Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, October 9, 1840, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated October 9, 1840 Page 3
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OPINIONS OP MILITARY MEN. ' General Gaines, recently published a letter tVing his testimony in favor of the distinguish ed qualifications of tho gallant Hamuson for the first and highest office in tho world, as that of President of tho U. States is acknowledged to te, which accitlently escaped from our hands without republication. We find one equally important and pointed from the votoran General Scott, as brave a man as ever drew blade, a fellow soldier of tho Hero of Tippecanoe which wo publish below, for the purpose of calling tho attention of the People to the charictor of the unfounded calumnies which tho Federal office-holders have scattered broad cast over tho land. A single word from Gen. Scott is sufii lent to outweigh the detraction of the whole host of writers and spocch-iuakcrri in the pay of the President. Saihtcmja SrntMos, Aujr. SO, 1840. Dior Sir.' Your complimentary letter of the lOih instant, inviting me nit thopartof the Harrison Com mittce of Correspondence for Duller county to visit you, and be present at a Convention in Pittsburgh, Lis found mo in this place. A tour through tho Keystone State would be high ly interesting to me, but my public duties at this lime forbid, and I ought to add, that us an officer of tho Fed eral Government, 1 early precribed to myself the rule to abstain from taking an active pat t in the con flict of politics. Hence, in thirty-two years, I hnyo not once been to the poll, or to :i party meeting. This eiticiai resjrve lias however never prevented mu ironi discussing with the spirit of a fireman, in tho casual inter of society, the merits of all public men and pub lic measures of my time. Thus it has often alien in my xeaytobear zealous testimony to the distinguished rri i) General Harrison, both as a statesman anil a soldier. With those services I hare long been, a miliar, and can only attribute to gross ignorance or la party malignityi the recent imputations to which you allude. If at tlic end of the late war with CUcat Drit.iin, or m the end of that so successfully waged by General Wayne against the Northwestern Indians, ,my pcron d shamelessly impeached tha eouraso of Gin. Har rison, he wouhl I am fully persuaded, have not only Al patriotism but his courage denied by every honest hearted American. It was never my fortune to serve tn the fit-Id with General Hatiisoti, Hut I ictll ri tAtmber the admiration tnt'rtaintd by my immediate associates in armsor the Hero of Tippecanoe, Port Afeigt and the Hirer Thames. This sentiment, as Jar aseser I knttcor bcliettd, cas common throughout "eur Armies, both ofi -trs and men placing him, iriV.'i eie accord, in Hit tian 0 our most gallant and nic tktiful commanders. Without meaning to violate the 4Mtnposrd rrstrie b'ena mimtbnud abivc, I cannot, being Jtrrcll v ap Psled by your rrspretablt committer, withhold this Wamble testimony fiom an old brother solder who has been bj unjuJtly .mtiailtrd in this late day of his fair re iown. I umain, luy Deer Sir, with high respect, your obe dient aervant, WINFIELD SCOTT. ' Sam'l A. feaivAscE. Ekj , on behalf of Tippeen not Club of Duller Co., la. C?"Vo contmentl the following candid ad mission of tho I'liiladclpliin (V. II.) Sentinel to tlie attention of tho ex-State Printer. "Go 'thou and do likewise." . "Thore s'cms to be a misunderstanding between us end sahifl of our readies, in respect to the duty we twe lu the public in giving election returns In our simplicity, we supposed that we had nothing to 1I3 but publish the actual result of an election, (jiving 'the returns as accurately as possible. We support d that truth was the main 'thing, and that all our readers would b j glad of our help to get at it. As legards the Main: election, it were the tiling in the orldto v O. IC. Druiirrrnrv triumiihanl ! ! Fairfield eh-r- rd by 10,000 mrjority ! ! ! &e. etc. Hut it strikes us this would be ljing! And moreover, tin actual n suit would ba the samj, our lie to the conlinry notwith standing. Elections, like murder, will out. The bal lott boxes will tell their story, and if thry have evil lidin,; for u, the s-wnfr we kit jw it the better. If we have besn threshed ami beaten in Maine, or any Trhcre els;, let imbue toknuw it and own it, and try to d j better in oth-r States, where the contest is yet to take place This natchins un of elections already -rast, to make them tally with our own wishes, U poor pusmess. Heller spend the tunc and labor in pre par Wjr for election in come," Itr.sio.VATio.v. Tho Boston Post is gnd- Ually getting reconciled to the idea of havin cn. Harrison for our next President. That paper says : "If the country nWMbc condemned to nufTor un drashi President for four years, perhaps Harri oan wjJid do as little hurt as any one. 1 lie mon. tal ent a whip has, the more dangerous he is, and the -More injury will he do the country. The w irst to be pprchrnded from Harrison is, thsl he w.ll be made the submissive tool of greater rouu-ts." PROGRESS OF OPINION. Thr Midmnianof this moming contains n letter of General John P. Van Ness, formerly Chairman of the Jackson Central Committee, of the District of Columbia, in which he aigns reasons why he can n longer support the powers thai be. Taught by ct penance, ha is constrained an a friend of his country and her institution1., to go against the spoils adminis tration, and to raiife on thssulu of the neople, under the banner of Harrison and Deform. The letter Mr., a v leran of the nUI Jackson parly, is full of instruction, and ought to he read, generally, by his late political nsioeiatrs. To many of them, we -doubt not, it would prove n v.ord of truth in season. Baltimore Patriot. Maine. There is and can be little further from Maine until the votes officially canvassed in January. We hae looked at all the accounts of bath parties, and we still bolievo Kent elect ed Governor by t!0() .Majority over Fairfield, and ct least 100 over Fairfield and scattering. The most circumstantial accounls which reach us give him 225 majority, while only 11 scattering rotes had been ascertained. The Journal of -Commerce makes Kent's majority MU only. Wc arc confident that there cannot be scatter ing votes enough to to defeat his election by 'by the l'noplc. At'tr I.01 iM.vK.i. Gov. Roman has given official notice that a Member of Congress for the ensu ing Kctsion is to be chosen from the Third T)is. triet of Louisiana on the day of the Presiden tial Klcction (Nov. 2d) in place of Hon. Hico Garland, who hss resigned. As John Moore, Whip, was lately elected to the next Congress .from this District by only 33 majority, we may rxpect a close contest, especially if Mr. Wise enters the field again. Judge Moore, we tiko for granted, will be tho Whig candidate. lb. Gr.v. Gai.'.ks of tho U. H. Army has written a letter to a Western friend, developing .1 system of National Defence by means of Railroads and Floating BattericF. In the courpc of it, ho men tions that ho has been quoted as an authority against Gen. Harrison ; whereupon he proceeds to defend and eulogize both the Millitary and Civic character of Gen. Harrison, in terms of glowing approbation, Hon. John of Virginia, Whig enndi - date for Vice President, is now on a visit to Columbus, Ohio. He has been vnrmly greet ed wherever he stopped on tho way, and nd- drcfscd the citiwps of Columbm on his arrival there, in reply to a welcome from the Mayor. His remarks were listened to with enthusiasm Smith aud Fletcher, the Loco Foco Representatives from Vermont, wera ntnonv the lawless held who trampled upon tho broad seal of New Jersey, Now 1st them sco what they can do with the broad seal of their own State. Missouri Hep. A Stay. his well understood that there was very extravagant belling in Washington iast winter, umonfj tho members of Congress, on tho Presidential eon test. Tho Courier states this morning that since the Maine election, soino of tho Loco Foco members have issued a sort of circufnr to the gentlemen with whom they havu bets, uithdraiting Hum, in some instances whore thn money has been paid into thhc bauds of a stake-holder. Ncuark Daily Adr. Gen. Thomas Hinds of Jufibrson County, Mississippi, died a short time since. Ho was a Van JJurcn candidate for Elector of President, and we believe the only one of the four origi nally nominated who had not already died or declined. Money Mattf.hs. S. Jaudon, formerly Cash ier and since European Agent of tho hank of the United States, having returned in the Great Western with about $5,000,000 in specie to the account of that Dank, a strong effort is to bo made for a General Resumption of Specie Payments by tho solvent Ranks of the Middle and South urn States immediately. To this end, five Phila delphia Banks have agreed to advance three millions to the U. States Rank, whoso liabili- tics are greatest of any of them ; and it is be- hoved, that tho Resumption, so far as tho Mid dle States are concerned, may be effected before the close ol the current month. Stocks have generally improved during tho last fnmight : that of the U. S. Rank now ranges (31 a 63. Stonington Railroad, which has been down to 12 1-2, is now up to 30, and rising. fit 1 trAcr. From the Albany Daily Advertiser. DREADFUL STLAMIIOAT ACCIDENT AND LOSS OF LIFK. We regret that it becomes our dutv to record amnsi appalling steamboat accident which tock place yes terday on board the boat Swiftsuro, This boat left pur city about eleven o'clock yesterday morning, hav ing in tow scvrral barges and boats lor Now Yolk. i neri 111 uic vieiimy 01 1 asllcton, and about U or S miles from this city, the boiler of thu boat exploded. i neu mv coiuu",on caused uy tliecvplosioti had sub sided, it was found thut scvcii persons einploved on the boat had been more or less iniured. An aeennnl of thn disaster had reached the-city in ihccouiscof the afternoon, but it was not until the Swil'tmre came up in tow of the Tioy about 7 o'clock, that the whole was Known. I lie lioat was brought to the dock lit thu footofLvdius Mtcet. wdiero ivire aid. mi'dir:,! find otherwise, in the power of mini t'o bestow, was ren dered the unfortunate individuals. Out mioi mailt ays that with one exception (the " " '" i.niiiiie-eT,) uic uouies 01 me sui- fi-rers presented such an nppiarnncc thai their in a rest friends would not be able to recognize them. At the time of wiiting thin article one man was dead, and our informant says that the Kngitner could not possible survive an hour. Wu have not been able to ascertain with accuracy what caused the explosion. Among the medical gentlemen who were in atti.n-diini-e were Doctors March. Huu, Arinsbv, O'Cal laghan, .Springslced, fee. We annex u list of the snllerers by this dreadful calamity. Thomas Havens, the Engineer; of Shrewsbury, New Jersey. Mr. H. is a married man with a family of seven small children. A son ofThos. Havens, about 12 years of age: is but slightly injurt'd. Daniel Hagcrman, of Shrewsbury, N. J., fitcman dead. Henry Vatc, fireman ; is a marrinl man and has. a family re ides at the corner of Christopher and Washington streets New York very badly injured. Robert Unites, fireman has a large laiiiilv very sciiously injured. Georgu White, fireman, fiom New Jersey vcrv seriously injured. John Kearney, deckhand, father lives in New York seriously injured. Nicholas Daws, deckhand, lives in this city; but (ilishtly iniuri d. Six o'clock' this morning. Hut one now survives tup umortunats calamity, and ol mm nil hopes 01 ex istence for half an hour are abandoned. Mr. Havens dipd about 9 o'clock Iat night ; Graves dird about 1 o'clock this morning; John Krrncy died in lh counc of the night ; George White about 3 o'clock this mor ning; Henry Yates will no doubt be dead before our paper go s 10 press. We oiiphl not omit stating the attentions bestow id upon the unfortiiiiatcHiiiri'rers by the lailv nassencert of the Troy, when the Swiflsiire was towed up to this city. Assisted by the chambermaids of that boat, they did all that lay in their power to nllcviatc their Mifferings. GREASING A HAIL ROAD. We have beard of nearly all sorts of mil rosd acci dents, and obstructions to 'locomotives, but greasing n rail road is entirely a new invention. A few weeks ago the cars on tho Washington and Philadelphia road when near the latter city, suddenly losM-ncd their ve locity. Tho locomotive was in good working order, the wheels icvohed as uual, but no advance was made. What was 10 pay no one could lull, the track was smooth and clean, no impediment was in the way bnt th'j whole train remained in statu rpio. Passen gers broke oil' conversation, siuck their bends cau tiously outof the side win-lows, aud inquired of the conductors what was the matter. One by ono they began to descend, stretched their legs and looked around. A slight examination showed the cause of all the tionble. Home mimes with ihe most ingenius malice and love of mi-.chicl', had been amusing them selves with greasing the rails for 11 mile or so, which effectually pf collided all advance. We cannot imagine any thine more nrovokui" than for two or threv hun dred persons all in a hurry aslnlks on a rail mad nl- way-, arc, to tind tlu-inselves in sucli a lix. 1 lie cir cumstances, however, did not admit of grumbling, or at least the exercise of that inherent right of every Englishman and American would not mend the mat ter, and all hands vvero forced to turn out and throw ad on the rails, lly this means, after an hour's detention, the train was gut over thu too smooth miic, and then proctedtd without interruption. fall lifeless in tho street I Watts was immediately seitcd and taken before Justice Drtiry, who, after' the excitement subsided, which was very weal both in and around the office, examined tho witncssosand tho prisoner. The latter, on being questioned by tho ma gistrate, admitted that ho had stabbed the deceased, but did not intend to stab him. Tho prisoner said, in Ins defence, "ho was assaulted by Collier, that ho drew for defence, and stabbed away indiscriminately! that lie did not intend to kill Tucker, but to defend himself from Collier, who was the cause of what hap pened. After hearing all the evidence, tho examin ing justice committed tho prisoner for trial at tho en suing Criminal Court on tho charge of wiuiy mur utnng Henry Tucker. DnsAnrcL accident. A few evenings s'nee, says tho Mercer, Pa. Luminary, Mr. John Dounlass of N. lledford, was married ton young lady, a daughter of Mr. Hydo of trnon. Ohio ; on tho following after noon, just before leaving for this place, his brother-in-law asked Mr. D. to look at a young horse hchad pur chased, and while leading it toward tho house with a halter round us neck, his wife camo out and remark ed that she could ridu it. He took hold of her, as if ho was going to put her on its back, when it took flight, mid running close by another horse, the latter kicked bun on tho hack, vdneh knocked him down and the halter becomingiastencd round his hand hewasdravvn over a pile of wood and then for the distance of fifteen or twenty rods, the horse running nl full speed, until they reached a cross fence, when the side of bis bead struck tho comer of tho fence, fracturing his skull in a most shocking manner, and striking with such force as to move the rnils several feet, and thu sudden hill throwing tho horso lint upon the ground. His leg was also broken and dreadfully mangled, cither when hostiuek the fence, or bv cdminir 111 contact with something on the way. Mr. Douglass lingered until Saturday, nt times showing signs of sensibility, and occasionally uttering a few words when he expired. Hew to obtain Tiir. MAsTGRV. An unfortunate married man was very ill-uscd by his Xniilippe; ho was even treated with an occasional thrashing. His friend railed him upon this, and at Inst induced him to declaio that ho would make an effort to become master. One day, not long after, his better half was so furious that he found himself compelled to take shelter under the table. Just at this moment, the voice of his friend was heard in the passage. "Come out t come out 1" cried the wile, fearful of an exposure. "No no," cried the husband 111 triumph, "come out indeed, not 1 I'll show for onca thai I mean to be master." A friend has sent us a specimen of tho bread which is furnished the seamen on bond tho Macedonia. Wc have sent it to the Log Cabin, and wo hope the peo ple will call there and see what kind ol'food this admin istration considers good rnough for the tailors. It is but justice to the administration to say, that this specimen contradicts the asset lions of some of the Whins that the Sub Treasury pai ty is opposed to mil mal food for the laboring classes; for there is not n sguarc inch in this bread but has a tloten Virrms alite and cratcling in it. 1'ror. Journal. E. P. Smith, the patentee of the new screw pro peller steam ship Archimedes, has published a chal lenge to run his ship against any paddle wheel steam er in the kingdom, except high pressure encincs. The trial to take place in tho open sen, over a distance of 100 or E00 miles, for the sum of one thousand guineas. WrsTLHN Wit. The great excitement in the West brings out much originality on their banners and 111 polical meetings. At Dayton, Ohio, oni' banner represented Amos Kendall on hii- back, his heels in the air, his hat falling off, and F.tra Globes tumbling forth. Motto "Charge along the whnk line." In one of the cabins was a lire teolf, with a sheep skin tied 011 him. Motto "A PATENT DEMOCRAT." Another represented Van Huron running down hill, his locks and coat tail streaming in in the wind, and a barrel of "hard cider" alter him ; he was crying out "so;i that barrel !" Upon another were the letters "K. K. O. K." This was too hard for us, and we asked the bearer its meaning ; he told its it meant, .n home over hurivm. "Three in . Rm." One of the resolutions adopted at a lug meeting in Concord a few cvunintrs since, reads thus : " Hesuhcil, That we coi)rratulatc the Whin's of our cis'er Slate.--, Vermont and Maine, upon their 1-ite simial triumph over the combined forces of the office-holders and office-seekers, and that New Ham i-miike will yet prove her self a sister worthy Vo lay in the' middle.' " NOTICE. The CiiiTirNncs Cocntv Consociation will meft PINK I, V AIDER for sale. 80.000 feo! 2 in h plank inch LoarJ. H Inch flooring, and ab stuff, clear and common apply to STRONUStVtJo. WANTED at this office, a boy from tho country, fourteen or fifteen years of age, os an apprentice to 1 11c pruning uci. I, mill. Cliurlottc Fcmnlc Seminary. THE Winter Term of this Institution will com mence oa Wednesday, the 29th of October next. at Charlotte Four Corners, t. Tho department of instruction is committed to Miss Eliza Hitchcock, who is well qualified to tcacli all the branches pursued in Institutions of this kind. The Institution is undor the supervision of Trustees, appointed by the Metho dist E. Chinch of Charlotte. Terms ol tuition, per quarter, as follows 1 English .Studies, common branches, 91 00 Do. do. including higher branches, 4 00 French, Latin and Greek, each, extra, 1 00 Painting and Drawing, each, evtra, 1 23 Board can be obtained in tho neighborhood of the Scininaty, for SI 31 tier week including the use of room, fuel, light- and washing. Each quarter will consist of cloven weeks, and the school will continue two quarters before there will be a vncalion. The un dersigned can confidently recommend this Institution toallhisfiiends, nnd the public generally, as worthy of patronage. Tho best attention will lie paid to the health nnd habits of the students. M. llATES, In behalf 0 the Trutttes. Charlotte, Sept. 30, 18-10. LOVELY & HURLBUT nro now receiving and of-J frint for snln n onlnnHld nnd rfnalrnMa trtmnnll of fancy and staple Dry Goods, and othera auited to I wo urescni season, ana tms matKot amonpsi wuicn 1 aro foreiim. nnd dmnnali.. Itrn,tplnll, rSA.Gtmnrnol nnd Saltinettsi Valontia, and other Vcstlngsi Silks and Pongees of cvory variety Thread, Lnocs, Inser-I iiui.j, ix.e-.i oim-wiro noi ann otner L.acest rieni worked Collars Nil r. VnlU .Qt,.tt,i. 1;,, tT,ll,ira I Lawns. Litiens. Zcnh vr worsted n anl'mdirl naiiMmntit' I Moreens, and Flannels, travelling flaskets, beed Lags, ricn, ng u aim piam aiouseiainc, House 1'apor, now nnd elegant patterns, all very cheap of course, at the I tnuiipcasn store, tasisiatof UimrcJi-tlrstt. uurnngton, August 20, 18-10. (KJTOLEN HOIWIi-Stolcn from the no-ession of Jo.cnh Fountain, nt LVi1i.)ii(rp. 1 ! t.iiirr 1 of July lat, a small sorrel French mare, with a while r.wsrv Ih.ii,,, n.,i' .1, 1 ,...l ...1 nnda natural racier about seven years old. StiJl mare Is nippomdio have! ecn taken away, hvn Can adian, named Jo-enli Trainble win, isnbunt 'net- eight iivhen in height, dark complexion, elai k hair and I whisker-, I road Hat nose, and atrod about ililn v vcar. I 1 ue- 11111:1 is mppuiseiuu nave gone into tne state oia iVias-aowueils. inn 01 tins nothing e-erlain is knownJ Anv information relative to said horse, cr Ihe thief," win 11c nunorai.iy pam ior. Ati.ire the Milisirilr, Uuriinamn; Vt. J 0.4 E VII FOUNTAIN. 25, 1310. Prepare for Winter. THE FAUMEK'S COOKING STOVE.-The subscriber informs hi friend and the public, that he has on hand a variety of cookinc and other Stoves, such ns the Farmers, and the premium Cook Stoves; the uanaua uox nnu several kinds ol rariour stoves. Also Russia and Canada Iron Stove Pipe, Copper Pumns, and Lead pipe for wells or cisterns; nil of which lie will srdl as chcan as can bo had in the place. Those wishing to purchase articles of the nbovedescription, will do well to look in at my shop ono door north oi 1110 i-og uainn. Ilurlington, Sept. 30. 1840. H. II. IIOSTWICK. Administrator' Hale. THE heirs, creditors, and all persons concerned in tho estate of Alfred Day, are hereby notified that the administrator of said estate will sell, on the 1st Mon lay of October, BIO, at 1 o'clock, P. M. at John Howatel's bote1, nt public vendue, to the best bidder, the messuage and lot apputenanl, for sevcral yeais past occupied by the late widow Day, situate near the liridgo at Onion Itiver Jower falls, in Ilurlington. The premises will be sold in gross or separatu parcels, ns will best suit puichnscis. Also, said administrator will at the same lime sell all the interest of said csiatc in a certain lease of wa ter and piivilegc at said falls, Terms Ono fourth down; the balance in four, ci'dit, and twelve months, for good paper, on interest. WM. II. MluVSON, Adm'i. Ilurlington, Sept. 15, 1910. NEW DRUG KSTAIltilSIIMt'VT. At the sicn of tho MORTAR one door east of., d- J. II. Peck f. Co. Tho subscribers have opened an Apothecary Store, nnd intend to confine themselves strictly to that business. Thoy now offer to tho public a general assortment of genuine Medecincs, including all now Chemicals, nnd thu standard Patent Medicines; constant nttcnuancc, will be given, and particular at tenlion paid to prescriptions. jjurnngiun, Aug. xu. Tllto. A. PECK et Co. DEW'BY'8 Patent Hprlng-Tooth Ilorscltake. Tho Wire Tooth Horse-Rake, which has been used with so much satisfaction during the last two haying seasons in the counties of Rutland, Addison and Pennington, Vt. and Washington, N, V. will be kept for sale the present scbhoii by STRONGS & Co. niiriingion. 1 ncse raiees are auapteu 10 an meadows: they are easily tended, and do the work faster and better than anv other Horse Rake in use. It is found by experience, that tho expense of raking hay quarter as mucli as the common methed of raking with hand-rakes, besides securini? ihohnvin better or- der. Some farmers who have laino meadows, esti mate thn uscof one rake last hav season nt forty to fifty dollars. DAVID DEWEY, Patentee. Jul v 1, 1810. Trustee's Sate. THE subscribers, trustees of Lathrop, Potvvin et Wait, give notice that they intend .shortly to close thn business of thrir trust, and for that purpose now offer the entire stock of goods, at wholesale or retail, at a great reduction in prices, for cash. There arc many dcsitable goods in this stock that merchants might select to good advantage, and to such will bo given a liberal credit for satisfactory paper. The stocks consist of a general assortment of dry goods, crockery, glassware, drugs and medicines j and is well worih tho attention of merchants and others wishing for bargains. Please call nnd oxaminc the goods. MAYO it WAIT, Tiustees. Ilurlington, Oct. 1. TAYO it WAIT give notice to all persons imlebt lx cd to them, or to Lalhron. Potwin it Wait, to call and make immediate, payment and save further notice. uct. 1, lbu. PILOT CLOTH--Drab, blue, green, and black pilot cloths for coats, uncommonly cheap, from SI 75, to over SI rcr yard, for sale bv Oct. 1. MAYO & WAIT. "OROAD CLOTHS. A eood assortment of colors. JJ of cloths, cassimere3 and vestings are offered at a great reduction in prices lor cash t,v Oct. 1, 1310. MAYO & WAIT. 1 OH '5cs Tin Plate. J X. 30 bundles English x and American ahecl iron. oU do. do. uo Wire, copper and brass wire Ve-llum. for sale by Sep. 29. VILAS, LOOMIS et CO. OT Hales brown sheetings and shirtincs. 8 do. JJ York, power loom, and Dorchester Ticks, for sale by (s30) VILAS, LOOMIS & CO. MOFFAT'S PI1CKNIX IllTTKIts. do. VEGETABLE LIFE PILLS, At wholesale and retail by Sep. 2. THEO. A. PECK it CO. AT OTIC 12. The undersigned have dissolved co 11 partnership. Roth will remain at the office for a short time, to settle their accounts, and all persons wist wiioin tnev nave aemnnns, are earnestly rc at WiIIikIuii on Tuesday next. Will il,c ofliccrs and ,inCsted to close their accounts by note or otherwi e, clerks of churches see- that every church is fully rep-' Without delay. J. MAECK, resented. The Ciiittenpkn Coe-siy l'tnt.E Society will hold its anniversary on Tuesday, at 2 o'clock, P. M. In this anniviThary it is de-nre'd that every church in the county, of rvciy denomination, be represented by at icasi one eirivgaie. - In: 1 iinsociation w September 29, 1S-I0. D. A. SMALLEY. WHEREAS, Orpah R., my wife, without any just cause or provocation, has eloped from my bed and boa 1 el, I hereby forbid all persons harboring or ,11 t - . . .. y ' ,'',. ul. "" hsr contracting alter tins date, liiblc Society. J. K. CONVERSE, Reg'r. JON. Oct. 8, 1 10. Tift I reo'.l n n antilv cfSiila 1 Oil in leltie ' pacl.ajrt! ol .MavuarJ it Nov who e-a!i.' and ie ,nl, I y JM'G It. I I UhJj -3 Sep'. 23, IS 111. 1 oa II I' 2 Powder-. Tilt.O. A. PKCKetCo. rar tor -a'e be ll. WHl'.Kl.KR. Wostford, Sept. 23, 18-10. ATIIAN' WILLIS. 1). S.i To Purchasers of Hooks 1: Stationery. DA. URA.MAN o,:er.- at wbolo-iile and ct nil a che-iev asMir'inent of School HOOKS aud Mis eell.ineo'.is work-, together with an exicu-iw i-upplv 01 aauoncry. i itv ine-rchnn's ran l.e I iriu-liiil lib .til hints (X PAPER, on the 1110-t rca-ouable r;n-. I3oo.s such as are ol.taini-1 in i!oton, N. York 1 1 Philadelphia niarlot", oieVrevl nt -short imtur. Uiirlinsion, 0"t.B, IS 10. LATEST NEWS. Mr. Cunard's strainer, the Caledonia, arrived at Boston on Saturday, with i.onuon uates 10 .cpi. is. Ti,r, uiis no derided chnmioin the afpect of affatrs in Europe. Thu rnlilicnlion of the) ConMiition bct 1 M' ,11,.,1' Aiisitm. Irussia. Russia, and England, were exchanged at Lqndon, Sept. Tho .Sul.i s to be sustained against Mcheincl Ah, who hasnho offer of tkohernl taryand inch pendent soyerricnly of F-CM11, on condition that hoshQuhl relinquish all other ClOno'areoimt stalcsthat n compromise had been as billed to by .Mcheinct Ali, though the mediation of France. Other anil apparently more authentic ac eou ilH, however, rcprrtcnt the attempted iiiedtaiiou Ah 11 iib i ccessful ; thut at the end of ten -lays,. given Mc rmct Ali to consider tho ultimatum, ho manifested ti c tame .xflexiblo detcrininntion to yield uotlunp. Alexantlria and Syria were blockaded bylho Austrian n Kwui'S i'a8 ,00-000 mc" on 11,0 T;rKuu"chl.icaty has jus, been concluded bet--,vn F in-cand Enc)and, hjit the Hgnsluru of .ton the part of the is suspended, on ccexint of th'i Eastern qucbliun. RiriiAitn HouiillTO.v, KmQ. Kditor of tho Hos, on Atlas has boon plnred on tho Harrison Fec- EXTRAORDINARY LAW CASE. Some 20 years ago an Irishman married a young woman, his Junior by 25 vrars, in Liverpool, England, and set up a tavern on a large, scale. A fine looking, brawny Mlow fre.di front the gre-cii Mc, became a lodger, and in a short time, made love to the hostess, and prevailed upon her to elope to America. The lady beintr the factorcm of thehotol, converted every lliinL' she could conveniently into cash, and with her lovir and all tha tangibles that were poi table, set pad for .auierit:.i, lenvini: ne-r nusiMiid wiiii mr eni uv nouso. The elopement was so well planned and executed, that ncr whereahouts was not known lor nearly IH years, when her lorsKcn lord oiitanifii news 01 her arrival in this country and marriage to lur lover. A few (lavs aso is arrived here, nnd m s short tune. souL'ht and found his long lost wile. She immediately dropped on her knees, renewed her allegiance and swore that sho won d he his anain. Accordinulv sho hacked nn his goods, took several hunilretl dollars which her lalo, and flopid with her furl husband. When the last husband found out his posi lion, he commenced a suite 111 the superior court last Saturday, and had thn first husband arrested for crim. con, and seduction. The defendant was thrown into ind. and restrrdav morninc the narlirs had 11 friendly conference, quietly compared notes, balanced accounts discontinued the suit, released the truo husband, and went into a tippling hole and made merry it being mutually ngrc'-d that tho firbt husband should have the precedence, ,V. V. .Sin, DISCOVERY, Dr. J. K. Mitchcl of Philadelphia has discovered the secret of Mrelid's Automaton Chess Player, which has so lone puzrled the admirers of art and ingenuity. It appears by an article in ihe Philadelphia Gazette of anturtiny, mat nr. .Mitchcl piircnasrn ine automaton for the nurnose ol rrurodncne the machine, which Maccl had taken to pieces, and has satisfied himself of the secret which batik d all previous restorches. Thn writer mentions that the question of revenlin? the secret is to he submittrd to a meeting, when it is E resumed n contribution will bo made lo indemnify )r. Mitchcl for tho niirchatc money. It was nut nn i asy matter to select, fit nnd join tho endless parts of the machinery, wuien vuo cunning .uaczei ten siornu, previous to his departure for Ilavanna, in five separate noses, r?ucii 11 cuaos 01 mnvimr ryes, wnouen ilii'in brants and brass muscle's, tho Doctor had probably never encountered lit iiisdissocnngroom 1 nut his en orgy ami perseverance surmountm! all iiiitirnltics, run Sll O ( T I N J MATCH... The underi-imcl would re-pevtf illy notify ho porl-mcn of II.iu linslun nr.d vicinity that" Ibrv intend boldins a SiinmiNf, Maicii at J. Ik Dilr Inn in II uitinetun on Th'irday and Friday, iho22land 231 day- of O.'-tolerin-t., at which tune' and place they propose fir- ni.-hing Irom 100 to 150 I'diikic- for a trial of ilieir kill 111 -harii-.-liontin vv Inch rne-iim-tanfr it c hope I will im II, mini 1 he nail thni sattsfariinn of rc-crentir.g and giving Ihe rrnni-iiii iiiiiiniiiiiui 10 1 11c original lorm 01 ine 1 urk. iYfirurA- Adrvtiser. I'fbm tho National Intelligencer. T.'it.i. Arra.vv. At ill Killtd in the nubile streets. Tin. f.illmuinrr ilrrnilful occurrence has occasioned gnat excitement in this city, mid especially in tho vvrsiern portion 01 11, wmiu mm i""v:.. , , 'l'..-..r, Lrnnna. nulled Allell Walls lllll Richard Col Her, UCIWCCn WIIOIII SOIllO previous llll-iuiunn i.iiihiik or nuarrel cxisird, fell in company together at Suuter tavern opposite tho Seven Iluilihngs. 'Ilicio were some others present, and ninongst tho number a innii named H'-nry Tucker, a shoemoktr, who resided at .-- W'-.iu ..,,.1 In1lir hful ,1 minripl in t in house, when tho bitter slapped Watts in tho faro. To prevent a fight in tho lions", the landlord immcdi turned all tho parlies concerned into tho strrot, whnrn . ...... m 0,,,l lii.,,rn WnltH nnd Col her. ll is probsblo that Henry Tucker, who was standidg by, !nif.rf,.rf ,l nnd rndenvnrcd 10 nart tho combatants. Ho that as u may, it is certain iqai n mn s sei, 1., :iva Henry lucucr inrceor mur moos nupi hieh in l?ss man wmim-i ua.1-1 inm 1 Lyman Yale'h listntc. WE tin- K'lb.-enl or.- bavin? 1 ten nppoin'ed by ihe honoral le the nrol a'c co-irt for the dirincl ol Chitten 'tn, I'onimi-sinner.s to rcceivi', examine and a'ljiift the e-l-iuiK and remand-ol all per-ons aaain ihe e-ttt'e of l.vinan Yale, laic of Chailotte, in th ili-nict a fore aii, devearJ, roorcientesl insolvent and also a'l -I.iiin- and demand- e-elnbred in oTei ibe-rjio: and tix month- from thi'davof iheda'e here of I eiiiu nllowud l y -aid ro'irt for that p'lrpo.-e', wc do therefore hereby give nntier that we will attend to the bii-ine of 01'r appointment, at the dwelling of P.iltV Yale, in Charlotte in faid di-tiicl, on the 31 luc-dav.s in l ei rnarv and .nnre-h newt at 10 o vlocl A. M., on rarh of -aid e!aj. Dated this 1 1th da of Octuler, 1 10. A. L. REACH, Commis Oct. 1. D.WID COOK, ) tionm. iilui c a gnodiy nunil t lo attend, .1. S. JOHNS, iliiigir.n, Oji. 7, 1810. S. JOHNS. Nl-.tV riSII. -STOKE, 193 lliv-rr-st. Codfith 'raud I ank', lioie;ind .-raled ; SAorf Connuc- lieiit, Mas.., N. York and .Miiii.e; Mackerel No- 1,2 and 3, in I arris-, halve-, quarter- nnJ eigmn-; Salmon in tii'irrs, bll-., halve, and oiiarlcr.-; l'ick- led llerrin--', llallibiii, Haddock, Scale Fi-h, Codrt-h, Tongue- Snind-, Ilallibut Finiu, and Sword l-'i.-h in bbl-.; niadaline-, ruck, -ralrd, and Nn. 1 Herring in lose-; iileo, Stno'.rl fialinoii, Alfwivr-, Dried Ilalli but, Dunn Fi-b, rin.l SouFeil Salmon, for -ale by Troy, Srpt. 30. o9.3w PEASE it WK.'HT. Ijticy Allen's Instate. STATE OF VERMONT, ) fpiIE honorable ihr PlsTittcT of CiltTTi:.NDi;.N,ss. I Pr 1 ate Court fur ibu Di-irict uf Chitlcndeii. Ioa I per-on- concern ed in Ihe E-late of L'icv Allen, late of Kee'eville in ihe -late! of New York. iWa-e.l. GRELTING. WHEREAS, George II. I-ham, administrator of the c-ta:c of aid decca-ed, propo-c- to render an account ol Ins adrnini-tr.ition, and prc-cni nis ac count iv'aiiisl i-aide-tale for examination an'l allow ance at a fCs-ion of ihe Court of Probate. 10 I c holdcn at ihe Resi.-lei'- "(Hcc, in Uurlinitcn, on the M'cond Wudne-dav of Novenil er next : Therefore, vnu are heie-bv notified to nnncar I eforusnul court atlhetinui and lilace nforu-aid, and Au:v cense, if any yon have, why Ihe account afure-aid hollld not 1 e al low-oil. Given under my hand at IJiirlnglon, u 28:1 ilav ofSe'pteinl.or, A. l. 1S10. ' O-t.l CHARLES RUSSELL, Judge. Short fru Sato. TAKEN' on an execution, about 75 torn of hr, which will bo sold at public vendua oa th 9th of Octsbor itist. nt tho dwcllin? of Asa Dutton, in Essex. Oct. 1. II. FERRIS, D. Sherat. riMIE'l IPPLCANOE TLXTUOOh'.-J -t rwelvr-l, M. a lai?u mpply of Tppe-jsne-e Text Uuik, tnul up of documents and fact, illiitlrailii!; Gen. Ilarri-on' history, eharacier, servieij. and opinions, ll I warmly recoinmendrtl tollie friends of Gen. Harli. on lliro "ffU out the U, Sia'.Ci?, for tale at the boult store. June 20. J). A. URA.MAN. qHE Ilurlington HREWERY has J. now commencid business, and will have new Peer in a few davs, ,...., .11 ..!... Ill 1... . ....ll.. H attended to. Builington, Sept. 1810. GEO. PETERSON. BU'r(:iIKIlIN.-.n,esub.cri!cr will bun-her Ilojs and other animal-, and nack the -nine (for limily n-e, ifroq-ie'teil,) f r all tho.e who mav wi-h in this village, the pre ent fall and if noi done in a vvorkmalil.c manner, no pav. liurimgion, ?e;ii. 21. ej.M4i-.1j 111e.1iAi.UMi., N. U. Ilaviiij good aceomniodation-, I will ta!.r the nnimals at my rrJiden'-e and return them well drcsscil, for a fair e-onipen-atton C. R. "HOOTS, SHOl S et LEATHER. The subscriber PULMONARY BALSAM, of Lowe & Reed lioston, JL. just ree'd by THEO. ,. PECK it Co. 17AlMVnijIM M1IOIJH, a fill ns.ornnrul w t l1 roe'd and for a!e 1 v 11. W. C ATI IN & C-0 SA1.EIL' June 19. TVH. 40 ca-k,, bv J. et J. PECK it Co. TpNOLlSH Currants, Family Groceries, Salmon, J smoaked Hciring, for sale by K. Lovr.LV et Co. WORM LOZENOESs an excellent and conven ientmsdiciuctoiclibvcand extitpatu tins often fatal complaint in young children, by Sept. 21, 1310. THEO. A. PECK it Co. TTCH OINTMENTS Dumfry's, Russell's, Scotts, X and Wheaton's, all of which are much used for this troublesome discabc, THEO. A. PECK &. Co. Sept. 21. At thejiign ofllij Mortar. CROCKET, Comic and People's Almanacs, for 1310. 1000 for sale at publishers piicen, bv Sep. 30. VILAS, LOOMIS et CO. X (( ps. French, American, Satin and common UJ.f House Paper, some vervrich patterns, for Sept. 25. sale by N. LOVELY et Co. COTTON Wrapping Twineragood article just ree'd - Sept. 21. by N. LOVELY &. Co. TODINE SPRINO WATER. A recently discover JL cd fountain at Saratoga nnd contains propertle known 111 no other Spiing-its fieedoni from Iron lenders It safe to bo drunk by a certain class of inva lids vuth whom lion provct injurious tha quantity of I0J1110 contained in this water renders it tho most val uable mineral water firuverv species, of Scrofula yeH discovered, for sals by J. it .f. H. PECK ct Co. Atf ', MORE NEW DOOKR, Jn-t received at the Uooit Store-, A New liotcr. Win, 'll n.liow. Youn? I.a hu- Companion, Counto-i Ida. Havward's Nevr I'nslnnd (iazeccr. Milebcll's Ceograplui-nl Reader, a sy tern nt (Jeosraphy, coinpri-ing a iJe-criptieiti oi Ihe World with th! grand divisions, tl- igncd for In 'truclioiu in schools and f.imilie-. Wonder of lh Heaven'. D. A. URA.MAN. SONGS OF THE PEOPLE.-Log Cabin Sone 'e-inir u colltx-trun of Harri-on and Tylor Me-lodic.s Linlelli bed With a neatly ongravtsl Portrait ofOen. W'm. It. Ilarri'On, and a view of O'd Frt MeiiT', forssle nllhu Uool: store. D. A. DRAMAN. Uiirl.ngltJh, Sitne 2S, 1810. pLOTHIP.HB, TAKE NOTICE. T hes'ib-crllw J nt the Wintio.i. I Iron Foundry, ha un han-l and for sale, a new TF.AZI.LINt? GIG. made for narrov Cloth, 11 lirsl rale machine, of the iate-t improvement, which will I c sold cheap lor ca.h, or pxrhansud fr Cloth. JESSE OAY. Winooski Villasc, June 11, IS 10. The subtcriber has now ortme-nt of UOOTa and BOOTri Si SIIOJES. on ban I n jenrral a SHOES, of thi'inost f.i-luinab!e style, and thorough workman. hip, which l.e oilers very low for CASH. i:. J. KAY. N, R. All kinds rf ineascrc work done al short no lice. Uciiluitoti, Chtirch-tt -May 25, 1810. 2 CASES English Mermocs, 1 case l ieucii mid (iurnnn Merinos, 1 ra-e fig'd noinba.incs, jtut 'c'd aud for sabj bv VIL AS, LOOMIS it Co. 4"J CASES white and col'd Spool Tlircn I, 1 do Pins, & 300 lbs. while and assorted Thread, 500 gross gilt and fancy Hoi 11 l!utton, 20 do Fancy Soaps, just Sept. 21. ree'd and for salo by Vilas, Lcomis et'Co. SYR CP Sarsaparilla, a valuable medicine for linpit riticsof the 111 tod, Cutaneous diseases, and Debil ity i just prepared by THEO. A. PECK et Co. T30XVF.TS. JL ( I' the lute. 1 fi-hion eh'-ip I y I'nscan and Emrli.h truw Punnet just rcci-vrl nnd fr -tilt-P. DOOLITTLE. GLASS. liu rl in ton. rninnt, nnd E-;ex, C'yliu iIit Gliis--, made at ihe CLniiipl.tin Gla-s vvi i!,-, and very much iniprmeO in quality eomnarH wiih tho late brand-, for sale by J. et J.'II. PECK &, Co. havinc taken tho stote formerly occupied bv Messrs. Ilishtn it- H7itnr'. is now orieninrra ccncia'l assortment of Hoots, Shoes and Leather, which have all been bought for cash and will be sold for the same at the lowest price, and as the articles are too ntmicr ousto mention in nn advertisement, although Mr Sis cy has enlarged his paper, 1 would simply invite all to ' Just riv' for call and examine the goods and prices beloiepurchas ing elsewhere. ilurlington, July 1, lbiu. iiij.mi r. s u.-iisu, by E. J. Stisison, Agent. MAVNaIJD ,t NOVS' tine Elaok Writing Ink, whi h ha-stood te-t fur inore-lnriy yearn, A as'i ui-t rr.rive.-l and for biilc l.v 11 A iv'. 1810. C. GOODRICH. TinLi:s. BJ ol llilles v-e-rv laiye a-Miilnieiii ol" a 1 hiicj and pri.vs from 50 et-. to 15 ea.-h, ale at tlic iloo!. btorr. I). A. RRAMAN. HUMOUS 1 1 Notwithstanding the- publieour-nal- of tin d iv, are already crowded with noti- W1NDSOR IlIKLKS, for .Hient the vareiy More. PANUUORN fc IIRINS.MAID. ' r'AUPirnN(ifJ.-Tho subscribers have on hand V u full nssortinent of Ingrain and Common wool Oarietiiir, Venetian and Cotton do. Rush Matting Oil Cloths, etc. which will be sold for Cash at Now York prices. : LOVELY et CO. July 30, 13-10. jVfOTlCE is hereby given that the undersigned will Is petition the General Assembly of tho Stato of Vermont, at its next ses-ion for the exclusivo grant of a Ferry Irom her premises in Alburgh west to tha 1. ne of tho state, for the term of ten years from and nfier the first day of Nov. A, D. 1940, extending south from the north lino of tho premises of along the lak shorn one mile, AlburSh, Sept. , 71910. SALLY SOWLE3. fVj V.Y PAITSlIOP.-.SPAULDINGiMILL3 have opened a new Paint Snor on Church-st. Iwo el(, or- south of 11. bane'- Sloie, where lliev wd do all kind- of HOUSE, SHIP, SIGN and CARRIAGE PAINTING, in the le-l poille manner and on term to suit iho-o who may favour idem wrh t!ic,r pntron ae. Iirj'Pamt-, Oil, armth and Pnttv, confinntly e n hand and for -a'r. It. O. SPAL'LDING, Uiirhnittrn, Anm 9, IS 10. C. TJ. MILLS. IJ.VI'I'WC C. GOODRICH lias just received from the manufacturers it; Massachusetts, a full sujiplv of linen hand-made, royal, mcduun, Demy, cap, letter, folio-post and billet paper, of various qual ities, as wove, satin, laid, gilt, etc. etc. for sale al man. ufacturcs price. June 30. rpEN cases Prints. JL an 1 fur sale bv casj rol'd Cambric VILAS, LOOMIS CHINA, Glassware, Ciockerynnd Looking Glas ses, just ree'd and fjr sale by N. Lovclv Ct Co. ALSO, Soda Crackers. Sept. 3, 1S10. QALT. 1,000 Minota Cosrse Packing Salt, n l-.nmil.nnl. I ,.nnl ,l. ! or sale, 1:1 quantities to sun purchasers and deltv- G ;,. , . .'' - d at. unv Port on Lake Chauiiloin, bv 3 , nioo-Li A voni.e, one mile rpiir. ccl.'bratcd Iodine Spring Water from Saiato- ga fir sale bv the bottle, dozen, or box, Aug. 27. THEO. A. PECK . Co. IRESIl Hive Syrup, nn excellent article far Colds, f'ouah.s, Croup, Ac. bv Aug. 'il . THEO. A. PECK it Co. IRESHLY distilled Cologne, Lavondrr and Rose Waters, also Real German Cologne, by Sept. 16, 1940. Tiiko. A., et Co. ENGLISH Transpsrent Peppermint Lozenges, fresh Jnjubo's Paste, just opened bv Sept. 1G, 1S10. Tiieo. A.'Pcck tt Co. ' (f bush. Seed Rve, free from all other seeds, for 1 V Pcarl-st. Sept. lo. salo bv C. I1ENNS. CjTRAYHn from the1 subscriber, a hnht brindle O yearling he . Whoever will take un said heifer alteJ condition1 rxiiilerating climate and ii've inn noticit shall be rewarded Mtlton, Sept 12, ls".0. JOHN McC'LALLEN. ccs fif MeJicinrs, in whi"h iho 1 ml lie bev verv lill'c confidc.iic, I have e-oneludcd to ayto tho-e allliete 1 with Silt Rhfirn, St. Anthony's lire, tor r.ry-ipcla--,) SeMld-Hi-ad, Ljpro-v, or any lheri-iiianeo'i er.iption al-o 1 cen loimJ a reineiv tor bick-llcatlachc which arbc. from hiiinors in the -tomae-h. Tlut I have found a .-Mtuan.l e;!ectual remedy by an internal application, wiihoit a'terinc; the diet or habit. (11 ,. ,.,..... .. . I ..,l n,,l ininrl,,,. ,1... m, . .7X , . 1 ha vi! I ern n,o-i srrio ,-lv atlbelc.l will, JASON C. PIERCE & SON a complaint c.illt: 1 Lepro.y, tor fo ii-;ien year-, while- St. Juhn, L. C., Sept. t, 1S40, the hlel I'liysirian- couin give me mix inn, enco ir-asi'me-nt or relief, calling it an inciinel Irdi-ra-e. Afer many year-experimenting on mye!f, al the b.iz.n-'l of my 'life, I have, by the bli'ini of God male hi-di-eo'very, and am now ready fully to con vin c my l't-1- low Jiitlerers ol the laci in my own ner.-on, nnu a i-t them to a like remedy, fur a re.vona! lecoiiijicn-dtion. Yet I am not in-ens'il U-of tint duliu illy t call pnHh nllention, so if cn detfive.1, to a new Compound. Rut Irom it- 1 t-neficial elle-ets upmi my my.elt, and upon o'.licr abo who given it a trial, I am in duced :o odcr it to the publir, with lull dins-linn- fir Usiuir, signed Charles June, in my own writing to I e" pcniiini", aud li r their accornodan'on it will le left with most of the principal Druggists in ihe Uni ted Slates a- -non as e-onvenient, vviih a lew certi ficate of its c.'hVary, sneh as may follow this nr.. Ii'.-e. Also, may leiimnd with i', a sate, ea-y and 111 fal iblcdniernah rcinc-ly fur the Pile-. nrcua'roJ Iva .-killfil han I of llienieJi.-alfacultv.i-callol'iVfj Ihr morhoids, which if n-cil will -iiicly re'Ciiiniiiend it-tll. Vj-All roininuiiicaiion- re-pecliiig i he-e MixheuiO', hvi-t be p'3-tavre paid, to re eivvattoaimn. Claremcnl, N. lI.Sept.2G, 1810. Ciiaulm Jomej. To the Public I here) y n r ify lint my wife h i Icon -evercly allbele-l for the 1 1 t two years wi'h a serof das humor ihe S il'rhc unr, or - ouiulhinuf that uatiiri) havin; applied lo several Physii-iati- an 1 trie-1 almo-t every thing which i- reroinn eudisl fur .-n 'h complaint', but to no purpose. At last hrarinc i t a medicine prcparetl ly Mr. Cimiiixs Jo.Mrs, i f thi town, -lie ro-olvc-l to fry it, and in six weeks af; r -lie Ivgan lo ue It, wa coinpleitly enrol. I woilj, iberi'forc, rocominend ihi- incdit-inetn all who are af IlictcJ with scroliiU-humors, sneh as have I een pro noimced l.v nearly all 1'hy-icians iiicurabh', and am ronhde-ullhat they will find imiueJiate rebel. CUremont, Antr. 1, IS 10. W'm. RoistTrit. A Card. Thuun k-r.-ignei I la!,c this me-lhod to -ay to lhofe whe are- allbetrsj wiih h imor of any kind, that he has leeu mo.-t tenon. ly aflhriod fur ten or twelve year- vv ilh a i-utaiicons e'omplaint rnl!el Sal--rheiimc'cr Lcpro-y which ha- ever I vn primouivol incural le. And knowing thai the fame was hero III ary in our family 1 had de-pnirU of ever finding rebel, bavin? fado.1 in all my attempts lo c.iro, mini U spring I learned that my Irolher Charle..,who hail I ce-n for fourteen yrar-in the tame situa'inn batl fo-md a i-afe and u Iccitial rcmolr, wilho-it al'enns the- diel or halHts, lor which i nppnei, aim was nirnisiioi wiiii a phial of drop-, and lean now ray ihat aferiL-nii nne half my humor wa- rninplecly Eradicated without in juring my heal.h, and 1 have noilonl t but o'brr- mav find, i lie same m this powerful nitviieinr, a. I under--Un 1 some alre.i lv have. He has lUvltned makinc n very pul lirat pre-'ent, yrt I think n'hrrs may al oind it by applying at hi re-idcncc in W?-t Clarrmont lor the present. Ron Ju.Nrs iust ree'd TV ILITARY GOODS. White Falling and Upright j it Co. i ''- i'lmnes, while blue lop upricht and tnllinj Plumes, Cap nnU bolt l'latcs. bocitets, llosc uocuades nnd Eagles, Ilelts, Sashes, White and yellow scabbatd straight Swords, Sword Chain', white and yellow Mpauletts, Lacp, Stars, I5utton, Tassels, Spurs, Pis tola, Fifes, buff Gloves, at tha Variety Store. PANGBORN & 11RINSMAID. of Land Lying on tha le nor'b of 'this villare. This land i, well watered, free from s'.oue., has wool Miilii'ietit for a family -upply, bor er- i,n theLal,c, anU is every way an eligible lot. Fit f.irtber particulars ap ilv t'o the -ub-cril or-. Hickok et Catli.n, llirlmyiiin, Aug. 12, 1310. riMIEO. A. PECK it Co. at thesignof the Mortar X have just ree'd a quantity of Cayenne Pepper, of English importation. Constantly on hand, Pombay Gum Myirti, genuine Rayberry liark, do. do. in Pow dur. Jamnioa Ginger Root, do. do. in Powder, Renga and Ohio Turmeric, itc. itc. Sept. 1G, 1310, OKPT. VJnew Go ID. 1 SHO. AT HOWARD'S, Th new Goods now rcceivincat tlieunean uasn store. of imoroved nuahtirs, were obtained under th; most favorable circumstances just as the whole of York City was in c.xtacios at the icsult of the Vermont News, indicating a brighter dawn in the Airricultural, Munufacturinr, and Commercial nllairs of the nation i and tht'V, in their spirit of icjoicing, 6ent back as an earnest by Howard, the most choice, beautiful, and useful ot their Merchandise that was suited to the ex- nd noble avo- C-PUItS, Ridint; whip, .-ind Cane-, at ihe Variety I 5 Sifirc. J'uioll. pA.son' nv ."i DuissMA'n. RtPPING PAPfiR.-lOO Ream- Wra-q ma v Paper, and a large -ppplv rf wr. line, ld'hCaji an 1 Letter, tor Mi'e 1 y ' D. A. I1R .1AN. cat.ons of tha inliahitants of the Green Mountain, State, where thev may be had by applying at HOWARD'S. rpOTHE PUBLIC I, Xathan-cl Wright, of th .1 Ov of Albany and State of New York, for my self and Darius Ruck, of the city and Slate aforesaid, Paltentccof Ruck's improved Patent hot air Cookinjj Stove, haveauihov.sod an 1 cmnoweird S. W. Tavlur 1 X. Hhds. New Orleans Siurar. on cons'-enment, I of the City of RulFilo, anil State aforesaid, as our law, i-O Aug. 6. for sale bvN. LOVELY et Co. ful agent of Vermont. All contacts made by him irv tative to sale oi tne rignis 10 .uanuiaciure ana sen I inci s. fur D, A. URAMAN T OC. CABIN ANECDOTES and illu-ira iJ de-Hi -. in Ihu- Me of Gen. Wm. H. Il.vmu ralrai the Ilc.ok s'ore june 10 T70Iti:ir.N IRON AND .. Fnsli-h Iron X. frnin 1J to li .ii.'hcs; Rus-ia old raUeln.n; do new d) de: i-vvcesV-ik ; Hi'op do from i lo i inch: UraziiT'- li.i'ij Sjirini;, rat, srruiau, sv.oie-.- and Kn-jli h I b-ier -ttel ; Carl and wa"n I rr , fin '-ho 1 rro I ar-, 1 v June 10. J. it J. II. PECK it Co. TJT. VI'UNOX KI'.VDER, Poly;Ml liil le 1 JL of di rr.'iil six-s and bmbng-, F ''t-t lliWe- and Te-'au rv tn-t if r ' Colic?.- - i's and nceiicral a-'Oilincnt ol stationa--.1 Irom N. York and fur 'air 1 v jr:'3S. S. HUNTINGTON. STATE OF VERMONT, MHO the HonorableS ipremeCourt nrxt to 1 e hnlden JL at ikirlimrlon, within and fur ihe e-ounty of Chit tenden on iheTlrirsdav next nrcce'ling the lir-tTue day of January next, 'humbly complaining, yoiirpe tilioner,Susau 'Tliomp on of Milton, in sal I Count, f Chitieiiden, -howc h unto your honor- mat at raw Milton on tht 3 I nay oi .lay a. i. isju, sue was avv-fi Iv innrricd in one John'Thomn-on then cf rnid .viiiinn, I y vv art en iioxne-, i.-q. n Jii-iu-r hi uif rvm e within ami lorilir (onnty ol i.hilirniicn atore'-ai.i an i Irom that tune ,hc the raid S,i-hii lived with lite said John, at raid .Milton, in the d ie obrervanro of nil the dutie-fntoinnd by ihr marrinje covenant on her part, nnlil the 10 h day of July A. IK 1S3G, when Urn said John, wiiho it any ju-t ra ise, wilfully elercrtesl your IVlitionor an'l ever since has e'oniinueil such de-ertion, IravinR your Peliticncide.titutc of any mean- ofMip port or hinin'ainanrr rxcrpt her own ner-onal exer tions and ihr chanty of her friend. Your Petitioner therefore humbly prays your honors thai the bond of matrimony I rtw'ceii the raid Ji lin an I vour Petitioner nniy I c dissolved and a Hill of Divcrcr granted her nnd that your honors would grant to yo ir Petitioner such nluncny ns may st em ipect nnd just and your Peti tioner ai. in duty bound will cvrr pray. Milicn.Sept.'lO, 1310. PUSAN'TIIOMPSON. The foregoing petition ol'Suiin Thompson having been pre-cntrd io me, and it having I ten maeksto ap pear to me, ihat John Thompson the Peiiti'-nce named in raid Petition reside out of this Slate and ran not l e served with tho ordinary pioeo-s of unimimi. It is hereby nplrred thai thr ryibslitncc of thr forrgning pe lilion together with ibis order, I r pnbli-hed ju the Pii'ingwii Free Pre-s, priirel al raM 11 irliuclon, lliri-e vvcrl.s rnevcuivelv, thela.t of winch mil liraiion shall I r in len-t nx weeks previous in tlie Th ,rduv next prisrJiug Ihe tn-t liic-dnv of Januiiry next, vvh.rh pul lii-alion sli.ill Irdrrmrd sullieie'iit notico to the rind John Thompson in appear at raid co irl on the day a id la-t aforesaid, and make! niuwer lo lin: nforerni'l petiition. Given un ler my band nl 11 ir-lint-Inn, in the Comity of Chillundeii, ihi '22 I d.iv of Scplcmlcr, A. I), IStO. MILO L. IIIINNElT, Judfjo of the S ipreniti Court, Hector Adain, Attorney ) for tho PeMiiiner. 1 CHEAPER and better for Ready Pay. Tho sub scriher would inform his customers and the pub lic that on account of his loss of Goods by fire and tho damaged ones selling oir so cheap, his present stock is principally made Ircsh and select, and the cloths being bpught at low prices can be sold cheap. All kinds of clothing made on the shortest notice'. Cutting done as usual. All kinds of clothes cleaned of paint, grease, etc., anddiesscd, pressed and repaired m tho neatest manner nnd brought ns near ns possible to their original iieniuy, anil warranted wunout dam age. Also on hand, (no waiting until New Years or riinning nil day after Trimmings etc.,) Top Coats, Cloalu s, Dress and Frock Coats, Panlalnons., Wnist. coats. Sailor Jackets, Hoys Clothes, Flannell and other shirts, Dravveis, Stocks, Ac. Also nil kinds of second hand Clothes, Hats, t nps, Hoots nnd allocs, Travellins Bass. Trunks, Furniture and all other ar ticles common and uncommon. Clothes or produce taken for pay. C. 13E.NNS Pearl St., Sept. 10, 1810. Tvnt! anil KU-rrntvim Koiinrfrv. rPHE subscribers would respectfully announce that j- tncy nnvo purchased tha extensive and well known tvnc foundry owned bv Messrs. Conner & Cooke, and removes! the same fiom the corner of Ann ann iNassau streets, to 74 r niton, corner of Gold St., tneir present location. Having made extensive rcw sions. alterations, and additions, thev are now nrennr. cd to execute nrdersof anv maumtuda that Ihev mav be favored with, with promptn ss and on. as favorable terms ns at any other Foundry in Aincnca. A New Specimen Rook, containing specimens of Types, Or naments. Ilordcrs. Flowers, Rules. &c. is in active preparation, and will he speedily issued, and found to contain as Inrge'nnd well selected an assortment ns at any other Foundry. All nrtioles exhibited in thu specimen hook l.irmeiiy issued hy Conner it Cooke, can now he furnished from this Foundry, without de lay, with many since ndded. Tho eubsciibcrs 'e Anents for the silo of tho Washington and Smith Prciiscs. which, together with Chases, Composing Sticki, Furniture, Ink, and all articles used it) the Priming bushiest), will Im kept on hand, and furnish- WM. HAGER it CO. New Ymlt, September 12 I&I0. (THE Honnrnbl -I. the Pro tmi HEPATIC I'.l.lXllt, A OEL UPRATED remedy fur roinidainls arising from n diseased stntooflbe LIVER and its Sucre-linn-; the following nro n fnvv of its syniDlom-, weakness of tho stomach, Indigestion, lo-s of appetite lowncss of Spirits nnd Ilcadacho j it will I o found n suro icmtsly for Eruptions on iho Face, In con-c- qiieucoof ineir Icing many nostrums nrr ihnnii n Baid cslnlti for rianimation and allowance, at a session STATE OF VERMONT. DisxnicT or fs. Court for thn District of Chittenden i To nil persons ..imiiMii., ll ..o,.i. .,. ,uill-, 11,11, III V listnn, in said district, decensed, GREETING. Whkrras, Horace Fen is, ndininistintor of ibn r tntc of said dcrc-ascd, proposes to render nn nccount of lus ainninisirniion, nid present ma nccount against this part of the country, lhcisiil.-criher are authorized in wnrnuii ii" iim.-ui ii,i 1', uif ..nil in is jii-i rrr riyrd, and o"cresl to tho public as onei well worth ihu attention oflho-e who are afllictpd by coinpluints from tho above discairi it loingfroni an eminent physician wc feel confident in thus ro-ommending it. Oct. C, 18)0. THI-O. A. PECK it Cq fign cf th Mortar, rno Hoo,- oast of J it J II Pvck i: Co of thu Court of Probate, to be holdcn nt thn RegiMer's nlncc In Hiulinglnn, on Iho pcconil Wednesday of Oc tober next, Therefore, you aro Itcrrhy notineil to nn. l,rtn cni.l ..mill nt llm tlmn nnil nl,. .ft,r...t I nnd nhevv cause. iCnnv von have, whv Iho nrrnnnt nforcsald should not bo nllowrel. Given under mr hand at Jlurbngton, Ihis l'.'th day of hepiembf-r, A. D isio. e J wm yttiOjuiv, tjister rI nw nouns. It crnrril a o; said Stovcs.insaid State of Vermont, shall he binding ours. NATHANIEL WRIGHT Albany, Aug.2th, IE 10. 'rAll persons dcenous of obtaining tho privilego of Maiiufact'iring and vending Ruck's Improved Hot Air Cooking Stove, in this Suite, will Slid ihe agent in ibis place until further notice is given. Iluihiigton, Sept. 1M0. S. W. TAYLOR, IV.irl -t Wool n Sidney!uw has rerc.vcd n rtmcn! ot tool at hi- old store on which will besold i-licin eno 'ah. N. H. iv e I for coo'". H irlimrton May C?. TTTIOU S. I. I'm Common hoard-, plank, limn; JL I on,-1-, rlap boards and il' f r I ( apt-, nl the inve st pnci", t y I! irliustnn, A' 12, 1810. IIICICO.'C it CAT LIN. Clarcmont, August 1, 1810. A Card. The itnilcrsigiiesl feci- n ili.Tiilrnee in thu offrrin? his te-timony in lavor of a "nevr Mokinr," prepared by hisovvn'Fathcr, and cannot hope 'or tho confidence which wool I I f put in one who wctd I seem more disinterested, uul he ttrs c.ive io say, tint for six years he had rcrn trout nsi wttn a n ininr so metimes called lepro-y, which hail of laic I vomc a rcno i- afllie-lii'iM and knowing that his Tadirr and others had in vain triod every prul ill le remedy, he had noi thn mo-t Ui-lnnt r.xpe-riation ot ever hnding a c ure. tiring tnu ictsimiry a pniai i i nis i-aniir - inn i- ccinc, ho ha- inner I found it all ho could wi-lt, a rar., and lie i-ei, eves cci-iai c ire. it o-iht-snail Ir in'liiievl bv thi-to rid liiem-ilvo-rf a loath-onie complaint, b! cud will I c ainwrrol Ezr.A Jns-r.s. UmverMty uf Vermont, Uuilingloii, Aur, 1S10. .4 Card. Hearing of'a Mr-lerinc prcnared bv Mr. Charles Jono, of tin- town, for Iviinnr.-, and hav ins ccn its I rnclici! etlivtr-, I appl cJ ft r it for mv In ! daughter 4 years of ace, much afflicted with Sab Rheum, supporei io ie- no nerisuiary roiupianti. i can now sy Ihat sfcr u-ing tt six weeks my hopes arrt-Uly rcaiuci in a mre w.iiiim,, nyiii mi, iiiruiini health, andean now rccoinmen 1 tl to others 4 a mfc nnd mf.tllille rensly fur such complaints, Clarcmont, N. H. fVfjM. 15, IS 10. Makt E. Tciikv. 1 hereby certify that 1 have lccn inilmatrlvt ac quainted with Mr. Chirlos Jone-, of Clarcmoiv, N. II., for a number of years la-1 past, and have been consul ted by and prescribed for him, for a very ob-tinate dtse'usc ol the skin, well known by tho name of Lepjo-y but could do no more than mitigate ihediteve f r a time. Since he has alis-lcl a "radical cure by means ofJns Drops for Humois, I have rxaumu'l him and inn happv to'-ny that his skints pnfojtly -mcnh and fnr frniu"lhiliea-i". J.vmcs Ciio.Miui:, Phv-ficiiiii. Frnnccstown, N. II., Sept. 15, 1S10. 1 1... . .. lv.r, oi-nniivi-d wiih Mr. Charles Jones for n number of year, have prartictvl in liisfjituly, and administered mr lirinr for his disoarcol Ihr skin, morn or lr , for ten or twelve, pu-l wiino un rn ne-.ii onrr. He now appears to bo pcrfc- ly curivl by some ,i.,m. ,..i,;.. i, i,.. urnimri... and u liicli so far a- I am ncriainteM with llicni pioinim m bo ol crcal ntibi v m such dirrair-, Slcnps Coaa, M, D. Springfield, VI. Sept. !, IO to. i Vinv.iiirnirribisl rrme.lir. nnd adininisorc-l meili oi,,... fur I!. Jonc-'s humrr which 1 called lajuro-v. inprcorlr-s for fourteen years, without a i-omplelit nurr (h s bcinujin u icoininon ca c.) Hit now appear in haw a hnaleiiro from hi owmli-eovrry, nndiiom what 1 srrof lis c lrct upon other ul o, I um ol opl mon it may be of much benefit io thecoiiiiiiuniiy. TlMoi-iir .S, Glba-on, M. D. Plirnmiinl. Si-nl. 1.1. IB 10. !LC"Thiii medicine make- no yarn prrijmsions nor exciie any hopos which will not lo filly rcalucJ. Comoand try for yourselye-, any who are Hflhcto.1 with di rsfe of kind. Jt may 1 fonihl at the More of Rolrt Moody, ilruegist, lhirlin jton. an 1 wl'h rim ursfj'ji s ..,11. IACTS FOR Till". PEOPLE. A chart represent- iiif iho expenditures of ihe Govcinmrnt from 1700 to 1510, just received and for sale nt the Hook Stor() D. A. URAMAN. Ruilinston, Au. Tj, 110. 111 Harnum's ICstatc. WE the snhn-rii cr, having 1 ecn appii.ntcl I v the Hon, the Pro! a'r Cm rt fur the Di-trict ot'h t-ini!cn,commi-sioner lo re -eivr, examine and ad n i h" claims and drinaiids ofit'l pir cn-, a -ainst il.e e tne ol I'll l.'.irn'im, h'c of .Milton, in 'in 1 Di-trict, de-rca-e-J rrprc rntr-1 insolvent, and al-o a'l claims an.' dnnan I- rxilil unl in o'bri tlirrr'n-, a-i I -l.v iiirirli- fioiiiiheiMvol rc ita'c tisrm.l, i c:u.' ane.,vM i y sain Conit lor that piirii'-sc, wr do tbrrcf'ie' lurrly ive no'c-r, that we will anend to the I . -u-c-s id cur a;i- poiniinent, .11 lliumvti in.ei vvmu.v ;i i. i .nn m, tn Milton, ui said I'l-tnct, em the 'a-t Mondays ( f No- vein! cr and be' nary next, at iti n-nifi,, on .a-hr f ta.l'hv-. Dated iln- 2l-t day cf c,n. A. D. iia JOHN J.U KSON, ) orORGE Ai RET., Ccmm'ri. ARTHUR ID NT1NG, ) ,.2) Illram Cinrk's F.s'.nlo. 5TATE OF VERMONT, I riiHE hm. ihr probate V).Jt. rr ClIllTEMiCK. tk. i -- court for thr district nt' Vhinnvlen.toiill P''r "ns concerned m the i-sitfe of Ilnnn Clark latr of AMton 'n said ihsinci, devra-r), -re-tun'. Whrnn-, ri'jsh Htrrrsk nr. I Luvis Has 2..v. ...n-iiu r . r.f ih Inst w.ll of -a.d dived ft I. nro poe t'o render an a.-'-ount cf their adnunlstraticn, and k..,,i iheW .n-ro'int a a'n-t taul e-ta o fi r xsm.ii.t- In ii and allowance-, si a .es'on 'hf ci-urt orprohntr lo I r holdcn in th Reg sb-r's offiC" in UurhngiOn, on .u.. u'lnea.lav ol'Octotcr nrx.i therefore, vou nrr hereby notified m' appear Irfororind rourl, at'lhc ....... r,ii ,.tiii-r afuiv-n-.l. and -hovvi-au-r, ii auv vnu hive why the awn-tut nfiirnul sho d I not 1 en'fimcd. Given un 'er my hand nt R rbnclon, this 23d day of s'uvnnbe-r.A.D. 1910. .21 W'M. WES'l ON, Roc'r. C'TRAYED OR STOLI'.N from ihe Subsciibcr, oa Othe night of the 13th inst. 2Hors(: one a light Hay mate"; I years old past, with svvich tail, shod all around, a small bunch on her left hip caused by a kick, small bunches on both hind feet, nnd m gr 1 flcnh, The other a grey Horse, S ycats old past, a tall slim Horse, th;n in flesh, lame m his right fore fool, had on a round shoe on said foot, a stt.nll buneh. on his back caused by a saddle not shod on bis hmd feet. Any pcison who v.-i'l give information where said Horses mav be found, or return them to the subscriber, shall ba liberally compcnsated.THOMAS BINGHAM, Charlotte, septeinucr io, i;iu. STATE OF VERMONT, ? The Hon. the Probata DismicT or CniTTr.Nnr.:.-. sr S Com t for the District ol" Chittenden : To all pot on.- concerned in the estata of Paul Babcock late of Jericho in said District, do erase:!. GREETING. Whereas, Horace Iixh-nek, ovcnsior ol the last will and Testament of said deceased, nroroses to ren der nn account of his administration, and present his account against said estate lor examination nnd allow ance at a session of the Court cf Probate, lo be ha ile-j at the ltcnslrr's oilier in Buihmrton on the sw eond Wednesday of October next. Therefore, You nic hereby notified to Appear before said court at tha timo and place aforesaid, and shew can:.-, if any you hive, why tho nceoimtaforcnid should not be allowed. Given undT mv bm 1 at Burlington, this lGlh day of September A. P.I?;0. WM. WESTON, Rrgis-cr. STATE OF VERMONT, 1 mUE Hon. the r orcniTrr.siir.Nss. ) J I u'o court wiiluu ;tildtoi-ihe District of ('lullrnilfiii To llm rre-liti j. nnd o hrrs m tin e-tnte of Hiram Clnrk, la nnf Milton, in mid Di-irie", drcra-r I, hnrxmit WHEREAS, Elnah Hnnrk nnd l.mus ll-st n b, oxer . tors of Ho I. -t will nnd testament r mid dc rralio! baih ina lo npplica.ioi, m . h.sco, ,r o cxtrnd lime inilir.l tor main ".V... ,'...,. ,.... , lliu lime iiiiuii'.. '. - 'Vl l..:i,ii.s ol mid ilri-ra-r,l, iwtiv month- Irom tho oftlns court, llicrrt.t ie ofOcioTrr nrxtU'iig ns-is" ml torn he f,r.,mi c-. at thrO.lievi.f the Register oi I'r," i,,,..i ,ir brrn or.Yrcd tint noiic ".:.... 'v niiblishins tin- decree lb rro weeks sic cs- sive-lv In the Fno Prt-s a newspaper prove I nt H r linaion, Icfme the limo hxed for lirnrinsi tberrfii-e vou nro hereby notified lo appear Icforo raid court tit tho time nnd place aforesaid, then and there, to miil.c obinrt -n it any you have, to tho said uuir of pay ment lemi further extended ns nforc-nid. Given nu de, my hand nt Burlington this 531 .lav rf !pt A. P, 19 0. wf' V.L310.S, n..;r'r. J-i;ssEI l,S PTOMAtH HITTERS, may h B u-r.l in W'incor wt i.-r. '1 'u'-ere'e! ra'edl liters arc compo-ftl pmi-'y i-f vc e al le, of th most inno cent yoi Vpe -u:c v iriiic-. 'I i.ey nrc rccommendrl par licdnrly f ir re-toriu; weak i-otitit-uionf, cleaarinj and s-rciiitiica:ni ihe s'oniach, mil increasing tba appci'c al-o a preventive n ain-t tho cholera mrr-In-, fevr nnd acuc, removing nausea, vonutinfr, heart lurnintr, weakmwH in thr lrra-t, pain in thil s'rma hand other symptoms of flatulence and imbrc urn, Oac be will impure erne v,!lon. 25 ct. a 1 ox, , Ecsssu'j Ircn Oistmcnt. This rhoire and snft ointnirnt i said tole superior to any now in u e, frr that di-aprcrnlilo and Inalh-ome direa.-e, ihe ITCH, 1 ins Ointment i-so ccaricm m its operatie that no tlBstblsl w.'tb ilie air,ve ih'orde-r ought to Ie without it. It is a remely for cutaneous cruptio.-., sciubuttc aTc uens. of tbc head, orny':i;e o n b ari-cs from sharp humors 13 Ihe b.&eo. Price 25 ct. a I ox. Reism's t:r.r.TAri.c I'tu.nus Pais, or family nhvic, for sencral u"'. m ca c- 1 f Jaundice, m.irhd 'r-ii-'i' iinv ' f the '! mm h nnil I owcl., lo rf appetite, ,n id I mm h, rosiivrnc-', Pile, nnd nil di ease- aris-in- fr,iiii I tltnry iVrancemeiiis, abo fir corrcrimtr Ihr state ' f 'hi' 1 h o I, and i lraiisin llm syricni of foul nn I vt'i id liiiiiii ur... Thr e pdls nrc a 'mild ra .harli -, pioliiibu nruliiT pa n nor snpinc, and arc tlierefurv iv vnlui' lo and b sh'y npitrovr I mcliriiie. an I nrr prohoimccd nssnch lythcniO'i di-u'ng n hesi nliv-ictaii'. Each lux containing: 33 Pill, Pucu 37j cl-. i I rx Russell's rrlrl ra'r.l Salt Ilnr.fM Oin'thcxt This is uiiii'ictional Iv the lesi mi l ritfr-t rrmr Iv ever yrt nl'crrd in the public for that ob-tinam disorder SA Lr RI1I-UM. W he-ri. other mean ha vv tailed, it ha- mc, rrr V I, and ihr f.v-t that 11 ha- I een sx rn.tvriy mr I by ciiiuirni Pra "itionerj spraks v btmrs in ji- pmi.r, It 1- ci'inUy o licniiou- in all di ra e-1 1 the skm, sea'd head, rinir worm ,nn l the inc-t invrteritle licit, tee. v. Nuincrous rrr'ifi -ato. inisht In ol tn ur.1, I ut tho propriior h"0. cf that a fur trial shn h 1 e tha only evi Mira of i( :-ittorii.r e Ih-acy, IVnv 5Q cent, a box. Fur s-,!e. by J. te .1. II, Pis.k cc Co., ThroJorr, A, IVk i: Co., f M of ihr Morlnr. and I(nl ert Moody, iluilinsioiii l!r. C, E. Mile-, and Hull U Oetok, Hint's lurshl S, II. Harm-, Cbnrfc.'1-M L, Janes, Georgia 1 U Tyler, E-mcx i Fuller sV Huntmctton, Richmond Also, ly the dnifa'-t nnd mrrehsnti jenerallv thro-ighuut httitatc-

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