Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, January 1, 1841, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated January 1, 1841 Page 1
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tee mtiinn fv&t fto, NOT THE GLORY OP O JB S A R , BUT TUB WELFARE OP ROME. BY1L 13. STACY. BURLINGTON, VERMONT, FRIDAY, JANUARY 1, 1841. VOL. XIV....No. ao. LEATIIBH .1iCThe subscriber lias received and is now receiving from New York, a Inrgc as sortment of Leather, Hoots and Shoes in addition to his former stock, consisting of tlio following articles in parts 100 Sides Solo Leather, a superior articlc,freo from 30 Heavy Cow Hides, water, 10 Sides Harness Leather, 10 " Ulack Uridlo do 10 Doz. Sheep linings, 2 " South Sea Seal Skins, 1 " Grained Leather, 1 Case Men's Superior Calf Boots sewed, war anted, 3 ' " Thick Boots, heavy at $2,50 per pair. 1 Boy's " " " 1,871 " 1 " Small Boys " " 1,22 " Together with Kid, Kips, Shoo Thread, Prunella Cotton and Linen Webbing, Blacking, Shoo Brnshcs, Ladies French Kill Slips, and a general assortment of Misses and Childrens Slips and Walking Shoes, all of which will bo sold low for cash. 11. C. ST1MSOX. N. B. Wanted, a few bushels of Buckwheat, Kyc and Corn. E. J. ST1MSON, Agent. Burlington, Oct. liHU. LYMAN .Is COIil), have on hand an extensive assortment of Burlington Mill Co. BROAD CLOTHS and BEAVER CLOTHS. Also. A ureal assortment of English llroml Cloths, Driver Cloths and Cussimeres, which they will sell ot reduced prices. WANTED. A few thousand lbs good Fleece Wool or which cash will bepaid. Oct. 23, 1810. MT. VEII.VIt.V It 13.1111311, Polyglot! Bible (if iliilerent sixe anil binding-, Pocket tiiblo. and Te-..imenls and a enteral a oitincnt of stationa ry tu-t received frouiN. York and for -ale by Collet -I. ie:25. S. HUNTINGTON. MORE NEW HOOKS, Ju-t received at the Hook Siorc, A New Home. Who Ml follow. Young Ijuhe Companion. Connie-' Ida. Hayvvard's New England Gazi'lccr. Mitchell's Geographical Header, a .-y-tcm of Geography, compn-ing a De-cpption ol the World Willi lli.; grand ch'vi-ioii-, dc-igncd for in struction- in schools and famdie-. Wonder of the Heaven-. l. A. HliA.MAN. LOW'S Writing Paper, wholesale and retail, nt the Manufacturers, prices, and the best assort ment ever before ollend at the Bookstore of tho sub cribcr, consisting of tho following kinds. 25 reams sup. Pot Ruled. 15 do fine Letter do. 20 do sup. do plain. 15 do cap ruled, 10 do fine pot do 3 do do billet do Likewise, a largo supply of wrapping paper at re duced prices. Oct. 30. 1). A. UltAMAX. N AMERICAN ALMANACS for 1311, for sale, at AT OTICE to GROCERS &. HOTEL KEEPERS, tho book store. D. A. BRAMAN. -Lx The subscribers keep constantly on hand cxtcn- ton a witters, ivino no. soda anu scidhtz rowncrs, Spicesof all kinds. Purchasers will find it not for heir disadvantage to call upon us.. October 23. THE O. A. PECK & Co. T IllIiEM.- MJ of Bible. A very-large assortment of all sizes i ... fn ... . tie ..i. I .-lllll-- mill Ullll.9 iruill UU LI7. IU Olil VUllli Just ree'd and for sale at the Bookstore. 1). A. BRAMAN. 1HINA, Glassware, Crockery and Looking Glas- scs, just rcc ei ami lor saio uy i . l.ovely ct uo. ALSO, Soda Crackers. Sept. 3, 1810. DHUC.S AND MEDICINES. A lame supply just rco'd by June 19. J. & J. II. PECK & Co. ENGLISH Currants, Family Groceries, Salmon, sinoaked Herring, for sale by N. Lovely & Co. Nl.OVHI.iY iSc Co. are now opening and of . fering for sale a inoro extensive assortment o seasonable Goods than they hate ever before offered in this market amongst which is a great variety of FURS and Eur Trimmings all of which aro ollcred extremely low for Heady UAbll. uct. a. FAIRIUNK'S SCALES, bv July 10. J. & J. II. PECK & Co. GIjASS. Burlington, Vermont, and E ex, Cylin der Gla--, made at the Champlain Gla-wurk-, and verv much improved in quality compared wilh the lule brand-, fur .-ale by .1. & J.'II. PECK & Co. GENTIiE.MEN'S OVEK AI.I-Sj.-G dozen nairs Gentlemen's Over JUs. (lone? stockimrsA just received and fur sale by tin dozen or single pair ui ivionircai prices uy j.i.ui-.--. u. rij.ii i. 1'. a lie will loot tncm to truer. Butlinglon, Oct. ID, 18-10. HW. RATLIN & CO. bac one piece of blue . black Beaver Cloth, a match for which, has not been, and cannot bo found in this market. They have also two pices cassimcrc, which very far surpass the beaver cloth. Nov. 12. It'ASE fl-4 dnli-li Merino- 1 case Fiench do. 1 ca-e black bombazine-. 1 ca-e colored do. .lut ree'd and for -ale by VILAS, LOO.MIS & CO. SALT.-1.000 Minots Coarse Packing Salt, 6,000 Mmots Liverpool Silt, For sale, in nuantities to nurchascrs and deliv ered at any Port on Lake Chaniploin, by JASON O. PIERCE & SON. St. Johns, L. C, Sept. l, 1S40. LAMP OIL of the very best quality, also 2d and 3d quality, by GEO. PETERSON. ill (( Yards super tine, fine and common wool CJJJ en Cirpetings. just opened. Also, plain vcucunii aim iinirusit stair carncung, i urivcy ann Brussels Bugs, O,! cloths for tables and stoves, rush matting, printed lloir cloths, &c. by nj 1. L,UVKI.V, eX. CO. MAYNAI1I) & NOVS' line Black Writing Ink, winch ha- Mood test for more thirly years. A ca-k U.-l received and for sale by It A"?. 1810. O. GOODRICH. IVGtr GOODH. Sidney Harlow has received a 1" general a eminent til good at hi old store on Pearl street, which will be sold cheap enough. N. B, Wool receive I for goods Burlington May 28. rims. OTTER Seal and Nutria Caps; Liux and Coney .Mul'-j Hon-, natural colour, Swan, Coney and Nutria Trimming-, Hiillalo ltol cs, fur vale by Dec. 2, 1S10. II. W. CATLIN & Co. OWlKK. 100 keg JmielO. & J. II. & Co. ROB ROY Belvidicr, 8-lths. Brocha Kabyle, em broidered Thibet Shawls j black, white, and scar let merino do. G- 111 raw silk, chally, muslin do laino and Saxony do. Woolen, Thibet and fancy scarfs, just received by N. LOVELY, & CO. u school (;i:o;.. ai'iiy and ATLAS WITH OITI.IM-: MAI'S, bv S. Avcr- Tfs Mitciifi.l. The antlior 01 the al ove work- lias been profcionallv dovc-ted to ihe cience of lieo'y and the piibli-hing i if Map-, ilnnnir many ear anil hi" former proilurliun-, e-pecially hi- Mafi ol the World for Academic-, I car ample le-liinoiiouv cf hi- abun dant rcource-, Uon which he ha- so lif (rally drawn, in proilucina the above -chool work. The fitllowing exlrart of the Gco'v anil Alia-, i-frnni n joint recom mendation of the 'iVacher- in lliecity of New York. "Their merit- are nuinen.u- the delinition icinaik plain and cnnci-e. Theexeri'i-e- arceopioii- mid important, and thede-criptive ibiiniiioii and correct. Thedivi-ion'. of the American comment, are icpre entcd anil de-cril eil a. they i rally cxi-t at llie;ie.-eut time. And the cro-s mi talcmciils generally k.und in scaool ircuirr.iplno arecorrcted. The lypo'graplu cal execution is un coiiiiuoulv neat and di-ttiict, indccii the alias i- a moilel of the kind, and actually teem wilh insinuation." Tins outline Map- are peculiarly calculaiedlu ecrci-elhe -tudciit in hi- -luilv, and to fill up at hi- Ici-ure. Kor sale bv C. GOODRICH. X. S. SKIN Milt, WOULD inform his pat rons that ho has ju-t received from iheimporters, a well selected and exten sive assortment of .SAD LERY HARD WARE conssling of every article required in country shops, which will bi sold lo s'ld u , i,ll inlvnncprrnm costfor casli, ealll and see. Customers can at all times find a good assortment of ready made lirass and Hilver piauvi, japaueu juu Tined Coach, Gig and Waggon lUasEsscs. A good ,,, ,.r l ,,!;- mi, 1 llfinliimcn's Saddles, a- lesses, Trunks, Carpet ltii of a superior quality. Alaitmgirs, i rappuigs, iiuusiiii;, i ;n "i-.-, onen and close Bells assorted, Combs, f arils, llruslics, Saddlers Silk, Buckskin Mittens and Gloves, a great variety of Whips and Las-hcs, Carriage Lamps splcn ,n,i n.inrni. I'fitrnt I.nthcr bv llio sido or f-maller quantity. Morrocco and Sheepkius single or by the ilozen. A great variety of other article adapted to this market. Having furnished mv shop with a su perior article of Oak Tanned Briddlo and Harness Leather, a goo quality of ware, experiuced and lein n.r!iin mpchanics. and mv exnciicnce in bu-'mcss, 1 pledge myself to furnish as good articles as were ever sold in tins place ana un as reasonanie icriii". juusi Units farmers nrodnce received ill navmcnt. Lumber, wood, flannel, tow and fnllcloth, drct or undrest skins and hide, or any oilier nrncio in inesuapeoi pro.cny, Shop, Norlh side Court Housa Square, 2 doors Easi Jnnn 1 Invnrd's Hotel. Huriinston, October 29, 1310. I.l.j SEALS, Log Cabin letter Seals ; plain do. do. mot to letter Seals. Panoboun & IIrinsmaid. TEN cases Prints, 1 case col'd Cambrics, just ree'd and fursalo by VILAS, LOOM1S & Co. UNCOI.ORED BOAS, otter, seal and cloth caps, mulTs, collars, capis, down, angola and fur ttim tilings, silk and mohair fringes, fur gloves, cheap, by N. LOVELY & CO. having, olarined Ro Silver Thimble- and lot- of new Goods, opening at the Variety Slorc. Mav29. PANGIIOHN Si BlilNS.MAlD. TrUHIJEXA CKEAM fort in, arriii'.- 1 e-t Ncetlle-. WINDSOH HIFI.ES. for sale at the variety -tore. PANGIIOHN & BRINS.MAID. WRAPPING PAPER. 200 reams various sizes just ree'd Nov. 20. by C. GOODRICH. WRAPPING PAPER.. Patcr, and a large' and Letter, lor sale by buh. Seed Rye, free from all other seeds, for OU Pcarl-st. Sept. lfi. sale by C. BENNS. TVTOTH I 1 71,)Un.-Troy, Ohio -L receiving by -lOO Ream- Wrappmc: npiily rifwritinsr, I nth Cap P. A . BRAMAN. in, con-uintly Pi ck & Co. and Mk-IiL J. & J. II. CH'Ull O S Store. Killing whips and Cane-, at the Variety June 11. PAm.BruiN &Umnmaid. ' DIAMOND CEMENT, for mending GU , China anilEartheru Waie-old at the Variety "-tore. Oct" 10. Pancdoii IV Brivsmaid. ps. rrench, American, Satin and common JJJ House Paper, some very rich nut tern., for Kept. 25. sale by a. l.uvi.l a:.L,o. Q CASES Eimlish Mcrinoes, 1 case French nnd German Merinos. ee'd and fur salo by 1 case fig'd Bombazines, just VII, AS, l.UO.MIS iV. CO. TXTACKr.REL, on consimnnent, in half barrels just JM receive il and for sale by J. it J. II. PECK &Cn C tOTTON Wrapping Twine, a good article just ree'd w sept. -il. hy A. l.uvr.l.v cc l;o. IT'LOUR. A few Bids, of Family Klour, of superior l quality, justrec d and tor sale at I HOWARDS. GltlXDSTONES, June7. J.&.1.1I.PECK &Co. WOOL TWINE ni28 for sale at HOWARD'S. rjO I'ASII KETTLES eon-iantly cm li M. June l'J nd by J. & J. If. PECK &Oo. Ctt)XC;HESS AVATEH, ju-t received a fresh -apply ot'Congres-w nter, and for ale by Mav2G. GEO. Pl.TEUSON. AT OTICE. LADIES X cS: Gkntixmen in debkd lo tho subscriber for HoasR or CAimiAGC hire, or otherwise, are re " questid to make payment iinnieiliately, and save themselves cost. RANSOM COLBERT!!, -The sc-h-cribcrs haviiiL' forme il nirtniTshin under thenamennd lirinof STAnint Dow. in the Tin. Sheet lrnnand Stove business, would respectfully inform the public llint they keep constant ly on hand'n complete a-sortiiieiit in tho nbovo line. They have now on hand a variety of Parlour, Box end Cooking Stoves, trimings etc., which they will disposeof at Ihe very lowest prices in market. All orders will bo executed on short notice and in Ihe best style of workmanship. 3 J. J. STARR, ISAAC DOW. Church ft., opposite the jail. ) Burlington, Oct 30, 18-10. J "10UN I11IOOMS& PAlLS.-lOOeloz. corn bioom- J 5Udo. patent fail-, June 13. J. & J. II. & Co. HOSTON N. K. RUM. Hhd-. Gardiner Brewer-, by June 10. J. & J. H. PECK &, Co. BOSTON and T110Y IRON COMPANY. The ntiblie are hereby notifior. that the business ol caMing in every branch and vauety, Is done lo order, on thcsliorlcst notice, at Troy, Vt. Tbecotnpanyhave much enlarped their foundry, aid are now prepared uo un kiiiiis cji worn cionu a, any lo.inory m ine inlrv. Milbccarinir. Put Ash 'Kettles. Stove-. Plough-, Axlelri-e-, etc., on hand, or furnished to order. All who wi-h to contract for stive-plate-, or to pur chase a large quantity ofhollow-nare, for the purpo-c eif retailing-, will I c furnished nt vliolc-alo price and nil who may favor us wilh theircallsor orders, will be dealt by a- liberally as at any establishment in the country. Order- should be adcl'ie ed lo E. R. Cro-s- man, Siipcrmlculaiil, or A. Yiung, Agent, Troy, Vt. i sc-c-uru un e.iriv repiv , unci pruupi uiieiuion Troy, Vt., June 18 10. jy:9 BOOTS, SHOES efc LEATI1ER. Tho subscriber linvitirr taken tho storo finnerlv oreunieil bv Messrs. Jlislmn if. Whtnnlc, is now oncnintra renernl assortment of Boots. Shoes and Leather, which hnvn all been bouiiht for cash and will be sold far the same at the lowest prices, and as the nudes are too nunicr ousto mention in an adveni-cmerf, nlthnimh Mr Sta cy iiascniargcu ins paper, I would simply mvileall to nail and examine tho goods and prices beforcpurchas ing elsewhere. Burlington, July 1, 1810. HEXRY C. STIMSOX, ny iv. J. TiMsos, yieenr. DRUGS, Mcdiciit, Perfumery, Paints, Dyo Stufls, Oils, Varnishel, Brushes, etc. Tho subscriber laiiuw receiving iiiiiau sujipucs 01 ineauove goods; selected with great iarc, which ho will dispose of at the lowest market pices. ROBERT MOODY. RE.MOVAI,.-. LEWIS, tho Mechanical Den tist, has remove! his ofl'ico in bis (Uvi llinrr on Pearl St., nearly opm-ito J. K. Grav's Carriage Shon. wnerc no will Do n to attend to calls at all hours of the day or night. Burlington, Oct. 30, 1840. PAI'Elt. O. SOOD1UCH has just received from thcmanuticturers in MnssirlinsMts. n full supply of linen haul-made, royal, medium, Demy, cap, letter, foio-posnnd billet paper, of various qual ities, as wove, satin, hid, gilt, &c. &c. for sale at man ufactiires prices. June 30. TODINE SPRIXGWATER.-A rcccnlly discover J cd fountain at Sirntoga and contains properties known in no othcrSpiing its freedom from Iron renders it safe lo be crunk bv a certain class nf inva lids with whom Iron-irovcs injurious the quantity of juuiiiu cuiicLiiiii'ci iii tiw vviiicr rcnuera ii me incise val uable mineral water f.T every species of Scrofula yet discovered, for sale by 7. & J. II. PECK & Co. Ag'ts, Y ill AN & COLE, have received Iheir cxlen-ive ns-orlinent of fall and winter goods omnri-mg ncreat variety of fizured saxony, double nnd single width. Primed Crape Merino. Mou-clinc deLaine, ce. rizurcd Alemne. fizuml and nlam h.nsli-h Jlenno-. Gro do Nanles and trench do. vvor-lcci i-nmieicen-. Alpacca uiotti, imtjet merino, &c. beautiful articles for laclic cloaks. Erminctte, lisbury rlannel. liuured Circa-sians etc. Goat- Hair anil imitation Camlet-. Broclioiln. Persian cloth &e. Heavy double milled Broad Cloth-, Beaver and Pilot Cloths, Jticli Diamond Beaver Cloth, a new ar ticle for Gentlemen- over Coals. A large number of heavy vvor-ted shawl-, a few Lupin be-t Merino and Ca-hmere do, Netlinir, Palatine nnd Edcnboro, do. Hull (Jlially. .vlou-cimuele L,amc and Micncal licit. -. SILKS. Heavy Canton, Gro do Nnple- and other Mile-, rieti nsureii nine mad;, nrown aiat oilier color-, uiove- aim Hosiery. DOMESTIC GOODS. Cotton slieclm?. s lirlini. tickimr. waddinsand cotton yarn, -ur.erior Irl-h Linen, TAILORS TRIMINGS. Sowing Sill, Twi-t and thread, i'adcling, Cauva , ."-elec-ia-, col'd Jean-, lirown and luacli Lancn. I'laiil vvor-letl l-aemcr, vv ors- ted Surse, Si'k do., Silk Bmdinj, Silk Cords, Wor ltd Binding etc. eVe. VES 1'ING. Woo en Velvet. Silk Veivel. Valenli.i. Silk Satin &c. Silk Velvet for trimininss a orteel colors. Ro-lyn checks for children wear. TOOTS & SHOES. The subscriber ha now XJ em hand a cencitil assortment of BOOTS nnd SHOI, oftbemo-t faibionablc -lyle, and thorougl wurumainnip, whic h ie oners very low inrcAMi. I.- I L- . - i .. ii. r n I i N. B. All kind- of Measure work done at short no nee. Iliirlmslon, Chirch-si May 28, 1810. "tOOnS. The snlscribrrs bnvn rerr'il nn.l nrn nnw VJ opening a vcrvliTEO assortment of Wollcn Cloths of every variety, rich plain, figured and changeable oiiks, :,iiiiisciuiu cie i.iiuc81, jvipacca idioms, inidioma Shawls, Hdkfs., Ribbins, eVe. We will only sty that we iiuvo a larger assoiiineni oi goods ol every variety ciiaii wo nave ever ucji uciorc. uci. ibiu. i. i,e.n i.i,y ev. Co, 13 ROAD CLOTHS Beaver and Pilot coilis. eassi -Lt meres, coloicd aid white Elntmels, a lull assort- nient, very cheap fur cash by N. LOVELY c'fc CO 135 flll'.liT IItO.. I oxe- Cauala Iron. 50 liiuidle-It. G. i.'nzlish do. ju-l ree'd and for Uc t. U. sale by V H.A-, Loomi- U Uc; prs. Ladies coTel. nnd black French Slips, OKJ 20 do do. Gaiter Boots, 20 ilo Mise col'd Slips, 50 do Gent's Pumps, 2 eases Men's seal Boots. Burlington J.. ,.11. II. C. SiTLMSIX. 30,,e TOHACCO. plus Tol acco. 10 boxe- Cuvrndi-h do GO packuire- -beep do 2000 lis. Leaf do. do. by J. & J. H. PECK & Co. 45 OILS. .'.merican Linseed Oil. 10 Tierce-fall -perm do 5 do .viiiter do do 35 bbl-. refined do do J.& J- II. & Co. 80 SALT. l.ii-h. solar Salt 3000 do stciin do 1 500 do line do 1000 do Turks Island do 1000 bbls. line do UK) do dairy do 250 eloeoar-e do 200 sacks dairy do by J. & J. II. PECK & Co, 50 Qnnn XIK llrails & American Iron. yVJVJU kegs Nail- from 3d to 00J 250 do Brad-fiom 0a lo20a !lor.-e shoo Iron Si-roll and Ilame do all sizes Baud Iron from U to -1J inch Bound do do 113 do Squarej-C to J3 do J. & II. Peck e& Co. 1111113 IU I insH'l I THE Burlington BREWERY lias now commenced business, and will have new Beer m u few davs, . when all orders will be punctually I attended to. Burlington, Sept. 1810. GEO. PETERSON. . IV V. XV lA I NT S HOI. "-SPA I'LDING & MILLS J. have 0iened u new Paint Sitor on Churth-sl. niilli r.f 11. Luce'- SlOiC. wbt'lu lliey w.ll do all kind- of HOUSE, SHIP, SIGN and CARRIAGE PAINTING, in the le-l poil.le manner and on term to suit Ihn-e who may favour them wilh the-ir patron vee. ICP'Paints, Oil, oinisli mid I'ciny, iMiii-uuuly on hnrlcUnd for sale. H.G. Sl'XuLDINt;. Bcirlincton, April 9, 1810. C 11. MILLS. Ciff BOSTON Academys and Harmonists, for ZJJ saloat the book store. D. A. BRAMAN. QIIAWI.S. A large assortment, comprising nearly O every variety of quality and style, for salo by n!2 II. W. CATLIXet CO CROCKERY, Glass and China ware; largo nnd small louking glasses, a good assortment, bv n5 X. LOVELY &. CO. 1 LOTUS and Cainiercs. The attention of nur V- chasers is specially invited to the assortment of cloths, ca-sniicres, and vestingsol nl2 H. W. CATLIX & CO. 13 VJFFALO ROUES. XJ single, by 10 bales fur sale by thebaic HICKOK c& CATLIX. T3AKXES new Gee'iraiibv, on the Cla ilieatiou 13 system; a vcrvu-eful work for school-, ju-t ree'd aiicirorsateut the llookslore jeI9 D A liKA.MAN Bales brown shectinzs and shirlinL's. 8 do York, power loom, and Dorchester Ticks, for saieuy (,s3U) VlbAa, L.OO.H1S eV, CO. 30 WINIKMV SASH Just received 15,20 and 2 17 by It ca-cinent- ol -ash, a first rate article at 3 and 31 cent- per light i also all kind- nnd size.-, liirm-lied to order. Ticonderoga black lead, a lir.-t rate article, fur ' sale very low, together vv a creat variety i f other a '. 1 cles a cheap as can be lound it any oilier Mablir"" mcnl in the place. Gr.o. Pocrcso-h- NE1V llllUC ESTAHIilSIIMET.--At the sign of tho .MORTAR one door east of J, if. J, 11. 1'cck ef- Co. Tho subscribers havo opened an Apothecary Store, and inlcnd lo eonfino themselves ttridbj to that business. They now olfer to tho public a general assortment of genuine Medecincs, including allnew Chemicals, and the standard Patent Medicine; constant attendance, will bo given, and particular at icntion paid to prescriptions. , Burlington, Auji. 20. THEO. A. PECK fc Co. S INGLE. DOUBLE. UMBILICAL. TUST ree'd a supply nf Marsh's celtbratf.1 Trusses PINE LIIMIiEIl, for sale. 80.000 fcet2 in h plank inch board. 1 inch lloorinsr, and sash stud", clear and cominon apply lo STRONGS fc Co. I). Sugar for sale by II. WHEELER. Sui;. ic... 1 1 Hhd-i Sept. 25, 1810. rpiIE People's Presidential Candidate, or the life of I ..... tf i : i T.ri, 1 r 1VU1. iienry iiurruun, uy iviLiiaru iiuurciu, xor sale at tnc uook ft 10 re, price 4U cts. Burlington, Sept. 23, 1810. D. A. BRAMAN. FAIUVELIS SHOES, a full as-orimeiit just ree'd and for salo by II. W. CATLIN & C-o SALEHATUS. June l'J. 40 eaks, by J. & J. PECK & Co. CltOW.V CiLASS. Redford, Saranae and Clinton crown by J. & J. II. PECK & Co. CROCKET, Comiennd People's Almanacs, fur 1810. 1000 for talc at publishers prices, by Sep. 30. VILAS, LOOMLS & CO. 1 HO H'"P Tin l'latc, 1 X. 30 bundles English J-UvV and American Sheet Iron. 60 do. elo. do. Wire, copper auu brass wire Vellum, for salo by Sep. 2'J. VILAS, LOO.MIS & CO. 1 p. Hlids. New Orleans Sugar, 011 consignment, itJ Aug. G. for pale by X. LOVELY &Co. FAREWELL'S Gaiter boots, walking shoes and elips, a full assortment: Ladies lincird India rub ber shoes ; plain do. Umbrellas, fancy work baskets, buck gloves and mittens. N. LOVELY & CO. A LPACCA CLOTHS for cloaks: cranes, camb XV. lets, camhletccns, goats' hair and common wors ted camblcts, printed Saxonvs, plain and figured al pines, plain and printed inublin do laines, all wool, now I... K- t nun v a. Ct CASKS while and ced'el Snnol Thread. 1 elo Pins, X 300 lbs. while and assurted Thread, BOO gross gilt and fancy Horn Buttons, 20 do Fancy Soaps, just oepi. a. rcc 11 ana lor kiio uy vilas, i.oomis ct uo, Oft. , ieio. Sign of tli Mortar, ITERS'. Otter, seal and nutria caps; lynx and coney iiiuH'si boas; squirrel, natural collars; swan, concv, and nutria irimnmign bullalo robes; forsaloby lYi U. W. CATLIX CO. 100 eh GROCERIES. bests vouns ilvton Tea. o uo iiysousMii, uo. 20 bags pepper, 20 cl'J Pimi'iito, 40 do Coilee 50 boxes Pipes 100 do Bar Soap 200 do Rai-ins 50 kegs do -10 do Pure ginger 400 Mat- Cn-ia Si. Crcux Rum. Holland Gin. Sirnelte Hranelv. Bal timore luu, Aiiierican isiaudy, h.impai'iie. llrow and Pale Sherry, Madeira and Sicily Madeira, Mar scui- .uuciciru anu .uaiuga vv me-, i.y June 7. J. & J. II. PECK & Co. 100 11 YK bbls. Cam Wood STUFFS. 200 du Log WochI Si. Domingo 250 do Log ood Cjiipeaehy 250 do Eu-lic: 200 do Nicaragua 10 do Alum 25 do Blui Vitriol 30 do Madder 50 carboy Oil Vitriol Mtirialio Acid. Anna Eorli-. Nitric Acid. Carenma nar noon, reaen voou,iucr i;uron nark-, Siam Klolant and Bengal Indigo, Lnc Dve-, Nun Gall-, pre PajuT-, In.-k., luter Hooks. C'rrnniTuriar and Agal June l'J. I.y J. is. J. 11. 1'KUK & Uo. CHEAPER and better for Ready Pay. The sub scriber would inform bis customer, and th nub. lie that on account of his loss of Goods by lire and tho damaged onfs selling olf so cheap, his present Bioca, is principally mauu ircsu anu scieci. and the cloths being nought at low prices can ho sold cheap, All kinds of clothing made on the (honest notice. CutlillL' dono as usual. All kinds of (lollies rlcmrd of paint, grease, &c., anddressed, pressed and repaired in 1110 ncaiesi manner nnu urougut as near us possihli to their original beauty, and wurrnnled without dam age. Also on hand, tno waning until icw Years c runniiiL' all day after TrimiuiiiL's citc.A Ton Coat Cloakes, Dress and Frock Coals, Pantaloons, Waist coats, Sailor Jackets, Boys Clothes, Flanncll oncl other shirts. Drawers, Stocks, &e. Also all kinds of second hand Clothes, Hats, Caps, Hoots and Shoes, Travtlling Bags, Trunks, Furniture and all other ar ticles cominon and uncommon. Clothes or produce taken for pay. C. I1ENNS. Pearl St., Sept. 1C, 1B40. T OOK AT THIS. HAVE YCUA COLOH1 I fklt. IMIINNHY'.S FAMILY PILLS, lor rciuo- TO.OOO ihe or CN.NsuMrrlos every year in ' XJ ving symptom- ofirnation ari-ing from foul il,..t!;,.tc'.... 1 e . ' . ulll,v.i umii;., .un, iiiitiiuii- su .er leoni iroonic-ouic sioinacu anu iiovvci coup i and cold, that can ba curud by Dr. M. Hitch- morbid eravmis lor food, siekne- or vonutiiug, cocks 1 virgin Cream Cough Drop-, a safe pain- ornn mie.iy -cn-ation at the pit ol -loinaeli, .1, t,,,,.,, pic-i ripiiun, couiaing no poisonous cirug-, anu 1 with sourne , andn en-live stale 01 tlieuowei-, 11.1111- lenee wilh liilne ol Ilice iarls,and pain on pre ore, wilh fafntiie, jaundice, eiy-cnlnry, am- in either side, nnd pile.. Alleelinns if the heiid.dizziiicS', -til-por, weakne-,deire.-ion of spirit-, by-ieria, hypo ilioudria, and 1 fien eh-turlud sle ep, sick head acbo soeruumon Willi feel 1c, delicate person-, especially female, dmrrlnra. or loo-ene-s of the bowel-, and dy- -entary, di ea-e cl tlie .-kin, and worm- toficquent wilh children, iiileeliou of tho elie-l, siii-h a cough-, or eliilieiilty of I reathmc, occasioned very freqcen'ly by adisiirik re'l -late of ihe .-toimith. Monthly a, lec tion id females, wl en checked by general det iliiy wilh 10-s oinppeuie, uuenoeo wiin ccmo icci, cic, ujjm; nnu fever, itulucnza, rheiimatiu ncilions of the joint-, scrofula, ticduloroiix, or nainbil alleelion- of I he nerves of the f.u-e, neck and shoulder-. 1 have Aundtheiu u-elul in leinovnig chrome, catarrh, il pcrsuveicu in Ibrsonio lime. 111 .-mailer do-c-. Thcv ore acc-oinmo- daled to all aci--, (c hildren of u year old may safely tse ineni, 1 una 10 any eiima'.e, unci llliuer un ciri-uui-lances. I hcv ccmtiiin 110 merenivnnrr.tber mineral. riicy arc purely vegetal le. llosi:. Two to lour may betaken nt a time, and repealed every other nisht, until Ihe tongue 1-clnn, and the di-c harce from tho bowel-, in-tcad c.f I eing licht colored or dark an) of fensive, I ironies free and full and healthy, wilh a re turn of appetite. CERTIITCATIS. The under-iine-1 has bad the Ica-ureiilau aciriaintnni e wi'.h Dr S. Phinnev f" eiinevciir-na-t, e'urinir hi rc-iiVnc-e in llu- vdlac. whero he ha altanied a Injji cha racier a- a pby-ician lie lin- li.nlati opi-i-rluni'y al-o in repealed m-dune-e. olle-linirthe value of the ''Family Pill-," andfreim own experience e f their eilicacy, a- well as from u kiiowleiL'e of their good e lect- m other ca'e-, he has no hc-iMlioii 111 recommencbnir ibem to leju-t what they profe-s to 1 e, a very v alual le Family Medicine. i llU.W.-3 .W. i-.llllll,t Pa-lor of the Prcsbyteri.111 church, Catskill N.Y. ii-ed in an extensive nraclii-j for ,cvcrnl vear- will mo-t po-itively allbrd relief, and save you from that awful diseaee, pulmonary consumption, which 11-uallv sweeep intolhe grave hunnreds eflhe young, the old, the fair, the lovely and the gay. Have you a cough 7 Be persuaded to piirclia-e 11 lutllenf Ihe Cough Drops to-day! To-morrow may I u loo late. Havo you a coughl Dr. Hiicecok'. Vegetable Virgin Cieani Cough Crop i- the only remedy you should lake to euro you. I' or thisplaig rea-011. That in noonunf thcthau-and e-a-e- where il ha- lent u-cil ha it laded lo relieve Price 75eenl-perbotile. For sale, w hole-ale and Re tail, by A. HITCHCOCK & CO. No. 117 Ocne-ee f., L'lica, N. Y. And bv their asrent- llirccirrliom the I'niled Slates. In Burlington, bv J. & J. II. Peck & Co., Thco. A. Peck it Co. In Vergenncs, by J. II. Bowman. In Milton, by Burnet & Sawyer. In Geor gia, by Loren.o Janes. au.2 HEPATIC Kl.lXllt, A CELEBRATED remedy for complaint nri-ing from a ih-cnseil -late oft he LIVER and its Sccie- tionsj tho following are a few of il symptom-, weakne ol thc-lomac-h, lndu:o-tion,lo-.s of appetite lowne-s of Spirils and Headache; il will 1 found a sine remedy for Emotion on the Face, in con-e- quenee of tneir Icing many no-lrnm- circulating in 1111 pari 01 cite country, me siiD-criiiT are auiiiorueu to warrant it- lenelieial ellecl-. '1 Ins article i ju-t received, and ollcred to the public a one well worlh the attention oflho-e who are atlhetcd ly eomplaiul- irom ine anove cn-ca-e; it leuigiroin an eunncut hysician we leel eonlidenl 111 tin- recommending it. Oct. G.1SI0. THEO. A. PECK cc Co.. Sign of the Mortar, one door eat of J iV .1 II Peck & Co DISUASKS OF THE LUNGS, Dscidedlj 1 he mo-i popular rrinedv ever known in America Vegetable Pulmonary JJatsam is the nioit valuable tented) now in ose for rough., cold 3, a.ihnia or plithi-ic, roniinipiion. wliooping cough and pntinoii try alTc-clifiiM ofeverv kind. Its sale is steadily incicafing. and ihc propneiors are rnii-ianily leceivnif Hie nm-l lavoialjle account of iiaelTrris. 'Ihe fidlovving new cerlific.ilcs arc otlcred lor public exaitunaiion. An Intkiiesting C AS F.. Extrari of a leiiprfroin Mr t! S Clay, King-inn, Ulcocr ro., N. Y. to the priipriplcup. ' 1 itius uf the 9ih nisi, was dillvipc cl A leilMlh.lblp chip u .1. pffrcipil bj ihe Vrealatile Pill inunaiv - .1111 in Hip u iiuer and cprlnii of lS3a. Ihe er-uil. Mr. tlondc, hail been sirk a long iiiiip wilh In' foiisiuiipiicin, lit-. il.v sir-i.ti... had civpn hini 1111 Hp was 1 educed so low ii. 10 bp iin.iblp hi hplp hiiti.i'lf. end ceas iai-in; a l.irgp quaniiiv of bluui! wIipii he rouiiii'-iicvcl citing llu, vvlnc-li has pffpeied a cHtiplpip cure, unci hp i. n.iw a-lnleand hpartv pvpi liputi-. Mr. Mitotic lias icni'ivrtl fioin ibis low n, bin lip h is hip a nunc detailed acrtmnt of his cattp, ulnrh I willf.iiw.ird vt"i. O. S CI.W. Kiiu;eiiiii, N. Y June 25, 1S.58. Exlrart nfa Ipiirr r,i,m Hi J.tpi,!, TI.a,t I'nltnt.n.,,. 1,,Uhiii Iiii- bppn '.,,1.1 in 1I1I. rtaiiiiv for uvu vpars, 11 ml 1 lie medicine hai gainpil 1111 iitiiiiinciitiii rciporiij, lor 11 .rairply in nnp ilance l.tppil ui navin( 1 lie denied flci I nm bv 1 in fivttr nf llic man) nn-iriiiii. nlu.l ol which no nipaa. wllirll u,p im. i.inr.n- iiuciii a rrpibtlcii. lail.l.u. i ,,ni 'wtilcll I know by up lei be efl-cuial, I fanscu hplp but eivp mv iippiol) iimn Ihcreio. A couniprlrii preparation lias been oITpiciI here by 11 Iravelling Ajeut, of Comsiock, ix. 1. andtlieipis aiifiiiier nrncle tended lieie dial is tlrongly .u?pecicd lo berpmiuus. jacod aiYF.ns, ai. u Mifiliimton. Juniata cn. Pena. Mnv 3. 1837. Fioni Dr. Samuel Morrell, to the Pinpi ieims of ihe Vpup lable Puluionary Baliiain. I 11111 gaiipfipd ihe Ve celabte Peihnnna-rv H.itiiin in a valuable niedpciiie Il has been nerd 111 this iilarp wilh ccjiupleip siicceiii hi an ob-diiiatc complaiiit of Ihe Inn.-, utiPiiiled wilh a severe ccui-di, loss el voice and lie ratiuii"' ol iniiPti blund, which had previuuilv reclined many appiuved pcerc-riptions. Aher 11.1112 the B.1U1111 one week, the paiieni s voice renirnpu and hp wasahlp 10 speak audi lily. This caee ocrnried some line slurp, tend ihe man is now enicazed 1101 only in uttcve Inn laonrious tiuninesi. Itesneci lei I lv . Uc. b. MoHUKI.l. Il is now more than six vears sincp I was biuujhl very Incv by an nffpciion of the Inn",, nnd mv complaint was ilec'laied In lie incumblp ov n ruined nl Uiicp tiiic siciniij. I was then re.icuccl 10 as so I IiphIiIi n- I had enjoyed fur many )ears, by ludnsi iae ei;piablp Put mnnary Babnni. Since my recnwry I have icroin mended liie Balsam in 11 great rniny ca.pfl of bins cniiiplhinis, nnd so far n. 1 can leirn. its use hi. in variably oeeu fullnwpd by inueli bensiii, and in many Instances 11 has ellected cuifa ulurhvvpre wholly uuex peried. Sahiel Everett, II1111011. .ilarrh Z. 1837. For sale, wholesale and retail, bv J. J. II PECK It Co., and THEO. A. PECK & Co., Bur lington, VI. CPLMPORTANT CAUTION.I It ia singular fact and one much to l,e regretted !iat valuable medicines, rts soon as thev hixomt nor, nlar, and have received the tct and of a di-criininaling public, are sure to be eounlerfeiled, and 111113 n Dad and spurious article is immediately paln.i-d upon the un-iispccting for the genuine. Tin. has birn notoriou-lj.' fheeaso wilh all popular tried and Inly valuable inedicne- for year pa-t, and will probably conliniielobe the cao for year to come. I he ba-e and eonleinntibli! counterfeit In tin vrav meanly take advantage ol all the e.l'orl- and adicr-ti-ing used by the proprietor oflho genuine nrlile, to gel their medicine into use and ele-ervcd popburi ty. Il i therefore not le Iheduty than it I'onlnlnile to the safely of every honc-t individual in the com- iiiniiiiv i" cxpo-c. irown ciowu.anii lorever alter ui.v TRIILT all HEAltTLF-SS IMSRATESuhu ibn-irre. spon-ibly trifle vvilh health and life. iLjiiu-.i(i-.iui(r; i Ahi-; io 1 ici;.T3j Tbeie i a person by the name eifJ. II. liOCIIE- FORT, now engaged 'in selling a Pill done up in boxc in exact mid perfirt imitation of the genuine. INDIAN VEGETABLE PILL", wilh the omi-sion ofonlyone word on the Boxe viz. WicioilT. The Pill- -lilclly tin-Rochefort are evidently intended a- a fraud anil impn-inon upon llio eoiiiniiinuy, or lliey would nut have been done up m such exact 'imitation of the: Ten- tune. I hi- per-on 1 tall lilii-termg with a great the atrical swagger. He wa- recently known a-a very poor player in Baltimore, under the inu-ical cognomen ni Jim nrown, ami 1-at out twentymo jcar- ol age It i- almost 1-eyondn doubt that (10 i supplied wilh llicPiP from u Druggi-t linn in this city, who have hcretoforulieen noloriou-ly connected wilh com.tcr feil medicine-. A- soon ns proof is obtained Ihe foun tain head of thi- ncfarioti- liu-inc will be cxpo-ed, that tho community may .-bun them as they would a serpent. IN THE MEAN TIME Tllft PUBLIC ARE CAUTIONED auainst buying WRIGHTS Indian Vrcr.TABi.r. Pn.t.s of any one who doc not exhibit 11 ccrtilicntenf nren cy signet) by tho agent for Ihe New England Slate- and ' earing uate -nice January 18 III. Al-n take par lietilar notice that the following wordinir ion tho box es Wrishl's Indiaii VegetablePi'l- (Ind. Purgative) 01 llio iXonn Aincrican uoiteau 01 iie.itlli. jf'ie Indian Vigrtable I'illt aie a ceiiabt rare for dispae in its evuy varipiyul loriu, breau-p ilipy tho rncigld) cleanse llie stouiarh and bowel-, indnreu pin per clifC-harKe U 1I1P lung, skin nnd kidney, unit sti mulate dip blond 10 put lf ilclf. In oilier cvniils itiey open all 1 lie 11a1111.1l drain-, and Ipave NATUnt: Ihe (rranu ! isicion) nee 10 drice disease licnn Hie body. The above oiiiIpis, or diains, are the romuioii sewers ef llio boilv, 1I110112I1 whit-hall uinibidiiiid for rupt humors (die eauc ol di-pn-p) aie c.iriied off; and so long ns lliey aie all Kppl open, nnd ilisc-h.ll gp heel) thplr iiUoilpd porliuns of itnptii iiy, llie bndv will cm. Iiiicip inlicallh : bill when fioin ealing iniprcipcr lund. breathing impute nir, suilden Irnn-iticin- Iruui Iip.ii 10 cold, nvpr pxliacisiinn or am oilier rpu-e, llie bowel become costive, 1 lie poip-ol ihe ikin becnine clcupil, nr tliekidnpvs fail fn ppifiini ibpit fiinciiiui- pioppitc. I lip liiipurilips w iucli sliiiiiid hp ill .iiiiu licnn the: omlv by iIip-p oiillel-. w ill be teiainpil, mid cnnlinnp 10 nr ruuililalp until die bndy bpenincs iilPially loaded unh disafp. If clip cliannel-of our minim riveis shnnld prnciip bbirkccl up, would imi iheacci iiiu'nipd w.iipi. nil new omlc'ts, nr Hie cminliv hccoiup inundals'l ujl ro wilh llie liiiina 1 body : ifthe uatiiiiilchain.- bp nine elo-pd, llie sl.iiiianl nuil riniliil liiiuinis willfiud vein in llie vnllcnis fniui- nl dp.i-p surh ns levpi Small Pox, Mpa-lp., Rheiiuiaii-in, Gnui, Apoplcy, &e. or Death will cut our suuVi ins Tlieitfme wIipii sicknp-s al 1 lie stnm.irh, pains ill the hacknii' dp, qtiie k ptdi'e, octi mng skill, ui any oilier miplpa saul sviuntoius, indiraip dial chip 111 iiiucp of I lie na, itiains aie not di.c-haiging fie-pty, and the ron-di tulion i nliocii io cnniinPiicp a kii ttygle loi ihe reinra lion of lipallh, nu tune slmuld lip lusl in adulluiinprini; 1 fp v hri-k duiei nf ihe Indian t'cngnttvp IJntitan Ve geluble Pitlt.) By so doinj, all the lunrnon- .if dip huily will lip tpslnird 10 niilcr, rnd tlie laid litim'iis (llie C1118P of cvpiy infl itiiaiiiiii nr we sciffei) will be 1 pniov pd in so ea-v and iia'lirnl a iirinner, lliat llie body will In ipslnisil a- if by a cli.inii. TliP illicit f Pills may be Inkpn nt ALL limes and iindpr Al.l. cir ciicn.innce., wilh pptfc-ri s.ifely, They mil all eom 1 ti ...... ..i . .1.. 1 . ' . as locici ; cnntcfqnenny iiip can nenerxnjutc even me must dplicaie. Like nur (unci, they aie ihge-aiblp ; ilipicforc ilipy enter into ihp ciiriilauun am 1111,1.111 an enpi "y In die hlond, w 11 if 11 eu..lres it to lluw Willi lire. dom fiuile tn 1 lie pxliriuittps and cuii-fiiupnilv 10 kept me pores ni nip .Kin n en. 1 npy aie line and pcii-rt urilleis of llie hliiu 1 1 II- can. p llipv drain -all rniiupl lintnni. tioui 1 1 1.1 1 lite eivinit Hind 1 Iipv iinn-ii slicnslh and vigoi In llip wlialp iyiiciii, and iIipii ef lecis aie.ilw.iys iipnsiiciai : tipi.iii,c lliey out,' reinm lllnp hiiinnrs which nrp onnnsPil 10 tic'alltl. I'Iipv ai and imprnip chi'Pi'liiiil, and sound slcpp Inlluws Ihpit use: liecaiiiip ilipy cleaiisP (hp siouinru and howelso iIiosp slimy liiiinonts vvllichnol onlv in iialp mid r xpiip .(...- j I '....1 - 1.. eesliteoisans. In slim 1 lliey posfPss all ilipy cciod phial cf drop-, and 1 can now -ay ilu'.l al'ier 11-iug one luoueriips 1I1.1I can be claimpd lor any medicine : and lull mvhuiuorvva-conipie tiv era iicaien w cuuui in ..,1 ..... I jl, ln :, mm.., I,. :,.. n.'o ...1 inn,,.- mv IhmIiIi. ami I have uculo ibt but oilier- 111.1v ii-p 1 1, cm cvii!,,, 111 hsnpfii. ' liud. Ihe -ami' 111 llu-powerful medicine, a- 1 niider- stan I seine aireauv nave, ue 11.1- cicvuncu m ckiu s-tclta- lo- tf up) elite, cr RUSSELL'S STOMACH DUTERS. may le used in Wineor water. The-e celebrated biller- arccompo-ed purely of yccre'able- of (lie mo-t inno- cenl yet spccilie virtue-. They are recommended par ticularly tor re-toring weak- con -titi.l ion s, clean-ins and slrenglheiiing the stomach, an) incieasini the appetite al-o a preventativeasraui-t Ihe cholera mor 01 . levpr unci civile, reinciv nor iiuiisim, viiiniiiii?, heart burning. weakne-s in llie brei-t, pain in llie -ttiraach and other -ymptoins of flatulence and inclise lion, une Pox win tincture one gallon, rrice js el 11 I ox. RfssKM-'s Itch Ointment. Thi- choice ami safe ointment i said to l-e superior to any now in ne, for that di-agrce.ible and loalh-ome eh-ea-e, llie ITCH This Ointment iso cearlain in its operation that no per-on llonbled Willi the above eh. order ought 10 1 e without 11, 11 is a remedy lor eiiianeou.s erupiioii' scorbutic aneetion- of the head, orany other break in out which nri-es from sharp humors in the bloexl. Price 25 els. a box. Bus-eix's Vecetaeit. lliu.tovs, or family physic, for general u-e, in ease- of Jaundice, morbid sen-itjiliiy ot me stnmacii and tiowci-, 10-s ot appetite lietid breath, costivene-s, Pile-, and all cliicase nris insr from biliary deranaeiuenls, al-o fur corresiini the state of the blood, and clpnnsi.iir il. ,.s...m M loul and viscid humour-. The-e pills nre a mild ea1 tliaru'c, producing neither pain nor gripim;, and are t herefoie a valuable and hiclilv approved medicine, and are pronounced as such byihemo-t ili.-tingiii-hed phvsieians. Each box containing 38 Pills. Price 37 J et.a liox Ru-sell's eelcbrated Salt Riiecm Ointment. Thi is unqiie-tioiiably the best and safe-t remedy ever yet ouereci 10 the pnoiio lor tuai oo-iiimicui-orci.-r 0.1 ui KIII'.l'.M. Where other ineaus ii.ivei.inin, ic ua-siic-c ex!cll, and ihe fact that it has 1 een sxlen-ively 11-11I by eminent Practitioners speaks volume-111 its praise. It is equally ellicaeiou- in nil diseases of the skin, scald head, ring worm., and ihe most inveterate llch, 6vc. 4io. INuiiieroii- certificates might le oblainel, I ut the proprilor ehoo-es that a fair trial should Iclhe only evidence of its sinierior elfioicy. Price 50 cents a box. r or sale by J. J. 11. 1 eew oi, uv, incociore A. Peek & Co., sign of ihe Mortar, and Uolwrt Moody, ll.irlington: Dr. C. K. Mile-, and Hull & Cook, lime burgh; S. II. Bame., Charlotte; I.Janes, Georgia ; U Tyler, Essex; Fuller it Himlington, Richmond. Al-o, by the druggists and merchant, generally throughout the stule. o2.'Jin HUMOUS ! t Notwilh-'anilinglho publiejour-nal- of line day, are already ciowcle.l with noti ce- of Medicine, in which the public have very link" confidence, I have concluded to say to thoe atlhetcl wilh Salt RliU'im, St. Anthonys hre, (or I.rv-ipela-,1 Scald-liiMcl, Ljpro-y, or any other ctitancoii- eruption also ha -it 1 een iouud n remedy for Sick-Headache Wliicu arie irom nuuior- 111 me Moiiiai-n.j 1 11:11 1 have Ibiiiid a -aleand e'lec'ltial leniedv by an internal application, without altering the diet or habit- (il lempeiatc) and without injuring the eon-titiitiou oreycsighl. 1 have I ecu mo-t teriou-ly afilicted with a complaint caueu ij'jiro-y, icr lonrieen year-, vviuie thenble-l Phy-ician- coulcl give me but little enconr ngementor reliefje-alling ilan incural leih-ea-e. Aficr maiiv year- experimenting on my-elf, nt the hazaid of my'lifc, I have, by llie ble in'g of God made tin di-covery, nndani now ready fully to eonvi,i"o my I'cl- tciw suiieiiTS 01 llie laci 111 mv own per-on, anna isi them to a 111.0 remedy, lor a rea-onat lecfiinpen-ation. 'ct I am not iu'cn-'d leof thcchiliculiv' to call public atlciitiou, -o olicn deceived, to a new Compound. Hut from it- I elleet- upon my Inv-elf, and ii'noii o'.hcr- al-o who given it a trial. I mil 111 diice-l '.o oiler it lo the public, wilh lull direction- for ti-ing, -igned Charle- Join'-, in my own hand writing lole gfii'imi', and fur their a' rumodaiion it will le left with mo-l ol llio principal Druggi-I- ill the 1 111 toil Slate-a- toon a- convenient, with a few cert 1 hVale- of it- e'licacv, such a- may lollovv tin- no. Iic-c. At.-o. may leluiind Willi 1:, a -ale. ci-y and ui' fallible (internal) rcmely for the Pile-, prepared by a -killf d hail I ed" the faculty,!-called 1'ilci liar morhouls, which if u-ecl vv ill siuely reconiiueiid il-tlf. T!rAll commiinication- re-peclmg the-e Medicine tuiV-t be po-lage paid, lo receive attention. Cl.ircmont, N. lLScpt.2C, IridO. Cnvr.i.ES Jone?. Tithe Public I hereby rxrtify that my wife has I een -everely allheted for the la-t two year- with a scrofula- humor the .-allrheume, or-oiucthinged' that nature) having applied to 1'livsician- ,ii- 1 li almo-t every llnng which i- recoiiin cndcxl for such complaint-, but to no purpose. Al la-t licarina ol 1 ini-ibcine inepared ly Mr. Ciunt.l.s Jones, of thi town, -he it-olied to iry it, and in sixvveek- aftcr-hc i-e-.Mii lo ue it, wa c-oiiiplclely i-uri-d. I would, therefore, recommend thi- medicini-to all who' llir-ir.1 with sc-ro lida- Irimor-. -licit a- hav e I e Ju n-o- noiiiiccdltv nearly all Physicians incurable, and am confident lliat lliey v ill find luimech ite relicl, Claieinont, Aug. I, 1810. W.m. RoiiiTLn. j -1. i.. 1..1.. .1: ..i 1. . .1 euro. 1 lie uiiiicr-iJili 11 .ti.i-siiii- iiii.ii.uU 111 --.y to those whe ale atlhelei wilh li'iniors of nuv kind, that he has I ecu 1110-t seriously alll'c-te I for ten or twelve vear- Willi a eut.iin-011- cc.ninlaiiil called Sab rhetinii-er I.epro-y wlm-b h 1-e-vci I ecu pronoiiuee.1 incur.! Ie. And knowing mat ihe ame vv.i- lien-lit aiv ill o-ir f.iuidv I h 1 1 de-itain-d cd' ever finding relief bavincr f.tih-lni all mv .t'leilltil- to c- ire. until la pring I learned that uy brother ClurIc-,who hid l-ccn liir liiiirici-n v-t-ni--in ihe same situation ho-I Joiiuil n -all- and cll'ceicial remedy, wiihont npermg the die! or bal il-, for winch I applu-d, and via- I'liui-bed with a Price 25 cenis per llox. with full direction-. OriVe and General Depot for the New England State-, No. I'JS I reiiiotitcircx-l,near i-ourl -trcet, uo-ton. 1 lie regular appointed Agcul- ean rec eive their -up- plie-oflho above popular Pill-, a- hcrctofuie, fiom llie only einiceanu general iicpot iur ine .xew i.iigiaiui Male-, IDs 1 reiuont stiei-t, Ilo-ton. Pedlar or trav elling agent-are not nlluwedlosell llu- genuine iiuban vegetable Pill-, llierclore never pnrclia- Irom Ibcin, for If you do vou vcill be slue lo obtain a d.ingernii and coiiu'erfeit arlicle. sll T 111:0. A. 1'neK ex 1 o, Agent-in Burlington, for ihe aleof the Indian Vegetable Pill-, nl-o, W. II. IIollev. Willi-ton, Vt and A. -Brin-tuaid, Burlington. sui.miAN's voii.n i.ozi nces. CHILDREN or adult can lake medicine in tbi furm without dilll 'iilty. It i- the only way to make it plea-anl. These Lozenges are llie guil-e-t eli-covcry ever niade, for di-pclling llie va-riou- kind id worm- lhat -o frequently ami di-ties singly annoy uoin cmicueii anu a iiui-. 1 ney aie an iuf.ilfiblo re nily. and so plea-ant 111 thu taste that children will take them a- readilv a- a common pe.i- periitiui 10engc. .ii.iuyui-c.i-c- an-e irom wmiu-, wil hoot us I eing su-tHVte'd. Miiiictimo a very trouble some cough, pain- in llipjoiul- or limb-, bleeding at Ihe no-e, e-c. me oeca-ioneJ ly worm-, ami can le easily eined by thi-eelebraled I'liedicine. 'I he follow ing -ymplonis indicate llie presence ol worm-, viz: headache, vertigo, torpor, di-turlied dri'ani-, sleep broken o.f by flight and siieaming, conyiil-icm-, fe verMim , tliir-l, pallid line, bad la-le 111 the mouth, ollen-ivo Lreaih, eii'igli, ibllii'iilt bre'alhiiig, itching at the no-e, pain- in the stomach, nann'.i, sipieunii-h-ncs-, voracity, lcaiine-s, ti', itching al the anus towards nighi. and at length, dciection- and lilm.- nnd muc'ii-. One i- a do-e for a child two vears old I wo lor one four year- old Ihrcu for eight year-, and live for an adult, and should 1 e repelled every morning, or every other Morning mini reueven. RTF" Sold at the Variety -lore by PANGIIOHN it BRINS.MAll). .1' lt..rliiiio, Vi. hvlcdc Agents. A liberal discount to merchants who buy lo sen again. BLAC'KS.llTH.--.Tbc subscriber having re cently moved from Albany, and commenced the Blacksmith busines-, 111 all its forms, in the new shop on Madison street, near Follett & Bradley's Store, would resneetliilly invite the iiihalulants 01 liurlinglou and vicinity to give him a call, ns he is fully prepared in do all kinds ol work In his line, on theshorle-t no tice, U-t manner, and mo-t favorable terms Ho has for many years pa-t given his particular attention lo the Hore shoeing bu-inc-s, and Farriery in all its In anclics. From Ihe long experience which he ha had, and tho general inloimation he has derived both troni theory and practice, lie feels fully confident in re commending himselfto the mil lie. He will I- nrp pared nt all limes, to give his personal attention tn all kinds of work in his line such as Ironing Wapgons and Sleigh, Shipwork, ite. All kind, ol edge tool made in ihe 1 c.t manner and mu-t ppproved style. He truls by giviu J busines hi- undivided attention and the low unci's at which he will 'eeual led to fur nish work, to receive n share of the iml I in patronage. , JOIINSOHAGEN. I, I 1 I II, IQIA 1 I iMiriinion, .vpru 111 irp TJAl-SOM OF LIVERWORT for Con-iiinption MJ Dv-l ep-ia. Asthma, and all di-ea-cs ofthu Lungs and Liver. These di-i'a-e- prevail to a great extent, creatiug much di-trcssund some falality. All these can remedied bv- t ie uso 01 irr. I av cir s naisoui 01 Liverwort. Tliis intihcine is purdy Vegituble, and from its peculiar action upon the Liver i-aKvays found n radical remedy for ihese diseases. For Females nnd men ill a very weal: slate, no medicine can be so grateful a restorative, as it 1101 only strengthens, but iinrifiesiinil eive a healthy action to the whole sys tem. Constantly lor sale by N, LOVELY & Co. vvho havo lust received a ire?u supply 01 scusuuaim; 11114? from New York, all very cheap for cash. Burlington, Inly 30, 1810. a. BLESSING to Mothers. 1 Svrup for children cuttin; American Soothin ti'eth. Ihe linicly SIISRMAN'S rOOR MAN'S TLASTER T1NI.V 121 cent-iMch. Each pla-'er ha printiil --r on thebacu 01 11, "Micrinan's roor man s pia-icr." It is the i est strengthening pla-tcr 111 llio world, an I u sovereign remedy li r pain or vvcakne-s in il.t I a -U, loin-, side, brca-t, nik, limb., joint-, rheumati-m, limibngo, e-'e.-vc. milium a jear will nut supply tnecieiiiailiu 1 nc-v rc-ituirua nine waruiiug 1 eiure lip- plii'alion. Wnrrau'i'd superior 10 all other-, nnd for one ciuarler Ihe 11-iial price, making not only the 1 1-1 but 1(10 i heapet plaster 111 the world. It n 'brd- nlii in a few hour-, and luakc's a-ioiii-Iung cures. In liver complaint and dyspcp-ia, it slio ild I o worn over the region 01 ine liver or sicinacti, mid 11 will a'lnrd great ami a-toni-ninz reiici. in co;igii-,cc'hi.( a-iliuiii,diui' eully of breathing, oppre ion oflho che-t or sloiua''li lliey win niiuicuiaii-iy suciiii, nun gix'uiiy 1 eneiil ine patienl. Person- of scilenlary habit-, or tho eol ligud to scauci iiiiic-ii, win ccc-eivi. ciyc'l'ieil sltppori irom one ol the.o truly, strengthening pta-ters. I' gcib erally recommend iheui, in preference to idl oihcrs,i 1-cau-e lliey slick or adhere I etter and n'lbrd grcatc relief. In their operation lliey nre nun 1I.111I. Ionic nnd anodyne. They are l'ulll;losll eifenlirely di lerenl li.criMientsirom any omen unci known li-onl the ex- piTicncvof millions, who have iise, iheui, a- well n the miitisl leliiiiony, of nil the celebrated and di-tin gl-hcd clergy and physicians, to lelhc mo-t u-cfiil and highly niedieMUsltihi-ter, ever invented or ollered 10 the pnb'ie. Several person have called at ihe vv nre hou-o to express iheir surprise and thanks lit the nlmo-t liiirnculous cures theve pla-lers have o.livted, une nun wnuuau i ccn -o aimcieci with rhi'iimati-iii a lo. be unable to dress himself without iiistautx' wasenabled after wearing tine, only 11110 night tu gel ui aloim in Ihe morning. nut 011 his clothe- and call at our office with eye-1 earning with joy and hi, fougue pouring forth Ihe glndne-. of hi- btMrl, nt thu sudden mid signal relief ho had received from Ibis be-t of all ri'medie.-. Ask fur Dr.Slierinnn's Poor Man's Pla-ler. ypul heat pre cut, ve t I think others may al-o find by applvi.ig at hi- re-idence ill e.-t Lbiirinonl for icpri-cnt. liovs jones. Llareinoiit, August I, IBIU. A Care. The imder-igucd feel- adiilidcnce in thu d. -In.- In ti.-iimonv 111 lavorol a "new .vleli-'ine prepared by In-own lather, mid cannot hope lor llie confidence which wo' Id I o pul in one who would seem more d.-inlcre-led. Hut he beg- leave 10 say, uni i-v,v- c.Mr- he had 1 ce-n ircnil led with a h iiuor so- ,, , 1 1....1. i. 1 . r 1 1 n 111.. 1 in 111 e 1 c iro-v. vviiu'ii n i.cij 1 .-'-imuc irioii-al tictioii : anu knowing 111- 1 .uuer .inn oilier-. Ind in vain trie I every prolal le remedy, he had not ihe 1110-t di-tanl cMuvlation 01 ever iiiciuig a uic. Being induced to Iry a pmalot 111- r aiucr - hum- ..l.u. 111. ll!l- inill'l!! 1111111(1 II 1111 111 I'lllllH 1 ISI1. .1 -.11.- 1 i--,U. nnd he clieve- e lectiial cure. II oilier- snail e hi'dii-vd by thi-to rid thein-elve-of a loath-oiue eoiuplaiul, In- end win 1 c: an-vvereo. i.:iij jii.m.s. LlllVcrslty Ol icriuoui, inillin cm, ,ui;, iciv. 1 Can!. Hearing of a MeJeoino prepared by Mr. Charle-June-, of tin town, lor linmor-, and having sivu 11- I cueficiJlc.ii'Cl-, I appliel for il for my hide il.nighier 1 yi'ar- of age, much nllhctcil with Sail l!l.nin -imii-j-ed to I e an hereditary coniplaiut. I can now snv thai after u-ing it six wiVk- my hopes aro fully lea'bztvl in n line without injuring il.eelubl'p health, and can now rivonimcnd it to other- a a sale nnd 1 , 1 11 1 1 1 ! .K- remedv for such ioniiilaint-. Clareuionl, N. H.Sepl. 15, 1S10. .M.vr.v E. Tehkt. I l,.,r..l- eeriifc ihai 1 have lecii iniiinatelv ae- quaintecl with Mr. Charle- June-, of Cl ircinoni, N. IL, Iur a number of ears last pa-t, and havel-ecn con-id- ted by anu prcscrucu kt inni, ic w vc-ij uw-cui.ti-- h.-ea-eol the skin, well Known by llie iiameoi la'pro-y but could do no more Ihan mitigate Ihedi-ea-e Ic.r a time. Since he Ins a iceti-i .1 rauicai cure uy mean ol hi Drops for Humors, I Have examined mm aim am nappy 10 sayiuai nj- suin i .ii..-n tree Irom the th-ea-e. Javies Cuo.muie, Physician. France-town, N. II., Sept. 15, IS 10. 1 have been acquainted with Mr. Charle- Jone.- for a number of year-, have practiced in hi-family, and admini-lered ini-dicinofor hi- cbsea-e oflho skin, rioro or le , for leu or twelve 5 ear-, pa-t williouta radical eurp. lie now appear- 10 pe perioi'iiy cure-i uy mine drop- vv Inch he prepare'-, and which so far n- I ani in I feel it to 1 c a privilege and duty to ny, thai to tha stent of mv oli-ervilion and experience, which is very con-ideM1 le d ring ovcrnl voir-, the uulliy of Ihe'arliele both for Dy-pep-y and'.i. a mo-lcHicncious Family Me heme, far exceeded my anticiiiatic 11'. More than thirty year I have not enjoyed hcaph, I ut ullercd much Irom -ick head-ache, and liom hi l.ous aireetiou-. 1 have had the advice of many le-pei ml .e phy-ician-, but never foind nny e iclieffrom my complaints until atiial cf I'r Phinnev'- I'd'- had 1 ..I.. -:.,-.t 1 f'lirtir till 1 . Ilarnion-burg. Crawford Co., P.i., .Inly, Xi'.Vi. Cat-kill, (iiccnc Co., N. Y., April, 1523. To all whuin it ma v concern i This crtities that Dr S. Phinncy i-n Phy-iunin of llie lir-t -'.Hiding inthi-i village', having rei eiveu 111 nie.iicai utvrcc ai v. .1111 bridge Fniver-ily, audi entit'cJ to the highest re pect froni the public. Rev. David Porter, D. D.; Rev. Jo-eph Prentis, A. M.j Thom.i-II. Cocike, Prc-i.Vnt of Cnt-kill Bank J Rev. 'I homa. M Smith j Jacol llaight ; Rol en Dor I011, Coun-i'llor ; John Adam-, do; M. Wat-011, do. If these pi'l-ck. not girt'-atisfacnon al'or a fur trial they may I e re' irne-.l, andlhu mo.icy will bo icliiddecl. Agcntare ncrei y a iinoriziM 10 00 -o. .vyi-iii-. it, .Moody, I) irlington ; L.Jjnc, (ice rgia; T. W Smithy St. All an-; C. L.. l'ral.e, vv ksi jiuion and ai niui 01 llio store- m the -tale. ojo.jin LOTl'IN, LOTION. DR. EVANS' BEAVT 1 FVINO LOTION Highly e-!ccmed for curing all Emotions Coir-ones-, iodne-s acid Pimples on ihe Face Neck or hand-, and'Ctually rlenmng lbo coimilexiou, and removing all ch-e.i-e- of ihe sknr .Nothing contribute-so inueli to our general suecc- in llie, a- an engaging tir-t appearnu e. i In- Lotion i admired a mo-t fragrant, mi'd, -ufe wa-b ami creai ly etcenu J !'"r us virtue- m clcau-iiir, -i fiemtic, ani piirilvingll'e-'.mofalleriptii'ii-, so injurious to le male' Lenity, and re-tor i- it to a high degree ( pu rity. A I eaiilinil complexion i 1110 price 1111 po-se-s il, and the envy ofiho-evvho a re deprived of it. What i soa''cctiiigtoa I cauliful I'cinalc.iii who-eftca nalure In-di-played her power, a lo find lier '-oiiii lex- 1011 eii-coto'trcu wun eii-gn-iii po",'" her t-lMitn. I A good appca. illio is ine ' o-c re 01 1 mendation : and a- the Hen- 'living Lotirn purines tho skin, and lemove ali Pimple-, llloiche, I an, S inbiirn and Redno-'.an I pro luc e- a I cau'ifiil hue, it t-the only co-inetie a Inly -honld 11-tf at her toilet. Cteiitleiren will al! al-o luil 1I11-a cVI'gl'M'il ieii- ly, 10 rc' w: all Ruiiehne, PimpV , Kindle mis,'s, Ke ne-s, Soreness of ihe fan1 and no-e, and evciy kihJ ot erup tion 011 the -iirfaco of thu human r-ody. Il I- pariicu- larly leeoiiimendcd tog.''cn 10 ieiiiti aucr -saving a it will "".-nt Ihe olhiTW l-e certain e .ect of all com"" ' -0.111, 111 turning llie tear! prcmai'.re y Kiev. For -a'e Who'e-c.le and retail 1 v A. HITCH. COCK & Co., N 1. 1 lTllcnc -co -lad, l'lica. In Bur- lington, by .'. c J. if. fccK c- uo., aim nico. . i cck itCo. In vergcntie-, by J. 11, lluvvinan. In Milton, by Burnett ec, Sawjcr. In Georgia, by Lrcnzo Janes aug 20 Hai it: u vui :: . taut l)i-rovcrv -llie C1c.1t .Mtcry f'otinil out at lasl 1)11. STl'.RRY'S HAIR REGENE- RVTOR. Dr. Sterry, after much attention to tho important sisbj'cl of preserving the hair, has, after many cxpetiments chemical and physic J been able to discover and article winch i now ollcred with tho irrentcat confidence for lbo toilc t as the best ilunrever di-eovercd, for, for its softening nnd rattiijiuality to produce a good head ol" hair to prevent it from falling oil' vv Lett baidiie-sis npprchcndal 10 restoto it vvhcii baldness na tiUen place, and 10 pnvcni it from turning gray. Itiiismoru nourishing than po matum, anticpie oil, or Cologne water. It is a beauti fui article for hdti's curls it makes the hair soft and lively, and produces uncommon brilliancy. Thous ands have tested its superior virtues and excellence, ami in every instance it stands unrivalled. It is on infallible euro in all allections of Ihe s' in on the head as dandruti; vVc. &c. Every family should be sup plied wilh a bottle of this oil, that by its application to the head and hair of chihlr.n, the beautiful and or namental appendage of a fine head of haie, which na mm Ins Cimnbcd us iii.iv be preserved. Fiom tho iiiimitous certificates a iid recommendations received of its military inlluenco the Doctor feels firmly per suaded hohas succeeded in producing an article, which will meet Ihe desired wishes nnd approbation of tho dublie. For sale wholesale and retail by A. HITCH COCK & Co. 11? Genesee ft. Utica, N Y. In Bur lington, bv J. A- .'. II. PECK ct Co. and THEO. A. PECK&'Co. In Vergenncs bvJ.H. Bow man. In Milton, by Burnet & Sawyer. In Georgia, by Loren zo Janes' rilEE LION OF THE DAY. NO CERE NO J PAY! The CJcliulne old Dutch or Ger man Yesetable l'ill.--Highly recommended by Doct. Valentine Moll, 51. 1. ot A. 1., and oniers. Tht-i are the or lers I Any one thit tloe- not hud le- lief from the-e pills the price 1- rciimue.1 iacK, nieei are llie po-itive order of the Proprietor 10 agcul- and ethers. In iill'criugllie-e pills to the public, 1 appeal to their intelligence. II these pin-aie iicn vv uai mey reconimeiiVJ, you aie in duty I O'.n 1 out of rc-pevt to yout-cll'aiidcpmmimiiy to re,ect Ihem, and pn' I' ll Ihcni 10 llie wcriu .v- an uupe-mcii, nunc .g aim ipiackcry, I l.epul lie 111.1) I e a ured lliey are purely vegetal le. lliey are coni! iisl cf nine lugrixlin'-, part ol the nied.''iue 1- only found in A-ia and 111 li e val- of Ocniiany. tor eenivinieiKe ine-e ex' a 'is acipiainlcsl wiihihein jn jmise to be of great utility ii suc h di-e.i-e-. Mc ses Conn, M. D. Spruigiiell, VI, Scjit. 1, 1S1U. I lnvenre.cribed rcmedie--. and ndinini-tcred lucih rni, dp l . .10111''- miner vv h e'll I e-aneu l.r iro-v. more or le fc r fourimi vears. wilhoul a ''omplete e.iri'(his being nil uncommon ea-e.) He now appears lo have .1 hnilouro Irom hi-own cu-covery, anuiroiu whatl see of it clevis upon other.- al-o, 1 inn 01 opi moil 11 may lieol nuicli tieiient to iiiei'iuiimiinuy. Tiviothv S. Clea-on, M. I). Claremont. Sent. 15. IS 10. ICjrhisinevlicine make- no yam pre'ten-ion-; nor exciics tiny hope's winch will not teiiuiy realized. Come and try for' voursclve. any who are allhcleil with ill-ease of thi kind. It may le found at the lore of Rol ert Moody, elrnggi-t, 1 Willi .ilnrlm vv irer..q. l.aiubridge vb use ofilns uriiele will save clul Iron nuicli pain, often. It is so called, I vcau-e tho price places il m theiiower 11 Fevernnd Ihe painful operation ol lancing llielnuii, of all 10 p ireha-e, I enigonly m ct. Su'd nlllia va price reduced 10 371 els. Oodlrey's Conhiil nu cxcil- rietyslore by PANG HORN &z BltlNSMAID, leni article lor llio nitrscy ivj eis., ooiu iim-cnuitiin jevveucrs, 1111111111.1011, 1 c. v. iitiicsuic- i;cuti .1 iur fi-M lit tht Viiru'ly rtcre, I'amiboiiN Uris.haib. il dispo'ipt to u.;irian,! who luy to teell o-iam. SlOOUIi'S ESSENCE OF LIFE A Valuable IT! Medicine, which, if rightly applied, will le Ihe mean-iif saving thou-aud- from an untimely grave. It ha been sold and u-i-l for thirty year, wilh great -iiisi-s. nnd found verv i fic-nciou- in the following eh-i-a-e-, viz, Con-u.iijiiion, Whooping Couch-, com mon Cough., Co'd., difficult Brcaihing, Influenza, e)iitn A-tliini. Plilhi-ie. Fliilllllirof Blood. Kbvlll- icney, Indige-iion, Loo-euess of the Bowel-, Fitsol '.1 r I 11I..I .... f'nl... 111,1-. 1, ll,.-...- everv Kinu, -unip-, ivu-hvis, -v.-in, w... .,.., .-j-... tnry,' Fainting, Hypoehomlriao AtlK'tion-, Headaches Siomuch, Mea-le-, a pieveiitlvc ol'Con tagitni-di-ease-, Goul and Rheuiiiati-iiii e ri i.(inc.oi...i .vi.iirinti 1. nii' iurt-j e v iicurv ocv- niour.of Hadlcy, Mn-. from the Original Reeqie, ly thedirevlion of said Moore, and sold by him and the principal Druggi-ism tho ITninxlState.. Sold whole-ale and retail, by J. it. J. H. Peek Co and Thco. A. Peek eV Co., Burlington, and ly ihe vVders genciallv ihreugb.i'it the eounirv li.v nr.. made into ir!! and vvul I e found a sure cure ct re- let tor n'l 1 .11 irus compiami-, veuiivv nnu i iuioiis lever-, lever an 1 iisun, jauinht e, sc arlet la-h, 1 ilnoiis cholie elipep-ia. Ac. Il 1- li"t pretended that llu ineJiemei- a cure mr nu eci-e-nsi.- in m i.n-n mc- unuinit sy-tem 1- lial le. Tm ihou-nnJ u pIi e.lort- havu i.'i'n inane 10 oravv ircuu int. 1 n- i-i mukh.-ivu nm. y -oiiie long noli theory of ini".ic ar', which w.ald cine eac h nn.l every cbsea-e. God uicdn iiic 1- not found 111 the (ireor vv hir'vvind. llc.e''h ni.J I up, 111 s hang upi n clniicp wind tune 1 the hcrn'd of trmh. Tho pat al le.1-1 1- -ecure; 4hey Live already rai-exl a monument of lln'ir gi-eair.i'-- which wid defy the eiirriKiingiooih cf tint'. Nonecan I elienuiiiewrbont n wrapper and direction- on each 1 ox cm win h my name I- writ.rn nl leng h. Sold wholesilc mi l n asl bv Ihe .'ib-eril er at Glen's Falls, I y A. B. -t D. Sand 79, and 100 Futon -t. and R. M. Mcig-, 5S1 S. uih t, .!...! -1 vll.nnv. Ilium .t llau-lt'V. 210 S'ver si. Troy, General Agents for the slate of New Yuri . " MEKItl'IT GRIFFIN". Forsale ly m. Rhodes and 1. l. (ire-en, Ituh inond; Mortciti iV Clark, ond D. A D. S. I.aihroji, Willi-ton; HauariVCom-liiek. Ship urn ; II. Stan'on, F.-si'x t tleo. B. t lake-, niulAlierl Barney, Jericho; J. It. 11 irlbut, We-iford; J. 11. Bame-, Charlolie; If. Moody nnd Geo, Peterson, Burlington j and ly F. IIKIGGS, Biirlinglon, Agent fur Chittenden Co., vv hero Su'.-Agenlsean le supplied at wholesale prices. OIISERVI", that the gi'inine Cough and Worm Lo zenges and all others, made l y Dr. A. Sherman, are mid in boxe-, n-alod up end have ihe name of "A. Shekman, M. D." on the Boxes, Piuvhn-cr will plea- rememle r this a tho popularity ol"llie-o article-, ha Indueevl iiiauj-iudividuals to make an nrtitle, far infe rior, 10 sell, when the-e articles uiocnquirod for. The poor Man's Pla-ltrsand Slieiinun'it Lozcngers, are ST'Id al tho Vnneiy Store, Pancbosn efc Bris'smaio. ClONFEOTION'ARIES Just reccivol, a teloctexi J variety of Sluarl's eelebrnted confectionanos neiitly nut up fur retail trade. Also nt whnp-salp. 1 ' THSO. A PK, .

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