Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, October 23, 1840, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated October 23, 1840 Page 1
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toe Iw fvtt NOT TUB GLORY OF C JS S A R BUT TIXS WBX.FABB OF ROME. BY II. B. STAGY. BURLINGTON, VERMONT, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 23, 1840. VOL. XIV....N0. 20. T IITIII.X. LOTION. Ji TVINU LOTION Highly esteemed for curing nil Eruptions Cnnrst-nes-, Reduc- and Pimple cm (lie Face Nc-k or hand-, anil e 'ectnally leaning the com-ilexiou, awl removing "II di-ca-es of the tciu" Nothing contribute .o mticli lo our uoiiernl success h lilc, a an engaging lirt appearam . Thi. Lotion i- a Imire.l a niot fragrant, mild, safe w:i li ami gieut tv i-teemed Air il- virtues in cleansing, -c.fifiiins, and p'urifyingthe .kintif nil er iplimi, sn utjiii-io is in Ic male I.e.i-ity, anil re-toring it to a high ilegrct! of pu ritv. A lea-ilil'd complexion i the P" '' of all who poes it, nml llie en vvol llio e who arc oeprivcu ot n. What i- .oatUvlingltia I eaulil'il U-m tliyn whojefai-c nsluro I lierpower,a.t Imd herconi'lox ion di-eoloiiru.l Willi di-gii-ting pimple--, which mar her t hat ins ? A good appear nice i. tln.'lo-t rccuiu luendaliun ; ami a-the Beautifying Lotion purine the skin, an! remove, all Pimple-, litot'-hc.,Tau,S minim 1111 1 Reduc-, an.l pro lin o a I e.iulifnl Ire, it I the only cosmetic a ladv should u-u at her toilet. Gentlemen will allal-o Imd tin-a t'rlightfil reme ly, to remove all It-uightie-', Pimple.-, Rinsvvc nn-, Spots Reduc-, Serene-, of the face ami uo-e, iiti-1 every kind of erup tion 011 the .infa-c of the- hiinian !-ody. Il i. parlicii lorlv re-Miininendcd to gentlemen to lo u-e.l after ha ving, at it will prevent the othervvi-o certain e Icct ol all reominon soap, in turning the icard pieinalnre'y prcv. For -a'e Wholc-ulc and retail Iv A. IH'IX'II VOl'K it Co., N. I ITOcnt-eo .ireet, Unci. In Bur lington, hy J. it J. H. Peck A- Co., and Thco. A. Peels &Co. In Vergenties, hv J. II, Bowman. InMiltun, by Burnett it Savvver. In Georgia, by Lorenzo Janes. ' nll-0 rip he lion ok nil': pay.: so cure no J. P vY ! The Genuine old Dutch or Ger man Vegetable Pills.--Hiahlv rcromniendcd hy l)o.-t. Va'enlinc Mott, M. P. of N. Y., anil other... The-e are the orders ! Any one licit doe. not Imd re 'iff frm thc-e pills the pru'-e is icfin!cJ lack, ihe-e re the po-itive order, of ihe Proprietor to ni'enls and others. In o lering ihe-e pill, to the p it lie, I appeal lo their intelligence. If th.-e pill, aie not what they recommended, yon are in duty I oim.l out of re-pect . ...... ....If and roinniumlv lo ie.f.-t ihein. and nnhli-h them to the world a- an iiiiio-ition, humbug ami n-Mt-kerv. Thepublkmiav lea.-nre.l llicyare p-uely vecetal.le, Ihey are coin po-cd of nine imrrediut-, pan ot the. medicine i. only found in A.iaanlin the val ley of Oermany. l'"or convenience llie-e oxltacts wo male into nill. and will le foimJ a Mire euro or re lief (or all hilliou. complaint-, yellow and billion-fever-, lever and a'.' ic, ja in-lice,'et ra-h, I illio.i-.-iw.i;,. .Ii.i.i,.i.i. ite. It i not pie'en !! that thi- nietieinei. a cure for all di ea-o lo wlueli the human i. lial le. Ten lln.uand n-el,-. eiorl. hav teen m.i !u to draw from the region, ol unknown lancy oiiie long--pon theory ol majie an, which wouiti .cine va -h and every di'.ea e. Good dieine i. no' found in the fire or whir wind. Health and hnppiuc-, hi,,.' noon chance wind time i. (he herald of truth The pi-l at lea-t i.; they have uln-ady el a niDiiument ol their sre.une-. which wi-l defy the corrodini tooth of time. None can I eUeniiine without a wrapper and dire -tiun. on each box on which my name 1. written alien-." h. Sold whohale and retail bv ihe .-il-.eril er at (ilea'. Tall-, I y A. H. & I. Sand 73, an I 100 K.itlou -t. anil II. M. Meis., 333 South Majket -t. All any. IU'im & Hawley, 210 Siver M. Troy, General A-l-enta for ihe Mate of New York-. MKuiurr nmri'iN. For -ale I v 'm. lilio.le.s and I'. H. (been, Kich monl; Morton A Clark, and I). & P. S. Lathrop, Willi.tun i llauar iSi Com.loek, Shell urn ; II. S'anlon, K.ex i tieo. IS. O.ike-, and Abort Harney, .It radio; J. 11. ILirlbot, We-lford; J. II. Ikirnc-, Charlotte; H. Moody ami Ceo. Peer on, ll.uliu-,'ton ; ami ly K. ItlllC'CS, II irlin-.'lon, A-.'i-nl for Clnlten-leii Co., where S iVAi,'ent.ean le .itpphed at wtio!e-ale price.. lth.i-Leeu .old and ucd for thiriy year.-, w' loin , Mile, hrea'.l, neck, limb., joint.", rheumatism, nieces?, iinn iuiiiui very eincm-ioii. in tue loiiowin mini niro, e.e. unc minion a year win not supply di-ea-i-, viz. Con.ii.upiion, U'hoopins Coiish, com- I he demand. They require n little wartnim; before aji moil (!o:ih", Co'd, difll -nil Ilroattiiiivr, lulliieiiz.i, 'plication. Vnrran:ed Miperior lo nil ollu-r", and for Quinsy, A-thma, Phllii-ie, Spilling of Hlood, Flnlu-, one nunrler ihe it.nal price, malting not only the I el, lency, inuige-imn, Loosene;. ot me iiown-, i u.oi nut tne cneape-i piaster in llie woriu. it ationts rela-l every kind. Crainii. Ilieket.. Colic. Catarrh. Py.en tnry,' F.iintinir, Ilypochondriau Alll-etion", Ileada'che., Siel;ne..iit Sioinaeh, Mea-le--, a preventive of Con- tantou" oi-ea'e-, uout ami itlieutnuti-iu. lt.nlxve Medicine i prepared by Heury'b'oy mour, of Hadley, Ma... from the Original lteeipe, by llieoireciion oi stun .uooro, anil sol prineipul t)ru??i.t. in the L'ltitedStute.- ooin wnoie-ci and i dealers cener.-illy throughout ihe eounlry. in a few hour", and make? a.-toni-hiiiL' eiires. In liver eoinpliiint and dyspepsia, it should I e worn over the resion of tins liver or stomach, and it will allhrd ureal audti.lonMiiiiir relief. In eous,'li.,co!d, ntliiiin,diili cully of brealliimr. oniirvM'oii of the che.t or slomaeli. iij'iual lteeipe, by , tliey will immediately ..oolh, nnd jrieutly Lenelit the Id by In in nnd the . paticnl. Per-oiis ol sedentary hain't-, or llio-e obliged MACSNl-'CTIC t)l)ONTICA. THI'.TLI.THI I OOKK'd KSSKNCM OF LIFI-!. A Valuable OH UHMAN'H POOH MAN'S PliASTKU. Till-: TF.KTII ". Tiir. I.N-co.Mi'AUAni.n Tooth 1TJ. Meiheine, which, if riyhlly applieil, will I o the j O The I et .ireii!;lhenin!; pla.ierin ihe world, and n I'nr.PAr.VTioN. The fact i proved, uud ihe mot in-1 mean-' of snvin-x thousand, from an unliniily Rrave. ' sovereiin remedy fi r pam or we.ikne-s in the back', cro.iuiom nil iinunitu are i my cnnviiiceo, . we nave he eviiienee from Ihe sale of 20.000 1 oxe-i of theO.lon- ties, wilhin the pa-t year, lhal llie Ulopion tlreaiu-i of I ne aienyiui.i nru re.oize.i, ami a reiuei) ui-iniuiui Tor prc-ervinsj lluxe important and nn-f it appendages of the Irnnan .ytem, by the u-e of the Magnetic Odon tiea, whieli by lt attractive, and slrengthcniiif.' (inali lie, removes all extraneous miIiMiiiicc frotn the teeth and preserves them m theirnatural hrillian'cy, and Ihe Kiims in soundness and I canty. lt n-crrtninedliom cspcrienec, that when ued, llie teeth will never de cay, but remain till Ihe late-t n-jo of man, with their natural wear. When they are decayed, its prozro-. will he arre-led, and lholee'h pre-rrved and prevented nml nre.i-i ve.l from uehins all this has 1 ecu done in a multitude of iu.tau"o : and more in lliou-ands of ca-e-, nei-vois loothaehc, (lhat climax of pain) ha. nt once I eeu e !c -iu iIK cured by popular deiilrifrice in America. And in conclii.ion, where, or who is llie vounj lady or gentleman, aye, the individual that values a beautiful set of iccth, sound irum. nml uvei brealh more than lifiv rents, that will le longer do li tuleofa box of Dr. M. Hitcheeck's MaL-nclie Odontie.i. Forsne whle.ale and reinil, by A. HITCHCOCK e: Co., No. l7(ieue-ee.. Ulie.i, N. Y ., ninl by their Kn. throughout tie- I'niiel rJla'e. Ill llurlitigtoli, by J. it J. II. Peck fc Co., and Thco. A. Peck & Co. In Vcrjrennes by .1.11. Ilowni-in. In Milton, by llur nott &. Sawyer. In Ocorc'ia, by I.oicn.o Jiiiich. aug2 -Pit. K VANS' m-IAITI- to stand much, will receive decided support from one DOCT. MAHSIIAIilS Aronntic, Calnrrli and Headache SNI'FF. ThisSnuiris Miiierior to nnv lliing vet known, for removing that tronl le-ome di--e.i-e, the Catarrh, and nlo a cold in ihe Lead, and Ihe headaehe. It opens, and purges out all ob-lruelion-, ticngthenlhogland,and uiven lu-allhy action to the pari, allected. II is perfectly lice from any lliingdele lerions in it., cotnpo-ilion lia. a pleaant llayor, and its immediate e.lei:', nfer I eing uteil, is algrccabfe. Price 50 cen. per bottle. Poet. Mai-hall'.. Vejeinb'e Indian Illack PLASTKIl. This Pln-ter i. unrivalled for curium swel lings, Scurvy Sore, Lame Hack, and F,f h Vounds ; pain- in Ihe -Me-, Hip. and Limhs; and seldom fail, to rive rebel in local Khetiinati-iu-'. It applieil lo llie will cure many ofihoeonmiou Liver Complaint-: ami is e.pial, if not superior, to any lliing in n-e for conn on ihe feet ; the virtue, of thi. Pla-ter have 1 een witno'ic.l by ihoi.'.auds of individuals in Ihe I'nited Sla e, who'have te-le I il. oilieary. Sold by the pro nnetor; Cha.. llowi-n, Middlehury, Vt., ami Tinto. .. 1 F.CK ec 1.11., Uiiiliugtoii, l. jeia nil Wlioie-i-.ic ami retail, hyj.o.. J. II. recl.'Uo ot ine,e truly, slrengllieiimg pln.lers. t'liymemns gen Then. A. Peck & Co., linilinglon, and by the erall recommend Ihem, in preference to all others,! e- ean-e lliey mici; or ailliere letter anil allont greater relief. In their operation ihey are stimulant, tonic, and anodyne. They are composed of entirely clidercnt it.gredienls from any other; and known from llieex-perien-eof millions, who have used ihein. as well a. the united te-timony, of all the celebrated and di.tin-gl-hed clergy and physicians, to I e the most ibefiil and highly medicated pla-ter, ever invented or otlored to Ihe plib'ic. Several persons have called at the ware hou-e lo exnress their surprise and thanks at the nlino-t miraculous cure, these pla-ters have eileeted. One man who had keen so nlllieted with heumali.ui, as to I e tmallu to dres. himself without n.sislance, waenal led after wearing one, only one night to gel up alontj in ihe morning, put on hi. clothes and call al our oilice with eye. 1 earning wilhjoy and lit-, tongue pouring forth the glndno-s of Ins heart, al the sudden nnd sisual relief he had received from thi. I e-t of nil remedies'. Ak for Pr. Sherman's. Poor Man'. Plasler. It is so called. 1 ecaice the nrice nlaces il in ihe nower of all lo purcha e, I eing only 12 J el-. So'd al Ihe va riety More by PANUIJOIIN & UHINSMAIP, Jewellers, Durlington, t. NATUUU'S CHANP KIvSTOKATIVi:. Thi. valuable Vegetal le Medicine stand, unrivalled for thefollowini: complaint-, viz: Py.pep.ia, or Indi-ge-tiou,disea-ed Liver, biliou. disorJer-, l)rop.y, Aslh fna, Co-tivene-s, Worm, nnd lo-s of Appetite, and by eleau-ing the .toin.ieh and bovvelf, cure, pain- in the side, stomach and hrea.l, i-olds and eongh. of long Mainline, lloarsene-s, sliorlne-s of brealii, Ncrvou. complaints, etc., wh eli are frequently the cilect of ill ease. For Fever and Ague, it i. a most valuable pre ventative a. well as a sovereign remedy. Its virtue. urna.s any thing heretofore known in removin-' St. Vitus' Dance, two I utile-, have leen known to cure this allliclmg disease, after having 1 allied every exer tion lor four years. It ha. a most powerful inlltience in ving nervous complaint". It is pleasant lolake and -oea.y in it. operation, thai it may I e admin uttered to the infant with safety. The nhovo Medicine i. very hiehly recommended by many scientific gentlemen, and u l.irire nunil er of'ladie-, who have prosed the virfe-ol the Medicine by personal iiseandthat ofiheir familie-. A bill ofcerlili'cateaecompanie. each bottle, i'ith direction.. It may le had wholesale or retail ol ;. Uritain, Uarre, and J. C. Farnaiu. Fast Williams- town, Vt. sole piopnelor.-. Prepared from the origin al recipe; for sale ly K. II. Preulis., Monlpelier, and J. & .1. II. I'm; & Co, and Tnr.o. A. Co., ltur lingtou, and in the principal towns in the state ; all directions signed in I he hand writing of the proprietor.-. jel'J Dishasks or tiih i.i;.N(;s...ivi-idedij' llie inn-1 iciiHilv cwi kiiiinn in Aniftic.i Vegetable Pulmonary llnhum is llie mini valn.ilile i emilv ,hmv in ue fui cnr-ilis rnld", asihiii.i or pluhi-le, !'oii-iiit,piiiii. v liiiiiiiiiig rniieli and nuliumi ii v hIT. t'timis nfeu'rv kinil. lis n'f if sle.nlilv iiii-ip.nuiig. nml llie priipriemrs me I'linsiiiiiilv u'ceiiing ilic ui'i-l (.iiniidile mil nl on elteei . llie fitllo vv I n" nciv ClTllllc. ill's Hie iiOVrt-il fir piihl r. rx.uiiiii.uiun. An iM KiihSTiNo Cask. Exirar.i nr.i lellrr fnun Mr l! fj Clay, Kiiijj-iint, Ulsicr rn., N. Y. to the priiprif'tmi. " 1 nun nl ihe Uih iihi. v:is iliily icv'il. iciii iik.ilile cine elfecieil lij ihe i-i untile l id. nsn.iiv II. il-.iin in llie t unci mid -pi ins "f IS33. 'llie fii'iui, Mr. Al onil i , li, nl been suk a loiii Hum uiih ill" eonstuiintlnii. Iljs phv-ieiiiiM eiven him no lie whs leiliii'ril .-n liov .is In be unable in help hiin-eif. oid u'.is i.ii-iiw a l.n go ipi.intiiy ol bluni! uhen he coiiiinnici il nuiig Mil- ll.iH.on, wIimIi Ii.i ellecinl ii cmtipleic rule, and lin is nmv ,r li.ile mid he.irlv its I'vei lie uns. .Mr. .M.nnh tins irmovi'il n mi iliislowii, lull lie his preiuired ine . iimie ilet.ulnl aerMiiin of his raie. w Inch I will fin w.ird von. C. tj tL.W. Kinssitiii, N. Y. June 25. 1S3S. Exlraci nf.i lellii fimn I)r J.indi Mjeis The VrgrLihle. Piiliiiuii.ii y'iiui hern sold in I It if dimly for two jr.iif, mid llie inc-licine has c.iineil an iiiicntniimii re'ibiilj, fur it r.iireli in one ointaiirr fiiteil nl h.iv ma iIih dc.-ii pit (ilVcl. lam In mi ine.ins hi f ivnr of llie in. my iiii-ii inns, niun ol uliiih aie iui. piwiiiiiii. iipnii a rrrihilmiji public, bin vvliirh I know by iii.e in be t'fiV-r.', I isiinui help lint nii-im .ippinb iiiiiu ihi-ieio. A ( ounii'i fi il ptei.iri,l inn h.i. I m en nfl i i e.l line I ij a ii. m ilium Asent, of Ciiiimiin k, .. Y. ami ilieie is .inn'hi r urncle vendrd licie i .(rungl) tuispfc'cd lu he spin inns. Jacob MrFns, M. D. Mifllingtnn, cn. Penn. Mnj 3, 18117 Fnun Pr. S.nmiel Mnrrell, In ihe Pinpi ieims uf ihe Vpsp Mlile Piilinniurv llali-aill. I am r.ilisfii-d I lie Vr. ilile Pulntmi.i'ry ll.iliiin is h v.iluah'e meih-cinc i li.ts liet-ii nsi-il in i hi s- pi, u p wild ciunpleip miceess in hi nil-tin tie cninpl.iuil nl llie Inii;, iinemleil u iih n t'li-M- cnui-li. Ins- nf mire, nnd iIir raising of inni'li liliinil, w hit h hail nipviiiiiptv ipsisietl nianv itppioieil pi esi i ipiinii-. Alu-r using ihe llals tm one vvei k, tlir o turn 's miie lenirui'd and he wut hiAv u, fnek and lily. I Ins cue tirriniril r mm- nine smrp, soul Hip m hi is nntv engiieeil noi only in armn Inn l.iburiii Iiiiuii-. Itpsiri-iful . tif. S. MoHltl'l.l.. Il is mitv iiiuie than six vpars finrp I was liitnii-lil ipi v ln by an iITrriii)n of llie Iiiiik', and lin piiiiip'aini u'.m ile ( l.oe.l in lie ini'iil ante hi a council nl l luce pliv -ieiaiis. I uas ilieu rp-liuril In as cm, I lipithh ' I liatl en;opd fur man) P.irs, In nsim I lie- Vegplable Pu'. tiniti irv lf.iliaiii, ninre my lerniery I nave iccnin niciidi'il llie H ibain in si gipal many e.ifcs nf 'tu ciiiiiplainis, and m far as I ran Icon, its c h is in v.iii.ilil; lirru fulluHt'd liv inurh bcnsfii, ami in maiiv iiKlaiie t il hits I'fleclfil riu is liiili viete it hull) iimhx. peripd. SASIUtX UVKItETr, Ibisinn, March 2, 1S37. Fur al-', wholesale and iPtntl, by J, yj J. II I'F.CK h Co., ami I'llEO. A. I'CCK U Co., Ilur liiiiiiiin, Vl. SIlIiKMAN'M WORM I.OZKNOF.S are the grealo-l tli-covery ever made, for dispelling I lie va ii'ou. kind, of woriu lhal so freipienlly and di-lress-inalv annoy bolli children and adult.. 'Ihey are an infallible remedy, and -o pleasint to the taste lhal children will lake Ihein as readily as a common pep permint lozenge. Many di-ente. arbe from worm-, without its I eing su-pecied. Sometimes a very troul le. some cough, pain- in llie joints or limbs, bleeding at the no-e, tVc. aie oeca-ioned ly woiiu., nnd can le ea.ily cured by tin. celebrated medicine. The follow ing s'yinptoni.. indicate ihe nre.-euce of worm-, viz: hcad.Ichc, vertigo, torpor, disturl eil dream-', sleep I rokeu oil' by fright and screaming, eonvnl.ion.. fe- veii-hiii , llur-t, pallitl Itt.e, litd la-lu ill the month, o.'en-ive lrcalh, co.igh, dilfieiill breathing, ilehing alllie uo-e, mill- in the stomach, nausea, squcainish-nes-, voiaeiiy, le.viine.-s, leueiiiuis, ilehing al the anus lowa nl. iiigl'u, and at length, defection, mid lilnis nnd miicu-. One is a tlo-e for a child I wo year, old two tor one four year- old line lor eight year1, and liv fur an a lull, and should I e ic ealed every morning, c a verv other morning until relieved. CT" Sold at the Variety .tore by PANGBOKN & iil(l..-j.M.ll), Je nellert, llurluiglon, Vt. H A I it ! IIAlIt ! Z HAiii- -i nipor- lant DNcovery the Cin al .llyitcry tbiinil out at liist.--DK. STKIUIY'S IIA1II HKOKiNK KATOll. Dr. Slerry, after uiucli altentbii to the important subject of preserving the hair, has, after many experiments chemical and physical been able to discover and article which is now tillered with the "reale.-it confidence for the toilet as the best thiugevcr discovered, for, for its softening and peiictrntiiigmialily to produce, a good heid of hair lo prevent it from falliii" oil when baldness is apprehended to ictoie it when baldness nas liken place, and to prevrni U from turning gray. Itii iwinoie noiinsliing than po matum, tiuti'iuo oil, or Colonuo water. It is a beault fui aiticle for l'idies curls it makes the hair soft and lively, and produces uncommon hrilli-incy. Thous ands have letted its superior virtuctt and excellence, i ... ..t'j.ri m.tmice it stands unrivalled. It is nil '...r-na.l.. ciiin in nil alleeiions oftlio s' ill on the head as ihlidruir, &c. ite. I'yery fainily should ho sup- nlicd with a iMitlleol tint oil, mat uy li- iippucaiioii .1.., I,.... ,1 nml h.iir of children, the beautiful and or namental app: ndago of n lino head of haie, wh:c!i na ture lias supplied us may ho preserved. From llui nnni'-roiis certificates and recommendations received of its salutary intlucnce, tlm Doctor feels firmly per yuaded he has siicceediiil ill producing nil article winch 'will meet the. desired wishes and approbation j of f the rl'iblic For salo and retail hy A. Ill I (Al 4"'oCK&Ct. Il7fiines. e,n. Ulica, X. Y. lu llur I ngT.m, by J. & J. H. IT.UK & Co.. nnd THICO. A. PKCK & Co. In Vergcnnes by .1. II. Bowinan. In Milton, by Ilurnct tt Sawyer. In Georgia, by I'""'" ..i I.inrs. ailCU CtON.SU.MI'llJ. : ".'- '." " iiuatn idea of the asUinishing rolief wlueli Dr. Rclfe's Astlimalic or C.muinplive Pills give, m Coil 6U.i otion, Cough, Colds, Asthma, .hlltcii ly ol breath fu"T,V ' ..;.,",ibiness of the Chest. Pain in the side, "pTt'tingof 'hliTodc. A fair trial only is necessary 1A r.nvinro oersoiiH sull'-riiiL' Irom theso complaints that this is one of ihe most valuable iiicilicines yet ilis-".ovcrcd-ntid ll.isis the testimony of relieved patients, t. ' ..t,,ti.,.,nii. of th nciLdihor hood, recently observed to the proprietor, that he believed these, pills Uent liim "live for the Inst two years. .Mmiy lnrVl 'a :. ' .i.;inr mstininnv. A letter statcs-"llie As h fialio PdlH Rivpiicli relief in eases of f'ou Coiiiinon Colds, cl'c. as no ono can hdievo, aXw Ihoy makolho. trial." Important testimony. oTIiere l as been, (wr ics nn urgent) .an unusual call .' There lias ncui, Atilnnalie P U. Ann cants 41,18 T,; , thniii a valuable medicine, and say they So ' "An In 'Xrimio.-' A young LAd.y-W.e, .lino 1 ,.i l eied with n v o cut cough, pam m the side. V2 ?" 1 oo I and d.s.u.lie,r rcsl at nigl.t-mvi SStora t" perfect health by taking two boxes. A easo Ol AS rurcd by tliwu breatl.ina, &e. was ciirci AKcni credit I(lIII!t.-.VSK 'IIIOSH WHO KNOW. Those nnl w liiifkmiu hi in'alni iiiihipiIi iIP nhscr laiiiin, ran fui in am idea of die , flet'ls, of llie ptift't'i iplief, of llie iiIiiiih' rli.iiin. like rutes tuTcrlt'il in t-.tfes uf die I'll.!, Klli.t'MATisM, all Svvki.i.iNGS, ami all i-k i ( Pains, no tuiller hnwreteip, hy llie Use of ll.ij' Liniment. Find one w lin has nsctl il lhal will mil laud il abuie all lliins ptpr iirt-d, anil jtin will lint! whai e.aniiiil bo found. CU''I l'11' iclii fol siiflVi'. nig luiin in lieings whn m.i; lie afllieictl, I beg iu lu iik a.k nf ilin.e who knu'w a.-k llie Hun. Al.KliF.U I'oMCLIN, U. S J 1 1 1 1 g ti f 1 1 r lhal tbsitiri, iPridiiij neat Aidiinii , ask Matiiiiw' J. Mt'Klts, K-tj. Alliens. N. Y J a-k ( It'll. PUFK (inKKN, lale id WaFliini-iiin t-ilv, path nf ilie.t-gpiilleini'ii know iifeatc- uiiiiiiiipit-i, ab'e lv all oilier leuu-il is nr liv-it'i.Hi-, 1I111114I1 uied firiuiuv teat-, lhal have been rtiii-d liv tin- use ufllie gt-iiiiiiip IIikjs Liniment. Th .n-amls nfu In-i pptsmis kmiw siinilai tines. W'v appeal in their m-ihi nf jiiw Hit! Ilit-n I111111.111 Irelinits ETMI li lull a tail) Jim owe In vino' i'niiel tug let uw-lieni-s 11, Id II11. gip.11 iHinpib he kiinwii. Speak nf il thru lu.tlljniii fiieaiU I Ins will save nun II piiuwlii-ip Hie npnvp.icrs ate il lead, or whtvr ii- i-Ieis aie 111c t'llidous, liceausesn 111V wot ill e-s an iclps aie atlvpt ibeil fur llm same pinpuip. 1 11 '.iiivers we say, il all wlm nave usi-il 11 Un y it is lii-vniiil nil lu.ltfC, llii-n tin 1101 lake 11 I lie pinpt iemr will lint allnw litis .t r 1 ic Ic 10 bp p'liil fui nulers 11 i-tiics. u hpn nil llie ilitpriiniii aie fully fullnw pd. Will anv "lip siiffpt in refuse n ivv lu iry il .' 1 T lie dopf, lip tnisiii m bp pitied mine lur his olmiiiary 1 hn lultei in", it r'Mr. Havs wtuilil iipvpr eniiscni In IVir iliid aitielp, wrtp he nut coinncllcd bv his nenre of nl irlijiioiif iliily 10 du all in liispnwpi for tie tenuis ol tlisitPtfs inul inisf rv. I' or Hns purpofe lie would snnni'r devule .1 fin lime, ill 111 spciiip a dull 11 I'm any wiiiiIiIfh tntirle. Zp'I.OOIC OUT,-Smue mvimllprs havp riiiiuiet fi'ilpd lies, and pin il up iviiu various -levin's. IM nut tie unpiifeil open. Due lliing unly w ill piu'ecl )uu il is llie iiauie of Cumsfei'A' V Co ; that name mint hp niwavs an ilu- vvinppi-r, 01 vim hip clip.iifil. Dn tun f.ngei it. Take iliUdnec. lion wnh vim, and 1 est by in il, or upver buv ; for 11 is iinpomble fur iui) oilier lu be line in gcmiuie. KWI.lJillJiM IIAVW. Sold hy Comttarl; t,- Co. 2 Fleielier sIipbi, N, Ymk, I I'll' MleUiY. 1 IIV rANOIIOIIh li lilllSSMAII). isvestmci I .l.tri v vears standini.'. was A case 0 ash.. .. rs....if..i:iii Who had been red by lpr.V ' .:.;.i. .. iwinli. thlllenllv of for yearB aimut 1 . mlmUo ,,,,, l.reat ling, ccc. ..y Asthuialic Pills.' lion cases, I I nj 0 fo im.r "w, , ma ,,lit.t,(, most excellent ! I -.W 1 ; 1S4 sln'(M f t,c, l!1! Svvihing. Po used rfcalli rtnily o'P,;lf)Xnn.l from llw Lonler ncrtml woiild whet l'c7''. ' ,1.,,l her wish of the ' nv';': 'y l" lai,,, to'tho worth of this iuvnlua that slu; could l'rnTll" ,ho valuable properties of Pin mi '" f, " c,,!,). Asthma, littlteuiii -so ,! I . lib in CiS Wliiti -SpiPing rf Hlood Ureal llllg. llO-ir'-"4- ..." 7,,lli. ilml niiinertlllS nml rou ncrsons tho Icft 30.l?.CnaVodhyT' ICIDDKU; ""t ruritns '"'iCrif T & 'CK' & iiicdieiitc 1 j ' jjfif p $1 fr whole boxes of m n few hours. 1 n - , ., ,, ,, !o nml I"1"'" less picned T. Kinum on t None L-enuinc, un I"" p . , siiKit.MAN'.t couch i,ozi;m;i:s, AKKlhesafe-t, ino-l Mire and edi-etunl rcme-ly for Cough-. C0I1I-, Con-iiinplious, whooping Congli, A-lluna, Tighiuo-it of the L-mg.t or ehet, &e. iVe. I he proprietor lias never known an m-lani'i; where they tint uiit give perfect ,nti-laclion. Several ihou- I hoxo.. have I een -old within Ihe la. I ihr-.-eniouih re.tlonng 10 heallh, pcr.-ons m almo-i every stage ol toiisiiniplioii. ami tho elal oring under Ihe mo-t di ll j-sing cold an I cough--. Ihey uo not eliejl, ami diy up the 1-0 igli, but rcmler It ea-y, promote expec lorntion, allay the liukling or irritation, and remove Ihe proximate or exeitmg cau-c. I hey are mailt from a combination ol ihe ino-t valuable expectorant or cough uieJiciiie.-, and are undoubtedly .interior lo every thing in use for those complaint-. Ilundied. upon hundred. ofeci'iiiiea'e have I icn ollered of Iheir wuiKierlul virtue-, irom ino-c who nave Leen saveti I10111 an iiniiinely grave, and rciored to perlect lieallli hy using litem. uu.-i:. Uue lozenge 1. a tl( for an adult, and may I e repeated from three to . linn", a tlay, a. required. Children, eight year. year, old, half ef one: four year.-a tpianer, and so in pro portion. Verv -mull children or infant, will lake them I e.t dissolved in a little water. Should ihey act a. an emetic, or produce nau-i-a, ihedo-e must I e les-ened 10 what the -lomaeh will I car. Hall ol one will gen crallv-I e siiilieient to lake lefort; breakfa-t, a. tho lomaeh i then more easily sickened. No ill ellecls can arise from an overilo-e, a. 11 will cause the slo. inach 10 reiecl il : and although not a nlea-ant sen-n lion, will le found 10 give relief. Where there i much naiu in the brea-l or side, one ofSherman'i Poor Man's Pla-le,-. should I e -applieil over llie pari ami worn 1111 rencveu. iiaiieuoeu witn cosiivcnt-s-', : few catharlio or laative Loeuge-, or any mild ca thariie medicine, should l e u-ed 11. ocea-ion reuiure.- Sold at the Variety Store, hy PANULSOHN & 1SKI.ns.maiu, Jeweller-, uiiriingion, vi. the rp O Tl 1 1: It A li l) II I-: A i: I) .V OTII IC HS .1 I) ci any kunw a iicigltlinr or a ftit-nd who has hren Haiti, ami wlm. e he itl is now i'ovpi ed with line bail? One vvliosp rn 11 was rmptpil vvbh dan- hlifl', lliiiiijlt IiiiifIipiI pverv I10111 vvhich has now van- ishril rnitrely ! Oi tine vvhue haii'i al paily itj-p vvpie iiiriiti gt t-v, vvltu nmv has mil 11 gtpi lititi 7 l.hildien whtifp lieuls were rovt-ipil wiih unit f, wIiobu hail would mil grow, lli.ti hid untv criiivins iIir fiillcl I'ltips nfliair I tsuuiR c.wr ninsl hp Kmiivn 10 imisi pcrfntii A'k llii'in ilu-rati'c, ninl ; on will lie Inld lhal llo-io lliing- have been dune by llie iip nf ihu Halm of Co lumbiu. Of 20 vt-ais grnwih i ii atlii-le, in iIpiii.uiiI iiit'ip i-iug iiiiiiu.illy (iniii- liiindipil ppr rt ill, ihuiigli tvlit u difiuiiicd mil nppiiiPil by aniiliiiij lur the same piupnfp, now .nisaili'il by ulinn.l uiunliri li'sn uiitrliroiin tr.oli picp.ti.iilnii' 1I11I will 1 inn the hair H torn lo a 115 extriil. (.an imnc 1I1.111 ilierp r.tcis lip wanleil trier in the irt-ninatt-mlaiiuni by a It. I uf ii.itiies nf ieiifcia. bililv, tiiiptpiallpil liv any other atticle. I.nuk In these lliinss-liuy litis an ii'.le. hiay and picpivn vtittr Itair hv lis to P. nr if b lid ipsnitp il, I, lilies, allcud In lliii Iiiiiiilri t's in la-ltiuiialitd lile are mini 11 h lite mil. ailiel all) I'll lur llm loilrl. Lung hair is veiy apt 111 fall mil. Ladies, use lite I! ilin uf Columbia in lime 111 s im iQinse'iM lK iliii ii-" ol h.ilihit-ts by iiPi?lt-i- nf ynitr I'tPKiins. Il is juiif ihilv, as linn alibis In pie-.i-rvnlh" beaiilie of ill e, will! which a bniiiiiiful Cil-iilor vnu ; mf llie llitliii,lnr II vyillilu II. caui ion i'o up iti;ii:iiiiF.iini. itiom fl niietiipis It ive hern ui.idn lo rnunipifeil iheline llahn of Columbia, finum of t lie iinpiiiipisli.ivt'gntte no a to rntinietfuit llie splcii' llui wiaptprs tl ihn Fulls of Ni.vgiti.i, 11ml cu'iv ex leiiial rxi-ppl lltonanip iifCouiiii.k, whli-h iIipj dare ipn fur get. To avoid iiupo'iiiun) iheiffurn, al vvsjs kink liir the n.iino of Cumslmk li C11. nr L. S. I'mti .inrk. nml npver liui' llm arlicle iinlfCi il lhal name upon il Hold wholesale ami, only al No, .'l.irhpr mieel. N. Y. and bt PAKon and Uriksmaiu liuilinioa, Vi, 1 ICPIMPOHTANT CAUTION,T35 Il ( a singular fact and one much toTie regretted that valuable medicines, as soon as they become pop. ulnr, and have received the lct and approval urn di-criminnliug public, niesnre to l e counterfeited, anil thus a had nndspurio.i. article Is immediately palmed upon ihelin.iinpeetingforthe genuine. This ha. Leen notoriously theenso with all popular tried and truly valuable niedicnes for years pal, and will probably continue lo I e the ease for years 10 come. The late and contemptible counterfeit in this way meanly takes ndvanlngt! ol nil the ed'orlsnnd adver itfcd by the proprietors ofihe genuine article, to gel their medicines into use nnd deserved popluari ly. Ilis therefore not less theduly than it contribute! to the ntfeiy of every honest individual inlhecoin- iii-iniiy 10 expo-e, irovvn uovvn, ami torevcralierUIS I'HULTall IIKAHTLKSS INCIIATES who thus irre- poiuiblv trifle with heallh nnd life. ti fTMKHKfcYlHK TAKM NrYTU'l.' it There is a ner.-on bv Ihe name of J. U.lIOCHK- FOUT. now engaged in selling a Pill done up in boxes inexact and perfect imitation of the genuine INDIAN VKGLTAIILK PILLS, with lit e onn-sion of only one word on the lloxcs viz. Wntoitr. The Pills foltlby this Itochcfort arc evidently intended as a fruud anil imposition upon the community, or they would not nave Leen none up in sucn exact mutation 01 me gen uine. IIiin person is tan Mustering Willi a great the atrical swagger. He was recently known a a very poor player in Halli'morc, under the ntu.ieal cognomen of Jim llrowu, and i. nbo-it twenty Ine years of age" Il is almost beyond n doubt that lie is supplied with the Pills from a Druggi-t firm in this city, who have heretofore I ecu connected wilh counter feit medicine.-. As soon as proof is obtained the foun tain head of this nefarious busincs will I e t-xpo-cd, that the community may shun them as they would a serpent. IN THE MEAN TIME THfi PUUL1C ARE CAU TIONED ngainst buying WRIGHT'S Indian VkoetabLu Pills of any one who doe. not exhibit a certificate of agen cy signed by the agent for the New England Slates and '.earing date since January 1810. Also lake par ticular nonce mat ineioiiovving wording is on ihu oox- Wright's Indian Vegetal IcPrb (I ml. Purgative) the iSorlh American College of Health. 7Vtr Indian Vtgttnblt Villi ate u certain cure fur incase in ns every variety of form, hrcttise ilu-y iho toiiglilj cleanse the aionmcli ami bowels, induce a pin Iter disi-liiiiite hy llie lunjt, ikin and kidney, and e I i mill. tic 1 lie hluml 10 ptitify iliclf. In oilier winds tin) eppti tit h ins, ami leave NATVRR (ie Grand I'hyticitin) lice 10 time dtseare ftoni the hutly. The iilmve oinlcis, or dtains, are llie cominun tew era nf lite built 1 I ! ungli which all inutbid ninl ror lupt hiiinnrs (the c.ttire ol'diseafe) arc ran led off; mid to long ait I key are all kepi open, and ilirharcp ft eel) llicir iiIIoiipiI pnrtioni nl Impiii uy, llie lioily will run. unite itihealili : bin vvhrti from eating inipinprr luod, hrpaihini itnptiic nir, tiiitilrii Iransiliuns fiuin heat In colli, over pxhauflinn nr any oilier rpuse, llie bowels become ruslivp, the poips ul 1 lie tkiu hecnnip clotPtl, nr ihekitlnrta fail tn pet firm ikeii fuuciiuns prnppilv. lite itiipiiriliPa vvhieli sliniiltl lie ilrainttl limn llie dutly hy lltPre ouilels. will be retained, and cuiilinue lo nr.. ruiiuikile 1 1 1 1 i I lite hod) becutnea lilt-rally loaded with disasc. If ihe rliannt-li of our mighty rhiittltl bpcotne blocked tip, would mil llie arcnmiilniptl wains find new tail lets, or the eounlry become inundated Just (o with llie liiiina-i body ; i fl lie minimi drains be come closed, llie alauiiani ami corrupt hiimnra will find veiil in lite inriuiis lot ins til Disease such as fever, Small Pox, .Measles, Klieitin ilism, (foul, Apnplpxv, &r. or Peaih will eit-l our sitfTeiiiMS. Tltprt-fuie, when stekiipsa .11 llie sluuuich, pains tn the bark and side, quu k pulse, binning skin, or nny oilier unplea sant symptoms, indicate thai tine or innte of the na. (ural drains are not (lisrti.ii ging fieply, unil 1 lie ronsti union is alitiui 10 commence a si 1 nggle lor ihe restora. lion of heallh, no lima should he Iosl in athninis't-riog few brisk dotci of the Indian Purgniiic Indian Vt Kilobit Villi.) liv so ilotojt, all 1 lie fuiiciiuiH nfihe iintly will lie iraloren to order, rod llie Ititil ttuintirs (ihe camp of rvcry iiillainnlioii or p.iiu wp mlTer) will be removed in o e.iry and nmtirat a manner, lhal 1 lie hotly will lie rPslniPtl as if by a cliaim. The. above Pills may be lakcti al ALL I ones nnd ititilrr ALL ctr riiinstancps. wnh peiferi aafeiy, They luit all com plainn and all aiifs, nnd are 111 the human conjliuilinn as liaitl : cnmrqiiently the can nttirr nyio f even 1 lie musl delirate. Like our food, ihey aie iligesiihli ; ilietpfiire ihey enu-r in 1 o lite ciirul.ilioii and imparl an riieigy lo Hie iiiumi, u men en.iliies 11 to tluvv with lite tluin tpiiip in lite pxliPiuiiies and roinptpienily to keep Ihe ptires nniie skin oprn. I lipy are irttc ami peilcrl pitrifipts nf die lituod : ln r.iii.e iltpy drain all rnrritni littmurs litiin lhal tile giving Html. I hey imparl slri-ngih ami Vicoi lo tin- whale sylem, ami their fl feels arealway- hentfielal : hrcatise ihey only rfiiiove ihn-p liiimnrs which ate tippiiseil 10 health. I'lipy aitl mil unpiiivp ilis:eiinii, and Found sU-rp fullovva I lie ir lei-aii.t! ihey cp iii-p llie simn.irli ami bowels ul lios- finny hmnoiirt which mil uulv irtiiate ami 1 xeilr llie iipivinis fyieni, lull p.i'ulvxi' nml weaken ihe d Psltve org ins. In rhori ihey pns.e'i all they good loiicnifs 1I1.11 can lie rlainipil for any medicine ami what his very retn.iikahk-, il is ttltei Iv iintioi jib'e to top litem nil In 111 brnt-fil. Price 25 cents ncr Uox. wnh full dire-lion-. Oilico nml General Depot for the New England Slate., No. lOSTremont Street, near Court street, Boston. The regular npiiointed Agents can receive their sup- plie. of the above popnlnr Pill, as heretofore, from the only olliee ami general depot for the New England State-, 1 1)3 Tremont street, Ho-ton. Pedlars or trav elling agent, are not niiuvvoiitoscii me genuine inuian vegetable Pills, therefore never purchase from ihein, for If you tlo you will be sure to obtain a dangerou. and counterfeit arlicle. si I Tnco. A. Pr.cic 6L Co, Agents in Burlington, for tho sale of ihe Indian Vegetable Pills, also, W. 11. Iloixnt, Willi-lou, Vl. BALSOM OF LIVEUWOHT-for Con.nmplion, Pvpepin, Asthma, and all di-eaes of the Lung and Liver. 'I hcie tli-cnci prevail lo a great extent, creating inuehili.lre-s nnd some falnlily. All Ihc-eean le remedied by the use of Pr. Taylor's U.ib-om of Liverwort. This medicine is purely Vegiial le, nnd from its peculiarac-liou upon llie Liver i.n ways found n radical remedy for ilie-e disca'cs. For Female, nnd men in a very weak state, no ineJieinu can I e so grateful n ic-torathe, a it not only strengthens, but purifies and give, a healthy action to ihe whole sys tem. Conlanlly lor sale by N. LOVELY A Co. who have just received a fresh supply of jeaonablc Ooods from New York, all very cheap for cash. Burlington, July 30, 1 810. Look at this. have ycu a cough i TO, OOO dik or cnnsumttion every year in the United Stntes, and millions tuiler feom troublesome coughs nnd colds, that can ba curud hv Dr. M. Hitch cock's Vegetable Virgin Cream Coug'h Drops, a afe imtlical prescriplion, eonlning no poisonous drugs, and used in an exlen-ive praclitM for several years will mo-t positively allbrd relief, and save you from that awful diM-nee, pulmonary consumption, which n-iially sweceps into lite grave liuunreds efthe young,lhe old, Ihe fair, the lovely ami the gay. Have yo-i a cough 7 Be persuaded o pureha-c a l.iiltleol tho Cough Props to-day! To-morrow may I e too late. Have you a cough! Pr. Hitcccok's Vegetable Virgin Cream Cough wop. is me only remedy vou slmul'l lle to cure you. Fortlu'splaig reason, Thai in no oneof Ihe lliaiisund eases where II has I pen u-etl ha. it ailed lo relieve Price 75cenl. per botile. For sale, vvhole-nlo and He tail, by A. HITCHCOCK it CO. No. 1 17 Ucne ee st., Ulica, N, Y, And by Ihuir agent, throughout Ihe United Suites. Ill Burlington, hv J. & J. II. Peck it Co., Thco. A. Peck & Co. In Vergenncs, by J. II. Bowman. In Milton, bv Burnet & Sawvur. In Geor gia, by Lorenzo Janes. au.2 FLOUR. A few Bhls. of Family Flour, of superior quality, just rcc'tl and fur salent HOWARDS. poVvm-iH.-lrib ki-Kl.y JuiieH). J. & J. II. Puck &. Co. Gtitii)SToiij7iy ' June 7, J.&J.H. PECK & Co, WOOL TWIN li for nale at HOWAltP'S. 11123 KM AMI KE'lTLESeou-lanlly on hand hv June III .1. & .1. If. PECK & Co. CON(;lti:SS WATUJH, just receive-l a frush supply of Congreis vvuler, anil for snlu I y May 20. GEO. Pl.TERSON. WOOL received in exchange for Broadcloth ami other Goods at my Store al Winooski Milage July 10, 1810. SIDNEY BARLOW. NEW SHEET IRON, COPPi'.R & TIN WARU IOSTABLISH.MEM-Thesiib..cril er, late of tin. firm of Starr it Bo-tvi iek, having pnreha-eJ nnd re moved to the Siore lately occupied l.ySlrongs it Co., east side of ihe Court Hboo b pmre, one tloor nonh of Ihe Lojj Cabin, i. now ready 10 tlo nil kinds ol work (hat the public vvbh lu his line of bn-lne-., .nth a. covering roof, vvlih tin, making and putting up cavu Irnughsand sp'jul-. All kind, of Tin, sheet lion and Copper Ware will 1 0 kept on hand, and for sale at m low prices ns can I e found in the State. Sheet Zmc, Copper Pump., Lead Pipe, and all ulher articles in llm line of our hii-ineas kept un hand. For cheapnes of price and neatness ofcxeciitioit, my work will nil Lu excelled by any in the stale, if you wMi forany ihim 111 Ihu above hue, Ufurc you ira-.'o be ure ami call "l'.nn .. . . II. H. UO.STWICK, Hiirlington, July, isio. COUN BHOOMSccPAlLSlOOdoi. corn broom SOdoz. patent Pail., June I U. J. & J. H. Pr.CK A Co. 50 IIOSTON N. I-:. RUJI, Hhds. Gardiner Brewers, bv June 10. J. it J H. PECK t Co. Tt'S MlTtllltL ecu prolessionnllv tleyoletl to the science of Gco'y and pnl idling ol Map-, tlnring many veart and his DltUGS AND MEI'ICINES. A large .upply ntsl ree'd by Juno 10. J. tt J. II. PECK & fi,. TTIAIRUANK'S SCALES, ly jl .nny iu! J. Sc. J. H. PECK it Co. IIjOUH. Troy, Ohio and Michigan, coiisiuntly receiving hy ' J. tt J. II. Pi:cK ct Co. ' BAUNliS' new Geographv, on the Clarification sy.lcm ; a very u.-cfiil work for school-, jn-l ree'd and for sale at Ihe Bookstore jell) D A BRA MAN "OIl'OKTAXT TO MOTH UKS & YOUNC JL I'HSIAIilOS. Doers. Rev.n-oi.iis & Parmeley' celebrated PILLS, or HEALTH RESTORATIVE for comn aims peculiarity incident to the Female Sex This article is now brought before tho public, under sanction of tho strongest testimony, from those who have alike used it. and also witnessed its uiientiallcd powers, in the removal of Female obstructions of the most nggravnted and desperate character. These testimonials nre not brought from tho ignorant and illiterate hut from Phvsicians nutl other Scientific I Persons, wlm liavu tesleil Us great virtues, and now rccoiiiuiciiti 11 111 uicir practice aim icnti 10 11 inc sane, tiou of their names. It is not intended as man v mcdi cini-s tjencrnlly nto for all ihu varieties of disease, vvmeii 11 is ine 101 10 sutler uiinei. inn 11 is iiiienucu simply for one class of coniilninls, and those only re Inling lo one sox. 1 ncso neiiif; 01 latncr auclicnte tin lure, there would bo nioru than an ordidarv decree n tlillidence in cotuiti"' with this nrticlo before the nuhlie wern 11 noi 1110 1111:1 mat tiinusaims are coniuuiaiiy passing 110111 inu niueu m uuimii, itciiuis m uiscasc. w men mis nictiicino uas never laiicu to prevent 01 cure, surn lias nceii 1110 provision 01 iVnture, that nearly nil thu complaints of I-ciiinlcs. nre connected in some degree, with thu hubils allied to their sox. And manv can bear witness, where a mere cold at a nar- ticular stage, has piotlucctl checks, that ihu hand of Science and Skill, never has been nblo to dispel or alleviate. At first, tho irregularity and suppression of Iho natural habits produces no very nlarnun;; symp toms, and is treated generally with neglect. And proper attention is procrnstianlctl until ihn hollow eye, sallow complexion anil great bodily debility indicnto that cither rapid consumption, or some oilier fatal disease has fastened its resistless grasp on the sufferer which soon Icrniinatea existence, hv a liucerimr hut certain death. For complaints inevitably productive of such results this invaluable medicine is now brought In fore thu public. It invariably removes obstructions anil regulates 11 loo, profuse iiit-ustrurntion, nnd cures hv its iini tiualleil finalities, all Ihu variety of derailed incut connected with thu Female habit, Tho eminent and distinguished Doet. J. Morrison, who has prac tised inethciiiu lit Oneida. N. York, with the most sit'- nnl sticcss lor m years, says "ii is 1110 ucsi mctiicum now in use. Incases of retention, or suprosion of llio .ileuses, 1 111111K it will sustain ine nppcintion 01 a sncei he. 1 hnvn tried it in I in worm cases wit 1 most atliuirnhlo success, mill I wish for tho good of suflcring Females, that nil physicians vynulil introduce it in iiieirprnciire, ns 1 uavo loiiiiu it nnsvvrrs peyonti up most sanguine expectations." lnitsftlrct it is'kind may he. taken wildoiit tho least inconvenivnoo, ns it is 1101 cainariie, 0111 ionic ami aperient, I- or ampin par. tnularh respecting its cnirieiicy, eerlificntes nf lysi ciaiibwho liiivo witnessed ils rlfvcis, nml of others, who hnvn been most digitally benefited and restored by its vutucs -rcferciK'Q is now nHi-retl to ihn pam pldet.i nruompnnying the nictiicino, nnd to tho more particular evidences, 111 tne mums hi ins euoscitoeri Sole Agent for tho Now Kmland Stale. b EDWARD BRINLRV. Whnletalo Dealer in Drup, Me.dirines, Paints and Uya StutlH,- No. 4 1 soutn sfio riu rsneuii f tan SNI'FF ONLY TWENTY-FIVE CENTS. P. M. Hitchcock'., newly invented Sniitl'lhe lesturti- cle ever tli-eoverei! bv scientific men. in Europe or America, for Ihe cure ami absolute relief ol Catarrh, Dizziness 01 the iiciui, weaK J'-ye-', nervous Jtcad-urlie-', Fallen Sickne-., Fit-, nml Infants troul led wnh SunlUe, linrlial -hocks of Pal. v, etc. I-or sale whole-ale ami retail, by A. HITCHCOCK & Co., sole Proprietor, No. 117 (it-ne-eest. L'lica, and hy 1 heir imenii throughout llie Union. In Burlington, J. ct J, H. Peck c Co. In Vergennc-, by J. II. Ilovvinan. In Milton, by Burnett ct Sawyer. In Georgia, by Lo renzo JUIICs. HTJMOItSt I Notwilh.lniidingllie put liujour nals of thu day. are already crowded wnh noti ces of Medicines, in which Ihu public have very little confidence, I have concluded to say to llitiie a'flhctcd wilh Silt Rheum, St. Anthony's lire, (or Erysipelas,) Scald-Head, Ljprosv, or any tther cutaneous eruption al.o hasit l een found a remedy for Sich-lltailaehc which arises from humors in llie stomach. That I have found a .ale and elleclual remedy by an internal application, without altering the diet or habits (ii temperate) ami without itijuritcr the ron.tiiutiou or eyesight. 1 have I een most eriouly nlllieted wilh a complaint caneti icpro-y, tor lutiricen year-, white the ablest Phy-ieian. could give me but liulc encour aceinenl or relief, calling il nn inciirabledi-ea-.c. After many year, experimenting on myself, ntthe hazard of my life, I have, by the blessing of God made ihi. discovery, nnti am now reauy iniiy to convince my Id low snllircrs of the fact in iny own person, and a.-isl Ihem lo a like remedy, for a rca-onal lo compensation. vet 1 am not in-eidi leoi ute iiimcuiiy to call pnlilic attention, so often deceived, to a new Compound. Bui from its lenelicial i-lll-cts upon mv mv-c!(, und nnon olher. al.o who given it a trial. I am in duced :o oiler it to the public, wilh lull direction, for using, signed Diaries June-, in my own hand writing lol.e genuine, and for their accomodation it will l e left with most of the principal Druggist, in the t'111 leil States as soon as convenient, wilh a few certi ficates of its eilieacy, such a. may follow thi. no. lice. Al.o, mav I 0 found with it, a' sale, ea-y and in- fallible (internal) remedy for the Piles, prepared by a skillful hand of lite medical faculty,! called Piles llor morhoids, which if used will surely recommend it-elf. ?j-All communication, re-peeling ihe-e .ileihcine., mist be po-tane paid, to I'tveiveatleuliou. Clareinunl, N.ll. Sept.SC, 1810. C11.vr.LE Jones. To t he Public I hereby certify that iny wife ha-l-een severely nlllieted for Ihe la-t two year., with a scrofulas humor the Sallrheuine, or sonielhingof lhal nature) having applieil to several Physician, and tried almost every thing which i. recommended for such complaints, out to no purpose. At last hear inc ol n town, she re-olieJ lo fry it, atul ill six weeks after he liegan lo ue 11, was completely euro-1. I would, therefore, reeommrnd tin", medicine to all who are nf. dieted wilh scrofulas humors, nch a.have leen pro nounced by nearly all Physicians inciirnl le, and am conltdent tliat they will lin'd immediate rebel. Clareiuout, Aug.-I, 1840. Wm. Roiuter. .A Card. The undersigned lakes ihi. niellifsl to say to tho.-e whe are alllieted with humors of any kind, that he has leen ino-t alllietctl for Icn or twelve year, with a cutaneous complaint cnlle.1 Salt rheutne'or Leprosy which has ever I een pronouni-vl incuralle. And knowing lhal the -nine was heredit ary in our family 1 had de-paired of ever finding relief, having failed 11 all my attempts lo cure, until la-l spring I learned that my biolhcr Cliark--,who had I cen for fourteen year, in the Mime situation had found a safe and elleetual remedy, without al'eriug Ihe diet or hahils. for which I applied, and was funit-hed wnh a phial of drop-, and lean now ,ay that uf;cru-in? our half my humor was comple fly eradicated without in juring my heallh, and 1 have no doubt but oilier, may liud, the same in this powcrd l medicine, a. I under stand some already have. He ha. declined making it very pul lie at present, yet I think others may al o find II 1 y applying ai 111s resilience 111 11 u-i i.taii iuiuit nn the irc-cul. Ron Jonk.s Clarcinonl, August I, IMU. A Card. Thu un.lcrsizned 1'ieU a diilideni-e in ihu- ollcring hi- le-timouy in favor of a "new Melecine," prepared hy hi.owu'Falhcr, and cannot hope for the confidence which would I e put in one who would seem more fis.iiuere.tcd. But he It--, leave to say, thai for six jears he had Leen troul led wilh n hiin'nr so ineiimc. called Icnro-v. which hail of late le-oinea Fcrinu. alllb-liou; and knowing that his Father and others Inul in vain tried every prol al le remedy, he had 1101 the most ili-laul expectation of ever liiuhng a cure. Being induced lo try a phial of hi. Father's 111t.1l ecinc. he ha- indted fouit'd it all hecoi.ld wish, a sale. speedy, and he I cl.evc. e Ibclnal cure. If others shall Le induced liv thi to rid Ihem-elve. ol a biaih-oint- complaint, hi. end will I e an.weied. Ezra Jonk uuiversuy 01 lurtui-iii, nurnus-uit, ,111;., 13 10. BRISTOL. HOARD, Drawing paper and Pen cils. Brilliant red fluid, blue fluid, japan ink', and lathe, and gentlemen's steel pen-, pt.t received from New York, ami or sale hy S. HUNTINCTON. College si. June 25, 1310. Ih former productions, eipecially hi .Map of the World nir .u-aiiciiiies, i.ear ample ic-nmononv ol in- ahnn- latil resources, upon which he lin so Iffera'lv- drawn. 111 lirotliieini; Ihuabovo st-hool vvcrk-. The followimr extract of the Ceo'y ami Alia-, i.from a joint reeom. inen-latiOn of the Teachers in the citv of New York, "'I heir merits nre nuincrou .the definition, remark al ly plain anilconefe. 1 he exercbes are copious and important, and the descriptive I. luminous and correct. 1 nc Divisions ui the American continent, nre rcpie- ented and de-cril etl as they really exi-I at Ihu nresenl lime. And the gro. mi-..talcme'nls treuerallv founil 111 sfiiool geoirraphie. utc cone -led. The tvnoirranhi cal execution is un commonly neat and distinct,indt:ed the atlas i. a model of ihe kind, nnd actually lectin wilh inlormation." The 01. time Maps are peculiarly calculated to exercise the student in his .tuiiv. and lu fill up at his leisure. For sale by C. GOODRICH. CASH lYII FOR WOOL. The MihjoriUr will pay cash, on delivery, for good clenu fierce wool, delivered at the old store occupied by II. Hyde ct Co. tit r.h weM corner of College (ircen. Burlington, June 10. HARRY BRAPLEY. VUHMKNA CHIC AM for shaving, clarified Ho. in, Wurrin'.. ie-t Needles. Silver Thimbles and lots of new Goods, open ina ul the Varfeiv Store. May20. PANGBOKN & HR'INSM A I P. 30 1000 TOIIACCO. k'es. phi!; Tol acco. 10 l uxe- Cnvemli-hdo CO packages .beep do 2000 I1 1. Leaf do. tlo. by J. it J. II. PECK ct Co. SI'EHM Oil,. gallons winter Snenu Oil. 2000 do, fall do. Jo. 1500 do refined do. June 7. J. ct J. H. PKCK Co. 45 OILS. bbl-. American Linseed Oil. 10 Tierce. Kill sperm tlo 5 tlo winter tlo do 3j bbl-. refined do do J.ct J" II. Peck & Co. prr prs. Ladies col'd. and black Frcnoh Slips, UJ 20 tlo do. Gaiter Boots, 20 do Misses col'd Slips, 50 do Gent's Punius : cases lien .'! seal Hoots. Burlington, July 1 1. II. C. ST131SON. 8000 C)(()f Nails, ItradH .t American Irou. iUUU Uv.. Nad. from 31 lo 60.1 250 do Bial-I'rouiC lo20a llor-e shoe lieu Scroll and Hamedoall ize. Hand Iron from lj 10 4J inch Roiitul do do i to U do Spiaredo 5 C to 3 do J. it J. II. Peck it Co., June 19. Aeenls for Keescville Mannfattiinns Co WO It Ills, WOKJIf.-Pn. M. HntiicocK'. unrivalled and unequalled WORM TEA, a sovereign remedy for Worm-. Strange and incredi ble arc Ihe fleet, of these detc-tablo vermin i few nersons. nnd it is thought none are free from ihem, par ticularly female, nnd children. Many person, go through a ilitre-ing course 01 medicine without a benefit, when they might le relieved by using the Worm Tea. This invaluable medicine has 1 ren lestcd hv ihe ejcnericiicc of more than ten year., use, nml admmisti red to more than 10,000 persons of various age, nml noi one solitary complaint i on the contrary hundred., have called, and unsolicited, given their de cided tircferenee 10 il. after trvinir I lie di li-ri-nl article sent forth 10 the pubic, and pronounced Pr. M. Ililch cock's Worm Tea ihe mo.t safe, clltvtnal, and con venient remedy lhat can I e ohlnined ; for in 110 one of the thousands of instances, where il has Icon u-cd aureeable lo the pruned directions ha. it ever lailed, N. B, Ask forPr. M. Hitchcock.. WonmTr.A, as there by J. & J. II, Peck ct Co., and Thco, A, Peck Co., in Vergennes, by J. il. Bowman. In Jvlilton, hy unmet & sawyer, in ucorma, by Lore mo janes. aug20 Slirrmau's llrrast Ointment. tl nroncrlv and iniliio time, willciiretho most painful cases of swelled breasts, and prevent tlo for mation of abscesses Even where the swcllinc has pointed and shown every appearance of breaking, this ointment has entirely dicpcllcd it, and restored tho pans in a iinaitny ooiitition, 111 applying it, ft smooth nnd soft covering to tho breast shoultl ho made of sofi leather, or fine compact litiin, with a hole in the cen tre 10 admit tho niple. When so made, put a coaling 01 (ho ointment over tno inner stiuarc ami apply 11 closelv nnd smoothly over tho whole breast, leaving the nipplo protruding through tho hole, so that the chihl can nurse, which it should tlo ns long ns thu mother can bear it. Caro should bo taken lo havo the breast drawn by the child or otherwise, so as to pre. vent an accumulation of milk. Whenever tho nlaa icr eels rinklcd, und thereby iiiicomfnrlablc. a ncwone ohoiihl he applied, u.nd constantly worn until a cure in aHectcd. It is sojucliincH necessary to slit the sides so they will conform to tho shape of thu breast, nnd cover it closely. Ask for Shcrmaivii breast ointment ailtl sco mat ms signature inns, -.1, .virrmnn, .11. I),." is on thn wrapper, none omr ran un genuine. SHERMAN'S PAPILLARY OIL Is tho onlv infallible rcmcdv for sore nipples ever ilis covered. It will enru llio most IroiihleHomo cases tn afuvv days, willtqut dcpuving the infant or Ihe hrenst wnrrnnted Runcrior to nil olher roinidien when nnnlici: necordincto tho tlircctinns on tho bottle. See that tho signature of "4; Sherman, M. P.," i on tho wruppcr, none other is genuine, Bepanieular or you will bo deceived and disnppointet, noltl at the vane ty etore. PANQPORN Sj DRINSJIAIA 1 Curtf. Hearing of a Mode-cine prepared bv Mr, Uhaile.- June-, 01 un- town, lor irinior-, and havni! .....ii it. 1 eiieilcijl c'lirt-. I annlied for it for mv- lull lauz iter -1 year, id a-.-e, much afllicie.1 wnh al Rheum, .supposed tn I c an he reditnry complaint. I can now snv lhat after u-insr it six weeks my hopes nre fully realized in 11 cure without nniinns IheehihlV health, antl can now recommend il 10 others us a safe antl mlallil le rcmeiiv lor sncn coniiuint". Clan-monl, N. II. Sep". 15, 1610. Mart E. Terkt. I hereby certify that I have leen intimately ac nainted with Mr. Charlut Jone. of C arcmonl. N. II for a number of years la t past, and have leen consul led by nnd presented fur him, for a very oh-tinale tliscaseot ine sum, wcu Known ovine name 01 i.epro bnl could do no more than iniligaie ihn di-ea-e for time. Since he has a'lcclel .1 radical cure bv mem of.lns Drop for llumoit, I have examine I htm and Mill liappy 10 say mat 111. skiii is periecity tiiintiiii mm Irco from the th-cae. jamrs uuoMnic, rnvsician. France-town, N. II., Sept. 15, 1810. 1 have been acquainted with Mr. Charles Jones for a nunihcr of year-, have prarlicnl in hi. family, and nihnini.-ttreil mcuiiiuieior 111s iiisen'ciii tue .mu, iiiuh nr !,.. forien or twelve vear,: past a cure, lie now appears lupc prriceuy turi-i nj- drop which he prepare, ami which -o 1 nin ncipiainteii wim incn iiu ..... w ... H - . . such diseases. .tuur-s wodu, -. Springfui'l, t. Sept. -l, laiu. 1 l,f nr.-ti-ribeil remedies, and ndmiiilsleml ri'edi eines for C, Joue.'s humor which 1 called Leprosy, more or less for fourteen years, without a complete r.ure(h's lieinpjin uncommon ca-r.) He now appears to naw It limit eiiiK in"" 111.. .."ii ...-v. what sec of it elc-ls upon other al o, I nm or opi nion it may be of much benefit to the community. Timothy S. Gleason, M. IX Clarcinonl, Sept. 15, 1810. trTPThis medicine makes no vain prelrnioni nor excites nny hopes which will not totally rcaimon. Come ami try lor yourselves, uny who arc niuicieu wilh din-air of ibis kind. It may I e found at Ihe slore of Robert Moody, tlringi!, Burlington, nnd with Mariltl ires r.'q. cninorman 1. 3000 1500 1000 1000 100 250 i!00 SALT. bush, solar Salt do steam do do fine do do Turks Mand tl h! I-. tine du do dairy do do i-oar-e do -aeks tUiry doly J, ct J. II. PECK & Co. 100 ci, OROCUIUKS. hes's vo-inir llvsca 'IVa, 10 tlo HyscnsUin, do. 2(1 I ngs pepper, 21) do Pimento, -10 tlo Cove 50 boxes Pipes 100 do I'nr.Son.-i 1200 tlo Rabin 50 I eg tlo 10 tlo Pure ginger 100 Mai. Ca,iu St. Croix R'tm, Holland Gin, Signello Brandy, Bal timore Gin, American Brandy, Champaigns. Brown ami P.ile tjlierry, .ilatlcira and oieily Madeira, .Mar t-ill. .vlaileir.t and .Malaga vt me-, I y June 7. J. it J. 11. I'M uawi, r, h(;il(MM. fJIMM.iCAl'll Y AND ATLAS WITH Otri'LINEMAPS, l y S. Avcus- 1 iiuiuur ut me ai-uv-worhs lias NEW GOODS, now opening; nn ndd.'t 0 lal assortment ol various kinds of srond.. anions- ihem are Mezotmtu Brushes, Satin Bead Head Band, ".'.ir.-apnnlla Loenges, A'-cordeon books, extract oi ncrgainol, I riMol l.oanl,grit-n fpeelRc e, L,ators, new .dvcrpocket Comb, Fagte Belt Plato-, etc. Al0, a, good a.sorlntenl of trimmed and plain line Salin and l.oinl azine Stocks j thin summer Slocks, tig'd andplaiu onie with bftw. very nice and light for warm weath- wt: have alo very narrow Stocks, suitable for boy. or men. Abo, long slocks for tho-o who havo large Neeij., in a word ourasortment of Slocks, Co! lar. and IJu-oms is very complete. For further par Menhirs plea.e call at the Variety Store. June 1 1. l'ANonoR! fi UmvtMAin, JIGHT and dark Fiench, English and German Jleritiucs ; black, blue black and col'd Alpines 1 plain and fig'tl Alpacca Cloths. A variety of colored Cnmblctts and Cambletcens, for sale very low, sh hy Sept. 21. N. LOVELY it Co. Crane, for cash hy 100 I) Y V. STUFFS. Cain Wood 200 tlo l.os Wood St. Poininto '.'.'0 do Los Wood Canpeaoby J.'iO tlo Fu-tio 200 tlo Nicaragua .10 do Alum 25 tlo Illue Vitriol 30 do Mn k'or 50 carl ov Oil Vitriol Muriaiie At'iJ. An-ii Forti-, Nitric And, Cnreuma, Bar Wood, Peieh Wind, Q-nr Citron Bark, Spani-h l-lolant and reu-:al imiign, I've, .'.nil nan-, prcs- Papcr-, Ja"',., I enter lloo!.s, l ream larlar ami Agat ,Ir9. I.y J. it J. II. I'l.t lv tt t o. 10,000 lb-, dry while Lead 100 rasl; cro-inddo tlo 15 bbl-. Venetian Rcl 10 i-a-ks Eicni-h yr low 50 bhls. American Linseed 0(1, 05 doS.oril. Tnrnenlinr Cnpal niiii'h, Gri.1 Leal, Saml paper, Small.-, Br.i.he-, Glue, Gum I opal, by J.iV J. 11, t't.cK iv. w BOSTON ami TROY IRON COM PA N Y. ,'I'ht public are hereby notilic.1. that iho biiine.. ol a-liug in every I ranch and variety, is done lu order. on the-liLr!e-t notice, atTioy, Vt. 'The company have miieli enlarsed Iheir luundry, ami are now prepared to do all hind, of work done at nnv foundry in lh o-.inlrv. Mill-eenrm-.'. Pol Ash R titles. S'tovo-. Plough", Axletiee--, etc., on hand, or furnished to order. All who wi-h to coulrael for stove-plate--, or to pur-elia-e a large cptaniily ofhi-llow-wni-e, for the purpose of rclailiiiL', will I e fumi-hed al whole-ale prices and 111 who may layor 11. witn ineir calls or ceier-, will lo lealt 1 v n-' III crallv as at any establishment 111 tha country. Orders should I c addressed to E, R. Cro-s- man, biipcruilcndani, or A. l oung, A sent, Troy, Vt, lo -eeure an early reply, and prompt attention. troy, vt., June isiu. jy:9 qM Till'. lrjIH.IC. In ottering ibis Edition of L Smith's Geography and Atlas to the ouhhe. tho Publishers invite attention to tha fullawincr addition antl improvements. The Geography has been carefully revised and eti larked, is illustrated by about thirty additional Cuts, iinu is penccuy nunpivu in an us parts 10 tne new Maps. The entire text of the book has, (at much exponsc,) been thrown into uniform large type which we fcul confident will ho regarded as a very decided impra veincnt. Tim tables nppcwUil to the Book were madvt with care, and contain much valuable information in a rwnc7tsf form. The names and length of tho principal Canals antl Rail Roads (finished and in pro gress) arc nivtn, and the places connected t also a complete list of tho Colleges, Law and Medical Schools, Tlu-ological Seminaries antl Religious do. nomination of the United Suites, the reigning Sov i-rcigns of Eurode, itc. An entire new Atlas accompanies the Rook, con. tabling cizhtcm very superior Maps, mostly drawn expressly for this work Irom original suiveys and Iho most authentic sources, ant! embraces much v.ilrablo information not to be found in anv similar work, Oar own country ha received s ecial attention. Tho Rail Roads, Canal-, navigation of Rivers and recent changes, arcall carefully marked, and many counlies ate shown which do not appear in nny other .'I'lus, Among the peculiarities of this wotk may be tnei-lion-ud the plan of showing the population of States and Countries m round niinioerson tne face of the JInps, rne navigation 01 ivivcrs ior snips, steamboats, Sloops, Ac, is shown by placing at tho head of na. viualion the appropriate characters for each. The Map and Chai t ef the World combined (on an entire new plan, showing at otic view the Natural and I'oiiueai wivisions 01 tut- mum-, inc i.xiciu, l opuia lion, Riligion, Form of Government and Slate of Civilization of tach Country,) has attracted much at tention, and is considered a great improvement upon anv ihim.' heretofore attempted in the form of a Chart as here all nre shown nt a single glance, and lite re lations they sustain to each tilher. We would al-o solicit attention to the lemaiknble distinctness and eae with which every name on the Map may be read as well as to the very superior sivle nnd execution ot" the work in oilier respects, 'ine tjtic.lions at thu cJoc of the Book nre important, nnd w:!l be fsuni very cjiiventciil for a (n-ncrnl ltetiew. SPALDING it STORRS. llarfford Connecticut. for silc bv S MLT.I. IIl'N'TINGTON. Bur. lington, Vt. and by the Prmcial Booksellers tn lha United States. Burlington, July 3d, 1K10. rtivr.itnilN .t IlIUXSMAIIJ.of the Variety 1 ' store, (ire Mlbnng a pre4t variety of Waiehes, C.o.:k-. .Ii-.velrv, Pt-rlumerv, .Musical insirmueni Curb, 'anl-, Pic ure-,Sonps1UairOi.,Razor-, Rnive-, K'i.Mir-, C!inc-,.Sir.c!is, Caps, drawing ina.trri.i-, wil low'on-, ( hair- and Cra llc, Ciisor, I encils. T. j i:o-Iee Poi and Urns: silver ware, plated Ware, Lamp Wicks ami Glase-, Collar-nnd Bosom., Su.prn.lcr-, Sword-mid Pstol,Tliirmomelers,Sta!irn erv. Inks, Court Pla'ter; Poll-, B.tu-s, pocket Books aiitl a great variety of fancy ar iele- to -upply Ihe wants an-1 minister to Hie graunea-mn 1 ami all who call al the Variety store; v pic Pie" orilei ready to answer order, at the variety siorc, P.vsnuoaM it f HIll21-i 'want an-l minister to the gr.tltnca'ion of I he noiional and all who call al llie Variety store i wc are 111 "Ap- or reiurn 1.1 11 blilS IMIOtV SASII- .bist nveivetl 15, -20 7 v "ica-eini-nts 01 f ih. a lir.l ra'e arirle at 31 f IVUtl .1 l-CIIts pt-l Hpllt , .ItSI. all itimls- anil sue-, inrni-hcii to order. Ticoiidcrocn black les I, a fir-l rate article, for sale very low, loceiner wiin a are.vl variciv ( 1 oilier nru ele ns cheap a can he to md at any other ct.l lish ment in the place. G1.0. Pr.Tr.nsoN, irr li-OHWAHOINCJ, Ac. 18111. THE nibscrilcrh will conimuc ineir bii-inei a I'ortvi"tUiilS ami Com mission Mel-chants uud Our torn House Ascnts, nl the Port of Saint Johns. Lower Camilla, They do not oiler their services "free of 'miv chnrgt" tlho c rertQiis intercstctl in iradu with ihu Uniictl Slate.-, hut will endeavor to make their attention to tho interest 01 their employers worthy a reai enable recompence. Having gootl Wharve (at which tho Lake Cham rt.AIM Steajiiioats will land) ami ecellent Storage, together wilh llio convrnience of a connecting Rail Track with thu CitAMri.Ais and St. LAwnr.NCE RAi--RoAover tlieMiwhnrves,iry flatter thcntiflves thai, wilh fifteen vear.. extierienet-'in litis branch ol businpis. Ihev will he enahlnl in do much to facilitate and encournge trade b I ween the United Status and the Lower Province, JASON C. PIF.RCL'oJ.SON. St. Jobni, U C, March, 1M0, je3.0tn T nVEI.Y A, HL'RliBUT are now racoivmgand of. JLi ftirimr fur sale a splendid nndtlesirnblu nss.irtmcnt offancy and staple Dry Goods, and olhcrs suiieil tn ihn tiresent season, and this market ainonpat winch are foreign, nnd donicalie BrQ.tdcloihs, Cassmiucs nnd Kallincttsj vniciuta, atut ftintr vcsiings) ouks nml Pdncceit of every variety 1 Thread. Lnccs. Inser- lions, etc. itc.j Silk-vviro net antl oihur Laces j tick worlu-il Collars, Silk, ells, bhawls, hnen Ilaiuik f. Lawns, Linens, zephyr vvorslotl a cplendid nssnrlinent, .Morecus, antl Flannels, travelling ISaskcts, hcetl Bags, rich, fli'tl nnd nlain iMousclaine. Hnusn Pnncr, nuvv and cleunul pntterilf, nil very cheap of course, nt the cheap casn More, eatisintoi i .iiurcH-itrtti. Burlington, August 20, 1 A 10. KVViTy 'M telil SprliiRI'ootli llorsrllnkp. The Wire Tooth Horse.Rake, which lias been used wilh so much satisfaction during the last two having seasons in lite counties of Rutland, Addison nntl Bennington, Vl. and Washington, N. Y. will be kept for sale Iho present season uy i ihi.miSiv uu.'nrAC.-isilv tended, and do the work faster ami better than nny other Horse Rakn in use. It is r.iimd hv experience, that the o.peiiKt of rakinn hav with the Snrinc Tooth Ilorse-Rnko is onlv nhnut ono quarter as much ns the common liicthiil of raking Willi nanu-rancs, ufaiucs recutitii; itiennyin u tl if r or der. Some farmers who have larce miadowl. esri mate tlie use of-one rake last hay season ot forty to fiftydollniF. 4'AViij Dfyi , retentw. O HAtUi IIOWA1U), of ihe Cheap cash siori', Ot arrived home from New York la-t evening iy the splendid s'eamer hilenall, u, Lyon Capt. and 1 roticht with him an additional supply of Good, which wnh hi two former pun-hate, cf litis tca-on makes lliea.snrtinwnt altogether one oftlie mo.t dcsiralle tn select from of any lhal he has hcretolore hail fur lha la-t eighteen year-, and i of the following kind-, yit rieh. r.i.liiiiul.le. f.iucv ami sianle article, in everv depailmcnt of Ihe Pry Good line, such a. Rr a k-loihj, Cas-imi-rc, Vesting-, Mon-cline t.'e lame-, Chal'y., Sill,--, Horn! aaiiie-, 1 iliet cs, i.uicii', .iiii-lms,, liiblon-, Em) roi(!crit-,-, lltfivry (io-e-, Fans, I'm brcll.i, P.ira-rjl-, etc., wt-h a full supply of Florence ami S.ravv Boniiclt, nml Millenary Good., il-o, Car petms', Mulling-, Paper llainiiniis, Slice ami Hats together with all llie ht-avy description of doine.-uo .iu-1 other sootb, .-ne'i a Shtvung., Yarn, Burlap. Wool Twine, etc, The CroeLery, Lookinc Ga-s and China Gallery is alo ri' the Cutlery, Hards ware and IIo.'im' I rnishiitgiVpiiilineni 1 in ais'Onliimn wilh ihe other "locks m hand, ihe variety offancy ar-li.-!c, sir h a. To-, Jewelry, Combs, Cttrl-, Cuiifiv lioitary, e'e, etc , vvhnh fills cine hundred ft el of show two iii It-nth on hi. cornier 1 innnmeral lc. Tho Pome ami picture gallery 1". I eaulifully ariattstd for llmdi-play of Clorsl. untlern slron? Iifit, and then tho large supply pf superior family tins erit-s 1 aird upon I he Slit I'uf Life, Roelie-lercily Mill Fluur, makes his Grand Bniaar chcapca-h sltwc, one of the mo-t fasci-naiiugilo.-iral.lp and convi'iiieni slore to 1 c furnishtxl from with all ami every kind of aniclc that may lu wished fur, or .coked al lor amusement and graliiica. lion, or wnh a do-ire to nonvoy ihe 1110-1 pleasing in-lelliL-ence 10 friend-, cf 1 he place where every ariH'lu ihev'mny drsiru for the 1 citcrmg of appcaneff , adthns 10 coniforl, or supplying iuvc; sary want-, may I e had and all dune m so few word, a I y only saying fof whatever a ml vvhrnever you wi. Ii m buy cheap for cash go to HOWA HIV?. Burlington, Vt., June- 11, 18-10. Bl, KiJ l ITU. The siib-vnUr having re eciitlv moved from All nny, anil i-ommrrKisJ ihn lUi.rk.iiiuh biistniv.. in all 11 forms, in ll.e new -Koi 011 Madison sticrl, near Folleti it HrllryV Store, would rc.-pt-etliilly invite tno mint Hants ol tlurlingtun and vieiuily to gte him a call, i he is fully prepare) lodoall i won. 111 m nut-, 011 inesnont-si no. me, Ic-t niannt-r, ami most f.ivoial le Krnts, He lias for many years p,tt given hi parik-iilnr aitt-niit n to, the Horse .litieing bii-ine-, and Famirv in all its hraui-hi". From Ihe long epTiencc vvnich fie has had, and llio genural inlormaiion he Im tlerivt-il l oth friiniitienrv nnd iirnelicc. he ki'l fill V c.inlitlenl m re. comincivhiv,' lumtflfio ihu puhlif. Hu will le pre pared al all limes logi.e ni pcr-onal niu-ntinn lu all kind, of work 111 hi linc-.iieh Ironing War joa and Sleigh", swpworh, i.e. an binu ci tpos nmdt in lh brsl manner n,nd most approved sivle. H trusls I y giving business hi. imdivkled attenlion and the low prices at which he will le cnat led to fuf, nish wcrk, to receive a thare of the ruhltc pairrnapn, JOJINEORAGEN. Piilw?ion, Ap-d 10, 1HQ- futsiduprinunwiI,l"v"

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