Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, September 18, 1840, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated September 18, 1840 Page 3
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MAINE. The returns from this state are indeed cheer ing, thus far, We have returns from 10 towns, which show a gain of one member of Congress in the Cumberland District throe Senators.four members of the House, and 1)79 in the popular vote. A similar gain throughout the state will k'ivo us a whig Governor and Legislature, and tit least one half tho delegation in Congress. But lot us, wait patiently. We have never claimed Maine neither do wo need it ; but wo may have, to tako it, after all. HOW STANDS THK ACCOUNT) The election of Harrison may now lie considered vcrta'tp. In 183(5 Mr. Webster obtained tho vote of Massa chusetts, I I, Ocn. Harrison had New Jersey 3 Del aware 3-Vrrmont 7 Maryland 10 Kcntiickv IB Indiana 9 Ohio 21. Totals). Since then thu Whigs iave gained the following States which voted for Van Hurcn in 193G: New York 42 Virginia 21 North "Carolina 15 Coniiecticctlt 3 Rhode. Island .(--Louis-isnaB'-MichieanS. Total 163. 14S constitutes a majority of all the electoral votes. All these can confidently be relied upon for Harri son, making 3D voles more than aro necessary to n choice, nut besides these Van Huron never received the votes, of Georgia, Tennessee ot South Carolina, nnd tve believe he cannot obtain the two former, but i hat they will be given to Harrison and Tyler. Nor is all. He had only four thottsaml majority in Pennsyl nnia in 153G, and there have been changes enough against him within a year to sink that majority three times over. Every election that has been held since Harrison wis nominated, has shown a great gain to tho Whigs and Conservatives, excepting Missouri and Illinois, both together throwing only nine electoral vo les. These with South Carolina, New Hninpshirc, mid perhaps Alabama and Mississippi, aro nil that Van Hurcn can rely upon with any prospect of suc cess, unless we add Maine. Shall behave it 1 VERMONT ELECTION. As is usual vvatkitho Whig party, they are "tickled rrnamost Is) dfflfln' at not having lost Vermont. As far ns we hrrVc sei-n, the rnlurus have been mostly from Whig districlstnd where they have always had large majorities. Too returns from the democratic parts of the stale are vet to be heard from, and when they are received, will, no doubt, alter the face of things materially. Wilmington (Del.) dot. If there be any loco foeo part to the state, it certain ly remains to be heard from j though all must admit that the returns from the 1th and 5th Districts have materially "altered the face of things" ! Gi:n. Hakisison's Gtinio.v on Aholitio.v. being the conclusion of a speech delivered at Carthage, on the :2().h tilt : "I conclude with the repetition of my opinion that the right of the people to write on, speak on, and dis cuss, any subject which they deem worthvof consid eration, and that of petitioning for the redress of any thing ' which they may consider a grievance,' are se cured to them both by the Federal and .State Constitu tions, and that these rights can neither be impaired nor restricted. Thenhu.-c of these rights is no argument for abolishing them. In the forcible language of the late distinguished Chief Justice of the United Stitr.s " it is an evil inscpcrnblc from the good to which it is allied, a shoot which cannot be stripped from the stalk without vitally wounding the plant from which it is torn." ' A PROPHECY. " The Democrat's Almanac and Political ling itcr" for 1811, published at the office of the Evening Post this vkaii, IS 10, alluding to the elections in Vermont, says : "The election of 1830 shows a democratic gain of upwards of J.UUO over the election of a.i?. Twelve democrats wire chosen nut of the 30 Senators, and JODdeinociatic representatives to 1 IB fcdeialists. The ' Green Mountain boys' will this year throw oil' thcshieklcs of federalism, and again join the friends of cninl rigbts ami impartial legislation in the great work of reformation." FULFILMENT. 1810, Whig majority 10,000! Out'" thirty senntors. the Jkcow Imvo I two; out of two hundred and thirty-live repre sentatives, but fifty-live I)cos are elected, and clean Whig ticket elected to Congress. All). 7i7y A1 Nsw OnLuws, Sept. 2. ''ire. About 2 o'clock yesterday mumim:, a fire in a large Iniek building attached tn the lowi r cotton press. The house, and a large quantity of machinery were destroy rd. The hiss is estimated nt 20 to 'S:i0,L00. Hullcti'n. AsoTiiBn Rcvolitionarv VETn.v.v Goxr. ! Mr. Joseph Lyon, a Revolutionary vetrim, aged 70, tlied ill Hnrtwick on the 2-tlh nit., leaving a numerous anil highly respectable family to mourn hi decease! Ot veo Jliiblicnn. A .MisnntnLi: MOTiir.B. The llaltimore Sun states that etrlvon Sunday moriiini;, a woman calling her- If Margaret Green-, wa found skeping in the yard .ot a lioiisi: m ! rout street, riiie lino m ner arms an infant about one vear ohl. who had nestled in the hn- sjm of her drunken mother during the night, exposed to the thmp and sickening nir of this season. The woman when nricstcd by .Mr. McKevvon nndaeiti wn, acknowledged that' she had been drunk, and wrnt thtre to sleep. In thu watch-house, ih poor infant eagerly fondled on her and sucked from the pointed t luntain its paternal nourishment, that which mav give it the nmit-tito which will prove its earthly misery, or, perchance, its death. They were sent to tile MEXICO. A journal of Mexico City, which has come to hand sine our last, and which is one day later than those from which we extracted in our last, states that the lnt twenty-four hours had been perfectly quiet. The police regulations were excellent nil the drinking ehops were doted at an carl) hour no more than live persons, of any grade or description, were allow ed to congregate together no person was nllowed to move on horseback between the hours of five in the welling and six in the morning; and all persons, ex cept the regular army, were ordered to give up to the government agents all fire-anus, under penalty of 6.00 fine, nnd from one to ten mouths imprisonment at hard labor. The police arc ordered to arret t and bring in every suspected person, without legard to hih pro fession or condition, .Vttr Or. liul. Distbc.5sinc octvsnr.Ncn. A fatal and distressing Hfcidcnt from the careless use of fire arms occurred in this citv yesterday afternoon. A son of Mrs. Kislc, bout 14 years of age, took down a ritlc that had been loaded the day previous for the purpose of shooting rits in tho yard, and discharged it nt a mark on a board in thefencr. The ball passed through tho board, through n bord in a fence somu distance beyond, bet ween the rails of another fence, and striking the fore hend of Mrs. Milliganvhovvns standing in thn door of her dwelling on liolivar St.. passed through her si. nil twier, and lodgnl under tho skin on tho back part of the head. .Mrs, .11. expired immediately. She hatl just returned from church, laid offher bonnet, taken -an apple in her hand and stepped to the door, when met by the deadly bullet. Her ago about -li' No fa mily except a husband Mrs. M. arrived in this coun try from Ireland not long. since. Distanco from where the gun was discharged to where Mrs. M. was stand ing;, 23 rods, The ball chanffcd its direction twice by striking objects in its fatal flight.- Cleveland Ilcrulil. The Mi'sursrn or Jcnur. Dovoiiertv. We copy the following from the Si, Louis Republican of Sat urday : The murderer of Thos. Dougherty, Esq. Judge of ine wouniy ioun oi i. i.ouis county which was per petrated undei the most a rocious circumstances in June, 1633, and over which there has ever sinco been hanging tho deepest mystery, has at length been dis closed. A letter was received in this county last week, dated Texas, and signed by a Dr. Hughes, in which the writer states that hois the murderer, that ho com- milted tho net to gratify his revenge for an injury he imagines he suffered, through tho agency of the' tie- ceased about ten or twelve venrs aso. Tho murderer, Hughes, many years ago was extensively engaged in circulating counterfeit money, and was detected and ocntencetl to ten years imprisonment in the Kentucky penitentiary) shortly after the expiration of which uiiiu iim yvud seen ill mis cuimiy.uiaritic.uirmii In W'rstfortl. on tho OtU io.t 1, it,., n.. T II Woodvvnrd, Mr John Joslin, to Miss Augusta Wood both of W'eslford. In Alburgh, on tho 10th Inst., bv A. C. Biulcr, lCsn. Mr Thomas Mott to Miss Laura Fletcher, w RAPPING PAPKR. 00 Reams Wrnnpin 'uper, and n large rpppty of writing, both Cup er, lor stile by P. BRAMAN. and letter OALT. 1,000 Mitiots Cnirsc Packing Salt, 6,00(rIinots Livcrptiol Salt, For Hile, in qnantities to suit purchasers and deliv ered at any Port on Lnko Chsmploin, by JASON C. PIUROD tfc SON. St. Johns, L. C, b'tpi, .1,19(9. B J (31 In this town, on the 11th Inst., Edward Walt, aged one year nnd 2 months, 2d son of Joseph Wait. In Orwell, on the 13th, Mr. Oliver S. Wilcox oged 22 years nnd ) months. . Mr. Wilcox had been,, for the two past years, con nected with the University in this place) and was n young mail of no ordinary attainments. Ho stood high nsn scholar, was generally beloved, nnd tho ami able features with which his character abounded so cured for him the respect of nil. Having in enrly lifo consecrated himself to tho service of tho Redeem er, the gnat principles by which the christian should be governed were exemplified by him in his daily walk and conversation. Conscientious in nil things, he was distinguished for his strict adherence, til nil times mid on nil occasions, to the cause of truth and morality. Possessed of n meek nnd tenehnblo spirit, hn earnestly sought to know and to do tho will of his heavenly Father. "To do good and to bo useful, was with hjm the great incentive to action. Actuated by such high nnd hcl motives, ho was looking forward with pleasing anticipations, to the future, nnd longed for thctimu to arivo when ho should be prepared for tho duties of active life. Hut his hopes. With those of his friends, hnvo been blasted, nnd ho has gone down to thu grave in the. moriiii of his days, leaving a large circle of relatives and friends to mourn over Ids early departure but they mourn not as thoso with out hope, for " there reinainclh n test for the people of God." F. QTHAYH1) from tho subscriber, a light brindlo P yearling heifer. Whoever will take up said heifer and give me notice shall bo rewarded. Milton, Sept. 12, 1840. JOHN McCLALLKN. rpiIKO. A. PECK Co. nt the sign of the Mortar, X have just ree'd n quantity of Cayenne 1'cppcr of Kuglish importation. Constantly on hand, Bombay Gum Myrrh, genuine Unybcrry 1'iaik, do. do. in Pow der, Jamaica Ginger Root. do. 'do. in Powder, llcngnl mill Ohio Turmerics, c. c. St pi. 10, 19 10. Sept. It), IH1U. TllKO. ,. I'KCKtVt.t). . (f bush. Seed Rye, free from all other seeds, foV vltf Pcarl-sl. Sept. 1G. sale by C. BENNS. TO THU PUBLIC I, Nnthnniel Wright, of the City of Albany and State of New York, for my self and Darius Buck, of tho city and State aforcaiil, I'atteiiteeof Duck's improved Patent hot nir Cooking Stove, have authorised and empowered S. W. Taylor of the City of HufTaio, and Stale aforesaid, as our law ful agent of Vermont. All contracts mado by him re lative to sale of the rights to Manufacture and sell said Stoves iusaid State of Vermont, shall be binding on if. N VTHANIEL WRIGHT. Albany, Vug. 23th, 1810. jrVAll persons desirous of obtaining the privilege of .Manufacturing and vending lluck'a Improved Hot Air Cooking Stove, in this State, will find the agent in this place until further notice is givt n. Iluilinylon, St pi. 1S10. S. W. TAYLOR. Oni'T. kJncvv Go lO, I H tO. AT HOWARD'S. The 'new l.ooils novvrcccmucnt tho Cheat) Cash Store. of improved finalities, were obtained under the most favorable circumstances just as the whole of York City was in cxtacies nt tho result of the Vermont News, indicating a brighter dawn in the Agricultural, Manufacturing, nnd Commercial atl'airs of the nation) and thev, in their spirit of rejoicing, sent hack as nn earnest by Hownnl, the most choice, beautiful, and useful of their Merchandise that wassuitul to the ex alted condition' fxhilerating climate, and noble nvo calions of the inhabitants of the Green Mountain State, where thev mav be had by applying at HOWARD'S. QTRAYED OR STOLEN from the Subscriber, on Othc night of thu 15th iust. 2Horses: one a light May maic'j 1 years old past, with swich tail, shod nil nround, a small bunch on her left hip caused by a kick, small bunches on both hind feet, nnd in good llcsh. The other a grey Horse, 5 years old pas-t, a tall slim Horse, thin in llcsh, lame in his richt forefoot, had on a round shoe on said foot, a small bunch on his back cau"d by a saddle not shod on his hind feet. Any person who will give iufnimntion where said Horse's mav bo found, or leturn them to thn subscriber, shall be liberally compensated. THOM S HINGHAM. Charlotte, September 10. IS 10. CWEAPEU and better for Ready Pay. The stib- seriber would inform bis customers and the pub lic that on account of his lo-s of Goods by lire and the damaged ones selling oil' so cheap, his present stock is principally made Iri sh and select, and the cloths being bought ai low prices can he sold cheap. an Kiuusoi cioiiung mane on tne snortcst notice, Cutting done, ns usual. All kinds of clothes cleaned of paint, grease, &c, nnddrcsscd, prcssid nnd repaired m tne ncaicM manner ami tirougut as near as possimc to their original beauty, nnd warranted without dam age. Also on hand, (no waiting until New Years or Cloakcs, fJrcssnnd Frock Ooats, PantaVions, vVaiPt1 coats, Sailor Jackets, Itoys Clothes, Klaniiell mid other shirts, Drawers, Stocks, &c. Also all kinds of secontl liantl l lotlics, H.its. t aps. Hoots nnil Shoes, Travelling Hags, Trunks, Furniture nnd nil other ar ticles common and uncommon. Clothes or produce taken for pa v. C HENNS. Pearl St., Sept. 1G, 1810. lhVTEOF VERMONT," ? The H.m."the Probate Distkict or CiiiTrr.NDEN, ss. 5 Ctmrt for the District of Chittenden : To all persons concerned in the estate of Paul I'abcock late of Jericho in said District, de ceased. GREETING. vs, Horace Ii tbcock, executor of the last will and Testament of said deceased, proposes to ren der an account of hi, administration, and present his account against said estate for examination and allow ance nl a session of the Court of Probate, to be hid den at the Register's office in Purlington on the se cond Wednesday of October next. Then fore, You are hereby notified to appear befoic said court at the time and place aforesaid, and shew cause, if any you have, why thenccountaforesaid should not he allowed. Givin under mv hand at Iluilington. this lu'th dav of September A. D. 15-10. W.M. WESTON, Regis er. STATE OF VERMONT, )ATa Probate Distiiict or Ciiittevdf.n, ss. XX Court held at Partington, within and for the District nlurcsaidon the tenth day of Scpn.ubcr, A. D. 1810, an instiuincnt nurnortiiiL' to ho the last will and tcslnmcnt nf Viihhv Rates, latu nf Charlotte, in said district deceased, was presented to tho court heic for probate, bv William Dean, the Executor, therein named. Therefore it is ordered by said court, that public notice be given to all persons concerned therein to appear before said court. lit a sesiou thereof to bo held lit tho Rcgiti r's office in Purlington, on the second Wednesday of October A. D. 1 B 10, and contest the probate of said will, nnd it is further ordered that this ortlcr he published three vveciss successively in thu r rt.e Tress, a newspaper printed at Burlington, in this stale, the last of winch publications shall be previous to the day assigned, ns aforesaid forbearing, Given under my hand nt the Register's Office, this 10th dav of September, A. D. l-IO. s.15 W.m. WESTON. Register. STATE OF VERMONT. CPHIi Honorable DisTiutT or CiiriTBsiiKK. ss. ( J. the Probate Court for the District of Chittenden : To nil persons conceriicti in tiieesiaieni joepn rerns late oi vvi. listen, in said district, deceased, GREETING. WiiKiir.As, Horace Ferns, administrator of tho es tate of said deceased, proposes to'rendcr an nccount of ins administration, and present Ins account ngainst said cstalo for o.uinimntionnndnllowniicunt a session of the f'ourl of Probate, to ho holden nt the Register's office in Burlington, on the second Wednesday of Oc tober next. Therefore, you aru hereby notified to ap pear before said court at'tho time and' place aforesaid, and show cause, if any you have, why thn account nioresain snouio noi no allowed, niven under my hand at Burlington, this 12Ui day of September, A. D. t"V. D.1J M il. 11 HO I lt, ivcmaicr. Tvnc nnil Stcrcotvnc Foundry. THE subscriber would respectfully announce, that thev have purchased thu extensive nnd well known type foundry owned by Messrs. Conner it sy..,Mc, unit ii-inuveti uiu Mtijiuiiuiii iiiuuoincr oi vlllll ami Nassau streets, to 7-1 Fulton, comer of Gold St., their present, location. Having made extensive revi sions, alterations, anil additions, they aro now prepar ed lo executo orders of any magnitude that they may pciavoriti with, vvitn promptness nnil on as lavorntilo terms ns at any other Foundry in America. A New Specimen Book, containing specimens of Types, Or naments, Borders, Flowers, Rules, c, is in active preparation, and will bo speedily issued, and found to rout. ii n as largi'.md well selected an assortment as at any other Foundry, All articles exhibited in tho specimen hook torincriy lssucti tiy uonner tv. l ookc, can now he furnished from this Foundry, without de lay, with many since added. The subseiibers mo Agents fur tho sale of the Washington and .Smith Presses, which, together with Chases, Composing .Jijv.i, I ii I inline, Jim, unu till Ul lllnea uien tl nil) Printing business, will be kept on hand, nnd furnish- cd nt tho manufacturers' prit es. VV.M. ll.U.l'.K t e,U, New York, September 12, 1810. WLlbt! subseribers having been nnpnmte.l by tho Hon, the Proliant Court for thn Dnirict of Chil lende'ii, commissioners loiece'ivc, exniulnu niul adjust nil claims nuddemnnds of nil per.son,ngalnst the estate of James Marlin. late of JcricliC 111 said district, tin- ceaed, represented insolvent, und nNo nil claims und demands evlnl ile I in oll'-el thereto i lllld HX months from the tiny of llitulnte hereof, 1 ring nllovvt-1 by aid Court for that purpose, wo do thcrcfoit) give notice that wo will nilcnil lo Ihu l iuiuess of our mipoiillinent at the dwelling of widow Hannah Martin in Jericho in sanl (linnet, on the 2i)li day ol Septvinl er nnil the l'Jlli day of Felirunry noxt nt JO oVloek, A, M,, each ot taid days, llnletl, this 221 day of Augi A. D. 1840. OLIVER LOWERY repl.5, AARON BROWN I' Com'rs, Sl'fjnH, Riding whips nnd Cnnes, nt the Vitneiy Storo. J'Jiiell, I'akcpcrh Bain:nAip. 17UESIILV distilled Cologne, Lnvander nnd Rose -rii.i'i i I TITi i ' ! n i Waters, nl-o Real Gerinan Cologne, by IV0 1 v1'' i'r ,y K'vf ". ,,,al '!u Sept. 10, .RIO. it.Co.f t l,,:t'"u,1.,llu f'cnoral Assciiihly of the State of ' ' I ermoiit, at its next session for the exclusive grant of ENGLISH Transparent Peppermint I.ozengtf, a Ferry from her premises in Albutah west to the fresh Juiubo's Paste, just opened by T hue of the Hate, for the term of ten years from and BIlltit'H. A very largo assortment of n 1 sixes of flibles, and price from 60 cte. lo 915 each, Just ree'dnud lor tale at the Pool; Store. D. A. ORAM AN. WINDSOR ItlPIiES, for sale at the variety More. PANGMOttN & BRINSMAID. CHINA, Glassware, Crockery nnd Looking Glas ses, just rco'tl and for sale by N. Lovelv & Co. ALSO, Soda Crackers. Sept. 3, 1810. rpHUHutlinaton BREWERY has now commenced J. business, and will havo new Peer in a fow days, when all orders will bo punctually attended to. llutlingtpn, Sept. 1810. GEO. PETERSON. IODINE SPUING WATER. A recently discover X cd fountain at Saratoga nnd contains properties known in no other Spring its freedom from Iron lenders it safe to be drunk by a certain class of inva lids with whom Iron proves injurious thu quantity of Iodine contained in this water renders it tho most val uable mineral water firuvcry species of Scrofula yet discovered, for sale by J. &.J.H. PECK it Co. Agti. M"0()lli53EsiKNCK W LIE.-a" ' Valuable Medicine, which, if rightly applied, will be the means of caving Ihou-uuds, from un untimely grave. It ha been Mild and mod for thirty years, w'ilh great sucrcs", nnd found very t:!lieneiou "in the following th-casc-1, viz.- Consu.npiion, Whooping Cough-, com mon Cough-, Co'th, d.UK'iill Bienthiiiir, liilhirnza, Quiny, Asthma, Plillu'.ie, Spilling of Blond, Flatu lency, lii'.lico-tftiii, Looseness of the Bowel-, Fjtsof every kind, ("ramp, Re'kef, Ct ,e, Catarrh, Dyscn larv, Fainting, IlypoehoiHi i.iu AtlLvlitui', Headache-, .Sickness nt Sioniueh, Mca-lc-, a preventive of Con liigionsdica e, Gout and Rhoitoialiin. rJ"'l benbove MeJicino i prepared by Henry Sey mour, of IIiullov, Mus. from the Original Recipe, by ihc direction tif mi ill Moore, nnd sol I by bun and the principal Druggists in the United Suites. Sold whole-ale und retail, by J. iV. J, II. Peck Co. Burlington, nud by the dealers gcncrully throiigliout uiu country. after the first dnv of Nov. A. D. 1310. rxtcmlinr; south from the north lino of the premises of along the lake shore one mile. .ii;.. .-,.. v. Tiotn eiitv univt eo VlItl celebrated Iodine Snrimr Wntcr from Snrnln- IX ga fiir sale by the bottle, dozen, or box, Aug. 27. THEO. A. PECK Co. FRP.SH Hive Syrup, an excellent article for Colds, Coushs. Croup, c. by Aug. 27. THEO. A. PECK & Co. PA PHIL C. GOODRICH has just received from tho manufacturers in Massachusetts, a full supply of linen hand-made, royal, nieduim, Demy, cap, letter, folio-post and billet paper, of various qual ities, as wove, satin, laid, gilt, &c. &c. for sale at man ufactures prices. June 30. I'ctcr Mincklcr's Mstatc. TrE the subscribers bavins been appointed bv the IT honorable the pro! ate court for the district of Grand Isle, commissioners to receive, examine and n ljust the claims and demands of all persons onanist the c-ta'e of Peter Mineliler, lato of Grand Lie, in tho district, afTire ai l, deceased, rcpru-vn'ctl insolv ent, also all claims nnd demands, exhibited in o'lVot iberito; and six months from tho day of the date, here of being allowed bv aid court fur'that purpo.e-, wo lo therefore hereby cive notice that we will attend to the buines of our nppoiiitiocnt, nt the dwelling o( Sally MiucMcr in Grand Lie afore ai I, on the l.-t. Tue's.l.iv in f'elinaiv, A. D. 1H II, from 0 o'clock A. M., 'until ! (iclock P. M. on said day. Dated tin 20lh dav of Augusi 1810. an.M.K M.I.I. I. II, ( WALLIS .MO IT, Uomtifrs. cp: SOLON TOUI.' IAS. I Moses RiiKglcs' Instate. STATE OI" VERMONT. ST. i rrviIE lion, the probate : ss. i JL court (or the district I)it. or OnrTT.srtr.N of Cliittcnden, To all person- eonccrnel in tho estate ofMu-tis Ruggle-, laleof Wt'siford in said district, dt- e.l. crcetiiitr. Whereas hhhu II Ruggles. ndiuis- trator of the o-tatu of said deeiMMsl, propo-es to render an nccoont ot Ins aiimini-lration, nnil pre? ln ac .oiiiii iiuamsi Mini u?iiiiu iur i-.;iiiiiiiiiiiuu imio uimiw- uncf at n se-sitin of tho Court of Probn'e, to lie hold n at the Register tulice in Burlington on the second WVJeiisil.iv of Oetol er next : Therefore, von are hereby notilie-d to appear 1 efore aid co'irlnt the liino iintl place aluic-niti, ami .-now cati-e, il any you have. whv the account should not 1 c allowed. Given under mvhandnl Itnlingtou ibis 31 dav of Scpteml er, A P.' 1810. .-t'p. 8 W.M. Wl'asTON, Renter. STATE OK VKRMONT, T a probate co in, I.'ist. or t in', ss. t jtm. hoiticn at Huron ton. within and for the district alore-aid, on the 31 -t lay ol August A. l-'. lb IU, an nutriment purporting to I e the la-t will mid testament of Sarah Johnson, late of Charlotte, in -ni'1 ihsiriet, deceased, was pro-entcil to u. i.ri. inr pniLniH, i,y Alel 1 tiinluison, Ihc I'.xecutor, therein naineil, 'i'.roii,. h is' ... dertil by mn! co'irl, ihat public nonce le given to all iie'r.-oiis eontvrned therein, to appear lic-fora sanl court, at a session thereof to 1 e holden at the llegis ters ollice in Horlinglon, on the secontl Wetlne-tiay oi October A. I'. 1310, and tintest the probate nl said will, and il isfirlhcr ordered ihat this order I. c published three wceUs successively in the ll.irlington free l're a newspaper printed at ll irlinglon, in this state, the last of which shall I t; previous to iho djvn-signed, n afiue-aid lor hearing. Given under my hand at ihc ui-gi-iei-s naii-f, mis .ti -i nay ni .ogn-i, a. i. iojo. cp.S W.M. WJ'-SUI, Hcgi-ter. Ilron IlollablrtPs r.state. STATE OF VERMONT, i fHIIE honorable ihc Distiiict of Ciiittrniick. ss. i Jl Prelate Court for the District nfChilleudeii. Ttinll ner-on.s concern cd in thu Kstate ol'Miron Hollabird, late of Slielburn in saiditistriei.ilL'ce.vrd. tJREETING. WHEREAS, O.-ear F. Hollabird, administrator of tin- estate ol sanl tlctea-cl, propo-c to render an acciiiiiil tn his n imini-ir ilion, and prcseiil his nc co'int nainl said e-tate for examination and nllovv aiice al a Ci-ion of the Cirirt of Probate, to l.o holden at tho Register's oiliee-, in Burlington, on thu second WVIne-day of O.'tol cr next; Therefore, you arc heieliy iiotihel to anpesir I eloic siud court ul Hie time ami plaeu nlorc-aid, and flmw cause, il any you have, wliv the nccount atun.-atd shouhl not lo ul lowed. Given under mv band ut Burlington, this 3i day of August, A. I. 1610. ' n-,.8 WM. WESTON, Rc-i-ier. itiiiti.ivnTnv pr.vtt.i; .sT.-vnv.vnv ti Jj full term of the Seminary commences lUth Sept Conditions or Admittance. Boarders per annum 31-10, or $70 per term, half payable in advance. This sum entitles the pupil to board, lodging, room rent lire, lights, etc., and to tuition innnvorall branches included in the extensive com se of English studies pur sued in the Seminary nnd Latin. Extra charges arc made, for Music, including practice $13. VocalSl for music pupils, 2 for others. Drawing $'); French 83 Pupils not leceived for n shorter period, than one qtiar ili, nine-is -pei un eiiiiiiiicr. iscviauoii irom uu rule is inatlti in case ol sicknc?". Application to I made to the Principal, M. C. GREEN. Iluilmglon, Aug. I), I-1U. TVT LOVUIiY b Co., tmvv jn-t reeM from New x l orK, ami are now o'lenu? lor sale ut still fur llicr reduced price-, lor ready t AMI a more eolnplel astlrlnenl of fancv nnd other Goons adapted to ill M-a-on and the times than ever I efore among which aru m.iuy new articles never I efore ollcred in this mar Let. Also, a new supply of Glassware. LWLcrv nnd Also, Engli h Currants, Prunes Drv (frocerif-. Mitts. Russia and olber f'nroelin". Oil Cloth forTuMc.s, Floors, and Linings, etc. More next ' Juncia KM' PAlNTSIIOl'.-.Si'APl.DING&MILLS J-i h.ivc ooeuei In new Paint trnop on Chun-li.ti two tloors south of II. Luiic's Store, where ibcv w.l lo all kinds t,f HOI'Si:. SHIP. SIGN and CAKItl.tnK r.M.Mi.M,, intliule-t poible manner and on term to sun ino-e who may Invour thvin with their imiron iUJ I tilltls. Oil. nrnish nnd I'tili v. nuKinmlv .... ,,..,,....,,, i,, i rtiie. 11,11. nrAI hll.lll. Burlington, April 0, 1810. C. B. MILLS. TV:iV11 V l'nlcnl Spring-Tooth Horscllnkc the Wire 'looth Horso-Rakc, which has been used with so much satisfaction during tho lust two haying seasons in tho counties of Rutland, Addison and Bennington, Vl. and Washington, N. Y. will lie kept for sale thn nresenl sensnn iiv sTirnvnu .. n ii.iri:,,,..,.,, tpu i. i-' .j " ,', "r vy" ..u..,..b.u, . ntnui nu .iiu nun iicq man meadows; hey arc easily tended, and do thu work faster and iictter tnnn nny nther Horse Rake in use, It is found by experience, that the expense of raking Imv with tho Spring Tooth Hoise-Iluliu is only about one quarter ns nnicli as tno common nieihod of rakiir with haiid-rnkc, liesides securing ihehay in bettor or' tier. Some fanners who hnvo lnrno inenilmei. ntti mate the usoof one raku last liny season at forty to fifty doll.trs. DAVID DEWEY, Piiientcc. jui) i, niu. NEW (iOOBH, now opeiiuis ; an additional assortment ol various hinds of gor.l., among llicni nre Mezt.lintn Urusbes, Satin Bend Head Band nnrsiiparuin uiscnge,, Aceorileon lumlis, eiraet oi lierg.iMol, hristt'l io.inl,i!recii biecno e.Onktorr, new silver pod. ct Combs, 1'nglo Bell Plate, etc. AliiO, a good assortment of trimmed nnd plain lino Satin nnd boinbmiiio Slocks j llun suniiucr Sloclisjllg'd und plain some with lnv,vs very nice nnd light for warm weulh erl wti hnvo also very narrow s;,,j(,.. .Il',ni.., boys or men. Abo, long stocks for tliOMi who hnvs nreiNeciis, in a wonl our assortment of Stocks, Col hirs nnd lo.ormi is very eompletc. For furth'ir par liculnrs plcntoeall atlho Vnrieiy Store. Jlnc 1 1. Panooohn tt IIiiimsmaid. NOT IC!lv.. All persons indebted to ibclntc firm of Lathrop, Potvvm and Wan or lo Mayo and Wait ut their store nt vvinooski Village, are hereby no tified in make payment tons at our Store in Burling ton, corner Church and College streets MAYO sod WAIT. Sherman's Itrcast Olutnenr. If applied properly and induotimc, will cure the most painful cases of swelled breasts, and prevent the for mation of abscesses Even whero the awe'lliner has pointed and shown every appearance of breaking, this ointment has entirely dispelled it, and restored the parts to a healthy conuuion. in applying it, a smooth and soft covering to the breast should ho made of soft leather, or fine compact linin, with a holo in the cen tre to admit the ninlc. When so matin, nut n rnalintr of the, ointment over the inner surfaco and apply it cuisciy mill niiiuuiiiiy iivui mu yvuuio orcast, leaving the nipple protruding , through tho hole, s that the euiuu can nurse,, which u siiuuin jio ns long ns mo mother can bear it. Care should be tnkim In have the breast drawn by the child or otherwise, so as to pre- vent an accumulation oi imiK. trnencver tlie pias ter gets rinkled. and thereby uncomfortable, a now one should bo applied, and constantly worn until n cure is Diiecieu. it is Buiiivuinun uuwvKaiiry 10 sin vno smei so thev will conform to the shape of tho breast, nnd cover it closely. Ask for Sherman's breast ointment, ond see that his signature thus, "A, Sherman, M. I., is on the wrapper, nono omcr can lie genuine. SHERMAN'S PAPILLARY Off. Is tho only infallible remedy for sore nipples ever dis covered. It will cure the most troublesome cases in few days, without depriving the infant of tho brcast arruntnl sunerior to nil other rctnidics when amilicd ccordini' to tho directions on the bottle. Sec that the signature of "A. Shtrtnan, M J).." is on the wrapper, none otner is genuine, no particular or you will be deceived ami disappointed. Sold nt the Varie ty store. PANGUORN RRINSMAID. PHYSIC AN1 1MII ICIANH. OUR lato friend, the Rev. C. C. Colton, makes the following remarks in his celebrated work. "Lncon. or many things m few words :" " No men dispisc physic as much as physicians, be cause no men so thoroughly understand how little it can perform, lhcyliavo been ttnlunng the human constitution four thousand years, in order to learn to cure about as many disorders. The result is, that mtr cury and bvimttonc are the only specifics thty have iscovcrcd. m tne taiai maiiues conmiue lo nc wnat werem thedavs of Paracelsus. Hippocrates, and oXfen. 'onorobriaincdicorutn.' It is true that each disorder has a thousand prescriptions, hut not a sin gle remedy. They pour a variety ai salts nnd acids mtola marble mortar, nnd expect similar results when thef; ingredients arc poured into the human stomach ; nuPwhal can tie so groundless as reasonings built on sih analogies 7 For the marble mortar admits tha encv of ntmosnhcric air. which cannot be said nf alio human stomach; arm again, uic unman stoinaeu poscsscslife, and tho gastric juice, which cannot be said of the maroio mortar tl "It is better to have recourse to a non-nrofcssional man if he can cure our disorders, although he cannot explain them. In a certain consultation of physicians in tins kingdom, they all tlittered atiout inc nature oi an intermittent, nnd all plausibly ttctmctl tne unease. At length a non-medical, who had been called in, thus interposed! Gentlemen, you al! seem to dificr about the nature Of an intermittent; permit me to explain it. An intermittent fever, gentlemen, is a disorder ...i,:i. i,n,M -..,,1 .i,ii, it CURES EFFECTED BY THE USE OF MORISON'S MEDICINES. I No. 4.1 To Dr. George Taylor, 94 Broadway : Sir For about nine venrs I have been in a declin ing state of health. From my own feelings, nnd in the opinion of of others, I wasin the last stage of con sumption. The doctors having given me up, I was induced by a menu to the liygcian cause to try .lion, son's Pills of the British College of Health. Besides consumption, a complaint had settled in one of my arms, and the muscles had become so contracted that 1 could not get my hands together by four inches. I am now in good health, my arms arc of ctnjal length in tact I am a new oring. I therefore feel it my duty to send you my case, in hopes that a knowledge of it may induce other suffer ers to try your invaluable medicines, to which alone, by divine pcrmWsion, I attribute my restoration to health after so many years of affliction. Yours, wiih respect, SARAH BARHYDT, 4lsl street, Between otli nntiytli Avenues, INew York. ttested bv Mr. J. T. PERRY, corner of 8th Av enue and 41st street, May 8th 1839. I-xo. o.J limping Coug't in Hi icortt Jorin. Extract from n letter received from Mrs. E. D. Goodlili; of Utica, N. Y. Dated June 22, 1810. "Another case is that of a Mr. Paine, of this city. I was on mv way to meeting, when I was met by an aunt of the child, who told me that it was in a most distressing state with the whooping coughthat it was continually in convulsions, and had lost tne uscol one sitle of its body. I went to seethe child, and found it in the stnto described. I told them, that I knew the pills would elluet a cure hut they must, in such a case, use largo doses. Mr. Paine read the "Morisoni nn." After which he began with energy. I ordered the pills to be dissolved. In less than 24 hours after giving the first dose, the fits left the child, nod have never returned, it nas recovered me use oi us siue, and is now in perfect health. No. 0.1 Curr nf Coniumptton. To Dr. GeoreoTavlor: Dear Sir Having obtained such a miraculous cure by the use of Mr. Morison's liygcian Medicines I feel tm tn i... mi mr Kiioii'.ainmra Know trie vir that sovreigii remedy. 1 was taken with tn flamalion of the lungs about three years ago, which finaly ran into, what the Doctors called, a confirmed consumption. I was reduced to a mere skeleton; for three months, I discharged large quantities of matter every day, and my cough was most distressingly se vere, jii v ormnary wcigni in neaiin was iau ins. l was wchdied when reduced so low my weight was only 76 lbs. The medical men all gave me up as in curable. I ultiinutely grew so weak, that I could not sec. At this tune I heard of Monson s Hygcian Pills, nnd I sent to Perrysburg nnd got some. These I took according to directions ; nnd after taking them for six weeks, I cnuld ride three miles at n time. I

continued taking them up to this time. I have now recovered mv usual health, and weight. I know that the pills have, cured me. The facts that I have stated arc well known to all my friends and the residents of the village. aignenj a. j. iiirtUK.iv, Svlvnnin, Whiteford, Lucus co. Ohio. EVERY packet sold in Vermont, and in the towns bordering on Lake Champlain, in the state of New York, will bo signed by Pangborn & Rrinsmnid, Jewellers, of Burlington Vt., who arc the agents, also by tne hub Agents ftclling them, ij noi so sign ed, ilo not buy them. I am pleased to he able to inform the friends of the Ilvgsian Couse in Vermont, and iis vicinity, that the calls for Morison's Pills for their state, nnd in nil the Middle States, continues steadily to increase, nnd that the satistnction is general, nnd cures ettccted innu merable. Geo. Tavlor, Hygcist. 91 Broadway New York U. S. Agent for the Brit ish College of Health London. PANCnORN & HRINSMAII), of the Variety store, are tillering a great variety of Watche-, Clocks, Jewelry, Pcifumerv, Musical Instruments, Curl-, Card-, Pii:iurc-,Soaps,Hair Oil-,Haior-, Knive', Scissors, Cane-, Stocks, Cap., drawing materia'-, wil low Waggon, Chairs nnd Cradle-, Castors, Pencils, Tea mid Cotlee Pots and Urns: silver ware, plated W are, l.ainp W ieks and Glasse-, Collars nnd Bo-oni-, Siispenile'i-s, Swords nnd Pisttils.ThermonH'ter.-.Statioii. cry, Inks, Court Plaster; Doll-, Bags, pocket Books a i id a great variety of fancy articles to supply ihr wants mm minister to Ihu gmtuication oi I lie notional and nil who call nl the Variety store; wc are in "Ap ple Pie" order rcn ly to unsw'er orders or return calls at the variety siore,' Pangborn & Bkin-maid. NEW SHEET IRON, COPPER & TIN WARE ESTABLISHMENT. The siibscriUr, late t.fihe lirm of Starr & Bt)stt ick, having purchased nnd re moved to the Store lately tiecupieJ by Strongs A Co., east side of the Court House Square," one door north of the I.O" Cabin, is now ready to tit) nil kinds fjf work that the public wish in his fine of bmine.s, mioIi n e'overing roofs wiih tin, making nnd putting up nave troughs and spouts. All kinds of Tin, sheet Iron nnd Copper Ware will I c ke'pt on hand, and for sale at as low prices ns can he found inthnSinie. Sheet Zinc, Copper Pumps, Urad Pipe, nnd all other article in the line of our busiue.-s kept on hand. For cheapnes of price nnd neatness of execution, my work will not be excelled by nny in the state. If you wish foranylhinr in the above line, before von Ira 'u be Mire nnd call II 11 ll-wT'll'l- Burliugton, July, 1810. ' ' 1 HOCKItir.S. The subseri!er has a full supn v VJT of Groceries, including rogniae Brandy, common do. Holland and Ikillimoru Gin. St. Croix and low prices! Ruin, Porl, Madeira, Champaisne, Muscat, Mnlngn and other Wine-,, Te.i, ColUv, Chocolate, loar, lump anu brown sugars, Jtice, I epper, Cinnamon, Nutmegs, Allspice and othri spices, Cigars, Tobacco, Mackerel, CUIU IMI. Iet kind for per 100 lbs. And most olhcr articles in the grocery line, Also DRY GOODS, all of which will be sold as cheap as at nny other place. The Liquors will If warranted of the lest quality intended principally for supplying Taveru-Koeporr', who will hnd il for their interest to call mid examine them. ISAAC WARNER. Burlington, June 10, 18 "ROOTS, SHOES & LEATHER. The subscriber JJ having taken the storo formerly occupied by Messrs. llmhuyi if- Whipple, is now opening a general assortment of lli.'uts. Shoes and Leather, which have all been bought for cash and will be sold for the same at tho lowest prices, and as the articles arc too mimer oils to mention in nn advertisement, allhough Mr Sta, cy has enlarges! his paper, I would simply invito all tt call and examine the goods and prices before purchas ing edscwhere. Burlington, July 1, 1840. HENRY C. STIMSON, by E. J. Stimsom, Agent. rilllETIPPECANOE TEXT BOOK.-Just rt-oeivrd, JL a hirgti supply of Tippecanoe Text Book, made up nf documents und facts illustrating Gen. Harrison' history, character, services mid opinions. It i warmly recoiiiuienoisi in inn irieuus oi lien, liarri-on throng n (sit thn P. States, for sale ul the bookstore, June 20. D, A. BRAMAN. A YOUNG LADY of good family am! ofa lib I'l'nt Mlucaiinn nn,l udin has a ihoroiitrh theoreti cal and practical knowledge of the French and Eniliih languages, wishes lo find a place either in a family of in a community, as n rrencn teaencr. Appueaunns, (if by letter post paid,) to le directed to Mr. Moll, Pro. fetter cf M.tS Burlimriop, I Jun. PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby (riven that the under Sitrnad Will nrrvr Mllinn m lh (1nrat blyafthe State of Vermont, nest to be holden at wnpciicr on tne second i nursday or October, A. V. 1640. for tllO Clclunive Vinhl far ton vmii in km a ferry from the west shore of Alburgh, near the Pror mco line, and so along said shore from the province line aforesaid ono mile south and from there across the waters of Lako Champlain to tho town of Champlain or Rouses Point in the state of New York. Given under our hands at Alburgh, this 7th day of Sept A. D. 1840. JOHN M. SOWI.ES. LEWIS SOWLES, Jr. LIIIERATlO...Notjcc is hereby given that I have given mv son Jine L. III,'.. 1,1. t,m. irnm nnd after thisdnle. I shall therefore claim none of Ins earnings, nor be responsible for any of his contracts. slept. , ioiu. I il-.l. IlLIVS. LAMP WICKS St GLASSES. Glares for the Brittama. the tlrana mitl lh l,n r.t At. jcrant sites t Wicks of nil sites, alio the rtat wicka for Rust'a Patent Lamps, Variety Store. Aug. 24. PANGBORN cV BRINSMAID. TO, PBNSIONaitS.-AII legal claims for Pen sion now due, and the semi-annual instalment payable on the 4th of September next, will be paid at the Farmn tf Mechanic' i Hank, in this place on presenting propcrpapt'ja to the Cashier of said Bnnk. H. LOWRY, Agtntfor Pitying I'ensiont. Burlington, August 2C, 1840. BIJIiIm The public ore informed that a first rate Bull may be found at my Barn on North street for the term of one year from date. ., CALEB RICHARDSON. Burlington, Sept. 1, 1810. FOIt S ALU. Common board-, platiW, lining boards, clap boards and floor board-, at the low est pricB., by HICKOK tfe CATLLN. Burlington, Aug. 12, 1840. MAYNARD A- NOVS line Bine1,- Writing Ink, which has Mood tivl for more thirty years. A cnli just received and for sale by 1 1 Aug. 1840. C. GOODRICH. QYRUP Sarssparilla, a valuable medicine for Impu Orilicsof the Blood, Cutaneous diseases, and Debil ity ; just prepared by TH EO. A. PECK & Co. CANES. We invite attention to our new assort ment of Cnnrs, riding nnd walking sticks, now opening nt the Variety Store; we have large and small, crooked and straight, low and high priced. Aug. 27. PANGBORN ct RRINSMAID. GEESE F E A T H E R S.-500lbs. Geese Feath ers of a superior quality For Sale by August 2G, 1840. VILAS LOOMLS A. Co. STRAY HORSES. Straed from the subscriber, on or about the 10th of July, one black horse with some white about the neck, c'ai-ol by weir of ihc col lar, and lame with a spavin lehind. Also, one hay hor.-e, one hind leg large, abtut 15'yearr old. , Burlington. Aug. 1810. J. POTTER. FOIt 8AI.K, 73 Acre, of Land Lying on the WinoosLi Avenue, one mile north of this village. This land is well watered, free from stone-, has wood sufficient for a family supply, borders on the 1iVc, and i every way nn eligible lot. For further particulars apply to the snhsrribers. Hickok & Catun. Burlington, Aug. 13, 1840. I i itASS. uiirnnfrion, l rrmont, anu r.-n-x, i-yun-vJ tier Glais. made at the Chanmlam Glas works. and very much improved in quality compared wilh the late brands, for sale by J. & J. H. PECK 4. Co. "J C Hhds. New Orleans Sugar, on consignment, i J Aug. b. for sale by i. l.UVKI.i tV (Jo. TNGLISH Currants, Family Groceries, Salmon, Csl M PORTA N T CAUTION,3 It is a singular fact nr.d one much tote regretted that valuable medicines, as soon ns they I eeoine pop ular, and have received the test and approval of n discriminntiiig public,aresiirc to I c rountcrfeited, and thus a had and spurious nrlicle is immediate,)' palmed upon l he unsuspecting for the genuine. This ha-1 ecu notoriously the case with all popular tried nn I truly valuable medicnes for year at, and will prol a! ly continue lo 1 e the case for years lo come. The la c and contemptible counterfeit in this way me'anly takes ndvantage ol all the e.rorl and alvcr tiing used l.y the proprietors of the genuine article, to get their medicines into use nnd de-erved popluari ty. It is the'refore not le-s theduty than it funtrihutes to the safety of every honet intlivitlnnl in the com munity to expofc, frown down, and forever nf or DIS TRULT all HEARTLESS INGRATES who ih is irre-spon-ihlv trifle with health and life-. ICTHEREFORE TAKE NOTICE.. There is a person by the name tfJ. B. ROCHE- FORT, now engaged in -clling a Pill done up in luxc inexncl and pcrliet imitntion of the genuine INI'I N VEGETABLE PILLS, with the omi-sion of only one wort! on the Boxe via. Wkiciit. The Pills o!.l by ibis Rochefort are evidently intended anfrauland imposition upon tha eoiiimuniiy, or they would not have leen done up in such exact 'imitation of the gen uine. This per-on is tall l.histerinit with a great the atrieal iwatrtrrr. He was recently known a-a very po ir player in Baltimore, under the m.i(T cognomen of Jim Brown, and i al o it twenty five year-of age It is nlmnst Leyonda doubt that he is supplied with thePills Irom a Druggi-t lirm in this city, who have heretofore been notoriously connected wiih counter feit medicines. As soon as proof is obtaintsl ihc foun tain head of this nefarious bu-inc-s will be expn.ed. that the community may ,-lrm them as they would a serpent. IN THE MEAN TIME THK PUBLIC ARE CAU TION KO against buying WRIGHT'S Indian Vfgktablk Pills of tnyone who does not exhibit a certificate of agen cy signed by the agent for the New Emjlantl Sia'e. and icaring date since January 1640. ANo take par ticular notice that the following wording is on tint box es Wright's Indian VegetahlcPiM (Ind. Purgative) of the Norlh American College of Ilealtli. Trte Indian Vtztlabli Pills air a certain Hire fur dirae in in evi-ry vrfririynf form, Itrc4tise llirj thu ruugiti) eieame tne iioiimcIi urn! bond., induce a pin per ditrlurRr by llie luni;, kiu and k'duey, and ni mnlate llie blood :o pinify itt(. In oilin wnnU th-j open till ihr iMiural drain, and leave kaiukk the urana rnyttctan) nre in time oWe-tie liuui the body. The uliote omleis, or dtain. are i lif enminnn reivers nf llie bud), lhton(li lhirhall nioilud anil cor rupt humor (the ctu al tiea) are cariied off; and i) lmi( nt llit) me all krpl open, and dirlmr;r ft eel) llitir allotled poriioiis ufiuiiMiiiiy. lite hotly will nut. untie in liealili : liu' vtlicii Irum raiing inipinprt lnuil, brralhini! impute air, Hidden lran-iiinn Iriitn hf4l in coltl, over exlt.iufiiun nranv other rpme, lbs horlr Urrome coilivr, the iotn ol the rktn lircomr cluird. or ihekidneti fil f.i psrfunn iheit fuiictiona iinprili. Hie nnpurtltri li'iiHtl lie ilrainrtt Itutn llie Ifnlj by thr,r oiill'O, will be reuinrd, and continue to ac cumulate unlit the hud) ber.ninti lilsrally IimiIsiI wiih diiKite. Ifihr rlmini-lt nf our iniahiv rtterr fltoeld bsrnuif bliji kril tip, ttunld uul thf Mrctimu'a'ril wifr find nr mil Iris, nr llie rnunlm brroine inuiuLtrd ? Jntl to it Ii llie luuni body ; if the ii4iinal iImiiis br enmr clo.rd, llieipnnl and corrupt humors will find vent hi llie tariiiiis rutins of threnre mt h a rrri, Sm.tll I'nx, Mrrfnlrn, lllirumaiifin, (lout, Apoplrxy, c, or I1C4IH Mill nil our fiill'tint. Iliririme, whrn (irkneti ai ihe ilmnarh, uin in the lurk and side, qtnrk pulae, buining skin, or any odier unplra. (4iil symptoms, intliraia llial one or mote ol lite n lurat drains are not ilirrhnri(iig ftrrly, and the roniti Union it about to conimsnrr a sinigilf fur ill" relnra lion of health, nu limit fhnuld Iss loil in ailmini(irriii a few hrirk iIopci of ihe Indun Purgative (Indian Vt Kilobit Pills ) By o doinr, all ihe lunciinn f llie body will be rrilorrn to ntilsr, rnd ihe find humors (the ranted every ninimsiion or psui ne funrr; win bit remitted in in e.y .ind nsiiiral a manner, llial the body will he retloirtl if by a rhatm. The ahntr Pills may lie taken at all liuiri and under AI.Lt ir. enniitanees, wiih peiferi p.tfeiy. They euii all torn pfuinti and all agrf, andaieci the hitman ronni iintm ai IkiiiI ; eonrqiieniiy uie ran ntntrtnjU't efrn tne mnp dfiirate. Like nttr (o'd, they are di(eftihle; ilieie.futt lliey entrr inio die eiirtilaiinn and imparl an energy In the blood, nnirh analdea il in iVm milt ftre. tlom qttiie in the eaiieniinrt and cniietpienily in keep Hie purei ntihe skin open. I liey are irue ami iei ten purifier) nf the blood: oruie lliey drain all cnrrupl humors fiom lhai life gitin; fluid, lliey imparl lirnglh and vigoi in the whala eyilcm, and llieir rf fern areatirayr henrficfal i lieeatua lliey onlr remove ihoie hnniorf wliirh are oppnted lo heahh. I'liey aid and improte dtgexian, and pound deep folium their ute: because ihry rlesnip the ainmarh and howeli of tbos flhny humouri nhieh noi only irritate and exriit ihe nei Time syiirm, bnl patalyte and weaken Ihe di (eniieoig am. In ihnn lliey ptitea all ihey goad irnf iie llial eaa be elaimfd for any medieine and what hia very rttnarkahle, it is utterly iniponib'e lo ur them wiihntii benefit, Price JS cents per Box, with full direetions. OiT!r and Oenera! Pcpot for the New England Staler, No. l98TremontStrcet,near (.'ourt street, flo-ton. The regular appointed Agents can receive their sup plica of tlie nbovu popular Pills, as heretofore, from the only office and general depot for ihe New England State, isa ifemoni street, noion. rctuars or trav elling agents are noi allowedtoell the genuine intlian vcgctal lc Pill', therefore never purchase from them, for ff you do you will be sure to obtain a dangerous nnd counterfeit article, sll Tnco. A. & Co, the only Agents in Burling inn, for the sale of Iho Indiaa Vegetable Pills, also, W, II. IIoLtCT, Williston, Vl. STATE OF VERMONT, 1 rTIHE bem, tho probate Dist. op Ciiittendkn, . i court for the district of Chittenden, toall perrim concerned in the estate of Pe'etinh Rns-ell, lato of Richmond, iu said district, de cean-J, greeting. Whereas, Erastus M, Russell nd mlilislratur of said deex'a,etl, proposes to render an ac count of his administration, nnd present his account against said estate for examination and allowance, at ae-ainn ofthe court of probate to bo holden at llie pjtglo Hall in Willlston, on the third Monhy of Sep tember next! therefore, you are hcrehynntuied toap pear before said court, at the tune and place afore said, and show cause, jl any you have, why the account aforesaid should not be alltreaed. Given under my band at BurlinR'on, thic 27th dJ--af Augun, A. . I9W-,r-l WM.wCST0N,Rerrtr. Milton tIncola'i Kstate. STATE OF VfJLMONT. imilEHon.tbc Pro- district orctilTTKNDiNSi. 1 hatu court within and for the District of Chittenden t To the creditors and other conccrnd in the citate of Milton Lincoln, ''l?.01."0") ,n said DMrtct. deccsseJ, Oiier.TitJ" WHEREAS, Nathan Lincoln jr. executor of the last will and testament of said ileccaJ, hath made application to this court, to extend ifo time limited for niaWnsr pnvment of the debu nnd leiracie. til. aid de ceased, twelve months from llm 3th day of August, law, unu me z'i iTcuncsiiay oi Beptemtjer next ieing axigi.etl fur a hearing In the premhcs, al the OiTlecof the Register of this court, ntH it having been ordered that notice thereof be given, ly publishing this de cree three weeks successively In ihc Free Prcs n newspaper primeu nt uiirungion, nciore the time llxed for hearing j therefore you arc hircby notified to up pear before raid court tit thu time and place afore. mil. then and there1, to make objection if any you have, to (he said time of payment being further extended as aforc-sid. Oivcn under my hand al Burlington this 12ihday of August. A. D. 1810. Aug. 13. Wm. WESTON, Reg'r. STATIONER Y. ARMOUR JJt RAMSA V have receives!, by the recent arrival., a large nnd well snorted stock ol writing paper, and the diifcrent nr tiele of plain nnd Fancy Stationery. ALSO, an excel lent collection of ENGRAVINGS nnd illustrated works, rfla'n publication. Montreal, St. Paul si. May 23. 6w TOC CAI1IN and llAItl) CII)I3H. A J-J few log cabin Bosom Pin, with llie I nrrcl ol Hard Cider "highly handy" and "the string never pulled in" just linf lied and for sale at the vnric'y store. May 23. I'ANcnortN & IIiUNsmaIO. LOG CABIN ANECDOTES and illn-lrntetl Iftnni on, for sale at the Book store June 19 D. A. BRAMAN STItAYKD From the siib-cribcr about three weeks since, from the farm lately owned by Mr. Btirrilt, a red yearling, and a grey line I nelj spring CALF. Whoever will return said calves or give infer, niniion where they may le found, shall le handomclv recompenscl1 JAMES MoVAY. ' Shelbtirn Point, Aug. 13, 1840. HARRISON GOODS. We invite attention to our assortment of these Goods, amongst them arc Gold Miniature Log Cabins for Lockets, gold log cabin Watch Kt-yH, Gob' gilt and plnted I.og Cabin Pins, Log Cabin Medals, fine finihedj Tippecanoe Shnving Soap, Tippecanoe Canes, Song Books, Text Books, Almanacks, the Crisis, Boy's life of Harrison, a new- kind of Lot; Cabin Letter Paper, and various other Goods in this line nt the Variety Store. Aug. 27. PANGBORN & BRINSMAID. MUSKETS. Those who wish lo purchase Musk ets can sec a sample at the Variety Store and can leave nn order for one or more if price and quality suit. Those who wish them for Muster should call immediately, ns wc have none for sale and shall gel no more than we have orders for. The sample is not for f:u.n... r I., fL. o .i Plumes, Chappeux, Caps, Sashes, or nny other Mili tary Goods, should leave their orders immediately. Variety Store, PANGBORN &. BRINSMAID. Aug. 24, 1840. NE1V DRUG IJStAIHvISIIMUNTAt the sign of the MORTAR one door east of J. if- J. 11. Pec if- Co. The subscribers have opened an Apothecary Store, and intend to confine themselves strictly to that business. They now offer to the public a general assortment of genuine Mcdeeines, including all new Chemicals, and thn standard Patent Medicines; constant attendance, will be given, and particular at tention paio 10 prescription". Burlington, Aug. 20. THEO. A. PECK &. Co, "CACTS FOR THE PEOPLE. A chart renrcsent X ing the expenditures of the Government from 171)0 to 1S40, just received and for sale at the Book store, U. A. lilt A. M A. Y Rurlinqton, Aug. 2.1, IS 10. 1WPAV GOODS. Sidney Barlow bus receive! a 1' general assortment of goods nt his old store on Pearl streei, which will lie sold cheap enough. N. II. Wool received for sorals. Burlington May 29. T70RUIGN" IRON AND STEEL. English Iron X from II to C inches: Russia old sable Iron: do ... ,l .1,,. si, i.,i,.. ii.. ,i,. rr, l . l ...l. llr.tzler's Re-Is ; Spring, east, gernian, swedes nnil Engli-h Idi-ter tecl ; Cart and wagon boxe-, finishes) cro I ar, 1 v June 19. J. fi J. II. PECK & Co. IOVP.LV st HURLBUT arc now receiving nnd of J fcring for sale a splendid and desirable assortment of fancy and staple Drv Roods, and others suited to the present season, nnd this market amongst which nre foreign, and domestic Broadcloths, Cassimcres and Sattinctls ; Valcntia, and other Vcstings : Silks and Poncees of every variety; Thiead, I.aecs, Inscr- and elegant patterns, all very cheap of course, at the cheap casn store, nnror tshurci-strett. Burlington, August 20, 110. 100 TIN Pl.ATK, ckc. 'tiacs Tin nlo'c. Ij X. 20 do I X square do 100 bundles Iron wire, n-orted no., together with a general a-sortmeni of Sheet Iron, Copper, 1 if, !', for -ale 1 y June 10 VILAS, LOOMIS & (J Hiv- Co. rilUE BOOKSTORE ofihe .ub,criler is now fully J. replenishe-l with a iarPe collcclinn of BOOKS and STATIONERY, recently -rle'ted in the New York market. Particular paths has been taken in ihe as sortment with reference to Books adapted lo sabbath schotds. The nevvc-t p iblicalinns have 1 ceil .'elected forihia obje.M, and Libraries e-an now le furni-beJ with any amount at the N. Y. prices, I) A. Braman MAYO Ac WAIT have returned front New York ItJL with their supply of spring and summer Oood., laid in at the pre-ent uiiusunl low rt'es wln'ch they arc preparetl to tell as cheap as can I u had in the cotuilry, buyers are rc-pectfully -oliei'.eil to call and receive the proof, nt the store recently occupied 1 y Lathrop ii Potwin corner of Church and Cohefic-sts ' May 20. "I7AWI3I.1AS snons, full as-orimcnt tti-it L reel nnd lor rale I v ff. W. CATLLN & Co. BRISTOI, HOARD, Prawing paper nnd Pen cd-. Brilliant red llm I, blue tluid, japan ink, and laJie and gentlemen's aiccl pen-, nisi rtveivtsl from New York, nnd for -ale bv S. HUNTINGTON. Colleje st. June 25, 1S40. lf T. V13RNOX HEADEn, Polvglott Bil lc. of di lerent sjL-s and binding-, Pocket Bibles an I Te- aments and a general assortment of stationa ry iut received from N. York and for -nlc College.!. jt:25. S. HUNTINGTON. MORE NEW IlOOiv'S, Jni rceeivetl at the Book Store, A New Home. Who 'II follow. Young La lie- Companion. Co;iute Ida, Havwanl's New England Oaeicer. Mitchell'.- Geographical Reader, n system til Reugriphy, eemprising a l)e-cn"ption ol ihe World with l hi grand division-, de-ignel for iu st ructions in i school an 1 fiimilie-. Wonders of the Heaven. D. A. BRAMAN. JtTST RECRIVEIJ at the Variety Store, a few doirn ILtrrison Meltnlit-, of the Boston unproved edition, bring nctilleclicu nf patriotic songs dedicated to the Hern of Tip.M'.-anoe. Abo, a lot of Harri son Alniaeks for 1911. Thc-e le-ides tl.ij psunl tal le ami calculations of a common Almanack, contain an excellent Biography of Gen, Harrison. It is inter spersed with numerous iTiginal engravings, i'liitrst ing the lending incident- of hi- history. But ays one "A drop of hn M cider will nn-wer my turn" as "it's getting in fa-hion up heir," Fortunately our varietj can a'l'nrl him one, for here f n bonk entitled ''a drop of hsrl cider, embodying the o il of all the Not lh-Bend Melodic, whig -ongs A ,," publi-ht'd by Elton, .New York. There cainc al-o with ihe song'books, a va riety rf 1jg Ctl in Bo-om Pin-, some very pretty eMiurti and gold one, Quantity of log Cabin Medal, and a variety of other gotl, among which wassome gold p iper, pull' Imxe- wilh pull's nnd powder. Mu sical itslruiucnt, slilletoes, milk of ro.-es, and seversl kinds nf fancy soaps and perfumery. The variety i constantly inerrasuipnt PANC.aoRS' & IIiiissmaidV. S OnT7.S'' 'I HlT PEOPLE. Log Cnbm Sum Book 'ring n collet-lion of Harrison and Tylor Melodic- eml ellishtsl with n neatly engraved Portrait of Gen. Wm. II, H.vrri-on, and a view ta' O.'d Fori Meig, for sale nt the Book store. D. A. BRAMAN, Burl.nptnn, Snne 2fl, 1SI0. MACKEREL, on consignment, in hnlf barrels just rceeivetl ond for sale by J. A. J. H. PECK fc Co. CI,OTIIIF.It8, TAKE NOTICE, The anWril er at thuWinoosli Iron Foundry, has on hand and for sale, a new TEAZELING GIG', made for narrow Cloth, a first rate machine, of the latest improvement, which will I cold cheap lor ca h, or exchanged for Cloih. JESSE GAY. Winoo.1.1 Village, June 11, 1810. BOOTH SHOES. Thi mbscritwr has now on hand a general assortment of BOOTS nnd SHOES, of the most fashionable style, und thorough workmamhip, which heodcrsvery low for CASH. N, B. All kinds of measure work done nl shon no tice. Burlington, Church-at May 28, 1840. BUnLINOTON C'OMll FACTt)R Y, A large and general assortment of Combs oferr. Mor qu alitt now on hand and constantly manufac turing at the above c-tahhshment, nnd for salu to Ihe trade at low prices. Merchants and others wishing! gel a gone! article for retailing will find it to their ad vantage tocall nnd examine for themselves. Jitne 1 0, 1 8 10 VILA S, LOO.MIS nnd Co. CAItlKTING8. The subscribers have on hand n full assortment of Ingram and Common wool Carpeting, Venetian and Cotton tin. Rush Matlims UU lyipins, esc. WHICH wpi n muu tnr imnii iitn July 30, ma. BR. IL A. GAUVIN, lately returned from France, respectfully ofler his services to the American public Office opposite Mr. Russell's Hotel, in the house lattl? occupied by Israel P. Richardson, Eeq. in PcBil-tt.' Duiluigion, July 10, 10, Imds-lt . ., -.irv-iii. n. i .uiu vim. i ft"-" . i ten region ot the liver or stuinacli, and it will al.'urd great worked Collars, Silk, cils. Shawls, linen Handle fs, and a-toni-hing relief. In cevigh-.cold., a.thma.diiG- Lnwns, Linens, zephyr worsted a splendid assortment, enlty of breathing, oppression ofthe chc-t or stomach, Moreens, and Flannels, travelling Baskets, beed Bags, thev will immediately .ooth, and creailv lenefit tho rich, fitr d and plain Mouse sine. House Paner. new nuimi. l'r.nn. ,,i .i,.nin,,.i,Mi . r,,'jiin.r,uioi 8IIERMANM COirrill MIKKKMKS. ARE thesafe-t, most sure and c'lec'ial remedy ft Cough'. Colds, Consumptions, wlioonintr CouirL. Asthma, ' Tightness of tin; Lungs or chest, tVc. kc- Hie iroprieior Inn never known nn instance wher tliev did not give perfect nitf.r.ietiou. Several Ihotu niidlioxc, have Iron soldwiihin Ihu lnt three rrlonths restoring to iienllli,pcr.-ons m nlinostevery singe (A consumption, nnd tho olnhoriti'MiiicJfr il, .... .it.. trcssing cold and t.-0Utrh. Thev do not t l.M.L. .ml dry up tht; cough, but render it easy, promote expec toration, nuay uw iicuing or irritation, nisi remove the proximate or exciting eau-c. They nre tnadn Irom a'coinbinatlon of the mo. valuable cxiectorant, or cough medicines, and ute undoiibtediy .superior to every tiling in uje for tho.e eomplaint". Hundrcdi upon iiniiitrLiis ui eenmeniL'.s imvt! I ee'H I'llercrt Of Ibeif wonderful virtue-, from Ibtisu who have Leen saved from an tmliincly grave, nnd rctored lo perfect health by using them. l)or.. One lozenge is a elo.'a for nn adult, and may l o rcpcntesl from ihre-e to six times a dav, as required. Children, eiahl j cars year old, hnlfuf one: four rnrn tpiarler, and so in pro portion. cry small children or Infants will lake them les dissolved in n little wutcr. Should they act at art emetic, or jirotluec iinmeu, tho do e miirtl.u lessened to what thu stomach will I car. Hull' of one will gen erally In sntficient lo tal.u I efore I rcal,fnst. as Ihfl stomach is then more ca ily sic! eiieil. Nu ill elects con uriso froiimn ovenlo-c, a il will cause the ito. macli to reject ft ) nnd nlilio.igli not n plea-ant cnta lion, will be found to give relief. Where there it niiichpiiin in the brciisi or side, one of Sherman's Poor Jinn's Piasters should Lc applied over Ihe part, nnd worn till relieved, Ifnttcndcd wilh cosi(venes, a few enthartio t laxative Loxenge-, or any mild ca thartic meJicinc, ihould If med us ocen.fon rto'iire". Sold nt thu Variety Store, ly PaNUUORN ot BIUNSMAIP, Jeweller., Burlington, Vt. SIIIMtMAN'S WORM LOZEXCES aretbo greate-t tli-eovcry ever made, lor dispell !) I be va rious kind.s of worms that so frequently nnJ t'isre siiifly nnnoy both childicu and a hilt-. Ihey are an infallible re ncdy, nnil -o pleasant to tho tn-te that childre'ii will ta!,e them a- readily as n common pep permint lozenge. Many th.ea ct nri-o from worms, without its 1 euig suspected. Sometimes a very trouble, some cough, pains m the joints or limbs, Heeding at tlie nose, flu;, nre occasioned ly worms, and cnn 1 easily cored by this celebintod medicine. The follow ing symptoms indicate the pre-ence of worm, via : headache, vertigo, torpor, di-mrled dream-, leep broUe-n o.f I v fright and screaming, convulsions, fe vcrisbiiess, tfiir-i, pallid hue, Ind tatc in tin; monlh, o'leiisivc I reath, cough, dillicult Ircathin?, itching al the no-e, liaiui in the stomach, n.viscn, squeainish nes, voracity, leannc-s, lencmu-, i chmg nt tlie anus towards niglil, and at length, dejections nnd films and miic u. One is a do-e for a child two years old two for one four years old hree for eight year-, and fivo for nu adult, anJ should I e repeated every morning, or avcrv other morning until relieved. . P Sold ut the Variety store by PANGBORN St HRINSMAII), Je ocllcis, "Burlington, Vt. NATURU'S GRAND RESTORATIVE. Thia valuable Vegetable Medicine stands unrivalled fur the following eompla;nt, viz: Dyspepsia, or Indi gestion, di-ea.ed Liver, Inliotisdisor le:r, Drop-y, Asth ma, Cosiivcne-s, Worms nnd lo-s of Appetite. nnJ by cleansing the stomach und bowels, cures pains m thu side,-stomach and breast, colds and coughs of long Handing, Hoarseness, shortness of breath, N'crvoua complaints, etc., wh.cli urcfre'sncmly the elect of dis ease. Eur Euverand Ague, it is a most valuable pre ventative ns well as a sovereign remedy. Its virtue surpass nny thing heretofore Known in removing St. Vitus' Dunce, two bottle- have leen known to euro this afflicting di-case, having ladled every exer tion lor four year.-. It has n most powerful influence! in removing lieTVOiis complaints. It i- pleasant to take and sociisy in its operation, that it may I e administered to the infant with rufeiy. The above'Meslicine is very highly recommended by many scientific gentlemen, and ri lar;e numl er of lad, o-, who have proved the virtue- of the Medicine by personal us" a nil that of their families. A bill of certificates accompanies each bottle, with directions. It may le had wholc.-alu or retail of S. Britain, Barre', and'J. C. Karnam, Ea-t Willinms lown, Vl. sulo proprietor-. Prepared from the origin al recipe; fur salo I y I'. IL Prentiss, Montpelier, aud J. II. Pr.cK & Co, Burlinc'on, mid in the princi pal towns in the state ; all dircJlious signed in the handwriting of the proprietor-. je)9 OIIUiniAN'S POOR MAN'S l'l, ASTER. O The-1 e-t strengthening Jila-tcr ill the world, and a sovereign remedy fi r pain or weakness in the hank, loin-, side, hre.t-t, ntvk, limb-, joint, rhcimatisin, luml ago, iVe. tVc. One million :i year will not supply the eleiumtd. They require a little warming ! efore ap plication. Warr.t'n'cl superior to all other-, and for one quarter the usual price, making not out) the Lest, but the cheapest plaster in the world. It a 'ords rebel in a few hours, nn 1 makes a-ioni-hinc curt s. In liver complaint nnd dy-pep-ia, it sho ild lc worn over tho to stand .nueh, will receive decideJ support from one of the, u truly, strengthening plasters. Physicians gen erally recoiiiinend them, in preference to hII o!hers,l.o-cau-e they stick or adhere letter and aTord greater relief. In tlteir operation they are stimulant, tonic, and anodyne. They are compose 1 of entirely diil'crent ii.grevlients from any other ; and known from the ex perience of millions,' who have ti-e-J them, as well as the united testimony, of nil the celebrated and thstin-gi-bed e-lcrgy and physicians, to lcthe mod uteful aud highly nicJicateJ plaster, ever invented, or ol.'ered to the put 'iV. Several persons have eulleil at the war ho:i-e lo express their surprise nnd thanks at lbs almo-t miracnlo'is cures those p!nlers have e.'octw.!. One man who h.i 1 l e-cn -o uducul wiih heiimatisin, as to be unalile to drcs- himself without assistance, was fua! IcJ after wearing one, only one mht to get up ahiiiKin the morning, put on hf cot!ic. and call at our oiliee with e-ye I cauiing wiihjoy and Ins tongim pouring foilli thu gladnc-s of his heart', at the sud.lcn and u'g'nitl relict" ho had received from this le-t of all remedies. Ask for Dr. Sherman's Poor Man's Plaster. It is so e'.illrd, becnu-e theniice place- it m thepowor of nil to piircha-r, I emg only li ct-. So'd nt the va r.ety store ly PANGBORN A; BRINSMAID, Jeweller-, 11 irlington, Vt. NEW SCIKMlh f.'K(l(7i(AIMIY AND ATLAS WITH OITLLNEMAPS, by S. Acnvs TL's .MfTCtlEf.f.. The author ot the nl ovc' works has 1 e'en professionally devoted to the science of Geo'y nnd the piibli-huig of Map-, during many year.- and his former production-, e.peoia'ly lu's Map of ihe World for Academies, I car ample te-tunnnonv of Ins abun dant resource-, upon vvlmh lie has so lif era. ly drawn, in prod icing then' ove ehool works. The fiillowi'm t'Mract oflbc Gco'v and Atla-, isfrt.m njtunt recom mni.lation tf ihc Teacher- m the city of New York. "'I heir meni are numcrnu the definitions remark ably plain and oonn-e. '1 he exercises are copious and important, and the descriptive i- lumiiious and correct. The divisions of the American continent, arc repre sented and tlc-eril t-.l .is the'y really exi-t at the present tune. And the gross misstatements generally found in 'Ciinpl geographies are e'orre 'ted. The typographi cal rxe-cution is uu comuioulv neat and dl-tiiiet, indeeJ the ntlas i- n mmlel of the Und, and actually teem with information," Tho outline Maps arc peculiarly ralculaied to etcrci-e the) student in his study, and to. fill up ai his lei'sine. Fur -ale by C. GOODRICH. BOSTON an! TROY IRON COMPANY. Tho pullicare herolty nt.tuiesl, the I met" n! ca-ling in every 1 ranc'h and variety, is tU ne to t r!cr, on theshorte I nonce, utTroy, Vt. '1 bccomiany have much enlarged their foundry, and aro now picpareil to do nil kinds of work done at a iv fo mdry m ties eouutry. Mill gearing, Pot A-h 'Kettles, Stove-, Phi"gh-, Axlelres'., A ",, on hand, or furnishcl to order. All who to contract for stove-plate , or to pur- ha-ea large quan'ily ol'lu llow-wiire', fi r the purpose of rclniling, will I c furnished at whole-ale prices and nil who may favor us with lhe'ircnll cr t r ler-, vrill t dealt I y as literally rts ut anv est.nbli-hnient in the country. Onlcr slioiild I e odtires.ed to E. R. Cross man, Superititeinhiiit, or A. Young, Agent, Troy, Vt. to stvnre an early rt Jy, and prompt attention. Troy, I,, June Is 10. jy;9 Uut'llugtoii I've House. MSARSI'IIM.I), COITON DYLR- 'ILK, WOOLLEN AND rc-pcctfullv informs ihc inhabitants e f Burlins'ou nnd the neisltborimr towns. that he has taken a picuu-es in Wairr-st. one door onth oil). Davis' Siorti and will commence dying and fini-hmg iu ihc le-t manner, the following gels : Broadcloths, Cnssmierc-, pew Merinoes, Ladies silk nnd Merino Dresses, Shawls, Ho.ierv, -ilk nnd colton Velvet, Gentlemen's coats, clinks and Vests dyed nad finished nearly tonal to new, without rippinr. Broad cloths, silk, woollen or colton good-, dyed in the mot permanent e'olprs, il vvantevl for inercluints and manu facturers, on ren-onol le trims, Alsti worsted, skein eotlon, anlsl.cin silk dyed in ihc mo.t spleiidulcolor. Ile has employed a celebrated dyer nnd color nuiker, CoRNri.H's, MnLO.Ntt Mr. Mt.lnny was employtsl as siipcnntt ndent in sonic M'ihe large-i tlyinp esial Inh ments, in Gnut Britain and America, 'I he po! lie may depend tin having their enters e.xeottittd in the le.."t ininner and wilh all possible tle.piteh. Burrfnvton, July 15, IS10. WORMS, "VOIUlS.-Dn. M. Hrrcncocii'. unrivalled and iincqunlled WORM 'I EA, a sovereign remedy for Worm-. Siranse nrsl incredi ble are the cJcci of thctc detestable vt rutin ; few person-, nnd il fs thought none nre free from them, par ticularly felonies and children. Many pcr-cn go through' a distressing course of medicine without u benefit, when thus," might be relieved by using the Worm Tea. This invnlual lr medicine has 1 con tested by the experience of more than ten jcars use, and administered lo more than I ll.OlS) persons of yarioua age-, and not one solitary complaint ; on the contrary hundreds have culled, and umolicitivl, given their de cided preference lo il, nfier trying tho ill. lerent artWes tent forth In the pubic, and pronounced Dr. M, Hitch cock's Worm Tea the mo-i safe, ctl'ootual, and con venient rcmisly ihat can be obtained s for m no one of the lltousnilils of inslnncv-. when: it has I ecu used agreeable tn the printed dirocsions Iih it ever ( tiled. N, B, Ask for Dr. M. Hitch 'ocl,V WokmTf.v, n- tbcro are ninny nostrums nbroad ftr lhctlv'strtmionof"w.uriii5 For sale wholesale nnd retail by A. HITCHCOCK tS; CO., sole proprietois, 117 Gcneseo street, Utica, by their agents Ihrouehoul the Union. In BuJlmstan by ), (V J. H. Psekct Co. In Vr(nne by J. T BOwtian. in .Jiitcn, o nurncr cv. ts3.,cr t. fleoTgi' hr Lorcnto Jap.?. 8tl?"

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