Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, November 6, 1840, Page 4

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated November 6, 1840 Page 4
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s- "Ho touched his harp, nml nalions heard, entranced." THE SUM OK HFK. Searcher "f Gold, whoso days and nights All waste nwny in anxious care, I'.strnngcd from all life's pure delight", Unlearned in nil that is most fnir Who stillest not with ri-y elide, lint dclvcst in the depth of tide, And strugglcstin thcfcnni Oh como and view this land of grates, Death's northern sen of frozen waves, And mark thee out thy home. Later of Woman, whose sid heart Wastes like a fountain in the sun, Clings most where most its pain doth start, Dies hy the light it lives upon Como to the land of craves 1 for hero Arc beauty's smile and beauty's tear, Gathered in holy trust Unto slumbers forms a fair as thns Whose checks, now living, shim tho rose, Their glory turned to dust. Isrer of Tame, whose foolish thought Stcafs onward from the wave of time Tetl me, what goodness hath it brought, Atoning for that restless erium J The .spirit man-ion desolate, That opens to thy storms of fate, The absent soul in fear Bring home thy thoughts, and come with me, And see where all thy pride must bo ; Serein r of fame, look here 1 Anil Warrior, thou thy sunny plume, That trotst to the buglo's call Come and look down j tliii lonely tomb Shall hold thco, and thy glorious, all, The haughty brow tho nnnly fiame The d.iriiia deeds the sounding fame Are tropliics but for death ! And millions who have toiled litto thee, Are stayed, and here they sleep, and see, Docs glory lend them breath I THK PILGRIM. " Lit not your heart be troubled." Jon xlr. I. Wear,' wam'o e', son of sadness 1 Follower of the lowly on, Wh;-, oh why, amid earths' gladness, Dost thou sigh and mourn alone? Child of sorrow, grieve no longer ; Know thy God will shield thee here! Let thy faith but make thee stronger ; What of danger canst thou Aar Look to him, thy loving Saviour, Who for thee did freely die; Seek by faith his gracious favor; He thy prayer will not deny. When dark clouds and gloom o'crtnkn the, And with sorrow thou art pressed, When the friends of earth forsake tboa, Look to Him for light and rest. Hf thy sorrowing heart will lighten, All thy tears will wipe away ; Then thy hope of heaven will brighten, And thy night be turned to day. W. " THE l'EOl'LFS OWN BOOK." Chap. IX Translated from the French. It is not enough that you know your rights you must also know your duties ! for the prac tire of duty is not less necessary than the en joyment of right to tho maintenance of that or der willed by tho Creator, anil without which you have nothing to hope in this world. High is tho guaranty of your individual existence and liberty ; it is your liberty itself ; it make you a person, and not a mere thing to be used according to the caprice of the first comer. But it is not all to exist it is not all to bo free. In the whole universe no being lives entirely iso lated, resting upon itself, nourished by itself alone. They all give to receive ; they receive to give ; and life would every where cease were it not frr this mutual giving to and receiving from each other. Who could entirely dispense with the assist nnco of others ! We need it in infancy, we need it in sickness, we need it in age, we need it on all all time.-. Picture to your nclf a solitary mar, unconnected with his kind receiving nothing from others, returning nothing to them ; he would be the savage in the wilder ncss ho would be lcs-s than the sivage, for the savage lives in his family, in society ; he would bo oven less than the animal, who has his mate and his little ones, with whom he reciprocates offices of kindncsF, and often also associates with others of the same species, cither for common labor, or mutual defence. A man isolated from all others, necessarily from that moment depri ved of language, intelligence and love, would be a sort of monster, without origin, without tie, without name, an undofinable fcomcthing that would be regarded with terror. Now if sympathy, if instinct, bring together animals according to laws proper to them, duty unites free and morally responsible beings. It is the basis of society, the indispcnsible condi lion of common existence, Right concentre? each one in himself; for its immediate end be ing the preservation of the individual, all right, by its nature, is individual ; and the people, in this connexion, are but a collective individual. To claim a right, is to demand something for one's self. Mere right, separated from duty, would bo more selfishness, and, consequently, according to tho old axiom, supreme injustice. What is injustice, in fact, s.ive the absolute pre ferenco of one's self! To commit murder, robbery, or any crime whatever, is but to sacri fice others to passion, to avarice, to exclusive individual interest. Duty, on tho contrary, with draws one's attention ft cm hirnrclf ; for its end is the good, th- preservation of all. To accom jilish a duty, is to do something useful to others Right is sacred since it is tho conservative prin- ciplo of the individual, tho primitive clement of society, and its necessary foundation. Duty is eacrcd, since it i tho conservative principle of society, with which no indivinual could devclope himself nor even subsist. How happy would the world be, and how rap idly would the human race advance in tho path it ahould inccpsantly pursue, were rifht always respected, and duly always fulfilled ! J Inn mar velous order, these beautiful and touching liar monies, whence como they! From the nun, whence pour inexhaustible floods of light and life, down to the spring, that drop by drop ex udes from tho rock, all is ordered for a given end, to which all contribute in an infinite variety of ways, that are the more admired tho more they arc contemplated. That which is done through a blind impiisle by unreasoning brutes, man bhouhl do freely, lie ought, in subordina tion to tho whole body of which ho is a member, to love his brothers as himself, to ilesiro their good as ho desires his own ; to rcjoicu in their joy, to grive lor their Borrows, to aid them, to servo them, to idoiitify himself with thorn, de vote himself for them, and thus endeavor, by a constantly extending union, both among indi viiluals and nations, to consummate the holy unity, friendship and happiness of all mankind. Uetwcon virtuo and vice thorp is no middle path. THE SAGACIOUS DONKEY, OR, THK HIDDEN TREASURE. AN ARAniAN TAt.E. The whole fortune of Union, of tlm city of Cuiro, consisted ol about two thousand pi asters which lind been hcqttcathutl to him hy Ins dying lather, lie might liavo lived comfortably upon this sum, mid added to it hy economical nod judicious merchandize, if no iiiiu hoi niiiuii in love wmi n young gin whom lie accidentally saw as slio raised her long veil for the purpose of taking a draught of water from tlm fountain of tho mosnue. alio tliu not appear to belong to any noble or wealthy families, for her coitnntcnnncc was marked with health and freshness, making u striking contrast with the paleness and lassi tude ol the "lalM'ly luxurious. ' hlie was attended hy no servants, and her dress was composed of common materials though neatly made and elegantly fitted to her per son, nlie bore no ovideiico ot worldly opu lence, but she was rich in beauty, in loveli ness anil modes' v. l.tiicu was enraptured as he gazed. She had otu of those ratlient sereno figures which fascinate tho soul of whoever beholds. Tho enervating bent of the tropids had not withered tho tinted roso colours upon her cheeks. She was voung, as was evident from the childish outline of her form, which, though then rounded to the graceful dovelopcincnt of an houri, bad still not attained its full voluptuousness of shape. She bad arrived at that period when girls are inaniageablo in Arabia, as her countenance was that of a girl thirteen or fourteen years old, though more nerrthe perfection of wo manhood than in our temperate climates, at such an age. Her eves, beaming with inno cencc and intelligence, were soft, liquid, me tin!?, and intense v dark, and her luxiir- ant chestnut-coloreci ringlets gavo promisi of growing darker anil darker with coming vears. 1 here was, too, throughout her fen tares, the ennobling stamp of mind the im print of a heart capable of loving deeply and unchangeably Her dress, as before ob served, was not costly, but it had the modest cnituetrv about it winch pleases and attracts mil was admiralilv disposed to set oil her person to the best advantage, so that as her veil was raised, the folds of the handker chief thrown over her shoulders suffered Ita- jrh to perceive the contour of a neck and bosom at the same time, faultless in proper tion and dazzling in whiteness of complexion. He had only a moment to view this lovely vision, for she had hut little more than raised her veil ere she observed him, and casting down her eve amid blushes of miliar rassnient, she ininiediatrly covered herself once more, and left the place with so much dignity and modesty that Itajeb did not dare to approach and address her, as ho at first designed. lie contented himself with following her at a distance, and observing the bouse where she entered. The dwelling was simple and uiiostentittiou:, hut liajeb was not the less amorous. I he beauty and grace ol the young ijirl bad touched his heart, and loving her, he cared neither for a brilliant or rich alliance. She was constantly in hi.s thoughts and sleeping or walking, there was an angel form before him, raising her veil, her eyes at once beaming with beauty and melting with tendrrness, and her white neck adorned by a profusion of dark tresses. His passion la terally consumed him, and allowed him no rest day or night. lie determined at all haz ards to ask her in marriage of her parent'.. Uc went accordingly, and was well received by them ; but when, in accordance with the custom of the country, they came to speak of the dowry, tho father exacted the mm of five thousand piastres three more, alas, then Hajob's wholo fortune. In this demand he was inexorable, and the young man retired overwhelmed with grief and despair, having only obtained the permission of acceding to the requisitions within ten (! or being banished foruvrr. Ilajeb returned to his mansion conceiving on the wiy tho most sorrowful reflections. How much at this moment did lie feel the pernicious power of riches ! Ilow sensibly did he appreciate tho privileges which attend wealth ! Ah thought he, if I had employed my past years assiduously in tho attainment of property, 1 might now he h ippy ; but a ouarter of a century has passed over my head and I am master of only a paltry two thousand piastres. He shed hot tears at the recollection, and hiving reached tho room where this sum was deposited, ho counted it over again and again, but count it as he would, ho had still but two thousand piastres. As may he well supposed he slept less night than upon the others succeeding Ins meeting with There.ah.for so was the young girl called. While intently torturing his mind for some means of raising the required sum, he was struck with a plan which seemed not destitute of hope, lie ca led to nun 1 maternal uncle, who resided at Tantah, ami whom ho had not seen for eighteen years. litis uncle was reputed to hn very rich, and Union believed he would willingly lend him tho three thousand piastres, and even more an additional thousand or two, to open a shop for trade, and purchase a small stock of goods. Then ho would marry Therez.di his affairs would prosper, and soon he would repay the borrowed nionuy with ample intt est. So run his day dream, anil lit! resolved to depart for lantahln the dawn of dav The night seemed very long, and the first in dication ot light lound him dressed and pre pared for his journey. He locked his hou si and set out on foot for tho residence of hi'-, unrle, that ho might mako no inroads upon his funds by expensive traveling. Uo walk ed briskly the whole day, thinking of his love, and building a thousand castles in the air, as is the wont of foolish youth. Arriv ed at tho street where bis undo lived be in quired of snmn bystanders for tho house of Jousouf, the rich.' "Jousouf, tho rich cried they, "say rather Jousouf, the miser, Jousouf, the curmudg eon, the penurious wretch who begrudges to the dogs tho well picked bones ho has cast from his table. There is his house." He entered trembling, because what he had heard threatened destruction to his airy hopes. lie was received by a small man, miserably clad, bis beard long and dirty, and all his appearance filthy and disgusting. "What do you want" said tho miser, for such hu was, in a tonu of repulsive suspicion. "Hi, my dear unclo," said Rnjcb clasping him in his arms notwithstanding his rags", "do you not recognize me! I am I'ajeh the son of your only sister, the littlo Itajeb whom you dandled when at my father's house in Cairo. I bavo como to' visit youto learn of your health and happiness," Well then, I must ask you to stay, I sup pose," said Jousouf, "but 1 cannot givo you a splendid reception. 1 am a wretched old man, destituto and miserably poor," Thus saying lio led Rnjcb into n narrow dirty apartment, with no other furnituro than an old mat stretched on tho floor.upon which ho sat down. Jousouf brought no pipo, no csffeu, no sherbet. But Rajcb was nationt and showed no disappointment or ill humor. Tho old miser wits penetrated with a feeling of unusual generosity. Ho wont to a neigh- uonng snop anu uougui some uiacK ureau, and a bit of poor cheese, tho latter being an extraordinary luxury, which caused tho pro vision dealer to open liis eyes with astonish ment. Rajcb had need of some soup, and n leg of roast lamb to refresh himself after bis fa tigue. As it was, however, he munched bis uncle's worse than Spartan bread without grumbling, and ato tho cheese with as good a stomach as ho could. During tho repast the mentioned tho subject which had brought him there. A. tho first word of liis nephew, Jousouf took tho hint and exclaimed : "I am ruined, having expended my last para for tho food wc arc eating." Rajcb perceived that ho could make no impression upon u heart harder than marble, and after having endeavored in vain to soften him by a recital of bis history, and a de scription ol 1 herezah s charms, he gavo ov er the attempt. With a bursting heart ho left the house a few moments to take the air Every thing appeared to htm black and hide ous. Ho cursed his avaricious uncle with tho utmost bitterness of spit it, and being his heir, ho almost wished lor his death, tliougl his natural goodness and gentleness of dispo sition forbade such a thought. In this statu of mind bo chanced to cast his eyes upon an emaciated donkey lying in a little stable on his uncle s grounds. 1 ho appearance ot the beast was so starved, and showed tho marks of such extreme ill usage, that in despite of Ins own miseries Kaieb could but pity it. Isscs in ylrabia are not tho obstinate, dull, and disagreeable animals which aro seen in Europe: but tire generally sprightly, kind, and sleek creatures; tho favorites of ladies and opulent people. Raich natural ly loved animals, and felt distressed at the condition of tho poor donkey helorc linn Forgetting all else, for tho time, he ran in stantly to a merchant and purchased a mea sure of barley, which ho gave the poor beast who thrust his nose into it with an excess of eagerness and delight, fairly braying with pleasure. Then Rajcb also brought him drink. Ifier this charitable action he retired lo the poor couch designed by his uncle for his repose. Uetwecii the vermin of tho bed and his own thoughts he slept littlo indeed In the morning Jous juf produced the remains of the evening's feast as a breakfast, and Ra jcb prepared lo take his leave. As hu was going out his unclo said to him: "I have an ass in my stable which I do not need, and the keeping of which is very costly. It is the only vestige of property in my possession. Will you allow mo to ask you to" ".lb," thought Rajcb, "he is going to ask my acceptance of the beast." "-Mow mo," continued the miser, "loask you to accompany me to tho market, that I may sell him and get wherewith to live." Rajcb consented, and they prorccdud to gether to the stable. Rnjcb caressed the donkey, who recognized him immediately, gazed at hint with intelligence, and striking his feet upon this ground many times, seemed to say "buy me." An uncontrollable im pulse determined linn to do so, and after some bargaining he consented to givo his av aricious uncle the exhorbitant price of a thou sand piastres The miser accom panied him to Cairo in ordertogotthe money, and it was pleasant to observe llicdonkey on the way thither. It jaiintly raised its head on high, pricked up its long cars, trotted, gal loped, ;tnu c.iiiiitcti nvury sign ol pleasure. Jousouf muttered more then once, "1 might have sold him for a higher price. It is a no ble beast." vlrrivcdat Cairo, Rajcb paid for the ass, and iiftcr cn crtaining Jousouf hospitably during tho night, dismissed him in the morn ing. He then prepared a neat stable (or his i,iw purchase, ruriicd him, fed him, and im prove! him so much that it would have been difficult to recognize him. Having but a thousand piastres left, and no hopes of being able t espouse Thcrczah, ho concluded to buy s unc panniers and a quantity of mer chandize and set out with his donkey on a trading voyage, to see if ho cenld not better his fortunes. In the meantime, tho day fixed by the pa rents of Thcrczah had expired, and the news came to him that -4hon-Zabel, one of the richest merchants in the city, had made pr iposals for her hand, and had been ac cepted. This drove him nearly to despera tion, and that evening he went to the Nile for the purpose of drowning himself, and thereby escaping his troubles. Ho reached the hanks of tho river, and was about to precipitate himself into it, when be heard a splash in the water, and a loud shriek. He looked up and saw by the moonlight, a pleasure boat overturned, and a female fig ure just sinking in tho water. Ho plunged nto tho river, and swimming to the spot where he saw her fall, dove down, siezed her hy her dress, and with a vigorous arm, gained tho shore with his burden. She was apparently lifeless, and Rajcb hastily drew aside her veil, lo render her assistance and give her air. Her face was exposed, when, gracious heaven, he saw his 1 herezali. Just then sho revived, and screaming out on finding herself clasped in the arms of a man, who was also kissing her hps. "Fear not;" said the youth; I am Rajcb, who saw you at the louiitain, and who pro posed for your hau l, hut had not tho dow ry reqesito to obtain it. Oh toll me vou wish I could have succeeded." "I do," said she, "for I like not vlbon- tabcl, and know not how to comply with my parents' request concerning him. But whence is Hassan, my father's servant who was in the boat! Rajcb was going to plunge again into the stream to seek him, when ho perceived he had risen from tho water and righted the boat, and was coming to tho shore. Thcrcz ah was wet, and it was necessary sho should get home as speedily as possible, and that Hassan might not betray them, she had let down her veil. Shosaid sho had been taking a moonlight rido, as is usual in Cairo, and the slender and light bark had boon capsized by the servant's awkwardness Sho would have perished hut for Rajcb'.s timely assist ance, anu consented that ho should accom pany her home. Tho circumstances were related to I'hcrczah's father, and Raich re newed his suit for her hand, and tho young girl, who had loved Itajob Iroin tho time sho first saw him, added her entreaties. But tho father was -till inexorable, Ho said Abon Zabel was very rich, and instead of five thou sand piastres as a dowry, would givo ten times that amount, Besides, hu was young and mllo was going to conlinuo tho culo gium, whan Thcrczah exclaimed, " But I do not love him, father, and his riches will not confer happiness," " Vou will love him," said her father, " That will como as a matter of course alter marraigc, (Jet you to your room." Thcrczah dared no longer remain, and loft the anartment with tears in her oyes. Her father was touched with her griof, and the J young man's mute distress. Ho told Rajeb, if within a fortnight ho could pay tho dowry, lie should espouse Thcrczah, notwithstanding Aiion-Aulicrs rivalry, ir his daughter wished; other wise sho would then ho married to the other. Rnjcb returned home full of criuf. for ho had no means of gaining four thousand piastres. At his house bo found a messen ger, who told him Jousouf had been set upon by thieves on his way to Tantah, and had oecn rouuou and murdered, lie wept at this news, miserly as was his penurious rela tion, and in the morning saddled bis donkey to rido to Tantah, allhouah his former visit had admonished him that his heirship was like to bo lean and meager. When he readi ed the town, ho rodo directly to his unclu's I ......! I... ... .1 I I nuu9u,uiiu muwy uiu uoiiKcy in mo oiu am ble, he commenced a scarcli for the gold and diamonds tho old miser was supposed to have been worth. Ho rummaged withoutsucccss.! - l. .1!.- I It.. . iiuuiiii nm 10 uu uiscovcrcu. 1IU spool nearly a day in the labor, and at length he went to the stable in order to pursue his boot' less journey back to Cairo. When he enter cd tho miserable buildinir whero the ass was fastened, and was about untying it, tho ani mal shook its head, erected its cars, and stamped its foro feet violently upon the ground. At every attempt Rajeb niado to unloose mo nailer, tiicso molionswcrc repent ed, till the thought Hashed upon him to die in tho earth where the donkey struck its feet. He lost no time in procuring a pick-axe and shovel, and fell lustily to work, the ass in the meantime galloping about with delight. He had not dug far when tho axe struck a box, He disintircd it, and found it filled with gold en coins. He proceeded in tho work, and in short, lound the earth under tho old build ing, literally a gold and diamond mine Scores of chests, containing money and jew els, were brought to light, and sacks of ilia inonus anu precious stones, lie lured six stout men to assist him in tho labor, and it was several days before ho had secured all his riches, and'safely stored them. Then he had leisure to consider his good fortune Far from being less wealthy than his rival Abon-Zabel, he saw himself suddenly made tho richest man in all the ureal city of Cairo, Ho ran to tho stable, where his faithful and intelligent donkey was tied, and throwing his arms around his neck, bo spoko to him, and caressed him, as if lie had been capable of understanding Ins words, lie returned to Cairo, but resolved for the present to keep his good luck a profound secret, in order to try the affection of Thorezah. He dressed himsell in mean garments, and, takinca h,ir, he put into it five thousand piastres, and went to the house of Abul.Therezah's father. "Ibul, said he, "here arc the piastres, I have turned beggar to procure them. But here they are, and you said your daughter should bu nunc when could pay them." " But that promise," answered Abul," was made to a thriving young man, and not to the being I see before me. Besides. I nrom ised on condition Thcrczah wished it to be sn. Come hero to-morrow, at this hour Abon-Zabel shall be here also, and Thcrczah shall then decide which lover sho will accept ii sue uociues lor you, yours she shall be." vis soon us Rajeb had retired. Ibul went to lbon-Aulicl's told him tho whole mat tor, and advised him to make liis appearance tno next dav, in splendor and maeniltccncc saying that would influence his daughter in choosing htm in preference to a rag-a-muflin l lie Hour ot trial made its appearance The lovers were both at the house oMbtil the one arrayed in tho richest stuffs the East could produce, and Ilic other in tbo snnpl and plain habiliments of povcrtv. Golden chains, bright gems, and rare jewels aboun ded in profusion upon lbon-Zabel's person while Rajcb was entirely destitute of them Ten servants of vlbon-Zabal, bore each ten thousand piastres in a sack, as a dowry while Rajcb himself, in a mean bag, carried only the sripulatcd sum. The young girl cn torod the room. "Here," said her father, "arc your lovers one rich, handsome, and magnificent, witli whom you will he a lady, and live in ease and luxury, tho other, without fortune, poor obscure, and by marrying whom, you must live in a hovel, and be compelled to pass life of constant toil. Choose, maiden, be tweon them." Rajcb's heart grew sick within him. lie already repented his rash temerity, lie feared the result, and felt all his riches would uo worthless without i nerczah. lie was ready to sinkdown upon tho floor ; lie gaspc lor ureatn, and darkness was coming over his vision, when Thcrczah ran to him, clasp cd her arms round his neck, and kissing his check, exclaiind, " I his is my choice. I erty with him would be happier for mo than unoountled wealth with another. Wo need not further describe the result we need not tell how lbon-Zabel angrily left the hotiso; how Rajeb narrated his good fortune as ho clasped tho beautiful Thereza to his bosom ; how a splendid wedding was shortly alter celebrated at tho house of vlbul hoy Rajoh erected the most superb mansion in Cairo, and straightway was considered tho wisest of men ; how the donkey partook of the general good fortune, had a servant to attend him, and was never used for any thing else than to carry out his mistress upon an occasional airing; how but all thesu cir cumstances, "with many things of worthy memory," as Gruniio says in tho Taming of a Shrew, shall dio in oblivion, unless our readers can exorcise a lankcc's forto and guess them out. DR. LARDNKIl AMD MRS. IIEAVI SIDE. Among tho crowded and fashionable au dienceat tho I'ark Theatre last cvoning wore Mr. Dyonisius Lardner and Mrs. Hoavisido of infamous notoriety. They sat in a box in the second tier, occupying a front seat Had tho managor neon aware ol llioir pre senco among decent peoplo, wo presume they would have boon politely requested to take their appropriate place up another pair of stairs. The woman certainly possesses extraordi nary beauty, in her features sho bears a remarkable likeness to Miss Kllen Tree so remarkable, that tho attention of many, who did not know who sho was, were attracted towards her on that account. Her figure is tall and graceful, and ihoro is all that appearance of high breeding and hau teur in her looks and manner, that is said to distinguish tho patrician beauties of Eng land. Sho is just tho Iranian, fitted by her elegant bearing, cxprflhvc faro, and 'sym metry of person, to bifTho queen of tho'ball room, tho cynosure of all eves. Wo should judgu that sho had not reached tho ago of thirty, Dr. Dyouysius Lardner, tho gay Lothurio tho paramour of tlm debased woman, is a coarse foulured, vulj'ar, snully.bndly dressed old fellow, apparently about sixty years old. Ho wears spoctacles and a "shocking bad" wig. In his manners he is ill-bred, and un attractive, and weaio aro told that ho speaks n broad Scotch accent. 'What conjuration' or "devilish magic" ) employed to. indue the wife of one of tbo most affluent and res- pcctablo gentlemen of England the moth-1 cr ol lour lino children tho leader ol tho haul ton of Brighton to violate her sacred duties to sacrilico tho luxuries and diiltioticies of regnant life, to cover herself with infamy for the sake of such a stale libel on humanity as bo is is beyond our com prehension or that of any body else. The case is most decidedly the most out rageous in conjugal infidelity. Nor is it ex traordinary because of tho lady alone. Dr. Larducr had long occupied an honorable po sition among men of science. Ho derived handsome income from the editorship ot tho Cylopedia, which bears Ins name. Bad manners anu worse iooks were lorgouen in the rcspect.for those attainments, by which I. Ill .? .l. .t I.! 1 1 II 1 !.. no uau uisiiiiguisiicu iiimseii. no iiiuyuu hi tho best society of London, and was one of tho most prominent members of tho first nrncd societies in Luropc. Above all, ho had arrived at years of discretion. Tito hey-day in bis blood was tame. Ho was a philosopher, in whoso heart tho passions were not likely to run riot. How could ho acrilico the advantage ol his position, blast his good name, and make himself execrable forever by bringing dishonor upon an indul gent husband, and a youthful family? Unaccountable as Lardner's conduct may it first appear the mystery is not wholly without a clue. Mr. Ilcuvh'ulc upon his marriage had settled twenty thousand pound upon fits wife. I ho Doctor has since man nested some uneasiness in regard to this set tlcmcnt. When the guilty pair left Brighton, it seemed they hastened to London, where they passed themselves on as Mr. and Airs. Binneit, and took passage the next morning in the stenml oat for Ostend. They resorted to Paris, whither they were speedily billowed bv Hcaviside ; tho indignant husband tracked them to their lodgings, and burst upon them they wcro sitting down to nrenklast. Lardner, on seeing him exclaimed "Lord have mercy on me!" And widl might he cry for mercy, for Hcaviside seized him by the throat and inliiclcd upon him one ol the severest scourgings that a poor devil over re ceived. We commence to day the publication of the trial ot this venerable miscreant lor the seduction of Mrs. Hcaviside, from which will bo seen that the jury returned a verdict ot emhlccn thousand nounds damaacs! As tho doctor is not worth a cent, tho penalty of courso is merely nominal. Whether he has come to this country to evade the pay ment of this debt, or in the fallacious hope of escaping observation, wc cannot say Evening Signal. LOST CHILD RESTORED. An event which occurred near Bnancon, says 'Gilloy's Waldensian Researches,' will give somo notion ot the incidents which cm blazon the mountain lite and held sports in the retrion of the Alps. peasant with luswileand three children had taken up his summer quarters in a cha let, and was depasturing his flocks on one of the rich Alps which overhung the Uurance The oldest boy was an idiot, about eight years of ago ; the second was five years old and dumb, and the youngest was an infant It so happened that the inlant was lull one morning in charge ot his brothers ; and th. three had rambled some distance Irani tin chalet before tliev were missed. When tin mother went in search of tho little wanderers she found the two elder, but could discover no traces of the baby. The idiot boy seem cd to be in a transport of joy, wbilo the dumb child displayed every symptom ol alarm and terror. In vain did the terrihed parent cn deavor to collect what had become of tho lost infant. The antics of one and the fright of the other explained nothing. The dumb hoy was almost bereft ol his senses, while the idol appeared to acquired an uniisal do srrec of mirth and expression. He danced about, lauuhcd. and made gesticulations as if he were imitating the action of one who had caught up something of which he was fond and hugged to Ins heart. 1 Ins, however was of some slight comfort to tho poor wo man. for sho imagined that some acquain tance had fallen in with tho children, and and had taken away the infant. But th day and night wore away and no tidings of the lost child. On the morrow, when tho parents were pursuing their search, an caglo Hew ovc their heads at the sight of which, the idiot renewed his antics, and tho dumb boy clung to his father with shrieks of anguish and al- fright. The horrible truth then burst upon their minds, that the miserable infant had been carried oil' in tho talons of a bird of prey; and the half witted elder brother was happy at his riddance of an object of whom ho was lealous. On tho morning on which tho accident happened, an Alpino yager, Whose joy in the wilderness to breathe, Tho difficult air of the Iced mountain's top.' had been watching near an eagle's scat, un der the hope of shooting the bird upon her return to ncr uesi. i uo yager, wimiug all the anxious perseverance of a true sports man, beheld tho monster slowly winging her way towards the rock behind which ho was concealed. Imammo his horror, when upon her near approach, ho heard tho cries and OlSIIIlgUISIICU IIIC llglllU Ol illl 1IIKIIU III latal crasp. In an instant his resolution wi formed to fire at tho bird at all hazards, the niomout sho should alight upon her nest and rather kill the child than to leave it to be torn in pieces by the horrid devourcr. With silent nrav and a steady aini.tho mountaince poised his rifle. Tho ball went directly throucli the heart of tho eagle, and in a mm nto after, this gallant hunter of tho Alps, had the unutterable delight of snatching tho child from tho nest, and hearing it away in tit iimph. It was dreadfully wounded in onn of its arms and sules.but not mortally, and Willi in twenty-four hours aftor it was first missed ho hud tho satisfaction of restoring it to its mother's arms. T OVF.LV &. IIURI.UUT arcuaw rcfoivincand of. JLJ fering for sale asplenilidnnililesirahlonssnrliiicnt ofl'anev and Manlo Drv Hoods, and others suited lo the present season, and tliiH market amoni'st which are foreign, and dnmostio Hroadcloths, CassiiuercB and Sattinetts i Valentin, and other Vcslings s .Silks nnd Ponirces of cverv variety ! Thread, I.aces, Inser lions, &c. iVe.j Silk-wiro net and oilier I.aees j rich woiKcil t oiiarx, nine, una, rviawis, mien 1111111111 is I. a wiih, Linens, zephyr worsted n ciilcndid assortment! Moreens, ami I'hinnils. travelling flaskets, heed Hans, rich, hVil and plain Mousclaine, House Paper, new anil elegant patterns, all very eneap oi course, ai tti Clieap Ciisil niurc, tivuiuci: viihi m-Jii in. Ilinlingion, August '.'0, 1810. DF.WI-JY'K Patent Sprlng-Tiiotli Ilniscltakc Tho Wire. Tooth Ilurso-Kake. which has been used with so much satisfaction during tho hist two having seasons in Ilia counties, of Itiulanil, Addison niu'l Bennington, Vt, nnd Washiii; in. N. V. will bo kept lor wilo the present ienson liy S TKO-NGSiv Co. Burlington. These rakes tire mlnnlcd loall meadows; they am easily tended, nnd 1I0 tho work faster nnd belt- r thin any other Horse. Kako in use. It is found by experience, lhat iho expense of raking hay with tho Spring Tooih Ilnrso-ltako is onlv nbout one quarter ns much ns iho common niellicd of rnking wiih hnnd-rnkes, besides securing lliohny in better or der. Snmc farmers who Imvo htgo meadows, esti mate tlm use of one rakolathnv season nt forty to tifty dollar. DAVID IJbtVi'.t 1 rnWUtCA Jul? I, 1840. HUMOUS tt Notwithstanding the piiMiojonr nnU of lliuilav, are nlrcadv crowded with nml. cus of Medicines, in which the public have very little confidence, I have concluded to fay to tlinc alllicted with Suit Rheum, St. Anthony'-, lire, (( r Kry.-ipeln,) Seiild'Heiid, liuruy, or any other i-iitaneoui eruption alfO nau I run lounn n runic ly tor Nick-llcatlacht wiuen arie iroin immori in uiu itomneh.j liiatl have found u Milennd elluclnal remedy by nil Internnl application, without nlterintf the diet or lmlilt (it teinpeiale) nml without iniuriii!? the eontitution oreyeilit. 1 have I ecn tnoM M-rioiisly iilllictud with ncompmini eanuii iepruy, lor loiirieen year, while tho nlilet PliVfieiau could give inu but I title cneoiir nueinent or ichef, calling it an iiicitraUedi.ea'C. iminv year experimental!,' on inyell, nttlie hazard of inv life. 1 have, by the bleinv of Uod inadn tin. !lcovcry, and am now ready fully to eon vin-u my fl-l- low siuii-iiTa in uiu iut-i in in uwii M.TMIU, nnu aMj llii-in to a lll.e remedy, for a re.ioiial'loconi,ciititioii. Yet I nm not inenil leof tho dillienllV to call public nueution, mi tmen iiereiveu, ion new ompoiinii. nut from its lenelieial cfleci upon mv inv-e II. and ilium oilier nlo who uiven it n trial. 'I nm in duced lo oiler iMo the publn-j with lull direction for ulilLr, Milieu, imnu Jlll':, III my uwn naiiu wrilin!? tol u" ueniiiue. and lor their accomodation it will l.e left with itio-t of the principal I)riipait in the Liu ted Slate n oon n convenient, Willi n few certi ficate tt' it L'ilicncv, Mich a may follow thi no. lice. Ai.mj, may loibnnd with it, n fate, eav and in fallible (internal) remedy for tlm Pile, prepared bv a .l.illful hand of the medical called I'lks fur morhaids, which if ifcd will -iticly recommend iln-lf. 3All eominiinicnlion reflecting tlieic .Medicine, lnut lie po'la-je paid, to receive intention. Clareinonl, X II. Sept. SG, 1810. Ciuiar.i JoNr.s. To the Public. I hcrel.v ccriifv that in v wife has leeu eercly nlllielel for the bii-'t two year with a KTiifula humor the Saltrlieume. oronietliing(if that nature) having applied to several l'liyici:in. mid tried nluiO't every thins; which I recount ended for Mich complaint, t ut to no purpose. At lat hearina ol a medicine prepared hy .Mr. t UAiti.ts JoNr.i, ol tlu town, she renltcd to try it, and in ix wrel; after .-he lieuan to ice it, wa completely cured. I would, therefore, recommend tlu' medicine to all who are af Dieted with sero luLi humor, micIi nhave l.cen pro nounced bv rearlv all I'hv.-icians inciiral le. and am confident that they will find mimcdinlc rebel. ,liiriiuuu:, .nig. -i, itriv. iiuoitlh. A Card. The imdcr-i'srned take tin' method to av to lhou whe are alllicted with humors of nny kind, that lie has I cen ino-t fcnously alllicted for leu or twelve vcarx W illi a cutaneous complaint called Sull- rhentneor Leprosy which ha ever I ecu pronounced inciiralle. And knowing that the aine wn heredil- nry in our family I had dopatri! I of ever finding rebel, Having i.iiiim 111 .in uiy uiienipi in u:iru, 1111111 iai lirins I learned that mv l-rollier CharIe,who had I ecu lor fourteen venr m lliu same summon had found a nfe and ulleclual remcdv. without nl'enni l ie diet or habit, for which I applied, and wa I'urniOied with a mat ot droic. and 1 can now nv llial al er ii-iiil' one :ialf my humor wa comple ely eradicated without in juring my health, ami I have noiio-u t I ill others may hud. tliu -ami! in tin powertul meihcine, a 1 under- land somen ready have, lie h.i I'ecluicil nnliiii" it very pul bo at pre'ent, yet I think other. may alo lind U I V applying ni m re-iueiicu in tm larcmoni jor the pre-ent. Hots Jones. Clurcmont, August 1, IS 10. A Card. The undcrM-rned feel ndidldeuie In thu olllring hi te-linionv in favor of a "new Meloeino," prepared hv lnown rather, anilcannot hone lor the confidence which would 1 1; put in one who would seem moro itiintcrcicd. mil hu l vz ie.uu to .-ay, that for six vear he had leeu trout led Willi a humor ?o- meliuie calle.i ieprov, winch na.i 01 la'e 1 ecome a erio'i nfllietion j and knowing that liK l alherand other had 111 vain tried every prol al le remedy, he had not thu 1110M (iManl expectation of ever hudinir a cure, iicinguuricoiitotrya piuai 01 111 i aiiiir inui ;.. 1,.. 1,.,. ,',l 1 c,, ,li, .,11 1, .,..,, 1 1 ,,.,.1, , .!.. i.ecdy. and lie I clieve e .ectual cure. II oilier snail 1 1! inilui'ed bv tin- lo rid lliem-cli e of a loathsome complaint, hi end Willie anwerel. l-.nA Jo.vr.s. biuversily 01 ermoiu, Hurling on, Ausr, 1S1U. A Card. Hearing of a .Me.lecine nrenared bv Mr, C'harle Jone--, of thi town, for humor-, nnd haviirj ecn it I enclicul eMcct-, I nppl ed fur it for my ht.h laughter ! ir ot age. ni'.ch ntili--.-d with Sal I'hoiim, suppn-ed to I can hereditary complain'. I can now say thai alter uing 11 six week my hope. :iref llv realized in a cue without i'liurins the chili's health, ami can now recommend 11 10 other. a a safi and inl'.illil le remedy for uch complaint. Clareinonl, N. II. Hupi. 13. IS 10. JUr.r II.;r. I hereby certify that 1 have 1 ecu iivima'i le ac quainted with .Mr. Clrirlu Jone , of Clareinonl, N. H., mm uiiiin cr m yrar 1a 1 pai, anu nave 1 ecn consul ted liv and nrecrilel lor him. fur a very oli-tinatc lisea-eot iiiuMiin, well known I V the name 01 l,e:iro-y but com 1 do no more man mitigate the ili.cae h r : time. Since h- has a 'ee-e I a ra lical cure by mean Drops for Itumois, I have examined him and nm hippy to snythal hi kin i pcifectly .month and free from the dfeae. James Cromiiif., I'liyieian FranceMown, II., 13, IS10. I have been aco-iainted with Mr. Charlc Jone for a number of year, have practiced in hi family, and a lnunitcied medicine for hi disease ot Hie km, more or le.s, for ten or twelve year-, pn.l without. 1 radical core. II- now appear to bo perfectly by some Irop which lie prepare-, and which o far a I am aciMiainted wiih them 1,1 jiui-e to be ot great utility in ii.-li iiisca-o. .moses uoiiii, .u. 11. Springfield, Vt. Sept. -1, IS 10. I have prescribed remedies and adininiMercd medi cine lor 0, June humor which 1 cal eit Lepro-y, more or le fur fourteen vear, without a 'oiii;,Icte cure (his uncommon ca e.l He now appears to have a final cure from hi-own di-covery, anil from what I see of it-, elect upon others al o, 1 nniofopi moil it may be of much benefit to thecomniuniiy. I IMOTIir . (jle.ucn, m. u. Clareinonl, Sept. 15, IS 10. LrI hi medicine make- no vain prcten-ion-i nor suite any hopes which will not 1 e fully realized, Come nnd try lor your-clve-, any who are aflliued w 1I1 disease of 1I11 kind. It may I e fowu I at the storu of Hubert Moody, druggi-t, ll'uilingtoii. and with .ilarlui ires l-.-q. Lainl ridge t. rpo Till-: l'UllUC. InoflctingthisKditionof X .Sunt li s (.eo"rapliv and Alia to the puhlic, the Publishers invite attention to the following addiliona and improvements. The (icogrnpliv Ins hrrn carefully revised and en larrred. is illnst rated by about thirlu additional Cuts. and is perfectly adapted in nil it parts to the new .Maps. The entire text of the hook has, (at much expense, been thrown into uniform large type which we feel conlidcnt wilt tie regarded as 11 very decided itnpio venienl. The tables appended to the Took were made with care, and contain much valuable infortunium in a condensed form. The names and length of the nrincinnl Canals and ltail Uoads (fini-heil nnd in pro gress) are given, nnd the places connected ; also a complete list of the Colleges, Law and Muliral o. 1 ' 1- n-i... 1 . ,.:....t ...i i..i:..:...... .1.. OCIIOOIS, 1 IICUIUU.II OUIIIIIl.lllk? .UIU lll-lll'U uu nominations of the United .Mates, the reigning Sov creinnsof Uurode. &.C An entire new Atlas accompanies the Hook, con tainim? eiuhteen vcrv superior Maps, mostly drawn expressly for this woik troni original surveys and the most authentic sources, and embraces much valuable information not to bn found in any similar work. Our own country has received special attention. The Kail Uoads, Canal., navigation of Kivcrs nnd recent changes, nronll carefully marked, and many counties nre shown which do not appear in any other Alias, Amona the peculiarities of this work may be mention. ed the plan of showing the population of Slates ami Countries in round numbers on the face of the Man: The navigation of Kivcrs for Ships, Steamboats Sloops, &.c, is shown hy placing nt the head of na vmation the appropriate characters lor eacli. The Man and Chart of tho World combined (on entire new plan, showing at one view the Natural and Political Divisions of the filobe, the Kxtcnl, Popula tion, Keligion, Form of Government and State ol Civilization of each Country,) has attra-ted much at tention, and is considered a great improvement upon auv thtiiu heretofore attempted in thu form of a Chart as hero all aro shown at a sinclc "lance, nnd the re lations they sustain to each other. Wo would aho solicit attention to the remarkable distinctness and easo with which every name on the Map may be read as will as to tlu very superior stvlo and execution of tho work in other rci-pcetH. Tho Questions at the closo of tho Hook nre important, and will ho found very convenient for a General Hevicw. SPALDING & STOKKS. Ittrtfard Connecticut. For sale by SAMUF.L HUNTINGTON, litir lington, Vt. and by tho Princial Ilookscllcrs in the United States. llurlington, July 3d, 1?10. BLACKS I1TII,.-Tlie siibscnler having re ecntly moved from Albany, and commenced the Blacksmith business-, in all it form, in the new shop on Madison street, near Foiled iV llrnd'ey's Store, would respectfully invite the inhabitants of Huilingtou nnd vicinity to give him n call, as Im is fully prepared 10 do nil kind ol work In bis lute, on the lmrlet no tice, l est manner, and mo-t favoial lo terms He ha for many year pat given hi particular nl'entii n lo the llorto shoeing biiine-s, and Farriery in all Us branches-. From the long experience tt Inch Im ba llad, nnd the general inforniniioii ho ha deritid I 01I1 from theory nnd praclice, he feel- fully roundem m re commending hun-clf uuho pul he I " will I c pre pared nt all tunes 10 give hi pcr-onnl ntu-ntion to nil kinds of work 1.1 hi" line-uch a Ironing W.u-gon nnd Sleigh, Slopwork, Are. A I l.iml of edge tool undo in the I ivt manner nnd mo-t npnrove.1 style. He irusts that liy giving business hi utiihvi k'l n'lcniiou nnd the low price nt winch lio will I conn! lei to fur nish work, to receive 11 fhareof the public ua'rpnage, ' joiinsohagkn! Burlington, April 10, 1610. SiinT.S 0FT11K Pl-OPl.l -Log Cabin SoTg 3 Book I cint. a collection of Harrison and Tyler Melodies o'lil ellisbeil with n neatly engrnved Portrait ofGen. Win. H. Hnrrisnn, and 11 view of Oil Fori Meigs, for a-ile at the Book tiore. 1 P. A. HXAMAN. Hurl motv, !W 9S l&tt- NEW SUKI.T moN & TIN WARK fcSTAHMSHMKNT. Thesiibseril cr, late ofiU urin of Siarrtt DovtM icU, having pnrcliaK-d nnd re moved tothn : Store lately occupied by Slronjrt & t'o., east idu oMhe (;()nrt ll(ft. Square, one iloor north of he l,rj Cabin, i now ready to do nil kinds ol work Mint the public wMi hi hi fine of bt.nes, Mich coerniK ruof wiih tin, making nml ptiltiilir up trough, ruid spout.. All kind, of Tin, shed Iron dJ Copper .Vnru will I e I ept on hand, nnd fur mle M ow price, n cun I e found in the. State. Sheet Zinc, Copper Pump., b-ad Pipe, nnd all other article. i Ikn line of oiu biislnu kept on hand. For cheupnosi of price, and nuntness iifcxeeiition, my work will not U excelled by imy in lint Mute. If you wish loranylhiaf in tliu above line, I eforu you tra-'u le mire and call "I'na II, II. IIOSTWIUK. H.irlinglon, July, 1810. NI-;W SCIICxTh C5K()iltAIIIY AND ATl.Arf WITH Ot;TUNl:.MAIS, by S. Acoui. tus MiTCiiri.t.. The author ot the above work hit I ecu tirofe.Monnllv devoted lo the sciuncu of Oeo'r nit the pulili'liintf of Mnp, during many yean and hU iwmiim iiruiiiicuuii", e.pucmuy ill .'nip ii inc uni for Acndeinie, I ear ninple tutimonony of Ins !tun- laut rcoiirce., upon which hu has o lif crallydrtwn,. in lirmlucuia llicnl nvu chnol work-.. The followinr extract of the (ieo'v and Atla, lofrotn n joint rerom- mcn.Intton nflliu Teacher in the city of .New York. 1 neir uierii ore nnmerou. the itelinilion rcinaru My plain and concne. 'I lie e.xerci-e nreronious inJ unporlnnt, and the ilu.eriptivu 1 luminous and correct. n; imti-iwii; ui uiu iiiiiiTic.iu cuniincni, arc repra- ciited and ile-eril ud a tlii-v reallv exM nl the nreunt lime. And the gro. inii.ateinents cenerallv lound' 111 M-iinol tieosraphie arc corre-led. Tliu typographi cal execution i. un commonlv neat and diMinct. incited) the n'la i n model nf thu kind, nnd actually 1em wiih iiilonnatiou." The outline Map are heculiirly: calcnlniedlo exercise tin: student in his studv, and 0i fill up nt hi- leisure. Kor sale hy C. GOODKlCTK. LOOK AT THIS. HAVK YCtJ A COUGH f 70,000 Dir. or c.vNsu.MrTiosf every year in tliu United tilnte, and million m ler feom troiibleome- congli and cold-, that can 1 n ciirud hy Dr. M. Hitch- dcI, Vegetable iririn Cream Couch Drops, ifa medical prc-cription, eontaing no poisonous ilritf, and e I in an ex'en-ive practic for several venrs wiu nio-t poilively n:lord relief, and save you from tht awful disenee, pulmonary consumption, which iiullr -weeep iiuotne grave nnnnrcu el 1 lie young, tne 011, the fair, the lovely and the gay. Have yon a cough T lie persuaded to purcha-u n I 6ttle ot the Cough Drops tn-iiny ! To-morrow may I u 100 late. Have you a cough Dr. Huceeok'. Vegetable Virgin Cream Cough Crop i the only remedy you should take to core you. For thiplaig reaon. That in no oneof the lhaiisand cac wlicro it ha I ecn u-ed lia it failed to relirra Price 75cent per I ollle. l or sale, whule-ale and Ita lad, l y A. HITCHCOCK & CO. No. 117 Ger.e-eo t., Utica, N. Y. And by their agent throughout th United Slate. In linrlington, by J. &, J. II. Peek ifc Co., Thco. A. Peck it Co. In Vcrccnncs, by J. II. liowinnn. In Milton, by Hurnct & Sawytr. In Geor gia, by I.oren.o Janes. au.J- BAL&O.M OF LlVKHWOltT-for Conumntion, Dy-i.cp i.i, A-lhnia, and all di-en-cs oftheLiinra and Liter. These di-ea-c prevail to a grunt extern, renting much di-tro nnd otne fatality. All the ecaa lu remedied by the nu of Dr. Taylor' Ualtom ot. Liverwort. I hi medicine is pnmly VegilaUe, and Iroin it peciilinrnctiou upon the Liter i a ways found (radical remedy for ihe-e ditca-es. 1-or feinnle and men 111 a very tteni state, no me.licine can le to grateful a relnralive, a-it not only strengthen", I uo purlin- and give- a iieaitiiy notion 10 the whole sy-. lein. Con-tanllv lor -nlet.v N. l.OVF.LY & Co. who- have iu-t received a fie-h -iioply of seasonable Good from New York, all very cheap' for cah. II iriing'on. imv ;tn, isiu. TrAC.Nl'"CTIC ODONTIC.--THK TKKTH ! iVJL THK '1 EKTH ! ! Tur. I.coirjknABt.D Toutii I'lir.r-AnvTicx. The fact i- proved, and thu most in credulous nd ('oiibting are filly convinced, .1. we have lie evidence from tl e sale of 20.000 I oxe of the O.lon- lien, wiilu'n the pa-t year, lhat the Utopion dreams of 1 11c aicliyini-l nru realized, anil a remedy discovered for pre-ervimr ltio-c important and n-efuf apendagea of the human sys'ein, by the u - e of ihe MngncticOi'on- uca, which 1 y 11- iiiirneute, aim sirengii ening antic-, removes all extrancou- til Mnnce- from the teeth and pre.-crve them m brilliancy, and tho gum- in -ounilne-- and I ea-uv. It 1- n-curtHined (rum xperience, that when it-id, the teoth will neteruol ay, but remain till the la'e -t n .e of man, with their na-ural wear. When they nre i'ccate,l, it progre, will I e arre-lcd, and the 'ecth pre-cr veil nnd nretentedi mil pre erved from aching all this ha- Icen done in .1 mtiltitiidu ol m-lance-: an I men in thou-ands ot, ca e, iiervon- tcoihaclie, (lliat climax of pain) ha. at .into I ecn u c -:uill e ire.l ly popular I'en'rifrice in Ameri a. An 1 in com-l-i-ioh, wl-err, or ho i lkt young lady i.r gentleman, aye, the iudivid-uil lhat value- a I ca' set of lech, -oun.l gum nnd a wsh breath moro than (ifivcent-,that will le longer de-ti-tuteUa box of Dr. M. Hiteheic '3 Magnetic O-lnatiea. For -a e whole ale and retail. I v A . H 1TCHCOCK H Co., No. 117 Gene cum. UuenJ N. Y., anil bv their unt-tliro ighn-it Hu-1 uiie.l Ma'ei. In Hurhnston. by J. & J. II. Peck & Co., nnd Theo. A. Peck & Co. In Vergcnncs by .1. II. Bowman. In Milton, by Hur nct t it Siwyor. In Georaii, by Lorenzo Janes, augl. LOTUN. l. 1 l'H). . DK. K VANS' BKAUTI-. FYING I.OTiON.-Highly e-lcemed for .-urinj ill Krinition Coar-enc , Kcdiie-. and Pimple, an the Face Neck or hand, nnd e 'ci-lually cleaning ll-e. cnmo'exion, and removing all di-ca-e- of the skin- Nothing contribute so much to our ncncral jncccta in lilc, a- an engaging lir-t appearand-. Thi Lotion i-nJmirc.l a mo-i fragran', m.ld, afe wa-h and great ly c-teeined IW 1'..- virtue-111 cleansing, -of.i-nir.s, and' purifying the skin of all eruption-, o injurious to fe male' Lcauty, and re-toring it lo a high degree ot pu rity. A I ciiutiful complexion is die pride of all who po"fcss it, and theenvy oftho-e who aru deprived of it. What i so allifiingio'a I eautil'd fematty'u who-e facn nature ln-di-playe I her power, a- to Imd her complex ion dt-eoloured wiih di-giittng pimple--, which ninr her dun m1 A good appear nice is the I e-t recom mendation ; and a-the Ucauiifving Lotion purifies ilia kin, and remove all Pimple-, 'Hlotche. Tan, Sunburn and Itcdiie , and pro lu-e- a I eau'iful lute, it 1- the only c(mctie a lady -linold ic e at her toilet. Gentlemen, will all nl-o lind tin-a delightful remedy, to renmro. all Hniighne-'-, Pimple.-, liingwrun-, Spots, liedness,. sorcnes-ol lhel.u e and no.-e, and every kind 01 erup tion on the surl.u e of the human fcody. It i- particu larly recommended togeiu'enien to l e used nfier Jsha ving, at- it will prevent thu otherwi-e certain elect of all common soap, in turning the rcard prcmature'v grey. For -ale WhoV-ole and retail I v A. HITCH' COCK : Co., N . 1 17 Gene-re trret, Uliea. In Bur linglon, by J. & J. II. Peck & Co., and Thco. A. Peck ifcCo. In Vergcnncs, by J. II, Bowman. In Milton, by Burnett &. Sawyer, lu Gcoicia, by Lorenio Janes. aiig.O- ritHF. LION OF THK DAY. NO CUKF. NO X PAY,' The Genuine old Dutch or Ger-. man Vc5clablc Pills. Hichly recommended ly Duct. Valentine Mott, M. D. of N. Y., and other. The-e arc die or ler-! Any cue lint dor.- not lind re lief from these pill the pric'o is refindcd lack, the. e. are the positive order- of the Proprietor to agents and ethers. In o"eringllie-e pills to the pul be, 1 appeal to their intelligence. If the-c pill- are not what they, recommended, you are in duty I ouml out of respect lo yourself and community to reject diem, and pnl.lbh, them to the world n- nil intpo-ilion, humbug and quackery. The pul be may 1 e assured they are purely vrsetal le, they are composed of nine incredints, part of thu medicine is. only found in A-ta and in the val leys of Germany. For convenience these extract nre made into pill and will I e found a sure cure or re lief for all lulbous complaint-, yellow and billion fever--, lever and ague, jaundice, scarlet ra-h, billions eholie di-pep-ia. &c. It 1- not pretended lhat thi medicine i a cure for all di-ea-cs to which the human -y-teni i-bal le. Ten thru-ami usele- e:lorts hare been made to draw from the region- cl unknown fanrr. some long-spun theory of magic an, which would, i-iue each nnd every disca-e. Good medicine is not found in die fire or whir wind. Health and happiaena hang upon chance wind lime i- the herald of truth, The pa-t al lea-t I- MViirr; they hate already rai-eij n monument l their gn-alne w Inch wi'l defy the corroding loolh of lime. Nonecan I e Genuine without ; a wrapper and direction on each l-n.x on which mjr n.imei written al length. Sold wholesale and retau by die -ui sent cr al Glen'.- Fall--, I y A . B. & D. Snncl; 70. nnd 100 Fulton t. and If. M. Meig--, 3SS "Scuta, Majket t. All nny. l'aum it Hnwlev, 219 Siter tv Troy, General Agent for the state if New York. MFKHITT GHIFFIN. Forsalc ly Wm. Uliodes and U. B. Green, Kich;. mondj Morton &. Clark, and D. &. D. S. Lathrrp, Williston i Hagnr .V Conistock. Shell urn , II. Stanton,.' Kcx i Geo. B. Oake-, and Allen Harney, Jericho K J. R. Hurlbut, WcM ford j J. II. linrnc, Clmrlottcj R. Moo t- nnd Geo, Peterson, Uurbnctcn ; and I y Ktj BRIG'GS, Burlington, Agent for ChittrncVn Co., where Sub-Atrt'iit'-can be supplied at wliolesale prices. IIAIH ! ! MAl.DN I'.SS. Imror-s i.X tai taut DUrnvcrj the My Rtcry' found out at last. DK. STF.KKY S HAIK KF.GENE KATOlt. Dr. Stcrry, after much attention to Iho important subject of preserving the hnfr. has, after many experiments chemical and physical hern 1 able, to discover nnd nrtirlo which is now offirrd ttuh, tho. greatest confidence for the toilet as the besi thinpe irr discovered, fur, for its sofirningni"' I'cnelraiinp quality In produce a good head of hair to prevent it from falling off when baldtic-s is apprehended to rntoro it when baldness nas taken place, anil to prrvrni it from lurning gray. It uiiuorc nouiishing than rn' malum, niiiuiiie oil, or Cologne water. It is a (Muti fill article for ladles curls it innkrs the hair soft and lively, and produces uncommon brilliancy. Thous ands have tested its sujci tor virluis nnd 'e.xrflhnra, and in every instance it stands unrivalled. It ik mi infallible cure 111 all afli etiens of the .' in cn the held as il'iiidriiff, eve. Ac Fvery family should he si.p. plied with a botih of this oil, ihat by ii application to iho held nnd Ir ir of children, the beautiful nnd or luuuental tippcndngo of a fnc In ml of hnio, dnch nn luru has s'.tpphcd its inny be prcscrtcd. From ih numerous certiflentcs and rccoinipciidniions rcr-ivrd of its salutary influence, the Doctor Ada fiimly rr Minded holms suci-ecdc l in pioi.uringnn article ttiiich will meet the dewrul wtslirs nnd iq-probntton of ihn (hibhc. For sale wholrrale nnd retail hy A. HITCH COCK it Co. 117 Gciicprr ft. I'ticn, N. V. In Bar hnrton, by J. v- J. 11. PLC'K A Co.. and THI'O, t I'F.CK Co. In Yfigcnnes I v J. II. Pc v - Milton, hy Ilurnel Sowct, In Gc i

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