Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, October 23, 1840, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated October 23, 1840 Page 3
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power upon their stato sovereignty, Is well known, as is also tlio utter shameless indecency mid disregard of oven tho appearance of justice, or tho forms of law which marked tho proceed ings. But monstrous and iniquitous ns were tho proceedings In consummating their crime, there was yet left ono more step in brazen im pudence, and that was to add to their outrage the insult of intruding upon the soil of that stato he had contributed so much to dishonor, that miserable party tool, Hugh A. Garland, clerk of tho House of Representatives. This was an acme in insolent assurance and contumelious disregard of shame, which few supposed even the tory party could bo guilty of. Yet so it is. And Hugh A. Garland after having stood up in Congress tho branded slave of fac tion and the politicd agent of its crimes, dared to harrangue the freemen of New Jersey upon those very rights and constitutional privileges which he had boon tho very means of violating and of trampling in tho dust. Well and nobly hevo the freemen of Now Jnrsoy responded to tho call for tho vindication of their self respect. There never could have been a case that called more loudly for the signal mark of reprobation from an insulted people and never was ono more promptly or effectually responded to. The PEOPLE have swept the Stato from Sussex to Cape Mav, and have carried EVERY COUNTY L WHICH THEY HAD CAN DIDATES ! Alias. PENNSYLVANIA. The Kcy-stono sustains the arch. A Whig majority in imin nranencs 01 uic 1,01,1-11.111.11; a gain of three members of Cong-iess, and a gain of ;,!()! in the popular vote, since 1838. Tho result of tho election for members of Congress in tho Stato of Ponn?ylvnnia, exceeds the most sanguine expectations of the friends of "JlAitnisox and Rr.ioitM. The struggle has been a mighty one, and altho' the majority in the popular vote is yet uncertain, in nil the other particulars tho triumph of tho Whigs is complete. Thus, in the State Senate, where .last year wo had one majority, parties now stand 'twenty Whigs to thirteen Locofiicos. In the House, where last year the Locofocs had about tvo-thirdi of the members, the Whigs hate sc citrcd a majority of from 2 tn 8. And in the Congressional Delegation we have gained !3 members and lost but 1. Well then may we exclaim, "All Hail Pennsylvania." Wo have said that the popular vote is not yet fully -ascertained, and it is not likely that any table can bo made out on which botlt parties will agree. !Iu several of tho strong Van Riiieu counties the Whigs ran no tickets ; yet in these the Vnn'Burcn papers claim the tehole rote polled as their majority. In Berks county, for instance, thry put dnwu their majority at GJoO, where in IS'30 they had .but .'iSSO, and where their vote last week for Congress was but 4():t:i. But tho very necessity of putting forth this absurd claim betrays the weakness of their position. In Saturday's Argus too, Burks county was put down at its majority in "IS ; but in Monday's paper :7 is marhri tin to OToO to balance the tre mendous Whig majorities which have come rolling in from Western Pennsylvania. The mountain blasts w.bich have come 'down the AllcghanioR have infocd given Locofieoim a cold shudder. The voto of Pennsylvania on TucMlay last has chilled the hopes of tho Van Burcn party. Thrsj looked to have carried every thing before them by swelling majorities and lo ! thoy have lest ground in the Con grcssional delegation, "been beaten in both branches of the Legislature, and cannot even boast of a majority (to speak of,) in the popular vote. Albany Daily Ailvorliter. We have now before us, us the returns from all but six counties. Tlin Locofuco majority in the popular vote, is 1102; and the counties to be heard from gave a locofooo majority of about two thousand in 18113. It will therefore bo safe to put down the locofoco majority, as indi cated by this election, at B,()0(). Dhtmcts. 1. Charles IJrown, V. 15. ( John Seargant, Whiff. 2' I Geo. W. 'Poland, Whiff. 3. Charles J. Ingersoll, V. II. gain. C John Edwards, Whiff. 4. 1 Jeremiah lirown, Whiij. f Francis .lames, Whiff. 5. 6. 7. 8 0. 10. 11. 12. 13 It. 15. 1G. 17. 1R. 19. 20. 21. 22. 2i. Joseph romance V. H. Rohurl Ramsay, Whiff gain. . John Wcstbrook, V. It. Peter Ncwland, V. B. Geo. Kcim, V. Burcn. W. .Simonton, Whig. James Gerry, V. 15. Jas. Cooper, Whin. Win. S. Kanwy, V. H. James Irwin, hi? gain. 15. A. liidlack, V. II. J. Snyder, V. 15. I). Dimock, V. 15. Charles Ogle, Whig. A. G. Marchand, V. 11. F.nos Hook, V. B. Jo '. Lawrence, Whig gain. W. W. Irwin, Whiff, Thomas Henry, Whig. 'Members of the prisent Congress. Whigs 13, Locos 13. In the pre.cnt Cor.crcM WH. 11 Wlitirnnin 2. The two districts to hear from are represented in the present Congress .by two l.ocos. LEBihLATuni:. In the Senate tho Whigs have 7 ma iorilv in the House 2. Last year both branches were I.oco Koco tho House by 23 majority and one jn the Senate. From ihc Harrisbutgh Intelligencer of the 13th. MOST GLORIOUS RESULT! We have no words to express our gratitude at tho w..,.l,..f ilm rleeiinnon Tuesday. The hackneyed newspaper phrases are too tamo and cold to convey on adequate idea of the joy wo feel m bema nMo to congratulate the whole Union upon the EhlJEJll -TION OF PENNSYLVANIA. The rcsultof the election on Tuesday renders the successor the Harrison electors on tho 30th ns certain as that the day will, nirivc. Wo have not only ex ceeded our expectations, but havo even run ahcml of our hopes. The voting exceeds anything of tho kind ever known at an election for Congress and tho Leg islature. Nothing but a contest for Governor anil President has ever brought out the into so fully, llio entirovotoof tho enemy has been polled; nnd more suit shows ahandsomo GAIN on tho votcof 830. Enough is known to render it certain that on tho 30th thn Harrison Electors will receive not less than TEN THOUSAND in tho State. Ilcforo the lato .election our friends calculated to carry tho Electors, if tho Vanities would not, nt tho election beat us more than 10,000 in tho State. I5nt how changed tho pros nect! Instead of their beating us m thn skirmish or Sw 13th? WE havo virtually BEATEN TI I EM. This is n result so unexpected, that our astonishment enimls -tho dismay of our opponents; and at thn great Imttlo of tho 'J&tli, wo shall rout them still moro glo- "wo "ivo below tho majorities so far as thoy havo reached us, together with (ho vote at tho Nocmbor election of IB'IG. Compared with that f lection it will he seen that wo havo been doing exceedingly well. Compared with tho election in IWi for Congress and tho Legislature, wo havo gained THOUSAN Do, From the Augusta Chronicle, of Oct. 13th. GEORGIA ELECTION. Wo havo returns from 83 counties, though not nil official, they will vary very little, if any, from tho official result. Tho following is tho agyregato voto for members of Congress. I'ov llarrUon i'or Van liurtn. Dawson, .t's,5r,o 33,399 33,392 3iV.r7 38,305 33,i3'i 39,211 3,101 Cooper 31,012 Habersham, Nesbit, Alford, Foster, Warren, King, finmhle. Colquitt, 33,00 1 Black. 33,013 Lumpkin, 33,837 Campbell, 33.B10 Pooler. 33.812 Hilver 33,778 Ivcrson, Jffif Meiriwcthcr, Tho remaining R counties to bo beard from, aro Ap- flnlon, and Ware, which will probably reduco tho .T.L.nt majorities 600 votes, in the Leeislaturo we have already 47 Senators, is a majority without farther incrcare, and a rsr?mnjor," V n the House of Itepre.tHtivc OUR PRESIDENTIAL DAY BOOK. Our Hook nmsl bo posted. Several .States have voted since wo Inst opened tho Ledger. Tho account as rendered, presents tlio following result i 1830. 1810. Harrison. V. Harrison. 8 4 23 5 15 IS 0 V. 15. 7 New Hnmpshiro uonnccticiit Hlioile Island Virginia Louisiana North Carolina Kentucky Indiana Illinois Missouri Alabama Vermont Mniuo Dclawaro Maryland Georgia New Jersey Ohio 7 10 3 10 11 8 21 60 21 "VAN IS A USED UP MAM" Ohio, ns wo confidently predicted on Saturday, has triumphantly pledged her 21 Klcctoral Votes to Gen. HAnriisoN. These added to tho 128 pledged by the 12 States that had previously declared for IlAnntsox, give a majority of tho whole number of votes, and se cures tho election oC"Ttppetanoc and Tyler too." Alb. Journal. THE ELECTIONS. There are no more state elections prior to the Presidential canvass. Ohio and Pennsylva nia open tho campaign for clectorf, on Friday next, and will be followed on Monday fol lowing, by Maine, Now Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Virginia, Georgia, Missis sippi, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Ar kansas, and Missouri. The Yew York elec tion commences on Monday tlio 2d and contin ues three davs. GEN. VAN NESS'S LETTER. We need not ask tho reader's attention to this interesting document. Both tho subject, and tho manner in which it is discussed, will secure for it an attentive perusal by every individual in this community, who has taken even a passing interest in political all'drs. Gn. Van Ness, it should be homo in mind, was ono of tho original supporters of Con. Jackson was the (irst, and for many years, chairmm of the Jackson cen tral committee at Washington; and contribu ted perhaps as much or more than any other private individual to tho success of the present lonnnant parly. Under theso circumstances, we presume he will escape the chargo of " fed eralism," and will be heard and tried upon the reasons sot forth. MAINE. .Most of tho vacancies for tho Legislature have been tilled, and tho Whigs have about HI major ity on joint ballot. The last Kennebec Journal has the annexed remarks in reference to the Gubernatorial vote. "Tho Age still prcfisls for effect abroad in claiming a majority of votes for Fairfield. Wc solemnly assure our friends, if any have been led to believe these statements: that they are FALSE, and the editors know them to be so ! and a few days since in our streets, one of tho editors bached out of a 10 bet ho made with a sterling Whig of JIallowcl that Fairfield had more votes than Kent, lie could publish in his colums that such was tho fact, and although forever betting, durst not risque a 10 dollar bill on tlio truth of his own assertions, !" RETTEIl TIMES. As tho day draws nigh when Harrison's elec tion is rendered more certain, the hopes of tho country will revive. His election will bo a guar anty that something will be done for the people, that some system of finance will bo adopted for their benefit, and not for tho exclusive bene fit of the men in office. When it shall be ren dered certain that he will occupy the seat now warmed by the Kinderhook demagogue, even then, before one stop shall have been taken by him in reference to the currency, will business brighten. People will renew their business confident that he will not seek to destroy the fruits of their industry. Thousands of spindles, now inactive, will be put in motion ; thus open ing a market and creating a demand for wool, and for other products of industry. This will put money in circulation ; and when tho nation al government sliall bo fully restored to the old track, all classes may expect to experience the prosperity of other days. Rut to secure this desirable result, wo must push forward tho revolution must not slacken our efforts till the night of tho 10th of Novem ber. Let every one, then, who desires better times, devote his energies to bccurc s-o happy a result. Caledonian. Mr.. Stacv I think it unfair, as well as un christian, to persecute a fallen foe or a proten ded friend, while writhing under the pain of po litical defeat or the remorse of conscience, just because ho unmeaningly got on the wrong side of the fence. I nm led to this remark, from some unkind insinuations noticed in the Free Press, calcula ted to mislead the public mind, and to endeavor show that John Smith Esq. is not an honorable man, ami that he would insist on obtaining his eight dollars a day through another Congress ional! term, in violation of what ho promised in his late speech in Congress in favor of the Sub Treasury Bill. But sir we believe no such thini: here wo believe Mr. Smith an honorable man still ; and that ho will religiously fulfill, and do what he pledged himself that ho would do, viz : that ho would resign his seat when duly instructed by his constituents that ho had mis- represented them. Having received such notice in the most full and ample form provided by the constitution lie will fulfill what he has promised to the very letter. I hope you will in all fairness, spare him, at least until ho has had an opportunity of shew ing that he never meant to bo governed by the will of his coestituents, and guided by their in structions. You gentlemen of tho Press hold a trcmcudons power in your hands, which you ought to wield dibcrectly.'least you wound the friends of tho people. Mr. Smith H whole politi cal life, shows him a friend to tho people, and that ho ever meant to be on tho popular side, and although ata loss at times to find tho right trail, ho immediately took to tho fence, in such cases as a prudent man should do, and there remained until ho could discover whoro duty called him ho was in this sad dilemma previous to his going to Washington. It is trtio that ho declared to his Whig friends that ho was with them, and probably was in part, until ho arrived at head quarters, and was introduced at tho pal ace. 1 lore tho ghttor of Koyalty, tho patronago of the executive, tho blandishments of a Court and the Gulden Humbug, brought him of!' tho fence, and decided his course. But you may roly on it that ho !b still a friond to tho Dear Pooplc, elso ho would not havo lectured through tho District, previous to tho lato olectiou for a month or two, and althougl disappointed ofhis reelection, and now politically defunct, ho is still a good modern Democrat, and consoles himself, by saying that there is a few Democrats which could not bo bought. Under all tlicsc'cirsumstanccs, perhaps it is not singu lar that Mr. Smith should bo a little nervous Hard Cider and Harrison song?, affects him wonderfully, and gives him tho palpitation of tho heart. Still within ono year, if kindly treated, I havo no doubt but that ho will chimo In and sing Harrison tongs, and take hard cider with groat gusto. I believe it a maxim with po litical gamblers that ono bad move docs not en tirely disqualify a man for public trust. So say wo of St. Ai.hans. FOREIGN. Tlio last annuls bring us reports of the destruction of Chinese Forts nt Bocca Tigris and tlio march of tlio English forces to Can-! ton. Tho account says, that as soon ns the advanced division of tho English fleet reach ed the Chinese seas, thoy went to work and battered down all tho forts at tlio Uocca Ti gris, and proceeded up the Canton River. Thoy then 'landed a force and sont it up to Canton to destroy that place. Tho Ehglisli Ileot in the Mediterranean bomdarded and nearly destroyed Boyrout, drove out tho Egyptians, landed a force and took possession of it. It is also said that Commodore Nnpicr had seized several Egyptian vessels and that lie has stopped all supplies from going to tho coast. On the other hand the French have sont two lino of battle ships and two war steamers to rein force their Mediterranean fleet; and have ready at one port alone thirteen large men-of-war, to send off. The report that Mohomct AM had consen ted to accede to the treaty of July, upon condition of having the government of Syr- a for life, is confirmed. But his ofl'ur was not listened to, and there is no doubt ho is he forced to a literal compliance with the dictation of the four powers. How much blood will he shed before this object is effec ted it is impossible to say. The question of peace or war in Europe is still undetermined. Tho military prcp erntions arc still progressing on ns large a scale as ever, and the tone of tho public journals is little loss pacific. In France, an additional credit of 50,000 000 francs has been openedito pay tho in creased expenses of the navy and army. Tho war in Africa still continues. The King of Holland has abdictcd his throne in favor of his son. An attempt has been made to destroy tho dockyards at Sheerness and at Plymouth. Flic line of battle ship Salvera, and the frigate Imogonc, have been burnt. Hon. Mti.o L. Bennett was elected 4th As istant Judge of the Supreme Court,on Tuesday. In Colchester, on the I lib insr. by J. A. Willev Esq Mr. Ilram Carpenter, to Miss Eliza Ana House both of Burlington. In She burn, on the 20th mst. by Kov. Mr. Vuath- crspoon, Mr. f.eoncc I). Comstock to Miss Eu-fiN 1 AtlOIi, In New York, August 24, Preserved Fish, to Miss Mary Shipard. Folks wonder now, when men do cbnngo Each ono to suit his wish ; But hero u lovey Shepherd lass I Ins been transformed to'i'i. Although 'twas strange, yet every ona Declared the lass deserved, Not only to bo changed lo iA, Hut also bo Prtserrtd. And for their future happiness They havo our kindest wishes, With hopes that they may have their share Of loaves and little Fishes. London paper. JJJA O El In this town, on the 9th inst. of consumption, IIAR1IIF.T S. daughter of tho Rev. II. Saflbrd, lato of Kccscvillc, aged 14. We mourn the departure of one so younjr and lovely, who by amiability of disposition, kindness of manner, and excellence of character, had be come endeared to all who know her. Often will tho young companions who loved her so well, and who now weep for her loss, speak of her in the soft tones of sorrow ; and long will they cherish her memory as sacred. Would that wo could pour balm into the bereaved hearts of her relatives ! lint they have better consolation, for they may hear the voice of Him "who dries the mourner's tear," speaking from the heaven whither she has gone, and saying, "let not your heart bo troubled." They have now another bond to unite them to tho "blessed mansions on hij;h." Com. 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Wm-.nEAs, Melinda Bond, Executrix of ihulasl W ill and Testament of the said deceased, hath niado appli cation to this court to extend tho time limited for ma king payment of tho debts mid bargains of tho said deceased twelvo months from tho second Wednesday of November 1810, and tho second Wednesday of No vember next being assigned for a hearing in tho prem ises, nt llio Offico of tho Register of this Court nnd it having been otdercd that notico thereof bo given by ruiblishiiig this decrco threo weeks successively in tho flreo Press a nowspapor prictcd at Burlington. Tiikritobe, You aro hereby notified to appear bo forosaid court at tho time and place aforesaid then nnd thcro to mako objections if any you havo to tho said limo of payment being further oxtended ns aforesaid. Given under my hand at Burlington, this 20th day or October, A. D, 1810, Wtf. WrsTOH, Rcgisttr Oct. 10. 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The pocr Man's Plasters nnd Sherman's Lozengcr, arc Soldjat the Variety Store, Panguorn & Biiinsmaid, t BLESSING to Motkers American Soothing XV. bvriii) lor children cutting teeth, fhe timely use of this article will save children much pain, cifu-n 11 l-everanil tlio painlul operation 01 lancing tliclmni, price reiluce.l to 31$ ct. Uinllroy's Lordial an excel lent article lor the oursey 12J et-., both tho-u article sold at the Variety Store. Pantborn & Brinsmaik. pVOTICI5,-.-Tl.esubserilers aiu wi-hing to lei a ll Job, of creating and finishing n meeting lious-c Builders wishing to throw in proposals are rcn lcstcil to call on us at Milton Fall on the 21th day ol the prevent month to examine what materials wo' have on hand, nn I ihe plan of said house, and we will then in form tin-in what lime we will examine their urono-nN. and let ihe job to the gentleman making what we think the Lest ol'er. JEH. SAWYER, 1 BENJ. FAIRCHILD, S. Building com'ice. STEPHEN IIO.VSIE,) Milton, C-toler 10, A. D, J810. GH HAT HAHGAINS.Stock of goods sellinj oll'less than cost, consisting of Broadcloths, Cas simcres, Vestings, Cottons, Linens. Flannels, Camlets, Carpets, Calicoes, Chalics, Mouseline do Lainc, Meri nos, Thibet Cloth, Napolean Cloth, Silks, Velvets, Bombazine, figured Alpine, Hose and Gloves, Shoes, Cans. Suwinrr Silk. Twist, Thread, Buttons, Cravntts. Stocks, suspenders, Ribbons, Laces, &e. etc., and a great variety of otner articles all of which will bo sold below their valuo for cash, to close tho business of our trust at the store comer of Church nnd Collego sis. MAYO & WAIT, Trustees. Burlington, Oct. 10. Jnmcs IlrownV F.sfale. WE thesubscrilicrs, having 1-eon appointed by the Hon. the Probate Court for the District of Grand I-lc, commissioners to receive, examine and aljut ihc claim-) and demands of all per-ons against the estate of Jnmcs Brown lute of Grand snid dis trict, deceased represented insolvent, nlsn all claims aiKliicmaiKlseMiil'itcii in onset thereto; nun six months from the dav ofthedalo hereof I cing allowed bv said court for that purpose, wo do therefore hereby give uo'ieethat we will atlend to tho business nt our ap pointment at the dwelling of Experience Brown, in Grand l-le alore-aid, on tho llrt Tuesdays in Decern I crnnd Janunrv next, from 10 o'clock. A. M. until ! o'clock-, P. M. 011 each of-aid days Dated this 231 day of July, A. D. 1810. SAMUEL ADAMS,! oct.15. SET1I HOAR, Commissioner S01.0.N TOIIIAP, ) SINGLE. DOUBLE. UMBILICAL. TUST rcc'dacunnlvofMnrsli'H rpb,l,rnt,i t of ef.ty,nCr,pUon' ar s,a,e ,h0 rioz8n or cingie -v. .s,., t.u. n, r-ivu,n. re. i;o. Sujn cfthcMorhu, SCItOOli IIOOKS.-Tliu iib.-cril erlmi receiv ed lhe prcenl weok Irom Now York moro School uookp, nf which the following etiinpric n part. Icv crett'n 1 Latin lexicon; DonnegniiV deck do.: Web MerMarRC Dictionary, 8 vo.j Jolinfonxand Walker's tlo.j Ambon's Horace, Cicero, Cioar, and SalliMJ Buyers, Meailowr.nndNiiccnt", French Dictionnr.t!- j Cooper',, nud UonldV Vircil PlayCur'.- Euclid ; Ilia ir's nnd Newman's Rhetoric : Olni-tcil's and WilUfn's As tronomy) tlo.K.liool Phitaophyt Conutoek' l'hilo oidiy, do. Chumi'try 1 Bolmar nnd Lcvlzacs French (.raimnart Kirl, ham's anil Smith's EiiglWi do: Aber crombie's Intellectual Philosophy j do. Moral 1I0.J Life of Washington, Clinrlcn 12lh and Cormnu French j Dnviei and Bourdons lt U'.-sfm. Uridirui Algol.ra ) PorterS Rhetoricsl Renders OlneyV, Woodlridge, SiniiliV, Make BrunV, nnd Miicbell'.- WilNrd' Urography nnd Atlas j Weber'.- mid Town'" Spelling book j Uoodrch'K Reader, l.t, 2J and 3d ela I Mount em on Reader) vound pupils lt, 2J and 31 Book, Adams' New Arithmetic ) I'hnlloi I)nvie. dn.Tliomp MinVt do.) Porter' Analy.i j Town's do.) Boy's and Girl's Reading Book by Mrs.t Sigoitrney : Loyoll's Rhetorical Dialogue j Young Ladies' Reader) Amcr idan fir.-t cla-s Book) LovelU Hi S. Sgeiikcr) Wor cester's History) Watts on the Mind) Goodrich's U. S. History) National Preceptor; Li; llruns'l'eltinaqucj Botany by Mr. Lincoln) Knnios' Flenicnts ) Howards New England Gazetteer, English Reader, Pro2rejivo Header. D. A. BRAMAN. Burlington, Oct. 13, 1810. DIAMOND CEMENT, for mending Glas, China and Earthcru Wure.old ut tho arieiy Moro. l'AKOIlcm & llNI.MAIIl, BltOAD CLOTHS. A good assortment of colors, of cloths( cassiinores and vestings arooflcrcd at a great reduction in prices for cttsh by Oct. 1, 1810. MAYO &. WAIT. 1 flf) Boxes Tin Plate, X: 30 bundles English lyv and American Sheet Iron. B0 do. do. do. Wire, copper and brass wire Vellum, for sale by Sep. 21). VILAS, LOOMIS & CO. I'rcparc lor Winter. THE FARMER'S COOKING STOVE.-The subscriber informs bis fiirnd.q nnd tin, nnhlic. that hohas on hand a variety of cooking nnd other Stoves, such as tho Farmers, and tlio premium Cook Stoves) thu Canada Box and several kinds ol'Pailour stoves. Also Russia and Canada Iron Stovo Pipe, Copper Pumps, nnd Lead pipe for wells or cisterns; all of which ho will sell ns cbenn ns can be bad in t ie place. Those, wishing to purchaso articles of the nuiivcucscripiion, win no well 10 looil in nl my SI10 ono door north of tho Lnc Cabin. Burlington, Sept. 30. 1810. II, II. BOSTWICK. Trustee's Sale. THE subscribers, trustees of Lnthrop, Potwin &. Wait, givo notice that they intend shortly to close inn ousincss 01 incir irust, anil lifr mat purpose now offer tho entire stock of coods. nt wholesale or retail. great reauction in prices, lor casli. Tiicro are many desirable goods in this stock that merchants might select to good advantage, audio such will bo given a nocrai credit tor satisfactory paper. The stocks consist of a general assortment of dry goods, crockery, glassware, urugs ami mcuicincs j anu is well worm the attention of merchants and .others wishing for bargains, l'lcase call nnd examine tho goods. JUiu cc Ail, Trustees, Burlington, Oct. 1. To Purchasers of Hooks .t Htallnm-rv. DA. BRAMA.N o:lers ut whole-ale and retnil a choice assortment of School BOOKS and Mis cellaneous work, together with jui extensive siipplv of Stationery. Countrv merchants can be furni-he'd with nil umiis ol iMrr.K, on I he ino-t reasonable terms. Books sueli ns are obtained in Boston, N. York anu rniiaueipiiia markets, ordered nt short notice. Iiurliiigton, Oct.B, loll). CJ II O O T I N (J M ATCII The undersigned K7 would respectfully notify the sportsmen of Hun tington nnd vicinity' that' thev intend holding n Siiootincj Match at J. B. Dike's Inn in II intiiigton on Thursday nnd Iriday, lhc-2-2 land 23 1 Jays of Oi tober inst., in which linieaiul nlaee lliev nronose fir nisning irom iuu 10 i;,u iciii(ir. lor n trial ot their kill ntsharii-shooting which circumstance it i honed win induce, a goodiv uunii cr to attend. J. fs. JUllsj, Huntington, 0-t. 7, 1310. ' S. JOHNS. Tf F.AV FISH STORK, 193 River-t. Codfish grand bank, shorcand scaled: Shod Connec ticut, Ala'., i. 1 orlc and Alau.e; Mackerel ,o- 1,2 nnd 3, in barrels, halve-', quarters mid cigli'li Salmon in lii rces bll-., hahes nud nunrlers : Pick led Herring. Hallibut. Haddock. Scale Fish, dullish. Tongues Sound-, Hallibut Finn-, nnd Sword Fi-h in bbls.) inmlulinc, roc),, sealed, ami An, 1 Herring 111 boxej also. Smoked Salmon, Alewive-, Dried Halli but, Dunn Fi-h, an I Soused Salmo'n, Cor ale I v Troy, Sept. 30. o9.3w PEASE & WIGHT. STO 1. 1-; HORSE. Stolen Irom the possession of Joscoh Fountain, nt Colchester, the hitter part of.luly la-l, a small mrrei t reach inaic, with a white ,'. I,ll,.. fin.. I- slmw.,1 rn, ,,, ,1. ...1 Ion, I and'a natural rneker :ib,n n-ven year old. Said more i supposed to have t ecu away, i,y a l an adrnn. named .lo-enh Tramhle who is about Vivo leet eight inche in height, dark complexion, dark hair and whiskers, l.road hat nose, and aged ubout thirty years. The thief is supposed to haw gone into the State ot Alassachiiscll.'-. hut 01 tins untning certain is Known. Am information relative to said horse, or the thief, will be honorably paid for. Addre-s the ubs HI er, IJiirnngton) t. juar.i ii ruwi.u. Septemler 23, 18-10. NU1V DRUG rcSTABIilSiniKXT. Ai the sisn of the MORTAR one door east of., d J. II. Peck d Co. The subscribers have opened an Apothecary Store, nnd intend to confine themselves strictly to that business. They now offer to tho public aceneraiassonmenini genuine .ueiieemcs, niciuuiii! nil now Chemicals, and the standard Patent Medicines consent attendance, will be given, and particular at tenliou paid to prescriptions. Uurlington, Aug. -!U, THl.u. A. rht'h. it io. pUtOWX Gl,.!f. Redlord, Saranae and Clinton v- crown by J. cc j. u. ri.i,i iv w qMIE Burlington BREWERY has JL now commenced business, and will have new Beer in a lew davs, , when all orders will be punctually I attended to. Burlington, Sept. IB10. GEO. PETERSON. BUTCH K It I ... The subscril cr will butcher Hogs and olhe-r nnimals.aiid pack ihe same (for family u-c, if requested,) fcr all those w ho mav w i-h in this village, tho pie-cnt fall and if nut done in a workmalike manner, nopny. Burlington, Sept." I. CALEB RICHARDSON. N. B. Having good accommodations, I will take the animals at my icsidenee nnd return them well dressed, for a fair compensation "" C. R. BOOTS, SHOES ci LEATHER. The subscriber having taken tho store formerly occupied by Messrs. Hishon d- H"Aijir. is now opening a general assortment of Boots, Shoes nnd Lenlber, which have all been bought for cash and will be sold lor tho same at the lowest price", and as thi-'artielos arc too numer ous to mention in nn advertisement, although Mr Sta cy has enlarged hi" paper, 1 would, simply invito all to call and examine the goods and priecsibi fore purchas ing elsewhere. Burlington, July 1, 18 10. HENRY C. STIMSON, by E. J. Stijison, Agent. STATE OF VERMONT, rjlO ihe Honorable S'iprcino Court next to 1 c hnldun -1 at B.irliir.'ion, within and for the county of Chit tenden on the Thursday next preceding the lir-t Tues day of January next, humblv complaining, yourpc titloncr,Sii5an'Thoiiipson uf Milton, jn said Count,,-, of Chittenden, showeth unto your honors that at said Milton on the 31 day of May A. D. IS3G, she wa lawfully married tonne John'Thoiiiuan then tif said Milton," by Warren Ilnt-ic, Eq. a Jiv-nc'e of the Peace within and for the county of Chittenden aforo-nid ami from that litno ho the said Susan lived with the said John, at said Milton, in llm duo observance of all the duties enjoined hvlhu man iagu covenant on ht-r pari, until the 10,'h day ol" July A. D. lS.30,.when the said John, without any jn-t causi, wilfully decrted your Petitioner and ever since hits conlinue-ilsueh desertion, leaving your Petitioner de-litum of any means of 'up port or maintiiinnnco except her own personal exer tions and the charily of her friend--. .Your Petitioner therefore, humbly prays your honors that the bond of matrimony letween the -aid John an I yfiur Pelilioncr may be dissolved and n Bill of Divcrce? granted her nnd that your honors would grant to your Petitioner Mich nliim'ny as may seem meet and just and your Peti tioner it in duty bound will ever pray. Milton, Sept. 19, 1840. SUSAN THOMPSON". The foregoing petition of Susan Thompson having fcen presented to mr, nnd it haying boon made to ap pear to mc, that John Thompson the Petitirnce named in -aid Petition resides out of this Slnlcnndcan um to served with tho ordumry proee.s of summons. It is hereby ordered that the snhslsinee of thtlf regomg pe nnon 'together wilh this order, 1c published in the Burliuglwii Free Press, printed nl mid Burlington, three weeks rneccs-ively, the la-t of which pnl lieaiion shall l.c nl lcat six weeks previous to-the 'I'lcir-day next picceding the firfl Tuoslay of January next, which publication shall ho deemed siillicnjnt notice to the said John Thompson lo appear at snid court on the day and year Inst aforesaid, and make answer to tho afurCfiud petition. Given nn lcr my hand at Bur lington, in thu County of Chittenden, this 22dilav of Scptcinler.A.J). ISlCi. MII.O L. BENNETT, Judge of the Supreme Court. Hector Adams, Attorney! for the Pisioncr. 1 IIICl'ATIC i:i,l.Yllt, ACELEBRA'I'ED remedy for complaint ari-ing from a di-eascd statu of llio 1.1V ER and its Scerc. lions- j the following tiro n few of it symptom.-, wenknessof thosloinach, Indigestion, lo-s ol nppciitc lowncss of Spirits and Hi-ndachc) it will I e found n sure remedy for Eruptions on the Fucc, In come ciucneo of tneir Icing many nostrums clrt'ulaifng in this part nfthu country, thusnb-crdn'ra .nre"aiil!ioriod to warrant its beneficial cifecis. This Wicle is just recoived, and oTcied to tho puhho n ono well worth thu attention of those who are allhcied by complaints from the nlio dnca-e) it teingfrom an eminent physician w-e feel confident in thus rt-comniiidmgil. lit. 6, 1810. THEO. A. P;L'K,V Co., Bi$n of the Mortar, ens door eart u J & J II rock Co Charlotte Fcinnin ftcminury. j THE Winter Term of thii Institution will com mence on Wednesday, the 2ilh of October next, nt Clinrlotto Four Corners, Vt. Tho department of instruction is committed to Miss Emza Hitchcock. who is well qualified to tench ail the branches pursued in Institutions of this kind. The Institution it under the supervision of Trustees, appointed by the Metho dist E. Church of Charlotte. Terms of tuition, per quarter, as follows: English Studies, common branches, $3 00 Ho. do. including higher branches, 4 00 French, Latin and Greek, each, extra, 1 00 PnintiliL' and Drnwim'. u.ich. nxtrn. 1 2j Board can bo obtained in tho neighborhood of tho Scmiliarv. for SI 31 ncr week inoludiiiff thn use of room, fuel, lights nnd washing. Each quarter will consist of eleven weeks, and tho school, will continue two quarters beforo thcro will bo a vacation. Tho mi dcrgiirncd can confidently recommend this Institution id mi umrienus, nnd the public generally, n worthy of patronage. Thu best attention will bo paid to tho health and habits of tho students. M. BATES, In bclia! of the Trustees. Charlotte, Sept. 30, 1310.' Iivm.iti Vale's F.stntc. WE the subscribers having 1 ecu appointed by the honorable thu tirol.ute court for the district of Chittenden, commissioners lo recoic, examine nnd adjuM tho claims mid demand or nil per-ons ni!nmt tho estali) of Lyman Yale, Intu of Charlotte, in the district ufbru-riid, deceased, represented insolvent, nnd al-o nil chiiins nnd demands clnbi!cd in olret I herein nnd ix iiienlh from theday of tho date heie oflcing allowed I v snid conn for'lhat tinnio-c. wc do therefore hereby ttive notice th.U wc will intend to the lmine-s cd our appointment, at the dwelling of Paltv Yale, in Clinrlotto in nK di-tricl. on the 31 Tuesdays in Fcl r.iarv nud MaMi next at 10 o'elrek A. M., on each or said day-. Fated llii- l llh day of October, 1310. A. L. BEACH, ) Cominis- Ocl. I. DAVID COOIf, ) miners. Of) Bales brown sheetings and shirtinsrs. 8 do. 0J York, power loom, nnd Dorchester Ticks, for sale by (s30) VILAS, LOOMIS &. CO. Tlf OF FAT'S l'lKHMX IHTTKKS. ill do. VEGETABLE. LIFE PILLS. Vt wholesale and retail by epJjX THEO. A. PECK ivCO. WAXTHDat thisoll'icc, n boy from tho country, fourteen or fifteen vtnrsof ai'e. as an annretitice to the printing business. Oct. 1, 1810. (INK I.IMHEIt, for sale. 60.000 foot 2 in h iihink inch I oard. ljineh flouring, nud "n-h stuf, clear and coinniou apply to STRONGS & Co. TI"T rc I n (i iunlitv ofSthidOd in leltie-, nl u a iuu,'ngb of Mnvnard & Nov' Sei 'liiz Powder wdio'e ul..- nnd re'ail, I v TIH.O. A. PEl'IC & Co. SI'GA It... I t Sept. 25, IS 10. I 1 Mid-. B.Sucar Hir sale by II. WHEELER. TXTAYO & WAIT give notice to all persons indebt ilX cd to them, or to Lathrop, Potwin & Wait, to call nnd maka immediate payment and save further notico. Oct. I, 1H-1U. TVTOTICK. The undersigned have dissolved co ii partnership. Both will remain at the office for ashoit time, to settle their accounts, and all persona against whom thoy have demand", are earnestly re quested to close their accounts by note or otherwi e, without delay. J. MAEChT. nepiemner -i.', nm. - ... o.,i jn.i.r. i . MALMCfCllF.L, on consignment, in half barrels just received and for sale by J. &. J.H. PI'.CK Co. T EONARD MARSH, M. D. rcspoctfullv offers his lj profcs-ionnl services lo the people of Burlington and vicinity. Office tho one Intclv occupied bv Dr. Joseph .Marsh. Burlington, Sept. 'i:, IS 10. QF.AI.S, Log Cabin letter Seal?) plain do. do. mot- P. I! N & BllINsMAIll. b Sioricry rt,U day recXPand fors'u. OOIC STORE. A new supply of Books nnd ioicsa.eimuLc1.TUj.j w. rjilll. l'cople s I'rcsidentiul Uaiididate, or tne uie oi JL Win. Henry Harrison, liy Iticliard llildretn, tor sale at the Book Store, price i.0 ets. Burlington, Sept. 23, 13J0. D. A. BRAMAN. I)EAL Cogniac. Brandy, do. Holland Gin, pure V- Port nnd Madeira Wines for medical uses, by Sept. 'iM, IS 10. THEO. A. PECK & Co. Pl'LMON RY BALSAM, of Lowe A, Reed Boston, just ree'd by THEO. A. PECK & Co. "7akwi;i,t SIIOHS L ree'd and I'or Mile by 1 II assortiiient )u-t CATLIN & C'-o SAI.UH.VTUS. Juno IS). 10 ca-k J. , bv & 'J. PECK stCo. T7NGLIS1I ("Currant FainiK- Groceries. Salmon. sin naked Helling, for sale by N. Lovelv vfc Co. "ITTORM I.OZF.NGF.S) an excellent and conven V icut medicine to relieve and extirpate this often fatal complaint in young child ri n, by Sept. I, IP 10. THEO. A. PECK&Co. TTCH OINT.MENTS Dumfry's, Russell's, Scmts, J. find Wheaton's, allof which arc much ued for this iroublcsouic disease, THEO. A. PECK it Co. Sept. 'J 1. At the sign of the Mortar. Ct ROCKET, Comic and People's Almanacs, for IS 10. ' '1000 for sale at publishers pricc, hv Sep. 30. VILAS, LOOMIS & CO. PL(( Pa- French, American, Satin and common JyJly..' House Paper, some vcrvrieh iiaiierns, for Sept. sale by N. LOVELY & Co. COTTON Wrnpping Twine, a good article just ree'd bv N. LOVELY it Co. Sept. ','1. 2 CASES E'lahsh Meriuoes, 1 caso Fieneli nnd German .Merinos, 1 case fig'd Bomba.ines, just cc'il and for sale by VILAS, LOOMIS & Co. Q C SES white and col'd Spool Thread, 1 do Pins, 300 lbs. white and u-.sor.od Thread, SCO cros gilt and fancy Horn 111111011", '0 do I'ancv Soaps, just Sept. 21." ree'd and for sale by V11. ", f.oousit Co TJ ONN UTS. Tuscan and Engli-h straw Bonnet XJ of the la' fa-hioiis, just receive 1 unil for alc heap by P. DOOLITI'LE, Gt I, ASS. Burlington, Vermont, nnd E ex, Cyhn f der Glas-, made at the Clip.inplain Glassworks, and very much impmu-.l in quality compared with the hue brand-, for sale by J. A- J.'H. PECK & Co. MAYNARD it NOYS fine Blao' Writing Ink, which has stood test for more thirty years. A cask iu-l reccii cd and for sale 1 v 11 Aug. 1310. ' C. GOODRICH. BIHliHS. A vciy large ii-sonment of n l sires of Bil le-, and p'nVes from 50 et-. to 15 each, Just ree'd and for sale at tho Book Store. D. A. BRAMAN. w IXDSOIt U1I'I,P.S, for salcut the variety sloie. 1 -, ue'u.s Dinars .u.u,, r"PEN cases Prints, 1 caso col'd Caiubiic", just ree'd 1 nnd for sale hy VILAS, LOOMIS it Co. C1IIINA, Glassware, Crockery and Looking Glas ' scs, just ree'd and for salo by N. Lovrxv it Co. ALSO, Soda Crackers. Sipt. 3, 1SI0. SALT. 1.000 .Minots Co-irso Packing Salt, (1,000 Minots Liveipool Salt, For sale, in quantities to suit purchasers and deliv ered nt any Port 011 Lake Chaniploin, by JASON C PIERCE it SON. St. Johns L. C, Sept. l, IS 10. rpiIEcebbratcd Iodine Spring Water from Sarnto JL gn for sale by the bottle, dozen, or bov, Aug. -,'7. THEO. A. PECK & Co. 1JMIF.SH Hive Syrup, nn excellent article for Colds, Coughs, Croup, ite. bv Ail" THEO. A. PECK it Co. bush. Seed Rye, free from nil other seeds, for Pcurl-st. Sept. Id. alohy C. BENNS. STRAYKO from the subscriber, n light hthidle yearling heifer. Whoever will take uji said heifer and givo me notice shall bo rewnrded. Milton, Sept. 1, lBip..Jtni N McCLAI.LEN. SI II ItS, Riding whips nud Canes, nt the Vunety Store. June 11. PANCnonx h Biiinj.mau). ' WRAPPING PAPBR. IOO Reams Wrapping t T Paper, and n larsi'ppplv of writing, lo'h Cup nnd Letter, for sale by ' D. A. BRAMAN. 15 Hhds. New Orleans Sugar, nn eonsignnif nt, Aug. 0. for sale by N. LOVELY it Co. T OG CABIN ANECDOTES nnd illustrated mci J.V dent.. 111 the lite of Gen. Wm. H, Hauiu-os', for salcnt the Book store juno IS) D. A. BRAMAN 170HHUS.V IRON AND STEEL. J ngli-h Iron L from toll inches; Rus-in old snMc Iron ; do new 1I0 do; Swe'cdcs dej Hoop do from J lo inch: Brazier's Ituls j Spring, oast, gcrman, swede's nnd Engli-h blister steel ) Carl nud wagon br,c, fiiii-hed cro I nrs, by Juno IS). J, it J. H. PECK it MT. YHUXON lU'.ADl'.lt, Polvglott BiJ -' of di.lerciu sixes tlMd bm-'uig', lwl-ct Bibles and TcMimen's nud a genernl ii.soriment of natioiia- ryiiist received IroniN. or iimi '!)'':'.,.,, l ollcgc si. jc;5. .S. III'NTINGTON, T7 t.'W r:rt()llS. Sidney Barlow has iwciveda it of gooil-' at his old slorc on 11 iioncral iissoriinciit of ro(hI Pearl ! root, which will bo sold cheap enough. N. B. Wool ri'ivncd for gods Burlington Muy iid. FOIt SA I.E.- Common board-, plunk, lining boards, clnp boards nnd lloor I oard-, ut thn low o,t price., by HICKOK it CATLIN. Burlington, Aug. 12, 1S10. I PACTS FOR THE PEOPLE. A chart represent ing the expenditures of the Government from 1790 to JSiO, jut itcved and for pale nt thn Book Btore, PA. BRAMAN Burling'op, Au 25, IfyQ, CONGS OF THE PEOPLE.-Log Cnbin Son--5 Book I eini? n collection of Harrison and Tyloi Melodies cuibelli-licd Willi a neatly engraved Portrn of Gen, Win. If, Harrison, and a view of Old Ftri Meigs, for tnlo at the Bool; .storu. , JX A. BRAMAN. Burl.hgton, Suiic 2C, 1810, IJWIAITSIIOI,...SPA()l.l)NGf.MII.La i.1 have opened a new Paint Silor on (')nireh-st. two doors south or 11. Lane'. Store, when! lliev wd V7v'civ,iCf I?,'SK' s,,,p 'SI0N nntl CARRIAGE 1 A UN I LNG, in ihe I u.t posfii,,. manner and on term to siiitlbo-c who may favour them wilh their patron age. CPPnint., Oil, nruish and Puttv, constantly on hand and for sa R.O. SPAl l.DING. Burlington, April !), 1S10, C. B. MILlij. rjllIETIPPECANOE TEXT BOOlf.-Just reccne!, JL a large supply of Tipueuanoe Text Book, inaiJw up of docniiientsiinil fact- illu.lrating Gen. Harrison'- history, diameter, services anu opinion-. II i warmly recommended to the friends of (,'cn. Hart iscli through out thu U. Slates, fir sale nt the 1 oo-t store. June 20. 1). A. BRAMAN. rJAIMHt. C. GOODRICH has just received from tho manufacturers in Massnchu(.tts. a full supply of linen hand-made, royal, medium, Demy, cap, letter, folio-post and billet paper, of various qual ities, ns wove, satin, laid, gilt, 6te. &.C. fur tale nt man ufactures, price". June 30. M ii.ITARY GOODS. White Falhngnnd Fpngbt . Plumes, white blue top upright and fallini; Plumes, Cap nnd belt Plates, Sockets, Rose Cockades nnd Eagles, Belts, Sashes, White and yellow scabbard straight'Swords, Sword Clinins, white and yellow Mnanletls, Lace, Stars, Buttons, Tnssel", Spurs, Pis tols. Fifis, bufl'Gloves, nt tho Vnriety Slorc. PANGBORN it BRINSMAID. SKl'T. now Go IO. 181 0. AT HOWARD'S. Tho ioiIs now' receiving nt (hoChcan Cnsb Store. of improved qualities, were obtained under the most favorable circumstances just os the whole of York City was in extacies at the result of the Vermont News, indicating a brighter dawn in the Agricultural, Manufacturing, nnd Commercial affairs of the nation ; and thev, in their spirit of rejoicing, sent back ns on carncM by Howard, tho most choice, beautiful, and useful of their Merchandise, that was suited to the ex altcd condition' cxlnleiating climate, and noble no cations of tho inhabitants of the Green Mountain State, where they may bo had by applvim? at HOWARD'S. rpOTIIE PL'BLIC I, Nathaniel Wright, of th JL City of Albany nnd Stale of New York, for my, self and Darius Buck, of tho city and State aforesaid Paltcnteeof Buck's improved Patent hot nir ( ork ng Stove, huvcaiithnri'od and empowered ,S. W Tnylt of thu Cifyof Buffalo, and t'ito aforesaid, ns our law ful agent of Vermont. All contracts made by him re lative to sale of the lights to Manufacture nnd sell said Stoves, in said Suite of Vermont, shall be binding on us. NATHANIEL WRIGHT. Albany, Aug. '23th, IB 10. frVAli persons desirous of obtaining the privilego of'.Matiufiicturing nnd vending Buck's Improved Hot Air Cooking Stove, in this State, will find the agent in this place until further notice is given. Biulinglon, Sept. 18-10. S. W. TAYLOR. I.,ucy Allen's Kstatc. STATE OF VERMONT, rpiIE honorable iho Piitrkt or i Ji Prrl ate Con rt for the Di-tricl of Cluiteudcn, To all per-on- coixern ed in the K-tute of Ln-v Allen, late of rTee-cvdle m the sin'e of New 'ork, ik-cca cd, GREETING. WHEREAS, George B. lsham, administrator of the esta'.e of .aid decea cd, iropo-es to render an account of hi- administration, and present his nc count luauisi suid c-la'e for examination and allow nic e :it n -e-ssion of 'he Court of Probate, to I choldun at ihe Register's if,e-e, in Burlington, on the second Wnlnc.sday of Novonil er next j Therefore, you aru heieliy not'itied to appear 1 efme -aid court at'thotinio mil place nlnre-aid, and sliew cause, it any you ,"-V -hv the -"""I '-r, 1- lla. ufSq,.clllI t.r( A. ,,.' 1310., O, t.l CHARLES RUSSELL, Judge. CUIEAPER and hcttrr for Ready Pay. The sub ' senber would inform his ciitoiuers and the pub lic thai on account of his los of tloods by lire nnd tho damaged one selling oil so cheap, his present stock is principally made fresh nnd select, and tho cloths being bought nt low prices can bo sold cheap. All kinds of clothing made on the shortest notice, Cutting done ns usual. All kinds of clothes cleaned of paint, grease, itc, and dressed, pressed nnd repaired in the neatest manlier and brought ns near n possible to their original beauty, and warranted without dam nee. Also on hand, (no waiting until New Years or running till day after Trimmings itc.,) Top Coats, Clo-ikes, Drcsa'nud Frock Coats, Pantaloons, Waist coals, Sailor Jackets, Buys Clothes, Flanncll and other shirt-". Drawers, Stocks, itc. Also all kinds of second hand Clothes, Hats, Caps, Boots and Shoes, Travelling Bags, Trunks, Furniture and all other ar ticles common and uncommon. Clothes or produco taken for pay. C. BENNS. Pearl St., Sept. 16, 1310. LY.HAN V- (.'(ILK are now receiving from Boston and New York, an exle-n-ive a-.-orlnicnt ofFall and Winter DRY GOODS, which they will cll fcr "stt, LOWER than have u.-er 1 clbie 1 e'en olli.-red 111 this marke. B irluigton, 0.:t. 0, 1S10. I'jlOK SA Ll:,.. Anu- of Land Lying on tho . Winooski Avenue-, one mile north of tin- village, 'fills land 'swell vatored, free from stones, has wood siiilicient for n family supply, border- on the lake1, and is every way an i-biriblu lot. For further partie'idar-tl iili-i-ril or-. Burling'oii, Aug. 12, IS10. rTMIF.O. A. PECK t Co. nt thesignof the Mo'rtn'Wr m J. have just ree'd a qunnlity of Cayenne lVpporof J t F.nglish importation. Constantly oh hand, Bombay ( Gum Myrrh, genuine Raybcrry Rnrk, do. i ovr- der, Jamaica G.ngcr Root, do. do. in Powder, Bengali and Ohio Turmerics, itc. itc. Sept. 10, 1S40. " USS IiI.'S STOMACH BITTERS. mnTLo Hi. I arc coiiqio-ed purely c f vug nl le ol the most inno- cent vet spoeilte virtue-'. 1 hev nie recommended par- ccilivei spei'ius; i,,.,,,--. 1 m.-i 1111 itiiMiuiiiiuui ,ai- ticiili'irly for restoring weak eontitiitinnf, clcan-ing! and strengibciiing the stomach, and increasing jhet b 1-. I'ever and ague, removing nau-ea, voinitfn lieart burning, weakness in thu trea-t, pain in..fl s'omaeli ami other symptoms 01 iiuinieiu-cnnu inuiges- lion. One box will tincture 0110 gallon. Price 25 ct. a Pox. ' Russr.t.i.'s Itch Oi;i.Mr.:;T. Tin's choice and vfo ointment I- said to I e superior to any now in 11 eror that di-ngiecable and loaih-omc d,-ea;C, the IT (ill. This Ointment I-so ecanam in its operation that no per-on uonUed wilh the nl eve di-order ought 10 Lo without it. It I- n remely for ciiliineous eruptions, -i-orbnlio a'livik n of thu head, oranv oilier treating t. l. ,-,n, .),...,. I,..,,,,,'.. ,'.. , 1... I 1,1.. I out Milieu mi-is ,,s,. .-.,,, u,.s . ,t Price 25 ct-. n 1 ox. f ' ASA ItUs-llI.s ) 1.1. i.ta i.Li. I'll. 1. 11 is 1 au, or i.iiiuijv t physic, for general u-e-, in on c- of Jaundice, morliiL' iliiv ol Hie .tomaeli nnd bowel., lo.s 01 appetite, lie, id brciith, costivcncs., Pile., nnd nil diion-os aru ing from biliar ilciangement-, al-o fur correcting the -tatc rf thi'llool, and eleaii'ing Ihe system "f foul and viscid humour-. The-e pills arc a mild eff iharu'c, prolm ing neither I i ns nor griping, nnd arc therefore a valuable and highly approied medicine, nnd iiie pronounced nssiiih I y llie nio-t di-tingm-lied pliysiciaii'-. Each box eont'ninmg 33 Pills. Price 37lc!..ul('x ' lfu...cll's eclcl ra'cdSvLTRitr.r.MOlXT.MnxT Ihia-1- nuiinclional ly the 1 est and -afe.1 lomedy cicrACt oTereil lo ihe p d.lic for lliul nb.tinn'e ihsonler SA JLT lillEl'M. Whcic oilier mean, have fadeil, it bassuc- cccdcl, an I the fact tint 11 has I ecu xtetMvely ii.od by eminent Practitioner- speak, vebuncj in its prnifc. It is i' ,ally cilic-acio'is 111 nil di.-cae of the skin, ' scald liead, ring worm , and ihciuo.t inveterate Itih,( 1V0. itc. Numerous ccr!iliiaie. might lo ohm infl I ut tho propritor choo-os that a lair trial -bo il 1 1 ojhc only oviilencc of ft- superior eU'cney. rneo ;,0 1 i'iV--A box. For sale by J. it J. II. Pock it Co., Then A. I., -I: ec Ci)....'ii of iheMorinr, nud Roli'ri M il'v. Ihiilingpui! Mr. C. V.. Mile-, and Hull & Coo' , Hiiu lurgh) S. H. Barne-, Charlo'ie) L.Jane , Georgia ; I.. Tyler, E"ex ) Fuller it II inMngton, Rii'hmrnd. Al.o, ly the driiSD's-ts and merchants gtncrally throughout Ihe state. o2.9m llii am Clark's Hstntc. STA'fj: OF VERMONT, 1 milE linn, the probate y Di.r. cr CitiiTtsnrv, ss. ) .l court for tho district of Chittenden, 10 nil per-f n coneerntxl in the estate oS Hiram Chrk In'c nf .Milton in .'aid di-tnei, decca- cl:4 y giccliug. Whereii-, Ebj'ih Hcrrick and Linns Bns- comb, c.vecuti T- of the lasi w ill of said din-ca cd, pro. . Iio-c to render nn arcnnnt nf their administration, and 4 picenl their iieeouni ngai'n.l said osta'o for camin-'-tion and allowance, nt a .-non ol the court of prolate to 1 o holdcn ai the Reg stcr . oflieo m Burling'on, oni. thceeond Wednesday of Octolcr noM) therefore, yru arc hereby noihic1' t appear Icfotc mid courl, nt Ihiw time and pln.v aforesaid, and show cause, il nnv yon ' have, why the luvounl nfnro-nld -ho'ild not I 0 nlfow'od.'' (Vivcu on 'er mv hand nl Burlington, llu 2;id day of Sip cuiber.A.D. 1SI0. s31 WM. Wl.SiTONReg'r. STATE OF VERMONT, tlMlV. Hen. tho Pro Dtvrr.KT or iininrMirx ss. I 1 ate cmirt within ... and (or the Mi-lriet of Chittenden ! 'I'd ihc creditor-, nud oihers c nivrnd in ihc o-in o of Hiram Clark, Inter! Milton, in said Mi-iiie', dciva cd, RucKllNa WHEHFAS, Eliinh Hcirak mid Linus Bascemb, osecuiois il'lho la -1 will and tes-auicnt if nlid ile-t-cntCsl, Imih ma 'c nppliciition lo this courl, 'o extend tho time limned for timkinir payment of the debts nnd legueiOs ol -nid dcioascd, twelve moiulis from the PJihihiv of Noveinlcr next, nndihe 2d Wednesday ol'Octofcr next 1 oing ns-ig. oil for a bearing in ti picmio-, at the Olileoof Ihc Register ofthis court, nii'l it hnvimt I ivn ori'cicd that notico llitreof lo given, by put li.hing this dccric three weeks iiuvess sivcly iu'tho Free Pro-s a newsimpcr printed nt Bur Imiilon, I efore llio liiiHl lixed for hearing) thi-rcfl-re you mo heieby nntillod to 1 cfnre afd court at iho iiniu and place aforesaid, then and there, to make ol-jcnon if any you kavo, to the said tunc of pay ment hems furi'her ex cndoJ as aforesaid. Gtvrn nn rlr mv hand at Purlingim 'his S3) dav of Sent I 10' ,. .,. -, niy- 7 )n,rfr J 5

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