Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, November 27, 1840, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated November 27, 1840 Page 1
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M II- IK STAGY. BURLINGTON, VERMONT, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 27, 1840. VOL. XIV....N0. 25. COTTON Wrapping Twine, o goml article lti3t ree'd Sept. V4. by N. I.OVKLV & Co. T 7 LOUR. -A few llbls. of Family Flour, of superior quality, just ree'd ntnl for Hunt HOWARDS. POU'DUIt. 100 kcs bv J'"wVJ- J. & J. II. 1'r.cK it ('( GHIMVSTONliS, 1 y .I.mc7. .1. it .1.11. PKCK it Co. w OOI. TWIN li fur sale ut HOWARD'S! " ni23 PO I AMI KLTl'LI'S constantly on handhv J tut- 1!) .1. &JJt PI.OK& L'Co. CONCIU2SS U'ATHll, jnt received n fresh supply ol'Congres water, nml for nlc I v MayiG. Olio. I'irri.ltSON. flOKS IIROO.MS& PAlLS.-lOOdoz. corn broom SOdox. patent Pud, June I!). J. it.I. II. it Co. 50 IIOSTOM N. I'.. ItUAf. Mini. Gardiner llrcvvur, by Juno 13. J. it.I II. PLCK & Co. D ItUCS AM) .MI.IdCIM-.S. A lam- -upplv just ree'd hy Juno 13. J. it J. II. Pl.CK it Co. M ACKKRKL, on consignment, in half barrels just received ntnl lor sale hy J. it J. II. Pi'.Ck it (Jo. FAllillANK'S SCALFS, lv July 10. J. & J. II. li:CK & Co. IT'I.OUH. Troy, Uln'o ami Al liiir.iii, c(,numily .1 receiving ly ' .1. it ! 11. I'r.cit it Co. ' "T "RAPPING PAPKR. !00 reams various sizes VV just rcc'd N20. by C. GOODRICH. ITMIKSII SOUTIIKRN HONKY, and West India . Taniaiimls. Just received a lartro supply. T1IKO. A. PKCK, it CO. ""tROCKKKY, Glass and China ware; largo and small looking glasses, n gooil assortment, ov nS N. I.OVKLY & CO. BROAD CLOTHS, Heaver and Pilot coihs, citssi meres, roloied and white Flannels, a full assort ment, very cheap for cash by N. LOVl'.LV it CO. JKKCIIKS, The subscribers will keep for a few J weeks, this article of .Spanish imputation ; those wishing them should give u an eatlv call. TIIKO. A. PUCK, & CO. CLOTHS and Cas-iinieres. The attention of pur chasers is specially invited to the assortment of cloths, cassimcrcs, and vestincsof nl'2 II. W. CATLIN it CO. w ANTHb A .Still, of about two gallons in capa city with a worm, or condenser, bv 'ni icq, a. pkck, it CO. OPKKCH of Hon. Win. Slade, delivered in the IO house of representatives, on llie lth and 20lh of nf January, IP 10. For sale by D. A. Hit AM AN. B T'l-'I.'M.O HDIir.S. 10 Idles Cir i,nln liv llmb-dc 3 single, by HICKOK it CATLLV. BARTi I".1?' new t.i -..r.iphi, on the l lit ..iea'.iou Vlcni; a vorvipefil work for school-, iit icoM and for -ale .it the Uook-tore icl9 I) A HUA.MAN O Hales brown sheetings and shirting". 8 do. OVy Vork, power loom, and Dorchester Ticks for :.aleby (s'O) VILAS, LOOMIS it CO. MOFFAT'S IMMHMX IJITTFKS. do. lid: pills, At wholesale and retail by Sep. 2'J. TIIKO. A. PKCK it CO. I.U.MJIFi:, f..r -ale. S0.000 feel 8 in b plank inch 1 nurd. 1 iu"h llocroisr, and -nh stu 1", clear and common apply to r1 ROM'S it Co. " I'sT roe'd a ii anlily ofS.itad Oil in Icilic-, iil- a package, of .'lavun'rd it Nhvs' SohIIpz Powder-, ...'...a'eamlroMil', I v Tlll'o. A. PLC K" it Co. OSIO 1 'Hid-. H. .S.igar lor sale I v f3 Sep'. 2J, lc-10. II. WIlD.'.I.-it. Cabin letter Si uls ; plain do. do. mot- iv5 io letter Seals, P.N(iBORS i. HniNciiAin. rpilK People's Presidential Candidate, or the life of JL Wm. Henry Harrison, by Hichard Ilildietli, for pale at the Hook Store, puce 20 cts. Hurliuglon,Scpt.23, 1B10. 1). A. IJKAMAN. 'IKAL Cogniac lirandy, do. Holland Gin, iure Jtw j'or( and .Madeira Wines for medical uses, by Sept. 23.1, 1810. TIIKO. A. PKCK eo Co. "OULMONA RV IJALH AM, of Low e & Reed P.o-ton, just ree'd by THKO. A. PI'.CK & Co. IAinVKMM plllt)liS, a fill a-.ui'lineiil ju-l C ree'J and for ale I y II. W. CATl.l.N & l, s AI.13UATUS. June 111. 10 ea-ks, by J. &. J. PKCK it Co. ENGLISH Currants, Family Groceries, Salmon, smoaked Helling, for halo by N. A: Co. CMOW.V (Jli.V!?!!. Heilkml, H.iiauae and Clinton crown by J. & J. II. PKCK & Co. CtROCKKT, Comicand People's Almanacs, for 1S10. 4000 for sale at publishers prices, bv Sep. '.iO. VI LASLOOM IS & CO. 1 ("Ml Ux'S Tin Plate, 1 X. "'30 bundles Knijhsh lw and American Sheet Iron. 60 do. do. do. Wire, copper and brass wire Vi Hum, for side by Sep. 2U. VILAS, LOOMIS itU 1 Ilhds. New Orleans Sugar, on consignment, 1 O Aug. 0. for sale by N. LOVKLV itCo. (Zi ( ps. French, American, Satin and common House Paper, some eryiich palteilii, for Sciit. sale hy i. l.u I.I, t iV t:o. Q CASKS Kuiibsh .Merinoes, 1 case French and German Merinos, 1 case fig'd Houiba.iue, just ee'd and for sale by VII. S, LOOM IS it ( 'o. G'Ij.YSS. liinlinuiiiii, Vcrinonl, ami Kox, Cybu T der Gla--, maile al ilio Chiiinplain Cihi- work-, iiiul verv inneh unproved in oualiiv coiiipaio.l wilh the iato I rand-, lor sale by .I.&J.'II. PKCK it Co. MAVN.Utl)"&NUVS' lino JiltiaV WnVmg Tnl.", which lin -lood te-i for more thirty years. A cask jut received and for Milu by 14 Aug. 1810 C.COODliK'H. 13 I1JI(US.A very largo a-sortment of all sizes JL ol IIiMo, ami pri e Irom ou el-, to s?Io ea-li, Just ree'd and for sale al the Hook Store. 1. A. 1II1AMAN. W" TNI)S()It lUI-'lil'.S, for -aloni ibe variciv Mon PANtiHOIi.N U HltLNSMAll). rpjCN cases Prints, 1 case col'd Cambrics, just ree'd X and iorsale by VII.AS, i.uu.Mln it t o. C1IIINA, Glassware, Crockery and Looking Glas I ses, just ree'd and for sale by N. Lovuuv it Co. ALSO, Soda Crackers. Sept. 3, 1S10. MAYO it WAIT give noiieu lo all persons indebt ed to them, or to Lalhrop, Potwin it Wail, to oalland make immediate payment and save further jiotiee. uct. I, IH1U. ITRKSH Hive Syrup, an excellent nrticlu for Colds, Coughs. Croup, itc. by Aug. 27. TIIKO. A. PP.CKCo 60 bush. .Seed Rye, free from all other seeds, for Pcarl-st. ept. ID. salo liy C. HKNNS. QIHIHH, Riding whips and Canes, at the Variety O Store. Juno 11. Panoiioii.; f HniN'MAin. ' "ItAPPINO "1A Ik7i.-1()) IbmTsV, aToumS T T I'apcr, and a largospjiply of wrilinv, I nth Cap nn.U.ctlcr, tor saio ny ii, ,, iiu.t.u.u.. SYRUP Sarsnparilln, n valuable medicine for Imjiii' ritiesof the Hlood, Cutaneous disnas-s, and Debih ity ; just prepared by TIIKO. A. PIJ('IC &C.'o. ENGLISH Transparent Peppermint Lozenges, 1 fresh Jujube's Paste, just opened bv .Sept. Id, IR10. Tiir.o. A, Print it Co, IpUKSHLY distilled Cologne, Lavnnder and Rose Waters, nlo Real German Cologne, by Sept. in, ihiu. thko. a. pkck iv. i;q. TfclAMONI) ('KMK.NT, for mending Gas, China and I'.arlhem arc sol. I at the ai ioiy Noro O "t. 10. I'ANdimil it SMA'P. T-kllMAIl r. ("I'l'IlS A nuvmrhiil'lll lifcnlnrM XJ of cloths, casshncrcs and vestings aiu ollercd tit It great reduction ill prices on ''!'' . , , ,, h oci, i, irio. MAyjL: y.iuX'- TVJIAN iV COM': arc now recoivms from i llo-tonaud Now Yor'Min rloi)ivc iisor'inenl df Fall and Winter DRY GOODS, which llicy wi'l ndl for Cask, I.OWKH than I el'oro Icon o 'orcd m tin m.irM't. iiMriiuiriiui.ii M. v, ioiii. ,,.L.r.,, miiiin hr,,,, ,,,.. ,,,,., l !,. JJ oil. Hrilliant rod Il'li'd. blue fluid, lapau nl., and ladies ami gonticmon vcei pec, n m m . m. Now Yor' , nod lor salo by S. IHMI010. C at st. J i:c 2.-!. IP to. NEW AND FASHIONAHLF, FALL & W1NTKR OOIS. MRS. FRASKR would inform her friends and customeis, that she has iAlf '"r3 J. ' rc,".rllc" trotn Aew w,rt miii no iiioisiiiuiy of Winter lints f Silk Vel vets ; ami tliu most laslncii able Silks for Hatsi n S)lenilid assortment of Rib- brifa V.nla VJI.n,. Io Collars, Kdginps, Insertions, Feallicrs, Arlilicials, Silk Fringe, and other articles too numerous to men tion. Also, Fur trimmings and Hoas. Hurlinijton, Oct. 23, IP 10. NKW SI1KKT IRON, COPPI'.R it TIN WARK JCSTAIII.ISilMKN'l .-'I hesnbseril er, late oftbe (irm i.f Sinrnt Hotw ick, having purchased and ro inoved lolhe Sloro lately occupied by Stronss ci Co., oat sn!e of (be Court Hou-c Sipiaro, one door north of the Log Cabin, i now readv to do all l,md ol work that the public wi-h in hi fmo of bii-inu , such us covering roof-wiih tin, making and pulling op cave trough and spout-. All kind-ol'Tui, -heel Iron and Copper Ware will I o kept on band, and for sale al as low price-as can I o found in the State. Sheet 'me, Copper Pump-, Load Pipe, and all other article-. hi the line of our bii-ine- kept on hand. For elieanne. of price mid neatne-s ofe.eciition, my work will not l.c excelled by any in the state. Ifyou wish lor any thing in the above line, Lefore you Ira 'e be sine and call tVm H. II. DOSTWICK. Iliirlincton, July, IS 10. S. S. SKIVNDH, UU1.D inform Ins pat rnns that he has iust received fiomtbeinipoi tcrs, n well selected and exten sive assortment of SAD LKRY HARD WARK consisting of every article required in country shops, which ill he sold to Sad- lersat a small advancofroni cost for cash, calll and see. Customers can at all tunes find a good assoi tmcnt of ready made llras and Silver plated, Japaned and Tineil Coach. Giir and Wannon Haiinhssks. A good assortment of Ladies and Gentlemen's Saddles, Va- lessc, Trunks, Carpet Hags of a superior iiahty. Mattincals. Trntniitms. Housings, Twigs and Spurs, open and close Hells assorted, Combs, Canls, Hrushes, Sailillers Hint, liucksKiii -Mittens ami iioves, a great varietv of Wlnns and Lashes, Carriage I.ainps splen did patcms. Patent Lelher by the side or smaller uantity. .Morrocco anil hiiecpKins single or ny tne ozen." A great vniietv of oilier articles minuted to this market. Having furnished mv shop with a su perior article of Oak Tanned Hriddlo and Harness Leather, a good ipiauty ot ware, expermced anil tem perate mechanics, and my experience in business, 1 pledge myself to furnish ti3 good articles as were ever oio in mis place ami un as reas.juaniu iiriiis. .mi dml. farmers nroducevcouved in pavmcul. Lumber, wood, tlannel,tow and full cloth, dresl or imdrestskius ind bides, or any ollicrarticle m tliesliape ol piopci ty. Shoi), North side Court House Suuare, 2 doors Kat John Howard's Hotel. Iluriington, October 20, 1S10. tf. NOTICIJ. LADIF.S it (Srntlkmf.n in debted to tlio Fiihseribcr for Hoiisr; or Carriagi: hire, or otherwise, are re (iieslcd to iimke payment immediately, nml save inenielves eot. RANSOM COLHKRTH. No XV SCHOOL (JIIOG.tAIMlY AND ATLAS WITH OI'TI.INK.MAPS. I v S. Aroii.- rus MlTtili:!.!.. The author ot the alovowoil. has I in. nidli' lunallv devoted lo tbe science of Ceo'v and I lit? iiulilifbing of -Map-, during in.inv vcar.- anil In former production-, o-peeially In .Map of the World lur .lea.ieiiiie-, i cur aiopio ie-iiiiioiuniv i.i in iiitiiu- oant reouree-, upon wlncii lie lia so in i r.illv orawn, m proiluciim the above -cbool work. The I'lllowiiig extract ofibe (Ico'v and Alia-, -from n joint recoiii mcn.laiion of the Teaclier m the eiiv of New York. :' I heir nieril are nuiucrou the itclinitlon rcmark plain and eoiici-e. 'I lieexerci-e-arecopiou and important, and ibede-criptive I- lumiiiou and oorrcel. I lie ilivi-ion ol l lie Anierican eonlinent, lire repre ented and de-erd oil a ibcv ioallvexi-t al the .. re-enl tunc. And the gro-s miialeiiieiits gcnerallv louud in -Ciiool geogiaiiluenrocoire !cd. Tlie tviiograidn- cal execution I nil coiuiuonlv neat mid di.-Unel, linked the a'la i a model of the kind, and actually teem won inlorinaiion." I lie outline .Map are pcculinrlv calculaied lo o.crei-e the ii.lciit in In nml to till up at hi lei-ure. For sale by C. (iOODlMCII. BUTCH l':KI,G.TbeMib-eril er ill butcher Hog and oilier animal, mid pack the .-ame (for family n-e, il're.pie-led,) (i r all tbo e who inav wili in tin village, the pro-ent f.tll and if not done in a workmalil.e uiauntr, no pay. Ilurllllgtou,r-Oiit. 21. tJAl.l'.H un IIAHDSD.N. N. H. Having good accoiiiiiioil.iiKui-, I will lake i ho annual at mv roMilouee and return them well bo ed, for a fair couipen-atiou C. (. TIIKIiurlinglonimKWKRYhas now coinmeiiced business, and will have new Heer in a few days, . w hen all orders will be punctually I attended lo. J.hitHngtou, Sepl 1810. Gi:0. PKTKRSON. l,rrnarc I'or Vinter. rpiIK FARMKR'S COOKING STOVK.-The Jl siibscrilier informs his friends and the public, that he has on hand a variety of cooking and other -loves, sucli as tlio ! armeis, anil llie premium Cook Stove: the Canada Hox and several kinds of Parlour stoves. Also Russia and Canada Iron Stovu Pipe, Copper Pumps, and Lead pipe for wells or citterns; all of which lie will sell ns cheap as can be had in the place. Tlioso wishing to purchase articles of llie nhovedescription, will do will to look in at my shop oiiu door north of the Log Cabin. Darlington, Sept. 30. 1810. II. II. ISOSTWICK, IV IMV IlvrsiIOI...PAIU.iLG&. MILLS li have opened a new Paint SiioI' on Church-.!, two door south of II. Lane' Si me, where ibcv w,il do all kind of HOt'SK, SHIP, SIGN and CAIflll AGK PAINTING, in the le-t po-il.le manner ami on term to suit tbo.o who may favour them wilh their patron age. CJP.iuil, Oil, arnih ami Puliv, cou-ianlly on ham! anil lur sale. Ilurhnglon, April 0, IS 10. It.G. SPAl'LDINU. C. H. MILLS. FOlUVAIMtlNC, c. IHIO. Till-; siib-erilor will conluiiio their T-0A bu-liie- a Ii'ot'Wiinllllg and Com- "SV iiiNsion .Mcrcliants and Custom vjMjB House Agents, at the Port of Saint .g,;-; -;-r-..loiis, Lower Canada. They do not o lor their emco "free of any cmrrrc" in tho o person mien-ted in tra.'lo with the dined Stale, but will en leavor lo make their allontion lo Ibe iuleret of their employers worthy a rc.t-onablo roeompciuo. Having good Wharvo (at which the Lake Cham I'I.aim Sthamiioats will Ian. I) and excellent Storage, together with the convenience of n connecting Kail Track with the Ciiami'I.aim ami St, Lawuksit. lUil.-Roinover the. is wharvo-, they llatler tliein-oive that, with liflcen year experience in tbi lirancb ol billlie-, they will I o enal led lo do much to lacilitnle nml cnco irasolrado between ihuthiiieil Stale-nml the Lower Province. JASON C. PIKRCKitSON. St. John-, L. C, March, 1810. jo2.Gm WINDOW SASII Just received 15, '20 nnd 217 by 'Jca-eineut. of sab, a firsl r.tlo arliclo at aj and 3 cent per lighi nl-o all km I midsize-, liiriii-hcd lo order. Tieomlcroga bla. k lo 1 1, a lir.-l r.ilo article, for sale very low, together with n great variety oi oilier aril ele.s as (dieap ns can be found at any other o-tabli.-h-ment in the place. Gr.o. Pi;ti:iiso SINGLE. DOUI5LE. UMBILICAL. TITfj'P rccM n Biiimlv ofMnrsh's cilibrnlcd Trusses. J of ovrrvde'crilition, for sale hy llie dozen or single Oct. II I HO, THKO. A. PKCK iV Co. sign oi mo Ajonur l-ilfi' iwin nun mi iiiiiisiiiuiy 3&g&bCr&.- nlrn AND FASHION WftWV4 I (P'Z. Al!,',: issortmentofM.IL- r jr. v ' ' OcL 1G. NHW D1UJO KHTAIIMSIIMKXT At tho sign of tho MORTAR one door east of .. (f. . "i ,fc ''''l0 fhhscribers have opened nn Apothecary Store, and intend to confino themselves strictly to that business. They now oiler to the public a general nssortinentof genuine Mcdocincs, including till new Chemicals, and Ibe standard Patent Medicines; constnnt attendance, will be given, ami particular at tention paid to prescriptions. Ilnrliiigloii, Aug. 20. TIIKO. A. PKCK it Co. T TACX VVTIV O l0 NTI CA.--TII K TKKTII I 1X TIIK TKK'IIIM-Titi; iNco.MrAtiAiil.o Tooth Piiki'aiivtios'. The fact i proved, and Ibe inol in credulous ad doubling are fully convinced, as we have ho evidence from Ibe .-nle of 20.(100 I nxesoftbcOilnn. Ilea, wilhln the pa-t year, ihat the I'topion ilrcann ofj ihu iiii iiyiiii-i nn: reaiizeo, ami a remedy discovered for iirccrving tho-u important and mend appendages of the human system, bvtbc u-u of llicMagnetieOdon lica, which by itsallractive, and strengthening iiiall tic, remove nil extraneous substances from the teeth ami preserve ihem in iheirnatiirnl brilhanev, and the gums m soundness nnd beauty. It is ii-oertained from experience, Ihat, the teeth will never de cay, but reninin lill Iho lale-t ago ol man, wilh their natural wear. When they lire decayed, its progress will le ane-ted, ami the tooth pre-orvod and prevented and pre-orvod from itching all ibis has I ecu done in a inultiiudo of in-iancos : nml more in tlioii-ands ol cac, nervous toothache, (thai climax of pain) ha at once I oen e.'ociuallj cm oil by popular dentrifrieo in America. And in conclusion, where, or who is the young lady or gentleman, nyo, the individual ihat value a be.iuliliil set of leeib, sound gums ami a sweel breath more than lifivcent,that will lo longer defi nite of n box of Dr. M. I litcbeoek's Magnetic Odontiea. I'orsa i c whole.nleand retail, by A. HITCHCOCK e. Co., No. ll7Gene-ee t. I'lic.i, N. Y., and bv llicii ngentlhroiighoiii the tJniled Stale-. In Hurlington rorsn c wlioen earn roini . ,o A. ' ( IK'tH.'k' .V icir Hurtiiifftnn. by J. it J. H. Peck it Co., and Thco. A. Peck it Co. ny J. it J. H. Peck it Co., and Thco. A. Peck A In Vcrgenncs hy J. H. Bowman. In Milton, by liett it Sawyer. In Georgia, by Lorenzo Janes. liur- aug2 NATUUE'S GRAND KKSTORATl VK. This valuable Vegelable Medicine stand unrivalled fur the following complaint-, viz: Dypepia, or Indi-ge-lion,diea-ed Liver, bilioudi-order-, Drop-y, Ath ma, Co.-iieiie-s, Worm nnd lo . of Appetite, and by elean-ing the stomach and bowel-, cure pain in the side, stomach and I roast, cold ami coughs of long standing, Hoarene-. sborlne-s of lueaib, Ncrvou. complaint, etc., which arefiemieutly the e loci of di ease. For Fever and Ague, it i a iniit valuable pre ventative a well a a sovereign remedy. Its virtue siirpa any thing heretofore known in' removing St. Vitus' Dance, two bottle have been known to cure ihisulllictingdi-cnsc, nlior having balllod every exer tion lor four year. It ha a mo-t powerful iiilluence in removing norvoo oomplaiiil. It i pleasant to take ami so easy in it operation, thai it mav I c administered to the infant wilh safely. The above 'Medicine is verv highly lei'ominended 'bv many scientific gentlemen, and a large iiiinil er of'ladie-, who have proved the virtue-of the Medicine I y personal os"and that ofiheir fanulie-. A bill ofcerliliealoaeeonipanie-each bottle, with direction-. It may I e had wholcide or retail of S. Hrilaui, li.irro, aud'.l. C. Farnani, Ka-t Williams lown, Vl. sole proprietor-. Prepared from the origin ill recipe; Iorsale ly K. II. Pion'i-, Montpelier, and .1. it .1. II. Pr.cK it Co, and Tiir.o, A. Puck 'o., H.ii ling'ou, uuil in ihe principal lowu in the -tale; all direction signed m I he band writing oftheproprieli r . Jel'J SIMMOIAN'S COUtill I.OZHNCKS. A1 RK Iho safe-t, most sure and elec tiial reine ly for Couch. Cold. ('oiiniiiolions. wdioonmg Cough. Atlinm,- Tiglilno- of the Lungs or cho-l, itc. ite The proprietor has never known nn in-tamc where thev'did not give pel loot snti-fiicnon. Several tliou aml boxes have I ecu sold within the lat tlueemonih :cloring to health, persons in almot every stage ot ionniuption, ami those lal oring under the mol di ll ising cold and coughs. They do not check and dry iiji the cough, bin lender it eay, promote expec toration, allay the tickling or irritation, and remove the proximate or cxcfiiiur !('. They nru made from a oombiiialion of tho mol valuable'expecloraut, or cough uiodieiuc, and are undoubtedly superior to every thing in use for those complaint. Hundred upon hundred of certificate have I ecu ollercd of their wonderful virtue-, from thoe who have been saved from an untimely grave, and restored to perfeel health by using llieni. Doi;. One lozenge l a do..e for an ailiill, aud may be repeated from lliiee lo six lime a dav, a reipiiioil. Clnlih en, eight jear years old, half of one: four year a quarter, and so in pro portion. Very ni.ill children or infants will lake tlicni i ot di-soKed' in a little water. Should they act a an emetic, or produce nausea, the do-e mut lie les-cned to what the toniach will bear. Half of one will gen erally I e siillicicnt to lake leforo bioakfa-t, a the -toiu'ach i then more oa-ily sickened. No ill elects can ari-efroinan overdo-e, a it will cause the sto mach to i eject it ; and although not a pleasant sen-a-liou, will le found to give" relief. Where there i much pain in the broat or side, one of Sherman'. PiKir Man'. Pla-ler. should I o applied over the part, and worn till iclieved. lfnttcndcd wilh eoliiene-, a few cathartic or laxative Lozenge, or any mild ca thartic medicine, hould lo u-ed a oeca-ion rocioiro. Sold at the Varielv Store, by PAN'GIIORN & HKINSMAID, Jeweller-, Iluriington, Vi. ritllK LION OF TIIK DAY. NO CURK NO X PAY! The Genuine old Dutch or Ger man Vegetable l'ills. Iligblv lecoiiiiucmlcd by Docl. Valentine Mott, M. D. of N, Y., ami other. The-e aie the order.! Any one that doe not find re lief from the-e pills the price i refunded lack, ihee aru the po-invo orders of the Proprietor lo agent and others. In o'.!eringthee pills lo the public, I appeal lo their intelligence. If these pill arc not what they recommended, you are in duty bound out of repit't lo yourself and community to rciecl ihem, and publib them to the world a an iinpoition, jiunibug and quackerv. The public may I euured they are purely vegetable, they sue coinpo-ed of nine mgrediul, pari of the moilieine i onlv found in A-iaamlui the val ley of Germany. For convenience ihe-e extract aie made into pill and will I e found u sinecure or re- nci lor an niiiious oompiaini-, jonow ami luiiiou fever.-, lever and ague, luaudice. scarlei ra-h. billion cholie di-pep-ia. ite. It I not prelcudod that thi iiieiiicnie I- a cure lor all iii.-eae lo which llie human sV-lcm i liable. Ten ii-ole olorl have I con made to drawlrom the region ol unknown fancv onie long pun theory of magic art, which would iiie each nnd eu'rv ib-ea-c. Good medicine i not found in llie lire or whir win. I. Health and bappiiie bang upon chance wind- time i the herald of truth. Tho pat at leat I rcciirc; ibey have already rai-eil a nionunieiii ot tneir greatne- which wi'l oi'ly llie 'orriKlingioolh ol tune, oueean I o licninne wilhoul a wiappcr and dncciion on each box on which my bv the ub-crileral Glen' Fall-, bv A. H. it D. Sand 71), and 100 Fulton t. and R. M. Meig-, 3S3 South t. Albany, llaiini it lluwlev, 210 Siver st. Tiov, General Agents for the state of Now York. MKItill'IT GRIFFIN. For salo by Win. Rhodes and K. II. Gicen, Rich mond) Morion & Clark, and D. it D. S. Lathrop, Willi-tou ; Ilagar it Coin-look, Shelburn j II. Sinnton, Kox i Geo. II. Oakc-, and Allort Harney, Jirieboj .1. It. Hurlbol, Wo-iford; J. II. Hume-, Charlotic; It. Moily and Geo, PotersOH, Hiirliuglon ; and by K. IIHKKiS, Hurlington, Agent for Chittenden ('(., wlierx Sub-Agents can be supplied at wholoalopiiccs. S HICKMAN'S POOH MAX'S IMiAKTKK. The bet slrenglheuing plaster ill the world, and a sovereign remedy fi r pain or wcakue-i. in ihu back, loin, side, brea'-t, neck, limb-, joints, rheumatism, lumbago, ite.iVe. One million a year will not supply iiiuiiciiiauu. i uey reipuie a nine warming i eiore ap phcaliou. Warranted superior to all other-, and tor one quarter tho ii-iial price, making not only llie le-t, but the ehtMpc.-t pla-lcr in ihe world. It atlbrds iclict ilia few hour, and make iiMoiii-liing euros. In liver complaint ami dypepiu, it should I o worn over the region oflbe liver or stomach, an.) it will alliird great nnd aloiiibing relief. In eough,cold-, alhma,dilli cully of breathing, oppreioii oflbe cbe-t or slomnch, Ihey will immediately sooth, mid groally lonellt iho (lalicut. Pcron ol sedciuary habit, or ibo-o obliged to stand iiinch, will reoouu decide I support from one ofiheotraly,siicngienuig platcrs. Physician gen erall lecoiiimeiid llicm, in pief'eivneo to all others,! c caii'i! llicy stick" or adhere I etler nnd a lord greater relief. In their operation I hey nro stimulant, tonic, nnd anodyne. They arc composed ofentiioly diUcrcm ir.srcihcn'l froni any oilier nnd known from the ex perience of million, who have used Ihem, a well as llie iiniiel to-tlinoiiy, of all the colelaalo.1 and ililiii gihcd clergy nml physicians, to be the mo-t ii-eful and Inghlv medicated pla ter, ever invented or o lerod lo Iho piib'ic. Several persons have called at tho ware no ce io expicss incir surpn ii and llianLs nl llie alino nurac do is euro ihe-c pla-'or have o 'ivied, Oiiontau who had been o a lii.-icl wi h heumailln, a lole oii iblo lo dross hnu-clf wilhoul a-si-mnco, wiroinil led nflor wearing one, only one night to gel up aloiioin Iho morning, put on hi- clothe- ami call at oiirolhce wilh eye-1 earning with joy and hi tongue pouring forlli tho gladness of hi heart, at iho sudden and signal relief ho had received fioin llii-- I o-t ol nil ionic l e. Ak for Dr. Sherman's Poor Man's Plntcr. It i so called, lecaii.t) tho price plaios it in iho power of nil to purelia e, I cing only I2J el. SoM nt tliu va riety tioie by J'ANOJldRN it IIRINS.MAID, Jewil'ers, lUirlmstou, vt. M CORK'S KSSKNCK OF LIFK.-A Valuable Misti..;,... i, ;r .;i,, i.. ....!.. ..i ....n , .. .. - , ;"" "B"" 'l"'v', win i.u iiil- meansof snving lhoiiatid. from nn untimily grae. It has been sold and u-ed for thirty years, with great siiece., and found very cincacious in Ihe following di-cae', viz. Consumption, Whooping Congh, com- iiiKii ouniis, i,u ii., nun nn ureaimug, illlinciizit, Quiny, Allim.i, Phthisic, Spitting of Hlood, Flam leney, In.bgction, Loo-cncss of the Dowel-, Fits of every kind, Cramp, Rickets, Colic, Catarrh, l)y-en-lary, Fainting, Hypochondriac Alleelion, Headache-, Sickness at Stomach, Mca-le, a preventive i.f Con tagious di-eae, Gout nnd Rheuuiali-ni. it-j-i noai.ove.Me.iieinulspreparcd bv Henry Soy- r,,m,r r,f It,,, 11..,. tn- IV..,.. .V.. 'I ll..,.:' ( .. .l....l,V.,..,l,. t, ,.... ...l7l... I ..'l.l principal Driiggi-lsin llie I'niicdStntes. Sold whole-ale nnd retail, by J. it. J. II. Peck Co aim reel oc io.. lur ing on. am he l ie dealers generally throughout the country. DOCT. MAHSIIAIilS Arom.ittc, Catarrh and Headache SNl'FF. This Snull'is juperior to any thing yet known, for removing ihat troubleomc di-ea-o. the Catarrh, and alo n cold in the head, and the headache. It opens aud purge out all obstructions, stienglbens the gland,and give a healthy action to llie parts nllecled. It is perfectly lice from any ihingdele lerjou in its compo-ition ha a pleasant flavor, and its imniodiatce.lee', after being u-ed, is nhgrecablc. Price AO cent per bottle. Doei. Mar-hall's Vegetable Indian Hlack Pl.ASTKIt. Thi Plaster is unrivalled for curing scrofulous swel lings, S-urvy Sores, Lame Hack, and Fre-h Wounds ; pniiisinilie side, Hip nnd Limbs; and seldom fails to give relief in local Hheiunnti-ni. If applied lo Ibe sido,it will cure many of the common Liver Complaints; and is ciiual, if not superior, to nnv thing in n-e for corns on the feel ; the virtues of this Plater have been witneed by thousands of individuals in the United Slate-, who'liavetc-led its ellicaey. Sold by llie pro prietor; Cha. Howen, Middlebury, Vt., and Tiieo, A. i-KCH cc lo., iiiirlinglon, t. jel9 DISI'JASKS OF Till": l.i;Nf;s...Deculedl ilin inosi pupiilar iciindj eici known in America Vegtlabte Pulmonary Ruliam the hiIimIiIc reined) nuw in ne fur C(iCBli,cnlibi, afilui.a or plilhii'ir, coiMiiiiipiinri, nlinuping rough m puhnumiiy hIT.ciioim of every kind, lis mile if hicirainnfr. und llie proprietor are roimanlly ircrii ini ihe inu.-l fainiMble accmini of inrfiVcis. 'Ihe following neiv cerlific.ilce aie ollercd lur piiolie exHiiuiiiilinn. An Intkkestino Cask. Kxiraci of a Idler from Mr t! S Clny, Kinu-ioii, Ulster co., N. Y. In I tic priprielnrf. " Youis of ihe 9ih inst. was ihilv lec.'d A reni.iik.ible cure was t'lTeciecl by ihe Vcgiiitile Pal. military ll.iN.un in llie iuier and npi ini; of 1S35. The l.crsnn, Mr. .Miiudi, bad been sick a long mm unit llie criiisiiinplion. His plijaicians h.ul C'M'll linn up He Mas i educed so low us lo be nnnlitp in belp liiiu-rlf, and h.ib raxini; a l.iign Ii.iiiiim of bliux! u lieu be coiniiieiici'd using ili, which has elTeeieil cnniplem chip, mid he is n.nv as Ii ile mid licarl hs eici be mis. Mr. M, nidi has iciihim iI fiiun ibis iiiwn. bin he h is prcno-etl me a imiic delailrd ticcmini of bin ease. "Inch I n ill f..i w..rd u.u. C. S CLAY. Kuiuiciui, N. Y. June 25. 1838. Ksli.icl cf.i teller finui Dr Jacob Aljers Tho Vegiu il.le I'li'iiiiin ii,1111 Ii.m be.ui in, Id ill ibis cmiiiii, (or IMoiHriis, mid llie. inc beniK uaiiipd mi iiiicmiiiimmu cclfln hi , fur il .c.iiccli in hup ni'iaiire f nieil nl b n iiik llie di'-iie.l i ffcei I ant III mi means hi fiinr of I In- mam no-1 1 ii in s , iiiom ol u lin b are ilil Hinii,iis upon a crediiloitii public, bin iliut which I kooiv by imp lo bp (, I r.iiiuiii hi'lp but uivim .ippiob iiiuii ilieiein, A rounterfeil prepai hi inn Ims been nflVied hem by a iniiclling Agent, of Coinstoi k, ,N. V. mid iheip i anoiher article vended line lliai i .ironglj stijpecicd lo betpurimis. Jacob, M. I). MiMinninn, Juniata co. Penii. Sluj 3, 1837 Fioni Dr. Samuel Moirell, lo llie Piopiipons uf ihe Veifp latilp Halnani. I inn saiirfied linn ihe Vr UPlablc I'u IniiMi.i sry ll.iljiin i a valuable meileciue Il lias been iiiied in ibis place with coinplrip iiiccpsii in an nh-iin.iie coinptaiiil ol die lungs, alien. led wilh n feieic cough. In,'-uf voice, and llie raising of much blond, which had prei inii.-lv ieiicd man) Hpprovpd picsii iplinnn. Alter tisiiij; I tie H.llsacn one week, llie palicm's voice remrncd and he as able in rpe ik audi, lily. This rase occmicd some lima since, and ihr man is nuw cnnanpil not only in active but laborious Ini.iui'H-. Rpspeeifull) , &e. S. Moriikll. 1 1 is now iiioip lli.iu six n.u since I was In oug Ii I veiv low bj an 0 (Teci ion n f I lie lunjjs, und nil complaint was el In be iiicuiuhlc b n council of iIiick phi. sici.uis. I uiisilieu rc.-lurcd lo us oo I heiilih ns I had cnjojrd for many )ears, bv iiiiini; llie Vegemble Pid uionary RalsHin, Since my recovery I have recom mended llie llalsum in II great mail) cares of 'line rouipbiiniii, Mud u far I ran bain, its use his in v.i r i.i I il) been folloived bv imiih benefil, nml in man) instaiiri s it has cITeeltd cm i'j hicli weic m holly tinex peeled. S AM U EL EVK II ET r, li.M.un, March 2. 1837. Fur sale, vvhuleioile mill iptnil, by J, 7 J. II PKCK S Co nl TIIEO. A. PECK & Co., Hur- liugloll, Vl. INQIIIKI'ASK THOSE WHO KNOW. I'lui-e only ivlio'know bv lu'alni iinmcili.iie obser vation, ran fui in ail) idea of I lie eflt-ciK, nf die peil'eci relief, of die iituiosi charm. like chips efTcrlcd in caes ofibc, Rheumatism, nil Swki.i.iscs, mid all rx', iio iiianer liniv scvpi e, by Ihe use of I lavs' Liiiimi-nl. I in. I one h Iio ban imciI il ill nut laud il above all things ciei ui'il, mid ) ml will liud what c.iiinol be fuuiiil. JCJIVii Ihe icbcful suffer, ing In. man beings who may be i,lllieicd, I beg vou lo k .nk of llini.e who know nsk llie Hon, ALKMED Cosklin.U. S Judge for ibal ibslriri, icsidinu neai Auliinn , afk M ATI It i iv J. Mvkus, Kki. AiheiiH, N. Y; ink Gen. DliFi" Green, late of V.ihiiioiiiii citv, each of ihe.e geiiitemen know ofc.ncs iiiicnniiier. able b) all oilier iciiicd ft or phynic.ians, lUoogli niril f r in. in) m'.iis, iti.ii have been ruied by ihe u.e nf the genuine Hay's Liniment. 'I'll uisamls of oilier pemuur know similar coil's. We in ibeir "Piise of jin. lire llicir Iuuii.hi feelings. IVZF1 It i but a dill) v, nn imp In voir sulfering fellow-benijs lo lei reined i be known. Speak of it I hen In all join Ii leads This m ill save miirli pain iiheie the iipivspapcis aie noi read, or where leaders' sue iucrihilous, because so man) vvoiihtp-s nincles aie advertised for the rump puipo-c. 'I'o bikers we t.i) , if all who have lined il do not say it in lievonil nil piai-e, linn ilo not lake il I lie pinpiieior vv ill not allow ihiii ariic.le in bp paid fui iiiilei II chips, ii hen nil llie il.reciinin aie fully follow, cd. Will nnv one sulTeriiii; refuse now to try ii ? Ifhc does, he nn 'hi in bp pilied more lor bin ob.iin.icv his nid'ei nig, iCJMr. llav Mould never mum m in offer lliin uiiicle, mcicIip mil roinpelled b) his genre nf moral ol i pIiuioiis ilntv lo uo all in p pun er lor i he viciiun of disiics and iniiu'fv. For this purpose he vvmilil sooner ilcvuie a loiliine, in in scaup a dullai I. ail) vvoilh!e article. tlZP'l'OOK OUT.-Some swuuPers have riiuiuci leilfil ilns in nclr, inn! put n up wilh vminiiii device". Do mil be imputed upon. One lliing mil) vi ill I on 1 1 is I lie name uf Cumstoik Co ', name uiiisl be nliviivs on llie urupper. oi )ou ore clieaitd. Do not foigel il. Take ibis dnec lion with vmi, and le-t by that, or never buy ; fur il i impossible lur nnv oilier lo lie line or genuine. SOLOMON II AYS. Sold by Comtlock 4 Co. 2 Fletcher stiem, N. Ynik. cllor nal! U.M.Y liy I'ANGnousic IIIiissmaio rpo thi: uald-iicadediV (ithkks 1- I) .ps any know a neighbor urn fiiend who has been lluld, and wluiie head la now coveted wilh fine haii? One whose, mat collar was coveted wilh din- ill nil, though lirusheil everv hour w Inch has now van islicil eniiicl) I Or one whore hairs al earl) hup weic lur linj! cicv, who now has mil ii irp) hair I Cluldipii whofp he. ids were coveied with sruif, whose hair would mil crow, dial Hie now growing llie fullesi nop of I. air I Soiiip ca( iiui'l bp known in iimsi pi-isoui, Ak I In-ill llie pause, and vou will lie mid ihat ihesr thing hive hern done by die uae of the Balm of Co. lumbut. Of 20 jear" growth is I It in article, lis ilea, ami iucieasiint iiunii.ill) some liunibcd per ceul, Ihnngli when ilii'ovi ird nut uppoiird by miviliiiig for llms.uue puiiose, nuw availed by iiliiinii nuinl.ei less musliroon irarh pi will luin the hair if u.ed to am extcni. t'.iu inoie ih in these facts be warned irle'r to ihe rrroiiiini-uilai ions byu llti of iiaine of lesperin. lulily, iiiiripialled b) mi) oihpr inliclp, l.nuk lo lliese Ihingt liny thi' ariirle. Sin) and picn'ile lour h lii b) us me, or if b itd leslnie il, L i.iics, alien, I in ihi. IiiiiiiIic.Ii in I'.i.hio.i i lilt) life hip iisiiik ii as ihe mil) amrle, icalli lil lor llie. tuilet, l.uug hair is vriy apt io fall out La bes, nun ihe I) ihn uf tJoluinliia in lime in s ne vourse'ves ihe ibsmarc nl balilne.s In negleci nf v'our peisuiu. Ills imir ihilv, as imii nlistn in .hp. spivpiIip beaiiiie of n nine, wnh which (,'ie.ilot b in endowed ) nil ; n.eihe Ulm,fur it will ilu il. (?AHI'ION I'O HE ItE-ilEUIIEItED. vvci il U' i-l lli!i on nltempiH hive brcn made lo r impel fen ibe Hue Habit of Cnliimbbi, Some of the i iposleis Ii ive none so I n a lo ruiiutei fcil llie rplen. H I vviappiis, mid lint Falls of Niauani, nml rveiy t noil K cxeepi the name of Cuuislni'K, vvliirh ihev I lie n il fotsiP. To avoid linpusiiioni llieu furc. ul. ivas look iio llie inline nf dun. lock & Co. or L, S. ("nnnlork, und never buy llie arncle uiilesi ii hui ih.n name upon il Sold wholesale and rrlitil, only m No, 2 I'b Kin r sneet, N. Y. and by Panoborm and (lhN?MAP (luilliuion, V(, d , ICJLM PORTANT CADTION.jl It is a singular fact undone much to be regretted that valuable medicines, as soon as they become pop ulnr, nnd have received the te-t and approval ofn discriminating public, arc sure to l.c counterfeited, nnd thus n bad nnd spurious article is immediately palmed upon Ihemi'iispcellngforlhc genuine. This ha been notoriously the case wilh all popular tried and truly valuable mediencs for years pal, continue to I e the case for years to come. The bu-o nnd contemptible counterfeit in ihii way meanly takes advantage of all the e.lbrls and adver tising ucd by ihe proprietors, of the genuine nrliclc, lo get their medicines into use nnd de-crved popluari ly. It is therefore not les iheduty than it conlribute to Hip safety of every honest individual in the com iiionity Hioxoo-c, frown down, and forever after DIS- 'i rult nil Heartless ingratis who thus irrc spoimblv iriflo with health nnd life. ICTHKRKKORK TAKE NOTICRjJ Theic is a person by the name ofj. U. iMjCHE FORT. now cugageil ln -filing a Pill done up in boxes In exact nnd perfect imitation oflbe oemiiiiL INDIAN KGLTAI1LE PILLS, with the omcsion of only one word on the lloxc viz. W incur. The Pills sold by this Roeheforl are evidently intended as a fraud anil imposition upon the community, or they would not have been done up in such oxnet'iniitation'of the gen uine. Thisper-on i tall I Inhering Willi a great the alrieal waggcr. He wa recently known a a very poor player in Ilaltimore, under the inuieal cognomen of Jim Drown, nml i twenty live year of age It i almost leyondn doubt thai he is -.applied with ihoPills from u Druggi-t firm in this oily, who have heretofore I con notoriouly connected with counter feit medicine. A oon as proof is obtained the foun tain head of lln's nefarioti hiisine will I e expo-ed, that tho community may shun them as they would n serpent. IN THE MEAN TI.MK VHK PUIILIC ARE CAU TIONED ngnint buying WRIGHTS Indian Vr.nETAni.r. Pili.s of any one who doe not exhibit a eertiliente of aceu cy signed by the agent for the New England Siale nnd '.earing date since January 1810. AIo lake par ticular notice that the following wording i on thw box es Wright's Indian Vegetal lelYI (lud. Purgative) of the North American College of Health. Tht Indian Vtg'tablc I'illt me u cumin cure for disease in us Pveiy vaneiv of lorm, bicansp ihey iho rniighl) cleanse llie sioiuach and bowel., indorea pin per ilisi Iimi u- b) I In; lungs;, kni hihI kilnci , uudsii. nml. He llie blood lo pin if) itself. In oihei wonts ih. ) open nil the natural diaiii', it nil leave KAIUIIE Hit Grand I'hjjMieian) nee to dine disease bum the bod). The above onileis, or ib iiins, me ihp coiiituou suvprs of I hp hodv, lliiouuh iliich all mm bid mid cor rupt liumuts (ibe fame ol disease) an- CHriied off j anil so long ns ihey me all kepi open, and disi'liarm' fn-elj ihslr nllotipil poiiionti of iii.pi.1 ii), die body will con. in. us in health : bu. when (iiini filling impiopei lood, breathing iinpioc air, sodden Inin-ilmn. limn licit In cold, uvei pxhaiiiiiion or nil) ulllcr cpinc, Iho boncls becuiiip cosiivp, ihe piiies'ol llie rkin beenme closeil, nr ihek'uliic)8 fail io pel finui ibeii funriions piopeil), ihe inipuriiips which shuiild be drained limn lie bod) by ihese nuilt-K. ill be iciaii.eil, nnil ruulintie lo lie cumulate until ihe bod) become literally leaded Willi diMse. If ihe channels of our intgtiij rivus should become blin ked up, would mil llie acci iiiubiied wiiipis finil new ouib'ls, or the country become iimndale'l 7 Jinl so wilh ihe Iiiiiim i body ; ifihe naliinil diauu be come closed, llie slHuani ami coniipi liuuiois will find VPul ill Ihe (minus Conns nl thspa-p miii us l iiei, Small Pox, Measlps, Rlieiiinaiism, Gnm, Apoplexy. Sec. or Deillh will eul our suH'i'iiui 'I'lieiefme, when eirkupsB al llie sliiinarh, pains in ihe bark and side, (puck pnlte, buritine, skin, or any unplea sam symploui, indica.e linn one or mine of llie na. lurul ilia ins aie not lis clnt t g i og fieely, uml the rundi. Iniioii is hIioiii in cmiiincnce h snuggle fur I In resiorn lion of heatlh, no tune stiuiild bp lost in Hihntnisierinii a few brisk dosei of t lie Indian Pinewiive (Indian ft gttablt I'illt.) Uy so doin, all llie lunciimis of ihe body will be reslorea 10 uriler, rml llie foul huniots (ilu- cniisp of eveiy iiilbiinatiun or pint we rufTei) will bp iemovp'1 in so easy and naiiiial manner, the body will he rpsloirit as if liy a charm. The silmve Pills may be litken at ALL times and under A I.I. or. ciiiiHlanced, wilh pcifeei e.ifeiy. They suii all com plainit and aliases, iindaieio llie human coiisi i u.inn as food : const (piently the can ntntr injure even the most delirale, Like our loud, ihey hik diResiibh ; iheicfore ihey enler inlii llie ritcul.nion mid iinpnii an energy in ihe blnud, wiiirh pn ib!e il lo flow wnh fice. dom (piilp In llie exlieinines and coueipienily in ki ep ihe pines nfihe rkui open. Thry nre nue and pet feci purifiers oflbe : Ihc.iii.p drain all coiiupt liumori fium I Ii oi I life givin; fluid they i sliengih and vigoi in llie whale sysiem, stud ibeir rf feels aiealniiys bensficial : because llicy onl," nninve lliuse humors which are opposed iu licilih, I'liey aid and improve ibijeslioii, anil sound sleep folloMs llieit use: because ihey c.lpinse ilu; niiimiirh anil boviels ol i hose slimy humours which not onlv iniiaip and rxens llip nei vous system, hilt p niityze and weaken llie di geslive organs. In slum ihey pnasers all ihey ijiinil pi opei lies thai can lie rhiinic'd for any medicine ; mid what his very iPtunrkablp, il is uiicriy iiiipurnbV io me ihem wiiliniil bem fit. Price 25 cents per Hox, with full directions. Ojlico and General Depot for tbr New Fngland Slate, No. IU3TreiuoutStrecl,near t'ourt troei, Ho-ton. The regular appointed Agent can receive ibcirMip plie of the above popular Pill-, a heretofore, from the only olliceaud general do: ot for the New England Stale-, 1 US Trcinout street, Ho-ton. Pedlnrs or trav elling agent are not nllowedto.-cll the genuine in linn vegetuhle Pills, therefore never piircha-e Irom them, for ft you do you will be sine to obtain a dangeron and coiinierfell nrliclc. sll Tiieo. A. it Co, Aeentin H.irlinglcn, for the -alooflhu Indian Vegeial le Pills, alo, W. II. Uoixct, Willitnn. Vt. and A. Hrin-inaid, Hurlington. SNCEE ONLV TWENTY-FIVE CENTS. I). .M. Hiteheoek'. newlv iiivon'od Snutrilie lost arti cle ever discovered by scientllie men, in Europe or America, lor the cure and absolute relief of Catarrh, Uizzino- ol Ihe Ilea I, vea", Nervous Hca.l-ache-, Fallen Siekne-s, Fit, and lul.ini troubled with Snnllle-, partial shocks of Pa I y, itc. For sale whole-nle and retail. I v A. HITCHCOCK it Co.. ole Proprietor, Nn. 117 Geiio-oo st, t'lica, and by their agoul throughout Hie i num. in luirimglou, j. iV. j. it. rtvu c v.ii. in i ergenne-, oy a. ii. nnwuian III Millon, by lliirnett it Sawyer, hi Georgia, by Lo renzo Jane. WHKMS, Wt)K.MS.-Dn. M. Hitcuc'ck' unrivalled nml iincpialled WOK.M TEA, a sovereign remedy for Worm-. Sliange and incredi ble nre the elect of the-e delegable vermin ; few person-, and it i thought none are free from i hem, par ticularly female and children. Many peron go through ii ili-treing t our e ol ine.licinc wphout a I enclit, when they might lo relieve I ly using the Worm Tea. This'invalu.iblo inch' me ha-1 ecu te.-ted by ihe experience of mine than ten year use, and ailministcrvJ In more Ihau lli,(HMJ persons of variou age-, and not one solitary complaint ", on thecoutiary hundred, have called, and iin-olicile.l, given their do' eideil preference lo it. after Irying the di leioni arliclo sent forth lo the pubic, and pronounced Dr. .M. Hitch cock'. Worm Tea Ihe inot safe, ell'irlual, and con venient remedy that can l obtained ; for in no one ol' llie lliou-and of in-tances where il ha I ivn u-ed agreeable In Ihu printed direction ha it evortailed. N. II. Ask for Dr. M. Hitchcock's WoumTka, a there are many nostrums abroad lor lliede-lruelionol worm For sale wholo-ale and retail by A. HITCHCOCK it CO., sole proprietors, 117 Gcne-eo ireet, I'lien, und by their agents throughout the I'mon. In Hurlington, by J. & J. II. Peck it Co., and Thco. A. Peck it Co., in vergennes, oy J. ti. iiovviuau. in .union, ny Hurnct it sawyer, in ueorgia, oy uorcuzo jaiicn, nugVO ShcrmauN Itrcast Oliitiiient, If nntilicd nronerlvnnd indue time, will cure the most painful cases of Dwelled breasts, and prevent the for mation of Even where iho swelling has imbued nnd shown every ntinearanco of breaking, this ointment lias entirely ilis-pellcd il, and restored the parts to a lieaituy enuuiiion, in applying it, a smnoiu ami soft covering to the breast should he made of soft leather, or fine compact hniti, with a hole in the cen tre lo admit the niplo. When so made, pin a coaling of tho ointment over tho inner surface and apply it closely nnd tpuoothly over iho whole breast, leaving the nipple protruding through the hole, m that the child can nurse, which it should do ns long ns the mother ran bear it. are. should lo taken to have Iho breast drawn by tho child or otherwise, su as to pre vent an accumulation of milk. Whenever the plas ter gels rinklcd, nml thereby uncomfortable, a nevvone should ho applied, and constantly worn until n euro is nll'cetcd. It is sometimes necessary to sht the sides so they will conform to tho shape of the breast, nnd cover it closely. Ask for Sherman'ii breast ointment. nml sco mat ins signature thus, ".-1. .Virrm.iii, A. .," is on iho wrapper, none other can bo genuine. SHERMAN'S PAPILLARY Oil. Is tho only infallible remedy for sore nipples ever dis covered. It will cure tho most troublesome cases in a few days, without depriving tho infant of the hrciiBt vvnrraiited suncrior lo all other rcniidiea when applied according to tho directions on tho bottle. Sec that tho sigiiatitro of "A. Sherman, Af. P." is on Iho wrapper, none otlior is genuine, lie particular or you will oe deceived and disappointed. SoM nt tho Varie ty More. rAKUIJ-UK-V UUI.NW.MAU'. T OOK AT THIS HAVE YCU A COKOHt TO000 Din op cnnsu.mi'tion every year in the I niteil Stales, and millions tu.ler feoni troublesome ram is nnrli.,,1,1. 1... i .... .. I .... ....1 l .. ti. t II... L cock's ycgeinblc Virgin Cream Coug'h Drop, a safe ncsrriiiioii, oiiiiining no poisonous drugs, anu used in an exlenive prnclicu for several years will Inn-I nn-iiiv..!,. n.n,..i ...l:..r i. ' c i . awful disonee, pulinonarv eo'isiimiiiion, which usually sweceiis fntmlii. nr...... i'. ..r.i... .- .1 1.1 the fair, Ihe lovely nml the guy. Have yo i a cough? He persuaded lo piirehase a bollleof (lit; Cough Drops to-day I lo-inorrow may le too late. Ilavo you a cough! Dr. Hiteeeok'.s Vegetable Virgin Cream Cough Crops is tbeouly remedy you should lake locure you. Eur tin-n ii it. ...n.,. 'T.. : ..r.i... .1 ' .1 cases where il has wn ,.Lil ha it Ut llosl lo relieve 1 rice 1 jconis per i.otlle. for iile, wholesale nnd Re tail, by A. HITCHCOCK' iV CO. No. 1 17 I!ii..n. " V. A...I 1... .I...I .1 i.... .1 Luiteil Suies. In Hurlington, by J. & J. II. Peck it Co., Theo. A. Peck & Co. In Vergennes, hy J. II. Howtimn. In Milton, by Hurnct & Sawyer. In Gcor- io, uy L.U1UU.U Janes. alt, A iikpatiu i:i.ixnt, CLLLHHATI'.D remedy for eoinplauits arising from a dieacd state of the LI nml its Korro'. turn.; the following nre a few of its symptom, weakness ot lhetoinacli, Indigestion, loss" ol appetite lownoss ol'Spirils and Headache: it will be found n lire remedy for Emotions on tin: Face. In eon-e- quenee of Ineir letng many nostrum circulating in nn pun oi inc country, tiiusiili.-cril or.- nre aiithorizcil lo warrant its l.enelioial e.!ect. Tins article is just received, and ollercd to llie public ns one well worth the ntlenlion ofihose who arc atllictcd by complaints from the above dt-ea-e: it I em from" nn eminent physician wo feel confident in tin recommending it. 0.-I. CIS 10. Til 1.0. A. PKCK it Co.. Sign of the Mortar, one door ca-l ofJ it J H Peek it Co HUMO H S J t Notwithstanding- the publiejour nals of thvd.iv. are already crowded with noti ce of .Medicines, in which the public have verv Itllle confidence, I have concluded to s.-iyio tho-e a'llhcted with ."-all Hhe.itn. St. Anthony lire, for Ervi:elaA Sdld-Head, L.-prosv, or anyodier ciiluneoii eruption n'sn tin - it teen louiiil a reme.iy tor atcffllcatlachc which ariies from humor In the tomach. Thai I have f'oiiiid a -aloand t:!!eetnnl remedy by nn internal application, withoit altering the di'el or habit (u tempeia'e) ntnl witliout iniiiring the eon-tiiutirui oreyeighl. 1 have I ecu most seriouly nlllictod with a complaint ealleil l.cpro-y, lor lourleeii year-, while llie nlilol Physician- eoulil give me but little eiieonr ngemenl or relief, calling it an inciiraliledi-ea-e. After many year-experimenting on myself, nt tliu hazard of my "life, 1 have, by the ble-in'g of God made lln di-co'vory, and am now ready fully lo eonvin emy fel low sulli-rer. of the fact in my own per-on, and nsit them to a like reinoily, tor a rca-nnul'lc compensation. Yet I am not in-cn-'il leof the ditlieuliv to call public ulleiilion, so of;en deceived, to a new Compound. Hut from il I eneficial ell'ecis upon my mv-ell. and iuioii other- alo who given it n trial. I am in- d iceil lo oderit lo llie public, wilh lull directions liir u-ing, -tgneii i. iiarle June-, in my own handwriting to I e genuine, and for their tieromodaticn it will li" lefl Willi ino-I of the principal Droggi-ts in tho t ni teil Slale as soon n convenient, with a few certi ficate of it c.licacy, such a may follow thi no. lice. Alc, may I e found with it, n'.-ale, ea-y and in- Miiiiue (internal) iciiio ly lor tne rue-, prepared l.y a skillful linii.l oflbe inedii'ul faculty,i ealleil Piles Ior morhoith, which if used will surely recommend itself. f"jAll coniuiunicatioii re-pei'ting ibe-e Medicine,-. mut Is; postage paid, to receive alieniion. t-Iaremonl, r. tl.M'it.".l), IS1U. Luakles Jones. 7V tin Public. I heieby certify that my wife has Icon -everely allhcle.l for llie la-'t two year. with a scrofula humor the Saltrlieumo, nronietliingof that nature) having applied to several Physicians and tried almo-t everv thing which i recount ended for such complaints, lint to no purpose. At lat hearing ol a medicine prepared by Mr. Ciiari.I'.S Jones, of tbi town, she rciivcd to try II, and in six weeks after -lie liegaii to ne II, was eomplelely cured. I would, tlieriiore, reeoimncnii im inciiienieto all who ureal llicteil with .-cro I'ula-humor.-, such nhave I een pro nouneeil bv nearly all Phyieians ineural le, und am contidoiit that they will find immediate relief. Claremont, Aug. -I, IS 10. Wm. Hoisitkr. A Card. The undersigned take this method to nv to tbo-e whe lire ntllioted Willi humors of any kind, Ihat ho lias 1 eeu most senouly nflhcte, for ten or twelve year Willi a cutaneous complaint ealleil "sup rlieiiine'nr l-eproy which ha ever Icon pronounced ineural le. And knowing that the -nine wa lieiedit- ary in our family I bad dc-paire I of ever linding rebel, ha'ving fadeil in all my attempts to cure, until la-t -priug 1 learned thai my hrolher uiiarle-,who hud I een I'or four'ceii year in the same itiiation iiad found a afc and ed'eciiial remedy, wilhoul aberiiig the diet or hal it, for which I apnl.e.l, and wa lurnihed with phial of drop-, and 1 can now -ay ihat alVr n-iug one hull my Iriinor wa eoiupie'ciy eradicated without in piriug iny heal b, nnd 1 have no do ibt but other. may lind. the -auie in Ilu powerful medicine, as 1 under- tun I some already have. He ha deeluicd makiae it very pul boat prcent, yet 1 think other- may al-u find it I "y applying at hi residence in We-l Clarciiioni for the pro en't. Kola Jones. Clareiiiout, August 1, 1310. A Card. The iinder-igned feel n diiTulence in tliu olliring In to-limony in favor ofn "new Mtvleeine,' nrcnaml I v hi-own 'Father, and cannot hope tor the eontidence which would lepul iu one who would seem more (liiulcre.teii. Hut lie leg leave to say, that for six year ho had I een troul led with a humor so nic: pile called Icpro-y, which had of late I ecnmu a erio'i ntlhction; and knowing that In Father and others had in vain tried every prol a' leremejy, he had not ihe nio-l di-tanl oxpecta ion of over linding a euro. Heing ind iciltolry a phial of hi F.i'her'. inel eeino, ho ha indeed fount! it all he could wi-h, a -ale, ,eody, and be I heves c 'iviual euro. If other shall le iniluceil by thi In rid them-clve of a lnuih-onie complaint, hi cud will I e nnwere I. Eziia Jonk. I'liiversity of Vermont, Hiirliuglon, Aug, It-10. A din. Hearing of a Misleemc prepared by Mr. Chnrle June., of this town, I'or h iinor, and having seen il I eneiicial it lecls, I appl.ed l'i r it for my hide daiiglilcr -1 year of ate, much ntlhcicd with Sail, supjis-ed lo I c an hereditary complaint. I can now -ay that afler u-ing n ix week my hopes me filly realized in n cure without injuring life child's heillhiindcan now recommend it to oilier. a a safe and uifallii le remedy fur such complaints. Claremon', N. II. Sept. 15, ISdO. Mart E. Tr.RKT. I hcrely ccrlify that 1 have Icon intimately an rjnaiutod wuh Mr. Charle Jones, nl'Cluroniont, N. II. , lor a number ol've.irs last pal, and bare I eeu consul ted hy an.1 iroscnliil for him, for a very ob-tinale ilieae oi I nc si; in, win i.nown l y tin' naun-oi Lepro-y but could do no more llinn milig'.ilo thodi-ea e for n time. Since lie ha a 'ivied a r.i cure by menu of his Props fur Ilumoit, I have examined luin and am happy to say that hi kiu I poifivtly -inoolh and free froiu'iho di-ea-e. Jamk Cm mipe, 'Physician. Fianeotown, N. II. , Sept. 15, IS 10. I have been aiipiainteil wilh Mr. Charles Jones for a number of year, have praoticed m his family, und administcrod'iiie.lieiue for hi- disea-eofihe skin, moro or le-, for ten or twi Ive years, p:il without n radical cure, lie now appear lube perfoeily enrol by -nine drop which be prepare-, and which solar ' I am afipinmtcd wr.htheui pioim-e lo bo ot groat uidiiv in uci iboa-es. Moits Coaii, M. I"). Springfield, Vt. Sept. I, IS 10. I have prescribed remedies, nnd adniiniterpd medi cine for C. June' humor which I culled Loproy, more or Ic-s for fourteen year, without H oompltte cure (hi being an uncommon ca-e.) Ho now appears In have a final cine from hi own ih-covery, and from what I scoot it e 'els upon others nl o, I am ofopi. moil It may be of nvicli bcnelil in tbeeomiiimiily, Timotiiv S. Gu:aon, M. D. Claremont, Sept. 15, IS 10. llJThi iii(liciiio ma'.e no vain pretension'! nor excise any hopes which will not I o fully realized. Come and try for yourselves, any who tire afflicted willi ili-ease of ibf. kind. Ii may I e found at tin" -lore of liobcrl Moialv, drnggi-l, Huilington, and vrilb Martin V ires Esij. Cniiil rtdpo Vt. 1 UU I .Ms. Cam Woisl 200 do Log Wood Si. Doniinro 2S0 do Log WoodCnnpracliy 2.i0 do Fitslio 200 do Nicnragua 10 do Alum , 25 do Hhm "Urio! 3D do Madder 50 carboys Oil Vitriol Muriatic Acid, Anna Forli-, Nilrie Acid, Cnrcuma, Par Wood, IVneh Woo.1, CJucr lilron Hark, Spanish Floinnt and Hcngnl Indigo. Lac Dye, Null Galls, press Paper, Jacks, Tenter Hooks, CreaiuTiirtar and Agnl Juno 13. by J. it J. II. PECK &. Co. VEItltlsNA CHEASI for shaving,clarifie.lH': in, Warrui's le-t Nmllf. Silver Thimbles and lot of new Goods, riprninn at ibe Variety Store. ... Maj'53. PAMillQRN c IIRINKMAIP. DK. nilNNUY'S FAMILY PILLS.for reuio viug symploms of irrpnlion ari-ing from foul stomach and bowels j such us los of uppetitc, or morbid cravings lor food, sieknu- or voinitting, pains or an uneay -cnation nt the pit of stomach, with sourness, nmfn eotlvu stale of the bowels, llatu lenee with fulness of thec part, nnd pain on pressure, with faintness, jaundice, dy-eulary, pimis in ciiher side, nnd piles. Alleelions of the liead,(lizziiioi, stu por, weakne-s, depression of spiril-, hyleri.i, hypo chondria, and oficn dilurl ed sleep, sick bead ncbo so common with feeble, delicate persons, especially females, diarrhoea, or loo-ene-s ol the I owcl -, nnd dy sentary, di-ea-es ol tlie skill, and worms iofreiuent Willi children, ulleotions oflbe chet, such ns eo igln, or dillienlly of breathing, occasioned very frc)' cn'ly by a disordered stale of the stomach. Monthly a. lee lion of females, when checked by general debility wilh los ofappetite, attended wilh cold feel, e'e., aci.e mid fever, iiillucnz.i, rheumatic a a-lions of the joints, scrofula, lie doloroux, orpainlul nllctions of the nerves of the face, neck and shoulder. I have found Ihem u-i ful in removing chronic catarrh, if per evered m tbr some time, in -mailer do-e. They ore accommo dated to nil nge-, (children of u year old may safely n-e ihem,) nnd toaiiyelimale,an'l under nil "circiitn tatiee. I'liey conluin no more 'rvnorolher mineral. They are purely vegelnl le. I 'or.. Two to four may r.e al a time, and re c until the long ie I clenn, n . bowel, in-lead i f I eing bgl. fcnsive, 1 ivoiiie lice mid I : turn ofappetite. CERTIFICATES. The n pleasure otau neoiiam a . some year pa-t, tlurin I. - i where he ha attained u : '. He lia bad nn opporltiui . - I every other nigh'. I., di-cli'iitse from the ; tinI or dark nn I of . healthy, wilh a rc- t signed ha had the t Dr S. Phumev fur no in lhf Ullage, aeier a- a pby-ieia . :n lepe.ved ui-lance ., ol leslingtln: will, col I lit" i ....) Pill," and from lit- own experience of their chcaoy, a well a from n knowledge of their gooile.lecl in other can; , he ha no lie-nation in recommending tlicm to lejui what they prufe tol e, a verv vnlunl le Family .Me heine. ' THOMAS M. .-.MIHI, Pator of the Presbyterian elurch, Cat-kill N'.Y. 1 feel it to l,e a privilege and duty to -ay, thai to the extent of my ob-ervaliou und experience, which is very con-iile'ra! le d ring several year-, the u ility of hu'nrtielu both for Dy-pcp-y and'a n mo-t eilicacious Family Medicine, lar exceeded my niricniatti n. .More than thirty year I have not i.uijoy oil heal: h, but siillercd much from ick head-ache, and fiom biliio is alli clion-. 1 have had ihe advice of many re pootable physicians, hut never lb mil any o' rclieffrom my eomplainti until a trial of l"r Phinncy'- Pil' iiad Icon made. Samit.i. Ciicrciiii.l. Ilarinon-biirg. Crawford Co., Pa., July, 133S. Calskill, Greene Co., N. V., Aprd, 13'2j. To all wln.m it may concern : Tin certil.e 'Im Pr S. Phinney ia Phy-ician of tlie lir-l - andmg in th s village, having received his medical degree at Cam bridge I'liiver-ity, and in entitled to ihchighc-t re-pct from the public. Rev. David Porter, D. D.j Rev. Jo epb Picnti-s, A. M.; Thomas H. Coolie, Pre-ulent of Cat-I.ill Hank; Rev. Thomas M Smith ; Jacob llaight s Robert Dor Ion, Coun-ellor ; John Adams, do; M. Wutcti, do. If these pill do not give satisfaction altera fair trial they may I e returned, and the money will be rclmUcd. Agent are hereby authorized to do s". Acent. R. Moody, Hurlington ; L. Jane-, Georgia; T. W Smith, St. Albans ; C. L. Drake, W-t Mdion aud at moi of the store. in the state. o30.3'ii SHIiHMAX'S WOKM IA)'.HXC 1W nre the groa!e-t di-covery ever made, forihpellm?tlie va rious kind ol worm that .-o frequently and di tre--ingly annoy lolh children and adult-. They arc an infallible re nedy, nml -o plea- iut to tho la.-to that children will late ihem a- readily a a common pep permint lozenge. Many di-cne' arise from worm, without its being sn-pect'ed. Sometime a ery trouble, some cough, pain in the joint or limb, bleeding nt thenose, ite. are oc(Mione"l ly worms, and can I u eaily cured by tin celebrated medicine. The following- symptoms" indicate the pre-ence of worm-, viz : headache, vertigo, torptr, di-tnrled dream-, -loop I roken oil" by fright nnd screaming, coiivuhion, fe vcrcihne, t'"n'rt, pallid hue, lad la-ic in the mouth, o!lenive I reath, couch, diilieult 1 reathing, ilclung at the no-e, pain in the stomach, ua ca, -ipieanu-h-nes-, voracity, leanne.-s, tone. tun-, itching at tlie anus toward- nigl'it, and at length, ('election- and film and iniicu-. One is a do-e for a child two year- old Swo for one four year old 'line tor eight year , and live for an ad. ill, and should I o lopealod every morning-, or averv other morning until relieved. ICP Sold at the Variety -tore by PANGUORN t HKINSMAID, Jewellers, 'Uurlmgliui, Vt. HA IH! HAIll :: UAIilM'.SS. Impor tant Discovery the Great Jlvtcrv found out at last. DR. STF.RRY'S HAIR REGENE RATOR. Dr. Stcrry, after much attention to tho important subject of preserving tho ha:r, has, nftir many experiments chemical nnd physical been ablo to discover nnd arliclo which i now ollercd with thu create.: confidence for the toilet as the best tlungevi r discovered, for, for its. softening and pcliettating quality to produce a good head of hair to prevent it from falling oil' when baldness is apprehended to retoio it when baldness nas taken place, and to preveni it from turning gray. It ii is more nourishing than po matum, antique oil, or Cologne water. It is a beauti ful article for Indies curls it makes the hair soft ami lively, and produces uncommon brilliancy. Thous ands have tested its superior virtuis nml excellence, and in every instance it stands unrivalb d. It is an infallible cure in all nilcclioiis of the s'.iti on the head as dandruff, ite. itc. Every family should be sup plied with a bottle of this oil, that by its implication to the head and hair of children, the beautiful and or namental appendage of a line head of haw, which na ture Ins supplied us may lie preserved. Fiom the numerous certificates ml recommendations received of its salutary influence the Doctor fit Is firmly per suaded helms succeeded in producing mi article which will meet the desired wishes and approbation of thu dublic. For sale wholesale nnd mail bv A. HITCH COCK it Co. 117 Genesee st. I'tica, N. Y. In Hur lington, bv J. it J. IL PECK it Co. r.ud THKO.-A. PKCK & Co. In Vergciuus l.y J. II. Howman. Iu Milton, by Hurnct it Sawyer. In Georgia, by Loren zo Janes" IMPORTANT TO MOTHHRS VOl.'Xti KHMAIiUS. Docts. KnvNi uis- it P.iiMEi.r.'i celebrated PILLS, or HEALTH KKSTORATl. K for complaints pecuhardy incident to the Female Sex. This article is now briii'i"-ht before the public, under sanction of the strongest testimony, from those who have alike used it, finil also witnessed it. utieiiuall. il powers, in the removal of Female oh-lruct' ol" tho must aggravated and de-pcrato eh.iiactcr. Theso testimonials are not brought fiom the ignorant und illiterate but from Physicians and other Scientllie Persons, who have tested its great virtues, and now recommend it in their practice and lend loit the sane lion of their names. It is not mtcm'"d as many medi cines generally are for all the v.'rielies of divase, which it is ihelot to siifllr under. Hut it is inn nded, simply for one class of complaint and those only re lating to one sex. Tin so b mr o' i iher a dthentc na ture, there would be more than ai. 'didary degrie of dill'idi'iice in coming withth.s ,i, , before the public were it not tho fact that ttii''. . nro continually passing from the stage of.n" " - ictinis to diciue, which this medicine has ncv - it 'ed lo provwit or cure. Such has been the pro n of Nature, that nearly all the complaints ot l:nsles are coiiiicclcu in some degree with the habits allied lo llicir vex. And many can bear witness, where n mere cold nl a par licuhir slagc, has produced checks, llml the hand of Science nnd Skill, never h.i been able to dispel or alleviate. At first, the irregularity and suppression of tlie natural habits produces no very nlarimng ay nip toms, and is treated generally with neglect. And pri per attention is procrnstiaatcl until the hollow; eve, sallow complexion and great bodily debility indicnto that cither rapid consumption, or some oilier faial disease has fastened its resistless prnsp on llie sulli nr which soon tcrimmlrs existence, by a hiigcimg but certain death. For complaint" inevitably productive of such rrsulis ihisinvaliiihloniedicineis now brought bifore tb public. It invarnbly removes obstruction's and regulates a too profuse nienstrurntion, and cures i,y its unequalled quahtic", nil the vniitty of derange ..nru rnniieetcd wnh the Female habit, Tlie eimtient and distinguished Doct. J. Morri'on. who has piac tiscil medicine at Oneida, N. York, wilh the most sig nal aucess for M years, says "It istlic best medicine now in use. incases oi retention, or supiession oi the Menses, 1 think it will sustain the nppclntion of a specific. 1 have tried it in the worst cares w.lh most admirable surccs", and 1 xvish for the good of sullering Female", that nil physicians would introduce it in Ibeir practice, as I havo found it answers beyond my mostsincuinccTpeotalions," In ilsepocl il is kind may he taken without the least inconvenience, ns il is not cathartic, but tunic am aperient, l or nmple par liculnra respecting its cmciency, certificates of 1 j si cians who have vv tncssed Us etlccls, and of oibers, who havo been most signally benefited nn. res ore. bv its virtues-reference is now offered to the pnm l.letsVceonipanyingthoiiiediciiie, and to the moro S.Xl rviilencesjin thi J.niu of tho subscber, &olc Agent for the New ffi' SMIN,,BVl Wholn-slo Dealer in Drugs, Mcdicinrs, Paints and p. tiluttf N0'-3 - 'u,h sldcold 1 a,,fiul Uo11'

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