Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, November 13, 1840, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated November 13, 1840 Page 3
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man and iillsxiblu republican, our candidate for SherifR JAMES S. SlUiDDUN, L'sy. is also elected by a haiulsonio majority. Our candidate for Congress, THOMAS A. TOMMNSON, L's,. will bo elected by a majority of about one thou. Kiitid. Wc cannot find language to express the grati fication wo feel at this unexpected and glorious result. Our village last evening, was a scene of perfect Jubilee. The whig were brilliantly illuminated, while the cannon was roaring, the boys were shouting, the giki.s were singing, and the Tippocanoa Hand playing "Harrison's march," "Hail Columbia," "Yankee Doodle," &c, in honor of the brilliant victory achieved over the federal Hrittslt 7'orios ! 7'ho Ladies of t'latttiburgh, who have acted a laudU ble part in the contest which hi just ended, may inscribe VICTORY upon the banner which they presented the whigs on the S.'3th of May last. Let us rejoice I No longer bhall a ban tlitti of unprincipled doimgogucs in Clinton County, riot upon the money of tho people no longer shall the battle ground of Pittsburgh, no longer shall tho bloody Marantic be disgraced by u federal regency who have ruled the people with a rod of iron no longer shall drunkenness debauchery, and licentiousness stall; abroad at noon day in high places and no longer shall the sceptre be retained in the hands of Judah ! 7'lic spirits of anarchy and misrule must soon retire from their btations, tho government is to be administered on republican principles and the country restored to its former prosperity. ELECTION FRAUDS. Alt the intelligent men from the interior ofllie coun ty with whom wo have conversed during the Inst few days, unite in asserting that gross fraud) upon the elective franchise were committed in nearly every town at tits late eleeti m. Men whom nobody knew, wild who came from --nobody knows vvhcie--swore in their votes nt the pulls in tSntullahc, Schnghticokc, Hcrlin, Greciibus'i, and other towns. These men went in gangs of ten or twelve, and many of tliem un doubtedly voted in ihrca or four dillerent 'towns. They were uuJ.uihlcdly sent up from the city of.Vew Voik, bsini; excluded from voting there by the Registry law, and were distnbuted throughout the river counties. And in this way is the astonishing gain of the Van lluren party, iii this section of the State, to be accoun ted for, For in every other portion (if the state, the Whigs have gained, "or, ut leasd, held their own. Troy HViiV. ' wmr. celebration'. The Wliiijs of Troy wil I celelirate Ibis evening, the glorious victory just achieved in the Empire Slate and throughout theUnion, by a s dute of '.iOOgitusjhonfircg. illuminations, and by forming; n grand procession to much through the principil streets. Tlio Whigs of West Tiov and L-insingburgh, are expected to bs present. The Mansion House on Washington Squire will bo illuminated, and several other huildivgs in dif ferent sections of the rity. A grand turn out of all the Whijs in the city is durable. Troy Whig. I .o r:o I 'O co 1 1 1 . a s p 1 1 e m v. Th; N. V. Times it Star, of 7th, says -'The Rkidmorriiesand Owcuitc, who form the msjority of the Van Huron party in this city, gave a sample of tlifir contempt for Christianity in ilio first ward yes terday. At the close of the polls in the third ditrict of that waul, a strong bo ly of .Mr. Van Burent. "de mocratic fellow citizens," gave three cheers for Aim three fr Hjniiilrn, an I lastly, threo cheers for Jrtsi's Cnunr. This occurred in front of the City Hotel, in thcprcsstics of hundreds who aro willing to testify to tho fuel. GENERA!. HARRISON. The Cincinnati Republican of S ituradsy last says : " Gtusral I Inrriviii arrived in this city this morning from North llend, in excellent health. A little acci dent occurred to him yesterday, which show.) that he is iij! q:titr i tlxrtpil as his enemies represent him. II; was riding over a part of his firm, thro gh which tha tunnel of the Whitewater canal paves, in n phce which seemed as smooth and rts well covcied with grnss as any ntlnr part of the fuld i suddenly ha felt his horse sinking, and thought ha was about'to fall : the general apians frn-n him niul nlichicd upon the firm ground, and the hnrs fell from 1 1 to 'JO feet into n kiml of s:nk hole, caused hy tho tunneling beneath. The General escaped without the. slightest iitiury." Till Cincinnati Gaetleiif inondav has the following: " Panvinr.Nr Il.vntusov arrived in the city on Sat urday last, in po-fect health, in tinii to receive the con gratulations of his friends in the evening." Glorioch Achievement. It is rumored that an ex press arrived at Washington city from Florida n few ilays since to announce that the grand army of ihc U. Stales had captured another pretty sizeable Indian. They alsi came very near catching a squaw, there is a prospect tint with th- expenditure of another forty millions ofdollars the war will be brought to a glorious termination. N. V. Sig. Mississippi Iron Focsiinv. The St. I.ouis Bulletin isys the Mississippi Iron Foundry at St. Loui has b-cn emplovcJ to ptcparc 21 columns for the new Court House. Th" columns are to be 33 feet in height, 5 feet 4 inches in circumference at the base, anil I foel nt the top, and of Grecian Doric order: This Foind try his boon in eustoneo sine - 1311, an. I in 1331, 120 han Is were employed ; in 1333, CO hands weic at work and in this year only 51. Wasiunotod Ibvino, an old pcmml and political friend of Mr. Van li.iren, voted the Whig ticket at l nrrytown, -v i ., toe place ol Ins rcs.doncc, on lues day. FATAL ACCIDENT. On Thursday of last week, a? Mr. Charles Sherman, of Charlotte, was digging a load of sand from tho sido of a bank, for tho purpose of plas tering a house which ho wan erecting, a portion of the ban!; fell, and buried him beneath it.. He was hi-'hly csteomod by a hnrc circle of friends, and his sudden removal will bo much lamented. lie was aged about voar.i. CARD. Wo arc requested by Capt. Siikrman, of the Rtcamcr llurlington, to present his complit.-.onts to the Tippecanoe Hand, and tender thorn, as well as tho assembled multitude, his prateful acknowledgments for a serenade, and other kindly demonstrations, on Saturday evening. The public generally, and onrsclf in particu lar are under very groat obligation to Capt. Sherman for his polite attention in furnishing tho latest news, during tho recent exciting polit ical contest. These little civilities, tho small in themselves, are by no moans unimportant, and wc arc happy to see them justly appreciated. ID'Tip Club on Monday evening. C1AME into the inclosurc of tho subscriler in Mil- ton, on the Gth day of October inst. a deep red two year old heifer. Tho owner is requested to prove oropcrty, pay chargrs and takeher nway. Milton, Oct. 12, 1810.' SAMUEL DEWEY. AMERICAN ALMANACS for 1811, for sale nt the book store. I). A. Bit AM AN. nnl BOSTON Academys and Harmonists, for UU snlcnt the book stoic. D. A. URAMAN. FURS. Otter, seal and nutria caps ; lynx nnd coney mulls t boas: sonirrcl. natural collaisi swnn, coney, and nutria trimmings ; buffalo robes; for sale, by nl2 II. W. CATLIN CO. I7MLL patterns of .Merinos. Taglionis, brown bl'k , and purple, fine qualities. Allipmes, blown, bl'k and light colors. Mousclm do hiincs, all wool, cotton and wool, and silk and wool. French, German, and l.'imlifcli Merinos. Alnacca cloths, and black ground mouselin do laincs, very fine and In milil'ul, for sain by n12 II. W. CATLIN & CO. OHAWLS. A l.-irffo assortment, comnrhiiig noarlv i i f.vnrv v.-mciv ri fiuniitv anil s v i lor :uu uy n12' JI. W. CATLIN & CO, nnisi niul CnHsimercs. Tho attention of pur- chasers is specially invited tu tho assortment of cloths, cashmeres, am, Jw7cATJf&CO HW CTLIN CO. havo ono piceo of blue . black Reaver Clulh, oinalch for which, has not been, and cannot bo found in thin market. I hoy havo bIst two pices casiimere, which vorv far surpass tho benver c'olh, -r-s iiirtvn.l.'S Gniter bonis, walking fhors ond V 'fc'ios. a full ass.-rimcnt i Ladies linen'd liuha rub ber shoes-, plain do. Linhrellns, fancy woik baskets, buck glov- stind mittens. N. LOVELY it C O. .fRERlI SOUTHERN HONEY, and West Indiu mxmt' JUSI weo'TpeckI'cq. IEEC11E3. Tho subscribers will keep for a few J weeks, this article of Spanish importation those wisiung niem suouiu give us an cany cnil. THEO. A. PECK, &. CO. WANTED A Slill, of about two gallons in capa city, with a worm, or condenser, hy Til CO. A. PUCK, it CO. Ol EECII of Hon. Win. Slndo, delivered in the KJ houso of representatives, on the lBth anil 20th of of January, 1810. For sale by D. A. URAMAN. tiuffalo roues. 10 bales for sale bv tho bale IIICKOK it CATLIN. XJ single ,by NEW T A I LOR I N O E S TA It L 1 8 II M E N T -1 Wiiwoski Village, The subscriber has com menced the tailoring business in this place, nnd will do all kinds of work in his line in as good stylo as it is done at any shop in ibis section of country. Cutting done nt nit times, on short notice. WANTED An apprentice nt the nbovo business. JEREMIAH HARRINGTON. Nov. 10, lfllO. UNIH.EACIIED Cotton Shirting and Sheeting, cotton yarn, bailing, wicking, blnck and white wadding, Russia diaper, rtnsh tnblo dinpets, padding canvass, merseilles, quilts, eountcrpniiicsi, rose and horso blunkcls, bleached cottons, blenched and un bleached cotton flannels, English, French and Anier- prints, as cheap as the cheapest, bv nil N. LOVELY t it CO. BOOK STORE. Tho subscriber is weekly receiv ing now supplies of Hooks, and his store now contains the best assortment be hasc.vcr olll-rcd to the public. Among the miscellaneous works this day re ceived, arc the following j Ten thousand ti year, Per ry's Voyages, Jaek n shore, 2 vols. Memoirs of the court of England by John H. Jesse, Slr.-tlutid and the Shctlanders by Sinclair, Woman's mission j Around the world a narrative of a voyage in the East India Squadron tinder Commodore Geo. C. Reed in 2 vols. Confessions of Harrv Lorrcquer 1 vol. Ilurhngton, Nov. 10. 1). A. I1RAMAN. Winooskt Iron Foundry. THIS concern is yet in operation, and ready to execute nil orders for castings, in good older, nnd of good metnl, for various purposes. Tho subscriber is now ready to contract or otherwise for tho building of mills of all descriptions, being in a situation to fur nish nil the materials nt .short notice. Contracts will be taken very low. Plans of all kinds of mills made on n,ij Ucalion to the subscriber) nnd wnrranlcd cor rect i which will save cost in budding, and also many blunders. An assortment of castings sueh as kettles, ploughs, wagon boxes, wagon arms, sleigh shoes, box nnd cooking stoves, a very superb article, for doing a large business with little work nod fuel, all of which can be found at all times, at this concern. Patterns made to order on reasonable terms. Also the subscriber offers for sale one first rate high pressure steam engine, of four horsepower, a good article, built from I.iecestcr's plan, nnd has been in use, which will be sold reasona ble, nnd on credit. All orders to the subscriber, liur hngton, Vt. will receive attention. JESSE GAY. Winooski Village, Nor. 10. TXTESSRS. PANGHORN & URINSMAID have 111. just returned from lloston and New York with their full nssortmeiit of goods which will befound very complete. Watches. Wo have received some more of those fine finished livery, made by R. it G. Ilccsley of I.iv eipool. both gold and silver cases, some, extra jewel led. We have also received gold nnd silver English levers, of various other manufactures. Gold and sil ver anchor escapement levers, with beautiful engraved backs and dials. Gold and silver lepine watches, some beautiful pattern," hh engraved backs. Our as tortniont of watches is far belter than usual. Head nnd neck ornaments of various kinds, jet and gold hearts, crosses, in sets or single. Muttons for velvet wristlets. Haos. Largo and small sized, jet nnd dove colored bead bags ; net bags of silk and worsted, and purses. Cents. Large and small sets ringlets, ;ioon wire: New sets wire curls; nice sets plain hair. Shell cojids. The best quality shell side nnd twist combs, nt our usual prices, a few cheaper shell side combs also for sale. IlniTANiA ware. Sonic beautiful finished fine quality, tea and coneo pots ; communion furniture, tumblers, nnd patent lamps. Plated WAnc. Cake and fruit baskets, castors. high and low candlestick, snuffers and trays, cups ami spoon", a netier assortment man usual. Table mats, oil cloth, and willow mats of various sizes and shapes. Stocks. In tins department, wc liave rivalled the variety store. Thuse who wish to get a neat made stock, no matter at what piice, cheap or dear, nre as sured that wo will try to suit them in every particular. Also couais, nosouis, suspenuers, slraps, nnu a lew nice plain and figured cravats. Pcri'L'merv. Soaps, hair oils, Farinas best Ger man cologne. Thosu who have once used this article, never wish for any other. Farinas good cologne. L)jII3 an.l lancy uoxc.. c liave not torgotton our voung friends, but have selected some fine wax dolls. and many other atticles suitable for presents. Rostwjod lio'ies. Ladies rosewood work boxes, furnished nnd unfurnished ; some nice ones. Those wis hinc for then or for portable writing desks, will please mature .r them, as thev arc kept up stairs, with many oilier uulKy gooils. willow cnairn, waggons and cradles up stairs. Ilrnsi cancllcsticlss, lugli ami low. israss snuuers and travs. Steel do. VARIETY. Go to bed lamps, with extinguishers, a very nice article. An article to clean brass, pl.ite or brilania, very nice Cako cutlers, assorted patterns. Chopping trays, cellar tubs for washing dishes in, brass hooped. Carpel hammers for taking up or put ting down cai pets. Nursery lamps with China nnd tin dishes, and tea kettles. New conversation cards, pearl souvenirs; ear trumpets for deaf persons, chil dren's cups and saucers ; fine card cases j violins and other instiiiments. Wc havendded to our assortment of nil kinds such thingsas we could find in New York and lloston, which wejudged would suit our market, and we now shall b most happy to distiihute them to our friends and customers who wish for them. Variety Store, PANG BORN cc URINSMAID. STATE OF VERMONT, ) The Probate Court for District or Chittenden, ss. ) the District of Chit tenden : To the creditors and others concerned in the estate of Eliphas Steele lalu of Ilincsburgh in said District, deceased. Whereas Josiah Stee-h', adniinisUntor of the estate of said drccasvd, has made npplienlion to this Court, to extend tho time limited for making payment of the ilelits ofsaul ilceaseo, tweivs montiis irom mo tun day of November, lS-i0, and the second wednesduy of October next, being assigned for a hearing in the nremises. nt the Office of the Register of this Court, and it having been ordered that noiice thereof be given, by publishing this decree thnc weeps succes sively in thcFiec Press, a news paper printed at Bur lington, before the lime fixed for hearing. Therefore, von are hereby notified, to annear before said Court. ot the time nnd nlncc nforesaid, then and there, to make objection if nny you have, to the said time of payment being further extended as nlorcsntd. Given under my hsr.d at Burlington, this 5th day of .November, A, u, iu-iu. WM. WHSTOZV, Regis er, BROAD CLOTHS, Beaver nnd Pilot coths, cassi meres, colored and white Flannels, n full assort nicnt, very cheap for cash by N. LOVELY & CO. OfW Yards suiier fine, fine nnd common wool wVJWL en Crirnelings, iust opened. Also, plain venctinn nnd damask siair cariicting, Turkey and Brussels Rugs, Oilcloths for tables and stoves, tush matting, printed lloor clotlis, eve. hy n'i N. LOVELY, & CO. rjNCOLORED BOAS, otter, seal nnd cloth caps, v mum, collars, capes, uown, angola and tur turn luings, silk and mohair fringes, fur gloves, cheap, hy N. LOVELY &. CO. ROB ROY Belvidier, 8-lths. Brocha broidered Thibet Shawls: black, white, and scar let mciinoclo. 0-lth raw silk, chnlly, muslin de laino mm aaxonv no. woolen. Tin net and fancy scarfs, just received uy i. i,u i-.l, v, &u, ALPACCA CLOTHS for cloaks; crapes, camb lets, caiubleteciis. coats' hair and common wors ted camblcts, printed Saxonvs, plain and figured al pines, plain and printed muslin de laini-s, nil wool, now opening by rv. LOVELY CO, IT ICII plain black and blue black gro do swiss silks .V for dressess j changcablcgro do New York, gro iiuiiuic nun repp nines, assorted coiois lor nonilcts plain and fig'd poult de soi bilks, dark and light colors black, blue black and colored silk velvets. A large assoitmcntot ribands of nil Kinds ; clunclle cord.Mlk cord, tfce. Tassels, lnco veils, worko I collars, Thread laces working cotton, black trimming lace. Light and dnik kid gloves, black fillet do. Black silk nnd mohair milts, by K, LOVELY & CO, 1ROCKERY, Glass nnd China ware; large and email looking gliK-cs, a good assortment, bv n.'i N. LOVELY it CO, I OAF, Lump nnd Brown Sugar, Teas, Coffee, sperm J candles, winter strained lamp oil, molnsscs, rice, nuiiiii;Kn, r.iiK. currniiis.soua craeacrs, cloves, cinna. moo, piticuiiui, uioouia wc, lor said oy no N. LOVELY, . CO, LAST ARRIVAL. NEW GOODS just received by the subscriber t and it is of but little consequence to tho purchaser how tltoy came. I will only bay they were mostly purchased on a endit and will havo to bo sold at t-omo price to pay my dibls as I will convince any ono who will call ut my store on Pearl street. SIDNEY HARLOW. QTltAYHl) from nu inclosuro on tho interval O north of tho village of Burlington, about 2 weeks since, tho following Horses, viz; ono largo iron-grey threo year old Mare-, ono dark hay or brown smallish s'i7cil Morgan Marc, a finennimal, five yrnrs old, car ries her head very high, short switch tail t and ono sorrel white faced french Hotso with spawn on the nigh hind leg. Whoever will give information to H. Thomas, T Chamberlain, or C. Paredy of llurlington, hnll be suitably rewarded, October 22, 19-10. "lOODS. The subscribers have tee'd and nre now VT opening a very large assortment of Wollcn Cloths of every variety, rich plain, figured nnd changeable Silks, Mouschne de Lames, Alpacca Cloths, Tngliotiia Shawls, Hdkfs., Ribbons, tVc. Wo will only say that wo have a larger assortment of goods of every variety than we havo over kept before. Oct. 29, 1810. N. LOVELY & Co, NOTICH. Tho schscribcrs having formed a partnership under the name and firm of Starr. Dow, in the Tin, ShcctlronnndSiovc business, would respectfully inform tho public that they keep constant ly on baud a complete assortment in the above line. They have now on hand a variety of Parlour, Ilox and Cooking Stoves, triniings &.c, which they will dispose of nt the very lowest priccs iu market. All orders will be executed on short notice and in the best style of workmanship. J. J. STARR. ISAAC DOW. Church St., opposite the jail. ) llurlington, Oct 30, 1810. LOW'S Writing Paper, wholesale and retail, at tho Manufacturers prircs, and the best assort ment ever before odercd at the Hookstoro of tho sub scriber, consisting of the following kinds. 23 reams sup. Pot Ruled. l'i do fine Letter do. 20 do sup. do plain. 13 do cap ruled. 10 do fine pot do 8 do do billet do Likewise, a largo supply of wrapping paper at re duced prices. Oct. 30. 1). A. I1RAMAN. Till 1 hn IIEO. A. PECK it Co. at tho sign of tho Mortar have just ree'd a quantity of Cayenne Pepper, of English importation. Constantly on hand, lloinbay Gum Myrrh, genuine Haybcrry Rark, dc. do. in Pow der. Jamaica Ginger Root, do. do. in Powder, Bengal mid Ohio Turmerics, Jfcc. &c. Sept. 10, 1910. NK XV IMMMCS received the present week at the Hook Store viz: Two years beforo the ninst) Family Physician, by Samuel It. Emmons. Christ's second coming, hy J.I.itch. llarncs' Notes on Isniah. .Mentors of Mrs S. L. Smith. Voice of the Night, by H. W. Longfellow. Family at Ileathcrdidc. Tho Young Ladies Friend. Domestic Education, by, II. Humplircy. Hrcckcnridgcs Tour. Family Religion, France,, its King, Court, etc. by nn American. Chinnj its stain and prosjiects. Scotland and the Scotch, by C. Sinclair. Thiers History of tho French Revolution, by F. Shoberl. Tongue of Time. Life nnd Times of Whitfield. A Itrcnth for tho Tomb. Unci's Farmers Instructor. The Orchard, bv Chn's Mcintosh C. F. C. II. S., London edition. Annuals for 18 1 1. The Token. Friendship's Olllritig, Rove of Sharon. I). A. URAMAN. Nov. 3, 1S10.' MACKEREL, on consignment, in half barrels just rece ived nnd for sale by J. A: J. H. PECK & Cr. 2 CASES white and col'd Spool Thread, 1 do Pins, 300 lbs. white anil nssortcd Thread, 500 gross gilt and fancy Horn Buttons, 20 do Fancy Soaps, just Sept. 21. ree'd nnd for sale by Vilas, I.oomih &. Co. CAPS, CAPS. W. I. SEYMOUR oilers for sale Black nnd Brown Otter Hair and fur seal and Muskrnt CAPS dark nnd light coloured FURS for Mulfand trimmings. Boas best nnd common, Se: 1 Collars, Russia Lamb, Black and Grey for Collar. Ilurlingtott Nov. fi, 1910. 4w TO COUNTRY MKMCIIANTS FALL SUPPLY OF EARTHEN, CHINA AND GLASS WARE. A. SLASON & Co.. are now re ceiving n supply of Earthcrn, China nnd Glass-Ware ninong winch may befound the following: Ridgway'u Light Blue ) " White Chine Glazed, DINING, " " Granite China, TEA, " UIUC " " , BBBAKI'AMr " Bourbon Sp'g Granite China, and " " " Earthen, and TOILET " Pink J WARE. Low priced China Tea Sets; plain and cut Lamps and Tumblers, of every variety, pattern nnd price lugcuier wun a very i.tiu iissu, unc-tii in -ifi .via, embracing qualities and quantities, not usually found north of New York. All of which nro ofi'ercd at the very lowest prices, at No. 1G3 River-st. 1 roy. o.0.3w G R MAT IIARGAIXS. Stock of goods selling T ofl'less tbnn nost. coiiMslin": of Broadcloths, Cas- simorcs, Vcstings, Cottons, Linens, Flannels, Camlets, Carpets, Calicoes, Chalics, Mouselincde Lainc, Meri nos, Thibet Cloth, Napoleon Cloth, Silks, Velvets, Bombazine, figured Alpine, Hose and Gloves, Shoes, Caps, Sewing Silk, Twist, Thread, Button-, Cravatts, Stocks, suspenders, Ribbons, I.acrs, &c. &.C., and n great variety of otner in tides all of which will be s-jld below their value for cash, to close the Iiiimiivs t'f our trust at the stoic corner of rimrcli and College sis. MAYO it W AIT, 1-ritstce. LOVELY &. HURLBUT are now receiving and of fering foi sale a splendid and desirable assortment of fancy and staple Drv Goods, and others suited to the present season, and mis marKct amongst which nre foreign, and domestic Broadcloths, Cassimercs and Sattinelts ; Valentin, and oilier Vcstings; Silks and Pongees of every ariety ; Tfircnil, F.neus, Inser tions, Ac. V.".j Silk-wire net and other Lnensi rich worked Collars, Silk, Veils, Shawls, linen Handk'fs, Lawns. Linens, zenhvr worsted a snlendid assortment. Moreens, and Flannels, travelling Baskets, heed Bags, rich, fig'd and plain Motiselaiue, House Paper, new and elegant patterns, nil verv cheap of course, at the cheap casn stare, east stilt nl L lturcH-stret. Burlington, August 'M, lb 10. DEWI3VS I'att ntSjirlng-Tootli Hoi ncltake. The Wfre Tooth Horse-Rake, which has been used with so much satisfaction during the last two haying seasons in the counties nf Rutland, Addison and Bennington, Vt. and Washington, N. Y. will lie kept for saieTlhe present season by".STKONGSoi Co. ' Burlington. These rakes are adapted to all meadows; they arc easily tended, and do the work faster and better than any other Horse Rake in use. It is found by experience, that the expense of raking bay with the Spring Tooth Horse-Rake is only about one quarter as much as the common methi d of raking witlt mnd-raltcs, besides securing Ihelinvin better or- Some farmers who have lame meadows, esti mate the use of one rake last hav seann at forty to fifty doll irs. DAVID DEWEY, Patentee. .tuiy I, ibw. riH) TUB PUBLIC. In offering this Edition of X Smith's Geography and Atlas to the public, the Publishers invito attention to the following additions and improvements. 1 he Geography has been carefully revised and eit arrred. is illustrated by about thirlv additional ('nts. and is perfectly adapted in nil its parts to the new stalls. The entire text of the book has, (nt much expense,) been thrown into uniform large type which we feel confident will be regarded as a very decided impro vcmcnt. The tables appended to the Book were made with care, and contain much valuable information in a condensed form. The names and b'tirth of the principal Canals and Rail Roads (finished and in pro gress) arc given, and the places conneclrd alo a complete list ol tnc Colleges, Law and .Medical Schools, Theological Seminaries and Religious do nominations of tho United .States, the reigning Sov crcigns of Eurode, &c. An entire new Atlas accompanies the Rook, con taining eighteen very superior Mnps, mostly drawn expressly for this work from original surveys and the most authentic sources, and embraces much valuable information not to be found in nny similar work. Our own country has received special attention. The i. o i) i-w: i . mill iw.iuJ w.iiiiii-, ii,MiEM,.i,giiu.un nnu icccm changes, arc all carefully marked, and many counties are shown which do not appear in any other Alias Among the peculiarities of this woik may bo mention ed the plan of showing tho population of Slates and Countries in round numbers on the, face of the .Maps. The navigation of Rivers for Ships, Steamboats, Sloops, etc., is shown by placing at tho head of na vigation the appropriate characters for each. Tho Map and Cliai t of tho World combined (on an mitiro new plan, showing nt one view tho Natural and Political Divisions of tho Globe, tho Extent, Popula tion, Religion, Form of Government nnd State ol Civilization of each Country,) tins attracted much at tention, nnd is considered n great improvement upon nny thing heretofore attempted in tho form of a Chart as here all aro shown at a single glnnce, nnd the ro tations they sustain to each other. Wo would nbo solicit attention to the remarkable distinctness nnd case with which every name on tho Mnp may be read ns well as to th; very superior style nnd execution of tho work in oilier respects. Tho Questions nt the closo of the Honk nrn important, nnd will be found very convenient for a General Review. SPALDING &, STORRS. Iltrlfnrd Connecticut, For sale by SAMUEL IIU'NTINGTO.V, Hur lington, Vt. and by the Princial Booksellers in the United States. llurlington, July 3d, 1810. NliXV GOODS, asorlmeui of vr now npi'iiiiie t an n.k it o nrions kinds i f eoinL. anions: them ore Mezotinlo Brmhc.-, Satin Band'. Lozenge1, Aceoiileon hool;, extract of llergiiniot, l.rh-tol lxurJ,green Speelnc e-,Ca-lori-, new silver poelel Comb-, Fugle Bell Plate, etc. ALSO, a good 11-i.orliiicnt of trimmed and plain linn S.uin nnd bonil.nsine.SlocU j thin niuiiuer Stocks, fig'd and plnin some with bftws very nice and light for warm weath er wo havo alo very narrow Stocks, snilnblc foi boys or men. Abo, limn Mocks fur llio-e who have large Nci'ii, in n weml our anrlinenl of Stocks, Col inn and Biisonis is very complete. For further par ticulars plea-e call allho Variety Store. June It. Pancdciis fa BntNtMAiD. PANOIIOHN i flHIXHMAin, of the Variety Muie", aro ollering a great variety of Watches, Clocks. Jewelry, Perfumery, Musical lnlrninciit', Curb, Cards, Pictu re, Soaps, Hair Oil-, Ituzor", Knives, Ss'ifdrs, Cane, Sloekt, Caii. drawing materia'?, wil low Waggom, Chairs and Cradle, Cator., Pencils. Tea and Coileo Pots and Urnsj silver ware, plated Wnre, Lamp Wicks nnd Glassc, Collars and Bosoms, Suspeiuler-iSwonUnnd PistoN,TlH'rnionielcr.,Siatioif ery, InU, Court Plaster; Dolb, Bugs, pocket Books and a great variety of fincy arn'cle to supply the wants and minisier to tho gratification of thu notional and all who call al tho Vurieiy store j wc urc in "Ap ple Pic" orrlei ready to nnwer order or return calls at ihc variety ttorv, Pancik rn V Unix haip. HUIUtAl HURRAH HURRA Ill-Arrivals en tra. Great News and NcwOoods bro't by How ard of tho grnnd Uaiaar Cheap cash store. Tho day , I. ,u ""wramoni ol the newspaper lix- ra Sun was issucdTncvcr was such on event in tho new world bcforo-it announced tho arrival of two Steam Ships from Europe, ono of which came over in twelve and a half dnvs lieiiu, ih .i.nri..i .,.,.. ever made. They camo richlv Imlnn in Mnrehnmliin. Passengers and British Gold, and also brought the most ajtonisluiig news of the bombardment and dc stri ction of Bavrout in Ivfvm nrtnn, ii,.tu., o frpniChina-nbdiction of the Kinnof Hnllnnd Ruatfi of the Princess Augusta, great fire and partial destrue i ou oi ine iioym naval Arsenal nnd Battle Ships of the lino of kmdnnd nt s loss nrimo .n.t . i,n-.uiir,0 of Dollars, with tho firo still burning. Troubles in Spam and Portugal, ttial of Prineo Louis Uonnparte "io ""iff on'. A.BOVefmncnt ship sent to the Island orst. Helena for tho rcmninsof the warrior Nnpolcon. franco wanting nn extrnordinary loan of fil'iy-otio millions 67 1 thousand francs, news of n terrible earth quake nt Mount Ararat and a fall of part of the moun tain and a thick fluid .issuing covering villages and burying a thousand inhabitnnts ond destroying till tlicir Cotton and Rice plantations. Also very ninny other important items which will be duly reported hy inu .iii.ius iievvAjiniicra inai win roiispito to impart nn actnityin the commercial wotld never before im ngmcd. The foregoing is the news, now as to the Goods, never, never, never wss such an extensive assortment, so well selected for the market of the Green Mountain State seen nr ,n I... 1,n.l i. obtnined and at so cheap a rate, as is now on sab: nt iiiu u, nnu ionig, uiiick and i;iieap ror:ns'i, nnd no imprisonmciil for debt sloro kept by HOWARD. mn iiouioni ici. iu, lo ur. ISAAC WAItlVRlt. HAS received nnd keeps constantly on hand a large , and full ussortmcnt ot GROCERIES, among COGNAC URANDY, I St. CROIX RUM HOLLAND GIN, A variclr of WINES'. nnd nlmnst every nrtielo in the Grocery line, nil of which nn win sen on uie most reasonable terms, llv would also inform Tavern keepers in pnrticular thai hn will sell nun, brnndv and pin for f,1 rpni n nnllon which he will warrant ofa bolter quality than 'some which have lately been hawked nlmnt llie rnnnlrv liv a certain New Yotk pedlar, and if not ndjudped by uit iii-ai iimui.i. iu ui; iicui-r, hp win nni nsK nny pay or ii. iiu limns incm 10 can anu compure. Uurlingtont Oct. Id 10. TrrcitllENA CREAM lbrlittvinr.cliririiJHot V in.Warnn's let NeedU-. Silver Thiinl In, u.l lot of new Goods, the .irifv Stiirr. May 23. PANGHOUN & Ulil.NSMAID. H. "S. HKINNElfT" "lT7'OULD inform hi pat rons that lie has just received fiom the iniportem, a wen selected and ex ten sivn assortment of SAD LERY HARD WARE- consisting of every article required in country shops, which will be sold to Sad- lors nt n sninll advnnce from cost for cash, calll and fee. Customers can at all limes find a good assortment of ready m.vlo Urass and Silver plated, Jnpaued and Tilled Coach, Gig nnd Waggon 1I.iini:ssi:k. A good assortment of Ladi.K and Gentleiiien'H Saddbs, Vn losses, Trunks, Carpet Bags of a superior quality. .Maitingals, Trappings, Housings, Twigs ami Spurs, open and close Hells assorted, Combs, Cards, Bnuhci, Saddlers Sille, Buclesltin Alittuns and ulovcs, a great variety of Whins and Lashes. Carriage Lamns snlen did palerns. Patent Luther by the side or smaller quantity. Morrocco and Sheepkins single or by the dozen. A great variety of other articles ndnpted to this market. Having furnished my shop with a su perior nrticle of Oak Tanned Ilriddle nnd Hnrness l.cnllicr, n goon quamy oi ware, expenneru aim lein peratc mechanics, and my experience in business, 1 pledge myself to furnish as good articles as were ever sold in this place nnd on as rcasonnble terms. Most kinds farmcis produce received in payment. Lumber, wood, flannel, tow and fullcloth, drest or undrest skins and hides, or nny otherarticlein theshape of property. Shop, North sido Court HoiiFcSqusro, 2 doors East John Howard's Hotel. Biiriiugton, October I BIO. tf. I- VJIAV Sf COIjE, have on hand nn extensive J assortment of Burlington Mill Co. BROAD CLOTHS nnd REAVER CLOTHS. Alio. A great assortment of English llroad Cloth, Heaver Cloths nnd Cnsinieres, which they will sell at reduced prices. WANTED. A few thousand lbs good Fleece Wool or which cash will be paid. Oct. "H, 1310. AT l.OVIHiY it Co. are now opening nnd of Is feriny for s ilo a more extensive nssutmcnt o seasonable Goods than they have ever before oll'ered in this market : amongst which is a great variety of I.MTHQ -...i n...'p.i o r .. ..n:.... i extremely low for Ready CASH. Oct. 22. Trustee's Sale. THE subscribers, trustees of Lathrop, Potwin Sl Wait, give notice that they intend shortly to close the business of their trust, nod for that purpose now oiler the entire stock of goods, at wholesale or retail, nt a great reduction in prices, for cash. There arc ninny desirable goods in this stock thut merchants might select to good advantage, and to such will be given a liberal credit for .satisfactory pnper. The stocka consist ofa general nssortmeiit of dry goods, crockery, glass ware, drugs and medicines j and is well worth the attention of merchants and others wishing for bargains. Please call and exnmine the goods. MAYO & WAIT, Trustees. Burlington, Oct. 1. T KATIII3K Ac Tho subscriber line received XJ and is now receiving from New Yoik. n largo at sortinellt of Leather. Bonis slid Slinr-M in Addition to his former stock, consisting of the following articles in pari : 100 Sides Sole Leather, a superior articlc,fre from 3ij neavy ww nines, waier, in aiucs Harness i.emner, 10 " Blnck Bridle do 10 Dot. Sheep linings, 2 " .South Sea Seal Skins, 1 " Grained Leather, 1 Cnso Men's Superior Calf Boots sewed, war anted, 3 ' " Thick Boot a, hosvy at $?,50 per pair. I " Boy's 1,71 " 1 " Small UJVs " " 1.22 " Together with Kids, Kips, Shoe Thread, Prunella Cotton and L'licn Webbing, Blacking, Shoe Untitles, Ladies French Kid Slips, and n general nssorlinent ot .Misses and Uliildreiis Mips an l vvnlKing flioeit, nil of which will bo sold low for cash. II. C. STIMSON. N. B. Wanted, a few bushels of Hock wheat, Rye and Corn. K.J. f?ll.visu., Agvit. llurlington, Oct. 22, 1810. -UiNTI.UMKNVS OVER AIXS.-fl doren VJT pairs Gentlemen's Ovvr All", (long tockings,) just received and for sale bv the dozen or single psir at Montreal prices by JA.MES 11. PLATT, P. S Ho will foot them to ordtr. Darlington, Oct. 19, 19 10. SALT. 1,000 Minnts Coarse Packing Salt, 0,000 Mmots Liverpool Salt, For sale, in quantities to suit purchssere and deliv crcd at any Port on Lake Chaniploin, by JASON C. PIERCE ct SON. St. Johns, L. C., Sept. t, 1310. OTOVIiS. The attention of the public, is roninst O td to tho lino assortment of Stoves for sale by the subscribers. Customers will nnd nt their store a larger and more general nssortmeiit than ever, con sistingof Box, Parlor, and Cook Stovcdof evriv rb.t nnd ninny patterns. IIICKOK & CATL1.X. Burlington, Oct. 20. ltcubcii Iloiul's I'.statc. STATE OF VERMONT, fp HU Honorable DisTntcT or CiiiTTE.snsK, st. J J. the Probate Court within nnd for the District of Chittenden : To tho crcditois nnd others concerned in the estate of Reuben Bond, late of Underbill, in said district, d ceased. GREETING. WnrnRAs, Melinda Bond, Executrix of the Inst Will and Testament imIIic said deceased, hath madenppli cation to this court to extend the time limited for ma king payment of the debts and bargains of tho said deceased twclvo months from the second Wednrsdav of November 1310, nnd tho second Wednesday of No vember next being assigned for n bearing in the preni isis, ni uio ouicc in ino ucgisier ot tills e nun nnu it having been ntdercd (lint notice thereof be given by publishing this decreo threo weeks successively in the Free Press a newspaper pricted at Burlington, Tiir.iiKrosn, You nre hereby notified to appear be fore said court at Ihc time and place aforesaid Inen nnd thereto make objections if any you have to the said timo of navmcnt beinL' further txtenJed as nfornssid. Given under my hand at Burlington, this 20th day of uctoner, a. ii, ivw. vv.j. wi-.stov, Kyisier, 1000 HP lilt M Oil,. sallons winter Snerm Od. 2000 t fall do. Ho. 1500 do refine J do. June 7. J. it J. II. PECK Co. 10,000 'A I NTS .V OILS. dry while Lend 00 casks ground do do 15 l,l l. Veiieliuii Red JO e.i-ks French ye low 50 lihls. American Limced Oil, 95 do Spirits Turpentine Conal Vnrin.h. Gold Leal. Sand paner. Small Brushes-, Glue, Gum Copal, by J. &. .1. II. Pr.rK . Co 30 TOItACCO kegs ni ns Tobacco. 10 boxes Cnrendish do CO packages sheep do 2000 lbs. Uaf do. do. 1 y J. ti J. II. PF.CK V Co. 45 OILS. bbl. American Linseed Oil. 10 l icrces ran sperm ao S do winter do do 35 bbls. refined do do J.& J II, Peck it Co. KMOVAIJ. LEWIS, the .Meehtinical Den tist, hnsremoved his office to his dwelling on Pearl St.. nearly onnositc J. K. Grav's Carriage Shop, where ho will ho able to attend to calls at all hours of tho day or ntltt, jiurlington,4Jct. io, taio, p ARPETINGS. The subscribers have on hand ' a fUll nssorllllpnt nf tnM.!., n.l r . I Carpeting, Venetian and Cotlon do. Rush Mattine Oil Uotlu, Sic. which will be sold for Cash at Now York tiriccn. N. LOVELY & CO. July 30, 1840. BOOTS Ai MIIOES. The ,b.criber has now (ill limnl irni, nu....i..,... ,.r nnviu - i SHOES, oflbeino.l falilonal le style, nnd tborougb ttiiu iic uiicrt very low lor UVInll, N. B, All klndit oflncsmimvorb .tnnn n'l .'.,.. Her. Ilnrllnirloii, Cluirch-sl Mny 28, 1810. nLOT,UISns ,K1VN0'1 ICE.TI,e..Hb.eril cr at thcWfiHio. Iron Foundry, ha. on hand nnd Clot h, a lirat rate machine, of the laitM improvement, . ior ca-ii, or exciinuitoii tor (',",' . , JESSE GAY. Wino01kl Village, June II, 1810. 1 UU 1,1.1. Cam Wood 200 do Log WoodSl. Uominifo 250 do Log WoodCani'Mthy 250 do Kit-tic ' 200 do Nicaragua AO do A huh 23 do Bine Vitriol 30 do Madder 50 carboys Oil Vitriol Muriatic Acid, Anoa KorlN. Nllrii! Acid. L'imimi. Bur Wood, IVnch Wood, Quer Ciiron Hark, SpanWi Motaiit and Uengul Indigo, Lno Dye, NuttCallr, pru-s Paper.-, .lacks, Tenter Hooks, CrcjiiiTrtrtar niul Agal jone i v J. J. it. rr.eK en t;o, FC prs. Ladius col'd. nnd black French Slips, OKJ 20do do. Gniter Roots, 20do Misses col'd Slips, GO do Gent's Pumps, 3 cases Men's ncnl Hoots. llurlington, July I I. H. C. STIMSON. CASH PAID I'tllt WOOITbesiib-crilcr will pay cab, on delivery, for good clean fleece wool, delivered at the old store occupied by 11, Hyde iSt Co. ner'h we-t oi rner of College Green. Burlington, .lone 10. HARRY DRAPI.EY. 100 GltOCKItinM- " client voimir llvtbn'I'ca. u nu iiysunskin, u. 30 tags tieppor, 20 do I'll licit I o, 40 do Co 'en 50 boxci Pipe 100 do Bar.Sonii 200 do ltniin 50 legh do AO do Purr pinker 100 Mats C'twm Si. Croix Rum, Holland Gin, Sijnie'.tn Brandy, Hal limore Gin, Americmi lliaudy, Champagne. Brown and Pale Sherry, Madeira a nil Sicily Madeira, Mar seills Madeira lind Malaira Wines, ly June 7. ' J. A J. II. PECK oc Co. 135 l( shi:kt ikon. boxes Canada Iron. 50 bundles R. G. English do. just ree'd and for Oct. 10. sa'e by Vii,a, Loomis & Co. 8000 s vLT. bush, solar Salt do slealu Jo do line do do Turks Lliiud de bl Is. line do do dairy do do conre do ..vks dairy do I y J. A. J. H. PECK & Co. 3000 1500 1000 1000 100 250 200 FOKUIKX IRON AND STEEL. Kndisli Iron from II to G inehe i U'i!a old i-nllc Iron: do nevy do doj Swcede de; Hoop do from J to J inch ; Drazicr Kixls ; 'spring, cai, gerninu, swwti and English bliste'r leel i Cart an.l waon I oxe-, finihcd cro I ar., bv June 19. J. et J. II. PECK ft Co. MT. V lilt SON It, Polvglott Bibles of dulerent sixes and binJins. Pocket tlible and Te:anienls and a general assortment of stntiona- ryjiist received from N. ork and for -ale by e.;ollee st. ,e:a.i. s. itt-.M list, H).. FOIt SA I.E. Common board-, plank', lining boards, clap l.oarJs ami lloor I oanN, al ihe low est price, by IllUKUtv & UATI.I.N. UiirlingliMi, Aug. ri, liu. FOIt SAI K, 73 A ies of Land Lyiir,' on the Winoo-ki A venue, i mile norih ofihi village. This land is well watered, tree from stone-, has wood sufficient for a family supply, borders on the Lake, and is every way an eligible lot. ror lurtner particular;. ap ily lo the subicril ers.- IllcuoK it Catlim. imninsion, .tug. u, ioiu. N OTIC 12 to GROCERS it HOTEL KEEPERS The subscribers Ueep constantly on hand exten sive assortnictitsof Essciicessnd Syrups, also Stough- ton a Hitters, tna 0o. aoela and aeullilz rowdcrs, Spices of nil kinds. Purchasers will find it not for bur uisauvnntDga to can upon us.. October is. i iiii.u. a. i r.1.1 ueo, Prepare fur Winter. THE FARMER'S COOKING STOVU.-Ths subscriber informs bib friends and the public. that he has on baud a variety of cooking and other Storm, such as the Fanners, nnd the premium Cook atoTaa; llie uauaua nox and ceveral Kinds of l'arlour stoves. Alsollussia and C anada Iron Stove Pipe, Copper Pumps, and Lead pipe for wells or cisterns; an oi which lie win sun as encap as can nc had in the place. Those wishing to purchnsc articles of tho abovedesenption, v.ill do wi II to look in at my shop one door north of the Log Cabin. llurlington, Sept. JU. lelU. 11. II. UOSTWICK. Dlt. PlllNiMJY'S FAMILY PILLS, for remo ving symptom of irri anon ari-ing from foul siomach and bowel j t u-h a, loss of appetite, or morbid cravings lor food, sickness or voinitiing, pains or un unea-v ena'inii at llie pit ol stomach, willi so'irnes-, an fa co-tive slate of I hi bowels, tfatu lence iih fulness ol the-e i ar's, und pwiu on pie.s-nrc, with famine. s, jamidue, dy tniary, pain in either idc, Hiid pile's. AHl-cilon oflhe bend, duzini'S-, stu por, weakness, depre.-iun of spirits, by-leiia, hypo cboiidria, ami (f en di-iurlel sleep, sick head ache so common with feel le, dcicete peron-, especially female.-, diarrha'a, or loo. i ne-s ot the bowel-, and dy--eniaiv, e.- tl ihe . km, and worms o Ireipient with i lnldicii, a' eciiousof ttie chet, such a io iab-, or dilliciilly ol'l ri a.liin, o.s asionenl very freqieii'ly by a disordered slate i f .he sloiiiach. .Minilhly ai'ec I fun of females, when dice' e I by general debiluy with ofappelile, altendel -,vi h cold feel, etc., agi'e iiinl fever, in 'uente.i, rbe.unali. ti e. lions of ibe joint.-, serof i a, ticdolorotix, or ninl..l al.'ectioiisol'ihe nerve of the face, neck nnd'er-. I have found them u-ef d in removing hronn catarrh, if per-evered in for. some lime, in sinnller do-c--. They ore accomino dateilto nil age, (chiMicn i f n year old may safely use them,) mid loauy edima't, and under all circum stances. They contain no mercury nor other mineral. They are purely vege a' le. Pose! Two to four may be taken at a tune, and repealed every other niglil, until the long : i c!'nn, and the di-cbarge from ihe bovel-, insiead i f I vim luhl eoloiil or dark anl of frnsive, I cronies five miiI fill 4 nd healthy, with a re turn ofapieiiie. CLRTIFICATF-S. The cnder.-icncl hn had the plen-itre ol un acn'ininlance willi Dr S. Phinney for some yesr ias, during his resideuic in this village, where he has attained n high character a- a pliyieia. He ha had an oppor'uniiy al.oin repealed instance., otteHinglhe value ol ihe ''Family Pill.," and from his ov. n experience of Ibcir eilicacy, as well as from a knowledge of iheir goode 'eel. in other ease, he has no hoita'iou in recommending them to leju-t what they profe to Le, a verv .'. able Family Medicine. THOMAS M. SMI'lll, Pastor of the Prcsl ytcrian church, Catskill N.Y. I feci it to be a privilege nnd duly to ray, thai to the extent cf my obierva ion and e-xperience, which is veryi'on-i-'eral le d ring several year, the Uliliiy of the article I o'li mr iypepy anu as a tnoi eiticacion-. Family Melicine, far ex -eeiksl my aniieiiiaticni. Moie than ihii'y years I have not enjoyed health, but siil'i reil much from sick he.ul-ache, and from billions n 'eelion-. I have had the advice of many re-peclablc physicians, but never found any electual relief front my complaints until atiial ofDr i'liiiincy' Pills hail j ecu made. SAMur.t. Cncntliii i.. llarniciisburg. Crawford Co., Pa., July, 838. Catskill, Gicene Co., N. Y., April, 1825. To all wh. in it may comvrn : This icrnhcs that Dr S. Phinney is a Phy.ician of the lir-t standing in this village, having received his medical degree nt Cam I ridge Cnivcri'y, and is entitled lo the highest respect from the public. Rev. David Por'er, D. D.; Itev. Joeph Prentiss, A. M.; Thomas U. Cooke, Pre. u'ent of Catskill Uank , lley. 'I homa M Smith j Jacob Haichtj Rolen Dor Ion, Coin ellort John Adam-, do; M. Watson, do. If these pi! ilii not give satisfaction atlera fair trial they may I e relumed, nnd the money will be refudded. Agenlsnio hereby n.itliorizi-d lo do so. Agent', It. -Moraly, Burlinglon t UJanr-, Georgia; T. W Smith, St. All aits C. L. Drake, Wct Mdion and at most of ihes'ores in thosta'e. o30.3m LYMAN it COliK, have receivesl iheir iisiia extensive asnrlincnl of fall and winter good omnrisiiig a great variety of figured laxotiv, double and single width. Piuue'il Crape Merino. Mouteline deLaine, tie. Figured Alepme, figiinsl and plain English Merinos, Gro do Naples nnd French do. Worsted Camleieeii'. Alpnecn Cloth, Tlulet Merino, iVe. leaniifil nrlieles for ladies cloaks, Ermtnctte, alis'iiiry Manuel, ligurcd Circa-nans &c. Goals Hair ami imiiioioii Cnmleis, Bri'bella, Persian cloth tie. Heavy double i mille.1 Broad Cloth., Beaver and Pilot Clotlis, Rich Diamond Beaver Cloth, a new r. tide for lientlemens over Con's. A lare niimler of licavv vvorsiei snawis, lew Lupins I e.t .Merino and Cashmere do, Netting. Palatine and Edcnhorn. do Rich Chally. Mouseline de Liiine and Cl.mnnl ll.iLf. SILKS. Heavy Cauion, Orode Na)le and oilier Silks, rich figured Blue Black, Brown and other etilors, Gloves and 1 1 eatery. DOMESTIC GtiODS.-Cotton sbeeimr. .V,,ri,n- licking, wadding and cotton yarn, superior Irish Linen. TAllOKS TRIMlNGS.isevv'.i.ig S.Ik, Tvii-t and Thread, PaiMing. Canvass, Sulecias-. eol'd Jrans. Brown and Black Linen, Plnid Worsted Facing, Wors ted Surge, Si k do., Si k Binding, Silk Cord, Wor tiil llinding ifce. tr, VESTING. Woo'en Velvet, Silk Velvet, Valentin. Silk Satin c. Silk Velvet for trfniminga assoiteil ccdorr. Jlosryn cheeia for chiWrvos vrx-or. NKW AND FASHIONABLE FALL & WINTER WOODS. MRS, FRASER would inform her friends and customers, that sho has lust rotirucd front New York with an unusually tiintt ivn LVtutnnV. ABLE nssortmonlofMlL- WW'tv LENERY GOODSamotig Jot which are tho nowest style ot vmtcr tints) ami vel vets and the most fashion nblo Silks for Hats; a splendid assortment of Rib bons. Laces. Veils. Shawls. Collars, Edgings, Insertions, Feathers, Artificials, Silk Fringe, nnd other nrticles loo numerous to men tion. Also, Fur trimmings and Boas. Uiirlington, Oct. Ui, 18-10. EW PAINTS1IOP..-SPADLDINO&MILLS 1" have opened a new Paint Shop on Cburcli-fl. two doors sooth of II. Lane's Stoic, where Ihev Will elo all kind- of HOUSE, SHIP, SIGN and CARRIAGE PALNTINO, fu ihulct p(i-ll.i: manner and on terms to suit tlm-u who may favour Ilium wlib their putrou a?i'' ItCTPainls, Oil, ariilsh and Polly, coii-tnnlly on hand and fur falc. R.G. SPAUl.DING. Iliirhnzlon, April 9, 1310. C. U. MILLS. riHETIPPECANOE TEXT BOOK. Jnsl received, JL a large supply of Tippecanoe Text Book, made no ot uocoiiicnis unu tacts iiiuiraiiiig uen. Jlarri-on s bltory, ebnrocler, service and opinions. It N warmly recuininendesl tolbe friend of Gen. Ilaril-on through out the U. Sinlc, fur talc at the I oo,; store. J ine2C. I). A. URAMAN. IV IOV GOODS. Sidney Barlow ba res.cived a 1 i general as-ortment of good at hi old store on Pearl stree', which will b sold cheap enough. N. U. Wool recencd for goods Burlinglon May 2a MUSIC. jXTR. A. GRANT begs respectfully to intimate to lijl tiioinuat)itants ot llurlington nun vicinity mat he will onoii classes for instruction in Vocal and In strumental Music early in November. Particulars known by applying to Messrs Pnngborn &. Brinsmaid Balls and private dancing parties attended. o'i'i Burlington, Oct. 23, 1810. To Purchasers of Hooks Ai Stationery. f A. BHA.M AN o.ter al wholo-itle nnd retail u choice assortment of School BOOMs and Mis cellnneou works, togetber Willi an cxicnive siipplv of Statinnerv. Country merchants can 1 e furnished with all kinds of PAl'L'It, on the mot rea-onal'c teriiu. UooU's such a arc olilaiued in lin-lun, 1 on, and Philadelphia market-, ordered al short notice. Burlington, Oct. 8, 1S10. TVTOTICi:. LADIES Is ifc Gr.NTtE.MEN 111 debted to the subscriber for House or C.nntACC hire, or otherwise, are re quested to make payment immediately, and save themselves cost. RANSOM COLBERTIL Oct. 1C. Til ORE NEW BOOKS. Just received nt the Bool, iTl Slore, A New Home. Who 'II follow. Yo'ing Ladies Companion. Countess Ida, Havwnrd' New England Gnzcteer. Mitchell's Geographical Hea ler, a system (d Geography, comprising a Description ol the World with tin grand divisions, designed for in structions in schools and families. Wonders of the Heaven-. D. A. URAMAN. CAUTION. The genuine Morisou's Pills made at the Briti'h College of I It-alt Ii, London, can I e ob tained at the Variety Store nnd no otiii.ii place in Tills town ", and re'ineml'er, every box and packet is -ignul wilhit pen, "Paugliorn and Brinsiiiatd,"ull kold in ihe stale are so SIGNED. Purchaser will p'ea-u rcincm l erihi caulion. P.esjr.cons iV. BnissMAin, stateacenls OBSERVE, that the genuine Cough and Worm Lo zenges and all oilier-, made by Dr. A. Sherman, are sold in boxu, sealed up and have the name of "A. Sur.iiMAM, M. D." on the Boxes, Purchasers will plea-c rcmeinler ibis ns the popularity ofthu-e article, ha induced many individuals to make an article, far infe rior, io sell, when lbc-e articles nreeiiiiuired for. The poir Man's Plaster and Sherman's Lozenger-, are Sold.ul the Variety Store, Panovokn it Bkinsmaid. ABLF.SSLNO to Motker American Sooihing Syrup for children culling teeth. The timely use of Ibis article will save children much pain, often a Fever and the painful operation oflancing the Gum, :ii lex red ice 1 to 31 J ct. Godfrey's Cordial an excel lent article lor the ec rscy 12 J els., both iho-e articles old at Ihc arieiy. -store. I'ANTnotiVsv NI3W DRUG liSTABIilSIIMKXT. At the sign of the MORTAR one door cast of J. d J. II. Pick if Co. The subscribers have opened an Apothecary Store, and intend to confine themselves trivily tu that business. They now oiler to the public a general nssortmeiit ot genuine .nedecmes, including all new Chemicals, and the standard Patent Medicines; constant attendance, will be given, and particular at tention paid to prescriptions. llurlington, Auj. w. iiiiiu. A. I'KCK &. Co. TODINE SPRING WATER. A recently discovcr JL ed fountain nt Saratoga and contains properties known in no other Spiing its freedom from Iron renders it safe to be drunk bv a certain rlass of inva lids with whom Iron proves injurious the quantity of louinc conininco in mis waier renders ii me most val uable mineral water fircverv species of Scrofula vet discovered, for sale by J. it J. II. PECK it Co. AgU. SCHOOL HOOKS. The sub-cril erhns receiv ed the pre-ent week from New Ycrl. more School Books, tf which the following comprise n part. Lcv- ereli's Latin lexicon; Donnegan's Gieek do.; Web- der'slarce Dictionary, S vo.; Jobn.orisand Walker' lo., Aiitbon's Horace, Cicero, Cre ar, and Salhist; Hovers, Meadow, and Niicents, F rench Hictionar e-; Cooper's and Gould's Virgil ; Plavf.ur' Euclid : Blair's ami Newman'. Uheit rie : Olniied' and Wilkf'n's As- irononiyj do. -cbool Philosophy; toinstock'sPhilo--onhv. do. Cheini-try. Bolmai's'aud Levizaes French Grammar; Kirklmni' and Smith's I'ngli-h do: Al rr-'.s lirelleclnal l'lnln-npliy ; do. Jloral do.; Lite if Washinglon, Charles t2'h and Cnrinne French ; D.ivie and Boirloii 1-t Le-.-ons ; Bridge Algebra ; Purler's Rhetorical Reader; Olnev'-, Wend I ridge-, -smith', Main. UrunV, and Mite lull's aid WillsnlV Geography and Alias ; ebster- and I own Spelling l ooi. ; eiocxincirs iieancr, i-i, s I nnu ii cia-s ; .Mount rnon lteadtr; voinid inipils 1-t, 21 and 31 Book, Adam-' New Arithmetic; Cbarlu Davie do. Thump 's do.; Porter Analysis; Town s do.; Boy's and Girl'. Heading Book by Mr-. Sigoiirnev; LoellS I'lieloticnl Dialogues; Noting Ladie' Reader; Anier idan lii t class Book; Lovill t S. Sgiaker, Wor- er'.s Hi. lory; Walt on llie Mind: Goodrich'. I. S. History; National Preceptor; l.r BiuusTeleinaipie; Botany by Mr Lincobi; K.nnes' flcmcnl-; 1 1 ay wards New Enclaud Gazetteer, English Reader, Proircs-ive Header. . i'i'-".-. Biirlingtou, O.i. 15, IS 10. CUIEAPEII and better for Ready Pay. The sub- scnber would inform bis customers 'and the nub- lic (baton account of his loss of Goods hy (iieand the damaged ones selling off so cheap, his present stock is principally innde Iresh and select, nnd the cloths being bought ni low juices can be sold cheap, All Kinds ot clouting mnue on tne soonest nonce, Cutting done as usual. All kinds of clothes cleaned of paint, grease, itc, nnddresscd, ptesscd nnd repaired in the neatest manner and brought as near ns possible to their original beauty, and wnrranlcd without dam- nge. Also on Hand, lno waiting tiniil -cvv i ears or running all day after I rnnnniigs itc.,) lop Coals, Cloakcs, Dress and Fiock Coals, Pnlitalnon, Waist coats, Sailor Jackets, tioys Clonics, tianneii and other shirts, Drawers, Slocks, itc. Also nil kinds of secondhand Clothes, Hats, Caps, Hoots and "shoes, Travelling Bngs, Trunks, Furniture and all other nr ticles common and uncommon. Clothes or produce taken for pay. C. BF.N'NS. rcarl SI., sept, in, ifaiu. O L'SS ELL'S STOMACH HITTERS, may le It ed in Wineor water. Tbe-ecr'ebrated billers nre conipo.-eil purely of vece'ablcs of the most inno cent yet specific virtues. They arc recommended par ticularly for restoring weak constitutions, cleansing and strengthening the slpmacb, nnd increasing the appetite also a preventnlivearaiiisl I lie cholera mor bus, fever and ague, removing nausea, vomiting, licjrl burning, weakiie-s in thu breast, pain in the stomach and other symptoms offl.ilulcncc nnd indiges tion. One box will 'tincture one gallon. Price 25 cts. n Russru.'s Itch OtsTMrs'T. This choice nnd safe ointment i said tol e siipeuor to any now in me, foi ilmi dl.nsreeablr. und loathsome disease, the ITCH. This Ointment i so cenrinin in lis operation that no person tumbled with Ibe al ovi disorder ought to le without it. It i n remedy lor cutaneous eruptions, scorbutic nlVrctions oflhe head, or any other I (caking out which ari-es from sharp humors m the Hood, Price 25 els. a t ox. RcssK.i.i.'s V r.oBTAai r. Bit t iers TtiLs.or family physic, for general use, in eacs nf Jaundice, morbid sensibility oflhe stomach nnd I oi els, loss of nnpetile, fo.iid lire.nh. cosiivenes. Piles, nnd all diseases aris ing from biliary derangement', al o fur coi reeling the slate ot tliu oioou, ami cieausmg me system oi foul and viscid humours, The e pills are a 'mild ca llianic, producing neither pains nor griping, nnd nre therefore a valuable and highly approved medicine, and nre pronounced as such by the most distinguished physicians. Each I ox containing 33 Pills. Price 371 els. a I ox lt,...rll's celcl rated Salt ItllF.l'M OlNTMrNT This i imnne-tlonaLly the lest and snfet remedy cieryel ollensl to the public for that obstinate disorder SA LT RIIEI'M. Wheie other means have laded, it ha nice-ceded, and the fact thai it has lecn sMeitsively used by eminent rraelinoncn speaks volumes in its praise. It is equally cilicacious in all diienieof ibe skin, scald head, ring worm, and the most, inveterate lleb, etc. etc. Numerous eerlificnle inigni i o oi lyuirii, 1 ut Ihe nropriior choose ibal a fair trial should 1 e Ibe on y ev denee of it. MiperiorclIIency. Price 50 cents a box. For sale by J. & J. J Pee .;. Theodore ., Pock & Co., sign of the Moriar, and Robert Moody, llittlington; 1'r. C. E. Miles, and Hull Si Cook,Hine burplil P. II, Uarne-, Cbarfolle; L. Jane, Georgia ; U Tyler, Essex l Fuller & Huntington, Richmond. Also, 1 y the drugijisw nI rocfcais (jenerally ihroojtftoul the efato, tS Om NEW SHEET IRON, COPPER & TIN WARM ESTABLISHMENT. 'I ,e subscriber, late oflhe firm if Starr dc. Uostwiek, having purchased and re moved tothe Siorc lately oecsinicd by Strongs & Co.. east side oflhe Court Home Square, onr door north of me L,og,in, i now ready to uo all kinds ol work that the public wish in bis fine of business-, such as covering roof, wiib tin, making and putting tip oavn troughs and spout,, ,n,. ofTin, sheet lion and Copper Ware will I e kept on hand, and for salt at as low price ns can 1 e found in tliu Siate. Sheet Zinc Copper Pump.. Lend plrK. anj B 01hcr articles in tha unu oi our iusincs kept on band. For cheapness of' price ami tieatnc-s of execution, my work will not Us excelled by any in the stale. If you wish for any th in in the above hue, before you lra:'e le sure and call "p .. . . ii, ii, uoarrwicK. uurlingion, July, i s io. N- ., ,M.f,;'?' '? GEOt.ltAPIIY AND ATLAS WITH OBTLINEMAPS, by S. Atiovs Ttis MlTClltl.1.. 1 be author ot the above works Lai I ecu professionally 'devoted to 1C science of Gco'y and Ihe publishing of Map., during many yean and his former production, especially In Map of the World for Academic, I ear ample leMlmonony of his abun dant resource', upon which be ba so III era'ly drawn, in producing the above school works. ' ,c fUlowin extract of the Gco'y and Atla, is from a joint recom mendation of the Teacher in ibeeiiy of Sew York. "Their merits are numerous the definitions retntrk ably plain und eonci-e. '1 beexerci-e arc copious and miporlunt, and lliedccripHvc is luminous and ci rrect. The divisions of the American eoniiiient, nro repre 'cnlcd and ile-crd ed a they teally exi-i nt the present time. And the gross inist'aietnenU generally louni in sc.kkjI geographies nte corrc ted. The lypographi cM execution is nu colnnmnly neat and distinct, indeed the a'lns Is a model of ihc kind, and actually tccliu with information." The outline Maps are" pwnharly calculated lei exercise the student in his siuclv, audio till up nt hi leisure. Kor snle bv O. GOODRICH. LOOK AT Till!. HAVE YCl'A COLGIM 70,000 l)t k or c.VNsUMi' every year in the L nited Slate, and million suiier feom troiibleomi coughs and cold, that enn ba eurud I v Dr. M. Hilr.h eoek's Vegeiahlc Virgin Oeniu Coug'h Drops, a safe medical piescription, contiiing no poisiiuoiisdnig, and iijcd in an exlen. ive practice! for seveial year will most positively ullbrd relief, and snye ynn from that awful diicace, pulmonary consumption, which usually sweeep iniolbe grave liunnreds el'lhe young, llieu'd, thu fair, the lovely and the gay. Have von a cough 7 lie persuaded to purchase a I ottle ol ibe'Cuitgh Drops to-day I To-morrow may 1 e too late. Have you cough? Dr. Hilcccok's egelal le Virgin Cream Cuugh Crops is the only remedy vou should hike lo cure you. For thiplaig reason. That m nooneofthcthausanil case where il-ha leen ifc.1 has it laded lo relieve Price 7Seent per I ottle. For sale, wholesale, and R tail, by A. Hl'lCIICOCK sV CO. A'o. 117 Geno-e. st., Ulica, N. Y. And by their agents throughout the i niieii stales, in llurlington, by J. d Co., Theo. A. Peck it Co. In Vi r -e In Uiirlington, by J. & J. H. Peck A. in V i r.'ennes, by J. II. Bowman. In Milton, by Burnst oc Sawyer, gin, by Loreno Janes. In Goor- su.2 MAGNl-'CTIC ODOXTICA. THE TEETH ' ! Tnc Incos THE TEETH I 'lie iNCoMl'tnsnl n Ti,f,iu i uKrAttvTios. t lie lact i proved, and Ihe inot in credulous ad doubting ore f.illv con voiced, as we ham he evidence from the -ale of 20.000 I oxes oflhe Odon Itea, within the pa-l year, that the L'lopton Creams of tjiu alcbymist are realized, and a remedy discovered lor prc-erving llio-e iniporuiil and useful appendages oflhe human system, by the ne oflhe Magnetic Odon tica, which by its attractive, and strengthening (i:ali-Ito-, removes ull extraneous substnnie from the teeih and pieaerve them in llietrnatiiral brilliancy, and tha gums in .soundness and beauty. Ills ascertained from experience, that when n-eelj'tlie teeth will never d cay, but remain till the late-t age of man, with their natural we-nr. When ibey arc decayed, it progresa vv ill I e arrested, and the teeth preserved and prevented and preserved Iroin aching all (his has leeudonein a laulltiude of uiatanre : and more in thousands ol ca-es, nervous toothache, (that climax of pain) has at once I ccn e'fc.'tuall) cured by popular dentrifrieo m America. And in conclusion, where, or who is tbtt young lady or gentleman, aje, the individual that values a beautiful set of teeth, sound gums and a sweet breath more than tifiv cents, that will le longer desti tute of a box of Dr. M. Hitcbceck's Magnetic Olontica. Forsa e wholesale and retail, by A. HITCHCOCK it Co., No. 117 Gene-ee -i. Unci, S. Y., and bv their agents throughout the United Siatc. In Burlington, by J. it J. H. Peck it Co., and Thco. A. Peck & Co. In Vcrgcmtcs by J. II. Bowman. In Milton, by Uur nett it Sawyer. In Georgia, by I-orenzo Janes. aug2 LOTItiiN. I.OTIO.V. DR. EVA.NS' UEAiril FV1NG LOTION. Highly esteemed fur curing all Eruptions Coar.ene.,' Itnlness nnd Pimples on Ihe Face Neck or band-, nnd e.leetiially cleaning ll. coniolexion, and removing all di-cac of the skm Nothing contributes so much lo our general success, in lile, as an engaging tirst appearance. This Lolum i admired a nto-t flagrant, mild, safe wa-h and great ly e-teeined for its virtues in clean-dug, sofienins, ai purifying the skinof all eruption, so injurious t'o fe male Leauty, and restoring it lo a high degre ot pu rity. A I eanttfiil complexion is the pride of nil wh misses it, and the envy oflho-e who are deprived of it. What i so ailectingtiia leautiful feinale,in whose facta nature has displayed her power, Rs lolind her complex ion discoloured with disgu-ling pimples, which mar her ehainis, 1 A good appear nice is the I st recom mendation ; and asdic Beautifying Lotion purifies the skin, and remove all Pimple, 'Blotches, Tan, Suoburn and Rcdnets, and produces a I eauiifnl hue, it is the only cosmetic a lady should tee al her toilet. Gentlemen will all also find lhi a delightful remedy, to remove all Itwigbness, Pimple, Kingwum, Spots-, Kcdnexji, Soreness of the lace and noe, and every kind cf erup tion on the surface of the human tody. It is particu larly recommended to gentlemen to fu used after sha ving, a it will prevent Ihe otherwise certain e.lect ol all common soap, in turning the teard premature's giev. For -ale Wbo'e-ole and retail I v A. HITCH COCK &. Co., No. 1 1 7 Gene-cc street, 1'tica. In Bur lington, by J. it J. II. Peck & Co., and Thco. A. Peck it Co. In Vcrgcnnes, by J. H, Bowman. In Milton, by Burnett it Sawyer. In Georgia, by Lorenzo lanes. nuglO BOOTS, SllOl-.S iV LEATHER. The subscriber having taken the stote formerly occupied by Jlcssrs. liithop ip Whipple, is now opening a general assortment of Boots, Shoes and Leather, which have nit been bought for cash and will be sold for tho same at the lowest prices, and as the'arlicles arc too numer ous to mention in an advertisement, although Mr Sta cy has enlarged his paper, I would simply invite all ta call and examine the goods and prices before purchas ing elsevviierc. llurlington, July 1, 1:10. 1 1 F.N R Y C. STIMSON, by E. J. Stimso.v, Agent. IJIIUIOIAN'S WORM LOZENGES ire trie. O greatest discovery ever made, fordisiullmg the va rious kinds of worm that o frequently and distress singly nunriy both childien and ndults. 'I hey are an tnlaililiie remedy, anu so pleasant to the taste that children will take them as readily as n common pep permint lozenge. Many di-ea-e's arise from worms, without its I eing suspeete.1. Sometimes a veiy trouble some cough, pains in Ihe joint or limbs, Heeding at the no-e, est, are oevasioned ly worms, and can V easily c ;rcd by this celebrated medicine. The follow ing s'yinpioms indicate the presence of worm-, Mat headache, vertigo, torpor, diMnrled dream., sleep broken oil' bv fright and screaming, convulsion', fir veiishness, lfiirl, pallid hue, Lnd la-te in the month, o:!eii-ive I reatb, cough, thtliciilt lreatlung, itching' al the nose, pains in the stomach, nausea, squeaiiiitb-ncs-, voracity, leanness, tciieiinn-, iiching at the anus toward nigl'n, and nt length, dejections and films and mucus. One is a do-e for a child two years old two Ii r one four years old .bice for eight years, nnd five Ii r an adult, find should I e repealed every murnuip, cr avery oilier morning until relieved. itipSoldat ibe Variety store bv PANGCORN 3b I RINSMAID, Ji ntlltn, R.irlincton, Vt. Hair : liAiit : : --bai.iin i:ss.imi or tant Discovcrv "llie Great Myhtcry lound out at last. DR. STERRY'S HAIR REGENE RATOR. Dr. Sterry, after much attention to the important subject of'preserving the hair, hns, nfter many experiments chemical and physical been able to discover and article which is now offered with thu greatest confidence for the toilet as the best thingcver tig-coveted, for, for Us softening and penetrating quality to produce n good head of hair to prevent it from falling oil' when baldness is apprehended to restore it when baldness lias taken place, and to preveni it fiom lurninggray. It ii is more nourishing than po matum, antique oil, or Cologne water. It is a beauti ful at tide for Indies curls it mnkes the hair soft and hvcly, and produces uncommon brilliancy. Thous ands have tested its superior virtuts and excellence, and m every instance it stands unrivalled. It is an infallible cure in all nfreclions of the skin on the head as dandruir, itc. itc. Every family should be sup plied with n bottle of this oil, that by its application tothe head and hair of children, the beautiful and or namental appendage ofa fine head of haic, which na ture has supplied us may be preserved. Fiom tho numerous certificates a nd rcconinicndalions received of its salutary Hillucnec. the Doctor feels firmly per suaded he has succeeded in producing nn article which will meet the desired wishes and approbation of tho ihiiihc. For sale wholesale and retail by A. HITCH COCK it Co. 1 1" Genesee st. l'licn, N. Y. In Bur lington, by J. it J. II. PECK it Co. and THEO. A. PECK t Co, In Vcrgcnncs by J. II. I'ownian. In Milton, by Burnet it Sawyer. In Georgia, by Loren zo Janes. BLA KSMlTII.-Tho nibscnl er having re cently moved front Albany, and commenced thn Blacksinitli business, m nil it. form, in the neve shop on Madison street, near Fnllelt it Bradley's Store, would respectfully invite the inhabitant of Burlington and vicinity to give him a call, as hen 'fully prepared todoall work in his line, on the shortest no tier, 1 et manner, and most favorable terms. lie naa for many years pa.t given hi particular attention to the Horse shoeing business, and Farriery in all its branches. From the long experience which he has had, nnd the general information be bs derived hoth from theory and practice, he feels fi.llv confident in re commending himsclfto the puHlc. He will l pre pared at all times to give his pertonal attention toall kinds of work in his line sueh as Ironing Wnrgons nnd Sleigh, Pblpwork, fa. All kinds cf edge to l made in ihe lest manner nnd most ar vroved ,tylr He trusts that I y piv fng business his ludiyiVed ailf ntion und the low prices at which he will Icenal Its' to fur nish work, to receive a sbaieofthc nl lio is ronaae, ' J0ILNS0R.GEX Purlfnpion, April 10, I81Q.

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