat tliuilinu iilneo iifuro.'.aiil, and show rati,, if .my voii have, wbv tin- ae.'outii diotilil not l,o allow i.... (liven inuler nivband at Uinliuvloa lln first ihy ul Au;u.l, A. . 1 H tO. nut! y W.M. Wi.'sTOiS Ko,;lstur. nFTesTrii n ' n Vr's to , aTthk mim.kT 1' Sl'ltl.M.S IN IIHiltUATl;, VI'. Tbu miIimji- I w ba in.: liirin -In' I md fn'ed up, l'i r the re.x'p!,.ui ol (oiupiiiiy, i be aliovi.'u.iabiiliuu'tit, ii'.peei fully ol . it (he i.nli'onn'i! of Iiu lriL'lld. mid the liublie ueneni'lv. I he ecie' ruy inn priux u it iiioiiiieii, uiu reii'iiv in iti liK-atnui It'ini; silualod iu a pttvi ii. I ;in 1 buiiltliful oi'lion of tin) I'ounliy lunelber w eb tlio exutioiu of the siili-eril or to trie Kiilisl'iotirai to all, it is Imped will mikuit a deiirablusilir.ilioii fir those, who wib to nvail tbein'ctvos of tlm tcuelils of lliu liiudiciual v.'iilcrs, mid u relaxation from lliu Mdinurv (iiieM of l,n.inu.,s. M. W. WOOD. lli(,'lintt', Jiuie.1, 110. Sw Cmn'rf lIH:nATlO.N.--Nuliee H lieieby Kivon thru I havo sri von my -on Jaine.i I.. Win, hi-, tune hoin allor tint dam. I ball tlierufuiu claim nonu ufln. oariiini;i'1 nor In) ri-ponnMu lor anyol lot ivutr ids. Jeiieo, .Sept. "., IblU. I.I'..UI.'I.I, IJL.l.-.M. s'i'ati: or i:i;, i ratiti; bon. ihopruban! Hisr. or I iiitilxiikx, s.i. ) m. uouit or lhoilitnet ol' (.'liilli. n l 'ii, to all p(.'i( us t'oiieoinexl in I lie ualalu of l'uleliali liusscii, la'ii of liiehuiond, iu l ibstriel, de- icl. tfreeiiuir. norm.-,'lus M. Iviissell ml- iniiiistriilor ol sin I dij.U'a l, pivmui';-. lorulldorau ne- nuiil 1 1 in., iiiiiiiiiiiviiatiou, .r.M urctcm ti is u -count sai'l cjliuelurexaliiui itioii aiel niiowuiic i sOisiou i ! thu court ol nroba'.e to to holJcu at lliu I u-'o Hall iu Willi itun, na thu third lieu Jay ofocii "A leading loco loco near Alton said lumber hum; ihcieuw, you aw liuioliyiiotiiioJ map- tie ot ief i av, that soino wings liitil neon try- V " '." "u uuy '.r1-" ; , , ,. , ft J , sni'1, and ahow euuic, iluuy von luw, why thoaAOuii ing to tnako lnm believe that a man named aiuiiwod should not Lu allowed. Uivuu undur tu; Van Huron was tlio 1'res.idont, but ho'd " bo danged if they ciutltl suck hint iu. Ho vo ted for Jackson threo times, and could'nt bo fooled by them whlys, no how you could fix it. Acta-llcai I'lUUtuium Tlio friends of tho Administration in Iowa held a grand Convention, a few days ago. It was opened with prayer, by tho Ace. Ab nor Kneeliind ! Transcript. fT?" Dawson's Hioirraphv of Van Huron has just been publiohud in this city by Mr., at ;i0 cents, a copy. Lord Byron was ol (ho opinion a man s bmirrapliv ought neV' or to bo published before hisdoatli, but Pren tiss of JjouisN illo thinks " Van Huron is dead enough lor all biographical purposes." fJuicinnuli Adeerliscr C A It J) To the Lidirs of tin- Is Oohinislic Congrcgfi- lioiuil rx-ie!ij oj ISiirliiiqwii. I take this method as the most convenient, for expressing to you my hearty Uianlis for your contribution ofthirtv dollars to constitute uiu A Lin: "if eiimat of the American Colonization Society. About forty dollars was contributed bv vou with this intention and paid over to (.ant. trker, the Agent, though only thirty dollars is requisite lor the object. 1 or the Kind personal regards expressed bv you in tins act; ana lor Uiu am: which your uenchcicuco lias rendered to the wroii'rcd and hand at Uuilitiijtou, tbi, '-!7th dav of AusriM, A.. Id In. scpl w Jl. J'Ui.x, KcivHr. rno PnMSiONiaES.-All lo.tal claim) fur I'cu -L liiuii now due, and tho suim-auuual iiiHiabuuut piyablu on tho Ith of Heptuuibcr nixt, will bo paid at thu I'urnur'i q'- MiJianic'n l!ttnl;x in this pbuoun prcvutiti!' pr.ipi.i papu a to thu Cashier of said I'ank. j t. i.un i , A'joujur pitying J'chswjij l!urliii!.toii. Aimtist -d, 1 10. T AMI WICKS i!c ULASSli.S. (Jlasacs for tho A J l!rittaii,a, thu L!rx-.- ;uiil lliu Astral l.auips uf du feinu .m s; WieUs ofall, ii'.o thu llat wicks fur Ku.,t d r.jiuiit l.auips. urn tv bturo, Aui. 21. l'A.N'UliOUN & ISUI.WSMA1D .lonalliaii (illlct's instate. srmiOI.' VKItMO.NT, nvi nil ptrsons con Divihim oi t!iinn ,ii:N J in thuestaloof Juiialhan tiilht, Intu nl ('liallolli', derxn-ed. lleiimu llo itord, rxueiikirof thelail will and tcsla niuiil of .loii'iihan t-lillet. late ofCliailolie, in said dis li icl, dui'i nsod, havui; tiled iu iud court hm petiiinii, tu wilting, seiiiin? forth lliu tniioinit of debts, nllow.d by IIiuciiiiiiiiih liim. ri, ti.;nnint naid tatalo nin S'.'S'J uit that Ibu NabiD uf Ihopursuuid oflt'ilo unsold doi not exceed l'i 00 ; thul Uiu ninniiiil or niuiicy in said ex ecutor's handt, tiller pnyintf tlm expenses of minimis trillion alaady occuried, i-iSIKi 0 nnd that it will 1m ituoessaty lo sill tslulo for thu payment of so iiuieli of the debit as the personal ustntu is iu.iulliciniit tupay, and lliu further espeiiiea of a.huiiiis.1 ration, mid praying aaid com t to eraiitliim Iicouhd to sell no iiuieli uf tliu luul oslatuuf said duo as ml as may hu lu.ceHSury for thiipiirpoH afon.Miid. Wh ruupuii the court afore said duili ordur tbnt Mini petition bo heard In foro said court nt n in Hsiuii lliuroof to bu In Id at the Itunsiei's nllieiuii liiirliiintoii.on Ihuseooud WiiiieIav of Hep Iciiilitr next, and t lint milieu thuieof bu 141vi.11 to all persons iiiluroslcd by publication of thin order, eonl'iin-liii-lhe siilistancool said petition, thiixj weeks silceos lively in the 1'ieu l'rous, a iiewspapui' piinlml in I'ur lim;ioii in the County of Chittenden, the ,v t of w hieh Plihlicillions to be DroMous to thoiiuid iiecond Wedlieu- day of Septiinber, 1910. (Jivuii under my hand at l!iitluiioii, tint l'Jthday of Aiiirust. P:i0. M. li.STU.N, IMiri'llr r NI1W CSOODS, now opeimii; 5 nn niUitiuiiiil aorliiienl ol urloui Inndi uf pomN, ninom; llieiii atu Mezotiulo liruibe-, S it in l'und Head llandi, S irnparilla l.nzcin;i!s AeeorJeuu bouk, extraet ol Hura:aniot, 1 rn'ol bi.aid,iriecu Speetac o.,Castor, new Nilerpuul.ct Cuab", Kiulu Holt IM.ito-, etc. MX n if(od a-orttneul of liiiiiiiiwl nnd plain line Hatui and tioiuhaz no Sto ; tlun Miunner Stm-Us, tls'd and plain soiuu wuh b'-ws very lin e and light fur warm wca'h erj wo havo ulo "eiy narrow Hiooks, fui 1 rfvy s or men. Also, lone-Mocks for tho.o who hnii hirseNe'-i;.", in a word ourii-seriinent offtwlf,, Col hir. and llo,(jiin i eiy ei.uipleiii. Kor liirthor pir 1 n -t t! .1 1 plciso call al lliu Viiuuly .'jiure. Juno t ' l'.vxi;m ns U Hiiw.miD. 13At:()UN ; IllllXS3lAll),ortli-Vanoty i stuio, 1110 oU'ciin a rroat variety i.f WaklK", Clock-., Jewelry, I'orfuinerV, Mii.uea'l Inatruineiit, Cu 1 1., Car I , I'leiurivo.ipjjilair OiN,liaui, 'Cuivc, S5ci- or., CaiieijSt'.c'k,, Cai)-. diawui.- inauna's, wil low WaTirinii, ( hairs and t nullum, C:u.tor., l'oneiU, Tea an 1 Colli e I'ols and L'rui) silver ware, platiJ Wntc, l.ainp Vi. ,a and 01 imo., Collars ami (iwuui, Suspenders, rfucrU an I I'isli U,Tboriiiiiu.i.tur-.,!.u-civ. luk.i. Coiii-t I'lafler: Dull., U'i',', tiuekut Uuoks and a s'reat variety of fancy iiriicles lo supply thu want and muii-acr to thu riiliUeuliuii of thu notional nnd nil who call at thu Variety store j wu are- in "Ap ple I'm" order ready to answer onW or lutuiu calls al thuvarieiv siore, l'.v.xiiiaaiN & Iful.s.MAiu. STATK OV I'dtMu.NT, ) To all p, rsuii'iinter..jed I'tarutoT ok CiilTrnNiir.x, iu thu estaiu of Mnr.di t'ootunnd Inry t'oulo, infants. (iite.m is.i, ll.t.MSON It. WllHI'.I.I'.lt. of Chailoiie, in biiid i-4 district, viitnrduiil ol ij.uali I ooleaiul Alary I'uoie, infants, 1111 h.r thu tiu of eighteen voars. who lesde nl I'uisd 1111 111 thu .Statu of A'uw Voik, li:ivin madu npolieaiioii tu said coin I lor liocusuly sell two uiiili Miled eii;hths of 0110 imdivided fifth uf fifty acres uf land, I yum ill Charlotte'n'iid,bciiii( tliu'same laud convoyed Iiy IJoiiiiimui wiuiunds to lliu lain iSatlianii.l iSuwell, di'ce'nud, and is part uf leu lauds tetull lo tho widow l'ollv Nev.-eil, as a uait uf lar dower in the estate of thu wi.d ?sittliaiiiel IS'uwi.1, deeuased, which 111 t v teles ollainl isdiilijecl to tho said widow s riuht of dower ihoJuti. of which two undivided eihtha of 0110 uiiiiividid fiflh of said land thu said wards are sii'' d 111 their own aiht in feu as truants iu common, rcpies.'iilim; to said court that a sale of tho said wnid's interest iu aaid land would bu conducive to their hi .st interest bv Imvuii! the iroe.cuds lie ruul'imt at vv lu rLiiiioii too eouit alorosnul (loin onhr llinltlio said npplieaiion bu huaid before said court at 11 Hussion tin. t col to bo hole at the KeuHter's otlieo iu I!uiliiit;l'jii iu siiil dUttlcl nn the.socniil Wuhienday of Hiaitom her, 1 i 10. and that notice thereof bu in von to all per sons interested, by publication ol this oukr throe weeks siiee. s,ively tn die l'ree I'iok i, a uawspapcr in uitcd at Ihtrlumlon in the county of C'liitiemlcu, the 1 1st of which publications to ho pluvious to the second Wediiuedny of . September, Hi 10. Givcu un.icr my hand al f aid UuiliiiGton. thiii lthli d i- of Auzust, A. D. PilO. Wi, WILTON, RfgiiUc TV .11 AN .V COI.U hi .-o risrivtd Ibe.r u-ual ixIciimvu nsviriiiicnt of Sprinif and mlniiier HDUlJS, onihriieiiiir 11 Icnillil'ul variety of i'oo Is for ladies summer dies u. j rich I.'utrbsh and M'oteh (Jinir lriiii, India iii'isliu n uperinrnrlielc for while dri'C' j d.ieunel cauihrie, a eo.'il iisoilinoiil of Inrred mi l elieekcre I ( 'ami lie, primed Lmvvii, nioliriiiif: do. ppm toil cninl iiu nnd I'leneb Muhii. An oxtcn iVe asi rl inoiit of American CiiIh-uo-cheaper limn ever. A few Jaiedi.-li and French du. .sll.k'S, A 11111111 auMirlinent of IIiebnlk, iiiebidinc I laol;, Lino black, colored and stripu I, lliiiiilana IIM'f's I'onzce, (Jiiiii'.oit, whin' nil. do. II, 'I; Inliaii Cravat-, OeilMeiui'ii'seolManJbliiuk kid Cloves dorol'd, bbick nildwhitu ilk e;love, du. Herlili, I.idu Thrond, Lineii and eolloit kIovi-5. A 1511ml nsvoitineiit of llo-ieiy, very ebeip. L'uil tell.i'. nnd I'nia.ul-. Thin IJooIh iiinf HIhhv. billies kid Tiiwnlio sbp, - 1'iiMLVllC (.'UUliri. Mcrrunaek cotlon, Divi villo do 5-1. Colloii SlicetiiiK, bliiriiuir,'l'iekiu, '-ol'.l Ciunhiie.s- am. Thread, mil Kuitlini; Colltui. Hu peillno l.i ii,'Clotii.,aiid l leuelioottoii. York Mixtures Stupes, Diills iie. Irish l.iiicu,Hliirtiiu; and Slieetini;. I)inpi r and ('rash. TAII.OIM TUIMMIMW. Iiiclifliug so'.vum Silk, 'I'vv, Tin cad, I'nd lin.i'imvit, bleovo-hiiliiK, brown linen, lliilloii., Iliinliiiir, Ski; VJWI'I.NU. White li'J Mer-ails, Valentin, liauiud Saliu, &e. Uauii, nnd rich eliallv fancy IIMI.'I... A ureal Mii iely i f oilier D1!V dUOlVS v. Inch comprint-u very exliiisive lustiilincnt, tmd me o ienvl al iistoubh III'J lowpnco . I.a he mid (Jcutieiiieii uiu Itivilnl to eiill 1111 J Ciiilniuo i 'iiiitio. and pi ices. dun' t. W, ;H AMi Ml IIU" M. A lai'.M y .bun to. J. Ai.,1. II.I'I CK mi 9. li AT 1 1 U U. i?ulu Leather, a superior articlu SIj for sain ly J. & J. II. l'WJK &, Co. Ilarhnrtuii, Ausu.t 13, IrilO. MAYNAUU ii MJVi' tiiio t!l.i.:' V.riiiU'.; I11V, which has stood ttal for nioru tlmty yours. A task mat received and fur sale bv 11 Au;,'. 131U. ' U. UOODHICU. Vn.W (KK)li.S. We are pluiised lo lnioliu our X H eiHlonii rs and it .ciiti.t In it no havo U",l annuel fioin Now Voil. with 11 finenr'-i ntnii III of .t w Omuls iu the unuiu ib.j'iilmeiits of our trinloi 110 pains have hoi 11 spare.! 111 m ledum ooou articles and siieb us will iiieel tlio npprobai'on of ptrsuns of taste. Wn have (betide very niaiiv other thinijs which must ro 111:1111 unoiiiliiieralul,)' Wntehu, Hold nnd .Silver, pr.ou'ind nuntity to unit eiiatoiueis t I'ius, some beau tiful C.iuiuo", fancv lhiauielled, mid stone Pins, llm'!", various patterns of now Hiiiys best qiiuhty of Cold ; Shell Card (Ja-tcs, inlaid and plain, vtiy piuiiy ones, ICiudlsli Pencils, very heavy and beaittitul finished i b'tiucy l'oxos, very pretty for piocuH, nevornl kinds. (Jam 4, m mv very liandsuuie nnd sumo vmy slroiii. Siocl.s, A. No. 1 van una l'alteiiH. tihell. and Ivory Cuiubs. s'liiielhuii; iu this bun. Mb. II. llull'alo Horn, lvorviiiid other ni w tires .1114 Combs) Drunke", very nice and new patterns, bust quality. Preston Halls in lionuuiul LiuUlea vaiioiia patient'; reriuiuery, KmdiHh. I'reneh nnd American, (luitars, Drums, and oilier .Musical Inalrninr.nm j I baits, Crossm an I Jet Ornaments for titu Nick, (''Ideii nnd Cm al ItincehlM. Cold : S'eek Chains tainu k.imih of Col 1 lie, dtj Silver. I'utier and fruit Knives; Ivorv and Shell, fancy Ilo.xes; 1' isoins, .Suspelidersand t'ollara linok'lidi; Klaslics, I'.imo veiy nioa 0110s. Caids, all si.e.s of fine quahiv. Wo can scarcely give n central outline of the now cooda now lima opened 1111 1 ur raiiaixl at tho Yuiii tv .Store, but would whilst wo ox- prosj thanks to our iiuineruiii friomU and ciwtuuiers for llio liberality wuh which t'uuy havo seconded our tttoiis to tiiaKo our assortment vvtiat u is i jam mun tton iljatoiir assortment wasnevtr niurocumpluto, v.'e havo not only thu usual variety, but havo added many new an. I handsome articles, to" which wo aro making adJiUuiu aluiust ti.ry ireifc. I'lcaso ttt'iuiru fur Coeds wanted as very inanyofuur arUeloi ato uui in eiulit. Heiiicinber tho Variety Store. AU.'. 'it. I'ANttUORNvt U11INSMA1D. 1 TAllltlSON GOODS. Wo invito attention to our 11 11-soitliielit of tbe.vj Goods, aiuolii;st thum 1110 Cold "il n, 11 ore Lie; Cabins for Lockets, cold lour cabin Watcli Keys. Cold, '..Ii iul plulid Lo',r Cubiu rill.-., l.oi; Caboi Medals, line finished j 'Pipiieeanou SliaviiUj Soap, Tippecanoe Cum s, Sontr l'ooks, Text l'ooks, Alnianaeks, tho Ciisis, 1'oy'a lilo of tlnrriioii, a new Kind of l.oi? Cabin Letter l'npor, and various other (loods in this lino at tho Vurvlv Store. Au'. V. PA.XCliOlt.V iV UUIX.SMAII). Ci.VXHS. We invito attention to our new nasort ' mem of Canes, ridum and wall.iiiL' slicks, now ononiiur at the Vaiietv Store; wo have l.iriro and small, crooked and uti audit, low mid hiali pticed. An,;. ','7. l'A.NtiliUK. eV. little SjlAlD. Nkw siii:t:r ikon, coi'i'tu & tin wake laTAl'd.l.slIMLNT. Thuvibscnler, latu cftbu miu 1 '( Starr ci llostw iek, baviim iiaiehaed aud 10 I1UA ed to tho Store' lately occupied by litnais cc Cu., east sidu ol'tliu Court Ilouu Sipiaro, 0110 door iioi ili of ibo Loy Calu'n, i. iiuvv loadv to do all kiud.s ol work that tho public wj-h in Ills lino tf Ihimiic'-,-., such as I'ovcrum ioof' with till, ui.ikum au 1 nun nu 110 uavu tiuiij;lis and spoilt. All kinds ol'Tiu, sheet Iron aud Cupper nru v. ill I e l.epl on liaini, una lor s.uu at as lo.v prices 111 can lufu.iud iu th- Siaio. Sjliout Zinc, I 'upper l'uuips. Ix.'ad 1 iiie, and ull other articlu.. 111 thu lino of our business kept onjiaud. I-ur elie.ijiuoss ct pneo and noatness of cxiumiIioii, my work will not bu excelled by any 111 thu .slate. Il'yiui 'brmiy tbm' 111 the abuvuliue, bcloru vou Ira .0 lu sure- nnd cad upon ' II. It. IIOSTWICK. li'iiliii'.'ton, July, is 10. TK.VYEI). Kroiu the subseriler al out threo weeks ulieo, from tuu farm lately owoed tv Mr. Uurritl, u red yeiuliu. uud a irtuy hue back spriim CAl.l". Wbes-'ver will reiiuii .uJ unlvca or uivu lul'er. ruutiou wberulhey may tu found, shall bu b.iii.lMiniely rooo-.ipeiivcd- JAMt'd MuVAY. SlicU'uru t'ouit, Aii'. u, i.-iu. hu lie ring children of Africa, 1 am truly grateful. nMIK celebrated Iuduiu Sprim; Waier fiom Sarato Your boiiofii'ii'iicp, lb .ugh always luvolv, is -A- a tor sale b) tbe bottle, doen, ur bo.v, never more so than when excited for the relief Aujf- Tltcu. A. I'LCtC iV Cu. of those wboin the prejudice: and oppression of 111 have deprived ol the lileasiiiLCs ot our com moil inheritance. May the Lord reward you a thousand fold bv fiillilling to you his promises to ''those who water others." JOHN K. CO.WEKSE. September 1,1? 10. "OUR WIIWUI COuXTRY, AND NO THING RUT OUR COUNTRY." Under this motto, I will proceed to make a few observations on fomuchol the report of .Messrs. reatherotoiiaiigh and .Muilgc as is published in the JX. Y. Commercial Advertiser of the 10th uud '-'Olh instant. In their rept rt is a mixture of truth and falsehood, of acknow letlgeiuunls nnd donials, and of long jaw-breaking nauiet of jilaccs and livers which do not exist. Those are doubtless intended to veil the whole mihject In confusion or perhaps their own minds aro so given to prejudices and eiled darkness as to Account for tho errors into which they have fal len. The very limited share of information on the subject which they appear to possess, bciu; mostly taken from authors who wrote by conjee Hire, before any .survey of the disputed territory was made, ha-, led llicin into the errors they have committed. This may perhaps be considered as dealing ."Oino what freely with these gentlemen, but the free use thoy have made of my name, nnd a duo regard for truth, and justice to my country, is ruy appology for thus appearing before the public. The groat want of logical arrangement in their report will prevent my roplving lo it iu detail which could only bo done by copying theirs by sections and then replying. 1 will therefore take a more general view.- They state in s-iibstance that the Green Moun tain raugo which commences near Now I l.ivou in Connecticut and extend north, funning th heights between I.ako Cbaiiipiaiu and Connec ticut Kivor, separates into two parts at about d 1 degrees of North latitude ; the west branch of which extending west of Meiuplireiuagog Lake to near Iiko Kt. l'oters, where it takes North easterly direction nearly parallel to the St. 1twrenco at about miles dihlanl, to the point of Gaspc. And thoy hlato that noiiart of thin range of highlands is that intended by tho treaty id' 1y. Now iu reply to this part of their statement I assort that the range of lugl lands extending west of 'Magog Lake tcrininalca south of Lake Wt. l'oloia and nearly east of Mon troal. Thoy Flato that the range of highlands whicl cxtonds oaintof 'Majro'' I.uko and North west of thu huaiUt of Connecticut Itivrr extends southerly ol lite neatis ot 1 no bt. .loiui nun i.isioui; rny thoin called Roohtire) cro.ssiiig tho iSl. John at near .Mars' hill, or bolwoon that and tho mouth of tho Linlook, and taking tho raugo of tho Cobituc inmiiitaina terminate near ' tho bay Chulour. Ami this, thoy say, is the gruat divid ing raiwo of hii.'h lands intoiulud In tlio troal y of 17b!(. Now I contend that tho range of higl landu ovumding oast of '.Magog Lako and North west uf t)lu heads of Connecticut river is the Cir.NP.ItAI. CONVENTION OK VKUMONT, The annual me. tun: of the (icncral Coiivtutioii of iniove.itional and l'lei-hvleLau ALiii-Ui.s 111 Ver iiionl, will be held in this villa:' ', on Tie -day, the Bill 'Joe oe;. r. al. 1 lie ooeiini'' seiinon is ex- picted from tuo Kev. v orilmiL'ton Wuln, oi Wood- tje i. rnc cessions 01 me t oiiveilil m will uu cum iiieiiced in our on .-cut Imiiihuiii v place of worship. If tins 11 aeo sliuulil not lie loiiuu sullicicntiv lartrc, a nior.-siiueioiis one will be provided. The transactions ol l.ouvenuun arc piiniie, anil iiie people ululir villas and town, ns tliuso nlsool nciifliiiuriii'' towmt, are 1 peclfullv uiMicd lo attend. 1 lie lullou un; v. ill bo th urib r of excrci-'es : iieidav, '1 o clock. P. M.. Convention senium ; m the evening, medintr of the Vermont .Sabbath .School Union ; .'tho irrativ (ho 1 all' past!) cu tv. with . t'ommuuion seriiiou ami ttie iiiinumsiraiioii 01 1 1 to Lord's .Simper; m the oveiliiiL', usurious exercises, "The ineiiibers nf the coiivenlioli niu iciniirotl, us toon as llicv nrnve nt llieplaco nl t no annual met l irnr, todrposito their certificates of iiicmbi rship iu the h ot the niiiustcr ot Uiu parisli: anil it shall lie lis duly, in conjunction wilh llio Ueisier, lo prepare it tlio conveiitiuii, on wlucli sliull lie Placed, in u-ual unit r, tho nr.lii 'S of all persons who pre-vut a ular cctlilicatc ul lin inir liten tliilv t lecle'tl. I.ut no pi r.-111 shall hu enrolled who has 1101 tlienuular rtilicat", cxcoil ny vole 01 tne conveiniou inter tic ir or(ianr.eii." j. iv. ou.Mi.iiWi, .Sipt. 1. IrilO. 1"u;.T. The liublie aro inPitnwl that a first rato A3 Hull may be found at my llaru on North ticol fur thu teri.i of olio vear fiom tint". CLEli IUOIIAROSO:,'. Jlurliii'-tou, .Sent. 1, IS 10. MACKLIir.L, on consignment, in half bat ruUjusi received und for bale by J. Cv .1. II, 1'IICK vV Co. i.xeelleut arlielo for Cold- iJMlUKU Hive -Syrup, un cx Cuuehs. Croiiii. cie. bv . it. i lil.U. .. I'l.l.lvCt CD. Q YlltT' Saisaparill'i, a valuable inodieniu fir Inn.u UriUesof tho l.luod, Cutaiicoii 1 iho-asi iiy ; jasl preparulby and Debit A. IT.ClCit Co. "jyTU.SKl'T.S. Tho'Jo who wi-li lo purchase .Mn J.L ets can see a sample at lliu Vaiietv Store ai canlcav an older for 0110 or more if price and umlitv suit, th 1! who wesli tliem lor.ilii-nr shuulit call inimediatclv, as we iuivenono for sale and shall yet 110 more than wo have onLrs lor. 1 he s uiiplo is not lot sale, .unitary U001I-. llio'o wislimir, ,Swoi'ds: l'hiines, Cliappeiix, i.'aps. Sashes, or any other Milt ta: y ( loods, should i ave Un ir uriLihinmieili.itLlv. Vaintj Store, l'ANUIIOUN ol liUlN.S.MAIU. AUt'. a I, IS40. 'PIJULI.NGTON UKill SCHOOL. Tho fall term 111 thr institution, w ill ooiiimcneo on iiiursilay Sept. oil. 1 ho principal w ill take chtu :ro uf a few pit as boaidcis in his Cunily. All'?. IU, JS1U. .'OS. li. r.Aft r.u.viN. Weln sday, fuienooii lencrved foi transact- - . '"'V a,,?.i'V t '" rT V liu-,.11 sol the oiiVLOtion ; 2 o elo.U. WAV, ..'"r , , T ... .j ives 011 tho state of leliL-ioii ; evciiin:-, report of V H"' '" havo opcncl au Mucaiion Sucietv, with atldre.-scs. Thursdav, -M'o ec irv nunc, ami 1111; 1111 10 eon 110 ineui.seives u'eloek, A. AL, u,0l t of llio V. I). .AI. So- "! '"at Ihi-iihss. -j ney now to lliu puniie .,.1.1. .w.,,,. .,,,.1 ., ,..,ii,i.,.i;.,., . .,1 o ,,-,.i. .!.. ,1 in nil nssoi liucniol iremnip- .iledcciues. includinii all new Chemicals, iiiul die standard l'ati lit Aledieined rutistaiit niieadaiice, will he yiveii, and particular at tuition paid to prcif.iiplioni. imriiiiotiji, jMijt. -u. Tiiiiu. a. ri.uK 1.0 A WHIG MAJORITIES IN EURL1NCTON. tM for (juvernor, 09 for town it-piiscnintivts 107 fur Congress, 100 for Senators, WHIG MAJORITY in C1HTTJN1J'.N COUNTY a dli ? C'A.Ml' AJI'.KTIN'C will bu holden in lb town of Westfoid. on the "round occupied for tiuu purpose last vcar, lo commence on .Mum av tin 1 llh dav of Sept. in t and t lo.-o on the Kiidavor Kat uidavlollovviiiij. AinrlS 1!. AI. HALL, I'rcaclur lNtiLlSII fturrnnls, I'amilv Crocer'u s, Salmon, 1-1 sin inked lliiiine', lor sale In- N.Lovra.viV Co, I7ACTS I'ORTIIKlTOl'I.i:. A dim I it pic X nu' tlm pxpcuditiin t of iho (loveinmcnt liom 1700 to 1510, just received nnd for salu al llio Hook htmc, l. A. liUA.M.l.N llllllUIKl.lll, Alt!. 3, 1 10. r K.r.S P. KKATin'.RS.-.-001b.flct.3e'Kuath crs of 11 superior oualilv 1'or Sain bv Anidist '-'li, lei 10. VILAS I.OOMIS tv Co, 571 Oil S,Vtii,7U Aci-e's of Land Lyinr on lliu . Wiuou.-ti A vci'io, one-tnilo uorib ol'tbis vi'iiuu. 1'his land is Well v.M'.uied, lieo I10111 siouo., ha. wood ullieieiit lor a tauuly s'lpp'y, liordcrs on the l-il.o, anil every way uu e-iuioiu iui. 1 it euui'.i pjnn iiui iplv to thu Mitsci iters. llteitou it. Cailik. iliiiliiiittoti, Aujr. 12, IS 10. TTTlOlt BA Lli. Cuiuintiu boaids, plaeL, liuiiii; .1? board-, elap boards and lloor l oar.L, at t hu low- l price.-, uy munvu iv .k....... liirlumion, .mi.', rt, is 10. luolferiiiif tiiis IMitiouof Jltlio, til additiot; rno Till:', VUIJI.K' X Sauth's (ieorephy and Atlas to the pubho, tho l'uiih.-lict.s invito attention to llio lolluwm anil impiovciiieiils. Th; (ieoniupliy has been carefully revised and cn .ir J. ij lllustrhii d bv about tlurt'i ndilitioual Cuts. md is portectiy ailuptoil 111 ail us pans to uiu uevv 2Inus. The entire text uf the book has, (at much excensoA been thrown into unifurm lartfu liji'c which wu feel conlueir. wUl 00 royarilul as a very decided uupro- venicnt. 1'iio labltJj iiptieudud to tho Rook uiado ui with caie, and contain much valuable information iu a comUusfd fuim. Tho names and lenyth of tho piiueipul CuiiiiIm mid Hint Uoa-I.j (Inn 'licit nml 111 pio j;KS,,) 111 0 141 veil, and tho jilaees connceted ; also ,1 cmnplelo list oi lliu t'oiiotvs, ami .Medical Mcunois, iiicoioicai oeiiiiuaries nun ivciilmuus uo. noiiiiiiatiotis of ilia L'nittd i'tntes. tho loyninj; Sov. e.elL'HSOl l-.iuoiic. iC. An entire new Atlas nco iiiipaniea tho Ro is, con- lain'uiL' th'hlun very superior Maps, moiilv drawn extni..,'lv tor tin.- Wulk I1.1111 ori'jinal niii vovs ai. I the. most aiitueiilic sources, nnu tiuiuacesmucli valualdu information not lo ho found 111 any similar wmk Our own country has rccuvul special atituiion. Tho Rail Roads, Ciiial-, nai:'at.oil ot Kivers and recent cbaiiL'es. are all caiefiillv marked, and maiiv coimtii aro shown wincii .10 not nnpoar 111 any oilier Atlas, Amoim the pi rulianties of this woiki.iav bo nieiition- 1 d the plan ul sliowmy tlio pupulatioii ot Si.iles and in round numbers on lliu 1 ice of the Maps The navigation of Riveis for Slips, Sliambuni.i Sloops, Cvc, is sliown by pl'u'im; at tho head of na viiralion the aiuu'opri ite ehaiactci.-i iortach. The Man and Chart uf the World combined (on an entile now plan, tliovvin-at oiiovicv. llio .atiual and I'ohticnl Divisions ul tun lilone, the l.Mint, I'opnla tion, Rihioon, Form of Cnveiiiinint an I Slalo o Civilization of each (.oimlty.) has aitia-P u lunch al teiitton, and is consiUcicd a jjroat impiuvtiiu nt i poti any tluiu lit rclolore alteinpted in tne hum ol a Chart ashore nil ure shown al a snide clance, mil the re lations they -usinin 10 each nihil. We v.oi.U! aim solicit mti iitioti to the rtmailrible dtiuctin nnd ease wilh which cverv name 011 the Man in iv bo ivatl as well as to ihe very supeuor Hlvlo mid e.ecuuuii of the worl; 111 otlirr lcspccni. Tlio Uucslions at Ih close of the Hook tire important, and will bo fouii very convtiuciit lor at.ciieiai kcicw. Sl'ALDI.M kV STORKS. ITii'ifurtl (mnrrliciit. For sale bv SAMUK.I. llf.N'TI.VCTOV, liur linylon, Vt. nnd by tho 1'iincial Rookjclltrj in tho United Hlatis. lliiiliiv'ton, Julv 3d, 1310, Allltou i.lucolu'si V:lalc. BTA't'U OI' KK.VtU.NT, ! T jUILlioiior.ibletbu DismicT 1 1- CutTir.NOcN,.-... S I'nbrtu ivourt 'or thu ol Ci .ttoud. 11, loall perttui-coueeill- ed ill the Ksta-e of Mdlcu Liuooln, lale of .vL'ton, 111 ai.ldi-lri.-ldiciM-ul, tilll'.r. I l?ti. WllK.Rt.Arf, alhJ-i Uncolii jr., c.e. uK.r 01 me will and testament 01 s.iu iuxci.oi, propu.u- 10 render an aevuiutof bis uihuiuislratiun, and pre.--iil Ins ni'coiiiil uecuatst "-aid ul.itu for exaiiunai .on mid u'luw 11110 at a soasiuii ot t lie Uourt ot t'lopa'f. tu ic uuiueu it the Rce'islei's "llice, in Rml'iigloii, 011 ibo teoud Wi-.lnoiJ.iy tf SepIemUr next, theieh re, ou aitf heicby tiotititsl tu appear lelbioMu'd court nt'll.ftimo and placo uforu-aid, and shew ej.ii.-e, if nay you ive, wliv the aeoouiit atorc-.iil stiou'ii 111 1 iti ai iwcd. (iiveii uudci- my baud at llurlint;t'ai, thu Wtb iy ol'Aiie-u.t, A. U. ItvtO. , AUiC. IJ. WM.WtSTON, Register. ICAlll. .11.11, t l Illl't iKlip air TRAY IldRIH Sti.i,. , uiu the,,ub,-enliT,oii 1-3 'or about lliu 10'h of Julv, one blaelv'Mit'rsi- wilh Mime whiiii al out tliunoi'lf,eniM' I I v wear .if tho col lar, and lame with a spavin leliiul., one I ay bor-e, uiu: bind leu lar: e, nbrui 15 year- old. Itiirlinioii. Mk: luiu. .1. fin 1 1 li. DOIISi .Sidney Harlow has ret cived a oilnient of yooils- nt hi- old More on ail Miti'l, winch will to sold cheap enoimb. .N. H. Wool iiRi'ived I'T nooils. Iliiiluuloii Muy 2t. GREAV RALLY UK VVIIICS AT KEESE- VII. l.K V. V. I)X ''UK. 117'H. 7'his lueetitig of the -Mass promises to bo 0110 .'iVi of the gaeatest, and from tho speakers ongagud, one of the mint interesting that has yot boon held in this, or any Sister HtatcGrcon i,Ioiiu- n?)Rl'.:N UtoN AM) STKK tain Hoys, fresh from their own unnarallelled t.T victory, will not lail to ho jircsent. l'ro!0raliuna aro inailo to take passengers from here, at reduced fare. KiijjIoIi Iron I Kihlc Iron; do liom 1 lo I inch : Hi-iiei's RihU j Spiuif, chsi, iicrin.m, swi'div and Liuli-li l liler steel ; Cart and wueon Iiomis. finilnl ero lmi-, bv .bine 10. .1. & ,1. II. I'LCK & Co. On the 2nd. uist.. bv the Rrv. llishon Ilupkins. Mr. l'cter lloi-ley to Miss. Isabella Cmvliiig, both ol tins viuni'f. OVLLY 1S1 IIURI.IIUTait now icceiv inir and ol J IciiliL' foi tab- a splendid, md di suable n.oi-inii nt offaliry and itaplu Drv I biods, and others suipd 1,1 UK prisenl .swion, anil una nurliel ainonpsl which nie Ionian, und tlniiitiic ISroadcloibs, Cn-.suiii u p and S iUiuiils; Valelilia, nnd other VmtiugHi Suk auilroiinits ol evry vauety; I lireiul, l.aets, Imir tion, vVc. i '.; Silk-wilt' ni l and other Laces j ueli woi Mil t;oiiars, mik, ens, rsiiawis, iiiiiti Haudk f- D ii :, CI On tho 23.1 lilt, at Ins leHideiiee in Chuilotte, C'apt. Lawns, Linens, xephv r worsted a splendid imsurtniciu! More un, and Flannels, travellim; Raskois, bivtl linns, rich, llu'd and plain Mou-olaino, llouso l'ntior. new and I'lcfjanl paltftns, nil vcrv cheap of eourwe nt tho clit ap cash store, tml tic r t.hurcti-tr(t. HurhiiMi 01, ii'ml 20, lsilO. V 1,1. W.i 1 mi's lot N.e loK of new (I001N, tiiieinliu nt 1 1 10 N ant'lv Sinn', May'.'l). I'ANCIIilll.N U IIULNSMA ID. leivuif.', elariliislll Silvt r Tlunil Um and Vai.ii, in the fiitb year of lusncn, Thu above, in tho opinion of tho wnifr, is 11 rnso wheio lespcel, und a life of ii.sefiilnts ile niniids at least a wold beyond u miiipIh notice of his dentil. At tho time when ho In emiio a icsideut of Chuilotte, tho town was a wild foil si, v, I'hoiit road and almost without lilhuLnlullto'. .otnioiu lleiutlu.i fainihe-i h id been prcviuusly located in tin place. lie vvii- men iiiiuiu 11 11 jciiih ui ugo. 110 uriiveil lit mail hood, nnd colored upon the sccuch nf iieiu-u lii'.i. nn. I'.-l'lv 111 lliu llllle V, hell tali tits mill illlllll nee. Mir I, ,iu In possirsul wen. liieuliaily iiiiiiied touivo the riuhl t'TATIONMIt V. ARMOl'R It RAMHA V 10110 10 uiu moiaiis 01 11 limit; eoiiiiiiuiiiiy, l.itl) i.nlv the nulla et of It liuioiis 1111PI1 ssiops, uud natu rally nf 11 sedato anil (Viu iLiiipeianit nt, hu passed I he 1 ally period of his lifb, it i In lievid, with less t-.-posuro to those, coiiimimicaiiuiis which corrupt i'ood iiioinls, man is comiiiun tmiuiiti yoiuii. is a nam nil eoimctiiifiiee. his characlcr was carlv I'sinblislud his pi ineiplos fixed, nnd au even way, for wbioh ho was distinguished lluoiiyh his vvholu netive and useful Inrii llinn Ivveiitv veilra beforu hlH lle.-ilh. It is imo gonoral range which o.Nloiidij fsoiithor!) 01' 1 luin-v. d bo became tho Mibjoct of rt'ciieriiiiiimjiact)! KJ iceeived, bv the recent III rival , II birue und well n-oi"l toi-l: (d wriliiu- pajit'rs, uud the didi ii nl nr lieles olpl.1,11 and l-'.illey bl.llioiiery, Alt nil tcel leuleii!l.., iioiioi'i:M;RA VI MIS uu I lUu-iraled vvurks t Ilii'opiiUicaiioii. Mi,iuri".il,Sl. I'.itil l. May 2;. (!vv A AI.M1SOU 111 KM'., for siile at l,iTMy SlUie. I A.IIIIHUlA N IIKI.NSill.MI I, (.M'HItS, HidiiiK wlup uud ('tines, tit the Variety MON' no II. 1 .VNI.IIOIIN il lUwNs.WAIIl. a-h tU 1 u-iived homo fioin iNevv Vorl. la-t cveimnr I tho splendid .ictiiler V.'lutcli dl, l. I.yoii ('apt. an 1 roiihi with loin au ud In 1- 11.11 sujiplv " 1,1 ,,i- vv in villi his two former pinvlia-i". of tins .-cim n lual thu a-soi linen! iilloe'i'tliei' one ol'.lu: ino-l ilei-unl lu l select fr on ofaiiv that lu; has hiTelefoie had lor ihe cij-litecii year-, nu I is ol'iho Iblluvvmr kind-, v rich, l'.i-liiinia'l le. f.infv und slnplo arliclc in t v depailiueut ol'the Ul y (iood line, sii"U a-. Ilron Moth. Ca-.-imerc-, VoMinir-, Moiifcluio tie liiuie-, Cli.illy ,'!... I!,, ml nzoie.. Cdieoe--. LiiK-ii-. Mii-hii,. L.v-e Ribbulli, Kmbi-orleiiU.-, Ilo-n-rv (.'low, l-aii.,'t'iii bielius. 1'ara-olK cle with u lull supplv ol I loieu and Straw lluinif!.-, and MilU-uary (uimb, nUo, Cir- pt'liiu--, .Mailing-, I'.iper J landau-, Mioes nn I Jlul loteihcr with nil thu heavy de-enptioiis o doine-i niher you-ls, siie'i as olicuiin jrs, iiirn, liuilai Wool Twine. t"f. 'llio ( iu.-l.iTV. Lootnu lilas- 111 China Ctlleiy jsuUo roploni-hud; tboCulleiy, llan aud llou-el 11 nisliiuir'iep.ii lineal is in tccnrdaui w ih the ollv 1 -loci.-, on h.111 1, ihe vanoiv of l,ui''y a ii h as To-, Jewelry, t oiiilis, 1 nil-, t :-iiio, iii.i.iiiv. ele. t'le.. w lie 1 nils uno iion-uc 1 koi ei mo ! 111 li-ni h on his fouii'ei - i inn unci al.Ie. llio Doini; and pietuio nailery I- I ciutil'illy .tiT.uued i'ur tin- di-il.ivol (iood- under u slroiu- luht, and tli-n til .iiimiK- ol Kiiiii-riur lannlv t invent'-. Un 1 upon ilieSiad'ol'Lile. Rocho-ter citv .Mill I'ltur, make Ciaii I 1 In 7: i,ir cheap ca-ii stoic, 0110 01 ine mo-i i.i-r-i, lii and eoiivenienl slons tolo uinin from wilh all and evciy kind uf .illicit that may I wi.bed lor. oi looked at fur aniil-enu nl and oiMlih'M tion, or wilh a dcire to convey tlm inot plcasiiu in lellieenei' to friend-, ol'lbe plain where eveiy ariiel lhey mny dt'siio lor ttie 1 m iiipi.iii.-c., 11 run o coinioi . or mi 1 11 nie- 111--i-.-s.ii y vvtiui-, m.iy , e- u- nnd a'l done 111 so lew w or K, as by urilv saym vv hatevt'r and whenever on wih to Imv clu-ap ti rru o to IIUWAUD'A Hail ii-lon, Vt., J an ILJ-jR I IIH'I' ltHCIill'lil) ul thu Vai .-iv Strrc, a fi ll dozen Ilirri-i-n Meltnta"-. of ibo Roti n improve, tslition, I uuiif itfKillt'fiiioii of patrioiie sous."- dedicati. to ibo Hero nf TiiiiitsMiii 1'. Abo. 11 ha ul llarr sou Alin.ielis fin- 8. Tln-u K'-i!i the tinal lal let ami i-aleiilaliuns nl a eoniiiiim Almanack, eunlaiii t'xeellciii llioirraphy ol den, Harrison, It is inn spei't'd with numerous original ciui nine-, I' nu 1 no leii'lin- incident ol Ins hi-mry. tf-it my "A ilrop ol bard eider will niiwor my una" a- L'i Miio; 111 l.i-liion up iieie," t 1 iliiiiaiiHv' ti'ir Viiru an ,1 lord linn one, I'm-heio is a tool, i-iuii!mI "a dr of hard t-idcr. iiinhudviiiir Iho mill ofall ihe Noi Ih-lh Mi'lmltCS whurMinuM-ve,," uiblisiil by KI1011, Nc l ull.. 1 iieio i-niiio also wiin inosoiu 1 uui. i-tfty ol Loir t a 1 .in llo-oni I'm-, some veiy pretty cameo and nold onus. (Juimtily of bv Cul 111 MeduU, uud 11 Miric yof' liur, ninom; winch wasminu (fold paper, pull' 1 1 vs with pulls and povvdor. Mu km'uI ui-lriinioiit-, slilleltMJ, milk 1 f ron, and ncvrral kinds of fancy soups mid perl'iiiicry. Tlio variety i constantly nicit-.iMnif at I'.vsi.n. ns; it HiitMiviiti)'.. (iuobrc to tbi Tl,- Hut I; npe. th"ir soiirco in t'ti 'i.t.i tie- VI. ut-c an 'I it ot 1 l'f ' hut from a mistaken viovv of what consiiiuu d u willi 1 lit t vidi ili'i nf Ins (ici-i pi-men Willi tio.l, to elllill in to tin ton it i Uu 1 hm ' 1 1 li - di 1 n t make a i'!,i pr-il in ol ft li 'ion iriiil lie v r 1 .I II 100 TJX i'l.ATH, l oe. Till plate, I X. 20 dot 0 .uc.lii U'U ' - 1 1 ' I. 1 - 1 , . 1 Ac. 15AlM-:i.-c. (i(iol)Rffll 1,, ,,,-t rcusv .8. from the iii.iniif ictni-, is m M 1 1- ot'tts.-iM s, I ply ol hm 11 b-iiid-niatle, royul, 11...I1 ei Ii. mi ciif, I' tt -r, fubo po t nud billi 1 papur, ol v.tri -is iiuu iti, 1, as wove, mtnt, 1 t I , to1' ivc. iSic. (jr suloat mail iifactures pncti. .lime ,' ".lames ( . ii -V liitnTT. 1 WL the suUcril e, . Imviim- lei 11 nppomled bv til honorable tlm prnl nto eourt tut the ib .11 let Cluttciideil, r-omiTii..ioiier, (() rtn- u1, i-xaniu-u an, itdpt-t tho ehi iiiK nml doiii.iiids ol all pis -mis u.'.iiih thi-i-inti of Jamo, C. I'n r r, hue of Iloiitiii'. ii'U, 11 -unl distt iet, d'-i-isim-!, riMre-ented 111-olv u', uud ul I nil ehuiiisnnd ilemiuid-eilid.i-isj 111 1 1 Pi 1 th' i -io; uui -i un nttis frt'iii the day ' f ibo du e- .-,e-i I' I cm., ,d lowed by sn J eourt fi r thai purpiw, wu llurelun herul yaivu iiolito llwtt Wi- vt ,d ntu-'id to the It'siuo til'ti'ir tippoiii'ine-ii', nt tin- dvM'l'm.' i,i .1, a t tin 11 II, Dikf, in lliiiitinitt)ii, m -in llh 11 i, iiie n I 'IW d,i of Oi-t'-lter tin I Jttn'.try n- nt 111 10 o'.-h .ek. A St., HI f.iell of sliid ditV'. I '.l'f I lb - -ih dav of J'. v. A. II. I 10. JAM M A.MI'.l.l l(, j L.MLIIA TAVLOK. ' Cuiiuu'r. jv:31 Hi LAS JUll.NH, S LS(J.M OK Ll I'.UWOli'l li.i (.I'li-iiinptiuii, I'V-i i'Pi-i, Aslbnin, und all di cu 1 i. the LutUi. uud l.r. er. 'lis b Ui-i-tlses prevail lo ,i -. eli n-, iclttin rui'ielidi-'rc .sillld -ullic I1II11I tv. A.lllia emu lo reii.'-dio I I v llio use ol Dr. 'I iyi"i 1 I'al ,uiu 1 1 Liveiv.tit. "'in-, n.t -. in -mu is p-iieh 'e, 11 uu In 111 I'- pic! .ir tie; 1011 upon lit l.iver 1 . .1 Ways I" u 1 in. nil ilr.iii d- I. r die- c ib'-e.i-cs. Kor teiua o-i ,11, men in a vtiy vve-.i1.. '.ale, no liie.lieine c;ui Hi .Tint lid a roo iative, in it not only treii!.':ni n, 1-ut piir.liiv. and e.Vc.a lu.illhv neli.11 to I'll- wle 'o sv tein. 1.011-t.iiiliv tii -i.ioiy i.wv i-.i.i - 00. vviu liavo ,1'isl ri.-' I a liv-li supply ol -ea-ounl iu Uo, litiiii New Yoi', nil very cheap' for c.h. Iliirlinui'.ii) Inly :iu, IS 10. T'NUli'i'' oul.v twenty-live cents Dr. Ilitch'-otk's iiely iuv. tiled f-null'. Ike bust tirtk clo ever U'.i'eoVei. l l.v s.i. iuific im 11, i,i Luropij u Anaricii, for the cure and nboobito of Catarrh, biiness uf iho He-id, Weak I've, Nervous Ik'ul-nelic-1,, Kail n Siekno. Kits, uinl lufiiilts tloubhsl with aiiullles, shin k J of I'al- v. A-c. Kur srdc, v.liulesiileiiti.l ui'i I, by A. IHTCIICOt 'R it Co., solo VroprM-tor. No. 1 17 (.Lorsi.. gt. Uiica. end by their mrctils thro '.d out the L'uioii. In I'urb'U'ton, J. A, .1. It. l'tck evo Co. In Veievimc.i, by .1.11. RowinaiJ, m Millo-i, by r.'Jineli Sr, Sa'wyi r. In Oiori;ia, by L'i rcno Janes. li',AYUlilj't .SU(li:s, a fill us.oi-tme-ut ui.-tt V re-c'J and for miIu by II. W. C TLIN & Co. BUlrA'Oli UOAHU, Drawing paper and I'en eil.s. Urilliant ted lhinl. lluu tluiJ, jupan ink, aud UJioi mid jroulluiiieii', Hevl pens, lust rereived from Now York, und lor ulu bv H. HL'NTLNLiTO.N. Co'loju at. .bmu ii5, 110. ATO'I'ICIL IN of L.ilbrop, l'oiwiu and Wait or to Mi All pciutis indot'tid to the Into linn Wait at Ibeir store-at wuioo-ki Vilhue, tiro bueby 110- liliodto inati' p.iyuieiit lolls ut cmr S;. ie 111 Utirliii'- toii, comer Cliure-h mi l Collee-u lrue's MAYOanl WAIT. TvdTT. VHIINO.V 1! EADIJll, l'o! Lit. ofdoleicti It bible. lit sixes and biu.-iiiu", 1'tsd.el dil lo- Te.aliicnN au 1 a m' assortment ol'slaltoua- 1 V 1 lift received Iroiu.N, ork and tor sali'iy Ci.lli-v.c t. jell!.-.. S. Ill'.NTl.N'iJTON. HAtll t Jl AIT t ! -- IVU.ISN I'.Ss.. Imp-Ji-tiuit Di uoveis--IboC.nal .H stci'y fouuil out at Ust.I'R. STIIIUIY'H II MR RK.OUNli RA't'OR. Dr. Snrry, afu r much nu. inu u to the important subit-et nf pros in 1 1' the h- :r. Ins, attu' many expe-ruii'-iit.i chetii nnd phy- en! boon aid, to discover and arm hi v hi' h 1-now 1 .' ud with thu L'ruitc.'t confidence I -r lb'- 1 t a- the l -t tii'.tit;oTia eovered, tor l-ir t't soften. ie; and po net mini'" inalltv to prodiieo a i;oo I ht-id uf l.air to prevuit it fiuiu falliii': oil' whou balditc --s is nppri hciulid to roston when baldness ins t-ilv-u pi ice, and to prevent tl fiom luriiiti! rjrnv. It 11 is ni-iiti nonrnliin1' than po niatmu, aiitiiiiie n I, ur Cul;'"Uo wa'er. It it a bo'iutl ful article lor lames curl j it inaKos inu natr son un-i lively, and pruduces imcuiuiiioit br.d.'iticy. Thiu fttlds' havo tested its superior virtues nnd oxcellunou, and iu every instance it stands unrivalled. It Li an ilifalhblo-cure in all afii.-ctioiis of the si-in on tho hend" as dnndruli; Ac. Ac. Kverv fainil should bo rnif- illed with n bottle ot tins on, lint ny us a ipuenuoii to llio licail anil miir oi cnuori it, in'; niauiuui nii-i ut. nimental uppendaue uf a lino bond of Imio, which tia turo in? supplied us may bo prcM-rvid. Ki-jui Uiu unmeruus cpitificaus aiidne nienila ions rocuvu! of it) salutary iullui "ie ihe Doctor fn's firmly pr- il-idcd liclia.i -ii'-ci ..leiim pro' ai'ieie vviiicji .11 mei t the-c.-iiul wi-bes and upiiruh-iiion ul ttio lubhc. Kur sale w n i'n - ih nnu ri hy A. Ill ICU- COCK .v Co. 1 17 tl. ',. - e -t. Utiea, N". . In Uur- hnjion bv .1. J. II. I l. Iv Cv: ( . lu 1 radiums by J. II. H.iwinait. In Milton, by Rut nit L. Saw yer, lu, u i.oreu.o .1.111 ""H'y Cr Oil C.VtJI.V and HARD CIDUlt." A JlJ lew b n' labin l'o .0111 l'in, wilh the barrel ol Hard Ciller "iiiinhty liandv" mil "tbe Mrim; never pulled 111" 111-t lmijhe-I aul tor salu al the vnr-oty -toie. Jlay-Ji. I vNt.notis ic liKlNsM.vtt). e.iivi. ,ir.u i. i ovr;, jii.-i iei't-ive.1 ai miu nooii .1.1 .Siorc, A Now Who 'II follow. Yuuns' Lidioi (. utiioaii.-ju. 1 oiliile.s Ii 1. llnvwurd; rvew ii-,'laud Oazeiecr. Mitchell's Ceujraphienl Reader, V-telii ol lieoirrapliv', eoiiiirisiii-4 a l'e-.ei ptiou ot thu v oral Willi llio r in I iliviaious, uo-iv'iioil tur m- Iriioiiomi iu .-ohoolj and Cumin--. Wonlers of the Iltaven,. 1. A. DHA.MAN. I faiiulv nnd ufu lib- a llioiuite'li iht-ori enl .md iir.iolienl 1-iimvIe.L'O of the French and rami iiuytmKe, wisiuM 10 nnu n pine euutr 111 u 1 un.iy cr in a coiiilnuuilV, as a r lencn ten -licr. .vpiilisaiions. r po,i p.mi,) in 1 utiircAiul 10 Mr. Jiolt. rro A YOU Hi; l.AUY of- Jn. ulueatii 11 and who b. Milton Lincoln's i-Mute. STATL OK LIlMONT, 1 rjlllL lluu. ibo Pin- lllaTHICT O- CliniKNUl-.N s). I - I a'o Clilll t Wit UIU lor'hu Lli-trict ol Chiticn ten -. lo llio oinlitor md tuber- iMiict'ind 111 the- e'.ate of Mdlon Liucohi, Ueof Milton, m -aid Di-lriet, deve.ue-J, ( WIILRLAS, .Nuihiu l.'uc. !u ti. twn n of Ibo i-t w ill uu I te-tameiit of . -.ud deic.i-u-1, halh made Uipliea'ioii to this until t. to e-.'.oud llio tune I for uiakim; payiiioiit of the do'vls and le-.i.-ie, ol .-aid de- ic.i-iii, twuivo liioiuu- 110111 uiu u.iy ei ivuvtiist, Is! 10, und thu Jd W edue-dav ol'Septcml e'r next I ein a 1-'.. id for a hoariu in ll.o piciuoe-, at tLu O tii oof I tie- Rcyi-ier of this muit, au-l it having teen ou'ciel that iioli-u thereof bu iriven, ly publisbm tin-, i le nt.- I lieu wcoUs Mici-CMivelV 111 llio 1 leu rrc-s a in. w -papei- pi 1 ntiil at II iiiiulon, l.elore llic liiuc use 1 ;or 1e.11 111 : I hcreluio vou an- laicl-v 10 leli.iu Mini cuiiri ill tin; nnu place .in rcaiu. then and then-, lo maku obji-ctioii il any 011 have, in 1 In- .-aid lime of mu inenl 1 uiu.: furlber cicii Icl a-. il'oii'-.ud. Civeu inilcr II irliiiiflon llu-. I2'h day of AugU-t. A. 1'. 1-3IO. A i :. l.i. vv m. tu.iio.N, nis C Hhds. Xew Orleans Suaar, on cousiimiiieut, K) Au '.tk for sale by .. LOVl-.l.'i -Cae "? 1 IIL !:.-. -A vorv larjri a"Oilinunl td a 1 sizea J of, mil lin.-t-a li-om .",0 t-t.-. to '..15 each, J.tst iv: d an I lor talo at thu Uuok ho. -. 1', A. llu .M .N roi'.S-: Tt lilT!', at uioo.-ki ill.iee, Un; i- rceentlv occupttsl 1 v Lathrop au-i I'utw in Willie- let and po-sc-ton iriven, apply 10 the .viPtiTilier- cornel 1 liurcti ami c one.'.' M-. i li.'tuu or tod'idcoil L.i! urnp. .11A 1 O M Al I lliii-!iii:-ton, Miiv Id 10. RurliilKlnil, 'ci-Uli-iil, mi l I'- , Cybll wm 1. rti.AS-. ih VT der Class. 111 1 at the Cliaiiii.laiu (II mid vcrv much unproved in iii.iluv eouiwit-l wuh ihe ,a'i- I ran I-, l r sale by .1. A J.'l I. l'i !' 'K & Co. X" rK l I'IMi l'APl.R. IOO Ream, V.'i.ippm 1 1 f r.ipi r, nn 1 .1 l.ti.'spjiply ol w r"iiu', : "-ii 1 ,i 1. A. Kit M.N. Ill I I..-.U-, hu- l.v C CAI'dN ANRCDOTJ'S un I iliu-li.i'id uu dent-in the Iiie i f Ccn. W:i. II. Jl.ilir.l-o-;, (i Mile-at Ihe Hook ,,tur. mue RI D. A. URAMA.N rpilUi may eulifv ibat mv w;f., Mtj, has X Llone.l fiom mv bed and boaid without any piuv ocatioii uud Ifuibid uuy piis.m harborim; or iitisnm 1... ' t VIIW P.l-vi.'l.-l? :Siatk-bui-o',.iuly'J-tth, 1110. 1 5 INLSlitTUIII AC I)R.MY. The next lain of J i. this institution will eomiuciie.' on .Monday, Ann 1, until r the dinelioll ul the- present puuc111.1l, Mr lleiison. To Iho., 'aeouaiiiteil wuh llio ndviiii latest of this ni-.titmioii rccimiiieiiiriiious nr.- nttdless. Anniist 1, 1S10. TIIOS. W. fllRll, Scnd-mi. for ril.OTllll-'.ItS. TAKR M)I'ICi:.Tl,i-iliM'nl. J at tlioWnioo-l 1 I roii Foundry, h,. on hand au lor a;e, a now 1 i..,i.i.i.Mi (ill., iiia lo lor narrow I b'lh.a iii-st rale initelpue, o ihe lali-M iniprovemciit w in--h will l,e sol.l t-licip tor cum. ur e--h iiie-t-1 Ii Cloth, JLl-SK (I A Y. Winoo-ki Villnirt', Juno 11, IS 10. HOOTS Si SIIOI-N. Tho siiUoriN-r li.u no J uu band a general a-si iluiiiii of ROOTr in HIIOIIS, of tin- nio-t I'.i-hion.iblo styh', itnl tlioi-otii' ,vor!.m-inlii;i, which hu oilers veiy low lor CASH. L, J. PAY. N'. P. Allkiul ri'niet!iiev.-eik done at short no 1 ice. Hiirlinii n, ( luui-h-st May 2', lJU. 1 jiii!i,in;to' coiiii L l.iut-.illd et ueral aii.-iiliient 1 1 Coinl.s FACTORY. : M'lT. an 11 ui' vl.uv now on Ii i,id 1111 1 eont-l'iailv man tl.n Inunj at ovoii-lablehuieiii, nnd for fab lo tin ira-lu t low pi iei-, .Vu i-' liaiit.s and olht-15 viiilmn; (ie-! a -oi d article lor iciai'iiif wiltjind it to their (id viini iiiciiii nit't iwamuii' lor.ineui'i ivi". June 11), Id IU MLAS,l,OOM IS aiul Co, C'LVKl'IVI'l X (;,. The subscribers have on band J u full a"soiitiieut of lnmniii and Common wool C'lrpctin ', Villi trill audCoiioii no, Rush Mnllim; Oil 1 Mollis, vVt. winch will to "old lor at ,e Yoik prie, . N. l.OVP.I.Y A CO. Julv 30, H10. QlOMJti OK THIv l'M-r' r I . Itiiok I fiitsr iiei 'ii 1 - 11 , 1 0 iMoludio i-mlHIIshoit vt o. u e, . v t ufCtm, Will, II. linn - 1 . .11 ! Met a, for ulu at Iho IK-. '.. Cnhiu .Soim 11 and Tj-lnr 'ii1 P. .init ' ( I 0,1 1 I- Pull 11. loll, Si pinviiin 1 10. D. . Pit vM V TV I OI IC I-;. -This cot lilies that 1 nave yivon my sun, IN ilosi pli It'H'. his tiiiiti, mid shall not bo responsi ble for tiny comrricts undo Iiy him, uur claim any ui liiseurmnesafltr ilumlule, Inn do.mimc y, lion. Cnlcheiiter.Aiifriut fi, 1810. mink, f V- li- A- O.UlWx, UtilyVtwuJ f""" '''ail' XJ nsiei-tliilly ullcis htrt bcivit-ts to the tun licuii tiuiilie. Ollleo oppoilc Air. Runsell Hotel, in the iioiiNi- uiu iy ticcui. 11, 1 ny isr.i i'. Iiu IllirUsull, I .n ill IVlirl-st. llin!uii.'toi .1 dv "o, I !0. lliijyl rrjAiiK'ni'i'l-x-w ti- vt i t ;. 11 law Mipp.j ,. l, up i.t'ilii.-iitiienl-iin'l l.i. -t illo-li it (if I.V letlc IC-Or t l ..lll'll, DIllOllJ-lOll, 11. Juno -I. i.Mi; IIOOlvSTi'b'l-; of tho -iib-cril.. r is now follv . lepleni-lied with a lurire colic tion of IIOOKo uud -sTATIOM'RY, nci-tillv n-ltvieJ 111 the New York 111:11 Vu. Parlicular pains ha-I uui taken in the-a riiiicitl wi-h rt-l'crt-ii' f to lluok- ndaplisl to Mtlbath The newe-l trililic.ttiou- have I eon -elected tor this ol'11-.-t, an I L-lnani's can now be IituisIicI lb anv amo-iiil at the N. 1 . pricci, t A.HuVMV.v .-twill corner of Cli iieh.iud ('obelie-.-ls pYi V.W I'AIVI'M n b.i-.e- opt n-I a 11 rjlllL LION OI- 'I IIL DAY. M.) CLltf. ."M.." i I", Y ! The li'iiulnc old Diitcii or :in Vr-'etable TMIts.ll'iil 'v n --ciniinentleil by Poet. a!en!:no Mo'.t, M. D. ft' .. ., nnd others. I'hi'-e arc the order-! Any one mat c" an" ro- 11I from tbe-o pdl" tho price is ih.ii.-.m 1 acu, mu o Itlc Hie- po-ilive orocr- 01 ui'' 1 r-yi .ei"i ' --e.u ....-j eihurs. In o'V-iin -'Ihe o pdls to t'ie p-iblie, I nppeiil to their into!! .-cn.-e. II llioe- pi. I- arc in-1 vvnai u.t reeomui'.-ii !!, yon are in duty I 01111 1 tut of ro-pf-t to vou.'-i'it .".no eoiiiiiiuiiiiy iu n-i them, and pnbli MA"t O cc .Vl'i' l ave leturuc-t from i x 1 1 wuh their supplv of MriH'; mid siininier Cucsl ud 111 at the pie-enl unus'ial low r uu-, w Iip-Ii they ure ,'e-parcd tu-ell iiselicui as can Ie 111 ll.o euiinlrv 've.'s niu re-pecif illy -olieilcd to call nn I leceivu pivot, al tin- -loie recently occipieu py i,-iiuro nay -a. HOl''Al'LlilNC.ii.UILL- ,vin r t-uoi' i n Chuieh-st u door- -oith ol II. Lanes Si. ,-, where ihcv w.d . all k.'i I, ol llOCSK, Sltll', illi.N aud CARlilAlil- PA I.N I IMi, 111 the 1 e-t po-nule- iiiinini-r and on term -ml iho evv ho inav I tl.ein wi'ii ibeir patron e. iL'pP.iinls, ( hi, ariuh und Punv, eoiiManl on hum! nml f rial,-. R.C. SPAl'LDI.NC. Iturhii'tlnu, Apiu'J, 1 -S 10. C. II. MILLS. ly Gt nOC'KRJKS. Thu .-ub-cribt-r has a full ttpp I ol'liroi-t no-, iiii-ludin-.' eoiuae Uiau lv, ooimiit' 1". Iloran-l and llahiinore Cm, Si. Cim nnd low r.eel i.'iin, Port, Malcua, (.li.impaiunc, Miteut l.ii.t.-a and otiier vv nu--., .vinia-f, tea-, 1 o.l ( h-ici'la'c, I' if, l-mtpaiid 1 rou u, Rice, Pt-pp Ciiin iiiioii. Vui ui'"-;. ll-niei' and ollu-i -ii,i c. Ci-'.ir. l ol aeeti, .,1,11 i.crel, t mu-isii, ic-i i,m l lor per 100 II'-. An I mo-t oilier mln'le- III tin mvceiv line A Nu p ' 1 COUHS, all f 1 whi. li will I c-olil ascliea ism anv o'lu r pl.e c. The L'pinrs w ill I e warranted nl iho U'-t (pi.iuiy -uteniliM prni'-ipaliy tot snpplynu; rveiii-lvei-poii-.-', who will furl it for ilu-ir ni'i-io-l to rail and esiPiino then. ISAAC WAR.NKR. Purlin 'tun, J"iieJ.u, I"!'1-' il,A( ICri R IT II. --The Pii! scnher haviiu it .B. ivutlv moved liom USnnv, and eotiimcnoe'd lb" IP.i'-!.m tii i'lisnie.---, 111 nil u llriin, in the new -hop on .M.idi-011 -trcct, near l-'rillell it Pi.ldlcv's Sloie, vvti'ild f--e 'fiillv invito the iiili.T Hauls 1 1 li i.'li'ti and vi -iiiiiy to gWa bun a calf, a he is fully puipan-d lo du nil kinds et work 111 hi- line, on the -iWtt'-t no- lice, I e-t manner, nud nioM lavni.ii le leim., lie tai lor many jear- pa-t given bi- parii.-tilui- iit'nitinn ti llio Horse sin nn; bii-uitv, and farriery in n't il hiancbe'.. Front the bun; epi . eii'-o which ho has lud, mi l tin ecncral mlorinaiioa hi- ha dei-mvl boih liuiii Ibeoiy nnd pr.. lice, bo feoS fullv con'i.'e'il in re coiiinien Inu liini-i-lf 10 thu p-ibhc. lie will I u, pre pared ut all luiics luive his per onal a'lentioa to nil luul- of work in hi- line uchii- Ii-ouni-, W,irous and Slei-'h-, Sluiivviirk, All kind, oi t-L'f lool made in the-1 e-t manner an I iml appiovtil -lyle. He ti u-l lirii I y nil 111,; buini-.-s In- 1111 bv 1 Ic I alien! ion, and thu low pi ice-at whi'-h he will It-ein' led to fir tiii work, totcccivun thai o of 1 lie iiblie nniron-iat:. ' Joll.NSOKAOIA'. lhtijmj-mii, 1 April 10, 13 10. .lames .llat'tlli's I-'-'tate. STATR OP 'Lit MONT, ( A ''' a prolate 00m , Dtsr. iirCntTTl'Nm'-N', I -l- bohVn at Il ii-lin.'-lon, Within aul fa- ihe di-lri 'l .iloi.-.inl, oil iho l'2,h dav of Julv, A. D. 1-in, an u.vriniem . ti 01 1 m 10 I h'iIio la - will anil te-iamem of Jainc- .Miu 'ui, In'o of Jericho, in Mini tb-tiii-l, tle'i-a't-l, wa-pieienietl to ihtt coiiii heio for piul a-e, by Hannah Mini, 11 tin Rno tnri, thciein named, T111.Hr.10ar.11 is 1 r ileiod ly said co'iri, that public nolito le uiven tu nil pt'i-'on- eonceiuel iliercui, lu appenr I ofort said eomtjlt a n-siou lliei-eoflo I c ImMeii 11 1 the itit Hi' o.lice in ll'ii-lin .'loll, on the lu'-' iid Wiilneuliiy of Aiu-.usl, A. D, leiui'el ihu piobmool -hhIwiII, and it i I'm 1 lu r urdei! that this order I e inihliflu-1 1 hi. c vtis-k- -in i-ive!v in 1 lie II on 1'iee Pie--, Nl iit-W'piper 1 r me I at II uluiriuii, 111 tin-ia c, ihe last ol w In)) sli in 1 e prcv 10 , a iti ino nny .1 muni, us aloit-ai l lor lu-.-iiin. fiiven under the Rtui-tt i'.st.lfi,v, this li h d.iv of J dv. A. D. 1-5 10. jj 7 Wl. WI'.STt X, Itivi-lt -r. them to the world as nn impo-iiioti. iiuiuiiiii; nun. packerv. Tbopul lic mav I v ns-mn uuy are puresy y i-c-i-ml le. ibev are comiio'el fl'io'ii'- 111-led. "ts, pari ol tho inisl.cmr is ontv found m A ia and 111 thu vol- evs of Ucimauv. lor eoiiveniin, e uie-u uinio. no undo uno pill- mid will I u loun-l .1 Mire euro or re lief inr nil billious eomjihi'iit-, ye how iiutl 1 1. totw lever- t.v. r and aenie, J.'inn 'ice, -citrlet rnsh, L-.llioiw eholio ili-t,cp-ia. & -. It 1- md protended that tUU iiRihcino i- n euro fnr nil di-ea-e- to which tho tiiimau VMein i- liable. Ten llmu-uii'l iisulcs ouuru u-irt lis'ii tn-ilo to dr.iwliom Uui reL'KUi- Ol nin.tiiiwii lauer soinu lons--pun tbeoiv of lua.-ic an, which would i-uio c-aeb find even' d.-cau-. (i.hkI tutsliciiio M uot I'otmdm the tiro or whirlwind, nan iiiiypmitw. hane- upon chance wind time is the- hernld 01 truth. Thu pa-t at let-t i- -e-eiiit:; tl.ey have alre-ailv raisl a monument el their greatne-v, bit h will dify tt.u eorrodm-'looth of time. .None can I wiliuiut a wra"'it-r and dirt'ctiona i n t'T ii 00.1 t o u iu u.y inm.i- written nl lemttli. S -Id vvhi-!t-aie and retail by the -il -i-nleratCl. ii's P-.II-, ' y . P. & . Sand Ti), and 10U louioii-t. nnd R. M. Mu.-, :L- M.u',e'-t V.'any. P.iinii & llavvlcv, t!U oiver l. Tr..y,; for m.'o bv Win. Rhoiles an I K. P. Cieeit, Rich inoti.l; Moitoti ec Clark, and D. ec D. S. Lathrop, Willi-ir.ii ; Ilavir Ce Com-t's-k, Se ' urn ; H. :-ianlon, R-i-x : Ceo. II. fa! 1", and All t il P.iiney, Jericho; J. 11. lliirlbnt, Yvc-tlord; J. H. Il.tinc-, harlotlc; H. Moiwv and (.00. Itier.-on, Poo mrua; nnd ly , IJRKJ'CS, Pmluiymii, A f r ' l''U--"' 1 '., wUto S-i' - ui-can Ic i.j pi" I at wiio'en.c pie-e-. MACVi'MCTlC t)lM: Till-: TKI-.TH ! ! Ti nr. l.Nt. .v;i'.i..viii.ij 'roii" Par.r.v!ivr,os-. '1 he fact is rove and the- m,,-; 1'" eri'liilt'll- a I uoiibliin tile Im.V i iivine'e I, iti wo I1.1v the e-videiii-o-from the -all-id itl.UOO 1 of the OJun". ti-i, wi'b.ii the pa-1 ji-nr, that tin- t'topiou iiu-imij o (he ak hyiui-t nrc it-.tliae.l, uud a remedy ih-cuveril for pre-t-rv in;? tlio-i: miporiaiit and u-tl'il uppnidais of the h im.iii system, I y '.he 11-0 ol'the Ma-,'iietre'f Mon-lic-i, win -U l.y it-.tlli.ietive, and -itca, ,'u ninu' ipial.-tu-, iei.icvc.s'u'1 ct:ratM'oii sul'Hr.n -e- fiom ihe i-ili 1111J piescrvcs them m their I r,, mey, .111 1 tho quills 111 -ouniliie-s und I entity. It is n-, erliiintsl fr an eperiiii-e, that V hen u-ed, the ' ml! never tlu eay, hut remain till thu late-t 11-u of'innn, wilh ttioir natural won-. When they are de-ciynl, it- proiri- will I 0 urli-sloil, und llio teeth pre-f rved nnd pre vciilcd tinil pie-erie-l liom uciini'; all lie- iiik 1 reti drmo in a tu-.ilii'u 'o ol lu-taiiee-: nnu limn; 111 tiiou-nmu 01 e.i-i, uei 1011- toothache, ('hat elun.ix ol'pn n ln al tuicti I tvli e'l-iuallj c ue 1 .y popi 1 11 ilellinll e-o -m Ameii-.i. And 111 ei ii--lu.-n il, i l.eie, cr '.' Ii" 1- tho y.imi lady : zcntli'in 111, uye, the 111 l v-l i il that 'mini- 11 n t"'. ful -et oi'lH'-li, -iii 1 mil- rid a -wnt brt-i'b nu ilii 1 iTvents, ;l. i' -, II !e '., uer tl, -'1- t'Ueeta I-ix if Dr. M. Ilitchi-oi I.'.-M.i. 1 1 1' o ti. I' r sa e vtliclt-.alu aud rem!, 1 y A. 1 1 I'M IK't'v K .V ( e., N' 1. ll7i!one-iv -t. t'lu i, N. Y.. i,,l lv tlie.r n-t ills 'brr I'i'io it ihe I'nitcd S'a c-. In Riirl'pi'in, bvd. A.). Ih Peeli&Co. In Uuiiin.'li by J. II, Ri)v.!in:i. Iu Mdlon, by Riulutl vV tiavvyor. 1 Cisirji-i, bv Lorenxo Jaiif-s. m-jJ Td'r 1 7' vv i o kvw plapti- i.i l-'YINO I.'iTlON.'yt'-U-emiil for iiirinu nil l'.i"ipt u:is Ci.trsincsii, Reiliic-- anj Punples 011 the I-'a -c X or ban b, and e 'e -to .'ly cleanup tbo conie'cN' 'it, and reiiii vinj: a'l d,ei-i' 1 ftlie ' -n Noih 'n erniril'iite so much tu our eiu-inl su(ve- 111 luo, a a-i t-iiiia-.-in--- erst nppear.imv. '1 In- l. ; ion i-n't.iu-ol a ni--t foiii nr, m l l,ifewa-h mi l i-at- ly f-tci-i lorit eirifv .111; th'J skin ol ;.' 1'iile'le.viiv, an I re-, 1 .-uy. A leautilitl eoni r,, v..s ii, nu I ihe env v V. i,.u 1- o 1 .!.!, .1 nature hasibi-p'.iviit hu 1 n a dim-olo ii-cl v uh '!.-- Iter .li-itiiu 1 A iro I .1 lian-ui-', -otle.iin-, ntid . if t 1 -us m iii,iir..'i- ! f.i .. it lo a huh dee its' , t p I litiliisilie pr-.le of a I w' 1 .ho c-vi ho an- deprived of u. ' i-.iii'i! Il iu-i!i-,iii vvb 1 1 t cr, .1- to tmd I.erei tiij lex lnm piinptr-, w In. e n r it-in e i 1 lit- i-t 1 IMtl.l.XC.'-'OX IT'.MALP. Sl-'(.MIXAR,Yv-Thc fnll term uf lite Sruimaty commence Idtll'ipt Cosmuosa ur Aeli 1 1 vii;, lloaidns pel ntjlium. l JU, oriTOjflfcjiil, halt payable in advance, Th 0 sunt iaiutliOTii-J'ilp.l to bo.ud, lodliie, loom 1 tll lire, lihturflfiml to tu I on 111 unv nr nil hrimeheP nicludedin tlioeNlcnsiveeoursi ol'P.uyhhh siiitlics pnr siiidiu the Siiiunaiy nnd I .mm. IaIiii ehalce are made for Mu-ie, iiu'liiiLuu pun un- SRI. Vtienl $1 for music pupils, loi olln rs. Ditivt iin; $7 I'ltlieh - Pupilsiiutir.-i-ULdlor !iliornr'crlod limn oiu-tinitr-ter,i!iilisskpeuiUi niiciiliani'i. Uovwiwu from tins rub is innde 111 case uf hickne-i. -X 1 1 1 ic J 10 r J be uiado to the l'riueiil, M- l"I.LN. lliiihimtmi, Aim. , lR'0 I.OVI'U.Y ( "i lin'' "-t iv ' 'roiii iM' 111 s- ur- Ju-i 1,-oinvii!, ,i' 1 , xi llisik, Hind,-itin-j Ceil Il.irii-onV p in. u li Uwniidy. , ,1 iLoii-. .1 't IVT bllt'l'ild 1 , York, uud n' u'v iher reilih'iiliri'-e-i ' '' " ' ii-Miriiiien! of !' ' 1 ' -.t'.iun and lb' ' ' ' aruiiianv in w . n -. ket, Al- . -i new supply 1 Lool.1,1. 1. 'a- .- Y-(i, P -("" ',M" , I" ( Wl- t. pi a inn Hi I II it 1 f til.l Willi", l I :.uii I. 1 u , n 1 ml , I . . niemliiiioii ; mid a-il-o Pi a ulfumr Lotion p'-ruu- niu, ttud i.-ni.ive. nil Paple-ZPloiehc-, 'I an, S . nl mrn nn I Ri-tiie-.-, an I pr" lu- cat eauifil line, it is I lie oii'V eocmHii 11 latv hotibl 11 at hn- to.'ei. Oinllenn-n will all tibti find tin n it. Iiahtl'il icuu-'y, to n'limro ill K" ulmtt.s, Pimplit' , ILiivu im-, fyui., ) hc-ss, -r.ii-nt--'l'ihefin-e and hum, and ery Lin I f rnp 11, 11 on the Mirla -e of the liiimmi h.sly. It i- particn l.irlv i-i'oiiiii""n lo ul'iilleii., 11 lo I e 1 -id all'-.-! 'ui vaip, a it will the o lu-r.-. 1 'it."t.i 111 t t cf all ef.inniv'O soup, 111 'UiuiiU lb 's'.inl piitii ui"-f y .n-y. I-'. r .t' W hole-ole and I V A. Mi l ( I ( (it K A: Co., N 1 7leiie rs- -litvi, Ptica. In Pur. lincion. by J. ki J. II. Peek " Ct. In ij:. nncs. by J. II, Rowm-m. InMiImn, hy Rurnut sV -Sawyer. Iu fJeiriii. by Lor. n- Jniiwt. aug"0 troiMis. VllIt.MS. Dh. M. IIitl-.icock' It' """ 1 ...1 p.. 1 ivmiM 1 l'i - 1 u.ulv hum 'ii i ".' 1 " " . ...1, ,i 1.1 .it-ly I' r Woi-iii' ,vre the - ii'l'l- "' 1 a ib t nt So ,111 mt I .neiiilt- l.i O Vtlllioil : livv . iVAhn ,t.. !R'rv"V.t . ; 0 .. r ..1..1.1 M.,m. ..-...ilJ t'l .V ie. ...... ., - . ihrouxli a ili-liC.-mut eonri-e ol iiimli -ine vvituo il a, when ibev mi.'lii I't- it! cud ly u, .u, t'.n Worm Ti a. 'I bis' If int V me ha-1 ceii u-s;i I hy the ia peru-Mce ol motv leu ) use, nml r-1 to more llotu tll.'UHi ,itrn u- ot varu us, ,i e-, nud ii.a "au- ib. n v coiup! , ,u ; ot ihecoiiiiarv li indi-et- have eitlled, uud un-oliuifJ, Bivon their tk - en't'd ,irclerencf lu it. nlii-r try tun lUt'tu. cieut iit-iie eiil loiui l ' ii-' pin ", nu 1 pr ,10 ii',--' ; eiH-k Worm Te.i the llio-t s.ile, edt ettM', .Old ef voiuuiit ruiiolv 1 Iml can ! obtuuio) ; I' " "" unv the iho'i.uuL oi iii 'nnee-wbete a-.'i-eent'le to the prinii',1 .bnviions ".. k for Dr. il. HiK'lvoc' "u ii,' road ' li- 11 11-1 nulls', nslhi' I .1., ut- t! ul 11 I r 1 1 i'Ch' iV . 1 ..en, l 1 1 Li llarliu,- , i v f II lUe-'l h 1 W, ev I 't ' ' If

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