Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, November 13, 1840, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated November 13, 1840 Page 1
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mm NOT TUB GLORY OT OJBSAR'i BUT THB W L F A R I OP BOMB. BY II. B. STACY. BURLINGTON, VERMONT, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 1840. VOL. XIV....No. 23. 4 M CORE'S ESSENCE 01'' LIFE. A Valuable OH OILMAN'S I'OOIl MAN'S IMiASTEH. m..i:..:.... ir -mhilv minlicd. will lie llii! O The I c-t strengthening plaster m I ho world, ami n means of savin" ilmii'amK froiu nn untimely grave, sovereign remedy ft r pain or weakness in the Imck, It has been .olJ nntl n-cxt for lliirly year., Willi great loin-, side, hreat, neck, limbs, joints, rheumatism, success, nnd f'iml verv clltencious in the following lumbago, iVc.iYe. une million a year will not supply 1: I'....-.. ,iir.. Whimm hit i:ntieii4. mm. incite uinnu. i nt-v rcuu re a in e wnriiiiitir ix-iurc no ,., 'i-V, '.I. II.. '.V.I.... P..,..'. ..Ii.,..,;,,.,. tV.,M'nlnl ui.rin. I., nil nthm-.. .iwlrfli- mon uonglH, uotn, nunt-iiii 'ri-aiin.iu, 1UII1II-IK.I, i - .'i- ,; ' , i . Quinsy, Atlima, Phthi.ic, Spitting of Wood, Flam- I one qimrlcr Ihe usual pric e, making not only the lct, lenew Indigdioit, Loo-euess of the Bowel-, Kits ol , hut Ihe cheapd plaster in the world. It nllords reliel Mi'iici L'tii'l. i;r.1ltll tare, r.iinimg, iivpoononnriae aiicviioi.s, iinuuuitri Sickness at Stomach, Meale, a preventive ofCon 4aSio:iili'CaC", Clout and Hlie iinatMn. iCr"T he above Medicine is prepared by Henry Sey mour, of Hadlev, Ma. from the Original Recipe, by the direction of said Moore, and sold by him and the 'principal Druggit.sin the UnitedStatc. , Sold wholesale and reiad, J, 11. Pool.-Co nnd Theo. A. Peck it Co., Burlington, and by the tiealers generally throMghout the eonntrv. DOCT. MAUSIIAIiIS Aromatic, Catarrh and Heailache SNUFF. This Smill'i's superior to any thing vet known, for removing that troublesome dis ease, the Catarrh, and also a cold in the Lead, and the headache. It opens and purge out all olHiiiction-, strengthens the pland,aud give a healthy action to (lie parts aliened. It i perfectly Iree from any thing dele terious in its composition lias a plea-ant flavor, and ill immediate o!lb.c', being used, is nbgrecalfc Price 50 cents per lioltle. Don. Mar-hall's Vegetnb'e Indian Black PLASTER. Thi Plaster is unrivalled for curing serof ilous swel lings, Scurvy Sores, Lame Hack, and Fre-h Wound" J pain- in Ihe sides, Hips and Limbs; and seldom fails to give relief in local Rhetinalisin--. If applied to the will cure manv of the common Liver Complaint-; and is erpial, if not superior, lo any llnng in n-e for corns on the feet ; the virtue of llii- Pla-icr have I een witnessed by thousands of individual- in the United .Stales, who'liavcldcJ its cilicacy. Sold by ihe pro prietor; Cha-. Ilowen, Middlebnry, Vt., and Tiieo. A. Pkck Al Co., Hurliugion, Vt. jelt) complaint ami dy-pepia, it shonlil I e worn over the region oflhe liver or stomach, and it will nllbrd great and alonihing relief. In congli,eolds, n-lhnia,diili-cully of brcilhiiiL, oppression oflhe ehel or stomach, thev will immediately sooth, and grcally I enelit the patient. Per-on- ol sedentary habits, or llio-e obliirud to -land much, will receive decided support from one oflhe.c truly, strengthening piaster. Physicians gen crall recommend litem, in preference to iill others,! e caue they stick or adhere I eilcr mid a lord greater relief. In their operation they nre stimulant, tonic, and anodyne. They nre composed of entirely ilillerent ir.sre licnl-from any oihcr) and known from the ex perienivof million-J who have used them, as well as Ihe united leliniony, of all the celebrated nnd di-lin-gi-licd clergy and physicians, to lelhe ino.-t ii-cful and highly medicated piaster, ever invented or oll'cred to the ptili'ic. Several person- have called at the ware hntt-c to express their surprise and llianks at the almost miraculous cures ihe-e pla-ters have ejected. One man who had been so all'ucied with heumatiin, as to I e unable to dress hiin-i-lf without a i-tance, wa enabled after wearing one, only one night to get up alonu in the morning, put on In- clothes and call at our ollice with eyes I earning with joy and his tongue pouring forth the gladnc of his heart, at the sudden und -ignnl relief lie had received from this I c-t of all remedic-. A-k for Dr. Sherman's Poor Man's Pla-ler. It is so called, I ecaue the price places it in the power of all to iiiircha e. I eing oulv 12$ !. So'd at the va riety store bv PANGBORN it BRIN3MA1D, uiiutirs re iiiti.a.ii.ii. Jewellers, Ilurlington, Vt. -pvlSHASKS OF TIIK l,lN(JN. Drciileillj j ihe tnn.i papular reiin-dy ever kiioun in Am'rir Vtgttablt Pulmonary Bnttam is llf moil valu.ible rempdy now in life fur riiiili,rnldii, iinilniin or pliilii'lc, cnninnipiiiin. wlinnping rough nd piilmim.ii v (Trlinci fuery kiml. In M'e U -leiiddv, mid ilif irnprieinr arc rniiiiiiiiillv receiving lie nciH fmondile account of imrlTerir. 'Ihe f.itlowing new certificlci me ofl'fred fur pnbbe px-niiinntinn. An Intkhestino Cse Bxtrnctofa lellerfrnm Mrt! S Clay, Kiiig.Km, Ulsier rn., N. Y. to the pruprielor. "Yoiiik of the 9. It iut. win iliijv ler.M. A rpm irknble. rnir. w.n eff-'Cied liy the Ve2.alile j'lil. menary ll.ib.un in ilip nnnri .ind pi'ins "flS35. The .er-nn, Sir. Mornb , been sick a long lime. llh ihe ruimuinptinn. Ili plu-ici.ins h.iil giwn him up He iii. rcduredso low .n'lo be unable lo help him-clf. nd iv.i a l.uge (pi.oililv of blom! when he romnienrcd using ilie ll.ib.nn, wlnrli Ims ellecieil a complete- rnie, nnd lie it now a li.ile ami beany ever be win. Mr. .Moody han remoied fiom ibis io n, Iml he h is me more detailed necnuni of hi ease, ulnrli I will I'm w.ird win. C. S CLAY. Kingsion, N. Y. Jone 23. 1S38. Kxtract ofn letiei Dr. J.iroli Mjprs The Veget.ible. PuhnoiMiv Hilsiiin Im been sold in ibis eniinii for Iwo e,irs, and ihe me brine gainpil nn unrnminon celebrity, for il enicely in one insinnre f.iited of having ibe'de-iieil pffeci. I am bv no ine.uis in f ivor of ibp many ooiiiiui. inosl ol whii h me itn posniom upon a rrednlous public, bin ihni wliirh I know by n-e to be erTrcn il, I r.oinoi help bill giv im nppinlnlion theieio. A rounierf.-il pipparkiinn lieen off-red here bv a ir.uelling Agent, of Cuneiork, N. Y. and tbeie i' .inn'her iirnple veiuled heie ill. II is trongly suspecied lo be spin ". ' Jacob Mvrns. M. D. Mifflingion, Jnni.ita co. Ppiiii. Ma 3, 1S37 Kmni Hr. Samuel .Morrell, lo the riopiipuus of ihn Vege. lalile robiionary lUlsam. I am satisfied llie Ve. tPMlilp Piilinon.ry IUI.nin is .1 v.iloah'e inedeciiip. Il Ins been med in'ihis with r.umpleie surress In rnmnl.iinl of llie Inn2, anended wilh a ,fveie cough, loss of voice, and ihe raising of iniirh liliiiid, v.bitll bail piPtiolislv le.isied many approved iiesriipiions. Aliei using ihe H.ils'.im one vverk, llie pitiieni's voice renuni'd and he was able lo spe iK audi ll. I'liis rae ocruried some lime sinre, mid ihe m'ns is now eng.iied uol only in active but latmrious business. Itespecil'ullv, &r. S, Mosiiri.1.. Ii ! nnw iiioie ill. in six ve.irs sinre I -m brougbl ery low by an iifTrrlion of llie lung", and nn rouipbiinl .. .1p.-I.ii e.l in be iuriiriiblc bv a ronnrit of ihiee pht- irirfin. I was iben le-lornl lo iisgoo I bealib ' I Imd pnjojed fir nuny years, b using llie Vegeiatile I'u' monrv Balsam. Since iny recovery I have terom mended the II ilsani in a m.iuy r.aes nt 'uiig ,,,nii,lini. hiuI so far as 1 ran bam. in use h u ariably lirpii followed bv ninrli benefii, and in mmv insmiiecs it lias enecicn cures vvou o nr h.m.j prrlr(, Samuel Everett, Tor sale, wholesale and retail, by J. 5j J. II PECK & Co., ami TIIEO. A. PECK U Co., Uur linjion, Vt. AT ATUHU'S CHAND RliSTOKATIVE. Thi- j. valuable Vegelable Medicine stand- unrivalled tor tneioiiowing compiamis, viz: uysprp-ia, or nun-se-tiou.ilise.vetl Liver, bilious di;or.ler, Droy.A-th- mn, Coslivene-s, Worms nnd lo of Appetite, and by clean-ins the -tomach and bowels, cure- pain in the side, stomach nnd breal. colds and coughs of long slandinc, Hoarsene shortness of breath, Nervous complaint", etc., which are frequently the e.lect ol ills ease. I'or Keverand Ague, it i-amb-t valuable pre ventative a- well as a sovereign remcily. lis virtue -nrpass nnv thing heretofore; known in' removing St. Villi' Dance, two bodies have I cen known lo core lln'safllictiugdi-casc. nfier having tallied cverv exer tion lo,' four years. It ha-a most powerful influence in removing nervous complaint-. It is plea-ant totake and-oca-v in il-operation, that it mav I eadminislcrcd to the infant wilh safety. The al ove Mudicine i- very liable lecoiiimcnded bv manv -cienlillo geiillenien. and ri large ii'iinl er of ladie-, who have proved the virlce- ofthe Medicine bvper-onal us-.-and that of their familie-. A bill ofccrlilicale-accompanie-each bottle, jilt directions. It mav I e had wholc-nle or relail of llrilain, Harrc, and J. C. I'arnatn, La-t llliariis- lown. Vi. sole nronrietor'. Prepared from the origin ¬ al recipe; fur sale by K. II. Preuli -, Monlpelier, and J. & J. II. I'r.cK cc uo, ami I itco. a. ui., unr- ling'nn, and in the principal town- in the stale; all lireclions signed m llie lianu writing oitne proprietor'. jel'J SIinilMAN'S 1VOUM I.O.ENCJEH arelhe grealet di-covervever made, fordispelling the va- io i- kintl- of worm- that so freipiciitly and di.-lrcss-int'lv Biiiiov both children and adult-. Thev are an nf.iHil le re nedy, and ?o p'ensant to the ta-tc thai Inldren will tal'e llieni a- rca.blv as a common pep permint lozenge. Many di-ca.-e- ari-e from worm-, without us 1 eing su-pecie.1. Sometimes a very trouble some eo'igh, pains in the joints or linib, bleeding al Ihe no-e, vVc. are occa-toned i,y worm-, and can i e vi v circu I iv tin-celebrated medicine, i lie ioiiow- iit -vmiitoni.s indicate the pre-ence of worm-, viz : headache, vertigo, torpor, ili-turled dream-, sleep on" bv fright and creaming, convulsion-, fe- veri-line , tlnr-t, pallid hue, bad a te m the mouth, olcn-ire breath, cough, ditl'tcult breathing, itching at the no-, pain- m llie stomach, nausea, -queaini-h- ne-, voracity, kanne-s, ienemu-, nciiing ai iiu-auus tiiu-ar.l- niefn. and at length, detection- and film- and ill-lea-. One is i do-e for a child two vear- oh' two fur one four year- old hree tor eight year-, and live for an ad.ill, an. should I e repeated every morning, averv other morning until lelit'Vud. irT Sold at the Variety -tore bv 1'A.UIJU1(. HUINSMAID, Jt ijtlUrt, Ibirlington, I. TVOIIIIII-..ASK THOSE WHO KNOW A I'hn.e onlv vvbo'kiinvv liv nialor iinmrdi-iie obser ..linn, ran form nnv idea ofibe efl'ecis. of llie perfert relief, nfihe iibnosi Vh.irin-like chips effecletl in piisps r.i,p I'h.fii. Rheumatism, all Sweminos, and all Pains, mo nuiier bow severe, by ihe use .af llavs' Lininienl. I'ind one who has used il will I ..'..I ii linve all lIliiiL's ever iired. nnd von will fin what c.innot be found. CUTor llie leliefol siilTer .Jnf luiman beings who nuv be ufilicieil, I beg vninu a. nf those who know nsk the Hon. Al.rnE CoKKMN, U. S. Judgp for dislrirl, residing near A..l..,rn: nsk MATTHEW J. MYEIIS, Esq. Allien, N. Y ; a-k ien. Durr Onr.r.S. bile of Washingion 4-il'y, e.irh of ihee genileinen know of cases uurniupier. .1.1. l,v nil oilier ipmpibes or nhvsicians. though nied (,'t manv ve.n-., iImi have bepti ru'red by ibe usp nf llie t inline Jlay'i Liniment. 'I'll msands ofoiher ppisnn. fcnovv similar ruies. We appeal lo iheir sene or jus. .., ibeir feelings. iCTIl is but a duly vol owe in v our siifbring fellow. beings lo let this great remedv lie known. Sneak of il ibeu lo all vnur fneads Tl,i. vvill save iniirh mm w line ihe iievvsnapera are not read, or where readers aie inr'eiliitno, because so many win-ilile. urlirles are adverilsed (or ihe same purpose. To havers we say, if all who have used il do ... ii i lieviind all nrsise. ihcn tin not lake il. The prnpiietor will mil allow this arlicle lo lie paid far nates, it ruies, when nil llie direriions aie fully fullovv. Will anv one suffeiing refuse now lo iry il ? If lie does, he nuglil to be pitied mole fir bis obsiinary ihan i.: ir.rh.ii. IfT'Wr. Ilavs ivnnld never ronsini lo -nv il.l. iniirle. weip be nnl rotnnelled bv his sense of jnnral ol religious dnlv lo do all in his power forthe nf dl.ii i ss and misery. I'or Ibis purpose he unnl.l sooner devote forlune. than serine a dollar fur any vvoiihless arlicle. VZF'IOOK OUT. Sme wind'Pr nave roiiinerlHiieu lies, nun pi h up wilh various devices. Do not he. imposed upon. One thing only will proier.t yon il is the name of ComWor JJ- Co J that name mut he atvvavi on ibe wrapper, or yon ore rtteaied. Do uol fin gel il. Take llii direr, lion wilh von, nnd lest bv lli il, or never liny ; for II is .mpos.ible fur any oilier lo be mie 110!.. y(? Sold by Comsfocfr If Co. ? Fleiclier sirrei, N. York. elf.irs.ile ONLY bv I'ANonoim & isiiinsmaid. sjiii-.itM v.vs couch i,ozi:.;i:s. AUK the safe-l, most sure am! e Iect11.1l remedy lor Conch--, Cobb, Consumptions, whooping Cough, Asthma, Tightne-s of the Lungs or chest, Sic. en: f ie proprietor ha-never known an instance where ihi-w ilid not eive ncrfect sati-lnction. Several llion and boxes have 1 cen sold wiinm inu tn-i iiireeiuoiiiii- e.'lnring to health, persons 111 almost every stage o nn-iiiimtirin. antt inoje la or 11 rtn-cr 1111: iiuim mi- li issing cold and coughs. 1 hey via not clteclc and .1,,-unih,. cniieh.but render It easy, promote expec tnrannn. at ac 1 nc UCMIU' it ji i ii.hi'.ii, -ni'i i- the nronmaie or exciting cau-e. They are made nun a cnnililliai Oil 01 lite llio-l vnuiaini.- c.-v ii-uu'r.iui or cough tr:edictncs,and are undotiblediy superior to verv thin? in use for those complaints. Hundred- upon hundred- of certificate have I een ollered of their wonderful virtue-, from tho-e who have I een saved from an untimely grave, and re-iorcu 10 periect health I y u-ing tliein. wo-r.. une lozenge is n uvc for an ndnll,ad may be repeated from three to six lime a dav, a- re-pttreo. v iiiinrcu, eisui jcar- old. halfof one: four vear-a ntiarter. and so in pro portion, very smnii ciiuurcii "r m,uu win i.ii.u mun .i;.-r,lccd in a lilt e wa'cr. bhon d thev act as an emetic, or produiv nati-ca, 1I10 doe must I e les-eneil 10 .,m ill., -lomaidi will I ear. Half of one will gen erally I e suflieient to take 1 efore break fa -t, a- the sldlliacn IS IllCIl llioru k.i-iij rii;i.tin.ii. iiw in i-.ivi ran nr - from an overiio-e, as it will cause tne sto. maclito reject it ; and although not a plea-ant sen-n lion, will ic loiiiiu i" nnc iciii-i. niis- ..ism , iniii-li nnin in the brea-t or side, one ot hhcrman Poor Man'.- Plasters should Ie applied oyer the pari and worn tin reueveu. n u inm won v . r... r-nihan ui or axative Lozenge-, or nnv 1111111 ca thartio medicine, should 1 e u-ed a- occasion requires. Sold at the Variety Store, by PANCHOUN & HUINSMAID, Jeweller', tiiirnngion, vi. T O TUB HAIjIMIH ADHD OTHERS 11... uiu know a iic' nr a fiieild nlm has lieen Bald, and whosn head is noivrovpied with fine hair? One whose collar was rnveied wilh dan druff, llioiigh brushed every hour which has now van ished entirel) ! Or one whose hairs al enilj age wpie liirdin" grev, who now has not a giej hair 7 Children whose" heads were cuveied with sruif,wlu.s hair would not grow, lh.ll are now growing ihe fullest nop. of hair I Some casrs must be known 10 mon persom. Ask llieui llie r.tu'P, ami von will be mid ihat these. .1.;..... 1. lieen done hv llie use of ihe Jialm of Co lumbia, ()f20ve.trgr..wth is ibis arlicle, it. ,:.. uniiiiallv some huiidieil ier rent. Ihongh when disrovered not opposed by auvihlng lor ihe saine nuriiose now assailed hv aliuosl nninlieiless nuu-hroon rash will rub. ihe hail if use.l to an) . ". mure iban ibese he vv.iniril rrlrr rlherproniinei.d..iionibya lisi ofiiaines of lospena. unecpialled by any other Look .0 hesc '' I..... .1.!. ,.r ,rle. Slav and nreserve vour h hi lV".r.Z. nr if I. ,1,1 resloie Ii. Ladies, aliend 10 this I ... Iretis In fashionable life are using 11 as ihe mil) hit inrei. . . . r , "rl:r Hi l i ies. usn Ibe II .bn of Coliiud.l i in lime .'ves d'sgracn u( baltlne-. by netfle c i .'... ,ims. It is our iluiy, n uio.aluis 10 ,ie :Jrrl"mii ' of .laiure. wi,,,, vlibl, Crea.or III 'n.lowe. ) ' ' V" cau 'in in in. .v.. . ,..,., nlienipi h ive been inadn In S"eV'V, C .. e I n of Col. U. rtmni nriLe '"n,Vf;; " u , p r , .0 co.,te.fei. .he ,.!.. . ,,,..,.ers h.iw ' ,. N , lin, evety ex. 1 Vx . ' he of c..... k v ,nal " i( imp,, iini therefore, al- ?l ; kk n, nev r buy , he ar.irle miles, i, l.a. lb.. CnmslorK, an .,...,.l mid retail, onlv l No. n'le.ThPr "...eel, N. V. and by Pa,0boBH .J BHIHMO niirlmjinn, Vl, TMI'OIITAXT TO MOTHEHS & YOUNCi I . 1 r.- t-nr.D It ,.vsrf,t n X- llmui-ir,'! n,l,.',rMiV,l PILLS, or HEALTH HESTOli.VriVE- r.,r pnnmlninis iiRculiarilv incident to the Female, Sex 'i'i,l nrtirlo is now broii'lit before lliu public, under sanction of the strongest testimony, from those who hnvnnbkn .med it. and also witlicsscil its unemiallcil in ibo removal of Female ol is tr uc lions of the mnst nimravateil niltl desperate charnctcr. These 1 nstiiiimiinls nre not bronchi from tho ignorant and illiterate iml from Physicians and other Scientific PersoliK, who nave tcsieu us greni viriucs, mm nun- rrcoinmcim it in ttieir practice ami icnu 10 11 111c sane. inn nf t ie r iininrs. It is not in ctulci n manv incui c tics generally nro lor nil 1110 varieties 01 disease, .!,!,.!, i. is tliulot to sufTur under. Hut it is mtrntlc simply for 0110 class of complaints, and those only urn 1hernw11111i. il) more 1 nan an on marv ocerco ilill'itlciico in coming with this nrticlc before the public were it not tho fact mat inoiisaniis aro coniuiiiaiiy passing from the stajm ot action, victims to disease, ...i.;..i.'il,iu nirdii'iiii! lias never failed to prevent ot cure. Such has been tho provision of Nature, that nearly nil the complaints ol Females, aro connected m snmodorcc with the habits allied to their ecv. And ......... mn ,nnr witness, w hero a tnero co u nt n par ticular btagc, has produced checks, that the hand of Science and Skill, never has been nblo lo clipel or iilluviate. At fust, the irregularity and suppression of the natural hunts produces no very inarming symp toms, nnd is treated generally with neglect. And ,..n.r niinntinn is nrocrnst'ciatcd until tilt! hollow CVC. sallow complexion nnd great bodily debility indiraln that cither rapid consumption, or souio other fatal disease lins fastened its resistless prnsp on 1I10 sud'ercr ...lini, nnn terminates existence, nv a ugor ng oui certain death. For coniplnints inevitably productive nfun.ii ri.snltK tins invaluable uirdicineis now brought beforotho public, it mvnn.miy removes oosiruuiious nnd regulates a too profuse, mcnstruralion, nnd cures liv lis unequalled ninuiics, nn 1110 vt.tic.y n nnnngo- ' ... ....'.l., 'IMinpin itnnl infill cni.m-i:n;ii nu nu. 1- uiii-nu in, 1.1 1. and distinguislicd Doct. J. Morrison., who has prnc iion.1 inndirlnn nt Oneida. N. York, with tho most sin- nil snrcss for .6 years, says "It is tho best tnrdicino now in nsr. In cases of retention, or sitprnsston of tho M'llSCS, I tlllllls Will susw.lll uiu nppiMi.i ui. in ,v :r... 1 bm-n tried ii in tho worst cases with most ndinirablo success, nnd I wish for tho good of suflcring .i.., .11 r,l,,..ieinns won d inlroc nro it in ihcir practice, as I have found it answers beyond my most sancuino expectations." In its cfToct il is kind CPIMPOUTANT CAtlTI0N,3j It i a singular fact nr.d one much to be regrelted that valuable medicines, as soon as I hey I ccome pop. nlnr, and have received the tet and approval of a di-criminaling public, nre urc to l,c counterfeited, nnd thus a bad and .spurious arlicle i. Immediately palmed upon ihciinsiispectingfnrlhe genuine. This has been notoriously the case vrllh all populnr tricil and truly valuable mediates for years past, nnd will probably eontinncto be the ease for yenr- lo come. The l a-e and contemptible oounterleit in this way meanly takes advantage ol nil the ellorts and adver tising used by the proprietors oflhe genuine arlicle, get tlieir medicines into use aim iteserveu popiuari It is therefore not le-s thcduiy than it contributes the safely of every honest individual In the coin initv loexno-e. frown down, and forever nfterl'IS- rltUL'Tall IIKAHTLl'-SS INUKAT1CS who thus irre- poii-iblv trifle with health ami life. SCJTHKIIKFOHE TAKK N0TICIXT3j There is n ticrsou bv the name of J. II, UOCHK- FOKT. now engaged in selling a Pill done up in boxes inexact ami perfect imitation ofthe genuine INDIAN VKGCTAHLK PILLS, with lite oini.sion of only one word on the lloxc viz. Wntr.llT. The Pills soldl.v this Rocheforl are evidently intended ns n fraud ami imposition upon the community, or they would not have been done up in men exact imitation ol the gen uine. This person is tall Mustering with n grcauhe airical swagger. He was recently known n-n very poor player in Ilaltimore, under the musical cognomen of Jim Drown, and is al out twenty five vears ofnge It is almost beyond a doubt that he is supplied Willi the Pills from a Drnggi-t firm in Ibis city, who have heretofore! een notoriously connected with counter feit medicine. As soon as proof is obtained the foun tain head ol'lhis nefarious htisines will I e exposed, that the community may shun them as they would a serpent. IN THE MEAN TIME Tllfi PUm.lC ARE CAU TIONED against buying WRIGHTS Isdiak YcnxTAriLr. Pili.s of eiiv one who doe- nol exhibit a certificate of ngen- signul by the ngent lor llie Acw J nglniid Slates I '.earing dn'e since January 18-10. Also take par- ular notice that the following wording i-011 thuhox- Wright's Indian Vegetable I'i'l find. Purgative) of ilie North American College of Health. 7if Indian I tz'lablt I'll If air a re. lam cure for isease in ils eveiy variety of form, brc.ause lliry llio rlc.inse ibe s'oniarh and bowels, indurrn pio. per din haige hv die lungs, skin nnd kidney, and sti mulate tin' blood 10 pttiify ilelf. In oilier words tin y pen nil Hie 1l.11.11s, anil leave NAiunK((ic rand I'liyncinn) to drive disease I10111 lite ly. I be above outlets, or drains, are Hi e rnnmion stivers of Ihe body, lli.o.igh v llirll all nio.lud uml cur. r.iil luiino.s (the rause ol dispa'r) arc rariied off; and so long as they a.e all kepi oppn, and disrharge fieel) iheir alloilcd iinrlious ofiinpiiriiy, llie body will con. inlieabh : hoi when fiom rating iiiiprnpe. food, breathing impure ti it-, sudden lii.n-ilions I111111 brat lo cold, ove. exhaiisiiiMi or any oilier rpii.e, the bowels heroine rosiive, 1 lie pores ol llie sktn beroine closet!, hekiihicvs fail to pel fni m ibeu runeiinns, iuipui.tiPS whirl, sl.iuilil be drainr.l I. on. llie bodv bv ilf-r nt. ilets, will be iclaitiril, and rot. lit. tie lour- 111. lair 111. ill .he bodv brcn.nes l.trinlly loadetl with disasc. If the rha.ini-ls of our mighly runs should heroine blocked up, would not ihe at'citinu'iueil vvatrrs find new nutlet', or llie roiiillrv become innmlalH 7 usl m wiih ihe'1 bodv: ifihe natural drain' br ume closed, llie stagnant ami corrupt humors vv .11 find venl in llie latioii, forms of disr.i'P stu b as Fever, Small I'ox, Measlc, Ivhriiuialisin, (tout, Apoplexy, jtr. or Death will etil our siiflei iags. TliPirfoic, hen sickness at llie slninach, iiains .11 the hark and ide, (pin k pulse, binning skin, or nnv o'her unple.i- .11.1 symptoms, indicaip ihal one or niorp of ihe n. I il. s aie nol disrha.guig l.eelv, iimlilie roiiFti. lul.oii . 1.I10..1 10 coniinenre a snuggle lor llie restora tion nf health, nn lime should be lusl in administering fe v brisk dosei of ihe Indian Puigmive (Indian I e gtlnblt I'illi.) By so doing, all llie fnnriions f ihe tiotlv will be restored o order, rnd ihe fool Imninis (Ihe cause of every iiifliinilion or we suflei) will be removed in so easy and natural a manner, ihal iIip body ill he a. if by a cliaitn. The nbnve av be iiihei. 1.1 ALL litiirs una under ALL or ruiiwianrrs. wilh nrileri salelv. I liey situ all com naini.and all aces, nnd nre 10 the tinman constitution as I'.oil : eonsr rjiipiuiy llie ran nrncr iryure even mr inusl delira'p. Like our (noil, il.ey u.e digestible; leiefbreihev enter into ilip ctrrolaiion ami i.npa.l un energy In Hie litoud, w nirli en nines .1 in now wiiu lire dotn ooiie lo ibe exlieiiiiiies and ronseiptenilv 10 keer the iore ofibe skin open. They nre true and peifrri purifiers of ihe blnoil : In-raure ihey drain all corrupt humors fiom thai life giving fluid. I'hey imparl trength and vigor In ihe whale system, nnd their' ef tens are always lieiielir.ial : necaose iney only remove those humors which arc opposed 10 health. I'hey aid nntl imnrove iliitestinn, and sound shep follows iheir use : ueraue ihey cleanse ihe mninnrh and bowel. o( i.iosp stony uumours vvi.irn no. omy iiniair nou rnis Hie neivnus system, nut paratytp ami weaaeii ine uis CPslivp oigans. Inshnii they posses, all ihey gooi pinpprtips that can lie rln.meit lor any inedicinp 1 and what his very remarkable, it it utterly iniponib'e 10 e them lirnel.t. Price 25 cents per liox. wilh full direction'. Office ml General Denot for the New England States, No. 198 Trcmontblrcet, near Lourt street, llo-ton. The regular niuioinicd Agents can receive their 'up nlies oflhe above iionular Pills, as heretofore, from ihe onlv ollice and general denot for Ihe New England Stale-, '193 Tremonl street, llo-ton. Pedlars or trav elling agents are not nllowedtoscll the genuine indian vegelable I't K therefore never purchac Iroin tliem, for ff you do you will lie sure to obtain a dangerous and coiin'erfetl arlicle. stl Tttr.o. A. xCo, Agents in Ilurlington, for the saleof the Indian egeiauc 1'itis, also, w.,11. iiollf.t. Willi-ion, vt. SHAMIs IIOWA1ID, of the Cheap store, J ,pOTTON Wrapping Twine, a Sood articlcjuit ree'd . arrived home frum iNew York lat evening ly U Sept. 21. by n" LOVKLY & Co. brought with linn nn additional ofGoods which with his two former purchases or this season makes 'pariincnt ofthe Dry Good line, such as Droadclolh, iissimeres,, Mouieline tie lainc. Challys, lk, Itomlnztno', Calicoes, Linen-, Muslins, Laces, ibbons. Kinl.roideries, Hosiery Glove, Fnn, I'm ellas, Paraoll-, etc., wilh a full supply of Florence brought wilh him nn additional ofGoods which With his two former purchases 01 this season makes the assortment altogether one ofthe most desirable to select from of any that he has heretofore had for the Inst eighteen vear-. ami is of ilm rnllnwfnir kind., vi rich, fashionable, fancy and staple articles in every department ofthe Dry Good line, such as Droadclolh, siii Ribbon brellas, l'araoll', etc.. wilh a full snnolv and Straw Honnels, ami Millenary Good. also. Car- petmps, Mattings, Paper Hangings, Shoe, and Hats together with all the heavy descriptions of domestic and oilier good, such as Sheetings, Yarn, Burlap-1 Wool Twine, etc. The Crockery, Lookmi, Glas and China Gallery is alo replenished; the Cutlery, Hard warennd Hoti-efiirnisliingdcpartment is in accordance with the oilier slocks on hand, the variety of fancy article-, uti-li as Toy, Jewelry, Combs, Curl-, Confec tionary, etc. etc , which lilts' one hundred feet of show cae in leulli on his counlcrs is innumerable. The Dome and picture gallery is l eaitlifo Iv arrancetl for ihe dl-play of Goods under a strong light, and llisn the large supply of superior family Groceries baed upon the Sta'l'of Life, Rochc-ter city Mill Flour, makes his Grand Bazaar cheap ca-hi store, one of the most fasci nating desirable nnd convenient Morp to 1 e Turni-hcd from with nil and every kind of articles that mav Iv lied for, or looked nt for amit-cmcm and gratifica tion, or wilh a de-ire to convey" the ino-t pleasing in telligence to friend', of the place where every nritcle iney may desire lor tne lettering 01 nppennces, adding comlort, or supplying necessary wants, may he had d all done in so few word--, as bv onlv saviner for itatcver and whenever you wi-h to buy cheap' for cash to nuw.wurs. iiurliuglon, v I., June 1, 1810. ILOUIl. Afew llbls. of Family Flour, of superior X quality, just ree'd nnd for sale at IIOWAHDS. POWDKH. JunetU. -100 kegs I & J. 11. Peck & Co. GUINDSTONIiH, ly June7. J.&J.H.PECK&Co. WOOL TW1SB for nle al HOWARD'S. tn23 T0 I KK'rrLl'.Si constantly on hand by JL June 19 ClONGIUiSH WAT lilt, jut received a J -npply ofConert. watur, snd for sale I y Mnr2C. GEO. PhTERSON. CO UN HROOMS& PAlLSlOOdox. corn broom. 50tluz. patvnt Paib, June VJ. J. Os j. 11. riCK v.o. t?i iioktom i. nvM. UKJ llhds. Gars'inor Urewer., Iv OS TON and TROY JRU.N COMPANY. 'I he JL public are hereby notilie.l, that the business of .line in every iiranciinnu variety, is none loonier, tliesboric-t notice, at'i'roy, Vt. 'Thccompanv have much enlarged their foundry, and are now prepared do all kinds 01 wor.. done at any foundry 111 Ihe count rv. Mill-gearing, rut Ah Kettles, Stove-, h, Ax'etrec, it"., on hand, or furnished lo order. All who wi-h lo contract for stove pla'e, or 10 pur- ha-e a large rptantity ol hollow-ware, lor the ptirpo-e of retailing, will I e fiirni-hed at whole-ale price.- and who may favor us with their calls or order, will I e dealt by as liberally as al any establishment in the country, vriicr- -uuiiiu i i: .rmre-seu iu x.. ji. vyru-s- man, Supermtenilaiit, or A. Young, A gen', Troy, Vt. secure nn eai ly reply, and prompt attention. Troy, Vt.,.lnn." 1810. jy:0 ! iW (iOf)lfK, now opening ; Ly a-s un ndd.'loial orititent ol various kinds of good.-, among tliem are Mezolmlo Brit-hc--, Satin Bead Head Band-, Lozenge-, Aeeordeon liook-, extract of Scrgainot, 1 rislol iioard,green &pectac c,u,astor-, new tlver poet. el Uomii, r.ngte uett riale-, etc. aiju, a ood ns-orliuenl of Irimnied and plain line Satin and i oni! azineStocks ; thin summer Stocks, fig'd and plain ome wilh imws ery nice and iignt lor warm weain- we have also verv narrow htocks, suitable lor 1 or men. Abo, long stocks for tho-e who have ;ugeN'eci;s, in a word our assortment of Stocks, Col 's and uosoin- is very complete, for lurtlier par nlars plca-e call atthc, Variety Store. June 1 1. Pangdorn & Bni.s maid. Inrs CJNUFFONLV TWEN'1'Y-FIVE CENTS. I). M ls-5 Hiichcoek'.s newlv invenleil Snnll'the be-t nrli Ie ever di-cnvcrci' bv scientific men, in Europe or America, lor l lie cure ami atioiu e reuei 01 vaiarrn I)izzine-s of the Head. Weak Eye-, Nervous Head aches, Fallen Siekne-, Fit, nnd Infants troubled wilh Snullle-, partial -hoeus ol I'al-v, iVc. 1'orsal ...i .t.. ..1 ....-.'I 1 ... a un-r-iifni'V A i' Proprietor, No. 117 uencee st. tJtii'a, and by the cuts t lrougnoni inu union, in iiiiriiiigiou, j. 1 If. Peck ic Co. In Vergcnnc". bv J. H. Bowman In Milton, by Burnett i5i sawyer, in Ueorgia. by 1 renzo Janes. rMUJCSS AND MEMU.SES. A large -npply tun 1J rcc'dl.y June 19. J. & J. II. PECK it Co. FAIRBANK'S SCALES, Iv July 10. J. vt J. II. PECK it Co. T'l.OUH. Troy, Ohio and Michigan, constantly . receiving by ' J. & J. H. Pkck it Co. EAIINKS' new Gengrspliv, on the Classilieatton sv-tcni; a vervu.rfil work for school-, jn-l ree'd andfiT-aleat the Bnok-lcre jt-19 D A BRAMAN QA llale"' brown slfsctinin anil sliirtin-'i. 8 do. 0J York, power loom, ami Dorchester Ticks, for sale by (s30) VILAS, LOOMIS &. CO. MOFFATS IMIOJMX'lllTTKRS. do. VEOIVrABLE LIFE PILLS, At wholciolN and relail by nisi: 1.1 1 it 1 : it. fnrs' JU nlnnk ini-b I oanl. 1 1 inch flooring, and ah tiiif, clear and common apply to SI IiUiNOh sU L.o. a n'-an of May who c-alenntl retail, 1 y LANGIOHN it milNSMAID.ol the Variety store, arc tillering a great vnriciv 01 natclie-, Clocks, Jewelry, Perfumery, Musical Instrument", Curls, Card-, Picture-, Sonps,Hair Oil,liaznr-, Knivc-, Scis-or-, Cane-, Slock-, Cap-, drawing materia.'-, wd t... vv... r-i...:.. i:.. li.. Is.. !.... :t. lea nnd i-o'icc l'ot and Lrns; silver ware, pla'eu Ware, Lamp Wicks and Glasse-, Collar-antl Booin, Sd-Dendcr. Sword-and Pistol,Thcrmuincter-.Slation cry, Ink-, Court Pla-ler; Doll, Bag, pocket Book. and a great variety ol tnney articles to supply the want- and minister to llie gralilication 01 the notional and al who call al tho arieiv -tore ; we are in "A e Pie" ordei ready to an-vver order- or return call. .it the variety store, i-Avcuionsi oc iiniN-siim ourciiKiti.NC.- U Hog .The subscri! er will butcher nnd oilier animal", and pack the same (for family ii'e, if requested,) b r all tho-e who may wt-h 111 this village, th pre ent fall and if not done in orkmalil.e manmr, no pay. Burlington. Sent. 21. CALEB RICHARDSON. N. It. Having good aceommodalion-. I will take the animals at my resilience and return them well dro-el, lor a l.ur com pen-anon v-. it. 1 V Xj bavins taken the stotc formerly occupied by- Messrs. Jtiihon it' M'hirvU. is now openinca general assortment of Hoots, Shoes and Leather, which have all been housht lor cash and will be sola tor lite same at the lowest prices, and as tliearttclcs arc too tinnier ous lo mention in an advertisement, although Mr Sta cy lias enlarged his paper, I would simply invite all to call and examine me goous ami prices ueiurcjuiiciias mg elsewhere. Ilurlington, July 1, 1840. HENRY C. STIMSOIV, by K. J. Stimsqm, Agtnt. in: i' , 11 c r.i.ixiit, A CELEBRATED remedy for complaints ari.-in from a di-eae I -late of ihe LIVER and its Sccrc lions; the lollowinc are a lew 01 it symptom-, weakne of the stomach, Indtge-tinn, lo-s of appetite lovvnoss of spirits anil Heailache ; 11 will re toiind ; -ore remedv for Emotions on lite Face. In con e cpienee of ttieir letng many nostrums circulating in till- part 01 uiu country, mo mui-ith i - rc aniuuri, in warrant ils I enelicial ell'ects. This article is in received, and o'Icred to the public a- one well worth

ihe attention oflho-e who are nlllictrd by complaints from the above disease; it I eing from an eminent physician we feel confident 111 thus recommending it. 1 ik IS 10. THEO. A. PECK & Co.. Sign ofthe Mortar, one door cast of J & J H Peck it Co J. & J. IL PECK & Co. June 19. J. A. J II. PECK it Co. Sep. 29. TIIF.O. A. PF.CK & CO. 80.000 feet 9 in h t'siT red a n-antiiv of. package of Mavnard & Nov lad Oil m leltie-, aim a loves' Seidlitz Powders, I'HI'.O. A. PKCK & Co. CMIGAIt. IsJ Sept. 25, 1S10. 1 1 IIIul. H. Sugar for sale by H. wiir.L.i.i.u. HUMOUS tt Notwithstanding (he ptiLlicjour nals of the day, nre already crowded wilh noti ces of Medicines, in which Ihe public have very little confidence, I have concluded to say to tho-e afflicted with Salt Rheum, St. Anthony's fire, (or Eryipcla,) Scald-Head, lyuprosV, or any other cutaneous eruption falo has it I ecu found a remedy for Sick' Headache ...i.:..i. r.,.. 1. ..,.., : .i.'.. ..,,.. . 1. 1 ti... 1 have found a sale and ellectual remedy by an internnl application, without altering the did or habits (it temperate) and without injuring the constitution orcyesight. 1 have I cen most seriously afflicted wilh a complaint called Lepro-y, lor fourteen year, while the ablest Physicians could give me but little nconr agement or reliefjealling itan incurabledi-ea'c. After many years experimenting on myself, at the hazard ol my hie, I have, by the lilcs-ingnt liod made this discovery, nndam now ready fully to convitvc my fel low sttilerera 01 111c met in iny own pcr-un, nnd n-sist tliem to a 1 u.e remcuy, lor a rea-onat leernnpeinaiioii. Yet I am not inen-i! leof tluuliiliculiy lo call public attention, so often deceived, to a new Compound. Bui from its Lcneficial ellccts upon my my-clf, and nnon others also who given it a trial, 'I am in duced :o oiler il to the public, wilh t ill directions for Using, signed v.liarles Jone,m my own hand writin: lole genuine, and for their accomodation tt will l left with ino.t of the principal Dr.tgEi'sts in llie L'ni ten ."stales as soon as convenient, wun a iew certi ficates ol its elhcary, such as may lollow tuts no lice. Also, may I e lottml with 11. a nilr, easy and in- f.illib e (interna fur the Pile-, tireuarcl bv a killful band ofthe medical faculty.ts called lKUs llor- morhoidt, which if u-ed will sttn ly recommend il-elf. JjTAII coiiinititiicnlions icspectuig ilic-c Medicinu., mti-t be p i-tage paid, lo rceivo attention. Claremont, N. ll. Sept. 20, 18-10. I'llAnLcl JONCs. To tltt Public I hereby ccrlifvthat iny wife hit loen 'evercly afflicted for the la-'t two years wilh a rofdas humor llie ballrlietiine.nrsomcthiiigof that nature) having annlied lo several Physician- and tried almo-t every thing which is recount ended for such complaints, but to 110 purpose. At la-l hearing ol a medicine prepared i,y Mr. 1. iiahlcs jonbs, 01 1111 town, -he rc-olved lo trv il. and 111 -ix weeks atier sin licgan to live il, was coinple'ely cured. I wot. 1 1, therefore, recommend llii- medicine to all who are af- llictcl wilh scro Itila-ti-imor, sucli as have I cen pro nounced bv nearly all Physicians incural le, and am conlnlent tttat they will find iliuiiedinte reliel. V.I.IICIIIOIK, Allg. S), IOIU. 1111. ill isi 1 .11. MACKEREL, on consignment, in balf barreU just received and for sale by J. W-JtS?: 'EALS, l.o"Cnb'm loiter Senh; plain do. do. mot ) to letter Seals. Pamsuobx ct HniNsiiAtD. rTMIF. People's Presidential Candidate, or the life of X Win. Henry mrrison, oy utcnaru huuicim, sale at the B00K store, price -u ctu. Ilurlington, Sept. 13, Iio. u. a- i..i.u.a.s. I1KW. Coniac Brand v, do. Holland Gin, pure V Port and Matloir.i Wines for medical uses, by Sept. 2:id, 1310. Tlll.u. ..J 'ij otJ.l PULMONARY BALSAM, nfl.owc it Heed Boston, just ree'd bv TIIF.O. A. PECfV it Co. I7AHWI3I,IS SIIOKS. a f 1 ree'd and for sii'e ly II. a full as-ortlncnt pi-.l CATLIN 5i i;-" CJALKHATUS. June 19. 40 cak., bv J. it J. PECK it Co. Family Groceries, Salmon. moaked Herring, for sale by N. Lovblt it Co TTNGLISll Currant CUOWX OI.ASS. crown by Rislfonl, Snranae nnd Clinton J. ii. J. II. PECK &. Co. -w-r-rrt-i it t n7 ,'.riKS : mn exce lent anu cdiitcu W icnt medicine to relieve nnd axtirpate this often fatal complaint in young cii'turen, oy Sent. ''4. lti-JU. " . TTCII OINTMF.NT.S numfry's, Russell's Scott s, 1 and Whcaton's, all of which 1 are m''"scfo!;tl,, i,l,l,,nms disease. TIIEO. A. PIX.K. it Co. Sept. 24 At the sign of the Mortar, 1 ROCKET, Comic and. People'! Almanacs, for 1640 4000 for sale at puousniri piii-i, gcn, 30. Ml. i.uujuj I-- 1 OH V-oft Tin Plate, 1 A- W bundles r.ngitsii I l II f Vmer rsin .Sheet IrOU. DU 00. uo. uo, Whopper and bra,s "p. Ir Hhds. New Orleans Sugar, on consignment, O Aug. G. for sale by N. LOVELY &Co. rff ps. French, American, Satin and common J V' W Sept. 25 House Paper, some very rich patterns, for sate oy i.vjv 1 case French anil rj..r,n it,,rliins 1 c.-im- fi'j'd Hoinbawncs, just cc d and for sal" liy Ci CASKS English Merinoc A Go VILS, LOOMIS it Co. fsTlil.'sJ ...I,!,, nn.l enl'.l fillOol Thread. 1 do PinS. Z 300 lbs. white and assorted Thread, f.OO gross gilt and fancy Horn Buttons, CO do Ftncy Soaps, just Sept. 24. ree'd and for sMe by Vilas, I.ooMtsit lo 13 ofthe late. fashion., just r-i-e; ve-I n m 1 fi f sale ,.l.,.. n 1... I-. lVJV'l.l I I nl.ASS. Burlington, crnirnt, nnd r.s'cx, i yi n .1... ma.l. ii ill,, CliMiir.lani G a work anil verv inner! improve 1 in rjuslity compared with the late brand., (r .ale ly & -1. H. PECK it Co. 0(ff Xalls, llrads it American Iron. UUU kegs Natl- from 31 to CD I 250 do Iirad-liom oa toaua Horse shoe Iron Scroll and Haiue do all sizes Hand Iron from 1 1 to 4 inch Round do do tljdo Siinare.VC to !l3 do J. & II. Pr.ei& Cn. MAYNARD it NOVS' line Black Writin which has -too I le-t for more thirty ye cask iu-1 received and lor a.e I y Ink C. GOODRICH. 14 Aug. IS40. IliIil'IS.--A vcrv large a-sortmenl of a. I sixes B i.r ll.lile.. and nrt r. Irota 50 ct. to 9o eac Just nv'd and for -ale at ihe Book Store. nnM vN NEW SHEET IRON, COPPER & TIN WARK KSTABLISHMLNT.-'I hcsub-cril cr, lair t'flh. firm ofSlnrnt Uoti ick, having pttrcha.ed and ro moved tolhe Store lately occittiicd by Strongs 6i Co,, east side of the Court House Stpinre, one door north of llie Log Cabin, is now ready to do all kinds of work that the public wih in his fine of business, mch. as covering roof- with tin, making and putting tip oavo iis,,,s3ii-..iiu spwiii-, .vt. kiihis ui i iu, succi iron nnu Copper Ware will I e kept on hand, and for sale at as low prices ns can I e found in the Stale. Sheet Zinc, Copper Pump-, Lead Pipe, and nil other articles in ihn une oi our uit-ine-s kept on hand, for cheapness u price ami ncatncs ol execution, my work will not lo excelled by nnv in Ihn -tale. If you wish for any thing; in the above line, before yon tra 'e Ie sure antl call upon H, H, BOSTWICK, Hurliugion, July, 1840. NEW SCHOOL ;i:)CiAl'IIY A NO ATLAS WITH OITLINE MAPS, by S, Aucvs TC3 MlTClllLt.. The author ot the above works hat I ecu prole ionallv devoted to the science of Geo'y and ibe publishing of .Maps, during many year anil his former production-, epccially hi- Map of llie World for Academies, Lear ample le-timonotiy of lit- abun dant resources, upon which lie ha' so 111 erally drawn, in producing lite above school work-. The following extract oflhe Oeo'v antl Alia--, isftoin ajoint rocom ittcndalion of the Teachers in the city of New York. "1 heir merits nre numerous lite definitions remark nl ly plain and eoncpe. 'I huexerci-e- are copious and important, and lliedc-criplive is luminous and eorreot. The divi-ions of the American continent, nru repre sented und ile-crt! ed a- they really etbt lit the present lime And the gro-s missialcincntsj general' lound in sciiool geographies are corre -led. The typographi cal execution is un commonly neat and distinct, indeed the a'las is a model of the Mud, and ncttmlly teem with information." The odium Maps are juiuliarljr calculated to exercise the student in his tudv, and ta fill up at his leisure. For snle by C. GOODRICH. I OHMS. WOIUIS.-Dr. M. Hitchcock' TT unrivn led and nncnuallcd WORM TEA. sovereign remedy for Worms. Slrange nnd incrcdi blc are Ihe e ,ecis ol mese iictesint te vermin ; lew ncrtons. and il is thought none are free Irom them, par ticularly temaies ami cutiurcn. .nuny persons thrnii" i a ( strcs ng course oi men e tie w inoiii benefit, when they might Ie relieved by n-ing the Worm Tea. This invaluable medicine ha- I ecu tested by the experience of more than ten years use, ani niiniinisicrcit to more innn I0,uuu persons oi various age-, and not one solitary complaint ; on tho contrary hundreds have calksl, nnd unsolicited, given their de cided preference: to it. after trying the di Icrent article scut forth to thepiible, and pronounced Dr. M. Hitch cock's Worm Tea the mn.t safe, ellectual, and con venient remedy that can In obtained , for in no one of the llion-nnd ot tn-tance-wliere it nas i ecu men agreeable to lite printed directions has it eycrfai'ed. N.B. Ask for Dr. M. Hitchcock's WobmTf.a, nsthcre a re many nostrums abroad for the de-t met ionof wnnn For sale whole.alu and retail by A. HITCHCOCK it CO., so'e proprietors, 117 Genc-ee street, I.'tica, and I v ihcir agent- throughout the I'nion. In Burlington, v J. it J. II. Peck it Co., and Theo. A. Peck it Co.. In Vergcnnes, by J, II. Bowman. In Milton, by Unmet sawyer, in ueorgia, oy i.orcno Janes, PA .'HIl. C. GOODRICH has iusl received from the manufacturers in Massachusetts, a full supply of linen hand-made, royal, medium, Demy, cap, letter, folio-post and billet paper, of various qual ities, as wove, satin, laid, gilt, &C. &c. for sale at man ufactures prices, June 30. 'piIK Burlington BREWERY has X now commenced business, and will have new Beer in a few days, . when all orders will be punctually I attended to. Burlington, Sept. 1810. GEO. PETERSON. may bn taken without thn least inconvenience, ns it is not cathartic, but tonic, nnd aperient, l or ample par tkuhrs respecting its efficiency, certificates of lyst- win have been most signally benefited and restored t... ..:,...n.rererencn is now offered to tho pam phlets nccompanying the inrdicine, and to tho more particular evidences, in tlm hands of the subscriber, Sole ABcnt for the New Fn",CnRINLF.Y. Wholesale Dealer in Pruns, Medicines, Paints and Sherman's Urcnst Ointment, If annlied nronerlvnnd in duo time, will cure the most painful cases of swellctl hicnsts, and prevent the for mation of abscesses Even whom tho swclliim has pointed nnd shown every appearance of breaking, this ointment has entirely dispelled it, and restored tho parts to a ncauny coniiuiou. in applying it, niuuou... and soft covering to the breast should ho made of soft eat mr. or inn cn nnact num. win a note it inn cen tra to admit thn niplc. When bo made, put n coating of the ointment over tho inner surface and npply it clnsrlv nnd sinooihlv over the wholu breast, leaving tho nipple protruding tnroiigii tne noie, so tuni tuu elnbl ran nurse, which it should do as long ns the mother can near it. unro snoiiitt no inacii to nave uiu breast drawn by tho child or otherwise, so as to pre tcr gets rmklcd, antl llicrcliy nnromtortaiuc, a iicvvone should bo applied, and, constantly worn until a cure is aucctcu. it is sometimes necessary unu "' so thev will conform to the shnpo of tho urcnst, nnt envrr it elnseli- Ask fnr Slirr Minn's breast Ointment and sco that his signature thus, " A. Slirrman, M. I)" is on thn wrappor, nonn other ran bo genuine SHIMIMAX'H PAPII.I.A1IV Oil. Is thn onlv infallible remedy for sore ninnies ever dis covrred. It will euro the most troublesome, cases in . fo... u'i.hnni ileiirlv-iiirr thn infant nf the breast- ..,.r..,,i,,,l'iiner!nr tn nil other remidies when applied ihs directions nn thn bottle. See that the signaturo of "A. Sherman, AT. Z." io on the wrapper, none other is genuine. B particular or you will be dceo ved antl disapnointsrl. sottt ai ins v arie ry tore. VANOI-OR -V nRnN'SlA,D, lfmt-iV.VIlIUNf'. svic. 184 0. THE stih-cril er- will continue lln'i- liii-ine as Forwarding and Com mission Merchant, and Custom House Agents, at the Port of Saint Joiiws. Lower Canada. They do not n.ler their services "free of any charge i tho-e persons tnteri-led in trade wilh the Untied in... bn. u-ill endeavor to nuke their attention to the in'ere't of Iheir employers worthy a reasonable recompcticc. .... Having gorsl Wharves (at which the Lake CiiaM' ri.Atn Stkamboats will land) nnd excellent Storage iiweilicr with the convenience of a connecting Rni Track wilh the UtAMrLvts; and r-T. UAwnr.Ncr. if . i .tlninnwr ihe-o wharvc. I hey (latter them. el ve- wiih ilfieen vettrs cxpcricnce'in this branch ot business, thev will I e enabled lo do much to facilitate und encoiiragolrado lelvveen ihe Uni'eil Stales and the .ovvcr Province. J am ri Mcui. oc. si;.. St. John, I,, v., .narcli, igiu. w iXDSon iiiifbiw. V,V?liV ivif vii1Tly EN cases Prints, 1 casa cul'd Cambrics, just ree'd . . ... .oi ah,itc .t. 11. VO, I.UUJll.l SS, SvW. Glas- and for sale by CHINA, C.lnssware, Crockery and Looking Ola ses, just ree'd ami for sale by N Lovr.uv it Co. ALSO, Soda Crackers. Sept. 3, 1810. A Card. The undersigned lakes ibis method to av to tho-e uhe are afllieted wilh hnrnors of nny kind, thai he has 1 ecu mo-t icrioiisly afiltcted for 'ten or twelve year- with a cutaneous complaint culled Kail - rheumecr Lepro-v which ha-ever I ecu pronountuj iiicnral le. And knowing that the same was heteiht ary in our family I had de.patre.l of ever finding rebel, living Itllie'l III un my itui:iiiiis -ii i-uit, un 1 1 1 i.i-i nring I learned that my brother Chnrle-.wlio had 1 cen for fotirlecn vears in the same -itua'inn had found a nfe and ellectual remedy, without al'enng the diet or habits, (or which I appbed, antl wa. litrm-heJ with a lualoi drop-, and lean now -ay mat ii-ing one all" mv humor was coniple cly eradicated without in juring iny health, and 1 have nodoul t but others may nnd, the same in mis povvcrttii medicine, as i uuuer--tand some already have. He has declined making it very pul lie nt pre'ent, yet I think others may al ofmd it by applying at his re idc-nce in Wait Claremont for the "nre cut. Kovs Jones- Llarcmout, Atigttsi i, tsiu. A Card. The undersigned feel- a ditlideui o in tint- offering hi- te-timonv in favor of a "new Me.'ecine," nrrnared bv hi own rather, and cannot hope lor the coniidence which wool I be put iu one who would seem more disinterested. Hut he legs leave to say, mH for six vears he had I een troul led with a h inior so metimes called lepros., which had of laie I ocomc a er atlltction; and knowing liie.t nis i-atneranu others had in vain t rise J every prol a1 lc romoily, he had "not the most dilant expectation of ever finding a ure. Being induced to try a phial ot his t at IK r nie-l- eeinr, lie lins indee.1 found it all he could wi-h, a -ale, si-.eci V. am he l elieves e .cental cure, n o'lier- snail l.e iiiiluced bv this to rid them-clve of a loaihmme complaint, hi-end will I e an-weru I. Lira Jones. IdllverMiy ui ii.-riiu.mi, uimiiig un, ivug, io-iu. A Card. Hearing of a Mi-li-cine prepared bv Mr. Charles June-, of this town, fur h'tiiior-. and having seen its beneficial eltect-, I appl.'el for it fur my liltle anghlcr 4 years ot age, much allhe'ed with call Rheum, suppo-ed to I e an hereditary complaint. I can now -nvthal alter u-ing il -i weeks iny hopes nre fully realized in a cure without luiurtngitlie chili s health, andean now rocominend it to other-as n safe and mlallille remedv mr such complaint". Claremont, N. H. Sept. 15, IStO. M.vav E. TnnKi. 1 hcrel.v certify ihat 1 have 1 cen iniimatelv ac- rptainted with Mr.'Charle-, ol'Claremonl, N, II., lor a numl er ol years u-t pa-i, and have I een consul ted by and preicril ed for him, for a very ob-tinate disease ol the skin, well known 1 v the name of Lcuro.y but could do no more than mitigate the di-ea-e fi r a tunc. Since he has a :eete I a ra lical cure by means ot hi- Dropt for Human, I have examine him and nm happy to say that his skin i- perfe.-ily -mouth nnd free from'thc dt-'ea-e. Jamkj CaoMniE.'Physician, Francestown, N. H Sept. lo, 1S10. I have been acquainle-l with Mr. Charles Jones for a number of year-, have practiced in hi-Cmily, and adinintstercd'nieilicincfor hi- dicaeof llie -kin', more or le-s, for ten or twelve year-, pa-t vviiho tta radical cure. He now nnncars tiibe nerfe-ty cunl by -ome drops which he prepare-, and which' o far as I am acipiaintnl with them ptoiui-c lo be ol great utility in sucli disease-. .noes uobij, .n. u. Springlicll, Vl. Sept. -1, 1S10. I have prescribed remedies, and administered nieli cines for C. Jones's humor which 1 called Lenro-v more or less for fourteen years, without a "otnplclc cure (his bcincjan uncommon c.i r.) He now appears to have a fin-il cure faun his own discovery, and from wlnt I see of its elects upon others al-o, I nmofopi mon timsy beot much lienelit to the community. IIMOTIIV CS. 1-iLr.AvUN, .11. 1'. Claremont, Sept. 15, 1S10. fCT I his medicine makes no vain pre'ensinns; nor rxciies any hones which will not le fully'ieil ome anil try lor yourselves, any who are nllltcliil ;th di-cRse'of this' kind, ll may I e found al lite store of Rolerl Moody, druggist, Burlington, and with Martin ires f.o,. v ambriitpe t. LOOK AT THIS. HAVE YCU A COUGH I 70,000 die or cNNSUMrnoN every year in Ihe Untied Slate, and millions -u 'er feom tri'nl'le-nma coughs and colds, that can 1 n ciirud I y Dr, M. Iliti-h ctK'k's Vifgeinbte Virgin Cream Cough Drop-, a s.afd medical prescription, conlaing no poisonous drug-, and u-ed in an cxten-ive praciiiu for several years will mo-t positively a!!'ord relief, and -nve yon' from that awful di-eace, pulmonary cimsuinplinn, which UsiiallT swcccus into the grave hunnreds cflhe young, the old. llie fair, the lovely und the gay, Have you a cc.ughi lie persuaded to ptirolive a I 6ltle ot the'Coitgh Drops lo-dav ! To-morrow may I e too late. Have you n ugh! Dr. Hilcecok's esetal.le irgin Cream Cough Crops is the only remedy von should take to cure you. For this plnig rea-oti. l'fial in no one ofthe thaiisand casus where it na- I ecu u-eii ha- it tailed 10 relievo Price 73cent- per I oltle. For -nle, whnle-nlc and Rk- tail, l y A. HITCHCOCK i: CO. No. 117 Genc-ce -t., Lticn, l. Ann t-y ttieir agents luro'tgnoiu inu fnitc'l Stale-. In Burlington, by J. & J. II. Peck & Co., Theo. A. Peck & Co. In Verpennes, bv J. II. liowman. In Milton, uy uurncl ix sawyer, in uoor- ta, by Lorenzo Janes. au.j MYO it. WAIT give notice to all person" indebt '.,l ir. ,tim. nr to I.aihron. Potvvin it Wait, to call anil mike intmednte payment and save further notice. Oct. I, IS-1U. THE celebrated lodme Spring Water trout r-arato- X an for sale by the liottlc. itu'.en, or on Aug. V. TIIEO. A.PECK & Co. client article for Colds PF.CK it Co. 17RESH Hive Svrup, an etcellein Coughs, Croup, itr. bv Aug.'--. THLO. A, f 'fi hush. Seed Rye, free from all other seeds for JVT Pcarl-st. Sept. Hi. saie uy ir... .-. CHHIltS. Riding whips and Canes, at ihe Variety lO Store. June 11. BAl.SOM OF LIVERWORT for Consumption Dyspep.ia, Asihnia, and all disca-cs ofthe L'ing and Liver. These dura. c- prevail lo a great extent i-n-ating much dt-i re-sand some latnlilv. All I bee can It- remedied by the use of Dr. Taylor's Babom ol Liverwort. This medicine is purely Vegitahle, nnd from lis peculiar action upon tne i.ner is a vvays lounu a radical reniniv mr iu--r iiui-n-rs. , i.r n-iu.m- nuu men in a veiy weak stn'e, no medicine can lc so i..r.,l . r...tlirntii'i. n- il nol onlv vtr.-ii'-lhi ns. 1 in purifies and gives a healthy action io ihe whole sy-. Icm. Constantly lor aleby N, LOVELY it Co. vvho nave list rece veu a irc-u -u uuy i-i -i'iiiiijt uwr from New York, all very cheap for cash. B.irlinglon, July 3U, tsiu. PANnnonN li Bhis'smaip. Wrapptn Paper," and a Inrgesppply of writing, loihCap ml .etli-r. lor H I' 'V ' 1A HAPPING PAPKH. IOO Ream f T -r- s.r-r. .nis tNT.t'DO'l'I'S itrnl illustrated inci jL 'in the lite of Gen. Wm. II. nAnji;f,MJ J'0r -sir at the Book store June IU '' im.t-w.-s" TT WINDOW SAHII Just receiveil 15, 20 and 21 7 by 9 easements of sash, a first rale article at 31 and 3J cents per light; also all kinds amUise., furni-hed to nr Icr. Ticondcroga black leal, a fir-t rate arlicle, fur sale very low, together with a rrreat variety nf other arti cles as cheap as can be lound at any other esial lish- :.. .1 Hm IIT,MW. uicni .11 inr . SYRUP SarsaparilU, a valuable medicine for Imnu ritiesof the Blood, Cutaneous diseases, and Dchil ti. . hist nrcnarrd by TIIEO. A. PECK it Co. ENGLISH Transparent Peppermint Lozenges fresh Juiubc's Paste, just opened by Sent. If.. 1810. Hir.o. A. r'-cusyw 17HF.SHLY distilled Cologne, I.nvandcr and Roso i. Waters, also Real German cologne, ny Ropt. Ifi, 10. Tur.o. A. 1'gcK it Co SINGLE, DOUHLE, UMBILICAL. TMiMflNI) CEMENT, for mending U and Earlhcru Ware sold al ihe Variety More, Glass, China Panodor & SMVIII Tumin rtinrns A tnn.l assortment of colors, 13 of chubs, nssimeres nnil vestings areolTercd at a great reduction in prices for cash liv ' Oct. I, 1810. MA O it WAIT. and German nines T KHIT and dark Ftenrh. English and Oc I i M.,mium blnek. blue b ack nnd col d Air plain and fig'd Alpacca Cloths. A variety of colored Crapo, Cambletts and Camblctecns, for salevcry low, lorcasn ny oepi. i N. LOVELY it Co. LYWAN COI.K are now receiving from llo-ton and New York, an extcjiive assortment nfFnll and Winter DRY GOODS, which ihey will sell for Cash, LOWER than have ever lfure been o'lered in this market. iurlington,uci. u, IBlu. JUST ree'd a supply of Marsh's celebrated Trusses, of every description, for sals by the down or single Oct. 14,1310. THF.O.A.PKCKCo. IStjn of the Mottsr. -rtniHTftl. ItOAIlI). Dravrine nnner and Pen Jj fib. Brilliant ril tbiid. blue fluid, japan ink, and ladies and genilcmen's nee! pti, just received (torn ew vori, anu lor saia uy 47, m.i ii.'u.v,, Poller e t, June 5S, Ifl40, rMlE LION OF HIE DAY. NO Cl'KK NO J. PAY! The Cciiulno old Dutch or Ger man Vegetable IMlls. Highly rcconnncndeil Va eiuine .Moll. M. IK 01 ii. ., and 0111 Thee arc ihe orders ! Any one that does not find re ICI iroin incst: puis uiu pi i i- ,.,,.i.. , nr., the no-itive order- ol the 1'roprictor to agonls at 111 hers. n o cr ngtne-e puis in uiu 1UI..U-, 1 n 1 -c; to their intelligence. If the-e pill- are not what they recommended, you are in duty ro inu out 01 re-pe 10 votir-clf aiidconimunitv to re eel ihcm, and pnblp them 10 the world a- an impo-ition, humbug am nuai-kerv. Thenublio may I c assured Ihey are purely vegetal ie, iney nre composi-u m nun: iiiitm , par. ot Ihe medicine is oiuv loiuui in ,vu aim 111 tue vat lev-of Germany. For convenience thc-e extract are made into pill- and will lc found a sure cure or re lief lor all billious complaint, yellow nnd billion lever-, lever and ague, ja itvnce, scanct rap, nitiio cholic di.nen.ia. it. It is not pretended that th nits hcinois a cure tor a ui.raes 10 vvntcn tne numnn sy-lem is liable. I en ihou-and tpclc-s clorls have Isvn m.nle to draw from the region- ot unknown lancy some long-spun theory ol magic nrl, which wotif 01110 eacit nnd every oiscn-c. uoou medicine is 11 Aiiindin I to lire or whir wind, llcallh and li.inninc hang upon chance wind time is the herald 01 triun "iXrAO-XFCTIC ODONTICA.THE TEETH I ix THE TF.LTH ' ! Tub iNcosirAijAni.D Tooth I'nr.rAKVTio.v. The fact is proved, and the mo-t in- oioliiloii- ad doubting are fully convinced, as we havo he evidence from the sale ol ViU.UUU hoxcol tlieUiton lica, within the pa-t year, lliat the Utopiou dreams (J the alcbyini-t nre realized, and a remedy discoveroj lor preen ing tho-e important and menu appendage ofthe human sy.siem, I y the ue oflhe MagnclicOdon- tica, which l y Us attractive, and strengthening quali ties, removes'ull extraneous stil stance- frtm the teoth and pre-erve-i them 111 brilliancy, and tho gums 111 soundness and I canty. It is ascertained frorn esperiunce, that when u-ed, the teeth will never da cay, but remain till the latest age of man, wilh the na'ural wear. When they nre decayed, its progress will le arre-led, and the teeth pre.-crved end prevent! and pre-ervcd from aching all this has 1 tea dons in a multitude of instances : and more in thousands o cae-, nervous toothache, (that climax of pain) has at once I een e.lectuall) ciireil I y popular I'entrilrica ia America, And in conclusion, where, or who is the, young InJy cr gentleman, aye, the individual that values a beautiful set of teeth, so tnd gums and a sweet breath more titan fifiv cent-, ihat will le lonscr deti tuteofa box of Dr. M. Hitehecck' Magnetic Odontfoa. Forsa e whole-ale and retail, bv A. HITCHCOCK ft Co., No. H7Gene'ce -1. Utica. N. Y.. and bv their gent-throughout the IJuilud States. In Burlin"ton. by J. it J. II. Peck & Co., and Thco. A. Peck tt Co. in vergcnnes bvJ.lI. liowman. In Milton, by liur- nett & Sawyer. In Georgia, by Lorenzo Janes. augS OTInN.liOTIOM.--DR. EVANS' BEAUTI FYING LOTION. Highly deemed forcurim all Eruptions Coareness, Redne-s and Pimples oa the I ace .Seek or hand-, nnd iMectuniiy cleaning 11m coui'ilexton, and removing all di-ca-e.- oflhe -kin Nothing conlribiites so much to our general success lite, a- an engaging fir.-t appearance. Tins Lotion admired a ino-t fragrant, mild, safe.wa-h and great ly esteemed for its virtues in clean-nig, .nlVning, and purifying the -kin of all eruptions, -o injuno'is to fo- ;tle le.i tty, and re-loring it 10 a nigh degree 01 pu rity. A I eiutil il complexion is ttio price 01 an vv no no'sse it, and the envy oflho-e who are deprived of it. What is so aireciingio'a I eaotifii! female,in vvho-e faco nature ha displayed her power, a-to bud her complex ion discolo-irt-l Viih digii-ling pimple-, which mar her ehai nisi A good apcarinix is tho ltjt recom mendation ; and as the Beautifying Lotion purifies tho skin, and remove- all Pimple-, 'Blotches, Tan, Sunburn and Redness, and produces a I eaulifnl hue, it i the only sinctic a lady should at her toilet, iteniiemea ill all al-o hud tin- a delightful lenicdy, to rcmnvo all Rwighttess, Pimple-, Ringwrtm-, Spots, Redness, Soreness nf the face and no-c, and every kind of erup tion on the siirf.u e of the human rody. It is particu larly recommended to gentlemen to I e used after -ha- r, at it will prevent the otherwise certain elect of common soap, in turning the rcard prcmalure'y ,. For sa'e Who'e-ole and retail iv A. HITCH COCK it Co., N . 1 17 Gcne-ce street, Vliea. In Bur lington, by J. it J. II. Peck it Co., nnd Theo. A. Pock itf'o. In Vergcnnes, by J, II, Bowman. In Milton, by HnrncU ci Sawyer. In Georgia, by Lorcnio Janes. augSO IAIH! IIAIK II HAliDXKSS.--Ininor- XI taut Discovery tltc C.rcnt Sivstcrv found out at last. DR. STERUY'.S HAIR REGENE RATOR. Dr. Sterry, after, much attention to tho important subject of preserving tho hair, has, after tiiauy experiments chemical ami physical ticcn niuo to discover and article which is now offered wilh tho rrcatcst confidence for ihe toilet ns the best thtngever (Itscovcrcd, lor, loritssollcnmgaml penetrating quality lo proiliicc a goon ncad ot pair to ptevent it trom falling oil' when baldness is npprchended to restore) it when baldness nas taken place, nnd to prevent it Iroin turning gray, nuts more nourishing than po matum, aniique 011, or iwOiogne waicr. 11 is a neatm fill nrticlc for lathes curls it makes the hair soft and lively, and produces uncommon brilliancy. Thous ands' have tested its 'itprrior rlucs and excellence, and in every instance it stands niinvallcd. It is an infallible cure in all aflcctimis nf the s'.tn on tho head as dandrull, itc. ite. I-.very family should bo sup plied with n bottle of this oil, that by its application to the head and nairoi rnimrcn, tne ncaiiuiiii ana or namental appendage of a fine head nf hnie, which nv ttire Ins supplied ui may he preserved. From thn numerous certificates a nd recommendations received of its salutary influence the Doctor feels fitmly per suaded helms succeeded m ptntturingnn article which will meet the desired wishes nnd ai prohation nf the dublie. Fnr sale wholesale and rrlnl by A. HITCH- t;uuKw. il. iicnreo?t. i.ucn, 1. in uur linnton, hy J. tt J. 11. PF.CK it Co. and THEO. A. PECK it Co, liowman. in Milton, hy Burnet t Sawyer. In Georgia, by Loren--n Janes. I'ho nasi at least is secure: thev have already rai monument ol tbir creslinsv st-hii-h Will defy ,.,-rrwl;n ..r.iine Vnnn,-. I c Genuine without a wrapper and directions on each bn on which my . ,.,,,., . . i..ik wholesale and retail by the snbscril cr at Glen'. I',";V " "UV,?"" ' 70 n,l inn F.u.nn st. and R. M. Meigs, 333 South Ma-tkei st. Albany. Uaum 1 uavvicv, iu o ver 1 Trov. General Agents for the stale ol New ork. iro, uenrrat H MERRl'lT GRIFFIN. p..l- I... Wm. tlbniles and E. H. Green. Rich mond 1 Morion & Clark, and D. it D. S. Lathrop, Willistoni Iltigar it Comsiocw. hlteinurn u.Dinnion, Essex 1 lico. U. Oakc, and Albert Barney, Jrrtchoi 1 n u.i.lhnt WM-iAiril J. il. Barnes. Charlotte: 1! Msimtv and (Jeo. I'etersOn. uuriinBton i anil oy DRIGOS, Burlingien, Agent for Chittenden Co., where I Sub-AgcnthCan bc mppueu ai wnoiwsiopnces. 15 I.AC KHIMTM.The MJ nbscriler having re- enttv innrnl from All nnv. and commenced lh nhckstiiitlibusiiicf-,111 all ils forms in the new shop on .Madison street, near follell -V Bradley's Store, would respectiiillv invite the inliabitanis of Burltnglon and vicinity to give hint a call, a- he is fully prepared to do all kind, ol work in his line, on the shonest no tice lest manner, and most fa yoial le term-. He has for many year pa.t given hi. particular attention to the Horse ihocing business, and rarnery in all its branches. From lh long experience which he has had, and the genurnl fnlornialinn lie has dented both from theory nnd practice, he feels fully confident in re commending .himself 10 ihe pul lie. He will le pre pared at nil times to give his personal attention to all kinds of work in hi- line tich as Ironing Waygons and Sleigh-, Slopwork, ttc. All kinds ol edge tools iiiadu in ihe I est manner and most approved style. Ho trusts that by giving business his undivided attention ami the low prices at which he will lecnabled 10 fur nish work, to receive a share ofthe pul lie patronage. JOlINSORAGEN. Burlington, April 10, 1810, CjTOItK TO 1iI3T nnd Stork of Dry Cords O I'or Hale A fust rato store suited to a lare business with a good run of customers, would ba let fnr a term of years, and thewholo or part of the Stock r,,- .ni, nn verv ndvantageous terms. The present is a rare opportunity for any ono wishing to commc nesj business, for flintier particulars Bnnly at the store, tn puetne.s, MAYO it SVAlT, Tmtitct. Burlington oct .