Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, October 30, 1840, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated October 30, 1840 Page 2
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One term mi economical adminis tration a sound currency-a pi olccllin; tniifl low salnrlcs anil full prlrcs for labor, ami llic products of labor, r o n r n r. s t n r. .v t. WILLIAM HENRY HARRISON. r o n vice r a r. s i n r. n t. JOHN TYLER, Of Virginia. " In all nges ami nil countries, it lias been observed, that the cultivators of llic soil arc those who arc least willing to part with their riili t ., and submit themselves to the will of a master. W.m. II. IlArinisox. " The people of the Vailed States Way they ever remember, that, to preserve their liberties, they must ilo their own voting ami thdr own fighting. IIaiirison. "Tug nt.r.s.isos or thousands or wombs and eiiiLiir.BN-, tiKsct'Ki) rno.M tub scALi'isa icstrnorTiiB RUTIILBSJ SAV.lon Op TUB WIl.tlEnNBSS, ANtl MOM TUB TILL MOI1E ffAVAOB 1'nocTOn, lir.ST OS IIAIIRLSOX Nt) MIS a.ULVNT AllMV." Simon Snyder's McslllgC o the I'cnnstjlcania Legislature,! fecembtr lCWi, 1313. ron BLECTons, HON. SAMUEL P.. CRAFTS, HON. EZRA A1EECII. At large. lstdist. WILLlAAl lir.NUV, 2.1 ilist. JOHN OOXAXT, 31 (list. AllNER. 11. W. TEXNEY, lib dist. WILLlAAl 1'. HRIGGS, 5lbili-t. JOSEPH REED, L.i:iiiji,ATVisE or VKiWIOXT. aiteunoon. Oct. 2 Id. Sbn-atb. The committee on claims was discharged from eonsi lcrnlion of the bill to pay M. I., Church, and the same was referred to military committee. Air. Ulark introduced a hill to pay Win. U. Fox, read twice and referred to military committee. The bill from the House to pay for certain military services on the northern frontier was taken up anil passed. The bill to pay back part of the license money paid by M. M. (Jhainbcihn, was also taken up, and the facts stated by which it appeared Chamberlain paid S.'iO, for ins license, but being taken sick was unable louse his license but about lulf the time for which il was taken. Mr Adams opposed the bill, doubling the expediency of the .State's refund in:; licenses in this tinnier .Messrs. Clark, Palmer, Oilson, Huller. Wocistcr, Shntt and Eaton of W. supported the bill as an act (if justice, when the same was passed. Mr Waterman for commit! :c on manufactures, re ported against the incorporate Itcadsboro' manufac turing co. la.d on the table. Mr Waterman asked and obtained leave of absence for the remainder of the .session. Mr Miner intrudum! a bill in addition to miliiii laws, rend twice and referred to select committee of three vm. Messrs Morc, Howe and hcelock. The .Senate then went into the committee of the whole on the bill relating to banks, being a general law for the regulation and restiietion of all banking incorporations hereafter framed, and made some piu grcss, when the Senate adjourned. I lotNE. lienorls, 11 V s.'lccl eomtnitfee. ncralntt the petition of Edmund I'llehiS, and he had leave to with- i.ravv. 15y judiciary committee, bill in addition to see. 11, chap .() revised statutes, and it was ordered In 2d reading; against bill relating to the sale ofspiritotis liquors, and it was referred to the select committee on so much of the governor's message as relates to ihe condition of the country ; against petition of Norwich Uirversity, and Ihe House concurred. I!y committee of ways an I means, bill in adpiiion clinp. 9, of the revised statutes, ordered to 2 I reading. Hv committee of claims, hill to pay H. .S. Morse nnd.otliers, Si).', or dered to 3 I reading; bill to pay A. I). Arms, SJU, or dered to 3d reading. I!y select committee, ag:iinst bills relating to the uiilitii, and they were dismissed. )Sy judiciarv committee, bill relating to evidence, or dered to 2d reading; bill altering judicial circuits of this State, opposed by Messrs. 1'isk of W. Ilailcv and Warner of N. supported by Mr. I, and'rejectcd, nyc3 -10, no?s 71) ; against .Senate bill to prevent frau dulent attachments, and was (ejected. Hy committee on militarvallliirs bill to pay the town Alburgh HG7u 13, ordered to third reading; against bill to pay Cephas Hiiley dismissed. The G.ivernor communicated t!io declinati'm of t) uius I'i nle, l-,q. as assistant justice of Orange countv court. Petition referred. Of Henry lllake togcneral com mittee. Hills. From the Senate, extending jurisdiction of justices oi tne peace, ruerretl to judiciary coniiniltce ; providing for the union of school districts, referred to general committee; in relation to high ways, referred to committee on roads and canals. The. Hoits.-! resumed consideration of the bill relating to banks. .Mr Vd is moved to amend the fust section s.) as to empower future legislatures to repeal, ns wt II us alter any b ink charier adopted, The vole yes tirday taken, refusing to strike nut the 'list section, was reconsidered ; vvhwi on motion of Mr. Ilebard. the llous-i went into iMiiiniitteonl'ihe whole on ibis bill, Mr. II 'bard in the chair. Tho bill was then con- sidertd section by section. Mr. Closseu moved to strike out the words "or ro-chartcied" in the first sec li iii, thus bringing up the general question whether any nam; sli.ia ever les rccliarieieil. Air Closseu Minnorted, .Messrs Vilas, lliickmister. Swift nml Chind!'!rnf W. opposed the amendment, and it was rejected. A'tor consi lering the fust 17 .sections, the rominitttee rose, icportol progress, and the House nujournui. Satito iv, Oct. 21. Sr.srr..-I)iUs. Ily Mr .Short, a bill relating tc Essex Hank, read twice and referred lo a select com mittec of three. Hy .Mr. Enlon of Washington, for graining io Sally Fuller of Calais a premium of 20 cents per pound on woven silk, read twice anil referred to committee on manufactures. Hv Mr. Swilt, for com. on banks, n bill io e.vlen I the charter of the bank of llenuingtoii, rend twice and laid on the table. Mr Short nficrcd a resolution (king on 5 o'clock tins mieruooii lor Uritnge t;o, to go into convention to noininale a 2d Assistant Judge in price of Darius l'ride whose resignation was yesterday announced by tho Governor ; adopted. The Seriate went into the committee of the whole on the bill relating to banks, during w hich .Mr Huller proposed to niueud so as lo hold private property if hill holders were secured by bonds , supported by Air. I'.nton oi v asiungton, mm rcj-'clctl li to 7 an other to bold private property to amount of stick ; re jee'ed another to place all charters under the control of the Legislature ; carried. Prayer hy Rev. Mr. Kellogg. House. Messrs. Cook of Crafts'nirv.Hvde of. Sud bury, Hiickmaster of Shrewsbury, Wardswnrih of ..Norm llero, uuency oi Jamaica ami warren ot Wardiboro , obtained leave of absence after Monday morning next. Jlemrls, Ily Mr. Iluckmaslcr, of the minority of llic coiuiiiiiiee im inu ew jursuj- uuitir, jimmying me course ol t,ongres in tnni case, presented a paper nuriiorting to be a n nort of "the chairman of the com mittee," but not setting forth that it was (as in fact it was) a reoort of tho minority of tho commute. Mr, Ituckimstcr moved that tne miner be received as a re port: Mr. Rice of Somerset moved to lay this motion on the table. Mr Heard (of the committee) said thnt this uaner bad been presented anil read hv its author to the committee, and that an invitation, from one of the committee, to have it laid before them for exami nation and consideration, had been refusfil. He was ntrainst receiving it. until it could come tin m a prone Fhapc. Messrs. Rico of S Kinsman, Ituckmaster nn vdas, suppirled the motion lo lav on llto table and Messrs. Heard, I.illie, Sabin, Chandler of W. Hebard, Hodges, Warner of X., Culls Warner of II Cleveland, onnoseil both llic motion, nnd tho receP' tion of tho paper, until presented in tho iiual form of a minority report, ino mouou oi .uruicooi om crset was rciectcil. 12.) to Ct'l. Mr Vilas moved that tho naner bereail. mid called for the lives nnd noes rciected 1 H to !is The uuestion then reclined iinon rcceivng the paper s ,Mr Hard called for ihe nye.s and nocss ho said ihe paper was an illegitimate one, and tlio author of it might ns well havo presented a last year's nlmanac. .Mr. Ilnrl.-mnoier sniil lin iiiiiIit. stood that thocoiiimit'eohnd nmsented !o receive this paper ns n minority riporl. Mr. Swift (of the com iniitcA said he did not so understand il. nnd that mi tho mm r hand it had been suggested in the committee that U would bo altogether improper lo present the 1 " mi "'. Air uieeot . saa hoi H not consider In miner nn mm inn t, ., n,,..,. .1 but ra tho Hmisohad refused to lay tho motion o'f , i ,7" Ulil i uiigni comoiip prop ftily, ho should vnto to reeovn it now. (r, (i n,V ler ot W. said no was n;.in8t rocieiing the paper Vilns ilioimht thnt if the paper wns nm nr.ii. J,'...:'. .r nnd permitted to lio until tbn report of iho ninioritv eainn in, it could never comn be1' ro tho Houfq, After luiuier UWUM.HIII ny .ur, inn Kiiinaier, Heard Wnrnm of N. and Coalidge, (who suggested that them was not tho slightest difficulty in Ibis case, if Iho author of the pupnr would retain the pnper in his pwn possession, or l-nvo it in tho hands of a friend, until a majority could present a report, tho motion to receive was negatived : ayes 32, uoca 1 10. Mr Heard then asked leavo for tho committee on this subiect In sitdu (rgllif tho sitting of tho Housegranted. Mr PuHam moved to reconsider thn vote, reie.eiinn tlm nn. Vr s'torc named, nnd alto to lay this motion on ih tnbto-lhe design being to lenvo tho way open for it9 rcCctition as a majority report, when tho majority shall hro reported ngrecd to. Hy committee on cducnlion, against abolishing of fice of agent to settle concerns of Vt. Stale Ilaiik. Hy committee on agriculture, bill relating to sheep in fected with scab, ordered to 2d reading. Ily judiciary cninniiltce. bill extending right of trial by fury, or dered to 3d rending. Hy committee of claims, bill to pay lttifus Campbell $156, ordered lo a 3d rending. Ily select committee, bill appropriating 8 1000 lo Asy lum for the Insane, made Ihcorder for Monday morn ing, litlli introduced. Ily Mr Iluckmaslcr, requiring votes lo be written or printed on w hitu paper only ) nferred to judiciary committee. Ily Mr. Closson, lo pay Ihnerv Melindv. referred tocommitti'cnii miliinrv allairs. Ily M . Kendall to nay Lawrence Drainnrd and others, referred to committee on military affairs. HyMr. Reach, to pay Simeon 0. Stark, referred lo com. on military nlllurs. Hy Mr. Houghton, to incorporate Ucadsboro' nnd oodford Turnpike Co.) referred lo com. on roads and canals. Hcsolutions, Hy Mr. Vilas, directing the treasu rer to pay the debts of the State, except to the school fund ! ndopted. Ily Mr Daily, requesting the Agent of the Vt. Slate Hank lo report tho amount of claims settled and unsettled; ndoplid. Hy Mr. Jones of U. instructing judiciary committee to inquire into the constitutionality and expediency af a certain regula tion ns lo lands for school houses adopted. From the Senate, for n'convention of Ornngo county mem bers to nominate assistant judge in plate of I). Pride i by Mr. Kullam, directing the committee of ways nnd means to inquire into iho expediency of defining more particularly the duties of sergeant nt arms ; adopted. The bill jor ihe relief of Kbcnczcr Drown was dis missed. l'ditinns referred. Of E.ekiel Sweet nnd others to judiciarv committee of John Howard, lo com. on military allairs. ArrrnNooN. Res-ate. Messrs. Short, Eaton, Miner, were ap pointed a committee on the bill relating to the Essex hank. Mr. Clark introduced a bill to pay Jeremiah Ruth hie, read twice and referred to military com. A joint resolution fiom Iho house, directing llic treasurer lo pay all debts against the Mnto &c., was received and referred to com. on finance. Mr. Adams for com. on finance, reported in favor of the hill granting Sally Fuller n premium on her woMii silk, pascd. Mr. Morse for select committee, rcpoltcd in favor ol the bill lo reduce the expenses of our militia system, to disjiense in part with olllcer diills, nnd the music of such drills wholly, when a discussion nrose on its passage. Mr. Miner support! d the hill in remarks of much point and pertinence. Mr Craw foul also spoke in favor of the measure, stating, as the result of his experience, that he had never seen any actual benefit nrising from these drills, especially triennial drills, nml as well might you send a hoy otice in three years to a dancing selio'ol with the hope of making him a dan cer. Mr Clark believed the effect of this bill would be to change our hole militia system, break down nil mil itary spirit, and in an nrgunientof considerable length, warmlv opposed the bill. Mr. U'ooster, in his usual pithy manner, replied to Mr. C. conceding that his friend from Rutland and others, looked well in military dresses, blithe doubted whether the sight was worth so much as we have to pay for it. The bill after being further discussed bv .Messrs Palmer, Eaton of V. Hottum, Wheclock and others, passed to be engrossed. House bills To pay A. D. Arms to pay Kinb Rni ly, to pay E. H. Aiken to alter name of bucia Ann Mott to lay a tax on WooMcr to pay II. S. Morse, wero severally read and referred. The bill relating to banks was was reported by the committee of the whole, with amendments, when the hill was laid on the table. Reports Hy Mr. Moostcr for judiciary committee, a bill to amend fi.'Jd section 2,ath chapter of revised statutes, providing to compel disclosures of unattach able nronerU : read and laid on ihe table. Mr Huller called up the bill lo extend the charter of Iicnnmgton bank, and movnl lo amend by ndduig a section, making private property holden. Opposed hv Messrs. Swift, Marsh, Dana, supporting by Mr. Hul ler nnd rej-oted, 1" to 2 -laid on the (able. Mr. Duller for select committer, reported a bill for abolishing capital punishments in conformity of the tition of Charles Grant and others laid on the ta- hie The bill to establish a high school nt Dakcrsfield. was indefinitely postponed. A lesolution restricting the introduction of bills was taken up, amended so as to restrict to Monday next, and laid on the table. Ilovsn. Engrossed bills. Taxing land in Worces ter, to pay Hmry S. Morse ?!).', A I) Arms 330, E H Allien SI 1 S'.i. Mali liailry S.'h, to nltir the name of .ucia .inn .iiooic, irom mo senate, amending mii haptcr S2d section revised statutes, to pay town of Albnrgb Sf3 19 cents, severally passed ; relating to I'ologieal survey of the state, opposed hy .Messrs. olby, Vilas, Sprapuc nnd Sanborn, supported by Messrs Heard and Warner of X. nnd made Ihe order for Monday morning. Grnming a ferry to Sally homes, passed. Hills, in addition to u oi the rev. statutes, lismiscd. Relating to evidence, ordered to 3d read ing ; in addition to chapter P, revised statutes, ordered to ia reading: Air ueynolds ol isle I. a jiolt had leave of absence after Monday morning. Hill introduced bv Mr Hodges, from the commit tee of ways and means, directing thnt money due the school fund nun fiom pedlar s licences he hereafter paid into the state treasury laid on the table. Reports. Hv mdieiarv committee, against the bill requiring ballots to be written or printed on while pa- paper, and it was dismissed ; by com. on military af- ainst lull relating to militia, and It wns t.i- missed ; hv judiciary com. that it is inexpedient to legislate relative to the location of school houses; by committee of ways and means, that the amount of interest per year on the school fund i 73, and il divided aeoiduig to population wo'ilit give Siiih lo every 1000 inhabitants, on the supposition that the population of the state is 300,000, or about 3 cents to every person ; by com. on roails nnd canals, senate bill relating to highways, (13 days notice before n town can be indicted forbad road) amended, support ed by Messr- Rice of Somerset, He'nrd, Porter nnd I ligley, opposed hv .Messrs hwilt, risk ol . nnd iveland and passed. Dv land tax coin, ngamst petition for tax on Avery's Gore for want of notice, and the house concurred. Hy committee on I aaks, against bill in addition lo chapter 0 of thn revised statutes, supported by Mr Snidie, and after some ex planations bv .Mr Swift and Duckmaster, Iho bill wns made the order for Monday morning. Ily committee on roads and canals, bill repealing act incorporating Oiler Creek tow path companv, ordered loa 3d read ing, ny com. on imuiary nnairs, ngaiusi pennons oi Isaac I'ennock nnd t. hnrlcs (irccn, nnd ihcy nnd leave to withdraw their petitions; bill to loan 15 nuisketr to the town of Alburgh, ordered to a 3d reading, ily general comm. lice, against petition of Henry Dlake, nnd the house, concurred. On the petition of John Gilddcn. ihat the committee had already reported fa vorably to the object of the petition, liy committee of elections, that Mills ile Forrest of I.emincton. Al exander Ferguson of Huntington, Joseph Smith of liolton, nnd John i. Downer ol Johnson, were nil post masters at the lime of their elections to seats in this house! when Mr Rice of Somersot offered a resolution, declaring thnt no postmaster is eligible to a seat in tint, house, which wns laid on the tame. Mr Ilebard moved to reconsider the vote of vester day, rejecting the bill altering judicial circuits'; laid on the tnole. MosnAv, Oct. 20. Sr.vTE. Prnverbv Rev. Mr. Clark from Mass. Mr. Demis linulcaeof absence for the remainder of the session. The bill relating to banks was taken up, the ones lion being on the amendment of Mr. Dutlsr to place charters under the control of the legislature. Mr. Dottiim warmlv opposed the amendment, when the question lieing tnlien, stood yeas lit, nays . Air. II. s amendment lo hold private' property was then taken up, opposed by Mr. Towusley, nnd supported by .Mr. nut er nnd reiected. yea I. nays i.i. Atiollier amend ment bv .Mr. H. to hold private property lo theainount of stock, nnd with other qualifications, was rejected by the same vole. Sundry other amendments were then debated, nnd part adopted, when, after occupying the wuniu torciiooii on the same, uic urn was lain on tne table. Inllse liills. if.e. Granting a ferrv to Sail v Sonic to repeal 7th section,82d chapter of revised stntutes - to pay town of Aliuirgh, wero rend nnd referred. A resolution lor appointing the tirst l liursilay in lire for Thanksgiving, wns rejected ns useless. Hoi'cE, Prayer by Rev. 11. W. Smith. Jlesvlutions. Hy Mr. Rice of Somerset, no bill to bo introduced after to-morrow ; by Mr Porter for nn evening session nfler to-dny severally ndopted. From the henntc, lor nn adjournment ol hoth Houses I- ri dny next, ngrecd upon and iho resolution ndopted. Fixing 1st Thursday of December as a day of Thanks giving : by Mr. Closson, raising nnd inquiry whether any nimiei iuuyimuiix are neeeswarv as io inu organ! zation oi ino iiouso oi uepreseulalives; passed. .Messrs. Hastings oi t, juiuiMiury, Keiulnll ol I'.nosimrgli nml heeler ol .Montgomery untamed leave oi ntisence niter in. morrow morning. Hill introdiirid. Ily Mr Chandler of W. making nn appropriation for iho debentures of tho Council of Censors, relerri'd to coin, nt ways aim means. Ilcpnrlt. Dy com. of claims, hill to pny John Drill $11. ordered to 3d reading; ngninst petition of Abel Drury, and ho had leavo to withdraw. Ily com, on Roads: nnd ennnls, ngninst bill incorporating Reads born' nnd Woodford Turupiko Company, and it wns dismissed. Thn House went into committee of the wholo on the lull relating lo banks, .Mr. Ilebard in the chair: Mr Cleveland of Hrookfitld moved lo nmend tho 25th kcelionby sinking out the words 'or tho city of Troy' ngrecd to. Mr Daylies moved to Mriko out tho words 'one third of in tho samo section-agreed to. Mr. Daylies moved a further nmendment, requiring the hanks to keep their bills at parm liosinnoniy, in stead of in Doutonor Xew York, as provided in tho original bill! supported by Messrs. Daylies, Swift, Chaiidlerof Pcachnni. nnd Chnndler ol Wcodsloek, opposed bv Messrs. Wninei of N. Kendall, nud Hnx ler of Hurlington, nnd rnrried 8G to 52, Mr. Cutis moved tonuiend,lhu 28lli section so as to ndmil stock holders rending cut of this stnle, but within the Uni ted States. Id vnln ,,, ...U flw.u .....u lw.1,1 . supported hy Mr. Cults, opposed by Mr. Chandler of , vvuoiivcu, ju. uooiiiipo moved in mm a prnyn-lon to thl section, thnt no Ids nroxv. shnll. cast morn llisn nnn third ol the whole number of votes. One fourth. mil,. stituted fot one third, nt the suggestion of Mr. Hay lies, nnd tho amendment to the 29tli section, providing thnt in the case of the non-payment of nn assessment on any share, such share shall be sold at auction, and tho proceeds go first lo the payment of tho assess ment nnd costs, and the balance to tho stockholder, in lieu of the share becoming forfeited to tho corporation! supported by Messrs. Cults nnd Dcnmnn, opposed by Messrs. Swifl and Daylies, nnd rejected. Mr. Chan dler Of W.. moved to atlilie nut Ihn Olh nnetinn I nr. ricd. Mr. Hnzcn moved to strikeout tho 27 1 h section negntived. Sundry other nmcndmctits, not essen tially altering (he bill, wen; ndopted, when the coiu mittee rose, reported tho bill nnd amendments lo the House, nnd the amendments were adopted by the House, Mr. Lowland moved to strike out the 41st section supported hy Messrs. Chandler and Low land, opposed hy Mr. Swiftnnd negatived. AFTERNOON?. Senate. A bill introduced by Mr. Woostcr lo amend -1 til section 29th chapter revised statutes, was read and passed to bo engrossed, t The Senate resumed consideration of the bill relat ing to banks, and on motion of Mr Eaton of Fr. it was indefinitely postponed subsequently reconsider ed, and laid on tho table. I he joint resolution to adjourn, sent back from tho I louse so amended as (o fix on Friday next for adjourn ment, wns taken up nnd concurred m. .The bill to extend the charter of tho Dank of Den mngton, passed to bo engrossed. Mr. Miner for cnmmitier. introduced n hill cm- bracing Ihe alteration of all tho names petitioned for mis session amended aim passed io nc engrossed. The hill to repeal part of 1st section 13lh chap, mili tia law, was taken up nnd passed to be engrossed when n bill to amend and alter militia was taken up and indefinitely postponed. The bill to abolish punishments, reported hy select committee on a petition, wns taken up and indefinitely postponed ; yens IP, nays 9. lieporls. ny Air. Adams, Tor commute on hnancc, against the hill to pay Silas Wright for a wolf bounty; bi I rejected. Dv .Mr Adams, for committee, in favor of the bill relating lo town records ; laid on the table. ily judiciary committee, against tho resolution for ro diiiruig superintendent of the Vt. Stale prison and oilier officers to report by 1st of Oct. j also the rcsolu- lion lor a law lo prevent vngrancv. Ily land tax committee, in favorof thobill lo tax Worcester; passed Hy finance, in favor of resolution authorizing secre tary of stale to exchange cci tain Vt. Reports; passed. Dy judiciary committee, in favorof bill to alter revised statutes, relative to camp meetings passed to a third reading. The cngroscd bill to reduce the expenses of the militia, was read nnd indefinitely postponed, House hills. To loan to Alburgh IS muskets, to repeal act incorporating Otter Creek tow path com company, to regulate the evidence of certificates of certain State ollicers, to nmend chapter 8 of revised statutes, to pay Rufus Campbell, severally read nnd referred. Mr. Duller offered a resolution instructing the judi ciary committee to enquire whether any legislation is necessary to entitle Lamoille county lo a senator in IS 1 1 ; passed. The select commitloa on the resolution instructing our delegation to reject ihe establishment of a national bank, presented a majority report against, and a mi nority report in favor of llic resolution, when on the passage of the same, the ayes were 2, nays 23. So tho resolution, was rejected. Hocsi:. The Governor communicated tho resigna tion of Major General Stephen Dole and Urig. Gen. On in Edson. lltports. Ry com. on roads and canals, bill grant ing ferry to Azem Xilcs; by com. on millitary affairs, lulls to nay Lawrence Hrninard nnd others nnd Emery .Mellcndy severally ordered lo 3d reading. Dy same ecm. against bill to pay Simeon G. Stark, and it wvas. dismissed. Hy com. of ways and menus, hill relative to publication of the laws, ninended and ordered to 3d reading. Hill: From the Senate, to pay Sally Fuller a ; o ivum for woven silk, referred to com. on manu factures) relative to duties of quartermasters, elections of officers, etc., ordered io 3d reading; in addition to section M, chapter 2G revised statutes, otdcred to 3d levlinc The Senate came in nnd the joint assembly ap pointed John W. Smith Assistant Justice of Orange Co. Court, and the Senate withdrew, the joint assem bly having adjourned to Thursday next, 3 o'clock, 1 The Hons; resumed consideration of the hill relating to banks, the nirslion being upon ordering the bill (o a 3d reading; Mr Vilas sa'd he wasoppposed to the bill, believing it did not afford security enough, and called for the ayes nnd no-s. Mr Haseoni said ho believed it was as good a lull as could now be dewscd, or obtained, nnd he hoped it would bo sustained : nycs H2, noes 49, so the bill was ordered to a 3 rinding. Enirrmi'.d hills. In addition to chanter El reused statutes, relating to evidence, to pay Rufus Campbell 513fi, to loan 15 muskets to the town of Albnrgb, to repeal net chartering Oiler Creek Tow Path Co., severally passed. Appropriating 32000 for a pcologi cnl s'irvey of the state; supported by Messrs' Swift, Warner of N., Kullnm, Sn'iin, Washburn and Cool- ulge, op oscd by AKssrs vilas and Simhr. Tuesday, Oct. 27. Senate. Engrossed Dills. The bill to repeal part of He-.. 1, 13th chap, of the militia law, lo alter the names of the several applicants for that purpose to amend the law relating to camp meetings, were sev erally rend nnd passid. Mi. Adams introduced a bill to repeal crrtain por tions of the nulilia law, read and referred lo select committee of three, viz. Messrs Adams, Ghipman, Eaton of W. Mr. Kntnn introduced a bill granting a premium on woven silk, read and referred to committee on Manu factures. Mr. V heatlev offered n rei ilution instructing and rcmiesting our Congicssional delegation to ue their cxtrtions for the passage of n law to prevent the trans portatiou oi ine man on ini .vinnain, wiiicu on mo lion, oi Air. liiiuer, wasiniu onuiciaoie. The bill to extend the charter of the Dank of Hen nington was read a third time and nftcr some debate, pnsscu" A lesolution irom me nous: ningon neones.iav 10 o'clock. P. M., to choose a Major and Drigadier General, was received amended. 11 ports. Dv miliary coinnntttee. ngainsl ihe Hons,, bill for loaning the town of Alburgh, 15 musk ets ; bill rejected. Hy .Mr. Russell for coin, on roads nnd canals, in lavoroi the lull gramma nicrry lonanv Soules read 2d and 3d lime. Dv Mr. Woostcr, for judiciary committee, in favor of the lull to pay E. II. allien ; read and pased uy coinniuieo on roans nun canals, in lavoroi the lull to repeal an act incorporate iiil' litter Cree i tow path companv : read and passed Hv Mr. Clark, for coniiniltce of claims, in favor of llou'-c Dill to pay r.. romcroy ; passed. II msj bills. Granting ferri"s ti T. I. Sewel, and J. .Moil and others, were severally read twice and re ferred. Mr. Clark, for claims, reported a IIoiisj bill to pav II. S. Morse, a committee aim iinted bv the citizens of Shelli'irn lo try to discover the murderer of a man found murdered in said town, lor his services nnd ex penses in that attempt, w hen n long debate arose on the expediency o! passing the lull: Alessrs. if utter, Eaton of W. Wnoster. Short, supported the measure, nnd Mesrs. Miner, Townsley, Dana, Eaton of Fr. opposed: rejected, yeas II, nays li. Tuesday, Oct Hocr.. Prayer byUsv. Mr. Harding. Resolutions. Hv Mr Havlics for a inint assembly hiss crnoon. to elect a Aiator uencrai, in place nt aic nhen bole resigned amended on motion of Mr. Car' pentci, so as to m?et to morrow 10 A. M. to elect this oiuccr, nuu nisi, a urig. iten. m piacc in v;mn r.usi,,, resigned ; adopted. Hy Mr. Wnrncr of X. a resolution expressive of the sense of the House, in iho usual form, on Ihcileath ol lion, namuei i ;aniield, a mem ber elect to this House from the town of Arlington ndnpiid. From the Senate, relating to exchange of reports of supremo court adopted. Hills introduced. Hv Mr. Ilebard, regulating tho election of Council of Censors, ordered lo 2d reading. Hy Mr. Heaman, establishing a hank nt Poultney, laid on llic table. Mr. Hoilgcs moed lo reconsider the vote of yester da against the petition cf Abel Drury; agreed to. I'nroissd hill: Granting ferries to Tabor I Sc- wall, Joseph .Moll anil others, passed. 1 he lull np nronrintin" S'2000 for a geological survev was consul ered: Mr. Colby moved to dismiss the dill, supported by Messrs Vilas, Spragne, Sears, and Hnzen, opposed by Mscsrs Cutis, Fullnm, Dridgeman and Chandler ot w,, when the motion was withdrawn, nnd Air. Colby moved to postsono thn bill to iho 2d Thursday October next superseded by n renewal of iho mo tion to dismiss by Mr. Ilnieu ayes 110, noes 100 so tne nm tvasiusmis'scn. 8TAB0MINABLE PLOT.. From tho Albany Daily Advertiser. Wo fjivo tho greater portion of our columns to tho details of a Conspiuacv, entered into by certain lornling individual of tho Van Huron Party in the city of New York, with no less an object thin to implicate Gov. Sr.WAitn, Mnscs II. Guinm:i.i., H. M. IIi.atciiforu, K. C, Wet MortF., Jami:s Uowt.n, Simf.on DnArat, Jr., and other prominent inoinbcrs of tho Whip; party, in frauds alleged to have henn perpetrated, nt thn November election of 18.'19. To tho affidavits of tho Bcvcral (jontldiiion named nhovo, rotating 7ios fully md triumphantly Iho foul charge ; lo tho affidavit of James Jl. (iluntworth, Betting forth tho inducement", oflorctl to him hy Mr Collector Hovt, and Mr. District Attorney Hut to mako those revolations; and to tho Ail dress of tho Whig Kxecutivo Conunittoo in and for tho City of Now York, wo would especially direct tho attontion of our rrnde In tlieso documents tlioy will find tho origin. object, and exposure of thin atrocious conspiracy tet forth at ISPgtli; onu wiui mom, hi lar as an swer to tho falso and foul charge is concerned ' wo ahould bo willing to leavo tho matter. But something more than a mere passing notico of this odious and abominable plot against the good natno and honorable standing of six of New York s worthiest and most respected sons, is re quired at our hands. Tlio infatnotts attempt, by means worthy of tho Spanish Inquisition, and witli instruments vilo enough for tho most un. principled employers nnd the most nefarious purpose, to impeach the integrity and blast for ever the character of such men as Mosns II' GntNNEM. of New York, deserves the execra tion ofevory honost man, and the severest cen sure of every independent press. Wo might havo looked for almost any thing from a despe rate party tottering on tho brink of overwhelm, itig defeat ; but for a plot so monstrous, so mcas. urctcss in its iniquity as this, wo wore indeed unprepared. A brief summary of tho principal features in this transaction is all that our limited space al lows. For months past the public has been pre pared by tho mysterious givings out of tho load ing Van Huron papers for a "last card" which was to win the Presidential game for Martin Van Huron. To Hf.njamin F. lluTLF.ii.comtnon rumor had assigned the keeping of this infalli ble restorative of the party's waning strength j and to his judgement was confided tho selection of the moment when the production of the "last card" would bo attended with the most decided and ardently desired success. On Friday morning last, Mr. Benjamin F. Butler played this "last card" in the shape of an alTidavit.itsolf based upon hearsay of one Jonathan D. Ste venson, charging the Whig party with having, in tli3 election of 18.13, imported a lare e num. ber of voters from Philadelphia, and naming Messrs. Grinnell, Bowon, Blatchford, Draper and Wctmorc, as the managers of this ichoh. sale Jraud. Accompanying this principal piece, were sev eral others, unimportant in themselves, but in. troduccd to give the propor coloring and consis- tency to tho talc. On the very morning of these publications in Xew Yorl; tlie Boston Post, and Day State Democrat, issued extras, giving a sy nopsis of this "startling dcvolopemont," and, on the authority of New York correspondents, as sorting D-that Gorcnwr Setcard had been ar reted, and u-as then on trial before the Police Ctiurt for participation in these frauds, and that Moses II. Grinnell and R. C. Wetmorc, to es cape similar treatment, had fled from Ihe city. These extras wero doubtless distributed on the wings of the wind, and ere this it is not unlikely that the for. of yew I'ork has been posted all over A'eic England as a common felon, and Messrs. Grinneli, and Wf.tjiorf. held up to public scorn as fugitives from justice! To the South and West too, nay, in all directions, this same abominable lie, magnified more and more as it passed from hand to hand, has been indus triously circulated, and upon this "last card" an expedient so worthy of their system of political warfare the partisans of Van Burcn relied to re-elect their Chief. But for once Villainy lias over-reached it self ! Tho individuals implicated by this affi davit of Mr. J. D. Stevenson, havo had time to spread before tho public their unqualified con tradiction, wirtifc under oath, of the whole story Lach ono of them has put on record his affidavit that the charge is false and unfounded in each and every particular. And (flcntworth, the por- eo:i whose admissions make up the sum and sub stance of Stevenson's affidavit, has himself sworn O' that B. F. Butler, U. . District At- lorn:y, and Jesse Hoy', U. S. Collector, offered to dtvtde their "last cent or last crust" with him, (Glentworth) if he would come forward and make proof of these disclosures! Where shall we look for a refutation more complete or con clusive than these affidavits furnish to the whole fabrication 1 And what measure of indignation is too large for those who in thoirdespcrate en deavorsto retain tho (power they have so long and so grossly abused, have engaged in a con- piracy so wanton and wicked as this ! But we must pause, reluctantly indeed, to-day, in the hope of resuming the subject to-morrow. Mean while wc invite every honest and impartial man to read and scrutinize tho different statements and affidavits wc this day publish. TO TUB PUBLIC. The statement entbrnninrr ehnrrrea nn.tnd, il.A ...1. scribcrs, published in the .Standard ami other paper: of this mornim;, has just been seen bv us. A regard for our own characters demands this prompt, full and imnualified denial of the nwn. nt. templed to be imputed lo us, of having at any time uiiijiiiiyuu j uiiics ii. uicuiwonn, or any oilier persons in iricuru iiiuivuiuais irom rnuaueiptiia lo vote at the elections in this State. The fact that ncrsons wero broimbi tn th!a nm the fall of 1SI3, to detect lraudulent voters wdio were intended to bo used by the opposite party, has never ueen ueiiieu, anil was wen Known and publicly avow' cd at the time. This denial will be sufficient for the present to, put uiivw, nu nun uunrges iiiqimcti io us. in the meantime, an appeal will be made to the tri Initials of justice, to cxnose nnd niiniili ilm ,,r,r;.w.; pled individuals who have engaged in n conspiracy, for malicious and political purpose, to affect our cha racter. M. II. C.RIXXF.LL, It. M. DIvATCIIFORD, JAMF.S HOWKX, S. DRAPF.R, jr, , , It. C. WF.TMOKR. Dated Xew ork, Oct. 23, 1S40. AFFIDAVITS. City and County of Xew York, ss. Moses II limine . ot the citv of .New Vnrk ,i,,i ....,., doth depose and say, that he has read the depositions of J. D. 1 Stevenson and others, contained in the Standard of this morning, and that the same, as far as they implicate this deponent, nrcuniruc; thai this deponent never did directly or indirectly employ the said James D. Ulentwonh m .n ,,. i(i,;i,i .i..i.u any other place, for the purpose of procuring persons u.i.., una city lor ino purpose ol voting; nor has he any knowledge or belief that he was employed by any person or persons j this deponent remembers that previous to the fall election of 19.13, there was n report in lluscity, which was believed bv this denonent that tho Loco 1-oco parly of Philadelphia and other i1'! imeimiai io senu io tins city persons not en- unco in vine, iur uic purposo ot voting their ticket; anil that li wns therefore i er niei n, v sn , n 1... il.l. ueponciii aimoincrs, tnnl persons who wero acquaint ed with tho residents of Philadelphia and other places, any such illegal voters, if any such should appear! thai this deponent never hail nnv eonveranilni, sum iiicmworin in relation lo ma going to Philndcl- mm, nor urn no even Know that he had gono to Phi lade nhia until noma time nfmr lin l,n,l . .1... first knowlcdio of denonent ilint Im wna li,'iil,u.i..i plua, nroso from reports or letters intimating that tho said (ilcntworih wns about employing pernniis to comn on to this city f,)r tho purposoof voting j ilint ma iiii.,nr,u iiiimivuniciy niter hearing such reports, wns eonsii ted bv It. M. Illntehf.iril ?.., n' . ' ' Jr., and Jnnies Dowcn, ns to iho most elleetuai mode of provenlmg tho consummation of such plan, if nnv such wn contemplated by Hip said J. D. Client worth i uii,i i i r . . " r ,""uw'"g wna sent to Ihe New YnnK, Oct. 31st. 1R1J ''Dr.AIS Sin Two nf vnnr !,.!!,. day, have found their way to ibis city , ,), j)rojl.u', which von hud out is not w in v i ' .J. ' fuends here. I he posmoii which (hey consider tl cm selves pineal in, is easily summed up, and their only fear im that you may havo misunderstood their inn lives anddesires. If you have ma lo any arrangements which n nny way tend lo any thing beyond n l4 ne al supervision of iho polls for the pinposo of d.cting nud preventing . legal voting, , !,,( nt onco qiiivocal y abandon it, and look to ihcin for any ex penso which your precipitalo steps may havo oeea Himcd. n valuo iho cause ns highly as nny portion of our fellow citiensviliioit, hut wo aro deiennined not to enter into any sort of arrangement which, under nny circumstances, could bu construed into n te,n ,f,:r forevn voto.. Wc therefore tnko tho ,,,r. best and most clleciivo mode of saying to you that while, wo aro ready to submit lo ll.o ex onso vvl ic ! you hnvo incurred in your preliminary m.m"n wo will not countenance any sy-iem wlilcl. an in a v way encourage tho importation of vote r. "Wa know vour desires, nnd shall bo williiie to meet vour wishes, provided I lie V are based upon the simple point of protecting the rights of the honest voters, which wo uccm your omy nope or cxpecia tion." And this deponent most solemnly asserts, l int ho never did directly or indirectly employ tho said J. D. uieniwortn or nny olhcr person or persons to goto Philadelphia or lo nil v other place, for tho purpose of procuring persons to vote in litis city, nt tho elections of !839or 1839, or at any other election, or nt tiny other place ; nor does he know or believe thnt he wns so employed hy nny person or persons; nml thnt U nny persons were so procured by llio said J. H. (Hint- worm, or u nny sucu persons uiu voto many election who were not untitled to vote, the samu was done without the knowledge, consent or approbation of his deponent i and ns far ns deponent knows or believes, without the itnowleilite, consent or approbation ol the said It. M. Ulatcliford, James Howen or .Simeon Draper, J. M. II. (UUXXF.I.L. Sworn to hefortme, tho 23d day of October, 1810. C. S. Wooniicu.. Judge New York Common Pleas. City of New York, ss. Richnrd M. Ulatcliford being duly sworn says, that hu has read tho affidavit of Jonathan I). Stevenson in the Standnrd and other papers of thii day that deponent never did, either nlonoor in connection with nny other persons, direct ly or indirectly employ Jnines II. Olenlworlli in Oc tober, 18.V3, or nt nny other time, to procure persons to come thw city from Philadelphia lo vole at our elec tions, nnd that lie w.n never concerned or engaged in nny such scheme or project, nnd that all imputations to that effect contained in said affidavit, nrc wholly nnd entirely untrue. R. M. I1L.VTCIIFORD. Sworn to, Oct. 23, 1810, before inc. KonnnT Ff.nson, Judgo of Court of Common Pleas. City of X'ew York, ss. James Howen, of the city of New York, being duly sworn, saith that he never did, directly or indirectly, employ or cnmito James D. Glentworth, or nny other person, to induce per sons to come to this city to vote nt any election, and that he never was concerned in nny scheme to that elleet, mid all charges and imputations to I he contra ry hereof arc utterly false. JAM US HOWKX. Sworn to, Oct. 1810, before me. KonnnT Dcssos. Judgo Court Common Picas. Cily of Now York, ss. Robert C. Wetmorc beim: duly sworn, says that ho has read the affidavit of Jonathan D. Stevenson in the Standard nnd other papers of this day that lie never did, directly or in directly, employ or engage James D. Glcnlworth, or any other person, to induce persons to come to this city to voto at any election, nnd that ho was never concerned in any sehemu or project to that elfect and all charges and imputations lo tho contrary here of nrc false and untrue. ROllKRT c. wktmork. Sworn to, Oct. 23, 1810, before me. KancnT Hensok, Judgo Court Common Pleas. Citv of X'ew York, ss. Simeon Dr.mer. Jr.. heinir duly sworn, says that ho has read the affidavit of jonaiiinu l). hlcvcnson in the Standard nnd other pnpers of this day; that deponent never did, either mono or in connection with tiny other persons, di rectly or indirectly employ James H. Glentworth in October, 183?, or nt nny other time, lo procure pcr- uin iu tumu mi io mis euy irom rnuniicipmc, io vote at our elections, and that he wns never concern ed or cilMced in nny such scheme, and that nil im putations to mat eitect contained in saiU affidavit, arc wholly anu entirely false. S. IWAI'KU, Jr. Sworn to, Oct. 23, 1310, before me. KonKRT HnNsON, Judgo Court Common Pleas. City and County of New York. ss. Win. A. Law rence and Jonathan Xatlian, of the city of Xew York hcinn severally duly sworn, do each for himself res. pectivcly say, nnd lirst the said William A. Lawrence saith that the charge matin agapi.-t bun in tho affida vit of Jonathan D. Stevenson published in tho Sinn. dard, and other papers in this city, of having nclcd as secretary ami am io tne cotnmitlce nt National Hall, in directing nnd sending out illegal voters to the diff erent wards in the election of Xovcinbcr 183?, is to tally and unnuahficdlv false, nml llmt be wns nml i. entirely iirnorantof any nrrauement to introduce ner sons irom nniauciptun, or any oilier place, lor the purpose oi voting in iiih city, or oi nnv sucn uiesai votes inivinE oeeiiL'ivcn: a u tne sa u .lonaiuan in- llinn for himself, saith. that the like charge made ngamst him in the said nfliilavit, of the said Jonathan I), hlevenson is totally nnd unqualifiedly false, and that ho was ignorant of any plan or arrangement for the procuring of illegal voters, or of illegal voting in said election. WM. A. LAWRF.XCK, JOXATIIAX NATHAN. Sworn this 23d day of October, 13 10, before mo Jos. P. Pinssoy, Commissioner of Deeds, Citv ami Count v of Xew Vorb. . Xnnt. rv,,V forwarding merchant of said cily, being duly sworn, saith that he has read scleral affidavits m a paper called the Standard, publihed in ibis citv, in which it im represented mill mis deponent anil oilier0, were 111 iiierauoi iatt, anil spring nl l-ii'.l, engaged in it o- curing and introducing into this city, persons from Philadelphia and Albany, for the purpose of voting at the elections. This, so far as I am concerned, is un- true in all its parts and particulars: neither do I know any person belonging to the Whig party who wns engaged in any sueh ?nterpri.e. l)7iring ihe Fall of i"js( i vasiiirnisiou wiiti miormation fiom iNcvvark, I'attcrson, .cw Hrunswiclt, and several other towns in X'ew Jersey, that arrangements bad been made and were making by the Loco Foeo party, to send a large number of persons to this citv, for the purpose of voting the Loco Foeo ticket: llus information in many cases gave Ihe names of the individuals wdio were to come here to voto ; in others the names of the individuals who were employing persons to come to the city to vote with the amounts paid to each indi vidual. I had particular information that in Philadel phia nn office had been opened in Chesnnt street, un- icr ino supervision ol persons oi the Loco Knco par ty, named to me, and that they were sending on a large number of individuals, the names of some of whom were given, nnd which individuals did ns I wns informed, and firmly beli we, come on to the city, and mat some oi mem mil voto ihe l.oeo ! oco ticliet: and that many more would bnve done so but from the measures taken by this deponent and others to pre vent it. And tins deponent farther saith that after cominn into" possession of these facts, he ndvised nnd aided in proeiiriugiiidiviiluals to come on to tins city to be stationed at the dillerent polls to detect persons sent on to vote the Loco Foeo ticket. That most of these persons did, by appointment, meet llus deponent at X'aiional Hall, nnd were by him directed to the sever nl wards where they were to bo located. And this de ponent farther saith, that he knows of no person hav ing voted illegally at cither of these elections, although ho was informed at that time, nnd believes there, was illegal voting, particularly on the part nf the Loco foeo party. And this deponent tarthcr saiih, that so much of the affidavits as relates to the procuring of clothes for the use of any person nl X'aiional Hull is, so lar as he is concerned, andns he believes, nil others, totally false. NOAH COOK. STATEMENT OF JOHN SWIFT. Mayor of tho Cily of Philadelphia. I have read the affidavit of J. D. Stevenson, pub lished in tho Xew York Evening Post of the 23d inst. and now proceed lo stalo nil my knowledge in rela tion lo the matters to which it refers, and in relation to the said Stevenson. I know James It. Glentworth of New York. I saw him in the city of Philadelphia in the month of Octo ber, 1S33. At that tune 1 was not the Mayor of the city of Philadelphia, and held no pubic oll'iico what ever. Mr. Glentworlli called on me in company with Air. Robert S wartwout of Xew ork. nt my dwelling No. 107, South Tenth-street. Mr. (ilcntworih sl it sd to mo thnt there were grent nnd reasonable appre hensions on thn part of our friends, of nn importation of votes into New York, from Ibis city, nnd they were very desirous, if it were possible, to hnvu there nt their coming elections, a select number of persons of general acquaintance, residing in Philadelphia, for the purpose of watching the polls of tho several wards to prevent tho reception of illegal votes, by detecting those who might come from the cily of Philadelphia to oiler them. I approved of the purpose. I told him I would turn llic mailer over in my mind, and if he would cnll tho the next morning I would do nil in my power to assist him. I would determine who could lu st promote this object. Nothing more passed at that lime on Ihe sub ject, nnd iho gentlemen then retired. On my way down thn street tho next day, I met Robert Miller, a Deputy Sherifi', audi told him there was u gentleman at tho United Stains lintel who wanted lo sen him. 1 think I went down to the United Stales I Intel with Mr. .Miller nnd them introduced him to Air. Glenl worth nnd left them. I may havo (-ecu Air. Glentworlli ngnin during Ihat visit in tho cily, but 1 had no furihir conversalioii with mm on tho sulijeci of Ins visit. 1 nm posiiivo I never upon nnv Hccnsiou heard Air, Glentworlli prnposo that persons should bo sent on tn ."Sew orli lor Hie purpose oi voting. I never wns nt iho house nf Air. George Riston with Robert Alillcr. James Young or Air. James H. Gli nt- worth. 1 know untiling nf nnv money ever having been paid lo.Mr. .Miller or Air. Young, by Air. Glent worlli, or by any one else on this ihimiu'ss. 1 never on this or any other occasion rawed money in con tuiiction with Air. Dadger nnd others, to pay men for going lo New York, nor nfler they hnd como from 4clV t OIK, On iho evening of Sunday, the 11 ill of October, in stnnt, I wns in my hoiiseiu Tt nth. street, mid wns in formed by mv servant ihat n gentleman wished in see me. 1 inuim in my parlor, n person who wns un known lo me. Ho presented to mnaleller, nf which uic loiiovvnigisn copy, ot which Iho original is uo in tn v possesion. Dear Sir Tho bearer will explain to you person ally his wishes, ho n cnhlled lo your ciiuru conn donee. Your mo. obt. serv I, i . ,mr",' jamKS D. (ILUNTWORTH. Now York, Oct. 10, 1(110. Hon. John Swiit of Philadelphia. This letter I bclitvo to bo in Mr. Glcnlworth'shnnd writing, of which I have no particular knawlnlcc. Tho confidence with which it was handed lo me, re moved from mo every suspicion ns to its autlienti- ycd tho bearer, immediately on reading it, what .Mr. (lleiilwotlirs object wns, nml wlint his business wns. Ilo replied that they wauled somo men sent on to Now ork, us they wero sent oil in 1839. I asked if ho meant men to delect illegal voters. He said, ho presumed that was the intention of Mr, Glentworlli. 1 told him. thnt I would see what could be done, nnd requested him to cnll nt my public (.nice, between nine nnd ten o'clock the next dny. I ,li, Mot nt tml intM. mow know, nor dnl I impiiru the naiuoof tho person with w hom I wns conversing. Tho names of Young or Miller, or nnyol my officers, were not inntioned during this conversation, nordid I say that ifho would ciiinc to mv ollicc m the morning 1 would by n wink point nut Miller or Young lo him, nor nny thing to that ellect. Nor did Stevenson say to ino he wished to get names registered, nor nny lliing of tlm kind. Mr. Rein Hadger s name wns not mentioned by tidier of us at this interview j not one word wns said by u. thcr him or me, in relation to Mr. Riston's having cashed checks. On the next day, bet wen nine nnd ten o'clock in tho morning, while I was engaged in my office, tho same individual entered : I nddrcs cd him nnd nsked him his name ; ho thou for the fust time told mo his name wns Stevenson ; 1 underslnod subsequently from .Miller that ho called himself Jarvis, to him ; belore Stevenson camo into my office, how ever, I bad seen Mr. .Miller, nnd mentioned to him, t tin t there wns n gentleman in town from New York, who wnntcd to get pnrsons to go on to New York to detect illegal voters from this city, the same us the hnd done in 1333 ; nfler Stevenson had mentioned his iiamo ns stated nbove .Mr. .Miller camu into my ofliee to mnkn his morning report to me, ns captain of the watch ; I then said to Miller, this is the gentleman to whom I referred, upon which they left tho ofliee to gether, sinco that moment I have not seen Mr. Ste venson. I do solemnly declare that I have never, el (heir directly or indirectly, aided, nssisled or connived nt the reception of nn illegal vote, either in the city of Philadelphia or in any part of the United Stntes. JOHN SWIFT. Sworn nnd subscribed, this 21th day of October, 1810, before me. Cltonon Gnisco.M, Alderman. PlIILMlELFIIIl, Oct. 21. 1810. I, John Saunders, of Northern Liberties, do hereby state that in the fall of 1S33 and spring of 19 JU I went on to New York, in company with several police offi cers of this county, nnd officers of the watch, for the pnrposeot watching many persons ol the Adminis tration party, some holding subordinate offices under the Federal government, who, it wns feared and be lieved wero going on to vote nt the Xew York polls, and for thepurpose of exposing and detecting them if they attempted lo vote. There wns no concealment of tho object of our visit, for we publicly nvowe I it nnd n wns wen Known to many persons ol tho Adminis tration party who went on with ns, some in the same steam boat. I was at tho 3th and Pth wards, nnd oth er wards, nnd the inspcclors of the election in these wards knew what wc were doing there, and when any of the Philadelphia Administration men came to nny of the wards wdiere vvo were, they frequently recog nized us, and wo believe that wc were often the means of preventing their voting. On the 12th day of this month, ons Jarvis, who sinco calls himself J, D. Stevenson, came lo more nucsting mo to nid him in getting persons to attend the X'ew York polls, in X"cw York, for a purpose sim ilar lo that of 1333 and 1?39. 1 akedbiinif there were any danger now from frauds under the new reg istry act similar to the frauds of 18'JS nnd 1330. He stated there were; that the Administration party were registering men from all parts, a largo numbcr'hebe hcved from Philadelphia, nnd be wnntcd some men from all our wards to go on and detect them, and thus prevent their voting. I replied that such men could be got, and ho promised to call on me again. This Jar vis, rt.'ias Stevenson, represented himself as a Whig said the Whigs bad done great good in delecting tho frauds of the Administration parly in 1333, and ap peared anxiously to wish some men to detect similar frauds agnin. He never in nnv way or manner in sinuated that lie wished these men to vote, andn that lie asserts io the contrary is utterly fake in every ilsihui. i limn wiru in iw i urn, or in any way or manner attempted to voto there. JOIIX SACXDKRS. Sworn and subscribed before me, Oct. 21, 1330, Joel Cook, Alderman. PuiLArtn.Lrni.1. Oct. 21. 1?I0. I, Robert Miller, of the city of Pnilndclphia, now a Captain of the Watch in the 'city, do hereby stale, and solcmly declare, that I have never bi en concerned in any way or manner or at any time, in sending on io Xew York fraudulent voles or spurious voters. In 1833 1 was concerned in procuring persons in this city and county to go on to New York to detect voters whom 1 had the strongest reason lo beliivo intended to vole the Administration ticket in Xew York; and the persons whom I procured to go on wero intchan ics, well neiuaint"d with the cilv. whose expenses were paid, nnd only their expense's, nnd the value of ineir time, ns they were men dependant upon their earnings ior a livelihood, nnd coiilJ not ailord to go to X'ew York without such remuneration. To mv certain knowledge, il wns never intended they should vote in X'ew York, and to the best of my information they did not vote. I nlso further state that Oct. 12. a man calling him self Jarvis when with me, met me in the .Mayor's of- nce, wnosc name i nave since understood to lie Me venson, inking me out and asking to be in pnvate, pretended to be a Whig, and wished know if I eiidii I lor lllm wl'al 1 I'."1!'0 fn.r j hi adelphia, vvh n for him what was done for Glentworth in 1333, lor him persons well neq inintcd with who could deteel the fraudulent voters. '1"" 'ho Administration party iniNcwo ork wero put- ' 0,1 1110 ,llre'Mr' lMcrc ir"m n" !nrls 1 ,L' ! c?"!UrZ nml I,ar"c'"rM ''."r ' '. .,...1... . ...... . . ..m give him men who could detect nnv loci foeo voter from Philadelphia that should appear in Xew York, nnd at our second meeting, I furnished him with a list of fiirly-threc and not exceeding forty-five men well acquainted with voters of the city nnd county of Philadelphia, who could not have been induced hi nny means, when citizens of this Stat", lo vote in any otlicr Slate, nor did 1 ever driam of furnishing a list for such an illegal purpose, or did Stevenson alias Jarvis request of me a list for any such purpose. So far as nny thing in Stevenson's or Jarvis' s deposition conflicts with what I have stated, I pronounce it false, and utitcrly untrue. 1 alo solemnly declare that I never saw Air. Swift at any time in my life nt Air. Rislon'shousensStcven son, states. I never mentioned Ah. Air. Swift's name to Jarvis, nlais htevenson ; I never was m Xew York during nnd never slated to Jarvis, alias Stevenson, that I was, nor that my men voted iliere: but over thirty-five or forty men went on from Phila delphia to New-York through Glentworlh's agency and not one of thorn was intended to be a vote. ROUT. MILLER. Sworn lo and acknowledged, this 2 lib day of Oc tober, 1 130, bcfjrc me, Geo. C'ciscom. Alderman. F R I D A Y AI O R X I X G, O C T O I! E R 30, 1310. BASE CONSPIRACY EXPOSED- ATTEMPT TO IMPLICATE GOVERNOR SEWARD. Tho office holders in Now York have been for sometime plotting a deep-laid scheme, which they designed to bring suddenly into operation on tho eve of the Presidential election. This they have denominated, in significant phrase, their last cakd. The plan has been hastened into excution on account of tho recent startling developments of loco foeo fraud.--, and tho gam blers havo now showed the strength of their hand. A number of men in New York have come beforothe public witli imposing affidavits profes sing to make known an extensive fraud perpc. trated by a company of Whigs in the Fall of 1SUS, in causing a large number of men to bo taken from Philadelphia to Now York for the purpose of voting illegally there. Jesse Iloyt, tho Collector of tho port of New- York, John V. Edmonds, a violent partizan of tho administration, and Houjamin V. Hutlor, tho U, S, District Attorney for Now York, have set on foot an examination be-fore tho recorder and Justice Matsell, and have brought forward as witnesses', John 1). Htovcnson, formerly tobacco inspector, James 1!. (iluntworth, now holding that office, and several othors. The persons charged with planning and executing tho scheme of fraud ulent voting in IsiH, aro John Swift, Mayor of Philadelphia, and llola Uadgor, (Jenrgo Riston and others of that city; and Moses II. (irinnol, member of Congress from Now York ; and R. M. Ulatcliford, Jiunos Howonnud Simoon Draper, Jr., of tho latter city. Stovoiison wont to Phi ladolphia about two wooks Bince, taking the name of Jarvis in some, companion, and now as. ports under oath, that Messrs, Swift, lladgor nnd others ngrood to aid in procuring frninllont voters tu go to Now Yorl; this fall, as in 1WIS. Hut tho affidavits will tdiow what aro tltochargos to which thoy form a direct and full reply. Nothing is moro notorious, (says tho Eve. ning Journal,) than tho fact that tho Tammany party has for many years carried tho city of Now York by fraudulent and illegal voting, The Whig parly, relying on tho patriotism and integ rity of their cause, was content to use only thff weapons of reason and argument. Hut tlicss wero found unavailing. Tho frauds of Loco Focoismgavo them continued succession. In 18I3S thoro were serious collisions in Tammany Hall. A portion of tho Jackson men broke off and joined the Whigs. Thos men brought with them a knowledge of tho tactics of Tammany Hall, and in tho then approaching conflict turned their weapons against their former associates. "Illegal voters had boon imported by the Vait Huron party at every contested Election. H was known that hundreds of thorn were to como to tho rctcuc of Iico Fucoism in IBIiS. To fortify themselves against these hordes, tho- Wings took precautionary measures to identify and expose thent. For this purpose Agentu wcroabroad. Among tlieso was James B. Glent worth, who, while in Philadolnhia. instead of adhering to his instructions, says that ho entered into arrangements to procure illciral-voters him self. When this information came to the knowl edge of the gentlemen whom Uutlor, Edmonds, it Co, seek to implicate, tho following Lettter written by the Hon. M. II. CniNsr.i.i., with the sanction of Messrs. Ui.ATciironn, Dr.Arcr., Uow- r.N, and Wr.TMonn, was promptly despatched to Glentworth, who was then in Philadelphia : "Xew onu, Oct. 31st, 1833. "Dear Sir Two of vour letters, u-rineii vir.i.. have found their way to this city ; the project whiclt you laid out is not wholly understood by your friends here. The position in which thev consider themselves placed, H easily summed up, and their only fear is that you may have misunderstood ihcir motives and de sires. If you have made any arrangement which in any way tend to any thing beyond a general supervis ion of the polls for the purpo-e of detecting and pre venting illegal voting, you must at once unequivocally abandon it, and look to thorn for anv expenses which your precipitate sicps may nave occasioned. Wc val uo the cause as highly as anv nortion of our fellnw citizens value it, but we are determined not to enter in to any sort ol arrangement which, under any circum stances, could be construed into n bargain for foreign uies. iiu inereiore lane tne earnest anu most elec tive mode of saying to VOU thnt. Willi,' vn nrn rnmlv irk submit to the expense which you have incurred in your preliminary arrangement, we will not counte nance any system which can in any way encourage iue iiuport.uion ui voters. "Wo knovvyourdesiies, and shall bj willing tomett your wishrs, provided they are based upon the simpla point of protecting the rigbls of ihe honest voters, which we deem your only hope or expectation. in liaste, .VI. u. GIUMST.LL." "Here is a triumphant refutation of the foul charge against tlieso gentlemen. Whatever Glentworth did or intended to do, hero is conclu sive evidence that the design of bringing illegal voters to New i ork was instantly discounten anced and forbidden by Messrs. Gr.iNNr.Lt, 15i.ATcnronr, Dr.Arnn, Rowkn and Wr.TMoitF, who stand entirely vindicated from the vile and wicked attempt of the conspirators. These gentlemen were selected as the victims of this "infernal machine" on account of their high standing as citizens and of their zeal, devotion and efficiency in the Whig cause. Thoy are honorable elevated, disinterested men, who, seeking no office and with no sordid purposes of their own to serve, gave themselves up to the country. Such men always oxort a tremendous influence. They wore a terror to Van Rurcn ism, and hence the "black and midnight" con spiracy to destroy them. Tlut it has failed sig nally failed, and will now "return to plague tiio inventors." "There is equal falsehood and profligacy in charging the Whig party with frauds upon the Elective Franchise. We have been fighting up against an unscrupulous party whose majority was perpetuated for years by means of the gros sest frauds. In the city of New York the lead ing measure of the Whig party, for eight years, was a Registry Law, the only object and design ot winch was to protect the Rights of Legal Vo ters and to prevent Illegal Voting. That lar. the moment wo obtained a Whig ascendancy in the Legislature, was passed, against the fiercest opposition of Van Uuranism. And now, while Loco Focoism is railing iti-elf hoarse with char ges of fraud against Whigs, the Secretary of State has recommended to all Inspectors of Elec tions a plan to protect the Ballot-IJo.xcs from Fraud and Corruption. Those charges of Fraud como from men who aro notoriously corrupt themselves, and who arc now raising a cry under cover of which thry hope to consummate their own frauds in the approaching conflict. "Rut let us return to the Conspiracy, which was, it seems, to have boon finally consummated at the house of the Collector, Mr. Jesse Ilnvt. There Rutler, Iloyt, Edmonds, Stevenson and Glentworth assembled. Anifthore, too, Glent worth was expected to crown the Plot by impli cating Gov Seward. Rut for somo unexplained reason that scene in the drama is cut out. . Glentworth failed to meet their expectations in this respect, as will ho seen by the following affidavit : New York, ss. James R. Glentworth of the city of Xew York, being duly sworn, saith that within tho List thirty days at ditletent times and places in the city of Xew X. ork, he has been applied to, bv Jona than 1). Stevenson, ISenj. F. Rutler, U. S. 'District Attorney, Jesse Hoy!, collector, nnd John W. Ed nionds, to uiuke statements that should implicate Got Seward, and the leading friends of the Governor in Xew York, in a charge of having countenanced frauds at the election in l'W. I hat a few days ago, deponent was induced hy mid .Stevenson, to go the house of said H. F. Ilutler, at the door of which, Air. Edmonds joined us, and we went together lo the house of said Jesse IIovl, which we entered nnd found Air. Iloyt at home. 'Presently we were joined by Air. Hutlir for a few minutes nothing was said, when Air. Edmonds remarked "wchad bet ter proceed lo business." Thereupon Air. Huller said Air. Sicvenson had lalcly made important disclosures to him, afh cling the whig party, and if deponent would conic forward and mako the necessary proof, great good would follow from it. that deponent would lakea high stand that deponent had been denounced by the wings as a loco foeo, and had nothing to expect from that parly, but had every thing to expect from tho other party that deponen t would cam the lasting gratitude of 'the country; for his own part, ho would divide his Inst cent, or'lmi crust with deponent. Thereupon, Air. Hovt said he would ilo the same. And deponent further saith, that the said Stevenson repeatedly assured deponent, that if he would lake a stand against the wings, tho administration partT would be under the greatest obligations to iue, that 'V could have any o&ec, or any money, and especially that Ah. Van llurin would do any thing for mc nnd that lie, Stevenson, would go to Washington about it but that was unnecessary, as Air. Rutler and Air. Edl munds, who were the confidential friends of the i'rea-. idem, could and would cllictit.. On another nc canon, Slevenson, to operate i-ron this deponent, said Ah. Rutler would give a thousand" dollars, and Air. lloyl the same, Inwards paying n . i! i.iiu iii-iii,iiiii "t.uiisniii-. i nr., msi aun(jny morn mi; Air. Edmonds wrote a note loih ponenl requesting him to call nl r.dunind' s house, and denonent upon icceiving the note went there, when Edmonds said, well, 1 iindetstand vm have concluded not to be of nny servieo lo us, To which di ponenl replied ihat ho hail so determined. Wheii-iipnii said Edmonds then threatened that deponent would be pros-cental nnd deponent further cailh dial Slevenson Paul he would compil the Governor to rc-appomt me to the ofliee of inspector Thai he, Slevenson, would meet Air. Grin noil or Air. Howen w ith me, nnd with a pair of loaded pistols he, Sn vrneon, would compel them to plcdgo themselves lo tecuiv my reappointment lo office by the Governor. ' And faither, deponent saith, thai over and over again overtures of money and office have been made tome, to implicate the Go .crnor and the leading mem bers nfthe whig parly in the city of New York. ,nd ihe said Stevenson, in conversation viiih depontnt nfler deponent and he hnd lift Air. llnyt's house, or! the occasion above leferred to, and ns Ihev were walk inc down tneellicr, said to deponent, that Alessrs Duller, Jlnvi, nnd Edmonds, could not enter into nn ngiceinentiii lespeel loaiiy ni..iirular olllee nt m time, because, it would looli liKo a bargain with me in induce mo to come forvvnid, nnd vvr.'i, ,,f,nt ii,noi. joc. Hut said I.JV there is Air. hM,r, a mnn oft much puiuv of character ns riny man in this rotmirv nnd hecnnimany thing with Mr. Van llurfn-diti you not hear him say he won d thvide the last cent or cmsi with you 7 Here i Mr. Edmonds, a confidential friend and correspondent of Mr. Van Ilurn, nd km

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