Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, November 20, 1840, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated November 20, 1840 Page 1
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NOT T H B OLORT OF O JO S A B', O T T H a l r a r b or soma. BY II. B. STACY. BURLINGTON, VERMONT, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 1840. VOL. XIV....N0. 24. HI CORE'S ESSENCE OF JTJ. Med LIFE.-A Valuable dieine. which, if rightly applied, will I c the mean ol saving thou-anii irum mi iiuim ..i It ha Icon vol.1 nn1 ii-ed for llnriy year, Willi sncce.s, aivl found vcrv clliouciou in Hie billowing Jieae, viz. Conu.iiiiinn, Whooping Cough, com mon Cough, CoM', dim jnll Breathing. Inlhiciizii, Qitin.y, Alhma, Phthisic, Spitting of Blood, Flatu lency," ln.hge.lion, Loo-cue. of the Bowel', ritof -every kind, Cramp, Rickets, Colic, Catarrh, larv, Fainting, Hypochondriac Alfceilon, Headache-, Stomach, Meale-, a preventive of Con tagion dl.ea.c, Gout ami Hhenmati-m. IC! heabove Me Heine i prepare.! l.y Henry Sey mour, of Hndlev, Ma. from the Original Recipe, by the direction of said Moore, ami sold by hint and the principal DruggMs in the UnitedSlate. Soi l wholesale ami retail, l.v J.. J. H. Pc.'k Co and Then. A. Pe::k it Co., IJ.n 1 insjlon, and by the tellers generally throughout the country. A J lli-mlnel..! SNUFF. Thi.Snii l'i .ulterior to any thing vet known, for removing lint tried le-ome di Te, the Catarrh, anil al-o a cold in the Lead, and the headache. It opens and purge out all obstructions, lrenRlhen the ?latnl,aml Rive a healthy action to ihe --arts a.ledcJ. It i perfectly Iree from any thingdele K'rinn in it compo-itinn lia a pleasant flavor, and it immediate e leu', I cing UseJ, is abgrccabfe. Price 00 cent per holtle. .,,,,, Doet. Mar,h..ll'sVeie:al.'e Indian Black PLASTER. 1hil'laler i unrivalled for curing sorofilou swel-lin-, S.-urvy Sow, l.amc Barl;, anJ r re-h Wound, i pain in the side-, Hip- and Limbs and seldom fad U give relief in local l.heimati.m.. If applied to the ide,it will cure many of the common Liver Complaint.; nd is equal, it nut superior, to any '"" " SHERMAN'S POOH MAN'S I'LASTBR. The Le.t strengthening pla.ter in the world, and a sovereign remoly f. r pain or weakness in the haul.', loin, side, l.rea'.t, neck, litnli, joint!., rheumatism, l'ngo, itciVe. One million a year will not supply tlieilcniai.d. They requite a little warming before ap plication. Warranted superior to all other, and for one triarler the nual price, making not only the I cl, hut the cheapest plaster in the world. It allbrd reliel iua few hour., and make astonl-hing cures. In liver complaint and dy..pepia, it should I c worn over the region oflhe liver or stomach, and it will nllbrd preat and atoni.lun!f reliel. in eonRli,c.oi(i, n.tiima,tiiih ICplMPORTANT CAUTION.QJ It is a singular fact ar.d one much to l.e regretted that valual.le medicines, a soon as I hoy l.ceonie pop ilar, and have received the let and approval of a discriminating public, arc sure to I c counterfeited, and thus a had aiidspurion article is immediately palmed upon l!ieiiniipeoliiigfortlie genuine. This tin been notoriously the case with all popular 'riud and truly valuable inedicne for year pat, and will probably continue to I e the e.ise for year lo tome. The ba c and contemptible counterfeit in ihi wav meanly tal.c advantage ol all the e.lbrts and adver tiing used by the proprietors of the genuine article, eul iv of hrealhing. onnrcsion of the che.t or stomach, I to get their medicine into use and deserved poploari thev will immediately soolh, and greatly lenefit the ty. It i therefore not les theduty than it coniribules patient. Person ot sedentary habit., or tho-e obliged to the safely of every hone-t individual in the coin to stand much, will receive decided support from one mnnilv to exno-c. frown down, and forever afierDIS of the. e truly, slrenglhening pla.lcr. Physician gen- TIUll'T all IIKAIlTLfSS INCHATliS who thus irrc erallv recoinmcnd them, in preference lo all oihcr.,l e- pon'iblv trifle with health and life, cau e they stick or adhere l etter and a lord greater Jt-TIIKUKFOHK TAKK NOTICKTnJ relief. In their operation they are stimulant, tonic, There i a icrson by the name of J. 11. TlOCHE andanodyne. They are eoiiyose.1 of entirely diilerent FOUT. now engaged in selling a Pill done up in boxe ir.sre.licn'l from any oilier ; and known from I he ex- in exncl and perfect imitation of the genuine INDIAN penenct" of millions, who have ned them, a well as Vi'XiKTAlJLK PILLS, with the omcnion of only one the united ietiinony, of all the celebrated and 1itm. word on the Boxe. viz. Wnloiir. The Pills siildby g. hod clergy and pliysician", lo lelhe luo-t ii.ffnl thi. Uochefort are evidently intended a. a fraud nn'd and Highly moJicnted plaler, ever invented or o'lered imposition upon the comiiiuiu'iy, or they would not lo the pulJ'ic. Several person have called at the ware have leen done up in such exact 'imitation' of the gen-lio'i-e to expre..s their surpriie and thanks at the ume. This person i tall blistering with a great the-nlino-l mirac.iilou cure the-e pla.ter have ejected, atrical swagger. He wa recently known as a very One man who ha 1 been so a'l'ucied with henman'.in, poor player in Ualtimore, under the mu.ical cognomen a to I e unable lo dres him.clf without, of Jim lirowu, anil i al 0'it twenty the year of ago' was enabled afier wearing one, only one night to gel It i almost leyonda doubt that liei supplied wilh up alonu in the morniiisr, put on hi clolhe and call the Pill Irom a Druggi-t firm in this city, who have at our ollice wilh rye I earning with joy and hi tonsue licrelofore I een notoriously connected wilh counter tionrinsr forlh I he clndne- of hi heart, at the sudden fcit medicine. As soon as prool is obtained the foun- nnd signal relief he had received from Ihi le.t of all ham head of this nefarious businc.s will Icexpo.ed, trinedie-. A-k for Ur. Sherman's Poor Man' Pla.ter. ilmt the community may shun them as they would a IpOREKJN IRON AND STEKL. KnglLh Iron from toG inches) l(usia old sable iron) do new do dot Swcedes doj Itoopdo from J to inch! Hrazier's Rods j Siring, cast, gennan. sweilen and English blister slet-l ( Cart and wagon iioxe, fini.hcd cro bars, by June 19. J. iV J. It. PECK &. Co. MT. VEIINON 11KAOKH, Polvglott Uibles of diilerent sixes and binding, Pocket iJibles and Te;aments and a general assortment of stationa ry iit received from N. York and for sale by Colleges!. je:25. S. HUNTINGTON. NEW AND FASHIONABLE FALL & WINTER 4400DS. MRS. FRASER would inform her friends ontl customen, that she has just returned from New iork with an unusually Am,B "Mortmenl of MIL tXa LENERY GOODS arnonc which aro the newest style of Winter Hats) Silk Vel rets t and th most fnshicn able Silks for Hnlsi a aplcndid assortment of Rib bons. Lnces. Veils. Shawls. rolUr. P, In.rtir.t, A.iiri.loU Silk Fringe, and other articles too numerous to mm- ST.OKE T al,d S,oek .f Vr C.ood tion. Also, Fur trimmings and Boas. Ol'or MalcA first talc store suited to larce Uurlinrton, Oct. 23, 1840. business with a good run of customers, would be let s I he I FOIt NA I. IS. Common board, plai.L', lining boards, clan boards and floor boards, at the low est price, by HICKOK St CATLIN. uurlinglon, Aug. 13, 1SIU. liARI. HOWARD, of the Cheap cash store, for snle on very advantageous terms. The present is . arrived home from New York lal evening I y a rare opportunity for anyone wishing to commence solendid steamer Whitehall. D. Lvon Cant, and business, for further particulars apply at the store, to rought wilh him an additional supply of Good which MA O & WAIT, Truitttt. Mil in two former purchac ol tin sea. on make. iiunincion uci a e assortment alloiretherone oflhe ninst deirable to elect Irom of any that be ha heretofore had for the last eighteen year-, anu i oi the tollowing liiiui, viz : r c l. la-ll ununfc. iuucv anu Man u nri u.c in t:i-rv lenattlnent oflhe Dry Good line, such a Broadcloth., Cussimere, Vi', Mo.iseiine de lainc, Challys, GniNDSTONIS, ly Jom-7. J.cVJ.Il.l'ECK&Co. rorn on the feel ; the virtue of tin I'la-ler have leen It i o called, I ecatt-c lheirice places II in t tie power serpent. wiine..edbv iboi.and of indiid.ial in the Cniled of all lo purcha-e, leinionlv I2J el. So'd at the va- IN THE MEAN TIME THE PL'BLIC ARE CAU- Siaie. who have le-iel it eilica-y. Soldlvtbe pro- riely store by PANGBOUN & BRINSMAll), TION ED prielor; Cha. Ilowen, Middlebury, Vt., and Titr.o. A. Jewellers, Burlington, Vt. against buying WRIGHT'S Indian Vegetable Pills Pr.cK ii Co., B irliugton, Vt. jejO tt ATUUE'S GRAND RESTORATIVE. This of s' " wh." Aoe not exhibit a cerlilicale of agen- fTwRAKKH -F TH,.: ... .S.--, .,,!, NJ I) .ho ln.Mi rruv.U cut k,. m, ,r, for ihL Rrtlim - c licular notice that the following wording i on thu box- PivlabU rulmonanj W. - '''j; ; .'; a 'c -i es-Wrigh.'s lnd,a Vegetable Pn.-(lnd. Purga.tve) fm.-di mm inn-e l"i eciitli. c.l.l, lrt.. or pliili iir, ,',,,.1, nn,l l.mvcl. cure, niin in the of He North American Collesc of Health, con. i. .on i. !..... sc.,.,!!. -nd p..l.n...M.) ll.r u,a" ''.'f s. ' a!..'i 1.1. ' T.."1.. . t The Mian X'tzHnblt Pill, ae h ceriai,. cure for w OOI, TWINU for sale at HOWARD'S. m28 ....nnl.titl. w .ni.n.nfi frei kind. In s.i'r is ie.i.ld i.icipii.i.ig. hii.I il.r liropi.eiiii at' rn.i'i.i.iiU ifre. Iua die ni'.-l f.iwi.nblp arr.iimi of lis rflWi... 'I l.f-fi.ll.iwuig uciv cr i tilicilrs ic i.flVre.l fur (iidibn px.i.nbi.ii!...i. An Istkuksiixg Csk Ex.ranu.f loilrr fmni Mr C S Clay. Kingo...., U'er ni., N. Y. n ibfl pr.iprirmrs. " Yiinis i.f .he li mi. ib.l ii-c'd. A cure n.i eff.-niril bj the !' munry H.ib.i.n in il.c ..ur r . iim f 1635. 'I I. r fersun, .Mr. iM.iudi, h id htrn su k n lo.ig Inn wnli Ihfl Hi .h.ici...i ciicn Inn. i.p I If H nliiffit o low .is Hi be i.....blf l help l.i.ii-elf. and .is r.H.ii.i! n l.nisr i'i.miin of bl,...i! whci he roinmnncid using ibe, whiili effeceil n rnmplelK nue, I.f H n'. n. Ii.ile and lieinl lis e.ri l.ewj. lr. bin.b I. if leiivne.l fiiiiu ibis ln n, hui he h i irrui..ed me .. mnie deMiled ..erne... of bis ruse, mIiicIi I Hillf.,.w..rdmi. C. Si CLY. Kinas.ii.i, N. Y. June 23 1S38. Exir.iel i.f.i fni.ii I).' J.irnl. Sljers I l.e Vee b'e I'i.I.ii i.i i.v Itil-ii.n l..i l.en sold in ih.s r .M.ii for lo e.iif, .i..d il.e me e.ii.ied mi nnrnminmi celeb, in. f. it 'C.i.eely in one filled ..I h.unia Ilie d.-i. ed rffeci I am m no in i.filie niin 11H..H1111, mini ol which aic im. imsuion. iipnii a n e.b.l.... publ.c, bin wl.irli I 'kn-nv by use In be eficc n il. I rn help bin jiv mi m,,i..1i.liini iheiPUi. A rniinierfeil p-fpnihlinn Hierr..n"eiril heie lit 11 11 .i elU.i" Alien!, nf Cnnis'i.i K, li. Y. ll.eie m' .iii'i'lie. ainde .ided lieie I firuneU tuspreieil lu be spui ..'" Jaciih Mvrtis. M. I). MifllbiBinn, J.inbil.i ro I'e.i.i. M'i 3, 1S"7 l",ni Ilr., I', the l'..... iei.i.s ..f .lw Veje l,le PiiLiiniMrN IIhI. ii.i. I .mi MHsfied il.e e ,ei.,l.le l' lUt.iin m .i ili. il.'e ined-cii.e 1. hi. been ii. ed in ill. pbic wilh n.mpleie ...rce.s in ... ,.i,...h ... enmiil mil l the I. ..i. mien led Willi.. .ee. rmigli. bis .f n.i-e. i.ud .he r iiuM "f iin"-li til.M.d. hull iiei..tiU le.i'ie.l n. my npiinpd ,p..iip.h.i. Ahei n. ..2 .be '-.k, i I.f ,,,.,,... ire. e....n-d -"."I I" ..s..lde... spp .k ...... I hi rase iir.iiiied s...ue lime sniee, m.hI ll.f in'in is niv eng ued ...n only in ari'ne bin Uli.ii.. Ke., &r. S. Mo.-Ult.l.. I. ! n.i.v i, i. ne 1 1 1 .. 1 1 six ers sinrp 1 ImihiijI. ,,r In .. i.n'eri.n.i '.f il"' bi.12. 'd ompinl u .'. . f i ...... i ,,, t,e ii.'' In a i iiunril nf .luce nh ...j,, n. Illicit 111 .If L'HO I lienllll It I IMU il'in'tin. 'lIoaV.eno.s.'shorlne.K of breath. Nervous disea-e in us pvmj v..i.e.y i.f l.irui, brense lliey lh complaint., i'ii'., which are frequently the e led ol'di- '"'(!'''' ""' """ ' '" ""'"'. ' "-e I1"; eae For Fever and Asue. it J. a iii'im valuable pre- per dis. Miup b ibe liiiigs, skin i.ndki.bip. Hmlfii venlative a well a a sovereign remedy. Its virmr Silk, Bond nzine--, C.ilicoe, Linen, Mu.lms, Lace-, Ribbon, Embroiderie, Ho.icry Glove, Fan, I'm- l.reun, i ara)ii, cic, won a inn Miii..y ui t iviivitvc and Straw Bonnets, and Millenary Good, also, Car peting, Malt mars, Paper Hangings, Shoes and Hat X'llier Willi ail ine nravy oescripiious oi iioiiiusiic I oilier giusl., suo'i a Sheeiinss, Yarn, Burlap.' Wool Twine, etc. The Crockery. Lookina GIaand China Gallery isalso replenished; the Cutlery, Hard- arc a ml l louse furnishing department is in accordance ilh the other stocks on hand, the variely of fancy ar ticle, such a To, Jewelry, Cuinbs, Curl, Confeu. tionary, e'c. elc , ca-e In lenlh on Dome and picture gallery is I eaunr.illv arranged lor . iu v nnnfiMejA pahs inn.lni. brooms i ne uispiay oi uoou unuera sironz ucni, aim m:n ine Rndoz. natcnt Pails large supply ol superior tnmiiy i.rtH'eries rased upon j , . J. &. J. H. Peck iV Co. ine om'i oi i. lie, nuciie-iLT i-uy iiiiii ri.rir, n. nuibilR the bl.iiid io pin ify itself. In mlier v.nds ilnj Grand Bazaar cheaoca-h store, oneofthemo-t fasci- CT nalingde.irable and convenient More to I e furnished ijJ veniative a wen a a sovereign re.inny. us virmr , ,. nrpa. any thing heretofore known in removing St. "I"n H die ii.mirrtl drains, mid leaie naiuhe tht Vitus' Dance. two bottle-have 1 een known to cure Grand l'hytcinn nee in dine difpiise lioin the thisatllictingdi-eaie, after having I allleil every exer- ln.dy. 'I he li.e on.leis, or ibniii, tire ilie ciiiniiii.n lion lor four years. It ha a mo.t powerful influence imni of ilie '"...It, tliiiii.gli uliich -II mm bid imd ii.r. in removing nervou complaint.. It i plca-ant lotake rii.l biininis (ilia r.iii.e nl dlseiie) me can ie.l off ; mid and -oeay in its operation, that it may I e administered r.i long ibey hip all kepi ope... mid s fife') io ibe infant wilh safetv. The above'Me licine i very ilu Ir i.llo.ird nm linns f l......r ii , ilie Imdy tvdl cm. hiffhlv recommended bv many scientific genllcnicii, iimie in : bir hen I'iciui citiina iinpii..ei li.i.d, and a large numlcr of ladie-, who have p roved the I tne.iiliiiis; inipiiie no , Hidden I. mn in virtue, of the .Medicine by personal us" and that ol iheir eolil, ntei exli.iuli..n nr uj uiher rpixe, il.e liuttel lamibc. A bill ofcerlili'cale.acconipanie.each bottle, lipinu.,., .he'til I lie skin beri.uie, with directum. It may I e bad whole-ale or re'nil ol ,,r .liekidiies fail i i peif nm I belt liii.rib.ns I, S. llrilain, Barre, and 'J. C. I'arnam, Ea-t Williams- ,,e ii, tthii h sli d In drained limn the Imdj lowu. I. so e oronrie lor. J re lareu irom uie orism i. , ... , ... u lie .ei:ii,,e,l. h... t-niii in nr. al recipe; fur salt; I y E. H. Prcutis-, Monlpelier, and .)I)M,I(, llM,j ,le )1M. ,ec..iin-s liiptullv In.ided ttiilt j. ii. itiK k v-u,aiiu ni,.... . V.W., ..hi- ,,,,,e, 1 1 . he cImiiiii I ill our imgniv neis fiiuiuii liiiL-on. and in the tirmcinal towns in the statu ; all t...,. i.i,.,.i,.,i ,.,.i,i ,.i it,,. ueeiimn'iiieil w.oei. directions signed in the hand writing of the proprietor. e, ew oitilri,t. or the rnuntrv liermiie iniindmed? Jlr JiiMfo ttilh ilie liinn.t il.Mdy; iflbe n.iliinil drum be- cii.'i.imm; i'iirrr:ll l.iiKK,f2KS. limine c!ne.l. Hie s iheimiii mnl cm mill win linn A T.' tl, .,!'..., mn.t vnre nnil e IkM.ial rellledv for Plll ill llm ltlilills foilll Ol lllffllsP SIH 11 US r elfl , J Couch., Cold, Consumptions, whooping Cough, ! sm.tH I'ox, MphsIp. Rliptnn iiisin, Com, Apoplexy 'I';,.l,.i-.... f.r the l.n.1".. t.r cbel. &c &r. or Dpitllt ill end our f lifl'ei iiiiis 1 he proprietor has never known an iVtanec where lien sirkiiesf. m the si, puns tu die hm.I tlicy did not gne pericci m irnii m.....-- mil-. i...i r. iti.c, " "". "r'. Iioxe. have I ten sold willnn the last three mini h- ..... syiiipiinii, i.iilien.e huh one iir iimie in ine im, iC'ioring lo health, pcr-cus in almost every stage ol mini i'h t .hp hoi di-i iLiigiiis firety, mid .be eiinsli i iiii.iHiiiiiion. and tho-e lal r.rinc under the lno-t di I miuni i ..limn so cuiimience n sitniiale Im ill" ti i-.unz colli an I cough. They do not chevk and I , i,,,, f he.ilih nn nine flmidil be tnsi in aibniiiis eriiis thy up llieco igh, but render it ea-v,. promote expe- ., le v l.iik dne i.f ilie Imbmi Pnigume (Indian ye or.rion. auav ine uciiiin or irriiaiion, tun rnnnvi: stltiult I'llli 1 liv so iiiiui", nil Hie ii.iic.ih.i ... .... the proxuna'e or exciting cau-e. They are made hMy will he tpsimen to ni.lpr, rod ilie liimmie Irom a comlnnatton oi ine n raiunoie cxpeuiordiir, (,,H tufe i.f pvriy ii.ll nn-.tii r p un f! ruiiei; i" or cough mclicines, anu are uniiouiiieiuy superior io he leinnted in so eay nnd . inet . every tiling in ue for those complaint. Hundred- i,(,,y iij ,e teflnii'd h if by a rliiti ni. The lib. iiik.I1 li'indred. ofci'rlifica'e have I ecu oflered of their . ,. iLeii m aI.I. li mid nutlet A I.I. woiuleiful virtue-, from llio.e who have leen sayitl ,...:,.,. w, )CiVei s.ifeiy. Tliey tun all com from an untimely crave, and ro-lored to perleii iainx, , ,, Un-n .and me in ilie limit in rnnsiiin healih I y uing them. Uo-t. Une lozenge i a uo.c llsl . P0,1fr(.eiy the can nrifr iryuie een ilip ittr an a m.iy i v iM...t. ....... ..... . ... . . iira.B l.ikc nnr ln'.il, n.ey me ingesniiie tune. aday,a.rc.vmcb Children, eisht ear.s year. d,,,,,,,. ,v flrr inl(, i,e -! rttl.ii tun and iinpmi old, hall ol one: Irnir year a quaner, anu so n ,,,...,.,, t , en.d.W (!.. f. portion. erv .man t-nuiiren or nun s w . u .jinn o'niie m (lie pxiteiniiiPi and rii.i.ernienily in U D HUGS AND MEDICINES. A nrje supply jut ree'd I v June 19. J. it H. I'I'.UK tV Wo. from wilh all and every kind of article that may le wished lor, or :ool.cil at lor aniinenient and gratilica tion, or with a tie ire to convey the mo.t pleasing in telligcnce to friend, of the place where every article they may desire (or the I etterinir ol nppeance.-, addini: m',SKS SCALES, by to coniforl, or supplying nece.-sary wauls, may I chad H " J,Iy l6. ' J. it J. H. PECK tt Co, halevcruiiil whenever you wi-h tobuvcbe.ip forcal. to iiuwai.ij'.--. iiurlinzion, vt., June II, 181U. sirmiiM. I. HI) lit ti. im lite Vegeialile I'tt', Si.ire tpcnverv I have ten. in It ilfitiu ill it J.eal lll.iliy!l nf liuig ml ,n at I can l-mn. 'lis "e h is in fill.iwe.l hv im. ih bem-fii, and in iim"! eflVi'liri cuips tth.ili ''ic "U.iun line. SAMU KL EVK RETT. e,l f..r B.I mended die ftllllplHln,, a uriiil'l) been II Im ne eirtl. B.., o.i, Mar. I. 2. IS37 Fnr fitle. litilesale and rela.l, K J, 1) J. ' TECK U Co., ...m I HEO. A. I'ECI. U Co., Bur liiiglnn, Vl. received fi om the importers, a well selected and cxlen sive assortment of SAD LERY HARD WARE- consistinu of every article required in country shops, which will he sold to Sad- lersat n small advance from cost for cash, cnlll and see. Customers can at all times find a good assortment of rep I e-t ili-solved in a nine voir. ) - - ,, , t,,P ,L.t i en. They ate line and pe.f. ri euie' i,', or produce nausea, llw di e I us l.e les-ened .bey drain all c c , ari'efr nan overdo-J, a it will cause the sto- a.e ..lay. be.,, f, I : beeanse .bey onlj y ie , ach to re ect il ; and allholigli not a p'ca-anl sensa- '"'".nrs vtliiel. a.c opposed ,o 1 1,-y aid n ..ill I e found to cue' relief. Where there is and impinte ibuesiiiiii, 1 snund sleep fidlnus i hen -trviiMir I ..VSIC TIIOSF. WHO KNOW I ' n,,... ,,.il. ulni bimw bv iiial ni iiniiieili.iir nbser rj am idea nf ilie eflrris. of ilir iei fee relief f ilie aliinif 'rhai in. like rtiref elTerlpd in rases ttfllte I'lLM. lllll.VIMATISM, .ill ?)W M.I.I S GS, and .ii 1' mi i.mier h'.tv settle, l.v ilie use of Hats' Liniment, r ind one v.lm tin used il ih.H ... i ,,..1 it !,liie all llima rter ii.ed. and yin will hud whal c.inn..t be lO'l'w ibp reliefol mlTei i.i. m .in l.eine Him mat be iifllmied, I beg win i -l ..W nfiho-e hIi.i kn.i'tv iisk ibe linn. Al.rnKU CONKI.IH.U. S .In la-fur .bfiriri. iei,i,,2 ne.n ..i M.Tiiietv J. MVKlil. Eii. Allien, N V.L.LGrii. Durr GiiKKN, bile ill W.i.hiiiginn cilv, 'ni id ihesegeiH'einen kiiiiw in rafi-s ...,,.. . bv all o bcr leined es nr pliysieians, iliimgli lnri. fcr mailt dial hate bren ruied by lh use iiflhc .nuiiir Hay't I.inimtnt. Th .ti.ands nfmlier penniif kiiuw similar l ine. VV appeal I" ibe.r srn.e ..f pi.. Itre-ibeirlitiiiian feelings. iCPh iH "n owe in t.u.r siifrering frllnw.bein.s to lei rrntrdt Iw known. Spri'k .-fit Ihru io all jniir ti leans This will save m.irh pain ttheie ibe newspapris are am read, nr where traders mr ii.tvediilo..'. I.ei'ansesi. many wuilh'e.s article, air adteriled l-.r ibe same purpose. Ti. '...iter we say, if all win. har used .1 .In int saTil is lietnndall praisr. ihen tin nm lake H. The 'w.ll....l allnw tins ariirlr lo br p-n.l fur Bess H e.i.e.,wl.ei. all .he dirrrib.ns aie fully ..i win ..... ...Iter inif irfnsr niw In irt II 7 Ifhe fines, hr nii.hl m be phied in b.r his ohminary Jtifflifl-eiiiig. ICT'r- Hat. tv.,ld..eterrn.,ni... offtr Ibis aniele, tteiehe nm riniiprllrd lit Ins sensenl moral -"I io du m. hi n si.'.".-' ' . r .i;.,.. anil mi.rrv. I'm tins luirnnse he wrinltl sm.ner ilrtmr a foiiim- n .eni.r a dollai 7. 1... ele. WTVLOOK .win.l'e.f litter net feiird ill's ai nclr, and pui ii up wild varinns deuces. D.i '" '''' iinpnsril "lion, "ne it it is Il.e ..a. lie oi uranii'ii it Ji' i in-.,--. .l,n,,l,l 1 1- n.t. died over ibe oart. ihiis'! slimy huii.i.' mil link it tiiair Hid excue ..' ' ,:ii ...'.I ;...-.s,t. lfniicnilcl wilh co.tivcne-. a ibe nrnoiis svsiei'l. but nainlvze and weaken ibe d i. nr arn'ivi; L.ozcn.'e.. or anv in in ca- ersiitroiai... iney inis-cr. an ni'-y kuiim th'artiu mclicine, sin. uld I c u-ed a occaion require. 1 imipenies thai rim br r burned lor miy mcdir.iiir : and Sold at the Variely Store, by PANGBOUN 4i what his vny ten.ark.ible, il is uilctly iiupuiiili'c lo BIHNSMAID, Jeweller, Uurlinglon, it. I'ncc '3 reins per uo.x, wuit nm uireeutin. vim IMl'OHTAXT TO MOTHERS & YOUNG ami General Depot for the New England State, No. leUMAliliS.--Doer. Revnoloh it PAa.MELEi's l03Tremnnl Street, near Court street, Bo.lon. PILLS, or lUSALTH UKSTUIl.VlIVl-. I he regular appoinieu Agents can receive ineirsu(.. .inis peculiarity incident to the Female Sex. plie. of the al ove popular Pills, a heretofore, (run le ii now brought before the public, under the only office and general depot for the New Englan. f the Btron"CSt testimony, from those who Siali-, lOSTremont street, Bo-ton. Pedlars or trav celebrated 1 for complaints This article is have nlike used it, ami also witnessed its unequalled clling agent are not allowedtosell the genuine indian Hernn. who have tested its crcat virtues, nnd now sale of the Indian ) egeial le Pill, also, W. Ii. IIollet, n commend it in their practice and lend to it the sane- Willi.ion. 1 1 and A. Urmsiiiitid, lluilinglon. H their names, u is noi uucmicu as mnnj -hicui- vprp QNI A' TWENTY-FIVE CENTS. D, emu cent nlly are lor all uie varieties oi , uitcase, Hilcl.oeUs newly invente.1 Snnirihc le.starli which it is thelot to sulTer under. But it is intended, , .li.eoverec'. by se.cntiiio men, in Europe o ..: 1.. r mr. ii. nf rniim im ... nnil tbnan onlv re- v. c ' , .. . i . '.. . e r .'. i jiiiiUMj is.. i: i r, , America, loriliecnre anu aiisonue rciiei ii i.iinrri intiiig iuui..a. . ..v- ......f, - .v. . l)iz7ine. ol the Head, ilea';, i-tervous lie: lure, there would be more than an ordidary degree of a,.hc Fallen, Fits, and Infants troub ditlidcncc in coming with this artic e before the public wjh n,Mc.f aTtM shocks of Pnl.y, ttc. For passing from the stage oi action, yicums io uisease, p . 0r, No. 117 Gene-eest. Ulicn, and ly the tiiiiieii ihia medicine has never faded to prevent or .... ..:......,,.., ii.., i h,,,i,..i t , cure. Such has been the provision ol iNnture, that j u Put.,. & Co Vergenne, by J. II. Bowman nearly an me roi up mi t-. . ."i ", a .iui..inu,u.. )n -,,)n Humett iV Sawyer, in Ueorgia. l.y I. uniiio ilei.ree wit i t he uauitsniiicQ to ineir se.. Ann many can hear witness, w ncre n mere u in a licular stage, has produced checks, that the hand or ,.;,...,.. nm! Skill, never has been able to dispel or .ii,.,;,.i AtfirM. the irremilaritv and suDnrcssion of snvereicu remedy for Worm. Stranse and incicli icw l7l)tHh, WOKMS.-Dr. M. HlTCiieorK tf unrivalled and unequalled WOHM TEA tl.n imiii'ml linliiimiiodticcs no vcrv nliirmin!r svmi)- ble are ibe elect of tbe.-e dclclable vermin; toms, and is treated generally with neglect. And person, and ii i thought none are free from them, par 10TTON Wrapping Twine, agood article just ree'd s sept, a-i. ii y in. Luvr.hi cc uo, T7LOUR. A few Bbls. of Family Flour, of superior x quality, just rcr'U and for sale at UUWAllDS. POWDER. Juneia. -100 keg. lv J. & J. H. ct Co. TOTASI KEITLISconlantlv on hand by Ji June 19 J. & J. II. PECK & Co. i n vrn I.-UU W A T I. It ,., ,,..iv,vl n frelll i lo, Jewelry, Uninlis, Unrl, Lonlec- 1 1 '"- t . T.. ic , which fill one hundred feel of show V. ""W'1 ofoi'Sress water, and for sne 1 v on hi counters i innumerable. The MayW- GEO. I KTERSON. Hbd; June ID. BOSTON N. K. miM. i. Gardiner Brewer, by J. it J II. PECK ct Co. II 7I.OUH. Troy, Ohio and, conlantly reccivins by J. it J. II. I' (ft Lo. S. . SKI NN lilt, TJARNES' new Geographi, on the Cla.sification WOULD inform his pat J ,ytem j a vervn-efil work for school,. jn.t ree'd rons that he has just and for .nleat the Book-tore jelU I) A BKAMAN llnles brown s heetiims and Rhirtinrrs. G do. 0J York, power loom, and Dorchester Ticks, for sale by (nM) II, AS, l.uu.Mia w. MOFFAT'S VIKHMX IMTTI.KS. do. VEGETABLE LIFE PILLS, At wholesale and retail by Sep. 'JU. TIIEO. A. PECK it CO. ready made Brass and Silver plated, Jnpancd and J3INK UMIIlKIl, for -ale. 80.000 feel 2 in h Tined Coach, Gig and Wagson Hahnesses. A pood JL plank inch I onrd. I ( inch floonnir, and sa-h assortment of Ladies and Gentlemen's Saddles, Va- stmT, clear and common apply In STRONGS it Co. s, Trunks, uarpet nags oi a superior quainy. tingals, Tinppings, Housings, Twias and Spurs, i nnd close Bulls assorted, Combs, Cards, Brushes, Jlers Silk. Buckskin Mittens nnd Gloves, a great sty of Whipsand Lashes, Carriage- Lamps splrn lalerns. Patent I.cthcr by the side or smaller lesses. Trunks. Carnet Baas of a superior quality.' .?.i lUiu-'Jcnrtml Pnmln ffftnl. Itmsliec f oaekaL'e of May Saddlers silK, HUCKsKin niiuens anu uioves, a greni " ariety did nnlcrn iiuantity. Morrocco and Shec'pkins single or by the dozen. A great variety of other articles adapted to ilt market. Ilavin'T furnished my slioo with a su perior article of Oak Tanned Briddlc and Harness Jl.'sT rc'.l a quantity or-.ilad Oil in I ctlir, ai-o a oaekaL'e of Maynard it Nov.' Seir'lilz Powders, TIIEO. A. PECK & Co. SlUi II. I I linu. u.s-.inar i r . Sen'. 25, IS 10. H. WHKI.LKB. QEALS, Log Cabin letter Seals; plain no. uo. mot IO to letter Seals, Pansbobs it Brinsmaid. r . . i i:.t.. .i. i;r r Leather, a ffood quality of ware, expermced and tern- ' I ". i riiuii. i iimuuiii" ...i tr:i.i..,t, r..r perale mechanics; and my experience in husincs., II -L Wm. Henry narnson, uv . iu.u i?J .lVX Kur ScdI M YaVo. D. A. BRAMAN. kind farmers Droduce received in payment. Lumber, wood, nanncl.tow and luncioin, urest or unuresisnins nd hides, or nny other nrttcie in tncsiiapeoi property. Shon. North side Court House Square, 2 doors East John Howard s Hotel. Burlington, October 29, 1910. TJF.AL Cognmc Brandy, do. Honanu uin, pure X.V Port and Madeira Wines tor nieuicai usc, uy Sept. 23d, 1310. Tlli:u. A. ri-.oiv iv TjULMONARY BALSAM, of Lowe it Reed Boston tf. T iust ree'd by THEO. A. PECK & Co. Oct. 1G. ATOTICU. LADIES li tc Gentlemen ilchtcd to the subscriber for Horse or Carriage hire, or otherwise, arc re quested to make payment immediately, and save them stive, rost. RANSOM COLBERTH. FAIOVELL'S SIIOE, a full a-or!ir.ent jus ree'd and for -ale I v II. W. C.TI.L & C'o SAI.EI.ATUS. June 10. 40 ca.k, bv J. & J. PECK it Co. ENGLISH Currants, Family Groceries, Salmon hmoaked Herring, for sib-by N. Lovely it Co HEPATIC EMXIIt, A CELEBRATED remedy fur complaints ari-ing from a ili.eaed state of the LIVER and it Secre tions t the ft.llowiur are a few of it symptom. weat.nesoi tnetoina"n, inuise-tion, ios oi appetite lownt's of Spirits and Headache ; it will be found a lire remedy for Eruption on the race. In con-e- nuenee of tneir I ems many noslrnnis circnlat.'nz in till pari in ine co miry, niesiiucrirt r arc ituinunxci. townirant its lencliejal eVtvf. 'I his article is jnt rtTeivcd, and o'enil to the public a one well wonh the ntteii'ion oniine who are atuieteu i v compiaml from the al.oie di.eae; it leinsirnm an eminent physician we feel confident in thu recommending it. Oct.G.lSIO. THEO. A. PECK it Co.. n oflhe Mortar, one tloor ea-t ol J iv j 1 1 reck a: l.o ftHOWX GLASS, lie worn, imc aim um KJ crnwn by j. oc j. n. i r. BROCKET, Comic and People's Almanacs, for 1810, 4000 for sale at puuusner't mi. es, nr Sen. 30. i u..o, uww.u.. 1 Boxes Tin Plate, i X. JU tjunutcs i-.ngm.ii I A nnd American sheet Iron, ou uo. oo. uo, Wire copper and bras, 'q. 1T Hluls. New Orleans Sucar, on consignment, O Alt?. 6. for sale by N. LOVELY it Co. rjlITCll KIMM.. 1' Mill butcher M-M Ho'-- mi l other animal, and pack the same (for family use, il're.p'e-led,) for all iho-e who niav wih in this village, the pre ent fall and if not done in a workmald.einanmr, no pay. Burbmrton. '21. CALEB RICHARDSON, N. B. Ilaviii'.' cood accommodation-, I will laki the animals at niv residence and return them well dre-cd, for a fair compendium U. It. e-- r,u i.'reneti. American. Satin and common 0 vjv' House Paper, some very rich pntiern, for Sept. 25. sale lyj. 'jyj.1'1 r n.tSRS KnMsi Jlcrinoes. 1 case, i-rencn nun 4 German Merino, 1 case fig'd Bombazines, just 'd and for sale by VI1..VS, i.uu.msro. HUMOItS 1 1 Notwillis'anding the pill liejour nnl of lliadav. are alreadv crowded with noti ce of Medicines, In' which the public have very little confidence, I have concluded to uy lo thoe afflicted with Salt Rheum, Si. Anthony's (ire, (or Erysipelas,) Scald-Head, Leprosy, or any oilier entaneous eruption also ha it 1 een found a remedy for Sick'Iltadacht wnien nri'cs irorri u.....urs in ine s.unmui.j nmi have found a sate and ellectnal remedy by an internal application, without allering the diet or habits (il temperate) and without injuring the constitution oreyesight. 1 have I een most seriously afMicled with a complaint called lproy, lor fourteen years, while the ablest Physician could give me but 1 n tic encour agement orrelief,calling it an incurablfdisea-e. After many year experimenting on myself, at the hazard of my life, I have, by the bleing of God made ihi discovery, and am now ready fully to convince my fel low sullerers of the fact in my own peron, and asist them to a like remedy, for a reaonal le compensation. Yet I am not leof tun difficulty to call public intention, so often deieived, to a new Compound. But from it lenelicial ellecti upon my myclf, and nnon oibrr also who civen it a trial. 'I am in duced lo oiler il lo the public, with lull direction for using, signed Charle June, in my own handwriting lole Kcnuine, and for their accomodation it will be left with most ol the principal urnggisis in the uni led Slate a soon as convenient, wilh a few certi ficates of its efficacy, such a may follow this no. ilce. Ai.o. mav I c found wilh il. a sale. eav and in fallible (internal) remedy for the Piles, prepared bv a hand ol the medical iacuity,i calico I'utt nor morhoitls, which if incd will nrcly recommend itself. rrA communications re-pectinc tnec aieuicme; mn.t 1 postage paid, to receive attention. ft V ti u....i ac ten ('.. .n.r. lun T".i tht Public I hereby certify that my wife has mii .evere v a he Ie.l lor lie Ut two vears won a scrofula humor f the Sa!lrlieiiiiie.oromethinirof that nature) having applied lo several rnysicians anu irini almost every thins which i recomn ended for such complaint, hut to no purpose. At lal hearing ol a medicine prepared by Mr. Charles Jones, of thi town, she rcolvcd to try it, and in six weeks afiershe liezan to use tl, was completely curco. i woni.., therefore, recommend Ihi medicine to all who are af Dieted with scrofulas humor, neh ihate leen pro nouncnl ,y nearly all Phy.ician incural le, and am conhdentlhat they will find immediate rebel. Uaremoni, Aug. 4, !!. vM. uoiiiteb. A r.1 Tl,.intei..i''i,.sl i-t.p. thi meitirvl lo sav tolhoe whe are afllicled with humors of any kind, that he has leen most seriously aflheted for ten or twelve year. with a cutaneous complaint called Sail- rheunieor l-eproy which ha ever I een prononncei incural le. And knowing; that the same was heredil aiy in our family I bad de-paircl of ever finding relief, Having MUCH 111 nil uncinm iti cui, it -! spring I learned that my brother Charle,who had I een for fourteen year in ilie same situation had found a aTe and eltectnal remedy, wiinont ai ennir ine oivi or habit, for which 1 applied, and wa furnished wilh a phial of drop, and I can now say that n-inc one half my humor wa comple'cly eradicated without in juring iny health, and 1 have no doubt but others may rind, the -ame in thi. powerful medicine, a 1 under stand i-r iieniready have, lie lia declined making u very pul lie at prc'enl, yet I think oiher may al-otind it ly applying at hU reidv'iice in We.t Clarcmont for the iirt-en'i. R" JN Uaremont, August i, ioiu. A rnnl The iinder.i.'ned feel a diffidence in thu ofliring hi. testimony in favor of a "new Me leciii.'," prepared by hiown'Father, andeannot hope lor the commence which wucih . c inn m une nu .. .... mnro disinterested. But be lrs leave to say, that r.xr .iv be had been trout led with a humor ..I in., en e.ii icnro.v. wn cn uati oi la-c . ci-umc n nil, .ilr, ii . nnil bnowine i lint hi Father and .l,r. liml in vain tried everv nrol l le remedy, he bad not the mot Ul-lanl SJIienmiun in .-" iiininis: cure. Being inducal to try phial of hi r a'lur mod- ecine, ne tin. nun-tru muiu, h at. u;.,iii.i .-ir,,, si eeilc. and he I clieve e tectual cure. If o'ber shall l.e induced nv ini io nil nicin-eives in a inuintiiiic .:omplainl, hi end will I e anwereJ. t zra Jones. Wlliversliy ui tcrinuui, uuiiiii.uii, isw. NEW SHEET IHON. COPPI'R & TIN WARH ESTABLISHMENT. 1 hfsub( rili r, l r i l ib. firm of Sinrrtt BotM ick, havine p irchmed ard re moved loth. Store lately occiip ed by Stoiil's tfc Co., cast ide oflhe Court Hou e Sqii.irrone ik.or north t.f the Log Cal in, . now ready to do ill kind, ol worl that the n 11 it- wi h in hi fine of bnint.i. such an covering roof, wiih tin, making and pntlint up cava trough and spout, All kinds of Tin, sheet Iron and f....r... UO . ...:n i - i i i .' I r. - -i swF,i.:r ..uie win ic sept on nanu, arru iur snic m as low price a can I e found in the S a r. Sheet Zinn, Copper Pump., Lead Pipe, and all other articles in lha line oi our kept on hand. 1-or chepnes ti price and nea!ns of execution, my work will not la excelled by any in the slate. If you w'rh i'oranythini; in i ne aLovc une, i.eiore you Ira e te sure anu ca upon H. H. B0STW1CK. uurlinelon, July, 1840. IN' ATI school (:i:iu;.tAiMlY AND ATLAS WITH OUTLINE. MA PS. I v S. Avooi- Tt's MlTCllrLL. The author ot Ilie above work hl leen professionally devoted to the science o( Geo'y tai the pnbli-hing of .Map., during many years and his lormer production., especially hi .".lap ot Ilie ivoru for Academies, I ear ample le-timonony of Ins abun dant resource, Upon which he has so literally drawn, in produeinc the a! ove school work. 1 he following extract oflhe Geo'y and Atla, Is from ajoint recom mendation of the Teacher in the city of New York, "Their merits are numerou the definition remark ably plain and conci'e. 1 hecxereie are copious ani important, and lhelecripttve I luminous and corract. The divi-ions of ibe American continent, are repre sented and de-cn! ed a they really exit at the jresunt time. And the gro misstatements renerally founi in Ciiool geographies are corrected. Tin typographi cal execution is on commonly neat and distinct, indeed the atlas i a model of the (.mil, and actually teetm wilh inlormatiou." The outline .Maps are peculiarly calculated to exercise Ihe student in hi study, and ta fill up at hi leisure. For snle by C. GOODRICH. LOOK AT THIS. HAVE YCU A COUGH 1 70,000 die of cNmuMPTioM every ear m the United Sinle-, and millions su ler feom tr6nbleome cough and colds, that can I a en mil ly Dr. M. Hitih cock's Vegetable Virgin Cream Cough Drop, a safe medical prescription, containg no poi.onousdn g, and used in an exten.ive practice for several years will inol positively allord relief, end save you' from that awful discaee. "piilmoiiarv coniiinpion. which nuallv I sweeep into the grave liunnreds tf the young, the o'd. the fair, the lovely and the gay. Have you a cougn 7 Be persuaded lo purchae a I utile (it the I ongh Uropa to-dav! To-morrow may I e loo late. Have ytu a eousli? Dr. Hitcecok's Vegetal le Virgin Cream Cough rops i the only remedy vou-hould take locnre you. 'or ihi plaig reason. That in nooneof the lhau-and i.e. where a ha leen men na. n laiieo io relieve rice 75cenl per I ottle. For -ale, wholesale and ! ll, 1 V A. Ill TUHLOUK. & LU. Io. 1 17 Uene ea .. IIi'ic. N. Y. And bv their azenls thro'ichoiil tha iiiie l Slate. In Burliik'ton, bv J. it J. II. Peck St Co., Thco. A. Peck it Co. In Vereenncs, by J. H. Bowman. In Milton, by Burnet Si Sawyer. In Geor gia, by Lorenzo Janes. au.l A Card. Hearing of a Meilecine prepared l.y Mr. Charles Jone-, ol tin town, lor humor-, and havin: umi ii lenelicial ellecl. I ani.l.e.l for it for niv linl laughler 4 year, of a?c, much afflicted wilh salt Rheum, supposed to I e an hereditary complaint. 1 can now av inai aiicr u-ins li six weeks my noi.c: arc fully realized in n cure without nnurinc the chiM'i beillh, andian now recommend it to others as a sale and infallil le remedy lor men complaint. Claiemoni, N. H. Sept. 15, 1S40. Mart E. Terkt. I hereby rcrlifv that 1 have leen in'imatelv ac nnainted with Mr.'Charle, of Clarcmont, N. H. for a ninnl er of vears la-t la-t. and have 1 ecu consul' led by and prescril ed for him, for a very ob.tinale disease ol the skin, well known I y the name of Lepro-y leit could do no more than mitua'e the tt.r a lime. Since he has a lectc.i a rj ncai cure oy means of hi Dropt for llamoit, I have examined linn and am happv to 'say that hi skin i- perfectly -moolh and free from the disease. Jamej UnoMnin, I'liysician. Francestown, N. H., Sept. 15, IS 10. GLASS. Burlinclon, Icrmont, anu r..ex, v-ynn-tier Gla., made at the Champlain Glassworks, and very much improved in quality compare,! won ine late bran I. for salt- l y J. it J. II. PECK tt Co. Ctfrr Nails, llraila b American Iron. AUUU keg Nail, (mm 3 1 to CD I 250 do Brad, from 6 to'JOs Hor-e shoe Iron S.'roll and Il.une do all sizes Band Ironl' ll to 4 inch Round do tlo 1 1 1 do .Squart'5'6 to 13 do J. & H.PlcxccC'n. AYNARD cfc NOYS' line Blai:' Writins Ink, which ha. stood lri for more tinny years, a cas' jui rcci'iteu .titujor ,u i H Aug. 1810. M C. GOODRICH. RIIII.ES. A very laige asorimeni oi a i ncs ..r llil.le.. and nri -es from 50 ct. to $15 each, Ju.l rec.'d and for sale at the Book Store. "liriNDSOH UIFljIiS. lor saie.v ine vanely W slorc. PANhIIOUN U HltlASMAin. 1 have been acquaintrtl wilh Mr. Charles Jones for a number of year, have practiced in hi family, and adminisiered'meiliciiieforhi- disca-e oflhe skin, more nr le.. for ten or twelve years. pal withonla radical cure. He now appear lobe perfectly cured by seme drop which he prepare, and which so far a I am acquainted with them ptjinhe io be ol irrcat utility in such thscae. huse juuu, m, t-. Springfield, VI. Sept. 4, 18 10. I havenre-cribed rcmeib'e-, and administered medi cines lor t;. Jones's nnmor wnicn i caiieti iepni' more or le-s for fourteen vears, without a compli cure (Ins beinsjan uncommon ca r.) He now appears to have a linaicure irom uisown oisct.vcrv, anu irum what I see of it elects upon others al-o, l am oi opi nion itmay be of much beneht to ineeominiiniiy. TiMi'Tiir S. Cleason, M. D. Clarcmont. Sepl. 15, IS 10. CP l'hi medicine make no vain preirntoni nor excites anv hopes which will not 1 e fully realized. Comeand'lrv for your-vlve-, any who are afflicted with disease' of this kind. Ii may 1 e found at the store of Rol ert Moody, drnceit, Burlington, and with .Martin V ires Esq. Cambridge Vt. .i.i.,. .mil. u ill iiniiri.t ton ...e . nr,.ed, Dn m f-me. it. I -kr ihu .lure inn with Mm, ir-l by ill .1. or nrtrr buy ; for ll is possible fur a,,, oiher lo br ,, tie .,, finld by ComforJt Co. 1 Fletcher H.rri, N. Ynik. elf.r.ile ONLY In I'ASQHOHh & BhimmaiP. mo tii k n Ai.n-n i: a hi; d .y otii i: its JL ) .r niw know it iiriliii'ir or a ,rn i ...... Item Bld. nnd tvh-ise is nuw rnirird will, line Our wbote rn.ii rull ir w rnirird wilh drvti, thnuili brti.herl rt ei t hour-which Im now v-m hed rnliielj ! Or nnr li.tii. at r.t.lj C- we-e inmini ttrrv, who now h i nm greN luir? Lhild.rn wlw.o he.Ml e rut d i,l. sn.,r.-b". r would lint (trnw, lll.ll are b...whiS ihr fi.lle.l flops nfl.air I Si.nie ctsts in.l be knutv-i '""' l"-"'"i.. hm6ia.' Of 20 te..rsK...wil. ihi' " 'I'""""' :.......! .ii .,.,. Iiiinibed per rent. Ilimiijli wlirn dienrrrd nm npp.i'rd bv 'im'ltius Iur ihr s.imr pnipmr.nnw -.Milrd by 'ibnn.l ninnbeilr nu..hio..ii !.u.l. i.eii,...i.,n. .1. .i will ruin ihr b ur ii urd in mil xirnt. Cm nvne ibe.r f tcis be w.tiiled-rrler to ihr rrrninin..iil.nliin l.y n lisi nfn.iinrs of iespseM. hiliiv,uiieqit.illrd bt nn uiher ariirlr. Lmik lo llirsr lhini buy tb'n iiriirlr. 8iy n l irrrre wntr h hi' by US D'O, nr ll uiiu rrsintr ti, ..iines, itiiriiu in nn liMlidin!" in f.i.binit-tlilii life rr it ms ilie only ariirlr iciill) f" ,lir ,'"' Lnns lulr Is ety nH In fall out. ' L "li?, u" lb" Bibtt nf l.'iiliiinlii.i in lime in me vnitisrSe ibe ibsir.irc t, lutibii-.s by uej-tecl nf vnitr I'tripnlis. U ' dutv. .. itj...lii. In .tie ,rr,rlbe br irs nf n iiure. Hit vtli.i lt s, b,i,.r Crealnf Im. riulnwrd nn ; ...r .he l.,l..r ll willib, I,, " ' .,,...,.m m ItF. IlKill'.BBEIIEI). must fl Hir inl iHiriniUs b itr bren itMilr in atnnirife.l the Hi"' l1"' ' "Iuiihim. . e SM:.,eVt.i.-lt.,n(. p.. Mr vp; frll,i;:t,,;: .1.1 wiainirr. and the rH. nf Nuijara, mm '; ' einH lre rs nnnie ii ... .. - - .., ,, ii..nnw 3 Klrirhrr n"it 'A""1 ' "' i rtpiftHMo Hiirlinir.. vi, whicli soon terminates existence, by a lingering but by the experience, of more than ten years use, and certain death. For complaints inevitably productive administered lo more than 10,000 persons of various r .....u .l.t.tnvslii.ililn medicine is nowbroiicbt inr.'.. and not one solitary complaint i on the contrary before the public. It invariably removes obstructions nunure-is nave caiitu, unn iiii.tiiii-iici, k . u meir t c and regulates a too profuse mcnitruration, and cures cided preference to it. utter trying the di erent articles hv its uticniin led qualities, all the vnricly oi derange- sent lorin io me pu. m; nun pri...i.iinicu . .... ..n. n- i . ' 1 . ..'..1. l....!.. I.n . I T inn.n novym use . u ".' specific I have tried it in tlio worst cases with most For sale'whole.ale and retail by A. HITCHCOCK it KeSs, ZfC2 .y -heir aent .hrnuoirt .he .Won In Burlington, he i pract ec, as I have found it answers beyond my y J. & J. H. Peck it Co., and Thco. A. Peck & Co., nm ..silinriie. but ionic and aperient. For ample par ticuhrs respecting its efficiency, certificates of Pyst cinniwho have witnessed its efficls, and of othcrp, win havo been most signally benefited nnd restored bv its virtues reference is now olTertd lo the pam phlet accompanying the medicine, and to the more particular evidences, in the hands of the subscriber, Sole Agent for the New Wholesale Dealer in Drugs, Medicines, Paints nnd Dyt Stiifi's. No, 3 ct 1 south side old Enncuil Hall. TOSTON an I THOY IHON COMPAN Y.-Thc JL public are hereby notilioi, that the nusine cating in every i.rancii and variely, is tiunu io, .i,...l,nrii..i mil ire. al l rov. l. I ne com pnnv H.ivc ,i, entnr.'nl ibeir foundry, and are now prepared to do all kind of work done nt any foundry in lb 'lougli. Axtt.'trco, it "., on hand, or furnished lo order, in ...i.r. li iiiciniirnci for stove plate-, or lo pur- cba.ralargequnnlily orhollow-warf, mr inupurio nf rntnilinrr. v.. II I n fni'iil.tieil nl wbolt'-a t" PrlCI' -ailtl all who may lavor n with their can or i r icrs, win i -dealt ly a literally a at any eslabli.hment in Ihe country. Order., should I e ailiiressed to E. H. Cro.s. man, riuperintendant. or A. Young, Agent, Iroy, VI and Ihr VU nf N.isar, nnil evrjv rx m!..krxer,i. .br .mils nf Ciinsmrk. hir.h .lie, , n'.i fame. T "'''' '"'P iherrfa.r, al . Ink fur the nnine of Couwlurk U !.. h Com-inrk. and ..ever mv ineir " '"' to setvirc an early reply, and prompt attention. i my, 1 1., June loiu. jy:o THE Butlington BREWERY has now commenced business, and will hnve new Beer in a few days, rpEN eases Prints, 1 case col'd Uatnhrics, just rec u JL and for sale by VILAS, LOOMISitCo. when nil orders will be nuncluallv SlllX A. Glrtssware. CroUerv and Looking OlnS' attended lo. KJ scs, just rec' d nnd for sile by N. I.ovelv it Co, Burlington, Sepl. 1810. GEO. PETERSON ALSO, Soda Crackers. Sept. 3, 1840. VoinvAunivo, &. is to. THE Mib-crilrr will continue their bii-ine a Forwarding and Com mlsslon Murchaiits and Custom rCoweV ' W "" FHKHHiv Syrup, an, article for Colds, 1 TAVO . WAIT nive nonce to a persons indent iVl ed to them, or to Lathrop, Potwin & Wait, to call and make immediate payment nnd save further notice. uct. I, IM". MAt.Nl'"CTIC OOONTICA. .IHE TEETH 1 THE TEETH ! ! Tub Incohpabaeld Tooth 1'RErAHTTiON. The fact i proved, and the most in- redulous ad doubtine are f til v convinced, a we have be evidence from the sale of 20.000 I oxe of tbeOdon- tica, within the past year, ihat the Clopion tlreams of the alcliymit re realiiitt, and a remedy oiscovereu for pre erving tho-e important and useful appendacea of the human -vsiem, l.y the n e of the Magnetic Oilon liea, which I y its attractive, and slrengtbemns q ali ne-, removes all rx'raneou sul.stancc irom tne leeta and preserve thei.un iheirnatiiral brilliancy, and tha gum in soundness and beauty, ll i ascertained from experience, that when ued,'the teeth will never da cay, tint remain nil the i-esi as;e oi man, wnn inr na'ural wear. When they are tlecayed, it progms will I e arrelctt, nnd theleelti preerved and pieten'eu and preervrd from aching all this ha leen t'ona m i multitude oi instance- : and morein ino'i-anus oi ae, nervous tuothuche, (that climax of pain) has at once I ren a ectuallt cured ly popular denir.frica ia Amrica. And in conclusion, v here, tr who i tba young lady or gentleman, aye, the individual that value a I eauiiful set oftecih, sound gum and a .weet brraih more than fifv cent, that will le lonetr de ti tuleofa box of Dr. M. Hitchcick's.MainctioOJontica. Eor ,a e whole-alc anJ re ail. by A. HITCHCOCK 6 Co., No. 1 17 Geue.-ee t. L'lica, N. Y., and l.y their agent throughout the united Ma'c. In Hurltngton, by J. & J. II. Peck it Co., and Thco. A. Peck it Co. in vergennes by J. rl. uowman. in .Milton, oy nur net t it Sawyer. In Georgia, by Lorenzo Janes, augl T OTIO.N. LOTION.- DR. EVANS' BEAUTI FYING LOTION Highly e-teemed for curinj all Eruptions Coar-cnes, limine and Pimpla on Ihe raco.eel;or hand, and eilecmaiiy ('leaning lie complexion, nnd removing all di-ea-t-s of the kin' Nothing conlnlmle mi much lo our general .ucco:a in lile, a. an engaging first appearance. Thi Lotioa is m mire.l a nio.i fra -rant. mild. afe wah and crcat- iy esteemed for its yirlnes in clean. ing, softening, nJ purifying the skin of all eruption, so injurious to la- male t amy, anu re-torin? it io a mgn oegrre ui .i ritv. A I eauiiful complexion is the pride of all wha possess il, and the envy oftho-e who are deprived ot it. What i so atleetingto'a I eauiiful femalr,in ulio.-efaca nature ha displayed her power, a. to hnd her complex ion discoloured with di.gnsting pimple-, which mar her cliaims 1 A good appear nice is the 1 e-t recom mendation ; and a Ihe tieanliiymg Lotion purine, iua sKin.and remove, all 1'imple, uiolctie--, iau,3unoiirn and lledness, and produce, a I eau'iful line, it i- the only cooneiie a lady should n- al her toilet. Gent.'emea will all alo hud tin. a remedy, to remova all Rwighne, Pimple, Ringwctm-,'s, Helntss, Soreness of the face and no-e, and every kind t f erup tion on the surface of the human Vody. It i par icii larlv reeomineni'ed to gentlemen to len-ed afer sha. vuig, a- it will prevent the otherwise trrtam e rut ol all common soap, in turning the learJ pramaPrey gicv. For .a'e Who'e-olv and re'ail 1 v A. IH'ICH" COL'K & Co., N . 1 17 Gene ee strtt", T'nca. In Bur lington, by J. it J. II. Peck it Co., and Thco. A. Peck, itCo. In Vergennes, by J. H, Bowman. In Milton, by Burnett & Sawyer. In Georgia, by Lorenzo Janes. aus-0 Aug. 'il. THEO. A. PECK it Co. Sherman's Hrcast Ointment, ifunnlied nrnncrlv nnd indue lime, w ill cure the most painful cases of swelled breasts, nnd prevent the for mation of abscesses Even where the swelling has pointed and shown every appearance of breaking, this ointment lias entirely dispelled it, nnd restored the parts to a healthy condition, in applying n, nsniooin and soft covering to the breast should he made of soft lenthcr, or fine compact iiiiui, wnn a noie hi iiic ecu- ire lit nilmil the llilllo. WIlCIl SO tUlllc, Pitt 3 COatlhC of thn ointment over the inner surface and apply it closely and smoothly over ine wnoie nrcast, leaving the nipple proiruuniK uiruuuii . ..".it mi n child can nurse, which it should do as long as the mother ran bear it. Uarc should ne taiien to navo ine breast drawn hv the child or otherwise, so as to prc ,.n.,r ... .eeiimidntion of milk. Whenever the plas- .... r .a ... nnil I tereiiv uncnm orinoir, n rien uiit- should be applied, and constantly worn until a cure so thev will conform to tbo shape of tho brrasi, and .'. ..t 1.. t .1. r..'ii firemil nititment. cover iiciuMMv. .i it and see that Ins signature thus, "A, Merman, Al. I) ." is on the wrapper, nono other can be genuine. ' SHERMAN'S PAPILLARY OIL Is the only infallible remedy for sore nipples ever dis covered. It will cure the most troublesome cases in a few days, without depriving Ihe Infant of the hreast- T-k a it ir it rt i-innimiriu v... I .,iA,nr lo nil other rcmultCB when nnn hnl I rmm ll,!,,,,.m,,.;,. M...J, II. . f..ll In lltn directions OlltllO llOltle. St'O lllUt supply of linen haml-madc, royal, ineduim, Demy, the signature of "A. Shtrman, M. J).K is on tho cap, letter, folio-post and billet paper, nf various qual- wrapper, nono other is genuine. Ba particular or you ities, as wove, satin, laid, gilt, Ac. Ae, for sslcat man- will be deceived and disappointed. SoItJj;YJ"Je nnctitrra prt'e". juiih,.,. .-y-. i-lM ..- Tliet. .lo not o'li-r ihrir service- "fret nf anv chare, totbo'e persons'd in tra.'lo wilh the United Siate, but will endeavor to make their aiieniion to 7,--fM7g, scd Rye, free from all other seeds, for Ibe interest of their employers worthy o reasonable fjfj; St.p,, -fi. gale, ,y c. BENNS. Having good Wharve (at which Ihr Lake Cham m aim STrAtiHOATi will lantll and t'xivllenl .Stor.ine, iiiirether wiih the convenirnce of'a connecting Rail Track wiih the CiiAMri.AiN and St, Lawrence that, with fifieen years experienee'in Ihi branch of anil Letler, lor sale by husine, ihcv will I e cnablel lo do much to tacilnaii1 and encouras'elrade let ween llieUniled Stale ami ihr Lower Province. J ArUN t. I'lWtivl'.CK&u.-x. , prnpnr,.,! by ni. jonn. ii. - .m t mi" j " SPlTltH, Riding whip, ami Canes, at the Variety Store. June II. PANT.nPBM fcBalSSMAin. -HIIMNr. PAPftU lOO Reami Wrapping Paper, and a large sppply of writing, 1 oth Cap 1. nil li'iltei f will I e cnai iet io no nnon to men uaic Qyrnjp Sarsaparilla, a valuable medicine tor imnu elrade let ween Ihe United State anil ihe Oriticsof the Blood, Cutaneous diseases, and Debil ncr. JASON C PIERCE&SON. , ' , by THEO. A. PECK it Co. 1llmw KAu T7NGI.ISH Transparent Peppermint Lozenges, INIMMV NAMII J2i fresh Jn ubc's Paste, just opened by Just received 15,20 Sept. lfi, 1310. Tiieo. A. Peck & Co. and 8 J 7 by 3caements ol ash, a first rale article al 31 TfRF.SHLY distilled Cologne, Lavandrr and Rose 1 JJ cent per llsliil j mi iiit.cia, n.iu turn uuumii vui,.,,.,.i kind andixc, fnrnisheil Sept. 16, 1340. Theo.A. Peck it Co. Sill all kind in order. Ticonderoga blnck lead, a (ir-t rale article, for sale very low, together wilh a creat variety of other nrll- rhcap as can be lound at any olhcr establish the place. Geo. PkTER'ON. BALSOM OK LIVERWORT for Con.iiniption, Dy.pcp.ia, Asthma, and all di-ea-es of ihe Lung and Liver. These disease prevail to a great extent, ..r..ntinL' nincbililre..and .ome fatality. All theecan 1 remedied by the use of Dr. Taylor' Balsom ol Liverwort. Tlii medicine is purely Vcgilable, nnd from its peculiar action upon thel,ieria way found a radical remc ly for ihe.-e ilisea-cs. For Females and men in a very weak state, no medicine can 1 e so grateful a restorative, as it not only strengthens, but r..,r,fi... nnd eive. a heallhv aclion io ihe whole sys tem. Constantly lor sale l.y N. LOVELY it Co.who have jnstrecened a fre-h supply nl seasonable Gootl from New York, all very cheap for eah. Burlington, July 30, 1810. mHETIPPECANOF. TEXT BOOX'. Just receded, JL a large supply of Tippecanoe Text Book, maio up of do"iiincntsaud facts illn-tratine Gen. Harri-on's history, characirr, service, and opinion.. It i.. warmly recommended to the friend, of Gen. Harii-on through out tnr U. S'ates, for sale at the I oo.; store. Junr2G. D. A. BU.VMAN. cle as meiit in the pla SINGLE. DOUBLE. UMBILICAL, Tiic-n M . u..nnlUr.rMrlt'srclrhrated Trusses, J o"f every description, for sale Ijy ne12"nf rngle uci.m.o. "rhrMor;nr, DIAMOND CEMENT, for mending Gfa, China and Earlhern Wnri'tild al the Variely ioiv. Od.lG. Panodob it SMtin. BROAD CLOTHS. A good assortment of colors, nf cloths, enssimeres anil vestings are offered at a ureal reduction in prices for cash by Oct. 1, 1810. MAYO & WAIT. LIGHT and dark French, English and German Merinoes; black, blur black and col'd Alpines', plain nnd fig'd Alpacca Cloths. A vatiety of colored Crapo, Osmblelts and Camhlelrens, for sale very low, forcashby Sepl. 24. N. LOVELY it Co. IYMAN COI.R are now receiving from J Bo.lon and New York, an extensive assortment of Fall and Winter DRY GOODS, which they will sell for Cash, LOWER than have ever before lieen oilrred in lhi market, Rurlington,Cvt. 9, 16-10. milE LION OF THE DAY. -NO CURE Np J. PAY ! The CJeiiiilnc old Dutch or Ger man Vegetable Pllla. Hmhly recommended by Docl. Valentine .mop, ai. u. oi .-. i ., nnn tuners Tl... re the order ! Anv one that doe not find re lief from these pills the price is refunded lack, thee are the positive order oflhe Proprietor to agents and Otncra. in o lerrrrH iiic-f 1"" I V "I'l ' In their intelligence. If these pills are not what they r..,.nm..n, von are in duly bound out of re.pect lo yourself and community to reeci ihem, nml pnblish them to the world a an impo.ilion, humbug and quackery. Thepublie may 1 e as.nrrd they are purely vrsetable, they are composed of nine ingredints, pari ol the mwlicine is oniyiounii in Asia anu in tne vai Germanv. For convenience llie-e extract are made into pills and will I e found a sure cure or re lief lor all bdlious complaint", yellow and billions fever-, fever and ague, jaundice, scannra.n, Pillions ehnltn di.nen.ia. ttc. It i not pretended that thi ine.lii.ine is ft cure lor all tll.litsir.s in .villi ll lliu iiinnnii y.tem i liable. Ten lliou.and usele. elbrls have lisen made to drawfrom the region ot unknown fancy some long-spun theory of magic an, winch would cine each ami every iiiscar. uoou iiutiicini- . " r. i: .1... f. ...... . ...,ir' llenltl, rt ml linn nines hang upon chance winds time i the herald of truth. The past al leat is secure : they have already rai-tM a monument of their greaincs wliicn '.',.'", corrotlingloothoflime. None can I e u'm,l"S Tll0n i nrrru is wr urn nt it".!"- ,, , . . ll A. II c.r.,1 by the subscrd cr at Glen's Fall s, by A . I B. & . 0. Sam 73. and 100 Fulion st. and K. M. Meigs, 38S i-ouih MaJkct -I. Albany. Daum nawiev, a i . o. e. Troy, Genera. Agent, t. For sale by Wm. Rhodes and E. H. Green, iticn- B1UHTOL IIOARI), Drawing paper and Pen oils. Brilliant red fluid, blue fluid, japan ink, and ladies and gentlemen's steal pans, iust received from New York, and (or sale bv 5. HUNTINGTON, roflffr f, jimf yv, tMO. SIlKUMAX'si WOIIM IA)7.I3N;l:S arettia trrcite.-t tb-covcry ever made, for dispelling the va ion kind of worm so livqiicnlly and uiirei-inr-lv nnnnr 1 oth children and adults. '1 hey are an infallible re'rtedv, and so pleasant to ihr la.-tr that children will late them as readily a a common pep permint lozenge. srir from woirn, without in I emg suspected. Sometimes a very trouble some cough, pains in the joint or limbs, 1 leeding at the note, -'. are occasioned ly worms, and can ba eailv cured by thiscelc' tated medicine. The follow ing symptoms indicate tne presence oi worm-, vir; headache, vertigo, torpor, di-turled dream., sliea lirokrn oil' bv fright and .creaming, convulsion, fe vernhnes, lfnr-1, pallid bur, bad taste in ihe mouth, ollru.ive breath, coiiirb, ditlicull breathing, itclun; at the nor, pain in the stomach, nausea, squramish nes, voracity, leanness, leneimus, iichmg at the anus towards nighi, and st lencib, dejection and films and mucus. One is a do-e for a child two year old iwa for our four year old .hree lor eight ears, and liva fur an adult, and should I e repeated every morning, cr avrrv other morning until relieved. , rdjx' Sold at the Variety store by PANGBOUN A BRINS.MAID, Jt otlttrt, Uurlinglon, Vt. HAIU 1 HAM 1 ! IIAM)Nlh. Impor tant Discovery the Grcal LVytcry lomid out at last. DR. STEHRY'S IAlll REGENE RATOR. Dr. Stcrry, after, much attention lo tha important subject of preserving ihe hair, has, after many experiments chemical and physical been able to discover and article which is now offered with tha crcatcst confidence for the toilet as the best tlinigcvcr discovered, for, for its softening and penetrating quality to produce a good head or hnir to prevent it ftom falling olT when baldness is apprehended to restoto it when baldness nas taken place, and to prerm it from turning gray. It ii is more nourishing than po matum, antique oil, or Cologne water. It is a beauti ful ntticle for ladies curls it makes the hair son and lively, and produces uncommon brilliancy. Thous. ands have tested its superior -tirttus and cxrcllenciN nnd in every instance H stands unrivalled. Il is an infallible cure in all affections of the s' in on lh hmd -as dandruff, Ac. Sec. Every family should be nip plied with a bottle or this oil, that by lis application to the head and hair of children, the braulifiil anil or namental appendage of a fine head of hsie, which na turn has supplied us msy, bo preserved., I torn .tha -...... ...tii-..,.. nd recommendations, received of its salutary influence' the Doctor feels firmly prr. suaded helms succeeded in piodticmg an article winch Forsa e OT m. imours nun ... -.., ...... nunucti nc tins ri i : - mond t Morion & Clark, and D. it D. S. Lathrop, win mfc, ,he deaiml wishes and .pprobabon of ll a Willis'ton , Hagar it Com'.tock; Shell Utri. 1 I. S.anto" j VokvVY. "Mfc f.ssex t tteo. it. wast-, nm. r... y. . -s t - , vivn. i.rA .nj THEO. A. , vmnriotit; , incton, HV J. . i r.. - ,' Hi; and by I-1 pfXK tt Co. In Verptnnrs by J.H. Bowman. 1 iden Co., where, juii.on, by Burr & ivwytT- In Ocnrpis, by lwtj i rt M.trltirii. Wrsifonl i J. H. Bsrnc M4,. ami n-n. Peirrsos. Burlington nmnM. nnrlintrmn. Agent for Chittenden S jb-Aft'Cflts eat) Y wppltoj 'ynclvtalvp-1 1 jo Jartrr

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