Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, 30 Ekim 1840, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated 30 Ekim 1840 Page 3
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w Mr. Hoyt llio collector they can Jo any tiling and deponent believes tlint .Stevenson made tlicso remarks because deponent declined to itivolvu himself, by n j compliance with tliu overtures miulo to deponent at i Mr. Hoyt's house. And ifeiioneitt farther saiih, that he is now satisfied that hu has boon tho dupo of a conspiracy, which, tin tier thp pretence of gaining tho means to compel Gov. Howard to coniiuticdcponciil in office, and thereby U osist deponent, has lront the beginning had for its object to induce deponent by promises of reward, and then by THREATS Ob' PROSECUTION, toheeomc the instrutnent of violent attack upon the Governor nnd the whig party ( and deponent further adds, that in the progress of (his nll'air, tho said Stevenson has constantly spoken of the unlimited power he, tho said .Stevenson would acquire with the administration par ty, if he should succeed ill this nt tack upon the. wings. J, H. GLF.NTWORTH. Sworn this 23d day of October 1810, before me, J.P. Pmsson, Commissioner of Deeds. We ask honest men to look at tins transaction in its true light, and pronounce an honest verdict. Here arc the U. S. District Attorney, tho Collcc tor of the port of New York, and other officials, offering to " divide their fortunes!, even to the last crust," tendering the offices and honors of the government aye, proposing to pay two thousand dollars as an earnest ; and for what ! Not. to ob tain tho truth ; hut to induce an individual to "furnish evidence, to implicate Gov. Seward" in a transaction with which he was not in tho re motest degree connected ! Such is the despera tion of Locofocoism ! This is Air. Van Huron's last card ! We defy the annals of crime to show an instance of parallel atrocity. It should, it will, stir up the indignation of the American people. What man is safe of what avail is the fairest reputation while such unannointctl miscreants occupy the scats of honor, and wield the power and patronage of the government 1 When such men as Si:wai'.d are pitched upon as victims, Cod may know whose turn it will be next. No man is safe, whoso character or influ ence is worth preserving; and had Glontworth been composed of the yielding material they sup posed him, Gov. Seward might have fallen a vic tim to these wretches. Can a cause, propped by such supports, stand the test of tho ballot box! It cannot; and the ides of November will prove it. Till LAST CARD! District Attorney IJutlcr has applied the match to the train which was to blow up Gen. IUiuttso.s ! The explosion occurred, the frag ments have fallen, the smoke has cleared away, nnd Messrs--. JJutlcr, Hoyt and Edmonds arc the only sufferers ! They with their "pigeon" Ste venson stand exposed in a flagitious attempt to jmborn Glcntworth into charges against Gov. Seward. To accomplish this, the worthies offered him tho Consulship at Havre and money in hand ! They, of course, attempt to save themselves by impeaching their own witness, the man on whoso information all their charges of fraud were based. There is no principle of law better settled than that a man's confessions, when relied .on, must all be taken together. Now Messrs. "Butler, Hoyt, Edmonds &. Co. found a charge of fraud against the whigs upon Glentworth's confessions to Stevenson. Glontworth then goes on and tells all that oceurcd. The conspi rators wanted him to implicate Gov. Sr.ww.RD, and when ho hesitated hu was taken by Ste venson to Collector Hoyt's house, where he met the jiioiis B. F. Butler and the honest J. W. Ed monds, who urged him to make charges against the Governor. The favor and protection of the President was pledged to Glcntworth. Mr. Butler promised to "divide his last cent with him." Edmonds proffered the Consulship at Havre. Stevenson told him that the Collector and District Attorney would give him 8'JOOO to Day a pressing demand. And all assured him that with their unlimited influence at Washin ton, he would be provided tor if lie would ren- .rier them the delicate but important favor of falsclv imnlicatinc Gov. Seward in a charge of fraud and corruption ! Such is the position of the conspirators ! They deny (who would not 1) that they made thec offers to Glcntworth. But in doing so. they impeach their own witness. Besides, their denials arc not made under oath. They arc evasive that of Mr. Butler, more especially. The fact that Glcntworth was at Hoyt's house with the conspirators is not denied. Indeed it is admitted. 15ut they do not tell why he was there, and what was the object of the conclave. Four such immaculates as Butler, Hoyt, Ed monds and Stevenson, did not pass an evening with Glcntworth cither to hear cashier Butler explain how he broke the Washington and War ren bank, or to hear deacon Butler read a homily against the sin of bearing " false witness against thy ncigebor." No. The conspirators came to gether for a different purpose. Stevenson's plot was not deep enough. It did not reach Gover nor Sr.wAr.i). They met for that amiable, pat riotic purpose, and to accomplish it, the offices and money of the Government were tendered But for some unexplained reason, the effort was abortive. Glcntworth, to use the language of Edmonds, had "concluded not to servo them" by mkking a foul and false charge against the Governor. Alb. Jour. tlnn taken ttro to all intents and purposes ns I applied to the superior court now sitting in this good as though tho meeting had been duly notified. Tho omission of tho proper officer to notify, makes liim liabln for a ncgloct of duty, but cannot disfranchise those who as semble without the required notification. Tho box must bo opened ut one o'clock, nnd kept open till the going down of the sun. CAUTION. The WhifTs must bo vigilant or they will be most shamefully imposed upon and outraged by the loco foco party. .Spurious tickets nro already afloat, and the trick which was conceived in New York, of print ing a Whig electoial ticket with tho addition of one name, happily has been detected. It has been sug gested to us, that frauds may be perpetrated by men who present their, naturalization papers only, which certainly is no evidence of their being legal raters. I.ct every thing bo done andtunc in season, to prevent frauds of every sort at the coming election. We want to sec afuirjight. Tho above caution will not be out of place in this latitude. We are told that an at tempt will be made to circulate spurious electoral ticket in tins state that is, n ticket with one too many names upon it which would destroy the entire ballot or with the name of one of the Locofoco electors substi tuted in place of a whig. Great caution should be used In this particular, and every man put upon bis guard. See that you have neither too few nor too many names upon your ticket, and those the right ones such as will vote foruTippecanoc, and Tyler too." A PARALLEL. Tho conspiracy of Butler and Hoyt to destroy Seward, though one of uncommon atrocity, is not without a parallel. Bold and reckless ns these men undoubtedly arc, yet they had not quite nerve enough, and sought out Glontworth as the pliant tool to do the act they were afraid to do in person. Aware that an act of such atrocity re quired uncommon inducements, we find them extremely lavish in protestations of love pledge ing him money, office, honors, and a moiety of their fortune:--, "even to the last crust." Glcnt worth, it seems, did not take the hint ; but an swered in that dubious manner which left him his own way, while he seemed to listen to their entreaty. There is a f-imilar case on record. The reader of Shakspearo will remember the passage in which King John intimates to Hubert his desire that he should murder Arthur, and the manner in which Hubert answers him. The cases arc similar. Both arc specimens of hints from those who would acquire power, regardless of the means. town, on Monday last and obtained a bill of di vorce. In tho operation she was assisted by a man named David H. Ilotchltiss, in whoso house and under whoso protection sho had lived for tho last twelve months. On returning from court on Monday ovening, Hotchkiss wished tier to marry mm, but her mother coining on a visit to Her, nnd wishing to center with tier, she declined. The mother nnd daughter slept to gether, and Hotchkiss in another room. In the morning Hotchkiss called on Mrs. Allen to get up, which she did not do, and he called a second time. His calls not being nttonded to, he be came infuriated, and having procured an axe, ho went into tho room and struck tho woman while in bed with the head of tho axe, each blow pro ving fatal : but with savnirc ferocity ho turned tho edge of his axe and literally chopped his vic tim limb from limb. Tho desperate man then returned to his own room, and with a Unilc sev ered the jugular vein, and in a short time bled to death. The mother escaped unhurt and gave the alarm. Wo understand that all the parties engaged in this tradgedy are of tho lowest order of so ciety, and very intemperate. The immediate agent in this awful catnstrophc was rum, Hotch kiss haviti!' purchased two quarts on Monday, most of which he had consumed. New Haven Herald. West At.nunr.n, Oct. 24, 1810, II. B. Stacy, Esq., Dear Sir I received a letter from Benjamin Mott, one of the Canadian convicts sent by tho Colonial authorities to Now Holland in the month of Sept. 1811!), dated the 17th of May 1810, and as it may be interesting to the public to hear from him, you are at liberty to publish the following extract in your valuable paper. lie writes that he is on the Island of New Holland at a place called Longbottom about eight miles from Sydney at work at cutting timber and sawing blocks for paving roads for government, under charge of a government officer ; that he is used well and is not compelled to work very hard, that he is locked up at night in a room with a dozen more convicts and called again at day break to resume his labor, and that they have every Saturday afternoon to themselves to do their washing and prepare for the Sabbath, and goes about a mile with the keeper and the in habitants to church. He writes that the inhab itants are well pleased with their good conduct and that ho expects within a few months to get which seems to have boon dosirrnod and blessed of God for awakoning his attention to the in- unite importance ot personal religion. The vessol In which ho nailed was so near being wrecked, that tho captain intimated to the pas sctigera that they must make tho best prepara tion they could for a watory grave. But Ho who rules tho elements, nnd says to the raging sea, "Peace, bo still I" mercifully internoscd for their salvation. Tho subject of this sketch often referred to this providential deliverance, in his conversation and letters to his friends. Several weeks or months after this occurrence, in one of his letters to his parents, he says " You can hardly imagine, dear parents, what my feelings wore, when death was staring mo in the face, to think how little I was prepared to meet my Owl! but I hope and pray, that, let death come when it will, hereafter, bv the heln of the Saviour who died for tho penitent, I shall always bo prepared," Subsequent letters show that his mind was much occupied at this time with thoughts of his own sinfulness, and of his need of a change of heart and life, and of an in terest in the atoning blood of Christ, and his constant prayer, during the lucid intervals of disease, was that God would give him grace to commit himself unreservedly into tho Redeem er's hands. How precious and consoling the hope furnish ed by these circumstances to his bereaved pa rents, that " it is welt with the child." Infidel ity may look upon the death of a man as upon the death of a brute : but the Christian, and the Christian parent, contemplates the uravo with very inherent Icchngs. He has joys and solicitudes which the cold heart of the sceptic never felt. May the death of this young man be a warning to the young men of this place to seek at once the enjoyments of experimental religion and a preparation for death, How ma ny of our young men, who have just gone out from us have fallen victims to disease, or to an insalubrious climate, Tho number within a few months, on tho catalogue of death a Chapin, a Wcller, a Ilurlbutt, an Adams a Wilkins, a Wilcox how should this fact move parents, whose children are about to leave them, to seek earnestly in their behalf, that they may be pre pared by the spirit and truth of God, for an early tiravc. Com. New and fashionam.k fall & winter CIOODS. MRS. FRASER would inform her friends nnd customers, that she has just returned from New Vork with an unusually Hint Mn r,'Aitinx'. 4? AIILE assortment nf MIL. .VLENKllVflnnnNnmnntr which arc tho newest stylo of Winter Hats Silk Vel vets and the most fashion nblo Silks for Hatst a splendid assortment of Rib bor.R. f.nrrs. Veils. .Slinwls. Collars, Edgings, Insertions, Feathers, Artificials, Silk l'riil go, nnd other articles too numerous to men tion. Also, Fur trimmings and Hons, llurlington, Oct. 23, 1810. w MUSIC. MR. A. GRANT begs respectfully to Intimate- to the inhabitants of llurlington and vicinity that he will open classes for instruction in Vocal and In strumental Music early in November. Particulars known by applying to Messrs l'angborn fc Urinsinaid. Halls and private dancing parties attended. o2,l Burlington, Oct. 23, 1810. N LOVELY A Co. are now opening and of- fcring for sale a more extensive assortment of seasonable floods thnn they have ever before offered in this market) amongst which is a great variety of FURS and Fur Trimmings all of which are ollcred extremely low for Ready CASH. Oct. 22. IIOKSKS WANTED. H THOMAS will pay cash for n few GOOD Horses or Mares. He will mirchaso on Friday, the 0th of November if ollercu, la! to lot hands high, 5 to 7 vears old and sound llurlington, Oct. 30, 1810. ISAAC WAItiEK. " D-"- TT A S ri.n.1 rn.,1 I,,,,,.,- ,..,. ...... 1 1 1 - I-. the liberty of the Island, and indulges a hope Jti and full cssortmeut ot GROCERIES, among tlint ho will nirnin irnl Ins lihntv ns thnv nrn not WHICH arc sentenced for any particular term of time. He was live months on his voyage, and nothing par- ticular occurred during their passage only the COGNAC BRANDY, H(JL.L..1XU lil.N, K. John. Come hither, Hubert, O my gentle Hubert writcs that he is in good health and spirits. No owe thcomiich; within this wall of flesh .,, , QnV'i r3 There is a soul counts thee her creditor, V M. L. oUW LEo. And with advantage inenns to nav thv Inva. Hy heaven Hubert, I am almost ashnni'd lo say wlial good respect 1 nave ot lliee. Hub. I am much bounden to your majesty. A". John. Good friend, thou bast no need to say so yet; 1 et 1 love tnee well. St. CROIX RF.M A variety of WINES, and almost every article in the Grocery line, ail of which no win sen on ine most reasonable terms, lie n-1,11 . n ri-m Tni-nrn l I.... I.,, .!., death of one of the convicts, ho thinks that he l,e will sell ruin, brandv and cm for G3 cents a eallo'n. is eighteen thousand miles from home, and w .c 1 lc w" warrant ot a better quality than some which navu laiciv neeii nawKeu aooiu uie couuiry ny a certain New York pedlar, and if not adjudged by tne nest judges to 110 uelter, lie will not nsK any pay lor it. lie mviies inciii 10 call and compare. jjurmigiom uci. imu, THAT FLAG. O" A letter from a correspondent says, the na tional banner to be presented by the state of Lou And, by my troth, I think, thou lovest me well. Hub. So well that what vou bid 1110 undertake Though, that my death were adjunct to to my act, Hy heaven I'd do it. K. John. Do not 1 know thou wouldst 7 Good Hubert, Hubert, Hubert, thruic thine rye On yon young boy! I'll tell thee what my friend, He is a very serpent in my icay; And when so'er this foot of mine doth tread, He lies before inn: Dost thou understand me I 7'Aen artliis keeper! Hubert. And I will keep him so, That he shall not offend your majesty : 100I)S. Tlic subscribers Imve rce'd nnd .ire now opening n vcrv lame assortment of Wollcu Cloths of every vauetv. rich nlain. fiL'iircd and changeable ... . , .1 ,..,1 1. i.., .,.,; Silks, Mouseline dc Lames, Alpacca Cloths, Taghonia isiana to the state that will give the largest whig shawlS) mkUf nM)0Wi '&c' Wl3 will only say that majority at tlie coining contest, win cost 94,uuu. wo nave a larger assortment 01 goods ot every variety A trophy whose folds must unfurl to the ' Moun- ''o'n'Tsfo Vur kPl bcfr I OVFI V t Co Dlt. IMII.SNHY'S FAMILY PILLS, for renio ving symptom of irrrnlion ariiug from foul Momaeh anil bowel-j s'icli u os of appetite, or moriini craving lor iooi, sickiio-k or yoniiiiing, pain or nu lineav teii-nliun at the pit of toinaeli, willi Miiiriiu, nnifn en-tivu stale of Ibe bowels, llatu leiu'O wilh fnliiui of ihcjc iiarl, and piiu tin preure, Willi laiiiliu1", ja'iuiliec, ilycnlary, paiu in either ci le, and pile. Alllrlioiis of ibe head, dizzincs', stu por, ve.i!;nos, depre-sion of spiril, hysteria, hypo chondria, and ef.en dMurlol sleep, nek head nebe so common with feeble, delicate mtjoii, especially females, di.trrliu:.!, or hm-eno-s of the bowel--, and dy-M-iitary, ihe,ie ol ihe skin, and worm mj frequent with ebildren, u. lections of the cbe-t, Mich as co'igh, or ilillleully of breaihliur, occasioned very fro -en'ly by u disordered state of the sloinach. Monthly nllti ti'ons ol fuiiLili'S, when ebec'.o I by general debility wilh ios of appetite, intended wilh cold feel, etc., ano nnd fever, iullueiiza, rheumatic n Jeelinns of the joint", ser..fn'n. ticdoloroux. oriiainlul nl!vetion of llie nerve. of ibe face, ueel; and sliniililer-'. I have I'utind them in removing ebronie ealurrh, if per everej 111 for some time, in smaller doe. They ore aeeonimo- il.iled to all ne., (children ol year old may solely H'u llieni,) mid to any climate, anil under all cireiim slaiiees, Tliev contain no mercury nor oilier mineral. I'bev are nnrelv vccotnl le. Dosr.. 1 wo to lour may be at n lime, nnd repeale I every oliier nipiii, milil the long-to l clean, and t lit? discharge from llie bowels, in. lead (it eiug Imht colored or'.' an I ol- lcnive, I comes tree and Ml and healthy, Willi a ro turn f.f .mocli'o. CEIt I Il' U'A l i'S. The under-i'-'iiCI ha bad the plcn-mu oinn actriaiulanee willi Dr S. I'limnev fur some ye.irs pa-l, ('iiring bi re-ideneo in lln village, where be lia attained a high ebaraeler a-i a phyiuia . He ba bad an opportunity nlo in repealed in-tancu', (illeslingtlit: value ol the ''Family Pills," and from his own experience ol their elhcaey, n well us irom a knowledge of their good elects in oilier ea-e-, In; b is no hesitation in recommending ibeiu to lojut what they lirufoss to I e, n very vabinl le Family Medicine. THOMAS M. SMITH, Pastor of the I'rcsl yleriau church, Cats-kill N.Y. I feel il to 1 e a privilege and duty to sny, tint lo the oMent of niv observation and exnerienie, which is very eon-iib'rable d ring several year-, tho u ilily of Ibe article loth lor uy-pep.y and aa inol e:iicaeiou Family Medicine, far exceed-d my nntieiiiaticn.. More limn thirty year.-1 have not enjoyed health, but -tillered much from iek head-ache, and from billions a'eclion. I have had ihe advice of many ie.-peolah!e physician, but never lb ind any e 'eoinal relief from my complaints until a of Dr Phiuney's Pill had Lcen made. Samuki. CmmciiiLi.. Ilarmoiisbiir;;. Crawford Co., P.i., July, 1833. Catskill, Greene Co., N. V., April, 1S2j. To nil wht.111 II may concern : This eerlilie- ibal l)r S. I'liinney ia Pliy-ieian of the lir-t sianding in this village, having received Ins medical ('e.'ree at Cam bridge Univer i'y, and is entitled to the highest re.pevt from the public. llev. David i'or'er, I). 0.; Rev. Jo eph Preutis., A. M.; Thomas It. Cooke, Pre idem of Catskill Hank ; Itov. 'I homas M Smith i Jacob Haight : Robert Oor Ion. Coun-tllnr : John Adam-, do: M. Vvnt-on, do. If these pill-do not give, satisfaction altera fur trial they may I e relume I, and the mo.iuy will be rcf.idded. Agent-are hereby authorized to do o, Agents. I. Moody, Burlington ; L. Jane-, Georgia; T. W Sniilb, Si. Albans; C. L., V,t M.llon and at mo-i of Ihe .store in the .-lute. o.j'J..:n Oct. 1G. IV OTIC 12. I.AOIES li & Gentlemen in debted to the subscriber for Honsn or C.uiniAOE hire, or otherwise, nro re quested to make payment Immediately, nnd save tliemclvcs cost. RANSOM COLlir.RTIL Prepare fbr Winter. THE FARMER'S COOKING STOVE. subscribcr informs bis (Mends and t'10 public, that ho has on band a variety of cooking and other Stoves, such as the Farmers, and tho premium Cool: Stoves; the Canada Uox and several kinds of Parlour stoves. Also Russia and Canada Iron Siovu I'ipp, C opper Pumps, and Lead pipe for well9or cisternal nil of Which he will sell as cheap as can ho had in th place. I hosn wiihing to purchase articles of tha abovodcscriplioii, will do will to look in at lny shop one door north of the Mn Cabin. Huthngton, Sept. 30. left). 11. II. nOSTWK'K. James Itiown's Estate. V. llicsol seribers. having I ecu annoin'ed 1 v the T Hon, ibe Pro' n'e Court for the I'isii let of Oranl l-le, commissioners! lo receive, examine nnd a Ijn-I the elaim-i and (leinands ol Ml per-ons ngn'ut Ihe estate of James Hrown late of Grand Lle,in -aid di tricl, ilecea-eJ repro enlo.l in-oUcn', 11 nil claims nnd demands exhibited in 0 Iset thereto; and six months Irom the day oftbe dale hereof Icing allowed by said court for thai purpo-e, we do llierefore beret y give no'icethat we will n'tend to ibe business of our ap pointment tit the dwelling of Exuerience Drown, in Grand Lie nlore aul, on tin; f 1 -rt Tito-days in Decern 1 er nnd January next, from 10 o'chwl.-, ,. M. until ! o'elo 'k, P. M. on each ol'-aid days. lhi'.eJ this 23 I day of July, A. I). 1310. r-A-MI 1M. aim MS, ) o.m.Ij. M'.i 11 HUAti, t-otnmi'sinner, SOLON VOlllAS, T.s 1 u ,ri,s-Cfc's Hale, IIL subscribers, trustees f r.atlirop, Potwin it Unit, give notice that they intend shortly to clon tho business of their trust, and for that purpoi.0 now oiler the entire stock of goods, at wholesale or retail, nln great reduction 111 pricri, for oish, Thoro nro many desirable goods m this stock that merchants imght select to pood ndvnntngo, nnd to surli will bo given a liberal credit for satisfactory paper. The stocks consist ofn general assortment of dry goods, ciockerv, glassware, drugs nnd medicints ; ami is well worth the attention of merchants nnd others wishing for bargains, Please call nnd nvnmine the goods. ,. MAYO ii WAIT, Trustees. Ilurling'nn, Oct. 1. To Purchasers of Itool.s vi Statlonrrv, DA. IIIIAMA.S o'ti-s hi whole me mil Telnil a choice as-irnnent of S'h('(l HOOKS and Mis (ullnneous work-, logelher wuh an o.voiv n e supply of Sta'ionery. Couuiry inercbiin's can lefurm hell wilh all kuiU of PAPER, on llie ino-l ten ( tml-lu lerins. Hooks such as are ol tained in Ho-K n, N. York and Plnla lelplna market-, ordeied at thort notice, liiiriinglnn. Del. H, Is 10. IIUKK.M'.W HOUrfs, Jii-t recti vid nt the Dool. Ill Slorc, A Ne.v Home. Who Ml follow. Young Ladies Companion. ('ounies Ida, HavwarJ's New Eng'und Oitzc:eer. Mitchell's Geographical Header, a yiem ol Geography, ciuiipn-ing. a Description ol the World with tlit gran I divisions, designed for in- truclioiis 111 schools and f.inulie. Wonders oftbe Heaven-. 1 A. HltA.MA.V C1 AUTION 'I be genuine Mori-on's Pills made nt ibe Drill-h College of Health, Lui Ion, ran be ol - iiii' dai the Variety Store and unOTiicnulnre m Tills town ; and remcnr er, every I ox and pauuel is ngnisi ilb a pen, "Piingboru nnd llrniin nd," a'l sold in Ibe tile are so blU.M'.U. rureh.vers will p'en-e remem I erihis ea ilion. P.wcuoisn & llnts's'um, sinjengen: "ll.Sl RVF, that the geniimnCongb and W ,rui Lo- V zuiu'cs and all oil , made I y Dr. A. Sherman, are soul 111 iioxc, si used up aim nave the name oi".. llcr.MAV, M. D." on tho lioxei, l'mcliaserj will iile.i e lemeinler llii-n- t lie popularity oftlie-.e article', li in luce I ninny individual- to ina';e an article, far infe rior, to -ell. when lliee nr ivies nreenu n'red for. '1 be poi r Man's Pla-ler- ami Sherman' Lozcngcr, are Solilxat tlie variety Store, 1'ancuoi.n &. llnlNSMAtn. ! tain' brce.c. MELANCHOLY ACCIDENT. As Mr. Jotham II. Hall was returning TyrOTICIJ.--Tbe scbscribcrs having formed a x 1 from partnership under tlie name and firm of STAan-t Dow, in tlie Tin, ShcetlronandStovcbusincss, would respectfully inform the public that they keep constant- the village on Thursday evening las,, he was h";. Zi accidentally thrown from his waggon, near the and Cooking Stoves, trimings &e., which they will Eldrcdge place, and instantly killed. He was "'"foseot a ine very lowes prices, in market. All ,. n 1 . , . orders will be executed on short notice and m the best not uiscovercu 1111 r riuay morning, wnen ti was style of workmanship. found that his neck was broken by the fall, and Hubert, when called upon to act, and put out that ho probably died without a struggle. Mr H. has boon an industrious hard working man, and has left a handsome property. He was 57 years 01 ago. ID'The Legislature adjourns this morning. M a s1 ff dl the eyes of Arthur, revolts, and exclaims: 1 1, will not touch thine eyes For all the treasure that thine uncle owns." Tho reader can turn to the passage where the dialogue is given at length, and follow out the parallel at leisure. To Butler and Ilovt, .Seward was a "very serpent in the way ;" and whercsoe'r the party Iu Milton on the 15th inst., by Rev. J. Dougherty, . . . . r . ,. ... " Mr. r.uMCNH kllinoiun, Emj. to Miss Jclia Ann' nuu, i.i iwuiu 11. s.i.-,r..o w, jjonTov, both 01 .Milton. that be should not "offend their inaicstios." In Wcstford on the lSlh inst,, by I. Chase, Eso. . ,. . ,, 1 r i ,,....., 1. . 1 ... Mr. Daniel HniGiiAMof Essex, to Iiss Electa Dates, was tlie service required of Glcntworth ; hut 1 offormer place. the individual lliey liau selected as assassin, was I1IH Villain UUUIiyil IU Cilliy UUL lllUir UUSiril-;, JM) n jjj His soul revolted at the atrocity, ami he spurned At Matagorda, Texas, on the 20th of Juno last, the bribe. To suppose that these foul conspira- Mr. John A. Wilkin, son of William II. and tors will escape the fate that awaited their -Martha Wilkins of this place, in the !2nd year Church st., opposite the jail. llurlington, uct ;tu, IU1U. 1 J. J. STARR, ISAAC DOW. RKMOVAli J. LEWIS, the Mechanical Den tist, basreinovcd his office to his dwelling: on lVnrl wl , nenrly opposite J. K, Gray's Carriage Shop, where he will be able to attend to calls at all hours of the day or night. llurlington, Oct. 30, 1810. LOWS Writing Paper, wholesale and retail, nt the Manufacturers prices, and the best assort ment ever Uforc olRrcd at tlie Hookstorc of the sub scriber, consisting of the following kinds. -j reams sup. Tot Killed. 15 do fine Letter do. '20 do sup. do plain. Ij do cap ruled. 10 do fine pot do 8 do do billet do Likewise, n larrre simnlv ofwranuinr nnncr nt rc. duccd prices. Oct. 30. I). A. URAMAN. T K.VTHKlt AcThe subscriber lias received JlJ nnd is now receiving from New Vork, n large as sortmciit of Leather. Hoots nnd Shoes in addition to his former stock, consisting of the following articles nart : 100 Sides Sole Leather, n superior arlicle,frce from an Heavy (;ow limes, watcr, 1U aides Harness Leather, 10 " lllack Hridlu do 10 D07.. Sheep lininiis, 'i " South Sea Seal Skins, 1 " CJrained Leather. 1 Case Men's Superior Calf Boots sewed, war-anted, 3 " " Thick Boots, heavy at 82,50 per pair, 1 " Hoy's i.Hfi ' I " Smnll Itnvs " " ' Together willi Kids, Kips, Shoe Thread, Prunella Cotton and Linen Webbing, I'lackim:, Shoe Itm-hes, Ladies French Kid Slips, and a general assorlnicnt or .Hisses and (yhildrens , "sups and VvalKing olioes all of which will be sold low tor cash. II. C. STIMSON. N. P.. Wanted, a few bushels of lhickwheat, Ryi nnd Lorn. l:.J. s ri.MSU.N, Ai'enl. Hnrlinston, Oct. 22, IS 10. Gh:ntijKmi:vs 0vr.1t ai.i.s. ii dozen r pairs (Sentlcmcn's Over Alls, (long stockings,! just received and for sale bv the hi7en or single pair ui .Montreal prices by .iv.vii-.s ii. ri,.vi r. '. o lie will loot them to order. Iluilington, Oct. 10, 19-10. TO COUXTItV MF.ItCHAXTS FALL SUPPLY OF EARTHEN. CHINA AND illustrious predecessor" is to impeach the justice of an overruling Providence. Maine Election. The Governor and coun cil of Maine have counted and declared the vote in Maine for members of Congress, given at the time of the late Governor's election whole number of Whi including !10 scattcrin number of Van Huron of his .arre. GLASS WARE. A. SEASON ec Co.. are now re- ,, , ,, , .... cc:ing a supply ol l-.artliern, Cluna nnd Glass-Ware 1 lie lacioi 111c suuuen ucatli ol tins vounir man anvma winch mav bo found the folio winu n,is iiuiiiuii 111 uur ui.igu papers Ol me -iStll 01 .viubjj 1.14111 muy Atigust,but nothing further had then been ascer- "t White Chine Glazed, tained, Letters have recently been received 10 t'r,7""e c!',",a containing the particulars of his'illness and death " Hombon So'" Granite China. in a distant and btrange land. And it is felt to " " " Earihen. and The be due to the memory of this interesting youth, Pink Low priced China Tea Sets DINING TEA, uiiEAKrAsr and TOILET WARE. plain and cut Lamps i', pattern and price. rinicntol cover eood; s, not usually fuuri 1. .i- I .. .1.- ami m iieuiur 111 uiu asuiii"io.i uiauici, 1 i.uii- , 0tR worthy o notice, or tra ts of cbaractor folk- very lowest prices, at No. G3 Iliver-st. Trov. o30.3w nun aim iiigaus in me ' euouscui (iisirici, i.11- (icvoiopcu situ matiircii. unusually cliocrlul tlefieldand Paris in the Oxford district, torroth- and sprighiy, our deceased younir friend readi er with 103 scattering, is d.-,l 10, making a Whig !' enduarqd himself to all who knew him. . r .vi-r 1 . tin r c -01 Possessed of the finest intognty and "ood habits majority of 8J7; and a net Whig gam of G,,01 ... ,.... ,, Ullifnrml- Jnn ,,- , votes compared with the clcctian of 1630. confidence of all who employed him as their This ntn.sdo n ctrM,T (1, ,(!. lorl- n r,nnnl i l,D;..o IM g votes given in the State as well as his allhcted friends and numerous ';nv pnce.i oiiina tea hctfi g, was !.-,: 17, the whole acquaintances, to present the following skelch T(,sc,lcr witlVa very large- ass-,; votes, including Lowell r r"" ' J, ,l I f,, i . c,nl,.rac'"2 1M" am ;in'iiitic TFUHHAI HURRA! ! HURRA ! ! ! Arrivals ex XX tra. Gieat New- and New Goods bro't by llow- aru ot the grand llazanr ( heap cash store. Tho day he left New Vork three editions of the newspaper Ex tra aim was is.-wd never was such an event in tin new world before it announced the arrival of two bleam Ships from Europe, ono of winch came over in twelve and a half days being tho .shortest passag FROM NEW YORK'. The Consnirators Detected ! The detection of At torney General Hutler and Mr. Collector Hoy t, in tho conspiracy to destroy Governor Seward nnd the lead sing Whigs in New ork, caused trrcit sensation theie on Saturday. The outlines of this infernal conspira cy begin to dcvelopc themselves. On Friday after noon, n handbill was issued in lioston by the loco focos. announcing the ARREST OF GOVERNOR .SEWARD, and that some others had Jlcd the city ! tnni n nomine conspiracy nun ucen iiiscovcrm, wc, All these things arc indications of plan, of an iinbnl Jowcd contrivance on tlie part of the locofocos, to destroy the Whig party. The deposition of Glcnt worth, that he had been imporlnnad hy llutlcr, nnd pioinised that if ho would but perjure, himself nnd "IMPLICATE Oar. Seicard," he should have any tiffiet lie chose, is another of the dastardly features in this infernal political murage, got un' nnd rnrricd on by perjured villains ! The loco focos on Saturday were in consternation ! Their plot is detected, nnd some of their best men nrn the mstigolors 01 it, and inry unow not whero to hide, themselves from the hisses and scorn of an indignant people! Mr. Grinncll, who is thntvetl as one 01 me accomplices in uicniiinr, on ru ddy evening was nominnted for Congress, hy a pro Mion of morn than 10,000 Whit's ! Gov. Seward if in Rochester, instead of being in prison in New York! Troy Mail. VOTES. Let the Whigs in the several towns sec 4o it that they nro supplied with votes in season, and let them lay in plentifully, for -unless we ntistitUo the signs of tho times, thero will be great demand for Tippecanoe- ballots xrn tho 10th. Wo shall liavo a supply ready for delivery on Monday, nt 25 cents per .hundred. TOWiN MEETING. Have tho proper officers duly warned tho meeting for tho tho several towns? Th low retiuites twelve (lavs notice to ho riven, in tho usual wny. Hut in case this ehall have been neglected in any town, let the freemen nevertheless assemble nt the nSt place of holding freeman's meeting nnd .... .heir votes. In case tho constable .hei.ld neglect or refuse to preside, it is com ..nt for either of tho selectmen, or any ustico oftlio pence, to organize the meeting f . .i dm l.uiincss. " be votes riiis affords a strong presumption that the re turns in the Whirr nanors. sbowino- that Oov. umeit with these (iiialities a sweet and annali e ever made. Thcv came richlv laden in Kent is elected, is correct Hut if this bp not lomI,ori ul;lc wils m.uiue.sied in all the relations rasengers nnu nritiMi (.old, nnd also brought llie ui me. i-iiiui iioiv or u lenaer regard io ine ; ,V " ; u,u - " 11 111 l-,.. ...ill .,.! ...Li. ,.e r.. . struclion of llavniut in E-jviit. liniiortant mtr iwn! votes in the Congressional election over the marked trait in his character, which commended nnLitt1!.- wholo number of Van Huron votes, and that him to all youth as a pattern in this respect for tiou of the Royal Nnva'l'Arsenal and lintilo Ships of the same majority of Whig votes, with at least w,eir ""union an nrosnect o increase with t in nthor under nrosr , , ' ' ..... . ... .::' YiV-,, " ispain aim rortugai, tnal ot rnnco l.oms llonanart siuc, can carry llie Wing electoral ticket. "" "'ig tn.ui, nir. v iikiiis went stillgoing on. A government shipscnt to tho Island Icon Suicide, were out to Texas about William S. Ramsay of Carlisle . lr ' 1 BUIIur no injury Irom a change of franco wanting an extraordinary loan of tifiy-one Fa., committed suicide at Harnum's Hotel, in f f , u , , , , ."; quake at Mount Ararat and a fall of part of the moun Baltimore, on Sunday last. In- shnntin,, hi.nlf . ... .Wl un?rrta.'1 tain nnd a thick lluid issuing roverim: villaces am , ,. , ; , " h oo-siaii e: ,r ,.u, miuiij Koou. noouitiie nrst ol burying a thousand inhabitants and destroying nil lie li.ul just been re-elected to Congress by tho June, he had occasion to come down to the their Cotton and Rico plantations. Also very inanv administration party, in the 1.1th Concessional mouth of the Ray of Matagorda. The fever "dicr important items which will bo duly reported by District of Pennsylvania. The Baltimore Sun J?'!8. J?'"! hc ffZA rUnctX "ives the followincr particulars: .. .Vi' ..V. . . . . ., 1 . s,,n' ngined. Tho foregoing is the news, now ns to tho About fi oVlocl inthn aftnrnnnn nf ,i,v I " ' i V ' " i r rl ' . ,,laCS,,0' Go0l,u- "cver' nrver' never was such nn extensive About ,) o clock in the attcrnoon of bunday Ins residence, on the fourth of Juno last. The assortment, so well selected for ihn market oftbe ujiiuiuu wu ijmiu won, iiiaiiiiosiuig no next day alter Ins return, lie comphiinod of Green Mountain State seen or to bo had as may I .M.,iuiuuut .... iuiiua.-!iiiu in iiiiiiu, .tun inciing mucii unwoii. I'nysicians were imnic- u","ml" 1 lm;,i' a ,illr' M " aie making some inquiry nt the bar relative to the diately called : but it was soon monifest that a !''cUp nnd I)omg, Quick and Cheap for tsh, nnd r boats and cars to Philadelphia; and in about an high fever was setting upon him. The letter 'XhK Oct 20.' 1840? kCP' ''y H0WARD- ...... ..w. ...v, .w,.-.. w. nuaiu iruui an iiiiiiiiaiu inunu, iiuiniung tne Circum- m his room. I ho report attracted first a gen- stances of his death, says : "Nothin was left tlcman stopping at the house and some ol the undone that could in any wise bcncfiUiim or add, w nun uc was lounu ppeocniess aim (IV- to Ins comfort. Evorv tliinr t hat the .m e en ..,! ing near the fire, a pistol lying close by his side, attention of the bebt physicians and kindest his right hand except the fore finger, boing friends could do, w.ib done. Hut it was all in covered with blood, which flowed prolusoly from vain. Ho languished sixteen days and died. I a wounu in tho right oyo where the ball had Ho was, during most of his sickness, niiito stu cntered. He was recognized by the Hon. Mr. nid and some of the time delirious, hut tu-nr,i. joii .er, who soon emuruu uie roon aim seill the last 1 think ho was Hilly conscious of his Icrsat n small ndvancofro.ncowforca.h.calll and see inr nun. .viossr. i jowani n wi .arron. ah in- situatisn. The last words I heard him sneak Customeis can at nil nines fi ,!siisW S. H. SKIXXEII, TrOULI) inform his pat V rons that he has just roceivcdirom thoiniportcrf. n wen selected and oxtrn sivn nssortment of SAD I.ERV HARD WAR! consisting of every article required m country suops. winch win no sipil to Wail find n good nssortment nm pood iiiestwasheld by Soth I'ollard, Ksii., coroner, were thoso of nravor. I hoard him Km- distiiwt v ready mado Itrass nnd Silver plated, Jnpancd n when on examination, the ball was found to (and 1 think it was tho last sentence 1 hoard him P'""-"1 L'oach, Gig and Waggon Hahncsh-s. a p have nearly come out the back side of his neck, utter) 'My Father in heaven, enable me to com- ESlI 'it!'' TirSl, uio vennci oi uiu jun war, in u ne came 10 mil myseil into thy enro,' llo was hurried at Mam mals. Triinnmns. llonsinus. Twins mid Sour his denth by fliootiug liimsell with a pistol the lone tree" .Matagorda stands at the head open and close llcllsnssorted, Combs, Cards, llrushcs lie was ii-i years ol age, and rumor attributes of a larjio bay of the same name and on tho venro Saddlcis Silk, lluckskiu Milieus mid Gloves, a great the suicidal act to disappointed affection. of an cxtonsivo prairie, The 'lono tree had variety of Whips nnd Lashes, tarnagoi Lamps splcn ' . . i .i.. . ' . r .. . . .. 1 . " 1 1 did naterns. Patent Let ter bv tho sido or sum lei mi- ii, n, ni,i .i .-r .i . .i V ' i ,H r v (mo iniaiitity. Morrorco nnd Shccpkins smglo or by tho inn iiuuw.w v' "i '. nni iur. iii.ihiii.ui mu uvu iii inn iioiiomur lor a ( dozen. A crent variety ol other articles ndnnlod ti ruior J.'iiiiiiiuii, i ..... iiuixuuui- uiQiani;u iiiuuuu, m-s pul (tail uuuii neon re- tuts inarnei, iinving iiiiiiimiu-u uiy uuji wnn u mi- hood, was recently killed by falling from the soTtad to by young Wilkins and his northorn iw'0"" rr tiolc of Oak Tanned llriddlo and Hnrness Innirnn of IIS WIIL'O I 10 II1U LTOIIIIU, W1II10 I 10 IriOIIIlS 111 t llOir OlSliro W.1 ks. am ho had fm. .-'-,,' umii. jr ... ,,,;,,,,,,, horses which had boon Iriglitene.l l.y some dogs quontly boon hoard tosay, that if lie ehould die ' lcd0 myself to'fi.rnishns.. ood articles as wcror' woro proceeding at the lop ot ineifbpoou, tie there, no would wish to bo buried beneath the sold in this plaro and on ns reasonable terms. Most was taken up alive, but expired in a lew ino- spreading Miado of this favorite tree. Thoro now kinds farmers produce received in payment. Lumber, ruisi 11 & uuriii v remains : nini wo mm fr-it rnn. wtiou. luiuiiei.iiiw nnu iiiiieiuiu, uii-.i ur iiinnrpus,i,,,5 fioiauouin uio nope mat ins ilisombod cd en r t "" '' it.. . ' 7. n i' ;.' r.;': now rests with tho Saviour of finnors. Ho bad 'r .' .7 "... ' l"uutv c"iUJv 4 "UUI" " N' o i ici' to (jituuii.lis iv. nu i i.i. M,i,ri'.it! I The subscribers keen constantly on hand exleu .sivencs,irtincnlsof Essences nnd Syrups, also S touch Ion s Hitlers. Wine do. soda anil fsculhlz rovviters, Stucusof nil kinds. Purchasers will find it not for their disadvantage to call upon us. October 23. TI t LO. A. I'KL'U t;n, ST()I3 TO IiKT and Stock ol Dry fJoods I-'or rnlc A first rain More soiled to a large business with a good run of customers, would be let for a term of years, and the whole or part oi inc .-sioci for sale on vcrv advantageous terms. The present ii a rare opporlunilv for any one wishing to commence business, for further particulars npplv at the store, to llurlington, Oct. 22,'lS 10. A IILESSI.NO to .Motker-' American Soothing Svriu lor children cutlinu teelb. Ibe tinieiv e of flits- article will -ave cbil Iren much pain, iilieii I'everan-.l Ibe painf.l o;ier.i'iim of lancing ibeGiiii, ice reduce 1 ,o 311 et-. liiKllrev's Cordial an exct-'- lent nrliele tor thf u: ir-ey 2J ei., both tho-e arlie; old at llie v ano'y ftiure. 1'AKTDonv cc uiiinsmaii:, StJIKrtM. lt(toKS.'l liu sul-erilcrhas re-eiv-eil ll.e pie em wee!, iruui .New- Y( r! more S . liool liooks, ( f which ihe following comprise n pari. Lev reil's Latin l.i'Kienn Domicgmi's (iK-el; i'i j v eb-ter'slar-.-e. Dieinniary, 8 vo.j John'oii" and Wul' er's 'o.! Anlbon's Moraie. Oa-em. ('(ear. nnd S.i'Ii-t: (lovers. Meadows, ahfl Nncen's. FiiMieli lliel miuir i. ! Cooper'-an lChvild'.s Virvrdl Pln f'.vr'- Enehd j I 1 1 rN and Newman's Illic'eri : Oliii-to l1- and W-l I'n's As troniiinyj do. -eliool Pbdo.ophy; ComsinekV Philns-o-iby, do. ' bemi-iry, Ilolinar-'aud l.ev.'zacs riench (irammir; Kir' ham'- and SimthV ftis'i-ti tn A'er cronil ie' In'ellectiinl Philosophy; do. Moral do.) l.ifo of W'n-hiii'."nn, C'liar'e- 12 h and (V-nnne 1'ien' h 1 Davie- and'niis 1 -l Learns j Uridros A'-e'ra j Purler's KbeKriesl Reader) Olnev'-, Wrod1 ri Ve , iniih'., Mnl e Ilruii'., nnd M-ielit-ll'- a.vl WdUnl's Oeoarniihy nnlAdfis; Web-ler'- nnd Town's .".( 1 .nr: book l lioodr ib's Ro.-t 'i-r, l-i, 21 nnd 3Jela-s! Mount Vernon Rea.'ir; voinid pupils .t, 21 and 31 Hook, inns- .ev Ariihinetic; (.Inrle- I'avies do. rbr.inp i's do.j I'or'er'-Ana!y-i-: Toi-n's (',,.. ISov's nnd (i'l-l'.s lle.c'eic liool; ly Mr-. S -.-onrney ; Lovell'l Rhetorical ltialoe." es ; "S'ciiu Ladies' Reader) Anie-r-idan lir-l el.i-s Hoo'-; Lovtlls V. S. Sin'er; Wor n; ler's IIi-p ry ; W'n".- on Ibe Mind) O.ndnch's Ii. S. Ili-tery; Ntcionnl Piei-epior! 1 e nrunsTeleinaqne; lio'nnv 1 y Mr- Ltnt eln; Kaine-' I l'-nienl; Wayward New England Gazetteer, .' iii'lh Render. Pio'ressiv Reader. ' IJ. A. URAMAN. Ibirliiu'on, Cm, L", 1 S 10. rj i:v pa i.n ts nor t i have oiiein-1 a new Sun P.M LDINOfiMll.L - Shop on ( iiureli.-t two doors sonili r' II, Lane'- Stme, w here iliev wil ilontl kinls (fHOr.SE, SHIP, SIGN and CARItlAGI? PAINTING, in Ihe I e-i poil l.- manner and ( n terms to -ml ilio-e who may favour them wi'li their patron a.'e. iCIp'P.iinis, Oil, arnuh and Puny, constantly on hand nnd fur -ale. R.G. SI'AVI.LING, llurlington, April 9, 1! 10. C li. MILLS. r jtllK'l IPPECANOE TEXT l!OUK. .h-l receivev!, M- a lar?o -upily of Tipnecanoe 'I exl l)r ok, inai'o up of documents and facts illu-lialinr Gen. Ilarri-on's in-lorv, eliarneter, serene-anil opinions. It i- warmly reeoiniueuilisl to Ihe friend-of Gen. Hurri-on through out tlie I'. Sla'es, fur sale at llie I ooUslore, June 20. I). A. URAMAN. ATI'-" DltUt; USsTAIililfillMllNT. At 1 the t,ian of tlie MORTAR one door east of J. f- . . Pec1 if- Co. The subscribers have opened an Apothecary More, and intend to eouttnc themselves stricthi to that business. They now oiler lo tlie public a L'cneinl n-j'jrtmcnt of genuine Mcdeeincs, including all now Chemicals, and the. standard Patent .iledicines constant attendance, will be given, and particular nt tention paid to prescriptions. llurlington, Aug. riti-A. a. ri-.civ iv i:o, 1 A I$5UTI NOJ". The subscribers have on hand a full assortment of Ingrain and Common wool C'HPT. to, 1 IS 1 O. AT HOWARD'S. Tho Carpeting, Venetian and Cotton do. Rush Mittinis Onew Goods now reccningnt the Cbe:.p Cash Stun-, uu iJlolhs, tve. which will ho som mr ensnnt incv York prices. N. LOVI'.LV & CO. July 30, 1S-I0. Sidney Darlow ba le eived a iiriment ot coral- at hi-old store on Pear! 'lice', wliie'u will be sold elienp em ;;!,. N.Ii, ool rereived for eocxls. 11 irl .ncrtt u May 23. rv UV CllOUr It general a-- ITooi's- ,4- snons. JD on hand a iren I'lie -tibscriler ba now neral assortment of HOO'lft and SHOES, of the mo-t fa-bienable stv'e. and thoroueh workmaui hip, which he oilers very low fiirt'AII. 1 1. j. r . i ( . N. 1!. All l.iii'l' rif ineas-i-f work done al shurl no e. l!,irliugion,Church-slMay 2S, IS 10. C1 1.OTII I j;itS, TAKE NO I ICE. 1 at the Wmoo-I.i Iron Eoundry, lias on hand nnd for sale, a new TEAZELING GIG', mode for narrow Cloth, n first rale machine, of the latest improvement, which will 1 e sold cheap tor ca-.h, or ex-changed lur Clo'b. JUSSU GAV. Wiuoo-ki Village, June II, IS 10. I'l-sII .- Ti It i:, 193 Kner-si. Codfish crand I nn'-, 'bore an I -ealed I SheiaV.t nue"- tieut, Ma., N. Vork and Maine; Alarieirl No-. 1,2 an I 3, in bariel-, Inlye-, (j-iarlcr- au l eit'li'li-; Snlmon in tierces, hi halve, an lo'ers j Piek-le-l Hei rinc-, Hallibm, Had loek, Sea'e Ei-h, Codli-b, Tongues Fo nd-, Hallibul Finn-, nnd Sword IVli in blls.! midahnc. roel.-. sra'cil. imd No. 1 Ilornntr in boxe. ; also, Smoke I .Salmon, Alewivcf, Dried ILdli- ImiI, Dunn l-i-h, an I So-isij I -salmnn, lor sale I y Troy, Sepl. 30. o9.3w PHASE iV WIGHT. 'I'dl.l.N II of Jo.rph Ki HORSE. Slo'eii from the pos.e?ion eph I- minium, at ( ol.-he-ter, the Kit er part ofj ly la-l, a -mall -orrel I-'reneli mare, ub awhile fare, hollow ll.ni1-, sloped rump, croo'.ed bind le;., and q ai-o-u -even years old. Said iii.ii c" I- supposed in ha ve I ecu tn!.en away, lyuCan a liau, name I Jo-euli Tramble -vbo I-about live feet ei-.'lu inelie-in height, dark coinple.xion, dark h.tir and M-bi-er-, I road Hal no-e, an 1 ale I about ibil IV year-, 'llie ileef is suppn-ed to hngone into the Stale ol Mas. a -h ise't-. but of this imthinir certain i known. Am infornialion relative to aid lior.'e, or the thief, will I e honnral ly paid for. Addre-s ibe -nb-briler, II ninsiou; Vt. ' JOSEPH KOl'NTAlN. Se.ilein' er 25, IS 10. of improved ruinht-ps, werr ubtained uiu'i r the most favorable eircum-lnnccs just as (i,c whole of Voik City was in exlacifs nt tie- Jesuit nt llie Vermont News, indicating a briglib r dawn rt the Agricultural, Mnnufacturinr', and Commercial affairs of the nation ; and they, in their spirit of rejoicing, sent back ns nn earnest by Howmd, the most choice, beautiful, and us"ful of 'their Merchandise that was suited to the ex alted condition' exbilerating climate, and noble nvo ealiins of the inhabitants of the Green Mountain State, where thcv mav be had bv applying nt HOWARD'S. CIIIEU'HR and belter for Re-idy Pay. The sub- senber would inform his customers and the pub lic that on account of his loss of Goods by lire and tho damaged ones selling oil' to cheap, his present stock'is principally made fresh nnd select, and lb cloths being bought al low prices can bo sold chenp. All kinds of clothing made on the shortest notice, Cutting done as usual. All kinds of clothes cleaned of paint, grease, etc., nnddies-cd, pressed and lepairrel in the neatest manner and brought as near ns po-nblo to their original homily, and warranted without dam age. Aln on hand, (no waiting until New Years or running nil day nflcr Trimmings vVe.A Top f'onls. Cloakes, Hrcr-sand 1'rock Coal-, Pnnltdoons, Waist coats, Sailor Jackets, Hoys Clothes, I'lniincM and oilier shirts, Drnwers, Slocks, &c. tlso all kinds of secondhand Clothes, llat. Gaps, Roots and Shoes, Travelling ling-, Trunks, Furniture and all oihcr ar ticles common and uncommon. Clothes or produca taken for pay. C. RENN'S. Pearl St., Sept. 10, 1S10. 100 Y.MAN Ar COLE, have rLveived iheir u-un fx'eii'ive a-orimcnl of fall and wintei geo.s ompri-ing a L-reai var.etv (! bg'ire.l nony, ui e -ingle widlh. Pi mled ( rape .uerino, Momeline I.. Laine. 1'e'iire.l A'emne. figure I mil plain Englfh Merinos, Gro de Naples ami French do. Wor-le.l Cainle eeii'-. Alpae-ea Clo'b, Tbll Merino, .Ve. le.iuul il aril -le-lor l.i'lics ('loans. i.rHimeiie, Salisbury Flannel, tL'ure.l Cir. a sians eV . Goat. Ilairan.'l imualion Cnnilel-, Uroi'helln, I'er ian cloth e. Heavy double nulled liroad i:inili, Heaver and dot Cloth's, Rich Dianiond lieaier t'loih, a new ur de fur Gi-nlleineiis over t'oa s. A large numler of heavy wor-lel haws, a lew l.-uun l e. .Merino nun Casb'uiere do, Neinng, Palatine and l-deu! oro, do. Rich t bally, .ilou-e'ine ue i.aine nnu i v.ue-in-.ii iiuhi-, SILKS. Heavy U.iiilnn, urooe .xupies mho oner Sillc, rich figured lliue lllack, llrown and oilier color-, Glove, and Hosiery. DOMESTIC GOODS, Col'on 'hce'ins-, inr!in?, licking, waildingnndeollon yarn, -ii erior Iri-h Linen. TAll)l!S TRIMINGS. Sewiiu Silk, Twi.i nnd Thread, Padding, Cunvn-s, Se'ina-. eol'd Jeans, llrown and lllack Linen, Plaid Wor-lisl Facing, Wi rs-le-l Surge, Si k do., Si k Hmdincr, Silk Cord-, Wor- lid liinding iv.e. eve. ES UNO. Woo en V elve', ."Sill, veiu", vnicirn, Sill; Satin o-;e. Sill; el vet tor Iriinnnngs nssor.ed :olors. Ro-lyn cheeks for ehildrens wear. Itcuhcn llonil's Usti.te. STATE OF VERMONT, J HE Honorable n.c-r,-r liv niMTTC.s-nEV. SS. V J. I 10 1' t o li a t c Pnnri lAith'm nml for tho District of Chittenden i To the crei dors and olhcrs conccrncii m ine r-i, ui itmihnn Itnnd. Into of Undcrhi I. m said ihsirict, do- ' GREETINO, Wiinnr-At, MelindaBpnd, Executrix of the last W ill nnd Testament oi tne sam ueccasco, imm ! aVVw -..,; ,r. rnnri tn erlpnd the time hmiKil for nm king payment ol the debts nnu oargams 01 ino mu deceased twelvo months from the second W edncsday of November 1840, and tha second vv eancsunv oi .so ...v... r,nvi hpinir nssipufd for a. hcarincr in the nrcm ises, nt the office of tho Register of this Court nnd it h.. n.Un ordered that notice thereof be given bv publishing this decrcothreo wcekn successively in the Free Press n newspaper piloted at Iturluigion, ir.,,rmif.. Vou are hereby notified to appear be fore said couil at tho tune nnd placu aforesaid then nml ,i,r,,to ,,1-il.e nbicclions if nn v vou htivo to the said lime of payment being further extended as nforesaid. Given tuidcriiiy h ind at Huilingion, this 20th day of October, A. D. IR10. Wm. wbsion-, ttcgisier, MURDKIt AM) SUJCIDfi. n., i.nirrlihnrlii" towns wore shocked vester- boon .1 child of inanv nravors : vnt. nn tn nlimu 1 ...:.i. .? vnno'rt nf n ninst drnailfnl imirihir. llio limn nf lnnvinrr liis friomla fnr I. to .lletn..t day wiiii "I ; " " -: .T"--, :.,:",", .." V" T ;i nil t in SIIICIIIO Ol HI" Hiniiioioi, wiiitu iiiur lioillf, no 11.111 uuuii, mun . lino niuiiy oilier yoilllir I I . uc.,,, r ii,i,. MUI I'n IlKOAIl place at Wallingford at an early hour yesterday mon, allured by tho world and unaiixious about nornin". TI10 circumstances as related to us the salvation of his soul and tho sorvico of his nrn as follows : Redeemer, The wife nf Mr. A, Allen, of Wallingford, On his passage out, an. incident occurred Iluriinglon, October 20J8 10. tt VMAN A CO I. II, hnvo 011 hand nn extensive CLOTHS and HEAVER CLOTHS. Also. Agrcat assortment of English Ilroad Cloths, Ileavcr Cloths and Cassimeres, which they will sell at,reduccd prices. WANTED. A few thoiiMnd lbs good Flfeco Wool far which cf h will be paid, pet, 23, 840, rnniMi! SPRING WATER. A recently discover 1. rd fountain at Saratoga nd contains properties known in no oilier Spring its freedom from Iron .,Lr. li unfrt 10 bo drunk bv n cerlnm class of inva lids with whom Iron prove? injuriousthe quantity of Iodine contained m this water rentiers 11 1110 mosi vm liable mineral water f ir every species of Sorofuln vet discovered, for sale by .1. ft.J. H. l'l .CIv & Co, Ag ts. CIHI'.AT HAHC.AINS. -Slock of goods sellin; T .,in.a ilmn mt. emislstins nf Hrondcloths, Cns l!i vV.MiiniTH. f 'nitons. Linens, Flannels, Camlets, Cat pels', Onlicncs, Chnlics, .Alouselinodo Laine, Meri no", Thibet ninth, Napolcnn Cloth, Silks, elvcls, llouihaiinc, llgnied lpme, Hoso and Gloves, Shoes, Pnim Snwimr Silk. Twist. Thread. Rations, Crnvntts. Stocks, suspender's", Ribbons, Laces, cVr. Ac, nnd n great vnricty nf olncr articles nil of which will bo sold below their vnluo for cash, lo closo tho business of our trust at the store coiner of rhurrh and Gollcgo sts. MAYO & WAIT, Trustees. riurlinploii, Oct- 10. DYI-: STUFFS. .hi-. Cam Wood 200 do Log Wood Si. Domi'iiso 250 do Log Wood Cunprae by 250 do Fu-tie 200 do Nicaragua 10 do Alum 2"i do lliue Vilrio! 30 do Mal-Vr iO ear' ov Oil Vi'riol .Mni-.ioie Acid. An a Fori-. Ni'inVAcil, Careima, lar Wood, Pencil Wood, Quer Citron Park, 'lolanl an. I Deiigal Indigo, Lac Dye, Null Gall-, pre '.iper-. Jacks, 1 enter Hool, ( ream Inrtar and Agal June I II. by J. & J. H. PIX K' i'c Co. ,f yr. Ladies cold, nnd blade I-rench rjhps, OU 20 do do. Gaiter Hoots, 20do .Misses eol'd Slips, 50 do Gent's Pumps, 2 cases .Heirs seal isnots Rurlinglon, July 1 1. H. C, STIMSON. -1 y (;it(H:i;iiu;t. 1 JJ chr-ts voiins HyonTn, 75 do Hy.srnsl- in, do. 20 I ags nepper, !f do Pimenlo, 10 do CoVh SO Iioncs Pipes 100 do llarSoap 20(1 do Raisin ,10 kegs do 40 do P'ire ginger 400 Mais Ca-fia Si. Croix Rum, Holland fin, f-iga--'le I finely. Bal timore tint, American uranuy, v naiiiM -. u-. uruwn and Sherry, Ma 'cira an I Sicily Madeira, Mar- eil - j ni'nra ami .Malaga ine , y June 7 IJcJ.U.rt CK f:Vo. -- - Kl-JT lilON". J. JJ boxes t'nnadn Iron, JO bundles R. G, English do. ,ptt ree'd and for Oct 10. rale by Vila-, LorMts it Co, I70HHKSN IRON AND STEI.U Lngli-h Iron . from lj tofi inelies) Rus-ia old le Iron $ do newdodo', Sweetie- do) Hoop do from J to inch: Urnzier'- Roils; Spring, (ns.t, german, swcaei. nno English Ulster steel i Cart and wagon I nxe-, finished cro bar, bv June 10. J. iV-J. II. I'l-XK iV i-0. Mr. vi:xon itK.vniJH, Poivgiou iidie. of di.ierent mi-s and bin-mg-, Pod et eJible- nnd Te.inments nnd 11 general a-orinient ol siationa- ryjn-l .(oived liom.N. one nnu ...... College -t. iei23. S, Ill'N'l I Nti 1 ON. T?tnif s, I.I-... roiniuon I oai-il-. plniik, lining X' board-, clan Loanl- and lloor I card-, 111 llio low ct prices by HICKOIv A CATI.IN. llurlington, Aug. lis, id m. rvveTK I'ORTHEPI'.OPI.E. A chart represent J. ing the expenditures of tho Government from 1700 to 1910, just received and for salcnl thn Hook Store, "iv-""'" Iluriinglon, Aug. 25, 1310. ITIOIt ri,l E..-73 A-ros of Land Lyme on the Wmooshi Avenue, 01m mile north rnl" viiiaire. This land is well watered, f,ce from Mom-, has woo. Miineicnt for n fnimly supply, bor.ler o In Elk . and is every way an eligible lot. l or Inr I. er ""t npdy 10 ih.-M.bM'riier-. ""-kok sV I atlin. II rl.nron. Am.', li. ISIO- flltiro A. Pl.t Ivivuo. 111 iiii-riKii ' ' , L havojut rce'd a quantity of Cayenne Pepper, of r..nii.t, ininortalion. I'onslanuv on nano, noiiiuii)- Billion ( , m Myrrl., wnulnn Ilayhcrry llaik, do. do. in Pow dc Jainnica Cngcr Root, do. do. in Pow, cr, end Ohio Tu. luetics, kVc. ecc. -Sept. 10, 1310. 81 USSKI.I.'S STOMACH Ri'lTIRS. may In V ii-ed in Wineor water. Tbe-oce'e! rated 1 inept are eonipo-eil purely of ve-.-e al lo- of the iuol inno cent yei -peeilie virtue-. They arc recommended par ticularly lur re-lornur we ik eoii-titulion-, e!ean-ing and s'reiiu"beninir ibe siomacb, nnd uiciea-in; llio appeiuc aT-o a preven'alivr nuain-t iheeholera mor bus, fevr nnd nrue, removing na-'seu, yominnr, lieart b'irniiiir, in the I rea-l, pnm 111 llio s'i mai-b and oilier symptoms ol'ilainlcre-eand indige tiou. One I ox will "tincture one gallon. Price 23 ct. n 1 ox. Rcssr.i.t.'s Itch OixTMr.NT. Tin- choice and afn oiiiinieiit I- -aid 10 1 e superior lo any now in n-e, for lira di-aieeablc an I loatli-ome d.-'en e, llie ITCH. This Ointment 1- -n eearlain in i's operation that no per. on tl ml lc I wilh llie alove di-ore'er ought to lo wnluul 11. It i- n reniely (or ciiinneous eriipnon', seorbnlie a 'eclion- of ike head, or any oilier I n-aking out win di nri-cs from sharp h.iniui-s, ,'n the I lood. Price 23 a I el. Res r.i.l.'s Pu t it Pim, rr family physic, for seueral n-r, ui e.i e- ((' J:i .ndue, morl iH eii-ibilily f the -lomaeh and bowel-, lo ef.ippe-ii'e, fip'id I reinh, eo-uyene--, Pile-, nnd all (h-ea-e- nns m ir Ire 111 I lliary iVranpenienl-, tl-o f r eorres-unz the sia'e 1 f llie I loo I, and clciusing lliesy-ieni of foul nml vise-id immdir-. Tbee pill.- area mi I ca ibarlie, pro hu ins neither pn n- nor gripin.', and nrn llierefore a and h'sh'v approve I medicine, an I are pronoiince'd a-such I y ilir ino-l il 1 ng ilied pby-ieian-. Each lox coira.'ning 33 Pi.i-. Price 37; el-. a I ox Rnell's eele' r.Tetl S11.T Knr.fM OlXTMr.VT This is iinrpio-tional ly Ibe 1 e-t nnd siile.i reine H ncrvet n'lered to the p i lie for tint ob-tina'e ih-order SA LT KlII'.l'M. Wbi-ie oiber mean-have Mile I, 1' b.i-sue-eee 'el, an I the fact that 11 ha- I ecu -. en ive v ipeil I y rnmieiil l'rneiuioner' -peal,- yol -ine-in " nrm e. It 1- e-p al'y eilU-aeiou- in n'l doi-a e t f ihe si in, scald head, "rinc worm- and tbeiivst mve cr.i-e ltcli, vVe. ie. Numerous cer ilunie- liusbl le ( 'a lied, 1 111 the propritor ehno-e- thn a fur trial .l o 'lie 1I10 only evidenco ofit superior eiliea'T. Pr i-e 50 c en's n box. For sale by J. iV .1. 11. Pock'ifc t -., 'I beoloro A, 1'ivk .V Co., siirn of 'he Moriar. and lb ' eri M mly, fJ ii lniETton 5 I'r. E. Mile-, and Hull & , u ne--lursb; S. H. Ihime-, CharVe ) L.Jane., fipirsia; L. Tyler, E ex ; I-'iiilcr M H intinir'cn, Rutimond, Al.-o,' ly ihe driiirsi-l- nnl mep.hauts ge'nera''y tliro'igho it ibe -tale. , o2 0iii -.J,,I,1. Qt, j is,;0N.p( riTOthe Hoii-'rableS ipreineCourt ncl to lphnk'cit Jl at lliirlmiT'on, wuhin and for the coutry of Chit iciulrn on tbe'l'lpir-day next preceding llio it 1 Tues. dav of Januury ncxi, h mil ly coniplninin;, vcurr f iiiicper,S ian'Thompon of Milton, in -aid t" niy, or Chittenden, howe:h lin o vour honor- thai at iatd Mdion on the .1 1 day of Miiy A. I). 1530, -ho was lawfi Iv mnrned lounc Jobri'Tliomp-on ihen cf aid Milipn,"by Warren Hox-ie, E.q. a Ju-nee o( the Penep wi'hiu mill for ihe eonnly of t'lntleniVn afere-aid anil from that time -ho ipe -aul S i-an lived w t'l 'be aid .Ioliii,nt raid Miltrn, in llio due oh ename if nlV llo dune- emoinisl 1 v ibe mariiateeo'. ennnt on her par', until the IO1I1 d,i" of July .1. 1S31I, when llie -aid John, wiibo 11 n'nv in-t e.i- .-e, i .dully ('c-crud yoi r IVlilioner nn l ever nm e hu- continued -ueh de- ernt 11, leaving your Peiiiioncrde-lilnte nfnny means of nip port or ina ntainance evcepl her own per-onal exer tions and ihe charily of her Incn I-, ) our Peidli ner Iberelbro humbly prays your honors that the I end of matrimony b' tvecn lliosnid J hn nn 1 your Pi tuiuner may 1 e diolved and a Hill of Divrrtc o ranted her and thai your honors would grant 10 your Peiiinaier -i-ch ahiiunv may nini iiu-ei nun jiisianu yocr roil lioncr n's in duly bound will ever prav. Milion.Sept.'lO, 1510. Sl'SAN'TIIOMPSON, The foregoing peiincii ol Sipnn T!i n-p-f n l ay been presented 10 me, mid it bavins 1 ecu inu'eio nps pear I" nic, that JohuThempsou llie V:ui neenauu 1 in .aid I'd M ion rc-iiV- liiii 1 f this Sin can 1 1 an n( 1 1 11 l ived wilh llio ordinary nroie-s if-uninuii , l h Iierel y ordered 'hn' the sul ' e (C'hel'orei, ui e lllion'lot'Clber wi.h lln- order, I e pulu-liel m ilia lliii'linglou 1'ieo Pre , pi'iivcd al nil ! u- .nion, ihrce weekMPO esivv!, the In-t of wh h p i' lien' ion t-linlt l o al hil nv weelis preyous to ibe Th irnlav nest precnbns tho hr-l Tuc-i'ny of Jauua.y nt-f, which iiiiblicntiPn -U. IciVemel siillleeni noiieo 1.. Ibe i-ald John Th uiipson to appear al -nil court 011 LYMN .V t'OI.H nro now receiving from llo-tonnnd New York.nn cxtcn-ivc '''mf n' of Fll nd Winter DRY GOODS, which they wiM teU for CAS..?t.owrn i'vrKl irtthtf mirk, fcuhnfton,oci,,' 1UUU gallons, winter Ppcrm Oil (IO. 2000 1500 Ju 7i (all rafinl do. J, ft'?,'!, nrtiv. to. llie day mid war lal nforei-aid, and mnl-o nrnwer t ihe nforeinid pe' Hon. Given under my hand in llur limrlon. in ibo Conmyof Chi'ten Vn, Ihi-22d day c( K.nK-r.A.P, SW. MILO L. IH NNF'IT, Htvior Adsrf'i AtTrnr y ) '(at thePf(lonr n!(ie of th f-iperr lV",n

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