Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, December 4, 1840, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated December 4, 1840 Page 3
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FIUDAV MORNING, DF.ORMBRU I, 1810. THH CRISIS. Sufficient is now known to ibcido the result in all the states. Mr Van Huron has. received the votes of woven states: N. Hampshire, Vir ginia, South Carolina, Arkansas, Alabama, Illi nois and Missouri 'JO votes in the whole. Gen. Harrison liai receive. I the votes of the other nineteen state., boinji !2:J1 in the whole, and n majority of 171 over Mr. Van Huron. Xevnr, in the annals of party controversy, has it fallen to the lot of the historian to record such an over. whelming defeat. Km'., wes', north and south, seem to Invo vied with each other in pronoun cing loud and unqualified condemnation of the present administration. And yo', notwith'tand in;x those facts, the leading organs of the admin istration thtM s'gn illy robdkod h tho people, are calling upon the D'mwary to "stand firm," to maintain their party organization, and to resist the policy of the next administration, he it what it may. "Such an appeal, so unworthy in itself, and so HUro of producing party bitterness and perpetuating parly hostility, should be listened to by no reasonable in in. That (ion. Harrison is elected by an overwhelming majority, all must admit, and tho people who have elected him, will feel bound, in honor, to sustain his Adminis tration. The eli'irls then, of tho defeated tlynas ty, if made with the Zealand violence threaten ed, will only operate to consolidate the Whig party, and givo thorn the power, if they possess the will, to carry out measures of a parly char acter. If, on the contrary, tho defeated dema gogues are suffered to sink into the dishonored graves they have dug for themselves, the can vass for the next President will be conducted upon those elevated considerations of public good which will give dignity and usefulness to the controversy. Gen. Harrison is elected for one term only, and will put his measures bef ire the country in a spirit that will challenge the reb( of every honest man, as ho will bo removed beyond tho desire and the imputation of in triguing fur a re-election ; and it can hardly bo supposed that a discreet and intelligent people will be led on by factious demagogues, to nnke his measures the subject of vindictive hostility. We look to the good sense of the people for cor rection of the criminal course which partisans threaten, and we hope, for tho peace prosperity and happiness of the country, tiiat we may bo enabled to devote the noxtibur years to tho pur suit of those objects which will elevate and adorn the cotintrv." 5TT We have given up a large space in our col umns to-day to the publication of the laws of tho last session. For the convenience of those who may have occasion to refer to thorn, wo have em bodied all the public acts in this slice'. QTObscrve tho Iig Cabin sale, advertised for tho l'Jth. Thoie is a valuable lot of logs and other lumber, lor somebody to buy ; and when we recollect tlio spirit-.-tirring associations con nected with this rural emblem, and espccial'v the consecrated object to which the avails of the sale are to be appropriated, wo cannot doubt there will bo spirited competition. A single public spirited individual contributed those ma terials in the first instance, and to him, wo are well assured, it will be ample compensation to know that they have ultimtto'y besu the means of carrying joy to the habitations of the humble pjor. TUB HANNUU. Wc observe that the Baltimore Patriot and sorno of our Now YojIc papers are trying to "figure" us out of the 1? timer, and give it to our wcll-hcloved cousin, "Old Kentuck." This is done by counting tho scattering votes in Ver mont agaui't Harrisan, and leaving it to bo in ferred that there were no sca'ttering in Ken tucky which may be so, or may no'. 5ut thoy will hardly make out this cafe. It if, to bo sure a close rub; but ye', tho fads, even-handed justice, and public sympathy, are all on our side. ho bauds ofi, gentlemen, if vou please at lent t until a court of honor can bo convened, to to'tle l! e question. The following, from our noble rival, of the Providence Journal, presents the case in iis true light : VEll.MON r THE IUNWEI STATE. Returns from Vormon, excluding s.iauerinj voter, which do not count, in an electoral clcc tion, give For Harrison, ai,-! 10 " Van Huron, ' ld.Olb li,12J majority, a irao.uon over;i3 l ! per cent. I he State of Kentucky comes next, the vote using Fur Harrison, fiS.-P'if) " Van Huron, U-Vilti 23,-s7;J or 23 3-8 per ct. Close shaving this. Proe. Journal. This is undoubtedly the right view of the subject. In all plural elections the majority understood to mean the d. (Terence between tho two highest candidates ; and for the obvious reason, that the scattering votes have mi influ ence whatever on the result even to defeat nu election The iuvidual who staid at home, and did not vote at all, has dune just as much to pro mote or defeat Harrison's election, as tho one who wont to tho polls and throw a scattcriti" vote and might with equal propriety be taken into the count. Hence, in most or all thu official proclamations, no mention is rrado of f-catterin votes. Gov. Porter proclaimed the majority in 1'ennsyivania to ho .'31.'!, v. lion theio was pre ciscly that number of scattering vote, and, nc cording to the doctrine contended for, no major ity at all ! Vet we do not learu that any of the numerous bets made against a majority for Har rison in Pennsylvania have been drawn on this tccoint. Tho Journal is manifestly right on this point, and wc shall have the fli". From the Providence Journa'. VHIIMONI'. Our friend of the Provubnco Journal 'ays, ho wants to "eca tho figures that cat Rlio lo Maud." It is a pleasure to us to gratify so rcasonahlea request; nnd we, refer n ir neighbor with much satisfaction to til lable. In iho m. 'an lime, we pass tho word nloii'r, nnd repeat that ire should lil(o to sco tho "figuies" that can boat Norm jut, tiurliifjlun 1'rce I'ras, We should not ; Wo do not think any State cusht to try to beat Vurumnt ; wo question if any Stnto Ins a moral right ; Vcrnnnt has .!ood faithful rtiiinnjrtho faithless-, in thoilurk ,nya () diwutor. When State after Statu proved mere ant, and ovoii thu Sheot-anclinr old Massaclm wtts, (wo tisotho quotation hy pcrmisfiionof tho P.ichmnnd Ku'uiri)r) "Shot madly from Imr njihoa'," btill Vermont, ovortrup, adhered to her principle, pure as horowu mountain air, and pe rennial ns her own mountain verdure, J,ot the btnnor of victory then bo unfurled henoath the rflilKonco of "llm Star tlntnovorsolH." There lon-r nny it flnt in triumph. Jt is 110 ilipracc to bo hoiten by Vermont, nnd no little, credit to 1" her rival. Vfr'holof wc must eay that had wc voted as Vermont did, with a positive knowl edge of tho final result, it would have takon more than '28 per to boat us. All tho office-holders would have been with us, for they are all good Harrison men, only they did not happen to find it out till about tho 7th or 8th inst. Providence Journal. iTJ'Wc have heard (the Hon. John Smith, at the soutli, on his way to Washington. We un derstand he crossed over to l'lattsburgh, and there took tho boat for tho south probably to avoid his constituents. Tho time has been when a representative would make it in his way to see an 1 consult with his constituents before going to Washington. "times a'nt now as they used to was." Bli dl In Montpelier, on tho 'I th int., of quick consump tion, .Mr. Parker Johnson, aged 2-3 i on the samo day Mr. Cyrus Wood, nged j'l. On the :21m. tilt., oflung fever, .Mr. Dnid Cutler, need 57! on tlio same, of typhus fever, .Mrs. Lc.nirn, wifuorRhonezer Scribner, Jr. an lil i loiter of tlio lalo Knock Kdton. In .Middlesex. Nov. ',23, .Mr. Nathaniel Carpenter. Rsq i ngc I 71 wars. In Mnritovvh, Nov. 17, of fever, Lolan L. Clark, nged 2i, In Orange, Nov 21, Mr. F.IMia Hnvdcn, aped 73. In Ciiil'islniry, Nov. 11), Mrs. Cnlha'iinc lluvcy. In Banc, Sept. '2 id, Louisa Child, aged 7 years. In Tunbridgc, on tho l'2th nil. Mr. John 'Bennett, ngnl !)3 years. On the day of his dentil, being his birth day, he rose in good lieiilth i duriiu' this day he walked into tho field, and nt night nte his nipper ns usual soon after which ho expired without a groan, lie was n iciinrkahlc instance of continued health dutiii': n long life. In r'lrh-a, Nov. 11, Mr. Daniel Shaw, need 7-1. In Orwell, Nov. lfi, Mi. Mntv Budl, nt the ad vntic.d ngc of 101 years, Id mouths and 12 davs. Her liiai.l ii name wa9 Kihh; she was n native of S'liuprs. Wi'l m. I county, Connecticut, nnd wns mar ried to Matthew Budl, Oct. Mill, 1730, O. S. Mrs. Mtlell made a liublie lu'ofesion of her fhith in Chri-t at the aire of 30. nnd fur the long period of 7'2 years cxiiiuncu n wen ordered me nnil limiiy conversation. Jkiicmiaii llAcicurr 1 Chittenden Cotmtv Court, An v. irust, A. I). 1810. Hr.snv Domidman, "T7"H RR HAS, Jeremiah Trustee of X llacket, of Little Nn- Thomas Pardons. 1 tion I'niiinenii's Seitrnore. in tho District of Montreal in the l'ro inee of Lower Ca nada, nt tlio.ilnrcli term, A. 1). IP 10, of the Chitten den County Court, commenced his fiction ncnitist Henry llonrdman of llurhnglon, in paid county of Chittenden, n trnstcoof Tlioinns Parsons, nf Newton, . ' 'he count v of Calhoun, and st.ate of Michiunn. nn ib-cllt dchtir from tills slnte: itinrein i felnrinrr in a pica of the cae nuainst tlie said Thomas P.arsons, that on the lOlh day of February, A. I). 1827, nt Hock- iiianiown, m me couniv oi i.imto:i nml stnto ot .New orK, to wit, al .Soiilli Ileio, in the count v of Ornud NIc in tlio state of Vermont, the said Thomas ntrrped with tho trud Jeremiah fiirntul in cnn.idcintion of the sum ortiiree liuuilro.l nolla s 'Men nml llicto nnid hv Lie r un .leremiaii in uiu sain riuiina", nt Ins own ol and chnrues, to suppnit nnd inaintnin one Dor- :i llncKet. ho mol ner ol snu .lercimnli frnin in il-iv and ycnrkiM nforrsnul. for nnd durinc ihc n.ainrnl lid. of the said Dorcas with suitnhici'ii'at, drink, lo hdii". medicine, nurciiii', nnd wcnrini; nppnirl. necordinp to her rank nnd decree, nnd that the said Thomas has wholly neclccted nnd failed tnfulfil said nu'reinent. Also in a lurtlicr plea ol tlio cno for olio thoimn.l lollar-s, I jr so mile 1 money l-u nm rorcivii . ,nr alo for one thousund dollars for lioarding iiui '-iiiL' and clothiii'.' I he said D.ircas Iln'-kett. for the since of five vears next In furetlie first ofMav, 19)0 ; and tho said Thomas, thouah often requested, Ins wholly nei- i"cieii nnil reuisiM io pnv said sums or nnv part thecif, to the dauiTju of tin; pliuiliT, .SJ.000 and 'inther slntinj that the said lioaidiumi has in hi nos. scsion, iiioiiic, rjiods, rlntti N, tights nr crcdiis of tho said Tho'iins Pirson-. to the value of &",n0 uhifli n'-tion was entered on thedo"kct of said court, nt the .uarrii term tliereol, a. I). JS JO - nnd the til.ainlifl nn pe.arcd liy his attorney, Hector Adnnio, l'sip mid the said Thomas hciiu' absent from this ctntc m the timn nf the service of said said writ, ttic said cause was con. tinned D Iho August teini, IP 10. of said conn, nt which term the plaintilV;e.'ain nppenrod hv his .attorney, nnd it not hcuiir ma le to appear to tho said court that tho said Thomas Pnr?nn has had personal notice of the sanl service and pendency of this suit, the same is Tiaiti continued hy said court to to the Mnicb term t'lerent. ,. D. III. And the s-ud court .also order tint further tniice of ih"nein!encvofsni,l suit i.n ..K.. by piildishim: llm substance nf the plnintilT's deelara- iion inrcu weeas succpssnriv in tlio l,urliii!'tnn r ree Ires, a newspaper printeil in saiil llurinaton, the last nf which puldications. to be al least thirty days heforc the retting nf said court which s,a I c deemed suffi cient nan 'i' 1 1 thisaiJ Thomas P.irsjns to appear nnd answer to said suit. Dated at Mnrlincton, aforesaid, this 21st dav nf No vemlicmher, 1S40. WM. NOllt.K. Clcrlt. Wm. It. Vii.a. niid I Chiiien 'en County Cot I kixman C. Vilas, t ,.t Term A. P. 1SI0. v;,- , WUritl AS, Wtban, It. fiur.l.r.s Ii. .lixr.s. VV Vi'n. and Freeman C. il.i , I nth of It Winston in said en nuv, at the Mar di 'erin 1 10, (if sail en ir . coninienii! I 'licr n, -1,1,1, u'rain-i Lhar'cs I'. Jane , formerly of I) irlinirlon, alure a, I, nmv nl'iho cily, co inty, an .(a'e of New or' . in a plea nfilio in c, tle-rcin duclnrins that the 11 I I liar V- li. .lane . ;,n one Cli a-'e. I.. V. rii the II h ,lny nf O-to'tr A. I). !Sa7. n, II l,n...i, it re ai I, nia , e-e.-,ii(! I and ilenvrc I totlic plniuti IV. hericraiin tu-oini s(,ry no'c 111 wrmiiir, of the da'c .lion; ai1. and ilierein nVomi el loui'ly and -e orally to icy the ai I iil.iinti '.-. I v 'he name mil -n-'i. lit It an I F. C. Vd.i , A ni',,11 Ii. af erd.i'e. llm .,,111 ol iweiry llircc h 11 Ire I and six dollar- mil forty lime hi' , lor e iccciyel. An I in fir her ti'ea of i ''.ni' lie ail. lane, 011 the 1 1 Ii il.iy oIOmo- 'or. 1337, a II rhnu"'Mi nf 11; ai 1, malc,ex'ec telanl 'elivcred 10 the plain'i 1'. Ins cerla'n o her n hi wri-iiu, 'e.inii'.' i!a eiheil.iv a I voir I.I 1 nfoie m ', an I licr,.' , priiuu el the plain 1 ; f,,P vl ,.,v.'d 11 pay hem, I y the name an I Mle of W. H. a 1 I F. I'. Vila- 'X month' , al it die da e tl ercof, he - mi m' 'wen y hrce h m In-1 an I mx dollar, an I I' r'v diriT cent , mil -'mm-.' th.a-the ,!ceu',.ni, ha- no" pivd he nine ,r any part thcrcif, tho ..., ,,f,.ii rea. e-tel, but ha. wholly nc r'e-telnn I nf el mi indo, to ihcUni. a.-eif he i'ain'i I'. ibr.-u ihoi-and dollar ;whidi a-tionwa ea ere I 011 'he doc', et of ai.lcc.rtai nil i.ardi vnn, 1310 j an I the p'am'i i' a 1 -en re I ly Chi'le-It s ,. lieira'torni'yaiil'hi;,Vren lant leinir a' -em from 'he M.i e a' the 'line ofili,- ,eryicc of ihe paii!ii' aid wri1, 'he ail ca 1 e wa- i-oninrie I m the A se I ten', 1310, of -aid ci ur, al which 'erm the d uuti is aaa n up ire I I v their a"orney, mi I it no' eum 111,1 V-1,1 ii',,.car lo the co irl thin the aid J.iucs I1.1 h.i 1 1 ',- imal iin'ice i,f iho -ai I crvi-e an I ncn- eii'y ot t its sun, tho anie nasniii coniinucd by -aid cnri to the .Mar di 1111 llieie d, A. ). 13. An I i.s. r. ,,, iiorer'iiai ir her notice o the pen- eiie. t f s:d -il l I e mveu t y p ,1 j hing Ihe .,,1 stun, e "", - 1, .111 us i,o"aia ion 1 hrce wee'. r socio ivel' in lie U ilni-loii l-i-.e !,,. m.w paperprm'fl in ai.l t iIiiisi,!!, he la 1 if which -aid pu' licaiion-to ' !", 1 i' l,'-v 1 t',i'"' "f -ai I s-o'ir', ulii'li Ma I If .'cvniel siri,.ent notice to ihe -aid Unr e II .1 me- to a.ipear 1111 1 answer to .aid ui'. I a ol al II r'ni'r iui ul'ore-.i I, tin- 21 -t dav of Nfi vimi cr f. P. 13111. WM. NOIll.lVC'er '. SI'ATl.OF VF.R.MONT, '"fO all persons in Distkict 01 CiinTr.snn.v, us. $ J. terested in tho e ' I 1.1, 11 a Al. Allen, Sh ik.penrc Allen, an I Vol aire li. Allen, minor nud idul lieu 1 f Lucy Allen, late i.f kee eyille, New Yor' , decea el. ' ' S.wro.s-, a-'arhnii of Lnii a II. Aden, lia:,.pc.are Allen, :.t;d ol'mrc it. Allen, minors, hay iir.' made applici'ion to -aid co ,r-, ctiniL' forth that he snl bin 11 .M. Kh.ikspcaie and Voliaire It. aie e 7. ! 111 iiieir ..wil i i,..'tit Ice, a tenants in common of V , 11 e 111 "ellMirii .n Hie eoeiiiy ol I hmoiilcn, I ciii'.' the mine land deeded ly Jireh l-hain, hi'e of mil Shell,,,, iVslea-ul, to L'K'V Allen on the 20 h day of J dy, lg:!7, as I v iho mid' .Inch's dec.l cf ihal iliite, will appear ; That iho -aid Loui-a ,'n' vi7A''' 111 '"'rown right in feu often acre- and r.l r J of ,'an I. I eiug tho same Ian 1 .el o I- to mid l.U' Ihe Committee appointed I y nid nrol nte cnurl to ma' u par itii 11 nnd'l iiliou of the said 0 late of ihe said Jireh l-hain ; That the .aid Slink's peaic A Pen i- mmzciIiii his own right in I'eeoficn ncrei an I 120 roil of Ian I, I emu; 1)10 mine land .el o I' 10 he mid Sliakspcire I y mi I ciimmuiee nppoin'o.l n nf.'ie nid to ma'-o parli'ioii mi l dinril ution rl'ihecs 'a e of ihe mid Jireh I ha V;That tho .aid oll:ur K. It. Allen is ,4. z. I u hi. own ri-ht in f,-e 01 itn acres nml 120 ro s r f Hud, Ici'mr ihe same inn I sei olio -nid Vopnnolt. Al'ei., I v mid coiiiinil 'conpiiouiiel a- nfnie aid, mi inn" t. pa'rition nu I dis 'ri' 11 1011 i.f hecs'n 11 1 f die nid Jircn I haln, decea cd; all win di I in I. are -imn e 111 aid Shell,,, rn ; and pyre en iiu'thal it wo d,i eoiil ice 10, he be t in ere Is id hi- said ward, to m! all 'he nfi re.,ai, Ian I , and p it the proicoU ihcrcof nt ui'i'ict ; mid pr.iviuu mid o'ri to a I'horize an I empower him, ihu iud tfunr ban 10 ell all the aid bin b, a.-r.-ca' ly a ihe statute .11 eh en e nm nud provide'. When1 ,pon, the co ri afore nid iVrh or 'cr, that the niduiph'u nu I e hear I cloiti aid co r inn ii-Hin hereof lo 1 e held at ihe Itc-i tor'- nlllce 111 B rlin'-'ion 11 rulco'ui y, nn 'lie 22 dav id Teem1 cr, A. I'. IS10, in 1 1I1.U non'en 'heu'of I e anon lo all per on nvcr e tel, ly pi!li,uion of llil- or !er, laui'ni.iins the -ib.tmiiV(if'nidii ip'i'1 1011 'hn e wis''. s mic 'c-ively in llie 11 iiliiig'1,11 Fiie Pre- , die 'al of which p I1 It i 1 ion. in 1 e previous Kimid22lday if IV'ciii'it, 1810. du wm a 'iii'icr uiy iiauu ill II U' lllgtoil III raid UMricl, di u ,!)- in uwii iiu er, 11310. WM. Wr.STON, ResV. O'roitr. TO liUT nml Stock of Dry fiioiN J lor Sajc,. .A first lato storo suited lo a larco ..,., .., 11 e,w,m inn ui ciisioiuers, wouiu no let for n term of years, nud Iho wholoor part of iho Slock tor sale on very ndvnntngeoiis lorms. Tho present is a rnro opportunity fur nny ono wishine to commoner business, for lurtlicr particulars npnlyntthe btorc, to ...'i.iiu iyUI, 1 rutins, riiiilinstrin 0.t 77 LOG CABIN AT AUCTION. Tho Tippecanoe Club of Burlimrton. havinir resolved that their Log Cabin bo sold and the proceeds appropriated for tho bonelit of tho poor : NOTICE is hereby given that tho same will be sold at public auction on the 12th day of De cember inst., in the prcmhrt, at nnc o'clock, V. M. UKU. A. A I, I .UN, ) T. F. STRONG, Committee. JAS. I. CUTl.F.R, ) DRY UnoUS AT AfU'.TIO-s The mb mti' er. give not ec flint they will o er lor nlc it (' l ho Auction, on iho 8 h dav of Pcceinl it nex . al llie S'l re, center of Ch ireh nnd College sheets, lie oiruo nnd exten-lvc ns.i rutienl of llry Good-, nut iiiuvio'i'ly ihpo e.l of nt priva'e sale. 'I he sale will 1 1' positive nml the terms very III erul to tho-o wi him: In I iti v lame niiio.uits. Sale will oomnieiioo n! UJ o'- I'lock in (lie momma, an I eonliiiue every luo.,l.iy? 'I'lrir-d.iynnd Saturday until Iho whole l ili-pose I lit. We inviie the nlteiitiuii of .Merelmnl in the n hoinin liiu-ii in pnriicilur to thi-.Mile. .MAVO&, WAIT, 11 irlinir iui, Nov. 27, 1810. Truiteci. NKW UST.VIIMSII.IIUNT. Tlio subscri hers would inform the public that thev haxo formed a copartnership under the firm of M1TCHKI.L it DARXKS, nnd estahlihed tho Cfcinct buninttn in tho llriek Shop formerly occupied by Abbott nnd Wood, where they nro manufacturing nnd intend to keep constantly on hand an assortment of Sofas nnd Furniture, of vnrious kinds nnd prices to suit custom ers ; nlso, n few splendid Hiiafs Clocks cheap for cash. All kinds of lumber used in Cabinet Making received in exchange for Furnitnrr. Ilurlinaton, Dec. 2, 19(0. T. M. MITCHELL. A. HARNRS. runs. OTI't'tt Peal an 1 Nutria Cap; t.inx nml Coney Mil t'-; lion , natural ralo ir, Swnn, Coney anil Nu'rni Triuiininj;-, U.ill'alo R 'l e, lor .alt; l.v De-. 2, 1810. II. W. CAT1.IN At Co. Tin Plate, Sheet Iron, Ac QElCl IIOXRS Tit, plale 1-3 X. C l.nnJIe- Ho d'alron, 100 bundles wire. 30 300 lb. tinned ojipcr, inst received nnd for nle I V Nov. 29 VILAS, LOOMIS.ct Co. A( HA l.KS hrown sheetings. 2 do. power loom LiiJ licks. 2 ca-ei York do. 1 l,:ile .10 uieh H ir-lap-. 1 I a'o canvass, just received mi l for snlc by Nov. 28, 18 10. VILAS, LOOMIS & Co. Of) CASKS Fancy prints. 2 do. hleeched sheet )J inir-. I do. PaiuasA table cover-, jut receiv ed and for sale. n23 VILAS, LOOM IS, & Co. 1!ASK G--1 l'.'nghsh Merinos. 1 n o French do. . 1 cii'U hlaek IiciiiiIi:iz:iic. 1 case colored do. Just ree'd nnd for snle l.y VI LAS, LOOMIS & CO. rpHUKADS, St". 300 lb-, white and colore I cottn X tinea U. 50 lbs. linen do. 500 bundles 100 skein thread. 20 lb-. Italian sewiuu'-. 10 lb-. Ilnbun twi-t, fur ale l.y VILAS, LOOMIS, & Co. O t'ASRS London I'nis. ca e wood pocket coinb 200 dozen so. pen iers. 50 aros cor ct InccK 50 irro-s hooks and eye-. 200 M drilled eve I nee lie- for .-ale by ILAS, LOO MI 4, & Co, NOTICI3. Mv wjfe, Poirtll, has left my hod and hoard, without nny ju tification, nnd I therefore foihid all persons barhorius or trnstin!; her on my account. JAMKS POWRLL. Georgia, Dec. 1, IS 10. pOHIC.--LYMAN & COLR will pay cash for 1 Heavy Poik, Will fittened nml in nootl order Hogs should bo allowed to bang nnd drain one full dav atti r iiutrlieniig tielore taKen to market. Aone wil be imiigiit by us without suitabloailowance for shrink age unless in tnerchanlalde order. (Jnsli paid for slnuidiicied Sheep's Pelts, llurhugion, Dec. -1, lSdO. DANK OF HURLINGTON. Notice is hnrcbv XJ given that a meeting of the Stockholders of the Hank of II rlinglon will he holden at their Hankinc House, on tlio .M luesdav 01 Jnnuarv next, m 11 u eiueh, .. .,1. 101 uiu puipoie 01 cuoosiug seven ui rectors lor tlieycar ensuing. liy older of tho President nnd Directors. Dee. 2, 1310. K. G. COLR, Cashier. DON'T MIST KR th: si'.-n of t!ic. Br.n Lepoeh, if you would buy Common Scitml Utinhs, Blank Books or Stationery on little the best terms, I soy don't mistake the Red Ledger, Collece st. Dec. -1. S. HUNTINGTON. . C I.O I'll .V i A Al v. It . BIC.VVKR Cloth-, Lot Ca1 in C.issimero-, Hlaek, Blnu Hind., Blue Brown PnllWn, Olive Green, In v ilile Green an I Gieen, Sleel Oxford and colored mixed B'oad C.nth-. Ml ItlNOI'H, French .and German Mori line ; French and German Tin1 et an 1 Saxonv Clo'h ; Taulionis and Allipine-; Black, Brown, I'.iriilc, Blue Black and hudit coloied Cloih; Mo i-eline del.aiue-, all wool, wool an I cotton, & n'lk and wool, Ll.u'k urt unls very I'iiih, I ca it if il. Shal er Yarn, all co'o 1 s and white very fine; Ger man Cr el, nil coin irs ; pHiitre-nii I Bindinr', heavy S1I1., Mtihair an I worsted Frin-re.- for Drcs ct. an'l Man ilias very rich, by il. W. CATI.IN fc Co. 500 COMBS. doz. Can nnd Twist Combs. 3000 " Wide and Narrow Side do 50 " f'oaisc and Fine do '100 " Ivory do For sale hv Vilas, Loomu & Co. Nov. 23, 1310. iixrit.t t 12 xt it a : : AN r.xtraordinary I'.xlra lot of .Sdk, Worsted, Woolen, Gotten nnd Fur Goods, wilh Looking G asses, Crockery, Chun, Glass ank Plated wares, also Knives, Forks, P.ick.t Knives, Boger' Candle slicks, S.-rvers, Spoons, &o. &e.. wilh nn increased lot of 1st 2d nnd 3d ciualiiy of Bosom Pins, Finger and Far Rings, end oilier Jewelry at 50 per cent less than low prices and thcnniiain a new assortment of Carpeting nt just 25 per cent, less than ever, with n choice lot of Family Groceries, Good Lnmp Oil &c. All foiwardid by my attentive New Yoik buvum Agent, whosajs, now ns he bought cheap to please me he wauls llie coods should bo sold Cheap Cheap Cheap, to plenae the customers of the People's Cash Store, which sha'l be done ns opportunity offers. HOWARDS. TlVew LNtuhlisliiiHtut. P. WHALING ,r- CO. inform the public that they h ive located themselves in tin village ol Biirhiigton, nud have fitted up n storo on the east side of Church street, which may well bo denmninated "Cheap-side," nearly opp-isite the bank of Burling- 1011, nnu arc receiving irmn ixew 1 ork n ehoico selec tion of goods well suited to the season, which they oiler for sale as loir ascan be purchased in the country, for ready put. Anion,' their minds mav hu found beaver and broadcloths, eassimercs, satinets, flannel, merinos, mouslitie do hiiiiLS it'.c. A choice seleeiioii also of French, Knglisli nnd American prints, rcua, ... iciisi, iu uinj ui dtitruiiywn. j gcucini nssori 1111 ntofcnmhries, muslins, plain and figured, edgings, inserting, blond lnrc,i.p. A great niietv of shawls, and dress handkerchiefs, ladies' gloves nud hose, with a good supply of blenched nnd unbleached domestic good. Also a yood supply of crockery, nf the latest patterns, with a few elegant astral parlor lamps j nnd finally, n few choice family groceries, such ns leas, sugars, molasses, collie, rice, raisins, dry fitb, tobac cos, lamp oils, ipc. We do not pretend to specify nil the kinds, lo say nothing of the numerous articles of which each kind is composed! but sufiieo it to say, that the nssortment will be found to contain most o'f iho articles wanted in tho country 1 nnd those that favor us with their custom will ho entirely relieved from the examination of old gnods, or remnants. Our entire btock is new, nnd fresh from the market, nnd has been (.elected with the trrentcst possible care, with reference to tho wants, comforts and benefit of the people. But we do not wish ihe public to take our word iu Ibis matter, lint most cordially itnite them to call a id examine- for themselves. Burlington, Nov. 20, 1810. G'OODS. The subscribers have ree'd nnd are now I opening nery lnri'c assortment of WolluiCloihs of every variety, rich plain, fiuured nnd changenbl: Silks, Mousehno do Lnmes, Alpaccn Cloths, Tnidionm Shawls, Hilkls., Ribbons, &c. Wo will only say tbnt wo have n larccr nssortment of goods ofevery variety thnn wo have ever kept before. Oct. ifr, 1510. N. LOVF.LY it Co, SI It A VIM) from nu inclomro on tho interval north ol tho viIIul'c of Biuliiigion, nhout 2 weiks mice, tho following Hot ses, viz.- one large iron-grey dirco year nid .Mate; one dark hay or brown smallish sized Morcan .M.aie. a fuiuniiininl. lie- v., ,d,l ries her head very high, short switch tail ; nnd one sorrel whim faced Trench Ilnrso with spavin on the nigh hind l ies. Whoever will givo information to II. ll.nmns, I . ( hamherlaui, or C, Parody of Burlington, sin II ho suitably rewarded. Ociohcr22, 18 10. rYl,y.fiS.'.Jle,.lil-im Perfumery, Paints, Dyo Slull' v mis, .armslifs, Brushes, Sec. Tho subscriber is now rerciving Ins fall supplies of llm above goods; scleclcd wilh preat enre, which ho will dispose nf nt "IVU"1'" m intei prices. KOBI'.HT MOODV. I r li l"X s,nn" ,""!C' sil'ftcd nt tho head X of Main street, ono door west of iho Medical College. Its construction is convenient for n small family 1 nnd upon ccrlnin conditions, will ho rented fur nny length of time, as Khali host nccommodatc tho npplieaut. For further information Apply to the present occupant. Burlington, Nov. 21, I8I0.3 pOFRCTIONARIKS-.Iust rcceiv.,1, n selected v variety of Jstuari's celebrated confoctionaries neatly put up for retail trade. AUo at wholesale. THEO, A. PECK, . CO. TO BUILDERS. PROPOSALS will be received for liuildine s Drick School House at Winooski Village. Said pro posals must bo delivered, scaled, nt tho oflko of tho Winooski Iron Foundry on or before thu 23th of Do cumber next. Iluildcrs wishing to examine the plnn. can sco them nt nil times hv calling at the nfures.ail place. Proposals for the Mason woik, must include dists'ini! for tho foundation ( stone, brick and InyitiK plnstermi?, nnd nil materials connected tbcrewi h. Tho proposals for the Carpenter work must include the tnnher. nnd materials connected therewith, nnd finished ready for plastcrituri tho painting also inclu ded. JF.SSH r..v, ; i,., i,iiM ItKNJ. WUKSIIT. Nov. 23. OliO. W. HOitTON, ! Coiutuitleu. BOTANICAL MWMCINKS. The sttbscriliers have received a coinplfltonssiirtinent of Iho nbovo nrticlcst nmnnu which are, extra flowered hay erry and barberry hnrksj mnner, plureisy, tumeric nnd tim rorn roots) pepper of tinny kinds, in pods and pow der; gum myrrh, and pencil kernels. THRO. A. PUCK, it CO. HARD WAttR, SADDt.RltY WARM, OtJN.S, Hollmv ware, if-c. Thu subscriber hn just re ceived nnd is nowojieniti!! n Inreunnd (,'encml nssnrt inrnt of the nliove cnoiUi coiuprisinir nearly (Very nrticln in tho line, nnd which will ho sold on verv len- somhle tonus for cash or snort credit, nt tho hard ware store, corner olcliurcli sire"! n'nl the suu.are. HOllKllT MOODY. Purlinston, Nov. 20, 1(0. SAV1'. COS I . All pcis'ins liavinrr unseltleil nc connls wilh Lathrop, Potwin & Wait or with the Subscribers arc hereby notified that nil ncconnts not sottled in soni" way, before tho 1,'tb December will bo left with an attorney for collection, V,.., ),! MIVll .1. WIIT 'l'.,,.l.. BMtOAlNS, DAUtSAINS. Ureal l nruaiii in Dry (idodsRt thu store, corner of Church and College streels. I in artre a-orlinent o ere.l entire ul whole-nh: or re'atlt at iinexeinplary low price, for ('nib or approve I Notes. This is nn excellent tip" portotu'iy for Merchants to buy such goods as they may want tore iletinh (heir ns.oriinciit, and for (amf- lics to -upi'ly llieiiisenes tor the fea'ou on very aJ vanlagcoii', lerin.. MAYO & WAIT, Trustees. Unrlinn'on, Nov. 27, 1 10. f OST. KiL'ht fat shotti. marked with tar, T. M, J Whoever will ixive information, shall be suitably rewarded. FOR SALR. A superior new much cow and calf. Also, for sale, or to cvchauL'o for cattle, sheep or perk, a genteel chaise and harness, u., ty Burlington, Nov. 24, IS 10. .lotham II. Hall's Rstatc. WR the Subscribers, having been appointed by the honorable tho Probate Court for the disltict of Chittenden.cominissioners to receive, examine and ad just the claims and demands of nil persons, against the estate of Jotliam II. llnlllatcol illistonui said Dis trict, deceased, represented insolvent, and also nil claiinsnnddemandsexhibitcd in offset thereto; nnd six nionthsfrom the day of the date hereof, benni nllowcd by said Court for that purpose, we do hereby give notice tbnt wo will attend to thelnisiness of our appointment nt tho dwelling of tho widow Lvdia Hall in Williston in said district, on the 3d Monday of December and on the 1st Monday of February and May next, at 10 o,clock, A. M., on each of said days. Dated, this 23d day ot .November, A. D. lHll). TUU.11A.X 111 I i l'..UI'.. ) LUTIIF.ll LOOMIS, Comrs. n.2!) JOHN VAN SICKLF.N, Jr., ) THR Creditors nre rcnuested to nrcsent their claims on the first sitting nf the commissioners if possible. I.YD1A HAl.l., Adininistratrix. Samuel Smith's Instate. WK the sub-eril cr having I cen nppoin'cd by the houora' le the pro' a'u co irt for the di-iricl ot C'lntien 'en, eoiiimi. sinner- lo receive, examine and 1 Ijnst the claim- and deni in ! .if all per on a2mnl he e.ta e of .Samuel Suiuh late of Colche-ter, in the htriet al' 're aid, dcea-ed, repreeu'el 111 olven, and nlso nil I'lauiis an I domand- e.lidred 111 01-el 1 lier Jin ; and six miinih- from iheday ofthuila'i: here , fifing allowel ly aid court for'that piraoe, we lo therefore here' y uive notice that we will u'ti'ud lo he biisine-s nfo'r aonoiu'men!, at Ihe dwelling ol Charles Smith in tSilehe-tcr in Mil l di-trict, on the 2d .Mondays 111 January and .May nex', at 10 o clock A. VI., on' said day. Dated this 7lh day of Nov, A. D. IS 10. L. B.PI.ATT, ) TIIO-s. IIKOWNKLL, Com'r.. n3l JOHN LVUN, ) NKRDLRS. Hemininrrs if. Sons', Wrirrcn's, nnd Other fine sewina neenles. cronnd downs, he. tweens and sharp0, "Sadlers, Harness, MiHuier", Glovers, Darninir, Knittinr, Tape, Netting and Tain- bonr Needles. Those wish good needles can depend upon nulling tnein at an miles nl tlio Vnriely Htore. PINS. Paner and ouneu puis, black nins. bnit pins, very long, large pins, very small, short pins, at ine arieiy oiore, oy 1 ANGnonM if- llnissMAin NOTICF..-.I. TRYON, Merchant Tailor, would respectfully announce to the nuhlic nnd his old customers in particular, that be continues to accom modate all who call, with tho latest unproved fashions anil work not inferior to any, on reasonable notice, at hisold stand 011 St. Paul street. On hand nnd for sile chenp for cash a choice nssortment of superior Broadcloths, Cnssinieres, Vcstings, and Tiimmings. N. B. Coats cut for 50 cents,' cash. P. S. Those indebted will please call and pay up. Burlington, Nov. 17, lSdO. w IDIS, WoUWS.-lln. M. IIiTtiicocK's unrivalled and inten, Killed WORM '1 KA. a -nvereigu remely for Wnniis. Strange mil mere h I de aie ihee'ecls of the e de'iistal le vermin ; few person-, an"l it i-iliii'iglit nonearo fn e from ihem, par ticularly females ami children. Many per -on- go ihro "gh a di-licsing co ir.-e of medicine, wi'hoat a 1 enclit, when ihey might le relieve I I y nmg llie Worm Tea. Tin's iuv.alual le inede iue ha I ecu leued l.y ihe experience of more than ten years use, and idnnuis'cre.l lo more than 10,000 persons of various ige , nnd not one soli'arv complaint ; on tliceoirrary Ii in IrcU h.ive called, and un-oliciie.l, given their i'e ided preference to i'. .if er trying the ill emit articles -em forth to the pal le, and pronounce I Dr. M. Hitch ock's Worm Tea the iiio.t safe, eH'ectunl, and con venient reme ly lint can 1 e obtained : for 111 no one of he ihon-and- of in-mire- where il has U-ai u-el agrcea1 le to the prmie I dire.'ii,.iis has u evert.ii'e I. N. B. As', for Dr. M. Hitch 'ool.'s Wdum Tv., asihcrc are many uosir 1111. a' road for llieile tr icn'oimf worm For sale' whole ale and retail I y A. HITCHCOCK 1 CO., sole proprietor-, 1 17 Gene-ee -iree', Ftie.a, nud 1 y iheir agent- througho il the I'iiioii. In Burlington, by J. & J. II. Peek & Co., nnd Theo. A. Peck & Co., In Vergcnnes, by J. II. Bowman. In Milton, by Burnet & Sawyer. In Georgia, hy Lorenzo Janes. nug20 MRSSRS. PANG BORN & BRINSMAID have just returned from Boston nud New York wilh their lull assortment uf goods which will befouud very complete. Watches We lnvo received same more of those fine finished levels, made by R. &. Ct. Becslcy of Liv erpool, both gold and silver cases, some extra jewel led. We have nlso received gold and silver Fughsh lovers, of various uiher manufactures. Gold and sil ver anchor escapement levers, with beautiful engraved hacks and dials. Gold and silver lepuio watches, some beautiful patterns, with engravid hacks. Ourus aortuient of watches is far bettor than usual. Head nnd neck nruamentsof various kinds, jet and gold hearts, crosses, iu sols or single. Bullous for velvet wristlets. Bags, Large nnd small sized, jet nnd dove colored bead bags i net hags of silk and worsted, and puists. Cciils. Large and small s. is ringlels, noron wire: Now bets wire curls 1 nice sets plain hair. Shell co.mds. The best quality shell side nnd twist combs, nt our usual prices, a few cheaper slull side combs alsa for sale. BtiiTANiA w.vnn. Some beautiful finished fine .quality, fea nnd codec pots i communion furniture, tumblers, nnd patent lamps. Platkd w.vnK, Cake nnd fruit baskets, castors, high and low candlesticks, snuffers nnd trays, cups and spoons, a better assortment than usual. Table mats, oil cloth, and willow mats of various sizes nnd shapes. Stocks, In this department, we have rivalled tho variety stcre. Those who wish lo get a neat made stoek, no matter nt what price, cheap or dear, nre as sured that we will try to su t ihem in every particular. Also collars, bosoms', suspenders, straps, nnd n few nice plain and figiucd cravnts. PcnruMCRV. Soaps, hnir oils, Farinas best Ger man cologne. Those who have once used this article, never wish fnr any other. Farinas good cologne. Dolls nml f.mey boxes. Wo havo not forgotton our young friends, hut havo selected sumo fmo wax dolls, nnd many other articles suitable for presents. Rosewood Boxes. Ladies rosowood woik boxes, furnished nnd unfurnished ; sntno nieo one. Those wishing for tbein or for portable, writing desks, will plenso in piirc fir them, ns thev nte kept up rtnirs, with many oilier bulky good?. Wdluw chnirs, waggons nnd crndles up stairs. Brnss candlesticks, high nnd low. Brass snuffers nml liavs. Steel do. VARIF.TY. (io to bed lamps, with extinguishers, a very nieo nrlicle. An nrtielo to elenn brass, p up or hritania, very nice. Cako cullers, iisnrtw patterns. Chopping triiys, cedar tubs for washing dishes in, brass hooped. Carpet hammers for taking up or pul ling down carprls, Nursery lamps with China nnd tin dislies, and lea Kettles. iXcw conversation cards, pearl souvenirs 5 ear trumpets for deaf pel sons, chib (Iron's cups nnd MiicorNj lino card eases-, violins nud other instruments. We have added loom nssorttuenl of nil kinds such things ns wu could find in New York nnd Boston, which we judged would suit our market, and wc now shall he most hnppy to distribute! them to our friends nnd customers who wish for Ihenii Variety Storo, PANGBOUN it BRINSMAID. QfC( ) Yards super fine, fine nnd common wool. ZtjJJ rn Carpclings, just opened, Also, plain Venetian and damask stmr carnctine, Turkey nnd Brussels Rugs, Od cloths for tablra and Moves, tush nitttinf, printac? ficor clothe, tc. bv ni N LOVELY, CO. ISAAC? WAItrYrit. HAS received and keeps constantly on band n large nnd full U39ortinciit ot OROCRR1RS, nmong winch nro COGNAC U RANDY, I St. CROIX RUM HOLLAND (JIN, A variety of WINRS. ami nltnosl every article In the Grocery line, nil of which uu win sen on me mosi reasonable lerius. lie would also inform Tnvcrn keepers in pnrticulnr Hint be will sell rum, brnndy nnd gin for GH cents n gnllon, which he will wnrrnnt of n better qinhty limn conic which have Intelv been hawked nhout the country by a eertnin New Yolk pedlar, nnd if not ndjudyed by tho liest judges to be belter, ho will not nsk nny pay for them. Ho invites them to call and compare. jinrungwn, tjci. laiu. it, IKOiV ST II III., Ac. OO Tons assorted s'ims I'.nghsh Tire Iron, CJ 3 " " Swedes Iron, 5 " Russia Old Sable do 25 " Peru manufactured Iron, consisting of nil the vnrious sizes of round from I inch to 2 inch square do., Hand, Scroll, Hnme. nnd Horse Shoe Iron &c. &e. STI' UL. S.wnEnsoN iV IIrotiiiui'm Cnst Steel, all sires, do Greaves' (iernian do Rnglish lllistcrcd and American do. Also, a full nnd general assortment of 'all dcsctiplious of goods con nected wilh the nbovo trade. Nov. II), HiO. STRONGS & CO. Onn Canada I'tntci.TIn Ac. OUV Boxes Canridti Plates, 100 do Tin plates J X with extra sites, r.O bundles Iron Wire assorted, 50 do assorted Nos, Sheet Iron, 10 Packs Russia Sheet Iron, loi'cther with tinned nnd black Rivets. Copper do, Kettle Rars, Wire Vellum, Sheet Lend and Zinc cVc. hv Nov, 19. STRONGS U C0. SFIRKT ZINC AND SI1RRT I.RAD. 3 Casks Sheet Zinc 21 to -IG inches wide, 3 rolls Sheet Lead, by STUONGS it CO. Nov. M, 1910. SLEIGH SHOnS, &c. 1 Piir ''tcel plated, Colter and Sleigh Shoes, i 'JyJ Cast Iron do. finished ftrosv liars, Auvills, Vices, Wni'con Boxes, Shovels, Spades, Dung Forks, Sheet Lr-ail, Sheet ZuiCjlIolIow ware in urent variety, Nov. 10. STRONGS f CO. STOVKS & 1MIH Stiionos & Co. have re ceived and oil' r to purchasers COOKING STOVF.S of a crenl variety of siz s and most approved pattern", wincli will lie sold nt whole sale or retail, with or without triinniuiL'S, to suit purchascis. Also, PARLOR AND BOX STOVF.S in great variety of sros nnd patterns. Canada sinsle nnd double Stoves 21 to 31 inches, toirelhor with OOO JOINTS STOVR Pi PF, of Canada. Riii-I -li and Russia sheet Iron. Dumb Stoves stove furtii- tureof Copper, Copper bottom, and Tin. Conn-clod with this establishment i3 a manufactory of Stove Trimmina!', Sheet Iron work nnd Tin Ware, which can supply at short nonce nny article not on hand, on reasonable terms nnd in a style inferior to none. The attention of purchasers is respectfully solicited. ;sov. za, ism TVTRW TAILORING RST A BL1 S H M RNT 1 x At M iioos.'i 1 illume. Thosiibscribet has com menced tho tailoring business in this nlace. and will do all kinds of work in his line in ns good stylo n it is donenl nny shop in this section of country. Cutting uone ni an tunes, on snort nonce. WAiNIbD An apprentice nt the above business, JRllKMIAH HARRINGTON. Nov. 10, 1310. TTNBLKACIini) Cotton Shirting nnd Shc.tin KJ cotton varn, hatting, winking, black and white wadding, Russia diaper, crash table diapets, padding canvass, niers.dlles, quilt, eoiiuterpaiiies rose and hoiwj blankets, bleached cottons, bleached and wi bleached cotton flannels, I nghh, French and Amer lean prints, as cheap as tho cheapest, by n3 N. LOVRI'.Y & CO. "IDOOK STORF.. The subscriber is weekly receiv Xj nig now .-uimiies ol Hooks, nnd Ins suite now contains the Lest nssortment he In ever olleied to the nub he. Among the miscellaneous works this dav re ceived, are the following : Ten thousand a year, Per ry's Voyages, Jack n shore, 2 vols. Monioits of tho court of Fngland by John H, Jesse, Sh Miami and the Shetlanders by Sinclair, Woman's mission; Around the woi Id a narrative of a voyage in llie Fast India Squadron under Commodore. Geo. C. Reed in 2 vols. Confessions of H.arrv Lorreuuer 1 vol. Burlington, Nov. 10. 1). A. BRA MAN. Moses Buggies' I'.si.atc. STATR OF VI-.RMO.NT, ) rp0 all persons con Distmct or CiilTTr..vnr..s,M. ) JL corned in the es tate of Moses Rugidcs late of Westford, deceased. F.lisba Rnggles, ndministrator of the cslato of Moses Buggies, late of Westford, in said district dectasid, having filed in said court hi petition, in wiitting, set ting forth that tho amount of debts against said estate as nllovved by the commissioner!), is 81278,50; that from said administrators first administration account allowed hy said cotir', it appears tbnt there is a balance due from said estnte to said ndininisfntor of 8",9,31; that the nnnunt of nersonal estate on hand is and that it will he necessary to sell nil the real estate of said deceased, together with the reversion of iho widow's dower therein, for the payment of the debts against said estntennd the expenses of administration. wiuen real estate consists 01 tlie Home tarm ot said d'eeas, d, so called, containing, hv estimation, one hundred nnd twentv five acres, nnd nhout thirty five ncres of land Ivan lying o'u Richardson's Hill, wliich'lnnih I of supe'rior ruling and paper, and bound 111 a snbstnti- ,ainl'ul eases of swelled hi easts, and prevent the for said Westford and of which the widow ,!.! m,in,,.r .... nstniiilv nn I, nn,l f'nn nnd inntion of abscesses Cvvn VV llPrn the swell, ,,rr b- nro .situate 111 of the said licensed has been endowed of one third part, and praying said conn to grant him license to sen ice wuoie iu sain esiaie, logciucr wuu mo rever- sion of the widow's dower for the purpose aforesaid. Miiereupnu 1110 court aioresaiu 110111 onn r mat said petition he hoard Ik fore said court nt a session thereof to ho held at the Register's office m Burlington. on t'10 second Wednesday ol uecciutier next, and that notice thereof be given to all persons int-restcd hy the publi cation of this order, containing tho snhsta'nce of said petition, three weeks successively in the Fne Piess ; newspaper printed tn Burlington in the county of Chit tendon, the last nf which publications to he 'pre vious to said second Wednesday of I coetnbrr. 1310. Given under mv hand at Burlington, in said District, ibis 11th, day of November, IStn. vvis, tu.x, Hcister. TL'ltS. Otter, seal and nulriacnps; lynx and coney mull's: boas: souirrel, nation! collars: swan. coney, nud nutria trimmings ; hufl'ilo lobesj f,)rsal,by nfi II. W. (At t.l.X i.O. Winooski Iron Foundry. rHIS eimcern is yet in operation, mid ready to execute nil orders for castings, m good order, nnd of good nieliil, for various pm poses. The subscriber is now ready to contract or ollierwtse lor tlio luiihling of mills of all descriptions being in a situation to fur nish nil iho materials nt short notice. Contract will he taken very low. I'lansol'ull kinds of mills made on application to the subscriber, and warranted cor rect j which will save cost in building, nnd also many Idumlets. An assortment of castings such as kettle's, plough, wagon boxes, wagon arm, sleieh shoes, box nnd cooking stoves, a very superb article, for doing a large biisiii;s with little woik nnd fuel, all of which can ) found at all times, nt this concern. I'ntli rns tun, to order on reasonable, terms. ANo the subscriber offers fur sale 0110 first rate high pressure stenin engine, nf four horsepower, n good niliete. built fmin I.iecf tcr's plan, nnd ha her 11 in no, which will be sol,) reasona ble, and on credit. All orders to the subscriber, Bur lington, Vt. will receive attention. JRSSF GAY. Winooski Village, Nov. 10. "1 A UTION. The genuine Mori- Bills made a. the Brili-h College (,t llcillh. London, can li-nl . lauieliil llie Variety Siorc an I nnoTimn place in tiii lown -, and remciul'i-rl every I ox an I packet is miiu! Willi a pen, "I'ang' orn mid' linn-m.ud," all sold in the s a e are so SIG.MID, Pur ha cr will p'ca t-reincin-icr'hi- ca "ion. P vvinons- .V BniMsMAin, stateugcn' NKW SIILLT IRON, I'OPPI'U sV TIN WAKI-liSTAlll.l-sIIMl.Vr,-! hcs.ib..criler, late 1 f hi firm ofStarrit Boslvi tel., having p ireha-ed ami re moved lothe Siore hilcly in'cnpicl I y S'rong it Co., east side nf ihe Conn Houie Square,'ono d,.or nor'h 01 the Log Cabin, i- now rciily 10 do nil l.ind- i, worl thai the public wi h in his line nf liiisine.s, such 11 . covering roof- vvhh 1111, nial iug .and pulling up e-avc troughs nnd spout-. All binds uf Tin, shirt Iron and Copper Waie will I e kept tin hand, and for tale al as low prices as can I e found inlheSia'c. Sheei 'me, Copper Pumps, U-ad Pipe, and all oilier articles in the Inn; of our busine-s kepi on hand. For cheapness of price and neatness nfcxevutiwi, my work will not le excelled by nny In the state. If j n.i wh for nny linn? in tint al live line, be fore vou tr.a e I e sure iind ca I u.'on ' II. II. BOSTWICh'. B irluiglon, July, IS 10. BROAD CLOTHS, Beaver nnd Pilot coths, cassi meres, colored and while Flannels, n full assort ment, very cheap for cash hy N. LOVELY iV CO I I'M TlT; It I (,'. riiel7si nl cr Willi tticher Hogs mi I oilier auiinxl-, nnd pack 1 lie -ami- (ii r I iinilv 11 e, ll're e-led,) t r n'l tlio e who mny wi-h in this village, the pre cm fall and if .oi done in .1 worktiMlii c maniii r, 110 pay. Bur'tngion.ept. 21. CALI il ItlCllARDSON. N, B. Having pool aii-oininod.i-imi , I wllin'e ihc ai my ruideii'o and re't.itn Ihem well ilrn-cl, for a fur conn i-ii-a'icu C- R. rn ) COIlNTItV MNItCJIAXTM FALL T SUPPLY OF RAUTIIK.V CHINA AND GLASS WARE. A. SLASOX & Pn . nr., nn, r. reiving n supply of Rarthcrn, Chins and ftl.ns.Waro nmong which may he found Ihe following t Ridgway's Light Bhto ) " White Chino Glazed, DINING, " " Grnnite China, TEA, " BI110 " " sncAKrAM " Bourbon Sp g anitc China, and " " '' arthen, and I TOILET " Pink , J WARE, Low pnred China Tea SetM plninand cut Limps nnd Tumblers, of every variety, pattern nnd price. Together with a very large assortment ircov-r goods, cmhracina qualities und nuantitirs, not n unlly fount north of NV.v York. Alfofwliioh are offircd it the rV Inrast prK-c, xt No. Trov rQ3w NEW GOODS At H. V, EngUsby's corner llritk Slvrt near Mr. I'Mlo DoolittU's. rTMH? subscribers are receiving nn entire new selec- X. iion 01 DRY GOODS HARDWAHR, FINU SACK SALT,, Coarse gnd Finer CAN. ADA SALT, CODFISH, NAILS. DltY GUOCKRIF.S, CIlOCKI'.ltY. GL VSSWARR, LAM1 OIL, GLASS, &c. and respectfully invite the attention of purchasers to Ihe now prices. H. Mi G1DDINGS & Co. Ilurlingtnn, Nov. 20, 1810. 4 i f I V F. A I) LKT I.I V F.'-Tho siih,cril er Ii would te pec filly relinn his Ihail.s lo hi Cornier patrons li r the ninny f.ivor!, received, nnd would also inform them that hoeontiii 'os Bonk Bind imr and tl'nuk Hook inmiufaturiiig at hisold -tnnd mi l that he will k-11'.' Hook-, coliuiloii sihoul look, Bible, Albums nud sinttoiicry on n good terms its any one. Ilhink Books ni.nlc lo nuy patli ru on short uoii' c. The p i'mna-jc of he p ibl'ic l io s,,cclf.llv .ohci el. SA.M1I.L 1 1 UN i'LNUTON. Sil'ii 'of Ihe I objor, colleje-', Nov, 2(1, Hill). I 10 llbi'.i St. Croix and N. O. Sugars. !i0 Bids. do do 10 Botes rcfinul and Loaf do 5 Bids Criislud do B do Powdered d I r,0 Chests IL S., V. II. and O. II. Tea, 20 B igs Java At Laguira Colli'e, Pepper A: Spice. T, Casks Saleralu , 10 Boxes Slarch, 20 kegsip boxesTobacco 30 boxes Bal Soap, 10 boxes Pipes, 30 bhls Lordlards Snuff and Tobacco. Nov. 10. in kegs Ginger, 30 malls Cassia, 1 cask Cloves, I do Nu I megs, iV-c. if-c. l-e., by STIIONOS .(' CO. C.eoi ge Hale's V. ate. STATU OF VFRMUNT, r .; Honorable DisTiittT or CnnTi-..vr,UN, ss ( .L the I'rohato Court for the District ofClnltrnden : To all person concern ed in thu estate of Giorpe S. Hale, lateol' W"stfrd, in said Distiict, ihrensid, Giibhtino: hereas John W . Hale, administrator ol thu estate of said deceased, proposes to render an account of h.s .administrntion, nnd present his account against said 1 state for examination find nllowanu nt n session of the Court of I'lobntc. to bo lnldeti nl the Register's olliee in Uiirliuglon, on tlio second euncsday ol De comber next. Thenfoto You are hereby notified to appear before aid court nt tho lime and place nlnre:u.l, und shew cause, if any you have, why llm account aforesaid should not be allowed. Given under my hand nt Burlington, this twelfth dayof November, A. D. IS',0. Wm. WR.STON, Register. Orson P. lVticcIi'iN F.siatc. STATR OF VI It MONT, ; ry y, Honorabl District oi-CuiTTKStiKN, s. S X the Probate Coin t for the District of Chittenden : To nil persons con cerned in the estate of Orson P. Wheeler, bite of Charlotte, 111 :uo Dtstiacl, deceased, : Whereas, Sheldon iMieeler, ndmuiistrator ol the 1 (.statu of said deceased, proposes lo render an account of his ndministtntion, nnd present liisaccount signinl ! said estalu fur exnuiiuntion nnd nllownnco nt n session I of the Court of Probate, to bo holden at the Register's olliee iu Burlington, on the second Wednesday of j December next. ' 1 Therefore, You are hereby notified to appear before said com tat the tunc and place alorcsaid, and shew aiisc if any you have, why thu account afuicsiid should not he nllnwrd. Given under mv hand, nt Biuliiigion, tbii eighteenth day of November, A. D. 1 10. Wm. WTvSTOW Blister. ) Rl'OR'IT.D as at Howard's Gi.and Bazaar cash store. llow.v nn. Ha, ha, bow do you do Mr. Smith, glad Smith. Well, well, well, I thank you. O what a man, o filled with cn-tonieis,0 what lots of Goods. II. Just to, I ttll vou, nev,.r so many before, and all good first rate, nn nu ake. S. Cheap too, 1 suppose. II Y.iu aie light, ll'notso.sbould not have hotiabt them : money is getting id-nty nud may as well keep il going lg, 1 bnv with and sell for it nulv just an Agent for the People. Oyes I cheap. pa l'tople s tstoicana vvori. S. Tint s what we like, we can nn get all kinds of useful good pretty and haudsumc j goods here, 01 tiie latest lasinon II. Thank you, ili.auk vou, gnar compliiiicn', I am glad thev think so, walk along, look around, in the Carpet Room below, iii in the saloon, or in the gallery nbovc. or anv where nlease excuse, lor n nioineiit, nil the clerks nre busy, so.iu ciiitofliers wnilmg, 1 will see you again soon. Nov. 10, 1310. DA. BRAMAN, Bookskllkh Stationkr, Burlington, respectfully informs his fiiends and the public, th H he is still constantly making additions 10 his nsortinent of Lmr, Af.dicul, Classical, Wtlor ical, and Miscillaneous I ! or.-.-, fiom most of the prominent publishing lions, s in me country. lie will endeavor to have it at all times embrace the most popular publications m ev ry In nn-b ( f literature nnd science. His stuck of School Books, in evetv depart ment of training, of the most popular editions now in use, coinpiisi-s nil that are used in this section of the enunti y. Blank Books ol all sizes nnd ilcscnpt.ons, Paper ofev;rv quality and I'cseription, as well as I Drnwiiig.and Kaney paper of all colors and varieties, toeetlier witha general assortment ot ."l . l lU.Milll and almost every ni tide usually culled for in a Book- , store, nhv ays lor sale. Allot vv Inch were purchasul at very low prices, and will be said at a small advance r,i me -""Ho respectfully invites the attention of Parents Toiie'v rsand Merchants, to hii stock and prices. I'urlington, Nov. 10, 1S10. .MU1C. MR. A. GRANT begs respectfully lo to the inhabitants ot Burlington and vicinity that he will open classes for instrucf'on in Vocal and In strumental Music inrlv in Noviinber. Particulars know u by applying to Messrs Pangborn & Brinsmaid. Balls and private dancing parlies attetuh d. uZi Burluu'lon. Get. 2k ls-ll). MM1KO. A. PF.CR&Co. nt tin sign of iho Moriar JL lnvo just ree'd a quantity of Cayenne P. p.or, of F.ugbh uuporlntinn. I'onstnnlly on baud, Bombay Gum Myrrh, genuine Bayherry Baik, do. do. in Pow der, J iniaica G.nger Root, do. do. iu Povvd r, Bengal end Ohio 'I'linnciics, eVc. etc. Sept, lti, 110. 1 1CH plain I a,.k and blue black gro deswijs silks J.V- for dressess i a.mgeahls'gro de .Sew i 01k, gro do Afrif-and r,'tm silks, ussoitcd colo:s for bonnets; plain nnd fig'd poult de soi silks, d irk nud light colors, l! ten, blue ul.a-K and colored suit velvet. . large nss.arlinent of riband of nil kinds; chimin, cotd, ilk cord, T.asels, hex veils, wotke I collars, Thread laces, working cittnil, black ii'uuming lace. Light nnd dark kid gloves, black fillet do. B'- ck silk nnd mohair mills, by N. LOVF.LY & CO. LOAF, Lumpnnd Brown Sugar, Teas, Cotfi e, sperm candles, winter strained lamp oil, inohiss. s, rice, nutmegs, I'ng. currants, sjda cra-kcrs, cloves, cinna mon, saleralu. brooms &c. for bv n3 N. LOVF.LY, CO. LAST ARRIVAL. "V FAV GOODS just received by the uhctibcr j and lx il is of hut httle eonsrqneiico to the pnrchas, r i ivv they came. I will only say lin y werj mostly pu; chased nn n credit and will havo to ho sold nl some price to pay my ihbis as I will convince tiny one who will call at my stuiunu sttecl. siDM'V BARLOW. NOTICK. - The scbsciiluis having formed 11 partnership under the nam nnd firm of Star it & Dow, in tho Tin, Sheet I ton and Stove business, would respectfully inform the pubhethat lb y keep constant ly nn hand a complete nssortment in the nbovo hue. They have now on band a variety of Pi'lour, Box and Cooking Sioves, trimiilgs ii., which tVy will dispose nf nt the vciy lowest prices in marki t. All orders will be executed on short notice and in the best stylo of workmanship. J. J. STVRIt. ISA VC DOW. Church l., opposiic the jail, ) Burlington, Oct oO, 1610. $ TALL patterns nf Meiinos. Tnolioni, brown bl'k nnd juirplo, fine qualities. Albpines, brown, bl'k and hgbl colot. M iiiselin de laities, all wool, cotton nud wool, and silk and wool. Ficndi, German, nnd Fnglisli Merinos, Alpnccn cloihs, and black grntuul inouselin do taints, vciy fine and hcniinful, for sale bv n 12 11, w, c vn.iv vv t-o. 1 STATU OFVRRMONT, Tlu'lYohal.-Coiirl for DisTnicTOfCiiiTTrMii-.-,! j ihu Disl tn of Chit tenden ! To tin cmlitois anil olhris concent, d in the estate nf F.;i,ihas Siedo lalo of llincsburgh in saal DiMrtet, dccr if rd. WuniiKAh Jos ah Steele, ndministjatnrnf the estate of said deceased, ha made application to this Coiifr, In extend tho lime limited for m-.king payment of the debts nf r aid doaat-cd. twrlv months ftnni iho Oih dav nf November, liP, nnd the second Wcdnesilt.) of Octoh.'r ncTt, being nssi 'ne.l for a hoi, n in ihc premises, m the Office of the Register ni ibis Cotirl, and it having brrn nt lcred that mnicr thereof le given, hy publishing tin decree three wed. s succf sivcly in the Fien Priss, n news paper pi itcd nt Bur lington, before the liin" fixed r hcirmg, Therefore, ynu Arc llni-bv nnnlled, to appear befnro si d Court, ot tho lime and plaeo Aforesaid, then and there, 10 m.ako objection if nuy ynu have, to tho said time of pavmcnt being further cxtrn'Vd as afarernd. Given under mv hand at Burlington, this oth day nf November, A. D. 1810. ' WM. WF.STON. ricnis er. To INircliasi'i-H nf Monks .t Stntloncrv. DA. BRAMAN o 'er. nl whelo n'e mi 1 retail 11 choi -c as.nrinicnl of Sdinol BOOKS and Ml-tt-llaneou. wnrki, tngcihcr with nn ex ensfyp -npplv nf R'titioncry, Couivry nn-rchnnin can lcf'rnih d with nil kin Is of PAPI'H, on tho mnt rea onn' le ttrnt- Booki- such as are ohiaint.l m Boston, N. York and PhiVlelphta msrktis -!.e ' w thcYt 3ot-i IT. rVw, 0-1, s. j Bin. DH. A. SHERMAN'S MBDICATSD CihO.UNKEH. 'llll.DUP.N or ad iliscaii lake iiieb'eine is this ' fi mi wiihont ihlll ilty. Ills the oiilv way la iniike ii iilea.iuil. Thou Lozenge are ihc grest-c-t di-eotery vver liinde, for diilllng llie ya riou kinds of worms that o freq'tenlly and di Ires singly annoy I othcbildieii and a hilt-. 'I hey ate a infallible re nely, ,n,d so pleasant to the In-te that children will tafu tbein as readily a. a coumiiiii pep permint Inactive. Many d..ti.(!. un'.e from worm., wiirroui i; 1 vina .-u-pee'ed. Some'lluo n very IrOUI.IB. some eo-igli, pains 111 the j(,mts ttr Unit ., I lending nl thuno-e, sVc.nre (XSM-Kincl v worms, nnd enn It en ily cured I y thl-celel m'ed niflinne. The follow ing symptoms iwlien e lliepre-ence (,f worm., vis: headache, jerli-'i'. lorpcr, di.tnrl e,l ifreiinr-. slee I roken o f l y fright mid sereauiing, couvtdnoii, ft-ven'shue..-, ifnM, pallid hie, I ad u-te tn Ihe mouih, o'leil.iv'e Ircith, cough, ibirieull Ireallung, itchinj at the hoc, pains in iho Inmn'-h, na"Sea, .qiieann. li nes., vora-iiy, bannc-s, ioikmmu., iiclung at the anus toward, night, 1111 1 nt lon.rtli, i'e ectier,. tmd I'diiis and m m u-. One i- a do e for a child Iwo ycurs old two II r four year, old line for t"glu )onr, nml fiv (a nn a kilt, and should I e re; v: eleveiy morning, or every other motiiing until reheVtd. I CP 'ld al the ane'v -tore I v PANGBOrtN" rV BUI.NS.MAIP, Jt utiles,' B .rinig'on, Vi. wti,,le-sl Agents. , Ii! era1 di-w.nit lo inur.'lunls who buy t '(Jjjianin SH MR MAN'S IM)OH .MAN'S IM.AfiTUR. 'I he I e t stieiiglliciiingpln term lie world, and a oieicigu toniedy f, r pain or weakne-s in the I aek, oin., -i,'e, I rea I, ne'k, Inn',-, .10111. , the iinnti-iu, Inml ago, itc, iV'. One milium a year will 1101 supply tliedcmand. They icq urea little'warinmg I vk re n phea'ioii. Wiirriin e I tiiiT. r to nil n.her , and lor one q uir'cr Ihe 11-nul pri' e, 111,1' nig not only he I e f, but the eheiiie-1 pl.i-'er in 'he wor'd. It a ur 1. rebel iu a few ho,,r.,and ma 11 lung o 'n s. I n In cr complaint mi I dy.pc,i ,a, ii In, ,1,1 leworn 1 ver the regit 11 of he 'iver 1 r -n ma h, an I r will a i.rd ureal Hilda 0111 hill-.' relief. In en gh ,e"ld , a 'huia,ilM. enlty ol'l icalhm.',oppre..(in of ho che lir tmca-is, they will luuiiuha ely ..,(( mil giea lv lenelil the nation'. Per on r,f e Ion ary ha' it-, it' ho e ol ligikl tn sinn I in-i b, will ie eive ili,a 'el citmort from one nfihe 'Mr ly, string liening pla-'er . Physicians gen er.dU re nimiien I ihini, 111 profeicuce lo iill o her,t-e-ca 11; they sue'; or a there 'oner nnd a or I greater rel.ef. In their npera'iin ihev are stim lai,', tonic, an latu.tyiie. They are coiiii sed ofentiiely di erent u.src heiils from any o'her; an I l.tiown froiii the ex-pencn-eof million-, who have 11. el ihem, a. well at ill'.- united te tiinouy, of nil ihe ceie' rn'ed nnd ihs,n. gi-he,l clergy and phy-ieian, m lethe iniet u cfd mil highly medcalcil iila-ter,ever invented or o 'envl to the pub' ie. Sever! person have ca lie I at Ihe war home to ccprcs their s'irpri e mid than' 1 at the ntlno-l luu-i'doi- c ires tlie-e p' h:ve e ee'f!. One man who 'mi I I eon o a fue ul wi ll rlieiiniati In, a- to le uiublo to dres. h m elf wi'ho.t a jdanif, wa ena' led ng one, nn y one ninhl to get up alone in Ihc m ,m ng, pit nn In', eh, he and ca 1 al o ,r olliee wi hcye I earning with ny sm I h' tongtm pouring (or h he ga hie . i.fhi- heart", at the-iid.en .ml igiml relief he li.i.l re e ve1 Hu- 'e (f !1 leniele . A-U fir Dr. Sher. nan's Poor Man'- I'l ter, Il is .0 e I, I can e the urn c ola -cs i in -he nowcr of all top'iielui e, leingoidy 12 ct-. So'd at ihe va-riolv-loie ly I'ANOIJOIi.N oc IJBINSMAII), Jewclleis, ll.irllncton, t. whole ale agent-. A libe ral discount lo merchants y, ho I uv to sell again. siii:it.MA.s urc 11 i.nzi'.xicKs. HIS I.izcne- arc aitd, nnd have "A. Slier man, M. P." on ihcile of ihe t ox. 'Ihev the Miffs), mo-t suie and e ivtual reinedv fi.r , ;sil7mn, Tiuh'.'ie s nf the Liiiil's or elxl-l, &c.&t Cold-. Cou-ump'ioiis, whoi,pmg Cocgh, I he pn pr.e'or has never I nownnn instance whtra ihey did not give pertect a'l I'.icion. SoVeial thous an 1 1 oxes have lieu sold vyp Inn he lu-l llucutnonihs :-!(, ring Io hen' h, per 1 ns m a mosi every -lage ot oiisuiii,tiui, an I hi ,e In' 1 ling i.iu'cr 'lie mo l di ti j-.-tng cold and ei ugh-. Tbey do not cheek and i'iy iipthcco'igh, I ut lender it en-y, pn mc'u expec toration, all iv tho li,-1. ling or irriiaii n, mil remove the pr.:m.rc or cxei nig ciu e. Ihey are made Iru.o 11 corn' in.ition of 'he 1110. 1 valin' ie'expce'orani, ' or cicgli 11, e liciue.,and are 1111 'o.d ,e.l,y suiierinr to every thing in u-e for those couipl.iMt. . 11 ndreds upon h lndre 1- ofeer ili, a'cs have 1 ecu llerv.1 of the.'r wonJcirul vu-ue ,lrom lhoff who have I een -aved , from an tiu'iinely grave, and re'uret nn.t re-'ored tu perfect I'h by using ihem. I)(,sp. One lozenge i- a do.o '"r a em, an ay i e re leaien irom mice IO six 1 n,e- a o.iv.ii- r.', urisi. v. 111, iren. eig 1 vears year oM, half of oia: fi, -r vearsa quarier, and so in pro portion, v ery -inau cmiilrcn or ml ponton, j lest di sC, tnlhnts will lake them vcl 111 a liule wa'er. Should ihey ml as an : euie'ic, or pr",l ice nauica, the do e in m I r les.ei ' 1 what the .n uiacji will I ear. Ha'f uf one will p, I er.illy le-nllicient lo tn' e I efurc bre.i'.f.i 1, 1. ened the n mnch 1-then more ea dy -ie! enc l. No ill e 'eeta can an e from an u.-erdo c, as it will ca i-e the sto mach lo re.,0 -l il ; nndahho igh not a n' -er -a-lion, will le l" und to give relet'. Where there is m K b pain in tin; 1 rea-t or -ide, one of Sherman's Pu' r Man'-I'la ucrs -ho Id le applied over 1 he pan, mi l worn till relieved. If.attcnded with riisifvene-s, a few ca har ioor lna;ivu Li zeiue-, or any mdd ca thartic me b' ine, sn uld I e 11 ej neca ioii rcq ure. Sold at ihe Var.etv Store, I y PaNGBORN it BRINSMAID, Jeweler-, U'.rhugion, Vt. whole ale agents. A Ili oral discot n; lo uitrehanls wlu tny tu sell aga'n. Slicrmau' IJrcast Ointment, If.annlied nronerlv and in due lime, w dl ritre flip mnr ' pointed and : shown everv nppcaianee of breaking, this ' ointment has entirely dispelled it, and restored ths parts 10 a neaiiuy conuitiou. tn applvmglt, a stnnoih and soft covering to the bronsl should' he made of soft . leaiher, or line compart Hum, with a hole mine cen tre to ndnut the tuple. When so made, put a coating of the ointment over the inner surface and apply it closely and smoothly over the whole breast, leaving the nipple protruding through the hole, so that llm child ran nurse, which it should do as long as tho mother can bear it. Care should be taken to have iho breast drawn hy the child or olhervv ise, so as to pre vent nn accumulation of milk. Whenever the plas ter gels rinkled, and thereby uncomfortable', a newona should be npplud, and constantly worn until a cura is alRctcd. It is sometimes necessary to slit the sides s.i ihey will ( oiifjim to t e shape of the breast, and cover it clos'-ly. Aik for Sherman's breast ointment, and s.e tni.t lus signature thus, ".1. S'irrman, A. D.," is.' on iho vvrnpp. r, none other can be genuine. SHRRMAN'S PAPILLARY OIL Is the only uif ilhble remedy for s.are nipples ever dii cuveicd. 'it vvdl cure the most troublesome cases in a few days, without depriving ihe infant of the hreast allied superior to nil other retnidies when npp'.ied according to the directions on the bottle. See that the signature of "A. ihetman, M. P." is on the wrapper, none other is genuine. Be particular or you will be deceived and disappointed. Sold at tho Varie- j ly store PANGi.ORX vt BRINSMAID. SNFFFO.NLV '1 WI. NTS-PI VII CI NTS P.M. Hi. eh 'O,'!.'- newly un en e I Sn id ihe lelarli- ce- ever di-cnveieo ly seen iln- i..en, in r.i ropc (.r Ainei 1. 'ii, for ll i cure 'un 1 a' 11! ire it- 'ef if Cn arrh, 1) z'ine - of the Hen I, VV,i , I ve , Nervous Hen I-.i.'be-, Fallen siei no -, Fit-, ii ll liil.iu s iri.u lei wi h Su file,"al !n'!.,l' Pil v. & . Fr,r alo wle 'e n'e and re .1, , 1 y A. Hi'l t IB 0( ," et Co., so'e Pripne'nr, N". 1 17 fi'ci.e iv st. Fin, audi y heir u e,il iiii. gh' ir 'l.e t'll t'ii. In Pur in.'i li, J, et J. II. IV'1 k 1.,. In ergenne , ' v J. 11. Bowman. In Mini, 11, 1 y B .met! sV .--.i a ycr. lii Co rgiu. I y Lu reno J me ' jV 1 V HOURS rec-,yid the prcser.t vvtek at tho I Pool; Store vii Two year bifoie the mnslj F.mulv Pbvsician, bv Saimul B. Ficntotis. Chnsi's s, cord coming, bv J.Ltich. Barnes' Note nn Isaiah. Mcmors of .Mis S. I Snub. Voice of the Night, bv II. W. Lnncfi l0w, Fntnily nt Hi ntheulnlc. Tho Young Latins Friend. Domestic IMiic.ation. bv H. Humphrey. Breekenridges Tour. Family Religion. Fiance, us Ring, Court, Ac. by nn Aivirrtcm. Chiuni it state nud pro-pecls. Scotland and ths Scotch, by C, Sinclair. 'I h.ers History of ihc Ftench Revolution, by F, Shohcrl. Toiipuo of Time, Litis and Times of Whiifid l. A wicnt'i fir the Tntub. Pud's Farmers ltitrnclnr. The On haul, hv f'ha's Mclnin'h C. F. C. II. S.. London id t; m. Al Miatn for IRII.Tiie Token. Fri, iids!,i-,'' Ofi' 'g, ltoc of Sharon. I). A, BRA.VAN. Nov. ;i, i?.;u, XSOtlRI.N i.VSINll. ny un. tn a 10 J Mchcuic, vvhicli, if r:hily n plied, wi1 le'lur mean-of aviug thin and- f.oiunii 1 iinn e "v grae. II ha I ecu s(, 1 nti I u e I fi r lur y year-, vv-nh gii-at sncii'ss, mil fo in I very c h,'i" io i" in the follnwin? di-eaM , V17. Cous'i.iipV'n, Wtoi,)inq Couch-, cnno 111011 Co'isti , Co d , d (lK-uli Bieaihiiir, liillucn, Mu y. A tlun-.i, Ph lu-ic, Spdtuig ( f l.b (,,1, Khm-h-ncy, In lige nun, Leu e'ies of ihe Bowi 1 , Fi's ot eyerv I 111 1, Cram 1 , Itic! ct-', Ci 1 -, Cs'nrrh, I'y rn tnrc," F.n'ntin-', Itynodcin 'rue A cm n , IH-i'cl-.c', Sic!.ne-s at S 0111a h, M'-.i le , a proven ive i,fC'iu lagio t. di ca e , Goa' an I Rho -inati- in. iCJ5'! hen1 ov Me !i nie 1 . pre mrvl I y Henrv 5cv mo'ley, Ma . from the Ongruiil Re.-ipe, v ihcihic-'i'ii of -aid Monro, nol sijlly linn nnd this principal Pr tggi U 111 iho I'ni'clS'.a e-. Si 1 1 w hole o an I re a I, I v J. eV. J. H. Tec!. Co nn I Then. A. Pi"'. & Co., B trlinglnn, and ly ihe Valor geuer.illy ihrnishtvit the co 'n'ry. -VH,'T. MAHSII UJri An m. ,c, C, nrrh and XJ He.i' n die SM H. 1 1,.. -s,,., . ,. ,vr.lir , .. Hung vet I nown, for re uoynig ' Irof le-oine tin ea e, the'C.i urrh, and ul o a eohl in ihe lea I, and 'Im hen Li" he. Ii o ,e:is an 1 n Tgo 0.1I a'l o',s-i i tion, hi'n. l ie g'an l-,a i ' civc a he.U hv a-l an to tho parts a e "e.l. r 1 - p, tlW-l'v (nv from n'ny ih;ngiliVs tcMo is in iis roinpo-ituui has n let-am fi.tver, and 111 imn-eha'ce e . ifvrlclnr; 11 c-J, i alirrcca' k.- Pru-c ,10 -out- .rrioi!c. Poci. Mrir-h ill's Vere.a'.'c Indian Bl.od, PLAST.'R. do'., pin 'cr is iinrivai cd for c nnr scr( f,!ous nvd liug., S urvv Sores, Lime IU '.-, and Fre h Wni,n,l I pams in die Vi to-, Hip nnd l.iml n and .edotu fml in g ve rebel' 111 local Hbe tcaii'in-. If n 'Phe.1 to the ldc,ii wi'l cue of hocoininnn U er Cpti'plnin'M and j- eq -nl, if not 'ii crlor, 10 any hm? n n f lI cornsOll 1 lie let" , me y riue- hi im - r- , Iv thousand, of W'viJual. m . N-l 'nnrd Slates, who -huc4i h .?l'1'4r'''.Tb,iV2 Pr'4 Cn, PjMnix-jn, V

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