Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, December 25, 1840, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated December 25, 1840 Page 1
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fee torn fpj. NOT VMM I L O I V OF O JC S A R, BUT TBS W L T A R O F BOM BY H. B. STACY. BURLINGTON, VERMONT, FRIDAY, DECEMBER 25, 1840. VOL. XIV.... No. 29. LEATHER Ac Tho subscriber has received and ia now receiving from Now York, a largo as sortment of Leather, Hoots and Shoes in addition to his former stock, consisting of the following articles in part t 100 Sides Sole Lcnthcr, a superior article, free from 30 Heavy Cow Hides, water, 10 Sides Harness Leather, 10 " Black Bridle do 10 Doz. Sheen linings, 2 11 South Sea Seal Skins, 1 " Grained Leather, 1 Case Men's Snpcrior Calf Boots icwod, war anted, 3 ' " Thick Boots, heavy at $2,50 per pair. 1 " Boy's 11 " " 1,87 '5 1 " Small Boys " " 1,22 " Together with Kids, Kips, Shoo Thread, Prunella 'Cotton and Linen Webbing, Blacking, Shoe Brnshcs, Ladies French Kid Slips, and a general assortment 'of Misses and Childrcns Slips and Walking Shoes, 'all of which will be sold low for cash. II. C. STIMSON. N. B. Wanted, a few bushels of Buckwheat, Bye nd Corn. E. J. STIMSON, Agent. Burlington, Oct. 22, 1340. A MERICAN ALMANACS for 1841, for sale at XX tlio book store. The subscribers keep constantly on hand cxtcn sivcassortmcntsof Essences and Svruns. nlso Slouch- 13 IHIjES.A vcrv Inrce assortment of all sizes ton's Bitters. Wino do. Soda and Scid itz Powders. JO of Bible... and prices from 60 cts. to 915 each, Spices of all kinds. Purchasers will find it not for Just reo'dand for tale at the Bookstore. 1). A. BRAMAN CHINA, Glassware, Crockery and Looking Glas ses, just ree'd and for salo by N. Lovely & Co., soua uraexcrs. sept, 3, NIjO VEtiV -St Co. arc now opening and of . fcring for sale a more extensivo assortment o seasonable Goods than they have ever before offered DRUGS AND M KIM (J INKS. A large supply just W. UiV!, T ? ' B i r l'u n' . rn-Miv Juno to J A 1 II PITK A I'n URS and Fur Trimmings all of which aro oflcrcd rCLjl'y J""c'g- J. &J.I1.P1.CK&CQ. Mtrcme ,ow f()r undy'cASH. 0cl. 22. ivnuijiou currants, ramuy urocencs, saimon, . ,. , , . JCi sinoaked Herring, for sale by N. Lovely & Co. rjENTLEMEN'S OVER AIjLiS.G dozen - VJ pairs Gcnt-lcmcn's Over Alls, (long stockings.) AIRBANK'S SCALES, by just received and for sale by the dozen or single pair July 10. J. & J. H. PECK & Co. at Montreal nrices bv JAMES H. PLATT. "ILiASS. Biirlinutoii. Vermont, and Essex. Cvhn VT dor Gln, made at the Chntn.lnin Glassworks, LYMAN ii CO I j 13, have on hand an extensive assortment of Burlington Mill Co. BROAD CLOTHS and BEAVER CLOTHS. Also. Agrcnt assortment of English Broad Cloths, Beaver Cloths and Cassimcres, which they will sell at reduced prices. WANTED. A few thousand lbs good Fleece Wool or which cash will be paid. Oct. 23, 1840. been, and cannot be found in this market. They have also two pices cassimcrc, which very far surpass the beaver ciotn. inov. vi. MT. VEHNON HEADER, Polvglott Bibles of diilerent sixes and bindings'. Pocket Bibles end Testaments and n general assortment of stations- ryjust received Iroin IN. l orl; and for sale y uoileireM. .ie:as. s. uui I i.mj lum. LOAF. Lump and Brown Sugar, Teas, Coffee, sperm candles, winter strained lamp oil, molasses, rice, nutmegs, Eng. currants, soda crackers, cloves, cinna- "pvRUGS, Medicine, Perfumery, Paiuts, Dye Stuffs, TtIORE NEW BOOKS. J.i. Ill Store, A New Home. Who 'II follow. I received nt the Hook l oitmr Ladies Cnmpaniun. Counters Ida. Havward's New England Gazetcer. Mitchell's Geographical Header, a system ot Geography, comprising a Dc-eriptiun ol the World with th-j grand divisions, designed for in structions in schools and families. Wonders of the Heaven.. I. A. IIRAMAN. LOW'S Writing Paper, wholesale and retail, at the Manufacturers prices, and the best assort ment ever before offered at the Bookstore of the sub scriber, consisting of the following kinds. 25 reams sup. Pot Ruled. 15 do fine Letter do. 20 do sup. do plain. 15 do cap ruled. 10 do fine pot do 8 do do billet do .Likewise, a largo supply of wrapping paper at re uct. JU. POWDEIt. JunelO. -100 keg I 1 & J. II. Peck & Co. tluccd prices. I). A. BRAMAN. NEW SCHOOL GKOG.tAlMlY AND ATLAS WITH OUTLINE MAPS, by S. Augus tus Mitchell. The author ot the ahove works has I een nrofcs.ionnll v devoted to the science of Geo'v and the publishing of Map., during many year.- anil hi lornior production-, e-pceially his .uap ol the world for AcadcmL-s. Lear amnle ic.limononv of In. abun dant resource.", upon which he ha. so lif it .illy drawn, ill pruuucini: mc nuiive si-iium wun.s. i iiu umuwiiifc extract of the Geo'v and Atla-. is from a joint recom mendation of ihe Teacher., in the eilv of New York. "Their merits are numerous the definitions remark ably plain and concise. 1 he exorcise, arecopiou. and important, and the descriptive . luminous anil correct The divi-ions of the American continent, are repre sented anl de-erfled as tbev really ex i-t nt the ..resent time. And the gross misstatements generally found in -Ciiool geographies are corns 'led. The typographi cal execution is mi commonly neat and distinct, indeed the a'las i. a model of (he kind, and actually teem. with information." The outline Main are peculiarly calculated to exercise the student in hi- study, and to fill up at hi- leisure. For sale ly C. GOODUK II. IODINE SPRING WATER. A recently discover ed fountain at Saratoga and contains nrnnnrlies T OB ROY Belvidier. 8.4ths. , llrocha Kaby c, cm- rcn(!crs f , , ' . p . . f . u, ?n,iT fi i.h- K and Saxony do. Woolen, Thibet and fancy scarfs, ltabIe mincral 'tor foroVary species of ScrS yet' just received by N. LOVELY, &. CO. discovered, for sale by J. & J. II. PECK & Co. A?ts. S. S. KICINM3K. 1T70CLD inform histjat VV rons that he has just received irom the importers a well selected and extcn sive assortment of SAD LERY HARD WARE- consisting of every article required in cuumry suup? which will be sold to Sad Inrcnt ii amnfl ndvnnrpfrnni COStforcasll.Calll and See. Customers can at all times find a good assortment of ready made Brass and Silver plated, Japanca ana Tined Coach, Gig and Waggon Hahsesses. A good assortment of Ladies and Gentlemen's Saddles, Va Jesses, Trunks, Carpet Bags of a superior quality. Mattingals. Trappings, Housings, i wigs aim opurs, incn and c use Bells assorted. Combs, Cards, Brushes Saddlers Silk, Buckskin Mittens and Gloves, a great variety of Whips and Lashes, Carriage Lamps splen did nntHrns. Patent Lcther bv the side or smaller quantity. Morrocco and Shcepkins single or by the dozen. A great variety of other articles adapted to xhis market. Having furnished my shop wiih a su perior article of Oak Tanned Briddle and Harness Leather, a good quality ot ware, cxpcrmcca anu lem neratc mechanics, and mv cxnerienco in business, 1 pledge myself '.o furnish as good articles as were ever sold in this place and on as reasonable terms. Most kinds farmers produce received in payment. Lumber, wood, nanncl,tow anaiuucioin, arcsiorunaresisKins and hides, ornnv othcrarticlein theshano of property, Shop, North side Court House Square, 2 doors East John Howard's Hotel. Buriington, October 29, 1840. l.l AT OT1CE. LADIES li & Gentlemen in debtcd to the subscriber for IIon.sE or Cahiuag hire, or otherwise, are re quested to make payment immcuiaiciy, nuu sav themselves cost. RANSOM COLBERTH tor ion, ior saie D. A. BRAMAN. TVfttTlCE lo GROCERS & HOTEL KEEPERS, 11 heir disadvantage to call unonus.. UCtODcr J. 'I MI'.U. A 1'li.UH. Ci uo. BOSTON and TROY IKON COMPANV.-The public are hereby notified, ihat the Imsinp,. ol casting In every branch and variety. Is done to order, on theshortct notice, at Troy, Vt. The company have much enlarged their foundry, and are now prepared to do all kind of work done at any foundry in the country. Milbirearinir. Pol A-h KVttl... 9in. Plough, Axletree, Ac, on hand, or furnished to order. All who wMi to contract for stove-plate.'., or to pur chase a large quantity of hollow-ware, for the purpose ui rciniiiiig, win He luniiBiicii ai wnoiesaic prices anu all who may favor u with llieircalbtor onlery. will dealt by at liberally a at any establishment In the country. uruer. stiouiu uc nuiiresetl to ti. it. Uros man, Supcnntcndanl, or A. Young, Agent, Troy, Vl. to secure an early reply, and prompt attention. iroy, vi., June low. jy; P. S Ho will fool them to order. Burlington, Oct. 19, 18 10. nd very much improved in quality compared with the CJALT. 4,000 Minots Coarse Packing Salt, lie brandy for safe by J. & J. II. PECK & Co. O 6,000 Minots Liverpool Salt, Tf W. CATLIN & CO. have one niece of blueL...iri"1 '0LPu,rY"B?eri BnQ UCUVl ri. black Beaver Cloth, a match for which; has not K,cu al a"' 1 orl jasONC. PIERCE & St. Johns, L. C, Sept. 4, 1840. SON. i.'ASE R-4 English Merinos. 1 case French 1 ca-e black bombazine. 1 cao colored do, usl ree'd and for sale by VILAS, LOOMIS & CO, OOfV Yards super fine, fine and common wool do. &JJJ cn Carpctings, just opened. Also, plain vcnuiiuii anu uamasK siair enrneung, lurKey anu Brussels Runs, Oilcloths for tables and stoves, rush matting, printed floor cloths, &c. by IV. LOVELY, & CO. BOOTS, SHOES & LEATHER. The subscriber having taken the storo formerly occupied by Messrs. Hishop cf- Whipple, is now opening a general assortment of Boots, Shoes and Leather, which have all been bought for cash and will be sold for the same the lowest prices, and as the'articlcs are too numer ous to mention in an advertisement, although Mr Sta cy iius eiuargcu ins paper, i wouiu simply invue an io call and examine the goods and prices before purchas- fciscwncre. Islington, July 1, 1840. HENRY C. STIMSON, oy k. J. Stimso, Agent. mnn. snlrrntus. lirnnnia &.c. for sain bv n5 IN. LUVKLV, . UU MAYNAHD & NOYS' fine Black Writing Ink which has stood tet for more thirty years. I ak ju-t received and for sale by 14 Aug. 1HIU. vjuuiihiivII. XJ Oils, Varnishes, Brushes. &c. The subscriber is nun ivwciviug ins tan supplies 01 me noove gooos; selected with great care, which ho will dispose of at ine lowest market prices. KUlIlillT MOODY. HIEW COODS. Sidney Barlow ha-received a 1 1 ceueral n-ortment of goods at old store on ,i. ' ... . f; carl street, which will be sold cheap enough. N. B. ' Wool receive I lor goods iiiinmgion way aa. T EMOVAIi.J. LEWIS, the Mechanical Den- XV tist. has removed his office to his ilwcllimr nn Pearl St.. nearly onoositn J. K. Ornv's nnrrinrm Slinn. M iu-re iic win oc ame io auena to cans at all Hours ol Burlington, Oct. 30, 1840. runs. PAPER. C. GOODRICH has fust received from the manufacturers in Massachusetts, a full OTTER Seal and Nutria Caps) Linx and Coney supP'y "ncri nanu-maue, royal, medium, Demy, Mmiv. linn. ,,,,rni nMlcmr fiivn. C.tmrv nnil cap, letter, folio-nost and bi let Dancr. of various oual- 1.11.-9, aa nuit, nmin, nuu, yill, IX.C. Ote. lor sale M 1UUI1- uiaciurcs prices. June ju. Mud's: Hons, natural colour, Swan Nutria Trimmings, Uiitlalo, lor sale ly Dec. 2, 1840. II. W. CATLI YMAN Ht COI.K, have received Iheir usua extensive assortment of fall and winter goods inritnir n crcat variety of figured saxonv. doub e d single width. Printed Crape Merino, Mouscline Laine. &c. Figured Alcnine. iiciiretl and nlain fiirlish Merinos. Gro dc Naples and French do. worsted unniietecns. Alpacca uiotn, lintel Merino, &c. beauiiful articles for ladies cloaks. Erminctte. Salisbury Flannel, figured Circassians &c. Goals uuu iiiiiiaiitui yHiiiicis. urin-iicnn, i crsinu i-iuui llsavy double milled Broad Clolh. Beaver and lot Cloths, Rich Diamond Beaver Cloth, a new ar- le for Gentlemen over Coats. A laree number of heavy wortcu shawls, a lew i.unins iiet Merino and Cashmere do, Netting, Palatine and Edenboro, do. Kicn unauy, moiisetinc dc LAine and Uhcnca lldUl-. biLrib. Heavy uanton, urouc aple and other iks, ricn iiRiircti uiuc uiacK. urown and oilier colors. Gloves and Hosiery. uuMtsnu uuuus. uotton sheeting, shirting, ucKing, wadding ami cotton yarn, superior lrih Linen, TAILORS TIUMINGS.-Sewiug Silk, Twi-t am o.l 1.I.I:.. r c.i.J.:... Lim t Brown 'and Block Linen. Plaul Worsted Facinc. Wors ted surge, oi'k do., hiik uinding, silk Cords, wors- ii iiiiKiimr ccc. an: VESTING. Woo'en Velvet, Silk Velvet, Valentia. ilk Salin (See. Silk Velvet for trimmincs a-.sort.eil olors. Roslyn checks for childrens wear. CR I.S. T.nirPnliin lrllcr Scnls! nlnin do. do. mot- LJ rn liitir Simla. I'AKnnonsi at IIrinemaid. IJ""iS BIlIi,!9. I lie SII iscn her hne now J- on nand a general assortment ol HOOTS and '"PEN cases Prints, X and for sale 1 "ts, 1 case col'd Cambrics, just ree'd SHOES, of the mo.t fashionable style, and thorougli by ILAS, LOOMlb & Co. workmaiithip, which he oilers very low for CASH. I V t V k V UNCOLORED BOAS, otter, seal and cloth caps, ff. n. All kinds of measure work done n't short no muffs, collars, capes, down, angola and fur trim- nre. Burlington, Church-st May 28, 1840. tnniirq. silk nnil mnlinir frinirrs. fur Mnvc. rhpnn. hv I r. iaivki.v as. uu. i i ' uuuo. i ue suoscriDcrs nave rec u anu are now v- openincaverv larce assortment of Wo enc nt lis of ever VVftrintV. rirh nlnin lifTllrnrl nnrl rlifinnnqLla arnn's le-t IVecdles Silver 1 hunhles and Sihta. Mnnaclini. do T.n nnc Jin, rUii,. fri:;. lots of new Gootls, opening at t he Varieiy Store. Shawls, Hdkfs., Ribbons, &c. We will only say that EIUJENA CREAM for shaving, clarihed Ros VEHIJ in, W May 29. PANGBORN & BR'INSMAID, 1T7INI)SOIt IUFI.ES. for VV store. PANGBORN & HRINSMAID, wo have a larger assortment of goods of every variety ale at the variety 2. . JL .ViS Br Pl UCIorc: Oct. 29, 1840. N. LOVELY & Co, WRAPPING PAPER. 200 rean just ree'd Nov. 20. by C. T3ROAD CLOTHS, Beaver and Pilot coths, cassi- WRAPPING PAPKR. lOO Ream. Wrappim.' YYH Paper, and a largesppply (ifwrilimr, I o:li Cap I ."Cn m.l Utter, for sale by I). A. BRAMAN. X KMiOUR.-Troy, Ohio and Mi hi-, in. cn ,n,.t! I receivim: by J. & .1. II. i'rxK & t i. ' meres, colored and white. FlnnncU. n full assort menl, very cheap for casli by N. LOVELY .t CO sin; sot "is: ON. I oxo. Cana lu Iron, 50 bun be. R. (. I i:t i.i d. . m-i ree'd and fur U-t. 1U. -alcl.v, I.01.MIH& Co, (lf bush. Seed Rye, free from all other seciN, for w Pcarl-st. Sept. IB. sale by C. HENNS. QIUTRS, Riding whip.. O Store. June II. and Canc, at I he Vaneiy 1 ANGDOltM DnlNSMAID. DIAMOND CEMENT, fur mending Glass, China qTa anilEartheru Ware .old at llu: Variety "-lore. 0J l;ci prs. Ladies col'd. and black French Slips, 0J 20 do do. Gaiter Boots, 20 do Misxea col'd Slips, 50 do Gent's Pumps, 2 cases Men's seal Boots. Burlington, July 14. H. C. STIMSON. PaNODOK & BnlNSMAID. CZlf ns. French. American. Satin and common uUU House Paper, some very rich patterns, for 2000 lis. Leaf do, Sept. 25. sale by N. LOVELY & Co. TOI1.VCCO. S- pliiK I nl acco. 40 boxes Ciivendi-h do CO packages sheep do do. Iy J. fc J. H. PECK & Co. Ct CASES Ennlis h Merinoes. 1 case French and & German Merinos, 1 case fig'd Bombazines, just I ec a and lor sale tiy, luu.uis (v-uo. 45 MACKEREL, on consignment, in half barrels just received and for sale by J. cfc J. II. PECK & Co OILS. bbl. American Linseed Oil. 10 Tierces fall sperm do 5 do winter do do 35 bbls. refined do do J.dt. J' II, Pick & Co "COTTON Wrapping Twine, agood article just ree'd sent. zi. . by in. LUViii.Y ecco. 80 FLOUR. A few Bbls. of Family Flour, of superior !:. .. : '.1 1 r.. 1 trnr tnnc? I GRINDSTONES, by June7. J. t J. II. PECK & Co. WOOL TWINE for m2S ale at HOWARD'S. SAL 1 1 ib. si !sr .'alt 3000 do steam do 1500 do fine do 1000 do Turks do 1000 bbls. fine do 100 do dairy do 250 do coar.-e do 200 sacks dairy do by J. & J. II. PECK & Co POTASH KETTLES constantly on hand by m. June I'J J. & J. If. PECK & Co. pONGRESS WATER, just received supply olL.onirres wa'.er, and lor nie may m. fresh GEO. PETERSON. pORS BHOOMS & PA I L. 100 doz. corn brooms v 50iloz. patent Tails, June 19. J. &J. II. P r.CK Sc Co. QAnn Nails, HratU it Amcrlcam Iron. S5VAAJ keg., Nails from 31 lo GOd 250 uo uradslroin 6a to20a Horse shoe Iron Scroll and Haute do all sizes Band Iron from 11 to 4J inch Round do do til do Square5 6 to 3 do J. & II. Picx &, Co. TVTOTICE The scbscribers havinc formed ll partnership under the name and firm of Starr & Dow, in the Tin, Sheet Iron and Stove business, would respectfully inform the puhlictnat they Keep constant ly on hand n complete assortment in the above line. They have now on hand a variety of Parlour, Box and Cooking Stoves, trimings &c, which they will dispose of nl the very lowest prices in market. All orders will be executed on short notice and in the best style of workmanship. ' J. J. STARR, ISAAC DOW. Church st., opposite the jail. ) Burlington, Oct 30, 1840. S rTMirc Burlincton BREWERY has JL nowcommcnced btisincss, and will have new Beer in a few days, . when all orders will be punctually I attended to. Burlington, Sept. 1810. GEO. PETERSON. t?( BOSTON N. E. HUM, tU Hhds. Gardiner Brewers, by June 19. J. & J. II. PECK & Co. Q(T BOSTON Academys and Harmonists, for W sale at the DooK store. U. A. uhaaiain. 100 OHAWLS. A large assortment, comprising nearly KJ every variety ot quality and style, tor sate uy nl2 H. W. CATLIN & CO. "I ROCKERY, Glass and China wares largo and V- small looking glasses, a good assortment, by n5 N. LOVELY & CO. f KW PAITS1IOI..SI'AULDINO&MILLS ll have opened a new Paint Shop on Church-st. two doors south of II. Lane'. Store, where ihey will do all kind, of HOUSE, SHIP, SIGN and CARRIAGE i'AINTING, in thelt possible manner and on terms to suit iho-c who may favour them wiih their patron age. ICPPaints, Oil, Varnish and Putty, con.tautly on handind for sale. R.O. SPAULDING. Burlington, April 9, 1810. C B. MILLS. WINDOW SASH Just received 15, 20 ami 217 by Oca.cments of sash, a first rale article at 31 and 3J cents per light i also all kinds andize, furnished to order. Tieondcroaa blank lead, a fir-t rale article, for sa e very ow. loseiner wj.i. a great variety of other nrlj. cles as cheap as can be lound at any other ctabli , ment in the place. Geo. Petkixso NEW DRUG ESTAIHiISHMENT.--At the sign of the MORTAR one door east of J. f J. II. Peek if- Co. Tho subscribers have opened on Apothecary Store, nnd intend to confine themselves strictly to that business. They no w offer to the public a general assortment of genuine Mcdccincs, including all now Chemicals, and ttio siarmaru raiciii wmwi constant attendance, win do given, aim (mim-woi u. tcntion paid to prescriptions. Burlington, Aug. 20. THEO. A. PECK & Co. fitWaLE. DOUBLE. UMBILICAL. GROCERIES. ' chests vounir HvsonTea. r .1- II.. 1 .1.. u no i.ysunshlll, uu. 20 bags pepper, 20 do Pimento, 40 do Collce 50 boxes Pipen 100 do Bar Soap 200 do Raisins 50 kegs do 40 do Pure ginger 400 Mats Cassia St. Croix Rum, Holland Gin, Signettc Brandy. Bal tiiuore uin, American uranuy, unampaigne. Urown ml Pnl .l,rrir Mi,,.if. nn.l ,'ll.. f..l..,.. Mm ni.l)TIIS nnil Pitoiinrrpa Tlii nlt.'nlinn of nnr. I . :n J .i nt.i tt, .'. chasers is specially invited to the assortment of June 7. " J. or. J?H. PECK &Co. ciuuis, cassuncrcs, ana vesungs oi i nii ii. vv. UAiLirs vV. uu. Illll if in niurra, l vr vr i,i,is. uam Wood 200 do Log Wood St. Domingo 250 do Log Wood Canpeachy '250 do Fnsliu 200 do Nicaragua ,, 40 do Alum 25 do Bine Vitriol 30 do Madder 50 carboy Oil Vitriol Muriatic Acid, Forlis, Nitric. Acid. Cn renin liar wood, I'eacn wood, yuer uuron liark, Spani: loiant anu iiengai inuigo, inc, Jutt ualls, pre atH'rs, Jacks, I enter Hooks, t "ream Tartar and Agal june iv. ny j. oc j, ii. rr.uiv &. uo, T3UFFAL0 ROBES. single, by 10 bales for salo by the bale 1I1CK.UK. & CATLIN. BARNES new Geograpln, on the Classification system : a very useful work for schools, just ree'd ami ior sale at t lie lioou store jeia u aukajiah OA Bales brown sheetings and shirtings. 8 do. Ov7 York, power loom, nnd Dorchester Ticks, for sale by (sJU) vilas, luuaiis ai w. finiK, lor snic. eu.uuu leei a in 'ii p jl manx inch hoard, ll men nonring, ami shsii ii " i i i Lmini'rc x. r l stuiT, clear and common apply to STRONGS & Co. SUGAR. II Ilhds. B. Sugar for sale by Sept. 25, 1840. H. WHEELER. CHEAPER and better for Ready Pay. Tho sub scriber would inform his customers and thr null T1.?.."!.?!! ,0ir;M.?l!fCrn,f damaged otm wllinrpiT o cheap, yhis nresem in. i.i-iii y iiuiiiouii) ut iuiu A...U.V..., i mfntr , nrinrln.illv inflrtp fr.'fth nnH .1 llnb nri -n ,1. -..u mill U1U sale at the Book Store, nrico 20 CtS. Burlinaton. Sent. 23, 1840. D. A. BRAMAN. cloths being bought at low prices can ho sold cheap, I All kinds of clotlunir madu nn tbn Blw,n. ,,:'. 1 HARWELL'S SHOES, a full assorimcnt just Cutting dono as usual. All kinds of clothes cleaned ree'd and for sale by H. W. CATLIN & L-o of paint, grease, &c, and dressed, pressed and repaired 40 casks, by in inc. neatest manner and brought as near as possiblo nnu 19, J, & J. I'LUK ci Lo, ' iiivii uiiKuiui uwiuiy, uuu warran cu without Uam "t". . u iiu"iiui nu numiiij uiiiu new rears ROWN GlASS. Reillord, Snranae and Clinton running all day after Trimmings Ac.,) Top Coats, crown by J. & J. H. PECK & Co. Cloakes, Dress and Frock Coats, Pantaloons, Waist- JBI0. t-uBw, oiii -awnnD, uy viomes, Manncii and c U 40M for sale at publishers prices, by . M StfLll Rf! l?ksJ.&c- A'M k'nds Sep. 30. V1LAO, Luvjwio , w, tV. "m 1 i Vi !ox('s Tm I,lat0' I I It I .ml American f Wre copper and brass wta Vfor sal Travellinc Bans. Trunks. Furniture and .11 ml,. 30 bundles English tides common and uncommon. Clothrs or produce C. UENNS, and American Sheet Iron, bu uo. uo. uo. taken for pay. rcari at., sept. 10, ibiu. 1 K HhdB. Now Orleans Sugar, on consignment, JUST rcc'il a supply of Marsh's celebrated Trusses, BLA K8.UlTH...The mbscriler having centlv moved from Albany, and commpniwi Hlacknnitliliiinncfs.111 all its forms, in ihn n.., .h T7AREWEL1H uaiter ooib, na wonM rCspecif,iy invite the inhabilnnls of Biirlinslui X' slips, n Hill ossorimciH V ,,,w'"," nnd vicinity to give him a call, as he is fully prepared her shoes i piam uo. u mm ....., v; v- p,-," louoau itinu.oi won; in his line, on Hie shorte.t no buck Ldovesnnd inittens. . MW lice, 1jci manner, and oi. favorable terms. Ho ha ion II e ha !:. . n I nrintcd muslin do laines, all wool, now iiau, and mo genrai iniormaiion ho has derived both J. Ii. I. ' N. LOVELY & CU. irom ineory anu pracucc. ne lecls fully confident in opening"- commending himteuio ine piihiic. Ho will be pre- aredat alll mestogiye his personal nllenlinn loall DISEASES OF THE LUNGSDrcidedl) the innsl remedy ever known in America Vegetable Pulmonary Bnltam is the mom valuable medt now in use fur coughs, colds, asilima orimlln coniiimpiion. whooping cough and pulmonary ffrciiuiis I every kind. Ill sale is slentlily mcreaaine. and llir proprietors are ronsianlly tecciviitB 1 lie mutt favorable account of in effects. The fullowtni new certificates are ottered lor pulilic exnmuialion. AN Interesting Cask Extract ofa letter from Mr I' S Clay, Kingston, Ulster co,, N. Y. to I lie proprietors. "Yours of Ihe 9ih mil. whs duly lec d. rem irkalile cure win ellecied hy Hie Veiraiiitila I'ul. tnanary Balnam in the winter mid spring of 1835. The person, Mr. Moodt, bad been sick a long lime wiih hip cniKumiuion. His physicians had etven him mi lie una reduced so low as to be unable in help him-elf. was raising a lnrge (11 1 1 11 1 1 1 v 01 uloou when be CDiniiiPnccd using llu- ISalsam, winch lias Pllfcteil a iiuipicie rnie, and he is now as hale and hearty as ci hp uiis Mr. Muodv lias lemovrd fioin this town, 11 lie Ii iirriiii.pd ine a inure delatlrd uccoiim of bis sc, Inch I will Toi w.ird vnu. Co CLAY. K illusion, N. Y. June 25. 1838. Exirurt of a leiler fniiii Dr Jacob Mvert The rgsMhle I'uliminaiy Balsam lias besn sold in this iiintv lor I wo v cars, "' inedicnip has gamed an riiiniimn celrbrity, for it .carcely in one inslance ilfd nl Ir.ivini! llir disiied rffeci. I am bv no means 1 l.ivor 01 1 lit many nnsiruius, most ol whirl) are im position, upon a credulous public, bin iliat which I now hy use lo be effectual, I rannoi help hut eivinv pprooiiinn IliPreio. n rounierlcil iireuarHtion Im been offrred here bv a tr.ivcllinz Aeent. of Cumiiuck N. Y. and tlieie is another article vended here thai is irongly suspected lo be spurious. JACOB MYERS. M. II Mifflinelon, Juniata eo. Penn. May 3. 1837. Finm Ur. Samuel Morrell, 10 the rropiieinis or lite Vtce able rulnionary lalsain. 1 am aaiisued liial llie Ve leiable Piilinnnasrv Batjiin is valuable inedrcine 1 has been usrd in this place with complete success in n oluiin.iie complaint ol the luni's, alleniled with n severe conah, loss ul voice, nnd Hie raising or iniicl ilood, vvhidi had previously resisted many approved prescriptions. Alier using 1 lie lialsain one wrrk, 1 lie palicnt s voice returned and he was aide 10 sneak audi bty. This case occurred some lime since, and ibe man is now engaged not only in active hut laborious business. Kesiiecllully, nr.. a. aion n c LL. Ii is now more than six vears since I was brousb very low by an afferlion of the lungs, and mv complain! was dcclaied 10 lie lueiirabh! by a council otihrce phi icians. I was then restored lo as too I hrahh as I had enjoyed for many years, by using 1 lie Vegetable Pul mon.iry Balsam. Since my recovery I have recom insulted the Balsam in a ereai manv casss of luni coinplainis, and so far as 1 can bain, its use has in variably been billowed by nuirlt benrfii, anil in many instances 11 has ellecieu cures winch were wholly unex prrifd. SAMUEL EVERETT, Uuiion. Sl.irr 1 2. 1837. For sate, wholesale and retail, by J. J. II PECK & Co., and THEO. A. PECK tt Co., Bur hnglon, VI. OUSSELl.'S STOMACH BITTERS, may m used in Wineor water. These celebrated hitler arecompo-ed purely of veire'ables of the most inno cent yet specifio viriues. They are recommended par ticuinriy ior re.ioring weak con. minions, ciean-inj and strensrlhenini: the Momnch, and incrcasini; th apielite also a prcventalive against the cholera mor bus. ever and ague, removing nausea, vomitini! heart burninz. weakness in the breast, pain in the stomach and olher symptoms 01 iiamiencc and induc tion, une box will tincture one gallon. I'ni c'Jact a box. Russell's Itch Oistment. This choice and sa ointment is said to be superior 10 any now in uo. fo Ihat (li.acreeahte and ion h.omc ucai-c, the 11 Ull l his Ointment i so eeartatn in its operation that no person tiouhlcd with the ahove disorder ought to I t without il. It is a remedy for cutaneous emotions scorbutic a'l'ections of the head, or any other break ine out which arises Irom sharp humors in I he blood, Price 25 els. a box. Rus-ei.l's V'egf.tadle B11.1 lous Pills, or fami physic, for general use, in eves of Jaundice, morb sensibility ol the stomach and bowel, los ol appetite, fretid breath, costiveness. Pile, nnd all diieases aris- ine from biliary dernncements. also fur correctinc the stale of the blood, and cleansing the system of foul and viscid humours. Thc..e pills are a mild c- t liar tic, producing neither pains nor griping, and are tnereiorc a vaiuauic nnu muiy nppruveii mctiiuine, and are oronounccd as such bylnemot riistingui-heil physicians. Each box containing 38 Pills. Price 37 J cts. a I ox Russell's celebrated Salt Rheum Ointment Th is iinnncstinnnlilv I lie best and safest rcmcdv ever vi ollered to the public for that obstinate disorder SA LT KIICUA1. wnere oiner means nave lautxi, 11 nd suc ceeded, and the fact that it has been sxtensivcly used by eminent Practitioners speaks volumes in its praise. It is equally ellicacious in an diseases 01 the skin, scald head, ring worms, and tho most inveterate Itch, &c. &c Numerous certificates might be obtained, but iho prnpriior chooses that a fair trial should he tho only evidence ofits superior eilleacy. Price 50 cents a box. For salo by J. & J. H. Peck & Co., Theodore A. Peck At Co., sign of the Mortar, and Robert Moody, Burlington Dr. C. E. Miles, and tfnll & Cook, Hines burgh 1 S. H. Barnes, Charlotte 1 L. Janes, Georgia j U Tyler, Essex 1 Fuller & Huntington, Richmond. Also, by tho druggists and merchants generally throughout the state. o2.9m ICPIMPORTANT CAUTION,! It is a singular fact and one much to be regretted that valuable medicines, as soon ns they become pop mar, and have received the test and approval ofa discriminating public, are sure to be counterfeited, and thus a bad nnd spurious article is Immediately palmed upon theunsuipeclingfurthe genuine. This lias been notoriously the case with all popular tried and truly valuable medionei for years pat, and will probably continue 10 be the case for years to come. The ba.-e and contemptible counterfeit In this way meanly takes advantage of all the e.I'ort and adver tising used by the proprietors ofthe genuine article, uigei tueir medicines into use and deserved populari ty. Il is therefore not less thednly than it contributes totne saieiy ot every honest Individual iu the com- TRULT all HEARTLESS INg'raTES who thus Irre- spon-ilily trine with health nnil life. IL'IIII'.lf.l',KOKE TAKE NOTICE..! There fs a ncrson bv the name nfJ. It. TfOCIIE- FORT. now engaged in selling a Pill done up in boxe " ""u F' niiiiuiiuii ui ine ceiiuim. imsiAn VEUEIABLK PILLS, with the omission of only one on! on the Boxes viz. The Pill, srild bv Ibis Rocheforl are evidently intended as a fraud anil imposition upon the community, or they would not have been done up in such exact imitation of the gen lime. This ner..on is tall blusterinc will, 11 im-at the atrieal swagger. He was recently known as a very mor piuycr in iiniiiinure, uiiuer me musical cognomen 1 Jim urown, anu is about iwcniy live years 01 age1 lis almost beyond a doubt that finis sunnlinl with the Pills Irom a Druggist firm in this city, who have ncreioiore men notoriously connected with counter feil medicines. As soon ns nroof is obtained 1 he toon tain head of this nefarious business will be exposed, that the community may shun them as they would a serpeui. IN THE MEAN TIME THE PUBLIC ARE CAU TIONED eainst bnyinir WRIGHT'S Indian Vegetable Pills 01 anyone who does not exhibit a ccrti hcateof airen cy signed by the agent for the New England State uiu '.-nriiiK uaiu since January ioiu. a so ta ue nnr icular notice that the following wording i on tint box es Wright's Indian esetalilcPill. find. Puriralivc) of the North American College of Health. I he Indian vegetable I'llte are a certain cure fur itease in its every variety or form, brcaiiss ihev Ibu qiieIiIv cleanse the stomach and bowels, indnrea mo- per discharge hy ibe lungs, skin and kidnev, and sii mutate the blood 10 pin ifv itself. In oilier winds ilo-v pen all ibe natural drains, nnd leave KAlour. (Ar Grand Phyeitian) free to drive disease ft run I lie body. I he above outlets, or diains. are I lie common sewers ofthe liodv, tliiough which all moibidiind cor rupt humors (the causa ol disense) arc rariied u(f; unci so long as I Ley are all krpl open, and disrlnirKP freely nclr aiiolled porliuns ol Impiirny, the body will eon. sine inhealili : but when from caiine inuiiouei fund. breaihing inipurc air, sudden Iran.iiiuns from beat 111 cold, over exhaustion ur any other rpuse, the buurls become cost ive, 1 lie pores l die skin heroine clnsrd, or ibekidneyi fail In perform iheii fuiiciions pinprily. 1 1 1 e impurities which should be drained limn Ibe body by llirse outlets, will be retained, and continue in ae. cumulate until t lie body becomes literally loaded wiih disase. Ifihe channels of our mighty rivers should become blocked up, would not ihe accumulated warns od new ouiti-ls, or llie country become inundaird I usl so with ihe human body : if t he natural drains be come closed, llie stagnant and corrupt humors will find vent 111 Ihe various loims ol disease such as revrr, Small Pox, Measles, Rheumatism, Gout, Apoplexy, &c. or Death will end our luffeiings. Theirfuie, when sickness ai ihe stnmacli, pains in ibe lurk ami ide, quirk pulse, burning skin, or any other tinplea. am symptoms, indicate ihat one or more of the 11 . urai drains tire not discharging lieely, and ihe run li nt ion is about 10 commence a struggle lor ihe restura- lon ol health, no time should lie toil 111 adminis'ering few brisk dusei of ihe Indian PuiEaiive (Indian Ve getablt Pills.) By so doing, all ilia lunciioiu of the Dody will Ue restoiea 10 order, mil the luiil Humors (ihe cause of every inflamalion ur pain we sufTer) will be removed in so easy and a 1 tint I a manner, that tbn body will he resloird as if by a charm. The above nils muf in mhcii i all limes nnu miner all or. cunisiances, wiih pel feci safety. I hey run all com paimi and all ages, and are lo llie human cnnsliiui ion as lend : con'rquenily 1 lie can ntnrrinjuif even ihe must delicate. Like our food, ihey are digestible; ibeiefure ihey enter into lie circulation nnd iinpaii nn eiiprsytollie blood, vviiirh enables it to flow wiih fiee dom quite in llie exliemiiies and consequrnlly to krep ihe pores ol itie skin open. I hey are true andppili ri purifiers of the hi nod : hi cause ihey drain all enrruni humors fioin lhai life giving fluid. I'hey imparl slrengih nnd rigoi 10 llir whale system, and Iheir el feels are always beurficlnt : because lliey only minus hose humors which arc opposed 10 health. I hey aid and improve digestion, and sound sleep follows iheir use: because ihey cleanse Ibe siomsrh and bowels ol nose slimy Humours which noi only nriiaie niiiirxciir he nervous system, but paralyse and weakni t lie di gesliveorgaus. In shun they possess all ihey good properties Ihat can be claimed lor any medicine : and what hit very remarkable, it is utterly impoivib'e iu life llirm without brnehl. Price 25 cents per Box. with full direction". Office and General Depot for the New England States, No. lys 1 remontMreet, near vjouri street, uo.ion. The reciilarannointeJ Aircnts can receive their sun nlie. ofthe above noimlar Pill., as heretofore, from the only office and general depot for the New England States, '198 Tremont street, Bo-ton. Pedlars or trav elling agents are not allowedtostll llie genuine indian vegetable fill4, literature never purchase irom tnem, for ff you do you will be sure to obtain a dangerous ami counterfeit article. sll Theo. A. Peck &. Co. Accnts in Bnrltnctnn. for the saleot the Indian vegetable l"ill. alo, w. 11. mullet, Williston, t. and A. urinsinhid, iiurlmgton. LOOK AT THIS. HAVE YCU A COUGH t--H. PHINNEY'S FAMILY PILLS.for remo T 0,0 00 die or consumption every year in M.J ving syinptom- of irri'ntion nri-ing from foul the United States, and millions sutler feom troublesome cougns and cotds, that can ha curud by ur. ai. iiulii cock's Vegetable Virgin Cream Cough Drops, a safe meuicai prescription, containg no poisonous urugs, ami used in an extensive practice for several year will most positively allbrd relief, and save you from that nwful diteace, pulmonary consumption, which usually vweceps intotne grave hiinnrctl. el llie young, the 010. the fair, the lovely and the gay. Have you a cough 1 Ue persuaded to purchase a Lottie ol the Cough Drops to-day I To-morrow may be too late. Have you a cought Dr.IIitcccok's Vegetable Virgin Cream Cough Crops is the only remedy you should take to cure you. For this plaig reason. That in nooneofthe thaiisnnd eases where it has been used has it railed lo relieve Price 75ccnti per bottle. For sale, wholesale and Re tail, by A. HITCHCOCK 6i CO. No. 117 Oene.-ce st., Utica, N. Y. And by their agents throughout the United Stales. In Burlington, by J. & J. II. Peck & Co., Theo. A. Peck & Co. In Vcreennes, by J. H. Bowman. In Milton, by Burnet & Sawyer. In Geor gia, by Lorenzo Janes. au.2 HEPATIC ELIXIR, A CELEBRATED remedy for complaints arising from a diseased state of the LIVER and its Secre tions j the following are a few of iti symptoms, weakness of the stomach. Indigestion, loss of appetite lovvness of Spirits nnd Headache; it will lie found a sure remedy for Eruptions on ihe Face. In conse quence of tneir la?ing many nostrums circulating in this part ofthe counlry, the siibscrils'rs are authorized to warrant its benelicial cllects. This article Is just received, and ollered 10 the public ns one well worth the attention of those who are afflicted by complaints from the above disease; it being from an eminent physician we feel confident in thiis recommending il. Oct. 6.1810. THEO. A. PECK 6t Co., Sign of 1 lie Mortar, one door cast of J & J II Peck it Co HIIEKMAN'S WOltM LOZ r KG EH. CHILDREN or adults can take medicine in thi J form without difficulty. It is the only way to make it pleasant, ine.-e i.czenires are tne creat es! discovery ever made, for dispelling Ihe va nou kinds 01 worms mat so irenocnny ami distress singly annoy both children and adults. They are an infallible re nedy, and so pleasant to the taste that children will lake inem n readily as a common pep tiermmt ozenze. Many uisca,e arise Irom worm.. without its I eing suspected. Sometimes a very trouble some conch, nains in inejoints or limns, bieedim; at the nose. &e. are occasioned l v worms, and can be easily cured by this celebrated medicine. The follow ing symptoms inuicaic me presence 01 worms, vn ; neauacne, vertigo, torpor, uisinrieu uream, sice broken oil" bv fricht and screaminc. convulsions, fe. vcriihness, thirst, pallid hue, bad taste in the month. otlensive breath, cough, dillicult breathing, Itchm: at the no-e. pain, in the stomach, nausea, snueamislv ncss. voracity, leanness, tendinis, itchimr at the ami towards night, and at length, dejections nnd films and miicu. One is a uoe lor a child two years old tw for one four years old hree fiireiehl years, and fiv for an adult, and should he repeated every morning, or every other morning until relieved. ICP Sold at the Variety store bv PANGBORN A; BRINSMAID, Jenellen, B.trltngtnn, Vi. wholesale Agents. A liberal discount to merchants who buy to sen again. TASFS whito and col'd Spool Thread, 1 do Pins, pared at all 1 lines 10 give his personal nttention loall Vm. white and assorted Thread, BC0 gross gilt kinds of work in hi linesuch as Ironing Waggons .nrl fanrV Horn Jluttons, 20 do Fancy Soaps, just and Sleighs, Shipwork, iu-. All kinds of edge tools Sent 24 X ree'd Pand "or alo by Vilas, I.oom.b & Co. made in .ho best manner and most approved style. He hept. i. rec a aim iui ,l . RIVing business his und v iiUI .ii.-mlnn F ,mu ntter seal and nutria caps 1 lynx and coney and the low prices at which he will becnabltl to fur eonev, n!3 miViT.i Wat BMiirrel, natural collars; awan, nith work, to receive a share of the nublin patronage, price reduced to 371 ct. , nnd nutK . ..... JOHN SORAOEN. ent article tor lh nu :y. and nuiw tiimminbo , qjuuS CO. ' Ba;lincl 1", J0. ' :o!3 at the Va;;ety Ucr. BALSOM OF LIVERWORT for Consumption Dyspepsia, Asthma, and all diseases ofthe Lungs and Liver. These di'scacg prevail to a great extent, creating much dislressnndsoine fatality. Allthe.-ecmi bo remedied by the use of Dr. Taylor's Babom of Liverwort. This medicine is purely Vcgitable, and from its peculiar action upon the Liver is always found a radical remedy fori heau diseases. For Females and men in a very weak Mate, no medicinu can be so grateful a retoralive, as it not only strengthens, but nonfies nnd cives a healthy action to ihe whole sys tem. Constantly lor sale by N. LOVELY & Co. who have pisl received a ireso supply 01 seasonable uoous from New rorK, on verveneap ior casu. iiuriinitton, nuy au, itwu. a. Bl.I-asiNO in Mothers 2. American Soothing SvniD for children cuttine teeth. The timely use of this article will save children much pain, often Feverand tho patniul operation 01 lancing tne mini, cts. umiirev's coraia an excel- nusey 13, cts., both tho.-eaiic'et SHBRMAN'S POOR MAN'S PLASTBR, N LY 12i cents each. Each nlas'cr has nnnt vj 011 the back of it, "Sherman's Poor man'. ilaicr, It is the best strentslheninsr plaster in the world, and sovereign remedy b r pain or weakness in Ihe back loins, side, brea.t. neck, limbs, joints, rheumatism lumbago, &o.&e. One million a year will not supply the demand. They reuuirea Utile warmins before au- plication. Warranted superior to all others, and for one quarter the usual price, making not only the best hut the cneanesi master in tne worm. 11 a'torus relit in a few hours, and makes astonishing cures. In liver complaint and dyspepsia, it should be worn over the region unncivcr r pivhuvii, aim u win anuni greai anu asionisnin reuci. in cuugn,cums, ninma,aim. cully of breathing, oppression of the chest or stomach, ihev win immediate v soo n. ana irei v benefit ihi patient. Persons ol sedentary habits, or lhoe obliged to stand much, will receive decided support from one dfihcetrii v. sirens hemnc piasters, f hvsicians rren. erallv recommend them, in preference to all others. 1 c cause Ihey slicic or a.incrc tetter and a lord greater reliel, in tneir operation tney are siimniant. ionic, aiul anodyne. They are composed ofcntirely diXerent ibgrciicntsirom any oiner; ami Known irom the ex ni-ncnce nt mi lions, wnn nave usOvl them, ns ut! the united testimony, of all the eelebrn'od and ihsi ci.hol c erirv and Physicians, to re iho mot n. en auJ highly nieJieated plaster, ever invente.1 or ollered toltiepub'ic. acverai persons navccallnl at the war house to express their surprise and thanks at 1I1 almot miraculous cure Ihcse blasters have n r.. One man who had been o afliicied wiih rlienman.m an to Im unable lo dress him. i ll" tuitsinni was enabled after wearing one, only one night to ge! iip.iuii.ii.niy MiU,ii,nsiiiii uii ins ciiimcs anil call at our office with eyes U'aming with joy and his tongue pouring forth Iho gladne of his heart, at tho sudden anu signal reiiei ne nan received irom this l.esl nl all remedies. Ask for Dr. Sherman's Poor M.n It is so called, bocaust; the price places it in the power Ol an 10 nun-ussc, peine uniy is cts. ftCil M tha v rietv store bv PANGBORN it, BRLNRM ilk Jatnallen, Bf!itCT,Vt. rhe!e:i!e ayer.te. A lit p.i CjKCJUt P aw,rr.-var vfio ruy to tt.I a,n HUMORS! t Notwithstanding the ptil.licjour nalt of thuday,urc already crowded with noti ces of Medicines, in which the public have very liltle confidence, I have concluded to say to thoie afflicted with Salt Rhejm, St. Anthony'i fire, (or Erysipelas,) Scald-Head. Luprosv. or any other cutaneous crunlion also 1 een found a remedy for Sick-Headache which arises irom nuinors in tne j 1 nat 1 have found a satennd ellectual remedy by an internal application, wilhoit altering the diet or habits (il temperate) and without injuring the constitution or eyesight. 1 have I een most seriouly afflicted with a complaint called lpro-y, lor fourteen years, while the ablest l'liysivian could give me but little encour- npemcut or relief, calling it an inciiralilt-discase. Aficr many ycar experimenting on myself, at the hazard my lile, 1 have, by the 01 ood made this .covcry. and am now ruady fully to con vim e my fcl- ow siilierers of the fact in my own person, and a-sist hem to a iil.c remedy, lor a rcasoiial'lecotnpensation. i'ci I nin not insens'il leof the dilliciilty to call mil. lie attention, so ofen deceived, 10 a new Compound. But from its lenclicial eltccts upon my my.elf, and pon others also who given a a trial, I am in- iced .o otter it to the public, with lull directions lor ing, signed v-harics Jones, in my own handwriting le eennine. and fur their accomodation it will be ft with most of the principal DruggNts in the Lni- tcd Slates as soon as convenient, wiih a few certi ficates ol its sfhcaov, such as may follow this no. lice, also, mav iciuunu wnn 11, a saic, easy anu in fallible (internal) remedy for the Pilc, prepared by a skillful hand of the medical called Piles Itor morhoids, which if lived will surely recommend itself. "i"All communications respecting ihe.. Medicines must l postage paid, to receive attention. Claremont, N. II. Sept. 26, 1810. Charles Jomei. Ttthe Public I hereby certify that ray wife has cn sevemlv atlhctcJ for the la.t two vears with a scrofulas humor the Sallrheume, or something of that nature) having applied 10 several rnysicians and tries 1 .linon evisry ining wnico is recuniii rnuru mr sovn omplaints, but to no purpose. At last hvarinaot a medicine prepared by Mr. Charles Jones, of thi town, she reolved to try if, and iu six weeks afier she M-gan to ii'C it, was completely curt.i. 1 would, herefore. recommend this medicine to all who are af flicted with scrofulas humors, such as hare been pro nounced bv nearly all Physicians incuralle. and am conhdenttliat they will find immediate relict. Claremont, Aug. 4, 1810. Wm. Roibiter. A Card. The iindersiened takes this method to say to those whe are afflicted with humors of any kind, that he has leen most seriously afflicted for ten or twelve year with a cutaneous complaint called Salt- neiimeor Lproy wmcn naevericeu pronounceu neural le. And knowing that the same was heredii- ry in our family 1 had dc-pautsd of ever finding relief, .ivinir fnih.l in all mv nttemnts lo cure, until la.t urine I learned that mv brother Charles.who bad I een for fourteen vears in the same situation had found a safe and ellec'tnal remedy, without nl'ering Ihe diet or habits, (or which I applied, and va lurnished with a phial of drop., and I can now say that using one half my humor was completely eradicated without in juring my health, and 1 have no doubt but others may lind. the same in this powerful medicine, as 1 under- tamt someaireanv nave, ne nasuccuneu makincu rervmillieat nre-ent. vet I think others may abofind 11 i.y applying ai nis resilience ui ,ii nui-muni iui the present. R" Jones. Claremont, August 1, 1840. A Card The iindersiened feels a diffidence in ihus ofTcrimr his testimony in favor of a "new Mclecine," prepared by hiown Father, and cannot hope for the connuence which wu-im i ppuuu uuu iiiw o.-ciu more disinterested. lJirt he begs leave to say, thai for six years he had I een troulled with a humor so m,.i,'tni cnllcd lenrosv. which had of late lecomea serious affliction; and knowing that his Father and other had in vain tried every prol.a' le remedy, he had nnt ihn mosi distant expectation of ever finding a cure. Being induceil to try a phial of his Falher's med- ecine, ne na inuvcu iuuuuh ui smr. speedy, amine leneves e iivinai cure. 11 u ucra snau e IlldUCCU ny tills to nu llinmrivci ui n luaiii.uun.- omplaint, hi. end will be answere.1. Ezra Jones. stomach and bowels i Sitcn as lo.s ol annct to. morbid cravings for food, sickness or vomittinc, pains ur an uneasy scnsauuii ui me pit oi stomacu, with sourness, and a costive slate ofthe bowels, llatu lenre with fulness of ihcse parts, nnd pain on pressure, with faintne-v, jaundice, uy-cinnry, pains in cither side, and piles. Alleclion ofthe head, dizziness, stu por, weakness, depression of spirit., hysteria, hypo chondria, and 1 ften diturled sleep, sick head acho so common with feeble, delicate person, especially females, diarrhoea, or looseness of the bowels, nnd dy sentary, di-eaves ol ihe skin, and worms so frequent with children, injections of the chc-t, such as coughs, or difficulty of I reathtnir, occasioned very freqceiuly by a disordered stale of the stomach. Monthly atiec t ions of females, when checked by general debility wit h loss ofappetile, intended with cold feet, etc., ague nnd fever, inl'ucnzn, rheumatic ntlections of the joints, scrufii'a, ticdoloroux, or painlul all'nctions of ihe nerves of the face, neck and shoulders. 1 have found them useful in removing chroma catarrh, if pcrrevered iu f'orsdinc time, in smaller They ore accommo dated to all age-, (children of u ycar'old may safely nc tliein,) nnd to any climate, and under nil cirenm slnnccs. I hey contain no mercury nor oilier mineral, They are purely vegetal le. Dose. Two lo lour may I e taken nl n tune, and repeated every other night, until the tongue is clean, and the discharge from ihu I ovvels, in Mead of 1 eing buhl colored or dark and of fensive, 1 ccoiiics free and full and healthy, with a r turn ofappetile. CERTIFICATES. The understand hns had the pleasure ol an acciunintnncc with Dr S. Phinncy ft some years pat, during hit residence in this villas.., where he hits attained a high character as a physician He ha. hnda,n opportunity also in repeated instances, ut testing the value of the ''Family Pills," and from his own experience of iheir efficacy, as well as from n knowledge of their good elects in other cases, he lias no hesitation in recommendi'mr them to I e just what they profem toLe, a very valuable Family Medicine. THOMAS M. SMITH, Pastor of tha Presbyterian church, Catskill N.Y. I feel it to l.e a privilege and d it y to say, thai to tho extent of my observation and experience, which is very considerable d ring several years, the utility of he art tele both for Dy.pep.y and as a mo-t efficacious Family Medicine, far exceeded niy anticipations. More than thirty years I have not enjoyed health, but stillcrcd much Irom ick head-ache, and from hiiliou a 'eetions. I have had the advice of many respectable physician-, but never found any electiial relief from my complainti until a 1 1 iui of lir Phiiincy's Pills had Leen made. Samuel CiicnciilLL. Ilarmoiisbiirg. Crawford Co,, Pa., July, IS3S. Calskill, Greene Co., N. V., April, 1825. To all wlum it may concern : This ceriilie.. that Dr S. Phinncy 1'. a Phy-ician of llie first standing in this village, having received bis medical dosrrec at Cam bridge I'niver-ity, and is cntilloJ to the higbot re-pect from the public. Rev. David i'or'cr, D. D.; Rev. Joseph Prentiss, A. M.; Thomas II. Cooke, Pietident of Catskill Bank; Rev. Thomas M Smith; Jacob Haight: Robert Dor Ion, Counsellor J John Adams, do; M. Wat.on, do. If these pill, do not give satisfaction altera fair trial they may be returned, and the money will be refudded. Agent. are hereby authorized lo do so. Aizents. R. Moody, Burlington ; L.Jane, Georgia; T.W Smith, St. All an.; C. L. Drake, We.t Milton and at most of the store, in the .talc. o30.3iu LOTION, IjOTIUN.-s.DK. EVANS" BEAUTI FYING LOTION. II ihly esteemed for curing all Eruptions Coarseness, Redness and Pimple on the Face Neck or hands, and encctually cleaning this coinolexion, and removing all dNease. of the sknr Noilnng contribute so iniicli to our general success) in life, as an engaging first nppearance. This Lotion inured a mo.i iragrant, mint, snio wan anu greai- ly esteemed fonts virtues in cleaning, .olicniiig, and purifying the skin of ademption, so injurious to fe- aaie leamy, ami rcsiuring 11 iu a 010 ucgrre ui po iiv. A beautiful comnlexion is the pride of all who possess it, and the envy of ibo.-e who are deprived of it. What i so a:!eclinglo a leaulifiil fcmale,in whose facej nature has displayed her power, as to find hercomplcx ion discoloured wiih disgifling pimples, which mar her chaims 1 A good appearance is the best recom mendation ; and as the Beautifying Loiion purifies tha skin, nnd removes all Pimple", 'Blotchc, Tan, Sunburn and Redne.s, and proJitcc. a beautiful lure, it is the only cosmetic a lady should ti. at her toilet. Gentlemen will all also find this a delightful remedy, to remove all Roughness., Pimples, Ringwoim., Spots, Redness, Soreness of the face and nose, and every kind of erup tion on the surface of the human tody. It i particu larly recommended to gentlemen lo I'e med after sha ving, as it will prevent the otherwise certain effect of all common soap, in turning the rcard premature' f grey. For sale Whole-ole and retail bv A. HITCH. COOK ii Co., No. 1 17 Genesee street, t'lica. In Bur lington, by J. & J. II. Peck & Co., and Theo. A. Peck &Co. In Vcrgcnnc-, by J. II, Bowman. In Milton, by Burnett tt Sawyer. In Georgia, by Lrenzo Janes aug 20 If Alll ! X.X University of Vermont, Burling;on, Aug, 18-10. A Card. Hearins of a Medeeine prepared by Mr. Charles Jone-, of this town, for humors, and having seen its beneficial ell'ccls, I applied for it for my liltle daughter 4 years of age, much afflicted with Salt Rheum, supposed lo be an hereditary complaint. I can now sny that after using it six weeks my hopes are fully realized in a cure wunmu injuring ineenuu s health, andean now recommend it to others as a safe and infallible remedy for such comrdaints. Claremont, N. H. Sept. 15, 1810. Mart E. Teret. I .rrnTv thst 1 have been intimately ac quainted with Mr. Charles Jones, of Claremont, N. IL, for a number of years lal past, and haTe been consul ted by and presented for him, for a very nb.tinaie disease of the skin, well known I v the name of Leproy but could do no more than mitigate n.r a time. Since he has a iecled a radical cure oy means of his Drops for Humors, I .have examined htm and mn happy to say mat ni sKin i pcnwiiy 1 suiuwii iw free from the disease. James Cromoie, Physician. Franccstown, N. IL, Sept. 15, 1810. 1 v,,s .miminted with Mr. Charles Jones for a number of year, have practiced in hi family, and administered medicine for his disease of the skin, more or less, for ten or twelve years, past without a radical cure. He now appears to be perfectly cured by seme lfon. which he nrenares. and which so far as I am acquainted with them piomise to be ol ereat titility in such disease.. MosEtt Conn, M. D. Springfield, Vt. Sept. 4, lOiu. t K...n.,sriliHt rrmnlies. and administered medi cines for C. Jones' humor which 1 called Leprosy, mn, nr lc.. for fourteen vears. without a complete cure (his being an uncommon ca. r.) He now appears to have a nnaicure irom nisuwn uin-uvcyr, amiiiu... what! tee of its elocl upon otners aio, 1 am 01 opt nion It may be of much benefit to the community. I IMOTrll o. ubbJiavj,, j-., Clarcmbnt. Sent. 15, 1840. It lThi mndieine make, no Tiin pretensions; nor excites any hopes which will not le fully realized. Come and try for yourselves, any who are nfilicled wun disease 01 1111s nitHi 11 hmj v n.n. . ik. store of Robert Moody. drncgist, liurlington.anu wnn Martin Wires Esq. Cambridge t. mMOOriE'S ESSENCE OF LIFE. A Valuable If 1 M.vlioin.. whiVh. if rii-hilv aniilinl. will be the mean of saving thousand, from an untimely srave. It has len sold and med for thirty years, with great ...J. .n,i i-,v,n.i i.j. int'acin;i. in Ihe followin'.- diseases, viz. Consumption, Whooping uouans com- Quinsy, A"lhrns, Phthisic, Spitting of Bloo.1, Flanr lency,' Indigc-tion, A'J' ,?," .' tarv.' Fainting, HypochonJriac AtTcelion, Headache., Sickness at Stomach, Measles, a preventive of Con tagions disease., Gout and Rho.imalisin. ICiThealvove Mohcine isprepare.1 by Henry Scv- monr,oi Itailiev, .-iass. irom inc viismi ir the direction of said Moore, and sold by bimandthe principal Druggists in ibe UniiedSiatirs. ' RnW ...v,s,i.t ..idols . bv J. ii. 3. U. Peoi Co and f ken. A. Fwk 4: Co., Burlisgtcn, ar.d by thi nffctly dfj'.e.-j ncrally threuhoul the. cr,jutn'. 1 IIAIH ! IIAIjUNKSSs. Iniivor- tant Ilscovcry--tlie Great Mystery fmuitl out at last. DR. STERRY'S HAIR REGENE RATOR. Dr. Sterry, after much attention to tho important subject of preserving the hair, has, after many experiments chemical nnd physical been nblo to discover and article which is now offered with ihe greatest confidence for the toilet as the best thingever 3iscovercd, for, for its softening and penetrating quality to produce a good head of hair to prevent it from falling ofT when baldness is apprehended to restore it when baldness nas taken place, and to prevent it from turning gray. It ii is more nourishing than po matum, antique oil, or Cologne water. It is a beauti ful article for ladies curls it makes the hnir soft and lively, and produces uncommon brilliancy. Thous ands have tested its superior .virtues nnd excellence, and in every instance it stands unrivalled. It is an infallible cure, in all affections of the skin on the head as dandruff &c. &c. Every family should be sup plied with n bottle of this oil, that by its application to the head and linir of children, the beautiful and or namental appendage of a fine head of haic, which na ture has supplied us may be preserved. From thn numerous certificates a nd recommendations received of its salutary influence the Doctor feels firmly per suaded he lias succeeded m producing an article wmcn will meet the desired wishes and approbation 01 the diihlic. For sale wholesale and retail by A. HITCH COCK & Co. 117 Genesee st. Utica, IS. Y. In Bur linaton, by J. & J. H. PECK & Co. and THEO. A. PECK vt Co. In Vcrgcnncs by J.H. Bowman. In Milton, by Burnet ct Sawyer, m uenrgia, uy L,orcn- r.o Janes THE LION OF THE DAY. NO CURE NO PAY! The Genuine old Dutch or Ger man Vegetable fills. Highly recommended by Doct, Valentine Mott, M. D. of N. Y., and others. The-e are the order-! Any one that docs not find re lief from these pills the price 1. reiunucj I acs, these are the ponive order-, of ihe Proprietor to agents and others. In n'lering these pills to the public, I appeal to their intelligence. If these pills are not what they recommended, you are in uuiy I'ounu out 01 repcci to yourself and community to reject them, and pnhltsh them to the world as sin imposition, humbug and quackery. The public may 1 e assured they are purely vecetal le, they are composed of nine inirredints, part of the medicine is only found in Asia and in the val leys of Germany. For convenience the.-e extracts are made into pills and will le found a sure cure or re lief for all billious complaints, yellow and billions fevers, lever and niruv, ja mdice, scarlet rash, billions cholic dipcpsia. Arc. ll l. not prelcndisl ihat this medicine i a cure for all diseases to which ihe human system is liable. Ten thousand iiieles e lorls hnve l:ccn madu to draw from the regions ol unknown fancy sonic long-spun theory of macic art, which would cine each and every disea c. Gol medicine is not found in the fire or whirlwind. Health and happiness hang upon chance wind time i- the herald of truth. The past at lcs 1. secure; they have already abed a monument of iheir greatne-s which wi'l dcly the corroding loot h of tunc. None can le Genuine wuliou a wrapper and directions on each l ux 011 which my name I. Twriltrn at lensth. Sold wholesale an I rcla bv ihe .ubscrilcr at Glen's falls, ly A. H. ct D. Sand 79. and 100 Fulton st. and R. M. Meigs, 35S Scu h Maiket st. Albany. Baum &, Hawlev, 219 Sivtrit. Troy, Genera. Agents oor For sale ly Wm. Rhodes and E. B. Green, Rich mond! Morion ct Clark, and D. fc D, S. l.athrop, Williston ; Hagar & Coin-lock, Shell urn j II. Sianton, Kt;x s Geo. B. Oal.c, nnd Alien Barney, Jirichr; J. R. 11 irlbnt, Wesilbrd j J. II. Barnes, Charli t e; R. Moody and Geo, IVlcr-oH, Burlnc-tcn ; and ly L BRIG'GS, Biirlincton, Accnl for (iiiiT.iden Co., where S i'.-Airentcan I e supplied at wnule-n't' iriccs. OBSERVE, ihat the genuine Cough and Vvorm Lo zenges and all other-, made I y Dr. A. Sherman, are sold in boxes sealed up and have Ihe name of'A. Sherman, M. D." on the Boxes, Pnrcliustrs wi II pica. ,1 remember this a the popularity of these, nrlicle-, has induced many individuals to make an nrlice, far fnlo nor, 10 fell, when lhe.-c articles nrecmiured for. 1 ha pot.r Man's Plasicrs and Sherman's Lozcneers, arc Sold at the Variety Store, pA.scof.N & Brinsmaid. CONFECTIONARIES-Jtist received, a selected vV:!ty- of Ctu-irt'a colobjatwJ wnfecttonatiejj-- ru, upror rea PECK 4 OO. Sign ofthe Mortefi

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