Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, October 2, 1840, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated October 2, 1840 Page 1
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NOT TUB QLOBV OF O H S 1 B BUT TUB WBZ.PABB OF BOMB. BY H. B. STACY. BUKLINGTON, VERMONT, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 2, 1840. VOL. XIV....N0. n. MAC.XFCTIC OIONTICA.THE TEETH I THE TEETH !!Tnu iNenMrAnAM.o 'Iootii l'Rr.l'AnvTU'N'. The fact i proved, nml 1 lies mot In credulous d doubting are fully convinced, as wo have i .i,i..,i,.,.rnii ilm Milu of '20.000 hose ol ihcOJon- tica, within tin- pa-t year, ihnt ill" Ulopiou dream of the alchyinit nro rcuiiKeu, mm a ri-inu.iv ms for pro-erving tho-u Iiiipnrtnnl nml useful appendages of lire Ii'ini.iii svtcin,hytho u-; of the Magnetic Odon tioa, which liv itsullrnetivc, nml strengthening n,uali-tic-", remove'ull extraneous substances from t ho loolh ami preserve them in theirnatural brilliancy, nml lliu gum in soundness nml I c.iiity. It i n-icrlalned front experience, that when ti-cd, the teeth will never tie jy, but remain till the latent ago of man, with ihe'r natural wear. When lliey are decayed, its progress will lie nrrc-tod, nml llicteulh preserved and prevented nii.l ,,ii...rvp,l from llclllllLT all I hi-, lias 1 run llollO III i miiltituilu of inmnciMi nml more in ilmn-niid of cn-us, nervous toothache, (that climax ol pain) ha at once k'cn c.lectuallv cured l.y popular dcntrilrieu in America. Ami in conclusion, where, or who I the young lady or gentleman, aye, the individual that values a I dutiful m'I of leeili, sound gum. and n sweet breath mine than fifivcent-, that will le longer do-ti-tutuofa hox of Dr. M. Hitchcock's Magnetic Odonlic.i. 1-tjrsacwholo.ue and retail, by A. HITCHCOCK & Co., No. H7Geno oest. Utica, N. Y., nml l.y their agent throughout the United Stales. In Burlington, liyj. &J. II. Pock it Co. In Vcrgcnnes by J. H, Bowman. In Milton, hy Burnett it Sawyer. In Georgia, by Lorenzo Janes. nttg2 LOTION. LOTION. 1)H. EVAN'S' DEAUTI EYING LOTION. Highly elccincd for fiiriup nil Eruptions Coar-oiies-, Reilne- and Pimple- on the Face Neck or hand., and u leciuully cleaning the coni'ilexion, and lenioving all di-ea-o ol'the s-Um Notions contribute so ninch to our general siioeo-s in lite, n an engaging first appearaii.e. This Lotion iii.'mired a mol fragrant, mild, -afe na h nml steal ly e tccineJ for u virtues in olo.tti-ui-r, .-of i-nitis, ami pitrityiu the km ull oritptioii-, sommriou to ll loalo I oanlV, ami re-toring it to a high decree ot pu rity. A loiiutiful complexion is the pride of nil who po'sso-s it, and theenvvol'tlio-e who are deprived of it. What i siiallectingto'a le.ntil'ol l'ema!e,m svho-oface nature h.i-di-plave I her power, us to liml her complex ion di-colu-ire I with tii-gu-tiug pnupV--, which mar her kIi.uiiu ? A good appear nice i lhelu-t rccom iiieiidaliiin ; and a-the lte-titil'ving Lotion piiriln- the .kin, and remove all Pimple-, 'Blnl'die-, Tan, Sunburn nml Kodno , and pro luce-iileautil'u! In.e, it i-lho only ttutinctic a l.ulv should it-e at her toilet. Gentlemen will nil also Imd thi-a delightful remedy, to remove all R-mgltms-, Pimple-, Uingw rm-, Spots, Redness, Sureties... of the face ami tio-o, and every l-ind of erup tion on the surface of the human l-ndy. It is particu larly recommended to gentlemen to fumed after !-ha-viiitr, a it will prevent the otherwi-e certain e lect of nil "common snap, in ttirniiu' lh'' te.ud picmalitrc'y grew For ale Wholcole and retail l.v A. HITCH COCK &i Co., N'. IlTOeai-ee street, I'tica. In Hur litiL'lon, hv J. & J. II. I'ork ifr Co. In V-rueiineI by .1. II. ISoCvmati. InMilimi, by llurnclt iV Sawyer. In ficoryin, by Lorenzo Janc.s. an;-0 LOOK AT THIS. HAVE YCU A C0L0II1 10,0(M nit: of cnnsumi'TIon every year in the United Stales, and nnllions m'ler feom irnnblesonie couclis and colds, thai can ba eurnd by Dr. M. Hitch coel;s Vejtctnlilo Virgin Urcatn Congli Drops, a nfo medical prescription, containg no poisonous drugs, and mod in mi extensive practice for cveral years will most positively nllbrd relief, and invc yon from that awful dijeaee, pulmonary consumption, which usually .wceops intothe grave hi inn reds ef the young, tlioold, the fair, the lovely ami the gay. Ilac yon a cough 7 He persuaded lo purchase n'liotlle ol the Cough Drops to-day I To-morrow may l,e too late. Have vou n coughl Dr. Hitcceoli'.s Vegetable Virgin Cream Cough Crops is the only remedy vou should tal;e to cure you. For thisplaig reason. Tfiat in no oueof the thaii-and cae where'it lias been n-cd has it failed to relieve Price 73 cents per bottle, ror ale, whole-ale and Ile- io. 117 ocue-co llirouirhont the Peck & Co. In Vcrgctines, by J. II. llowmnn. In Milton, by Hnrnct I.. Sawyer. In Georgia, by Lorenzo Janca. rrice -jeents per notiie. r or aie, wtiote.-nie ntn tail, by A. HITCHCOCK & CO. No. 117 Gc .st., Ultca, N. V. And by their agents llirniichoi 1'nilcd State-. In Hurlinglon, by J. &, J. Hi Pc DOCT. .tlAltmiAlil.S Aromatic, Catarrh and Headache SNL'KF. This Snud'is superior to any thing yet known, for removing that troublesome ilis-ea-c, the Catarrh, and alo n cold in the Lead, and the headache. It opens and purges out all obstruction", stiengtbensthegland,and ci'esn healthy action to the parts nlleetcd. It is perfectfv Iree from aiiy thingdele teriotis m its composition has a pleasant flavor, and its immediate elect, after being u.-ed, is nbgreeabfe. Price 50 cents per bottle. Don. Marshall's Vegetable Indian Waek I'LASTKH. This Plaster is unrivalled for curing scrofulous swel lings, Scurvy Sores, Lame lUck, and Kie-li Wound- j pains in the sides, Hip and Limbs; and -i-ldom fails to give relief in local Hhe'imati-in-. If applied to the -ide,jt will cure many of the common Liver Complaint-; ami is e.pial, if not s'lipcrmr, to any thing in u-e for corns on the feel , the virtt:fs of this Pla-ler have been wilnei'd by thousands of individuals mi the United Slate-, who' have to. te.l its cllicar-y. Sold by the pro prietor; Cha--. Ilowen, Jliddlel ury, Vl. je!9 rrlli: LION OK THK DAY. NO CUHK X PAY1-1 NO -The Ocnulnc old Dutch or CJcl- maji Vegetable Pills. Hmlilv oimncmVd by Doct Valentine Mntt, M. D. of N. Y., ami others. Tlic-c ate the order.-! Anyone that does not find te !ief from the-e pills the piii-c is refunded luck, the-c are the po-ttive order- ol'the Proprietor lo agents and i.thers. In o'leringlhe-e pills to the public, I appeal to their intelligence. If these pills arc not what they recommended, yon are in duly 1 ouud out ol" ro-pecl lo yourself and community to i eject them, and publish the'm to the world a- tin imposition, humbug and I'lackerv. The pu'. lie may I e as. med they are purely vegetal le, tbi'y are eompo'-ed of nine iufiedint-, part ol the medicine is onlvfouml in A-iaan lm the val fey.s of Germany. For conveniem-e the-e cx'racl sire made into pills and will I e found a sure cure or re lief (or all billiiUs complaint-, yellow and billions fever-, lever and ague, jn nidice, scarlelrasb, billions cholic di-jiep-ia. &e. It is not protended that this iniMtcineis a cure for all deea-e, to which the human M-.stcni is liable. Ten tliMi-and isele-s e.ibits have Is-en ma-le to draw from the region- ut unknown fancy .some loiiL'-sp iu Ihcorv of ma::ie art, which would rule cicli and everv di-ea e. Goud medicine i- not fouivl in'the lire or whir wind. Health and b ippinoss Imnir muni cbance wind time is the herald of truth. The'past at least is -ecurr; they have already rai-ed a monument id their grealne-s which wid defy the eorroling'oo-h of nine. None can 1 e Genuine without ii u-ranncr and diiections on each box on which mv nniu,.is written atlenilh. Sold u hole-ale and retail bv the -pbs,.riler ut Gii's Full-, I v A. H. it D. Sand 7!), -ind 10(1 Fulton -t. and Ii. M. 'Meigs, ;Ss South -I. All anv. H mm it IlnwIeV, 219 Siicr -t. Tiov, General Agents lor 'hi' 'tute 1 1 New 1 ork. ' MKIllll'lT GKIFFIN. Viii-.nli. 1 1- Wm. Itbode.s ami I'. It. Green. Ifich lueud ; Morion & Clark, and D. it D. S. Lathrop, Willi-tou ; lhiL-ar it Com-tocl., Shell inn ; II. Stanton, K--e ; tleo. It. Oal.e-, and All ort Harnev, Jit.cIio; .1. 11. Uarlbnt, We-lfurd; .1. II. ISarnc-, Charlotte; IL Mnodv and Geo. Peer-on, Hurliuatun ; and by K. lllilG'G?, II irliu'.'ion. A 'rent for Chittenden Co., where .Su'. -Agents can I e supplied at wliole-ale pri SHHKMAX'S POOIt MAN'S 1'I.ASTKn. The best strengthening plaster in the world, and a sovereign remedy fi r pain or weakno-s in the back, loin, side, brea.-t, neck, limbs, .joints, rhenmntisin, lumbago, &o.&c. One million a year will not supply thcdcuiaitd. They rcipnreu little wnrming la-fore ap plication. Warranted mperior to all others, nml for one ntinrtcr the usual price, making not only thu bcl, but the cheapest pl.iMcr in the world. It nllords rcliel inn few hours, and makes astonishing nurcj. Inliver complaint and dyspepsia, it should le worn over the region oflhc liver or stomach, and it will atfurd great and astonishing relief. In cough.,eoliN, asthma, did! cully of breathing, oppression of the chest or Momaoh, they will immediately sooth, and greatly lcnefit the patient. Persons ol sedentary habits, or'tho-e obliged to stand much, will receive decided support from one ofthote truly, strengthening plasters. Physicians gen erally recommend them, in preference to nil others,! e cause they stick or adhere I ettcr and nllbrd greater relief. In their operation they nre stimulant, tonic, ami anodyne. They tire composed of entirely Oillcrenl ingredients from any oiher; and known from the ex perience of millions, who have iisc.I them. a well as the united testimony, of all the celebrated and dk-lin gl.-hed clergy nml physicians, to lelhe ino-t useful and highly inedieated pla-ler, ever invented or offered to the pub'ie. Several persons have called at the ware house lo express their i surprise and thanks at the almost miraculous cures tltese plasters have oU'eoted. One man who had been nlliieted with heumati-tn, asu lie unable lo dress himself without nssi-laucc, was enabled after wearing one, only one night to get up nlonu in the morning, put on his clothes and call at our ollieo with eye.-1 earning wilhjny and his tongue pouring forth the gladness of his heart, nl the sudden and signal relief he had received from this Kt of all remedies. Ask for Dr. Sherman's Poor Man's Plaster. It is so called, beeati-e the price places it in the power of nil to purchase, I eiug onl v 12 J et--. So'il at the va riety Moro by I'ANGUdliN & 1IKINSMAID, Jewellers, Hurlington, Vt. DISHASi:S OF TUB MINGS.-Occidedly Ilia most popular rennily cirr kiiunn in Aim-rica Vcxctttble Pulmonary Bnttam is tin- must valuable mind) noiv in ireful cui'jjlir, colds, aslluiia or phthisic, ciiiKitiuplion. houpiiig ruugll nd piiliiiDiiaiy hIT' clions iifeici) kind, lis sale i nr.iddy iucrrnsing. mid I hp proprietor, aie romiaiilly icceiviug ihc moil fmniable ai-ciiiiiii of in rflVr.if. 'I he fidluwing new cerlificalei aie ofTcrcd fur public cxaniinatiiiil. An Intkkestino Cask. Exiracl of a If iter from Mr tJ S Clay, Kmg.inn, Ulicr Co., N. Y. lo ibc priprielors. " Vonis of die Oili iml. was duly ree.'d. A i cunt kahle cure cifecicd by the Vpgalalde Pel. muiuiy'.im in the inirr unci siring of 1S35. The . eisc. n, .Mr. .Moudv, had been sick n long time uith the ciiiisiiinptii)ii. His physicians had gnen him up He mis icihn-rdsii low us to lie unable lo help hiin-cif, and iva rinsing u l.irgo cpi.intily of blood wIiph he ciiuiaiciicnl using the ll.iUnni, whirh has effected a cnniplde cure, and he is now as hale and hearty hi pi lie was. al r. IMnoily lias rcniovcil from llua town. but lie h is prriiofed me n mure detailed arciuiui of Ilia case, which I will forward nu. C. S CLAY. Kiugsinu, N. Y. June 2.). 1S3S. Kxtnict of a letter fioni Dr. Jacob Myers. The cgc table Puliniinaty'.iui has been sold in ibis count) for lu-n ears, and ihn medicine lias gained an uncommon celebrity, fur it .r.iiccly in one inslance 1. 1 Heil ul D;t nig the ileflieil ellixl. I inn liy no meant in fivur nflhe many no;lrmns. most ot which arc iin- pnsilions upon a credulous public, but thai which I know by use lo be rflVcuial, 1 r.amuii help but give my iiniioli iliiin thereto. A roiiutcileil ireiiarntion lias been nfleicd here by a Iraielliug Agent, of Comsiork, i. i . and thcieis anniliri aritcle icnileil here lltal is iriinglj Kuspcccd to be spin ititiii. Jacob Myers, M. D. Mifllingion. Juninta ro Penii. Mav 3, 1837 From Dr. Samuel Mmrell, to the Pioprieiois nf the Vean I utile Piihnnnar) I am satisfied I hut the Ve getable l'ii!mun,iry ll.iljim is a vahuible mcdecine I ha. been used in this place with compleie uteres in ub..iii tic complaini of ihe lnois, aitpniteit wiili u spicic cnogli , less of mice, and ibo raiMi nf iniieli bluoil, winch had previously resisieil iiiany appruieil picfi ripiions. Alter using lie li.ils.nn one week, the p ilii iv'h oire reiiiinr d and he win wide u speak niuli lily. I Ins case ocrurrru some lime since, himi u.r man is now engaged not only in active bin laborious biisinesj. Ite.iieriliilly, &e. ts. SlonnKi.t. Ii is now more ill. in six ie;irs linre I was bimight veil low b) an 'alTeriion of ihe lungs, and mi rnmplaiiii was clerlaifl.l In be iueiirable b) a r oniiril nf dure phy sicians. I was then jc-lmeil lo as goo I heallh a I had rnjojed for many jears, l.v iisimj the Vegetable Put. mnn.irv Hilsam. Since my renmery I have rerom mended the ISalsam in a great mail) cases of lung cotnpl. lints, and to far as I can I'uin. its ue has in variald) been follinird bv iiiurh beixfit, and in many instaiieis it has cfl'ectcci cures whirh wen; wholly unex pected. Samuel Everett. It on. March 2. 1S37. For sale, wholesale ami retail, by J. J. II PECK & Co., Unrlitiglnn, Vl. N AT U HE'S GUAND HFijlOUATl VE. Thi valtialile Vegetable Medicine stands unrivalled for Ihe following complaints, viz : Dyspepsia, or Indi gestion, disea-ed Liver, biliousdisorders, Dropsy, Asth ma, Cotivene-s, Worms and los of Appetite, and by eleaning the stomach and bowels, cures pains in llie side, stomach and breast, colds and coughs of long klnndina, Hoarseness, shortness cf breath, Ncrvou' complniiits,elc, which nrefreojncntly the c lect ol'dts catc. For Feverand Ague, it is a most valuable pre ventative ns well as a sovereign remedy. Its virtues surpass any thing heretofore known in' removing St. Vitus.' Dance, two bottles have 1 eeti known to cure thisalllinnigdiseasc, after having baflled e,very exer tion lor four years. It has a most powerful influence in removing nei-Tous complaint". It is pleasant to tnke nnd soensy in its operation, that it tuny I e administered to the infant with safety. The above Medicine is very highly recommended by many scientific gentlemen, and a In rue nnml er of ladie, who have proved the virtues of the Medicine by personal use and that of their families. A bill of certificates accompanies each botllc, with directions. It may be had wholc.-ale or relad ol S. Ih'itain, llarre, and J. C. Farnnin, Fast Williams town, Vt. sole proprietor-. Prepared from the origin al recipe; for sale by E. II. Prentiss, Monlpelier, and J.&J.H.P IXK & Co, llurliiii-'ton, and in the princi pal towns in the state; all directions signed in the handwriting of the proprietors. jel9 TNQUIItl". TTAIIl ! 1IAIT ! S ISA I d)X USS. lmpor J..1. taut Dlscovciy -llie Crcat M story found out at last DR. STEIIRV'S H Mil IMXiF.NI-:- llATOI!. Dr. Slcrrv. after ninch nttcntioti to the iinpottant sniijcct ol''picscrving tho hair, h:i, after many experiments chemical nml physical been able to discover and article which is nowotl'c red with the frcatc.-t confidence for the toilet as the best thingever discovered, tor, for its' softening and pcnetratintriiuality to produce n good he-it! of hair lo prevent it from falling nil when baldness is npprclienticti to restore it when baldness nas t'iken place, and lo prevent it from turnmggrav. It n is more nouri-imig linn po ,ol,,.,, nnlmno riil nr CAnmw wntcr. ll is a beaiiti fid article for ladies curls iunakes the hair soft antl lively, antl produces uncommon brilliancy, Tlious. nnds have tested its smicrior virtues antl excellence, nnd in every instance it stands unrivalled. It is nil infallible cure in all directions of the s in on the head -ns ilainlrulf, iVe. Cvc. Every family-should be sup olicd with a botil.-of this oil, tint by its application to the head and hiir of children, the licautttnl ami or-nam.-utal appciidago of a fine head of lmie, which na ture has supplied in may bo preserved, l-'iom the nnmerous certificates and recommendations received, the Doctor fels firmly per suaded helms succeeded in producing an article which .will meet the desired wishes nnd approbation of tho dublic. For salo wholesale antl retail by A. HITCH COCK it Co. 117 Genesee st. Utica, N. Y. In Hur lington, bv J. it J. II. PECK it Co. In Vergennes, by J. II. llowiiian. In Milton, by Ilurnct L. Saw yer. In GeorJiia, by Lorenzo Janes. ntig'0 CONSUMPTION! No person can have an ade quate idea of the astonishing relief which Dr. llclfo s Asthmatic or Consumptive Pills give, in Con sumption, Cough, Colds, Asthma, (lifliculty of breath. Hi", Wheezing, tightness of tho Chest, Pain in the Fide, fpitlitig of blood, etc. A fair trial only is nccessaiy to convince persons siilltriiitr from these complaints that this is one of tho most valuable medicines yet dis covered and this is thu testimony of relieved patients. Casks. A gentleman, of "his neighborhood, recently ..Kcnn-nd In ibn nronriclnr. that he helieml theso Pills had kept him alivu for the last two years. Many .others give similar testimony. A, letter stales "the Asthmatic l ins give bucu asiomsmug unci in uiei-n m Cough, Common Colds, &e. as no olio can behove, m.Ifn llin Irijil O 1 nmrtrtn n t leslinionv. I1IIICSS UlU) marxs. , "Thcro has been, (writes nn urgent) an uniisun! call this winter for KcpTe's Astlunatio Pills. Applicants pronounce them n valuable medicine, and say thoy cannot find asubstitute." A young Lady Was three years afflicted with a violent cough, pant m the mlu, spittiti" of blood, and disturbed rest at iiiyhl and was restored to perfect heallh by taking two boxes. A enso of AMlinia-Of thirty years staudiiu', was cured by these Pills. A Cienllemnn V ho had been for years afflicted with a violent cough, difflctilly of breathing, itc. was cureil by theso inyaltia do Pi Is. An Agent writcs-Ymir lie te's Asihmalie Pills ,-mt, credit daily." A Physician wrtles.-Afler nil other nie.licines lr.VO fijilwl to kiw reher n I'onsmnp lion enses, I hnvo f.nllld tho 'RcIWs Asthmatic Pills most excellent I' E.xtraet-"Sevcrnl persmis afflicted with lung complaints, in vnriot.s stages of llio lise,tse, af er tryingevery thing tlse, l.avo used theo Pills with X most 7aPpy success." A Remarkable Casc.-A hdy "vim wits given over ns past recovery, tint! her death daily expected, was raised from what was ex S W deathbed, and from tho borders I . " I." i... .l,non I, nnd declared her Wish that sho could proebiim to tho worth of this inyalua iu. .b.o Suih nro tho vnluablo properties of l co Pi V in Cotighfl, Cold", Asthma, nillictil icso Ireatl ii - Hon senes, Wheezing .Spilling of lllood the tiesimcmcmo iin ) i v, .,.i.nin inv.,a (,f return el in a few hours. PritnSl fur ?, '? 0XVSu, ucrcssu to Dr. Coiiway-nud may be had at bis ."ountinTroom, M Court st. ..n H.n.rB. nc nr Concert Hall, lloston, nnd also of J, it J. 11. 1 iN ft- CO. 1 iir inston, vcrmono , N'nne r-eimilie. Illllfs- Hgnfd. T KlPPEB oil tlm utsidf pnuien wrapr-r. Lnr disooiml SHEHMAX'S WOIIM TiOXRXGGS are the greatest discovery ever made, for dispelling the va rious kinds of worms that so frctpienlly and di-lress-singly annoy both children antl adults. They are an infallible re-nody, ami so pleasant to the tiiste that children will take them as readily as a common pep permint lozenge. .Many ui-ea-es arise Irom worms, without its being suspected. Sometimes a very trouble some cough, pains m the joints or limbs, Mi-vJiug at the no-e, &e. are occasioned by worms, ami can Le easily cured by this celebrated medicine. The follow ing .symptoms inuicate the presence ol worm, viz: headache, vertii'O. torpor, disturbed dream--, sleep nroKcn on ny irtgin aim screaming, convulsions, tc vcrishness, ll'iii-st, pallid hue, bad taste in the month. olleiisive I renlh, coii!:h, diiliciilt bientbing. itchins at the iio-i-, niiiis in tlm Monmcli, niiusea, srpieaniish, voracity, leaune.-s, teue.miis, itching at the anus towards iii-'lit, ami at length, ilcicctions uud film- and niiicu-. One is a ito-e lor a cliiltl two years onl two fur one four year.- old three liir eight years, and live lor an suiiiii, aim siioniu t e repeated every morning avcrv other mortiins iiulil tebevisl. iCP Sold at the Variety store by PANGDORN it IIKIiNrs.MAlU, Jcucllers, IJiirllilgtoti, Vt. ASK THOSE WHO KNOW. Those only ivhofknnw by liial or iinmetliate obser vatinti. ran form anv idea of ihc efl'eris. of the perfect relief, of the alums' cures effected in cases of die, Rheumatism, all Swhllinos, and ill external Pains, no m titer huvv severe, by ihe use of I lays' Liniment. Find one w ho has used it that will not laud it above hII thing ever iisetl. anil )on will find what cannot be ftiuiid. ICJ-'I or the reliefot sutler ing human beings who ma) lie afflicted, I beg j on to a,k n,k of iho-e who know ark the Hon. Al.l ltkU (,'ONKI.IN, Lf. S Judge for that dislriet, residing near Anbinn, ask Matthew J. Mr Kits, Esn. Athens, N. V ; a-k Gen. Vtvvv Gkkkk, hue of Wafhiinjloti eily, each of these gentlemen know of cases itiicontpier. aide In all other reinctbes or physician, though tiled for in.inv year, that have been cured by the use of the genuine ll(itj' I.inimcnt. Th iii.iinils of other pet sons know similar noes. We appeal lo their sense of jin. lice their Imuran feeling ICPD i" but a dill) joa owe. to ytuir suffeiing IVI'ow-lieitii; to let Ihisgieat rentnlv be known. Speak of it then loall )otir fi lead I'll it will sue null It pain uheie the nevvepapcrs ate not read, or where readers ate ine-e tlu'ons, because so m ini uuilhle articles are advertised fur ihe same pin pose. To bujrrs we say, if all who have used it do mil say it is bejnntl all praise, then do not lake it. I he prnptie'or will not allow this article to bep'iitl for unless it eutes,vvheii all ihe dhenionj ate fully follow, ed. Will any one suffering refuse now to try it ? If he does, he might to he pitied uinie lor his obstittary than his Mifl'et tug. ICJMr. IIav would never const nl to olfrr this at liele, were he not compelled by his sense of moral nl religion dnty lo do all in his power lor the vicious of tbsliCFs and misery. For this purpose he vyou'd fooner devote a fortune, ill in serine a dollar fur any worthies, article. VZJIOOK OUT,-Some swindlet haye rotinleifeiieil lies article, and pin it up with v, u ions devices. Do not be imposed upon, One thing only will protect yon it is the name of Camttork 4' Co ; ih.X name must be alwajs on the wrapper, or jou me rhca'ed. Do not forget it. Take litis diiec lion with )ou, and lest by that, or never buy j for il i impossible fur any other to be Iran or genuine. SOLOMON HAYS. Sold by Comtlock Co. ? Fletcher street, N. York, el for saleOAM' by Panobokn it Bhinsmaid. SIIKIIMAN'S COUGH I.OZKMJES. ARE the safe-!, mo-t sure ami ullecttial remedy for Cough-, Cold-, ''oiisumptions, whooping Cough, Asthma, liglitne-s , the laings or eliest, iVe. iVe. The proprietor has never known an instance where thev did not give perleot satisfaction. Several thous and boxes have been sold within llie last tiueeinonths restoring to heallh, persons in almo.-t every stage ol consumption, and tho-e lal oring under llie mo-t dis tressing eokl and cough-. They tlo not check ami dry up the cough, but render it easy, promote expec toration, allav the tickling or irritation, and remove the proximate or exciting eau-e. They nre made (rom n'coinbiiiation of the mo-t valuable expectorant, or cough medicines, and are undoubtedly superior lo every thing in use for llio-e complaints. Hundreds upon hundreds of certificates have been ollered of lheir wonderful virtues, from tlio.-e who have been saved from an untimely grave, and restored to perfect heallh bv iisinsr them. Do-r.. Ono lozcutre is a dose for an ailnlt, aud may be repeated from three to six times a ilav, as reqiureil. Clnliti en, eight jears year; otil, Halt el one; lour years a quarter, and so m pro portion. Very Mnnll children or inliiuls will lake them I e-t dissolved in a little water. ShoulJ thev act as an emetic, or produce natitea, thedo-e must I e les-eneil to what the stomach will bear. Half of one will gen erally I u sullieienl In take leforo hrenkfa-t, as the stomach is then more ca-ily sickened. No ill erects can arite fromnn overdo-e, as it will cause the sto mach to reject H ; ano although not n pleas-ant ten-a tt'on, will ,e found to give relief. Where there i much pain in the hrea.-t or Mile, one ol Sherman's Poor Man's Plasters should leatmlied over tho nan anil worn till telieve.l. It atteiule.l with, ; few cathartic or laxative Lozenge-, or any mild ca Iharliu medicine. shoukUe ti-ed as ocea-ion renuire- riolil at the Variety Store, hy PA.NGUUK.N & UHCN&MAii', Jewcner-, uuriingion, vt. mo TIIEltALD-HKADKD.V OTHEHS X Does any know a neighbor or a fiirnd who has been Haiti, and whose head is now rosered wiib fine liair? One vvhosn roat collar was covered wiih den til off. 1I10112I1 liru.hed everv hour which has now van. ished entirely ! Or one whose hairs nt eatly age were turning grey, who now lias noi a grej imtr 1 uiuuren whore heads were covered with scurf, whom hair would not grow, that are now crowing the fullest ciops of I, air ! Some cases must be known to most periooi. Ask them the cause, ant you will be told that these iliiniM have been done by thu use of 1 lis J?om of Co lumbia. Of 20 jears growth is this article, its demand iur.icasiii'! annually some bundled per cent. though when diacovt red not opposed by tinvihing fur the same ptupote, now iisj.ulrd uy 11 linos I muuljcilcrs muslironu nreiiaraiioiislhat will ruin the ban if u.-ed lo anv extent. Can more llian those facia bo warned refer 10 tho recotmnemlalions by a list of inline of rcspeeia. iiility, unecpialled by any other article. Look 10 these things buy this article. Stay anil prerei ve )our h.tir liy )is use, or if bald lestnrc It, Ladies, uiicnd 10 this hundreds in fashion ihlu life nre using it as the onl) ..,,;,.!, .ealli fit for the toilet. Long hair is veiv utu 10 fall out. ' l.ii'lics, use ihe IS jIiii uf Columbia in time 10 save yourie'ves Ihc ilissinrc 01 uaitiae.s uy neglect ..r , niniM. Ill vnitr duty, ns moialisis lo pre serve ilm beauties of niiiure, willi wbiih a bouiiiiful Cientor ins eiitlovvcil sou ; useine iiniui.tor 11 wittuo 11 DAIITION TO IIC llEUKMIiEHED. Sescnil most liagr.iiit aliemiiis have been in.ido to (.mi 11 1 e, feil I ll tl true liana Ol uuillllliiia. aunm ui itir iniiioslcrs havegono so lar as in rounieifitil llie splen .ii.i ..r:,nn.r. nml iliu Falls ofNiacnra, and everv ex tenia) mail, except iho name of Couisiock, which the) daro nol forge, To avoid Impositions therefore, nl- iL rr ilm name of Comtlock & Co. or L. S Cotnstork, and never buy ihe article unless it has thai name upon it sold wholesale ami man, naiy at mo, o u-i.her .iicet. N. Y. and bv PAM-BOnH ami UniNIMAID UuillllgtOD, V. j'l iCPIMPOUTANT CAIiTION.QI It is n singular fact ono much to bo regretted that valuable medicines, as soon ns they Income pop ttlnr, and have received the Ic-t and approval ol u discriminating public, nre sine to 1 e counterfeited, and tints a bad and spurious article is immediately palmed upon Ihemisiispectingforlhe genuine. This lint I ecu notoriously the ease with nit popular tried unci truly valuable mediene.s for years past, uud will probably continue to I c Ihe for years to come. The 1 a e and contemptible counterfeit in this way meanly takes ndvanlagc ol all the ell'orts and adver tising used by Ihc proprietors of tho genuine arlicle, to gel their medicines, intense nnJ deserved popluari ty. It Is therefore not less theduty than it contributes to the safeiy of every honet individual In llie com munity to expo.-e, ftovvn down, and forever ufierDIS- rilUI.T all HKAKTl.l-.SS LNGKATES who tints irre- pon-iblv trifle with health and life. f, ifa-riil.-rr,-Ts-, 1,1.- rr L-r.- vrTiL . UJ ItU-IU.lVlUl I -I'l U HUIIlfl.JJ Tlieieisn licr.-onby the name ol'J. 1). "KOCHE- FOUT. now engaged in selling a Pill done up in boxoi inexact and perfect imitation of the genuine INDIAN VEGETAULE PILL'-, with the omi.sion of only one word on the Uoxe viz. Wiukiit. The Pills sold by tin's Ilocliefort arc evidently intended as a fraud and imposition upon the community, or they would not have been done up in such exact "imilntion of lite gen uine. I his person is mil Mustering Willi n great the atrical swagger. He was recently known ns a very poor player in Baltimore, tinder the musical cognomen of Jim Drown, and is a' out twenty live years of age" ll is almost tcyoiidu doubt that lie is supplied with the Pills from a Druggi-t linn in this city, who have heretolore I ecu notoriously cotmectetl with counter feit medicine'. As soon ns proof isobtaineJ the foun tain head of this nefarious liusine-s will beexpo-ed, that the community may shun them us they would a serpent li ma .uca.-s ii.ur, i nr. j-i.Mi.ti; Aiir. o.l- 1 ION El) against buying WRIGHTS Iniiiam Vr.r.KTAnt.r. Pili.s of eny one who does not exhibit a certificate of agen cy signed by the agent for the New England Stales and ' earing date since January 1840. Al.-o take par ticular notice that the following wording is on tho box- WriiMil s Indian VecetnblePiil- (Ind. Puriratisel of the North American Collece of Health. 7ie Indian vtzttablc Pills arc a certain cure for lisease in its every vaiielyuf form, because lliey ibo rntighl) cleanse the stomach anil bowels, induce a pro per discharge by the lungs, skin and kidney, and sti mulate the blood io puiify itself. In oilier words they ripen nil the natural drain, antl leave NATUIiF. tht brand I'hyucxnn) tree to time disease Irom the body. The above otitleis, or dinins, are llie common sewers of Ihe bod) , through whirh all moihid anil cor rupt hiiinois (the cause ol disease) nre carried off; mid so long as they aie all kept open, nml ilisrhnrge freely their allotted portions ol hnpurily, llie body will con. tinue in heallh : bin when Irom eating improper lotid, brcnihiiig impute air, sudden transition lioin heal lo cold, over exhaustion or any other rpu-e, the bowel become costive, the pores ol the skin become closed, nr lliekiilueis fail t pet form their fiinniiun ptupetl), the imptniliea which should be drained bom llie botlv by these outlets, vv ill be retained, and continue to ac cumulate until the boil) becomes literally loadetl with disase. If the channel of our mighty rivers should become blocketl up, vvonld not the aicumulaied waters find new outlet, or the rminlrv become inundated ' Just so with the htima i body ; ifllu: natural drains be come closed, thcslnniintu ami coiritpl humors will find vein m llie various lorins ol Disease such us rever, Small Pox, Measles, Itheuuiaiisin, Gout, Apoplexy, &c. or Death will cud our stiffet iiijjs. Theiefuic, when sickness al the slnmacli, pains in Hie oarK unit ide, qtnrK pulse, luirning skin, or any other unplea sant symptoms, indicate that one or mure ol the na. I unit drains are nol discharging ficely, uud (he consti tution is about to commence a snuggle lot llie rcslora lion of health, no lime should be lost in administering i fe.v brtk ilosei of the Indian Puigriltve Indian Vt gttuble PHIm.) Hy so duing, ull the liinciinn of ihe tiody will he restated to order, mil Ihe loot luimois (the cause of evciy iiifl.iination or p.iui we suffer) will he reiniiipfl ill so ea-s' anil natural a iniiniier, that the botlv will be lesloretl as if bynchaim. The above Pills may be taken at ALL limes and under all fir- cuni'lanccs, with pel feci safety. They suit all com puintsand all ages, and are lo the hiiinaii consli iitton a haul : consequently Hie can ntner ivjw e even the most delicate. Like our loot!, lliey ate digestible; theieliiie they ruler into ihe circulation noil impui I an energy lo the blond, wiitrh eu.diles it to ll m withfiee- diiin rptiie to the exliemiiies and consitpieiilly to keep the tunes ul the .Kin npeii. I hey ate line anil peilecl purifiers nf the blood ; brcause they drain all corrupt humors fioin that life giving fluid. I'hcy impart strength and vigtu In the whale system, and their ef feels arealwaw beneficial : because they only remove those humors which ate opposed to health. I'hcy aid anil improve digestion, ami sound sleep follows their ihc : because lliey i-leaiue the sinmnrli and bowels of ilios- slimy humours which not only irritate and exrtte the net vims system, but pn.ilyze ami weaken ihe dis geslive organs. Inshoii they possess all they good properties that can be claimed lor any medicine ; and what his vety remarkable, il is ulteily impoitub'c lo use thcin without benefit. Price 25 cents per llox, with full directions. Oillcc ami General Depot for the New England Slate-, No. I US I remonlMrcel, near conn street, itoston. The reinlarantiomteil Auents can receive their sup plies of the above popular Pill, as heretofore, from the only olliceaud general depot for lite New England Slale--,'l!)3Tremont street, llo-ton. Pedlars or trav elling ncent are not allow edtoM-ll theseiiuiueiudian vegetable Pills, therefore never purchase Irom tlietn, lor 11 vou do vou will lie sure lo obtain a dangerous ami counterfeit article. Ml Tiiko. A. iV Co, the only Agents in Hulling ton, for the sale ol'the ludiaa Vegelai le Pill-, uNo, V. H. IIoi.lf.t, Willi-ton, Vl. PHYSIC AND PIII IC1ANS. 01)11 Into friend, the Hcv. C. C. Colton, makes the following reuinrksin his celebrated work, "Lacon, or many things in fow words t" " N'o men ilispisn physio as much ns physicians, be causo no men so thorougly understand how little it can petiortn. Juicy navo iiccnfinA'mng' tho liumnn constitution folMiousaittl years, in order to learn to curenbout ns inWV disorders. Tlturcsiiltis.that mcr- airy nnd brimstone nro the only specifics they have uiauuvcruu. iin utu laiiti maiiiics cuiiiiiiul- io uo vvtini they were in thedays of Paracelsus, Hippocrates, and Galen, 'opprobriamcdicoriiiii.' It is trua that each disorder has n thousand prescriptions, hut not a sin plo remedy. They pour n variety of salts nnd acids into a ninrlilomortnr, and expect similar results when Ihcso ingredients ore poured into tho human stomach j hut what can bo so groundless ns reasonings built on Buclt nnalouicsl For the marble mortar admits tha agency of atmospheric air, which cannot be said of me Human stomach ; and again, the Human stomach poscsses life, and the gistnc juice, which cannot be said of the marble mortar 1 1 "It is belter to have recourse to n non-prnfessional man if he can cum our disorders, nlthotteh lm rnnnnr explain them. In a certain consultation of iiiivMicians in this kingdom, they nil tlifl'ured about the nature of an intermittent, and an plausibly iicltncd the disease. At length a non-tiicdicnl, who had been called in, thus interposed t lientlemcn, you all seem to oilier about llie nature of tin intermittent; permit mo to explain it. An intermittent fevcrj gentlemen, is a disorder which can cure, and which you cannot." CURES EFFECTED HY THE USE OF MORISON'S MEDICINES. No. !. To Dr. George Taylor, 94 Ilroadway . Sir For about iiino vcars 1 have been in a declin ing slate of health. From my own feelings, nnd in the opinion of of others, I wasin tho last stage of con sumption. The doctors having given me up, I was induced by n friend to the Hvgeian cause to try "Mori, son's Pills of the Ilritish College of Health. Uesidcs consumption, a complaini had settled in ono of my anus, and the become so contracted that I could nol cct my hands ton-ether bv four inches. am now in good health, my arms nre of equal length in lact l am a new bung. I therefore feel it mv dutv to send vou mv case, in hopes that a knowledge of it may induce other suffer ers to try your invaluable medicines, to wlucli alone, hy divine permission, 1 attribute my restoration to heallh after so many years of alilietion. Yours, with respect, SAUAII IIARIIYDT, 41si street, Petwccn 8lh nnd 9th Avenues, New York. Attested hy Mr. J. T. PERKY, corner of 8th Av enue ami -list street. May 8th 1839. No. 5. Whooping Couch in its vorst form. Extract from n letter receis-ed from Mrs. E. I). Goodlili; of Utica, N. V. Dated June 22, 1840. "Another case is that of a Mr. Paine, of this city. I was on my way to meeting, when I was met by an aunt of the "child, who told me that it was in a most distressing state with the whooping cough that it was continually in convulsions, and had lost thoueoof one side of itsbody. I went to set; tho child, and fountl it in the sttito described. I told them, that I knew the pills would clfect n cure but they must, in such a ease, use largo doses. Mr. Paine read the " Morb-oni-nn." After which he began with energy. 1 ordered the pills to be dissolved. In less than 24 hours after mv'ui!i tho first dose, the fits left the child, nnd have never returned. It has recovered the use of its side, and is now in perfect health. I No. 6. Cure of Consumption. To Dr. George Taylor : Dear Sir Having obtained such a miraculous cure by tho uso of Mr. Morisou's Hyceian Medicines I feel desirous to let all my fellovv-s'tiflereis knViw the vir tues of that sovreign remedy. I was taken with in llamation of lite lungs about three years ago, which final y ran into, what the Doctors called, a confirmed consumption. 1 ss-as reduced to n mere skeleton; for three mouths, I discharged largo quantities of matter every dny, and my cough was most distrossinuly Se vern. Mv nrdiunrv weinlll in health was 150 lbs. 1 was weiidied when reduced so low mv weight wa only "8 lbs. Tito medical men nil gave mo up as in curable. I ultimutclv grew so weak, that I could not see. At this tune I heard of Monson s Hyircian Pills, and I sent to Pcrrysburg nnd got some. These I took according to directions ; nnd after taking them for six weeks. I cnuld ride three miles at a time. I continued taking them up to this time. I have now recovered mv usual health, and weight. 1 know that the pills have cured me. The. facts that 1 have stated arc well known lo all mv friends and the residents of the village. i Signed j :. .'., Svlvtinia, Whitcford, I.uctis co. Ohio. EVERY imcket sold in Vermont, and in llie towns bordering on Lake Chaiiiplain, in the slate of New York, will be signed by Pangborn &. Urinsiiiaid, Jewellers, of Hurlington Vt., who nro the agents, also by the Sub Agents Selling them, if not so sign al, (to not inty num. , , 1 ant pleased to iieameio intorm ine menus oi me 1 1, nr, .inn Pnnen in Vermont, nnil its vicitlit v. that the calls for Morison's Pills for their slate, ami in all the Middle Slates, continues steadily to increase, ami that the satisfaction is gencrnl, and eurcii effected innu merable. Geo. Taylor, Ilyueisl. n. , 1 "V- s.- 1. t, O I I-.,. II,:,. Ul liroatlW.iy is,. nun u. .3. jiiu iui uiu mil- ish College of Health London. CASH I'AII) FOR V U Ol. .-The subscriber Will tmV cash, nil llelll-iTV. fnp sn,il slntl lleeen wool, delivered at Iho old store occupied by II. Hyde st Co. wet et rner of College Green. Diiniuifion, j me ill. I1AHKY JIKAULl.V. BAHN kS' new Geography, on the Classification system ; n very mcful work for school", just rce'd andforsalcH! the Puokstoro jt-19 D A HHAMAN N llW, , cheaper than ever. H. V. Cm- r, , (-0,arP now receiving a new assortment of Dry Goods, to which they invite the attention of pur--T- Jiincl, 1310. f UtINHSTOXES, Ly VJT June 7. J.tfeJ.ll.PECh'itCo. WOOL TWlNIi for sale at HOWARD'a'." iu23 POI ASH KETTLES eon-lnnily on blindly .'"ne 10 J. & J. II. PECK & Co. pHOH'X GI.AS8. Reiiford.SaranaonmlClinlon J erowti by , J. & J. H. PECK st Co. fresh pOXnilESS WATEW, .tii-t received 1 Vr. supply ofCongre-s sva:er, nml for sale 1 v Ma' 2G. GEO. Pl-.TEIISON. 'IJ'l'OOL received in cxchntise for Broadcloth and T 01 her linmls at my Store nt Winooski village "t 1010. r-iiiar,i iiaki.USV. pOIIX HKOO.MS& PAlUSlOOtloi. corn broom. v- suiit z. palenl rail-, J"'iel9. J. & J. II. sc Co, 50 IIOSTON N. i:. RUM. Ilhds, Gardiner Hrewer-. bi- June 13. J. &J H. PECK & C HOUSE HAY HAKES, by J. it J. II. PECK, &: CO. NEW GOODS. Wo are pleased to inform our customers nnd friends that we have just returned from New York with a fine assortment oi New Oood in the various drpnrtnients of our trade; no paint have been snared in solectmir good articles, nnd snel, ns will meet thu approbation of persons of tnttc. W uavo vocsiuc very many other things winch inut re main unuiuinerattd,) Watches, Gold nnd Silver, price and quality io suit customers j Pins, bttiu tiful Cameos, fancy Ennmelled, nnd stone Pin., Rings, vnnous palt;rns of new Rings best qunhty of Gold 1 Shell Card Ca:cs, inlaid and plain, very pretty onei, English Pencils, very heavy nnd beautiful finished ; Fancy Iloxes, very pretty for presents, several kinds. Canes, many scry handsome and some very strong. oiociss, a. io, 1. various raitcrns. ancn, aim ivory Combs, something nctc in this line. Shell, Huffclo Horn, Ivorynnd other new dressing Combs 1 flru!,hfcs, very nice and new patterns, best quality. Preston ouiio ui uuuuiuui uoiites sarious paucrns; i-criumory, Enidisll. 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SIIIMJLI.S. 100 .M. J dy 10. J. iV J. H." PECK & Co. "nilUGS AND MKH1UIM- LJ reeMby June 19. A larire snnrlv lust J. cc J.ll. 1'hUK & Uo PA1KISA N K'S" SCA LES,! .bily 10. J. & .1. If. PECK & Co. IT'IjOUH. Troy, Ohio and .Miehisui, eonstnutly ret eivmg by J. & J. II. Pkck &. Co. 30 l egs TOI1ACCO. plug Tol aeco. 10 I oxcs Cavemli-h tlo CD pie'.nses -beep do 2000 lbs. Leaf tlo. do. 1 y J. &. J. II. PECK & Co. 1 nnn sh-ehm on,; J- VWU gallons wiriH". r Snerm Oil. iiUUll no. tall do. tlo. l.'iOO do refined tin. June 7. J. it J. II. PECK Co. 45 OILS. bbls. American Linseed Oil. 10 Tierces fall sperm tlo fi do winter do do 3S bbl-. refined tlo do J.& .! H. IV.c k & Co. &r prs. Ladies cnl'd. anil black French Slips, JU 20do do. Gaiter Hoots, 20 tlo Mioses col'd Slips, 50 tlo Gent's Pumps, 2 easts Men's seal Hoots. Hurliiuinm, July 11. II. O. STIMSON. 5000 TIN WAKE. I'en ipiart Pan-. 1500 sic .In do S.'iOO pails ns-orled sizes, tocether wilhalargi ami general iis.-ertincul ol all kin ls ot svare, now on nan 1 ami lor-uie tiy .iiiuc III. ii.a-, Locmi- & I'tv 8000 bu-ii. 30()0 do SALT. solar Salt -team lo I.VIO tlo lino do 1000 tlo Turks Island do 1000 bbl.-. line do 100 do dairy do 250 do coar e tlo 200 .-neks dairy do l.y J. it J. H. PECK it Co IMPORTANT TO MOTHERS & YOUNG 1'EMAIiES. Docts. Rkv.n(jlps it Pahmelei's celebrated PILLS, or HEALTH RESTORATIVE lor complaints ncculiartly incident to the Female Sex This article is now brought before tho public, under sanction 01 the strongest testimony, irom those who havealikc used it. and also witnessed its imenuallid powers, in the removal of Female obstructions of the most aggravated nnu ucsperato character, lucso testimonials nro not broucht from tho lenorant and illiterate hut from Physicians and other Scientific rersnns, who navo tested its great virtues, and now recommend it 111 their practice and lend to it tho sanc tion of their names. It is not intended ns many medi cines generally arc for all tho varieties of disease, wmcii 11 is 1110 nn 111 Miner uuuci, iiui 11 is iiiiciiucu, simply for 0110 class of complaints, and those only re latiitL' to one sox. These bcinrr of rather a delicate na ture, there would be inoro than nn ordidary degree of chtlidcncc 111 coming svitn this nrlicie nctorc the public were it not tho fact that thousands nro continually passing from the stage of action, victims to disease, svnicn tins mcoiciuo uas never iniieu 10 prcvcni or cure. Such has been tho provision of Nntttrc, that nearly all the complaints of Females, nrc connected in 601110 dcaree, with the habits allied to their sex, And mnnv can near sv mess, svnerc n mere com ui a uar- ticular stage, has produced checks, that tho hand of Science and Skill, never has been ablo to dispel or allcviato. At first, tho irregularity and suppression of tue natural nanus produces no very alarming symp toms, nnd iB treated Generally with neclect. And proper attention is procrnstiaatcd until tho hollow eye, sallosv complexion and great bodily debility indicate that cither rapid consumption, or sotno other fatal disease has fastened its resistless grasp on the sufTcrer wneii soon terminates cxistrnce ny n lingering tint certain death. For complaints inevitably productive of such results thisinvaluablomedicinom now brought before the public. It invariably removes obstructions and regulutt a too profuse iiicnsiriirntion, nnd cures iy us utiequaiieti qualities, nil 1110 variety 01 ucraiigc- ment connected witli the l-cmalo habit. T ic eminent mid distinguished Doct. J. Morrison, who has pruc- useti 1 leu c iiu 111 S7IIU1UU. 11. 1 tuts, ssiitt iiici ium hil.- nal sucess for 20 years, snys "I I is tho best mcdiciiio IIUSS 111 line. Ill l-ltsf!. Ill luil-llliuil, in riiiiunniul 111 the Menses, 1 think it will sustain thu appelatiou 01 a specific. I havo tried it iu tho worst cases with most admirable success, nnd I wish for tho good of sullering Females, ihnt nil physicians would introduce it in their prnctice, as I havo found it nnssvers beyond my most satmuino expectations." In ilselfcct it is limit may hn taken without tho least inconvenience, ns it is not cathartic, but tonic and aperient. For nmnlo par ticulars respecting it, efficiency, eertilicntca of Pysi cians who have sviinessetl its elfeels, and nf otlicrs. who havo hci'ii most signally hcncliied nnd restored bv itH virtues rcfcrcnco is now offered to tho nam. phlets accompanying tho medicine, and to tho more particular cvuicnces, 111 uuj tuuum in utu Biiusiiiuir, Sole Agent for tho New Ensland States. EDWARD I1RINLEY. Wbolosnle Dealer in Drugs, Medicines, Pntnisnnd Dye HtuflSj-o, 3 t 1 bouiIi siUcold I'antuil Hall "OALSO.M OF LIVERWORT lot Consumption, JJ Dyspen-ia, Asihnia, ami ull iliea-es ol the Lull and Liver. These di-ea-o- prevail to u gteat extent. erentintr much di-tress and some fatality. All the.-eean le remedied hy the use ot nr. layior's isaisom ot Liverwort. This medicine is purtdy Vegiliible, and from ils peculiar action upon the Liver is n ways found aiadieal i-or l emaie-aiiu men in a very weak state, no medicine can 1 e so grateful a re-torativc, as it not only strengthens, but purifies nml gives a healthy action 10 the whole sys tem. Constantly lor sale 1 y N. LOVELY it Co. who have int received a fre-h supply of sea-unable Goods from New York, nil very cheap' for cash. Hurlington, Inly 30, 1810. PANOIIOKN & IlllINSMAlD.oflhe Variety store, are ollermtr a crcat variety of Watche-, Clocks, jewelry, Perfumery, Musical Instruments, tan I-, Card-, Picture-, Son pslairOilsiazors.Knisr-, Scissors, Cane-, Stock-, Caps, drawing maleria's, wil low Wao-'on--. Clialr- nnd Cradle--, t'a-tor.-. Pencil-. Tea and Co:!co Pots and t'riis; silver wine, plaictl Ware, Lamp vs tel. ami Masse-, Miliars ami iiosom-, .Suspender-, Swonl-ami Pi-iol-,'l'hermometer-,Smiion- cry, iuks, court riasier; nous, nug--, iociei umu. uu'.l ti irreat varielv of fanev nrilcles to sllliply lh wants nnd minister to Iho gratification ol'the notional and nil who call at tht! Variety store ; we are in "Ap ple l'io" ordei rea-ly to uu-wer oniers or return can at the variety store,' Pant.udrn it lints- maip. WUUiH, WOR.H.S-Dn. M. Hitciicock unrivalled nnd unequalled WORM TEA, a sovereign remedy for Worm. Strange and incredi ble are the ellecls of ihc.-e deleslublo vermin ; few person-, ami it is thought none are free from them, par ticularly females and children. Many per'ons go through a di-ltesMng course of medicine wilhont 11 benefit, when they might bo relieved by using the Worm Ten. This invaluable medicine has I ecu tested by the experience of more than ten year use, and administered to more than 10,000 persons of various age-, ami not one solitary complaint 1 on the contrary hundred have called, and unsolicited, given their de cided preference to it. after trying thu tliilerenl articles sent forth to the pubic, nnd pronounced Dr. M. Hiteh-eiu-L's Worm Tea the mo-t sufe. elleclual. antl con venient remedy ihat can le obtained : for in no one of llie thousand 01 instances svnere 11 uu 1 mi umu ngreeable to Iho printed directions has it ever failed. N.ll, Afck for Dr. M. Hitchcock's Woum Tea, as there are many nostrums abroad for Ihe de-truclionof worms For sale whole-ale ami relail by A. HITCHCOCK ot CO.. sole proprietor;-, 117 ucneco ttrcei, uin-a, nnu by their ngents throughout the Union. In Hurlington, by J. & J, II. Peck it Co. In Vtrgennus, by .1. 11. Bowman. In Milton, by Burnet & Sawyer. In Georgia, by Lorenzo Jones. aug!0 Klu'i-in.-m's IHenbt (Hutment. If applied properly nnd in duo time, will cure the most painful cases of swelled breasts, and prcvcnt lho for mation of abscesses Even svhero tho swelling has pointed nntl shown every nppcaranco of breaking, this ointment hns entirely dispelled it, and restored tho parts to a healthy condition. In applying it, n smooth nnd soft covering to the breast should be matin of soft leather, or fine compact limn, with n holo in thu ecu tiototidiiiilihoniple. When so made, put a coating of iho ointment over tho inner surface and apply il eloselv nnd smoothly over tho whole breast, leaving tho nipple protruding through the hole, m that the chiltl can nurse, which it should do ns long as the mother can bear it. Caro should bo taken to havo the breus.1 drawn by ibo child or otherwise, o uh to pre vent nu accumulation of milk. Whenever tho plas ter nets rinkled. nnd thereby uncomfortable, n iicwono should be applied, and constantly worn until a euro is nlleetcd. it is suiiiuumcs necessary 10 sin utu sines so they will conform to iho shape ol tho breast, nml cover it closely. Ask for Sherman's breast ointment, and sou that his signature thus, "A. Slitrman, M. l)., IB oil mo wrapper, none inner can uunciiuuiu. SHERMAN'S PAPILLARY OIL Is Iho only infnlliblo remedy fir sorn nipples ever dis covered. It will euro tho most troublesome cases in ,1 few iImvs si'ilbniii dcnrivuiL' tho infant of tho breast- warrnnled Mipcrior to all oilier remidies when applied nceoidiiiLr to tho directions on tho bottle. See that thu signature of "A. Sherman, M. D." is on tho svrapper, none oilier lb genuine, jic paiui uiai ui vtiu ...llV. ,l,.,.t..,I ...1 ,l,.nnn..,l fj.d.l nl ,hr, Vnr.e. ty siorc PANOIIOHN st HIUNSMAIP TV TEW SHEET ION. COPPER it 'I IN WAIH 1 I-STAUI.ISIIMEN'I . 'I hesub-eriler, laic ofllie firm of Starr it Jlo-tsi tck. having nurcha-eil and re moved tolho Sioie lately occupied by Strungh & Co., ..n.i siil,. tiftlii- C.iurt H'ou-e Sotiare. one tluor norlli ol the Lou Cabin. i now ready to ilo all kinds 01 worii that thu iinblii' wi-li in his line of biisini;.-, sur-h a covering roofs wiih tin, making ami putting up eave troughs and spout-. All kinds of Tin, sheet Iron and CYinnei- Wur.. u-i fi Lent 011 hand, and lor sale nt a- low prices a can I e found in the State. Sheet Zinc, Copper Pump-, l-ead Pipe, nml all oilier nrlieleiu the lino of our bu-ine.-s kept on hand. For cheapness of unci' and neatness of execution, mv work will not be excelled liy any in llittiaie. 11 you svimi mrauy iiiiuu in ihe above line, leforo you tra e I e sure ami call upon il. II. uwi "iv. uuriingion, amy, isiu. O'WI Nails, llrads American Iron. UUU kegs Nnils from 31 lo G0J 250 do Brill from Ga lo20a llor e -hoe Iron Scroll and Hametloall ize Hand Iron from I J to . inch Round tlo tlo j to 1 3 tin Stuaretlo S fi to A tlo J. it J. II. Pi ck it Co., June 19. Agents fur Keesi-vtlle Manufacturing Co 100 I j?1''A,:HI-vt: U't'EXSILsf. ;0 tlo I lay rorl. s, 1j do Manure Forks, :.l) tlo Hies 00 tlo ses the Snathes 7j do ca'-t and German -leel Si-vlhe.-, etadle Scyiht-, Sickle-, Ploughs, ami Plough i-asliugs by lliirliuglou, June rj. J. iv J. 11. rr.tu iv io orv Sheeting, Shit ting, Prints, iic. OU lutes -l-l brosvn sheeting, 5 do 3 do shirting, 10 do Ticking, 3 ca e.s -1 -1 1 leach Sheeting, 10 do American Print-, for sale by J,,e 10 VILAS, LOOMIS and Co. 100 chests, do. GROCERIES young Hyson lea, 7a tin llysotisum, 211 1 ags pepper, 0(1 tlo Pimento, 40 do Co Ye .Ml boxes Pipes 100 do HarS.iip i(!0 tin Rai-iiis oO kegs tlo 10 do Pure ginger .ton t:its L'a-sta Si. I'nux Rum. Hollantl Gin, Sunelte llrandv, Hal ,,,,.,. i:,n. Aioencnn llrandv. Chamaignr. Hrow and Pa'e Sherry, Madeira and Sicily .Madeira, .Mar ,-cills Madeira and Malaga me-, I y June 7. J. st J. IL PECIs t Co. 100 GROCERIES. The sub-crder has a full siipp y of Gi-ocerie-, incluihng cogniao Brandy, common do. Hollantl and Ball ire (iin, St. Croix and low priced Rum, Port, Mndetra, (Jhampaigne, .Muscat, Stiil.ifii nml other Wine-. Molas.-e-. Ti-u. Co:liv, ( hoeolate, loaf, lump ami brown Sugar-, Rue, Pepper, Cinnamon, Nutmegs, Allspice ami other spice-, Cigars. Tobacco, .Mnckerel, UODH&H, rest kind tor per f)0 lbs. And most oilier article in the grocery line, Also DRY GOODS, all of which will I e sold as cheap as nt anv other place. The Liquors will be warranted nf the Ih.i nualitv intruded principally fur supplying Tavern-Kceperrs, who svtll lind it for their interest to call and examine mem. ".1 .... Burlington, June 10, i WINDOW SASH Just received 13,20 and 217 by 9 casements ol sash, a first rate article at 3J and 3J cent per light ; aUo nil kinds nml sizes, furnished to order. Tieondcroga black, a fir.-t rale article, for sule very low, together with n great variety ol other arti cle, ns cheap a can be found nt any other establish- iiictii in ihe placiv. Gl:o. i'i:i -.iis0N. rpili: IIOiTrsSI'OUE of tho stihsonl er i now fully J. replenished wiih a large collection of IIOOIsS and STATIONERY, recently rolected in thu New 1 ork market. Particular pains ha been taken 111 ihc ;n Mirlincnt Willi rcfcrcnco to Books adapted to to .lulli schools. The newe-t publication have been relei-let lurthis object, ail I Libraries can nuvv I e (urnt-btil u.iili mis. iitnnunt nt tboN. . priceS 1 A. UllAMAN IXTAYO it WAIT liavorcturntt lioiu.esv lori. 1Y1 with their supply of spring nnd summer Goods, laid in nt the pri-Mint un-isiml low r ile, which tin y are prepansl tosell n cheap as can be had in the eoitnlry, liityer. are rmpcctfully mheilisl to call and res-cive iho proof, al the store recently occupied by Lnhrop & Potwin corner of Churchand Colicfie-sls May 20. QTORE Tt) IiET, at Winooski Village, tho O note recently occupied by Lathrop nud Potwin will I let nnd possession given immediately, apply lo ihe fciibscribers corner Church ami College s. Bur iliglon or loliideon Lathrop. MA.O&WAn. Hurlington, Nay i!U, 13 la POWHER.-100 kegb by June9. J, vt J. H. Puck & Co. DYE STUFFS. bbls. Cam Wood 200 do Log Wood St. l)onnn?o 230 do LogVv-ocHiuinpeaciiy 250 do Furl io 200 tlo Nicaragua -JO do Alum ' 25 do Blue Vitriol 30 tlo Madder cn ...,rt ns-. Oil Vitriol Mnnatie Aet.f, An in Kuril's, Nitric And, Oareumn Bar Wood, Peach Wco.1, Quer Utror 1 l.arU;, ftpani. r-, . '.1 11 r,.l rri. Lao live. Null Gn -. lire: I'lu'er. Jacks. Tenter Hooks, CreamTarlni and A gal June 19. by J. it J. II. I r.l h, sv Co. WII.I. YOU HESIIAVD at LoneyS ne Dressing Room. I. Loney the undersigned, would Nosv inform the pul lie kind, That having left church strei", In Hosvaril's Hotel can lefoind. Ilo will not boast his bar! or skill, As tin ihc public leng have knosvn, But I eg to ask their custom Mill, For dilligcnce he yields to none. When he that would unto his face An'l head h ive sterling justice done, Pray don't inMnkoihe proper place, Km mil nnon Irr.M Lonet. P S. Clothes carefully cleaned to order. Perfum erv of all Kind constantly on nana ana lor we, Hurlington, July 10, 1&10. in nnn paints & oils. 1U,UUU l,s. dry white Lead 100 casks gro'indilo do 13 Ml-. Venetian Red 0 ea-ks Ereiich yn low 50 bbl. American Linseed Oil, 95 do Snirits Turpentine Conal Varni-h. 0,iM Leal, Sand paper, Small llru-hc., Glue, (111111 Copal, by J. it J. II. Pkck it C M Til E l'UHI.IC. In ofTcring this Edition of . Smith's GeoarnDhv nnd Atlas lo the public, lh Publishers invite attention to the following additioni and improvements. The Geoirranliy has been carefully revised and en. larvccl, is illustrated by about thirty additional Cuti, nna is periectiy auapieuin an its parts to tne new Mans. The entire text of tho book has, (at much expense,) been thiowti into uniform large lupe which we feel confident will bo regarded as a very decided impra vemetii. The tables nnnended to tho Hook were made with enre, nnd contain much salunble information in a condensed fon. The names and length of th principal Cnnahnnd Rail Roads (finished and in pro- ,'rest) nrc given, nnu tne places connected i awo a omtileto list of the Oolleucs. Law and Medical Schools. Theological Seminaries and KcligiousHo. nomination of tho United States, the reigning Sov creignsof Eurode, &c. An entne new Atlas accompanies the Hook, eon tainitiL' ciuhtccn very superior Maps, mostly drawn expressly for this work Irom original survevs and the most authentic sources, and embraces mucri valuablo information not to be found in any similar work. Our own country has received special attention. The Rail Roads, Cnnal, navigation of Rivers and recent changi s, aroall carefully marked, and many counties arc shosvn which do not appear in any other Atlas. Among tne peculiarities) 01 1111s woric may do mention ed the plan of showing the population of Slates and Countries) in round numbers on the face of the Maps. The navigation of Rivers for Ships, Steamboats, loops, iv c, is suowii uy placing 111 rue ueaa 01 na vigation the appropriate characters for each. 1 he .Map aim c uari 01 ine s onu comiunea ton an ntiroiiew plan, showing nt one view the Natural nnd Political Divisions of the Globe, the Extent, Popula tion. Reliirion. Form of Government and State of Civilization of each Country,) has attra'ted much at tention, and is considered a great improvement upon any thing heretofore attempted in the form of a Chart as here all are shosvn nt a single glance, and the re lations they sustain to each other. We would alo solicit attention to the remarknblo distinctness and eae with which es-ery name on tho Mnp mny be read ns well as to tho very superior style anil execution or tho work in other respects. The Questions at tho close of the Book are important, and will bo found very convenient for a General Revicss-. or.iijmiM-. sv a 1 units. Hartford Connecticut. For sale by SAMUEL HUNTINGTON, Bur lington, Vt. and by the Princial Booksellers in th L nitcd siatv?. Hurlington, July 3d, 1510. Q EARIj HOWARD, cf ihe Cheap cash store, O. arrived home from New York la-t evening by tho splendid s'eamer W httehall, f). Lyon Capt. and brought with bun nn additional supply of Goods, which wild ill iwo it.rtticr puriiiuscs ui uu -t-a-on manes, the assortment altogether one ofllie most desirablu to select Irom of any that he ha here'oforc had for the last eialitecn year-, nnd is ol'the following kinds, viz : ru n, la-iiionaMic, laney mm staple articles m every lepuiltiicul ol Hie Ury (.mod line, such a uroaiicioths, Cas-iii-.ere-, Vc-ling--, Mou-eline de laine, Challys, Silk-, Bond azinc-, Calicoes, Linen-, Muslins, Lnees, Kilil oil-, lanliroitlerie.-, Hosiery uloves runs l m- brellas, Para-oll-, etc., whh a lull supply ofKlorenca anil S:rasv Bonnets, and Millenary Good-, al-o, Carpeting-, Mutual:, Paper Hangings, Shoe- and Hats together with all the heavy descriptions of domestic ,111.1 other gotsi-, siic'i as anccims, tarn, ouriaps" Wiiul Twine, etc. The Crockery. Lookms GInss and China Gnlliry is al-o replenished; tho Cutlery, Hard ware an i iiou-ei imisiimg department is in neeoroance with the oiher stocks r.n hand, thu var.cty cf fancy ar li.-lc-, -ti li as Toy, Jcwe'ry, C'linls, Curls, Confvc- litutary, elc. etc , which till- one hundred leel 11 snow ca-eu'i leu hi 11 his counter- is innumerable. The Dome and picture gallery is I cauiifilly arrumred fcr the ih-plny of Good- under a strong light, and then the lai.'e supply of-upenor family Groceries la-ed upon theSial'of Life, Rochester city Mill Flour, makes his Grand Bazaar (luanca-h store, one ofllie mo-t fasci nating tle-irable and convenient store- to 1 c f.irni-heJ from with nil antl every kind of articles that may te wished fur, or .1 ol.ed at for amu-ement and gratifica tion, or with a de-ire to i-on-ey the most pleasing in 'el!i'cnce to friend-, ol'the place where every article thev may tb-siie for ihc I elli-r'iitr of appeancc.-, adding to i-ninfoV, or siqiply ng nccc-sary want-, may 1 e had and a l done in -o lew words, as by only su'ying for svdi never and whenever you wi-h lo buy cheap' for cash iro to HOWARD'.. Hurlington, Vt., Juno 11, 1310. rYM.VM & COLE have received their usual i ex'en-ivo nsscr.'inent of Sjinng and summer GOODS, cm! racing u beautifil variety of goods for la.lie- tinnier dresie- i rich Fngli-h ami scotch Gmg-liani-, In ba mu-lin a superior article for white dresses : Jaconet cambric, a assortment of I arred and cite?' ere I Cam' no, prin'c I Lawn, mourning do. prin ted eatnl no and French .Mu-lin. An exlctisive assort ment ofAnieriean Cn'tctcs cheaper than ever. A fess Engli-h and French do. SILKS. A -niall a-or'niertt of Rich silks, including I lac'-, 1 b,e I .a,-k, colore I tin I stripe1. Bnm'ann Il'd'fs Pon-.'i e, Crim on, vvhi-e iU do, H " Ii inn t'rava's, (.ienilemen'- col'd and I lack I. t.l Glove--, Ho col'd, I iuek nnd white sill; glove.-, do. Berlin, Ll-le Thread, Lncn and cotton glo A gool a- or'tnent of II. icry, very cheap. Umbrella's and Parasols, Th 11 Bto's and Shoe-, La lies kid Ties am p., DOMESTIC GOOI'S. Merrimack cotinn', Davis-vtlletlo5-4. Colton SlK-elliig, Skirling, Ticking, col'J Cambric-' Yarn, Thread, nn 1 Knlitirig Cotton. S.i perllne Lr ns Cloths and I leach cotton. York Mixtures Stripes, Drills &e. Irish Linen, Shirtinj and Sheetins. Diaper nnd Cra-h, TAILOR'S TRIMMING?. Including rewing Silk, Twist, Thread, Pad lmg, ennva-j, klceve-llniri";, brown linen, Buttons, Binding, hi: VESTING. White lig'd Mcr-ails, Valentin, figured Satin, &c. Gauze, uml rich chullv fancy JPdk'fs. A great variety cf oilier DRY GOODS which comprise very exten-ive assortment, and areo,rered al astonish ins low puce-. Ladies and Gent' "Tien are invited to call nnd examine qualities and pricct. June 4. TTEHHENA ntKA.1I lor rhaviiig.elarined Ro V in. Warrm's I e-t Needle. Silver Thimble and lot of new Goods, opening at tho Variety Store. May 29. I'ANGHORN U. BRlNSMAlD. T AMP WICKS st GLASSES. Glasse for the Ji-J Hrittanin, tho Hrnss and llio Astral l.amps m tin. ferant bitcsj Wicks of nil sues, aleo tho tlat wicks fot Rust's Patent Lamps, Vaiiclv Store, Au. 21. PANGBORN st HRINSMAID. 11 IJ I l. The public nio infornicil llint n firn rate 1J Hull may bo loutui at my nam on North "ccl for the term of onu year ft 0111 date. CALEB, HICllARDSO-1' HurliiiRton, Sept. 1, IB 10. CtANES, Wo invite intention i,""r nw, n"0'',". ment of Canes, riding and walking Micks, now nnnninr. nt iho Vsnetv Storm wo liqvt large and Sfnalh crooked D. Bbt KS.tllTII. The sub-criler having re cenlly movesl from All any, and eomnunoed iho Bliveksmilli biisiius-, in all It form, in Ihc new shop on Madison street, near Foiled st Drad'ey's S-lorv, would lespe.-ifub'y mvite tho mini itnn's of Burlington ami vicimiy 10 give Ii.mi 11 call, as ho is filly picpared lodoatl kind.ol work 111 Ills line, on the rhorio t no tice, I c.-t manner, antl mu-l lo term-, Ho hat for many years pn-t given In- parik'tdiir nltenlu n to the uorse siic"ing tiii-iness, ana i-.irncry m on us branslu's. Fioin tin bug experience which ho lis had, and the eemml inlormaiton bo ha denvtsd loih, from theory ami pra'-tice, he feel fully confident in re commcndiug hlm-flfto tho public. Ilo will fre pre pared at ull lime-. 10 give hi. pcr.-onul nticnifon loall kind of work in hi- line-such n- Ironing War-goiu B ,d Sleigh, Shipwor!.,&c. All kinds (( o.lee tools 1, ado in ho best mannrr and mo-t approved ly.e, He iru-ts that I y KiviiU bu-iness hi undivided ntirnion nnd ihe low price, ut which !' will ' oiableil to fur tush work, tcicceiseii tharool I j'j.o'f' Hurllnirtnri, April 10. 18 '0- STRAY IlOltsiJ-r. nirn.-iiii 110111 inosiii'siri' i-r. oruboul ihe 0ih of July, ono black boro wiR 11-mu white about the neck, earned ly wear of ihesiol, or and bme wi'h spavin lW. .Uso, orm fry hor'sr. one bind tra la at; aHut Jff rt old. wul tome lor, I Ptirlinftrni A"? 1610. j. rpTTfJ?.

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