Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, January 15, 1841, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated January 15, 1841 Page 1
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WOTT H B QLOST OF O A S A B , BOX THE WBLTAHB OP HOME. BY H. B. STACY. BURLINGTON, VERMONT, FRIDAY, JANUARY 15, 1841. VOL. XIV....No. 32. I LEATHER &r. The subscriber lias received and is now rocoivinst from New York, a laree as sortment of Leather, Boots nnd Shoes in addition to his former stock, consisting of the following articles In part : 100 Sides Sole Leather, a superior atticle.frec from 3o Heavy Cow Hidc9, water, 1U Sides Harness Leather, 10 " Black Uridle do 10 Doz. Sheep linings, 2 " South Sea Seal Skins, 1 " Grained Leather, 1 Caso Men's Superior Calf Boota sewed, war anted, 1 ' " Thick Boots, heavy at 32,50 per pair. 1 " Boy'a " " " 1.87J " 1 " Small lloys " " 1,22 " Together with Kids, Kips, Shoe Thread, Prunella Cotton and LincnWebbing, Blacktop, Shoe Brushes, Ladies French Kid Slips, and a general assortment of Misses and Childrcns Slips and Walking Shoes, all of which will be sold low for cash. H. C. STIMSON. N. B. Wanted, a few bushels of Buckwheat, Rye nnd Com. K. J. STIMSON, Agent. Burlington, Oct. 22, 1S10. BIBLES.--A very large assortment of all sites of l!iljle, and prices from 50 els. to SIS each, Just reu'dand for sale at the Bookstore. rYMAN CO 1. 13, have on hand an extensive J assortment of Burlineton Mill Co. BROAD CLOTHS and BEAVER CLOTHS. Also. Agrcat assortment of English Bmad Cloths, Heaver Clollis and Cassimercs, which they will sell at reduced price s. WANTED. A few thousand lbs good Kleecc Wool or which cash will be jiaid. Oct. 21, IS 10. MT. VKItXOX READER, Polyglolt Bibles of dilerent fixes and binding Pocket Bibles nnd Tc:nmcntr and 11 general assortment ot'sialioua ry 1 it t w cived from N. York and for sale by Collccest. jc:2j. S. HUNTINGTON. MOKK NEW BOOKS, J11M received at the Book Slorr, A New Home. Who 'II follow. Young I .adies Companion. Countess Ida. Huvwnrds New England Gazelccr. Mitchell's Geographical Reader, a system r.t Geography, comprising a Description ol the World with lhi grand divisions, deigned for in-tr-iction in schools and families. Wonders of the Heavens. D. A. BRAMAN. NEW SCHOOL OKOOltAPIIY AND ATLAS WITH OITL1NE. MAI'S, by S. Acces ic Mitciili.l. The author ot the above works has l-en professionally devoted to the science of Gco'y and the publishing of Maps, during nianv year and his former production, especially his Map of t lie World for Aca tallies liar ample tc-iimoiiunv of his abun dant resources, upon which be has so lifi-rallv drawn, in producing the above school works. The fidlowmg rxtract of the Gco'y and Alias, iifroin a joint rccoiii nicndation of ihe Teachers in the city of New York. "Their merits are numcrnu ihe deiuilions remark ably plain and concie. The exercise, are copious and important, and ihe descriptive i luminous and correct. The divisions, of the American continent, ure repre sented and described as "tbey really exil at the p resent tune. And the gross misstatements generally found in sc.iool geographies are corrected. The typographi cal execution is un coniiuoiilv neat and distinct, indeed the alias is a luoilcl of the (.ind, and actually teems with inlormation." The outline Mans arc ixiculiarly calculated to exercise the student in bis study, and to (ill up at his leisure, r or sale l,y u. liUUlMICIl. mvkiiv ktaie. TTAV1NG made extensive re- 11 1). A. BRAMAN, CHINA, Glassware, Crockery and Looking Glai pes, just ree'd nnd for sale by N. Lovklv & Co., ooua uracucra. aept. 3, imvi. DHUGS AND MEDICINES. A large supply just ree'd by June 19. J. & J. H. PECK 4, Co. ENGLISH Currants, Family Groceries, Salmon, Bmoaked Herring, for sale by N. Lovely & Co. TjlAIRBANK'S SCALES, by A" July 10. 1.4. J.H. PECK & Co. GliASS. Burlington, t crmont, and Essex, Cylin der Glass, made at the Chamolain Glassworks, and verv much imnroved in nualitv compared with Ihe . , r - 1 . I'm t 'it , ,- 0 r. ,ate brantis, ior saic oy j. o& j. 11. itaiv c. tvo, HW. CATLIN it CO. have one piece of blue . black Beaver Cloth, a match for which, has not been, and cannot be found in this market. They have also two pices cassimere, which very far surpass the ocaver cioin. iov. it. 1 CASE 0-4 Enulish Merinos. 1 case French do. .1 1 ca-e black bombazines. 1 ease colored do. Just ree'd and for sale by VILAS, LOOMIS & CO, T AMP Oil, oftheverybcstmialitv.ln2dnnd3d u quality, uy uw. rtvit.ttou.Ti. TlTAYNARI) & NOYS' fine Black Writing Ink, LIM. which ba stood tc-t for more thirty years. A cask just received and for sale bv 1 1 Aug. 1810. ' C. GOODRICH. TTEV C;OOI)S. Sidney Harlow lint received a 1 1 cencral assortment ol goods at his old store on Pearl street, which will be sold cheap enough. N. B. Wool received for vroods Burlington May 28. FURS. OTTER Seal and Nutria Caps', Linx nnd Coney Mul's; Boas, natural colour, Swan, Coney and .Mitria irimmingh, uuitaio nones, tor aie uy r. n . n in It ttT n . rf, I t . r. POWBEB.-100 kegs 1 1. Jiinciu. lie J. II. Peck A. Co. NIiOVEIjY ii Co. arc now opening and of . fenng for sdo a mom extensive nqtnrlmrnt t seasonable Goods than they have ever before offered K.!!l,SL,nsl'tSll amongst which is a great variety of FURS and Pur Trimmings all of which are oflercd extremely low for Ready CASH. Oct. 22. LOAF. Lump and Brown Sugar, Teas, Coflec, sperm candles, winter strained lamp oil, molasses, rice, nutmegs, Eng. currants, soda crackers, cloves, cinna mon, salcratU9, brooms etc. for sale by n5 N. LOVELY, &. CO. 135 SHEET inON. boxes uanacta iron, SO bundles R. G. Lnglish do.- just ree'd and for Oct. 10. sale by Vilas, Loomij & Co. GENTIiKMEN'S OVER AI,t,S.-G dozen pairs Gentlemen's Over Alls, (long stockings.) just received and for sale by the dozen or single pair at Montreal prices by JAMES H. PLATT. P. S He will foot them to order. Burlington, Oct. 19, 1810. SALT. 4.000 Minots Coarse Packing Salt, C.000 Minots Liverpool Salt, For sale, in quantities to suit purchasers and deliv ered at any Port on Lake Champloin, by - JASON C. PIERCE &. SON. St. Johns, L.C., Sept. 4, 1810. OCrC Yards super fine, fine and common wool en Carpelings, just opened. Also, plain Venetian and damask stair carpeting, Turkey and Brussels Rugs, Oil cloths for tables and stoves, lush matting, printed floor cloths, &c. by tij' N. LOVELY, & CO. DRUGS, Medicine, Perfumery, Paiuts, Dye Stuffs, Oils, Varnishes, Brushes, &C. The subscriber tw now receiving 1119 ran supplies 01 111c aoovc goous; selected with great care, which he will dispose of at the lowest market prices. ROBERT MOODY. "DOSTON nnd TKOY IRON COMPANY. The m-m public are herebv notilml.' that llm lm nt.. r,l casting in every branch and variety, is done to order, on tliC!.hortc.( notice, atTroy, Vt. Thecompanyhave much enlarged their foundry, and are now prepared to do all kinds of work done at any foundry in the country. Mill-gearing, Pot Ash Kettles, Stoves, rioitgiis, Axietrccs, etc., on hand, or furnished to order. All Who Wish to contract for slnvi..l,lntr4. nr Ir. nur. chase a large quantity of hollow-ware, fur the purpose u, ivHwimp, win nc lurnisiieu at wnoie-nic prices anu all WllO mttv favor us Wilh llieirrnttanr nnlor. umII c dealt by as liberally ns at any establishment in the country, urucr.s kiiouiu be nitilrcs.scd to K. II. Cross man, Supcrintcndant. or A. Young, Agent, Troy, Vt. to secure an early reply, and prompt attention. Troy, Vt.,Jnnc 1810. jy:9 BOOTS St SHOES. The Mib,crilier has now cm hand a general assortment of BOOTS aud SHOES, of the most fashionable slyle, and thorough workmanship, w hich he odcrs very low for CASH. E. J. FAY. N. B. All kinds of measure work done at short no. lice. Burlington, Church-sl May 28, 1810. ROB ROY Belvidicr. 6-4ths. Brocha Kabylc, em broidered Thibet Shawls 1 black, white, and scar let merino do. G-4lh raw Pilk, challv. mustin dc lainc nnd Saxonv do. Woolen. Thibet and fancy scarfs, just received by N. LOVELY, & CO. PAI'ER.-C. GOODRICH has just received from the manufacturers in Massachusetts, a full supply of linen hand-made, royal, incduim, Dcmv, cap, letter, folio-post and billet paper, of various qual ities, as wove, satin, laid, gilt, etc. ic. for sale at man ufactures prices. June dl). SEALS, Log Cabin letter Seals to letter Seals. Pascdo '"PEN cases Prints, I case col'd Cambrics, just ree'd J. ana for sate uy vtL..a, t-uujits cc 10 tdain do. do. mot- I'ASCDOnV it llnlNSMAID. UNCOLORED BOAS, otter, seal nnd cloth caps, muffs, collars, capes, down, angola and fur trim mings, silk and mohair fringes, fur gloves, cheap, by N. LOVELY & CO. VEKMEN A CKIiAM lor shaving, clarilied Ho in, Warrin's bct Needles. Silver Thimble and lots of new Goods, opening at the Varietv Siore. Mav29. I'AMiBORN & lilflNSMAID. pairs bv addition of new buildings. Ilorses. Carriaccs. Hnrnciftf. Saddles, &c. the mbsrnber is prepared to accom modate the public in irood stvli and 011 short notice. Sinsrlc. Tondem, four or fix Huise tCa ot pleasure, A man may he found in the Barn at any hour, day or night, to at tend calls. Cash psid ftfrOats and Hav, 3 doors Haft of the X.og Cabin, or at my shop 2 doors West of J. & J, II, Tcck tfe Co.'s tore. SAMUEL S. SKINNER. Burlington, Dec. 12, IS 10. A Kare Chance Tor 11 ISurpitin. 'nil AT beautiful KAIUI, oc X cupidl until the 22d ofOclo ber last, by Julbaiu II. Hall, deceased, lying in Williston, about the miles from the village, I and about six miles from the illagcof Hurlinston. eontainitiff 419acrcsof land, 375 of which is under first rate cul tivation, and fence. The buildings are not surpassed m nny farm in thin Mate. They consNt of a brick House, 3 by 1?, two sloricb hiab. thoroughly finished, and of the hi st iiiHtrnals; n Ci liar for potatoes, with kelllo and arcli for boiling Corn llaru and W'ork .Shop above the Cellar s a Horse Barn, "JO by 40 all of w hich are new and in good repair. The Barns near the honsr, consist of one 45 by 7t and one 30 by 40, with 1!)0 feet of tiled, with water running in a trough in the yard. There i, oil said firm, two hous es for tenants, oniMif which was the former residence of the deceased. The house is in good repair, and fit for the residence of any small farmer. Near said house, is one barn 2d bv 30, and one 20 bv 30, with 60 feet of shed also one excellent building for corn rnrnand nogsty with good wells of water adjoining, Oa other parts of said farm arc 4 oilier baniR. sullb eientlv larL'C to contain from 7S to 100 tons of hav. Said fnrm ix woterid by brooks nnd springs in nl most etry lot, and will be sold, together with the fanning tools, if wished, on the most reasonable terms. Reference may bs had to Thomas D. Hammond of Orwell, Liuliir Loomi", of Burlington, H. L. Nichols, of Williston, or to LYDIA HALL, Administ'x, oil tne premises. iHlsliin, Ucc. lb, 1H10. If. IITINUSOU HiFI.ES, for sale at ibe variety Store. f AniUUUH.i S IIKI.'NS.MAILi. KAPI'INU PAPER. 200 reams various sizes just ree'd Nov. 20 by C. GOODRICH. HrHAPPING PAPKR. lOO Reams Wrappin Paper, and a large sppply of writing, both Cap an I Letter, for sale by I). A. BRAMAN. 17L,OUK. Troy, Ohio and Michigan, consiantly receiving by J. & J. II. Peck & Co. !( bush. Seed Rye, free from all other seeds, for O'J Pcarl-st. Sept. 10. sale by C BENNS. CJl'lIHS, Riding whips and Canes, at ihe Variety sr biorc. June 1 1. 1 as I'ASCBons fkBmssMAiu. DIAMOND CEMENT, fur meiidiiip Glass, China aud tarlberu Ware .old at the ariety More. Oct. 20. 1'ANGSOR CCIIKIN'SMAID. Ci ps. French, American, Satin and common IJ vy V. no Se pt. 25. ousc Paper, some cry rich pattern, for sale by iv. buvbbi nuo, ee'd and lor sale by Mcrinocs, 1 case French and case lig u liombazincs, tu VILAS, LOOM1S &Co. O CASES Enidish C German Mermos, 1 caso fig'd Bonibaiincs, just T,TACKEl!EL, on consignment, in half barrels just 1VL reecit cd and for sale by J. & J.H. P E CK &Co 10TTON Wrapping Twine, agood articlcjust reed oetit. 1. uy .. i.ui 1.1.1 cc i-o 17 LOUR. AV GtHlNOSTOXES, by r June?. ijiuiiuy, tec u uuu lur &aiu uuiun .uwo It) ICH plain black and blue black erode swiss silks XV fordrcasesst changeablegro do New York, gro do Afric and repp silks, assorted colors for bonnets) plain and fig'd poult de soi silks, dark nnd light colors. black, blue black nnd colored silk velvets. A large assortment m ribands ot all Kinds : cluncllc cord, silk cord, &c. Tassels, lace veils, worked collars, Thread laces, wonting cotton, black trimming lace. I.ignt and dark kid gioes, black fillet do. Black silk and mohair mitls, by Pf. LOVELY & CO. T?ALL patterns of Merinos. Taclionis. brown bl'k and nurtilc. fins dualities. Alllnincs. brown, bl'k anil light colors. Mouselin de laincs, all wool, cotton and wool, and silk and wool. French, German, and English Merinos. Alpacca cloths; and black ground mouselin dc laities, very fine and beautiful, for sale by nl2 H. W. CATLIN & CO. LOW'S Writing Vapor, wholesale and retail, at the Manufacturers prices, and the best assort ment ever before oflercd at the Bookstore of the sub scriber, consisting of the following kinds. 25 reams sup. Pot Ruled. 15 do fine Letter do. 20 do sup. do plain, 15 do cap ruled. 10 do fine pot do 8 do do billet do Likewise, a large supply of wrapping paper at rc U. U. A. HKAJl DISEASES OP THE MINOSDecidedl) llm iiiofl popular remedy eer known in America Vtgttabtt I'utmonaru Daham ! ths moil mln.lila rrmi dj now in use foi coughs, cold., milium or phthi.ic, eonjuniplinii. nhoupiug cough and pulmonary affections of ecry kind. Its tale is iiejibl increating, sod ihe propr.eiora are rnniiaully receiving the moil fatoiable account of Itscflects. 'I lie following new cerlificilei aie offered fur public examination, An iNTKHKSttita Cask Extract ofn teller from Mr C S Claj, Kingston, Ulsirr Co., N. Y. to (lie proprietor. "Yours of the 9ih inn. was duly lee'd. A reiiMiknIile cure wmelTecud by the Vegalatde 1'nl. inunar) iinis.iin in 1 lie winter and spring nl 1835, 'Hi person, Mr. aloodv, had been lick a long lime wilh the consumption. Ilia phyriciam had given him up He was reduced 10 low as 10 lie unable 10 belli himself. and was raising a large quantity of blond when be commenced using Hie Balsam, which has effected a complete cure, and lie 1. now a. hale and nearly as ever he was. Mr. Mood) has removed fioinlhis lown, oui ne 11 is premised me a more detailed account or his case, Hlnrh I will bo ward too. C. S. CLAY. Kingston, N. Y. June 23. 1838. Extract of a letter from Dr. J.iroh Mtera. Th Vegetable Pulmonaiy Balsam has been sold in tbi. county for two jean, and 1 lie medicine hns gained an uncommon celebrity, for it scarcely in one instance failed of liming the dethed rffeci. I nniby no means in tutor cd Hie many nostrums, moil ol winch are im pojiiioiu upon a credulous public, but thai which I know by use to be, 1 cannot help but sive mv approiiition lliereio. A counterieii preparation lias been ofl'iel here by a Iraxclling Agent, of Cumnock. s. 1. and mere ii another urncle tended ueielhatis Irongij suipecied tu bespuriuus. jacod aiYcits. at. l) Mifllinclon, Junial.i eo. I'enn. Maj 3, 1837. Kinni r. SmiiiucI .vlorrell, to the I'ruin leion ol the tese ble Pulmonary Balsam. I am satisfied (hut ihe Ve getable Pulinonasry B.ibnm is a valuable mcdecine. II has been used 111 this place with complete success in obstinate complaint of the lungs, attended wilh a setere cousli. loss of voice, and Ihe raising of much blood, which had previously resisted many approved prescriptions. Aller using the Balsam one week, the patiein' toice returned and he was able to speak audi bly. I his case occurred some time since, and the man is now engaged not only in aciite hut laborious business. Kespecilully, sc. s. Worrell. It is now mora thau six sears since I was binuuhl erv low bv an affection of the lunzs, and mv complaint was declared to be incurable by a council of lluee pin- iicians. I was llien restored to at gnot health a 1 had enjojed fur many )ears, by using Ihe Vegetable I ill monary uaisam. ninre my reenter)' I hate rerom mended Hie Ualiain in n great many cases ol :uug complaints, and n tar as 1 can learn, ill use hat in riahlv been followed bv much benefit, and 10 mailt instances it list effected cures which were wholly unex peeled. SAMUEL, KVERtTT. Uutloil. Slarc I 2. 1837. For rale, wholesale and retail, by J, J. II PECK & Co., and I'llEO. A. PECK It Co., Bur hnglun. VI. duced prices. Oct. 30 D. A AN. Kf prs. Ladies col'd. and black French Slips, tJVJ 20 do do. Guitcr Hoot., 20 do Misses col'd Slips, EO do Gent's Pumps, 2 cases Men's seal Boots. Burlington, July 14. II. C. STIMSON. 30, TOIIACCO. kecs nine Tobacco. 40 hoxe Cavendisl 1)0 60 packages eheep do 2000 lbs. Leaf do. do. by J. & J. II. PECK & Co. 45 OILS. bids. American Llnjeed Oil. 1U 1 icrccsian sperm do 5 do winter do do 35 bl .Is. refined do do J.& J- II. Peck tt Co. J. & J.H. PECK & Co. WOOL TWl.Mi for sale at HOWARD'S. ni23 PO I' ASH KETTLES constantly on hand by June 1'J J. & J. II. PECK it Co. nOXGBESS WATER, just received a fresh w Mipply ol'Congrcss water, and for -ale ly Muy iG. GEO. I'LTEltSON. C10UX IIUOOMS & PAlLSlOOdoz. corn broom J 50di.z. patent Pails, Juneia. J. it J. II. Peck & Co. 7VTOTICE. The scbscribera havine formed IN partnership undtr the name and firm of Stab neV. Dow, in the Tin, Sheet lion and Slot c business, would respectfully inform tuc public mat tiny Keep constant. Iv on hand a complete assortment in lite above line. They have now on hand a tnriely of Parlour, Hot and Cooking Stovc, triniiiigs iVc, which they wilt dispose of at the very lowest prices in market. AH ird rs will be executed on short notice and in the best tvleof workmanship, J. J. STRH, ISAAC DOW. Church St., opposite the jail. 1 50 nhd June l'J. HUSTON n. K. HUM. . (ianliiier Brewer.-, by J.stJ. II. PECK it Co. Qrf"l BOSTON Academys and Harmonists, for wuu sale at tno booK store, u. A. uiiAJi.i.t, Burlington, Oct 30, 1610. HMIE Burlington BREWERY has X. now commenced business, and will hate new Beer in a few days, when all orders will be punctually I attcndeil to. Burlington, Sept. 1810. Gf.O. PETERSON. mm ! i:Wl,AI.VrSHOI..Sl'.UU.I).Nfiti.MILLS ll have opencil a new Paint Shop 1111 Chunh-ft. two doors south of II. Lane's Sloiv. where Ibci- wi II do all kinds of UOI'SK, SHIP, SIGN and CARltlAGE PAINTING, In thelsM pnsil,loinaniier and on terms to suit thne who may lavour them wilh Ibcir patron age. tCPPatnl", Oil, arnish and Puitv, con.ijntly on handandfor sale. It. G. SPAULDING. Burlington, April 9, 1810. C. B. MILLS. n WINDOW SASII Just receivol 15. 20 and 217 by J casement ol sath. n nrst rale urlicie at 31 and 3J cents per light) also all kinds nudsizce, furni'lial to order. Ticonderoga black leail, a first rate article, for sale very low, together with 1 a sreat varietv 01 omcr ar ! eles as cheap as can bo lound at any other establi.-h Tncnl in the place. Geo. Peterson. ATEW DIUR ESTAni,lSIIMENT. At ll the Bign of tho MORTAR one door cast of J. if. .A . Irr it. C.n. Thn snliscrilierfi bavo ODentd an Apothecary Siorc, and intend to confine themselves slrkllij to that business. They now ofl'cr to the public a general assortment of genuine Mcdecincs, including all new Chemicals, and the standard Patent Medicines) constant attendance, win be given, anu pariu-umi . Million paid to prescriptions. Burlington, Aug. 20. THICO. A. PECK & Co. SHAWLS. A large assortment, comprising nearly 1 very variety of quality and style, for sale by Iil2 II. W. CATLIN &, CO. 80 SALT. bush, solar Salt 3000 do steam do 1500 do fine do 1000 do Turks Island do 1000 bbls. line do 100 do dairy do 250 do eoar-c do 200 sacks dairy do by J. &. J. II. PECK A. Co. 2000 Nails, ItraiU A America Iron. keg 1 Nails from 3d to CO 1 250 do Brads from 6a Io20a IIor.-c shoe Iron Scroll and llamc do all sizes Band Iron from li to 4J inch Round do do Hi do Square5 C to 13 do J, &. II. Peck A. Co. 100 1ROCKERY, Glass and China ware) large and sin n5 i. ... ... . . . V small looking glasses, a good assortment, by i. I.UVhl.l etc uu. CLOTHS and Cassimercs. The attention of pur chasers is specially invited to the assortment of cloths, cassimercs, and t estings of nr. 11. tv. at uu. T1JJFFALO ROBES. J-f single, by 10 bales for sale by the bale IIICKOK & CATLIN. GROCERIES. chests votinc HvsonTea. id 00 iiy.sonssin, ao. 20 bags pepper, 20 do Pimento, 40 do Co'lce 50 boxes Pipes 100 do Bar Snap 200 do Raisins 50 kegs do 40 do Pure ginger 400 Mats fa.-sia St. Croix Rum. Holland Gin. Sicnetle Unindv. Bal timurc Gin. American Brandy. Chamnairne. llrnwi uuu i-niu nnerry, .uaucira ami Sicily waueira, .tlar1 sciii. .uuocira anu jiaiaga nines, riy -nine . j. ct j. 11. cco. BARNES' new Geography, on the Classification system ; a very useful work for schools, ju-t ree'd and for sale at the Bookstore jcl9 I) A BRAMAN Of Bales brown sheetings and shirtings. 8 do. 0J York, power loom, and Dorchester Ticks, for sale by (s'JO) VILAS, LOOMIS & CO. PINE MIMHKH, for sale. 80.000 feel 2 inch plank inch board. 1 inch flooring, ami sash stun, clear and common apply tu ci L,o. SUGAR. Sept. 25, -II Hhd-1840. , B. Sugar for sab- by II. WHEELER. rpilF. People's Presidential Candidate, or the life of X Win. Henry Harrison, by incnara iiuurcin, ior sale at tuc U00K store, pneo .-u cts. Burlington, Sept. 23, 1810. D. A. BRAMAN. FAUWEMVS SHOES, a full as.onmcnt just ree'd and for sale by II. W. CATLIN & C-o CJAI.ERATUS. K5 Jum June 19. 40 casks, by J. & J. PECK & Co. CROWN GLASS, crown by Redfonl, Saranac and Clinton J. &.J. II. PECK A. Co. i ROCKET, Comic and People's Almanacs, for 1840. s 4 uuu lor eaio at puousners prices, oy Sep. 30. VILAS, LOOMIS & CO EINaLE. DOUBLE. UMBILICAL. TL'ST ree'd n supply of Marsh's celebrated Trusses, t) of ctery dcnenption, for sale liy the ihmn or binelv Oct 1 THKO.A. PECK ctCo. Sign pf the Moir 1 Hfi Bof Tin Plate, X. 30 bundles English XV7V and American Sheet Iron. 60 do. do. do Wire, copper and brass wire Vellum, for sale by s.' . , on in, .0 1 nmnc jt. rf ,,1. til.;io, ou.ui . LU. "I K Hhds. New Orleans Sugar, on consignment, x j Aug. o. i,tI aalehyN. LOVELY cvuo. FAREWELL'S Gaiter boots, walking shoes and slips, a full assortment I .adieu linpn'd India rub. bcr shoes) plain do. Umbrellas, fancy work baskets. ijuck glove. onu iiiuiens. i, L.UVf.1.1 Ct L.U. 2CASES white and col'd Spool Thread, 1 do Pins, 300 lbs. white and assorted Thread, 500 cross nill and fane Sept. 24. and fancy Horn Buttons, 20 da Fancy Soaps, just rcc 0 and tor saic oy vilas, Loomis &, Co. FURS. Otter, seal and nutria caps 1 lynx and coney mnffsi boast anuirrd. natural collars 1 swan. coney, and nutria trimmings buffalo robes; for sale by 111; II, tV, liAII.IJM LU, BROAD CLOTHS, Beaver and Pilot cotbs, cassi meres, colored and white Flannels, a full assort mnt,t.fychtsnioTcpn by ibvVHil CO Ifiil DVB STUFl'S. 1UU bids. Cam Wood 1200 do Log Wood St. Domingo 350 do Log WoodCaopeaehy a50 do Fustic 200 do Nicaragua 40 do Alum 25 do Blue Vitriol 30 do Mu.ldcr 50 carbovs Oil Vitriol Muriatic Acid. Aoua Forlis. Nitric AeM. C.rennv Bar Wood, Peach Wood, Quer Citron Bark. Snanis! rlotant and Bengal Indigo, Lau Dye, Nun Galls, pre- 1 upers, jucks, inner hooks, s ream 1: June 19. 'artnr and A. by J. & J. H. PECK & Co. CHEAPER and better for Heady Pay. The sub SCriber would inform bis customers, nnd th nnh, lie that on account of his loss of Goods by fire and the damaged ones selling oil" so cheap, his present stock is principally made fresh and select, and the cioins being bought at low prices can be sold cheap, All kinds of clothing made on the shortest notice. Cutting done as usual. All kinds of clothes cleaned of paint, grease. Ctc. anddressed. pressed and rcoaired in the, neatest manner and brought as near as possible 10 ineir original Dcauty, anu warranted wnnout dam age. Also on hand, (no waiting until New Years or running all day after Trimmings iVc) Top Coats Cloakcs. Dress and Frock Coals. Pantaloons. Waist coats, Sailor Jackets, Boys Clothes, Flanncll and other shirts. Drawers, Stocks, Ac. Also all kinds of secondhand Clonics, Hals, Lops, Boots and Shoes, Travelling Bacs, Trunks, Furniture and all other ar, tides common and uncommon. Clothes or produce taken for pay. C. BENNS. Pearl St., Sept. 10, 1810. TllOOHias ESSENCE OF LIFC.-A V.ihiat ITJ. Medicine, which, if rightly applied, will l the meansof savine thon-ands from an untimily grave It has been sold nnd Usui lor llnriy years, wilhgrcj success, nnd found very efficacious in the Ibllowinj diseases, viz. Consumption, Wbooping Coughs coin mon Coughs, Co'd, difficult Breathintr. Influenz. Quinsy, Asthma, Phlhi.ic, Spilling of Dlrxsl, run lency, Indigestion, Looseness of the Ilowc.( Fils cvrrykind, Cramps, Rickets, Colic, Oalarrh, Dy-ci larv. Fainting. Ilvnochondnao All'cciions, llead.icht SieknCssat Siomacli, Mcalcs, a preventive of Con tagroniiicuse.s, uoiii and itiicumaiim. It infill, ntwL'n Mtfilicinrt i. nrcnlirlsl bv Hcnrv P.' moor, oflludlev. Mass. from the Original Itivine. b Ibodiroctit.n of said Moore, and sold by htm and the principal Druggist in tho I'niicdStates. Sold wholesale andrelad, by J. c. J. H, Peck Co and heo. A. Peck it Co., Hurllngtnn, and by the cKrerrTntraay tbitijthcJt tbt cowts- TNQUIRK..ASK THOSE WHO KNOW JL Those only who know lit dial nl immediate obser tation. can form anv idea uf ihe rfleeit. ol me ptrtecl reller, oriht, alino.i ehnrni.tike cine. ffTecird In cases of the Pil.ii, Rheumatism, all Himi.1110.1, and II exiernal mailer how severe, bv the use oflIa)t' Lininienl. Find one who hat turd il lliul will not laud it above all tiling ever used, and Jon will find what cannot be loiin.l. icj-l-or Hie rebel 01 tuner. ne human being who mat be afflicied, I beg ton to ask ask of 1 ho, e nho know ask the Hon, CosiCLIK, U. 8. Judge for ihal district, residing near Auburn i ask AIattiixw J. MyiKl, Esq. Allien, N. Y task Gen. Durr Gkcek. tale ol Wadiinsion city, each of these gentlemen know ofcase uiiconipver. ..i.i 1... nii n.i.. .1.0. . ,i, ,.;, irmany tears, that hate been cured uy ine use 01 ine nuine at' Linimtnt. Tit lusands of oibrr iernn now similar cuies. We appeal 10 their sense of inc.. ice llieir human feelings. ICyit 1 hula duly ji.n ivvp 10 tour tufTeriiie lePovt-bemifs to let tins gieat reined) be known, Spe.ik of il then to all our friead I In will sate much pain where Ihe newspaper aie nut read, or ttl.ere trader aie incredulous, because so many wunh!e article aie advert Ised fnr ihe same purpose. To huters vve u), if all who hate used il d not say it it betond all praise, Iheu do not lake it. I he proprietor willnnl allow tin article 10 be paid lor nles if cures, when all 1 lie direction aie fully follow. I, Will any one sultering reluse now to irt 11 line does, be ought tu be pititd more lor his obilinaey than his mffei 111:. ICT-Mlr. Ilavs would never const nl lo fftr ihi anicle. were he not roinpelled by In aeute of moral ol leligiou ibilv to do all in bis power for the viritin ot disiir and misery. I' or III. purpose lie would sooner devo'e a fortune, than serine a dollar for ny vtoMhlets article. lTP-LOOK OUT.-Same windier h ite counteifeiled thi article, and put il up with various deticr. Du nol be imposed imc-n. One Ihirg only will proier.l jou il is Ihe ii.nur ol ComiforsV 4 Co ) that name mnsl be alwat on Mir wrapper, or ,ou ore eneaied. Ilo 110I lurgel II. lake nil dure ion wilh )ou, and le-l by that, or never b"J ) for il is inpotsible fur an) other 10 be Irue or genuine. SOLOtlON HAYS. Sold by Comifoc - Co, ? Fletcher sliest, N. York. 1TIEO. A. rr.Ulv & Co. Wholesale Agent lor Ihe Stair of Vermont. RTF-IMPORTANT CAUTION. 1-1I It Is a slnmllar fact anil nmv tniifli tn la, n.irM.tlis1 that valuable medicines, as soon as they become pop uar, ami natc received the test and approval of a liscriminatincnublic. are sure tu he counterfeited, and thus a bad and spurious article is Immediately palmed upon t ho unsuspecting fur the genuine. This has been notoriously incense with all popular tried and truly valuable mcdicnes for vears nasi, and will brubablv continue 10 1 Ihe case for years to come. n't- 1 1 . ..?i i f . ... im im.c ttnu uuniuinpuuic couniericn in tms wtiv meanly takes advantage ol all the clibrts and adver tising used by Ihe proprietors of the genuine article, to gel their medicines into usv and deserved popbiari ly. It is therefore not less theduiy than it contribute, to the safety of every honest individual in the com munity to expose, frown down, and forever aficr DIS TRICT all HEARTLESS LNGRATESwbo thus irre sponsibly trifle tviih health and life. IJUir.KfciaWJi TASK KUTILE.Cl! There is a Person bv the name of J. B. KOCHE. FORT, now cniraecd in selling' a Pill done un in boxes inexact and perfect imitation of the genuine INDIAN VEGETABLE PILLS, with the omission of only one word on the Boxes vir. WmoiiT. The Pills sold bv this Rocheforl arc evidently intended as a fraud and iinpoMtion upon the community, or they would not have been done up in such exact imitation of the gen uine. This person Is tall blustering with a great the atrical swacccr. He was reccntlv known as a verv poor player in Baltimore, under the musical cognomen 01 Jim urown. anu is about twentv live vears orairv It is almost beyond a doubt that he is supplied with the Pills Irom a Druggist firm in this city, who have ucrciuiorc ia?cn notoriously connected witn counter fcit medicines. As soon as proof is obtained the foun. tain head of this nefarious business will be exposed, that the community may shun them as I bey woulJ a Kerneiit. II llir. .nr.A.-i 1IMK l llr. I'UULIU ARE CAUTIONED against buying WRIGHT'S Indian Vegetable Pills of anyone who docs not exhibit a certificate of agen cy signed by the agent for the New England Slates nuu 'icarmg uaic since January loiv. Also take par ticular notice that the following tvordine is on tha box. es Wright's Indian Vegetable Pi'ls (Ind. Purgative) of the North American Coll cue of Health. Tht Indian Vigttabtt 1'illt are a certain cure for disease in il every variety of form, because they tho roughly cleanse Ihe toiiuch and bowels, induce a pro per discharge by the lung, skin aud kubiev, and sti mulate ihe blood 10 punfy itself. In other word ibey open all ihe natural drains, and leave NATURE tht it-rana rnyticxan tree 10 drive disease from the body. The alsate outlet, or diain. are the common letter of the body, iluouali which all cor rupt humor (ihe cause of diieaae) aie carried off; and so long as tiiey are all kept open, and riitclisrge Ireciy thrir allotted portions nl luipurny, the body will con. Huue hi health : bui when from eating inipruper food, breathing impure air, sudden transition Irom heal to cold, over exhaustion urau) oilier rpuse, Ihe bowels become costive, the pore ol the akin become cluard, or ihekidne) fail t'i peiform tbeii functions properly, the iinpnrilies wlneli liuiild lie drained (turn the body bv these outlets, will lie retained, and continue 10 ne cumulate until ihe bod) become liirinlly luaded with ditase. I f 1 he channel of our mighty run should become blocked up, wuuld not thn accumulated water nnd new outlet, or Ihe country become inuudalrd ( Julso with ihe liuinait Isidv ) ifthe natuinl diain be come closed, the stagnant and corrupt humor will find venl m tha various lorms ol disease such a rrter, SiujII Pox, Measles, Rheumatism, Gout, Apoplexy kc. or Death will eu l our tufTeiing. Therffuie when sickness al I lie itnuiach, pains in the bark and ide, quuK putie, burning akin, or any oilier uuptea ant svinnlom, indicate ihat one or more of the na, lurul drain are nol disehaiging fieely, and the ronsti union is about 10 continence a siiucilr lur ihe resiora lion of health, no lime ahuuld br lotl in administering a feat brisk dnset of the Indian Purgative (Indian I'l gtlablt Pitt:) By so doing, all the functions of the body will be restuiea 10 older, rnd ihe foul huiuur (ihe cause of every iuflamation or pain we tuffer) trill be removed in so easv and natural a uiunuer, llut llir body will ha rrsloird a if by a charm. The above Pill may be taken at ALL limes and under ALL cir cumstance, with perfect afety. They suit all torn sjat'nitand all age, and are to ibr human con-iiiuiiou Hiloud: eonsriuenily the can neusr ln;ui pvrn the mot onprale. I.ike our lood, Ihey aie digestible; theiefore they enter into ihe circulation and impsit an energy 10 I he blood, wnich enable il to flow wnh fire, dom rpiite to Ihe extremities and cunsequriuly to keep the pures of the .kin open. Thry are Irue and p-ifecl purifier nf the blood: because ihey drain all coirupi humors fioin that life giving fluid. 1'iiey imparl Ircnglh and Tignr 10 the whale system, and their el feels are always beneficial : because ihey ouly remote those humor vvhirli are opposed to health. I'ltey aid and improve digestion, and sound sleep futluw iheir use: because they cleanse lheiouisrh and bowel of those slimy humour which not only irritate and rxrne llir nertou system, but parulyie aud weaken the dis gesliteorgau. In thori Ihey por all they good proper; irs iliai can be claimed for nny medicine : and what hi very remarkable, it i utterly imporiib'e to ue ibein wiihoui be ne Ml . Price 25 cents per Box, with full directions. Office and General Depot for the New England Suits, No. l98TreinoiitSircet,iicar Court street, Boston. The regular appointed Agents can recetv their sup plies of the a!ovu popular Pills, as heretofore, from the only oitlce and general depot for tlu New England State-, lOSTrcmont street, Bo-ton. Pedlars or trav elling agent arc not allowcdtoscll ihe geouinciudian vegetable fills, therefore never purchase Irom them, for ff you do j ou will be sure to obtain a dangerous and counterfeit article. all Theo. A. Peck it Co, Agents in Burlington, fur the saieoi the Indian tcgetabicl'ilts, also, tv. ii.iiollet, tviiuton, tt. and A. urtnsmkiii, uuriiugton. LYMAN & COI,K, have received their usuu extensive assortment of fall and winter goods omnrising a great variety of figured saxony, double and single width. Printed Crape Merino, Mouseline dcLaine, &c. Figured Alepinc, figured and plain e.ngnsn merinos, uro ue rvapies anu rrencn oo. Worstal Camletecns. Alpacca Cloth, Thibet Merino, &c. beautiful articles for ladies cloaks. Ermincltc, Salisbury Flannel, figured Circassians etc. Goats 11 i a r...t... Ti.n..v.niin rj.. ,.i.t. nuir UI1U liilliaiMill .iiiicis, urin.iiv.iui, it;i.siaii i-iuiu fkc. Heavy double milled Broad Cloih, Beaver and Pilot Cloths. Rich Diamond Beaver Cloth, a new ar ticle for Gentlemen over Coats. A largo number of heavy worsted shawls, a fisw Lupins best aierino and Cashmere do, Netting, Palatine and Edcnboro, do. tticn unatty, Aioiiscnnc ae uamc ami v-ncncai iiukis, SILKS. Ileavv Canton. Grodc Naples and other Silks, rich figured Blue Black, Browu and other colors, Glove and Hosiery. DOMESTIC GOODS. Cotton shceling, shirting, ticking, wadding nnd cotton yarn, superior Irish Linen. TAllORS TRIM1NGS. Sewunr Silk, Twi-t and Thread, Padding, Canvass, Selecia-, col'd Jean, urown anduiacl; Linen, riaid tvorsico racing, wors ted Surge, Si.k do., Silk Binding, Silk Cords, Wora ltd Binding cVu. cVc. vtsnivjii.vtoocn Velvet, SdK veitcl, Valentin. Silk Satin &c. Silk Velvet for trimmings asiortcd colors. Ro.slyn checks for childrcns wear. GERMAN COUGH SYHUl A Few dozens of this famous medicine, for the cure Colds: and Coughs, arc for sale, by tho subscri bers. Recommendations from many of our citizens can be given. THEO. A. peck vi. co. .lpcficcai icr, t-mirl House aijuare, HEPATIC ELIXIR, A CELEBRATED remedy for eomtdaints arising from a diseased slate of ibe LIVER and its Secre tions) the folluwing arc a few of it, symptoms, weakness of tbestomach, Indigestion, los uf appetite lowuen of Spirils and Headache ) it will be found a sure rcincdv for Eruptions on the Face. In conse quence of tneir ling many nostrums circulating in this pan 01 ine country, the subscribers arc ntitnorizcu to warrant its benclieinl ed'ects. This article is just received, ami ollercd to the public as one well worlh the attention oflhnsc who arc atlhcled by complaints irom it being irom an eminent physician we ice! conhitcnt tn thus recommending 11 Oct. 15.1810. THEO. A. PECK iL Co.. Sign of the Morlar, one door east of J A: J II Peck 4s Co TTUMOIISI t Notwithstanding the pul licjour- M.M. nals bl thuday, arc already crowdisj with noti ces of Medicines, in which the public have very little confidence, I have concluded to say to those afflicted with Salt Rheum. St. Anthony's fire, (or Erysipelas,) Scald-Head, Leprosv, or any other cutaneous eruption also has it loen iound a remedy for Sick-Headache which arises from humors in the stomach. That I have found a safe and effectual remedy by an internal application, without a'tering the diet or habits (il temperate) and without injuring the constitution orcvesichl. 1 have I ecn mosl seriously afflicted tvitl a complaint called Leprosy, lor fourteen years, while (he ablest Physicians could give rue but little encour agement or iclief, calling it an incurablcdisea-c. Aflcr many year-experimenting on myself, nlthe haxanl of my life, I have, by the blessing of God made this discovery, and am now ready fully to convince my fel low sullcrcrs of the fact in ray own pcr-on, and assist them to a ike remedy, for a reasonable compensation. Yd I am not inscntl leof thn ditlicultv to call public attention, so open deceived, to a new compound, um Irom its beneficial ctlis-ts upon my mycl(, aud unon others also who civen it a trial. I am in duced to oiler it to the pul.lir, wilh lull directions fur Using, signed Charles Jones, in my own handwriting tobe irenuine. and for their accomodation It will le left with most of the principal Druggists in the I'm ted Slates as soon as convenient, with a few certi ficates of its clricaev, such as may follow this no. lice. Also, mav l.c found wilh il, a sale, easy and in fallible (internal) remedy for the Piles, prepared by a skillful hand of the medical faculty,! called Piles liar murhoidi, which if used will surely recommend itself. jjs All communications respecting thetc Medicine) mii-t be postage paid, tu receive attention. Clareinont, N. rl.Svpt.S6, 1S40. Cuarles Jones. T thi Public- I hereby certify that my wife has been severely allhctcil for the last two vears with a scrofulas humor the Sallrbeiiint'. or something uf that ru) having applnxl to several Physicians and tried DR. VHINNEY'S FAMILY PILLS.lor remo ving symptoms of Irrration arising from foul stomach and bowels) such as loss of appetite cr morbid rrovingi lor fond, sickness or vomitting, pains or an uneasy sensation at the pit of stomach, wilh sourness, nnda costive stale of the bowels, flatii' Icnctf wilh fulness of these pans, and pain on pressure, with (aintness, jaundice, dyscntary, pain in either siJc, and piles. Allcctions of the bead, dizziness, tu por, weakness, depression of spirits, hysteria, hypo cliuudrin, and cftcn disturled sleep, sick bead acba so common wilh feeble, delicate persons, especially females, diarrhoea, or looseness of Ihe bowels, and dy senlarv, diseases ci the skin, ami worms so liqueur, wilh children, nlcttions oftbc chct, stub as fo.igbs or difficuliy of breathing, occasioned very fre-icenilf by a disordercl state of the stomach. Monthly Elec tions of females, when checked by general debility wita loss ofappelttc, allcndcd with told feet, etc., ague be J lever, 111 iuvnzn, riietnnatio a-.eiiionjoi me joinis, scrofu'a, tiedoloroux, or painlul allections of the nerve of the face, neck and shoulders. 1 bavo found them useful in removing chroino catarrh, if persevered ia for some time, in smaller doses. They ore accommo dated to all aire., (children ofn year old may safclf isc them,) and to any climate, anu nnacr nil circum stances. 1 ticv contain 110 mcrcurv nor other mineral. They are purely vegetal je. Dose. Two to four may l e at a tunc, and repeated every oincr nigni, until the tongue is clean, and the discharge from tha bowels, instead of leinz light colored or dark and of fensive, 1 ceomes free aud full and healthy, with a re turn ci appetite. CERTIFICATES. The undersigned has had tha pleasure ol an ocnuaintanis.' with Dr S. Phiiiiicy fii some years pat, during his re-idencc in this Villas; , where be has attained a high character as a physician He has an opportunity al-o in icpctted inlanco. ol testing the value of the ''Family Pill.," and from his own exiiinencc of their c.lieacy, ns well as from a , ,-V. r.L..: , .!'-..! U. I... Kllowicui;c 01 ineir iiouu cctis 111 uiucr ci-v-, um no hesitation 111 recommending them to beju.-t wbai they prufc-a to be, a very valuable Family Medicine. llllf.Vi.V3 .VI. 7,U11I1,( Pastor of the Prcsl ytcnan church, Catakill N'.Y, I feel it to 1 e a privilege and duty to say, thai to tha extent of my observation and exoriericc, which I very considerable d irin several ye.irs, the utility of the article both for Dypepy and as a mot rilkacioim ramify .tledicmc, lur exceeded my aniicinaiicns. More than thirty years 1 havenot enjoyed hejlih, but sntlered much from nek head-ache, and from billi'ou allcctions. Ihatc had the advice of many re-pectab'.a physicians, but never found any c.lectual relief frcm my complaints until a trial ofl'r Phinney'.s Pills bad been made. Samuel CitcnclilLL. Ilarmoiisburg. Crawford Co., Pa., July, 1338. Catskill, Greene Co., N. Y., April, 1S25. To all whom it may concern : This certifies that Dr S. Phinney is a Physician of the lirt standing in this) village, having reicived his medical degree at Cam bridge L'nivcr-ity, andi cnlit'cdto the highest respavrt from llie public. Rev. David Porter. D. D.) Rev. Joseph Premiss, A. M.j Thomas It, Cooke, President of Catskill Bank; Rev. Thomas M Smith) Jacob H.iishtt Robert Dor Ion, Counsellor ; John Adams, do; M. Watson, do. If these pills do not give satisfaction after a fair trial they may l returned, andtbcmo.iey will be refudded. Agent are hereby authorized 10 do so. Accnts. R. .Moody, Burlineton ; L. Janes, Georgia; T. W Smith, Si. Albans j C. U Drake, W.t Mdion and al mosl of the stores in Ihe -late. o30.3m TO THIS H.VLI).IIF.Al)i:U -V OTJIBRS De an 1 know a neighbor or a fiirnd who has been Bald, and whose head is now roteird wilh fine I1.111 One whose eoal collar was roterrd Willi dan buff. 1I10112I1 liiushrd every hour which I1.1 now van shed entirely 1 ur one whose hair al carl) agr werr uming grey, who now ha not a gret hair? Children whose head weie cotried with scurf, whose hair would not grow, tli.H are now growing ihe fullest cioii of hair 1 sjonip case musi lie known 10 most peisoni. Ak ihem ihe rausr, and t ou will be told llial thrsr ihinss have been done bv Ihe use ol lite iiatm or to lumbia. Of 20 vcirieiowili 1 ibis nrticlr, il driiiauil increasing annually souie bundled per criit. ihnugh when dieoirred not upiMised by anything fur llir same purpose, now assailed by nlmosl iiumberlesi musliroon trash preparations thai will rum the hair 11 used to any extern. Can mnre than Ihese f.ici be wanted rcler 10 the recommendation by a list of name of resprcia bitiiy, unequalled by any oilier article. Look lo ihese lliings buy ibis anicle. Slay and preserve )Our hair by ii use, or if bald resioie il. Ladies, attend 10 thi Iiuuilrei! in fashionable life are using it a Ihe only anicle really fit fnr ihe loilei. l.onj hair is teiv ant to fall out. I, a. lies, uae the Balm of Colombia in lime 10 ave tnursene the disgrace ol baidnes by nrgierl of your nerons. Hi tour duty, a moinlisi 10 ore- --JL . .l." 1 i f .. :.u . ..i.:..i. - v. :r..i aersD inr ucuiir. Ul nmum, nun mn,,, n iH.utn litii Creator ha endowed )OU ; use the Uabn,for il will do II. CAUTION TO BE REMEMBERED. Reveial most nasrant nltrinpia bate been made 10 ODiiteifeil ihe Hue Balm of Columbia. Home ofihr '1 iuater hate gone so at 10 counieifeil the tplrn. li I wrappers, and die Fall of Niagara, ami every ex. em it maik except the name ofConwiuck, which ihe) dare nol forge. To avoid imposition therefuir, al wa)s look fur 1 he name of Couiilork U Co, or L, S. Conittock, and never buy ihe article unlet il hat lhai name upon it Sold wholrtale and retail, only at No, 2 Flrirhrr tireel, N, Y. TilEQ A. PECK & Co. tt hnlctale Agrnl fnr Ihe Slato nl trrmonl le SHKItMAN'S WORM LOZL NfiES. jOHILDREN or adults can take medicine in this V form without dilhvolly. It is the only way to make it pleasant. These lozenge are tne great est discovery ever made, for dispelling the va rious kinds of worms that so frequently and distress-kinL-lc annov both children and adult. Thev are an infallible remedy, and so pleasant to the ta-tc that children will talc them as readily as a enmnlun pep permint loxentrc. aiany diseases arise irom worms, without its being suspected. Sometimes a very trouble. oine couch, nains in the joints or limb, bleeding at the nose, sfce. are occasioned ly worms, nnd can lie 1 , .l; ....1..1 ....l: .: 'rv... f..ll easily curtsi oy mis cciciimi-u uivsiiviiic , w imiuw ing symptoms indicate ihe presence of worms, t iz : headache, vertigo, torpor, disturbed dream-, sleep broken oil' by fright and screaming, convulsions, fe rcrishness, thirst, pallid hue, bad taste in the mouih, i.ilfn.ivc lirealb. cough, difficult breathiotr. itching at the nose, pains in the stomach, nausea, squeamish ncs, voracity, leanness, tenonitis, itching at the anus towards night, and at length, dejections and films and mucus. One is a doe fur a child two year, old two for one four years old three for eight years, and five for an adult, and should I repealed every morning, or every other morning until relieved. Ir P- Sold at the Variety slore bv PA.NGnOHN & BRINSMAID, Je ntllert, Burlinglon, Vt. wholesale Agents. A liberal discount 10 merchants who buy to sell again. TAIOM OF LIVERWORT for Consumntion 13 Dyspepsia, Asthma, and all discaies of the Lilnct nnd Liver. These di-eascs prevail to a great extent, creating much distress and sornu fatality. All these can 1 remedied by the use or Dr. Taylor's UaLom ol Livcrworl. This medicine is purely Vcgitable, and Irom its peculiar action upon the Liver is al ways found a radical rcmulv for ihese diseases.. For Females and men in a very weak state, 110 meJicine can be so grateful a resioratuc, as it not only strengthens, but nurifies and eives a hcullhv action 111 the whole svs. irin. Constantly lor sale by N. LOVELY A. Co. who have just rcccitul a frosh supply of seasonable Good Irom Tvovv York-, ail vervencap lor custi, Burlington, Inly 30, 1810. A BLESSING to Mothers. American Uoothing Syrup for children cutting teeth. The timely use of this anicle will save children much pain, oftcr a Fever and the pniuful operation of landing the (sum, nrimrislisvlto 374 els. Godfrey's Cordial an excel lent article t 'r the nursey lij ds,, l,oth iboscnrlicles ftM at the Variel'' Stcrc, 1'aXcpcvn vX Puiffssuip, SUBRRIAN'S POOH BIAN'S PLASTBH rkNLV I2t cents each. Each platter hat printed VF on the luick of it, ".sherman's Poor man's plaster." It is the best strengthening plaster in the world, and a sovereign rcincdv li r pant or weakness in lnciacs, I,, in. o,b- lin V.i. neck, limbs, loint. rhcuiuau'sin Inmbaso, CsC.CsC. One million a year will nol supply tbedem.ind. They rcquirea littlew.irmingUnirc ap plication. Warranted suerior to all others, and for one quarter Ihe usual price, malting not only tn ce-st, bni the chi-snr.i nlaster in ihe world. It a'lords rebel ins fi.w hours, and makes astonishing cures. In liver complaint and dyspepsia, it should be worn over the region ol the liter or siomacn, nnu n win aisani sjrcov and astonishing reliel. in evign,couis, asiniua,uini ,..,Ik. nf hrcnihinc. ounrl'ssiou of the chest or stomach ihey will immediately sooth, and srl'ally benefit the patient. Persons o sedentary habits, or tho-e obliged to stand much, will receive decided support from one of these truly, ttrcngihcntng plasters. Physicians gen. r.,lli r.vnnnneiid them, in preference to all cause they stick or adhere letter and ftlTord greater relief. In their operation they arc sttmiilanti tonic, and anodyne. They arc cdmposcd of entirely uiilerrat ir cnslienis from anv other i and known from the ex- ncnenceof million, who have mod Ihem, a well as the united testimony, of nil the celebrated and distin ci-tiiil clcrcv and nhvsicians. to lie the most usefu ami hiehlv mcvlnnttsl nlasier. ever invenlnl or offered lolhupub',ie. Several persons have called at Ihcware liousc to express their surprise and thank at the alino.i miraculous cures inesc juasicrs uavc vov,s-icsi, One man who had been so nfliicied wilh rheumatism, a to Is; unablo to dress hiin:clf without assistance, wasenabled after w'iarimr one. onlv one uigbt to gel un aluuu in the morninir.nnt on Ins rloihcs and call it our oll'ice wilh eyes l-aining wilhjoy and hi tongue pouring lortn uiu ginuness 01 nis ncari, at mo simuci and signal relief he had received from this l-st ol al remedies. Ask for Dr. Sherman's Poor Man's Plnsfci It is so called, because the price places it in thenower orall to purchase, i-iiik onlv li ct. o',i anna va. riety store by PANGIlORN (V BRINSMAID, Jewellers. Burliccton. Vt, wholesale a?fntf. A libe rl dixojnt le mviliuvs whi so sil savalrh naturul haviiiiraiii almost every thing which is recommended lor such complaint, but to no purpose. At last hearing of a medicine prepared ly Mr. CiuriLKS Jones, of lbi town, she rooltcd to trv il. and in six weeks aflcr she lrgan to uie it, was completely cured. I would, therefore, recommend this medicine to all who are al llicicd with scroluUs humors, such as have lecn pro nounced by rcarly all Physician lncural le, und am contidcnt that they will find immediate rebel. Liarcmont, Aug. isiu. tsi. ivvisitlh. A Card. The imder.sii.-ncd lakes this method to sav to those wbe arc allbctisl wilh humors ( f any kind. lint he has U-cn most seriously atltictoi lor len or wclvcvc.irs uuii a cutaneous complaint caned aait- rhcuniecr Leprosy wlmb has ever been proncuniiO iucural le. And knowing that the same w as heredit ary in our family I bad despaired of ever finding relief, having faded in all my attempts to cure, until bi-t snrini? I learned that mv brother Cbarlc-.tvho hail 1 eeii for four. ecu vears in the same situation bad found a sale and eilecntai rcnieov, wiiiio-.u niicnu n.cuivior habits, for which 1 nnulievl. and was lurni-licl with phial of drops, and I can now .ay that after using one half inyhuniiir was completely eradicated without in juring iny health, and 1 have no doubt but olbcrs may find, ihe sainu in this powerful medicine, as 1 under stand some already hate. Ho has declined making it very public at present, yet I think others may alntind it bv aptiiyinir ui uis rcsiucuce m .is ,.,n-,.um iu, the present. Rom Jonej. Claremont, August I, IS 10. fnril The undersiciiLsl feels a diffidence in thn. otllriug his testimony in favor of a "new Medecinc," nreparisl by hisovvn'Falhcr, and cannot hope tor the '.. , ...L ' L ......I I )..... nnn l, ...r.1,1,1 n COnUUCntT3 WHICH VVUIII. I.CJIUllltvlli- ...twnuw.M .v... more disinteresteil. But he U-es leave lo say, that r. .! vers he had Ia?cn Iroul led with a humor so. imnu (.llisl Icnrnsv. which bad of late ICA-oinea serious allh'ctioiij and knowing that his Father and others had in vain tried every prol nl le remedy, he hail not the most distant expectation of ever Undine a cure. Being induced to try a phial ol ui i ainrr siint br has indeed found it all he could wish, a afc . . . ..-, I t ...L . . t I , il uiucrs siuii lnaihsoinc ra Jones. University of Vermont, Burlington, Auf, 1810. .4 Corn!. Hearing of a Mcdecine prepared by Mr. Charles Jems, of thi town, for humors, und haviiic seen us beneficial eilect", 1 applied for it for my little- daughter -I jcar oi age, inucu auucici win; can lthcum, suppv-seu 10 i on nercunary coiiipiaini can now say that after Using it six weeks my hope nr.-folk realized in u cure wilhoul iuiurine the child'! health, anu can iww recommend n wi umcrs s suiv- and intallibic remedy lorsucncompinini. Claremoiit, N. II. Sept. 15, 1810. Mart E. Tr.Rxr. I hrrebv certify that I have been intimatdv ac nuaintwl with Mr. Charles Jones, of Clarcmont, N. IL foranumher of vears last past, and have lecn consul ted by and prcscriled fur him, for a very obstinate disease o 1 1 tic ssin, wen Known nyine nnmeoi i-cpm-) but could ilo no more than niniitatc thedjseasc for a time. Since he ha a'icctel a radical cure py mean of his Dropj for Humors, i have exaiiuneu nun am am nappy lo sayiuai ms ssin is pcriivn) sniuyui n. tree Irom the uisca-e, -james vvKobiiiii;, i nysiciu, Francestown, N. It., Sept. 15, 1810. LOTION. LOT I ON. --DR. EVA.NS' BEAUTI FYING LOTION. Highly esteemed foreurinf all Eruptions Coarseness, Redness and Pimples oo the Face Neck or bands, and eilectiially cleaning lit complexion, and removing all diseases of the skin" Nothing contributes so much to our gcncrsl siiceesa n lilc, as an engaging first appearance. This Lotion s admire-1 n most fraurant. mild, safe wa-h and great ly esteemed for its virtues in cleansing, softening, and purifying tho skin of all eruptions, so injurious to fe male Lcauiy, and restoring uiu a uiu ncirc jju riiy. A beautiful complexion is the pride of all who lossesfc n, ano ine envy oi inoscwno aruuvprivcu uni ivhat f so allectingtoa t.eautiiul wnoseiaca attire basdisplaycJ her power, as lo find Bercomplex- lon discoloured with disgusting pimples, winch mar her chain). 1 A good appearance is the lsst recom mendation j and as ihe Beautifying Lotion purifies tha skin, and removes all Pimples, Blotches, Tan, Sunbura no uconess, anu produces a tvauiuui um., iv is uic uuiy conietic a lady should u al ner tonei. venuemea will all alo hud this a delightful rcme-iy, to removu all Rsiiighncss, Pimple-, Hingwotni., Spots, Redness, Soreness of the face and nose, and every kind ofemp- icii on the surfuce ot the human tuiy. It is parncu arly rcvommendeil to gentlemen lo le used after sha-.-ins. a- it will pretcnt the othertvi-c certain elfett of all common soap, in turning the beard prematurely irrcy. Fcr sale hole-ole und retail bv A. IlllLtl-COi-'K it Co., No. 1 17 Genesee strwt, L'tiea. In Bur lington, by J. & J.H-Peck & Co., and Theo. A. Peck &Co. In Vergcnnc-, by J.H, Bowman. In Milton, by Burnett ci Savv-jer. In Georgia, by Lrcnzo Janes aug 20 ecine, he has indeed found it all he could w speedy, and he believe, eilcctiial cure. Ifi be induced by this to rid themselv es of a complaint, his end will be answered. Kzr 1 have been acquainted w iih Mr. Charles Jones for number of vears. have Dracticed in his family, and mlministrred medicine Ibr his disease of the skin, more ns 1.,.. forirn or twelve tears, nasi without a ra bca cure. He now appears to be perfectly cured by seme drops tvhicn ne prepares, anu which si. mr r . . aiipiainted with them pioinue to be ot great unlit; such diseases. "loses l-oub, -u. i Springfield, Vt. Sept. 4, 1810. t L.,...rsiMiUl rrmr.lir. and administered medi 1 ii,.-.,,,".. ....... . , - . . . cine. forC. Junes', humor which I called leprosy, n,n.r,rlHy for fourteen vearK without a ompltle cure (his being an uncommon eat,) He now appears to have a linaiciire irom nisown uisi-uvcrv, siwii what I sceol its e lects upon oincrs, aiso, i am oi upr nion it may bcoi nmcn uciicut loineeoiiiiuuniiy. Timothy S. Glcaso.n, M. D. Clarcmont, Sept. 15, 1640. r lan,!. mali-s no vain nrclrn.ions; ncr j.j-j -V" .... .,, r.ll.. ...1,-vn.l excites any popes wnicu win mi iimiy Come and try ior your't ivcs, y wuu . .iv . .. .. . .i t'i.... I, I. fi,m,l al I store of Rol en Moody, druggist, Burlington, and with Martin Wire Esq. Cambridge t. TVTOTICE to GROCERS ct HOTEL KEEPERS, The subscribers neap consiaiiiiyon imio csirir ...n,tm.niinf Essences and Svrtins. also Stouch' vi:..o.. Wmn rl., Sn,ls and Seidlilx Powders, Soices of alikinds. Purchasers will find it nol for . ' ,- I. . ,n ... 11 i,,a Oc ws-ct 2 TUC O-... TECK Co. HAIR! ll.VIlt I! HAI.DNIISS. Inipor tattt Discovery the Crcat M) artery found, out lit last. DR. STERRY'S HAIR REGENE RATOR. Dr. Stcrry, after much attention to th important subject of preserving the hair, has, after many experiments chemical and physical been able to discover and article which is now offered with tht greatest confidence for tho toilet as the best thing ever discovered, for, for its softening and penetrating quality to produce a gsiod bead of hair to present it from falling oil' when baldness is apprehended to restota il when baldness una taken place, and to prevtni it fi nui turning gray. It it is more nourishing than po matum, antique oil, or Cologne water. It is a beauti ful article for ladies curls it makes the hair soft and livelv. and produces uncommon brilliancy, 'thous ands' have tested its superior virtues and excellence, and in every instance it stands unrivalled. It is an infallible cure in all aflcclions of the s'-in on tho head as dandruff, Ac. &c. Every family should be sup plied with a bottle of this oil, that by its application to the head and hair of children, tho beautiful and or namental appendage of a tine Head oi naie, tvnicn na ture has supplied us may be preserved. From tha numerous eriiflrntcs a nd recommendations received of its salutary influence, the Doctor feels firmly per suaded ne lias succcecica in producing an arucie which will meet the desired wishes and approbation of tha dublic. For sale wholesale nnd retail by A. HITCH COCK st Co. 117 Genesee st. Utica, TtT. Y. In Bur lington, by J. & J. H. PECK vt Co. and THEO. A. PECK & Co. In Bowman. In Milton, by Burnet it Sawyer, in Ucorgia, by Loren zo Janes- milK .li. OF THE DAY. .NO CI'RK NO J- PAY! The Genuine old Dutch or Ocr man Vegetable IMRs. Highly recommended by Doct. Valentine Jiott, Ji. . "I "i ano ou era. 1 he.,- nr" the orders ! Any one that uoe not nnd ra- Sicl fiom Ihese pills tne price I- rciunocu i ac,, mesa arc the positive order, of the Proprietor to agents and uhcrs. In o'li ring these pills lo the public, 1 appeal to their iutelligcme. If these pills are not what they recommended, yon nro in uuiy l ounu uui 1 1 respect 10 yourself and community to reject them, and pnblith llieiii to the world as an imposition, humbug and uuacl.rrv. The pin lie may lenssurni mcynre purely veseiallc, liny are composed of nine ingrcdints, part id The mclicinc is onlv found in Asia and in the val ley of Germany, ror convenience these extracts are ma le into pills and will be lounu a sure cure or re bel" tor all billious complaints, yenow ana piiiious fetcrs, Icvi.-raul ajue, jaundice, scarlei rash, billious cholic di-pep-ia. tie. Il is ni t prctendwl ihat thi mtsbcine i a cure l"r alt di.casc to wnien tne numan system is liable. Ten thousand n-elyss clorls havo fcen made to draw from the regions ol unknown fancy some lone-spun theory of manic art, which would cuir each and every uic.i-c. musi iiusiicine is noi fuiindin the hieor whirlwind, ileum and happiness banc upon rh.linv tvuid lime i. the herald of truth. The past at least is secure they hate already raised a monument of their greatness which will defy the corroding tooth of tunc. None can he Genuine without a wrapper and directions on eaili box on whiih my name is written al length. Sold wholesale and retail i. w i'. tvami South by thesiil.scrilratGlcn' Falls, by A. B. & D. f 7D, and 100 Fution st. and H. M. Meigs, 3$s s, M.uLct si. Albany. Uauin A llawlcy, 'JIB fcivcr U Troy, General Agents for the stale of New ork. " " c si i.-iiimsi' riiiiisnv For sale by Wm. Rhodes and E. B. Green, Rich mond) Morton & Clark, and D. it D. S. Lathrop, Williston HagarsV Comstock, Shell urn ) II. Stanton, Esiex I Geo. B. Oakcs, and Allen Barney, Jrrichb J. R. Hiirlbiit, West ford) J. II. Barnes, Charlotte) R. Measly and Geo. IViersoa, Burlington ) and ly E BRIGGS, Burlington, Agent for Chittenden Co,,whcr8 S'i'i-Agents can 1 e supplied at wholesale prices. OBSERVE, that ihe'genuine Cough and Worm Lo renges ami all oihers, made by Dr. A. Sherman, arc sold in boxes, sealed up and have the name of "A: Sui RMAN, M. D." on the Boxes, Piip-hasers will plcaso rcmciiiler ihi as the popularity of these articles, hat induced many individuals to make an nmVIc, far info nor, in sell, when thine articles arc enquired for, Tha po(r Man's Plaster" and Sherman', Lozengcr, ar Sold al the Variety Slore, PancbouN flj Brinsmaid. CONI'ECTIONARIKS Just tweived, a slecto4 variety of Stuart's celebrated confectionarica- n'olly put up for retail trade, aim at wholesale. Turo, A- ytcK, vv i

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