Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, November 27, 1840, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated November 27, 1840 Page 3
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Eflairirfitfxnl In Willision, on tho llih inst., Iiy David Trench, F.9(., Col. OnviLLB Shaw, of Jciieo, to Miss Ann UmrriN. iiniaiisDurgn, on inc mil msi., lty llio KCV. Air. llecd, It. T. llLANciuiin, Ksq., of Whitehall, editor of i..iv'i.i...i.iii-.i !.. ti.1' i I......'. 111 ? lull-null vslllullllll, lis .HISS JULIA VNOI!ALPIi:R8 In llurlinglnn, Nov. 23d. Mrs. F.sTitnn Powell, trifa of Doct. Tritmnti Powell in the fifth year of her age. She was tin' first child liorn in Builiiigtoii. In Shoreliani, on the lHth inst,, Mr Julius Noam top. In South Hero, on tho 3d inst., nt tho rcsidenco of Wnllis Molt, Ki. Miss Swan Aii.vms, d.aitghler of Benjamin Adams I'sep, of Millon, aged -12 years. Hut few arc icinovcd from Ihe meiety of this world more esteemed by acquaintances or beloved by relatives than this excellent lady. NOT1CH. Tho rtnnnal inoclinjf of the Ttiirlinrrion Anti Slavery society will ho holtluti at the Congrega tional place of worship this evening, at half past six o'clock. l.adius and gentlemen favorable to tho object of tho society are invited to attend. Nov. 'Jr. .IAS. iVHTCHKIX, Secretary. ft'ew INtablisliiiiriK. T P. WI1 U.1NO ,f CO. inform tho public, that J they have located themselves in tho Milage of Burlington, ami have lilted up n store on tliorat side of Church street, which may well he denominated "Cheap-side," iicaily opp.isilc the bank of Hulling ton, and arc receiving from New York rt choice selec tion of goods well Hlited to tho Mason, which they odor for sale nsloic as tun be purchased in the country, for ready uny. Aiming their goods may bo found beaver mid broadcloth", cnsimere, satinets, tlannels, merinos m itishnc do laincs ipc. A choice selection, also of French, Fnghh and American prints, equal, at least, to any in Ilurlin"lon. A general assort mint of cambrics, minims, plain and figured, edgings, iussrlins."', blond laces, ipc. A ureal vntictvnf shawl, nnd dres? handkerchief", Indies' gloves nntf Iioh1, with a good supply of bleached anil unbleached domestic goods. Also a cd id supply of crockery, of the latest patterns, with a few elegant atinl pallor lamps and finally, a few choice family grncciics, such ns leas, sugar's, iuolaes, coffee, rice, raisins, dry fish, tobac cos lamp od, ipc. Wo do not pretend tospecifv nil ihe kinds, to say nothing of the numerous articles of which each kinil is composed; but sullice it to say, tint the nsfortiucnt will hj fo'ind to c nitaiii mot of the article wanted in the oii'itry; and those that favor ns willi llieir custom will be entirely relieved fiom the examination of old son Is, or remnant. Our entire slock is new, and fresh fiom ihe niaiket, and ha been selccled with the grentoM possible care, will ref iencc to the wants, comforts and benefit of the people. Hut we do not svish the public to take our word in this matter, but most cordially invite them to call and examine for themselves. Rutlington, Nov. 'JO, H 10. to buii.DE nsT PROPOSALS will be received for building a Brick 'School House at Wmoo-ki Village. Said pro posals must bo delivered, sealed, at the office of the wmooski lion Foundry on or before the 23lh of De cember next. Rudders wishing to (.amino the plan-, can tee them at all times bv calling at the aforcsai I place. Proposals for Ihe Mason woik, must include ciisglntr for the foundation ; Mono, brick nnd laving ; plastering, and all materials conneelrd therewih. The proposals for the Carpenter work must include the timber, and nuteiials connected therewith, .and finished ready for plastciing; the pninptig also incltt- aeil. Jiv'itsi; i l , i:i:..r. wright, Nov. 13. GKO. V. MORTON, Building Committee. PRUGS, Medicine, Perfumery, Paints Dve St nils. XJ Uils, arnishcs, liruslits ece. The subscriber is now receiving his fall supplies ol the nhove good! selected with great care, which he will di-pne of at the lowest nr.ikct prices. ROBF.RT MOODY. flMi UK N'T. V itinll hnuc situated at the head X of 31am street, one door west of the Medical College. Its construction is convenient for a small family ; nnd upon c.rtain condition', will be rented for any length uf tmi", r.s shall best accommodate the applicant. For I'm iher information apply to the present occupant. Burlington, Nov. 21, lsl0.3. CtONFIXTIONARIRS Jut leccivcd, a s-clcctec ' variety of Sluail's cclebtated coiifeclionaric neatly put up for retail trade. Also at wholesale. TMT.O. A. PIX'K, it CO. BOTANICAL MKDICINF.S. The subsciibcrs have received .a complete assortment of tho above articles; among which are, extra flowered bay' crry nnd barberry harks; ginger, plureisy, tumeric and unl earn roots , pepper of inanv kind, in pods and pow der; cum myrrh, and p-ach kernels'. TIIFO. A. PECK, fc CO. nARD WARF,, SADDI.KRY WRK, OFNS, IIollow ware, pc. Tli' iibcribcr lin just re ceived and is now opening a hrue. and general assort mcnl of th i'nv "1hj; o m iirr ncirlv oiy n't'"l- in tii' l. a-, .ami li.cii i cs'ild on .ery icn et.Tinir tonus for cash or short credit, nt the hard ware store, corner of church street nnd ihp square. ROUF.UT .MOODY. Rurlinston, Nov. 20, 1910. DUV (JllODi V I" Atrc i'ION Tl; ,u'i nil er- give n'H re ilial ihcy will n .i-r lor -a'i at l'u! be A'l-liou, uiiiIk'SIi ilav'nf IV' em'er liox ilie S'lire, ei.rner of I h reh mil lm ivue -tiee-, llieen ire an l cxten no n.i r'ineiit of Dry (joint , m.i pievion-ly ih-po e I i, fal private sale. The -ale will I e po-iuvean I the terms vi-ry IT eial lo tho-e wi bill' to buy lane aino inl-. Sale 'will I'liuiiucnee a' 9j o'--loel;'in the iiinriiiiii an I Tour-day nuiil the wlmludi po-el of. 'We mviie ihe attenlioii of Merchant' in the a binning iovn m par tie ilar lo tin mIo. MYO & WAIT, Trustees. Ilurliii'lon, Nov. 0", 1810. OAVE COST. All poisons having unsettled nc t J counts with Lathrop, Potwin it Wait or with the Subscribers arc hereby notified th it all accounts not settled in some way, before the ljth December will be left wilh an attorney for collection. Nov. 23. MAYO & WAIT, Trustees. BARGAINS, R ARC! A INS. Great 1 ar.'ain. in Dry GooiUat lire 'tore, corner ol'Cli irch and t'olle'i; itreO. Thi- Ihtl'C a orlinent i o 'ere I entire al whole-ale or retail nt iinexeinplnry low price- fur Cash or approve I Nolo-. Till Man excellent op pormnity fur .Mereliant to boy viich poikL a lliey may want tore ileiu-h their as-ortineiit, and fur Miin-lic- to i-upi'ly tlicm-ehe.- for the ten-on on very ad vaiitageout term-. MAYO &. WAIT, Trustees. Rnrliiifton, Nov. 27, IS 10. I' OST. Eight fat sheep, maiked with tar, 'P.M. -i Whoever will give information, bhall be suitably rewarded. FOR SALE. -A superior new milch cow nnd calf. Also, for sale, or to exchange for cattle, sheep or rtrk, a genteel chaise and harness. D. KIMRALL, f- CO. Burlington, Nov. 21, IS 10. .lotbam II. Hall's Estate. T17E the Subscribers, having beeuappninted by tho t nonoraoiu tno riouato i.ouilloi tlie ilislucl or Jhittcndcn, commissioners to recive, examins and ad just ihocla'unsnnd demands of all pmsons, against the estate of Jothain II. Mall laieol Wdhstou in said Dis. trict, deeease-d, repieseiited nisolvaiit, nnd nl.-o nil claims. and doniands exhibited in nll'-ct thereto; nnd six 1'iud ly of tho dale h 'reof, b ang nlloweii by said Court for lhat purpo4c,weio heieby give notice that we will nttendto the business of nnr appointment nt the dwelling of tho widow Lviha Mall in Will. slim in raid district, on tho 3d Monday of Febrt ary nnd May next, at lOo.clock, A M-, on each of said days. Dated, this 2M dtiv of November A. D. 1H0. TRFM N CHITTENDEN, ) LUTHER. I.OOMIS, Comrs. n.2C, JOHN VAN SICK'LEN, Jr., S THE Creditois nro reque"icd lo pre sent their claims on tho first sitting of tho commissioners if possible. LYDIA HALL, Administratrix. Samuel Smith's Iislalr. WE the snb-cril er- having 1 ten nppoui'c 1 1 y the boiioral le llio pro1 a'e eo irt fur the di-inel of Chilicii'lcn, I'ouuni siouer- lo rei-eive1, exainino and a Ijii-t the claim, and deinnu I- of all per ou- ngaiu-l ihe e-ta e of Sam irl Smiih la'u of Colehe ler, in 'bo ihslrict afore aid, de.ea el, repicen'el in nlveip, and also all elaiin- and demand- i'iliil i'e.1 in o i ei therjtoj and ix month" from ibedayof iboila'o here of I ring allowel by aid co'irl fur'thal nrpo e, we do tliercl'ore here' y give notieo thai wo will upend to the bii-iiie.. of o'r aopoiii'meiii, al tin; dwelling of Cliarle- Smilh m Colehe. ler in rmd di.lrii't, on the 2d Mondays in January and May nex', al 10 o'clock A. M., on' i aid day. Datel this 7lh day of Nov, A. D. IS 10. L. II. PLATT, ) TIIO-i, HIIOWNELL, V Com'ri. n3t JOHN LYON, ) NEEDLES, Hcmmiiig3 if' .Sons', WnrrenV, nnd other fino sewing iieenles, ground down", ho twrens and f-harps, Siidlcrs, Harness, Mjlhiieis, Glovers, Darning, Knitting, Tape, Netting and Tain hour Needles. Those wish good needles can depend upon finding them at all limes nt tiio nri;iy .More. . tiivu..iini.r niul ounce inns, back inns, hnu pins, very long, large pins, very small, short pin, at ihe Variety Store, by P.vsanons ip l!nis.MAir. NOTICE. J. TRYON, Merchant Tailor, would respectfully niinounee to llio public and hi old - mnrain rmrtidllnr. lllllt llO COntillllCS tO aCCOIIl- inodntii all who call, with the Intestiiuproved fashions and work not mfeiior to anv, on r 'isiiiahle notice, t his old stnnd on St. Paul street, On hand and for nlr cheap for cash a choice assortment of superior iiromlclotlis, f!nsiiiicrfs, Vcstings, and Trimiiiings, N. II. Coats cut fur 50 cents, cash. P. S. Those indebted vvmI pirate mil nnd pnj up Uwlingiop. Nov 17, V'l(x i iion, sti:i:l, Ac. Tons ussorted sics, Knjilish 'l ire Iron, CJ 3 " " Swedes Iron, G 11 Russia Old Snblo do 25 " Peru in iiuificturcil Iron, consisting of all iliovntioitg of round from inch to 2 inch squatcdo., Hand, Scioll, Maine, ami Morse Shoe Iron oVc. c. STI HI,. Sanueiison eV llnoTiir.ii's Cast Steel, nil tizes, do 0 reaves' Ocrinnn do I--nlili lllisiercd nnd American do. Alto, a full and gcucriilniiirtm ml of 'all descriptions uf goods con nected with the above trade. Nov. 10, 1810. STRONGS & CO. '300 fanad.i IVatcs.TIn c. OKJKJ lioxes Cnnnda Plates, 100 do Tin plates J X with extra sizes, f)0 bundles Iron Wire assorted, f0 do assorted Nos, I'.nchsh Sheet Iron, t 10 Packs Russia Sheet Iron, together with tinned and black Rivets, Copper do, Kettle liars, Wire Vt lliim, Sheet l.iad and Zinc iVe. by Nov, 19. STRONGS & Co. SMF.KT '.INC AND Slll'.IVP t.KAD. Q Casks Sheet inc 21 to .1G inches wide, iches wide, STRONttS tt CO. J , rolls Nlicet Lcatl, Iiy Nov. 10, 1810. SLEIGH SHOES, &c. J Cf Pair Steel plated, Cutter nnd Sleigh Shoes, I t)J Cast Iron do. finished Crow liars, Anvdl", Vices, WiitrL'ou l!oxc, Shovels, Spades, Dung Forks, Sheet Lend," Sheet Zinc,MolIow wate in ijunt variety, Nov. 10. STRONGS CO. IJTilVUS t IMl'H.. Stiiongs o Co. have rc- O I'civ cived and ollir to pnrchasirs CUOKIiNt! HTOVliS of agrcat variety of siz s nnd most npprovtd patterns, which will be sold nt whole sale or retail, with or without trimminis, lo suit piuchnscrs. Alto, PARLOR AND HON STOVF.S in meat variety of sizes and pattern. Cnnnda sinulo nnd double Siovi" 21 lo Mi inches, toueilwr with SOOO JOINTS STOVK PIPF. of Canada, ICnalish nnd Russia slice! Iron. Dumb Stoves, Move furni ture of Copper, Copper bottom, nnd Tin. Competed wilh ibis cstablis hniciil is n niannfacloi v of Slovo Tiinimuiiis, Sluet Iron vvoik nnd Tin Wiire, which can supply nt shorl notice any article not on hand, on reasonable terms and m a slj'lo inferior lo none. The ntletltioii of pnrchnseis is respectfully solicited. iov. 2H, ISIII NF.W TAILORING HSTARLISMM UNT At ll'inool.i Villaae. The subscribe! has com nicnced the ndorii'' bu-iness in llii iilnci', nnd will do all kinds of work in In line in as good style as it is doneat any shop in this section of country. Culling done nt nit times, on sh irt notice. WAM'LD An apprentice al the above business. .1 1: R r,M I A M II A R R IN GTON. Nov. 10. 110. NIILF.ACIIKI) Cotton .Shirting and Shorting, eolion yarn, lintling, vvicking, black and white wadding, Rtis-sin diaper, c rash table (Impels, padditiL' canvass uicrscillcs, quilts, eoimteriiaines, rose nnd horse blankets, bleached cottons, bleached and un bleached cotton flannels, l iiithsh, I'rench and Amer ican prints, ns cheap ns the ehcnpri-t. by n-i a. Luvi'.m oc uu. pooic sToiii:.- I'he ubi"ibcr is weekly reeeiv- XJ mi; new supplies of Rooks, and his sioro now contains thcbct assortment be hastver oll'ered to the public. Among the misci llancous vvoiks this day re ceived, are the following : Ten thousand n year, Per ry s oyages Jack a snore, 2 voN. Memoirs of the court of'lhiglaiid by John II. Jes-c, Sh 'ihmd and the Shotlaniler- by Sinclair, Woman's mis-ion; Around the world--a narrative of a vovap-c in the lnd'n Squadron under Commodore Geo. C. Reed in 2 vols. Confessions of Marrv I.orrequci 1 vol. Rurhngton.Nnv. 10. P. A. HRAMAN. .Mines Rustles' listnfc. STATU OF VFR.MO.NT, ) r rPo all pcrsoncon X cerneil in the es- I istiuct or Ciiinr.Nrirs-, s-. S tale of Jlo-rs RulvIcs late of Westford. deceased. F.h-ha Ruggles. administrator of the estate of .Moses ltuifgles, :lte uf Westford, in 'aid di-.trict deceased, having filed in said court his petition, in wiitling, sot ting forth that the amount of dehl" against said e-tate n allowed by the comini .inner?, is Sl'J7S,r0 ; that from siid adininittralors first administration account allowed by said cour', it appears that there i a balance duo from said estalo to said administrator of $"ir,3l ; lint the of personal estate on hand is Sll,."il anil that it will bo necessary to sell all tho real cMato of said deceased, together with the reversion of tho widow's dower therein, for tile payment of the ibbts against said esialcand the cvpenses of administration, which real estate consists of the homo farm of said d'eeased, so called, containing, bv estimation, one hundred nnd twenty five acres, and about thiity five acres of land lying on Richardson's Mill, vvhich'InniK aie fituate in said Westford and of winch the widow of the said deceased lias been endowed of one third part, and praying said court lo grant him license to sell tl o whole of said estate, together with llio rever sion of the widow's dowtr for the purpose aforesaid. Whereupon the court aforesaid doth order that said petition ho heard before said coin I at n session thereof to be held nt the 11' gislei's ofiiecin liiiilini'ton on the second Wednesday of December next, nnd lhat nonce thereof ho-given to all persons int. rested Lv the publi cation of this order, containing the siibsnnoeof said petition, three weeks ueecsMvely in the Free Press a newspaper printed in Rnilinglnii in ihe coimiv of ( liiltenilen. the last or which publications to le pre vious to said second Wedne-dav of I eceinbrr, 1 S 10. Given undei in v hand at lliu hngtnn, in said District, this 11th, day of November. IP 10. W.M. WI'.STOV, Itfitlt'. TTHJRS. Otter, seal and nun in caps: h n anil conev K 11' tnufls; boas: snuinel. natural collars: swaii. coney, nnd nutrii trimmings ; hufi'do rnbrs; for sale by - II. II. I .lllil.V I U, Wiiionski iron I'oiiikIi'v. rPlMS concern is yet in operation, and ready to X execute all orders for castings, in ..nod older, and of good metal, for various pin posps. The subscriber is now reaely lo contract or otherwise lor the tiuililni! of nulls of all descriptions, being in a sanation lo fur nisu nil tno mateiiiiis at snort notice, t ontracts wi he taken very low. Plans of nil kinds of nulls made on application to the suhseiilicr, and warranted cor rect ; which will save cos-t in liuililing, nnd also maiiv bhmdeis. An assortment of castings such as kettles, ploughs, wagon hove", wagon arms, r-lc-iirli shoc, box and cooking stoves, a very superb at licit, for doing a lareo business with little work nnd fuel, all of which can be found at nil time", nt this concern. Patterns made lo order on reasonable term". ANo the subscribe r offers for sale ono first rate high pressure steam engine, of lour Horsepower, a good article, hunt from l.itcrstcr s plan, and has been in use-, which will be sold reasona ble, and on credit. All ordeis lo the subscriber, liur- linglon, v t. will receive attention. JESSE GAV, Wmooski Yillnge, Nov. 10. Cl AIJTION'. The peiiuiiio Mtimi'- Pills llieHnli-hColleguof llcahli, London, er m.ailo : .an I o ol lame i ni inc i nrieiy riioro ami nix tiii;u place in this town ; and remcio1 or, every I ox an I packet is ,.'iu with a pen, "Pans' orn nud Hnn-inai'l," all sold in ih s'a e nro so mi,.m u. ' ir.'lia rr-wi n ea eieiiu'in I erilu- ca ition. P.vsnr.oiix Ov IIhis'smah), -talengenis NJAV SIli f.T IKON, COI'PPR tV TIN W.R' J ST.l'l.sII.MI'.T.-'lhes,di.criler, lal.'.d'ih, iirm 1 1 MarriV lo-iw ici;, having p irelia-ed and n moved lo hi' Siore l.itclv oee ipie-d IvSlroug- &. Ci, lit M'V of ihe Ueirl Mou-e Siuare. one door imr'li n Hie l.og Lai in, i- now rraily to do all Mud- of worl lhat llio ii lilie wi h in hi- line of lui-me-s. -ueh n vcriugroi I widi tin, ma' lug mid mit I niir on e-.iv i 'lib aul-pol-. All'U of Tin. .beet Iron :iod v. upper ware will i e l.epi on iianu, ami lor nle al a low pri e as can lefo'iid inllioSae. Sheet ,iui t'npjier Pump , U-ad Pi; e, an I nil o her iiriieli'- m 'h ul ii r I i -1 1 it - I opt un Ii.iii t. l or ehe.i;iiie-s i an I nea ue ( I exevulion, my vvur1' will not I xielled nnv in Hie -late. Ifyo iwth ur any I, in; i tho nl ove line, I efure you Ira e I e Miri 1 on I il.Min It. II, UU'I WICK II irbnglon, July, IS10. N SCIlnol. ( I.Oti C A I'll Y AND ATLAS UTI II OITI.I.M .MAPS. I v S. ids MlTCiin I.. '1 ho niithor en the al ove work- ha I eon prufi'-.ioiinllv devoted to the science if lieo'y mid Ihe pul li lnngof. Map-, during many year. and In former piod ii'liun., e-pe'eially hi- Map u( the World lor rtcnncnik's, i e'ar ample to iiiuonony hi m- nl mi' d.illt ri'sO'iiie-. iipuu which ho ha-so llM r.i'lv drawn in prui icing Ihe ni ovo x liool vvorl.. I he lullovvmg extract ul Hie tie'iry mill Alia-, I- from n lomi rerom nicnl.iiiun of ihe Teacher- in lheeiiy nf Now Yuri; " I heir inerils me iinmeiiui he ilehiiinoii. iciiinrl. a I ly plain and eonei.e, he ex crepe, iirecopiou- mid imiioriain, auuuioiie ermtivo i-Piiiimioiis niulcorreei I heilivi-loiis ul ihe American eunnneiii, aie lepu M'liieo ami ue-crii e.i n mev leanv exi t at tlie ni-ei time. Andlbogro-v ini-sinteinents gencral'v h nnd in x'liool ge-ographie-aieeurio li'.l, 'I ,e lypograplu exee ilioii Is nil eomnioiilv licit nud di-tuicl. null ei the a bis i- a model of ihe f.nnl, n ml nciiiully lecin with luloriiialuui." 'I In- o itlimi .Maps are peculiarly eali'iilaird to e'xercoe iho ftudeiit in bis study, nnd lo mi up al his leisure. 1'or mle hy V. GUODRICII. BIITCIII':itI,N(;,..n.11,.,.n,.r ,n ling- and other aiiiin.t!-, and pack the -ai butel line (fiir f.iiiilly IPC, if leqeislcd,) fi r all tbo e who may wi-h m lllls vnniue, mo pie-eiu inn huh n inn uuuo hi vvorkmnlil.enianiiu', no pay. Hurlington. Sent. 21. CAl.LH RICHARDSON, .N. II. Having i-ood aeeiiininiidaiioii-, I will tat the aiiunals at mv resnleneii nud return Ibein we die.ii'd, lor a fair conipoii-ation ' It. Il i ; v PAiN''Ai i.ui.Mi&mills 11 leive opcneil a new IMsr Simr on i liureh-: ,i.ii-. -onih of II. Lnno'- Sti'i-e. wberiilbey w do all kinds of IIOI'SK, SKIP, SIGN and CAKltlAGI' PALNTIMi. in lliobe-l iKiililmnaiini'r and on tern i to Mill Iho o who may favour Idem with llieir patron age. r JM'uinti-, Oil, ariin-h and PoHy, eeui-iauily on hand nud for ale. II.G, SPAl'LLI.NG. Iliirliiiirinn, April !), 1810. . II. MILLS. 15 ROAD CLOTHS, llenvrr nnd Pilot cmlis, rnssi i meres, colored and white I'lnnneN, n full assort rnent-vrv cheap for caph by N LOVI.LYiV. CO NUW GOODS All!. T, Engltsbu's corner Ur'uk Store ntar Mr. I'hilo Joolitlle's. '"IMIF. subscribers are receiving an entire nevr sclcc X lion of DRY GOODS I FINE SACK SALT, HARDWARE, Coarse pud Fino CAN- DRY GROCERIES, ADA SALT, CIIOCKERY, I CODFISH, GL SSWARE, NAILS. LAMP OIL, GLASS, etc. and respectfully invite the attention of purchaters to Ihe new prices. II. MJ GIDDINGS & Co. Rurhngton, Nov. 20, 1810. 'T IVH AM) LET LlVK."-Tho Mib-erd er MJ would reqieolfiilly relinn his thanks to ln former patrons for the maiiv favors icceived, nnd would al'ii inform them that lieeoulinue Hook Rind ing mid llliiuk Hook manufacturing at bis old .-mini mid that be will roll Plank Hook-, common school books, I'iMci, Albums nnd simioiiery on as good terms ik any one. Blank Hook" made to any pattern on short nofiee. The patronase of llio public i rc sj.eelf.illy Millehed, SAMUEL IIUN 1'INGTON. Sign of the Red Ledger, ) eolleae-!. Nov. 20, 1310. j 10 fiiKOCEKIKS. Minis St. Croix nud N. O. Sucars. 20 Hbls. do do 10 Itoxos lefiiied and Loaf do 5 Hbls Crushed do 5 do Powdered do r.O Chests II. S., Y. II. and O. II. Teas, 20 Hags Java ft Laguira Coflce. Pepper A: Spico. Casks Snleratii-, 10 lioxes Starch, 20 kegsip hoxesTobacco 10 kegs (linger, 30 boxes Hat Soap, 50 matts Cassia, 10 boxes Pipes, 1 cask Cloves, 30 hbls Lorillards Snuff 1 do Nulincg, and Tobacco. pe. if-c. if-c, by Nov. 10. STRONGS ,f. CO. fjforee S. Hale's IN (ate. STATE OF YERMONT, rpill', Honorable Distiiict op CurTTRNiiUN, ss. s X tho Probate Court for the District of Chilli mien : To nil persons concern ed in the estnte of Georgo S. Hale, late of Westford, in said District, deceased, Ghkktiso: Whereas John W. Hale, administrator of tho estnte of said deceased, proposes to render an account of his administration, and piescnlhis account against said estnie for exam n moo and idlownnce nt a S'ssion nf tho Court of Probate, to bo holdcn at the Register's office in Hnrlmgtoti, on the second Wednesday of Do eeinhel next. Therefore You arc hereby notified to appear before said com t nt the tunc nnd place nforcsaid, and shew cause, if any you have, why the account aforesaid .should not be allowed. Given under my band at Hurlington, this twelfth elayof Novo Inber, A. D. 1910. W.m. WESTON, Register. Orson l Wheeler's Estate. STATE OF YI RMONT, ) rp M F. Honorable T M E 1 theP DisinicT or CuiTTKNPr.v, ss. 5 X the Probate Court for the District of Chittenden : To nil persons con cerned in the estate of Orson P. Wheeler, late of Chailotte, in said District, deceased, Gnr.r.Tiso : Whereas, Sheldeii Wheeler, administrator of tho estate of said deceased, proposes to render nn nccounl of his administration, nnd present bisnccount against said estate for examination and allowance at a sc-ision of the Court of Probate, to he holden at the Register's office in Hurlington, on the second Wednesday of December next. Th refore, You arc hereby notified to appear before said com t at the time nud place aforesaid, and shew cause, if any you have, why tho account nforcsaid should not be hllowrd. Given under my hand, at Huilinytoit, this eighteenth (lav of November, A. D. 1310. Wm. WESTON, Register. 1.1 El'ORTED as at Howard's Grand Hazanr cash J. I store1. I Iowa no to see ve u. Ma, ha, how do you do Mr. Smith, glad Smith. Well, well, well, I thank you. O what a man, so filled with cusloiners,0 what lots of Goods. M. Just so, I tell you, never so many before, and all good first rate, no mis ake. S. Cheap too, I suppose. I f . You nre ri'dit. if not so.should not have bought them ; money is getting plenty and may as well keep it going, I buy witli and sell fo'r it only just an Agent ir the l'lonle. U ves l Keen a l'copie s store anei worn cheap. s. l lint's what we lino, we can get an Kinns oi eful good pretty and haudsomc goods here, of tho latest fashions. 1 1. Thank you. thank von. trrcnt commorient. I am ad thev think so. walk along, look around, in tho Carpet Room below, up in the saloon, or in the gallery above, or any vherc please excuse for a moment, all the clerks are tiusy, some customers wanting, l win see von again soon. Nov. 11), 1310. DA. HRAMAN, HooKSEULr.n asp Stationkii, Riiilinglon, respectfully informs bis fiiends and the public, thai he is still constantly making ailduions lo his ns'ortuient ol'.oir, .1 iViI CUmateat, ll'ntor uii, and M'scillanemts It'or. fiiim niotl of toe pioinm nt ' id h"buiii lions- s in i 'ii' cm- try M. will end avor lo ll'tv it at a" i , ' t'.i. . i I popular in ev ivb: 11 a f .i t int. r.- -nd scan 'o. ills t jeli ol ft-iion, m c,. y.i"piri incnt of Ira'niiiL' of the mo-t popular uhlion" n iw in use, compiisis all lint are ued in this section of ihe country. Rlank Hooks of nil sizes nnd desciiptions, of superior ruling and paper, and bound ill a substan tial manner, com-muiiy on iianu. v ap anil I'aper ot every niialnv anil cseripnon, as well as Diawingnnd Fancy paper of all eoloisnnd varieties, together with n general ps-oitineiit of s-TATIONERY nud nlmosl every article usually called for in a Hook store, always for sale. All of which were purchased al very low prices, and will bo sold at a small advance lroni cost. f,Mo respectfully invites the attention of Parents i'enchers and Merchants, to his stock and prices. IHirhngloii, Nov. 10, IS 10. CiAME into the inclosiire of the subscriber in Mil- ion, on the (J ill day of October mst. a deep red two year old heifer. The owner is requested to prof roperly, pay charges, and take her away. -union, uei. u is;u." ftA-ituivi. hi.hia. A MEIUCAN ALMANACS for 1311, for sale at XX the book store. D. A. HRAMAN QOO HO''l'ON Acadetnys and Harmonists, for rJJJ SH sale at the book store. 1). A. HRAMAN. 1 and LLp: patterns of Merinos. Taglionis, brown bl'k nurnlc. fine dualities. Alliniues. brown, bl'k nd purple, line qualities. Allipines, brown, td'k and light colors, Mouscltii do laincs, all wool, cotton and wool, nnd silk and wool. French, German, and English Merinos. Alpacca cloths, and black ground mouseup tie lames, veiy lino and ticniitilul, lor sale hy 111'.' 11. VV. UATl.l.N IV, UU JHAWLS. A largo assortment, compri-ing nearly ' every variety oi quality niui style, lor saio ny 11. VV. U.V l l.l.N V.V. uu, HW. CATL1N vV CO. have ono piece of blue black Heaver Cloth, a match for vsbich, has not been, and cannot be found Hi ibis market. They have also two pices cassiinete', which very fur surpass tho beaver clot Nov. 12. 1 FAREWELL'S Gailcr boots, walking shoes and . slips, a full assortment : Ladies hncli'd In ha rub- iter shoes; plain no. liinurellas, laney worlt liasKcts, uuct giovcsiinil mittens. iv i,i)vi;i,i ct uu, !j i:v litHiii!- ue naiii.w H.i i e. civ 1" general u oiimeiii ul g uei I - al hi- old ,-toie on Pearl tree , which will bo sold cheap enough. N, II, Wool re. eiv oil lur goods Hurlington .May 23. MUSIC. TVTR. A. GRANT begs respectfully to intimate to n A thoinhaiiilaiits ot liuihiigion ami vicinity lhat he will open classes for instruction in Vocal and In strumental Music tally in November. Particulars known by applying to .Messrs Paiigborn & Hruisiiiaid llall-aiid puvale ilanei ig parties ultemieU. uiS liiirhnulon. tlei. 2.1, 1h;ii. 'IMIEO.A. I'EC'lv it Co. nt thosigiiof tho Mortar X have just reo'el a quantity ol Cayenne Pepper, of isli importation, tvonsiniiiiv on iianu, iioiuhav Gtnii Mvrrh. genuine Hayherrv Hark, do. do. in Pow der, Jamaica Ginger Root, do. do. in Powder, Rengnl 1 Ohio Tunnel ics, iVC, iVc. bept. Iti, IS 10, UNCOLORED HOAS, oiler, seal and cloth caps, mull's, collars, cams. down, angola and fur mm. ining', suit ami uiouaii irnigcK, nir gloves, cm ap, ny N. LOVELY At CO, ."OH ROY Helvidier, 6-lths. Ilrnchn Knhyle.ein i- broidercd Thibet Shawls; black, while, and scar t merino do. G-Ilh raw silk, chally, inu-lui do laino nnd haxonv do. Woolen, 'linnet ami fancy scarfs just received ny a. i.uv i.ia , iV Ctl. ALPACCA CLOTHS for cloaks; crapes, caml lots, caiubleleeiis, goats' hair and coinimui wort led caniblels, printed Saxonys, plain and figured nl pines, plain and piinted muslin do lames, all wool, now opemngliy N. LOVELY vv CO. I.) If'll plain black and blue black grodoswiss silks i.v lor ilressess; changealilegro do ftevv York, gn do Afric nnd repp silks, assorted colois for bonneis plain and fig'd poult do soi silks, dark and light colors black, bliin black nnd colored silk velvets. A Inrgo assortment ol ritiands ol all UiikIh ; olnncilo coul, illt cord, iVc. I assels, lace veils, worke I collais, Threai; laces, working cotton, black iriininiiig lace. Light and dark k d glove, black fillet do. Hlack silk nnd iiionair mills, ny j, I.UVELY it ("O. T OAF. Lump ami lliown Sugar, Teas, Coffee, sperm J candles, winter strained lnmn oil. nutmerj. Knj;, currania, soda uvnckcrH, cloves, cinnu nl N. LOVELY, it CO. LAST ARRIVAL. NEW GOODS just received hy the subscriber t and it is of but hlllo consequence to (ho purchaser now tney rune, i win oniy sny nicy were mostly purchased nn a credit and will have to bo sold ni sonio iirtco lo pay my debts as I will convince any ono who win can m my store on roan sireei, SIDNEY I!RLOW. WESiRS. PANGIRWN & IHUNSMAID have X just returned Irom Hoston and New Yotk wilh their full asaoitincnt of goods which will bofouud very complete. Watches Wo havo received some more of those fine finished levers, made by R. & G, Heeslcyof Liv erpool, both gold nnd silver cases, some extra jewel, led. We have also received gold and silver lovers, of various other manufactures. Gold and sil ver anchor escapement lovers, with beautiful engraved bncks and dials. Gold and silver lepino watches, some beautiful patterns, wilh engraved bncks. Our as sortment of watches is far better than usual. Head and heck ornamculsof various kinds, jet and gold hearts, crosses, in seta or single, llutions for velvet wristlets. Haos. Large and small siicd, jet and dove colored bead bags j net bugs of silk and worsted, nnd purses. Cent.9. Largoand small sets ringlets, iiof on wire: New sets wire curls nice sets plain bnir. Shell comds. Tho best quality shell side and twist combs, nt our usual prices, a few cheaper shell side combs also for sale. Ilr.iTAsiA WAnn. Some beautiful finished fine quality, tea and cofl'eo pots communion furniture, tumblers, nnd patent lamps. PLvrnn waiib. Cake nnd fruit baskets, castors, high and low candlesticks, 'snuffers and trays, cups and spoons, a better assortment than usual. i Tablo mats, oil cloth, and willow mats of various sizes an I shapes. Stocks, in this department, wc havo rivalled the variety slcrc. Those who wish to get a neat made stock, n ) matter at what price, cheap or dear, arc as sured th it wo will try lo su t Ihcm in every particular. Also collars, bosoms, suspenders, alraps, and a few nice pla'n and figured cravats. Pr.nrc.Mcnv. Soaps, hair nils, Farinas best Ger man cologne. Those who havnoncniised this article, never wish for any other. Farinas good cedopno. Dolh and fancy boxes. Wo have not forgotton our young friends, but havo selected some fine wax dolls, and many other arlicles suitable for presents. Rosewood (tuxes. Ladies rosewood vv oik boxes, furnish al nnd unfurnished ; some nice ones. Those wishingfor them or for portable writing desks, will please inquire for them, ns thev nre kept up stairs, with many oilier bulky goods. Willow chairs, waggons and cradles up stiiirs. Rrnss candlesticks, high and low. Rrass snufi'crs and Irnvs. Steel do. VARIETY. Go to bed lamps, with extinguishers, a very nice article. An article lo clean bras-, pi itc or hritnnia, very niee. Cake cutters, assorted patterns. Chopping trays, cedar tubs for washing dishes in, brass hooped. Cupel hammers for Inking up or put ting down carpi K Nursery lamps with China and tin dishes, and t -a kettles. New conversation cards, pearl souvenirs; car trumpets for deaf persons, chil dren's cups and saucers; fino card cases; violins and other instruments. We havcatlded loom assortment of nil kinds such things as wc could find m Now York and Hoston, which we judged would suit our market, and wo now shall be most happy to distribute them to our friends and customers who wish for them. Variety Store, PA NO HORN & RRINSMA1D. Z)r(( Yards super fine, fine and common wool wUU en Carpetings, just opened. ANo, plain Venetian and damask stair carpeting, Turkey and Brussels Rugs, Oilcloths for tables and stoves, lush matting, printed floor cloths, &c. bv n5 N. LOVELY, &, CO. STATE OF VERMONT, The Probate Court for Disthict or Chittenden, ss. ) tho District of Chit tenden : To the creditors and others concerned in the estate of Eli ihas Steele late of Hincshurgh in said District, deceased. Witnnnvs Josiah Steele, administJatorof the estate of said deeensed, has made npplicntion to this Court, to extend the time limited for making payment of the debts of said deceased, twelvs months from the Gth day of November, IS 10, and the second Wednesduy of October next, being assigned for a hearing in tho premises, nt tho Office of the Register of this Court, and it having been ordered that" noiico thereof be given, by publishing this decree three wavl's succes sively in the Free Press, a news paper ptinled at Hur lington, before the time fixed for hearing. Therefore, you arc hereby notified, to appear before said Court, ot the time and place aforesaid, then and there, to make objection if any you have, to the said time of payment being further extended as nforcsaid. Given under mv band at Hurlington, this 5th day of November, A.'D. 1810. WM. WESTON, Regis er. MORE NEW HOOKS, Jim received at tliT Hook Store, A New Home. Who 'II follow. Yo'ing Ladie-Companion. Cuiinto-s Ida. Hnywaril's New Fnglnnd Gazeieer. Mitchell'- Geographical Reader, a -y-tein ol Geography, ccinpn-itig a De-cr'ptioii ol the World with th grand division-, iU'-igned for in--iniclion-in schools and familie-. Wonder.- of the Heaven-. I. A. HRAMAN. OUSI RVK, thai ihe zeii'iino Cough an I Worm Lo zenge's and all o'her , in.i lo I y Dr. A. Sherman, aro-olil in I oxe , -ealel u i an I have the name of "A. MIKI'.MAN, M. I)." on the Huxo.;, P iri'ha er- will plewe re'iiein1 er ilu-n- the no , ilariy nf the e article-, ha n I'ice I ni.uiy pi livi 'ual- nuiiii e an arm-le, fir info- nur, (i ell, wlii'ii I he nr e- un-eii nn-1 lur. The .in. r Maa'- I'l l i it- nnd' 1 .1 zeuger-, are -V1 : a lie Virely nire, P.vS'ii'ioi.N & DkissmaIP. I'l.l sjjim; ,. i . , ' 'n ) i i eiii-an SiiiiiIiiiis ' "'e ii. I no time!v i 1 .ic i ii h 'iTui, of en i.i 'i n ol ;nii"iii'.' he 1 1 i 'irev or hal an exiv - I2J o Is .ih ibo ear icli: I'avtiii hv t Hiiis-vuik. N OTIC lit The scbscribcrs having formed a tiaitnershiii under the name and firm of STAnnA Dow, in the Tin, Sheet Iron and Stove business, would pecifullv inform the public that thev kcenconstant- on hand n complete assortment m tho above line. Thev have now on hand a variety of Parlour. Hox and Cooking Stoves, trimings o-c, which they will dispose of at llio very lowest prices in market. All orders will le. executed on short notice and m the best tyle of workmanship. J. .1. S l'AllK, ISAAC DOW. Church St., opposite the jail. ) Huilington, Oct 30, IS 10. J JtMV'S Writing I'aper, wholesale and retail J nt the Manufacturers prices, and the best assort' mcnl ever before ofl'ered at the Hookstore of the sub scriber, consisting ot the following kinds. - roams sup. rot Killed. 15 do fine Letter do. "0 do sup. do plain. 1.) do cap ruled. 10 do fino pot do 8 do do billet do Likewise, a largo suniilv of wrapping naper at re (luced prices. uct. .iU. i. A. ISIIA.U.V.N. Nf W IIIMiKS received the present week at Ihe Hook Store viz: Two years before the mast; ami v Pbvsician. bv Samuel Is. l.inmons. Chnsi second coining, by J.I. itch. Harnes' Notes on Isaiah .Manors ol .Mrs 1.. nmilh. Voice ol tlie iMght, I M, W, Longfellow, Family at Heaiherdale. The Young Ladies Friend. Domestic Education, by II Humphrey. Hreekeiiridges Tour. Family Religion France', us King, Court, itc. bv an American. China: its state and prospects. Scot and and In Scotch, by C. Sinclair. Thiers History nf the French Revolution, by F. Shoberl. Tongue of Tune. Life and Times of'Whiilield. A wreath for the Tomb, Huel s banners Instructor. Tho Orchard, bv C ha Mcintosh C. F. C. II. S., London edition. Annuals lM.- Tho Token. Friendship's Ofienn Roo of Sharon. D. A. HRAMAN. Nov. 3, IS 10. Ct CASES white and col'd Spool Thread. 1 do Pius 300 lbs. while nnd assorted Thread, 500 gross gilt and laney Horn llutions, do bnncy t-oaps, just oepi. -l. roc (l and lor saio ny v as, i.oomis iv i o 1.PS. CAPS. W. I. SEYMOUR oilers for sal J Hlack and Hiown Otter Hair and fur seal and Muskrat CAPS -dark and light coloured FURS for Miid'and trimmings. Hons best nnd common. Seal Collars, Russia Lamp, lilaclt anil Grey for Collars. UUIIIIlgtOU .NOV. il, 161U. 1W rp O COUNTRY 51 KltCIIANTS FA LI L SUPPLY OF EARTHEN, CHINA AND GLASS WARE. A. SEASON it Co.. are now re- ceiving a supply of Earlhcrn, China and Glass-Ware among which may be found the following: liumwav'H i.i lu it no l " White Chine Glared, DINING " " Granite China, TEA, " Rlue " 1 " Rourbon Sp gGrnmto China. nnd " " " Earthen, and I TOILET 11 Pinlt I WARE. Low priced China Tea Sets; plain nnd cut Lnnins anil l it i ili ers. o every variety, pattern ami price, Together with a very large assortment of cover goods, em tirnpinn nun ities ami fi an lies, noi sua v lounii norm o iew vorit, an oi which nre oiiurcu in ino very lowest piie-cs, nl No, 105 River-st. I roy. o30.3w To l'urcliascrs of Hooks ; Slatlonerv. DA. HRAMAN o er- nl whole ale nnd relad choice as-ortmcnl of Sc hool HOOKS nnd Mi llaneo is work', logi-mcr vvnli nn ex'en-tve -iipilv ol .l alionery. v inin'ry inerelinn's can It'Iurm-hc, wilh all km I- of PAPr.H, on llio ino-t rea.onnM term.. Book- such a-are obtained in Ho-lon, N. York nud Pluln 'elpbia marl-el, onlernlal hurt nonce. II irliiiL'tnii, 0.".8, 1810. OTORK TO lil'.T nnd Stock of Dry GooiU O I'or Sale..-A first into sloro suited lo a latgo business wilh a good rim of customers, would be let for a term of yeais, and llio whole or part of the Stock for sale on very advantageous terms. Tho present is a rare opportunity for any mm wishing to commence nusiness, iui iiuiner particular! nppiv in llio store, lo MAYO it WAIT, Trustees. Huilington Oct S2 STHAYUI) from nn inclosurn on ihn interval north of the village of Burlington, nhout 2 weeks unce, the following Horses, viz' ono largo irnn.grev ihren year old Mare; ono dark bay nr brown smallish sized Morgan Maro, a fiuoanimnl, five years old, car rics her bend very hiph, short switch tail j and ono sorrel white faced freiich Homo Wlh spavin on the mgh hind leg, Whoever will give information to II. Thomas, T. Chamberlain, or G. Purody of Hurlington, thn W; cuitaMy row-anlad. 0ct9Yt'r!Ji, 1W0. GOODS. The sub'cribcri have roe'd and ara now opening n very Isre assortment ufWolln Cloths every variety, rich plain, figured nnd cliangoabls Silks, Motisehne do Lnines, Alpacca Cloths, Tnglionia Shawls, Hdkfs., Ribbons, Ac. Wo will onlv say that wo have a larger assortment of goods of every variety than vve have ever kept before. wi. xy, ibiu. iv. MJVlvl.V & Co, ISAAC AVI KM. It. HAS received and keeps constantly on hand a largo and full iidsortmciit ot GROCERIES, among which arj COGNAC I1RANDY, St. CROIX RUM HOLLAND GIN, A variety of WINES, ami nlmost every article in the Grocery line, all of which ue wm sen on inc most rcasonauiu terms. ic Would nlso inform Tavern keencrn in nnrlieulnr llml ho will sell rum, brandy and gin for O'J cents a gallon, which ho will warrant of a better quality than some which nave inieiy neen nawKcit nonni me country ny a certain New Yotk nedlnr. nnd if not niliudireil bv tho best judgcso be belter, he will not ask any pay for it. lie invito them to call and compare. liuriiTituiii ioiu. IIA'I'II lilt ic.--The subscriber has received and is now receiving from New York, a large as- snrtincnt of Leather, Hoots snd Shoes in addition to his former slock, consisting of the following articles in part: 100 Sides solo Leather, a superior articlc,frce from 30 Heavy Cow Hides, water, 10 Sidcs'IIaniess Leather, 10 " Hlackllridle do 10 Don. Sheen linings, 2 " South Sea Seal Skina, 1 " Grained Leather, 1 Case Men's Superior Calf Hoots sewed, war anted, 3 ' " Thick Roots, heavy at $2,.r0 per pair. 1 " Roy's " " " 1,871 " 1 " Small Hovs " " 1. 22 " Together with Kids, Kips, Shoe Thread, Prunella Jo I ton and Linen Webbing, (Hacking, Shoe llrnslics, .ndies French Kid Slips, nnd a general assortment of Misses and Childrcns Slips and Walking Shoes, nil ot which will uc sold low lor cash. II. C. STIMSON. N. R. Wanted, a few buhels of Rnckwhcat, Rve and Corn. E. J. STIMSON, Agent. Hurlington, Oct. 22, 1910. Gilt HAT HARGAINS. Stock of goods selling f ofl'k'ss than cost, consisting of Hroadcloths, Cas- sitneros, Vestings, Cottons, Linens, Flannels, Camlets, Carpel, Calicoes, Chahes, Mouselinc do Laino, Meri nos, 'i moot Uiotli, Aapolcan l.loth, hints, Velvets, Honihazine, hgnreil Alpmo. Iloso and Ulovcs, felines, Caps, Sewing Silk, Twist, Tlncad, Huttons, Cravatts, Stocks, suspenders. Ribbons. Laces. Ac, &c. and a great variety of otner articles all of which will be sold lieiovv their value Tor cash, lo close the tuisincss ot our trust at the store corner of Church and College sis. .MAYO it WAIT, Trustee. T OVELY &. HURLRUT nre now receiving and of fcrmg for sale a splendid and desirable assortment offancy and staple Drv Goods, and otheis suited to tlie present season, and this mantel amongst winch are foreign, and domestic Rrondeloths, Cassimercs and Saltmetts ; Valentin, and other Vestings; Silks nnd Pongees of every variety ; Thread, Laces, Inser tions, eve. ot".; .NIK-wire net and other Laces; noli worked Collars, Silk, Veils, Shawls, linen Handk'fs, Lawns, Linens, zephyr worsted a splendid assortment, Moreens, and Flannels, travelling Hasltets, heed Hags, rich, fig'd nnd plain Mnusclaine. House Paper, new nnd elegant patterns, all very cheap of course, at the cheap cash store, cist side nf Church-street. lliirimglon, Augusts, isiu. DUtVEV S Patent Spiiiis-Tnoth llorscltake. Tho Who Tooth Horso-Rnlte, which has been cd wilh so much satisfaction during the last two having seasons in tho counties of Rutland. Addison and Henninglon, Yt. and Washington. N. Y. will be kept for sale tiio present season Iiy l KO.N un iV Co. Hurlington. These rakes nre adapted to all meadows; thev are easily tended, and do the work faster and better than any other Horse Rake in use. It is found by experience, that the expense of raking hay quarter as much as the common inelhi d of raking with hand-rakes, besides securing lliohay in better or der. Some farmers who have large meadows, esti mate the use of one rake last bay season at forty to fifty dollars. DAVID DEWEY, Patentee. Tidy 1, 1310. M TH H li;IilC. In oll'ering this Edition of - Smith's Geography and Atlas to the public, the Publishers invite attention to tho following additions and improvements. 1 lie Geography has neen carclully revised and fti Mr"td. is illustrated bv about thirty additional Cuts. nnd is perfectly adapted in all its parts to the new .Maps. The entire text of the book has, (nt much cxpcnscA been thrown into uniform largu tie which vve feci confident will bo regarded as a very decided impr vemcnt. The tables appended to the Rook were made with care, and contain much vnhiablc information in n cnnelcnsed form. The names nnd length of the principal Canals nun Hail Koads (Imislieil and in pro uress nre given, and the places connected : also b complete list of the Colleges, Law nnd Medical o-i. ..-i.. 'in. .,!,.:., i v., ,i ij.,k:.,,,, nominations of the United States, the reigning Sov ercigns of Eurodo, &c. An entire new Alias accompanies the Hook, con taining riuhtcen very superior Maps, mostly drawn exnrosslv for this work from original surveys and the most authentic sources, and embraces much valuable information not to bo founn in nnv similar work. Our own country has received special attention. The Rail Roads. Canal-, navigation of Rivers and recent changes, areall carefully marked, and manv counties nre snown wiucn uo not appear in any omtr Atlas Among the peculiarities of this work may be mention ed the plan of showing tho population of States and Countries in round numbers on the face nf the Map?. The navigation ol Kivcrs lor ."ships, .-steamboats, Sloops, etc., is shown hy placing at the head of na vigation the appropriate characters for each. The Map and Chart of the World combined (on an entire now plan, showing at one view tho S'atural and Political Divisions of the Globe, the Extent, Popula tion, Kcligion, I'orm oi iiovcrnmcnt and state ol Civilization of each Country,) has attracted much at tention, and is considered a great improvement upon any thing heretofore attempted in the form of a Chart as here all are shown at a single glance, anil the re lations they sustain to each either. We would abo solicit attention to the remarkable distinctness nnd case with which every name on the Map may ho read as well ns to the very superior style and execution of tho worlt in oilier respects. The Questions nt the close of the Hook are important, and will b found very convenient for a tienernl Itcview. SPALDING (fe STORRS. llirlfard Connecticut. For sale by SAMUEL HUNTINGTON, liur linglon, Yl. and hy the Princial Rookscllcrs in the United Slates. Hurlington, July 3d, 1SI0. NRW :OOI)S, now opening ; an addu oinl a orlineiil nl various kind- of cikkN, among ihein are Mezolmto Hr.i-lio, S.ilin Bead Head Ban l. Sar-aparilla Lozenge-, Accnnleon book, extract ol llergainol, I ri-tol lieinnl.'.'reon Spectac e-,Casior-, new -liver pocket Comb-, Fugle Belt Plate-, etc. ALSO, a aood assortment of trimmed nnd plain line S.nm and I runl aznieSioeks ; thin snnimer S'ock-, ligM and plain -ome wilh liovv- very nice ami iigm tor warm weaili er; we have abo very narrow Stocks vin'tal le for I'oy- or int-n. Al-o, long -loi'ks for llio-e who have larjfNwM-, in a word (l'lru-snrimeiiiofStoel.s, (,'(d lar- and Ho-om- i- very comple'e. For further par ticiilar- plea-ecall at the Variety Store, .lino 1 1. I'AN'ciiniiM k Hats M.VIP. pAXnilOUS lIItlXSSIAII),oftheVarietv I. sloie', are ollerinp a variety of Watehe-, Clocks. Jewelry. Perf imerv. .M' liilriinieni-. Cm I-, Card-, Pie!urei.,Soap-,H air Oil-, Razor-, Knive., .se'i"or, I alio-, Moel;-, tap-, drawing in.ilen.v-, vvil Irw Waggon-, Chair- and Cradle., Ca-lor-, Pencil-. 'Tea and i 'olio Pots and Urns; -liver ware, pla'ed ware, l.ainp vv iei;- and iiia-sc-, otlar-and Ho-om-Su-pender-, Sword- and Pi-t('.,'Thcrmonieter-,S'.atir n cry, Ink-, Court l'lnstcr; Doll-, Hag-, pookei Book .uii I a great v.uiely of fincy ar icle- lo ninnlv lli want- an 1 inim-ier to lb" cralilicalion of iho notional and nil who call al lite v aneiy -tore ; we arc m "Ap pie Pie" ordei ready lo nnw'er order- or return call al the variety siore1, Pasodohn A. f-'ui v Mtm. TJOSTON and TROY IRON COMPANY.-Thi public are hereby notilie.1, ihal the liume-i. ul castins in every I ranch and variety, I- done lo order. on ihe.horle-l nonce, ul I rov, v I. 1 he company have iniicb cnlargiil their fo indrv. and nre now iireoareil oi worit done nl any lo uniry m Up- country, .aiill-geariiig, I'm AWi hellle-, Stove-, no iru, .xxieirie-, i -., on nano, or Lirnisiied to order All who wi h to eimirnci for -love pln'c, or lo pur rli.i ea largeii'ianiity oi iiniiow-ware, lur the punui.e of rotnilmg, will I e furnished nl whole ale price- and nil who may favor n- Willi llieir call- or i r ler-, will I e ileal! I y a- ni erauv a- ni any esiatiii.hment m lli I'ouiitry. Order-hboiild I e a lilre-teil to E. K. Cm man, S ipenntcndant, or A. lomig, Aseni, 'Troy, 't, io ecure no eanv n'uiv , .inn prompi aiieniioii. Troy, Vi., Juire 1810. jy;0 Itciilieii lloiul's Kstatc. STATU OK VIvRMONT, )rpnu Honorable Dinxmer oi CiiiTTfi.NiiK.s, ss. I J. iho Probate Court within nnd fur the District of C'hiileiidcn t 'To the credilois and oibers concerned 111 the. estalo of Reuben Homl, late of Underbill, m ihslrict, de censed. GRKIVTING. WiicnEAF, Mclinda Bond, P.xccnlrix of the last Will and Testament of the said deceased, hath niado appli cation to this court to extend the time limited for ma king payment of tho debts and bargains of tho said iieccnseii iwcivo nionins irom inc second Wcelilcsday of November 1810. and the second Wednesday nf N. vembrr next being nsnigrted for a hearing in the prcm. ises, al the office ilf tho Register of this Court nnd it hav in,'! been oidercd that notice thereof bo given by publishing this decree three weeks successively in tho Free Press a newspaper prietcel at Hiirlingloit, t iirHEroBE, t on are iiercny nuiificd lo appear be- foro said court a the imo niul place aforesaid then and thereto makeobicctums if any you havo to the s.t1 .imo ..I ,......,1.... n.i.u mi mi r vaiciiuea ns niorc.iaid. Given under my ham) at Hurlington, this 20th day of' lOHEION IRON AND STEEL. English iron X from oG inchest Rui-ia old aMe Iron; do new do doi Sweede. do) Hoop do from i lo 1 iti"h ! Urazier'n Rods J Spring, casl, gcrnian. swede Hhd Liigli-li blister steel Cart and wagon boxe-, cro bars, by June 13. J. &. J. H. PECK & Co. MT. VfiUNON Hi:AIKlt, Polvglott Hible of diilereiit sixes nnd binding', I'oekel lliblc and Teinmenls and a general assortment ofstnliona-ryju-l ree-eived from N. York and for nle i,y College -l. je:a5. H. HUNTINGTON. Ill O It A liE.--t!omnion board-, plank, Imimr I oard, clap Loards and Hour I i.anl, at the low cm price-, by HICKOK & OATLIN. Hurliiigioii, Aug. 2, 1810. M OTICU to GROCERS it HOTEL KEEPERS li The subscribers keep constantly on band e.xlen sivc nssortiiictttsof Esseiiecsnnd Syrups.also Slough ton's Hitlers, Wiuu do. Soda and Seidlilz Powders, Spicesof oil kinds. Purchasers will find it not fur heir disadvantage to call upon us.. October 23. THEO. A. PECK & Co. r imtti ...T .i.'.T. ,..... i. t.-....T:-i. r:. XU Merinocs ; black, blue black n'nd col'd Aliinc pin n and fig'd Alpacca Cloths. A variety oftolorcd' t rape, Cambletts and Cambluteens, for sale very low, forcathby Sept. 21. N. LOVELY & Co. J' YMAV COIil!, have on hand an oxlcnsive J assortment of Hiirlmgion Mill Co. IIROAD CLOTHS and HEAVER CLOTHS. Also. A great assortment of English Rroad Cloths, Hiave: Cloths and Cassimercs, which they will toll at.reducid prices. WANTED. A few thousand lbs good Fleece Wool or which cash will bo paid. Oct. 2J, 1810. NljOVKIiY Co. are now opening and of fermg for sale a mor cxIoihIvo assortment o seasonable Goods than they have ever before offered in this market; amongst which is a great variety ol FURS and Fur Trimmings all of which arc oflerid ixtreinily low for Ready CASH. Oct. 22. G1 HN'TliKMUN'S OVMH A T pairs Gentlemen's Over Alls, ( AliliS. G dozen (long stockings,) just received and lor sale by the dozen or single pun .it Montreal prices by JA.MES II. PLATT. 1'. S Ho will foot thorn to order. Uuthngton, Oct. 10, 1SI0. SALT. 1,000 Minots Coarse Packing Salt, b.OOOMuiots Liverpool Salt, For sale, in quantities to suit purchasers and deliv ered at any Port on Lake Champloiii, bv JA&U.N U. ril.KUL. Oi SU.V. St. Johns, L. C, Scpt.-1, 1310. STOVUS.Tiic attention of the public is rcqucst td to the fine assortment of Stoves fur salobv the subscribers. Customers will find at their store a larger and more general assortment than ever, con sisting of Hox, Parlor, and Cook Slovesof every size and many patterns. IHCKOK & CATLIN. Hurlington, uct. iu. p V I E It. C. GOODRICH has inst received 1 fiom tho manufacturers in Massachusetts, a full supply of linen hand-made, royal, medium, Demy, cap, letter, foho-poit and billet paper, ol various qual ities, as wove1, satm, laid, gilt, tc. &c. for sale al man- ulactures prices. Juno iv. TODINE SPUING WATEU. A recently discover X ed fountain at Saratoga and contains properties known in no other Spiing its freedom from Iron tenders it safe to bo drunk by a certain class of inva lids with whom Iron proves Injurious the quantity of Iodine contained in this water renders it the most val uable mineral water fir every species of Scrofula vet discovered, for sale by J. A. J. 11. PECK & Co. Ag'ts. CAM KT I X CiS. The sub- ibcrs hav e on hand a full assortment of Ingrain and Common wool Carpeting, Venetian and Cotton do. Rush Mattinr, Oil Cloth's, itc. which will be sold for Cash at New 1 oris prices. IN. LUVISI.Y & CO. Julv SO, 13-10. BOOTS fc Sj on hand a SIIOKS. The siih.erili'r has now euiTiil a ortmcnt uf HOOTS and -IlOlv5. id' heino-t fa hional le style, and thornuch workman. biii, winch Leo.lcr- very low for CASH. E.J.KAY. N. B. All kind of measure wo. done al short no tice. Hurlington, Ch neli-st May IS 10. 13 K.MOVAI, J. LEWIS, the Mechanical Den X tist, has removed his office to his dwelling on Pearl st , nearly opposite J. K. Gray's Carriage Shop, win re be will bo able to attend lo calls at nil hours of the day or night. Hurlington, Oct. 30, 1910. ITHm SA I E, 7a A of Land Lyiiu "n ll.e l. v moo-ki A veil : one mile norm of iln- village-. TIhn laud i- well watered, free from stone-, ha- wood nlli 'ient f.'i' a family .-upplv, In r'er- mi the Lake, and s every way an eligible lo't. For f iriher a i .ly p. the'-iib-cril er.. Hickck it Ljltlih. H.irlmg'on, An:-. 12, IS 10. CASH PAID l-'OK WOOL The s,ilcnler will pay ca-h, on delivery, fur rood clean fleece wool, delivered at the oM -tori' occupied l y II. HyJe & Co. nt Hi wc.-t ct rner cf College Green. Birluipton, June 10. IlAliRV BRADLEY. l""- Ladies col'd. and black I'rench Slips, JJ iOdo do. Gaiter Boots, 20 do Misses col'd Slips, 50 do Gent's Pumps, " cases .Men's seal Hoots. Burlington, July M. It. C. STIMSON. 1 l finn I VITSiV OILS. lljUUVi lb, dry while Leal 100 cask- grotmddn do 15 bbl-. Venetian Red 10 ca-k French u- low 50 bbl-. American l.imrcl Oil, 2 5 do Spirits Turpentine Copal Vnrni-h. Gold Leal, Sand paper. Smaltr. Brushes, Glue, Gmn Copal, by J.& J. II. Pkck it Co. OA TOltACCO. OVJ keg plug Tol a 'co, 1U Ik e Lavendi-h do CO pael aires sheep do 2000 P s. Leaf do. do. 1 v J. sV J. II. PECK & Co. 45 OILS. . American Linseed Oil, 10 'Tierce.- fill perm do 5 do win'er do do 35 blls. refineJ do do J.& J-H. Peck &. Co. Ofinn Nails, nrads Ai American Iron UUU kegs .Nail- from 3 I to C01 250 ilo Brads from Cx toSOa llnr-e -bee Iron Si'rnll and Haine do all sjzrs n.and Iriailriini 1 io 4 inch Rii'ind do do iJ do Squares 6 lo J3 do J. & II. Pick it Co. 100 GltOCHltlKS. cbe.tB young Hvton'lVa. 7o do nysonskin, uo. 20 I ags pepper, 20 do Piuiento, -10 do Ci'te 50 btixe Pipes 100 do IlarSoap 200 do Rabins 50 kegs do 10 do Pure cinger 100 -Mats Cn-,ia St. Croix Rum, Holland Gin, Signette Prsadv. Ba liniore Gin, American Brandy, Cliampan-nr. Brown and Tale hherry, Madeira and r-icily .Madeira, lar -eill-.vladeira ami .Malaga nine., ly June 7. J. it J. IL PIX'K it Co I or; mii:i:t uio luU I oxrs Canada Iron, 50 I'Hii'l.'e. R. G. Lmrlish do. just ree'd nnd for Oc, 1 I, sale by Viie, l.oejilv & Co 8000 SLT bii-b. folarStlt do .teain do do line do do 'Turks Island do bbl-. tine do do dairy do 3000 i. mo 1000 1000 100 250 lo I'oar e do 200 sack- dairy dol y J. & J. II. PIX'K &Co I Y.UA.N Ar ft i Ii l'" have received llieir n-tia l.j i'N'eii-lve as-oriincnt ol fall and wintci good .r ,.r...ll V:IP f'V (if I i L" 1 TO I . i t C 1 11 V. ill) ll l( nm -niL-le wKkb. Pnn e.1 Crape Merino, .M(iue'ine .1.. I niin. fee. Fi -iirc.l Alepuic. lisnrtsl and plain lai 'll h Merino-, Gro de N.aple- and French do ... r w. ... . ' . i. r.i,..i. 'ri..i... m..., VVlT-te.l l aillie ten . Aiiiiv.i wiyin, iiiiii-i ..iriiu,', iC. Il'.l'ltllll ar'I 'IC. IUI' i:iiim- i-iiMi... r.rHiiill-ill S.ilis'nirv rianncl. li.mred linasians Goni llulr and imiia ion Camlei-, Hrneliella, IVr-ian cloth &o. lluavy ilouhle nulled Broad Clnlh., b'e.uer and I'doi Clnlh-. Ru b t)iaim nd Heaver Cloib, a new ar- ncle for Gcnllenien. over IWs. A larce irimler el l,...iii' w'ur.iel h.i.. a Ifcvv L'ipins I e-l Merino ane Ca hiucic do, Nelliii', P.i'aiine and ii'enl cro, do, Hu h t ballv, .MiH-eline de l.aine nn I i Helical II. IUI sILKS. Ileavv Canton, dm ('c iNnple- and o'ht1 Sil!.., rn h figured Blue Black, Brown and oilier colors. lilnvc- an I lit sicry. DOMISTIC GOOPS. Cot'cm shecm-7. tlnrun 'iekinir. w.vddimr aivlciition vara, stircrior Iri-h Linen, TAILORS 'TRIMIM.'S.-Scwimr Sill-. Twi l and Tbrca I, Paldmg,, Se'tvia-. cold Jean. Brown and Ilia -k Linen, Plaid Wor-'e-l Facine, Wor Hit Surae, Si k do., Si'k Bul ling, Sdli Ci.rds, Wors Ml llmdimr itc. A'e , VFSTINO Won en Vilvc'. Silk vcivfl, alenna Silk S.i'in itc. Silk Velvet for iriinininp-n-nrted colors. Ro-lyn checks for eliildren- wear. IIOOTS, SHOIS itl.I'.ATHLll. Tho subscriber J J havinu taken the stole formerly occupied by Hishnn if- HViii'pf. is no w oiienilur a ncnoral nssoitmentof lloots, Shoes and Leather, which have nil hcen tiought tor cash ami win no sow lor m at tho lowest price?, and as thc'nrticlc arc too ""'Jiff oits to mention in nn advertisement. .m"'01 11 u cy hns enlarged his paper. I "".'TCorePurcha' 1 call and exainino th j?ods and prlcos beii)rvpw( Milton in nn advcrtiscHient,.i'JMj"j0'l ,0 ing clsovvlicrr. , , laio IIKNRYO. sti.hj.-. Viirlinuton, J"'' m . fi j. 't,",' S! CIIOOI. IIOOKS.-Tho iil..erilerba eivrw cd the prcenl week from ,ew York more Schod Hooks, of winch ihe following coinpri.ea pari. lev cretin Latin Lexicon; Doniiegnn's (Jieek elo,1, Web ster .-largo Dictionary, 8 vo.j Johnson-and Walker's il". Ambon',, Horace, Cicero, Crr ar, and S.iliiHf lioycr., .Mi'.adinv-.andNiiccni", French Dietionnr mi CooperVMuKionf.iv Virgil i PlnvfairVLiicbd; lllmr's and Newman's Ulicti'nV: Oliu-ted'-and Wd'.fn's As ironoiny do.-eliool Ph.lo.opby Cnm.took'i. Plmos oiiby,ilo. (.liemi.iry, Holniar- ami Levizaes Fieiich (.rauiinar Kir! bam', and Smith' I'iigli-b do; Alir eroinbie -ln'ellceliial Philcppby ; do. Moral do.; I.ifo of Wn.lmigtpii, Char'c-12,1, and Cominc Fieneh j Davie, nnd Hour lens ,( ,L...( n. ; Hri.lgc- Algel ra ) Por'erV Rhelorieel Rea Vi; Olney' , WoiP mlgi", Sinrh'-, Mabe llrnn'., ad Mil, h.','. n, W'illsr.i' Geography and .Mlnsj Uy.tei' rhITovvii'- SmIhiir ' ook Goodrich .- Rea ler, t,2 mi l Slcln -; .Mm nt Vernon Rcukr; yoi.n ' p pib , and ji HikA-, Adam-' New Arithmetic; (.mtr luvie di.. Tliomp op's do.; Por cr's Analy-i ; Tnwn'.- di .; Hov'- and Girl'- Heading Hook ly .Mr-. Sigo"rnev ; l'.ncll's Rhetorical Dialogi c ; Yc'iltig' lie's 'er: Anier fir.-l ela- Bool. Lovib- U.S. Spin' er; We.r ic ler's lli-toryj Watts em the Mm,1; lloin'ricbV U. S. Ill-lory ; Nu'ttonal Preceptor; I el!r iii-'Ti'lcuiaqncj Holiiny by Mr- l.uu olnj Kerne ' I li'inenl ; lluywardf New England Uazollter, 1'ngliili lte.i 'tr, Prueroi-tve Reader. I1. A. DUaMAN. HiirlingKin, Oct. 1j, IS 10. Cv 1 1 E.M'ER and beHMbrTtindy Pay. 'The sub ' scriber would inform hit customers and tht pub lic that on account of Ins loss of Goods by fir and the damaged ones felling off so cheap, his present stock is principally made fresh and select, snd iho cloths bung bought at low prices enn be sold cheap. All kinds of clothing made on the shortest notice. Cutting done as usual. All kinds of clothes cleaned of paint, grease, &c, anddressed, pressed and repaired in tho neatest manner and brought ns near as possibls to their original beauty, and wurraiitcd without dam age. Also on hand, (no waiting until New Years or running all day nHer Trimmings &.c.) Top Coot, Cloake-i, Drtssnnd 1'iock Coals, Pantaloons, Waist coats, Sailor Jackets, llova Clothes, Flanncll and other shirts. Drawer:, Stocks, Ac. Also all kinds of secondhand Clothes, Hats, Caps, Hoots and Shoes, Travelling Hags, Trunks, Furniture and nil other ar ticles common and uncommon. Clothes or produco taken for pay. C. 15ENNS. Pearl St., fcept. 1G, 110. HU "It A ! HURRA 1 ! HURRA I-Arrivals ex tra. Great New- and New Goods bro't by Ho w aril of the grand Bazaar Cheap cash store, 'flu day he left New York three editions of the newspaper Ex tra Sun was issued never was such nn event m th new vvorM before It announced the arrival of two Steam -Snips from Europe, one of which camo ovor in twelve and a half days being the shortest passaga over ma-ic. Thev came n 'lily laden in Mcrchandire, Passengers and British Gold, and also brought lbs most astonishing news of tho bombardment and ds struo:, nofHavroiit in Egypt, important intelligence) from t. lima nh kclion of the King of Holland Death of the Princess Aii"iista, great fire and partial destruc tion oi the lioyal .Naval Arsenal aim lintlle Ships of tin: hn of England at n loss of two and a half millions of Dollars, with the fire still burning. Troubles in apninan'l rortugal, trial of I'ltnee Louis Ronapart fclill going on. A government ship sent to the Island of Si. Helena for the remains of the warrior Napoleon. France wanting an extraordinary loan of fifty-one millions 07 1 thousand franca, n"vv of a terrible earth- uake at Mount Ararat and a fill ' rt of the moun tain and a thick tluid issuing CV burving a thousand inhal',"" 's ' '; villages and i destroying all ' 'sa very many ' y reported br r lire to impart : ver beforo lin- : ' w ns to the - . on extenive inrket of the i x I as mnv bo i',w on sale al fin r"as'-. md no HOWARD. their Cotton .and Rice p!m r other important items wluc -. the various newspapers i' " nn activity in the rommer ' inrd. The foregoing is ' , Jood", never, nevir, nev, . " assortment, so well sclcete , : Green Mountain Stale een o' o obln'iied and at o cheap n rale - . the Up nnd Doing. Qni"k and Chr ' imnriannieiii fiir debt store kept by iiiiriin"tor,i n-i. vh, isjo. B e KS'ilT 1.'i'l,e' nb-eri'er having re- ently moved from Many, and eominen"e 1 tl.o - ni till liii-ines-, ni all it- form-, in tie new -bop Madi-fin sreet. near Fullc'l iV llrad'ev's Slorr. wo"ld rc-pe "t il'v mvi'e the inhal iian'j r f l! rliii'1iB ami vicinity to ir'vi lum a fall, a- he i f dlv prcnared lo do all I. Hid- i I vvor1' hi In- Inn', nn th- -hor'c t no- r, If i manner, and mo I favota' Ic lenn-. He has r itniiy year- pa-l siven In- par'i' lara''enli(n to e llor-i'' -hceing ln-me-, and rarrifrv in nil Hi rauche-. From ihe leug exiier cnce which he has hail, and the iirnera! mlormaiion he has I'erived loih from theory and practice, be fee!- fully eonfn'ent in re- e.inmcn lur." liim-eii 'o tno pm tic. lie will le pre- iiareil at all to give hi- per-e nal attention to all kind- of work in bis line inch a- Ironing Wargons and Slei'.-h-, Slopwork, iVc. Ail knnl- of el?e looU ma Ic in 'he ' e-t manner. and mot approved -tyle. He ruti! that I v riving Pusine-s h mnlivnie'il attention i-.d the b vv price-- at which he will I eena' M lo f r- ish vvor.., lo receive a share of tl.e put lie patronsie. JOIINSORAULN. Biir'inrt.-R. Apr'! 10, 1?I0. Trustee's Sale. THU subscribers, trustees of Lathrop, Potwin A W-it, give notice that they intend shortlv to clois the business of their trust, and for that purpose now ofi'cr tho entire stock of gooJs, nt wholesale or retail, nt a ?rcat rcd'rtion in prices, for cash. There ara many dcs'.rablc goods in this stock that morchanti in, gut s -lect to good auvantarc, audio sarh will it ivcn a hhcral credit for satisfactory paper. The s'.occ.i on?i:Jt ot a general assortment of eirv goods, c-.ackerr, lass ware, druas an 1 meoicim s : and is v ell wort's the attention of merchants and others wishtnz for aargams. Plesse call and cvnmine the goods. M. u cc wait, Trustees. Rurlmgion, Oct. 1. 1. CSS IC I l.'S SlUMAl'H Illl'lhUS. may I u-ed in Wmeorwa'er. 'The-e celebrated biltrrt are compo-cd purely ot vece n! le. ot the mot inno cent yet specific virtue-. Tl.ey are rec(,nimendcd par- tie tin n y lor re-ienng weau e'on-imuions, clean inj; and s'rcr.irthenini: llio -'oinncli, and merea-imr the appeii'e al-o a preventn'ive aain-t tbecliolera mor- Iri", fevr and a line, removing nai'ed, vomilin?, heart luirniiic, weakiie-- in ihe Ilea l, pain in ihe tcmach and other -ymptoin-of flat ilcncennd indnre-- t!on. Ono 1 iix will tine'urc one calloti. rrne25ct. a I ox. Rl'ssnt.L. Itch OistMf.nt. Tin's cboicc and rafe oin'iiieiit i-.'aid tol c superior to any now in tee, for lhat di-ncrreu' le and lo.ath-omc il sea e, the ITCH. This Ointment I- so orarain in il!- operation that no per-on tloul led well the al ove eli-or. er ought to 1 o wiibcut it. Il is a remedy for cutaneous eruption", orbiitic a'rection- of the head, oranv oiherl reakint out which ari-cs from tharp humors m the llcc-d. Price 25 el-, a I ox. Hi'vF.i.i. s kcktamx rtt.Mci'9 PIlls, or family physic, fur ccncrnl use, in ea-e- of Jaundice, morbid scri-il il it v of the -tomach and I ow el-, lo- cf annetitr, fiend 1 rtMlb, co.'tivfiie.., file-, and all di ris mc from I iliarv ileransciiients al-o f ir cprrecinifr the state ( f the 1 u o I, and ('loan-ins Ihe -y-iem of foul nnd viscid humour-. The e pill- are a mud ca thartic, prodiiemc neither pains nor pripins, and are therefoie a valuable and highly npproved nnilu ne. and are pronounced as-ueh I y the mo-t ili-tnigm-heil nhy.-ieian-. i'ach lox containing 3S Pdb. Prn 37$ ct-.a I cx Russell's eelel rated Sa!.t RltF.t'M 0tSTMrs7 Thu is iinn".e-iionalilv ll.e 1 e-t and -nfe-t ri'inede e- er vet o'li'red to the pul lie for lhat ob-lina'e ill-order SA L'T hum .vi. v here otner means nave laiieo, ii mc creded, aad the fa' l that il ba- 1 ecu sx'en-ivelj used I y eminent Praeii'mneri pf ak- volume- in it- prai. It i- rouallv eiiicaeiou- in all disea-c-cf the skin. cald bead, vvvrmand the most inveterate Itch, itc. iSe. rutnerons ccrliheale. niiitit le eniaiiinl, I ut il.c pronrilor eboo.-e llial a fair trial - he Id 1 e th only evidence nf.l- -npeni Pri t iOcrnt- a l e x. 1 or -a'e ! y J. Cs J, il. l iv; iv i u., ncnjiire A. IV 'k iV C.. s. L-ii of ibo Mrrtar, and 1(, 1 crl Moody, l"r. C. F.. Mile-, and Hull & Ci u'.., Hinei liiirgh ; S, II, Barnc-, Ch.irl.iite ; L. Jane-, Gei rc a L. Tyler, K-sex i Fuller Iluntmiti n, Ricbniind. Al-o,' ly the driVpiMs nud merchant!, gcncra'ly Ihrouchout the Hate. e2.0m B TT?O.M OF 1J LRWOR'lfoi Cun-iimpitr, I)y-, Asthma, and all di-ea-rs of ilie Lungs and Liver. 'Thi'-e di-i-a-os prevail lo a crcat r'nt, ercaliug much d.'-ire and some la'slny. Ai tbe-eean le reme.he-d by the n-e of Lr, 'Taylor'- Hal-om (,f Liverwort. Th'i- incdicme is ,nrfly VegnnMc, and fri-m its pifiibar action upon the l.ivi-r i-a wnysfwind arall'al remely fur ihe edi-ea-e-. For Female-and men in a very 'weak slate, no medicine can Ir o grateful a re-turative, a-it not only strengthens I tit purine-nnd give- a healthy neiiuii in Ihe win e sv li'tn. Con-lanlly lor sale i y N. I.OVFLV it Ce. vvho have in-l received a fre-h -np,ily of sea iinal le Goexls fit in New York, all very cheap A r e.i-h. HurlmiiKai, I dy 30, 1(5)0. I tiTlll.N, l. Ti t ) , Mi. I A NV HLAl'll em ' I for curing i 'I Pimples on I'lenning tit if ihe kiir ' leral suceeis i 1 hi- Until a v i 'i and creat--, .'fieninc, an I i ru o In I , ,r (-1 , . I , V 1 1 a w ho -i F FVING LOIION.-Hich'v e all I'mptmn- Ciiar-eiie , Re i.n - a the Face Neck or hand-, and i comoh'Xion, nud removing a i.v-i-Nnihuig e(in'rilinle-mi nm ' i i .rn mine, a- nn entrairimr ti r - a ...i-an e i adimiel a mo-l flagrant, in i. - i i ly e-lieniisl furl's vir'i'es in cIimu-,.-., P'irifying the skin of all cr ipnoit , i male" I ea iiy, and re mrmir H 'o a ... I ri'y. A I e.i I'f 'I i'(,ii;ile'i ii i-ibe , pose it, and 'beenvv df'ho-e who m What i son ei'timriea I ea ,nf .1 fci 'of It. ii vi In e0i - nature hailsplave I her ikivvit. a in hud Iht'-( iui lei ion ih-eolo'ired wi'h di-cn-im'' inniple-, w hu ll mar ivi'll ill-en-img pillipii,- wrin n mar good a.ipcar. nm i lh"'e I renni-a-ihe H.'a.ilifviii? Lo'";" l'ritie. ihe all I'mii.le-. Illolelie-, 1 nn, S nl nrn i"."vi f - Vl.'.xrifil l"'C,ll i the only ner cnami- I a mendaiiun : nnd i , , . ,,,, ,i.l ,, cs al her loner, iicniiemen eostnelic a la ly nniilil ii ' - . .ll)ft.. , renim ...,il ,. II l ii in. till-a m '.'"" '.... s D-.i Rwiiglnu' a .....i.. . lilllK" ' mi , "." 'I. "-, ad Hwiigiinej i ' ", ,,,., mi, I every Kind i'l crip-Sureiie-Mif '''v!'",,;' ti liunian hixly. Il is parlicu- Htm on ihe In Goorfiis, by Ircnuo mijrvo 1 . if. irt.iitienien io i it iimm hi it son- larly recom ; ' fVt,m ,h0 eiiirru ise ci r'ain e '( ot vmpi n "" '.,,. in tiirnliur the icarl premapirr y all "'WI? nh- $ retail I v A. HITClf. P".7'.V- t en,. N . 1 17 (.Vne i'H irct, I'lica. In Rur COC'K .r i ' I ii Prk A Co.. nnd Thco. A. IVrk b'l,", vi,... hv J. H. Bowman. In Stilton. l,y iliirncit i June.

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