Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, October 30, 1840, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated October 30, 1840 Page 1
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NOT T II I! GLORY OP O S A II DUT TUB WELFARE OP ROME. BY 11. Ii. STACY. BURLINGTON, VERMONT, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 23, 1840. VOL. XIV....No. 20. TVTOOKI'rf RSSLNCF. 01-' 1YJL L1FK. A. Valuable Medicine, which, ii' rightly applied, will le Iho means ot avinu- thousands iroin an untimely grave. It ha, been sold and ti-od for thirty years, with success, ami fiimul very cllirueioiis "in t lie following disease, viz. ('imu.nption, Wlmopinq Conali", com imm Cuiii;h( (Vd, tlilhVnll tliuathiiitr, Inllueuzu, Quinsy, Asthma, Plithiie, Spilling of Blond, Flatu lency, Indigestion, Looseness of the liowil', Fit-of ..v..,. t.inil. (Valium. Coin-. (Jalarrlt. Dv.-on- tarv, Fainting, Hypochondriac Allbi'iion-, Headaches, Siekneut Siom.ich, Moali", a preventive of Con tagion disease, Ooul and Kliciimali.m. tCj'l he above Medicine i prepared l.y Henry Sey mour, of Iladlev, Ma. from the Original lleeipe, by thedirejtiim of -aid Moore, ami sol I liy him and the principal I)rnggtt in the UnitcdStati's. Sold whole-ale and retail, bv J. &. J. II. I'oclc Co ami 'I'ht'O. A. Pool; it Co., liiirlmgluii, anil hy the 'dealers generally throughout the eo.intrv. OCT. MAUSHAIilS Ariiimtie, Calurih anJ Heailache S. I 'IT. Thi Sim l'i superior to any 'thins vet known, for removing that Irottblesoiiie dis 'eve, the Catarrh, ami nl-o a cohl in the Lead, and the 'headache. It opens ami purge out all iibliuctioii, Micilglhens the land..,aiid Rive a healthy aclion to the parts aliened. It t perfectly tree from any thingdele terioiii in il cnnipo-ilion ha a plca-unl llavnr, and its inimedialee let", afier leing u-ed, is iibgree.iblc. PrieoOO cent per bottle. .,,-..,.,.,, Don. .Marshall's Vegetable Indian lllack PLASI Lit. 'I hi Plaster i unrivalled for curing i;rol.i!oiH swel ling, Scurvy Soic. Lame Dark, and I re-h A omuls i pain-1 in the side-, 1 1 - and Limbs ami seldom fails to give relief in local Itlnviriiat i-m-. If applied to the will cure manv of the eoininon Liver Complaints and i e.pial, if not -'nperior, to any dung in u-e lor corns on the feel, the virtue-' of this I'la-ler have Icon wilniM-od by thousands of individuals in the United Slate, who'havele-te.l its udicaoy. Sold by the pro prietor', Chas. Uowcn, Middle!. nry, Vt., and Tnco. A. Peck & Co., Hurlingnui, Vt. .H'HJ TsiiASICS OV TJ1H I.UN(JS."l)ccicfi;dly the. ti- t piptil.n i ftiiHilj L'tci known 111 Amnir.i Vegetable Pulmonary Jhilsam is the mint valuable crmril) now in life fui cuiih,rlil, nflhttia or plillitidc, coiiMiiiiption. whooping rough .mil y HlTrctiiiii of ever) kind. Il u.i'e id iUt.tdily hictfimiiR. and lite prupiietuM are euiiji.inllv iccrivhti. ihi' ni'it-t f.ivoinble flcciiiint of iisclferl. 'I lie following new ccrlilic.tlea ai c offered fir puhbe r.iiiiiiiiilinu. An IttTKiiESTiNa Cask.. of .. letter fiom Mr i! S Clay , King. nut, Ulmcr rt., N. Y, 10 lie proprietM. "Vents uf the Dill nisi, was duly lec'd. A rrnntk.tble erne elfecicd by the Veg-ttiitile j'ul. mon.irj'.un in iIih ninier 11ml pi iin; id 1S35. The (.eiium, iMr. iMomlv, been . "irk 11 ong linitf uilli iIib ci,ii8iiiiiiiiiin. Mis plijfii'inns gneii him lip. He was icilueril low hi! 10 be ninibli' 10 help lilin-clf, and w.m ramus 11 l.nitn ipi.inlilv nf liluni! uhen he ruinmciieeil iijinj ilm lt.ib.itn, wlmb ha cfl'ccied a eumpletu line, anil be m ihv iif b ile and he.irl) at i'er be wiii. Air. .Mouib leinmeil fiom lhi low 11, but lie lim prcmbcil inc a nunc detaibd acroniii of bis cine. huh I "HI fui ward "ii. U. S CLAY. Kin-mon, N. Y. June 25. 1S:53. Kxlraet uf.i teller finin Dr. J.irnli MjerK 'I be Vegetable I'lihiionai y llal-nin lias bein MM in lliis cniinl) for iwnyeaii", aiul llie uie liciun lias cabled 1111 (iiiriiininoii celebiil), fur it -rauely in one in-laiicii filled 11I h u inj llie'ilt-iied itTcei. 1 am b 1 eans in fnur of the many uui-iitinis, nin.t ul whirh an; ini linsiliuiH upon it cieiluloim pnblii', bill that which 1 Vuow by use. In be edic'tial, 1 ranimi help bin ai" m iippiobiliuit llieietn. A niunieifeil ptep.tiiiliiiii hi been nfl'eieil beie by m ii.iM'Ibnj Af ul. "f Cnmainrk, N. Y. and theie 'n' .inmlier ai licle endud tit 1 e that i alrungly uH'Cieil to be Fpm inn. Jacob Mrrtts. M. I). Il ifilliiQinu, Juniata co. Penn. May 3, 1SH7 K111111 Dr. .Samuel Muifcll, lu the 1'iupi ienns nf llie Veae tMlile I'ul ai) lial.ani. I am sal u lied llial the Ve- teliible I'lilimma-iv It.iij nil i a alu:b'e luedi i-iiie. Ii has been used in 1I111 place with rmnpleip snrcess in im olulin tie couiplaiiil ol the luui;', aiieii'led uilli a sfteie ruuijb, losn uf mice, nud ihu r ii-mj of iniii'h blond, which had pieii.mslv n-'isicJ many appimed preiiip it. Abrr iiiiig Hie ISaM.nii one wu h, ine psl it'll 's voice leiuiiit d and he us ubli; In ppc ik audi lily. This ca oernriril senile lime since, and llie mail is nutv engaseil uol only in iiriive bill labnrimis biifine.j. UeMiixiliilly, &e. S. Moitum.L. Ii is imw mine 1l1.1t, six years since I was himialil verv In" by 1111 iiircciiiiu of llie hinj;, and 1111 runipkiiiii was dei lai'ed to be iiieuinble bj 11 council nf llnce phy sicians. I was llien It'-liiml in iisgim I heiilih a- I hud ettji))t'd fir many years, b i i the Veuelable Pill miinarv Itabaui. .Since iny lec.mery I liave leciiui mended I lie ItaLniii in a many cifcj of lung cnnipl..iiits, and sn far as I can leant, its me Ii is ill i.iriahly been fidluvM'd by much bent fit, and in 111111) iiisliiucie it lias cffcciul cinca "hicli "en- vthuliy iiuex nrrinl. SAMUBL CVKUE'rr, ISueion, March 2. 1S37. Vor sale, whulesale and leiai', by J. J. H IPBCK t Co., ami TIIKO. A. PECK & Co., llur 'liugliin, Vt. SHKItMAN'.S I'OOIt MAN'S PIiASTEIt. The Lc-t slrenttlhenini,' plaster in the world, mid a sovereign remedy fi r pant or weakness in ihu bnek, loin-, side, brca-t, ncek', I1111I1-, joint?, rlio:iinalim, lnmlai;o, tie. tit: Unc million 11 year will not supply tliedeinaiid. They roipiirun lililewarminjrl.efoiL' up. pliealion. Wnrrn'iilod superior to all other, and for one quarter tho nnal prieo, inakinjr not only the Le-t, Imt the i'lieapet plaster in the worm, it anortis renei in a few hours, and makes 11-loiii-liiiitr enrts. In liver complaint and dyspepin, it -diotild I e worn over the region 01 1110 liver or sioinaen, ami 11 win iimiru reiit and n-tonMiinir relief. In eoiif;h,eod, a-thina, ililll enltv of hreathiiiL'. oniire-sioii of the c.he-t or stoinach, iney will iniiiieiiniieiy sooiu, nmi renny leneni nit palienl. Per-ons ol seilentury halnt, or'thtxe oblijrud to stand iiineh. will receive decided support from one of the, e truly, strenirllienina piasters. Physician Ken erally reeoiiiineiul them, in 'preference In all others,! e mum! they slick or adhere I otter and a'l'oril greater reliel, in tneir operation tney nre siimiiinm. nunc, and anodyne. They are composed of entirely dillerenl ir.predien't from any other; and known from the ex perience of millions, who have used them, a well n the muted testimony, of nil the celebrated and ihstin Slsliml clergy and phyieians, to lelhe most iisffiil and hiL'hlv inedieated tila-tcr. ever inventeil or ollered to the ptih'e. Several person have called at the ware hou-e to expre-s their snrpri-e and thanks nt the nlmo-t miraculous cure. these pla!cr have elfecled. One man who hail I een so all'ueied with heiiinatisin, a to be unable to tires himself without assistance, was enabled after wearing one, only one 111'lit to sol up nloim in tho iiiorning, put 011 In clothe and call at our olllce with eyes l.eaiiiinir wilhjoy uml lil-s tunmic pouring forth llie Kladne- of his heart, at the sudden and signal relief he had received from tliisle.-t of all remedii!-. Ask for Dr. .Sherman's Poor Man's Plaster. It is so called, 1 eeau-e the price places it m the power ofall to purch.u-o, I eins onlv 12J ct. Ho'd at the va riety store by PA-NOUlillN & UltlN.SMAll),, Jewellers, llnrliiif;lon, Vt. N- ArUIUiVS" (ilfANT) "KIvSTOliATlVl-r" Thi valuable Vegetable Medicine stands unrivalled for tho following complaints, viz: Dy-pcp-ia, or linli gcstton, disci -oil l.iver, bilioiisdi-order-, Dropsy, A-tli-111a, Cosliveue-s, Worms and loss of Appetite." and by cleansing the stomach and bowels, cures pain in the side, vtoinncli and breast, cold and cough, of Ions staiuhm:, lloarsene-, sliorlncss of breath, Nervou. complaints, etc., which are frequently the eject of dis ease, l'or Keverand Ague, it ia mot valual le pre ventative as well as a sovereis'n remeib. It virtues surpass any tlunit heretofore known in removing St. ilns' Dance, two bottles have I een Known to curt this .ttllicliii'iili.-case, after bavins I allied every exer tion lor four years. It ha a mo-t powerful influence in removing nervous complaint. It is pleasant to take mid -ocasy in it operation, that it may I i'iidininilered to the inlanl Willi saleiy. I lie aiane .neiicnic i very Ii if s lily lecomnicnded by many -eiculiiic ;roulleincii, and a l.irsre iiiitnl cr of ladie-, who li.tvc tirovcd the virtiin of t lie Medicine by personal ns" and that of their lam Mies. . mil 01 cerinieaic. acei mpaiiie vaeu ionic, Willi directions. It innv le had whoie-alt! or retail ol S. Hrilaui, Dane, nnd'J. ( I'arnain, Kat Williams lown, Vt. sole proprietor-. Prepared from the origin al recinc : for sale hv 1". II. Prentiss, Mnntlx'lier. and J. .t J. II. Pr.cK it Co, and Tiiko. A. Pr.cic Co., Ilur- liiilou, ami 111 the principal town 111 the stale ; an ilirejtioiis si-rued 111 the baud writiua of the proprietor-. .d llliTlMAN'ri "Vt)IOI i.)'HN(iL:!5 wretlie sricatcst tli-covcry ever made, for dispelling the va n'oiis kinds of worms that so freipicnily and ili-lrcss- siuily annoy hotli 1 hiliiicn ami a-iult. I hey are an! remedy, and -11 pleasiut to the ,se that children will take them a- readily as a common pop perniiut lozeime. Many ih ca-e". ari-e from worm.-, witlio it hi I eing suspccie.l. Sometimes a vciy troul le some eoni-'h, pain 111 the joints or limbs, -ijiig ai the iio-e, tVc. are occasioned ly worm-, and can le easily cured I y thiscclcl rated niclicinc. The follow ins ymptoiiis indicate the presence of woriu, vi . headache, ertiao, torpir, ih'sturled ilrcaiiis, sleep I ro'..en o.f l y fright and scicunini.-, eonvnlsion-, le verishnes, tbir-l, pallid Iipc, I a I la-te in the 1110 ith, ol.'en ivc licam, co iv'li, iiiilicult I real tiiinr, iii'Iiiiil ;tl the no-e, pain in the stomach, nausea, voraciiv. Icaiinc-s, tciie.mti-, ilcluni.' at the nu is towards nialn. ami at lensth, tlete.'lioii and film and 11111CU-. One is a tlo-e for a child two year old two for one four years did lire force-lit years, ami live for an adult, and should I e repealed every morning, or iverv other inorninir until relicveii. :t 7 Sold at 1 ho Vane'.v v(,re hv PAMilSOKrs it Dlll.NS.MAlD, Jcntltett, ll irlinirlon, Vt. TNniIll--ASK 'I HOST. WHO KNOW. I I'l,,..,. mil. iibi.rkiiuw In liialnt inuueilialc titiscr -.atioit, can fui ill nny idea of the eflecls. of the pet feci .u..r ..fil.e iilinnsi n-like elites effected in cam's ..f Iiu.rl. I'.lt HIM AT1SM. all .S W K I. L I N G S, a lid ..11 ip,i,.iI I'aiss. mi m iller haw tu etc, by the 11 of Mais' Liniment, rind one hu has used il thai will nut laud il abme all linns 'p' 1111,1 t"J 1, ., r .nni.i l.e r.iiuid. .ri7"l'nr llie ichelul mitler inn litun itl beuiRS wlm may be ..filleted, 1 he )(iu In 11-k ...L ,,r ilm.e "I111 knnw i.sU the lion. At.KliKU I'ONKI IN, U. .S. Jtnlt-f fur thai ilislticl. lOsidius neat Anbi.tti, sk MATtlli w J. MVKHS, K-u. At s N. Y ll'k (Jell. DUKf UllKKS, Ilif of .l.lllllSltll ,.f ,1...... oPMil.-iufii knnw nfci'i's iiiictinii'iei. ntile.'lii all tuber icmeibes or .hvsici.iiis, ihiuish nice! tli.ii have been cuiid by llie use nl l' eeuillc'7fl' Lillimtnt. Til .t..tllils ofulltei petsints knnw kimilai cities. We appeal lu llien K-nse ul )U . .1.,-i. I111111.111 feelini;. !L7'ulii but duty y. ,,. .our fiifTerinii fellow-beinus to lei ihi Hi en fcuiedv be known. Speak of il then 10 all jiitit IiiimiIs -i t. : Jul iiiurb 11.1111 wlteie Hie iie"spacei rend, or "here re.ideis ate inciediilons. because so ....r,lii.s uriicles inc itdverii-eil lur ihe situie iiurpone. Tu buvers e say, if all v. ho hum used 11 tin Jmt iayil is beii'inil all piAi-e, then tin not lake it. The i.iooiicior will nut alluw this ai licle 10 be pud for unleM il cities, "hen all the diteciium ate billy 'lul jiv .t will .,m nne iifTerine refuse imw lu iry 11 ? Iflu An'rt lie oimIh to be pilied mute ..r his obstiuary than t.!. ti'Ttlr. Ilns nuld lifter consi ill In . re. . ,1.:. ,i?m..Ip. 11 iMi- he nni rninoclleil bv Ins seioe o moral -nl rrliisitms dun 10 tin nil in Ins putter lur the r iind inift rv. l'or litis purpose he would sonnet dewiie a fui nine, lit 111 serine . .1 ; dollar fur Ibless at licit'. vu.- any siikumaa'a coU(;n i.ozicn:i:s. AMY", thesafe-t, 11101 sure and electual rciiitsly tor Condi-, Cold.-, Consumptions, wlioopini: Coimh, Alhma, Tighlno-si of the Lungs or chest, iVc. tVc I'he proprietor has ncycr known an iiisiaiue when lhev did not give perfect -ali-laciion. Several Ihoiis ami lioxe have I icu sold williiu the last three mouth estoritt" 10 health, la'r-ous 111 almost every stupe u lOiisiiinption, ami lliO'C lalairmg miller inc mo.-i .111-- 11 issin-r co 1 an I coutrn-. 1 ncv 00 1101 eiioji. ami 1 hv inn iccOT' 1. 111 rcmier it eav, iroinoie ex nei in'rui int. nlliiv the tiuklins or irritation, and remove ihu nroxiniate or exciting eau e. They are made from a'combiiiatioii ol the most valuable expectorant. or couch medicines, and are undoubtedly superior to m-i-rv ihimr in use for llio-e complaints. Hundreds Upon ll lliurcil 01 ccriliu aic nine 1 ecu uiii:reii m im.ii womternu viriue-, ironi iiiu-w .ui; irai .-.n-n from an untimely grave, ant re-toreil to perlecl health by using iliem. Do-k. t'ne tozentre is a iio..t for an a'lult, and may 1 e repealed from three to si times adav, a-reri'lired. Children, eigltt years yean Id. half nf one: lour years a uuarler, and so in pro itorlion. erv small einiureii or imani win laKeiiiciu i est th.-sohed in a little water. .Should they act a an emetic, or produce naii-ea, llie iio-e 111111 1 e ics-enc. 10 what tin stomach will I ear. Half of one will een erally I e siillicicnt to take before breakfast, a the sioimtcb i ihcii more caM'lvsicliened. No ill cd'ects can arise from an overdose, a it will cause the sto mach 10 reject It i anil although not a ple.i-ant sen-n lion, will le found to Rive relief. Where there 1 much 1 in in in the brca-t or side, one of Sherman': Pisir Man's Plaster. should Le applied over tho part and worn till relieved. II allenile.l with coivone few cathartic or laxative Lozenge., or any mild cn thartie medicine, should l.e ti-ed 11 occasion rem 11 re. Sold at the Varielv Store, by PANGHOHN i , Jewellers, Iliirlington, t. Icyi.MPOUTANT CAUTIONpJ It is a singular fact and one much to be regretted that valuable medicines, U soon ns they become pop ular, and have received the test and approval of a discriminating public, lire uro to be counterfeited, and thus a bad and spurious article is immediately palmer upon the unsuspecting for tin: genuine. Tin has been notoriously the ease vritli nil popular tried and truly valuable mcdienes for years past, uud will probably eontiniietol e the e.iu for years to come. The bu-e and contemptible counterfeit in thi way meanly take ndvnulage ol all the c.lbrts nud adver tising used by the proprietor of the genuine article, to gel their medicine into use and deserved popluari ty. It i therefore not le theduly than it contributes Iodic safely of every honc-l individual iiilhoeom iminity to expose, frown down, and forever after DIS TIU'LT nil IIKAHTLISS INC5KATES who thus irre--iioii-iblv trifle Willi health ami life. le-THKUKKOUK TAKK iNOTiCK.fiiJ There i n icrson by the liatne of J. Ii. HOCHE FOIiT. now engaged in selling a Pill done ttji in boxe inexact and perli-ct imitation of the genuine INDIAN VKCiKTAid.!-: PILLS, with the onii-sion of onlv one word 011 the lloxe.- viz. Wnioitr. 'i'he Pills sold by thi Hochcfort arc evidently intended a a fraud tt nil imposition upon the eomiiiuniiy, or they would not have I lit mi done up 111 such exact imitation of the gen uine. This person i tall blustering with a great the atrical swagger. He was recently known us a very poor player in D.illimore, under the musical cognomen of Jim Hrown, and is about tVeuty live year of age' It i almost Icyonda doubt that he is supplied with the Pills Irom a l)rnggit lirm in this city, who have heretofore I ecu notoriously connected vvilh counter feit medicine. A soon as proof is obtained the foun tain head of this nefarious business will l.e exposed, that the community may slum them ns they would a serpent. IN 'I'HK MEAN TIME THfi PUM.IC AKL' CAU TIONED against buying WRIGHTS Indian Vixutaiili: Pn.t.s of eny one who doe not exhibit 11 certificate of agen cy igned by the agent for the New England Stale ami '.earing dale .-line January 1810. Also take par ticular notice that the following wording is on thu box es Wright's Indian Vegetable Pill (Ind. Purgative) of llie North American College of Health. J'ht Indian Vegetable Villi ate h certain cure for disease in ils every variety of form, because I hey iho intighly cleanse llie iionuicli and bowel', induce a pin per discharge by the liuijs, skin and kidney, and sti mulate llie blood to pmify itself- In other words they open nil lite 11al11r.1l diains, tin J leave NA1UUK the Grand Phyiician) ftec 10 drive disease fiom t lie body. The tibute ouilets, or drain", inc 1 lie coniniun sewers of the hud), lliiotigli which all mot bid and cer tain hiituois (the cause ol disease) are cnriieil off; and so hing ns lltey me all kepi open, and discharge lice I) tin If allolled portion! of iniiurily, llie hotly will cult, mine in hr.ilili : Inn ivlien fiom cniing iiuprnpei luod, bie.nhing iiiipuie air, sudden Iransiiiuns liutii heal 10 cold, over exhaustion or nny oilier cpttic, the bowels become cu.ltve, the pores ul 1 tic skin heroine c.lost d, or ihekidiieve fail In pet furtti I licit functions properly, the iiiiptirilifs u hir.ti slimild be drained bom llie body by there 00 1 let s, will lie letuiiied, uud cuiilimie tunc cituiulate iniiil the built becomes lilettillv loaded vviijt disase. If tin; channel of utir ini"hly rivets should become blocked up, would nut llie acciiinu'iileil ivineis find new mulcts, or llie country become iniindalej I Jttsiso with the In1111.i l h'uly ; i fl lie n.iiuinlihiiiiis bc- coiue cloyed, Hie siiitiaut nud coirupt liiiuiins milium venl tu Ihe varimis tonus ol ilifcii.e nu ll lis l ever, Small Pun, Measles, Khiiiiniiisin, Gutil, Apoplexy, &c. or Death will eul our fud'eiiiii's. Thciefute, tv hen sickness tit llie slttuiacb, pains ill the balk mill tie, ipm k pulse, bin ninjj skin, or any o hcr tinplea nil svuiplouis, indiciiiit dial one or mute of lite 101. 1111 al .bains aie mil din liaiging fterly, 11 ml the etinsli I ut inn i. iihiitn lu eiiniuiencf a stri'gte fnt the reslutii lion of health no time shnuld be lul in a'diiiiiiseiiii! fe v brisk du.ei nf lite Indian l'iiii,lile (Indiun Ve Ktlubte l'illt.) By so doiit", all the luiiciion uf ihe li'idy will lie lesluted 10 onler, rnd llie luul liiiuiins (the' cause of every inlbiinaliuu ur pain we mflei) "ill letmnediii su ea-y mid natural a manner. Hun H"-Ii- III tie irsiuieil a-if hy a cliaim. I'he itbute Pills maybe lukentit all limes inttl under At.l. cir- ctuiHiHiices. wuh peileel saleiy. 1 ney suit an com jinims itiitt till iigcs. tindaieiu ihe bunt in fuu-liiininii ns I. .ml : coii-i'ipienny lite can nentr iniurr iven inu mnsi delicate. Like our fond, they ate digestible; theiefoie lltey cnlrr inlo the circiil.nion and iinpntl nn etteigy to ihe I1I001I, itirh enables il lo flow with ftce doin quili' In the exlieniilics and consequently 10 keep llie puici nfihe skin o cn. They me true and pet feci purifieis nf ihe blnod : berattte ihey drain all cnniipl Ittunors fiom llial life givini; fluid. I'hey imparl sltenclli and Viaoi In Hie vvliale svslcui, iiml lliinr tl ficis are always beni : becaute lltey only icmove 1 1 1 ci 1-c- luumirs whiili inc opposed to heahli. I'liey aid ami until ove iliitertinn, and suutitl sleep fdlnvvs their use: Lecatise they cleanse llie sionuirli and howctsol iluis- ilttiiy huino'urt which 1101 onlv iirii.tie iiml excite LEGIST ATUItK OF VIIUMONT. , , Oct. 10. A.M. Senate. The resolution to ndjoiirn next Friday, was calhtl up by Mr Dann, opposed by Mr. Wouster, anil on his motion ngiun laid on the table. Mr. Under introduced a bill extcndiiiR jurisdiction of justices of the peace ill criminal cases tend twice and referred to judiciary committee. Mr. Palmer called up the hilt to rnisc juror's fees against which the judiciary cuiniiiiltee had reported, .liiil observed that lie deemed dm hill to have uierils, that owing to tho wholly inndiqitotu pay of jurors it had now come to this that it was often dillieiilt, if not impossible to obtain juries, and on thin account, mid tho injustico done those thus compelled to serve, he behoved it dine for the legislature to act upon the sub- Messrs clnrk and Wooslcr discussed tho bill, nntl on the whole, came to tho conclusion it was inexpedient to alter the law. Laid on the table. Reports. liy Mr. Clnrk. for claims, in favor of the hill to pay U. Piotpoint and others, for services in pub lishing thu revised statutes read a third time and passed. Ky the same, in favor of the bill to pay C. Itoodiich for publishing last volume Vt. Reports for towns, laid on the table, liy the judiciary committee ugainst the expediency of nltering the time of town meetings from March to November. Ity committee on banks, against the hill to authorize free banking the bill after being supported by .Air. Foster, was re jected. , Engrossed hills. Relating to tho listing of steam boat slocks etc. opposed hv Messrs llottimi, Eaton of Franklin, and Wouster. 'Supported by Messrs. Ad ams, Eaton of Washington co. Dana, Marsh, and pas sed. . Rills from the House. To continue in forco an act taxing Troy, read and referred to land tax com mittee. To establish a high school in Rakersfiehl read and referred to committee on education. To pay Enoch Pomcry 'i,E0 read and referred to committee on claims. Laying a lax on llrowninglon, read nud pas-ied. A bill to revive the act incorporating White hall and Rntlnnd Rail Road Company, read and re ferred to committee on rouds and canals. The hill granting a toll bridge to D II. Sumner, was taken up, amended and passsed. House. Prayer by Rev. Mr. Clark. Petitions nferred.-Of D M Ladd, to com. 011 It- Engrossed hills. To pny Enoch Pomcroy S2,50r continuing 111 force act taxing Troy, taxing lands 111 Rrowiiington, passed j incorpoiatingReadsboro man ufacturing company, laid on die table; establishing Dakersficld academical institution, reviving act tneor porattii" Rutland mid Whitehall rail load company, passed T discharging jailbond of Francis ! tiller, re- Vlill'cstiblishiiig boundary line between P.cnning ton and Windham counties, was read a second time and laid oil the table. , ,.,.., Reports- Hy gmcral committee, bills altering the nanu s of Harriet Flagg and Geo. llarier, ordered to a 3d leading', against the bill to furnish towns and probate distlicts with teviscd statutes, mid it wnsths ;;UD...i . n..nmt.i iiptitinti to orcscrvc fish m Mircws- bury pond ; against tho project to prevent the collec tion of debts due for ardent spirits, liy committee on education, on the subject of a ge;i ogical sur vey or tho slate, accompanied oy a nut .ippn'i'ii.i tiii" S'.OOO for this purpose. (G000 is the expense estimated.) Mr. Sprogue moved to iIimiiiss tint mil ; motion supporicu oy .uujs .i..k..m ,....., -- master and Hazcn, opposed by Messrs 1 Adams ot b. 11 r-limi.lh.r nf1. Heard. Swift. Earner of N., Sabii't, Coolitlge, anil Chandler of W. when the motion was withdinvvii i the bill was laid on the tabic ami made the order for to-morrow aiicrnoon. .Senate. Mr. Clatk culled up the bill to pay C. -!.. l. ,..l. it... .nmi.linSSlll. Mr. Dana iutroductd a bill to regulate tho union of school districts, nad twice and referred to committee on education. , . Reports.-!!) Mr. Eaton for committee on cdiicat on, in favor of the bill to incotporate Philip's ticadcmy at ii......iiiiv Vr Itiiics for coiiiiinttee on election, 111 favorof the bill to pay constables for returning votes for setiatois and electors; by Mr. Hates for commit tee on elections in favor of the lull to pay constables for reluming voles fur Senators and ib'Ctors; by committee on roads and cannls, tho tacts m relation to tho north mountain load, severally read a third time and passed ; by same on 1110 resolution rciaiiv to notice to towns before indicting their road, n lul cmhraciii" the object, read and laid 011 the table. pi,,. 1. ,11 , .,r.,i..nt frnndidciit attachments wa cal 1...1 ...,n -. lelialn arose llCtWCCll Messrs. Mi'JCI and Puller in favor of the lull, and .Messrs. Woostcr Palmer, and othets against it, when the same was ''' The resolution for amending the constitution of the I'liited States, so ns to restrict the Presidentnl term t,v vi.-ii-s w-w taken im. Mr. Clark moved to o,.,n,',d 1. itviim ,m -t vcarsfor that term carried .1- .'... 1" -it, I'.,,, 11, nf Wiisbini'loii co. 01)- ihe iieivuiis .ysteni. Inn pauilyzt! I tveaki n Hie tli l ' , . ' , j,.,,.,.,.!, ,,f (.,,. length, and sesiivcoiEaiu. lush hey pnsfess mi iney Rood , l. Woostcr, Clark, llottimi and others pinperltes llial can be claimed lor any medicine : nud . . of t)lu S111C .-,(,r w,iCM yeas and vwiai tns e,y ,v rh-iuie, ll isuucuy iinjuf nw v in use ilieui uiilumi benefit. Price 23 cents per l!ox, with full direction". Ofltcu and General Depot for the New England S:atc, No. lOfjTreiitont Street, near Court street, I)oton. The regular nppomied Agents can receive their sup plies of the above popular Pills, a heretofore, from llie only olliceand general depot for the New Kngliind Stale., lySTroniont .lrcl, Ro-ton. Pedlar or trav elling agent a ro not allowed to sell the genuine indtan vegetable Pills, therefore never purchase Irom Ibein, for If you do yon will lo sure to obtain a dangerous and eouiiicrfeit article. si 1 Tiuio. A. Puck vV Co, Agent in Hiirlinglfni, for the salt' of the Indian Vegetal le Pills, also, W. H. lloi.l.F.T, WillMon, Vt. ft heeoiintv ol Ltiiitudle, who is not, in their opinion union cctilial sclioul. for tlm butefit of iha lamer entitled to a vote m convcniion lor uiu county 01 scholars of tliose districts out ol which such school Washington 1 ami tliey tlicrclore iioiiitnalctl I In; 101 lowing persons to the joint asse Orson Skinner. Assistant Justice! Isaiah Silver, Shcrill ; James Pitkin, High Itaihllj John I.. I!ucl, State's Attorney ; George Wotthington, Judge of Pio- ate ; Joseph Howes. v in. ,. ClalK, .enaa ood, tail Coinniissioncrs. Mr C handlei uf . ollered a resolution to tet the opinion of the joint assembly, declaring in subsiaiicc, countv of Lamoille, is not entitled to a vote 111 llie convention for tlieeounty of Washington. Supported hv Messrs Chandler of fV.. Miner of the Senate, Fui- lain, Sabin an I Cults, opposed by Messrs lliickntas CJNl'EI'ONLV 5 Hitchcock' illd'l IlltlNriMAlD, i PORTA XT TO MOTH IltS ii YOU Nt; -L l'l'2.l AIjUS. Docts. UiivNOLUh &Iarmglet'h celebrated PILLS, or HEALTH RESTORATIVE for complaints pcctiliuiily incident to the Female Sex. 'Plus article is now brought before the public, under sanction of the strongest testimony, from those who have alike used it. and also witnessed ils uneouallid powers, in the removal of Female obstructions of the most aggravated and desperate character. These testimonials are not brought from tho ignorant mid illiterate but from Physicians and other Scientific l..r.msi. who bnvi! tcstctl its ureal virtues, and now have cninncifeiieil tins .11 ttcle, uml pin it up recommend it 111 their practice nuit lend to U the sane .....1 .iiii-.-. On not lie iiniioicil tiprn, vine ikies only will proterl inn it is the name of Cnmttoi k & Co llial it.tmo must be alwavs oil the wrapper, or vjii me clieaied. Do 1101 futgei ii. Take this ditec lion vviih ytiti, and iem by thai, or never buy ; for it is impossible for any oilier .0 be nne , Kuld bv Comslorl; Co. 2 Fleicher stiecl, N. Voik. M fortah OA'.r h 1'ASonoiih & UltlsaMAlU. rno the iiAi-D-ii i:aii:d otiikrs I IVes any know a neii-libur or ft lend who has been Raid, and whose head is now coveted with hue One whose roil was roveied wuh tltif Jit IT ihut.oli bruilietl eveiy hut.,-which has now van i't'e ifnli.ely ! Or nne whose hair, nl early use wete u , In- l.o now has no. it grej hair? Child, en T, se healls were roveied with sen, f,-l,ne l.atr would nol croiv, lii il aie "" grow mi; the lullefl flops r i air ! Some iiiuit be known lo moil perroui. niing havf been dune by .he use of ihe. 1 aim of Co. L ki Of "ft leaisiiinwib i I his 111 Hide, Ils demand r """r"""'-'' vh n Ii n.vrrrdun. nppu.ed by ...iitii..8 fur the Minr n, no e -tovv assail, d by i.hno.l inunbe, le.s musliro.m rraVh p.epa,n.i.,n..ha. will ruin the I, tt. if used .0 an) ex e . Can ttvi.c .ban lbe-e facts be wa,i.ed-.c er e""" 1 ., 1 i:.ji . .fn. imes nf icsnrc a. in ihn to ; ' , til IV , uiietiialli'd b any oilier ailiclc. Look .0 lliese littV thi. ariicle. Slay an I itcservc. your h 1 r ,yil...P.' " '"' 1 1!' in la.binniblH life I, ubes, all I lo Ibis me using il as the only " .1 n. 1 In, ii.ilsi. I.nm hall is vriv apt V 'f n.'il. Ladies, u" Iha II tlm of Co'umbla 'a tiam ,n s.vevotnse'ves ; . dta - - -u y"".til,"'b'e .tie- of "'"'". CAUI'ION l' I'' ItLULMIILRLD. Several ., 10.. ll.tfrai.l aM;"Mtl- Im bee.. m J- J '"T" S t Falls of N.aii tnd eveiy rn nd never im. the. a, licle t.iltesi it hal thai " ' .. I .. I,.,IU...U nmi rrl.ll . Oil V Hi ClO 2 I lelt lier Ktreei. n . nr. I 'HA IB Hull"110"! V by I'ANo'BOIlN and rWKNTV-FI vk ci:nts.-d. M. '. newly invenled Sniill'thc lestarti cli. ever discoverer, bv seiciuilii! men. in Liirope o America, for llie cure and absolute relief of Catarrh, Dizzmi's of die Head, Weak Kye, Nervous Headache-, Fallen Sickni'-s, Fit--, and Infants troubled m iih Sniitlli'.. narn'al shocks of P.tlv. ive. For sale whole-ale and retail, by A. HI I CIICOua cc Co., sole Proprietor, No. 117 Cenc-ei' si. Clica, and by their aut'iit throughout the I'uioii, In llurliiii;lou, J. & .1. II. Peck & Co. In v crueiinc-, hy J. 11. Ilowtiian. In Milton, by lliirnett ot csawyer. In Vieorgia. by Lo renzo Janes. lion. MILO L. IIKN.MVIT, llh Assistant Justice of die Supreme Ccurt. Windsor Count;;. David Pierce, ) , . . . , ,. Reuben Washburn, -usticon. Joel Lull, Windsor, Shcrill'. llaruabas Dean, High llnilill'. Henry Closson, Slate's Attornoy. Thotiiis II. Russell, jutlgu of probate for the district of Hartford. Thomas F. Hammond, judge of probate for the dis trict of Wintlsor. Wa tur Palmer, Llnihn et Duiiham. Simon Warren. jail commissioners. f ranklin County. SSC' iA-is.n..t Justices. Decious R. Hoguc, St. Albans, ShuruT. Pcahody ICcycs, High If nil if 11 Orlando Stevens, States' Attorney. Win. Bridges, Judge of Probate. Rates Turner, James Davis, Jasper Curtis, jail com- Caltdunia County, John Currier, Dmville, SlierilK Iiatic Dctiison, High llnilifl. RhssN. Davis, Slates' Atlorncv. Samuel U, Mattocks, Judge of Probate. Sainuel Sias, Salma Davis, George W. Draw, Jail commissioners. Orange County. aW''' Assistant Justice,. Wm. llariun, II rail ford, ShetitT. Abel Underwood, States' Attorney. Rum Hutchinson. Hi jli llailiH', Simeon Short. JudL'e of Probate for thsdiattiet of liradtord. Win. Hebard. JudL'o of Probate for the district ol Randolph. I.eiiiRiit itacon, Jason Steele, Jonn v. oiiiuii, jau conimissioners. Washington County. A nomination in the regular older was presented as follows: Horace IIolhsIer,Joseph Sawyer, Assistant Justices; John Starkweather, Slicrilf; Homer W. Heatou, States Attorney; Daniel P. Thompson, Judgo ol Probate; Levi Smith, High llailiH"; 'Ihos. Noedhnm, Silas C. French, Woostcr Spragu.', Jail cotninission crs. Another piper was presented, signed by nine mem bers oftho House fiom the county, scttins forth that the nrcccdini: nomination vvns made by the vote of O. W. Ruder, a member of the Senate, anil a resident to pay Kdwnrd H. Aiken 311 SO, ordered lo 3d read ing. Ily committee on education, tin able uport, concluding with u resolution authorizing the treasurer lo loan SiO,0CO of the school fund to the University of Vermont made die older for to morrow morning. Ilttalultunt. Fiom the Senate, in lavoi of restrict ing the Presidency to a single term, and instructing our representatives and .Senators of Congress accor dingly, laid on the tablo. Ily .Mr Hodges, directing treasurer to collect deiiiunds due the school fund adopted. The bill from the Sjnits, taxing steamboat stock, ovf. was ordered to a 3d readinif. Mr. Fisk nf W. Iilfived In nsrrin.lder lb., vnln VPS. tcrday taken, dismissing the bill in addit'toii to chap, VI of tho revised'sttitutes; agreed to, and ihu bill was mace the order lur to-morrow afternoon. Uncrossed bills. Relatimt to bills of divorce, sup ported by Mr. Chandler of V and opposed by M !. srs Swift nnd Clossen, When Mr. Heonrd moved to commit the bill to be amended by striking out the provision that, when the parlioj have resided us hus band and wife within this state one full year at any one time, a bill ofdivoreu may be grouted ; agreed to. when Mr. Hebard supported and Mr. Swift opposed the bill, end it wns pascd, ayes I'll, noes 00. Rills introduced. Ily Mr.'Viltis to pay John Drill, referred lo com. of claims ; by Mr. I Cozen authori zing a loan of 15 muskets to select turn of Albtirgh, referred to comtniiteo on tuilitaiy nllairs ; by Mr. Ad ams of South Hero in addition to the militia acts re ferred lo select coin, of one member from each county, ArrmiNoov. Senate. Reports. liy Mr. Ilottiim,for committee tin loads and canals 111 favor of thu bill to revive the act incorporating the Whitehall and Rutland ladroad company read third time and pissed. Ily -Mr. Claw ford for military committee against the bill lo repeal and amend certain sections of tho militia laws laid 011 thu table. liy the Name niiaiust the resolution re lative lo reporting a bill which should be a substitute tor our imiiiia laws. Mr. Whccluek introduced a hill relative to town re cords, tvvicu read and referted to mdiciarv committee. Mr. Kit in of Washington co. presented the petition of R. I-'. Abbot fir tny for Tuvklu rones and uranile usod for building tliu State House, and the same wis referred to lite committee 011 claims. The act extending the jurisdiction of justices of the peace in ciiminnl cases, was considered in the com mittee of the whole, dib'tted, and umi'titled; and lite amendments rcporttd, which were adopted and the bill nass"d to be englnssed. Mr. Dana, for committee on education, mule u re- poit in favor of a bill by him formerly intiojiiccd, to authorize adj iuing school district to'unile In forming re iioiiimaicti 1110 101- tirc lorincil, nnil to lie supported on the same pniici mbly: John Spalding, pL. f other disttiet scIiojIs. when Mr. D. 111 remarks 01 soul j lengiti advocated lite utll, slrjwmg inc tunny and public advantage of the measure propjsed. Mr. Wioslcr also spoke in favor the bill, after which the s ime passed lo be emito-ised. Hills, ij-c. From die Hou6c, a bill in 1 elation to divorce, read and referieil lo judiciary coiiiuiittic. A bill to pay for c.itain military services on the nothern frontier, rend and ref-rred to committee on finance. A bill lo pay Sila Wright -S'.'O for wolf bounty which he failed to obtain, rend and riferred to committee on finance. A bill to idler die name of Harriet Flagir, mid another to alter the natimof (Ituri'ii Harner.bolh ter. Ruder of die Senate, Vilas, Rice of Somerset, and ! read nud referred in iu-beinrv coinniiin e. A ioiut tcs- Sntilie, and tin; joint assembly adjoin net! to Inlf past olui'un fjr the collection of the claims ducthc school o clock Ilns aiicrnoon. fund, was read and cnuciiried 111. AITKUN-OON. 1 Im-sn- Till, stnnnln.r minimi toil the f.lllim-illfr pnlll. SK.vATr..Thc House resumad the consideration of , mittec on die bill lebtling to the militia : Messrs. Col the hill to raise juror's fees, when after ciinidcrnble by, Hastings of R. lliUmus, Siiiumils, Lee. liarncs of further debate between Messrs. Ivitsn of Washington county and Palmer in support os the bill, and Messrs. sutler, tnipiuan, iioitiiiu ugu 1 ownsiey ayaiusi 11, the sanm was rejected. Mr. Townslev introduced n hill lo repeal n part of the first section of chap. 13 revised statutes, read twice and rcfered to military committee. The judiciary committee on the resolution ior pre venting the udu of bunk dinners, reported, that ttaiiK charters could not be sold hut bv the sale of the slock and lcnU"li evils of ihiskiitd may have existed, they Know ot no wny to reach them. Adtl;on, Lvon of Colchester, Wells of Walnbury Mattocks, IlubbaiU of Franklin, Cleveland ol t ov- ntry, Fisk of Waterville, Adams of South Hero, Rurbank. On the petition of Jacob Dutton ; Messrs. Perkins, Town ami Odchiist. .purls. Ily select committee, bill fixing the town line between lirighton and Fcidiiiaiid, laid on the ta blo. Itv otncral coinmittce, bill for the relief of F.b- Rrowit, laid on the table. Hy committm of elections, that Samuel Kendall, the Pitting member A bill was. received from the House to incorporate 1 Mr. Adams of South Hero otlcred a resolution, d the Roadshow' inaiiiilacluring coiiipiny read twice elirinir tint Mr. Kendall is not entitled to a seat in explained ils provisions, nntl moved oh additional sec tion authoi'izing tha hank coiiiiuiso.oiier lo e.xuinuiu the hoiuls of the dircetots. and require udditionul St.- ctiiity 11 necessary adopted, .nr. Downer moved to iiuicnd thu lith section. So as to provide that no individual company or corporation (.111 lieu of tho worus -sioci. Holders, directors, or oilier oiucers, 1 shall be indebted directly or indirectly to thu bank 111 nny amount txcw ding live per cent of dm capital slock paid in. On a division of the question, tha house refused to strike out the words " stockholder, director or other ollicer," unit so the whole amend ment failed. Mr. Chandler of W, moved to amend thodOth section for a division of any surplus colloclod from the bonds of the directors, among the directors' instead of aniMii tho stockholdois adopted. Mr. Atjui 1 13 uf South Hero moved to strike out all the 25tli section exempting such binki from the payment of one third of one per cent, of its profits semi annually to the State, ns kept their bills at par in lloslon Nuv York or Troy under consideration when the Ho'uso adjourned. AI'TEnNOOV, Scnati:. Mr. llutb-r oil sred 11 resolution instruct ing our Senators, and requesting ottr Representatives! in Congress to rjsisl tho passage of any hw for es tablishing a nati mil batik, which on motion of Mr. Miner, was leferred to u sulect committee of tliri.o, who were appointed by the chair, and made to consist of Missrs. Miner, Rutler, nud Adams. llqiorti of Cummilhcj, Ry Mr. Short, for silect committee 011 tile communication of the Addison Co. liaplist Association, for the suppression of intcn.pQ ranee, that thu committee deem legislation on thu subject at this lima inexpedient, hid on tha tablo. Ily llie sainc, for committee on education in favorof the It-II to establish u high school at Halarsfield laid on the table. The Si'intc now wen! into committee of the wholn upon tho bill relating to banks, reported by tho bank coiiiiiutt"e, for lliepurpose of amending the same, and occupied the remain tig part of the afternoon on tlm same, v.hen without reporting progress, the sonata adjourned. Hot-Hi:. Petitions fftrrtd. Off!. W. Fostor, td. committee on roads and canals. lirsolntiuns Fiom the taeiiato, for adjournment of both House.) Tu. sday next ; laid on the table, 9." to 49. M . Pauliof Middleiown obtained leave of obsencu afler Saturday morning; ami Mr. Lewis of Wells alter to moriow morning. Hills introduced. liy Mr. Sabin, to extend tha right of tnal bv jury, "lu lug'nives front servico iri other Stiles, anil providing that all v.iits to arrest such fitmiives shall be returnable to the county court, and tiiat a removal or attempt nt removal Irom thu State of fiij,i ive bi fure trial, or in tie li.tuicofa dcrisiori of the court, shall be considered as kidnapping; refer red to the judiciary committee, isv .nr. killings, ia pay Cephas 15 iiluv 6-'5, '1j, referretl to committee ori military afKiiis. liy Mr. Warren, in nddit.on to tho militia acts, to the committee on military af fair. Ry Mr. Lance, relating to the militia, riferred to select committee on tnililia. The lloue resumed consideration of the 1 III relat ini: to banks, the question being upon tho amendment lo die 2.)th section, propo-ed by Mr. Adams ol South Hern; supported bv Mr. Sanborn, opposed oy .nr. Warner of iV. and negatived, :tyts;i9, noes 100. Mr. Cooliilcc oUcrtctl an amendment to the lSlh sectidn; providing that no individual, c nnpaliy or corporation, other than stockholders or ollieeis, shall be indebted to the bank in tin amount than la per cent, ot 1110 capital stock, exclusive of th posits Mr. Rice of Som erset, moved to strikeout Iiand uicrt 10 ayrccd to, 111 lo 10) ; nud the amendment of Mr. COol.dgo, asi litis amended, wa adopted. Mr. Downer ollered an amendment to the'J'lh section, rendered necc-sary by the above, which wns adopltd. .Mr. Cults moved to strike out the -list section -supported by Messrs. Cutis, Iluckmastcr, Chandler of W. and Loveland, opposed bv Messrs. Sanborn and Swift, and icjecttd; 121 toll." Mr. Similie ollered an amendment, lend ering the stockholders liable in their individual capa city l'or the redemption of the bill of the bank, pro portioned to the amount of the stock they hold pro viding that the stockholders shall be exempt front tins requirement, if the directors execute bonds for tho se curity of the lull holib-rs to double the amount of thu cinita pant ill : rctcctcil, ayes 01, noies i?. an. lion of their names, It is not intuiitled as many medi cines generally aro for all the varieties of disease, which it is the lot to suller under, lint it is intruded, simply for ono class of complaints, and those only re latniL to one se.v. These bcinc of rather a delicate na ture, there would bu morn than nit ortlidary degree of ttillltlenco in coming vviiu litis article iicioro me pitoiie wcru it not the fact that thousands aru coniitiiially nficuinrr frrini the strum nf action, victims tn dmease. whiclilhis niedieiiio'iiiis never failed to prevent or cure. Such has been iho provision ol Nature, tnnt nearly all die complaints of Females, ore connected in soniodegrco, with the habits allied to their sex. And manv can hear witness, where a mere co il at a liar- liciiinr stage, has prodticid cheeks, that tho hand of Scicnco and Skill, never has been able to dispel or nllcvinte. At first, the irregularity nntl suppression of tho natural habits pioiluces no very alarming symp toms, nni is treated ucucrallv with ncalccl. Anil proper nllcntion is pinerasihatcd until dm hollow eye, sallow complexion nntl gicat bodily debility iudicntc that cither rapid consumption, or some oilier fatal dicaso has fastened its resistless grasp on tho stiflercr which soon tcrinnialts existence, ny n imgeiing 11111 certain denlh. For complaints inevitably productive ,ifneb results this invaluable, medicine is now liroui'ht heforn dm public. It invariably removes obstructions and regulates a too profuse iiienstruration, nud cures hy its unequalled qualities, iiiiiuo varicij- ui ui-riiiiii'- II1CIII coiiiiecii inMiii inn i-uinum iiiiiui. 1 1 1 iiuiiiui nntl tlislingtiishcd Docl.J. Morrison, who litis prac- licnit nmi icino nt Uueiila, IN. ork, with tho innsl ma- nt necss for 20 years, Pays "It is tho best medicine now in use. Incases of it tcnlion, or suprossion of iho Menses, I think it will sustain tlm nppelntiim of a specific. I have, tried it in dm worst ensi- with input at inira i o succussi m " ", , : . , Fcn alcH, that all physicians would introduce it in heirprnclice, as I havo ftiund .1 answers beyond my u..nm.i.mrvneclnt bns." Ill Itsrlft'ct It is kind may bo taken without tho least inconvenience, as it is not cathartic, but tonic nntl aperient, y or ample par ticulars respecting its efficiency, .certificates or 1 ysi tians who havo witncssetl lis rfTccIs, antl of others, who have hem most signally benefited nntl restored t... ii- ,.-.Wrnen is now rifiercd to Iho nam- phlcts arcontpanying tho niethciiio, and to tho more particular evidences, in tho hnn h of tho subscriber, Solo Agent for the Now ' jj) w ''p'ljRi N' LTV, Wholesale Doslcr in Drugs, Jledicines, Paints nnd f)j StnlTs, No, 3 & 1 foulb fido ol'l rnnfitil Hall. liroitMS. WOIMIS.-Dn. M. Hitchcock Tt unrivalled and miequnlled WORM TF,., a snvereigu remedy lor w onus. Mrantre ami incredi ble are the edect of the.-e detestable vermin; few persons, nntl II is thought none are free Irom them, par ticularly leinalcs and children. .Many pt-r-on go ihruiiRh a tlbliessmg count1 ol niedicino without a lenclit. when lhev iniuht be relieved by iiuir the Worm Tea. This invaluable medicine has been tested bv tho experience of more than ten year use, nud administered to more than 1G.000 persim of various at:e, ami not one solitary complaint ; on lltu contrary hundred havo caned, anil uniiiiciicii, iriveu uieir ue cided preference, to it. after trying the di leient articles sent forth to the pubic, and pronounced Dr. M. Hilcb coek'. Worm Tea llie nio-i safe, ellectnal, ami con veuiciit remedy that can I e obtained ; for in no one of Ihu thousand of instances wheru it has Iccn ucd agreeable to lint primed direction ha il ever (ailed. N.ll. Ask for Dr. M. Hitchcock's WokmTba, a there are many notriiin nbroatl for ihoile-trnclioiiol' worms Ftirsale wholesale and retail by A. HITCHCOCK &. CO.. solo proprietor, 117 Cene-co street, Uiica, and by their asieuts tbrouirbotil tho Union. In lliirliuglnn, bv J. it J. H. Peck it Co.. and Thco. A. Peck ct Co., In Vcrgcnncs, hy J. H. Ilovvman. In .Milton, hy llurnct it Sawyer. In Georgia, by Lorenzo Janes. aug20 Hherinan's IJrcast Ointment, If apnliod properly nntl indue lime, will curetlio most painful cases of swcllctl breasts, and prevent the for iiialion of abscesses F.vcn where iho swelling has imbued nntl shown every nnnenraiico of hrcnkiiiL'. this ointment has entirely dispelled it, and restored the parts tn a healthy condition, in applying it, n smooth ami soft covering to tho breast should bo tnndn of soft leather, or fine compact liuin, with n holo in din cen tre to admit the niplo. When so mule, put a coaling of tho oiiilinrnl over tho inner surface and anidvit closely antl smoothly over the whole breast, leaving lim nitinlo nrnlriidiilfl throiich tho hole, so that the child can nurse, which it should do ns lone is tho mother can bear it. care, mould no taken tu havo tho breast drawn by tho child or otherwise, so as to pro ven! an accumulation of milk, Whenever tho nlas ter trots rinklcd. and then by uncomfortable, a novvone should ho applied, nntl constantly worn until a cure is nllccietl. It is sometimes necessary to slit tho sides so they will conform to tho shape of the breast, antl cover it rloscly. Ask for Sherman's breast ointment, antl hco that his signature thus, "A. Sherman, M. Ii,, is on ino wrnpper, nnno other can tto neniune. SHKRMAN'S PAPILLARV OIL Is tho only infalliblo remedy for sore nipples ever dis covered. Il will euro Iho must troublesome, ensps ttt n few days, without depriving tho infant of I ho hrcast warranted Miperior to all odier remidies when nnnlicil nceordiin.' lo tho directions on tho bottle. See dint tho signature of "A. Shtrmnn, M. ?.," is on the wrapper, nnno other is genuine, Bo rarticulnr or you will ho deceived and disappointed, .fold nt the Vnric tpror J'.VNCiHUH.N V nRv r-',MAr, navs bcinc taken, stood, ycas'-'i, nays t ; aim me resolution p't'scil. Hoc-kb. Petitions referretl. Of .Stephen .Sherman, anil of CO liiovv n, lo general com. Hills From the senate, taxing steamboat stock ordered lo a second reading. From llie senate, grant n mil l.riitm, m David H. Sumner, wuh an amend inent, placing the act under me comtuini .u.u.. ..v.. latures, which was concurred in. Relating to lulls ot divorce, ordered to a third reading. To pay for certain military services on the noiincrii iioiiiiet, miiiiuh.u bv Messrs Kendall Sabin and Iluckmastcr, opposed by Mr. Hod'c, on die ground that the application should be made to congress ; the bill was ordered to inent of firstsection I'M chapter of revised statutes laid on the table; hy Mr. liiictcnnsicr, to pay .nose.-, f't.iirM, r.-remul tn com. on iiidinr v aflatrs i by Air. Hen. co'mmittco; by Mr. Cults, relating to publishing die laws, to com. of ways and means; by Mr. War ren, relal.IlL' to Illllltia, to comillltice tin unuiaiy m fairs; hy Mr. Warner of N. to amend 7lht section B7ih chanter rev. statutes, tojudi iary com.; incorpo rating Kcadstioro nianuiaciiiriiii; i iuui.ui, l-'roii't the senate, to prevent fraudulent attachments, referred to judiciary com. Reports, liy com. on roads anil canals, bills grain-in- fcrrys to Tabor I. Sevvall, J. 31. Mott and Sally Soule. ordered to athinl reading ; against lull nlatiug to road in .Shrewsbury and it was dismissed, liy com. on IMucalioii, a hill appropriating tho income of the school fund to academies and high schools, vv Inch was laid on iho table. , , . . . Tho house procccdctl to the order of the day, it be ill" tho rcfolution that Horace Wardsworth (potma tcrUif North hero is not entitled to a scat in tin hoiio; the resolution was laitl on the table, to await Iho report on suii'iry ouicr piinmu "-a" Resolution. Hy Mr. Lance, for i adjournment of both houses on Saturday next, 1 P. M., laid on the table Ry Mr. Carpenter, fot a committee of three to cxaniino the state library, adopted. Ses-ath. Pravcrhy tho Chaplain. Mr Woostcr ollered a resolution instructing coniiint- ' ... rr.nrl n bill 111 ret 1ICO lltO CMlellSf of our militia system ; rejected, a similar resolution I....:.... i ...c.m.. in iii tarv coninilttee. Air. i.i.i,',.,ii:.r,l n ri.snlniion Secretary of Slatctoexchangoany volumes ot i. nii. - office nr others vvhicli it may he advantageous to pio cure icferrcd to coinmittce on Imaiico. was taken up, debated, and again laid on the tablc.v Tim hill in i raise juror's fees was taken tip, when Mr Wheatley moved tn nmcntl so a to put tho piy o. itirors in iustico courts at ii I cents per nay ami m conn ty cniuts at 81 23-holhbill anil nmeniinicnis oppnsrti hv Messrs 'Lovvilley, Voostcr, i.inm, I'nun, su. ptirletl hy Messrs Rates, liaton of Washington county ,, , ..miniiininn finance, ncninsi innniii tn pay luck to .tr i iiamii tiain. j' !',, licenso innney hy him pant; urn tnnt on me ......w llm'sfi.Prnvcr hvMr.IIaiihug. P, Mian referred. Of selectmen of Lemington, to f .nmi M'nv cn'lll. Reports. Hv tho Treasurer as to the indebtedness of tllo hanks, that their is no indelileilness, save as to percent, duo Iho sl.t o on tuvi icims, nun ........n.. Imt ono in-tniice of tluit, viz. the bank of llciiniug tu in ; which wiihhobls tho payment on a construciinn ol dr i J, ,l.n frensitrer nntl bank seem nol tl) nt-rci-referrcd Iri com. of Ways anil. Means. Ily com. of Insolvency, ngainM bill m adtldion to chapter -12 of tho revised statutes, nun n wit- iiw . '".J..rr.i..i.. n.lMinr to bo i bsc target from tho pc- tiiinnnfSylvaitus Ripley; after soiiuj disftissiou by Messrs llaxtcr of Hurhngtnn, Chandler of Pcachnm. Colby, Huckuiattcr, Swift, Warner of N,, Hebard nntl Hazt il, tho report of the com. was agreed to. Ily com. of Ways and Mf-in", hill relating to state prison ...n.ll. Air V eve and moved an ! r.T" "i.:... r . ,!, sa arv of tho mipcrilltciulent at i-V-OO, instead of S750, as proposed hy tho coiuuiittcc Inll nnd nnicndment laid mi tho table. Hy com. of Claims, against hill In setlln iho nccount of Lebbfiis i;gcrtoil,nil(l It wasninuiiarcui nut ih '...(," TboS mto came in and tho joint apscinhly made the (ollowint; n'ioiutineni' and referred to committee on maniifietiire A joint resolution was sent from thu Ilnu': for ap pointing a joint coinmittce to examine the library, when Messrs. I'nlon of F. Rutler nnd Miner were appointed as saitl coinmittce on the part of the Senate. .Mr. .Marsh, tor land tax commute", reported in l.t- vor of the Hoitsu bill taxing Troy, and the sauu was read and pncd. Adjourned. Hook. The Speaker appointed Messrs. Carpenter of Orange, Warren anil Kmmian on the joint com mittee to examine the Slate Librnrv. The lull to nay Silns Wright 320, for killing a wolf, was ordered to a third reading. The Senate came in, and thu j iinl nonibly re sumed consideration ot the resolution relative lo the light of .Mr Under to vote in Washington eo' lily con vention. The icsolnlioii was supported by Mcssr. Dam of llie .Senile, Warner of New Haven, nntl Coolidg ; opposed bv Mei s Vila, Smdie, llncknia- ter, l-.iton, (.senator) ot Washington county, run adopted, ayes 173, noes (17, Air. Ruder of the Senate being excused from voting. The stibicct of nominnfons for w nsbngton cn'inty was then left for further action hy tho Washi iglon county convention. The following appointments were mode : Orleans County. !Sa., (, Justices. Merrill Williams, Greensboro', Shcrifl, Chcsttr Carpenter, High Ha'diH'. Samuel Sunnier, State's Attorney. fleo. Nye, Judge of Probate. (ieo. Worthington, licle T. Jones, Litko Spencer, j-ni coinniissioncrs. Grand Isle County. Calvin Floiobcr, ssif,at Justices. Joseph M. Mult, ) , Oarv Whitney, SberilV, Pardon Dm I. 'High P.ailiu". I'rcderick, Stales Attorney. Joel Allen, Judge of Probate, Win. It. Rttssel, Llihu rartts, Jcs.-o iiazcu, .-an cotniiiissioncrs, ... , C. L. KNAPP, l.q. Secretary m aiatc. ii . i Knapp lfid, J. T. Marston -10, (;inrles uavis ;, .ntiin L. Ruck 2, F. F. .Merrill 2, A. L. Hrown 1, P. T. Washburn 1.) . , , , Petition, or Charle Oreen and others, referred to commitei' on military affair. . Resolutions. Hv .Mr. Vilas, to ascertain thenuio int of thu school fund ;' adopted. Hy Mr. Chandler ol W . to provide for an immediate sctlleiucni oy ine treasur er with Lebbcus F.gerton, nccording to terms ol the contract made vvilh him as to Ins coiupcnsilion ns uperintendaut of the State House lam on ine lanio. if,n,-u lie contmiiicc of claims, asking tn be discharged from tho petition of Samuel O. Richardson and cuhcis; agreed lo. Rills inlmttuceil. liy .Mr .iKen, lo pay Man llavley, 327,70, referred to committee on military affairs. ... w rnNiisinv, li-t. ii. Sknai"..--Tito hill taxing Hrowiitngtun wns lead a 3d time ami p.Tsiil. , Tho petitioiiofsiinilrvinhabitantsnf l'crnburgh for tho abolishment of capital punihnieut for crimes, wa present! tl, read and, on motion of Mr Under, riferred to n select committee of three, and a further motion of tho suite gentleman to instruct sml Com. to report a bill embracing tho object of thu petition, after being opposed by Messrs Townsley, Woostcr nntl others, vvns wilhdinvvn. , , Tim bill annexing Acton to Townsend was taken tip and recommitted for amendment afterward, re ported, amended and passed. The bill to require notice lo selectmen of towns be fore Indicting their road, was taken up, opoosed by Messrs Marsh, Wooslcr, Miner, Adams, supported by Messrs. Ilntiuni, Dana, Under, Short F.nlon of W., Harvey, amended and laid on tho table. Reports. Hv Mr. Oilson for committer- on bills ilinileliveiinir "of suiidiv hills to the flovcrnor. Hv eominiltei! on banks, a 'bill relating tn banks, rend Iwien nnd laid on tilt! Ill I P. HV judiciary committer in favorof tho lull to extend the jurisdiction of justices, with amendments. Messrs. Under, F.iton ofFr. and Ilnttuin were ap- pointed a committee on tuo pennon to nuousn punishments. Il...r Pr river bv Hpv. Mr. Krlloi'c. Pitltians. Of Hetnan Rariiuin, ngiintit capital nnnisbnn and referred lojudtcnry coniiinltcc of Win. HinRhaiii, referretl lo (Icnernl cnnnniittHi ; o; liaplist Snto Convention, to committm nn licenses I of Joseph II. Dutton and others, to select committee ol three. R.porl. Hy committer1, hill, to prevent damage fid n lumber on Cnnncciiciit river, ordered to 'lil leading! altrnng name of Lu in Ann .Moorr, or dered to .iit nailing; against nny alteration of laws rclaltiiEt) pedlars, and tho Houo conctircd. Uv Land Tux committee, against a fax on Fayston and thu House concurred; bill taxing Worcester, ordered to 3d rending. Hy Judiciary committer, bill nnieiul lug chap. R'J of tha revised statutes, ordered 2tl rrndinp Ily romniittu on military nl)airt, lull to pay Kiah liny. Icy ordered to 3d reading; against rcduring the number of tiiiliti. I ajatnst lull to pity Moses L. Church snd t vvns dismissed. II)' committee of Cluinit, bill this Hnnt.s laid on the tnbl. Downer inovcil an .tuicndmeiit to tlie 21st section, striking out 1-' per cent, interest after the rcusalof a inni; to redeem it notes m gold or silver, ami requir- Jlifrossed bills. To pay Silas Wright S',0, (101 to ing 10 per cent, damages tobe paidoti the demand and I i ;) to pay 313i,71 for cerlnin military services by I'i , interest al th Reg't. 1st lirigadi'. 1st Division; on die northern fron tier; changing die names of Oeorge Harper and Har riet Fltgg: severally pnsed. Mr. Heard called up die bill appropiiatiug S'iOOO for a geological survey of die stale, nnd it was onh'ied to a 2.1 reading. Mr. Rice of Somerset c.ili-d up the hill fixing the boundary line b 'tween li.''.i:iingloti and Windham countici and it was amended ami pas-ted, 3-1 to '.VI to a 3d reading. The S mate return-d tin bill nun'xing Veton to Tinvnhriiil, vvilh proposal for amendment, which were concurred in. R'sohitions. Hv Mr. Robinson, instructing the judiciary coiumiltec to inquire inlo the expediency of changing the lima o electing town olliccrs Irom March to Xim-inbcr; rcjerl-d. Hy Mr. HI t.lgett.for the publication of the proccetlmgsof the joint as-ein-bly yestetday in the journals of the Houe; aineiided s l'a's tn in-linlo all appointiuenis by the j)int asem bly, and adopted unanimously. 'Rills introduced, diy .Mr". Chandler of W. to piy Xaliimi Haskell, ami Augustus Palmer, leferred to coininittii of claim; by Mr. Leonard of C. extrud ing the jurisdiction of coit-t:tble, referred to judiciary otiiiiiiitei's by .Mr, relating to the silo nf spirituous Ii piors, (no action tobe iiiamlnmrd for li tiuors sold bv small measure afler the first uf .March next,) referred to judiciary coinmittce. TttiiisnAV, O.-t. 'I'l. Sr.vvTK. The resolution to adjourn the Legislature w.n called up, and, having been pri vioii!y amende! by fixing Tuesday morning next at ." o'clock, was al ter sonic desultory debate dually adopted. Tho report of the .Superintendent of the State Prion, of Asylum for lnane, Ilink Coiiiinissioiwr and Inspector, Quarter Mitrr General, Revising Comniitlcr, itc, were rceeivid and referred to the ap propriate standing committee. Tit-! bill relating ti indictment of highway va cillr l im hv Mr. Dana, when another spii itcd debate arose on ils' passige, .Air:.. Dina, Palmer, Hiitlcr, S.vilt, I-. ttott nl vv.. mid M -sr.s. i nru, woostrr, i-.a-ton of Franklin Aim -r, .Marsh, and Townslev, oppo- ig U pisi-cd. 1 1 to l.i. f.'iigrmfff Hills.. To extend jurisdiction of justi ces m ciinrnifeafs, renl and pasi'd , to authorize ccniial union sell ml districts, rrnil and passctl. .Air. Dim fur select comittct'. nn tan rctiorl on th" foreign doenmeiil. on tho subj.'cl of the public I mil., rpfommendui'' a resolution einbracing their views which was adopted. It-port. liy Air. Crawford, for Military Coin, in fivor of a bill in rcpeil a cerlnin part of the imlitii hw with amendments, which vwio adopted. (Ihe rrpnl in tpiesiion going to lake nva7 die l-'ulay now allowed olliccrs chosen to accept, which it vvaalledg- nl, vviotlcn so maiiigeil ns to Irav conipniitc, .Vc, without uhVem and the r'i'"ct being to tcqain iniiiie tii itc- nccepianco or n new elccllon,) bill supported bv Messrs. Crawford anil hud on the table. Hy .Air. Mi lter for judiciary committee, in favor of the Houo lull rei ning to divorce, divorce for oll-'ticcs conimitiecd in oilier sine, with certain restrictions: rei'l a 3 I time, opposed hy .Messrs. Hair, Claik, Hot turn, and supported by M.'rs. Short, Woottcr, Townsley, and pissed yeas nay .". llnor.. Pravrr bv Rev. .Air. Clatk. .Air. 11-ifiis of Windham. Adams of S. Hero, and Raymond of ISridgewnter, obtained leave of absence niter to-ninrrow morning. .Air Wards worth wns nnnnintnl on the select com mittno nn tho militia bill, in place of .Air Adams who has leavr ol nos-nrr. Report, -liy laud tax mm, against petition for lav on l.emington, tor want m notice, ami me iiousc con curred. Hv committm of ways and mean, not tic cessirv to (rgilate upon the proposition In pay the Statedibt mil nf die srhnol fund ; against the hill dis tributing iho income of die school fund to the several towns made the nrdrr for to morrow morning. Hv select committer, lull annexing inn of .Alunroe to Will- dm, ordered to 2d reading. Hv committee of claim, again! tho petition nf A. Webb, nnd tho petitioner had leave to withdraw. Resolution, liy .Air Warner of N. directing the conimillcrof wiys ami mean lo nscertam the amount of the interest of l he school fund, and the proportion which each town would rccrtvo on n diviion of die interest adopted, Authorizing n loan nf 820,000 from the school fund in the L'mveisity of Vermont laid on tho initio. Hills introduced. I'.y Air. Svv ift in addition 1 1 chap. nf rrvisrd ntuie. referinl to rmnmittro of wivs ami inraii", Hy Mr. Ilixler of Iliirlington, taxing t'hiileiiiln cotiiii v, irfcrrrtl tn mcml'ri'N of tluit county. Hills. Apprpprialing S'.'OOO for n geological survrv of tho stitn onleretl to a third rending ayes 12fi, nor's Ti. Semto hills, fixing steamboat stork, cVo. pased. To prrvrnt ihniigo hv liunlirr on Coniifrticut rivrr, irdernl to n third rradinsr, Hill ninrntling 7th Hfction S7th clnpter rrvirt natutrs, nrdcird lo third rending. Pctilions, Of Scotl to committee on roads and canal rnteoi 12 tier cent, nir year Oliposetl hp Mrsrs. linckmasler and Fullnm, and rejected, 132 to 2. l'niD.w, Oct. 23. r.. The military committee were disehare'il from fnrlh.T cons dera'i in nfthe resolution for redu cing the expencs of our mililia system. Mr. F.itonof Wa-hmgton co." introduced a bill to pay Moses L. Church die sum, Ac. riad tvvico and iclerred lo cotiiiiiitteeof cl iims. Reports, liy .Air. Short fur committee on educa tion, again-t die resolution tn pr. vent all but regiiltif phvii'iaiisfroiu recovering lln-ir fees. i'.y Air. Ilorton f r eommitueon finance in favor of the bill t pay fjr military service on the northern frontier, laid nti llie table, 'liy Mr. liottum, for com mittee on roa Is and canal1, again t tho resolution for reducing tho loll on Wmooki turnpike. Tlie engrossed bill to provide for uotico beforo in ilioleinant of high way,.wi taken up, opposed by AIcsrs. I'.aton of Fr. 'and Woostcr, supported by Mr. Dana, and pased, vcn 1G, nays 13. llovsr.. Pi aver by Ibv. Mr. Harding. Tiu trca;iier cDiiiuiimiealcda detailed report on tho iitate nfthe .schod fund, from which it seems the pre sent amount of the f nd. including inteicst up to Oct. to. is to. issiiiur.-oi. Mr. Walker of Tiietford obtained leave of absonco after to-moirovv morning. Petitions referred. For tax on AVashington Co., to build a court fioiise, lomeniberi- from the county! of .1. I'.itiev and 2"3 other, to Judiciary coinmittce of Vermont aim slavery sjciety, relative to extension of trial by Jurv in ctses of fugitives from service, to line eonim.ttee ; of John Wliddcf, to uctttrni coin- mil ice. ... Hills in'rodnecd. Hv Mr. Hodges, irom commit- ter of ways and mean, making appropriations for import ofgovei iniienl, assessing a lax ul three cents on the bvt of 1 10 fur stale treasury -authorising tho treasurer .i borrow not exceeding fj0,00U severally ortb-rfd to a s con rcatldig. ; Reports. Ily geneiul committee, lull repealing uju sec. 2'th chap. re. tsj 1 statute. . , . The Semte came in, mid both house met m joint a"iiiblv t i make countv appointments; Mr. Kins-, tnan mtived to adjonn'to to-nnrri.w morning, 10 o'clo-k; oj'po-id by AI".r. Wills nnd Hillings, and negatived.' A tcpoitfrotn die county convcniion of Waliingion was represented, from which it, secnia lint the convcnii.m were tied on nil the county offi cers, savejusiiccs of the peace, when Mr. Ricr.of So merset movd to recommit it oppncd by Mesr.. Wells and Hilling, supported bv Mcrs. Rico and Kindian, md negative!, 10" to 70. Tho following ipp.iintmeir vvbere llien made; John Spihlinr, ) .vssi.taut Justices. Oron Sl.inn t, v (Spalding F0, S'riniirr 150. Hoinco Holltstir 5?, Joseph S .wvcr 71.) Iiiah S'lvrr, Sheiifr. (Stlvir J ihn StarKweaihrr So, sraltcrmg 2, On this election nn cxcitingibs.'uion cnucd, .Alc.vsrs. I!ii7.en, Vilas Kinman, nnd lluckmnstrr, asking r divisonof the o.liccr. opposed bv Messrs, Mhier, Chantllcrof W Vclls, Fullnm, Lillie, and Hailcy.) John L. Ruck, Statt'a Attorney. (Huck, 152, Homer W. lleaton -A3, s 'attcring 7.) tieorpe AViirlhinnton,. Judge of Probate. (.Air. Woostcr of tin Senaie warmly Jupporicii Ih nomination of .Air. Thompson, on the ground that pirty prrft rencc shculd not be permitted lornfer into election to lutlici il offices. The vote stood, fienrgo '.Voitliiiigton 110, D. P. Thompson 03, Gcotgv Wnrthen I.) Joseph Hovrs, Wm. S. Clark, '.enas Wood; jail rommis.'-ioncrs. .T.imrs Pnkm, High HailtV. The Senate retired and the Hnue .'idjourricd, At a rcccilt explosion of sliinplnstor lJnnkl in Utiltimnro, wIilto IioUIl'i s of bills wore btt t'uttitig tho iloors of tlto slinving mill with k'titjlliotiotl vis;io, ono follow junipctl and tlanCoil nliotit, nmi iwliiliiteil every npneftr aiicf of the most o.Ntruvagiint joy. t)t heiiirj itsl'(il llto patts'o of liis conduct, hoorrlriinietl, "TliailU lioavon, 1 liav'nt a critt in llir norltl tltpy can't sliavo thi cliild, no why tlioy can fix it !" f tlii i not lioinjr tlinnkfnl for tlie smallest favors, we know Hot vvhat is. A jjarilnor at Glnsitilv, liavinct noiicerl tliat a piece of woololi rag which had Mown upon n current hush, was soon covered with calapillars, hoplace.l pieces of woollen cloth :., nvnrv linsli in his cardon, nnd found tlto i m. r , ,. , . .... ,'iinvt il.iv that tlto caterpillars had nniver- i tie nni to itinmiiinry nne ueivvccn vvinninm ann j , ,i,i,l l ,,.,. , Hrniunctoii counttcH. was coneidin-di hud on the tnkon to them tor shelter, in tms a no table, .i.icimvr-il niaitv thousands. A. Jb, rarmfr. Mr Swti't callUd up lite I II relatitif lo hatikn, and

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