Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, September 25, 1840, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated September 25, 1840 Page 3
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htelv waived, bv tlio democracy. Some had conscientious scruples about foreign influence) while a much larger claws In vrew of what had occurcd in Vermont, exclaimed, ''wc seek no changes, such as you would bring us." Lucifer, son of the morning, how art thou WW FtllE. The barn and Woodhouso attached to the premises of Dr. John Potncroy, on Wator-st. Wore burned down about 12 o'clock on Friday night, lawt. It is not known how the fire origi nated. The Standing Army. Not a voice is now raisod in favor of this last project of Van Bureii ; and even he himself, after having strongly re commended it in his message, is compelled to acknowledge his doubts of its constitutionality. How different this from the the palmy days of the party, when the chief had but to say "I will it," and it was done ; when all doubts of eonstitutionality were dispelled by "the Consti tution as I understand it." The wand is broken land the spell has lost its power. Tiik nLissiNos or low wages and no meat. It being stated in debate in the Senate, on tlio vub.trcasury bill, that tho French laborer, under the operation of the aub-trcasury hard money system could not afford to cat meat, the Hon. Ruel Williams, a Van Burcn Senator from Maine, undertook to show that the French la borer got along better without meat. Those are his words : " It is trus, sir, that a greater portion of the laborers of Francs aru deprived of the use of animal food ; but doos it follow that, a a whole, they arc worse off? No, sir ; so far from it, I have the authority of English tatatmcn, who ipaak from observation and a critical examination of the ftubject, for saving the reverie is the cue." This is the Van Burcn doctrine, by which they hope to maintain the subtreasury. Working men ! do you consider it democratic ! Latest trom Texas. By the arrival, says the New Orleans Bulletin, of the schooner Hen ry, Capt. Alden from Mitajrords, we have a few Jnys later intelligence from Texas. The army under Gun. Felix Houston, had re-captured one thousand hordes and mules loaded with the plun dor of Linnvilie. The pursuit of the Indians by the Tcxians was a hot one. The savages T are alarmed, and were Mattering in every di rection. A force of about four hundred of the brava Texiann had succeeded in getting between the Cumanchcs and the mountains to cut off their retreat, while a much larger number were passing on in the rear, with tho ardent hope of euttingtheni off cntiiuly. Seventy-four were reported to have been killed and a number taken prisoners. It was ascertained to be true that Mrs. Crosby, captured by the Indians at Linvillo, has since been killed by them. From Florida. A slip from the Savannah Georgian of 12th innt., furnishes dates from St. Augustine of the 4th, recording some more mis eollancous outrage and murder?, on the part of the Indir.ns. The Express rider between Pilatka and Fort King, was wounded by fnc Indians, about eight miles from the latter place. On the 31st, an escort of 10 man, conveying a wounded soldier to Micanopy, was attacked, and 3 of the escort killed. On the 2d, a young nun named Hillary Par cons was shot near Black Creek being perfo rated by five balls. The following table compiled by the N. York Times from Document No. 110 of the House of Representatives at the last sewon, shows the enormous expenses of the sub-treasury mode of conducting the finance of the country, carrying on exchanges of money, &c. Under the old system, the whole expense of the transactions here recorded, would probably not have been ax many hundred dollars as are here charged thou sands : 11 y whom paid. To whom pnd. W. 13. Slaughter, (no hums given) do. J. Sclhorst, for trans portation of specie, W. B. Slaughter, for his services in the transportation of 8, "000 in specie, do. expenses going to St. Louis, &c. do. do. Amount. YV. B. Slaughter, do. do. do. 83332 49 200 00 1000 75 200 00 4: 50 00 50 00 55 00 do. 4s. do. do. int't on money, do. expenses bringing money from Mil waukie, do. procuring money on protest'd draft, do. going to St. Lou is, negotiating, re ceiving and trans porting 820,000 it disbursing same, do. expenses of col lecting a draft on land office, do. for services as fis cal agent, 510 50 d. d. 114 00 soooo do. 100 00 G30 50 do. 87013 21 If other branches of the public service could be probed in this manner, the people could the better judge between the new system and the old. Such items show the reasons why the treasury is bankrupt. RESPONSE FROM THE EAST. Hurra for the father of all the green West, The Buckeye that follows the plow ! KEMMtscc, Sept. 10, 1810. We aunounee to our friends with uiexptcssible satis faction that Maine is not chained to the car of Van Jluren. Her vote is now aura for the old patriot, farmer, and hero of North nend. We have probably elected Edward Kent. We have certainly a majority in the State Senate. Our prorpect is fair for a major ity in the House. The great change has been effected by that portion of the administration party who have had the sagacity to perceive, and the magnanimity to acknowledge the ruinous policy of the present administration, and the nfrr and decision to act accordinulv. We remreifullv ask our political friends in other states to set us down no longer among the states con ceded to Van Buren. We shall swell the majority of the honest old patriot of the west, and unite in call in ir him from his retirement to the chair of state from his log cabin to the White House. Many hundreds if 7101 tnouianua wnci nave ai tins rivcuun tuivu iui Fairfield, have already made up tlicir minds to rote lor Harrison in .lovciuvcr, anu inure win uu bu. Correspondence of the Atlas. Ai'ac&TA. Sent. 16. nr air I suppose by means of your express, you Me already in possession ofthe glorious result of our itleetion it may be however, that you are not yet ac nuainted with the full measure of our glory. Maine is tlmmiiohlv redeemed from her sin of loco focnism I ! Our opponents set her down as certain for tho Hero of Tippecanoe and well they may. Wo have the Senate and House already, according to their returns, ..,l ernrrinln no doubt in reference to the election f ,i,r ftnvnrnnr. Uv a comparison of tho votii of this year rath that of 1839 we have a net gain already of 5.200. We had only about -VJUU to overcome, no nn will nr-Pivi if tho Hamo whis L'nin is obtained throughout the elate, Kent is elected by a handsome majority. Tho majority in Kennebec is 3,150, and only t loenfoco representative has been olccted in this rnuntv. One thin ir is nartlciilarlv worthy of remark in all those parts of the state whero tho system of tump spcanuiK nnM men pursued, tncro nro greni changes In favor of Harrion nnd reform. The trillh i. it.., i hs f reat mast of thn neonln nrn rilt iIipv haya been imposed, upon by tho unprincipled leaders of the administration party t hut thank heaven, the ..',i k.. i,n removed I nn Insulted nnd onnn-ssril people have arisen 111 their strength, and our republic !. .1..... M.n ham cannot understand how it is tlmt .1... ...i. .v.lrm should lc intended for their r... i n. .l.'i.n ii Is hascd unon thedoctrinc thnt . u.tll mice nnroand see that it secures . " .!.-. f. nd leave all the refct to States arid the people, nnd built up upon thn ruins of , system wmcn anoruen uoui sunn - .currency "unequalled by that of any other natioi I too wmc jwiiirKv Avanr. Wednstdav noen, 16th. I eantM dcrrrib to "ou the hv that animate evry bosom at tho irlnr nu mull In Ua!n W I..... tho Senato and tho Houso without doubt, and the rV'n0c'e 10 . l" Governor. Maine is good for 3000 for Harrison. , They rush to our ranks so barsUW' W s"Uo '"'"k of putting up the glorious i glorious tt glorious m One Jire Aforcl-A litllo later 1 o'clock.-Old Somerset has returned a Whig ttepraentatite from erery town in Vie County but one. ' Our streets aro filled with a happy people shouts and congratulations ary heard from thousands that Maine is free. Wo tnnlt it.r. .i. elections, and you seo tho result. The Whigs only want their principles extensively promulgated to be generally embraced. SINGULAR WILL. An English miser John IMccli, lately died in London, leaving tho following will ; I givo and bequeath to my nephew, my old black coat; give and bequeath to my nicec, tlio flannel wuiscont J now wear ; I give nnd be queath to each of my sister's grand children, one of tho enrthon pole on tho top of my wardrobe ; finally, I give and bequeath to my sister, as a last tocken of the affection I have always fell for her, the brown stone jug at the head of my brd. The disappointment of the legatees, when this strango will was read, may easily be imagined. Tho deceas ed was spoken of by all in a way no means flattoring to him, and his sister, in a fit of anger, gave iho brown stone jug, herliigacv, - I.!. I. ...I.' t. I. ... ' .D' . ,; a Mtn, hiiivii uiuku ii in piores, wncn 10 i a complete stream ot guineas poured out of it, and tho general disappointment gave way to joy. Each hurried to examine his or her legacy, and the flannel waistcoat and little earthen pots were found equally well filled, tiiR testator imvingonly wished to cause them an agreeable surprise. Cellars. It is a practice in Germany worthy of our imitation, to keep open a communication uciwecii uie cellars anu the principle chimney of the house, to nnablo the noxious air more or less generated there to oscapc. It also promotes the draft of the chimney. Tho air in cellars often be comes highly doloterious to tho health, and the sickness of families may frequently bo traced to the stagnant and noisome air in these undiTground apartments. Where there arc different npartments in a cellar, ventila tion should be provided for, by leaving a pass- ago open over tho doors of communication. Cultivator. MAINE ELECTION. The victory in Maine is complete. Mr. Kent i elected Governor by a majority of between three and four hundred votes. Every town and plantation has been received, and tho result it is as follows : Kor Edward Kent, -15,307 John Fairfield, 45,052 Kent's majority. 315 Such is tho intelligence brought last night from Bangor. Nothing certain had been asccr- tained respecting the election of a member of Congress in Hancock and Washington. No doubt is entertained of Noyes' election. All the glorious news we have been publish, ing for the laut few days is wholly confirmed. An hundred guns were fired upon the Con.mon yesterday in honor of this brilliant and most unexpected victory. 7osf. Alias. U. V. M. Ata meeting of the Junior class of the University of itniiuin, uccnsioncu ur me fleam oi vj, n. ivilcox, recently a member of that class, the appended rtsolu tiona ware introduced and unanimously adopted. Jltsclrcd, thit wc feci deeply thealllictingprovidenee which has recently deprived us of one of our most res pected and worthy members. That wj have ever, since our connection in college, nntertaiiied a deep sene of respect for the deccasd, as an agreeable companion, nn olfcctionnte friend, a thor ough scholar, and a faithful, consistent christian. That we tender to mourning friend our wannest sympathies in thicr bereavement. Thit although we griclVcfor the lnis of one so much loved, yet our sorrow is not unmiticatcd, believing that he'has oxchanKcd a life of usefulness and labor for one of enjoyment and rest. It was also resoUed, that a copy of thctc resolu tions be sent to the' Free Press and Sentinel for pub lication. A. 11. Rich, Chairman. Jno. A. Kasso:, Secretary. NINTH REGIMENT. The Morning parade ofthe 9th Regiment will take place on the Court House Square, to-morrow morning at about half-past nine o'clock prayer will be made by the Ilev. J. K. converse, tjliaplain ol tlie Keg t A CARD. John Pomeroy presents his ainccr thanks to the several Fire Companies in this town, and to his neigh bors and fi'iends generally for their prompt and efficient exertions in pavinrr his dwilliwj-house and property from destruction by the Fire which consumed his Uarn, ooa-liouscanuuranary, onl- ruiay nigtitlast, NOTICE. A mcct'mz ofthe Chittenden Countv llible Society will ba holden at the Conaresationnl Mectinir House. ilhston, on Tuesday the 13th of October, at two clock, P. M. A general attendance of the members of the Society ami of all who are interested in its ou jects, is rcjutstca. j. .uaiiii, frcsuitni. WALTON'S D.VILV JOURNAL. E. P. Walton &. Son propose to nublish. ofthe usual size, a daily journal of Legislative proceedings and political and other news of the day. durini' the ap proaching srsion of the legislature. Tebmsj single sumcnuers, oi: compamcsoi iwcuiy ormore ouccms, Sept. 4, lbiU. EONARD MARSH, M. D. respectfully offershis professional services to the people of llurlincton and vicinity, unice ttio one lately occupied nv ur Joseph Marsh. Rurlington, Sept. 25, IS 10. SEALS, Log Cabin letter Seals; plain do. do. mot to letter Seals. Pamudohn cc IIrin&maio. BOOK STORE. A new supply of Rooks and Stationery, this day received nnd for salo at wholesale and retail oy u. a. iuia.hwv rpiIF. People's Presidential Candidate, or the life of x Win. Itenrv Harrison, oy iticnard iiiiureth, lor saic at tlio hook atore, price -u cis. Burlington, Sept. 23, 1B10. u. A. IIHAMAN "DEAL Cogniac. Brandy, do. Holland Gin, pure XI. I'ort and .Madeira nines lor mcuiriiuscs, oy Sept. 23d, 1810. THEO. A. PECK & Co. "PULMONARY BALSAM.of Lowe A Red Boston just ree'd by THiso. A. riiUK. sc uo. "ITTORM LOZENGES: an excel ent and eonven VV ient medicine to relieve and extirpato this often fatal complaint in young children, by nepl, zt, lutu, i ur.u, a. riwa cc uo. TCH OINTMKNTS Dumfrv's, Russell's. Scotts, and Whealon's, all of which are much uvd for this troub esorne d seaee. THKO. A. PECK A. Co. Kept. ii. At tne sign oi me .iiortar, TT'LOUR. A few Bhls. of Family Flour, of superior ' i:... .ij..j(..l..i iimvinnc LIGHT and dark French, English and German Merinors: black, blue Mack and col'd Alpines i plain and fig'd Alpacca Cloths. A variety of colored Crape, Camblctts and Catiibleloens, for sile very low, for cash by Sept. 21. N. LOVELY A Co. SZ n. French. American, Satin and common 0J-' House" Paper, some very rich pattern, for sept. it. s-iie uy i. i.uvj-.ur ec uo CtOTTON Wrapping Twinn a good art'H" just reo' Sept, 21. by N. LOVELY A. Co. 2 nAKKS l'Vudish Mcritioec, 1 rase French and German Merino, 1 rnn fiu'd BomhiTines. just rco'd and for sale by VILAS, LOOM lb VCo r- ri. ars! uiliim nnil rnl'it Snoot 1 ircad. 1 00 Tin, 300lbit. white and assorted Thread, 500 gross gilt and rnncy Horn Buttons, 20 do Tnnc.v snaps, just Sept. 21, tee'd and for ealo by Vilas, Loomis A Co. MILITARY GOODS. White Falling and Upritdit Plumes, white blue ton nnriirlit nnd Mlino Plumes, Csp and boll Plates. Sockets, Rose Cockades and Eagles, Belts, Sashes, White and vellowscabhnrd straight Swords, Sword Chains, white and yellow Mpaulatts, Lace. Stars, Buttons, Tassels, Spurs, Pis tols, Fifes, buff Gloves, at the Variety Storu. PANGBORN fc BRINSMAID 1211 nnrimtniu K.l4n. Wt tho subscriber?, having been appointed by the Hon. the Probate Court for the UiVtrfct of Chit tenden, commi toners to receive, cxninino and adjust !he claim nnd demand ofrtll person, ncnlnit the cm tate ot 11 Uarniim, late of Milton. In said District, de reared, represented lnsolu-nl. and ulno nil claims and demand exhibited In oll'sel thereto and six month from the day of the date hereof, I cind allowed by said Court for that purpose, we do therefore hereby (rive notice, that we will attend to the bit'lness of cur ap pointment, at the dwelling of widow Betsey Barnnm, In Milton, In aid Difrict,on the la.t Monday of No vernier and rcbruary next, at 10 o'clock, A. M., on each ofald days. Untcil ihl 91st day of Sept. A. I). OEOROK AYHES, Comnfrs. ARTHUR HUNTING, NT1NO, ) s.24 John llro'vn' Estate. XTE ibcsubscriltn, having been appointed by the T Hon. the Prol ate Cuurt Cur tlio District of Grand I-lo, cotnmNsioncM to receive, examine and adjust the claim and demands of Ml persons against the estate of Jainc.. Brown Into of Grand Me,in said dis trict, decon-ed repre-cntcd fiiolvcn', alo nil claim anddeniatuUexhibiled in ollset thereto; and.lx month from the day ofthe date hereof Icmtr allowed by said co irt for that purpose, we do therefore hereby give no'icc that wc will attend to the businc of our ap pointment at the dwelling of Kxneriencc Brown, in Urand Lie atore.-atd, on tbcfirt Tuesdays in Decern Lernnd January next, from 10 o'clock, A. M. until A o'clock, P. M. on each ofsaid day. Da'eJ thi, 23d day of July, A. D. 1840. SAMUEL ADAMS. 1 SETH IIOAO, Commissioner. solo.n mniAs, STl M.K.N' IIOHSK. Stolen from the po.eion of Jo.'e:ill I'oimlain. nl CVblie.ter. ibe lallcr narl of July lnl, a unall orrvl French mnrc, wiib a white fnce, hollow llanl.', lopud rump, crookol hind lc:f, uml a natural ra' about titven year old. Said mare i uppo'lto have I ecn taken away, l y a Can adian, named Joseph Tramblc who isnl five feet ciclit liciqht, dark complexion, dark hair and whiker. hrontl note, ami aeuJnbont iliirtv vcar. The tliiol'lffsuppcgcil to have pone into the Stale of nuj.v'U'liiiseilf, hut oi itiu nolhinp cerlain I Known. Am information iclanve to aid boric, or the thief, will I e honorably paid for. AiMre the MiUbnl vr, uuriineton; vt. JUSi'.ru r UL i Ali. Bepteml cr 25, 1810. BUT;ilKHI:.-.l'heubvcriler Mill bntehcr Hoe an.l other animal, nnd pack the came (for family n-e, if requeteit,) fcr all tho.-e wlio mav wi.-h in mi vuiase, iiiu pic um lau uuu 11 nui uuue in u workmairi.einanmr, nopav. uurlinglon,&ept. at. vjauc.u ititiiAiti'u.. N. 13. Ilnvimr cool accommodation-, I will tale the animal at my residence and return them well drc;ed, for a fair compenralion C. R. TEN cases Prints, 1 case col'd Cambrics, just ree'd andforsalcby VILAS, LOOMIS & Co. Illram Clark's IJstatr. STATE OF VERMONT, 1 fTtHE hon. the prolate DtiT. or t-iliTTENDEN. is. - court for the di-lnct of Chittenden, toall per-cn concerned in the estate of Hiram Clark late of Milton in raid district, dccca-cl, grecn'njr. Whcrca, Elijah Herrickanl Lini- Bas comb, executor- of the last will of .aid deiea-c.), pro pose to render an account of their admini-tration, and nre.-cnt tlicir account asamt tairf e-taie lor examiim- tion and allowance, al a n-.n'on of the court of probate tote holiien at 1 lie Keg ster ollice in Uurlinpion, on (be second WedncsJay of Octol er nex'j therefore, you are hereby notilieJ to nppear I efore .aid court, al'lhe lime and place aforesaid, and show can-c, if any you lnve, why the iimi Hit aforcaid ho:ilJ not I c allowed. Given unJer mv hand at B.irlnmlon, thi 23d day of September, A.D. IS 10. 2t VM. WESTON, Reg' r. STATE OF VERMONT, 1 ritllE Hon. the Pro- DUTntCT or ciiittenpln ss. 1 J- I ate court within and fur the Di-incl of Chittenden : To the creditor, and oilier Cuneernd in tin e.intc of Hiram Clark, latecf Milton, in ail l)i-trici, deeca-el, GncETlsa vtiti(b.S, tlijali llcrr.i'k ami Units llascomc, cxec.itor i.flbe l.i-t will nnd lc.-:ament of saw iic- eauJ. bath ma le annlication to ihicnurt. to extend the time limited fur making payment of the debts and ! of 'aid dcce.i'cJ. twelve month Irom the 12'h dav i'f Novemlcr next, and the 2 I Wc.lnedav ofO.'tofer next I einj? a-i?..el for a hvarmg in the premi e, at the Odiceof the Rc;ifler of thi court, nn 4 it liavin; I een on'ered that notice 1 hereof le given, I y p'll lishm? thi decree three week meccs nivcly in'ihe Eieu newspaper printed at B ir linjton, 1 efore the time fixed fir hearing; therefore yn i are htrebv notilieJ to appear lefore -aid court at the time ami plaic afore-aid, then and there, to make objection if any yoi have, to the faid time of pay ment liemc f irther ex-ended as afure-aid. Given un der my hand at Burlington thi 231 dav of A. 1). 1810. Wsi. WESTON, Rcg'r. BOSTON and TROY IRON COMPANY. The public are hcre' v notified, that the hufines ol ca-ting in every branch and variety, i done to order, on ihehorie-t untice, at 1 roy, Vt. I lie company hve m icU cnlaruol ibeir fo.ui'lrV. and are now inennru.1 to do all kin I of work dune at anv fo indrv in thi eoin'ry. Mdl-pearinir, Pot Ah Kettles, Stove-, Plo isli-, Axletrec", it -., on hand, or fiirnlsdieJ to order. iVIl who wish to contract for Hove pla'c, or to pnr-ha-ea large o'lann'tv of bol!(i-,v-warc, for ihe p iriio of re'ailiny, will I c furnished at whole-ale price? and II who mav favor us wiih l heir calls or t r ler. will I e dealt lya- III orally a at Riiy establishment in the couutrv. Oplers liotiU le n ldresed to E, It. Cro-- man, S.iperintcndaut, or A. Young-, Alien', Troy, vt. to see ire an early reply, and prompt attention. Troy, Vt., June 1840. jy:0 SAI.ICItATUS. June 19. 40 eask, bv j. & j. teck a Co. ENGLISH Currants, Family Groceries, Salmon, sinoaked Herring, for sale by N. Lovr.Lv A Co. s ALT. 1,000 Minots Coarse Packing Salt, 6,000 Mmots Liverpool Salt, For sale, in quantities to suit nurchaser9 and deliv ered at any Port on Lake Champloin, by u. riEituis a. su. St. Johns, L. C, Sept. 4, 1340. STATE OF VERMONT, ) To all persons interested wiiTRicT or miittkndf.n, ) in the estate ot saran Foote and Marv Foote. infants. Greetino. ELANSON H. WHEELER, of Charlotte, in said district, cuardian of Sarah Foote and Marv Foote. infants, under the age of eighteen ycarB, who reside at Potsdam in the State of New York, having made application to said court for license ty sell two undi vided eighths of one undivided fifth of fifty acres of land, lying in Uliariottcnloresaiu, being tho same land conveyed by Benjamin Simonds to the late Nathaniel iNeucll, deceased, and is part ol tee lands set oil to tho widow Polly Newell, as a nait of her dower in the estate of the said Nathaniel Newel, deceased, which fifty ecres of land issubiect to the said widow's rieht of dower therein, of which two undivided eighths of one undivided tutu ot said land tlio said wards are seized in their own audit in fee as tenants in common. representing to said court that a f.alo of the said ward's interest in said land would be conducive to their best interest bv having the proceeds thereof nut at interest. whereupon tne court ntorcsaid doth order that the said application be heard before said court nt a session thereof to he helc at the Register's office in Iluilington in said district, on the tecond Wednesday of bentem bcr, 1840, and that notice thereof be given to all per sons mterestc ', oy publication oi tins order three weeks successively tn ihe FrcePrcss, n nawspaper printed at Burlington in the county of Chittenden, the iasi oi wmcn publications io nc previous to mo second Wednesday of September. lfilO. Given under mv hand at said Burlington, this 19th day of August, A. D. I31U. WM, V KSTU.N, Ilccittte, Jonathan GUIct's Instate. STATE OF VERMONT. ) To all ncrsons rnn. .'.alius, v. v-rni ibub.-s, bo. j villilUllt ISIUIU OI Jonathan Gillet, lato of Charlotte, deceased. ileman iiosiord, executor ol theiast will and testa ment of Jonathan Gillet, late of Charlotte, in said dis trict, deceased, having tiled 111 said court his petition, in writing, scttini; forth that thoamountof debts, allowed by the commissioners, against said estate nre S2S3 57; that the value of the personal estate unsold dors not exceed 412 00 j that the amount of money in said ex ecutor's hands, after paying the expenses of adminis tration already occurred, is 81 lb U2and that it will bo necessary to sell real estate for the payment of so mucn 01 tne ncuis ns tne personal ciauto is insutlicient to nay. and tho further expenses of administration, and praying said court tofjranthim license to sell so much of tho real estate of said deceased ns may bo necessary iui iiiujwijiuaua iiiiou.iui. i ui-ii;uiuii uiucnurt aiorfi- said doth order that said petition be heard before said court at a session thereof to be held nt tho Register's office in Burlington, on tho second Wednesday of Sep. leniucr iicxi, aim turn noiieu tiiercoi lie given to all persons interested bypublicationof thisordcr, contain ing the suhstance of said petition, three weeks succes sively in the Frco Press, n newspaper printed in Bur lington in the County of Chittenden, the last of which puuiicnwoiis 10 oe previous iu ine sain second Wednes day of September, 1810. Given under my hand at Burlington, this 12ihday of August, 1840. Wm. WESTON, Register. NKW 8CIIOOI. (.KOf.ltAPIIY AND ATLAS WITH OUTLINE MAI'S, bv S. tus MiTCiiiLi.. Tlio author ot the nl ove works bus I een proll'-stonallv devoted 10 tbescii n'-u of Geo'y and lh publishing of Mnp', d irin'.r many years and hi former prod ieiion, e.pecinlly hi Map of 1 lie World for Aca li-mii, I ear auiile ib.tiiunnony rf hi abun dant rcsii irce, upon which helm o li'i n'lv drawn, In prol it-ma ihtml nvo school works. The following extrivt of ihe fleo'v and Atla, isfrom a oiiit reeom nien l-tiion of iho Teadn-r in the eliv of New York. "1 heir meriiH nre numerou '.ho definitions remark nl ly plain an 1 eonci.c. Thocxerches are copious and 1 in lorianl, and ihedo.eriptivii it luminous, and correct. The divi-ioii of the American continent, are rep re scuiuu nii,i .;-. in ms. iucy trniiy exil at llieiire.-enl tune. And tlio gross mivsiatements cencrallv found in sCiiool geographies are corio etl. Tho lypographi fxec'iimn is uneommoolv neat ami rlloimn. imVfl the alias ia model of the kind, and actually teem with information," The outline Maps are peculiarly calculated to exerrue ibe undent in bi nude, and to BU up at ni leiwre. rcr utli ny c. IiUVDRK.ii, milKO. A. PKCK A, Co. fit lhn.innnril,o afnM.r JL hnvo just ree'd n quantity of Csyenno Pepper of English Importcthn. Constantly on hand, Bombay Gum Myrrh, gt nuine Bnybcrry Bark, do. do. in Pow der. Jamaica Ginger Root, do. do. in Powder, Bengal and Ohio Turmerics, Ac. Ac. Sept. 10, 1840. IRESHLY distilled Cologne, Lnvnnder and Roso . Waters. nlo Real German Cologne, by Sept. 10, 1340. Titto. A. Psck A Co. ENGLISH Transparent Peppermint Lozenges, fresh Juiubc's Paste, just opened by Sept. 10, 1840. Tiito. A. Psck & Co. (2( bush. Seed Rye. free from all other seeds, for sJvf Pcarl-sl. Sept. 1G. sale by C. BENNS. STRAY 131 from tho subscriber, a light brindlc venrlimr heifer. Whoever will til.- mi an!,! hi.;r..r and give mo notice shall bo rewarded. Millon, Sept. 12, imu. JUHi McCLALLEN. rpOTHE PUBL1C.-I, Nnlhany Wiight, of tho I nil.. t All..,.,,, nml .'ilnln f V r. self and Darius Buck, ofthe city nnd Statu aforesaid, Pnttcnteeof Buck's improved Patent hot air Cooking oiuvc, nave nuiiiunscu uhu i-muuwcreu o. w, l ayior of the City of Buffalo, and State aforesaid, as our law- ui iii-m ui Ttimuui. .... suuunuis maue oy mm re Inlivd In anln of llln rinhts tn Ifinnrnlurn n.l tnll said Stoves, insaid State of Vermont, shnll be binding onus. , NATHANIEL WRIGHT. Albany. Aurr.23th. 1810. ri'AII persons desirous of obtaining the privilege of Manufacturing and vending Buck's Improved Hot Air ntsm,f Slnvn in tlii Klntn .UMI (l.i .1 this place until further notice is given. Iluilington, Sept. 1510. S. W. TAYLOR. SEPT. 10, 1810.-AT HOWARD'S. The new Goods now receiving at thcChcap Cash Store, of impiovcd qualities, were obtained under tho most favorable circumstances just as the whole of York City was in extacics nt the result of tho Vermont News, indicating a brighter dawn in the Agricultural, Manufacturing, and Commercial affairs of the nation ; and thev. in their spirit of rcioicmi'. sent bad: ni nn earnest by Howard, the niott choice, bcnutiful, and useful of their Merchandise that was suited to the ex alted condition' exhilarating climate, and noble avo cations of the inhabitants of the Green Mountain State, where they may bo had by applying nt lit OWARD'S. OTRAYED OR STOLEN fiom the Subscriber, on Olhe night of the 15th inst. 2 Horses: one a light Ilnvmnrc: .1 veart old nasi, uiili aii,li mil. clinH I around, a small bunch on her left hip caused by a kick, small bunches on both hind feet, and in good tlesh. Tho other a grey Horse, 5 years old past, a tall slim iiuisK-, mm mi huso, luiuu in ins iigui lore iuui, una on a round shoo on said foot, a small bunch on his back caused by a saddle not shod on his hind feet. Any person who will give information where said Horses may be found, or return them to the subscriber, .shall be liberally compensated. THOMAS BINGHAM. (.ihariotlc, September 10, iblU. CHEAPER and better for Ready Pay. The sub scriber would inform his customers and the pub lic that on account of his loss of Goods by fire and the damaged ones selling oil" 30 cheap, bis present stock is principally made nnd select, and the cloths being bought at low prices can be sold cheap. All kinds of clothing made on the shortest notice. Cutting done as usual. All kind3 of clothes cleaned of paint, grease, Ac, anddrcssed, pressed and repaired m the neatest manner and brought as near ns possible to their original beauty, and wnrrantcd without dam age. Also on hand, (no waiting until New Years or running all day after Trimmings Ac.,) Top Coal?, Cloakcs, Dress and Fiock Coals, Pantaloons, Waist coats, Sailor Jackets, Boys Clothes, Flanncll nnd other shirts. Drawers, Stocks, Ac. Also all kinds of secondhand Clothes, Hats, Caps, Boots nnd Shoes, Travelling Bags, Trunks, Furniture and all other ar ticles common and uncommon. Clothes or produce taken for pay. C. BENNS. Pearl St., Sept. 10, 1810. STATE OF VERMONT, The Hon. the Probate DismicTOK Ciiittkndem, is. ) Court for the District of Chittenden : To all persons concerned in the estate of Paul Babcock late of Jericho in said District, de ceased. GREETING., Horace Babcock, executor of the last will and Testament of said deceased, proposes to ren der an account of his administration, nnd present his account against said cstnte for examination and allow ance at a session of the Court of Probate, lobe hol den at the Register's office in Burlington on the se cond Wednesday of October next. Therefore, You arc hereby nolifird to nppear before said court at tlio time and dace aforesaid, and shew cause, if any you have, why the acconntaforcsaid should not be allowed. Given under my hand at Burlington, this 10th day of September A. D. 1340. WM. WESTON, Regis cr. STATE OF VERMONT, ) AT a Probate Dipthict or, ss. S -ii- Court held at Burlington, within nnd for the District aforesaid on the tenth day of September, A. D. 1810, an instrument purporting to be the last will and testumcnt of Nabby Bates, Into of Charlotte, in baid district deceased, was presented to the court hero for probate, by William Dean, the Executor, therein named. Therefore it is ordered by said court, that public notice be given to all persons concerned therein to appear before s.iid court, at a session thereof to bu held at the Register's- ollice in Burlington, on the feecond Wednesday of October A. D. 1S40, and contest the probato of said will, and it is further ordered that this order be published three weeks successively in the Free Press. 11 newspaper printed nl Burlington, in this state, the last of which publications shall be previous to the day assigned, as aforesaid for hearing, Given under my hand at tho Repister's Office, this 10th dav of Sfptenibcr, A. D. 1810. s.15 Wm, WESTON, Register. STATE OF VERMONT, ) rp HE Honorable District or Chittenden, ts. 5 J. the Probate Court for the District of Chittenden : To nil persons concerned in the estate of Joseph Fenis, late of Wil liston, in said district, deceased, GREETING. Wiikreas, Horace Fcnis, administrator of the es tate of s-iid deceased, proposes to render an account of his administration, and present his account against said estate for examination and allowance at a session of tho Court of P obatc, to be holden at the Register's office in Burlington, on the second Wednesday of Oc tober next. Therefore, you are hereby notitisd 10 ap pear before said court at the time and place aforesaid, nnd shew catisi). if any you have, why the account aforesaid should not be 'allowed. Given under my hand at Burlington, this 12ih d'iy of September, A. D. 1310. s.15 Wm. WESTON, Register. Type and SU-rcolype I'nuiulry. THE subscriber would respectfully announce that they have purchased the extensive and well known typo foundry owned by Messrs. Conner A Cooke, nnd removed the same from the corner of Ann and Nassau streets, to 71 Fulton, corner of Gold St., their present location. Having made extensive revi fbn, alterations, and additions, they are now prepar ed to execute orders of any magnitude that llicy may be favored with, with proniptn ss and on as favorable terms as at any other Foundry in America. A New Specimen Book, containing specimens of Types, Or naments, Borders, Flowcis, Rules, Ac, is in active preparation, and will bo speedily issued, and found to contain as large'and well selected an assortment as at any other Foundry. All articles exhibited in the Specimen Book formerly isucd by Conner & Cooke, can now be furnished from this Foundry, without de lay, with many since added. Tho subscribers are Agents for the sale of the Washington and Smith Presses, which, together with Chases, Composing Stick, Furniture, Ink, and all articles used in the Printing business, will be kept on hand, and furnish ed at the manufacturers' prices. WM. IIAGER A CO. New York, September 12, 1310. WElhe subscribers bavins I ecu appointol 1 y ihe Hon. the Probate Court for the District ofChil tcnden, commissioners o receive, examine mi l adjust all claims h ml demand ol all perun.,a;rninst the elate of James Martin, late of Jeriehc in said di-trio', de ceased, represenied insolvent, and n'so all claim and demands t-xhil i'ed in od'-et thereto ( nnd mx month from the day of ihuda'e hereof, 1 efnjr allowed l y said Court for that purpose, we do therefore give nonce that we will attend to tho I u-ines- of o ir appointment at ihe dwelling of widow Hannah Mar'in in Jericho in said district, on the !f9:h day of Septum! or and on the 19 h day uf February next at 10 o'clock, A. M,, on each ot said das. Daie-.l, lhi 22J day of AuguX, A. D. 1840. OLIVr.R LOWrKY, cpt.5. AARON BROWNELL, Cora'ri, SPIIR8, Riding whip and Cant Store. June II. I'ANcnonN , at the Variety ScRntssMAip. HARRISON GOODS. Wo invito attention to our assortment of these Goods, amongst them arc Gold Miniaturo Log Cabins for Lockets, gold log cabin Watch Krvs. Gold, uilt and nlattd Log Cabin Pins, Log Cabin Medals, fino finished -, Tippecanoe Shaving Almananks. thn Crisis. Bov's hfii of Harrison, a now kind of Lor-Cabin Letter Pnpor, and various other Ulllllia 111 tills HUG ni uiu irtli'ij "tun. Aug. 27. PANGBORN A. BRINSMAID HAPPING PAPf'.It. KM) Ream Wrnppin T Paper, and a largesppply of wrilinir, I nth Cap and Loner, lor sale by D. A. BRAMAN. 1 c: Minis. New Orleans Sugar, on consignment, 1 U Aug. G. for bale by X LUYKI.V 1V.U0. T Ot: CABIN ANECDOTl S an I illuslraletl inci XJ deul.t in the 1 1 Iu of Gen. Wm, II, lUiim-os,-, for talent ibe Book store June 19 D. A. UK AMAIN CINUKF only twenty-live cents. --Dr. M Hitchcock's newlv invented Snuff, tko best arti cle ever discovered by scientific men, in F.uropo or Aurriea, fur tho euro and nhsoluto relief or catarrh, n, ,-,;. nf dm Hoirl Wiuik V.tos. Xervous Hena aches,, Fallen Sickness, Fits, and Infants troubled with KmiftW nnrt nl shocks of Palsy. Ac. For salo. wholesalo and retail, by A. HITCHCOCK A. Co., solo Proprietor, rvo. 117 ueneaco su uuca, nna oy mwir agents inrougnout mo union, in ounuiKiuu, j, u J. H. Peck & Co. In Veruennes, bv J. H. Bowmap in Mdton, by Burnstt A SaTr. In Georgia, by Lo I renzo nnee. BIDI.KS.A very large assortment of nil sites or Billo. and prl.s from 60 cts. to 916 each, Juxt roe'dand for tale at the Book Store. 1). A. BRAMAN. WINDSOR Rll'IiKS, for i-alont Iho variety More. PANnilOIIN U ItlllNSM All. CHINA, Glassware, Crockery nnd Looking Glas . .,ci,AJu.1t r?c ""'J for salo by N. Lovelv & Co. ALSO, Soda Crackers. Sept. 3, 1310. rpiIL Burlington BREWERY has now commenced X business, and will have new Beer in a few days, when all orders will be punctually attended to. Burlington, Sept. 1840. GEO. PETERSON. TOD1NE SPRING- WATER. A recently discover A cd fountain at Saratoga and contains properties known in no other Spring-its freedom from Iron renders it safo to be drunk bv a certain class of inva lids with whom Iron proves "injurious the quantity of Iodine contained in this water renders it the most val uable mineral wator fir every species of'ScrofuIa yet discovered, for sale by J. AJ. II. PECKACo. Arfts. (MOORE'S ESSENCE OK 1.IFE.-A Valuable ITi Medicine, which, if rightly applied, willlc the mean of saving thousands from an untimely grave. It ha been f old and ucd for thirty years, w'ith great success-, nnd found very eificiK-ious in the fuUowing di.ea-c, viz. Cmnii.iip'inn, Whooping ConqhiTconi mnn Cough, CoM, d;fil -nit Brcatlilni, Influent', Quinsy, Atlnns, Phlhl-ic, Spillmit of Illoo I, Flatu lency, Indigedion, Loc.fcncs of Ibe Bowel, Fits, of every kind, Cramp, Bleket, Ccl c, Catarrh, I)yen tare, Faintinr, Hypochondriac Allcction, lleada'cl.e, Sicklies at Sioinn'.'li, Mea le--, a preventive of Contagion-di ea-e-, Gout nnd Rlieuniati-m. JCpTbea' ove Me liclno I prepare 1 by Henry Sey mour, ol'Hiullev, Ma. from iliu Original Recipe, by thedirc'tiou of aid Moore, and sol I by him and the principal Drugsristsln the UnttedStale-. Sold whole-nle and re'.a'l, by J. &. J. II. Peck Co. riiiflingtoii, and by the dculcrs generally throughout the country. NOTICE is hereby given that the undersigned will petition the Gcnoral Assembly of the State of ermont, at its next season for the exclusive grant of a I-crry from her premises in Alburgh west to the lino ofthe state, for the term of ten years from and after tho first day of Nov. A. D. IS 10, extending south from the north line of tho promisos of along the lake shore one mile. Albursh, Sept. , 71810. SALLY SOWLKS TIIEccl.bratcd Iodine Spring Water from Sarato ga for sale by tho bottle, dozen, or box, Aug. 27. THEO. A. PECK & Co. IRESH Hive Syrup, an excellent article for Coldr, Coughs, Croup, Ac. bv Aug. 27. THEO. A. PECK A Co. PAP Kit. O. GOODRICH has iust recoived from the manufacturers in Massachusetts, a full supply of linen hand-made, royal, mcduim, Demy, cap, letter, folio-post and billet paper, of various qual ities, as wove, satin, laid, gilt, Ac. Ac. for sale at man ufactures prices. June 30. Peter M Bidder's Rstatc. WE the stibseril er having I een aipnin!ol by the honorable the prolate eo-irl for thedi'iricl ol Grand Nle, eomnii.-siontrs lo receive, examine an.l a Ijiist the claim, and demands uf all persons asnln-t tlio e-ta'c of Pe'er Mmckler, la'e of Cr.iu-.l l-le, in the district, afT re ai.l, dc-tMil, rcpreteu'e.l iiisnlv cnt, also nil claim mi l demand Ctlnlred in oliet thcr-toi and lxmclllll fiom tliedayo! lheda:c here of I ei'112 itllowol bv said eourl fur that p irpo e, we do ihcrelore hcic' y iiive notiie that we wiil atiend to ihe bn-ine.- of oiir appointment, at the dwelling id Sally Mmckler in Grand I-le nfore nl, on the 1 t. Tuesday in Felmarv, A. D. IS II, from 10 o'clock A. M., un-il 4 oeloek P. M. on .aid day. Da'.oJ this 2Uth day ol Aug 1 I 1 6 111. ABNER k'EELER, 1 WALLIS MO'lTJ Comin'r. SOLON TOUIAS, ( rop:7 Moscs Hueirlcs' Rstatc. STATE OF VI'RMON I. ) rpUE hon, the prolate Di-t. or CiinTCNPr.s sj. ( X court for ihe district of Chit'ciulen, To nil per-on eoiu-ernel in the c-ta-c ol .lo e- R'lC.'e., of We j ford in -aid di-lnet'e-.1, rreeiing. Whereas Elihn II R igple-,, uOini- ae.l tralor of Ihe e la'e otsai.Utc 0.1 e I, proposes to render an ac-eo ml of hi n lmiui.tralicii, and pre e 11 lu ae- o-ini acanist ai.l est:i-e lor ex (ininu'ion ?n I a'tow- ance nt a te-sion ol Hie Uo in ol rro! a'e, lo I e liol I- n at the lle-'isirr oilit-e 111 I) iriinj'nn t.n die c:ond WeJen-da- of O.-loler next; T herefiire, yot hi berel.v nonlied to 1 efore sai l co ir! at the line and pla.-e aforc-m.!, and show eau-e, if anv you have, lie the a-co ml should not I v amm-ed. Oiven 1111 Jer mv hand m Bnrlinclou ihis 31 day i.f Sep-emlcr, A. D. IS 10. n'p.3 WM. WLSTON, Itei.-ler. STATE OF VERMONT, .'V n prolate 10 in, 1JHT. or t HITTKNDEX, s. ) -i Jk. holden at Ii Timo lol!, wilhin and for ihe district aloresaiil, on ihe 31-1 day of Aiix,ut A. D. 1510, an iiivriinienl purporting to I e the la-t will and testament ol aarxliJuhnMin, lire ot Charlotte, in mid distri.-t, de.-t-ase.l, pre en'.cJ to lie fonrt here tor pint nte, tv At el I omnium, I lie Executor, ibciein named, Tiuxeporc it i cr- dero.1 bv sau! co in, that put lie notice Ic siven to nil peron cc.ncernel therein, to I elbro -aid conn, at a se.siou tliL-reofio I e hoMen at Ihe liesis- o lice in li'irlinzton. 011 ihe second WeJue-dav of Octol er A. D. 1310, and i-on'est the prol ate c.(ai.l will, and it i f irtbcr onler-t.l that thi- order I e pnl.liliLi three weeks-s-ueee-sie!y in the Ii irliii'ton Free l'ies, a newpatier rr'n-'sl at' B irlin;:on, in t It 1 - -ta e, ihe la-t of which .hall I e previo is to the d.ty a-sieneJ, a aforesaid for hearing. Given under mvhtndat 'he Register', otfice, this 3lt dav of A'nrnt, A. P. 1S10. scp.H W.M. Wl-.s,iu., Kcgi-tcr. Mlron IIollaMrd's Kstatc. STATE OF VERMONT, i rpiIEIionornl lethe DliTiilcT or CuiTTr.Nur.N, a. i Pre I a'e C mi r 1 for the District ofChiltcnden, Toall per-on- concern ed in ihe h-tale of Miron iloll.tUrJ, la'e of Sli!l.urn, WHEREAS,' O-citr IL.llabird, aJminVtrj or'of the c ta!c of sai l decease I, tiru;iocs to render an account of bis adniinisirinoii, and present his nr- H'lnt agniiis-t mul o-ta'e fur examination and allow- nice nl a session oflho Co irl of Prola'e. 10 le holden at ihe Ite'iMcr's "tree, in B.irlinglon, on the second Wednesday of O'loler next; Therefore, you are heiel.y notified to appenr I efore said court at the time anil place atwre-aid, an I tnvw c.xu.-e, 11 anv vo i have, whv the act-o nt 11 fore aid should not le al lowed. Given under mv hand ut Bjilintrlon. this 31 day of August, A. D. 1810. se,is wtsiw, KejMer. BURLINGTON FEMALE SEMINARY The fall term ofthe Seminary commences 10th Sept. Conditions or AnMiTTANcr. Boarders per annum. Sl-10, orS70 per term, half payable in advance. This sum entitles the pupil to board, lodging, room rent, fire, lights, etc., anil to tuition in any or all branched included in the extensive com so of English Hudies pur- sunt in the bemmary and l.utm. l.xtra charges are made for Music, including practice Sl'J. Vocal SI for music pupils, 2 for other. Drawing 35; French 3. Pupils not received fur a shorter period than one quar ter, unless specified on entrance. Deviation Irom this rule is made in case of sickness. Application tn be marie to the Principal, M. C. GREEN. llurhngton, Aug. t), ls-iu. N LOVELY ii Co., l,Bvrjnt ree'd from New Yor, nn I are now olnrius fursale at still fur ther re I iced price., for ready CASH a more complete a-tortmeni of fancy and other Goods alaptod to ihe sea'on an I ibe lime'-than ever I efore among whi h are many new article never I f fore ollered in lhi mar ket. Also, a new supply of Glassware, Lrocl.t-rv an! Lonking-Gla-te- AIo, Knfli h Currants, 1'iiines Drv Groccrie-. Mat. Russia and other Cnriietinj, Oil Cloth fur Tablet, Floor, and Linings, etc, MorcneM week. J,iiic3 s F.W PAIM'SIIOP. SPAI'LlHN'Oii MILLS 11 have ooeneil a new Paint Siioi- nn I'liiirch-sl, two doors so'iih of II. Lane's Store, where thev v.-.l do all Liu I of HOUSE, SHIP, SIGN and CARRIAGE PAINTING, in ihole-i poil'le manner and on terms to suit tho-e who may favour them wiih ibeir patron age. JCPPaint., Oil, arnish and Putty, ciinstantlv on hand and for rale. H.G. SPAl'LUING. Biirhni'ton, April 0, 1S40. C U. MILUS. DEWEY'S Patent SprtnoTooth llorscllalte. Tho Wire Tooth Horse-Rake, which has been used with bo much satisfaction during tho last two haying seasons in tho counties of Rutland, Addison and Bennington, Vt. and Washington. N. Y. will be kept for sale tho present season by STliONGS A, Co. llliriington. I ncso rimes nro aunmeu io an iiiunnuwr; thev aro easily tended, nnd do the work faster anil better than any other Horse Rnko in use. It is found bv exnerience. that the expense of raking hay with tho Spring Tooth Hoisc.Rnke is only about one quarter as much as the common meihi rl of raking with hanci-rnKCP, net-iocs securing 1110 tiny in oencr or der. Soma farmers who havo larco meadows, rsti mate the use of ono lako last hay season at forty to fifiy dnllirs. U.vviu lii.v. i.v, ratentee, July I, laiu. NEW GOODS, now opeuiiifi an nddiiional assortment ol various l.iud ol good,, among 1 hem are Mezolmlo Brushe. Satin Bead Head Hands, Iiergiunoi, itiioi iioani,grtst-ii .-iu-i ine i-iiuiiui. nrr r-ilver pociel Com!i, Eagle Boll Plate, etc. Mi0, a goo-l anrimtnt ot irimiiuvi ami piam lino s,ull, miu l.oml na neSioel. j t Itiu nimnmr Sioeks, fig'd nnd phiin some with Imw cry nice and light for warm weath er 1 wo have al-o very narrow Stocks, suitable foi l-oys or men. Also, long slook for lho-u who hae largeNee,., In a word o.irassoriineni (it movkk, Col lar and llo.-oni i very complex. For furiher par tii-ular plcatocall at the Variety Siorc. June It, Pancdohn & HniNMAip, ATOTICE All oerson. indol led to iho late firm ll of Laihrop, Poiwm and W ail or to Mnyoand Wait at theirjUore nt winootki Villspe, are hereby no- tmotj u uis c pyunrn( to iik ii our oiure ui uu' ton.rCh'irc'haiHi 0WM7 Mlicrman's Drcast Ointment, If applied properly nnd in duo time, will cure tho most painful cases of swelled breasts, and prevent tho for mationof abscesses Even whero tho swelling has pointed and shown every appearance of breaking, this ointment has entirely dispelled if, nnd restored tho parts to 0 healthy condition. In applying it, n smooth nnd soft coverinc; to the breast should bo modoofnoft leather, or fino compact linin, with n hole in tho cen tre to admit the niple. When so made, put a coating of the ointment over tho inner stirfico nnd apply it closely and smoothly over tho whole breast, leaving the nipplo protruding through the hole, so that tho child can nurse, which it should do as long ns lha mother can bear it. Care should be taken to havo tho breast drawn by tho child or otherwise so as to pre vent an accumulation of milk. Whenever tho plas ter gets rinklcd, and thereby uncoinfortnblc, a newone should be applied, and constantly worn until a cure is affected. It is sometimes necessary to slit the sides so they will conform tn tho shape 01 the breast, nnd cover it closely. Ask for Sherman's bi cast ointment, and seo that his signature thus, "A. Merman, M. D." is on the wrapper, nono other can be cotiuinc. SHERMAN'S PAPILLARY OIL Is tho only infalliblo remedy f,r sore nipples ever dis covered. It will cure the 11. o it trouhlosima cases in a few days, without depriving tho infsnt of the breast warranted superior to nil other rcmidies when applied according to the directions on tho Louie. Sec that tlia signature of ",1. .SVieiiunn, At. D.." ii on tho wrapper, none other is genuine. Be particular or you will bo deceived and disappointed. Sold at tho Varie ty store. PANUUORN A. BRINSMAID. PIIYMC AM PIlMCl ViNM. OUR late friend, tho Rev. C. C. Colton, makes the follou ing remarks in his celebrated work, "Lacon, or many things 111 few words i" " No men dtspisc physic ns much as physicians, be cause no men so thorougly understand how little it can perforin. They havo been tinluring tho human constitution four thousand years, in order to learn to cure about as many disorders. The result is, that mer cury and brimstone aro the only specifics fiey havo discovered; All the fatal malidts continue to be what they were in thedaya of Paracelsus, Hippocrates, and Galen, 'opprobria medicoruiu.' It is truti that each disjrdet has a thousand prescriptions, but not a sin gle remedy. They pour a variety of salts and acids into a marble mortar, and expect similar results when thesj ingredients are poured into the human stomach i but what can be po groundless ns reasonings built on such analogies 1 For the marble tnoitar admits tin agency of atmospheric air, which cannot be and of the human stomach ; and again, the human stomach p3s;sscslifi', an I t'n gutric juice, which cannot be faid of the marbl-j mortar 1 ! "It is better to have recourse to a non-professional mnn if he can cure our disorders, although ho cannot explain thrill. In a certain consultation of physicians in this kingdom, they all differed about the nature of an intermittent, and all plausihly (Mined the disunsc. At length a non-medical, who had been called in, thus intcrpos.'d: Gentlemen, you nil seem to differ about the nature of an intermittent; permit ine to explain it. An intermittent fever, gentlemen, is a disorder which can cure, and which you cannot." CURES EFFECTED BY THE USE OF MORISON'S MEDICINES. No. 4. To Dr. George Taylor, 91 Broadway : Sir For about mno year I have been in a declin ing state of health. From my own feelings, and in the opinion cf of others. I waxin the last stage of con sumption. The doctors having given me up, I was induced bv a friend to the Ilvirci-in cause to trv Mori. son'a Pills of the British College of Health. Besides consumption, a complaint had settled in one of mv arms, and the muscles had become so contracted that I cauid not get my hands together by four inches. I am now in good health, my arms aro of equal lcngtll in fact I am a new bcini. I therefore f.-cl it mv duty tj send von mv ess?, in hopes thnt a kio wb-jpc of it may induce other suiter- vis to try your invaluable medicines, to which alone, nv divine permission, l attrilmto mv itstorntion to health after so many years of affliction. Yours, with respect, SAB -VII B.VRHYDT, -list street, r.etween -th nndsdh Avenues, -New 1 ork. Attested by Mr. J. T. PERRY, corner of Sth Av onue and -llttrect, May Flh 1S39. No. 5. Whooping Cuuzhin its icorst form. Extract from a letter received from Mrs. E. D. Goodliff, of L'tici, N. V. Datcl June 22, 1310. 'Another case is that of a Mr. Paine, of this city. I was on my way to meeting, when I was met by an aunt of tha child,' who told 111c thnt it was in a most distressing state with the whooping cough that it was continual!" in convulsions, and had lost the use of one side of its luJ v. I went lo sec tho child, and found it he state described. I to Id them, that I knew the pills would eir-'l a cure but they must, in such a case, use large doses. Mr. Paino rend the " Morisom- an. Aft-.r which he hogsn with energy. I ordered lhn pills to be c'uMsolved. In lesa than 21 hours after giving the first dose tin fits left the child, and have never returned. It has recovered the use of its sidu, and is u jiv iu perfect health. f.Vo. fi.l Cure of Contumation. To Dr. George Taylor: Dtnr Sir Having obtained such a miraculous, euro by the use of Mr. Morison's Hyge.ian Medicines I feel desirous t.i lot all mv fellow-sutferers know tho vir tues of that -iovreign remedy. I was taken with in tlaination of the lung about three years ago, which finaly ran into, what the Doctors called, a confirmed consumption. I was i educed to a mere skeleton; lor thtcc months, I discharged hrg.; quantities of matter every day, andniy cough wis most distressingly se vere! Mvm-dinary weight in health was l'O Ibis. I wa woiidicd wheri 1 educed sa low my weight was only 73 lb. The medical men all gave tin up as in curable. I ultimctidv grew sa weak, thnt I could not At this time I heard of Morison's llvgcian Pill, and I "nl to Perryshiirg and goi same. These I teak accordm indirection -, and after taking them for six week, I cnuld ride thrco miles nt a time. I continued taking them up to this time. I hive now recovered my unal hc:ilth, and weight. I know that the pills hav? cured me. The facts that I lnv.j slitccl are well known to all my friends and the residents of t'io villain. (.S'.gllHI) a. .1. .VI.L.t.i(, Svlvanii,' VVhitcford, Lu-ub co. Ohio. EVERY nnckci said in Verimnt. and in the towns bordoring on Lake Clnmrla'n, in the state of New York, will be s.gned by Pangbnrn &. Brinsmaid, Jewellers, of Burlington Vt., who nro the agents, also bv the Sub Agents Selling them, if not so iiVn- ec, do no! buy than. 1 am plcnscd to be able to inform the friends of the HvL'.'hn Cause in Vermont, nnd its icinitv, that the call fur Morison's Pills for thiir state, and in all tho Middle Statr.s, continues steadily 10 increase, and that the satisfaction is general, and cures effected innu merable. Geo. Taylor, Hygcist. 01 Broadway New York U. S. Agent for the Brit ish College of Health London. IDAVC.IlOItN A ItniNS.MAID, ofthe Variety J. s-'ore, are t-n'uring a gical variety of Waiehi'-, Clocks, Jewelry, Perfumery, Musical Instrument, Curls, Car I-, Pii- ure-,Soap,liair Oil, Razors, Kniie , issiir, t- anc-.nii Lap-, draw ins materia , wil low Wcun-, Chair.- nn I t'ra.lle-, Ca-tor-, Pencil-, Tea au-J ('oho Pot and Urns; siher ware, plaie.l Ware, L-inijt W ivl, an.l til.cst-s, Collars nnd Bn-nm., S.ispenikT', Sword and P,sol.,Tliernioir.etcr-,S:ation ery, In's-, -o ir: riasier; uou-, na-;, pooi.ei uooks and a greit variety ol l.ttu-y ur-irle.i lo supply tin-wants- an I minister to the rniilication of the noiicnal and all who oall al ibe Variety store ; we are in "Ap- ,ile Pie" ordei ready to an-uer orJor- or return calls at thevar ciy norc, Pancucrn & Bins maid. NEW SHEET 1UON, COPPi'.R fc'Il.N WARE 1ST A U L I SI I M ENT, 'I be ub.-crd t-r, late i fibc firm of S.arr it lio-tv ick, havinr p in ha ed anil re inoted tolhe Sioro la'elv ivcipiel I y S rong & Co., east side of the Coirt Home p- iare, one door norlh ol the Log, i now ready 10 do all kinds ol work that the p il.ln- wi h in hi- fine of buine.s, such a coveriiiL' rtxd's with tin, making and p itting up cave iro-igb-and spo it-. All kinds ol I in, heet Iron nnd Copper Ware will I e Kept on hand, and lor sale .11 a low pri'e a can lefoind in lh S a'e. Phcei Zinc, Copper Piimp, Lea 1 Pipe, an.l all other article in the linu of o ir business kwpt on baud. Fur ehe.itiiiess of iini'e and nea'ness of execution, mv work ill not It excelled bv any in thcsM'e. If you w ,h lor any ih in? in the alove Itnr, 1 efore yot Ira t- le sure nnd t-a.l upon 11. H. BOSTWJCK. uirtinjion, July, IOIU; GHOCEItlES The subseril er lias a full snpp y ofUro -eries, including cogniac Brandy, cumnioii do, Holland and Baltimore Gin, St. Croix and low nriceJ Rum, Port, Madeira, Cliampaisne, .Muscat, Malaga and oilier Wine-, Molastn-, Iras, Coltv, ( hocola'e, loaf, lump nnd I rown S ipars, Ru e, Pepper Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Allspice and other spice-, Cigars. Tohuvo, Mackerel, CODHsIl, U-l kind lor 5-3 per 100 lbs. An I ino.t oilier artiefo. in the proceiy line, AUo DRY GOODS, all of which will lesold as Vbcap anl any other place. The Liquor-, will be wnrranted of ihe lo.t n ialilv mtende.l priucinally for Mipnlvnip Tavern -Keeiierrs, who will tind it for ibeir in'eru-i to call and examine them. ISAAC W.VRNL'R. Burlinaton, June IU, IS BOOTS, SHOES it LEATHER. Tho sub? cribei having taken the etoro formerly occupied by Mir HUhtm if. Whinnte. isnnw openinp a trcncrnl assortment of iloots, Shoe nnd Leather, which have nil been bought for cash mid will ho sold lor the same al the lowest prices, and as tho'ttrticles are too numer ous to mention in nu advertisement, although Mr Sta cy has enlarged his paper, I would simply invite all tn call and cxninino the goods and prices biTorupui chas ing elsewhere. Burlington, July 1, 1610. HENRY C. STLMSON, by E. J. Stimso.v, Agent. flUIKTIPPECANOr. TEXT BOOK'. Jim received, JL a lar,.'t. supply of Tippecanoe 'li'M B!., mm Ic up of do iientsuml fads ilfii'lraiins t.en, Il-.iriison h .iorv.characier, services .l opinion. Il i warm rti.-oni'nu'udil 10 the friend, of Gen. Harii.on lliiouSh out the I'. S'.vcv, for alo at the I Mor.'. Jiiiiu 86. 1. Yi'N(! LADY of pood family and of it liN .,-,,1 .,1 i,.nii(.n nml who hn a thorough theorc'i eal ond 1 raclicul linowledOof the French and En :lt-b i.,ni--ut. wi.ha io tin-l u nlai v either in a (am ly or in a community, an a Frnch teacher. App!i(-Jiion, (If by letu-r post naid.) to raai?rectea to .nr. noit. rro- nci 01 NUic, nuriii'asn'i '" piBLIt! NOTICE is hereby Civon that lha uad ii ?ncdjy'l.lpr'ifc,, Ptfhton to tho General Aasem hiyofthD Stiioof Vermont, next to be hoidan a luin .1 1 ! ""rsoay 01 uciobnr. A. U f,rrv ,l,,?.CXC,U8.'V? r'sl,,,r?,r. ,c W iticiin," V 13 UT" sl,0.r? .f Alburgli, "Mr tho Prov afc? 1 , S 9a!J "''5 fr01" lhe P' OVinca lin Von 7- '. " l"oa!cond Thursday ofOctobor, A, li untmV.r i .t ;.T .". ""u , "'ore across th orRos our hands at AIbureli, this 7th -lav o S.-pt A. D. ffi JOHN M. SOWLIIS. LEWIS SOWLE3, jr. I "'" ' u . .Noil-u . In,, fly u vet h it have lf.ven mv ,011 J.-ini.. 1 11 s-, ll I'V; 1 0 u an I nlier tln-Ua c. I .halt ho.e . r,. ,.'J , earninif , nor I c ru -ion ilia for ;,.,..(), .,.,. Jer.'Q, Slm'.2, 1310 trim i!hu' " """"'',.'."? "'""mm me Astra Laitinsnfdii ferantsi7C9 Wicks of all bj.cs. nlsa tho if, S2.r. Ilusl 3 Patent L-intp A..g.2l. PA'NGBORN A Bli MtlNSMAID. rVO PaNSiOIMEns.-Alllegnl claims for I'm iAII0,iT J'.i' "e'c-"10. t,r,i,annu:'1 Insiahnom payablo on the -J tit of September next, will he pal at the Farmer's f .Vtc'muiV Hank, in this placij ou profiting proper iinpets to the Canhtcr of s-iid Bank. II. LOU R , A"tntfor paying 'miimi. Burlington, August VO, 1R-I0. J "1wn' 1 Vi ,," 1 10 Pul'lic nro informed that a first rato ji Hull moy be found nt my Bam on North stroat for the term of one year from date. .. CALEB RICHARDSON. Burlington, Sept. I, 1S-10. TOIt rA I. L. Common board, plant. - 1 nar.l, clap boards and lloor I oanN, at esl price, bv lurK'ntr 7?a , linin; tho low II1CKOK A CATUN. " T"n!ion, Aug. 12, IS 10. MAYNARD A NOY.S' line Blae' Wriling Ink, which has siooil le t for mere thiry year.. A cask iu-t reecnej ami fur n'e I y 11 Aug. 1310. CGOODRRTt. S RLP Sarsaparilla, a valuable medicine for ltnpu , riJie?of the Blood, Cutaneous disease, and Dead ity i just prepared by THEO. A. I'KCK & Co. CLANKS. Wc invite attention to our new assort ' nisnt of Canes, riding and walking sticks, now opening tit lha Variety Store j wc have largo and small, crooked and straight, low nnd high priced. Aug. 27. PANGBORN A BRINSMAID. GE E S E F E AT II ER S.-500 lbs. Gecsc Fcath era of a superior nualitv For Silo dv August '.'G, 1810. VILAS LOOMIS A Co. EtJK S.i I- ,-73 A ro. of Lau I on iho Wmoo-I.i Avon e, one mi'e north ofiln villa2e Thi land is well watcreJ, fico from stone., la wood suTicient for a family .Mi;ilv, I or.!er on iheLaVe, and is every way an elnrible lot, Fr f irther pnrtieulars apply to the Mibscri' er-. IllCKOK A. Catlix. Burlinglon, Aug. 12, 1810. GJ. I.AtiS. B.irlmgioii, t-riiK.ii', unJ K-sex, C'vliu 1 der Gin-., made at ihe Chatii,lnin Gla work, and very much unproved 111 quality eoninarel wilh I bo life brnnd., foralebv J. &: J.'IL Pf.CIC A Co. CTilAVIIII From the Mih.-criler al out ihrec O wcel; since, from the farm In'ely owned I y Mr. II irrill, a re.l yearling, and a grey line lack sprin CALF. Whoever v lil reiurn saidc.ilvcor give infur, inalion where they may Le found, shall le hand-oinely lecomiien-cl- JAMES MoVAY. SIn'Miiirn Poin', Aug. 13, 1310. MUSKETS. Those who wish to purchase Musk ets can see n sample at the Variety Storo and can leave an order for one or mor.c if price and quality suit. Those who wish them for Muster should caU I immediately, as wo havo none for sale and shall get no j more than we havo orders for. The sample 13 notfor 1 snie. .'.iiiuary tioods, niose winning Swords. , Plumes, Oliaptieu.v, Caps, Sashes, or any other Mill- tarv Go jds, should leave their orders immcdhtel v. Variety Stcre, PANGBORN t& BRINSMAID. Aug. 21, 1S-10. AT E VV DRUG E3TAULISII.1IEVT.--At 1 the si'-n of the MORTAR one door east of J. if J. II. Pec). f- Co. Tho subscribers have opened an Apothecary Store, and intend to confine themselves strictly lo that business. They now offer to the public a general assortment of genuine Medecines, including all new Chemicals, and the standard Patent Medicines; constant nttendnnce, will be given, and particular at tention piid to prescriptions. Burlington, AuS. CO TIIEO. A. PECK &. Co. 17 ACTS FOR THE PEOPLE. A chart represent JL ing the expenditures of tho Government from 1790 to 1510, just received and for sale at tha Book Store, . D. A. BRAMAN. Burlington, Aug. 25, 1910. TV EVV GOODS. Sidney Barlow ha- received a 1" general a-ortment of good nt hi-old store 01 Pearl strci", which will be -.old cheap cno ish. N. B. Woo! re.vive.1 forg-ooK B irlingion May 39. 170UEIGX IRON AND STEEL. Ensli.h Iron JL from 1J t'j 0 inches; Ruia old snl-le Irrn ; Co new d.i do; Sweetie dc; IIoo; do from J to J inch; Uraz.'er's liuls ; Sjirinu, ca1, "eriiian, swale and Fngli-h blister tel j Carl and wagon 1 oxr-, finished croiar, l.v June 10. J. it J. II. PECK it Co. LOVELY it HURLBUT aro now receiving and of fering for sale a splendid and desirable assortment of fancy and staple Ilrv Goods, and others suited to the pres"tit season, and this market amongst which aro fortign, and dourstic Bred loth., Cassun?rcs and S-ittiiielts Valentin, noil niln-r Wetin.-o. ctn.. I and Ponirces of every inritv: Thrnnd. Innnr. ' tion, itc. &; Silk-wiro net and other Laces; rich I worked Collar, Silk, Veils, Shawl, liiun Handlc'fj. Lawns, Linens, zephyr worsta-1 a splendid assert men!, Moreens, and Flannels, travelling li-iskets. heed Bags, ncn, ni (i ana ma n .inus- un. m; i'n-- nn-v and el.;.'itu pnttc-rns, all vj'V cheap of cd'j-i:. at thq chfiipcish stot'N eisis'dsnf Ciurc'i-stnet. liu.linctnn. Au-rust '.U IIU. r.VlVKLL'S SIIORS, a L r ' I ii'id for 1 v II. W. BRISTOL HOARD, I nwi.vj na .-r J en cils. Brilliant rc i ll u-l, 1 1- e fluid, a.'an ,) ,anl l.vbe iind gcivlcinen's s'cel ren-, i-i-i re cu e I Iron New Yor' , and lor - a'e I y S. HUNTINGTON. Code,- e i, June 25, 13 10. ftffT. VERNON READER, Po'v-lott Bille t'X ol ill lerent sixes nu I l-uu'in-. Pik-t el tlil'o. an I Te. allien' and a general a-'ortment of stationa ry in-! rc-eivt'4 from N. York and for -n'e ' v Collect. ji-:2j. S. HUNTINGTON. MOKE NEW IIOOVS, J.i trc-cived a; 'he Book S'ore, A New Home. Who 'il f.illow. Yo in? La be. Companion. Co ure Ida. II(ivward' New England Gaze tor. Mitchell's- Go.igra,ihft-nl Reader, a sy.iem 1 1 Geography, injirising a Pu-i-ription oi the World with Ihi fc'ran I division', de igneJ for in structioiis in scl:oo!( anJ f.unilie-. Won lers of tho Heaven. I). A. BRAMAN. JUST RECEIVED at the Variety Store, a few J tie ri'ii II.irri-011 Melodies, of ibe Bo-ton unproied edition, I eing n eollectir.n ofpattio ii- song debrate-l to the Hero of Tippecanoe. Al-o, a lot of Harri son Alm.vks for IS 11. 'I he e I e-iVe- the ii-iml in' le and (.1 a eoniinou Alinanacl., contain art rxcollent B.psrriiphy of Gen. Harrison, ft is inler spcrsel with numcro I- nnsr'nal en 'ravin?, I'lustrn' intr ihtf leading incidents i f hi. It -tory. B n say 1 no "A drop til h'irl cider will nn-wer niy turn" ;s "n'. eeitin? in I't-liian up here," Ki rl ;na''tJy o r variety can a tin-1 him one, for here 1 a I 00k emnlcd "a drop of har 1 cider, em' olytn; the .0 d of all he Not th Bend Melo lie-, wli.5 songs-it pilhhe.l ly Fl'oii, New York, Therefame al-o with the ong'l 00' , a va r.cly of Lop Cat in lln om Pin-, some very preny cameo and gold onu , Q tanmy of leg C'a' in' Medal, and a vane'y of o'her good-, among which -vanmo guld piper, p id I oxe- with pud's, nnd powder. Mu sical instrument-, siillcioe., null,- of ro e., an I several kind of f.tns-y soa'i an.l perfuncry. The tarry is pnnlandv tin rensin? nt Pinch un it Bkinsmaid'. SONGS OK THE PI-.OPLF.-Lcr Ca' in Sons; Book 'eiiii a eol'o'tion of Harmon and Tylor Melodies eml elli.lie.l with a neatly enjrraved Portrait of Gen. Wm. H. Uarn on, an I a view of O.d Fort Meigs, foralc at the Book store. D. A. BRAMAN. Burl.ngtnn, Sune 20, IS 10. MACKEREL, on con gnmcnt, in half barrels imt rert i cd and for sale by J. it .1.11. PECK it Co. CLOTHIERS, TAKE NO! ICF. Thei-ob-cnl cr at lliu Wmooski Iron Foundry, lin on hand and for sale,n nowTE.VZELINti GIGj made for narrow Cloih.n fust rate machine, of the latest improiemem, which wilt Le told cheap lor cath, or exchanced for Clmh. JfisSE GAY. Winooskj Villa?-, June 11, ISI0. "DOOTS .fc SHOEH. The subscriber ha now XJ ou hand tcneral as'ortmcnt of BOOTS and SHOES, of the mo-! fa.fu'onable sijie, and thorough workmanthip, which ho o.lers very low for CASH. E. J. FAY. N. B. All kind. of measure work done al short no nce, llurlincton, Church-M May 2S, IS 10. ni'iiLixr.Tox COMIJ EACTOHY, A Xi large nml general a r iueiv .f Cumbs ol'.rrr.- lii-in QV.ti.iTT now ( n h-nid an i ouu-lantly iii.innf.i innng at theal oieii-la!ilishii)enl,an:l for sale 10 tho trade at low prices. Merchants mid other ui-limiri get a cihuI article forrtuniliiv will find (t In their ad vantage tot-all and examine for ibi-ni die. June 10, IS10 VILAS, LOOMIS nnd Co. Ct A1METI NtiS. Tim subscribers have on hand ' a full assortment of Inginiii nnd Common wool Carpeting, Venetian and Cotton do. Buh Jlnllmg; Oil Cloth, ct.-. which will bo sold fur Cnsh at nV York priot-s. N- LOVELY it CO. JulySO, P10. DR. H. A G VUVIN, 'nt. ly returned from Frtince, respectfully offers his Ss'ivicu to tho American pubhe, Omca opposite Mr. Rufsoll's Hatl, in tho houM lately oecupisd by Ieraal P, Rlehardnon, Eeo. hi Parl-it. Builington, July 10, ItMO. Jm.Jj-U

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