Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, November 20, 1840, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated November 20, 1840 Page 2
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From i he IS". V. Journal of Commerce. 1'sin ni:xt roxitiiss. Now that Harrison is elected to the Presidency, it is important to tho comfort ami success of his admin istration, that ho should bo nblo to command a ma jority in congress, Oihcrwiso his plans would he con tumidly thw.iiicd, mid the wli?.'!.i of his adniinistrn tun Horn,' d. Willi n view to show wliat nro the prospects on this head, wo present the annexed stale nu'iit, showing, ns f.irns ascertained, what will bo iho cohipu-itijii of the eonm-css which is to enter upon oTiccsniiultimeoutly with himself viz : on the liliof March newt. SENATE., The Sjanc is at present constituted os follows; there being live vieancic. 'I'he year mentioned at the top shows the dale when their tospectivo terms of service expire. Those m irkid thus t aru Van Jltiren men. states. 1311. 1813. 1913. Maim Ruggle Williamst N. Hampshiro l'icrco Vermont Prentiss Mussc-li'isr-IM Dai is Rhodo Island Kniht Connecticut Now Vol It Now Jersey, Wullt Pennsylvania Delaware Clayton Maryland Virginia, Hoanct North Carolim (vacancy) houtn Carolina amount Smith t Phelps Webster Dixon Huntington Geormu Kentucky Tennessee Ohio Louisiana Michigan Ark an .as) Wissouii Alabama Illinois, Mississippi Indiana I.umnUitit Ciiitenden Anderson r Nichnlast Norvellt FllltOllt Kinur Hiibuisont Walkcrt Wiighlt Talmadgu .southard Buchanan rStmgeont (vnranry) (vacancy) Merrick (vacancy) (vacancy) Preston Ciithberlt Clay Allent Moutont SVvi-rt Limit Clnyt Voiingt .Smith Orundyt Tappant Porter llcntont Henderson Whito The Senators named in the first column retiie prior to. or simultaneously with, the induction officii. Har rison into ollice, by the cAphalioii of tluir term. Of thesa seventeen senators, nil mo v nn Huron men, ex cept ru e. Of the thirty who hold over, and who will regularly continue m olliee', during a whole or a part of Gen. Ilarri-on's administration, 1 1 are whins mid li v an Huron men. One whig senator, Mr. .lames F. Simmons, of Rhode Wand, has been elected with in a f, w days past, for mx years from iho 1th of March mxt; leaving 21 to bo elected between now mid tho date just mentioned, iiiherforn full tetm or to (ill va cancies. Of it may bo expected that at kast I I will be Wliisrs, vis: oil's fiom Maine, one from Alas sachnsetls, one fiom Now Jiikey, two from Delawnic, two from Virginia, two l,om North Carolina, one from Georgia, one fiom Kentucky, onefiom Maryland nnd one from Michigan. There is a chance also for a Whig from Tennessee, iuMcad of Mr. Anderson. l!iu counttliL' only those to be elected bv Legislatures known to be whig, and leaving the rcst'for the admin istration, the account would stand thus ; Wntcs. Van Bciie.v. Hold over, 11 jfl H. I-dund Senator elected, 1 To bj elected, I I 29 23 Total 52, Such will probably be the composition of the new Senate ; giving tho Whicrs a majority of six, which is siill'icient for all practical purposes. Let us now look at tho HOUSE OK REPRESENTATIVES. The annexed schedule presents at one view the names and politics of the members elected to the next (27th) Congress, and the whig gain or loss. Those marked thus arc members of the present Congress CONGRESSMEN ELECTED. DlSTnlCTS. LOUISIANA. 1. Edward D. White, whig. 2. J. H. Dawson, V. 11. gain. 3. John Moore', whig. MISSOURI. John Miller, V. II. J ... Edwards, V. H. 5 Kenl VERMONT. 1. Ililand Hall, whig. 2. Win. Slaile, " 3. Horace Everett, whig. A. Augustus Young, whig gain. 5. Jolin Mattocks, " " MAINE. 1. Nathan Clifford, V. H. 2. Win. P Fcsseiiden, whig gain. 3. Benjamin Randall, wing. 4. George Evans, whig. 6. Alfred Marshall, V. n. 7. B. Elisha II. Allen, whig gain. GEORGIA. Richard W. Hubcr-haw Win C Dawson Julius C Alvord Kugenius A Nisbcl Lot Warren T 15 King Roger I. Gamble, James A Meii wether, Thomas F Foster. All wings. 'J whig gain ticket. P E N N S V L V A N I A . 1. Charles Brown, V. li. n John Sergeant, wliiir. " ( George WTuhind, whig. 3. Charles J. Ingexsoll, V. 11. gain. C John Edwards, whig: A. i Jeremiad Brown, whig. C Francis Jaiiiet whit'. 5 J ise)b Fornncc, V. li. C. Robert Ramsay, whi" gain. " 7. John Wtsibrook, V. IJ. 8. Peter Now Inn d, V. 15. 0. C'oro M'K'ieni, V. It. 10. Win Simonlon, whi". 11. Janes Gerry, V. II. 1-. James Cook.t whig. 13. vacant. 11. James Irvine, hie; gain. 13. Henj. A ltidlack, V 15. 1(5. John Snyder, V. 15. 17. Davis Dinimoek, V 15. 18. Charles Ogle, whig. 10. Albert G March-mil V D. 20. Ems Hook, V II. 21. Joseph Lawrence, whig gain, 22. Win W Irwin, whig. 23. Win. Jack, V 15. ' 21. Thomas Hctir, whig. 25. Arnold Planar, V B. Elected by general OHIO. 1. N G Pendleton, whig gain. 2. J 15 Weller, V II. 3. Patrick G, Goodc, whig. 4. Jeremiah Morrow, whig. B. Win. Dome, V 11. 0. Calvary Morris, whig. 7. Win. Unwell, whig, 8. Joseph Ridgewav, whig" 9. WmMcdill. V'll. 10. .Sampiou Mason, whig. 11. 15 S Cowman, whig pniu. 12. Joshua Mnihcot, whig gain. 13. James Matthews, V II. 1-1. Georgn Sweeney, V II. 15. S. J, And lews. whig. 1(1. Joslnn R. (ieddinus. whig. 17. John Hnstint's, V 11, 18. Ezra Dean, V II, ID. Samuel Slokelv, whig gain. NEW YORK. 1st District, Charles A. Floyd, V. U. Jonpn I'.utieri, v. ll. John McKcon, V. II. gain. James J. Roscvilt, V. II, gain. Fernando Wood, V. 11. gntn. Charles G, Ferris, V. 15. gain. Aaron Ward, V. ll. Richard D. Davis V. 15. gain. James (. ('Imton, V. II. 2nd 3d 4 th Bin Cth 7th Gilt Dth 10th 11th Hih 13ih Uih l-.lh lClh 17th lBih lnth 20th 21st 52d 33rd 21th 25 th 20th 27lh 29th 21th 30ih 31st 3'2d 31rd John Van Hum1, V. 15, gain. J It, M'Clellan, V. It. i Jacob ll-iiick, Jr., V. 15. Hiram P. Hunt, Wills. Danid I). Ilamard, Whig, Archibald L, Linn, Whig. Ilernard lllair. Whir. Thomas A. Toiulinsnn, Whit;gain Henry Van Rensselaer, Whiggain, John Sanford, V. II. gain. Andrew W. Dnig, V. 11. John G. Klnyd, V. II. ( David 1 llrowstcr, V. II. T. C, f-'hittenden, Whig. Samuel S, llovvne, V. II. Samuel Ooidon, V. II. John C. Clark. Whig. Lewis II inns, , U. I Samuel Patridge, V. 15. 5 Victory Ilirdscye, Whig gain, I A. L. Foster, Whig gain. Cbriatophcr Morgan, Whig, John Mnvnard, Whig ijnin. Francis Oranpcr, Whig. William M. Olivier. V. II. Timothy Child, Whig. Seth M. Gates, Whig. John Voting, Whig. Sinley N Chrke, Whig, Millard Fil moic, Whiff llnheock, Whitf. 1st 2,1 3,1 4th nth NEW JERSEY. John 11. Averifg, John P 11 Maxwell, William Ualstcel, Joseph F Randolph, Chas C Strntton, Thomas Jones Yorko. , All Whigs. Elected by general ticket. Fivo Wing gain. DELAWARE. George 11 Rodney, Wlrg gain. MICHIGAN. Jacob 51 Howard, Whiggain. MASSACHUSETTS. Robert O Wiulhro , Whiq. Lcverelt Saltonslall, Whig. Caleb dishing, Whig. . . Win Parnientcr, V, 15, Levi Lincoln, Whig. Cili Osmyn Uakcr, Whig. 7tli Geo iV llriggs, wing. 8th William 11. Calhoun, Whig, lltli Wm S Hastings, Whig. 1 0 tit No choice. ' 11th Parker Uurncll, Whig. 12th John Uuincy Adams, Whig. ARKANSAS. Edward Cross, V. 15. SOUTH CAROLINA. 1 Isaac E Holmes, V. R. 2 William Puller, Whig. 3 F W Pickens V. 11. 4 John Campbell, V. R. !i James Reiser, V. 15. G S II Puller, V. 11. 7 Thomas D Sumptcr, V. R. 8 R Rarnwcll Rhctt, V. 11. 9 C P Caldwell, V. R. RECAPITULATION. Whig. V. II. Louisiana, .Missouri, Vermont, Maine, Geoigia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New Vork, New'.Ierscy, South Carolina, Delaware, Michigan, Massachusetts, Arkansas, 83 B7 Whig, gain. 2( V. 11. Vacan- We have nut these down as vacancies fjr the present, becaur-o we have no certain information of the results ol llie new election, n nowever nppenrs piobablo that Joshua A Low ell, V. II. is ro-clictid in ihutli distnct andn V. R. man will of course be ileeied in tbo ijt'i : the failure to elect at the fust trial hiving resulted from the fact that there vvcio two Van liureii candidates. , . , , Showing a nett whiggain, compared with the pre sent Congress, ol li maimers; wuien mascs a tin r,.r nt'A iii the relative strenuth ofpartirs. One hundred and two members are yet to be chosen Total 'M'. The present Ilousa of Representatives comprises 113 Whigs' and l'.'l Vim Rural men. The Stales a'lovc mentioned, have elected 83 Whigs and 57 Vim liureii men to the next Congress; and if the leiiiaiu ing Slates send men of tho same polities as before, the House w ill compute 131 Whigs and 10,5 Van liureii men ; leaviim tho whigs a majority of 23 in tho House and 21 on joint ballot.' The chance is, that they will have a larircr majority than this, rather than a small er. At any rate they may calculate with entire con fidence upon a clear majority in both Houses, and of course in joint ballot. Among otliT important results fiom thes facts, nnt ilielenst is. that tho immense batch of appoint ment" wiiieh it mav bu expected will bo made by '.lie new Pit" dent, will, in all ordinary caes, meet with ready concurrence of tho Senate, whose sanction is necessary in order to render them valid. THE MAJOIUTV. There is tio longer room to doubt that Ver mont liaa won tlio prize. Uhodo Island and Delaware Jlio only serious competitors wo havo hid.lilitis far aro left entirely in tho hack ground. Tlio majority in Uhodo Island is only il.'l 1-2 per cent in Delaware, loss than 110 ; while ours is a fraction over 28 1-2. Our friend of tlio l'rovidonco Journal sayp. ho wants to "sec the figures that heat Rhode Island." It is a pleasure to us to gratify so reasonable a re quest ; and wo refer our neighbor witli much satisfaction to tlio table. In the mean time, wc pass the word alone, and repeat, that wc should like to see tlio "fi'Miros" that can boat Vermont. FRIDAY MORNING, NOVEMI5ER 20, 1S10. VERMONT OFFICIAL. Wc arc indebted to Mr. Noble, (who returned from Montpelicr and Wednesday,) for a memo randum of th'.' official canvass including Ben nington County. The result is as follows : Total vote, 50,792 Harrison, .12,-110 Van Duron, 18,018 Abolition, 319 Scattering, lfi Harrison's nvij. over Van Burcn, 11,122 2Sj porcentof Iho entire vote. THE RESULT. From present indications, wo shall have to va ry the figures a little in our electoral table of last week-. In that we conceded Mr. Van Ru- renOl votes; but it now hcotns almost reduced to a certainty that he has lost nine of them 1 in Mississippi, and 5 in Illiuais which would reduce him to 35, and give Gen. Harrison 17." majority. Our majority in the popular vole will overgo an hundred thousand'. If Mr. Van Hu ron .should lo3e Arkansas and Alabama, we will admit it next week ; but we arc quite too modest to suggest any such reduction, at present. ADJOURNMENT. The Tip Club held its last meeting for the sea son on Monday evening, and adjourned to tho lth of March, unless sooner specially convened. Wc had some excellent speeches from Messrs. Marsh, Russell, etc lino singing by the choir, and lots of good feeling and fun. The house was crowded, and wo could not, for the life of us, discover any of that "abatement," or "dying away" that was prophecied some months agts But, while there was joy in every countenance, thoro was nothing of boasting or exultation The whigs, wo are persuaded will bear their hon ors meekly; and while they joy in the result, they will also rejoice that the time has come when tho community may with propriety lay aside the subject of politics, and attend to other matters. THE LOG CABIN. At tho meeting of tho Tippecanoo Club on Monday evening, the following resolution, intro duced by Hon. Ilcman Allen, was unanimously adopted, with three hearty cheers : "Resuhcd, That tho Executive Committee be instructed to sol! the Log Cabin, and appro priate tho proceeds, in their discretion, aiimni the worthy poor of the town, and make report of their doings at the next meeting of the Club." A more appropriate disposition could not have been made, and tho committee will deem it a grateful service to carry tho resolution into efibct. THE BANNER. Tho following resolutions, introduced by Mr. Adams, wore adopted at tho lato meeting of the Burlington 1 ipper.auoc Club; and unless somo other course is suggested, wo presume the .State Comuutteo will adopt measures accordiwly. " llcsnhcd, That in the opinion of this meeting, Vermont has outstripped all her competitors in mo great struggle, and has won tho prize. Next to tho consciousness of duty discharged, is that of knowing it is appreciated. Vermont has giv on her highest energies to tlio salvation of thu country, and well does Bho doscrvo to stand in CORRECTION. Tho Sentinel says that 45 Whigs from abroad voted in this town at tho lato election. This is not tho fact. On turning to the Clerk's record, wc find that 72 persons from out of town voted. Of these, 4(1 nro loco focos, 18 whigs, and 8 whose politics arc not known. So that if none but our own inhabitants had voted, our majority, instead of being 1M, would havo been 112. This, to bo sure, is a matter of little conse quence; hut, inasmuch as the Sentinel alludes to the subject for the purpose of convoying tho impression that our majority had fallen oil' since September, it is well enough to set it right. So far as tho town is concerned, wo had a gain of 13 votes. From tho N. V. Com. Advertiser. THE ELECTIONS. Wo are wearied with the labourof making up tables recording our victories, and if our readers are not wearied also, they must have constitu tions that will boar up against any thing. The Boston Post, the Van Bnren organ of Massachu aotls, is as wearied as wo are but his is the labor of recording defeats ! 7'ho editor lias, therefore, given notice that he shall give no moro indefinite returns, but assuring his readers at the same time, that should any state happen to vote for his candidate, ho will let tliein know it ! Now, we have a mind to adopt tho sarcc course, and cut ofTour election reports with tho assurance that shmtld any state go against the bravo old hero of 71ppecanoe, wo will advise tlictn of tho wonderful event. Meantime wc will dispatcli the election news of the day with co'.isumatc brevity. Vukmont The crests of the croon moun tains are radiant with glory. IL'Sincc tho foregoing paragraph was written we have farther advices from this noble state. The increase of tho Whig majorities is prodi gious every where, "here will be over four thousand majority in the county of Windsor which boats Gdncscc. 7'hc papers and letters arc now claiming a mnjority of from fifteen to eighteen thousand. If so, Vermont will bo the Bannck State. Dixawaiiu small in size, though noble in heart, has in one respect beaten every state in the Union. Sho has not only carried every county for Harrison, but has not elected a single Van Burcn man to her House of Representees not a soul not a body, we mean, of that soul less party, has been elected to vote even for himself for Speaker, or to make a motion in be half of any body else ! The case is without a parrallel. ViiiritxiA wc put down on tho Van Burcn side the majority will be small. Kr.NTixKv. Returns from fifteen counties, thirteen of which have civen majorities for Har rison, to the amount of 00!I2 votes. Two havo given Van Burcn majorities to the amount of 21-1. Harrison's majority (U18. Twenty thous and counted upon for the state. Indiana. The fires of liberty arc sweeping gloriously over tlio prarics. Tlio majorities for Old Tip, as far as heard from, amount to 7509 being a gain since August of 2020. Illinois. Here, too, tlio prairies are on fire, The Whig gains, in the counties hoard from, amount to 1005 votes. And it is quite certain that if the gains tints far should be swelled in the same ratio through the state, the electors will be for Harrison, notwiths'andin f e immense foreign vote cast against him along the lines of their public works. Missonn. There are a few moro imperfect returns from thu vicinity of St. Louis all highly favorable to the Whigs. But these towns and counties, being within the region of civilization, have always been Whig. There is no hope of the state. The interior will go strong fof Vaa Burcn or any body else whom Colonel Benton may toll them to support. Louisiana. The election closed on the eve ning of the 4th, in fine style. The vote of New Or'oans was far greater than lias over been cast before. Tlio canvass had not been made. A large Whig majority is claimed. Nobody doubt ed that tho Slate had gone for Harrison. Ti'.nnhsle. Additional returns confirm tho goid news of yesterday. Notwithsrandmg all the cxoitions of Gen. Jackson, tho election pre cinct of the Hermitage has given 101 votes for Harrison, and only 20 for Van Burcn. So much for the growls of the lion. Polk's majority in the state last year was H559. In the ten coun ties heard from, this majority has already been overcome, and our friends now claim the State fur Harrison by ten thousand. Ohio. There is no need of counting tho votes any more. In the sixty-seven counties officially returned, they stand as follows : (whig) Was elected by 8,200 majority. Mississiiti. Tho New Orleans Bulletin fiayE returns from Mississippi thus far, confirm the opinion expressed by us, that the state will go for Harrison. Erom the way tho vote Is go ing, there can bo little doubt that tho Harrison majority in Mississippi will exceed that of Loui siana. Counties that were formerly tho strong holds of Jacksouisnt, arc now equally strcnuoUs on the other side. JLtrrkon Van Dunn Warren, maj, (ill Jellersoit, do. 19!1 Claiborne, do. 1C0 Adams, .do. A'l'i Holmes is reported to havo given a largo Har rison majority, and Copiah to havo gone whig. Ritonr. Island. The official canvass in Uhodo Island for electors gives tho whig ticket an nve- rage of 1-4 Van liuren ncKct ojoj .j- i 1050 1-2 Thin is exclusive of the town of Now Shore- ham, which gives a Harrison majority of 32. Whig majority in tho State, 19s2 1-2. There was but one scratched vote polled. Prom that vote the liatno of Jesse Howard, V. B. was stricken oil; and that of William Rhodes insert. cd in its stead. DnLAWAnn. Tho whig majority in little Del aware on Electoral ticket, is 1191, viz. New. castle county, 1!!5 ; Kent, 4!19 ; Sussex, 020. From the Montpelicr Watchman. VERMONT THE BANNER SAFE, The Clerks of the several counties have completed e.nivnssiiiir the votes for electors with tho execution of licnninyioii, mo returns iroiu which arocxpccicu mis cveinui,'. Wo Rive tlio omciai canvass, niiuini tnc unoll'ieial returns which wo possess from lleiininyton comiiy savu the townof Readsboro'. It will be seen that witli a total vol ' siiijnuy excccumij ou,uuu, er- Verniont has given Harrison a majority over Van Huron of 11.-175 This beats Rhodo Island s and wo believe that it beats every state in the Union. Again wo say, then SEND ON THAT BANNER. EVERY COUNTY GIVES A WHIG MAJORITY! The following is the result : Counties. Bennington (unof. Windham Windsor Rutland Addison Orange Chittenden Washington Caledonia Grand Islo Franklin I.anioillo Orleans Essex Rot so numerous, it was jist as much as a dog's life vvns worm to atiacn cm-anu ioiks uccaii 10 oenoi especially ns it was found out Ihnt all tho younger foxes got their dircctioiisirom one rule sly fox, who us yet never nail Oeeil trnciiu, or trup U or driven io ins dole ho was every where, in every State almost at the same lime. And wherever ho was reported to be, there it was found nil the other loxes vvns most know ing and most impudent. Soil was concluded that it wus no usu to try and trap tho common run of foxes, but if possible, maku a general rally in all thu States, and give chase to tins olel fox, especially, and not give up till be was run to his hole, and Ihcn ilia him out fur it was thorn-hl if he was only caught, all tho rest would bo pietty scarce. Well, this matter being agreed upon, thofirst thing next to bo donu was to se lect a good long-winded leader of the chase one who would not give out, and whoso horn could bo hcaid furthest. And so we nil agreed upon Old Tip. and wo got him pretty well mounted, and he sounded his horn, nnd its echoes went up nnd down rivers, rmd across valleys, nnd over mountains, till folks all about creation got well acquainted with Iho sound nnd on a given day, th'jy assembled at nil their stations, and Bi.TTiNO.-Tho Philadelphia Inquiror of Wed nosday says, "We have heard it estimated that as largo an amount as ."5500,000 wus loit and won In this city and in New Vork, on tho recent clcctiop in Pennsylvania. Tho penalties against hctttug arc, it would seem, not yet sufficiently nam." WHtCt VICTORY IN FLORIDA. Letters from Tnllahassce, dated the October. announce the complete successor thu Whig party in Florida. In t.con county, in which Tallahnssee is situated, tho Whig ticket, headed by (iov. W. I'. Du val, succeeded by 100 majority. Wet Florida has elcclcclcd nil Wings. It was not believed that the l.ocos hail tlected a single senator, nnd not more than (5 or 7 out of '2'Jof tho other branch of Iho Turn- lorial Legislature. I- londn lins felt llie scourge. and put in practice the few general rules of tho chase capering n little round, nnd linving a fuw shnni chases, just to iret niinble, and then on a signal from Old Ilnrrifon. Van IJurtn. Uirnti : m vm 3172 170j 19 5317 1821 1'2 1111 1531 10 230S Olfi 2li 2?74 2210 72 2231 1391 13 207 1931 CG 2025 1713 3G3 1G2 216G 1191 39 907 833 12 1291 7-15 17 113 303 32,323 17,853 290 Harrison's mnjority over Vnn Rurcn, " " " uirney, Sterling no rctnms. 5 towns in Essex Co. not returned, 11,175 1 1.IS3 For Hairisou.. For Van Burcn. ...31,S93 ....9,2:J ...21,509 Harrison's majority MASSACHUSETTS. 'I'he Boston papers give all the returns ex cept from five towns, bhowing a majority for Haukimin of more than 17,000!! The aggre gale vote is about 125,000. Stato Legislature tho Senate will probably havo five sixths of its members Whig, and three fourths of the House at least will bo of the same complexion. TEN Whig Members of Congress arc elected, and ono Tory (Parmontcr.) In one district that heretofore represented by Williams, Tory, there is no choice. Michigan. Tho Wolverines have not only torn Van Burenism to pieces, but eatn it up. Even tho ancient fortress of Michiliinackinock now cut down to Mackinaw has at last surren dered to tho Whigs. This post has changed hands often it having belonged to tho Indians and then to tho French, and then to tho Van Huron men, and Inst uf nil to the Whigs. Tho State is equally safe. Two thousand majority Tho Portland Advertiser whose editor has boon a severe sufferer in tho contest, thus speaks with reference to the great victory just achieved : And now that wo are victorious, and havo contrib uted our full proportion in favor of a chance of adminis tration, let us use our triumph in the spirit of men with firmness ami yet with moderation Willi justice and yet with mercy with faithfulness towards our selves, and with tolerance towards those who are not of our faith and order. By a just administration of auairs ny apruuenuai policy in recaru 10 an questions of controversy bv basin,' tho State and National

Administrations upon the Republican l'latform of secKing "llie greatest good ot the greatest mimncr, we hope to win over that great multitude who have opposed us, only because they have not known the men and the principles around which wc ralhe-d. The waoo 01 nie magician is now oroiicn 1110 eiiarm 111s pclled the deceivers deceived, and the power to deceive weakened, if not ushed. The arrows of knowledge have pierced the darkened understanding ol men. l ruin lias ncen more potent than false hood, and we come forth from the furnace of fire, like gold seven times purified. Honor then to Maine. for llie huh which srenicd to lc sinking ninid clouds mm Kites:, n;i nL-ii m un me Miiiiusuiiiin nriimi' nes.s of norm day idorv. Honor to Mftine her I'eo pie are true her Principles triumphant ! Honor to Maine! I'eacu be within her borders wisdom and jiiMiccin her councils the spirit of contentment the lot of all her sons nnd daughters. Honor to Maine. May prosperity and happiness be the result of our sue cess, the State and Country feel that all have been benefitted by our example. Honor to Maine, and perpeiuiiy 10 ner iiisiiiuuons. horn, they all started, nnd sich a chaso ns 1 said afore, as then began the hull created world has never beforo seen for it was an everlasting wide nnd long country to chaso over, and no one knowing yet where the fox would litst hreik kiver, nil hands at first went to work heating the bush, The first track was struck in Louisiana, and nbout 3,000 give chase thcic and run him out of that Stale nnd ho streaked it away North as haul ns lie could clip it, nnd knowing all t'ic secre t by-ways, escaped till he rcachd tho State of Maine. Tho Maine boys vveio wide awake.and ns soon as they struck his track there, they raised an almighty shout and headed him oil'. Ho then sheared oil' to New Hampshire, where they nro pretty much nil fox and there for a spell took breath. Rut hearing tlio coming shout ho struck fur Vermont, in hopes the "Orceu Mountings" would furnish a kiver hut they were nil awake there, and about 11,000 folks jined in llie chase, and Ik remained no longer in Vermont than ho cool 1 got outon'l. "Well," "thinks he, "this is prillytitc work, and I'm oil' South auin, for they must bo friend ly to 1110 there, seeing ns how I tcll'd all Iho foves to 1)0 civil to the .Southern Chickens," and so ho slipt along to Georgia. Tho Georgia folks, however, not iiuing the naturoi the nrccj, had aireauy eaucii incir lox haulers together, nnd oil the ins; -now 01 a tracn ihev all oncned and about 5.000 cave chase there in n most nohfe stile, and ho turned tail ami run towards tho middle Stales. In passing throe 'be old North Stato of Carolina, ho tumid thiuss loo wide awake there to slop a inmit and list so it continued all th way through Maryland, and Delaware and I'ennsyl vaiiia ihoiiL'h :s bothered the hunters plainly il Pennsylvania, for they don t understand lox hunting much 'in that Stato except in a few counties espe cially in Bucks county, and that is the reason why in that county thoy always have good poultry and plen ty on'l. So ho continued North. In Connecticut and Rhode Is and t iov cave him an ania.ui'' close run nnd no limo to ston or double nnd tuuaiuot caught him. As for Massachusetts, he knew pretty will he stood no chance there, and so you see but one strait chao reross and taking a bite in New Hampshire, he tried for New Voikand run considerable well nnd comfortably along tho Hudson but such a howl as met him in the west was a shivercr for him and he sheered oil for Ohio, but that vvns nut of the frying pan into tiie hot ashes nnd loouing around him nnd seeing all ready in tho States some 10,000, some 15, 000, some more some jess scouring the country and prepared lo track thinks he "its no use 'to tho vic tor belongs the spiles, vvns the doctrine of my party and I may ns well go for it to the last" and he made a dead track lo tho Log Cabin at the North Rend with about 30.000 Buckeyes nrter him and Old Tip at tho hea l on 'e.111 1 wa.i standing near the door and 1 seed him coming, anil now thinks I here goes for Cabin mercy nnd hospitality and I opened the door and in ho streak'd and jut then up came Old Tip all of a lather. "Ho is safe," says I, 1 Oineral li have got him snug at last." "Well," says the (Jiucral to his friend", "fellow-citi zens tho chaeis up ; the old fox is in my possesion, and 1 hone von will no satisfied that the Major and 1 will take good care of him, nnd given good account of him. Ho is not in condition just now to to ho held up hy Iho tail he has had a hard ran nnd is consider ably siled : but he'll do 110 more, harm, let all go Home and let llicir poultry out as m goon nines. 1 011 will not bo troubl'd by foxes for a good spell to come, and if you are. its vour own f-ilt. not mine." And with that nil joined 111 threo hearty cheers for "Tippe canoe and Tvler too," and thus ended one ol the gre-alest fox chases ever heard Icll'ed 011 afore, nnd I have only told a very email part on't. 1 ours, leilow citizens, J. DOWNING, Major. &c. &c. the front rank of patriots. Tho prizo tendered is a pledge of tho deep intorost of the Whif s of Imisiana in tho principles of our government, for tho Harrison electors, the Congressman and which lughsouled patriots only can know. This . both branches of tho Legislature. Well douo prizo wo accept ; and may it bo a bond of tiffcc. therefore, tho frooh w.tor peninsula. tion between tho North nnd South ; and lot each inscribo on thoir bannors, "devotion to our country." "Resoh cd, That tho Stato Committee ho directed to procuro a certified copy of tho canvass,6howing tho wholo numbor of votes cast, and of (ho ma jority, and forward tho satno to the Whigs of Iniisiana, and tnl;o propor measures to recoivo the Hag, nnd make such return as tlio prizo and ,tho occasion may demand.' North Caiiouna. Tho following returns havo reached us fro.n North Carolina. Thoy show that all is right thoro : Pasquotank, fiiio Harrison maj. Perquimans 4011 " Chowan, 172 " " There are other roports of favorablo results, hut nothing authontic. In tho abovo thrco coun ties, thoro is a whig gain of 250 on tho election of last August for Governor, wlion Morcnoad, Fiom the National Intelligencer of Monday. UU.VTirVINO 1NTKL1.IGI-.SCK I IIH I RKS1DB.VT1 AL Question Settled. Il has pleased the Almighty to give to the oppressed people ol this misgoverned and suffering country n victory over their weak and wicked rulers. The news of yesterday, by announcing the glorious ir.uuipn oiewioik and that rennsylva uiti has finally tin own her wciaht into the Wliiir scale- has decided the contest and sealed the fate of tho Ad ministration. Tho reign of incompetency, imposture and corruption, is at length arrested, and the country redeemed. An Admiiiistiaiiou which one luiuht al most suppose had --aid to itself "Kv-il be thou my good" has fallen before the power of an abused and indignant people. Most heartily do we congratulate every lomr-slruL' gling patriot throughout the land on this gieat and happy cvciit; and when we cast a glance al what would have been tho awful condition of the country had thopowerof the irovetnuient been coutiducd and confirmed in the present weak and wicked hands, wc shudder nt llie view, and lervently mute with every patriotic heart in praiso and gratitude to the Almighty Disposer of events for vouchsafing to except our be loved country from a calamity and from conseqiiciu-o so dreadful, and for giving 10 us in the auspccioiis change he has granted, a confident hone of renovated prosperity and happiness for the country, and of res loml respectability, purity and dignity to its gov- ernineui. Brf.akino ron 1815. Tho defeated party is meaning up, ami several portions moving away lo somo ailraelive point. Ono part, the "out and outers," real Loco-Focos, aro for placing Thomas H. Bunton stionglv before 1 tlio people us the candidate of mat party lor tnc rrepiucney. this is a lair start. Mr. Benton deserves so much at least ; ho sets the hall in motion; he it was that started the kind of warfare in which uw party has been engaged : nnd thoiiLdi de fealed, it owes to him the coiisnuence which it has, even in defeat. This branch of the party nro loud nnd deep against Gin ei nor Porter, upon whom they charge defeat upon him to whom they owe at least irom ,wu to iu.uuu votes in tins state, and the uillii. ence of these votes in other states. Another branch of iho Vnn Burrn parly havo nl ready signified tluir determination to rally round Gen. end SeoTT, and take measures, as wo hear, to ascer tain that distinguished olfieer's views on the subject so that the party, which .seamed nsffrin, as light am as compact in the late contest as a wine cask, has fa! en assunder as the itavei of that cask would fall if the hoops were cut. It is probabli) that little will be heard of a consider able portion of thoso who have for a few years past madu n loud noite and exercised n bad influence in llie Loco-Foco partv. That which kept them together h-""-, "ion" nun 11. wu.iiio A Flao Unitrlup. The "Spirit of Democracy published in Lccsbiirgh, Virginia, has unfurled ilslla: and hoists the name of tho Hon, Thomas II. Benton for President. Underneath is placed a ball, on which is inscribed the motto of ' Solitary and alone I put this ball in morion." ANOTUEn. The Rochester Democrat publishes the proceedings 01 1110 van liuren men, ol tiri-cn town ship, Munroo County, wherein they nominate Gen Levwis Cass. All this is taking time by tho forelock Wo have just received the following hasty sketch of tho Fox Chasr, from our friend Ma- jor Downing. 7'hc numerous incidents attund ingsuch a chase would require, 110 doubt, moro timo and space than ho could give it, especially as ho has other occupations, and Iihh pot tho franking power. Tho first report of a victory is generally brief the details aro loft for more ipuot moments : FROM TI1F. LOG CABIN, AT NORTH I1KND 'l nvjftllotr citizens from AVir Orltuns la Ihixnx ii ii'iii.nim ik imicriu uic iai;e tenters, 111, and tlutrn the country mid cram icivjs. F.vcr since iho world begun, all thu hunts and chases tcll'd on in nil pails of crea tion hnin't been only n mere Ilea hunt to the lido Fox clitiso that lias just licen compleled in these United hist n independent at Il lias been known to evcrv limlv ilmi r,. .1.., 1.,.. ten years 11 lins been impossible to hatch eggs or rniso pullry, or tA trust and thing at largo of that na-tiir-night nrter night nnd day arler day-nest nrter iicst nnd chicken nrter chicken was distroyed hy the ,', -J y" ,"" i! iirnzen ni tnsi iney would eomo into the poultry.ynrd in open day, or any vyheroclse," and kept the hull fcathcrM tribe n knelt' .K inciiv muciT -ait ino while. At first folks not lrnpsnnddoB 1 butitjofo n't Utt, that tho fixes NHW GOODS At J. 7'. Kngleihi's corntr UrirU Stcrt near Mr, Tl'hllo Doolttlte'i. ill; subscriber arc receiving nn entire new cleo tion of DltV GOODS I FINK SACK fAt.T, HARDWARE. Co-irso pnd Fine CAN- DRV GROCliltlKS, ADA SALT, CROCKF.RV, I CODFISH, GLASSWARE, NAILS. LAMP OIL, I GLASS, &c. and respectfully invito tlio attention of purchasers to the new prices. IL MJ GIDDINOS & Co. Burlington, Nov. 20, 1810. Resumption op Specie Pav.mknts. Tho N. Y American savs. that "tho effort to bring about n to- sumption of llie. Philadelphia Banks, and consequent ly till llie Banks south thereof which has been long in agitation seems now to bo upon the point of succeeding The application from tho Philadelphia Banks was in tho first instance, madu to tlio Boston Banks, nnd through them to those or llus city. I ho sum needed is tiro and a half millions of dollart, for which ccr. tain banks in Philadelphia excluding tho Bank of the United Stales are to become responsible. Tho city will probably advance ono million, Boston onu million and n half. We entertain little doubt that the negotia tion will bo completed, nnd that tho banks of Penn sylvania will icsiimo on the 15th .Tnnunry. Land Slipe. A largo nortion of Mount Ida, loos ened by the late rains, came down on Saturday even ing nuito unexpectedly, nmi totally demolished a small house occiii i il by a family of colored persons. The inmate s -s. aped unhtii t. 'I his tncrmng, a- o her ava lanche cameilown near the Fame snot, bringing witli it about half of orchard which sto d upon the side of then 11. cry provdjntially no lives were Inst. I he recent land slidrsnroin the vicinity of that which oc curred a few years since, when several lives were lost. DnsTni'cTivn FirtE in Geoiioetown. On Wednes day inglit between the hours of six and seven o'clock a lire broke out in a stablo adjoining the extensive naia-ry ol .Messrs. 1 hos. iirown ev 1:0. situated on Water street, near the Aqueduct in Georgetown. The llamcs communicating with tremendous and appalling rapidity to the bakery and an adjoining house, very soon consumed both buildings, n largo ipiantity of fire-wood nnd valuable timber belonging to the Alex andria Canal Company. This was one of the most alarming and dcpstriiclive fires which lias taken place in Georgetown for many years. T IVH AVI) t.F.T l,IVI-:.-TliosubcriW J-i would re pee' filly return hl thanks to his former pnlrons I, r the 'many favor iceciveJ, mid would alo inform lliein thai lie continue' Book Bind nig nnd Blank Book m.iiiuf.ieluriiig at his old Mand ate! that bo will 1 ell Blank Hook-, common nhool books, Bible, Alliums ami statu nery on m good lerin- u any one. Blank Books niado lo any pfttlrrrt on hort notice. Thu palronage of the Inulihc i r-sjie-clf illy soheiled. SA.MTKL, IIUN l'l.NGTON. Sum or the Red l.elncr, ) eollcae.ft.Nov.20, 1810. ( 10 ;itocir,itii;s. Hluls St. Croix and N. O. Sugars. M Bids. do do 10 Boxes refined and Loaf do 5 Bbls Crushed do- 5 do Powdered do CO Chests II, S., V. II. nnd O. II. Tens, 20 Bags Java k Laguira Codec, Pepper cV Spice. 5 Casks Salcratii-, I 10 Boxes Starch, 20 kegs if boxcsTobacco 10 kegs Ginger, 30 boxes Bar Soap, I 50 matts Cannis, 10 boxes Pipes, ( 1 cask Cloven, 30 bbls Lonllards Snuff 1 do Niilinecs, and Tobacco. I f-e. d-e. dc, by Nov. 10. STRGNGS if- CO. NF.W VORK MRJCr.T. Nov. 11. RKMARKS The results of th,. fi, reest polit George S. Half's IXatc. STATF. OF VF.RMONT, ) rp II U HonorabU District or Chittenden, ss. S J- the Probata Court for the District of Chittenden ! To all persons concern ed in the estate of George S. Hale, late of Westford, in said DiHrict, deceased, Gnr.ETiNo: Whereas John W. Hale, administrator of the elnt of said deceased, proposes to render nn account of lu administration, and present his account against said estate for examination and allowance nt n session of the Court of Probate, to be holdcn at the Register's office in Burlington, on the second Wednesday of D comber next. Therefore. You ire hereby notified to nppcnr beforo said court at the time and place aforesaid, nnd their cause, if any you have, why the account nforcB.d should not be allowed. Given under my hand nt Burlington, this twe'fiU dayof November, A. D. 110. Wm. WKSTON, Register. contc.t ever known in tin country, is detr rmined in ,,r,s 1?,,', ,v,n f n in- favor of thu oponcntsof the pron-nt administration. ST A IT. OI- I KMON r, rp II 1. For months our city and the mttiior lias been given District or Chittenden, ss. v JL the P Orson 1. Wlicclci's F.slatc. Honorabla citv and the mtti or has been n veil 1'iiTRicT or imiTTKNi.i.N, ss. v j. tne rroume uouri 1,1, t r,liiipa s.i mMirii-nl lin-i l il,: f..,,!,,,,, ,i,ni (nr t he Distrut ot (" uticndcii i io M persons con- ourcilyhasbeenquitebareeif:ouiilrymcrcliaiits,aiid j ccrncd 111 the cslnle of Urson P. heeler, Into f a 1es number have visited us than uinl. The party Chailotte, m said D.stnct, deceased, Gnitr.Ti.vo : to come into power havo been slron" opponents to the Whereas, Shehlui Wheeler, ndimriistrator of tha leaning measures 01 the present ndimniMralion. The esi-nu ui snm oeeceii, jnu ,nm mi ,-wu. sub-Trta-my uniarticular, has met with their imspa- f his administration, and present his account againn ring liosiuuv. une nrca eatnre, nmomr others, and a csiniu mr ..1,1111111 moo .11111 u , i.nier om r-..Ui, one of the greatest iuijiertanco is to re!oie the cur- or the Court of ; Probate, to be holdcn al 1 the -Register P1IH.OS01MIV. The editor of the Boston Morning Post, the lending Vnn Burcn organ in New England, acknowledges tho defeat of his party, nnd bears the dispensation like a man. Tho following pleasant paragraphs nro lrom Ins pen : Election Rctuuns. It isn't worth while to fill our columns with mdefin'tc lcinrns from various quarteis. If we should hear of a State going for us, any where off Soulli or West, we will mention it. 3TV Those who think they can aid a cause by gnaw; ir crnb-niinbs nnd snillint. vinegar fiom one year end In niinlliiT. nn. widr mm, In llicir "experiment. ' Ml wc havo to i-ay is, " heaven save us from such funds. F.vitii produces cheerfulness. j' Wo had two Whigs washed yesterday, and put a new suit of dollies upon each of them, and hope the rascals will go to meeting next Sunday nnd a-ie for''ivenn.s for hnvmc her. Wn shall havo to clothe about a do.en of scaiims for a vear to come, and some of them in pretty costly slile too. Ki" If you ate doomed to bo whipped, ihnro is a satislaction even 111 Imvimnlonn it si e.lh cllll.llv that thero is no mistake about it wo do not hleo any ol your half-am -111 f business give us a decided triumph or a decided defeat. Sr Don't br Ann.MEu. Wc shall run oir fl'gs out a little while this morning, merely to dry h"m there me we beg our W big frieu Is not to ho ag atcd at t ie sigl t. Wo assure them t Kit Gen. Harisoji mid Air. Davis have hoth succcdcd. There is some run about the Whirs, after : On a banner in a Whig conyentim, held somewhere "out west, was the 10110 wing : K. K. K. K. K Kinderhook Kandidate Cant Kome it Iucitc. To all with whom we have bet. Please call at ono time, approaching our ollu-j from Washington street, and departing through t ongress street, keep' ing a line, so as not to block up the highway. Tiiankoivino Dinners will be very (bean, if nmil rvisns plenty on the 2(lth inst-int r.s it was last night and the night before. .Some of the largest kind of turkies were about. TiiEUNironM. We offered our uniform for saleves terdav. but tho Whigs havo spent so much mono'v it " laving pipe," they could not rape enough to bui lt j so we bliall keep it until 1R 12 when we shall have a chanco to wear il again, Gov. Davis's Aids will be obliged to appear m eilueu s dre-ss. fr There is every probability that John Davis, of Worcester niL-iiiiaiiicd nonest ' lias icon elected Govorncr of Ma-sachusctts for one tnr from the 1st ol January lsll. vvisli you a happy new year, JOIlll. reticy of thu country to a sound and belter state of things. I his the people expect, and this high expec tation, it is to be hoped, they will not bo disappointed in. It is the full belief of maiiv that confidence will be restored, and that wo are to see a much belter spring trade. Our fall trade is now nearly over, tho should not be allowed office in Burlington, on the second Wednctday of December next. Therefore, Yon are hereby notified to appear beforo said con; tat the time and place aforesaid, nnd shew cans", it any vnu have, wny llie account niori-ia canals will soon close, most of the goods for the in terioraro shipped, and tho principal business now is the down freight of produce, for our wintir supplies. FLOt'R Western id 111 little demand : none want ed for export ; sales are niado ntSlll for common brands, umo round hoops is wanted for the. South American nnd West India Market, nnd is taken at The stock of Southern Flour is small. Giorgctown and Howard Street arc felling at 5 '23 a 5 37 i. Rvo Flour II 2. GRAIN There is a demand for Wheat for expntt and about 15,000 bushels ofWc-tern have been taken nt 101 a 102 cents. live is settling nt uniform price', fi2l a (l l-ts. delivered." Northern Oats at 12 .1 itt i ,Iercy and Southern dull. Corn is rather dull anij is a shade lower ; sales at 57 cents weight. Barley ;s selling freely at 5(1 a 5!) cents. PROVISIONS New Pork is coming in freely. Sales of Mess at SI I a I !, and prime nt 12! a 13. All the old Beef is out of market. Sales of new at 101 a 11, and 51 to C .V. V. Express. 3D n o d At West Troy, N. Y, on Sunday morning last, Ar thur L. .Martin," Into of this town. NOTICK. An address will be delivered in the Court IIouso by Mr. Sexton, on tho Emancipation of Slave0, on Monday evening next, at half past six o'clock. " "" Nov. 20, IS 10. ATOTICI-:. J. TllYON, .Merchant Tailor, would 1 1 rcspeellully announce to the piihlic and his old cuvo-nc'i lit particular, that hn rout nucs to accom modate all who call, with the latest improved fashions and work not inferior to any, on reasonable notice, at his old stand 011 St. Paul .street. On hand and for sale cheat) for ea-li a choice assortment of superior Broadcloths, Caimcros. Vesting, and Trimmings. N. B. Goats cut for 50 cents c.i-h. P. S. Those indebted will please call and pay up. Burlington, Nov. 17, la 10. ikoxT s a s:s:i., A. -. QA Tons as&nrtcd -lies, F.nghsh Tiro lion, fCJ 3 " " Swedes Iron, 5 " Rttss'a Old Sable do 23 " Peru nnnufietured Iron, consisting of all the various sies of round from . inch to '1 inch squam do., Band, Scioll, llnme. and Horse Shoe Iron &: etc. STI KL.- Sanderson & Brother's Cast Steel, nil sizes., do Greaves.' German do English Blistered and American do. Also, n full and gcneralass riiii"ut of '.ill descriptions of goods con nected with the nbovc trade. Nov. Ill, 1610. STRONGS V CO. Onn Canada riatcs, Tin ifcc. OWU Boxes Canada Plates, 100 do Tin plates J X with extra sizes, 50 bundles Iron Wire n-sorted, 50 do assoi ted Nos, Knclish Sheet Iron, 10 Packs Russia Sheet Iron, together With tinned and black Rivets, Copper do, Keltic I'.ar-", Wire Vellum, Sheet Lead and Zinc cVc. by Nov, 13. STRONGS & Co. SIIF.CT ZINC AND SH1-.F.T LI1AD. lehes wide, STRONGS Sc CO. Given under my hand, at Bmlincton, this eichteonth day of November, A. D. 1S!0. Wm. WF.STON, ISfpinter. 3 1JPORTF.D as at Howard's Grand Bniair caih -V- stoic. Howard. Ha, ha, how do you do Mr. Smith, t,hd to see yc.11. Smith. t Well, v, ell, well, I thank you. O whsl mar, so filled with customeis,0 what lots of Gocdn. H. Just so, 1 tell you, never to many beforo, ind all good first rate, no mis ake. S. Cheap too, 1 suppo-c. H. Vou are ri; ht, if not Ff-hmdd not hnrc bought them j money is m.tting plenty and may as well kerp it goiiiL'. I buy with and sell for it only just an Agent for the People-. O yes I keep a People's Sloro and work cheap. S. Thai's what we like, wc can get all kinds of useful good pretty and handsome goods here, of tho latest fashions. H. Thank you, thank you, great compliment, I im Ldad they think so, walk along, look around, in lha Carpet Room below, up in the siloon, or 111 the ftslUry above-, or any where please cxcue for a moment, nil the clerks are busy, somu customers waiting, 1 ill sec you again soon. Nov. 19, If-iO. T7"RAPPING PAPKR. 200 V just ree'd Nov. ','0. b reams various sizes yC. GOODRICH. The Mountain State. Wn have received from the Montpelicr Watchman and Burhngioii Free Press full returns nnd majorities from Ui'.' towns in Vermont. The rcpoi 1 from Iho Green Mountain Dcinoeritev is most gaatitying.;m UUUNTV IN Till STATIC gives a majority for Gen. Harrison. That banner, Green Mountain Boys, U youis. Troy 11 hit. Votino. Massachusetts has given a total poll of not h?ss than 120,000 votes, which is an increaso of nearly twenty tlioii-and over any prci tons ballot. New Vork has given at lea't -110,000, which is an increase of 3?,0f!0 over nny former vote. Pennsylvania h is given 200,000, which is more hy 10,000 than she ever gave btfoie. Tho other Stales havo mostly increased in n iikc proportion, in snori, mere 11ns never ucrn so full mi cxpres-ion or popular opinion through th the ballot box. us on this occasion. One IlernTV too-many. While his ozcellencv II: Governor Shannon wns ridiim in slalo thiotiid latriotio Lornin, tho cavalcade met a fanner's wagon 111 which were a number of boys, quito small lads. They turned out fur hisKxcfllcncy, mid when against his carriage they nil nrnso nnd shouted Hurra ! initio Governor took oil' his hat) Hurra! (his Kxceellency bowed graciously, Hurrn for Old Tip! His Fveel lency drew his hat over his eye, and looked blank as iho ghost of a Biiifjlianipiom post note. C'Urctand I lira Id, IvvsrERLv Storm j Ocevn Swell, &e. Tho eas terly Sturm that as prevailed foi so nnny days, lins created nn imiiBunl tide, and done much injury 10 iho lower wharves, and Iho property upon lliein. Il has caused n remaikabln swell in iho bay, which has risen six feet abovo Nahant beach, where tho surges nro dashing over tho rocks in awful majesty 1 whilst nt great Nathan, they havo thrown their spray over iho bil'iird room, b -sides earrj ing stones of considerable hic, as far as tho fields in tho vicinity of the cottages of Messrs. Scars and Crowninahield, Tho i-ll'ecls of the storm nt the peninsula hnvo been distinctly visible with n pood glass, from somo parts of the city, pre seining a siiblimo spectacle ; and largo parlies have gone lo view its clfecls upon the beach, where thou sands of fish have been driven ashore from their storm distill bed caverns. In tho harbor, il is thought that much damaeo has bren dono 10 llie islnnds, particularly at Green Island where il is feared Ihat two dwelling houses have been washed away. The fishlnp craft have been unabla to putnut, and wc havo had no fish market for eight days an occurrence of scarcely one in twenty ye'ars, nnd a circiimstnncc unparalleled in Iho memory of (ho ol dest hoiisckcepci. 2 P. M. Tlio outer Telegraph utation reports, tho twobuildipfis on Green Island toremain safe and unin jured by (Ho iorm. 7ai-, STOVP.S A IMIM3.-S ic'vcd and oil', r to puich.i Q Casks Sheet inc 21 to -1G inches wide, J 3 rolls Sheet Lead, by Nov. 10, 1810. SLEIGH SHOES, &c. 1 rXCl V3'" ,Sli;cl Plated, Cutter r.nd Sleigh Shrtc?, I 0J Cast Iron do. finished Crow liars, Anvills, Vices, Waggon Boxes, Shovels, Spades, Dung Forks, Sheet Lead, Sheet Zinc.Hollow warn in great variety, Nov. 111. STRONGS & CO. Stronos 0- Co. have re- nuich.isers COOKING STOVF.S of a great variety of six, s nnd most approved patterns, which will be sold nt whole sale or rctnil. with or without tiiiuinintrs, to suit purchasers. Alto, PARLOR AND BOX STOVKS in great variety of sizes and patterns-, Canada single and double Stoves 21 to 3d inches, together with .lOOO JOINTS STOVK PIPF.of Canada, Ivuglish and Russia sheet Iron. Dumb Stoves, stove furni tureof ("upper, Cooper bottom, and Tin. Connected with this establishment is a manufactory of Stove. Trimmings, Sheet Iron vvoik nnd Tin Ware, which can supp'y at short notice any article not on hand, on reasonable terms and in a stjle inferior to none. The attention of purchaseis is respectfully solicited. Nov. 25, li10 .tloscs Itucslcs' Ustatc. STATU OF VI-R.MONT, J ryQ n pcrsonscon DivniK r or CuiTTi'APrs'.ss. 5 .L c -rncd in the es tate of Mosrs Rugtdes lato of Westford, deceased. r.lttlri Rutrglcs, ndniinisirator of the e-tate of Moses Boggles, late of Westford, in said diitrict dccoas.xl, having filed in said court hi petition, 111 wiitting, .sel ling forth that the amount ol" debts ngamst said ctnle as allowed by the commissioners, H $127S,50; that from said administrators first administration account allowed hy said court, it appears ihat there is a balance ('ii'fiom said estate to said adiniiiist-ator of 39,3I; that iho ninoiint of personal estate on hnnd is 8181,51 nnd that it will bo necessary to sell all the real cstato of said deceased, together with iho icversam of the widow's dower therein, for the payment of the debts against said cstalennd tho expenses of administration, which real estate consists of tho homo farm of said d'-censed, so called, containing, bv estimation, ono bundled and twenty five acres, nnd nbout thirty five ncrcs ot laud lying on Richardson's Hill, which lands ill 0 situate in said Weslford and of which iho widow of llie said deceased has been endowed of one third part, and praying said court lo grant him license 10 sell ll o whole of said 1 stale, togelher with tho rcver. siou of tho widow's dower for llie purpose nforcsaid. Wllprnntmi, tlin cnul-t nfon-knul dol l order 1 lint Said petition be heard before sail court nt n fi -ion thereof to hit held nt the Itcgisler s oilier ,n liuiiliieinii.nii iiiu second Wednesday of December next, nnd that notice Hicreoi no given iu an persons iiiu rcsicii n hi i"'"u cnlion of this order, containing lite substance of said petition, three weeks successively in tho Free Piess a newspaper printed iu Riirliuglon in iho county of t.;tiittendeii. tho Inst or which implications 10 no pre vious lo said second Wednesdav of I'rcembrr, Ifi-10. Given under mv hnnd nt Burlington, in said District, this 11th, day of November, 1SI0. WF.STON, Htfisttr 17URS. Oitcr, seal and nutria rnps lynx nnd coney mulls t boas t squirrel, nalural collars swan, coney, nnd nuirh trimmings i hiifi'nln robes j far sale by nil II. W, CATLIN CO. DA. BRAMAN, Bjokseller and Stationib, Hiithnglon, respectfully informs his friends and the public, that he-is -till con'-tanily making addition to his assortment of Vttr, .Mtdlcal, Carsicat, Histor ical, nnd MiiciUaneous Hoi.-, fiom mon of tho prominent publishing houses in the country. He will endeavor to have it at nil times cmlnacc the most popular publications in every brr.n-h e f literature and science. His stock of School Books, in every depart ment of Irariung. of the most popular editions now in use, e-ompilses all that are u-cd in this fection of tho country. Blank Booksofallnzes and descriptions, of si peior ruling and paper, and bound in a FidiBtnn tial manner, constantly on hnnd. Cap and Letter Paper of every quality and description, as well as Drawing and Fancy paper of all colors and vnrietirs, together with n general pssortmenl of STATIONERY and almost every nrticlc usually called fur in a Book store'i always for sale. All of which were purchased at very low' prices, and will be sold at a binnll ndvanca from crs'. ".rlle respectfully invites the attention of Parents Te'.achcrs and Merchants, to his stock and prices. Burlington, Nov. 10, 1!0. CAM!' into the inclosurc of the subscril cr in Mil ion, on the Gth day of October inst. a deep red (wo year old heifer. The owner is requested to prov property, pav charges, and take her away. .Milton, Oil. 12, 1S-I0. SAMVKL DEWEY. AMERICAN ALMANACS for 1311, for sale at the book store. I). A. BRAMAN. OC( BOSTON Acndemys end Harmonists, fur UU sale at the book store. D. A. BRAMAN. IJ'ALL patterns of Merinos. Taglinnis, brown hl'k and purple, line qualities. Allininrs. brown, bl'k and light colors. Mou-elm de laincs, nil wool, cotton nnd wool, nnd silk and wool. 1-rcnch, German, nnd English Merinos. Alpacca cloths, nnd black ground niou-elin dc laincs, very fine and beautiful, for sale by jU2 II. W. CATLIN it CO. SHAWLS. A largo assortment, comprising neatly evcrv variety of quality .and st vie, for sale by nl2" H. W. CATLIN it CO. CvLOTHS and Ca"imcres. The attention of pur- chasers is specially invited to the assortment of cloth, cassimcres, and 'vesting of nl2 H. W. CATLIN t CO. HW. CATLIN et CO. have one piece of bluo black Beaver Cloth, a match for w hich, has not been, and cannot be found in this market. They Iioto also two pices cassinie-re, which very far surpatu thu beaver cloth. Nov. 12. 1 "FAREWELL'S Gaiter boots, walking Fhacs and . slips, n full assortment : Ladies linen'd In ha rub ber shoe- j plain do. Umbrellas, fnncv work baskctsy buck glove-and mittens. N. LOVELY it CO. 17RESH SOUTHERN HONEY, and West India X lamarinds. Just received a lari'o supply. Til EO. A. PECK, it CO. W UW (iHODS. Sidney Barli vv ha-received a 1 1 general aortmcnl ol good-- al hi- old -lore 01, IVarl Irt-e', winch will bo sol.l cheap tno-cb. N. II. Wool received I'. r gem-'s B irhusion Mnv 59. MUSIC. MR. A, OR NT begs rrs.pfctf.dly to ultimate to ihcmhabilnnts of Burhiigie-n and vicinity that ho will upon clasesforinslriici:on 111 Vocal slid In strumental Music early in November. Particulars known by applying lo Messrs Panpborn it Briiismaid. Ralh and private dancing parties attended. o'.'J jliirhngum, Oet.JM, ls10L ORE NEW BOOK'S, Jim rcccivrd nt the Hop's A New Hume. Who 'II follow. onr La I 0- Companion. Connie--Ida. Havwnrd e l-.'ng nnd tinzi-ecr. Mitchell'. Geivmi'hii'.al l!i-adr, n jy-teni ol Geography, 'i mpri-ing a IV-cppnun el the World w-ilh Iho gran I division-, iV.igiml for in-(ruction-m school and fiiiiiilic'. wonders of iho Heaven. D. A. 11 It A. M A. V, ric dcnuine Mni-Mm'!. Pills made at IlriiMi Collc-so of Health, London, enn I 0 ob- mi,i,l.n ilic Vnr.civ Store and no other nl.vr in Tilt 'town i and rcmcml cr, every box nnd packet is ngnvd With n pen, "Pnnsrliorn an I Brni-niaul,"nll sold in ihc slain arc so SIGNED. Piin-ha-cr- will p'nii ere inein l crihi- 111 it ion. I'ANfipons, it Biiin-sm vip, stale nrcniq OliSl lt I", that iho genuine Condi ami Worm Lo. zen.-e-s and all ( - fur-, ma !c I y Dr. A. Sherman, arcs-'!, I in 1 ' w. xntod up ai. ' liniellio name of'M. Siir.liMvN, M. l."on llmH. ves, Pinvh.vrr. will tili-.v.i rciiiemii-r lln- n- ibepopulnriiy of the-c article, lis. induced many individual- 10 niaUc an article, far infe. rmr iom'II, when tim e nrnclo arceiio,irc,l fur. The poirMfo'i- Pln-u-r-mid Sherman Li zcnpcrs, ara Sold 111 iho Variety Stcrc, Panouoi.n it IIhinjmaip. "i.m'tion.- "O limit , ii,l.-SIMi 10 Motion.' American Soothing J. Svrup fi r children cu 1 nB tccib. The timely m,u nffhl article will save oh ldrcn m eh pain, uftit it iVvcrnnd iho painful opera" on of laming Ihctium, price ridiiccd to 31J its. (jodlrey'c Cophnl an excel, lent article li r the iruriry 12 J ci., boih tho cnmriH olJ ni the ariety f-'torc Paktik-kx & rtrtrsiuir.