Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, November 13, 1840, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated November 13, 1840 Page 2
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From tho N. V. Com. Advertiser. PEACE Oil WAR. The rc.'itlers of this paper have noticed, wo presume, that from the commencement of the late and still existing discussions between France 'and England the latter acting, apparently, as the tho mnuth.piccc also of Russia, Anstria and Prussia tho opinion lias often been expressed that the "Eastern question" would bo finally sot tied without a general war, or a war between Franco and England. Perhaps they may wish to know how wo think tho question will bo set tied, and upon what reasonings wo found this our opinion. As to tho first we have supposed, from tho beginning, that tho Pacha would bo compelled to give up Syria, while Egypt would bo confirm ed to him in perpetuity. It will bo remembered tint originally tho proposition was to give him Ejypt in perpetuity and Syria for life. The ad vantage:) of that proposition he lost by not ac cepting it within tho time limited. After that time ho was allowed a certain number of days within which to accept Egypt in perpetuity alone; but it is to bo observed that no third alternative was proposed, in case of his not accepting this second within tho time. His refusal was to bo followed by coercive measures but to what end ! Not, as we understand it, to destroy him altogether, but to compel his acceptance of that ccond and final proposition to wit, the uncon trolled possession of Egypt, with the abandon ment of his pretensions to Syria. At the last moment he accepted this proposi tion, but at tho same time made an appeal to the Sultan, tho nature of which is not precisely un derstood. In it ho asked pcrmit-sion to retain Syria for life, according to the tenor of the first proposal. In reply to this appeal tho Sultan ful minated against him an edict of deposition. Whether there was or was not any thing in his appeal to justify such .1 harsh measure nobody seems to know ; but at all events tho deposition teems not to have been expected or approved by the four powers. We presume, therefore, that it will not bo conferred, and that Mahomet Ali will be pcrmitcd to remain Pacha of Egypt, with remainder to his children. If there is war at all between him and tho allies, it will be, first to drive him from out of Syria second, to repel or prevent any aggression by him agahut the Sultan or his dominions. But will France consent to this arrangement? Undoubtedly. M. Thiers expressly Fays that she will that her action will bo limited to the rescue of Mchcmct Ali and his maintenance in the rule of Egypt. She insists upon the integ rity of both Egypt and Turkey, and if this is respected for both, she will not oppose the ac tion of allies as regards S) ria. But great btress is laid upon tho warliks pro pensities of the French nation, and their eager desire to avenge upon England the disasters thev sustained before and in tho downfall of Napoleon. Doubtless there is something in this; but after all the French are an enlight ened people and not the mere madmen some of the English journalist and letter-writers would have us consider them. They are powerful, warlike and impulsive ; but they have good sense enough to know the value of peace, and with some exceptions have confidence in their King and will sustain him in his policy, whatever it may be. And what is policy ! That of an enlightened statesman that of peace, industry and national improvement. But why then does ho make such vast preparations for war ! Sonic light miv be thrown upon this question by the annexed fra ment which wo wrote four years ago, but which a sudden attack of illness prevented us from finishing, and which was brought to light, the other day, in rumaging an old portfolio. "Louis Phil rrc of France. It has been tho fashion, for the last throe or four years, both in this country and in England, to abuse the pros cnt King of France, without stint or measure as a tyrant, a despot, a deceiver, a betrayer of trusts, a miser and a thirster for human blood. In the United States, especially, ho is seldom mentioned in the newspapcis without somo dis. garaging epithet ; and even among Uwto who do not join in tho general impeachment of his moral character, as a man and as King, there is an unfavorable impression as regards his mental powers and endowments, which are supposed to rank no higher than cunning and a refined and unscrupulous genius fur duplicity. In opposi tion to this mass of public opinion, wo do not hesitate to declare our own, which is, that Louis Phillippe of France is at this moment by far the ablest monarch living the greatest King that has wielded tho sceptro of that country since Louis tho Eleventh and very best ruler for Franco that could be selected from among all her prince.", generals and statesmen. This opinion will perhaps bo counted monstrous, but we ask attention to tho fuels and arguments with which we shall endeavor to maintain it, and if we succeed in expressing the grounds and elements of our own conviction, we do not fear that it will bo altogether rejected by others, even should it not be sanctioned and adopted. It will of course bo understood that in pro. nouncing Louis Phillippe the greatest monarch that has reigned in Franco tincc Louis the Elcvonth, wo do not coutomplato the splendor of conquest and warlike achievement, or the munilicenco of luxury and art ; thoso are mat ters in which Napoleon and Louis tho Four toenth stand unrivalled and unapproached, Y mean tho greatness of wiso policv, onlarod judgment and vigorous administration concern ing all those subjects which affect the prosperity of a kingdom ; that is, of tho people who are its inhabitants. xim Mui.iiioii ui rranco is peculiar anil vorv difficult, both cxtornally and internally. She stands, as it were, upon the dividing line that separates Europe into two great divisions, not of torrntory but of principle Tho spirit of re publicanism or democracy has boon activoly at worK upon nun. common:, over smco tliodecla ration of American independence, but with vary lug power unu nuitfua 111 uiiiuruni portions, I tho South it has almost accomplished its triunml and wo hohoUl; almost daily, tho mighty heavhu's of its rflorts to obtain dominion, in Spain, Portu gal, Italy, and portions of tho Austrian empire, In tho north, although existing and even at work, it is repressed and kept down by tho as yet mi porior force 01 conservatism in its extromo of prJa"Jt ' 1 " .. li the r jrinofiJoa potism. In this view the South of Europe, name-' ly Spain,Portugal( Italy, Austrian Italy and some parts of Germany, is standing in tho altitude o' contrast, and of moral though not physical hos tility, to Russia, Prussia, and Austria proper; and i ranee, tho greatest power in Europe except England, stands in the gap between, and liaf dangor to apprehend from both parties to the fearful contest which, but forJior, would speed ily begin. She is by position the negitivc medi ating power that as yet maintains the peace 0! Europe ; for who can doubt that if Franco were all republican, as after tho Revolution, republic anism would he up in arms for active warfare against tho Northern powers, throughout all the South of Europe, or that if Franco were ready to join tho Northern powers, they would tnal brute to crush the spirit of republicanism in the South !" So far wo wrote in 163!). The article is in complete, but it scents to us that the views then cnlcitiined arc perfectly applicable to the pros cnt htati of things ; and in fact that with the lights afforded by the present Btate of thing need not bo finished. By tho arrival of tho Ilrittania, B istott, which brings 1(5 dtvs later news from England, we learn that another attempt has been made to as sasinate tho King of tho French. Tho follow ing arc tho particulars : ATTEMPT TO ASSASSINATE THE KING OF THE FRENCH. A few minutes past six o'clock on Thursday evening, the King, with his sister and tho (iuecii were returning in tho samo carriage from tho Tuillerics to Saint Cloud. At the end of the garden of the Tuillcrios, and tho comer of the Place Louis Quince, there is a wooden house, containing a guard of soldiers. It is the Kind's habit on passing this spot to bend forward an I salute tho soldiers as they present arm . The assassin chose tho moment to lire upon the King , and in order to do so ho placed hini-ioll close by tho soldiers. Tho carriage did nut sto nor was any one within it hurt ; and the soldiers instantly arrested the assassin, who mail" no re sistance, and declared that ho had no intention of escaping. Ho had fired with a carbine, rich ly ornamented, and so strongly charged tint it burst, and wounded him severely. The assas. sin cursed his carbine declaring ho had taken irood aim, but ho had overcharged it. It was the bursting of tho barrel that prevented the shot taking ellbct. One of tho servants outside tho carr . ? was wounded in the log ;a nationa. guard ot tuo escort was also slightly wounded. Tho regicide gave his name as Marius D.irinofc, a native of Marseilles, and a polisher of floors 111 fans, lie is lii years ol age aim socmen highly excited. Being asked who he was, ho replied, " A conspirator." 'Whit is your profession!" "An exterminator of tyrants." "What impelled yon tosuch a crime!" "I was not impelled by any one; I followed the impulse of nature." "How long is it since von conceived such a design 1" "An hour ago; I wished to deliver France from tho greatest tyrant that ever lived !" Darmcs is small of stature, sombre and de termined in his aspect; still he fainted from pain in tho guard-house. An amputation of his hand or fingers is necessirv. A handsome poignard and two pistols were found upon him. FROM MEXICO. Extract from a letter dated, Carmen, Laruna de TnnutNos, October 1. Wo are entirely Kcperatcil from tho Mcxfcan Government, (this state of Yucatan) and carry 011 hostillitios in the next state of Tobasro war to the knife ! Should Mexico not admit the federal form of government, we are to do the same as Texas torin a republic apart. There is not a government soldier in our territory, and our Congress is now seriously legislating upon free immigration of strangers. Tho 7'exan star is now for the first time float ing in a Movican pjrt this one, Day before yesterday, tho steam ship of war Zavala, nr Texa1;. entered this port, anil now lies here to the best of friends. Philadelphia Inquirer. l'liis Is the second time that this excellent diver has been of use to tho navy nt Portsmouth, having on n urincr occasion ciniiiiiiuii 1110 uuuumui uiu tuukuuiu ifter nlin took tho mound on bcinir towed out of the intbor bytho Echo slcnmrr. As this difllcult opera tion required him repeatedly to pass head foremost iimter the keel ul ttie vanguard, lie perlormcu it in sir. Siebo's impiovcd tight diving dress, but in recovering ihn cnhln of tint Howe which wna coninrirnlivclv nil jasy task, he used, the common diving dress, in which. 11c generally woriicu on 1110 wreck 01 1110 uoyni an n pcrs and Miners, who have been employed on the wreck for thu lust three months, find whom it was do- lirnbla to send down in in a tight dress, as being the safest, they not having had any previous experience like thu profession divers with whom they havo been co-operating. Loss op O.nb Thousand Lives bv an Kaiitii at' akb. The St. l'ctcrsburgh papers contain accounts of a terrible disaster by an earthquake! Jirms, August, Nakitchevnnhas been totally des truvcdi nil the buildinus of Erivau inoroorlcss injur .d and tin! whole of the village in the two districts of Shnrournml Soiiriunta liavu perished. Tho cotton indrico n nutations arc a aid waste: but tho mime diato neighborhood or the mountain itself has been the scene uf'lhe inostnwful calamity. A huge inns slid from the mountain, overwhelming every thing and per son in its progress, for a distnnco of seven weisls (about fivo English miles.) Among others, tho great villam of Akhoiili. has had tho fate of Hereiilaneiiin mid Pompeii, nml about nno thousand inhabitants iiaveiiceii Dulled oenontli tlielnllen melts. The moun tain opened, pfiving passage to thick fluid, which swel led into a river, and following tho snins direction, swept over tho iiiins. At the date of the 13th of Vugust, Ararat was not yet quiet. From the Philadelphia (lazcltu of yesterday. Kcntocii AtTAin. Last night alittln after ten o' clock, n young man by the nnino of Henry I'ariics, 1 victualler, lesiding in Kensington, was seriously wounded by n shot from a pistol. It appeals that Hnr ues and two or three friends, wcro returning home, -iikI when in (lennantown road near Master street, they in sport to.ik up a stovo which was standing nt the door of a man by the nainu of Christopher Itridge, and removed it to nil alley adjoining. About this time ISriilgc became ntnrmct! and cams to one of the upper windows of his house, and seeing thu party thcrc.fircd 1 largo horse, pistol loaded with buck shot nt them, five ef which enti-red tho body of Ilnrnes. threo near the shoulder blade, and two 111 the lower paitof the. iiaeii, uuu 01 which is supposed 10 nave cnicreu mo spinal marrow. Dr. Filler was called in and found Itarnes's lower extremities paralyzed. Very faint hopes nro entertained of his recovery. Bridge was arrested, nnd this morning committed by Alderman ("laik'llc made no resistance it is said he was a sol dier under Napoleon. A Dnr.Anrci. Oa' occurred yesterday after noon at ltl 10k well's Island. While n number of the prisoner!", under the charge of two keepers, were en L'ngi d in blasting rocks, from some cause which wo did. not learn, n premature explosion took place, by which one of the prisoners was killed 011 tho spot, and both lb keepers, with three other of the prisoners, werr sj dreadfully injured, that no expectation of their surviving was entertained. The coroner .will make an investigation of the melancholy affair this morning. A. 1. Sun, Dr.sTiwcTivc Finn. On Tuesday morning nbout I o'clock, a largo stono calico printing establishment situated on the Columbia rail ion I, near Kairmount, was totally consumed bv fire. The building vns owned, ns it is staled, by II. J. Williams, nnd occupied bv .Mr. Dfaxio. Loss estimated nt near S.30,000. Some adjoining buildings were also damaged. The origin of tho lire is unknown. J'ltil. iat. uantie. COUNTERFEITS. A New COCNTKncEIT ON THE HCTCII Hits' ANtl D0 tekh' Hank, Xe.v Yonn. This counterfeit is not even nn imitation, nor has any attempt been made at a copy of the genuine note. It is spurious in every Dsrt. bciiiL' a 11 ate Vo( nu bv tho counterfeiters, with the desirm and execution wholly theirs. The vignette rsprcscnts k steamboat, with the name of rullouon tlie wheel house, havingjust departed Itom the whnif. Tlioricbt end of the bill has tho word ol extending across and composing the end. The b fi end runri sents a trnin .of cars arrivinc nt a wharf, with the locomotive in full view, and at a stop at the dock ; beside which is a small boat with two men in it. It has one head on each side of the visnette, and al t ic bottom of t ie bi . between the caslucr and Pre siclenl's si?na nrrs. is an ennrnviiiL'of a doc beside nn iron ehtst,' with his paw on a key. It will be noticed that notoneof the the characteristics mentioned nhovc is t' be found on the genuine note. Albany Journal. Counl'rl'cit notes of tho Hank of the Nortorn Lib erties in Philadelphia, havo made their appearance.- In the counterfeit notes of the Cumberland Hank of Now Jersey, the letter "J," in "Jersey," has the curve nt the lower end turned tho wrong way a very good mark by which to distinguish them. of tho Administration party must feel. There are many worthy men among them, worthy in privato life, whoso love of, or possession of, office has drawn them Into political extremes, but with such wo havo no further conflict to wage. Wo wish to shake hands and bo at peace. Lot us act together now if wo can, for tho com mon good of our common country. Whore office lias boon perverted to political purposes, where it was the pay of partizauship, it cannot bo expected that such places can bo retained, but there is no cause even though such changes must take place for a further embittering of that party spirit that for twelve years past, under an unrelenting, and fanatic Administration, has poisoned tho social relations of life, and made politics the primary btnincss of the country. " As Whigs lot us rcjoico over our great, our prodigious victory,with calmness and moderation. Wo have won so much we can afford the largott magnanimity. Gen. Harrison, no doubt, will restore tho country to tho condition in which Gen. Jackson found it. A stable and equal cur rency will soon follow his Administration of the Government. He comes 111 with an immense popularity, and will havo ample power to carry out nil his well known principles. II is au- cr.saricslia.vo sadly undervalued htm , and liis friends have hardly sufficiently esteemed liini, but it will soon be seen by nil, that with fewer faults than fall to the lot of most men, I10 lias as many virtues as any man, and though he many do nothing dazzling or flashing, yet his good common sense, his sound political education, his long acquain tance with mankind, and the springsof human action, will soon put the Republic on the right track, and proper men on board the ship of State. Mr. Van IJurcn has been signally rebuked by tho 42 votes of bis own State. He abus ed the power theso votes gave him, and they now recall him. lie goes back to Kinder book, with the record of no good done, with no claim for sympathy here, or elsewhere, dishonored by repeated abuses of power, and disgraced by the signal condemnation of an itnmcnso majority of bis fellow citizens. xprcss. tho prize. And, worst of all, New York was about to "concede it to her" 1 Oh I Oh ! did you crcr know, ingratitude liko this I Indeed, a Now York gentlemen told us on board tho boat tho other night, that they had done talking about Vermont, in reference to tho ling! "I ho tin kindestcutof all. Our heart was utmost bro ken by this Infliction. Hut thank our stars, wo had another lick at tho ballot box, and Vermont has vindicated her honor, triumphantly. Mans- Hold, and Camel's Hump I rear aloft your snow crowned peaks, and rebuke our Inducers. Spir it of tho Glen I waft along the proud swelling majorities. Gallop apace, ye fiery footed steeds of time, and bring tho welcome day that bears official record of our triumph I And then, O Norwegian wilds! lend us a pole full five miles long, to bear our flag aloft. PEERLESS. Every county in Vermont gives a whig majority. The town of Woodstock gives 53G majority for Old Tip. And tho town of Eden gives GG votes for Harrison, and not a solitary ono acnitist hint. Think of that, boys. Don't you think Vermont will get the Flag t Herksliire.... Ilamshiio.... MASSACHtJSKTTS. . 1810 . r- 11 A It Whig majority. ..3688 3SH 1757 ..20.-,G EG7 1757 1757 1830 . rvrnr.TT. mob. 317G 278(3 B9G2 5393 5G7 33V! 2012 5395 New-York 159OOG VERMONT ELECTORAL ELECTION. We give below all the returns received up to the hour of going to press. They aro highly satisfory shewing a large whig gain on the September majority. If the rest of the state has done proportionably well, our majority cannot bo less than 15000. The following table gives the majorities, as reported, and our relative gains and losses, compared with the September ma jority which was a few votes short of 11,000. CHITTENDEN CO. . Majorities DESTRUCTION Ol' HEVROUT. Tho report of flu bombardment of Heyrout turns out to bo correct. Admiral Stopford arrived in the harbor on the 6th of Sept., bringing intelligence of tlie Pacha's rejection of the terms proposed to mm. Soon after the 'Turkish fleet made us appearance, and Ad miral Stopford went on board the'Turkisk ad.niial.aiid it was agreed to land the Tho ne morning the stcamsrs took the transport in tow for thnl purpow. As they ncared the shore the l-.gyptian troops were seen marching down and taking position and orders were given to fire upon (hem which was done with great precision. Under cos er of this tiro the Turkish stroops werr. landed about 8 miles from Ileyrout. While they xwrv disembarking the forts belian tiring on the ships, where upon a general lire was opened in return. 'Tin troops, as soon ns they were lauded, proceeded to construct fortifications. On tho 12th orders wire given to reduce Djilnil, n snnll village about 10 miles from Heyroiit, in which was a strong castle, garrisoned by s.)iitc300 Arnaouts. After a lit'iv y cannonading tho fortress was stormed, but tho assailants were repulsed with severe loss. In tho eoursa of tho night, however, the garnsjii es caped, and on the T3th Djibail was taken pois.'nnnf. fter this tho mountaineers begain to pour in, and, as fnstas thev ni rived, were supplied with nrins. Meantime ilio bombardment of Heyroiit continued. On the I8.1I1 Soliman Pacha sent 11 ll.ig of tract asking a siiMvusiju of hostilities for two days, which was re fused. On ho 16th. the E'vnlian tronns haviniralldrnart- I ed for the mountains, tho firing upon tho tow 11 ci asid, ifi-r causing considerable injury; and as many as ,000 indnidnalsare reported to havo pciislud by the ombined effects of the lire and thefallnnroftho ruins. Only two shots wcro returned by the town, without, lowever, causing any uauiage. 1110 Ilia's 01 the. American, Danish, Snanisli nnd Greek coiimiIs con tinued ll rliinroii tho riimsnf their respective consulates on ihr20:Ii, notwiih standing that these functionaries had withdiawn themselves. CHINA AND INDIA. No intcllisetiea had reached Hombav on lhp23th nf AUiniMoi mearrivn 0 1 lecxncui ion nt uan on. Ail. iniral Elliot ni rived nt Singapore on tho I61I1 of June. lleiiiimeiliatcly sciml some Chinese jim't lying 111 lint harbor, but s.iou after released them. The ad niiial sailed for China on the 18lb. WsiLisvAy U.Mivr.nsiTV. The catalogue of this in stitution for the academical year of IStO II gives the toinl number of students nt 133 ; of which thcrr are seniors3t, juniors -19, soplionmr.. '.N.nnd 2jfiehmcn. The Rev. Dr. Olin, recently npived fi out Europe, will in s few (lays assume the unties of President of the University. Tor. I'opi'latios or tut. State or New York. It is worthy of remark that for the last thirty years, the pnpula ion of tlu State and city of New 'York have prvserved tho relative proportion of 10 to 1. If lhatpro-art'pn holds good nt the present time, the population of the Slate must exceed thrte million ; since, that of the city is 313,000 beinc nn amount usl to tho whole population ol the uuiteU Slates cnusl to when t! ic war of the n volution broke out. 'Tiik llnirisii Navv. There is ono element of the lirilish Nival forcu which is just beginning to attincl the attention which ils vast imnorinncc demands from other nallins. All tho Mnil steam nnkrli nius con structed n to hu capable of being used for vessel of war, and tuo owners arc iiouiiii liv their conducts to in uvei uieui io uiu government wnencver oenvimieu. l.'poiia sudden emergency these vessels would cons. initio n lor niun' e licet, rem v lor immlint,. use. Thev nro under thu command of officers nf the nnvv. Our government has sadly neglected its duty in this respect. The uso of steam ships will r.entunlly re volutionize theart of naval wnrfnre, and wo nro tho lasi to nvau ourselves oi mo change. Rncovnavor the Chain Cadle op Urn Maiev. tv rs sun- Mown at SriTiiEAn. -Tho chain Cable of the llowo having, by nn iinforlunnto accident, run en tirely out oi tho linwso hole on Friday morning last, afler tho an '!ior was cast, nnd f e II to tho bottom, n creeper w.u employed to discover it, which grappled it ii near uiu uuoy over uiu nucnor. oil naturil'iy alter noon, in coinptiaueo with a request communicated by mm tu i nu neuieiiiiiiia oi inn iirnve. h um 1'hrIpv sent a boat to tho spot with Mr. Hull, ono of his most expert divers anil n pnrly nt men employed nbout the wicckof tholtovnl Cicorirn to attend him. who threw nut n sinallanehor near tiio Howe, and then moored tllCir boat in tho Nlmnnsed direction nf llm rlmin .nl.l,. by, making fast a line from tho stern of theboat to that cable 8 buoy. Mr. Hull then descended by tho ropo attached to tho creeper, by which ho found tho chain, and from that point walked nlong tbn whole extent of thochnin mini ho reached tho extreme end of it. to tho last link of which ho inadofnstono of tho bull ropes that had been used for weighing tho frocnicms of tho Roynl fScorge, by means of which Mr. Tnrdo, innstor-ntten-ilaut of Portsmouth dockyard, nnd Mr. Tiivlnr. nn. tor of lliollowe. with n stromi nnrtvof senmen nml marines, got up tho end of 1 1 if chain rnblo first into n mooriim lildller. nnd in thu enlirsn of about two hours nfterwnrd it was passed through ono of thn haw se-holes nf tho Howe, nnd properly (.retired, Mr Hill went down to the bottom nbout half-past two, nnd finished histnsk nbout four o'cloek.nndonly cama up twice in tho iiicuntuuo, to connuiuucato with somo men in uiu 10(1 1, It issunnosed that lie wnlke.l r t.-.i l,,,,,,In,l yardsnlong tho bottom, nnd during this period tho llOat Willi tllO Pllmtl. Wlliell wnn rnnalnnll , nt u.nib to supply him with nir, wns wnrped nloin; in tho snmo cV ' i, (wnor-'-nu to sijnnl mntk by him V -in Mou- 'RI DAY MORNING, NOVEMBER 13, 1910. PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION. Thu result is no longer doubtful. The only queftion now arises, is as to Gen. Harrison's ac tual majority. The states from which we have ictual returns sufficient to indicate the result, livide as follows : HAniusov, Maine Vermont Conni client lthodc Island.... Mnssachusels.... New York New Jersey Pennsylvania.... Maryland Ohio titorpi ..10 ...S ...4 ...II ..12 ,...a ,..30 ...10 ...21 . 11 Van Dcben, New Hampshire. Virginia Michigan 3 1G3 a maj. of 10 The following states remain to be heard from, and we divide them according to probabilities, Dels ware I.nuisiuua North Carolina.. Kentucky Indians Tennessee ...3 ...5 .. li ..15 ...0 C2 Missouri Alabama Arknnsas Mississippi South Carolina. Illinois ...A ....7 ....3 flsuuining this latter division to be correct, Mi Van Huron will receive 01 electoral votes, Gen, Harrison !2.'t0, and be elected by a majority of 100 in the college of electors, and from seventy to an hundred thousand in the popular vote. THE GREAT RESULT. No earthly doubt now remains of the election of Gen. Harrison President of tho United States, gloom and despondency have naturally seized hold of tho Van Huron party, and we must say, wo havo never soon men so disappointed and chagrined. Thousands of them havo been duped by their organs into a mad confidence, and into largo bets, and thus added to tho difap- poinlment of party hope?, is the loss of largo Funis of money. One of their papers, for exam ple, began with 15,000 upon the State of l'enn- svlvauia, and another, the Standard, even when it might woll have known of defeat at home, flattered its partisans with falso hopes, if it did not keep hack woll known facts. Tho Evoning Post too all the whilo frotting at Whig papers for an alleged manufacture of election news, soeined to manufacture news for itself, if it did not in fact. Tho Roston Morning Post, with full rottirns from a large part of New York before it on Saturday, was publishing monstrous untruths to inilttenco tho Massachusetts Election coming ofl'to-day. Thus added to thu chagrin of buin; boatun by open adversaries, is tho pain of hav ing been duped by professed friends. 11 Wo aro woll aware, that for tho Whigs, if dofcatod there would havo been no sympathy, hut that thoro was in preparation for them a se ries of outrages upon their feelings, if not upon their property. Wo do not whh, howover, to idd one item of affliction to what tlw membsra Hoi ton Huntington St. George Darlington Charlotte Colchester Essex Hinesburgh Jericho Milton Richmond Sh'.lburn Underbill WVRtforil Williston Harro Calais Moretown Monroo Northfield Hoxbury WnitsficlJ Warren Hcrliu Duxbury Marshfield Middlesex Montpelier riainficld Wntctbury Worcester Hrrkshira Sheldon S wanton Fairfax Fairfield Georgia Highgite St. Albans Eden Hydepark Miirristown Cnmbridgo Johnson Albtirgh Grnnd Islo North Hero rtcthel Slockbridga Woodstock Hrandon Middlebury l'anton Salisbury Vcrgeiincs Itrndford Ilraintrca Corinth Orange Randolph Topshain Washington Wiliamstown H 77 24 1H 134 4t 156 111 112 69 V. B. 30 SS 43 101 60 WASHINGTON CO. 51 55 20 47 113 5G 29 40 CI 19 110 1 91 FRANKLIN CO. 70 73 7G m 63 175 93 84 LAMOILLE CO. 60 38 30 7 11 GRAND ISLE. 110 C5 2 WINDSOR CO. 101 40 5SG RUTLAND CO. 221 ADDISON CO. 203 43 90 123 ORANGE CO. 40 70 7 5S 160 130 99 79 ORLEANS CO. Cfi 30 11G 31 54 12 2G 10 Gain. 13 19 7 19 50 3G 17 19 47 23 15 13 22 10 32 24 11 17 3 3G 8 40 15 35 13 71 21 60 14 74 C9 33 15 30 33 51 IS 3 1 7 12 150 62 6 21 6G 22 1G 49 51 119 15 4G 12 2 0 Loss. nrowuington Craflsbury Derby Greensboro, Irasburgh Lowell Troy Westfield 71 Inwno. 1832 99 The official returns will doubtless vary the result in many instances; but generally increase rather than diminish our majority, as we find that in many instances our friends have only sent us tho majority over Van Huron, Ilimoy and all which is not correct in a plurality clec lion. There are 1230 towns in tho state. THE FLAG STATE. Wc think that ltliodo Island has won the pri.o. but wo cannot feel "out of the woods" until wo hear from Vermont and Kentucky, two Stales winch will give tremendous majorities for the Old Hero, The New York papers concede it to us, Proviilcnct Juurnal, That was a wise thought, to wait for Vermont It will probably save our littlo sistor "Rhody fromo disappointment; for, of a truth, kindly as wo regard hor, wo must take "that flag," notwith btauding "tho Now. York papers concede it." They concede it, do they Only think of that ! Two months ago, when tho voico of our "ten thousand" catno thundoring from tho mountains, tho nation stood aghast. Every stato doused its peak. It was admitted on a all hands that Ver mont was the state. Hut straightway, tho other States rolled in their majorities of five, ton, and twenty thousand, in such rapid succession, that our achievement was overlooked, and tho stato almost forgotton. Even little Rhode Island be gan to put on airs, and was absolutely in tho act of reaching across tho Green Mountains, totako Whig gain 1189 Correspondence, of the N. Y. American. Atlas Oi-fick, Roston, ) Monday, half past 3 o'clock. ) Every thing looks cheering, even beyond our most, sanguine anticipations. Wc shall throw a larger vote than was ever thrown before, and shall have not less than THREE THOUSAND nmjority.-Onc of the North End i Wards had n trinlofstrcngth this morning, on the choice of nn inspector, nnd the Whig candidate was chosen by 160 majority tnst year this ward gave 93 Loco Foco majority. I should not bo surprised if we cameo every ward in the city but ono last year the loco focos had inajorilics in five. . Tho result in tho state, wo have good reason to be lieve, will bo an entire whig senate, nn entire whig delegation to congress, nnd almost every thing else inni me nenri oi any wmn conni o;nrc. Our messcnaer is just in from nil tho wards, nnd reports the majority at 2,500, which wo think will reach threo thousand. Wehrnrfrom Clnrlestown that the votn wns even. This looks liko settling Parincntor's coffee. , ISIO. 1839. Davis. Morton. Everett. Morion. Hingman, .no 221 363 193 tor Congress J. Ci. Adams, 46 i Jackson, (Loco) 219 Tho returns from the several wards, thus far. are so extravagant for the Whiss lint I dare not repeat them. in this waro (the seventh) we have thrown already 750 Whig voles, ngainst 150 on the other side. We stand a pretty good chance for 600 majority, though i nan caicuiaieii only on uu. tuo veto ot lioston will exceed all Whig calculations. VIRGINIA. The Itallinioro American of Saturday has returns from 85 counties. Tliav sum up: Harrison 1,GS9 TI. on Van Huron 10 -125 Il!,mson maJ' lZ There is very little chance from last snruur. We think the chances aro now in favor of Van liuren's carrying the state. From the Richmond Whig. The only reasonable conjecture is. that the vote will be n close ono nnd whilst neither parly is willing to give up neither party seems very sanguine. In the counties heard from, there has been nn undoubted Whig gain of about 3300 over the vote of 1S3G. and a strong hope is indulged that this rate will be kept up in the same proportion throughout the other purls of thn State. Perhaps there never was a perio.l in which the eii'icrina: faculties of politicians have been more severely taxed than during the last twenty-four hours and it is impossible, even amidst the intense anxiety of the moment, to refrain from a smile at the various conclusions brought forth. 15ut until we hear from the West, all speculation will be at fault. P. S. The accuunts by yesterday's mail were more cncouragincr. MAINE. Tho Roston Atlas of Saturday has returns from 290 towns and plantations, which show a Whig net gain on the Governor election of 631, nnd the following aggregates: Harrison -t0,07 Van Huron, 2?,751 Harrison's maj 2,0j0 The Atlas adds : In a few of these towns mnioritics only are given, and the nggregato vote, when tho of ficial returns arc received, will ho ncailv 2000 larger than it now appears to be. We seo no reison to change our opinion that Maine has gone for Harrison by nt lenst one thousand majority, unless the unin corporated plantations throw e larger voto than any body anticipates ; and if their whole vote should bo cast for Van Rurcn, it cannot reduce the Whig majo rity below 500. I'ua l SUM r l . liy the l .astcrn mail last evening, wc have letters nnd slips containing returns from 25 towns not included in the above table, which show a further Whig gain of about 150, nnd making tho Whig gain in 301 towns about 830. It is doubtful vet wheth er Noyes is elected in the Hancock mid Washington uongrcssionai uisinci. From the Hartford Coiirant. CONNECTICUT ELECTION. Connecticut has declared for tho fourth time, her disapprobation of the administration of Martin Van liuren ; and not only so, sno lias expressed herlullesl confidence in the talents and integrity of William Hcsnv IlARmsoN, as his successor. The nomination made by tho people, through their delegate? assembled at Harnsburi! last winter, has received her hearty ap proval, Again the' Whig banner waves in triumph over tho State again have the friend.J of the constitu tion nnd liberties of the country, successfully contend ed atrainsl the upholders of misiulo nnd corruniioii. Connecticut was tho IIistVMug state to lead oil alter that nomination wns made, nnd she has not only main tained the ground she then took, but bhe has risen still higher in the scale of eminence. The dying strugalo of the Locos was a hard one they wore fighting for office, nnd power, nnd they left nothing undone to nccomplish their ends. The infa mous fraud story got up by the office-holders of Now York, wns seized ii)on by the leaders here ns n dying mnn would catch nt a straw, nnd circulated far nnd wine their papers told or thu matter, with glann capitals their orators made it tho tonic of their rr marks nt the public meetings of the party and their parly-talkcrs ictnilcdit about the streets but it would not answer; the people were not to be diverted from their pursuit. They hid tried the administration long enough they wcro tired of it nnd they wanted n change. As their last effort, extras were printed nt Ihe Times office on Sunday eveninc, and sent off to all tho towns which they could reach, claiming largo gains in l'ennsyivamaior v an liuren, in comparison with the election oi net. i j. The excitement to bear the new ns the returns be gan to como in last night, was greater than wc ever knew it. Our office wns t bronzed until a Into hour, and nlthoiigh enough wns nscertaincil to ensure a largo majority for our ticket, tho mind was not satisfied, it wnmcu to near more. It will be seen that Hartford County has done noblv she is trnl v the " Genesee County." nf the. Stale. riving a Whig majority of SEVENTEEN HUN DRED AND TWENTY-ONE. Our expresses hrina us the returns from all the towns in tho Slate, giving the Hinison ticket a majority of i. Ellsworth's majority in tho Statolast spring, was 1372 GEORGIA. Tho New York Evening I'ost says it is conceded nt Washington that this State lias gone foi Old Tip, The The Journal of Commerce of yesterday morning pub lishes the following returns, which show an increased Whig mnjority of S39 since the Congressional election of last month, The Whig majority will be over 7000 at this ratio of increase. Wobavo had tho tileasuro of nn Interview with Gen. Inwt.v. member of Congress, whoso nnino is mention ed in the letter, nnd who lift Hurrisburgh this morn ing, Ho assures us that there p no ih ubt of the elec tion nf thu Ilnrrison ticket, hiivint! received Ins infor mation from tbeSlnto Mincers nt Hntrisliurgh, who had seen ollicial returns from all the Counties except three. The Harrison ninjorit, without these coun ties, wns6-tf, nnd allowing the highest Van liuren estimntes claimed for the three counties, viz. 50, the licit Ilnrrison ninjoriiy is about uo. Correspondence oi the American. Yoiiir, Nov. 7th, 1810. Gnnllemeni ''Tho loniituronv is over."- -Pennsy l vania has spoken, and her huvo elertul tho Harrison ticket. All uiu iiiieingciieoiroin iiarrisuiirg corroborates this pinlenielit. Piisscnt'i rs in tho stage till agree in It, and letters to members of both parlies hero from their fi lends at the Ctyltol confirm the I have m mv hand a nolo from tho enior niiior ol too i eiegrnjiii, wnui;o m i u "- mmmiiui -, hi which ho says "I have the glorious intelligence to rmmniinicniu to you that Pennsylvania has gone for ilnrrison oyii uinioniy noi itsn imui ,ju, uuu mum will prohahiy reach suu. un tins rciy. . Gun. Irwin. M. C. elect from Celine, Huntingdon &c, who camo from 1 tnrriburg this morning, ratifies the statement. 1 have not lnngint'0 at command Io express the feelings of rejoicing "which tins suspicious result lias produced. Tim tvoy.siono nas noiuy re termed her lilcdirc. nnd with it. s.ivt.d the Republic All hail to her honest yeoiuany, nnd her incorruptible patriotism! A slin from tho Ilarrishur'' Inte'litrencrr. dated nu Friday night, makes Harrison's majority 1)3 tho threo counties of .Mckean, Roller and Warren, being set down nt the Van liuren estimates. 'The Philadelphia, Sentinel (V. 1!.) of Satinday, makes Harrison's majority '170 The counties of Me lCean nnd Poller not being heard fiom. OI'FICIAI,. Tuesday evening's N. V. papers bring us tho official result in I'onnsylviinin, which is ISC mnjority for tho Ilnrrison electors! About 1300,000 votes wete cast, nnd thus do tho 30 electoral votes of that state turn on this unparalleled small mnjority. Hut it is ns good, for all practical purposes, as twenty thousand. tor havo done faro bolter than was expected. After the return catno in from our own and tho adjacent counties, wc should not have been hun prised to hear tha the city cf N. ork had yiven the Locos fiOOO majority. With a purgation of the Custom House, Now York will bo with us nuxtycar. Troy Whig. NEW .1 HUSKY! CoiTopondeneo or the Albany Daily Advertiser. New York, Thursday Evening. Hudson county, Passaic, llergcit, Essex, Sussex, Morris, Middlesex, Sotneisel, Mercer, Waricii, Hunterdon, Riirlingtnn, Gloucester, Monmouth, Atlantic, Salem, Cumberland, Capo May, Whig Zll 100 lew "oTt 311 372 5'23 033 IWl 110 307 50.5' C?S1 13", Loco. ml 10)1 001 4315 2330 Whig majority. DKTAII.S OK TIIK N. YORK ELECTION, From the Malono Palladium Nov. ir FRNKL!N COUNTY. r'The Election is pnt and whatever other pnrts of the Slate may have done. Finnklin county has done her duty. 'In many towns the Whig majorities have been iueieaed largely fiom the Congress votoot IW. The following is the result in thesevcral towni of the County, as fat 'ns heard fiom : MAJORITIES. Whig Rotnbay, Hclhnoiit, liangor, liratidun, Constable, Chateaitgny, Dunne, Dickinson, Fort Covington, Malono, Franklin, Moira, Westvilln. Morgan, Wniren, Clarke, Tnllhferro, Giiinctle, llibb, Itnldwin, Hancock, Wilkes. llurkc, Richmond, llullock, Eflimhnm, Chatham, niinnisoy. 103 5"2 030 431 123 13 201 132 139 r3 039 23 153 591 VAN H'llEN. 213 310 17 211 3'i3 1!)5 m 3(i CIS 5331 2893 From the Ilnllimorn American Extra of Sunday, PENNSYLVANIA. HARRISON TRIUMPHANT. The accounts from Htirr burg, brought by to-day's cars, liayo settled tho question ol mo resuii oi me Pennsylvania Election. THIill.UUW."u ui'MVI IS ELECTED. Thiifollowing Ictterfroiu our cones pondent at York, written this morivug nlpr t'lonrri vni 'iiero ot nn umrisniirfr mo.' n no'i"" t o iiaii. v. n. 10 630 T3 300 2Sdl 033 SCO 213 2:0 120 03 1.', 3107 700 309 350 2231 , 2C0 1217 013 70 1:0 1303 ' 100 IC2G 530 10137 7i 133 1370 537 533 207 7 iO 0CO 113 319 32 1031 500 120 300 15 S10 100 ', 1110 ir-o i:-o 233 .210!) 230 203 309 100 2l,33f) 12,033 12,033 THE EMPIRE STATE. forty Tico lUcctoral voles far IfarriionlH'hii; majority ticclcc thtiusaml! 'Vie threat question ecltltdU! nml William llcnry Harrison ilcctal President of the United Stalesof Amcriia! !!! The great contest is over, and the dead nnd woun ded nro counted. Loco Focoism has fought deeper ately, nnd Martin Van liuren's native Stale has de clared against bun for the four tli time. Had it not been for the unprecedented exertions of ihe loeo foeos our ninjoiity would have cxcefiled 1.3.C00. As it in, we may safely sit it down at 12,000. Every appear anco indicates that Van Rurcn has directed nil his energies to this States mid half a million of dollars has no doubt been expended here by the friends of the Administration lor elcetioliruing puiposis. We learn that coutiibiilions were made by the faith ful in. Ohio, an J other distant Slates for the put pose of being ex"cnded in iho Slate; and Mich wo iuwe no doubt was the ("is-. Every Van liuren Office Holder has been taxed his quota for the lalcconttst, and thou sands have been spent whom hundreds were before. Such being tho true stale of nd'air'', the Whigs of Niw York of have every reason tncontrrntulntc iheniFclves on the result. They hnvc again triumphantly conquer ed, and Loco Focoism is finally extinguished, wc trust, within our uorucis. 7 roy II li!?. Towvs VOTE FOR ELECTORS. Salem.' ' I 8 1. Uinnville, counties. iiaii. v. n. Jnckson, Alliany -l-.O Cnmbridg Allegany S30 Hebron. Rioomc 2.3.3 Wlnte-llnll, Ciittninusus .13 I Ft. Edward, Cayuga 300 Hartford, Chautaunuu 26ol Putnam, Chemung; 033 Kingsbury, ( hemngo SCO I Argvle, Clinton. 213 White Creek, uoiumiin iwU ' urcenwich, Portland 4?y l.-iolon, Delaware 03 Ft. Ann, Dutchess 1.3 Erie 3107 Whig maj. Essex Franklin Fulton and Hamilton Genesee Greene. Hrikimcr Jefferson Kings Lewis Livingston Madison Monroe Montgomery New-York Niagara Oneida Onondaga Ontaiio, Orange Orleans Oswego Otsego Putnam Queens Rensselaer Richmond Rockland Saratoga Schenectady Scholnrio Seneca Steuben St. Lnwrcnca Suflblk Sullivan Tioga Tompkins Ulster Washington Warren Way 110 Westchester Yates 15 37 1S3 133 Loco. 23 31 Tho above tinjorlt'cs aro on the I'.lsctoral Ticket 1 fit In some of the towns we understand the majorities on the Congress ticket nro a tiiile less. At the Presidential Election in 1330, our majority was Party Nivhl, only. Since then, our mnjuntr has been on the .-teady increase, nnd this year will not probably be lc&3 than Two IIcnorcd & Seventy rivn. From tlm Wnhini?ton Count v PoM, Nov. 3. WASHINGTON COUTY. We have received the returns of the ollicial canvass of tho mnjority on Eleetors,in every town in the county, We have prefixed for the sake nf companion the ma loiiticson Senator 111 1939. The following is tho result. Whist maj. Whie maj. 13-10. 1339. 137 lit 73 g'J 12 33 1 It 103 103 91 191 . 217 53 43 101 G3 S3 73 1F0 ltl 241 215 73 fll 140 53 200 2T.S 30'J 22't Hampton, Dresden, 2ur, Tor 19 21 CO. Tory maj. Whig majorities, 'Tory do. 1310 Whig inni. 1839 do. do. 40 2I4S 40 'si'b'i 1032 Whig gain since List year 421 ! CLIN ''OX COUNTY. 3J7'Jie following is thu vote for Assembly. In many cases the electoral ticket runs ahoad of tho Cattnty Ticker, but this is as correct a icsultaswe can furnish for the present. Tho rest of the ticket will not vary much from tho Assembly. Whig. 1'latlsbtirjli, Stranac Peru An Sable Ulack Brook Hcekniantuwn Ellenluirjjli Mooors Clritnrlain Chasy Whijr Majority OfJ 17 113 fi.') lan 213 Federal. 7 133 Harrison's majority 1 'i,'J;$ acwaru s niujuiiiy in i-" iu, From tho the Albany Argus. 1 NEW YORK ELECTION RETURNS. So fir as we can iudgc. the icsult of (lection in this 1 State, is the succc-s of tho IIarii-011 Electoral Ticket 1 by'upwaids of ELEVEN THOUSAND majority thn re-clecnon of Governor Seward bv between .3 and 0000 majority the election ol" DO democratic and 17 federal members of cotf&rrssnnd 3 in ibuibl theelec- I tion n: loiirdcniocralie nml four fcleinl Senators and a federal majority in the Assembly of 1 or 0, ns St. ' Lawicncc shall turn out. j .MICHIGAN. ' Ily the Detroit Daily Advcrtisorof tho Tith, wo have the returns from the following counties in Michigan. They show an increased majority for the Whirrs. Whig maj as I lS:i 10 :joo -ion 10,-) ESSEX COUNTY. God bless her? She is thus fur all whig. SI GO ElizaLethtown, Lewis, Willsboro', Chestei lioid, Jay, Wilmington, Kecnc, " Esse.v, Westjwt, Moira, Ciov.n l'oiut, Ticoudorogi, 111 Oi) X UTti ."() EiO Jackson, Washtenaw, Wayne, Lenawee, Oakland, St. Clair, Macomb, V. I!, maj. l.-0 From the Clinton County Whig Extra of yesterday. the gii:.t;:st political vic tor Y .S7.VC; TUU FLOOD !FIU) KRALUiM A.XXHULA'UU) LY ITS NTiioxansT hold :li:t all cr i:a Tioy r n.ioicr: a lor y USOUGIl FOR 100 YHARS. O'Tho great contest itrt'!inf'.-i County be tween the friends of tho Consti -i .011 and Laws on tho one side, and the advocates of a Europe an despotism and a Sub-Treasury monarchy on the other, has been fought, and the victory won ! Tho paoplo have gloriously triumphed wo ' have mnt the enemy and they aro ours!" A DiviNr. I'novmn.Ncr, who caused our ancestors to triumph on tho battle lieids of the Revolution,, has smiled upon tho efforts of the whigs, and crowned their exertions with a signal victory! Never since tho Hood has a more glorious po litical triumph been achieved never since the 1 lth of Sontembcr. 1611. when the vcommrv of Whig gain since the "ill of ow Clinton drove tho combined forces cf Great Thero hnsbeen 11 llnn-isoii j llritaiu from our i!!age, have they acquitted Detroit has given a Whigmajotity of(K5; being a large gain. The returns in tho Michigan Frco Press and Daily Advertiser of tho oth, leaves no doubt that the Harrison electoral ticket lias succeeded in that state. Albany Argus. MARYLAND. Tho IJiiltimoro American contains returns from every county in tho State. Harrison's majority '179S. October, 2311 gain in every city ami county in tho Statu themselves inure honorably than they havo on except Enlliiiioro Co. Tho Old Maryland line has wheeled into the front rank. OHIO. It is unnecessary to givo details front tho Iluck-Kyo State. Tho tides of victory roll in. with increased volume from almost overy rodnty. Without a single exception, wo be lio'o Ilnrrison 1ms gained largely upon tho triumphant voto of Corwiu. Tho majority for Harrison Electors will ho front twenty to twonty-fivo thousand. NEW YORK CITY. The Van Huron majority on electors in Now York city is ))). Mr. (irinnoll runs consider ably ahoad of tho rst of his ticket, and Mr. Fer nanda Wood considerably behind Ins. The averngo Ioco majesty ill ho not far f.otn 1000, Tho Whigs of New York Iro fuiig'it nob y ; an l ni'cMorinjr the odds illoy l id to oncjun the threo davs of Election just past. The far mors and mechanics have nobly como to the res cue of thoir liberties. They have defeated a standing army stationed in l'lattsburgh they aro victorious over an armed force and a miliht ry de.sp tisw ! Thanks to thoir vigilance and activity eternal honor ami gratitude to their patriotism. la vain lias a hired soldiery been brought to tho ballot ho.-; to trample under foot their freedom in vain has money been poured forth liko rivers of water to bribe tho people and in vain has tho country been flooded with falsehood from a pensioned press. To .sum up briefly, tho result of tho election in this cnuntv, wo would say that wo havo elected our whole ticket by nn average majority of TWO 11 INDUED! ! a no. m. UFCKwrni, tho wh'g ca-.idJjt.i i t;v, AssomMy.'aud tin, cloiiuoiU cul blo t hum 'on of tho people's cat so, oV, cd by a tr UM-hnnt ami over, '"r tr j',r ' "t crtiv hshedfentlo-

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