Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, September 11, 1840, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated September 11, 1840 Page 1
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NOT TUB O I O II T O V 0 S S A 8 BUT TUB WELFARE OP ROMB. BY II. B. STACY. BURLINGTON, VERMONT, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 11,1840. VOL. XIV....N0. M. MAGNECTIC ODONTICA. THK TECTII1 THK TKLTH !t Tub Incumpadahld Tooth 1'nr.PAtiVTioM. The fact I proved, nud tho most In credulous nil 1ttltfilE; are fully convinced, as we have the evidence from (ho sate of 20.000 boxes of thoOdon ilea, within the pa-t year, that tho Utopion dreams of the alchyini.t are realized, and ft remedy discovered for preserving those important and useful appendages of the human system, hy the u-o of the Magnetic Odon tlea, which by Its ailrac'iivc, and strengthening quali ties, removes all extraneous substances from the teeth tin J preserves them in their iintunil ljrilliaticy, nnd the gums in soundness and beauty. It is ascertained from experience, that when ii-ed, the teeth will never de cay, but remain till the latest a 50 of man, with their natural wear. When they are decayed, its progress will be arrested, and the teeth preserved nnd prevented tend preserved from aching all this lias 1 ecu done in a multitude of instances t and more in thousands of 'ease-, nervous toothache, (that elim.ix of pain) ha at 'unco been eioeiuall) citied by popular deiitrifricu in America. And in conclusion, where, or who is the Noting lady or gentleman, aye, the individual that values a beautiful sot of tceih, sound gtiiiiuud a sweet breath moie than (ifivccnts,thal will le longer desti tute o(n box of Dr. M. Hitchcouk'sMnunciiVOdoiiiicn. For a'e wholesale and retail, by A.HITCHCOI'K & Co., No. 1 17 Gone-ee st. Ution, N. V., and by their agents throughout the United State. In Burlington, by J. & J. II. Peck it Co. In Vergciincs by J. H, Bowman. In Milton, by llurnctt it Sawyer. In Georgia, by Lorenzo Janes. ' nug2 LOOK AT THIS HAVE YCU A COUGH l TO,OO0 Utu of cNNstiMl-TloN every year in the United Sialc, and millions Ml.ler feom troublesome coughs nnd colds, that can ha cur ml bv Dr. M. Hitchcock'.- Vegetable Virgin Cream Cough Drops, n snfo medical prescription, eoniaing no poisonous drugs, and used in an extensive practice for uvcrnl years will mot positively allbrd relief, nnd save you from that awful diseaee, pulmonary consumption, which usually sweceps into the grave hiinnreds eflho young, the old, the fair, the lovely nnd the gay. IJnvo you it cough 7 He persuaded to purchase n bottle ol tho Cough Drops to-day! To-morrow may Le too late, llnvo you a coughl Dr. Hitcceok's Vegelablu Virgin Crenin Cough Crops is the only remedy you should ta!.u to euro you. for tins pinig reason. thai in 110 oneol tlio lliatisuinl uses wiierc it litis teen ued lias it jailed to relieve 'rice 75ccnts pur bottle. For sale, wholesale nnd He ad, hy A. HITCHCOCK & CO. No. ll7Ueue.eo I.. Utica. X. V. And bv their nirents Ihroiiirhout tho United States. In Burlington, by J. & J. II. Peck it Co. In Vcrgenncs, by J. II. Bowman. In Milton, by Dm net I.. Sawyer. In Georgia, by Lorenzo Jnncs. LOTION, LOTION. DR. WANS' BF.AITI FVINU LOTION. Highly esteemed for curing nil Eruptions Coarseness, Hedness nnd Pimples on the Face Neck or hand-, and e I'cctnally cleaning the comnlexion, nnd removing nil di.-e.ises of the skin' Nothing contributes so much to our general success in lile, ns an engaging lirst iippcarnurc. This Lotion is admired n hio-i fragrant, mild, afe wash and srrcut ly esteemed for its virtues in cleansing, sofiiMiiiia, and purifying the skin of all oriiplious, so injurious to fe male leauty, nnd restoring it to a high degree ol pu rity. A beautiful complexion is the pride of all who possess it, and thoenvyoflhie who are deprived of it. What is so alleoting to a 1 cautil' il feiua!e,in whose face tialure hasdisplave.l her power, at to Imd her complex ion discoloured with disgusting pimples, which lunr lior chamis 1 A good appear mm is the Lost recom mendation ; nnd nsthc Heautifyiiijr Lotion purines the1 kin, mid removes all Pimples, l!lolche., Tan, S inlmrii and iledne-s, nnd produce.- a I eaii'if il hue, it isthe only cosmetic n ladv should ue at her toilet. Gentlemen will all also Imd this a delightful remedy, to remove nil Roughness, Pimple, Ringwe run, Spots, ltodne, Soreness of the fine and, and every kind of erup tion on the surface of the human body. It is particu larly reeummeii'li-d to gentlemen to le used after -having, as it will prevent the otherwise certain elect of all common soap, in turning the ticard pieimituro'y prey. For sale Wholesole and retail bv A. HITCH COCK iv Co., Nil 1 17 Uene-ce sucet, Utica. In Hur Jingttm, by J. & J. II. Peck & Co. Ill Vergcnues, by J. H, Uowman. In Milton, by Burnett iV Sawyer. In (icnriria, by Lorenzo Jiuicp. nug'CO WOltMS WO!l.M. Dn. M. Hitchcock's unrivalled and unequalled WOI1M TKA, a a-overoign rcmclv for Win in.. S.runsji: and inoicdi Me are the eiiccts ol llie e delusiuhlu crmin ; few person, and it is thought none are fire from them, par ticularly females und children. Many per-oiis go throigh a distressing ctiur.-o of medicine without a 1-enclil, when ihcv niisrht be relieve I by 11-ing the Worm Tea. This "invaluable iiieJi'ino has been le-led bv the experience of more than leu years use, and Bi'lministcrel to mure than 16,000 persons of various age-, and not one solitary coinplaini J m the contrary hundreds have called, and unsolicited, srivon their de cided prcfcivii'u to il. f'cr trying the di I'crent articles cut forth to the pubic, and pronounced I'r. M. Ililch ik'. Wfirm Tea ihi! most safe, ellcetual. and con venient remedy that can 10 obtained; for in 110 one ol the thousands of instance-, where it lias I ecu used ngrccaUe to the printed directions has it ever failed. N.Ik Ask for Dr. M. Hitch ivL'sWohmTk, atheie nre manv nostrums abroad for thcde-triielionof wnrnis p..,.Qt.,vl,nlH.n!..Hiid retail lv A. HITCHCOCK iV '-O., sole proprietors, 117 street, Utica, nnd py their aseul. 1110 union, in nuriiiiyiun liV J. it 3. II. Peck it Co. In Vcrtycnnes. bv J. II Ilnwni.m. In Milton, bv Burnet it Sawyer. In Giorma. bv Lorcn.o Jams. aug'slO VALUAftLE INI'OKUATION.-Vie In dian Vegetable 1'illt nre 11 ceiuiia emu lm HiiRiifO in its every v-irinyof fuiin, licc.111 llie) thu I fiigtil cleanse (lie e'otu.H-h ami builds, iidnce 11 pin tier disi u: b lint luiifis, 'I; hi mid kuhey, andsii- mcil.ile ihi- lilnud 10 inn ifv itself. In oilier WDid ilu open all llie iMiural drains, and lrae MIUliB the Grand l'hittcuin) itee to dine dispaflj (rum Hie. body. The uboie ouileis, nr ib huh, arc the cuininoii ewers of the hud, tliimigh - liic-1i all inoihid anil cur rupl liumnri (llie caii-e of diseai-) uie ciiriicd (iff; and o long an lhf-y aic all kept open, mid disrlmriic ficel) ihclr allotted minimis of iuuuii ity. the buily will cun. tiiuif in hriilili : Inn hIicii from eaiing iiiipnipcr fnud, bi railiing iuipuie air, siidilen iran.iiiuns from heat m colli, oiei i-xhauiliiiu ir any oilier cpn-e, the uowtili tieruine ruftive, 1 lie pares ul the fkin heruini" cluied or ihekiilnet fail t i nerf inn tla-ii fuiiRiiuna iiruprily lilt! impiirilim liit-lt rhoulil be drained liom llie hd tiy Ihecc nuilris, ill lie lelnuieu, anil cuiiiuiue 111 uc nimiilaiL' iimil llie IiuiU bcenines lilciallv luadfd will diiase. Ifihe ch-inii' ls nf nnr imahlv rueis shuidd lisroine blacked up, wiiiikl mil ihe.u ci inn'iiii'd waieis fiuil new iniili-ls. 111 1 lit cniiiilrv hcciiiue iiiiuidatf'l 7 Jiibi n uiili ilie I111111111 budv : iflhe ii.ttiu ill !i .itiTs he ome closed, the slHgii.uil and cm rupl luiiiiuid u ill find tent in I lie inrimis tonus 01 iiiscu-e sui-ii " inn Sm.ill I'nx. Meases. Itliriuu ilisui, Ooul, Apoplexy Jtir. or I r 11 1 1 1 will eiil our llilli-l illill. Tliei efoi e when nickne.'i al ilic slniuach, pains 111 1 lie bark ami ridr, 011 it K pulse, bin iling skill, 01 any oilier uupliM jiii sviiioiuais. iiidieain that one or uiuie of iho na lurul ill nt(i0 aie noi ili-rhiucinc ficely, and ilie ennui luliun is about 10 cnnonf ui-e a .lMig l fur ilu- reslimi lion of lu'.illli, no nine fIuuiIiI lm luil in ilininiirrinj nfpv liri.k d.ifi-i of ilic Indian Piin-iiiiie ( Indian Vt flnhle Villi Bv so duui". all llie Inaction ul' ilic liody will be if-stniicl 10 order, rnd llie find liuuiurs (the raiisenf every iiiflunation nr pain e sutler) vill be rrmuii-il in fo e.i-y and u.iiural a manner, that the body will lift ifslnic'd as if by a charm. The alime Till may be taken al AH. runes and under Al.l. cir. riini'tmiciv, wilh pcifcci safety. They fiiii all com jiafnil anil all ajtes, and are to the luuu in runstiiiilion i fuud : coiwerpienily ihe can nintr injure een 1 tie most delicate. Like our fund, iliey me iligest ilile ; theiefiiie they enter into the circulation and iinpail an eneigy 10 the blood, uiiicli eiuiblrs il 111 flaw wnh fire rlom rpiite 10 the exlteinilies and cuiMfipienlly to keep the pnrea ofihe fkin open. They aie line and pel feci purifiers nf the bluod : became iliey drain all cnrrupl humor fioui ihal life givinij fluid. I'hey iuipail liengtli und vigm 10 ilic uluile system, niul iliuir ef arpalunvs.lieurfirlal : Ixt.iiiio ihev Oulv- irinuve ihuie hinnorit wliuli aie uiposeil 10 lie.ulili, I liry ,.ui nnd impruie diRefiinn, and suund deep fulluwa their ..... i,jmsh ilifV cleanse llie miiniirh and bonclaol ihoai flimy liainuina which noi only iniiaie uud exrile the neiuu system, bat pamlyze and weaken (lie di . .... I., thiin ilinv i)oaes all ihcv eood ,.,'.:ot ilui r .11 be claimed for any medicine : and ' , '. i... ...... .imirkable. il is uneilv ininonib'u T..' .i.m wiiliuil bem fil. Aloro than l'ele thnuiaiid Dt)CT. MAHHIIALiI.S Aromitic, Catarrh and Headache SNL'FF. Tin's Smill'i'i sutierior to anv thing yet known, for removing that troublesome dis ease, the Cntiirrli, nnd also u cold 111 thu Lead, and the iie.-umcnc. it opens ami purges out all obstructions, stiengtheus the ulands.niid gives a hwalthv actum to the parts allected. It is perfectly lice from any tiling dele terious m its composition lm., a pleasant flavor, und its iuimcdinteellect, nftcrLoing Used, is abgrecabfe. Price 50 cents per bottle. Doct. Marshall's Veceiublo Indian Black PLASTKK. This Plaster is unrivalled for curing scrofulous twei- liugs, Scurvy hores. Lame Back, and I' redi omuls ; pauis in the sides, Hips uud Limbs; nnd seldom fails to give relief in local lUiwmiati-in-. If applied to the icle,n will cure many ot tho common iivcr uoniplaintsj itid is euiial. if not sutierior. to unv tliniff in use for corns on the feci; the virtue-) of this Piaster have been w:!ucsculy tlio.isntiils ol indivn!-..als 111 tin: l.inloj STatCs, who" have testod its'edicacy. Sold hy the pro prietor J ("has. Ilowcii, Middiehury, I. julO DlSEASHii OF TIIK IiUNGS.Decidediy ihe iiiij'I impuliir I'pintdy ewi known in America t egelavle I'ulmonurti Jlalsam is Ilu- most Milualile reiutdy nuw 111 uio fut cousin, colds, asllima nr phthisic, coniiiuipiiun. wlu))pii'g cough and piiluinnary HfTfCliuns oleici) Kiiul. Its sale 19 sieaility inrieasing, unit I lie prnpneiur me rnuaiantly .ecoiving ihe luusl f.Hiiinble acciaini ol us cirec.ts. Hie lulimving uew ccrtilicales aie offered fur public examination. An Intkiiestinq Cask. bxirnct ofu Idler from Mr C S Clay, Kingsum, Ulsivr Co., N. Y, 10 llie piuprietui.s. " 1 uura or llie Ulh 111st. was ilulyiec il. A leiiMrkahlH cine waseffecied bi llie Vpgatatile Put. 111u11.11 j Hal-am 111 the winter and spi ing of 1S33, The pcmim, Mr. Moudt, had been sick a long time with ihe eonsiiinpiinii. His physiriaiH had gicn him up. He was rrilut-cil ro luw at to be unalile In nelp lnni-el(, 1 ii I was raising 11 laigc (pnintily 01 blunt, wlieu he iiimneiici'U u-uig (lie IS.ilsain, wliuli lias ellccteU a uiupleto cine, and he is now as hale niul heart) ns evei lie was. Mr. Monti has icmoveil ft tun this limn, Inn he h is premised me 11 11101c detailed sircniiiii of Ilia M, Wllltll I Will till W.iril Mill. ly. t5 lL.M. Ktn-dinn, N. Y. June 23. 1S3S. Extinct ufa leiiei finin Dr. Jacob Mcrs The Vegel'dile I'ultnnii.iry llaNam has been sold in ill if ilium lor Iwii ears, anil ilie uiu licuie lias gained an uiii-iiinuuiii cclebut), fin 11 -eaieely in one inslancp 1 l.nleil ul litiv 11112 the ilesiietl efleei. I am by 1111 uie.iiis in fivtir tif tin-iiianv uosuuins, nini ol wliu li arc im- linsiiitnn upon a credulous public, lint thai which I know by tm: in he, I caiiHut help but give mv appinb nun llteiciu. A coiuiteifeil irppaialinn has been nffeipil here by a ir.uclling Agent, of Comslnck, N. 1. and tbeie is uiitub'-r article vendetl lieie mulls irungly suspectetl lu bespuiiutis. Jacoii, M. D. Miffliiiaton. Jiiiiialn ro I'enn. Mat 3. 1837. Fiom Dr. Samuel Mom ell, to ihe Piopiieiois of 1 lie Vege Utile l'ulmnnar lialsam. I am satisfied that ihe V'e sct.iblo t'lilinnnairy li.iUnn is a valuable mcdeciitc Il has been used in tlu place with complete succcsa in an ot-rl in.ito coiiipl'iini of llie liuis, iilit-mleil wilh 11 eveie rousli. loss nf vtih-i'. and ihn i.iiruig of iiiiii'b blood, wlntli had previously resisictl iiiatt) uipiuvctl picseripiiuug. After using the li.iU.oii one week, the patient's uice returnld ami he was able 10 spe ik audi. lily. Inn case ocruiieu some lunn since, aim me man is naw engaged not only 111 active 0111 iiintirioiis biisincaa. Kespccilullj, fte. MoiillKI.L. Il is now iniiie iti.111 six ears emcfl I wai biotigltl verv low b an nffeciion of ilie lungs, and m complaint was declared to be incurable bj a council olilnce pnj siciaiti. I was lltcn re-loicd 10 as goo I healib as I had enjojed for many eiirs, lit using ihe Vegelable Pill. m11n.11 1 s-ince my icentery I nate reconi ineiitlcil the li ilniiii in a gieat mail) of lung ciiiiipliiinis, ami o far as 1 can Ihiiiii. ils use h is in variahl) been fiilluwi'tl bv nutrli benefit, and in mini) instances il line eflecicd cures whirli wcie wholly iiiicx pccied. Samuel Eveiiett, Rnmnn. March 2. 1S37. I 'or sale, wholesale mid iclail, by J, J. II PUCK & Co., Itiirliiiglnn, Vl. SHERMAN'S COUGH LOZENGIIS. AKK the.snfest, most sure and cilectunl remedy for Coughs, Colds, Consumptions, whooping Cough, Asthma, Tightness of tho Lungs or chest, tie. &e. The proprietor hni never known an iiistntico where they did not give perfect ? ntilaeiion. Several thous and boxes have been sold within Ihe last three inoiiili restoring 10 health, persons in almost every stage ol consumption, ami tlio-o laboring under the mol dis pensing cold nnd coughs, 'rimy do not cheek and dry up the coiiirh, but render it easy, promote expec toration, nlbiy the tickling or irritation, nnd remove the proximate or exciting enuse. They nro mnde iroin n eoiulmiation ot the most vnlunhlo expectorant, or cough medicines, and nre undoubtedly superior to every thing in use for tho-c complaints. Hundreds upon hundreds of certificates have I ecu oflorcd of their wonderful virtues, from lliose who have been saved from an untimely grave, nnd restored to perfect health by using lliem. Dose. One lozenge is n do&e for an adult, nud may he repealed from three to six times n day, ns required. Children, eight years years old, half of one: four years a quarter, uud so in pro portion. Very small 'children or infants will lake them best dissolved in a little water. Should they act ns nn emetic, or produce tinmen, thmlo-c must I e lessened to what thu stomach will bear. Half of one will gen orally be sntll'iicnt to tnku before breakfast, as the stomach is then more easily siekenetl. No ill ejects can arise from an overdose, ns il will cause the sto niachto reject il j and although not n pleasant sensa tion, will bo found to give relief. Where there is much pain in thu breast or side, one of Sherman's Poor Man's Plasters should bo applied over the part, and worn till relieved. If attended wilh co.tivene.-s-, n few cathartic or laxative Lozenges, or any mild ca thartic medicine, should 1 e u.-ed as occasion retinires. Soltl nt the Variety Store, bv PANGBOKN & IHUNSMAID, Jeweller-, Burlington, Vl. TROY A MICHIGAN SIX DAY MNf. SIIURMAN'&rtVORM liOZENCES urethe greatest discovery ever made, for dispelling the va rious kinds of worms that so frequently nnd disiress .siiiilv unnoy both children and adults. They are an infallible ro'iiedy, and so pleasant to the taste that children will take them as readily as. a common pep permint lozenge. Many disease arise from worms, without its being suspected. Sometimes a very trouble. some cough, pain in the joints or limbs, bleeding nt ihoiiose, &o. are occasioned by worms, and can be easily cured l y this celebrated medicine. The follow ing symptoms indicate llie presence of worm, viz: headache, vcrlisn torpor, disturbed dreams, sleep broken oil by fright ami screaming, convulsions, fe verislmess, thirst, pallid hue, bad taste in the mouth, oilensive breath, t;ough, ditlicult brealliinir, itching al thu, ouius in the stomach, nausea, sitiieamish- ness, voracity, Icaune.-s, tendinis, itching at the anus towards uiglit, and at length, dejections and films and mucus. One is a dose for a child two years old two for one four year. old ihree for eight years, and live fur an adult, and should I o repeated every inortimg, or a verv other morning until relieved. itiP Sold at tho Variety store by PANGBOHN & liKliMS.WAl u, jcncllcts, unrliiiglon, vt. TVT ATURE'S i va! fiersona can lie. refpirnl lo, who hate been cuied nf TNOIJIUI --ASK 'I HOSE WHO KNOW. JL I'liti.e nnlv whofknow lu lii.ll 01 immediate obsei valion, ran foiin any idea of ihe efl'ecis. of ihe peifect relief, nf iho almost cliai m-like cures cflccird 111 cases uf die Piles. RittUMATisM, all Swellings, and all cxu-rnal I'Al.NS, no milter how eeieip, by llie use of llajs' l.iiiiinenl. Kind one who has ner d il thai ; ill noi laud il above alt things ever used, and )t)ti will find uti.11 r.iniini be found. ICTJI or llie leliefnl suffer ing liiimau beiiigd who m.ij tic nfTlicieil, I beg jnu in iirk .1.1 of ihnfe wit" know nk llie I Inn. Ai.fiik.d Conklin, U. S. Jiulge fur 1 11.1t ilmlncl, lesitling neai Anbi H-k MATTHKw J. MVKIU, Alliens N. Y : a.k (Sen. Dvrr Giieen, hue nf Washington i-iie. cu-li nf these "Ptilleini'ii know of cases iiuctiniiei abie hy all oihcr leinetbes or .h)rii-iaiis, lliuugh niet! fur manv eais. a It . bate been cu'ietl by llie use nf llie genuine Hay's Liniment. Til nijanils of oilier peieons knnw siimlai l ines. We anneal in i lieu mine, ul tu tire-lhcir human feelings. iC'PIl is bin a duly yn owe to iatr suflenng renow-beings lo let llusgieai icnieib a: known. Sneak ol II then lo all tour Ineatls 'I'll ih will sate much nain wheie the newspapciH are nut read, nr wl.erp leader me iiimeiluious, oecaiii'esi) .tut, won ile.s nriiclea aie HiUeril.eil mr ilie same iHiftio.'C. I o Otijers we ay, 11 an wuti nave ueu 11 mi 9.1V it is beimiit all tirsifc. then do not laNe 11 l lie ptupiieior will not allow ihis nniclo 10 bep iitl for io,l,.js 11 rurns. (vlten all llie dueciiuiu aie fully follow- eil. Will am one MifTerine refuse now lo iry il 7 Ifhc does, he nii-ihl in be uiticd mnie lor his ohsliiuiry lliau 1 a .11 in nn.. (l f .Mr. Iiata wouiti uoier cunst 111 111 iiiftr ibis ariinle, weie he nnt compelled b) his sense of moral "I religious duly 10 do all in luspuHPr lor Hie victim., nf dim era and misery, for inn purpose lie iinntd .miner detule a folium', than ferine a for any wiiilltlesa mlirle. Zp-LOOK OUT.-Some winilictB I1.1t P roiiiiicrli'iicu una niilcie, .mil inn ii wilh varititia deticea. Do not be imputed upon. Onu llilrg mil) will protect jou il la the name of Comtlock fy Co ; ilini name inusl he nlwn)a on the wrapper, or yuu ore tiieated. Do not luigel il. 1 11KO nil ilttet' lion with t mi, and lest hy lluit, or never buy ; for it impossible for any oilier to be I rue or genuine. SOLOUON HAYS. Snltl bj Comitock If Co. ? Klelchei slieei, N. Ynik el r 'fjKOK.Y bv Panoiiouk & Uiunsmaiu ,. 'Tetillyol il n'n,'':P"r.. . -r-r . ' Til .... ..1 ThT'nriinn Vesttable Pill Or r ICS, nd general Depot fur ihe sale ef .he aboie ?,n. in o New-Kngland States, 198 TRLMON I '''"'.. . nn. inn. where I bev can town in relniivtt in ihe pilla nuiti 4 I1V1I d wholeaale or remil. Agema hate Iieen tip - .Vfuriheiale nflho Pilla in alinoal ctery town 11 Wcw&.Rland. All lellera relative In .he pilla mil.. :.e2drraml lima: " N. E Office N. A, College llealth, 198 Trenuml Hired, Uuaion. Maas. P,nurlinglon, A. Uii!NiAlu.-WotsJlocl.', Haskell painer S. Stmllsiiiiry, aoim 110ug11u.11 i.n.i. le Charles W. Jov-llcntiinglon, J. C. Hn-welle !1mh 1,1 c my, (ieo. H., Win. Fay Pov er Hiram llaldwin-Uratllcboro', I lirge, llrocl.elt V. w rr,l If. Cnttim: tV' Co. Newbury, Prentiss Kimrht-Iicihel.Sainuei Austin .-Spring- r. .1 linn, tvns 1 .urn rrociur iniiiiiitiiu donderrv. Smilh &i ('lazier -liridgewatcr, Tims, SHIP by Oltl Troy Tow lloat Liiie,-Coenties Slip. 1810. AGKNTS Ai.t.r.N VitEr.i.r.n, LnoNAnn Ckockeii, 100, llroad st. N'ew York Moore Al Stimp son, Hiver st. Troyj Win. II. Moore, 7-2 Quay st. Al bany J Sidney Allen, Hoehclcr J George Davis & Co. uiiiiuio j rump Alien, niiitaioj Ueo. A. Fiench, Dim- isirs, is. i. iicure i. uinti i wo. I iiareelona ; t;. .M. ueeii, trie, ra.: me.tatr ec uo. uieaveland, O.; at. II. Hoss As Co. Porttiiioiith, O.j 11. N, & N. II. Gates, lllnck Hiver, O.j Jenkins & Tracy, Huron, O.j Hurler iSt Uarnev, Snndiisky City, O.j Chester & Slringham, Detroit, Mich.; It. W. Tim-, Toledo, O.j G.S. Hazard, .Miiiuncc Cilv. O.! Wheeler ilt Porii.p. Si. Jii.i-nlis t J. CASH lAII FOR WOO L.-The subscriber will pay cash, on delivery, for good clean fleece wool, delivered at llie old store occupied by H. Hyde fiVo. iiorlh wostotrnor of Collegeureen. Ihirliiiglon, June 10. HAIlItY HKADLLY. BARXES, new Geography, on the Classification system j n vcrviocful work for schools, jut n-e'd and for sale at the Bookstore ,j10 D A IJRAM.VN MORE Nli HOt)KS were Insl evening re ceived nt tho Book Store and now for sale very cheap by May 27. D. A. DKAMAN. LEATHER. Sole Leather, a superior article fur .sale by J. ifc J. 11. PECK & Co. Burlington, August 13, IS 10. BONNETTS.-.Jiist received some new shapes Florence Braid Split and colored Struw Bouuelts which will I o sold very low for cash. July 9, 18 10. Si. LOVELY ii Co. G. Sleight, Michigan City, Ind.j Dawson & Ho-tiicr, MillwmiUo, W.j C. M.lleed, Chicago, III. jo.l.3m Mnrk packages, "T. & M. Line." FOR WARDING, &c. 18 IO. iiif suo.scnler. will eontiniic their business ns Forwarding nnd Com mission Merchants! uud Custom House Agents, ut the Port of Saint John's, Lower Canada. They do not oiler their services "free qfami ciarg-c" loiho-e person interested in trade with thu United Suite, but will endeavor to make their attention to Iho interest of their employers worthy a reasonable recompence. Having good Wharves (at which the Lake Ciiasi plain Steamdoats will land) nud excellent Sluraitc, together with iho convenience of 11 connecting Hail Truck with ihe Chami-lain and St, Lawhenie Rail-Uoad over these wharves, they flatter themselves that, with fifteen year experience in this branch ol business, they will 1 e enabled to do much to facilitate and encourgo trade letweon llie United States and the Lower Province. JASON C. PILUCK & SON. St. Jolius, L. C, March, 1310. Gin WINDOW SASH Just received 15. 20 and 2 17 by 9 casements ol sash, a first rate article al 3i nud 31 cents per light ; nl-o nil kinds nndsize-, furnihcd to order. 1 lconderoga Mack lead, a rate article, for sale very low, together with a great variety 01 oilier aril cles as cheap ns cun be found at any other establish ment in the plate. Geo. Peterson. GRAND HKSTOUAT1VF.. Thi .tillable Veaeial.le Medicine stuntls unrivalled for lhefollowim: complaints, viz: Dyspepsia, or Indi- estion,dise-i-ed biver, bilioii(lisorder. uropsy, Asia ma, Cotieness, Worms and los of Appetite, and by cleansing tlic .stomacti and bowels, cures pain 111 the ide, stoinncli ami breast, colds nud couirlis ot Ions .landing. Hoarseness, shortness of brealh. Nervou.. eoinnlaint-.eic, wh'cli arofrormoiillv the edeel of dis ease. For Fever and Ague, it i a most valuable pre ventative as well a a sovereign remedy. Its virluus tirpass any thing lieretotore l.nown in removing ct. mis' uanci', two unties nave i-een i:nown 10 cure this aflliclmg disease, after having Lallled every exer tion for four years. It has a mot powerful influence in removing nervous complaints, it is pleasant to tai.e nud o easy in it operation, lhal it may I o administered to the infant willi safely. The above Medicine is very highly recommended liy many .scientific gentlemen, and n large number of ladie-, who have proved the irlucs ot the .Medicine by personal use und tliat ot llieir families. A bill ofcerlificales accompanies eaclt bottle, ith directions. It may le bad wholesale or retail ol Britain, Baric, and'J. C. Furnam, Fast Williains- lown, Vt. sole proprietor.. Prepared from the origin-- U recipe; tor sale ny J 11. I'reittiss, aiontpeiier, unu . Ct J. it. i'kck & iai, uuriiiiirou, ami 111 uie prmci- ial lown in the slate: all directions signed in the handwriting of llie proprietor-. jelU "DliACKSJlITM. The siibcriler liavin? re- MJ cently mined from Albany, and commencel the Blaekmitli business, m all it furiu, in the new shop on Madison street, near Follctt t5i Bradley's Store, would respectfully invite the inhabitants of Burlingtun and vicinity to give him a call, as he is fully prepared to no an tvinusoi won. 111 ms line, on uie norici no tice. best manlier, and most favorable term-. He ha for many years past given bis particular attention to tlie iiorse shoeing business, ana i-arriery 111 an its branches. From the lonir experience which he has had, and the general information he has derived both Iroin theory und practice, he Icct lullv comment in re commending himself to the public. He will Lo lire- pared at nil times logivc his personal attention to all kinds of work in his line such as Ironing Waggons and Sleiirhs. Shinwork. &e. All kinds ol edse tools made in the bent manner and most approved style. He trusts that by giving business his undivided ailcntion, una the low prices ut which he win 1,0 enabled lo lur nisdt work, to receive a share of the luiblie patronage JOHNSOUAOK-N. Burlington, April 10, IS 10. NEW tJOOOsj, cheaper than ever. 11. V. Cat lin ic Co. are now receivinir n new assortment of Dry Goods, to which ihev invite the atiention of pur chaser. Jutted, 1810. GROCI JRIKH. The .subscriber ha-; a full supp y of Gro.-er:e, iiu-liiding cogniau Urnndy, eoinmon do. Holland and Baltimore Gin. Si. Croix nnd low priced Hum, Porl, Madeira, Champaigne, Muscat, Malaga nnd other Wines, Mo!ate, Tea.',, Chocolate, loaf, lump and brown S-Jirars, Hice, Pepper, Toliu'eco, Mackerel," CODFISH, le,t kind for' S3 ner llXJ lli. And mo.t other articles, m thu grocery line, Also DRY GOODS, all of which will I e sold as ehcun as at any other place. The Liunors will I e warranted of llie let quality intended principally for supplying Tavern-Keepurrs, who will Imd it for flimr filtered, lo call atidexamiuetlieiii. ISAAC WARNLR. Burlington, June 10, OTKAY12D, from the subscriber on tho 15th inst. O n rctl cow. rather low in HcbIi. with one born saw - cd oil'. Whoever will return her shall be suitably rewarded. M. L. BF.NNETT. Burlington, Juno 29, 1SI0. GRIXDSTONKS, Ly June7. J. it J. 11. PLCK&Co. WOOL TWINE for sale at HOWARD'S. m28 POTASH KKITLES eoiitnully on htuidbv June 19 J. & J. II. PLCK &, Co. pROWX GIjASsW. Roilforil, Saranau and Clinton crown oy j. j, 11. pjvui uo, SAI.ERATUS. -10 casks, by June 19. J. & J. PEC K & Co. pONGRESS WATER, just received a fresh v supply olUongruss wa'.er, and for sale bv May 20. GLO. PLTURSON. WOOL received in exchange lur Broadcloili and other Goods ut my Siore at W'inoo,l;i village July 10, 1810. SIDNF.Y BARLOW. BONNETS. Tuscan nud Fugli-h straw Utaniels of the latest fashions, just re'-eivol and for sale cheap by r. iJUULlfl l.t, pOIlN BROOMS& PAlLSlUOdoi. corn brooms y 50 doz. paleul Pails, June 19. J. & J. H. Peck ti Co, 50 UOSTON N. K. RU.U. Hhds. Gardiner Brewers, bv June 19. J. it J U. PECK & Co. HORSE HAY RAKES, by J. ik J. II. PKCK, &. CO. Sll(;i.t;S. 100 M. July 10. J. i .1. II." PLCK & Co. TlRUfSS AND MI-.DICINI U ree'dby June 19. A larie snui-lv nut J. it J. II. PECK stCo. IAIRBANK'S SCALFS, bv July 10. J. 3 & J. H. PF.CX it Co. II.OUR. Troy, Ohio and Miehiirju, constantly . receivim: by ' J. & J. H. Pecic & .'o. 30 kegs ping Tobi TOUACCO. a ceo. 10 boxes Cavendish do GO packages sheep do 2000 lbs. U-af do. do. l.y J. 61 J. H. PLCK it Co. 1000 SHERMAN'S POOR MAX'S PLASTER. The lel strengthening pla-tcr in the workl, ami a sovereign remedy ft r pain or weakness in the back, loins, side, l.rea.t, nek, limbs, joints, rhe.imntisin, liuubago, iVc.iVe. One million u year will not supply the demand. They require a little warming before ap plication, tt arranlcti .superior 10 an outers, ami ior one quarter llie usual price, making noi only llie be-t, but the ehcape.-t piaster in lite worm, it allows reuci in u few hours, ami makes astonishing eurts. In liver complaint and dyspepsia, it should Le worn oyer the region 01 uie liver or siuinacii, auu 11 win .uiorti (jisjai and astonishing relief. In couglis,colts, asthma, dial-t-ul t j- of brealliinir, oppression of ihe ehet or slomach, nicy win imuietiiuiciy sootu, auu gicuuy 1 euciii uie patient. Persons of sedenlury habits, or iho-u obliged to slaml lunch, will receive decided support from one of tlide truly, strengthening plaster.. Physician1 fien erall reconiincnd them, in preference to all others,re- came they stick or O'lhcre I etter and a lord grcalcr relief, lu their operation they are stimulant, ionic, nnd anodyne. They are composed of entirely dilerent ir.ereJiciitsti-om unv o tier : unu Known irom uie ex perience of millions,' who have mcl them, as well a Ihe united testimony, ot all the celebrated and iiistm gished clergy anil physicians, to I e the most Useful and highly medicated plaster, ever invented or ol.'crcd to the puli'ic. Several persuns have called at tho ware ho i-e to express their surpri-e ami thanks al the almost iniraenlotis cures these plasters have edected. uneman win) nan been so niiucieu wuu ncuuiaiiiu; a to be unable to drc himclf without aitaiicc. wa cnal let! after wearing one, only one night to get 111 nlons in the morning, nut on his clothes and call al our ollirc with eye. 1 earning wilhjoy and his tongue pouring lorlli llie gimmes ot 111s neart, ai the iniden nnd signal relief lie had received from this I est of all remedies. Ask- for Dr. Sherman's Poor Man's i'ia!er. It is so called, becnne the price places il in tho power of all to purchase, 1 eing only 12 J els. So'd at the va riety store by PANGBOHN it BRINSMAID, jeweuers, iiiiningion, 1. NKW SCHOOL ;i-:0(Jit AIMIY AND ATLAS WITH OIJTL1NK MAPS, by S. Augus tus Mitchell. The author 01 the al ove works has I een professionally devoted lo the science of Geo'y and ihe niibli'shing of Maps, during many year.- ami his former production-, especially his Map ol the World lor Academics, bear nmpie tetiinonony 01 11 is abun dant resources, upon which he has so literally drawn. in producing the above school works. The following TMPORTANT TO MOTHERS A YOUNG JL EEMAliES. Docts. Ubv.nolds it Pahmeley's celebrated PILLS, or HF.ALTH UKSTOIUTIVK for complaints peculiarity incident to the Female Sex. I This article is now brought before the public, under sanction of tho strongest testimony, from thoao who have alike used it, and also witnessed its unequalled powers, in tho removal ol Female obstructions of the most aggravated and desperate character. These testimonials are noi orougiu iroin 1110 igiioruni auu illiterate but from Physicians nnd other Scientific Persons, who have tested its great virtues, and now recommend it in their practice and lend lo it thu sanc tion ol their names, it is not intended as many medi cines generally nro lor all the varieties ol disease, which it is the lot to suffer under. But it is intended, simply for one class of complaints, and those only re lating to 0110 sex. Tlu so being of rather a delicate na ture, there would he more thutian ordidarv dcL'rce of diffidence in coining with this article before the public were it not the tact that thousands are continually passing from the stage of notion, victims to disease, which this medicine has never failed to prevent or cure. Such has been tho provision of "Valine, that nearly nil the complaints ofl-cnmlcs, are connected in Kome degrc.0. with the habits allied to their sex. And many can bear witness, wheie a mere cold at a par ticular stage, has produced checks, lhal the hand of Science and Skill, never has been able to dispel or alleviate. At first, the irregularity and suppression of the natural habits produces 110 ery 3181111111"; symp toms, and is treated Generally with nculcct. And proper attention is procrastinated until the hollow eye, sallow complexion and grcnt bodily debility indicate that cither rapid consumption, or some otner latal disease has fastened its resistless grasp on the sufferer which soon terminates existence, bv n lingering but certain dentil. For complaints inet itably productive of such results this invaluable mcdicineis now brought before tlio public. It invariably removes obstructions and regulates a too pvofiwe tnonstruration, nnd cures by its uncqunllc-u qualities, all iho variety 01 derange ment connected with the Female habit. The eminent nnd distinguished Doct. J. Moriison. who has prac Used medicine nt Onuida. N. 1 ork. with the most pig nal suecss for 20 years, pays "It is the best medicine now in ute. In cases of retention, or suprcss'ion of the Menses, 1 think it will sustain tlio nppelalion ot a specific. I have tried it in tho worst cases with niost udnurnlile success, nnd 1 wish lor the good 01 sultering Females, that nil physicians would introduce it in their practice, ns I bavo fuuntl it answers beyond my most sanguine- expectations." In its effect it is "kind may bo taken without tho least inconvenience, ns it is not cathartic, hut tonic anil aperient. For ample par titulars respecting its efficiency, certificated of Pysi cians who bavo witnessed its effects', nnd of others, who have been most signally benefited nnd restored by its virtues reference is now offered to ihn pam phlets accompanying Ihn medicine, nnd to the more particular evidences, in the hands of tho subscriber, Sole Agent for the S'ew Kiviland Slates. KDWAUD BRINLF.Y, Wholcsalo Dealer in Drugs, Medicines, Paints nnd Dyo Stiifi's, No. 3 it -I south sidcold Fancuil Hall. So ilhgau'-Chcster. Plinicas O Sargcnl-W intlor, S. W. Hubbard K. Potiliney Hiekok & ":rr Commons, Samuel Kverts Wilmington, A. ' t liilds " ln., ",, ln.. Mill Ji rein 0 1 Wiliem 61. Johnsbury Luther Jewell- Wcion Juhny iuer Walerbiirv Per-ons Lyoni Moiitpoher-W jlliam Clarke Ludlow John Dunbnr nnd Co. Reading Wood ct Merrill-HarlfordJ P. Strong & Co. llnxter & Newton Barnard J. II. Dan. o?l -Rochet ion sndSon-Guilfore-Phdip Marlin-lla ,f.,xJ. C. Htonu & Co. Westminster -Aaron lliuheock Wea?hertr.e!.URaily Barllell-Harllaud-Cotlou & I'ramblc-Fnirfax. Hnmptoii LovcRrnvu. .UiUUvf lbs. dry whim ial JOO casks ground do do 15 bids. Venetian 10 casks Krench yullow in I I I. ..,,...;.... I ,...,! CHI. iK do stnirilH Tiirnnnflne Copat Varnish, Hold Leaf, Sand paper, Smnllf, r tubes, Glnc, Oum Copal, by J, tt J. 11. Pre & Co. rWH) THE IIALl).HI.AIi:ii OTHERS JL Doca any know a neitjhbur or fiienil lio has been Bald, and whose head ia ntiw roteied wilh fine Iuir7 One hIioih ronl collar was covered wilh dan druff, though bm.lit-d every hour which lias now van ished rntitelj I Or one whose haira nt euily ngn wcie luming Riey, who now has 1101 a grej hair? Children whose head Hern coteietl with arnif, whine hail would mil grow, lhal are uuw (;rti iiis the fulleM ciopa nf bair I Some cases inusl be kttoini lu mtiii peiKim. Ak iheui ilierauic, and jou will lie mid lhal ilu-ss diingi havo hern dune hy the ui of iho Balm of Co lumbia, Of '20 scars i-iowili 1 ibis article, lis de il incic-iiinx iiiiiin.illy .oitic biintli t-tl per c ill. ihoiih tvliru discuti-ri-il not nppuri-tl by aujiliiiu! fur iho aaine purpusp, now .i.s.tilrd by allium uiuuht-rlt-'t uiiirhroon 111 ions uill niiii llie hair if used lo mi) extent. Can more than ihete facis he wanted refer lo Ihe rcruinuu-ntlailtina hy 11 b.t ofnaiurii uf icsprniu. biliiy, uiirqiMlled by any oilier article, l.nuk lo these ihinua buy iltia article. Stay and prterte tour hair hy ila me, or if bald realnro It. Laiiica, Hllcnd to 1I1U Iiuiithi-ila in fahloniihte life nre ming It aa ihe only iilicle icall) Cl fur Ihe (oilel. i.nni nair is teiy api 1-1 bill out. Milieu, use ine 11 urn i .-iioiuinoi umc 11 aaie tmiraeSea the ihanraro ol halilnf." by nrglccl ..I .!. It ii iniir dutv. ua lopie- firte llm beautlea of nnluif, tiilli which a bnuuiifiil Citatoi has entluwed you i use the Unmi.ior 11 win uu 11. PAIIi'lfiN i'O UF. Itl'iMKMIIF.IILD. Sn-eial iiini flagranl nlieinpia hate been inula lo , .1. "11..1.. r p.!,,,..! s!...iih .r ilu. t-"" Cll IIIBIIIItl IIW'I Ul iiupnaleiiliavegtitie so far na in cotnilcrfeil the sptfil did wiBiiLm. und 1 tm h'nlla nf Nniiaia, nnd etpiv eK lernal in-Ui t-xcepi ihe iikiiih of Coinainck, lilch iliey dare inn i'"te, To at mil iinpuui'ina uicit-lure, ul waia look fo. 1 lie immft of Coniilor.k U Cu, or L. 8 Cnmelock, am. never buy the article untcii it Itai lhal name iiptiu il ild wholesale and mail, only al Mo exiract of the Oeo'v and Alia-. 1 from n joint recotn mi-nilation of tho Teachers in theeily of New York. "Their merit- nre numerous the doiinitious remark- nbly plain andeoncikc, Tliocxereisesnreeopions nm! important, unu tueuescripiivu isliiniinoiis ami correct The divisions of the American continent, nie renre ten led niul de-seril etl as they really exist nt llie present time. And tho gross misstatements ccnerally lountl in sCilool geographies are corns -led. The typographi cal execution is tin commonly neat and distinct,' indcisl uie anas 1 n iiichici 01 uie kinti, ami nctually ircm ...!ili (.nriry.ijyn," Tli ."'jlfni Maps are ptvnlinrjy i-a cu aiisuo exerc cinu siuneiH 1 11 s ut v. ami 10 fill up at his leisure. For sale by C. GOODRICH. SPERM OIL. gallons winter Si.erm Od. 2000 do. fall do. do. 1500 do refined do. June 7. J. sc J. H. PLCrT Co. 45 OILS. bbls. American Linseed Oil, 10 Tierces fall sperm do 5 do winter do do 35 bbls. refined do do J.& J-II. Pick it Co. Kf prs. Ladies col'd. and black French Slips, 20 do do. (loiter Boots, 9nilllMi9.Psir.nlM Sill.!. 50 do (tent's Pumps, 2 eases Men's noal Boot. Burlington, July 11. H. C. STI.MSON. 5000 Ten TIN WARE. 'en nuart Pans. .t.'.flll si-c ,ln ,1,, "30(1 liailsnssnrtei si7is. Inoi.tln.p wilt, n l-ir unu m-iiemi norimi-ui 01 an Kinti 01 wait, now 011 uaniinnii inrsaie bv June 10. ii.a, booms it L 8000 SALT. hush, solar Sail 3000 do .-team do do line tin tlo Turk Island do bbls. fine do do dairy do do coarse do DEWEY'S Patent Sprlng-Tooth Horscltakc. Thu Wire Tooth Horso-Rake, which has bueti used with so much satisfaction during the last two haying seasons in the counlics of llutlaml, Addison and Buiitiin'ton, Vt. and Washington. N, V. will bo kept for salo the present season by'STRONdS Ac. Co. Burlington. These rnkes arc adapted to all niciidowsi thuy are f asily tended, nnd do thu wotk faster and hotter than any other Horse Hake in use. It is found by experience, lhal tlio cxpenso of raking hay with tho Spring Tooth Horse-Ilnke is only about onu quarter as much ns tho common methed of rakinr; with htuid-rakes, besides securing thehnyin bolter or der. Some farmers who bavo lorrm meadows, cstl. 111am inu us'j 01 one raitolast liny season al lorty to fifty dollars. DAVID DEWCY. Palenteo. July 1, 1810. NKW GOODS. Wo are pleased lo inform our customers and friends that wo have iust returned from New York with a lino assortment of ?futv Hoods in the various departments uf our trade; no pains have been tmarcd 111 selecting oood articles, and such ns will meet thu approbation of persons of tasto. We have (hesido very many oilier things which must re main, Watches, Cold and Silver, price and quality to suit customers ; Pins, some beau- tilul cameos, lancy i.iiameilcit, und stone rms, lungs, various patterns ninety Kings best quality ol Oold i Shell Card Case, inlaid nnd plain, tt-r) pretty ones, Fugli-h Pencils, very heavy and beautiful finished ; Fancy Boxes, very pretty for presents, soveral kinds. Canes, many very handsome and some very sirring. Slocks, A. 5'o. 1. various Patterns. Shell, and Ivory Combs, something ncic in this lino. Shell, Buffulo Horn, ivory nud other new dressing Combs; Uruslies, very nice nnd now pattern!, bust quality. Preston Salts in beautiful bottles various patterns; Peifuiuery, Knirlish, French and Anieiican. Guitars, Drums, and other Musical Instruments; Hearts, Crosses and Jet Ornaments for IhoiSccU, Golden and Coral Biacelets. Gold Neck Chains same length of Gold Hced-t; Silver, Butter and Fruit Knives ;, Ivory and Shell, fancy Hoxes; liosoms, Suspenders and Collars fine kinds; Klastics, s-niiu very nice ones. Curds, nil sizes of fine quality. Wo can scarcely give n general oullinn of the new goods now being opened and nr ranged at the Variety Store, but would whilst we ex press thanks to our numerous friends and customers for the liberulity with vv Inch they havo seconded our tdlbrts to make our assortment what it is; just nicn- hm that our asortment va3 never mora complete, wo rave not only iho usual variety, but havo added nisnv new and hamlsoineartielos, to which wo arc making additions nlmost trery xcctk. Pleao enquire for uootls wanted as very many 01 our articles are not 111 sight. Remember the Variety Stole. AUg. 21. l'A.UliUl..N it liltt.NSJlAlU. NEW GOODS, now opening j uu additional assortment of vnriout kind of goods, amejng them are Meztlimo Brushes, Satin Bead Head Bands, Sar.iapariila bozenge.. Accordeon books, exiract of llergumot, brisjol boanl,grocn Spectae es, Castors, new silver poclel Combs, Cagle Bell Plates, etc. ALSO, a good assortment of trimmed and iilnm tffiu Satin aurl l.iiiul a2ine4:loul.s ; lliiu summer Slocks, lie'd and plain some wilh bfiv.-s very nice audlieht for warm weath er) we have uUo very narrow 'Stocks, suitable for boys or men. Also, long sioci-s fljr ti,uso wn0 ),av large Nee-ts, in u word o-ir assortment of Stocks, Col lar, und Bo-onis is t cry complete. For further par ticulars pleae call at the Variety Si ore. June 1 1. Panoccun Ik Hrus-MAin. PANCiUORN Si MR1NS.MA11), of tho Variety stoic, aie olieriiig u rieal variety cf Watches, Clock. Jewelry, Perfumery. Musical Instruments, Curls, Card, Picture., Soap,uair Oil. Razor. Kiu'vc.. Scissors, Canes, Slocks, Cai), drawing materials, wil low Wargons, Chairs and CraJlo.j Castor, Pencils. Tea uud t'oi'ec Pot and Urns; silver ware, plaid Ware, Limp Wicks and Classe., Collars and Uosoms, StHponder, Swords and PiMoN,Tliermouicter-,Station ery. Ink", Court Piaster; Dolls, Dug?, pocket Book and a great variety of fancy arneles to supply iho wauls and minister to the izrnlitication of llie notional and all who eall-at the Variety store ; wo are m "Ap ple lie order ready to uiiswer order or return call at the variety store, PANGac-iiN & Buiu-maid. Ii Y3IAN A: COL13 have recciytxl their usual GOODS, embracing n leaiiifiil variety of goods for ladies summer drcs.-es ; ri-h Fmrlish and eotcli Ging ham., India iuulin a Mipenuraiticlu for whiledresses: Jaconet eambric, a great ussortment of barred ami clie-.-kere.l ('ami r:c, priuiel Lawn, inouruinif do. prin ted omul no ami i- rcncli .uuun. .n exlenive assort meiil of American Calicoes cheaper than ever. A few l'ngli-h un.1 French do. SILKS. A small assortment cf Rich silks, incluilins black, blue black, colore-d audslriped. Bamiaua H'd'fi Pongee, Crimson, white sili; tlo. Ili'k Italian Cravats, (leiule-meu's col'd and black kid Gloves, do col'd, black and white silk glove-, do. Berlin, Lisle Thread, Linen auJ cotton gloves. A good assortment of Hosiery, verv cheap. L'ml rcllaV and Parasols. Thin Boots ami Shoe-, id Tiesaue, slips, DOMKST1C (iOODS. Merrimack cottons, Davis ville tlo 5-1. Cotton Slico'.inu', Shirting, Ticking, col'd Cambrics' Yarn, Thread, an 1 Knitting Cotton. S.i perliiie LcngCimlnand blench cotton. York Mixtures oir,pe-s, i-Tiiis est. irisu l.iucu, ouiruti auu ouci-tiiii; Dianer anil Crnb. TAILOR'S TRIMMINGS. Including sewiW Silk, 1 wist, I bread, t'.iddine, canva-s, sleeve-lining, Lrown linen. Bullous. Bindiuir. VI&TINU. White lie'd Mersails, Valeulia, fiVtlreJ Satin, if. Gauze, and rich ehally fnnoy H'dl,')-. A ereiit variety of other DRY GOODS which comprise a verv extensive assortment, and are oilerod at astouih- imi'lovv piiVes. La lie. and Geiilleiueu are invited to eilland examine qualiiie and prices. June 4. NKW SHELT IRON, COPPER cc TIN WARfi iisTABLlSHMLN'r. The biibserilr, late oftha firm of Starr iSt Bostviek, having purchased and ro moved toil.e Store la'ely oe-cupieu by Strongs & Co., easl side of thu Court House Square, one door north of Ihe Log Cabin, is uuw ready to do all kinds of work that thu p illiciyisLt in bis line of business, such a covering root', with tin, making nnd pulling up cavo troughs and spools. All iciinls oi 1 ill, sliecl Iron arja Cupper Ware will 1 o kept on baud, and for sale at at low prices as can be found iu thw Stale. Sheet Zinc, Copper Pumps, Load Pipe, and all other articles iu thu Hue OI our ousuicss t.vpi 011 uatiti. r ur euuapuass 01 price und neatness, of execution, mv work will not bu excelled by any 111 tho state. Il you wish for anything in the above hue, before you ItaJo bo sure and call upou Ii. II. BOSTWICK. u.irnngton, Jiuy, ism. B 1500 1000 1000 100 250 200 sucks dairy do by J. it J. H. PLCK ctCo. Of infi Nal. ISrniU it Anici'lcaii Iron. UUU kegs Nail from 3d lo COM 250 do Brads from Ca lo20a Ilore shoe Iron Scroll nud Hame tlo nil sizes Band Iron from 1 to t inch Round do do j to H do Square do 5 C to 3 do J. & J. II. Peck ct Co., June 19. Acents for Keeseville Maiiufaci tring Co 1 flH FARMING UTENSIL!. 1UU dcz. Rakes, 50 do Hay Forks, 15 do Manure Forks, 50 do Hoes CO do scythe Snathes 75 do cai and German steel Pcyllies, cradle Scylhes, Sickles, Plo-.i'.-h-, and PIoiil-Ii castings by Burlington, June 10. J. it J. H. Pi'.tK ct Co, ork Wheeling, Shirting, Prints, .fee. 0J laIe.s-t-1 Lrown sheeting, 5 do j do shirting, 10 tlo Ticking, 3 cntes d-1 bleach Sheeting, 10 tlo American Prints, for sale bv June 10 VILAS, LOOMIS nnd Co. A LSO.M OF L1VF.HWORT for Consutniition, DVfiiepsia, Asthma, and all dise-a'.es ot Ihe Lung nnd Liver. These di-eu-o prevail to u great I'xlent, crealing muclidislresaii'l somefumlily. All these ran la! reinediod bv llie use of Dr. Taylor's BiIom cf Liverwort. Tiii ine.lie.'ue is purnly Vegilal le, nnd from its peculiar action upon the Liver I a'vvaya found a ra-lis-al remedy f'tir ihee di-ea-e. For Females and men 111 a very weal; s'alc, no medicine enn be so tfra'cfitl a restorative, as it not only strengthens, but purities and civc. a healthy action 10 the whole sys tem. Constantly lor sii'eby N. LOVT'LY it Co. who bavo uist received a (10-11 s'ip.ilj- ol seasonal le Good; liom New York, all very elii-ap' for cash. Biirlmaion, July 30, l5l0. SMfl-'I-' only ttventy-five jents. Dr. M Ilitchcock'a newly invented .Siiulf, tke best arti cle ever discovered by sciciililie mtn, in Ktirope or Ame-ucu, for the cure anil absolute relief of Catarrh, Dizziness of the Head, Weak Eye, Nervous Head aches,, Fnllcn Sickness, Fits, anil Infants troubled with Snullles. narfnl shocks of Palsv. etc For sale. wholcsaleand retail, by A. HITCHCOCK it Co., sole Proprietor, No. 117 Genesee st. I'tica. and by their agenis inrouffiioui 1110 e. iituii. 111 uuriiiiciou, j. cv J. II. Peck it Co. in ergenncs, by J.1L liovvinau 111 .Milton, by iiurnoti iv. sawyer, 111 ueorgia, by Lo renzo Janes. TTAIR1 IIAIT BOSTON ami TROY IRON COMPANY.-The public nru hereby notified, ihat thu business ot casting in every branch nnd variety, i. done lo order, on the shortest notice, at Troy, Vt, Tlieeoinpnny have much enlarged their foundry, nnd are now prepared to do till kinds of work done nt any (n-iiulry in the country. Mill-gearing, Pot Ah Kelllcs, Sliiye-, rioiign?, rtxietreo-, cc",, on nauti, or lurnif he.l to order. All who vvi.h in contract for stove nlate. or to nor. chase a largo quantity of hollow-ware, for the purpose 01 remiiiug, win 1 e iiirniiiin ai w uoiivaie price. anil nil who may favor us with llieir eallsor ( rlers, will I e dealt by as III erally as atony establishment in llie country. Orders slu-ild I o addressed lo K. R. Cross man, Siipcrintciidani. or A. Young, Agent, Troy, Vt, 1 secure uu eauy repiv, aim jirouqn aueillion. Troy, Vt., Juno 1810. jy;9 JtnrlliiRtuii Dyo House. ut s Aits nr. i.n. silk, woollfn and CO'lTON DY1CR respesifnlly informs the inhabininu of Ilurlinslon and the neighboring towns, thai he Ins taken n prciimus In Wnter-sl. one door south of D. Uavis'Store nud will commence dying nnd linishingin thu l-ett manner, tho loliowmg gotslsi liroatlctollis, i.-nMmcres, uew Alcnnocs, Jjathcs sill; anil Merino Drc.scs, Shawl, Hosiery, silk nnd cotton Velvet, Gentlemen's coals, clonks uud Vests dyed nnd finished nearly equal to new, without ripping. Broad eolh, nlk, woollen Mention goods, dyed in iho must ii-rinnnenl colors, if wanted fur merchants and manti ruciurers. on reasonoblo terms. Also worstis). sl.ein cotton, andskt .n silk dyeilin tho mo t splendid color.-. Ho has employed a celebrated I's-er and color maker, Oorwrims .Moi.unt. Mr. Molony was employed ns siipcrinteiidtnl in some 01 111c wrgcsi oyingesinuusu mcnts. in Great Brilnin nnd America. Thu public may ilcnroiil nn i n i-in iliuir ortfers ctrcittetl in iho lies! 2 Fleicher in., N. Y. and b Pahsbohn nd manner and wnh all possible elespalch. m IIbihimaiu Uuilipyoo, Vi, Jol' Uuilington, July 15,181P, CONSUMPTION 1 No person can have nn ado niiaio idea of tho astonishing relief which Dr. Rclfe's Asthinalio or Consumptive Pills give, in Con sumption, Cough, ColdaWsthma. difficulty of breath ing, Wheezing, liuhtncss'bf ihe Cliest, Pain iu iho side, spitting of blood, itc. A lair trial only is necessary to convince persons eutlcrina from tlicse complaints that ibis is 0110 of the most valuable medicines yetdis covered nnd this is thu testimony of relieved patients. Cases. A ircntlcinan. of this ncii'hborhood. recently observed to tho proprietor, that he believed these pills had kept him nlivn for I'm last two years. Many others give similar testimony. A letter slates ..... Asthmatic Pills givosuch astonishing relief in cases of Cough, Common Colds, itc. as no 0110 can believe, unless thoy make tho trial." Imporlnnt testimony. "There has been, (writes nn urgent) an unusunl cnll this winter for Itcfo's Asthmatic Pills. Applicants pronounce thoni a valuablo medicine, nnd say iliey cannot find n substitute" A young Lndy Wns ihrio years alllictc4 wilh n violent cough, pain in, tho side, spitting of blood, and disturbed rest nt nipht and was restored to perfect health hy Inking two boxes. A enso of Astlima-Of thirty years stnndinp, was cured by thoso Pills. A Gentleman W lm had been lor years niiucieu wuu -iuiui . .Uh4i., ) " lircntlling, CVC. wnaitiuu 11, iii.rv ,,.,., . .... An Agent writes "Your Relfe's Aslhmalte Pills.1 imin credit daily." A Phvsicnn writes. After nil oihcr medicines havo failed to c'tvo relief in consump tion oases, I havo found tho 'Rclfe's Asthmatic Pills' most excellent I1 Hxlrnct "sscvcrnl persons nllhctcd with lung complaints, in various stages of ihn duoasc, aficr iryuigcvery thing else, havo used thoso Pills wilh Iho most happy pucccbs." A Itcmarkahlo Cnsn. A lady who wns given over ns past recovery, niul her dcnlh daily expected, wns raised from what was ex pected would be hor death bed, nnd from iho hordors of tho grave, by thebo Pills and declared her wish that sho could proclaim to tho worth of this invnlua lilo medicine. Such nro ihe valuablo properties of theso Pills in Coughs, Colds, Asdhmn. Difficulties of Breathing, Hoarscncs, Wheezing Spitting of Blond nnd complaints of tho Lunqgcnnally, that ntinirrnus persons relieve from ihrso complaints, Pronounce this tho best medicine they ever met with, Common colds removed in n few hours. Price SI for whole boxes of 30 Pills, and r0 cents Tor half JJoxcs of 12 Pills. k2 Prepared by T. KIDDIvIt, polo proprietor nnd successor to Dr. Conway nnd may bo had nt his 100 GROCERIES. ches's votintr Hvson Ten, 10 00 iiysrnKin, ue. 20 1-ncs pepper, 20 do Pimento, 10 do Co'Ice 50 boxes Pipes 100 do IkirSrap 200 do Raisins 50 kegs do 10 do Pure ginger 400 MbIm Cnssin ci !., tlmrv Hnll.nul Gin. SicnrllP Brnndv. l!al limo'ip Gin, American Brandy, Clmmpaiirne. llrown and Pale Sherry, .uai'eira nnu oieuy .unueirn, ar seills Madeira nnd Malaga Wines, by junu 7. J. ct J. IL PLCK &Co. mn IIVK STUFFS IUU bbls. Cam Wood 200 do Log WoexISi. Dominno 250 do Log W oodCanpea;.j' 250 do Fustic 200 do Nicaragua d0 do Alum 25 do Blue Vitriol 30 do Madder 50 earlnvs Oil ilriol Mnrialio Acid, Anna Forli, Nitric A'id, Carcitmn, arWood, Peach Wootl, Q'ier Citron, Spanish it ami ix ncai inn go, i.ui: kji-, .-uu s.....r, , .s.- s. Jacks, Tenter Hooks, ( reaniT armr sutl Agal .. IU. bv J. it J. II. PLCK it Co. Bar W Flotant Paper June I'J counting room, 09 Court. ul. up Btairs, nrar Concert Hall, Huston, nnd niso of J, CO. Ilurlin(.'ion, Vermont. None Pennine, unless sinned T. Kinnr.a nn tho outfidcpiinten wiapper. Lsuxo tUswunt todealcr?, WUJi YOU1IKSIIAVD nt Loney's nu DrcsnngRoom. I, Lonev llie iiudersisnisl, would Now infei.n tho pnl lie kind, That having left church Hreef, In Howard's. Hotel cnu lefo ind. Ho will not boal hi harl cr skill, As llu's the public leng hnve known, But I ess to ask their cistom still, For diligence he yields to none. When Im thai would unto his fucn And head have sterling justico done, Pray don't initlaknlhn proper place, lint call upon Icem Lokkt. P, S. Clolhcscatcfully eleauenl to order. Perfum crv of all kinds e-onstantlv on hnml nnd for sale. Burlington, July )0, Hi 10. llOOTS, SHOKS et The subscriber hnv'uirr tnkrn ihn stnin formcrlv occupied bv Messrs. Hishon ,f. Whipple, isnow opening a concrnl nss-nrtinrntof Hoots. Shoes and Leather, which have all been bought for cash nnd will be told for tho eame nt the lowest prices, and as ihe'ariiclrs are too ii'iiner ous to mention in nn advcrtiscmcnl, edlhoiifih Mr Sta cy has enlarged his paper. 1 would nmnly mvitc all to call and cxaniino the coods and pricos before purchns- inSwMly J. 1810.HKNUY C. STIMsSON, by B. J. SiiHoatf, AstnU - Tt.VliDX IMS. Impor. tnnt Discovery Ilu; 5rc;il Mystt-ry found out at last DR. STKRRY'S II A HI RF.GF.NE- IIVTOU. Dr. Stcrry, nfter much attention to the important subject of prescrvin' tho hair, has, after many experiments chemical and j hysical been ablo to discover and nrticlc which is nowotlcrcd with tho grcatc-d confidence for the toilet as tlio best ihingcter discovered, tor, lor itssoflcninganu penetrating quality to produce a rrood Head ot hair tn pievcnt it lrom fal inn oil' when Inldness is apprehended to rcstoic it when baldness tins tnk;n place, and to prevtni it trnnt turiiing;;rny. it 11 is more noimshmij lhan po lii'ituni, nntinuc oil, or Coloirno water. It is a benuti ful nniclo for ladirs cutis it makes tho hair soft and lively, nud produces uncommon brilliancy. Thous anils have tested its sujicrior viitucs nnd excellence, ami 111 every instance u siantis tinrivaurn. 11 is an infallible cure in all affection- of tho sin on tho head ns dntidrtm, &c. eve. hvcry family fIioum be sup phed with a hotilcof this oil, that bv it nppiicntion tothohcadandhairofrhtldicn. ihobeautifu nnd or namcntal nppcndngr of a lino head of hnic, which na ture has supplied us may ho preserved. From iho nnmcrnus corinicaics win ireuiniiiLiiuatiuiir. huiu-j of its s-ilutnry mllucnrc, tho Doctor leci lirmty per ,,n,in,i i,rstir,i iii nrodiicina nn srtic o which will lileil Itiu ill nil til svisltcs nnu niproiiii'jii cu uie rpo THE l'UULIC. In ollering this Edition of A Smith's Geography and Atlas to tho public, thta ruuiisuers invito aueuuou iu wiu luuuwuig aucuuuns and improvements. Tlio Geography has boon carefully revised and en larged, is illustrated by about thirty additional Cuts, and is perfectly adaptudlu all its parts to tho navf .Maps. Tho cntiro text of tho hook has, (at much exponso,) been thrown into uniform lartre ttrvt which we foci confident regarded as a very decided impro vement. The tables appended to the Book woro mado up with care, und contain much valuablo information in a comicnaeti form. The names and length of tho principal Canals and Had Roads (finished and in pro gress) arc given, and tlio places connected ; also a complete list of the Colleges, Law and Medical sxuuuuis, 1 uuuu!i:ai sie-iuiuai ilia auu iie-uiuus uu nomuiaiions of mo United States, tho reigning Sov ereigns of Lurode, Ac. An new Atlas accompanies tho Book, con taining eighteen very superior Maps, mostly drawn expresily tor this work troni original surveys and th most authentic sources, and embraces much valuable) information not to be found in any similar work. Our own country has received special attention. Th huh noatjs, .uanais, navigation 01 reivers anu receui changes, areall carefully marked, and many counties are shown which do not appear in any other Alias. Among the peculiarities of this work may be lncntion td iho plan of shovvina the population of States ami Countries in round numbers on tho face of thu Maps. The navigation of Rivers for Ships, Steamboats, sloops, eve., is suown oy placing iu me neaei oi na vigation the appropriate characters for each. The Map ami Cliai t of the World combined (on an enure new plan, showing at one view tho Natural and t'ohltcal Uivisions 01 the e.ione, me hxient, ropuia tion. Religion. Form of Government ami Stato of Civilization of each Country,) has attracted much at tention, and is considered a great improvement upon anv thing heretofore attempted in thu form of a Chart ashore all are shown nt a single glance, nnd tho ra Intions they su9iain to each other. Wo would abo solicit attention to the remarkable distinctness anil ease wilh which every name on the Map may bo redd ns well as to tho very superior slvlo and execution of the work in other respects, 'iho Uucstions nt thu close of the Book are important, and will bo found very convenient for a General Review. ' s;i r.nixr; .t- KTnnn.. Harl ford Connecticut. For Btlo bv SAMUEL HUNTINGTON. Bur- lington, Yt. and by tho Princial Booksellers ia th united siatcs. Burlington, July 3d, 1340. 8 A U I IIOWAHD, of the Cheap cash sure, nrrivtxl home from New York la-t even in? by ilic splendid s'eatner Whitehall, D. Lyon Capt. and l-roueht Willi mm nnaiwmonii supply 01 uorxi. wiucii with his) two former purchases of lln seaon make thcawirtmrnt allcgethcr one of the most ileirab!u to seleel fruin of any lhal he has heretofore had fur tha last ciglitten jrsr-, and is of the following kinds, vu : rich, fashirma'ile, fancy ami staple articles in every lepatinunt tiflhe Dry t'ioodline, such as Broa.lcloths, Ctissinieref, Vr-simo, .Mousrhne de laine, Chally-, S.iks, Homlazint", C.ilice es, Linen', Muslins, Lnces, Rib! on.-. Lmbrideries, Hosiery Oloves, Fan, Um brellas, Parasollf, etc, wilh a full supply ofl-'lorcno and Sirnvv lloniils, and Millenary Goods, also, Car-ni-nnes. Mniiincs. Barer Ilnncinirs. Shoe antl Halt r'kin (i mi- is -n ren cnisli warc aml Ho-icfiirnilnnir department is in acconlanco wilh ihei.lhcr 'locks on nanti, me variety en inniy nr liiio, so- h as Toy-, Jt-wilry, Coml s, Curl', Confec lionarv,e'c. !e., whuh fill. one hundred (Vet eifsliov c.-i.e iii lenih cn his co-in'ers is inniimernl le. Ths Dome ami piciuro gallery is icaulilully arranceil for elubllc. For salo wholesale nnu remu uy A. ill ivii- 1110'cvwsriM. s-1 'ttts.iij uveu ipr COCK it Co. 117 GenrecH. I'licn, N'. Y. In l!uL-Il4ft?.'s"s.upplv r.f superior family (reverie bnnxl upon J. II. PKCK & fo. .Yeine-, ilieSMl'of Life, Hevhoster eily Mill Flour, make his i,i. 1 11 llmvinmi. In M;i"'--V;-.mrnrt T.. Snw. (ir.iml Baznsr fliean cali slorc, cine of the nio-t fasci- ycr. In GeorHin, by Lor'.izo Jnncs. rini-: lion' of Tin; day. no cfrio no I PAYI -rti.. rtriiutiic old Dulclt or fitr- mun' Vccelable rilK Hiahlv rct-oninieiuletl 1 y Doct. Yalenlinit .Moti, M. D. of N. Y and oilier.. These are ihe order- ! Any one that dee. not find re lief from lheo pills tlio price is reiui''csi i.tcu, incu aro the positive order of ihe Proprietor to nrcnls and alien. In o'Vringlbf f pills 10 ilic pul lie, 1 appeal lo their intelligence. If these pits nie not what they recoinnienilisl, yon are in doty I mind cut t-f re- peel in yourself nn community to ri'iccl them, nn-' pnbll'h Ihem to iho world ns rin imposition, litimbui nnd qnnckcrv, Tlio pul lie may leassnretl ihiy nre ptue'y vi'uetnl Ir, they nre cnm,iti-isJ of nmo invris'ini, pari nt iho medicine is only found in Asia on l in tlio vnl oy of Germany. For convenience lhc e extracts aro mn'lo inlo pills and vvi'l I e found a sure euro or re lief lor all billiius complaint, yellow nnd billin is fevers, fever ami a-rue, jaundice, searlfi ra h, hlltons cholio tlf.pepsin, tf. It i n d pro'eivltvl tint ihis molicineik a cure fur all discacs to which Iho human sv'sicm is hallo. Ten ihtu'and useless c'orls luivo 1 een made lo draw from the regions ot unknown fancy soino lonq-sptm theory of ma-io nrl, which woulil (mo each and every nise.i e, iiood nitsncino is nm fountlm iho fueor vvhir'wunl, llcahh anil happiness Ii.iiil' iitiiin t-hntw-.. u-itvlsiimr i.s tho hernld o( Ir.ttli. The past nt least is soivire; they have Hlrsudy raiusl a monument nt their ijreatness wnirn win ueiy uu coriOshngtooih r.f nine. Noiu-cnn I etleii uno without n wrapper und directions on each box on which my name is written nt length. Soltl whoWe and tetnil by the subscrilvrnt (lien's I-alls, I y it D. Sand 79, ami 100 Pillion l, and R. M. Mci's, 3S8 Souih Maakel si. Albany. B-mni it llaw.'ev, 21!) Siver tt. Troy, General Agents for iho Mate of.Vw York. b MMlRtl I' GRIFFIN. Forsnlo by Win. Rhodes and L B. Green, Rich mond 1 Morion it Clnrkvifliid D. ct D. S. Lathrop, Willl'ton ) llasnr V CeinW'k. Shell urn H, Sianion, Iwex t Ueo. 11. uahesunn aii eri Hartley, jencnni mting dcsiiable nnd eonM-nient stores to 1 u fmnishcd from wnh all ami every kind of articles that may la wished for, or looked at for amusement antl gratifica tion, or with n desire to convey ihe most pleasing In telligence to friend', cf the place where every ariicla Ihev may dt-siro forthc loitering of nppeanct,addin;r to eomforl, or siipplyinc necessary wants, may l had and nil done in so lew word, ns Ly only saying for whatever nnd whcnoi tr von wish to biiy cheap forcnlj go to HOWARD'.-. Huflmston, Vt., Jiniu II, lfi0. BUH!.t?l(.TON FF.M.VLK SKM1NARY Tha fall term of the Seminary rommences IGth Sept, Conpitiovh or ArMiTi'AsxK. Bo.irdeis perannum, il SO, or .70 prr term, half paynblo in advance. Thi sum entitles ihe pupil to board, lodging, room rent, file, litlil, rte., nnd to tuition in any or nil hrnnches d in the extensive course of Hnslish studies pur surd in (he Seminary nnd I.ntin. Ktrn charges nra mado for Muwr, iiiclndmg practice 813. Vocnl 31 for music pupus, '.. forotlurs. Drawing 83 1 French S3, Piuuls not received for n shorter period lhan one qiiar te r, unlivs fmecilicd on entrance. Deviation from this rule ii invl.- m cac of oickners. Appliralinn to bo mad- to the Pinieipnl, M. C. GREKN, llurlingtim, Aug. 0, 15-10. NI.OVIlliY Co., hive just ree'd from New Yuri , an ' are now oiler. na- ftrsale at still fur ther reditu"! pri'o-, for reailv CA.SH a more cnmplnte assorimeu! of fancy and other Goors adaptivl to ihu icuon an I di time. 1111111 cve'r before nmoni whi h aro many new articles never I We're offered in this mar ket. Also, a new supply of Glassware, Crockery and Loekiiig-li,n's Also, Fiipli-h Currants, Prune Diy Groceries, Mais, Ruia and other Curpeting, Oil Cloth forTablcs, Floors.and Linings, etc. More next week. JtinclD LW lAI.NTSHOl...'-jPAl'LllNGsiMILLl hive opeiuxl n nfw Paint Fiior on (-'hurch-st, two doors m ih of H. Line't, Slore, where they tvil do all kin Is of HOlkSK, SHIP, SIGN and CARRlAGfl PAlls nrm, in ttiot.t manner and cu lernu J. R. Huribut, Wesifoitli J, H. Barnes, Chnrtoiii'i ltito suiulioso who may favour thm with their patron. Moody and Geo, Peterson, Biirhnglon j and l y F. isge. tcy'Pninis, Oil, Varnish untl Puny, consianilv flRIGGS, Builington, Agent for Chiilenden Co., where on hundnivlforMMBfPAVlJJINO. it can oc fiippnci at wnt'teiaiecr.wj, BurlmgiJ

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