Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, September 25, 1840, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated September 25, 1840 Page 1
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f me NOT TUB O Z. O R V OF OJOSAR) OUT TUB WBLPASB OP BOMB. BY 11 B. STACY. BURLING TO N, VERMONT, F HI D AY, SEPTEMBER 25, 1840. VOL. XIV....No. 16. T iT A N HOT 1 C ( 1) O N T 1 C A. .IA THE TEETH! THE TEEM !I-Tiik Incomimiuiii.d Tooth PtiKrARVTioN. Tlie fact is proved, aim inc niu.x in uroJulous ad do-ibting are fillv convinced, a. we have lie evidence from the snle of 20.000 boxes of the 0.1on lies, within the pa.l, lhat the liopion ilteams t llic aloliyniM ra rcalied, and a remedy discovered tor prc-crving'thi.-c important and ii?fil iippcnd.ige.. M( Ike human svsiein, by the me ot the MnsiiulioOJon tioa, which by it atlt active, and strengthening ttiali-lie-, remove. all extraneous substance, from the teeth itnd prc-erve. ihem in theirm-turnl brilliancy, and the gum, in soundness and I canty. It t ascertained from experience, that when ii.eJ, the teelh will never de cay, but remain till thu latc-t age of man, with their hatural wear. When they are tlecajc.l, its progress ill l,e arrcteJ, and thcteelh prc-crvedanlptcvcnteJ "xnJ preserved from itching all this hat I t en done, in H! of instance.: and more m tho,i-nud of rt.s, nervous loothtche, (that climax of pain) ha. at 'otice Ircn elis-tuall) cured hv popular tleulrilrirc in America. And in conclusion, whcir, or who H the ,-oung lady or gentleman, aye, the individual that Values a heamiful .el of teeth, M.mid gum, and a sweet 'ureal h more than fifty rents, that will lc longer de-tl-.uVeofiX liox of Dr. M. HiUhcoeUVs Mnunetie Odontica. Pur sa'c. whole-ah; and retail, hy A. I mUILOCK it Co., No. 117 Geneve t, Utica, N. V, and by their jagem. throughout the Unilc.l Slate-. In Biirhnstton, X I.&.J. 11. Peck it Co. In crgenncs by J. II, Uuvxmsil. In Milton, by Burnett it Sawyer. lit Ueorcii, by Lorei.: Jane. auti LOTION. LOTION.--DR. EVANS BEAPTI FY1NG LOTION.-Highly esteemed tor curing all Eruptions Coar.rnes., Eeduev. a "J J"ple " the Face Ne.-!. or hand., and e.tec.tually cleaning the . n.nnlnion. and removing all dbca-cs ofthe .l;m' Tin'. Lntieti t'nilcd .State.. In Burlington, hy J. it J. II, Peck it Co. In Vcrgcnnci, by J. H. Ilowiunii. In iWillon, hy Unmet I.. .Sawyer. In Georgia, hy Lorenzo Janet. OCT. SI AltSii AIiIs".rom Hie, Catarrh and Headaehu SNUFF. This Snnd'i. superior to any thine; yet known, for removing that tronblcoine dis ease, the Catarrh, and al.o a eold in the Lead, and the headache. It opens and purse, out all ob-tritc-n'otis, strengthen, the glaiid,nnd give a healthy action lotho part. allcciej. It is perfectly tree from uny thing; delc tetions m its compo-ition ha. a plea-ant flavor, and its immediate e'lyr, afier I cing u-eJ, is abgreeabfo. Price SO cents per I ottle. Doet. Mar.-hall's VegctabV Indian Wad; PLASTER. "This Plaster is unrivalled for curing scinfulou. swel ling., S.-urvy Sore, Lame Hack, anil Fre-h Wound, j pain, in the ide--, llips and Lituhf; and ..eldoni fails to ifive lolief in local Kho'imati-m-. If applied to the i.!e,il will cjiu in ny of ihecommon Liver Complaint-; ik-. r. an eniarm; nr.-i ap icsi.i" i .'i '-'i -"i'.-.-i s - ; l!r..l nvj.i fra 'rant. mild. .fi w.v i an J great- corns l:i the feel , tlie virtues Ol tin- rm-icr ime i.een t ?i.mllt rivmuc" n w.lue edhy tho, sands of individual.,,, the Tniled JJiMn. the si in of a Vrmti -n' no injurious to fc- .-x, w ho'havc tcte-1 its nlicaey. Sold hy tho pro- P . "?. . ? . . ? ?, .! '' n , hi -h A'lrce ol pn- prielo? : Cha-. IWn, Middlehury, Vt. jel'J titv. A leant ifnl complex ion is the "pride of a!! "ho xAlSHASliS Ol-' Till'. HJN(JS...l)rc,dedly hiiuu it. and thorns v of tho-e v, lio areoepriviu out. . ,i . imld,ir irmnlt ei-r known in Anirric.i What i. o allis-tinuMoa lea itiful w ho-v f.icf 're,ia,i, Pulmonarv Daliam i the mnjt inln.ihle uature hatdi.plvcJhcrpower,aUolmd her1)in-lev- (,mi , jn VfK (iif cuslC0ld, nrllima or plitliirie, Ion di..colo;ire. with pimple., winch mar ,..,., wl01,I,,i cmgh ,iml piilmon.ii j-uffulloin her rhi.m. I A good appear nice i Iho Ic-t j rcumi- uf ' mi (j u fMi., llt., c.,,;t.K. HMJ the Rendition ; and n. t he Peautitviug Lotion )wriU "K J poimtaiillv ieceUii; ,hc moH OOK AT TIIIH. HAVE YCU A COUGH 1 . OlItiRMAN'H POOR MAN'S PLANTER, -i 10,000 ulc or CNSflUMfTloN every year in O Tho l.ct ..tiL-ngtheiiiug plii.ierin the world, and a iu United Statu., and millions u:ler feom trouhle.onie sovereign f, r pain or wealne.s in the l ack, L the United coughs nnd colds, that enn I a curnd hv IV. M. Hitch-1 lom, side, hrea.t, nock, limh, joints, rho.iinallsin, rock's Vegeinlile irgui t.rcam uongn iirop.-, a min iiimt ago, ate. etc. urn; million a year will not supply medical precriplion, containg no poisonous drug?, and the demand. They icqnire n little warming heforo ap-ti-eJ in an extcn-ive praclieu for tcveral years will , plication. Warranted superior to nil other", nnd for mo-t po.flively allbrd relief, nnd save you from that ' one cpiarlnr tho ii.ual price, nia'.in? not only the l.e.t, awful diseaee, 'pulmonary consiiinption, which u.tiallv . hm llio cheapest plaster In the world. It n'lbrd. reliel sweeeps into the grave li'iiinred. t-f the young, the o'd, ina few hour, nnd mal;e. a. toiii.hing cures. In liver the fair, the lovely and the gay. Have yo.i a cough 7 1 complaint and dyspcp.ia, it .hould l.c worn over the lie persuaded to purchae n bottle ol the Cough Drop region of the liver or .toinaeh, mid it will nlliird great to-day I To-morrow may 1 e too late. Havo you a and n.loiiishing relief. In cough-, cold-, n.thma, dlili- eough? Dr. Ilitocrok' Vegetable Virgin Cream Cough Crop, is the only remcdv von should laku to cure you. Kor thi. plaig rea-on. 'I'fial in nooneof the thau.and ease where it has lecn ii'ed ha. it failed It) relieve Price 73ceut. tier bottle. For .ale, wholcale nnd He- tail, by A. HITCHCOCK iV CO. No. 117 Gencco cully of breailiina, opprc.iou of the chest or sloiuach, they will finmo.hatcly sooth, and gieatly benelit the patient. Per-otis ol setlentnry habit., or'tho-e obliged to stand much, will receive decided support from one of the. e truly, slrengihening phi.tcr. Physician, gen- craiij recoininenu tiieiu, in prclerence to nll otlicr,t e t., Utiea, N. V. And by their agent, thro'ighont the! cau-e they stick or ndhcic I etter and n'I'ord greater relief. In their operation they nre stimulant, tonic, aim anodyne. I uey are compo.-e.l ol entirely oilleient ii.gredient. from any oilier i mid known from the ex poiienceof million., who have itfcd them, a. well n the united tetimony, of nil the celcbiatcsl and d.iu gl-hed clergy nnd physicians, to I e the ino-t u-cful nud highly inedicnted idaster, ever invcntcsl or o'lereJ to the pnli'ic. Several person, have called at the ware hou-e to exprc-s their surprise and thanl.s at the alino-i uiiraculo.i. cities these pla-ters have e levied. One man who had been so nlliicied with heiimali.-in, n. to be unable to drcn hiin-elf without a-.i-laiue, wa enabled nfter wearing one, only one night to get up alonu in the morning, put on hi', clothe, and call at our oilii-o with eye. I earning wilh joy mill Ins tongue pouring forth tlie gladness of his heart', at the sudden nnd siitnal relief he had received fioin thi. bet id nil remedies. A.k for Dr. Sherman's Poor Man's Pla-tcr. It i o called, 1 the price pla.-c. it in the power of all to purcln:c, I ring mil V VI J ct--. So'd at the va rioty store by PA.NCIIdUN V. UlM.NSMAlD. Jeweller-, Ibirlincton, Vt. .in, anu finiu. rii . " .: . , ' . ' . i arcmint of us i ffcrif. 1 lie Inlluwing nd Itc. no.., and pro.hux- a bcaauO. h m it f; the o j ex.udaa.ion. o-nietic a -'Jy.otild o-e a cr . J Ak iNTKIll;'sl,Na CAS.-.Ex'rj conit'tic will all al.o tiud thi uon on the surface of the human fcody. It . particu lar!) revjoimnendecl to goutlcinn to !e iim 1 after ..ha rm", as it wdl prevent the otherwi-e certain e .cut ol nil "common oan. in turning the ocard premature v racl of a If Her fioin . .. . , ,,. ,., c'Ai. I' lr l; n L KinaMon, UHier Co., ix. I. in all INughnc.-., P.uiple., ln.8 .imj S,.o 1., U -lni . .',Y - f('ie g,,, , , .cM, .Sorene.s of the face and no-e, an.l nerj Mini oi trup i i -,i t,. ,t,. V.jii.ln Put uon on the surface of tlu; human ko. y. it . p.iriKu- , 1 " ' " ' , ' r ",cr, e,.. I .ei son, Ml. Aluodi, h.ul been sirk n lone hue uh dm roiikuiniitmn. I lis lii siciiins imii (itvn nun ii. f'nl'K iv't'o' v ' 117 Gune-ee street, Utica. Ill liur- Jiid miriiig h l.nge pi.inlil of btoiu! nhrn he Sirni..n hv J 4 I H Peck it Co. In Vergcnncf, by umnniriierd using Hie lllsain, v itu-it iiik i-urcieu J. II, llowman. in .union, uy . ... .. . ir i. In Georgia, by Loronzo Janes. "ii nr mm., mr. jimij '- . " " " f . " CHs..wlurdi t v ill fm wnl sun. C. S CLAY. Kington, N. V. June 2j. 1S38. Kxir.ii-i .if.i Ifilcr fniiii Dr. J.u-ot. Minn The V'ei'pi.ilite 1'iihnuii.iiv li.l.inn li.i lirsn uld in ibis c. .mi 1 1. (or luit yrAis, nnd i In- inc.! iri fir gained mi tiiirnininuii ccliluitj, lor u .picriy in une in cc n uf hm ml' Ihr driieJ Olecl. t inn uv no nie.iiil fnur i.filip man) iinsiruins, innn ol whii-li ie ini- ritHK LION OF THE IUY.-NO CURK -NO X PAV!-The C.cnulue. out DUicn or l'llls. Hichlv recommended by Doet. Valentine Mo:t, M. D. of N. Y., and others. These are the or ler-! Any one inai " ' "'"" ' i.-f -..- ..ill. it,., nree is refunded back, thee "nre the po-itive order, of the Proprietor to agent, and f.iitf il ufliitng lie- driieJ ifleci. .i I. irin ill...,, mils to the ntihlic. 1 atMical I i,. f nur of tin- in. in nnsiruins. tnr to their intelligence. If these pill. Are not what they I pojiiimi. upon h rreduluiii public, bill lhat which I recommended, yoa are in diity 1 oun 1 out of rc-pect nK ,y .,. i lJ(. cfri-cii il, I rumu help Ian ci' m .If n t I' lo re.ccl lliem. and IMlbll-h .iiuiiiili iiimi ilirielo. A rounicrf.'il iireir.ii slion them to the world a. an imposition, humbug and ,rrn ..fl,.,,.,! here b) a ti.irthi Afent. ofCmmiurk, otmckerv. The public mavleas.uretl lliey are purei Ni yt ,,) ,BIP j, jno..r nniclt endJ lien iliai NATIJBU'S GICAND HKS'l Olt.VI I VK. Thi. valuable Vigetnllc Medicine stands unrivalled for the following complaint., viz! Dy. pep-in, or Indi- ge.tion,di.ea.eil l.iver, liiliou.ilisor ler.-, IJrop.-y, A .t li ma, Lostiveno-s, oini. nml lo.s ol Appetite, and hy cleansing the stomach and bowels, cure. pain, in the idc. slomaeh and breast, colds and co'Il-Ii. of lorn; Ktandiug, Hoarscne.., iiortne.s of bre.ilh, Nervou. ompiauu-, eic, wiiicu are irv'incnuy me e icet oi oi.- cafe, l or revcraiul Ague, it t. a mo.-t vnluahlt' pre ventative as well a. rl soH'reign remedy. Its virtue. urpa.s any thing heretofore known in leinoving W. 'itu' Dance. two bottle, have I ceil known to cure this, afier having I a filed every exer tion lorlour year It tias a mo.t powcrlul iiilluence iu removing nervous complaint.. It i. pleasant to take and .oensy iu it. operation, that it limy I e administered to the infant with safely. The above'Medicine is very biddy recommended by many scientific gentlemen, and a large ntiui! cr of lathe., who have proved the virtue- of the Medicine by personal use and lhat of iheir fnmilie.. A bill of certificate, aecoinpaiiiceu.-h bottle, th directions. It mav I c had whole alc or retail of Uritnm, Uarre. and J. C. I-arnain, J.a-l illiams lown. Vt. sole oronrietor.. Prenarcd from theoricin nl recipe; for sale by K. II. Prcnti., Montpelier, nnd & J. II. Pkck &. Co. Uurlins'on. nud in the priuei- ial towns in the state; all directions signed iu the .tand writinc of the proprietors. jelO vegetable, they are compo'-ed of nine ingrtslmt-, part cl the inediou-.e is oniviounu in .i.ia .in . i" ". nf firinanv. For conclncme thce extract. are ma Je into pills and will I c foun I a sure core or re i.-r t,, ,11 l.ilHiiu. eoniiilaint-. ei ow and l illio i fi-er, lever and, ja-mdice, scarlet ra-h, billio-.;. oholie di.nep.ia. ttc It t. not prclcn-'cl that this i,-;;' .'... far nil di to which the human i. li.sMe. Ten tle u-and usele-s e.l'orts i. ,n .l.u-rpmii the rrdon- ot unknown fancy l,.-.s,i,in lliriire of maaio arl. s.hich would , ,-, .n'i ......... ,1,'h.h e. Gd.kI medlt'ine l not c ii- ,i... r,r..,,r Jiriip wind. Health and happine Lang upon chance win 1 time is the herald of tr.ith. tv. .. , i.... ;. .....Mr..; tliev liave alreadv r.urcd umonnmcntof their ereatuc which wid tlefy the rwrrodinn tooth of tune. None can U-Geninne wilhoit ir.mglj ftispt'Cicd Iu be.puiinus. JACOB .i. u . Mtminffinn. Jmiist.i eo IVnii. Mm 3. 1S37 I'mni Dr. S.inuii-I MoupII, io the rmpneioi. nl Hit- ene tntilc Piibnninr) lUls.un. I am saiished tlulihe )!'. Ifl.ihte rirmuii.i'l) ll.iliun is .i .iiii.i" e innii-cine Ii his been med in ibis e Willi rnmplne suereo u L-.ininl.iini nl llic Inn"., uneieled uh n .eirie rough, Im-of iiice. and the raising of iinirh l.t.,,.,1 iiipti.iu.U le.isicd niuis upiiiuied piesriipiimi'. Alter "he H.ilssm one ueik, ihe .. ..ii..!. vnirn re'innrd and he as able I" fpe.k audi lily. I'hls case orrnrred couie time inee, mid (he ininisnuvv rngHgeil nol inn) in n" "," ' '" li,ine.. Kfrpccilullv. &e. ft. nionitn.i.. It is imw mure fix since I wsf lnouiini tn nlfrriioii ol Hie liinR", nun im rimipuiiii wranner ami ilirection. on eacn on v . . ' . . . i i . i.. .. -:t ..r name is v.-ritten at lenmu. rm ...... , ..... ,,. ..,,.,i , " ... t ,.Mih a. I h.u v.kXnlliti.N Fall., Iv A. U.A D. Sand siri.tns. I uaithcn le-lond In .i. pno 1 u'-hIUi a ' U aSd M Futwm cnjnj.d fr ,n,n) ,c:,rs. bv using -he Veceuble P.,l. Majle... All-nnv. Paum & IlawleV.ilO Sncrst. ni0,..u Since in) lecmery I loie . Front Tnv General Ag -nts for the state of New York. . ni.n.l.d .he 11..U...U in a rici m..i) c.... .,( h,n irn, "flaw "b MKUItl'IT GKIFF1N. rnmpl.iims, and .o far I can l-nin. us use hm m For .ale by Wm. RhoJes and U. 11. Green, Kich mond; Morton & Clarl", and D. &. D. S. Lalhrop, Wdlnon ; HaganV Com.-tock, Shell urn ; II. Stanton, t.. . It (Vit.e.. nnd A 1 crt llarnev. Jinclio; r n i ii'.i,ird : J. II. llarnc-. Charlotte; H. .n,l r:..n PeiiT.nii. Unrlmcton : and Iv F ituir:ir:: n irlmTic.n. A-entfor Chittenden Co., where S'iVAgcli can le supplied at wnole.nle price larialil) lieeii Inlinweii in muni inu """i in.Ulir, f II LIS t eClt-ll CHITS Wlliru nnr ......... ........ 1P,.,eJ SAMUfcL LVKIttTT, t.-... .'l.. t.linlrajlE and lelHil. bi J, J. II I'F.CK ft Co.. Itiirlin.lnn, I. H AIR J II AIT II taut Discovery . Il. I.DN IJSM. Imiwr- TVflllllM ..ASK I lIOSi; 1HI Jv..i" I Ti,n nlv uliiitknnw hv liial m iinnirdt.ile oliser ttinii. ran hum am idea of ihe t fleets, i.fllie peifet: " .1 r.. I ...i...r r ,1... ,.l,i,. r i.irm. i te cnies eiiiricu 111 c.ifrs -uiev.riai..i.siV A ....... . ... . .. - wvt, ,kn.. ,l inw seieie, bv ihr tisr tin li.if iifi d ii that ill iimi bu'id ii almie all thins eei in-rd, Bnd ).m will tin t. .. f...n.,ni lie found. ICTJ1"! or llie iclii ful sulli nil. nuv liu uttlieictl, I "K )du iu h nut at las -DR. STi'KRY'S HAlll KKGI-NT.. ,,( .he Pims. Kiik.u.mat m, llATOR Dr. Slerry, after much attention to the all ex.cri... Pains, no n..ii.-r I on subject of presirving the hair, has, after of I .' L.n.n.e.u. Un one manv expt-rinifnts chemical and physical been able i dicover and article which, is now oocnu iu. ...v. ... i I . .. ... inn 'in ut u-.iei . 1 net. ton in h.k vreatcM coiindcticc lor tlicwtiii as uiu uv-.-t .1U..HV..W ,B ............ ..... - ..,..".,... ?Je. vered fnr fur its Miflen lug and pclictratingiptahty ,i.U of ihnte whn kuu-;isk tlie. lion. .M.riu.n ,o?XW prexentu fiom Conklix, II. S Judge fnr that rli.inri, nea. tl nc offwffla IditSiH iti npprchcuded-to restore Aub,,,,., sk Mtttlinv J. Mrt.M, Ln. Alliens, U whfn baUnVls U and to prevent it N Y ; a.k Gen. Ilurr 0 r. tN. I.tie t,f W-..m ...... ....:.. in or r.,lnrr.i,. wnter. It is a beautl 5 rl. , 'i.r. ,'t,:ii,-'e.,rUitn'iiinkcvthe hair soft and .. i.. J .....liira. iim-nrnmnn brilliancv. Tliom anils' iiavc trsttd iu -niji-rior sinuc. and execllnncc, .....i ..v-rv imiMifi' ii nanus mir vnie-ii. it i. infallible rnrc in all aflectionis of the i on the head l.i. I,. -.11 rnl.rr leiuedil'S or l b vfiri.un, though II 'CI fu iiiant veil', have been run il b) 1I11 nc iifthe i.c.nuine'7ai;'. Liniment. Th .us.inds ofniher pei.nus know ninilm rmrs. We in their ,ene of jti ferlmjs. is inn a nut) ) one in mffei mi! feltim-beiiias In let litis Rie ' ..,ir Xr A e. P.verv faniilv should he sup- ,.,,, j. ,1.L,1wn. rincik uf il llien tn 11 wiiir fi lead with a bottle of this nil, thai by lis application .n,j, 4; ,n Ml(. nmf, p. in dine ihn nettspipei. aic 1. . ."u. l I ....I hiirnf ebildren. the beautiful nnd or- , r...,i. , ..!. .e.i.Jers Hie 'men thitons, because u natnentai appendage of a fine head of haic, which na- I nh'es fur the Mine tare has Kiipplied us. tuny he preserved. From the pur,0,r. , n we say. if all who li.te ured it tin nnmerous certificates and recomnicnuations recti. cu 0 .jm all pruur, men im not i.iKe n of its salutary influence, the Doctor feds firmly per- ,.(l(t .,lnllliwor inoi .illnw ih's aiiiele 10 be fm rustled he has auccccdrtlin producing an article which nlf 1( ,.,, wlt. i,il,r diieniniu .ne fully fullnw ...ill r,.t the desired wis ICS anil ap liuontiun ... ..... . 11. n,. Ml erins ii luse nuw ut iiy " I n i iluhlic. F'or Falc wholesale and retail by A. HI I ( .II- )(ip ,,p n f, , , ,p ,nie I .r his ulmiimey ih fnr.K AA'.n. 117 Genesee ft. Utica, .N. t . In IIur 1 1,:. .()' in,,. IlT-Mlr. Half would neter ennsi nl lincton, by J. & J. IL PKCK & Co. In ergennes, Mf Irlrp w r, t,r nm rnmpelled b his seine by J. II. Howman. in .union, uy iun.v.i rer. in t'coreit, i.j ......--. r-IONSUMPTION !-No person can have. iuco ni"r''1 -,, l1Rim" ,ll"-!0 ',0 Mj" ,ur, ..M ...f, iii. r iipvnie a loriiine. iimii .ruiic .. i,.,.. i... anv H.iilhlefs ailicle. UOOOK OUT.- Koine adc ICPIMPOUTANT CAUTI0Nt3! Il ii n dingular liiel and one inuehtolu rozretted tlial valuablo inedieiiic. n. foou as they I irotne pop tilnr, anil have rei-eivcd the let and approval ol a di.eriminaiing public,are..iuu to Le counterfeited, nnd thus a bad nnd .purion. article is immediately pitlmt-d upon thu unsuspecting for the genuine. This has I ecu the ease uilli nil popular tried and truly valuablo tuedicnes for year., jia.l, and will probably conlmuelo I e the CJ.e for year, to come. The la e and contemptible, comi.trfeit in this way meanly advantage ol nil llic e.lbrls and a It er Using n.cil by the proprietors of the genuine nrlicle, lo get their me hemes into use and tle-ened poplunri ly. It i.theiel'orenot le..s theduty than it contribute, to the safety of every houcM individual hi the com- ni'inity to cxtio-c, bown down, and forever aliei DIS TIIULT ull IIKAKTLF.SS I.MiltATESwho thus fire- stioil-lblv trifle with health and life, .CMIILKLFOKU TAKI-: .NOTICRil There . a er..on by the name of J. U. 110CHK POUT, now engaged 'in selling n Pill done up iu boxes inexact and nerlisl iiiiu.vion of the genuine INDIAN VF.GLTAIII.I: PILLS, with the oiuesion of only otic word on the lloxe. viz. Wntnttr. The Pills sold by this Itochelort are evidently iulendeil us a fraud iinil imposition upon (he community, or they would not have been done up fu such exact 'imitation uf the gen uine. This person is tall blistering with a great the atrical swagger. He wa recently known nsa ery poor player m Baltimore, under the musical cognomen of Jim Ufown, and is at oul twenty live ear.. of age lii almost leyonJa doubt that he is supplietl Willi thoPiPs Irotu a Druggi-t firm iu this city, who have heretofore 1 ten noioriou-ly connected with counter feit medicine'. As soon ns'proof is obtained the foun tain head of thi. nefarious, bi.-iue.s will l.c exposed, that thu community may shun them as they would a in'th'k mka.n tim p. nif: public aiu: cau- TIONI.D aain.t buying WfJIGH'I'ri Indian Vr.c. etadli: 1'ii.i.j of Kiiy one'who tloe not exhibit a eertlticaic of tigiu ev signed by the aircnt for Ihe New Lnglaiid S.atci and 'earing t'a'e since January 1810. Also talc par ticular notice lhat thefollowiiu wording is on the Cox es Wright's Indian VosretnblePi'l (Intl. Purgatitc) of tin; North American College of Health. The Indian Vegetable Villi aic a ceriairt cure fur ilisea'c in itsrvei) t.uiely of fiiiin, bec.iu.e the) llu rough!) ele.iiise the aioiuarli and honeb, induce a piu per tlitth.tiKe h) 1 1 e lungs, skin and I. iluej, anil sti mulate tlie liluoil io pin ify itself. Iu oilier suids tie ) open all tin- natural ihaiilf, and lent n na I UK l'. the Grand Physician) lie to drite tbsease from the biidy. The itbntc oiuleis, or drain, ate the common tetters uf I lit: built, lliinnli hi h nil iniiibid and ior nipt luiiiiot. (ihe c.i u ,-o ol diseae) ate rnniid off; and su Ion): a. llie) aie nil kepi open, and ilisrlmry c fuel) their alloncd pnrlinilt of lninii il) , llic bud) w ill euu. nuiie In lie.ilili ; bu lit ii bum rutins iuipi'ipt'i bind, bir.ilhiiig impute nir, sudden iraiuitiun. Iiuiii tu eold, ntri rxh.iu.linn or mi) olher rpusp, lhebuel liertune cuHite, ihe pole, nl ihe ,kia heroine clintd, or ihekidues fail (i pcifurm ibcu fuuciiuus pinpt-ilt. ihe iiupuiilirs ithirli sliniilil be draiiii d bom ihe limit by ilieje ouilels, u ill be leinined, and cnnlinnc to nr. rtuiiiil.ttr iinlil the bud) berniut'S litrrall) liuded il It tbsasc. Ifilie r.liauncli of our might) ritris shutdii heroine blocked tin. would mil the at ci-iiiu'iiii'il icis fl CASH PAIII FOIl WOOL.-Thcsiibscrilor will pay cash, ondeliverv, fur good clean fleece wool, ttelnered ut the old store oecmiieJ by IL Hyvle .t Co. iior.h west eifjer of Colletrc Green. Uurlinston, June 10. MAURY I1RADLKY. STATK OF VKRMONT, ) To all pcr,oin interested UttTitlCT or CniTrcNUKS-, in thu ostato of Sarah Pootc nnd Mary Poote, infanta. Gnf ktino. ELANSON 11. WHIMJLliR, of Charlotte, m said district, cuardian of Sarah Footoand .Marv Poole. uifanlB, under the nge of cnjlitccn yuais. who reside O ARNKS new Gcoaraphv, on the ' at Potsdam in tlie State of New York, having made U system ; a very ii.cfnl work for scbnoN, jiM rceM ! application to said court for license ty sell two undi and for .ale at ihe Bookstore jel'J D A DRAMAN j vided eighths of one undivided fifth of fifty acres of T1TOHI-' NHH ItOOKS t . .,...,,., .... 'alllli lying in Uliarlottc aforesaid, betnj tlie same lantl lTA c-eiteJ at the nook Store and now for sale verv Vl.X heap by May27. D. A. IIP A MAN. , "j,,""' '" " v '.,,:'..,. r ' estate of tho said Nathaniel Newel, deceased, which fifty ceres of land is subject to tho said widow's right of tlowcr theicin, of which two undivided eighths of one undivided fifth of said land the said wards are Hciied in their own niqht in fee as tenants in common, representing to said court that a sale of the said ward's interest in said land would be conducive to their best interest by having the proceeds thereof put at interest. tvnorcupon llic court aloresam uotli order mat tlie said application be heard before said court nt a session Jhoreof to bo h?lc at tho Register's offieo in Ruilingtoti in said district, on tho second Wednesday of .Septem ber, lliO, and that notice thereof be given to all per sons ititcrosto', by publication of this order three, weeks successively tn ihe FrecPress, a nawspapcr nrintwd al flurlinu'ton in the county of Chittenden, the last of which publications to bo previous to the second Wcdnisday of September, 1 fi 10. Given under my hand nt sufd llurlinclnn. this ll'lh dav of Aueust, A. D'. 1310. Wm. WF.STO.V, Ilcvisttt. nr.. I I f"Ju.t received some new shapes Florence Snlit andeolon-J Suaw Uoniiult. w hieb will I e .old torv low fur c-.t-h. July y, 18 10. N. LOVULY i: Co. NUW ;00IH, cheaper lhaiu.'ver. lfTw. Cat liu i. Co. are now receivinir n Lew a..-ortment of Dry Goods, to which lhv invito the attention of our- cba-er.. J me 4. 1810. STRAY KI), from the subscriber on the 15th inst. a red cow. rather low in fl.i.h. with onn horn saw- od off. Whoever will return her shall be suitably rcwarneu. M, U. U1..S.M.11. Ilurlington, June 29, 13-10. HIEHMAN'H WORM I.OZHXfJKS urethc reatc-t tli-eoverv ever made, fordispellui!; the va rious kind, of wnim that so fretpieully and di.tre... sinirlv annnv both children and a.lult. They are an infallible re nedy, and so plej.ant to the la.te that children will lake them as readily as a common pep permint lozenge. Many' nri-c from .worm-, without its I cing su-pecteJ. Sometime., a ory trouble some cough, pains in the joints or limbs, Heeling at the no.e, eve. nre oeea-ioncd l.y worm., and enn le eaily cures! l.y tm.celciirated moiiicine. 1 lie loliow- C symptoms inc piceuce oi worm-, viz : iJa'che, vertiso, torior, tli-turLed dream., slivp IroU-n o.l by fright and scicaining, eonvnl.ion., fe erihnc.., tliir.t, pallid hue, l ad ta-le iu the ino'ith, o:!en.lve Ircalh, eough. tbifioull breathing, itclnne- at the nine, pain- iu I he stomach, nausea, sipic.tmi-li-ncs, vuracitv, leanne. s, tcue.iiiu-, iiching al the anus towards night, and at lemrth, ile.uettons and mm. ant! in icu. One i- a do-e for a child two years old two for one four vear. old hree foroinht year-, nnd live fur an adult, mid should le repeated every morning, or avcrv other morning until relieves). rZf Sold at the Varietv store I v I'A.UUUK. v BHINSMAID, Je ntlle.i, 'Burlington, Vt. SIIKR.IIAIN'S COUGH LOZIJNGKS. ARK the safe. I, mo.-t Mire and e'eotnal remedy for Co.ijjh-, Coltl., Cou.iiinplions, whooping Cough, A.thnia, Tidi'.ne-s of the Lung, or chest, cVc. &e. i he itroorieior nas never .uown an instance wucrc thev did not give perfect -ati-facnon. Several thous and l.oxc. have I ecu .old within the last three inonih. rctormc to bea lb. ncr.-ons iu almost every stage ol eon.uniption, and llio e la! ormir under the mo.l dis tressing eold and cough-. They do not check and drv nit the cough, but render il cay, pruinoie expec toration, allay the tickling or trritathn, an I icmove t no nroxiinaie or cxeiiiuz cau-e. i ney .tie nnmc Irom a combination ol the mo-l valuable expectorant. or cough medicines, and are tmilo iblcihy superior io even- thine in use for iho-e eomiilaiuts. Hundred- tipon h indred blccrlilieate. have I em uilca-'lol tlieir woiiueiliil virtue., liom ino-e wuo nave i ccn satcu from an outline v crave, ant re-tored to tierleei health bv iisins them. Do-r.. One lezengu . a do.e for an a'lult, an I n..ty I c repeated from three to i tunc, a tlav, a. reqiiiri.i, t niiure-i, eiaui jcars year.- o hi. ha t nt one! lour vear. a tiuarier, anil so in pro portion. Very small children or infants will lake them ii.i ili.soltisl in a little water. Should thev act a. it 1 1 emetic, or produce nan-ea, Ihe diet: must I o les-cnd o w nat tie s oinacn wm i car. uau oi one win Ken- erallv I e sufficient to take 1 efure breakfast, as the stomach i. then mote ea-ilv sickened. No ill e.iC'ts can ariso from an over do-e, a. ji will ca i.e the mach to reject it; and although not a plea-ant ten-it lion, will le fund to aive relief. Where ihcio i much nam in the hn-asi or side, one ol'i Poor Man's Plaicr. shouhl I c applied over the part and worn till relieved. It attended with costivcnes., ; few cathartic or laxative Lozenge.-, or any mild ca ilmriie inedieinr. sbiitild I e ned as occa-lon renmrc- Sold at the Varietv Slore, by PA NO BORN & BRINSMAID, Jeweller., Burlington, Vt. id nctv niiih'fe, or (lie ciiiinlr) ltcuinu iniiiuUled 7 t ro ivuli I lie liiiini i lindy : it ihn u.iliiial drain, lie- come elo-ed. thetlHUii.ini and niliunt liuuiiil. mil find lenl in llic tHimiis Ininn ol disease sutli as rein, S ui.i 1 1 I'. ix, MiMrle., Rlieiiinuisin, Goui, Apuplexy. &C. or De.nli nil! end our luffeiini Theiefnie, hen lirkness hi i lie slninarh, p uns in i lie miu le, tpi ik pulre, but ntng skill, ot nnv o lier implct .nil svinpliuiis, liiiln-.i'e tlial nue or mule ul lite im. uiul liiuinr m e nut fiecly, and ihe runsii liiliun i. uboilt lo cniliuif lice a sliuKnlf Inr llie rrsiwis linn of health, no lime ihould be lo.i in udminis 'erinj fe In irk dusei uf the Indian Puigmite (Indian I . cetubtc Villi ) Hv so dunif , all I lie hiiienuu. ..I ilu Is.dywulhe lesimrn io unlet, nut tlie loin iniiiiuis ( i lit raiise nf everv infl iin tlinii ur i tin e tiiffci ) ill udy ill be irsloied a if Iiy H ill. The buti 'ills may he ImKi'H t ALL lunr. and uiidri Al.t. i-ir'es. wilh peifeei i.ifeiy. They mil all rem mil', unit all use., and are In tiiinn fi.ui! : rtiiwiti'ieiuly llie citn ndiinniU'l .ten ihe isl tlehr'e. Like our fund, ihey ill e dierstible; ilieirfnir they enn r iiuo i lie riirulaiion mid uiipsit mi eneigy in ihe bloiid, whit h en.di'es il to 11 uv with firt. Hum ipiile In llie rxlirmhiM nnd cniiM ipiriuly in keep the purrs ufihe (km n rn They mr Hue .tnd peifi-rt tirifiei. nf the hbiod : b. rjuie ihey ilrain nil cirrtipi litimnrs fiu i) llut bfe guinj; fluid. I'liey iinp.ri sntnjih and vloi to llie vvh.ile sy-irni, and iheir rf els iirr.ilniivs bein flcinl ; beranse ihev onlf remote use liuuinrs uhu h air oiuinsi'd lo lie ihh. Ill I nnjiioie hi e-r I ton. Mint siituitt sliep Inllnvvs linn : luie.iiise thev rle inse llie simiinrti ih hos" slimy buiiiouis which mil mil) m luie and rxeiir ihe nei von-svi-ieni, bin p.t'.ilvre Hiidweakiu llie di- e,me oig'in.. In shun ihey pns.e.s nil ihey Jiioil iiipeiiiei llut run be rlinmrd foi uny medicine : nml r ihem vt nil. ml lieu, hi J rm-m idea of the astonishttlg rehtf which Or. J .,.. ,.,. rnunieifeiied ihn m tide, ami nut il ,.irJu Auihmatic or Consumptive Pillf give, in l on- . . ,,.. , it,. i t,,, iinnivd nptn. One tiumption, Cough, Colds, AMhma, dilliru ty of Urea ( u. ,,. f C(imlor-.. . WhiizinL'. tiLditnc-js of the Chest, I an in ttit-Mtie, - . .Hn., on ,,. vvrapiier, or e'.- " ,. ,''-.i . f. r tris on v 1R niccssarv ' " i . .. . r i. r.b. ,1,1. .!.. rnf tinir OI OlOUil, IVV. .... --w , . u II nir nfb 001 . C.C. ,llll III" ui. ) .V III, mil fill ue III. 1.1KB IIIK ,0 coniincc persons sutr. ring from hci.c comp a m ,ef, , h,(Ii or nc,fr )n) . for j, j, CAsn. A gentleman, of thw miphbor hoot i rcc en . ) rom,,or;. Co. ? Plnrher ...en., N. Voik. observed to llic proprietor, ina i.e . -" -. . , fl,r-,.,eOAV. 1' bv I'anoi.ohs & Hhimmaid. hnd Went him alive, for the last two )carH. .nan) ; i itvs. similar tctliiuonv. A letter Mates- thu i , i .n.ll KA I) H I) OTIIKI1 Aaihinatic Pill" give, such astonishing relief in raws ot () k)(iw a 11P,gM,f , - r.ifml J.n has cough, vo,"'nT..ri r-.' i,,,ar .csti.notiv. O T 1 1 1: 11 A L l)-l I K A I) I : I) .V OTI I K R S I vvhone head is now roteird with fine il rull-tr was roveicii ivun imii I I.1..I. I, I.. n... will ibis winter for Relfc'a Afcthmatie 'ills, ipp ican.s . Q( Mff a f ; hern Bald, unless 'thry make ihe Iriul." Important le-h i'""" , llt7 0ll(, wll,p roll r(1,r w.t. will, tbtn '"f. rV1..AMh, a. c "W U. nilicants L..fT., Inmbed ..ronounecthem a valuahlc . ' ,ios ry' ho ,,w Im. no, a ' 1 rtnnot .. ...r- . . .,, j vvlio.e neau, were v-.i.rie.. """r. H.r'Z" "e!l'f J"'r . nnd and ilislurbcr rc..t at ni-dit-antl year? "i'V "V" y ,iik(1llr, rest at 11 "ht-an.l would noi grow, .... fsptttinp oi . J" , ...1 1, bv akinrr two l.oxc. of hair ! Some cant , must ne k ... n .u , ... , waBKblorcu w . , Mantling, was A-k, aiicijon wu. A ''.'.0 .l ,:,V,:il" f lent email -Who had b.en thing, hue l-er-n rtmie t.) e ",r .' "'" (VU anUctcd wit , a vto '-S". - ; - " :,." m-ly fme ,,nd,ed ,;e. rnit.-thnugh t,rr-I.l.i..K. Ac:nh,S UV8 C.", S I'X,' vhe,. .lisrov. red nn. nppo.ed b) ..n,.ljl..ti (or lha same An Agcnl wvitrfc-"omr ,V -ri.U" - After nil ,,,..,... ..s.ibd by nhno.l,s n.u.lironn C" iLnri l'i-tve'faih'd to give rcli-.f ill roiib.i.mi- !,..,!. picparaiinns that tilll run. llic Imii if to in.) r med.nncB avt I Id hi b A(lthmatil. ,,,, H. , , u., ,,, ,,a,i thee f.cis be er rases. 1 har found i ; ,.in;,..j ... .i.. ......,, ...,.i .,-.r,n. ,v u H nfitiinies of resnrein. ' l-xtraet cam ether n,ni excellent various e lagca of the tlihiJise, l.ility. une.i.ilUd by nnj oilier arlirle. Lnnk lo lliefe I, .lilies, annul to nils aie tiling il . llie only with lull? con,P'a y"'mi,V V ' sr.l these PiIN with ,,inj In.) this arlicle. Biay A R-'i-iarkahlc Case - A , ,e, or if Hv who whs given over hs. P".' " 1 " ,lv f. fur the toilet. Long h.tir is ve.y .pi that 5he.cnulil I uor aliTIJ m i , i(,s ,)f . ' ,)Hlllr, f n .lure, n vln. h .. Im iiuiful ble "n'P'VnViilhH Colds, Asthma. DlfTicul esnf c eB0( ,a. endowed you i ,hec l ills in CouatiM, " . . Spitlln;! f Hlood CAUI'ION TO II n,.ib iil'. UnirscntK, .' " nJ, ,i,t niimomun "'.i.' nd BornpWnln of ih I. p,ninls pronounce this ',e r"7 ial.n of C.lumbia. Home l .1, OTmarIrn V.. n Mtnn. and BIMlfil To moid inipti.'ni'ins, al tein " ,"i?;:i. -V. ... nrctniiurk & Cu.or L. S OmnVoek. and never buy the unless it lb... name upon II U..M i.l,nt...nle and rrP ill, only in No GRIN DSTONIW, ly June 7. J. vtJ.H. PLCK ctCo. WOOL TWIM4 for sale at HOWARD'S. iiiSS PO I ASH KLTTLUS con.lnuilv on hand I v June 19 J. & J. II. PLCK vt Co. rtROW.V (.LASH. Rt.lford, Saranarj and Clinton J crown by J. fc J. IL ITCK& Co. pOXGRUSS ,YATHR, jii.t ri oived s- siinplv of Conzresk witter, and for sale 1 v M a v 20. 0 F.O. PKTF.P..S0N frh VMrOOL rtsreives) Iu ex ibatige for Ilrvalclo'.h and T T other Goodii at mv Store at Wint.kl village July 10, 1310. SIDNP.Y BARLOW. IDOXNIiTii. J-) of the late-i fashion., jutt ro uivol and fur -ale cheap l.y Tiiscaunnd straw Bnnnet.s e.vol and fur P. DOOI.I'ITLI pORN BROOMS vt PAlLS.-lCOtloz. coru Lroonu W jOtloz. patent Tail-, June 19. J. ctJ. H, Pec A; C... 50 UOSTON N. V., KU.U, Hhd. Gar-hner Brewer-. I v June 19. J. it J II. PLCK A. Co II ORMIC HAY ItAKF.S, bv J. vt J. II. PKCK, vt CO. SIM.NCI.I.S. Jth 10. Pine Shinrle. I v J. .V J. H. PKCK A. (. DnVCH AND MLDIUNKS. A lare &uprlv just rt-.-'d I y J me 19. J. vt J. II. PLCK ci. Co. 171 A I R BANK'S SUA LllS.Tv 1 J.tly 10. J. it J. II. "TM-OUR.-Troy, X receivius I y PKCK & Co. and Mi.-Uigiii, eon-'un Iv J. vt J. II. Picx vt Co. ' Jonathan GlllctN ICstafc. STATE OP VKRMONT, To all persons con Dwtrici or Cihttenbek, ss. J comedin the estate of Jonathan Gillut, late of Charlotte, deceased. Human HosTord, executor of thulast will and testa mom of Jonathan G.llet. latu of Charlotte, in said din Irict, duccased, having filed in said court his petition, in wriKiiK, setting forth that the amount of debts, allowed by tho coiiiinission'ii s, against said estate arc $233 57; that tho value of the perjjiial estate unsold docs not exeecd 31.1 00; that the amount of money in said ex editor's hands, after paying the expenses of adminis tration already occurred, is 81 1G 02 and that it will be necessary to soli real estate for the payment of so much of the debts as tho personal estate is insufficient to pay, and the further expenses of administration, and praying said court to grant him license to sell so much of the real estate of said deceased as may be necessary for thanurooses aforesaid. Whereupon the court afore- H'lid dolh order that said petition be heard before said. court at a session thereof to be lift, nt the Register s offi.ein Burlington, on the second Wednesday of Sep tember next, and that notice thereof be given to all ner-ions interested by publication of this order, contain in the s-jbitance of s ud petition, three weeks succes sively in the Free Press, a newspaper printed in Bur- hnqton tn the t,ounty nt uiuttcndcn, incianoi wtutn Dubhcations to bo nrcviou to the said second Wednes day of Sepumliir, lstO. Given under my hand at Burlington, tun 121U dav oi Autrust, I'jiu. ' Wat. WI-ZSTO.V, Register. NEW GOODS. Wo aro pleased to inform our customers and friends that wo bars just returned from Now York with a fine assortment ol Now Gowda in tho various departments of our trade) no pain have been spared in selecting oooti articles, nnd such as will meet the approbation of persons of takto. W havo (beside very ninny other thinpa which must re main unetiumcrntcti,) watches, uoid and Siivor, price and quality lo suit customers t Pins, tome beau tiful Cameos, fancy Enamelled, and stono Pins, Rinevt, various patterns of new Rings best quality of Gold jiicii vaiu tjasus, iiuain nnu plain, very pretty onrs, English Pencils, very heavy nnd beautiful finished Fancy Boxes, verv urcttv for nrescnts. soveral kinds. Canes, many tory hamhomo and aome very strong, oiocivj, i. is u, i, various rauerns. oncu, 'Jiia jTory Combt, somcthinR ncu in this, line. Shell, Buffalo Horn, ivorynna oilier new dressing Uomhs; Hrushci, very nice and new patterns, best quality. Prctton Sails in beautiful bottles various patterns; l'wfumory, English. French and American. Guitars. Druma. and othur Musical Instruments; Hearts, Crosses ana.iet urnnmcnislor the.ccK, Uoltlcn and Coral lirnccicis. iiotd .eclt tjtiaina same length ol Uoid Bccdst Silver, Butter and Fruit Knives; Ivory anil Shell, fancy Boxes; Bosoms, Suspenders and Collary fine kinds; Elastics, some very nico ones. Cards, nil sizes of fine quality. We can scarcely ctve a ircncral outline of the new Roods now being opened and or- ranged at tlie variety store, out would whilst wa oi prcss thanks to our numerous friends and customers for the liberality with which they havo secondod our cHbrts to make our assortment what it is; just mem--tioti thai our assortment was never more complnto, ws have not onlv the usual varietv. but havo added man new and handsome articles, to which wo are maklnjj ndditions almost every iceek. Ploaso onquir for Goods wanted ns very many of our articlui are cot la sight. Remember the Variety Store. AUg. l'A.UliUK. vfc HKliNK.MAIU. 30 TOBACCO. kcc plus Tol .ircn, 10 boiir. Cavendi.h tin CO ria.' -hce: do 200J II s. Leaf do. do. I y J. iV J. II. PECK A Co. T00(J SPKRM OIL. gallons winter Sperm Oil. CO.'lO do, tall do. do. I5g0 dui refnu-J d-'. June 7. J. vt J. IL PF.CK Cc. 45 OILS. lb!.. American LiiucoJ 0. 10 Tien , fall sperm do 5 tlo win'er di da 35 bl I-. refmi-J Jo J.-. J.oV J' H. Pact Co. prs. Ladies eul'd" and black rrnch Slit, OVJ 20 do do. Gsiter Hoots, 20dsMi"3ts coi'd Slip., 50 do Gent's Pumps, 2 cases .ileu s .seal Hoots. .Hilton Lincoln's F.slate. STATE OF VlltMONT. ) fillip. Hon. the Pro district t-K ritlTTCNtics Si. I JI 1 ate court within an J loi the Di.lnct of Chittenden : To the creditor 1 .m l o-hcr. c. iK-crnd in ihe e-tnte of Milton L'ueoln, la'eot Milton, in 'aid District, el. OhectING WHEREAS, Nathan Luicolti jr. executor ol the l.t will and testament cf said deceased, hath male application to ihi.eo irt, to ex end the time limited fur ituUnfr payment of the debt., and Icsaeie. of -aid do cra e.l, twelve inon'h. Irom th'.' 13:h day (f AusiM, lalO. uml i he '2d e lue-ilav ol ne.itcml er nex' l emu' lv.T n licarini; in the piemi-c, at I lie u.ticeoi Ibe Kcgi.ter of tin. court, nn-J it having I ecu on'crcd that no' ice tleieuf I c irivcn, ly p' this de cree three weeks successively in the Free Pre-s a newspaper printed at B irliucton, 1 efore the time tiled lor hcarmsr; theretorc yo.i are ntreiy noinieu to ap-pt-nr Icfnre id co'irt at the time and place afore-aid. then and there, to ml.c bbje.-ticn if any you have to the said time ot payment I em? t irther extended a afere-aiil. (tivcn under my mud al Uuriingtun I hi li b dav of August. A. I'. 1S1U. A''s'. '3- '' l - l".. Kry'r. Burlinston, July 14. II. C. 3TI.MSON. .5000 Te. TIN M'AKi:. Tea quai; Pans ir.OO six do r)j 2500 pail, aj.nrtr.l rises, I0(; her nithalHrc and ccnerU a..trmcnt ol all Kin l. cl wate, now v band and for a!e I y June 10. Vila., Loivii A; C 8000 Pi ice 25 ceii's per llos, with full directienr. Olicu id General IVnot for llie New Fneland States No. lySTremont Street, near Court street, Boston. Ihe regular appointed Agents can recctellit-irup- t,i .t.s oi tne a ove nonmar l i s. a. iicrciiutire, iru.n the onlv olhceantl general depot fir the New landand State-, 'I'JSTremont street, Bo-ton. Petllar or trav elling apent. are not allowedtosell the genuine in lian veje-al le rill-, tlierciore never pnrcna-i: irmu iiicm, for If voudo vo-i will be sure to obtain a dangrrou tu.l conn'erfeit article. . 'II Tm-.o. A. Pi-ck vt Co. the onlv Agents in B irling ton, fur the sale oflhelndiaa Vegetal le Pill-, also, W II. Ilot.l.r.v, Willi-ton, t. C)frf Nftlln, HradM Amerlcau Inia. ZJVJ ktrs Nail, tri m 31 to 601 350 do Brvls trout Ci tw20 Ilnr e s he r Iron Kti'II an I Haine do all sixes Band Iron frnn lj to A inch Round do do 1 to lj tlo Snareilt. j G to 3 do J. it J. 11. Vr.iK A Co., June 19. Ait-nts fur Ktrst villr Man ifa-l'irui? Go OAL'sOAl TMPORTAXT TO MOTIIEIIS YOUNC 1 K UMAIiHS.DocTs. RuvNoins it Pahmixky'i eelcbratctl PILLS, or HEALTH HHSTORAT1VE for complaints peculiarity incident to the Female Sex. This arlicle is now brought before llie public, under sanction of the strongest testimony, from those who hm-nnhkiniM'd it. and also witnessed its lllli-mialh tl powers, iu the removal of Female obstructions of the most aggravated and desperate character. These testimonials arc not brought from the ignorant and illiterate -but from Physiciantt and other Scientific Persons, who have tested its great virtues anil now leeiiiiiinend ii in their practice nnd lend to it the sane lion n I trir names, ills nm nielli eti ns mm v nictii cmcs gtncrallv aro for all the varieties of disease which it is tin-lot to wificr under. Hut it is intituled simply for one rlass orcompliiintH, nml those only re lating to one sex. These being of rather a delicate na lure, there wouin ne more man an oruiuary ueitieu difTidenre in ronun!' with this article before the nubl: were it not tho fact thnt thousands aro rontiinnlly passing from thei stage of action, victims to disease, vv ne i ttns ntriiiemn mis never lai eti to tutveut ui cure. Such has bctn the niovision of IS'itturc, that nparly all tho complaints of ! cniales, nro ronnectctl Krimn rlenrrn with tho habits allied to their Hex. Al many can bear witness, where a mere cold at a par ticular stage, has ptodiictd checks, that tho hand of Science; niul Mktll, never nas nccn utile io tuspci or alleviate. At first, the irrcgulnrity nnd suppression of tho natural linhlts produces no very manning symp toms, and is mated generally with neglect. And pre.pcr attention is procrastiantcd until tho hollow eye, sallow complexion and great bodily debility indicate that either rapid consumption, or some other fatal disease has fastened its resinlcn grasp on tho suifkrer which soon terminates existence, Iiy n lingering tail certain death. For complaints inevitably productive nf such result this invaluable medicine is now brought heforo the public, It invariahly removes otistnictions nnd regulHtcs n too prnfueo mrnstrnrnlion, nnd cures by its unequalled qualities, nil the variety of elcrnngr mont Ronnpclod with tho Female habit. Tho eminent and distinguished Doet. J. Mnmson. who has prac mil suerss for -JO years, savs "It is the best medicine now in use. incases ot retention, or suprcssion m tho Menses, I think it will sustain tno appctution oi a specific. I have tried it in tne worsi raica witn ntusi admirahlo success, and 1 wish for tho good of sitfloring romales, thnt all physicians wnuhl introduce it in their prnctice, ns I have found it answers beyond my most snncuinn cxncctntlnitH." In its effect it is 'kind may be. taken without the least inconvenience, as it is not cathartic, imi tonic uml aperient. For ample par tirulars respertinc its effirienc v. certificates of Pvsi nans who havo witnessed its effects, and of others OF LIVERWORT fe.r Consumption, Dv-i.cp-ia, A.thma, and all di-eaK-s ol the l.ung. and Liver. These di-ea-e. prevail to a great extent creatin;.' much distress and otne fatality, AH the-ecan e reme he.1 by the uo ol Ur. I aylor'. tial-om oi . viTwort. I ins nil iilv llic s hi re v ' rciini ic, nm fruin its peculiar action upon lbs Liver . always fnun. rm heal rcnie V lor nil", c tmt-aT. rnr i iinnic nn men ill a ciy weak late, no medicine can le so n-.nti'fiil a re-inrativc. a. it not onlv strengthens but purifies and give, a tieaittiv ncnon m ine wiit.n- - tern. Constanily lor sale l.y N. I.OVF.LY A Co. who have pl.t received a lrc-ti .upply oi n-a.onai.ic uocis from Now orU, all very cneap lur easn Burlington, July 3n, laiu, Fffl Vtn.MHMV SASH T Just rcccivf-l 15, 21 an I 217 Iiy Oca-enients ol sash, a first ra'c article at 31 and 3J cent, per light ; abo all kind, nnd size, fui-ni-hcd to order. Tieonderoga black lead, a lir-t rate arlicle, for sale very low, togrther with a var e-.v in o tier urn rlrs as cheap as can be lojud at any olher etal lih merit In tlie plat e. ' ii nt tv it disc:, .vr. 181 0, ' 'II '. sn i.en rrs will eonunue iiinr I..,.,,,,... a. Iforwardllic anil Com mission Merchants and Custom House Agents, at ihe Port of Saint Johns, Lower tanaia. who havo ticen moHt signiilly benrntetl nnd restored hv ns virtues reference is now offered to tho nam. nbl ds nccomnnnvinir the medicine, and to t ha more particular evidences, in the hands of the subscriber, Sole Apcnt for the .New Stales. ' rntv.Min nnivi.F.v. ivi,aI..', n..s' ,e rv,,-s UA !r... r..irsanf!i I M They do not o liir their service, "free ofnny chare; " to tho-e persons interu-lcl in trade with tne t niten s'e", hut will on irnvor m ihic mm . I tho interest of their employers worthy a reasonable Having good Whanc (at which the Lakk Cham ritls Sthamdoats will bind) and excellent Storage, .,i i,t. ,i... nnnri-nieiice of a rnnnu-ling Rail Track with the CiiAMrLAi". nnd St. LAwnrNrr. n.n .T(r..nn,-,T ihe.e wharves. tnrv nailer iiieiii-rivi-s that, with fificen years experience- in this branch e.l bu-inc, they will I o enabled to do mutdi to lacihtate ami encourgo tra ie i tiwi " " '.ViA r'V. env Uwer Province. JASON C. PILRCL vt SON. St. John., L. C., March, lait). sovereicti reinely for Worms. Strange and mcre-li i.u , k.. .tei. i.e ihe e detestable rrmin I few person-, anil it i. thought none arc free from them, par i.. r.m.i.. .i .l.ilflren. Many ncr-nn. gl -i; . ,ii....inn of mrshcine without I enelii, when they might ! relievetl by using thr worm ua. I ins invaiuanm uim. ..r , ,. i... limn ten vear. uje, an .n.m,....r.,l in more than IG.000 ner ems of variou ii"e , and not one solitary complaint i on ineeon ran hundreds have. calle-I, an I nnsolicitttl, given their de cidcd prcftrence to it. (ei tryinc ili ' ' Jere-nt a"'0 5s' sent forth to the piiUr, and prcneil iced Dr. ,M. Hitch, cock'e Worm Tea the most sale, cileetunl, ami con venient remedy ll.nt ran I e obtained i for in no one of the iliousands of instances whore it has I ccn mnl agreeable to the printed tliroetiwis . has it e vcr U ert. N. B. Ask for Dr. M. Hucl-iowk'h Wohm 1 :, a lhr art- many n.i nun- nlire.nel lor I ho ilt-si rt'Olii'iiof worms For sale whole-nle and rctml by A. HnUICOh. v, t.:e proprit inrs, i n unit", r...... ' -r by their ugents througho-ii tho Union. In Iturluicion, f 30'l0 1 500 1000 1000 100 250 200 SLT. l u.b. solar Salt tlo rtrani do ds. line do do T irks IkIh.-.cI do l.i.Is. fine do do dairy tin do coar e do fn -K. dairy do by J. vt J. H. rrCK vt fe. nn FAiiMiNc; W tin. 1 llal.e do Hay rcr' s, tin Manure F.rVs, do Hte. r!,. tevibeSna.hiM do ea'.l and Germsn lre 5,-vih", raJ.! S-Vlhc, Sickle., Pln-igh-, and Ploncli casting' bv Burlington, y. j.,v. j.ii. nt ui". STATE OF VERMONT, 1 milE bon. the nrola'e I'ist. or t.inrTCNDt..N'. ss. I JL court fur Ihedi.tricl of Chittenden, la all per ens concerned in the estalt of I'e etia h Rus-ell. la'e ot, iu said di.tnct, de eta.-i-l, gricliiig. licit a, Era lus M. R i.-ell ml im'nistrittor of . aid de. e.i-e ', propose, to render an ac count of hi. a.hnmisir.ttion, an I pre cut his a -count agnuif t -aid e-tate tor exaiuin.tlK.n and allowance, at a --.sion ct tlie court ol pioiasc tote nii:en at tne leniU-r next; tlierciore, you are iicrenynotinr-i toap near I efure said eo irt, at the tune and place afore said, and -bow it any von have, why the account fnreail should nut I : Mli we.t. inven tin.:er mv haudal B irlingtuii, tlu27tli t'av ot Ai-cu.t, A.. IS 10 ,1114 v i. w r-? I u.i, lti'L'1-ts r. rpt) THU rUHUIC. In offering this Edition of JL Smith's Geography and Atlas to the public, ths Publishers invite attention to the followitiff additions: and improvements. The Geography has been carefully revised and en larked, is illustrated by about thirty additional Cuts, nnu is pcriccuy uuapicain bu us pans to tot aw Maps. The entire text of the book has, (at much oxnonso,) been thrown into unifortn fori'C fv;i which ws feci! confident will be regarded na a very ducidod liupte vcment. The tables aiiDenued to tho Hook woro mad with care, and contain much valuablo information iu n condtitid form. The names and length of ths principal Canah and Rail Roads (finished and in pro gress) are ivcn, and the places connected ; also a complete list of the Colleges, Law and Modioal c.i ' t n-i t o. r,i.:... j.. OCUOOIS, oviiiiuiaii.-9 uuu iv;iikiuu uu- nominations of the Lniled Slates, the teigmng Sot ereigns of Eurodc, etc. An entire now Atlas accompanies tne lioon, con inininrr ciphtctn very Buncrior Matii. luostlv drawn expressly for this work from original survevs and ths most authentic sources, and embraces inucn valuabU information nut to be found in anv similar work. Our own country has received special attention. Ths Rail Roads, Canal-, navigation of Rivers and recont changes, are all carefully marked, and manv countiw are shown which do no'l appear in any other Atlas. Among the peculiarities ot this worn may lie mention ed the plan of showing the population of States and Countries in round numbers on the faco of the Maps. The navigation of Rivers for Ships, Steamboats, Sloops, etc., is shown by placing at tha head or na vigation tho appropriate characters for each. The Map nnd Chart of the World combined (on an entire now plan, showing at one view the Natural nnd Political Divisions ot llio uiodc, tno j-.xicnt, ropuia tioii, Religion, Form of Government and Stato of Civilization of each Country,) has attracted much at tention, and is considered a great improvement upon anv thing heretofore attempted in tha form of a Chart as here all aro shown at s single glance, and tho re lations they sustain to cacli other, via would ai solicit attention to the remarkable distinctnnss and ease with which every name on the. Map may b read as well as to tlie very superior stylo and e.xecutien or the work in other respects. Tho Questions at ths close of the Book are important, nnd will bo found very convenient for a General Review. s!iiAr nivr: a- smnrfq Iliriford Canntctimt, For sals bv SAMUEL HUN'TINGTON. Bur lington, Vt. and by tho Princial Hooktullms ia tha United states. Burlington, July 3d, 1510. 0 Slicrllng. Shirting, mum, M. 0J lales -1-1 Ir'iwn sheeting, 5 do rto shirting, 10 do Tie.kinc, 3 -1 1 I bach Shee'ing, HI do American Pi int., for ale bv J ,nt-10 VILAS, LPOMIH aajCf 1 OH CillOCKKircH. J JJ chest, ynnng Hys on Tea, 76 iio iiysonskin, 211 1 ng H-pper, 20 do Pimento, 10 do Co'eu 50 bf.xcs Pipes 100 do Baf?"np 800 do I!aiins 50 teg. do 10 do Pur ginger 400 Mat. Ca-fta St, Crnis Rum. H'-llsnd Gin, 5ignette Brandy, Bal timore Gin, American Brandy, Llmmpaienr. iirown and Pale Shcrrv, Madeira an I Sicily Madeira, Mar- eills Madeira and .Malaga ;n, j ,n,. 7, J, vt J. II, PLCK V,( o. too bbb 300 do 050 do 250 do S00 do 10 do 'JS do 30 tlo IIY I! KTUrFS. , Cam Worsl Log WorslSi. Dnmin Log Wood Ccinpca-by Piistn; Nieara; ia Alum . Blue Vilrtrl .Maldrr 50 carl r.y. Oil Vitriol Muriatic Aei'f. An'a Fortis Nflrie A-id, r.rnmi, Bar Wood P ca -h Woevl, Qner Cliron Bark, Jynn.-h Flotan, an 1 Vrnal Indigo Lac Dye, Nut. (Sail, prr-s w Im von m: hhavii h i Drc-slnguooin. I. Lonrv the iimier-iene-;, v mi Now inform the pul Is? kind, That having left eh irch strct, In llowanl's Hftcl enn N fo ind. He will not I.Mst hi. burl rr skdl, As this the public Imp have p, But I tgs to ask tlirir e.istnm li I, For tbllige ner he yields to none.. V,rn he that would unto hi. (r.te And bend have sterling justice dens, Pr.iy don't mtstal.ih proper plav, But call upon IccM Lowr.T. T S. Clothes carefully drains! to order, rarfum trv of alt kind.-constantly on band und for ult. Hnrlingtnn, July 10, HMO. . IV M SCIItlt.l. (;i:OGit Al'll Y AND 11 ATLAS WITH OI'TI. INE. MAPS, by S. A ecu y tcs Ml rcilELL. The a ithor ol the al ove works ha ! ....ii nrofe.siiinHllv devoted to llie science of Geo'v ant! tlie n d li.hin'of Man-, dirintr many year ami In- former production., cpeciailv ni- .nap oi me oriu for Aca', tear anipie le-iiinonony oi nis aoun- ant resource-, upon which lielia so III erany drawn in nrod icinc the al live -chool works. The following extract of the Geo'v nnd Alln, t. from a joint recnm niendaiion of the leaclicr. in the city or .ew I or rl h.;ie merit, are n-inu-rou lit- deiiniiion. lemark al Iv plain andconci-e. 'I he exer.-i-e. are copious and important, and iht-dccriptive i. luminous and correct. The division, of the American coii'incnt, arc repre .onto 1 an I de-eril e.l as they really exi-t at the present time. And the zro.s niis.ia'eme'nts ceiierally b.und in .c.inol geegraplres are oorre -led. The typographi cal exeeniion is on eomimnly and distinct, indeed tlie atlas i a mule! nf ihe kind, and a.-iu.illy teem vvitli inlorm ition." Tlie onlline Maps arc n uli.irly ealeiilaieltu exerci-elbti .lu.leni in his .inJv, and In fill "p at In. Ici.ure. Fur .-ale I V (' GOODltlCIL llurlliiglnn Dye House. MHAIISI'IKI.I), SILK, WOOLLEN AND CO'ITON DYER re-pecifully informs the inhal inint. nf B irlington and the neigh! oring town., iim he ha. taken a ureini-es in Wa'er-.t, one door so-iih nl D. Davis' ! ore and will commence dying and nni-hiiir in the le t manner, Hie ttiuowing goods: nmadcloih-. Cassiiilt-rf-. new Merinocs Ladies sill. nd MiTinoDrcs-e-. Shawl-. Ho-tcrv. llli and crpon Ve vet. Gen leuu-ii's coal-, elt ai.s ami e-ts itye. anu finished nearly en-ial to new. without ripping. Broad rloth', silk, woollen or cotton good, dyed in tho most ni rmancnt co t r-. I warned mr mcrcnanis anu mani- f.utitier-, on rea'onol le term., Al-o wnr-ltsl, skein cnllnn, and .urm miu iivisi m tne mo.i spien.u lcoinr-, He lias employed a ce!e! ra'o I dyer nnd color linker, Ct nsr.l.ins Molost. Mr. Molony was employed a- .iinerinltni tn in -ome oicr largest tivmg e-iaeii.-ii- ment-, in Great Britain and America. T he pul lie may cm having tneir oner, csccnioj in inc rc.-i manner and with an po.uic nc-paien. B irlmgion, July 15, IS 10. Tlt()Y A- ."illCIIinAN SIxTllAY LINK. tMIIH' l,y Old Troy Tow Boat Line. Cw-nties Slip, f5 1810. AGEN'I'S Alii.s.- Win-., i.r.n, LroNAttn Cuocki'.ii, 106, Broad st. Nev York ; Mooie it Slimp son. Kivrr -U Troy; Wm, H. Moore, 72 Quay st, Al- l.tnv; Si lnev Allen, lloehe-ter ; George I'avi. vt Co, B i lain; Philip Allen, li i taioj tieo. A. nc.ncn, uun. kirk, N. Y. Gcorsc T. Cami.vV C Bar.-eloua ; C. M Heel, Er.c, Pi.; McNair vt Co. Clcivclaivl, O.; M It. II,,.. Ar Co. I'liri. mouth. 0.-. H. N. it N. H. Gate- Black- River, 6.; Jenkins it Tracy, Huron, O.i Barber A Barney, Sandn.l.v City, O.; Che-lcr it Stringhain,, Mich.) K. v. itu-, Toledo, u.; u. n, liaiarii Munmi-e Citv.O.! Wheeler ct Purer. St. Josephs ; J, G.S'eight, Michigan City, Ind.; Daw-em vt Hn.mcr, Jlillwankie, w.j ... iM.Keri, Liu.-ago, in. je.i.j-n Mark packages, "T. vt M. Line." SRtlll, HOWARD, of the ''heap ca-h sIitc, i arrived homo from New York la-t evening br the splendid steamer Whitehall, D, Lyon Cnpt. and ' roiiKhtwuh him an additional supply of Good, which with" lus two former purcha-e cf this sca.on make ihe assortment altogether one ofthe most desintlle to ele.'t from of any lliat be ha heretofore had for lh U-t eighteen year'-, and is ofthe following kind., vix rich, la-biona! le, fancy and staple articles in evcrr" department of the Dry Good line, .iich a. Broadcloths, Cttssiinerc.-, Vesting.-, tie lame, Cballys, 'ilk-, Bomlazinex, C.ilicnc, Linen., Mti.lins, La'e., Rib! on, Em! rniderie-, Ilo-iery Glove-, Fan, Urn brcll t., I'aravoll-, etc., wuh a full .upplv of Klorenco and S:raw Bonnet., nnd Millenary Good-, also, Carpeting-, Matting., Paper Hangings, Shoe-nnd Hat together with all the heavy de-criptioit. cf dome-lio ind olher goos, mic-H as Sliecungs, Yarn, Bitrlnj..' Wool Twine, etc. The Crockery, Looking Gla- ami China Gallery is also replenish (; theCu-lcry, Hard-w-areand llouscf i in ac'corJauru with ihe o'ber .toe!;, on hand, tlie varie'V cf fancy ar- title, su -h as To-, Jewelry, Comb., (Vrfs, ("onfto tiouarv, etc. etc., which tills' one h-indre.l feet of sho- a.r in cnth on his counter- is inn tmcraue. I li Dome and picture gallery i Iranlif.illy arranges! for the display of Goils under a strong light, and thon thei large .upplv nf superior Munly ltroecrie I a'ed upon he Sm Tut Life. Roche.tcr city .Mill Hour, makes hin Giaii I Bazaar cheap ra.h .tore, one ofthe most fasi'i- na'ing de.iral'le and convenient .tore, to I e l,irnihed from with all and every kind of articles that may b wished fur, or looked n't for amu-cmcnt nml gratifica tion, or wilh a desire to convey the most p!eainr in telligence tr ipends, ot tne piace win re cvciy nrncm they may desire for the bettering of appeancc'-, addini to eomfo'rt, or supplying necessary wants, may Ir had and all done m -o few word, a. I y only saying f-s- whatever and whenever von wish to Imv clic ip lor cava go to HOWARD'S. Burlington, Vt., June II, IS 10. u.i I A. I tl P...1. A. rVi In Vercenne?. hv A Afm PAINTS & Oll.rS. lU.UUtr lbs. dry white Lead 00 i-asksgrouutlilo do IS bbls. Venetian RcsJ 10 casks Ercnch ye'low 50 bbls. American Linseed Oil, 35 do Spirit. Turpentine Copal Varnish, Gold I nil, Fund I fiw, Fmatts, Br tsbc, Oliitt, Gum Copal, by J. vt J. Il, PtrK ct ( o. KIlllKNA CHISAM frr shaving, rliirihedHos ,n. WarrinV lo-t Nwlle. Kijver Tbimlle, nod ets rf nev. Otss.' , rnln t ine w A . n I A -1 1 - " ' rpilli BOOK STORE of lb.' siib.cril cr is nnvt; f illy JL repienisnci wun n larrr enm-nnn ni nuonn ami STATION I'.RY, recently se'eted in the New York market. Particular pain. ha I een taut n in tne a .nrimiMii with reference to Btoks atlaptcd to sabbatli school'. The newe-t p.iblioaltons have I ten lelccttsl fur I lis oliie.'t, nild i.inrnrics van now or inrui-iien with anv amount at the N. Y. price., D A. BrAman Y .11 A N A- COLE In c re.civcsl their usual c.x'iti.ivo a..or.ment of ftpnng and summer GOODS, embracins a leautifil variety of coods for la-be-" immer tlrcs-e. ; ncli I ng'im and .roten uinfj liam., India mn-lin a superior article for while drrtse. j J.tconct eambrie, a rinirnl of I arreJ and cliejkcTe'l Canilnc, printrl Lawn, mourning do. prin. led cainl ric and I- rench'itn. an cxicn.ivc assort ment of American t alicre cheaper tliau ever. A few Kngli.h and i rencn do. SILKS, A 'mall a-rcrtmrnt of Rich ilks, incl tirmr I.Lvk, blur bla -k, colored ami lripsl. Bandana IPd'fs I'ongec, Crmi'On, while silk do. B 'k Italian Cravats, Gentlemen', rol'd and black kid Glove-, docol'd, black an-Iwlutr .ilk gloves, do, flcriin, Lnle Threat!, Linea nndccitrm glove.. A gool a-sortmcnt of ifo-iery, verv cheap. I'm! rcM.V. and P.trasols, Thin B(oia and Shoes, Lubes kid Tio anc slip., DOMI'.STIC GOODS. Merrim.ich cottons Dans-villi- do 5-1. Cotton Sheeting, Shirting, Ticking, enl'd Cambric.' Yarn, Thread, an.l Knitting Coitrn, S i pcrlinr Le ne Cloth, and bieach cotton. York Mixture Stripes, Drill- fc". Iri'-h Linen, Shirting nnd Sheeting. Diaper andCrah. TAILOR'S TIIIMMINGP. Inchrdm; sewing rVk, Twi-t,Thrca I, Padding, canva's, sleeve- ininff, brisven linen, Button., Binding, &c. Vl-STING. While lig'd Mer-ails Valentia. tisnre Satin, fee Gaure, and rich chslly fancy Il'dk'f.. A great variety rf other DnY GOODS which compme a very c-,ten-ive! a-sortmrnt, and arc o't red at nstonnh ms'low pitcc- Ladie.aud Gentlemen are invited to rail and examine qualitie. and prices. J me 1. MAYO A WAIT have reiurrrtsl from New Yorl, with their mmitlvof snnng nnd summer Goods laid in at the pre.-enl urtneual low rales which they aro preparexl to sell a.eneap as ran if nan m ine coiiiur), luiyr rs are re-peetfully soheitesl to call and receive tho proof, at the store recently occupies! by Lalhrop Potwin corner of Church and Coliefie-stt May STOHi: TO LET, at Winorik. village, tht stort. recently rs.cupird by Lathrop and I otwm Willie let and pos.e-sion rivt-n ''"'i'1 aP,P' to the s ibscril crs tsflrner Church and .lli-sc ' s. Bur- tngton or to Gideon Il'irtv, Biirlmptrny5miirJr MAYO fa WAIT. tim niiuts 1 UU boxc Tin plate, X. 20 no I A square iiu BL KSU1TM.T!'C suh-eriler having re cenily moves! from Albany, nnd ctnnmencr.1 the Blacksmith busines-, m all ii- form, m i.j-nwihon on Madison Mreri, near rollett A Bradlrv'. Store, xvo.i . rcpesitfiilly inv'ir the mbabi ams rf Burlington , 'j ..i.'miiv to p ro him a call, as he is fully prepare! i I kinds i oi work m his line, on tht shortr-l no "J. w manner, nnd most favorable term.-. He hat for many years past given his particular attention to ihr Horse shoeing business, and f arrirry in aM its liNinche... From the long experience which be. his had, and tho genra! information he ha derned I oth from theory and practice, ho feel, fully confident in re commending himialfio the public. Ho xnll le pre pared al ell timeno give his personal attention to all kinds of work in hi" linesuch as J.-omng Warcons and 6!eigh, Shipwork, etc. All kinds ol edge tools made inlbe best manner and most approved style. Hs trust that by giving business his undivnW atwiiitoD, and the low prices at which hr xvill re enabled to fur nisb xvork, to receive a iharooflha public paTouanw. JOHN SORAGLN. Burlington, April 10. 18-10. . 'CTRAY 1IOKM-.N Mraaxi trom 'he sui-cn' er, r-u , tr 55 or about iho 10th of July, one black- horse with tein hiindta.s Iron xvirc. asoned pos., t"ge;he xvjii ji pentrul s,ortttient of SMet J'f "t.W iVllV" I f0mo white about the neck.cautes by xryar of tht t-tj! it., etc. for talr by Jnnxi 10 llJxb. l.owitn & lev. ; ar 8Dd Ume with a ipevm beh.nrl. i. vio, One TTiTviTFjf. fn?i h' iie-e, on bied Ir 'ar-, r.Va- J s-rir r.M, T J m " ci il Pi-f A C, ' Tiur'linpinv A - 1?1 .'. fOtTER K'Jizrl WAV Dvt SrulTf.'-'. .V- i A -tb H:W F"' I II'l r" ,Tf" hv I--"" fts--d i-rnrip!

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