Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, October 16, 1840, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated October 16, 1840 Page 3
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FRIDAY M OHM NO, OCTO UI21UC, 1810. ALL HAIL MARYLAND. Tho Torlc nro not only bcaton tlicy arc nniliilatcd ; and of tlicir late proud army, not even a corporal's) guard remains. The Whigs have for tho first time carried counties that have given tho Tories large majorities from tho time beyond which the memory of man runneth not to the contrary. Every county which the Tories carried away from the whips last year, has been redeemed, and more than redeemed ; our majori ties in such counties bong treble and quadruple what it was before. Only two counties, with the city of Baltunoro, remain to the Administra tion, out of twenty-two of which the State is composed, and they retain even those by greatly diminished majorities. On the whole, the whig victory just achieved in Marland, may be con sidered ns one of the most digital and overwhel ming of any that wo have yet recorded. The land of Howard and William.", of Harney, Rogers and Decatur, has .spoken, and the tyrant of the White House, and the fawning Nycophants by whom he is surrounded, arc again warned that tha "pcop'e will cast them out." From the Albany Daily Adverliier. , TVo are indebted to the attention of our New York eorroipondeiit for n copy of the lialtimore Patriot of Friday evening, ccntaining the latest returns from Maryland, and from which wc compile the following tables. The returns received since Saturday settle ihe question as to tho vote of Maryland it is by on ovrwthuing majority for Harrison. Jloute of Htprcscntaticts. -1310-s -lS30-s Allegany Anne ArtmtJcI Annapolis City.... Hnltimorc City.... Baltimore Comity. Calvert Caroline Cecil Charles Carroll Dorchester Frederick llarfjrd 2 Kent 3 Montgomery... Prince George. Oueen Anne... -St. Marys Somerset Talbot Washington.... Worcester l. r. 0 0 0 5 5 0 0 0 0 0 0 o o 0 0 0 0 3 0 0 52 10 33 4G Whig gain 21, equal to -12 votes. The counties of .Somerset and Worcester to hear from they will, we have no doubt, have all elected the Whi;; ticket making n Whig vote in the Hoiiee CO to 1G Loco Foeos Whig majority! The lnrge&t tmjarity we ever haJ in the House of Delegates : and and i gain (inco laat )enr of 23 equivalent to 50 votes ! S;nut(. Of the seven Senators to be elected, there are elect ed as follows : Washington.... lialtimore co.,. lialtimore citv. Cecil Queen Anne's. Allegany ...1 ...0 ...0 ...1 ...1 ...1 UrThw is a net Whi.; gain of three Senators. The county of Worcester is to be heard from, but we have no doubt of the success of the Whig candidate. The ,iioi t Senate of Maryland will then consist of Whigs 15 Loco Focoj Whig majority 0!!! ItECAPITaJIiATIOW. . 1910 . . 1330 wma. L. r. wma. . 14 mai. B31 majority of 3,423, showing a whig gain of 2,093 in about one-third of the state. The counties to be heard from tho Governor vote in 1S39 stood as follows t McDonald (I.. F.) 21,870 Dougherty (Whig) 10,020 P,2fi0 So it will be perceived that tho majority of last year is now more than disposed of. The foregoing tabic is made up from returns in tho N. Y. Courier, Herald and Now Kra. Hy this morning's boat, tho Rochester, we have nothing further. A correspondent of the New York Commercial Advertiser writing from Augusta, rays : "1 have not tho least doubt that our emigres men are all elected by largo ma jorities, and I tell you candidly that I believe Harrison's majority in November will ho nearer FIFTKKN THOUSAND than FIVE THOU SAND." The Com. Adv. says : A friend calls our at tcntion to one error in particular. Scrivcn co. is set down by tho Courier's correspondent at CO loco foco majority, and wc have so placed it in our table, hut letters from Savannah, dated the ?th inst., state that the county has given a whig majority. This would be in accordance with its vote upon former occasions. The lii;oisi.ATUnE. From the complexion of the ahovo returns there can scarcely bo a doubt that tho Whigs will have a majority. This sc. cures to them a U. S. Senator in place of Wilbon Lumpkin, (L. F.) 1'. S. Wc have received a copy of the New York American of last evening. In a postscript dated 1, r. ji. it gives tho following glorious in telligence : Wo have just learned through a gentleman a warm friend of tho Administration, who left Columbus on Wednesday that additional re turn., especially from Stewart county, had been received, showing every where a largo whig gain in all tho counties, and that it was conceded, on all hands, that the whigs had swept the State. This be it remembered, is tho testimony of an opponent. Iluzzah! then, for ficorgia ! Stewart county in 1639 voted as follows : 751 (w) 793 (L,. F.) ' POSTSCRIPT. Yesterday's mail brought us further and more decisive returns. Fifty counties are heard from, which give a whig majority of S.5tl l, and show a whig gain of !2!3G, compared with last year, when the loco majority was 1500. Without any gain in tho counties to bo heard from, tho whig majority will exceed t!000. Until will, without any doubt, EXOCHD FOUR THOUSAND in the State. The 6vccp is clean Legislature, Congress and all. This State also elects a U. S. Senator this year. From the Augusta Chronicle, Oct. 9. VICTORY ! VICTORY. Our victory is complete overwhelming. Tho faithful six are rewarded, and Colquit, Coo per and Mack signally rebuked, by the people whom they have deceived. Wc have re potted majorities from fcveral other counties, which show a corresponding result. Our entire congressional ticket is elected by a majority of II or J (100, and we have carried the legislature by a largo majority. Already have wo gained HI members and lost 4, which makes a difference on joint ballot of Til. 1 his secures a whig Sen ator in Congress, enly, the day of our de liverance is come. llALTiMonr. October 12. I YE A HUNDRED TIIOESAN1) SHOUTS FOR GEORGIA. Wc are in the mi 1st of the wildest excitement. The hole town is riliL'i'.iL' with shouts! GEORGIA HAS COMEI--GEOKGIA IS REDEEEED! The OUNTKV IS SAVED! I need not deal in shouts. and praises of the noble tons of Georgia. "They have driven the last nail," (ns Mr. Clay i-;id in 131 v.aa men a propnecy,) m tlic cotlin ot i.ocolocoisin. and New Jersey with 8 votes, all ready to make up any unlooked-for gap in the solid column of Whig States. dm thcro tio any question then of Oenotal Harrison's triumphant election IDaily Adv. LEGISLATURE. Wc publish to-day tho proceedings of our Legislature in detail for which wo aro indebted to tho columns of Walton's Daily Journal. These proceedings, though of no especial im portance, aro yet highly satisfactory to every whig, at least. The official canvass it will bo observed, tallies extremely well with our announcement of the result of the election. Ry our table of returns wc made Gov. Jettison's majority over Dilling ham 10,550. It turns out to bo 10,708. We allowed tho Lokics 55 votes in the House ; and it seems they have mustered 51, one or two of whom however will not bo enabled to keep their scats. Tho sitting member from Waterbury has boon reported against by tho committee, and will have to givo place to the whig claimant, Win. W. Wells. This will give a whig or ganization to Washington county, and leave Lamoille the only county in the state with a I)cofoco majority in the legislature. In the Senate, Ijcofocoism, numbers two advocates, who arc pretty generally (i?itiotts in their votes ! The canvass of votes for Congress, it will bo seen results in the election of the entire whig delegation. Hall's majority 12709, Sladh's 3990, Evehett's 'J'JSJ, Young's 130H, Mattocks' 139. Governor Jcnnison'a message is decidedly the best paper of the kind he has ever sent to tho Legislature. It is replcto with that sound practical common sense view of things for which His Excellency is distinguished, and his views of tho various subjects upon which ho touches, arc expressed with peculiar clearness and force. Wc cannot too warmly recommend to the read er's attention that portion of it relative to tho cvrrency, banks, &,c. It is indeed refreshing, after so long a rcigu of cmpiricimn and quack ery, to hoar this subject discussed with that fearless directness and honesty which should ever characterise documents of this kind, and with an ability commensurate with tho impor tance of the subject. His Excellency's sug gestions, also in reference to the criminal code to a geological survey, and other minor topics, ill, wc are persuaded, meet with a hearty ponsc from the legislature and the people. Some little observation of the practical opera tion of the law relative to inferior crimen, has long siuco satisfied us that it was materially defective. In a vast majority of these case?, un der the present system, the punishment falls ith more severity upon the public than upon the culprit, Alleijanv Ann Arundel Annapolis lliltiuiore City lialtimore County.- Cnlvert Caroline Cecil Charles Carroll Dorchester Frederick Harford Kent Montgomery Prince George -Queen Anne St. Marys Somerset Talbot Washington Worcester 1373 170 TOT 2 1G.VJ IDG 1227 H9 7312 U'172 3G9 1334 13G 3(n mai. 151-1 1C07 000 niaj. 2312 2027 1271 , 1292 150 maj. 1030 731 727 40 J TO maj. COO maj, 713 2377 710 2157 151 r.2 in 1019 431 1147 770 1251 1112 2129 933 615 912 7C-0 0-13 G13 GG3 1927 2111.3 223G3 223'J3 23910 939 irj 159 CG03 1933 357 1333 BOO 1374 103 2112 12.30 475 r.99 O'.IO 710 b2 705 2015 25200 23910 Whigmijority..2,033 I.. F. majority.. U5G Caroline, Somerset and Worcester gave u Whig majority of 211. Two Whin and two I,. F. elected the figures erren are the highest on each ticket. POSTSCRIPT. Tha full returns from thin Slate give the followin mult ! 1310. Whig, 28,033 L. F J,..F., 25,179 Whig, Wbig maj. .2,557 L. F. maj., .1,113 TIIF. I.rtllSLATLT.r On joint ballot, the strength of parties in the next .ogislaturc oi .uaryianu oe iuu House of Delegates. Senate Whim ,...00. ....15. Van Rurcn. .19 ..G "Whig maj 50 votes. MAKE ROOM JOR GEORGIA. THE WHIRLWIND SWEEPING ON ! GEORGIA TItUK IfOK TIPPECANOE We annex returns of the congrcsf ional clcc- tion in Georgia in thirty-two of the 93 counties into which the State is divided. It will ho seen W tho n.mnral character of those returns is uch as fully to jiibtil'y the belief that the Whig congressional ticket is triumphantly elected. Should this tie the case, mere can, oi course, u rio doubt that Georgia will in November, give lier ckim electoral votes to William ijenry JLiriRisoN and John , 1910 . -1S39 . Raid inn Hibb Ilryan Harkc Chatham.... . Clarke. , Columbia.... Effingham... Greene Henry..,,-. Houston....! Ilarri Hancock.... Hall Jones Jackson Jefferson.... Morgan Madison "Muscogee... Monroe Newtown... Putnam. Richmond... Kcriven Troup Talbot Taliaferro... Upson. Woihiiigton. Warren IVilkes Whig mnj. WIIIO. .. 32G .. 611 ... 69 .. 532 .. 5G1 .. 278 .. 4F0 .. 173 .. 750 .. r.o .. 30 ., 6G0 .. 218 '.. 30 ,.. 5 ... 10 ... 158 .. 15 .. 125 .. 40 .. 550 .. 93 .. Ml .7. 093 , . . 75 .. 402 ... 325 ... 70 ,.. 233 ,.. E0 fnoi 2992 ..Mi 3123 l. r. wiiio. l. r. 331 278 339 G29 490 710 3G 99 7 237 5S5 114 C3G 200 330 593 372 275 374 252 77 143 GG 7PG 71 G49 831 449 G55 792 -1G5 37G 301 100 470 501! 4 17 503 50! 520 456 103 4 GO 322 279 309 PG1 B50 G71 F02 R)0 .107 521 215 501 419 372 CO 211 131 910 Gilt 787 055 (0 411 33 511 393 5S3 51 1 120 317 120 301 2992 "101R7 127GI 12701 3I23 ON'T FORGET LITTLE DELAWARE. Wilmington, Oct. 7. The Presidential ques tion in this Mate was decided yesterday, and we are now satisfied that wc shall exhibit to you in November a pattern state in Delaware, a state which every county will go for Harrison and Tyler. The decision to which I refer, was the In spector's election, which is admitted on all hands to have been a test election, the lines having en distinctly drawn, and the contest the moht severe I ever knew in our htatc. It was also tho largest election wc ever had in New Castle county, by four or five hundred vote.11. The re sult was that in the county of New Castle, in Inch the Whigs have been uniformly beaten for thirteen successive years, from the first dawn of Jacksonitm, they have carried seven of the ten hundred?, and the county by a majority of 13S, which will be increased to 300 in Novem ber. In Wilmington, which has always been the centre and strong hold of locofocoism in Delaware, and where the Whigs have strutrirlcd against constant defeat for fourteen long years. we elected oyr inspector by a majority of 130, in the largest and most i-evcrclv contested election wc have ever had. Tho loco foco leaders cive up the state. Wc hive our Presidential clcc tors, two Senators, and a representative in Con gross depending, and wc shall carry them all in November. Wilmington, Oct. 8. Little Delaware has lone her duty, and given the Whigs a large majority than she ever gave any party ! Wc have just received tho returns from glorious old Sussex, which has given an average whig majority of 2T9 1 Wc arc now enabled to give the complete returns from the state, which are as follows : New Castle county, Whig maj. 135 Kent county, " 31G Sussex county, " IW0 Present whig majority in the state, 710 ! Speaking of this result, tho Philadelphia Sen Unci, (an administration paper,) says: "For " sometime past, strong hopes have been enter " tahicd by tho friends of Mr. Van Rurcn, that "this state would bo as likely to go for that gen "tleman as for General Harrison, at the next "election. The result of the primary elections " held there yesterday, seem however to indicate "but too clearly that there was no solid ground " for those hopes, and that Delaware will go as "heretofore, in favor of the whig candidates. " Kvcn New Castle, one of the most steady " democratic counties in tho Union, has given " majority for tho opponents of Mr. Van Ruren HOW STANDS THH ACCOUNT? Tho recent Whig triumphs in Delaware nnd Mary land throw Mine additional light on tho probable issue of tho npproaching Presidential flection. Since the nomination of Old Tip at Hdrriiburg tho following States have "declared their intentions ;" Whig. Van Rurcn . - 7 Now Hampshire. Oonnecliciit , Ilhodo Island.... Virginia I.omsiuna Indiana Kentucky North Carolina.. Vermont .Mai no Delaware Maryland Missouri Illinois Alabama 4.. 23.. r... o.. 15.. 15.. 7.. 10.. 3.. 10.. 109 Whlr yain 2093 , , The Whig majority in thee couniw? mil he no- ctMa&5l0i m 1WV thvwme couimva bu-."t, There nro nllogethrr 291 doctoral otesi nnd H8 therefore make n majority. If ihrn, to the obovo 109 votes fur Old Tip, wo acid Now oik iz,) wo s ian l.nn.lM vntoa. nr moro than arc requisite to elect i.:.., 'el.., i v..... Wirl wlllvni. for General Hnrrison rKficonnMn mmi iioip doubts. And which of the avi c 2s will rcctdo from tho sland sho has ns. , iv,n 'iif.fnrm" flap! Vircinin? Surely not -hut if for 'argument's snko' (ns Mr- Ritchie-has Second District- 0923 4034 40 2799 G727 lu 1630 for Van Huron 413 votes for White 150. The Abingdon Virginian contains the names of 234 citizens, heretofore supporters of Van Duron, who now nvow their intention to vote for "Old Tip." Tho Whig gain sinco 1830, in that Congressional Di8trics (Hopkins') is es timated at 2000. MoitE DkfalcationTIic Memphis (Tenn.) Enquirer says, "It was stated horo last week by a gentleman just from Arkansas, that Capt. Collins, the disbursing agent at Little Rock, had proved a defaulter to a very large amount ru mor says 8300,000 to 400,000. Connecticut town elections. -Thcso have gone on swimmingly. Thcro is no need of chronicling Connecticut's good deeds now-a-days, for she decs nothing of late that she does not do handsomely. ATROCIOUS DKCLAKATION. Gov. Van Ness, the "T.hko l'irnin" n Li I nmu called, declared a short time since on hoard a steam- boat on I.nlte Uliamplnin, that if General Harrison was elected it would be by log- c:ibin processions, nntl rum-drinkers, and not by tho voice of Dispeople nnd thnt consequently, lie would not db Ai.t.owiin totaki: his scatI What now outrage do the Tories contem plate 7Yoy "'i0. TIIF. NORTH-KASTKH N HOUNDAIIV. A. i few days since we met with n gentleman from the Slate of Maine, who informed us that on the Bth ult. n party of surveyors under Cnpt. A. Tnlcntt, IJ. S. Commissioner, leltCnnatn. Vt. for the licul waters of Connecticut river, for the purpoio of tracing the sources of the Mngalloway river. A branch of the party, to which our informant belonged, proceeded through Hury, nnd nrc now examining tho sources of Arnold river, at the head of Mcgnnlic Lake, where they expect to meet their companions from the head of the Connecticut. They aro ihrn to proceed along iho dividing high lands to the Kennebec road. Another party under Professor Henwick, have proceeded to the Kesligouche Ray, from whence they are to trace the highlands agreeable to the trenty, and expect to meet the first party, in the vicinity of the Kennebec road. A third party, under Major Graham, is employed in running the meridian line from Mars UiW.Shcrlrvokc Jour- Execution. John nvatis was executed at Sandus ky City on the 20th till., for the murder of John (J. Hitter. It will be recollected that F.vans deliberately stabbed Hitter, who was a respectable, inoffensive German, some weeks ince. Kvans was dissolute, and formerly worked in this city us a journey-man tailor. On the gallows he said according to the Cla rion, "ihnt drunkciiesH and infidelity had brought him to his miserable condition but that he died'in the Catholic faith, and hoped his cxamplo might be a warning to others. An Eastern paper says that tho I.ocofocoa of Maine have to walk on stills to keep their chins oil' the ground. Prentice. CONGRESSIONAL ELECTION OFFICIAL CANVASS. Fiist District Hiland Hall Daniel Kellogg Scattering Hall's majority William Slade Charles Linslcy 3034 Scattering 44 Poultney and Chittenden not returned, which probably gave 339 majority for Mr. Slade. Slade's majority, 3049 Third District Horace Everett 0729 Truman B. Ransom 4407 Andrew Tracy 110 Scattering 59 Kverott's majority 2003 Fourth District Augustus Young 0148 John Smith 4791 Scattering 54 Young's majority . 1303 Fifth District John Mattocks 5479 Isaac Fletcher 5248 L. B. Peck 57 Scattering 50 Mattock's majority 124 Barton and Rycgatc aro not counted, which were as follows : Mattocks. Fletcher. Scat. Barton 09 70 8 Ryegatc 100 101 199 177 If these wore counted, Gen. Mattock's major ity would be 13. AGGREGATE WHIG MAJORITIES, Including the towns not returned, or reject ed for informality. 1st District 2d including votes for Tracy SCHOOL IIOOKS.-1 he M)h.cfil.crhm receiv ed the prc-ent wrok Iroui New York more School l)oolj,(f which tin: following comprise n pari. Iv erelt's Latin Lexicon; Doniiegnn's Oicek do.! Web flcrMariro Dietlounry, 8 vo. Johnson. and Walter1 ilo.j AnllioiiN Hornet', Cicero, ('rear, nnd SalluM) Hoyer.-, Mi'ndoWf.niulNiiaenl-, Fmith Dietionnr ej Cooper' nnd Gould's Vfrgi Pluyfair'.-Kurlld j Hlair's und Newman' Hholoric l Olm-lml' and Wilkin' As- oi waMiingion, l linrlo.i I21i ami Corinnu l-rc Duvies nnd llour.lons lt U"n Hrklee Alge Purler's Hheloriesl Header) Oldcy', Woodl ri SmiiliV, Alnhe llrnnV, and Mitchell' n.iJ Will hihi.rtliliv of Wellington, Clmrle 12'h mid Oorinno French ) Algel ra j ill rwg!, Willsni'. Geography and AiIhmj Websler'-. nnd Town'.-Spelling bnnlij Goodrich' Header, t, 2 1 nnd 3J cln j Mount onion Hcnilir) yonnd pupils 1M, 21 nnd 31 Hook, Ailam-' New Arithmetic) Chnilc Dnviu do.Tlioinp 'on' dn.j I'orler' Analyij Town' do.; liny' nnd Girl' Heading Hook by Mr. Sigonriioy : l.ovell's HhelonVnl Dialogue; Young LndicV Header; Amer idan fir.-l clas Hook ; LovilU V. S. Sg nl,erj Wur-i-e-K'r' llictory; Wall on the Mimlj Goodrich' L'. S. History; National Preceptor) Uj llriinsTelem.vpicj Hoiiiny by Mr. Lincoln; Knme' Llcinunl ; llowiird New Knglnnd Gazetteer, Fngli.h Header, Pro-rrcnivo Header. D. A. 11UA.MAN. iliirliuglon, Oct. 15, 1810. DIAMOND CP.MLNT, fur mending (lias-, China nnd L'urthern Ware Mild nt the arielv "tore. Oo'. 10. PANcnon & 1!hi'nimaii. BROAD CLOTHS. A good assortment of colors, of cloths, cassimcres nnd vestings are offered at a great reduction in prices for cash by Oct. I, 1810. MAYO & WAIT. 1 OO ,,nxrs Tin ,'la,e' i X 30 bundles English i-JJ and American Sheet Iron. 50 do. do. do. Wire, copper and brass wire Vellum, for sale by Sep. 29. VILAS, LOOMIS & CO. Prepare fur Winter. THE FARMER'S COOKING STOVE.-The subscriber informs his fiicnds nnd the public, that ho has on hand n variety of cooking nnd other Stoves, slich as tho Farmers, nnd the premium Cook Stoves; the Canada llox nnd several kinds of Parlour stoves. Also Russia and Canada Iron Stove Pipe, Copper Pumps, nnd Lead pipe for wells or cislerns; all of which lie will sell as chc.iti as can be had in Iho place. Those wishing to pnrclinse articles of the abovedescription, will do well to look in nt my shop uiiu uour uurui oi ine i.og unmn. Hurlington, Sept. 30. IS 10. II. II. IIOSTWICK Trustee's Sale. fTUIP. Qi,1.a.ri1,.r, ...,.., e 1 t :.. t. J. Wait, give notice that they intend shortly to close in: iwiincai in incir trust, nun lor tnat purpose now offer the entire stock of good-i, nt wholesale or retail, at a Brent reduction in nrlccs. for cixh. Thorn nn. many desirable goods in this stock lhat merchants ni'glit select to good advantage, and to such will be given illiberal credit for satisfactory paper. The stocks consist of a general assortment of dry goods, crockery, alas wnre, drugs nnd medicines) nnd is well worth me imiiiuii ui iiiurcii.iiiis iiijii oiucrs wiMiing tor bargains. Please call and examine the goods. MAYO & WAIT, Trustees. Hurlington, Oct. 1. To Purchaser! of Hooks & Stationery. T A. ItRAMAN o'ler nt whole-iile nnd retail n MJ choice assortment of Sehool HOOKS nnd Mis cellaneous work. tOiielhor with an exiem-ive minlv of Stationery. Country iiierchanls can Lu furni heil with all kinds of PAPER, on the mot reaonstlle trrni". Hook uch n-. tire obtained m Holon, N. York ami I'liiinueipnta market-.-, ordered nt Miort notice. Hurlington, Oct. 8, 1810. MONDAY EVENING The Hon. Samuel S. Piiems will address the Burlington Tippecanoe Club, on Monday evening, at the Court House. A few seat3 will bo reserved for the Ladies. ESSEX TIPPECANOE CLUB. We aro requested to give notice that there will be a special meeting at the Log Cabin in Essex, on Friday evening the 23d, on which occasion there will be an address, singing, and other exercises suited to tho occasion. The Whigs of Kssex will be happy to meet some of their brethren from the neighboring towns on this occasion. C5 II O O T I N .11 ATCII.-The undcr-isaed J w tinsli n and vicinity that they intend holdim? siiuotinci .hatch it J. it, Di' e's Inn m II minig'on on Thur-day anil Friday, the221au.l 2.11 dav- of"(1--tolerint., ill Inch time and p'nre they pnipoM.' fir- ii-nius mini iuu 10 iau I cnnir.i lor a Ir al oi tlicir kill nt hari-hooiin!r which circmn-tnive it i-hoiiud ill induce a goodiv ninnl er to attend. J. S. .10IINS. Iljuiiiiglun, O: 7, IS10. S. JOHNS. Charlotte Female Seminary. THK Winter Term of thin Institution will com mence on Wednesday, the 29th of October next, at Clmrlottn k'niirCnriu.ra Vl. Tim ilpiinrlmrnl nf instruction is committed to Miss Kliza Hitchcock. who is well qunlified to tench all the branchespursuod in Institutions of this kind. Tho Institution is under the supervision of Trustees, appointed by tho Metho dint 12. Church of Charlotte. Terms ol tuition, per quarter, ns follows s Kngliah Studies, common branches, 83 00 1)o. do. including higher branches, 4 00 Fiench, Latin and Gre-jk, each, extra, 1 00 Painting and Drawing, each, extra, 1 23 Hoard can bo obtained in the iiciL'hborhood of the Seminary, for 61 31 per week including the use of room, fuel, lighti nnd washing. F.nch quarter will consist of eleven weeks, nnd the school, will continue two quarters before theru will he a vacation. The un dersigned can confidently recommend this Institution to all hia friends, nnd the public generally, ns worthy of pntronngo. Tho best n I ion I ion will b'c paid to the health and habits of the students. M. HATF.S, . . fn bcltoll'of the Trusttts. Charlotte, Sept. 30, 18t0. Ii.v:nan Yale's l-'.slntc. WE the suln-cril :r having I ecu nppoin'cl by the le the prol .t'e'eourt for the di'tnet ol Chittenden, commi-noncr to rcceiu, exnminu and iidput the claim nnd demand of nil pcr-on nninl the cvta'c of Lyman Yiile, lato of Charlotii', in the district nfore riiil, deciwed, repre i-h'in! hirolvuni, nnd tiNo all rlniuis and demands inhibited in olio iIhtjIoj and ix monlli. from ihe day nl'ihcdn'e here of Icing nllowed 1 y .Hideo.irt for'lhal pnrpo ', we do therefore hereby give nolicc thai we will ntiend In Ihe business of tw'ir appointment, tit the dwelling nf Patty Yale, in Charlotte in i.nid district, on the 3J Tue-day.s in 1'el.runry and Mnndi next at 10 o'clock A. M., on enr-h of .'aid dny. Ila'cd lliis 11th dav ofOv-tolr, 1310. A. L. HKACH, ComimV ' o.i. i. David cook, i ione. Of llnlcs brown sheetings nnd shirtincs. S do. 0J York, power loom, nnd Dorchrslcr Ticks, for oaleby (s00) VILAS, LOOMIS & CO. MOFFAT'S PIKMMX KITTTiTlS do. vi:i:r.HLF. lh-i: pills, At wholesale nnd retail by Sep. 20. TIIEO. A. PI2CK it CO. WAXTI2I) nt this office, n hoy from the country, fourteen or fifteen years of age, as nn apprentice to ing printing business. uci. l, lb4U, Pl.NK I.1MIHKH, forale. 80.000 foot 2 in h plan'.. iii-li iiunr.l. 11 inch lloornr.', nnd m ttu l, c.t-ar anil cotnmon apply to bt ot Co, TIVI' ri'.-M a n inntiiy ol'Sil.i.l Ud in leilie., ul-o n una a-jo ot ainvnaru & .mivks' son'U z rnwoer whore n! .tu-.l relai!', I y Tllf.O. A. PKCIf it Co. S1T; It. I 1 IIhd.1. H. S u-nr for .sale I v Sep'. 25, IS 10. ' II. WHl'.KI.ER. tCtAYO it WATT cie notice to all persons indebt 11 cd to them, or to Lathrop, Potwin & Wait, to mil nntl make immediate payment and save further notice. Uct. I, taiu. TVTOTICE. -The tmdcriiisnod have dissolved co 1 1 partnership. Iloth will remain at the office for a short time, to settle their accounts, and all persons against whom ttiov nave octnaniH, nre earnestly re qucsttd to close Oieir accounts by note or olherwiic, without delay. J.' MAI2CK, September 20, 1510. I). A. SMALI.KV. WHERKA3, Orpth n., my wife, without any just cause or provoention, hatclopcd from my bwJ and board, I hereby forbid all persons linrborin? or iiunung ner on my occoumi, as i win pay no ueon oi htfcontraclins after this date. JUiXAlllAIN VlIiblW. Wcstford, Sept. 29, 1640. riHETIPpKCNOK TKXT UOOK.-Just receive.!, lafg supply nf Tippecanoe Text Hook, rnndu up of tlocuinrntj and fitet. illiistralln (it'll, Hurnon' lusiory, eharacler, services and opinions Jt j. warmly reconnnemleil toihe friend of Gen. Harii-on through out the I . Smic., for ae at ihe'booK tnri'. J'ine2L 1). A. URAMAN. TODIN12 SPRING WATER, A n-ctntly discovet- cd fountain at Saratoga and contains propcrtiti known in no other Spting-jtg freedom from Iron renders it safe to be drunk by a certain class of inva lids with whom Iron provet injurious the quantity of Iodine contained in this water renders it the most val uable mineral water fir every species of Scrofula yet discovered, for sale by J. & J. H. PUCK & Co. A ft: MORK NKW HOOKS, Jim received ntthe IhVk Siorc, A New Home. Who 'II follow. Yonnsr La lie Companion. Coiinte Ida. Havward's New Knsrlnnd (t.iiteiccr. Mitchell' Grograptneal Reader, .i .system ol Geography, ci'mpri'ing a .I.'c-cpption ol the World with tlw gran I divisions, iV.igned Icr in strueiinns in schools and families Womlers op lL Heaven. D. A. liUAMA.S. SONGS OK TIF. PEOPLL'.-l.oa Calm Son? Hook I eing a collection of llarriMni an I Tylor Melolie eml.ellithed with a neatly engraved Portrait of Gen. Win. II. Harmon, nnd a view ol'Od Kn Meig fur tale at the Hook storu. D. A. URAMAN, llurl.ngton, Sune 2G, 1810. pi.OTIIIEUS, TAKK NOTICE. The stihscriLer nt theWinoo.lii Iron Foundry, has on hand and fur sale, n new TEAZKLING GIG', made for narrow Clolli, a first rate machine, of the laitM improvement, which will Leslild ohean lor cash, or rxchanuol foe Clolli. JES8C GAY. Winooiki Village, June 11, 1810. The snUcriber has now general asiortincnl of HOOTS and illOI-S. oflliumoft fashionable wv. nnd thorough workman. hip, which he oJer cry low for CAPH, E.J.KAY. N. It. All kinds of measure work done tit ihorl no tice. Hurlington, Church-si May 23, IS 10. TJOOTS Si SIIOI2S. JL on hand CAUPKTlNfJf. Thosubscribershaeon hand a full assortment of Ingrain and Common wool Carpeting, Venetian and Cotton do. Rush Matting Oil Cloths, etc. which will be sold for Cash at Now York prices. N. LOVELY & CO. July 30, ie-10. fTTVv7 AI.NT S II cJp.SPA I' LLU N O & M I LLS 1 have opened a new Paint Snof on C'hurch-st. two doors fonlh f II. Lane's Sw, where thev wil do all kin.1 of HOL'SK, SHIP, SIGN and CARRIAGE PAINTING, in thelc.t pos,il.le manner anil on terms to Miit thoe who may favour them with their patron age. CyPamis, Oil, aruiili and Putty, coti-trinll y .... I,.lnmirn. .nl II 11 C U A I ' I III VYl Hurlington, April 9, 1310. R.O. SPAL'LDING. ' C. II. MILUS. fVTAt'K l-REL, on consignment, in half barrels' jus1 1VJL received nnd for sale by J. it-. J. II. PECK & Co- '.W FHII.STOHL', 193 Riv.-r-st. Colf,h sraiul I nn'.-. horcalld scaled : Shall ('nnueo- tieut, Mas.., N. York and Maii.ej MnckertlSat. , 2 and 3, in l arrel-. halve, niiaiter an I t-itrli' li-: Salmon in lierce, bl 1., halve, nn.l q'l.srlcr-; Pi! ledliernni, Hallibnt, Had look, S.-a!c Fsi, Cullhh, I oiiffues So'in.l-. H.illihiit Finn-, and Sword l'i-h in blls.) madaline, rocV, "'a'cl, and No. 1 llerrin? in boxe-i also, Sinouel Salmon, Alewive, Dried but, Dunn Fi-h, un I So'ited Salinnn, for inlely 1 roy, tepl. 3U. o.3w PKASK ci IUH I . In this town, on Tuesday evening, by II. 11. Stacy Esq. Mr Joseph Spraker, of Sprnker's Hnsin Mont gomery Co. N. Y. to .Miss Julia .Maria Castle. In this town on Sundav evening last, by the Rev. S. 1). llrown, Mr. Horace Emerson, to Miss .Maria Crooker, both of this place. " Wioi In Undcrhil on the niornint! of the Ptli inst. nfier s long ond painful illness, Capt. Curtis Parker, in the 3Glh year of his age. l'OI.I-:.N HOR.SE. Stolen iVom the possesion of Jo.cnh Fii'intain. nl Col'-hc-icr, the latter part ol'J dy last, a small sorrel French mare, with a white tare, hollow nam., Mopu.i rump, irooki-il liin.l ic., nnd a natural a' out .seven year.s old. S.iid mare i Mipposwlto hayelccn iiivay, l'V nCnn- imil, lltllllCM Jl--MI I I .11111. IC WHO IMll n-ii niv ii-ci i'ht inches in hep-lit, tlark rouinVxion, dark hair and'. I road Hat nose, and a sec I ubout thirlv oar.'. The ihief is Mipposed to have gone into the State of 3las?aclui!iett.--, hut oi nils notning ee-iain is l.nown. Am inl'cjrmalinn relative to said hor.c. or the thief. will lie honorably aid for. AiUre-s- ihe er, Uuriinsiout Vl. JOSEPH FOUNTAIN. epleml er 25, 1310. M 4th 5th 270!) US)!)!) 22:i 1803 i3 Total whig majority 10,522 MAINE. Wc have been well aware that the legisla ture of Maine, now in session, would attempt to carry out some measure to save them from their destiny of defeat. It appears that they have already seriously changed the election laws, opening a wide door to fraud. The new law permits unorganized Places or Plantations to vote pretty much where they please, and with out much, if any, examination as to (heir rights. It alivo throws open the llritish dominions upon Maine. It is-, as it has been justly denominated, virtually "a bill to secure the vote of Maine to Van Iltiren, by double or treble voting, in the woods, and by New Urunswick trespassers in the disputed territory." This law will subject the Whigs of Maine to great care and expense, in guarding tho right of suffrage, or if advantage is taken of it, to profit from it as well as tho cue- mv. They aro not In a temper now to be out raged with impunity. CONVENTION IN MICHIGAN. The last Detroit Advertiser comes to us freighted with the doings " 15,000 Wolverines in council" at Detroit. Wo wnto (fays tho editor,) surrounded by FIFTEEN THOU SAND FREEMEN amid the din and tumult of a mighty " avalanche of tho people !" Qur btrccts aro filled with the yeomanry of Michigan, ml the air is vocal with their shouts J-.xci, ting, glorious beyond description is the scene ! Animating, beyond description, sublime, beyond tho power of imagination, is the spectacle! It is as the hoavingof the tempest wave tho roar of the hurricane ! Now know wo that honor will bo rendered Michigan's early friond ; that ho who was her dolivcrer in 181U, will bo her choice now. Tho charter election which was held in tho city of Nashville on on the 23th of September, resulted in tho election of a whig mayor and twelve aldermen, being the whplc of tho board. Tho Nashvilio Whig states that tho cloction tnrnod upon national politics. Tho voto etood on tho mayoralty ticket, for C. C.Trabuo, whig, 50!) : for W. II. Moore, V. IJ-, 4.01. There was a whig majority in each of tho six wards. 135 SJIi:i2T IKON. I oo Canada Iron, 50 bundle. R. G. Enslit-h do. just rce'd and for Uct, It). tale l.y, I.oomis U Co. flAUTIOX. The trcnuinu Mori-nn's Pill maiV at Vy the Hrili-h CoMcro ofHcallh, Loudon, can I e nl. tainedat the Variety Store nu.l no otiieii place in TllM lown ) and, every I nx and packet i signed Willi a pen, "l au-.-iiorn nnd nrm-numi, all sum in the state are mi SIGNED. Pun -ha-cr will n'cnrc remem ber this caption. Paxgeoiin & Hiiinsmaiu, Matcngcii! OHSERVF, that the genuine Coush a nd Worm Lo zenges and all other-, made bv Dr. A. Sherman. are mU in boxes, teaied up and have the name of "A, SucnMAN, M. D."on tho Hoxcs, Purchasers will plea-e reuiemi er tins n tin' po luiuniv oi lue e article-, lla iiiilincd many individuals to malic an article, far infe nor. id m'H. when the.e nrticles nreennuirctl for. Tin poor Mnn's Plasters nnd Sherman's Lozenger, are touiat tlie aneiy MorP, I'AN'CDor.N Cc iirinsmaid HLISSING to Motbers- American Soothin . Svnui for children culling teeih. The timely use of lliis article will rave children i much pain, ofieii a ri'wrnii'l tlie painl i operation ol lancim; the uiiin. unci! red n o I to 314 ct. iimitrev V i ordia an exec - lent nrlicle lor Ihe ic 12J e;'-., both tho.e articles oiu at tlie ane:y store, i AMTnous 01 iinisbMAin. NOTICK. Job, of er I'l.o tiibscril cr nre wi-luug to lei n creeling nn 1 Inn.-lung a mceiin:; home Ilmlclorb wishing Hi throw in proposals, urn ien icslel to call on ii at million l' mis on the a ltli clay ol Hie pre-ent monih toexaminc what materials wc have on hand, and I he nlnn ol ald house, und we will then in form them what tune wc wi 1 examine their propo.-ab and let the job to the gentleman making what v think ihe lent oiler. JED. SAWYER. i 11ENJ. FAlltC'HIl.D, Iljildingcom'icc sii:riii.. iio.xsir., ) Milton, Ootoli-r It), A. D, 1810. 1 HI2AT IIAUGAINS. Stock of goods selling vji oil less tiian cost, consisting ot llroadclolh?, t as sim-jres, Vesiincs, Cottons, Linens, Flannels, Camlets Carpels, Calicoes, Chalics. Mousciiiic do Laine, Meri nos, Thibet (.'huh, Xanolcan Cloth. Silks. Velvet. Ilomba.iiie, figured Alpine, Hoso nnd Gloves, .Shoes, Caps, Sewing Silk, Twist, Thread, Huttous, Crnvnlls, Stocks, suspenders, Ribbons. Laers. &c. &c. t.nd n crcat varielv of otner articles all of which will be sold below their valuo for cash, to close the bushier s of our trust at tho fctoro corner of Church and College sts. MAYO & WAIT, TrusUes, miriington, uct. hi. James Hrown's Instate. E iheMilcrilK'r, bavins lieen annoinled bv tl f T Hon. the Probale Court for the District of Grand Isle, commiM-iouer to receive, cxnniine and a ijum iiiu claims unci iiciiiiiiicis in i,u i,cr-on iihiiih the eMail' oi Jumes nruwn lute in iirand iii',m raw iii tricl, d'ci'a".sl reprc-ento.1 in-ohcni, also all elnini nuiliieinandM'xiiiiniuii in thereto; nimux month from Ibed.w ol'lhe d i!e liercr-f 1 emif allowed bv aill court fur thai purpose, wo do therefore herel y give noMcuiiiat we will iilienii to tnu imini's ni our np poinlinent at the dwelling r.f ExDcricnce llrown, it Grand Lie alorcaid, on the fi-rt Tue-davs in Decern niid January nest, Iri ni 1U u'cloui;, A. Jl. until -1 o'clock, P, M, on cadi oftaid dny. Dated this 33 1 day of July, A. D. 1310. o.'M5. ski ll IIOAG, '( CommisMoncr SOI.ON UllHA, ) A Sign-in South Wr.sTr.tiN V'rcistA-Scott it,) wn admit a doubt about Virginia, there is Ohio c . Liuj 'rCnueeec," as .3 called, gave with 21, TcmiMWC with 15, Massachusvtti with 1 1, " w ,p T EONARI) MARSH, M. I), rcspuclfull v oilers his nrofcsicjnal .sur".ifies to the people of Hurlington nncl i-i-inWc niTu;. thn no.. In II v cipi-illund In- Dr. ,-ould rcpecifiilly notify ihe ..poriMiien of Hun- Joseph Rurlmgtbn, Sept. 23, IS 10. SEALS, Log Cabin letter Seals ; plain do. do. mot , . in letter Senls. P.vnocorn & HntNsMAin. nOOX STORE. A new suimlv of Hooks und Jj Stationery, this day received nnd for sale at noiesnie anu retail oy i. n. iii.i.u.-ii. Till' People's Presidential Candidate, or the life of Win. I lenrv Harrison, bv Richard Hildtcth, for sale at the Hook Store, price 20 cts. Hurlington, Scpt.U.i, 1HIU. I). A. HK.UIA.V T3EAI. Coaniac llrandy, do. Holland Gin, puro .V Port and Madeira Wines lor medical tt, uy S.-pt. 2.1 1, IS 10. THEO. A. PEClv & Co. ATE1V DltUf. I2STAIIiISIIMI2XT.--At LV the sian of tho MORTAR one door east otJ. ! . . Peck ip Co. The subset ihers have opened nn Apolhecarv Store, and intend to confine themselves strictly to that business. They now oiler to the public a ircneral assortment or scniune Mudectnes. mc udim! all new Chemicals', and tha standard Patent Medicines; oustant attendance, will be mven, and particular at- tention paid to prescriptions. Uurlmgton, Aug. 'M. THI.U. A. I'l-X'K Oc Co. V.J crown 1 v Rc.llor I, taranae and t'liuitn .1. iV J. II. I'l-t'-lN & Co. T'HE Hutlington HREWERY has X now coinnienced business, and will have new Hecr in a few dav when all orders will be punctually iiltenilcd to. Hurlington, Sept. 1310. GEO. PETERSON' OlJTCIIKniM.'.-.rhesubi-crilcr v. ill bulcher J llog.s and oilier animals, and pack the ame (for family n. c, ifre.)'iu tevl,) fcr all tho.-e who mav wi.-h in ibis vill.isc, the pre-ent fall and if not done in a worl;malii.o manner, no pay. liuriitiginn.MMl. 1. uii-iiaki-'.-u. N. H. Having Rood atTiciiiiniKlalion-, I will tal c the animals at mv ri"ii.!eivi and retain them well cd, for a fair coinpen-ation C. It TJOOTS, SHOES it LEATHER. Tho suhsnriber XJ havmi: taken tho stoic formerly oecunied bv Messrs. llishon if. MViim'f. is now ononinn a "cncial nt.ortiiieni oi noois, nuoes nnu i.cainer, which nave all lieen hoiigut lor cash anil wilt nn sold tor tlie same at the lowest prices, and ns thearlicle.s are loo nunier oils to mention in nn advertisement, although Mr Sta cy has enlarged his paper, I would simply invite nil to call anil examine tlie goods ana prices uciorcpurelias ing elsewhere. Hurlington, July 1, 1810. HENRY C. STIMSON, by E. J. Stimsou, Agent. SINGLE. DOUBLE. UiMUILlCAL. STATE OF VERMONT. riTOlhe Hoiiiirnbh.'S ipiemeCt'iirl next to leholden M. at Hurlington, within and for ihe county of Chit- day of January ncx, h iml lv cninplainin?, your pi' litioncr.S'.iMin Iliomp.-on ol .union, in much,c Cliillenden, shovvelh unto yo ir houor.s that nt raid .Milton on th 3 I day ol iday A. 1J. IS.sii, liu was lawfully married tonne John Thompson ihen cf i-nitl Mil'on, by Warren HnxnV, lw. ,titiicc of the wilbin und forlbe cointy of Cliillenden afore-nid and from lhat time -bo the 'aid live! with Ihe Mud John, at ivaiil Milton, in the due ob-crvance nf all ihe chilli's rn'oinisl by tin' inarringerownant on her part. iiulilllii'lObdavofJiilvA.D. 1S30. when thu Mini John, wilho'it nnyjut eaiue, will'cillv ilt-.i-rled vnur I'eti! loner and ever uni e has continued Mich dccriiou leaving your I'elitiiiirrde-iitute of any means of sup port or inaintainanie except her own pcrjonal exer tions ii ml l no chant v ot her frien l, our IV'Uioner thercfurn humbly pra your honors tha' the- I ond inatrimc-nv leHv'ceii tlioaid John an I vour IVliiinm mav 1 e dissolved and ii Hill of Divcrce irrintisl her am that your honors would grant lo your IViiioner vtr alum ny a may iii-m meet nnd just and your Pel tu ner as in d-itv l-oini'l will ever pray. Milton, f'ept.'lO, IS 10. Sl'SAN THOMPSON, Thu ibrosoins netilion of S.inn Thomp.Tn bavin Veen imxcnled to me. nnd it having 1 ecu made in nn pear In me, lhat John Thompson the IV;iii' nee named in (aid Peiiiion rvide out i I'llus Siaicnnd can not I K'rvnl wilh ihe ordinary piocc.s of rumnion-, It i liercliy on'enil the suhslaivc of llieloii'going pc lilHHi't oarctln'r Willi ihii order. I c nublihtsl in the HurlinslMU Free Pro-c nriireJ at i-ni.1 II irlinainn. three weeks , uivcssively, lhelat of which P'd hcatinn mi.iii io at least nx wivkx previois in the unir.-iiav next nrmslins l ie hr.t u.isdav of Jairiarv next, w hich pnblicalion t-li.tll lodciimeil Miiiieiiint notice lo ihei-ni'l John Thompson lo appear at faul co.irt on ihe day nnd vcar lat-l nfori'fnid, nnd maAe nnnver lo Ihe nfori'nid nclilmn. Given iin-lur mv liaud nt H ir- jinglon, in iho (.onn'y of Cliiile.n lcn, ibis 22cl ihv if Si'pu-mlcr, A. D. IS 10. MII.O L. IH-.N.Mn 1, Judge of iho S ipreme Court Hector Adams, Attorney! for tho Pis loner. ' j 3ULM0XAUY HALS AM, of Lowe & Rr-ed Hoston, just ree d by Tl I I-.U. A. 1'I.L.iv iV uo. 7AHU'12IiIS SHOES, a fill as.onnieut jnil t1 recM and for sale I v II. W. CATLIN : C-o CAI.KUA'IUS. June 10. 10 eask, I v J. & J. PECK it Co. T7XGLIS1I Currants, Family Groceries, Salmon, Ji Binuakvil Herring, for sale by N. Lovelv it Co. WORM I.OENGES j an excellent nnd conven ient medicine to relieve and extirpate tins often fatal compliant in young children, by Sept. .'1, lalO rucu. A. n-.uiv. ix i;o. ITCH OINTMENTS Dumfry's,Riiusell's, Scolts, nnd Whenton's, all of which are much used for lliit. troublesome disease, THEO. A. PECK & Co. Sept. 21. At me 3ign oi tlie .uoriar. CROCKET, Comicnnd People's Almanacs, for 1S-10. 1000 for sale at publishers prices, hy Sep. 3U. ii.'o, i.uu.uia i: i.u. 500? S?pt. 25. French, American, Satin and common louse Paper, some verv rich pattern, for sale by X. LOVELY & Co. TAOTTOX" Wrapping Twine, n good nrlicle just ree'd w .sept. 2 1. ny iv i.m i-.iii iv t o. Q ( ASl-.h Ivighsti .Mei inoes, I case I- roneii linn c'd arid fir sale liv ' VILAS", LOOMIS &. Co. Iiiicy Allen's Kstatc. STATE OF VERMONT, rpilEhonorabletho District or CiiiTTF..snr.N,ss. t Jl Prcl ate Co u r t for the District of Cliillenden, Tonll persons con'-ern-ed in the Estate of l.iioy Allen, lato of Kc-oscvilltl u the sta'o t f New York, I'ccea-ed, GREETING. WHEREAS, lioorge H. Uham, administrator of the o late ol ail tie. ea-ed, propose-, lo render an account if his adminn'r tlion, nnd present his ac eounl againit aul e.tnie for examination and allow ance al a 'i-i-ion of the Conn of Prol a!o. to I eholden nt the Register'-, oir.ce, in Hurlington, on the second WeJiie-day of Noveml er next j Therefore, you aro lieiel v notiliel to appear lefore said court at thetimo incl place aloresaid, and .spew cause, it any vo-i have, why the afoie aid ihould not le al lowed. Given under mv hand at Hurlington, this 23th day ofSeptemler, A. D. 1310. u'l.l ivii.iiiL.1. iiu..Tr L.I., ju jge. CHEAPER and better for Ready Pay. The sub scriber would inform his customers and the pub lic that on account of his loss of Goods by fire and tho d.iiiiigid ones selling off so cheap, his present stock is principally made frei-h and select, and ilia cloths being bought at low prices can be sold cheap. All kinds of clothing made on the shortest nonce. Cutting done as usual. All kinds of clothes cleaned of paint, grease, &c, anddrcsed, pressed and repaired in the neatest manner and brought ns near as posiblo to their original beauty, and warranted without dam ago. Also on hand, (no waiting until Xcw Years or running all i'ay after Trimmings &c.,) Top Cons, Chvikcs, Dress and Frock Coats, Pantaloons, Waist coats, Sailor Jackets, Hoys Clothes, Flannell and other shirts, Drawers, Stocks, &c. Also all kinds of second hand Clothes, Hats, Caps, Hoots and Shoes, Travelling Hags, Trunks, Furniture and all other ar ticles common and uncommon. Clothes nr producu taken for pay. C, REXXS, Pearl St., Sept. 10, 13-10. LYMAN A TOLI2 nre now rroeiwng from llo-ton nnd New York, nn ex!enive as-orlmcnt r.f Fall nnd Winter DRY GOODS, which they will .ell for Cash, LOWER than have e.-er I eibre 1 e'en o'lered in ilii.'. Uiirlingion, (X-t. 9, IS 10. IVIOU SAI.K, 73 A-res of Land Lying on llm Wiunoski Avenue, cue mile nonh of this village. This land is well watered, free from s:one, has wood uilicieii! for a family supply, border- i n the Lake, nnd is every way an eligible lot. For further particular ap ilv to iho'siib.-cril er. Hjckck & Catlin. H.'iiliugjon, Aug. 12, 1SI0. O C SES white and col'd Spool Thread, 1 do Pins, C 300 lbs. while and assortej Thread, 500 gross cilt nnd fancy Horn Muttons, 20 do Fancy Soap. just Sept. 21. rec u and for sale by ilas, I.oomis iV. Co. BONX12TS-. Tu-eanand l.'ngli h siraw Honnel.s ofthe la'.e-t fashion., just rcivive-l and for sale cheap hy P. DOOLITTLF. 1 IiASS. Hurlington, Vermont, nnd E VJI I'cr Gins ex, Cvlin- , made at liic Chnnii.liiin Gla work", and very iniich imprcived in niialiiv compared wi'h ihe late brand., for sale by J. it J.'II. PECK & Co. MAYN.VRI) & NOYS' fine lilac' Writing Ink, which ha stood te I for more thirty years. A jti.t ri-c i'iveJ an I Kr sale 1 y 11 Aug, 1310, C, GOODRICH. BIIIII2H.-A verv large a-sorliuenl of a 1 sizes id' Hililes. and from .'0 rt. to 815 each. Juit ree'd a u.l for a!e nl the Hook Store. 1. A. IlliA MAN. T71M),SOi; HIKMiS, fur Milcnt the vnrieiv VV store. P.VN'lSliORN & HRINSMAID. ' '"PEN" cases Printa, 1 cusa eol'd Cambrics, just ree'd L nnd forsnlc by VH,., l.oo.MlS ..V; Co. CHINA, Glassware, Crockery and Looking Glas Bos, just ree'd nnd fjr sale by X". Lnvnuv & Co, ALSO, soila uracKers. fsi-pi, s, ism. SALT. 1.000 Minots Coarse Packing Sail, COOOMmols I.iveipool Snlt, For sale, in quantities to suit purchasers and deliv ered at any Port on Lake Chnmploin, bv JASON C. PIERCE & SOX, S, Johns, I.. C., Sept. 1, 13-10. rPllEceltbrated Indino Spring Wnlcr from Sarato- 1. nn for sale by tlie not Ho. ilnen, or box Aug, 27 THF.O, A. l'EOK it Co. IRHSII Hive Syrup, nn excellent article for Colds, . Oouuhs. Croup. &c. bv Aug. 27. TIIEO. A. PECK it Co. fif bush. Seed Rye, free from nil other seeds, for uu Penrl-sl. Sept. Hi. taie ny i.-. iu-..s STU.VY12I from the subscriber, a light hrindlc yearling heifer. Whoever will fike up said heifer anil mve me nolico shall bo rewnriied. Mdton, Sept. 12, 13 10. JOHN McC'I.ALI.F.X. SIMHtH, Riding whips and Cnne, lit ihe Variety Siorc. Jiuie II. Panc.iiohn Ii Hrinjmaip. ' ftiTRAl'I'lNO PAIT.R. lOO licam.s Wrapping t T Paper, and a large sppply ol'wriling, 1 o'h Cap nnd Letter, lor snle by D. A. HRAMAN. 1 T Hhds. Xew Orleans Suaar, on euiitgnni',nt, 1 U Aug. G. for sale by X. LOVELY Go. 'TMIEO. A. PECK it Co. at the sign of tho Mortar JL have just ree'd a quantity of Cayenne Pepper, of English importation. Constantly oil hand, Hombay Gum Mvrrb. cenuinc llnvberrv Hark, do. do. in Pow der, Jamaica Ginger Root, do. do. in Powder, Hengal aid Oluo Turmerics, eve. ivc. sept. 10, IbiU. O L'SSEI.I.'S STOMACH HITTERS, may lo ii'uJ in Wineor water. The..ece!el.ra'cd bliicn are eonipoeil purely of vege'nble- of ilie most inno- cent vet speeitu: virtue., i ney are recommenced par ticularly for restoring weak constiiuiion.s, c!eanln and strengthening tlie stomach, nnd increasing iho api clite aUo a preventative against the cholera mor b is, fever and ague, removing nausea, vomiting, heart burning, weakne. in lt 1 rea.t, pain in tho s'rraa h and other symptoms ofllnliilenccaiul indiges tion. One box will tinc;ure one gallon, l'ri-e 25 ct. a I ex. Rcssntl.'s Itch Oistmf.kt. This chrice and safe ointment is said to 1 e superior lo nny now in u-e, for that disagreeable and loaih-omo ibscne, the 11111. Thik Oin'inent is so eeariain in its operation lhat no per-on 'loul led wilh Ihe al ore ih-urder ivipht to lo wiihout it. It is a ri-medy (or culaneoiii eruplton ', .scorbutic a'i'ivtions of the head, oruny oilier Lrcakm j nitwlii'di nri-es from sharp humors in ihe Uowf. Price 25 ct. a 1 ox. Res r.l.t's VKGCTAni.r. Hii.lic.cs Pii.i., or family physic, lor general ut', in cae ( f Jaundice, miH :il e:i il ility ' f the stomach ancl bowels, los. of appetiie, fee id 1 re'aih, eostnene.'-, Pile, and all ilnca-v aris ing from biliary (Icrangemcnis, aKo fir icriccnng the stale if the blood, and cleansing Ihe sysicm of fii'tl nnd vicid humouri'. Thc.e pills are a mild ta harlK', pro kit ing neilher pains nor griping, ami aro therefore a valnal le nnd highly approved medicine, and are pronounced asu h I y ihe most ilistingm'slioci physicians. Each Lox containing 23 Pills. Pnco 37 j ct.a 1 o.x RusM'll's celel rated Salt Rur.fM Oistmcnt This i iinnucstionallv the lest and safct rrmi'Jy ever yet o.ii'nsl lo the p iblie for that obstinate disorder SA LT RHEPM. Where other means have lade.l, it ha- suc ccedivl, nn i ihe fact that il ba I cen sx cnively used by eminent Praciitionerj speaks vil.iuu-s inits pra e. Il is pyially fllicacioiis in nil din-a c of the skin, scald hen I. ring worm.-, and the mcjt invcerale licit, c, vVi'. Numerous ivruncates iirgin le niianiiM, I ml. hi x. For sale by J. V J. IL Peek it Co., '1 hmJord , Po'kiV t'o.,isn cflheMorlnr, nnd Rolert Monlv, iluilington : Dr. C E. Mile-, and Hull & Cool;, limes liirsh; S. H. Ilarne, Charlo it'i L. Jane-, Georgia L. Tvler, i Fuller it Huntington, Rn lunon.l. Also,' I y the druggists nnJ merchants genera'ly ihrmiehci it the stale. ' "9"' ui ihe prciprilor thai a fair trial sho dd I e tho nly evidence of its superior edicacy, Price 0 cents a JUST reu'd n eupply nf Marsh's celebrated Truncr, of every description, far salf by the dwen or single Oct. 11,1810. TllEO.A'IF;f,KC' bu of tho.Moittr. iii:i'.Tn; i:lixiu. ACELLIlRAThD remedy for coniphiinls nrisjnsr from a ilu-eased ola'e of the LIVER nnd lit Sucre lions', Ihe folhiwina aro a few of itM.ymmoin.,- weakneshot (liesliuunch, Indigestion, loi nfnppelile lowness ol Spirits and Headache j it will le found a Hire rcmisly for Eruptions on the Fair. In con e quence of incir lemg many ncurunt ciro'iln'incl n this part ol'llicicc-iiilry. Iliuniliscrilvr. nre nnihorinvl to warrant its beneficial elleeis. T hit- nrlii-lo i.- jn-l receive.', and o'lered to the publin as nno well worth ihe ntlention oflhoe who are nflhetcl by complaint from tho nbov.ditast". it beintf from an eminent physician wo feet cwiflJVut in thus reoommen I1115 it. Oct. 0. 1810. TIIEO. A.J'El'K'.V Co.. "igu cf the Mcilar, en dwr vast tf J tV J IJ rvk V Cv T' Oil C.VHIX ANECDOTES and ilhislralnl mci- ileuii in Ihe hie officii. Wm. II. Haiiui-on, for sale al the Hook storu June 10 D. A. HRAMAN 17 0 1 in lTT IRON AND STlil L. English Iron X from 1) toG inchest Russia old saMolrr-nj do new il. ilot Sivissli's do,' Hoop do fioni J to 1 rnch i Hraricr's Ko.l j Spring, cast, gcrman, swtsle nnd Enili-h I lister Heel i lnrl nnd wag' n I om", linjslie-l cm I ar, 1 y June 19. J. A- J. II. PECK A Co. llfT. V 1211 X OS nnAHMM. Plvsl"lt Hijj's 111 of dllerent sixes nnd buHmg', C'V "! Ic and Tfs.nmenls and n goneral asfciimcnl or.ta'iona ryutst received fromN. York nnd ..'j'':,'..... I'ollecest. je:25. 8. III.M INOION. SidiiiV Ihrlow has received a 1 ...oi ...nnnienl nf sood nt us old store on Pearl 'tree', which will be told cheap cnoueh. N. D. Wool reirived for goods, H.irlingion .Miiy 23. IV I3VV COOIW. 11 IOIt SA IiI2.Comnion l-imrd, nlank, Imms ' I mud", clnn Loaj anil lloor I (misls, at the low CM price-, I y ' HIOKOK &. CATLIN. Hurlington, Aug. 12, 1810. I?ACTS I'ORTHEPI'OPLE. AcharlroprcKiit . ing tha iipcndiiiire of ihe Goveinm nt from ntOto 1310. ul rvcitvixi ana ior sie ii in uoo S ioir, n P. A. ORAM AN. Hiram ("lark's- Uslatc. STATE OF VERMONT, ( riUIE lion, the probalo Dist. or OniTTr.Nnuv, ss. I court fir the district of Chillrncten.toall per-ens concermsl in iho es'.atK rf Hiram Clark late of .Milton in said ih.triei, ileee.insl, greeting. Wherea', Elijah Herrickarid Linus Has. conih, I'xeculursnf ihe last will of said I'erea.od, pro. nose 10 render nn niwunt of their ndmmisiiation, nnd nre.ciit ilmirnci'O'inl again-l said cla'c for cnnhim. inn and allowance, nl n se-non ofilu; court -f prol nlo lole holden at the Reg sler's olnco in lhir!:ngioa,oii ihetecond Wednesday of October in'Mj llierel'ore, vou are hereby noiifiisl to nppenr I cfoc nid conn, ni tho lime und place aforesaid, and show ca-u-e, if any yon I nvc, why the account aforo-aid sho'dd not 1 c nlfoweil. Given under my hand nt II irlmcion, lhi 23d dav ef Sep ember, A. D. IS 10. s?l WM. WESTON, Rer, STATE OF VERMONT, r1HE Hon. the I'm. pistrict or flilTTCNDEN ss. I Jl bale court wtlhin auJforlhc District of Chittenden : To the creditor and others eoivernd in tin1 estn'o of Huani Clnrk, late of Milton, in said District, deceased, GRrnTisr. WHEREAS, Elijah Herrick and Linus Hascomb, executors of Ihe last will nnd tcjlamcnt cf tnid i et cc.iHil, hnih malo application 10 this court, 10 eMcuil the tunc limited for making payment cf the debis and lega'-'ic-t. of said deecved, twelve months Urn tha 10,1. nf "nvmhet next, and ihe 2.1 sti4ilay ofOctofw nc.xlleins nigi.fl for a hMring in th, at tl Odiccof Ihe Rcgiiicr of this court, i,nJ ,', h.ivin!T been on'ered that nonce thereof lo aiven. bv nut'lishing this decree ihrce weeks iiiccts ilwlv inine Free Press n newspaper printed nt Hnr. Imglon, leforv the lime lixed for hearing! thivefcro vou are btrehy notiile.1 lo appear If fore mid court M ii time and place iifori'siud, llieil nn 1 hen', to malt obuvtion if nnv yo i have, to thf ald tinif of pay, nu-nt tems further exicndod uiort'.i.l.l. Given mis ,ler n-Y Kni t Burhrft'n 'hi ?31 ilav ffpl

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