Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, January 8, 1841, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated January 8, 1841 Page 1
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NOT TUB Q L O R T OF 0 JB S A B CT THE WBLFABB OP BOMB. -,- r ' --- BY II. B. STAGY. BURLINGTON, VERMONT, FRIDAY, JANUARY P, 1841. VOL. XIV....N0. 3i. LUAT1II2H &c.--Thc subscriber lias received and is now receiving from New York, n large as sortment of Lcathe", Hoots and Shoes m addition to liuforin-r stock, consoling of the following articles '"tW Sides Sole Leather, a superior arliclc,frc,c from 30 Hc.ivv Cow Hides, water, 10 SideHarness Leather, 10 " Ulnck Hridlo do 10 Doz. Sheep linings, . 2 " South Sea Seal Skins, I " Grained Leather, 1 Case Men's Superior Calf Boots sewed, war Kitted, , .,. 3 ' " Thick Hoots, heavy at S2,n0 per pair. 1 " Hoy's 1 1,3" " 1 Small Hoys " " ,V1 " 'Together with Kids, Kips, Shoe Thread, Prunella 'Cotton and Linen Webbing, lllickmg, Shoo Urn-dies, Ladies French Kid Slips, and a general assortment of Misses and Childrens Slips and Walking Shoes, all of which will be sold low for cajdi. STIMSQX v !. Wanted, a few bushels of lluckwheat, Rye mid Corn. E. J. ST1MSO.V, Agent. Uurliugton, Oct. 22, 1510. T ; Y.M.VN fa COLl"., have on h ind nn extensive J nssortui 'lit nf ISurlmgtoii Mill Co. IIROAD CLOTHS and REAVER CLOTHS. Also. A irrcat assortment of English Hroad Cloths, Reiver Cloths und Cassimeres, which they will sell at reduced prices. WANTED. A few thousand lbs good Flcco Wool or which cash will be paid. Oct. ii, 1S10. AMERICAN ALMANACS for 1811, for sale at the book store. D. A. 11RAMAN. B I 111 tiS.--A very large assortment of all sizes of l)ihlo., nnd prices from 50 els. to Slfl each, Jitat ice'd and for tale at the Hook Store. I). A. .'RAMAN. N'JTICK to GROCERS fa HOTEL KEEPERS, The subscribers keep constantly on hand exten sive assortnicntsof Essences and Syrups.also Stough- lon s miters, tunc uo. soua ami sctdiitz rowucrs, Spices of all kinds. Purchasers will find it not for heir disadvantage to call upon us.. UCtOUCr J. l llbU. A. 1 bUK ctco. CHINA, Glassware, Crockery and Looking Glas ses, justrce'd and for sale by N. Lovely oi Co. iii.u, roua racKers. ncpt. J, ihiu. DllUCSri AND MEDICINES. A larse supply just ree'd by June 19. J. & J. It. PECK A, Co. GLASS. Burlington, Vermont, and Essex, Cylin dor. Glass, made nt the Cliami.lain Glass works ud verv much improved in nualitv compared with the aie brands, lor miic i,y J. cc J. it. i i-.utv .v. un. IT W. CATL1N & CO. have one piece of blue -L. black Heaver Cloth, nmatcli for which, lias not been, and cannot bo found in this market. They havo also two pices cassinicre, which very far surpass the ocavcr eiotn. iov. tat. MT. VCItXOX ItCADIIR, Polvirl' tt llil le of di iereut ixe an. I I iiis'iiil'-, I' ilib!e and Teamen's and a zcucral a.-oilim-iit of -latiniia- rvnMre eie I Irom .. ior;. nnu mr-meiy Collcce-l. ie:25. S. IHNTI.VOTON. ATAVNARD fa NOYS line Black Writing I nl J-"i which l,a Mood test for more thiriv years. A Hf ORE N'l.W 111 IIOOKS, Jn-t received at the Hook Store, A New Hume. VWiu 'II follow, Wiling La hu Companion. -o nru- I 'J. Ilayivird's .New England Gaze cer. Mitchell's Uencrapliicnl Reader, ii .j-iern ot Geography, ci-in;iri-ing a IVcr'ption c.l the World wilb iIm gran I divi-um-, de-ignel for instruction- in schools and fainilie-. Won !er of the Heave,!-. D. A. IIUAMAN. IOIV'S Willing l'apcr, wholesale and retail, j at the Manuf icturers price, and the best assort ment cm before ofl'.-red at the Bookstore of the sub scriber, cons sting of the following kinds. S3 reams sup. Pol Ruled, IS do fins Letter do. 20 do sup. do plain. lj do cap rulcJ. 10 do fine pot do 9 do do billet do Likewise, a large supply of wrapping paper at re duced prices. Oct. 30. 1). V. 1IRA.MAN. MM'.tA.MIY AND I v S. Tt- MiTrm-LL. The author ot the al cue works has 1 em professionally devoted to the science ol Geo'y and iIih umIiIi. 11111"-i.f.Maiv. it irinrr many lean ami hi former production-, e-pcrtally hi- Map 1 1 ibc World for Academic-, ample t'c-timuuonv of In- abun dant re.-O'iree-, Uiun which he ha - so I if er illy drawn, in prod.ioiiic. the above M'liool work. The following kiracl of the Gc'v and Atla-, Is from a joint rcotn- iiieiidatMni ( I'llce Teacher m I lie ei'v of .New York, -'1 h, ir mei i . are iiiunernti- iho dciiintiuiis remark ably nlaiti an 1 ivuii'i-c. Ilieeerci-es arereipioiis and iiu-iortanl. a.i'l 'hedi'.crintiiv i-lumin'i i and ccnvei. 'I he dm-uins e 1 the Ai.iiT'au ecii'ir.ea', arc icpie r uted'aud ile-eril ed a thev iea!lve;-i a ilie ri-eni lime. And the gro nii-ta:emrn! n".i'.a'lv h und in e,ioo! reiiranh.o- are ctrie ted. The Ivnoraphi r.l i in) commonly a n.l dMnief, nidcetl he a hi i a iiiml.' of the l.m.l. ii'nl acluallv teem villi i.ilorni.iuon." The oitlme Man aie tc "ili.irly r.ilculaie.l to c.ei"i-e the !u li nt in hi ludv, an I to fill up at hi- lei-ure. For :i'e by C. GOODRICH 15 U GOODS. Sidney Harlow ha received a 11 general a--oriment ot eood at hN old tore on IVarl tree', which will be sold cheap cnu'igh. N. H. ool leceive I for (roods li'irluigton .May -23, OTTER Mu I "POWDRU. 100 kegs I v TIOII ROY ltelvulior. S.Jllis. Urocha Kabvlc. cm .V hi oidered Thibet Shawls: black, white, and scar let merino do. G-4th raw silk, chally, muslin de laine and Saxonr do. Woolen. Thibet and tancy scans, just received by N. LOVELY, & CO. TVTi-.W SC1IOII1. i ll ATLAS WITH OITMNKMAl'; . s. siviNi;it, rOL'Ll) inforuihipat rons that he ln just I eco, ed from the importer. a well seleetcl nnd cvien ive assortment of SAD- I.F.RY HARD WARE consiting of every article rcpiiird in country shops, w ne i vi l lie s n.l io rau- a n-il I .ifl vr, nee rrniii cos! for cash, calll and ce. Oii-t.iiiier.- can at nil times find a good a.-sortniciit of ready made Brass and Silver plated, Jopaned and Tine-1 Coach. Gig and Wanon lUnsrsi!-i. A pood jMrmii ill a. idles ami Gi-ntlcuu II .'-audits, lesscs, Trunk, Carpet Haas of a superior nualitv.'. t rapping, nouings, i .vim ana pui"i wen an. I close Bell asorted Com1,", 'ards, nrii-he, ."saddlers Silk, ISuckskm Mittens an-1 Gloves, a great varieiv of Whips and Luhe,; Lamps splen j!.u,'.mi iii. m I.i-ilir-r bv the .-ide or MiniUr nimtity. Morrocco and Shecpkins Miigle or by the. lo7.en. A great vniiety of otlirr aiticli.s nJaptcd to imrliri TIavini' furnished inv !inn with :i su perior attiel? of Oak T.innul llnddlu and II-irnes Leather, a good quihty of ware, experinced and tern nmif innelnnics. and inv cTiicricneo ill business, ! ,d..,t..n inn If in furnish as rood articles as were ever Mildln this place and on as re isjnablo terms. Most l.tnrl. l.rmnri nmn iii-o rrn-ivcd in iiavintnt. Lumber. wood, tlannel,to,v an I full cloth, ilrest or undrestskins anil hides, or any otlierariictein inesnapeoi proprriy. onO. .Ollil Hiu i.miuijuuauu.junii, . iiwu.s , Inhn H.iwnnl's I Intel. liuriinclon, October!?, 1840. t.l-J TVIOTICI-:. LADIES 1 it Gcsilemks- ir dihttd to the subscriber for House or CAnuuon hire, or otherwise, are n: ruietcd to make payment -, and save thcm'.-Uiscoit. RANSOM COLBERT!!. ENGLISH Cur.;ants, Family Groceries, Salmon, suioaiicu nciring, lor sale oy i. L.OVF.LV Cv wo. NI.OVHI,Y fc Co. arc now opening and of ferinir for sale a more extensive assortment o seasonable Goods than they have ever before offered in this market i amongst which is a great variety of FITttStntiil Vnr rrrinimmrra-.,11 nt ii-l,L-li nri. nflr.t extremely low for Ready CASH. Oct. 22. AIRIIANIv'8 SCALES, bv July 10. .1. & J. II. PECK &Co. GENTI.CMUN'S OVER AIXS.-O dozen pairs Gentlemen's Over Alls, (loin? stockinrrsA just received and for sale by the dozen or single pair at .uon treat prices by JA.UL.S ii. 1'l.A l 1. r. o lie win toot mem to order. Burlington, Oct. 19, 1940. CASE 0-1 KnglMi Merinos. 1 ea-e Freinli do. I cive Mack bombazine-. 1 cue colored do. l rco"d and for Mile I y VILAS, LOOMIS & CO. AMP OIL of the very best quality, also 2d and 3d i quality, oy unu, ri-. ri-.usu.. k jii-l received and for alc by 11 Aoir. 1310. C. GOODRICH. FUIIS. il and Nutria Caps; Linx and Coney Una-, natural colour, Swan, Coney and iln.i I rimmine, u.illalo uoi e, tor saie nv Per. 2, IS 10. H. W. CATLIN & Co, JiuiclO. J. & J. II. Peck & Co. 1 EALS, Log Cabin letter Seals ; plain do. do. mot- j to letter seals. i-ancdorn cc ukinsmaid. rpia cases Prints, 1 case col'd Cambrics, just rce'd and for sale by V1L.AS, t,uu.uis ec -o. rTXCOI.ORF.D BOAS, otter, seal nnd cloth cans, U inuffs, collars, capes, down, angola and fur ttim- llllllg, Sllii nuu uiouair uiugea, iui uv.ij, N. LOVI-.LY & CO. fit I '.AM for fhavinz.clarihedRo- le-t Neeille.. Silver I himble and yKimiiXA i m. in rm'. lot of new Gooils, openiim at the Variety Slore. Mav2tl. PANGIIORN & BKlNSMAlD. TriXI)SOU HIFI-I, for -ale at the variety VV -lore. FA.NUIIUll.Mi liHli..ii.Mi'. "TTRAPP1NG PAPER. 200 reams various sizes VV justrce'd Nov. 20. byC. GOOUKtCU. --vritvlMMNG PAl'I'.R T Paper, and a lareoppply of writins:, 1 oth Cap nl Letter, tor -ale py lOO Ream- Wrapping D. A. BKAMAN si.OUH Troy, Ohio and Mielucan, cnnstantly receivimr by J. t J. II. I'eck it i-o. bush. Seed Rye, free fiom all other seeds tor VV I'carl-st. m sale by C. UENN.S. oriiits O Store. Riding whip June 1 1. nnd Cane, at the Variety lVlNUBOKN &UU1NSMAID. -VIAMONI) CEMENT. -J a'uU'.antierii y',mc"M i for mending Gla, China Oef 1C. PaSGD'iII 5 UltlSSMAlD. -Tv i.-rr..,..l, vim riean. oann ana cuiiiiiiuu OUU House Paper, soine very iichpattern, for o-. sale oy uu w.w. O CSES Sent. 25. r,,lwl, Mennoes. 1 case l-rencn anu German Merinos, 1 ease fig'd liombazmcs, just ce'd and for sale bv VILAS, LOO.U1S Ko. SALT. 4,000 Minots Coarse Packing Salt, 6,000 Minots Liverpool Salt, For sale, in nuantitics to suit purchasers and deliv ered at any Port on Lake Chaniptoin, by JASON C. PIERCE & SON. St. Johns, L. C, Sept. 4, 1840. OriOf Yards super fine, fine and common wool iJJJ en OrnttincK. iust onencd. Also, nlain Venetian nnd damask stair carpeting, Turkey and urusseis iiugs, uu cioins ior mines and stoves, rusli niaiuiifj, printed tloorclotlis, ivc. by l.OVKI.Y, & CO. N. DRUGS, Medicine, Perfumery, Paiuts, Dye Stuirs, Oils, Varnishes, Brushes, etc. The subscriber is now receiving his till supplies of the above goodsj selected with great circ, which he will dispose of at me lowest marKciprces. KUUbKT A1UUUV. BOOTS SIIOF.S. The ha. now on hand a irenral nortincnt of HOOTS and SHOES, of Ihemo-t ti-bionablc style, nnd thorough workinainnip, wnien aeoiicrsvcry low lor uasii. J. r A Y. N. B. All kind. of measure work done at short no ttce. B-irlinglon, Chireh-st May 2S, 1810. PXI'EH. C. GOODRICH has iust received from the manufacturers in Mnsacliusetts. a full supply of linen hand-made, royal, medium. Demy, cap, letter, folio-post nnd billet paper, of various qual ities, as wove, satin, hid, gilt, &c. &c. for sale at man ufactures prices. June 30. BOSTON nnd TROY IRON COMPANY.-Tlie public are hereby notified, that the business ol catlng In every branch and variety, Is done to order, on theliortct notice, at Troy, Vt. The company have much enlarged their foundry, nnd arc now prepared to do all kinds of work done at any foundry In the country. Mill-gearing, Pol Ash Kettles, Stove-, i-oitgn, Axiuirvu, eve., on nanti, or uirnisiieu to order. All whowi-h to contract for .tove-plai, or to pur cbae a large quantity of hollow-ware, for thepnrpo-e of retailing, will I c furnished at whole-ale price nnd all who may favor uwith theircall.or order, will Ir dealt by as liberally as at any establMiment in the country, urder stiomu be nciireut to i-.. it, tiro man, Siiperintendant, or A. Young, Agenl, Troy, Vt, to ceure an early reply, and prompt attention. iroy, 1 1., June ib-iu. jy:u 5GMMPOHTANT CADTI0.N,3J It is a singular fact ar.d one much tiiTe regrclteil that valuable medicines, a soon as Ihey I eeome pop ular, and hate received the test and approval of u ilUeriminatinir public, arc Mire to he (ounterfeiied, nn" thus a bad and spurious arliele is immediately palineil upon lhcunupectingfortlie scniiiue. Tin ha lieen LO)K AT THIS. HAVE YCU A COEOH ! TO.OOM bib or cnnsCMftion every year in i lie United Sialc, and million mier feom trouhleninc 'ouplis and cold, that can I a cunnl I y Dr. M. Iliii.h ix'k'. Vegetable Virgin Cream Cough Drop., n safe medical prescription, containg no poionon drug, and i-cd in an i cxtcn-ive praetn-e tor several yt-nr will notorioiily theeasc riib all popular tried and truly) mot poiiively allbril relief, nnd save yon from thnt vaiiianie meuienes ior years pai, and will pronauiy- iiwiui niseace, pulmonary ( L.)ICH plain black and blue black gro deswiss silks V- fordressess: chanL'eablcc'ro de New York. ro deAfricnnd repp silks, hsortcd colois for bonnets ; plain and fig'd poult desoi silks, dark and light colors, black, blue black and colored silk velvets. A larce assortment of ribands olall kinds: chinelle cord, silk cord, &c. Tassels, lace veils, worked collars, Thread laces working cotton, black trimminc lace. Light and dark kid gloves, bla:k fillet do. Black silk and moiiair mitts, by i. i.uvi.1,1 i- uu. TT'ALL patterns of Mirinos. X a Tnudionis, brown bl'k nnd miriile. fine mulities. Allitiines. brown, bl'k and light colors. Mousclin de laiucs, all wool, cotton nnd wool, and silk anii wool. French, German, and Knnlish Merinos. Alnaeca cloths, and black "round mousclin de laines, very fine and beautiful, for sale by nis ii. w. u. Tl.l. (B uu, LOAF, Lumpand Brown Sugar, Teas, Coflce, sperm candles, winter strained lamp oil, molasses, rice, nutmegs, currants. sodncracKcrs, cloves, cmna mon, salcratus, brooms etc. for sale bv n5 N. LOVELY, & CO. "OROAD CLOTHS, Heaver and Pilot coths, cassi- U meres, colored and white Mannels, a lull assort ntent, very cheap fur cssh by N. LOVELY & CO 135 SinCKT IKON. loxe Canada Iron, SO liuiulIO't H. G. Kiigltfrh lo. jul rct;M and fur wi. U. sale iiy v Loom is it uo. 3 Htp inrnii iMMiiilnr renin! everkiniwn in Amricif Vtgttablt Pulmonary Baltam in ihp most ;iNmI.iV rpumj) now jn ure (t cimgli , roliU.Hfilnjin or plilhi-lr, roiMiimpiion. wlinii)ing rougti nnd jit'inon tiy hITtimmii' ofevery kiml. la tale is 8ff.tl1v hineticini;. iiml iIip propneiorn iire roiiiiiaiitly iece!inj( lie ni'ifl frtintablf arconnt of n cflVci?. 'I he M lowing new certificitier aie olTered Tor piibtic pxniiiinallon. An Intkkestino Cask. Kxiraci of a Iriierfinm Mr U S CUy, Kington, Uljitr co. N. V. lo t he prupritpfon. "Yo'irB of ilie Dili inl. wa ilttty tecM A reiiMikHlite cute efft'Cinl Iiy the Vrgintde Put munrfry ll.ilc.un in Hie wimer tnd spring of 1835. TIip .erifMi. Mr. Moodt, lud lien tttek a long hint uiili ihp rmivumniitin. Mm tlHri.wH lind euen him nn Hp tH9 iciiirpd $n low $ 10 he miiihfe ki hiti hiinplf, and w.t rtiMing a Lirgn fnriiii of Unu when he roinmpiicpd tiding I U iUHin, wltidi ht pflVcied h ciiinplpte rurc, and he U n-iw ali.ilpand hpiiiu ppr lip wait. .Mr, M.iodv Ii.ip irmovnl Hum thin lown, but lie Ii in prcinUed int h tnoip deladpd arconnt of hin pace, which I will fm wrd tmi. Co CLAY Kminn, N, V. June 25. 1S33. Exttiicr of. i Ipiirr finiu Dr Jn colt Mpm. TIip VrspLilitp v HaUuin han hprn cold in thin CHitiU for two par, and I lie medicine h.ii a. lined an mirMinniiMi relplniu. for H raicelv m hup inclanpp f tiled id lt-i tnu dip di'i-iied r flVci I am Itv mi ineMP in fitnr iflhi iii.iih utttiiiiiii), iixmI ol uliii h aie pniiiiUMH upmt a ripdiilou pnlilir, om iiml which I know Iiy imh tu tm rfit'CMi il, I rHiituti hpln hut aiv m appiolMiiim ilHTPio. A rooniei n preiarhiiou It. if Iippii nflVipd lipre l air.uplling Agent, of Conn ten k, (S, i . aniltlieiPM anu'lirr ample enucil lieielliaiir irongl) rucpeced lo liepuiinii.". Jacob Mrrns, M. D. Mifilincton, Juni.ila cn. IVna. Mn 3, 1837 Kmni Dr. 8'iinuel MuiipII, lo iIip l'inpiipini nf iIih Vpsp talitp Pnlinon.iri, I am satUfied ilmt I lie Vr- tcemlile rulmoiMr II.iIjhii a v.itn.ilite medprme Ii Itajt open tifrd in tlii nl.ifp with complete (turret in comnUtni nl (lie limn, atienled wiih n r-eieie ctMigli, of mire, and (he raiding of innrh hlootl, uhtch lidu prphnilv ifiitietl mmty appiopl pictrripiioii. Afier lining ilie Itatd im line ueek, t lie n.itipnt oice remrnnd and hp wauhp lo Fpeik audi lily. Ihi rate orrurred tome lime tinrp, mid ihp man is now enggpd not only in acme Inn falionou hlltmPitt. lPFiecilu(l , c. b, niORIULL, Ii is now inotp iImii fix Pnn tinrp I was hiouiihl ipry luvt h) an HfTeciton of the lung, nnd im romplatiM wai iiprlaipi to be innual)U h a rminnl nl iliiee li v ifiriHHi. I wai then re-lnred lo at boo I IiphIiIi a I luil eniujpd for innny p.irt lv titling i lie Vpgpinhte I'll' moturv UriUain. Since mv lecntery I Imvo rccom mfmled (he IJ-ntam in a cip.ii iimii caet ol !ime complaint, and to far an I cm leain, its tite hit in variant) laeii folloupu by inurh hfnefii, ami in iiihuj intianrfi u Im ellecttd cures which weie wholly imex pcrieJ. Samukl Lvkkktt, llmioii. iVlrrii 2. 1H37. Kor tale, wholetale nod retail. Iv J. 3? J. II PECK & Co., ana t llKO. A. PECK & Co., Bur lington, VI continue to I e the eavi for vcarlo come The lae and eotilcmptihle eonnturfeit (n thi way! meanly take- advantage ol all the e.lirl and ndver tiim? ied !)' the proprietor. ofihc genuine article,! n jjui iiitir iiiuhiiiiii,-' miu ici; niiu ui::r til popi nil ri I y, It is therefore not lr tliednty than it rontrilmiu1 to the tafuiy cf every hoiiel individual in the rotn1 in run j i A I " I 11 " ll illlU I "I V VI BIIVI IHO1 THULT all HEAHTI.KSS IMJK.VI'ESwlio thus irre- pon-ililv trine wuli lieahlinnd life. Ili-"111I-.KI-.I UI(I". l AMi iNUI lUl'-fpl Tlicic i a nvr-on l.v the name ofJ. II. UOCIIF- FOHT. now cneapcil in -ellini; a i'ill done up in lioxty in exact anil perfect imitation iif Ilie peiluim. LNDIA.N I'.ui-.i Aiu.r. i'11-.t.-s, Willi the omi-sion nl onlyone nnl on the Uoxc viz. The Pills soljl.v (Zr prs. Ladies col'd. and black French Slip, OKJ 10 do do. Gaiter Dooti, 20 do Misses col'd Slips, SO do Gent's Pumps, 2 cases Men', acal Boota.. .. nurtington, July m. It. (J. STIMSO.N. 30 l.rg plnr? Tol a TOI1ACCO. aeco. 40 hoxe. Cavemli-li do GO pacwage .licep do 2000 II s. laf lo. do. I y J. & J. 11. PECK li Co. 45 MAOKEUI-.L, nn consignment, in half larrels just reeei; cd ami for sale by J. J. II. I'ECh. &Co ObrrOX'Wranniiis Twine, a good article just rec d KJ Sept. 21. Iiy X. I.O E1A & Co. 'LOUR. A few llbls. of Family Flour, of superior quality, juit ree'd and for sale at HOWAHDX GitixnsToxus, June 7. J.&J. II. I'ECK 4. Co. w OOL TWINE ni2S for ale at IIOVVAKU'S. M) 1 AMI KKITLr-SconMantlv " J me 1U J. & J. If. PECK &. Co. CONCatnSS WATIIK. ju-t received a fresli OOI5N HltOUMS & 1'AllA-lUUinu. corn J 50 11 ilnn. patent Pill.-, June 10. Oll.s. I IJ. American Lintccl Oil. 10 Tierce fall -perm do 5 do win'er do do 35 hi I . refine J do do J.& J- II. Peck 4. Co. 80 salt. Im-h. fnlar Salt 3000 do team do 15O0 do fine do 1000 do Tnr'; Lland do 1000 hi If. fine do 100 do dairy do 250 doeoar-e do 200 i-ael; dairy do by J. &. J. II. PECK & Co. J.&J. II. Peck A: Co. OrWI Nails. Itrad, & American Iron. UUU l.ers Nail, from 3 1 to COJ 250 do UraiU from C l to20a Ilor-e i-hoe Iron Scroll and Hame do all izes Hand Ironlrom 11 to 1 J inch Kound do do ll! do Squart-5-C lo 13 do J. i II. Peck Sc. Co. Oct. Irt. -TITICH The tcliccribus linviii" formed I .... ri nr rliin tmrl, r llif nntni' nnd firm nf StAIIT. Dow, 111 the tin, hlu-etlionanilMoeliusincss, uuiu rwpeftfully inform the publiethat they l.cep constant Is; on hand a complete n.iiilnu lit m the nl'ove line. They have now on hand 11 variity of Parlour, Ilqx und CooWnis Stoves, triminRk Ac, which they will distiosenf nillii' iry lowest pricc-i in luakU. All ordi rs will be executed on short notice and :u the best tyle of workmanship. ( ST VKrli VSAAO OOW. Church st., opposite the jail. ) UurlinRton, Oct 30, 1810. J rpilEIJurhn-tonlMKAVr.llY has .1. nowcoiiimcnced business, and ill haie new llecr in a few days, atlemkd to. Huilinston, Sept. 1S10. OEO. Pr.TI-.H.SO. I'.W l MTMIOI'.-Al LUI.Nfi&MILLS i.1 li.iv e oneneil a new PaI-jt 5:iioi on C 'lllireh-tl. two door- mhiIi nf II. Lane'- S'oir, where ihey Will do all I. in I. of HOUSE, r-Htl. SKLV an-1 CAllltlAOE I'AINTI.NO, in Iho le-t nn-t' leinsniier an I on terms iq .nil llio.e who inav f.ivr,nr ihrrn wi h iheir natron a?r. Ci"'l'.iinlr, 0,1, arni-h ami P my, con untly on ham: anu lur ia c. 11.i1. m'.m 1. IlurhnEton, April 9, 1S10. C. II. MILLS. 50 Ilhd: Jui.e 10. IJOSTON N. K. HUM. (iardiiu-r Urewer-, oy J. & J. 11. n:cK &. Co. orvS P.OSTON Academy nnd Harnionists. for UU sale at the book store. O. A. 11KA.MAN. , j OUOCKIUIV, Glass and Clima ware; largo ana U HniaHlooUii.ijches, a Rood "Mrtimm, by Afiiu .. 1 rumnrni! Tin attention Ol pur j r.i,r Usneeiallv invited to the assortment of cloths, caanmcrcs, anu vts lit. ...... w....---- WIMIIMV NASII Jnsl reeeive.1 15, 2 an I 21 7 by Uca euienti. ol .ash. a lir.1 rate article at 31 and 3J eent per llpbl i abo all km U andhize-, 1" 1 r 1 1 1 -1 10 1 to order. Tiuonderosa Mack t leal, a fir-t rale article, for t sa'e very low, tonethcr w, . cles at cheap as can he louud at any other csulli"1 meat in the pla-c. (ir.o. Pr.Tr.uso-h NEW imiJC KSTAItl.lSIIMUXT. At the si(;n of the MOItTAIt one door east of J. if J. It. J'eel A Co. The siihscrllipr. V.nv onencd an Apothecary Store, and intend to confine themselves tlricthj to that business. They now oiler 1 'he public a general assortnientnf genuine Mcdecincs, incfudinrj an new neuueau, ana tlic sfindard Patent .'icuicines: constant attendance, will be given, and particular at- .tu.iuii iiiu in iieseiipuons. IJurlington, Aug. 20. TIIEO. A. PECK &. Co. 61KGLE. DOUBLE. UMBILICAL. nl2 A lare assortment, comprising nearly and stvic, ior saie y II. W. CATL1N&CO. O every variity otqiml"!c.'J?,v'i! !?! -nUFEALO HOURS. smyli;, by 10 bales for sale by thebaic 1IICKOK. & U.V1L.1.I. 100 eh (JHOCF.niES. -bests vounir llvsonTea. a uo iiy-.ousKin, uo. 211 bags pepper, 20 do Pimento, 10 do Collee 50 boxes Pipe-. 100 do Par Soap 200 do lt.iii.ini 50 kri;s do 40 do Pure ginger .100 .Mats Ca-Ha St. Croix Ruin, Holland Gin, Kijnelte Uraudv. Ual limore Gin. American Uraudv. Chainnaiirnc. tlrown and Pale Sherry, Madeira and Sicily Madeira, Mar-,-eill Madeira and Malaga Wine., by June 7. J.&J. II. PECK &. Co. XNOUIRI ASK THOSE WHO KNOW, JL I'hn.e onlv who know bv lu'at nl iinmeili.ile olner v. lion, can foun 11 nv idea ofilie t-flVcil, of the iieifeel relief, nf ilie almoai chirni-like cures e ffecled in caws ufihe PiLrt. Rheumatism, all Swkllikos, and all ex'rrnul I'ilM. 110 nmier now severe, bv Hie use of Hai LiiMineni. I- ind one who lus uaed ii iImi ss ill nut l.iiid it nhntr llthinit. etei u.ed, and win s ill find hImi e.iinni be foiiml. ICJI'tir ilie lelu-fol cuITit me luim-ni beuii. who iim be ufflic'ed, I beir 1111 ih h -.n.k of ilm.e ss In know n.k the Hon. Alkiiku Cosklin.U Jii'lii-fni 1I1.11 ilmtriri, irniiliiii: near Aiilmrii . xrk MATrHnv J. MykiH. E-(i. Alliens . Y ; ak (im. Durr (BKF.s-, nl .ihiiisiiin nn. e.ieli if ilie.p eeiiiVmeii knnv nl c.i.i-ii imeinHi-if 1 ahlr Ii) h II oilier leineil fii nr iliv.iei.m, iliuuli Hied (or llMin lei-, 'list Utt lnen euietl b lln iir- nf Ilie g .inline 7ayt IAnimtnl Tli iiifamU nfuiher pei.inn siinw .mii'.ir une. e 111 llieir .en.e i,r jn. Mm ilieir I1u111.n1 leelinjii. ,cJli 1. urn a inii) )i ir.- 10 wnr .nffrnna fetlow.lieina. In lei lliisglf rrnifdi lie knnnn, Sr,ik nfil lliril III all jnlir ft ir.icU I hi. ll . ie iiinrli 11.1111 xheie Hie ne wy n inein are ,1 iei. 01 where ir-idei. ate incieiliiloii., liecaiMl'so 1111 H-uiili'e. .iiiielf. .ie nilvprii.eil fur the ..line 1111,1-, I'n luiifi. up ii.l) , if alt wllii luip uiird II du not ..iv 11 1. h. wind all nrai.e. 1 lien uu 1101 take 11 The pnipiieior will mil iillim ihi .inlrle 10 lie paid for iinlpit it cine., wlipii all the direction! hip fully fnllnw- Willanv one fiiirpring relme nnv luiri 11 ! II lie does, he oulii m lie piiird muie I t hi. ob.iiiiary ih h i.tulieruiz. il".vir. Ilais would ueipr coanpiii olTir lhi article, pie he noi coinppllril by hi. sen.e of moral ol religion. duty to do all in liiioncr (or 1 lie victims or dulrrti and mnerv. l or tins purpose lie would tonner devoie a fonuiip, th in .peine a dollar fur any worthies, article. (CPiOOAT OUT.-Smue iwinillen liaiP pounieifeiled iliii arliele, and pm il up w'nU nariou. devices. Do not be unnoted 1111011. iiiip thin( only will protect )ou it Is the n.uiie of ComifocA Co.: that name must ue alwais on hip wrapper, 01 you me rheaied. Do 1101 fniKel it. Take ihu direc tion with ton, and le.l by llut, or never bin ; for il i. imponible for any other to be line or (f inline. nuiVJ iu,i unin. Sold by ComifocJt 4- Co. ? I'leiclier .11 pel, N. Vmk. TIIEO A I'ECK & Co. Wliulei.ile fur the Stale of Vpiiiioiii. RAKNI1S' new Geography, on the Cla-Mfication .i-.irni : a verv useful work for n-hoob, int ree'd an.lfnra!eat the llook.lore je!9 l A 1IKAMAN OH Main brown shccttnps nnd sliirtiiiirfs. 8 do. OU York, power loom, and Dorchester Ticks, fdr saleby (sSO) VILAS, LOOM IS & CO. PI Mi I.IMIIIEU, forsale. B0.000 leel i in 11 ..lank innh Irinnl. ll ilicll floorilliT. Bllll fa-h til I, clear and common apdy to ST'ltO.NGS & Co. . . .. I IL .1 II C A.. ..I. I L- .-mt. 25, 1810. H. WUEI-XEn. OYK STUl'FS. bids. Cam Wuml do Log Wood Si. Dnininfu do Isig Wuod C'anpvachy do Ku-lio do Nicaragua do Alum do lllue Vitriol do MuiMcr SO carhovt. Oil Vitriol Murini;,. Aelif. An ia FortN. Nitric Acid. Carcuma liar Wood, Peach Wood, Quer Citron Uark, Spanish rlotant and ueni?ai inni;o. uac uye, .sunuaiis, prv- 'apcrs, Jacks, 1 enter Jlooks, i-rcam lanar unu Agai June lD. by J. & J. II. PECK & Co. 100 200 250 250 200 10 25 30 rpiIE People's Presidential Candidate, or the life of X win. Iicnry iiarnuii, ujr ... sale at the Uook Store, price aO eta. ,... Uurlington, Bept.iJ, miu. " 17AUWEI.IS SHOES, a full as-orim ent ju.i 1 reo'd and for .ale by IL W. LAI LI.N & C s ALI3HATUS. June 19. 40 cask, by . J. &, J. PECK &Co, rsnnivv Rcdlord. Saranao and Clinton U irownly J- & 'j- C0, - ROCKET, Comicand People's Almanacs, for 1&I0, 40M for sale at VflA&CO. 1 nCi HoxesTm Plate, i X. 30 bundlis English Shfi t Iron. 50 uo. do, do. Wire, copper and'brass wire Villuni, , for - sale by Sep, 2i. VILAS, LOOM IS & CO. - Hhds. New Orleans Susar, on consignment, 5 Auf. 6 for sale by N. LOVr.LV fa Co. TUST ree'd a tuprlvof Marsh's, p. I. I.ratcd Trusses, 1) of every description, for sale by the dozen or single 0:t, I, 1610. TJIEO, A. PECK & Co. fr'sncf tfc 'J'.ltsr. T FAREWELL'S Gaiter boots, walkina shoes and 1 . C.ll ncenrlmeill 1 I .Sll If'S 1 1I1C11 ll I UUia I UO- ber shoes I plain do. Uinhrtllas, fancy work baskets, buck elovcsand mittens. N. LOVLIA fa CO. T i.i'AfttM ni.orilS for cloaks t erupes, camb J. lets, cainbletecns, goats' hair and common wors- i.l r.nntt.lelfl. nrintril Synnvri. Iilaill and fllTtircd al- pincs, plain and printed muslin ilc laines, all wool, now opeiiiiiuy ' .w - n riASKS white and col'd Snool Thread. 1 do Pins, ji 'inn lim. w bun nnd assorted Thread. 500 cross mlt and fancy Horn Huttons, 20 do Fancy Soaps, just Sept. 21. rec d and for sale tjy Vilas, loo.mis ol uo. miRtPKll and belter for Ileadv Pav. The sub J senber would inform his customers and the pub lic that on account of his loss of Goods by fire and the daniared ones scllin" off so cheap, his present SlOCK IS principally lliuuu iil-sii unu ii.i.iiu mi cloths being botignt at low prices can uo sum cneap. All kinds nf eloihinrr made on the shortest notice, Cutting done as usual. All kinds of clothes cleaned of paint, grease, &c, and dressed, pressed and repaired in the neatest manner and brought as near as possible to their orurinal beaut v. and warranted without uam- . , - - , . i .' :i v i-C. .liso Oil liauu, V"o wuiiini; until new leuis ui aiimiiir nil i'av after 1 rimiiiiliHH cvc.,1 lop l oats, Clnakea. Dress and I-'rock Coats. Pantaloons. Waist coats. Sailor Jackets. ISovs Clothes. Flannel! and other shirts. Drawers, Stocks, &c. Also all kinds of second hand Clothes, Hats, Uaps, iioots and ouoes TrnvpUini. Hairs. Trunks. Furniture and all oilier ar ticles common and uncommon. Clothes or produce taken for pay. Ubisfso Pearl St., sept. 10, IBIU. T?UHS. Otlcr, ueal and nmrta caps j lynx aim coney I P ,nir. . l.,-i,ia, srmirrpl. natural collars t swan. coney, and nutria trimming buffalo rpben for sale by I j)J? Jli W, CATLI.N CO, TI..( KKVI1TII... The siibti'rilier havilitr re JJ eenilv moved from Alhanv. and coinmciieeil the lllaek.initliliuM'ncs-,in all its forms, in the new .hop on MadUon street, near Follett fa llradlt-v's Store, would resiieetliilly invite the inhabitants of lliirlim?loii and vicinity to irivo biin a call, u. he is fully prepared 10 do all Kllld. HI worn III Ills line, un inv nmnr-i n.'- i it. el manlier, and ino-i lavorame icrni-. no u fur many years pa-t Riven his partimliir attention it.r. 1 1 nr... .In. .in! liuinu.. and Furrierv in all i..,..rf... hrn n ine mill; exner enru vn en no mi bud, and the generai iulorination be lias ilerivwl lili from theory und pructiiv, he feels fullv i confident in re ....,,.,,,..,,,11.,.. Iiim.i-irin ihc niililn-. He will Is! pre- ...... I,,, ir,im.- innive tii- m'r.-onal attention to all Linds of work in hi line Mich rts Ironinjr, Wafgon. and Sleishu, SlilpworKj au:. ah kinus oi wpy loin, made in the laM manner and ino-t approved slj le. Ho tru.ts that by giving bu-ine.-s hi nndividetl attention and the low prices at which he will lie enabled to fur- nun work, to receive a su.ire ui 1 j 30 K AO K N Purlinjncr-, Arr"l jo Wi eoii.iimiiiiiin. which iimiiiIIv -wewp- inlotliu jrave luinnreiU ef the younjr, tlieo'd, I lie fair, the lovely and the gay. Hac 'you a cough J De liersuadeil to piircha-o a lottlcol Ilie Cough Drops to-ilavl To-morrow may 1 c too late. Have you a cnushT Dr. Hitcecok's Vegetable Virgin Cream Cough Cropi i the only rcmcdv you .honld take lo euro you. For tliNplaig reason. That in nooneuf the thau-nnd ease, where it ha Leen n-ed ba" It lailtsj to relieve Price 75ccnti (ier bottle. Kor .ale, v hute.ale and Ile lail, by A. HITCHCOCK & CO. Sit. 117 Gcnc ce -I., Uliea, N. Y. And by their agents thrtiiiirhinit the United Stales. In Rurlington, by J. fa J. II. Peck & Co., Theo. A. Peck & Co. In Vergenncs, by J. II. Row man. In Milton, by Eurtict & Sawyer. In Geor gia, by Lorenzo Janes. au.2 D" n' lloehefort are evidently intcudcil as a fraud am! impu-itiuu upon the eoinmiiniiy, or they 'nnnkl not nave Lecnoonc up in siicnexnci iiimation oi tticcen iinitf. Thipcr-on i tall I bi-tering with a gicat the atrical swagger. He wa recently known a u icry poor player in Ualliinure, under the inimical rognoineii of Jim Urowu, and is a I out tucntv liv u ear-. of age' It i almost Icyonda doubt thai hois supplied with the Pills Irom u Drusgi-t firm iu this city, who have heretofore I ecu notortou-ly cunnccicd wiih counter led medicine. As soon a proof i" oblaine-1 the foun tain head of this nefario'i" b-itiiic. will I c exno-cd. thai the community may .-li-iti them as they would a serpent. IN THE MEAN TIME l llft PUI1I.IC ARE C'AV- TIO.SKI) traimt bill ing WniGH'P.S Indian Pills ol snv one who doe- not exhibit a certllieale of nirell- cy Mgncd by the agent for the New England Sialc- and 'caring ua'e Miice January jsui. ai-o take par ticular notice that the folluwiiu wording i-on thu box es Wright's Indian Veielal-lePill (Ind. Purgaliie) of 'he North American Cullese of Health. 77if Indian i'tx'lnble Pills aie ii eeilaiii rare fur li.eare in its eet) l.uiei nf form, bi-e.ui.p ihey llin iouiiiiii eiean. e ine stouini-11 aim iiiiuch. iiittiirpa tnu- per di.i harip In the liuiji., .km and kuliiev, and sir inul.ite ilie uluod 10 puur iteelf. In oilier u.nid ilu- lien nil ilie n.iiural diain., and le.te SATUriK Ifie Grand I'hytician) nee lu drue di.-ea.e finui 1 tie hiniy. The nhiiie omlels, or diaui., me the eunliliiin sen prs nf the limlv , lluoiigli huh all mm hid .mil rui nipt hnniiiis (ilie caup nl ili.e.Hp) aie eniiii-il . IT ; .mil so long 11. ihey tup all kepi nppu, nnd ili.rli.iiie lieel) llilr iilloilpil liiirliniis nf I'Uiiniui, the lindv will eniu iinup 111 bealili bin uhen finin eaimii imiiiiniei mod, bipalhini unpiiic nir, .iiddpn linn-iliun. hum 111 iild. ovei nxli.iusi inn 111 am oilier enn-e, Hip Imiiel. Iieentnp cnrliie the pure, nl I tit- .km beeiniie cln.eil, or ihekithie). f.iit (.1 peifnilll ll.eii Innciii.n piii)ieil. the impiiriiiPii Milieu .Ituiiiu he drai fd hum Hie hml) by iliere ntiilei.. will ne leiauied, anil cnntinup to ne. -iiiiiuiaip mini Hie liii'K tieciiuics lii.iiiilv loaded ivuii di.a.e Iftlie ehann-!. nf our might) rivpi. ilunild b.eoine blucked up, wunld nut ilipm-ri mii'iiied waiei. fiiid new uiiili-t., nr 1 lie cnitntry beeuuie innndaie'l 7 Jli.l .0 vviill die human Imdv : iflhe natliliildrniuii be- -omp clo.eil. Ilie .ihpimiii 1.11,1 rniiuni luiiimi. uiii unu vent in 1 lie laiiiiiis Ioiiiih nf di.en.e .111 h a. I-'pici. Small Pox, Mea.le',, (hiiii, Ainplexy. &c. or Deaih will eti-l our uflei nirj. Theiefuie, ullPIl firknp.. ill I tie sllllll.ll-ll, naills III die ami side, ninrk nul.e. bin nini .kin. 01 11111 oner unnli-a sam symptom., indicaip. one ur muie of the na. lural itruuis aie not di.i-liaiging lieeiy, mm tup tiitiuii i ulioiit to eiuiiniPiiee a .iiui;itlp Im ill re.inni. tion of health, uu lime shoiilil be lu.i in udinini.ierhig a feA' brisk dure, nf ilie Indian 1'iiijhihp liinian 1 gelublt I'lllt.) lie ro doiiis, all Ilie liuic-i ion- ,,l ilie uudy mil lie ipstuieci 10 unler, rnd Hie imil 1111111111. (iIip cause of eveiy iiidainalion nr 111111 ne ruffei) will be ipinoied in so ea.y mid imiurul a uuiniipr, lh.11 ilie limlv will lie bv a charm. 1 up iiihup Pills may be taken al ALL limes and under ai.Lcii rum. lances, Willi iieueei s.irpiy, I bey .uu all coal niiimi nnd nil ages, and 111 e In ihe hitman 111 inn a. ii.imi ; ron.rnueiiuy ine can ntner imure pien nip iiin.t delicate. I.Ike our luod, iiipv 111 e iliep.tilil iheiefnie ttipy enter iniii the circulanon and impaii un pupieyioiiie iiiouii. Hineiien.iuie.ii 10 iwvt wiiii im-p dam nuilp tn dip pxlieuiitips und cnii.euiiPntlv to k.ei Hip tinres urine .Km open. I hey are Hue and peilen liurifieis nf 1 Ue hlunil : bccaiire iIipv drain nil eniiiiiil hiimnr. fioul that life eiiiuit fluid. I'liev imparl .iienmli and vi-oi 10 Hip whale sv.ietu, and llieii el frrM arp.iluav. beni' ; iiecati.e ihey 011I1' leuioip ih'i.e hiiiiinr. hii h lire oppn.ed 10 health. I'lifV aid and iinoiuie diitPriinii, mid .iiuml .leeit fuliuu. iheii n.e : lieeau.p ihey etpan.p the siumnrli ami biiwi-lsol 1I10.1 elimv uiiuinnr. which mil cinlv 111 llaie an.I exeue ilie iipiioii. .v.ifiu. Inn iiai.ilvzp mid weakpii ilie dis ae.iiipoii: ins. In .linn ihey nni-e... all ihey eoo.l luniienips lhat can lie claimed lur any niPilicine : anil ivhai hi. ipiy leui-iikable, il i. uticily iiupo.ib'e lo u-e I hem witluiui hriirlit. Price. 25 cents per Uox. with full directinns. O1II1 and General Depot fur lhe New England Slate, No. IU-3 I reinoniMrivi, near i-ijuri -trcei, no-ton. The recular appointed Agent can receive iheir .up-plic- fjf tlie nlajiu popular Pill-, a heiclnfurc, from the only otheeand general depot fur the New England State, lOSTrcnioni Mreet, llo-iou. I'ullar. or trai elliiigageut are not alloucdtn.ill the geiiiiiiieindinii vegetable Pill-, thcrefoie never purcha-e Irnm them, lor ff youdo voitwill be tore to obtain a dangerous and cuun'.erfelt article. til Theo. A. Pkck fa Co, AientM'n Rurlington, fur the .aleiif lhe Indian Vegetal le Pill", al-o, W. II. HnLt.KT, Willi-ton, Vt. and A. Ilrtii-muiii, Uuriintrlon. HEPATIC ELIXIIl, ACELrilRATED remedy fur complaint. nrUing from a ili.ej.eil Male of ilie LIVER and it,Scen'. lion.J the folliiwins are a few of it- symptom-, wiaktic.'.tif the.tiim.ich, lndi2e-tion,lo-s ofappetilc lownfps of Spirits- and Headache ; it will be found a Mire remedy lor Eruptions on lhe Face. In con-e- iiieneeot tneir icing many nctrunN eimuaiimr in thi part ofthe country, the -uli-crils-r-" are authorized warrant its Lenchcial elect-. 1 his arliele i tii-t receilcil, and o'lereil lo lhe publie n one well worlh lhe alteiition oflho-e who ate aHlieied by eoinplainl" from lhe above di-ea-e; it leingfrnm'an enu'nenl bvsiciun we feel eoutident in t Im-. recommending it. Oi-t. C.IStO. THEO. A. PECK fa Co- Sign of lhe Mortar, one door ea-l of J fa J II Peck fa Co HVSUi HS ! ! Notwithstanding the put Imjour nals of iho (lav, are already crowded with noti ce, of Medicines, in which the pul lie have very little confidence, I have concluded lo .ay to tho-e a'llbete.1 with Salt Rheum, St. Anthony'.-, (ire, (or Ery.-ipela-,) Scald-Head, Ljproy, or any other ciitancoii eruption al-o I1n.1t leen found a remedy for Sick-Htadacht from humors in the stomach. That I haiefound a-aleanue :ectual remedy hy an internal application, without a'tenng the diet or habit" (11 temperate) and without injuring the coii-tilulioii orcjesishl. 1 bale 1 ecn most serio i-ly allli--ied with ncollipiailll cautsi ia'pru-y, ior lunrieen year-, wniie the ablet Phy-ieiaii could gnu me but link enco ir Hsvinent or relief, calling itan nieiir.ibled.ea.e. many year-c.pcriuicntiii2 011 my.-eir, at lhe hazard of iny'lifc. I hale, by the 1 le tnu of God made Ibi- di-covcry, and am now ready fully to conyui- e my fel low sliuerers Ol ilie laei inmymvii ,cr.-oii, anua-M-i them to a lit-eremeiiy, tor a riM-onai ieconi en-ation. Yel am nut in-en-'il leof the diilieulty to call public atlenlion. so of en dcceiveil. to a new Compound. Out from itv lfiieficial clli-ei- upon my iny-clf, and upon others also who mien it a trial, I am in ihice.t '.o oiierit 10 the pui'iicwtin 11111 uirccnou- 10 u-iiiL'. -n-ned L liar e- June-, in my own liauu writ in tnle genuine, and lor their accomodation it Mill le It with mo-t ol the principal uniggi-l. ill tlie uni ted State-a soon a convenient. Willi a lew certi ficates of its clhYacv, -inii a- may lollow tin- no, lice. ALo.mav I u round with i', a satcca-yand in fallible (internal) remedy fur thu Pile-, iiie.iared Ira skdlf 1 1 of tlie medical fa- ulty.isc.illc.l 'i7cj or morhouh, which if used will -i rely recommend ilieK 'T'fAll eommimications re-pei Hug ibec MeJicuie niu-t lie po-taje paid, lo receive attention. Claremunt, N. H.Supt.20, IS 10. Cuahles JostJ. 7'u thi Public hereby certify that mv wife ha licen severely ulllictcd for the la-t two years with a niinnir inu oauriieiiuie, nr -imiu-uiiiik 1,1 mm n.imii.l haiuiL'tinrilicd 10 several Physicians and trie I almost eiery thing iliich i reennin ended for uch complaint-, tall to no purpose. A la-t hearing ui : iiieiheine nrcnurcd bv Mr. Ciiahles Jones, of tin town, she re-oled to iry il, and in six weeks after she ls;gan to u-e it, was completely enrol. I would, therefore, recoiiiim nd thi- medicine to all w ho are af- Hided with scro l'ula h'linor-, such as hate la-en pro nounced bv nearly all Physicians incural In, and am that ihey will find immediate rebel. LK.renioiil, .11g.4, in 10. M. iioi-itir. A Card. The undersigned take- this method to -ay to tlin-c whe are atlheteil with humor, of any kind, that hu has leen 1110-t -cnou-ly a illii-tisl for ten or twelie years w illi .1 i-ulaiieoiis cniiiplaml callcil r-ali-rheuiiieor U-pro-y which ha-ever I ecu prunoiincel iiicuralle. And knowing that the -aiue was herisht ary in our family 1 had de-pain-l of eier liiiding relu-l, having fa dot in till mv attempt" to cure, 111: il la-i pi-nig I learned that my brother Ch.irlc-,vho had I ecu for fourteen jears in the same situation had found a safe and ciioi-tnal remedy, w illinut aliertng the diet or habits, for which 1 aplied, and wa lurnilieil wuli u plualof drop-, and I tun now -ay that lifer u-iug one half my humor was completely cradii-ated without iu juniig iuy luallh, and 1 haie noiloubt but other- may lind. lhe same 111 thi powerlul iniilicine, a. 1 under stand sotnealready haie. Hi: ha-dtslineil inakiua 11 veiy pal beat pre-i-nt, jet I think others may al-olmd ll l,y atniiymg l "ll rv.-iucmc 111 . t.-i - ui.-..., in iui mo K A II K D .V OTH K US I. I) any know a neighbor nr a fiipiul who ha. been Raid, nnd whu.e head u nowroteipd wiih fine an? One wlune roat collar was roirinl Willi din liuff. iliontli luushed even hour whuii ha. nnw van i.lied rmirrl) ! Oi nue wliiise hair in rail) ae wpip lur dug srey, who now ha. 1101 a gie) hair ? Clnldmi who.p head, weie coieied wiih sriiif, wlnne hair would 1101 grow, thai are nnw ciom my lhe lullp.i nop. of hair ! Some cue. 11111.1 be known 10 nin.i A.k llieui lhe rau.p, and )OU will lie I0I1I Ihat the., ihing. have hern dune by lhe 11. e of lhe Batm of Co lumbia. Of 20 lean eiuwili 1. ihi. iiniclp. ii.dnri.nid increasing annual') some IniiidieJ per cm. ilmuith mIipii ili.eoirietl mil nnno.ed hv aniiliiui! lor tlie samp puipofp, now a..aiUil by iihno.i iiiiiuiieilp. iiiu.iiroiui rasli pi eparai inn. 111.11 win r 11 111 iue uair 11 in an) pxieni. i;.m nime man ihesp i.ici. lie wauled irier iu die rpcuinuienilaiion. Iiy a Ii.l nfiiauip. uT le.p.eta. Iiilii),unpiuallpd In mi) other arliele. Lnuk tu ihp.e ilniifi buy thi. uriicle. Slay and by us ll.e.ur if bald ip.ioip )i, Laiiiei, ullend lu thi. hiiinliei:. in la.liinnaiiie hip aie uiuig 11 a. ine oui) article realli fit lor the loilel. Loan liairia tei) apt lu fall uiil . ' l.a'lie., u.r t hp IUI111 nf Cnlumbi 1 in 1 imp 10 save jour.e'ie. lhe 1h.Kr.1re ol baldnp.. I11 npgln i of vour lipifuiii. III. luur iluiv. a. inoiati.i. to ,ie- erte the beamips of n.iiurr, wiih whii-h a Isiiiiiiifut Creaini h i. riiduwpd jou ; 11 e Hie Ualui,tur 11 will do 11 CAUTION I'O HE ItEUEHIIEItED. Srieml mu.i flaeranl niipiniii. Ii 11c been nude to c iiiii'pi fed die line llalui of Columbia. SnuiP nl ihp a ipiisirr. haiegune .11 lar as in eniiiueifeii iIip .pirn Ii I wiupppr., and hip r nut in matura, unu etpi) px. final maik excptn the name ufCuui.tnek, which tliri .tup noi furae. Tu ninid iinm.iiiini iherffurr, ul- wais lnuk lur Hie name nl u i.u. nr 1.. n. Ciui.iiirk. nnd nrier but- ih article miles, ii Iui. ihai n.uiie uiuiii ll Sold wholesale ami man, nun hi an, 2 l leiehpr .Heel, Is. V. Ilir.u. rt. l'-.s,N oi uo. I hnlr.ale Attrnis fur lhe Slam nf Vpimiini p SIIEHAl AN'S WO KM I.OZ . SClifi. rfHILUREN or adults ran take medicine in thi- rorm without dillleultv. Ills the only way to make it pleasant. The-e Lnzcu'es are the greal- et di-enverv ever made, for dispelling the rions kinds of worms I lint o finpicntly and disiiess- inclv annoy both cliildien and a. lull-. Ihey are an infallible re nedy, and so pleasant to the la-te that children will take theni as readily as a common pep pcrinuil lozenge. Many di-ea-e- arise from worm-, without its I ring m-peeied. Sometime a very trouble some coneh. pains m the joint or limbs, hlfiihug nt the nose, &v. are ticca.ioued by worms, and can le ca-ily cured by iiiiccictiratcd medicine. 1 ne louow- in!f syniiituins indicate the presence of worm-, viz headache, vcrligo, torpor, ih-turln-d dream-, sleep broken nd' by frieht and seieaiuiiiL'. i-onviil-ion-. fe- vcri.hue , tfiirl, iallid hue, bad la-to 111 the iiiouih, oileusiye breath, eoiigli, itimctili I realtuu-.', itcmiig at lhe uo-e. haius iu iho stomach, nausea, stMie.tiui-h- ue-, voracity, leanness, tendinis, ucliing ai the amis toward-, uiglii, undnt length, dciecuuns and lilius and iinKur. Oncis a do-e for a t hud two jears old two for one four jear- old three lor eighi lear-, and five for an adull, and should I e repeated 01 cry inonrng, or every other morning mini rcneico. trrp-Sold at the Variety store by PANGUUHN .V IIRINS.MAll), Jtntlltn, 11 irlmgton, Vt. uhnle-ale Agents. A liberal disco.iul to mcrchaiils who buy to ell auuin. A Card. The undersigned feels a diilidence in thus otll-rinsr his te-limonv in lavor of a "new .Me leeine," i,inii v iisown 1-at her. andcannot notieior the conlideiice which wo.d 1 I u put iu one who w old, sceui more 1 isinien'steu. nut no le-'s te.ue to say, 111.11 r,,r-ix he had leen truul led with n himnr so in, .nn,,.'. ,..illu I lennisv. which ha I of lale livnnicn serious allh'elioiij and knowing that his K.ither and other- had in vain trioleiory prol al le renidly, he had not the mo-t ui-tani expccnnn'u tu l-t iui'iiui: .1 cure. I'eiiur inuucou 10 iry a pui.u m m- uiu. t ,w ...... 1,.. Im. im . ih 1 h ull, 1 11 a he could Wish, a sail- v.......... ,.t I eiily, and he i eiieies v .ei-uuii vine. 11 u.m i - huh Josns, TlAliSOM OK LIVERWORT for Con.iimiition 13 Dy.-ep.ia, Asthma, and all of the Lung nnd l.iicr. These di-casc. prevail to a great extent, creating mueh distress and Mime I'aialiiy, Allthe-cean 1; icmcuiiu Iiy the use oi nr. iiiytor uai.oin m Liverwort, This mtshcine is purely Vegital le, and from il. pwiiliaracliou upon thu Liver t.a'ways found ,i radical rcmulylbrihe-edi.eases. For Females and men in a lerv weak state, no medicine can l l' so ,.ri, fiil a re.inraiiie. as it not only Mrcnirthenr. but ,,rii",f.iinil rriee, a hcallhv aelion to lhe whole si' tein. Constantly lor sale by N. IX1VELY fa Cu, who havo iust rei-eniM a supply oi .ea.onaiuc iouu from New York, all verv cheap for cash. Ilurlinaton, July 30, itMO. 1. IILESSING tu Mothers. American Soothlnir 1 Syrup for children culling teclli, The timely u.u of this uriicle will save children much pain, often a EeVerand the painful operation of lancing theUuin, ,,ri.s. rl,u-,.ltn XII en. Oodfrev'a Cordial an cxcvl- lent article lor the nurscy 12J cts., 1otlt thoscarticli rcli at vjrKi) fnfrr!is.L'Rii.siAii'i SIIEIiniAN'S POOR MAN'S FLZVSTBB, ON I i cents each. Each piaster ha- printed on the back of it, "Sherman's Poor man', plaster." It is the best strengthening plaster in Ihu world, and a sou'rcigii remedy u t pain or weakne- in inciaci. bun., mle. brea'-t. neck, limbs, loints. rlir-iuiatisiu iumbago, ite.fac. One million a year will not supply ihedciiiaud. They rcuiuren littluwariumgLeforc a- plicatiiiu. Warranted superior to all other-, and for one quarter the usual prut-, making not only the be-t, hut the cheapest plaster in the world. It a'lord. rebel iua few hours, and makes iistonishing cure. Inlner complaint and dy.pcp-ia, it should leworn over Iho region of t lie liier or stomach, and il will atliird great and uslouisliiug relict, in cough-, com-, a.thuiu, nun. i-nliv oi"brealhiui.'.oiiiire.sioii of the ehe-t or stomach they will immediately .oolii, anil greatly 1 cnciit lhe patient. Persons of .edentary habit., or tho-e obliged to htnud inueli, will rivciio deeided uppurl Irom one of the.e truly, strengthening plaster-. I hynciau gen eralU recommend them, in preference, to all others.l e cau-e Ihey Mick or adhere I etter and a ford grv.urr rcliei. ill luur u,vrainii uiey uru i.iiiiiuaiu. louie, and anodyne. They uru cuiuposcd of entirely ditlerent ii.grcdientsiioni any oiueri and known Irom tneex K."I nu wi , 1,11,, uur, .. .... im,.- iiiviii, n, .,.11 i,' the uuitul tc-tiulonVi of nil the eelebiulisl and di-tin 'isheil clerai' and ntiysieian.. tu Is.' lhe mo-t useful nud highly ineilicatul plaster, ever uiventisl or o.lcrcd lulhepilli'ic. Several persons have called at iho ware uou.e to expre.s uieir surprisu ami inani. in ine almost miraculous cures thee plasters have e:!eted. One man who had been so atliicml with rheumatism, a tu las iiuablu to dies him-clf withuut assi-taiux', was enabled after wearing one, only one night to get up ulonu iu the morning, put on hi. clothes und cull at our uilicu with eye. I cumuli; withjoy und hi. tongue nourim; forlh the ul.tdnc.s of his hcarl. at the sudden and siunal relief lie had nvcivi.l from lliis at ot all leimsliev. A-k for Dr. Sherman' Poor Man's Pla-lcr. ll is o imIIuI, lav-iiu-c. tlie price plai-vs it in lhe power olull to nurciiasc, lamiir only ijici-. uo-n aiiim ya rietr store v PANGIIORN fa URINSMAID. Jeweller., Uiirlmgton,Vt. wholesale agenti. A li o pi ejr vi-m 19,s ' v .") tii "sJi y'n. ,e ire-ent. Clarcmoiii, August I, 1810. Itui-j Jones. t ciilv, and he lelieies eaviuai cure, nuimr-sii u induced by thi-lo nd Iheiii-ilie. of a loath-o omplaiiit, his end will 1 u aiiswcre I. Ezua Josns University of Vermont, lluiliugioii, Aug, IS 10. .4 Card. Hearing of a Medeciue prepared by Mr Charles June-, ol" this town, lor h iinor., and hauug seen its I cni'lii-ul elects, I apilicJ f r il I'or my little daughter I jears of aire, inueli ailhetcl wiih Salt Klie'im, siippw-c.l in i u uu ucrcuiiur) euiiiii.iiii i .an now -uv niter il six wivk. Niy hopes are fully rciilizixl in il cure wilhout injuring the did I'. health, ami ran now recommend it ui others as a sale nnd mlalliUe icimsly for such complaint--. Clarcuiont, N. IL Sept. 15, IS 10. MAnr E. Tekkt. 1 hereby certify lint 1 haie leen intimately ae u iih .Mr. Cli.irli-- June-, of Claremont. N, IL, tor a iiuinl er ofearsla-t pa-t, and hire I ecn con-id-.) hv and nrescriled fur biin. lur a very obstinate disease in me si;ui wen uuim u i y iuc ii.miv- i i,uu.j t.,iiis,iil,l du nn more ih.tu initiL'ate the dt-ea-e ft.r a tunc. Since he has a levied a radical cure by mean. of his Drops for Humors, I have ciniuined him an I am happy to say lh.ll hi" skin is perfectly stnooih and free from the disc.i-e. James Uromuie, t'liysieun rVaneestown, N. IL, Sept. 15, MVS. Ill INKY'S FAMILY PII.I.S,lor rcmo- img sititpti.m. of irn atioii art-Jim fiom foul stomal h and bowels; saha. lo-. tf up) elite, or morbid cravings for foi.l, sickness or vonutiing, pain, or an unca-v -cusalion al tin pit of stomach, with sourness, aula co-tile siaicof lhe bow el-, llalu Icnee with fulness of thc-c i.ari-, and psin on pre- iuc, with fdiiitiie-., jaiiiidae, oy cntary, pain- in either ide, and pile-. Allecliou-of lhe head, dizziucs , stu por, weaknc , c'cpre-sion of spirit-, hy ena, hypo chondria, and i f,cu tb-turled ileep, sick bind m l e socomuiou Willi feel le, ilciicate prison-, especially li'iualcs, diarrbcca, or loo-enes of the 1 ow-eb, and dy- enlary, ill ca e- 1 1 the skin, and worm, so Iren' en l with children, u eeiiotis of'the che-t, imli us to ah , or ihtlicnliy of I rcadum.', occasitned very freqiinly Iiy a disor-'ere-l stale tl tlie K.uiatli. .vioii'liiya ee liou nf l'eiiia!es, w hen t lire' ed 1 y L'rnuraldcl ili'ty wph Ins. ofappc'.ite, attended w i It cold feet, c'r., ani'e nnd feur, in. uenzn, rhciiinatir a tiuis i f the joints, -crofii a, licdoloroux, or puintul allot-uiiii- ol'ihe tierves of the face, net k and shouh'tr-. I have f'lindlhcin ii-iful in remnriiig ihronir catarrh, if pcricvercl in lor -oine Iiuih, m .mailer do-e-. 1 hey me nccoinnio- lanal to all aac , (rhildren of u year old may sufily useihcm,) aril toany elima'e, and under nil circum stances. I'liev contain nn niereurv nor other mineial. Theyare p"rely vege'nllc. Ilosc. Twolohmr may I e taken al a tune, ami repeated i-icry other iiurin, until lhe lous-'r is clean, and thu dt-rharce from the. I owel, in-ti-ad if I ciughzht colonel or dark nn I ot fensire, 1 ivoiiie.. ficc and full and healthy, Willi u re lum ofappt-tiie. CURTH ICAT1.S. The iindcrtitrnel has had the plea-lire olan ueii'iaiii'.aiire with Dr ri. Phinney fu -oine ) car-pa-l, curing his rc-idciice m tin- villai;., where he has attained a high rhuraeteras a phyieiji He ha - had an iipik rtiiuiti a bo in rcuca'cil in-laui'. ulteslinglhe value nl lhe ''Fuimly Pill," andfrom his own experience ol u-eir eincaey, Us wen as irom u knowledge oflheir good elects in other ca-c, ho has no hc-itat ou in reeuninieiidiiig them to liiiu-t they priite. tolc, a veiy va'itable Family Aleiliciuc. THOMAS M. SMI'l II. Paster of lhe Prisl) tenan church, Cat-kill N.l . I feel it to I e a privilege an I duty to say, thai u. lhe extent tf inv ol -crialiou and ex; rrienn', wlncli is leryron literal !e il ring several lear-, the u tlpy or ihe'artirle I Dili for Uy-prp-y and'a- u mo-t e.licucious Family Me bene, far exceeded my an icina'ic n-. Mure than thirty yiar-1 have not enjoyed heal'h, 1 nt iti:ercd nine li irom -icit neau-ai-he, und iiom oi i uus a''rctions. 1 have had the advice ol'many re-pee'al ,e physician-, but neicrfomd any i; relief from my complaints until atiial i.f 1r PhinneyV Pills had I ism made. Samcei. Ctli'nciilLL. Ilarmon-biirg. Craw turd Co., Pa., July, 1S3S. Catskill, Giceiie Cn., N. Y., April, IS23. To all it may concern : 'I lit icrtific- that I r S. Phinney i-a Phy ician of lhe llr-t s anding in this village, havim livened his medical device at Lam I rube Univcri'y, audi, entitled lo the highest re peet finin the pal lie. Rev. l'avld I'nr er, I'. l).j itev. jo.epn rrenti-', fl. M.; '1 hi inas 11. Cnol.e, Pre ident of Cat-I ill Rank ', Rev. 'I homas M Smith j Jacob IIuislil ; I!o! crt Dor kn, Coua tllnr; Jolm Adam-, do; M. Wat-en, do. If these pi!l-do not givesatisfacticn al'era fj'r trial they may I e rei irncjl, and lhe money will be rcl id.lid. Asrcntsare heic) y a ithnrizeJ tn i'i. so. Aeen's. Ii., II ill nginu ; L.Jane-, Cci rsriaj T.W Smith, St. All.aii. j C. L. Diakc, WVt Milton and at mi I i.f the store- lu llip-ta'e. iJOui ITI 'N, LOTIO.V DR. I.VANs" IlKAI 'l I- FVING LOTION ilinhly esteemed iLrcuiing all Eruptions Cnar-enc-, Rc-diie au-1 Piuijile- on the Face Neck or hand-, and e cciiially c-lenniiig le complexion, nnd removinz all di-ea-c- tf ihr i in' Nnthuis contribute-so imHi to our general -rc-ie 5 in lite, as'an engairing lir-t nppearam e. '1 hi- l.c 11 i.admuel a mo-l flagrant, mild, -afe w:i h ami ?rea' ly e.tieineJ fonts urines in rban-ing, nfieiiiiie. and purifying the skin of all eruption-, so iiipjiuu- to fe male leauiy, and re-torin; it to a huh dejrrre ol iu rity. A I eautiful complexion i ibe pride of ah v ho nri's.p.k 11. and iheeni-vol'iho-ewho arudeprm'i 1 fc What 1- so a-.eetiiurii'a win efai nature hssdi-plave I her power, as tn Iiml hernan It-.x-iou di-colomed with di-gu-img pimple-, which 11 ir her rhaHiis 1 A good .ippeaniice is the I e-t rcia . me11dutn.11 ; and alhe Mininifvmg l.olu 11 iurif c- ll.t s.m, and icuune- all Piiiip!e.,'IJIolrlie-,Taii, S inborn and UrJiiess, and produc e- a I eau'iful hue, it 1- the cn'y cosiiii'tic a lady should u- at her toilet. Gentlemen will all al-o find ibis a dtliirhtl d iciiic-ly, to remove nil IUu"hiii--. I'iiup le-. Rmiwtim-, Spots, Keitnc-s, Soreness of tkrl'ace and no-e, and every kind of erup tion on the surface ol the human hody. it is particu larli reciimmriided lo.-cnllemen lo le u-t"l af'er sha- vin.-, a- 11 wi.l preirnt tt'c otlicrwi e certain e.ict in a'' cDininiiii -oap. 111 iiiruuis lhe lean I preiiiaturr'y srey. For sale Whtj'c-o.'e nnd retail 1 v A. HITCH COCK' fa Co., Nu. 1 17 Gcuc-iv slice', Ft ten. Ill Rur- Imgtim, bv .1 . .V J . 1 1 1 Yck ix 1,0., ami 1 tieo. .1. i cck .VCo. In V.rgcntic, b J. II, l'owinan. Ill .Milton, by Riirnett fa Sawyer. Ill Ocorj;ia, by l,rcno Jams nug 20 HAIR !! 1JA1,I)NIS Inipor- taut Dlscoieri Hie Ciral M.islery Inuml nut al last DR. STEURY'S HAIR REGENE RATOR. Dr. Sterrv. after inueli attention to the important subject of preserving lhe hair, has, after linnv ixpcriments cuciuicai nun pnj .sK.ii iiitu uuiu to dticour and article winch is now offered w ith the greatest conlitlfitcc for the toilet as lhe best thing ever discovered, for, for its softening and penetrating quality tn produce a pood head of hair lo prevent it fiom falling oil' when baldness is apprehended to rcstotc it when baldness Has taken place, and to preicni it finin turniiiggrny. It tits more nourishing than po matum, atilin,ue nil, or Cologne water. It is a beauti ful article for ladies curls it makes the hair soft and h cly, and produces iiticommuti brilliancy. Incus ands'liaie rested its superior vtrtius and excellence, and in every instance it stands unrivallid. It is an infallible cure in all ntrcctions of the s in on lhe head as dandruff, fac. eVc. Eiery family should l e sup plied with a hot tie of this oil, that by its application to the head and hair of children, the beautiful ami or namental appendage of a line head of haie, nhirli na ttni' has supplied us tiny be prcsirn-d. Fiom thu numerous certificates a lid recommendations rrcciicl of its. salutary ititluctice the Doctor feels firmly tier- uaded he ha succeeded in pro'lucing an article w i-.ien ill meet lhe clesind wishes and approbation ot tne hiblir. For sale wholesale and rt fit by A. HITCH COCK fa Co 117 Giueseesl. Uliea, N. Y. In Pt;r- linaton, by J. fa J. II. PF.' 'k fa Co. and Tlll.o. A I'l-.t lv c. l.o. Ill criteniu s nv J. 11. liowmnn. in Milton, bv llurmt A Sawyer. In Georgia, by Loren zo Janes- LTaih: i ut I have been aequainttxl with Mr. Charles Jones for :, iminhrr ni'vrar.. have practiced ill his family, and administered medicine Ibr bis disc-.i-eul'lhe skin, more nr t,... fiirirn or i w eli e ear-, past without.! riche.ll cure. He now appears lobe perfectly cure! by some dmps which he prepare-, and which to fur as I am ncspiamted witbthctn ptoniisc In be ot great utility lit surli disc.i-e-. Moses Codh, M, D. Springfield, Vt. Se.Mt. 1, 1S1U. 1 l...,..,,r..s,.rdl remcli,--. and adininistcred mob eines forC. Joue.'. Iiiiiiut wlneli 1 called LcpriM, lurir. ir h'- fur fourteen vears. wilhout a innniUte cure (his b'ing an uncommon c.i-e.) He now appears lo haie a linaii uro Irom nisowu ui-inn what I see of it- elis-is upon others al-o, i urn in upi lion it liny beol'iniichbenelil to ihecoinm-iiiiiy. TlMoTiir S. Gleasun, M. D. Claremont. Sept. 15, 1810. ti n.i-1.,. ...i,h,.. mnLe. no vain pretensions; nor excite, any hOvcs which will not le billy realized. Come and try for your-elie-, any who, are allhcied wiih di-ease of this kind, ll may leloiiud at the .lore of Ro ert, drucgist, mirnngioii. auo wnn Martin Wires E-q. Cambridge U ! OOlH-rs F.SSINCE OF LIFE A Valuable ill Mishcine, uliicli, if liuhlly npplinl, willleihe mcansof saving itiou-ands from an nnlimily graie, It has lsvil .old and ipe.1 lor lluriy )ears, wiiiigrtai IClllllW 111).- Mux-esf, and round very cttieucinii. iu ine iiiuiiwuiv di-eases, viz. Consumption, Whooping Cough., com mon Cough., Co'd, diflienll Urealhinjr, liithieiiz.i, guiusy, A.lhina, Phlhi.ic, Spittuii! of Hloo.1, Hatu Icncy, Indige-tion, Loo-enes. of lhe llmwl., 'it.ol eiery kind, Cramp-, Rickets, Cobc, Catarrh, Dy-en- i.v. ll ..u.ln Iriae Ailivtinn-. Headache Siel.iie.iit Stonueh, Mea.le-, a preveiitiie of Con .i:..,.....- fl.uii nn.l lthentliallslll. 7r-Tfil,..,ii.i,veMivhcineipri'uareil by Henry Scy mour.of Hadlev. Ma... from tlie Original Recipe, f y ,l,..,l,vHi,,ii nf. aid Moore, and sold by hull aild the principal Druggist in the United Slates. 1 Mnl l whnlnnlu and retail, l v J.fa. J. II. Peck On .,,,1 Thrn 4. IVek to. Co.. Ilcirbneton. and l v tlie XKit fCttrtrall,' tlireugb'--it tle. umii'iv nn-: lion of thi-: day. no curl no PAY I The Ucmilue old Dutch or fier- nia II Vegetable I'llls.--inituy rceommeuocu i y DiX't Valentine -Molt, d. ll. nl l ., and iiiucrs. I he e arc the or'er- ! Any ouo tnai noes noi nn i rc- lef from the.e tu. i-the tirne i rel in-icl I -i , men are the pn-nive orders nl'lho Proprieu r lo a-.'ents and illir-rs. in ci'icringiuesc puis iu iiiwpiu nc, i .ippe-ui to their intelligence, ll these p.ll. are not what they recouimeivlcil, you arc in d ity I o md e ul ol r' pei t to yourself and coiiuuiiinty to ic.ect them, and il ll-h iheiu lo lie world a. ail imposition, humbug nud piaekrrv. Tbopul lie ma) I c a-iircd they lire pi ryly vegetal le, they are in nine uircuuu-, pari I ll.e tUCillCllie Is einiy lollllil in .-i i aim in me vm- ley-of Gernnnv. rnr ronvculetiie ll.e-e cxtraris are made list" pill-and w ill I e found a surei-nre nr n- lief lor all Mhn.u ciiinjii.iim-, etiuiv aim i ' iui s fcicrs, lever an 1 ii'.'u., io ui'lu-e, scarlet lash, libi. , chnl i1 di-pcp ia. Ac. It I- net preienilcsl t -it th s meheimM a cure' Inr a. I di ease, to uiurii the human v-tiin is liable. I en ii-elc-s e 'or's tune I een ma le lo draw from thu regions iilimkiinwu ian y some luig-.puii theory ol" niiiun- art, whu'li ih Id cine men an I every cii-ca-e. inic.i iiieuiruie i. nni found in lhe tire or whiriMinl. lli-allh and liii' tunc . banir mien chance wind. tune 1.- the hern d nt tr 1 . The pa-t at leisl i se'e ue; they ban- alren ly r.u d a monument nl ineir gri'a'iie s w un n wi i my nn cnrriHlingtnotli of lime, Nnnecan I e Genuine u ilbci' t a wrapper and cl'rcction. on ni Ii I ox in uhnu my name . writ'en al leng b. Snld w hole'suV and rual I v'cra' Glen's Fall., I y A. U. fa D. Sand 79, and 100 I uttuii -t. and It. Ji. .neij., j3 m.uiii Maiket.t. Allany. Rautu ic Hawley, 2111 Sucr t. 1'iciy, Genera Agents tor the sta'r c.l .xew lor'. ' MFRlil'lT GRIFFIN. Tor sale ! y Win. Rhodes and F. It. Green, Rich mond; .Morton fa. Clark, and P. fa D, f Laihrup, Willi.ton j HasiirfaConi-tcx'l-, Shell urn ll. S-aiiiiai, Es.ex : Geo. Oake-, and Allen llariii-y, Ji rebut J. It. Ilarlbnl, We-tfnnl J, H. Ilitrne-, Chariot c; II. Mcssiy and Gisi. IV'crson, lhulinitpii ; and ly 1-. II1MGGS, Ilurlington, Aireni for Cliiticnden Co., w here Sii'-Agcuts can 1 supplied at wnolc-alcpri' c-. OTlSKUVF, that the gcnninel'iiiigbaiid Womi lav renin's and all eitlur-, made I y Dr. A, Sherman, arc sold ill 1 oxei, nnle.1 u i an.I haie the name if "A Sherman', M, D."on thelkixi's, P'rcha-er i-T lea c remuui' er tin as thepo.i ilarny of iIicm' arm le-, h in liiee.l maijy individual, to ma' e nil nr'ielc, far efi nor, to sell, when theve arnc !e- areempuies" ft r, 'I hi iincr Mill's, Pla-iers ami Slieimaii'. LnzC'icr-, n-e Sold at the ariely Slore, Pasgholn fa 1'i.insmaid. CONFECTIONARIF.S Just receiird, a Piloted variety of Stuart's Cilcbraled confcclionariis neotly put upfo retail trade. Alsoat wholesale. " nino a, peck v co

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