Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, November 6, 1840, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated November 6, 1840 Page 3
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PENNSYLVANIA. I'roin the Kvprrss, FORTY 8KVBN COUNTIES IN. N IN' 13 TO M3 11 HAM) l-'KOM. Wo .ire not (oiiijj to claim l'outmylvotiia for Gen. Harrison, though every thinj looks favor able now, for vc have reached never to claim Pennsylvania an a certainly til! this official re turn? are certified by the Win-rotary of h!tato : but wo have thahen down the hey Etona of Loco Pocoism in the Union ; we have battered the whole arcli to a powder, and there in not even a well standing abutment left. Certain it h, tliattliu run will be exceedingly clo'c, and with the returns in, the Whiga luvo a right to claim the State. We have been as careful a3 possible in what returns wo have, but many of them hastily gathered, in a State, the most dilli cult of any in the Union to collect return!) from, we are well awaic need confirmation, though one are used by us but in good failh, with an much abhorrence of deceiving, as any one ran have of being deceive .1. Indeed wo have con ceiled to the Van Huron presses all the majori ties they claim in their own countior, except in one or two instance?, whore we arc quite cer tain they are wrong. The returns wo have in are from more than TWO HUNDRED AND TIlinTV THOUSAND VOTCP.S or the State, leaving but a small proportion of the votes to bo heard from. Of the nine coun ties to come in there are only two (heavy) Whig counties, and seven Loco Foco, each giving eina.ll Loco Foco majorities, except Tioga, Ve nango, and Crawford, which give large majori ties. The account current stands O" WHIG GAIN dOlW! j$ The official returns in Pennsylvania must bo made up by law to-day, by the county clerks, nnd forwarded forthwith to Ilarrisburirh. So clo?e is to be the run, that only official results, it is probable, will settle who (Harrison or Van Burcn) is to have the thirty Electoral vot03 of the State, and the many bets thereupon d pending. TABLE OF VOTES. i Adams, Armstrong, Allo:hany. Uerks, Uedfoid, Rucks, Hutler, Cambiia, Centre, Chester. Clrtarfiuld, Clarion, Clinton, Columbia, Cumberland, Dauphin, Delaware, Knyctte, Franklin, Green;, Huntingdon, Indiana, Jelferson, Juniata, Lancaster, Lebanon, Leliifjh, Ltui'ir, 1 vcnmiiif, Miltli", Mcieer, Momov, Montgomery, Noi ihnmpton, Northumberland, I'lma. city tfc county, Parry, Pike, SonursM, .Schuylkill, Susquehanna, Union, Wayne, Weslinorcl'd, W.a.diinjton, York, 47 Countier, Hah. maj. October 30th Hap.. October 13th. V. 1!. Hah. V. 15. 2119 1350 300 11C0 1173 3032 CiSl 42S7 3703 4013 51!) 2Jj'I 2'07 2V -1111 4 533 611 11)73 139(5 Hi GU7 Fu'3 Sll 1100 1011 m 5110 53'il 313 "!! soo oio v:o 136 5V2 700 170'J Vi'.r, 2PU 103 2110 2(i'.'G 917 'JI31 21,13 031 l.KiD 333 2327 2301 7t)l 3'iili 233 1 703 113!) 1303 1-103 3570 2201 72", 1111 !W5 ro 301 rm rn cti inn 4.U3 G133 .1071) 071 1371 13'.' I -17 10M 2231 1217 CMl V07 010 l:; "o 17-0 1171 1231 S33 1(17 2207 0r0 132 p)7 mo 3701 40 10-0 2113 S01G 1003 1136 1011 I 203 17,173 17,230 001 823 1031 323 03 407 1701 coro B10 333 1113 2010 520 15 13 1073 1033 2311 1 114 -TO (01 102.) 1700 2121 4232 430 411 13 3712 537 3213 3711 10 217 10, -CO 112,C(.;J 117.210 :0,2;0 112,033 CO V. 15. maj. 4,303 CO WHO AUK NOW THE DF.MOC'RAOY U-fure the word Democracy hail been twisted nnd perverted by Loon Foco Oeinojjojriies, until Ihey Ind limit' it lo bo received as convuyiiu' a incaninijdircclly oppoitcitg original sijtmfkatinn, it vvn3 understood ns simply implying dial form of yjvernincnt in which the pcopio line, i iru is, wuere inu win oi ill'1 people, rules. Wh it is now tho will of tho psoplu 1 la with th.i wh iirrm'nU' lii lhe.indvci exclusive denncrn. cy 1 Cm tho wiimWiy lu the I) mi rrnay I N) it is a contradiction in terms. And yd wcsiill hear this Inill'il, n'i'l I'lll'jii 1'ielion thu tlf fitted minority tyhtiu itself fie democracy! Was there ever any thuli; m n-e 1 liar iliem gravely t 31 in tint llu "lie, incricv of Ohio have been benienl II is an utter iinposs.bility. Tlio democracy never can liahtMtenl A party itny bo ovcrihrow'n, but from thai inninc in it ee i s it bo the democracy, t As w 11 miyht ih i T in :s, inw thrown into ihn minorily to the luno of 20.003, claim to bo t lie niaiirity i'l the State. The terms mo svnoniiuous, Lei lis hear no iiinie of this preposterous claim lo dciuo"rne.y liom Iho bp" or thnsa whom llie P.pplc have I ejected. They are in a Ulinoriiv 111 ine union nicy iirem a mmoiiry m mc Slates of M I.F,, VKit ION r. mss citosF.rT3, RHODE ISLAND. CO X N HOT I O UT, NEW YORK, NEW JKRSF.Y, PENNSYLVANIA, MVRYLWO, DULWVUHi, VIROIFIA, NORTH r VROLINA, OEO'IOI , LOFS1 ?A, TEVNE.SSEE, KENTFflKV, OHIO, INi 1 VA, MICHH3AN. TllEV ARC NO L3X3EI1 TIIC I)r.micracy.-0( At'at, ANOTHER CARD. We cut the following from the N. V. Commer cial Advertiser of Wednesday. It reveals ann thcrof the villanoiis schemes of iho oflicc-hnhl-o'- topifM'cnt the election of Gen. Harrison. Freemen ! arc you prepared to give your sufi'ia ges to retain such men in power? If you love your country and her institutions', you cannot. Rally then, at the polls, and put the ical of con demnation upon the parly which is ready to re sort to any and every artifice, no matter how base to accomplish their ends. Audacious Vim.a.nv. We were this morn ing shown a copy of a paper, apparently the i. V. Observer what is called the "outside," being the first and fourth pages of thu N. York Observer of Saturday last. Hut en unfolding the sheet, the inner pages were occupied entire ly as a huge Van Huron handbill ! The design, beyond duiib', was to impress the public, with Iho belief tint the editors of tint ab'i; and reli gious journal, were thus sanctioning the cause i.ftho ndmitiN'ration, and i!s unholy alliances with the infidels and agrarians of Tammany Hall, and with the nulliliurs of Siulh Carolina. On application to the editors of the Observer, we learn that the act was promptly disclaimed. Some of their workmen have doubtless been bribed to the dark deed. Will the Star-chamber Court plonsc to intpiire J Tun wav tiiev chow in Gnonou. The Editor of the hows nnd Gaz'.'tle imbhtdicd nt Washington, Ga., o;nlts over the result of the recent contest in t hat Suite in the following iinniier : "Djn't tall; to us about your One hundred or your Ton thousand gum all thu powder inagizinchin tin world could not f.'niish priming for the guiis tint ought to he fired io Lolohra'c the pernios' victory in Georgia, and a iiuhi u c.i such cannons as ih il turkish one which was m. big that a lamily of twenty one persons lived u it I'o'iifortab'y ("using I lu; touch-hole for a ch in ney) could'nt spo ik loud enough to expiess lh' joy of the iiarisun party aft ho ir'orioiis trium.di they hive ivhtevd. Koine body loin iij a vol i no or a lull grown earlhpitke perlnps they in gut no ami we will nroiiii.-c no', to lottliern ol' till" after the y.l of November; then lo.:ofocot liolu on to vour hair. LOOK OUT FOR THEM. From the specimen allbtded us within the last few days of lliodj.iperaiioti of our opponents, itta not loo he much lo expect that they will oo upy thcinmlvts I It a rleclinn i3 over in cookint up all tnannor of falsn. ho i h niMinsl iho Whias. Wo sav llicn to our fiiends cvory where, HE ON YOUR GUARD, O. i:.-ORFUL KONI'LAORATION. Woretjrtt to stale, thai, after the newsfrom Pennsyl vania wasieciivcd in this cilv hist eveiiinir, the trans- pircuey in f'ont of Tamnnny Hall, being a stionir likeness of .Air. Van Uuren, took (Ire and was utteily eoiiiiiiuud !! h imoperso.s incline to tho opinion that thu w ominous oi I'lufulf of Sir. V. H. and that the Ihincs of palild! indignation will in a few days bu found to have utteily destroyed tho original. "What's a Hoashier mammy V "A Hooshicr child, is a man dicn-d in deans, who drives six yoke of oxen, names a whip ten feet long, and Notes ron II aii n i s o.v. Ci fc go Amcr. L.Miar, He n, Some of the stmrlimen of ChittenJen, on the Ijlh. Sep, h'l. kill il bear of iho common species weii'liing iroiu 'uU lo LUU pouuas. Wo arc to Male, that Mr. Oiunnell has cnmineiie'd proecedimis n'iinst the Albany Arflits, H'lt'iington (llubt. ami every olhcr Loro I'oeo paper which hi's published tlieinl'iii'iioiislnnler of his bavins absconded fiom this city in order lo avoid meclina the con c tpnecs of llie cjiarccs undo aaanisl bim bv the sc vnulrel Stcvunson under llieadieiiieiil of his fiend lJr..s-jM; IlfiLKn. .V. Y. Cvur. ip I2nq. Goon! A gentleman onboard one of llie North River steamboats, yesterday, liriii'.'inu the election news from Oiiio, remarked lint the only state that Mr. Van Huron can now count upon lor ceitaiuis tc future filtlf.X. V. Co i. A lv. An exchange paper has tho folluuing question and answer i If one Nospgav for Martin Van Huron cost 874, what will n fine Hrusbcls carpet come to? Answer. SO OOP. O ic of lh i bannors at Cincinnati, bore the inicription "7V;down the Evcciitio miarule, and 'Vj llie bleed wounds of our couulry." Cactiom. The fi Sends of C!en. Harison, ocry wheie, are caulioiicd aninst llie "Last Cards" and infamous Pint of the Van llmtn office-holders. Eve i vd'iv. iiuiil iho rlcclion is over, will the siioiKinen in ine' lot ward some new device lo turn the minds of the penile from iho ireat rcvuhilion now m pro:re, that the opprfssivo dynabtv, under wbu'h they nro now siilleiui", imybn ptrpetuattd. llcwaic of the spoilers! Ucslun AlUis. MvsTcr.iocs Di:.t'', An inquct was held this mornniL', at the .New l., a olliee, on llie oouy oi an un known man, who, while icndiim Hint paper, suddenly fell and expired befoto any relief could roiild be allbrd I'd bim. Afiern inimile examitnlion into the circiim- stancc?, ibejurv rendered the following verdict: "Pied nflryin'! tu'hc'iere ft" election ret'trnt and boastings oftlie .xeir lira!' ?tew 1 oru limes. RiciAnn Wis.v, Eq. late. Van Daren candidate for Coinjrfxs in llie Third Dhtiict of Louisiana, died nt bit roMdcnro. Rapidc. nbout llie lOlb insl. Mr Winn was one of the very ablest and most rnernetic men in Louisiana, and his death is a public calamity. jTVTlic impertinence of Amos Kendall is beyond endurance. In a number of the Extra Globe jnt re ceived, lie snys that iheprosptrtsof bis party in Ohio, were neve- brighter than at pres-nt. "How hlein::. briijhten as they take their flisht." Stirannh IlepiMican, IlARRisn .Tain, 4,fC2 There are nine eoimtis to bo btard from, which October Utn voted as Minus: Pravcr, Erie, McKean, Potter, Tiopn, Vrnaugo, Wnrrcn, llradrord. Crawford, 70 i 13C0 V. 13. rn 170 701 323 F7 327 4f0 :03G ?23G 2003 2V0 The fol'.owinR is fiom the Philacldphh American Sentinel (a V. I!, paper) of this morning : PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION Oc, 30 1310. Tub election. The mails of vcsicrdav brought us returns fiom a number of the counties of tins stale, some of them from aat'iunii: sjiircos, but thegicatcr part merely reported mnjoiiiits Oenernlly ihey show a ronsiderable rain in favor of the Harrison ticket ; and if ihey prajc corn ci, n n dor the success of thai ticket al n'i l cialaiu by about the mijorily estimated by some of tho conservative dcmoTSIs in this quarter, previous to the. i lection. It is evident, that many of ihcm either abstained from votinc altonethyr, or voted the Ilnirisin ticket. After such a result in Pennsylvania, which eoniains n clear dcmncralic majority of twenty thouand, Iheie is every reason to apprehend that it is but ths pre cursor of a similar d 'feat cNowherc. OHIO. We have returns from only five countie?, which show a large whig gain since the Gover nor election. If the rest of the state has done as well, Harrison's majority will be at least 80,000. CONNECTICUT. We have entire returns from this Mate. Whig majority O.liS'J a gain of near two thou sand votes since April. RHODE ISLAND. Returns from ten townr, including Providence, give a handsome Whig gain since the spring election. The Harrison ticket has prevailed by about 1000 votes an unprecedented largo ma jority for that state. THE LORD BE PR.4ISED. Nf.w Hampshire has gone for Van Bii rcn ! We have returns from a part of the tatc -wliicli render it certain that the Lo kies liavo carried it by some thousands. So we must tally one fur tho magician. LEGISLATURE OF NEW JERSEY, AND GOV. PENNING TON'S .MESSAGE. The Log'sla'.uru ol New Jersey assembled nt Tw.'iton on the 27.h inst. All the member were present excepting a Councilman fro'm Monmouth. Jomtii Por.Tr.n, E-q., of Glouces ter, was eluded Vice President of Counci', (the Governor is ox-oll'icio Presidcn', ond almost c. cry thing else) and R. E. IIoh.neh, of Princeton taotiotary. In the House, John Emly, Esq., of C irling. ton, was chosen Speaker, and Samuel Pr.ior Jr., of Salem, C:erk. The message of Governor Pennington is a plain, mau.'y paper, worthy thu Slalcover which he presides worihy the Governor of tint State. It commences With a solemn protest against 111? gross wrong inflicted on tint Commonwealth by the National Government, in depriving ?ow Jcr.-ey of her proper icpresentatiou. "Had New Jersey fullered as much from a foieign p .wer," says the Governor, ".var must have been the inevitable consequence. But she his been wounded in '.he houtc of her friend.,' and a rerortto forj'j m 1st have involve 1 lutouly Tods but friends. She lias looked to peaceful rem edies, and made her appeal lo tho justice and patriotism of the country, all the signs of the times give unerring indication that the appeal has not been made in vain." Governor P. then calls the attention of the Legislature to the solemn duties which thev have to perform ; and hints at the prospect tint tho.-e who have deprived the State of itsrigh's. are about to be deprived of ihc power lo iullict further wounds on the Union. "Rut," contin ues his Excellency, "should a like encroach ment be attempted under any administration of this government, it will become the duty of the Legislature to convene an assembly of the pco. pie to consider measures of security and pro tect. on." The message then points to the measures of the General Government which have a direct consolidating tendency. Reference is thou made to communications fiom other States, and the District of Columbia. In reference to the fiscal concerns of the wiiuiiumiumui, uiu message siatcs inaitne or dinary expenses of tho govoniinoiit last vcar were less by 010,000 than in tho .preceding year, owing, in part, lo tho short sessions. Af tcr deducting -S.'IO.OOO, tho annual disbursement from the School Fund, there remain $320,000. The State is free from debt, excepting a small sum duo the School Fund, and has no bonds in the market. W ith a view of cstablisng a Lunatic Hospital a commission was authorized for ascertaining the number of lunitica in the State. It (Mows ; Three hun l.-o I an 1 tlurtv-eight lima P.vnr.NTAi. Arn cTioN. Parental affection re sembles the river Dcrvv en', which rices in the Peak of D"i'bys'iire, and wh ch, being full of warm "I'ringf", is frozen las' of any stream, and thawed lirst. Such is inreu'al afluction, the lat to be checked bv the misconduct of a child, the first to be moved by its penitence. Gali: or Laki: lluno" and Pnovior.NriAL Ecait. ok l")l) Pr.r.'-oNs. Uy passengers who came in the G. Wo.-'on: la:-t night, we learn that a heavy ;ralc has been lagingon Lake Huron for several days, doing much damnuo to vessels and endangering the lives of iinuv parson?. Anion;; the ves-els mentioned as bavins; JUliL'rt.'it, is the new and elegant steamboat .Mir- Jiiuri, Capt. Wilkin. The vessel lelt our port .'or the upper lakes, on the () h ins, with 130 lassenirorr-, loitv ot whom were leinalc O.i Friday hut, the Missouri encountered the :a!e when flic was tunic !J0 miles from what ns been gathered, her situation and llriso on jaard, iinir-t have been doploiable. Soon after .he blow conrmncc I, tin bric't work an 1 ounecting pipe of the boilers became looosc, .'.Inch compelled the engineer lo quench the lire n order thai the disut.-rs might be remedied. I's'ore this wan accomplished huvvewr, the force of tho wavuH i:.-irric'il nway llie rudder po.T, thus rendering tho vc.;-cl entirely unmanage ible. Li this situation she lay rolling at the mercy of the eletno its, all of thiitv-si. hour-, and so imminent was the danger that all on bom', save the Captain and a few other?, yielded to their From tho Clihton County Whig Extra of yesterday. THE EMPIRE STATE! THE GREATEST POLITICAL VIC TORY SINCE THE FLOOD! FED ERALISM ANNIHILATED IN ITS STRONGEST HOLD I -LET ALL CREATION REJOICE t GLORY' ENOUGH FOR 100 YEARS. (TJ'Thc great contest in Clinton County be tween the friends of the Constitution and Laws on the one side, and tho advocates of a Europe an despotism nnd a Sub-Treasury monarchy on the other, has been fought, and tho victory won ! Tho people have gloriously triumphed we " have mot tho enemy and they are ours !" A Divisi: PiioviucNcn, who caused our ancestors to triumph on tho battle fields of the Revolution, li 13 smiled upon the oiTorts of the whigs, and crowned their exertion with a signal victory! N jver since the lbod has a more glorious po litical triumph been achievod never since the ll'li of September, 13M, when the yeomanry of Old Clinton drove the combined forces of Great Britain from our village, have they acquitted themselves more honorably than they have on the three days of Election just past. The far- m srs and mechanics have nobly come to tho res cue of their liberties. They have defeated a slanting army stationed in Plattsburgh they are victorious over an armed forte and a militct. ry despotism ! Thanks to their vigilance and a-tiviiy eternal honor and gratitude to their patriotism. In vain has a hired 6oldiery been brought to the ballot box to trample under foot their freedom in vain has money been poured forth like rivers of water to bribe tho people and in vain has the country been flooded with f ilsehoods from a pensioned press. To sum up briefly, the result of the election in this county, we would say that we have elected our whole ticket by an average majority of TWO HUNDRED ! ! GEO. M. BECKWITH, Esj. the whig candidate for the Assembly, snd the eloquent anJ able champion of the people's cause, is elected by a triumphant and over whelming majority. 'That accomplished gentle men and inflexible republican, our candidate for Sheriff, JAMES S. S1IEDDEN, Esq. is also elected by a handsome majority. Our candidate for Congresr, THOMAS A. TOMLINSON, Esq. will be elected by a majority of about one thou sand. We cannot find language to express the grati fication we feel at this unexpected and glorious result. Our village last evening, was a scene of perfect Jubilee. The whig houses wore : f-:r-.u.wi COUNTY MEETING. At the meeting of tho Burlington Tip. Club on Monday evening, it was resolved to invite a meeting of the several Club3 in Iho County, anil as many of our fellow citizens generally as can make it convenient to attend at THIS PLACE, on SATURDAY, the 7lli inst. for the purpose of hearing tho result of the elections just held, and adopting measiuos in reference to our own. Mc3sr.i. Pitr.Lrs of M.ddlebury, Ross of Esses, Tomiinson ond Simmons ol Kecscville, have been invited, and will piobably bo present. O'lt is proposed to asjomble at Ilurscll'i Tavern, near the Glass Factory, at ONE O'CLOCK precisely, and march in procession to the Court House, or some other convenient place for d.scussion. Wo shall have oin'; glorious news by Saturday. LOW'S Wrltltis Taper, wholcsalo and rctoil, At tho Manufacturers prices, nnd the best assort tiicnt ever before olfercd nt Iho Bookstore of tho aub KcriUr, consisting of the following kinds. 25 reams sup. Pol Killed. 1 do fine Loiter do, '.'0 da sup. do plain. l"i do cap ruled. JO do fine pol d. 8 do do billet do Likeww, a large supply of wrapping paper nt ro- uet. m. u. A. un.. duccd prices. D. A MAN. Ts COU MTIt V M MUCH ANTS FALL SUPPLY OF EVIITIIE.V. CHINA AND OLASS WAKE. A. SLA.SO.V &. Co.. are now re ceiviiifj a supply of Eirthern, China nnd Glass-Ware anions which may be found the following i Kidjiway'ii t.iiiht liluc ) " WhiU Cliino Olaicd, DINING, " " Granite China, TEA, " lllue " " i JnnuAKrAst " l'aiirbon Hp' jiOranito China, nnd " " " F.arihan, and I TOILET " , Pink , J WARE. Low priced China Tea Self! plain and cut Lamps nnd Tuiiibf'"i, of every variety, patlcrn nnd price. To'tether with a very la'gc nsi'iMincnl of cover food", embraeina (iialiti("j and (jiianlitics, not usiinlly found north of Now York. All of which nro ofleied nt the very lowest price, nt No. Ii1." Kiver-st. Troy. n'.'.O.'iw ft. KKINNUIt, NEW AND FASHION VILE FALL & WI.N'TBl GOODS. MILS. ERASER would inform her friends nnd customeis, that she has ju,it ret rued from New 1 ork with an unu'inlljr r-XS ttHQ&iSS'ta. Al!Lr.nflv.rlmrnlnfMIL- ffl V IjeWffiiW' LKN'yiV OOODS ninona rli V dLf which are ine iicwesi siyis J'x S. of Winter Hata .Silk Vel vets) and tho most lasiiitn nblc H.Iks for Hnt9i n splendid ni?sortmcnt of Kib linrs. I.ntes. Veils. Shawlf. Collars, Edyinps, Insertions, Ftathcrs, Artificials, Silk Fringe, nnd other articles too numcrocs to men tion. Also, Fur Iriinminps and lloaa. Ilurliniiton, Oct, 23, li-10. MONDAY EVENING. The Tip. Club on Monday Evoning, will be a ruuscr. The Hon. Wni, P. Rriggs is to ad dress us. THE TIPPECANOE CLUI1 OF MILTON Will incut nt the town bouse on Monday mxt, at l'J o'clock nt noon, when they may eipect to hear un ad dress from Geo. P. MAnsii, which, from his acknow ledged talents, it is expected will be bichly interesting. The people of the neijdiborii'e; towns nre invited lo attend It is expected Dial li e Whys of Milton will turn out in i?rcat numbers, in order to make nrrnnijc mentsfortlie 10th of November. Captniu Tucker, Mr. Mend nnd others nre expected to favor ub with some of tluir excellent soni;s. lly ordcrof tha President and Executive Commitleo. A. G. WHITTEM OK E. M S 2 ff 2 o d Onthclst inst., by ihe Kev. J. H. Woodward of fslloru. Air. in. j. TiIonEiiocsE uf Ilurluiflon, to Miss Sahaii Wi;nsTEnoi Fairfax. In Hineibuigli on tHc 20( h Rev. S. Hovl, Mr. Georca C. .Steels to Miii D.'ii'ar ii. SiM 'cf Chailoltf. WOULD inform his pat rotis that he lim just received f om the importer?", a well silcc ted and exten sive assortment of H D t.EKY HARD WAKE coniisfmi of every m tide icipurcil in couniry snops, u belli will bo sold to Sad' K.rao, n mnll mlvnpi T, lllll COSt for cash. Calll allll SCt' Cubtonicis can ntall li.nes find a pood nsorlni'.nt cf ready made llresi tin. I tiilver platen, .inpantu am Tilled Coach, Cli and NV,itfon llAns'cstcs. A ('ood Aisortment of Ladies and G, lilleliiell's .Saddles, a- leises, Tiunks, Carpet Hans of a superior quality. '.T ..tinnf,lu Tmi.nim.q lloumtms. Twiys .and Snurs, open and close btllsnssorled, Combs, Cards, l'rushcs, .Saddlers Silk, Huckskin Mittens nnd Cloves, n I'rcal vanity of Whips nnd La -lies, unrrmfie i.amps spicn ,li,l Ji.m,. lni,.iir l.ntber bv the side or smaller quantity. Morrocco and -Slier pkins single or by the dozen, A great variety of other articles adapted to this market. Having furnished my shop with a su perior nrticli) of Oak Tnnncd Ilrulille and Harness l.callicr, a k'oou quant y oi wnrerAptiiiici-u .uiu .uiii puale iiiochanics, nr .l my cxjienenco in bus.nes;, 1 pltdo mvs.lf to furnish r.s Rood articles as were ever old in this ilaoc nml on as reasonable terms. Most ,L c,rnii iQ nriidnra leecivcd iii rnvmsnt. Lumber, wooil, llaniiclitow nnu tuiieiom, niest or unurvsi mh and hides, oranv olbi'rnrliele in ibeshapc ofpropei iv. .Shop, North s'dc Court Douse Square, 2 doors Eait John Howard s Hotel. UnniiuMnn. O-tn il 2D. IStO. fVj IAV I'AISTS:IC)I,...:P.L'I.I.LNC!&MI1.L9 11 have opened n new l',vi:;r h'liof on I hurch-M. two di or- 'O'lih ( I" 11. I,:ne' S'me, where ihey w II ilo nil Km Ii of HOI ril'. til I IP, .SIO.N an I CAKKlAGE PAINTING, in llie I c l po- I' Ic manner an 1 ui U rnn ml iho ewlio mnv l.ivo' r llicm wi n ;ncir p.vron '. ir-jPanU', Oil, arnuh no I P 't'V, vn 'snlly hand and for , a'e. K. O. f PA I'l.l INO, I lor ! 1 1 1 m n , A prilj) ,1310. (', II. Ml t.l.S. BMIF.'I IPPIX'ANOK TEXT IIOOa. J receivi'.', il alarm stinnlv of TfDm-'Oiine 'lex' !!"' , mm'o n ofdoi itnU un'd fa life Irani? (It'll. Harri on lu-l'TV, '' er, servi'-c- nnd (,p:nif n-. I' l warmly leeoiiuiicii.'cil loibc friend- t.fl'tn. Hnr I tnthio.'gh out ttic I. fi a'o-, llr i ale at ihc 1 1 o.( .'cie. .1 me 20, 1'. A. IJUAMA, D f. CD ci In Colchester, on the 27th ult., Est)., aged 62 yoarj. I.VMVIL SxiTH, Ni Y IM liool; .St (OK receivvd th presont Wick at the htore, m : Ivvu vea:s befjio the mail: ! amilv 1 liysiemn, bv .Samuel li. l.minoiis. Chi scrond coininrr. bv J. I.ilch. llarucs' Notes on Isaiah. Mcmors ot Irs .S, L. .Smilli. oico oi lh; ?ighl, bv II. W. LonylVHow. l nmily at Hentlieidule. The Vouiil' Ladies I'ricinl. Douiestit: Education, bv H. Ilumphrev. Ilnekt'iiridu'es I'mni'v Kihuiott. ! ranee, us Iuti.', CVuil, i: by an Auciuar. Chun: in slate and pui-pecls. b'cnll'ilid and iht S-olch. bv C. Sincl-iir. Tb'. :. HistnriT.f ib.i Pieiirli brilliantly illuminated, while the cannon was . Kevoliitwn, bv I-. Shobtrl. TuiHrve of Time. Life .,,.;.. ,, ,,.. clinntinir tlio rlcl - v -rn "nil Times of WliiiiUld. A llrcnlh for the Tomb. ' " . ' ,' . Unci s I' annus Instructor. The Orchnul, by I'll sinjiiij, ami tlio tippocanoj iimu playing McInto-h (.. K. C. II, S., Loudon edition. A'u'u.V.n "Harrison's inircb." "flail Columbia." "Yankee IWI.I -The Token. Eli iitUhip'-. HlK'tMic. , 3. I!0. PKOAI) CLOTHS, Heaver and l'dot coih, cassi J t meres, coloied and while KhnncK a full a'-ort uicnl, vciy cheap for cash by N. LOVELY & CO. uniiuou we ll AImj, W; lair cnrpelinn;, Ttrkiv and lor tmdes and s'.ovss, lush uaiN om ,.. circ u oi . ,,. Vfi ac.1,0,01. , ,)e ro.anoJ . t,1(J han(( ()f It 11 t M V woouic, ccc, 111 lienor 01 1113 oriiuaiu victory achieved over the federal British 7'orics ! 7 no L.nics of l'lat.&'jur,'li, who have acted it laudi blo part in tho contest which has just ended, mav inscribe VICTORY unon the banner which OlM M Yards super line, fine ntu .1, " ...! ,, ,,.,:,ra nn tl. 'la.i, f fii Cat petinc-. just opened. ... n - veneliati ami diiiuwi stn tt, I ..t rtwitf.. 1 V !,,,r .1, ,11 ln.'lVn.Lj.lli'. nl.U.I d.tti' of' unprincipled' tloiuigo-uos "in Clinton ! mMfy, Pnmul floor 'jj'jj.' &" .Q ' ' County, not upon the money ol the people no longer (dial! the battle ground of Plattsburch, no longer liall llie bloody Sarauac be disgraced by a federal regency who have ruled the people with a rod of iron no longer shall di unkennels debauchery, and licentiousness, stalk abroad at noon day in high places and 110 longer shall I T TNCOLOKKn IIOAS, otter, seal and cloth cap, .j iiiiuh, collars, capi s, clown, an no 11 tuul lur turn linn's, wile anu molian lrinces, lur ehvv", elcup, liy N. LOVELY t'c CO. P Oil I!OY liclvidier. 8- libs. Iliocba ICnbyl", em nroiuereii 1 innet anaw is; nia -i;, vMulc, anu ; n-i ineriuoiio. u-nn raw s.i onaiiv. mi'l n I'e lame and haxony do. NooL'n, Tiiibct and faiuv .cmft just rtctivt'd by N. LOVELY, CO. KENTUCKY. A special Election wns held on the 19lh in the Vlh C'onBressional Di'-tnct ofKeulueky lo fill ilm yncanev crenlcd by thu dealli of Hon. Lucius H. Anderson, Whirr. Tlru Louisville Jouriinl lets ret inns .,1' tin, lin.. day's votin froui nil butjmii precinct, in which .Mr 1 tic?, and tlirca Iiiiiiilrod and lifly-uight idiots. v.,c (.ut'iiu oi .) ri'.initi, j-i,o (invornorKiioaki! from rorqual ...nneim,, the Vnn liiiicii candidnic. It was thouidit ilm mav ity would be inurcastd lo UJ. ' Nlw Jr.usnv Tlie Legislature of Now Jer. convened at Tienton, on 'J'uunlay of last week. The Hon. Jc-oph Porter, of Glouco.-dcr, wiih elected Vice President of the Council by a otn of 11 tod, and John Emuly, Epof IJurimyloi!, speaker of the House, by a vote of .11 to l'J. GEORGIA. The People of Geoifia vote lal I'u'ir rreent Elcd'on to decide lliisipicsiiciii i ".SI111II our L -yi-hinre id I Its Her tions iinuiuill) or bi' innlly T Hieiual w 10 decried by sonic iO.Of.O majority. A wis.! judy. nn nt. Dr. John .S. Si-cni-i:, IJ. S. .Senator from Maryland died nt his a ;i,uico in Worrcster Co.on tho vi'JJI inst, lie was not emniutitnsn (Lbaitr or atliortvi-e, hut hishly esteemed nnd beloved, He wns u Wing, nnd jiis place will b-' fcupphed by u man of like politics. John Lcdds Kerns mimed. Ho. D.mrx Wjstbh Irs eeriausly ill oa his farm tn Franklin, N, H the oxcelJoni'i.' of the nsyluui for tho i'va; orcestor, Musiachuso u After noticing tho succo&s of the late O ;olog ical nuvey of tho Stale, Um Governor 3iiggo3s the r lpriely ol an a';ncultural survey. Tin' nir.'ssajo oKpru.'f,: a hopo that tin " Pi. lot Law" will n n lu iepoilo.1 by Co:i;;ro, With rcfeionco lo the .State Prison, the Gov. ornor approves of folitary ('onfnieiiien', hut be lieves that itsfoverity in injurious to tin body and mind of thu prisimurd ; and lie thiiilis that the tint? is too long having b.'on iro.a'r.hed by laws boforo solitary conliiminont was in iitse. The Govornor thinks that impri'oirnant for dobtaluiio should he abolished. And ho rocom mends with caution an alteration of tho coiisti tiitiou Iho oldest in tho worldby winch tho Chancollershipfcliall not bo verted in tho Gov. ernor, he i tte that tlner cued them Alt'inugh at every swell of the waves the up per iL't k 111 ivo I to and fro, and the hold was four cot docp watt", ('apt. Vv'ilkuis was firm mi liU belief lo save the bo it and those on board. Ali the goods upon the deck was cast overboard ombr icnig sour ton tons of crockery, hardware, in the hurry was alto thrown over ainnall parr 1 1 ine uajuaje i.ylougmi to p.-isonerr. L Ins te uved 1 10 b(;.i cousuloralily and bv con- t lued eserli uir, Ciji'. V. succcoiLnl in (,'etiing t io vesrDl 11 ider com uvid again, and liinlly re ttiruin ; to Detroit in safety, to the infinite delight il th i.ikl'ulues? of all o.. board. To the indoni.tajlo and pe.'sovoring npirit of Ca )'. Wi.kin, may bo ascribed the preservation of those un lerlus protccti m. His boat it a new one, puric 1 111 all her arrangements, and belongs mainly to C. M. Rj.a I, of F- v.l):tf. Ado. I-'ATAL ACCIDENT. C.VSAUAOC.V, O.-t. 2. On ths cveniiifT ol i!ie2Dih of .Sjiitcuiber hist, near iho h HHJ of I'icdriek II ilcomb, in Souih lliistol in ih.s e jtmty, M.elru l I. ampin in and L'-wi Tillolson of this village, and oth is 111 coiniienv with them, wdc out huiilin for rieooiis, in thu jrully near .Mr. Hol- co.nb s luiis.'. 11) j d 1,: t-larlc.l ouu and tlio pary wnt in pin suit, ihrejot then down ihu sully and Down th.s "iillv, .Vlr. Laiiipuiau, carrying ibu ludit, toik the lead, Mr. Tillolson, with ms ij'.inon ins if t sa mill -r, an 1 1110 nointiii'' to tho ''round, and .Mr. F. Holcnmb, followed clos-e ufler. In this way they projoeded until tliuycanie to vvlicro two tr.'cs lia I (alien near eacli otlicr, ami ui rcelly acro-is their path, under which they could pass by stooping a little. Mr. Lampimn was 111 the net of ruins; alter bavin;; passed tlie last tree, wlncli obstruc ted 1 1 10 liiiht. nisi as Mr. Tdlolson was slooniii'r lo pass lbs first, in which act hU fo it sliiped, and in his struirL'le lo recover, tho louk of liisemi (a percussion cap)";struck orc.auuht on 1 1 10 tree, which caused it to discharge, and raided us inii..le to be 111 such a posi lion that its com 'ins pa.-,ed into the back of .Mr. Laoniunn. nn 1 nenctrnted lo hif liver. Mr. Tdlolson scciii',' tlia h;ht til oj, called to Mr. Lniiipmau if he was Hint, aim received nn answer "I tint n diaa mm." I la snake no more. -Mr. II. Ilo comb, nnd others of tho party, immediately camo to Ihn spot. Mr. Lampimn wai carr.i d into the house of Mr. Hol camb 30 or 40 yards distant, and died in about ten minutes niter, ACironVs inn'icst wn hel l by Robert Rovce. and ilia jury after a careful nnd patient examination inn llm facts and testimony of ibe case, in a few mill iitei returned n unanimous verdict that "llie deceased, Michael Lanimnan. camo to his denlh bv tho neciden. tal iliscbaren ofayuu loaded with shot, in the hands ol i.evrl illolson. nnd noi ntnrrwihp," ''i.n t, .r i..,l m;,i ,, A .c.i.i 1 luiiis lor cioaivs 1 " 1 -i-- lfl, e.ainbleleens. floats' ban' retire irom tnair stations, un government 1 be administered on republican principles and the country restored to its former prosperity. CLINTON COUNTY. (LTTiie following is the voto for Assembly. i'rancs, cam!: id co, noi .ii wo: f ted cainblels, printed .Sa.vonv r,, plain nnd liirmcsl ,a pines, plain and printed muslin de lainen, all w-no, nov opening by X. LOVELY CO. "ID ICTI plain black and blue black cm deswi-n ?hr J.V (or (!r -ssc-s : ehaniiea b euro d TTUHRA! HURRA! ! HURRA 1 ! !Arrivnls ex- XX (rn, Great New-and NcwOoods bio 1 by How aril of the yrnnd Ila.aar Cheap rash store. Tho day he left Now Yolk three edili ms of the newfimner Ex tra .Sun was N.ned never was such nnovuit in tho now word before it announced tho nrrivnl of two Slinui Shins from Europe, nnu of which camo over in twelveaul n half days b.iii tlio shortest passage ever limile. incyciuiu liciuy iiiiieu in .ucrcirimiuc, I'a'-sjiiL'crs and Hritish flold. mid also brought ihu most astonisluii'' news of lha bombardment nnd d.'- sirnclion of llayrout in L rypt. imp)' lant lutelliL'cii 5 Irom China nb ' of the Ivi'i ' of 1 1 ill uid Death of tho l'riii"e An 1M1, ureal lire mid pai I1.1I doitruc III 1 of the It oval N n-il Ai-iimI an I llalile .Slni" ol Un 1 k r 1 : n1 i.:i il mil 111 a Ids m two and a ball million ofDill'ii-', with lh.' li . sti'l biini ir;. Tnu.iles in Spun mid Poiimril, tinl ol 1'un'" I, mis lleripuu tiill "oiii'i in. A '"iv -rnneuit s un suit to h Maud of Elba fir l!i ' ra.nain" of llie 'treat wirrior Nannie m, I'nro waninm nn evinnrdinary if llfiy.nno milli ms 07 1 ihnma id frnni, 11 "W of a tetiiblc earih ( 'like al M uint A mat nnd a fill of pait of iho iiioiin lain a id a ihi 'k 'bu I i iiuij covm n 1 rr vilbipes and bnryitvr u ihoicnid lubabiianls and dcHtrnyuiK nil i'i 'ir Cott'in an I Ri"J pi inlan m, Ui very many nib.-important iU'Mis wbieliwdl bo d dv ivpiried bv tin various uewspnpere lint will cornpue n impart na neliviivi'i iho eomim-reial woild never before im n"in '.I, Thu fjr"'oiiir is 1 1 10 news, now as lo iho G, never, never, nevci was such nn rxlinivo fi'sinoieiit, s) wdl Hidecicd for tho market of Iho f-e-"i M i inlain Spile jen or lo bo In I ns may In nbt li'ia I nn I a' hi e'ran a rnie, ns is now on a do nt the Up and I) tin a. Qu'rknnd Cheap f)r''n'i. no I no iineusannrnl fir d.'bi sta'o kept by HOWARD. Ilit ltii'!tonOci. 20, IHO. nt; rrrr, usAiitcnnii repp piiks, nssorted culo:.- lor bonnets n am nnd fmM uiu 1 , ...1 ti .-u .-.!. .....I I .!. .1 .. 111 many cases un electoral iicuci runs aueau Ulaei;, blue bla!; and Mlor,.d silkvclvits. A larc iss irtmcnt 01 ritiands ol :illUril; dim of tho County 7'icket, but this is as correct a result as we can furnish for the present. 7'lie root of tlie ticket will not vary much from the Atscmblv. Wins. Plattsburgh, Jarauac Peru An Sable Rlack Rreok Rjekmautewn llileiibuigh Mooers Citatnplain Chuy 03 69 17 115 051 lilt Fr.oritAL. 41 49 27 HIS Whig Majority . U10 ESSEX COUNTY. God bless lied Sho is thus far all whis Whig. 81 CO 7 Loco. Elizabcthtown, Lewis, WillBboro', (.hcsterlicld, 22 Jay, 111 Wilmington, 77 Kecne, (X) Essc.v, 00 Vehtport, 2,l Muira, 270 Crown Point, 50 Ticoiuleroga, JU0 WASHING 7'ON COUN TY. By tin Uoat last evoning, wo liavo retui nt from nino towns in this county whMt give 1341 Whig majority. Whig Loco, 10-1 8S soy 101 75 nn 1.13 200 ca Whitehall Putnam Fort Anne Hartford (irauvillo Kingsbury Silem (iranville Port Edward Hampton Dresden 10 S4 VEUMRVA C'Un.VSI fort bavin?, dariUcd Ho rn, W.tinnV lo I Nci'lle . Si ver Tlilml.les and lots of new Goodf,oiv'aiiii.-it tho Vanc'v S'orc. Mav-2?. PANGIK)UN & URl.NSMAin. The votes to bo heard from will increase this majority to y?00 ! I'i JAN KLIN COUNTY. I)y ;i (jeiith'iiiiin whn cniuu i ibsi;iigi'r in lust cvnniim's Uoat fr 0111 tlio norlli. wo leurn tint this county lias given ,19!) whit; ninjorily! This sucurus a whiiMiieuilmr of Congrosi in ihu Fruiikliii noil Squwa'iico district. Tlio rcsull thus fur in tlio Einpiro Slnlu inoro tliuii reuli.i s our most Mingiiino liopes. Tho niiijo ity in tho statu cannot ho less than L'lVK)!), il'tliu rest of the statu Inn dono any tiling iii'iir in tiiosaiuu proportion, of which wi: have no duuht. p.U'S, CAPS.-W, I SEY.MQURolTors for rule llla.-k and llrown Oiler Hair and fur seal and 3Iu-krnt CAPS dark nnd IikIu colour! FUUtS for JluUonrt trimmings, lloaa best and common, Seal Collars, Russia Lamb, Black ond Grey (of ColUrr. Ihirhnfitou, Nov. 5, 1610, 4w eonl, 0;e. '1 :"icls, lace v "', w.i kc ! collar, Tbren laces, w-orkmp; cotton, blaen iiinun'iHr lace. Li'dil and dark kid e.Iovcs, black fillet do. lll.aek silk nnd moliairmitls, bv N. LOVELY & CO, li iJOIJS. .Siuiev liar.i W lin n ovrJ i cciifi'iil .a.Mirlii'cnl (d liond- nt In- old -lore ci) Pearl tree', which will bo told t'hc.i'i eno ch. N. B, WoolicviveifnrEoiv's Il rl nrin Mnye3. MUSIC. MR. A. GRANT b-ps rrsp.-ctfully to in'hnale t thu lohab.tanta of lluilinrrton nnd vicinity thai he will opju chssjsforinstruet'on in Vocal nnd In- itruiiicnlnl .mush earlv in Aovcmner. rnnicuiars hmwn l,u in ttnaa. o I'n 1, .t Ilrm9tll3 id. Halls and private d.anci ir tnrtbs attended. o2J liiirlinaion..Uct IMU. I VMAV .'c COl.i:. ha J J n'Horliiuiil of lltu hnsit'in Mill nn band nn t-xlcnsiv Co. lilUJAU nt rvriTM nml liF.HT.II CLOTHS. Also. Anreat auirimt'iit of liiiuhsli Uroad Clollw, Heaver Clolbs and Casnuva"., wlncli IMey will remiceu pjices. V. VNTH ). A few IhoinanU IbsKOOil Clcece vooi for which (t!i will bepnid. Oct. ii 1S-.0. nttl'.AT li.MtCAIN'S. Stork of poods vellum J oil k"-s than cost, c.mistiiij;of llroadclolh", ( nv sinicies, titinut, i oil in-s i.mcns, r ninnri'', tainii 'nuiii I . m,, s (lnb.-M Mini-e ine de l.nuie. .Men : TMI.m f'li.i!,. ?;.uvik-an Cloth. .Silks. Velvets. Itonibaxine. fnmred Alniiu. Hose and OIovch. Shoec Cino. fiewina t?ilk, Twist, Thread, Rutlons, Cravatt ii.v.:a lti! bnnu. Lacs. iVc. ftc, nnd n 'rrc"t iniietv of ot in r ni licit s all of which will be solil bid iw tb. ir'valu.' f jrcas'i, to close the business rf our r.l a! thw" st'Jlf earner off hnrch and Collece ts. MAYO &. WAIT, Trusttts. "urkimtin, Oct. Is. .11 .V t)Ll-: are now rceeivma from I K.i ion nnd New Yi rt-.iri c en no a -( runenl i'1 nn I Wmier I IJV DOODS. wb'"ll ibcV Will 1 1 r Cmi. I.MVA l it lb. iii have c.-or I dure 1 ten o ere I in l i Mm. r el. li'ir uiSti". U. I'SIU M MSVUI.Y i'i Co. nre now opening nn 1 of l. f nn - fir s il.- .1 in ii-a extcn aivj mui tment o sai'inahle tlood-i than thev have ever before offered m this inarkit ; aaionml v.hich is a creat taritv of I'TR.S.tnd KurTri.ntiiin2t-all ot which are olUrcJ elieniely low for Ite.arty HASH. uci. 4.. TIin jl li'..ttS Mll.f. titi.fttcs of Lntltrop, Potwin it Wan, i iveniiuc tiirit thev intend shoitly to close tlie bmi'ios of tin ir trust, and for that purpose now j! jr I he ciitiie stoik ol coodd. at wboleaale or runu al a i;rtiil reduction in prices, for There me man"v d,!-.trab!e oj'U m ibis stock that merchants illicit s.'lu.'t tot'" id advantage, and to bjcIi will be I'i.eiia ibei.a creJit tor sal.s aotorv naner. 'llie mock oi' 3 een-ral atsort.iient of 'drv iroods. crocket v A:t.H wnrf, ilru.-;3 and medicines: 'ami is well worlb the alien lion of merchants nnd others wishing for urfruus. rii'v;v call nnu examine the e;ooils. MAYO tt WAIT, Trustees., Oct. 1. pROCKLRY, Class and China ware; bn;re nnd v-' tmiau looMnsgiatspj, a coon a-.orlme'-,i, bv iij " X. LOVr.LY CO, LOAI' Lump and Iliown SiiBirVa'i, C oil ,, srerm candbs, winter r.traincd lamp n.l, m bs-.-,'rice, nutmepi, r.113. currants, soda crackers, clous, cinna mon, f-aleratus, broomt A.;, for -ale I v n' :. I OVf.LY, A CO. LAST ARRIVAL. "iJFAY 'OOD.S just received by the si-hsi'iir , and i ' ills of but hlllc CDUs-quence u the purchaser how thev came. 1 will only ?ny tlfv wcro inollv will hnYc to' Ic told r.t the Rime price to pay my dibtH -a" I will convince anv on: who will call ?.'. mv note nn I'e.arl --liei 1. SIDNF.Y HARLOW. STUAYHI) from an inclosurc on the iiiicrva north of the villauo oflltiilmirton, ul'oiit '2 wciU' nincc, the fullowiupIJoisin, viz one Inipe iion-irrcv three year old Mnie; one dark bay or brown smalhh izcri Morgnn Mare, afinennimal, five vcnia old, car ries her head very hiih, short switch 'tail; and one rorrcl vvhitu faced ficnch lloisc with rpavin on the niqh hind lep. Whoever will n'we inforniation lo 11. Thomas, T. Chamberlain, or C. IVedv of Ilmliiu lon, fhall hn suitably rewarded. October 2J, la-!0. ISAAtl 'WAIt.'VSJ. HAS rcrived nnd kerps con.taiiilv on bind a larirr nnd full vseoitment 01 GROCLRILs', ninoni; which nro COGNAC RRANDY, I .Si. CROIX RPM HOLLAND CIN, A variety of WINKS, and nlmot evcrv articlo in the Grocery line, nil 'f iucii ue win sen on ino iiijs: rr isoimiue tvrms. He would nlso inform Tavern keepers m pai ticular that ho will fell ruin, hrnndv nnd nil! lor (13 eenls .a n.allnn which ho will warrant ofn belter quality than toiw which nave laieiynrcn nnwiicci nnont tpe rnunlrv hv a ceuain New Yoik pedlar, nnd if not nrijiidrcil bj the best nidges lo be belter, he will not nsk any pav for it. He inv'm s them to call nnd compare. BurUnatont Oct. 1610. GOODS. The subscribers hnve ree'ri and are now openinc s vciy lnrcc assortment of Wol en Cloths of cvorv vnrictv, rich plain, fteurcd nnd n'miifi'nble Silks, Mniischno do Liiinef, Alpaccn Clolbs, Taphonia nnawis, iiukis,, Hpiiioiis, tc. vv win only say mat we have n larger nfsoituient of coods of every variety than w hnve ever kc nt beforo. Oct. "D, IS 10, N. LOVLLY A. Co, Ntl'l'ICIi. .TIib pcbicribcrs havinj; formed n partnership under tin name nnd firm of ST.vnr.A Dow, in tho Tin, Sheet Iron and Stove business, would respectfully inform the public ilutt they keep constant ly on hand n complete nssortmrnt in the nbove line. They have now on hand a v.aneiy of Parlour, lln.i and Cortkmi Roves, t'imincs Ac, which ihcv vt ll (lispoivof al ihe very lowc1! prices m mi'kit. AT niders w ill bo executed on short nonce nnd in the licit blylaof vvotktuansliip, J. .T. STARR, ISAAC DOW. Church ft., nnpn'ie ihn jail, ) Itiulumton, Oct ;0, IP10. J BUIHTOI, UOAllI), I 'r.iwiiiir i..i er and Pen eil-. Ur.Ni.iiil icl 11 11 1. I li c fun', 'a nn 'ii' , nn laic nnd L't'ii'linicii'. s'cel , i"l re cvcl V 11 New Yi.r' , and lor nl. ' v a IH'NTI.NC'l ON, Cnllrc i, J uic 25, IS 10. C1ASII 1MID I'OIl WOO . ' will pay ca-h, rn dciivcrv, for cc Tlio'l i" 10 I e'enn I'ce wool, ilfhvcie I 111 ihc o! I lure (iccnp cl I y II. lly ', tV Co. ni r h wt'fl ci r itr uf CVVi'i'fi'ret"-.'nismii, J me 10. IlAKUV DR.UdJ'Y. STimV. TO IiET nml fi'oclt or Dry C.wli Ifor Sa'e.-.V fust into store suited to n hrc. busiiiC'S wiih n (ood run of rustaincrs, would be Ic for n term of years, nnd the whole or pait of (ho Slork for tnlo on very iidvnntnRooiis terms. The present 13 it rnr opportunity for 'anv ono wiahinp to conimenco business, for farther nsrticulnrs apply nt (he More, to MAYO & SvllT, Trut4. Dutlington Oct ?3 F JJATHMIt i'iC.' -The subscriber baa received !j and is iviw i.-'Jcivhi'' from New York, n lame ns I't'iient of ."ather. Hoots and Shoes in addition to 111 former ttock, cons' of the following articles in pai 1 : 100 N'dcs Sole Ljatlur, a tuperisr article,free from ill Heavy Cuw .nines, Wat! 10 .Si.b'i'llarn"j Icalhcr, 111 " ldnck lirullo do 10 D37.. Hhcvp lin.nps, " " youth Sri Seal Skins, 1 " Grained Leather. I Case .Men'i Superior Calf Coots sewed, war an lea, 3 ' " Thick ll.nts, heavy at SV0 per pai 1 " Hoy's i,iit 1 " .Small 1'ovt " " l.'J'i Together win lvuk' Kips, Shoe Thread, Pruncll Colton and Linen V.--hl inc. nlackiii", Shoo llinshes Ladii s IVeuch K I Sips, nnd a general nssarimcut of Misvi-, and Cliiblrens blips and Walkinfr aboes, all of which wlP Ic s.'ld low for cash. II. C. STIMSON N. 15. Waaud, a few bushels of lluckwbeat, Rye and Corn. L.J. STIMSON, Agent. lbirluiiiton, Oci. 2'.', 1 ;0. G Sp i!i TL'.l.'.JZN'.i (!VEH ALLS. 6 dozen di.mi. nticnieu t'ver a us, uomr rtociiinr pi't ri'ceivcd un 1 1 r .sale ry the dojcu or sundo pair Jt .il Jiitieai 1 lie s l;y .lA.Ml-.S Ii. I'L.Vl I'. P. M !!u w il lb il ll en to oid.-r. llml ii.'ion, Uci p, l.'tO. QALT. 1,009 M nota Coarfe Packing Salt, kJ 0.000 Miaal:' I. vemcol Salt. For talc, in quant, u j to suit purchasers and deli :reu at any ruit on Lak' Uhauipiom, bv JASON C. Pir.RCF tt SON St. Johns, L. f, Sept I. 15-10. v.'TO T ic alt- nuon ot ibe public 11 rcoucst O id to llm !ine .isoiunent of Stoves for fab by the subs: i''e.s. Cui.10 ne s will find nt their slore , n.i I m ire "-ii'ial nsaormuni than ever, con .':-tinof l!ox, Parhr, anJCook Stovesnf cvorv fize an.t man v l am ms. lllCUUK a CA 1 LJ,. Il'iilincmn. ()' 1. 20 It' 11:1c. 1 Ilniul'H Ilitatc. STATF OF VllHMONT, ) M III! Honorable Distiuct or CuiTTr..snr.s, fs, v J. the Probn Coml v. idun nml for (lu District of Chittenden : T the citdiiou. nnd olhrti concerned in the estate of Reuben Ibnd lal-j of diJorhill, in said riistnct, tie-eec-ul. GRF.F.TING. Wiir.nE.vs, Melinda Ilor.d, Executrix of thelast Will 111 J Test uiitiit ct the s ud deceased, ban inatlo nnn cition tjlb.s court t ) extend tho lime limited for ma king payment of the debts nnd baigains of the said dc-eacd twelvo months from the second Wednesday ol .Nuvciibcr I 'in, nn l tliesruonil wciincuay 01 .No v."iber next bcinj: nss.iu'd for a hcaimin iheprein ts.-s, ni incoiiiccortiu' ueL'isier of tins Court nnu havui;', been oiovrid that nonce thrreol lie piven by nulili-iiing tun uccrco inrco weaus successively in 111 Free Piess a newspaper prictcd nt Hiirlnmton. TiiRitnruufi, You nrn hereby nodded 10 nppcnr be' tore said court at tlio lime anil pmconlort satd men nn ibere In m.alie oh-eclioiis if anv von have 10 lbf sai time of paynnnt lieinj tardier extended as nforcsaid Given under my hand at llurlin'Mon, this 20th day of October, A. f), 1-10. Wm. Weston, Register, i nnn oh.. J.UWU pnlon win'crS.ifrm Oil. 200d Ho. 1,1 do. do. 1500 do rt.'mul iI.n June 7. .1. i: J. II.PfCK Co. 8000 soo IS'lQ 1110) 1000 1 d 2.0 200 s LT I a-b. nhr .Kalt do ifjiii do do tine do do T rs l.-land d Id If. line do do 1'a.ry do do ci c.r v do a ! dairy do I v .1. cc J. II. PfTK A Co OlL, To I'lircliastra ol'Ilool.s Si Stationery. DA. 1IRAMA.N o t-r- at whole it'c mil retail & L'boicc n-fortmelit of .Srhool HOOKS and Mi- cellaiieo is vvorl.-, tnau'lier wi h an ex cn-ivf supply ol S itiinnery. Co'in'ry meri bnn'- can let rill bul wi'h nil l.m'l- tf PAPER, on tlio mo-t rea unal l . Uook.s-.itcliU'iHrfolt.ainedin lio-tin, N, orl; nnd Plu'it ltdplita mar ci-, ori'erud nt short uolieo. 1) irlnurloti, Oj'.8. 1510. IV OTICH. LADIES J. A. GK.vnnMr.M in di btfd to tha subscriber for Horse or Cahmaoh 'rfVfci Vr ,,ire' or 0,t c-rwt.o, are re-,'IMViwi,Lv?-'ri.' fiucsted to make payment Vf;.5iS23?-?s' immcdialely, nnd savs Oct. 1(1. themelves cost. RANSOM COLllERTII. OKI. NLW UOO , J 1.1 icccivul a' ibe Hook d'uip. A New linn c, Win.' 'I' f How. Yo iti? La lie Cunip liven. ( 11 ui c -b'.a. ILivvvanl'- New I nir an I Gaze eer. Mitchell'- (ienirra dcenl Healer, y 'cm ( I (ici'irr.iphy, c iiiMri-ui'j a 1 c er plion ot ie W ,rl.l wi b lb'.- ' I divi-iuii-, 'v isrnc I fur in. r elion-m tdiuul and f.imiiie . Wi n er if llm Heaven'. D. A. LRAMaN. " AU'I ION. 'I be en -ine Mcri-i 11'- Pill- made at J ibe Drill Ii Collcei fllej! h, Li n ' 11, tan ' e o1 -iiivl di the Var eiy Slirc an I nn Tliun la en Tim w n ; J'l I n inoni er, every I us un I pa v i n;iiel with .1 pen, "P.i'i' urn an I r.rin m.ti I," a I s A I in 1 be ate mf m ftllJ.M 1 . t r I1.1 er v.'iii'i i-a e rcmeni--ilv - 1 1' .11. P vVTr.ll'.V iV Ill.I-isM t D, -'.l e,i 'en's A k in ll I , 'li.c the zeu rt'i and II 1 1. uiel.'n 'sh ,in I V 1.-111 l.o tn 1 'e ' v I r. A. tier nan. ares H'l in 1 1 .e , 'i a c i 11 1 .111 i nave '11? pr.'.ae 1 .. Sim.iMAN, M. I '." i'ii lie Iji.m-i, P r- hit vc w 'ca u 1 cm ."ii er In n Ihc ,m) ri.tri v 1 1 Hi.' c ar 1 e. In; 111 In o I in, my 1 1 1 v 1 u it 1" n.i"f a 1 ar c, fir 11 fo rinr, o -ell, when ihc e ar 1 e-niccii'i ire t- r. "ho r Ma 1'- I'm tcr- aril Micrinau - I zcr.'er . aio Sold al il.u .ir ety Smrc, I'.nc,ho..n & Ili.f; I.ID. III.I-'SIIM: ,1, Miitt.'r. I rl-m J Syr p fur elul Iren ci 111 Ice h. '1 he tni'ey u,0 i I 11 un If win !"-' 10 1 " ii nt 1111 ,a 11, ti t-n Fever an I llie ni'iil 1 o, cm mii id .a 1 in:' lie ( ,in, price re I ice 1 .0 .il et-. uimiiey- 1 or nai an ex l on' ar ice n r lit: o; r-ey ia o -., nuiu -iio car if.ei s' be Var c y inc. l'.tviie r. In.KMAlt:. ; t; tt 1, 1 ,vi.i;i?ii.iii-i.t r. .11 IN the siun of the MORTAR one door cast of J. tp . IJ. lUc if- Co. The subscribers have opened an Anothecarv Store, and intend to confine llieinselvei strictly (o that business. They now otf.'r to the public a general assortment ot genuine .aieuccmes, including all new Chemicals, and th'.' standard Patent Medicines; constant attendance, will bo given, anu ixirticular at tention paid to prescriptions. liurluiRton, Miz. 'U. i'litiu. A. fl.VK tM Co. "j ODINF. SPRING WATER. A recently discover-1- ed fountain at Saratoga ami contains propertied known in nn otlicr Spiincr its freedom from Iron remit" s ii safe '0 be drunk bv a cei lain class of iuv a- lids with whom Iron provis injurious the rpinntity of iodine conlamri' m ln:s water render" it tr. most val uable mineral w.a'er fircverv snecies of Scrofula vet discovered, for s.atehy J. it J. II. PECK & Co. .lefts. SCHOOL HOOK5. The -iib-en' er b - re-cv-ed the pre cut wee', Irom New Yor m ue S hn Hco':-, 1 1 wliH'b ihc fw b"v;iiir enmpree a par'. 1 1 v- creii l.a'in'un; i) mner-.m s t-ice. 01 ; v c',- ver'.-larro I'h arv, 6 vo.j Jihn-(n an I V.'a' er'-i ih).; Anlhiii'- llorac, Cie"ri), ('rear, and 'a 1 1 I j llnvt'r-, Mea levy-, an tM cen's Fien b 1 1 -iiare ; Cm,er'-.Ti I On I T- Virc-tl ; Piayfiii'-F " -h I j I 1 1 r'l and Newman'-Rbe'i ri : O'm-tci'- an ' W I fn'-As- irinnniy; -chool PI' l ophyj ( cni-' " Pb '( - 0 In, if". ( hem try; lb Iniar-'an I le si'-Prco h Grainmari K.r' b nn'-an I'b'-Fii" 1 b '1; A'.r from1 it' - In'c'lu.-I'inl Pin o- pby ; do. Ji ira' 1' .; 1 'fc 1 I" W.v b nr'rm, ("liai'e- 1Q h an I '"( n.vne Fn neb ; Divie- and Ilo tnt 1 I L'-'-' n ; Dr. Ice- A .' u j Purler'- Rli"(iricn Rci 'er; O'ney'-, Woi 1 r Ice , ini'b'-, Mnl e Hr in'-, nnd Miiilal'- ail W s-''. Gensraphy '.m I Ailu- i We' -'er'- an iTi.-fn'. S,,tl iif? I no'; ; Goo h i, b' Re.i 'er, 1 -', 2 ! nail 3 ' c'a -1 Mo ait Veiiion l'ci 'i r ; y ml pu i'l- 1-', Ot nnl 31 I'f , Adam ' New Aridin.elio; Clci'lc-Pav s del1' inp--on's do.; Pur or'- Analy-i-; 'Isivvn'- i'i .; P '-nn l Girl'- Rei'ms Ibio'i 1 ', ."''r-. P no -ircv ; l.iei 's rdieton.Ml FialcL' e- ; Youim I ad c-' Re Vi; 'cr iduu lir-l cli Uiu)'. i Luul - V. P. -,.'ia ci ; V r- e 'er'- lli-mry; Wall- t.n tlie Mne'; tier 'r . I '- V. . II1-I1 ry ; Nai.on i' Pre eplor; I e Pr in-Tclcmai ; Ilo any I y .Mr- Lin o'n; K.'.me ' 1 b iccni ; II ivv arU NewlMiirlanJG.tse.tfur, I nslidi Rci er, P. ,i-ri t IVadtT. 1". A. LRAMAN. Il ir! ui'on, 15, 1? 10. VilEAl'Ktl and lattir for ltttuly Pay. In 010 J scuber would inform bis customers and tin. pub lic that nn account of his lo nf Gim.1" ty fire and llis damaped ones srlinr oil' si cheap, b ' preset stod; is principally made llt'li nnd ulcci, ami lh cloths bemjr boticht a' low prices can be sold chcrp. All kinds of clothing mrdc on the shor'"st nonce, Cuttinc; done as usual. All kinds of clolhcs rlranrd of paint, preasc, vJcr,, nndihcs-eri, pie-sed and lepnirKl in the neatest manner and lurupht ns near ni p to lhtr oricmnl beauty, nnd warranted v iibont i,jit ace. Alfo on hand, (no waitui'! unitl New Ycais cr runniii!; nil i'ay n'"ier Trunuun'js ite. ) T. p C inn, Cloakrs, Drrs and Fiock Coats, I'anin'nrns, AVntst. coats, .Sailor Jackets, Hoys Clothes, Flannell nn l oiher shins, Drawers, Ftocks, (cc. Also all kinds of secondhand Clothes, IIa'. Cnps, r.ools nnd Shoe Travelling Pairs, Trunks Furniture nnd nil oilier ar ticles common and uncommon. Clolhcs or produco taken for pav. C. BENNS. Poor) St.. Ser(. If!, I"iQ. 10,000 II.. th v whiv lit) UJ CVU- Krouilililn HO l." I'l I-. Ycnwinn Hti.l 10 'a U I icmh ye low 50 1 1 1-. Lienvd Oil, "j do S un-. T'Tt'cn'inf . Conal Viii ui h, Gold I cal, Sand n-rr, Small, "r I,- . G'i'c, O 'nv Co tn'. 1 y I'k" 30 TOUACCO krs nlns Tol n.-cf, 10 luxe. Ca ven Ii Into di nn.' lore lntin .'CO) I1 s. I ciifdo, ;i,',. 1 y .1. iv ,1. 11. peer; a c. tr 011."',. ') ill .American Liiut-ed Oil 0 Tii'r. tv fi'l i-pcrm " S do wnver tlo , "5 . n . ."S ill-, rcdncldo d" J.& J' H. Peck cc Co. R"l!MOVAI--Jf Lr.Wis; (he Mechanical Den tist. hnsromoved m o(ircn hi dvyellintr on Pcail st nonrly opposite J. K. Grny's CarrisRO shop, wher ho will be able to attend to calls at all hours of tho day or night, Uurhnston, Oft. 0, 1910. I rsSI'.l.l.'S r-'I'OMAt H BI'lTIRS it .ay lo ii-rl in Wmeorwa er. 'I he c ee'e' raicil I "(ers nre compo-cd purely of vto al lo t.ftli mpst inno eenl vet pe-i(ic vitiue', 'I bey nre id'omnieniVd par ticularly for rt-iorimr weak ccn-tiiniion-, e'ean imj and s'rcnsihen'nj the lomn"b, nnl iivrennns tho appetite al-o a preven'n'ive n?am-t il.eiliolyra mrr-lin-, rover and n?-ie, remnvins in M.a, viuniiinir, heart bnrnuu, wca'.pe - in (be lien t, paui m 'ho itrma h mel oilier -ymnti m. r ff a" Irneennd in lire--lion. One Ui will line urc one gallon. Price 25 els. a I o. RcssfilS Itch Tb - chrn-e and ,ti'a oiuimenl i-caidtolr iprrier 10 any now in 11 e, fnr thai ib-asreea! 'e anl.'os h pine d na e, ibe ITCH, Thi- Oin'incnt 1. -o cear'n n in i's o; era k n that nn per-on tioublcl wi lulu' n'tve di-or-Vr cclii lo le witlK-ill 1'. It i a rcmc'y lor (t'anc0"s t-up-um-, .cprbnlie u"e.':icn- 'f the Itca I, crnny o lier' rta ns; nn winch an es from diarp li .inor- 111 ilip lnol, Pri-c25cl'.a l(.t. Rus rM'' Vior.T.vci.n I itir t's Tun, cr f"i'y nlivs'C, lor "rneral n-c. in ca e 1 1'Ja 111 ' c, n r' id en il ili'V ' f ho -I' ma, h an 1 1 owe! , !( ( ( n-ipc 1 c, (,c 1 1 I roil It, c t'lvciic Pi'c , an I ud . " 1 nc nr 11 sr iVcm I" I'ernnscii.enl , il o f r ci r c- ' he .la 1) 1 f the ' nn '. uu I c''iii,' Ic v 1 ei if fi il mid V"-eld l il'in Uf., T I c c I - nic 11 le 1 hi liar i ", pio I icuia nci hi r 1 a n- inn pu m:-, imlmu iherefoien vnl n" le an I b'uli'v :i rino'uii' 1 c, an Inre pron "ii cl an- adi 1 y I cnui 1 1 1 1 pg b,l oliy ieian-. 1 a.h Ion con iuiiiii,' 33 IV. li o 37 J en, a 1 r.t U 1 IV cclc' n'el S.vt.TPfr.t'M OiviMrNT " h j. iniTie-l.o'tal Iv ll'f 1 t'f' nn I i'i'-' h ' ' 1 n" 0 tcnsl m llie p Oil if for 'lur o'-'fnn c di or-Vr SA LT Itlll'F.M. Where ii her iiKniii-liavv ,a e , 1 1, , , . rct'V I, nn l the f.i t ihat 11 I a I o.-ii mm ve v u t'l 1 y online iv Pra 1 imcr civ's v. I ire in 1' prai e. It u ci n''v e'l ii'u'i- in i" di 1 a c ,f ho ui, .cn'd hva I, i'lnr worm ,and iho 111. m uuo c.u c In it", ilc, .Vimcni- tcr lfa 0- cieji in il a tie ', ' 111 die oroirlK"' elmb' c ! ,vl a fair Ir n' In I 1; ,u im'v t-s'i " I'cfit- -ni iTit ro li. a . I'r 1 fO e :i 'px. For a'ilyd,;J. H.Pf.-tV r 'II , , Peel, fcl',nsin if bi'Mor'iir. and Ru er' Mi ; iliilliiieton ! I r. C. L'. Mile , and II ill & Coo , II ie. 'urch! S- iiarne , t-iiaro'e; 1.. June.-, ueortf.a t U Tyler, Vftex i Fuller (i H inn .(jton, Kichinond. AUo, by Iho dru?5i.ts and merlnuts fet'nerally tbrwjc-it the io- tg 9

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