Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, September 11, 1840, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated September 11, 1840 Page 3
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Arlington, llcninngton, uorsct, REPRESENTATIVES. Majorities for Oov'r. Whig Loco. BCKKINOTON CO. S. Canfield, J. Weeks. II. Morse. Glastonbury, A. G. IIawcs,t Lnnilgrovc, C. I. Mead, A. linker, . S,Wagcr,t .1, Davidson, J. Hastings, 11. i nine, Mancnestcr, Powiml, Peru, Rupert, Saudgate, Shaftsbury, Sunderland, Winhnlt, Woodford, Acton, Athens, llrookhno, Brattlcboro Dover, Dumtnarston Grafton Guilford Halifax Jamaica Londondcry Marlboro Ncwfano Putney Rockingham Somerset Stratton, Townshend Vernon Wardsboro Westminster Whitinghatn Wilmington Windham S. Mattin.t E. A. Gravcs,t 11. Wheeler, W.Park, WINDHAM CO. N. Fisher, T. Porter, r S. Adams. K Wells L. Hall.t S French 1! II Dridgman W llullock It K Kinney S TH Cheney S Smith Wm, Newton N Eager John Smith S L Hillings D Rico S F Townscnd C Washburn J P Warren John McNeil E Putnam Smithr W Harris MJTIANB CO. Kinp N J Sprnguo Higbec J A Hayes 0 Leonard Itccd Sheldon Benson Brandon Casllcton Clarendon Chittenden Danby Fairbttven Hubbard ton Rannv Ira Rounds Mendcn Gibsont Middlctown Paul Mt Holley Hrvant Ml. Tabor Bull'am t Orwell Young Pawlct Wilcox Pitlsford S II Simonds Pittsfield Hix Poultney Rruman Rutland G T Hodges Shcrburno TnplilTt Shrewsbury Buckmaster t Sudbury J. K. Hydo Tinmouth' Shaw WRllingford Fox Wells Lewis West Haven Coleman Andovcr Baltimore Barnard Bethel Briilgcwatcr Cavendish, Chester Hartford Hartland Ludlow Norwich Plymouth Pomfrct Reading Rochester Royalton Sharon Springfield Slockl) ridge, Wethersficld Wrton Windsor Woodstock Addison Bridport Bristol Cornwall Ferrisburgh Goshen Oranvillo Hancock Leicester Lincoln Middlcbury Monkton New Haven Orwell Panton Itipton Salisbury ahoreham Stark sboro Vemenncs Waltham Wcvbridgc Whiting wiNnson co. J Dodgejr. Levi Harris O. Gambcll D. Lilly J. Raymond S Adams G. M. Leo John Porter H. Cults, S J'ullamjr. A. Loveland, Levi Slack O. Paul I!. Buck T. Barnes T. II. Salford, F. Holton H. Closson J. Morgan S. Prentiss T. B. Wakefield, C. Coolidge, O. P. Chandler ADDISON CO. H. Barns II. Smith P. S. Warner E. Matthews B. Ferris Kmpp C Laud . Barnes Wait W. W. Pops Samuel Swift R. Eastman E. D. "Warner J. Tappan not represented M. Weeks K. Ilascom B. L. Knight W. F. Parker E. Hentim S. Siowrt A. Walker 2 257 01 84 85 117 90 120 58 31 119 86 7 M9 18 37 17 44 21 155 134 8i 13 30 11 E0 '4 2 237 203 62 77 303 319 I Gli 45 41 103 31 10 Ot 79 268 61 2:to 170 23G 39 103 90 65 136 197 2t 277 23 276 16 1 311 436 12G 176 53 101 202 00 30 15 70 El 126 19 110 202 37 17 CO ITtJ 35 59 19 ORANGE CO. A. Prestrn, C. Bracket!, A. Cleveland, L. B. Vilast D. Dearbornt A. H. Gilmoro A. B. W. Tcnney C. Carpenter Win. Hibbard Win. Sanbornt M. J. Walkcrt J. F. ficorget Joseph Foster R. Blanohardr John Colby Bradford Braintree, Brookfield Chelsea Corinth Fairlco Newbury Orange Randolph StralTbrd Tlictford Topsham Tun b rid go Vrrshire Washington Williamstwn, Enoch Howo ClllTTENDF.N CO Bolton Joseph Smitht Burlington, Carlos Baxter Charlotte, Aoron L. Beach Colchester, John Lyon Essex, Daniel Littlcfieldt Hincsburgh, Jcdediah Boyuton Huntington, Alexander Ferguson Jericho, Andrew Warner Milton, Daniel H. Onion Richmond, Ransom .Tnnest Shelburn, Elbaiiau W. Spear St. Gcnrcc, S. Isham Underhill,' Edward F. Ilutclunst Wcstford, Artemas Allen Willitton, Alson Landon WASHINGTON CO. Barre Newell Kinsmant Berlin J. T. Davis Calais A. Pearcel Duxbury Samuel Turner Fayston, Ira Riebardsont Murshfield H. Hollistcrt Niddlcsex Holden Putnam Montpelicr II. N. Bayliest Morctown, L,. Kingslcyt 45 54 25 557 Monroo Northfield Plainficld Roxbury Waitsfield Warren L. Bennett H. Bancroftt Isaiah Sbnw Jones F A Wriidit Watcrbury Hiram Allent Worcester, f. i.conaru CALKPONIA CO, Barnct J Gilchrist Burke G W Dcnison Cabot It Lancet Danville S B Mattockst Groton JN Unlit Hardwiek DWAikcnt Kirby J W Carpenter Lyndon SM'Galleyr Newark J Sleeper Peaeham S A Chandler Rycgato J Hallt Shcttlcld J Tnwnwnd St Johnsbury I. Hastings Sutton Curtist Walden II l'erkmst v Waterford It F Rowell Wheelock J Bigclowt FRANKLIN COUNTY. n&kersficld Hamilton, 10 90 113 20 13 1G 112 CO 107 jiunvBiiut--, Enosburgh, Fairfax, Fairfield , Fletcher, Kins cy, Franklin, Hubbard, Georgia, Alva Sabin, Highgatc, Montgomery Ricbford Sheldon, Draper St. Albnns, Newton, Swanton, Foster, LAMOILLE COUNTY. Belvidcro Cambridge, Nathan Smihc.t Elmore, G.W.Bnily, Ilydcpatk L H Noyes Johnson, J. B. Downtr.t Mansfield Lucot . Morristown John tarrin 1 l jvum""'" ' Moses I'isk P Crnno 21 26 1G1 29 71 91 7 21 33 e Glover W Leonard Greensboro Pago Holland Irasburgh Jay Lowell Morgan Newport Salem Trov Wcstucld E Hinman I II Allen T R Charlton t no ehoico O Hemcnway Win Mooro J Lyon D. II. Baird N. II. Downs CSSKX CO. uficld BfWswick Brighton Canaan Concord Urnnby East Haven Guildhall Lcinington, Lunenburg Maidstone, OnANU ISLE CO. Alburgh F Hazcn Grand Islo Lewis Ladd North Hero Wadsworth South Hero Hector Adams tLocofocos. Jcnison's majority, 22 'I n 49 10,043 FOURTH CONOllESSIONAL DISTRICT. Ktnwo Watcrvillo Wulcott ontEANS CO. S S Hovey t H liaxter 72 17 115 64 162 41 4 23 11 123 CHITTENDEN COUNTY. Young, Smith, tnoj. W. L. Bolton, 19 62 43 Burlington, 393 236 107 Charlotte, 195 27 169 Colchester, 126 135 9 Essex, 135 196 51 Hincsburgh, 216 77 139 Huntington, 127 69 59 Jcrico, 207 115 92 Milton, 65 Richmond, 102 124 22 Shclburnc, 121 59 62 St. George, I 20 Underhill, 97 159 CI Wcstford, 181 103 73 Williston, ICO 117 43 831 186 18G Whig majority, 645 FRANKLIN COUNTY. Young-. Smith, maj. Y. S. Bakcrstkld, 14 Berkshire, 35 Enosburgh, 139 Fairfax, 210 151 69 Fairfield, 61 Fletcher, 83 60 3 Franklin, 140 82 59 Georgia, 229 61 163 Highgatc, 183 159 24 Montgomery, 95 25 69 Ricbford, 91 71 26 Sheldon, 169 119 49 St. Albans, 202 198 4 Swanton, 201 157 44 LAMOILLE CO. Belvidcro, 10 Cambridge, 37 Eden, 17 Hydcpark, 32 Johnson, 4G Mans field, 29 Morristown, 52 Sterling, 9 Watcrvillo, 39 Wolcott, ' 22 ORLEANS CO. Ctaftsbury, 100 75 25 Albany, 29 lra.sburgh, 113 61 52 Coventry, 121 13 109 Jay, 10 37 27 Lowell, Newport, C Troy, 95 77 19 Wcstflcld, 40 39 2 GRAND ISLE CO. Alburgh, 92 Grand Isle, 63 20 63 Islo La Mott, North Hero, 3 South Hero, 69 20 49 Whig maj. in Chit. Co. 613 Young's present maj. FOURTH DISTCICT. The following arc the majorities in the sov oral counticH composing this District Chittenden Co. Lamoille. Orleans Franklin Gsanil-lslo Young. 015 Smith. 120 120 1505 Maj. for Young. The above comprises the whole district, with the exception of Isle La Mott and Lowell which gave 41 locofoco majority for Governor last year Allow them the same vote this year, and Young's majority is 1401 ; which will not bo va ried materially by the official canvass. FIFTH DISTRICT. This lias been the hardest fought field in the State, and the victory is the most splendid. In the first, second, and third districts, the wliigs had nothing to do bnt to bring out their usual btrongth ; indeed, this was the fact in the fourth, wlicro tho wliigs last year had a majority ; but n the fifth, we had a majority of 1300 to fight down. All tho odds were against us but WE HAVE DONE IT! John Mattocks is lected to Congress, and the fifth gloriously re deemed! Watchman. Mattocks. Fletcher. Scat 18 GO 10 and oho confirms hor right now, by giving the IjARODST WHIG MAJORITY, IN PRO- PORTION TO HER POPULATION, OF ANV STATE IN THE UNION. Wliigs of Indiana wo accepted your challcngo to give tho largest majority proportioned to tho number of freemen ; with a population less than yonr own by at least one fourth, we havo now equalled yourBplcndid majority of 10,000 VOTES I As to members of Congress, EVERY DISTRICT IS WHIG 1 1 1 In the Senate, which stood last year 18 wliigs to 12 locos, wc shall now stand 23 WHIGS TO 2 LOCOFOCOS ! ! In tho House where we last year had a bare majority, we shall now stand about 175 WHIGS TO 55 LOCOFOCOS 1 In a word : VERMONT IS WTIG, North and South, East and West ; there Is but one small dark spot in tho centre, and that will cro long bo purified and illuminated by the puro Whig fires which blaze so brightly all around us. We cannot withhold our thanks from tho Hon.C. P. VAN NESS for his untiring exer tions to produce this auspicious result. This verdict of the People of Vermont will undoubt edly give him the most perfect satisfaction. Vermont now throws down tho gauntlet to hor sister States : we speak for tho GREAT- EST VICTORY In November next. OLD FRANKLIN UNCONQUERE1). The freemen of Franklin county havo nobly sustained themselves. Last year tho county was redeemed, the whigs havimr trained five hundred and twenty over the votes ot the pro ceding year, which gave Junison 220 majority. J ho Ircomeii nvf now proved their sincerity and devotion to the irood whiff causes by more than doubling tho majority for Jenison, last year, when two facnators and tour representatives were gained. Now, three representatives moro have gained, leaving one town uncoiuiuercd solitary and alone !' a standing monument of the last relic of locofocoisin in tins county till November ! when wc believe sho will be lound on the side of IIaiuuson & Rekoiim. lknKs!mir.,l(icii.D and St. Aliians, have come out nobly the fight, encircled wjih laurels of victory, and taken their proper stand against the mal-admiuissration of Martin Van Iinrcn. FAiitFirat) has gained handsomely, and wc have much reason to believe that if there had been "fair play" a whig representative would have been elected. And we may say, that the wliigs of Old Franklin have done their duty, their whole duty and the honor gained by their success last year is moro than sustained. Franklin now stands next to old Windsor, aside of Addison. May she always prove herself thus faithful ! Messenger. ELECTION CALEDONIA COUNTY. It will bo scon that "Old Caledonia" gives a Democratic majority of about 100 for Governor last year 510 against us making a gain for our ticket ol about OKI. Tho gam on tho Sena torial vote is about 700, and on member of Con gress about 800, "Old Caledonia" lias done well. We have but little to say of our triumph. It was obtained by a fair fight against a drilled and vigilant opposition. But the true Democracy of the county, though couquercd for a few years past, could not stay conquered any .longer and she burst the fetters that had bound her. To the YOUNG MEN, who led in the contest backed up nobly by their seniors we tender our hearty thanks not. for ourselves but for the country in behalf of liberty and our free institutions. Tlicy entered the held early they were constantly on guard they slept not at tlicir posts and when the day came they "charged" upon their opponents with firmness and zeal, and achieved a splendid vibtory. Yet not to the young men alone is all the praise due the elder freemen of the county acted well their part broughtup the rear with steady and firm steps. It is a matter of encouragement that most ol the 'Youiiyf Men of the Country are enlisting with zeal into the ranks of Harrison and Reform. They will rescuo their country from the destruction with which it is threatened by Van Duron and Ins train ol gold-hungry officials. Caledonian. WINDSOR, nLor.ious old Windsok. She has performed the i.usTr.ATiox. Ilcr reprcscn tation is WHIG unsullied. Every town in the County has given a Whig majority. Last year it was 17 Whig to G Loco. In this "year of tubilee" itisTWENTV-Tiincn Wiuo, Locol). And then her majority. 0(1' hats In old Wind sor!! TIIIRTV-F1"VE HUNDRED WHIG MAJORITY!!! Last year 1,5m In good sooth, "she has proved herself, in the inspiring words ol her banner. surveyed the field our friends aro wofully cut up and shamefully routed in all directions. Tho 4th and 5th Districts havo fallen before tho onomy Smith nnd Fletcher aro taken prison ers all tho counties, savo Washington and Lamoille, aro driven from tho field, and Humor ous smaller detachments arc dispersed hero and there. Tho enemy lias won a great victory it remains to bo scon what use thoy will make of it. Thoy h'avo tho powerlet them uso it let them abtiso it if thoy dare. Tho responsi bility rests on them wo have only to watcli them. Vt. l'atrwt. Tho Boston Post announccij tho result of our election in tho following philosophical strain : "The British Whigs havo flogged us again in Vermont, and a leetlc harder this timo than at any election sinco 1830. They have retained all they had, and taken nil wo had, wo fear, viz., two Congress men. Well, it isn't as though wc wore poor and couldn't aflbrd to lose a man now and then.'' GEORGIA. Extract from a letter, dated, Columbus, Geo., Aug. 25, 1810. "Every day adds to our prospoct of carrying the Harrison Electoral Ticket in this State, at tho No acmbcr election. If tho election took place to-morrow, the Statu would be as certain as Indiana. But just enough of uncertainty is banging over our pros pects to keep up that vigilance and activity wbieh en sure success, and with the two intervening months to operate in, well used, wc shall bo found ranged by the sido of North Carolina, as near as our electoral vote approaches tier's at any rale. Colquctt, Cooper and Black stand about the samcchanco of bcingagain re turned to Congress from this State, that Forsyth Polk or King stond of being elected Vice President. The BuNKErttiiLL o ATHEiiiNO. It is expec ted that the Convention of tho Now England Whigs to be Hold on the battlo ground of Bun ker hill, September 10th, the annixcrsary of Perry's victory, will be one of the largest meet ings cvor held in the United States. Prcpa rations arc making for tho entertainment of 50,000, which number it is supposed will be present. On tho same day the ladies of New England aro to assemble in Quincy Hall, where they aro to have a grand Fair, io uid in tho completion of the Bunker Hill Monu'- mont. Assassination or Lieut. Fauuiiar dv Captain McAdam. We regret to havo nBannouncc an event which happily for the ruce and Irtj Country to which we belong, is of rare occurrencf)mong us. Yrstcr- nay morning ai ruinipsuurg vnnssisqutn iy) o.ijji. McAham. of Col. Dyer's Coras of Volunteers ac costed Lieut. Fahquiiar of the same corps in tho streets, and after a few words drew a loaded pistol, which ho had kent concealed under bis clothes, nnd discharged its contents in the body of his unfortunate victim. Lieut. FauIjuiiah fell instantly, ml unon examination it was discoved that the wound ras mortal, the ball linvinu nasscd through the loins and injured beyond all hope of reparation, some of the abdominal viscera. Capt. McAdam was easily secur- d by the 1'olicc. Montreal Herald. Middleiiuky College. Tho Rev. Benjamin Labarec late President of Jackson College Ten nessee, and moro recently Secretary of the Presbyterian branch of the American Education Society, has been appointed President of this College. We understand from tho Secretary of the Corporation that ho has signified his acceptance, and will enter upon the duties of lis office on the first of October. Peoples Press Peter Mlnrlifor'a tSstatc. WE the subscribers having been appointed by the honorable the nrol.nli- court for the clittrict of Grand Isle, rommlMiioncr.i to receive, examine and ijiift tiio einimi anil demands ol an persons aaanut lit! ejtale of Peter Minckler. lata of Grand Nlr. in the district, afTiroaiil. deceased. rcireenled Insolv ent, alo nil claims nnd demands exhibilcd in o.f-ct IlicMoj ami MX month Irom the day ofllio date dure- nciiii? nnuweu vy mm couri lor inai purport, we therefore hereby olve notice that we will nlicnd to lie bitlne of our annolntmcnl. at the dwellmir of Sally Minckler in Grand Lie aforcntd, on the lt. Tuesday in Fobuary, A. I). 1841. from 10 o'clock a. ni., until 4 titiooi; i'. ni. on mta nay. ualtxl tuts xuiu uay oi Aiigu-t Moses Iluirctt-s Estate. STATE OF VERMONT. rput: hon, tho probato Dit. or Chittenden ts. j A court for the ditrict of Chittenden, To nil person concerned In the etalo f Mojo Itislc. late of Wetford in iald district, dc- va'tt). srceiinL'. Whcrca Elihti H. Ruircles. admin- tralor of the estate of eald decea, to render ill account ol ni$ administration, aim nn aa outit aguinM said estate fur examination and allow- ncu hi a tutsion oi I ne i;ourt ot rrodatc, to i iioiu n nt the Register otlice in Uurlinxton on the second Wcitcndav of Oetol cr next t Therefore, von are hereby notified to appear before'1 court at the time nnd place aforesaid, nnd idiow caue, ifanv you have, wny tne account stioutu not i.cauowcii. uiven tinner niy'liand at Unrlintrton thi 3d day of Scptcinl cr. A. D. 1840. en. 8 WM. WESTON, RcirlMcr. STATE OF VERMONT. . hist, op uittTTENur.N, . ) x. iiouicn at iiuriing ton, within nnd for the di-triet nlorc-aiil, on the 3lt nv ot aiwim a. it, laiu. an instrument niirnor im; to el he la-twill and testament of Sarah Johnson, late of Mi art on p, in al(l tiiMnol, ileccaeii, wn pre.-enleo to le court litre lor prolate, by Acel lomllnMin, llio Ixccutur. therein named. it is or- lered by mi id court, that public notice le yiven to ull ncr.on concerned therein, to auncar before caul court, at a es.ion thereof to l.e liolJou at the Reid- ler . ollicc in unrlin;lon, on thetcoml wolnevlay ot uctoi er A. w. 13 1U, and contest tlio prol ate ot fain win. and it i further oalcmd that this order be pullirhed three weeks Micceivelv in the Uiirlincton Free l'rus a newspaper rimed at B irlinjrttm, in this Mate, th'. tail of which hall l.e previous to the day as'iiiued, an forcaiil It hearing. Given under my hand tit the Kegister's ollicc, this 3IM Hay ol AutrtiM. A. v. law. scp.8 wji. rai wi, iiegiMcr. 2032 2:148 i187 1003 0!Ki 448 f8 maj. 107 223 31R7 4921 Washington Co. Caledonia county, Urleans county, rust-ox county, Lamoilia county, Mattockb' majority 179 ! ! Fletcher s niainrity in lodo, Mattocks' in 1810 Whig gain from 1838 Locofoco majority in 1839 Whig 1840 Whig gain from 1839 81 179 000 1330 179 1515 ! ! Mlron Hollablr.l's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, mHEhonoral le the District of Chittenden, ss. Pre bate Court for tho I)itriet of Chittenden, Toall pcr-oni concern ed in the Elate of Miron HoIlabirJ, (ate of Slielbum, in, GREETING. WHEREAS, O-car F. Hiillaliird, adiniliMrator cf tlie e.iate 01 ,.aw uuceacn, proposes 10 rentier an account of his adtniuiMration, and pret-esrt his ne count against nid ctate for examination and allow ance at a eision of the Court of Probate, to l holden at the HegiMer's "llicc, in Uurlington, on the second weune-tiay 01 uctoier next j I lierelore,. you are heiel.v notified to nnnear before, vaM court at the time and place aforcaid, and chew cause, if any you nave, wny tne account nlore-nul should not rc al lowed. Given under niy hand at Durlitnrlon. this 3d day of August, A. D. 1810. epa wji. w wjiu., Kesfiner. To Silk Growers. As so manv ncrsons are at present devoting theirnttention to thoculturoot tunc, 11 may oc wen lu rcnuuti ineni ui tne uircunibtunuu, that the National Silk Society, at Washington, has ottered numerous iiremiums. from $500 to SlOOO each. fur various ouantitics aad nualitics of silk, the total amount of tnesc premiums cxcccuing sixteen tnousanu uiiars. vu unuersianu mat nuanuues 01 sun wiucii avu been made, and are made tho present season, so far exceed what many anticipated, that it nstonishes tliose not conversant wiiu tne stiujcct, ami 11 seems now rendered certain that the cxhibtion of Silks at the Fair of the American Institute, the cominc au tumn, will be such as to command public attention to this important national object, Jo which we must now tt-raot tlio Rrowin of cotton by Uritish nation in tlie East Indies. .v. . l:xprm. Oalena qold. The Galena Democrat satfs 1 ' Wo were yesterday shown a lump of virgin gold picked up on tho surface of tlie ground in Iowa Territory, a short c -!..l? 'Pi,;.. .!. !-. r i i that has been found m this section of the country, an we havo no doubt, when search is full v made, that it will be found in large quantities. It is possible that n-old innv be discovered ninona the other minerals of tlie norliiwesicrn region 01 tne unucu otaies, nut tne surest and easiest method of procuring it there as well as elsewhere, we imagine, will be to plow for it." MAJORITIES FOR GOVERNOR, BY COUN TIES. Jamison. Dillingham. Windsor 3313 Washington , 5 Rutland 20 Lninuillo Ornngo 13 Addison 1 Orleans 4B7 Essex (irand-Islo 202 Franklin "b? Caledonia Chillenden 603 Hcnnington A Windham 1H0 11.120 477 ttj'In speak intr of the political redemption of at. Albans last week, we did not state the actual whig gain in this town, as the best test, if not the only one, is the vote for Governor. Last year, Srnilic received a majority of 105 votes.. The average wins majority on tlie estate ticket is now 30!! making tho Whig gain from last year nuiMJurJU iiiiivi 1 nj Messenger. CARD. At a meeting of the Vergonncs 7'ippecanoe Club, the following resolution was unanimously adopted. Resolved, That the thanky ot the Vergcnnes Tippecanoe Club be tendered to C. P. Van JNcss and E. D. llarber for tho success which has at tended their efforts in achieving tho lato Olon ous Whig Triumph of the Green Mountain State. By order ot tlie uiub, F. BRADBURY, Sec. At a special meeting of the Harrison Whi Association of Brandon, the following rcsolu tions wore unanimously adopted : Resolved, That tho thanks of this Association be. and tho same are hereby, presented to C P. VAN iMJbtJ Jsq. lor tlie signal service lie rendered to the cause of the Prat'LE, and for the great damago ho inllictod upon Locofocoism, 'iv ins speecu 111 una viuugu uu iuu iiu ui August. Resolved, That Mr. Van Ness bo earnestly solicited to visit and address the pcoplo of tho towns of Sherburne, Ml. Tabor, Shrewsbury and Mendon, previously to tho November election, as they aro tho only towns in this county which wero noi converted irom ineir errors vy 111s 'magic influence.' (From tho Rocords,) E. JUNE, Presidcet. D. W. C. Clarke, See. pro tern. Wo commend this examplo to our friends in other parts of the State. It does not becomo Whigs in tho day of their triumph, to forget one to whom thoy aro so greatly indebted. Rutland Co. Whig. Resolution unanimously adopted by the Mont pelicr Tippecanoe Club, Rcsohed, That our thanks aro duo to tho Hon. C. P. Van Ness and Paul Dillingham, Jr. for tho able and efficient manner they have advo. cated tho causu of genuine locofocoism, and that thoy will favor tho true IJumocracy ot ormont by continuing thoir labors till tlio second 7'ucs. Cuntocs coiNcmnsxE." Locofocoism. it is said, las such an irresistible tendency downwards now-n. days, that the boys cant fly kites made of loco foco newspapers. I'rcntkc. We learn from the Now York Journal of Commerce that it was ascertained while takin the census of the 14th ward in New 1 ork, that there arc 991 white persons in that ward over 20 years of age who can neither read nor write, Women lookins up. A Liverpool paper says that the banner ot a temale society in iioiton. hoars an inscription, of winch the following is copy : "To the Utieen Victoria ot hngland may sho always rule : and tlie same to all other women V A correspondent of tho Journal of Commerce says, m reference to the crops ol Unto, that tl only "lack" there possible, will bo a lack mouths to eat, mills to work up, and boats ca'-ry away the bountiful productions of nature, In Wcs'ford, on the 'JOth inst., by Isaac Chase Est, Mr" Hcnjamm lieu 01 Milton to .uiss aauy oicarns the lornicr place. Albany Coventry EC Cleveland jraftsbury chandlQ, 21 21 107 2t 170 20 In Montreal, L. C. on MondayViorning last, Mas Mjtnv. wiftsof Georno Slacv. a"0I 33 years. In this village, on tho Olh instant, Mary Elizabeth daughtcrof Ujo. H. Slinw, i-.sq, agcti 10 monuis. In Williston on the 5th inst. tho Hon. Mahtih CunTKNDEN, former Governor of Vermont, aged In this tmvn. mi Wednesday Sent. 2d William W son of Henry II. and Amelia S. Mitchell, aged 1 year iu monuis nnd u days. "IHINA, Glaiswnre, Crockery and Looking Glas. w scB, justrotfd and lor sale uy i. lovely tv l.o. ALSO, S'odnXlucKerB. Sept. 3, 1840. H'ps7 AIINER KEELF.R, ( WALI.IS MOIT, i Cotnm'M. SOLON TOBIAS, ( PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given that tho under signed will prefer a petition to tho General Assem bly of the State of Vermont, next to bo holden at Montpelicr on the second Thursday of October. A. D. 13-10, for tho cxclusivo right for ten years to keep. a ferry from the west ahoro of Alburgh, near tho Prov ince line, and so along said shorofroin tho province line aforesaid ono mile south and from thcro across the waters of Lake Champlain to the town of Champlnin or Rouses Point in the state of Now Yorbi Given under our hands at Alburgh, this 7th day of Sept A. D. 1910. JOHN M. SOWLES. LEWIS SOWLES, Jr. A CASH MEETING will ho holden ,in the town of Wcstford, on tho ground occupied for this purpose last year, to commence on Monday the 14th day of Sept. next andcloso on tho Friday or Sat urday following. Aug 18. B. M. HALL, Preacher. LIDEHATIO V.. -Notice i hereby given that I have given my on Jame L. bj, tune Irom nnd after thidate. I thall therefore claim none oflit earnfng", nor be re-ponslMc for any ofbit contract-. Jerioo, Sept. 2, 1840. LEMUEL BLISS. LAMP WICKS &. GLASSES. Glasses for tho Brittania, tho Brass and the Astral Lamps of dif ferantsizcsi Wicks of all sizes, also the flat wicks for BRINSMAID. Rust's Patent Lamps, Variety Store, Aug. 21. PANG BORN & 1 TO, PBNSIONBRS.-AU legal claims for Pen sion now due, and tlio semi-annual instalment payable on the 4th of September next, will he paitl ot the Farmer's tf Mechanic's Hank, in this placo on presenting proper iiatirrs to tho Cashier of said Bank. II. LOWRY, Atrcnt for paying Ptmiona, Burlington, August 20, 1810. BUM" The public: aro informed that a first rate Bull may bo found nt my Barn on North street lor me term ot one year from date. ,. CALEB RICHARDSON. Burlington, Sept. 1, 1810. fTMIE celebrated Iodine Spring Water from SarntO' JL ga for sale by thcJiottlc, dozen, or box, Aug. 27. TIIEO. A. PECK & Co. FRESH Hive Syrup, an excellent article for Colds, roughs, Croup, &c. by Aug. 27. TH HO. A. PECK & Co. QYRUP Sarsnparilla, a valuable medicine for lmpu Oritiesof the Blood, Cutaneous diseases, and Debil ity i just prepared by TIIEO. A. PECK & Co. CANES. We invite attention to our new assort ment of Canes, ridintr nnd wnlkintr Htirks. now opening at the Variety Store s we have largo and smau, crooned and straight, low and huh priced. . Aug. 27. PANG BORN & BRINSMAID. GEESE FEATII E R S.-500 lbs. Gccsc Fcatb.. ers of a superior oualitv For Sale hv August 2G, J840. VILAS LOOMIS & Co. - IIU1 MUKM.H. ra.-ix mm I lie mm mti er. on o or about the 10th of July, ono black hore with rear ol the coj-T A Lso7"uue bav hor.'p, onelunJ leg large, about 5ear old. H irlinmoti. Aup. 1810. J. POTTER. 'Miiif-Whiic about J bneck, eWtjIJvw lar, and lamtTwub apavin MiiiiTi Sherman's Breast Ointment. If applied properly and indue time, will cure the most painful cases of swelled breasts, and prevent the for mation of abscesses Even where the swelling has pointed and shown every appearance of breaking, this ointment has entirely dispelled it, nnd restored the parts to a healthy condition. In applying it, a smooth and soft covering to tho breast should bo made of soft leather, or lino compact limn, witn a nolo in the cen tre to admit the niplc. When so made, put a coating of the ointment over tho inner surface and apply it closely and smoothly over tho whole breast, leaving the nipi'i'i protruding tnrougu me nolo, so mat 1110 child can nurse,, which it should do as lone as the mother can bear it. Care should be taken to havo the breast drawn by the child or otherwise, so as to pre vent an accumulation 01 null:. Whenever tne plas ter cuts rinkled, and thereby uncomfortable, a new one should be applied, and constantly worn until a euro is affected. It is sometimes ncccstary to slit the sides so they will conform to the shape of the breast, ami cover it closely. Ask for Sherman's breast ointment, and seo mat ins signature tuns, ".1. nutrman, I).;' is on the wrapper, none other can be ecnuine. SHERMAN'S PAPILLARY OIL Is tho only infallible remedy for sore nipples ever dis covered. It will cure tho most troublesome cases in a few days, without depriving the infant of the hrenst- warrantcti superior 10 an omcr remidies wncn annucu according to the directions on the bottle. , See that tho signature of "A. Sherman, M. D.," is on the wrupper, none other is genuine. Ho particular or you will oc ufcciveu iinu ui-i:ijiiinurii. 00111 in 11 iu .mc ty store. BANOllOltN & BRINSMAIU. FOR S.l,i:,--73 Acre of Land Lying; on the Winnoki Avenue, one mile north of ihii villain.-. Tlu'i land is well watered, free from stone, has wood sufficient for a family supply, borders on the Lake, and i every way an eligible lot. Fur further particular? apply 10 tne suoru er. iiickok a; Ratlin. Burlington, Aits. 12, 18-10. FOIt SAI.E.Ce l.oanl, clap board .Common board, plank, lining s aim notir 1 nnrds nt the low c?t pri"e,by HICKOK & CATL1N. U.irlinston, An?. , 131U. f AYNARD it NOYS' lino BlacV Writing Ink, Lin. wliicn lias ,-tooti te.-i lor more tinny year. cask Ut received and for sulo by 11 Aug. IS 1U. U. UUUUKIIH. ?rATE OF VERMONT, J mHE hon. the proUlo "'V,. or tiiiTTENDSM, m. 1 JL court for tliedHiltt or Chittenden, toall pcr..ent oonccrned in the cstnt of I e.ettah Ru-ell, lato of Richmond, iu said di-trlcl, de ccafctl, greeting. W heria, EraMns M, RiirII ad. nilllKlrntnr of .aid ilccifl.ivl. nrni,r.u.. mm,..!... fin n. count of his adininl-lrnlion, and prccnl bis accoun ugauii mihi oiieiur examination audaiiowaaccj n wion o inr court or probate tolc lintlcn U Eagle Hall in WillMon, on the third Mio'B icon. it next 1 itiereiurc,you aro licreiiynotj pear I.ePiro fai. conn, nt tlio ihno andi sniu, atiu HiuwentMc, 11 any you have, iioiu.-ui.i r iuuiu ,iui te allowed. fl bandamurlingtou, lhi27lh day ofAl "Pi WM. WJrlfJ WEthe siih.f-ribcrs havinj been apl Hon, the Probate Court for t,a tin tentlen. commtsioncri to receive, rr.-imtn- all claims nndtlcmaiHU of all perrunsgaintt llieoit 01 jhiiiu? martin, tuiu ui jcrienc in raid district, do ceased, represented insolvent, and alo nil claims and demand. exhibited in o(l-ct llicicto 1 and MX months irom tne uay 01 tiieuuie iicrcot, 1 cing allowed by said Court for that purport1, wo do therefore give notic that wc will attend to the I u.ine of our appointment at Ibe dwelling of widow Hannah Martin in Jericho in saidditrict, on the 29lb day of and on the PJlh day of February next nt 10 o'clock, A. M., on each ol raid days, Dated, t Lis 2iJ day of August. A. D. 1840. OLIVER LOWER V, ) n , sept.5. AARON BROWNE1.L, ) Co"v. ATlRISONUOODS. Wo invito attention to our assortment of these Goods, amongst them aro Gold Miniature Log Cabins for Lockets, gold jag cabin Watch Keys, Gold, cdt and plated Log Cabin Pins, Log Cabin Medals, fine finished Tippecanoe Shaving Soap, Tippecanoe Canes, Song Books, Text Books, Almanacks, the Crisis, Boy's hfo of Hnrrison, a new kind of Log Cabin Letter Paper, and various other Goods in this lino at tho Variety Store. Aug. 27. PANGBORN & BRINSMAID. MUSKETS. Those who wish to purchase Musk ets can see a sample at tho Variety Store and can leave an order for ono or more if price and quality suit. Those who wish them for Muster should call immed'itcty, as wc have nono for sale and shall get no more than wo havo orders for. The sample is not for sale. Military Goods. Those wishing Swordi, riuincs, t uappeux, t ;aps, fsnsnes, or any other aiui tary unous, suo-.. Variety Store, Aug. 21, 1810. ;."eavu their orders Immediately. PANGBORN & BRINSMAID. NEW IMtlJG ESTABLISHMENT. At the sign of the MORTAR one door cast of J. tf J. . Ptck tf- Co. The subscribers havo opened an Apothecary Store, and intend to confine themselvea Urictly to that business. Thoy now offer to the public n ecncrnl assortment of genuine Medicines, including all new Chemicals, nnd tho standard Patent Medicinosi constant nttondance, will bo given, and particular at tention paid to prescriptions. BurlingttiiHtug. 20. THEO. A. PECK d. Co. IACTS FOR THE PEOPLE. A chart represent. . ing the expenditures of tho Government from 1700 to 1310, just received and for sale at tho Book Store, D. A. B RAMAN. Burlington, Aug. 25, 18-10. TV E1V GOODS. Sidney Harlow has received a 1 ' general assortment of good at his old store on Pearl street, which will be told cheap enough. N. B, Wool received for good', Burlington May 28. PAPER. C. GOODRICH has iust received from tho manufacturers in Massachusetts, a full supply of linen hand-made, royal, mcduim, Demy, can. letter, folio-post and billet paper, of various qual ities, as wove, satin, laid, gilt, &c. &c. for sale at man ufactures prices. Juno mi. GIjASS. Burlington, Vermont, and Ls.ex, Cylin der Olas:-, made at the Champlain Glass works, and very much improved in quality compared with the lift; brands, for sale by J. & J. H. PECK & Co. FOREIGN IRON AND STEEL. English Iron from 1 to C inches; Russia old sable Iron; do new do dot Sweetie dej Hoop do from i to J inch j Brazier'. Rods ; Spring, cntf, gcrman, swede ana I.'ngli-h blister steel j Cart and wniron 1 oxe--, finished cro bar-, by June 10. J, &. J. H. PECK & Co. LOVELY & HURLBUT nionnw receiving and of. fering for sale a splendid and desirable assortment 01 lancy nnd staple ury uooas, and otners suited to the present season, and this market amonrst which are foreign, and domestic Broadcloths, f'assimerca nnd Sattinetts ; Ynlcntia, and other Vestings j Silka and Pongees of every variety) Thread, Laces, Insor. tions, tVc. etc; silk-wire nrt and other I.accs ; nco worked Collars, Silk, Veils, Shawls, linen Handk'fa, L.awns, L,incns, zepnyr worsted a splendid assortment, Moreens, and Flannels, travtllintj Baskets, becd Bsjjs. rich, fig'd and plain Mouselaine, House Papor, new ana ctepant patterns, an very encap ot course, at tna cheap cash store, east side of Church-street. Kurhngton, August 2U, 15IU. IK. Hhtls. New Orleans Sugar, on consignment, O Ant'. 6. for sale by N. LOVELY & Co. I ENGLISH Currants, Family Groceries, Salmon, 1 smoaked Herring, for sale by N. & Co. QALT. 4,000 Minots Coarse Picking Salt, ts o,uuu minoiH uivorpuot omi, For sale, in quantities to suit purchasers and deliv ered at any Port on Lake Champloin, by JASON C. PIERCE & SON. St. Johns, L. C, Sept. 1, 1810. THE Burlington BREWERY has now commenced business, and will have new Beer in a few days, when all orders will bo punctually attended to. Burlington, Sept. 1810. GEO. PETERSON. majority 10,013 for Jcnnison. Tlio abovo embraces all tho towns in tho Stato oxcopt Pittsfield, V. Fairlee, Greensboro, Lowell, Roadsboro, Scarsburgn ana Mamiord, which l.vt year gave a loco majority of 03 which doductod would loavo tlio whig majority TEN THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED AND FIFTY. From the Montnelier Watchman. Wo aro in tho midst of "A BLAZE OF GLORY," Vermont has EXTINGUISHED LOCOFOCOISM, and by tho most splendid victory over achieved in the Union, has main tained hor stand at tho head of tho noble filo of Wliic States. It wan hor right to rank first . . l-- 1 11 rvit PAiTtirnr. .' for sho aiouo na uocn . w day of November next. IODINE SPRING WATER. A recently discover cd fountain nt Saratoga and contains properties known in no other Spring its freedom from Iron renders ; safo to bo drnnk by a certain class of inva lids with whom Iron proves injurious tho quantity of Iodine contained in this water ronders it the most val uable mineral water for every sp;cies of Scrofula yet discovered, for sale by J. & J. II. PECK & Co. AgUs. PHYSIC AMI IMII-ICIAiSS. "iUR late friend, the Rev. C. C. Colton, makes the s lul owinirrcmarKsinnisccieuraicuworK. "L.auon, or many things 111 few words:" " io men tnsniso pnysic as mucn as pnysicians, do. cause no men so thorougly understand how little it can perforin. They havo been tinkering the human constitution tour tnousaiui years, in orticr to learn 10 cure about ns manv disotdcrs. The result is, that mer cury and brimstone are the only specifics they have discovered. All 1110 intai maimos eonimuc 10 00 wmu thoy wero in thedays of Paracelsus, Hippocrates, and Galen, 'opprobriamedicorum.' It is true that each disorder has a thousand prescriptions, but not a sin gle remedy. They pour a variety 01 salts and acids into a marble mortar, and expect similar results when these ingredients aro poured into the human stomach ; but what can be so groundless as reasonings built on such analogies? For tho marble mortar admits tha agency of atmospheric air, which cannot be said of tho minim stomacn ; nnu again, 1110 nuiuaii siomacu posesscslifc, an I the gistric juice, which cannot be said ni 111c marine uioriar:: "It is better to have rccourso to a non-profcsional nmn if he can cure our disorders, nlthoush he cannot explain them. In a certain consultation of physicians in this Kingdom, tliey nit uuiereu nnoui tne nature 01 an intermittent, and all plausibly defined the disease. At length a non-medical, who had been called in, thus interposed: Gentlemen, you all seem to diner about tho nature of an intermittent; permit mo to explain it. An intermittent fever, gentlemen, is a disorder which can cure, and which you cannot." CURES EFFECTED BY THE USE OF MORISPN'S MEDICINES. No. i. To Dr. George Taylor, 9 1 Broad way : Sir For about nine years I have been in a declin ing state of health. From my own feelings, nnd in the opinion of of others, I was in the last stage of con sumption. The doctors having given mo up, I was induced by a friend to the Hygeian causa to try Mori, son's Pills of tho Britisli College of Health. Besides consumption, a complaint had settled in one of my arms, nnd tho muscles had become so contracted that I could not get my hnnds together by four inches. I am now in good health, my arms arc of equal length in fact 1 am a new being. I thercforo feel it my duty to send you my casein hopes that a knowledge of it may induco other suffer ers to try your invaluable medicines, to which alone, by divine permission, I attributo my restoration to health after so many years of atuietion. Yours, with respect, SARAH BARHYDT, Hit fctreet, Between 8th nnd 9th Avenues, New York. Attested by .Mr. J. T. PERRY, corner of Sth Av enuo nnd 41st street, May 8lh 1839. (No. 5. Whooping Cough in its vartt form. Extract from a letter received from Mrs. E. D. GoodlilT, of Utica, N. Y. Dated June 22, 1840. "Another enso is that of a Mr. Paine, of ibis city. I was on my way to meeting, when I was met by nn aunt of tho child, who told mo that it was in a most distressing state with tho whoopinjLf ouffliT-that it was coin nuaiivin convutoimo . ami ntiu'iotu 111c ui-.u. "in sido of its body. I wont to seo tho child, and found it' in tho stute described. I luld them, that I know the pills would oficct a euro but they must, in such a caso, uso largo doses. Mr. Paino read tho " Morisoni an." After which ho began with energy. I ordered tho pills to bo dissolved. In less than 24 hours after giving iho first doso, tho fits left tho child, nnd havo never returned. It lias recovered the use of its aide, and is now in perfect health. No. 6.1 Curf of Consumption. To Dr. Geortro Taylor! , . Dear Sir Having ontatncti sucn a mim cutout, cimi tho uso of Mr. Morison's Hygeian Medicines I feel i CJ" I M PORTA NT CAUTION.jj It is a singular fact aid one much tote ratrretted that valuable medicines, as toon ns they I econie pop nlar. and have received the test nnd approval of a discriininatin!; public, are -mre to l e counterfeited, nnd thui a bad and spurio'n article is immediately palmed upon the unsiispt'O'.ing for the genuine. This ha.Lecn noiuriouMy int-u;tsc wun uu pujimar tneu unu truly valuable liiediencs for years past, and will probably continue to 1 e the c.tse for year. to come. The la-o and conleinptible counterfeit in this way meanly takes advantage ot all the etlbrts and adver tising u.sed by the proprietors of the genuine article, to net their medicine intou.u nnd deserved popluari- ly. It i therefore not less tlie duly than it.contribnte-, to the ufety of every honest individual intlicfotn. munity to cxpo-e, frown down, and fiirovcrnf.erDIS' THUI.T all tlr.AK I Lr.-sj I.MiHA I LS who lhu irre spoil iblv trifle Willi health and I lie. StrTHEREFOIlE TAKE NOTICE. There i a ;eron l.v the name ot J. u. UUCH& t n icre i. a licr.-on l.v the name ofJ. B. KOt FORT, now engaged in -elling a Pill dune up in l.oxe; M 001(173 ESSENCE Ol" LIFE. A Valuable Medicine, which, if riglrly nppliVd, will l.o the mean of faying thou-and fi'un un uniumly grave. It hit I ceil M!d and med for flirty years, with great piiccc", nnd liiiuvl very cll'icaoitis in llits following di-can", v t. Ctiu'i.nption, Wlnopiug Couch, com- Comparatively fow of tho locofoco papors iu Huh btato havo loarned tho romilt of tho lato election. Our Montpolior neighbor, howovor, ia an oxc option. THE RATTLE FIELD. How sad and moloiicholv to cnntemplato, tho dead, tho wounded, tho mangled, tho dying Irtcnds nercit, Hopes itisappomtetl, hourtH broken, Tho licon anguish, tho excited pasHlons which rack nnd agitato tho sou), who can describo tjiem wlio can havo any juBt conception of them but iio who has felt tliouil Tho heart sickens, tho blood curdles, tho iminagination staggors in view of tho fields of Anstorlitz, Jla romro nnd Waterloo. A nation's hopes, ana- tioivs itidapondoni'o may hang upon tho issue of a single battle. Tlig battle 1 taugnt wo nave mon Cough, uo'ti, d'llli'iill reainmr, iniiurnza, tjiiiny, Athma, Phthisic, Spiling of Blood, Flam leiicy, Indige-tion, Lnom-nes (f tho Bowel', Fitsol ..v..ri- Linrl. Craiims. RicWet. (Wic. Calnrrli. Dyson- Inn- . Fninlinir. Ilvnochniulriao'ltlections lleadnehcs. Sieknos nt Stoiiiuidi, Mcao',ti prexentivo ofCnti- tagiouKdircatO", omit nnd UlieitualiMii. C.rl hoaiiovo wudieino lpri,iarel by Henry ney mour, ofllndlcy, Mnss. from tin Onginul Recipe, by the di reel ion of mid Mooro, unlfcllhy him and tho prmtupal Druggists in thu UniteStnlrs. Sold wholesale nndrciail, bfj.iv. J. II, Peck Oo, BurlitiftPii, nnd by the dealers generally throughout thu country. NOTICE is hereby given thu Iho undersigned will petition tho General Asstmbly of tho State of Vermont, at its noxt session fojiho exclusive grant of a I'erry irom her promises in Alourgn wcs to mo lino of tho stato, for iho term n ton years from and aficr tho first dnv of Nov. A. D. 1B10. extending south from tho north line of the premises of along tho lake mora ono mue. AlburSh, Sept. , TIB10. fc.YLLY BOWLES desirous to let an my leiiow-suiiercrs nnow 11, nu nf iI.tI,.n rcmwlv. I Was taken With 111- Ihmalion of the lungs about three years ago, which fitialy ran into, what tho Doctors called, a confirmed consumption. 1 was reduced to a mere skeleton; for three mounts, i imcnargrti inrgu qiiaiiiiui:n m niaiisi every tlay, and my cough was most distressingly se vere. My ordinary weight in health was 1 JO lbs. I was weit'lird when reduced so low my weight was only 78 lbs. Tho medical men nil gavo mo up ns m rnrnhln. 1 ultimiitelv "rcw so weak, that I could not see. ,t tins nmu i iicatu ui .uuiiniia .,jtw.... Pills, and I pent to Perrysburg nnd got some. 'I neso I took nccordmi.' to directions ; nun niter ibrhib im iit for six weeks, TcnuM rido three miles at r, tune. I continued taking them up to lips time. I have now roeovcred my iikual health, and weight. I know that Tho facts that 1 have' stated aro wall known to all my friends anil the rcwdonts oi ino imnc"; ' (Signed) A. J. MAGIvR, o..t..;n wl.i(rf,.rl. I.iirus co. Ohio. EVERY packet sold in Vermont, and m tho town bordering on Lnko Champlain, in tho slnto of New York, will be signed by Pangborn (t Brinsmaid, Jewellers, of Burlington Vt., who aro the agents, oloo by tho Muti Agents belling them, j not ia sign ,il.tln nnt full them. I am pleased to bo able, to Inform the friends of the Hvgian Cause iq Vermont, and ii vicinity, that tho culls tor Morison's Pills for their ntntr, and in all the Middto States, continue steadily to lncreie, and that the satisfaction ia general, and cures etTecietl nnu mcrable. Geo. Taylor, Hygi. 04 Broadway NW York U. S. Agent for tft Bnt- ish Collegf of lloalUi Lon-Jon. inexact and nerlect imitation of thu ccnuinc INDIAN VEGETABLE PILL?, u-ith the omi-sion of only one word on the lioxe.. viz. Wiuciit. I he Pit ,.o d hv tin Rocbeforl arc evidently intended a a fraud anil imposition upon the couimuniiy, or they would not have been done up in Mich exaet'imitntion of iho gen uine. Tlupor.-on i tall Mincring with a great the ntrical cwncser. tic wa recent v unown a a vcrv po T player in Baltimore, under the musical cognoirtch of Jim Brown, and i about twenty live year of aire It i almost leyondu doubt that hei supplied with thoPills Iro n a Druxtri-t tinn in this city, who have heretofore I ten nu' connecled wilh counter feit tiicdiiine-. As soon as proof is obtained the foun tain head ol lln nrl.tnous businc. win l c expocii that the cuiuiuunily may shun them ns they would a INIIIE MEAN TIME TIlR PUBLIC ARE CAU-TIONED asaint buying WRIGHT'S Indian Vegetable Pills oi any one who ttoes not a ct-rliticateil agen cy siirncd by the airenl for the New Ensland Slnle and 'caring date since January 1610. Abo take par ticular notice that thedillowin-i wonlins is on thu box. cs. Wright's Indian Vegetable Pi'l- (Ind. Purgative) of the North American College of Health. The Indian Vtgtlablt Pills ste certain rure for dnea.e in im evt-ry v. irony of Inrin, 1ipcau" tlii-y tho rouzhlt cie.inie tne iionuch and uoM, induce a mo per disc li.irse bv lbs luni;i, km mid kitlnei, and Kli niul.ilc iIih blond in piuify itielf. In ollirr vordi ihy ilit-n all me iMinrai clrains, and li-ste K ' rune III, Grand Phvtician) irra to drive difctae from the hotly. The abut e outlet, or diaine, are the common ttvrrs uf llir nodi, tluoii2li tnrli all mniliid and ror rupl liumun (ihe cuf of diMNWr) sre csrried olf ; and K) lung ut ilify are all Krpl nprn, anil riitchnrue freely llirir altoiled portions 1 1 impurity, Hie Doily will run liiuir in lira It It : bin tvlifn finm fa ling improper bind tircttmna iiuptue mr, sudden Iriinniinni hum I cold, nier exh.iiKti'in or any oilier rpnie, tlio boueli brrniiif ronive, die pnte ol I lie skin hecdine clutf-d or lliektdnets fall I perform llifiu rtluciinnn prnperlv iIih imptirilirt Mhit-h hIkiiiIiI be tlrained limn ihe body by tneee oniti'i'. uiii tie retameu, una continue to nc riiinulale iiniil the body bcriiroes luerullv loaded wit dilate. If ihr- rluuneU of our mighty rivers ihutild hecome blotked up, wunld not llm ain invi'aied wnipn find ns tv nut It-lit, or the country become inundated ' Jml io with the human body ; 1 1 1 he n.iiuinl drnim be enme cloied. tha nno,nani ami r.onupi iniinor v l.ull trill in ,iie tariniit lonns ni ilnea-e nrh h reier, Small Pox, Meailra, Klieurnliiin, Gout, Aioplrxy, &r. or Deiith will fill our oufTei uia. Therefore, uiten ickmc.i hi inn ininnrli, pains in i lie hark hiuI ide. nuick iniUe, burning rktn, or anv odier tinnlea. ant symplonu, indica'e that one or more of the iu.. nu at ili sin me not ih harginj fu ply, nnrl ihn niniii. union li" about to coninienci-a stitigtle for ih remorn Hon ol lie, nms thtiutd lir toil in adiniui'pring a fc brink doiet nf the Indian I'urgmite (Indian Vt Kltablt Pills ) By o doing, all the liinciiun of ilit tHitly will be reitoren o order, rnd ibe fnn luimort (lite cause of every iiifl tinalioit or ptiu He tutfei) u ill brrrmoied in (0 ea-y anil naiurnl a iminiier, thai i,k Imdy will be restoird it if by a rlurin. The nhote Pill'i may be taken til all liuitt nnd under all tin riuiniancrii, Willi peiferi n.ifeiy, They mil all com plain's unit nil sniff, nnd are Hi the hum in roiiiui utmn u fi.nd j run. rrpienily ihe ran ritnrr injui e even ihe nmn delicalo, Like our lund, ihey ate tbgrtible llieinfnre lliey r ntr r itiln ibp cirrulaiinu nnd iinpnit un ningy to i lie blond, tthirb rnali'r ii in Daw unit fire, dum tpiiir to ibe rxlirtniiiee hiuI rniKftpienily io keep llu iioim tifilie kin n sn. Tht-y air Hue aiid peifeci I urifirin nf tlieblnodt b'Taiur, iliey drain all rnirupt iiiuntir finm lhai life girini; fluid lt.y imU,i irenih nnd vigni in ihe whalu yiim ilioir rf ffdr. rratay beiufielitl ; beraui- lliey oulv r'ninf lltoip hiuiiam liit'h are oppntnl io heitlili, I'hey nid and iinprate tligeflinit, and vnund alerp f.illnu 'heir lite : ber.4tin ihry clrnnir tlio inuinrh and tmwelt of lhoi tliiny liuniuiirt which nol only irilism e11" il. n.,. I.... nd wenken the dis geil'uroigHnt. In short they o's H, ibey liood WRAPPING PAPER. lOO Reams Wrappin? Paper, and a larsesppplv nf writintr, 1 o-h Can nnd Letter, lor sale by D. A. BIUMAN. BiniiRS. A very largo a-sorimcnt of n'l size ol Hi! le-, ami tiri.-e from SO ets. to 515 each. Just ree'd and for sale at the Book Store. U. A. B RAMAN. WINDSOR UIFIiEs, for sale at the variety store. PANUBORN & BRINSMAID. OVIIRS, Riding whip nnd Cane, at the Variety O Store. June II. Pancookn & Brinsmaid. 100 TIN PLATE, &c. 1 oxe Tin plate, i X. jo no I square uo 100 bundlo" Iron wire, assorted no.. torelhff with u general n-sorlinent of Sheet Iron, Copper, Riv- u, cic, tor snie i.y jnne iu i.uu.uis K ic qHK BOOK STORE of tho siibscnler is now fully X replenished with a larsre collection cf BOOKS anil STATIONERY, recently selected in the Now York marKt". farncutar pain ha been tal;en in the as sortment wilh referencu to Books adapted to sabbath schools. Tho newest publications have I sen f elected for this object, an 1 Libraries can now le f irni-hed with any nuioniil at the t. i . price--, I) A. IinAMAM MAYO i WAIT line returned from New York with their supply of sprim: nnd summer Goods, laid in at tbepre-ent unusual low r ite which they aro wpared to -ell a cheap as can l e had in the country, liuvcrs are respectfully solicited to call and reeeivs the proof, at the tore recently occupied by Lalhrop & l olwin corner nt Cluircliand Lonclie-sts .tiay vu. I7AWEIjL,'S SHOES, a full as or'tnent iu-tt 1 ree'd and for tale by II. W. CATI.IN & Co. "DIUSTOI, IJOAim, Drawms paper and Pen Xj cil.. Brilliant re-J ibud, bine lluid, in pan ink, and Indies and gentlemen steel pen New York, and (or snlo bv S Collese 1. June 25, IS-10. it rcccivetl from HUNTINGTON. MT. VERXOV READER, Polvglott Bibles of tli.lercnt sixe and binns-, Pocket tliblev and Te;nmcnts and a seneral aortment of stationa ry just receivetl from N. York and for sale by College t. jc:25. S. HUNTINGTON. MORE NEW BOOKS, Just received nt Ihe Book Store, A New Home. Who 'II follow. Voting Ladio Companion. Counters Ida, Havward's Now England Gaietecr. Mitchell's Geographical Reader, a sytem ol Geography, comprising a Description ot the World with iIm grand division-, t'osljned for in strnclions in schools and families. Wonders of th Heaven. D. A. BRA.MAN. JUST RECEIVED at the Variety Store, a few J dozen Harrison Melotlie, of the Boston improved ttlitit)n,l eing a collection of patriotic songs dedicated to the Hero of Tippecanoe. Al-o, a lot of Harri. son Almacks for 1811. The-e I e-ides the usual lables and calculation cf a common Almanack, contain an excellent Biography of Gen, Harrison. It is inter spersed with numerou original ciigrivnn;, i'lustrat ins lh! leading incidcnls of hi hUtory. But say. onu "A drop of hard cider will anwer my turn" as "it'a getting in fa-hion up licic." Fortunately our variety can a.lbrd him one, for here is a book entitled "a drop orhird cider, embodying the toiil of all the North-Bend Melodic, whig .omr's etc.," ptibli-hcl by Elton, New York. There came alo with the song books, a va riety of Log Cabin Bo-om Pin, some very pretty cameo and cold one, tjnaulity of log Cabin Medal, and a variety of other goal-, among which wasom E"iu paper, pun noxe Willi pulls and powder. .Mu- im-ttl llistiuilll'llis, sunuiues, illllK ot rocs, tllltt St Ciut kinds of fancy soap and perfumery. The variety 15 rmistantly incrt-aini; nt Pancsc ns &. Brinsmaid'. ropeniri lint can be rlnimed for any medicine - t ami rltal hi. verv rrmaikable, it ! "'ly L'ipolb a IO ndGrnera pot. r .- V"-," " - ' 'looT-mnnV.trtssi.Bo'lon. Tedlars or trav ellir8irentsare not allowtsttosellthegenuineintlmn vece'h' Pills, therefore naver purchane rre-m tbem, for (f yo! do you will be :are to obtain dangerous and countcrftit artW u SONGS OK THE PEOPLR-Uvg Cabin Song Book Icing a collection of Harrison and Tvlor Melodic eml elli-heil with a neatly engravttl Prrtrs'i of Gen. Win. H. Harrison, and a view of O.'d Furt Meigs, for tale at the Book store, D. A. BRAMAN. Burl.ngicn, Sunt- 5G, 1310. MACKI'.UEL, on consignment, in half barrel just received and for sale by J. it J. H. PECK & Co. CI.OTIIIEHS, TAKE NOTICIl Thesuluscrilr at the Iron Foundry, has on hand nnd lor .ale, n umvTEAZELlNO GK.l made ibr narrow Cloth, n lirst rate machine, of tho lata-t iiuprovcincnt, which will be sold cheap tor cn-h, or exchanged for Cloth. Jfi5.-5b OA. Winooski Village, Juno U, ISU Thu snbsorilicr has now tirtnienl of BOOIt and lylc, nntl thornuBb E. J.'FAY. V n. All kind of measure work dour at khurt no tict-.' Burlingion, Chuirli-st May 23, IS10. TJOOTS & SHOES. I I. ... 1 n oi'iirra C SHOfS, tif the most fu.hiiuiablf style, workmamhip, which bt)o.lcre t-ry lot TJIJUMNCTOX C03III FACTORY. A Inrueuud ceneral asoriment ol'C'um s t f t'rr. mnn nmi.iTT nmr (in band nnd coni!in'lv man fa ' turlng at iheal ovee-tal'lishment, and Ibr sa'o to th Irndc at low pruvs. Mr hants nntl others wishhiir 1 get a Rood article (tirrxinillni; will find ittothoiradt vantage tncall und exaniint) for ibcnvelves. June 10, 1840 VILAS, LOOMIS and Co. CAHPETI NOS. Tho subscribers havo on hand a full assortiuontoflneralnand Cm,-on wool Carpetintr, Vcnotim and Colton do. Rufh Matima Oil Cloths, &c. which will be sold for Cash nt New York prices. Is. LO EL tfc CO. July 30, 1910. Dn H A. OAUVIN, lately returned from rrnnofi repctfiUly oflora hi; aorvices to ih Amaricaa nnhlin. Offleo opposite Mr, Russell's Hotel, in tha ESusa la tidy occujfed by I.rwl P. nichardaon. Esq, in Parl-st, Builing'on, July ta IS10. Im-)yl7

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