Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, October 16, 1840, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated October 16, 1840 Page 1
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xtt Wvt, NOT TUB OLOKT O T O JE S A R OUT THE WBLPARJ9 OF ROMS. BY H. B. STAGY. BURLINGTON, VERMONT, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 10, 1840. VOL. XIV....N0. 19. MACSNl'CTIO 01)ONTICA.--THE TEETH ! THE TEETH !! The Incumpadadld Tooth I'nKl-AiiTTioy. The fact. Is proved, ami the most in ic.lulou ad doubting are fully convinced, at we have lie evidence from the .ale of 20.000 boxes of thu Odon tic, within lln" pat year, that the Utopion dream of uie aicliymist arts rcaiizou, ami iv remcuy uiseovcrcu for preom'ng llioc important ami useful appendages tif the li'iin.iii ysiem, bythe u.e of tho Magnet ioOdou lira, wlm-h by it.altinctive, uml strengthening quali ties rcnioves'ull extraneous substance from the teelli nnJ pro-erve tliem in theirnatiiral brilliancy, and (he Hum in soundness ami Lcauly. It is ascertained from experience, that when uod, the teeth will never de cay, but remain till the lalo?t age of man, with their Natural wear. When they are decayed, its progress will In nrrcted, and the teeth preserved and prevented Ami unserved I'riiin nchinir nil this lias been done ill n mnltiiude of instance: and more in thousands of xae, nervous toothache, (that elimax of pain) has at tinec been c.lcctually cured by popular dent rifrice in America. And in conclusion, where, or who is the young lady or gentleman, aye, the individual that Value a beautiful set of teeth, sound gum nnd u sweet lircnlh more than fiftvoent,thnt will l.c longer desti tute of a box of Dr. M. Hitchcock's Magnetic: Odontica. for fa : whole-nle and rcinil, by A. HITCHCOCK it Co., No. Il7jene-cevi. Utieu, N. Y., and by their Kent-throughout the United States In llurlington, ky J. & J. II. Peck it CV., and Then. A. Peck it Co. In Vergcnncs by J. II. Uowmnti. In Milton, by Hur liett it .Sawyer. In Georgia, by Lorenzo Janes. aug2 L- t T I H N . M IT I O N .--DR. EVANS' BEAUTI FYING LOTION. Highly esteemed for curing nil Eruptions Coar-cncs--, Redness and Pimples on the Face Neck or hand, and oJccinally denning live oninlexion, and removing all di-eae of the skin' Nothing contributes so much to our general succcs hi lilc, a an engaging first appearance. This Lotion i a Imiiel a mo.t fragrant, mild, safe wah and great ly cti'eincd for its virtues in cleansing, softening, and purifying the si. in of all eruptions, so injurious to fe-ninle'l-ea'itv, anil restoring it to a high decree ol pu rity. A le'auliful complexion is the pride of nil who josses i', and the envv oflho-e who are deprived of it. What i o a Icotinglo'a beautiful who-o face Mure lis. displayed her power, as to lind liercomplex ion discoloured with di-go-ting pimples, which mar her enamis . A good appearance is the best recom mendation ; and as the Henntifviug Lotion purifies the Wn, n I removes all Pinipte-.'niolclic-, Tan, Sunburn ,iinl Helm.-, and proJuce-abeauliful hue, it is the only cms met ic a Intlv shonlil uu at her toilet. Gentlemen will all also lind this a delightful remedy, to remove all Rwtighnc-, Pimple, Hingwoim, Spots, Redness, Porrnes of llio face and no-e, and every kind of emo tion on the surface of the human body. It is particu larly re-inni mended to gentlemen to I'e med alier!ha Tinp, a it will prevent the otherwise certain e:le:t ol all common soap, in turning the icard prematurely crcv. Kor -ale Wholo-olc and retail bv A. HITCH' COOIC it Co., Nn. 1 17 Gene-ec street, l'tica. In llur lington, bv J. it J. II. Peck & Co., and Thco. A. Peck &. Co. Hi Vcrgennes, by J. II, llowman. In Milton, Ut Hurnctt it Sawvor. In Georgia, by Lorenzo Janes. a'iR-0 fiillE LION OK THK OA V. NO CURE NO .1. .Y! The Genuine old Hutch or Ger man Vegetable IIIN. Highlv recomiiiended by Doct. Valentine Moll, M. D. of N. Y., and others. Then- are the order-! Anyone that does not lind re lief frm these pill the price is refunded back, the-e lire ihe positive onlcrs of the Proprietor to agents and tiihers. In o Icringthe-e pills to the piibliu, I appeal In their intelligence. If these pills are not what they recommended, you are in duly bound out of re-peot to yo irsdf and community to reject them, and pnblih the'm to the world as an imposition, humbug and ymckrrv. The public may le assured they are purely resemble, they are composed of nine ingredint, part t the medicine is oidv found in Asia and in the val ley of Germany. Kor convenience the-e extracts are made into pills and will I c found a sure cure or re lief (or all billious complaints, yellow and billions lever-, lever nnd ague, jaundice, scarlet ra-h, billion oholi'r dispep-ia. &c. ll is not pretended that this tncHirincis a cure for all di-cases to which the human Ttein is liable. Ten thousand useless ed'oils have I'een made to draw from the regions ol unknown fancy ome long-spun theory of mngie art, which woul'd nne each ami every di'sea-e. Col medicine is noi fa ind in llie lire or wlnr.wind. Health and happiness bans upon chance wind time is the herald of truth. I he past at least is eetirc; lliey nave uirrauy rai-oi n mnn'imcnt ol their sreatness which will defy the corroding toolh of time.' None can I e Genuine witho'it wrapper ami diiecliotis on each box on which my name i written at length. Sold wholesale and retail v the s.ibscnl er at GlenN Kali., bv A. I), it I). Sand 79, ami 100 Fulton st. and It. M. Meigs, 38S South 1iul.M st. Albany. Baum it Ilawlcy, 213 Siver st. Trov, General Agents for the state of New York. ' MKltltl'lT GKIKKIN. For sale by Win. Rhodes ami K. It. Green, Itich niond; Morton it Clark, and I), it I). S. Lathrop, Willislon ; Haaant Couistnck, Shell urn i II. Stanton, Fa-cx ; Geo. 11. Oal.e-, and Allert Harney, Jrrieho; J. It. II irlbut, Wesiford; J. II. Itarnes, L'harlolle; It. Mnn.y and Geo. Po'cr-on, llurlington ; ami ly K, URIG'ttS, U.irlington, A sent for Clutlenden Go., where fiub-Agents can le supplied at wliolc-ale prices. MOOHK'S I'HSKNUK OK LIKK.A Valuable Medicine, which, if rightly applied, will I e the means of saving thousands Irom an imiimcly grave. It has been sold and used for thirty years, with great success, and found very efficacious in the following disea-c, vir. Consumption, Whooping Cough", com mon Coughs, CoM, difficult Drcathlnir, Influenza, Quinsy, Asthma, Phthisic, Spitting of Ulood, Klntu lency, Indigestion, Looseness of the UoweN, Kits of every kind, Cramps, Rickets, Colic, Catarrh, Dyson tnry, Fainting, Hypochomlriau Allection, Headn'eho, .Sickness nt Stomach, Measles, a preventive of Con tagious tlieac. Gout and Rheumatism. jCThu above Medicine is prepared by Henry Sey mour, of Hadloy, Ma. from the Original Recipe, by the direction ol said Moore, nnd sold by himandthu principal Druggists in the United Slates. Sold wholcsule and rciuil, by J. &. J. II. Peck Co nnd Thco. A. Peek t Co., llurlington, nnd by the dealers generally throughout the country. DOCT. MAItHIIAIiTS Aromatic, Catarrh and Headache SNl'KK. This SnulTis superior to any thing yet known, for removing that troublesome dis ease, the Catarrh, and also a cold in the head, and the headache. It opens and purges out all obstiuctinn, sticnglhens the gland,and gives a hvallhy action to the parts nfleeled. It is HTfcctlv Iree from nny Ihiiigdelc lerious in its composition lias a pleasant flavor, mid its iminediateellect, after being used, is nbgrerabfe. Price 50 cents per bottle. Doct. Marshall's Vegetable Indian lllaek PLASTKIt. This Plaster is unrivalled for curing scrofulous swel lings, Scurvy Sores, Lame Hack, nnd Frch Wounds ; pains in the sides, Hips and Limbs', and seldom fails to give relief in local Rheumatisms. If applied to the side,it will cure many of the common Liver ( 'oinplainls; and is cnnal. if not superior, to any ihimr in 1 1 -e for corns on the feet J Ihe virtues of this Plaster have I ecu witnessed by thousands of individuals in the I'niled Slates, who have tested its ellicai-y. Sold by the pro prietor ; i lias, nowen, aiiihiieiiury, vt., uml iiigo. .. Pkck & Co., llurlington, Vt. ' jelU I J the iniil icim-dy ever known in AiucricH Vtgttublt Pulmonary Baliam ii the mu't valuable tenii il) now in lire fur coughs, colds, iisilnna or plilhisie, ennfiimpliuii. whooping cough and puhnunary fTrcliiins ofetery kind, lis sale is steadily innrcHfiug. ami ihe propnclnrs are ronaianily leeriviug lie niot faioiable account of in effect. 'Ihe following new certificates ate ofiVred fur public examinalinn. An Intkhestino Case. Exiraci of Uitcrfinm Mrt' S Clay, Kingmon, Ulster Co., N. Y. lo the proprietors. "Yours of ihe 9ili inal. ns duly icc'd. A rrm ii kulite cure win effecied by ihe Vraliitde I'ul. msnary It.ibain in I lie liner and spring of 1S35. The I'.eiion, Mr. Moodv, had been sick n long lime with die consumption. His phyii'inii9 had giteu him up. He uhs reduced so low to be unable to help him-cif, and was raining n large ipianlily of blood uhenhe coininenctd uiing the Ualain, whith has effecieil a complete cuie, nnd he is now as hale nnd hearlj us ever he Has. Mr. Moody has lemoved fioin ihis inun, but lie list prem'ted inc a moie dclailrd arcnuni nfbis case, which I will fniward v mil C. S CLAY. Kingsion, N. Y. June 25. 183S. Exlrar.t of a letter from Dr. Jaroli Mers The Vrgfiiible Pulmonary llal'um has bn-n Mild in ibis coil illy for Iwo eari, mul the medicine has gained nn iinrnmmoii celebrity, for it rrairely in one instance failed of having the defiled rflVci. I am by nn means in fivor of the many nostrums, most ol which aie iin. positions upon a credulous public, but llial uliich I know by one to be efTccuial, I r.niuoi help but giv m approbilion ihereio. A ronnlerfeit preparation h is been olTrreil here by a Ir.nelling Agcnl, of (iiiusini k, N. Y. and there it another article ended bete thai is irongly furpecied to berpuiimis. Jacob Myrhs, M. D. Mifflingion, Juniata co. Penn. May 3, 1837. Kiom Dr. Samuel Morrelt, lo ihe Prnpricioit of the Vrse lablr I'nlinonary llalsam. I am salitfied Ihat ihe Vr. (etable Piilinnnasry It.i'nin is a valuable mnlecine Ii has been used in I hi n place with r.oiupleie surre in an obftinaie eoinplaiut ol I lie lungs, aiicmlcil tviili u -eveir cnngli, loss of voice, and llio raising of uiurh blood, which had previously reited many iipprnieil presrriplioiis . Alter using the ILitsxin one week, ihe iMlirm's voice reiiirnrd and he was able to speak audi lily. I Ins rase ocrurieil some lime since, mm tnr man is now engaged not only in acme Inn laliiirimm liiisiiirii. Itrpecilnlly, &c. S. Monitr.i.t.. Ii is now more than six vrari shire I was bioughl very tow by an affection of llie lungs, and inv eomptaini was deelaieil lo be mailable by a council of ilut-e pli y sirians. I mas then reloted lo asgno I healih a I had enjoyed fur many years, by using llie Vegetable Put. monary Datsain. Since my recovery I have recom mended llie Ralrain in a great many raves of 'ting complaint, and so far -as 1 ran Irani, its ue has in variably been followed by much bem fil, ami in man) instances it has effected cuics which were wholly tinex. prned. St ML' It. Evtir.ETT, lloiion, March 2, 1S37. I 'or sale, wholesale and retail, by J. 5J J. 11 TECK & Co., ami I'HEO. A. PECK & Co., llur lington, VI. SllliltMAN'.S lOCin MAX'S VTjAHTEH. The bs slrengihcning plaster in thu world, and n sovereign rcuuily fi r pant' or weakness in the back, loins, side, breat, neck, limbs, joints, rheumatism, lumbago, ito.iVe. One million a year will not supply the demand. They require n little warming l.elbre ap plication. Warranted superior lo nil thcr, nnd lor one quarter thu usual price, making not only the Lest, but Ihe cheapest plaster in thu world. It ullbrds relief in a few hour, nnd makes tisionihing cures. In liver complniiit nnd (ly.pcp-ia, il should I e worn over Ihe region oftho liver or stomach, nnd il will allbrd great and astonishing relief. In eough,colds, asthma, "ditll enlty of breathinir, oppression of the chest or stomach, they will immediately Moth, and greatly lenelit the patient. Per-ons of sedentary habits, or'lhose obliged lo stand inucli, will receive ilirided support from one of the, u truly, slrciiglheuiiig plasters. Physicians gen erally recommend Ihem, in preference to iill others,! e caiisu they slick or ndhere teller and nll'ord greater relief. In their operation they are stimulant, tonic, and anodyne. They are composed of entirely different ingredients from any other i nnd known from the ex perieuceof millions,' who have ued (hem. as svcll as the iiuiied testimony, of nil llie celcbraleil and di-tin-gislicd clergy and physicians, to lellie niot useful and highly medicated iilnler, ever inventeil or ollercd lo thepub'ic. Several persons have called at the ware house to express iheir surprise and thanks tit the almost miraculous cures these plasters have ellec.ed. One man who had been so nlliicted with heutnalisln, as to be unable lo dress himclf without assistance, wasenabled after wearing one, only one night lo gel up aloim in the inoiniiig,piit on his dollies nnd call at our oilice with eyes learning wilhjoy nnd his tongue pouring forth the gladness of his bean, at the sudden and signal relief lie had received from ibis lest of all remedies. Ask for Dr. Sherman's Poor Man's Plater. It is so called, because Ihe price places il in the power of nil to purchase, I cinir only I2J cl. So'd al the va riety store by PAN'GUdHN it 1IRI.YS.MAII,, Jewellers, llurlington, vt. NATUHU'S iTRaND RESTORATIVE. fh7 valuable Vegetable Medicine stands unrivalled for the following complaints, viz: Dyspepiin, or Indi ge.tion,die:tsed Liver, bilionsdisorders, Dropsy, Asth ma, Costiveness, Worms and los of Appetite, and by cleansing the stomach ami bowels, cures pubis in the side, stomach and breast, colds and coughs of long standing, Hoarseness, shortness of breath, Nervous complaints, etc., which are frequently the ellcct of dis ease. Kor Kevornnd Ague, it is a most valuable pre ventative as well as a sovereign remedy. Its virtue surpass any thing heretofore known in removinc Si. Vitus' Dance, two bottles have I ecu known to cure, nl'cr having bullied every exer tion lorfour year-. It lias a must powerful influence in removing nervou complaints. It is pleasant lo take and so easy in its operation, that it may I c administered lo the infant with safely. The above Medicine is very hislily rirommemlo.l 'by many sej'ciiiilic gentlemen, mid it large niiiiil er ol'ladie., who have proved the virtue- of the Medicine by personal list anil that of iheir families. A bill ol'cerlili'eale accompauic each bottle, with directions. It may le had wholesale or retail of S. Ilritain, llarrc, and'.l. C. Karnam, Kn-t Willinms lown, Vt. sole proprietor-. Prepared from the origin al recipe; for sale by Kll. Prcutis, Montpelier, and J. it J. 11. Pi:ck it Co, and Tiiuo. A. Pkck Co., Ilur linglon, and in the principal towns in the state; all directions signed in the hand writing uftlie proprietor'. jelO SHUHMAX'S WOIOI L()7.E(iES are the greate-t discovery ever made, forilispelliug the va rious kind of worms that so frequently and di-tress-sinzly annoy both children ami adults. They are an infallible rcncly, nnd so pleasant to thu Iumc. t tint children will take them a readily a a common pep permint lozenge. Many di'sea-os arise from worm-, without itsleing sii-pecl'cd. Soiiieliuies a very trouble some eoiiirh, pain in the joints or limbs, bleeding at the nose, iV-. are occasioned by worms, and can le easily cured by tlu'scelel rated meiliciiie. The follow ing symptoms indicate ihe presence of worms, viz: headache, vertigo, torpor, ih'-turled dream, sleep I roken oil' by fright ami screaming, convulsion, fe-wri-'hlies.-, tl'iir.t, palliil hue, bad tiisio in the month, o:!enive brealh, i-ougli. diilicult breathinir. itchini: at the no-e, pain in the stomach, nausea, sqneaiinh-ncs-, voracity, leanness, teiie.miis, iiehing at the anus towards nigl'a, and at Irngth, dejections mid film and iiiiicu. One i a do-e for a child two years old two for one four year old hrce for eight years, and live lor an amm, aiM iiii'iiii I e repeated every morning, or averv other morning until relieved. J C71 Sold at the Vuriefy storo by PANGUOltN & IIRINSMAID, Je rer, 'llurlington, Vt. HAIR! 1 1 A I It I ! It A I .I1X USS.Inipor tant Illsroverv -the (.rent .Mystery I'oitnil out at laht.--I)lt. STKIUIY'S HAIR REGENE RATOR. Dr. Sterry, after murh attention to the innporlant subject of preserving the hair, has, after many experiments chemical and physical been ablo to discover and article which is now offered with the prenlcst confidence for the toilet as the best thing ever fliscovercd, for, forits softening and penetrating quality Vo produci; a good hetd of hair to prevent it front falling oil when baldness is apprehended to restore n when baldness nas taken place, and to prevent it fiom turning Rray. It ii is more nourishing than po mntnm, antique oil, or Cologne water. It is n beauti ful nrticle for ladies curls it makes thy hair soft and lively, and produce! uncommon brilliancy. Thous unds' hive tested its superior virtues and 'excellence, nnd in nvcry instance it stands unrivalled. It is an infallible "ire in all affections of the skin on the head as danilriilF, A c. itc. Every family should be sup plied with n botllc of this oil, that by its application to llie neau ami uairoi ciuuiriu, uu- in-nnium nu i nxmntal appendage of a fine bend of liaic, vvhieh na ture Ins supplied iw may be preserved. Krom the nnmeioiis certificates and recommendations received of its salutary intliiciice, the Doctor feels firmly pcr eiitdeil hp has succeeded in producing an article which will meet the desired wishes and approbation of the Public. Kor sale whole-ale and retail by A. HITCH COCK it Co. 117 Genesee st. Utiea, N. Y. In Rur linpton, by J. it .1. II. PECK it Co., and THEO. A. PECK it Co. In Vergcnnes by J. II. llowman. In Milton, by Rurnct it Sawyer. In Georgia, by Lorcn io Janes. "UK20 G H)N SUMPTION ! -No person can have an ade J miatc idea of the astonishing relief which Dr. .ir..'u luilimniie or t;onsumntivc rills "ive. in uon- munption, Cough, Colds, Asthma, difficulty of breath ing Wheezing, lightness of the Chest, Pain in the side, -?,.;,, ,,ri,lnd. itc. A fair trial only is necessary lo convince persons suner'ui"; from these complaints ihat this! iRone ol tlio most vaiunuio mcoicmcs yeiuis- .,r,lnnd ibis is thu testimony of relieved patients ..- a trimtliMiiaii. of this nei"liborhood. recently "in ibn tironrietor. that ho believed these f tills lind kept him nlive for tho last two years. Many i..i... nii-n similar testimony. A letter slntes "the AsiiimiTtic Pills give siirh astonishing relief in cases of C'ou"h Common Colds, etc. as no one can believe, unless' they make tho trial." Imporlnnt testimony. "There has been, (writes nn urgent) an unusual call this winter for Refo's Asthmatic Pills. Applicants pronounce them n vniuaoie mcuiciiic, aim say uiey . r.nd n substitute." A vniing Lady Was three vrnrs aflliclc'l with n violent cough, pain in the side, inittin" of blood, and disturbed rest nt and 1,nrrA m nerfect hcallh bv taking two boxes. a' rase of Aslhma-Of thirty years standing, was V...I i... iv.,.un Pills. A Gonl email Who had been for years alllictcd with a violent cough, dilllciilty of An Ascnt writes-"Yoiir Rtlfo's Asthmalic Pills.1 en n credit daily." A IMiyHcian writcs.-After all Kv" i;.;nn. imvn faded to ctvn relief m consiimp- tion cafes, I have found tho 'Relfo's Asthmatic Pilfs' In.i nveellent !' Extract "Several persons nnitctcd In R"on plainu in various s.agU of the d .case ifur yin"cvery thing else, have those Pills with the n os ?apt.y success." A Remarkable Casn.-A irly "X wis given over as, past recovery, and her lrnh dailyrxprcltd, was raised front what was ex !?iiil woulil ho her loath bed, and from tho borders If nv R hr I'ilU-'and declared her wish ot inrgin. i . . . the. worth of i ns invnltm- ? i 1 li - e 's rl are the valuable properties of )t"A Z iCm-t, Cold" Asthma., blffleultjr . of '. !,rr..1.-. l Wheezing Spitting of Illood Wn m Z". ' : , e with. ' C'ommon colds INUUIKI--ASK II I OS K WHO KNOW. Tlione only nhntkuow by liial ol immediate obser vation, ran fotlil any idea of ihe efl'ecis, of llie pi-ift-el relief, of llie aluiosi cures effecied in cafes of ihe, Rheumatism, all Swkllings, ami all external Pains, no mailer how severe, by ihe use of 1 1 iii, ' Liniment. Kind one who lias used ii dial u ill not laud it above all things rtrr med, and yon "ill find what cannot be found. CJTor llie teliefol suffer, ing human brings who maj be nfflicied, I beg jou lo n.k aik of ihoe nlio know iisk ihe Hon, At.Knr.U CoNKLIN, U. S. Judge fur district, resiiling near Auburn; atk Matthkw J. .Mykrs, E-ii. Alliens, N. Y ; ak Gen. Durr Grkf.N, tale of Wafliingion riiy, each of ihejc (Piitleinrn know of cases iineonqacr. able by all oilier remedies or physicians, llicngh iriei! fir many ear', hayc been cured by I lit; use of llie genuine llay't I.inimtnt. Th uifamls of oilier prisons know simitar cuics. We appeal lo their rciire of jus tire iheir liuiuan feelinss. iCJ't is but duly jnn owe to jour suffering fellow-heings to let tliisgieal remedt be known. Sneak ofil llien lo all your fi leads I'll x will save murh nam whne the neivf naiicrs are mil read, or where readers aie incredulous, because so many wonlcrH articles are mlferibed lor llie same piirpoe. To bujers we saj , if all who have usril ii do not say II i lieyoml all praise, men no not lake it. The pioprieior will not allow ibis article 10 be p iul foi nnlt-fi il cuics. when nil llie dircciions aie fully follow ed. Will any one niflerim; refuse now lo try il ? Ifhe does, be nujlit to be pitied more for his obstinacy ilian i riitteriue. it rur. nays wouki neier conseni to offtr ibis ariir.le, Here he nol compelled by his sense of moral ol religions ilnly lo lo all in ins power lor i lie victims of disiirss and mifcry. Kor this purpose lie would rooner iletole a lorlune, man serine a uullar lor anv worllilees article. iCZP'LOOlC OUT. Some swindlers have rnuuteifeiled ill's article, and cm ii up wiih variuii deuces. Do nol be nniioteil upon. One ihii'B only will protect you il Is llie name ofComirocA- Co.; Hint name must Ue alwn)S on uie wrapper, or you ore rheaied. Do not forget il. Take ihi direr linn wiih yon, and test by that, or never buy ; for il Is impoitible for any other to be true or genuine. rjui.uiiwii nn 1 1. Sold by Comtlock Co. 2 Kleicher street, N. Ymk, el forsali-OA'.Y by Panoboiin & BltlNSMAiu. siiEit.UA.v.. cougu Lozi;.t;i:s. ARE the sal'et, most sure and uilectual remedy for Cough-, Cold-, Consumptions, whooping Cough, Asilmia, I iglitiii.'ss ol llie laiuirs or che-l, iVc. sVo. '1 he proprietor has never known an instance where l hey did not m'w oerll-ct satisfaction. Several lliou- aud boxes have I ecu sold wilhin the last threctnouihs :!torini; lo health, iiersons in almost every slnae coiiuiiiition, and tho-e laboring under the inol ih's- li issing eolil ami eouglis-. I hey oo not clicclc ami liy up the coiii'b. but render it easy, promote expec toration, allay tho tickling or irritation, and remove the proximate or exciuug cau-c. I Hey nie inane from a 'combination ol the iiio-i valuable expectorant, orcoiiiih inedicine,aud are iindoiiblcdlv Miliermr lo everything in use lor llio-e complaint. Huinlml upon uuniireos oiccriiiicaies nave i ivn oncriii oi ineir wonuerliil virtnc, troni tiio-e wlio tiave ticeii savin from an unliiiicly grave, and restored to perfect healih by using ihem. Doi:. One lozenge i a ihk-e for an alnll,nud may I o repealed froiu three to si time a day, asrcq'iiriil. Children, eight year year' olil, lialfof one: limr yciiisa niiarler. and so in pro portion. ery small ciiiuircii or miaul will lal.u llicm I et dissolved in a little water. Should ihey net a nil emetic, or proilucc imuea. ihe do-c must 1 u lesen; lo what thu sfoinaeli will t ear. Hall ol one will gen erally la sullicicnt lo lake Lefore breakfast, as the stomach is then more oa-My sickened. No ill eilecls can nri-o from an over do-c, as it will cause the sto mach to rcje.-t il ; and although not a pleaant sen-u tion, will l e found to give relief. Where there i much pain in the breast or side, one of thermau'. Poor .Man'.- Plaster htuld l.e nppliisl over the pari, and worn It!) relieved. Ifntlciidcd wiih colivene.., u lew cathartic or laxative Lozenge-, or any mild ea tharlio medicine, should I e ihcd as oci-niou reoiine.- Sold at the Variety Store, by PANGUOltN & I1HI.NS.MAII, Jewellers, uiiriuigton, VI. fCPI M 1 'ORTA NT CALTI ON ,pj j It is a singular fact and one much to be rogrelled that valiialile medicines, ns soon as they become pop ular, and hate received Ihe lest and approval of a discriminating public, are sure to be eontilerfeileil, ami thus a bad and spurious nrticle is immediately palmed upon lliu unsuspecting for llie genuine. This has been notoriously the case with all popular tried and truly valuable niediciies for years past, ami will probably continue to be Ihe ease for years to eome. The I a-o nnd conlempliblo counterfeit in this way meanly takes advantage ol all the ed'orlstind adver tising used by llie proprietor of the genuine article, to get their medicines into use and deserved popluari ly. Il is therefore nol les thediiiy than it contributes to the safety of ei ery honest individual in the com munity to expose, frown down, and forever nfierDIS- lld l.l all iii-.aicii.i-.-s- LMiKA I r-Swho lliu. irrc- ponihlv trifle Willi health uml life. llZ-'lIlfc.l.r.l'Ullfc 1AM! AOriUlirn! There is a person by the name of J. II. ROCHE- KORT. now engagisl in selling a Pill done up in boxes inexact and ncrlect imitation of the genuine INDIAN VEOETAHLE PILLS, with the omision ofonlyone word on the IJoxes viz. Whigiit. The Pills sold by this Rochefort nre evidently intended as a frau-l anil inipo-ilion upon Ihe eomuiuuity, or they would not have been done up in such exact imitation of the gen uine. This person is tall blustering with a great the atrical swagger. He was recently known as a very poor player in Ualtimore, under the musical cognomen of Jim Drown, and is about twenty live years of age1 Il is almost beyond u doubt that he is supplied with the Pills Irom a Uruggi.t linn in this city, who have heretofore I ecu notoriously connected wit Ii counter feit medicine. As soon as proof isoblained the foun tain head of ibis nefarious business will bo exposed, that the community may .-hull them us I hey would u in'the mean time nif: pltilic ARE CAU TIONED gainst buying WRIGHTS Ivdiak Pilli of any one who does not exhibit a certificate ofiii'cn- cy signed by the agent for the New England Stales and 'earing date since January IS HI. Also lake par ticular notice that the following wording is on thu box es Wright's Indian Vegetable Pill (Ind. Purgative) of the North American Colleae of Health. Hit indtan vtzttablt Ptllt are a cerium cure for liscise in ils every variety of form, because lliey thu loughly cleanse the siomach and bunds, induce u pin per discharge by llie lungs, skin and kidney, and sti mulate the blond lo puiify itself. In oilier words ih--y open all the natural drains, and leave NAIUUK (7i ttramt I'lujiiaan) nee to dine disease fiom i lie body. The above omleis, or ibain., are the common sewers of llie hnd), Ihiougli n hioli all moihid and ror rupl humors ( i lie cau-c ot iliea?c) are carried off; mid so long us lliey are all kepi open, nnd dijrhnrge IV eel) iheir ullollcd pnriious of iuipmily, the body will con. I i line in healih: bill vvlien fiom ciiling impiopei loud, brraihing imptiie air, sudden Iran-iiioiu Inun heal to rold, ovci exhaustion or an) oilier rpu.'e, the bowels berome costive, ihe poles ol the skin become, or thekidnC)S fail In perform ll.eii fiiur.iiuus pu-pi tl). llie i m jini i I ics winch should lie drained 1 1 oil) llie hndv by llie.'C oulh'ls. w ill be retained, and coulinue In no- uimilatc iiiiiiI llie ooily oecmnes litrinuy loaded Willi lisasc. If ihe diaiini-ls of our iniahly riveis hould become blocked up, would mil llie ncci:imilaied waters find new ouik-ls, or llie country become intiiidale-l ? list so with Hie human body ; ifllic iialuiiil drains be come dosed, iheslar-naiil ami coiiupl buuiors will find tent in the varum loims ol disease sueli us r etcr, Small Pox, Measles, Kliciini iii.-in. Gout. Apoplexy, &c. or Death will eu-I our snlTci ings. Theirfuic, when sirknesi at the sluuiach, pains in t tic bark nud side, quii k pubc, huming skill, or any oilier iniplca- int symptoms, inuieaic inal nne or more ol llie na. luial iliaius are not dischaiging fieely, uml I lie rmisli union is about lo cniiinieiiee a slinguie lor lie- resloru lion of healih, no lime should be lost in Hibniiiisicr ing fe v brisk dosei of i lie Indian Pnigsiiive Indian V e ttuble Pills.) Ily so doing, all the luuciioiis of ihe oily will be resloieii id older, rml I lie foul btnunrs film cause of evei y iufl.niialifiu or n-iiii wo ulfei ) will leiemoveiliu so ca-v and natural a manner, iliui llio boily will be resloieii as if by ii charm. Ihe above Pills may be taken at A LI. limes and under ALL or runiflauces, wiih peifeei safely. They soil all com plainit and all ars, and arc in ihe human roii'ii'minn ulood: cou.i'uuenilv I lie can ntncr tniui e even i lie uiosl deliralc. l.iKe our loud, lliey uie dieestilile : Hieiclore lliey enler tulo Hie cuciilalioii and impaii ai energy lo llie ulood, uiurh en-.liles it lo now Willi lire. loin quile lo llie exlieiuilies ami ciiiwrquemly in keei llie pores nfihe skin open. They aie Hue and pel feel uriliers of Ihe lilnod : In raune lliey dram all corrupi humors fiom that life giving fluid. 1'hey impart slrenlli anil Vigor In Ihe whale sy.lem, nnd their rf arealway bemficlal : because lliey only remove lliofe huuiors vvliii h aie oppnseil lo healih. I'liry aid ind improve digeslion, mid sound sleep follows Iheir use: tccjusR lliey cleanse the sinimirh and bowels ol inos'1 slimy humours winch nol only inilaie ami rxrue the iieiiims svsiein, Inn paiulyze ami weaken Hie d cesiive oi gam, lushoii lliey possess nil lliey good ran be claimed lor any medicine : ami what Ins very irni.iik.ilik, it is uileily inipomu e lo ll-e lliein wilhoill benefit. Price !3 cents per llox. with full direction'. Oflieo Depot tor the iXew laiglnn l f:atc, no, lUd l reinonlMrcel, near i onrl street, no-ion. I he regular nppomled Agents can receive Iheir -up plies oftho above popular Pill, as heretofore, from tho only nihVoand general depot for the New Enehind Slate-, lllSTrcmont street, lloston. Pedlars or trav elling agents aru not allowed in. -ell the genuine indian table Pill-, thereloro never purchase from ihem lor It veil do you will he sure to olitiim a dangcrou and conn'.crli.'it article. sll Tiif.o. A. Pixk it Co, Agenl in Iliiilington, fir the salcol the Indian egetaUe 1'ills, also, .,11., Williston, I. T.MlMlltTANT TO .tlOTIIUItS it. Yt)UX X FliSlAliliS. Doctf. Rr.vNOLtis itP.Mi.Mi:i.r.v celebrated PILLS, or HEALTH RESTORATIVE for complaints pceuliiirily incident to the Female Sex Tluc ,!;,.!,. is mm- l.rnullt liefnre ihe nnl.i;. ,,.l... r p o the HALU-ii i: a i k d & ot j i h ns M. Di es any know a neighbor or a fiien l who has been Raid, and whose head is novvroven-d wiih fine hair? One whose coat collar was covered wiih dan dm If, llioiij-li briithed every hour which has now van ished entirely I Or one whote haiis al early uge were I uming grey, who now has not a grej hair? Childien whote heads were coveted wiih semf, whose hair would not grow, thai are now growing the fallen riops of hair I Some must he known lo most perroni. Aik ihem the cause, and j on will be told that these lliings have been dune by llie use of the Balm of Co. lumbia. Of20 yearsgrovvih is this article, lis demand increasing annually some hundred per cent. though when discovered not opnoieil by anvihing lor llie same purpose, now ussailrd by iilinosl number le.s niualironn Irani pieparauoiu inai win nun uie u ureii in an) extent. Can more than lliefe facis be wanted trier lo ihe recommendations by a list of names of lespcda. bility, tineipialled by any oilier article. Look lo llirsc lliiiiBS buy this urlicle. Slay nnd preserve vnur hair by in uie, or if bald restore. Il, Ladies, utieml to this luiudreits in fashionable life nre using it us ihe only S i .i nrdieino thev ever met with. Common colds ,l,e '""'V'"" Price -SI for whole boxes of and 50 rrtX for h' If Muxes of 12 Pills. M .' Prepared by T., roio proprie . , ' .ior to IT. Conway -and nny ho had at his niing room, 00 t M ir.-st. up 1 ?. ' ! .mlrss .trmrd T K'lnrra n thr ,utslv printvn wtnrj-r. Large toMcrs, urilelf. reall. fit for the loilrl. Lung Hair is veiy hiu lo fall out. Ladies, mo the llshn if Columbia in time in save voiirse'ves llie disgrace ol Ualdnes tiy negter ,.t..n..r liia vounlutv noialttis lo pic serve llie beauties of nature, with vvhich a boiiiuiful Crealor has rnilowed jnn ; nseine iiaim.iur n wiuuo n rtAIIHON TO I1E REMEMRKREI). Several most flagrant niieinpts have liern made to counterfeit ihe true Halm of Columbia. Some of ihe inipnslers have gone so tar s in roumeiicil ine spun ,i;.i .u,.,pn. ami i he Kalis of Niagara, and cveiy ex leinal maikexcrpt llie name of Com.lor.k, which they dare nol forge. To avoid Imposition llierel'pre, al w.vs look fur ihe name of Comstock & Co. or I.. S. .. :.. L .,,,1 nrver biiv ihe ariir.le unless II has Ihat e upon il Sold ami rf inn, nmy hi iiu, Meirher nieel, N. V. and by I'Ah'OBonK nurl name o l- llMs IM Alf Duilinjiun, V BALSOM OK LIVERWORT-for Consumption, Dyspepsia, Asthma, and all diseases of ihe Lung, nnd Liver. These lica-ei pruvnil to u greal extent, erealingiuuchdistressitndsomelalality. All the-e can le remedied by the use of Dr. Taylor's Dal.uui of Liverwort. Tliis medicine is purnly Vcgilable, and from its peculiar action upon the Liver is a' ways found a radical remedy for ihe-e dieaes. Kor Keumles and men in a verv weak slate, no medicine can be so grateful a restorative, as it not only strengthens, but purifies and gives a healthy action to llio whole sys tem. Con-lmiily lor sale by N. LOVELY it Co. who uavu mil received a ire-u supply ol seasonable uoods from New York, nil very cheap for cash. iiiinmgioii, nuy .)u, leiu. LOOK AT THIS HAVE YCI) A COUGH! TO.OOO uiK or cnnsumi'TIon every year in llie lotted .Stale-, and millions suli.-r fitoni troublesome coughs and colds, that can ba curud by Dr. M. Hiu.h cock's Vegetable, Virgin Cream Cough Drops, a safe 11111.-1 pii-scnpnon, eomuing no poisonous drugs, ami ti-ed in an extensive practice for several years will mo.t posilivcly allbrd relief, nnd save you from that nwlul diseaee, pulmonary consumption, which usually sweceps into the grave liiimireils efthe young, the old, the lair, the lovely and the gay. Have you a cough ? He Persuaded to purchase n bottle ol the Hough Drop to-day! To-morrow may I e too late. Ilnvo von cough! Dr. Hiteecok's Vegetable Virgin Cream Coiigh

''ops is the only remedy yoii should lake to cure yon. " l"--'o iealill. I II.VI Ml UOOIieill llie lllUIIStllKl cnes where il has Iron ifed has it railed lo relieve Price 75i-ent per bottle. Kor sale, wholesale and Re ad, by A. HITCHCOCK it CO. No. 117 Gene i-o I.. Utica. N. Y. And by iheir airems ibrouL'hoiil llie I'liiled Stales. In Hiirliuitoii, by J. it J. II. Peek it Co., Thco. A. Peek it Co. In Vcrgennes, bv J. II. liovvinnn. In Milton, bv Ilurnet &. Sawver. In Guor- giu, by Lorenzo Janes. tui.'i JLOUR. A few llbls. of Family Flour, of siilierior quality, just rce'd nnd for sale at HOWARDS. pOVI)int.Oo ki-s, ly J. it J. II. Pkck it Co. X June I y, GJ.IMMJSTONIM, by r Juno 7. J. it J. II. PECK it Co. WOOL TWIN IS for sale at HOWARD'S. m23 POI ASH KLTI'LES constantly on band bv June I'J J. &, J. If. PECK it Co. CONCltlMS WATHIt, jiist received a fresh supply ol'Cougru-.sttU'.er, and for sale by .tiavztj. Ul-.O. I'KI r.KSO.i. w COHX IIROOMSit PAIL-i.00doz. com brooms 50doz. patent Pails, June I'J. J. oc J. ll. rucK oi uo. 50 DRUGS AND MED1GINES. A large supply put ree'dby June 19. J. it J, Il.P ECK & Co. liOUlb-Troy, Ohio nnd .Michigan, constantly X receiving by J. &. J. II. Pkck it Co. CJNTKK ONLY TWENTY-KIVE CENTS. D. M 5 Hitchcock'. newly invented Snutl'the lestnrti cle ever dieovercd by scienlilic men, in Europe or America, lorllieeure and abolule rclu-l ol i aliirrb. l)izzme-s ol llictle.ul, eal; Nervous lleatl- achc-, Knllen Sickncs, Kits, uml Infants troubled with Siiuflle, partial slus-ks of P.ily, ite, For sale wholcalc and retail, by A. HITCHCOCK it Co., sole Proprietor, No. 117 Genesee st. L'tica, and by their uucuts throti'.-lioiit the I'tiioii. In llurlington, J. it J. II. Peck & Co. In Vcrgeiine-, by .1. II. Itovviniin. In Milton, by llurnett it Sawyer. In Georgia, by Lo renzo jane.-. This article is now brought beforo the public, under sanction of llio strongest testimony, from those who have alike used it, and also witnessed its uncoimllcd powers, in the removal of Female obstructions of the most aggravated and desperate character. These testimonials tiro not brought from llio iiziiornnt and illiterate but fiom Physicians and oilier Scienlilic Persons, who liavo tested lis great virtues, nnd now recoiiiiiiemi ii in iiu-u piacuiu nun icim to it uie sanc tion of their iiniiies. It is not intended ns many modi dues Kenerally aro for all llio varieties of disease which ii is menu m ruuer uiiiici. nui ll is luiciuicu simply for one, class of complaints, and those only re !...:.... . .. ow irw I..,;.. .,i-L...i.. .i..i:...' .. lure, thcro, would ,ho morn than an ordidary degree of uiiiiuciicc in mining n nn nus in ucic oeiure me piionc were ii not mo laci mat iiioiisanits tiro continually tinssiim from the stngo of action, victims to disease. which this medicine has never failed to prevent or '. nucil nan mill uiu piuvisniu oi rvilllire, Hint lv all the complaints ol Females, nro connected in somo degree, with the habits allied lo their sex. And innnv can bear witness, where n mere co Id at a nnr- ticiilnr stage, has produced cheeks, Ihat tho hand of Science, and Skill, never has been ablo to disnel or nllcviatc. At fuM, llio irregularity and suppression of llio natural nanus produces no very alarming symp toms, and i treated generally with neglect. And proper attention is p roc rnst haled until llio hollow eye, sallow complexion and great bodily debility indicate inai ciiurr rnpui loiisiiiiipuoii, or somo oilier Intal disenso has fastened its resistless urasn on thosuneirr which soon terminate.! existence, by n lingering but certain death. For complaints inevitably productive of such results thisinvalimblom-slicincis now brought before tho public. It invariably removes obstructions and regulates a too prnfuso iiiristriirntion. nnd cures by its unequalled qualities, nil Ihe variety of derange ment connected with tho Fetnnlo habit. Tho eminent nud distmiiuislied Doet. J. Morrison, who has nrnc useii iiieiiiciiie nt wiicuiu, ii, i iiih, wiiii inc mosi sig nal siicess for '10 vcnrB, snvs "It is tho best medicine uuw in line. Ill i noes ui iiieiiiiuit, i,r supiessiuii ui tun Menses, t iiiiiik it wdl sustain tlio iippeintion ot n spccinc. i navo trieri ii in ino worst cases wnn tnnsi ndmirablc success, and I wih for tho good of sullering l-cmn es. l int nil vvnnld inlrni lien il in their practice, nn I have found it nnsvvers bryoud my most sanmiino expectations." In iisrlleei it is'ltlnd may hn timen without tlio least inconvenience, ns it is noi cniunriic, inn loiuu nnu nprririn. i-or ample par ticulars rcsperting its eiricienry. rrrtirlcnirs of t'ysi rians who hnvo witnessed ils clfeels, nud of others, who have been most signally lienefilril and restored WUItillt-. WOlUlis.-Dn. M. Hitchcock's uiirivalleil nud iincnnnlled WORM TEA, a sovereiixu remedy for Worms. Siransre and incioli hie are ihecllecls of these dclclahle vermin; few person, and il is thought none are free from them, par ticularly females and children. Many pcr-on go through n distressing course of medicine without a benefit, when they might be relieved by uing the Worm Tea. This invaluable medicine ha been tested by llie, experience of more than leu years use, and iidminislercJ to more than 1C.0O0 per-ons of various age, nnd not one Military complaint ; on llie contrary hundreds, have called, nnd unsolicited, ijiven their de cided preference to il. after trying the ili.leienl nrliele sent forth to iliopubic, nud pronounced Dr. M. Hitch cock's Worm Tea llie most safe, elloctual, and con venient remedy that can be obtained ; for in no one of ine inouaii(is oi intanees wnere it nn. icon um agreeable to the printed directions has a ever failed, N.H. Ask for Dr. M. Hitchcock's WoiiMTr.A, as there are many iiuslriinis abroad for llio doslrnclionof worms Kor sale wholesale and retail by A. HITCHCOCK it CO., sole proprietors, 117 Genr.-eu street, Flien, and by their nsents i mus hunt tlio l nion. in lur inc on. by J. it J. II. Peck vt Co., nntl Theo. A. Peck vt Co., In Vcrgennes, by J, II. Howmnn. In Milton, by Ilurnet & Sawyer. In Georgia, by Lorenzo Janes. IHIR.f) HUMOUS!! Notwithstanding the pul licjour nals of ihttday, are already crowded with nuii- ce of Medicines, in which llie public have very little confidence, I have concluded to ny to those Hllhcte I with Salt Rheum, St. Anthony's lire, (or Erysipelas,) ald-iieau, i n-prosy, or any wiier cutaneous eruption falso luisit I ecu iound a remeily for Hick-lleaduclic which uri'-ei from huuiors in the lomnch. That I have found a sale and ell'ec-tiial remedy bv an iniernal application, without alluring the diet or habits (il temperate) and without injuring the constitution or eyesight. 1 have I ecu most seriouly alllicted witb a complaint called Leprosy, lor fourteen years, while the ablest fiiy-ioiaiis could give me but little encour agement or relief, calling il nn inciirablediseasc. After nitiiiy year experinieiiling on inv-selt, ntlhe hazard of my life, I have, by llie blessing of Cod made this discovery, ami am now reauy luny in convm- e my lel low siitlcrcrs of Ihe fact in my own person, and n-il Ihem to a like remedy, lor a reaonnHei-oiniieiisalioii. Yel I am not iiiscnil leof thediiliciilty to call public attention, so oiieu uei eiviii, to a new ompoiind. lint Irom its leiiefieial elli-cts upon my tuy.elf, and ipon others al.-o who given it a trial. I am m- luccd '.o oiler it lo the public, with lull directions for Using, signed Charles Jones, in my own baud writing lole ucniiiue, and liir their accomodation tl will Le left with mo-t of the principal Druggists in the lul led Stales as soon as convenient, with a few ecrti-li-ates of its cllicaev, such us may follow this no. Al.-o. may Ictound with it. a afe. i-a.v nod in fallible (internal) remedy for the Pile, prepa're-l by a l.illlul hand i t the inelical called I'ilct llnr- morlitiitts, which if used will surely reculiiiiieiid il'ell'. ill coiiiiiiunicalious respecting ihc.-e .Medicine-. must le po-iage paid, to nveivc attention. . iHiellloul, II..-H-pt. WO, 181U. (.IIAIILES JoNCs. 7olu Public. I hereby certify that my wife ha been severely allhclcl for the la-t two years with a scrofulas humor ihe Sallrheuiiie, or something uf thai nature) having applied to several Physicians and triil almost every thing which is reoomifcmled for such complaints, Initio no purpose. At la-l hcuriim ol a medicine prepared by Mr. iiuni.ts j,ns, m no inwn, she re.olvisl to try it, and in six week, after -he Ivgan lo use it, was completvly cured. I wniil-l, therefore, recommend tin's medicine to all who are af-ilicu-il with scrolida li'iinor-, such a have Iccu pro nounced by nearly all I'liv-icians iin.-ural e. ami am confident thai they will find immediate relief. Clareinont, Aug. 4, 18-10. W.M. KVuitkh. A ( artl. I lieiitiilcrsigned take. Ibis inctmxlto -ay to thee whe are ullhcleil Willi humors of any kind, Ihat he has I ecu most lenoiisly allhi led lor ten or twelve years with u cutaneous complaint ctillt! Sali- rlicninerr ta-proy which has ever I ceil prouniuiied incnral le. And knowing that the miiiic was heredit ary in our family I bad depairivj of ever rinding relief, having failed in nil my attempt to cure, until lat spring I learned that my brother Cliaile,who had lieu lor fourteen years in the miiiic situation had fo iml a -life and ellcctuul reuusly, without nl'enng the diet or habits, fur which I applied, and was finni-hed with a phial of drop-, and 1 can now -ay llial af er uiiig one hall my humor wa coinpie eiy craiticaled withoul m- liiring my healih, nnd l nave noiio-n.t but others may lind. llie same in this powerf 1 meilicine, a- I under stand some already have. He has declined making il very pul licit present, yet 1 think olbcr may al-o lind the present. uois Junks. Clarciiiout, August 1, IS 10. .4 Card. The imdcriined feel, n ili.'Iulcncc in llvi olli-ring bis ti!liinony in favor of a "new Mc'cciur,1 prep.n eil by his own Father, and cannot hope tor t Ik confidence which would I e pul in one who wool I seen more disinterested. Hut he less leave to nv, lira! for ix year he had I ecu Ironlled with a b iiuur so meliines called leiirosy, which had of late I ecome a M-riou nlllielion ; and knowing that bis Father and others had in vain tried every proba' le remedy, he had not the most ditanl cxpei-lnlion of ever 'finding a cure. Hemg induced to irv a phial ol In 1-alher mcd ecine, he ha indeed found it all becoul I wish, a :ife. M.ei-dv. and he believes e 'ectual cure. If o'her -hall le induced by Ihi to rid thenieve of a loathoinr complaint, his end will I e nnwere I. r.rnA Jox i.s. university oi Vermont, miinngion, .uir, laiu. A Cnril. Hearing of a Medecine nrenared l v Mr. l;iarle jonc, ot tin lovvn, lor humor, and havin: sivn its lciiefieialo:lecls. I apid ed for it for tin- bill latishler -I year of aye, much nfllietcd wiih Salt Rheiiui. supposed to lean hereditary complain!. I can now sny that after using it six weeks my hopes arelniiy reunited in a cure witiioui iiijurinn the child's heallh.'audciintiowreeommen'l il to oilier as n safe and inlulliue rcineny lorsuenconipiauiis. Clareinont, N. II. Sep1- ' 1310. Maut E. TenKT. BAItNMS' new Gcographv, on the Classification system: a very inefnl work for school. inl ree'd and for Mile at Ihe Hook. lore tela D A HRA.MAN Blti.STOti IIOAKO, DrawingTaper and Pen cils, Hrilliaul nil Ibiid. blue fluid, laoau ink. and ladie and gentlemen's steel pcn, pil received from Colleje l. June 25, IS40. CASH PAID FOR WOOL . -The ,u!.criler will pay cash, on delivery, for eood clean fleece wool, delivered at the old store occupied by 11. Hyde it Co. iionli we-1 ciruer of College Gn-eu. Itiirliuirton, June It). HARRY HRADLEY. VHItlJIiNA Cltl-'AM for shaving, clarified Ro. in, Warrm's le t Needles. Silver Thiniblos and lots of new Good, opening at the Variety Store. .iiayjy. l'A.MiltUK. it HKI.NSMAID. 30 TOIIACCO. Leg plus To! neco. 10 I oxes Cavendish do CU package sheep do 2000 Hi. Leaf do. do. by J. it J. H. PKCK it Co. 45 C"V prj. Ladies col'd. and black Freush Slips, JJ '20 do do. Gaiter Hoots, yOdo Misses col d Slips, 50 do Gent's Pumps, 'i cases Men's seal Hoots. RurliiiKloit, July 14. H. C. STIMSO.V. 8000 bv its virtues reference, is now ollercd to iho nam phlrts accompanying thn medicine, nnd to thn more particular evidenrrs, in ine nanus oi ino Biinscriuer! Sole Agent for the New Enilnnd Stairs. rnii'mn nnivi er Sliennaii's Hicnst Ointment. If applied properly nnd indue time, will cure the most painful cases of swelled breasts, and prevent the for mation of nbsresses Even where the swelling has poiuieii ami suown everv appearance oi orenKing, mis ointment has rnlirely ilipelled it, nnd restored the ptris to n neaitny condition, in applying it, n smootn nnd soft envetinr; to iho breast should bo made of soft leather, or ruin compact limn, with a nolo in the cen tre lo admit the niule. When so mule, nut n coaline of tlio ointment over tho inner surfnen nnd apply it eiosety anil sniooiiuy over iiiu w iuuo orcnsi, leaving thn nipple protruding through tho hole, so that tho rhilil rnn nurso, which it should do us long ns the mother rnn bear it. Care should bo taken to have tho brrnst drawn by Iho child or otherwise, so as to pie. vent nn nrriiinidiilion of milk. Whenever Ihe plas ter gels rinlilrd, nnd thereby imrnniforlnble,n nevvone should bo npplied, and constantly worn until n cure is aliened, ll is sometimes necessary to slit the sides so they will conform to thn shape or the breast, nnd cover it closely. Ask for Sherman's brrnst ointment, and see that nis signature inns, "i, .virrmnn, ,1, Vis on llio wrapper, none oilier ran bo genuine. SHERMAN'S PAPILLARY OIL Is tho only infallible remedy for sore nipples s-vrr dis covered, It will cum tho most troublesome rases in a few days, without depriving the infant of the brensl warranted superior lo nil othor rrinidies when npplied ncrnrdinc to thn directions on the brittle. Sec that the Hgnaturc of "A. Sherman, Af, ).," is on thn 1 wranner. none other is genuine. He particular or vim Wholesale Dealer in Dtuns. Mrdicines. Paints and i willne deceived and Hissppmntrd. Sold at the Ynrie- Dye Stufl'K, -No. 3 tt 4 south Mdeold Fnnvml Hall. 1 ly Moic. PANGi:OR.N nRI.NS.MAID. I hereby certify that I have leen iniimalelv ae niiamleil Willi .Mr. Gharle .loiie. ol Clareinniii. II lorn number of years la t pat, and have I con consul ted bv and prescribed for him. for a very oli-iinati: disease ol tin; skin, well known by Urn name of l,e,iro but could no no more man mitigate ino di-ove h.r time. Since he has a'lrelcd a radical euro bv mean of.his Drops for llumnis, I have examined 'him and am nappy to ny inai m skin is peneciiy inooih and tree irom uie oirivc. aii. v .uusimi:, nymcisn. France-town, N. II., Sept. IS, 1810. I have been ncouaintrd with Mr. Charles Jones for a number of year, have practical in hi family, and adinini-tcred'inedicinofur hi dises. eofthe kin', more or le., for ten or twelve year', pat withouta radical cure, lie now appears lobe perfecily cunsl by mmuc drops which ho prepares, and which' so far a I am acipiniutcil Willi llicm pioiniPe in be of sreat utility in MichdiM-aMis, -ior.s conn, .it. I Springfield, Vt. Sept. -1, 1810. I have prescribed remedies-, and administered nnili eme for C. Jonc' humor which I railed la-proy more or less for fourteen years, without a enninhi cure (his beingjiii uncommon cn-e.) He now appears to haw a hnaiciirc irom in own discovery, nnd irom what I much it elects upon others nn, I amol opi nion it may leoi much tieneni 10 iiiccnnimiiniiy. Timothy S, Gi.i:ao,n, M. D. Clareinont, Sept. 15, IS 10, itZJ'l his incilieine make no yam preteniiPni nor excites nny hopes which will not be fully rent red. Come and try for yourselves, nny who arc allhciiil wiih dii-e.-uc of Ihi kind. It may I r found al t In spire of Kolierl Mooly, druggist, llurlington. and with Mnrlin Wire Esq. Ca'mbridc" I. KoiTwATiTiiTTo, r." iHit. I llf. Mibcril er will conliner Iheir business ns for ward lug and lom iniNslon .'Merchants and Custom House Agents, nt the Port of Saint Johns. Lower Cnuada, They .lo noi o ler Iheir irrvicc 'Trteof nnucharct" lothn e perion inlerlcd in Irnile with ihe I lined Sure-, but will rndenvor to make llien-aliennon to ihuiiilcrcM of iheir employers wonhy a rca-onuble Having gno.1 Whnrve (at which the Lake Cham-l-I.AIN Srr.AMnOATS will land) nnd excellent Sioraue, together with the eonveniriiee of a coniieeim-r Itiul Trai-k with the Ciumi'I.ain nnd Sr. LAwnr.Ncr. Km.-KiHIi over I he,e whnrve. Ihev- flatter ihemselv thn'. Willi fifteen venrs ev neneneis in lln. branch ol business, they will I u cnnHed lo ilo much to laciliiate 001, rteeivud in excbaniie lor Uroadclolh nud T other Goods at my Slore at Wlnooki village uly 10, 1810. SIDNEY HARLOW. 1IOSTON N. :. HUM. Illids. (JnrJiiiur Urcwers, by June 19. J. &J II. PECK it Co. FAIRIIANK'S SCALES, by July 10. J. .s it J. If. PECK it Co. S. HUNTINGTON. NEW SHEET IRON. COPPER rV. TIN WARE lrAlll.lSHAIEN'l'.-Thesubscr.ler, lateVf .he firm id snrrvt llu.nviek, having purchased ,K r,.. moved lotlm Store lately ocenpied by Strongs it Co' east side ohlm Court lloibe S piaic, our- door north of I he Log Cabin, l now ready lo do nil kind, ,, Work that the public wi.h in his linu of bii-mu. si,,-), U1 covering roof-wnh tin, making nnd pulling up ujvo troughs and spout.. All Mud. ofTiu, shut lion nnd Copper aiu will I e kept on hnnd, and for sale at ns low prices us can be found in the .State. Sheet 'me. Copper I iimps, U-ad Pipe, nnd all oilier article, in tho line ol our bu-lness kept on hand. For eheapnu.s of price u ml neatness of execution, my work will not bo excelled by any in iho state. Ifyoii wish foriiiivthiug in the above line, lefore you tra 'e le ure nnd cull "I'"" ,. , , II. II. UOSTWICK. Uurlingmn, July, S)o. sr;utitiL t.cot; itAFii Y a.T ATLAS WITH OITLINEMAI'S, by S. .Ivcc,. Ttis Mitciii'LL. The author ol Ihe above work, has been professionally devoiod to ihe science of Goc.V and Iho pul lishiugol'.Mnp., durinv manv year.- anil bis loiiner iriluelh.h, u.pi-uiullv lu Map of ihe World lor Acuduinics, I ear ample teliinonony of his abiin daiit resource, upon which ho has so III irallydrawo, in pnsl'ieing tbenlovu school work. The following eMract of ihe fii-o'y uml Attn-, i.from u joint recmii. iiieiidation i f ihe Teachers in ihe city of New York. "Their ineril are nuinerou the definition, remark al ly plain iiudeonei e. The exercise, nre copious nnd important, nud tbed riptive i. Iiiiinuoiis and ei rreot. The divi-ioiis of the American eontinciil, are lepru- ented and ile-cril i.-l a. they lenlly exit at the prevent time. And the gross rn.tiiteiiie'iit. L'eiicrallv found ill sc.ioi I geographies ate coinvted. 'I he Ivpo'grapln cal excoiilion is tin euiiimoiily and distinct, indeed the a'las is a mtlel of the kind, and aelunlly Hem, with iiitorm.ilioii." The o tline Map. are imeiiliarly ealciilaiedlo exercise llie student in In study, audio Iill up al his leiurc. For sale by C. GOODRICH. 000 s;i 2000 liOO June 7. SI'KltM Oil.. iillous winter Sperm Oil. do. tall do. do. do refined do. J. it J. IL PKCK Co. OILS. .American Linseed Oil. 10 Tierce. fall sperm do 5 do winter do de 35 hi I-. refined do do J H. Pkck vt Co. 3000 1500 1000 1000 100 250 SALT. bush, solar Salt do .-train do do line do do Turks Islnud ibs bbb. tine do do dairy do lo conr-e do 200 Mick dairy do by J. it J. H. PECK it Co, 2000 Nails. Iliads & AmcricuH liou. .e? Nail, from 31 lo C0J 250 do lira. I from Ca to20a Hor-o -hoc Iron Scroll and Hume do .ill size Hand Iron from I. to 4 inch Round do do 1 lo j do Siiiiaredo 5-6 lo 3 do J. it J. II. Peck it Co., June 19. Affenis for Keeeville M h iiiilact u rm sr Co 1 Of i (Jitocr'.itiu. 1 JJ i-lies's voung llvsoo Tvu, 75 do Hysonskin, do. 20 I ngs pepper, 20 do Pimento, 10 do Colli-e 50 ho.e- Pipes IIIU do liar Soup S00 do Rai-ius 50 ke's do 0 do Pure ginjor 100 Mat Ca-s'ia 5l. (Jioix Rum, Holland Gin, ficnelle llrandv, Hnl- tiinore Gin, Aniericati llrnndy, t.hainpatgne. Iliown ind Tale -herrv, .Madeira and .icuv .uaoeiru, .lar ill- Madeira and Malaira Wine, ly June 7. J. it J. IL' PECK , Co. i nn i,v-' .stuffs. 1 UU bl,. Cam Wood 200 do Log Wood Si. Poininzo 2.10 do " Log Wood Caiipi-uoby 2.10 do Fiitie 2U0 ilo Nicaragua 40 do Alum 21 do Hbte Vitriol 30 do Madder 50 carl ovs Oil Vitriol Muriatic Acni. Ao m ForM-. Nilrir Acid, Cnreuma, Par Wood, Peach Wood, Quer Citron Itnrk, Spanish Hotiinl and Kengnl Indigo, wye, .utt nails, pro Paper , .lacks, 1 enter Hooks, v r,.ani tartar nmt Ag: June by J. iv -i. ii. ri.v in. w v o. 10,000 lb-, drv w-hce la-ad 100 oa-k Ero-inildo ilo 15 bl I. Venetian Itel 10 ca-ks Erem Ii ye low 50 bbl. American Lin-rnd Ol, 25 do S,uril Turprn'ine Vnriu'sh. Gold Leal. Pnnd paper, Small Hruslii', Glue, Gum Copal, by J.v: J. II. PrrK ,t Co. rjANCJllOKN .t IIHINS.MAID.ol'tho Var.ety I sloic, aie olli-nng a varieiy ol -itchi- Clocks, Jewelry, I Vrf.uncrv, .M-iieal liilroinent' Curb, Car U, Pictu re, Sua p,l lair Oils, K.ixor, Knive, I nne,MiH,i.s, i ap, urawina materia , wn low Waggon, ( hair and l ra-t'e-, i a-tor., rcni-ii Tea nnd l'oi!ii- Pots and trils; .liver ware, pla'i Ware. I.ainn ick ami, Collar and Ho-oin Suspender, SwonUaifl Pfiolsriiermoiuriersta'ipn ,.. Inks, fourt Plaster: Doll'. I:. pvvl el Hook and a great variety in lam v nr ieie m sup,.,, mr vv-nnis an 1 miiuler to Ihe srvlin'-anon ol llie notional and nd vv ho call al (be Variety .lore; we are in nle Pie" oolri ready o anvvcr order or return Nli.V GOODS, now opening; an iidd'tio lal jsorlmeul ol varioiis, kind of goisl-, noicjiig ihem me Mi-zolinio llriisbes, Salin Head Head Hand.-, o.ii-.ii.iiuiu inneuKi-, .iceoruciiii ooou, exirael of iScrgaiuol, I rislol I oanl.trreeii Sue.-lae e-.Cu.tor. m.-w ilver pocket Comb, laigle Hell Plato-, etc. A LSO, a : I assortment id' trimmed and plain line Saliu and bond ai! ine Stock ; thin summer Slocks, lig'd and pltiru some with bows wry nice and liu-ht for warm weath er; we have ul-o very narrow Stock-, suitable fur boy .- men. Al-o, bin-' -locks for those who liavo large New, in a word oura-orliiient of Stock. Col lar and Hosnm. i very complete. Kor further pir tionlarj pleu-ccall at the Variety Store. Jitnc ii. I'anoiioiin & UniN-stAin. IGUT nnd dark French, Eimlish and (ie7m;i7i J Merinoes ; black, blue black and col'd Alpines ; plain and ti-'M Aluueen Cloths. A variety of cohireil Crape, ('niiiblctts and Caiiibletenns, for sale very low, lorcasiiuy .-epi. l. l.u v l-.l.l iV Uo. BOSTON uml TROY IRON COMPANY. Tim P d be are hereby nolilic I. that the busini-.s ot 'Usiiug in every branch nnd variety, i done lo order. on i!iehur:ct notice, at Troy, Vi. 'I hecoriipanv have in n h rulnMcd their lb n Ir'y, and are now pri-paro.l to do all km I of work iloite at any fo.indrv in tho oun'ry. Mill-gc iring. Pot Ah Kc-tlle. Stove . Pin igli-, - xlclrcc , it ., on haii-l, or fiiruisheil to order. Ml v ho wi h to ci ii rai-i fur stove plate-, or to pur- luise a hirL'co'.aniuy ol'hollow-wnre, fur the mirposu rclailiiiL-, will I c I'm iiislied nl whole-ale price. and nil w ho may favor u with their call-or i r.ler. will I o dealt Ivn liberally u at any establishment in lliu nili v. Orders should be ielilreeil to E, l(. f'ro- inan, Soperiiilcndant, or A. Youiiz, A'.'eiit, Troy, Vt. to ticuieaii enilv reply, and prompt attention. 1'roy, Vi., June IS 10. jy:0 riM) Till-: I'UHI.IC. In oll'eritirr this Edition of I S. ..'..I.-.. II I I. Inn ... .1 .1 . s-illllll . v.lTUI.ipil- UllU III I11U pilOUC, IHO iibli.liur-i invite attimtion to tho following ndditiuns nud iiiiprovciiieiits. I he Geoginplty h-is lieen carefully revised nnd en ir'rcd. is illust ratrd bv about thirtu nddiiiounl fins. ind is perfectly adapted ui nil its parts to the new Maps. 1 ho entire text ot tho book has, (at much expense,) loen tlnown into uniform force liiic which we fiul confident will ba regarded as a very dieidcd iinprv iiieui. The tables appended to tho Honk were inmle with care, und contain much valuable infoi million in a cnnittiisttt form. The nniiics ami IuiimIi of lliu principal Canals and Rail Roads (finished uml in pro- res.) arc "tven, aim llio places eounecti d ; nln :i nnnlite list of the Collrircs, Law and .Medie.-il Schools Theological Seminaries and Religious do iioniinalioiis of thu I'nited ii'talcs. the rt-ijiiiiiii Sot rreigii" of Emode, .Ve. An enure new Alias accompanies the Hook, con- luiuing tichtctn very superior .Map, mostly drawn expressly for this work iioni oiiginnl surveys and llm most nuihctitii: sources, and ciuliracc much vnlnabln infoi mation not to be found in anv siniilnr work. Our own country has received special attention. Tho Rail Roads, Canal, navigation of Rivers and recent Iuiiuiis, nrenll can fully marked, and iniiiiv counties are shown winch do not appear in any other Atlas. Among the pceiiliariues oi tins worn may be iniiilion- 1 the u an of shownn' the ponulalion of Slate and Countries in round niiiiibcr. on the face of the .Maps. I ne navigaiion oi ivivers lor ruip, .-icami.'onls, Sloops, Ac, is shown by placing nt tho head of na vigaiion llie appropriate character, for each, The .Map and Chart of the Wot hi combined (on an entire new plan, show 1112 at one view ihe Natural and roiltieai irivision 01 uie 1 mini-, uie r..iein, rcptlin lion. Religion, Form of Govertmii nl and Stnto of Civilization of each Country,) luisnttraled much at tention, nnd i considered a great improvement upou anv thing licntnl'oro attempted in the form of n Chart ns here nil are show n nt a singlo glance, and the re lation they sustain to each other. Wc would a1 a solicit attention to the remarkable distinctness and will 1 w hich everv name on the 3Inn tuny be read a well n to the very superior style and execution of the work in oilier respect. Tho Questions nt thu rlose of the Honk arc important, and will be found very conv .'incut for a tienernl Keview. SPALDING vt STORRS. lhr'fonl Connecticut. For silo bv SAMIT.I. llt'NTINOTON. Ilnr- lincton, Vt. nnd by the Princinl Hooksdlers in llm United Slnics. Riirhngtiin, July .id, 11 . at the N.-rirty siore, cle s cheap a can 1 1 menl in llie place. I'ANfilU HN & HlllS Mil P. riNI)' ASII t T J in revived l.", 20 nil I 2 17 bv 9 easements 1 I sash, a rtrl ra:e article al 3 ami 31 cent per I is Is ; al nil kind- and -ie , IuiiilIic-I 10 nrdoi. Ticondcrofii black leal, a lir-l rate article, for sale very low, toscther with n great variety 01 oiner nrti Iound nl any other rtul li-li Gr.o. Pkti'.hson. 1" OVELV it IlURLHUTnrenow reroivingnnd of- Lj forinc for sale a splendid and desirable assortment of fancy and staple Diy Goods, and oihcrs suited to the present season, and this market amongst w hirh nro nucigii, mm iiuiursiu- 1u.1n1 enu-, .mil S-iiiiiii-itH : Vnlentia. and oilier vcstine; Silk mw miners of evorv variety: I ircnd. I.aees. inser lions, vtc. iVe,; Silk-wire net nnd other Laces; ric'i worked Collars, Silk, Veils, Shawls, linen llnndk'f, Lawn, Linens, zepityr worsicu nspieuiuuasi uiu iir, Moreens, and Fhiuiel. travelling Haskcls, heed lings, rich, fig'd nnd plain Mouselaino, llonso Pnpur, new nnd elegant patterns, nil very cheap of course, at the chenp cash store, tiutsUleof Church-ttreet. iiurimgion, ;iigusi .11, leiu. DKW l-:V'Slaleiil Sprluc-Tootli lloi seltiike. The Wiro Tooth HorscHakr, which has been used wiih so much satisfaction during the last two haying seasons in llio counties ol Rutland, Addison nun Hennington, Vt. and i.shmplnn V y ,v, he kriit for sale llio present season by S I KONGS vV Co, Hiirlinglon. Thrso rakes are ndanled lo all meadows; thry arc easily tended, and do tlio work faster and holier man mo .mu.i ........ 1....--.. , SI-'.AIll. HOW Alt I), of the Cheap cnh stor., . nrrivivl home liiuii New York lat evening br Ihe -ndtd s-eainer Whitehall, P. Lyon Cain, and I rooslit wiih h 11 an addittunn! supply of Good, which with hi iwo loriner pur-muses 01 mis .ca-nn inal.( the assiirimeiii nllore'herone oflbe most dcsirallu 10 srlts't Irom ol any llial he h.i here'olore had fur tho la-t rightiru vear'-, and i oftho following kind, viz : rich. fa. hional'lc. I'aiiev and staple arlicle. 111 cverv ilciamneiit oftho Dry Good line, such a Hronlcloths, l assjnicres, ve.-linsrs, .Mou.rijne 00 ininc, 1 nai y. Silk-, Iloml nzino-, C.iltcce, Linen, Mulnis, l.iif'e., liibl on, Eml na 'eric-, Hosiery Glove, Kan, I in lirellns, i'nru-oll-, etc., with a full supply of Klurcnco .ind S'raw llonnris, nnd Millenary Good-, alo, Carpeting-, Matting, I'jper Hansui., Shoe, nnd Hal lojetlier wiih all Ihe heavy description of ilonie-110 an I other goob, iic'i a Slietiims, Yarn, Hur'ap.' Wool Twine, etc. The Cruel cry, Look ins Gin and Chiin Gallery i abo replenished ihe Cutlery, llaiil-w-arean 1 llo'i-e finnilung department 1. 111 aei-onlanrii wiih llie oilier locks on hand, the variety of fancy ar ticle., su-h a Toys, Jewelry, Cuub, Curl, Confe lionarv, etc. 0:0, w huh fill one li'indrtvl livl of show ea e in lentil rn his counter i innumerable. Tim Dome and picture, gallery is Irautifully arrnnsed fT Ihe display of Good, under a strom: light, nnd llien the huge supply of superior family Grcvries ba-cjl upon ihcSinlofLilc, RiKho.tercily Mill I-lour, nial.ei lu titan I llazaar cheatic.i-h toic, one ol the most Un-y nalingilcsirn1 le and convenient stores lo I e fornishisl from wi hall and every kind of articles thai may wi-licd for or 'ookel at for amusement and gralidca lion, or with n de-he 10 convey tho mo pleaintr in-lellil-encoiofricn ls, cllbeplaiv vvhrre every nrneln they may ilesii" fur Ihe lettering of appcance., adding to comfort, or iipplvmg iuvj.sary want, may be had and nl none .11 ,.-.,,.., ,, vv Ii never nn I who.ioivr you well lo boy cheap fori-nh go to HOWARD.'-. Hmlniglon, Vt , Juno II, IS 10. 'TliT KS U IT u. .-'Iho siib-crilcr lmving-"-.1 ccnlly moved from All any, and commenced ihn IHaeksmilli biisinc!-, m nil its form, m the new 'hop on Madison 'iwt, near Kollclt it Hradlcv's Store, would respectfully invite llio nihabitnnls of Hurlingtoii and viciniiy to give him a call, us ho is fully prepared in do all kiiulsit work m his line, on the hortet n lice, bc-l manlier, nnd mol favoiablo lcrm. He Ivn for many years pnt given hi particular aiicntion 10 the Horse shoeing bii-ino, and Karrcry m nil u branches, Krom tin Ions experience which bo ha had, nnd the general inlormalioii ho Inn ilerivi.l I o'h from theory nnd practice, he led fully conii 'cm m ic cominemlnig him-elflo the public, lie will le pre- nari.l al all lime to give 111 personal nitration 10 nu found by experience, that the expense of raking hny 1 kind of work in hi line iich u Ironing nrgonx with the Spring Tooth Horso-Rako is only about one' and Sleigh, Slopwork, vtc. All kind. il edge tool, nunrtrr ns murh ns the common nielhod of rnkmg mado 111 the best maniv.r an l mol approvol t-lylc lie with hnnd-rnkes, besides securing lliclmviu betirrnr tru.K that y civmg uuivn.i.i ,11 cniton usine.s, they will I u cnnhled lo do much to laciliiate rter. aomo larincrs w no uavo iari.-o ni.anovvs, esii. n u me 1 -w ; ' .,,1 . , ', ' 1 nd enconrngelrade between the tlniit-d Stales and the mate tho uscof one rakrlaM hav season nt forly to nish wnrk, to receive a thaieol r-'' na lower Province. JASON C. PIFKCEit SON. fifty dollars. 1UV1D HF.WEY, Patentee. I , t . .. .... -.UKAyLN, I I Et. Johnr, I.. C., Mai h, S40. ji2,fl:n July 1, 1810. Ibirlnij on, A pul 10, 1510.

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